Removals must await the action of the webmaster, and are not guaranteed. However, for your request to be considered, you must enter accurate information. We can no longer put removal request forms on individual detail pages because there ain’t none.

Of course, the State will continue listing the information when they send copies of the voter list to anybody who wants them. See if you qualify for suppression under Florida law. Then your name, address and such won’t be included in the data files everybody gets. Also check some of the other websites that list “your” public information.

We cannot do partial removals, where the voter only wants the telephone number removed. Get your telephone number removed from your voter record at the county clerk’s office. Next update, (effective the last day of the month) we will run the voter list that doesn’t have your telephone number. We don’t show old emails or old telephone numbers because they are of little value.

To request removal from our web pages, follow these six simple steps:

Enter the 9-digit voter ID number from this website. It appears with your name and address and other information about you, where you are listed on this website. We have been getting clods who enter a different number, and that does not work.

0. Enter your 9-digit Florida voter ID as shown on this website. Don’t enter your county voter ID number, and don’t add punctuation, only the nine digits. Definitely don’t enter your driver license number or non-driver ID number because it won’t work and we don’t want it. Only the nine digits!. We have been getting clods entering 8 digits and junk.

1. Enter your birth date as YYYYMMDD. If you were born on 4 July 1976, enter 19760704. If you mess up, it won’t work. If you don’t remember, it’s on our site.

2. Enter your last name as it appears on our site. It makes no difference upper or lower case. Include apostrophe, hyphen or space only if they appear that way on this site.

3. Check the box.
*I attest that the name, birthdate and voter ID number on this form pertain to me. (The website will record the form data, your IP address and the current date and time.)

4. Prove you are not a robot. Click VERIFY below, then spin the animal until it is right-side up, Then click DONE.

5. Send the form.
(Click SEND.)