Tips on how to contact somebody

Obviously, if you can find the person on an alphabetical page, you may find his or her telephone number. Sometimes this will be the only place to find the telephone number, as many voters listed their otherwise-unpublished numbers, making them public, when they registered to vote. Some voters only gave the seven digits, but you might still find that and then figure out the area code. On the desktop version of the individual detail page, it’s at the bottom of the tabular data.

If you know the person’s former name, such as her maiden name, check under that, especially if she changed her name after May of 2012. Remember, she probably kept the same voter ID number, and all the past data on that voter ID number is indexed. She will be indexed under both names.

If the person is not on this site, or is listed without a telephone number, check the address pages. First use USPS to learn the ZIP Code where the person lives. Then, using a desktop computer, click here and click on that ZIP Code. It is under QUICK TOOLS. Then search for that address. You may find that person, a roommate, or a next-door neighbor.

Don’t overlook the possibility that the person’s email address may be on this site. Some persons listed their email addresses when registering to vote, in order to be emailed sample ballots; and the email addresses thereby became public information.

If you don’t know the spelling of somebody’s name but do know the date of birth, go to SORTEDBYBIRTHDATE.COM. If you're using a mobile device, click here. If you’re using a desktop computer, click here.

Write it down! Keep it with you! You might need it again later. Don’t just write down the telephone number, write the name of the person who goes with it.