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A Warning

Got money? There are legal limits on how much money you can donate to a candidate trying to defeat President Trump’s re-election bid, but is there a limit on how many copies of this book you can donate to public libraries in swing States? Wouldn’t that be tax-deductible?

How to defeat Trump

     Trump won in Florida by 112,911 votes over Clinton, while Johnson got 207,043 votes. Had the Libertarians been allowed into the debates, they — two former Republican governors — would have been able to take more votes away from Trump. The key here is to get the Libertarians into the debates. Tell the pollsters you’re voting for the Libertarians, even if you’re not. The Democrats need to refuse to debate without the Libertarians invited. The Democrats can find an organization that will run a debate with the Democrats and Libertarians, and if the Republicans don’t show up it is their choice. This way, everybody wins because Donald Trump gets defeated and because the Libertarians get to present their solutions to more voters.      The reason Libertarians don’t get much coverage is because the TV reporter has a million couch potatoes with their thumbs on the remote. Most viewers will bail out at the first sign of anything that requires thinking. Sadly, their votes count.