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as of 31 March 2017, with previous data

This is a privately owned and operated genealogy website using a purchased copy of the Florida voter list, which is public information.
NEW: This website now includes information on persons convicted of sex offenses.

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Non-Citizens Beware

When you pass the road test, a bureaucrat will invite you to register to vote. You may also be invited to be an organ donor. You’ll be excited about getting your license and might not scrutinize what you’re signing. You can legally sign up to be an organ donor, but be careful not to register to vote! Don’t figure, Well, the government bureaucrat said I can register, so if anything happens I’ll play dumb. Play smart! U.S.C.I.S. Form N-400, Part 12 (on page 11) asks you if you have ever registered to vote. You will then have to choose whether to risk the consequences of a false statement on the federal form, or being truthful, and risking the consequences of illegally registering to vote. If you registered to vote, cancel the registration today as damage control. If you were under 18, then technically you pre-registered and if you cancel the registration before turning 18, talk to an immigration lawyer about how to complete Form N-400. Remember, you still claimed to be a U.S. citizen.
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