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The real solution: Abolish public school

Instead of passing tougher measures to “control” guns, the best solution is to stop violating a person’s right to be left alone READ MORE

The Coalition for Prisoners’ Rights

based in New Mexico, notes that Julie Jones, recent head of the Florida prison system, is going to New Mexico as the new Secretary of Corrections. She is being presented as a reformer. If you have thoughts to share about her performance in Florida, write to Coalition for Prisoners’ Rights, PO Box 1911, Santa Fe NM 87504.

About Those Abortion Bans

Sometimes the song, “Papa Don’t Preach” clashes with the parents who order their daughter to undergo an abortion. If she runs away, from New York to California, the cops will return her to her parents. Florida should become a safe haven for pregnant runaways. Florida law (316.2065(d)) requires her, if she is under 16, to wear a helmet while bicycling, resident or not. Florida law should also protect her, at her request, by placing her in a foster home and not telling her parents where. If they never get to see their grandchild, it serves them right.