Registered voters in ZIP Code 33334
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1 NE 51ST CT
FRATELLI, JANE H. (Voter ID number 101847406).

10 NE 56TH CT
TICE, ASHLEY M. (Voter ID number 116147643).
ELY, JENNIFER S. (Voter ID number 101763204).

10 NE 57TH ST
SNEAD, ERIC K. (Voter ID number 120342697).
RAKER, W Bradley (Voter ID number 101583024).

MATIZ, CARLA (Voter ID number 116942807).

100 NE 26TH DR
CASTELLANO, SALLY B. (Voter ID number 101546298).

100 NE 30TH ST
RUPPEN, FRANK William (Voter ID number 116037135).
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM Todd (Voter ID number 102152546).

100 NE 45TH CT
JOSEPH, PATRICK (Voter ID number 116236431).

100 NE 45TH ST
UNIT 153

MANN, ROGER Harold (Voter ID number 101261847).

100 NE 46TH CT
CHUQUITAYPE, JULIO (Voter ID number 109648199).
CHOQUITAYPE, MARIA (Voter ID number 119960718).
CHUQUITAYPE, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 120348823).

100 NE 46TH ST
BIEGER, HEATHER P. (Voter ID number 120202631).
OLSON, RAYMOND Michael (Voter ID number 114634511).

100 NE 47TH ST
MANCHESTER, JEFFREY H. (Voter ID number 101328483).
MANCHESTER, KATHY L. (Voter ID number 101371554).

100 NE 48TH CT
O'BRIEN, KAYLA Kristina (Voter ID number 102065782).
O'BRIEN, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 101291683).

100 NE 49TH ST
WOODS, JENNIFER Lea (Voter ID number 103621581).
DESHONG, RODNEY Adam (Voter ID number 115373130).
GUNER, METIN (Voter ID number 102130748).

100 NE 51ST CT
MAIN, MICHELE (Voter ID number 101910137).

100 NE 56TH ST
DAVIES, EILEEN A. (Voter ID number 101203718).
DAVIES, VIRGINIA E. (Voter ID number 101233097).

100 NE 57TH ST
BILLINGS, CHRISTOPHER T. (Voter ID number 102222334).
BARBUSCA, LINDA G. (Voter ID number 101461306).

100 NE 58TH ST
FRANKS, ANDREA (Voter ID number 101630941).

KELLY, SHAUN Patrick (Voter ID number 117866914).

STE 700

VOLPE, ROBERT Powell (Voter ID number 101504186).

1000 NE 35TH ST
CILLI, DOUGLAS E. (Voter ID number 102280496).

1001 NE 27TH DR
STEPHENS, PAUL Thomas (Voter ID number 117766797).
HOWELL, HOLLIE Louis (Voter ID number 102256454).

1001 NE 28TH DR
RUSSELL, EDGAR A. (Voter ID number 101209278).

1001 NE 33RD ST
RAYWOOD, DAVID Arthur (Voter ID number 120541942).

1001 NE 34TH ST
FIALKOWSKY, NORMAN Peter (Voter ID number 101917372).

1001 NE 34TH CT
ROGOW, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 102038051).
STEVENS, LLOYD C. (Voter ID number 102243191).

1001 NE 36TH ST
MICHAELS, SHERRY L. (Voter ID number 116908472).
LEWIS, KIMBERLY Marie (Voter ID number 101919846).

1001 NE 37TH ST
SWAIN, SAMUEL C. (Voter ID number 101404071).
CHANGE, LORI P. (Voter ID number 115742283).

1001 NE 39TH DR
APT 11

GALLON, ABE (Voter ID number 116900371).
GALLON, VANESSA (Voter ID number 102282833).

1001 NE 39TH DR

PEAN, PAULETTE (Voter ID number 115367654).

1001 NE 39TH DR
APT 215

MOMPREMIER, INORABLE (Voter ID number 101529115).

1001 NE 39TH DR
APT 216

FRANCOIS, MAGELA (Voter ID number 119316557).

1001 NE 39TH DR

PEAN, VERSANDRE (Voter ID number 102524924).

1001 NE 39TH DR

PIERRE, STANLEY N. (Voter ID number 115906744).

1001 NE 39TH DR
ROGERS, ROBIN A. (Voter ID number 101993654).

1001 NE 39TH DR

THOMPSON, JUKELA B. (Voter ID number 119597498).

1001 NE 39TH DR
TRAMBLE, SANDRA (Voter ID number 102169051).

1001 NE 39TH DR
APT 14 W

THOMPSON, STEWART E. (Voter ID number 101393234).

1001 NE 39TH DR

PETREL, BERNETTA G. (Voter ID number 101240724).

1001 NE 39TH DR
LA FORTUNE, KELLY (Voter ID number 101848667).

1001 NE 39TH DR
APT 13 W

GRAHAM, CURTIS (Voter ID number 102457757).

1001 NE 39TH DR

MAISONAVE, MELISSA (Voter ID number 114755621).

1001 NE 39TH DR

MAISONAVE, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 102378272).

1001 NE 39TH DR
APT 310

TRAMBLE, SANDRA Sandy (Voter ID number 114000661).

1001 NE 39TH DR

ROGERS, BRITTANY Ann (Voter ID number 116144587).

1001 NE 63RD CT
LOT 52

MC DERMOTT, DENNIS B. (Voter ID number 101299179).

1002 NE 35TH ST
BURCHFIELD, MICHAEL Edward (Voter ID number 102412472).

1002 NE 36TH ST
BURCHFIELD, MICHAEL Edward (Voter ID number 102070829).

1002 NE 39TH ST
FLORENCE, BRUCE Kendall (Voter ID number 102486441).
ALEGRIA, FRANCISCA (Voter ID number 101842499).
FLORENCE, BRUCE K. (Voter ID number 102425414).
RAMIREZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 102465382).
RAMIREZ, RAMON Jesus (Voter ID number 115495444).

1004 NE 63RD CT
MERRY, RAYMOND W. (Voter ID number 115879070).

1005 NE 63RD CT
HALLIDAY, WENDY D. (Voter ID number 116457277).

1005 NE 63RD ST
CARCHIO, EUDOXIA (Voter ID number 101652243).

1006 NE 43RD CT
GALLAGHER, MARC R. (Voter ID number 101857779).

1008 NE 33RD ST
RAMSEY, GINA (Voter ID number 118498689).

1008 NE 34TH CT
JAMES, CLAUDETTE Mae (Voter ID number 102405701).

1008 NE 63RD CT
FRASIER, WILLIAM Thomas (Voter ID number 120345808).

1009 NE 27TH DR
WOODS, JAMES B. (Voter ID number 102343718).

1009 NE 28TH DR
SMITH, CECIL W. (Voter ID number 101231487).
SMITH, MARY S. (Voter ID number 101231488).

1009 NE 63RD CT
LOT 86

BARTLEY, THOMAS William (Voter ID number 101679750).

1009 NE 63RD ST
FEFEL, LORRAINE T. (Voter ID number 104817652).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT A 21

CHAVEZ, ISAIAH C. (Voter ID number 119506393).

101 NE 41ST ST

CRUZ, HENRY F. (Voter ID number 115448247).

101 NE 41ST ST

BRIGHT, AVERY Winsome (Voter ID number 102203818).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT G110

POLLARD, LA TISHA (Voter ID number 116734869).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 20 A

ANDERSON, LAMAR Q. (Voter ID number 110243314).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 26 B

CASTELLON ARGUETA, JENNIFER Maria (Voter ID number 120655166).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 27 B

FERTIL, JOHNSKEE (Voter ID number 115261287).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 408 E

CHERY, DIEUNIFERT Anderson (Voter ID number 120793244).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 43 B

FAN FAN, ENOLD (Voter ID number 102205757).

101 NE 41ST ST
SOTO, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 102463419).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 002 A

DURAND, ACEPHAT (Voter ID number 102310693).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 110 G

DANIELS, DANIELLE L. (Voter ID number 102432771).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 17 A

RODRIGUEZ, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 102224760).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 19

JOHNSON, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number 109890427).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT F 99

NAVEDO, EDWIN David (Voter ID number 100553378).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 120 H

LORISTON, RICLAIRE (Voter ID number 118063497).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 17 A

RAY, DOROTHY (Voter ID number 102234696).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 35 B

ESCOLASTICO, ANA Silvia (Voter ID number 119719675).

101 NE 41ST ST

PIERRE, FLORENCIA (Voter ID number 102403975).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 41 B

DENEZAIRE, VALMONT (Voter ID number 119556206).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 45-C

DORELUS, ANELL (Voter ID number 118336841).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 86 E

JOSEPH, GERTRUDE (Voter ID number 120233987).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 88 E

CHERY, JEAN W. (Voter ID number 116570090).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT A 011

FIGUEROA, RAMON (Voter ID number 120435934).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT A 13

LAFORTUNE, ALBERT (Voter ID number 119739524).

101 NE 41ST ST

DURAND, SONSON (Voter ID number 120854248).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT A 23

JOSEPH, ETHIDE (Voter ID number 119049079).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT A-18

JULMISTE, ORLDENS (Voter ID number 102334567).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT A-21

GOMEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 120474751).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT B 27

VOLEL, JEAN R. (Voter ID number 102101359).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT B-31

LUBIN, SAUL (Voter ID number 119980977).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT B-33

JEAN JACQUES, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 120064590).

101 NE 41ST ST

EVELYN, TOURE K. (Voter ID number 120492193).

101 NE 41ST ST

DASSAS, FRITZ G. (Voter ID number 120330728).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT E 082

MAJOR, LOUISANA (Voter ID number 120546100).

101 NE 41ST ST

BENOIT, MARIE (Voter ID number 120113781).

101 NE 41ST ST

CHERY, JOHANNA W. (Voter ID number 120287825).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT F 93

BELLOT, MACK (Voter ID number 118725198).

101 NE 41ST ST

ORISME, CHELLA (Voter ID number 119564477).

101 NE 41ST ST

BRUTUS, MARIE G. (Voter ID number 118503232).

101 NE 41ST ST
ALEXANDRE, MARC (Voter ID number 116285003).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 34 B

MARTIN, RODNEY Radrecas (Voter ID number 102152097).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 36 B

SMITH, JONATHAN A. (Voter ID number 102264486).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 87 E

WEST, RONALD R. (Voter ID number 102433354).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT A-14

ADELPHONSE, JEAN Roselet (Voter ID number 116802453).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT B 33

NELSON, MARITENE (Voter ID number 101966606).

101 NE 41ST ST
ABBIATI, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 101971953).
MASH, DANIELLE O. (Voter ID number 101785304).
SALINAS, EDMUNDO (Voter ID number 102307747).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 104 F

CLEMMONS, CASSANDRA D. (Voter ID number 101571467).
PIERRILIEN, MICHELINE (Voter ID number 119257690).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 122 H

JOHNSON, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 117236287).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 123 H

CARLSON, ANDREW Erik (Voter ID number 115180019).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 126 H

ETIENNE, JONEL (Voter ID number 102078933).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 71 E

ALLEN, JED R. (Voter ID number 115476514).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 72 E

ROE, JESSICA A. (Voter ID number 116925531).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT 76 E

WILLIAMS, GREGORY L. (Voter ID number 116772923).

101 NE 41ST ST

CHRISTY, TAMMY Seavey (Voter ID number 102375755).

101 NE 41ST ST

ARGUETA, MELBA E. (Voter ID number 115453721).

101 NE 41ST ST

VIXAMAR, KERRINE (Voter ID number 102243118).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT E 71

DOUTNEY, ALYSSA Anne (Voter ID number 115995720).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT E 77

JIMENEZ, JESSICA A. (Voter ID number 116740536).

101 NE 41ST ST
APT G118

JOHNSON, ELISCIA S. (Voter ID number 102297312).

101 NE 45TH ST
BRAY, DYLAN Edward (Voter ID number 117634770).
FREIERT, JANIS Louise (Voter ID number 101494343).

101 NE 46TH ST
ANTUNEZ, CELIO Obdulio (Voter ID number 101566081).

101 NE 47TH ST
MARTIN, JAMES C. (Voter ID number 102421497).
CONTRERAS, ERIC D. (Voter ID number 109825891).
GRULKE, RYAN B. (Voter ID number 120306694).

101 NE 47TH CT
SHELBY, LORI Dolores (Voter ID number 102163821).

101 NE 48TH ST
BLACK, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 116140501).

101 NE 48TH CT
PINERA, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 102314483).
PINERA, ROBERT William (Voter ID number 101822040).
MILLER, PAMELA (Voter ID number 116028488).

101 NE 51ST ST
RIBAK, DOUGLAS P. (Voter ID number 101583600).
RIBAK, WHITNEY G. (Voter ID number 101650458).

101 NE 57TH CT
WELLS, VINCENT J. (Voter ID number 102173830).

101 NE 57TH ST
MILLER, JOEL Wayne (Voter ID number 118420133).
STRICKLAND, RANDY (Voter ID number 101952933).

101 NE 57TH CT
EVANS, JUSTIN Keith (Voter ID number 102466493).
EVANS, PAMALA M. (Voter ID number 101341457).

DAVIS, SPENCER Harry (Voter ID number 101464537).
HERMAN, ADAM W. (Voter ID number 119949295).

1012 NE 38TH ST
WEISS, CHERYLANN (Voter ID number 102226400).
WEISS, KYLE J. (Voter ID number 119569295).
JAMES, KAYLA M. (Voter ID number 116245921).
WEISS, BRANDON Eric (Voter ID number 119007837).

1012 NE 63RD CT
RAMSDELL-BOLL, SHERRIE Lyn (Voter ID number 101703409).

1015 NE 32ND ST

JENKINS, BRAD E. (Voter ID number 116757549).
JENKINS, TABITHA M. (Voter ID number 117011709).

1015 NE 35TH ST
WOODS, ELLE T Y (Voter ID number 102239620).

1015 NE 37TH ST
COHEN, JOSHUA Howard (Voter ID number 101854701).
SHAW, LYNN M. (Voter ID number 101889094).

1015 NE 39TH ST
KLEEMANN, SANDRA Gail (Voter ID number 102199863).
SHANK, LLOYD C. (Voter ID number 101588427).

1016 NE 33RD ST
PRIETO, ANDRES Angel (Voter ID number 110016332).
ROJAS, ZULEMA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109940008).

1016 NE 34TH ST
TODD, ALISON V. (Voter ID number 101301239).
BURTON, DEBBIE Xann (Voter ID number 102236706).

1016 NE 35TH ST
KIRWAN, THOMAS Richard (Voter ID number 101558401).

1016 NE 36TH ST
LEV, COLIN R. (Voter ID number 102426909).

1016 NE 38TH ST
JOHNSON, LARISA (Voter ID number 118560015).
JOHNSON, KERRY D. (Voter ID number 101638265).
RENO, LISA M. (Voter ID number 101496794).

1017 NE 28TH DR
FRENCH, ANNE F. (Voter ID number 101248089).

1017 NE 63RD CT
RICHARDS, ROBERT Allen (Voter ID number 120762946).
LOUIS, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 102031167).
RICHARDS, GEORGE W. (Voter ID number 115274772).

STEPP, WILLIAM Jesse (Voter ID number 113869598).

102 NE 29TH ST
RUBIN, BARRY Mark (Voter ID number 109860389).
MACKENZIE, CAROL Alicia (Voter ID number 102482661).

1020 NE 44TH CT
RIPPERGER, MICHAEL Brett (Voter ID number 101507136).

1021 NE 33RD ST
MORRISON, DIANA Wilene (Voter ID number 101994724).

1021 NE 35TH ST
BODUR, BAHADIR B. (Voter ID number 114597798).
SIMMONS, CORY L. (Voter ID number 116227373).
YILMAZ, GOZDE (Voter ID number 115742143).

1021 NE 36TH ST
DONOHUE, TIMOTHY P. (Voter ID number 101799441).

1021 NE 44TH CT
WRIGHT, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 118311203).

1021 NE 63RD CT
VELOCCI, MICHELE J. (Voter ID number 106908430).

1021 NE 63RD ST
LORDAN, DANIEL F. (Voter ID number 102259417).

1021 NE 63RD CT
MAJERS, MARY L. (Voter ID number 102073057).

1021 NE 63RD ST
POWELL, DONALD H. (Voter ID number 115520697).

1022 NE 34TH CT
FORMIKA JONES, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 114562001).
HICKS, LEIGH Ann (Voter ID number 107838273).
LANG, JASON Jennings (Voter ID number 107646792).
ORTEGA, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 113980871).
SCHLAUCH, KEVIN Adam (Voter ID number 102524489).

1022 NE 35TH ST
NOBLE, CRAIG David (Voter ID number 101851583).
IZQUIERDO, ANDRES (Voter ID number 102304986).

1022 NE 39TH ST

TURNER, ELEANOR Merchant (Voter ID number 101784222).

1022 NE 39TH ST
CARLTON, PEGGY H. (Voter ID number 102377063).

1022 NE 39TH ST

HOEHN, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 115451303).

1023 NE 44TH CT
CAMACHO ACEVEDO, GERARDO (Voter ID number 102368175).
WYCOFF, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 115495470).

1024 NE 63RD CT
BURNHAM, EDWARD Jerome (Voter ID number 101734741).

1025 NE 28TH DR
BITTNER, DOUGLAS P. (Voter ID number 101504828).
BITTNER, PAMELA L. (Voter ID number 101504829).

1025 NE 63RD CT
HELTON, LESTER L. (Voter ID number 115824612).
LARSEN, LOUIS (Voter ID number 102098121).

1025 NE 63RD ST
JULIEN, DEREK Ian (Voter ID number 101848065).

1027 NE 32ND ST
GREINER, TERESA M. (Voter ID number 102527177).

1027 NE 32ND ST

SLAVIN, WILLIAM Edward (Voter ID number 102040711).

1027 NE 33RD ST
JEAN BAPTISTE, SOIMISE (Voter ID number 115569122).
PAUL, JEAN Rico (Voter ID number 116295938).

1027 NE 36TH ST
LITTLE, JAMES Gregory (Voter ID number 101738099).
TACKETT, KENNETH A. (Voter ID number 102035494).

1027 NE 37TH ST
LOPEZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 101315398).
LOPEZ, IRENE (Voter ID number 101312450).

1028 NE 34TH CT
TILLERY, JAMES Keith (Voter ID number 101373403).

1028 NE 35TH ST
BURKEEN, ROBIN L. (Voter ID number 102449092).

1028 NE 36TH ST
COLEMAN, JOSEPH D. (Voter ID number 102441644).
SCOTT, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 102476255).
WALDORF, DIANNE Lynn (Voter ID number 115845070).

1028 NE 39TH DR

HENDERSON, JON H. (Voter ID number 120332791).

1028 NE 39TH DR
GARLIL, ENRIOUE (Voter ID number 102150755).

1028 NE 39TH DR

BACON, CORDARIUS Valentino (Voter ID number 118995739).

1028 NE 39TH ST
GODWIN, ARTHUR P. (Voter ID number 102035165).
GODWIN, SYLVIA A. (Voter ID number 102035163).

1028 NE 44TH PL
BEHRO, KENNETH Scott (Voter ID number 116402395).

1028 NE 45TH ST
HUNTER, LEROY Joseph (Voter ID number 101841048).

1029 NE 63RD CT
APT 55

BRECKLIN, RAYMOND J. (Voter ID number 120224505).

103 NE 30TH CT
APT 103

FRANCOIS, KENT (Voter ID number 121194532).

103 NE 30TH CT
HICKMAN, RICHARD Michael (Voter ID number 101924447).
SEDLAK, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number 101234525).

1033 NE 32ND ST

LOPEZ, LAURA (Voter ID number 119565252).

1033 NE 33RD ST
KOTSONIS, MAUDINE (Voter ID number 101752576).
WEATHERS, NANCY Kathleen (Voter ID number 101719136).
WEATHERS, STEVEN J. (Voter ID number 114255671).

1033 NE 34TH ST
BRUNO, GLORIA E. (Voter ID number 101534426).
CARULLA, RONNIE (Voter ID number 101562584).

1033 NE 37TH ST
BARRIOS, XIOMARA (Voter ID number 101314499).
BARRIOS, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 102466233).

1033 NE 38TH ST
CAMILLE, GEORGES (Voter ID number 119073964).
CAMILLE, LORAMISE (Voter ID number 119663528).

1033 NE 63RD ST
FERREIRA, RONALD J. (Voter ID number 101449958).

1034 NE 34TH ST
MENDEZ, GUSTAVO Bautista (Voter ID number 102328271).

1034 NE 44TH CT
DILLARD, JOSEPH H. (Voter ID number 102074109).

1035 NE 32ND ST

MC ELLHINEY, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 102494318).

1035 NE 44TH CT
MC CUEN, GEORGE (Voter ID number 101586962).

1037 NE 32ND ST

SANTORO, LISA Marina (Voter ID number 101878284).

1037 NE 32ND ST
SANTORO, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 120487215).

1037 NE 32ND ST

SMITH, BROOK Christian (Voter ID number 102317962).

1037 NE 32ND ST
ORR, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number 117569427).

1037 NE 32ND ST

FAIRHURST, LUKE A. (Voter ID number 117104900).

1037 NE 63RD CT
HICKEY, TIMOTHY John (Voter ID number 117424323).

1039 NE 35TH ST

UMANA, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 116882122).

104 NE 40TH ST
UNIT 150

BROOKS, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 101990434).

1040 NE 63RD CT
NORMAN, LOUWAN Frances (Voter ID number 102046742).

NADUDVARY, STEVEN (Voter ID number 101544343).
NADUDVARY, STEVEN (Voter ID number 118813342).

1041 NE 33RD ST

PATTERSON, OLIVER Christopher (Voter ID number 121145903).

1041 NE 33RD ST
PEREZ, HUGO Edilberto (Voter ID number 117626929).

1041 NE 36TH ST
WILLIAMS, BRETT T. (Voter ID number 120414072).

1041 NE 38TH ST
DESLAURIERS, JOSUE Fritz (Voter ID number 119597608).
DESLAURIERS, YVETTE (Voter ID number 102035032).

1041 NE 43RD CT
BONILLA MENA, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 102111216).

1041 NE 44TH ST
NADUDVARYQSTEVEN, STEVEN (Voter ID number 102524271).

1041 NE 62ND CT
STINCHFIELD, EDWIN M. (Voter ID number 119866135).

1041 NE 63RD CT
LIZOTTE, LINDA Marie (Voter ID number 117410854).
LIZOTTE, JEAN P. (Voter ID number 101268682).

1041 NE 63RD ST
APT 26

SUAZO, LUIS Alonso (Voter ID number 102506058).

1042 NE 34TH CT
LOVE, GREG J. (Voter ID number 101392002).
SMITH-LOVE, JANIS D. (Voter ID number 101497217).

1042 NE 35TH ST
ABREU, EDUARDO R. (Voter ID number 102361677).
ABREU, MARGARITA A. (Voter ID number 114262727).
SANTIAGO, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 102281930).

1042 NE 36TH ST
CUNNINGHAM, LORRAINE L. (Voter ID number 101346907).

1042 NE 38TH ST
ALICEA, AMADA M. (Voter ID number 116722463).
ALICEA, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 101697066).

1042 NE 39TH ST
HINRICHSEN, KENNETH K. (Voter ID number 101820304).
SEILER, CARL J. (Voter ID number 101534976).
SEILER, EDWARD Lee (Voter ID number 101820435).
WALTON, EVA M. (Voter ID number 101820277).

1042 NE 43RD CT
ABREU, XIOMARA A. (Voter ID number 101640823).

1044 NE 34TH ST
GUILLEN, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 102104013).

1044 NE 63RD CT
EDWARDS, JANIS F. (Voter ID number 101324036).

1045 NE 39TH DR
APT 10 E

KENOL, MARCKETY (Voter ID number 117148865).

1045 NE 39TH DR

MILLER, SHASITY Lundy (Voter ID number 102491073).

1045 NE 39TH DR

PRYOR, HARTLEAN Ozelia (Voter ID number 102317689).

1045 NE 39TH DR

SPANO-AUDET, JENNIFER Anne (Voter ID number 102085312).

1045 NE 39TH DR
APT 11

WOODLEY, PATRICE Alexandra (Voter ID number 115455993).

1045 NE 39TH DR

JOLICOEUR, RINCHER (Voter ID number 114375369).

1045 NE 39TH DR
JOLICOEUR, ISMITE (Voter ID number 102111850).
JOLICOEUR, MARIE C. (Voter ID number 102109829).
MC CUMBERS, RUTH L. (Voter ID number 101403256).

1045 NE 39TH DR
APT 10

KENOL, MARC Elie Fils (Voter ID number 115555908).

1045 NE 39TH DR

DAY, BRAD M. (Voter ID number 117026653).

1045 NE 43RD PL
STEIL, FREDRICK Willard (Voter ID number 121125853).

1047 NE 37TH ST
ACEVEDO, ANGEL S. (Voter ID number 102446489).

1049 NE 33RD ST

OFFHAUS, RANDY D. (Voter ID number 105493409).

1049 NE 33RD ST

GUTIERREZ, JESSICA Jacqueline (Voter ID number 118311972).

1049 NE 33RD ST
VAZAC, GUS (Voter ID number 101372059).

1049 NE 37TH ST

FOX, STEPHANIE Lori (Voter ID number 102218343).

1049 NE 62ND CT
JIMENEZ, RICHARD (Voter ID number 101663160).

SCHOTANUS, MARLENE J. (Voter ID number 101433874).
SCHOTANUS, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 101392877).
SCHOTANUS, WAYNE E. (Voter ID number 101424186).

1050 NE 33RD ST
HERNANDEZ VEGA, GERMAN (Voter ID number 114839645).

1050 NE 36TH ST
ULSRUD, EVAN B. (Voter ID number 101507234).
MAXSON, PHILLIP H. (Voter ID number 102492929).

1050 NE 38TH ST
BODOZIAN, LOUISE (Voter ID number 101836547).
GIBSON, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 102493238).

1050 NE 39TH ST
VENTURA, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 119528782).
MONTOYA, AGNES Aida (Voter ID number 102273317).

1051 NE 38TH ST
APT 1051

ROBERSON, JOSHUA E. (Voter ID number 114971039).

1051 NE 38TH ST
AUSTIN, MARQUITA Sharael (Voter ID number 102229949).

1051 NE 39TH ST

HERNANDEZ, NINA Marie (Voter ID number 116993572).

1051 NE 39TH ST
HOWARD, PAULA Lashawn (Voter ID number 114292859).

1051 NE 39TH ST

CIRILO, MAYRA A. (Voter ID number 116506239).

1051 NE 39TH ST

KUNZ, AMBER R. (Voter ID number 119203013).

1051 NE 39TH ST

SMITH, MARLYN (Voter ID number 120866360).

1051 NE 39TH ST

RUSSELL, LISA K. (Voter ID number 101833914).

1052 NE 63RD CT
DANIELSON, GABRA (Voter ID number 102668814).

1053 NE 63RD CT
NELSON, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 102510552).
NELSON, KENNETH (Voter ID number 102510551).

1055 NE 33RD ST
DENTEL, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 102523302).
MORRISON, JAMES Avery (Voter ID number 101536800).

1055 NE 34TH CT
LYNCH, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 101702223).
LYNCH, JOSE (Voter ID number 117032979).

1055 NE 34TH ST
CAPPADONA, MARTIN James (Voter ID number 101771093).
SCHULTZ, DONALD (Voter ID number 101411046).

1055 NE 35TH ST
FIORE, MAXIMILLIAN (Voter ID number 101792282).

1055 NE 36TH ST
HILLMAN, ANDREW K. (Voter ID number 116584256).
LITTLE, TIA-ASHLIE Marie (Voter ID number 115009442).
VOLL, ERIC W. (Voter ID number 116584495).

1055 NE 36TH ST

JINES, GAYLORD (Voter ID number 101817810).

1055 NE 37TH ST
RECALT, EIDA S. (Voter ID number 101268984).
RECALT, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 101315903).

1056 NE 33RD ST
MORAN, TIMOTHY C. (Voter ID number 101585765).
SPRATT, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 101390493).

1056 NE 34TH ST
DOODY, LORI Anne (Voter ID number 102069939).
LANZA, ANDREA Marie (Voter ID number 101815880).

1056 NE 34TH CT
MAGLOIRE, MITCHELL A. (Voter ID number 102303749).

1056 NE 34TH ST
LAMOUR, MIREILLE (Voter ID number 102230007).

1056 NE 38TH ST

ALCIRA, ALMEUS (Voter ID number 102338532).

1057 NE 34TH CT

GOMAN, MCKENDY M. (Voter ID number 120202592).

1057 NE 62ND CT
BERINI, RENEE Barnhouse (Voter ID number 101809303).
BERINI, RONNIE Mc Arthur (Voter ID number 101811417).

1057 NE 63RD CT
GILLENWATER, LEAH Marie (Voter ID number 102257792).

1060 NE 63RD CT
LOT 42

VATTER, CYNTHIA Sullivan (Voter ID number 101749609).

1060 NE 63RD CT
APT 42

WILLIAMS, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 114019399).

1061 NE 33RD ST
HUFFMAN, DANNY C. (Voter ID number 102487570).
CARNAHAN, BRIAN Alan (Voter ID number 118254929).
HUGHES, JOAN (Voter ID number 101640290).

1061 NE 34TH ST
STRICKLAND, CLIFFORD Robert (Voter ID number 117853395).

1061 NE 36TH ST
CAZZELL, RICK A. (Voter ID number 113021480).
SKOLD, TROY P. (Voter ID number 113016886).

1061 NE 38TH ST
WATTS, THERESA Ann (Voter ID number 101791615).
WATTS, KENNETH D. (Voter ID number 101441716).

1061 NE 63RD CT
RAFFA, ALANA A. (Voter ID number 102451161).

1062 NE 34TH CT
KAPTUR, GERRI Lyn (Voter ID number 102100453).

1062 NE 37TH ST
SMITH, DALE Jerome (Voter ID number 118194388).
KANE, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 114851343).
LA SHIER, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 101247236).

1062 NE 38TH ST
MALMBERG, LOIS Elaine (Voter ID number 101805557).
RACICOT, SARAH Rena (Voter ID number 102236542).

1062 NE 39TH ST
BOYD, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 101745611).
KOJAC, JAMES S. (Voter ID number 102092011).

1065 NE 62ND CT
RIVERA, RAFAEL Enrique (Voter ID number 101899296).

SERGEI, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 101370441).

1069 NE 32ND ST
BENTON, ALICE M. (Voter ID number 101511157).

1069 NE 34TH CT
PERRONE, NEIL Francis (Voter ID number 102216414).
RAY, RICKY L. (Voter ID number 101523897).

1069 NE 36TH ST
ACUARDO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 102413886).
ALVARADO, CARLOS Ivan (Voter ID number 102407648).

1069 NE 37TH ST
TISCHER, BRADLEY H. (Voter ID number 101245963).

1069 NE 63RD CT
TYLER, BERNARD Simon (Voter ID number 109263736).

1070 NE 34TH CT
NAPOLITANO, PETER P. (Voter ID number 101673612).

1070 NE 34TH CT

VIEGO, PENNY Lynn (Voter ID number 102210612).

1070 NE 34TH ST
MAC KAY, TODD J. (Voter ID number 101646477).

1070 NE 36TH ST
EDWARDS, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 104280989).
EDWARDS, BECKY Jean (Voter ID number 102457312).

1070 NE 37TH ST
CHILDRESS, DOUGLAS Eugene (Voter ID number 105899023).
FRANKLIN, TONE James (Voter ID number 108185054).

1073 NE 62ND CT
BLACKMAN, KENNETH Allen (Voter ID number 101587851).

1074 NE 34TH CT
FAGGARD, HILDA Mabel (Voter ID number 120279473).
FIGUEROA, MAYBEL T. (Voter ID number 119246233).

1074 NE 34TH CT
FL 2

FAGGARD, JEAN Claude (Voter ID number 102468601).

1074 NE 35TH ST
ALBIETZ, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 101546965).
SCHNEIDER, DARLENE C. (Voter ID number 101640755).

1074 NE 35TH ST

PAUL, YOUSELINE (Voter ID number 114668109).

1075 NE 36TH ST
TERNELUS, ICETANNE (Voter ID number 101783894).
TERNELUS, IVETTE (Voter ID number 116769472).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 101

RIGGI, STEPHEN (Voter ID number 102240303).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 101H

SHAMAN, BETINA Lee (Voter ID number 115047483).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 104H

FROST, ALEXANDER Halsey (Voter ID number 119994642).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 108

RUIZ, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 114016520).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 206H

CABREJA, RAFAEL N. (Voter ID number 116038937).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 101

RUIZ, FELIPE A. (Voter ID number 101836199).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 108

CARADONA, JULIE Michelle (Voter ID number 101769117).

1075 NE 39TH ST
RESNER, HOWARD D. (Voter ID number 101561549).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 104 H

RHOUTSONG, WILLIAM Nelson (Voter ID number 120833366).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 105

STUBBS, CHRISTINE D. (Voter ID number 111928681).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 110 H

KELLEY, MICHAEL Sean (Voter ID number 120432664).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 205

CASANAS, RAUL (Voter ID number 109824351).

1075 NE 39TH ST
ANDERSON, JULIE Bonnie (Voter ID number 101808104).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 103

CRESPO, MARTA G. (Voter ID number 102423483).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 202

MUNOZ, LALO (Voter ID number 101818949).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 204 H

WATSON, LONNIE (Voter ID number 102429276).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 208 H

RABASSI, MARK John (Voter ID number 114077558).

1075 NE 39TH ST
APT 208

SULIVERAS, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 108651859).

1075 NE 39TH ST
MALDONADO, MARCOS Antonio (Voter ID number 102395761).
PAQUETTE, RONALD A. (Voter ID number 102419815).
WENTWORTH, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 101425661).

1077 NE 33RD ST
GEORGE, MICHAEL B. (Voter ID number 101659663).

1077 NE 34TH ST
LUCHTMAN, MICHAEL Erwin (Voter ID number 102240335).
MANDICO, AARON Christopher (Voter ID number 102197001).
MITCHELL, BRENDA G. (Voter ID number 102409857).
MITCHELL, EDWARD Russell (Voter ID number 114506221).

1077 NE 35TH ST
SMITH, DENISE L. (Voter ID number 102458046).
SMITH, STEVEN W. (Voter ID number 101508025).

1077 NE 37TH ST
SUAREZ, JUANITA (Voter ID number 101426409).
SUAREZ, MAURILIO R. (Voter ID number 101426408).
SUREZ, IVETTE (Voter ID number 101907287).

1077 NE 63RD CT
CAMPBELL, CAROL Lorraine (Voter ID number 116125552).
CAMPBELL, ROBERT Earl (Voter ID number 102021761).

1078 NE 33RD ST
PEARCE, GARY Samuel (Voter ID number 101839785).

1078 NE 34TH ST
HERRERA, LUIS B. (Voter ID number 115196539).
BENITEZ, HAYDEE (Voter ID number 102180706).
HERRERA, FRANKLIN (Voter ID number 116802179).

1078 NE 36TH ST
KETTLE, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 101591507).
KETTLE, GERALD E. (Voter ID number 101529670).
KOESTER, TRYSCH (Voter ID number 101527409).

1078 NE 37TH ST

VELAZQUEZ, ANGEL L. (Voter ID number 120177867).

1078 NE 37TH ST
BURGOS, DOMINGA (Voter ID number 117129675).

1078 NE 38TH ST
DREYER, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 102194682).

1078 NE 39TH ST
APT 31

RODRIGUES, CYNTHIA M. (Voter ID number 115507614).

1078 NE 39TH ST

SMILEY, LAURIE Deshawn (Voter ID number 118461496).

1078 NE 39TH ST
APT 30

LEDUC, DANIEL Leon (Voter ID number 116863603).

1078 NE 39TH ST
APT 12

LEWIS, BARBARA Lujean (Voter ID number 118205798).

1078 NE 39TH ST
APT 24

HOWARD, RHONDA Michelle (Voter ID number 113966939).

1078 NE 39TH ST
APT 27

SPARKS, MARCIA Cardoso (Voter ID number 115278023).

1078 NE 39TH ST

MEZA, ERIC S. (Voter ID number 115187739).

1078 NE 39TH ST
APT 11

DEAN, ANTONIA (Voter ID number 112604180).

1078 NE 39TH ST
ARCHIBALD, MAHLA K. (Voter ID number 102000112).
BOLTON, DEBRA R. (Voter ID number 101497213).

1078 NE 39TH ST
APT 10

HART, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 114246873).

1078 NE 39TH ST
APT 11

DEAN, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 102489114).
GONZALEZ, JOSE Angelo (Voter ID number 102447278).

1078 NE 39TH ST
APT 12

LEWIS, STEVEN Craig (Voter ID number 118219552).

1078 NE 39TH ST
APT 23

DENMARK, ALEN Gerlade (Voter ID number 115864626).

1078 NE 39TH ST
APT 28

SIMPKINS, DOUGLAS A. (Voter ID number 116245560).

108 NE 26TH DR
MASETH, RONALD Anthony (Voter ID number 104085267).
SELF, KATHY S. (Voter ID number 101549163).
YODANIS, FLORENCE (Voter ID number 101549164).

108 NE 29TH ST
MILLER, LAURENE M. (Voter ID number 107395338).
ANDERSON, MICKEY H. (Voter ID number 102149062).
MILLER, IRWIN (Voter ID number 107405549).
WARREN, DONALD G. (Voter ID number 102146801).

108 NE 30TH ST
RILEY, BRUCE E. (Voter ID number 102317505).

NEVAREZ, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 102211703).

1081 NE 34TH CT

DORVILUS, BETTY Jean (Voter ID number 102174819).
JEAN PHILIPPE, ILORMISE (Voter ID number 119711428).

1081 NE 63RD CT
WALKER, RAPHAEL D. (Voter ID number 110285163).
SCHMID, JAMES William (Voter ID number 115854853).

1085 NE 34TH ST

ANDREOLA, DAVID T. (Voter ID number 102116295).

1085 NE 34TH ST

OLIVEROS, PAUL Edgardo (Voter ID number 112791212).

1085 NE 34TH ST

KURTZ, ALFRED Joseph (Voter ID number 102247944).

1085 NE 34TH CT
RUTH, RUSTY Dewayne (Voter ID number 102294197).

1085 NE 37TH ST
IOSIA, JUNE M. (Voter ID number 101221995).

1086 NE 33RD ST

PETIT JEAN, SOLANGE (Voter ID number 121246071).

1086 NE 33RD ST

EVERETT, NICOLE Anne (Voter ID number 120172623).

1086 NE 33RD ST
APT 10

DELVA, DEBBIE (Voter ID number 116999041).
DELVA, NELLIE (Voter ID number 102434317).

1086 NE 33RD ST
VILLATORO, JAIME Fernando (Voter ID number 102283241).

1086 NE 33RD ST
APT 10

DELVA, NELLA (Voter ID number 102459277).
POLICARPE, ARCHIL (Voter ID number 102356997).

1086 NE 33RD ST

LANE, LORETHIA E. (Voter ID number 101773746).

1086 NE 33RD ST

ST PIERRE, NEL (Voter ID number 116472646).

1086 NE 35TH ST
SAINT AMOUR, ELICIA (Voter ID number 120543062).
STAMOUR, ELICIA (Voter ID number 117489613).

1086 NE 36TH ST

LOPEZ, STEPHANIE T. (Voter ID number 102168651).

1086 NE 36TH ST

PLOURDE, MELANIE Jane (Voter ID number 118615396).

1086 A NE 36TH ST
GALLENTINE, ERIC Wade (Voter ID number 102174346).

109 NE 26TH DR
BARLOW, JEFFREY Adam (Voter ID number 116439610).
MOORE, DENNIS Michael (Voter ID number 116479717).

109 NE 55TH ST
GREEN, KAYLA J. (Voter ID number 120078401).
RAINEY, KELLY M. (Voter ID number 120678176).

SARDANELLI, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 101310375).
SCHAEFER, NELSON Joseph (Voter ID number 118251529).
SCHAEFER, NELSON P. (Voter ID number 101426009).

1091 NE 36TH ST
LINARES, JOSE (Voter ID number 114458535).
BAEZ-MAYORGA, MARILYN A. (Voter ID number 101801883).
MAYORGA, LEOPOLO (Voter ID number 101801884).

1091 NE 37TH ST
VASQUEZ, DARIO (Voter ID number 102490687).
BARBERO, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 101392036).

1092 NE 38TH ST
CRUZ, REYES (Voter ID number 102232445).

1092 NE 38TH ST

SUESARAN, KISHORE Datt (Voter ID number 116385013).

1094 NE 36TH ST
PESKOFF, SCOTT (Voter ID number 117044431).

1098 NE 34TH CT

ABRAHAM, GEORGES (Voter ID number 120702790).

1098 NE 34TH CT

LOGO, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 119740103).
LUGO, CARLOS Eduardo (Voter ID number 119517615).

1098 NE 34TH CT

JOSEPH, PHILOME (Voter ID number 117467991).

1098 NE 35TH ST
BRENDLE, CHASE Coult (Voter ID number 114127412).
MILITELLO, MOLLY M. (Voter ID number 102384175).
ENGLE, ANDREW Boyd (Voter ID number 118400517).

1098 NE 37TH ST

MEADE, DESMOND St Alban (Voter ID number 120232067).

1099 NE 32ND ST
FITZPATRICK, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 117014662).

1099 NE 32ND ST

STARR, THOMAS Burton (Voter ID number 120458141).

1099 NE 32ND ST

CARTER, FLOYD Douglas (Voter ID number 102323892).

1099 NE 32ND ST

MANOEL, MARIA Eunice (Voter ID number 118522156).

1099 NE 32ND ST

ZEGARRA, FELIX D. (Voter ID number 118354176).

1099 NE 32ND ST

SHULKIN, BRADFORD G. (Voter ID number 101978041).

1099 NE 32ND ST
PHILLIPS, DAVID Thomas (Voter ID number 101767451).

1099 NE 32ND ST

COSTA, RICARDO Do Amaral (Voter ID number 102128154).

1099 NE 33RD ST
HUGHES, DONALD H. (Voter ID number 101734902).

1099 NE 35TH ST
AMAYA, ERICK R. (Voter ID number 102434713).
VILLATORO, JULIO V. (Voter ID number 102208249).

1099 NE 37TH ST
GARCIA, DENRY L. (Voter ID number 117728085).
JUSTIN, FRANCES Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102059968).
JUSTIN, NICOLE Francine (Voter ID number 102505585).

1099 NE 38TH ST

ESCOLASTICO, ALTAGRACIA (Voter ID number 119719677).

1099 NE 38TH ST

ALEXIS, STEVE (Voter ID number 121227295).
CHERISMA ALEXIS, OLNA (Voter ID number 119763172).
JACQUES, ELOURDE (Voter ID number 120267950).
LULY, ANDERSON (Voter ID number 119116884).

1099 NE 38TH ST

JULMISSE, YOLETTE (Voter ID number 114235089).

1099 NE 38TH ST
JULMISSE, ROGENEL (Voter ID number 102218750).

11 NE 51ST ST
D'ANGELANTONIO, MARJA Kyllikki (Voter ID number 102504377).
D'ANGELANTONIO, SANDRO (Voter ID number 102292262).

11 NE 56TH ST
ZAZZARA, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number 102064222).
ZAZZARA, NINO A. (Voter ID number 101317893).
ZAZZARA, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number 101317914).

110 NE 32ND CT
ANTONIO, JAMES C. (Voter ID number 117207223).

110 NE 39TH ST
GRAHAM, JOSEPH Nathaniel (Voter ID number 118540389).
JULIEN, TEMY O. (Voter ID number 114043479).
SAEY, GARY M. (Voter ID number 102447401).

110 NE 45TH CT
MC MILLAN, KATHLEEN Mae (Voter ID number 102233156).

110 NE 47TH CT
ROGERS, ELIZABETH C. (Voter ID number 101439004).

110 NE 48TH ST
NOLAN, TANYA Lynn (Voter ID number 112057067).
BARKER, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 117498590).
BARKER, RICHARD P. (Voter ID number 101558510).

110 NE 49TH ST
ROSE, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 102224094).

110 NE 56TH CT
GEIGER, CRYSTAL Lynn (Voter ID number 105909640).

110 NE 56TH ST
CLARKIN, ASHLEY Marie (Voter ID number 120930017).
CONDE, ARIEL O. (Voter ID number 120128270).

110 NE 56TH CT
GALLAGHER, NICHOLAS Max (Voter ID number 114229355).

110 NE 57TH ST
IVANCHENKO, SERGEY (Voter ID number 118199435).

110 NE 57TH CT
OGLE, EILEEN A. (Voter ID number 101209587).

110 NE 57TH ST
BEMMAN, INGA (Voter ID number 116905392).

APT 212

GARI, AMANCIO A. (Voter ID number 102019699).

STE 106

WATSON, LINDA (Voter ID number 101296317).

CANTOS, BEVERLY (Voter ID number 101703278).

APT 202

RODRIGUEZ, EDITH I. (Voter ID number 120973487).

APT 212

ALDACO, GLORIA Esther (Voter ID number 120937182).
ALDACO, MARTHA Leticia (Voter ID number 119194599).

1100 NE 45TH ST
APT 131

MC KENNIE, SHANTAL Tequillia (Voter ID number 116117492).

1101 NE 62ND CT
EPP, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 101911284).
SIEGEL, AVIS (Voter ID number 101819034).

1109 NE 62ND CT
FIGUEROA RIVERA, CARMEN (Voter ID number 116422832).

111 NE 28TH CT
WALTON, KARL Allen (Voter ID number 102443765).
YODER, JEFFERY Michael (Voter ID number 117905777).
ALLEN, JAMES (Voter ID number 117139817).
AUSTIN, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 114011357).

111 NE 29TH ST
GRUMET, MARK Ira (Voter ID number 101297795).
MASTERS, WILLIAM Marian (Voter ID number 102203213).
MEEHAN, JAMES Patrick (Voter ID number 102203217).

111 NE 45TH ST
GOUVEIA, DONALD M. (Voter ID number 101207357).
STEWART, DEBORAH Sherry (Voter ID number 101275992).

111 NE 46TH CT
MORSE, MATTHEW A. (Voter ID number 102413981).
POLO, DARRYL Gus (Voter ID number 118146676).

111 NE 46TH ST
WISEMAN, DANIEL W. (Voter ID number 101374194).
WISEMAN, LEONARD W. (Voter ID number 102004783).
WISEMAN, MARY E. (Voter ID number 102409827).

111 NE 47TH CT
GONZALEZ-DOLDAN, JOSHUA Eusebio (Voter ID number 115468151).
LEGUIZAMON, MAGALY (Voter ID number 102502914).
GONZALEZ-DOLDAN, JUDITH M. (Voter ID number 101346860).

111 NE 48TH CT
BRIDGES, MARGARET E. (Voter ID number 120511969).

111 NE 48TH ST
GALLAGHER, PEGGY (Voter ID number 101390982).

111 NE 49TH ST
MOISE, ELIZABETH H. (Voter ID number 101987168).

111 NE 55TH ST
NIETO, ADOLFO J. (Voter ID number 101830842).
NIETO, SANDI L. (Voter ID number 101431482).

111 NE 56TH CT
RANGEL, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 115023614).

111 NE 57TH CT
GERONIMOS, LAURA Sophia (Voter ID number 116299612).
CUSMANO, ANTHONY M. (Voter ID number 119454749).
CUSMANO, CHRISTINA A. (Voter ID number 119454744).

111 NE 57TH ST
CURIEL, EDMAR J. (Voter ID number 102448358).
VATOVEC, GERALDINE (Voter ID number 117959248).

APT 45

FUTO, ANDREW (Voter ID number 101588482).

CHANEY, GARY L. (Voter ID number 101496318).
SANCHEZ VELOSO, CLAUDIA A. (Voter ID number 102282913).

APT 16

KROPF, LYNN Marie (Voter ID number 102495033).

APT 50

ROSADO, ABIGAIL (Voter ID number 109967985).
SIERRA ROSADO, MELVIN Aneudy (Voter ID number 115859453).

114 NE 29TH ST
GORSKY, ROBIN Anne (Voter ID number 101910365).
GORSKY, EILEEN W. (Voter ID number 101333592).
KNIGHT, MICAH Jor-El (Voter ID number 118875903).

116 NE 26TH DR
BAPTISTE, CHAD Jamal (Voter ID number 116746660).
OCHOA, LUIS G. (Voter ID number 117150538).
PRESCOD, SHANE A. (Voter ID number 102430906).
SUERO, ANGELA S. (Voter ID number 110201139).
MONG, ENRIQUE L. (Voter ID number 102341713).

116 NE 30TH ST
LUCCHESE, LEONARD C. (Voter ID number 118145498).
LUCCHESE, LEONARD (Voter ID number 101937438).
LUCCHESE, ALISIA E. (Voter ID number 121167041).
MAIN, ALICE Robertson (Voter ID number 101800533).

ROSS, CLINTON T. (Voter ID number 102165315).

1160 NE 34TH CT
EDENFIELD, JEFFRY Thomas (Voter ID number 114720988).

117 NE 29TH ST
LEIGH, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 101500488).

117 NE 30TH CT

BARSTAD, CYNTHIA Denise (Voter ID number 121028422).

117 NE 30TH CT
SAXTON, SHERYL L. (Voter ID number 101437057).

MOOS, RANDALL D. (Voter ID number 102044420).
ALSCHER, MARC B. (Voter ID number 102047685).

119 NE 28TH CT
ANTONIELLI, ROBERT (Voter ID number 101235000).

APT 105

WINCOR, DANIEL Ira (Voter ID number 117656536).

GUERRIER, ESHLEIGH Ocilia-Johne (Voter ID number 120697051).

APT 105

HOFFER, MERLE G. (Voter ID number 116437849).
KUHN, GEORGE T. (Voter ID number 101418339).
PALMER, JOHN (Voter ID number 101798615).
ROBINSON, VINCENT J. (Voter ID number 120345439).

APT 105-316

BAXAM, ANDRE (Voter ID number 102457995).

STE 105-10

MC ALISTER, LISA P. (Voter ID number 102309960).

120 NE 29TH ST
GILL, MATTHEW P. (Voter ID number 102192704).

120 NE 39TH ST
HUGHES, SUSAN B. (Voter ID number 120294144).

120 NE 45TH CT
HATCH, BRIAN (Voter ID number 102125644).

120 NE 46TH ST
BAILEZ, ANDRES (Voter ID number 113177728).
BUTTAFUOCO, LOUIS A. (Voter ID number 101496514).

120 NE 47TH CT
O'LEARY, KELLY Rae (Voter ID number 117322840).
WILLIAMS, KAILEY Lauren (Voter ID number 118988559).

120 NE 47TH ST
ATCHISON-WATTS, KAREN Jean (Voter ID number 101378791).

120 NE 51ST CT
BUFFETT, BRUCE Kealoha (Voter ID number 117297980).

120 NE 53RD CT
GAVER, KAREN (Voter ID number 101780613).

120 NE 55TH ST
MEEHAN, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 101875687).
CASTEEL, DON Haydron (Voter ID number 101994445).
HYER, KANDY (Voter ID number 101587248).

120 NE 56TH CT
FERRARA, JASON MATTHEW (Voter ID number 101899439).
FERRARA, MARCUS A. (Voter ID number 101551147).
TYSON-HANKINS, TAMMY J. (Voter ID number 115356647).

120 NE 56TH ST
MANEJIAS, DENEB Veronica (Voter ID number 120043538).

120 NE 56TH CT
COLLAZO, VALERIE (Voter ID number 102265792).
HANKINS, BRYON T. (Voter ID number 115356650).

120 NE 57TH CT
BEHM, DONALD L. (Voter ID number 101407446).
LUTZ, VANREED Sue (Voter ID number 102504885).

120 NE 57TH ST
LOMEN, BONNIE R. (Voter ID number 101993642).
MONTELLANICO, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 101481105).

120 NE 58TH ST
OLIVEROS, CAROLA (Voter ID number 101863688).
OLIVEROS, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 102003584).

1201 NE 38TH ST

MCMULLAN, JIM (Voter ID number 117750872).

121 NE 45TH CT
ROZACKA, TERESA (Voter ID number 102055214).

121 NE 45TH ST
DEMPSEY, LISA-GAYE (Voter ID number 101717133).
MILLER, ADRIENNE (Voter ID number 101494145).

121 NE 47TH ST
ROSADO, ALBERTO Ignacio (Voter ID number 109306479).

121 NE 48TH CT
HEREDIA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 101369714).
SOSA, JESUS Manuel (Voter ID number 102417610).

121 NE 49TH ST
CARTIN, RICARDO A. (Voter ID number 118679449).
CARTIN, ERMELINDA (Voter ID number 102257706).
CARTIN, SUZANNE Marie (Voter ID number 101821283).

121 NE 51ST ST
SHQALSHI, BARDHE (Voter ID number 115752834).
SHQALSHI, EMILIANA (Voter ID number 116356142).
SHQALSHI, GJERGJ (Voter ID number 115752885).
PLATA FERNANDEZ, VALERIA (Voter ID number 117020249).

121 NE 53RD CT
FIORE, VERONIKA Andrea (Voter ID number 101806299).
GELPI, HAYDEE L. (Voter ID number 101508194).
GELPI-PENA, JONATHAN E. (Voter ID number 102412640).

121 NE 55TH ST
CLARK, THOMAS Drenik (Voter ID number 101506889).
EVERITT, JEAN M. (Voter ID number 101643809).

121 NE 56TH CT
CALDERON, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 101436391).
CRAWFORD, BOBBI L. (Voter ID number 101423820).
CRAWFORD, STEVE L. (Voter ID number 101423821).

121 NE 57TH CT
WALLING, JAMIE P. (Voter ID number 102431978).

121 NE 57TH ST
AMPIE, RAMON Enrique (Voter ID number 102290682).
AMPIE, GRETHEL Cristina (Voter ID number 119827670).

121 NE 57TH CT
NOBLES-WALLING, PATRICIA J. (Voter ID number 101444226).
WALLING, JAMES P. (Voter ID number 101414104).

GLASGOW, ERIC S. (Voter ID number 114045296).
NEARY, ROBIN A. (Voter ID number 101969266).
HALL, JOHN Richard (Voter ID number 102242682).
HALL, HEATHER A. (Voter ID number 102275479).
HALL, SHAUN L. (Voter ID number 116158264).

1229 NE 32ND ST
WILDER, JENNIFER A. (Voter ID number 102522643).
WILDER, KYLE B. (Voter ID number 101301141).

1229 NE 35TH ST

VILLANUEVA, MARIA De Lourdes (Voter ID number 120490496).

1229 NE 35TH ST

GUARDARRAMA RAMOS, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 118281080).
MONGE, MILDRED (Voter ID number 102234774).
NAVA, EFRAIN R. (Voter ID number 118721986).

123 NE 29TH ST
NOURY, JOHN S. (Voter ID number 104807203).
MOWRY, KEVIN Francis (Voter ID number 104960942).
RICH, TERRANCE Demetrius (Voter ID number 102441179).

1231 NE 32ND ST
COLLINS, RANDAL Devan (Voter ID number 102023508).
MOORE, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 109440053).
BENNETT, SEAN J. (Voter ID number 101928693).

1235 NE 32ND ST
ATHEN, JASON Loki (Voter ID number 102402017).
CESARIO, DALE Edward (Voter ID number 102322654).
MOLLICA, TERRY M. (Voter ID number 101943105).

1237 NE 32ND ST
CARRIER, JEANNINE Marie (Voter ID number 118658435).
JORGENSON, EINAR (Voter ID number 101880349).

1238 NE 36TH ST
SUTTON, DARREN Jerome (Voter ID number 102220710).

1239 NE 32ND ST
RECIO, EUGENIO (Voter ID number 114256547).

124 NE 26TH DR
COLBY, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 117316117).
CRAWLEY, ALEX Francis (Voter ID number 119558203).
STERNER, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 111947829).
MC GREGOR, RYAN M. (Voter ID number 102309634).

124 NE 30TH ST
MASON, WALTER E. (Voter ID number 101324385).
WARD, IRMA L. (Voter ID number 101250592).

ISAACS, JULIAN E. (Voter ID number 102024119).
ISAACS, ROXANNE P. (Voter ID number 102024120).

1240 NE 34TH CT
PARR, RICHARD Christian (Voter ID number 115603875).

1243 NE 32ND ST
CANO, AMPARO X. (Voter ID number 102307856).

1245 NE 32ND ST
DELIA, CONO (Voter ID number 118845739).
RUBINO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 119449478).
MC ENROE, SHARON (Voter ID number 101988981).

1245 NE 35TH ST
SANCHEZ, FRANCISCA (Voter ID number 117642128).

1245 NE 35TH ST

MILLET, JENNY V. (Voter ID number 102443166).

1246 NE 38TH ST
HOLMBERG, NELSON R. (Voter ID number 120543259).

1247 NE 32ND ST
NATIVIDAD, MIGUEL P. (Voter ID number 102141945).

1249 NE 32ND ST
HUBER, MARK Christopher (Voter ID number 118798694).

QUIRK, CHRISTINE R. (Voter ID number 101536780).
QUIRK, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 101536781).
QUIRK, WENDY Lee (Voter ID number 119774517).

1251 NE 32ND ST
BLOUGH, TRACY Lynn (Voter ID number 116939686).
PEREIRA, CHRISTIAN Paul (Voter ID number 102220470).

1253 NE 37TH ST
SEE, CHOY Yone Lum (Voter ID number 101629444).

1254 NE 36TH ST
SUAREZ, SANDRA Diana (Voter ID number 118031333).
SUM, DELFINO (Voter ID number 118031340).

1256 NE 33RD ST
RADZWILL, ERIC Martin (Voter ID number 102184313).
STANLEY, NILES E. (Voter ID number 102336166).

126 NE 29TH ST
HEDGES, TYLER James (Voter ID number 120991200).
EVANS, STEVEN Owen (Voter ID number 118205435).

1261 NE 34TH CT
IBARRA, OMAR Diego (Voter ID number 102114446).
IBARRA, DORIS M. (Voter ID number 116140973).
IBARRA, MARIO (Voter ID number 116283116).

1262 NE 34TH CT
KISAREWICH, JUAN Louis (Voter ID number 117293745).
KISAREWICH, JOHN Louis (Voter ID number 101429060).

1265 NE 35TH ST
BETRO, KEN (Voter ID number 102439985).

1266 NE 38TH ST
SAMOSKY, ERIC M. (Voter ID number 101871077).

127 NE 30TH CT
KELLEY, JANET P. (Voter ID number 101767401).

127 NE 32ND ST
D'ANGELO, ROBERT (Voter ID number 101358643).

1271 NE 32ND ST
CONAWAY, ELMER R. (Voter ID number 116586311).

1271 NE 32ND ST

SENAT, LEONARD (Voter ID number 102317874).

1273 NE 37TH ST
HARENDT, FREDERICK W. (Voter ID number 101539503).
JEDLICK, ARNOLD L. (Voter ID number 101556002).

1273 NE 38TH ST

PETER, EDWIN (Voter ID number 119723831).

1273 NE 38TH ST

POVIONES, DUVIER (Voter ID number 109821679).

1273 NE 38TH ST
DELACOUDRAY, ANGELA L. (Voter ID number 102203290).
RODDY, WAYNE Bowers (Voter ID number 102412045).
SAHADEO, JOY Sandy (Voter ID number 117236528).

1273 NE 38TH ST

WILLIE, LUDINA Hilaria (Voter ID number 102517765).

1273 NE 39TH ST

ROYHL, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 101529218).

1273 NE 39TH ST
HARRIS, GERALD W. (Voter ID number 101355119).

1273 NE 39TH ST

ALLRED, DENNIS K. (Voter ID number 116259716).

1273 NE 39TH ST

HARRIS, GREGORY Owen (Voter ID number 114517071).

1273 NE 39TH ST

SHAW, MARCELA Beatriz (Voter ID number 102104150).

1273 NE 39TH ST

WILLIAMS, ROBERTA Ann (Voter ID number 101736349).

1273 NE 39TH ST
OPPELT, ALEEZA D. (Voter ID number 102519342).

1274 NE 34TH CT
ADDERLY, OREAL S. (Voter ID number 112994575).
HAYES, ISAAC S. (Voter ID number 102250570).

1274 NE 36TH ST
HAGA, STEVEN J. (Voter ID number 119375618).
HAGA, DORIS Suzanne (Voter ID number 101286908).
HAGA, CHRISTI A. (Voter ID number 117715517).

1274 NE 39TH ST

FRANKO, CHRISTOPHER Lozlo (Voter ID number 120636299).

1274 NE 39TH ST

TUCKER, MICHAEL Shane (Voter ID number 120346173).

1274 NE 39TH ST

FRANKO, MICHEL Joseph (Voter ID number 120310788).

1274 NE 39TH ST

LEE, MELVIN T. (Voter ID number 116292161).
TRIPP, SHIRLEY A. (Voter ID number 116292181).

1274 NE 40TH ST

MC GUIRE, RONALD F. (Voter ID number 109937141).

1274 NE 40TH ST

MEYER, STEVEN Scott (Voter ID number 118574511).

1275 NE 34TH ST
DIAZ, IVIS C. (Voter ID number 102225472).
FRANCLIK, DEAN D. (Voter ID number 102337681).

1279 NE 32ND ST
FOGEL, TERRY A. (Voter ID number 101504920).
LINDSLEY, MICHAEL O. (Voter ID number 101549420).

1279 NE 40TH PL
KILPATRICK, KENNETH Tyson (Voter ID number 102448114).

1280 NE 33RD ST
TENNEY, JAMES Francis (Voter ID number 121198937).
ABERMAN, ERICA Suzanne (Voter ID number 109731019).
SAUL, RICHARD E. (Voter ID number 116457453).

1280 NE 38TH ST
WALLACE, EARL S. (Voter ID number 102521312).

1280 NE 40TH ST
ROSADO, JASON Robert (Voter ID number 117955690).
WEST, DANNY Robert (Voter ID number 117939811).

1283 NE 30TH ST
NEYENHOUSE, RYAN A. (Voter ID number 102164057).

1285 NE 30TH ST
AQUINO, LINDA Marie (Voter ID number 101732031).

1285 NE 45TH ST
HEISLER, MEGAN Carol (Voter ID number 102286503).
SKELTON, DENNIS J. (Voter ID number 102366365).
SKELTON, DENNIS James (Voter ID number 101412554).

1286 NE 30TH ST

CAVALIERE, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 116348065).

1286 NE 30TH ST

LORENZINI, KATHRYN M. (Voter ID number 101350368).

1286 NE 30TH ST

CASTRO, JOSE (Voter ID number 120516138).

1286 NE 30TH ST

WRIGHT, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 102166371).

1286 NE 30TH ST

HERLIHY, FREDERICK C. (Voter ID number 101241740).

1286 NE 30TH ST
GEARY, LORI A. (Voter ID number 101404573).
HERLIHY, TRISHA A. (Voter ID number 101485647).
ROOSA, DAVID Allen (Voter ID number 101688150).

1286 NE 30TH ST
APT 10

GEARY, KAREN Marie (Voter ID number 101805840).

1286 NE 30TH ST

ANDERSON, STACEY N. (Voter ID number 117281297).

1286 NE 45TH ST
DANIELSON, WARREN Duane (Voter ID number 118856956).

1287 NE 32ND ST
NEWSOM, JIMMY Lee (Voter ID number 101952359).
ANDERSON, CHERRYL L. (Voter ID number 116937935).

1288 NE 39TH ST
CUBBIN, TOBIAS Robert (Voter ID number 118090862).
CUBBIN, REBECCA L. (Voter ID number 101363117).
SMALL, HARRIS A. (Voter ID number 101265380).
SMALL, KATHERINE Jean (Voter ID number 102163621).
SMALL, MARY A. (Voter ID number 101620137).

129 NE 29TH ST
SESTI, FRANK (Voter ID number 101687753).
SESTI, SUSAN C. (Voter ID number 101491109).

BURNS, THERESA L. (Voter ID number 101702409).
KOSIK-WENGEL, YLSE Katharina (Voter ID number 102290192).
MALER, EDWARD D. (Voter ID number 101697633).

1290 NE 45TH ST
CAVRUDATZ, STEPHANIE Michelle (Voter ID number 107939225).
PULLEN, HARRY Donald (Voter ID number 102191772).

1291 NE 45TH ST
FERREIRA, PAUL Henry (Voter ID number 114344389).
AROCHO, MANUEL R. (Voter ID number 110650034).
ROTH, RICHARD Joseph (Voter ID number 101891323).

1297 NE 34TH ST
DI SANTO, DOMINIC J. (Voter ID number 101614590).

1298 NE 33RD ST
HARRIS, JUAN Enrique (Voter ID number 102211051).
HARRIS, MARIA S. (Voter ID number 102035336).
VELASQUEZ, SERGIO Estuardo (Voter ID number 102319318).

1298 NE 33RD ST

WAI, YUK Chun L (Voter ID number 109527334).

1298 NE 36TH ST
ASPEN, JENNIFER Leigh (Voter ID number 116932277).
REITANO, GEORGIA Collier (Voter ID number 102198358).
REITANO, ROBERT Raymond (Voter ID number 101908529).

1298 NE 39TH ST
MORRIS, CAROLYN Kathryn (Voter ID number 114923609).
STEINBERG, LYNN (Voter ID number 120177567).
GARCIA, RICALDO A. (Voter ID number 102468973).

BROOMFIELD, NICHOLE M. (Voter ID number 116980077).
THOMAS, TAMIKA Tamara (Voter ID number 114294865).
ALEXANDER, RAYWATIE (Voter ID number 102237732).
BERNARD, PHOOAA (Voter ID number 102151272).
BOWEN, ROBERTA (Voter ID number 101694919).
BROWN, TANGELA L. (Voter ID number 102399926).
GASTON, NIESHIA N. (Voter ID number 102420067).
JONES, CARMAN (Voter ID number 102232433).
MACHADO, DENISE (Voter ID number 102228550).
MARTINEZ-HEATON, JUANA Diamantina (Voter ID number 102258854).
POWELL, MICHELLE Anissa (Voter ID number 102231861).
WARREN, HEATHER L. (Voter ID number 102263425).

APT 207 W

TUDOR-HANEEF, ATHENA Ann (Voter ID number 115908217).

1299 NE 34TH CT
SCOTT, LANCE L. (Voter ID number 114037997).
PROCTOR, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 114648823).

1299 NE 35TH ST
POTILLO, LILIAN L. (Voter ID number 102281306).

13 NE 26TH CT
LEBISCHAK, HELENE Carol (Voter ID number 119379925).
LEBISCHAK, HELENE P. (Voter ID number 101737590).

13 NE 27TH DR
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA J. (Voter ID number 101889987).

130 NE 39TH ST
ST LOUIS, ADECIA Cassy (Voter ID number 120177048).
ST LOUIS, EARLINE (Voter ID number 118859013).
ST. LOUIS, GELUSE (Voter ID number 120287872).

130 NE 41ST ST

CHARLOT, LOUISE Eva (Voter ID number 109838690).
LOUIS, JOHN (Voter ID number 114784721).

130 NE 41ST ST
APT 11

HUDSON, ROBERT Lee (Voter ID number 117162829).
YOUNG, LA CHANDRA D. (Voter ID number 102385027).

130 NE 41ST ST
APT 19

STANLEY, JARVIS N. (Voter ID number 102406327).

130 NE 41ST ST

PLATA, HENRY (Voter ID number 118030763).

130 NE 41ST ST
APT 21

COLEMAN, MONIQUE L. (Voter ID number 109955483).

130 NE 41ST ST
APT 15

PARKS, GERALDINE L. (Voter ID number 101325132).

130 NE 41ST ST
APT 21

DOR, AUGUSTIN (Voter ID number 120939843).

130 NE 41ST ST

CASTILLO, DAVID (Voter ID number 116615377).

130 NE 41ST ST
HARRIS, ROSA V. (Voter ID number 101543770).
HENRY, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 102498667).
WILSON, SYLVESTER Lee (Voter ID number 101425472).

130 NE 41ST ST

REISS, MICHAEL Evan (Voter ID number 101332395).

130 NE 41ST ST

BESS, BILLY (Voter ID number 116568774).
FRANCOIS, NOELZINE (Voter ID number 116740722).

130 NE 46TH ST
DAMOTA, DUSTIN Trinity (Voter ID number 115198303).
HALLAL, DEREK S. (Voter ID number 115198315).

130 NE 51ST CT
SANTAMARINA, TIFFANY Amber (Voter ID number 119734147).
SANTA MARINA, JORDON W. (Voter ID number 116160326).
SANTAMARINA, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 101461301).
SANTAMARINA, PETER John (Voter ID number 102010477).

130 NE 56TH ST
DAVIS, THERESSA G. (Voter ID number 120197673).

130 NE 56TH CT
PANTOJA, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 117436048).

130 NE 56TH ST
DAVIS, EAIKLAN (Voter ID number 101938455).
DAVIS, GWENDOLYN A. (Voter ID number 101890388).

130 NE 57TH CT
BREBAN, MELVIN (Voter ID number 114197961).

130 NE 57TH ST
PATEL, BALDEVBHAI S. (Voter ID number 102059741).
PATEL, LAXMIBEN Nanubhai (Voter ID number 116215459).

1300 NE 41ST ST
CHIMENTO, EDWARD N. (Voter ID number 117191430).

1300 NE 42ND ST
WILLIAMS, EMILY Dullard (Voter ID number 101493783).

1300 NE 42ND CT
WUERZ, ANDREA Lynn (Voter ID number 101653348).
WUERZ, EDWIN W. (Voter ID number 101792115).
WUERZ, TIMOTHY Peter (Voter ID number 101792116).

1300 NE 42ND ST
WILLIAMS, KAREN E. (Voter ID number 116126165).
WILLIAMS, MEREDITH Brown (Voter ID number 116809922).
WILLIAMS, NORMAN B. (Voter ID number 101333024).
WILLIAMS, PATRICIA B. (Voter ID number 102068783).

1300 NE 46TH ST
COOK, JENNY T. (Voter ID number 102449549).
KRAFT, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 114018704).

1300 NE 47TH CT
NOBOA, LORENA Maria (Voter ID number 102198561).
NOBOA, ANA M. (Voter ID number 101679675).
VASQUEZ, CARMEN R. (Voter ID number 117132700).

1300 NE 48TH CT
ROSZKOWSKI, MARK Anthony (Voter ID number 121106765).
ROSZKOWSKI, REGINA (Voter ID number 121106700).
ROSZKOWSKI, KEVIN Anthony (Voter ID number 102458221).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 210

GOMEZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 116622268).
MENDEZ, KATIUSKA Alba (Voter ID number 102487379).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 317

DIAZ, FLOR De Maria (Voter ID number 115493157).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 318

SEGAL, LUCY (Voter ID number 102424186).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 418

PERSAUD, RICHARD Chandanda (Voter ID number 119822669).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 417

FERNANDEZ, RODRIGO (Voter ID number 118592088).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 111

JACKSON, JALEN Antonio (Voter ID number 121042195).
MCMILLON, MYRA Patrice (Voter ID number 101630602).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 210

GOMEZ, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 120416840).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 217

RUBIO, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 109177346).
RUSSI, AURELIA (Voter ID number 109411339).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 317

DIAZ, MAX L. (Voter ID number 102455735).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 403

SANTANA, YSABEL (Voter ID number 120235941).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 416

BURROWS, JACQUELYN T. (Voter ID number 102417213).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 418

HERNANDEZ, ROBERT Evan (Voter ID number 116616554).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 218

KOEHN, DENNIS James (Voter ID number 102341391).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 415

LEIVA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 116029812).

1300 NE 50TH CT
CHISOLM, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 101696010).
GORDON, RONALD M. (Voter ID number 101874394).
ROSA, EMILIO B. (Voter ID number 101956356).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 104

GOHEEN, ERIC A. (Voter ID number 101959083).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 111

WINSTON, ETHYL (Voter ID number 101769971).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 113

REYES, ANGEL (Voter ID number 102441680).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 114

AUTWELL, KAY (Voter ID number 101320975).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 211

CEBALLOS, SHAKIRA C. (Voter ID number 109768218).
DANU, IONEL Dorel (Voter ID number 114780841).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 213

PERSAUD, ANTHONY Dhaneshwar (Voter ID number 115872342).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 311

SOSA, PATRICIA E. (Voter ID number 114769287).

1300 NE 50TH CT
APT 414

MANGROO, OUDIT (Voter ID number 117489564).
MANGROO, RITA (Voter ID number 117490077).

O'BRIEN, ANGELA K. (Voter ID number 101649246).
TINNERMAN, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101619280).

1301 NE 36TH ST
WALKER, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 101413718).

1301 NE 39TH ST
CARITHERS, BRIAN Eugene (Voter ID number 120927759).
LETTIERI, ADAM J. (Voter ID number 102098784).
LOTTIERI, ADAM J. (Voter ID number 101873787).
SIBILIA, LAURA (Voter ID number 116920324).
WILSON, DREW (Voter ID number 102322291).

1301 NE 41ST ST
HOLLEY, JOHN Byron (Voter ID number 110573909).
JACOBS HOLLEY, MELANIE C. (Voter ID number 107925974).

1301 NE 45TH ST
SHERMAN, KYLE Edward (Voter ID number 114228031).

1301 NE 47TH CT
BABA, ELENA P. (Voter ID number 102168657).
BABA, JONATHAN Y. (Voter ID number 101413398).
DES JARDINS, PATRICIA Celene (Voter ID number 101443587).
HARRIS, WALTER E. (Voter ID number 101522206).

1301 NE 47TH ST
SANCHEZ, RUBEN A. (Voter ID number 102256437).

1302 NE 33RD ST
POUNDS, RAY H. (Voter ID number 102473325).

SIU, CHANPOCHE (Voter ID number 101394620).
SIU, FRANCIS S. (Voter ID number 101394617).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 17

PETERSON, DANIEL Loren (Voter ID number 102419194).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 27

JACKSON, JOANN Nicole (Voter ID number 114001361).

131 NE 38TH ST

MACK, GERALD Edward (Voter ID number 101565065).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 35

ECHEVARRIA, ROSEANNA Maria (Voter ID number 119821789).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 36

HORTA, ORLANDO Eusebio (Voter ID number 102134896).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 42

BELLAMY, DOMINIQUE K. (Voter ID number 116383640).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 43

HOFMANN, GARY S. (Voter ID number 102399700).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 38

KOMIS, KARIN Lynne (Voter ID number 110107510).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 54

RODRIGUEZ, ANDRES (Voter ID number 115957036).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 25 B

FONTAINE, VINCIA (Voter ID number 101963799).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 39

GRZANKOWSKI, STEPHEN Michael (Voter ID number 116420869).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 10

BURGESS, JUANITA (Voter ID number 119737211).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 18

MERRIMAN, DEMETRIUS Giovanni (Voter ID number 120419012).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 24

JOHNSON, SHANEKQUA Latoya (Voter ID number 119260295).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 25

KUYKENDALL, RUTHIE (Voter ID number 102176806).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 27

ALLEN, ROGER (Voter ID number 120406317).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 28

GARCIA MOLINARES, CRISTIAN Joel (Voter ID number 119820773).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 30

SIERRA VARGAS, ANCISAR Diuban (Voter ID number 120273041).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 32

ROBERTS, DALE Patrick (Voter ID number 120996790).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 35

WATKINS, SHARON D. (Voter ID number 118688482).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 37

LEONE, OZGUL (Voter ID number 120548608).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 38

RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 119915295).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 33

WITMER, ROBERT Eugene (Voter ID number 107433520).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 203

RAMOS, JESSICA E. (Voter ID number 115955385).

131 NE 38TH ST

MARTINEZ, BRENDA Lee (Voter ID number 116331844).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 33

SEARS, CAROLYN M. (Voter ID number 101540065).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 44

WILLIAMS, ALLEAN T. (Voter ID number 116390560).

131 NE 38TH ST
ANNONI, GINO (Voter ID number 101779496).
BASTIANI, MARYANN E. (Voter ID number 102439587).
CHANDER, ROMESH (Voter ID number 102090293).
DENNIS, BRENDAN P. (Voter ID number 102435506).
LYONS, MARK J. (Voter ID number 101879134).
STINNETT, NIKKI S. (Voter ID number 101779670).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 13

ROCK, BRENDA M. (Voter ID number 116208459).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 20

WILLIAMS, KENNISA K. (Voter ID number 117844908).

131 NE 38TH ST
APT 39

DIEUJUSTE, KETEMY (Voter ID number 116295971).

131 NE 38TH ST

ERNST, JON F. (Voter ID number 102011114).

131 NE 38TH ST

DICE, WALTER W. (Voter ID number 101626228).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 102

MOORE, TRACEY B. (Voter ID number 116217889).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 103

PARKER, VERRITA A. (Voter ID number 102290653).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 207

FERNANDEZ, STEPHANIE M. (Voter ID number 112005726).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 101

MASH, WILLIE James (Voter ID number 101387494).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 207

HAMILTON, ANTHONY L. (Voter ID number 102333031).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 109

MARTIN, SANDRA (Voter ID number 101831856).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 202

GREEN, SHAQUANTA Floressa (Voter ID number 102395419).
LEAK, EVONNE Lofton (Voter ID number 117287086).
LEAK, JESSICA (Voter ID number 116457523).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 206

AUDET, WILLIAM Luke (Voter ID number 101846513).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 102

MEYERS, DERRICK (Voter ID number 119565085).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 109

MARTIN, WAYNE D. (Voter ID number 119260290).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 110

ASHLEY, NICOLE Lorraine (Voter ID number 102000817).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 205

KING, KRYSTLE Chanice (Voter ID number 120795584).
SIMPKINS, DETRICE Denise (Voter ID number 101896401).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 207

TOCCO, ADAM Joseph (Voter ID number 119378561).

131 NE 40TH CT
GRAHAM, CHRISTOPHER Bruce (Voter ID number 102295622).
GRAHAM, BRUCE Clair (Voter ID number 102342259).
GRAHAM, MARYROSE D. (Voter ID number 102236898).
JACKSON, TEDRICK D. (Voter ID number 102002926).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 102

MEYERS, DERRICK Anthony (Voter ID number 101860630).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 203

HEBB, CALVIN Wayne (Voter ID number 117838173).

131 NE 40TH CT
APT 205

BECKFORD, KENNETH Anthony (Voter ID number 102437541).

131 NE 51ST ST
CLELAND, GAYLE (Voter ID number 101584568).

131 NE 55TH ST
SMITH, FRED W. (Voter ID number 101472641).
WYNEGAR, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 102110637).

131 NE 56TH ST
JEAN NOEL, NIKELSON (Voter ID number 121194556).
JEAN-NOEL, GUSTIN (Voter ID number 120702727).

131 NE 56TH CT
MASI, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 101781206).
PISANI, LORI L. (Voter ID number 101336144).

131 NE 56TH ST
MILANO, ENRICO (Voter ID number 101963473).
MILANO, RINA (Voter ID number 102026478).

131 NE 57TH ST
MONDESIN, EDWARD (Voter ID number 101892246).

131 NE 57TH CT
STETTNER, DARLA S. (Voter ID number 101419394).

131 NE 57TH ST
NEMORIN, ELISE (Voter ID number 101863345).
NEMORIN, JACKY Anngie (Voter ID number 102382215).
NEMORIN, NADIE (Voter ID number 102422353).
NEMORIN, WENDY (Voter ID number 102215139).

1310 NE 30TH ST
SALOM, VICTOR Aaron (Voter ID number 119702104).

1310 NE 30TH ST

PADILLA, ORLANDO Fermin (Voter ID number 108951768).

1310 NE 30TH ST

SMITH, MICHAEL Allen (Voter ID number 115992121).

1310 NE 30TH ST
CUELLAR, NOE (Voter ID number 101982254).

1310 NE 30TH ST

GREENWALD, ARTHUR (Voter ID number 116238944).

1310 NE 40TH CT
PUFNOCK, LUCAS M. (Voter ID number 118654208).
PEREA, FANNY (Voter ID number 102232899).

1310 NE 41ST ST
ROPER, KIARRA Kaleen (Voter ID number 114000058).
ROPER, KEEGAN J. (Voter ID number 101655409).

1310 NE 42ND CT
MARTINEZ, EDWARD R. (Voter ID number 117032503).
MARTINEZ, SHEILA Kearney (Voter ID number 109251450).

1310 NE 42ND ST
TAYLOR, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 117036046).

1310 NE 42ND CT
MC KIBBIN, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101661229).

1310 NE 42ND ST
BROOKINS, MELVIN (Voter ID number 102310941).
VASQUEZ-BROOKINS, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 102310942).

1310 NE 46TH ST
CARRUTH, STEVEN Gregory (Voter ID number 102325136).
MADRID, BRIANA Lee (Voter ID number 102366818).

1310 NE 47TH CT
GROSS, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 119564643).
GROSS, MARTIN (Voter ID number 101464998).
GROSS, TAMARA S. (Voter ID number 101440590).

1310 NE 47TH ST
GEISKOPF, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 101486299).
GEISKOPF, MARY J. (Voter ID number 101286804).
GEISKOPF, PATRICIA L. (Voter ID number 101539511).

1311 NE 41ST ST
BASCOME, CHERYL C. (Voter ID number 101279735).

1311 NE 42ND ST
STEVENS, CARYL R. (Voter ID number 101213260).
STEVENS, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 101213259).

1311 NE 45TH ST
IZAGUIRRE, JULIO N. (Voter ID number 101982044).
MORRISON, DENNIS G. (Voter ID number 101717309).

1311 NE 46TH ST
BASSANO, DOROTHY M. (Voter ID number 101322807).
BASSANO, JEREMY M. (Voter ID number 101539519).

1311 NE 47TH ST
CHUBB, CHARLES St J (Voter ID number 101327303).
CHUBBS, CATHERINE Jessica (Voter ID number 102460482).

132 NE 29TH ST
MERGENS, KODEL M. (Voter ID number 102491202).
MERGENS, PATRICK J. (Voter ID number 102491201).

132 NE 30TH ST
CONAWAY, NORMAN P. (Voter ID number 101941369).
SCAGGS, JERRY E. (Voter ID number 101923385).

BISHOP, CHRISTOPHER F. (Voter ID number 102379430).
BISHOP, DEBORAH Jo (Voter ID number 102059231).
NIETO DE REYES, LUISA (Voter ID number 118800734).
REYES, MARTHA (Voter ID number 102379431).

1320 NE 41ST ST
MARTINEZ, NORMA Eris (Voter ID number 119425736).
QUINTANA, ISABEL (Voter ID number 102030640).
QUINTANA, OTILIA (Voter ID number 102030650).

1320 NE 42ND ST
MEDEROS, JORGE J. (Voter ID number 102394496).

1320 NE 42ND CT
TRAVIS, RICHARD Lynn (Voter ID number 101303264).

1320 NE 47TH ST
SIMMONDS, JEFFREY G. (Voter ID number 102124988).

1320 NE 47TH CT
THIENES, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 101982092).

1320 NE 47TH ST
CORDEIRO, KEITH A. (Voter ID number 102125208).

MONTES, YAMIL (Voter ID number 119686835).

1321 NE 34TH ST
FRANKLIN, WILLIAM B. (Voter ID number 116068718).

1321 NE 41ST ST
FALK, LLOYD (Voter ID number 101558296).

1321 NE 42ND ST
URBANEK, BRIAN W. (Voter ID number 102215153).
URBANEK, STEPHEN J. (Voter ID number 101277193).
URBANEK, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number 101285143).

1321 NE 45TH ST
MATHIS, MADELINE F. (Voter ID number 101217461).
MATHIS, MARVIN H. (Voter ID number 101218101).

1321 NE 47TH ST
LANG, JUSTUS E. (Voter ID number 101298959).

1322 NE 40TH ST
DESTENAY, GINA Marie (Voter ID number 111919967).

133 NE 30TH CT

STRATTON, DWAYNE (Voter ID number 110040473).

133 NE 30TH CT
WILBUR, DARREN Alan (Voter ID number 102370693).

1330 NE 41ST ST
HUNT, LAURA D. (Voter ID number 101679224).

1330 NE 45TH ST
BREWER, JOEL Keith (Voter ID number 101848481).
THOMAS, SHAUN Paul (Voter ID number 101962517).

1330 NE 46TH ST
BAGLEY, ROBERT D. (Voter ID number 111266976).
MILLER, NATHAN (Voter ID number 101973951).
CHAPPLE, MARY A. (Voter ID number 102002460).
CHAPPLE, MIKE William (Voter ID number 102002462).
GOODWIN, KATIANA (Voter ID number 116590660).

1330 NE 47TH ST
LYNN, STEVEN D. (Voter ID number 102381965).

1330 NE 47TH CT
BERNBAUM, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 101808023).
KILLFOILE, JOSEPH Thomas (Voter ID number 102025938).
MC DONALD, JEFFREY Lawrence (Voter ID number 102025859).

1330 NE 48TH CT
JOB, RAJAN (Voter ID number 101626218).

1330 NE 49TH ST
CLAIR, STEPHEN Matthew (Voter ID number 101775390).
GOODSON, LUCY A. (Voter ID number 102215750).

1331 NE 45TH ST
DUNCAN, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 102365409).

1331 NE 46TH ST
ALVES, JOSEPHINE Mendez (Voter ID number 101802355).

1331 NE 47TH ST
DEVINE, TODD Edwin (Voter ID number 119418467).
LUZ, FRANK August (Voter ID number 119022982).

1331 NE 48TH CT
VAHLE, GREGORY Joseph (Voter ID number 117558803).
VAHLE, MADELYN Terese (Voter ID number 117617576).

1332 NE 40TH ST
ROMASH, JERI Lynne (Voter ID number 101436083).
SKOLNICK, GARY (Voter ID number 101579817).

1332 NE 45TH ST
COMBS, CAROL T. (Voter ID number 102178488).

1335 NE 45TH ST
HARDEE, JARID L. (Voter ID number 120382600).
HARDEE, RENEE (Voter ID number 120510303).
GUTIERREZ, TONI Kisandra (Voter ID number 119690929).

1337 NE 35TH ST
GLENN-BRENSKE, LAUREN Michelle (Voter ID number 117903593).
FRANKEL, ADAM David (Voter ID number 102373612).

1337 NE 40TH CT
NUSS, JOHN Robert (Voter ID number 102499151).

1340 NE 41ST ST
GOMEZ, CATERINA Maria (Voter ID number 109902270).
GONZALES, ANA Karina (Voter ID number 114467712).
GOMEZ, NICOLAS (Voter ID number 114103437).

1340 NE 46TH ST
MICHEL, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 101338115).
SCHILDGEN, SCOTT W. (Voter ID number 101433905).

1340 NE 47TH CT
FRANTZ, KIMBERLY Marie (Voter ID number 101736162).
HAMPTON, JENNIFER S. (Voter ID number 120548766).
CARTER, ROBERT D. (Voter ID number 102096420).
HAMPTON-CARTER, SUSAN Elaine (Voter ID number 101315069).

1340 NE 47TH ST
BUTLER, BRADLEY R. (Voter ID number 101300311).
BUTLER, LYNNDA Renee (Voter ID number 101498180).

1340 NE 48TH CT
SANDERS, CHERIE Anne (Voter ID number 102005418).
SANDERS, STEVEN Ray (Voter ID number 114653320).

1340 NE 49TH ST
GIANVITO, DIANA L. (Voter ID number 102167095).
GIANVITO, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 101270198).
HAAG, ALLENA Joyce (Voter ID number 119074022).

1341 NE 40TH PL
CONTRADA, KAELA Joyce (Voter ID number 114139597).
KANE, JAY Patrick (Voter ID number 118349595).

1341 NE 40TH ST
RAY, KEITH Dennis (Voter ID number 118428291).

1341 NE 45TH ST
YOUNG, SHARON A. (Voter ID number 111938484).
LEOPOLD, KALINA (Voter ID number 102174345).
KATIN, AYUB D. (Voter ID number 102443194).

1341 NE 46TH ST
AMBROSIO, CHRIS (Voter ID number 116189054).
PATCHETT, CAROLYN Mary (Voter ID number 101859747).

1341 NE 47TH CT
WEISZ, NICHOLAS Scott (Voter ID number 120520854).
WEISZ, BRIAN L. (Voter ID number 101319638).
WEISZ, DEBRA J. (Voter ID number 101411814).

1341 NE 47TH ST
GUINAND, BRIAN Stanley (Voter ID number 102207501).
HARDIK, STEPHON L. (Voter ID number 101832139).
TILTON-MCNAMARA, CHARITY Lynn (Voter ID number 102132250).

1345 NE 45TH ST
CASTILLO, CARLOS Cac (Voter ID number 119621898).
COLON, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number 102432346).

1349 NE 49TH ST
FITZPATRICK, THOMAS William (Voter ID number 101799170).

135 NE 30TH CT
LOPEZ, KELLEY Ann (Voter ID number 119380036).

1350 NE 30TH ST
STACKHOUSE, ROBERT B. (Voter ID number 104519298).
STACKHOUSE, RACHEL G. (Voter ID number 101821466).

1350 NE 36TH ST
APT 201

FLORES, CHRISTOPHER Andrew (Voter ID number 120795085).

1350 NE 40TH DR
AMADOR, HENRY J. (Voter ID number 101940465).
BATTEN, WILLIAM Joel (Voter ID number 114315184).
SABLAN, ANICIA (Voter ID number 117732029).

1350 NE 46TH ST
JOHNSON, ERIK R. (Voter ID number 120457989).

1350 NE 47TH CT
PLUMLEE, GABRIEL Sanford (Voter ID number 118471493).
THALAS, JASON M. (Voter ID number 101948566).

1350 NE 47TH ST
DAY, ROBERT Lee (Voter ID number 114442298).
MELLOW, KEVIN Thomas (Voter ID number 114488140).

1350 NE 48TH CT
WATKINS, JIM R. (Voter ID number 102285173).

1350 NE 50TH CT
FURMENT, MARCOS R. (Voter ID number 102088744).
PRESTON, SANDRA Fox (Voter ID number 101814245).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 102

SHARMA, SHISHIR (Voter ID number 119087178).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 203

LLENAS, HECTOR Ambiorix (Voter ID number 102313240).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 204

PERSAUD, WINSTON D. (Voter ID number 114711970).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 206

MEDE, DENISE (Voter ID number 102472280).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 301

KIRK, EDWARD James (Voter ID number 101771847).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 302

KELLY, KENARD L. (Voter ID number 116874236).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 411

SHARMA, YOGESH (Voter ID number 102450128).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 304

CURRY, MARK P. (Voter ID number 120239213).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 408

BAZAN, MATTHEW Alan (Voter ID number 121024098).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 309

HENRY, KIRSTIE Mya (Voter ID number 117606016).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 107

COX, RICKY Dale (Voter ID number 101768287).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 206

ROWE, SCOTT Philip (Voter ID number 118804341).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 401

PENNANT, JENNIFER Yovanie (Voter ID number 116349190).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 408

BAZAN, PATSY Allison (Voter ID number 118859408).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 207

PARMAR, CHANDRAKANT M. (Voter ID number 102019292).
PARMAR, SNEHLATA C. (Voter ID number 102019294).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 208

BALFOUR, BYRON Maurice (Voter ID number 101978223).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 302

HOPKINS-KELLY, LATARSHA Rena (Voter ID number 109293479).

1350 NE 50TH CT
OUTTEN, CAROLYN (Voter ID number 101246681).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 206

ALVARADO, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 101808102).
ALVARADO, TAINA (Voter ID number 117139935).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 208

BALFOUR, TYLLA S. (Voter ID number 101691498).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 302

BROWN, LONDELL Kevin (Voter ID number 116216487).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 304

CURRY, SHAKITA Nicole (Voter ID number 101692956).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 308

TURNER, KATHERINE Irene (Voter ID number 118951653).

1350 NE 50TH CT
APT 306

VOTTA, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 114730689).

1351 NE 45TH ST
SHARROW, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 102200790).

1351 NE 46TH ST
MILLER, TIMOTHY Mark (Voter ID number 102513443).

1351 NE 47TH CT
STARNINO, ANNA (Voter ID number 113929261).

1351 NE 47TH ST
RUOLO, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 101587835).
RUOLO, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 101424433).

1351 NE 48TH CT
ARCIOLA, DEBORAH L. (Voter ID number 101498374).
ARCIOLA, NICHOLAS Anthony (Voter ID number 102210112).

1352 NE 40TH ST
ARTIEDA, FLORA M. (Voter ID number 119058550).
ARTIEDA, LUIS J. (Voter ID number 114563354).

1355 NE 45TH ST
PEREZ, RUBEN (Voter ID number 101978531).

1360 NE 40TH DR
BERMAN, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101684794).

1360 NE 40TH CT
TORO, WALTER Borrero (Voter ID number 102460666).

1360 NE 40TH DR
BERMAN, GABRIELLE Renee (Voter ID number 102218893).
COHEN, ELLEN N. (Voter ID number 101628347).

1360 NE 40TH CT
FORD, MELISSA Nichole (Voter ID number 108686525).
CARTAGENA, MONICA (Voter ID number 102298421).

1360 NE 47TH CT
ALBERTSON, KARI K. (Voter ID number 102081824).
ALBERTSON, SUSAN Denise (Voter ID number 102180590).

1360 NE 47TH ST
PFEIFER, KRISTEN Lynette (Voter ID number 101723532).
PFEIFER, LANCE Thomas (Voter ID number 101722049).

1360 NE 48TH CT
HILL, JUDITH T. (Voter ID number 101236985).
HILL, THOMAS S. (Voter ID number 101234588).
TRAVIS, JOAN Kern (Voter ID number 101218650).
TRAVIS, ROGER Croft (Voter ID number 101216066).

1360 NE 49TH ST
ELLISON, CATHY Crider (Voter ID number 101897149).
ELLISON, FRANK Page (Voter ID number 117012018).

1361 NE 40TH PL
CARTWRIGHT, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 114563319).
SAAVEDRA, LIZSETTE (Voter ID number 117298144).

1361 NE 46TH ST
HART, TAYLOR Marie (Voter ID number 115031093).

1361 NE 47TH ST
KRIDLOW, GIANNA M. (Voter ID number 120046967).
KRIDLOW, MICHAEL F. (Voter ID number 101653449).
KRIDLOW, NICOLINA A. (Voter ID number 101653450).

1361 NE 48TH CT
THOMSON, FRANK (Voter ID number 117695100).
ECHARTE, ANDRES J. (Voter ID number 102066895).
ECHARTE, STEPHANIE Marie (Voter ID number 117878773).
CARLSON, EDWARD A. (Voter ID number 102333214).
GENIS, JEANNE (Voter ID number 102326130).

1365 NE 36TH ST
LEAMAN, KIMBERLY Y. (Voter ID number 102114962).
THIEL, GREGORY M. (Voter ID number 101986954).

1365 NE 39TH ST
COURTNEY, LAWRENCE L. (Voter ID number 115878897).
STADTFELD, THELMA E. (Voter ID number 101229241).

1366 NE 37TH ST
HE, DA-YANG (Voter ID number 102387899).
HE, MIN Jian Shi (Voter ID number 102387896).
SEE, CHUI LIN F. (Voter ID number 101331559).
SEE, JONEKIN (Voter ID number 101629445).
SEE, SHERMAN H. (Voter ID number 101268329).

1366 NE 39TH ST
RECALT, ARNALDO (Voter ID number 101274090).
RECALT, GEORGINA (Voter ID number 101274085).

137 NE 56TH CT
GUTIERREZ, MARTHA M. (Voter ID number 101254618).
GUTIERREZ, MARC Antonio (Voter ID number 102473908).
GUTIERREZ, MARNI Lynn (Voter ID number 101919591).
POULTON, DIGNA Rodriguez (Voter ID number 101784049).
RODRIGUEZ, DIGNA I. (Voter ID number 101836118).
WEEKS, MALUDI Rodriguez (Voter ID number 101472716).

STEMPEL, BARBARA L. (Voter ID number 101806310).


POBINER, ALEXANDER S. (Voter ID number 120911453).

ROSSI, VICTOR R. (Voter ID number 102479410).

1370 NE 40TH DR
PEREIRA, RICARDO M. (Voter ID number 102289433).

1371 NE 40TH PL
CARVALHO, ALAN S. (Voter ID number 119813719).
STEIN, ADRIANA S. (Voter ID number 118410667).
STEIN, MARK Alan (Voter ID number 115461033).

138 NE 29TH ST
ROBICHAUD, STACEY Renee (Voter ID number 102982939).

1380 NE 40TH DR
BENNANI, SAID (Voter ID number 117491328).
BENNANI, ZINEB (Voter ID number 117491277).
DUNN, BRENNAN J. (Voter ID number 102300958).
DUNN, DEBORAH M. (Voter ID number 115691307).
JEFFERSON, TOM (Voter ID number 114769945).

1381 NE 40TH PL
MURILLO, JOSEPH Baltazar (Voter ID number 114433555).
BERMAN, RICHARD (Voter ID number 101941971).

1383 NE 34TH CT
VANDE GRIFT, GENEVIEVE M. (Voter ID number 101374992).

1383 NE 35TH ST
WHITE, KEVIN S. (Voter ID number 106667214).
PUHL, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 115854337).
WIGGIN, TRAVIS J. (Voter ID number 101606467).

1383 NE 36TH ST
EASTWOOD, ISABELL M. (Voter ID number 101706270).
EASTWOOD, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 101240791).

1383 NE 38TH ST
BLATZ, JULIE M. (Voter ID number 102279850).
HOWARD, LOUIS G. (Voter ID number 116548109).

1384 NE 36TH ST
PALACIOS, JOHN Mark (Voter ID number 105888654).
PALACIOS, PAULA Lynn (Voter ID number 115500469).

1384 NE 39TH ST
HINES, KIM A. (Voter ID number 102458100).
PRATHER, CHERYL M. (Voter ID number 117684358).


HOLTMAN, ROBERT (Voter ID number 116420223).

1385 NE 32ND ST

AUBRY, YVES Normand (Voter ID number 101582400).

1385 NE 32ND ST

ALMIRALL, DAVID (Voter ID number 110118219).

1385 NE 32ND ST
DEMETRIUS, SHAWN Antonio (Voter ID number 102326368).

1385 NE 33RD ST
ESSER, CARLOS (Voter ID number 101786156).
HOLTMAN, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 101385682).
KIPFMUELLER, DEVEREAUX M. (Voter ID number 102371916).
MILLER, KARL S. (Voter ID number 101541996).

1385 NE 40TH CT
SWEETON, ASHLEY Jo (Voter ID number 120939429).

1386 NE 32ND ST

BENNETT, GEOFFREY Todd (Voter ID number 102038266).
GARNER, RICHARD W. (Voter ID number 103495939).

1386 NE 32ND ST
LOUKOTA, ROBERT John (Voter ID number 115474972).

1386 NE 32ND ST

MORAN, RONALD (Voter ID number 101259301).

1386 NE 33RD ST
JENNINGS, DOROTHY G. (Voter ID number 101273215).

1386 NE 34TH ST
WERNER, DOUGLAS J. (Voter ID number 102354551).
PRYOR, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 101955035).

1390 NE 30TH ST
BURNETT, BENJAMIN Scott (Voter ID number 116122167).
BURNETT, BRYAN Scott (Voter ID number 118082023).
BURNETT, CHELSEA E. (Voter ID number 118082058).
BURNETT, HEIDI M. (Voter ID number 101437729).
BURNETT, SCOTT F. (Voter ID number 101314334).

1390 NE 33RD ST
AMMONS, JOSEPH Dewayne (Voter ID number 109939903).

PRERADOVIC, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 102224116).

1398 NE 32ND ST

WEBER, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 110901166).
ZARRELLA, STEVEN Daniel (Voter ID number 101777929).

1398 NE 33RD ST
FIDALGO, AMPARO M. (Voter ID number 102243160).

1398 NE 34TH ST
BAXLA, BENSON Edgar (Voter ID number 115585128).
BAXLA, NATALIE Heidi (Voter ID number 120592828).
OROZCO-IDARRAGA, JESUS Maria (Voter ID number 118249169).

1398 NE 37TH ST
STANGNAESS, KRISTIAN Alexander (Voter ID number 121209450).
SCHANTZ, KIMBERLY M. (Voter ID number 101990370).

IMMLER, JENNIFER M. (Voter ID number 114513050).

1399 NE 33RD ST
CAMERON, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 102516024).
EATON, CONARD Leigh (Voter ID number 102498559).

1399 NE 34TH ST
GUNTER, LINDA Gayle (Voter ID number 101908335).

1399 NE 37TH ST
RIEDEL, DYLAN Douglas (Voter ID number 118150901).
RIEDEL, HAYLEE Kate (Voter ID number 117066787).
RIEDEL, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 101394455).
RIEDEL, MELINDA B. (Voter ID number 101466643).
GONDE, DOUGLAS (Voter ID number 115147828).
GONDE, WADZANAI (Voter ID number 115935712).

1399 NE 38TH ST
O CONNELL, CARL Timothy Shea (Voter ID number 114067487).
SHEA, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 101503176).

14 NE 26TH CT
ARMSTRONG, ERIN Muccio (Voter ID number 101963583).
DANNENBRINK, JEROME A. (Voter ID number 101620138).
HIXON, TODD Lawrence (Voter ID number 114268387).

14 NE 27TH DR
BENNETT, CORT Collin (Voter ID number 101804209).
BENNETT, BEVERLY C. (Voter ID number 101747189).
BENNETT, JASON B. (Voter ID number 101752499).
BENNETT, MICHELLE Y. (Voter ID number 102007081).

14 NE 29TH ST
MAMBER, TOBIN S. (Voter ID number 102182880).

140 NE 30TH CT
LOSCH, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 101689302).
CHARBONNEAU, GALE (Voter ID number 101585051).

140 NE 39TH ST
COLAS, FABIOLA (Voter ID number 115074410).
COLAS, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 102451620).
DUVERNA, NATHALIE M. (Voter ID number 102050999).
JEAN, CALEB Rameau (Voter ID number 116347084).
COLAS, FRANCK Erzulia (Voter ID number 101942770).
COLAS, LUCIA (Voter ID number 102224895).
HYPPOLITE, LILIANE (Voter ID number 119255234).

140 NE 51ST CT
RAINS, TRICIA Renee (Voter ID number 118830818).
SMTH, JACOB William (Voter ID number 118831326).

140 NE 53RD CT
MARULANDA, SANDRA (Voter ID number 102443527).

140 NE 55TH ST
JACOBUS, JON D. (Voter ID number 101259416).
SEELEY, VICKY Elaine (Voter ID number 102362466).

140 NE 56TH CT
DONJOIE, JOCELYN (Voter ID number 101431813).
DONJOIE, MURPHY Elien (Voter ID number 101688553).

140 NE 57TH CT
HENDERSON, SHEILA K. (Voter ID number 101569716).

140 NE 58TH ST
D'ORIA, LOIS M. (Voter ID number 101282278).
D'ORIA, MARTIN J. (Voter ID number 101277600).
D'ORIA, RONALD J. (Voter ID number 101504543).
DAMORE, HELEN G. (Voter ID number 101302877).

MORGENSTERN, HELEN F. (Voter ID number 101514122).
MORGENSTERN, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101360383).
MORGENSTERN, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 102351274).

STE 109

MARCHANT, BRENT Ronald (Voter ID number 107954681).

1400 NE 27TH DR
SULLIVAN, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 101697586).
SULLIVAN, SANDRA Doreen (Voter ID number 117339646).

1400 NE 28TH PL
CALVIT, HELEN I. (Voter ID number 101428553).
WARDLAW, RHONDA K. (Voter ID number 101508221).

1400 NE 35TH ST
MARINO, GILBERT Michael (Voter ID number 101914028).
WALK, SARAH Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102004724).

1400 NE 42ND ST
MARTIN, MARK S. (Voter ID number 101546968).
WEINER, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 102091959).

1400 NE 42ND CT
MELICHAR, MICHELLE M. (Voter ID number 101559400).
O'DONNELL, KEVIN P. (Voter ID number 101506306).

1400 NE 42ND ST
DOWSETT, GAIL R. (Voter ID number 101705889).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 105

MACHADO, ARY D. (Voter ID number 102516105).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 109

PASQUALETTI, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 102278190).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 208

BARACCO, MARCELA (Voter ID number 119960435).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 205

JONES, CHICQUITA D. (Voter ID number 101917436).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 102

STAVRI, ROLAND (Voter ID number 119751135).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 105

MALAVE, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 102346291).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 108

GORDON, LUKE (Voter ID number 102011415).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 207

SHENEMAN, BARBARA H. (Voter ID number 117941786).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 109

GOMEZ, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 114207467).

1400 NE 50TH CT
PEMBERTON, LISA M. (Voter ID number 101628069).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 102

STAVRI, FATUSH (Voter ID number 119751129).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 103

PERSAUD, PETER R. (Voter ID number 115776388).

1400 NE 50TH CT
APT 201

MORGAN, MATTHEW Todd (Voter ID number 114048127).

1400 NE 53RD CT
APT 27

FERNANDEZ, ARIEL Alexis (Voter ID number 121117758).

1400 NE 53RD CT
APT 16

HESSLER, BLAINE Curtis (Voter ID number 118614260).
HESSLER, EDNA (Voter ID number 102160677).

1400 NE 53RD CT

ALICEA, CARLOS N. (Voter ID number 117869109).

1400 NE 53RD CT
APT 18

CALDERON, CELIA (Voter ID number 120173778).

1400 NE 53RD CT
APT 21

PEREZ, IRIS L. (Voter ID number 119582531).

1400 NE 53RD CT
APT 23

KAAR, PAYTON Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120800474).

1400 NE 53RD CT
APT 27

JAVORSKY, TRAVIS Wade (Voter ID number 120725389).

1400 NE 53RD CT
APT 28

KONCSOL, MARK R. (Voter ID number 102407772).

1400 NE 53RD CT

BROWN, LATONYA (Voter ID number 102066603).

1400 NE 53RD CT
DONNER, JACKQUELINE (Voter ID number 117024812).
ALICEA, AVELINO (Voter ID number 101904694).
AZIZ, RIAZ (Voter ID number 101798013).
CLAAR-REASER, CARA Regina (Voter ID number 102513269).
HULTGREN, RICHARD Herbert (Voter ID number 102098646).
JOHNSTONE, LANA Jean (Voter ID number 102324050).
LOMBARDI, NICHOLAS Salvatore (Voter ID number 102099900).

1400 NE 53RD CT
APT 10

LOGAN, ANN Guerrero (Voter ID number 118983393).

1400 NE 53RD CT
APT 16

NAY, KELLI Anne (Voter ID number 102518473).

1400 NE 53RD CT

TORRES ALICEA, JOSE Ramon (Voter ID number 118054050).

1400 NE 53RD CT
APT 29

COLLINS, JAEVIOUS Marquise (Voter ID number 119127775).
MILLER, SHAKEDRA Lavant (Voter ID number 101765098).

1400 NE 53RD CT
APT 33

HAMMETT, KRYSTAL (Voter ID number 116198137).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 106

LAPOINTE, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 112039166).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 107

DUNN, TRACY L. (Voter ID number 102466777).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 208

SALOM, TOMAS L. (Voter ID number 101956009).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 302

SMITH, JACQUELINE Barbra Johnson (Voter ID number 101666068).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 104

HOPENGARTEN, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 116748612).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 105

OKEEFE, GARY Michael (Voter ID number 102088511).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 106

HESS, BRYAN Adam (Voter ID number 102361402).

1400 NE 54TH ST
BUSH, BELINDA V. (Voter ID number 119592793).
RENAUD-REID, RODNEY (Voter ID number 111919758).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 102

SULLIVAN, ERIC C. (Voter ID number 111888349).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 205

PHILIBIN, MEGAN Ann (Voter ID number 102251757).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 304

CHESSER, DANIELLE Katrijn (Voter ID number 118897091).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 306

PRENDERGAST, BRIAN B. (Voter ID number 102387620).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 307

STERNER, DOUGLAS J. (Voter ID number 102519686).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 308

MELENDEZ MAIZ, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 102137605).
MELENDEZ, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 119394888).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 302

COLLAZO, LOUIS A. (Voter ID number 102247119).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 306

MELENDEZ, AMARILYS (Voter ID number 102372644).

1400 NE 54TH ST
UNIT 107

DI SCHIAVI, STEVEN Loreto (Voter ID number 102201647).

1400 NE 54TH ST
UNIT 201

GOJCAJ, PASHKO N. (Voter ID number 115258189).

1400 NE 54TH ST
DOMNISSEY, PAIGE E. (Voter ID number 101830385).
ROBERTS, ELEANOR E. (Voter ID number 102405416).
SCOTT, JENNI L. (Voter ID number 102460114).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 102

MOLINARI, CLAIRE Maria (Voter ID number 115662000).
MOLINARI, NICHOLAS D. (Voter ID number 115878344).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 108

VAZQUEZ, NICOLE C. (Voter ID number 116822708).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 304

BESKIN, JAY R. (Voter ID number 109400096).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 305

BLACHOWICZ, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 117098421).

1400 NE 54TH ST
APT 307

POWERS, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number 102212578).

1400 NE 55TH ST
APT 203

BENNETT, DARREN L. (Voter ID number 107297551).

1400 NE 55TH ST
APT 205

BREEN, ISABEL Teresa (Voter ID number 116935356).

1400 NE 55TH ST
APT 102

CAMERON, RICHARD Douglas (Voter ID number 102402097).
HUTCHINS, RONALD Joseph (Voter ID number 102513703).

1400 NE 55TH ST
APT 202

BENNETT, BRYAN Michael (Voter ID number 116675182).

1400 NE 55TH ST
APT 207

SUMMERVILLE, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 101325203).
SUMMERVILLE, STOREY S. (Voter ID number 101309556).

1400 NE 55TH ST
APT 201

DIETRICH, JAMES B. (Voter ID number 119322114).

1400 NE 55TH ST
APT 204

AVENDANO, JORGE Ivan (Voter ID number 120124911).
TOLEDO, MILDRED (Voter ID number 120125122).

1400 NE 55TH ST
APT 206

AGTEY, SHASHANK M. (Voter ID number 101612155).

1400 NE 55TH ST
AMBRIANO, NANCYANN (Voter ID number 102282288).
DIAMOND, DOROTHY V. (Voter ID number 101238902).
FAUGERAS, ALEXANDRA Aurore (Voter ID number 102515878).
FAUGERAS, ISABELLE F. (Voter ID number 101659699).
GUIDISH, JEFFREY G. (Voter ID number 101595199).
GUIDISH, SHERRI Ann (Voter ID number 101362593).
HAJJAR, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 102343035).
JONES, SHEILA Malone (Voter ID number 102178694).
PIMIENTA, ANGEL Ray (Voter ID number 101737806).
SMITH, JEANNE G. (Voter ID number 101212747).
WRANOVICS, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 102495993).

1400 NE 55TH ST
APT 103

JONES, JEFFERY W. (Voter ID number 115756734).

1400 NE 55TH ST
APT 105

BECKER, JOHN Marc (Voter ID number 101223704).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 104

STROUD, RONALD E. (Voter ID number 101243039).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 110

WEAVER, CHARLES Edwin (Voter ID number 101786772).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 1205

WILLIAMS, MONIQUE Latay (Voter ID number 118098679).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 202

GIBSON, MATTHEW Sean (Voter ID number 102123770).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 209

BELLHORN, REBECCA Marie (Voter ID number 115307437).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 104

ADAMO, PAMELA Sue (Voter ID number 117633610).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 111

BERSHATSKY, ADAM Harry (Voter ID number 101743788).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 204

CHENG, QING (Voter ID number 116189206).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 305

ALEXANDER, ARIANNA Monique (Voter ID number 118774943).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 308

KNOX, VERONICA Y. (Voter ID number 117080557).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 310

SCARBOROUGH, LISA Lleras (Voter ID number 101783628).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 114

FAIRCLOTH, DAVID James (Voter ID number 119007760).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 202

PIERRE, BETTY Holley (Voter ID number 101386739).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 203

TALAT, HINA Faisal (Voter ID number 118423092).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 204

LI, GUANGYI (Voter ID number 117971542).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 205

BRYANT, QUANISHA N. (Voter ID number 120421230).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 214

CRAWFORD, MICHAEL Vincent (Voter ID number 115874397).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 308

VERDECIA, ANILEIDI (Voter ID number 121160284).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 102

WALKER, KENNETH Erving (Voter ID number 101771113).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 104

ADAMO, STEVEN J. (Voter ID number 109438455).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 306

HUNT, THERESA Jean (Voter ID number 102272370).

1400 NE 56TH ST
HOUCK, ERIC Monroe (Voter ID number 110096982).
MC KIM, PEGGY Joyce (Voter ID number 101504284).
PEREZ, LISA A. (Voter ID number 101660482).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 203

TALAT, NABEEL (Voter ID number 119012657).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 206

PIERRE, BRITTANY Roshawn (Voter ID number 116804511).
PIERRE, DELINCE (Voter ID number 101683649).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 209

MILLER, EUGENE D. (Voter ID number 114270231).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 212

POWELL, EARLEEN (Voter ID number 116921747).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 302

ABBOTTS, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 110125153).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 303

ARTESONA, MARK (Voter ID number 101622903).
NASWORTHY, JOEL W. (Voter ID number 102398830).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 305

LEDIE, WICHMOND (Voter ID number 116457540).

1400 NE 56TH ST
APT 313

ALLEN, AVONELL (Voter ID number 116537683).

1400 NE 57TH CT
LEE, JACLYN D. (Voter ID number 102403731).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 201

ARGIROPOULOS, KIRIACOS (Voter ID number 112624552).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 305

LESIEUR, SANDRA Melanie (Voter ID number 117410046).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 207

SHASHATY, KAREN Ann (Voter ID number 102165857).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 305

SCHULZE, WALTER William (Voter ID number 117970633).

1400 NE 57TH ST
KITTS, CYNTHIA Jean (Voter ID number 111930089).

1400 NE 57TH ST
APT 106

HUGHES, MICHAEL C. (Voter ID number 102009162).

1400 NE 57TH ST
APT 203

JACOBS, DUSTIN Lee (Voter ID number 114886813).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 101

HARRIS, JADE Crystal (Voter ID number 119671829).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 107

VANCE, DOUGLAS G. (Voter ID number 101343359).
VANCE, HAILEE H. (Voter ID number 114248961).
VANCE, JUDITH Pierce (Voter ID number 101778022).
VANCE, KERRY Davis (Voter ID number 119846577).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 201

GEIS, ANDREW Kenneth (Voter ID number 101689590).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 204

DALEY, SETH A. (Voter ID number 101931488).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 102

FOX, AUSTIN M. (Voter ID number 120178476).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 106

DAVIS, TAMARA L. (Voter ID number 102435674).
GROOM, BLAIRE L. (Voter ID number 118741547).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 201

GODBOLD, ERIN Christine (Voter ID number 112899005).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 208

LEE, JOSEPH Walter (Voter ID number 102403726).

1400 NE 57TH ST
APT 101A

SEAGRAVES, THOMAS (Voter ID number 101791586).

1400 NE 57TH ST
APT 201

STANLEY, CODY A. (Voter ID number 101572662).

1400 NE 57TH ST
APT 302

KYLE, JESSICA Robin (Voter ID number 119688875).

1400 NE 57TH ST
APT 303

NARANJO, JORGE E. (Voter ID number 118575310).

1400 NE 57TH ST
APT 304

TOUPIN, LEON Robert (Voter ID number 118002629).

1400 NE 57TH ST
APT 305

PAKALA, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 121070892).

1400 NE 57TH CT
FLORENTINO, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number 101751785).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 102

CUNNINGHAM, CONSTANCE Marie (Voter ID number 115077649).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 203

MARULLI RODRIGUEZ, ROSEANN (Voter ID number 117975799).
RODRIGUEZ, ANTONIO Rafael (Voter ID number 101974760).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 301

SWANEY, BRIDGETTE Leanis (Voter ID number 102353245).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 307

WHITE, ISABELLE Earley (Voter ID number 102255064).

1400 NE 57TH CT
BOGGY, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 102127017).
BRETZ, MARTIN J. (Voter ID number 101323562).
CHABRIEL, MARY E. (Voter ID number 101403293).
CHROMIK, DIANE M. (Voter ID number 101390395).
DE TULLIO, ANTHONY C. (Voter ID number 101849536).
HAGENDORF, VICTORIA K. (Voter ID number 101317988).
HARRISON, KATHY W. (Voter ID number 101502135).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 101

MCDEVITT, ANNA Katherine (Voter ID number 117999469).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 102

MARIENI, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 118345663).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 103

RAMIREZ VARGAS, VALERIA (Voter ID number 117075913).
STETZ, ZORAYDA (Voter ID number 114252583).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 201

SHUMATE, CLINT Joseph (Voter ID number 100732332).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 202

TOMCZYK, JASON Allan (Voter ID number 115794325).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 209

SHUMATE, SHENNA Lynn (Voter ID number 106556210).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 304

WALL, RHONDA Lee (Voter ID number 102118918).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 306

BRETZ, MARY Ellen (Voter ID number 116919841).

1400 NE 57TH CT
APT 309

DILL, DARLANIESE M. (Voter ID number 102038415).

1400 NE 57TH ST

SEAGAVES, THOMAS (Voter ID number 102414229).

1400 NE 57TH ST
ADAMS, DENISE F. (Voter ID number 102076438).
FASOLKA, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 101288502).
FERTEL, ALAN Michael (Voter ID number 102439681).
FIELD, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 102357606).
PALYVOS, STEPHANIE G. (Voter ID number 101820373).
SEDBERRY, DONALD A. (Voter ID number 102496076).

1400 NE 57TH ST
APT 303

RESTREPO, BEATRIZ E. (Voter ID number 118575316).

1400 NE 57TH ST
APT 305

SHELLEY, KIMBERLY Jayne (Voter ID number 101414087).

1400 NE 57TH ST
APT 308

PATTERSON, BRIDGET B. (Voter ID number 101486337).

1401 NE 27TH DR
CREPAGE, CHRISTINE B. (Voter ID number 101495071).
CREPAGE, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number 101503096).

1401 NE 32ND ST
TALL, JAMES Anthony (Voter ID number 102296332).
WILLIAMS, TIMOTHY M. (Voter ID number 116704881).

1401 NE 33RD ST

SAIN-FLORANT, SEMY Jeff (Voter ID number 116491454).

1401 NE 34TH ST

WOLTER, AARON Scott (Voter ID number 116362045).

1401 NE 34TH ST
CROTSER, JAMES B. (Voter ID number 102447131).

1401 NE 35TH ST
LEVINE, CLARA Nunez (Voter ID number 102346488).
LEVINE, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 101364866).

1401 NE 36TH ST
LERMAN, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 101211035).
NEIDHARDT-LERMAN, RENATA (Voter ID number 101373932).

1401 NE 39TH ST
CROMARTIE, CHRISTIAN Dewitt (Voter ID number 118060590).
BLACK, JANET D. (Voter ID number 101215812).

1401 NE 40TH CT
TOOT, DONALD A. (Voter ID number 101219622).
TOOT, JUDITH A. (Voter ID number 101312369).

1401 NE 42ND CT
DOWNS, GARY N. (Voter ID number 101368717).

1401 NE 42ND ST
SAJDAK, JEFFREY M. (Voter ID number 101587853).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 105

STRANKOWSKI, IRENEUSZ K. (Voter ID number 118610897).

1401 NE 53RD ST
UNIT 103

BERNSTEIN, JOEL E. (Voter ID number 101960406).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 108

CASTRO, MARICEL (Voter ID number 102392392).
FLORES, ELIZABETH Elena (Voter ID number 110121297).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 212

DEMAYO, VINCENT Paul (Voter ID number 115515286).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 101

JACOBSON, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 101817568).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 105

CRUZ, LIZETTE (Voter ID number 109306217).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 109

LUMSDEN, GENE Martin (Voter ID number 117875336).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 207

GLENN, DERENT (Voter ID number 119421913).

1401 NE 53RD ST
UNIT 208

WIED, ELLEN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 117785740).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 102

WARNER, JAMES Leo (Voter ID number 120470719).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 106

CARVALHO, YOHANA S. (Voter ID number 120134118).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 107

RESOR, KENNETH Lee (Voter ID number 108491499).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 203

SERENETHOS, LEE (Voter ID number 120498485).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 206

DIAZ, HENRY Alvarez (Voter ID number 113401756).

1401 NE 53RD ST
UNIT 205

CARR, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 102207589).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 201

KRALJEVICH, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101992406).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 210

PEREZ, MAGDALENA (Voter ID number 102007166).
PEREZ, JERRY (Voter ID number 101900867).

1401 NE 53RD ST
REICHERT, JOSEPH Mahfood (Voter ID number 115398600).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 101

VON BEHREN, BEN R. (Voter ID number 101694225).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 108

BEAUDOIN, PATRICK Donald (Voter ID number 102334650).

1401 NE 53RD ST
APT 203

LANDAU, JULIE Rebecca (Voter ID number 115576539).

1401 NE 57TH PL

STATHAM, LAROUX M. (Voter ID number 111997114).

1401 NE 57TH PL

SHANNON, MELODY Ann (Voter ID number 120560654).

1401 NE 57TH PL

REESE, BRITTANY Golda (Voter ID number 119896985).

1401 NE 57TH PL

FEELEY, KEVIN A. (Voter ID number 102432638).

1401 NE 57TH PL

ARTUSO, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 120362220).

1401 NE 57TH PL
HECHAVARRIA, FRANK (Voter ID number 102426779).

1401 NE 57TH PL
APT 10

RODRIGUEZ, SHELILA L. (Voter ID number 116000373).

1401 NE 60TH ST
SWINDELL, JOHN (Voter ID number 121128879).
SWINDELL, SHAULA (Voter ID number 121128886).

1402 NE 32ND ST

EDMONDS, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 102439989).
KINGSLEY, MATTHEW D. (Voter ID number 111888034).

1402 NE 32ND ST

ANGULO, JONI L. (Voter ID number 110298736).

1402 NE 34TH ST

ESSEX, BARRY J. (Voter ID number 120366139).
VAUGHAN, SHERRY (Voter ID number 120232514).

1402 NE 34TH CT
MOHAMMED, JENNIFER N. (Voter ID number 114914184).

1402 NE 34TH ST

QUINN, JUDITH M. (Voter ID number 116949163).

1402 NE 34TH ST
WALLACE, MARY M. (Voter ID number 101903037).
WIRTZ, ERIK M. (Voter ID number 101741127).
WIRTZ, PAULA Allison (Voter ID number 101832351).

1404 NE 36TH ST
DE JESUS, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 115284502).

1406 NE 54TH ST
BISHOP, BRADFORD S. (Voter ID number 101544479).
BISHOP, JONETTE L. (Voter ID number 101544480).

1406 NE 57TH PL

NATILI, SANDRA M. (Voter ID number 101273081).

1406 NE 57TH PL

SHARLAND, AUDREY C. (Voter ID number 114076242).

1406 NE 57TH PL
POE, KATHY Nichole (Voter ID number 110291198).

1406 NE 57TH PL

COOK, BRUCE John (Voter ID number 101877481).

1406 NE 57TH ST
MULLINS, LAURENCE E. (Voter ID number 101467173).
MULLINS, LUCY Q. (Voter ID number 101457129).

1406 NE 62ND ST
GISIN, LAWRENCE A. (Voter ID number 101767351).
GISIN, NADINE H. (Voter ID number 102172619).
GISIN, ALLISON R. (Voter ID number 116436987).
GISIN, JESSICA A. (Voter ID number 114244378).
ROMAN, EVELYN (Voter ID number 102208602).

1407 NE 56TH ST
VARNEY, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 102499889).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 105

HIRSCHMAN, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 101413463).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 303

BEFFA, DANIELLA (Voter ID number 101907028).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 314

PASCASCIO, TENIECE Channel (Voter ID number 116924897).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 106

BEDDOW, RICHARD Robstock (Voter ID number 115838403).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 403

AKANDE, NICOLE Sherie (Voter ID number 119268805).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 405

MCCUISTON, BILLY Wade (Voter ID number 102067854).

1407 NE 56TH ST
FRANCIA, KARLA Michelle (Voter ID number 102066939).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 217

DIAZ, TANIA Lyons (Voter ID number 117131700).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 309

DENBY, JUDY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 121335941).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 314

CALABRESE, LAWRENCE M. (Voter ID number 102104373).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 101

GLADWELL, JAMES Robin (Voter ID number 118951988).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 104

MOSSER, KATHERINE Ann (Voter ID number 120910713).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 105

HIRSCHMAN, ARIEL Elise (Voter ID number 115787111).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 109

ERDELYI, MELISSA (Voter ID number 119950949).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 203

KIPP, ERIKA (Voter ID number 120431029).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 309

RICE, LAUREN Marie (Voter ID number 100554619).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 404

CUPPLES, CIARAN Matthew (Voter ID number 120252956).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 408

MAYES, BRIDGET Drake (Voter ID number 110108005).

1407 NE 56TH CT
WATKINS, PATRICIA Louise (Voter ID number 102387419).
WATKINS, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number 101322321).

1407 NE 56TH ST
HEARD, ANDREW F. (Voter ID number 101680663).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 101 E

TORRES, ISOLINA (Voter ID number 102315662).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 109

TARANTOLA, ANNA M. (Voter ID number 102659945).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 204

MORALES, MARY Dolores (Voter ID number 101808447).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 208

WILSON, SHAWN W. (Voter ID number 101879191).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 302

LINDSAY, GREGG Warren (Voter ID number 102375454).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 405

GREGORY, ANTHONY Nicholas (Voter ID number 102399110).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 416

MURPHY, HEATHER Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102216991).

1407 NE 56TH ST
CARNEY, JUSTIN H. (Voter ID number 101919646).
CARNEY, LISA M. (Voter ID number 101919648).
EATON-BECK, CHRISTY Marie (Voter ID number 101390705).
ERICKSON, ADRIANA Arimatheia (Voter ID number 102168355).
HAINLINE, ERIC T. (Voter ID number 101602694).
LESTER, MICHAELINA (Voter ID number 101338356).
MAFFEE, M Randolph (Voter ID number 102097218).
SANZERI, PHYLLIS E. (Voter ID number 101404659).
SCHREIBER, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 102073568).
SHUHART, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 102337160).
SPEAR, SUSAN (Voter ID number 101767192).
THOMPSON, LISA R. (Voter ID number 102497389).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 104

DUNSTAN, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 119198469).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 107

PROSBA, JANET L. (Voter ID number 101358338).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 209

SZERVO, JOSEPH Main (Voter ID number 118194435).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 211

BRENNEISE, ROSE Ann (Voter ID number 113967647).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 212

ANDERSON, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 117097270).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 305

BRADLEY, KATHRYN Joyce (Voter ID number 102191821).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 405

TALATINIAN, ELIZABETH D. (Voter ID number 102017472).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 415

DICKSON, YOULAS Ray (Voter ID number 117997460).

1407 NE 56TH ST
UNIT 407

CROSS, JACQUE Lee Rhonda (Voter ID number 116210024).

1407 NE 56TH ST
UNIT 415

MITCHELL, KELLY Ann (Voter ID number 119239621).

1407 NE 56TH ST
UNIT 416

PATER, WILLIAM George (Voter ID number 115100680).

1407 NE 56TH ST
APT 317

GELSKE, DEBORAH Ruth (Voter ID number 102514405).

1407 NE 57TH PL

ISADA, FRANCIS A. (Voter ID number 115312857).

1407 NE 57TH PL
BUCKLEY, FRANCIS James (Voter ID number 118165540).
MOYER, GUSTAVUS (Voter ID number 114016573).

1407 NE 60TH ST
CAMARGO, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 116722490).
LANCZI, ELANA E. (Voter ID number 102088586).

1408 NE 27TH DR
WEIL, LANDON Alexander (Voter ID number 120990658).
HARRELL, SUSAN B. (Voter ID number 101402171).

1409 NE 27TH DR
EHRENPREIS, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 102259419).
EHRENPREIS, MYRA Lynn (Voter ID number 118486866).

141 NE 30TH CT
PRADO, DENISE Marie (Voter ID number 109224702).
PRADO, EMILIO (Voter ID number 108993515).
BORS, JONATHAN A. (Voter ID number 102374058).

141 NE 30TH ST
FOLEY, TIMOTHY Newton (Voter ID number 102307153).
MC CLAIN, MARTIN J. (Voter ID number 102398562).

141 NE 40TH CT
APT 209

FELICIANO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 114265837).

141 NE 51ST ST
MC MURTRIE, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 101575460).

141 NE 53RD CT
CARTMILL, REGINA L. (Voter ID number 101691527).
MAIN, LINDA E. (Voter ID number 101397106).

141 NE 55TH ST
SHERER, FREDERICK Harry (Voter ID number 101501711).
TISON, MARK A. (Voter ID number 102059101).

141 NE 56TH ST
GAITAN, EDHER H. (Voter ID number 120559373).
GAITAN, EDHER Hiowany (Voter ID number 101680064).

141 NE 56TH CT
EVANS, ELIZABETH K. (Voter ID number 102343037).
EVANS, KATHRYN F. (Voter ID number 101312248).
EVANS, WILLIAM Henry (Voter ID number 101900147).

141 NE 57TH CT
JIAMPETTI, CAROLINE (Voter ID number 101979248).
JIAMPETTI, JERRY Stephen (Voter ID number 101979247).

141 NE 59TH CT
MARRERO, MARIO (Voter ID number 102036382).
RODRIGUEZ, WILMA R. (Voter ID number 102036384).

HOHNECKER, LAURA C. (Voter ID number 101497118).
WARTENBERG, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 101497117).

1410 NE 41ST ST
BOUVATTE, HALEY E. (Voter ID number 117722480).
BOUVATTE, ROBERT Alan (Voter ID number 100559024).

1410 NE 42ND ST
PALONKA, RYAN Lewis (Voter ID number 111867821).
YSET, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 114745243).

1410 NE 42ND CT
TOUHY, ROBERT K. (Voter ID number 101349037).
TOUHY, THERIS A. (Voter ID number 101376368).

1410 NE 42ND ST
REAGAN, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number 101225655).

1411 NE 30TH CT
O'NEIL, TOM F. (Voter ID number 101221304).

1411 NE 41ST ST
MOLONEY, MARY S. (Voter ID number 101457499).
SAYLOR, PHILIP E. (Voter ID number 101663956).
SAYLOR, VICTORIA C. (Voter ID number 101663957).

1411 NE 42ND ST
DOCKEN, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 102504880).
DOCKEN, BRIAN R. (Voter ID number 101991925).
DOCKEN, MIA (Voter ID number 101660358).

1411 NE 53RD ST
SHINKUNAS, DONNA E. (Voter ID number 101555018).
SHINKUNAS, MARK (Voter ID number 101558429).

1411 NE 63RD ST
TYCHSEN, ANITA (Voter ID number 117683912).

1411 NE 63RD ST

BALLANTINE, REN James (Voter ID number 118201218).
SHAPIRO, DEENA Osofsky (Voter ID number 101541887).

1411 NE 63RD ST

DOOLITTLE, ANDRAS T. (Voter ID number 119602605).
DOOLITTLE, CHRISTOPHER Gabor (Voter ID number 118099597).

1411 NE 63RD ST

PLETCHER, BARBARA Emmenegger (Voter ID number 116023960).

1411 NE 63RD ST
DOOLITTLE, CHERYL Ann (Voter ID number 101527075).

1412 NE 53RD CT
MEDINA, KENNETH (Voter ID number 101806907).

1412 NE 54TH ST
TATTON, SUPRANEE K. (Voter ID number 102260909).

1412 NE 56TH CT
MEDRANO, ELIAS (Voter ID number 102327548).
MEDRANO, TRACEY E. (Voter ID number 101394073).

1412 NE 57TH CT
FRUHWIRT, JOHANNES (Voter ID number 101526253).

1412 NE 57TH PL
GOINS, SUE M. (Voter ID number 102301677).
GOINS, KELLY Sue (Voter ID number 101584813).
LEE, KENNETH (Voter ID number 101980757).

1412 NE 57TH ST
KOZLOSKI, RONALD R. (Voter ID number 117012602).
KOZLOSKI, SUSAN E. (Voter ID number 101850337).

1412 NE 62ND ST
BECHARA, JEZEBEL (Voter ID number 119301126).
LOPERA, EMMANUEL Eduardo (Voter ID number 120510104).
LOPERA, ROCHELLE N. (Voter ID number 120509526).
ANDRADE, BETTY L. (Voter ID number 102160454).
LOPERA, EDUARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 102066761).

1413 NE 53RD CT
SLEEM, DENISE J. (Voter ID number 101622160).

1413 NE 56TH CT
YANCEY, ELIZABETH G. (Voter ID number 101281310).

1413 NE 57TH ST
KANTIS, NICOLE Licata (Voter ID number 112532370).

1413 NE 57TH CT
OLAVERRIA, MIGUEL Vinicio (Voter ID number 102166266).
ZACCARA, DIGNA (Voter ID number 101566613).
ZACCARA, JULIAN J. (Voter ID number 101566614).

1413 NE 57TH PL
ZURN, DONALD R. (Voter ID number 101924366).
ZURN, MARY F. (Voter ID number 101318531).

1413 NE 60TH ST
SLATTERY, BERNARD M. (Voter ID number 101229189).
SLATTERY, GLENDA L. (Voter ID number 101385919).

1415 NE 55TH ST
CORSER, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 101705920).

1416 NE 27TH DR
HAMILTON, BRENNEN P. (Voter ID number 114638289).

1416 NE 27TH ST
TAURIELLO, TERESA A. (Voter ID number 114086601).
ANDRES, GRACE V. (Voter ID number 114124711).
CROSSE, DOUGLAS Bryan (Voter ID number 101513792).

1416 NE 55TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 101448107).
RODRIGUEZ, SONIA P. (Voter ID number 101449849).

1416 NE 60TH ST
DROEGE, GLENN H. (Voter ID number 101224233).
DROEGE, PATRICIA G. (Voter ID number 101224232).
JATHO, JENNIFER G. (Voter ID number 101395850).

1417 NE 26TH DR

HAMBRIGHT, COURTNEY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 101893253).

1417 NE 26TH DR

BROSSIA, LINDA Kay (Voter ID number 101809876).

1417 NE 26TH DR

BYRNE, PAMELA I. (Voter ID number 102158967).

1417 NE 26TH DR

BROSSIA, SHANON Renee (Voter ID number 118212547).

1417 NE 26TH DR

GOODIN, JOHN V. (Voter ID number 101233425).

1417 NE 26TH DR

EMERSON, CHRISTOPHER Charles (Voter ID number 102238659).

1417 NE 27TH DR
GRANDE, TINA (Voter ID number 120468537).

1417 NE 27TH ST
COLLINS, SHAWN P. (Voter ID number 101631012).
GRACE, GERALD (Voter ID number 101415778).

1417 NE 27TH DR
RIVERA, MICHELE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102112694).
RIVERA, VIDAL C. (Voter ID number 101592794).
RIVERA, VIDAL R. (Voter ID number 102202640).

1417 NE 55TH ST
SUMNICHT, JACQUELINE M. (Voter ID number 101247170).
SUMNICHT, TERRENCE L. (Voter ID number 101269514).

1418 NE 53RD CT
GINTOLI, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 120193746).

1418 NE 54TH ST
LEJA, OLGA F. (Voter ID number 101234014).

1418 NE 57TH CT
GIBSON, JOAN M. (Voter ID number 101352798).
GIBSON, KYLE Chaderick (Voter ID number 101547482).
GIBSON, TAMARA W. (Voter ID number 102065119).
RIQUELME, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 119078894).

1418 NE 57TH PL
WILLIAMSON, VANIA (Voter ID number 102094098).

1418 NE 57TH ST
WILBANKS, LISA (Voter ID number 102255437).
WILBANKS, MATTHEW John (Voter ID number 102249009).

1418 NE 62ND ST
DIAZ GONZALEZ, AMAURI (Voter ID number 117997711).
AGBONZE, DASHAWN Uyi (Voter ID number 115602629).
DIAZ, MARILYN (Voter ID number 117929336).
HAILEY, JANE Ellen (Voter ID number 115652828).

1419 NE 53RD ST
WAGAMAN, HEATHER (Voter ID number 101676813).

1419 NE 53RD CT
ADKINS, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 120815362).
ADKINS, RACHEL G. (Voter ID number 119306518).
ADKINS, ANGELA R. (Voter ID number 101307700).
ADKINS, JOHN B. (Voter ID number 101457543).

1419 NE 53RD ST
KEATING, THOMAS F. (Voter ID number 101286797).
KEATING, ANNA L. (Voter ID number 101286796).

1419 NE 55TH ST
FERRARO, JANE Ellen (Voter ID number 117423875).

1419 NE 57TH ST
KIELIAH, JOHN (Voter ID number 119501587).

1419 NE 57TH CT
ANTOL, BRIAN D. (Voter ID number 101742561).
ANTOL, TRACY Lynn (Voter ID number 101742564).

1419 NE 57TH PL
MERRIMAN, JAY H. (Voter ID number 101486361).
MERRIMAN, SUSAN B. (Voter ID number 101323736).

1419 NE 57TH ST
KIELIAN, MAUREEN M. (Voter ID number 101500697).
KIELIAN, ROGER G. (Voter ID number 101631511).

1420 NE 28TH PL
BLACK, JEFFERY Barton (Voter ID number 102113131).
BARBOSA, STEPHEN Blake (Voter ID number 114590156).
GUDELANIS, JOHN Joseph (Voter ID number 101991477).

1420 NE 41ST ST
KULP, HELEN M. (Voter ID number 101366816).
KULP, CHASE F. (Voter ID number 102381793).

1420 NE 42ND CT
MOORE, ZACHARY T. (Voter ID number 102275943).
MOORE, EVELYN C. (Voter ID number 101315513).
MOORE, JESSE L. (Voter ID number 101346128).
MOORE, PETER Bryant (Voter ID number 102062513).

1420 NE 42ND ST
PUTNAM, DOUGLAS E. (Voter ID number 101478227).

1420 NE 50TH CT

BALZER, LAURISSA Margaret (Voter ID number 120850463).

1420 NE 50TH CT
OJEDA, KATHIA N. (Voter ID number 102299141).

1420 NE 50TH CT

TENNIS, GEORGE (Voter ID number 118945165).

1420 NE 55TH ST
TERWILLEGER, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 119707402).
TERWILLEGER, MARY Loughan (Voter ID number 101425194).
TERWILLEGER, MICHAEL C. (Voter ID number 101521279).

1420 NE 60TH ST
CANFIELD, GUY S. (Voter ID number 101909084).
CANFIELD, LINDA A. (Voter ID number 101416756).

1420 NE 62ND ST
ROSE, DANIELLE Marie (Voter ID number 116721989).

1421 NE 28TH PL
CAMINITI, MARIE JEANNE G. (Voter ID number 101359821).
KINZER, CHRISTINE A. (Voter ID number 101873618).

1421 NE 30TH CT
STICKEL, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 101501759).

1421 NE 33RD ST
JOSEPH, PETER (Voter ID number 101911990).
JOSEPH, EVELINE (Voter ID number 116967041).
AUGUSTIN, JOANESS (Voter ID number 116409802).

1421 NE 34TH ST

JOHNSON, JERRY F. (Voter ID number 101940506).

1421 NE 34TH CT
NICOSIA, ARTHUR J. (Voter ID number 102180595).

1421 NE 34TH ST

SHEPHERD, KENNETH Wade (Voter ID number 102110724).

1421 NE 41ST ST
FARRELL, KRISTIN A. (Voter ID number 102332200).

1421 NE 54TH ST
QUINLAN, MEGAN McGrew (Voter ID number 101571637).
MC GREW, MAUREEN F. (Voter ID number 101227156).

1422 NE 33RD ST
FITZPATRICK, CHRISTOPHER P. (Voter ID number 102385819).
ROTH, KEVIN A. (Voter ID number 102133729).
STRACHAN, TIMOTHY Paul (Voter ID number 101755924).

1424 NE 27TH DR
MARSICO, LAURA L. (Voter ID number 101346474).
MARSICO, RACHEL Ann (Voter ID number 102278625).

1424 NE 27TH ST
HARRISON, CALVIN E. (Voter ID number 101253461).

1424 NE 54TH ST
DOUGLAS, THOMAS Davide (Voter ID number 102394161).
DOUGLAS, THOMAS F. (Voter ID number 101697719).

1424 NE 56TH ST
ACOSTA PENA, JUAN Domingo (Voter ID number 102101110).
SUAREZ, LUISA E. (Voter ID number 101646153).
ACOSTA GONZALEZ, NELSON Evangelista (Voter ID number 116537866).

1424 NE 57TH PL
ANDERSON, LESLIE (Voter ID number 101869295).
STEWART, PATRICIA Nelson (Voter ID number 102041225).
ANDERSON, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 101755785).

1424 NE 57TH ST
KABULA, KURT M. (Voter ID number 114017980).

1424 NE 62ND ST
AGUDELO, NELSON (Voter ID number 114760229).
RODRIGUEZ, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 101865620).
RODRIGUEZ, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 102364228).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA B. (Voter ID number 101865624).

1425 NE 27TH ST
SCHILLER, STEVEN Lee (Voter ID number 119717454).
ROSKOSKY, SCOTT Allan (Voter ID number 111867637).

1425 NE 53RD CT
CRAIGUE, KAREN Anne (Voter ID number 119018325).
THOMPSON, TERESA Annette (Voter ID number 119042278).

1425 NE 53RD ST
GLASER, CANDACE Di Carlo (Voter ID number 101361343).
GLASER, JEFFREY Robert (Voter ID number 101822694).

1425 NE 54TH ST
BEAL, PENNY G. (Voter ID number 101304709).
BEAL, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 101304708).

1425 NE 55TH ST
CARROLL, CARMEN Ann (Voter ID number 102237984).
CARROLL, THOMAS W. (Voter ID number 102396803).
CHRISTENSEN, MICHELLE Horas (Voter ID number 101497334).

1425 NE 56TH CT
WATERWAY, KENNETH W. (Voter ID number 101827227).

1425 NE 56TH ST

PETIT, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 114366615).

1425 NE 56TH CT
BLACKWELL, TERESA Daffin (Voter ID number 101950042).
WATERWAY, JENNIFER Kane (Voter ID number 102424849).

1425 NE 56TH ST

MOORE, MARIO Ki (Voter ID number 119172411).

1425 NE 56TH ST

O'DELL, DAWN Elaine (Voter ID number 114675171).

1425 NE 57TH CT
IGLESIAS, EDWARD (Voter ID number 102014185).

1425 NE 57TH PL
MUNROE-COCKING, SHARON Gail (Voter ID number 101746109).

1425 NE 57TH CT
GROOM, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 118497452).

1425 NE 57TH PL
GAUGL, HANNE Skov (Voter ID number 119083029).

1426 NE 56TH CT
GRAMM, BEVERLY J. (Voter ID number 102034896).

1426 NE 60TH ST
LEMIEUX, GERVAISE C. (Voter ID number 101289629).
SEELEY, VIRGIL P. (Voter ID number 101527330).

1427 NE 55TH ST
CHRISTENSEN, MICHAEL William (Voter ID number 101549217).
CHRISTENSEN, MICHELLE Ann (Voter ID number 119967449).
CHRISTENSEN, KEEGAN Michael (Voter ID number 119809955).

1427 NE 56TH ST

JOSEPH, JONATHAN Menold (Voter ID number 116742743).

1427 NE 56TH ST
MABRA, ELAINE (Voter ID number 101716262).
MC DERMOTT, HELEN M. (Voter ID number 101413101).

1427 NE 60TH ST
JELINEK, JAN P. (Voter ID number 101758869).
SIEGEL, DAVID H. (Voter ID number 101296482).
SIEGEL, MARIA S. (Voter ID number 101484067).

1430 NE 41ST ST
GOLDMAN, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 101672374).
SHAMS, SARA R. (Voter ID number 102489803).

1430 NE 42ND ST
DUNAVENT, LINDA E. (Voter ID number 101803205).

1430 NE 53RD CT
BABISH, PAUL (Voter ID number 101401199).
BABISH, PHILIP (Voter ID number 101401198).

1430 NE 54TH ST
ERGON, STEPHEN John (Voter ID number 102303820).

1430 NE 55TH ST
AUSTIN, ALEC Steven (Voter ID number 119943735).
AUSTIN, SCOTT R. (Voter ID number 101444585).

1430 NE 56TH CT

MARTIN, ROBERT Lindon (Voter ID number 101559145).

1430 NE 56TH ST
BROOKS, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 115745759).

1430 NE 57TH ST
HMOUD, RASHA Talat (Voter ID number 121249007).
JOWETT, BRETT P. (Voter ID number 121211478).

1430 NE 57TH CT
HUBER, HANNELORE (Voter ID number 101492019).

1430 NE 57TH PL
MANSFIELD, CYNTHIA B. (Voter ID number 101401901).
MANSFIELD, JOHN C. (Voter ID number 101392472).

1430 NE 60TH ST
ERICKSON, ROBERT Philip (Voter ID number 117412596).
IBARGUEN, CARLOS H. (Voter ID number 119473009).

1430 NE 62ND ST
LEE, JONG Chul (Voter ID number 117130764).
JACKSON, ARTHUR S. (Voter ID number 112460617).
STOUT, LAVERNE Richardson (Voter ID number 101448213).
KANG, JIN Ku (Voter ID number 120538343).
SIMS, MAKEDA Tynijah (Voter ID number 102288424).

1431 NE 34TH CT
ROSENBLATT, ERIC David (Voter ID number 109269180).
BOLTON, WADE E. (Voter ID number 115947242).
TERUEL, EDWIN O. (Voter ID number 102213649).

1431 NE 41ST ST
LANE, STEVEN D. (Voter ID number 101976252).

1431 NE 53RD CT
ATIYA, MARIAM (Voter ID number 114295519).

1431 NE 53RD CT
APT 207

ATIYA, ABDUL (Voter ID number 102507705).

1431 NE 53RD ST
BISHOP, JAMES T. (Voter ID number 101413011).
KENNEY, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number 101208441).

1431 NE 54TH ST
BARCELO, JANE Baumstark (Voter ID number 101437446).
BARCELO, RENE M. (Voter ID number 101240840).
SHAFFER, MELISSA Jane (Voter ID number 102221184).

1431 NE 56TH CT
MANN, JOSHUA Eli (Voter ID number 117700567).

1431 NE 57TH CT
ZYLKA, HELGA E. (Voter ID number 118900370).
ZYLKA, KARL Heinz (Voter ID number 119934483).

1431 NE 57TH PL
MACOMBER, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number 102345289).

1431 NE 57TH ST
REITER, DENISE A. (Voter ID number 101712057).

1432 NE 27TH ST
FRENCH, JENNIFER Phillips (Voter ID number 102476940).

1432 NE 27TH DR
HAMILTON, PATRICIA W. (Voter ID number 102034901).

1432 NE 56TH CT
ARPIN, LAURA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102510063).
ENGLAND, JENNIFER Joy (Voter ID number 102254859).

1433 NE 27TH ST
TAYLOR, SUSAN Crowley (Voter ID number 101223562).

1433 NE 60TH ST
CAHILL, TAMARA Lynne (Voter ID number 101812207).
GREEN, JEFFREY Charles (Voter ID number 119211068).
GRIESHABER, JAMES K. (Voter ID number 114141767).
GRIESHABER, SUZANNE J. (Voter ID number 102495007).

1435 NE 39TH ST
LAPIER, EVELYN (Voter ID number 102306298).
LAPIER, KIMBERLYN Denise (Voter ID number 101364042).
ANDERSON, RHONDA A. (Voter ID number 101672638).
LAPIER, MILDRED J. (Voter ID number 101806140).

1436 NE 37TH ST
SCHANTZ, TODD A. (Voter ID number 118371930).
SCHANTZ, SUZANNE Alana (Voter ID number 102190994).
SHUDA, RAYMOND Edward (Voter ID number 102190993).

1436 NE 38TH ST
FLAVELL, JOAN Harriet (Voter ID number 101640985).

1436 NE 39TH ST
LEAL, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 115662627).
LEAL, JUAN J. (Voter ID number 101714004).
LEAL, MARTA M. (Voter ID number 101714006).

1436 NE 54TH ST
YOUNG, CAROL L. (Voter ID number 102396795).
YOUNG, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 102408437).

1436 NE 55TH ST
FAGGIONE, TRACY Lynn (Voter ID number 116172743).

1436 NE 56TH CT
MCSHANE, ALISSA R. (Voter ID number 118815237).
MC SHANE, CHRIS Sean (Voter ID number 116123100).
LENZ, EVELYN (Voter ID number 102135730).

1436 NE 56TH ST

PLASS, YVONNE Emily (Voter ID number 118009159).

1436 NE 57TH PL
MERIOZ, GILAD (Voter ID number 118063254).

1436 NE 57TH CT
SCHLAUGAT, CHARLES Patrick (Voter ID number 117101561).
SCHLAUGAT, MARY K. (Voter ID number 101403834).

1436 NE 57TH ST
MC KIERNAN, HELEN P. (Voter ID number 101484431).
SMALLWOOD, ANN K. (Voter ID number 101653114).
SMALLWOOD, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 101653115).

1437 NE 53RD CT
VELIKY, KENNETH Blake (Voter ID number 116154365).
VELIKY, STEVEN B. (Voter ID number 118454262).
VELIKY, KEVIN (Voter ID number 101268405).
VELIKY, WENDY E. (Voter ID number 101569557).

1437 NE 54TH ST
JENKINS, MICHAEL Scott (Voter ID number 109885080).
JENKINS, STARLA A. (Voter ID number 102459100).

1437 NE 55TH ST
BERRY, MATTHEW H. (Voter ID number 102006380).
MINOWITZ, KENNETH Scott (Voter ID number 102087521).

1437 NE 56TH ST
DAVIS, JASMINE Rene (Voter ID number 118747443).

1437 NE 56TH ST

RODRIGUEZ, LUCY (Voter ID number 120370601).
SUAREZ, LUIS H. (Voter ID number 120370568).

1437 NE 56TH CT
DE MARCO, GAIL M. (Voter ID number 101940988).
ROY, DEBORAH Lucille (Voter ID number 101894772).

1437 NE 56TH ST
WOOSLEY, HICKS (Voter ID number 101212474).

1437 NE 57TH PL
DENICOLA, ROBERT (Voter ID number 118348237).

1437 NE 57TH ST
MASON, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number 102179555).

1437 NE 57TH PL
DE NICOLA, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 117773532).
DENICOLA, CHERYL Ann (Voter ID number 117968382).

1437 NE 57TH CT
BEALL, SUE Ann (Voter ID number 118819423).
MC DONOUGH, STEVE M. (Voter ID number 101390855).

1437 NE 57TH PL
PIERCE, THOMAS Franklin (Voter ID number 116895182).

1437 NE 57TH ST
BURGESS, FALLON Marie (Voter ID number 115044011).
FALLON, KATHI M. (Voter ID number 101740672).
HAZAN, SAMM (Voter ID number 102143710).

1439 NE 53RD ST
WALSTRUM, JOY V. (Voter ID number 101472123).
WALSTRUM, REGINA A. (Voter ID number 101971833).
WINSTON, GREGG David (Voter ID number 101888891).

1440 NE 27TH ST
WHITE, JASON Elijah (Voter ID number 117346242).
SILVA, EUCARIO (Voter ID number 120643455).

1440 NE 27TH DR
CINTRON, ARIEL O. (Voter ID number 101851305).
DOLAN, JONATHAN R. (Voter ID number 102524689).

1440 NE 28TH PL
DEIBERT, GLENN A. (Voter ID number 119272214).
RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 119272221).
NIBLICK, SHEILA R. (Voter ID number 101331341).

1440 NE 35TH ST
GOLDSTEIN, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 101309390).

1440 NE 50TH CT

WILLIS, NICOLE P. (Voter ID number 102365493).
DAWKINS, LENEYA P. (Voter ID number 120481933).

1440 NE 50TH CT

PREAT, MATTHEW Stephen (Voter ID number 102085185).
THORNTON, CHARLENE E. (Voter ID number 102445354).

1440 NE 50TH CT
STUCKMANN, FRANCES (Voter ID number 101699309).

1440 NE 50TH CT

SCHALOW, ROBERT Carl (Voter ID number 114743384).

1440 NE 53RD CT
CAULEY, ALEXIS Julie Danielle (Voter ID number 111750321).
LINARES, MIGUEL Antonio (Voter ID number 110023431).
ANDERSON, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 101296160).

1441 NE 27TH ST
QUINN, JOHN MICHAEL (Voter ID number 121035839).
CONNORS, MICHAEL Raymond (Voter ID number 121035809).
ELI, ROSE Pinkey (Voter ID number 116078885).

1441 NE 28TH PL
PAGE, DOROTHY Hamilton (Voter ID number 101209512).
BASKIN, KATHARINE Lee (Voter ID number 102145827).
PAGE, RICHARD W. (Voter ID number 101209511).
PAGE-BASKIN, JANLEE Lee (Voter ID number 116125798).

1441 NE 41ST ST
GENOVESE-SHULMAN, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 101325000).
SHULMAN, JOEL M. (Voter ID number 101330365).
SHULMAN, NICHOLAS Philip (Voter ID number 102504936).

1441 NE 42ND ST
SKIDMORE, MARYSIA (Voter ID number 102241405).

1441 NE 54TH ST
PACHECO, ANGELA T. (Voter ID number 101847016).
PACHECO, CHRISTIAN Anthony (Voter ID number 102215104).
PACHECO, JORGE Washington (Voter ID number 101877136).

1442 NE 54TH ST
DIMAIO, ALFRED John (Voter ID number 102525415).
DIMAIO, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number 102525953).

1442 NE 55TH ST
HUJBER, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 102403394).
HOPKIN, DON T. (Voter ID number 101452986).

1442 NE 56TH CT
LE MAY, DEANNA B. (Voter ID number 119561440).
LE MAY, SHARON Anne (Voter ID number 101941417).

1442 NE 57TH CT
KELLER, KAROL Ann (Voter ID number 101921642).

1442 NE 57TH PL
PYBUS, JONATHAN David (Voter ID number 102118126).
PYBUS, RACHEL Lynn (Voter ID number 102118132).

1442 NE 57TH ST
MOLLERS, PETER J. (Voter ID number 102077801).

1443 NE 53RD CT
MORTON, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number 102226757).
ARKY, HARRY L. (Voter ID number 102227026).

1443 NE 55TH ST
OLIVER, STELLA J. (Voter ID number 102230687).
OLIVER, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 101225328).

1443 NE 57TH ST
PORTER, BRANDI Marla (Voter ID number 106675458).
PORTER, JOHN Graham (Voter ID number 110903534).

1443 NE 57TH CT
BROHMAN, NANCY Courtney (Voter ID number 101615924).

1443 NE 57TH PL
SANFORD, JUNE C. (Voter ID number 101415940).
SANFORD, ROBERT Vance (Voter ID number 117125046).

1445 NE 33RD ST
SILVER, SUZANNE Joyce (Voter ID number 101378564).
SILVER, TODD Sterling (Voter ID number 101401908).

1445 NE 34TH ST
HICKS, STEPHANIE J. (Voter ID number 102390785).

1445 NE 56TH CT
DUFFY, PATRICK M. (Voter ID number 115588484).
GOLD, ALLAN (Voter ID number 115606962).

1445 NE 60TH ST
CONSTANT, HARRY M. (Voter ID number 101214231).
CONSTANT, NANCY E. (Voter ID number 101219258).
MCGIRR, JAMES Patrick (Voter ID number 115781246).

1446 NE 34TH ST
THORNE, TIFFANY Rene (Voter ID number 117346249).

1446 NE 53RD CT
ALSAFAR, SIRAJ Mohammad (Voter ID number 119884326).
ATTIYA, KAMAL (Voter ID number 121028240).
ATIA, SUAD I. (Voter ID number 116396312).
ALSAFAR, SABAH (Voter ID number 116433589).
ALSAFAR, SHAMS M. (Voter ID number 116856834).

1448 NE 53RD CT
GRUSHOFF, DARREN Marc (Voter ID number 101736098).
GRUSHOFF-RODKIN, JULIE (Voter ID number 101816450).

1448 NE 54TH ST
DE MONE, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 118587347).
JARVIS, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 118587334).
BAGGETT, LASHAY D. (Voter ID number 102382040).
DE MASSI, JAMES Joseph (Voter ID number 117968582).
HUGHES, MARSHON (Voter ID number 102061809).

1448 NE 55TH ST
GOLDSTEIN, STEPHEN L. (Voter ID number 101334850).

1448 NE 56TH ST
CARLISLE, GUY Justin (Voter ID number 102135371).

1448 NE 56TH CT
REA, ROBERTO Miguel (Voter ID number 115903319).
SOJKA, ERIC John (Voter ID number 115910987).

1448 NE 56TH ST
PAUL, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 102278044).

1448 NE 57TH CT
WEBER, ERINN Jennifer (Voter ID number 102507539).
HEATHERMAN, BRIAN Gerad (Voter ID number 120380495).

1448 NE 57TH ST
WAROK, ALFRED Francis (Voter ID number 115246539).

1448 NE 57TH CT
HEATHERMAN, KELLY C. (Voter ID number 117950564).
LAPIERRE, GEORGE W. (Voter ID number 101225092).
LAPIERRE, JOANNE L. (Voter ID number 101225093).

1448 NE 57TH ST
HUBBARD, COLEEN Nicole (Voter ID number 102336359).
HUBBARD, DARRIN Matthew (Voter ID number 102339527).
WAROK, MARIA Puig (Voter ID number 116250951).

1449 NE 53RD ST
SCOTT, ERNEST Mack (Voter ID number 102273965).
BRANNOCK, JANET Erin Sanchez (Voter ID number 117214554).

1449 NE 54TH ST
CUBBISON, AARON Lee (Voter ID number 117603618).
CUBBISON, CHANDRA Dee (Voter ID number 117607959).

1449 NE 55TH ST
WALKLING, GENE-ANN (Voter ID number 101330443).
WALKLING, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 101387147).
WALKLING, STEFANI Anne (Voter ID number 102502194).

1449 NE 56TH ST
BELLOWS, FRANCINE (Voter ID number 111773597).

1449 NE 56TH CT
BEAUMONT, FREDERICK T. (Voter ID number 101265850).
BEAUMONT, GERTRUDE A. (Voter ID number 101265322).

1449 NE 56TH ST
ADAMS, DIANE E. (Voter ID number 101423654).
BEHNKE, VERNE W. (Voter ID number 102304457).

1449 NE 57TH PL
WUNAR, ROBERT Joseph (Voter ID number 117521395).

1449 NE 57TH CT
COLLETTE, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 101336373).
COLLETT, BRIAN R. (Voter ID number 102342030).
COLLETTE, MICHELLE S. (Voter ID number 102062203).
COLLETTE, SUSAN K. (Voter ID number 101308576).

1449 NE 57TH ST
MILLER, VIRGINIA A. (Voter ID number 101350040).

145 NE 30TH CT
CRAIG, DARRYL N. (Voter ID number 101587858).

145 NE 56TH CT
IRVING, NEILA Jean (Voter ID number 102117422).
IRVING, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 102317764).
MATTSON, JESSICA Lynne (Voter ID number 114582264).

1450 NE 36TH ST
APT 308

FUENTES, DAISY Iris (Voter ID number 120744447).

1450 NE 36TH ST
APT 310

GUERRIER, WISLIN (Voter ID number 121034009).

1450 NE 60TH ST
JASINSKI, MICHELLE Alexandra (Voter ID number 102446163).
SHOOK, NANCY (Voter ID number 116428131).
SUAREZ, KARLA P. (Voter ID number 116373522).

1451 NE 53RD CT
GLUSMAN, AMY Lynn (Voter ID number 109935104).
GLUSMAN, JEFFREY A. (Voter ID number 116870325).
HILL, TODD S. (Voter ID number 101452359).

1451 NE 60TH ST
PANZA, JUSTIN Thomas (Voter ID number 101657636).
PANZA, KELLY N. (Voter ID number 111886474).

1451 NE 63RD CT
HIBBS, TIMOTHY Joseph (Voter ID number 119287432).

1454 NE 53RD CT
LOWE, TRICIA Marie (Voter ID number 121341833).
FOX, DANIELLE Shiree (Voter ID number 119037619).
MILLER, JORDAN Mae (Voter ID number 115569033).

1454 NE 54TH ST
ASSAYAG, ARIEL (Voter ID number 119173665).
ASSAYAG, SARIT (Voter ID number 102481728).
BARUCH, EZRA (Voter ID number 101781230).
BARUCH, NISSIM (Voter ID number 102112692).

1454 NE 55TH ST
BLANCO, DOROTHY C. (Voter ID number 101329107).
BLANCO, RONALD J. (Voter ID number 101322869).

1454 NE 56TH CT
SMITH, HALSEY F. (Voter ID number 101248685).
SMITH, TRACY Lynn (Voter ID number 101604607).

1454 NE 57TH ST
ZUCCHINI, RICHARD (Voter ID number 101601850).

1454 NE 57TH CT
BROWN, CAROLE R. (Voter ID number 101679416).
BROWN, DONALD L. (Voter ID number 101679417).

1454 NE 57TH PL
LUNDING, ERIC Neil (Voter ID number 101856243).
LUNDING, HELEN Starkel (Voter ID number 101855841).

1454 NE 57TH ST
DOBOS, ALAINA M. (Voter ID number 114639914).

1454 NE 62ND ST
ASCOLI, RAYMOND F. (Voter ID number 102407166).
RODRIGUEZ, AURORA Azucena (Voter ID number 101427506).

1455 NE 53RD ST
CRUZ, KATHLEEN Iris (Voter ID number 102135092).
GIL, HILDA (Voter ID number 102133467).

1455 NE 54TH ST
ROUGHEN, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 120067783).
ROUGHEN, RICHARD H. (Voter ID number 101504325).
ROUGHEN, TERESA E. (Voter ID number 101303738).

1455 NE 55TH ST
MOSCOSO, CATERINE E. (Voter ID number 102241864).
PALLER, DAVID Elliot (Voter ID number 102348782).
GLENN, EDWARD C. (Voter ID number 101215863).

1455 NE 56TH CT
REEDER, WILLES W. (Voter ID number 120477457).
REEDER, LOIS H. (Voter ID number 101250031).

1455 NE 56TH ST
SEPULVEDA-TIBBS, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 101819875).
TIBBS, LAWRENCE T. (Voter ID number 101372616).
TIBBS, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 101357943).

1455 NE 57TH PL
WILLIAMSON, MARGARET Ann (Voter ID number 101420632).

1455 NE 57TH CT
LOUTSCH, BARBARA Faller (Voter ID number 111746889).
LOUTSCH, DONALD Paul (Voter ID number 111746384).

1455 NE 57TH ST
WOMICK, MELINDA Cameron (Voter ID number 101629896).
WOMICK, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 101594014).

1455 NE 63RD CT
PARDUE, BONNIE Ann (Voter ID number 101825318).
PARDUE, JOHNNY L. (Voter ID number 101247444).
PARDUE, JUDITH K. (Voter ID number 101221373).

1457 NE 53RD ST
ARENA, JOHN (Voter ID number 102015489).
HERZIG-ARENA, JEANNE Marie (Voter ID number 101808924).

1457 NE 60TH ST
LORING, DIANE J. (Voter ID number 101490055).
LORING, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 101490056).
LORING, ROBERT Mark (Voter ID number 117500920).

1459 NE 63RD CT
HAMMOND, RONALD P. (Voter ID number 102364757).

1460 NE 28TH PL
HENDRICKS, MARK E. (Voter ID number 101768035).
SCHEELE, RICHARD S. (Voter ID number 101760275).

1460 NE 35TH ST
ALEXANDER, MADELINE Gorman (Voter ID number 101419818).
ALEXANDER, THOMAS Garrison (Voter ID number 101419795).

1460 NE 53RD CT
MAYHUE, BRIAN (Voter ID number 101836443).

1460 NE 54TH ST
MAHLER, EDWARD Glenn (Voter ID number 120824832).
MAHLER, SUSAN Ann (Voter ID number 120824094).
VOLLMER, MARK Charles (Voter ID number 102221445).
MAHLER, CARL Edward (Voter ID number 118327076).
MAHLER, LISA Marie Altoonian (Voter ID number 120525337).
VOLLMER, MICHELE M. (Voter ID number 101610507).

1460 NE 55TH ST
MC DONALD, MARY Grace T (Voter ID number 101456123).
ARTIAGA, GWENDA Lee (Voter ID number 101299768).
COOPER, KATHIE D. (Voter ID number 101322825).

1460 NE 56TH ST
MURPHY, JUSTIN G. (Voter ID number 120797913).

1460 NE 56TH CT
HERNANDEZ, REUBEN (Voter ID number 101489421).
LEVESQUE, ERIC D. (Voter ID number 102290338).
PROCHAZKA, GUS J. (Voter ID number 101297401).

1460 NE 56TH ST
ARMILLOTTO, JOAN Bryden (Voter ID number 101467384).
MURPHY, LORETTA A. (Voter ID number 101626258).

1460 NE 57TH PL
BOGLE, RANDALL Lee (Voter ID number 117196246).

1460 NE 57TH CT
MORNINGSTAR, MARJORY Ellen (Voter ID number 102163925).
ELLISON, BARBARA-ANN Patton (Voter ID number 101276463).
ELLISON, BYRON G. (Voter ID number 101707869).
ELLISON, BYRON J. (Voter ID number 102317759).
MORNINGSTAR, COLLEEN Shroy (Voter ID number 101626248).

1460 NE 57TH PL
BOGLE, AMBER Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102503694).
BOGLE, MARGARITA M. (Voter ID number 101751600).
BOGLE, RANDALL L. (Voter ID number 101299753).
GUERRA, GUMERSINDA (Voter ID number 101680419).
PAGES, ERNESTO E. (Voter ID number 101656704).
PAGES, FELIX (Voter ID number 101414782).
PAGES, LEONELA (Voter ID number 101680418).

1460 NE 57TH ST
FAIRCHILD, JEFFREY Alan (Voter ID number 102360499).

1460 NE 60TH ST
HATEM, SALIM (Voter ID number 102012632).
HATEM, ARLENE (Voter ID number 115201831).

1460 NE 62ND ST
KOMAR, ALEXANDER S. (Voter ID number 101362917).
TENNIS, SONNY (Voter ID number 102517492).
TOWNSEND, CARROLL L. (Voter ID number 101373332).

1460 NE 63RD CT
HAWKINS, BETHANY Ann (Voter ID number 120613280).
MELDER, LEAH Marie (Voter ID number 102402214).

1461 NE 53RD CT
DE JESU, NICHOLAS D. (Voter ID number 102448245).
LENNON, ANDREW W. (Voter ID number 119386068).

1461 NE 55TH ST
VALENTI, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 101556501).
VALENTI, LAUREN Norah (Voter ID number 102475567).

1461 NE 56TH CT
CAMPBELL, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 102002318).

1461 NE 56TH ST

GRIMES, CHARLES Stuart (Voter ID number 102017859).

1461 NE 56TH CT
CAMPBELL, XIOMARA (Voter ID number 115476915).

1461 NE 56TH ST

SIMON, NANCY Jane (Voter ID number 102443748).

1461 NE 56TH ST

O'CONNOR, TODD Christian (Voter ID number 118755139).

1461 NE 57TH PL
CUTLIFF, SCOTT Alan (Voter ID number 102353120).

1461 NE 57TH CT
ANTONI, RALF Viktor (Voter ID number 120270738).
CADER, JACKIE Lee (Voter ID number 120271107).

1461 NE 57TH PL
HASLE, SARAH K. (Voter ID number 118815245).

1461 NE 57TH ST
LA ROCCO, CARMEN I. (Voter ID number 119203004).
APONTE, JAIME (Voter ID number 118703195).

1461 NE 57TH PL
HASLE, MATTHEW C. (Voter ID number 114759896).
HASLE, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 115883542).

1463 NE 60TH ST
DONOGHUE, KELLY Nolan (Voter ID number 101898957).
DONOGHUE, MATTHEW S. (Voter ID number 102352943).

1463 NE 63RD CT
HALL, MEGAN Rebecca (Voter ID number 114244416).
HALL, MERLE J. (Voter ID number 101887151).
HALL, ALEXANDRA Sara (Voter ID number 116160056).
HALL, JOSEPH H. (Voter ID number 101887149).

1464 NE 63RD CT
KLEIN, STACEY Jean (Voter ID number 117699845).
PHILLIPS, AINSLIE Couvillon (Voter ID number 119072530).
PHILLIPS, PATRICK Jackson (Voter ID number 119136750).

1465 NE 53RD ST
ASHWAS, RUBBA H. (Voter ID number 119557016).
ASHWAS, SAMAH Mutie (Voter ID number 120588417).

1465 NE 54TH ST
HERMENS, CECILIA Marie (Voter ID number 101986878).
MILLER, CECILIA Marie (Voter ID number 102254326).
MILLER, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 101697852).

1466 NE 53RD CT
LOUVIERE, MELANIE Christin (Voter ID number 120520281).
STANTON-LOUVIERE, NICOLE Sophie (Voter ID number 120438057).
LOUVIERE, WILL Thomas (Voter ID number 116779292).

1466 NE 54TH ST
COUGHLIN, KIMBERLY Jean (Voter ID number 120718081).
COUGHLIN, ADAM Good (Voter ID number 111911707).
SHANAHAN, MOLLY Genevieve (Voter ID number 102312772).

1466 NE 55TH ST
BASS, JERROLD D. (Voter ID number 101494511).
LAURENT, GREGORY W. (Voter ID number 101960950).

1466 NE 56TH CT
MUROS, MELISSA (Voter ID number 102075825).
PAINE, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 101500932).

1466 NE 56TH ST
MURPHY, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 101756274).

1466 NE 57TH CT
ARNOLD, ODELYA B. (Voter ID number 102466158).

1466 NE 57TH PL
MOLFETTO, JENNIFER Ann (Voter ID number 102223293).
MOLFETTO, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 102185473).

1466 NE 62ND ST
YAZ, HATICE (Voter ID number 117826602).

1467 NE 36TH ST
NIELSEN, WILLIAM Robert (Voter ID number 102237276).
OWEN, VIRGINIA Dianne (Voter ID number 101530622).

1467 NE 53RD CT
LIDDY, MICHAEL Miles (Voter ID number 120939830).

1467 NE 55TH ST
HERBERT, GEORGE E. (Voter ID number 101207998).
HERBERT, JOAN S. (Voter ID number 101213528).

1467 NE 56TH ST
WENDEL, HEATHER Marie (Voter ID number 101801587).

1467 NE 56TH CT
VILLAGOMEZ, SANDER H. (Voter ID number 102105121).

1467 NE 56TH ST
WENDEL, PAMELA J. (Voter ID number 101400625).

1467 NE 57TH PL
SIMMONDS, LANA Ann (Voter ID number 101796696).

1467 NE 57TH ST
ROBINSON, MELISSA Kaye (Voter ID number 105213594).

1467 NE 57TH CT
SANTOLLA, ALFRED (Voter ID number 102278979).
SANTOLLA, ESTHER (Voter ID number 102278980).

1467 NE 57TH ST
ROBINSON, AMANDA Janelle (Voter ID number 102149662).
ROBINSON, JAMES F. (Voter ID number 101431865).
ROBINSON, LEANNAH K. (Voter ID number 101438065).

1467 NE 63RD CT
FLYNN, KEITH B. (Voter ID number 101573694).
KHACHANE, ANIL Vasant (Voter ID number 110153517).
FLYNN, ANGELA Ione (Voter ID number 101849723).
KHACHANE, CHRISTINE Contos (Voter ID number 116314008).

1469 NE 53RD ST
VENNE, MARY Kelley (Voter ID number 120719586).
BONI, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 101441454).
VENNE, JULIE (Voter ID number 102051280).
VENNE, WILLIAM P. (Voter ID number 102050308).

1469 NE 60TH ST
MAZORRA, PETER J. (Voter ID number 101985191).

MANZARO, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 101814024).

1470 NE 60TH ST
COTTON, GLENN A. (Voter ID number 101564908).
COTTON, MARY Bucci (Voter ID number 101911863).

1471 NE 54TH ST
GRZYBEK, SANDRA (Voter ID number 101449928).
GRZYBEK, STEPHEN P. (Voter ID number 101449927).
HERMAN, CHORISTOPHER Karl (Voter ID number 102431680).
HERRMANN, CHRISTOPHER K. (Voter ID number 101330252).

1471 NE 63RD CT
WEBER, STEVEN H. (Voter ID number 101493223).
WEBER, WENDY D. (Voter ID number 101641663).

1472 NE 53RD CT
BROWN, JULIA R. (Voter ID number 102122479).

1472 NE 54TH ST
BUCKMAN, JUDITH A. (Voter ID number 101689866).
BUCKMAN, STUART F. (Voter ID number 101689867).

1472 NE 55TH ST
ERDMANN, BERNARD Joseph (Voter ID number 118185067).
STRUBLE, MAX Michael (Voter ID number 118183504).

1472 NE 56TH ST
ZIMBA, ANTHONY John (Voter ID number 101413459).

1472 NE 57TH CT
DICKSON, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 120511622).

1472 NE 57TH PL
CHITWOOD, KRISTA Gail (Voter ID number 119819678).

1472 NE 57TH ST
GORDON, SCOTT Dales (Voter ID number 121056353).

1472 NE 57TH CT
CHACON, ALEX S. (Voter ID number 101539443).

1472 NE 57TH ST
GORDON, MARY Beth (Voter ID number 101592550).
GORDON, SCOTT D. (Voter ID number 101592551).

1472 NE 62ND ST
TENNIS, MARSHA (Voter ID number 102461615).
TENNIS, MIKE (Voter ID number 102333156).

1473 NE 53RD CT
STEPP, SUSAN O. (Voter ID number 101361342).
STEPP, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 101588052).

1473 NE 53RD ST
MONTROSE, BRIAN P. (Voter ID number 102149839).
MONTROSE, KATHLEEN E. (Voter ID number 101411916).
MONTROSE, MARK D. (Voter ID number 101291668).

1473 NE 55TH ST
WING, MARYANNE C. (Voter ID number 101218680).
WING, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 101212795).

1473 NE 56TH CT
BARONE, STEVE A. (Voter ID number 116431794).

1473 NE 56TH ST
GOLDBERG, ALAN Jay (Voter ID number 101640232).

1473 NE 57TH CT
VOSDUGANES, ANDRA (Voter ID number 120509934).
MILLER, COLE Matthew (Voter ID number 102503455).
VOSDOGANES, ANDREA J. (Voter ID number 101594683).

1473 NE 57TH ST
COLLER, AUSTIN Richard (Voter ID number 116160569).
COLLER, DENISE L. (Voter ID number 101315544).
COLLER, LAUREN Jessica (Voter ID number 102524230).
COLLER, SCOT M. (Voter ID number 101419532).

1477 NE 53RD ST
CHAPARRO, IGNACIO Javier (Voter ID number 120249186).
CHAPARRO, CHRISTAIN (Voter ID number 102406286).
CHAPARRO, GLADYS Veronica (Voter ID number 101760504).
CHAPARRO, RICARDO A. (Voter ID number 101760499).

1477 NE 55TH ST
GARVIN, GARY Allen (Voter ID number 102418963).

1478 NE 34TH CT
TAYLOR, ANTHONY B. (Voter ID number 110047433).

1478 NE 34TH CT

MENDOZA, HAMLET G. (Voter ID number 102292741).

1478 NE 53RD CT
SUPER, LOUIS Joseph (Voter ID number 102121792).
LOUCKS, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 102443159).
LOUCKS, MARGARET S. (Voter ID number 102443160).

1478 NE 54TH ST
FONTANA, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 101684362).
FONTANA, MARINA (Voter ID number 101684219).

1478 NE 55TH ST
ALEXANDER, HOWARD L. (Voter ID number 102421553).
MITCHELL, DEWEY A. (Voter ID number 101627467).
MITCHELL, LINDA F. (Voter ID number 101627468).

1478 NE 56TH CT
MUSUMECI, CARMEN P. (Voter ID number 101530129).
MUSUMECI, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 101736954).
MUSUMECI, ROSELYNN (Voter ID number 101542511).

1478 NE 56TH ST
CASTILLO, CLEMENTINA (Voter ID number 101273661).
SAUNDERS, LUZ Mary (Voter ID number 101812703).

1478 NE 57TH CT
MULLER, JOAN A. (Voter ID number 100309395).
MULLER, RANDALL L. (Voter ID number 100309195).

1478 NE 57TH ST
HERBERT, LIZA V. (Voter ID number 101797965).
SELF, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 116490458).

1478 NE 62ND ST
CARACATSANIS, HRIPSIME (Voter ID number 102177441).

1478 NE 63RD CT
ANDRADE, STEFANIA Silva (Voter ID number 118515424).
BRADFORD, AMANDA Lynn (Voter ID number 120706320).
MONTAGUE, JANET Carol (Voter ID number 120178189).

1479 NE 54TH ST
LANDRY, CHELSEA Eve (Voter ID number 119084636).
COOPERMAN, HEATHER A. (Voter ID number 101820288).

1479 NE 55TH ST
ROSSI, TONY John (Voter ID number 102038343).

1479 NE 56TH CT
HOUSER, STUART Lair (Voter ID number 118949782).

1479 NE 57TH CT
MULLINIX, THOMAS P. (Voter ID number 101231047).
MULLINIX, YVELINE (Voter ID number 102328987).

1479 NE 57TH PL
PICKEL, THERESA Mary (Voter ID number 102440711).
RUTHEMEYER, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 101892677).

1479 NE 57TH ST
BOWLING, STEVEN Joshua (Voter ID number 118820269).
FERNANDEZ-BURGOS, MARGO M. (Voter ID number 102381992).
MEAGHER, RITA Maria (Voter ID number 102199742).

1479 NE 63RD CT
LYONS, FRANK Lengard (Voter ID number 102468456).
LYONS, LORI A. (Voter ID number 101782386).

148 NE 30TH ST
RILEY, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 120628522).
WILLIAMS, RUTH Marie (Voter ID number 101541085).

148 NE 38TH ST
CREW, ALEX B. (Voter ID number 120245065).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 29

VALDES, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 118728433).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 36

CARDOZA, ROSE M. (Voter ID number 102234427).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 37

MOSLEY, ALISON D. (Voter ID number 102428575).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 44

GRIFFIN, KEENAN Rashad (Voter ID number 116310465).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 26

CARRIE, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 121105624).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 28

MANSOUR, EDIBET (Voter ID number 110090915).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 32

IGNAGNI, MARIA Christina (Voter ID number 102258926).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 29

LAINEZ, EVELIO R. (Voter ID number 102092677).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 42

GONZALEZ, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 101902863).
MARRIE, JON D. (Voter ID number 101835268).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 33

MULLIN, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 118685343).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 41

MAJUSTE, INOBERT (Voter ID number 119256599).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 46

HICKS, JALINA E. (Voter ID number 119772790).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 39

MOSLEY, MARCEA Marrissa (Voter ID number 102139864).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 29

WELLS, AIMEE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 114481077).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 43

FENCHER, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 102410559).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 31

HUNT, MARY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 117401992).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 39

HENDERSON, BOBBIE Lee (Voter ID number 102451262).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 43

WILLINGHAM, JANINE Schontala (Voter ID number 102299777).

148 NE 38TH ST
APT 46

ARRINGTON, EDWARD D. (Voter ID number 116565376).

1480 NE 36TH ST
APT 204

FARIA, JESSICA Y. (Voter ID number 118388555).

1480 NE 60TH ST
PAINLEY, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 102026143).
BIANCHI, MARK J. (Voter ID number 101940573).

1481 NE 53RD ST
MAVRA, PETAR (Voter ID number 120240568).

1482 NE 63RD CT
BOIG, ELIZABETH Gedney (Voter ID number 115688907).
BOIG, PATRICIA Gedney (Voter ID number 114377460).
MCGETTIGAN, JOAN Marie (Voter ID number 118352611).
WEST, ROBERT Edward (Voter ID number 101656586).

1483 NE 53RD CT
HANSON, ELIZABETH Leeza (Voter ID number 102171098).
HANSON, MITCHELL Allen (Voter ID number 102184854).

1483 NE 63RD CT
MAURER, MATTHEW Scott (Voter ID number 114582910).
ATKINS, EARL Allen (Voter ID number 102142580).
ATKINS, TAMMERA Kramer (Voter ID number 102142564).

1483 NE 63RD ST
GOLDSMITH, HARRIETT C. (Voter ID number 101763620).
MILANI, EDA D. (Voter ID number 101213553).
MILANI, ERIKA (Voter ID number 114450066).

1484 NE 53RD CT
HOBEL, EDWARD F. (Voter ID number 101643469).

1484 NE 57TH CT
MARTINEZ, ALBA Alexandria (Voter ID number 101851180).
MARTINEZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 101995093).

1484 NE 62ND ST
KURTH, RENATE (Voter ID number 117010395).

1485 NE 57TH PL
LAVALLEE, BETSY J. (Voter ID number 116151172).

1485 NE 57TH CT
ASPER, CAROL Sue (Voter ID number 101507722).
ASPER, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 101507721).

1485 NE 57TH PL
LAVALLEE, ANDREA M. (Voter ID number 102417459).
LAVALLEE, CAROLINE Anne (Voter ID number 102449989).

1485 NE 57TH ST
ENGLE, KRISTINE Noelle (Voter ID number 101902967).
WHITE, APRIL C. (Voter ID number 101385691).

1486 NE 63RD CT
BOHATCH LIPTAK, MONICA (Voter ID number 114798986).
LIND, JOHN Bradley (Voter ID number 102381864).
BOHATCH, DORA J. (Voter ID number 101241500).
VEGA, SHARIN (Voter ID number 101924614).

1487 NE 60TH ST
MORAITIS, GEORGE Reynold (Voter ID number 101486815).
MORAITIS, HEATHER Thompson (Voter ID number 102085289).

1487 NE 63RD CT
FRAZIER, EMILY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 121069944).
FRAZIER, LORI E. (Voter ID number 101353350).
FRAZIER, STEVEN Wayne (Voter ID number 101362807).

1487 NE 63RD ST
JONES, FRANK E. (Voter ID number 101486841).
JONES, MARY Lou (Voter ID number 101486840).

149 NE 30TH ST
FUENTES, JOSE I. (Voter ID number 115264506).
FUENTES, RUTH C. (Voter ID number 115264390).
FUENTES, SULLY I. (Voter ID number 115397343).

1490 NE 57TH CT
DITTMAR, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 119492889).
DITTMAR, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 101283134).
DOWLING, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 101440533).

1490 NE 57TH PL
LUNDSTROM, ANTHONY Alphonsus (Voter ID number 115586622).
HOLMES, JAMES Gerard (Voter ID number 102334794).

1490 NE 62ND ST
AMATO, ERIKA R. (Voter ID number 121179925).
AMATO, JUSTIN A. (Voter ID number 118859382).
AMATO, LAURIE Marie (Voter ID number 101874368).

1491 NE 57TH PL
DERTADIAN, RICHARD N. (Voter ID number 101732045).
DERTADIAN, PETER (Voter ID number 119412651).
NEWMAN, JANE R. (Voter ID number 101495070).
BUCHANAN, CAROL Ione (Voter ID number 115351829).
LANGE, STEVEN Ray (Voter ID number 115447360).
MORGAN, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 101534684).

1493 NE 60TH ST
GOETHEL, AMBER Marie (Voter ID number 109578157).
SEIDLIN, LEE Ryan (Voter ID number 101898629).

1496 NE 40TH CT
WELCH, SONDA L. (Voter ID number 102007100).
WELCH, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 114333647).

1496 NE 57TH PL
MAC GOVERN, ALAN E. (Voter ID number 101466405).
MAC GOVERN, MICHAEL F. (Voter ID number 101466404).
MAC GOVERN, PAULA (Voter ID number 114017037).
MC GOVERN, JULIA E. (Voter ID number 101464594).
MC GOVERN, VINCENT A. (Voter ID number 101464595).

1496 NE 62ND ST
COLE, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 101382697).
QUINN, TIMOTHY S. (Voter ID number 102442806).

1498 NE 30TH CT
BORICH, BRUCE (Voter ID number 101941189).
BORICH, JUDY G. (Voter ID number 101931613).

1498 NE 34TH ST
LINGL, MASAKA S. (Voter ID number 102360025).

1498 NE 34TH CT
TIGHE, TOM P. (Voter ID number 102269617).

1498 NE 34TH ST
MOTICKER, TIFFANY Renee (Voter ID number 102251434).

1498 NE 38TH ST
STALLS, HARVEY Clayton (Voter ID number 112996788).
TRENT, JAMES Walker (Voter ID number 112996795).
CANNADAY, CLAUDINE Rogers (Voter ID number 117652855).
ALI, KHADIJAH O. (Voter ID number 116769467).
BUTLER, NICHOLAS Paul (Voter ID number 115108331).
NEVINS, VALENTINA (Voter ID number 101234721).

1498 NE 39TH ST
BOWMAN, CHARLES B. (Voter ID number 101790639).

1498 NE 40TH CT
HITE, PAUL Andrew (Voter ID number 102126989).
PALUMBO, MARK J. (Voter ID number 110821947).

1499 NE 30TH CT
MUSZKIEWICZ, CARROLL C. (Voter ID number 101587850).

1499 NE 32ND ST

DELGADO, NORA M. (Voter ID number 112721959).

1499 NE 32ND ST
APT 11 A

HIGGINS, STEPHANIE Elaine (Voter ID number 118990088).

1499 NE 32ND ST

ZEKA, GEORGE A. (Voter ID number 101846955).

1499 NE 32ND ST
BOROW, GRACE Ann (Voter ID number 101886901).
FRIERSON, TERESA Jackson (Voter ID number 102052116).
MILLIGAN, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 102031420).
OSBORNE, CERITHA Lynn (Voter ID number 101711520).
YUHAS, SUSAN (Voter ID number 101791217).

1499 NE 33RD ST
LIONTS, ROBERT T. (Voter ID number 102274433).

1499 NE 34TH ST

CREWS, BRADFORD Woody (Voter ID number 108636732).

1499 NE 34TH ST
WEINS, BRIAN P. (Voter ID number 101673123).

1499 NE 35TH ST

BRANDON, JULIE (Voter ID number 102276082).
KONKO, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 115637580).

1499 NE 35TH ST
BASS, JOHN Daniel (Voter ID number 102182863).
GORDON, ROSEMARY Theresa (Voter ID number 101308724).

1499 NE 36TH ST
MC NICHOLS, GORDON P. (Voter ID number 102100358).
MC NICHOLS, JACQUILIN F. (Voter ID number 102100356).

1499 NE 39TH ST
DANNENHAUER, YLONKA H. (Voter ID number 110090249).
DIAMOND, MICHELE Lyn (Voter ID number 101486664).
VAZQUEZ GARCIA, GLORIA E. (Voter ID number 118454706).

1499 NE 40TH ST
CUNNINGHAM, HOWARD L. (Voter ID number 101697689).
SALVATI, ERNESTO F. (Voter ID number 102163515).

1499 NE 60TH ST
DOWLING, KERI L. (Voter ID number 114320356).

15 NE 27TH DR
RODRIGUEZ, JESSICA Leigh (Voter ID number 116168029).
RODRIGUEZ, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 101600904).

150 NE 38TH ST
APT 11

CAMPBELL, KATRINA K. (Voter ID number 102371261).

150 NE 38TH ST
APT 15

HOWELL, NICHOLE Lee (Voter ID number 115924698).

150 NE 38TH ST

JOSEPH, MARC Indry (Voter ID number 102412775).

150 NE 38TH ST
APT 19

BENSON, VICTORIA Sallie (Voter ID number 121026509).

150 NE 38TH ST

LERTKIRATIKU, ITTIPHON (Voter ID number 102445364).

150 NE 38TH ST
APT 12

CIBOTARIU, ELENA (Voter ID number 117419353).
MOSCU, MARCEL (Voter ID number 117505014).

150 NE 38TH ST
APT 24

CACHO, NORA Nicole (Voter ID number 117294779).

150 NE 38TH ST

LERTKIRATIKUL, ANGELA K. (Voter ID number 120798091).

150 NE 38TH ST

IRRENO, MARIA Del Ros (Voter ID number 119116409).

150 NE 38TH ST
APT 17

SMITH, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 101696251).

150 NE 38TH ST

BANKS, LISA C. (Voter ID number 101459714).

150 NE 38TH ST

JAMIEL, JOSHUA Michael (Voter ID number 114478219).

150 NE 38TH ST
DAVIS, CARL R. (Voter ID number 102467667).
HAINES, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 102035377).
LIENS, HARRIET (Voter ID number 102089504).
MELITI, ANNA (Voter ID number 101843168).
SCARSELLETTA, NANCY Lee (Voter ID number 102033869).
WALTER, GEORGE (Voter ID number 102417355).

150 NE 38TH ST
APT 12

CIBOTARIU, GHEORGHE (Voter ID number 114444857).
CIBOTARIU, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 119287564).

150 NE 38TH ST
APT 15

MCPHERSON, CHARLES Darryl (Voter ID number 116233839).
MCPHERSON, KAREN Irene (Voter ID number 116461374).

150 NE 38TH ST
APT 21

SAHLI, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 101481149).

150 NE 38TH ST
APT 25

MARTINEZ ZAPATA, JOYCE (Voter ID number 118076714).

150 NE 38TH ST

GEE, MINDY Ella (Voter ID number 101928870).

150 NE 38TH ST

YOUNG, RICHARD Albert (Voter ID number 118969579).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 102

CHOPPALA, TINA M. (Voter ID number 109799783).
VALLE, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 110225464).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 203

INDUSTRIOUS, MAUREEN L. (Voter ID number 112999653).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 204

DU FOUR, ROBERTA Ann (Voter ID number 101830643).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 211

AUGUSTIN, CHANTAL (Voter ID number 116940783).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 109

FIGUEROA, RAMON Emilio (Voter ID number 120838867).

150 NE 40TH CT
CHARLES, AUGUSTINE (Voter ID number 102005585).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 106

KNIGHTS, RICHARD (Voter ID number 101616940).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 208

SCOTT, KERRY Ann (Voter ID number 101762351).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 210

PERRIER, MORITESS (Voter ID number 116327061).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 108

PEREZ, DEANNA J. (Voter ID number 120800694).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 111

GUNN, FELICIA Henri (Voter ID number 121261751).
POTTINGER, PATRICE N. (Voter ID number 120221645).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 202

EMILCA, LUMENA (Voter ID number 120203377).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 205

SIEBENBERG, TINA M.L (Voter ID number 120284518).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 207

VAL-BRAVE, YOLA (Voter ID number 118219875).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 210

JEAN, TANIA (Voter ID number 120297637).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 212

ERRAR, DAMALI N. (Voter ID number 119095871).

150 NE 40TH ST
BROOKS, CECIL C. (Voter ID number 102155396).
BROOKS, CECIL Cleveland (Voter ID number 101806128).
BROOKS, CHERYL Anne (Voter ID number 102155053).
FERGUSON, WINSTON L. (Voter ID number 102364653).
JAIME, JANET M. (Voter ID number 101713599).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 102

SEIZEME, ANTIONE (Voter ID number 116604535).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 105

ORTEGA, JACKELYN (Voter ID number 114845044).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 107

AVILA, CRYSTAL F. (Voter ID number 116103120).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 108

PEREZ, GEORGINA (Voter ID number 114977596).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 113

BROWN, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101907602).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 207

THOMPSON, DAWAN M. (Voter ID number 115431869).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 211

ROMAN, BLANCA R. (Voter ID number 116276655).

150 NE 40TH ST
APT 204

ROE, JACQUELINE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102372406).

150 NE 51ST CT
LAMURA, MAX Devan (Voter ID number 119939566).
KRYWALSKI, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 116730216).
KRYWALSKI, TINA Marie (Voter ID number 116731010).

150 NE 56TH ST
CHELLIS, ANDREW Scott (Voter ID number 102128179).

150 NE 58TH ST
HENRIQUEZ, CLARICE (Voter ID number 115372924).
DAVISSON, PETER D. (Voter ID number 102017586).

150 NE 60TH ST
KELLER, KEITH James (Voter ID number 102382376).
VALIN, ERIN Renee (Voter ID number 102505067).

1500 NE 27TH DR
PHILIPSON, IRENE M. (Voter ID number 101444451).
SHULTZ, CHRISTOPHER Mark (Voter ID number 102139451).
WARNER, DAVID K. (Voter ID number 102184899).

1500 NE 27TH ST
ORCUTT, JOANNE L. (Voter ID number 101502045).
ORCUTT, JONATHAN Eric (Voter ID number 115129767).
ORCUTT, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 101693244).
ORCUTT, SCOTT E. (Voter ID number 101836080).

1500 NE 28TH DR
KOEPFINGER, KELLEY E. (Voter ID number 114226278).
KOEPFINGER, ROBIN F. (Voter ID number 101278141).
KOEPFINGER, THEODORE S. (Voter ID number 101234871).

1500 NE 37TH ST
DEFAGO, PHILIPPE Andre (Voter ID number 119283660).
GUGLIELMETTI, JOHN David (Voter ID number 119261297).
BIERY, JEFFREY Allen (Voter ID number 118782885).

1500 NE 40TH PL
SLAYTON, EMILY A. (Voter ID number 118491694).
SLAYTON, BENJAMIN Douglas (Voter ID number 117086158).
SLAYTON, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 101340226).
SLAYTON, JANET M. (Voter ID number 101340231).

1500 NE 43RD ST
HEADD, ELAINE Dawn (Voter ID number 117533113).
HEADD, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 101719595).

1500 NE 48TH CT
PITCOCK, THOMAS W. (Voter ID number 117435925).

1500 NE 50TH CT

BUTLER, SHENITA (Voter ID number 113951825).
BUTLER, TERRY Leon (Voter ID number 102258783).

1500 NE 50TH CT

COPPOLA, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 118955964).
COPPOLA, LISA Lynn (Voter ID number 102258237).

1500 NE 50TH CT

HIPPLE, BRUCE A. (Voter ID number 102364806).

1500 NE 50TH CT

BROOKS, TAYLOR P. (Voter ID number 102450046).

1500 NE 50TH CT
ANWAR, FAIQA Sultana (Voter ID number 102463773).

1500 NE 50TH CT

NORABUENA, YOLANDA Bety (Voter ID number 114424489).

1500 NE 52ND ST
SQUIRE, JOSH N. (Voter ID number 101903935).
SQUIRE, MELODIE A. (Voter ID number 101239179).
SQUIRE, RICHARD P. (Voter ID number 114885605).
SQUIRE, STEVEN F. (Voter ID number 101708850).

1500 NE 56TH ST

TRAUTMAN, ANA (Voter ID number 114396812).
WALTER, ARTURO Julio (Voter ID number 119938529).

1500 NE 56TH ST

ALGER, SUSAN B. (Voter ID number 118688946).

1500 NE 56TH ST
PALMER, KACEE Ann (Voter ID number 101745107).

1500 NE 56TH ST

VAUGHN, CONNIE Lynn (Voter ID number 101523093).

1500 NE 57TH CT
OWENS, JOSEFF Timothy (Voter ID number 101944329).

1500 NE 62ND ST

HAYDEN, GISELLE Suzette (Voter ID number 110297962).

1500 NE 62ND ST

LITSCHAUER, THOMAS Arthur (Voter ID number 101858928).

1500 NE 62ND ST

SHERLOCK, MARGARET M. (Voter ID number 102782438).

1501 NE 27TH ST
HOLMES, HEATHER Anne (Voter ID number 115034737).
MACKEEN, RAYMOND James (Voter ID number 101970729).

1501 NE 28TH DR
WILSON, HELEN M. (Voter ID number 101250591).

1501 NE 34TH CT
APT 10

MORALES-DELGADO, JOHN Ismael (Voter ID number 102507424).

1501 NE 34TH CT
APT 13

DAVILMAR, ANGELA (Voter ID number 120120765).

1501 NE 34TH CT
PIERRE, SUZIE (Voter ID number 118649714).
BALOM, JODI Anne (Voter ID number 102271448).
PIERORAZIO, FRANK J. (Voter ID number 102149915).

1501 NE 34TH CT
APT 12

WESTON, PRISCILLA Ann (Voter ID number 115034656).

1501 NE 34TH CT

LAPORTE COLON, JAHAZIEL Lessuan (Voter ID number 115604209).

1501 NE 34TH CT

EDWARDS, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 101640727).

1501 NE 34TH ST
DELEGAL, TAMARA S. (Voter ID number 101493512).

1501 NE 35TH ST
BROWN, SARAH Lynn (Voter ID number 119793783).
ALBRIGHT, KLAIRE Houseal (Voter ID number 102121023).
MARINO, SEAN Christopher (Voter ID number 102361740).

1501 NE 36TH ST
BOUCHARD, MATTHEW Robert (Voter ID number 115459964).
GONCALVES, TONY B. (Voter ID number 115459969).

1501 NE 37TH ST
SOKOL, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 102413202).
WAKEFIELD, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 102305494).

1501 NE 38TH ST
KAHAN, PAUL Bernard (Voter ID number 119217487).
GUILLEN, JUANA Zaida (Voter ID number 108085978).

1501 NE 39TH ST
DI LIDDO, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 109734167).
DI LIDDO, SABINO (Voter ID number 101496153).

1501 NE 48TH CT
KIDANE, YOSEPH H. (Voter ID number 120269502).
KIDANE, AZEB H. (Voter ID number 116218624).
KIDANE, HAILE (Voter ID number 116769524).
KIDANE, SENBETU (Voter ID number 116724041).

1501 NE 51ST ST
MCDOWELL, SHANNON Lynne (Voter ID number 115977186).

1501 NE 56TH ST

AKRAM, SHAHIED Alim (Voter ID number 110678536).

1501 NE 56TH ST

FORBES, LEITISHA Tiffany (Voter ID number 121098675).
RICKMAN, PANZIE (Voter ID number 121096239).

1501 NE 56TH ST
KOENIG, EMILY A. (Voter ID number 101274562).

1501 NE 60TH ST
BAUMGARTNER, RACHEL E. (Voter ID number 101834237).
VENTURA, LINDA G. (Voter ID number 101314247).
HOLIFIELD, YVONNE V. (Voter ID number 101907732).
THERRIEN, ERIC John (Voter ID number 101556622).

1501 NE 62ND ST
BLANTON, JAMES Anthony (Voter ID number 101748005).
BLANTON, SUSAN R. (Voter ID number 101680555).
EARNHARDT, DALE Matthew (Voter ID number 101760720).
EARNHARDT, TEKA Hogan (Voter ID number 101781618).

1502 NE 36TH ST
KOLPAK, MALCOLM C. (Voter ID number 101264447).

1502 NE 38TH ST
LAURA, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 119823990).
LAURA, JOEANN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 116997525).
LAURA, KIMBERLEY A. (Voter ID number 101262831).

1502 NE 40TH ST
DELEGAL, ALISON Leigh (Voter ID number 115171133).
DELEGAL, DONNA S. (Voter ID number 101244932).

1503 NE 60TH ST
GRAHAM, AMY Dorene (Voter ID number 120129820).
PRESSMAN, GAYLE C. (Voter ID number 114290718).
PRESSMAN, SAMUEL Herman (Voter ID number 117950678).

1504 NE 28TH DR
LAMBERT, BRENDA K. (Voter ID number 101803899).

1505 NE 28TH DR
HARGADEN, JAMES Franklin (Voter ID number 101458834).
HARGADEN, LINDA G. (Voter ID number 101348714).

1505 NE 46TH ST
LEFEBVRE, KENT Marcus (Voter ID number 119592588).
LEFEBURE, MARC Andre (Voter ID number 101813506).
LEFEBVRE, IDA I. (Voter ID number 101387754).

1508 NE 27TH DR
MYERS, ARTHUR James (Voter ID number 102084762).

1508 NE 27TH ST
POLAND, JOHN Daniel (Voter ID number 102410177).

1508 NE 27TH DR
NOBLETT, MONIQUE Renee (Voter ID number 102476633).

1508 NE 30TH CT
HENCH, HEATHER Marie (Voter ID number 118856635).
HENCH, KELLEY Ann (Voter ID number 114018904).
HENCH, LISA A. (Voter ID number 101640637).

1508 NE 33RD ST
JEAN-CHARLES, MURAT (Voter ID number 114737508).

1509 NE 27TH ST
ROBISON, DEAN D. (Voter ID number 102097224).

1509 NE 27TH DR
PEREZ, MARIO Leonel (Voter ID number 109056940).
RUBIN, BARRY J. (Voter ID number 101527377).

1509 NE 27TH ST
BOSTIC, MILLIS Franklin (Voter ID number 102097071).

1509 NE 28TH DR
SCHOT, AECHA (Voter ID number 101337497).

1509 NE 35TH ST
ORITZ, CHRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 101908794).

1509 NE 50TH CT
JOHNSTONE, LAURA (Voter ID number 111335947).
WOODALL, LAKOTA Leigh (Voter ID number 117631354).
JOHNSTONE, KEITH (Voter ID number 120353634).

WATSON, TODD Edward (Voter ID number 101836665).

151 NE 51ST ST
FLORES, SANDRA Acosta (Voter ID number 119268803).

151 NE 55TH ST
DAME, PAUL Daniel (Voter ID number 118280567).
DUNLEY, STEPHEN (Voter ID number 101741004).
DUNLEY, JEAN E. (Voter ID number 101481366).
KIRKPATRICK, BRIAN Glenn (Voter ID number 101754860).

151 NE 56TH CT
BAKER, RONALD S. (Voter ID number 101646163).
GONSALVES, ANTHONY Cesar (Voter ID number 118839968).
GONSALVES, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 120475314).
GALLAGHER, RYAN J. (Voter ID number 116802685).

151 NE 57TH CT
SWEENEY, FRANCIS (Voter ID number 116438451).
AMSBARY, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 120415480).
DUFFY, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 102355255).

151 NE 59TH CT
PORTILLO ROMERO, MARIA Ermelinda (Voter ID number 119282843).
RAMIREZ CENTENO, PEDRO (Voter ID number 114607134).
RAMIREZ, JOHNNY U. (Voter ID number 120482577).
RAMIREZ, JOVANY A. (Voter ID number 120800517).
RAMIREZ-PORTILLO, JOUANY Antonio (Voter ID number 120597064).

1510 NE 34TH ST
AREY, HAZEL (Voter ID number 116846569).
AREY, SCOTT L. (Voter ID number 101642341).
EMBERG, DANIEL Lee Allen (Voter ID number 101751984).
PUTZ, KRISTEN A. (Voter ID number 101550539).

1510 NE 39TH ST
CORI, DAVID (Voter ID number 102008457).

1510 NE 40TH PL
BLACK, MICHELLE Dowsett (Voter ID number 101551755).
BLACK, VAUGHN Rice (Voter ID number 102113042).

1510 NE 40TH CT
KONSTANTINIDES, MARIA (Voter ID number 101641403).
KONSTANTINIDIS, DIMITRIOS A. (Voter ID number 101284739).

1510 NE 43RD ST
SCHLEIFER, HAROLD D. (Voter ID number 101347625).

1510 NE 46TH ST
CHAMBERS, DOREEN (Voter ID number 116716981).
MONROUGIE, PHILIPPE Andre (Voter ID number 118726568).

1510 NE 47TH ST
THORNTON, MARIE R. (Voter ID number 120470540).
NEWBILL, MARK Allen (Voter ID number 102252778).
THORNTON, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 101357808).

1510 NE 49TH ST
DAMICO, DANA Marie (Voter ID number 102447552).
MARMO, KELLY N. (Voter ID number 101605140).
MARMO, MARLENE J. (Voter ID number 101320284).
MARNO, KEITH (Voter ID number 101544020).
ROSENMAN, ROBERTA (Voter ID number 101317413).

1510 NE 50TH CT

SALAZAR, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 119412708).

1510 NE 50TH CT

SALGADO, MONICA N. (Voter ID number 102388853).

1510 NE 50TH CT

OLANO, PEGGY Millie Sofia (Voter ID number 120739446).

1510 NE 50TH CT

VENTURINI, GIANNI Antonio (Voter ID number 110005912).

1510 NE 51ST ST
GAINZA PEREZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 120090980).
PEREZ LOPEZ, LOURDES I. (Voter ID number 120091910).
MC CULLOUGH, MARK Jeffrey (Voter ID number 102517013).
RACZ, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 101738174).

1510 NE 52ND ST
WARREN, VERA (Voter ID number 101724988).

1510 NE 53RD ST
LERBS, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101987170).
LERBS, SYLVIE Letanneur (Voter ID number 102018174).

1510 NE 57TH CT
GILBO, KENNETH J. (Voter ID number 101298451).
GILBO, KRISTIN E. (Voter ID number 101524421).
GILBO, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 101298450).
GILSO, JEFFREY E. (Voter ID number 101605112).

1510 NE 62ND ST
VINCENT, NAVOY Y. (Voter ID number 118299103).
VINCENT, YVES (Voter ID number 102028115).

SHERLOCK, MONICA K. (Voter ID number 102374345).

APT 104

FAGER, WILLIAM Arthur (Voter ID number 101470990).

1511 NE 34TH ST
SYLVESTER, RENE D. (Voter ID number 102512452).
HUNTLEY, OMAR Dorian (Voter ID number 101800031).
CASE, KENNETH R. (Voter ID number 101835962).

1511 NE 40TH CT
IVEY, CHRISTOPHER Alan (Voter ID number 101952975).

1511 NE 40TH PL
CONDRY, BARBARA S. (Voter ID number 101768713).

1511 NE 40TH ST
SAMMARCO, ANTHONY F. (Voter ID number 101425471).
SAMMARCO, PATTI G. (Voter ID number 101335864).

1511 NE 48TH CT
CROSSLEY, CAROL J. (Voter ID number 102180139).
CROSSLEY, HUNTER (Voter ID number 118466092).
CROSSLEY, JERRY Edward (Voter ID number 101558417).

1511 NE 50TH CT
SHEEL, KELLY Ann (Voter ID number 101808197).
EVERETT, RICK Andrew (Voter ID number 101859842).
EVERETT, JANE G. (Voter ID number 101744305).

1511 NE 53RD ST
POUNDS, LEONARD John (Voter ID number 115606406).
SHICK, ISABELLE A. (Voter ID number 118403950).
LILLIE, DONALD B. (Voter ID number 102015092).
LILLIE, ROSEMARY P. (Voter ID number 101620803).

1511 NE 57TH CT
SCHWAB, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 101341112).

1511 NE 59TH CT
HAIMOWITZ, JOSEPH Ira (Voter ID number 101789237).

1511 NE 60TH ST
SCHWARTZ, WAYNE Allen (Voter ID number 102351854).

1511 NE 63RD CT
RECA, NORA (Voter ID number 119817778).

1511 NE 63RD ST
DAVISON, JANE Holzworth (Voter ID number 120745143).
DAVISON, WILLIAM Chapman (Voter ID number 120830360).

1511 NE 63RD CT
RECA, MARK F. (Voter ID number 101625976).
RECA, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 101607318).

1511 NE 63RD ST
SMITH, DALE M. (Voter ID number 115305971).
SMITH, DARA P. (Voter ID number 116962446).

1512 NE 28TH DR
GERBINO, GARY J. (Voter ID number 101509175).

1513 NE 28TH DR
SMITH, STANTON B. (Voter ID number 101799285).

1515 NE 33RD ST

SOVA, MIREK (Voter ID number 120863864).

1515 NE 33RD ST
MATA, ANGEL (Voter ID number 120356270).

1515 NE 33RD ST

RUTLEDGE, PETER F. (Voter ID number 112475784).

1515 NE 33RD ST
WHITE, CRAIG Dennis (Voter ID number 115258598).

1515 NE 36TH ST
LOPEZ, ANTONIO F. (Voter ID number 101561367).
LOPEZ, JOANNA (Voter ID number 101949764).
LOPEZ, JUANITA P. (Voter ID number 101561366).

1515 NE 38TH ST
LEON, PEARL P. (Voter ID number 116142337).
LEON, HONG Hong (Voter ID number 101523216).
LEON, MELINDA Lai Jing (Voter ID number 115946747).
LEON, YIT Leong (Voter ID number 114058747).

1515 NE 51ST ST
DOWNEY, WILMA Martins (Voter ID number 114867181).

1516 NE 27TH DR
GILL, FRANK G. (Voter ID number 101415293).
GILL, LYNN M. (Voter ID number 101235577).

1516 NE 27TH ST
NOWAK, JUDITH Lynn (Voter ID number 101227901).
NOWAK, ROBERT (Voter ID number 101468456).

1516 NE 35TH ST
BICHLER, KURT J. (Voter ID number 101893088).
CAPTAIN, DANIEL Lewis (Voter ID number 115572349).
SANTOS, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 116986673).
MURZYN, RONALD C. (Voter ID number 102425301).

1516 NE 36TH ST
ETTING, CHRIS L. (Voter ID number 102268016).

1516 NE 38TH ST
MOORE, MAHIZA (Voter ID number 117799157).

1516 NE 39TH ST
SCANLON, CHRIS J. (Voter ID number 118131972).
SCANLON, JOHN (Voter ID number 101559393).
SCANLON, LISA A. (Voter ID number 101558439).

1517 NE 27TH DR
LOZANO, GEORGE Richard (Voter ID number 121027934).
SOTO, JOHN (Voter ID number 121027948).

1517 NE 27TH ST
HALLORAN, TIMOTHY (Voter ID number 117178548).
BOEHNE, DALE Martin (Voter ID number 101990596).
FERNANDEZ, RICARDO L. (Voter ID number 102054106).

1517 NE 28TH DR
ARTHURS, THEODORA M. (Voter ID number 101206650).

1518 NE 51ST ST
BELLEMER, JEANNINE Marie (Voter ID number 102313154).
UNANGST, CONSTANCE Mary (Voter ID number 114971812).

1519 NE 50TH CT
COLE, CURTIS D. (Voter ID number 101787575).
COON, BRYAN M. (Voter ID number 101568404).
MATHES, THOMAS Kristian (Voter ID number 118863295).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 80

COLON, PEDRO L. (Voter ID number 102312317).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 89

BERCY, CASSANDRA (Voter ID number 120145405).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 83

PIERRE LOUIS, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 120956468).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 87

WALKER, THOMAS William (Voter ID number 101885028).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 89

PIERRE, NADINE (Voter ID number 115267313).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 92

FITZGERALD, THERESA M. (Voter ID number 101928002).
MYRIE, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 101378725).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 93

SCOTT, SEAN Jamar (Voter ID number 117911690).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 95

FRAZER, CATHINA (Voter ID number 114024752).

152 NE 38TH ST
LOWE, JERRY (Voter ID number 120458147).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 79

CAMARDELLA, MARC Jon (Voter ID number 117856755).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 83

CRUEL, BRAULIO Ventura (Voter ID number 119769749).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 90

GARDINER, DELIA (Voter ID number 120844804).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 96

DAVIS, TEDDY Lamont (Voter ID number 120724907).
RAMOS BETANCOURT, RAYZA (Voter ID number 120420637).

152 NE 38TH ST
BARRERA, MARIA De Lourdez (Voter ID number 102217654).
BERGSTROM, JESSICA Lynn (Voter ID number 102189697).
KHAN, AZAD (Voter ID number 102344345).
REYES, KERRY Mauricio (Voter ID number 102185480).
WILCOXON, BRUCE A. (Voter ID number 116943111).

152 NE 38TH ST
APT 91

THOMAS, CHARLOTTE E. (Voter ID number 115657668).

1520 NE 28TH DR
WOODWARD, MICHAEL Charles (Voter ID number 117946532).
WOODWARD, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 118667240).

1520 NE 30TH PL
JOHNSTON, ROBERT D. (Voter ID number 101728855).
MICHELSEN, GERI (Voter ID number 101786294).

1520 NE 32ND ST
BODIFORD, ROBIN La Georgia (Voter ID number 101696450).

1520 NE 33RD ST

HUTCHINSON, SHAUN David (Voter ID number 112566569).

1520 NE 39TH ST
WEIMAN, MICHAEL Scott (Voter ID number 101501079).
KANNALY, DANIEL Lee (Voter ID number 101655358).

1520 NE 40TH CT
GAIL, ADAM J. (Voter ID number 102423301).
GAIL, MELISA Ann (Voter ID number 102299668).

1520 NE 40TH PL
IGLAY, KENNETH C. (Voter ID number 101305098).

1520 NE 43RD ST
CAROSELLA, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 101623402).
CAROSELLA, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 101706086).

1520 NE 47TH ST
BARNETT, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 101459296).
ESCOBAR, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 101755466).

1520 NE 48TH CT
GUERIN, REGINE Suzette (Voter ID number 102444835).

1520 NE 49TH ST
NOLET, ROLAND George (Voter ID number 119793525).
NOLET, PAMELA Ann (Voter ID number 119280915).
CALCAGNO, TREVOR M. (Voter ID number 101549278).
MC GEE, WANDA J. (Voter ID number 101213197).

1520 NE 50TH CT

LAFRENIERE, CARISSA (Voter ID number 102061905).

1520 NE 50TH CT

BOULWARE, CARMEN Ysabel (Voter ID number 119815679).

1520 NE 50TH CT

PIMENTEL, JOEL H. (Voter ID number 114572097).

1520 NE 51ST ST
BABULA, BARBARA Anne Thompson (Voter ID number 101802358).
BABULA, GEORGE Michael (Voter ID number 102040890).
BONILLA, SEAN Alexander (Voter ID number 120280121).

1520 NE 52ND ST
FIRTH, MARY A. (Voter ID number 101732442).
FIRTH, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 101732445).

1520 NE 53RD ST
CLARK, CHESTER W. (Voter ID number 101932232).

1520 NE 56TH ST
BUSCH, MARIE A. (Voter ID number 101621474).

1520 NE 56TH ST

SCHLAACK, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 101822756).

1520 NE 56TH ST

SNOW, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 120165399).

1520 NE 56TH ST

SANTANA, PEDRO M. (Voter ID number 102194002).

1520 NE 56TH ST

WOLFSON, ILENE Donna (Voter ID number 120458076).

1520 NE 56TH ST

FESSENDEN, CRAIG Edwin (Voter ID number 102014314).

1520 NE 56TH ST

MIRIN, MARK I. (Voter ID number 102390849).

1520 NE 57TH CT
BROWN, TROY Qunirdo (Voter ID number 102331304).

1520 NE 58TH CT
SCIANIMANICO, ROBERT Joseph (Voter ID number 116385408).

1520 NE 60TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, ALFREDO Andres (Voter ID number 102216070).
RODRIGUEZ, VIVIAN Sheila (Voter ID number 102008972).

1520 NE 63RD CT
BINO, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 102141876).

1521 NE 28TH DR
RYAN, CHRISTOPHER Joseph (Voter ID number 101291306).

1521 NE 40TH CT
EATON, KATHRYN Susan (Voter ID number 119387152).
CUADRA RECHES, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 101221313).
MARTINEZ, MARTHA Zoila (Voter ID number 117586187).

1521 NE 40TH ST
HEALY, SHIRLEY B. (Voter ID number 101213239).

1521 NE 42ND ST
MARKS, DENISE J. (Voter ID number 101586594).
MARKS, RICHARD Alan (Voter ID number 115922963).

1521 NE 48TH CT
ELLIS, JESSE B. (Voter ID number 101205596).

1521 NE 50TH CT
SCHOLTE, BRIAN W. (Voter ID number 120178536).
LYNN, MARC Anthony (Voter ID number 101920040).
BALZANO, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 118973954).

1521 NE 51ST ST
MANLEY, GALE (Voter ID number 102483076).

1521 NE 53RD ST
PARTINGTON, CLARE (Voter ID number 115296895).
PARTINGTON, GILES (Voter ID number 116239063).
PARTINGTON, NICOLA C. (Voter ID number 102398236).
PARTINGTON, PETER R. (Voter ID number 102341047).

1521 NE 57TH CT
WEBER, ELAINE M. (Voter ID number 101204802).

1521 NE 59TH CT
LE BEAU, WHITNEY L. (Voter ID number 101929249).
LEBEAU, GREGORY Charles (Voter ID number 102518788).

1521 NE 60TH ST
WEINSTEIN, SARAH Lillian (Voter ID number 117112145).

1521 NE 63RD CT
LEDUC, PETER M. (Voter ID number 112576312).

1521 NE 63RD ST
DEPAULA, LISANDRO Monassa (Voter ID number 119325491).
DEPAULA, MARCIUS Monassa (Voter ID number 116565445).

1521 NE 63RD CT
KUHN, FRANCES M. (Voter ID number 101217976).

1521 NE 63RD ST
MUFFLER, STEPHEN C. (Voter ID number 101626146).

1522 NE 34TH CT

RIVERA PEREZ, JULIO Angel (Voter ID number 119903980).

1522 NE 34TH CT

SCHANES, DIANE M. (Voter ID number 101965107).

1522 NE 34TH CT

DORCEUS, KENSLY (Voter ID number 102384496).

1522 NE 34TH CT

MACHUCA, MARCOS M. (Voter ID number 118879810).

1522 NE 34TH CT
APT 12

PALACIOS, LISSETH (Voter ID number 102426568).

1522 NE 34TH CT
APT 11

BAYKUN, JOSEPH Ellis (Voter ID number 114094226).

1522 NE 34TH CT
HORNEDO, NINA M. (Voter ID number 102489098).
STAMBUL, DEREK C. (Voter ID number 102147872).

1522 NE 34TH CT

SMALL, HARRIS Andrew (Voter ID number 101844782).

1523 NE 27TH DR
HALL, GABRIELLA Nicole (Voter ID number 119049631).
HALL, STEVEN Michael (Voter ID number 117936605).
HALL, WILLIAM L. (Voter ID number 102237319).
HALL, WILLIAM Louis (Voter ID number 120221605).
WILSON, CATHERINE E. (Voter ID number 101591683).

1523 NE 33RD ST
MENEMENCI, ANGELA C. (Voter ID number 115049831).

1523 NE 34TH ST

TATE, PAMELA Jayne (Voter ID number 101762706).
RAMCHARAN, DONNA (Voter ID number 119819849).

1523 NE 34TH ST

MONTESINO, GRISMELDA A. (Voter ID number 116071732).

1523 NE 36TH ST
ADLER, GREGORY M. (Voter ID number 102265279).
ADLER, TIMOTHY S. (Voter ID number 101660849).

1523 NE 37TH ST
RANKIN, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 101531088).

1523 NE 39TH ST
BRINK, ERIC Boudewijn (Voter ID number 119825754).

1523 NE 51ST ST
HIPPELE, BEULAH E. (Voter ID number 101481154).

1524 NE 27TH DR
SANTOS, ROBERT P. (Voter ID number 102150866).

1524 NE 27TH ST
HAUGER, LAWRENCE R. (Voter ID number 101398324).
HAUGER, NELVA K. (Voter ID number 101398323).

1524 NE 28TH DR
LUCAS, DONALD Brian (Voter ID number 102405173).
OLINZOCK, JOHN Edward (Voter ID number 102491227).

1524 NE 34TH ST

ZEBRASKI, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 120853739).

1524 NE 35TH ST
CAMPBELL, MARK Ronald (Voter ID number 102229713).

1524 NE 36TH ST
MADRID, MARVIN Mauricio (Voter ID number 119000363).

1524 NE 37TH ST
LUTES, JEAN A. (Voter ID number 101208746).

1525 NE 27TH ST
ROGERS, CHRISTOPHER C. (Voter ID number 101735841).
ROGERS, CHRISTOPHER C. (Voter ID number 120360850).
ROGERS, STEPHANEE Lynn (Voter ID number 120571242).
HOLAHAN, JAMES J. (Voter ID number 101302716).
MCCRARY, TERRI (Voter ID number 101551701).

1525 NE 28TH DR
HANSEN, CHERYL Denise (Voter ID number 101632415).

1525 NE 56TH ST
OPPEDISANO, VINCENZO (Voter ID number 120986959).

1527 NE 32ND ST
FIELD, JENNIFER Collins (Voter ID number 101315048).
FIELD, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 101706274).
MACALUSO, JAIME S. (Voter ID number 102452198).

1528 NE 28TH DR
HEIDERMAN, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 101804463).

1528 NE 32ND ST
PERRITT, ROGER C. (Voter ID number 102245878).
TOUHY, DANIAL J. (Voter ID number 101709570).

1528 NE 33RD ST
RUCH, DAMIAN T. (Voter ID number 101966004).

1529 NE 28TH DR
NEIN, MEREDITH Lorah (Voter ID number 114219343).
NEIN, BRETT A. (Voter ID number 101401152).
NEIN, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 101516028).
NEIN, JORDAN F. (Voter ID number 116168793).

1530 NE 30TH PL
GREATOREX, ALAN F. (Voter ID number 101940416).
GREATOREX, JESSIE N. (Voter ID number 116876551).
GREATOREX, TONI M. (Voter ID number 101502527).

1530 NE 40TH CT
CURRY, DANNIE (Voter ID number 101287859).

1530 NE 40TH PL
BALDWIN, JANE A. (Voter ID number 101248639).
BALDWIN, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number 101402168).

1530 NE 40TH ST
WINIK, GARY (Voter ID number 101419142).
WINIK, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 101422386).

1530 NE 43RD ST
MAYNARD, DOREEN J. (Voter ID number 102156454).
BENSON, DONALD J. (Voter ID number 101246159).
BENSON, SHEILA J. (Voter ID number 101246158).

1530 NE 45TH ST
SEWELL, JOSEPH Grant (Voter ID number 102424260).

1530 NE 48TH CT
VOIGHT, MARK W. (Voter ID number 102341697).

1530 NE 49TH ST
QUIER, DONALD Jay (Voter ID number 101804049).

1530 NE 50TH CT

LUBIN, SADIA P. (Voter ID number 106262559).

1530 NE 50TH CT

GORDON, MARVETTE D. (Voter ID number 102437151).

1530 NE 50TH CT

BELLABRE, FARADIA (Voter ID number 120164292).

1530 NE 50TH CT
JOHNSTON, JEANETTE C. (Voter ID number 101766082).

1530 NE 59TH PL
ROMANELLO, ROSE Anne Sbarro (Voter ID number 101441646).

1530 NE 62ND ST
YETTITIO, VINCENT R. (Voter ID number 102365941).

1530 NE 63RD CT
CATANIA, KAREN B. (Voter ID number 101541004).
CATANIA, RICHARD (Voter ID number 101532191).

1531 NE 35TH ST
MIMS, CHRISTOPHER Kahlil (Voter ID number 101974487).
SCHKLAIR-MIMS, KATHLEEN Marie (Voter ID number 109313385).
ARMEGA, JULIAN (Voter ID number 102499513).
SANDERSON, RAYMOND N. (Voter ID number 101327307).

1531 NE 39TH ST
MC KEON, MICHAEL Patrick (Voter ID number 119271856).
MC KEON, SHARI (Voter ID number 101352895).

1531 NE 40TH CT
WILCOX, JEFFERY Alan (Voter ID number 119309213).
VOGT, DOLORES M. (Voter ID number 102097799).
WILCOX, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 119328642).

1531 NE 40TH ST
HAGEN, JAMES O. (Voter ID number 101240690).

1531 NE 42ND ST
SLADE, JAY M. (Voter ID number 101577311).
SLADE, PATSY Hall (Voter ID number 114151111).

1531 NE 45TH ST
BUZZELLA, EILEEN R. (Voter ID number 102288911).

1531 NE 48TH CT
EUSTICE, DIANA M. (Voter ID number 101229934).

1531 NE 53RD ST
HORODECKI, THOMAS (Voter ID number 119908882).
HORODECKI, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 115741361).

1531 NE 59TH PL
BEHN, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 101974937).
BEHN, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number 102265091).

1531 NE 63RD ST
BIRKEGREN, MELTEM (Voter ID number 102463760).

1532 NE 27TH DR
NICHOLS, TROY Gus (Voter ID number 114719688).
WINKLER, JOHN Eugene (Voter ID number 114780132).

1532 NE 27TH ST
DREWS, BERND Peter (Voter ID number 101558076).
DREWS, JEAN M. (Voter ID number 101549222).

1532 NE 28TH DR
BARTON, JAMES B. (Voter ID number 101203387).
BARTON, PATRICIA L. (Voter ID number 102278384).

1532 NE 34TH ST

DERICO, KRISTEN N. (Voter ID number 102462904).

1532 NE 34TH ST

SPOTTO, THOMAS Anthony (Voter ID number 119729778).

1532 NE 37TH ST
CARPENTER, CHERYL L. (Voter ID number 101586575).

1532 NE 38TH ST
RADTKE, GERALD P. (Voter ID number 112506429).

1532 NE 39TH ST
ZEDELIA, SHARON M. (Voter ID number 116698968).
HIPWELL, THOMAS H. (Voter ID number 102292364).
RISOLA, JOSEPH V. (Voter ID number 117326415).
RISOLA, MARY Teresa (Voter ID number 118270534).

1532 NE 62ND ST
HANSEN, JEAN M. (Voter ID number 101706007).

1533 NE 27TH ST
MARSHALL, PETER L. (Voter ID number 101777234).
PERRY, CLARA B. (Voter ID number 101314921).

1533 NE 28TH DR
HAMILTON, CHARLENE W. (Voter ID number 101339604).
HAMILTON, TYLER Grant (Voter ID number 101631587).

1534 NE 32ND ST

KOHN, REGINALD Tyrone (Voter ID number 102014476).

1534 NE 32ND ST
DE JESUS CALDERON, MAIRA (Voter ID number 116476451).

1534 NE 33RD ST
HARKINS, CHERYL (Voter ID number 102042775).
WEBB, SHANNON Lynne (Voter ID number 117768072).

1535 NE 34TH CT
FERGUSON, DANIELLE I. (Voter ID number 101644410).
GIANNONE, NOEL A. (Voter ID number 116543765).

1535 NE 34TH CT

WRIGHT, PAULA A. (Voter ID number 115690120).

1536 NE 28TH DR
DEL PRETE, RICHARD Paul (Voter ID number 109404443).

1537 NE 46TH ST
DEININGER, JUDY L. (Voter ID number 101581084).
MANERI, JEAN M. (Voter ID number 101314331).

1538 NE 62ND ST
BRABANT, MICHELLE P. (Voter ID number 101913384).
KOSICKI, GABRIEL Jude (Voter ID number 117099371).

1539 NE 32ND ST

LEWIS, CHATMAN (Voter ID number 114777804).

1539 NE 33RD ST
HARRIS, BRIAN Allan (Voter ID number 102522266).
MOSSA, EDWARD A. (Voter ID number 102522265).

1539 NE 35TH ST
CONRAD, DEBORAH Sarah (Voter ID number 101740661).

1539 NE 36TH ST
BART, RICK (Voter ID number 101616021).
MC NEELY, RONALD Lee (Voter ID number 101535885).
MARQUEZ, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 101847660).

1539 NE 37TH ST
BUNCH, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 116749695).

1539 NE 38TH ST
ZILVETI, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 101761639).
ZILVETI, DANIELLE Elaine (Voter ID number 101764439).
ZILVETI, LISA Lynn (Voter ID number 102293629).

1539 NE 48TH CT
CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 101285550).
CUNNINGHAM, SHARON K. (Voter ID number 101285551).

154 NE 38TH ST
COLE, TAMIRA (Voter ID number 117009666).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 49

GEDDIS, QUANESHA D. (Voter ID number 119587929).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 61

FELINOR, DJENNY (Voter ID number 114239867).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 65

THERVIL, DIEUVINA (Voter ID number 120606182).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 71

COLE, KAINON (Voter ID number 118367846).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 49

GARCES, REYNALDO Agustin (Voter ID number 115875229).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 61

FELINOR, VELY (Voter ID number 102177619).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 64

BROWN, TEELA Tiffany Oni (Voter ID number 119475379).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 65

THERVIL, MYRTHO M J T (Voter ID number 119858636).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 73

PISHKO, HEATHER Marie (Voter ID number 116583041).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 48

QUILLIAN, AMBER Mylan (Voter ID number 119874177).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 52

DIAZ, SAMANTHA M. (Voter ID number 120101819).
LLOPES, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 120515499).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 61

FELINOR, GISELA (Voter ID number 119816012).
FELINOR, WILKENSON Wilkenson (Voter ID number 120481799).
LOUIS, CRISTINA P. (Voter ID number 119858323).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 62

GIANNELLI, TRINITA Rosalba (Voter ID number 101921517).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 65

THERVIL, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number 120798143).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 66

ALTUNSACAN, AHMET (Voter ID number 120883420).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 70

COLON GONZALEZ, ERVIN Antonio (Voter ID number 121239059).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 59

NORRIS, RAVEN Lenz (Voter ID number 115588015).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 66

OLIVA, ANDERSON (Voter ID number 102172817).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 73 F

JACKSON, ASHLEY Kent (Voter ID number 115007260).

154 NE 38TH ST
ARLOTTO, SHEILA Marie (Voter ID number 102262006).
ARLOTTO, THERESA M. (Voter ID number 102262020).
CRUZ, YALILA L. (Voter ID number 102475334).
JONES, JIMMY (Voter ID number 102051098).
MALAVE, PETER Joseph (Voter ID number 102383326).
NOUVEAU, FRANCES (Voter ID number 101680707).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 52

SANTALIS, YVETTE Maria (Voter ID number 115533395).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 63

TRAHAN, NICOLE Regina (Voter ID number 118548077).
WILLIAMS, NICO Nathaniel (Voter ID number 118858836).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 66

ASAD, MALIK (Voter ID number 102395481).
DALLASS, CRYSTAL Joy (Voter ID number 102338908).

154 NE 38TH ST
APT 71

HERBIN, ASHLEY Nicole (Voter ID number 117030224).

1540 NE 27TH DR
OBRADOR, ANDRES C. (Voter ID number 109090652).
RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 101527826).
MCNEIL, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 116472863).

1540 NE 27TH ST
ADAMS, ELEANOR M. (Voter ID number 101704740).

1540 NE 32ND ST
EASTON, LINDA (Voter ID number 102437023).
PASQUAROSA, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 102444846).
CLARK, JUSTIN Lee (Voter ID number 102306359).

1540 NE 35TH ST
HARRIS, ANTHONY V. (Voter ID number 116105768).
BIRNHOLZ, MICHAEL B. (Voter ID number 102033723).

1540 NE 36TH ST
DI FILIPPO, ANTHONY N. (Voter ID number 101617466).
KUNKEL, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 116875732).
LA CORTE, JEROMY H. (Voter ID number 114089573).

1540 NE 39TH ST
DIPAOLO, CYNTHIA Dantoni (Voter ID number 102417268).

1540 NE 40TH PL
STRICKER, HAYLEY Ann (Voter ID number 119592209).

1540 NE 40TH CT
MILLER, SHANNON E. (Voter ID number 117386325).

1540 NE 40TH PL
STRICKER, TODD J. (Voter ID number 101387148).
STRICKER, JENNIFER A. (Voter ID number 101497148).
STRICKER, ROBERT Todd (Voter ID number 117533360).

1540 NE 43RD ST
WALZ, WALTER E. (Voter ID number 101281513).
WALZ, LYNDA Sweet (Voter ID number 101248634).

1540 NE 45TH ST
FALSTER, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 102075714).

1540 NE 47TH ST
BENSON, MICHAEL G. (Voter ID number 101616152).

1540 NE 48TH CT
BRACKETT, MAURITA Ann (Voter ID number 103791032).
SAMUELSON, ALLEN Ira (Voter ID number 118444568).

1540 NE 49TH ST
PRICE, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 120515451).
GALUS, NICHOLAS E. (Voter ID number 114759617).
NIKOLOPOULOS, GEORGIOS (Voter ID number 114712016).
NIKOLOPOULOS, MARIA Cristina (Voter ID number 102032223).

1540 NE 53RD ST
PERNAS, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 114228233).
PERNAS, MARCOS (Voter ID number 101439165).
PERNAS, MARCOS (Voter ID number 102198552).
PERNAS, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 101442265).

1540 NE 59TH PL
KEARNS, RUSSELL F. (Voter ID number 102228613).
MESSINEO, CARLO Ronald (Voter ID number 102228609).

1540 NE 60TH ST
CLARK, FRED L. (Voter ID number 101348184).
CLARK, TERRY L. (Voter ID number 101344896).
CLARK, TRACY Lynn (Voter ID number 101950764).

1540 NE 62ND ST
MORALES, DENISE C. (Voter ID number 102166503).
MORALES, BRADY (Voter ID number 102425328).
BOSCOE TURNEY, CASEY J. (Voter ID number 102006087).

1541 NE 27TH DR
ANDAR, MARIAM (Voter ID number 118018819).

1541 NE 27TH ST
DONAGHUE, CHAD A. (Voter ID number 111988429).
SNELL, JOSEPH Allen (Voter ID number 102052234).

1541 NE 27TH DR
ANDAR, ADAM Ghulam (Voter ID number 101952053).
ANDAR, AKRIVI (Voter ID number 119284581).
ANDAR, MOHAMMED A. (Voter ID number 102280838).

1541 NE 28TH DR
HERMAN, STEVEN D. (Voter ID number 102171027).
WRENCH, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 102213376).

1541 NE 34TH CT
APT 202

MELENDEZ, FELIX Arturo (Voter ID number 102333834).

1541 NE 34TH CT
APT 105

RIVETT, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number 118379413).

1541 NE 34TH CT
APT 205

CHICK, CHRISTIENE M. (Voter ID number 101703901).

1541 NE 34TH CT
APT 104

ORCINI, MARIO Grant (Voter ID number 119423753).

1541 NE 34TH CT
ROMEO, DINO Angelo (Voter ID number 102327772).
SCHECKWITZ, TERRY (Voter ID number 101339037).

1541 NE 34TH CT
APT 102

PATTERSON, MADELINE M. (Voter ID number 113972461).

1541 NE 34TH CT
APT 104

SEGARS, LONELL Helen (Voter ID number 102333188).

1541 NE 34TH CT
UNIT 202

BOWMASTER, TERI D. (Voter ID number 117947619).

1541 NE 40TH CT
STUPI, EDWARD T. (Voter ID number 101483686).

1541 NE 40TH PL
YATES, MARILYN P. (Voter ID number 101503192).

1541 NE 40TH ST
CORBIN, TODD Jeffrey (Voter ID number 109153350).
MIKKELSON, RON D. (Voter ID number 101561475).

1541 NE 45TH ST
MILES, LOWELL (Voter ID number 114539511).
TERSIGNI, FAUSTO A. (Voter ID number 101420156).
TERSIGNI, SANDRA Renee (Voter ID number 101744621).

1541 NE 48TH CT
JAIWATANA, JAISIRI (Voter ID number 119291780).

1541 NE 60TH ST
ZALABAK, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101442143).
ZALABAK, JULIE Mc Govern (Voter ID number 101442142).

1544 NE 28TH DR
DE LOACH, BARBARA (Voter ID number 101724481).
NEWMAN, EDWARD N. (Voter ID number 101724610).

1545 NE 32ND ST
BOSCH, ROXANA Fay (Voter ID number 102493900).
NELSON, MALCOLM C. (Voter ID number 102379120).

1546 NE 33RD ST
LUNDY, EMILY Christine (Voter ID number 118078202).
EVERALL, KATHLEEN Mallison (Voter ID number 101758842).
SHOREY, PAMELA Katherine (Voter ID number 101461475).

1546 NE 45TH ST
DINGMAN, THOMAS Lee (Voter ID number 101569937).

1547 NE 33RD ST
COHEN, ZHANNA Caroline (Voter ID number 116885505).

1547 NE 35TH ST
HOWARD, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 101488846).

1547 NE 36TH ST
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number 102470119).

1547 NE 38TH ST
MARMO, RICHARD E. (Voter ID number 119864802).

1547 NE 39TH ST
WATTS, CHARLOTTE Louise (Voter ID number 119568864).
WATTS, WILLIAM James (Voter ID number 101356183).

1548 NE 34TH ST
WEAVER, LINDA Schmagel (Voter ID number 101327127).
WEAVER, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 101237939).

1548 NE 37TH ST
GIORLANDO, IONNE M. (Voter ID number 102112805).
GIORLANDO, VINCENT L. (Voter ID number 102112803).

1548 NE 38TH ST
BERRY, BRENDA Kay (Voter ID number 101525258).
BERRY, BRYAN E. (Voter ID number 101639506).

1549 NE 26TH DR

GREGORY-ROBINSON, COREY L. (Voter ID number 118572667).

1549 NE 26TH DR

GREGORY-ROBINSON, JONITA D. (Voter ID number 118572652).

1549 NE 26TH DR

BURDICK, PAUL D. (Voter ID number 101767578).

1549 NE 26TH DR
APT 01

BURNS, TIMOTHY M. (Voter ID number 102137620).

1549 NE 27TH ST
TADDIO, PATRICIA Jean (Voter ID number 119995622).
SCHRADER, PATRICK J. (Voter ID number 118449630).

1549 NE 28TH DR
BEAVIN, ROBERT Anthony (Voter ID number 102317635).

155 NE 56TH CT
PATE, TIMOTHY D. (Voter ID number 102199981).
PATE, PAMELA L. (Voter ID number 102199915).

1550 NE 40TH CT
MAYBEE, SARAH Ann (Voter ID number 117571062).
DAVIS, AMY Michelle (Voter ID number 105203309).
MELENDEZ, CARMEN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120285765).

1550 NE 40TH ST
COMPTON, CHRISTINA Ann (Voter ID number 120730273).
MOUNTAIN, BRANDON L. (Voter ID number 107324900).

1550 NE 40TH CT
DRYE, MARK Elmer (Voter ID number 102440148).

1550 NE 40TH PL
BEATTIE, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number 101515774).
BEATTIE, KIRK William (Voter ID number 116894148).
BEATTIE, SCOTT B. (Voter ID number 101354160).

1550 NE 43RD ST
BOGARDUS, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 102163792).
ADORNATO, JOHN (Voter ID number 102207302).
MILLEMAN, ELIZABETH B. (Voter ID number 101206545).
STANBRO, DONALD Lee (Voter ID number 102395835).

1550 NE 45TH ST
BURNETT, KARLIE Marie (Voter ID number 118750778).

1550 NE 49TH ST
JASIN, JOANNE (Voter ID number 101280360).
JASIN, MARIA (Voter ID number 101266025).

1550 NE 50TH CT
BALASTY, NILZA Weems (Voter ID number 102248427).

1550 NE 59TH PL
NANZ, ANGIE Hui-Chi Chao (Voter ID number 102433423).
NANZ, KEVIN Brooke (Voter ID number 102339342).

1551 NE 40TH ST
BOTTGE WHITE, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 101606072).
WHITE, DOUGLAS Allen (Voter ID number 102154376).

1551 NE 40TH CT
HERRERA, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 119485009).

1551 NE 43RD ST
MILLSPAUGH, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number 101225664).
MILLSPAUGH, ELAINE (Voter ID number 101231721).

1551 NE 48TH CT
BABIN, D Paul (Voter ID number 101672346).
WARE, PAUL Dean (Voter ID number 101672345).

1551 NE 59TH PL
MUELLER, JOSEPH P. (Voter ID number 119592613).
MUELLER, SAMANTHA A. (Voter ID number 118126028).
MUELLER, THERESA W. (Voter ID number 101728853).
MUELLER, DOUGLAS Paul (Voter ID number 102181485).

1553 NE 32ND ST
MEACHAM, JUSTIN (Voter ID number 120515009).

1553 NE 32ND ST

PAUCIELLO, CATHERINE L. (Voter ID number 102351299).

1553 NE 32ND ST
PAUCIELLO, LYFE James (Voter ID number 102339243).

1553 NE 46TH ST
TANGUMA, ROSIO (Voter ID number 118933154).
MISKIN, ALAN S. (Voter ID number 101239552).

1554 NE 38TH ST
APT 55

SCOTT, BELINDA J. (Voter ID number 110143775).
SCOTT, JONATHAN C. (Voter ID number 110144159).

1555 NE 34TH ST
VICKNAIR, JOHNNY Albert (Voter ID number 101729358).
WILLINGHAM, NORA Myrlene (Voter ID number 102170347).

1555 NE 35TH ST
SANDERS, MANDI Lynn (Voter ID number 117300025).
SANDERS, DONALD Gene (Voter ID number 102415467).
CORLISS, JOANNA V. (Voter ID number 102494561).

1555 NE 39TH ST
RISON, RICHARD Paul (Voter ID number 119265428).

1556 NE 33RD ST
MOORE, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number 102052143).

1556 NE 35TH ST
VAUJIN, FRANCES Rose (Voter ID number 107627908).
DEMERY, LEONARD L. (Voter ID number 101956455).

1556 NE 36TH ST
PETERSEN, DIANNE E. (Voter ID number 101706831).

1556 NE 37TH ST
ROJAS, FERMIN L. (Voter ID number 120413426).
KUBESCH, JAMES Sidney (Voter ID number 117336015).

1556 NE 38TH ST
CUTLIP, CARL M. (Voter ID number 101542114).
CUTLIP, CRAIG E. (Voter ID number 101475679).

1556 NE 39TH ST
THORSEN, BARBARA (Voter ID number 118244379).
THORSEN, ERIC (Voter ID number 118244240).

1556 NE 45TH ST
MALONE, JOHN Bob (Voter ID number 108487027).
SMITHERMAN, KAY Lanette (Voter ID number 101607419).
RUCKES, GISELA Jeannette (Voter ID number 101331278).

1556 NE 46TH ST
HERBERT, KEVIN E. (Voter ID number 101319574).
HERBERT, MARY Anne W (Voter ID number 101462631).

1557 NE 37TH ST
ROULAND, JAY Thomas (Voter ID number 102516992).
CHALFANT, SAMUEL Parker (Voter ID number 102401348).

1558 NE 49TH ST
PRINGLE, DOROTHY F. (Voter ID number 101216333).

1559 NE 38TH ST
MANN, JENNIFER Jayne (Voter ID number 114853478).
MANN, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 114810304).

156 NE 30TH ST
PROWSE, LINDA (Voter ID number 102244030).
PROWSE, WILLIAM Bernard (Voter ID number 102244021).
SCOTT, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 101268972).
RIMMER, RAYMOND David (Voter ID number 101646787).

1560 NE 32ND ST
SCOTT, JUDY A. (Voter ID number 101385912).

1560 NE 35TH ST
SOTUS, CATHERINE A. (Voter ID number 101490885).
SOTUS, NICHOLAS J. (Voter ID number 101493853).

1560 NE 47TH ST
TEIXERA, MARIA (Voter ID number 101988168).

1560 NE 49TH ST
MACCLEERY, RUSSELL (Voter ID number 119981826).

1561 NE 34TH CT
APT 109

LOOMIS, CHRIS R. (Voter ID number 102295825).

1561 NE 34TH CT
UNIT 209

CROSSIN, STEPHEN A. (Voter ID number 118862861).

1561 NE 34TH CT
ASEBROOK-FEHL, LAUREEN M. (Voter ID number 102322259).
FEHL, KURT F. (Voter ID number 102356200).
CHAFINS, JOYCE A. (Voter ID number 102313994).
PAYNE, SALLY Jo (Voter ID number 102053106).
SALIT, LAURIE A. (Voter ID number 101781762).
TABER, DONALD Corliss (Voter ID number 101848432).

1561 NE 34TH CT
APT 109

SOHR, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 101459584).

1561 NE 34TH CT
APT 207

COTO-GAUCHERAND, MARIO E. (Voter ID number 116323452).

1561 NE 34TH CT
APT 210

MORSE, LAWRENCE J. (Voter ID number 101737536).

1561 NE 43RD ST
DOWDELL, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 115058662).
PASTORINO, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 101961441).
KIMSEY, ANNE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 116497450).

1561 NE 47TH ST
BROOKS, JUSTIN Michael (Voter ID number 102064933).
BROOKS, WENDY L. (Voter ID number 101862568).

1561 NE 48TH CT
GILL, CHELSEA Lynne (Voter ID number 117219391).

1562 NE 34TH ST
EINZIG, JASON L. (Voter ID number 102075055).

1562 NE 36TH ST
HAMILTON, MARGIT (Voter ID number 102088159).

1563 NE 39TH ST
MORGAN, JOHN Michael (Voter ID number 102217013).

1565 NE 32ND ST
CONOVER, CAROL ANN (Voter ID number 102366921).
IGIELSKI, HELENE S. (Voter ID number 101869265).

1565 NE 33RD ST
WEINSTEIN, KENNETH (Voter ID number 101612763).

1566 NE 33RD ST
GRANT, JEANETTE Regina (Voter ID number 101966420).
THOMPSON, CAROL L. (Voter ID number 101295555).

1566 NE 45TH ST
POULOS, CHAD William (Voter ID number 102344789).

1566 1/2 NE 33RD ST
SEADER, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 101756288).

1567 NE 33RD ST
MARR, HOWARD Andrew (Voter ID number 102034636).

1567 NE 34TH ST
KINSEY, PAULA M. (Voter ID number 102083536).
NICHOLS, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 101230234).
PARK, JOHN Joseph (Voter ID number 101758044).

1567 NE 35TH ST
GURNIC, DOUGLAS W. (Voter ID number 101815052).

1567 NE 36TH ST
BOURGEOIS, NOLAN A. (Voter ID number 120201908).
SZCZEPANIAK, RANDALL Richard (Voter ID number 101998160).

1567 NE 37TH ST
PAPALAZAROU, ALEXIA (Voter ID number 101829350).
PAPALAZAROU, NIKOLAOS (Voter ID number 101690437).
ZOUMPOULIAS, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 102073602).

1567 NE 38TH ST
HERMANN, BRIAN Mitchell (Voter ID number 102359213).
HERMANN, SHANNON Hodges (Voter ID number 102358665).
MC LEAN, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 101940516).

1567 NE 46TH ST
HENRY, GLORIA Alicia (Voter ID number 121225369).

1568 NE 34TH ST
ELZE, MICHAEL G. (Voter ID number 101338024).
GREEN, LORI Layng (Voter ID number 109802004).

1568 NE 35TH ST
DUFFY, THOMAS (Voter ID number 102425777).

1568 NE 37TH ST
GONZALEZ, LIZA M. (Voter ID number 121101632).
STONE, RICHARD W. (Voter ID number 120515173).
PIZZA, VERONICA S. (Voter ID number 101329905).

1568 NE 38TH ST
JACOBSEN, HEATHER Kristina (Voter ID number 110254756).
ANDERSON, ERICA Jean (Voter ID number 119115971).
BURNEY, KELLY Diane (Voter ID number 119306730).
ERNSBERGER, MARIAN D. (Voter ID number 104522763).

1568 NE 39TH ST
SCHAEFER, RANDY (Voter ID number 101558660).

1568 NE 49TH ST
HARRIS, BRYCE Kevin (Voter ID number 101924406).
TRUESDELL, EDWARD Kent (Voter ID number 102065116).

1569 NE 48TH CT
PANCALDO, PATRICK John (Voter ID number 101255590).

1569 NE 49TH ST
CARLISLE, MELINDA Nevil (Voter ID number 101980916).

1570 NE 30TH PL
COOMBS, RAY G. (Voter ID number 101544452).

1570 NE 45TH ST
BEASLEY, JEFFERY Sol (Voter ID number 101451271).
RINGHEISER, MELINDA Sue (Voter ID number 115119684).
OCONNOR, KRISTIN Micheal (Voter ID number 117597961).

1570 NE 47TH CT
REILLY, MEGAN Veronica (Voter ID number 120884348).
REILLY, JANET C. (Voter ID number 101518335).
REILLY, ROGER E. (Voter ID number 101518334).

1570 NE 47TH ST
BROMLEY, DEBRA A. (Voter ID number 101273304).

1570 NE 52ND ST
LEO, VERONICA P. (Voter ID number 102346721).

1571 NE 32ND ST
RICE, JOHN K. (Voter ID number 101559476).
SHORT, WAYNE Elroy (Voter ID number 102020292).

1571 NE 39TH ST
BUGLIONE, DORI J. (Voter ID number 101544284).
BUGLIONE, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number 116421268).

1571 NE 45TH ST
LUNDGREN, JOHANNA M. (Voter ID number 111412181).
GIAMMEARSE, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 114103215).
SHEPPARD, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number 116711911).

1571 NE 47TH ST
LONETTA, CHRISTOPHER Michael (Voter ID number 100881413).
PERRIN, KARLEE E. (Voter ID number 102403933).

1572 NE 32ND ST
NELSON, RISA C. (Voter ID number 102525908).

1572 NE 34TH CT
CASTILLERO, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 102441686).

1573 NE 33RD ST
FALCO, JENNIFER Ann (Voter ID number 116030109).
ADAMS, MELISSA Marie (Voter ID number 119251389).
JARRETT, ROBERT G. (Voter ID number 101895092).
PRATHER, PERRY Scott (Voter ID number 102178440).

1573 NE 35TH ST
MARTINEZ, RICHARD (Voter ID number 102215503).

1573 NE 36TH ST
SCHNEIDER, SANDRA (Voter ID number 101456556).
BENTLEY, VERNON A. (Voter ID number 101564958).
SCHNEIDER, ANDREW Dominik (Voter ID number 101623708).

1573 NE 45TH ST
MC BRIDE, FLORENCE E. (Voter ID number 101951609).

SLACK, LOREN Elizzbeth (Voter ID number 102009249).

1574 NE 36TH ST
GRAEF, RICHARD Crane (Voter ID number 118214207).
GRAEF, NANCY (Voter ID number 101248650).

1574 NE 37TH ST
MOORE, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 101730794).

1574 NE 38TH ST
BRANDT, ANNE Katherine (Voter ID number 101547243).
COOPER, DAVID Rudell (Voter ID number 114178263).
ALLMAN, CHRISTOPHER Dean (Voter ID number 102511088).
SMITH, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 102263356).

1574 NE 48TH ST
DOUGLAS, BRIAN Joseph (Voter ID number 118767795).
PETERS, GARY Lynn (Voter ID number 118766964).

1575 NE 47TH ST
CRAM, DAWN Marie Florence (Voter ID number 120503952).

1576 NE 39TH ST
ARUSOO, JURI (Voter ID number 102172256).
KELLER, HANS (Voter ID number 102409660).

1576 NE 49TH ST
WEST, STEPHEN Jerome (Voter ID number 119206667).
DARROW, ROBERT Lawrence (Voter ID number 120062232).
HUGHES, STACEY Rae (Voter ID number 116269011).

1577 NE 32ND ST
HUBERT, MARIO Guy (Voter ID number 121302558).
SHRAMM, JAMES Conrad (Voter ID number 102514005).
MATHIAS, MARVIN Frank (Voter ID number 101890454).

1577 NE 48TH CT
HARTZELL, DENNIS James (Voter ID number 118768466).
SIRIANI, DAMIAN (Voter ID number 102250795).

1577 NE 49TH ST
KITCHENS, IRMA (Voter ID number 101451280).
KITCHENS, THOMAS O. (Voter ID number 101451051).

1578 NE 33RD ST
GONZALEZ, GUADALUPE (Voter ID number 102397921).
RITCHIE, JILL P. (Voter ID number 101208706).

1579 NE 33RD ST
GOSHEN, TIMOTHY R. (Voter ID number 120385163).

1579 NE 34TH ST
SMITH, PAMELA D. (Voter ID number 102175074).

1579 NE 34TH ST

JOUBERT, MARIE Esther (Voter ID number 109798470).

1579 NE 35TH ST
VALENCIA-STODDART, YAMILA (Voter ID number 110134525).
STODDART, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 101498007).

1579 NE 39TH ST
PERRI, JOSEPH G. (Voter ID number 102276098).
KELLY, EDWARD Douglas (Voter ID number 102141947).
LEE, WILLIAM Henry (Voter ID number 102141946).

1580 NE 30TH PL
HUNT, BUCK J. (Voter ID number 119272528).
SACCO, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 102186564).
HOWARD, WOODFORD G. (Voter ID number 101875663).

1580 NE 34TH ST
CARLON, DONNA Lee (Voter ID number 101286905).

1580 NE 35TH ST
LA KOMY, DAVID Anthony (Voter ID number 102137301).

1580 NE 36TH ST
BASILIO, PATRICIA K. (Voter ID number 101261071).

1580 NE 47TH CT
LOVELL, EMILY (Voter ID number 101690447).
FAGAN, MICHELLE A. (Voter ID number 102511568).
SMITH, DIONNE D. (Voter ID number 101490681).

1580 NE 51ST ST
DAVIDOW, RALPH M. (Voter ID number 102431385).

1581 NE 34TH CT
APT 211

ANDERSON, MICHAEL Scott (Voter ID number 101607722).

1581 NE 34TH CT
APT 214

WHISNER, SUZANNE Yvonne (Voter ID number 113382206).

1581 NE 34TH CT
APT 215

FOREMAN, GEORGE Sterling (Voter ID number 116445894).

1581 NE 34TH CT
APT 211

CULLIVAN, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 102437314).

1581 NE 34TH CT
APT 113

BRYANT, MORGAN A. (Voter ID number 114324161).

1581 NE 34TH CT
APT 115

FLETCHER, THOMAS Ernest (Voter ID number 118269772).

1581 NE 34TH CT
APT 213

BARNER, ALAN J. (Voter ID number 102359244).

1581 NE 34TH CT
LAZZERI, EDGARDO F. (Voter ID number 102210406).

1581 NE 34TH CT
APT 112

SEBASTIANELLI, RITA (Voter ID number 102111297).

1581 NE 34TH CT
APT 211

NORRIS, STEPHEN Alexander (Voter ID number 116816014).

1581 NE 34TH CT
UNIT 115

GRIFFITHS, ALBERT Adam (Voter ID number 118215391).

1581 NE 45TH ST
DIAZ, EDRIC Xavier (Voter ID number 101955277).
DIAZ, KELLY April (Voter ID number 101739088).

1581 NE 47TH CT
SADER, CHERYL Rae (Voter ID number 101349870).

1582 NE 39TH ST
SCHIMELPFENIG, MARTHA J. (Voter ID number 101800519).

1583 NE 45TH ST
DIAZ, LADYS Olavarria (Voter ID number 101749855).

1584 NE 32ND ST
DURAND, SHAWN Phillip (Voter ID number 101586293).
FERRARA, THOMAS Neal (Voter ID number 102363166).

1584 NE 33RD ST
MITCHELL, IRIS Darleen (Voter ID number 101202935).

1584 NE 49TH ST
BRODERICK, SEAN T. (Voter ID number 101300054).
BRODERICK, SOLANGE G. (Voter ID number 101460363).

1585 NE 37TH ST
TREPPEDA, SHERI Alaine (Voter ID number 101424913).

1585 NE 38TH ST
TRIMBLE, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 102255116).
VALLE, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 110004361).
THORR, DAMIEN Lee (Voter ID number 102052547).

1585 NE 48TH CT
BUTTIGIEG, CHRISTINE J. (Voter ID number 102435852).
CHIFFOLEAU, YURI NICOLAI Christopher (Voter ID number 114381482).

1586 NE 35TH ST
ARROYO, ALBERTO J. (Voter ID number 102251334).
VEGA, AARON Stephen (Voter ID number 102049359).

1586 NE 36TH ST
POWELL, WILLIAM Jason (Voter ID number 118007459).
BLAKE, GREGORY Lee (Voter ID number 102134317).
LOPEZ, GEORGE D. (Voter ID number 102358191).
PEREIRA, NORA Leathem (Voter ID number 102220471).

1586 NE 37TH ST
HARRIS, PATRICIA G. (Voter ID number 101550068).
LAMBERT, CAROL Phyllis (Voter ID number 101539774).

1586 NE 38TH ST
GERAGHTY, BRIAN David (Voter ID number 102493998).

1587 NE 39TH ST
EASTON, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 101285255).
EASTON, GLORIA F. (Voter ID number 101379155).
EASTON, ROBERT Morrell (Voter ID number 102318184).

1588 NE 32ND ST
NUTTER, NATHAN Michael (Voter ID number 119423778).

1590 NE 35TH ST
FOGARTY, ROSEMARIE Becsi (Voter ID number 105891002).

1590 NE 45TH ST
BETANCOURT HERNANDEZ, JANNET (Voter ID number 119686143).
BETANCOURT, SONIA P. (Voter ID number 102107436).
MC CLINTOCK, SCOT Allen (Voter ID number 102408915).

1590 NE 47TH CT
MILDREN, LOLA R. (Voter ID number 119591979).
MILDREN, MORGAN Chancelor (Voter ID number 118126045).
MILDREN, WESTON Gamble (Voter ID number 118121877).
MILDREN, JULIA L. (Voter ID number 101616711).
MILDREN, TREVOR Paul (Voter ID number 101895542).

1591 NE 45TH ST
AGOSTINELLI, ALISON Camille (Voter ID number 120572573).
TESS, PHYLLIS Lee (Voter ID number 101628446).

1592 NE 49TH ST
LANDERS, JOAN A. (Voter ID number 101222075).

1593 NE 48TH CT
LOW, GEORGE S. (Voter ID number 101788439).

1593 NE 49TH ST
DAVIS, CATALINA Del Lourdes (Voter ID number 117797310).
DAVIS, DAVID Andrew (Voter ID number 117819349).

1595 NE 39TH ST
BRUILE, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 101594537).

1595 NE 45TH ST
DAVIDSON, KEVIN Wayne (Voter ID number 117291779).

1596 NE 35TH ST
DER MINASSIAN, JACQUES J. (Voter ID number 101738050).

1596 NE 46TH ST
DAMASIO, EDDY (Voter ID number 115274038).
HARAKE, ALI A. (Voter ID number 116067545).

1597 NE 46TH ST
JOHNSON, CHARLES B. (Voter ID number 110688095).
GENO, ELAINE Louise (Voter ID number 102243687).
MOORE, ELAINE M. (Voter ID number 101301301).
MOORE, HARRY K. (Voter ID number 115104861).

1598 NE 33RD ST
BEACH, CHERYL Lynn (Voter ID number 101946814).
MORAN, ROBERT Carl (Voter ID number 102451809).
WHEATON, DOUGLAS Dean (Voter ID number 101376834).

1598 NE 36TH ST
PAWLOWSKI, WALTER J. (Voter ID number 101218927).

1598 NE 38TH ST
HUMMEL, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 101502654).

1598 NE 48TH CT
CENTRONE, CHRISTINE M. (Voter ID number 101822406).
WALKER, MICHAEL William (Voter ID number 101960095).

1598 NE 49TH ST
GENTIL, CLAUDE M. (Voter ID number 101393366).
GENTIL, DIANA Y. (Voter ID number 101827907).

1599 NE 33RD ST

TAYLOR, WINIFRED Lucy (Voter ID number 104268387).

1599 NE 34TH ST

LARSON, TODD David (Voter ID number 109639681).

1599 NE 35TH ST
BLANCO, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 101410859).

1599 NE 49TH ST
DRIVER, GLADYS Portillo (Voter ID number 101903171).

160 NE 35TH CT
WILSON, LENA Mae (Voter ID number 101290483).
WILSON, WILLIE L. (Voter ID number 101914572).
WILSON, WILLIE L. (Voter ID number 117504592).

160 NE 42ND ST
BEASLEY, DENNIS Michael (Voter ID number 100373781).

160 NE 42ND CT
FUNK, CHATCHARAT (Voter ID number 118272646).

160 NE 51ST CT
ABBOTT, DIANN Renee (Voter ID number 101301044).
ANDERSON, LORETTA R. (Voter ID number 101501276).

160 NE 51ST ST
STUNDON, GUENEVERE Maureen (Voter ID number 102149613).
STUNDON, JEANNE Catherine (Voter ID number 101796185).

160 NE 53RD CT
FRYER, ROSSLYN (Voter ID number 101867783).

160 NE 55TH ST
PERRY, RICHARD Lee (Voter ID number 114568762).

160 NE 58TH ST
FOX, WALTER Lee (Voter ID number 102351316).

160 NE 60TH ST
RAMIREZ, CARMENZA (Voter ID number 101522272).
MABLESON, MARY Susan (Voter ID number 102354805).

1600 NE 27TH DR
RUEDA, MARIO A. (Voter ID number 116693245).

1600 NE 40TH CT
LETTIERI, SANDRA Lynn (Voter ID number 101743301).

1600 NE 40TH PL
MOORE, JAMES Byron (Voter ID number 102477694).

1600 NE 43RD ST
LAWRENCE, TOBY William (Voter ID number 101952615).

1600 NE 49TH ST
JENKINS, KENNETH Glen (Voter ID number 120213168).
ZEBER, CAROLYN E. (Voter ID number 101234393).
ZEBER, KENNETH A. (Voter ID number 101708520).

1600 NE 50TH CT
WOOD, CLARA B. (Voter ID number 119107998).
BELLETS, DON (Voter ID number 102169133).

1600 NE 51ST ST
ZABAWA, ELAINE I. (Voter ID number 102393835).
ZABAWA, FRANK J. (Voter ID number 102393834).

1600 NE 52ND ST
MCGEE, ROBERT Morris (Voter ID number 103573193).
CONNORS, CHARLES C. (Voter ID number 101702423).
REFF-CONNORS, MARYANN (Voter ID number 101257201).

1600 NE 56TH CT
BILODEAU, RICHARD Michael (Voter ID number 120963186).

1600 NE 56TH ST
SCHOFIELD, SAVANNAH Capri (Voter ID number 102506949).

1600 NE 56TH ST

GOLDMAN, MICHELLE Marjorie (Voter ID number 101968469).
SCHOFIELD, AMANDA Leigh (Voter ID number 116041603).
SCHOFIELD, IAIN Tyler (Voter ID number 119326468).

1600 NE 59TH PL
BOND, ADAM Taylor (Voter ID number 103747434).
BOND, AMYLYN C. (Voter ID number 103747454).

1600 NE 60TH ST
GARNER, SHERI (Voter ID number 101690023).

1600 NE 62ND ST
PEREZ, ABELARDO (Voter ID number 120363805).

1600 NE 63RD CT
FLORES, THERESA Marie (Voter ID number 102444370).
FLORES, HARRY Adrian (Voter ID number 102497940).

1600 NE 64TH ST
RUBIN, LEE Harry (Voter ID number 118447108).
WALKER, JAMES Ronald (Voter ID number 119090363).

1601 NE 27TH DR
SHAFFER, MARCI S. (Voter ID number 101797967).

1601 NE 34TH ST
MANNO, PAUL Leslie (Voter ID number 120688700).

1601 NE 40TH CT
RIVERA-DIEZ, LUZETTE M. (Voter ID number 119946077).
RYBKA, JUDITH C. (Voter ID number 102107256).

1601 NE 43RD ST
SANCHEZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 119900316).
FRENCIC, BRANDON E. (Voter ID number 102247586).
PFEIL, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 101521065).

1601 NE 48TH CT
GONZALEZ, SERGIO A. (Voter ID number 115691035).
PARRA, JUANA A. (Voter ID number 119814342).

1601 NE 49TH ST
LA ROCCA, KAREN A. (Voter ID number 101423365).
MOSKOS, NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 101704753).

1601 NE 51ST ST
WIELANDT, SABRINA G. (Voter ID number 102426938).
BRUGUERA, HAMLET Aquiles (Voter ID number 101735702).
BRUGUERA, HAMLET A. (Voter ID number 101688495).
BRUGUERA, SONIA D. (Voter ID number 102451896).
PEREYRA, EDDY R. (Voter ID number 102295707).
PEREYRA, LISA M. (Voter ID number 101991044).
PEREZ VDA PEREYRA, RAMONA (Voter ID number 102300582).

1601 NE 55TH ST
D'AMICO, MICHAEL Paul (Voter ID number 119908888).
DAMICO, NICOLE L. (Voter ID number 102166202).

1601 NE 56TH ST

DAMIAN ACOSTA, LUCY Florencia (Voter ID number 120349515).
LEIDY, EMILY Anne (Voter ID number 116659780).

1601 NE 56TH ST

CABREJA, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 116444906).

1601 NE 56TH ST

FERREIRA, HERALDRIA (Voter ID number 119633378).

1601 NE 59TH PL
PANCALLO, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 101271063).
YOUNG, MICHELE D. (Voter ID number 101619234).

1601 NE 60TH ST
D'ELIA, ANTHONY John (Voter ID number 120372329).
D'ELIA, HARMONY L. (Voter ID number 102429426).
MOHR, EMILY Catherine (Voter ID number 101723201).

1601 NE 63RD CT
DELEGAL, MICHELE Mae (Voter ID number 101396884).

1601 NE 63RD ST
KOTRADY, JEFFREY William (Voter ID number 115093405).
KOTRADY, JULIANA Andrade (Voter ID number 118876469).

1601 NE 63RD CT
DELEGAL, MICHAEL T. (Voter ID number 101792759).

1601 NE 63RD ST
VAN DAM, EDWARD G. (Voter ID number 101679653).
VAN DAM, PATRICIA H. (Voter ID number 101679652).

1602 NE 50TH CT
LEO, JOSEPH Steven (Voter ID number 114121423).

1602 NE 56TH CT
VITZ, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 101587758).

1603 NE 51ST ST
SCULLY, KATHLEEN Sharon (Voter ID number 101809080).
SCULLY, SEAN M. (Voter ID number 114248280).

1605 NE 50TH CT

SCICCHITANO, DOMINIC J. (Voter ID number 102462791).

1605 NE 50TH CT
FISCHER, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 101653327).
STUNKEL, DELMER L. (Voter ID number 101514261).

1607 NE 32ND ST
REILLY, SARAH Martha (Voter ID number 108172513).
SCRIVERI, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 101998141).

1608 NE 28TH DR
LITTLE, JOHNSON (Voter ID number 101473455).
LITTLE, MARY Katherine (Voter ID number 101466175).
LITTLE, MATTHEW J. (Voter ID number 116870109).
LITTLE, RYAN J. (Voter ID number 102501824).

1608 NE 34TH ST
HARDY, BERTA Esther (Voter ID number 102166372).
HARDY, PHILLIP E. (Voter ID number 102023638).

1608 NE 35TH ST
CULLINAN, THERESE A. (Voter ID number 101493552).
LITTLE, DALE W. (Voter ID number 101515154).

1608 NE 46TH ST
GULLETT, LORETTA J. (Voter ID number 101274087).

1609 NE 27TH DR
LA RUE, GARY M. (Voter ID number 121177556).
HUIE, GARY O'Neil (Voter ID number 121177656).

1609 NE 28TH DR
FILIBERTO, FRANK Stephen (Voter ID number 101263027).
FILIBERTO, FRANCESCA Jane (Voter ID number 115284476).
HEYDT, JENNA Lynn (Voter ID number 101940501).

1609 NE 33RD ST
CATANIA, CONSTANCE S. (Voter ID number 102166073).

1609 NE 34TH ST
FAUCHER, KENNETH R. (Voter ID number 102255826).
SEELEY, STEPHEN Warren (Voter ID number 115061488).
THORNE, TRENTON Donald (Voter ID number 115477187).

161 NE 38TH ST
HERBEL, MARY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 118893520).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 15

TIRU, WADDIE (Voter ID number 116941315).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 21

MCLAINE, ANTOIN Wendell (Voter ID number 116300732).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 32

MC MILLIAN, CHANOVIA Q. (Voter ID number 102382119).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 26

ESTINFIL, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 102376106).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 17

BLAKE, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 118929009).
LANE, KHAMIYLA Marie (Voter ID number 119468134).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 34

DEJESUS, DESTINY V. (Voter ID number 120150658).

161 NE 38TH ST

LLOYD, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 101288014).

161 NE 38TH ST

JEAN-BAPTISTE, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 102448848).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 02

KUMAR, PRASOON (Voter ID number 119767210).

161 NE 38TH ST

ANDREWS, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 118817959).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 20

MILLS, TAVERLYN Adella (Voter ID number 120748508).
WILLIAMS, DAISY Deaithra (Voter ID number 116701392).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 23

AZARD, MARY (Voter ID number 118765807).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 26

GAINES, TANIKA Danore (Voter ID number 119165890).

161 NE 38TH ST

BIMBO, LISA B. (Voter ID number 118653780).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 40

TERRY, ALBERT (Voter ID number 119191221).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 51 C

VICTOR, ROBERT Maurice (Voter ID number 102384504).

161 NE 38TH ST

CARTY, AQUILA (Voter ID number 102234390).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 20

QUIROZ GARCIA, DANNY Raphel (Voter ID number 115742199).
RODRIGUEZ, ABRAHAM Agustin (Voter ID number 114451008).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 28

CARROLL, KEVIN Scott (Voter ID number 102414850).

161 NE 38TH ST
CONNERTON, WAYNE Kennedy (Voter ID number 102160134).
JACKSON, CAROLYN Inez (Voter ID number 101786736).
JACOBSEN, GEORGINA M. (Voter ID number 101234056).
LEE, MARY Kathleen (Voter ID number 102326821).
RUSH, LOUIS K. (Voter ID number 102218473).
THOMPSON, JUDITH Cleary (Voter ID number 102098842).
THOMPSON, RYAN Edward (Voter ID number 101855614).
WAGNER, MICHAEL Harry (Voter ID number 101783136).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 121

DANI, MITO (Voter ID number 102402809).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 19

SANTOS, RUBEN Antonio (Voter ID number 116881475).

161 NE 38TH ST

KUMAR, SURINDER (Voter ID number 117363969).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 28

CARROLL, SUSAN J. (Voter ID number 101237748).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 30

DENSON, GEORGE R. (Voter ID number 115635344).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 33

BURNETT, JEFFREY A. (Voter ID number 115718250).

161 NE 38TH ST
APT 52

NATION, ISAAC Jr (Voter ID number 102014847).

161 NE 38TH ST

GARCIA, GREGORY Irvin (Voter ID number 114000592).

161 NE 41ST ST
FERNANDEZ-MORAN, VICTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 120626346).

161 NE 42ND CT
PACE, DANIEL H. (Voter ID number 101221796).
PACE, DARLENE M. (Voter ID number 101241094).

161 NE 51ST ST
HAMZE, FATIMA N. (Voter ID number 102009292).
CHILSON, BRANDI S. (Voter ID number 102410459).
HAMZE, CHAHRAZAD N. (Voter ID number 116220940).

161 NE 53RD CT
FAGAN, DAVID Edward (Voter ID number 116422744).
ADAMS, DAVID Lee (Voter ID number 116612358).
ADAMS, BRITTANI Nichole (Voter ID number 116612333).

161 NE 57TH CT
SAVOIE, LISA Vera (Voter ID number 101523863).
WONCH, JASON Lee (Voter ID number 119068459).
LEWIS, ROBERT Edward (Voter ID number 114170345).
STONER, MATTHEW M. (Voter ID number 102525312).

161 NE 59TH CT
HONORAT, META (Voter ID number 102003518).
HONORAT, PATRIQUE (Voter ID number 119156823).
PIERRE, TANESE G. (Voter ID number 101869508).

1610 NE 27TH DR
BALTHAZOR, LYNNE M. (Voter ID number 101354434).
THOMPSON, GARY F. (Voter ID number 101939859).

1610 NE 38TH ST
STASI, MEGHAN Helene (Voter ID number 121142841).
STASI, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 101940380).

1610 NE 40TH CT
O'DONNELL, DANIEL H. (Voter ID number 101301416).
O'DONNELL, JOHN Moore (Voter ID number 101864237).
SHELEY, BRYAN David (Voter ID number 101797904).
SHELEY, KATHLEEN N. (Voter ID number 101707080).
SHELEY, KENNETH C. (Voter ID number 101707079).
SHELEY, LAUREL Lyn (Voter ID number 101569534).

1610 NE 40TH PL
STORELLI, MATTHEW S. (Voter ID number 101630830).

1610 NE 43RD ST
KRAUSER, JANICE (Voter ID number 101299870).
KEELEY, ROBERT S. (Voter ID number 112232503).

1610 NE 45TH ST
HILLS, BRIJANE M. (Voter ID number 115114579).
HILLS, JASON J. (Voter ID number 114834547).

1610 NE 47TH ST
EDDY, CHRISTOPHER E. (Voter ID number 102382967).
HOFFMAN, GLORIA J. (Voter ID number 101224476).

1610 NE 49TH ST
FISHER, ALBERT F. (Voter ID number 120134016).
JACKSON, SUSAN L. (Voter ID number 101421724).
DUNLOP, LENNA M. (Voter ID number 115554547).
DUNLOP, MARY Lillian (Voter ID number 115446137).
JACKSON, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 102470525).
JACKSON, CHRIS J. (Voter ID number 102253473).
JACKSON, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number 101356858).

1610 NE 51ST ST
LACOGNATA, JENNIE (Voter ID number 101303559).

1610 NE 56TH ST
LAMKIN, MARGARET C. (Voter ID number 103550826).
LAMKIN, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number 103551118).

1610 NE 59TH PL
WELCH, CARL L. (Voter ID number 101215279).
WELCH, FRANCES S. (Voter ID number 101220180).

1610 NE 60TH ST
MAC GOVERN, ANDRES David (Voter ID number 121276549).

1610 NE 62ND ST
MONTALVO, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 101539475).
MONTALVO, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 101646705).

1610 NE 63RD CT
SILBOR, SHAWN Bret (Voter ID number 102450706).

1610 NE 64TH ST
BROMLEY, MADELINE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 118150842).
BROMLEY, BRUCE K. (Voter ID number 101278188).
BROMLEY, GREGORY Bruce (Voter ID number 115723727).
NORRIS-BROMLEY, CHRISTINE Ann (Voter ID number 102410330).

1611 NE 34TH ST
ROFFELSEN, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 102517316).
ROGERS, CLARK W. (Voter ID number 102517314).

1611 NE 40TH CT
LINDNER, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 102347285).
OGDEN, JASON C. (Voter ID number 102251148).

1611 NE 40TH PL
NIXON, JODY M. (Voter ID number 102314975).

1611 NE 43RD ST
LEVY, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 102495400).

1611 NE 48TH CT
DIAZ, APOLO (Voter ID number 114089597).
DIAZ, LOUISE M. (Voter ID number 101503025).

1611 NE 49TH ST
ABECASSIS, ADRIENNE (Voter ID number 117064270).
RODRIGUEZ, NINA L. (Voter ID number 114136622).
BATEMAN, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 102420363).
BATEMAN, DREW S. (Voter ID number 101927291).

1611 NE 50TH CT

BROOKS, JULIA Leigh (Voter ID number 102372319).

1611 NE 50TH CT
JOHNSON, ERICKA Michelle (Voter ID number 113978762).

1611 NE 51ST ST
STEINBERG, CHRISTINE S. (Voter ID number 101269473).
STEINBERG, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 101579789).

1611 NE 56TH ST
ASHLEY, DAWN M. (Voter ID number 102281910).
ASHMAWI, RICKY Y. (Voter ID number 101873292).

1611 NE 59TH PL
GRIMES, CATHERINE Marie (Voter ID number 114898863).
GRIMES, KARL Wesley (Voter ID number 114670509).

1611 NE 60TH ST
DAVIDSON, JOHN Spencer (Voter ID number 114230486).
DAVIDSON, STACEY Sturlese (Voter ID number 112946031).

1611 NE 63RD ST
KOERBER, LYNDSAY M. (Voter ID number 119592687).

1611 NE 63RD CT
HITCHCOCK, NIRA Kay (Voter ID number 102113438).
HANSHAW, ESTA N. (Voter ID number 114534867).
HITCHCOCK, ROBERT Alyn (Voter ID number 102118199).

1611 NE 63RD ST
KOERBER, ARTHUR G. (Voter ID number 101653404).
KOERBER, ROBIN L. (Voter ID number 101653344).
FARLEY, GREGORY Matthew (Voter ID number 119160048).

1612 NE 34TH DR
LAU, RICKY Pinghay (Voter ID number 101565670).

1612 NE 45TH ST
CRIBBS, ANDREANA (Voter ID number 120800525).
ORTIZ, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 101791694).

1612 NE 56TH ST

CHERILL, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 118220884).

1613 NE 32ND ST

WHITEHEAD, SHENELYA Ann (Voter ID number 116640832).

1613 NE 32ND ST
WALSH, SARA J. (Voter ID number 101321650).

1614 NE 34TH CT
QUINN, VICKI Gellert (Voter ID number 101335957).
GILLISPIE, JOHN (Voter ID number 110177366).

1616 NE 34TH ST
BERNAL, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 102334013).
BERNAL, PHILLIP A. (Voter ID number 116852822).
DESCARTES, PETER (Voter ID number 101411519).
MARVELLI, HOLLY A. (Voter ID number 101311809).

1616 NE 52ND ST
DRENNING, RONALD V. (Voter ID number 115634532).
POLITO, MARCUS V. (Voter ID number 118785562).
WHITE, TERRENCE Joseph (Voter ID number 119514195).
DRENNING, RONALD Vincent (Voter ID number 101599151).
DRENNING, SUSAN Lynn (Voter ID number 101632821).

1616 NE 56TH CT
HOSEIN, HOMAIDA (Voter ID number 101848037).

1617 NE 28TH DR
ADAMS, AMY C. (Voter ID number 101680250).
ADAMS, LENORA A. (Voter ID number 101680251).
FONT, GLORIA Leonora (Voter ID number 102107808).

1617 NE 32ND ST
GALANOS, SUSAN Lee (Voter ID number 101911926).

1617 NE 33RD ST
SLOAN, VICKY L. (Voter ID number 101414733).

1618 NE 33RD ST
MESA, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 116349378).

1618 NE 33RD ST

KOVACS, GLENN Joseph (Voter ID number 109168206).

1618 NE 33RD ST
MONROE, DONALD C. (Voter ID number 101368420).

1618 NE 34TH CT
KOHLMAIER, KRISTINE E. (Voter ID number 119561121).
KOHLMAIER, ARGIRO Roula (Voter ID number 101924923).

1620 NE 27TH DR
GARTNER, PAUL S. (Voter ID number 101964373).

1620 NE 34TH CT
MURPHY, PAULA J. (Voter ID number 101218497).

1620 NE 34TH LN
MARTIN, SEAN S. (Voter ID number 114089925).
MARTIN, DOROTHY Gail (Voter ID number 101579472).
MARTIN, HOWARD Stephen (Voter ID number 101415198).

1620 NE 40TH CT
FUENTES, LAURIE Meckes (Voter ID number 101328630).
FUENTES, OSCAR G. (Voter ID number 101721244).

1620 NE 40TH PL
BRITO, JOYCE S. (Voter ID number 101661031).

1620 NE 45TH ST
WHEELER, JASON Philip (Voter ID number 115861091).

1620 NE 52ND ST
GERONEMUS, MELANIE (Voter ID number 101907906).

1620 NE 56TH CT
HERNANDEZ-WARD, ANGELA Mercedes (Voter ID number 117931194).
LEUBNER, KIRSTEN J. (Voter ID number 120413027).
LEUBNER, MARK A. (Voter ID number 120999499).

1620 NE 56TH ST
MANSUETO, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 119405132).
MITCHELL, PATRICIA J. (Voter ID number 119405137).

1620 NE 59TH PL
GALIETTA, ALBERT J. (Voter ID number 115935265).
GALIETTA, PATRICIA Bastian (Voter ID number 101630552).
GALIETTA, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101337923).

1620 NE 60TH ST
PERSICO, RALPH G. (Voter ID number 101554986).
PRACHACHAI, SURACHAI (Voter ID number 114680244).

1620 NE 62ND ST

HAMMOND, MELISSA Marie (Voter ID number 102085660).

1620 NE 63RD CT
CREWS, LEE Berchman (Voter ID number 101829488).
GILLIAM, LAURYN Salassi (Voter ID number 102219407).
GILLIAM, TODD (Voter ID number 102162911).
TIEDEMAN, LINDA K. (Voter ID number 101592170).

1620 NE 64TH ST
FIGUEROA, MELISSA Irene (Voter ID number 117106809).

1621 NE 40TH CT
SAFFELL, GREGG L. (Voter ID number 101760544).

1621 NE 51ST ST
CARLINI, LORENZO T. (Voter ID number 101565696).

1621 NE 55TH ST
HALBURNT, W Michael (Voter ID number 101445923).

1621 NE 56TH ST
CZAPLEWSKI, DANIEL P. (Voter ID number 102143383).
CZAPLEWSKI, SARAH Ruth (Voter ID number 102080963).
CZAPLEWSKI, SETH Peter (Voter ID number 113966978).

1621 NE 59TH PL
KNIGHT, JANET M. (Voter ID number 101347010).

1621 NE 60TH ST
STEPHANI, DWAYNE Delbert (Voter ID number 120115477).
HARDER, MARY Regina (Voter ID number 101273853).
STEPHANI, CATHLEEN Anne (Voter ID number 102479648).

1621 NE 63RD ST
LA PLANTE, NADINE N. (Voter ID number 101639872).

1621 NE 63RD CT
MERCER, LYNN A. (Voter ID number 101281297).
MERCER, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number 101228123).

1621 NE 63RD ST
GAROFALO, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 101459867).

1621 NE 64TH ST
BITONTI, LONA Kathleen (Voter ID number 102241075).
BITONTI, ERICA Kay (Voter ID number 118130359).
BITONTI, JAMES J. (Voter ID number 101286532).

1622 NE 34TH CT
MARSHALL, HAYLEY (Voter ID number 116776095).

1622 NE 34TH DR
GROSSBERG, SHIRLEY G. (Voter ID number 101246435).

1622 NE 56TH ST
BLOW, JEFFREY E. (Voter ID number 101505720).
MARKS, MIKE (Voter ID number 101851177).

1623 NE 35TH ST
LYNN, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 102215061).

1623 NE 45TH ST
D'AGARO, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 102396746).
WILLIAMS, LAURA E. (Voter ID number 102344542).

1624 NE 34TH ST
CREWS, DAVID Brian (Voter ID number 117069697).
SOSA, MARCELO O. (Voter ID number 117540467).

1624 NE 35TH ST
BERTIN, ALAIN (Voter ID number 101396275).
PIMENTEL, LINDINALVA Aparecida (Voter ID number 102146593).

1624 NE 36TH ST
JARKESY, BROOKE Fairbanks (Voter ID number 102209132).
JARKESY, NICHOLAS Suess (Voter ID number 102149166).

1625 NE 28TH DR
MOHAN, JENNIFER J. (Voter ID number 101719351).
SCHNEEMAN, KENNETH N. (Voter ID number 102160477).

1625 NE 32ND ST
SANDERS, KRISTINA Ruth (Voter ID number 102506770).

1625 NE 33RD ST
GROSS, FREDERICK W. (Voter ID number 100577562).

1625 NE 45TH ST
HAGER, AARON V. (Voter ID number 107923511).
HAGER, ANGELA Dawn (Voter ID number 107883946).

1625 NE 55TH ST
VICTOR, RAYMOND Gerarde (Voter ID number 114194751).
HAMILTON, ROBERT G. (Voter ID number 101239761).

1627 NE 28TH ST
GARRENTON, ALAN K. (Voter ID number 101238206).
GARRENTON, NANCY O. (Voter ID number 101289748).

1628 NE 34TH LN
CAMPANA, GREGORY Nicholas (Voter ID number 120008868).
WALTON, AMY I. (Voter ID number 117345074).

1630 NE 27TH DR
DE GROOT, DONNA (Voter ID number 101230088).
DE GROOT, JOHN Keed (Voter ID number 101971060).

1630 NE 34TH DR
WHITE, JENNIFER Kate (Voter ID number 118469761).
WHITE, JAY Nathaniel (Voter ID number 118960307).
WHITE, MICHAEL Jay (Voter ID number 101625199).
WHITE, RACQUEL E. (Voter ID number 101846128).

1630 NE 40TH CT
DE YOUNG, KYLE M. (Voter ID number 115475702).
DE YOUNG, DARRELL G. (Voter ID number 101269673).
DE YOUNG, SUSAN J. (Voter ID number 101285253).

1630 NE 40TH PL
LEFEBVRE, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101554992).

1630 NE 43RD ST
CORNWALL, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 102298323).
CONTICH, CHRISTINE K. (Voter ID number 101360904).
CORNWALL, ANDREW K. (Voter ID number 116160526).
CORNWALL, BRADLEY Ross (Voter ID number 114812700).

1630 NE 46TH ST
GIGLIO, DAVID William (Voter ID number 102173035).

1630 NE 55TH ST
GEIGER, KERRY E. (Voter ID number 119592176).
GEIGER, GREGORY L. (Voter ID number 101299966).
GEIGER, NANCY E. (Voter ID number 101315033).

1630 NE 56TH CT
FRIEDMAN, HEIDI Sue (Voter ID number 114760073).
FRIEDMAN, JOEL B. (Voter ID number 101452276).
FRIEDMAN, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 101495306).

1630 NE 56TH ST
HART, HEATHER M. (Voter ID number 102324755).

1630 NE 59TH PL
ROTOLO, ANTHONY John (Voter ID number 102466395).

1630 NE 60TH ST
ALICEA, CHRISTINE Elaine (Voter ID number 111970469).
ALICEA, KATHERINE Jeanette (Voter ID number 111986105).
ALICEA, JULIA (Voter ID number 111917687).

1630 NE 62ND ST
MUSHA, JURGENS (Voter ID number 118594880).
MUSHA, AGRON (Voter ID number 115551524).
MUSHA, RENATO (Voter ID number 102474675).
MUSHA, SELMA (Voter ID number 102474674).

1630 NE 63RD CT
GAULT, CYBIL N. (Voter ID number 101902931).
GAULT, MICHAEL William (Voter ID number 101902849).

1630 NE 64TH ST
SEBO, ANDREW G. (Voter ID number 101454346).

1631 NE 35TH ST
GROTTY, HELEN F. (Voter ID number 101245467).
GROTTY, MARK Harold (Voter ID number 114430869).

1631 NE 36TH ST
FALLON, TIFFANY Nicole (Voter ID number 101571955).

1631 NE 40TH CT
LENNEN, RONALD Bruce (Voter ID number 102027645).
RUSSOTTO, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101385512).

1631 NE 51ST ST
REVEL-RHOADES, JUSTIN Michael (Voter ID number 102116641).

1631 NE 54TH ST
SNIEZEK, CHRISTINE L. (Voter ID number 101376404).
SNIEZEK, HENRY A. (Voter ID number 101433901).

1631 NE 56TH ST
BABIK, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 102015424).

1631 NE 56TH CT
AVON, RANDY (Voter ID number 101402398).

1631 NE 56TH ST
LAURENTINO, JOSE (Voter ID number 101947009).
LAURENTINO, VIOLETA M. (Voter ID number 115746708).

1631 NE 57TH ST
BAER, JANNAH Lynpril (Voter ID number 102472286).
BORK, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 112612174).
DRIMER, WARREN Drew (Voter ID number 112028805).

1631 NE 60TH ST
LIVINGSTON, MEREDITH Ann (Voter ID number 102051389).
WELSH, PATRICK J. (Voter ID number 102247667).

1631 NE 63RD CT
LEAHY, SEAN M. (Voter ID number 115297023).

1631 NE 63RD ST
WALKER, MARILYN A. (Voter ID number 101281989).
WALKER, PETER John (Voter ID number 102230178).

1632 NE 28TH DR
OBERER, ALEXIS P. (Voter ID number 120046964).

1632 NE 28TH ST
MORALES, ARISTILES (Voter ID number 102373630).

1632 NE 28TH DR
OBERER, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 101414081).

1632 NE 28TH ST
GOLD, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 102450865).

1632 NE 33RD ST

NICOLANTI, DANIEL Albert (Voter ID number 117368201).

1632 NE 33RD ST

STURGEON, WILLIAM Richard (Voter ID number 117353053).

1632 NE 33RD ST

DOCUMET, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 101896490).

1632 NE 34TH ST
DININNO, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 101872865).
STEKETEE, VIRGINIA Jean (Voter ID number 101890302).

1632 NE 56TH CT
BEAULIEU, NORMAN H. (Voter ID number 102447015).

1632 NE 56TH ST
TRAINOR, JUSTIN (Voter ID number 113958896).
KADERA-RINEY, JOANNE E. (Voter ID number 102474847).

1633 NE 27TH DR
PINTO, JOHN (Voter ID number 101519181).
ABBOTT, DEAN Spain (Voter ID number 101867282).

1633 NE 28TH ST
GREEN, PHILIP M. (Voter ID number 113879594).
DIXON, ROBERT William (Voter ID number 113899121).

1633 NE 32ND ST

QUILES, ELISA Beth (Voter ID number 110168105).

1633 NE 32ND ST

ZAPATA, DIANA (Voter ID number 102288950).

1633 NE 32ND ST

MEJIA, JOHANNES J. (Voter ID number 117778153).
PEPE, STACEY S. (Voter ID number 102185442).
CHAVERRA, MONICA P. (Voter ID number 116773573).

1633 NE 33RD ST
MARION, JAMES (Voter ID number 120542791).
MICOZZI, GWENDOLYN Jean (Voter ID number 102077524).

1633 NE 34TH ST
MOLINA, RENE A. (Voter ID number 121044964).
DEMPSEY, AURORA Michelle (Voter ID number 115356116).

1633 NE 51ST ST
DARROW, BRENDA L. (Voter ID number 102073771).

1636 NE 27TH DR
CATALFU, PETER A. (Voter ID number 109842718).
GRIFFIN, ANN W. (Voter ID number 101276187).
HUMPHREY, CLARA Waldrop (Voter ID number 102310099).

1637 NE 34TH LN
ABSHEER, KAI Spencer (Voter ID number 121005552).
ABSHEER, DIONNE M. (Voter ID number 118426181).
ABSHEER, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 118426168).

1637 NE 55TH ST

NEALE, CANDACE Melissa Anne (Voter ID number 102221986).

1637 NE 55TH ST

CHAMPLIN, JON Franklin (Voter ID number 118894079).
CHAMPLIN, MICHELLE Christine (Voter ID number 120321799).

1638 NE 28TH ST
FLOWERS, ROBERT Alan (Voter ID number 111881100).

1638 NE 28TH DR
LA FORGE, HELEN Marie (Voter ID number 101488308).

1638 NE 28TH ST
BRAKE, JOHN Richard (Voter ID number 102173427).

1638 NE 34TH DR
FISCHER, SHARON (Voter ID number 101346882).
MEYERS, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 102196110).

1639 NE 27TH DR
CARLSON, ALICE A. (Voter ID number 101230109).

1639 NE 28TH ST
ORTIZ, RICHARD Andrew (Voter ID number 102369072).

164 NE 30TH ST
WHITE, JANICE Dokter (Voter ID number 101718199).
WHITE, RONALD Anthony (Voter ID number 101718198).

1640 NE 43RD ST
HAMILTON, TERENCE L. (Voter ID number 115642627).

1640 NE 54TH ST
BOND, CAROL H. (Voter ID number 101472508).
BOND, RICHARD T. (Voter ID number 101422799).

1640 NE 56TH CT
PEREZ-CUBAS, MATTI Pearl (Voter ID number 115182166).
PEREZ- CUBAS, JASON Michael (Voter ID number 117699657).
PEREZ-CUBAS, RAUL (Voter ID number 101302450).

1640 NE 57TH ST
ROSSI, KIRSTEN R. (Voter ID number 102350913).
ROSSI, RITCHIE T. (Voter ID number 117103413).

1640 NE 59TH PL
OSTRANDER, GEORGE T. (Voter ID number 101706354).
OSTRANDER, LEAH A. (Voter ID number 101706353).

1640 NE 60TH ST
SANDER, FREDERICK Lee (Voter ID number 118866330).

1641 NE 54TH ST
PAIT, VERNON Lee (Voter ID number 101882304).

1641 NE 55TH ST
BENOIT, MARY Jane (Voter ID number 101390686).
BENOIT, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101497510).
BENOIT, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 114249035).
BENOIT, EMILY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 118067088).

1641 NE 56TH CT
APPET, LAURENCE E. (Voter ID number 102522872).

1641 NE 57TH ST
BECKER, KAREN (Voter ID number 101391067).
BECKER, THOMAS F. (Voter ID number 101391066).

1641 NE 59TH PL
ROSANO, SARAH Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102008997).
ROSANO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 120077371).
NOONAN, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 101206398).

1641 NE 60TH ST
BLAKE, ROBERT K. (Voter ID number 101217291).
BLAKE, SYLVIA D. (Voter ID number 101221572).

1641 NE 63RD ST
MARKHAM, DANA Winterholler (Voter ID number 101277155).
MARKHAM, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 102320294).
MARKHAM, MARY A. (Voter ID number 115600909).

1642 NE 35TH ST
ALLEN, BARBARA Jean (Voter ID number 101770060).
ALLEN, RICKY C. (Voter ID number 102039933).
ALLEN, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 116628961).
MC KIERNAN, MARION Virginia (Voter ID number 102005482).

1642 NE 56TH CT
PEREZ-CUBAS, CARLOS (Voter ID number 101313620).
PEREZ-CUBAS, ESTHER Busto (Voter ID number 101256221).

1643 NE 36TH ST
COWELL, NATALIE M. (Voter ID number 120800589).
COWELL, FAWN C. (Voter ID number 101642831).
COWELL, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 101544898).

1643 NE 56TH ST
HOLLIDAY, JUANITA Jean (Voter ID number 101688279).
CROSS, VANTRELL L. (Voter ID number 105206759).
FERRARA, KATHLEEN R. (Voter ID number 101504578).

1644 NE 33RD ST
PICCIRILLO, ROSEMARY D. (Voter ID number 102448566).

1644 NE 34TH DR
ARCHBOLD, CAROLYN (Voter ID number 109437244).
EDWARDS, RUSSELL W. (Voter ID number 117138107).

1644 NE 34TH ST

OLEJAR, JAMES Patrick (Voter ID number 102295753).

1644 NE 34TH DR
FERGUSON, RUBY J. (Voter ID number 101223517).

1644 NE 34TH ST
ZELKER, ANDREAS M. (Voter ID number 102446174).

1644 NE 36TH ST
ADRIANZEN, RENZO Gonzalo (Voter ID number 118270404).
SPADE, PATRICIA T. (Voter ID number 102498152).
SPADE, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 101215455).

1645 NE 32ND ST
LEE, JARED Michael (Voter ID number 119663612).

1645 NE 32ND ST

PEREZ, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109368398).

1645 NE 32ND ST

THOMPSON, BYRON Lynn (Voter ID number 110080912).

1645 NE 32ND ST
WILLIAMS, FRANK Louis (Voter ID number 101818226).

1647 NE 34TH CT
HAUSMANN, MICHELE S. (Voter ID number 118076979).

1647 NE 34TH ST
HAUSMAN, HERBERT (Voter ID number 102266755).

1648 NE 47TH ST
STRAWSER, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 101338425).

1649 NE 35TH ST
PASCARELLA, JUSTIN Adam (Voter ID number 102107953).

1650 NE 54TH ST
CIRILLO, JULIUS J. (Voter ID number 102120079).

1650 NE 55TH ST
POCIASK, CHRISTOPHER C. (Voter ID number 116135487).
POCIASK, MICHAEL Andrew (Voter ID number 117887399).

1650 NE 56TH CT
SNYDER, EVELYN N. (Voter ID number 115773492).

1650 NE 56TH ST
VOGT, AMBROSE Edward (Voter ID number 101776402).

1650 NE 57TH ST
BLACKBURN-BOGGIO, DEBRA Lynn (Voter ID number 101495285).
BOGGIO, CESAR Augusto (Voter ID number 101645178).

1650 NE 59TH PL
YOUNG, ALLAN L. (Voter ID number 101227161).
YOUNG, DIANE L. (Voter ID number 101245471).
YOUNG, SCOTT D. (Voter ID number 101606621).

1650 NE 60TH ST
QUARATELLA, JOSEPH F. (Voter ID number 101711846).

1650 NE 62ND ST
LLAZA, ELEONIZA V. (Voter ID number 119568759).
SPAGNOLO, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 102396318).

1651 NE 33RD ST

COLON, ROQUE A. (Voter ID number 103450784).

1651 NE 33RD ST
APT 03

DOMINGUEZ, PILAR H. (Voter ID number 103517647).

1651 NE 34TH LN
BOUGHER, JASON C. (Voter ID number 101694191).
BOUGHER, KERMIT P. (Voter ID number 101234440).
BOUGHER, SUSAN I. (Voter ID number 101233611).

1651 NE 45TH ST
SKYER, BARBARA E. (Voter ID number 102011804).

1651 NE 54TH ST
CARMODY, AARON Andrew (Voter ID number 114668323).
CARMODY, TAYSHA L. (Voter ID number 108201570).
RODHAM, JARED Nathan (Voter ID number 117035943).
PERRY, KENNETH Warren (Voter ID number 114234814).

1651 NE 56TH CT
WATKINS, LORI J. (Voter ID number 116749663).
WATKINS, TRACY Gene (Voter ID number 102015532).

1651 NE 56TH ST
CROUSE, JENNIFER E. (Voter ID number 101955779).

1651 NE 57TH ST
SISLEY, DONNA L. (Voter ID number 101645282).

1651 NE 59TH PL
RYAN, PATTI J. (Voter ID number 101314698).

1651 NE 60TH ST
KRAUS, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 117049266).

1652 NE 32ND ST
TUCKER, JAMES (Voter ID number 110826772).

1652 NE 32ND ST

SPARKS, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 120520294).

1652 NE 33RD ST
STEIN, GORDON C. (Voter ID number 101239294).
STRANG, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 101586319).

1652 NE 34TH DR
FORREY, CYNTHIA Lue (Voter ID number 117844102).
PAYNE, CHARLIE V. (Voter ID number 102272001).
WHEELER, NATHASHA D. (Voter ID number 102502238).

1652 NE 39TH ST
PHILLIPS, PENNY A. (Voter ID number 101330902).
STAMM, WALTER J. (Voter ID number 101289798).

1652 NE 56TH CT
PHILLIPS, KATRINA Ashley (Voter ID number 118856795).

1652 NE 56TH ST
MILLS, PORTIA Lynn (Voter ID number 102201530).

1653 NE 32ND ST

PRATIS, NORMAN Joseph (Voter ID number 101512267).

1653 NE 56TH ST
STACKLIES, BETTINA Joanne (Voter ID number 102001341).

1655 NE 45TH ST
WILLIS, BRUCE L. (Voter ID number 102180296).
SHELTON, CHRISTOPHER David (Voter ID number 120232381).

1655 NE 55TH ST
IACOBUCCI, SARAH Pilar (Voter ID number 114762192).
VERT, APRIL (Voter ID number 101553076).
VERT, JOSE (Voter ID number 101810385).

1655 NE 56TH ST
WOODBURY, ARLENE C. (Voter ID number 101895442).

1655 NE 63RD ST
SEBASTIAN, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number 116419732).

1656 NE 56TH ST

NOEL, MIREILLE (Voter ID number 117111804).

1657 NE 35TH ST
CHRIST, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number 102491983).

1657 NE 39TH ST
ENKIRI, TONY E. (Voter ID number 101802342).

1658 NE 33RD ST
MIKOL, STEPHEN Vincent (Voter ID number 118624835).
THORTON, LEE Daniel (Voter ID number 117408769).

1658 NE 34TH ST

KNOWLES, TIMOTHY Allen (Voter ID number 121066505).

1658 NE 34TH ST

ELFMAN, SHERI Lynn (Voter ID number 102506749).
KRALOVIC, STEVEN J. (Voter ID number 101821442).

1658 NE 36TH ST
CROUCHER, KRISTEN Marie (Voter ID number 120990999).
CROUCHER, GARY J. (Voter ID number 101438528).

1660 NE 34TH LN
DORSETT, LAUREN Rachel (Voter ID number 120826754).
DORSETT, MARK M. (Voter ID number 101626915).

1660 NE 34TH DR
BENVENUTO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 102491982).

1660 NE 38TH ST
WITTNEBEN, DEBORAH S. (Voter ID number 101410702).
WITTNEBEN, KURT Spencer (Voter ID number 101740491).

1660 NE 54TH ST
MARRERO, CHRISTINE Blackwell (Voter ID number 101413452).
MARRERO, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 101556558).
NICHOLSON, CYNTHIA Ann (Voter ID number 101660609).

1660 NE 55TH ST
REYES, ALBERTO Luis (Voter ID number 116763396).
FLETCHER, CASEY (Voter ID number 102429167).
FLETCHER, LYNN W. (Voter ID number 102048772).

1660 NE 56TH CT
FETT, RICHARD S. (Voter ID number 111696512).

1660 NE 56TH ST

MONTELEONE, KAYLI Anne (Voter ID number 114387050).

1660 NE 57TH ST
GOMEZ, CONSTANCE J. (Voter ID number 101806980).
GOMEZ, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 101808463).

1661 NE 55TH ST
MERCADO, JOSE (Voter ID number 102034010).
ORRIS, CHI Dannielle (Voter ID number 102365150).

1661 NE 56TH ST

MICHAEL, VIJAYAMMA (Voter ID number 117375288).

1661 NE 56TH ST

LANZ, ERICK Alexis (Voter ID number 118084421).

1661 NE 56TH ST

MICHAEL, AARON (Voter ID number 120128651).

1661 NE 56TH CT
MUSCHETT, NEVILLE Aubrey (Voter ID number 102470753).
MUSCHETT, PATRICIA F. (Voter ID number 102118381).

1661 NE 56TH ST

BROWN, KATHLEEN E. (Voter ID number 116776622).

1661 NE 56TH ST

BOSEK, KAREN Denise (Voter ID number 102049740).

1661 NE 57TH ST
GREENWOOD, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 101980787).
GREENWOOD, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 119883660).
AVERICK, JENNIFER G. (Voter ID number 101353122).

1662 NE 34TH LN
KNUDSEN, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number 101301156).

1664 NE 32ND ST

VAN TASSELL, GREGORY Howard (Voter ID number 101286759).

1664 NE 32ND ST

SIMS, LAURA Elena (Voter ID number 115595499).

1664 NE 46TH ST
KIRKILES, EFTYHIA Georgina (Voter ID number 106416175).
KIRKILES, ANTHODESMI Voutsinas (Voter ID number 101970956).
KIRKILES, DEMETRIOS C. (Voter ID number 101377318).

1665 NE 33RD ST

TRUESDELL, DANIELLE Marie (Voter ID number 119197763).

1665 NE 33RD ST

KURZWEG, STEVEN G. (Voter ID number 117920827).

1665 NE 33RD ST

BULEMORE, DANIEL David (Voter ID number 120406493).

1665 NE 33RD ST
GREEN, GEOFFREY S. (Voter ID number 102107023).

1665 NE 33RD ST

JAMES, LEVANA Lee (Voter ID number 118358409).
JAMES, PHILLIP Steven (Voter ID number 118416001).

1667 NE 38TH ST
NAISMITH, JEAN A. (Voter ID number 101381726).

1668 NE 34TH DR
HAMEL, PASCALE (Voter ID number 102087315).

1668 NE 40TH ST
FLANIGAN, BARRY Sean (Voter ID number 101888666).
JONES, HARRY Walter (Voter ID number 101660705).
JONES, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 102016455).

1669 NE 55TH ST
LANE, CURT Peter (Voter ID number 101889286).

1670 NE 32ND ST
ALDACK, MANFRED F. (Voter ID number 102022603).
FLAK, EDMOND (Voter ID number 102475336).

1670 NE 55TH ST
CAPPOLA, JENNIFER Lee-Ann (Voter ID number 102137765).
GILBERT, BARBARA Murray (Voter ID number 101288351).
HERNANDEZ, SURAYA (Voter ID number 101559267).

1670 NE 56TH ST

DEL MORAL, ALLISON Elaine (Voter ID number 114228651).

1670 NE 56TH ST

MORRIS, DEBORAH Lois (Voter ID number 116747242).

1670 NE 56TH CT
D'AMICO, DIANE Marie (Voter ID number 101925127).

1670 NE 57TH ST
NEWMARK, LORENE L. (Voter ID number 101961613).

1671 NE 32ND ST
GALANOS, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 117075720).
FINN, THERESA M. (Voter ID number 101639879).

1671 NE 54TH ST
TORDELLA, STEPHEN J. (Voter ID number 120817578).
TORDELLA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 101444721).
TORDELLA, RYAN Thomas (Voter ID number 116769548).
TORDELLA, TRACEY Christy (Voter ID number 101300050).

1671 NE 55TH ST
KRIVJANIK, MARIE Esther (Voter ID number 101863698).
PUCA, CARMELA H. (Voter ID number 116151037).

1671 NE 56TH ST

GANUZA, GIOVANNA (Voter ID number 102340828).
DAWSON, EDGAR Ernal (Voter ID number 120852169).

1671 NE 56TH CT
ALBERTO, PEITRO (Voter ID number 121227878).
ALBERTO, ANNA (Voter ID number 101354877).
ALBERTO, DANIELA (Voter ID number 102066733).

1671 NE 56TH ST
KREMPER, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 101826926).

1671 NE 56TH ST

RECK, HOWARD S. (Voter ID number 101858287).
RECK, JAN S. (Voter ID number 101472654).
RECK, MICHELE (Voter ID number 101472656).

1672 NE 36TH ST
LEONARD, BRENDAN M. (Voter ID number 109726496).
MONTOOTH, DOUGLAS Lee (Voter ID number 101748178).

1673 NE 34TH LN
ROY, KATHLEEN Marie (Voter ID number 101749256).

1673 NE 36TH ST
RAU, LORELLE Charlotte (Voter ID number 120004396).
RAU, HOWARD C. (Voter ID number 101241895).
RAU, ERICA Frances (Voter ID number 102185135).
RAU, JOYCE L. (Voter ID number 115157906).
RAU, MICHAEL Henry (Voter ID number 115163819).

1674 NE 34TH DR
GENTILE, BLAKE N. (Voter ID number 119736459).
EDWARDS, RICK G. (Voter ID number 102042861).
GENTILE, SEAN (Voter ID number 101453006).

1674 NE 46TH ST
PRIZLEE, EARL T. (Voter ID number 102292756).
PRIZLEE, JILL S. (Voter ID number 102277850).

SCHAUMBURG, JEFFERY D. (Voter ID number 102251472).

1675 NE 34TH DR
LORENZO, PAUL W. (Voter ID number 101401545).
LORENZO, SALLY B. (Voter ID number 101414789).

1675 NE 36TH ST
LALLKY, DONALD R. (Voter ID number 101374986).
LALLKY, HELEN F. (Voter ID number 101374985).
LALLKY-SEIBERT, BONNIE J. (Voter ID number 102203474).
SEIBERT, CARL F. (Voter ID number 101420039).

1675 NE 38TH ST
LE COZ, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 102203433).
REUBEN, GLENN M. (Voter ID number 101974809).

1675 NE 39TH ST
ASENJO-SANTOS, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 101830154).
SANTOS, JUAN Pablo (Voter ID number 101983929).
SANTOS-ASENJO, GUILLERMO Andres (Voter ID number 101830312).
SANTOS-FARIAS, RENE Armando (Voter ID number 101830261).

1675 NE 45TH ST
MENDEZ, SERGIO Daniel (Voter ID number 120926028).

1676 NE 32ND ST
KLUGER, ALEXANDRA B. (Voter ID number 102362411).
ARMSTRONG, PAUL Gregory (Voter ID number 117842054).
JIN, SHU (Voter ID number 102200812).
MIHALYO, THOMAS Michael (Voter ID number 101798614).

1676 NE 33RD ST
BOUZA, GEORGE (Voter ID number 101456240).

1676 NE 39TH ST
KOZLOSKI, BARBARA R. (Voter ID number 101370349).
KOZLOSKI, JOHN (Voter ID number 101235159).

1676 NE 56TH CT
DEFINO, MARY ELLEN (Voter ID number 101816186).

1678 NE 36TH ST
GASKINS, NANCY C. (Voter ID number 101626846).
GASKINS, ROGER Burns (Voter ID number 102198639).
LAWRENCE, LARRY Robert (Voter ID number 102134266).

1679 NE 32ND ST
GREENE, LUISHON Vernelle (Voter ID number 116931831).
GREENE, KAREN E. (Voter ID number 101863042).
PASTRANA, GINA M. (Voter ID number 116550454).

1679 NE 33RD ST

CORTES HERNANDEZ, IVAN (Voter ID number 114080597).

1679 NE 33RD ST

BAHNER, PATTY L. (Voter ID number 101933321).

1679 NE 34TH LN
TALBOT, VICKIE S. (Voter ID number 101564989).

1680 NE 32ND ST
FLYNN, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 101559719).
FLYNN, DELORES (Voter ID number 102177583).
ROSENCRANS, JOANN Kupfer (Voter ID number 102201468).

1680 NE 34TH LN
REITANO, AMELIA D. (Voter ID number 101211860).
BRETZ, KRISTI (Voter ID number 101641901).
FULKERSON, CURTIS T. (Voter ID number 101641902).

1680 NE 47TH ST
ALLEN, ROBERT Harold (Voter ID number 102287469).

1680 NE 48TH CT
AVEDISIAN, GERTRUDE M. (Voter ID number 101214907).
MISHLER, MEG M. (Voter ID number 101283310).

1680 NE 56TH CT
KACZYNSKI, DENNIS G. (Voter ID number 101438404).
KACZYNSKI, MARGARET E. (Voter ID number 101472655).

1681 NE 34TH LN
NICKERSON, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 105845001).

1681 NE 36TH ST
ZADEN, SYLVIA F. (Voter ID number 101735375).
ZADEN, DAVID N. (Voter ID number 101422322).

1681 NE 42ND ST
BENDER, DEAN Carl (Voter ID number 102276710).
BENDER, JANET H. (Voter ID number 101210046).

1681 NE 45TH ST
BASHAM, JEFFREY Alan (Voter ID number 102027627).
BOYLE, ELIZABETH Carmen (Voter ID number 120813614).
LORD, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 102471416).

1681 NE 47TH ST
ABEL, TERESA Marles (Voter ID number 120906743).
HEAD, RYAN Wayne (Voter ID number 101947795).
HEAD, STACEY Lee (Voter ID number 101952432).

1681 NE 56TH ST

MATHEWS, CHRISTINA O'Dea (Voter ID number 102243055).

1681 NE 56TH ST

DAY, LELAND Sherwood (Voter ID number 101422489).

1681 NE 56TH ST

MAHANEY, TRACY A. (Voter ID number 102253789).

1681 NE 56TH ST
DAY, SUSAN S. (Voter ID number 101337178).
VANDENBULCKE, KRISTEN W. (Voter ID number 102345370).

1682 NE 33RD ST
HARRIS, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 104189211).
THOMPSON, THERESA Ann (Voter ID number 115882927).
RIVERA, RAMON (Voter ID number 102183784).
RISTICK, ANN (Voter ID number 117020507).

1682 NE 56TH CT
DOUGLAS, CRAIG W. (Voter ID number 101679575).

1685 NE 46TH ST
MATRILLE, BERNARD A. (Voter ID number 101341569).
MATRILLE, CAROL J. (Voter ID number 101341568).

1687 NE 34TH DR
MARCOTTE, GARY J. (Voter ID number 110233110).

1689 NE 34TH DR
BATES, KATIA Cardon (Voter ID number 117747099).
MARQUEZ, MARIE A. (Voter ID number 117533064).

1690 NE 32ND ST

BARTLETT, KELLY J. (Voter ID number 102409553).

1690 NE 32ND ST

DALY, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 111799621).

1690 NE 32ND ST
LESPERANCE, MEGHAN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 118280440).

1690 NE 32ND ST

SPINOZZI, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 101865185).

1690 NE 32ND ST

SPISAK, STEVEN M. (Voter ID number 101806327).

1690 NE 32ND ST

GEORGES, ESTEFORT (Voter ID number 115755326).

1690 NE 34TH LN
SNITEHURST, KAY (Voter ID number 101418386).
THURSTON, WAYNE A. (Voter ID number 102129467).

1691 NE 42ND ST
POWELL, CLINTON Gerald (Voter ID number 101335518).
POWELL, NORA Langgood (Voter ID number 101331260).
POWELL, PATRICK Charles (Voter ID number 119252023).

1693 NE 33RD ST
JEAN CHARLES, NATHALY (Voter ID number 117805177).

1693 NE 33RD ST

FERNANDEZ, ALCIBIADES Augusto (Voter ID number 119705176).

1693 NE 33RD ST
BUDAU, SHERRY Ann (Voter ID number 101876407).
MC MILLEN, WALTER Lee (Voter ID number 102215411).
SAUNDERS, RYAN (Voter ID number 116477557).

1697 NE 32ND ST
PIROG, ALLISON Ruth (Voter ID number 101957521).
LEGER, SHERARD (Voter ID number 114759714).

1698 NE 33RD ST
HUSSEY, JOANN (Voter ID number 101861378).
HUSSEY, WILLIAM Ambrose (Voter ID number 101884371).

1698 NE 39TH ST
LEWIS, ANTHONY Jefferson (Voter ID number 119567421).
REINA, JOHN Cortland (Voter ID number 120192209).

1699 NE 32ND ST
SIEB, RICHARD Thomas (Voter ID number 101966463).

1699 NE 33RD ST
BELLISSIMO, NICHOLAS B. (Voter ID number 101524903).
CONNELLY, RICHARD Thomas (Voter ID number 101846387).
KUCHTA, CHARLES Bernard (Voter ID number 101854912).

1699 NE 39TH ST
SEALEY, LEE Vanhine (Voter ID number 118185064).
SEALEY, STEPHEN E. (Voter ID number 101246967).

17 NE 26TH DR
LIGGERO, NICHOLAS Lawrence (Voter ID number 115582905).

170 NE 35TH CT
WILLIAMS, IDA M. (Voter ID number 101530497).

170 NE 35TH ST
FLETCHER, BRENDA Ware (Voter ID number 102262324).
FREEMAN, CONSTANCE Johnson (Voter ID number 101464783).

170 NE 35TH ST

CLARK, SANDRA J. (Voter ID number 102466802).

170 NE 51ST CT
NUNEZ, JESSICA Lynn (Voter ID number 118788873).
NUNEZ, PABLO (Voter ID number 101330161).

170 NE 60TH ST
LEWIS, MARK L. (Voter ID number 102368447).
ROTH, BENNIECE Anne (Voter ID number 101828787).

CARLETON-ROGERS, VICTORIA L. (Voter ID number 101725263).
GILLENWATER, REX Craig (Voter ID number 101480694).

1700 NE 27TH DR
MEYER, GARY J. (Voter ID number 101268198).
MEYER, SHARON Ann (Voter ID number 101403318).

1700 NE 28TH DR
GIORDANO, GARY (Voter ID number 115080882).
BANFIELD, MIKE S. (Voter ID number 101459881).

1700 NE 28TH ST
THOMSON, MARK Jeffrey (Voter ID number 115575931).

1700 NE 40TH CT
JOLLY, PATRICIA P. (Voter ID number 101236976).
QUIRK, DAVID E. (Voter ID number 101495330).

1700 NE 40TH PL
LENNON, KAREN Johnstone (Voter ID number 112235962).
LENNON, JESSICA Marie (Voter ID number 111893031).
LENNON, SHEAMUS Michael (Voter ID number 115476758).

1700 NE 49TH ST
DOYLE, HELEN J. (Voter ID number 101428126).
MARTINEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 102218012).
MARTINEZ, LINDA A. (Voter ID number 101415079).

1700 NE 52ND ST
BRENNEMAN, MARILYN Bunney (Voter ID number 101380364).
VON SCHLEICHER, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 101236687).

1700 NE 56TH ST
KURTH, BRYAN D. (Voter ID number 115454147).
KURTH, RAE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120511764).

1700 NE 57TH ST
DUVAL, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 102423015).

1700 NE 59TH CT
FERRAGUTI, LUCAS Taylor (Voter ID number 118856875).
FERRAGUTI, SERENA Rae (Voter ID number 101929033).
FERRAGUTI, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 101929032).

1700 NE 62ND ST

LA MOTHE, ANDRE C. (Voter ID number 101611125).
POWERS, SUSAN E. (Voter ID number 101383327).

1700 NE 63RD CT
SOLAZZO, CHRISTIAN P. (Voter ID number 102127025).

1700 NE 64TH ST
CROAK, LUCILLE E. (Voter ID number 101218438).
CROAK, MYRON R. (Voter ID number 101218439).

SELF, JOHN Victor (Voter ID number 115206120).
FRALEY, SOLANGE Labaqui (Voter ID number 116787412).

TYWONIAK, ROBERT F. (Voter ID number 101275024).

1701 NE 27TH DR
RINALDI, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 101807289).

1701 NE 37TH ST
CARLO, GLENN (Voter ID number 101445948).

1701 NE 39TH ST
FAILLA, TODD J. (Voter ID number 113996715).
UHNAK, MARK E. (Voter ID number 114031987).
DENGES, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 101699099).
LOOMANS, ROBERT B. (Voter ID number 114865803).

1701 NE 40TH CT
FALBO, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 101725279).
PASTERNAK, MARK E. (Voter ID number 101725313).

1701 NE 40TH ST
JORDAN, WILLIAM Patrick (Voter ID number 102398382).

1701 NE 42ND ST
ESPOSITO, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 102279145).

1701 NE 43RD ST
ARGENZIANO, THOMAS Anthony (Voter ID number 101832658).
VATIN-PERIGNON, SERGE (Voter ID number 119116414).
HERNANDEZ, MARIA F. (Voter ID number 101495307).

1701 NE 45TH ST
CIEZA-AGUILAR, ERIC (Voter ID number 102076196).
DOMENICHELLI, JOHN Christian (Voter ID number 115193732).
OSTROW, RONALD Mark (Voter ID number 102474869).
TALERICO, LEONARD Anthony (Voter ID number 101899006).

1701 NE 48TH CT
JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 120079325).
JOHNSON, JULIE Ann (Voter ID number 101744671).

1701 NE 52ND ST
JOHNSON, STEPHEN J. (Voter ID number 102524830).
PRENDERGAST, SHARI L. (Voter ID number 101519125).
SCHROCK, ROBERT Milner (Voter ID number 101900191).

1701 NE 54TH ST
COUPE, KAREN R. (Voter ID number 102130034).
SCHOFIELD, LAURA Marie (Voter ID number 101960731).

1701 NE 55TH ST
ALDERSON, GINA Marie (Voter ID number 101908126).

1701 NE 56TH CT
FISCHER, CYNTHIA M. (Voter ID number 114958245).

1701 NE 56TH ST
AYMAR, PHYLLIS M. (Voter ID number 101723187).

1701 NE 58TH ST
TANIS, RUSSELL G. (Voter ID number 104617511).
TANIS, UTA Ruth (Voter ID number 104617514).

1701 NE 60TH ST
CHACE, CYNTHIA Ann (Voter ID number 102244028).

1701 NE 63RD ST
WALTERS, ANN M. (Voter ID number 101285863).

1701 NE 64TH ST
GIROUARD, DAGMAR I. (Voter ID number 102405539).
GIROUARD, DOMINIK Norman (Voter ID number 102213593).
GIROUARD, NORMAN G. (Voter ID number 101613615).

1702 NE 38TH ST
GOLD, JERRY S. (Voter ID number 101389932).
LARCHE, LINDA J. (Voter ID number 101705124).

1702 NE 40TH ST
DEL DUCA, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 117748676).

1702 NE 56TH CT
SMITH, BONNIE Iacoho (Voter ID number 101345776).

1703 NE 46TH ST
ALBRECHT, MARGARET D. (Voter ID number 101345588).
ALBRECHT, SYDNEY A. (Voter ID number 101345589).

1704 NE 27TH DR
MC CAFFERTY, MELVIN Douglas (Voter ID number 102394690).
CARSON, JON P. (Voter ID number 102424469).

1705 NE 49TH ST
RUDLOFF, KATHLEEN (Voter ID number 115734147).
WILLIAMS, HEIDI R. (Voter ID number 102428962).

1705 NE 49TH ST
APT 103

PETERSEN, ASTRID (Voter ID number 113965996).

1705 NE 49TH ST
APT 108

VESE, RUSSELL C. (Voter ID number 101697703).

1705 NE 51ST ST
DE SOUZA, LOUIS A. (Voter ID number 102120226).

1706 NE 28TH DR
HOLDING, ELIZABETH F. (Voter ID number 101228669).

1706 NE 28TH ST
NORTON, PATRICIA Marie (Voter ID number 102104901).

1707 NE 27TH DR
PORTERA, JOHN Robert (Voter ID number 102061129).
REINERT, JAMES J. (Voter ID number 102083646).

1707 NE 28TH ST
BRUGMAN, JENNIFER Lauren (Voter ID number 116160114).
WHITE, CARTER Thompson (Voter ID number 120608213).
BRUGMAN, GARY F. (Voter ID number 101467368).
BRUGMAN, SANDRA Bartlett (Voter ID number 101503741).

1707 NE 37TH ST
BUSCEMI, CHARLES Dino (Voter ID number 116783365).
HANEY, BRIAN Lee (Voter ID number 116783351).
MEJIA, LAUREN Brookwell (Voter ID number 101479122).

1707 NE 52ND ST
HANSON, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 117867850).
HANSON, PAUL F. (Voter ID number 117943515).

1707 NE 58TH ST
O'BRIEN, MARY A. (Voter ID number 101706755).

PARKOSEWICH, PAUL Michael (Voter ID number 102135078).

1708 NE 47TH ST
DE GROOT, LEONARD Joseph (Voter ID number 102074635).
MESSINA, CHRISTOPHER M. (Voter ID number 116777188).
SALZMAN, JEFFREY Marc (Voter ID number 101922208).

1708 NE 56TH CT
MAZARIEGO, OSCAR D. (Voter ID number 115581933).

AYER, MARK (Voter ID number 102014775).
BOAK, WILLIAM Kevin (Voter ID number 102317494).

1709 NE 28TH DR
COLBERT, GEORGE Jackson (Voter ID number 102505876).

1709 NE 55TH ST
BAIN, CHARLES R. (Voter ID number 101354423).
KUHN, LIGIA Beatriz (Voter ID number 118816411).

1709 NE 60TH ST
TURTURRO, RICK J. (Voter ID number 102371978).
LANHAM, GARY Boyd (Voter ID number 102067840).
CHARBONNEAU, STEPHEN Michael (Voter ID number 115541454).

171 NE 48TH CT
PERRY, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 101239090).

171 NE 51ST ST
RIVERA, JACQUELYNE M. (Voter ID number 102252708).

171 NE 59TH CT
MOYANO, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 101932282).
VALDERAMA, GLADYS (Voter ID number 102069010).

1710 NE 27TH DR
GRANT, DENISE S. (Voter ID number 113930237).
BOWDEN, CHARLES V. (Voter ID number 101535887).
GRANT, WAYNE Allen (Voter ID number 102443110).

1710 NE 40TH CT
PARKER, NORMAND M. (Voter ID number 112785495).

1710 NE 40TH PL
CURTIS, PAUL J. (Voter ID number 102127205).

1710 NE 43RD ST
WOLF, ELLIOT Paul (Voter ID number 102199818).
WASIELEWSKI, MARTIN J. (Voter ID number 101341187).
WOLF, MELINDA Siegel (Voter ID number 101494851).

1710 NE 45TH ST
KLAVAN, MICHAEL Eric (Voter ID number 101492284).
KLAVAN, SARA Jennifer (Voter ID number 101622597).
KINNEY, FRANCIS Joseph (Voter ID number 119071000).

1710 NE 46TH ST
ROSENOW, DOUGLAS D. (Voter ID number 101402594).
ROSENOW, MOLLIE M. (Voter ID number 101626241).

1710 NE 49TH ST
BRODERICK, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 101471107).
LUI, TAI (Voter ID number 119095995).
BRODERICK, MARTIN Dean (Voter ID number 115325316).
COLOMBO, KATHLEEN P. (Voter ID number 101495287).

1710 NE 55TH ST
LATTY, TRISTAN S. (Voter ID number 120801206).

1710 NE 57TH ST
ROBERTSON, CHARLES K. (Voter ID number 101226170).

1710 NE 59TH CT
SHADICK, DONALD D. (Voter ID number 101274661).
SHADICK, MARYRITA S. (Voter ID number 101274660).

1710 NE 62ND ST
DE JESUS, ANDREW (Voter ID number 117537961).
FALCON FIGUEROA, FELIX A. (Voter ID number 117537956).

1710 NE 63RD CT
SURACE, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 101358396).
SURACE, KATHY M. (Voter ID number 101613081).

1710 NE 64TH ST
COLL, JAMES P. (Voter ID number 101881584).

1711 NE 40TH CT
PETRELLA, ANTHONY John (Voter ID number 119581772).
PETRELLA, DOMINIC (Voter ID number 101792736).
PETRELLA, YVONNE (Voter ID number 101792749).

1711 NE 42ND ST
KRYSTOFIK, JOHN Peter (Voter ID number 119324829).

1711 NE 45TH ST
CORNWELL, BRYAN A. (Voter ID number 101356409).
ROBERTS, SANDRA S. (Voter ID number 101460589).

1711 NE 48TH CT
BIEHN, DONALD Harry (Voter ID number 101926602).

1711 NE 54TH ST
BOROSKY, MICHAEL Andrew (Voter ID number 102061933).
BOROSKY, AMY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 101758824).
BOROSKY, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 101922819).
BOROSKY, MICHAEL Andrew (Voter ID number 101981951).

1711 NE 55TH ST
PINERO, HERBERT J. (Voter ID number 102277996).

1711 NE 56TH ST

PEREZ, SAMANTHA Rene (Voter ID number 114345027).

1711 NE 56TH ST

DAVIS, KENNETH James (Voter ID number 101490198).
LAFRENIERE, CHARLES Arthur (Voter ID number 102244675).

1711 NE 56TH CT
CRENSHAW, DIANNE (Voter ID number 101504116).
CRENSHAW, KENNETH B. (Voter ID number 101480782).

1711 NE 56TH ST

CALIXTE, CEDILIA (Voter ID number 116271286).

1711 NE 56TH ST

ARAGON, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 117248126).

1711 NE 59TH CT
BRENNAN, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 119123989).
BRENNAN, LOUISE Ann (Voter ID number 119123306).
FALCI, LISA Suzanne (Voter ID number 101539521).

1711 NE 60TH ST
HARTLEY, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 101586966).

1711 NE 63RD ST
MANN, STEVEN W. (Voter ID number 101654629).
SANTONI, ANTHONY Michael (Voter ID number 120719749).
SERELUCA, DANIELLE M. (Voter ID number 101696298).

1711 NE 63RD CT
COURTNEY, RUTH M. (Voter ID number 101398112).
JONES, JOHN Llewellyn (Voter ID number 102476956).

1711 NE 63RD ST
BARCELOS, RAPHAEL M. (Voter ID number 114410270).

1711 NE 64TH ST
BONIFACIC, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 101329156).
GARCIA, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 101404964).

1712 NE 28TH DR
KELLEY, JAY Arnold (Voter ID number 119860245).
SANCHEZ, DARRYL F. (Voter ID number 119904481).

1712 NE 28TH ST
LEWIS, MICHAEL Glenn (Voter ID number 101832418).

1712 NE 39TH ST
HARRISON, CHRISTOPHER Worth (Voter ID number 105147259).
HARRISON, KYLE C. (Voter ID number 118278624).
SCHOFFSTALL, BRENDA (Voter ID number 105147256).

1712 NE 45TH ST
DUELL, DANIELLE Kay (Voter ID number 117110818).
BARILE, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 116833078).
SMALBEIN, PAMELA (Voter ID number 100813036).
SMALBEIN, WILLIAM Paul (Voter ID number 101163440).

1713 NE 28TH ST
PRICE, DAVID Bruce (Voter ID number 120985662).
KOZICH, MARGARET Erine (Voter ID number 101765283).
PLACE, MEGAN L. (Voter ID number 116172981).

1713 NE 52ND ST
CUCCU, JEAN Claude (Voter ID number 101564930).
CUCCU, NELLY (Voter ID number 101564929).

1713 NE 58TH ST
LEWIS, LANI Jo (Voter ID number 101908653).
LEWIS, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 101958091).
MELTON, SCOTT E. (Voter ID number 102009300).

1715 NE 36TH ST
BERKON, ROGER S. (Voter ID number 115727991).
SHELTON, VICTORIA E. (Voter ID number 101969897).

1715 NE 38TH ST
CRIM, GERMINIA (Voter ID number 101347905).
CARTER, ARTHUR W. (Voter ID number 102166369).

1715 NE 39TH ST
ALMONTE VALDEZ, MARISA (Voter ID number 118294242).

1715 NE 40TH ST
HIRSCHHAUT, MICHAEL Jay (Voter ID number 102056978).
BREINER, GREGORY M. (Voter ID number 102169654).
LATVA, RONALD E. (Voter ID number 102110075).

1715 NE 60TH ST
BUZZERD, JENILYN Ann (Voter ID number 118008435).

1716 NE 27TH DR
CROZIER, RAYMOND R. (Voter ID number 101229523).
JOHNSON, JOEL Scott (Voter ID number 101490106).

1716 NE 40TH ST
WYND, CHRISTOPHER Wood (Voter ID number 100243297).

TAMBLINGSON, LISA R. (Voter ID number 116969273).

1717 NE 51ST ST
MORALES, FRANCISCO Isaac (Voter ID number 120236693).
UNICH, STEPHANIE Dollie (Voter ID number 117928025).

1718 NE 28TH DR
ESQUIVEL, ALISON Kay (Voter ID number 116218917).
ESQUIVEL KLASEN, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 116218884).

1718 NE 28TH ST
LOMEL, ANGELA Lynn (Voter ID number 101622658).
LOMEL, ASHLEY Brian (Voter ID number 101897950).

1718 NE 58TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 114848993).

1719 NE 27TH DR
COPPOLA, LORETTA G. (Voter ID number 101441777).
VOEKS, DEBRA L. (Voter ID number 102163811).

1719 NE 28TH ST
ROYCE, CHRISTOPHER Thomas (Voter ID number 119260009).
RICHARDSON, WILLIE F. (Voter ID number 113991308).

1719 NE 52ND ST
OSTOLAZA, TOMASA (Voter ID number 101672249).
MC CARTHY, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 101433427).
PLACE, DANIEL Stewart (Voter ID number 114694138).

1719 NE 58TH ST
SHIREJIAN, GEORGE D. (Voter ID number 110264278).

172 NE 41ST ST
REYES, IDALIA L. (Voter ID number 119715773).

1720 NE 37TH ST
TOMS, MARGARET Ann (Voter ID number 102057894).

1720 NE 40TH PL
DOW, MARIA Nilza (Voter ID number 118379686).

1720 NE 40TH CT
NIEMEYER, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 100514490).
NIEMEYER, JUSTIN Thomas (Voter ID number 116101591).

1720 NE 40TH PL
DOW, W Allan (Voter ID number 101210070).

1720 NE 43RD ST
GROSS, GEORGE Gregory (Voter ID number 102326244).
GROSS, HARRIET M. (Voter ID number 101218494).

1720 NE 47TH ST
HANCOCK, KAREN K. (Voter ID number 101622001).
HANCOCK, RICHARD K. (Voter ID number 101622000).

1720 NE 49TH ST
SMITH, MARTIN H. (Voter ID number 118343466).

1720 NE 55TH ST
REED, SAMUEL J. (Voter ID number 101302070).

1720 NE 56TH CT
GREVE, ROSEMARIE (Voter ID number 101336028).
GREVE, ROSEMARIE (Voter ID number 115962019).

1720 NE 57TH ST
CAMPANELLA, JAMES C. (Voter ID number 102435075).
CAMPANELLA, NICOLE C. (Voter ID number 102435066).

1720 NE 59TH CT
AKINS-PERRI, ALISSA K. (Voter ID number 102475374).
PERRI, PAUL (Voter ID number 102060661).
CASSELL, ELIZABETH Jane (Voter ID number 102524345).

1720 NE 62ND ST

CLINGAN, JENNIFER Louise (Voter ID number 117865343).

1720 NE 62ND ST

BATTLE, JACKIE J. (Voter ID number 119801249).

1720 NE 62ND ST
RIVERA, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 101911952).
RIVERA, RICARDO Luis (Voter ID number 102116636).

1720 NE 63RD CT
MURPHY, DOLORES C. (Voter ID number 101218499).

1720 NE 64TH ST
HIRSCH, MURRAY (Voter ID number 101268148).

1721 NE 37TH ST
GIBSON, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 101902850).
HUNT, JESSICA Lynn (Voter ID number 104693231).
HUNT, SWAANZA A. (Voter ID number 101410512).

1721 NE 40TH CT
BEAUMONT, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 102470145).

1721 NE 40TH PL
ADAMS, ANDREA Kay (Voter ID number 101586126).

1721 NE 42ND ST
WOODWARD, JOHN Patrick (Voter ID number 102476644).
WOODWARD, BARBARA L. (Voter ID number 101391164).
WOODWARD, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 101391156).

1721 NE 48TH CT
TORNESE, FRANCES G. (Voter ID number 101317722).

1721 NE 54TH ST
NEAL, GINA Panza (Voter ID number 117954588).
NEAL, DAVID Christopher (Voter ID number 114554771).
HARGREAVES, SCOTT Alan (Voter ID number 102162213).

1721 NE 55TH ST
GONZALES, GENEVIEVE Marie (Voter ID number 115646361).

1721 NE 56TH ST

TOMASELLO, GUY William (Voter ID number 102923205).

1721 NE 56TH ST

PENA, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 102052188).

1721 NE 56TH CT
POLAN, THOMAS (Voter ID number 114991506).
GJERTSEN, KARL J. (Voter ID number 114850313).

1721 NE 56TH ST
FOUNDS, DOLORES R. (Voter ID number 101232677).

1721 NE 56TH ST

CARTIN, GIOVANNI Antonio (Voter ID number 119666835).

1721 NE 56TH ST

KURDI, MAHMOUD (Voter ID number 101915155).

1721 NE 60TH ST
ORTNER, ANNIE L. (Voter ID number 101562115).
BAKER, MICHAEL Dean (Voter ID number 101793082).

1721 NE 63RD ST
HARRISON, TANIA L. (Voter ID number 102351569).
HARRISON, THOMAS B. (Voter ID number 102043030).

1721 NE 64TH ST
DOMBROSKI, HAZEL D. (Voter ID number 101288062).

1722 NE 27TH DR
SUNDBERG, JEFFREY Charles (Voter ID number 114261000).
BLATY, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 101527555).
VANLANDINGHAM, DAVID Shane (Voter ID number 102002225).

1722 NE 37TH ST
DAYAN, DORI M. (Voter ID number 102414582).
SCHUBERT, JANIS M. (Voter ID number 101631568).
SCHUBERT, THOMAS W. (Voter ID number 101596251).

1722 NE 38TH ST
LIEBENDERFER, GARY L. (Voter ID number 101277795).
MARSHALL, ANITA M. (Voter ID number 101620176).
MARSHALL, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number 102365580).

1722 NE 56TH CT

LANG, MILDRED Drzyzga (Voter ID number 102506965).

1722 NE 60TH ST
PARKER, CHARLES William (Voter ID number 114571134).

1723 NE 45TH ST
GRAHAM, BETH R. (Voter ID number 119836874).
RINEAR, SALLY S. (Voter ID number 101623419).

DAVIS, EDWIN Louis (Voter ID number 102194260).
EDMONDS, BRADLEY W. (Voter ID number 102164673).

1724 NE 28TH DR
WEINER, SHARI Lynn (Voter ID number 120869953).

1724 NE 28TH ST
MAYS, ROBERT Alexander (Voter ID number 102149210).
MAYS, ETEL (Voter ID number 102107944).

1724 NE 46TH ST
EBERHARDT, CRAIG Burns (Voter ID number 109919770).

1724 NE 58TH ST
BAILEY, SHARON Lynn (Voter ID number 101725363).
SLADON, ROBERT Paul (Voter ID number 102128852).
SLADON, SAMUEL K. (Voter ID number 117038968).

ESSEX, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 120191505).
HAPPEL, LORELEI Dee (Voter ID number 101596952).

1725 NE 26TH DR

BUCOLO, PETER (Voter ID number 101379059).

1725 NE 26TH DR

COLON, JILL (Voter ID number 119937681).

1725 NE 26TH DR

CARLTON, BLAKE M. (Voter ID number 101402571).

1725 NE 28TH DR
BAIG, JAMEEL (Voter ID number 120431902).

1725 NE 45TH ST
MAGEE, JOHN G. (Voter ID number 116766463).
HUHTAMAKI, PAUL L. (Voter ID number 115356627).

1725 NE 49TH ST
APT 110

PIEROTTI, CONNIE (Voter ID number 121334845).

1725 NE 49TH ST
DANELUZZI, MAUREEN P. (Voter ID number 102523980).
PETERSEN, EVELYN (Voter ID number 101775497).

1725 NE 52ND ST
HOLT, MALCOLM John (Voter ID number 116933416).
ROMEIRO, IVAN (Voter ID number 101389506).

1725 NE 55TH ST
BARENTYNE, ROSS (Voter ID number 102080181).
TRULUCK, CORDELL M. (Voter ID number 102080360).

1725 NE 58TH ST
LAMBERTUS, ARTHUR W. (Voter ID number 101355986).
LAMBERTUS, CHRISTINE L. (Voter ID number 101272219).

1726 NE 35TH ST
LYNAM, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 102250413).
KIRKHAM, TIMOTHY Brian (Voter ID number 120082241).

1727 NE 27TH DR
EMEOTT, SANDRA Anne (Voter ID number 119820824).
JONES, CHRISTINA Lynn (Voter ID number 119820837).

1727 NE 36TH ST
DE LOZIER, GLISTURA V. (Voter ID number 101210961).

1727 NE 37TH ST
ALLISON, JULIA Kay (Voter ID number 112484130).
SHAW, MARILYN L. (Voter ID number 101267424).

1727 NE 39TH ST
MARTIN, HENRY A. (Voter ID number 102145321).
MARTIN, RITA (Voter ID number 102145315).
MARTIN, STEPHEN Andrew (Voter ID number 102401616).

1727 NE 40TH ST
MAZZA, MICKI L. (Voter ID number 101653219).
SCHMIDT, BLAKE A. (Voter ID number 102428985).

1728 NE 27TH DR
ELLICH, CELESTE S. (Voter ID number 101388625).
ELLICH, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 101388624).
ELLICH, KATARINA N. (Voter ID number 115179086).
ELLICH, KRISTEN Nicole (Voter ID number 102149961).

1728 NE 38TH ST
FELLOWS, BAMBI (Voter ID number 102366647).
LICURSI, JEANETTE (Voter ID number 101834263).
WISE, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 102339979).

1728 NE 39TH ST
BENSON, ROBERT Bond (Voter ID number 101630842).

1728 NE 40TH ST
KIRWAN, CHRISTOPHER Leon (Voter ID number 101459137).

ZAPATA, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 115954845).

1730 NE 28TH DR
ANTUNA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 118336829).

1730 NE 28TH ST
MUSGRAVE, JUDITH P. (Voter ID number 101394713).
MUSGRAVE, KRISTEN A. (Voter ID number 101693287).
MUSGRAVE, WAYNE Wm (Voter ID number 101385660).

1730 NE 40TH PL
ARKIN, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 120381113).

1730 NE 40TH CT
ROBINSON, CLAUDIA I. (Voter ID number 109805649).
ROBINSON, ROBBY L. (Voter ID number 101512326).

1730 NE 40TH PL
ARKIN, TERRI (Voter ID number 101763066).
ARKIN, BENJAMIN Joseph (Voter ID number 120146023).

1730 NE 40TH CT
PENA, ILEANA (Voter ID number 109527199).

1730 NE 40TH PL
MALOTT, TERESA Ann (Voter ID number 114091527).
SALSA, ROBERT Anthony (Voter ID number 114512440).

1730 NE 49TH ST
WOOD, DOUGLAS Richard (Voter ID number 119041015).
WOOD, LINDA Newman (Voter ID number 119163780).

1730 NE 52ND ST
BRANTON, ROBERT Franklin (Voter ID number 117020312).
TROIANO, ANDREW Lawrence (Voter ID number 118864407).
BAKER, SUSAN Marie (Voter ID number 101752857).

1730 NE 56TH CT
TECA, GEORGE (Voter ID number 102100856).
TECA, VIORICA Lucia (Voter ID number 102100858).

1730 NE 56TH ST
BISSET, LYNDA K. (Voter ID number 101619947).

1730 NE 58TH ST
TEMKIN, JORDAN A. (Voter ID number 114252319).
TEMKIN, JULIE Parker (Voter ID number 101832516).

1730 NE 59TH CT
ANGEL, LUISA F. (Voter ID number 119512411).
RUGG, ANTHONY Michael (Voter ID number 102260169).
AVILEZ, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 116110865).
RUGG, DEBORAH Kathryn (Voter ID number 101385769).

1730 NE 62ND ST

HUERTAS, ERICA M. (Voter ID number 116515354).

1730 NE 62ND ST

RECK, HEATHER L. (Voter ID number 101965007).

1730 NE 62ND ST

CRAFT, ELIZABETH Leigh (Voter ID number 116204931).

1730 NE 63RD CT
HARGETT, JACQUELYN M. (Voter ID number 102253886).

1731 NE 27TH DR
NIXON, RICHARD Allen (Voter ID number 117933371).
ELLER, TODD Allen (Voter ID number 101751843).

1731 NE 28TH ST
CHRISTENBURY, OTIS James (Voter ID number 102358720).
SCHWARTZ, STEVEN D. (Voter ID number 101660941).

1731 NE 40TH CT
BARTON, ERIC C. (Voter ID number 101714174).
BARTON, PAMELA Payer (Voter ID number 101727712).

1731 NE 42ND ST
JONES, THOMAS Walper (Voter ID number 120527033).
JONES, JODIE W. (Voter ID number 101895046).

1731 NE 46TH ST
SIEFKER, CLETUS A. (Voter ID number 101237770).
SIEFKER, VELMA D. (Voter ID number 101287755).

1731 NE 48TH CT
LUI, AMY Hui Tang (Voter ID number 102034410).
LUI, YUE Qing (Voter ID number 102034497).

1731 NE 52ND ST
CHRISTOPHER, TIMOTHY Alan (Voter ID number 102442371).
PRADO, DARRELL Christopher (Voter ID number 102255111).
CROCKER, ROBERT S. (Voter ID number 102274941).
PRUITT-CROCKER, RHONDA (Voter ID number 101254535).

1731 NE 55TH ST
CLAUDIO SANCHEZ, JAIME Antonio (Voter ID number 119923835).
CLAUDIO, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 101892270).
CLAUDIO, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 101595582).
LEOS, DAVID (Voter ID number 101506386).
PEREZ, ALBA N. (Voter ID number 102272410).

1731 NE 56TH ST
DABERKO, THOMAS D A (Voter ID number 120800740).

1731 NE 56TH ST

DABERKO, ALEXANDRA M. (Voter ID number 118480098).
DABERKO, JAKOB Tyler Heinz (Voter ID number 119461717).

1731 NE 56TH CT
CHRISTIAN, LUISE (Voter ID number 101399425).

1731 NE 58TH ST
LUCKE, ANN M. (Voter ID number 101642638).
NOPPER, BRIAN Scott (Voter ID number 102128145).

1731 NE 59TH CT
ROWE, MATTHEW D. (Voter ID number 101697813).
ROWE, PATRICIA Mary (Voter ID number 101626285).

1731 NE 60TH ST

GUILLAUM, DEMETRI Mark (Voter ID number 120470485).

1731 NE 60TH ST

WHITE, CLARENCE Gregory (Voter ID number 120711575).

1731 NE 60TH ST
SOBIN, MARISA (Voter ID number 102508743).

1731 NE 60TH ST

DOYLE, CHELSEA Anne (Voter ID number 102322002).

1731 NE 63RD ST
ANDRES, PAUL E. (Voter ID number 101601666).
ANDRES, KATHLEEN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 101483309).

1731 NE 63RD CT
BARNEY, GAEL A. (Voter ID number 101549750).
BARNEY, SANTIAGO H. (Voter ID number 101635618).

1731 NE 64TH ST
HAYNES, TORRE S. (Voter ID number 119588608).
HAYNES, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 101274053).
HAYNES, SHEA E. (Voter ID number 101340229).

GILL, HUDSON Carter (Voter ID number 101823710).

1732 NE 36TH ST
KASTNER, JAY Marvin (Voter ID number 110235075).
MOSKOWITZ, GEORGE M. (Voter ID number 101965788).

1732 NE 37TH ST
LITTLE, ERNEST C. (Voter ID number 101617205).
LITTLE, RUTH M. (Voter ID number 101273328).
LITTLE, SCOTT J. (Voter ID number 101423667).

1732 NE 56TH CT
MARASCO, JOANNA (Voter ID number 102413209).

FRIEDMAN, DON B. (Voter ID number 101872894).
SLONAKER, CHESTER M. (Voter ID number 102181084).

1733 NE 28TH DR
KINNEY-MANTIONE, MARY Jo (Voter ID number 101742569).

1733 NE 35TH ST
LIPMAN, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 110075446).
LIPMAN, DONNA N. (Voter ID number 110075457).

1733 NE 38TH ST
LANER, ASHLEE B. (Voter ID number 118280677).
LANER, JOSHUA Monroe (Voter ID number 102302712).

1733 NE 56TH CT
MEJIA, MARY (Voter ID number 102240658).

1734 NE 36TH ST
IHLE, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 111873485).

1734 NE 38TH ST
LEBEL, RUTH Ellen (Voter ID number 101593243).

1735 NE 45TH ST
LAPP, CINDY (Voter ID number 101307823).

1736 NE 28TH ST
DE MAIO, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 101600309).

1736 NE 28TH DR
SCHRYVER, STEVEN Karl (Voter ID number 118540931).
GREENBAUM, DOUGLAS Avery (Voter ID number 101527766).
ROSENBLUM, DAWN S. (Voter ID number 101740249).

1736 NE 28TH ST
CHAMPAGNE, LYNNE S. (Voter ID number 102011404).

1736 NE 58TH ST
CHABOT, JULIE Dale (Voter ID number 102189484).

1737 NE 26TH DR
GARLOCK, SUSAN L. (Voter ID number 102351477).
GARLOCK, VICTOR (Voter ID number 102347208).

1737 NE 26TH DR

CALVIN, MARK Edward (Voter ID number 116463478).

1737 NE 27TH DR
MIRO, CHRISTOPHER D. (Voter ID number 102159466).
MIRO, KEITH Michael (Voter ID number 102499466).
MIRO, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 101430454).
MIRO, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 101430455).

1737 NE 28TH ST
SHEHAN, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 101504247).
SHEHAN, LAURICE (Voter ID number 101493794).

1737 NE 58TH ST
MARTIN, SEBASTIAN (Voter ID number 116765833).
JANNOTTI, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 101900597).
TOMLINSON, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 100359506).
FISHBACK, ROBERT Alan (Voter ID number 102190977).

1738 NE 27TH DR
CAMPBELL, JAMES Burton (Voter ID number 113930996).
CAMPBELL, MELANIE Simpson (Voter ID number 115386895).
CANCILLIERE, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 117453514).

1738 NE 52ND ST
VARELA, DONNA L. (Voter ID number 102319608).
VARELA, MICHAEL Duran (Voter ID number 119741531).

1740 NE 49TH ST
ALDERMAN, AURA Esperanza (Voter ID number 109968309).
ALDERMAN, ANDREW S. (Voter ID number 115300085).
ALDERMAN, HELEN I. (Voter ID number 101209421).

1740 NE 51ST ST
APT 10

FOSSUM, ANDREW R. (Voter ID number 101815213).

1740 NE 51ST ST
APT 16

SNYDER, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 109856025).

1740 NE 51ST ST
APT 17

KOVACS, ROBERT (Voter ID number 120480533).

1740 NE 51ST ST
BUCKLEY, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 101716215).
KADUK, REBECCA S. (Voter ID number 102190971).

1740 NE 56TH CT
DRAM, CHRISTA N. (Voter ID number 102474211).
ASPEN, DEVIN D. (Voter ID number 120200793).

1740 NE 56TH ST
PAVEZ, PATRICIA S. (Voter ID number 101903042).
HAYES, ELEANOR Viola (Voter ID number 101610577).

1740 NE 59TH CT
TOMAN, HENRY R. (Voter ID number 101222155).
TOMAN, PAULINE (Voter ID number 101222154).

1740 NE 63RD CT
JUDD, MARK R. (Voter ID number 101513388).
JUDD, SALLY Welch (Voter ID number 101459562).

1740 NE 64TH ST
GOFF, JONATHAN M. (Voter ID number 114831931).

FUZY, CHRISTOPHER F. (Voter ID number 101487382).

1741 NE 37TH ST
CRITCHLOW, GERALD E. (Voter ID number 114625493).
KELLEY, BRIAN Christopher (Voter ID number 101958254).

1741 NE 38TH ST
FUEGERT, GORDANA (Voter ID number 102423664).
FUEGERT, ROBERT John (Voter ID number 102229293).

1741 NE 39TH ST
FUENTES, JANINE (Voter ID number 101644692).
JOHNSON, BONNY Marie (Voter ID number 102127067).

1741 NE 40TH CT
YASKO, MARTHA M. (Voter ID number 101212703).

1741 NE 40TH ST
GRANT, SHARON M. (Voter ID number 101695398).

1741 NE 42ND ST
LLARENA, YVONNE (Voter ID number 101239113).

1741 NE 48TH CT
WILSON, PAUL Dominic (Voter ID number 101633631).
DELIN, LORI Helene (Voter ID number 101600882).

1741 NE 52ND ST
AHMANN, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101512278).

1741 NE 56TH ST

BONILLA, SANDRO Eulalio (Voter ID number 102389887).

1741 NE 56TH ST

MORALES, RUBEN Antonio (Voter ID number 117546258).

1741 NE 56TH ST
ROWEN, SEAN D. (Voter ID number 102144664).

1741 NE 58TH ST
BROWN, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 101210570).
BROWN, RUTH J. (Voter ID number 101210711).

1741 NE 59TH CT
BURKE, COLLEEN Marie (Voter ID number 102148353).
GALLAGHER, PHILIP E. (Voter ID number 118633833).
DAVIS, JOHN Charles (Voter ID number 101443603).
DAVIS, MELANIE Joanne (Voter ID number 101434636).

1741 NE 63RD CT
MODARELLI, JEFFREY A. (Voter ID number 101798365).
MODARELLI, STEPHANIE S. (Voter ID number 101636918).

1742 NE 27TH ST
MACHATKA, LEONARD L. (Voter ID number 102361106).
TALSMA, NANCY Rae (Voter ID number 101904324).

1742 NE 28TH DR
WOLDA, MARY Kathryn Cecilia (Voter ID number 116755459).

1742 NE 28TH ST
BRATTON, CHAD E. (Voter ID number 102235923).
ADCOCK, TEDDY C. (Voter ID number 101266240).
KEECHL, KENNETH E. (Voter ID number 101467152).

1742 NE 37TH ST
KESSLER, EDWINA V. (Voter ID number 101584670).

1742 NE 39TH ST
REIERSON, DAVID D. (Voter ID number 102125939).
REIERSON, NANCY L. (Voter ID number 102123118).

1742 NE 40TH ST
ZWILLING, DIANA Verger (Voter ID number 101619161).

1742 NE 46TH ST
CLARK, DOLORES J. (Voter ID number 101599256).
HEFFERNAN, BART T. (Voter ID number 101319592).

1742 NE 56TH ST
DATA, ALICE M. (Voter ID number 102317601).

1742 NE 58TH ST
FABIANAC, MICHAEL C. (Voter ID number 102118112).
ALLGIER, AMANDA Ann (Voter ID number 115766620).
FABIANAC, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 101999312).

1743 NE 26TH DR
NOLEN, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 101237141).
NOLEN, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 101229451).

1743 NE 27TH DR
CANCRO, TRACY Lynne (Voter ID number 114141507).
SEELAL, ANASSA R. (Voter ID number 120530940).

1743 NE 27TH ST
SHAFER, ANGEL L. (Voter ID number 101416231).
SHAFER, MARK E. (Voter ID number 101388374).

1743 NE 28TH ST
MAZIN, MARK David (Voter ID number 102108928).
MAZIN, MONICA Marie (Voter ID number 102393038).

1743 NE 46TH ST
LEE, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number 101508464).

1743 NE 55TH ST
ROTH, CONRAD Joseph (Voter ID number 101869345).
ROTH, KYMBERLEY R. (Voter ID number 101571059).

1744 NE 27TH DR
CONKLIN, JANET A. (Voter ID number 115015285).
BOWDEN, CHARLES V. (Voter ID number 117012844).

1745 NE 33RD ST
LUNA, JOSEFA (Voter ID number 101280178).

1745 NE 35TH ST
ANDERSON, JON K. (Voter ID number 117836653).

1745 NE 36TH ST
GUDMUNSEN, ELAINE G. (Voter ID number 101591855).
OLENICK, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 102172970).

1745 NE 49TH ST
APT 101

SCHAUFFERT, ALYCE Joan (Voter ID number 101809629).

1745 NE 52ND ST
ALLAIRE, FRANCINE Lemire (Voter ID number 115935314).
ALLAIRE, LUCIE (Voter ID number 100563919).
BRIGHT, ALISHA N. (Voter ID number 115968381).

1747 NE 45TH ST
MILLOR, GUS R. (Voter ID number 101378580).
SUTTON, DOUGLAS Hoyt (Voter ID number 101968265).

1747 NE 55TH ST
PEREZ, ALETHEA M. (Voter ID number 110042480).
LENNON, OLGA (Voter ID number 102254729).
LENNON, SHAWN James (Voter ID number 118919371).
MANCUSO, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 116681288).
DESMITH, LUKE Michael (Voter ID number 115938509).

1748 NE 36TH ST
CANNON, ERIN Cathleen (Voter ID number 102003993).

1748 NE 58TH ST
KELTON, ELIZABETH J. (Voter ID number 101217196).

1749 NE 37TH ST
MALLEY, LYNN M. (Voter ID number 101530605).

1749 NE 38TH ST
ENOS, GUS M. (Voter ID number 101716210).

1749 NE 39TH ST
CARDARELLI, RACHEL Lynn (Voter ID number 114197541).

1749 NE 40TH ST
PISANI, CRAIG N. (Voter ID number 119844333).
FERULLO, EDITH (Voter ID number 101218176).
HANN, ANITA Hilda (Voter ID number 101886135).

1750 NE 38TH ST
PERIGNY, WALTER J. (Voter ID number 102033176).

1750 NE 39TH ST
MORRISSEY, JAMES (Voter ID number 101988368).
MORRISSEY, PORNWANPEN (Voter ID number 102423362).

1750 NE 40TH CT
NIX, ADAM Richard (Voter ID number 102218606).
NIX, SHARON Stone (Voter ID number 102214092).

1750 NE 40TH PL
LOVCI, STEPHEN (Voter ID number 117484627).

1750 NE 40TH ST
DOMINICK, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 101493478).
KOLOWICH, ANDREW G. (Voter ID number 101620074).

1750 NE 43RD ST
CLARK, ANNABEL (Voter ID number 116999688).
CLARK, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 102330776).

1750 NE 49TH ST
SPITZ, ALISON K. (Voter ID number 114235636).
SPITZ, EDITH J. (Voter ID number 101719118).
SPITZ, MICHAEL Steven (Voter ID number 101714499).

1750 NE 52ND ST
COUGHLIN, DOLORES Ann (Voter ID number 101096581).

1750 NE 55TH ST
THOMPSON, GRETCHEN Gettemy (Voter ID number 101216905).

1750 NE 56TH CT

HOFFMEIER, MARK John (Voter ID number 102264418).
HOFFMEIER, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number 102421160).

1750 NE 56TH ST
WALL, WILLIAM T. (Voter ID number 120102089).

1750 NE 56TH CT

WALKER, RICHARD Stanley (Voter ID number 103111286).

1750 NE 56TH CT
DERICE, MARTINA Lilianne (Voter ID number 116069703).

1750 NE 56TH CT

VISCUSO, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 102465474).

1750 NE 59TH CT
REY, ALICIA B. (Voter ID number 102195115).
REY, JORGE E. (Voter ID number 117119682).

1751 NE 40TH CT
ROBBINS, BETTY C. (Voter ID number 101278866).

1751 NE 42ND ST
MILORA, GIANE Cristine (Voter ID number 115802492).
MILORA, PAUL F. (Voter ID number 101794079).

1751 NE 48TH CT
GUTIERREZ, MARIA Nelly (Voter ID number 118324347).
WHITBY, THOMAS Michael (Voter ID number 102163535).
GUTIERREZ, JAIRO A. (Voter ID number 117388685).

1751 NE 52ND ST
NICHOLS, BONNIE Lynn (Voter ID number 120707310).
TREES, DOUGLAS L. (Voter ID number 120287807).

1751 NE 55TH ST
HAHN, CHRISTOPHER Joseph (Voter ID number 117018075).
LA RRETT, JOANN L. (Voter ID number 101455821).

1751 NE 56TH ST

MAY, SUE M. (Voter ID number 101557944).

1751 NE 59TH CT
KELLY, KATHRYN (Voter ID number 101653145).

1752 NE 51ST ST

BLAKE, LUTHBIANKA Paola (Voter ID number 109774327).

1752 NE 51ST ST
SANABRIA, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 102054698).

1752 NE 51ST ST

GONZALEZ, ADALYS (Voter ID number 109734427).
GONZALEZ, SAMUEL A. (Voter ID number 116068821).

1753 NE 45TH ST
MILLOR, LUZ V. (Voter ID number 101661160).

1754 NE 46TH ST
LLITERAS, MICHAEL Javier (Voter ID number 119879257).
LLITERAS, MADELYN (Voter ID number 101385573).
LLITERAS, MIKE A. (Voter ID number 101396887).

1754 NE 47TH ST
ACEVEDO, PEDRO J. (Voter ID number 101693014).
SILLERS, LOVEAL K. (Voter ID number 114413832).

1754 NE 58TH ST
RADLER, JOSEPH F. (Voter ID number 101241216).
RADLER, JOSEPH Frank (Voter ID number 101680653).
RADLER, TAMIA L. (Voter ID number 101708313).

1755 NE 36TH ST
SCHWARZ, HARALD O. (Voter ID number 102078769).

1755 NE 38TH ST
WERTHEIMER, GARY Michael (Voter ID number 118899553).

1755 NE 46TH ST
GAUTHIER, JAMES (Voter ID number 117033788).
RIDDLE, PATRICIA E. (Voter ID number 115227295).

1755 NE 52ND ST
JACOB, KATHERINE Josefina (Voter ID number 114248654).
JACOB, MATTHEW F. (Voter ID number 115716453).
JACOB, STEVEN F. (Voter ID number 101304419).
MAHNS-JACOB, LUCIA A. (Voter ID number 101287464).

1755 B NE 58TH ST
SHERRILLO, MARIE Kathryn (Voter ID number 113949259).

1756 NE 34TH ST
WOLF, JEREMY A. (Voter ID number 100495453).

1756 NE 36TH ST
MULLISON, BRUCE D. (Voter ID number 101506200).
MULLISON, BONNIE La Vonne (Voter ID number 102098683).

1756 NE 37TH ST
TESTA, MARIA (Voter ID number 102354001).
HICKEY, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101710119).
HICKEY, STEPHEN Michael (Voter ID number 102500018).

1757 NE 33RD ST
MC CAWLEY, PAUL M. (Voter ID number 101972803).

1757 NE 35TH ST
DAVIS, JOSHUA Scott (Voter ID number 121128874).

1759 NE 45TH ST
PEARLMAN, LAUREN E. (Voter ID number 111762927).

176 NE 41ST ST

NEGRON, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 117833726).

176 NE 41ST ST
DIAZ, HERVER (Voter ID number 115734713).

1760 NE 40TH CT
PALUCIS, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number 101493247).
TILLETT, PAUL E. (Voter ID number 102090257).

1760 NE 42ND ST
PALMER, GLORIA L. (Voter ID number 101708862).

1760 NE 43RD ST
RIDDLE, PATRICIA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120833001).

1760 NE 47TH CT
DAEN, MARY ANN Alfonso (Voter ID number 119024836).

1760 NE 49TH ST
GILLIAM, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number 100563345).
GILLIAM, KIM Kitchel (Voter ID number 101535561).

1760 NE 52ND ST

SMITH, FLORENCE M. (Voter ID number 102323636).
HILL, ANDRICE L. (Voter ID number 116360610).

1760 NE 52ND ST

ARCILA, JOSE (Voter ID number 114209876).

1760 NE 52ND ST

WALDIE, DEBORAH Ferry (Voter ID number 102560549).

1760 NE 52ND ST

KILEY, KRISTEN Leigh (Voter ID number 118888805).

1760 NE 56TH ST
MILLER, LYNN R. (Voter ID number 101587097).
MILLER, PAULINE H. (Voter ID number 101587096).

1760 NE 58TH ST
SWARD, MARK Gordon (Voter ID number 121304761).
ENGSKOW, CHERYL L. (Voter ID number 101266716).
ENGSKOW, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 114760377).
ENGSKOW, ERIK Jamison (Voter ID number 102326332).
ENGSKOW, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 101317077).
SWARD, GORDON A. (Voter ID number 101242934).
SWARD, MARLISS L. (Voter ID number 101242935).

1760 NE 59TH CT
CASTLE, ROBIN Sue (Voter ID number 102499761).

1761 NE 39TH ST
O'RAWE, JEFFREY Dillon (Voter ID number 112753651).

1761 NE 40TH ST
KREMERS, MARY E. (Voter ID number 101211491).
VAN HANDEL, SUSAN K. (Voter ID number 101220783).
VAN HANDEL, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 101419908).

1761 NE 42ND ST
MILLER, JAN H. (Voter ID number 101286137).
OSTER, JAMES S. (Voter ID number 101866891).

1761 NE 48TH CT
MANCHESTER, LAUREN Ashley (Voter ID number 114759742).
MANCHESTER, MARIAN L. (Voter ID number 101400531).

1761 NE 55TH ST
BARBETTA, GARY (Voter ID number 120520550).
POPIELARZ, MARILYN L. (Voter ID number 101319917).
POPIELARZ, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 101319911).

1761 NE 55TH ST

RAFY, JOSEPHINE F. (Voter ID number 101696477).

1761 NE 55TH ST

KOSCIK, AMANDA Rose (Voter ID number 106602142).

1761 NE 58TH ST
ESCUAGE, JANET E. (Voter ID number 101215169).
ESCUAGE, JOSEPH V. (Voter ID number 101215231).

1761 NE 59TH CT
BRYANT, SARA (Voter ID number 101588070).
COMER, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 102252259).
MANSFIELD, CAREY Lynn (Voter ID number 115606457).
MANSFIELD, JACK Everett (Voter ID number 115740698).
TORRES, JUAN (Voter ID number 101723925).

1762 NE 38TH ST
DOGAGIS, PETER Pantelis (Voter ID number 119806016).

1762 NE 40TH ST
CARNAHAN, BELINDA K. (Voter ID number 117489369).
THOMAS, JEFFREY Stephens (Voter ID number 102391103).
THOMAS, LISA (Voter ID number 101565556).

1763 NE 52ND ST
OLSHAN, PAMELA Beth (Voter ID number 101525276).

1763 NE 55TH ST

COVIELLA, OMAR (Voter ID number 102143370).

1765 NE 45TH ST

PEREZ, WALTER G. (Voter ID number 102406712).

1765 NE 45TH ST
HORTON, KRISTY Fawn (Voter ID number 114519620).
MANALICH, JOSEFINA G. (Voter ID number 101360318).
REYNOLDS, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101631922).

1765 NE 46TH ST
KRICKOVICH, KIMBERLY J. (Voter ID number 101324786).
KRICKOVICH, JILLIAN Marie (Voter ID number 100577500).
KRICKOVICH, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101311107).
KRICKOVICH, TIMOTHY (Voter ID number 116160898).

1766 NE 46TH ST
SMITH, JOSEPH L. (Voter ID number 102287827).
DENNIS, STEVEN Scott (Voter ID number 102521699).
LUPO, MICHAEL Ross (Voter ID number 102521761).
SUGGS, MORRIS T. (Voter ID number 102073789).

1766 NE 58TH ST
TEMKIN, BRANDON Lyle (Voter ID number 102011458).
TEMKIN, RANDY L. (Voter ID number 101291371).
GARBARINO, GEORGE J. (Voter ID number 101258138).

1767 NE 58TH ST
O'KELLEY, BRIAN Patrick (Voter ID number 114389461).
MC LEMORE, CRAIG Michael (Voter ID number 102367266).

1769 NE 38TH ST
TRAVIS, TIMOTHY JOHN (Voter ID number 115471220).
TRAVIS, BRIAN Roger Croft (Voter ID number 118404726).

1769 NE 45TH ST
MC GOVERN, DAAD Fatima (Voter ID number 102043139).
MC GOVERN, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 102194710).

1769 NE 49TH ST
PALMER, MARIE E. (Voter ID number 117624474).

177 NE 40TH CT
GALASSO, EDWIN V. (Voter ID number 102445762).

1770 NE 36TH ST
BERGER, FREDRIC Jay (Voter ID number 102498456).
MERRIFIELD, BURTON Kenneth (Voter ID number 102498462).

1770 NE 37TH ST
RAUCH, RANDY A. (Voter ID number 101268244).

1770 NE 43RD ST
VEERAWAT, TANITPORN (Voter ID number 102334490).
VEERAWAT, VEERA (Voter ID number 102334531).

1770 NE 48TH CT
MARK, DAVID (Voter ID number 102333870).

1770 NE 49TH ST
JOHNSON, LAWRENCE R. (Voter ID number 101284754).

1770 NE 59TH CT
COOPER, RANDY S. (Voter ID number 101331266).
COOPER, RANDALL S. (Voter ID number 116994307).
DENNIS, ROBIN Elaine (Voter ID number 101576512).
DI NATALE-COOPER, LAURA (Voter ID number 101495305).

1771 NE 33RD ST
PEREZ, WILLIAM Daniel (Voter ID number 119429498).

1771 NE 35TH ST
ENSOR, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 103115061).
RAMIREZ LOZADA, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 120765315).
SOCHOL, JEREMY Benn (Voter ID number 119931556).
BURNEY, GREGORY A. (Voter ID number 102292785).
ALLEN, GEORGE (Voter ID number 102009626).
LUCAS, AUGUST J. (Voter ID number 101526082).
LUCAS, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 101509818).
MATTER, THOMAS Richard (Voter ID number 114925216).
OTTOWAY, L Lane (Voter ID number 102110833).

1771 NE 48TH CT
SKORUP, CARL E. (Voter ID number 101708796).
SKORUP, SHYRLEE D. (Voter ID number 101207705).

1771 NE 59TH CT
GUTOWSKI, JOHN F. (Voter ID number 101269535).

1772 NE 58TH ST
BUPP, NANCY (Voter ID number 120469824).
BERRY, JOHN Edward (Voter ID number 101334026).
BUPP, KELLY K. (Voter ID number 115802292).
JOHNSTON, THOMAS (Voter ID number 101755101).

1776 NE 34TH ST
MILAM, COLIN W. (Voter ID number 118126288).
MILAM, COURTNEY Sara (Voter ID number 116899599).
MILAM, LISA B. (Voter ID number 101266844).
MILAM, LOUIS (Voter ID number 101388651).

1776 NE 46TH ST
BASCOME, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 101244785).

1777 NE 36TH ST
MARTIN, MICHAEL Robert (Voter ID number 109773107).

1777 NE 37TH ST
JULIAN, GAIL Ann (Voter ID number 101234606).
JULIAN, CLIFFORD E. (Voter ID number 101203349).

1777 NE 38TH ST
KEEGAN, NANETTE G. (Voter ID number 120719058).
COSTANZA, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 101960943).

1777 NE 39TH ST
CATANESE, ANTHONY W. (Voter ID number 120010063).
HIGGS, BRANDON A. (Voter ID number 102519119).
SADOWSKI, GRANT H. (Voter ID number 102401631).
APOSTOLIS, ANDREW Vincent (Voter ID number 101725540).
APOSTOLIS, KATHERINE Julia (Voter ID number 114228575).
HAFNER, MARLY A. (Voter ID number 101457619).

1777 NE 40TH ST
HAYNES, MARK H. (Voter ID number 117176926).

1777 NE 46TH ST
ALVAN, GEORGE James (Voter ID number 113160478).
DWYER, CAITLIN S. (Voter ID number 118391085).
DWYER, RYAN Joseph (Voter ID number 118393384).

1778 NE 38TH ST
HAMEL, LOUISE Allen (Voter ID number 101849762).

1778 NE 40TH ST
BEHAN, LYNN B. (Voter ID number 101368069).
BEHAN, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 101242538).

1780 NE 39TH ST
ROBINSON, MARIE Ann (Voter ID number 117971151).

1780 NE 43RD ST
BENJILALI, HOUSSAIN (Voter ID number 120613061).
LOSCH, ALLYSON (Voter ID number 101538362).
PALMER, GALE Losch (Voter ID number 101394030).

1780 NE 47TH ST
CARY, ANNE S. (Voter ID number 101516232).
CARY, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 101242546).

1781 NE 45TH ST
VEGEZZI, MARK L. (Voter ID number 102389606).
BURDICK, LAWRENCE Albert (Voter ID number 116149510).

1781 NE 48TH CT
CHILDERS, CHRISTOPHER Ryan (Voter ID number 119865492).
WHITE, JOSEPH Glenn (Voter ID number 118236951).

1784 NE 34TH ST
MCKEEL, DAVID Clark (Voter ID number 116677339).
SANTILLIAN, JESSE Adam (Voter ID number 121247896).
GERMANA, FRANCESCA C. (Voter ID number 101229251).
LIDONNICE, JAMES J. (Voter ID number 102458947).

1786 NE 37TH ST
PALMER, CHARLES M. (Voter ID number 101288275).

1786 NE 39TH ST
O'CONNOR, JANICE L. (Voter ID number 101332557).
O'CONNOR, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 101242594).

1788 NE 36TH ST
KELLEY, JAMES Lee (Voter ID number 102524132).
HASBUN, ABRAHAM Carlos (Voter ID number 118471980).

1789 NE 33RD ST
FETZER, MARC Burton (Voter ID number 101933782).

1789 NE 35TH ST
FORSTER, ZAVOLA M. (Voter ID number 101208767).

1789 NE 36TH ST
AJON, JULIO Antonio (Voter ID number 102265658).

1790 NE 34TH ST
PETERS, GARY Charles (Voter ID number 102023943).

1790 NE 43RD ST
D'ADDARIO, THOMAS Alfred (Voter ID number 102152199).

1790 NE 46TH ST
OLAVARRIA, CHRISTIAN Michael (Voter ID number 116474536).
OLAVARRIA, XIAN Lucifer (Voter ID number 118848127).
OLAVARRIA, JEAN Marie (Voter ID number 102179666).
OLAVARRIA, MELISSA J. (Voter ID number 115360114).
OLAVARRIA, MICHAEL V. (Voter ID number 102179598).

1791 NE 46TH ST
MONSERRATE, CESAR (Voter ID number 102418784).

1793 NE 34TH ST
STANSBERRY, KELVIN Troy (Voter ID number 102264920).

1794 NE 40TH ST
BEATY, GREGORY D. (Voter ID number 101555271).
BEATY, SUSAN J. (Voter ID number 101352559).

1795 NE 33RD ST
LEVIN, REBECCA Obst (Voter ID number 101565915).
NEUGEBAUER, VICTOR Hugo (Voter ID number 118970142).

1795 NE 40TH ST
PRNO, BRIDGETTE Erin (Voter ID number 116123574).
PRNO, JOHN Phillip (Voter ID number 102273097).

1796 NE 48TH CT
MALONE, TIMOTHY Dale (Voter ID number 118923944).
GADDIS, GREGORY P. (Voter ID number 101369789).
SPINELLI, STEPHEN Michael (Voter ID number 114015840).

1798 NE 36TH ST
CAMACHO, BLANCA R. (Voter ID number 111763112).
CAMACHO, GLORIA A. (Voter ID number 111763687).
BONIN, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 101588420).

1798 NE 39TH ST
PROPECK, DIANE Gene (Voter ID number 101949847).

1798 NE 40TH ST
TWESTEN, AULINE W. (Voter ID number 101316375).
TWESTEN, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101316376).

1799 NE 33RD ST
CHASE, SHAWN A. (Voter ID number 117939554).
SEREDICK, COLLEEN M. (Voter ID number 101277454).
SEREDICK, STEWART Andrew (Voter ID number 102483327).

1799 NE 39TH ST
FRIEDHEIM, LORI Anne (Voter ID number 115635225).
LEE, HELEN C. (Voter ID number 101204479).

180 NE 35TH CT
DAVIS, KORTNEI Natisha (Voter ID number 116196863).
WESTBROOK, KASEY Marie Katherine (Voter ID number 119744803).

180 NE 35TH ST

HAWKINS, LAMAR T. (Voter ID number 120201464).

180 NE 35TH CT
POWER, EDDY M. (Voter ID number 102503804).
THOMAS, YOLANDA Yvette (Voter ID number 101836301).

180 NE 35TH ST

SIMS, MAYA A. (Voter ID number 102229327).

180 NE 35TH ST

PENNINGTON, DELPHINE (Voter ID number 117130074).

180 NE 42ND CT
CLAYTON, SHEREE L. (Voter ID number 101644267).
JOHNSON, JOSHUA Lenard (Voter ID number 120779185).

180 NE 43RD CT
CAST, JEFFREY Alan (Voter ID number 102146149).
MC MANUS, JEAN Ann (Voter ID number 101543547).

180 NE 51ST CT
CRAMER, TRISTAN D. (Voter ID number 120350938).
MERRITT, COURINE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102509515).

180 NE 53RD CT
CONLEY, KENNETH Dale (Voter ID number 101751547).
MERCADO, WENDY Marie (Voter ID number 102326815).

180 NE 55TH ST
MCKEEVER, JOHN Francis (Voter ID number 112263890).
ACHUFF, DELMAR D. (Voter ID number 102103300).

1801 NE 45TH ST
KHAN, NADER Fakhri (Voter ID number 102362740).

181 NE 41ST ST
FERNANDEZ, CARLOS L. (Voter ID number 102435120).
FERNANDEZ, GLORIA (Voter ID number 114025817).

181 NE 42ND CT
BRENZ, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 101443958).
COSCUNA, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 101396695).

181 NE 42ND ST
DADDIO, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 119394666).

181 NE 43RD CT
HILLER BALCAZAR, MONICA (Voter ID number 102367889).

181 NE 43RD ST
SPENCER, EMILY Sue (Voter ID number 102327061).
SPENCER, NANCY L. (Voter ID number 101257955).

181 NE 53RD CT
LINDER, CATHY L. (Voter ID number 101256691).
LINDER, HALEY Rose (Voter ID number 114759610).
LINDER, JEFFREY B. (Voter ID number 101392533).

19 NE 26TH CT
KILGORE, KATHERINE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 116088830).

190 NE 35TH CT
HAWES, SAVANNAH Marie (Voter ID number 102105043).
KEY, IMANI Nia (Voter ID number 119773341).
KEY, BRYAN E. (Voter ID number 102503247).
KEY, STEPHANIE M. (Voter ID number 101558336).

190 NE 35TH ST
MCCRAY, DELORES (Voter ID number 116869360).
BROOKS, MAE C. (Voter ID number 101907600).
MC CRAY, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 101630502).

190 NE 35TH ST

MCCRAY, SHARIFA S. (Voter ID number 116789108).

190 NE 35TH ST

MCBRIDE, NATHANIEL J. (Voter ID number 116108916).

190 NE 42ND ST
HOVATTER, GARY Wayne (Voter ID number 118557901).

190 NE 42ND CT
FENNELL, ELI Preston (Voter ID number 102091162).
FENNELL, SHARON D. (Voter ID number 101885279).
FENNELL, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number 101227108).

190 NE 43RD CT
NAYLOR, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 101703536).

190 NE 43RD ST
MURPHY, MILDRED (Voter ID number 101236069).

190 NE 51ST CT
BURKE, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 101530909).
RODRIGUEZ, AMY M. (Voter ID number 102216673).

190 NE 51ST ST
ALBANESE, JUNE M. (Voter ID number 102521385).

191 NE 40TH CT
FRANCOIS, FRANCILLON (Voter ID number 119739572).

191 NE 41ST ST
WALKER, ROCKY B. (Voter ID number 101358585).
WALKER, TRALIVES Senilial (Voter ID number 115145215).

191 NE 42ND CT
SIMON, LARRY Joe (Voter ID number 101907937).

191 NE 42ND ST
PEARCE, CAROL C. (Voter ID number 101278420).

191 NE 43RD ST
JOHNSON, PHYLLIS M. (Voter ID number 101212560).

191 NE 43RD CT
BARKER, BILLIE Diane (Voter ID number 107317156).
SEIGLER, SHANNON (Voter ID number 114615046).

191 NE 43RD ST
LAMB, KAY F. (Voter ID number 101933256).
LAMB, KENNETH D. (Voter ID number 101933253).

191 NE 51ST ST
VIOLA, ANTHONY W. (Voter ID number 101424498).

192 NE 40TH ST
SCOTT, JASON (Voter ID number 101896963).

193 NE 40TH ST
HARRIS, MATTHEW David (Voter ID number 114248272).
OBISPO, STACEY (Voter ID number 121329347).

194 NE 41ST ST
SANDOVAL, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 118866094).

196 NE 40TH CT
REYES, SONIA (Voter ID number 120359539).

20 NE 26TH CT
MC DERMOTT, RONALD Charles (Voter ID number 102525227).
ORLANO, MICHAEL Frank (Voter ID number 102525226).
KEITH, ANDREW Scott (Voter ID number 102328420).
ROSKOS, MELINDA (Voter ID number 102327417).

20 NE 27TH DR
MAHABIR, SHANE Dharmendra (Voter ID number 101655339).
MAHABIR, SHARON Devika (Voter ID number 101602703).
MAHABIR, GOWTAM (Voter ID number 101316954).
MAHABIR, SHIRLEY P. (Voter ID number 101316953).

20 NE 29TH ST
MORGENSTERN, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 101306698).
MORGENSTERN, MARY-ANN (Voter ID number 101205867).

20 NE 56TH CT
SEVERIN, JAHMELLA I. (Voter ID number 120103409).

20 NE 57TH ST
LE, VI AN Qui (Voter ID number 116520177).

20 NE 57TH CT
PEREZ, ALEX H. (Voter ID number 101912144).
PEREZ, BEATRIZ R. (Voter ID number 101912146).
PEREZ, PAOLA J. (Voter ID number 102255897).

20 NE 57TH ST
TOWNSEND, BRANDON Michael (Voter ID number 114390761).

200 NE 26TH DR
HOOBAN, DAVID T. (Voter ID number 115202908).

200 NE 28TH CT
BYRUM, MICHAEL Jack (Voter ID number 117335781).
TRULSON, ERIC R. (Voter ID number 101276017).

200 NE 29TH ST
GUEVARA MATEO, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 104386463).
BEAUREGARD, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 101787959).

200 NE 30TH CT
RAMSAROOP, CHERYL (Voter ID number 102317631).

200 NE 30TH ST
EMORY, ROBERT Leonard (Voter ID number 119256475).
SCLAFANI, PERRY (Voter ID number 115712440).

200 NE 38TH ST

PARKER, CASSEOPIYA Rachelle (Voter ID number 117653647).
REDDICK, ANGELIQUE Rochay (Voter ID number 103706229).

200 NE 38TH ST

MC CLOUD, LAKEISHA V. (Voter ID number 101903010).
DAMBSKI, JEAN M. (Voter ID number 102168876).

200 NE 38TH ST

ADHEEN, TREVOR (Voter ID number 101761937).

200 NE 38TH ST

FREDERIC, JEAN N. (Voter ID number 120418245).

200 NE 38TH ST
APT 13

WELCH, ERIC Robert (Voter ID number 101955914).

200 NE 38TH ST
APT 14

SLATER, ROMONTAVIOUS A. (Voter ID number 101716537).

200 NE 38TH ST
APT 15

MENDEZ, DEWIN (Voter ID number 120176915).
VELEZ, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 120176930).

200 NE 38TH ST

GEDEON, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 119644901).

200 NE 38TH ST

SAGER, BRITTANY (Voter ID number 118850921).

200 NE 38TH ST
CLARK, DAVID Allan (Voter ID number 102490016).
CLARK, JODI Michelle (Voter ID number 102496267).
JONES, LEMISHA Mykiama (Voter ID number 102383718).

200 NE 38TH ST
APT 13

BERGER, CANDICE M. (Voter ID number 101232448).
BERGER, FRANK A. (Voter ID number 101926092).
BERGER, KATHLEEN Marie (Voter ID number 102012605).

200 NE 38TH ST
APT 14

SLATER, GAIL L. (Voter ID number 101538466).

200 NE 38TH ST

RIVERA, RAUL (Voter ID number 102259158).

200 NE 40TH CT

SAPP, TAWANA M. (Voter ID number 117029654).

200 NE 42ND ST
MOLINA, EDGAR F. (Voter ID number 120470051).

200 NE 43RD ST
JONES, BARRY G. (Voter ID number 102391033).
WILSON, JOHN O. (Voter ID number 101475015).
MURPHY, HAROLD L. (Voter ID number 101515251).

200 NE 45TH ST
PALLISER, TIFFANY Leigh (Voter ID number 115631832).

200 NE 51ST CT
WATSON, TANYA Marie (Voter ID number 102334819).

200 NE 51ST ST
ALTEF, CAROL M. (Voter ID number 108237708).
ALTEF, HADEL A. (Voter ID number 118344376).

200 NE 56TH ST
ALZENORD, ILIANE (Voter ID number 101556104).
HABEGGER, ANDREAS F. (Voter ID number 102013776).
HABEGGER, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number 114295553).

200 NE 58TH ST
LANDI, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 101739648).

201 NE 26TH DR
HOWE, KENNETH Arthur (Voter ID number 101848160).
HOWE, TINA Marie (Voter ID number 101962953).

201 NE 28TH CT
BARKER, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 102401898).

201 NE 29TH ST
HEWER, VICTOR C. (Voter ID number 114134168).
DUNKIN, STEPHEN Christopher (Voter ID number 121108814).
ROESLEIN, MICHAEL William (Voter ID number 121062447).

201 NE 30TH CT
GLASS, PEGGY S. (Voter ID number 101213284).

201 NE 32ND CT
D'MEZA, QUILVIO R. (Voter ID number 101450275).
ASPERS, JOHN (Voter ID number 100879404).

201 NE 34TH CT
TANNER, CASSANDRA L. (Voter ID number 121142993).

201 NE 40TH CT
ROBINSON, THELMA W. (Voter ID number 101203836).
STOAKES, SUSANNA (Voter ID number 101627335).

201 NE 42ND CT
GALLAGHER, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 101503116).
KING, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 101341759).

201 NE 43RD CT
HOLIFIELD, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number 101501567).

201 NE 49TH ST
HOBBY, NATHAN David (Voter ID number 102380479).
HOBBY, SARAH E. (Voter ID number 102371754).

201 NE 55TH ST
DINNEN, STEVEN Anthony (Voter ID number 120719823).
DINNEN, ALAN Louis (Voter ID number 102391133).
DINNEN, ALAN R. (Voter ID number 101496733).
DINNEN, CAROL (Voter ID number 101496732).

201 NE 57TH CT
ALLMAN, ROBERT Orin (Voter ID number 119717088).
UZUN, MEHMET Michael (Voter ID number 115146229).

202 NE 40TH ST
BENTLEY, FELECIA Antoinette (Voter ID number 113953199).

203 NE 33RD ST
O'CONNER, MICHELLE T. (Voter ID number 117669506).

203 NE 35TH ST
COACHMAN, AMY T. (Voter ID number 101955271).
COACHMAN, CORNELIUS (Voter ID number 101277412).
COACHMAN, CORNELIUS (Voter ID number 105185764).
COACHMAN, GLORIA Irvin (Voter ID number 101273089).

204 NE 45TH ST
MANZI, MONICA Marie (Voter ID number 112015340).

205 NE 33RD ST
ECHEVERRIA, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 116689650).

206 NE 29TH ST
HARRISON, KENNETH L. (Voter ID number 102452547).
SILVER, TRACEY Robin (Voter ID number 102447343).

206 NE 40TH CT
SAINTILUS, SAVANNA (Voter ID number 117363860).

206 NE 45TH ST
DERR, SCOTT T. (Voter ID number 101501375).

207 NE 28TH CT
WHITE, DONALD N. (Voter ID number 102276703).
WHITE, E Quinton (Voter ID number 101265128).

207 NE 35TH CT
WILLIAMS, JOYICE (Voter ID number 116402978).

208 NE 26TH DR
SIMPSON, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 101844574).

208 NE 28TH CT
JEANSON, RICK (Voter ID number 115734551).
SCHOTANUS, BRITTANY T. (Voter ID number 120481000).
SCHOTANUS, BETH L. (Voter ID number 101511561).
SCHOTANUS, MARC Ryan (Voter ID number 115554207).
SCHOTANUS, MARC Wayne (Voter ID number 101505517).
SCHOTANUS, MATTHEW A. (Voter ID number 119260397).

208 NE 30TH CT
GAGNON, JAMES Clarence (Voter ID number 102317607).
GAGNON, JAMES Powell (Voter ID number 119179794).
GAGNON, LORNA G. (Voter ID number 102317605).

208 NE 33RD ST
OTHMAN, ASEM S. (Voter ID number 114521272).

208 NE 45TH ST
APT 208

GROTHER, JESSE A. (Voter ID number 119731480).

209 NE 26TH DR
CORTES, MARTA A. (Voter ID number 101554227).
SANEAUX, GONZALO (Voter ID number 116592401).
SANEAUX, VERONICA (Voter ID number 102215209).
SANO, GONZALO (Voter ID number 101554228).

209 NE 27TH DR
MALEC, RONALD S. (Voter ID number 101429244).

209 NE 30TH CT
SNYDER, DAVID Lee (Voter ID number 102270181).

209 NE 34TH CT
RADITCH, TYESHA L. (Voter ID number 102027035).

21 NE 56TH ST
BERROCAL, IVONNE D. (Voter ID number 119137767).
CASTILLO, HILARY M. (Voter ID number 118668168).
LARA, JULIO A. (Voter ID number 118850488).

21 NE 56TH CT
SANDOVAL, LUZ A. (Voter ID number 117098063).
BLANCO, LUZ A. (Voter ID number 101848075).
SANDOVAL, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 115582186).
SANDOVAL, LUZ M. (Voter ID number 117011643).

21 NE 56TH ST
CASTILLO, EDGAR Enrique (Voter ID number 117884506).

21 NE 57TH ST
MEJIA, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 114590955).
PEREZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 101293151).

210 NE 38TH ST

FINNEY, LARRY Debon (Voter ID number 120763775).

210 NE 38TH ST

LAFRANCE, KAREN (Voter ID number 118783023).

210 NE 38TH ST
APT 11

SCALES, A'RION Ja'Tia (Voter ID number 118838460).

210 NE 38TH ST
APT 14

SCOTT, SHAMEKA Nicole (Voter ID number 102197644).

210 NE 38TH ST

HERBERT, KASHEEM Mikal (Voter ID number 108690129).

210 NE 38TH ST

WALKER, ROSETTA Alma (Voter ID number 105120371).

210 NE 38TH ST

BASS, BRENDA Lee (Voter ID number 101994046).

210 NE 38TH ST

JONES, CIERRA S. (Voter ID number 115796845).

210 NE 38TH ST

WALKER, CHARLES (Voter ID number 102271128).

210 NE 38TH ST

BRANKER, CHRISTIAN Gregory Jerome (Voter ID number 120250852).

210 NE 38TH ST
APT 10

ROBERTSON, KATRINA R. (Voter ID number 120524845).

210 NE 38TH ST
APT 11

SCALES, ARI'TON Berlin (Voter ID number 121298499).

210 NE 38TH ST
APT 15

ESPERANCE, MEZILIA (Voter ID number 120262085).

210 NE 38TH ST

LA FRANCE, WINFON (Voter ID number 119579153).

210 NE 38TH ST
SCALES, AARON Berlin (Voter ID number 101808170).

210 NE 38TH ST

GERVACIO, ANA E. (Voter ID number 102478081).

210 NE 38TH ST

OLIPHANT, CHRISTAL Lorraine (Voter ID number 116861480).

210 NE 38TH ST
BOUTIN, LAURENT (Voter ID number 102310771).
DE LA PENA, SIMON David (Voter ID number 102514177).
DUNICAN, PAULINE Edwina (Voter ID number 101965017).
WALKER, JOHN Wesley (Voter ID number 101981109).

210 NE 38TH ST
APT 11

RECKLEY, ARNITA R. (Voter ID number 117104025).

210 NE 38TH ST
APT 16

JONES, ARDIE N. (Voter ID number 116233140).

210 NE 38TH ST

RUIZ, SUZANNE M. (Voter ID number 102474776).

210 NE 38TH ST

DE LA PENA, MICHELLE Lea (Voter ID number 102514373).

210 NE 38TH ST

PABON, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 115653321).

210 NE 40TH CT

FERTILE, MARIE A. (Voter ID number 102208581).

210 NE 40TH CT
HAMEL, HEATHER Marie (Voter ID number 102179291).

210 NE 42ND CT
ISIDOR, PIERRE L. (Voter ID number 101906366).

210 NE 43RD CT
DORSAINVILLE, CARLINE (Voter ID number 110079447).

210 NE 43RD ST
DOMBECK, HOLLAND Leigh (Voter ID number 102398927).
HERRINGTON, CYNTHIA G. (Voter ID number 101996509).
HERRINGTON, DANIEL D. (Voter ID number 117104768).
HERRINGTON, MARK F. (Voter ID number 101996481).
RAYBURN, AMANDA Waldmann (Voter ID number 115667210).

210 NE 51ST ST
PETIOTE, PETER Eliezer (Voter ID number 120855693).

210 NE 51ST CT
BARNHART, DAVA Beth (Voter ID number 102067876).

210 NE 56TH ST
PASCULLI, PASQUALE (Voter ID number 101481328).
HOFFMAN, MARLENE Annette (Voter ID number 117680907).
HOFFMAN, ROBERT Chauncey (Voter ID number 117681003).
LEWKUTZ, PAUL (Voter ID number 102315264).

210 NE 57TH ST
BEVERLY, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 118508605).
BEVERLY, STEVEN A. (Voter ID number 101328629).
OBIAS, CONSUELO B. (Voter ID number 102341515).

210 NE 58TH ST
LARA, JOEL (Voter ID number 114980516).

211 NE 29TH ST
CROSS, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 102260966).

211 NE 34TH CT
EDDINES, IVY Jane (Voter ID number 101452439).

211 NE 40TH ST
JEANTY, SONCOEUR Utile (Voter ID number 116443161).

211 NE 40TH ST
APT 211

AUGUSTINE, SAINT ANNIE (Voter ID number 102008982).

211 NE 41ST ST
DINDIAL, ANJANEE (Voter ID number 117826712).
DINDIAL, CAIN (Voter ID number 117826707).

211 NE 42ND ST
WATERS, JILL S. (Voter ID number 101226432).
WATERS, ROBERT B. (Voter ID number 101217516).

211 NE 43RD ST
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN Dennis (Voter ID number 102092975).

211 NE 49TH ST
FRANCOIS, MARIE Therese (Voter ID number 112069698).
LEROY, ROGER (Voter ID number 101703286).

211 NE 57TH CT
FOSTER, CATHY Ann (Voter ID number 119867512).
FOSTER, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 119583442).

211 NE 57TH ST
KENNEDY, CHRISTOPHER Henry (Voter ID number 101904041).
BAVING, CURRYANN (Voter ID number 114817246).

211 NE 60TH ST
LA FOUNTAIN, JENNIFER A. (Voter ID number 118129006).
RICHARD, LAFOUNTAIN R. (Voter ID number 118125563).
SAMASH, TIMOTHY John (Voter ID number 120348105).
LA FOUNTAIN, DOROTHY (Voter ID number 101626236).
LA FOUNTAIN, RICHARD P. (Voter ID number 101501068).

212 NE 29TH ST
NATIONS, MAURK L. (Voter ID number 101368527).
ZATORSKY, GREGORY John (Voter ID number 101353649).

212 NE 35TH CT
BEASLEY, JULIA Mae (Voter ID number 101414739).
COOKS, WILLIE Junior (Voter ID number 101630508).
POOLE, ALISIA L. (Voter ID number 116653056).
POOLE, AUDREY L. (Voter ID number 101289698).

213 NE 30TH CT
MATEKO, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 101290370).

213 NE 40TH ST
JOSEPH, TONY (Voter ID number 120161597).
OBISPO, LUCIA (Voter ID number 102247359).

214 NE 35TH CT
KEISER, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 102439975).
GRAHAM, WILLIE Lee (Voter ID number 116312841).
GRAHAM, BEATRICE (Voter ID number 101503742).

214 NE 40TH ST
INALIEN, RUTH (Voter ID number 120470330).

214 NE 40TH ST

INALIEN, ERICA Jennifer (Voter ID number 120797738).

214 NE 41ST ST
ALTIDOR, ROSEVEL (Voter ID number 115738131).

215 NE 28TH CT
DALEY, CHRISTOPHER Tod (Voter ID number 119650998).

216 NE 30TH ST
BYERS, GERALD Ruel (Voter ID number 101989964).
GOMOLUH, NEIL Stewart (Voter ID number 101935394).
WENGENROTH, RUDY (Voter ID number 101989965).

216 NE 41ST ST
BRYANT, DRENEE' Michelle (Voter ID number 119852769).
BRYANT, DANIELLE M. (Voter ID number 119719225).

217 NE 40TH ST
BEAUCHAMPS, FABIOLA (Voter ID number 101902851).
VEDRINES, INNOCENT (Voter ID number 116856943).

218 NE 29TH ST
BUXTON, CURTIS William (Voter ID number 102168215).

220 NE 35TH CT
TRIVINO, AWILDA (Voter ID number 109555040).
RODRIGUEZ, ADAMARIA (Voter ID number 116301569).

220 NE 38TH ST
APT 12

PASCAL, JOHN (Voter ID number 102227743).

220 NE 38TH ST
APT 13

HENRY, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 116864145).

220 NE 38TH ST
APT 15

STRACHAN, KENNEATH (Voter ID number 102065127).
STRACHAN, KNOWLTON Ct (Voter ID number 101955812).

220 NE 38TH ST

MINCEY, ANTOINETTE (Voter ID number 112041325).

220 NE 38TH ST

MILAND, JENNIFER Michelle (Voter ID number 117005575).

220 NE 38TH ST
DAVIS, JAMARCO Corez (Voter ID number 118203950).

220 NE 38TH ST
APT 06

PHILIPPE, DIEUSEUL (Voter ID number 121096001).

220 NE 38TH ST
APT 10

GUERRIER, SANDRA (Voter ID number 120159738).

220 NE 38TH ST
APT 15

STRACHAN, KNOWLTON (Voter ID number 121169306).

220 NE 38TH ST

HAMM, MARCUS M. (Voter ID number 119566037).

220 NE 38TH ST

SIMON, SAMSON (Voter ID number 102159559).

220 NE 38TH ST

BERNADEAU, SENDY (Voter ID number 119670383).

220 NE 38TH ST
STRACHAN, DERRICK Devon (Voter ID number 102328878).
LEE, FRANKIE Mae (Voter ID number 101529613).

220 NE 38TH ST
APT 15

STRACHAN, MARIA Y. (Voter ID number 101365689).

220 NE 38TH ST

SIMON, NICOLE M. (Voter ID number 108622398).

220 NE 38TH ST

CREECH, CALVIN G. (Voter ID number 117560480).

220 NE 40TH ST

MICHAEL, EUSTACHE Francois (Voter ID number 119230543).

220 NE 40TH ST

ALLEN, ARTHUR L. (Voter ID number 102422449).
ALLEN, MURLENE M. (Voter ID number 101860623).

220 NE 40TH CT
BENEDICT, KIMBERLY Duane (Voter ID number 101761403).

220 NE 40TH ST

BEASLEY, ANNETTE D. (Voter ID number 101342800).

220 NE 40TH ST

KERILUS, SILOTTE (Voter ID number 119156465).

220 NE 40TH ST

JONES-MC NAIR, VERNESSIA (Voter ID number 102215838).

220 NE 41ST ST

CHARLES, MARC-HENDY (Voter ID number 120183863).
BELIARD, JEAN Guy (Voter ID number 114211497).

220 NE 41ST ST
RIVERO, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109649502).

220 NE 42ND ST
CARDENAS, LAUREN A. (Voter ID number 119602892).

220 NE 43RD CT
LEAL, JUAN (Voter ID number 116449082).

220 NE 43RD ST
REICHARDT, JACALYN Sharon (Voter ID number 116149929).
REICHARDT, RICHARD P. (Voter ID number 102081826).

220 NE 51ST CT
VOGELSANG, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 115013520).

220 NE 51ST ST
SANTOS, CLARK Felisberto (Voter ID number 119566010).

220 NE 53RD CT
MENENDEZ, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 102496325).

220 NE 55TH ST
GROMLEY, MARY E. (Voter ID number 101504614).
GROMLEY, RANDALL J. (Voter ID number 101504615).

220 NE 57TH CT
MAHABIR, RICKY (Voter ID number 115285102).
PERONA, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 102026422).

220 NE 57TH ST
MARTA, JUAN L. (Voter ID number 102163081).

220 NE 58TH ST
MC LAUGHLIN, RANDY (Voter ID number 101990915).

220 NE 60TH ST
SULLIVAN, JOAN A. (Voter ID number 120533918).
HAYNES, ANNA K. (Voter ID number 101318528).
MACO, MIKE D. (Voter ID number 101902959).
SULLIVAN, JERRY Douglas (Voter ID number 119378399).

220 NE 61ST ST
DESORMOUX, DONALD J. (Voter ID number 120768682).

221 NE 40TH ST

ARISTIDE, WALTER (Voter ID number 117465043).

221 NE 40TH ST

LOUISSANT, TIBINA (Voter ID number 120101776).

221 NE 41ST ST
LOPEZ, LESLY A. (Voter ID number 102265250).

221 NE 42ND ST
DIAZ, ANGEL R. (Voter ID number 115181796).
DIAZ, TANIA (Voter ID number 115181956).

221 NE 43RD CT
ESCOBEDO, ANTHONY Curtis (Voter ID number 102320327).
ESCOBEDO, ROBYN M. (Voter ID number 117064741).

221 NE 45TH ST
WILLIAMS, BRENDA K. (Voter ID number 102309475).
HUNT, DARIK Frank (Voter ID number 120771430).
HUNT, BARBARA Lynne (Voter ID number 101990824).
HUNT, CHAUNCEY F. (Voter ID number 101992288).

221 NE 49TH ST
JOHNSTON, PATRICIA LEE (Voter ID number 101912135).
SMITH, SAMANTHA Jade (Voter ID number 105208294).

221 NE 51ST ST
NUNES, ERNEST (Voter ID number 120602414).
SANTOS, KENDRICK A. (Voter ID number 119569774).
FERN, ANDREW (Voter ID number 102189554).

221 NE 53RD CT
DOBRICK, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 116641301).
DOBRICK, JOSEPH Michael (Voter ID number 101763703).

221 NE 55TH ST
GARCIA, RUBI M. (Voter ID number 119560905).
TRUJILLO, SEAN Francis (Voter ID number 101899446).

221 NE 57TH CT
COREY, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number 119552808).
COREY, LINDA Ann (Voter ID number 101362597).

221 NE 57TH ST
GRZYWACZ, STEVEN W. (Voter ID number 115284646).
ALLEN, RICHARD Floyd (Voter ID number 101962533).

221 NE 59TH CT
MARTIN, GLENDA L. (Voter ID number 101878757).
MUSSO, PETER John (Voter ID number 117303727).
ESCOBEDO, OSCAR (Voter ID number 102453945).
RIBBONS, SCOTT Anthony (Voter ID number 119648372).
STEEVES, GRAHAM L. (Voter ID number 102305630).
THURLOW, KAREN J. (Voter ID number 118871252).

221 NE 60TH ST
ESPAILLAT, ROSA Carmen (Voter ID number 101368398).
ROSARIO GARCIA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 121292936).
ROSARIO, CRYSTAL (Voter ID number 120202494).
BAEZ, JULIAN (Voter ID number 102023585).
ROSARIO, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number 102164957).
ROSARIO, JESUS R. (Voter ID number 102215227).

224 NE 29TH ST
YODER, CAROLE M. (Voter ID number 102176790).

224 NE 30TH ST
THOMSON, HELEN Williams (Voter ID number 117673144).
MOORE, WILLIAM David (Voter ID number 120212881).
PETOSKEY, LETITIA Lowe (Voter ID number 102332254).
WALTHALL, CHARLES Leroy (Voter ID number 121138250).

230 NE 38TH ST
APT 11

RAGIN, MARGUITA Maria (Voter ID number 102438663).

230 NE 38TH ST
APT 12

DECOSTE, JEAN Andre (Voter ID number 102013339).

230 NE 38TH ST
APT 16

MCCLATCHIE, KEISHA Melissa (Voter ID number 114970369).

230 NE 38TH ST

FLOYD, KENNETH Charles (Voter ID number 119158789).

230 NE 38TH ST
APT 11

BRUMBAUGH, ASHLEY Nicole (Voter ID number 120726193).

230 NE 38TH ST
APT 13

GOBIN, JACQUELINE M. (Voter ID number 120053857).

230 NE 38TH ST
APT 15

ABBATTISTA, DOMINICK M. (Voter ID number 101353319).

230 NE 38TH ST

HARRINGTON, CHRISTINA D. (Voter ID number 102242953).

230 NE 38TH ST
APT 14

GREATHEART, PAUL (Voter ID number 117995446).

230 NE 38TH ST
APT 16

QUINONES, CARLOS (Voter ID number 120436491).

230 NE 38TH ST

WADE, DAKIRA L. (Voter ID number 119869722).

230 NE 38TH ST

FAISON, PAMELA W. (Voter ID number 101579209).
SALLEY, TANYA A. (Voter ID number 101525027).

230 NE 38TH ST

ST ANGELO, PETER Richard (Voter ID number 116243224).

230 NE 38TH ST

PINETTE, ALISON Michelle (Voter ID number 117343934).

230 NE 38TH ST
WILLIAMS, MANOUCHEKA (Voter ID number 102382148).

230 NE 38TH ST

REGA, COLLEEN A. (Voter ID number 101645223).

230 NE 38TH ST
APT 11

RAGIN, ALICE M. (Voter ID number 101878960).

230 NE 38TH ST
APT 13

JEUNE, JEAN Abner (Voter ID number 115535033).

230 NE 38TH ST
APT 16

ROWE, ANTHONY Michael (Voter ID number 118976661).

230 NE 38TH ST

STELMACH, DEAN R. (Voter ID number 101263960).

230 NE 40TH ST

HAYLE, LASHANDA Antwanette (Voter ID number 109768299).

230 NE 40TH CT

FRANCOIS, ROSE Lozandier (Voter ID number 112027031).

230 NE 40TH ST

SHERROD, BERNITA D. (Voter ID number 101602497).

230 NE 41ST ST

DUNMORE, LOUIS (Voter ID number 101602600).
MORGAN, LAQWANDA Patricia (Voter ID number 102345809).

230 NE 41ST ST

DUBREUS, PERGUY (Voter ID number 102183591).

230 NE 41ST ST

DUNMORE, MOLLY W. (Voter ID number 101366947).

230 NE 41ST ST

DUBREUS, MARIE C. (Voter ID number 116737683).

230 NE 41ST ST
HOLMES, CAROLYN Delores (Voter ID number 102336174).
HOLMES, JOE Rone (Voter ID number 102518231).

230 NE 42ND ST
NOVATNE, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 119037208).
NOVATNE, STEPHEN John (Voter ID number 102119512).

230 NE 43RD CT
MAUERSBERG, KEVIN Eugene (Voter ID number 102514899).
MAUERSBERG, WILLIAM P. (Voter ID number 102487592).

230 NE 43RD ST
LYNCH, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 101584414).
LYNCH, MARK A. (Voter ID number 101967675).

230 NE 49TH ST
DUVAL, NICOLE L. (Voter ID number 120482487).
UCCELLO, JANET Marie (Voter ID number 115204392).

230 NE 51ST CT
WITTEN, KYLE Ray (Voter ID number 102170396).
YOUNGS, RITA M. (Voter ID number 102269296).
ZICKAFOOSE, STARLYN Nichole (Voter ID number 102314909).

230 NE 56TH ST
DUNCAN, SHELBY Mt (Voter ID number 119570045).
MORALES, SHANNAN Marie (Voter ID number 102263373).

230 NE 57TH ST
GRITTER, CELYN Cecilia (Voter ID number 121029148).

230 NE 57TH CT
ANDERSON, RITA E. (Voter ID number 101209611).

230 NE 57TH ST
GRITTER, HAROLD J. (Voter ID number 101487687).
GRITTER, TERRI C. (Voter ID number 101352581).

230 NE 58TH ST
ALLEN, DERRICK Roy (Voter ID number 102397222).
ALLEN, HERMAN Roy (Voter ID number 101828262).
ALLEN, MONICA (Voter ID number 101278746).

230 NE 60TH ST
SANCHEZ, JULIO Rafael (Voter ID number 101679849).

230 NE 61ST ST
CAMPOS, ANA Meneses (Voter ID number 101812067).

231 NE 40TH CT

SAINVIL, FODLEVRE G. (Voter ID number 117035273).
NEL, DUBUISSON (Voter ID number 102432197).

231 NE 40TH CT

BELIAS, ALOURDES (Voter ID number 118688979).
JEAN, WENDY (Voter ID number 119900497).

231 NE 40TH ST

BREDY, MARIO (Voter ID number 118671747).

231 NE 40TH ST
MARTINEZ, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 101772623).

231 NE 41ST ST
ROWEN, ROBERTO T. (Voter ID number 102368814).

231 NE 42ND CT
XAVIER, ARIANY D. (Voter ID number 116647021).

231 NE 42ND ST
MENNITT, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 101699775).
NAGEL, MICHAEL Carl (Voter ID number 102472170).

231 NE 43RD CT
POLLARI, ROSE J. (Voter ID number 101334202).

231 NE 43RD ST
SHEA, DEBORAH K. (Voter ID number 102240604).
SHEA, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 102230424).

231 NE 45TH ST
DE CASTRO, RAOUL (Voter ID number 101205744).
GONZALEZ, VERONICA (Voter ID number 102423691).
MURPHY, BRIAN Patrick (Voter ID number 102095160).
AKTAS, SEDA (Voter ID number 119950981).
GONZALEZ, XANATHY Marie (Voter ID number 119144663).

231 NE 48TH CT
ORCUTT, MICHELLE Marie (Voter ID number 102373572).

231 NE 49TH ST
ELLIS, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 102439423).
BROWNING, MARISSA Nadine (Voter ID number 114417662).
BROWNING, TAMMY Lee (Voter ID number 110884814).

231 NE 51ST CT
BONNETT, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 102151298).
ESPARZA, CLETO G. (Voter ID number 102406321).

231 NE 57TH ST
GAIEFSKY, LAURA E. (Voter ID number 101211884).
BYNOE, MICHELE Helga (Voter ID number 116684867).
O'NEILL, CHAZ F. (Voter ID number 118731171).
RIVERA, DIAMOND L. (Voter ID number 119623479).
RIVERA, JAZMIN Bria (Voter ID number 119561394).

231 NE 57TH CT
DOWDLE, BEVERLY (Voter ID number 101543977).
DOWDLE, CHRISTOPHER John (Voter ID number 101370017).

231 NE 59TH CT
PUJAZON, IVONNE S. (Voter ID number 119966725).
SAAVEDRA, JAVIER Ander (Voter ID number 120800690).
SAAVEDRA, JAVIER (Voter ID number 118151206).

231 NE 60TH ST
DOLLINS, STACY Lynn (Voter ID number 104148250).
DOLLINS, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number 101259632).
DOLLINS, DAVID S. (Voter ID number 116060213).
DOLLINS, SANDRA Lee (Voter ID number 101303732).

232 NE 30TH ST
NOBLE, JIMMY Lewis (Voter ID number 119532899).
STEPHENS, LONNIE Michael (Voter ID number 119535737).
WOODELL, LEWIS E. (Voter ID number 119536613).

235 NE 41ST ST
PALMER, DOROTHY S. (Voter ID number 101245559).

238 NE 57TH CT
ARCE, LUIS M. (Voter ID number 101858743).
ARCE, LUIS M. (Voter ID number 102364003).
ARCE, LUISA E. (Voter ID number 101858745).

240 NE 30TH ST
POWERS, DONALD Thomas (Voter ID number 117496021).

240 NE 38TH ST
APT 10

ARRINGTON, WILLIE (Voter ID number 117125301).

240 NE 38TH ST

CHARLES, DINANISE (Voter ID number 102080032).

240 NE 38TH ST
APT 16

RODRIGUEZ, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 121109665).

240 NE 38TH ST

POERTNER, ANN-MARIE (Voter ID number 101983674).

240 NE 38TH ST

ORTIZ CASTILLO, RICARDO (Voter ID number 116485585).

240 NE 38TH ST
APT 10

HAYES-ARRINGTON, TINA Denise (Voter ID number 102063924).

240 NE 38TH ST
APT 13

BAPTISTE, ANNE F. (Voter ID number 102223877).
BAPTISTE, BRIANNE (Voter ID number 120803842).
BAPTISTE, PHILOMA (Voter ID number 102166870).

240 NE 38TH ST
APT 16

THOMPSON, JESSICA (Voter ID number 102503954).

240 NE 38TH ST

CARTER, SADE (Voter ID number 120485480).

240 NE 38TH ST

LULLY, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 120756643).
LULLY, JULIA (Voter ID number 120417171).

240 NE 38TH ST
BRADY, YVONNE (Voter ID number 116223495).
DAVIS, KEVIN D. (Voter ID number 101606011).
GAFFNEY, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 101987120).
MAHLMAN, RICHARD K. (Voter ID number 102109197).
MURRAY, STEVEN K. (Voter ID number 102457979).
RODRIGUEZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 102291693).
STELMACH, LEAH Ruth (Voter ID number 101656054).

240 NE 38TH ST
APT 14

VILLANUEVA, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 102499426).

240 NE 38TH ST

POWERS, KYLE Matthew (Voter ID number 117220745).

240 NE 38TH ST

ROBERTSON, JESSICA Lynn (Voter ID number 102027339).

240 NE 40TH CT
AMILCA, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 116015108).
AMILCA, MIMEROSE (Voter ID number 120240355).

240 NE 41ST ST
JOZAMA, VILA Desir (Voter ID number 119800289).
GEORGES, LINDA (Voter ID number 102005979).

240 NE 42ND ST
HITE, REX Harrison (Voter ID number 102186894).
VELAZQUEZ, LUREY (Voter ID number 115990955).
SERRANO, ROBERT (Voter ID number 101867614).

240 NE 43RD ST
ROMINES, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 101527641).
ROMINES, JEAN Marie (Voter ID number 102514715).
ROMINES, MICHAEL Jack (Voter ID number 102215569).

240 NE 45TH CT
ALEXANDER, ALPHONSO (Voter ID number 118194232).

240 NE 45TH ST
YOUNG, GREGORY Shawn (Voter ID number 114221476).

240 NE 51ST CT
GARCIA, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 101388582).

240 NE 51ST ST
WANG, CHAN-HSIUNG (Voter ID number 101585135).
WANG, SU-MEI C. (Voter ID number 101585134).

240 NE 53RD CT
PENNINGTON, GERALD L. (Voter ID number 101871844).

240 NE 55TH ST
PANTUSO, RALPH W. (Voter ID number 114817554).

240 NE 56TH ST
TOM, SANDRA G. (Voter ID number 101643688).

240 NE 57TH ST
GABRIEL-SANCHEZ, JENNY (Voter ID number 102289799).

240 NE 58TH ST
HAMPHTON, JANET (Voter ID number 102315900).

241 NE 35TH ST

WRIGHT, ANGELA Latrell (Voter ID number 101500839).

241 NE 35TH CT
MOORE, LOQUACIOUS Denise (Voter ID number 119378405).
MOORE, LOUIS Earl (Voter ID number 119378406).
JENKINS, EDDIE Jean (Voter ID number 101439109).

241 NE 38TH ST
CAMUSO, LETHA Corrigan (Voter ID number 101407310).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 302B

BYNES, RALPH Lewis (Voter ID number 101941654).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B 201

FAIR, TEKEISHA C. (Voter ID number 101900575).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B 208

SAINVIL, YVAN A. (Voter ID number 119848578).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B-318

SANCHEZ, JAIMIE (Voter ID number 115424643).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B203

DORVIL, SHERLY Gomez (Voter ID number 119391925).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B212

HERSHEY, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 111955238).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B219

MASON, MATTHEW David (Voter ID number 102487566).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 205 B

YOST, SHAWN Corey (Voter ID number 118523573).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 217 B

SALMON, DEAN Earl (Voter ID number 102318078).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B 107

JONES, ZENA Bachon (Voter ID number 102163725).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B 203

REESE, LAUREN Kelly (Voter ID number 102505319).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B114

ABDILL, RICHARD John (Voter ID number 119812163).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 114 B

SCHAEFFER, MELISSA Lynn (Voter ID number 117410201).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 215 B

DELGADO, IVELISSE (Voter ID number 108600951).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 319 B

COLON SANTANA, CHELSEA Jade (Voter ID number 117641347).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B 301

VAUGHAN, KIMBERLY T. (Voter ID number 109880048).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B 312

JOHNSON, FELIX E. (Voter ID number 102239521).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 110 B

BACKER, NIKITA Julianne (Voter ID number 114801480).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 118 B

HAWKINS, JASMINE Danielle (Voter ID number 118578379).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 308 B

HEIMBACH, MERCY (Voter ID number 100560195).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 310 B

SANGIMINO, JOAN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 119244902).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 313B

TINSLEY, LARRY Cecil (Voter ID number 118179801).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 319

MEDINA, ANGELO Andres (Voter ID number 120388445).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 320 B

JACKSON, TERRELL Nathan (Voter ID number 120188091).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B 211

THOMAS, JEANNE J. (Voter ID number 102088376).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B 216

MCGANN, ANTOINETTE A. (Voter ID number 120867389).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B 316

SANCHEZ, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 119119954).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B-321

MCCLOUD, JAMIEL L. (Voter ID number 116880976).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B209

PAUL, EMILY R. (Voter ID number 116686637).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B212

BELLINGER, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 120171427).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B307

WALTERS, JULIE Anne (Voter ID number 119886662).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B314

EIDE, STEVEN Ronald (Voter ID number 120028478).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 107 B

HAINES, CHRISTOPHER Charles (Voter ID number 114215580).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 202 B

BOONE, AMY Clare (Voter ID number 115654048).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 319 B

SANTANA CABRAL, MARIA Esther (Voter ID number 115911698).

241 NE 38TH ST

MATHURIN, MARY R. (Voter ID number 101260352).

241 NE 38TH ST
ABARE, MARK Paul (Voter ID number 102165358).
BAYTON, EDWARD A. (Voter ID number 102376810).
BIGGERS, STEVEN Eric (Voter ID number 101758061).
ECHEVARRIA ORTIZ, ANA Luisa (Voter ID number 102239002).
FATTA, LAURIE A. (Voter ID number 101584826).
GILBERTO, CARL S. (Voter ID number 101841643).
HURT, LINDSAY Christin (Voter ID number 102210109).
MAILLIS, PERICLES John Anthony (Voter ID number 102301869).
PETERS, FREDRICK Dale (Voter ID number 102453741).
SCHOOLER, CURTIS Lee (Voter ID number 101757443).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 109

ANDERSON, JOHN Edward (Voter ID number 102359126).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 201 B

SAVARIO, JOHN Nolan (Voter ID number 114377858).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 213 B

BRILL, PATRICK Joseph (Voter ID number 107433947).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 214 B

MULHALL, ROBYN L. (Voter ID number 114904043).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 216

MOSES, GREGG Lorenzo (Voter ID number 102527581).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 219 B

THORNHILL, MICHAEL F. (Voter ID number 101369889).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 306 B

RODRIGUEZ, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 119374587).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 316

HARRISON, RODNEY (Voter ID number 102228584).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 317 B

MCCARTY, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 116095992).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT 322 B

SHEEHAN, ELIZABETH C. (Voter ID number 102421681).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B-119

CRESPO MATOS, MAYRA E. (Voter ID number 113943858).

241 NE 38TH ST
BLDG 322

CAVALLO, DEBORAH Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102469935).

241 NE 38TH ST
UNIT 110 B

LITTLE, DAVID Brandon (Voter ID number 117882927).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B-322

ERSKINE, ERIC Kenneth (Voter ID number 114636797).

241 NE 38TH ST
APT B108

STULAS, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 102509434).

241 NE 42ND CT
SANTIAGO JIMENEZ, MARIA Pilar (Voter ID number 119154831).

241 NE 42ND ST
CUTHBERTSON, MARY D. (Voter ID number 116147685).

241 NE 42ND CT
ALVAREZ, MARTA (Voter ID number 102436156).

241 NE 42ND ST
CUTHBERTSON, SHARON H. (Voter ID number 101415375).

241 NE 43RD ST
SANTONI, JOSEPH Pascal (Voter ID number 117379131).
FORD, JON N. (Voter ID number 120520435).
RIVERA, ELIZABETH Jane (Voter ID number 101785283).
MAINE, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 101492910).

241 NE 45TH ST
PALLISER, MATTHEW Graham (Voter ID number 116581397).
PALLISER, DEANE J. (Voter ID number 101316908).

241 NE 48TH CT
ROSARIO, OLIVER (Voter ID number 118996498).
DEZIO, NANCY N. (Voter ID number 101320149).

241 NE 49TH ST
BERNS, HOLLY Ruth (Voter ID number 117398361).
BERNS, SHELBY Ann (Voter ID number 120800758).
BERNS, BARBARA (Voter ID number 102248005).
BERNS, CRAIG H. (Voter ID number 101856464).

241 NE 51ST ST
ORR, KENDRA S. (Voter ID number 101381088).

241 NE 53RD CT
LANDOLFI, ANTHONY A. (Voter ID number 101416301).
LANDOLFI, ELAINE M. (Voter ID number 101416302).

241 NE 55TH ST
SURDYK, DANA Shane (Voter ID number 120079372).
KLEKOSKY, CHARISSE M. (Voter ID number 102155518).

241 NE 57TH ST
TELUSME, TIME (Voter ID number 120048983).
PETION, SUSAN (Voter ID number 102213833).
TIME, MARIE T. (Voter ID number 101592940).

241 NE 60TH ST
KELLER, VICTORIA Allen (Voter ID number 102081051).
KELLER, ALEXANDER James (Voter ID number 120458161).

244 NE 33RD ST
HAYWOOD, REBECCA N. (Voter ID number 102404805).

244 NE 57TH CT
GUILD, NANCY L. (Voter ID number 102474801).
WATKINS, PATRICK Raymond (Voter ID number 101774419).
WATKINS, SUZANNE Guild (Voter ID number 102087515).

247 NE 33RD ST
APT 10

MOSCOSO, RAPHAEL (Voter ID number 113004564).

248 NE 30TH ST
ROSARIO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 119184820).
SMITH, LESLIE Louis (Voter ID number 118906611).
LIND, TODD N. (Voter ID number 102168744).

248 NE 41ST ST
JEAN-BAPTISTE, VIDA (Voter ID number 102502097).
JEAN-BAPTISTE, YOINEL (Voter ID number 102381608).

248 NE 41ST ST

VASSOR, NATASHA Jessica (Voter ID number 116802543).

25 NE 26TH CT
BORRERO, GILBERT M. (Voter ID number 101427540).

25 NE 26TH DR
SHARKEY, VIRENA A. (Voter ID number 101360898).

25 NE 28TH CT
BONGINI, JOEL A. (Voter ID number 121067615).

25 NE 29TH ST
CALDWELL, HAZEL B. (Voter ID number 101221268).


LOPEZ, KATHLEEN (Voter ID number 102462087).


WALLACE, MARIE A. (Voter ID number 116739292).

250 NE 35TH ST
JACKSON, CORNELIUS M. (Voter ID number 101807159).
MOORE, AMOS (Voter ID number 101364110).
MOORE, ILEAN (Voter ID number 101354842).
MOORE, JEFFERY (Voter ID number 102385243).

250 NE 38TH ST
APT 14

WILLIAMS, DEIDRE Rochelle (Voter ID number 102349270).

250 NE 38TH ST
APT 16

MARQUEZ, PABLO (Voter ID number 114885722).

250 NE 38TH ST

DISMUKES, DANIEL Craig (Voter ID number 120142837).

250 NE 38TH ST

TRIBIOLI, BEVERLY A. (Voter ID number 102495200).
TRIBIOLI, MICHELLE E. (Voter ID number 119568399).

250 NE 38TH ST
APT 16

GARCIA-LUGO, NELLY (Voter ID number 114896790).

250 NE 38TH ST

STRACHAN, KIZZA E. (Voter ID number 102198910).

250 NE 38TH ST

LAZARRE, NATACHA (Voter ID number 119027952).
LAZARRE, RODLY (Voter ID number 120518296).

250 NE 38TH ST

JOHN-LEWIS, SARIKA G. (Voter ID number 120417178).

250 NE 38TH ST

RAMOS, MARY B. (Voter ID number 120113345).

250 NE 38TH ST
APT 11

MERSEREAU-REYNOLDS, JENNIFER M. (Voter ID number 101519503).

250 NE 38TH ST
STONER, JOAN M. (Voter ID number 101897273).

250 NE 38TH ST
APT 11

ERICKSEN, BARBARA Lee (Voter ID number 101292793).

250 NE 38TH ST

CIRON, PATRICK John (Voter ID number 102199352).

250 NE 38TH ST

CAMERON, TERENCE (Voter ID number 116078330).

250 NE 38TH ST

JOHNSON, MICHELLE A. (Voter ID number 115715100).

250 NE 40TH ST
APT 34

GREEN, ANTHONY Derell (Voter ID number 120336417).
JOHNSON, MARQUES A. (Voter ID number 116055518).

250 NE 40TH ST
APT 37

BAILEY, TANZANIA Antoinette (Voter ID number 102332231).

250 NE 40TH ST
LANDFAIR, ALLIYAH Quiana (Voter ID number 118946766).

250 NE 40TH ST
APT 29

AZEMA, MARC R. (Voter ID number 114684339).

250 NE 40TH ST
APT 30

MARLOU, CHRIS (Voter ID number 120256925).

250 NE 40TH ST
APT 35

DENNIS, SOPHIA Denise (Voter ID number 111903425).

250 NE 40TH ST
APT 37

BAILEY, CAROL D. (Voter ID number 119735265).
BAILEY, JACQUES Fontone (Voter ID number 120654825).

250 NE 40TH CT
GIANGUZZI, JOSEPH Custode (Voter ID number 101979066).

250 NE 40TH CT

CUMMINGS, JAMIE N. (Voter ID number 115770436).

250 NE 40TH ST
APT 32

MONTENEGRO, RODOLFO A. (Voter ID number 102081608).
VILLANUEVA, JOSE (Voter ID number 101629941).

250 NE 40TH ST
APT 35

WIGGINS, NORMA G. (Voter ID number 114716914).

250 NE 40TH ST
DENNIS, SYLVIA E. (Voter ID number 116614395).
EMMERSO, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number 101934775).

250 NE 40TH ST
APT 38

MC CARTHY, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 101446040).
MCCARTHY, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 101948793).

250 NE 41ST ST
PENAGOS, JOSE F. (Voter ID number 119423212).

250 NE 43RD CT
AUSTIN, CASEY L. (Voter ID number 102502140).
AUSTIN, APRIL Marie (Voter ID number 102264084).
AUSTIN, CAROL Christine (Voter ID number 102105620).
AUSTIN, GERALDINE M. (Voter ID number 101253684).
AUSTIN, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 101319521).

250 NE 45TH ST
PULIDO PULIDO, GERARDO Israel (Voter ID number 115689966).

250 NE 45TH CT
BOLANOS, LUPE K. (Voter ID number 118907208).

250 NE 48TH CT
ORTU, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 120479343).
ORTU, ELLEN (Voter ID number 101451864).

250 NE 49TH ST
AGUIRRE, AMABLE (Voter ID number 118638900).
AGUIRRE, CECILIA (Voter ID number 120618418).
AGUIRRE, NELSON S. (Voter ID number 118879158).

250 NE 51ST ST
JULIEN, NICKSON (Voter ID number 120430992).

250 NE 51ST CT
WEGHORST, MARGIE (Voter ID number 101579674).

250 NE 51ST ST
ARISTIDE NORELIEN, EMMA (Voter ID number 102321703).

250 NE 56TH ST
SWARTZELL, JAMES Alan (Voter ID number 102140774).

250 NE 57TH ST
FONSECA, MARCIA Veras (Voter ID number 120227908).

250 NE 58TH ST

SANTIAGO, AISSA (Voter ID number 101631954).

250 NE 58TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 102009142).

250 NE 61ST ST
CUBIT, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number 101496684).
WILEY, EVA M. (Voter ID number 101993938).

250 B NE 58TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MELISSA (Voter ID number 102214945).

DIAZ, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 101393747).

251 NE 32ND CT
WARD, CHARLES Hudson (Voter ID number 102329181).

251 NE 38TH ST
ANDERSON, SHAMARA D. (Voter ID number 118120741).
IRWIN, ANDREW Cecil (Voter ID number 118291622).
RAMOS, MICHELLE M. (Voter ID number 112878376).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 201

BROWNE, EILEEN M. (Voter ID number 102070550).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 209 A

SCURLOCK, DEVON L. (Voter ID number 101801506).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A 301

ENAILLO, ROLANDE (Voter ID number 117418442).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A-204

WALLACE, JOSEPH L. (Voter ID number 101458763).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A102

DAVIS, ALPHONSO (Voter ID number 120269407).
DAVIS, ELEANOR (Voter ID number 115451644).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A111

ANNAS, BURTON J. (Voter ID number 114728167).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A203

MCLEOD, SIMONE Antonette (Voter ID number 114137082).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 209 A

YOUNG, RAYNA N. (Voter ID number 101844065).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A101

TOMPKINS, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 107844775).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 102 A

GRZESIAK, MATTHEW Joseph (Voter ID number 102317801).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 302 A

MCBRIDE, MELITTZZA (Voter ID number 117635870).

251 NE 38TH ST
RANDALL, MARGARET Lucy (Voter ID number 120945445).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 111 A

ANNAS, BRAD J. (Voter ID number 102179283).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 210 A

RIVERA, GABRIEL Enrique (Voter ID number 118993338).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A-309

SANCHEZ TASCON, MARIA Del Pilar (Voter ID number 120284664).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A207

LASHLEY, ACKROY I. (Voter ID number 119904154).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A308

JONES, ERIC W. (Voter ID number 120548359).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A206

NESBITT, CHARLES Richard (Voter ID number 119153055).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 103 A

WHITMAN, CHERRAY L. (Voter ID number 114233836).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 104 A

GILLET, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 116030045).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 104

SAVOIX, RICARDO (Voter ID number 102199271).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 303

POWELL, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 117009663).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 309 A

BRILL, KEITH R. (Voter ID number 102521863).

251 NE 38TH ST
DIAZ, CARLOS R. (Voter ID number 101628288).
MATHURIN, SANDRA E. (Voter ID number 102515639).
WHITMAN, DOROTHY Lynn (Voter ID number 102232058).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 102 A

BOYD, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 119261240).
PELFREY, TOSHA Michelle (Voter ID number 114677070).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 104 A

ALLEN-BLAIN, VANDELL Adilla (Voter ID number 119419604).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 109-A

THOMAS, TANYA Ysleta (Voter ID number 116691262).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 201 A

BROWNE, PATRICK T. (Voter ID number 116035641).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 201

RAY, CRYSTAL L. (Voter ID number 102291983).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 203 A

FERRETTI, DORINA C. (Voter ID number 102233512).
MCLEOD, SIMON A. (Voter ID number 119373343).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 206 A

ANTONOFF, DAMIEN Lee (Voter ID number 115045174).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 207 A

EDWARDS, JENNELL Fatina (Voter ID number 118771162).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 302 A

MC BRIDE, LISA M. (Voter ID number 101373783).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 303 A

CASTRO, ALFREDO A. (Voter ID number 102058176).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT 309

CASTRO, ANA S. (Voter ID number 118525334).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A 104

DE COSTE, JEAN Kersaint (Voter ID number 102241196).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A 207

DORSEY, NIYA (Voter ID number 117125809).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A307

WALTCH, ALEX (Voter ID number 117016776).

251 NE 38TH ST
APT A308

THOMAS, TAMMY Keels (Voter ID number 114496088).

251 NE 42ND CT
RAPKIN, KENNETH M. (Voter ID number 101530184).

251 NE 42ND ST
MESIDOR, JOSUE Junior (Voter ID number 102406042).
CESAIRE, WILNA (Voter ID number 102146507).
MESIDOR, MATIALDO (Voter ID number 102074965).

251 NE 43RD ST
FARR, JOHN S. (Voter ID number 107220793).
LEYVA, MICHELLE J. (Voter ID number 116698482).

251 NE 45TH ST
MC ALLISTER, BRIAN (Voter ID number 101560688).

251 NE 48TH ST
CRITCHLOW, KELLI Anne (Voter ID number 101897425).

251 NE 48TH CT
CHANG, MILTA A. (Voter ID number 116941100).

251 NE 48TH ST
CRITCHLOW, CYNTHIA Brauer (Voter ID number 101417479).

251 NE 49TH ST
BARNEA, ANICA (Voter ID number 102361274).
BARNEA, ION (Voter ID number 102106792).

251 NE 51ST ST
REES, ROBERT Lawrence (Voter ID number 115257749).
REES, MARISA (Voter ID number 114573980).
SLAUGHTER, JOHN Robert (Voter ID number 101770857).

251 NE 57TH CT

SAMASH, MICHAEL Lee (Voter ID number 102489200).

251 NE 57TH CT

DAVENPORT, JODIE A. (Voter ID number 116157815).

251 NE 60TH ST
SCHALLER FRANCO, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 102389007).
LIMEIRA, NELY Macedo (Voter ID number 119755490).

251 A NE 57TH CT

CULBERTSON, DAVID Lee (Voter ID number 101488310).

251 A NE 57TH CT
FEGLEY, GENEVIEVE (Voter ID number 101958201).

251 B NE 57TH CT
EDWARDS, RUSSELL Paul (Voter ID number 101757709).

252 NE 35TH ST
EADY, CHRYSTAL Chantal (Voter ID number 120482980).
EADY, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 101451923).

253 NE 40TH ST
JEAN-JACQUES, GUETCHINE (Voter ID number 102296330).

255 NE 40TH ST
BIENAIME, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 116341608).
MEZILAS, BENITA (Voter ID number 116239994).
NOIZY, JOCELYN (Voter ID number 116715889).

258 NE 41ST ST
MARE, DARLENE D. (Voter ID number 102456682).

26 NE 26TH CT
BOURNE, MATTHEW C. (Voter ID number 102231105).

26 NE 26TH DR
SPIVAK, SIRELLE (Voter ID number 116702099).
TABACHNICK, CARRIE R. (Voter ID number 116701201).

26 NE 26TH CT
BOURNE, MARIETTE (Voter ID number 118034117).

26 NE 27TH DR
REILLY, ALLEN S. (Voter ID number 101904106).

26 NE 29TH ST
PATEL, VIPUL C. (Voter ID number 114563814).

260 NE 34TH CT
ADAMS, WILLIE (Voter ID number 101366686).
CHAROO LAMBERT, SANDRA B. (Voter ID number 101428025).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 14

GARRISON, COREY (Voter ID number 116763399).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 15

SANDOVAL, GREGORY (Voter ID number 118739909).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 17

RICKS, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 101817807).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 20

CROOKS, ELETIAH Patricia (Voter ID number 109510331).

260 NE 38TH ST

FERNANDEZ, LELIA M. (Voter ID number 101861188).

260 NE 38TH ST

SCHUSTER, MATHEW Brian (Voter ID number 120570417).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 22

HARLAN, THOMAS Troy Antonio (Voter ID number 117633343).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 23

PLOWDEN, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 101722197).
PLOWDEN, BERNITA (Voter ID number 101718116).

260 NE 38TH ST

YOUNG, STEPHANIE Hicks (Voter ID number 116813963).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 18

STORR, IAN G. (Voter ID number 116809785).

260 NE 38TH ST

FERNANDEZ, RENE (Voter ID number 117974537).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 20

CROOKS, JAMAL Q. (Voter ID number 119567804).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 22

HAMILTON, ANTHONY D. (Voter ID number 119048678).
HAMILTON, EZELL Lawrence (Voter ID number 120505418).

260 NE 38TH ST

FRAME, DELMUS Lee (Voter ID number 118198767).

260 NE 38TH ST

DESTIN, SUZERA (Voter ID number 119833527).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 14

SCOGGINS, REBECKA L. (Voter ID number 102443397).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 27

ROBLES, MILDRED (Voter ID number 102448657).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 28

BURROWS, DORREN V. (Voter ID number 116930545).

260 NE 38TH ST
CROWLEY, PAT J. (Voter ID number 101866760).
FRAME, MATTHEW D. (Voter ID number 102380170).
WELLER, RUTH Ann White (Voter ID number 102099915).
WILSON, NICOLE (Voter ID number 101803049).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 12

ANDRESEN, EUGENE (Voter ID number 101726780).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 13

JOHNSON, JEREMY James (Voter ID number 102319408).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 23

EHLIN, CARL Warren (Voter ID number 115845045).

260 NE 38TH ST
APT 27

ASHLEY, MARSHALL Douglas (Voter ID number 114762403).

260 NE 38TH ST

BRAZIEL, RICHARD E. (Voter ID number 115862776).
WILLIAMS, EMILY Ann (Voter ID number 101888060).

260 NE 38TH ST

DESTIN, ULRICK J. (Voter ID number 101848168).

260 NE 40TH CT
APARICIO, IDALIA (Voter ID number 119207755).

260 NE 41ST ST
BOYLE, BARBARA-JO Ann (Voter ID number 101815771).
DRECHSEL, ERIC John (Voter ID number 116102590).

260 NE 42ND CT
HECKMAN, JAYNE Ellen (Voter ID number 101408681).

260 NE 42ND ST
ARDON, JENNIFER Guadalupe (Voter ID number 102500634).

260 NE 43RD CT
ANGIULLI, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 101696431).

260 NE 43RD ST
HALE, DARRYL A. (Voter ID number 102515425).

260 NE 45TH ST
HERBSTMAN, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number 101541965).
PEREZ, MIGUELANJEL R. (Voter ID number 119024827).

260 NE 45TH CT
DWYER, MARILYN R. (Voter ID number 101215952).

260 NE 48TH CT
PRIDGEN, MELANIE Anne (Voter ID number 101746634).

260 NE 49TH ST
MOORE, SCOTT R. (Voter ID number 101220440).

260 NE 51ST CT
BURRAGE, JODIE Ann (Voter ID number 116736347).

260 NE 51ST ST
ROY, LALL Beharry (Voter ID number 117342672).
DALTON, CHERYL D. (Voter ID number 101407196).

260 NE 53RD CT
DEXTER, EBENZER (Voter ID number 101579742).
DEXTER, JEANNE (Voter ID number 101339801).

260 NE 58TH ST
CARTER, CHRISTINE Stol (Voter ID number 102335661).
SENA, ROBERT Joseph (Voter ID number 102000866).

260 NE 58TH ST

CARTER, KYLE Allen (Voter ID number 115988175).

260 NE 60TH ST
ECHARTE, MARIA Justina (Voter ID number 102179927).
RESTREPO, LILIANA T. (Voter ID number 102152407).

2600 NE 10TH TER
RUEN, MARK L. (Voter ID number 116952005).

2600 NE 10TH TER

JACKSON, VALERIE A. (Voter ID number 101537418).

2600 NE 10TH TER

ALLEN, KEITH A. (Voter ID number 110157157).

2600 NE 6TH AVE
JANNEY, BRYAN William (Voter ID number 111895487).
STRAUB, PAUL G. (Voter ID number 101902150).

2600 NE 9TH AVE

COHEN, GARY A. (Voter ID number 115456931).

2600 NE 9TH TER
FRANKENBERGER, DARREN Dwayne (Voter ID number 119485054).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 108

ROHAN, MATTHEW A. (Voter ID number 110335129).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 305

CAMARDA, DONALD Joseph (Voter ID number 118159245).
PIERSON, HARRIS P. (Voter ID number 118152259).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 404

GRUBBS, ROBERT Eugene (Voter ID number 102341732).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 406

FLIPPEN, JOHN Bryan (Voter ID number 114691125).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 501

KENDALL, GREGORY B. (Voter ID number 113921804).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 505

KELLY, JOSEPH K. (Voter ID number 101541982).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 401

ROGERS, ALBERT Barry (Voter ID number 118139499).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 404

DAVISON, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 102341827).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 300

ROSSI, DINO Victor (Voter ID number 120832079).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 506

PASCUCCI, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 121304252).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 300

CALDARON, MARK Allen (Voter ID number 102045586).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 301

INGER, EUGENE E. (Voter ID number 101561617).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 306

TIBER, ELLIOT (Voter ID number 116879890).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 406

BRADY, JOHN James (Voter ID number 116404728).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 100

SPENCER, JOSHUA John (Voter ID number 121127930).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 106

CARROLL, DENNIS James (Voter ID number 116529854).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 109

MANSMANN, JOHN Jerome (Voter ID number 118769689).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 110

BOYETTE, THEL Gordon (Voter ID number 120630904).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 111

DONNELLY, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 101469237).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 113

SULLIVAN, MECHEE Porchell (Voter ID number 117940419).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 115

SCHULTER, THOMAS Gerard (Voter ID number 119138555).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 300

GANIO, JON Felix (Voter ID number 120832118).
KEISER, RICHARD Koller (Voter ID number 114650586).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 303

BREEDLOVE, RALPH (Voter ID number 112553194).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 305

GILLEY, JAMES K. (Voter ID number 115025277).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 401

HANKINS, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 120230779).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 407

MONTANA, JAMES C. (Voter ID number 120705468).
SIPE, NELSON Daniel (Voter ID number 118627617).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 504

WONG, KAI P. (Voter ID number 114140367).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 507

THROCKMORTON, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 117404387).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 113

TAVOULAREAS, DEMETRIOS Efstratios (Voter ID number 121079501).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 115

SCHNEIDER, TODD (Voter ID number 120955807).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 405

LOMBARD, KENNETH A. (Voter ID number 102373919).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 113

TENNER, NOAM Yaniv (Voter ID number 105128306).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 408

ANDERSON, DAVID B. (Voter ID number 102369746).
BRIGHT, MARK C. (Voter ID number 102369744).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 112

HECKMAN, PATRICK Christopher (Voter ID number 115355371).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 102

KHUN, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 114477516).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 107

CARNAHAN, RONALD Mark (Voter ID number 102182707).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 114

GONDOLA, ANTHONY Francis (Voter ID number 101453965).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 115

SCHULTER, TANYA Andrea (Voter ID number 119114940).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 307

AJURIA, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 102417837).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 400

BUMP, ARLEEN Pitcock (Voter ID number 101747076).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 407

BRIEN, NORMAN Joseph (Voter ID number 117953429).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 503

KRESS, GEORGE T. (Voter ID number 102166973).
STEIN, CHRISTOPHER T. (Voter ID number 114746096).
STEVENSON, KENNETH G. (Voter ID number 102166972).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 103

BACHMANN, HERBERT (Voter ID number 115815819).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 106

VALENCIA, JOHN G. (Voter ID number 118457210).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 304

HURT, RODRICK Lamont (Voter ID number 115744730).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 504

BONICA, JOHN (Voter ID number 115022751).

2601 NE 14TH AVE
APT 100

GARASSINO, RAYMOND L. (Voter ID number 101940489).

2601 NE 9TH TER
ARGUETA, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 119556136).
ARGUETA, DEIRA M. (Voter ID number 101805677).
ARGUETA, JOSE P. (Voter ID number 101805681).

2602 NE 10TH TER

REYES, JOSE N. (Voter ID number 117018699).
HECHLER, DOUGLAS A. (Voter ID number 101550905).
BECK, BRADLEY W. (Voter ID number 119809782).

2602 NE 10TH TER
ROCHE, ROBERT (Voter ID number 101841547).

2606 NE 10TH TER

GRODENSKY, JASON Tyler (Voter ID number 102478387).

2606 NE 10TH TER

CONLEY, LARA Evonne (Voter ID number 117820307).

2606 NE 10TH TER

CONLEY, RENA (Voter ID number 101504324).

2606 NE 10TH TER

KELLY, RYAN Lee (Voter ID number 110154536).

2606 NE 9TH AVE

CORRALES, VINCENT Joseph (Voter ID number 120757177).

2606 NE 9TH AVE
BURCZYK, ROBERT Bruce (Voter ID number 114813865).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 23

FOUNTAIN, ALAN M. (Voter ID number 102060993).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 31

CHERRY, TREVOR J. (Voter ID number 115718309).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 35

COLLER, SALENA M. (Voter ID number 107105243).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 45

NAUGHTON, BRENDAN M. (Voter ID number 102412232).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 18

FERGUSON, JAMES (Voter ID number 101625321).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 27

LOPEZ, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 102515824).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 34

KUSHNIRUK, BRIAN Scott (Voter ID number 101922520).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 43

DE ROSA, RICHARD Allan (Voter ID number 111973704).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 44

GALLEGO, ROBERT Joseph (Voter ID number 111953433).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

PANDORF, ALAN John (Voter ID number 116506791).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 11

MEDICI, DAVID Edward (Voter ID number 101451340).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 13

DROWATZKY, ROBERT D. (Voter ID number 118464930).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 15

PEDERSEN, MIKE M. (Voter ID number 102441598).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

REED, DENNIS J. (Voter ID number 115947911).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 31

CASIGLIO, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 102451450).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 34

DOYLE, RICHARD Gerard (Voter ID number 118837052).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 42

JUNG, STEPHEN L. (Voter ID number 120511215).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 43

LARKIN, CHRISTOPHER Joseph (Voter ID number 119743003).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 48

GUILIANNI, GIANMARCO M. (Voter ID number 102194207).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 53

ANDRZEJEWSKI, LEE Allen (Voter ID number 116494972).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 58

ETTER, CHRISTOPHER Lynn (Voter ID number 117755950).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 61

RIVERA, JACINTO Daniel (Voter ID number 113038836).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

MANNS, ALONSO T. (Voter ID number 101947759).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

CANDELARIO FERNANDEZ, MIGUEL Orlando (Voter ID number 119862323).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
KING, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 102168033).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 23

ALBERT, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number 102227024).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 32

ROSE, JOHN Michael (Voter ID number 102180195).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 39

PONTERIO, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 101322193).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 57

VADNAIS, CHARLES W. (Voter ID number 111977720).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 60

GOODMAN, JOSEPH Bradley (Voter ID number 115219459).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 61

MILLER, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 102102882).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
BENNETT, DAVID Michael (Voter ID number 102498000).
FOSTER, FREDERIC S. (Voter ID number 102142646).
HAMILTON, KENNETH Eugene (Voter ID number 102481824).
KISSLING, VICKI L. (Voter ID number 102474269).
LA BARBERA, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 101398793).
LYE, KING N. (Voter ID number 102032765).
PARRISH, RICHARD E. (Voter ID number 101940611).
POLIZZI, ANTHONY Frank (Voter ID number 107354282).
RAJNER, MICHAEL Emanuel (Voter ID number 102163327).
SHEALY, DANNY Richard (Voter ID number 102099342).
THACKER, CHRISTOPHER Ralph (Voter ID number 102481867).
WATERS, SHANE S. (Voter ID number 102340351).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

GREENSPAN, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number 101585038).
KROGMAN, NICOLE Gabrielle (Voter ID number 114956133).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 10

MACLAUGHLAN, JEFFREY Scott (Voter ID number 101512562).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 17

CORBETT, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 116067639).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

SKOLNICK, BRIAN Mark (Voter ID number 116198195).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 20

FETTERMAN, MICHAEL V. (Voter ID number 112904367).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 22

WAGNER, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 115647192).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 25

SURIS, MARTHA Caridad (Voter ID number 111829574).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 29

MADY, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 114617977).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 33

SANSEVERO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 117870550).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 35

JONES, STEVEN Frison (Voter ID number 118550099).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 36

RANEY, SHULA R. (Voter ID number 101440117).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

DAVIS, ELIJAH A. (Voter ID number 115208309).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 40

PROKUDA, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 115320404).
WILLIAMS, DAVID Charles (Voter ID number 115320332).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 47

BENDER, AERIAL (Voter ID number 102301648).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

WAITE, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number 102168034).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 50

WOFFORD, RICHARD James (Voter ID number 102299075).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 52

MOORE, RICHARD H. (Voter ID number 101703493).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 54

GOBER, SPENCER K. (Voter ID number 117316038).
KUNKEL, NICHOLAS Joseph (Voter ID number 118970609).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 57

BALDWIN, BRIAN Richard (Voter ID number 110593185).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 60

ORNDORFF, MICHAEL Don (Voter ID number 114870165).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 64

SCHWARTZ, NORMAN (Voter ID number 112073612).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

RUIZ, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 116482620).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

SHEPPARD, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number 115484241).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

CONFORTI, JOSEPH Patrick (Voter ID number 119386222).

2607 NE 8TH AVE

ZWACK, RAYMOND James (Voter ID number 114009472).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 26

HENDRIKS, BANNING J. (Voter ID number 102371127).

2607 NE 8TH AVE
APT 54

MC GINNIS, THOMAS Joseph (Voter ID number 116158110).

2607 NE 9TH AVE
APT 31

FRITZ, KENNETH (Voter ID number 102482425).

2608 NE 10TH TER
GUINALDO, MARCOS M. (Voter ID number 109226692).

2608 NE 10TH AVE
ROSS, NELSON H. (Voter ID number 101542591).
RIDDLE, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 101914298).

2608 NE 6TH AVE
HORA, MARCUS Ray (Voter ID number 119651234).
SMITH, EVAN (Voter ID number 120337914).

2608 NE 9TH AVE
SENEY, ANDREW Paul (Voter ID number 119494760).

2608 NE 9TH TER
SEMLICH, MIRIAM K. (Voter ID number 101483649).
SEMLICH, STEPHEN Joseph (Voter ID number 101504791).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
APT 101

HITT, RICHARD Edward (Voter ID number 102396900).
MORRELL, ANDRE G. (Voter ID number 101967795).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
APT 105

BRACCHI, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 119298859).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
APT 107

FREDLUND, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 101371051).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
APT 109

ANGELLETTA, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 117052830).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
APT 115

KUMLER, KEITH Allan (Voter ID number 114872543).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
APT 308

DI CANIO, JOSEPH N. (Voter ID number 102016496).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
APT 501

TORRES, GINGER Lee (Voter ID number 115555335).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
APT FR 104

ROBBINS, KURT Woodrow (Voter ID number 102507355).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 113

FRANCO, ADAM (Voter ID number 100546069).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
APT 301

GRANT, DEBORAH Jean (Voter ID number 120011112).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
APT 502

BAGGIERO, STEVEN M. (Voter ID number 102055840).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
UNIT 114

MERCADO, MELISSA D. (Voter ID number 101630349).

2609 NE 14TH AVE
APT 113