Registered voters in ZIP Code 34117
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100 11TH ST SW
BIONDI, JOY Marie (Voter ID number 103079146).
LEON, WILLIAM Auguste (Voter ID number 115236250).
DUTTON, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 103101899).
HROMADKA, LORRAINE Wong (Voter ID number 114715042).

100 27TH ST SW
BALDASSANO, ROSETTA (Voter ID number 119255165).
GERLOCK, DENNIS J. (Voter ID number 103032755).
GERLOCK, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 103032756).

1000 27TH ST SW
LIGHTELL, JASON M. (Voter ID number 103091665).
KILGO, DENISE Sarah (Voter ID number 100521878).
LIGHTELL, JACLYN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 103107204).

101 13TH ST SW
ADDAMS, DEBRA M. (Voter ID number 103144504).
ADDAMS, SAMUEL J. (Voter ID number 102954526).

101 15TH ST SW
BARRY, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 103004791).
BARRY, SHEENA Christine (Voter ID number 114155114).
BARRY, TONY M. (Voter ID number 103089257).

101 17TH ST SW
SCHWARTING, GARY C. (Voter ID number 103046518).

101 27TH ST SW
FILSON, CAROLYN Sue (Voter ID number 103149834).
FILSON, MAX E. (Voter ID number 114517119).

101 31ST ST SW
BROCKMEYER, JAYSON SCOTT (Voter ID number 103087078).
WILLIAMSON, GROVER (Voter ID number 103141937).
SPARKS, DEBORAH Kay (Voter ID number 119594974).

101 7TH ST SW
WOODS, DYLAN Dean (Voter ID number 118348064).
KIPP, BRANDON Scott (Voter ID number 103100547).

1010 15TH ST SW
SORRELL, NATASHA (Voter ID number 102951172).
SORRELL, SHELBY Nichol (Voter ID number 120868079).
SORRELL, SHELBY Nichol (Voter ID number 121157093).

1010 17TH ST SW
LOWE, WALTER W. (Voter ID number 111414629).
KOCKLER, CAROL F. (Voter ID number 103028371).

1010 31ST ST SW
THURSTON, MARY J. (Voter ID number 103145934).
THURSTON, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 103146397).

1010 39TH ST SW
HAGER, BUDDY Dewayne (Voter ID number 103134558).

1011 13TH ST SW
MCDONNELL, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 103156187).
MCDONNELL, DEIRDRE Erin (Voter ID number 103050194).

1011 15TH ST SW
PITT, DAYDRA L. (Voter ID number 103100320).

1011 16TH AVE SW
BURGER, SHILOH T. (Voter ID number 103124764).
WATSON, ROBERT Alton (Voter ID number 103085363).

1011 25TH ST SW
SPARACIO, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 103049420).
SPARACIO, MARY JANE (Voter ID number 103049533).

1011 9TH ST SW
ZIRKLE DE MEJIA, KIMBERLY Kay (Voter ID number 117532410).

1020 19TH ST SW
BROSSEAU, GRANT L. (Voter ID number 102970652).
BROSSEAU, SUSAN Connelly (Voter ID number 114826220).
LAVALLEY, GAIL Ann (Voter ID number 118681000).

1020 21ST ST SW
RIVERA, JOSE Noel (Voter ID number 112964404).

1020 22ND ST SE
NGUYEN, NGAN Thi Khanh (Voter ID number 116583548).
NGUYEN, MARIA (Voter ID number 114812342).
TRINH, AN (Voter ID number 114812273).

1020 23RD ST SW
BESS, TATIANA (Voter ID number 120829291).
BESS, TATIANA (Voter ID number 121161016).

1020 29TH ST SW
BONNER, MELISSA ANN (Voter ID number 103069898).
WARD, ERIN Eleanor (Voter ID number 103019109).

1020 9TH ST SW
WALLACE, MONICA Leah (Voter ID number 118179071).
HADDIX, CHRISTINE E. (Voter ID number 103019269).

1021 11TH ST SW
RIDLEY, RACHEL T. (Voter ID number 102385100).
SAUERWALD, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 111386658).

1021 13TH ST SW
ROSS, LINDA C. (Voter ID number 103157728).
ROSS, PAUL (Voter ID number 102946936).

1021 15TH ST SW
ORLEY, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 103051294).
ORLEY, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 118731519).

1021 19TH ST SW
EBRITE, THOMAS Justin (Voter ID number 120874609).

1021 21ST ST SW
RUTHERFORD, GEOFF Roy (Voter ID number 117709964).

1021 23RD ST SW
RICIGLIANO, GERALDINE (Voter ID number 102968633).
RICIGLIANO, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 102965811).
RICIGLIANO, TINA Sunshine (Voter ID number 103088821).
RICIGLIANO, ROSARY B. (Voter ID number 103117205).

1021 27TH ST SW
MERRIAM, JEANNIE LENORE (Voter ID number 103102093).
MERRIAM, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 103155655).
MERRIAM, NICOLE Lynn (Voter ID number 117816982).
MERRIAM, JOHN (Voter ID number 119893671).

1027 19TH ST SW
GRIFFIN, TIFFANY Ann (Voter ID number 117421449).

1030 11TH ST SW
COLE, SABRINA (Voter ID number 115830454).
VILLAVICENCIO, FABIO Alfredo (Voter ID number 118914625).
VILLAVICENCIO, NOEMI Jhony (Voter ID number 103107760).
VILLAVICENCIO, JOAN Krestley (Voter ID number 119530896).
VILLAVICENCIO, OSCAR (Voter ID number 103119709).
VILLAVICENCIO, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 103006008).

1030 13TH ST SW
DAVIS, LARRY M. (Voter ID number 103113950).
DAVIS, LETA F. (Voter ID number 102943103).

1030 15TH ST SW
ADDIS, MAUREEN (Voter ID number 103042072).
PHILLIPS, JOEL P. (Voter ID number 103003011).
PHILLIPS, JORDAN Ross (Voter ID number 116982778).
PHILLIPS, CLARISSA Jane (Voter ID number 118602579).

1030 21ST ST SW
ORANGE, SALMONT (Voter ID number 118758266).
ORANGE, ROSEMONDE Victorin (Voter ID number 103080349).

1030 23RD ST SW
MARTINEZ, DAVID (Voter ID number 119688154).

1030 25TH ST SW
ADAMS, AFILON Enifini (Voter ID number 104127045).
ADAMS, YAMILI Gonzalez (Voter ID number 113925332).
SCHUH, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number 102979403).

1030 27TH ST SW
KING, DANNY SCOTT (Voter ID number 103112584).
KING, DAWN Rutzke (Voter ID number 103113968).
LOZANO CALDERON, ELEAZAR (Voter ID number 114718988).

1030 29TH ST SW
CLIFFORD, KATHLEEN Grace (Voter ID number 103146476).

1030 39TH ST SW
CARLSON, NICOLE Suzanne (Voter ID number 119897324).
CARLSON, THOMAS Bruce (Voter ID number 119803733).

SMITH JR, SHERMAN (Voter ID number 103084172).

1031 17TH ST SW
BUKOWSKI, KYLE C. (Voter ID number 114028728).
MANCINI, CLEMENTE Richard (Voter ID number 103024080).
MANCINI, TRACEY A. (Voter ID number 102982389).

1031 19TH ST SW
WAJER, DONNA (Voter ID number 102971636).

1031 21ST ST SW
MORENO, JOHNNY S. (Voter ID number 102994300).
SOLIS, MANUELA (Voter ID number 103093611).

1031 25TH ST SW
MCCOLLUM, RACHEL (Voter ID number 103002802).

104 3RD ST SW
BLANCO, ELIZABET (Voter ID number 120614888).

1040 17TH ST SW
FLYNN, PATRICK William (Voter ID number 120487465).

1040 19TH ST SW
PEREZ, ISABEL (Voter ID number 103057698).
PEREZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 103039047).
RODRIGUEZ, DOLORES (Voter ID number 117574403).

1040 21ST ST SW
TOLEDO, ANA M. (Voter ID number 102985242).
BALBOSA, DIANA Marie (Voter ID number 114123756).
RIVERA, ANA D. (Voter ID number 102992943).

1040 39TH ST SW
GUTIERREZ, CHELSEA N. (Voter ID number 116607810).
SEXTON, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 102986601).
SEXTON, MERRYLE (Voter ID number 115656876).

1041 15TH ST SW
TOPPING, JOLENE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 103109443).
MCCONN, RONALD J. (Voter ID number 102972992).
TOPPING, ROBERT Daniel (Voter ID number 103109411).
ALLEN, ERIN Suzanne (Voter ID number 103042758).
MCCONN, CAROL J. (Voter ID number 102968984).

1041 16TH AVE SW
PANTOJA, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 103088702).
RODRIGUEZ, JEANETTE Lynn (Voter ID number 116801649).

1041 17TH ST SW
LAWTON, CHARLIE (Voter ID number 118750593).

1041 21ST ST SW
DRUM, BREANNE LOUISE (Voter ID number 103083498).
DRUM, MICHAEL DEAN (Voter ID number 102986141).
KISLYANKA, IRINA (Voter ID number 121152900).

1041 29TH ST SW
KLEITCH, LINDA K. (Voter ID number 103000723).
MANNING, KEVIN R. (Voter ID number 103054610).
MANNING, NAOMI R. (Voter ID number 103113039).

1041 9TH ST SW
SMITH, MARIANA Shantell (Voter ID number 116398161).
SMITH, KYLE Ryan (Voter ID number 103093450).

1044 25TH ST SW
DAWSON, JASON A. (Voter ID number 103093977).
DAWSON, TAMARA Sue (Voter ID number 103062869).
DAWSON, TERRY A. (Voter ID number 103105668).

LEE, LARRY Ray (Voter ID number 103130026).
LEE, CHERYLE Byrd (Voter ID number 103019895).

105 16TH ST SE
IRIZARRY, KRISTA L. (Voter ID number 103022978).
IRIZARRY, MARCIAL John (Voter ID number 103120578).
ALLEN, MARTHA Sue (Voter ID number 103005684).

105 1ST ST SW
PANDEY, KAREN Collene (Voter ID number 116620140).
PANDEY, AJAY K. (Voter ID number 119933584).

105 6TH ST SE
HAYHURST, BRIAN G. (Voter ID number 103098393).
ARSENAULT, MATTHEW John (Voter ID number 103081942).

1050 25TH ST SW
LEHMAN, EMMETT G. (Voter ID number 103149830).
LEHMAN, WINIFRED M. (Voter ID number 103149829).

DIAZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 103013746).
DIAZ, IRIS E. (Voter ID number 103015061).
DIAZ, JASON A. (Voter ID number 103106326).

1060 15TH ST SW
JACOBSON, DANIELLE N. (Voter ID number 115545686).
JACOBSON, DONNA Lee (Voter ID number 120418740).
JACOBSON, TODD M. (Voter ID number 103046470).

1060 17TH ST SW
GREENIA, BEVERLY Aileen (Voter ID number 103031712).
GREENIA, ROBERT Allen (Voter ID number 103031713).

1060 19TH ST SW
AMBURGY, COLTON Michael (Voter ID number 121329910).

1060 21ST ST SW
LOOK, RENEE Ann (Voter ID number 103064426).
LOOK, ROBERT Lee (Voter ID number 103060983).

1060 27TH ST SW
VILA, KALVIN TYE (Voter ID number 103137532).
GREALIS, KYLE Edward (Voter ID number 111413927).

1060 29TH ST SW
SPIVEY, JAMES WILLIAM (Voter ID number 103137022).
HARCOURT, KATHLEEN Kiyoko (Voter ID number 117540084).
BULLARD, MICHAEL Oscar (Voter ID number 114461998).

1060 9TH ST SW
DOUGLAS, SHANA K. (Voter ID number 103106440).
O'BRIEN, KEVIN R. (Voter ID number 103088055).

INTRAVIA, BRADFORD MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103138261).
SIROSKY, TERRY L. (Voter ID number 119119653).
THOMAS, JASON MacKenzie (Voter ID number 117810427).

BAUER, HEATHER Lynn (Voter ID number 114672286).
PADIN, ALEYDA (Voter ID number 103083928).

1061 11TH ST SW
ELWELL, DIANA (Voter ID number 102981529).
ELWELL, KEVIN (Voter ID number 102981530).

1061 13TH ST SW
BACA, MARIA Guadalupe (Voter ID number 116978683).

1061 15TH ST SW
RAYGOR, KEITH J. (Voter ID number 102964837).
RAYGOR, SUMMER Lynn (Voter ID number 102999349).
THOMAS, STERLING Stewart (Voter ID number 115071114).

1061 16TH AVE SW
PARTRIDGE, SHEREE (Voter ID number 102954302).
PARTRIDGE, YAMILET (Voter ID number 103043290).
PARTRIDGE, DAVID E. (Voter ID number 102954362).
PARTRIDGE, DEREK L. (Voter ID number 103016375).

1061 17TH ST SW
RODRIGUEZ, ERICA (Voter ID number 103090576).
RODRIGUEZ-PENA, ANDRES A. (Voter ID number 110046527).
RODRIGUEZ-PENA, GERMANIA O. (Voter ID number 110185246).
SMITH, SANDRA Meyer (Voter ID number 103153190).

1061 21ST ST SW
JUSTUS, JENNIFER D. (Voter ID number 115290841).
SMITH, GAIL Joyce (Voter ID number 115229895).
SMITH, MICHAEL Leo (Voter ID number 103097275).

1061 25TH ST SW
BRUNO, CHRISTOPHER Scott (Voter ID number 103115590).
SUMNER, STACEY L. (Voter ID number 117501840).
SUMNER, CARLA M. (Voter ID number 102981979).
SUMNER, KEITH A. (Voter ID number 102996232).

1061 29TH ST SW
ZDRAVKOVIC, DEREK S. (Voter ID number 115071117).

1061 9TH ST SW
ELROD, KATHLEEN K. (Voter ID number 103019167).
ELROD, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 118071776).

1065 31ST ST SW
DAVIS, JUNE E. (Voter ID number 102943611).
BURKE, JOHN Francis (Voter ID number 103054127).
BURKE, SHANNAN Lee (Voter ID number 103054129).
MIDDENDORF, JAMES Henry (Voter ID number 115715754).
MIDDENDORF, LISHA Marie (Voter ID number 115715757).

1070 19TH ST SW
MURPHY, CAROL (Voter ID number 102975402).
MURPHY, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 102966292).

1070 21ST ST SW
RYPINA, ARTUR (Voter ID number 103016153).
RYPINA, KATARZYNA J. (Voter ID number 103094354).

1070 23RD ST SW
MARTINEZ, REINERY PATRICIO (Voter ID number 103121707).
MARTINEZ, SUSANA (Voter ID number 102945308).

1070 27TH ST SW
SALEEB, RIHAM (Voter ID number 116332082).
MESSEHA, MAGED Georgey (Voter ID number 116318070).

1070 31ST ST SW
FORT-BOX, SANDRA Lurea (Voter ID number 103143880).

ABIN, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 117292094).

1071 11TH ST SW
ELWELL, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number 103026243).
ELWELL, CARRIN M. (Voter ID number 103036190).
ELWELL, STEPHANIE Anne (Voter ID number 116331480).

1071 13TH ST SW
GITT, ALLISON Marie (Voter ID number 117875076).
GITT, KASEY Nicole (Voter ID number 119872394).

1071 17TH ST SW
VON HEIMBURG, HEATHER N. (Voter ID number 115972426).
DEMERY, LANDON Conant (Voter ID number 103120340).

1071 19TH ST SW
BAGINSKI, JOSHUA T. (Voter ID number 119831478).
BAGINSKI, AMBER L. (Voter ID number 103010970).
BAGINSKI, CASSIDY Lynn (Voter ID number 120646959).

1071 21ST ST SW
JONES, WAYNE A. (Voter ID number 103105169).
LOUIS, BETTY (Voter ID number 114274284).

1071 23RD ST SW
TRAFFORD, JUDITH R. (Voter ID number 102943963).
TRAFFORD, VICTOR T. (Voter ID number 102942641).
MC COY, NANCY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120808643).

1075 31ST ST SW
MAHONEY, MATTHEW J. (Voter ID number 103055812).
THIEL, SCOTT W. (Voter ID number 103101193).
MAHONEY, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 117531091).
MAHONEY, MATTHEW Joseph (Voter ID number 121246564).
MAHONEY, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 103043703).

1080 11TH ST SW
MEGLIO, GAIL Sara (Voter ID number 118173174).
SURABIAN, CARRIE J. (Voter ID number 102999239).
SURABIAN, GABRIEL H. (Voter ID number 102999240).

1080 17TH ST SW
MACIQUES, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 103002186).
MACIQUES, SANDRA D. (Voter ID number 103002196).

1080 19TH ST SW
LUNA, EFRAIN (Voter ID number 117593854).
LUNA, LUCIA Ramirez (Voter ID number 103012087).

BELLIARD, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 111415551).
BELLIARD, ALLEGRA Dale (Voter ID number 103140668).

1081 11TH ST SW
WALKER, JEFFREY Jaron (Voter ID number 118802919).

1081 15TH ST SW
ROMERO, ELVIRA (Voter ID number 103040736).
ROMERO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 103040701).

1081 17TH ST SW
JANITZ, DEVON Curtis (Voter ID number 114695109).
JANITZ, RITA A. (Voter ID number 111220412).

1081 19TH ST SW
BRANTLEY, JOYCE M. (Voter ID number 103044463).

1081 25TH ST SW
SEITZ, PETER J. (Voter ID number 103150269).
SEITZ, REBECCA Joy (Voter ID number 102944397).

1081 9TH ST SW
ALBERT, LISA S. (Voter ID number 103103303).
ALBERT, KELSEY M. (Voter ID number 115127247).
ALBERT, JOSEPH P. (Voter ID number 116781736).
ALBERT, KATIE K. (Voter ID number 103116192).
ALBERT, KYLE Patrick (Voter ID number 103105395).

109 16TH ST SE
ELLIOTT, CHARLOTTE B. (Voter ID number 103008262).
ELLIOTT, ROBERT G. (Voter ID number 103143519).
KOLB, MICHELLE S. (Voter ID number 119674719).

1090 11TH ST SW
YOUNG, TESSA L. (Voter ID number 114323518).

1090 13TH ST SW
COLLINS, BILLIE D. (Voter ID number 102943357).
COLLINS, SCOTT B. (Voter ID number 103009487).

1090 15TH ST SW
BOSCAGLIA, ROBERTO P. (Voter ID number 103004006).
COLEMAN, DANA Michelle (Voter ID number 114817603).
BOSCAGLIA, LISA Gail (Voter ID number 102988640).

1090 16TH AVE SW
MORENO, YAMILETH CHEVEZ (Voter ID number 103131208).
GRAY, SCOTT Ray (Voter ID number 103094005).
MORENO, ARNULFO (Voter ID number 109753036).
MORENO, LOURDES Y. (Voter ID number 116059715).

1090 17TH ST SW
CASTRILLON, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 116168678).
GALLEGO, NAZLY (Voter ID number 119822098).

1090 22ND ST SE
WINSLOW, HOWARD D. (Voter ID number 102946734).
WINSLOW, SANDRA M. (Voter ID number 102944475).
WINSLOW, DAVID Clayton (Voter ID number 121157515).

1090 27TH ST SW
BARONE, NICHOLAS ANTHONY (Voter ID number 103067310).
SCHWARTZ, ANDREW R. (Voter ID number 114457683).

1090 29TH ST SW
FITZ, MICHAEL H. (Voter ID number 103143286).
FITZ, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 102965915).

1090 31ST ST SW
ROMAN, ADRIAN O. (Voter ID number 102098899).
ROMAN, EMILIA Alina (Voter ID number 120314374).

1091 13TH ST SW
VILLA, BETTY Sue (Voter ID number 118661018).

1091 16TH AVE SW
PERKINS, ANDREW Thomas (Voter ID number 111376174).
PERKINS, KRISTEN Marie (Voter ID number 111376176).

1091 17TH ST SW
LUCAS, LAVONNE Marie (Voter ID number 103031049).
LUCAS, JUSTIN Matthew (Voter ID number 119807140).

1091 19TH ST SW
DIERDORF, MICHAEL Allen (Voter ID number 114722031).
DIERDORF, JAMES Aaron (Voter ID number 103070138).

1091 21ST ST SW
COOKE, GAVIN R. (Voter ID number 103100843).
COOKE, GAVIN R. (Voter ID number 116079457).

1091 27TH ST SW
HUBER, CASSIDY Coleman (Voter ID number 116215498).
FREELAND, JOSEPH C. (Voter ID number 117732063).

1091 9TH ST SW
WEINBERGER, RUTH (Voter ID number 103053527).

1094 13TH ST SW
HEINLY, KENNETH R. (Voter ID number 103077069).
MATSON, SHARON Marie (Voter ID number 103078277).

1096 13TH ST SW
BEDDOW, BRIAN (Voter ID number 102999133).
BEDDOW, PATRICIA Nancy (Voter ID number 103008992).
BEDDOW, NEIL S. (Voter ID number 120232610).

110 10TH ST SE
MARSHKY, REBEKAH Ann (Voter ID number 103003274).

110 11TH ST SW
DEBERARDIS JR, DAVID Julio (Voter ID number 120994663).
DE BERARDIS, DESIREE A. (Voter ID number 103034113).
DE BERARDIS, GULIO (Voter ID number 103150998).
DE BERARDIS, DAVID Julio (Voter ID number 103147365).
DEBERARDIS, PATRICIA Erol (Voter ID number 103147366).

110 12TH ST SE
POLLO, ROBERT Anthony (Voter ID number 116309952).
SCHAIBLE, JACOB N. (Voter ID number 114244627).
KRAEMER, ZECHARIAH Edward (Voter ID number 103131344).
ROSADO, NANCY H. (Voter ID number 103136043).

110 13TH ST SW
KNOWLES, LORNA (Voter ID number 102990101).
SCHAUB, TINA V. (Voter ID number 102951778).

110 16TH ST SE
BRYANT, AMBER Simone (Voter ID number 120530558).
ROBINSON, BINSWORTH A. (Voter ID number 114903976).
ROBINSON, MERLE E. (Voter ID number 114913999).

110 19TH ST SW
DIMENT, REBEL ANN (Voter ID number 103048607).
CURRO, BRETT Thomas (Voter ID number 119057352).
CASESA, ANTHONY T. (Voter ID number 103131722).

110 1ST ST SW
ROVAN, MARTIN (Voter ID number 102993517).
ROVAN, MARTIN Joseph (Voter ID number 118355886).

110 21ST ST SW
STEVENS, JULIE Anne (Voter ID number 121201883).

110 27TH ST SW
LOCKERBY, KAREN (Voter ID number 103009800).
LOCKERBY, RICHARD William (Voter ID number 103148830).

110 29TH ST SW
FOSTER, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 102943998).

110 31ST ST SW
TRAINA, JARED J. (Voter ID number 111391450).
WYNN, KATHRYN Carmel (Voter ID number 103106117).

110 4TH ST SE
GOODWIN, TYLER Beau (Voter ID number 103070183).
GOODWIN, LARA Spencer (Voter ID number 102976131).

110 6TH ST SE
LOPEZ JR, SIDRONIO (Voter ID number 117244299).
LOPEZ, SIDRONIO (Voter ID number 103136137).
LOPEZ, JOSEFINA H. (Voter ID number 103085370).

VARGAS, JACQUELINE Dee (Voter ID number 103108059).
RAMIREZ, ERIC (Voter ID number 117940346).

1101 31ST ST SW
COPELAND, DEBORAH L. (Voter ID number 103049696).

111 14TH ST SE
NASO, JODY A. (Voter ID number 103097193).
NASO, SEAN Mathew (Voter ID number 119508467).
SILER, MARILYN R. (Voter ID number 103044748).
SILER, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 103044890).

111 18TH ST SE
CABRAL, LINDA Raylene (Voter ID number 103042817).
DABEL, JORDAN R. (Voter ID number 116604492).
CAHILL, LAURA Kaitlin (Voter ID number 118611994).
CLINE, SARA Ann (Voter ID number 120119268).

111 19TH ST SW
KRIEK, MARTHA A. (Voter ID number 102942976).
PARK, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 102943481).
KRIEK, PETRUS Johannes (Voter ID number 103087643).
PARK, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 117816986).
PARK, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 116118404).

111 1ST ST SW
LOPEZ, MONICA (Voter ID number 116816079).

111 22ND ST SE
CLEMENTS, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 102989799).
CLEMENTS, KAREN E. (Voter ID number 102989801).
CLEMENTS, JASON M. (Voter ID number 103100329).

111 4TH ST SE
ALICEA, JUAN NOEL (Voter ID number 103116016).
FARMER, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 102994203).
JOHNSON, KELLY Anne (Voter ID number 103029456).

111 6TH ST SE
CARTY, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number 103089348).
BULLOCK, TIFFANY Lynn (Voter ID number 103139503).
CARTY, LAURIE D. (Voter ID number 103089291).

1110 11TH ST SW
CASTRO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 103070996).
CASTRO, GISSELLE Martinez (Voter ID number 103109312).

1110 13TH ST SW
CRUZ, SONYA (Voter ID number 103022671).
FORTUNA, XENA Marie (Voter ID number 121128213).
MARTINEZ, MARY L. (Voter ID number 102986088).
RAISOR, HARVEY E. (Voter ID number 102939273).

1110 19TH ST SW
FURMAN, THERESA A. (Voter ID number 103148913).
FURMAN, TIMOTHY W. (Voter ID number 103103506).

1110 21ST ST SW
MARTIN, AMY L. (Voter ID number 103004377).
MARTIN, DENIS (Voter ID number 103023331).
MARTIN, CAROLYN Kay (Voter ID number 102947947).
MARTIN, DENIS Thaddeus (Voter ID number 102947948).

1111 11TH ST SW
MENDOZA, ADAM Ray (Voter ID number 119988643).
LOPEZ, BLAZA Castro (Voter ID number 103036711).

1111 16TH AVE SW
HOUP, KADENA Marie (Voter ID number 103099102).

1111 17TH ST SW
CLANCY, LAURA Jean (Voter ID number 102963367).
PICKEL, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 103000480).
PICKEL, KELLY Ann (Voter ID number 104851542).

1111 19TH ST SW
MENDEZ, MELISSA (Voter ID number 103026901).
FERBER, BRIAN L. (Voter ID number 118797169).
VALCARCEL, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 119575326).

1111 21ST ST SW
GARRABRANDT, WALLACE E. (Voter ID number 115559237).

1120 11TH ST SW
NORRIS, JOHN C. (Voter ID number 115741783).
NORRIS, MIRTHA Ines (Voter ID number 103156199).
BUTCHER, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 103002840).
BROWN, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number 120465053).

1120 15TH ST SW
FOWLER, TERI Lynn (Voter ID number 115090469).
WATTS, MACK Arthur (Voter ID number 121307060).

1120 27TH ST SW
BRUCE, ALISA K. (Voter ID number 103153179).

1120 29TH ST SW
BRIGNOLO, BELINDA MARY (Voter ID number 102965599).
COLE, RICHARD William (Voter ID number 118761785).
GOWETT, ROBERT MILES (Voter ID number 103081923).
COLE, JONA Rae (Voter ID number 118762651).

1120 9TH ST SW
LAWSON, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 103020878).
LAWSON, WARREN L. (Voter ID number 103024599).

1121 11TH ST SW
MOLINA, LETICIA (Voter ID number 118983463).

1121 13TH ST SW
VEYN, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 103004123).
VEYN, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 103004125).

1121 23RD ST SW
SMITH, GLENDA G. (Voter ID number 102957138).
SMITH, JOEL J. (Voter ID number 102957573).

1121 25TH ST SW
MESA, JUAN Luis (Voter ID number 102990306).
MESA, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 116907771).
MESA, NANCY (Voter ID number 103097346).

1121 27TH ST SW
SANTOS, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 115084556).

1121 29TH ST SW
VITERI, MARCO A. (Voter ID number 103138426).
GRACIE, VELDA Kay (Voter ID number 103040207).

1121 9TH ST SW
BLAINE, VIRGINIA A. (Voter ID number 102998952).
BLAINE, BRIAN P. (Voter ID number 102998951).

GUTIERREZ, ELSA DENIS (Voter ID number 103140404).
GUTIERREZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 109501905).

1130 25TH ST SW
CASTILLO, CAROL Bennett (Voter ID number 102955455).
CASTILLO, LEONARDO C. (Voter ID number 103115123).

1130 39TH ST SW
MEDINA, YOLANDA D. (Voter ID number 103154655).

1131 13TH ST SW
CASE, DESTINEE Lynn (Voter ID number 117597458).
CASE, EMILY Kay (Voter ID number 118536921).
CASE, LINDA K. (Voter ID number 102989045).
CASE, GILBERT W. (Voter ID number 102996236).

1131 15TH ST SW
KIRKLAND, SUZANNE MARIE (Voter ID number 103001750).
KIRKLAND, TERRY Deshannon (Voter ID number 103071610).

1131 17TH ST SW
FELLOWS, CELIA Marie (Voter ID number 103052396).
FELLOWS, EDWIN Eugene (Voter ID number 103056033).

1131 19TH ST SW
CHACIN, RAFAEL Junior (Voter ID number 103119712).
ROBERTSON, DORIS P. (Voter ID number 103037952).
CHACIN, DANIELLE Renee (Voter ID number 103080186).

1131 27TH ST SW
SABOTA, DANNY J. (Voter ID number 103008048).
SOBOTA, STACY R. (Voter ID number 103034703).
CULNAN, JENNIFER Jean (Voter ID number 115221743).

1140 13TH ST SW
LUSTER, JERRY E. (Voter ID number 102673013).

1140 15TH ST SW
SMENDRA, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 102978531).
SMENDRA, KATHERINE Ann (Voter ID number 102978530).

1140 17TH ST SW
COMERIATO, EILEEN Nancy (Voter ID number 103147132).
COMERIATO, FRANK C. (Voter ID number 116690285).
COMERIATO, SAMUEL D. (Voter ID number 103152870).

1140 19TH ST SW
DEVER, DOUGLAS E. (Voter ID number 102945137).
DEVER, TARA L. (Voter ID number 102976706).

1140 21ST ST SW
CHICAS, CRYSTAL (Voter ID number 103094006).

1140 27TH ST SW
HENNESSEY, SHAWN P. (Voter ID number 103070827).
HENNESSEY, DAWN M. (Voter ID number 103003123).

1140 29TH ST SW
CARTER, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 102941514).
CARTER, LINDA N. (Voter ID number 102941432).

VICHOT, DUNYA Zeenat (Voter ID number 103011312).
VICHOT, MARIA DE Jesus (Voter ID number 102973852).
VICHOT, RICARDO (Voter ID number 103112414).

1141 15TH ST SW
WARD, MARK S. (Voter ID number 102940381).
RUSSELL, VINCENT Darden (Voter ID number 114434248).

1141 16TH AVE SW
FORESTER, ASHLEY R. (Voter ID number 118071856).
FORESTER, BERNICE (Voter ID number 102961401).

1141 19TH ST SW
DIEFENTHALER, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 102965646).
DIEFENTHALER, TAMMY (Voter ID number 102965662).
DIEFENTHALER, MARISSA (Voter ID number 119188271).

1141 25TH ST SW
CABRERA, JACOB Thomas (Voter ID number 118379805).
CABRERA, MANUEL (Voter ID number 102945007).
CABRERA, ALYSSA (Voter ID number 114737034).
CABRERA, IRENE (Voter ID number 103153725).

1141 9TH ST SW
ALZAMORA, SILA Blanco (Voter ID number 103009877).
ALZAMORA, MADELIN J. (Voter ID number 103138736).

1145 21ST ST SW
SPENCE, EARL Emerson (Voter ID number 101463138).

116 10TH ST SE
GALLIHER, ELIZABETH J. (Voter ID number 103051191).
GALLIHER, ROBERT G. (Voter ID number 103053866).

1160 13TH ST SW
GUEVARA, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 103110897).
ADAMES, NATHALIE (Voter ID number 119567845).
GUEVARA, KATHLEEN Palacio (Voter ID number 103039285).

1160 17TH ST SW
BARCENAS, TONI (Voter ID number 116591079).
BARCENAS, ARTURO Jose (Voter ID number 102961409).
BARCENAS, PAOLA J. (Voter ID number 114725267).

1160 19TH ST SW
GARNER, AARON Kyle (Voter ID number 111316875).
COGBILL, JENNIFER Noell (Voter ID number 111441531).
TOOMEY, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 116319761).
PERRY, ALLEN S. (Voter ID number 114077521).

1160 21ST ST SW
POLEY, NICKIE Dover (Voter ID number 102982476).
POLEY, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 102982210).
WOJTYSIAK, NICOLE Renee (Voter ID number 114667147).

1160 27TH ST SW
BARNETT, SCOTT (Voter ID number 103141172).
BARNETT, SHERI P. (Voter ID number 103138304).

SOLER, LUISA (Voter ID number 103111870).

1161 13TH ST SW
MARANO, ROBERTA C. (Voter ID number 102946946).
MARANO, VINCENT J. (Voter ID number 102946947).

1161 15TH ST SW
MARKUSSON, KEVIN J. (Voter ID number 103100714).
MARKUSSON, SUSAN Louise (Voter ID number 103138096).
JOHNSON, DEBORAH K. (Voter ID number 103068908).
MARKUSSON, DOUGLAS Michael (Voter ID number 115690655).

1161 17TH ST SW
LEHDE, MITCHELL LYNN (Voter ID number 103046194).
LEHDE, REBECCA Lynn (Voter ID number 103081438).

1161 19TH ST SW
ARDO, CRYSTAL L. (Voter ID number 117315114).
ARDO, FRANK J. (Voter ID number 103048895).

1161 21ST ST SW
LALLEMAND, THERESE (Voter ID number 119835723).
LALLEMAND, WALKENS (Voter ID number 119835711).
PRINCINORD, MARIO P. (Voter ID number 120960209).
LALLEMAND, DIOGENE (Voter ID number 102259320).
SIMPSON, MATTHEW D. (Voter ID number 114523492).
SWAIN, DEA M. (Voter ID number 103069164).
TORRES, MAYRA S. (Voter ID number 103102074).
NEWMAN, SAMATHLEE (Voter ID number 114430979).
SIMPSON, ZASHIA Lee (Voter ID number 114523144).

1161 27TH ST SW
SMITH, GEORGE (Voter ID number 102947090).
SMITH, NANCY J. (Voter ID number 102977307).

1161 9TH ST SW
AMORY, MARY ALICE (Voter ID number 102523957).

1170 11TH ST SW
ALVAREZ, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 103010062).
ALVAREZ, KORAL Marie (Voter ID number 119276997).
O'BRIEN-ALVAREZ, KATHRYN (Voter ID number 102983504).

1170 16TH AVE SW
FRANCOIS, ERIBIN (Voter ID number 103094554).

1170 21ST ST SW
THOMPSON, JASON M. (Voter ID number 103035426).
THOMPSON, MICHAEL William (Voter ID number 102982357).
MALDONADO, JORGE Antonio (Voter ID number 114426783).

1170 31ST ST SW
MORENO, DEBBIE K. (Voter ID number 116826548).
MORENO, TONYA Luisa (Voter ID number 119250059).

1170 39TH ST SW
MEDINA, JOSE (Voter ID number 103154703).
SMITH, TROY Lee (Voter ID number 103038870).
TECUANAPA, SUELLEN M. (Voter ID number 120294727).
TECUANAPA, KIMBERLY S. (Voter ID number 103122070).
FULLER, GEORGE Walter (Voter ID number 115374422).
TECUANAPA, JESSICA Fay (Voter ID number 116590141).

SHAVER, MARGARET C. (Voter ID number 102969190).
ALDRICH, JARED Ryan (Voter ID number 121326648).

1171 11TH ST SW
FACCIOLLI, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 118636000).
MARTINEZ, MIGUEL Amaury (Voter ID number 117853732).
PANTALONE, MELISSA Victoria (Voter ID number 119977783).
RODOSKY, THERESA Marie (Voter ID number 120722713).

1171 15TH ST SW
BOWKER, JUSTINE Mueller (Voter ID number 120419559).
BOWKER, CHRISTOPHER Patrick (Voter ID number 120419505).
MACIAS, NATHALIE M. (Voter ID number 103032185).

1171 21ST ST SW
HOLSEN, PAUL J. (Voter ID number 103150916).

1171 29TH ST SW
WARD, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 103133338).
WARD, MEGAN Elana (Voter ID number 121209851).

1175 23RD ST SW
CRESSWELL, EUNICE A. (Voter ID number 102980124).
CRESSWELL, JEFFREY C. (Voter ID number 102980126).

1180 15TH ST SW
BELL, ETHAN C. (Voter ID number 115954211).
BELL, JOANNE H. (Voter ID number 102944359).
BELL, STEVEN L. (Voter ID number 102954887).

1180 17TH ST SW
VARGAS, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 103103529).

1180 19TH ST SW
GUESS, AMANDA Joy (Voter ID number 118133209).
GUESS, DAN (Voter ID number 102938794).
GUESS, DIANNE G. (Voter ID number 102967098).
GUESS, LISA Dianne (Voter ID number 120573621).

1180 23RD ST SW
GONZALEZ, ESTHER (Voter ID number 116568610).

1180 25TH ST SW
ROSS, STEVEN L. (Voter ID number 103046673).
ROSS, GERALDINE L. (Voter ID number 102945126).

1180 29TH ST SW
COLLINS, JUANITA (Voter ID number 102962594).
MCCALLA, ROBERTA Jean (Voter ID number 102964219).
STORTER, GEORGE Bembury (Voter ID number 102954383).
STORTER, NORMA Faye (Voter ID number 102953085).
FAHRENTHOLD, NELSON Aaron (Voter ID number 115161086).

1180 39TH ST SW
RAY, LUTHER Andrew (Voter ID number 117271772).

BACHMANN, JAMES B. (Voter ID number 103014512).

LAMB, CHRISTINE Sue (Voter ID number 113988590).
KUBICKI, TIMOTHY Walter (Voter ID number 117338107).
SPRINGER, KATHLEEN Lynn (Voter ID number 100213445).

1180 IVY WAY
MUDRAK, PHILLIP E. (Voter ID number 102971141).
MUDRAK, JORDON Allen (Voter ID number 121046608).
MUDRAK, REBECCA Eileen (Voter ID number 103042508).

MOOTISPAW, EVELYN A. (Voter ID number 103059339).
MOOTISPAW, EVELYN E. (Voter ID number 103141883).
MOOTISPAW, JESSE Edward (Voter ID number 120668334).

1181 15TH ST SW
CARSON, WILLIAM Dennis (Voter ID number 114139025).
KRYSTASZEK, MICHELLE Dawn (Voter ID number 103064030).

1181 17TH ST SW
GARCIA, GIOVANNI (Voter ID number 119607770).

1181 19TH ST SW
BARRERO, ODELSIS (Voter ID number 117643010).
FONTAINE, YOANDRIS (Voter ID number 118593030).

1181 25TH ST SW
BACKHAUS, KLEMENS H. (Voter ID number 121093317).
HOLDEMAN, CRYSTAL A. (Voter ID number 120680835).
ROBINSON, REBEKAH Diane (Voter ID number 111390357).
HOLDEMAN, STEPHEN H. (Voter ID number 103117643).
REMARK, ROBERT Gene (Voter ID number 119936869).

1181 27TH ST SW
COADY, APRIL Nicole (Voter ID number 103064939).
KATARAS, JASON Michael (Voter ID number 111355764).

1190 11TH ST SW
FLOYD, CODY J. (Voter ID number 103073953).
FLOYD, CYNTHIA L. (Voter ID number 103147109).
FLOYD, DANIEL Alfred (Voter ID number 102959383).
FLOYD, RASHELE Leann (Voter ID number 103103560).

1190 13TH ST SW
SAMANIEGO, POLO H. (Voter ID number 102979391).
SAMANIEGO, TYLER Nicholas (Voter ID number 121027542).

1191 13TH ST SW
GROSSO, DANIELLE Michele (Voter ID number 103007416).
GROSSO, NICOLE Michelle (Voter ID number 114575787).

1191 15TH ST SW
MELE, LEAH Beryl (Voter ID number 110708299).
MELE, PAUL (Voter ID number 117801128).

1191 16TH AVE SW
BLANCO, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 119807080).

1191 19TH ST SW
MARTIN, KRISTI Joanne (Voter ID number 118373079).
JOHNSON, VICKI Jean (Voter ID number 103148030).

1191 9TH ST SW
HARP, PHYLLIS M. (Voter ID number 102987735).

120 11TH ST SW
LUCAS, JODIE L. (Voter ID number 103044081).
SALGUERO, MEDEA Starnes (Voter ID number 103057146).

120 15TH ST SW
ALVARADO, CARLOS L. (Voter ID number 103101636).
ALVAREZ, EMPERATRIZ (Voter ID number 116349455).

120 23RD ST SW
HEFFERNAN, RAY T. (Voter ID number 102968697).
HEFFERNAN, JAYME P. (Voter ID number 118071691).
HOWELL, CECIL Brett (Voter ID number 102977874).

120 27TH ST SW
BOYD, LEOLA Kathyleen (Voter ID number 103031222).
BANNING, DANIEL Wasley (Voter ID number 103027526).

120 4TH ST SE
FOX, GARY LEE (Voter ID number 103017781).
MANLEY, KEITH H. (Voter ID number 102962282).
MANLEY, TRICIA LOU (Voter ID number 102956622).
DAVIGNON, THERESE M. (Voter ID number 116481201).

120 7TH ST SW
KEEFE, BRADLEY ADAM (Voter ID number 103083521).
MORRISON, ALAURA Elise (Voter ID number 103010303).
STAHLY, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number 103069672).

120 9TH ST SW
ALEXANDER, DAVID S. (Voter ID number 102943072).
ALEXANDER, SUSAN (Voter ID number 102978324).

AQUILAR RAMIREZ, SAHIRA (Voter ID number 121154626).
HORVATIC, BRYAN C. (Voter ID number 116542358).

1208 9TH ST SW
LAIRMORE, JERI A. (Voter ID number 102989217).
LOPEZ, SILVIA (Voter ID number 118782074).

121 1ST ST SW
IBARRA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 103119027).
IBARRA, EDGAR (Voter ID number 114534768).
HERRERA, BIANEY (Voter ID number 115111702).

121 23RD ST SW
REYES, LORNA G. (Voter ID number 103047027).

121 25TH ST SW
ROKER, DEMETRA Manoles (Voter ID number 102996485).
ROKER, RONALD S. (Voter ID number 103104235).
COOK, DELL Michael (Voter ID number 102979454).

121 27TH ST SW
BARE, STEPHANIE Anne (Voter ID number 115376850).
BARE, CHRISTOPHER M. (Voter ID number 114996619).

121 29TH ST SW
MARTINEZ, DIANE (Voter ID number 103123249).
RODRIGUEZ, ONIX (Voter ID number 103098530).
VAZQUEZ, DAVID (Voter ID number 118983087).
DIAZ, NORBERTO (Voter ID number 103062244).

121 2ND ST SE
NULL, JOHN Norman (Voter ID number 117263281).
KIRK, MELISSA Rae (Voter ID number 117483585).

121 4TH ST SE
GOMEZ, JASMINE Marie (Voter ID number 118048617).
GOMEZ, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 114718990).
MORALES, LUZ ELENIA (Voter ID number 103085954).
GOMEZ, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 103093272).
GOMEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 116591183).

121 9TH ST SW
ALTMAN, JACQUELINE La-Bruce (Voter ID number 103035206).
MCINTOSH, JULIA C. (Voter ID number 103118921).
PILAVIS, NICHOLAS Christopher (Voter ID number 111454333).
PIRON, MARY Montfort (Voter ID number 114103695).

1210 15TH ST SW
DRISCOLL, PATRICK DAVID (Voter ID number 102988535).
CRESSWELL, JEAN Ella (Voter ID number 103127031).

1210 19TH ST SW
ELLEDIAS, BETH Condra (Voter ID number 103027112).
ELLEDIAS, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 102964763).
ELLEDIAS, HUNTER Israel (Voter ID number 120782619).

1210 25TH ST SW
BONARD, ELENA Maria (Voter ID number 116791004).
BROWN, LUTHER MARTIN (Voter ID number 103031815).
BROWN, PATRICIA SUSAN (Voter ID number 103031816).
DUQUE, AMPARO (Voter ID number 118767490).
BONARD, RODNEY Randolph (Voter ID number 115339572).
BROWN, BEATRICE (Voter ID number 102942716).

1210 29TH ST SW
LEE, BARON Reese (Voter ID number 102989073).
LEE, STEPHANIE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 115318748).

1210 39TH ST SW
PLASTER, ANGELA C. (Voter ID number 102984596).
PLASTER, ERIC A. (Voter ID number 102984708).

1211 11TH ST SW
STEAGALD, SHANNON MICHELLE (Voter ID number 103032139).

1211 15TH ST SW
WARREN, PATTI K. (Voter ID number 103002424).
WARREN, EMBER Kathleen (Voter ID number 119884777).
WARREN, JAY Douglas (Voter ID number 115869909).

1211 17TH ST SW
RODGERS, ELENA Aleksandrovna (Voter ID number 118623303).
RODGERS, JAMES Kenneth (Voter ID number 118208015).

1211 19TH ST SW
PEREZ, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 103036241).
PEREZ, CAMELIA T. (Voter ID number 103043412).
ROWDEN, CARLA D. (Voter ID number 102969154).
ALONSO, CLAUDIA Ramona (Voter ID number 103101183).

1211 21ST ST SW
FORBES, CRYSTAL DAWN (Voter ID number 103072675).
MEYERS, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 102955762).

1211 9TH ST SW
VENTURA, SANTIAGO Enrique (Voter ID number 102996007).

122 21ST ST SW
STEVENS, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 103036721).
STEVENS, KYLE Aaron (Voter ID number 117671573).
NIELSEN, ERICK Vaughn (Voter ID number 103076451).
NIELSEN, REBECCA Lee (Voter ID number 119155067).

1220 21ST ST SW
KATINSLEY, CHRISTOPHER M. (Voter ID number 118071820).
KATINSLEY, VIRGINIA E. (Voter ID number 120170435).

1220 23RD ST SW
CORZO, FELIX I. (Voter ID number 103116174).

1220 31ST ST SW
PATITSAS, ELENI Maria (Voter ID number 121092053).
PATITSAS, MARKELLA Mauvra (Voter ID number 120910473).
PATITSAS, NICHOLAS Dionysios (Voter ID number 120925284).
PATITSAS, MARIA B. (Voter ID number 120129650).
PATITSAS, PHILLIP Stephen (Voter ID number 120079832).

1220 9TH ST SW
FULLER, DOUGLAS ARTHUR (Voter ID number 102944569).
FULLER, TRACY J M (Voter ID number 103131472).

GRANN, CASEY J. (Voter ID number 116485584).
MATHERLY, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 103070614).
MATHERLY, RICKY L. (Voter ID number 103083003).
GRANN, MELISSA Rose (Voter ID number 116885046).

1221 13TH ST SW
BUCKLEY, KIM C. (Voter ID number 103079848).
KRIDELBAUGH, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 103009912).
BUCKLEY, DENIS (Voter ID number 102974225).

1221 15TH ST SW
ROSEDALE, NICOLAS W. (Voter ID number 120257857).
ROSSDALE, STEPHANIE Lynn (Voter ID number 120097202).
VARGAS, JOSE Angel (Voter ID number 114543221).

1221 19TH ST SW
SANCHEZ, NANET (Voter ID number 119058982).
STARK, MICHAEL H. (Voter ID number 103056551).

1221 31ST ST SW
KIMBALL, EMILY Nicole (Voter ID number 118520529).
KIMBALL, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number 102979249).
KIMBALL, WILLIAM F. (Voter ID number 103119915).

1222 27TH ST SW
BLANCO, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 103002469).
BLANCO, NANCY (Voter ID number 117349740).

1225 25TH ST SW
RYAN, RONALD J. (Voter ID number 102996597).
RYAN, JUDITH H. (Voter ID number 103096003).
MOON, JAYNIE (Voter ID number 103116770).

123 14TH ST SE
THOMAS, CONSUELA Whiteway (Voter ID number 103004576).

1230 11TH ST SW
TERRELL, MARY SUE (Voter ID number 103008585).
MATHURIN, TAYLOR Rae (Voter ID number 119786680).

1230 15TH ST SW
MARTUS, LISA A. (Voter ID number 102982261).
SMITH, JOSEPH Francis (Voter ID number 114120767).

1230 29TH ST SW
YOUNG, DOROTHY Marie (Voter ID number 108954853).
YOUNG, ROBERT Clifton (Voter ID number 108954854).

1230 39TH ST SW
PLASTER, BRADLEY STEPHEN (Voter ID number 102959620).
PLASTER, ELIZABETH K. (Voter ID number 103109099).
PLASTER, ANNDREA L. (Voter ID number 103049817).

1230 9TH ST SW
MCDONALD, GREGORY James (Voter ID number 103089458).
MCDONALD, JUSTIN Gregory (Voter ID number 114094542).
MCDONALD, PAULA Sue (Voter ID number 103130332).

1231 15TH ST SW
BREWER, DONNIE Lee (Voter ID number 103141009).

1231 17TH ST SW
BAKER, CHRISTOPHER E. (Voter ID number 103025660).

1231 19TH ST SW
MULTIDOR, CARL (Voter ID number 103065911).
MULTIDOR, WOLF (Voter ID number 116810707).
MULTIDOR, ALY (Voter ID number 103075886).

1234 19TH ST SW
MCKAGUE, JAMES C. (Voter ID number 102960756).
VILLAPANDO, JENNIFER Rose (Voter ID number 102487398).
MCKAGUE, MARY A. (Voter ID number 102968495).
MCKAGUE, JOHN Wesley (Voter ID number 103058689).

124 22ND ST SE
JONES, DYLAN Thomas (Voter ID number 119983971).
SANTIAGO TORRES, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 103115850).
SANTIAGO TORRES, OSCAR Constantino (Voter ID number 119910183).

1240 13TH ST SW
CRUZ, DOMINGA (Voter ID number 115775786).
CRUZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 116294631).
ONTEK, JODIEANN Louise (Voter ID number 121256359).
ONTEK, LORELEI Elyse (Voter ID number 121256322).
CRUZ, FREDDY (Voter ID number 116591257).

1240 15TH ST SW
RICHARDS, JULIE ANNE (Voter ID number 103101839).
ALIAGA, CATALINA (Voter ID number 119021815).

1240 31ST ST SW
UMLAUF, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 103074117).
BYSSAINTHE, KEATS Pierre-Louis (Voter ID number 103047694).
CENATUS, CARLINE Pierre-Louis (Voter ID number 103047695).

MATESZ, CRYSTIE M. (Voter ID number 115554773).
MATESZ, PATRICK V. (Voter ID number 103028111).
WYLAND, APRIL Rebecca (Voter ID number 103062175).

1241 16TH AVE SW
PAZ, LEYDIS M. (Voter ID number 117685036).
PAZ, JULIO Felix (Voter ID number 119061428).

1241 31ST ST SW
WILLIAMS, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number 103025004).

125 5TH ST SW
MCVEY, CORRENA J. (Voter ID number 103005707).
LEGRAND, AMARILIS (Voter ID number 116134443).
GONZALEZ, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 114396047).

GREEN, JOHN Patrick (Voter ID number 103053780).

126 12TH ST SE
NAAS, AMBER Sue (Voter ID number 103034638).
NAAS, MARCIA (Voter ID number 103023509).
NAAS, EARL Donald (Voter ID number 103130034).

1260 13TH ST SW
ARTHUR, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 103140286).

1260 15TH ST SW
TAYLOR, VICTORIA Lynn (Voter ID number 117402249).
TAYLOR-WILLIAMS, TORI Lynn (Voter ID number 118916370).
WILLIAMS, HEIDI G. (Voter ID number 102999574).
WILLIAMS, MARK D. (Voter ID number 103023782).
WILLIAMS, JUSTIN Lee (Voter ID number 117779768).

1260 17TH ST SW
PACHECO GONZALEZ, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 116446506).
GARDUNA, LANCE P. (Voter ID number 103090124).
GARDUNA, LORI B. (Voter ID number 103090080).

1260 31ST ST SW
BICKEL, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 102976558).

1260 39TH ST SW
WILLIAMS, BRUCE A. (Voter ID number 103017177).

1260 9TH ST SW
MCLERAN, CHANIELLE Marie Parrish (Voter ID number 116368164).
MCLERAN, MURIEL G. (Voter ID number 103141934).

SOLER, MARTA (Voter ID number 103102901).

DEJESUS, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 103049141).
DEJESUS, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 103033376).

1261 16TH AVE SW
KEY, SHARON A. (Voter ID number 102999139).
JAKUBEK, TIBOR (Voter ID number 113953617).
KOTALA, DENNY Victor (Voter ID number 114989044).

1261 19TH ST SW
VAN GELDER, DIANA L. (Voter ID number 103080309).
VANGELDER, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 102962692).

1261 23RD ST SW
MCCANDLESS, JASON Bruce (Voter ID number 103055545).

1261 25TH ST SW
ELLIS, RENE Jay (Voter ID number 102994268).
LEWIS, JOSEPH Ernest (Voter ID number 102980653).
LEWIS, MATTHEW Edward (Voter ID number 115898178).
VANCE, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 103120956).

1261 27TH ST SW
SEWART, BRIEN J. (Voter ID number 103092636).
GUTHRIE, MARGARET Marie (Voter ID number 102947609).

1261 31ST ST SW
HUNT, DAVID ALLEN (Voter ID number 103100418).
BAILEY WANTZ, THEODORA Anne (Voter ID number 102959687).
WANTZ, SIERA Anthony Bailey (Voter ID number 118402406).
WANTZ, STEPHEN Warren (Voter ID number 102959661).

1261 9TH ST SW
COOPER, LORENA K. (Voter ID number 103035703).
RESKE, DAWN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120838051).

1270 15TH ST SW
GALLAGHER, SANDRA Patricia (Voter ID number 119119226).

1270 16TH AVE SW
PUTNAM, ELLEN I. (Voter ID number 103015459).
PUTNAM, ROBERT R. (Voter ID number 103015461).
LAPPIN, ROSE F. (Voter ID number 103137492).

1270 19TH ST SW
KLENK, MAYTE (Voter ID number 100571585).
PEREZ, LUIS O. (Voter ID number 103014060).
PEREZ, NORAIDA Serafina (Voter ID number 116876540).

1270 21ST ST SW
PEREZ, REINEL (Voter ID number 115650454).
PEREZ, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 115695017).

1270 23RD ST SW
ALVAREZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 103006160).

1270 31ST ST SW
HOLLAND, KENDALL Richard (Voter ID number 102948083).
HOLLAND, KIMBERLY L. (Voter ID number 116303311).
HOLLAND, KENDALL R. (Voter ID number 117131723).

SIEGLER, DUSTY M. (Voter ID number 103036738).

1271 15TH ST SW
MONTGOMERY, KATHERINE Marie (Voter ID number 103147110).
MONTGOMERY, KEITH A. (Voter ID number 103146603).

1271 17TH ST SW
MORETZ, JEFFERY Lynn (Voter ID number 103113954).
LOPEZ, DANIEL Joel (Voter ID number 103135654).

MATHEWS, KIMBALEY K. (Voter ID number 101976975).
MATHEWS, STEVEN W. (Voter ID number 116996162).

1276 29TH ST SW
DINUNZIO, DANIEL JOHN (Voter ID number 103065569).
FITZGERALD, SABRINA R. (Voter ID number 103021064).
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM Andrew (Voter ID number 103011120).

1280 11TH ST SW
JONES, KAREN A. (Voter ID number 114196865).
MELTON, LAURA E. (Voter ID number 116209989).

1280 13TH ST SW
CHRISTOFFEL, MILEIDY (Voter ID number 103058807).
BEAUMONT, SARAH Jean (Voter ID number 103111783).
VASTOLA, MICHELLE Lynn (Voter ID number 103066740).
CHRISTOFFEL, ROBERT Eugene (Voter ID number 103051844).

1280 17TH ST SW
MOLESKEY, JOHN Joseph (Voter ID number 102970125).
VERA, NOREEN (Voter ID number 103137820).
DEVLIN, REGINA K. (Voter ID number 103006905).
VERA, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 114860375).

1280 19TH ST SW
ALVAREZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 103013132).
ALVAREZ, ROBERTO X. (Voter ID number 103021716).

1280 25TH ST SW
HOOVER, LISA D. (Voter ID number 116391905).
HOOVER, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 103019804).
HOOVER, RYAN MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103085362).

1280 27TH ST SW
GROVE, KEITH T. (Voter ID number 103136825).
WOLF, WALTER S. (Voter ID number 100369587).

FITZGERALD, ALICIA Lynn (Voter ID number 102964770).

1281 13TH ST SW
GANT, AMY Jean (Voter ID number 103046451).
GANT, CHRISTOPHER Havens (Voter ID number 103091636).

1281 15TH ST SW
ISAACS, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 102940651).

1281 16TH AVE SW
LAWSON, SHARELL Tyshon (Voter ID number 115775658).
SYKES, JEFF R. (Voter ID number 103006339).
LAWSON SYKES, SHARON Edwena (Voter ID number 103076831).

1281 21ST ST SW
BAUER, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103110390).
BAUER, LAUREN E. (Voter ID number 116591530).
BAUER, KAREN L. (Voter ID number 103110391).
BAUER, MICHELLE Ann (Voter ID number 116591410).

1281 25TH ST SW
GILLS, VIVIAN N. (Voter ID number 102951065).
GREENE, JUSTIN H. (Voter ID number 103140497).

1281 9TH ST SW
SURMAN, JOSHUA Eli (Voter ID number 117459386).
MACBLAIN, SUSAN Dixie (Voter ID number 103154536).

1285 19TH ST SW
ALBERTO, DANIEL Luis (Voter ID number 121076158).
ALBERTO, DAISY (Voter ID number 103087466).
ALBERTO, LUIS (Voter ID number 103097183).

PESKO, CARLENE Ann (Voter ID number 118674610).
PESKO, GEORGE Richard (Voter ID number 118674715).
PESKO, ANDREW Steven (Voter ID number 121266247).

1290 11TH ST SW
HERNANDEZ, SEBASTIANA (Voter ID number 113964131).
FRADY, K (Voter ID number 103024848).

1290 15TH ST SW
ROQUE, MELISSA B. (Voter ID number 103140782).

1290 17TH ST SW
MAY, MARTA B. (Voter ID number 119008862).
MAY, HUBERT Zbigniew (Voter ID number 115035812).

1290 19TH ST SW
HOUP, JULIE Aaren (Voter ID number 103075633).

1290 39TH ST SW
PADILLA CARTAGENA, RAMON (Voter ID number 103105826).
THURLOW, BENJAMIN Ernest (Voter ID number 121144524).
SANTIAGO NORAT, SOLYMAR (Voter ID number 103107412).

1290 9TH ST SW
LINCOLN, PAMELA Winnett (Voter ID number 103030500).

SCOTT, DERICK Eugene (Voter ID number 103128914).
FRATES, MARIA Gabrielle (Voter ID number 116502765).
SCOTT, CATARINA Elaina (Voter ID number 103113699).
FRATES, DEBRA Catherine (Voter ID number 103101182).
FRATES, STEPHEN Howard (Voter ID number 103105393).

1291 15TH ST SW
BEDNAR, ELLYN MARIE (Voter ID number 102996414).
BEDNAR, JEFFREY Alan (Voter ID number 103016942).
WITCHER, BLAIN William (Voter ID number 103023763).

1291 17TH ST SW
STONE, TERESSA Dianne (Voter ID number 103037645).
WHEELER, AMANDA Louise (Voter ID number 121037463).
KELLAR, ALLISON Kimberly (Voter ID number 103064932).

1291 9TH ST SW
ROBERTS, GEORGIA A. (Voter ID number 102964991).

1294 29TH ST SW
GIRALDO, LINA M. (Voter ID number 118486114).
SEXTON, MARTHA Lucia (Voter ID number 103085186).
SEXTON, FREDERICK Lee (Voter ID number 103102806).

1295 27TH ST SW
HILL, JESSE Eugene (Voter ID number 115909347).
HILL, SHANNON Marie (Voter ID number 113893955).
HUMPHRIES, LYNDA A. (Voter ID number 108822889).

130 11TH ST SW
SCHULTZ, MICHELLE ELAINE (Voter ID number 103057493).
WIKSTEN, CHRISTINE G. (Voter ID number 103018821).
VANSICKLE, JODI Jay (Voter ID number 111394291).

130 12TH ST SE
TOBEY, RODGER F. (Voter ID number 102948018).

130 13TH ST SW
KLEMME, AMY Lynn (Voter ID number 118120078).
KLEMME, ERICK Lewis (Voter ID number 118120406).
KLEMME, JUSTIN Lewis (Voter ID number 118120079).

130 14TH ST SE
REISER, JENNIFER Nicole (Voter ID number 118728771).
SCHOCH, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 103132337).

130 17TH ST SW
DABOLISH, PROVIDENCE (Voter ID number 102983132).

130 19TH ST SW
DUNNIGAN, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 102937785).
DUNNIGAN, REBECCA J. (Voter ID number 102963934).
DUNNIGAN, KATHERINE E. (Voter ID number 114692386).

130 20TH ST SE
HOPPER, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number 102940124).
HOPPER, SUSAN Diane (Voter ID number 117990825).

130 23RD ST SW
JERGUSON, AMBER L. (Voter ID number 102937992).
JERGUSON, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 103006156).

130 25TH ST SW
ALFARO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 103111371).
ALFARO, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 103111226).
ALFARO, RICARDO Javier (Voter ID number 114954003).

130 29TH ST SW
ALMANZAR, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 103008686).
ALMANZAR, JOSEPHINE Marie (Voter ID number 117624647).
ALMANZAR, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 114896897).
ALMANZAR, MARIA (Voter ID number 116785961).

130 2ND ST SE
DE BERARDIS, DAVID (Voter ID number 102996784).
KIRTMAN, MALISA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 111440975).
SOOLEY, KIMBERLEY Anne (Voter ID number 103010417).
KIRTMAN, GARY (Voter ID number 111440977).

130 31ST ST SW
PATTERSON, DONNA L. (Voter ID number 102963130).
PATTERSON, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 102963894).

130 4TH ST SE
CRAMER, SEAN William (Voter ID number 103087793).
CRAMER, IIS A. (Voter ID number 118668112).

130 6TH ST SE
MORELL, PEDRO (Voter ID number 103128148).
MORELL, ANA Silva (Voter ID number 103130557).
MORELL, DORA Juana (Voter ID number 103128171).

130 7TH ST SW
KELLY, SHAWN MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103122962).

1300 22ND ST SE
MCMANNUS, HELEN ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 103091574).
PESKO, CHERYL L. (Voter ID number 103047452).
MCMANNUS, GREGORY T. (Voter ID number 103092171).
PESKO, STEVEN Joseph (Voter ID number 103047436).

1301 27TH ST SW
TEMPLETON, BARBARA D. (Voter ID number 103145860).
TEMPLETON, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103040623).

1301 29TH ST SW
METHER, TARI (Voter ID number 102984073).
METHER, GORDON R. (Voter ID number 103078990).

131 14TH ST SE
SANNER, ALEXANDER Robert (Voter ID number 115694923).
SANNER, JOHNATHAN William (Voter ID number 114715702).
SANNER, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 103004203).

131 18TH ST SE
KRAWEC, DARLENE Adele (Voter ID number 102994608).
KRAWEC, DAVID P. (Voter ID number 102994599).

131 1ST ST SW
ALZAMORA, BECKY (Voter ID number 102946153).
ALZAMORA, ALI (Voter ID number 119501202).
ALZAMORA, KALEY N. (Voter ID number 116118388).

131 20TH ST SE
VANDERSLUIS, UTE Solange (Voter ID number 103046488).

131 22ND ST SE
BREITMEYER, ELIZABETH S. (Voter ID number 114539736).

131 25TH ST SW
ROJAS, DANIEL Alberto (Voter ID number 119332133).

131 29TH ST SW
SHEA, JAMES John (Voter ID number 101621268).
FAUST, JENNIFER Lee (Voter ID number 117533528).

131 6TH ST SE
JUSTICE, DANIELLE Michelle (Voter ID number 116987718).
JUSTICE, JASON J. (Voter ID number 117626959).

131 8TH ST SE
HENDERSON, HERBERT E. (Voter ID number 102976812).

1310 11TH ST SW
THOMAS, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 102969382).
THOMAS, MYRTLE E. (Voter ID number 111741923).

1310 15TH ST SW
MONTANEZ, CAMILO E. (Voter ID number 103065719).
SNYDER, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 103154404).
SNYDER, JEAN P. (Voter ID number 103154354).
SNYDER, ESTHER Elena (Voter ID number 103020200).
MONTANEZ, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 103078808).

1310 17TH ST SW
KING, DONNA S. (Voter ID number 103121509).
KING, LIZA Maria (Voter ID number 103100750).

1310 19TH ST SW
SMITS, ROBERT John (Voter ID number 103067109).
TABER, DEBRA M. (Voter ID number 103054811).
TABER, TRENT B. (Voter ID number 103054809).
SMITS, DENYS Galeno (Voter ID number 115768503).

1310 27TH ST SW
JESTER, COLTON Ross (Voter ID number 118352794).
WILLIAMS, DAVID Michael (Voter ID number 120442518).

1311 11TH ST SW
JOHNSTON, DWIGHT R. (Voter ID number 117277472).

1311 13TH ST SW
DNISTRVAN, YURI (Voter ID number 120987508).
DRISTRYAN, TANYA (Voter ID number 120987511).

1311 15TH ST SW
MARTINEZ, NORIS J. (Voter ID number 102999418).

1311 19TH ST SW
FLOYD, RIVA YARBROUGH (Voter ID number 103048320).
HILL, GRACE R. (Voter ID number 103100628).
HILL, JOHN B. (Voter ID number 102966865).
FLOYD, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 103047046).

1311 25TH ST SW
HAYES, GWEN L. (Voter ID number 102957760).

1311 31ST ST SW
GOMEZ, HILDA (Voter ID number 117377766).

1311 9TH ST SW
WINSTON, KAREN (Voter ID number 116990917).
NELSON, AARON Justin (Voter ID number 119033264).

1320 11TH ST SW
SPRINGER, LYNNE J. (Voter ID number 103005564).
SPRINGER, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number 102970929).

1320 21ST ST SW
FLETCHER, AMY F. (Voter ID number 103022562).
SHAFFER, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 117382127).
MELONE, LEON E. (Voter ID number 103077706).

1320 23RD ST SW
RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 103119122).
ZERBINI, WALTER (Voter ID number 103052476).
JAEN, MELIDA Rosa (Voter ID number 120295168).
ZERBINI, ROSA A. (Voter ID number 109643509).

1320 39TH ST SW
MUTLUGULER, RIZA (Voter ID number 116223937).
VALLADARES, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 103109303).
GONZALEZ, ESTHER (Voter ID number 119548277).
GONZALEZ, YAMILKA (Voter ID number 103008354).
GONZALEZ, JESUS P. (Voter ID number 103039646).

MC NALLY, KATHLEEN Bernadette (Voter ID number 120642854).

1321 11TH ST SW
SALGUERO, NEFTALI D. (Voter ID number 103016745).

1321 21ST ST SW
STRONG, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number 103130854).
STRONG, COURTNEY M. (Voter ID number 103111769).

WOO, ELIZABETH Barbara (Voter ID number 103042056).
WOO, JADE (Voter ID number 119188302).
BEOVIDES, HILDA E. (Voter ID number 103109938).

1330 11TH ST SW
WHITTEN, WALTER Reynolds (Voter ID number 114771166).
WHITTEN, PAULA Tomasello (Voter ID number 103107346).

1330 17TH ST SW
JIMENEZ, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 119551225).
STEVENS, ERIN E. (Voter ID number 117343125).
REGAL, MAEGAN Ranee (Voter ID number 114022274).

1330 19TH ST SW
PEREZ, MAYTE (Voter ID number 103030398).
CHAVIANO, EMERIO (Voter ID number 118577226).
PEREZ, BETTY (Voter ID number 103135681).

1330 23RD ST SW
OSBORNE, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 119110749).
OSBORNE, LEONARD B. (Voter ID number 103107968).

1330 29TH ST SW
KOCSES, JACOB Dean (Voter ID number 118173935).
KOCSES, KAREN Ann (Voter ID number 102968281).
KOCSES, WILLIAM J.H. (Voter ID number 103148350).

1331 13TH ST SW
BOGGESS, CALVIN Foster (Voter ID number 102938855).
RICHARDSON-BOGGESS, DWAIN P. (Voter ID number 102938716).

1331 16TH AVE SW
WIEBER, ANN M. (Voter ID number 103020318).

1331 17TH ST SW
BOND, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 103001559).

1331 25TH ST SW
SHEPHERD, CHRISTINE Ann (Voter ID number 118801815).

1331 31ST ST SW
HAMILTON-MORO, LORI A. (Voter ID number 102993674).
MORO, ANTHONY P. (Voter ID number 103048323).

1331 9TH ST SW
ARMSTRONG, JANE F. (Voter ID number 119332874).

1333 23RD ST SW
NEWTON, KEVIN A. (Voter ID number 102967781).
NEWTON, KRISTIAN (Voter ID number 102967688).

BURKE, KARELIS J. (Voter ID number 114574659).
BURKE, WAYNE ANTHONY (Voter ID number 103047162).

1340 21ST ST SW
MORALES, ERIC (Voter ID number 117720589).

1340 23RD ST SW
QUINTANA, NILSA I. (Voter ID number 102997878).

1340 29TH ST SW
ALIUS, FELIX (Voter ID number 103040233).
LOWDER, GARY Joseph (Voter ID number 115236438).
ALIUS, JACK Gerard (Voter ID number 103047949).

BOYD, ZACHARY JOHN (Voter ID number 103135943).
BEYER, GEORGE R. (Voter ID number 103131609).
TRINKA, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 103075926).

DZINDZIO, JENNIFER Lee (Voter ID number 103129414).
BERENS, LONA Bridget (Voter ID number 102951599).
BERENS, ROBERT Lee (Voter ID number 102951600).

BISHOP, FLORA ALAINE (Voter ID number 103128251).

1341 11TH ST SW
BRUNEAU, KEITH Michael (Voter ID number 119380717).
BRUNEAU, JAMY L. (Voter ID number 120262750).

1341 17TH ST SW
THURSTON, BRYAN E. (Voter ID number 102946033).
THURSTON, GAY H. (Voter ID number 102961947).
EBERT, MICHELLE Lynn (Voter ID number 116415820).
TOTH, JOSHUA Alan (Voter ID number 120823002).

1345 21ST ST SW
MARDI, VENEL (Voter ID number 116001937).

1346 23RD ST SW
STEPHENS, HENRIETTA (Voter ID number 102970955).

1350 31ST ST SW
STEIN, BARRY (Voter ID number 102969253).
STEIN, MARY A. (Voter ID number 103124894).

1355 21ST ST SW
VASQUEZ, YURIDIA (Voter ID number 116591207).

1360 15TH ST SW
NIELSEN, CONSTANCE J. (Voter ID number 103020717).
WITCHER, JAMES William (Voter ID number 102964320).
WITCHER, RHONDA Renee (Voter ID number 102967055).
WITCHER, REBEKAH J. (Voter ID number 120790852).

1360 19TH ST SW
FORMAN, NANCY Lynn (Voter ID number 113820688).
FORMAN, ROBIN Anne (Voter ID number 116019094).

1360 21ST ST SW
FREEMAN, DUSTIN Edward (Voter ID number 120922670).
FREEMAN, MARK Edward (Voter ID number 116861663).
FREEMAN, MONICA Jo (Voter ID number 103075845).

1360 27TH ST SW
BROUSIL, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 115814895).
KOWAL-BROUSIL, JOAN M. (Voter ID number 103013581).

1360 9TH ST SW
GIBSON, GARRETT Robert (Voter ID number 103053690).
GIBSON, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number 102489817).

1361 16TH AVE SW
SOTO, ANA Gloria (Voter ID number 103052941).

1361 19TH ST SW
HENRY, RANDY NIXON (Voter ID number 103129424).
GREENLING, KERRY Marie (Voter ID number 116966772).

1361 29TH ST SW
PERRY, MARIE C. (Voter ID number 103142246).

1361 31ST ST SW
SANTANA JAVIER, CARMEN (Voter ID number 115309971).
SANTANA JAVIER, ROSSI (Voter ID number 116459909).
CRUZ SANTANA, KARLA L. (Voter ID number 117483798).
SANTANA, ANA A. (Voter ID number 118291820).

1361 9TH ST SW
CLOSE, JEFFREY L. (Voter ID number 103005038).

DAMYS, VENETTE M. (Voter ID number 102997330).
DAMYS, JOSEPH L. (Voter ID number 118978646).
DAMYS, WESLEY Larrieux (Voter ID number 103106098).
DAMYS, RUTH (Voter ID number 114649258).

1370 11TH ST SW
GOMEZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 118144487).
GOMEZ, HUGO (Voter ID number 117018745).

1370 13TH ST SW
LEWIS, CARLTON (Voter ID number 103197677).
LEWIS, ESSIE Delois (Voter ID number 103162280).
MIKE, FELISHA Lashanda (Voter ID number 117033791).

1370 16TH AVE SW
GIVENS, SALIMA MOHAMED (Voter ID number 103006066).
GIVENS, RICHARD Carlton (Voter ID number 103006065).

1370 17TH ST SW
CURRY, COLLEEN Marie (Voter ID number 114097991).
CURRY, WALTER Paul (Voter ID number 114957288).

1370 19TH ST SW
WILLIS, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 103142259).
WILLIS, VIRGINIA A. (Voter ID number 102970604).
WILLIS, ANDREW B. (Voter ID number 114646818).
WILLIS, MEGAN Michele (Voter ID number 119805844).

1370 21ST ST SW
BEE, JAMES Randall (Voter ID number 103016716).

1370 23RD ST SW
CHANDLER, SUSAN L. (Voter ID number 102946188).
CHANDLER, STEPHEN Richard (Voter ID number 102949186).
BLACKWELL, JERRY (Voter ID number 114718989).
BLACKWELL, SAMANTHA Lynn (Voter ID number 116979979).

1370 39TH ST SW
DHANRAJ, SAMUEL T. (Voter ID number 103062210).
DHANRAJ, DOODMATEE Elaine (Voter ID number 103062205).

1371 11TH ST SW
HALL, KATHERINE Lorraine (Voter ID number 115762566).
SUTTON, DEBRA A. (Voter ID number 102942891).
SUTTON, JAMES (Voter ID number 102942893).

1371 15TH ST SW
ROSELL DIAZ, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 103135038).
KALIS, JONATHAN N. (Voter ID number 103033462).
KALIS, BRITANY R. (Voter ID number 118885058).

1371 17TH ST SW
O'KANE, RACHEL Shane (Voter ID number 103126598).
BOLLINGER, SHAWN E. (Voter ID number 117085097).
BOLLINGER, THERESA (Voter ID number 103087065).

1371 21ST ST SW
PADILLA, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 103023570).

1375 21ST ST SW
JOSEPH, JUNICK (Voter ID number 114722602).
RENE, CASSIE E. (Voter ID number 118460381).
RENE, KESSINGER Lewis (Voter ID number 114715444).
RENE, LORENZO L. (Voter ID number 119623888).

1380 15TH ST SW
NESTOR, SAMANTHA J. (Voter ID number 114205076).
SELLERS, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 117418579).
SELLERS, JASON Scott (Voter ID number 115581821).
WEBSTER, MONICA Lynne (Voter ID number 111352259).

1380 19TH ST SW
CALIXTO, GLORIA (Voter ID number 103137488).
GIBBONS, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 103012895).

1380 21ST ST SW
CAPORALE, ANTHONY N. (Voter ID number 103094138).
CAPORALE, VANESSA Lucille (Voter ID number 116135159).

1380 25TH ST SW
ROBERTS, BRIAN P. (Voter ID number 103137212).
ROBERTS, CHRISTINE C. (Voter ID number 103137746).

1380 27TH ST SW
TYNSKI, JAIME Caitlin (Voter ID number 115170664).

1380 29TH ST SW
REID, MARIA (Voter ID number 103078719).
REID, JOSEPH Francis (Voter ID number 103078723).

1380 31ST ST SW
STEPHENS, JAMES G. (Voter ID number 102998889).
STEPHENS, LYDIA Ann (Voter ID number 102998685).
STEPHENS, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 103110547).

1380 39TH ST SW
CAVIN, RYAN M. (Voter ID number 116880122).
MOONEY, JIM D. (Voter ID number 111363703).

1380 9TH ST SW
INTERIAN, JUDYLYN (Voter ID number 103074883).
INTERIAN, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 103069218).
BEVERIDGE, JOANNE Paula (Voter ID number 117671820).
EMERICK, BENJAMIN Thomas (Voter ID number 117671862).

PACE, CHERYL Ann (Voter ID number 102969095).
PACE, JAMES Tobias (Voter ID number 118072579).
PACE, JOHN Henry (Voter ID number 115071091).
TAYLOR, SHARON Ann (Voter ID number 119829559).
HENKE, PEGGY Sue (Voter ID number 114124103).
SLABAUGH, BOBBY James (Voter ID number 120986930).

1381 11TH ST SW
KELLY, JAMES Scott (Voter ID number 117312384).

1381 13TH ST SW
LEE, BRANDON Shane (Voter ID number 103036330).
LEE, BELINDA Dawn (Voter ID number 103018624).
LEE, DEBI Kay (Voter ID number 102938671).

1381 15TH ST SW
ANDERSON, JODY G. (Voter ID number 103078489).
FORTIER, SHERRIE E. (Voter ID number 103021543).
FORTIER, DAVID Franklin (Voter ID number 115621764).
PRUE, JARROD W. (Voter ID number 103047371).
PRUE, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 103021544).

1381 17TH ST SW
STINSON, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number 102940675).
WOODRING, DONALD RAY (Voter ID number 102964679).
WOODRING, KORI L. (Voter ID number 102970017).

1381 19TH ST SW
MORALES, NICOLE Annette (Voter ID number 102999312).

1381 21ST ST SW
ASLAN, ORKUN (Voter ID number 120187213).

1381 25TH ST SW
BENNER, KAILEE Ellen (Voter ID number 117610200).
FOLTZ, MICHELLE LEE (Voter ID number 103048874).
BECK, JENNIFER Duncan (Voter ID number 103059923).
CARRAWAY, KIMBERLY Dasher (Voter ID number 119427954).
WENDLING, CECILY (Voter ID number 120582640).
CARRAWAY, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 120444713).

1381 29TH ST SW
MUELLER, DEBORAH M. (Voter ID number 103030618).
MUELLER, DENNIS J. (Voter ID number 103029201).
REPTA, MELISSA Marie (Voter ID number 116642937).

1385 31ST ST SW
AUSBON, JULIE B. (Voter ID number 103075432).

1390 11TH ST SW
LOVE, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number 103022382).

1390 17TH ST SW
MACIER, BERNICE L. (Voter ID number 102960866).
MACIER, RAYMOND D. (Voter ID number 102960867).

1390 19TH ST SW
BARIL, LISA L. (Voter ID number 102994897).

1390 23RD ST SW
GREEN, CINDY J. (Voter ID number 103038606).

1390 IVY WAY
DUKES, HOLLIS M. (Voter ID number 102958494).
WILLIAMS, ANGELIA Dawn (Voter ID number 102953240).

1391 11TH ST SW
BLAKE, IAN T. (Voter ID number 121127207).

1391 17TH ST SW
BURST, LEONARD E. (Voter ID number 103094770).
CORTEZ, DELIA (Voter ID number 103124576).
LLEWELLYN, PHILLIP Dale (Voter ID number 103102648).

1391 19TH ST SW
ARIAS, RENE (Voter ID number 103108893).
GIL PEREZ, MAYTE (Voter ID number 119223090).
ARIAS, GENOVEVA (Voter ID number 120542935).

1391 27TH ST SW
GARCIA, JORGE (Voter ID number 109961348).
SANCHEZ, MARIELA (Voter ID number 109826050).

1395 IVY WAY
JIPSON, THERESA Ann (Voter ID number 118854868).
ROUPP, ANTHONY D. (Voter ID number 117172094).
ROUPP, ALLISON D. (Voter ID number 119188291).
ROUPP, AUSTIN Dakota (Voter ID number 121115146).

140 13TH ST SW
SLOSS, CHERYL Ann (Voter ID number 102965514).
SLOSS, GARY J. (Voter ID number 102965515).
SLOSS, TROY Gary (Voter ID number 121299618).

140 14TH ST SE
KURKE, BENJAMIN T. (Voter ID number 102968350).
KURKE, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 102968351).
HERA, STEFAN (Voter ID number 115730431).

140 15TH ST SW
MCKAGUE, TRAVIS Michael (Voter ID number 118640841).
MCCORD, TIFFANY Lynn (Voter ID number 103000590).
MCCORD, KEVIN Christopher (Voter ID number 103028363).

140 17TH ST SW
REPOZA, THOMAS Joseph (Voter ID number 119031186).

140 20TH ST SE
HEINECK, CALEB Philip-Shea (Voter ID number 121114073).
HEINECK-MCPHERSON, LAURA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 103067836).

140 23RD ST SW
HAMILTON, FRED L. (Voter ID number 103150570).

140 27TH ST SW
MARSH, KEITH HENRY (Voter ID number 103032824).
CARRILLO, ERIK Gonzalez (Voter ID number 116541823).
FAHRENBRUCH, SYDNEY Rose (Voter ID number 120347944).

140 2ND ST SE
CLEMENT, JUDITH A. (Voter ID number 102956494).
CALDERON, CINDY (Voter ID number 119968581).
GALLIHER, IAN Matthew (Voter ID number 103036552).

140 4TH ST SE
MARTINEZ, ANNA A. (Voter ID number 115697945).
WILLIS, ARIANE Grace (Voter ID number 114070560).
MARTINEZ, JOANNE Alexas (Voter ID number 103109356).

140 7TH ST SW
KLEMME, KURT E. (Voter ID number 117676590).
KLEMME, MASHELL J. (Voter ID number 117685748).
NAGY, JOHN (Voter ID number 114335811).
WALDRON, DIANE K. (Voter ID number 117685743).
REVER-WALDRON, ASHLEE Kay (Voter ID number 117685119).

ROAN, KATHLEEN S. (Voter ID number 102985901).
ROAN, PAXON R. (Voter ID number 102967479).

TEATERS, SHELLY Ann (Voter ID number 103059191).
TEATERS, MARK Steven (Voter ID number 103077821).

1403 25TH ST SW
OWEN, DAMON C. (Voter ID number 103023811).

141 13TH ST SW
HADDAD, VIVIAN Iris (Voter ID number 103079879).
PERKINS, KATHRYN Rose (Voter ID number 114548009).
HADDAD, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 103079868).

141 15TH ST SW
ALTY, JEFFREY S. (Voter ID number 102949584).
NOGUERA, NEIL Hazael (Voter ID number 120983879).
SHANNON, CYNTHIA Ann (Voter ID number 119541892).
SHANNON, JACK Lloyd (Voter ID number 120099456).
SHANNON, DENNIS Eugene (Voter ID number 119482138).

141 1ST ST SW
TORRES, JOHNATHAN (Voter ID number 117486091).

141 20TH ST SE
SABATINO-BROWN, NIKKIEA Michele (Voter ID number 119684776).
BROWN, BRIAN David (Voter ID number 120720598).

141 23RD ST SW
WELLS, WILSON W. (Voter ID number 103102794).
CASTLE, PAUL M. (Voter ID number 103005049).
CASTLE, CATHY L. (Voter ID number 103002718).
WELLS, SHERI June (Voter ID number 103041997).

141 3RD ST SW
ARVIN, SAMUEL Joffrey (Voter ID number 118577612).
TEED, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 103003196).

141 4TH ST SE
LAM, DIEM MINH THIEN (Voter ID number 103063931).
MORALES, JESSICA (Voter ID number 114718987).

141 7TH ST SW
RAYMOND, TINA Marie (Voter ID number 103030499).

141 9TH ST SW
PERRY, CHERYL Lyn (Voter ID number 103030030).

1410 11TH ST SW
CHRISTMAS, JOVANI Teryll (Voter ID number 118814472).
STOKES, MEGHAN D. (Voter ID number 103020571).
BROWNE, FRANCENE W. (Voter ID number 110042682).
CHRISTMAS, JEANETTE P. (Voter ID number 103034109).
CHRISTMAS, ALYNTHIA (Voter ID number 116811088).

1410 17TH ST SW
SIMS, STEPHEN P. (Voter ID number 102975615).

1410 19TH ST SW
KENT, RONALD G. (Voter ID number 120240292).

1410 21ST ST SW
SCHEPPERLY, RAYMOND L. (Voter ID number 102944043).
SCHEPPERLY, DYLAN Joseph (Voter ID number 117833436).
SCHEPPERLY, TERRI Louise (Voter ID number 102962083).
SCHEPPERLY, TRAVIS Allen (Voter ID number 114864236).

1410 27TH ST SW
BLAIS, DONNA Louise (Voter ID number 117733137).
BLAIS, PAUL Todd (Voter ID number 117733106).

1410 9TH ST SW
FLOWERS, ELIZABETH MAE (Voter ID number 103136433).

1411 13TH ST SW
CHICKERING, KATHIE W. (Voter ID number 103146701).

1411 15TH ST SW
PARTRIDGE, LOREEN D. (Voter ID number 102942751).
PARTRIDGE, JAMES Van Dyke (Voter ID number 114622706).
REITZ, SHELBY Marie (Voter ID number 117594862).

1411 17TH ST SW
WAGLER, KARI K. (Voter ID number 103030704).
WAGLER, DAVID Lamar (Voter ID number 119812205).

1411 19TH ST SW
GOLD, LINDA Doyle (Voter ID number 102941899).

1411 21ST ST SW
SCHWARTZ, BRIAN W. (Voter ID number 103002055).
SCHWARTZ, KIMBERLY Lynn (Voter ID number 103022286).

1411 27TH ST SW
LUCKEY, DANIEL R. (Voter ID number 103042975).
GRIFFIN, CATHERINE Neal (Voter ID number 102941666).

1411 29TH ST SW
DEL RIO GILES, MARIA Julia (Voter ID number 103136149).
GILES, RANDALL Gary (Voter ID number 111167798).

1411 31ST ST SW
HALL, RALPH John (Voter ID number 102964018).

1411 9TH ST SW
BLANCO, CARRIE A. (Voter ID number 103121781).

SMITH, JOE F. (Voter ID number 103108116).
SMITH, TRAVIS L. (Voter ID number 103111837).
SMITH, ANDREW S. (Voter ID number 103108193).
SMITH, JUDY A. (Voter ID number 103108110).

1420 13TH ST SW
DAVIN, RACHEL ANN (Voter ID number 103115584).
GUTIERREZ, RUBEN Dario (Voter ID number 120840034).

1420 15TH ST SW
ORTIZ, BENEDICTE (Voter ID number 114989609).
ORTIZ, LEISZARDO (Voter ID number 103091590).

1420 16TH AVE SW
GENDLER, GARY ALLAN (Voter ID number 103069458).

1420 21ST ST SW
GEORGE, ROXANNA Stephens (Voter ID number 102954444).
GEORGE, RONALD K. (Voter ID number 102938672).

HAMMONTREE, HEATHER (Voter ID number 103063751).
CUMMINGS, RHONDA Lynn (Voter ID number 102989390).

1421 15TH ST SW
FISCHER, KELVIN D. (Voter ID number 102951206).

1421 19TH ST SW
CARRERA, DANIEL Ray (Voter ID number 102991877).
CARRERA, DANION Ray (Voter ID number 120516450).
CARRERA, CHRISTINE L. (Voter ID number 103077848).

1421 9TH ST SW
ARDUENGO, YAYDAGNI (Voter ID number 116654864).
ARDUENGO, ALEXI (Voter ID number 116654904).

NAUTH, AMRITA (Voter ID number 103115642).
NAUTH, SCILLA (Voter ID number 102991408).

1430 11TH ST SW
FOWELL, LINDA H. (Voter ID number 103010940).
FOWELL, ROBERT ALAN (Voter ID number 103107534).
FOWELL, MACKENZIE Lynn (Voter ID number 119963481).

1430 13TH ST SW
HALL, CLIFFORD R. (Voter ID number 103153404).
HALL, RAFAELA R. (Voter ID number 103153368).
HOEY, DONNA L. (Voter ID number 103101065).

1430 21ST ST SW
HARTY, ANDREA Kay (Voter ID number 103026723).
HARTY, REBECCA Jeannette (Voter ID number 103065618).
HARTY, WILLIAM Russell (Voter ID number 103026722).
ORTEGA, RICHARD (Voter ID number 115196938).
GREENE, MARY Ruth (Voter ID number 103106617).

1430 29TH ST SW
BRAUER, HELEN L. (Voter ID number 103147518).
BRAUER, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number 103147519).
CUMMINGS, REBECCA Lynn (Voter ID number 111389725).
BECKETT, SABRINA Leigh (Voter ID number 111722234).

1430 9TH ST SW
COOLEY, DEXTER Charles (Voter ID number 116128158).
CHRISTNACHT, STEVEN Donald (Voter ID number 103103668).

CARDONA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 103105116).
HANGGI GOBLE, EUGENE Mandell (Voter ID number 114366850).

1431 13TH ST SW
POTUCEK, FRANK R. (Voter ID number 111335609).

1431 17TH ST SW
AHLBRANDT, LAURIE (Voter ID number 102973573).
INFANTE, SILVERIO (Voter ID number 103090002).
AHLBRANDT, JEREMY Lawrence (Voter ID number 114200917).

1431 19TH ST SW
PASCUAL, CARIDAD Cepero (Voter ID number 109889727).
PASCUAL, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 116433538).
ULPIANO, LAZARO Omar (Voter ID number 117531263).

1431 21ST ST SW
SPOTTS, CELINE YVETTE (Voter ID number 103154677).
SPOTTS, GEORGE L. (Voter ID number 102966533).

1431 27TH ST SW
BURGER, BONNIE J. (Voter ID number 102940970).
BURGER, EUGENE R. (Voter ID number 102940971).

1431 29TH ST SW
MATTHEW, HENRICK (Voter ID number 102955292).
MATTHEW, LEONA (Voter ID number 102954828).
FRANCIS, LUCIA Manott (Voter ID number 111382923).

1431 9TH ST SW
ALLEN, JAMES Lee (Voter ID number 103038222).
ROBERSON, EDWARD Glen (Voter ID number 103007211).
ROBERTSON, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 103126566).
ROBERTSON, JASON Dale (Voter ID number 117859673).

BRADFORD, AMELIA Ann (Voter ID number 118721667).
ROBINSON, STEVEN Tirez Rodney (Voter ID number 119213748).
GARCIA, CHRISTOPHER Enrique (Voter ID number 118191793).
GARCIA, SHIRLEY Marie (Voter ID number 102229037).
HERMIDA, JESSICA C. (Voter ID number 103135138).

1440 11TH ST SW
BRUNNER, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 102988632).
FERGUSON, BRADLEY J. (Voter ID number 102954418).
SMEED, APRIL (Voter ID number 117001352).
DE WET, ELLEN (Voter ID number 103105781).
SMEED, TERESA B. (Voter ID number 103010022).
PLACE, ENOS Gordon (Voter ID number 114439548).

1440 13TH ST SW
HAWTHORNE, HAROLD Ray (Voter ID number 103017410).
TORRES, ISABEL Cristina (Voter ID number 119484744).

1440 15TH ST SW
FULLER, MARILYN Heather (Voter ID number 103141091).

1440 17TH ST SW
SMITH, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 102964657).
SMITH, JOEL Michael (Voter ID number 117443380).
SMITH, C Renee (Voter ID number 102961659).

1440 19TH ST SW
MCGOWAN, LISA (Voter ID number 102996822).
HOUCHIN, VICKI Lynn (Voter ID number 103154362).
STRONG, JACK Leon (Voter ID number 102983782).

1440 27TH ST SW
BENNETT, RAYMOND HENRY (Voter ID number 103045719).
MERRIAM, JOHN Adrian (Voter ID number 103156062).
BENNETT, DONNA Marie (Voter ID number 103045724).
BENNETT, KYLE J. (Voter ID number 103106572).

1440 31ST ST SW
SEARLES, BONNIE A. (Voter ID number 103047519).
SEARLES, CHARLES R. (Voter ID number 103047051).

GONZALEZ, ADAM (Voter ID number 115074045).
LOPEZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 115092905).
GONZALEZ, ADAM (Voter ID number 120827279).
GONZALEZ, BARBARA (Voter ID number 115069193).
GONZALEZ, HUMBERTO (Voter ID number 115069201).

1441 16TH AVE SW
SPIROFF, G SCOTT (Voter ID number 102996264).
STARK, BETH Ann (Voter ID number 115780323).
ROBERTS, ANGELIA Leah (Voter ID number 102996254).
STARK, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 115847444).

1441 17TH ST SW
COOL, SHIRLEY Kayo (Voter ID number 103114153).
COOL, KAZUKO (Voter ID number 111408206).
WUSCHER, ANTHONY Josten Eiji (Voter ID number 111392903).

1441 19TH ST SW
HALEY, PHILIP Leroy (Voter ID number 103024145).

1441 25TH ST SW
TREICHLER, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 103121693).
PIMENTEL, ALAN (Voter ID number 103121481).

DOMINGUEZ, JULIA (Voter ID number 103058125).
DOMINGUEZ, JAIME Isaac (Voter ID number 103122769).

1445 31ST ST SW
PEREZ, OLYMPIA R. (Voter ID number 103017856).
STAFFORD, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 103055527).

SANTANA, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 114058410).
SANTANA, SARAH Ashley (Voter ID number 102512819).

145 21ST ST SW
DE RAE, JIMMY LEON (Voter ID number 103021669).
TRYFUS, TOBY W. (Voter ID number 103090538).
CARRILLO, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 116590519).

1450 20TH ST SE
MITCHELL, CURTIS D. (Voter ID number 103046727).

WHITBECK, PEGGY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102972852).
WHITBECK, WARREN Frank (Voter ID number 102972853).
BABET, ELISABETH Wulk (Voter ID number 119924765).

1455 29TH ST SW
REISCHL, DENISE Stockton (Voter ID number 103150895).
REISCHL, FREDERICK J. (Voter ID number 103150896).

1456 31ST ST SW
CASTILLO, JOSE MARIA (Voter ID number 103045849).
GOMEZ-GONZALEZ, IVETTE M. (Voter ID number 103010378).
CASTILLO, AUGUSTO (Voter ID number 116329232).

1460 13TH ST SW
SOTO, TULIDANIA (Voter ID number 103041999).
GARCIA, DAYMA (Voter ID number 115945493).

1460 17TH ST SW
READ, MASTIN E. (Voter ID number 103149238).
READ, TAMMY (Voter ID number 102959883).
READ, HOLLY K. (Voter ID number 118185732).

1460 19TH ST SW
RUSE, LUANN (Voter ID number 102946539).
RUSE, MATTHEW WAYNE (Voter ID number 103070354).
MAHADY, MAURICE Lynn (Voter ID number 116767060).

1460 21ST ST SW
PIPER, LORI C. (Voter ID number 103155668).
PIPER, RICKY A. (Voter ID number 103154680).

1460 39TH ST SW
ALFARO, RODNEY Enrique (Voter ID number 119223081).
MCCANN, SEAN Christian (Voter ID number 119997526).
TAYLOR, SHANNON Renea (Voter ID number 103126415).

BELZOWSKI, MARK STEVEN (Voter ID number 103138653).

1461 11TH ST SW
DESEAR, JAMES Milton (Voter ID number 103154290).

1461 13TH ST SW
CRUZ, RODRIGO (Voter ID number 118740006).
CRUZ, ANGIE C. (Voter ID number 116501111).
CRUZ, JENNY (Voter ID number 116534252).

1461 15TH ST SW
CASANAS, LASARO (Voter ID number 117702361).

1461 21ST ST SW
RINGER, REBECCA Ann (Voter ID number 103079985).
JENNINGS, ROBERT Leon Turner (Voter ID number 103051677).

1461 23RD ST SW
LUZ, RUI (Voter ID number 117858725).

1461 31ST ST SW
FESTA, LOUISE (Voter ID number 116153690).

ARANEGUI, FELIX (Voter ID number 102186740).
HUDELL, GALINA D. (Voter ID number 117992251).
HUDELL, JOHN Gerry (Voter ID number 103154193).

1465 27TH ST SW
MATHIS, PEARLABELL C. (Voter ID number 103148698).

1465 29TH ST SW
MAYNARD, JEREMY Maynard (Voter ID number 110755957).
MACLEAN, DENISE Marie (Voter ID number 103075469).

1467 27TH ST SW
WICHMAN, VERNON E. (Voter ID number 102963391).

1470 11TH ST SW
TAN, SILIN George (Voter ID number 102986076).

1470 13TH ST SW
YOUNG, SHAUNNA Lea (Voter ID number 111295115).
YOUNG, KENNETH E. (Voter ID number 102942652).

1470 15TH ST SW
BALL, ALBERT L. (Voter ID number 103078431).
BALL, DIANE M. (Voter ID number 103055186).
BALL, ISAAC C. (Voter ID number 116615075).

1470 19TH ST SW
AUGUSTIN, MARLENE (Voter ID number 114743128).
CIFUENTES GOMEZ, MAURICIO De Jesus (Voter ID number 119692973).
LEDESMA, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 119691222).

1470 23RD ST SW
COBUT, SIMION (Voter ID number 103071190).
PHILLIPS, DANIEL C. (Voter ID number 119723180).

1470 25TH ST SW
KORNWOLF, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 103063502).

1470 9TH ST SW
MINER, RUSSELL James (Voter ID number 103012559).

1471 11TH ST SW
VEYN, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number 116591189).
VEYN, ANNETTE M. (Voter ID number 102993202).
VEYN, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 102993204).
RUSHFORTH, KIMBERLY Allison (Voter ID number 103139617).

1471 13TH ST SW
KRAMER, BEULAH C. (Voter ID number 102953642).
KRAMER, LARRY L. (Voter ID number 102970412).

1471 15TH ST SW
SANCHEZ, PYAM (Voter ID number 103122368).
SANCHEZ, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 103122590).

1471 17TH ST SW
MC CARTY, AMELIA Ellen (Voter ID number 103004362).

1471 31ST ST SW
MAXWELL, JOSHUA William (Voter ID number 103111977).

1471 9TH ST SW
GRIMM, KATIE Lynn (Voter ID number 117509397).
ARNSTEEN, TARA Lynn (Voter ID number 102994445).
ARNSTEIN, TIMOTHY F. (Voter ID number 103017764).
GRIMM, JUSTIN Lee (Voter ID number 120249233).

1480 11TH ST SW
WARRILOW, CHRISITINA Marie (Voter ID number 120365848).
HYDES, MELISSA Sue (Voter ID number 116809534).
MAZZARA, CRAIG Joseph (Voter ID number 113986829).
HYDES, CARL Roger (Voter ID number 103117360).

1480 15TH ST SW
BROCKMAN, DENISE (Voter ID number 102967904).

1480 16TH AVE SW
COE, REBA G. (Voter ID number 103085760).
COE, WILLIAM DON (Voter ID number 102962592).

1480 17TH ST SW
GARCIA, TERESITA (Voter ID number 103150709).

1480 19TH ST SW
CASSIN, JONATHAN A. (Voter ID number 103120316).
GRANDY, ROSEMARIE (Voter ID number 102966680).
O'DRISCOLL, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 102938750).
COOPER, SAMUEL Terrance (Voter ID number 120213351).

1480 39TH ST SW
SUAREZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 120129866).

1481 11TH ST SW
FERNANDEZ, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 103132725).

1481 13TH ST SW
MCCONNELL, EVA M. (Voter ID number 102946910).
MCCONNELL, ROBERT Barry (Voter ID number 114944543).

1481 15TH ST SW
MRKUS, MARK STEVEN (Voter ID number 103126316).

1481 19TH ST SW
KURYLAK, JUSTINE L. (Voter ID number 102957607).
KURYLAK, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number 102957606).
KURYLAK, BRAD (Voter ID number 118702889).
KURYLAK, KYLE L. (Voter ID number 115954648).

1481 27TH ST SW
BURNS, KEENA Jill (Voter ID number 120248642).
BURNS, SHAWN P. (Voter ID number 103121738).

PINERO, CHRISTINA MARIE (Voter ID number 102991357).

1485 21ST ST SW
CAMPANILE, ANTHONY Todd (Voter ID number 116210005).
CAMPANILE, JOANNA (Voter ID number 103063989).

1490 15TH ST SW
DEMORETT, LAURIE Ann (Voter ID number 118757488).
GODWIN, LONNIE Charles (Voter ID number 102967449).
DEMORETT, PHILLIP Christian (Voter ID number 119045004).

1490 19TH ST SW
JIORDANI, RICHARDSON (Voter ID number 118689863).
METZEL, SCOTT KENNETH (Voter ID number 103039430).
MITCHELL, CHRISTY R. (Voter ID number 103120937).
MITCHELL, LAURIE D. (Voter ID number 103107356).
MITCHELL, RYAN Keith (Voter ID number 103107370).

1490 23RD ST SW
HARDY, PETER R. (Voter ID number 119092992).

1490 29TH ST SW
HOWELL, EUGENE O. (Voter ID number 103122234).
HOWELL, JOYCE Bryan (Voter ID number 102963429).

1490 31ST ST SW
TOWNSEND, SETH Adrain (Voter ID number 115407860).

1490 9TH ST SW
GONZALEZ, YNERVIS Alexander (Voter ID number 103081153).

REDA, BRITTNEY Suzanne (Voter ID number 114514801).

1491 15TH ST SW
CEUS, MEDILIEN (Voter ID number 116476749).

1491 25TH ST SW
RECH, KENNETH R. (Voter ID number 103084492).
RECH, TRUDY Bentley (Voter ID number 103084493).

1495 23RD ST SW
CARTER, JULIE K. (Voter ID number 103044427).
CARTER, JUSTIN Bryon (Voter ID number 117367546).
SMITH, JANICE H. (Voter ID number 102949505).

1497 17TH ST SW
GRAY, ELEANOR E. (Voter ID number 103038605).
JEWELL, LINDA L. (Voter ID number 116964569).
SCHLARB, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 117004049).
WEBER, GLENN Troy (Voter ID number 102970245).

150 13TH ST SW
SUNDMAN, CHRIS G. (Voter ID number 103003911).
SALONE, FREDERICK S. (Voter ID number 102947148).
SALONE, LYDIA M. (Voter ID number 103147484).

1501 58TH AVE SE
CURE, LAURA Leonard (Voter ID number 103153390).
FREY, SIERRA Jean (Voter ID number 119078550).

1505 9TH ST SW
TREVINO, MANDY Lee (Voter ID number 103081446).
TREVINO, MARIA Emma (Voter ID number 103000005).
TREVINO, ERIC (Voter ID number 119463755).
TREVINO, DEMETRIO (Voter ID number 103111684).

1510 10TH ST SE
BOND, ROY Gene (Voter ID number 102982379).

1510 15TH ST SW
GALES, CLEO RICE (Voter ID number 103093673).
GALES, DORSEY Y. (Voter ID number 103112934).
MILLER, DENISE E. (Voter ID number 103069392).
BRONDER, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 103035360).

1510 19TH ST SW
MCCAW, RHONDA J. (Voter ID number 102996740).
MCCAW, SEAN M. (Voter ID number 118071778).
MCCAW, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 117106258).

1510 27TH ST SW
TABAR, TABARE Dejesus (Voter ID number 120482567).
GREGO, TERRY Loyd (Voter ID number 114596165).
LAMANILAO, ELLEN Galolo (Voter ID number 119315546).

1510 29TH ST SW
HARTLEY, DANIEL Cole (Voter ID number 100549804).
HARTLEY, KELLY Ann (Voter ID number 111431221).

1510 9TH ST SW
BARRIOS, MIRTA (Voter ID number 102989310).
BARRIOS, NATALIE (Voter ID number 118166867).
SMYTHE, CURTIS (Voter ID number 117586738).

1511 13TH ST SW
CHARETTE, JAMES Alan (Voter ID number 103017280).
PULVER, CAROLYNE L. (Voter ID number 103073063).
PULVER, GINGER Lynn (Voter ID number 103012501).

1511 15TH ST SW
DIAZ, IVAN (Voter ID number 120702442).

1511 16TH AVE SW
LOPEZ, WINDY MAUREEN (Voter ID number 102983937).
LOPEZ, VICENTE (Voter ID number 120701216).

1511 25TH ST SW
BROWN, BETH A. (Voter ID number 102970659).
BROWN, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 102955606).

1515 29TH ST SW
AYERS, JULIA M. (Voter ID number 102981753).

1520 13TH ST SW
WARD, DONALD R. (Voter ID number 102990987).

1520 16TH AVE SW
BLANCO, ALEXIE (Voter ID number 103071518).
PANTOJA, NORMANDO (Voter ID number 119409445).
TURANO, CASEY Lyn (Voter ID number 103093072).

1520 21ST ST SW
ARCHER, JAMES WILLIAM (Voter ID number 102946482).

BERK, BEVERLEY S. (Voter ID number 103143367).

1523 19TH ST SW
ARIAS, LAZARO (Voter ID number 103050893).
ARIAS, MILADY Isabel (Voter ID number 103093271).

MUSEAU, DANIEL (Voter ID number 119126177).

HARR, VICKI Suzanne (Voter ID number 115686458).

1530 27TH ST SW
ORTINO, GARRET Victor (Voter ID number 117438902).

1530 31ST ST SW
VANKO, MARIAN (Voter ID number 103081865).
VANKO, ROMANA (Voter ID number 103123543).

DOUGHERTY, GREGORY Thomas (Voter ID number 103063653).
GITT, ARACELIS Del Carmen (Voter ID number 103107685).
GITT, MELINA P. (Voter ID number 121157186).

HAGEN, GREGORY Tim (Voter ID number 103019758).

1531 27TH ST SW
GUADALUPE, DAVID (Voter ID number 117483365).
TORRES, AARON Rafael (Voter ID number 117411272).
GARSON, JANE (Voter ID number 109985473).

1540 29TH ST SW
GRINVALSKY, SUSAN Marie (Voter ID number 102971346).
WELCH, REBECCA L. (Voter ID number 102938181).

1543 56TH AVE SE
COMAS, CAROLYN Ann (Voter ID number 108966248).
COMAS, CARY Ann (Voter ID number 110144390).
COMAS, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 109221249).

1555 27TH ST SW
GEORGE, STEPHANIE Ann (Voter ID number 103104071).
SHELDON, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 103100085).

1560 31ST ST SW
SCHMITT, JESSICA M. (Voter ID number 103029835).
TILESTON, EDWARD Marc (Voter ID number 115415976).

WHITE, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 103454013).
WHITE, DAWN M. (Voter ID number 103105986).

1561 16TH AVE SW
DE STEFANIS, NICK (Voter ID number 103033750).
ELFRETH, MITCHELL R. (Voter ID number 103027473).
FOUTY, KRISTINE Ann (Voter ID number 116560022).

POLLY, SHAWN ANDREW (Voter ID number 103089714).

1565 IVY WAY
XAIYARATT, BOUNOUM (Voter ID number 103035772).
XAIYARATT, ANONG Phantila (Voter ID number 116043680).

1570 16TH AVE SW
YATES, DIANE W. (Voter ID number 103013754).
YATES, EDWARD A. (Voter ID number 103013755).
YATES, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number 114713977).

1571 16TH AVE SW
NICOLA, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number 103043130).

1575 23RD ST SW
COURY, DAVID Anthony (Voter ID number 102152540).
COURY, MIA Bella (Voter ID number 119816937).
COURY, SUSAN B. (Voter ID number 102152535).

1579 25TH ST SW
BATES, INEZ (Voter ID number 102976679).
O'BANNON, CHARLES L. (Voter ID number 117623262).
BATES, RONALD Patrick (Voter ID number 102976680).

1580 25TH ST SW
HIGGINS, MICHELLE P A (Voter ID number 118418059).
LETHBRIDGE, PAUL F. (Voter ID number 118418046).

1580 31ST ST SW
JOHNSTON, MARGARET Nicole (Voter ID number 115769625).
JOHNSTON, MURRAY B. (Voter ID number 120035957).

1581 16TH AVE SW
REGAL, LEE Alan (Voter ID number 121099287).
AMBROZY, RACHAEL Diane (Voter ID number 120962168).
REGAL, DIANA L. (Voter ID number 102994861).

1585 25TH ST SW
WALDECK, SEAN Scott (Voter ID number 103036726).
WILKINSON, LINDA Lee (Voter ID number 102952531).

1591 16TH AVE SW
LEHMAN, CHRISTOPHER PATRICK (Voter ID number 103133849).
LEHMAN, JOSEPH Ryan (Voter ID number 120835129).
LEHMAN, ARTHUR Charles (Voter ID number 103056193).
LEHMAN, ROXANN Picca (Voter ID number 103091043).

160 10TH ST SE
SCHWARZ, MARSHA L. (Voter ID number 103008006).
CORDON, SENELMA Argentina (Voter ID number 111326106).

160 15TH ST SW
MUGAVERO, DANIEL (Voter ID number 103017254).
GRANT, AMANDA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 119824672).
GRANT, JEFFREY Robert (Voter ID number 100522141).

160 17TH ST SW
VASQUEZ, EDISON F. (Voter ID number 116528704).
ESPINEL, BILMA Cecilia (Voter ID number 118067786).
VASQUEZ, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 120277651).
VASQUEZ, JOHANA C. (Voter ID number 120277730).

160 19TH ST SW
LA BONTE, PAUL R. (Voter ID number 103072933).

160 1ST ST SW
WELLS, DOUGLAS S. (Voter ID number 103153715).
WELLS, JUSTIN D. (Voter ID number 103118592).
WELLS, LISA R. (Voter ID number 103024286).
WHATLEY, STARRSHA Lynette (Voter ID number 103102555).

160 20TH ST SE
HONEA, ROBERT P. (Voter ID number 103078915).
ROGERS, NAOMI L. (Voter ID number 103006884).
SARAVIS, JILL T. (Voter ID number 115949036).
SARAVIS, LAUREN Emily (Voter ID number 120461779).
REGAN, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 111371431).
SARAVIS, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 118227736).

160 21ST ST SW
MITCHELL, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 103099500).
MITCHELL, THOMAS Lynn (Voter ID number 103119040).

160 25TH ST SW
GRAHAM, KATELYN M. (Voter ID number 115136121).
GRAHAM, LISA D. (Voter ID number 102967850).
GRAHAM, RANDY W. (Voter ID number 120354984).

160 27TH ST SW
KLEIN, CRAIG Robert (Voter ID number 120952499).

160 3RD ST SW
LYNN, JOANNE M. (Voter ID number 102998707).

160 4TH ST SE
PHILLIPS, CHARLES F. (Voter ID number 102969355).
PHILLIPS, EDITH M. (Voter ID number 102969115).
PHILLIPS, JEANNETTE L. (Voter ID number 103048575).

160 8TH ST SE
LOCKE, JASON A. (Voter ID number 103086511).
LOCKE, KATHERINE M. (Voter ID number 103008325).
LOCKE, MICHAEL W. (Voter ID number 102960420).

160 9TH ST SW
JACKSON, WILLIAM James (Voter ID number 117857914).
JACKSON, BRITTANY R. (Voter ID number 116079454).
JACKSON, WILLIAM James (Voter ID number 114254722).

BUCKLEY, JERI Whitfield (Voter ID number 118798266).
DAGENAIS, SANDRA Scetta (Voter ID number 118797512).

161 12TH ST SE
LANO, SOLANGE (Voter ID number 119918140).
LANO, STEVEN Andrew (Voter ID number 119667547).
STIMPHYL, GARY (Voter ID number 120326325).

161 13TH ST SW
QUALLS, MICHELLE MARIE (Voter ID number 103079569).
SWANN, JASON ERIC (Voter ID number 103091968).

161 17TH ST SW
KADE, ANGELIKA (Voter ID number 114707351).
KADE, WERNER (Voter ID number 114707463).

161 20TH ST SE
SNYDER, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 114257110).

161 23RD ST SW
GIBSON, JUSTIN J. (Voter ID number 103009237).
GIBSON, LAUREN Ashley (Voter ID number 113970223).
BARBER, LAUREN A. (Voter ID number 103107415).

161 25TH ST SW
LUDWIG, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 103031063).
LUDWIG, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number 103155177).
LUDWIG, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 102948277).

161 27TH ST SW
WILEY, KAREN K. (Voter ID number 102983754).
WILEY, TIMOTHY W. (Voter ID number 102984008).
KOEPPEN, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 119590722).
KOEPPEN, FREDERICK Joseph (Voter ID number 119589449).

161 7TH ST SW
GOODKNIGHT, LAURA A. (Voter ID number 103079706).
GOODKNIGHT, NORMAN Maurice (Voter ID number 120259904).

161 8TH ST SE
KATZEFF, JEAN-MARC PHILIPPE (Voter ID number 103082463).
KATZEFF, ROBYNN EMMANUELLE Marie Anna (Voter ID number 121289598).

MALDONADO, ANIBAL (Voter ID number 102966697).

JOYNER, SHEILA Ann (Voter ID number 120838747).
HARRISON-BARRY, BRIAN Ronald (Voter ID number 103069836).

MALDONADO, BENJAMIN Andrew (Voter ID number 117671116).
MALDONADO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 102968996).
MALDONADO, JOHNATHON Junior (Voter ID number 103065687).

ELIASON, RODERICK T. (Voter ID number 103119507).
ELIASON, CAROLYN S. (Voter ID number 103095544).

1610 IVY WAY
BOND, SHANNON Roy (Voter ID number 103118493).
BOND, LEONORA Agulto (Voter ID number 103088278).

162 27TH ST SW
RODRIGUEZ, ANALIA Giselle (Voter ID number 119801842).
RODRIGUEZ, MONICA M. (Voter ID number 102943767).
RODRIGUEZ, RALPH (Voter ID number 102983232).

HOHL, DOROTHEA A. (Voter ID number 103132364).
HOHL, TIMOTHY (Voter ID number 103132331).

PEREZ, GUILLERMO Julian (Voter ID number 109796215).

1621 16TH AVE SW
MEDEL, RAIDA V. (Voter ID number 103104627).

1621 23RD ST SW
DAVIS, JILL R. (Voter ID number 103001427).
DAVIS, LARRY Richard (Voter ID number 103001422).

KORF, RICHARD Alan (Voter ID number 103078785).
KORF, LISA Dawn (Voter ID number 103050237).

ELSLAGER, GRETCHEN ANN (Voter ID number 103097769).
MIDDLETON, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 113876576).
GRACEY, SHANNON R. (Voter ID number 113876721).
ESLAGER, THOMAS Richard (Voter ID number 103097818).

1630 16TH AVE SW
GONZALEZ, FELIX A. (Voter ID number 118969130).

1630 IVY WAY
DRAKE, JOHN Michael (Voter ID number 120845613).
DRAKE, JOLENE Theresa (Voter ID number 120845617).

1641 16TH AVE SW
KISH, SHERRY Lynn (Voter ID number 102966776).
MORRISON, JONATHAN J. (Voter ID number 116880868).

1641 21ST ST SW
REAVES, BRENDA K. (Voter ID number 103111997).

1642 23RD ST SW
FLORES, ENRIQUE M. (Voter ID number 102999645).
PECK, RODNEY John (Voter ID number 103089951).
PECK, NANCY Jean (Voter ID number 103082178).
WINSLOW, KENNETH J. (Voter ID number 103123717).

HOBALLAH, SAMIR YOUSSEF (Voter ID number 103088878).
HOBALLAH, SERENITY Roseanne (Voter ID number 103098708).

1650 16TH AVE SW
FERNANDEZ FORTES, VANESSA (Voter ID number 111306031).
RIVERA, ESTEVON Alexander (Voter ID number 120579033).

1655 56TH AVE SE
ACOSTA, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 102994256).
ACOSTA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 102994258).
ACOSTA, DANIEL Reynaldo (Voter ID number 103108055).

1655 74TH AVE SE
RODRIGUEZ, LEUDIS L. (Voter ID number 103047033).

1660 39TH ST SW
RODRIGUEZ-TORRES, ANA C. (Voter ID number 102983203).
TORRES, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 102976374).
RODRIQUEZ, FELIX Alejandro (Voter ID number 110737315).
TORRES, GLADIMAR (Voter ID number 103066144).

1661 16TH AVE SW
DUFFY, KYLE Patrick (Voter ID number 103056000).

1661 23RD ST SW
ARNOLD, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 102943073).
ARNOLD, ROBERT (Voter ID number 102943074).

GARCIA, HECTOR SOSTRE (Voter ID number 103123618).
SOSTRE, IGNACIA (Voter ID number 103088685).
GONZALEZ, EDNA Y. (Voter ID number 103092490).
VELEZ, THELMA R. (Voter ID number 117744461).

1671 16TH AVE SW
RAMIREZ, MARIA De Jesus (Voter ID number 119171585).

1676 19TH ST SW
POWELL, CYNTHIA Marie (Voter ID number 117303007).
SOWERS, ANGELA I. (Voter ID number 111454398).
MALONE, COURTNEY Lynn (Voter ID number 103075273).

1680 17TH ST SW
BALBI-FIGUEROA, DARLENE LENNOX (Voter ID number 103134471).
RAIRDEN, PATRICK KELSEY (Voter ID number 103064612).

1680 39TH ST SW
RIOS, LOLITA (Voter ID number 103115965).

1681 21ST ST SW
TULLO, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 103147059).
TULLO, JO (Voter ID number 103146135).

1685 17TH ST SW
WALKER, JACOB Austin (Voter ID number 119880198).
WALKER, MARCI Lynn (Voter ID number 102979889).
HILL, REBEKAH C. (Voter ID number 102988998).
WURZBURGER, T Joseph (Voter ID number 102988868).

GARCIA, ALAN Paul (Voter ID number 115573048).
MARTINEZ, MARITZA Amelia (Voter ID number 119867937).
TORRES, REMIGIO Roberto (Voter ID number 119867990).
GONZALEZ, YUSLEIVY (Voter ID number 119326565).

1688 19TH ST SW
REICHERT, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number 102973373).
RODRIGUEZ, INGRID P. (Voter ID number 102989523).
RODRIGUEZ, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 103109394).
REICHERT, MARTHA F. (Voter ID number 102972011).

1690 16TH AVE SW
ISON, BLAINE W. (Voter ID number 116135574).
WARREN, JASON DANIEL (Voter ID number 103064092).
WARREN, MENDY KAY (Voter ID number 103063464).
ISON, BRANT A. (Voter ID number 114178603).

1691 16TH AVE SW
GANT, MATTHEW Richard (Voter ID number 115637429).

1696 19TH ST SW
CARNEY, PAMELA Amalia (Voter ID number 103027695).

170 10TH ST SE
SIWEK, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 103135728).
SIWEK, LAUREN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 103135722).

170 15TH ST SW
MUMMA, JOHN William (Voter ID number 103102965).

170 17TH ST SW
JACKSON, GWENDOLYN L. (Voter ID number 102970239).

170 1ST ST SW
MORGAN, JUSTIN Lawrence (Voter ID number 115044524).
MORGAN, NIC H. (Voter ID number 103065908).

170 22ND ST SE
TURNER, DENNIS L. (Voter ID number 103014602).

170 27TH ST SW
PHILPOT, TIFFANY Beth (Voter ID number 103003530).

170 9TH ST SW
BROOKS, NICOLE Lynn (Voter ID number 119145512).
HARPER, JANICE J. (Voter ID number 116519143).
HARPER, DAVID Matthew (Voter ID number 103102155).

1700 19TH ST SW
SCHULGEN, GEORGE MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103076140).
KRAUSE, WILSON Eric (Voter ID number 117467060).

CABRERA, CATALINA (Voter ID number 103041258).
PEREZ, ANGEL (Voter ID number 116967414).
BAEZ, CATALINA (Voter ID number 120551007).

171 12TH ST SE
LOPEZ, AURELIA (Voter ID number 116869318).
CHAVEZ, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 115782735).

171 13TH ST SW
DECKO, BERNARD (Voter ID number 116979580).
DECKO, DIANA L. (Voter ID number 103049403).

171 14TH ST SE
WIILIAMS, RUSTY Lee (Voter ID number 118560619).
WILLIAMS, KRISTOPHER Michael (Voter ID number 120925195).

171 16TH ST SE
MARTIN, WILLIAM John (Voter ID number 119119447).
PIMENTEL, ANA E. (Voter ID number 103061305).
PIMENTEL, DORA Griselda (Voter ID number 119117720).

171 29TH ST SW
MILLS, GLENDA (Voter ID number 102953364).
SORIANO, LOURDES L. (Voter ID number 110135396).

171 3RD ST SW
GROSS, RHONDA R. (Voter ID number 102972901).
BIBLE, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number 102969438).
BIBLE, SUSAN D. (Voter ID number 102967666).

171 5TH ST SW
MEYER, LORI L. (Voter ID number 102960101).
MEYER, MADISON Leigh (Voter ID number 121157113).
MEYER, MEGAN Lynn (Voter ID number 119570278).

171 6TH ST SE
JARCHOW, KIRSTI Alin (Voter ID number 115545672).

SUAREZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 103120177).
GARCIA, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 103071948).

1710 23RD ST SW
BRANKAMP, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 103032273).

1711 17TH ST SW
RUSSELL, SIEGRID (Voter ID number 102957097).
D'AGUIAR, RICHARD Shane (Voter ID number 118862053).
DAGUIAR, SHANTA S. (Voter ID number 102483077).
D'AGUIAR, RAMONA Chandani (Voter ID number 121169752).

HAYLOCK, MICHAEL I. (Voter ID number 103094041).

1721 16TH AVE SW
DURAND, STEVEN K. (Voter ID number 102965408).
DURAND, VICKI Bolton (Voter ID number 102964424).

1721 21ST ST SW
ALLAIN, JACQUELYN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 117402213).
ALLAIN, PAULA L. (Voter ID number 102966272).
ALLAIN, PATRICK (Voter ID number 102948118).

BAKER, DOROTHY R. (Voter ID number 116453694).
BAKER, TIFFANY Ann (Voter ID number 103072580).

BRISTER, DANIEL B. (Voter ID number 116875435).
BRISTER, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 103032083).

1728 39TH ST SW
BEATTIE, MICHAEL T. (Voter ID number 102987918).
BERNAL, KAREN (Voter ID number 119405373).

1730 23RD ST SW
LEONARD, STEVEN ANDREW (Voter ID number 103075289).
JUSTICE, DRENA S. (Voter ID number 120411572).

1735 19TH ST SW
ESTES, PENNY Jo (Voter ID number 118564971).
ESTES, TIMOTHY Wayne (Voter ID number 118564245).
RINEHART, KARREN Lonnette (Voter ID number 116685580).

1740 39TH ST SW
BERNAL, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 102995578).
CASSERA, MELANIE V. (Voter ID number 103123657).

1741 16TH AVE SW
CANDELORO, CONSUELO E. (Voter ID number 113946254).
CANDELORO, BIAGIO (Voter ID number 113946266).

1741 17TH ST SW
HOUGHTON, KARAN Le (Voter ID number 103127063).
HOUGHTON, WESLEY (Voter ID number 102997880).
WINGO, VANESSA Irene (Voter ID number 103124796).

1741 21ST ST SW
BYRNE, ROBERT CHARLES (Voter ID number 103064862).

ROBINSON, VIRGINIA Caroline (Voter ID number 102945797).
SCHAEFFER, AMY Jean (Voter ID number 117067101).
SCHAEFFER, JASON Paul (Voter ID number 115069370).

175 19TH ST SW
DESEAR, CHAD Bryant (Voter ID number 103128563).
DESEAR, MARGARET Ann (Voter ID number 103047908).

KOGER, SHIRLEY K. (Voter ID number 102966334).

RICHARDSON, SANDRA S. (Voter ID number 102959294).
SARI, ZOLTAN (Voter ID number 102958316).

ELLIS, JOHN Clifford (Voter ID number 117953547).
ECHOLS, JAMES Leroy (Voter ID number 102992583).
MIZELL, ELEANOR Salisbury (Voter ID number 114997234).
SMITH, TINA Marie (Voter ID number 117217095).
WILLIAMSON, ROBIN Lynn (Voter ID number 119447467).
ELLIS, APRIL S. (Voter ID number 103079175).
PALMER, ANGEL L. (Voter ID number 103055360).

HARRING, DONALD R. (Voter ID number 102941667).
HARRING, IRENE H. (Voter ID number 102941733).

1755 16TH AVE SW
HUMBERGER, KRISTI A. (Voter ID number 102941438).
HUMBERGER, RICHARD (Voter ID number 102938613).
HUMBERGER, CAITLIN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 115382470).

1760 17TH ST SW
SCHARFF, EDWARD C. (Voter ID number 103080024).
SCHARFF, KRISSA A. (Voter ID number 102953013).
CAPPETTI, WHITNEY Madison (Voter ID number 103120327).

1760 23RD ST SW
STALLING, ADAM R. (Voter ID number 115774155).
STALLING, ALLISON M. (Voter ID number 115774067).

1760 39TH ST SW
RUBIANES, LAURA (Voter ID number 102966654).
RUBIANES, LUIS (Voter ID number 102958949).
RUBIANES, ELSIE (Voter ID number 103033785).

KOGER, GRETA L. (Voter ID number 103116512).

1761 19TH ST SW
ROMEO, DONALD EDGAR (Voter ID number 103138413).

1764 21ST ST SW
HENDRICKSON, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 103054336).
SARDUY, CHEILA (Voter ID number 118682023).

1766 21ST ST SW
STEWART, CAROL (Voter ID number 102946714).
MCLAIN, DYLAN S. (Voter ID number 118221699).
ROBINSON, CHRISTINE Jo (Voter ID number 118077258).
ROBINSON, ROBIN J. (Voter ID number 118077256).

1770 16TH AVE SW
KOWALCZYK, JAN (Voter ID number 103049694).
KOWALCZYK, DANUTA (Voter ID number 115759052).

1770 21ST ST SW
LYLE, CORINNE Patricia (Voter ID number 103143298).
MCKINLEY, ROBERT Bruce (Voter ID number 103147421).

1771 16TH AVE SW
TESARIK, SONA (Voter ID number 118887630).

1771 19TH ST SW
MIGUEL, VANESSA (Voter ID number 121025787).
MIGUEL, ADOLFO (Voter ID number 103106763).
MIGUEL, ADOLFO (Voter ID number 102999881).

1771 23RD ST SW
EDMONSTON, STEPHAN W. (Voter ID number 103040605).
POLLARD, SUSAN S. (Voter ID number 102946534).
POLLARD, CHARLES J. (Voter ID number 102946532).
POLLARD, CLARKE Martin (Voter ID number 102946533).

NOCHTA, KYLE Robert (Voter ID number 115294750).
MOSSER, AMOS Franklin (Voter ID number 103123922).
MOSSER, FRANKLIN Scott (Voter ID number 114902243).
MOSSER, PATRICIA Hoffman (Voter ID number 114059597).

1776 23RD ST SW
SAAVEDRA RAMIREZ, CARLOS Venicio (Voter ID number 120703595).
SAAVEDRA, JUAN J. (Voter ID number 121164121).

1780 17TH ST SW
CORRITORE, JOY (Voter ID number 103011671).
CORRITORE, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 103112630).

1780 23RD ST SW
YONKER, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 103137223).
KUJAWSKI, JONATHAN James (Voter ID number 117054061).

MITCHELL, LAURIE L. (Voter ID number 103154878).

1781 16TH AVE SW
PETERSON, MELISSA DIANA (Voter ID number 103022546).
SLOAN, WANDA D. (Voter ID number 103000729).

1781 19TH ST SW
HILL, KENNETH D. (Voter ID number 102965106).

1781 21ST ST SW
TORRES, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 118106385).
TORRES, PEDRO (Voter ID number 103013731).
TORRES, STEPHANIE Ines (Voter ID number 121157497).

BOWER, JANNIE (Voter ID number 115711461).
BOWER, GREGORY W. (Voter ID number 103153666).

1790 16TH AVE SW
FENTON, GARY R. (Voter ID number 103031175).
FENTON, LANA M. (Voter ID number 103031174).

1790 39TH ST SW
LAMB, CODY Justin (Voter ID number 103116012).
LAMB, CAROL R. (Voter ID number 103157168).

GARRIDO, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 116500870).
GARRIDO, NELLYS Coromoto (Voter ID number 121131753).

1791 16TH AVE SW
WHITAKER, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number 103119106).

RIVERA, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 103016148).
MONTERO, EDY Primitiva (Voter ID number 115890402).

180 10TH ST SE
THIEME, MARK (Voter ID number 102940856).
THIEME, MICHELLE L Adams (Voter ID number 103026499).

180 12TH ST SE
MACNICOL, BRIEN RUSSELL (Voter ID number 103085936).
MACNICOL, JEANNE T. (Voter ID number 103053746).

180 13TH ST SW
BLISS, DARTANIEL Dante (Voter ID number 103071648).
CHILEEN, ALEXANDRA Micus (Voter ID number 120969738).
MICUS, PATRICIA I. (Voter ID number 103037865).

180 15TH ST SW
VELAZQUEZ, ALVARO Xavier (Voter ID number 119828072).
WALKER, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 103007677).

180 20TH ST SE
HEADLEY, MICHAEL Christopher (Voter ID number 103126991).
HEADLEY, STEPHANIE L. (Voter ID number 103129286).

180 21ST ST SW
SILVEIRA, PATRICK (Voter ID number 120560828).

180 23RD ST SW
MCGEARY, TIMOTHY S. (Voter ID number 103043000).
QUINN, JOAN M. (Voter ID number 102987233).
MCGEARY, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 103117165).
MCGEARY, TIFFANY Ann (Voter ID number 103047467).
MC GEARY, CHELSEA Ann (Voter ID number 110153509).

180 31ST ST SW
SHAHAN, LUCILLE Chin (Voter ID number 103157265).

1801 23RD ST SW
PUGH, JAMES (Voter ID number 103143942).

181 14TH ST SE
PARTRIDGE, ANDREA Lynn (Voter ID number 102984707).
VERELLEN, PATRICIA D. (Voter ID number 104334067).
BURKE, CECIL Emery (Voter ID number 120560766).
VERELLEN, BARTON G. (Voter ID number 102973135).

181 16TH ST SE
OSWALD, CORINNE Lynn (Voter ID number 103038791).
SAMPSON, KEN Brian (Voter ID number 103092638).

181 19TH ST SW
GARZA, GLENN (Voter ID number 103107837).

181 20TH ST SE
CLEMENT, KRISTIN NOEL (Voter ID number 103065541).
CRUZ, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 103038710).
CRUZ, CATHERINE Michelle (Voter ID number 120700514).

181 21ST ST SW
SABO, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 103031108).
RICHMOND, THERESE L. (Voter ID number 103036037).

181 22ND ST SE
PIWOWARCZYK, BRANDY Lynn (Voter ID number 118574766).

181 23RD ST SW
WILLIAMS, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 103110816).

181 25TH ST SW
HERNANDEZ, JORGE Edward (Voter ID number 103023372).
HERNANDEZ, SUSANNE (Voter ID number 102971439).
NAJERA, MARIA Rosa (Voter ID number 102953685).
HERNANDEZ, JEREMIAH Edward (Voter ID number 119327433).
HERNANDEZ, NATALIE Maria (Voter ID number 114531921).

181 27TH ST SW
DULEY, KYLE Matthew (Voter ID number 115456702).

181 31ST ST SW
GOMEZ, ASHLEY J. (Voter ID number 103137484).
GONZALEZ, JACEGULINE W. (Voter ID number 103004560).
GONZALEZ, MATTHEW Joseph (Voter ID number 118124097).
GONZALEZ, ONIL C. (Voter ID number 102997595).

181 4TH ST SE
SMITH, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 103121341).
WOLFF, KRISTIN K. (Voter ID number 103110835).

181 7TH ST SW
FROMM, WERNER (Voter ID number 103026457).
GUNTHER, RONALD L. (Voter ID number 103026502).

VANDEWERKEN, GARY JOSEPH (Voter ID number 103076386).

1810 19TH ST SW
WHIFFEN, KIM Marie (Voter ID number 116073579).

1810 21ST ST SW
PATTON, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 120350660).
WITCHER, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 102969542).

WASHBURN, ROBERT PATRICK (Voter ID number 103089666).
WASHBURN, GARY Lee (Voter ID number 116827753).
WASHBURN, REBECCA Jean (Voter ID number 102948443).
WASHBORN, BRIDGETT J. (Voter ID number 103112430).

1811 16TH AVE SW
MCMILLAN, CATHRYN Anne (Voter ID number 103020047).
WAGONER, AMANDA Suzanne (Voter ID number 103078156).
TELESCA, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 111278618).
WOODY, LAWRENCE A. (Voter ID number 111276618).

1811 19TH ST SW
BILLIE, ARLENE Juanita (Voter ID number 114622369).
KEEYS, DIANN A. (Voter ID number 103126120).
KEEYS, OMAR A. (Voter ID number 102371726).
KEEYS, VINCENT A. (Voter ID number 103126122).

1811 21ST ST SW
AXELSON, ROBERT Lee (Voter ID number 103133027).

MARKLEY, KENNETH G. (Voter ID number 102998871).
SWEET, TODD M. (Voter ID number 103106839).
WALKER, PATRICK TERENCE (Voter ID number 103092010).

1820 19TH ST SW
SCHULZ, SYLVIA Lagace (Voter ID number 115418205).

1830 21ST ST SW
DAVIS, ALBERT L. (Voter ID number 103088449).
EIDSON, NICKOLAS Jordan (Voter ID number 117634744).
EIDSON, THERESA Lee (Voter ID number 114745835).

1830 39TH ST SW
GONZALEZ, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 103110697).
LEHMAN, DEBORAH Lee (Voter ID number 114481427).
LEHMAN, RONALD Edward (Voter ID number 103044051).

1831 19TH ST SW
SMITH, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 103015057).

1831 21ST ST SW
LEONARD, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 103009011).
TEAGLE, BETSY Ann (Voter ID number 103004977).
TEAGLE, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number 103006371).

184 12TH ST SE
FUZI, FRANK (Voter ID number 103105728).

BOWMAN, DORIS Holyfield (Voter ID number 103059930).
BOWMAN, TONY D. (Voter ID number 102987269).

1840 19TH ST SW
CARDONA, ELIGIO (Voter ID number 102957710).
CARDONA, SHERRI L. (Voter ID number 103132897).
ASUNCION-CARLOS, PETER James (Voter ID number 103131770).
BREWER, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 111340021).

1840 23RD ST SW
MANCUSO, KAREN (Voter ID number 103008348).
MANCUSO, SAMUEL A. (Voter ID number 103013398).

TSENG, BEN TUN HSIN (Voter ID number 103116863).
ZHANG, JEAN FENG (Voter ID number 103108769).
TSENG, SARAH (Voter ID number 119567429).

1841 16TH AVE SW
GAMACHE, ANGELINE Diana Okretich (Voter ID number 118539511).
RATHJEN, RICHARD Lee (Voter ID number 103090936).
SWANSON, CINDY (Voter ID number 102946061).
KRYSEK, THOMAS James (Voter ID number 103079636).

1841 23RD ST SW
STAVROS, ANGELA C. (Voter ID number 103137918).
STAVROS, ERNEST P. (Voter ID number 103136919).

BERTONE, STEVEN Michael (Voter ID number 102947689).
NORRIS JR, BRIAN Scott (Voter ID number 113980250).
BERTONE, RENEE Robbins (Voter ID number 103052344).

MUNRO, JAMES Justin (Voter ID number 108633542).

ROWLEY, GARY Wayne (Voter ID number 121134204).
ROWLEY, MARK Steven (Voter ID number 116776286).
ROWLEY, ROSIE Mary (Voter ID number 121105332).

1860 17TH ST SW
LENAHAN, PAULA S. (Voter ID number 102988753).
LENAHAN, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 103114455).

1860 21ST ST SW
BIDONNE, CHRISTINA ANNE (Voter ID number 103131863).
MATEVOSYAN, STELLA A. (Voter ID number 103137939).
CUEVAS SILVA, CYNTHIA Ann (Voter ID number 103074463).

CURIONE, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 117001868).

BLANDON, LIZZETTE (Voter ID number 103125666).
BLANDON, YERIN E. (Voter ID number 114691654).

1861 16TH AVE SW
DAVIS, JOYCE Hall (Voter ID number 103143518).
DAVIS, THEODORE R. (Voter ID number 103148252).

1861 19TH ST SW
VESELY, BETHANIE Hall (Voter ID number 103129621).
VESELY, MARK Allen (Voter ID number 103068008).

1865 17TH ST SW
SHRIVER, JAMES N. (Voter ID number 103147112).

1867 17TH ST SW
BLACKWELL, FRANCES R. (Voter ID number 107740915).
INTERIAN, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 103004784).
INTERIAN, LUIS (Voter ID number 103004529).
KRANITES, PETER Kyle (Voter ID number 117390241).
PEREZ, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109413165).

1869 17TH ST SW
DE MARTINO, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 103097550).
DEMARTINO, THERESA A. (Voter ID number 103094292).

1870 19TH ST SW
SAUTER-JEHRING, JOAN E. (Voter ID number 103142005).
JEHRING, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 102941033).

1870 21ST ST SW
KIRETA, GARY Michael (Voter ID number 103151579).
FITZWATER, KAREN Ann (Voter ID number 118667421).
FITZWATER, TOMAS Scott (Voter ID number 118666881).
LE BLANC, DEBORAH Karen (Voter ID number 115470809).

1870 23RD ST SW
STRICKLAND, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 103034698).

ASENCIO-NUNEZ, AWILDA (Voter ID number 103085631).
NUNEZ, MANUEL O. (Voter ID number 103079573).

BADOLATO, DINA M. (Voter ID number 103116172).
BADOLATO, LINDA G. (Voter ID number 103100134).

1871 17TH ST SW
LEDESMA, LUZ M. (Voter ID number 103095268).
AGUDELO, MARIA O. (Voter ID number 120356286).
LEDESMA, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 118932049).
VELASQUEZ, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 118645653).

JONES, ALYSSA Robin (Voter ID number 103086742).

1875 21ST ST SW
NEWTON, LINDA L. (Voter ID number 102980542).
NEWTON, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 102980545).

GLIMPSE, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 103056951).

CONCEPCION SANTIAGO, LUIS Antonio (Voter ID number 119098528).
KEELOR, ROBIN Holly (Voter ID number 111626686).

1880 17TH ST SW
SNYDER, LOUISE J. (Voter ID number 103051072).
DICKERSON, LEE Shane (Voter ID number 103004159).
VIOLA, PHYLLIS Ann (Voter ID number 102963604).

1880 19TH ST SW
HAMERNIK, JESSICA Ann (Voter ID number 117238721).
HAMERNIK, TAYLYR Jon (Voter ID number 115689087).

1880 21ST ST SW
FOEGE, JONATHAN David (Voter ID number 101951375).

1881 16TH AVE SW
GANGL, BRADLEY Allen (Voter ID number 117452923).
KING, FREDDY Ernest (Voter ID number 100920620).
ELSER, JAYNE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 103022800).

1881 17TH ST SW
BENNETT, ANELYS Elena (Voter ID number 103091690).
PILOTO, ELENA D. (Voter ID number 103081866).
PILOTO MUNOZ, ROLAND J. (Voter ID number 103063711).

WALKER, TIMOTHY James (Voter ID number 103054865).

ANDREWS, ERIC Sammis (Voter ID number 118232695).
ANDREWS, MATTHEW Spencer (Voter ID number 118903848).
PRATT, CAROL DAVIS (Voter ID number 103026822).
PRATT, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 103026826).
ANDREWS, REBECCA D. (Voter ID number 117287015).

1890 19TH ST SW
SANKEY, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 116974285).

1890 23RD ST SW
VEGA, KIRSTIN M. (Voter ID number 102993427).
VEGA, VICTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 103032833).

GUZMAN, DANAY (Voter ID number 119110717).
DIAZ, DANILO (Voter ID number 121169641).

1891 21ST ST SW
SWADNER, SHIRLEY M. (Voter ID number 103072179).

BLACKBURN, DIANA A. (Voter ID number 120444225).
BLACKBURN, JOHN David (Voter ID number 119119581).
BLACKBURN, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 120444456).

190 10TH ST SE
VALDES, YENEL (Voter ID number 103138837).

190 15TH ST SW
FRESHCORN, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 103117475).
HAWKINS, CHARLES Lee (Voter ID number 114036596).

190 16TH ST SE
KRIETEMEYER, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 103133527).

190 19TH ST SW
BUTRICO, THOMAS (Voter ID number 117914473).
STJOHN, JASON Scott (Voter ID number 116340707).

190 20TH ST SE
VELASQUEZ, VENNETTE (Voter ID number 119158657).
STEWART, HUNTER Justice (Voter ID number 120774974).
VELASQUEZ, LIZZETTE (Voter ID number 121292217).
STEWART, DUSTIN Clay (Voter ID number 103120706).
STEWART, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 103120710).

190 27TH ST SW
MACQUARRIE, SUSAN S. (Voter ID number 102988260).
STEWART, HEDWIG R. (Voter ID number 103008917).

ROTH, RUBY J. (Voter ID number 109757573).
ROTH, STANLEY Franklyn (Voter ID number 110270819).

SURUMAY, ALBERTO C. (Voter ID number 118089715).

BARBERENA, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 102491064).

191 12TH ST SE
WATKINS, SAMANTHA Lynn (Voter ID number 118456091).
WATKINS, TODD Nelson (Voter ID number 102966486).
WATKINS, EVELYN Nerene (Voter ID number 103122208).

191 16TH ST SE
HICKS, CHERYL D. (Voter ID number 119854649).
HICKS, DUAINE (Voter ID number 119854645).

191 20TH ST SE
PERILLO, AIMEE (Voter ID number 103044037).
WITHERS, JEFFRY Tyrone (Voter ID number 121156962).
OTT, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 103014193).
OTT, JAMES B. (Voter ID number 102994185).
WITHERS, CHRISTINE MacHelle (Voter ID number 121215221).
WITHERS, SETH Haden Lee (Voter ID number 120808857).

191 22ND ST SE
MORITZ, ANNA (Voter ID number 102984076).
MORITZ, DENNIS (Voter ID number 102984077).

191 23RD ST SW
FARRELL, JOANNE E. (Voter ID number 103144806).
FARRELL, GEORGE P. (Voter ID number 102998109).

191 29TH ST SW
RUIZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 115368028).

191 3RD ST SW
GIBSON, SUE Ann (Voter ID number 103084946).
GRAHAM, TERRI Lynn (Voter ID number 103110660).

191 5TH ST SW
MORRIS, VALERIE Anne (Voter ID number 103110163).

191 6TH ST SE
BOEHME, REBA Sue (Voter ID number 119354704).
FELICIANO, KAELEE Renae (Voter ID number 120172280).
FELICIANO, JENNY R. (Voter ID number 103053238).
FELICIANO, LEONARD (Voter ID number 103117694).

1910 23RD ST SW
MOYA, JENNIFER Denise (Voter ID number 117454585).
PENN, DAIMY Isabel (Voter ID number 103071817).
PENN, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 103052031).

1910 39TH ST SW
RODRIGUEZ, ISAAC (Voter ID number 120668420).

1910 39TH ST SW

ALBA, ESTRELLA (Voter ID number 103017942).

RISING, RICHARD (Voter ID number 102985471).

1911 19TH ST SW
WHITMORE, ROSEANNA Marie (Voter ID number 102966143).
WHITMORE, RANDY M. (Voter ID number 103069191).

1911 21ST ST SW
HASSO, JANET M. (Voter ID number 103000955).
HASSO, KEITH J. (Voter ID number 102967868).
HASSO, LEON E. (Voter ID number 116841421).

CLAASSEN, JAMES W. (Voter ID number 102957231).

CUE, JULIA L. (Voter ID number 103031195).
ALVAREZ, TEDDY (Voter ID number 119086147).

ALLEN, KAREN Lynne (Voter ID number 115034657).

DAVIS, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 115543523).
MARDIS, KIMBERLY Michelle (Voter ID number 103070730).

MURDOCK, CRYSTAL Michelle (Voter ID number 103056241).
CASCIO, SARAH Anne (Voter ID number 103132382).

1930 17TH ST SW
GODDARD, JEWEL Michele (Voter ID number 102946620).
GODDARD, KEVIN Dewayne (Voter ID number 103107109).
GODDARD, MATTHEW Dewayne (Voter ID number 115073027).
KILLORAN, SEAN Breed (Voter ID number 114496039).

1930 23RD ST SW
MAILMAN, GARY Wayne (Voter ID number 114811140).
COSTA, MARK Phillip (Voter ID number 117876629).
MAILMAN, CELESTE M. (Voter ID number 105772882).

CLAASSEN, JAMIN (Voter ID number 102973041).
CLAASSEN, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 103001628).
CRAIN, GWENDOLYN J. (Voter ID number 102971007).
CHAILLAND, CHRISTINE Rochelle (Voter ID number 104283108).
NOCHTA, BLAYZE Charles (Voter ID number 117318666).
CHAILLAND, JUSTIN Ryan (Voter ID number 119607932).
CLAASSEN, RENEE M. (Voter ID number 103107224).

BARCELA, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 119482450).

1940 21ST ST SW
SEEKINS, DOUGLAS ANTHONY (Voter ID number 103124751).
SEEKINS, SUZANNE A. (Voter ID number 103014936).

1940 23RD ST SW
ROSZCZEWSKI, AMANDA Lee (Voter ID number 103135490).
ROSZCZEWSKI, MATTHEW Miles (Voter ID number 114464964).

1940 39TH ST SW
CUTIE, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 116981143).
CUTIE, BETTY Leydis (Voter ID number 116125660).
SOTO, YOHANYS (Voter ID number 116961596).
MUNGUIA, MABEL (Voter ID number 103127397).

1941 19TH ST SW
CARSON, HEATHER Eileen (Voter ID number 111440281).
ISOM, CHERIE Jacqueline (Voter ID number 117680862).
ROTH, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 117634456).

MARTINEZ, DANA M. (Voter ID number 102985931).
ALVAREZ, JISKLY (Voter ID number 119783811).

1950 19TH ST SW
ITRICH, CHRISTOPHER Thomas (Voter ID number 119023381).

SMITH, CHRISTOPHER M. (Voter ID number 103003898).

1957 19TH ST SW
JOHNSON, MAX Gray (Voter ID number 102980334).

1960 16TH AVE SW
DALL, CLAUDIA Roxann (Voter ID number 114932606).
DALL, WILLIAM Alfred (Voter ID number 114072715).

1960 19TH ST SW
BURGOS, EDWARD (Voter ID number 102965607).
BURGOS, GLADYS (Voter ID number 102965608).

1960 21ST ST SW
GROSSHART, ALAN MARSHALL (Voter ID number 103084527).
MCGREGOR, KATHLEEN Anne (Voter ID number 103127001).
MCGREGOR, MARK Allen (Voter ID number 103125175).

1960 23RD ST SW
DOWNING-GINGRAS, LOUISE L. (Voter ID number 103120445).

FRANCIS, LINDA Lee (Voter ID number 120547764).

1961 16TH AVE SW
CAMPOS, MIGUEL M. (Voter ID number 103002485).

1961 19TH ST SW
O'KEEFE, WILLIAM KELLY (Voter ID number 103104559).
OKEEFE, KIRSTIN N. (Voter ID number 102967509).

1961 21ST ST SW
CETO, BRIEANNA Kaitlyn (Voter ID number 119109536).
CETO, JOHNNY Richard (Voter ID number 102966730).
CETO, LISA (Voter ID number 102981018).

TITMAS, STEPHEN Paul (Voter ID number 103002742).
QUICK, SUSAN Titmas (Voter ID number 103004098).
TITMAS, MCCAFFREY Lynn (Voter ID number 121130437).

BLASH, ANTHONY Michael (Voter ID number 118003609).
CORBOSIERO, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 107358066).
TANNER, IAN R. (Voter ID number 119686067).
TANNER, SANDRA Lea (Voter ID number 114008041).
FINNEY TANNER, TYLER Anthony (Voter ID number 119699486).
KNIGHT, JEFFREY Francis (Voter ID number 114127048).
TOMPKINS, KRISTOPHER Len (Voter ID number 117730846).

1970 19TH ST SW
GABBARD, JUDY L. (Voter ID number 102939248).
GABBARD, MONES E. (Voter ID number 102966822).
GABBARD, CARLY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 103122288).
GABBARD, CORY Allen (Voter ID number 103019115).

1970 23RD ST SW
MCANDREW, THOMAS Kevin (Voter ID number 103017456).

1970 39TH ST SW
BOTANA, CARLOS JOSE (Voter ID number 103115195).
BOTANA, MARIA (Voter ID number 102957705).
PEREZ, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 102988265).
BOTANA, CARLOS Jose (Voter ID number 114197773).

PERRINE, CECIL Eugene (Voter ID number 106125723).

EARNEST, JESSICA ELAINE (Voter ID number 103127779).
PHILLIPS, DAVID Wayne (Voter ID number 120099799).
CRUZ, FRANCISCO Roy (Voter ID number 121151413).

1975 17TH ST SW
MILAT, MARY E. (Voter ID number 103149402).
MILAT, WAYNE (Voter ID number 102967720).

DULL, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 103087426).
O'BRIEN, JOHN MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103125879).
KING, ROY U. (Voter ID number 101475770).
MAXSON, MOANA Marcia (Voter ID number 117503554).

1980 23RD ST SW
ENGEL, ADAM Eugene (Voter ID number 119618733).

SPICER, LAURA Marie (Voter ID number 102950347).
WEBB, PETER E. (Voter ID number 103100510).
SPICER, SARA Diane (Voter ID number 118792252).
WEBB, MATTHEW G. (Voter ID number 115076049).

1990 16TH AVE SW
GOMEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 103061404).
GOMEZ, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 103126396).

1990 17TH ST SW
THOMAS, KATRINA Marie (Voter ID number 117193750).
TOSTI, GITY Arasteh (Voter ID number 120055765).
TOSTI, RIKA M. (Voter ID number 117593469).
GRABERT, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 114819093).

1990 19TH ST SW
GREVEN, FLORENCE (Voter ID number 117248274).
GREVEN, REYNALDO O. (Voter ID number 117248276).

1990 21ST ST SW
DRYDEN, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 102955709).
BEHRINGER, DONALD John (Voter ID number 102996885).

1990 23RD ST SW
EDGAR, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 103022497).
EDGAR, KATHY Jo (Voter ID number 103120276).

1990 39TH ST SW
GILES, KORY ROBERT (Voter ID number 113983669).
STAEBELL, HAYDEE Reina (Voter ID number 114236931).
WARRICK-MARSH, PETER Jordan (Voter ID number 103104047).
MACIAS, FRANK Patrick (Voter ID number 103095880).

1991 16TH AVE SW
WOLFGRAM, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 103108440).
WOLFGRAM, CRISTAL Lee (Voter ID number 103028273).

1991 19TH ST SW
PRICE, THERESA LEA (Voter ID number 103009743).

1991 21ST ST SW
JACKSON, SALLY Ann (Voter ID number 115016281).
JACKSON, LEONARD Dale (Voter ID number 109082609).

STROBERT, DONNA B. (Voter ID number 102937614).
STROBERT, HOWARD M. (Voter ID number 102946016).

MATIAS, SARA Milagros (Voter ID number 115453242).

MUELLER, GREGORY Scott (Voter ID number 103000317).
MUELLER, JOSHUA Scott (Voter ID number 115085897).
OLSEN, DEBRA H. (Voter ID number 115081492).
OLSEN, KIM A. (Voter ID number 114716634).

200 22ND ST SE
DONOVAN, SHAUN TIMOTHY (Voter ID number 103082983).

GARAFOLA, DENISE Ann (Voter ID number 102956538).
GARAFOLA, ANTHONY William (Voter ID number 121001086).

NELSON, LAURA J. (Voter ID number 103026148).

2005 28TH AVE SE
CAMPBELL, CHARLES B. (Voter ID number 103144025).
CAMPBELL, MARGARET J. (Voter ID number 103144113).
CAMPBELL, MICHAEL Davis (Voter ID number 115635536).
CAMPBELL, MITCHELL BOYER (Voter ID number 103122641).
CAMPBELL, MATTHEW Charles (Voter ID number 116452304).

201 19TH ST SW
COLLAZO JIMENEZ, RAMON L. (Voter ID number 103076310).
MACRIDES, MARY A. (Voter ID number 103054989).

BORRELLI, DENISE L. (Voter ID number 103016720).
BORRELLI, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 103006330).

2010 19TH ST SW
CLARK, DAVID E. (Voter ID number 102960999).
WOLIVER, MARIANNE S. (Voter ID number 102961144).

2010 21ST ST SW
LABRECHE, JOSEPH BARRY (Voter ID number 103053016).

2011 21ST ST SW
BADGE, GARY J. (Voter ID number 103086942).
BADGE, SUSAN H. (Voter ID number 103086940).

2020 16TH AVE SW
WHITING, JAIME Lynn (Voter ID number 118334296).
YOUNG, SCOTT William (Voter ID number 103114927).
YOUNG, CODY Brandon (Voter ID number 116725389).
STONIER, THOMAS Lawrence (Voter ID number 117468434).
YOUNG, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 103030187).

2020 17TH ST SW
BARTON, AMY NICOLE (Voter ID number 103089092).
BARTON, KRISTOPHER Glenn (Voter ID number 103065302).

2021 16TH AVE SW
BREWER-LYTLE, PENNY Lee (Voter ID number 114777294).

2021 17TH ST SW
VALDIVIA, SARAH M. (Voter ID number 103092361).
VALDIVIA, VICTOR Daniel (Voter ID number 117515137).

2025 23RD ST SW
SADLER, DAVID E. (Voter ID number 103084157).
SADLER, DOUGLAS James (Voter ID number 113992578).
SADLER, LINDA A. (Voter ID number 103110235).

2027 16TH AVE SW
PAPAGIANNIS, BESSIE (Voter ID number 103071458).
PAPAGIANNIS, GUS (Voter ID number 103040656).

2029 23RD ST SW
STIVERS, DAVID JEFFREY (Voter ID number 103106325).
STIVERS, CHRISTINA Brown (Voter ID number 103064996).

2030 21ST ST SW
LONEY, CHRISTOPHER Michael (Voter ID number 117589766).
LONEY, JOSEPH Michael (Voter ID number 119370479).

2030 23RD ST SW
MUMAW, PATRICK L. (Voter ID number 102963030).
MUMAW, CHRISTINE June (Voter ID number 120461042).

ALMODOVAR, AUREANA (Voter ID number 103148183).
AYALA ORTIZ, NOEL (Voter ID number 119322602).
CARDONA RODRIGUEZ, ABIGAIL (Voter ID number 103112573).
CARDONA, RICARDO (Voter ID number 115723599).

2031 17TH ST SW
FECHTER, TODD Michael (Voter ID number 116450554).
FECHTER, CHRISTINE Carrie (Voter ID number 103065589).

SUMALLA, CLAUDIA Barbara (Voter ID number 118509824).
SUMALLA, JOSE J. (Voter ID number 116702123).
SUMALLA, JOSE Omar (Voter ID number 117746337).

HYNDS, STEVEN BRUCE (Voter ID number 103102515).
HYNDS, COLLEEN Kushlan (Voter ID number 104752977).
HYNDS, STEVEN Bruce (Voter ID number 121309862).

2040 17TH ST SW
BISHAW, HEATHER Joy (Voter ID number 119046739).
BISHAW, SCOTT Kaleikaumaka (Voter ID number 119047728).

2040 19TH ST SW
DIETRICH, JILL L. (Voter ID number 103150079).
DIETRICH, NICHOLAS GROVER (Voter ID number 103114213).
DIETRICH, ROBERT James (Voter ID number 103150078).

2040 23RD ST SW
TODD, RANDY Lee (Voter ID number 103077066).
TODD, KINDLE Lynn (Voter ID number 103121798).

2040 39TH ST SW
GARCIA, MERCY Maqueira (Voter ID number 109937101).
FOREMAN, JACQUELINE R. (Voter ID number 103031422).

2041 19TH ST SW
FUOCO, MARGARET Mary (Voter ID number 103020479).
PEDIGO, JOHN Bradley (Voter ID number 115599209).

ROGERS, SAM (Voter ID number 103002393).
ROGERS, BEVLYN Joyce (Voter ID number 103002285).
ROGERS, JESSICA Lynne (Voter ID number 120846523).
BRYAN, BEVERLY Lynne (Voter ID number 108198222).

2045 17TH ST SW
DAVIS, AMY E. (Voter ID number 102970377).
DAVIS, MARK Eric (Voter ID number 103111654).

2045 23RD ST SW
SWISHER, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 103119244).
SWISHER, APRIL Lynn (Voter ID number 103111573).
SWISHER, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 116421703).

BURGER, JILL T. (Voter ID number 103040458).
BURGER, MAX Eugene (Voter ID number 103038650).

2049 23RD ST SW
LEVEILLE, NATHANEAL C. (Voter ID number 108654292).

2050 39TH ST SW
ROSE, LEESHELL LEEANN (Voter ID number 103089486).
SMART, PATRICIA W. (Voter ID number 102941169).

2053 17TH ST SW
KILGUS, WILLIAM Richard (Voter ID number 102960323).
MILLER, MATTHEW Richard (Voter ID number 114918842).
KILGUS, MARJORIE W. (Voter ID number 103149057).
KILGUS, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 103081771).

FERGUSON, NINA M. (Voter ID number 103013506).
POWER, ROBERT DEAN (Voter ID number 103054399).
GUERRA RAMOS, TAILY (Voter ID number 121278344).
HALL, PAMELA A. (Voter ID number 114291239).

2057 17TH ST SW
ORR, BRANDON Raymond (Voter ID number 118478581).
BAYER, SUSANNA Rosa (Voter ID number 103027329).
ORR, BRANDON R. (Voter ID number 119188295).

2059 17TH ST SW
WEAVER, JEREE LYNN (Voter ID number 103130136).
COUTURE, SKY Michael (Voter ID number 103105288).
MITCHELL, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 102939864).
MITCHELL, DAVID Brian (Voter ID number 111279013).

2060 16TH AVE SW
JONES, ROBERT Allen (Voter ID number 115897574).

2060 17TH ST SW
WATSON, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 102946426).
WATSON, HUNTER James (Voter ID number 120149654).
WATSON, LINDA J. (Voter ID number 103048519).

2060 21ST ST SW
TRIPP, DANIEL F. (Voter ID number 102945580).
MADDOX, KELLY Louise (Voter ID number 115720041).
TRIPP, SANDRA Louise (Voter ID number 103153406).
LANGE, MEGAN Nicole (Voter ID number 116682382).

2060 23RD ST SW
BARKLEY, JOHN F. (Voter ID number 102960163).
BARKLEY, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number 103010293).

GARCIA, ISRAEL Jesus (Voter ID number 120937230).

KOCH, CODY Michael (Voter ID number 119288352).
VARIAN, JUDITH E. (Voter ID number 102987956).
VARIAN, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 102998784).

COTICONE, JULIUS G. (Voter ID number 113940475).
COTICONE, SULEKHA Rao (Voter ID number 113940479).

DUNN, JAMES C. (Voter ID number 102965957).
EDDY, DENNIS William (Voter ID number 115569537).

2061 16TH AVE SW
ENGEL, ASHLEY Lynn (Voter ID number 120347861).
KELLER, CHERYL L. (Voter ID number 103137913).
KELLER, KENNETH P. (Voter ID number 103137917).

2061 21ST ST SW
MEJIA, JESUS Americo (Voter ID number 102940915).
MEJIA, LINDA S. (Voter ID number 102943561).
MEJIA, MEGAN B. (Voter ID number 103097136).
MEJIA, MADELINE Rose (Voter ID number 120934037).

2061 23RD ST SW
BURHANS, JESSICA Denise (Voter ID number 103102896).
SLADE, RICHARD Timmins (Voter ID number 115982753).

MOREJON, LIDIO JESUS (Voter ID number 120241183).

2070 39TH ST SW
CLAROS, NANCY Esmeralda (Voter ID number 121139911).
CLAROS, KATHY Y. (Voter ID number 115847352).
MENA CLAROS, KATHYA A. (Voter ID number 116704608).

JOHNSON, DUANE A. (Voter ID number 103151973).

2071 17TH ST SW
RHOADS, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 102950868).

2071 19TH ST SW
CULLISON, GINGER L. (Voter ID number 103102754).
DUSSAULT, MARK E. (Voter ID number 103139305).
CULLISON, DALTON Eric (Voter ID number 119063099).
CULLISON, DYLAN Phillip (Voter ID number 117847542).

PERKINS, ARTHUR E. (Voter ID number 103015217).
PERKINS, ABRAHAM E. (Voter ID number 114315846).

2075 17TH ST SW
MOULTON, LAURIE A. (Voter ID number 102994026).
MOULTON, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 103105531).
PAUL, MAIZIE M. (Voter ID number 103022771).
MOULTON, ALICE M. (Voter ID number 102993853).
NICODEMI, PAUL Alexander (Voter ID number 111420737).

2080 16TH AVE SW
MATO, MARLENE D. (Voter ID number 103104553).
PATINO, ROEDMIRO (Voter ID number 103086954).
PATINO, TRACY Dawn (Voter ID number 103091105).
MATO, DONATILA Olga (Voter ID number 103097976).

2080 17TH ST SW
GOGIA, BAILEY Bronwyn (Voter ID number 120461992).

2080 21ST ST SW
HELF, JOHN PAUL (Voter ID number 102981014).

2080 23RD ST SW
SHOVER, JASON Jay (Voter ID number 103010788).

2080 39TH ST SW
MENDEZ, YUSNIEL (Voter ID number 118064834).

CHARLESTON, BRADLEY RAY (Voter ID number 103017666).
CHARLESTON, SCOTT B. (Voter ID number 115549160).
CHARLESTON, WILLIAM BRADY (Voter ID number 103117069).
CHARLESTON, ERIN M. (Voter ID number 103063420).
LOWER, EVELYN M. (Voter ID number 103065328).

MITCHELL, ROBERT George (Voter ID number 119699633).
MITCHELL, SUSAN Faith (Voter ID number 119699359).

2081 16TH AVE SW
LOUIMA, RUTZA (Voter ID number 114873852).
LOUIMA, SIMON (Voter ID number 118629355).
CEANT-LOUIMA, ESTHER (Voter ID number 116202222).
LOUISMA, JEAN Anglade (Voter ID number 113977425).
LOUISMA, MARIE G. (Voter ID number 114974141).

2081 17TH ST SW
SCHMIT, WILLIAM N. (Voter ID number 102994108).
SCHMIT, SUSAN (Voter ID number 103023563).

2090 19TH ST SW
GALUPPI, JOSEPH William (Voter ID number 118338417).
STUMP, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 103050511).
STUMP, PHYLLIS F. (Voter ID number 103012473).

2091 19TH ST SW
BECKER, JASON Edward (Voter ID number 103109981).
BECKER, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number 103110087).

2091 21ST ST SW
KEMPEN, RICKEY J. (Voter ID number 102969026).
KEMPEN, JAMIE L. (Voter ID number 116378291).

JOHNSON, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 118366341).
JOHNSON, JAMIE (Voter ID number 115596625).
JONES, FAITH Ann (Voter ID number 119380421).
SINCERBOX, KEVIN C. (Voter ID number 103082184).

210 10TH ST SE
CUTCHENS, CARRIE Lee (Voter ID number 111578082).
CUTCHENS, JAMES Russell (Voter ID number 117201038).
PARKS-SOUZA, KARA M. (Voter ID number 103000893).
SOUZA, DANA A. (Voter ID number 103084424).

210 18TH ST SE
CZAPNIK, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 102978621).
CZAPNIK, MARILYN G. (Voter ID number 102945631).
FRAINE, JESSICA Rae (Voter ID number 103132712).
JOHNSON, MICHELLE Renee (Voter ID number 115314900).

210 23RD ST SW
JACOBSON, ANTON M. (Voter ID number 102963197).

210 25TH ST SW
RENZI-WHITE, LAURIE J. (Voter ID number 103006378).
WHITE, JACK (Voter ID number 102981768).
WHITE, JEREMY J. (Voter ID number 102993775).
WHITE, KELSEY Rae (Voter ID number 118866803).
WHITE, MATTHEW Philip (Voter ID number 120907770).

210 29TH ST SW
COLLIER, DEBORAH Leigh (Voter ID number 103090267).

210 31ST ST SW
SCHMIDT, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 103087346).

210 3RD ST SW
CRUZ LOPEZ, DOMINGA (Voter ID number 103077776).
DELGADO, CHRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 118626057).
DELGADO, SYDA F. (Voter ID number 103096184).

210 5TH ST SW
JOHNSON, DEBBIE Marie (Voter ID number 114519742).

210 6TH ST SE
SCHULTZ, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 103082457).
GALMEZ, IVETTE R. (Voter ID number 103136608).

210 7TH ST SW
EDMUNDSON, JAYNE Emily (Voter ID number 121169119).
LASSITER, JIMMY Wayne (Voter ID number 102791388).

NANCE, GAYLE G. (Voter ID number 103151910).
NANCE, TIMOTHY L. (Voter ID number 103156069).

MILLER, PATRICK Kevin (Voter ID number 103021813).
MILLER, TERRY Brock (Voter ID number 102999484).

211 17TH ST SW
COLPITTS, MARIAN I. (Voter ID number 102970680).
GUZMAN, JOSE (Voter ID number 120681759).
GUZMAN, MAYRA (Voter ID number 103113047).

211 18TH ST SE
SCHMIDT, CHERYL B. (Voter ID number 102940455).
SCHMIDT, KENNETH M. (Voter ID number 102978365).
FURLANI, AMY R. (Voter ID number 119188267).
FURLANI, ALLISON Marie (Voter ID number 121154577).
FURLANI, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 103137384).
FURLANI, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 103137385).
FURLANI, NICOLE S. (Voter ID number 121157065).

211 20TH ST SE
MARTARANO, AUDREY Ruthann (Voter ID number 103091048).
MARTARANO, STEVEN Joseph (Voter ID number 103134743).

211 23RD ST SW
LEMOINE, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 115981685).
LEMOINE, FRITZ Frederic (Voter ID number 115511856).

211 7TH ST SW
BLANCO DIAZ, YASMANI (Voter ID number 119925855).

2110 17TH ST SW
YAHL, RICHARD DEAN (Voter ID number 102955312).
MASSEY, CHARLES Earl (Voter ID number 103131679).

2110 19TH ST SW
ROBERT, VERA (Voter ID number 103051078).
LITVAK, SERGEY (Voter ID number 103047384).

2110 21ST ST SW
ORTEGA, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 103012208).
ORTEGA, JESUS R. (Voter ID number 103122369).

2110 23RD ST SW
FELIX- HOWARD, CYNTHIA E. (Voter ID number 103047765).
HOWARD, TIMOTHY B. (Voter ID number 103047739).

2111 19TH ST SW
CHIRINO, JEFFREY O. (Voter ID number 115560857).
LAUPERT, IRIS (Voter ID number 117349721).

2111 21ST ST SW
MARTIN, DIANNE Braun (Voter ID number 118067973).
MARTIN, STEPHANIE Anne (Voter ID number 103094977).

2111 23RD ST SW
MCKINZIE, CAROL Ethel (Voter ID number 114730183).

JOHNSON, SHIRLEY Hawkins (Voter ID number 119776354).
SPRAGUE, KYLE David (Voter ID number 103129124).

2115 28TH AVE SE
RYAN, GLORIA Mathilda (Voter ID number 102978844).

PETERS, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 103021041).
PETERS, SEAN Travers (Voter ID number 120271663).

2120 21ST ST SW
RAPP, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 103157727).

2120 23RD ST SW
MASON, ROSS E. (Voter ID number 103097980).

TOPOLSKI, JOHN Peter (Voter ID number 103050553).

2121 17TH ST SW
FOX, MARY KIM (Voter ID number 103027809).
BUCHBINDER, ETHEL R. (Voter ID number 103119619).
BURCHBINDER, SEYMOUR M. (Voter ID number 103083082).
FINKELSTEIN, MARVIN (Voter ID number 103077540).

2121 21ST ST SW
BRAUN, JOANNE Louise (Voter ID number 100905984).

2121 52ND AVE SE
MUIRHEAD, WILLIAM Keith (Voter ID number 115662699).

GEORGE, KOLLEEN EVA (Voter ID number 103091246).
CARCAMO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 120518695).
HOWELL, DONNA Kathleen (Voter ID number 102964123).
HOWELL, DELORAS Marie (Voter ID number 103016849).

2130 19TH ST SW
BROOKS, BONNIE B. (Voter ID number 102954325).
BROOKS, DONNIE L. (Voter ID number 102954532).

2130 23RD ST SW
MARSHALL, CARL Willard (Voter ID number 102964079).
MARSHALL, CARLA S. (Voter ID number 102969695).
DISTEFANO, TAYLOR Lynn (Voter ID number 120764844).

2131 16TH AVE SW
LEGGETT, DIANNE L. (Voter ID number 103079260).
LEGGETT, TONY Joe (Voter ID number 115953879).
FISCHER, GRANT Darian (Voter ID number 103122825).
NEWHART, LOUISE M. (Voter ID number 103045559).
TRIMBLE, STEPHANIE Rose (Voter ID number 120305423).

2131 19TH ST SW
CURLEY, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 102942966).
MARZUCCO, JOSEPH Michael (Voter ID number 103123234).
MARZUCCO, BRENNA M. (Voter ID number 110848337).
CURLEY, MARGO A. (Voter ID number 102941690).

2131 21ST ST SW
DAWSON, KEVIN Brian (Voter ID number 120719946).
DUNKERTON, MELISSA Sue (Voter ID number 118805937).

2140 19TH ST SW
MARTIN, CORNELIUS P. (Voter ID number 102981692).
MARTIN, DONNA Lee (Voter ID number 102981896).

2140 21ST ST SW
DE WET, STEPHNE (Voter ID number 120232675).
OLSON, ADAM W. (Voter ID number 103073794).

2140 28TH AVE SE
FOX, MELINDA L. (Voter ID number 114082029).
FOX, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 102614487).
ORTIZ, RICHARD Michael (Voter ID number 115381609).
ORTIZ, TAMMY Marie (Voter ID number 111714043).

2140 39TH ST SW
GARCIA, JOSE Carmen (Voter ID number 103122807).

2141 16TH AVE SW
O'DONNELL, SCOTT ALLEN (Voter ID number 103081619).
WOLFE, ANNA M. (Voter ID number 103052473).
GONZALEZ, MARICELA (Voter ID number 120471606).
FERNANDEZ, MARLENE (Voter ID number 117018237).

2141 19TH ST SW
GRANJA, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 103041028).

2141 23RD ST SW
HOY, PAUL E. (Voter ID number 102989004).
RANERI, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103038498).
STEVENS, RENARD G. (Voter ID number 103028875).
HOY, CYNTHIA P. (Voter ID number 103154081).

SIMON, YOSVANY (Voter ID number 118088611).
LUGONES, OILDA Maria (Voter ID number 110337369).
MATOS, LISA (Voter ID number 119471727).

215 23RD ST SW
BENETEAU, CHARLOTTE B. (Voter ID number 102997900).
BRYANT, RONALD Michael (Voter ID number 102983555).

SCANNELL, JULIE (Voter ID number 103126619).

BETTRIDGE, KELLY Anne Romero (Voter ID number 116491130).
BETTRIDGE, CHRISTOPHER M. (Voter ID number 116491178).

2155 28TH AVE SE
REINBOLD, JON W. (Voter ID number 103039714).
REINBOLD, DEBRA Jo (Voter ID number 115421543).

TORRES, INES (Voter ID number 103018123).

2160 17TH ST SW
TORRES, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 103120942).
SACO, VICTOR Andrew (Voter ID number 103030258).
TORRES, OLGA Lee (Voter ID number 113943910).

2160 19TH ST SW
STEVES, JOSEPH Albert (Voter ID number 102967132).
STEVES, BRIGITTE (Voter ID number 103120530).

2160 21ST ST SW
WATTS, KATRINA L. (Voter ID number 103137409).
WATTS, KEVIN W. (Voter ID number 103137504).
THOMAS, PAUL Leo (Voter ID number 115881956).

2160 23RD ST SW
TUNGETT, PATRICIA F. (Voter ID number 102986374).
STRAUBEL, KAYLA Marie (Voter ID number 118573804).
TUNGETT, BRENT Allen (Voter ID number 116518829).
SOCIA, JENNIFER Anne (Voter ID number 103017341).
TUNGETT, BRANDON Lee (Voter ID number 103092916).
TUNGETT, DUANE Edward (Voter ID number 103108320).

2160 39TH ST SW
SANCHEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 103016854).
SOTO, LAURA (Voter ID number 120326769).
FRISNEDA, GLORIA (Voter ID number 103105574).

BELL, DEREK James (Voter ID number 111711857).

MOOG, SHERYL Eileen (Voter ID number 111694567).

2161 17TH ST SW
STOLZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 119415616).
STOLZ, STACIE Lee (Voter ID number 116071983).

2161 21ST ST SW
HABER, GARY Jason (Voter ID number 114682757).
PRESCOTT, KAELA Raelyn (Voter ID number 118496013).

2161 23RD ST SW
PRESIGA, BERNARDINO (Voter ID number 103008596).
PRESIGA, SILVANA (Voter ID number 103081936).

2170 21ST ST SW
SANTOYO, CLARA (Voter ID number 102965509).
SANTOYO, JULIAN (Voter ID number 102951167).
SIERRA, ANDREA (Voter ID number 115153213).

2170 23RD ST SW
NOWLIN, STEVEN M. (Voter ID number 111392014).
NOWLIN, MEGHAN Louise (Voter ID number 103119870).

HOEFER, KYLE William (Voter ID number 117443586).

DUNLAP-ALSTON, ANTHONY James (Voter ID number 118045511).
THOMAS, LUANN Marie (Voter ID number 102988474).
CULVER, JAMES Jay (Voter ID number 103074275).

LANCASTER, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 102970476).
LANCASTER, RICHARD Paul (Voter ID number 102969005).

CHRISTENSEN, MICHAEL PAUL (Voter ID number 103060832).

BROWN, DEANA Lynne (Voter ID number 121270141).
BROWN, JAMES Farriest (Voter ID number 117786470).

CHRISTENSEN, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number 118508588).

2171 16TH AVE SW
BROXSON, DOROTHY S. (Voter ID number 102998846).
BROXSON, BRANDI Kaye (Voter ID number 115777805).
BROXSON, DUSTIN Shane (Voter ID number 119969992).
GARCIA, FRANCISCO Omar (Voter ID number 108601615).

2171 21ST ST SW
BURGER, TAMMY Jean (Voter ID number 118425710).
BURGER, GARY Lee (Voter ID number 102998268).
POLING, CHRISTIE Anne (Voter ID number 103092508).
DAVENPORT, JASON Wayne (Voter ID number 115337307).

LARUE, CHRISTOPHER JONATHAN (Voter ID number 103117414).
LARUE, TAUNI MARQUELLE (Voter ID number 103081944).
ROSTER, MATTHEW ROGER (Voter ID number 103138859).
ROSTER, TAUNI M. (Voter ID number 102965470).
ROSTER, RONALD (Voter ID number 103006021).

2175 16TH AVE SW
ROSA, ANNEURY (Voter ID number 117903099).
ROSA, DOMINGO (Voter ID number 103105787).
ROSA, YUDISLEIDY (Voter ID number 120194278).

2180 16TH AVE SW
SPONSELLER, ANDREW BRIAN (Voter ID number 103081888).
SPONSELLER, VICTORIA Ellen (Voter ID number 103056519).

2180 17TH ST SW
GRIFFIN, JEWEL F. (Voter ID number 106127978).

2180 23RD ST SW
MACDONALD, RANDY S. (Voter ID number 102967066).
NOWAK, AMBER M. (Voter ID number 117817092).
DAUGHERTY, JESSE Ray (Voter ID number 115252386).
JACOBS, LINDSEY N. (Voter ID number 103120749).
MACDONALD, KORIN K. (Voter ID number 114316091).

KING, MATTHEW Scott (Voter ID number 117681071).

2181 17TH ST SW
MCKNEW, RONALD Casey (Voter ID number 102963239).
MCKNEW, SHEILA Marie (Voter ID number 102961365).
MCKNEW, MARGARET P. (Voter ID number 102997296).
MCKNEW, RONALD H. (Voter ID number 102997303).

HERNANDEZ, MARIA CATALINA (Voter ID number 103046305).
HERNANDEZ, ERICA (Voter ID number 119949393).

LOWERY, DAWN (Voter ID number 102983493).
MATTHEWS, FREMONT O. (Voter ID number 115487532).
NIESEN, JONATHAN Lee (Voter ID number 120654317).

2190 23RD ST SW
PEDRAZA NIEVES, JOSE Ernesto (Voter ID number 120677233).

RIVERON, DARLENE Victoria (Voter ID number 103099801).
BILTZ, SHANE E. (Voter ID number 114223827).

2191 19TH ST SW
BENNETT, JEFFREY Joseph (Voter ID number 115372121).
VAN DERPOEL, VICTORIA A. (Voter ID number 102993968).

2191 21ST ST SW
GLIVIC, GREGORY Allen (Voter ID number 103014237).
GLIVIC, LAURA J. (Voter ID number 102971300).
GLIVIC, ASHLEY Jean (Voter ID number 116463014).
GLIVIC, KYLE Thomas (Voter ID number 116079418).

220 10TH ST SE
HERNANDEZ, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 103123062).
HERNANDEZ, BRENDA (Voter ID number 120790169).

220 11TH ST SW
CRAFT, JERRY Wade (Voter ID number 103008798).

220 13TH ST SW
CRUZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 103060761).
CRUZ, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 103067154).

220 21ST ST SW
KINDRED, PAIGE Lynn (Voter ID number 115730213).

220 29TH ST SW
PATRYK, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 103003726).
SUPENSKY, ZACHARY Y. (Voter ID number 103087770).
MAY, GLORIA (Voter ID number 103150614).
MAY, JAMES John (Voter ID number 103150615).

220 3RD ST SW
CAITO, JOAN M. (Voter ID number 102975884).
VALENCIA, EVANGELINE (Voter ID number 116856357).
VALENCIA, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 119400685).

220 8TH ST SE
HUBING, KARL M. (Voter ID number 116591124).
HUBING, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 102984360).
HUBING, SUZANNE L. (Voter ID number 102984361).
HUBING, DARYL Paul (Voter ID number 103100276).

220 9TH ST SW
PENA, GYSANIA D. (Voter ID number 103094093).

SHIELDS, CLEMENT J. (Voter ID number 103073174).
SHIELDS, JULIE Hassell (Voter ID number 102941359).

221 10TH ST SE
FLORES, MIGUEL Alonzo (Voter ID number 118652640).
OWENS, KENNETH Harry (Voter ID number 103016215).

221 13TH ST SW
HUERTA, ALVINO (Voter ID number 116519370).

221 15TH ST SW
O'GREEN, MICHAEL PATRICK (Voter ID number 103070417).

221 18TH ST SE
MURRAY, ALICIA ANNE (Voter ID number 103040268).
BODNAR, SAMANTHA Evelyn (Voter ID number 121355501).
PALMER, WHITNEY Marie (Voter ID number 118003889).

221 19TH ST SW
COMPERATORE, NANCY ANN (Voter ID number 103077648).

221 29TH ST SW
DOERING, DONALD R. (Voter ID number 103125103).
DOERING, JANICE E. (Voter ID number 103125102).

221 9TH ST SW
KEYS, DEBORAH ANN (Voter ID number 103040489).
KEYS, JOANNE (Voter ID number 103035538).
KEYS, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 118971021).
KEYS, PAUL Robert (Voter ID number 103040490).
KEYS, JESSICA Lynn (Voter ID number 121118918).

KELLY, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 102987114).

2210 19TH ST SW
SETERA, FRANK J. (Voter ID number 102938213).

2210 39TH ST SW
VELOZ, MARIA J. (Voter ID number 114122663).
RIOS, MARY (Voter ID number 114240232).

2211 16TH AVE SW
MARTINEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 116147819).

2211 19TH ST SW
MAYSON, JANICE E. (Voter ID number 102956906).

2211 21ST ST SW
HERNANDEZ, AMELIA (Voter ID number 103012758).
HERNANDEZ, ARIEL Elaine (Voter ID number 116790751).
HERNANDEZ, JACQUELINE M. (Voter ID number 102979815).
HERNANDEZ, LUIS I. (Voter ID number 102979816).

CHARLESTON, CHRISTOPHER Allen (Voter ID number 103127700).
MCGOWAN, DAISY Marie (Voter ID number 120051081).
IAMURRI, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 118039744).

2212 17TH ST SW
ROGERS, GEORGE E. (Voter ID number 102965813).
ROGERS, JOELLEN (Voter ID number 102956217).

2212 KEAN CT
JOHNSON, SANDRA M. (Voter ID number 103060007).
JOHNSON, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 114446235).
SIERENS, JUSTIN R. (Voter ID number 116786137).

2213 KEAN CT
HERNANDEZ, LAZARO H. (Voter ID number 116533191).
GENER, ESTHER M. (Voter ID number 114835240).

2218 17TH ST SW
COLE, JOAN H. (Voter ID number 102952337).
COLE, ROBERT F. (Voter ID number 102952338).
COLE, JASON Mitchell (Voter ID number 115336829).

222 2ND ST SE
STATON, ZACHARY Vouight (Voter ID number 119053097).
STATON, GREGORY Lee (Voter ID number 120357545).
STATON, GINA Marie (Voter ID number 103054520).

JOHNSON, MICHAEL T. (Voter ID number 103003052).
ROSS, LORI A. (Voter ID number 103005485).

LHOTA, KAREN L. (Voter ID number 103088624).
LHOTA, WILLIAM George (Voter ID number 102962879).

DOMBROSKI, RICHARD John (Voter ID number 116083061).
DOMBROSKI, LYNDSEY Catherine (Voter ID number 103012252).

2221 16TH AVE SW
GARCIA, JOSE Roberto (Voter ID number 119084492).
GARCIA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 116947687).
GARCIA, ODALIS (Voter ID number 103136656).

MAC DONALD, GRETCHEN (Voter ID number 103002935).
MAC DONALD, TRACEY C. (Voter ID number 103054718).

MACDONALD, CASEY Dillon (Voter ID number 118658285).
PETERS, JERRY CLIFTON (Voter ID number 103102316).
YAHL, AMANDA LOUISE (Voter ID number 103120889).
MACDONALD, KELLY Mae (Voter ID number 102466529).
YAHL, FRANCIS J. (Voter ID number 114059659).

LESANE, WILLIE Joe (Voter ID number 102982589).

2230 23RD ST SW
WEBB, LISA (Voter ID number 103151897).
WEBB, MALISSA R. (Voter ID number 103066103).

2230 39TH ST SW
HERRERA, CARMEN (Voter ID number 103017427).
RODRIGUEZ, EMILIA (Voter ID number 119110730).
HERRERA, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 116147861).

ARCAROLA, COLETTE Bree (Voter ID number 120577032).
ARCAROLA, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 102986153).
SANDSTEDT, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 119475405).

2231 16TH AVE SW
MAGUIRE, CAMERON Lee (Voter ID number 119075248).
MAGUIRE, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 103156956).
MAGUIRE, CHRISTOPHER Thomas (Voter ID number 117288162).
MAGUIRE, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 103147744).
PELLETT, JOSEPHINE CARROLL (Voter ID number 103020718).
MAGUIRE, CONNOR Joseph (Voter ID number 120020717).

2231 19TH ST SW
BURGOS, MARIA (Voter ID number 103062246).
MARTINEZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 103068801).
MC KAY, MARIA TERESITA D. (Voter ID number 103105032).

2232 28TH AVE SE
LAWRY, KENNETH (Voter ID number 117069548).

2233 KEAN CT
HUAMBACHANO, AGUSTIN R. (Voter ID number 103113419).
HUAMBACHANO, AGUSTIN Renzo (Voter ID number 118594823).

2235 28TH AVE SE
SPEIGHT, KAIKHAM (Voter ID number 120762499).

DELGADO, ERIK (Voter ID number 102315621).

2236 23RD ST SW
SCHLOSS, ALICIA S. (Voter ID number 103074195).
SHELTON, BRAD D. (Voter ID number 103120754).
SIEBERT, JEREMY F. (Voter ID number 103006171).
SCHLOSS, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 103074181).
SHELTON, CLAUDIA H. (Voter ID number 103078047).

ANTHONY, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 103107515).

2240 16TH AVE SW
GODWIN, ASHLEY R. (Voter ID number 102967448).
GODWIN, TODD L. (Voter ID number 102967450).
GODWIN, JOSHUA Lee (Voter ID number 121169755).

2240 19TH ST SW
ALDRICH, RICHARD MILTON (Voter ID number 103140586).
LEE, JOHN CASEY (Voter ID number 103045129).
MILLER, JORDAN Douglas (Voter ID number 121222827).
MILLER, CHELSEY Nichole (Voter ID number 121222870).
LEE, KAREN C. (Voter ID number 102955030).

2240 21ST ST SW
KALVIN, NICHOLAS Herbert (Voter ID number 102971448).
KALVIN, JUDITH C. (Voter ID number 120446120).

2240 23RD ST SW
BALCOM, ANN C. (Voter ID number 103045038).

2240 39TH ST SW
MACIAS, ELIO (Voter ID number 103038777).
MACIAS, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 103042347).
MACIAS, STEPHANIE Marie (Voter ID number 119420318).

2241 16TH AVE SW
PADDEN, EDMUND (Voter ID number 103003191).
PADDEN, LORI S. (Voter ID number 102969300).

2241 17TH ST SW
LEONTIEV, ERIK (Voter ID number 109945905).
LEONTIEV, MARGO K. (Voter ID number 118846918).

2241 19TH ST SW
BOLDEN, DOMINIQUE Lanier (Voter ID number 119436700).
DUNMARS, DORIS Lanier (Voter ID number 102985509).

2241 21ST ST SW
LONG, PAUL GUY (Voter ID number 103043282).

2243 KEAN CT
TEZYK, AUDREY Andrews (Voter ID number 103147093).

SAPKA, LAURA Rita (Voter ID number 102970463).
SAPKA, SPENCER Michael (Voter ID number 120029090).
SAPKA, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103055226).

VERGARA GOMEZ, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number 103057909).
VERGARA, PEDRO Jose (Voter ID number 120209895).

JOSEPH, MAXIA (Voter ID number 118219904).
WILKER, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 116453739).

225 12TH ST SE
DENT, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 119472479).
DENT, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 120340481).
DENT, TERESA Clarke (Voter ID number 115068905).

225 17TH ST SW
NAVARRO, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number 103118904).
NAVARRO, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number 102972676).
NAVARRO, TAMMY S. (Voter ID number 102972492).

FRANCE, JAMES S. (Voter ID number 103121313).
FRANCE, GLORIA C. (Voter ID number 116765040).

2251 17TH ST SW
BENFIELD, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 102961568).
BENFIELD, LUKE M. (Voter ID number 103072428).
BENFIELD, MARK (Voter ID number 115862013).
BENFIELD, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 103071445).

HIGHFILL, TERRI (Voter ID number 102950673).

2252 KEAN CT
THORNE, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 103065738).
BUCHANAN, REBECA (Voter ID number 103124291).
BUCHANAN, KENNETH Joseph (Voter ID number 103016480).

2253 KEAN CT
ROBINS, DIANA L. (Voter ID number 103093925).
FABIST, LEONE (Voter ID number 120689301).

ARRIAGA, LEROY (Voter ID number 120928299).
HERRERA, SARA (Voter ID number 116245519).

WOODS, JUDITH C. (Voter ID number 111415231).
WOODS, MARILYN Christine (Voter ID number 111433164).
WOODS, MARK (Voter ID number 111415621).
WOODS, ROBERT James (Voter ID number 103118047).

DOUYON, BOB Emmanuel (Voter ID number 120855965).

2260 19TH ST SW
MEDEIROS, CIDALIA B. (Voter ID number 120477914).

2260 21ST ST SW
OLSON, SANDRA ANN (Voter ID number 103060481).
DILUGLIO, BETH E. (Voter ID number 112367598).

2260 23RD ST SW
THOMAS, EDWARD R. (Voter ID number 103155308).
THOMAS, EDWARD Ray (Voter ID number 119970171).
THOMAS, LEE A. (Voter ID number 103155309).
THOMAS, EVELYN Lee (Voter ID number 103132807).

2260 28TH AVE SE
BURROWES, NEIL Patrick (Voter ID number 120817410).

ARGUETA, SHIRLEY Desiree (Voter ID number 120927313).

THOMAS, BEVERLY A. (Voter ID number 103148427).
THOMAS, TERILYN (Voter ID number 103104696).
THOMAS, COREY L. (Voter ID number 115657438).
THOMAS, STEVEN M. (Voter ID number 103148428).

FLORES, FERNANDO F. (Voter ID number 115818702).
FLORES, ITALIA ARGENTINA (Voter ID number 103107588).

HILKOWSKI, JESSICA Renee (Voter ID number 103080293).
THOMAS, TERI Lyn (Voter ID number 114626062).

FLORES, LUIS (Voter ID number 103122953).
KRAWCZESKI, DANIELLE Marie (Voter ID number 114983623).
KRAWCZESKI, TAMMERA June (Voter ID number 103105552).

CARTER, HEATHER Ann (Voter ID number 103001005).
CARTER, ROBERT Edward (Voter ID number 102942722).

2261 19TH ST SW
MORALES, GUALBERTO (Voter ID number 115146154).

2261 21ST ST SW
CRUZ, MIREL (Voter ID number 109620640).
REYES, OMAR (Voter ID number 103068520).
REYES, SILVIA R. (Voter ID number 103100014).

TURNER, DEBORAH Warren (Voter ID number 103042359).
TURNER, WILLIAM Copeland (Voter ID number 103042364).

COOK, ELLEN Sarah (Voter ID number 115383539).

2263 KEAN CT
ARMAS, REINA Marta (Voter ID number 120194998).

CHESSER, MELINDA Robin (Voter ID number 118640900).
CHESSER, NICOLE A. (Voter ID number 103021555).
CHESSER, EDWARD Dale (Voter ID number 103003794).
EDMONDS, DYLAN (Voter ID number 119636230).

WARDELL, NATHANIEL Leslie (Voter ID number 114332034).
DORIA, PRISCILLA (Voter ID number 103077174).
NUNEZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 119297822).

2270 17TH ST SW
PRESTON, BRADLY C. (Voter ID number 102956210).
WILLIAMS, ASHLEY Mae (Voter ID number 103120054).

2270 28TH AVE SE
KOKERNAK, CHRISTOPHER DAVID (Voter ID number 103087791).
KOKERNAK, JEROMY KEITH (Voter ID number 103067797).

CASTILLO, TARA Lynn (Voter ID number 114758273).
CASTILLO, OMAR M. (Voter ID number 114873776).

WYDYSH, DIANA Margarita (Voter ID number 119239869).
WYDYSH, MICHAEL Robert (Voter ID number 119238954).

2271 19TH ST SW
HERNANDEZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 119112171).
HERNANDEZ, DIXIE (Voter ID number 116765220).
HERNANDEZ, IDELA T. (Voter ID number 103122245).
PINERA, IBEL (Voter ID number 102180083).

2271 28TH AVE SE
CHRISTIANS, KRIS ERIC (Voter ID number 103080359).
ROSALES, MAGALYS (Voter ID number 116944506).
VALDES, DEREK T. (Voter ID number 121157504).

GERNAT, BELINDA Austin (Voter ID number 103069555).
HATCHER, JAMI Ann (Voter ID number 103069142).

COUTURE, MADELINE Fortune (Voter ID number 117403712).
HOYLE, ADAM Everett (Voter ID number 103041635).

STERLING, EDWARD VINCENT (Voter ID number 102957783).
STERLING, ELLIOT F. (Voter ID number 102991963).
STERLING, RUTH A. (Voter ID number 102991965).
FREITAS, ANDREA S. (Voter ID number 114292865).
STERLING, ANTHONY A. (Voter ID number 118061308).
STERLING, ANGELA Marie (Voter ID number 102982842).

2280 19TH ST SW
IVEY, GLYNNIS D. (Voter ID number 102965476).

2280 21ST ST SW
JENKINS, JOANNE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102978412).

2280 54TH AVE SE
OGREEN, KRYSTLE Anne (Voter ID number 115917492).
FISCHER, BOBBY Michael (Voter ID number 116203509).

ANTHONY, ANITA MARIE (Voter ID number 103037335).
ANTHONY, CHARLES Norman (Voter ID number 118173378).
ANTHONY, STEPHEN G. (Voter ID number 103083814).

MEKDARA, PRANEE Nakrintra (Voter ID number 117465974).
PANKAM, SOMSAK (Voter ID number 105760665).

GUEVARA, BERNARD (Voter ID number 119539313).
GUEVARA, LUPE (Voter ID number 103043190).

DUBOCK, BROOKE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 103061048).
DUBOCK, RONALD George (Voter ID number 103036451).

2281 19TH ST SW
WEAVER, DONNA B. (Voter ID number 103119466).
WILLIAMS, RANDY E. (Voter ID number 117022428).
WILLIAMS, KAREN W. (Voter ID number 103016362).
WILLIAMS, SARAH Lynn (Voter ID number 116977783).

EUBANKS, JULIE Michelle (Voter ID number 103011592).
EUBANKS, KEITH A. (Voter ID number 103011594).

SCHWARZ, KARLA Johnson (Voter ID number 121174979).

2290 23RD ST SW
LAMBERT, MARY Buela (Voter ID number 103086248).
EVANS, JENNIFER Dawn (Voter ID number 103082446).
EVANS, MEREDITH Dale (Voter ID number 103080261).

2290 28TH AVE SE
MARTONOSY, JOSEPH Anthony (Voter ID number 103013098).

SLAUGHTER, DANIELLE Marie (Voter ID number 116394888).

ANDERSON, ROBERT Christopher (Voter ID number 103112906).
SANTIESTEBAN, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 121093158).

2291 4TH AVE SE
DEL RIO, YURIEN (Voter ID number 103115838).

2291 KEAN CT
LYNCH, HUGH B. (Voter ID number 103108635).
LYNCH, HELEN M. (Voter ID number 103089046).
TEATER, GARY L. (Voter ID number 103000663).

2292 KEAN CT
EBANKS, NEVILLE Ellsworth (Voter ID number 119053365).

ALISEO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 103155722).

MARC, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 102972333).
CLERVILLE-MARC, MARIE Yolaine (Voter ID number 116659484).
MARC, LUCY Miriame (Voter ID number 116637422).

230 11TH ST SW
DORIA, BRIDGET J. (Voter ID number 103063380).
DORIA, CATALINA Rose (Voter ID number 120556001).
DORIA, NICHOLE L. (Voter ID number 117817037).

230 18TH ST SE
GORDON, ADAM S. (Voter ID number 103021335).
GORDON, MICHELLE Marie (Voter ID number 103021336).

230 1ST ST SW
KALISTY, CODY Wyatt (Voter ID number 118297502).
PFAENDER, JANE (Voter ID number 103155238).

230 20TH ST SE
JONES, WILLIAM AMOS (Voter ID number 103057923).
MCCUE, MARY PAMELA (Voter ID number 102996546).
MCCARTER, TAYLOR Lynnette (Voter ID number 114261250).

230 29TH ST SW
NICKEL, EMILY (Voter ID number 102946114).
NICKEL, STEPHANIE Ruth (Voter ID number 117792458).
FRANCO, PAULA Lynn (Voter ID number 102651139).
NICKEL, CATHERINE Lee (Voter ID number 103135289).
NICKEL, STEVEN Mark (Voter ID number 103154313).

230 5TH ST SW
RICKMAN, PRISCILLA Belle (Voter ID number 118455734).
ZIEGLER, META (Voter ID number 102998281).
ZIEGLER, REBECCA (Voter ID number 103039701).
ELLIS, KENDALL J. (Voter ID number 115727679).

230 7TH ST SW
AMODEO, CHERYLANN Renken (Voter ID number 103141633).
VEGA, JOSE Livan (Voter ID number 114993703).
VEGA, NERKI De La Caridad (Voter ID number 114989574).

HURLEY, PATRICK J. (Voter ID number 103117801).
HURLEY, STACEY A. (Voter ID number 103117896).

2300 28TH AVE SE
PATRICK, CRYSTAL RAE (Voter ID number 103140870).
MICELI, LINDA V. (Voter ID number 115141450).
MICELI, ROBERT (Voter ID number 103054381).

2301 17TH ST SW
GOODACRE, SHELBY SOU (Voter ID number 103063444).
BONAR MASSEY, TONI Elizabeth (Voter ID number 111238913).
MASSEY, JOHN B. (Voter ID number 102989600).

AUDIA, CIA (Voter ID number 103046317).
GARCIA, ALEX (Voter ID number 103124778).
SANCHEZ, JOSE J. (Voter ID number 115810327).
AUDIA, MATTHEW Steven (Voter ID number 103041224).

VEGA, SHANNON LEE (Voter ID number 103012890).
THOMAS, CEPHAS (Voter ID number 102984433).
THOMAS, LOUISA A. (Voter ID number 103018218).

2307 KEAN CT
WARE, DAVID Eugene (Voter ID number 103110328).
WARE, KATIE Marie (Voter ID number 103114727).

231 19TH ST SW
HERNANDEZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 102992252).

231 29TH ST SW
SMITH, CATHERINE Lynne (Voter ID number 100375778).
SMITH, SHANE Eugene (Voter ID number 100381148).

231 2ND ST SE
ELLIOTT, DAN V. (Voter ID number 103100561).

231 3RD ST SW
BAEZ, ARIEL (Voter ID number 103120155).
BAEZ, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 103018543).

GOLDIE, ROBIN Joy (Voter ID number 111542926).
WALLACE, TRACY (Voter ID number 103059610).

HAM, AMY L. (Voter ID number 102994062).
HAM, STEVEN Michael (Voter ID number 103038820).
MCLAUGHLIN, MAYSON Scot (Voter ID number 117742550).

2310 17TH ST SW
IMBRIALE, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 103077406).
RANDALL, LORI (Voter ID number 102996788).
IMBRIALE, NATALIE M. (Voter ID number 121169574).
IMBRIALE, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 103001989).

2310 19TH ST SW
MOLINA, GLADIS J. (Voter ID number 103120132).
MOLINA, JACQUELINE L. (Voter ID number 116188814).

2310 21ST ST SW
NORRIS, KATHRYN Lynn (Voter ID number 118036883).

2310 23RD ST SW
LONG, CYNTHIA L. (Voter ID number 114531628).

2310 2ND AVE SE
EVANS, NICOLAS Matthew (Voter ID number 103095871).

DESMOND -WHITE, CYNTHIA M. (Voter ID number 102984683).
WHITE, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number 102977666).

BARLEY, DAPHNE Donnielle (Voter ID number 112966912).

2311 10TH AVE SE
CARCUFFE, MARLAINA A. (Voter ID number 117490975).
LEWIS, JANINE M. (Voter ID number 103113482).
LEWIS, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number 103113475).
LEWIS, COURTNEY Helen (Voter ID number 119757557).

2311 19TH ST SW
HERSTINE, KRISTIN Bozich (Voter ID number 119669087).

2311 21ST ST SW
YOUNG, PAUL Alan (Voter ID number 102985369).

2311 8TH AVE SE
EVANS, ANTONIO M. (Voter ID number 120431129).
EVANS, SARAH Elizabeth (Voter ID number 103061375).

WHITAKER, JAMES H. (Voter ID number 103003117).

BEHLING, JACK Michael (Voter ID number 103026080).
MCMAHON, DANIEL W. (Voter ID number 103062194).
STEPP, CAROLYN Joan (Voter ID number 103066890).

2321 10TH AVE SE
REEDER, JEFFREY JOHN (Voter ID number 103008122).
REEDER, JOAN R. (Voter ID number 116809483).

2321 17TH ST SW
RALEIGH, CHRISTINE L. (Voter ID number 103004776).
RALEIGH, JASON L. (Voter ID number 102996637).
RALEIGH, JACOB Micheal (Voter ID number 119797568).

2321 8TH AVE SE
REYNOLDS, KEVIN B. (Voter ID number 103120510).

SULLIVAN, THOMAS MICHAEL (Voter ID number 102982795).

QUINN, ANITA Jo (Voter ID number 103047772).
QUINN, NICKOLAS Ian (Voter ID number 103052044).

VOELKER, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 102946068).

2330 17TH ST SW
GALINDO, BRANDON (Voter ID number 121035950).

2330 19TH ST SW
DONNELLY, KIMBERLY H. (Voter ID number 103129135).

MURPHY, DENISE Lee (Voter ID number 117082870).

JOHNSON-WOOLERY, DORIS Jane (Voter ID number 103122087).
JOHNSON, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 117418229).

PAOLETTA, ROBERT ALLEN (Voter ID number 116122066).
RAMOS, MICHAEL Shane (Voter ID number 114281616).
ZEITLER, CASSANDRA (Voter ID number 116467728).
PAOLETTA, LISA Rose (Voter ID number 114951044).

2331 19TH ST SW
FINNERTY, THERESA M. (Voter ID number 102964769).
RACIBORSKI, JOLENE Marie (Voter ID number 115905818).
DUNFEE PRESTON, JUNE Marie (Voter ID number 121278043).

2331 21ST ST SW
WOJTCZAK, WAYNE S. (Voter ID number 103155325).

2331 23RD ST SW
LAGERGREN, HENRIK Wilhelm (Voter ID number 118181728).

2331 2ND AVE SE
HARVEY, JACK (Voter ID number 103034473).

2331 4TH AVE SE
ANDERSON, NERY F. (Voter ID number 103142816).
MARTINEZ, ZULEMA (Voter ID number 103148380).
JOHNSON, ZULEIDYS M. (Voter ID number 103126020).

2331 6TH AVE SE
PEREZ, MARKOS A. (Voter ID number 117800329).
GASSIOT, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 101722117).

2331 8TH AVE SE
CAMPBELL, NINA Marie (Voter ID number 116157475).
HERNANDEZ, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 115483649).

BOWMAN, KEONIA K. (Voter ID number 103089762).
CACATIAN, OSCAR Fuertes (Voter ID number 117199995).

PATTON, ROBERT Charles (Voter ID number 102940473).

JIMENEZ, DENNIS Jeol (Voter ID number 115234339).
MATOS, YUNILA (Voter ID number 115234244).

LARUSSO, GIOVANNI (Voter ID number 103095051).

MICALE, FRANCO Nicolas (Voter ID number 120138372).
MICALE, CARINA Andrea (Voter ID number 115385304).
MICALE, HUGO Marcelo (Voter ID number 103072677).

2337 KEAN CT
EIDEM, JANET R. (Voter ID number 103085510).
EIDEM, HERMAN Roy (Voter ID number 103097964).

2340 21ST ST SW
GODWIN, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 103084044).
GODWIN, AARON Soule (Voter ID number 103019458).

HERNANDEZ ALBERTO, FLORENTINA Yolanda (Voter ID number 121292734).
RODES, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 118668141).
RODRIGUEZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 120439354).

MICCICHE, LAURA Jean (Voter ID number 103123215).
MICCICHE, SHAWN C. (Voter ID number 103117734).

2341 10TH AVE SE
DALEY, STACY James (Voter ID number 102963295).

2341 17TH ST SW
GILBERT, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 121060142).
VELEZ, EMANUEL (Voter ID number 111354820).
VELEZ, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 111345633).

2341 4TH AVE SE
ALDRICH, CHERYL D. (Voter ID number 102979202).
HUSKIN, BRANDON Michael (Voter ID number 119200636).
HUSKIN, KATHARINE Jane (Voter ID number 119018309).

HAMM, ROBYN LEIGH (Voter ID number 103027767).

CASTILLO, GEORGINA AQUILA (Voter ID number 102995108).
CASTILLO, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 119188250).

235 11TH ST SW
PIPER, JACK D. (Voter ID number 102946919).
PIPER, CHRISTINE S. (Voter ID number 102946918).
PIPER, ZACHARY D. (Voter ID number 115971145).
BICKFORD, LILY E. (Voter ID number 102977549).

235 14TH ST SE
IGNELL, WALTER Carl (Voter ID number 102963185).

235 18TH ST SE
LAURICH, COLLEEN M. (Voter ID number 103155031).
LAURICH, STANLEY M. (Voter ID number 102976617).
MOORE, HEATHER Ann (Voter ID number 117063252).
LAURICH, RYAN James (Voter ID number 119974538).
LAURICH, STANLEY Matt (Voter ID number 116592290).
CRAFT, HOLLY J. (Voter ID number 116079451).
LAURICH, DAVID Paul (Voter ID number 115201995).

PARRA, CLAUDIA Marcela (Voter ID number 119859942).
RICO, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 119859949).

2351 28TH AVE SE
FREITAS, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number 103020090).
FREITAS, MARSHA R. (Voter ID number 103020091).

MERCADO, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109794553).

2354 KEAN CT
ARCHIN, KERVIN P. (Voter ID number 115661712).
RODRIGUEZ, NETY J. (Voter ID number 103098328).

BAIR, BERNARD Clarence (Voter ID number 103006569).

2360 19TH ST SW
BEARDSLEY, GARY L. (Voter ID number 103045032).
BEARDSLEY, GLENDA S. (Voter ID number 111390737).

2360 21ST ST SW
BRINCK, TAMMY Lynn (Voter ID number 103042292).
BRINCK, WILLIAM Claiborne (Voter ID number 103042361).
SPENCE, DANIEL William (Voter ID number 117310296).

2360 23RD ST SW
HEAD, CHARLENE Robbins (Voter ID number 105017532).
KENNEY, LARRY Allen (Voter ID number 120834966).
CHESSER, DONALD Leroy (Voter ID number 102952900).
CHESSER, JOYCE Kenney (Voter ID number 103141250).
HEAD, FORREST Eliot (Voter ID number 103011729).
ARMSTRONG, RONALD Travis (Voter ID number 103072681).

2360 6TH AVE SE
SHAWL, TERRY Allen (Voter ID number 118655786).
MARSHALL, TRACY Lynn (Voter ID number 103091304).

KISH, CHAD (Voter ID number 103043255).
KISH, TANYA Rae (Voter ID number 114056860).

DIAZ, XIAMEX (Voter ID number 118446738).
DIAZ, YODELQUIS (Voter ID number 118446699).

STRINGER, MELISSA I. (Voter ID number 114482508).

2361 17TH ST SW
MARGELIS, EYLAND Lorrena (Voter ID number 119251075).
COLOMBO, DAVID F. (Voter ID number 120354947).

2361 19TH ST SW
NOLASCO, RICARDO C. (Voter ID number 103088795).

2361 21ST ST SW
WANCHENA, DOMINIC Michael (Voter ID number 116878874).
WANCHENA, THERESA Marie (Voter ID number 114403281).

ANDERS, DEBRA D. (Voter ID number 102942204).
MARGELIS, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 103147672).
MARGELIS, PAULINE J. (Voter ID number 103147400).
LAWSON, WAYNE Robert (Voter ID number 103034635).

BROWNFIELD, CONETTA Ann (Voter ID number 102966135).
BROWNFIELD, PATRICIA R. (Voter ID number 116564391).

ARPIN, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number 119168372).
GOULET, KRISTINA (Voter ID number 103084146).
COSPER, TIA Marie (Voter ID number 119948146).
HINKLE, TODD R. (Voter ID number 116059795).
KAELIN, HAROLD J. (Voter ID number 114324757).

MARTINEZ, HUMBERTO C. (Voter ID number 102999876).
MARTINEZ, SARA (Voter ID number 103115889).
RIVES, ELSA (Voter ID number 103012379).

2370 2ND AVE SE
BROWN, CHRISTIE Lynn (Voter ID number 103102995).
WALL, JOHN Michael (Voter ID number 119187238).

2370 39TH ST SW
DELGADO, FANY Isamar (Voter ID number 115790298).
DELGADO, SILVANO (Voter ID number 114296035).
GOMEZ, JUANA M. (Voter ID number 103104518).
RODRIGUEZ, JEZSIEL Lazaro (Voter ID number 116293788).

2370 6TH AVE SE
HERNANDEZ, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 115775797).
FIGAROLA, DANAISY (Voter ID number 116653653).

2370 8TH AVE SE
GUZZARDO, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 103044355).
GUZZARDO, NICOLE DIONNE (Voter ID number 103065612).
GUZZARDO, WANDA F. (Voter ID number 103043046).
BOBZIEN, GILBERT G. (Voter ID number 103044493).
GUZZARDO, BRANDON J. (Voter ID number 103045088).

2371 28TH AVE SE
HOBSON, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number 102971398).
SMITH, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 118397464).
HOBSON, ANDREA C. (Voter ID number 115004649).

2371 6TH AVE SE
CRAMER, ROBIN Lynn (Voter ID number 102946871).
CRAMER, PHILIP R. (Voter ID number 102951879).
RAINEY, DAYNA Renee (Voter ID number 117681918).

2374 19TH ST SW
LIGHT, NANCY J. (Voter ID number 103060329).

2375 72ND AVE SE
VISCEGUE, NANCY Reath (Voter ID number 103084361).

2380 10TH AVE SE
SCHRECKENGOST, LARRY (Voter ID number 103063981).
STEVENSON, TERESA W. (Voter ID number 103066256).

2380 19TH ST SW
WRIGHT, MICHAEL Tate (Voter ID number 114400103).

2380 2ND AVE SE
SEXTRO, CHRISTOPHER Jerome (Voter ID number 116348542).

2380 6TH AVE SE
CHALIL, ROBIN (Voter ID number 113946783).

KENNEDY, LENA M. (Voter ID number 103091213).
KENNEDY, STEVEN Thomas (Voter ID number 121081090).

DOOLING, ANDREW Lawson (Voter ID number 103029556).

BECKETT, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 103103106).

2381 10TH AVE SE
DRESSER, LINDA L. (Voter ID number 117357778).
PATTERSON, SHERRY Lynn (Voter ID number 102965801).

2381 17TH ST SW
VELIZ MARTINEZ, HORACIO (Voter ID number 119120537).

2381 21ST ST SW
DELLIMUTI, CHRISTINE Ann (Voter ID number 103048089).

2390 21ST ST SW
FEBLES, YANELYS (Voter ID number 103101598).

2390 6TH AVE SE
ROCHA, HILDA M. (Voter ID number 103099217).

GODDARD, WENDY L. (Voter ID number 116161649).

2391 17TH ST SW
ALLEN, COLLEEN E. (Voter ID number 103039566).
ALLEN, MIRANDA Jade (Voter ID number 117154618).
ALLEN, SAVANNAH A. (Voter ID number 117800355).
ALLEN, STEVE L. (Voter ID number 103144459).
CROSS, PATRICIA E. (Voter ID number 103091713).

2391 19TH ST SW
MOYHER, DAMEL T. (Voter ID number 103098304).

2391 8TH AVE SE
MCMAHON, JOSEPH Blake (Voter ID number 103068780).
NARWOLD, JASON Leonard (Voter ID number 116547295).
PELOSI, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 114858275).

240 12TH ST SE
FEAL, MONICA (Voter ID number 102982215).
ALFONSO TORRES, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 116035931).

240 13TH ST SW
MENDEZ, ELLEN M. (Voter ID number 100308932).
SINGH, ANDREW Gabriel (Voter ID number 117419551).
MENDEZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 103026552).

240 14TH ST SE
CUMMINGS, JAMES Craig (Voter ID number 119901257).

240 16TH ST SE
CIESLIK, MARSHA Kay (Voter ID number 119149776).
CIESLIK, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 119149777).

240 17TH ST SW
FARMER, A Megan (Voter ID number 114926017).
FARMER, DAVID H. (Voter ID number 102959997).

240 19TH ST SW
DENIS, TERESITA R. (Voter ID number 102979509).
CALDWELL, THOMAS W. (Voter ID number 103038438).
DENIS, TERESA (Voter ID number 103067692).
HERNANDEZ-CRUZ, JOSE H. (Voter ID number 103067693).
MIKENAS, SARA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 115868798).

240 23RD ST SW
JACOBSON, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 103156668).
SALSBURY, FARREL J. (Voter ID number 117210726).

240 25TH ST SW
PLOMMER, KIMBERLEY Anne (Voter ID number 116532702).
PLOMMER, AMY (Voter ID number 119705487).

240 29TH ST SW
PLUMMER, TROY ANDREW (Voter ID number 103117907).
RIDLEY, JENNIFER Holly (Voter ID number 102990277).
HALL, HEATHER Marie (Voter ID number 102998473).
PLUMMER, KRISTIN Dena (Voter ID number 103117614).

240 31ST ST SW
MEURER, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 102963018).

240 3RD ST SW
CAMPINS, ARITZA H. (Voter ID number 102988355).
CAMPINS, RAMIRO O. (Voter ID number 102988361).
CAMPINS, RYAN Lewis (Voter ID number 103092353).
FELL, KARISSA Marie (Voter ID number 113990791).
FELL, KENNEDY Madison (Voter ID number 103100709).

240 6TH ST SE
RODRIGUEZ, NATALIE (Voter ID number 116591507).

240 8TH ST SE
HUBING, JESSICA Easterly (Voter ID number 116510891).

240 9TH ST SW
DINGS, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number 103004838).
DINGS, TIA Danell (Voter ID number 120852709).
DINGS, TILAR Cassity (Voter ID number 119310439).
DINGS, WILLIAM Wesley (Voter ID number 103080621).

MUNSON, KATHLEEN F. (Voter ID number 102994318).
GARCIA, JOSE Ramon (Voter ID number 109695271).

HANLEY, SHIRLEY J. (Voter ID number 103098302).

241 13TH ST SW
LEGRIED, DAVID Paul (Voter ID number 103122857).
LEGRIED, MICHELLE Mangrum (Voter ID number 103097443).

241 15TH ST SW
KOMPHONPHAKDY, RICKY (Voter ID number 117402229).

241 16TH ST SE
BRAUN, CAROLYN Barrie (Voter ID number 114098718).
BRAUN, CONRAD S. (Voter ID number 103059509).

241 1ST ST SW
MORRELL, MARIE J. (Voter ID number 103036937).
HABLUTZEL, RUTH (Voter ID number 103128066).
HABLUTZEL, PETER (Voter ID number 103121824).

241 22ND ST SE
MITCHELL, JACOB PAUL (Voter ID number 103069839).
MITCHELL, STEPHEN JOHN (Voter ID number 103095235).
MITCHELL, ANGELA Sue (Voter ID number 103044432).
MITCHELL, JOHN B. (Voter ID number 103049658).
MITCHELL, KAREN Adams (Voter ID number 103028695).

241 25TH ST SW
MCELROY, MERIDETH A. (Voter ID number 103144486).
TREADWELL, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number 102977484).

241 31ST ST SW
GEBHART, CHRIS (Voter ID number 102986863).
GEBHART, LARRY E. (Voter ID number 103097238).

241 7TH ST SW
POTEET, SARAH A. (Voter ID number 102955697).
POTEET, MARK Lord (Voter ID number 102971503).
LEE, ALEXIS Inez (Voter ID number 120775378).
POTEET, VICTORIA Ann (Voter ID number 117362228).
POTEET, KEVIN (Voter ID number 119582371).

241 8TH ST SE
KANE, JEAN Frances (Voter ID number 102986251).

241 9TH ST SW
STONE, LINDA S. (Voter ID number 120489708).
HAMPER, ALAN Merritt (Voter ID number 103025674).

2410 19TH ST SW
MAYBERRY, BARBARA D. (Voter ID number 102942154).
MAYBERRY, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 102942291).

2410 2ND AVE SE
ALBRECHT, ANGELA Dawn (Voter ID number 118982490).

2410 39TH ST SW
GLENK, HAL SHEPPARD (Voter ID number 103069226).

2411 19TH ST SW
ADAMSON, MARK D. (Voter ID number 102997995).
MORRIS, WAYNE B. (Voter ID number 114138589).
CLINE, RACHAEL Sue (Voter ID number 121035700).
SHEARD, BERNARDO Claudia (Voter ID number 103137340).
MORRIS, ROSALBA M. (Voter ID number 114138596).

2414 19TH ST SW
NOYOLA, ROSAURA (Voter ID number 103039039).

2420 10TH AVE SE
ANDREW, RYAN C. (Voter ID number 103095852).
LEVINE, ROBERT N. (Voter ID number 103096569).

2420 2ND AVE SE
HARLOW, BRIAN Russle (Voter ID number 103012989).

2420 6TH AVE SE
DE LOSIER, VICKI S. (Voter ID number 116644758).
LEVANCE, CHET W. (Voter ID number 103019954).

2421 21ST ST SW
KANTNER, LAURIN Ashley (Voter ID number 117549365).
RAPP, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 102956338).
RAPP, TIMOTHY D. (Voter ID number 103001133).
KANTNER, JESSICA Sarah (Voter ID number 121085736).
KANTNER, LORI S W (Voter ID number 114892867).
KANTNER, ROBERT Oburn (Voter ID number 114882989).

2421 23RD ST SW
BOGGS, DEBBY A. (Voter ID number 103154593).
BOGGS, JOSEPH S. (Voter ID number 103011333).

2421 2ND AVE SE
GUERRA, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 116880612).

2421 8TH AVE SE
RODRIGUEZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 103115979).
LEON, ERNEST Jay (Voter ID number 109985598).
RODIGUEZ, NELSON (Voter ID number 103116032).

2425 12TH AVE SE
LEE, TANYA Dawn (Voter ID number 103112667).

2430 39TH ST SW
MCMAHON, LORI C. (Voter ID number 103074119).
MCMAHON, TAMMIE K. (Voter ID number 103068244).

2430 6TH AVE SE
MELENDEZ, CASTA Coromoto (Voter ID number 121339500).
ESTEVES, IVAN Enrique (Voter ID number 119821876).

BALLARD, RONALD DEWAYNE (Voter ID number 103119009).
BALLARD, TIFFANY MARIE (Voter ID number 103119041).
BILLINGS, CALVIN Lee (Voter ID number 119303277).
SPIRES, CHRISTOPHER S. (Voter ID number 119045444).

2431 10TH AVE SE
LAZARUS, JOAN EVADNE (Voter ID number 103109275).
BLAKE, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 120620993).

2431 19TH ST SW
LLERENA, LEIDIANA T. (Voter ID number 102976179).

2431 8TH AVE SE
GRANT, EDWARD W. (Voter ID number 103112985).
THURSTON, LARRY G. (Voter ID number 103029211).

2440 23RD ST SW
HARGIS, REBEKAH Suzanne (Voter ID number 107386733).
HARGIS, FRED Jacob (Voter ID number 114288407).
HARGIS, CATHY J. (Voter ID number 103065616).

2440 8TH AVE SE
CARON, MERYL R. (Voter ID number 103142035).

2441 2ND AVE SE
SUARDIAZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 117548258).
CHACON, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 118837191).
SUARDIAZ, LUIS W. (Voter ID number 118508555).
SUARDIAZ, LETICIA (Voter ID number 115113211).

2441 8TH AVE SE
HERMAN, NICHOLAS P. (Voter ID number 102970732).
ERWIN, MICHAEL Benjamin (Voter ID number 120891399).
HERMAN, CHERYL Ann (Voter ID number 102998004).

QUICK, SARAH ANNE (Voter ID number 103100319).

ERWIN, JESSICA Lee (Voter ID number 103018616).
ERWIN, SCOTT David (Voter ID number 103074662).

LUJAN, MARIA (Voter ID number 103147309).
LUJAN, RAMON (Voter ID number 103146486).
RODRIGUEZ, ANGEL MANUEL (Voter ID number 103131617).
LUJAN PEREZ, MARTHA M. (Voter ID number 115011310).
TORRES LUJAN, JEANETTE M. (Voter ID number 115011378).

2470 39TH ST SW
PENA, JANE L Pariseau (Voter ID number 103145499).
JACOBS, MARK Anthony (Voter ID number 120767858).

BERENS, MICHAEL Scott (Voter ID number 102994262).
BERENS, VERONIQUE Rae (Voter ID number 103089526).

2480 54TH AVE SE
GRAVITT, DAVID Neal (Voter ID number 111782351).
KLINDT, MATTHEW Steven (Voter ID number 108635877).

2490 39TH ST SW
MEADE, LORENE COLEY (Voter ID number 103025627).
JACOBS, JOSEPHINE J. (Voter ID number 117140972).
JACOBS, CHERYL L. (Voter ID number 115263864).

LAROCCO, NICHOLAS Louis (Voter ID number 103011576).

BARBUTO, ELLEN A. (Voter ID number 102955143).
SCHELLER, THOMAS W. (Voter ID number 103012246).

JENKINS, SARAH (Voter ID number 102951122).
JENKINS, DOYLE W. (Voter ID number 102977453).

VUKOVIC, PREDRAG (Voter ID number 103089297).

2510 4TH AVE SE
DENNEY, SILVIA (Voter ID number 102990854).
DENNEY, ALICE G. (Voter ID number 105281023).

2511 8TH AVE SE
FILLMORE, MARK Albert (Voter ID number 103071855).
PERAZA, RENAMADA LORENZO (Voter ID number 103123387).
FILLMORE, CAITLIN Ann (Voter ID number 119331561).

MARTIN, GINGER Mc Pherson (Voter ID number 102992850).

2520 4TH AVE SE
JONES, BRYAN Alan (Voter ID number 118938036).
GUERRA-THOMPSON, ANA Marie (Voter ID number 103088591).

2521 2ND AVE SE
VENTO, KRISTY Lee (Voter ID number 103042444).

2521 4TH AVE SE
VALENTINI, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 102987427).
BISHOP, MICHAEL William (Voter ID number 115311652).
BURNS, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 118587393).

2521 6TH AVE SE
SANTOS, WANDA (Voter ID number 103111647).
GONZALEZ, RAYZA Blanca (Voter ID number 120828287).

2521 8TH AVE SE
YOUNG, DEBORAH Michele (Voter ID number 118350853).
WILSON, MARVEN (Voter ID number 119188301).

SIESING, RICHARD Harry (Voter ID number 103105432).

FAMULARE, DEBBIE M. (Voter ID number 102970861).

2530 4TH AVE SE
HINOJOSA, ELVIRA (Voter ID number 102982000).

SCHAMBELAN, ROLAND J. (Voter ID number 111429981).

WORTH, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 103016393).
WEAVER, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 102984701).
WORTH, GARY B. (Voter ID number 103015513).

2540 2ND AVE SE
DIAZ-PIZ, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 116879641).

2540 39TH ST SW
MIRAGAYA, ANAIRAM (Voter ID number 102993629).
ALVARADO, ESMERALDA (Voter ID number 103070647).
EGBERT, KENYON E. (Voter ID number 103002788).

2540 4TH AVE SE
REPICKY, DENA S. (Voter ID number 116626420).
HUAYTA, MARIA Almeida (Voter ID number 119672339).
HUAYTA, LORGIO R. (Voter ID number 120944273).

2540 8TH AVE SE
HAMBLEN, MICHAEL JOHN (Voter ID number 103015308).
HEMBLEN, MICHELL Lynn (Voter ID number 103043461).

JACKSON, DENNIS D. (Voter ID number 103088444).
JACKSON, MARILYN J. (Voter ID number 103088442).

2551 INEZ RD
GUZMAN, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 111335459).

2560 18TH AVE SE
ALLEN, STEVEN McKinley (Voter ID number 119011162).
ALLEN, BONNIE Marie (Voter ID number 103014005).

2560 2ND AVE SE
HOLDEN, DIANA Suzanne (Voter ID number 115187693).
HOLDEN, JOHN Joseph (Voter ID number 115105616).
KREBS, CHERYL Lynn (Voter ID number 103042351).

2560 32ND AVE SE
MCGEE, THEDA F. (Voter ID number 102969878).
DUNSHEE, SCOTT Marlin (Voter ID number 103103654).
DUNSHEE, BARBARA Lee (Voter ID number 116257455).
MCGEE, DEAN E. (Voter ID number 103110542).

2560 40TH AVE SE
HENDRIX, FRANKIE S. (Voter ID number 103111905).

2560 4TH AVE SE
DEAN, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 102978096).
HOPKINS-DEAN, MELISSA K. (Voter ID number 102978108).
BARBEE, TERRY Eugene (Voter ID number 115822503).
BUCKLESS, GORDON James (Voter ID number 114547622).
ALLIOT, FRANK L. (Voter ID number 114531613).
CASSANITI, CHRISTIN A. (Voter ID number 112999172).

2560 8TH AVE SE
PALOMBA, TOMMASO (Voter ID number 118650689).

VANDIVIER, MARK H. (Voter ID number 102967980).
VANDIVIER, PENNY L. (Voter ID number 103001282).

2561 2ND AVE SE
MALDONADO, JOSE (Voter ID number 116991664).
MALDONADO, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 116978742).

2561 4TH AVE SE
HERNANDEZ, RIENA Delizza (Voter ID number 118864847).

2561 6TH AVE SE
ORTEGA, ANNIA Maria (Voter ID number 103030396).
MACHIN, YANEL (Voter ID number 110196708).

LANDAVERDE, BRENDA Coral (Voter ID number 115995643).
LANDAVERDE, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 117778257).
LANDAVERDE, JACINTO J. (Voter ID number 115770755).
LANDAVERDE, PROVIDENCIA (Voter ID number 119211319).

2565 18TH AVE SE
CARUANA, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 103121373).
ALLEN, CHRISTOPHER David (Voter ID number 110059772).
INMAN, REBECCA Nicole (Voter ID number 110129398).

PATTON, HEATHER M. (Voter ID number 103054379).

2568 24TH AVE SE
VERNON, CHARLENE L. (Voter ID number 115579455).
LEE, JUSTIN J. (Voter ID number 116591810).
LEE, DESMOND C. (Voter ID number 114892198).

2570 20TH AVE SE
AURELIO, RUI P. (Voter ID number 103111316).
AURELIO, ALYSON (Voter ID number 103111267).
AURELIO, KATRINA J. (Voter ID number 103111314).

2571 2ND AVE SE
RETAMOZA, BRISDELMA (Voter ID number 103077610).
RETAMOZA, MELISSA (Voter ID number 103127710).
RODRIGUEZ, MARY Dorka (Voter ID number 118582210).

2575 10TH AVE SE
SIZEMORE, CHARLES W. (Voter ID number 117574786).
WHEELER, MARILYN Willey (Voter ID number 103149586).

2580 14TH AVE SE
SHARP, ELAINE (Voter ID number 119261692).
SHARP, RALPH Francis (Voter ID number 119261398).
SHARP, COURTNEY Elise (Voter ID number 120039813).

2580 4TH AVE SE
REYNOLDS, FRANCIS Todd (Voter ID number 115535216).
TIPTON, MELISSA Alison (Voter ID number 103056348).

2580 6TH AVE SE
TATE, ALEX CLINTON (Voter ID number 103128354).

SMITH, DEBRA D. (Voter ID number 101390999).

2585 12TH AVE SE
HUBER, KIMBERLY Christine (Voter ID number 119098230).
HUBER, SCOTT DOUGLAS (Voter ID number 103009849).
STANLEY, SHAWN F. (Voter ID number 103077166).

2590 39TH ST SW
LAMBERT, SIMON Timothy (Voter ID number 116095156).
RUBIANES, ELBA I. (Voter ID number 102974287).
RUBIANES, HILDA E. (Voter ID number 103040195).
JABER, VALERIE Shamae (Voter ID number 106282922).
RODRIGUEZ, GRACE (Voter ID number 116524938).
RODRIGUEZ, JAIRO Fidel (Voter ID number 116524946).

KRINOCK, BERNARD Dale (Voter ID number 103153110).

2591 2ND AVE SE
SCOTT, ROBERT JOHN (Voter ID number 103130654).

KING, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number 103109373).
KING, NICHOLAS Daniel (Voter ID number 118591154).
KLUEVER, KAY M. (Voter ID number 102955679).
HEMPHILL, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number 103115843).
ROUSE, BEJAY (Voter ID number 116579695).

260 11TH ST SW
MORALES, RICARDO R. (Voter ID number 120130413).
MORALES, NAIVI (Voter ID number 119073241).
MORALES, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 117248007).

260 12TH ST SE
VANHOOK, JEROME (Voter ID number 103025413).
DUFFY, CHRISTOPHER John (Voter ID number 103070149).

260 13TH ST SW
BEGUERI, CARLOS ARIEL (Voter ID number 103070995).
RINCON MARTINEZ, MADALID (Voter ID number 116292740).
PARKS, CADIA Camilla (Voter ID number 103112940).
PARKS, DEAN Michael (Voter ID number 102978035).

260 14TH ST SE
ENGLAND, ANN M. (Voter ID number 112416514).
JONES, DOUGLAS L. (Voter ID number 103115329).
STEPHENS, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 115954150).

260 18TH ST SE
FRANCO, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 103106358).
FRANCO, CHELSEA Lanelle (Voter ID number 103063491).

260 19TH ST SW
CASTRO-GONZALEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 117375379).
HERNANDEZ, MARITZA (Voter ID number 118117261).
CASTRO, SERGIO (Voter ID number 119804678).
NELSON, SARAH Siesennop (Voter ID number 103031887).

260 20TH ST SE
NELSON, FRANKIE James (Voter ID number 117464708).
NELSON, JUDY Ann (Voter ID number 117811215).
NELSON, NICKOLAS Lee (Voter ID number 120568548).
NELSON, JAMES Dennis (Voter ID number 103041292).

260 21ST ST SW
KALAFARSKI, ERIC B. (Voter ID number 114780274).
ESCOBAR-KALAFARSKI, ISOBEL (Voter ID number 102968752).
KALAFARSKI, JOHN T. (Voter ID number 102968557).

260 27TH ST SW
FRANCO, DENISE Looney (Voter ID number 102945773).
FRANCO, ALEXANDREA (Voter ID number 117037352).

260 29TH ST SW
CRUZ, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 102964351).
SUAREZ, OSMEL (Voter ID number 117361526).

260 31ST ST SW
SCHOELLER, LYNDA G. (Voter ID number 103084576).

260 7TH ST SW
CLARKSON, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 103023704).
CLARKSON, DEBORAH Clements (Voter ID number 102995640).

260 8TH ST SE
PEREZ, ALEXANDRA ZEH (Voter ID number 103097295).
PEREZ, MICHAEL Max (Voter ID number 118724208).
PEREZ, NATALIE Katelynn (Voter ID number 120680660).
ZEH, DARLENE Yvette (Voter ID number 110095745).
PEREZ, JOSE Cecilio (Voter ID number 109581277).

260 9TH ST SW
HERNANDEZ, EVELYN (Voter ID number 101793682).
HERNANDEZ, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 101793658).

KOPPIN, GEORGIE Lee (Voter ID number 105442885).

SISTRUNK, SARAH Ann (Voter ID number 120963852).
SISTRUNK, STEVEN Robert (Voter ID number 103135779).
SISTRUNK, RHONDA Kay (Voter ID number 103084802).
SISTRUNK, STEVEN Robert (Voter ID number 103084835).

261 11TH ST SW
KELLY, LARRY MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103082048).
KELLY, PEGGY (Voter ID number 102966773).
FLYNN, NICOLE E. (Voter ID number 103021780).
FLYNN, DARREN Paul (Voter ID number 116762062).

261 12TH ST SE
SOTO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 115857152).
SOTO, TAMMY Leonor (Voter ID number 103079992).
SOTO, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 109189334).
RAMIREZ, ENA R. (Voter ID number 103080203).

261 13TH ST SW
EMBRY, HELEN J. (Voter ID number 115824825).
EMBRY, WILLIAM Larry (Voter ID number 100184622).
WALKER, BENJAMIN Garrett (Voter ID number 118219789).
WALKER, STACEY L. (Voter ID number 103018603).
WALKER, KRISTI Lei (Voter ID number 103029291).

261 16TH ST SE
MOUNT, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 102962663).
MOUNT, WILLIAM Michael Arthur (Voter ID number 117379157).
SPICER, BETTY Louise (Voter ID number 114315745).

261 17TH ST SW
CASE-BRADLEY, CATHERINE C. (Voter ID number 102944879).
FAZZONE, JOHN Armand (Voter ID number 116494872).

261 19TH ST SW
SANTOS, ADELA Spinney (Voter ID number 103046972).
SANTOS, BRIAN Lee (Voter ID number 116816866).
SANTOS, KATRINA (Voter ID number 119627678).
DIAZ, TAMARA (Voter ID number 102995447).

261 20TH ST SE
JONES, HUBERT Montgomery (Voter ID number 109705847).
SAINVILUS, JAMES (Voter ID number 103076985).
COMPTON, THEODORE Curtis (Voter ID number 103091901).

261 21ST ST SW
BURKART, GUNTHER (Voter ID number 116188149).

261 27TH ST SW
SANTORA, DOMENIC R. (Voter ID number 103006751).
SANTORA, NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 115342529).
SANTORA, KIM (Voter ID number 103038443).

261 2ND ST SE
RICKARD, SUSAN L. (Voter ID number 118368506).
RICKARD, RICHARD Danny (Voter ID number 103136518).

261 3RD ST SW
BACHOTA, FREDERICK Andrew (Voter ID number 102961254).
BACHOTA, JACOB Reese (Voter ID number 117402258).
BACHOTA, LISA L. (Voter ID number 102947183).
PALERMO, ALEXANDREA Lynn (Voter ID number 120538841).

BENJAMIN, ROSANNA L. (Voter ID number 103066588).

2610 39TH ST SW
MEDINA, ANTONIA (Voter ID number 103098151).

WALKER, BENJAMIN P. (Voter ID number 103093382).
WALKER, DEBORAH L. (Voter ID number 103142588).
WALKER, MATTHEW Lee (Voter ID number 117396860).

BROWN, BARRY (Voter ID number 102947198).
BROWN, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 102938047).
BROWN, BARRY Alan (Voter ID number 119325806).
BROWN, SIMONE April (Voter ID number 114716115).

2620 20TH AVE SE
LOPEZ-HENDERSON, CRISTELLA (Voter ID number 103000813).

2620 26TH AVE SE
SHAW, STEVEN ALLEN (Voter ID number 103058420).
SHAW, MARA Kay (Voter ID number 115314860).

2620 2ND AVE SE
FIFE, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 102940345).
PENNA, ANGELO J R (Voter ID number 114527130).

2620 4TH AVE SE
GUTIERREZ, ELY ABNER (Voter ID number 103128147).
RODRIGUEZ, YANINA C. (Voter ID number 115585298).
ROCHA, CANDIDA Rosa (Voter ID number 121068762).
RODRIGUEZ, IVAN (Voter ID number 116279060).

2620 6TH AVE SE
HUMPHRIES, DILLON Rain (Voter ID number 103134155).
MURRAY, JOYCE A. (Voter ID number 102993402).
MURRAY, RUSSELL John (Voter ID number 119091828).
PARSONS, TRAVIS Keith (Voter ID number 118189774).

2621 6TH AVE SE
ROBERTS, JACQUELINE LEE (Voter ID number 103027688).
ROBERTS, JAMES (Voter ID number 103074163).
ROBERTS, JOEL J. (Voter ID number 103046539).
SAMS, ASHLEE C. (Voter ID number 120431053).

DOUGHERTY, DALTON Lee (Voter ID number 116094917).
RITZ, ERIK N. (Voter ID number 102939660).
DOUGHERTY, CIARA Lucille (Voter ID number 103130100).
INFANTE, KATIUSKA G. (Voter ID number 102984966).

2624 20TH AVE SE
PENA, ANNETTE Yanira (Voter ID number 103041385).
LEET, ROBERT Dean (Voter ID number 120603499).
MARTIN, CAROLYN Watson (Voter ID number 120581653).
FOLCH, LYDIA Esther (Voter ID number 115169012).
FOLCH, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 103041776).

2625 10TH AVE SE
AKERS, AUSTIN Robert (Voter ID number 118813861).
AKERS, TRISHA Ann (Voter ID number 102941158).
MEDGIN, KAORI (Voter ID number 121046978).

2625 12TH AVE SE
DAVILA, MELENE H. (Voter ID number 103042189).
DAVILA, RAMON (Voter ID number 102971840).

2625 40TH AVE SE
ALVAREZ, RICHARD (Voter ID number 110267938).
VALENTIN, CRYSTAL Maria (Voter ID number 120960082).
ALVAREZ, LAZARO M. (Voter ID number 103058810).

2626 20TH AVE SE
SHORETTE, MILLARD (Voter ID number 120260716).

2627 24TH AVE SE
GALAVIZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 103121135).
GALAVIZ, JASMINE Rocio (Voter ID number 103106321).

2630 18TH AVE SE
ABREU CRUZ, DINEYA (Voter ID number 120909106).

2630 34TH AVE SE
SMITH, RACHEL Ann (Voter ID number 118916306).
SMITH, MATHEW T. (Voter ID number 117402210).
SMITH, TRACY Rae (Voter ID number 103062075).

2630 8TH AVE SE
HOFMANN, DENNIS K. (Voter ID number 103122849).
HOFMANN, MARCELLA A. (Voter ID number 103122904).
HOFMANN, DENNIS K. (Voter ID number 120459235).
HOFMANN, MARCELLA A. (Voter ID number 120459408).

2631 28TH AVE SE
LOPEZ, IVON Guerra (Voter ID number 109411382).
LOPEZ, JUAN Pablo (Voter ID number 109474429).
RODRIGUEZ, JANESSI Beatriz (Voter ID number 116887795).

2631 2ND AVE SE
MACIAS, RUBEN (Voter ID number 103106160).
BURROSO, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 120045235).
BURROSO, ELIONAY (Voter ID number 115354257).

2634 18TH AVE SE
DE LOS RIOS, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 120129123).

2636 20TH AVE SE
CHAPMAN, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 103003379).

2638 18TH AVE SE
BELLOT, FELIX J. (Voter ID number 119866183).
LLANES, SERGIO Elias (Voter ID number 103067006).
CARRILLO, MARIA Caridad (Voter ID number 109657544).

2640 18TH AVE SE
LOPIN, SHAYNE Michael (Voter ID number 115065093).

2640 39TH ST SW
EDMOND, WILKENS (Voter ID number 103027172).
EDMOND, WILLIAM T. (Voter ID number 103120896).
HERSHMAN, DARRYL (Voter ID number 103022104).
COOPER, STUART Lee (Voter ID number 103111714).
EDMOND, NIKKI Jeannie (Voter ID number 103130025).
MACK, LAUREN Ashley (Voter ID number 117413214).
EDMOND, ISLAND (Voter ID number 103081855).

2640 4TH AVE SE
WILLIAMS, YVONNE Sosa (Voter ID number 103120619).

2640 6TH AVE SE
BRODERICK, KATHLEEN (Voter ID number 102985169).

2640 8TH AVE SE
ROSSBACH, PATRICK Shane (Voter ID number 103064300).
SHUTTS, LYNN Marie (Voter ID number 113964515).

BARKMAN, IVONNE Mercado (Voter ID number 103126993).

MULCAHY, JOHN Alfred (Voter ID number 117903498).
DOELER, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 117889171).

2641 28TH AVE SE
ANDERSON, ROBYN (Voter ID number 102957702).
GONZALEZ, ALEXANDER Adam (Voter ID number 120523545).
SPRUNG, NEIL Andrew (Voter ID number 101836711).

2641 2ND AVE SE
WOBBE, MICHAEL ANTHONY (Voter ID number 103037560).
PATTON, JESSICA (Voter ID number 116826527).
PATTON, JOSHUA B. (Voter ID number 115954637).

2641 4TH AVE SE
LAW, AMANDA Marie (Voter ID number 103138062).

2641 6TH AVE SE
RIVERA HUERTAS, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 117242589).

HILL, DARCY Lynn (Voter ID number 120452534).
STEELE, ADAM Wade (Voter ID number 120537092).

2645 10TH AVE SE
PHIPPS, RICHARD (Voter ID number 115263859).
BOOTH, ALLIE Ilene (Voter ID number 120388988).
FAULHABER, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 117308897).
PHIPPS, CAROL K. (Voter ID number 102947839).

2645 12TH AVE SE
DAVILA, ELIZABETH T. (Voter ID number 103032661).

2645 24TH AVE SE
DUNN, STACEY Susette (Voter ID number 116646852).
ELMORE, MARIANELA (Voter ID number 121174898).
ELMORE, CHRISTOPHER Lee (Voter ID number 115669942).

2647 14TH AVE SE
PEREZ, JUAN Ramon (Voter ID number 118351671).
HILTON, PAULA S. (Voter ID number 113965041).

265 21ST ST SW
WALTERS, ERIK J. (Voter ID number 103012020).
LEONE, TRISTIAN D. (Voter ID number 121160717).

265 8TH ST SE
HEDSTROM, WARREN Everett (Voter ID number 120598491).
TOMEI, TONI Lee (Voter ID number 102943929).
HEDSTROM, NELLIE G. (Voter ID number 120618466).

2650 2ND AVE SE
SANCHEZ, VERONICA (Voter ID number 103135912).

SMITH, ELIZABETH L. (Voter ID number 106219429).
THOMPSON, KIM Elaine (Voter ID number 103017217).

2655 40TH AVE SE
COLLINS, ANNE-MARIE A. (Voter ID number 109430790).

2660 10TH AVE SE
NUMA, SAINVILDOR (Voter ID number 116570608).

2660 14TH AVE SE
BERNETICH, LINDA E. (Voter ID number 103135966).
BERNETICH, BRITTANY Lynn (Voter ID number 120810862).
BERNETICH, CHRISTOPHER S. (Voter ID number 103136016).

2660 18TH AVE SE
MARTINEZ, MICHEAL Austin (Voter ID number 118910540).
STARKWEATHER, R D. (Voter ID number 102997286).
VON HEIMBURG, JEFFERY Aaron (Voter ID number 119941873).
VON HEIMBURG, KATHRYN Earlene (Voter ID number 119961251).

2660 24TH AVE SE
HERNANDEZ, INGRIS Judelka (Voter ID number 100338225).

2660 2ND AVE SE
MOLINA-LARA, GLORIA Milagros (Voter ID number 103057821).

2660 4TH AVE SE
MITCHELL, BRAIXHANA Marie (Voter ID number 119192789).
NUNEZ, LESLEY Marie (Voter ID number 103137269).

2660 6TH AVE SE
GARCIA SANCHEZ, IGNACIO (Voter ID number 115940203).
GARCIA, MAYRA Alejandra (Voter ID number 117698999).
GIRON, ORALIA (Voter ID number 118994855).
GARCIA, DAVID Ignacio (Voter ID number 120856443).

2660 8TH AVE SE
REYES, BARBARA (Voter ID number 116965461).
NOY, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 120149909).

2661 28TH AVE SE
MARTIN, ALFRED Levi (Voter ID number 115042972).

2661 30TH AVE SE
FAIRBANKS, DIANE Mary (Voter ID number 119125038).
FAIRBANKS, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 119125039).

2665 10TH AVE SE
LABOA, BRANDON J. (Voter ID number 116198439).

2665 14TH AVE SE
LOUIS PIERRE, SAVILIA M. (Voter ID number 119394684).
LOUIS PIERRE, VILLY (Voter ID number 119394676).

2665 24TH AVE SE
PADRON, MANUEL (Voter ID number 116790458).
CHAVEZ, ANAID Lisset (Voter ID number 119458147).
CHAVEZ, DIANA L. (Voter ID number 103116077).
VAZQUEZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 116791254).

2670 10TH AVE SE
RABANAL, NATIVDAD G. (Voter ID number 103084578).
RABANAL, ROGELIO Eduardo (Voter ID number 103070711).
RABANAL, VERONICA Ashley (Voter ID number 118714491).

2670 12TH AVE SE
SMILEY, RALPH (Voter ID number 118517569).
SMILEY, SUSAN Michelle (Voter ID number 118518941).

2670 2ND AVE SE
CHERENFANT, MIRLANDO (Voter ID number 117398273).
CHERENFANT, CHMERLINE (Voter ID number 116199566).
CHERENFANT, ALZURINE (Voter ID number 103023627).
CHERENFANT, GUY Notable (Voter ID number 102999500).

2670 30TH AVE SE
COBAN, JAMES Dallas (Voter ID number 103023760).
DAVIS, GLENN RICHARD (Voter ID number 103065550).
DAVIS, CHRISTINE Marie (Voter ID number 112048458).
DAVIS, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number 103107716).

2670 4TH AVE SE
PEREZ, GENNY (Voter ID number 103124658).
SANTAMARIN, OSCAR Orlando (Voter ID number 119266953).

2670 8TH AVE SE
GONZALEZ-CARMONA, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 120240184).
MONTIEL, GRISELDA J. (Voter ID number 120240124).

2671 28TH AVE SE
WHITE, SARAH Jean (Voter ID number 118970092).
ZOPP, JOHN Paul (Voter ID number 118920381).

2671 8TH AVE SE
SCOTT, WILLIAM JOSEPH (Voter ID number 103119289).
SCOTT, CINDY Ann (Voter ID number 103021482).

O'HARA, LESLEE R. (Voter ID number 102987949).
HASTY, HEIDI S. (Voter ID number 117371216).

2675 10TH AVE SE
ALFONSO, RAISEL ISABEL (Voter ID number 103133323).
DOMINGUEZ-CRUZ, JOEL Florencio (Voter ID number 121292426).
ALFONSO, MAXIMO Enrique (Voter ID number 103077666).

2675 12TH AVE SE
FOSTER, KRYSTAL Lynn (Voter ID number 103115834).

2675 34TH AVE SE
ALONSO, JUAN (Voter ID number 115697885).

2680 18TH AVE SE
BRAUER, LAUREN Renee (Voter ID number 103087680).

2680 20TH AVE SE
CONRAD, KARINA (Voter ID number 111992056).
CONRAD, BLANCA R. (Voter ID number 103072357).
CONRAD, ZENON (Voter ID number 103072351).
SANTANA, ROSA D. (Voter ID number 103081363).

2680 24TH AVE SE
SEELEY, WARD Wayne (Voter ID number 103121970).
CHARLES, CHYNNA Ari Ann (Voter ID number 116451153).
DAMAS, JEAN Gilles (Voter ID number 103093682).

2680 32ND AVE SE
STRICKLAND, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 108952574).
FALL, LOTY S. (Voter ID number 109525156).

2680 38TH AVE SE
MONTERO, RANDALL D. (Voter ID number 120234927).
MONTERO, LIZETTE Anne (Voter ID number 109977047).

2680 6TH AVE SE
PEREZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 103067685).
PIGUEIRAS, JOSE F. (Voter ID number 115755499).

POPIELARZ, ELZBIETA G. (Voter ID number 103123433).
POPIELARZ, THOMASZ STANISLAW (Voter ID number 103107728).
POPIELARZ, HENRYK (Voter ID number 114819215).

2681 2ND AVE SE
LEYVA, GRISELDA Reyna (Voter ID number 120437726).

2681 4TH AVE SE
LINDSAY, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 103010924).
LINDSAY, MERRY S. (Voter ID number 117860134).
LINDSAY, ERIC Randell (Voter ID number 103065682).

2681 6TH AVE SE
BUCK, DEBORAH ANN (Voter ID number 103033351).
BUCK, JERRY GORDON (Voter ID number 103033433).
DUNSMORE, DAVID Todd (Voter ID number 116979746).
STELPFLUG, JOHN Cyril (Voter ID number 118591383).
STELPFLUG, DIANE Lee (Voter ID number 118610466).

2685 12TH AVE SE
GULIS, ALEKSANDR Ivanovich (Voter ID number 118687466).

2685 14TH AVE SE
ELLIOTT, HOWARD R. (Voter ID number 103108475).

2685 18TH AVE SE
SEPESI, EILEEN A. (Voter ID number 103046792).
SEPESI, NICOLE (Voter ID number 120179441).

2685 22ND AVE SE
EDMONDS, REGINALD Bryan (Voter ID number 103083085).
JECH, JEAN Marie (Voter ID number 103056640).

2690 16TH AVE SE
JONES, DOROTHY C. (Voter ID number 102992844).

2690 38TH AVE SE
GARCIA, MONICA (Voter ID number 103022308).

BOLIVAR, GUILLERMO Eduardo (Voter ID number 103028444).
NADAL, DORA (Voter ID number 103110889).

270 16TH ST SE
GAYDASH, STEPHEN M. (Voter ID number 103012514).
FAULKENBURY, JOHN Michael (Voter ID number 121032970).

270 17TH ST SW
COTE, MICHELLE D. (Voter ID number 102986225).

270 25TH ST SW
JUTKIEWICZ, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 102986350).
JUTKIEWICZ, NOREEN E. (Voter ID number 102939425).
JUTKIEWICZ, MICHAEL George (Voter ID number 116978347).

270 5TH ST SW
WOODS, JOSH B. (Voter ID number 103100661).
BENIGAS, ANTHONY Thomas (Voter ID number 113507588).
RULE, BRYAN Guy (Voter ID number 113727969).
RULE, AMANDA Lee (Voter ID number 113629698).

271 16TH ST SE
NEGHERBON, WALTER A. (Voter ID number 116930517).

271 18TH ST SE
SCHANK, KIPPI R. (Voter ID number 103154597).
SCHANK, GEORGE R. (Voter ID number 103155505).

271 7TH ST SW
BECKMAN, ROBIN C. (Voter ID number 103016175).
BECKMAN, TODD B. (Voter ID number 103088031).
BECKMAN, MATTHEW Todd (Voter ID number 103120980).
RIKER, AARON T. (Voter ID number 102995099).

OGDEN, KATHLEEN (Voter ID number 103009222).
OGDEN, WARNELL L. (Voter ID number 103013819).

2710 34TH AVE SE
FRANCIS, NICOLE Jacquelyn (Voter ID number 117892762).

BRENNER, SHERRY S. (Voter ID number 102999429).

BARDAL, THERESE Ann (Voter ID number 102968185).
MATHEWS, ROBERT Edward (Voter ID number 103124949).
MATHEWS, RONDA N. (Voter ID number 117001141).

2711 2ND AVE SE
GREEN, LINDA T. (Voter ID number 102961597).
GREEN, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 102961598).
GREEN, PATRICK Scott (Voter ID number 103120716).
GREEN, JASON Todd (Voter ID number 103022363).

2711 4TH AVE SE
HAMLET, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 114311430).

ORNELAS, NICHOLAS Raymond (Voter ID number 120976434).

2715 18TH AVE SE
LIND, BARRY William (Voter ID number 102963451).
MICHAEL, VIRGINIA NUSS (Voter ID number 103081160).
COLEMAN, BARBARA (Voter ID number 102949188).
EWELL, MARI (Voter ID number 103133559).
FAGAN, ANNIE Lorraine (Voter ID number 117987930).
EWELL, CHESTER H. (Voter ID number 103005847).

2720 10TH AVE SE
BAXTER, JEREMY R. (Voter ID number 103091259).
BAXTER, MONICA Sue (Voter ID number 103050837).
MOORE, MONICA (Voter ID number 103019964).

2720 12TH AVE SE
HERNANDEZ OCAMPO, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 119020404).
CANON, CLAUDIA A. (Voter ID number 118594854).
HERNANDEZ OSPINA, JORGE E. (Voter ID number 121218909).

2720 16TH AVE SE
LOPEZ, ONEL (Voter ID number 115317189).

2720 18TH AVE SE
VINA DE CARDENAS, ALBA Marina (Voter ID number 103139456).

2720 24TH AVE SE
DAVIS, BRIAN Lee (Voter ID number 111660809).
DAVIS, LISSA Louise (Voter ID number 111660617).
MOLL, TAMMY L. (Voter ID number 120760751).

2720 28TH AVE SE
IBERICO LUCIO, CARMEN Cirila (Voter ID number 118985795).

2720 4TH AVE SE
KING, KENDRICK D. (Voter ID number 118071780).
GARDNER, GREGORY S. (Voter ID number 103092950).
KING, KYNA Belle (Voter ID number 102988041).
KING, GEORGE Frederick (Voter ID number 102988040).

2720 8TH AVE SE
NUNEZ HERNANDEZ, ANACAONA (Voter ID number 103128163).
VEGA, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 118099685).
VEGA, LUIS (Voter ID number 103106891).
VEGA, LYACONY (Voter ID number 116590506).

CRIST, TIMOTHY Jon (Voter ID number 117365439).

FORESTER, LINDA S. (Voter ID number 102994679).
POST, CHRISTIAN B. (Voter ID number 114388716).
STOKES, AMBER L. (Voter ID number 117897980).

2721 2ND AVE SE
FERNANDEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 103137073).

2721 4TH AVE SE
ARAGO, REBEKAH N. (Voter ID number 116643605).
CAUGHENBAUGH, MICHELLE Ann (Voter ID number 103125295).
CAUGHENBAUGH, RYAN Daniel (Voter ID number 111294576).

2721 8TH AVE SE
WILMET, CINDY Rene (Voter ID number 102957421).
LACASSE, JOSHUA D. (Voter ID number 117852801).

2725 12TH AVE SE
LANDWEHRMIER, SANDRA ANN (Voter ID number 102978852).
SCHNEIDER, CASANDRA M. (Voter ID number 103140858).
TRENTMANN, JOSHUA AARON (Voter ID number 103066147).
LANDWEHRMIER, RICHARD Fredrick (Voter ID number 119913048).
TRENTMANN, CRYSTAL L. (Voter ID number 114315721).

2725 14TH AVE SE
REYES, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 120584538).

2725 18TH AVE SE
PONCE, JUAN Jose (Voter ID number 121255263).

2727 40TH AVE SE
SCULLIN, ROBERT Elvin (Voter ID number 102979405).
BOYCE, ELEANOR F. (Voter ID number 103067268).
MCKINNEY, CARL Glenn (Voter ID number 103069705).

LOY, JESSICA A. (Voter ID number 118071720).
BRENNAN, ROBERT John (Voter ID number 116916169).

2728 22ND AVE SE
REINA, IVETTE C. (Voter ID number 109607519).

2730 32ND AVE SE
CHRISTOFFEL, DOREEN Lynn (Voter ID number 117694023).
GONZALEZ, LESTER (Voter ID number 116319593).

2730 INEZ RD
HAMM, ELLEN B. (Voter ID number 102951837).
HAMM, TONY Arnold (Voter ID number 102988221).

2731 4TH AVE SE
RAMIREZ, ANSELMO (Voter ID number 118881605).
RAMIREZ, MATILDE (Voter ID number 119222356).

2731 8TH AVE SE
BUKOWSKI, DEBORAH E. (Voter ID number 102956016).
KING, SANDRA Lee (Voter ID number 103032441).
THURMAN, MARIE A. (Voter ID number 103023583).
ARDOIN, COURTNEY Quinn (Voter ID number 103100677).
ARDOIN, JOSHUA Paul (Voter ID number 114867496).

JONES, ARTHUR S. (Voter ID number 102989367).

CORYEA, AUSTIN Kile (Voter ID number 115621386).
CORYEA, CYNTHIA Coskrey (Voter ID number 114139639).

2735 16TH AVE SE
DUNCAN, GEORGIE Brown (Voter ID number 114627099).
OWENS, JACK Kendrick (Voter ID number 119393715).
DUNCAN, EDWIN F. (Voter ID number 116863114).

2735 18TH AVE SE
SMITH, RACHELLE Nichole (Voter ID number 103116294).
SMITH, BRANDON Joseph (Voter ID number 116363257).

2735 20TH AVE SE
BROWN, JOSEPH Edward (Voter ID number 119068807).
AFANADOR, SERGIO Joel (Voter ID number 103074617).
AFANADOR, SERGIO (Voter ID number 103002728).

2740 10TH AVE SE
DE PATTO, DIANA (Voter ID number 103083676).

2740 24TH AVE SE
UNDERWOOD, CHARISSA Francis (Voter ID number 103066090).
UNDERWOOD, ROBERT Rogers (Voter ID number 103086548).
UNDERWOOD, ROGERS (Voter ID number 114649034).

2740 2ND AVE SE
BERGERON, DONNA ANN Nadotti (Voter ID number 118445992).

2740 4TH AVE SE
GIBBS, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 102145608).

2740 6TH AVE SE
SIMPKINS, KYMBERLEE Anne (Voter ID number 118250774).

2741 28TH AVE SE
BALLENGER, BOBBIE Rae (Voter ID number 118640876).

2741 2ND AVE SE
SANTIAGO, HIGINIO (Voter ID number 121339600).

2741 38TH AVE SE
EVERSON, THOMAS Joe (Voter ID number 103095711).
EVERSON, WENDY Miller (Voter ID number 103104717).

2741 8TH AVE SE
GONZALEZ, RUBEN (Voter ID number 116843995).

2745 16TH AVE SE
HERNANDEZ, RUPERTO E. (Voter ID number 120437583).

2745 22ND AVE SE
BRAMAN, GEORGIANNA Faye (Voter ID number 102988631).
RYAN, KEITH A. (Voter ID number 102998015).
TRAPP, KENNETH ALLEN (Voter ID number 103087794).
BLASUCCI, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 119819845).
BLASUCCI, VICTOR Anthony (Voter ID number 119815311).
TRAPP, CYNTHIA Ellen (Voter ID number 102995937).
TRAPP, TONYA Decoma (Voter ID number 117418395).
BLASUCCI, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 111374438).

2747 26TH AVE SE
HUTTON, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 102985521).

275 22ND ST SE
THORNE, KAYLA May (Voter ID number 118670427).
CASE, KEVIN Scott (Voter ID number 103091640).
THORNE, MARNIE (Voter ID number 118056826).

275 4TH ST SE
TOATLEY, DANIEL Edward (Voter ID number 119136012).
TOATLEY, SOBEIDA Inez (Voter ID number 103059620).

QUIGLEY, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 102938599).
QUIGLEY, SHARON R. (Voter ID number 103024537).

2755 INEZ RD
SMITH, TAMMY L. (Voter ID number 102969881).
SMITH, RICHARD Donovan (Voter ID number 102969858).

2760 10TH AVE SE
STOCKNER, SHARONICA Lashay (Voter ID number 115954201).
WARREN, WANDA A. (Voter ID number 103026714).
WARREN, WILLIE L. (Voter ID number 103039851).

2760 14TH AVE SE
ALDERMAN, KELLY Tate (Voter ID number 111370319).
ALDERMAN, BRIAN Taylor (Voter ID number 111370320).

2760 2ND AVE SE
LEON, XOCHITL (Voter ID number 120706418).

2760 4TH AVE SE
MEDINA, LILIANNY D. (Voter ID number 115549102).
MEDINA, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 103067905).
MEDINA, YOHANKA (Voter ID number 103067904).

2760 8TH AVE SE
HUEY, LUCELLA F. (Voter ID number 103054397).
ISAROSKUL, TEERAYUT (Voter ID number 118227876).
ISAROSKUL, JESSICA Lee (Voter ID number 103094034).

SANTIAGO, ALEXANDRINA (Voter ID number 103128791).

2761 2ND AVE SE
MACHADO-LUIS, JORGE (Voter ID number 103048885).
MACHADO, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 103141073).

2761 4TH AVE SE
CASTALDO, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 103138120).
CASTALDO, GERALDINE (Voter ID number 103138119).

2761 8TH AVE SE
YEBRA, LORENZO Isidre (Voter ID number 103099956).
MEDRANO, GISEL (Voter ID number 120754139).
MEDRANO, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 120754092).

ALBERRY, JAIME L. (Voter ID number 103134172).
ALBERRY, LANCE Ernest (Voter ID number 103122469).
ALBERRY, WESLEY Verner (Voter ID number 103117299).

2765 10TH AVE SE
BUTLER, CHEYENNE Nicole (Voter ID number 120776030).
BUTLER, KELSEY Anne (Voter ID number 117546410).
CLARK, AMBER Lee (Voter ID number 114534126).

2765 14TH AVE SE
DEL POZO, OMAR (Voter ID number 119120761).
GUZMAN AIRAS, MARTINA (Voter ID number 119120784).

2765 24TH AVE SE
HOLLOWAY, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 103089751).
HOLLOWAY, MILTON LYNWOOD (Voter ID number 103091268).
CHAVIE, THOMAS Allen (Voter ID number 103140933).
CHAVIE, EUNICE Irene (Voter ID number 103140957).

2770 6TH AVE SE
MCKENNA, CHARLES N. (Voter ID number 114826332).

2771 26TH AVE SE
GELLATLY, CHARLES William (Voter ID number 115676473).
GELLATLY, ROBERT Anthony (Voter ID number 117897170).
GELLATLY, ANN Marie (Voter ID number 115587514).

2772 24TH AVE SE
HANDL, JERRY (Voter ID number 103030992).

BARNHART, DALE R. (Voter ID number 103024231).

2780 10TH AVE SE
SANCHEZ, NATALY (Voter ID number 118037064).
ANGLERO CORTES, DANIEL (Voter ID number 103070925).
TOSCANO, DORA (Voter ID number 119388156).

2780 20TH AVE SE
SANTOS, WANDA IVETTE (Voter ID number 103039625).
MESERVEY, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 116314769).
RUSTAY, ARTHUR Josef (Voter ID number 103110283).
RUSTAY, DIANE M. (Voter ID number 103110285).
MESERVEY, CYNTHIA Ann (Voter ID number 117017117).

2780 26TH AVE SE
MALBRANCHE, TAYLOR P. (Voter ID number 117402260).
VINCENT, JACOB (Voter ID number 102984209).
MALEBRANCHE, THAIKA Joyce (Voter ID number 119909098).
VINCENT, CAROL (Voter ID number 116291380).

2780 39TH ST SW
CARPENTER, KENNETH Alan (Voter ID number 102964575).
GRINAGE, JOSEPH MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103008430).

2780 6TH AVE SE
GARCIA, EDDY (Voter ID number 118547495).
GARCIA HERRERA, EDDLYS (Voter ID number 120819244).

JOSEPH, ELALDEAN (Voter ID number 121093272).
RINVIL, JEAN Sauveur (Voter ID number 118379060).

2781 26TH AVE SE
MOOK, RICHARD Monroe (Voter ID number 118254745).
MOOK, THERESA Mary (Voter ID number 118254757).

2781 6TH AVE SE
BUTLER, DAVID LEON (Voter ID number 102994789).
BUTLER, LAURA LYNN (Voter ID number 103081621).
BUTLER, DAVID Leon (Voter ID number 119276128).
LOPEZ, TARA Lynn (Voter ID number 103120978).
WALDECK, DEVIN Scott (Voter ID number 115676207).
WALDECK, JESSICA Ann (Voter ID number 115545670).

BOYLE, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 108233258).
PHILPOT, RENEE Marie (Voter ID number 103110117).

HERMAN, HERBERT L. (Voter ID number 102987393).

2785 10TH AVE SE
MANVILLE, WALTER E. (Voter ID number 103017577).
HAYES, WILLIAM Talmadge (Voter ID number 115214345).
MANVILLE, GINA Charisse (Voter ID number 103064016).

2785 14TH AVE SE
FOSTER, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 102979504).
ALFARO, WILLIAM Antonio (Voter ID number 121301545).

2785 20TH AVE SE
CONOVER, RICHARD Michael (Voter ID number 116182055).
JOHNSON, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 103031841).
JOHNSON, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 103031117).
JOHNSON, MARYANNE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 114687143).
JOHNSON, PETER David (Voter ID number 115654259).

2787 38TH AVE SE
ALONSO, JESUS Miguel (Voter ID number 109472758).
ALONSO, ROSE Mary (Voter ID number 109472759).

2790 12TH AVE SE
BUTLER, SONNIE (Voter ID number 103491628).

2790 4TH AVE SE
EIFERT, PAMELA (Voter ID number 103115138).
ELFERT, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 103117752).
PERAZZO, ROXANNE N. (Voter ID number 103115127).
HING, KYLENE M. (Voter ID number 115070544).
PARSONS, TIMOTHY James (Voter ID number 120757269).

2790 8TH AVE SE
JACKSON, MITCHELL Harden (Voter ID number 119187534).
CUTINO, YOANA (Voter ID number 103111258).

2791 24TH AVE SE
KUBICSEK, JOHN Imre (Voter ID number 103027630).
KUBICSEK, BONNIE G. (Voter ID number 116810738).

2792 24TH AVE SE
LINDOR, MARIE S. (Voter ID number 116947082).

2795 12TH AVE SE
WILLARD, CHRISTI Ann (Voter ID number 105352976).
WILLARD, MICHAEL C. (Voter ID number 103102363).

2795 14TH AVE SE
GONZALEZ, KHRYSTIE N. (Voter ID number 116344927).
RODRIGUEZ, WALESKA (Voter ID number 120710361).
RODRIGUEZ, LAUREN N. (Voter ID number 120172276).

280 12TH ST SE
LANGLEY, RANDAL L. (Voter ID number 115099446).

280 13TH ST SW
READER, NANCY R. (Voter ID number 103005805).
READER, STEVEN J. (Voter ID number 103005809).

280 14TH ST SE
CRIMMINS, BRITTANY Kristine (Voter ID number 115549059).
MCKENNEY, LAURIE A. (Voter ID number 103042839).

280 19TH ST SW
ASHABRANNER, ROSSANA D. (Voter ID number 103058448).
HAGGERTY STEER, NANCY Louise (Voter ID number 103076259).
STEER, FEDOR H. (Voter ID number 116258414).

280 21ST ST SW
FLANAGAN, SARA E. (Voter ID number 120172247).
FLANAGAN, ELIZABETH Dianne (Voter ID number 102938652).

280 29TH ST SW
BARRON, MARIA DELROSARIO (Voter ID number 103003866).
ANDRADE, GERARDO (Voter ID number 121169610).

280 31ST ST SW
CALLAWAY, JENNIFER DAWN (Voter ID number 103067580).
CALLOWAY, ALEX E. (Voter ID number 103093185).
CALLOWAY, JENNIFER D. (Voter ID number 102962011).
SOTO, CHARLOTTE Muller (Voter ID number 103151563).
CALLOWAY, MARK Allen (Voter ID number 103046588).

280 3RD ST SW
SLABY, RANDOLPH F. (Voter ID number 103009079).
SLABY, SANDY L. (Voter ID number 103009080).
BRAUN, WALTER C. (Voter ID number 104461347).
SLABY, JOSHUA Ryan (Voter ID number 115524241).

280 7TH ST SW
PADILLA, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 102997212).
PADILLA, RIGOBERTO Padilla (Voter ID number 103018736).
FLORES, MARIA Josefina (Voter ID number 103066285).
QUINTANILLA, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 116751355).
PADILLA, MONICA (Voter ID number 103059533).
PADILLA, RIGOBERTO (Voter ID number 115313509).

280 8TH ST SE
BAKER, MELISSA L. (Voter ID number 116990089).
DAVILA, DANIELLE Y. (Voter ID number 102977646).
TOMEI, DOMONIC (Voter ID number 102940998).
DAVILA, JUAN Ignacio (Voter ID number 116634190).
HILL, PATRICIA Lee (Voter ID number 115213943).
DANDRIDGE, JAIMIE Sue (Voter ID number 103019201).

280 9TH ST SW
REDMAN, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 103104753).
CANTRELL, SANDRA Lou (Voter ID number 102946942).
REDMAN, KALI A. (Voter ID number 120495881).

THOMAS, DAVID Randall (Voter ID number 111438437).
THOMAS, REBEKAH J. (Voter ID number 103130375).

BHADURI, NIREN N. (Voter ID number 102948650).
BHADURI, NONDITA Lola Lucija (Voter ID number 102993879).
STERK, JEREMY C. (Voter ID number 103043359).

281 12TH ST SE
ANDRESKI, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 102989939).
KENNEDY, DEBORAH Ann (Voter ID number 111341986).
KOBUS, ANNA Marie (Voter ID number 111581747).

281 16TH ST SE
WALLACE, SHERRI ANNE (Voter ID number 103070037).
WALLACE, BRETT Clarence Robert (Voter ID number 120702347).
WALLACE, DERREK R. (Voter ID number 120601780).

281 18TH ST SE
HANCOCK, ALICE Joy (Voter ID number 103039653).

281 19TH ST SW
LLORCA, SANDRA Patricia (Voter ID number 103076613).
LLORCA, STEVEN Douglas (Voter ID number 102980188).

281 20TH ST SE
BUTCHER, TABATHA L. (Voter ID number 103007105).
BUTCHER, MICHAEL Frederick (Voter ID number 102956344).

281 21ST ST SW
PETREY, WILLIAM EUGENE (Voter ID number 103123401).
STONE, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 118414343).
STONE, KIMBERLY Ann (Voter ID number 118414348).
STONE, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 118769075).

281 23RD ST SW
DELGADO, ERNESTO L. (Voter ID number 103006050).
DELGADO, ISMAEL L. (Voter ID number 103000632).

281 27TH ST SW
HOOD, NICOLE Allyssa (Voter ID number 103048074).
HOOD, CHARLES F. (Voter ID number 103048073).

281 3RD ST SW
GONZALEZ, VICTOR Fernandez (Voter ID number 103043381).
GONZALEZ, CARMEN Alfaya (Voter ID number 103078210).
GONZALEZ, VICTOR (Voter ID number 103078219).

281 8TH ST SE
O'CONNELL, GAIL Rena (Voter ID number 114919219).
O'CONNELL, JAMES Edward (Voter ID number 103003990).
O'CONNELL, CAITLYN Rae (Voter ID number 121157369).

BESS, LAURIE Kim (Voter ID number 102941402).
BESS, NOAH C. (Voter ID number 102941340).

2810 24TH AVE SE
JONES, CATRIAH Licole (Voter ID number 120615684).
JONES, CHRISTOPHER Latorrence (Voter ID number 103068921).
PIERRE, ANNE-MARIE Jessie (Voter ID number 102330511).

2810 2ND AVE SE
JACOBS, MATTHEW Clay (Voter ID number 120697973).
BURDEN, TODD A. (Voter ID number 115507278).

2810 8TH AVE SE
BRAGG, BETHANY Christina (Voter ID number 102650048).
BRAGG, CHRISTIAN Peter (Voter ID number 112636244).
BRAGG, BLAIRE Harold (Voter ID number 121288595).

2811 26TH AVE SE
BROWN, GREGORY THOMAS (Voter ID number 103095205).
BROWN, KRISTEN A. (Voter ID number 102972269).
VINSON, SUZANNE Marie (Voter ID number 103013282).
VINSON, JACK Dennis (Voter ID number 111671032).

2811 4TH AVE SE
RINEHART, PAMELA G. (Voter ID number 103056905).
DE LILLO, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 102954068).

2815 34TH AVE SE
SANCHEZ, JOSE Serafin (Voter ID number 109918910).
SANCHEZ, MARIA R. (Voter ID number 109890593).

2820 12TH AVE SE
LAUPERT, RONDA Ann (Voter ID number 103051879).
LAUPERT, COREY A. (Voter ID number 115548962).
LAUPERT, LEROY Alan (Voter ID number 103069649).

2820 16TH AVE SE
KAALLAS, HEATHER LYNNE (Voter ID number 103074412).
KACILLAS, DENNIS J. (Voter ID number 103000553).
KACILLAS, MAUREEN A. (Voter ID number 103000446).

2820 22ND AVE SE
COLINA, JOE LOUIS (Voter ID number 103135311).
COLINA, JEANNIE (Voter ID number 116176094).
COLINA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 110096636).

2820 24TH AVE SE
DIAZ, MICHAEL ANTHONY (Voter ID number 103127393).
WAHLERS, JAMES Scott (Voter ID number 115017275).
VILLALON-CHAVEZ, GENOVEVA (Voter ID number 115659935).

2820 28TH AVE SE
BELL, LOREN A. (Voter ID number 102950368).
BELL, ELVA Lois (Voter ID number 102967561).
DUPLECHAIN, ADELE T. (Voter ID number 120056959).

2820 2ND AVE SE
IMBACHI, NELLY M. (Voter ID number 103134730).

2820 36TH AVE SE
SWEET, SONJA Leigh (Voter ID number 102982835).
SWEET, LAWRENCE P. (Voter ID number 116454273).

2820 38TH AVE SE
RABEIRO, YURI (Voter ID number 117950025).

BECKER, BRANA J. (Voter ID number 103003414).
DENLEA, GARY Edward (Voter ID number 103109332).
DENLEA, LAURIE Falco (Voter ID number 103076559).

2821 14TH AVE SE
TICKNOR, JUSTON M. (Voter ID number 103114486).
TICKNOR, TARA L. (Voter ID number 103045738).

2821 26TH AVE SE
MITCHELL, REBECCA Leigh (Voter ID number 118918343).
MITCHELL, JOSEPH Mark (Voter ID number 116335240).

2821 6TH AVE SE
DURAN VAZQUEZ, MADIESELA Mariposa (Voter ID number 118617983).
DEVAZQUEZ, ANTONIO D. (Voter ID number 118071749).
VAZQUEZ, RENE (Voter ID number 120021679).

2825 10TH AVE SE
GERKEN, THERESA Ann (Voter ID number 103056688).

FLESHER, MEGAN Cherie (Voter ID number 118490459).
IVEY, JAMES Edward (Voter ID number 103092986).
FLESHER, TYLER Austin (Voter ID number 121355575).

2830 26TH AVE SE
SMITH, BRITTANY Cierra (Voter ID number 103096859).
WEEKS, SARAH Rene (Voter ID number 103060603).
WALLACE, MATTHEW Ryan (Voter ID number 103059346).

2830 28TH AVE SE
GRIFFIN, DEBRA Rae (Voter ID number 102983049).
GRIFFIN, EDWARD Lee (Voter ID number 118472741).
GRIFFIN, AMELIA Lee (Voter ID number 116118533).
HURST, BREANNE Ariel (Voter ID number 115504047).

2830 8TH AVE SE
MILLER, RAJWANTI Rita (Voter ID number 103091944).
MILLER, RUSSELL Holt (Voter ID number 103030084).

LAO-PEREZ, NELIDA (Voter ID number 103080347).
MUSSO, AMY Jo (Voter ID number 103128438).

2831 2ND AVE SE
OGDEN, CODY Thomas (Voter ID number 118024534).
OGDEN, STACEY J. (Voter ID number 102982532).

2831 8TH AVE SE
LAWHON, RONALD EUGENE (Voter ID number 103077167).

NIEVES, JORGE OMY (Voter ID number 103110106).
CHEVALIER-NIEVES, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 102992505).
NIEVES, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 102990649).

2832 40TH AVE SE
FOSTER, FELICIA Lynn (Voter ID number 117252388).

2835 12TH AVE SE
CAPPS, JOSHUA Wayne (Voter ID number 103029330).
CAPPS, MARCI Lynn (Voter ID number 103136756).

2835 38TH AVE SE
GOMEZ, CHRISTINE A. (Voter ID number 103092708).

STONEBRIDGE, ERIN M. (Voter ID number 103043211).
WHIFFEN, ANDREW Thomas (Voter ID number 111385225).

2840 14TH AVE SE
SHARP, SUSAN Iona (Voter ID number 120743815).
KLEIN, JEFFRY K. (Voter ID number 103110223).

2840 30TH AVE SE
BENOIT, JEAN A. (Voter ID number 114450995).
BENOIT, LUCIA Marie (Voter ID number 114579463).

2841 2ND AVE SE
GRISHAM, JAMES F. (Voter ID number 102992077).
GRISHAM, NATALIE W. (Voter ID number 102964332).
ROJAS, CLAUDIA V. (Voter ID number 102511548).
ROJAS, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 118460084).

2841 6TH AVE SE
CHERY, KETTY (Voter ID number 121104551).

2845 12TH AVE SE
DIAZ, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 118684488).
JIMENEZ, CECILIA STAR (Voter ID number 114590555).
JIMENEZ, JOE F. (Voter ID number 115495553).

2845 16TH AVE SE
ATKINSON, HISLAR May (Voter ID number 103127592).
ATKINSON, TYRELL D. (Voter ID number 116703228).
GARCIA, CINDY Enibeth (Voter ID number 119802989).
ATKINSON, CHRISTOPHER St George (Voter ID number 120522079).

2845 20TH AVE SE
OLIVA, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 103095218).
OLIVA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 114669328).
OLIVA, ELENA (Voter ID number 103106110).

2846 8TH AVE SE
NICOL, DUNCAN John Kelly (Voter ID number 102971180).
NICOL, LAURA Ann (Voter ID number 102994432).
NICOL, PAIGE Kelly (Voter ID number 121258290).

2848 10TH AVE SE
NIEBLA, SUSANA (Voter ID number 119057955).
OLIVERA, OSBEL (Voter ID number 119058230).
OLIVERA LOPEZ, OMAR Florentino (Voter ID number 119983175).
ORTIZ, NILDA (Voter ID number 119254068).

PEREZ, TOMAS (Voter ID number 120552126).

LONGWORTH, C Douglas (Voter ID number 102943276).
LONGWORTH, JASON DOUGLAS (Voter ID number 103019848).
LONGWORTH, MARIANNE (Voter ID number 102943277).
HENN, MARIE Catherine (Voter ID number 103037699).

2858 40TH AVE SE
KIRCHNER, NANCY LEE (Voter ID number 103129739).
BRYANT, MARJORIE J. (Voter ID number 103147461).

BHADURI-ORLANDO, INDRANI T. (Voter ID number 102949170).
ORLANDO, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 102948611).

2860 22ND AVE SE
TOENGES, HAROLD Alan (Voter ID number 103123555).

2860 2ND AVE SE
COMBS, SEAN F. (Voter ID number 103113880).

2860 6TH AVE SE
FREDERICKS, HAROLD Edward (Voter ID number 119299422).
WILLIAMS, JERRY T. (Voter ID number 118193044).
WILLIAMS, JUSTINE (Voter ID number 119831073).

BERTGES, MATTHEW T. (Voter ID number 103121331).
BERTGES, TONYA Sue (Voter ID number 113974599).

SMITH, CLARA J. (Voter ID number 116465775).
VON HOLLE, ROBERT Phillip (Voter ID number 103030216).
VON HOLLE, TRACY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102969507).

2861 4TH AVE SE
SLABY, JONATHAN P. (Voter ID number 103003895).
SLABY, JULIAN E. (Voter ID number 103081117).
SLABY, SCOTT Alan (Voter ID number 118138526).
WIEGMAN, SANDRA Beth (Voter ID number 116671981).
WIEGMAN, SHEILA Ann (Voter ID number 103137933).
SLABY, GRACELYN Mostaccio (Voter ID number 103154402).

2861 8TH AVE SE
MILLER, SCOTT ANDREW (Voter ID number 103060313).
MILLER, SHERRY A. (Voter ID number 102954027).

2864 10TH AVE SE
OLIVERA, DAILIN (Voter ID number 119817334).
PEREZ OBREGON, JUANA E. (Voter ID number 119407098).

2865 14TH AVE SE
RODRIGUEZ, LIDIA Maria (Voter ID number 110266035).
RODRIGUEZ, OCTAVIO (Voter ID number 116956971).
RODRIGUEZ, JESUS Octavio (Voter ID number 103091819).

2871 2ND AVE SE
BLANCO, SENEN (Voter ID number 115528286).

2875 10TH AVE SE
AGRAMONTE, MARITZA (Voter ID number 120093604).
PERALTA, ZENAIDA (Voter ID number 103084765).

2875 12TH AVE SE
GARCIA, JUAN Camilo (Voter ID number 120131982).

2875 16TH AVE SE
ANDERSON, TERRIE Jo (Voter ID number 118899967).
RASCHELLA, ALBERT J. (Voter ID number 118898580).

BHADURI - STERK, RITA Carmen (Voter ID number 102994144).

2880 10TH AVE SE
VIDAL, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 117063527).
YANES, YELIAN (Voter ID number 117063822).

2880 18TH AVE SE
LEWIS, JOANNE R. (Voter ID number 107139929).
LEWIS, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 103124899).

2880 2ND AVE SE
VERDER, BRANDI Shane (Voter ID number 115081498).
VERDER, GARY Edson (Voter ID number 116503588).

PENATE, DANIEL (Voter ID number 103048703).
PENATE, LOURDES Cristina (Voter ID number 116125966).
PENATE, DANIEL (Voter ID number 115486900).
PENATE, LOURDES (Voter ID number 103048700).

2881 22ND AVE SE
PATTERSON, EGAN Hagerty (Voter ID number 118384531).
PATTERSON, CEDRIC Hagerty (Voter ID number 120404943).
PATTERSON, MARK Sheppeck (Voter ID number 103018967).
PATTERSON, SHELLEY Jane (Voter ID number 102992904).

2881 2ND AVE SE
RIVERA, MARIA (Voter ID number 116579520).

2881 6TH AVE SE
JONES, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 103124069).
JONES, CARLDANE L. (Voter ID number 103139690).
MEJIAS, IDALMIS (Voter ID number 116690363).
MEJIAS, LIUSVEL (Voter ID number 117493580).
MEJIAS, LEONEL (Voter ID number 116364816).

DZIERZESKI, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103083420).
SLAGA, JOANN M. (Voter ID number 103046631).

2886 22ND AVE SE
BROWN, ANTON D. (Voter ID number 102070677).
BROWN, EDNA (Voter ID number 105358851).

2891 30TH AVE SE
MORALES, JULIEANN (Voter ID number 103108438).
ROWTIE, YVONNE E. (Voter ID number 103108733).

2895 10TH AVE SE
ARCA, JENNIFER Diane Frostad (Voter ID number 103110102).

290 17TH ST SW
FRAZIER, TIMOTHY Allen (Voter ID number 115972638).
SAMPSELL, LISA A. (Voter ID number 111131547).
SOOLEY, ERIC Edward (Voter ID number 111376307).

290 18TH ST SE
SANFORD, PHILIP D. (Voter ID number 103016632).

290 22ND ST SE
BARTOE, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 103074792).
BARTOE, THOMAS F. (Voter ID number 102941683).

290 23RD ST SW
WALERI, ANA (Voter ID number 103140042).
WALERI, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 101897281).

290 25TH ST SW
BUTLER, KAYCEE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 116986356).
HAHE, VALERIE K. (Voter ID number 103149079).
HAHE, MICHAEL C. (Voter ID number 102959174).
BUTLER, SCOTT Adam (Voter ID number 103089780).

290 2ND ST SE
TOMLINSON, SADIE E. (Voter ID number 102992357).

290 5TH ST SW
GREEN, WILLIAM K. (Voter ID number 103001595).
HRONOWSKI, JOSHUA Riggs (Voter ID number 121060007).
HRONOWSKI, SUSAN Riggs (Voter ID number 111287273).
HALLISEY, CATHERINE Anne (Voter ID number 103002666).

LEACH, ANTHONY HEATH (Voter ID number 103139250).
ROBERTS, BECKY (Voter ID number 114766205).

MINYARD, MAXINE J. (Voter ID number 103079029).

2905 10TH AVE SE
WARD, DAVID (Voter ID number 103008224).

291 11TH ST SW
ZBIKOWSKI, RON (Voter ID number 102943015).
ZBIKOWSKI, TALHMORA S. (Voter ID number 103120989).

291 22ND ST SE
MCMANN, CATHERINE F. (Voter ID number 102983832).
MCMANN, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number 102983839).

291 23RD ST SW
BRADY, WILLIAM ARTHUR (Voter ID number 102970573).
JABS, KATHRYN P. (Voter ID number 103125544).
KAISER, LEA Danielle (Voter ID number 116308943).
HARTNEY, JOSEPH Ryan (Voter ID number 115321187).

291 2ND ST SE
CASCIO, GEORGE F. (Voter ID number 102985834).
CASCIO, JILLIAN (Voter ID number 119230141).
SCOBIE, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 119584467).
CASCIO, SUSAN Marie (Voter ID number 103011613).

291 7TH ST SW
MARCOTTE, SCOTT E. (Voter ID number 102980328).
GUY, TOMMIE Olan (Voter ID number 102940640).

LUTTRELL, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 102966787).
RAMALHO, JESSICA Lynn (Voter ID number 100266094).

KELLY, RENATE S. (Voter ID number 102976303).

2910 6TH AVE SE
FRYE, SPENSER Eugene (Voter ID number 103092410).
FRYE, GEORGE E. (Voter ID number 102943799).

2910 8TH AVE SE
CALLOWAY, CRYSTAL Mae (Voter ID number 103039153).
GARCIA, DESMOND Marcus (Voter ID number 119881335).
FENTRESS, ROBYN J. (Voter ID number 103022505).
MILLER, JANET Dell (Voter ID number 103090938).

2911 14TH AVE SE
DEL VALLE, JEREMY Alexander (Voter ID number 118849749).
DELVALLE, RAUL B. (Voter ID number 103105665).
DEL VALLE, JULIAN Alexander (Voter ID number 116393504).
DEL VALLE, MARLENE Feliu (Voter ID number 103102804).

2911 4TH AVE SE
SLAPPEY, MARY JANE W. (Voter ID number 103011301).
SLAPPEY, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number 102953693).

2911 6TH AVE SE
WRIGHT, ROBERT (Voter ID number 103105470).
LECOMTE, JESSICA Ann (Voter ID number 119267074).
MISSAL, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 103049792).
MISSAL, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 117322547).
BORREGO, MAHARAY (Voter ID number 103127541).

2915 18TH AVE SE
JAQUES, JOHN Aaron (Voter ID number 115863062).

2920 24TH AVE SE
MULHAHN, CONNIE T. (Voter ID number 102966706).
HOMUTH, LAUREN Paige (Voter ID number 103065665).

2920 2ND AVE SE
GARCIA-GIL, DAISY (Voter ID number 103043160).
GIL, DENIS M. (Voter ID number 103100533).
PEREZ, ANA L. (Voter ID number 103043174).

2920 8TH AVE SE
RIVAS, AMY Jasmine (Voter ID number 119106286).
RIVAS GARCIA, MARIO O. (Voter ID number 103088388).

WILLEMAIN, CHRISTIAN Pierre (Voter ID number 103027346).
WILLEMAIN, JUDITH M A (Voter ID number 103091051).

2925 18TH AVE SE
RUCKER, BRIAN William (Voter ID number 119176754).
RUCKER, STEPHANIE Carol (Voter ID number 102986935).

2925 24TH AVE SE
LEVERETTE, ANTHONY Clarence (Voter ID number 117613494).
MARTINEZ, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 103053505).

2925 40TH AVE SE
AYALA, MARGARITO (Voter ID number 117735831).
AYALA, LORENA (Voter ID number 117403293).

2930 14TH AVE SE
RIVERA, ILEANA (Voter ID number 103094732).
RIVERA, OSCAR (Voter ID number 103094712).

2930 2ND AVE SE
GONZALEZ BELLO, YDAILYS (Voter ID number 116810232).

2931 14TH AVE SE
MENCHACA, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 118372776).
MENCHACA, MARIA Esther (Voter ID number 103085835).
MENCHACA, MARIO (Voter ID number 103123198).

2931 4TH AVE SE
HOLCOMBE, KYLE Judson (Voter ID number 102953797).

2935 38TH AVE SE
DICKOUT, KRYSTAL Ray (Voter ID number 119138814).
DICKOUT, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 116954571).
FISHER, MARLA K. (Voter ID number 120459425).

2940 14TH AVE SE
PATINO USME, OSCAR Ovidio (Voter ID number 119559550).

2940 18TH AVE SE
ARGUELLES, PRISCILLA (Voter ID number 109895093).
RUZ, ANGELINA (Voter ID number 103075762).
RUZ, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 103075454).

2940 26TH AVE SE
SCARPA, DONNA C. (Voter ID number 115000985).

2940 2ND AVE SE
JOHNSON, PAUL J. (Voter ID number 103065672).
BROKER, TAMARA Lee (Voter ID number 111435968).
CHANG, GILBERTO Eric (Voter ID number 111435847).
GEORGE, BERTHA Eloisa (Voter ID number 103116693).

2940 4TH AVE SE
SINGH, CYNDIANA Dejesus (Voter ID number 103035462).

2940 6TH AVE SE
ZAFRA, ANTONIO Francisco (Voter ID number 120809969).

2940 8TH AVE SE
VANHISE, ROBERT N. (Voter ID number 103002855).

2941 2ND AVE SE
SMITH, GREGORY R. (Voter ID number 103122031).
SMITH, KATIE Michelle (Voter ID number 119815172).

2941 4TH AVE SE
SIMPSON, KRISTEN N. (Voter ID number 103131800).
SIMPSON, VICTORIA J. (Voter ID number 103000352).
AMADOR, FRANK David (Voter ID number 113966326).
ENAMORADO, JOSE Roberto (Voter ID number 116933214).

2945 24TH AVE SE
ASHBACHER, JAMES Harrell (Voter ID number 103002221).

2948 18TH AVE SE
RIONDA, ESPERANZA A. (Voter ID number 103095620).
RIONDA, CORINA Felicia (Voter ID number 117778266).

295 21ST ST SW
FLORES, JESUS (Voter ID number 111578638).
FLORES, JESUS (Voter ID number 111580651).
FLORES, NANCY Dawn (Voter ID number 111578639).

2953 22ND AVE SE
HERNANDEZ, BRAULIO (Voter ID number 118521890).

2955 10TH AVE SE
LARSEN, CAROL L. (Voter ID number 103145534).

2955 14TH AVE SE
HORNE, YORENNY (Voter ID number 120431176).

2956 14TH AVE SE
VALDES, MANUEL (Voter ID number 117629071).

2958 22ND AVE SE
LEBEL, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 113997553).
LEBEL, ROBERT R. (Voter ID number 113997481).

2959 22ND AVE SE
MORRIS, MURRAY Jacob (Voter ID number 103064163).
WARREN, MALARIE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 121086505).
MORRIS, JESSIE Lee Ivey (Voter ID number 103140943).

2960 16TH AVE SE
BRIGHT, JASON CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 103080830).
BRIGHT, CHRISTINA Renee (Voter ID number 103030178).

2960 2ND AVE SE
BATTEN, DAVID R. (Voter ID number 102971759).
MEDICUS, JOYCE Elaine (Voter ID number 103076773).
MEDICUS, SARAH E. (Voter ID number 116079543).

2960 30TH AVE SE
DOYLE, JOSEPH Bernard (Voter ID number 101976243).

2960 38TH AVE SE
GOMEZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109184046).
SANCHEZ-BADIA, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 109214339).

2960 39TH ST SW
HOLLINGSWORTH, RODGER ALBERT (Voter ID number 103055810).
HOLLINGSWORTH, RODGER B. (Voter ID number 118090713).
HOLLINGSWORTH, BAILEY Katelynn (Voter ID number 121145697).
HOLLINGSWORTH, CRYSTAL Lynn (Voter ID number 103054831).

2960 8TH AVE SE
ROACH, LYNDA Marlene (Voter ID number 118593741).
MAYOR, DANIELLE Jarrell (Voter ID number 118594431).

2961 28TH AVE SE
FIELD, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number 103071346).
FIELD, SUSAN L. (Voter ID number 103039878).
HUMMER, JAY A. (Voter ID number 103062410).

2961 38TH AVE SE
DUKES, GINA M. (Voter ID number 103121627).
DUKES, TODD O. (Voter ID number 103121605).

2961 6TH AVE SE
GATES, LAWRENCE C. (Voter ID number 103014859).
GATES, WYATT Austin (Voter ID number 118786420).

2961 8TH AVE SE
JOHNSTON, LESLIE Ann (Voter ID number 102967187).

2964 14TH AVE SE
GOMEZ, ARIEL Lorenzo (Voter ID number 118591270).
RIZO, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 109977706).

2965 16TH AVE SE
FRANCISCO, MARISMELDA Altagracia (Voter ID number 109692699).

2965 24TH AVE SE
MORSHEAD, BRET David (Voter ID number 118498661).
PIERRE, HANS M. (Voter ID number 118792788).
PIERRE, ESMERALDHA (Voter ID number 103119820).
PIERRE, VOLNEY (Voter ID number 103039948).

2965 36TH AVE SE
DI GIOVANNI, ROSAMARIA (Voter ID number 120880481).
DI GIOVANNI, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 120841532).

MERCADO, MILDRED (Voter ID number 103045392).
HAYLOCK, RICARDO Adolfo (Voter ID number 103044100).

2971 2ND AVE SE
RIOS LOPEZ, LEONEL (Voter ID number 120843178).

2971 4TH AVE SE
JIMENEZ, PABLO Alexander (Voter ID number 115713638).

2971 8TH AVE SE
MARTINEZ, LUCIA Elena (Voter ID number 103127966).

2972 14TH AVE SE
GRAVES, RICHARD Elmer (Voter ID number 103005595).

2975 18TH AVE SE
MANGUSO, PAUL Francis (Voter ID number 103110553).

2975 20TH AVE SE
BATISTA, FLOR Y. (Voter ID number 117363862).
OBANDO, JESSLYN Marie (Voter ID number 120822656).

2975 24TH AVE SE
PIERRE, PROPHETE (Voter ID number 103122298).
FONTAINE-PIERRE, MICHELLE Marie (Voter ID number 107016894).
LEDEE, ASHTON A. (Voter ID number 116125974).

CABRERA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 103075377).
CABRERA, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 103125454).

2980 18TH AVE SE
GOINS, SCOTT Tyler (Voter ID number 113881811).
VEGA-GOINS, FULGENCIA (Voter ID number 113926498).

2980 22ND AVE SE
FUENTES, ARLAIN (Voter ID number 102994552).
FUENTES, JULIO A. (Voter ID number 102995905).
FUENTES, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 102994553).

2980 28TH AVE SE
ESTEVES VAZQUEZ, ALIESH MARIE (Voter ID number 103092416).
DE LA PAZ, JEREMY Paul (Voter ID number 118396001).
DE LA PAZ, JACQUELINE Rosa (Voter ID number 103060604).

2980 30TH AVE SE
DOYLE, VERONICA F. (Voter ID number 102306006).
SERRIAN, JOHN Bart (Voter ID number 115693897).

2980 6TH AVE SE
ARREGUIN, VERONICA Avila (Voter ID number 102996344).
ARREGUIN, YOLIFELIA (Voter ID number 121236206).

2980 8TH AVE SE
CHERY, ANNALITA (Voter ID number 114268763).
NUMA, JEANNE Oscamanie (Voter ID number 116669234).
NUMA, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 121137908).

2981 28TH AVE SE
HALLENBECK, RITA A. (Voter ID number 103153848).
FARINA, LAURIE Ann (Voter ID number 102984099).
FARINA, ADAM J. (Voter ID number 118792721).

2981 4TH AVE SE
FINCHAM, THERESA L. (Voter ID number 103001803).
FINCHAM, SANDRA M. (Voter ID number 120161555).

2981 8TH AVE SE
DISSELHORST, THOMAS John (Voter ID number 103095345).
VELAZQUEZ, VANESSA L. (Voter ID number 120315143).

CABRERA, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 103076072).

2984 38TH AVE SE
JOHNSTON, PAMELA A. (Voter ID number 105224705).
MUELLER, HEATHER L. (Voter ID number 117957093).

2985 18TH AVE SE
MIKULSKI, JESSIE (Voter ID number 103114070).
CISNEROS, ROSA (Voter ID number 103114068).

2985 38TH AVE SE
ALVAREZ, MARCIA DARLENE (Voter ID number 102998095).
ALVAREZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 102998088).

2990 16TH AVE SE
DEBUC, KAREN Y. (Voter ID number 116765390).
FIELDS, CHRISTINE Louise (Voter ID number 119083026).
LANDEROS, SKILEEN Esperanza (Voter ID number 119012903).
MERWIN, CHARLOTTE D. (Voter ID number 103041695).
MERWIN, SCOTT C. (Voter ID number 103064332).

2990 39TH ST SW
KOY, MARY Ellen (Voter ID number 103152968).

2990 6TH AVE SE
SELLERS, JAMES KEITH (Voter ID number 103006577).

2991 2ND AVE SE
ROMAN, LUIS (Voter ID number 103017544).
ROMAN, ELIZABETH Rodriquez (Voter ID number 103145967).

2995 10TH AVE SE
BROZIK, JARRET L. (Voter ID number 103063083).
WEIDNER, KIMBERLY Ruth (Voter ID number 103133358).
DENNIS, BENJAMIN D. (Voter ID number 114473046).

2995 20TH AVE SE
BATISTA, YLEANA (Voter ID number 118507163).
BATISTA, YLEANA De La Caridad (Voter ID number 110148031).

2995 40TH AVE SE
WASIQI, JOHN Aziz (Voter ID number 117882222).

GARY, RUSSELL Eugene (Voter ID number 114917441).
REEVES, FRANK Charles (Voter ID number 104524310).

AKERS, TODD Anthony (Voter ID number 117805326).
BYERLY, JEFFERY Allen (Voter ID number 120268031).
BYERLY, STEPHANIE Marie (Voter ID number 120267915).

3015 16TH AVE SE
LODZINSKI, IGOR A. (Voter ID number 116942084).
RAITH, JOSHUA Ryan (Voter ID number 116591560).
LODZINSKI, FRANK Anthony (Voter ID number 103085946).
MURRAY, LORI A. (Voter ID number 103077907).

3020 39TH ST SW
DOYLE, DANIEL T. (Voter ID number 103003541).
DOYLE, EILEEN H. (Voter ID number 102994189).

3021 14TH AVE SE
VICIOSO, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 101813364).
VICIOSO, KARINA (Voter ID number 101813366).

3025 30TH AVE SE
SMITH, MARGARET L. (Voter ID number 116617586).
SMITH, SPENSER Edward (Voter ID number 117175525).
SMITH, DAVID W. (Voter ID number 116619421).
SMITH, ADAM (Voter ID number 119705479).

3028 32ND AVE SE
GARCIA, JENNA Lee (Voter ID number 100569304).
GARCIA, DANIEL Lazarus (Voter ID number 113012681).

3030 10TH AVE SE
PENCE, TERI Gene (Voter ID number 111367169).
PENCE, JOSHUA Shannon (Voter ID number 111413343).

3030 6TH AVE SE
JANSEN, STEVEN EDWARD (Voter ID number 103017372).
NEWBERRY, AMBER Brooke (Voter ID number 103060085).

CASTELLO, MARIA DEL PILAR (Voter ID number 103093641).
CASTELLO, JOSE V. (Voter ID number 103035338).
NARCIS, MAGDALENA (Voter ID number 103035356).
CASTELLO, RAFAELA (Voter ID number 103035372).

GOVEA, CHRISTIAN F. (Voter ID number 120287886).
TERRELL, ROBERT T. (Voter ID number 118115224).
TERRELL, RUSSELL T. (Voter ID number 119501246).

3035 8TH AVE SE
AGUIAR, KARLA V. (Voter ID number 109640753).

3036 6TH AVE SE
MALDONADO, JUAN M. (Voter ID number 114425546).

RINALD, JOHN Arthur (Voter ID number 111484262).
RINALD, SHERRY Lynn (Voter ID number 111522906).

RODRIGUEZ, ABEL (Voter ID number 116938683).
TURCOTTE, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 116222956).

PLATT, NEIL CURTIS (Voter ID number 103014674).
CHIONG, ROGELIO (Voter ID number 115996445).

3050 16TH AVE SE
IZQUIERDO, DANIEL O. (Voter ID number 116978571).
IZQUIERDO, SILVIA Beatriz (Voter ID number 117513389).

WHITLOCK, CARL James (Voter ID number 118536708).

3060 14TH AVE SE
RODRIGUEZ, ANTONIO Jesus (Voter ID number 114375363).
RODRIGUEZ, LEISY (Voter ID number 114574673).

3061 14TH AVE SE
PREVOST, DAYNA Rene (Voter ID number 115455924).
PREVOST, FLOYD Lee (Voter ID number 117241135).
PREVOST, KRISTINA R. (Voter ID number 118486124).

COSTA, JOAN Frances (Voter ID number 103022428).
COSTA, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 103039505).

FUSCO-BERG, TRICIA K. (Voter ID number 121356231).

PEREZ, STEPHANIE D. (Voter ID number 115850603).

GORI, IVONNE L. (Voter ID number 119736507).

3074 32ND AVE SE
NABOLOTNYJ, ROBERT (Voter ID number 103089312).
NABOLOTNYS, VOLTA Dorca (Voter ID number 103089631).

3075 32ND AVE SE
RANGEL, YOZAYDA (Voter ID number 116639509).
GARCIA, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 103119087).

VAN PROOYEN, DEBRA K. (Voter ID number 103096830).
VAN PROOYEN, MARK A. (Voter ID number 103108081).
VANPROOYEN, JACOB Alan (Voter ID number 118579786).

BREEDING, DEBORAH Joan (Voter ID number 103022406).
BREEDING, WALTER Daniel (Voter ID number 103022407).

PHILLIPS, NETTIE MAE (Voter ID number 102960045).

3091 30TH AVE SE
O'CONNOR, HUGH James (Voter ID number 103017392).

310 10TH ST SE
CASCIO-SNYDER, DENINE (Voter ID number 114103424).
MURPHY, ALICIA Nicole (Voter ID number 110306531).
MURPHY, SEAN Warren (Voter ID number 109300576).

310 11TH ST SW
AMARO, ISIS Yatnelis (Voter ID number 119175449).
IZQUIERDO, JESUS (Voter ID number 119804167).

310 12TH ST SE
HUGHES, BRIAN David (Voter ID number 103050705).
ESTRADA, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 113958730).
GONZALEZ DIEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 115695064).
HUGHES, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 116644712).

310 17TH ST SW
HAHE, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 102959452).
HAHE, GAYLE E. (Voter ID number 102959421).
HAHE, JOSEPH F. (Voter ID number 102955985).

310 18TH ST SE
QUILES, CARLOS ANDREW (Voter ID number 103009980).
QUILES, COURTNEY Elaine (Voter ID number 116765229).
QUILES, DOROTHY Elaine (Voter ID number 103025806).

310 20TH ST SE
NELSON, CORRIE D. (Voter ID number 103019285).

310 25TH ST SW
SCOTT, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 114883675).
MCCLANAHAN, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 103148278).
SCOTT, HEATHER M. (Voter ID number 116701611).

310 27TH ST SW
KEPKA, JEFFREY C. (Voter ID number 103045114).
LAMPION, ALBERTO JESUS (Voter ID number 103063935).
LAMPION, ROSA Emilia (Voter ID number 103019553).
ALVAREZ, LUIS Albato (Voter ID number 114691749).

310 29TH ST SW
BIRMINGHAM, RYAN Patrick (Voter ID number 103061271).
BIRMINGHAM, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 103048482).
BIRMINGHAM, MARILYN June (Voter ID number 103048480).

310 4TH ST SE
EISWERTH, DONNA MARIE (Voter ID number 102966086).
EISWERTH, TERRA LYNN (Voter ID number 103082569).
EISWERTH, ERNEST R. (Voter ID number 116446936).

310 6TH ST SE
RIVES, NORMA (Voter ID number 119146828).
SIMON JOHNSON, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 118949610).
RIVES, SALUSTIANO (Voter ID number 120689239).

BERRIOS, REYNA L. (Voter ID number 119971113).
FEBLES, DUNIEL (Voter ID number 119971118).

SVENSON, DAWN E. (Voter ID number 102970123).
SVENSON, KIMBERLY Anne (Voter ID number 116312996).
SVENSON, FRED John (Voter ID number 117082600).

311 10TH ST SE
FAUSNIGHT, PARKER R. (Voter ID number 103074219).
HAMONS, JOANNE Marie (Voter ID number 103101021).
FAUSNIGHT, ELLEN M. (Voter ID number 103074225).

311 12TH ST SE
DE LA TORRES, NAYRIS (Voter ID number 103004196).
GARCIGA, JAIRON (Voter ID number 103076220).

311 14TH ST SE
ARANGO, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 121051746).
BARRY, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 103024287).
FIL, JOHN Henry (Voter ID number 103072794).

311 17TH ST SW
RAYNOR, MICHAEL THOMAS (Voter ID number 103019116).
RAYMOR, RYAN S. (Voter ID number 117145800).
RAYMOR, VICTORIA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102968910).
RAYMOR, GARY Bruce (Voter ID number 102939377).

311 20TH ST SE
CUSTER, STEPHEN Charles (Voter ID number 102983669).
FRAZIER, STACY Lynn (Voter ID number 104343405).

311 22ND ST SE
ERKINGER, CHARLES Joseph (Voter ID number 103125701).

311 23RD ST SW
CRESPO, HECTOR L. (Voter ID number 102964581).
CRESPO, NANCY (Voter ID number 102945760).

311 25TH ST SW
MARTINEZ, CONNIE RENEE (Voter ID number 103043922).
MARTINEZ, NATHANIEL Edmund (Voter ID number 119432743).
UNRUH, ELDON Wayne (Voter ID number 119378325).
UNRUH, ELNORA M. (Voter ID number 103084372).

311 27TH ST SW
ROBERTS, BRENDA Kay (Voter ID number 102968361).
ROBERTS, JOHN T. (Voter ID number 102970010).
ROBERTS, DAVID Daniel (Voter ID number 120680596).

311 2ND ST SE
ROUSE, MARVIN D. (Voter ID number 103097721).

311 3RD ST SW
KIMBALL, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 116190230).

311 6TH ST SE
SMALLWOOD, RAEDERLE Michelle (Voter ID number 114512183).

311 8TH ST SE
KIRCHDORFER, GREGORY D. (Voter ID number 103074822).
KIRCHDORFER, LEANNE C. (Voter ID number 103066615).

3110 10TH AVE SE
GEBBIE, COLIN C. (Voter ID number 103089498).
GEBBIE, SHEILA Yonley (Voter ID number 103108053).
GEBBIE, JAMES Allan (Voter ID number 103048384).

3120 26TH AVE SE
LOCKMAN, JOHN EDGAR (Voter ID number 103138238).
LYTLE, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 102964399).
SAUNDERS-MURPHY, TERRY Lynn (Voter ID number 119324565).

3130 22ND AVE SE
GARCIA, FRANCISCO DEJESUS (Voter ID number 103139358).
GARCIA, ROSA Lina (Voter ID number 103137139).
SUAREZ, ANDREW (Voter ID number 121157348).
GARCIA, FRANK Dejesus (Voter ID number 103134241).

MOEBIUS, EDUARDO George (Voter ID number 109715023).

3136 8TH AVE SE
MELAHN, PETER Thomas (Voter ID number 102980435).
HESSER, CHARLES D. (Voter ID number 102972643).
HESSER, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 102972533).

3145 20TH AVE SE
MEJIA, JEFFERSON I. (Voter ID number 116463273).
PENA, YASILIS M. (Voter ID number 115835076).

315 21ST ST SW
CLAWSON, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 102947721).
CLAWSON, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number 116118537).
CLAWSON, TINA Marie (Voter ID number 102972314).

3150 36TH AVE SE
WHITE, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 103017884).
WHITE, CHAD ALLEN (Voter ID number 103136649).
WHITE, RACHELL L. (Voter ID number 103097362).
WOLFE, JOSHUA J. (Voter ID number 115083874).

MCFATTER, GLEB Miltonovich (Voter ID number 102983997).

3160 22ND AVE SE
SCHNEIDER, AMY M. (Voter ID number 114789387).
SCHNEIDER, DAVID Mark (Voter ID number 114671382).
SCHNEIDER, JEANINE Marie (Voter ID number 114671448).

3160 31ST AVE SW
KESSEL, STEPHEN M. (Voter ID number 102947898).
TORRISI-KESSEL, CAROL P. (Voter ID number 102988280).

3161 27TH AVE SW
WINGE, DONALD L. (Voter ID number 102967053).

3161 29TH AVE SW
MOLTER, MARIA DOLORES (Voter ID number 103049404).
KORN, WAYNE F. (Voter ID number 103063461).

RIGALL, STEPHEN Bennet (Voter ID number 119128489).
SCOFIELD, LUKE Jackson (Voter ID number 118777626).
RIGALL, AMY Lee (Voter ID number 115939977).
SCOFIELD, LYNNA G. (Voter ID number 102942630).
SCOFIELD, MICHAEL K. (Voter ID number 103143177).
SCOFIELD, ROBIN E. (Voter ID number 118213088).

ROBERT, EMERIC (Voter ID number 103001383).
ROBERT, MYLENE (Voter ID number 116633584).

3169 30TH AVE SE
ORTIZ, ANGELICA Maria (Voter ID number 116220527).

3170 27TH AVE SW
KOVAL, HOPE M. (Voter ID number 103105828).
KOVAL, JOSEPH MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103140557).
GRADSKY, MELANIE M. (Voter ID number 103127045).
GRADSKY, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 120477285).
KOVAL, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103098861).
SCHRECENGOST, STACEY L. (Voter ID number 113977365).

3170 30TH AVE SE
HUTTON, VICTOR Lamar (Voter ID number 112575736).
PERCELLO, NANCY Ann (Voter ID number 120570026).

3170 31ST AVE SW
CASTLEMAN, LISA L. (Voter ID number 103037637).
CLAVELIN-GABLE, CHRISTINE R. (Voter ID number 103002720).

RAY, CHRISTINE E. (Voter ID number 103112718).
RAY, RALPH T. (Voter ID number 103112721).

3171 27TH AVE SW
WINGE, DONNA (Voter ID number 102968282).
WINGE, DAWNN Marie (Voter ID number 103040329).
WINGE, DANIELLA Victoria (Voter ID number 119563730).

3171 32ND AVE SE
LAFORCE, JUNIOR (Voter ID number 116689756).

3175 10TH AVE SE
BRANDON, KATHARINE B. (Voter ID number 102984181).
BRANDON, RAYMOND W. (Voter ID number 102984311).

318 12TH ST SE
APT 19

MEDRANO, LEE (Voter ID number 118721623).

3180 25TH AVE SW
AVILES, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 103058277).
REMUDO, JOSE Gerardo (Voter ID number 121169540).
REMUDO, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 103000410).

3180 36TH AVE SE
SEIFERT, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103111675).
SLOAT, DONALD L. (Voter ID number 117514881).
CAMPBELL, CRAIG L. (Voter ID number 114989610).

GRENIER, MATTHEW J. (Voter ID number 118352695).
GRENIER, PAUL Joseph (Voter ID number 121161457).

TUCCI, CHRISTOPHER Edward (Voter ID number 120739875).

3181 29TH AVE SW
CALL, ROGER L. (Voter ID number 102963415).
THOMAS, MARYBETH (Voter ID number 103154757).

RINGLAND, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 102966184).
RINGLAND, SHARON Toddette (Voter ID number 105466819).

3185 20TH AVE SE
FROMETA, JEANNETH Alyssa (Voter ID number 118898462).
MUNIZ-BONILLA, ELVIN M. (Voter ID number 115429515).

3190 25TH AVE SW
ALZAMORA, JOSHUA A. (Voter ID number 115644389).
ALZAMORA, GERARDO (Voter ID number 103114344).
ALZAMORA, NANCY Ortegon (Voter ID number 103024456).

3190 31ST AVE SW
WORKMAN, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 102974795).

OLSZEWSKI, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 111281350).
RAY, ILEEN McDonald (Voter ID number 103008105).

CANCALOSI, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 112804474).
SAID, DIANNE Alison (Voter ID number 112779559).
SAID, STEVE Magdi (Voter ID number 112779558).

3195 21ST AVE SW
THOMPSON, CARYL L. (Voter ID number 103154546).

320 13TH ST SW
LEONARD, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number 102938206).
MCMAHON, MARY ELLEN (Voter ID number 103088971).
EWING, JOANNE M. (Voter ID number 103023881).
EWING, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 103023885).
EWING, JODI M. (Voter ID number 103089218).

320 1ST ST SW
CAMACHO, EDWIN (Voter ID number 120172233).
CAMACHO, MARIA R. (Voter ID number 120446354).
CAMACHO CARRANZA, FELIPE (Voter ID number 117941412).

320 2ND ST SE
GARCIA, JOSE Max (Voter ID number 121169466).
LAUREIRO, LOURDES Caridad (Voter ID number 121169468).

320 31ST ST SW
SCHMIDT, BERNHARD (Voter ID number 103040396).

320 3RD ST SW
FRANKLIN, CALMENA C. (Voter ID number 103046824).
MC MURTRY, SHERYL Qualita (Voter ID number 119208367).
MORGAN, RALPH GLADSTONE (Voter ID number 103060147).
PAYNE, MARCENE Sophia (Voter ID number 120231181).

320 9TH ST SW
LAFEMINA, LOUIS P. (Voter ID number 103021542).
LAFEMINA, SHERRIE D. (Voter ID number 103022327).

KATA, CHRISTINE A. (Voter ID number 103129773).
KATA, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103129887).
MOLLOY, CATRINA Alese (Voter ID number 117662266).

DEMARTINI, JULIA S. (Voter ID number 103022707).
SPOTTS, ALLISON Marie (Voter ID number 116532081).
SPOTTS, KYLE Dean (Voter ID number 117836645).

3201 21ST AVE SW
LEVI, LESLIE R. (Voter ID number 102979813).

3201 31ST AVE SW
GREEN, DEBBIE K. (Voter ID number 103061245).
GREEN, SCOTT R. (Voter ID number 103050080).
GREEN, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 108348642).

321 11TH ST SW
GRAVIL, ROBERT S. (Voter ID number 102942918).

321 13TH ST SW
HUDSON, MATTHEW G. (Voter ID number 102957968).
JUKINS, JEFFREY M. (Voter ID number 114912569).
GUY, JENNIFER Meghan (Voter ID number 105179769).
HUDSON, MICHAEL Andrew (Voter ID number 100134104).

321 15TH ST SW
KENT, RUTH M. (Voter ID number 102960030).
KENT, GERALD L. (Voter ID number 102939184).
KENT, NATHANIEL Paul (Voter ID number 120961495).

321 16TH ST SE
REYES, GLORIA (Voter ID number 115960001).
SOSINSKI, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 103077700).

321 18TH ST SE
CAROSELLA, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 102995102).

3210 13TH AVE SW
JOHNSON, PATRICIA S. (Voter ID number 103144041).
GARCIA, NELSON D. (Voter ID number 118508542).

3210 14TH AVE SE
ISAAC, KERVIN (Voter ID number 118057902).
ISAAC, MONDY S. (Voter ID number 116642750).

3210 15TH AVE SW
SHOEMAKER, LORY J. (Voter ID number 103150950).
SHOEMAKER, ROGER K. (Voter ID number 103147541).
SHOEMAKER, JESSICA Lory (Voter ID number 118414885).
SHOEMAKER, ALISON Lynn (Voter ID number 103100548).

3210 18TH AVE SE
RIVAS CHU, YAKIRA (Voter ID number 118239038).
BEDARD, REYVEN Danae (Voter ID number 115122449).

3210 25TH AVE SW
PIERCE, ANDREA M. (Voter ID number 115299462).
PIERCE, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 115302272).

3210 27TH AVE SW
BUTCHER, REBECCA HILLAND (Voter ID number 103047927).
BILLIE, BRANDON Dylan (Voter ID number 119035288).
BUTCHER, ALLEN Dell (Voter ID number 103047089).

3210 2ND AVE SE
FRALEY, SHARON L. (Voter ID number 103016612).
NEILS, KEVIN Lee (Voter ID number 102993364).

3210 31ST AVE SW
THALHEIMER, SANDFORD C. (Voter ID number 103142661).

3211 11TH AVE SW
BELANGER, JON THOMAS (Voter ID number 103033427).
GUST, JONATHAN L. (Voter ID number 102985874).
GUST, TATIANA Katherinne (Voter ID number 116711698).

3211 15TH AVE SW
DIMAGGIO, PAUL Joseph (Voter ID number 104132991).
DIMAGGIO, TIFFANY Gail (Voter ID number 103052744).
WELLING, JON (Voter ID number 103021821).
WELLING, LINDA Turner (Voter ID number 103143359).

3211 25TH AVE SW
YOUNG, STEVEN L. (Voter ID number 103152030).
YOUNG, SUSAN H. (Voter ID number 103152031).

3211 3RD AVE SW
LOPATA, JAN Anthony (Voter ID number 103021660).

3211 5TH AVE SW
INDIANER, GARY B. (Voter ID number 102949778).

3212 12TH AVE SE
ROSS, JOYCE Emily (Voter ID number 102943123).
ROSS, KENNETH H. (Voter ID number 103117451).

3213 13TH AVE SW
GUY, DEBBIE S. (Voter ID number 103008480).

3220 14TH AVE SE
ARNOLD, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 103117145).

3220 16TH AVE SE
CARON, DESARAE Lynn (Voter ID number 103082710).
CARON, GEORGE Jay (Voter ID number 102973539).

3220 18TH AVE SE
BATTLE, PEDRO R. (Voter ID number 103109173).
BATTLE, SERGIO (Voter ID number 121157390).

3220 21ST AVE SW
SMITH, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 103022481).
SMITH, FRANCES M. (Voter ID number 103046405).

3220 3RD AVE SW
BIRMINGHAM, MICHAEL Robert (Voter ID number 103050428).

3220 4TH AVE SE
TUNGPALAN, EDISON M. (Voter ID number 102979526).

3220 5TH AVE SW
SPIESS, JACKIE L. (Voter ID number 102964477).
SPIESS, LESLIE K. (Voter ID number 102942604).

3220 7TH AVE SW
REBON, THERESA M. (Voter ID number 114537369).

3220 7TH AVE SW

ANDERSON, JUSTIN David (Voter ID number 117536995).

3220 7TH AVE SW

ANDERSON, BRITTANY Michelle (Voter ID number 115549015).
ANDERSON, MICHAEL Thomas (Voter ID number 102993839).

3221 2ND AVE SE
HILKOWSKI, DANIEL S. (Voter ID number 102996956).

3221 7TH AVE SW
FOMINAYA, JULIAN Michael (Voter ID number 117225914).
MERRILL, ROBERT Lee (Voter ID number 102998697).
ROEHM, JAMES C. (Voter ID number 103052910).
BOISSONEAU, DEBORAH Platt (Voter ID number 118171825).
BOISSONEAU, NEIL Allen (Voter ID number 118171826).

3221 8TH AVE SE
WATTS, DANIELLE Marie (Voter ID number 102978507).
WATTS, RICHARD ERIC (Voter ID number 103106138).

3225 16TH AVE SE
TAYLOR, DANIEL Frank (Voter ID number 104340573).
TAYLOR, SHERRIE M. (Voter ID number 115066183).

3225 19TH AVE SW
EIDSON, ALICE J. (Voter ID number 116785562).
EIDSON, JESSE D. (Voter ID number 116785551).

3225 29TH AVE SW
UJLAKY, JOZEF (Voter ID number 102982101).
KLEIBER, SCOTT Allen (Voter ID number 103131868).
WINGARD, WENDY Ann (Voter ID number 111310720).

3230 10TH AVE SE
GONZALEZ, YULIAN (Voter ID number 119194245).
MAURO-RHODIO, GIORDANO C. (Voter ID number 119685684).

3230 13TH AVE SW
GOLLADAY, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 102989114).
VELEZ, BARBARA E. (Voter ID number 102948021).
VELEZ V MAY, JOHN Anthony (Voter ID number 120137839).

3230 18TH AVE SE
PADGETT, DANIEL Ray (Voter ID number 116422625).
SIMMONS, ASHLEY Deborah (Voter ID number 120172292).
SIMMONS, KIMBERLY C. (Voter ID number 103090219).

3230 20TH AVE SE
MALDONADO, BELINDA Isabel (Voter ID number 114183300).
CINTORA, JAIME (Voter ID number 120414303).

3230 25TH AVE SW
LANIER, NOLA MODENNA (Voter ID number 103084089).
MARANTO, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 103049640).
MARANTO, BEVERLY K. (Voter ID number 103049642).

3230 27TH AVE SW
RODRIGUEZ, GEORGE Louis (Voter ID number 103009058).
RODRIGUEZ, SANDRA P. (Voter ID number 114406017).
RODRIGUEZ, WESLEY Louis (Voter ID number 117006479).

3230 2ND AVE SE
GRIFFIN, KELSEY Marie (Voter ID number 118215105).

3230 31ST AVE SW
HOLTZMAN, RICHARD Douglas (Voter ID number 102676714).
STEPHEN, CONNIE Lavonne (Voter ID number 103061178).
HILTON, CHRISTOPHER William (Voter ID number 119600540).

3231 13TH AVE SW
MERSHON, LEANNA MAE (Voter ID number 103012148).
NORRIS, JOSHUA ALLEN (Voter ID number 103130051).

3231 28TH AVE SE
BROWN, JOAN E. (Voter ID number 103028270).
BROWN, SHANNON Lynn (Voter ID number 103027157).

3231 31ST AVE SW
LARDAS, JAMES (Voter ID number 114967041).

3231 4TH AVE SE
HERNANDEZ, MARTIN ESCOBEDO (Voter ID number 103022660).

3231 6TH AVE SE
COPELAND, WALTER David (Voter ID number 120838880).
PITONZO, MARIESA Narelle (Voter ID number 120571244).

3232 40TH AVE SE
VANAGAS, HEATHER F. (Voter ID number 111365713).

3235 12TH AVE SE
COOK, MARY ALICE (Voter ID number 103071470).
LANGFORD, WILLIAM Gary (Voter ID number 117232728).

3235 16TH AVE SE
HERNANDEZ, HILDEBRANDO Nelson (Voter ID number 116998073).

3240 12TH AVE SE
GRANT, JERMAINE (Voter ID number 103120323).
GRANT, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 103077645).
GRANT, MARCIA Lilieth (Voter ID number 103023170).
GRANT, HORACE L. (Voter ID number 103021797).

3240 14TH AVE SE
MCCORMICK, JACK E. (Voter ID number 121357645).
MCCORMICK-BROWN, SUSAN Joy (Voter ID number 120932803).
BROWN, THOMAS Edward (Voter ID number 103076518).

3240 18TH AVE SE
MCQUEARY, BENJAMIN Joseph (Voter ID number 117618974).
SMITH, JENNIFER K. (Voter ID number 102994284).
MARTEL ROJAS, JOSE Felipe (Voter ID number 103083332).
MARTEL, KATHARINE Lee (Voter ID number 103093521).

3240 21ST AVE SW
BOYLE, LORI Ann (Voter ID number 117703283).
BOYLE, MATHEW Joseph (Voter ID number 118609472).
ROBLERO, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 103091711).
BOYLE, SARAH Ann (Voter ID number 118609891).
BOYLE, WAYNE Mathew (Voter ID number 117703572).
CURBELO, ALAIN (Voter ID number 114630501).

3240 27TH AVE SW
MINKOVICH, RACHEL A. (Voter ID number 103066424).
JONES, ROBYN Lee (Voter ID number 103051253).
HAAR, RONALD Allen (Voter ID number 103021517).

3240 30TH AVE SE
ABEL, CATRICE Wray (Voter ID number 115101810).
ABEL, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 102961990).
ABEL, SHARON W. (Voter ID number 102962240).
MESSENGER, BRANDI M. (Voter ID number 103072957).

3240 3RD AVE SW
MELAND, REBECCA A. (Voter ID number 103048929).
MELAND, WAYNE A. (Voter ID number 102986593).

3240 5TH AVE SW
COBB, JERELYN J. (Voter ID number 103152725).
WILLIAMS, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 102969537).

3240 6TH AVE SE
HAMRICK, JESSICA LEIGH (Voter ID number 103117959).

3240 7TH AVE SW
LAMPKIN, ASHLEY L. (Voter ID number 103137519).

3241 11TH AVE SW
SCHLESNA, LEONA Ann (Voter ID number 103028350).
SCHLESNA, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103026980).

3241 22ND AVE SE
TOSCANO PENARROCHE, ALFREDO Luis (Voter ID number 117489462).
CASASOLA, WENDY Ana Madai (Voter ID number 115931920).

3241 25TH AVE SW
TURVILLE, KAREN H. (Voter ID number 103040471).

3241 2ND AVE SE
HERRERA-BLANCO, ALMA D. (Voter ID number 111660153).

3241 3RD AVE SW
FARRIS, DEBORAH C. (Voter ID number 102959623).
JESSUP, JANETTA S. (Voter ID number 103107527).
JESSUP, RODDY L. (Voter ID number 103088693).
FARRIS, DANIEL (Voter ID number 102960274).
FARRIS, CRAIG N. (Voter ID number 103038246).
FARRIS, RICHARD Greg (Voter ID number 103038247).

3241 6TH AVE SE
KORBEL, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number 103009461).
KORBEL, RYAN L. (Voter ID number 116427138).

3241 8TH AVE SE
ECKELS, LINDA A. (Voter ID number 103087549).

3245 10TH AVE SE
NORTH, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 111600697).
VANDENBERG, RENEE Jean (Voter ID number 102960688).
VANDENBERG, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 103153647).

3245 19TH AVE SW
BOUCHER, ARTHUR M. (Voter ID number 102970818).
BOUCHER, MARY E. (Voter ID number 103133120).
GREGORY, NANCY Jane (Voter ID number 115435979).

3245 4TH AVE SE
BORGES, SANDRA Louise (Voter ID number 119372995).
MC GEE, ANN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 119372559).
MONTES, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 103112254).
MONTES, PAMELA A. (Voter ID number 103112058).

325 19TH ST SW
JONES, DUANE ROBERT (Voter ID number 103109637).
JONES, NANCY J. (Voter ID number 103109640).

325 1ST ST SW
MALONE, MARIANNE M. (Voter ID number 103153373).
MALONE, WOODROW WILSON (Voter ID number 103136974).
SCOTT, LISA C. (Voter ID number 103008496).
TINSLEY, CRAIG M. (Voter ID number 103057480).

MERCHANT, DONNA Lee (Voter ID number 118391818).
CONSTANTINE, SARA C. (Voter ID number 114754044).
MERCHANT, BRENDA K. (Voter ID number 103080751).
MONAGHAN, BARBARA Susan (Voter ID number 115435844).
ZWEBER, ALEXANDER James (Voter ID number 115475220).

3255 13TH AVE SW
LEZGUS, EUGENE E. (Voter ID number 102964895).
LEZGUS, KATHY L. (Voter ID number 102975552).

3255 23RD AVE SW
HENDRICKS, JAY (Voter ID number 103132829).
HENDRICKS, JOANNA (Voter ID number 103106040).

3255 29TH AVE SW
MIKELSON, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 103080739).
MIKELSON, ADAM Daniel (Voter ID number 120257528).
MIKELSON, PATRICE B. (Voter ID number 103007968).

3255 3RD AVE SW
LOGAN, MARY B. (Voter ID number 103136236).
POLEN, VALLI M. (Voter ID number 116722542).

3255 4TH AVE SE
LEVITRE, AMY E. (Voter ID number 103120793).
LEVITRE, JOSHUA S. (Voter ID number 103100944).

3260 16TH AVE SE
IRWIN, TAMMY Marie (Voter ID number 102945830).
IRWIN, DAVID Jason (Voter ID number 103089253).

3260 17TH AVE SW
GEYER, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 102953052).
GEYER, SUSAN H. (Voter ID number 103027558).
GEYER, HAYLEY L. (Voter ID number 121160683).

3260 23RD AVE SW
KITCHENS, PAUL S. (Voter ID number 102974202).
LLANOS, RUTH Telen (Voter ID number 103068256).

3260 25TH AVE SW
GONZALEZ, BERNANDINE K. (Voter ID number 103035450).
GONZALEZ, ROY (Voter ID number 103063754).

3260 32ND AVE SE
SANCHEZ, LINDA Gayle (Voter ID number 115814398).

3260 3RD AVE SW
KIRTON, GARRETT Stratton (Voter ID number 117699699).
ROSE GAILLARD, AMY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 103044661).
KIRTON, AUSTIN James (Voter ID number 120415347).
GAILLARD, KIPLEY Clark (Voter ID number 102994681).

3261 25TH AVE SW
MARTIN, RICKIE Lynn (Voter ID number 102988286).
TURNER, TIMMY D. (Voter ID number 103014501).

3261 2ND AVE SE
LINARES, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 103104556).
LINARES, HECTOR GABRIEL (Voter ID number 103061797).

3261 4TH AVE SE
CASTINEIRA, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 118071757).

3261 5TH AVE SW
ROLL, JEFFREY Alan (Voter ID number 103069060).

3261 7TH AVE SW
BRAX, ZEINA (Voter ID number 119134917).
BRAX, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 119418913).
MOURAD, EMILE G. (Voter ID number 120447337).
MOURAD, FRANCES Huber (Voter ID number 115731194).

3261 8TH AVE SE
GIBSON, KARI Ann (Voter ID number 103055779).

3262 20TH AVE SE
FERNANDEZ GOMEZ, TERESA (Voter ID number 109452560).

THACKTHAY, SONE Phol (Voter ID number 115022462).

3263 10TH AVE SE
GALLO, CARMEN Alicia (Voter ID number 119144535).
ORTIZ, JAIME Leon (Voter ID number 119144970).
ALLEN, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 103083721).
ALLEN, MURPHY Jerry (Voter ID number 102988509).
ALLEN, SCHERRY A. (Voter ID number 103089141).
ALLEN, MATTHEW L. (Voter ID number 102986403).

3265 16TH AVE SE
GALLUCCI, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 103071687).

3265 23RD AVE SW
RIOS, SHARON KAY (Voter ID number 103067614).
STIVERS, MIKE (Voter ID number 103032243).
TYNER, JILL L. (Voter ID number 103107451).
TYNER, MICHAEL Charles (Voter ID number 103075392).

3270 13TH AVE SW
EUBANKS, CARLA A. (Voter ID number 103150601).
EUBANKS, RANDOLPH D. (Voter ID number 102978872).
EUBANKS, CARL Ian (Voter ID number 103065587).

3270 31ST AVE SW
CARMICHAEL, JOHN Stephen (Voter ID number 115831991).
CARMICHAEL, ULRIKE Gerda (Voter ID number 121252401).

3270 32ND AVE SE
HARRIS, MARTHA Ruth (Voter ID number 102791389).

3270 4TH AVE SE
CONTRERAS, JOSE Francisco (Voter ID number 103095247).

KOHRS, KATHERINE A. (Voter ID number 121146170).
RIZZI, DOROTHY M. (Voter ID number 117327413).
RIZZI, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 117327438).

3271 17TH AVE SW
BALLARD, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 103041989).
PLUMMER, CHRISTIN Michelle (Voter ID number 103091787).
PLUMMER, DEBORAH Jane (Voter ID number 103130749).

3271 8TH AVE SE
MORRISON, LISA Alice (Voter ID number 120755232).
EDSON, SCOTT Thomas (Voter ID number 103021150).

3275 11TH AVE SW
CARULLO, PATRICIA SUE (Voter ID number 103096692).
WALP, CHARLES G. (Voter ID number 102945824).
CARULLO, PATRICIA Sue (Voter ID number 121347420).

3275 12TH AVE SE
HOGAN, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number 102996661).
HANLON, DENNIS R. (Voter ID number 112057211).

3275 23RD AVE SW
WOLFE, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number 103082860).

3275 3RD AVE SW
TOOLEY, TERESA Marie (Voter ID number 103105910).

3280 10TH AVE SE
MARTINEZ, NINOSKA (Voter ID number 114450790).

3280 15TH AVE SW
MARKS, JUDITH R. (Voter ID number 103144702).
GRADY, LAUREN Michele (Voter ID number 115723771).
MARKS, FREDERICK R. (Voter ID number 103144548).

3280 16TH AVE SE
WAGNER, JEREMY R. (Voter ID number 103019351).
WAGNER, LORI Ann (Voter ID number 103057699).

3280 17TH AVE SW
PUCCIA, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 103004489).
PUCCIA, PAMELA P. (Voter ID number 103006532).

3280 21ST AVE SW
HEATH, JOYCE G. (Voter ID number 102945121).
HEATH, SAM H. (Voter ID number 102945122).

3280 23RD AVE SW
JAIME, MARISOL Soledad (Voter ID number 103063722).
PESKO, CHRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 114013921).

3280 25TH AVE SW
BURDEN, DOUGLAS Kern (Voter ID number 111435373).

3280 30TH AVE SE
DIXON, ANGELLA Marie (Voter ID number 114856329).
DIXON, ORALD Hubert (Voter ID number 109959023).

3280 5TH AVE SW
LEVITT, CAROL (Voter ID number 102992213).
LEVITT, GERALD (Voter ID number 102992209).

3280 7TH AVE SW
TOWNSEND, JOANNE L. (Voter ID number 103154453).
LEEPER, MARY Ellen (Voter ID number 103131751).
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 103099889).

3281 13TH AVE SW
DAVIDSON, ROMIE Ann (Voter ID number 102991765).
KALUPY, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 102942109).

3281 25TH AVE SW
TRIGO, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 102969992).
TRIGO, GAIL L. (Voter ID number 102969997).
TRIGO, NICOLE Renee (Voter ID number 102966838).

3281 4TH AVE SE
CRUZ, JULIO (Voter ID number 103129023).
YOUNG, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103049379).
CRUZ, LILLIAN S. (Voter ID number 103136063).

3281 5TH AVE SW
PEREIRA, CRAIG A. (Voter ID number 103007325).
PEREIRA, JANET R. (Voter ID number 103007469).
PEREIRA, KALI M. (Voter ID number 103084696).

3281 8TH AVE SE
NOLASCO, AMY Marie (Voter ID number 103062333).

3285 14TH AVE SE
WEESNER, ERIKA K. (Voter ID number 115038875).

3286 29TH AVE SW
BRUNO, AMY (Voter ID number 102966397).
BRUNO, RICK A. (Voter ID number 102966398).
CLEAVES, AMBER Lee (Voter ID number 103137997).
CLEAVES, DIXON E. (Voter ID number 117048912).

3290 11TH AVE SW
WARRINER, JOE Allen (Voter ID number 103087898).
WARRINER, LEVON Sue (Voter ID number 102945593).

3290 19TH AVE SW
NANTZ, JESSE Dee (Voter ID number 115713630).
NANTZ, MILBURN R. (Voter ID number 103155666).
VINCENT, KARMA Rae (Voter ID number 103153075).
NANTZ, SHARON D. (Voter ID number 103153775).
HELLER, LAURA Natalia (Voter ID number 121309527).
HELLER, KARL Heinz (Voter ID number 117673785).
HELLER, SOFIA (Voter ID number 118458288).
NANTZ, KAREN E. (Voter ID number 102956047).
NANTZ, QUENTIN Lee (Voter ID number 102946110).

3290 20TH AVE SE
KENNEDY, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 103023421).
MC CUE, SEAN Anthony (Voter ID number 103047230).
MCCUE, LINDSEY Marie (Voter ID number 103128772).

3290 29TH AVE SW
APRILE, JOANNE (Voter ID number 103018824).
MERRITT, CORINNE ANNE (Voter ID number 103107694).

3290 31ST AVE SW
HISCOX, LILIANA Rodriguez (Voter ID number 102954029).
HISCOX, SAMANTHA Rose (Voter ID number 118023925).
HISCOX, SAMUEL M. (Voter ID number 102943200).

3291 11TH AVE SW
RICARDO, VANESSA (Voter ID number 103118076).
RICARDO, REINALDO (Voter ID number 121240587).

3291 21ST AVE SW
BUSCHUR, DOUGLAS J. (Voter ID number 114421737).

3291 2ND AVE SE
RAMSAY, JAMES Russell (Voter ID number 119108549).
RAMSAY, SUSAN Ellen (Voter ID number 119108537).

3291 31ST AVE SW
BURGER, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 102994990).
LEEPER, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 102945958).

3291 5TH AVE SW
BROOKS, DAVID B. (Voter ID number 103029770).
BROOKS, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number 103010351).
BROOKS, MEREDITH (Voter ID number 119443141).

3291 7TH AVE SW
MAGGARD, MAURICE P. (Voter ID number 102946084).
MAGGARD, DAVID Patrick (Voter ID number 120061237).
MAGGARD, JOYCE S. (Voter ID number 102946083).

3291 8TH AVE SE
MERRITT, PATRICK G. (Voter ID number 102962964).
MERRITT, ROBERT BRANDON (Voter ID number 103135032).
MERRITT, MISTIE Renee (Voter ID number 118740136).
MCCOY, JOSHUA Lee (Voter ID number 103051110).

3295 12TH AVE SE
HOGAN, MICHAEL Scott (Voter ID number 119357430).
HOGAN, NATALIE J. (Voter ID number 103022433).

3295 24TH AVE SE
FONSECA, GEORGINA (Voter ID number 120326151).

330 12TH ST SE
HOOD, BRIAN David (Voter ID number 103034946).
HOOD, LINDA Marie (Voter ID number 103035014).
HOOD, LAUREN Marie (Voter ID number 118226659).
HOOD, CAITLYN Marie (Voter ID number 119325754).

330 15TH ST SW
MUNIZ, SUSAN Rebecca (Voter ID number 103095121).
DOONER, ANTON E. (Voter ID number 103149755).
HALDEMAN, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 103077115).

330 16TH ST SE
LANTIGUA, OLGA Roxana (Voter ID number 111941752).

330 17TH ST SW
HOYT, HARLEY Ray (Voter ID number 103039349).
HOYT, BARBARA Morris (Voter ID number 103047743).

330 18TH ST SE
ROYER, LINDA JANE (Voter ID number 103107095).
ROYER, TROY A. (Voter ID number 102966245).

330 19TH ST SW
COTTRELL, JORDAN Nicolas (Voter ID number 119539288).

330 20TH ST SE
LEZGUS, EUGENE Edward (Voter ID number 114076652).

330 21ST ST SW
CALLAHAN, KELLY THOMAS (Voter ID number 103105165).
CALLAHAN, LINDA S. (Voter ID number 102948156).

330 29TH ST SW
NEWTON, CHRISTINE Mary (Voter ID number 103020948).
NEWTON, PATRICK J. (Voter ID number 103049607).

330 31ST ST SW
MCBRIDE, TIMOTHY (Voter ID number 102984295).
BARNES, DALTON James (Voter ID number 121076806).
ZEISSLER, CARRIE Ann (Voter ID number 115603833).

3300 15TH AVE SW
BLANC, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 103004810).
TORLONE, DAVID VINCENT (Voter ID number 103074090).

3300 29TH AVE SW
WILLIAMS, LESLIE N. (Voter ID number 103092530).
WILLIAMS, STEVEN D. (Voter ID number 103091398).
WILLIAMS, TAMMY R. (Voter ID number 103092529).
PRONOVOST, ANDREW Paul (Voter ID number 120192137).
BLAND, ROY L. (Voter ID number 102945273).

3301 21ST AVE SW
ARNOLD, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 103019524).
ARNOLD, FRANK L. (Voter ID number 103120514).

3301 23RD AVE SW
ROSE, JULIET R. (Voter ID number 103081276).
SKIBA, OLENA Olexiyivna (Voter ID number 118350172).
SKIBA, STANLEY F. (Voter ID number 102978549).

3301 27TH AVE SW
WILLIAMS, SHELLEY M. (Voter ID number 102947166).

3301 31ST AVE SW
ROSS, ANNE Miller (Voter ID number 103144264).
ROSS, CHELSEA CAROLINE (Voter ID number 103115270).
ROSS, TIMOTHY A. (Voter ID number 103090480).

CRUZ LEON, FELIPE (Voter ID number 116332761).
LUNEKE, JANET L. (Voter ID number 102963080).
OWENS, DAVID D. (Voter ID number 103115175).
OWENS, MARK E. (Voter ID number 103128403).
HAMILTON, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 115232530).
LUDLOW, GRANT S. (Voter ID number 114476506).

3305 15TH AVE SW
HILDEBRAND, JOSHUA James (Voter ID number 115362781).
RUCKMAN, BENJAMIN Carlin (Voter ID number 114802510).

3305 17TH AVE SW
WALKER, LAURA J. (Voter ID number 114129760).

CARAZA, MARIA Caridad (Voter ID number 110074959).
BORGES, GILBERTO Rafael (Voter ID number 119713562).
CARAZA, PABLO (Voter ID number 119379156).

331 12TH ST SE
VAZQUEZ, INOCENTE (Voter ID number 103067086).
VAZQUEZ, SANDRA C. (Voter ID number 103067085).
FERNANDEZ ACOSTA, CATALINA D. (Voter ID number 120026805).
VAZQUEZ, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 120802498).

331 16TH ST SE
WOLYNIEC, JASON Darwin (Voter ID number 121145665).
WOLYNIEC, KRISTY Lee (Voter ID number 103093717).

331 18TH ST SE
MCKENZIE, TINA Marie (Voter ID number 116041365).

331 22ND ST SE
MINOR, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 102976468).
ELBERSON, LAWRENCE Carol (Voter ID number 116632928).

331 23RD ST SW
HENDERSON, KIRK Stephen (Voter ID number 119886314).
HENDERSON, HOLLY Stephanie (Voter ID number 120536691).

331 27TH ST SW
LOTZ, MARK A. (Voter ID number 103038047).
LOTZ, TORRE Ann Jones (Voter ID number 103036867).
JONES, TORRIE Ann (Voter ID number 121328584).

331 4TH ST SE
DAKE, GINA L. (Voter ID number 102946782).

331 8TH ST SE
SEALS, JUSTON HOWARD (Voter ID number 103056238).

3310 11TH AVE SW
POER, TIFFANY T. (Voter ID number 102982498).

3310 19TH AVE SW
WILLIAMS, DIANE E. (Voter ID number 102980760).
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 102998815).

3310 21ST AVE SW
ANDRE, JASON Douglas (Voter ID number 118718474).
MILLIARD, NICOLE Jean (Voter ID number 118572211).
ROSS, JASON Douglas (Voter ID number 119250091).
TOLLIVER, BETSY J. (Voter ID number 115033634).

3310 23RD AVE SW
ZEPEDA, BRIAN (Voter ID number 102975498).
ZEPEDA, LAUREL C. (Voter ID number 102958503).

3310 29TH AVE SW
WEAVER, DOLORES K. (Voter ID number 103143530).
WEAVER, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 103144612).

SNYDER, GAIL Ann (Voter ID number 118956653).
KREFELD, DOMINIQUE Michelle (Voter ID number 116936784).
KREFELD, ERIK Brantly (Voter ID number 117094186).

3311 11TH AVE SW
PENNELL, PAUL S. (Voter ID number 103131355).
ALLEMAN, STACIE L. (Voter ID number 114498998).
ALLEMAN, BRUCE D. (Voter ID number 103151307).
ALLEMAN, CAROLE (Voter ID number 103152948).

3311 25TH AVE SW
PARENT, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 102950513).

3311 27TH AVE SW
BAXTER, DEBRA Lynn (Voter ID number 103030929).
BAXTER, ROLAND A. (Voter ID number 102939386).

3311 38TH AVE SE
WOODWARD, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 102962713).

3311 7TH AVE SW
SUAREZ, ALEXANDER A. (Voter ID number 116159895).
LENGKEEK OLLEIR, CAROL Lynn (Voter ID number 114166755).

3311 8TH AVE SE
STOLZ, JEFFREY A. (Voter ID number 102947427).

FERNANDEZ, FIDELINA (Voter ID number 116825010).
FERNANDEZ, MILAGROS C. (Voter ID number 116824984).
FERNANDEZ, NICASIO (Voter ID number 116824952).
FERNANDEZ, NICASIO C. (Voter ID number 116824898).

3315 10TH AVE SE
MINNIS, NICHOLE (Voter ID number 103129665).
MORENO, RITA I. (Voter ID number 118633698).
MOWERY, LAWRENCE Herman (Voter ID number 121096640).

3315 13TH AVE SW
KLINE, JUSTIN Lee (Voter ID number 118020969).
KLINE, JANET L. (Voter ID number 103116113).
KLINE, JOSEPH L. (Voter ID number 115940238).

3315 15TH AVE SW
HAMILTON, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number 102967100).
ABAZI, ERLIS (Voter ID number 115679800).
ABAZI, KILEY Kurtz (Voter ID number 114356856).

3315 36TH AVE SE
HASTINGS, FAITH RAE-ANN (Voter ID number 103105472).

3320 13TH AVE SW
HAMMER, TERRIE Lee (Voter ID number 103074937).
HAMMER, WALTER Wilhelm (Voter ID number 103091413).

3320 18TH AVE SE
LE COMTE, THOMAS Joseph (Voter ID number 118777179).
STEINHEISER, AUSTIN Beau (Voter ID number 121157519).

3320 19TH AVE SW
TURETZKIN, EDWARD (Voter ID number 117815172).
TURETZKIN, JOY F. (Voter ID number 103146240).
EASLEY, RENEE A. (Voter ID number 103029069).
EASLEY, THOMAS Wyatt (Voter ID number 116869947).

3320 29TH AVE SW
HAWLEY, PAMULA ANN (Voter ID number 103086180).

3320 2ND AVE SE
MENDEZ, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 103125517).

3320 4TH AVE SE
NUNEZ, JORDAN Jadier (Voter ID number 120883598).
NUNEZ, JUAN Jose (Voter ID number 114423411).
NUNEZ, VIVIAN Garcia (Voter ID number 110107226).

3320 5TH AVE SW
NEUMEIER, MARK R. (Voter ID number 117858061).
HUME, JORDAN M. (Voter ID number 114391625).

3320 7TH AVE SW
POTTER, CHRISTOPHER Douglas (Voter ID number 115265170).
CAPOTE, MANUEL (Voter ID number 103015066).

3321 5TH AVE SW
NICOLATO, GIORGIO Federico (Voter ID number 118540417).
NICOLATO, JEANNE Marie (Voter ID number 118539784).

3321 6TH AVE SE
SANTINI, MICHAEL F. (Voter ID number 120170524).
SANTINI, PHYLLIS A. (Voter ID number 102967119).

3321 8TH AVE SE
PRICE, CARRIE A. (Voter ID number 103101718).

3325 13TH AVE SW
KYLE, ROGER L. (Voter ID number 103009664).
KYLE, DANA L. (Voter ID number 103016241).

3325 17TH AVE SW
STEIN, CHRISTINA Williams (Voter ID number 103079667).

3325 20TH AVE SE
JEAN GILLES, MARIE Maude (Voter ID number 119084038).
JEAN GILLES, RONALD (Voter ID number 116563378).

333 3RD ST SW
JANISCH, DAWN (Voter ID number 102939172).
GHEORGHIEVICI, CRISTEL (Voter ID number 117541582).

333 5TH ST SW
LEONARDO, VINCENT (Voter ID number 119566719).
BOUGHMAN, CATHERINE T. (Voter ID number 103006331).
LEONARDO, NANCY Ann (Voter ID number 103049766).

3330 11TH AVE SW
SORBELLO, CATHERINE L. (Voter ID number 116383969).

3330 12TH AVE SE
DENIS, LUCIEN (Voter ID number 120501715).
DENIS, LYNN (Voter ID number 103117362).

3330 13TH AVE SW
HERNANDEZ, MARIA N. (Voter ID number 116333211).
DIAZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 115442361).

3330 15TH AVE SW
LONG, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 102945675).

3330 16TH AVE SE
VEGA VELAZQUEZ, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 118822049).
BARRINGER, BRIAN (Voter ID number 111334968).

3330 27TH AVE SW
MANCHETTE, STEPHANIE NICOLE (Voter ID number 103065690).

3330 2ND AVE SE
CRUZ, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 116590425).
CRUZ, EMILIANA (Voter ID number 103113529).
CRUZ, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 103007273).
CRUZ, KEVIN (Voter ID number 118727537).

3330 31ST AVE SW
FRANK, JOSHUA James (Voter ID number 117635788).
WHITE, JUDSON Gregory (Voter ID number 103047331).
EDIXON, LISA C. (Voter ID number 103148117).

3330 4TH AVE SE
RENNINGHOFF, ASHLEY Lynn (Voter ID number 115147665).

3330 8TH AVE SE
MONTALVO, ELIESER (Voter ID number 115161616).
SANABRIA, HECTOR L. (Voter ID number 102966943).

3331 11TH AVE SW
GARRETT, ROBYN L. (Voter ID number 102993711).
GARRETT, TED R. (Voter ID number 102937210).
TREJO, KALYN R. (Voter ID number 120790929).

3331 19TH AVE SW
FINGER, BRIAN Keith (Voter ID number 114311041).
FINGER, LOREN Lu (Voter ID number 103081071).

3331 23RD AVE SW
OXX, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 103007182).
OXX, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 103008902).
OXX, SHEILA Marie (Voter ID number 103025571).
OXX, RYAN S. (Voter ID number 103093292).

3331 28TH AVE SE
KAUFMANN, BRIDGET (Voter ID number 116401334).
PARKER, TRAYVON Joseph (Voter ID number 119891794).

3331 2ND AVE SE
BRAND, SARA A. (Voter ID number 119322293).
ESTRADA RESTREPO, PAULA Andrea (Voter ID number 119370908).
KING, JESSIE (Voter ID number 109413438).

3331 7TH AVE SW
WHITE, MELVIN S. (Voter ID number 103069567).
WHITE, ROSANN M. (Voter ID number 103051252).

LUNEKE, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number 102963450).
LUNEKE, SHARON E. (Voter ID number 103032637).

WEDDINGTON, KRISTOPHER K. (Voter ID number 103073659).
GLAS, SHARON A. (Voter ID number 102998699).
RAMSEY, BENJAMIN S. (Voter ID number 103007567).

DOMINGUEZ, RAMON Wenseslao (Voter ID number 102330892).

3337 22ND AVE SE
ALARCON, BRANDON Efrain (Voter ID number 118395997).

334 14TH ST SE
IBARRA, LUCIANA (Voter ID number 116644979).

3340 11TH AVE SW
TOREKY, BARBARA E. (Voter ID number 102998865).
TOREKY, EUGENE R. (Voter ID number 116355021).
TOREKY, JASON Eugene (Voter ID number 102986926).

3340 12TH AVE SE
DALLAS-INNERARITY, GEORGIA (Voter ID number 105134070).
INNERARITY, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 117111310).
INNERARITY, TONI-ANN Dallas (Voter ID number 119032419).

3340 13TH AVE SW
ARCE, LYDIA T. (Voter ID number 103067208).
ARCE, DEHLIA Geneva (Voter ID number 117645182).
ARCE, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 103067199).

3340 14TH AVE SE
PONCE, ANIUSKA (Voter ID number 120478905).
SAAVEDRA, IVO Otto (Voter ID number 109395429).

3340 15TH AVE SW
SANCHEZ, JUANA L. (Voter ID number 103122362).

3340 21ST AVE SW
KREILICH, REGINALD L. (Voter ID number 103009851).
KREILICH, DINA E. (Voter ID number 103004623).

3340 23RD AVE SW
GILLESPIE, PATRICK J. (Voter ID number 103082307).
YORK, TAMMY Lois (Voter ID number 114942885).

3340 24TH AVE SE
REARDON, MARCUS George (Voter ID number 103148518).
REARDON, SHARON Yvonne (Voter ID number 102951611).

3340 2ND AVE SE
MERCURE, AMANDA (Voter ID number 116740686).

3340 3RD AVE SW
MULRY, LOUISE E. (Voter ID number 103073449).
MULRY, THOMAS Brian (Voter ID number 118955703).
OSMOLSKI, CAROL M. (Voter ID number 103040467).
OSMOLSKI, COLLEEN ANN (Voter ID number 103028249).
OSMOLSKI, DEAN W. (Voter ID number 102964368).
MULRY, ERIN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 121009716).
MULRY, MARIANNE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120029344).
MULRY, SUSAN Marie (Voter ID number 116360991).
MULRY, THOMAS Brian (Voter ID number 102973085).

3340 6TH AVE SE
SMITH, DANIELLE (Voter ID number 103140588).
SMITH, KEITH John (Voter ID number 103077864).

3341 17TH AVE SW
FARRIS, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 102964009).

3341 26TH AVE SE
ULYSSE, REGINA (Voter ID number 111783482).

3341 27TH AVE SW
STEINMANN, DEANNA M. (Voter ID number 102945574).

3341 2ND AVE SE
PEREZ, ERASTO (Voter ID number 103046481).
DIAZ-CUBA, YANELYS (Voter ID number 121223349).

3341 3RD AVE SW
RIVARD, JOSEPH P. (Voter ID number 102966241).
RIVARD, SHERALYN S. (Voter ID number 102963168).
BRACKEN, JEFFREY Eugene (Voter ID number 119773849).

3343 22ND AVE SE
HARRISON, DENA Kathleen (Voter ID number 117334888).

3345 10TH AVE SE
MARTINEZ VILLEDA, JENNY Paola (Voter ID number 117313353).

3345 14TH AVE SE
ASHCROFT, COREY Donovan (Voter ID number 103122111).
BERNASCONI, MEGAN L. (Voter ID number 103121650).

3345 27TH AVE SW
SIMOES, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 117062527).
SIMOES, DANIEL (Voter ID number 119686504).

335 2ND ST SE
PACKARD, MICHELE (Voter ID number 102967027).
PACKARD, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 102967028).
PACKARD, SARAH E. (Voter ID number 118648841).
PACKARD, BRADLEY Edward (Voter ID number 116590397).
PACKARD, JASON Daniel (Voter ID number 115407005).
PACKARD, RYAN J. (Voter ID number 115954231).

335 31ST ST SW
SILVERWOOD, BEVERLY Gayle (Voter ID number 103133313).
SILVERWOOD, DALE T. (Voter ID number 103133689).
SILVERWOOD, SHAUN M. (Voter ID number 103006647).

3350 17TH AVE SW
WEIMER, SHARLENE Ruffino (Voter ID number 118787584).
CONNERS, PETER L. (Voter ID number 116912104).
WEIMER, KEITH Adam (Voter ID number 103056661).

3350 19TH AVE SW
ESCUDERO, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 103107330).
ESCUDERO, JULIAN (Voter ID number 103110920).
ROJAS, CRISTIAN Felipe (Voter ID number 118286860).
ESCUDERO, LUZ Maria (Voter ID number 103093597).
ROJAS, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 116546065).

3350 21ST AVE SW
JENKINS, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 103012404).
SARDINA, JODI Lynn (Voter ID number 103064983).
SARDINA, DANIEL Gaetano (Voter ID number 121168234).
JENKINS, DIANA Elaine (Voter ID number 102984769).

3355 19TH AVE SW
PELAEZ ESPINOSA, CHRISTIAN Leonel (Voter ID number 118738354).
OLIVERA, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 117135870).

3355 21ST AVE SW
SMITH, JEAN Craig (Voter ID number 102944613).

3360 10TH AVE SE
BAKER, BENJAMIN Lot (Voter ID number 103064925).
BAKER, MARY Dawn (Voter ID number 103063784).

3360 11TH AVE SW
SULLIVAN, COLEMAN Clark (Voter ID number 117630661).
SULLIVAN, DODIE L. (Voter ID number 103058272).
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL Ewing (Voter ID number 103055798).

3360 23RD AVE SW
MURO, MIGUEL Eduardo (Voter ID number 118840178).

3360 27TH AVE SW
BAUTCH, BARBARA R. (Voter ID number 102992768).
BAUTCH, HENRY G. (Voter ID number 102988844).
BAUTCH, JACOB Ritchie (Voter ID number 103059355).
BAUTCH, JONAH Steven (Voter ID number 103132371).

3360 29TH AVE SW
CROWSON, DEBORAH C. (Voter ID number 103014464).
CROWSON, TY GREGORY (Voter ID number 103007886).
SKIBA, DARREN M. (Voter ID number 102962761).
SKIBA, TRACY L. (Voter ID number 103015480).

3360 2ND AVE SE
DELLAFAVE, LAWRENCE J. (Voter ID number 115416336).

3360 34TH AVE SE
BECHTEL, JUDITH E. (Voter ID number 102954656).
BECHTEL, KIMBERLY Ann (Voter ID number 117956393).
BECHTEL, RALPH Charles (Voter ID number 103069468).

3360 4TH AVE SE
WILLIAMS, JEANNINE L. (Voter ID number 102970579).
WILLIAMS, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 103016025).

3360 6TH AVE SE
SMITH, ANNETTE Santana (Voter ID number 109067845).

3361 11TH AVE SW
QUIST, CHRIS D. (Voter ID number 103012111).
QUIST, JEREMY MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103113792).
WILLIAMS, MEGAN Marie (Voter ID number 116381736).
GAMBINO, GARY John (Voter ID number 103098960).
GAMBINO, LAURA Jean (Voter ID number 111556784).
SHALLBETTER, MITCHELL Alan (Voter ID number 118551458).

3361 14TH AVE SE
LOWERY, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 102996317).
LOWERY, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 103033651).
LOWERY, RICHARD (Voter ID number 102945503).

3361 15TH AVE SW
SAVAGE, DALE Alan (Voter ID number 103076278).
SAVAGE, DIANNE Prankas (Voter ID number 103076279).

3361 2ND AVE SE
EDWARDS, DIAN M. (Voter ID number 103115429).
EDWARDS, HEZRON Andrew (Voter ID number 119119465).
EDWARDS, TAMARA (Voter ID number 117849492).
EDWARDS, JUNE M. (Voter ID number 103109657).

3361 38TH AVE SE
BROUSSEAU, MATTHEW D. (Voter ID number 103086046).

3361 40TH AVE SE
MARTINEZ, LIYANE (Voter ID number 120130004).
MARTINEZ, OREXY (Voter ID number 120129982).

3361 4TH AVE SE
GORMAN, MICHAEL Emmet (Voter ID number 120574748).

3361 5TH AVE SW
BALTERMAN, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 102997999).
BALTERMAN, CHRISTINA Jessica (Voter ID number 119998563).
FONTAINE, CONRAD R. (Voter ID number 103088639).
FONTAINE, JUDITH Irene (Voter ID number 103088640).

3361 8TH AVE SE
MATERIALE, JULIE ANN (Voter ID number 103056017).
BLOHOWIAK, TODD J. (Voter ID number 120270410).
FISCHER, NICOLE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 114849916).
FISCHER, ELLEN E. (Voter ID number 103071615).

THERMITUS, EMANOEL Marie (Voter ID number 118686940).

3364 11TH AVE SW
LEGAULT, STEVE E. (Voter ID number 103100587).
HONIG, TIFFANY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 121074858).
LEGAULT, ELAINE Little (Voter ID number 103089322).

3365 18TH AVE SE
BUNCH, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 121175558).

3370 10TH AVE SE
BARON, SUSAN Anne (Voter ID number 120315562).

3370 11TH AVE SW
ALLRED, JACOB Allen (Voter ID number 117427191).
ALLRED, JAYME Annette (Voter ID number 103116565).
ALLRED, KENNY Joe (Voter ID number 103116532).

3370 12TH AVE SE
ADAMS, MITZI A. (Voter ID number 103054960).
ADAMS, STEVEN Clyde (Voter ID number 103120443).

3370 13TH AVE SW
CASSELS, CATHERINE Adair (Voter ID number 102957863).
EATON, JUSTIN D. (Voter ID number 103056264).
CASSELS, JAMES Ray (Voter ID number 103213228).
BRYZGALSKI, REBECCA (Voter ID number 118057809).

3370 19TH AVE SW
AMES, JASON (Voter ID number 102953181).
AMES-DOKEY, JOY Elaine (Voter ID number 102963900).
DOKEY, STEVE L. (Voter ID number 103155892).

3370 20TH AVE SE
HOLLAND, NANCY E. (Voter ID number 103006746).

3370 23RD AVE SW
COLE, NATHANIEL Scott (Voter ID number 118318763).
SHELLHORN, IRIS V. (Voter ID number 103014131).

3370 26TH AVE SE
DEVINE, KRISTIN Marie (Voter ID number 103102608).
GARCIA, EDWARD Jay (Voter ID number 115446007).

3370 27TH AVE SW
NEWELL, DOUGLAS Kohlmorgen (Voter ID number 102962668).
NEWELL, REBECCA B. (Voter ID number 102962377).
NEWELL, CHARLOTTE Nicole (Voter ID number 119913221).

3370 29TH AVE SW
NUNN, KIMBERLY Jean (Voter ID number 103077696).

3370 4TH AVE SE
SULLIVAN, GUSSIE M. (Voter ID number 103017207).
SULLIVAN, WILMA F. (Voter ID number 103017228).

3371 23RD AVE SW
BONARD, MATTHEW Sam (Voter ID number 114289466).

3371 2ND AVE SE
GARCIA, TONY (Voter ID number 116591912).
GARCON, DANIEL (Voter ID number 118594882).
GARCON, RACHELLE (Voter ID number 121119491).

3371 3RD AVE SW
HOLLMAN, CAREY MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103094658).
HAWES, JOYCE M. (Voter ID number 103057675).

3371 8TH AVE SE
WAVERKA, DONG (Voter ID number 121308664).

3375 13TH AVE SW
CLEAVES, DAVID Edward (Voter ID number 102945624).
CLEAVES, KRISTI V. (Voter ID number 102945625).
CLEAVES, DAVID V. (Voter ID number 103106130).
CLEAVES, HAYLEY Janean (Voter ID number 117530088).

3375 29TH AVE SW
WRIGHT, WILLIAM Bartow (Voter ID number 114825472).

3380 10TH AVE SE
ESTANISLAO, MARIA Rocio (Voter ID number 118836455).
BRISSON, BLAINE William (Voter ID number 103065643).
BRISSON, AMY Michele (Voter ID number 114279240).
RODRIGUEZ, NELSON (Voter ID number 103089591).

3380 12TH AVE SE
KRYSTASZEK, ROLAND H. (Voter ID number 103118970).
KRYSTASZEK, WINDY Lalena (Voter ID number 118567985).

3380 15TH AVE SW
HINDS, ANNA Marie (Voter ID number 103075212).

3380 24TH AVE SE
MORALES, GERARDO Cecilio (Voter ID number 109868226).
MORALES, NORA Julia (Voter ID number 103116581).

3380 26TH AVE SE
FILLMORE, DAVID James (Voter ID number 117853426).
FILLMORE, JOHN Glenn (Voter ID number 102995288).

3380 29TH AVE SW
COPPOLA, MARIA (Voter ID number 103005329).
DAVIS, BRIAN K. (Voter ID number 111405697).

3380 36TH AVE SE
RAMIREZ, IRAIDA M. (Voter ID number 102976227).
RAMIREZ, VICTOR (Voter ID number 102976110).
RAMIREZ, GERARDO (Voter ID number 119838491).

3380 3RD AVE SW
SICKLES, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 102987912).
SICKLES, PATRICIA Eileen (Voter ID number 102987913).
ZAJECHOWSKI, KATIE Maureen (Voter ID number 115436509).

3380 4TH AVE SE
LUSKIN, KAREN Diane (Voter ID number 121312756).
BURRIS, GARY Stephen (Voter ID number 103128640).

3380 8TH AVE SE
ST HILAIRE, SARAH Jane (Voter ID number 119738140).
VANGUILDER, GERALD Byron (Voter ID number 119738139).
DAILY, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number 103107481).

3381 13TH AVE SW
SOKOL, THOMAS (Voter ID number 102955305).

3381 15TH AVE SW
MIKITAROFF, ASHLEI Love (Voter ID number 116978111).

3381 2ND AVE SE
HINTAR, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number 103100289).
RODRIGUEZ GRASS, ENRIQUETA (Voter ID number 116703906).
YEOMANS, AMBER Leigh (Voter ID number 103022206).

3381 34TH AVE SE
GRIFFIN, SAVANNAH S. (Voter ID number 116591589).

3381 4TH AVE SE
STEWARD, DANIELLE A. (Voter ID number 103017439).
STEWARD, RUSSEL K. (Voter ID number 103048443).

3381 5TH AVE SW
SOTO, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 102999307).
BROWN, ELIZABETH Soto (Voter ID number 119480555).
SOTO, MARIE (Voter ID number 102999270).

3381 6TH AVE SE
DELANO, DEBORAH D. (Voter ID number 103033975).
DELANO, TED M. (Voter ID number 103037089).
DELANO, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 118071813).

3381 7TH AVE SW
PIERRA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 117530680).
SOLIS, BARBARA Alzugaray (Voter ID number 109444001).

3381 8TH AVE SE
BURGHARDT, SUSANNAH Larie (Voter ID number 102980351).
BURGHARDT, JOHN Christopher (Voter ID number 118729432).

CUEVAS, JOSE Guadalupe (Voter ID number 103099497).
CUEVAS, JOSE Javier (Voter ID number 117800344).

3385 18TH AVE SE
BLOT, BENNETT (Voter ID number 103112794).

3390 17TH AVE SW
FORRESTER, JONATHAN Michaellee (Voter ID number 114528081).
RAFFIELD, GAYLE S. (Voter ID number 103149506).

3390 19TH AVE SW
DRESCHER, SANDRA (Voter ID number 102968479).
WERNER, ANDREW Charles (Voter ID number 103010583).
WERNER, ROXANNE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 103111980).

3390 3RD AVE SW
FREDERICK, DOROTHY Ann (Voter ID number 102962630).
GEESNER, EMILY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 118062126).
GEESNER, VINCENT H. (Voter ID number 102962635).
GEESNER, CAITLIN Rose (Voter ID number 120535138).

3391 17TH AVE SW
BLANK, SCOTT DUANE (Voter ID number 103048150).
BLANK, WENDY J. (Voter ID number 103102876).
ALLEN, JERRY Leon (Voter ID number 103210151).

3391 23RD AVE SW
SOTO, GREGORIO (Voter ID number 102975817).

3391 3RD AVE SW
BEARD, LAUREN J. (Voter ID number 102939661).
BEARD, AUSTIN Nicholas (Voter ID number 119867582).
BEARD, TERRY Allen (Voter ID number 103105362).

3392 18TH AVE SE
ODONNELL, RYAN Thomas (Voter ID number 103087550).

3395 18TH AVE SE
HINSPETER, DIANE MARIE (Voter ID number 103105184).
HINSPETER, JAMES JOSEPH (Voter ID number 103072585).
WISNIEWSKI, ROBERT F. (Voter ID number 103118527).
MCSORLEY, DARBY L. (Voter ID number 102976835).
LAWHON, JESSICA Anne (Voter ID number 103101348).

3395 27TH AVE SW
HEPPLER, MATTHEW Dale (Voter ID number 117737997).

3399 19TH AVE SW
KARCH, RICHARD (Voter ID number 103026117).
KARCH, ROSEMARIE (Voter ID number 103026118).

340 10TH ST SE
ALEXIS, MICHELLE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 117218815).
ALEXIS, ROBERT Harold (Voter ID number 118155298).

340 11TH ST SW
WAGNER-MICHAELSEN, WENDY JUNE (Voter ID number 103096214).

340 13TH ST SW
BYINGTON, TERRY Louis (Voter ID number 120945833).

340 14TH ST SE
REESE, ARTHUR F. (Voter ID number 103043393).

340 16TH ST SE
MARTINEZ, JESUS N. (Voter ID number 103061237).
MARTINEZ, NORMA A. (Voter ID number 102990895).

340 17TH ST SW
KALPIN, TERRY Lee (Voter ID number 102995524).

340 20TH ST SE
PARKER, CHELSEA Landers (Voter ID number 103115701).
POORMAN, KYLE Joseph (Voter ID number 117675847).

340 21ST ST SW
JONES, KERMIT E. (Voter ID number 120103300).

340 27TH ST SW
PENIX, HUNTER Charles (Voter ID number 118263485).
STALEY PENIX, CAROLYN Rowena (Voter ID number 102954199).

340 31ST ST SW
HORTA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 119690736).

340 3RD ST SW
MORGAN, DENISE JEAN (Voter ID number 103128003).
MORGAN, SHANE (Voter ID number 103006357).
MORGAN-GIDEON, K M. (Voter ID number 102981916).
PHILLIPS, CHARLOTTE Julia (Voter ID number 119056355).

340 5TH ST SW
HEINTZ, MICHELLE Lee (Voter ID number 115956332).
HEINTZ, RANDY Lee (Voter ID number 117218965).

340 6TH ST SE
RIVES, ALYSSA Lynn (Voter ID number 115258984).
RIVES, NOEL Michele (Voter ID number 102963013).
RIVES, RICARDO (Voter ID number 102998603).

340 9TH ST SW
LA FEMINA, TAYLOR (Voter ID number 119294617).
LAFEMINA, RACHEL Lee (Voter ID number 120140443).

3400 15TH AVE SW
AULTS, CRAIG Stephen (Voter ID number 115684657).
WHITE, SUNNY M. (Voter ID number 103062932).

3400 25TH AVE SW
LAW, ALAN (Voter ID number 103152512).
SCHULBERG, KEVIN Carter (Voter ID number 116956723).
LAW, SUSAN K. (Voter ID number 102997823).

BURKE, BEVERLY Jane (Voter ID number 103085085).

3401 11TH AVE SW
DELP, KENNETH Thomas (Voter ID number 117650830).

3401 17TH AVE SW
RODA, ALICE (Voter ID number 102944012).
RODA, MATT J. (Voter ID number 103100376).
RODA, RICHARD Scott (Voter ID number 103001813).

3401 21ST AVE SW
VALENTINE, DOUGLAS W. (Voter ID number 103072976).
CURNUTT, JUSTIN Cam (Voter ID number 117880553).
PENSO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109523899).
ORR, ANGELA Cherie (Voter ID number 103117649).
PIERRE, ESTHER (Voter ID number 102979162).
JOHNSON, ELAINE Robinson (Voter ID number 118337516).
WHITNEY, EDWARD R. (Voter ID number 103017588).

3401 31ST AVE SW
LITTLE, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 103067323).

3405 29TH AVE SW
CARPENTER, KENNETH S. (Voter ID number 103020634).
PHILLIPS, SIMON C. (Voter ID number 103090167).
PHILLIPS, DAVID (Voter ID number 103035721).

341 11TH ST SW
INTERIAN, IRALDO Hipolito (Voter ID number 119888565).
SUAREZ, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 103044025).

341 15TH ST SW
NOLDER, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 102943948).
NOLDER, SAMUEL R. (Voter ID number 102952972).

341 16TH ST SE
SOOLEY, MICHAEL Christopher (Voter ID number 118922805).
JOHNSON, KELLY Ann (Voter ID number 114951503).

341 17TH ST SW
BALL, DEANNA S. (Voter ID number 103000923).
BALL, KENNETH G. (Voter ID number 103075359).

341 20TH ST SE
SCHOTT, CHRISTINE M. (Voter ID number 102963178).
SCHOTT, COURTNEY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 118194521).
SCHOTT, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 103147865).
SCHOTT, MCKENZIE Ann (Voter ID number 121157375).

341 21ST ST SW
ALONSO, YURIEN (Voter ID number 103139788).
ALONSO, JOSE G. (Voter ID number 103031454).

341 25TH ST SW
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Carmen (Voter ID number 114132878).

341 2ND ST SE
BAILEY, SARAH Evelyn (Voter ID number 102946133).

341 6TH ST SE
BROWN, HOLLI R. (Voter ID number 103122841).
LYNCH, TIMOTHY E. (Voter ID number 102994298).

3410 10TH AVE SE
MARKER, SHIRLEE ANN (Voter ID number 103068476).
MARKER, JESSE C. (Voter ID number 116851010).
MARKER, CARLA F. (Voter ID number 121230622).

3410 13TH AVE SW
THOMPSON, CARL E. (Voter ID number 102979521).
THOMPSON, MARY L. (Voter ID number 102979523).

3410 17TH AVE SW
GONSIEWSKI, JEROME A. (Voter ID number 102949252).

3410 23RD AVE SW
HERRERA, MARCIA Ayde (Voter ID number 103094563).
HERRERA, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 102971914).

3410 27TH AVE SW
DUBARNS, KELLY Jane (Voter ID number 103065362).
LIEBERS, MARGO D. (Voter ID number 102962119).

3411 13TH AVE SW
MIKLOS, ENDRE (Voter ID number 103111865).
MIKLOS, EVA M. (Voter ID number 103062264).
KAIRIS, ANDREA (Voter ID number 116864382).

3411 23RD AVE SW
SMITH, PETER C. (Voter ID number 103155456).
SMITH, TOMMIE L. (Voter ID number 103155457).

3411 25TH AVE SW
WALKER, JODIE R. (Voter ID number 103130073).
SIBLEY, BRENT Andrew (Voter ID number 118271662).
TEZYK, JILL Amanda (Voter ID number 103056452).
WALKER, JACK E. (Voter ID number 103119812).

3415 10TH AVE SE
GALLIHER, MARIE (Voter ID number 103077742).
CALDERON, JACKLYN (Voter ID number 116630574).

3418 17TH AVE SW
JOHNSON, DEBRA L. (Voter ID number 102954968).
MORGAN, JOY (Voter ID number 103092426).

3420 12TH AVE SE
ROSSI, CECELIA Jade (Voter ID number 117683764).
DE ROOS, LEO Thorval (Voter ID number 103069557).
DEROOS, KRISTEN C. (Voter ID number 102999842).

3420 17TH AVE SW
PEPIN, SCOTT M. (Voter ID number 103073086).
LOWTHER, MAXWELL Waylin (Voter ID number 116928446).

3420 21ST AVE SW
KELLER, LANETTE K. (Voter ID number 103015487).

3420 24TH AVE SE
GARCIA, JAVIER JOSE (Voter ID number 103128366).

3420 25TH AVE SW
GARCIA, IVELIS ANN (Voter ID number 103110138).
GARCIA, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 103155794).
MEIRA, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 103148335).
CATES, JAMES Henry (Voter ID number 115620211).

3420 27TH AVE SW
CURRIE, CAROL L. (Voter ID number 102948187).
CURRIE, GERALD (Voter ID number 102945325).

3420 2ND AVE SE
RIEMER, PAULINE Ruth (Voter ID number 102950869).

3420 30TH AVE SE
GARCIA, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 116354776).
PARKER, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 116689413).

3420 36TH AVE SE
DE LEON, JAVIER Jose (Voter ID number 118639922).
SILVA, DAMARYS (Voter ID number 117487141).

3420 3RD AVE SW
LANDRY, KARI Lynn (Voter ID number 117276194).
GEHRING, BRITTNEY Nicole (Voter ID number 120336252).
LIRETTE GEHRING, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 103032930).
GEHRING, CHRISTOPHER L. (Voter ID number 103060896).

3420 4TH AVE SE
MALBURG, RONALD D. (Voter ID number 103005212).
MALBURG, SARAH M. (Voter ID number 118071860).
MALBURG, DAWN Marie (Voter ID number 103004943).

3420 7TH AVE SW
INZANO, DEBORAH SHARON (Voter ID number 103048267).
INZANO, FRANK N. (Voter ID number 103032920).

3421 36TH AVE SE
ALAMO, BERNADETTE (Voter ID number 120415322).
ALAMO, PAUL (Voter ID number 120415386).

3421 3RD AVE SW
CARTER, JOSHUA Alexander (Voter ID number 118960356).
BRYANT, SUSAN Francis Florence (Voter ID number 103149985).
CARTER, ROGER G. (Voter ID number 102942721).
CETO, AARON W. (Voter ID number 103065653).
CETO, HEIDI Nicole (Voter ID number 103095147).
SANBORN, JERAD Austen (Voter ID number 117371061).

3421 4TH AVE SE
PRISCO, KRISTI A. (Voter ID number 103052459).

3421 6TH AVE SE
CUEVAS VELEZ, ARMANDO Emmanuel (Voter ID number 121139042).
CUEVAS, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 103137735).

KNIPPRATH, SANDRA Sagen (Voter ID number 103151512).
KNIPPRATH, STEVEN Penn (Voter ID number 102958003).
PLOCINSKI, FREDERICK L. (Voter ID number 103119662).
PLOCINSKI, MARGARET O. (Voter ID number 103021111).

3425 12TH AVE SE
LONG, JENNIFER Virginia (Voter ID number 103030342).
LONG, ERIC (Voter ID number 102954007).

3425 16TH AVE SE
SHORT, DANNY Lee (Voter ID number 118435465).
SHORT, MARY BETH (Voter ID number 119191938).

3425 29TH AVE SW
CAGGIANO, TAMARA Susan (Voter ID number 103137724).
CAGGIANO, TERRENCE Anthony (Voter ID number 102986256).
FULTS, TERRY F. (Voter ID number 103047616).

DAVIES, DONNA P. (Voter ID number 103072724).
DAVIES, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 103072726).

3427 2ND AVE SE
ORCUTT, ANDREW W. (Voter ID number 102961635).
ORCUTT, JENNIFER Louise (Voter ID number 117817033).
ORCUTT, STEPHANIE Anne (Voter ID number 118710819).
ORCUTT, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 116881141).
ORCUTT, ANDREW Joseph (Voter ID number 119556893).

3430 10TH AVE SE
DAVIDSON, SCOTT Patrick (Voter ID number 103039807).
DAVIDSON, LORI Ann (Voter ID number 103070800).

3430 13TH AVE SW
LAMBERTSON, KATLYN Marie (Voter ID number 117291821).
LAMBERTTSON, JO ANN (Voter ID number 102996806).
THOMPSON, JAMES G. (Voter ID number 115988048).
THOMPSON, MELANIE Watson (Voter ID number 115991927).

3430 16TH AVE SE
HAMILTON, SARAH Jim (Voter ID number 103119871).
HAMILTON, SCOTT D. (Voter ID number 103065614).

3430 27TH AVE SW
NICKERSON, JANET L. (Voter ID number 102947332).
NICKERSON, ROBERT F. (Voter ID number 102947333).
NICKERSON, FRANK Allen (Voter ID number 103033207).

3430 30TH AVE SE
GARRIGA, ERVIN (Voter ID number 108914373).
RIVERO, NORGE Eriel (Voter ID number 116332506).
RIVERO-GARRIGA, DADMARY (Voter ID number 117375419).

3431 17TH AVE SW
MURILLO, CYNTHIA D. (Voter ID number 103093919).
JOHNSON, EVA Veronica (Voter ID number 120732576).
LOMELI, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 117708370).

3431 23RD AVE SW
PLANCHER, WILSON (Voter ID number 102999216).
PLANCHER, ILANA (Voter ID number 102999286).

3431 27TH AVE SW
PEREZ, ALEXIS Veronica (Voter ID number 117799424).
PEREZ, SUZETTE Rebecca (Voter ID number 114553755).
PEREZ, GUADALUPE M. (Voter ID number 114519334).
VERGARA, RICK J. (Voter ID number 103102596).

3431 4TH AVE SE
LOPEZ, ORIOL A. (Voter ID number 119295027).
RODRIGUEZ, MIRTA U. (Voter ID number 119294829).

3431 6TH AVE SE
FARMER, BILLY Mark (Voter ID number 103028071).
SCHWENNEKER, JOHN O. (Voter ID number 103041430).
SCHWENNEKER, JOSHUA JOHN (Voter ID number 103130861).
SCHWENNEKER, NANCY L. (Voter ID number 103042674).

3431 8TH AVE SE
BELL, DAVID Saul (Voter ID number 118633601).
BELL, LESLIE Elaine (Voter ID number 118367756).

3435 12TH AVE SE
SANTIAGO, HECTOR (Voter ID number 103106935).

3435 16TH AVE SE
ABELN, GREGORY EDWARD (Voter ID number 102990029).
ABELN, DEANA Marie (Voter ID number 103133894).

3435 26TH AVE SE
PARKES, FRANCINE Judith (Voter ID number 103033810).
SNOOK, SARA Marie (Voter ID number 114175357).
SNOOK, MICHAEL Matthew (Voter ID number 114792515).

3440 15TH AVE SW
CALABRETTA, RITA (Voter ID number 103115982).
CALABRETTA, PAOLO (Voter ID number 121128190).

3440 19TH AVE SW
WARD, KATHERINE H. (Voter ID number 103145705).
WARD, LAWRENCE Edwin (Voter ID number 103145706).
ZIEGLER, RICHARD Earl (Voter ID number 111592743).
WARD, KYLE Allen (Voter ID number 114250792).
WARD, MARYJEAN E. (Voter ID number 103066102).

3440 20TH AVE SE
CHAMPAGNE, EDWIG (Voter ID number 103041106).

3440 21ST AVE SW
DE ARMAS, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 103072978).
DE ARMAS, MAYRA T. (Voter ID number 102999779).

3440 23RD AVE SW
NEFF, STEVEN D. (Voter ID number 102954107).

3440 25TH AVE SW
DUNN, AMBER BROOKE (Voter ID number 103135320).

3440 3RD AVE SW
JABLONSKI, JADWIGA T. (Voter ID number 103029578).
JABLONSKI, TADEUSZ (Voter ID number 103061451).

3440 4TH AVE SE
BONHAM, SAMANTHA Sue (Voter ID number 111719138).
AHLBRANDT, JEFFREY Allan (Voter ID number 103070177).

3440 7TH AVE SW
JARON, AMANDA (Voter ID number 103125468).
JARON, STEPHEN M. (Voter ID number 103125508).

3441 13TH AVE SW
SPURLOCK, JEFFREY BRIAN (Voter ID number 103120766).
SPURLOCK, LINDA SUE (Voter ID number 103074343).

3441 16TH AVE SE
AREVALO, JESSICA Lynn (Voter ID number 103096536).
AREVALO, RONALD (Voter ID number 117870335).

3441 17TH AVE SW
STEDMAN, ERIC A. (Voter ID number 103081690).
BARACALDO, OXANNA (Voter ID number 115205237).
MOANFELDT, PETER M. (Voter ID number 103084616).
FURMAN, ROBIN Lynn (Voter ID number 108222721).

3441 19TH AVE SW
BABCOCK, DONNA Fajardo (Voter ID number 103150904).
BABCOCK, STEVEN M. (Voter ID number 103148039).
BABCOCK CARACCIOLO D, AMANDA April (Voter ID number 103118931).
BABCOCK, ADAM Jason (Voter ID number 115111866).

3441 25TH AVE SW
STRICKLAND, ROSELINE Vale (Voter ID number 116663574).

3441 2ND AVE SE
LIDDLE, DAVID JOHN (Voter ID number 103133494).
LIDDLE, SANDRA LEE (Voter ID number 103133489).
LIDDLE, JEFFREY John (Voter ID number 114532650).

3441 3RD AVE SW
MARULANDA, GLORIA P. (Voter ID number 103122374).
GOMEZ, FRANKY (Voter ID number 117835300).
GOMEZ, FRANKY Gustavo (Voter ID number 102491901).
MARTINEZ GOMEZ, ANN Marie (Voter ID number 102491902).

3441 8TH AVE SE
ROBERTS, TRACY Ann (Voter ID number 117299154).
SAVAGE, ALLISON Kathleen (Voter ID number 111740867).
SCOTT, JESSICA N. (Voter ID number 120326397).

DICKSON, JEFFREY LYNN (Voter ID number 103054056).
DICKSON, JENNIFER A. (Voter ID number 103038281).
DICKSON, FRONZO Lee (Voter ID number 120406751).
DICKSON, JOSHUA Paul (Voter ID number 120561390).

3445 16TH AVE SE
BUNKER, ANGELA Lynn (Voter ID number 103127286).
KLEIN, LARRY M. (Voter ID number 118458394).

3446 13TH AVE SW
HAYTON, PAULINE (Voter ID number 103002069).
HAYTON, PETER (Voter ID number 103002078).
LEWINGTON, DONNA Michelle (Voter ID number 117465327).

345 18TH ST SE
CEFALU, MICHELLE Maria (Voter ID number 115516588).

3450 13TH AVE SW
ROBINSON, THOMAS C. (Voter ID number 102996378).
ROBINSON, THOMAS (Voter ID number 102990517).
ROBINSON, GLORIA Jean (Voter ID number 102990515).

3450 15TH AVE SW
KRUM, KAREN H. (Voter ID number 116713449).
KRUM, RICHARD Dane (Voter ID number 103015449).

3450 5TH AVE SW
DE LOTTO, RITA Clare (Voter ID number 103148034).

DONOVAN, ALAN G. (Voter ID number 102963779).

3455 17TH AVE SW
LASH, RICHARD Allen (Voter ID number 103030014).
WATSON, SHIRLEY M. (Voter ID number 103147673).

3455 23RD AVE SW
GIBSON, JOSHUA Wade (Voter ID number 115670012).
TOZER, JAMES FRANKLIN (Voter ID number 103016687).
SPOTO, ARLAN L. (Voter ID number 115636199).
SPOTO, LOIS A. (Voter ID number 115636214).
GIBSON, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number 120556418).

3456 14TH AVE SE
DALLY, BRIDGET M. (Voter ID number 119863255).

3460 10TH AVE SE
SMITH, DAVID I. (Voter ID number 114914818).

3460 15TH AVE SW
CARRILLO, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 102989618).
OBED, BRUCE David (Voter ID number 103073178).
CARRILLO, MARIA Adela (Voter ID number 114820691).
CORNEAL, BARBARA R. (Voter ID number 103095388).
MUNOZ, ARMANDO Benito (Voter ID number 102973982).

3460 17TH AVE SW
COLETTA, JAMES N. (Voter ID number 102937766).
COLETTA, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 102938377).
ENLOW, MAHEALONI Kala (Voter ID number 119646336).
MULLIN, PAMELA A. (Voter ID number 103105090).
TRACY, HEATHER Ann (Voter ID number 114091804).

3460 18TH AVE SE
O'BRIEN-HUNTER, KELLY J. (Voter ID number 102944558).
QUINTANA, SARA Rosa (Voter ID number 121113231).
GONZALEZ, MARCI Michael (Voter ID number 108160173).
VINSON, RICHARD Wayne (Voter ID number 103068201).

3460 19TH AVE SW
HART, BRAD J. (Voter ID number 103048610).
HART, SUSAN R. (Voter ID number 103061099).

3460 20TH AVE SE
ALVAREZ, IDIS Mary (Voter ID number 116523123).
ALVAREZ, JOSE Ignacio (Voter ID number 113967894).

3460 27TH AVE SW
COLVENBACK, JOSHUA MATTHEW (Voter ID number 103105804).
COLVENBACK, LARRY James (Voter ID number 103148395).
COLVENBACK, WANDA B. (Voter ID number 103148370).
COBURN, PAUL Seth (Voter ID number 118925800).
COLVENBACK, JUSTIN D. (Voter ID number 116869663).

3460 6TH AVE SE
HAMILTON, CLAUDETTE Clair (Voter ID number 109644653).
HAMILTON, KEITH Lorraine (Voter ID number 109224892).

3460 7TH AVE SW
BAKER, RONALD Andrew (Voter ID number 119197730).
HARVEY, NANCY M. (Voter ID number 102954776).
HARVEY, WILLIAM JOSEPH (Voter ID number 103114920).
MINICK, TIMOTHY Scott (Voter ID number 103003435).
BAKER, ANDREA Renee (Voter ID number 103110150).
HURST MINICK, DEBRA Jewell (Voter ID number 103011734).

3461 19TH AVE SW
GAYDOS, CYNTHIA M. (Voter ID number 102971272).
GAYDOS, MARK JOSEPH (Voter ID number 103103525).

3461 23RD AVE SW
DEBERGALIS, DONNA (Voter ID number 116084213).
DE BERGALIS, DONNA L. (Voter ID number 102989802).
DE BERGALIS, ROCCO L. (Voter ID number 102998067).

3461 27TH AVE SW
CONTINI, CYNTHIA Ann (Voter ID number 117831897).
CONTINI, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 117844278).
STUPINSKI, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 121255945).
STUPINSKI, GREGG W. (Voter ID number 104564260).
STUPINSKI, JEANETTE E. (Voter ID number 104566975).

3461 2ND AVE SE
SIMPSON, JUSTIN Michael (Voter ID number 103068868).
SIMPSON, BRITTANY Diane (Voter ID number 115108361).

3461 31ST AVE SW
GORDY, NICHOLAS R. (Voter ID number 116590280).

3461 4TH AVE SE
HAMBLEN, KODI J. (Voter ID number 118071686).
RANDALL, ERIC A. (Voter ID number 102973806).
RANDALL, CARRIE Marie (Voter ID number 102994931).

3461 7TH AVE SW
ZIKURSH, KENNETH Edward (Voter ID number 115301579).

3465 10TH AVE SE
AYALA, CLARA A. (Voter ID number 103031013).

3465 32ND AVE SE
BERNAL, BARBARA Maria (Voter ID number 118570626).

3470 10TH AVE SE
ERVIN, ERIN Howard (Voter ID number 103088172).
ERVIN, KERRI Ann (Voter ID number 103090827).

3470 15TH AVE SW
GONZALEZ, OLGA L. (Voter ID number 103071700).
GONZALEZ, RAUL D. (Voter ID number 103100259).
ROSSELL, TONY Lamar (Voter ID number 103098044).

3470 19TH AVE SW
KOEHLER, CONRAD Kenneth (Voter ID number 103036228).
KOEHLER, SUSAN Jean (Voter ID number 103157373).
GEORGE, EDWARD Hemsley (Voter ID number 114557192).

3470 21ST AVE SW
MULLEN, JOHN Michael (Voter ID number 103107820).

3470 27TH AVE SW
WEPPNER, GREGORY (Voter ID number 103012192).

3470 5TH AVE SW
SHEPARDSON, BETHANY Grace (Voter ID number 117323544).
ANDERSON-RIDDLE, KIMBERLEE A. (Voter ID number 103142370).
RIDDLE, DONALD J. (Voter ID number 102956330).
RIDDLE, HELEN L. (Voter ID number 103071728).

AGUIAR, ANGEL David (Voter ID number 109910410).

3471 13TH AVE SW
WEAVER, KARRIE Nicole (Voter ID number 103063374).

3471 19TH AVE SW
CHERNIN, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 103139002).
SELESTINO, JESSE Joshua (Voter ID number 118509058).

3471 27TH AVE SW
HALL, STEPHEN (Voter ID number 102951976).

3471 29TH AVE SW
MCMAHON, CAROL D. (Voter ID number 103037712).
MCMAHON, JAMES C. (Voter ID number 102942148).

3471 2ND AVE SE
BARBERA, ANGEL R. (Voter ID number 103114383).
BARBERA, YUDERCA Melendez (Voter ID number 103083010).
DUFFY, KENNETH J. (Voter ID number 103100549).

3471 8TH AVE SE
SWANSON, ELIZABETH L. (Voter ID number 102944198).
SWANSON, KENNETH L. (Voter ID number 102944199).
SMITH, CHERYL Lynn (Voter ID number 115118153).

IGLESIAS, LEDYS (Voter ID number 102958221).
LANDA, MIGDALIA E. (Voter ID number 102980641).
TUMBLESON, DOUGLAS Harold (Voter ID number 103131676).

3475 12TH AVE SE
WICKERT, HELEN C. (Voter ID number 119084584).
WICKERT, JASEN Cole (Voter ID number 118262652).

3475 15TH AVE SW
FISCHER, JANICE MARIE (Voter ID number 103049266).
FOSTER, STEPHEN FREDERICK (Voter ID number 103069189).
GRANT, JAMES J. (Voter ID number 119383184).

3475 17TH AVE SW
BEAUCHAMP, JAMES Joseph (Voter ID number 103153662).

3475 22ND AVE SE
MC ENANEY, KERRY Thomas (Voter ID number 103085629).
RANSOM, CINDY L. (Voter ID number 111671418).

3475 25TH AVE SW
SMITH, ANNA Marie (Voter ID number 103097899).
SMITH, MICHAEL Steven (Voter ID number 102991472).
ZUMBACH, VIOLETTA (Voter ID number 103054825).

3475 31ST AVE SW
LEWIS, GREGORY H. (Voter ID number 102944666).
LEWIS, JUDITH L. (Voter ID number 102943745).

3475 3RD AVE SW
COMBS, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 102967463).

MEDINA, SANDRA (Voter ID number 110058535).

3479 19TH AVE SW
BALANKY, BRET Daniel (Voter ID number 118672214).
BALANKY, PENNY Lynn (Voter ID number 118672676).
LAFORCE, EVERETT Clayton (Voter ID number 118668997).
LAFORCE, DEBORAH Kaye (Voter ID number 117024698).

3480 13TH AVE SW
STRAMAGLIA, FRANK J. (Voter ID number 102991140).
STRAMAGLIA, KRYSTAL Marie (Voter ID number 103130813).
STRAMAGLIA, NICOLE M. (Voter ID number 103071546).
STRAMAGLIA, THERESE M. (Voter ID number 102970075).

3480 17TH AVE SW
LONGO, DINO J. (Voter ID number 103156182).
LONGO, MICHELE (Voter ID number 103002567).

3480 19TH AVE SW
ANTUNEZ, VICENTE E. (Voter ID number 103138534).
DAIGLE, CLARENCE J. (Voter ID number 102979497).
DAIGLE, MARRIET Gay (Voter ID number 102979495).

3480 20TH AVE SE
KITCHENS, ASENATH B. (Voter ID number 113467550).
LABOSSIERE, PATRICK A. (Voter ID number 103135759).
LABOSSIERE, ANTHONY Patrick (Voter ID number 114316134).
ABNER, DESIREE Nichole (Voter ID number 113771662).
LABOSSIERE, EVELYNE Dalhia (Voter ID number 103136856).

3480 22ND AVE SE
NEUMAN, DEREK Andrew (Voter ID number 103095125).

3480 23RD AVE SW
GIBSON, GARY Michael (Voter ID number 102971281).
GIBSON, KRISTINA W. (Voter ID number 102971283).
ESPINOZA, JESSICA Diane (Voter ID number 118936248).

3480 25TH AVE SW
LAVENDER, JAMES JOSEPH (Voter ID number 103047653).
SANCHEZ, AGRIPINA Enilda (Voter ID number 118935625).

3480 2ND AVE SE
VELEZ, FERMIN (Voter ID number 102993559).
VELEZ, HILDA (Voter ID number 102996862).
VELEZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 103132288).
WHELPLEY, NICOLE Starr (Voter ID number 114738222).

3480 38TH AVE SE
CERON, LUZ M. (Voter ID number 103062920).
CERON, STEVEN (Voter ID number 119857507).
CERON, JAIME A. (Voter ID number 103045597).
GIRALDO, GRACIELA (Voter ID number 102188762).
CERON, LINA Marcela (Voter ID number 103119396).

3480 4TH AVE SE
ASHWORTH, SHELIA D. (Voter ID number 102958634).
BRADEN, STACIE Dee (Voter ID number 120964965).
BRADEN, DEBRA J. (Voter ID number 102938768).
BRADEN, TIMOTHY D. (Voter ID number 102938769).
BRADEN, TIMOTHY D. (Voter ID number 103063029).
LISTENBERGER, DOROTHY M. (Voter ID number 103129541).

3480 5TH AVE SW
GILL, JAMES K. (Voter ID number 102968308).

3480 7TH AVE SW
HIRE, RYAN R. (Voter ID number 103100706).
HIRE, NANCYE P. (Voter ID number 102943643).

PATRICK, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 103031860).
PAYANO, YOHANNY (Voter ID number 115278287).

3481 11TH AVE SW
SHELDON, KATHLEEN Ann (Voter ID number 102947908).

3481 15TH AVE SW
BURRELL, LINDA Sue (Voter ID number 103135539).
CARITHERS, JAMES Daniel (Voter ID number 104331199).
LEVINE, JANE Andrew (Voter ID number 119542017).

3481 29TH AVE SW
EVANS, TODD Anderson (Voter ID number 113891446).

3481 2ND AVE SE
CARROLL, CARMELLA (Voter ID number 103157290).
CARROLL, JEREMIAH J. (Voter ID number 103157291).

3481 31ST AVE SW
BRENT, DORIS J. (Voter ID number 103144940).

3481 5TH AVE SW
SCHORTEMEYER, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 103155443).
SCHORTEMEYER, SHARYN O. (Voter ID number 103155444).

3485 18TH AVE SE
DECOIL, SERINA R. (Voter ID number 118514471).

3485 30TH AVE SE
ANGERMEIER, JOSEPH Brian (Voter ID number 119373167).
CUMMINGS, KATHERINE Rainey (Voter ID number 119372248).

3485 31ST AVE SW
DEL RISCO, MARIA Concepcion (Voter ID number 109854669).
ACOSTA, ADRIANA Patricia (Voter ID number 117181936).
MOUTHON, LEONARDO Enrique (Voter ID number 110204795).

3490 18TH AVE SE
RICCI, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 103098113).
BOCK, MICHELLE Stephenson (Voter ID number 113864511).

3490 5TH AVE SW
SARWAR, BRENDA Gail (Voter ID number 117250765).
SARWAR, OMAR USMAN (Voter ID number 103121869).
SARWAR, SHAHID (Voter ID number 103016956).
KIDDER, KARA Christine (Voter ID number 118619711).
KIDDER, SERENA Lynn (Voter ID number 117131570).
KIDDER, WILLIAM Wesley (Voter ID number 116036250).

3491 13TH AVE SW
CREESE, JARED Evan (Voter ID number 103079722).

3491 23RD AVE SW
ALLMAN, KARYN I. (Voter ID number 103034274).
ALLMAN, PHILLIP Eugene (Voter ID number 115223732).
HAMILTON, ROXANN (Voter ID number 119340133).

3491 2ND AVE SE
MINICK, JESSE Dale (Voter ID number 117473492).
MINICK, LACEY KAYE (Voter ID number 103110324).

BACON, DOUGLAS Scott (Voter ID number 102995677).
BACON, LINDA A. (Voter ID number 102995458).
POLLY, DONALD (Voter ID number 103038759).
EDBERG-VANN, JENNIFER Elaine (Voter ID number 103073967).

3500 11TH AVE SW
MOES, JEFFREY B. (Voter ID number 102947307).
LANGSTON-MOES, MELISSA Paige (Voter ID number 102965506).
LANGSTON, MARY Pam (Voter ID number 102965505).

3500 19TH AVE SW
PIERCE, ANTHONY Stephan (Voter ID number 111632210).

3500 27TH AVE SW
SMITH, AMANDA Nicole (Voter ID number 114609738).

3500 29TH AVE SW
HOLLAND, DOUGLAS (Voter ID number 103150282).
HOLLAND, LAURA Lynn (Voter ID number 102955922).

3500 31ST AVE SW
MORRIS, DANIEL AARON (Voter ID number 103031233).
ANUEZ, GILBERT (Voter ID number 103007756).
ANUEZ, LENA Michelle (Voter ID number 111380720).
MORRIS, TAMARA Llerena (Voter ID number 103113163).

3501 21ST AVE SW
MCHUGH, ELIZABETH Reed (Voter ID number 103092366).
MCHUGH, PATRICK Charles (Voter ID number 103087056).

3501 25TH AVE SW
LYNCH, DINA L. (Voter ID number 103024343).
MOLINA, SANTOS Jose (Voter ID number 116770735).
RAMOS, LOAIZA C. (Voter ID number 114339050).

FRANKLIN, ALICE Faye (Voter ID number 102993073).
FRANKLIN, IOLA Ernestine (Voter ID number 103131974).
FRANKLIN, RANDALL M. (Voter ID number 102991410).
FRANKLIN, RANDALL Fredrick (Voter ID number 116862455).

3504 23RD AVE SW
DRATLER, JONATHAN B. (Voter ID number 103021499).
DRATLER, LUCY Maria (Voter ID number 103021500).

351 11TH ST SW
PAUTRAT, CONSUELO PETRONILA (Voter ID number 103134195).
RAMIREZ, JOSE J. (Voter ID number 117286897).
RAMIREZ, MARIO (Voter ID number 118202520).

3510 15TH AVE SW
JOHNSON, JUDY M. (Voter ID number 103024151).
JOHNSON, SCOTT H. (Voter ID number 116181851).
JOHNSON, ZACHARY A. (Voter ID number 114743407).

3510 21ST AVE SW
SELCK, ANN (Voter ID number 102990569).
SELCK, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number 102990611).

3510 31ST AVE SW
HAMERICK, JAEDEN Drew (Voter ID number 116516053).

3510 3RD AVE SW
SCHULZE, DANA Madsen (Voter ID number 103043007).
SCHULZE, STEVE R. (Voter ID number 103042994).

3510 5TH AVE SW
MILLER, JAMES P. (Voter ID number 103053167).
MANN, SHANNON Ogle (Voter ID number 121326028).
SMITH, SCOTT B. (Voter ID number 116638917).
MANN, MICHAEL William (Voter ID number 118761779).

NAVALO, NOEL Emmanuel (Voter ID number 118401682).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 102979187).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 102979188).

3511 11TH AVE SW
MONDOR, PATRICIA Adair (Voter ID number 102948113).

3511 13TH AVE SW
BOLINGER, HEATHER Lynn (Voter ID number 113946177).
GUIDI, ATHENA Dawn (Voter ID number 120560366).

3511 17TH AVE SW
BRUNDAGE, ROBIN MARIE (Voter ID number 102986990).
HOWE-BACKHAUS, SHEILA Beatrice (Voter ID number 102966524).
PLUMMER, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number 103121747).

3511 21ST AVE SW
LEWIS, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 102970578).
LEWIS, LISA M. (Voter ID number 103023392).

3511 23RD AVE SW
CAPOBIANCO, MARY Lynn (Voter ID number 102950789).
CAPOBIANCO, PAUL C. (Voter ID number 102950790).
LIEBING, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 103090556).
CRILL, NICHOLAS J. (Voter ID number 114216746).

3511 27TH AVE SW
KINSEY, BENNETT E. (Voter ID number 102994954).

3511 29TH AVE SW
DUNBAR, BRITTANNY Domenica (Voter ID number 119605431).
RALEIGH, CHRISTINA Louise (Voter ID number 121075393).
RALEIGH, JASON Lynn (Voter ID number 121075360).
DUNBAR, ANTHONY Vincent (Voter ID number 118976023).

3511 2ND AVE SE
BURKE, AUSTIN Michael (Voter ID number 118745382).
GEE, DOROTHY D. (Voter ID number 103104523).
COMAS, DAVID Albert (Voter ID number 109887717).
MARULANDA, KARYM (Voter ID number 109417944).

3515 15TH AVE SW
FONTDEVILA, ENRIQUETA (Voter ID number 103154157).
FONTDEVILA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 103154118).

3515 18TH AVE SE
GRIFFIN, APRIL Bridget (Voter ID number 104324316).

3515 24TH AVE SE
HILAIRE, MARJORIE (Voter ID number 118650867).
VASCONCELLAS, TERRINA Janelle (Voter ID number 117004729).

3515 25TH AVE SW
BRITTO, MICHAEL K. (Voter ID number 102952313).

3516 31ST AVE SW
STEINMANN, DANIELLE C. (Voter ID number 102946492).
STEINMANN, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 102970949).
STEINMANN, KATHERINE Ann (Voter ID number 118638574).
STEINMANN, DILLON J. (Voter ID number 120459903).

3518 23RD AVE SW
MCGILL, MICHAEL Gerald (Voter ID number 102966275).
MCGILL, ENID Vanessa (Voter ID number 118404286).

3520 13TH AVE SW
SPENIK, BARBARA M. (Voter ID number 103151901).
SPENIK, CHARLES M. (Voter ID number 103150976).

3520 17TH AVE SW
GILLESPIE, CYNTHIA L. (Voter ID number 103040136).

3520 18TH AVE SE
ROUBICEK, DANIEL Henrique (Voter ID number 114306866).
ROUBICEK, ANDREW (Voter ID number 119322223).
ROUBICEK, ELENA Maria (Voter ID number 117177926).
JEFFREY, LOGAN Ray (Voter ID number 115276105).
ROUBICEK, MANUEL Henrique (Voter ID number 103122009).
ROUBICEK, CARLOS Henrique (Voter ID number 103153607).

3520 19TH AVE SW
NORMAN, TARA A. (Voter ID number 103078782).
NORMAN, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 102963175).

3520 20TH AVE SE
CERON, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 102992952).
ROLDAN LOPERA, MARGARITA M. (Voter ID number 103074257).

3520 23RD AVE SW
VATTER, ROGER G. (Voter ID number 103136581).
VACHON, WESLEY James (Voter ID number 103070935).

3520 25TH AVE SW
FREELAND, DANNY A. (Voter ID number 103014545).
FREELAND, JEANETTE M. (Voter ID number 103005407).

3520 27TH AVE SW
STOLTS, NICK W. (Voter ID number 103020267).
STOLTS, TARIN Renee (Voter ID number 111418399).

3520 31ST AVE SW
SHAW, BONNIE M. (Voter ID number 102953077).
HEINTZ, ANTHONY Gregory (Voter ID number 103021369).
HEINTZ, ERIN Taffe (Voter ID number 115340844).
SHAW, RALPH P. (Voter ID number 114013329).

3520 36TH AVE SE
GAVIN, WILLIAM F. (Voter ID number 103095741).
GAVIN, DENISE Louise (Voter ID number 103095734).

3520 8TH AVE SE
HELLMAN, DAVID JOSEPH (Voter ID number 103093109).
HELLMAN, JANIS Helena (Voter ID number 103033221).
HELLMAN, ROY W. (Voter ID number 102976214).
HELLMAN, SERENE D. (Voter ID number 102984358).
PELFREY, GENEVA Jo Ann (Voter ID number 103107195).

3521 1ST AVE SW
RAIMER, JOSHUA Nash New (Voter ID number 118983343).
RAIMER, JOLIE Renee (Voter ID number 102963034).
RAIMER, JEFFREY S. (Voter ID number 103153597).

3521 36TH AVE SE
HERRERA VILLAFANA, JOSE Albino (Voter ID number 119035972).
HERRERA VERA, ANAID (Voter ID number 119122222).

3521 4TH AVE SE
ALLISON, NOREEN A. (Voter ID number 102981381).

3521 8TH AVE SE
SANTOVENIA, TONY Orestes (Voter ID number 119178493).
SANTOVENIA, PEDRO Esteban (Voter ID number 115641663).
ALONSO, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 110326549).

3523 25TH AVE SW
PINO, TERE (Voter ID number 121160507).

3525 12TH AVE SE
CRUZ, ALMA Zulema (Voter ID number 103116467).

3525 20TH AVE SE
COSTIN, ERIN Michelle (Voter ID number 118890504).
COSTIN, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 102997707).
COSTIN, RICHARD Mark (Voter ID number 103146558).
MORRISON, KURTIS Lee (Voter ID number 118035480).
SUAREZ, HOLLY A. (Voter ID number 102984231).
SUAREZ, RICHARD Marcelino (Voter ID number 103003907).

3525 21ST AVE SW
WOLBERS, AMY Jo (Voter ID number 103037988).
WOLBERS, EMILY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 116765212).
WOLBERS, SCOTT Michael (Voter ID number 103056613).

3525 23RD AVE SW
BOONE, WANDA E. (Voter ID number 103142122).

3525 26TH AVE SE
MORENO, HECTOR G. (Voter ID number 103035127).

3530 1ST AVE SW
WOOD, MARK W. (Voter ID number 103005959).

3530 31ST AVE SW
MARTIN, JUDITH Pachner (Voter ID number 103101444).
MARTIN, ROLAND V. (Voter ID number 103104392).

3530 4TH AVE SE
RICHMOND, GAYLE S. (Voter ID number 102945071).

3530 6TH AVE SE
ETHIER, CHERYL Sue (Voter ID number 103118136).

3530 7TH AVE SW
SCHMIDT, EVALEEN F. (Voter ID number 103126772).
SCHMIDT, ANDREW Peter (Voter ID number 103049674).

JIMENEZ, JAMES (Voter ID number 116534273).

3531 13TH AVE SW
WHITAKER, FRED C. (Voter ID number 102991632).
WHITAKER, VONCILE H. (Voter ID number 103141140).

3531 17TH AVE SW
ORTEGA, HIRAM K. (Voter ID number 103123342).
ORTEGA, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 103110449).

3531 25TH AVE SW
SIEGERT, NECIA F. (Voter ID number 102994246).
SIEGERT, JACOB Ryan (Voter ID number 117395483).
SIEGERT, MICHAEL Thomas (Voter ID number 120030212).

3531 5TH AVE SW
ROAN, JENNIFER N. (Voter ID number 117056828).
VAN DRESSER, RUTH E Wright (Voter ID number 103040601).
ROAN, JEANNE E. (Voter ID number 102975200).
ROAN, WESLEY Burton (Voter ID number 102953254).

GATO, ZOILA O. (Voter ID number 103032588).
ESCOBEDO, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 103037079).

3535 18TH AVE SE
LONGO, SHARON Lee (Voter ID number 111423526).
LONGO, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 106561537).

3535 29TH AVE SW
JANCO, SHANNON M. (Voter ID number 116738937).
RANDALL, AMI Christine (Voter ID number 107871976).
SCHNEIDER, SHAWN Michael (Voter ID number 119350530).
JANCO, JEFFREY M. (Voter ID number 116740946).

3536 29TH AVE SW
SPRING, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 115537439).

3536 6TH AVE SE
WILLIAMS, MATTHEW Daniel (Voter ID number 117710154).

3540 13TH AVE SW
CANNARSA, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 102984127).

3540 17TH AVE SW
LACEFIELD, SANDRA JEAN (Voter ID number 103119865).
LACEFIELD, STEVEN K. (Voter ID number 103155401).
LACEFIELD, AMANDA Sue (Voter ID number 115485476).

3540 27TH AVE SW
CHAPLIN, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number 103049661).

3540 29TH AVE SW
HAYMAN, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 103004564).

3540 2ND AVE SE
EGHIGIAN, SYRUNE (Voter ID number 113985527).

3540 3RD AVE SW
BENCE, CHRISTOPHER JASON (Voter ID number 103096699).
BENCE, STACY L. (Voter ID number 103118100).

3540 6TH AVE SE
LOPEZ, HELIDO U. (Voter ID number 103101540).
MARTINEZ, MAYDELINE (Voter ID number 103069823).

3541 19TH AVE SW
VERNIER, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 103143507).

3541 1ST AVE SW
FRALEY, KEITH FERRELL (Voter ID number 103089737).
FRALEY, KRISTY ANNE (Voter ID number 103093297).
MC GEOCH, BRUCE Edward (Voter ID number 103045557).
MCGEOCH, JEAN W. (Voter ID number 103020666).
FRALEY, WILLIAM Paul (Voter ID number 103055146).
NOWAK, CECELIA H. (Voter ID number 103054886).
NOWAK, THEODORE E. (Voter ID number 103054885).

3541 27TH AVE SW
BURNS, STANLEY Keith (Voter ID number 106582340).

3541 2ND AVE SE
PANTOJA, OLGA (Voter ID number 119576996).
PANTOJA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 103001876).

3541 31ST AVE SW
VELASCO-SANTIAGO TOR, DIANA Patricia (Voter ID number 119902681).

3541 7TH AVE SW
SPENCER, ANNA M. (Voter ID number 116160753).
WESTON, CHRISTOPHER G. (Voter ID number 102977662).
WESTON, JUDITH Helene (Voter ID number 118794840).
WESTON, WALTER Allan (Voter ID number 103019585).

3545 16TH AVE SE
MC INTOSH, FREDRICK Lee (Voter ID number 102946944).
MCINTOSH, MAINA Y. (Voter ID number 118154271).

3546 17TH AVE SW
RECORD, CHRISTINE M. (Voter ID number 102968714).

355 11TH ST SW
OSULLIVAN, CLAIRE Teresa (Voter ID number 113331031).
O'SULLIVAN, THOMAS Gerald (Voter ID number 112717529).

355 29TH ST SW
SEALS, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 102969615).
DOMINGUEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109316805).
SEALS, EVAN Richard (Voter ID number 119436644).
DOMINGUEZ, CHRISTINA Lynn (Voter ID number 110066842).

3550 11TH AVE SW
GUNDECK, DIANNA (Voter ID number 103107531).
GUNDECK, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 103106118).

3550 17TH AVE SW
MCGEE, TONI M. (Voter ID number 103047259).

3551 19TH AVE SW
BOSSARD, MEGAN (Voter ID number 102986131).
RYAN, KEVIN P. (Voter ID number 102976115).
RYAN, PATRICK DOYLE (Voter ID number 103136394).

3555 12TH AVE SE
LUKOSAVICH, JACKALYN A. (Voter ID number 115949735).
LUKOSAVICH, RAYMOND J. (Voter ID number 103097380).

3555 5TH AVE SW
DEVLIN, PATRICIA Annette Ison (Voter ID number 102959793).
JANES, ROGER Allen (Voter ID number 103018538).
SINGLETARY, MARK Scott (Voter ID number 115858923).

PEREZ, LUIS O. (Voter ID number 114227758).

3559 8TH AVE SE
FAUGUE, LUC (Voter ID number 116295998).
FAUGUE, MARIE (Voter ID number 116284113).

3560 12TH AVE SE
ALWINE, TROY Christopher (Voter ID number 103078495).

3560 15TH AVE SW
MORRIS, ROGER B. (Voter ID number 102950269).
MORRIS, TRACEY L. (Voter ID number 102973274).

3560 1ST AVE SW
WARMAN, EYAL (Voter ID number 118187801).

3560 25TH AVE SW
SWALLOW, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 102997485).

3560 29TH AVE SW
MINKEVICH, CONSTANTINE T. (Voter ID number 103059685).
MESNIK, DENYSE Smith (Voter ID number 103147260).
MESNIK, MICHAEL B. (Voter ID number 103140020).
MESNIK, JOSHUA B. (Voter ID number 118343806).
MESNIK, RACHAEL Annette (Voter ID number 118460067).

3560 2ND AVE SE
PEREZ, SERGIO (Voter ID number 103093726).

3560 7TH AVE SW
REITES, ADAM Francis (Voter ID number 103073574).
REITES, ASHLEY Lucia (Voter ID number 103098058).
JOHNSON, KATHLEEN Jean (Voter ID number 121239360).

3560 8TH AVE SE
ALFARO, CRISTINA E. (Voter ID number 103072232).
ALFARO, RAUL R. (Voter ID number 103129909).

3561 13TH AVE SW
BEAUVAIS, BRIAN (Voter ID number 102938803).
BEAUVAIS, SABRINA C. (Voter ID number 103149455).

3561 17TH AVE SW
BERUBE, ROBERT Richard (Voter ID number 102993212).
BERUBE, CHRISTOPHER Robert (Voter ID number 103101061).

3561 21ST AVE SW
BRAND, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 103095298).
BRAND, JOSEPH F. (Voter ID number 103118056).

3561 29TH AVE SW
DUVERNAY, ARNOLD ANDREW (Voter ID number 103117259).
MCQUILLAN, ALEXANDRIA Alyssa (Voter ID number 118813114).
WHELPTON, JUSTIN Lawrence (Voter ID number 118139667).
WALKER, AMANDA Danielle (Voter ID number 116560449).

3561 31ST AVE SW
JULES, JOSUE (Voter ID number 102953840).
JULES, TERCILIA (Voter ID number 103034237).
JULES, LISA (Voter ID number 103074440).
JULES, JESSICA (Voter ID number 114090777).

3561 3RD AVE SW
DUNFEE, DOUGLAS M. (Voter ID number 102965650).
DUNFEE, JANELLE L. (Voter ID number 102965651).
DUNFEE, KAYLA K. (Voter ID number 115038804).
DUNFEE, TAYLOR Kinsey (Voter ID number 116664097).

3561 7TH AVE SW
CASSANO, PATRICIA O'Steen (Voter ID number 104878283).
O'STEEN, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 119659225).

3565 11TH AVE SW
GRIFFIN, BOBBY Wayne (Voter ID number 117916642).
GRIFFIN, RITA (Voter ID number 119552021).

3565 15TH AVE SW
BIELA, DOROTHEA M. (Voter ID number 102942555).
ENGEL, CAROL Marie (Voter ID number 103155590).

3565 2ND AVE SE
FLINT, ANGELA Nicole (Voter ID number 106321348).
RHEA, JOHN Dee (Voter ID number 120786514).
RHEA, WENDY June (Voter ID number 103044391).

3568 15TH AVE SW
CURTSINGER, ASHLEY N. (Voter ID number 114671802).
CURTSINGER, ROY A. (Voter ID number 115735675).
CURTSINGER, SHAE Thomas (Voter ID number 116765205).
CURTSINGER, COLLEEN (Voter ID number 116058232).

3570 13TH AVE SW
MOULTON, WILIAM R. (Voter ID number 103022755).
FERRIS, KIMBERLY J. (Voter ID number 103146075).

3570 15TH AVE SW
CHASE, STEVEN W. (Voter ID number 102984492).

3570 19TH AVE SW
RICKMAN, MEGAN LEANNE (Voter ID number 103072601).
HOLLANDER, BROOKE (Voter ID number 115170153).
HOLLANDER, RUSSELL J. (Voter ID number 103076396).
BEARDSLEY, BROOKE S. (Voter ID number 103065901).

3570 21ST AVE SW
THOEMKE, SHARON S. (Voter ID number 103145650).
THOEMKE, HILARY Anne (Voter ID number 117392756).
THOEMKE, EMILY Jeanne (Voter ID number 103129890).

3570 24TH AVE SE
PARDO, MARIA Antonia (Voter ID number 103132193).
CASTRILLO, IVIS (Voter ID number 103137203).

3570 25TH AVE SW
COMPERATORE, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 103045851).
COMPERATORE, NICOLE A. (Voter ID number 117485291).
COMPERATORE, CECILIA Marie (Voter ID number 116869509).

3570 34TH AVE SE
GARCIA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109621850).
GARCIA, OMAIDA (Voter ID number 113991637).

3570 8TH AVE SE
BARRABI, MAURA (Voter ID number 121157368).

3571 13TH AVE SW
JEAN-FRANCOIS, FARA (Voter ID number 116570601).

3571 18TH AVE SE
COLON, LILA M. (Voter ID number 103001013).
SANTIAGO, SHIRLEY E. (Voter ID number 103000577).
BOSCH, CARMEN M. (Voter ID number 117345659).
ORTIZ, MAGDA Evette (Voter ID number 120581781).
LEGAULT, KIMBERLY Rhea (Voter ID number 103038323).

3571 25TH AVE SW
BUSBY, EDWARD G. (Voter ID number 102955842).
SCHULD, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 119290346).

3571 31ST AVE SW
BOCARDO, MARIO Nunez (Voter ID number 118237331).
BOCARDO, NICOLE Ashley (Voter ID number 103104809).
SALAZAR, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 119844226).
SALAZAR, SANDY (Voter ID number 119835248).
BOCARDO, JASON (Voter ID number 121016207).
BOCARDO, RACHAEL Gonzales (Voter ID number 103004400).
BOCARDO, MARIO Nunez (Voter ID number 120182959).
BOCARDO, RUDY (Voter ID number 103102655).

3571 36TH AVE SE
RODRIGUEZ, HIRAM J. (Voter ID number 102994209).

3571 4TH AVE SE
BROWER, MONTY WAYNE (Voter ID number 103028569).
HEYSER, DONALD (Voter ID number 102976600).
SIMMON, JODIE (Voter ID number 103133092).
SIMMON, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 102989148).

3575 12TH AVE SE
MASON, MATTHEW Wayne (Voter ID number 103111253).
MASON, SARA Lee (Voter ID number 103121517).
FINGER, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 118465776).

3575 19TH AVE SW
LOYD, BRITTANY L. (Voter ID number 116601874).
LOYD, JAMIE ERIN (Voter ID number 102950693).
LOYD, KYLE Edward (Voter ID number 118811755).
LOYD, NANCY E. (Voter ID number 103149971).
LOYD, STEVEN E. (Voter ID number 102980662).
LOYD, STEVEN EDWARD (Voter ID number 103052080).
LOYD, TAYLOR Lyn (Voter ID number 117731290).

3575 21ST AVE SW
YUREWITCH, RICHARD R. (Voter ID number 103146720).

3575 31ST AVE SW
IRWIN, DEREK R. (Voter ID number 103050842).
IRWIN, MARIE C. (Voter ID number 103029202).

3575 5TH AVE SW
FORBUS, ALEXANDRIA Renae (Voter ID number 118782674).
FORBUS, MARSHALL Alan (Voter ID number 117550918).
FORBUS, PAMELA Beth (Voter ID number 117418104).

3577 31ST AVE SW
TORRES, CARLOS (Voter ID number 102363973).

3580 14TH AVE SE
DUNCAN, CURLEAN M. (Voter ID number 103084859).

3580 16TH AVE SE
CASTLE, JOHN Calvin (Voter ID number 120951580).
GUYON, DIANE Ann (Voter ID number 121221179).
GUYON, EMILY Barbara (Voter ID number 121270073).
RUESCHHOFF, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 121072108).

3580 1ST AVE SW
LAM, ANH H. (Voter ID number 103125542).
WHITE, DOSHIA (Voter ID number 119561302).
CROSBY, SEAN Joseph (Voter ID number 112489045).

3580 23RD AVE SW
SMITH, ROBERT S. (Voter ID number 117705002).
RASIMOWICZ, RICHARD Alex (Voter ID number 117709407).
SMITH, JACLYN Elona (Voter ID number 114761460).

3580 27TH AVE SW
TAYLOR, BONNIE Gayle (Voter ID number 103153360).
TAYLOR, CHARLES G. (Voter ID number 102966470).

3580 36TH AVE SE
BAILY, JAMES Stanton (Voter ID number 103083354).
DUPRE, TIMOTHY BRIAN (Voter ID number 103080889).
DUPREE, NORMA M. (Voter ID number 102962023).

3580 3RD AVE SW
POLLACK, JASON A. (Voter ID number 103083580).

3580 4TH AVE SE
PETERSON, ADAM S. (Voter ID number 103137768).
PETERSON, AMANDA L. (Voter ID number 103121337).

3580 6TH AVE SE
WILLIS, GREGORY D. (Voter ID number 103125262).

LAMBERT, GEORGE Parus (Voter ID number 120124838).
SMITH, TOMMY Lee (Voter ID number 103108010).

3581 11TH AVE SW
GILBERT, MICHAEL G. (Voter ID number 102971289).
BOYLE, CLAIRE H. (Voter ID number 102983366).

3581 13TH AVE SW
DAVIS, ANTONIA (Voter ID number 103119467).
DAVIS, JERRY L. (Voter ID number 103119456).

3581 15TH AVE SW
SOTO, CARMEN (Voter ID number 103046371).
SOTO, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 102945334).
SOSA, YOLAINE (Voter ID number 116131576).

3581 17TH AVE SW
AICH, YAMIL C. (Voter ID number 103064275).

3581 36TH AVE SE
ESGUIJAROSA, ALBERT (Voter ID number 103121812).
ESQUIJAROSA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 118926519).
ESQUIJAROSA, MARIA (Voter ID number 121094404).

3581 3RD AVE SW
CARDENAS, JANET Elizabeth (Voter ID number 103010520).
CARDENAS, NICOLAS Marshall (Voter ID number 117648699).
CARDENAS, EUGENIO Rene (Voter ID number 103134677).

3581 7TH AVE SW
MISENER, CLAYTON Carl (Voter ID number 117176029).
MISENER, ERIKA Danielle (Voter ID number 103000839).
MISENER, GERRIT Albert (Voter ID number 117876065).
MISENER, SAMANTHA Tory (Voter ID number 117875946).

HEWEKER, CHRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 103115156).
HEWEKER, CHARLES David (Voter ID number 103045887).

3585 10TH AVE SE
RIZO, AMPARO (Voter ID number 120074556).

3585 8TH AVE SE
FAIRCLOTH, MICHAEL Allen (Voter ID number 116530041).
WALKER FAIRCLOTH, ROBIN Lee (Voter ID number 116530075).

3590 13TH AVE SW
MARAIS, ROGER Corrie (Voter ID number 115771897).
RUGANIS, KATHERINE E. (Voter ID number 103073399).
RUGANIS, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103113106).
RUGANIS, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103152385).
RUGANIS, TERRY L. (Voter ID number 103153608).
MARAIS, RACHEL Lynn (Voter ID number 120880904).

3590 15TH AVE SW
JAOUEN, PAULETTE M. (Voter ID number 102948240).
JAOVEN, PETER F. (Voter ID number 103067877).
MOLTER, CONRAD Joseph (Voter ID number 103080233).
AXELSON, ROBERT Franklin (Voter ID number 115517336).

3590 17TH AVE SW
DEVER, JOAN K. (Voter ID number 103090021).
DEVER, JULIE D. (Voter ID number 102967586).

3590 19TH AVE SW
ZIAJKA, CHRISTOPHER M. (Voter ID number 102978816).
ZIAJKA, JOANNE M. (Voter ID number 102978817).
ZIAJKA, VALERIE Catherine (Voter ID number 114199369).

3590 21ST AVE SW
DIAZ, JULIO A. (Voter ID number 103015431).
DIAZ, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 103015429).
DIAZ, IRENE Maria (Voter ID number 103083694).
DIAZ, JULIO A. (Voter ID number 103076654).

3590 23RD AVE SW
MCINTYRE, ELLSWORTH E. (Voter ID number 102939344).
MCINTYRE, PATRICIA W. (Voter ID number 102939345).

3590 24TH AVE SE
WILSON, MIREILLE L. (Voter ID number 103070113).
WILSON, TRAVIS Lynn (Voter ID number 118898626).
TEMPLER, PHYLLIS Jane (Voter ID number 114837444).

3590 4TH AVE SE
FARAONE, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 103070807).
PATICA, VICTORIA Haas (Voter ID number 103011549).

3591 27TH AVE SW
COBB, SUZANNE A. (Voter ID number 102990239).

3595 23RD AVE SW
HILKOWSKI, ERMA (Voter ID number 102984624).
HILKOWSKI, RALPH S. (Voter ID number 102944680).
HILKOWSKI, ASHLEY Dawn (Voter ID number 115996124).
MEEKS, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 118305350).
MEEKS, LEANNE Hilkowski (Voter ID number 103123102).
HILKOWKSI, DAWN M. (Voter ID number 120326786).

3595 28TH AVE SE
GUEVARA, MARIA (Voter ID number 118905661).
GUEVARA, RAMON Angel (Voter ID number 103056685).
GUEVARA, VANESSA (Voter ID number 118080917).
KALVIN, JESSICA Ashley (Voter ID number 114718416).
GUEVARA, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 103109201).

3595 30TH AVE SE
ESPINOSA, ODELVIS (Voter ID number 117900025).
ESPINOSA, ODALYS (Voter ID number 120131228).

3595 38TH AVE SE
GIBBS, JOHN NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 103066652).
GIBBS, JUSTINE Noel (Voter ID number 114715827).

3599 38TH AVE SE
DUPRE, AMY SUE (Voter ID number 103093493).
WEBB, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 103017222).
WEBB, SHERILYN Joy (Voter ID number 114523848).

360 11TH ST SW
CHIN, MARK V. (Voter ID number 102957989).
CHIN, JACQUELINE N. (Voter ID number 116869566).

360 15TH ST SW
ELOY, SANTIAGO (Voter ID number 120129495).

360 18TH ST SE
KING, VINCENT Delroy (Voter ID number 103041722).
KING, ROSEMARIE Klara (Voter ID number 103041720).

360 20TH ST SE
WARFORD, JONATHAN W. (Voter ID number 116443826).
WARFORD, SHARON L. (Voter ID number 116443845).
WARFORD, ZACHARY Alexander (Voter ID number 118246511).
WARFORD, ASHLEY Nicole (Voter ID number 121154744).

360 21ST ST SW
RICHARDSON, VALORIE A. (Voter ID number 103153531).

360 3RD ST SW
BYINGTON, WILLIAM Wade (Voter ID number 103030326).
BYINGTON, DIANNA Marie (Voter ID number 102980098).

360 8TH ST SE
SHAUGHNESSY, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 102950630).
HAAS, CARLEIGH Anne (Voter ID number 119374381).
HAAS, COURTNEY Jane (Voter ID number 103119720).
HAAS, CRAIG Lawrence (Voter ID number 103022787).
HAAS, JOYCE Anne (Voter ID number 103029278).

LAHAIE, JESSICA Liv (Voter ID number 103082728).
VALDES, GEORGE Jesus (Voter ID number 110283168).

FRIESS, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 103000195).

SIMS, MICHELLE E. (Voter ID number 103088372).
SIMS, TARIL Bruce (Voter ID number 103088264).

3600 19TH AVE SW
BECKMAN, CAMERAN DAWN (Voter ID number 103108106).
BECKMAN, SHAWN (Voter ID number 103122568).

3600 3RD AVE SW
ARCENAS, ENRIQUETA C. (Voter ID number 102989219).
ARCENAS, ISIDRO E. (Voter ID number 102989220).

3601 11TH AVE SW
MELCON, NORMA Consuelo (Voter ID number 120389309).

3601 13TH AVE SW
VELEZ ERICKSON, MARJORIE (Voter ID number 103003811).
VELEZ, MELINA A. (Voter ID number 118146245).

3601 19TH AVE SW
FOYE, EDWARD Merle (Voter ID number 103051605).

3601 21ST AVE SW
MCKINLEY, WILLIAM LUCAS (Voter ID number 103018142).
MCKINLEY, CHAD Michael (Voter ID number 103000801).
MILLER, CARRIE Ann (Voter ID number 111444961).

3601 25TH AVE SW
FAULS, BONNIE (Voter ID number 103145045).
FAULS, TIM (Voter ID number 103145046).

361 12TH ST SE
PRADO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 118453976).

361 13TH ST SW
KEMLAGE, KENNETH E. (Voter ID number 102962033).
WEEKS, SUSAN (Voter ID number 103154758).
KEMLAGE, CARLA Anne (Voter ID number 103019075).
KEMLAGE, SARAH E. (Voter ID number 103110122).

361 15TH ST SW
MARCOS, MORGAN (Voter ID number 103112127).
MARCOS, MAGDAMI (Voter ID number 103112169).

361 17TH ST SW
ALDANA, FRANCISCA (Voter ID number 103122542).

361 20TH ST SE
GARCIA, CHRISTIAN K. (Voter ID number 117817015).
NUNEZ, ESTELLA (Voter ID number 103054361).
QUILES, MICHELLE Maria (Voter ID number 103074027).
QUILES, PETER Davis (Voter ID number 121332244).
GARCIA, ESTELA (Voter ID number 103045467).

361 23RD ST SW
WILLIAMS, ALFRED (Voter ID number 102961017).
WILLIAMS, DOROTHY E. (Voter ID number 102961018).

361 31ST ST SW
DICKERSON, DENNIS K. (Voter ID number 103153455).
DICKERSON, MONICA L. (Voter ID number 103146490).

361 3RD ST SW
ROSSI, AIMEE Michelle (Voter ID number 114754467).
ROSSI, CHRISTOPHER John (Voter ID number 103055145).

361 8TH ST SE
KROMMER, BRIAN C. (Voter ID number 114224985).

BAUTISTA, DIONISIO (Voter ID number 115645806).

3610 10TH AVE SE
DODD, LACEY Lynn (Voter ID number 119309277).

3610 16TH AVE SE
NAZARIO, PETER (Voter ID number 114932317).
ZAMORA GARCIA, ANGELA Victoria (Voter ID number 103125969).

3610 17TH AVE SW
SHINE, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number 103139071).
SHINE, KATHRYN Ann (Voter ID number 121282726).

3610 21ST AVE SW
CLAVELO, ANDREW (Voter ID number 103152851).
CLAVELO, VICKI Ann (Voter ID number 103152852).

3610 27TH AVE SW
BRANDT, CLARENCE G. (Voter ID number 103010580).
BRANDT, MARGARET Beth (Voter ID number 103010718).
BRANDT, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 103010720).

3610 29TH AVE SW
DI PASQUALE, DONNA A. (Voter ID number 103016004).
NAGER, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 103006124).

3610 7TH AVE SW
CEUS, MEDILHOMME (Voter ID number 102974343).
CEUS, YOLANDE L. (Voter ID number 103048151).

MENDEZ, FORTINO (Voter ID number 118823277).

3611 15TH AVE SW
GARCIA, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 116633437).
GARCIA, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 116634684).

3611 17TH AVE SW
RAMIREZ, CYNTHIA Jessica (Voter ID number 117541817).

3611 27TH AVE SW
ARMENDARIZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 103029805).
SALAZAR, JUAN Arturo (Voter ID number 117544040).

3611 3RD AVE SW
HOLLAND, BILLY PATRICK (Voter ID number 103148100).
HOLLAND, SUSAN J. (Voter ID number 103157163).

3611 8TH AVE SE
SPENCER, JUSTIN Matthew (Voter ID number 121157078).
BARLOW, DEIDRA Holcomb (Voter ID number 103073069).
BARLOW, GREGORY Scott (Voter ID number 103063555).

PEREZ LUGO, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 117545285).

3615 20TH AVE SE
SINGLETON, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 103092229).

3616 11TH AVE SW
BENFIELD, VIRGINIA S. (Voter ID number 103157295).
SMITH, LINNIE D. (Voter ID number 119716230).
BENFIELD, MELANIE Lynne (Voter ID number 103067606).

3620 10TH AVE SE
JABER, SAMARA Lynn-Rizeq (Voter ID number 117686856).

3620 12TH AVE SE
GREEN, JEFFREY Alan (Voter ID number 119060251).
GREEN, JOSEPH Tyler (Voter ID number 119286288).
GREEN, SANDRA Lynn (Voter ID number 103131052).

3620 13TH AVE SW
HALL, GRAY S. (Voter ID number 103023438).
RUSSELL, JODY L. (Voter ID number 102947473).

3620 14TH AVE SE
JOSAITIS, NORMAN F. (Voter ID number 103034027).
PEREZ, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 103034065).

3620 15TH AVE SW
PLATT, MARY (Voter ID number 103144621).
PLATT, ROBERT Peter (Voter ID number 103014222).
MANTION, MIREILLE V. (Voter ID number 117191037).
MANTION, JEAN Jacques (Voter ID number 117483527).
MANTION, LINDA Patricia (Voter ID number 117191079).

3620 23RD AVE SW
MARVIN, KATHERINE A. (Voter ID number 103154449).
MARVIN, MARY Denise (Voter ID number 102942152).
MARVIN, PETER D. (Voter ID number 116072462).
MARVIN, ROBERT R. (Voter ID number 103154450).
MARVIN, ETHAN William (Voter ID number 118446314).
MARVIN, ROBERT R. (Voter ID number 103154451).
MARVIN, ROBERT Richard (Voter ID number 103062960).
TUCKER, MARY Twiggs (Voter ID number 103091827).

3620 36TH AVE SE
STOCKER, SUSAN Marie (Voter ID number 119388084).
STOCKER, JEFFREY David (Voter ID number 119389604).
STOCKER, STEVIE Lemieux (Voter ID number 121328835).

3620 4TH AVE SE
EARL, MONTE L. (Voter ID number 115661846).

3620 5TH AVE SW
ARNOLD, LUKE M. (Voter ID number 102979967).
DELISE ARNOLD, AMY (Voter ID number 103061036).

3620 6TH AVE SE
BROWN, JUSTIN Douglas (Voter ID number 119643254).
LOVELOCK, CLOVER G. (Voter ID number 103124028).
LOVELOCK, CHARLES Martin (Voter ID number 103124026).

SANCHEZ, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 116508511).
TENORIO, SANTIAGO (Voter ID number 119387625).
SANCHEZ, LYDA (Voter ID number 119266920).
TENORIO LONDONO, DIEGO (Voter ID number 119266919).

3621 11TH AVE SW
VILLANUEVA, ROSALINA (Voter ID number 114488531).
VILLANUEVA, FELIPE (Voter ID number 103019323).
HARDY, VERA Violeta (Voter ID number 114200918).

3621 13TH AVE SW
ARCE, EFRAIN (Voter ID number 102999790).
ARCE, TELESFORO (Voter ID number 103015316).
ARCE, MARIE S. (Voter ID number 103082193).

3621 15TH AVE SW
HERNANDEZ, HATTER H. (Voter ID number 119333174).

3621 23RD AVE SW
BORD, JORDAN Michelle (Voter ID number 118090520).
STEINMANN, PENNY B. (Voter ID number 102949001).
STEINMANN, SAMANTHA Mae (Voter ID number 120790932).
STEINMANN, VINCENT Lee (Voter ID number 102949002).

3621 36TH AVE SE
RODRIGUEZ, ZORAIDA (Voter ID number 102994211).
SANCHO, JENNY (Voter ID number 118792890).
SANCHO DIAZ, VICENTE (Voter ID number 102989643).
SANCHO, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 103022272).

3621 5TH AVE SW
DIGRIGOLI, MICHAEL Angelo (Voter ID number 103033898).
DIGRIGOLI, MARIA Paula (Voter ID number 103106630).

3625 28TH AVE SE
CHANDLER, PAUL Willis (Voter ID number 118347159).

3625 29TH AVE SW
MCDONALD, DONNA H. (Voter ID number 102973840).

3626 13TH AVE SW
MAYO, RAUDEL (Voter ID number 116932518).
PEREZ GARCIA, MAYRA E. (Voter ID number 118483894).

3630 10TH AVE SE
HARTMAN, PETER J. (Voter ID number 103126805).
OLSEN, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 103116143).
OLSEN, STEVE J. (Voter ID number 103116190).

3630 11TH AVE SW
ADAMS, GUY Percy (Voter ID number 103150503).
ADAMS, MINDY Ann (Voter ID number 102988719).

3630 17TH AVE SW
MILLER, MARTHA Annette (Voter ID number 103000232).
MILLER, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 103017638).

3630 19TH AVE SW
KAMENICKY, ANN M. (Voter ID number 102968536).

3630 21ST AVE SW
BARBON, ALEXANDER G. (Voter ID number 103083118).
BARBON, OCTAVIO G. (Voter ID number 103013291).
BARBON, ANGELA G. (Voter ID number 103081695).

3630 27TH AVE SW
MENDEZ, ENILDA (Voter ID number 103110662).
MENDEZ, HUMBERTO (Voter ID number 119725073).

3630 2ND AVE SE
TRENARY, DENNIS Robert (Voter ID number 120929479).

3630 32ND AVE SE
BETANCOURT, MISAEL (Voter ID number 109494399).
BETANCOURT, YOLANDA G. (Voter ID number 109494397).
RODRIGUEZ, LUZ S. (Voter ID number 117048374).

3630 4TH AVE SE
FARRUGIA, ADRIANA Maria (Voter ID number 119567719).
LLAMAS, JUANA Zenaida (Voter ID number 103083835).
SANTIAGO, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 115572924).

3630 8TH AVE SE
DAVIS, WILLIAM Thomas (Voter ID number 117893108).
MITCHELL, KEITH Wayne (Voter ID number 117893074).


MARKEY, FAITH Ann (Voter ID number 117213797).


MARKEY, RALPH James (Voter ID number 111680181).

DAVIS, BRADLEY SCOTT (Voter ID number 103071082).
DAVIS, CAROLYN ANN (Voter ID number 103004689).
DAVIS, DARREN WILLIAM (Voter ID number 103039632).

3631 19TH AVE SW
BROWN, JARED R. (Voter ID number 117000033).
MIAVITZ-BROWN, ELAN Marie (Voter ID number 103030772).

3631 23RD AVE SW
ZYNDA, SARAH E. (Voter ID number 114343850).

3631 27TH AVE SW
REDFERN, RENEE P. (Voter ID number 103135366).

3631 3RD AV