Abolish public school

Face it: Public school is a failure. Proposed “solutions” include tougher gun control measures and forced mental health screenings, where students would be scared they might get locked up and drugged if they said the wrong thing, or get flagged and put on a list of persons with no constitutional rights.

The best solution, as always, is the orthodox libertarian extremist solution: Stop forcing a person, against his or her will, to pay for government-run indoctrination centers, and stop forcing a person, against his or her will, to attend the sessions (where they stand and recite that nonsense about “liberty and justice for all.”)

Government bureaucrats can spend more because they can steal more. Stop stealing other people’s money, and the so-called public schools, which the public is not invited to enter, will go right out of business. Legitimate schools will thrive, and will have to compete by offering more convenient hours, better security and discipline, better curriculum and lower prices.

Abolish public school and government is thereby downsized, eliminating a major opprtunity for public corruption. Legitimate schools can impose rules that government-run institutions cannot impose.

Sometimes a rapist is so far gone, he doesn’t expect anybody to be angry at him. If you wonder who could be that crazy, just consider the voters who support public school. The nanny-state busybodies care about you so much, they want to make certain you get a high school education, but they don’t care if bullies prey upon you; and if you dare to fight back, then they openly hate you so much they want you to get the death penalty, because they never really cared about you in the first place, they only wish to punish and control you and enjoy that warm feeling they get from helping you, even though it was against your will and a major violation of your unalienable right to liberty.

Another side benefit is that legitimate schools will have to be open longer hours. If hospitals can stay open always, so can schools, and parents could accept better-paying jobs without having to worry how they will deliver their children to the government at an hour chosen for the convenience of bureaucrats.