Registered voters in ZIP Code 33194
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1017 SW 150TH PL
COWLEY, NANCY (Voter ID number 109668309).
COWLEY, LEANDRO (Voter ID number 114823103).
TRENZADO, PABLO (Voter ID number 109722568).

1033 SW 150TH PL
ALVARADO, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 109930808).
ALVARADO, PAULA M. (Voter ID number 109931993).

1038 SW 149TH PATH
CABRERA, LISSET (Voter ID number 109957846).
MONTENEGRO, ALVARO E. (Voter ID number 110185977).

1049 SW 150TH PL
CORREA, JUAN F. (Voter ID number 119640927).
CORREA, CAMILO A. (Voter ID number 117543203).
CORREA, GLENDA (Voter ID number 116408182).

1050 SW 154TH AVE
SERRANO, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 116855027).
SIERRA-SERRANO, MARIA (Voter ID number 109625997).

1051 SW 155TH AVE
BARZAGA, ARAMYS (Voter ID number 110107608).
SEGRERA, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 110102930).

1054 SW 149TH PATH
NEGRIN, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 110220717).

1061 SW 155TH AVE
FERNANDEZ LEON, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 110211059).
FERNANDEZ, ANTONIO Calixto (Voter ID number 110298714).
FERNANDEZ-LEON, AMANDA (Voter ID number 110173344).
LEON, LENA (Voter ID number 110298471).

1065 SW 150TH PL
BARREIRO-DIMITROFF, MARIA Mercedes (Voter ID number 115793490).
WELER, MARIO Anton (Voter ID number 110340933).

1071 SW 150TH PL
LAKHRAM, CATALINA Maritsa (Voter ID number 102226261).

1087 SW 150TH PL
RODRIGUEZ, NADIA (Voter ID number 114627859).

1090 SW 149TH PATH
MEJIO, EDIN A. (Voter ID number 114351474).
MEJIA, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109692225).
MEJIA, EDIN A. (Voter ID number 120878222).
MEJIA, MIREYA (Voter ID number 119978070).

1100 SW 154TH AVE
GARCIA CORNIEL, LUIS EMILL (Voter ID number 121025238).
LUNA, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109628515).
CORNIEL, CLARA Miladys (Voter ID number 110309495).
CORNIEL, LUISA (Voter ID number 109789345).

1101 SW 155TH AVE
FANDINO, YUSIMI (Voter ID number 114867492).

1110 SW 154TH AVE
HERNANDEZ, BRIAN Paul (Voter ID number 120445767).

1117 SW 150TH PL
MAHECHA, GLADYS Y. (Voter ID number 116689405).
MARIN, EDGAR A. (Voter ID number 116689334).

1120 SW 149TH PATH
BISIO, MARINA B. (Voter ID number 110059603).
DIAZ, JONATHAN Ryan (Voter ID number 110129390).
OLIVA, RAFAEL J. (Voter ID number 109765836).
TSOKOPOULOS, MALENA (Voter ID number 109541044).

1120 SW 154TH AVE
NADER-RUAIGIP, AMINE De Jesus (Voter ID number 109199134).

1130 SW 154TH AVE
SANCHEZ, OSNIEL Lazaro (Voter ID number 110335812).
SANCHEZ, JANET Reyes (Voter ID number 110339384).

1133 SW 150TH PL
TOCA, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 114628791).
TOCA, MISAEL (Voter ID number 110262229).

1138 SW 149TH PATH
AHMED, NESAR Uddin (Voter ID number 110150889).
CASTANEDA, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 106131749).
MEYERS, WILLIAM Henry (Voter ID number 117369657).
NAHID, SYEDA N. (Voter ID number 116699738).

1140 SW 154TH AVE
BELLOT, MARICELY (Voter ID number 109995229).
BELLOT, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 115737129).
BELLOT, MARICELY (Voter ID number 118617079).
QUESADA, EDISMEHIA Basihia (Voter ID number 116827737).

1149 SW 150TH PL
MARTINEZ, MARISOL (Voter ID number 109903019).

1150 SW 154TH AVE
GALAN, ALICE (Voter ID number 109881554).
GALAN, RIGOBERTO (Voter ID number 110310533).

1154 SW 149TH PATH
GONZALEZ, GABRIELLE (Voter ID number 110036177).
GONZALEZ, JANIKA (Voter ID number 109502829).
GONZALEZ, RAUL Gabriel (Voter ID number 115951140).
PRUNA GONZALEZ, CANDIDA (Voter ID number 109859064).

1160 SW 154TH AVE
BORGE, SERGIO A. (Voter ID number 118391066).
BORGE, ANNA Gabriela (Voter ID number 114964721).
BORGE, MARIA Gabriela (Voter ID number 110267906).
BORGE, SERGIO Antonio (Voter ID number 110267828).

1165 SW 150TH PL
GARCIA, INES (Voter ID number 110051743).
GARCIA, JORGE Rafael (Voter ID number 110051749).

1181 SW 150TH PL
GOMEZ, CRYSTAL Alexis (Voter ID number 120903018).
GOMEZ TAVERAS, RODDY Eliezer (Voter ID number 109397917).
GOMEZ, BETHANY K. (Voter ID number 109752858).

1202 SW 149TH PATH
ARIAS, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 109477110).

1217 SW 150TH PL
PEREIRA, MARLON Felix (Voter ID number 109587240).

1220 SW 149TH PATH
CHAPOVAL, CARLA Maria (Voter ID number 110173907).
CHAPOVAL, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109797053).

1231 SW 153RD PATH
MORALES, BLANCA Celina (Voter ID number 110241887).

1233 SW 150TH PL
JAEN, ANA D. (Voter ID number 109332741).
JAEN, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 117057466).
LACOTERA, LUIS (Voter ID number 109829871).

1234 SW 150TH PL
OLIVARES, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 110279453).
COTO, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 116953982).

1237 SW 154TH CT
CAMEJO, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 110119842).
CAMEJO, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 115890551).
CAMEJO, GRISEL (Voter ID number 109459993).
CAMEJO, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 110325694).
CAMEJO, JOSE Mario (Voter ID number 109240693).

1238 SW 149TH PATH
KRON, FREDERICK Andrew (Voter ID number 118300577).

1238 SW 154TH CT
HANNA, ERIKA E. (Voter ID number 120265771).
RUIZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109186363).
RUIZ, TERESITA (Voter ID number 109509336).

1240 SW 152ND PL
MORA ANGARITA, WILSON (Voter ID number 119913130).
GARCIA, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 115233858).
GARCIA, EDUARDO F. (Voter ID number 116300230).

1250 SW 154TH AVE
GUZMAN, NINFA M. (Voter ID number 109803396).
GUZMAN, SILVIA E. (Voter ID number 110156488).
VIZCAINO, NATAZHA (Voter ID number 116419410).

1251 SW 154TH CT
MARTINEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110308711).

1252 SW 154TH CT
NUNEZ, MARINA (Voter ID number 109420721).
DIAZ, GABRIEL A. (Voter ID number 109915159).

1254 SW 149TH PATH
HOLTZ, REYNALDO Salomon (Voter ID number 109028923).
RAMON, GLORIA (Voter ID number 109171567).

1261 SW 153RD PATH
LEDE, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 110292411).

1272 SW 149TH PATH
GAITAN, ANA Margarita (Voter ID number 110022494).

1300 SW 152ND PL
PUENTES, ELSO Manuel (Voter ID number 109837016).

1301 SW 153RD PATH
VALENTIN, JAVIER (Voter ID number 110045613).
AVILES, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 110044908).

1304 SW 150TH PL
FIUZA, ALEXANDRA C. (Voter ID number 109998231).
FIUZA, JULIAN (Voter ID number 109023364).

1308 SW 154TH AVE
MARTINEZ, LAZARO Marcelino (Voter ID number 120467744).
MONTES, MARLEN (Voter ID number 120488137).
RAMIREZ, OSCAR Ulises (Voter ID number 110031907).

1310 SW 154TH CT
ALONSO, YAMILET (Voter ID number 114784428).

1316 SW 150TH AVE
HERNANDEZ, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 109921896).
MARTINEZ, ADOLFO R. (Voter ID number 109922308).

1320 SW 152ND PL
MENA, EDEL L. (Voter ID number 116038110).
AGUILERA, GILDA Miriam (Voter ID number 109275447).
MENA, ROSBARBRA (Voter ID number 109380640).

1322 SW 154TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, PEDRO J. (Voter ID number 110279343).

1323 SW 154TH CT
ALMEIDA, FAUSTINA L. (Voter ID number 110253278).
RODRIGUEZ, EVELIO (Voter ID number 115132923).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 109825811).
RODRIGUEZ, LIANA (Voter ID number 115132914).
RODRIGUEZ, LIANE (Voter ID number 119888286).
RODRIGUEZ, MARTA (Voter ID number 116529131).

1324 SW 154TH CT
ORTIZ, THERESA (Voter ID number 110003464).

1330 SW 150TH AVE
KUNATH, SHERYL Ashley (Voter ID number 119795879).
KUNATH, SHANNON (Voter ID number 117581213).

1330 SW 152ND PL
LAZO, ESTHER (Voter ID number 115466663).
ROMAY ALVAREZ, ARQUIMIDES Alfredo (Voter ID number 120457265).
ROMAY, CARLOS Mario (Voter ID number 115466786).

1330 SW 155TH AVE
KUNATH, KENNETH M. (Voter ID number 109577767).

1335 SW 153RD PATH
PEREIRA, VLADIMIR Justino (Voter ID number 116927391).
DOTY, KATHY (Voter ID number 114398315).

1336 SW 154TH AVE
GONZALEZ, BERTFRED Adolfo (Voter ID number 109481077).

1338 SW 154TH CT
NAVARRETE, JOSE Francisco (Voter ID number 119326992).
DUERO, AQUILES (Voter ID number 109401905).
GOMEZ, ALVARO (Voter ID number 115275184).
NAVARRETE, ADRIANA Duero (Voter ID number 109369306).
NAVARRETE, JOSE F. (Voter ID number 109940562).

1340 SW 155TH AVE
ARANEDA, ALEXIS A. (Voter ID number 110123034).
ARANEDA, ERICK Alexis (Voter ID number 109660891).
ARANEDA, ERICK Alexis (Voter ID number 109772034).
ARANEDA, GLADYS Nelly (Voter ID number 109663052).

1341 SW 153RD PATH
BORGES, AURA Maria (Voter ID number 120386016).
BORGES, ALEJANDRO M. (Voter ID number 109560253).

1344 SW 150TH AVE
CONTRERAS, CHRISTOPHER James (Voter ID number 110127511).

1350 SW 149TH AVE
LOVERA, MAXIMILLIAN (Voter ID number 110343614).
LOVERA, NOEL (Voter ID number 117735140).
MUNOZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 116472961).
CABRERA, CARINA (Voter ID number 115825868).
LOVERA, JUANY M. (Voter ID number 109782945).

1350 SW 152ND PL
FERREIRA, DANIEL Borges (Voter ID number 110342580).
FERREIRA, CAROLINA B. (Voter ID number 110126066).

1350 SW 154TH AVE
FERRER, GLADYS Rafaela (Voter ID number 109224955).

1351 SW 153RD PATH
BILLINGS, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 110194218).
BILLINGS, ROBERT David (Voter ID number 110200188).

1351 SW 154TH CT
ENDO, LILIANA (Voter ID number 118258179).
NUNEZ, JORGE Elias (Voter ID number 110266581).

1352 SW 154TH CT
MENENDEZ, ANGELA Maria (Voter ID number 110095841).
MENENDEZ, CARLOS Rafael (Voter ID number 110225947).

1353 SW 155TH AVE
SILVA, FRANCISCO Jose (Voter ID number 120252715).
SILVA, KELLY S. (Voter ID number 118846623).

1364 SW 154TH AVE
CHOW, ARLETTE E. (Voter ID number 119626820).
AVILES, VIRGINIA Isabel (Voter ID number 109837397).
CHOW, JAVIER (Voter ID number 110041461).

1365 SW 154TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109498144).
RODRIGUEZ, MARCIA M. (Voter ID number 109189657).
RODRIGUEZ, ZUEJASE E. (Voter ID number 117639012).
ROMERO-MARTES, JUAN (Voter ID number 110311420).

1366 SW 154TH CT
GONZALEZ, JANETE (Voter ID number 110041667).
GONZALEZ, LUIS Fernando (Voter ID number 109396610).

1367 SW 155TH AVE
HEVIA, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 110242044).

1371 SW 149TH PL
BLANCO, MARIAVICTORIA (Voter ID number 109514334).
DE ALMAR, XAVIER Antonio (Voter ID number 109461185).
BLANCO, ERICA Marie (Voter ID number 116283423).

1372 SW 150TH AVE
GARCIA, ALLEN (Voter ID number 110135231).
GARCIA, JANET Rodriguez (Voter ID number 109495411).

1378 SW 154TH AVE
PORTALES, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 114413286).
LORENZO, ONILDA (Voter ID number 109524887).
PORTALES, VICTOR (Voter ID number 109524886).

1379 SW 154TH CT
DIAZ GARCIA, DIGNA (Voter ID number 119652561).
LOPEZ-BOLANOS, VIVIANA (Voter ID number 109869481).
BOLANOS, GEORGE (Voter ID number 109757998).

1381 SW 155TH AVE
PORTES, VILMA Yanet (Voter ID number 114737227).

1390 SW 149TH AVE
CARACCIA, DONATO (Voter ID number 120153465).

1391 SW 149TH PL
FARKASS, GEORGE Kalman (Voter ID number 109707703).
FARKASS, VALERIA (Voter ID number 116607057).

1400 SW 152ND PL
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 110298135).
FERREIRA, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109742577).
FERREIRA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109928120).

1408 SW 154TH AVE
CUTINO, JAVIER Andres (Voter ID number 114036116).

1409 SW 152ND PL
CAIRO, ELENA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109622558).
CAIRO, JUAN M. (Voter ID number 109483596).
CAIRO, ELENA C. (Voter ID number 109535332).

1409 SW 154TH CT
MOREJON, FRANCISCO A. (Voter ID number 109906712).
MOREJON, MAYRA (Voter ID number 116284677).
AGUILAR, EMMA Jessenia (Voter ID number 113990928).

1410 SW 149TH AVE
FRANCO, CIRA Lorena (Voter ID number 119685077).
FRANCO, NATALIE (Voter ID number 117395849).
FRANCO, CRISTINA A. (Voter ID number 109769756).

1410 SW 152ND PL
DIAZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109585393).
DIAZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 109425663).

1410 SW 154TH CT
PORTUONDO, FRANCHESKA (Voter ID number 119131268).
PORTUONDO, CLAUDIA Lucia (Voter ID number 109627121).
PORTUONDO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109291938).

1411 SW 149TH PL
SANCHEZ, IDILIO (Voter ID number 109686264).
SANCHEZ, JHENNY Z. (Voter ID number 116641032).

1411 SW 153RD PATH
MENENDEZ, GRACIELA M. (Voter ID number 109769882).
PEREZ, AMILCAR (Voter ID number 114819787).

1411 SW 154TH PATH
DIAZ, ALDO Humbert (Voter ID number 109388392).
THOMAS DIAZ, MIREYA (Voter ID number 115043636).

1412 SW 154TH PATH
PEREZ, YORDANKA (Voter ID number 114475025).
REY, MARTHA (Voter ID number 114474752).

1414 SW 155TH CT
VILLASUSO, DAPHNE Maria (Voter ID number 109303102).
VILLASUSO, ELOY (Voter ID number 109501048).

1419 SW 152ND PL
PEREZ, ALBERTO Juan (Voter ID number 102252742).
PEREZ, TRACY (Voter ID number 102252894).

1420 SW 152ND PL
REYES GONZALEZ, ISABELLA Norah (Voter ID number 121158804).
REYES, MARION Isabel (Voter ID number 121049541).

1422 SW 154TH AVE
ALVAREZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109846860).
ALVAREZ, FRANCIS M. (Voter ID number 109809229).

1423 SW 154TH CT
LLAMOZAS, CAROLINA Carmen (Voter ID number 114643584).
MOSER, ALVARO Emilio (Voter ID number 119745535).
MOSER, ANDRES E. (Voter ID number 116101697).
MOSER, ANDRES Ramon (Voter ID number 114769036).
MOSER, IGNACIO (Voter ID number 118313380).
VELA-PEREANEZ, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 117033719).

1424 SW 154TH CT
LOERO, KARLA (Voter ID number 116010166).
LOERO, ANDRES A. (Voter ID number 109260018).
LOERO, CARLOTTA (Voter ID number 109337635).
REINA, ANGELA (Voter ID number 109271480).

1426 SW 154TH PATH
BADO, RAMON Antonio (Voter ID number 109311283).
GONSISKA, PHILIP Allen (Voter ID number 110072384).
MENENDEZ, ANA Dolores (Voter ID number 109484208).

1427 SW 155TH CT
ANTOINE, FRANTZIE Cator (Voter ID number 118680079).
ANTOINE, MELISSA (Voter ID number 120067863).
PIERRE, STEPHANIE Maryka (Voter ID number 118916399).
PIERRE, VANESSA Kethy (Voter ID number 115003056).

1428 SW 155TH CT
SHERRILL, GEORGE Emmett (Voter ID number 109914405).
SHERRILL, JOCELYN (Voter ID number 109394409).

1429 SW 152ND PL
ABREU, JOHN Eugenio (Voter ID number 109460088).
ABREU, TAMMY Perez (Voter ID number 109505024).

1430 SW 150TH AVE
NAPOLES, ALEXANDER A. (Voter ID number 118438214).
GOMEZ, HILDA Prieto (Voter ID number 108996789).
NAPOLES, ALEXANDER Alfred (Voter ID number 109282084).
NAPOLES, ILEANA Gomez (Voter ID number 109265797).

1430 SW 152ND PL
MORELL, ARACELYS (Voter ID number 109972139).
MORELL, ALAIN (Voter ID number 109972771).

1431 SW 149TH PL
SANCHEZ, MITSARY (Voter ID number 120247620).

1436 SW 154TH AVE
MARICHAL, ARNALDO (Voter ID number 109216291).

1438 SW 154TH CT
ESTEVEZ, MELISSA (Voter ID number 109612632).

1439 SW 152ND PL
HERNANDEZ, ANA B. (Voter ID number 117946169).
BLANCO JAMIS, KEMEL Jalil (Voter ID number 110274961).

1439 SW 154TH PATH
PITA, AURORA Maria (Voter ID number 114674659).

1439 SW 154TH CT
LAMAR, JULIUS (Voter ID number 116306779).

1439 SW 154TH PATH
THOMAS, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 117049908).

1440 SW 152ND PL
MARTINEZ, INDIRA L. (Voter ID number 118514683).
MARTINEZ, DALGIS N. (Voter ID number 110311896).
MARTINEZ, LAZARO R. (Voter ID number 109905287).

1440 SW 154TH PATH
AGUILAR, BLANCA MILEYDI (Voter ID number 120426202).
PENALVER, ANGELA A. (Voter ID number 118084612).
PRIETO, YULIET (Voter ID number 119847324).
RODRIGUEZ, SANTIS (Voter ID number 120427538).
RUIZ, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 118084641).

1441 SW 153RD PATH
VELASQUEZ, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 109500529).
VELASQUEZ, JANET Astrid (Voter ID number 120325704).
VELASQUEZ, LEON (Voter ID number 109926760).

1441 SW 155TH CT
PETIT, GAETANA Marotia (Voter ID number 119027964).
PETIT, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 119027950).

1442 SW 155TH CT
URBAY, MARLENE E. (Voter ID number 110325276).

1444 SW 150TH AVE
FERRER, FRANCISCO Esteban (Voter ID number 109040987).
HURTE, AURORA Ruiz (Voter ID number 110215342).
SACCO, LISA A. (Voter ID number 110086227).
VAZQUEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 110058204).

1450 SW 149TH AVE
GONZALEZ, DANEB (Voter ID number 110245488).
GONZALEZ, IVAN A. (Voter ID number 114826016).

1450 SW 152ND PL
CANGE, LOUIS Karlheintz (Voter ID number 120589557).
COLLAZO, DENNIS Luis (Voter ID number 109493343).
COLLAZO, DENNIS Luis (Voter ID number 120961745).

1450 SW 154TH AVE
FERNANDEZ, AIDA Ivette (Voter ID number 109271878).

1451 SW 149TH PL
MARTINEZ, ODALIS (Voter ID number 109251032).
TORRENS, MICHAEL Raoul (Voter ID number 118463716).
TORRENS, RAUL (Voter ID number 109211736).

1451 SW 153RD PATH
GARCIA, CHRISTIAN Antonio (Voter ID number 109864501).
VILLACIS GARCIA, GABRIELA Johanna (Voter ID number 120385945).

1451 SW 154TH CT
LOPEZ, REYNA M. (Voter ID number 118196804).
LOPEZ, JUSTO P. (Voter ID number 118198694).
SILVA, ROBERTO Carlos (Voter ID number 115058751).

1455 SW 155TH CT
MONTERO, DIANA I. (Voter ID number 109658806).
MONTERO, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 114767370).

1456 SW 155TH CT
GAINZA, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 110045752).
GAINZA, YELAINE (Voter ID number 109919397).

1458 SW 150TH AVE
GARCIA, DELIA Margarita (Voter ID number 109050074).
GROOVER, RAQUEL Garcia (Voter ID number 109283883).
LLEO, MAYELIN Gonzalez (Voter ID number 109676798).
GROOVER, NICHOLAS Amadeo (Voter ID number 117001569).

1470 SW 149TH AVE
RABAGH, DELFA Cardosa (Voter ID number 109692750).
RABAGH, DIANA Guillermes (Voter ID number 109692381).
RABAGH, NELSON Humberto (Voter ID number 109692725).
RABAGH, NELSON (Voter ID number 109696940).

1471 SW 149TH PL
RAMIREZ DORTA, FRANKY Javier (Voter ID number 121117812).
RAMIREZ HERMOSO, CESAR A. (Voter ID number 114564037).

14723 SW 9TH TER
RESTREPO, CESAR A. (Voter ID number 118986566).
TORO, LISA (Voter ID number 109610516).

14726 SW 9TH LN
PAEZ, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 118117830).
PAEZ, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 110267027).
UGUET, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 114436956).

14731 SW 9TH TER
GAVIRIA, PAULA A. (Voter ID number 118185239).

14734 SW 9TH LN
VILLA, DIANA Alexandra (Voter ID number 109492783).
VILLA, LEONOR (Voter ID number 109530722).
VILLA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109531533).

14735 SW 9TH TER
GRACIA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 120874990).
ROMERO, HUGO Adolfo (Voter ID number 120875484).

14736 SW 9TH TER
GONZALEZ, CHRISTY Michelle (Voter ID number 109915833).
GONZALEZ, ELIAS (Voter ID number 109772582).

14737 SW 9TH LN
TACORONTE, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109884359).

14738 SW 9TH LN
INTERIAN, DULCE (Voter ID number 119005287).
PEREZ, ANA Vivian (Voter ID number 109653810).
PEREZ, ARMANDO Jose (Voter ID number 117272743).

14740 SW 9TH TER
DIAZ, HEIDI (Voter ID number 109965411).
SAENZ, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109972091).

14741 SW 9TH LN
GURA, ROCIO Benhabib (Voter ID number 118839861).
DIAZ, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 110202964).

14743 SW 9TH TER
SAISBHAN, NIDIA P. (Voter ID number 116840306).
SAISBHAN, AJEET B. (Voter ID number 116880013).

14746 SW 9TH LN
FOURIE, TAMU A. (Voter ID number 110186513).

14747 SW 9TH TER
MUNOZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 116625153).
CHICA MUNOZ, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 109501291).

14748 SW 9TH TER
LORENZO, ALAIN (Voter ID number 109858361).
LORENZO, LILLIAN (Voter ID number 109867582).
VERASTRO, GINA M. (Voter ID number 110292834).

14749 SW 9TH LN
SUAREZ, LIZA (Voter ID number 110278284).
SUAREZ, RAY (Voter ID number 109895317).

14752 SW 9TH TER
LOCKWARD, TOMMY (Voter ID number 116088377).
LOCKWARD, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 114731168).
VILLALBA, MIGUEL Alberto (Voter ID number 114616280).
VILLALBA, ZELIDET M. (Voter ID number 110015188).

14753 SW 9TH LN
CONTRERAS, NATALIA I. (Voter ID number 119615904).

14754 SW 9TH LN
MOULTON, ADAM Frederick (Voter ID number 105146889).

14756 SW 9TH TER
GARCELL, JESSICA Anelen (Voter ID number 109773711).

14757 SW 9TH LN
GONZALEZ, ANDREINA (Voter ID number 116575643).

14758 SW 9TH LN
VELASQUEZ, KARINA (Voter ID number 110149739).

14761 SW 9TH LN
LABRADOR, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 119528055).
PEREZ MORALES, MILEIDY (Voter ID number 120338902).

14762 SW 9TH LN
ESPANA, MARIA Ivonne (Voter ID number 110057706).
GONZALEZ, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 116996688).

14765 SW 9TH LN
SANCHEZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 120386748).
SANCHEZ, LILIAN (Voter ID number 115347882).
SANCHEZ, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 116452939).

14766 SW 9TH LN
LE, HA Thi Thoai (Voter ID number 114187654).

14769 SW 9TH LN
GONZALEZ, GLORIA Carmenza (Voter ID number 109574604).
PARTON, ANTHONY David (Voter ID number 115995302).
PARTON, MICHAEL Vincent (Voter ID number 110124251).
PATARROYO SERNA, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 110122589).
PATARROYO, AMPARO Ramirez (Voter ID number 109583645).

14770 SW 9TH LN
CASANOVA, ANA Lucia (Voter ID number 109229139).

14774 SW 9TH LN
CRESPO, NEREYDA (Voter ID number 115075317).
CRESPO, RAMON Victorino (Voter ID number 109578986).

14777 SW 9TH LN
QUINTERO, DIEGO A. (Voter ID number 119992229).

14778 SW 9TH LN
ARROYO, MELANIE Isabel (Voter ID number 118649719).
ARROYO, EDUARDO Jose (Voter ID number 114099539).
ARROYO, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 109684480).

14782 SW 9TH LN
CRIOLLO, LUZ Mary (Voter ID number 110121501).
MITAT, MARY (Voter ID number 109124271).
SEDANO, MANUEL Jose (Voter ID number 109074162).

14786 SW 9TH LN
GONZALEZ, KRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 101907408).

14789 SW 9TH LN
TORRES, FELIX David (Voter ID number 102226464).

14800 SW 9TH LN
DAVALOS HERNANDEZ, NATALIA (Voter ID number 109941291).

14803 SW 9TH LN
CASILLAS, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 120841971).
RUBIO, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 120841975).

14804 SW 9TH LN
LLOYD, YVONNE Nikka (Voter ID number 109386032).
OLIVA, AMABILIA (Voter ID number 120085882).
LLOYD, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 109385839).

14807 SW 9TH LN
LASHER, HOWARD Wayne (Voter ID number 102153398).
LASHER, MARIA Antonia (Voter ID number 114892402).

14808 SW 9TH LN
QUEVEDO, LAURA R. (Voter ID number 110257955).
RENAUD, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 109418356).

14811 SW 9TH LN
CASTRO, GRACE Lydia (Voter ID number 116608424).
SOLER, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 119663319).
SOLER, ELIZABETH Maria (Voter ID number 110291755).
CASTRO, EMILIO De Jesus (Voter ID number 110291796).

14812 SW 9TH LN
OCHOA, SARA (Voter ID number 116239231).
OCHOA, JOHANNES A. (Voter ID number 115918531).
SALVA, ROBERTO J. (Voter ID number 109937150).

14815 SW 9TH LN
LOUREIRO, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 110328221).

14819 SW 9TH LN
LAYA, LEIDY (Voter ID number 119565381).

14820 SW 9TH LN
MARQUEZ-ROCHA, MIRIAM Edith (Voter ID number 110334765).
ROCHA, ALVARO Jose (Voter ID number 110334762).

14823 SW 9TH LN
PATTERSON, TERESA Jo (Voter ID number 110102687).
WALTER, DAVID Dean (Voter ID number 110102685).

14824 SW 9TH LN
ABREU, SOFIA M. (Voter ID number 109491511).
ROSA, PEDRO L. (Voter ID number 109263696).

14827 SW 9TH LN
RAMIREZ, JORGE H. (Voter ID number 102085539).

14831 SW 9TH LN
HARAZALLAH, DANA (Voter ID number 118837016).
HARAZALLAH, MOHAMMED Issam (Voter ID number 115810511).
HARAZALLAH, TALA (Voter ID number 118829016).
PINTO, ROSA (Voter ID number 120535140).
PINTO, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 116286446).

14832 SW 9TH LN
MANTEQUIN, ALBERT T. (Voter ID number 110312403).

14835 SW 9TH LN
DIAZ, AMY Leigh (Voter ID number 109371969).

14839 SW 9TH LN
HERRERA, LEONIDES (Voter ID number 114423779).
RECIO, MAYDEL (Voter ID number 117038580).

14840 SW 9TH LN
GONZALEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109198603).
GONZALEZ, YANET (Voter ID number 109963116).

14843 SW 9TH LN
MESTRE, ESTEBAN (Voter ID number 109577141).
MESTRE, MICHELLE M. (Voter ID number 110033225).

14844 SW 9TH LN
RAHMANIFAR, ZAHRA Saborido (Voter ID number 110006478).
SABORINO, NIEVES M. (Voter ID number 110242918).

14847 SW 9TH LN
PADRON, ALICIA Isabel (Voter ID number 120240359).
PADRON, ISA Marie (Voter ID number 110015566).
PADRON, VALENTIN (Voter ID number 110123855).

14848 SW 9TH LN
PEREZ, JANINE (Voter ID number 115307979).

14851 SW 9TH LN
ECHEVARRIA, MARTHA (Voter ID number 115264513).
ACOSTA, EDWARD William (Voter ID number 109804954).

14852 SW 9TH LN
MARTINEZ, OSMIN (Voter ID number 109813280).

14856 SW 9TH LN
CAMPO, YOSVANY C. (Voter ID number 117011115).

14859 SW 9TH LN
MUNOZ, LUIS Eduardo (Voter ID number 118017002).

14860 SW 9TH LN
MORI, RAISA R. (Voter ID number 108939673).

14863 SW 9TH LN
RIVERO, VIVIAN M. (Voter ID number 109516268).

14867 SW 9TH LN
SOLO, MANUEL Ramon (Voter ID number 110004586).
ZAFRILLA, SILVIA M. (Voter ID number 109676816).

14871 SW 9TH LN
ESPINA, PATRICIA C. (Voter ID number 115850703).
MONTALVAN, ORFELINA M. (Voter ID number 119356866).

14872 SW 9TH LN
TELLO, OSWALDO (Voter ID number 114645969).
VILLAR, TANIA A. (Voter ID number 115903264).

14876 SW 9TH LN
LUGO, JANIFFER (Voter ID number 109754996).

14880 SW 9TH LN
FIGUEREDO, JOSSIE Jo (Voter ID number 109293002).

14884 SW 9TH LN
DE LAS NIEVES SABORI, SARA Maria (Voter ID number 119372970).
SALOM, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 120563083).
VARGAS, JESUS Alberto (Voter ID number 114465801).
VARGAS, MARIA Alexandra (Voter ID number 119371846).

14888 SW 9TH LN
WONG, ROSEMARIE T. (Voter ID number 116622356).
WONG, KASON (Voter ID number 116910231).

14901 SW 11TH ST
AVILA, KATHERINE V. (Voter ID number 119950115).

14901 SW 8TH TER
OTERO, JASON Luis (Voter ID number 109995277).

14902 SW 11TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, BEATRICE Mary (Voter ID number 109257019).
RODRIGUEZ, EDWIN R. (Voter ID number 116763732).

14903 SW 11TH LN
RUIZ, AYLIN M. (Voter ID number 110206999).
RUIZ, HORACIO Jose (Voter ID number 100574699).
RUIZ, AYLIN Ley (Voter ID number 109714194).
RUIZ, HORACIO J. (Voter ID number 109789765).

14904 SW 11TH LN
AGUIRRE, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 116106293).

14905 SW 12TH LN
SALAZAR, BENILDE (Voter ID number 109388471).
SALAZAR, THOMAS (Voter ID number 109302191).
SALAZAR, GRETEL (Voter ID number 110335747).

14907 SW 13TH LN
DOWELL, ALINA (Voter ID number 110134006).
DOWELL, THOMAS Gilbert (Voter ID number 109302086).

14909 SW 8TH TER
REYES, MONICA (Voter ID number 120426133).

1491 SW 154TH CT
GARZON, EMIL (Voter ID number 114735283).

14910 SW 15TH LN
VALDES, LORENA (Voter ID number 109278098).
VALDES, PEDRO D. (Voter ID number 109860407).
VALDES, MILISSE Y. (Voter ID number 116168497).

14913 SW 8TH TER
ARENAS, CLAUDIA P. (Voter ID number 119785274).
ARENAS, GERTRUDIS M. (Voter ID number 120398062).
ARENAS, RICARDO J. (Voter ID number 120397958).

14918 SW 10TH ST
MULLOR, LISET (Voter ID number 119135450).
MULLOR, ARMANDO Javier (Voter ID number 119464123).
PUJOL, GLORIA (Voter ID number 108923016).

14918 SW 15TH LN
GANDARA, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 119625783).
ROSA COLON, MIGDOEL (Voter ID number 119609227).
ARCEO, WILLIAM Armando (Voter ID number 114293266).
SANCHEZ, ROSARIO Becerra (Voter ID number 114293611).

14919 SW 11TH ST
MONZON, RAYMOND C. (Voter ID number 109390919).
MONZON, ELIZABETH Labrador (Voter ID number 109372412).

14920 SW 11TH ST
GONZALEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 110155226).
GONZALEZ, LIGIA Maria (Voter ID number 109847498).
GONZALEZ, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 117563096).

14921 SW 11TH LN
GARCIA, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 120253701).
GARCIA, VIVIAN V. (Voter ID number 110043912).

14921 SW 8TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, MAYLING R. (Voter ID number 117416276).

14922 SW 11TH LN
ARCE, CHARLENE (Voter ID number 109608096).
PONCE, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 109504194).
SABATES-COTANDA, HORTENSIA M. (Voter ID number 109746755).
SMITH, VINCENT R. (Voter ID number 110228442).

14923 SW 12TH LN
CORUJO, ELENA (Voter ID number 120402577).
CORUJO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 120383905).

14925 SW 13TH LN
MENDEZ, MERCEDES C. (Voter ID number 109306943).

14929 SW 8TH TER
OZON, JUAN Jose (Voter ID number 120219105).

1493 SW 154TH PATH
GONZALEZ, RIGOBERTO (Voter ID number 109716546).
GONZALEZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 109724707).

14933 SW 8TH TER
IRAGORRI, ALICIA I. (Voter ID number 119269574).

14934 SW 9TH WAY
PALACIOS, LAURA (Voter ID number 115871523).

14936 SW 10TH ST
CUMMINS, JONATHAN S. (Voter ID number 118097493).
LOBO MAYORGA, KATHERINE S. (Voter ID number 120105475).
CUMMINS, CHARLES R. (Voter ID number 109524020).

14936 SW 15TH LN
LOWRY, EMMA (Voter ID number 118430537).
MENDEZ, EDGAR (Voter ID number 110310444).
MORAN DE TORRES, NOEMI (Voter ID number 119437441).
TRIFF, LUZ A. (Voter ID number 109863476).
TRIFF, SELMA (Voter ID number 110257204).

14937 SW 11TH ST
GONZALEZ, FIDEL R. (Voter ID number 119435681).
MUNIZ, ALAIN (Voter ID number 116177143).

14938 SW 11TH ST
FERRER, PAULA (Voter ID number 109692671).
FERRER, PETER Salvador (Voter ID number 109158002).

14939 SW 11TH LN
GAMBOA, MICHAEL H. (Voter ID number 115165851).
SANCHEZ, BLANCA Dina (Voter ID number 109953109).
SANCHEZ, JOSHUA Anthony (Voter ID number 115230894).

1494 SW 154TH PATH
SUITA, MICHAEL Leo (Voter ID number 109892230).

14940 SW 11TH LN
ALLER, ALESSANDRA (Voter ID number 118839179).
ALLER, JOSE (Voter ID number 109676982).
ALLER, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109357027).

14941 SW 12TH LN
ALFONSO, JANLEY (Voter ID number 115844942).
ALFONSO, YAQUELIN (Voter ID number 115556861).

14942 SW 12TH LN
ALBORNOZ, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 118909018).
HANDY, MARIANNA Lo Turco (Voter ID number 109317267).
VILA, JANICE Leonor (Voter ID number 115850750).

14942 SW 8TH LN
MANNA, CARLOS E Madeira (Voter ID number 109664974).
MANNA, DENIZE M. (Voter ID number 110169928).

14942 SW 9TH WAY
ABELAIRAS, GRISELLE Elena (Voter ID number 109416902).
CABRERA INFANZON, MARLA M. (Voter ID number 105163338).

14943 SW 13TH LN
GOMEZ, LUCIA (Voter ID number 109559061).
GONZALEZ, ADELAIDA (Voter ID number 108941355).
HERNANDEZ, JUANA E. (Voter ID number 116028223).
POLIT, JOSHUA C. (Voter ID number 114358905).
POLIT, SASHA L. (Voter ID number 109815684).

14944 SW 9TH TER
DIAZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 114925223).
LEZCANO-DIAZ, DIANA L. (Voter ID number 115409088).

14945 SW 9TH LN
CORREA, JAIME (Voter ID number 110014959).

14946 SW 9TH LN
SCHERER BUSTOS, HANNA Yaskara (Voter ID number 110316291).

14946 SW 9TH WAY
ARROLIGA, ROBERTO N. (Voter ID number 109639142).
HERRERA, MANUEL (Voter ID number 117043062).
HERRERA, YANAISY Maria (Voter ID number 116847075).
ARROLIGA, CLAUDIA Maria (Voter ID number 109643118).

14947 SW 9TH TER
VALERA, PAOLA Diana (Voter ID number 118808290).

14947 SW 9TH WAY
VOTAL, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 116904765).

14948 SW 9TH TER
DELA PORTILLA, RIGOBERTO A. (Voter ID number 109611286).
GARCIA, LOURDES C. (Voter ID number 109988938).

14949 SW 8TH TER
ORTIZ, EMILIO (Voter ID number 119944048).

14949 SW 9TH LN
SANCHEZ, ISABEL Margaret (Voter ID number 115951509).
SANCHEZ, LIZBETH Patricia (Voter ID number 118783977).

14950 SW 8TH LN
ROBERTS, JERRYON (Voter ID number 120254863).
LEBRON MONTALVO, SIGFREDO (Voter ID number 114411549).
ROBERTS, IVELISSE (Voter ID number 114411534).
LEBRON, CLARIBEL (Voter ID number 116569536).

14950 SW 9TH LN
PEREZ GOMEZ, GIANNA (Voter ID number 114437166).

14950 SW 9TH WAY
CASTILLO, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 118735480).
LAMELA, YUNEISI (Voter ID number 120439418).

14950 SW 9TH LN
LOPEZ VERGARA, VICENTE J. (Voter ID number 116234812).

14951 SW 9TH TER
ALVAREZ, SAUL Alexander (Voter ID number 109395389).
ALVAREZ, ELSY (Voter ID number 109178707).
ALVAREZ, GEORGE I. (Voter ID number 109423215).

14952 SW 9TH TER
ORTEGA, JORGE (Voter ID number 110002857).
ORTEGA, SANDRA V. (Voter ID number 110002879).

14952 SW 9TH WAY
CHINEA, ROSANA (Voter ID number 109549524).

14952 SW 9TH TER
ORTEGA, LUIS (Voter ID number 116287336).

14954 SW 10TH ST
CRUZ, NODELVI (Voter ID number 118895713).

14954 SW 15TH LN
MONTOYA-UGARTE, RONALD (Voter ID number 116837562).
UGARTE, KATIA Judith (Voter ID number 115823141).

14954 SW 9TH WAY
RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 116414315).

14955 SW 11TH ST
RIVAS, ANGELICA M. (Voter ID number 119159369).
RIVAS, ANA G. (Voter ID number 109421942).
RIVAS, ANA M. (Voter ID number 118457618).
RIVAS, ANTONIO A. (Voter ID number 109547963).

14955 SW 9TH WAY
GUERRERO, EDUARDO Enrique (Voter ID number 120981648).
HOGAN, DENISE A. (Voter ID number 110309192).

14956 SW 11TH ST
COPPOLA, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109365404).
COPPOLA, ALIET (Voter ID number 109455725).

14957 SW 11TH LN
SOMOHANO, KARINA (Voter ID number 119455588).
SOMOHANO, VICTOR (Voter ID number 109964185).
MERIDA, MAIRIM (Voter ID number 117081674).

14957 SW 8TH TER
MURTHY, MYTHILI Shankar (Voter ID number 120152166).
MURTHY, NITYA Shankar (Voter ID number 120152209).
MURTHY, SHANKAR (Voter ID number 119455173).

14957 SW 9TH TER
CADENA-BINET, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 114885312).

14958 SW 11TH LN
PARDO, ALFONSO E. (Voter ID number 109833207).
PARDO, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109831650).

14958 SW 9TH TER
VIDAL, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 118344849).
CASIN, LILA Rosa (Voter ID number 118344847).

14959 SW 12TH LN
GODINEZ, ELIZABETH Marie (Voter ID number 110210839).
VELASCO, LOYDA Caridad (Voter ID number 110062048).

14959 SW 9TH WAY
OLEAGA-FIALLO, KATTY (Voter ID number 117038694).

14960 SW 12TH LN
SANTOS, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 117613107).
SANTOS, OMAR Javier (Voter ID number 109943065).
DEARMAS, LIZETTE (Voter ID number 116804023).

14960 SW 8TH LN
PALACIOS, ROXANA Ester (Voter ID number 110190318).
PALACIOS, JANNETT Lucia (Voter ID number 109685221).
CUADRA, GEOVANNY C. (Voter ID number 117049321).

14960 SW 8TH TER
ALFARO, JOCELYN (Voter ID number 116283893).

14960 SW 9TH LN
CONTRERAS-HOFFMANN, ANA E. (Voter ID number 114431754).

14960 SW 9TH WAY
MIRABAL, CATHY (Voter ID number 109774100).
MIRABAL, GABRIEL Albert (Voter ID number 109730352).

14961 SW 13TH LN
TERCILLA, FEDERICO Guillermo (Voter ID number 109238165).
ORTIZ-VEGA, MILDRED (Voter ID number 110208401).

14961 SW 9TH TER
CAMPOS, AMANDA (Voter ID number 114393930).
CUTINO, RICARDO Daniel (Voter ID number 109463258).

14961 SW 9TH WAY
AVILA, GLORIA (Voter ID number 114618154).
AVILA, JUAN R. (Voter ID number 115890506).

14961 SW 9TH TER
MARRERO, MARIA Cristina (Voter ID number 116833274).

14962 SW 9TH TER
BENITEZ, HECTOR Fabio (Voter ID number 114017260).

14962 SW 9TH WAY
CHINEA, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 117563560).

14963 SW 9TH LN
PAEZ, OSCAR Esteban (Voter ID number 110212964).

14964 SW 9TH LN
MORALES, IVETTE (Voter ID number 116244718).

14965 SW 8TH TER
MIRANDA, ILEANA (Voter ID number 109069484).
SUAREZ, ALEXANDRA Lynn (Voter ID number 120097931).

14965 SW 9TH WAY
LIZARRAGA, MARIA (Voter ID number 120240603).
VASQUEZ, CESAR Armando (Voter ID number 120240046).

14966 SW 9TH TER
CAMINERO, HEIDY Ahagracia (Voter ID number 118232037).

14967 SW 9TH LN
LOPEZ, FLAVIA (Voter ID number 118839579).
LOPEZ TUERO, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 118360024).
LUCAS BAPTISTA, SARA (Voter ID number 118360030).

14968 SW 8TH LN
BAZILE, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 101984384).
KABALKIN, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 114199282).

14968 SW 9TH LN
MARQUEZ, CARMEN (Voter ID number 116818094).

14969 SW 8TH TER
BARRAGAN, ANDRES (Voter ID number 110260818).

14969 SW 9TH TER
FONSECA, AMPARO (Voter ID number 110299171).
FONSECA, JOSE German (Voter ID number 110260009).

14970 SW 9TH TER
MONTEAGUDO, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109690995).
SERRANO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 119096240).
YANES, JILLIAN (Voter ID number 115281579).

14970 SW 9TH WAY
ALVAREZ, HORTENSIA (Voter ID number 110060540).

14971 SW 15TH LN
AMEDEE, GARRY Jean (Voter ID number 109391919).
AMEDEO, GARRICK (Voter ID number 117033485).

14971 SW 9TH LN
GONZALEZ, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 114319492).
GUZMAN, LIZAY (Voter ID number 115902625).

14972 SW 15TH LN
QUINTANA, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 114150624).

14972 SW 8TH LN
CONDE, CHRISTOPHER Emilio (Voter ID number 110330149).
SANCHEZ, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 109843381).
SANCHEZ, MIRELLA M. (Voter ID number 118964775).

14972 SW 9TH LN
NIEBLA, ELEIDA Victoria (Voter ID number 109272927).

14973 SW 11TH ST
PORRAS, DORA Maria (Voter ID number 109724372).
IRIZARRY, ALLEN (Voter ID number 114351443).
PORRAS, LORENZO Alejandro (Voter ID number 109487555).

14973 SW 8TH TER
OTERO, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 110299371).
OTERO, ISMARY (Voter ID number 120199104).
OTERO, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 118515794).

14973 SW 9TH WAY
PEMBERTON, NORMAN W. (Voter ID number 109428257).

14974 SW 11TH ST
ZELEDON, LUCY Benard (Voter ID number 109461725).
ZELEDON, REY Antonio (Voter ID number 109928880).

14975 SW 11TH LN
MARTINEZ-COSTA, DOLORES Lourdes (Voter ID number 110009982).

14975 SW 11TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, JESUS Rafael (Voter ID number 109929861).

14975 SW 9TH LN
GOMEZ, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 109804032).

14976 SW 11TH LN
BRUZOS, JANET Avila (Voter ID number 109296109).

14976 SW 8TH LN
HURTADO, SANDRA Patricia (Voter ID number 119605104).
RESTREPO, FELIX (Voter ID number 120197275).

14976 SW 9TH LN
VILLARIN, STEPHANY (Voter ID number 110198522).

14977 SW 8TH TER
PALMERO, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 121154719).

14977 SW 9TH TER
GONZALEZ, STEPHANIE M. (Voter ID number 115631056).
GONZALEZ, JENNIFER Anne (Voter ID number 110301906).
GONZALEZ, MAITE C. (Voter ID number 109547296).

14978 SW 12TH LN
FERNANDEZ, ADOLFO (Voter ID number 115663628).

14979 SW 15TH LN
TAURAN, LUIS Manuel (Voter ID number 119477413).
TOURON, LUIS (Voter ID number 116834048).
FIGUEROA, REBECA (Voter ID number 110255778).

14980 SW 15TH LN
SANTA COLOMA, ELISA Maria (Voter ID number 109094252).
SANTA COLOMA, RAMON J. (Voter ID number 109126720).
SANTA COLOMA, RAMON Juan (Voter ID number 110024696).

14980 SW 8TH LN
SANCERNI-VELIZ, LISETTE Gretel (Voter ID number 116843422).
SANCERNI, LILLIAN H. (Voter ID number 115800728).
SANCERNI-SANCHEZ, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 110316247).

14981 SW 8TH TER
ESPINOSA, ADRIAN G. (Voter ID number 110094261).
HOFFMAN, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 115184991).
URDANETA, ADAN Enrique (Voter ID number 117375151).

14987 SW 15TH LN
SHERMAN, ANDREW P. (Voter ID number 110283040).
SHERMAN, IVETTE Ramos (Voter ID number 109919001).

14990 SW 10TH ST
REYES, MANUEL E. (Voter ID number 119697223).
REYES, MARIA G. (Voter ID number 119337357).

14991 SW 11TH ST
GARCIA, RAUL (Voter ID number 120098446).

14992 SW 11TH ST
ALMEYDA, DORIS (Voter ID number 110320632).

14993 SW 11TH LN
GONZALEZ, CARLOS Pelayo (Voter ID number 109459835).
GONZALEZ, RUTH Elaine (Voter ID number 110188213).

14994 SW 11TH LN
TACORONTE, LISA Cristina (Voter ID number 110325154).
TACORONTE, BERNARDO Cristobal (Voter ID number 109096472).
TACORONTE, DAVID (Voter ID number 115230713).
TACORONTE, LILIA Ines (Voter ID number 109222977).

14995 SW 12TH LN
FERNANDEZ, VICKI E. (Voter ID number 110124105).
FERNANDEZ, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 110253301).
FERNANDEZ, ROSA Elena (Voter ID number 109720367).

14995 SW 15TH LN
BLANCO, MAGALY (Voter ID number 108917833).
PARRA, KIM Blanco (Voter ID number 110143475).
BLANCO, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 109243889).
BLANCO, KIM (Voter ID number 109426105).
PARRA, ALEIDES Jesus (Voter ID number 109264541).

1500 SW 152ND PL
LEVY, MANUELA Borches (Voter ID number 109367777).
BORCHES, ARTURO Carlos (Voter ID number 109426118).
LEVY, ALEXANDER C. (Voter ID number 114716061).

1500 SW 154TH AVE
HERNANDEZ, TOMAS A. (Voter ID number 110201511).

15001 SW 8TH TER
GOMEZ, JOSE S. (Voter ID number 109273138).
GOMEZ, NEYDA (Voter ID number 109266392).

15009 SW 8TH TER
GENAO, CHRISTOPHER G. (Voter ID number 110322442).
GENAO, FIDEL (Voter ID number 109598016).
GENAO, MARLENE S. (Voter ID number 109591931).
JAQUEZ-GENAO, INES (Voter ID number 109878665).

1501 SW 153RD PATH
HERRERA, ERNESTO G. (Voter ID number 120152722).
IBARRA, MARIA (Voter ID number 109159130).

1501 SW 154TH CT
CARVAJAL, DANIEL (Voter ID number 114001482).
CARVAJAL, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 110129854).

15010 SW 10TH ST
ORELLANA, LUZ (Voter ID number 110079210).
ORELLANA, DANIEL Dario (Voter ID number 116241255).

15011 SW 11TH ST
MARTINEZ, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 115974176).

15012 SW 11TH ST
ARCE, ALEX J. (Voter ID number 109771406).
ARCE, MICHELLE Shantal (Voter ID number 109769942).

15013 SW 11TH LN
JIMENEZ, MELISSA (Voter ID number 118556523).
JIMENEZ, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109024997).

15013 SW 8TH TER
COLLINS, SERGIO Victor (Voter ID number 109884942).
COLLINS, SOLEDAD C. (Voter ID number 116602688).
RUBIO, EUGUENIO (Voter ID number 116472720).

15014 SW 11TH LN
LEYVA, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 117029236).
PARUAS, FRANK (Voter ID number 116250140).

15015 SW 12TH TER
ALVAREZ, ENA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 110072190).
ALVAREZ, MAURO J. (Voter ID number 109642742).
ALVAREZ, MAURO (Voter ID number 115697936).
ALVAREZ, YVONNE Nineth (Voter ID number 114405421).

15017 SW 8TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, JENNIFER Maria (Voter ID number 109831552).
RODRIGUEZ, GARY John (Voter ID number 109448187).

1502 SW 150TH AVE
DI BENEDETTO, ROBERT (Voter ID number 100103693).
IZZO, THOMAS (Voter ID number 110220836).

1502 SW 154TH CT
HERNANDEZ SILVA, REINALDO (Voter ID number 117699607).
SIFREDO, ILEANA (Voter ID number 110214899).

15020 SW 10TH ST
FERNANDEZ, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109579025).
LEZCANO, RICHARD Andre (Voter ID number 109410204).

15021 SW 11TH ST
CASTILLO, JORGE E. (Voter ID number 115663183).
WERNER, JOSHUA Brandt (Voter ID number 118595142).
CASTILLO, MIREYA (Voter ID number 109955246).

15021 SW 8TH TER
GONZALEZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 120000176).
PUENTE, LILIAM (Voter ID number 119892420).

15022 SW 11TH ST
GONZALEZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109635052).
GONZALEZ, YARINA (Voter ID number 109620945).

15023 SW 11TH LN
PERAZA, MANUEL B. (Voter ID number 119809600).

15024 SW 8TH LN
CRUZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110282560).

15025 SW 8TH TER
SAAVEDRA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110217109).

15028 SW 8TH LN
CARDOSO, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 114213202).
FERRER, NURIA C. (Voter ID number 110285660).
GALVEZ, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 110304891).

15029 SW 9TH TER
JORDAN DEL VALLE, DIANA (Voter ID number 119106379).
AREIZAGA, LYDIALIZ (Voter ID number 110317842).

1503 SW 154TH PATH
MONTOYA, MIRTA (Voter ID number 120394829).
ROMERO MARTINEZ, RENE (Voter ID number 120401036).
OLIVARES, HUGO (Voter ID number 117639076).

15033 SW 8TH TER
MONTOYA, ROCIO A. (Voter ID number 120128613).
WRIGHT, DALE A. (Voter ID number 116147324).

15033 SW 9TH TER
HERNANDEZ, IRIS Barbara (Voter ID number 114116592).
ZORRILLA, JUAN (Voter ID number 109824634).
BRACERAS, JONATHAN Michael (Voter ID number 110323463).

15034 SW 9TH TER
HERNANDEZ, FATIMA (Voter ID number 118844914).
DUFRESNE, LIONEL (Voter ID number 110049303).

15035 SW 9TH LN
JEAN-MARIE, GAETANE (Voter ID number 114176382).

15036 SW 8TH LN
VEGA, EDUARDO Julio (Voter ID number 116903665).
VEGA, THERESA (Voter ID number 120328161).
VENTO, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 120328265).

15037 SW 8TH TER
FRANCO, SILVIA Carolina (Voter ID number 120117423).
PRIETO, MARIELA J. (Voter ID number 119674489).
PRIETO, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 109925488).

15037 SW 9TH TER
ALAMO, DELIA (Voter ID number 120759099).
BENITEZ, NATASHA (Voter ID number 120903194).
BENITEZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109903609).
BENITEZ, GRETTE (Voter ID number 110196631).
BENITEZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 115611008).
BENITEZ, REYNOLD (Voter ID number 110033344).

15038 SW 9TH TER
BESTEIRO, ROAUL (Voter ID number 109496154).

1504 SW 154TH PATH
VILLA, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 117806418).
GUERRERO, FELIX E. (Voter ID number 110175242).
NIEVES, DALIA I. (Voter ID number 109688704).
PENATES, MARIA J. (Voter ID number 110245526).

15040 SW 10TH ST
CASTILLO, YURIANDENYS (Voter ID number 114205569).
CASTILLO, ZUGEILYS (Voter ID number 114202486).
TAIT, YANURYS (Voter ID number 117085561).

15040 SW 8TH LN
JORDAN, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 120276940).
NOVELA, LIGIA (Voter ID number 110254214).
NOVELA, NATALIA (Voter ID number 120277994).
LOPEZ, JAIME E. (Voter ID number 118198712).

15041 SW 11TH ST
LUU, PHONG Quoc (Voter ID number 116416786).
LUU, BINH Quoc (Voter ID number 109956132).
LUU, HIEP T. (Voter ID number 109779589).

15041 SW 8TH TER
DIAZ, ESTELA M. (Voter ID number 120270623).
DIAZ, MAGALY Estela (Voter ID number 110096669).

15041 SW 9TH TER
GARCIA, YVETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109460834).

15041 SW 9TH WAY
SANCHEZ, RAIMALUZ (Voter ID number 119704791).

15042 SW 11TH ST
MORALES, ANNA Cristina (Voter ID number 110182062).

15042 SW 9TH TER
JAMIS, PAOLA (Voter ID number 106284475).

15043 SW 11TH LN
ACOSTA, FELICIA (Voter ID number 109609570).
ACOSTA, NANCY (Voter ID number 109287701).
HERNANDEZ, DOROTEO C. (Voter ID number 109651197).
SACASAS, CARLOS L. (Voter ID number 116488401).

15043 SW 9TH LN
LEE, PABLO (Voter ID number 109937787).
LEE, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 110180110).

15044 SW 11TH LN
MUNGUIA, OSCAR Jose (Voter ID number 109278535).
MUNGUIA, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109821438).
MUNGUIA, STEFFI (Voter ID number 115233735).

15044 SW 8TH LN
STORNIOLO, GIUSEPPE Pucci (Voter ID number 110184845).

15044 SW 9TH LN
HERRERA, BILLY (Voter ID number 118185252).
HERRERA, YESLLY (Voter ID number 117306176).
HERRERA, BILLY (Voter ID number 109711601).
HERRERA, YENNY M. (Voter ID number 110116478).

15045 SW 12TH TER
ARCIA, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number 116409896).
ARCIA, DAVID (Voter ID number 116439275).
ARCIA, MOISES (Voter ID number 109374389).
ARCIA, MAGALY M. (Voter ID number 116505931).

15045 SW 9TH TER
LEBRON, ROSANDRA Josefina (Voter ID number 116402144).
MENA, MISSAEL (Voter ID number 117580993).

15045 SW 9TH WAY
GOMEZ, PAOLA Andrea (Voter ID number 119495945).
URIBE, JULIAN (Voter ID number 119845076).
URIBE, FABIOLA (Voter ID number 109784675).

15046 SW 9TH TER
CIFUENTES, BEATRIZ E. (Voter ID number 116228839).
GIL, LUCILA (Voter ID number 115161998).

15047 SW 9TH LN
HARLAN, STEPHEN J. (Voter ID number 109477304).
HARLAN, SYLVIA Esperanza (Voter ID number 110165044).
TONA MARCANO, YARMILIA Ginnes (Voter ID number 119370805).

15049 SW 8TH TER
BENAVIDES, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 119940332).

15049 SW 9TH TER
MARTINEZ, JORGE Giovanni (Voter ID number 109536526).
MARTINEZ, VICKY K. (Voter ID number 120333910).
PAZ, VICTOR Hugo (Voter ID number 109209807).
PAZ, YADIRA (Voter ID number 109215750).

15049 SW 9TH WAY
GUEITS, RENE Dennis (Voter ID number 109466886).

15050 SW 9TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, MICHELLE Denise (Voter ID number 109551584).

15050 SW 9TH WAY
NEGRON, MARIALY (Voter ID number 117990217).
NEGRON-VELEZ, VICTOR M. (Voter ID number 118464600).

15052 SW 9TH LN
CULVER, HERBERT Earl (Voter ID number 101729643).
CULVER, JONATHAN N. (Voter ID number 121164041).

15053 SW 8TH TER
POSE, VIVIAN E. (Voter ID number 109128726).

15053 SW 9TH TER
CREAGH BANDERA, OSMAR (Voter ID number 118636798).

15053 SW 9TH WAY
TAM, ALISON (Voter ID number 109977875).
TAM, MELANIE (Voter ID number 114359463).

15054 SW 9TH TER
JOSEPH, ALVIN (Voter ID number 115468071).
PIERRE, RICHARD (Voter ID number 110208353).
RANCHARRAN, EDWARD I. (Voter ID number 102070018).

15054 SW 9TH WAY
BIRCHENALL, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109796780).

15055 SW 9TH LN
MARTE, FABIO Alberto (Voter ID number 119756021).
RODRIGUEZ, ELIANE E. (Voter ID number 116300375).

15056 SW 8TH LN
WALLER, GRACIELA T. (Voter ID number 119536983).

15057 SW 8TH TER
PAREDES, ALVARO (Voter ID number 114506260).

15057 SW 9TH TER
GARCIA, DAYME (Voter ID number 117692252).
GARCIA, JOSE Yoniel (Voter ID number 115288310).

15057 SW 9TH WAY
GONZALEZ CARDENTEY, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 120720409).
FUENTEFRIA, CRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 109806044).

15058 SW 9TH TER
LORENZO, ARNOLDO (Voter ID number 109374966).
LORENZO, LINA (Voter ID number 115777190).

15059 SW 9TH LN
SORTO, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 117566084).
SORTO, ORFA Patricia (Voter ID number 114266658).
CONTRERAS, JAVIER A. (Voter ID number 114266690).
PALOMEQUE, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 119844674).
SORTO, JAVIER Antonio (Voter ID number 110315391).

15060 SW 10TH ST
BALLESTEROS, JOSE (Voter ID number 110301372).
BETANCOURT, ARACELI N. (Voter ID number 110304749).
PUENTE, ARACELI F. (Voter ID number 116188968).

15060 SW 9TH LN
GUERRERO, CASSANDRA L. (Voter ID number 109684125).
GUERRERO, DUILIO B. (Voter ID number 118446404).
GUERRERO, BENJAMIN Rosendo (Voter ID number 116929421).
GUERRERO, DUILIO R. (Voter ID number 116869682).

15061 SW 11TH ST
DRIGGS, SANDRA P. (Voter ID number 119611083).

15061 SW 9TH TER
NAVARRO, NATASHA V. (Voter ID number 116180020).

15061 SW 9TH WAY
CASTILLO, LIONEL Alfredo (Voter ID number 114736262).
GWYN, JESSE L. (Voter ID number 114737187).
GWYN, MICHAEL M. (Voter ID number 114370178).
KRINGS, LIZETTE (Voter ID number 110182279).

15062 SW 11TH ST
BONILLA, NOEL (Voter ID number 109570909).

15062 SW 9TH WAY
HERNANDEZ, ANDRE Jorge (Voter ID number 109551492).

15063 SW 11TH LN
ALVAREZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109892119).
ALVAREZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109359356).
PENA, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 110336653).

15063 SW 9TH LN
ALVAREZ, DANIA Esther (Voter ID number 109936901).
MEDINA, JESUS A. (Voter ID number 109618319).

15064 SW 8TH LN
SIMON, MARIA Victoria (Voter ID number 114731976).
SIMON, RICARDO Miguel (Voter ID number 110004289).
SIMON, VICTORIA M. (Voter ID number 114294838).
VARGAS, DEYANELLY (Voter ID number 119907524).
VALENCIA, GINA (Voter ID number 116390757).

15064 SW 9TH LN
HERNANDEZ, HUMBERTO (Voter ID number 109654655).
VECIN, GRACIELA (Voter ID number 110137807).

15065 SW 12TH TER
AMADOR, LORENZO (Voter ID number 109694116).
AMADOR, ALIANA Maria (Voter ID number 114885952).
AMADOR, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109200518).
AMADOR, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 116176931).

15065 SW 8TH TER
NAVARRO, VANESSA (Voter ID number 110294454).

15065 SW 9TH WAY
HERNANDEZ, ADRIAN Jorge (Voter ID number 109718186).

15066 SW 12TH TER
FILGUEIRAS, LUIS Manuel (Voter ID number 115324635).
FILGUEIRAS, MAYLEN (Voter ID number 115572346).
CARBALLO, GERITZA (Voter ID number 116567648).

15067 SW 9TH LN
ALONSO, TERESITA (Voter ID number 109631849).
ALONSO, LORENZO (Voter ID number 109766199).
ARENAS, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 115907665).

15068 SW 9TH LN
VELASQUEZ, JUAN Ramon (Voter ID number 116568043).

15069 SW 8TH TER
CUTIE-DIAZ, ANA Cecilia (Voter ID number 118895762).

15070 SW 9TH WAY
BARRETO, MARCO Antonio (Voter ID number 119397777).

15072 SW 9TH LN
CASTILLO, STEPHANY N. (Voter ID number 120134309).
DAVID, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109591415).
MEDINA, TEIGLYS (Voter ID number 115120746).

15073 SW 8TH TER
SIAS, KATHERINE Joan (Voter ID number 115380494).
CRUCET, MARILYN (Voter ID number 109620314).
GRAFALS, BAVIE (Voter ID number 116630283).

15073 SW 9TH WAY
CRUZ, FERNANDO A. (Voter ID number 110237474).

15077 SW 8TH TER
CAICEDO, SANDRA Patricia (Voter ID number 119739194).
STADTHAGEN, EDUARDO Alfredo (Voter ID number 116591628).

15081 SW 8TH TER
SALAZAR, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 120235796).
GALLEGO, GLORIA I. (Voter ID number 110107036).
GALLEGO, MARCO (Voter ID number 116372579).

15089 SW 8TH TER
MATOS, ROLAND J. (Voter ID number 120198851).

15093 SW 8TH TER
ROJAS, ANDRES F. (Voter ID number 110013677).
MELENDEZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109800586).
ROJAS, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 109957742).

1510 SW 152ND PL
LOPEZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109289103).
LOPEZ, MIRIAM V. (Voter ID number 109189176).

15100 SW 10TH ST
GONZALEZ DEL VALLE, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 103456697).
GONZALEZ-DELVALLE, KIMBERLY Marie (Voter ID number 103669484).
HERNANDEZ, DULCE M. (Voter ID number 118494765).

15101 SW 11TH ST
BOSCH, ANDREW L. (Voter ID number 102110586).
BOSCH, BARBARA Jimenez (Voter ID number 115434487).

15102 SW 11TH ST
ALVAREZ, JOEL (Voter ID number 116479702).
ALVAREZ, SANDRA (Voter ID number 116469954).

15103 SW 11TH LN
GUTIERREZ, ORLANDO Manuel (Voter ID number 109330884).
GUTIERREZ, STEFANI Aliz (Voter ID number 118096370).
GUTIERREZ, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 109160817).
GUTIERREZ, OFELIA (Voter ID number 109330885).
PENA, ADALBERTO Alejandro (Voter ID number 109354372).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 110051460).

15105 SW 12TH TER
ROBAINA, ELIA (Voter ID number 111778329).
ROBAINA, SERAFIN (Voter ID number 111777065).
GOTERA, TOMAS J. (Voter ID number 116571118).

15106 SW 12TH TER
PINEIRO, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 110282203).
PINEIRO, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 109537032).

1511 SW 149TH PL
REYES, PEDRO Luis (Voter ID number 114310067).
CASTANO, FLOR A. (Voter ID number 117122760).
SALAS, JOSE H. (Voter ID number 117889695).

1511 SW 155TH CT
GIRALDO, JOHANNA (Voter ID number 114831565).
VERDEZA, CARLOS Mario (Voter ID number 109968042).

15111 SW 13TH TER
BAKOS, OMAR J. (Voter ID number 116821848).
SALA BAKOS, LILEANNE (Voter ID number 109541688).

15120 SW 10TH ST
PICHARDO, EDWARD Alexis (Voter ID number 117340996).
PICHARDO, RAMON (Voter ID number 109490309).

15121 SW 11TH ST
MARTINEZ, IVANA G. (Voter ID number 119616340).
ZECCA, ANA Cecilia (Voter ID number 109973815).

15122 SW 11TH ST
DELGADO, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 110128859).

15123 SW 11TH LN
HERNANDEZ, CARMENZA (Voter ID number 109579603).
LLOYD, MYRIAM C. (Voter ID number 109586399).

15124 SW 11TH LN
FAJARDO FALCON, VICTORIA C. (Voter ID number 119535951).
REYES, MANUAL Alejandro (Voter ID number 119877104).
DEL MORAL, CARLOS F. (Voter ID number 109920509).
PLAZA, RUBEN (Voter ID number 114467393).
DEL MORAL-SOCORRO, LILLIAM Meraly (Voter ID number 117877629).

15125 SW 12TH TER
CARDOSO, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 109440627).

15126 SW 12TH TER
ALVAREZ, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109288531).

15131 SW 15TH WAY
COSPER, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 110333040).

15132 SW 13TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, LUIS (Voter ID number 109132450).
ALVAREZ, ISIDRA Zoraida (Voter ID number 109481012).
ALVAREZ, ONEIDA C. (Voter ID number 109280097).

15132 SW 15TH WAY
GARCES, CHRISTOPHER D. (Voter ID number 110032964).

15140 SW 10TH ST
ALAS, ALEX (Voter ID number 115241503).
ALAS, ANA C. (Voter ID number 110212856).
ALAS, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 110212853).

15141 SW 11TH ST
FAKHOURY, BANNA F. (Voter ID number 118096527).
CONSTANTINE, CECILIA Cruz (Voter ID number 118532589).
LAPE, CECILIA M. (Voter ID number 110064452).
LAPE, DOUGLAS Bert (Voter ID number 109865596).
MARCOS, MAGNO E. (Voter ID number 118524938).

15144 SW 11TH LN
PEREZ DE CORCHO, RAMON (Voter ID number 118478952).
SOLER, GISELLE (Voter ID number 118478947).

15146 SW 12TH TER
SOTELO, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109537867).
SOTELO, GEORGINA Lucia (Voter ID number 109389359).

15150 SW 15TH ST
CENTENO, GLENDA E. (Voter ID number 102488603).
CHENG, CALVIN S. (Voter ID number 109882097).

15151 SW 13TH TER
CHACON, HERENA E. (Voter ID number 109377907).
CHACON, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 109377904).
CHACON, JULIO (Voter ID number 109824135).
CHACON, OLGA Lidia (Voter ID number 109725397).

15151 SW 15TH WAY
TAN, ANA Patricia (Voter ID number 109822240).
TAN, YVAN (Voter ID number 109397563).
TAN, DANIEL (Voter ID number 116282224).
TAN, MARCELA (Voter ID number 116316359).

15152 SW 13TH TER
ALZATE, LETICIA (Voter ID number 113996996).
MORALES, ELIANA M. (Voter ID number 110182035).

15152 SW 15TH WAY
BOULANGER, THOMAS John (Voter ID number 114384728).

1516 SW 150TH AVE
AUDRAIN, MARIA (Voter ID number 109027025).
CABRERA, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109188942).
CABRERA, MARIA J. (Voter ID number 120238971).

15160 SW 10TH ST
CANOVAS, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109346814).

15161 SW 11TH ST
COIRADAS, ANA Lourdes (Voter ID number 109274073).
WARAFTIG, ERIC A. (Voter ID number 109979618).

15162 SW 11TH ST
SALDANA, LANGUIDY (Voter ID number 120301545).
HERNANDEZ, CESAR A. (Voter ID number 102113697).

15163 SW 11TH LN
DE PARA, ANGEL Domingo (Voter ID number 109347158).
DE PARA, NICOLLETTE (Voter ID number 115230960).
MERINO, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109153971).

15164 SW 11TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL Mario (Voter ID number 118371211).

15165 SW 12TH TER
MARRERO, CARLOS R. (Voter ID number 119209634).
REGUEIRO, DARLENE (Voter ID number 121061013).

15166 SW 12TH TER
ABNER, ROBEN Dewayne (Voter ID number 109340456).
PIMIENTA-ABNER, YOLAIDA J. (Voter ID number 110220179).

15170 SW 15TH ST
ROA-BAEZ, ELAINE A. (Voter ID number 114380851).

15171 SW 15TH WAY
DIAZ, JUAN J. (Voter ID number 119940767).
DIAZ, SONIA (Voter ID number 120313673).
MUGUERZA, JUSTA (Voter ID number 114410165).
PERERA, MAYKEL (Voter ID number 117435564).
QUINTERO, ISABEL (Voter ID number 118254386).

15172 SW 13TH TER
GONZALEZ, SERGIO (Voter ID number 118029344).
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 116534079).

15172 SW 15TH WAY
BERRIOS, NORMA Yolanda (Voter ID number 114002606).

15173 SW 14TH ST
GOMEZ-PEREZ, PAOLA Aymett (Voter ID number 117075236).
PEREZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109345649).

15190 SW 15TH ST
VAZQUEZ, LIAN (Voter ID number 109640042).
VAZQUEZ, OMAR Steven (Voter ID number 115846347).
VAZQUEZ, STEPHANIE Lian (Voter ID number 114803443).

15191 SW 15TH WAY
NUNEZ, CHARLES (Voter ID number 110165063).
NUNEZ, KATRINA F. (Voter ID number 110206165).
NUNEZ, MARITZA A. (Voter ID number 109521996).

15192 SW 13TH TER
GONZALEZ, ERWIN Izaias (Voter ID number 110264597).
VEGA, ABRAHAM Ramiro (Voter ID number 109475956).
VEGA, ENID Irene (Voter ID number 109167940).
VEGA, GLYNNIS Laynet (Voter ID number 115635775).
VEGA, KRYSTAL L. (Voter ID number 110201680).

15192 SW 15TH WAY
FREIT, YVONNE Marie (Voter ID number 113985365).
VARGAS, ANGEL Andres (Voter ID number 110283162).

15193 SW 14TH ST
QUILES, PEDRO J. (Voter ID number 116085028).

1520 SW 152ND PL
GARCIA, ANDY (Voter ID number 119627879).
GARCIA, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 116409410).

15200 SW 10TH ST
BERNARD-LYNCH, JANET Ann Marie (Voter ID number 110332855).
LYNCH, BURTHON A. (Voter ID number 115796717).

15201 SW 11TH ST
PICAR, CHRISTOPHER Alexander (Voter ID number 117998307).
PICAR, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 110203851).
PICAR, ANA L. (Voter ID number 109587119).
PICAR, LAURA Nicole (Voter ID number 114758874).
PICAR, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109587105).

15202 SW 11TH ST
IRIAS, REYNALDO (Voter ID number 109882437).
VARELA, BARNEY (Voter ID number 116286856).

15203 SW 12TH TER
SUAREZ, ARIAN (Voter ID number 116299786).
COLLADA, YOLANDA L. (Voter ID number 115724216).
SUAREZ, BRAULIO (Voter ID number 120037093).

15204 SW 12TH TER
LAY, DAVID D. (Voter ID number 120397828).
DE LA GARZA, JUAN Jose (Voter ID number 116283691).

15205 SW 13TH TER
ROSSELLO, ALAIN (Voter ID number 109273954).
ROSELLO, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 116773433).

15206 SW 13TH TER
PEREZ, DUNIA (Voter ID number 110005026).

15207 SW 14TH ST
MEJIA, LEANN Cypress (Voter ID number 120698276).

15210 SW 15TH ST
ZALDIVAR, CHASTITY A. (Voter ID number 115204585).
ZALDIVAR, ROGELIO Antonio (Voter ID number 102098965).

15211 SW 11TH ST
GONZALEZ, TOMAS Lazaro (Voter ID number 120537048).
GALVEZ, ANA L. (Voter ID number 115296607).

15212 SW 11TH ST
FERNANDEZ, ALINA (Voter ID number 110060461).
GOMEZ, ANA Delia (Voter ID number 118691421).
ROJAS, OTTO (Voter ID number 110105939).

15221 SW 11TH ST
FUENTES, NAYMARA (Voter ID number 110298977).
FUENTES, JOSEPH Francis (Voter ID number 109513648).

15223 SW 12TH TER
MESA, JUANA (Voter ID number 118923985).

15225 SW 12TH TER
MORALES, DIANA E. (Voter ID number 114279422).

15231 SW 11TH ST
MARSH, MARIA Lourdes (Voter ID number 109203892).
MARSH, WINSTON A. (Voter ID number 119150631).

15232 SW 11TH ST
ALVARADO, GOLDIE E. (Voter ID number 120254147).
ALVARADO WOOD, LUIS Arturo (Voter ID number 117743017).

15233 SW 8TH WAY
SAN MARTIN, RAQUEL Dolores (Voter ID number 109950717).

15234 SW 8TH WAY
LOPEZ, SAIAN (Voter ID number 119027747).
TORRES, LAZARO Manuel (Voter ID number 110206520).
ANTONUCCIO, CARMEN America (Voter ID number 118995071).

15235 SW 9TH WAY
VALLADARES, ELENA E. (Voter ID number 109742051).
GIRON, DIANA Marcela (Voter ID number 110076832).

15236 SW 9TH WAY
FERNANDEZ, ANTONIO D. (Voter ID number 110300258).

15237 SW 8TH WAY
MANLEY, NICOLE C. (Voter ID number 110126837).

15238 SW 8TH WAY
AMAYA, VLADIMIR (Voter ID number 120009527).

15240 SW 10TH ST
ESPINOSA, JOSE Andres (Voter ID number 116194492).
FERREIRO, ARIHATNA (Voter ID number 116194500).

15240 SW 9TH WAY
GARCIA, CELIA (Voter ID number 109689748).

15241 SW 11TH ST
GONZALEZ, MILEIDIS (Voter ID number 120548420).
PENA, BENIGNO (Voter ID number 120525912).
FERNANDEZ, BONNIE Ruth (Voter ID number 109425185).

15241 SW 8TH WAY
NAVARRO, NELSON Gerardo (Voter ID number 115695341).
NAVARRO, ANA (Voter ID number 116624328).

15242 SW 11TH ST
CONCEPCION, CHRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 118926159).
CONCEPCION, ALEXANDER H. (Voter ID number 109750092).

15242 SW 8TH WAY
MARTIN, JOSE Ignacio (Voter ID number 116487836).
SIERRALTA, NARCISO Ramon (Voter ID number 120201048).
SIERRALTA, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 116284480).

15243 SW 12TH TER
RODRIGUEZ-LAUREANO, BLANCA Y. (Voter ID number 110121234).

15243 SW 9TH WAY
ALMEIDA, VIVIANE P. (Voter ID number 120744270).

15244 SW 12TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, RAUL (Voter ID number 110216751).

15244 SW 9TH WAY
FLORES, JAIME M. (Voter ID number 118305003).
SALAZAR, KHARLA Mary (Voter ID number 115241043).
FLORES, MARCELA P. (Voter ID number 116596848).

15245 SW 13TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, AMY M. (Voter ID number 120318520).
VELEZ, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109362640).

15245 SW 8TH WAY
BASILIO, JOSE W. (Voter ID number 109925231).
SOTO, JENNY (Voter ID number 115237985).

15246 SW 13TH TER
MEDINA, KRISTIN M. (Voter ID number 120947673).
MEDINA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109213952).

15247 SW 14TH ST
CASILLA, DAGOBERTO (Voter ID number 110214410).
SANTOS, YOJAIRA Marie (Voter ID number 117910382).
MORALES, ERIC (Voter ID number 116338742).

15247 SW 9TH WAY
BENDANA, ENA Lillian (Voter ID number 115687255).
BENDANA, JOHN (Voter ID number 117469345).
CORREA, ERICA Marie (Voter ID number 110196914).

15248 SW 9TH WAY
GONZALEZ, LAZARO (Voter ID number 120131847).
GONZALEZ, MARINA (Voter ID number 118396722).

15249 SW 8TH WAY
MARTINEZ, CARLOS Nazario (Voter ID number 109098234).
RIVEIRA, MARIE (Voter ID number 109098233).

1525 SW 155TH CT
PEREZ, DISNARDO (Voter ID number 109432504).
PEREZ, OFELIA (Voter ID number 109432497).

15250 SW 15TH ST
PEREZ, LILYETTE (Voter ID number 117837820).

15251 SW 15TH WAY
BLACH, MARIELA (Voter ID number 119131683).
HERNANDEZ, ALEXANDER E. (Voter ID number 109269487).

15252 SW 9TH WAY
BORGES, AILEEN (Voter ID number 109313934).
BORGES, JERICHO Alexander (Voter ID number 109324319).

15253 SW 8TH WAY
AGUILAR, ALVARO (Voter ID number 116447595).
MUNIZ, GABRIEL Enrique (Voter ID number 109888802).

15254 SW 8TH WAY
AMENGUAL, HERNAN M. (Voter ID number 109809491).
LOPEZ, STEFHANY (Voter ID number 115284829).

15256 SW 9TH WAY
JIMENEZ, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 119627055).
JIMENEZ, KEVIN (Voter ID number 119627856).
LOPEZ, INES Jobita (Voter ID number 110078309).

15258 SW 8TH WAY
RUBINO, DAVID Emmanuel (Voter ID number 109485507).
RUBINO, CAROLINA I. (Voter ID number 116991536).

15259 SW 9TH WAY
CASTELLON, CHRISTIANE (Voter ID number 102258007).
CUEVAS, SIDARTHA G. (Voter ID number 118176470).
MERCADO DE CASTALAN, RAFAELA (Voter ID number 120392187).
SANDOVAL CASTELLON, EDWIN Lionel (Voter ID number 120193973).
CUEVAS FUENTE, NESTOR (Voter ID number 119648539).

15260 SW 10TH ST
BORCHES, NANETTE (Voter ID number 109311770).

15260 SW 9TH WAY
ESCOBAR, VICTOR H. (Voter ID number 116282565).

15261 SW 11TH ST
RIVERO, INES E. (Voter ID number 109476432).
RIVERO, MIGUEL Eduardo (Voter ID number 109533574).
ALI, ALEXANDER S. (Voter ID number 109598673).

15261 SW 8TH WAY
LOPEZ, MARIO J. (Voter ID number 118340779).

15262 SW 11TH ST
ARIAS, MARIA F. (Voter ID number 109100600).

15262 SW 8TH WAY
LANZA, ALEJANDRINA (Voter ID number 117584927).
SOLORZANO, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 109706001).

15264 SW 12TH TER
SIERRA, MARILYN M. (Voter ID number 109211262).
SIERRA, ROGER E. (Voter ID number 109669415).
WAYNE, EILEEN Mary (Voter ID number 115588378).
LOPEZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 114375883).
RODRIGUEZ, TIFFANY N. (Voter ID number 117566712).

15264 SW 9TH WAY
DE LA PENA, LUIS Ernesto (Voter ID number 109119009).
ROCA, VIVIAN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109797778).

15265 SW 13TH TER
CARDENAS, ABRAHAM B. (Voter ID number 110222257).
CARDENAS, CANDIDA V. (Voter ID number 110222260).

15265 SW 15TH WAY
SALAS, MARIA (Voter ID number 117688908).

15265 SW 8TH WAY
GUZMAN, NICOLASINA (Voter ID number 115698937).
MORONTA, ALFREDO Rafael (Voter ID number 116827696).

15266 SW 13TH TER
ALEMAN, EDDIEL (Voter ID number 121068790).
ALEMAN, LUCRECIO (Voter ID number 118479437).
VICHOT, SAILY Del Carmen (Voter ID number 110335004).
GARCIA, OMAR E. (Voter ID number 115260439).

15266 SW 8TH WAY
ACKERMAN, RONALD B. (Voter ID number 120058449).

15267 SW 14TH ST
DELGADO, HISSARLIK (Voter ID number 121324952).
IBARRA, MABEL (Voter ID number 119608067).

15267 SW 9TH WAY
DIAS, GABRIEL Pio (Voter ID number 120427300).
DIAS, JOSE Herminio (Voter ID number 109691811).

15268 SW 9TH WAY
PABLOS, GERLIN B. (Voter ID number 116168486).
PABLOS, JULIAN Nayib (Voter ID number 121057230).
ROMERO, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 109843550).

15270 SW 10TH ST
FOLEY, DEREK A. (Voter ID number 110244113).
NUNEZ, CHARLES F. (Voter ID number 109766959).
NUNEZ, SUZANE Araujo (Voter ID number 119343765).

15270 SW 15TH ST
SHADEED, LAWRENCE (Voter ID number 115047780).

15270 SW 8TH WAY
VARONA, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109812440).

15272 SW 11TH ST
ARENAS, CIRO Antonio (Voter ID number 110271687).
BARRIOS, ADRIELLE M. (Voter ID number 119771808).
BARRIOS, CECILLE Marie (Voter ID number 120130082).
ARENAS, CARMEN (Voter ID number 118305097).
BARRIOS, ROSEMY Marie (Voter ID number 115567514).
MONCAYO, MERCEDES Barrios (Voter ID number 114273830).
BARRIOS, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 116598611).

15272 SW 15TH WAY
REBOSO, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 119513167).
REBOSO, MAGDALENE (Voter ID number 109874879).

15272 SW 9TH WAY
MORALES, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 115719214).

15273 SW 11TH ST
ORTIZ, MIKE (Voter ID number 110203363).

15281 SW 11TH ST
GOMEZ, AYIRA (Voter ID number 120191309).
GOMEZ, REINALDO (Voter ID number 109437782).

1530 SW 149TH AVE
DIAZ, EVETTE (Voter ID number 102194964).

1530 SW 150TH AVE
MORALES, MAYELIN (Voter ID number 110278737).
MORALES, JOHNNY G. (Voter ID number 109847842).

1530 SW 152ND PL
QUINTANILLA, DELIA M. (Voter ID number 120331948).
QUINTANILLA, EDMUNDO A. (Voter ID number 120331931).

1530 SW 154TH AVE
GIRON, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 121327651).
VILLANUEVA, ZORAIDA (Voter ID number 110278833).

15300 SW 10TH ST
AVILA, CRISTIANE Dutra (Voter ID number 120859663).
AVILA, EDUARMY (Voter ID number 115969986).

15301 SW 8TH WAY
QUESADA FAJARDO, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 120164674).
QUESADA, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 110220331).
MORA, MARIAM (Voter ID number 116281445).

15302 SW 11TH ST
ALCALDE, LAZARO (Voter ID number 114609485).
DUTHIERS, ARRYELLE Alexandra (Voter ID number 109988569).

15305 SW 8TH WAY
BELTRAN, ROMAN Javier (Voter ID number 120421276).

15307 SW 9TH WAY
VEGA, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 118400568).
HELU, MARCIA Evelina (Voter ID number 109052312).

15308 SW 10TH ST
ESTRADA, ALEJANDRO A. (Voter ID number 120801102).
GUARNEROS, ALEJANDRA (Voter ID number 116569131).
GUARNEROS, SERGIO D. (Voter ID number 120129701).
LACAYO ESTRADA, LUCIA (Voter ID number 120801100).
ESTRADA, MARIA (Voter ID number 116564485).

15309 SW 11TH ST
PEREZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 115134933).

1531 SW 149TH PL
MONTERREY, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 116072066).

1531 SW 153RD PATH
PEREZ, DORIAN (Voter ID number 110286822).

1531 SW 154TH CT
MENDEZ, JORGE Loniel (Voter ID number 119094206).
RUIZ, AILEN (Voter ID number 116471276).
GUERRERO, CLAUDINA A. (Voter ID number 114649146).

15310 SW 11TH ST
FERNANDEZ, TONY G. (Voter ID number 109430580).
GONGORA-FERNANDEZ, GELENI M. (Voter ID number 109417263).
MENENDEZ, COREN Maria (Voter ID number 110100802).
SUAREZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110285421).

15310 SW 8TH WAY
GARRIDO, ELIANA Paola (Voter ID number 117136936).
GRUBBS, YAMIN (Voter ID number 109374869).
TRINIDAD, DANIEL (Voter ID number 116581588).
WILCHES, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 120897258).

15312 SW 9TH WAY
ALVAREZ, JACQUELIN Arce (Voter ID number 110222802).

15313 SW 8TH WAY
ALVAREZ, JAIME Alberto (Voter ID number 117542794).
MORENO, DULCE M. (Voter ID number 109745350).

15314 SW 8TH WAY
CHARRIA, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 118213623).
FIGUEROA, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 118213596).

15316 SW 9TH WAY
PEREZ, ERNESTO J. (Voter ID number 119573052).
PEREZ, FAVIOLA Maria (Voter ID number 119841759).

15317 SW 11TH ST
SIMAL, SEVERO (Voter ID number 118052579).
LOPEZ, BELKYS (Voter ID number 109113051).

15317 SW 8TH WAY
MATERNO, JOHANNES Ramon (Voter ID number 109827532).

15318 SW 11TH ST
CARBONELL, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 110034778).
CARBONELL, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 115579992).
CARDONELL, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 110031883).

15318 SW 8TH WAY
URENA, MARCO A. (Voter ID number 116772761).

15320 SW 9TH WAY
BATISTA, RUBEN (Voter ID number 109210523).

15321 SW 8TH WAY
PADRON, DILIANNA M. (Voter ID number 120915496).
PADRON, YENELIZ A. (Voter ID number 119915353).
PADRON, DILIAM M. (Voter ID number 109370954).
PADRON, KAZANDRA (Voter ID number 118104958).
PADRON, LUIS Gustavo (Voter ID number 109188200).

15322 SW 8TH WAY
PINTO, ANTONIO J. (Voter ID number 102263764).

15323 SW 9TH WAY
MARIN, PEDRO A. (Voter ID number 119727080).
MUNOZ, ALBA R. (Voter ID number 119777840).

15324 SW 10TH ST
SANCHEZ, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109256816).

15325 SW 11TH ST
RIVERA, MARCOS (Voter ID number 118256576).
SOCORRO, JUAN Manuel (Voter ID number 109574187).
ORAMA-SOCORRO, JANETTE Del Carmen (Voter ID number 117160288).

15326 SW 11TH ST
WILLIAMS, BILLY D. (Voter ID number 119190833).

15326 SW 8TH WAY
ASIATICO, ENGELBERT (Voter ID number 109451277).

15327 SW 9TH WAY
MEDINA, MISAEL (Voter ID number 118093597).
SALINAS, ROSA H. (Voter ID number 115434734).
MEDINA, RAUL (Voter ID number 119288500).

15328 SW 9TH WAY
CALDERIN, JUAN (Voter ID number 119220389).

15329 SW 8TH WAY
LOPEZ, CARLOS Moises (Voter ID number 110189592).
LOPEZ, WENDY Sublema (Voter ID number 110333000).

15330 SW 8TH WAY
VALLECILLO, SILVIA (Voter ID number 115204529).
GONZALEZ, REYNIER D. (Voter ID number 115306592).
SANTOS LEYVA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 114775438).

15331 SW 9TH WAY
PARRA, ERIC (Voter ID number 109975485).
SOTO, NORMA I. (Voter ID number 109975568).

15332 SW 9TH WAY
BONILLA, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 110070338).

15333 SW 11TH ST
VALLE, ELIZABETH C. (Voter ID number 107287183).

15334 SW 11TH ST
NUNEZ, DANIELA (Voter ID number 120393470).
NUNEZ, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 119939037).
NUNEZ, NIURKA (Voter ID number 115233573).
VALCARCE, NIURKA (Voter ID number 110333606).

15334 SW 8TH WAY
HERNA, MEGSYS C. (Voter ID number 109402220).
HERNA, STUART Joseph (Voter ID number 120456453).

15335 SW 9TH WAY
QUINTANA, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 109768839).

15336 SW 9TH WAY
RIVERA, GISELA (Voter ID number 114710950).
SANCHEZ, JASON Andrew (Voter ID number 116033270).
SOTOMAYOR, WALTER Daniel (Voter ID number 119060127).

15340 SW 10TH ST
CHIRINO, PEDRO A. (Voter ID number 120382840).

15341 SW 11TH ST
HERNANDEZ, LIZETTE (Voter ID number 109371988).
HERNANDEZ, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 109367181).

15342 SW 11TH ST
VILLANUEVA, AILIM (Voter ID number 119973990).
VILLANUEVA, LOISAM (Voter ID number 117417880).

15348 SW 10TH ST
MARTINEZ, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 109321932).
BERTEMATTI, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109521583).

15349 SW 11TH ST
DEL BUSTO, LESLIE M. (Voter ID number 115879429).
ST JOHN, MAGDA (Voter ID number 109781088).

15350 SW 11TH ST
VIDAURRETA, GABRIEL Antonio (Voter ID number 115270921).
JULIAN, ANDREW Christopher (Voter ID number 110149876).

15356 SW 10TH ST
LEIVA, JAVIER Enrique (Voter ID number 110298811).
LEIVA, MONICA C. (Voter ID number 109560365).

15357 SW 11TH ST
PINTADO, LOURDES (Voter ID number 115127368).

15358 SW 11TH ST
CASANOVA, GABRIEL Rene (Voter ID number 119770428).
LEYVA, MIRIMA (Voter ID number 118917749).
AVILES, CANDIDA R. (Voter ID number 115767250).
LEYVA, NOYSEL (Voter ID number 110148145).
QUIROS, SERGIO R. (Voter ID number 116285527).

15361 SW 8TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, GABRIEL M. (Voter ID number 119616442).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Jose (Voter ID number 109881550).
DE LA NOVAL, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109703061).

15362 SW 8TH LN
RAMIREZ, FRANCISCO R. (Voter ID number 119556732).

15363 SW 9TH WAY
DE IZAGUIRRE, DAVID Anthony (Voter ID number 117581181).
ZUBIZARRETA, SERGIO (Voter ID number 115278568).
ZUBIZARRETA, ANDRES Miguel (Voter ID number 120235680).

15364 SW 10TH ST
PEREZ, SARA Louise (Voter ID number 115479757).

15364 SW 9TH WAY
SOLIS, AMINELL (Voter ID number 118903271).

15365 SW 11TH ST
CARDENAS, NATALIE (Voter ID number 119273423).
CARDENAS, ELMER (Voter ID number 110093477).
CARDENAS, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 110088391).

15365 SW 12TH TER
FONTES, JULIENNE M. (Voter ID number 110201163).
RODRIGUEZ, ALEJANDRO Jose (Voter ID number 116501729).
RODRIGUEZ, EDUARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 116501756).

15365 SW 8TH LN
ALDANA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109922188).

15366 SW 11TH ST
PHAM, JOHN B. (Voter ID number 109858000).

15366 SW 8TH LN
RAVE, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 110028116).
BALLARALES, MARITZANELLY (Voter ID number 119473192).

15367 SW 9TH WAY
BERNAL, GERMAN (Voter ID number 118213768).
RIVERA, NORMA (Voter ID number 110175665).

15368 SW 9TH WAY
MARTINEZ, JOAQUIN A. (Voter ID number 109605580).
MARTINEZ, MAITE (Voter ID number 109485335).

15369 SW 8TH LN
BLANFORD, GLENN O. (Voter ID number 118100682).
BLANFORD, MILDREN Araly (Voter ID number 115294686).
CARDONA, JOSUE (Voter ID number 114825151).
MARTINEZ, DEBBY Ann (Voter ID number 109505121).

15370 SW 13TH TER
LLERENA, JANNINE Marie (Voter ID number 116284178).
ALONSO, MARIA (Voter ID number 109162669).
LLERENA, FRAMBERTO J. (Voter ID number 109568643).
CHAVEZ LLERENA, GRISEL (Voter ID number 116506252).

15371 SW 14TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MERCEDES Caridad (Voter ID number 109610506).

15371 SW 9TH WAY
DE PAZ-RINCON, MARIANA Jose (Voter ID number 120034634).
DE PAZ, GREGORIO J. (Voter ID number 110175225).
DE PAZ, MARIANA Josefina (Voter ID number 110325880).

15372 SW 10TH ST
VELAZQUEZ, ALEJANDRO L. (Voter ID number 114443193).

15372 SW 14TH ST
GARCIA, LETT E. (Voter ID number 109822242).

15373 SW 11TH ST
RICARDO, GRACIELA Salome (Voter ID number 110081882).

15373 SW 12TH TER
CURBELO, YOILYN (Voter ID number 116420571).
MUNGUIA, ELIAS S. (Voter ID number 110318759).

15373 SW 14TH LN
MARTIN, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 120490050).
MARTIN, JASMIN (Voter ID number 109877417).
MARTIN, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 110167377).
MELISSA, CHRISTINE Martin (Voter ID number 110248857).

15374 SW 11TH ST
ADDISON, JAIRO C. (Voter ID number 109691790).
ADDISON, LAUDE (Voter ID number 109907737).
LUNA, MIGUEL D. (Voter ID number 110113563).
TORRES, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109322691).

15374 SW 14TH LN
FAJARDO, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 119887972).
LEMBERT, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 116955879).
LUIS, ROCELIA (Voter ID number 109328787).

15375 SW 13TH TER
DOMINGUEZ, CARLOS Enrique (Voter ID number 109662026).
SOLAUN-DOMINGUEZ, HEIDI (Voter ID number 109963148).

15375 SW 15TH LN
MORALES, CHRISTOPHER S. (Voter ID number 118828837).
MORALES, MAGGIE (Voter ID number 109581318).
MORALES, VANESSA L. (Voter ID number 118118817).
PETITTI, CHARLES Sonny (Voter ID number 113042186).

15376 SW 13TH TER
GUZMAN, LAZARO Luis (Voter ID number 114109142).
GUZMAN, MILEYVIS (Voter ID number 114480622).

15376 SW 15TH LN
GONZALEZ, ISABEL (Voter ID number 110284846).
LOPEZ, MARIO (Voter ID number 109433951).

15376 SW 9TH WAY
RAMOS, CECILIA Maria (Voter ID number 110298143).
SPRINGER, STEVEN Allen (Voter ID number 110033732).

15377 SW 14TH ST
VALDES, JANETTE (Voter ID number 109290557).
VALDES, LOUIS Albert (Voter ID number 109300603).

15378 SW 14TH ST
MARTINEZ PENA, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109282773).

15379 SW 14TH LN
MARTIN, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109467622).
MARTIN, ROSA (Voter ID number 109804026).

15379 SW 9TH WAY
VELAZQUEZ, BENNY (Voter ID number 114424721).

15380 SW 10TH ST
COLON, JULIO Enrique (Voter ID number 109417862).
COLON, LISA Hanley (Voter ID number 109362983).

15380 SW 9TH WAY
POZO, JAIME Wilfrido (Voter ID number 102260535).

15381 SW 11TH ST
LOPEZ, VILMA (Voter ID number 119921899).
ORTIZ, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 114333109).

15381 SW 12TH TER
AVILES-SOLIVAN, ANGEL F. (Voter ID number 115912989).
RAMOS PEREZ, HILDA D. (Voter ID number 115784381).

15382 SW 12TH TER
CORP, MANUEL Alberto (Voter ID number 114691143).
CUETO-CORP, GRACIELLA (Voter ID number 109199901).

15382 SW 15TH LN
BIANCHI, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 109659158).
GARCIA, JACQUELINE Sofia (Voter ID number 110128671).

15383 SW 13TH TER
NUNEZ, EDUARDO Roberto (Voter ID number 110042125).
NUNEZ, JENIFER Marie (Voter ID number 110151309).

15383 SW 14TH ST
TOMAS, AYUBAN Antonio (Voter ID number 109757851).
TOMAS, YORDANKA Hernandez (Voter ID number 109884756).

15383 SW 9TH WAY
ALVARADO, FABIANA Patricia (Voter ID number 120102985).

15384 SW 14TH ST
RONDON BERRIOS, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 116743503).

15384 SW 9TH WAY
FLORES, DILIA (Voter ID number 119840171).
GARCIA, LAURA (Voter ID number 119840166).

15385 SW 14TH LN
KADOCH, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 109964231).
KADOCH, LILLIAM Maria (Voter ID number 115257236).

15386 SW 14TH LN
ECHEVARRIA, NELSON German (Voter ID number 109571330).
FERRERAS ECHEVARRIA, GRACE (Voter ID number 109587341).

15387 SW 15TH LN
CRUZ, CINDY (Voter ID number 118690036).
LLANOS, ALAN (Voter ID number 109929140).
PUEBLA LLANOS, DANAY (Voter ID number 109929086).

15388 SW 13TH TER
NONELL, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109931469).
NONELL, IRENE M. (Voter ID number 114107740).
NONELL, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 115241578).
SOTO, AURELIA M. (Voter ID number 116895113).

15389 SW 12TH TER
CAPON, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 119185147).
MARTINEZ, CHRISTINA Capon (Voter ID number 110205156).

15389 SW 14TH ST
BENCOMO, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109770474).

1539 SW 155TH CT
NOVAL, JULIA (Voter ID number 110272094).

15390 SW 12TH TER
NUNEZ, MERCY (Voter ID number 109905012).

15390 SW 14TH ST
RIAZ, MAHRUKH (Voter ID number 115336273).
RIAZ, AMMAD (Voter ID number 110153587).

15391 SW 13TH TER
HIPOLITO, GABRIEL Gattoni (Voter ID number 119881248).

15392 SW 14TH LN
NAVARRO, ANA L. (Voter ID number 118497436).
NAVARRO, HECTOR (Voter ID number 118499434).

15393 SW 15TH LN
CONDE, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 117393810).

15397 SW 12TH TER
LO MONACO, JESSICA M. (Voter ID number 102244278).
LO MONACO, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 115585553).

15399 SW 13TH TER
SANCHEZ, EDUARDO Fabian (Voter ID number 109450507).
SANCHEZ, LILIANA (Voter ID number 116629640).

1540 SW 152ND PL
CABRERA, GERALDINE (Voter ID number 117057047).

15402 SW 8TH LN
SALAZAR MOURE, HENRY Jose (Voter ID number 120194968).
SALAZAR-ESQUIVEL, NANCY M. (Voter ID number 116961791).
SANCHEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 120203591).
ESQUIVEL, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109835194).

15403 SW 9TH WAY
CORTES CORTES, JOSE (Voter ID number 116892714).
GIL, SONIA P. (Voter ID number 110205460).
APARICIO, MARIA Edith (Voter ID number 116303183).

15404 SW 9TH WAY
SCOTT, LUCAS Ali (Voter ID number 109717435).

15405 SW 8TH LN
CASTRO, VICTORIA L. (Voter ID number 110232071).

15406 SW 8TH LN
MAYORGA, FABIO E. (Voter ID number 109695861).
MAYORGA, NATALIA (Voter ID number 110322392).

15407 SW 9TH WAY
SANTOS, MARIA Carolina (Voter ID number 120014529).

15408 SW 9TH WAY
BALDA, KAREN (Voter ID number 120526980).

15409 SW 8TH LN
KRAMER, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 114436623).
MORALES, LEO (Voter ID number 109836409).

1541 SW 153RD PATH
ABREU, ESTEFANIA (Voter ID number 120216716).
ABREU, GERMAN (Voter ID number 116471398).
ABREU, GERMAN (Voter ID number 115834580).
AMDEDO, YAMIRA (Voter ID number 115840217).

15410 SW 10TH ST
OCHOA, ANTONIA (Voter ID number 109396254).
OCHOA, VICTOR Miguel (Voter ID number 109095518).
ZAYAS, VIVIANA (Voter ID number 110243204).

15411 SW 11TH TER
PAWLAK, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 116407135).
REYES, RUBEN (Voter ID number 109073192).
REYES, SONIA D. (Voter ID number 109858895).
ZEGARRA, ROBERTO J. (Voter ID number 114309889).

15411 SW 9TH WAY
PATINO, NICOLAS Andres (Voter ID number 114358691).

15413 SW 12TH TER
GONZALEZ, EDUARDO A. (Voter ID number 118733972).
GARCIA JIMENEZ, PILAR (Voter ID number 109344212).

15413 SW 8TH LN
ROCA, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 118970251).
URIBE, ELIZABETTE C. (Voter ID number 119573107).

15414 SW 8TH LN
TEJEIRO, HUMBERTO (Voter ID number 109408164).

15415 SW 9TH WAY
BLANCO, ARMANDO Jose (Voter ID number 109924148).

15420 SW 10TH ST
GARCIA, LAURA (Voter ID number 114600567).

15420 SW 8TH WAY
MENENDEZ, GRISELA (Voter ID number 115884446).

15421 SW 11TH TER
DIPPOLD, RACHEL (Voter ID number 116678804).
NILLO, RAUL C. (Voter ID number 109974265).

15421 SW 8TH LN
CARVAJAL, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 110296258).

15422 SW 11TH TER
ULLOA, VICTOR (Voter ID number 117032867).

15423 SW 12TH TER
GONZALEZ, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 109586690).
GONZALEZ, JORGE Agustin (Voter ID number 109763025).

15424 SW 9TH WAY
ANDURAY, RAUL Aurelio (Voter ID number 114588479).

15428 SW 9TH WAY
JARAMILLO, GUSTAVO Adolfo (Voter ID number 109809908).

15429 SW 8TH LN
FUMERO, DAVID Paul (Voter ID number 119296542).
FUMERO, PABLO (Voter ID number 114454473).
FUMERO, SORAYA (Voter ID number 110332851).
RODRIGUEZ, FELICIA (Voter ID number 109236587).
FUMERO, ISIS Soraya (Voter ID number 116180681).

15429 SW 9TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ANDRES J. (Voter ID number 119622367).
RODRIGUEZ, FABIAN Mauricio (Voter ID number 121048071).
SIERVO, DINO (Voter ID number 109521855).
AYON-SIERVO, MARCELA A. (Voter ID number 110147459).

15431 SW 11TH TER
ARGYRIS, ARTHUR Peter (Voter ID number 114568787).
ARGYRIS, DAMARIS S. (Voter ID number 114981527).
ARGYRIS, MICHAEL Alexander (Voter ID number 118005745).
KLOTZ, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 116957598).

15432 SW 11TH TER
MORENO, ULYSSES Cecil (Voter ID number 109558589).
CORONEL, XAVIER Eduardo (Voter ID number 109337406).

15432 SW 9TH WAY
PORTELA, JADERLIS (Voter ID number 121306487).

15433 SW 12TH TER
VALLINA-GARCIA, MARITHERY (Voter ID number 109418945).

15436 SW 8TH WAY
GALLARDO, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 116226939).
PALACIOS, GRACE (Voter ID number 116925718).

15437 SW 9TH TER
BUSTAMANTE DIAZ, YILIAN (Voter ID number 119230291).
CARUS, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 119230540).
CARUS, CARLOS Amilkar (Voter ID number 120452556).
DE LA FUENTE VINAS, ILEANA (Voter ID number 119230528).
LOPEZ, AGUSTIN M. (Voter ID number 119230495).

1544 SW 150TH AVE
HERNANDEZ, NICHOLAS A. (Voter ID number 118097216).
HERNANDEZ, VIVIAN I. (Voter ID number 109250325).
HERNANDEZ, NORBERTO J. (Voter ID number 116612498).

15441 SW 11TH TER
VIDES, YESSENIA Jazmin (Voter ID number 118949316).

15442 SW 11TH TER
MARTINEZ, ANA Lorena (Voter ID number 120819837).
MENDEZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 114575321).
MOLINA, ELIO Franklin (Voter ID number 109700736).

15443 SW 12TH TER
CHARDON, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109448447).

15445 SW 9TH TER
MARTINEZ, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 109807750).
MARTINEZ, YURIEN (Voter ID number 116228447).

15451 SW 11TH TER
CAMPOS, JORGE (Voter ID number 116360537).
ROMERO, WALTERIO (Voter ID number 116472262).

15452 SW 11TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, RUBEN S. (Voter ID number 109782219).

15453 SW 9TH TER
CONCEPCION, CHAVELI D. (Voter ID number 120902437).

15456 SW 9TH TER
COOPER, BRIAN Patrick (Voter ID number 117079869).

15457 SW 14TH ST
GISPERT, LAUREN Ashley (Voter ID number 121081116).
BERGQUIST, LISA (Voter ID number 116938537).
BERGQUIST, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 116938271).

15460 SW 10TH ST
MOJICA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110312478).
TARAZONA, MIREYA (Voter ID number 109912907).
TARAZONA, BRYAN A. (Voter ID number 116283835).

15460 SW 8TH WAY
DEL COLLADO, ANTOLIN (Voter ID number 109146826).

15461 SW 11TH TER
ROVIRA, JOSE Francisco (Voter ID number 110303652).

15461 SW 9TH TER
SALAZAR, GUIDO G. (Voter ID number 114429656).

15462 SW 11TH TER
RUIZ, CELIA Y. (Voter ID number 110236708).

15463 SW 12TH TER
MARTINEZ, RAUL (Voter ID number 109480423).
MARTINEZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 109496358).
MARTINEZ, SILVIA M. (Voter ID number 110229050).

15465 SW 13TH TER
PEREZ, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 118368253).
PEREZ, KIRENIA (Voter ID number 118365687).

15467 SW 14TH ST
LA RIVA, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 109295957).
LA RIVA, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 116064388).

15468 SW 8TH WAY
RAMOS, LUCILA Lazara (Voter ID number 109979292).
RIVERO, LUCILA (Voter ID number 109282176).

15470 SW 10TH ST
MICHEL, HELENE Marie Astride (Voter ID number 115604486).

15471 SW 11TH TER
BRITO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 116197571).
CARDENAS, ANTHONY B. (Voter ID number 119772228).
LOPEZ, MARILYN (Voter ID number 116906739).
PEREZ, MARCOS Felix (Voter ID number 115023699).

15472 SW 11TH TER
CARRERA, EDUARDO A. (Voter ID number 116039132).

15473 SW 12TH TER
ARAUJO, DILSY Elena (Voter ID number 114299967).
BENETT, GLADYS (Voter ID number 116794202).

15474 SW 12TH TER
MARTIN, MARLIN (Voter ID number 119173338).
BARCO, EVA T. (Voter ID number 110340903).
MARTIN, MARCEL (Voter ID number 115886428).
MARTIN, MARCELINO (Voter ID number 110019298).

15475 SW 13TH TER
CASTILLO, ANGELICA Maria (Voter ID number 119564240).
CASTILLO, FAUSTO P. (Voter ID number 110103159).
CASTILLO, MARIA (Voter ID number 115248103).
RODRIGIUEZ, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 116711345).

15477 SW 14TH ST
DE PAZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109545486).
DE PAZ, ROBERT Manuel (Voter ID number 109288524).

15480 SW 10TH ST
ORTIZ, ANABEL Caridad (Voter ID number 115395625).
ORTIZ, ERNESTO Antonio (Voter ID number 115577258).

15481 SW 11TH TER
LUGO, KAREN (Voter ID number 120607011).

15483 SW 12TH TER
MOTA, NATASHA (Voter ID number 119623274).
MOTA, GLENNYS Marisol (Voter ID number 109455129).
MOTA, RAFAEL De Jesus (Voter ID number 109216335).

15484 SW 12TH TER
COREA HERNANDEZ, ANDRE Antonio (Voter ID number 119649343).
HERNANDEZ-COREA, MIRELLA (Voter ID number 110311666).

15485 SW 13TH TER
PONTE, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 118365685).

15486 SW 13TH TER
SANHUEZA, RAUL Alberto (Voter ID number 117683872).
LUCERO, LUCIA C. (Voter ID number 116738670).
SANHUEZA, JUAN Alberto (Voter ID number 109163053).
SANHUEZA, MARIA Amparo (Voter ID number 110295453).

15487 SW 14TH ST
ALMEIDA, ANA A. (Voter ID number 109188125).
ALMEIDA, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109446892).

15492 SW 11TH TER
DEL SOL, CARLOS Bartolome (Voter ID number 109477571).

15493 SW 12TH TER
MIRANDA, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 120429709).

15494 SW 12TH TER
GUZMAN, TANIA (Voter ID number 109639066).
ESPINOSA, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 110291996).
ESPINOSA, ELIAS M. (Voter ID number 109638927).

15495 SW 13TH TER
CARRANZA, KATIA Ninoska (Voter ID number 109515240).
MENDEZ, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109208243).

15496 SW 13TH TER
QUINTERO, CARLOS Roman (Voter ID number 117580914).
CHANGIR, DAFNE (Voter ID number 110048072).
QUINTERO, TAMI K. (Voter ID number 110324557).
CAMEJO, HARVEY (Voter ID number 117081869).

1550 SW 149TH AVE
HERNANDEZ, BRIGITTE (Voter ID number 109314981).
HERNANDEZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109711501).
HERNANDEZ, RUBEN (Voter ID number 109616121).

1550 SW 154TH AVE
GONZALEZ, ARIANA T. (Voter ID number 119628038).
GONZALEZ, ARISTOTELES Bienvenido (Voter ID number 119850777).
REYES, ROCIO A. (Voter ID number 109997809).
MARTINEZ, ROCIO A. (Voter ID number 115234304).

15500 SW 12TH TER
FELIPE, ALEJO (Voter ID number 117471635).
BRITO, AYMEE C. (Voter ID number 116526745).

15501 SW 13TH TER
CORREDEIRA, GLEN (Voter ID number 109514800).
MEDINA, ROSALIND (Voter ID number 109264370).

15502 SW 13TH TER
URBINA, MICHELLE Renee (Voter ID number 109768982).

15503 SW 14TH ST
ARELLANO, ANA Eugenia (Voter ID number 119680763).
ARELLANO, CLAUDIO F. (Voter ID number 110072874).
ARELLANO, CYNTHIA C. (Voter ID number 119488965).
SEQUEIRA, LUCIA A. (Voter ID number 117603709).

15506 SW 9TH LN
PEREZ, OSWALDO (Voter ID number 119552071).
VILLALTA, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 116985771).

15507 SW 10TH ST
CEPERA, MONICA (Voter ID number 118473559).
AGUDELO, ANA Lucia (Voter ID number 110288151).

15508 SW 10TH ST
VINES, IDANIA (Voter ID number 109543472).

15509 SW 10TH LN
CADAVID, JEYMAN E. (Voter ID number 109697273).
CARDONA ALAMO, IDZA Vimari (Voter ID number 121018696).
MEDINA, YAFREISY Y. (Voter ID number 116510004).

1551 SW 149TH PL
SUAREZ, DAISY S. (Voter ID number 109902798).
SUAREZ, DANIEL W. (Voter ID number 109697626).
SUAREZ, LIONEL Victor (Voter ID number 109602263).
SUAREZ, WALTER Lionel (Voter ID number 109173733).

1551 SW 154TH CT
GONZALEZ, ELSA A. (Voter ID number 109545350).
GONZALEZ, RENE A. (Voter ID number 109545347).

15512 SW 15TH TER
NUNEZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 110166359).

15516 SW 12TH TER
SOCARRAS, YADIRA Yitsel (Voter ID number 114143967).

15517 SW 13TH TER
BOLT, CRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 109417928).
BOLT, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 110338741).

1552 SW 154TH CT
BURGOS-OTERO, KAREN Y. (Voter ID number 119569373).
MERCADO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110037488).
OTERO, CARMEN O. (Voter ID number 109347091).

15520 SW 9TH LN
LAGARDERA, LILIAN C. (Voter ID number 109981850).
LAGARDERA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 116478018).

15521 SW 10TH ST
ESCOBAR, PEDRO L. (Voter ID number 110128863).
ESCOBAR, SHIRLEY A. (Voter ID number 110128862).
ESCOBAR, ANISSA L. (Voter ID number 116285476).

15522 SW 8TH LN
CORDERO, MARY (Voter ID number 109954173).

15523 SW 9TH TER
LOPEZ, ARTURO (Voter ID number 116259064).
LOPEZ PEREZ, LISBET (Voter ID number 116650180).

15525 SW 15TH TER
STUART, LISA A. (Voter ID number 110269560).
STUART, MICHEAL O. (Voter ID number 110280341).

15526 SW 15TH TER
BADELL, CHARLES Evelio (Voter ID number 109722502).
BADELL, ELIZABETH Christine (Voter ID number 109463804).
LOPEZ, STEFANIE Rogers (Voter ID number 116719205).

15532 SW 12TH TER
MEZA, EFRAIN Alvaro (Voter ID number 119387365).

15534 SW 13TH TER
LOYOLA, DONNA (Voter ID number 118472234).

15534 SW 9TH LN
BRANDON, JEANNIE (Voter ID number 119212846).
FERNANDEZ, ANDRES Felipe (Voter ID number 120912408).

15535 SW 10TH ST
GARCIA, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109758493).

15535 SW 14TH ST
CRUZ, JOSE Ignacio (Voter ID number 115900410).
CRUZ, KARINA (Voter ID number 109273341).
CRUZ, LISETTE (Voter ID number 116685522).
LOPEZ, ANTHONY Y. (Voter ID number 120899982).
LOPEZ, EDWARD Yuste (Voter ID number 118405213).

15536 SW 10TH ST
GARCIA, RUBEN E. (Voter ID number 116024079).
GONZALEZ, ADALGISA (Voter ID number 115719002).
GONZALEZ, JUAN Rene (Voter ID number 110117778).

15537 SW 10TH LN
LOCKWOOD, JUSTIN Raymond (Voter ID number 116765688).

15541 SW 8TH LN
BILTRES, RAFAEL Damian (Voter ID number 109858373).
BILTRES, CARLA Janet (Voter ID number 109559084).

15542 SW 14TH ST
QUINTANA, REBECCA Marie (Voter ID number 116291550).

15542 SW 8TH LN
HAQUIA, RAMON (Voter ID number 109754231).

15543 SW 15TH TER
MONCADA, MARTA (Voter ID number 114289774).
RAMIREZ, JEFFREY (Voter ID number 119988545).
ANDERSON, GRETTA R. (Voter ID number 110136070).
HAMILTON, PAUL D Lindo (Voter ID number 109284219).

15544 SW 15TH TER
PALENZUELA, YAUMIRYS (Voter ID number 116419637).

15544 SW 9TH TER
PEREZ, CARMEN (Voter ID number 110266092).

15548 SW 12TH TER
HERBAS, CLAUDIA E. (Voter ID number 110153210).
LEVY, AGNIEZCHKA (Voter ID number 120375269).
LEVY, JESUS Noguera (Voter ID number 109930129).

15548 SW 9TH LN
MOLA, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 109845831).
MOLA, MILBIA (Voter ID number 109898549).
MOLA, MILBIA (Voter ID number 110228376).
LATA, MANUELA (Voter ID number 116244320).

15549 SW 10TH ST
NAPURI, CARLOS H. (Voter ID number 110341487).
NAPURI, JESSICA (Voter ID number 115890389).
NAPURI, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 114730130).
NAPURI, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 110341527).

15549 SW 13TH TER
DAVALOS, MARTHA C. (Voter ID number 116338638).
DAVALOS, ALEX A. (Voter ID number 109712277).
DAVALOS, OLGA G. (Voter ID number 109378428).
JARA, MARIA R. (Voter ID number 109671362).

15550 SW 13TH TER
SOLORZANO, YAMILETH De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 116198649).
SOLORZANO-AMADOR, CARLOS Luis (Voter ID number 118345496).
SOLORZANO, CARLOS L. (Voter ID number 118101138).

15551 SW 14TH ST
LARACUENTE, FERNANDO A. (Voter ID number 102410214).

15560 SW 14TH ST
FERNANDEZ, FLAVIA S. (Voter ID number 114323843).

15561 SW 15TH TER
GORECKI, GERALD Wayne (Voter ID number 109545302).
GORECKI, KASSANDRA Ashley (Voter ID number 115263810).
ACHON-GORECKI, LETICIA (Voter ID number 109619974).
GORECKI, JESSICA Fe (Voter ID number 110119256).

15561 SW 8TH LN
MARQUEZ CARRERO, ADALBERTO (Voter ID number 119101715).

15561 SW 9TH LN
ENCINOSA, GEORGE I. (Voter ID number 110255825).
ENCINOSA, GEORGE V. (Voter ID number 110253280).
LOPEZ-ENCINOSA, CANDIDA Maria (Voter ID number 110253271).

15562 SW 15TH TER
RECIO, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 117058483).
RODRIGUEZ, JORGELIN (Voter ID number 117078884).

15562 SW 8TH LN
CUESTA GALVIN, MELISSA (Voter ID number 110101982).
CUESTA, JAIME (Voter ID number 114503302).
CUESTA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 110145750).
CUESTA, MARTA S. (Voter ID number 109222770).

15562 SW 9TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, ARSENIO R. (Voter ID number 109193648).
RODRIGUEZ, SARA Mercedes (Voter ID number 108920571).

15563 SW 10TH ST
RIOS, SANDOR (Voter ID number 110238851).
RIOS, ADRIANA D. (Voter ID number 114248075).

15563 SW 9TH TER
JO, JOANNA (Voter ID number 110229530).
JO, MIRALIS (Voter ID number 109359083).

15564 SW 10TH ST
DELGADO, ADRIAN Jose (Voter ID number 120127827).
ADAMS, GERALD A. (Voter ID number 110230031).
VEGA, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 110279421).
VEGA, ANDREA (Voter ID number 117094130).

15564 SW 12TH TER
ESTOMEL, GISELLE (Voter ID number 113990767).
ESTORNEL, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 121270463).
ESTORNEL, MILTON Yvan (Voter ID number 114317404).
ESTORNEL, MIRIAM V. (Voter ID number 116117862).

15564 SW 9TH TER
PACHECO-GONZALEZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 116764197).

15565 SW 13TH TER
PEREZ MENES, LIZBET (Voter ID number 119977445).
VAZQUEZ, MIGUEL Enrique (Voter ID number 102378037).

15566 SW 13TH TER
ARAGON, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 114239631).
CARBALLO LOIS, LISSET (Voter ID number 119940413).

15567 SW 14TH ST
BETANCOURT, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 117858123).

15575 SW 9TH LN
NADAL VERGARA, OLGA Griselda (Voter ID number 109167763).
VERGARA, MARIO Ramon (Voter ID number 114742512).
VERGARA, RAMON Arnulfo (Voter ID number 109172832).

15576 SW 9TH LN
RUIZ, GILBERT Carlos (Voter ID number 109812965).
RUIZ, BETHANY (Voter ID number 115819238).
RUIZ, IBIS (Voter ID number 110168483).
RUIZ, GILBERT Frank (Voter ID number 116592131).

15577 SW 10TH ST
ARIOLA, AIMEE Mir (Voter ID number 115039642).
ARIOLA, FREDERIC M. (Voter ID number 112490581).

15578 SW 10TH ST
BOLLERMAN, KARI Lee (Voter ID number 118181777).
CADMAN, GAIL C. (Voter ID number 110220967).
GONZALEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109541379).

15579 SW 10TH LN
CAMPILLO, AXEL M. (Voter ID number 120395861).
ALMANZAR, ROSA Nilda (Voter ID number 109942248).
CAMPILLO, LUIS Manuel (Voter ID number 109644982).
CAMPILLO, ROSA N. (Voter ID number 109859801).

1558 SW 150TH AVE
TAPANES, GISELLE (Voter ID number 118459366).
TAPANES, MARIO (Voter ID number 109382931).

15580 SW 12TH TER
MONELL, TOMAS Enrrique (Voter ID number 110316917).
MONELL, NASTASHA Nicole (Voter ID number 114442542).
MONELL, OLGA Maria (Voter ID number 114533567).

15581 SW 13TH TER
MARDINI KARAJIAN, MARIA Natali (Voter ID number 119337698).

15581 SW 8TH LN
DE CABO, JOEL (Voter ID number 120254071).
PERDOMO, SONIA (Voter ID number 120135399).

15583 SW 14TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, DAYANA (Voter ID number 115237002).

15584 SW 9TH TER
GARCIA, VANESSA Paulina (Voter ID number 110122143).
REYNALDOS, LILIA Maria (Voter ID number 109804440).

15590 SW 12TH TER
MIRANDA SAMPOLL, GIANCARLO Zamir (Voter ID number 117297319).

1560 SW 150TH RD
RODRIGUEZ, HECTOR Adolfo (Voter ID number 109635077).

15600 SW 12TH TER
RIVERO, LEANDRO (Voter ID number 119665519).

15601 SW 13TH TER
CARRALERO, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 109949006).

15601 SW 8TH LN
OCHOA, OMAR (Voter ID number 109931315).
ORAMA, ALEYDA (Voter ID number 110241097).
ORAMA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109896332).
PEREZ, ROSA Iris (Voter ID number 109888564).

15602 SW 8TH LN
RIVERO, ORESTES (Voter ID number 119158326).

15603 SW 14TH ST
AGUIAR MOREIRA, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 119263052).
DELGADO LEE, MEYLIEN (Voter ID number 120429052).
LEE, DAISY De Lacaridad (Voter ID number 115990129).
SANTOS DELGADO, LAURA Esmeralda (Voter ID number 120413728).

15603 SW 9TH TER
LIZAMA, JOSE Andre (Voter ID number 119036939).
LIZAMA, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 117836911).

15604 SW 9TH TER
OROZ, DAMARYS (Voter ID number 109964317).
GRAVE DE PERALTA, RAMIRO Octavio (Voter ID number 109925364).

15605 SW 9TH LN
DELGADO, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 113942535).
DELGADO, UBANIA Isabel (Voter ID number 109800651).
LARA, VILMA (Voter ID number 109922544).
MATUTE, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109666789).

15606 SW 9TH LN
SOLANA, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109913607).
SOLANA, NICHOLAS Alexander (Voter ID number 115271649).
GIL-ARGUELLO, VANESSA (Voter ID number 109499264).
SOLANA, GABRIELLA M. (Voter ID number 114401701).

15607 SW 10TH ST
FERNANDEZ, LINDA (Voter ID number 109695547).
FERNANDEZ, ROLANDO A. (Voter ID number 109219949).

15608 SW 10TH ST
FERNANDEZ, MARILEN M. (Voter ID number 119000189).

15609 SW 10TH LN
ACEBO, ALBIO (Voter ID number 109733446).
BAYONA, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 109387990).

1561 SW 153RD PATH
ANGARITA, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 114730447).
MARTINEZ, AUGUSTO R. (Voter ID number 109951832).

15616 SW 12TH TER
OHARRIZ, DORELYS Buznego (Voter ID number 110105547).
OHARRIZ, OSMAY (Voter ID number 118859664).

15618 SW 13TH TER
URBINA, MANUEL Ulises (Voter ID number 120385991).
URBINA, ROBERTO Vicente (Voter ID number 119082695).
URBINA, XIOMARA D. (Voter ID number 120276350).

15619 SW 14TH ST
DEL VALLE, SAHARAI (Voter ID number 114681250).
GARCIA, JUSTO Jesus (Voter ID number 115687501).

15619 SW 15TH TER
LUIS, ESTELA Maria (Voter ID number 115867501).
LUIS-STEEGERS, MERCEDES E. (Voter ID number 115880286).
LUIS, ANGEL S. (Voter ID number 117304132).

15619 SW 9TH LN
GOMEZ, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 118109602).
GOMEZ, ROBERTO Antonio (Voter ID number 117054068).
GOMEZ, ROBERTO Jose (Voter ID number 114416550).
MAYORGA, IVANIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109858991).
GONZALEZ, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 116612088).

15620 SW 15TH TER
ECHEVERRY, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109942462).

15620 SW 9TH LN
MIRAMONTES, LUIS (Voter ID number 119250808).
LIMA, BELKIS (Voter ID number 115293658).

15621 SW 10TH ST
RAMPERSAD, PREMCHAN (Voter ID number 110305087).
RAMPERSAD, SAARAH (Voter ID number 115254358).
RAMPERSAD, SHAFFINA (Voter ID number 110303702).
RAMPERSAD, TARIQ (Voter ID number 114423800).

15623 SW 9TH TER
GUTIERREZ, MARCELO (Voter ID number 117526525).
LESTEIRO, AIDA M. (Voter ID number 119117007).

15624 SW 9TH TER
ARBOLEDA, MARTHA Elena (Voter ID number 109920220).
LOPEZ, JUAN David (Voter ID number 116035684).
LOPEZ, BRIANNA (Voter ID number 120497537).

15633 SW 13TH TER
RAMOS SALAZAR, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 116661496).

15633 SW 9TH LN
BLANCO, ULISES (Voter ID number 110317934).

15634 SW 13TH TER
MERCEDES, JASMIN (Voter ID number 118105438).
PEREZ, SILVIA (Voter ID number 109768235).

15634 SW 9TH LN
GOMEZ, DENNIS (Voter ID number 115755823).
GOMEZ, GRACE R. (Voter ID number 115427149).

15635 SW 10TH ST
OTANO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110073766).

15636 SW 10TH ST
PENA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110271986).
PENA, REGINA Caridad (Voter ID number 120397149).
SANCHEZ, ACACIA M. (Voter ID number 109964545).

15636 SW 14TH ST
CHAN, DIANA (Voter ID number 116641138).

15637 SW 10TH LN
BARRIOS, ERIK J. (Voter ID number 109818221).
BARRIOS, LORENA (Voter ID number 109814389).

15637 SW 15TH TER
PEREZ, IRMA Nunez (Voter ID number 110149675).

15638 SW 15TH TER
HERNANDEZ, JOEL Luis (Voter ID number 109497612).
HERNANDEZ, JOEL Luis (Voter ID number 110267002).
HERNANDEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109110632).

15644 SW 9TH TER
GARAT, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 110194748).

15647 SW 9TH LN
MARTINEZ, BELKIS (Voter ID number 109484111).

15649 SW 13TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 115719293).
RODRIGUEZ, YAMILET (Voter ID number 115719295).

15650 SW 10TH ST
COSTA, MATHIAS (Voter ID number 109368814).
GONZALEZ-COSTA, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109655309).

15650 SW 9TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, FRANK (Voter ID number 110294971).

15651 SW 10TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, ADOLFO Antonio (Voter ID number 110148573).
RODRIGUEZ, MAYLENE A. (Voter ID number 114470596).

15651 SW 14TH ST
MOTA CRESPO, ALIDA Maria (Voter ID number 115030212).

15656 SW 15TH TER
MORENO, ANA Gloria (Voter ID number 109712678).
RIOS, BRYANT K. (Voter ID number 110273257).

1566 SW 154TH AVE
CITTADINO, MELISSA Natalia (Voter ID number 117768634).

15661 SW 8TH LN
GOMEZ, DAMARYS (Voter ID number 119231478).
GOMEZ DEL ROSARIO, RAMIRO R. (Voter ID number 120277199).

15661 SW 9TH LN
LAVIN, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109608697).
LAVIN, EILEEN (Voter ID number 109397986).

15662 SW 8TH LN
NOBREGA, ALEXANDRA Lopez (Voter ID number 114402806).
LOPEZ-NOBREGA, ELAINE G. (Voter ID number 109945440).
NOBREGA, JOAO Carlos S (Voter ID number 109937806).
NOBREGA, JUAN CARLOS Lopez (Voter ID number 118981769).

15662 SW 9TH LN
CASTRO GARCIA, PEDRO L. (Voter ID number 120684136).
ESPINOSA COLL, LAZARA M. (Voter ID number 120684131).
CASTRO, VIVIAN M. (Voter ID number 116246783).
RAMOS, ERIK (Voter ID number 109723914).

15663 SW 10TH ST
DAVILA, WENDOLYN (Voter ID number 109823949).
PEREZ, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109388628).

15664 SW 10TH ST
HERNANDEZ, ANGELICA M. (Voter ID number 120068623).

15664 SW 12TH TER
HARMON, JAROD Darwin (Voter ID number 113994242).
JOHNSON, XIOMARA (Voter ID number 120401174).

15664 SW 9TH TER
GONZALEZ, CELIA (Voter ID number 109510944).

15665 SW 10TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 109538955).
RODRIGUEZ, ALINA M. (Voter ID number 109538957).

15666 SW 13TH TER
SARMIENTO, JULIO Lazaro (Voter ID number 120170137).

1567 SW 154TH CT
LOPEZ CASTRO, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 120193607).
RODRIGUEZ, JESUS David (Voter ID number 114100409).

1567 SW 155TH CT
HERNANDEZ OCHOA, ANA Y. (Voter ID number 109846183).
OCHOA, JASON F. (Voter ID number 109760573).
FERRER, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 115275362).
FERRER, LEONOR Maria (Voter ID number 109337463).

15673 SW 15TH TER
LOPEZ, CONRADO Luis (Voter ID number 109633488).
LOPEZ, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number 120915450).
LOPEZ, TERESA (Voter ID number 109544302).
PEREZ, CRUZ Maria (Voter ID number 109355463).

15674 SW 15TH TER
ORTIZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109298845).

15675 SW 9TH LN
MENDEZ, DRIODAN (Voter ID number 109858690).
MENDEZ, LAIZA Barbara (Voter ID number 110235989).

15676 SW 9TH LN
VALDIVIA, ALESIO (Voter ID number 109789681).
VALDIVIA, ETHEL S. (Voter ID number 114398349).

15677 SW 10TH ST
FERNANDEZ, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 109416550).
FERNANDEZ, BESSY (Voter ID number 109641839).

15678 SW 10TH ST
RUIZ, AIMET (Voter ID number 110338781).
RUIZ, LAIN (Voter ID number 110182528).

15679 SW 10TH LN
PUPO, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 115133065).
VALIDO, LEONEL (Voter ID number 109853067).

1568 SW 154TH CT
MENENDEZ, BARBARA Yoira (Voter ID number 117856137).

15680 SW 12TH TER
ENRIQUEZ, ALLISON Nicole (Voter ID number 121014619).
ENRIQUEZ, ELAINE (Voter ID number 109865907).
ENRIQUEZ, VIRGINIO E. (Voter ID number 109866248).

15681 SW 8TH LN
PARDO, YANET (Voter ID number 114380048).
PARDO, DAVERT (Voter ID number 109956670).

15682 SW 13TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, JESUEL (Voter ID number 116559471).

15683 SW 14TH ST
DOMINGUEZ, MARIELA (Voter ID number 116828570).

15684 SW 9TH TER
ALVARADO, MELISSA Sissley (Voter ID number 118902122).

1570 SW 149TH AVE
GARCIA, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 114609141).
HERNANDEZ, CONCEPCION R. (Voter ID number 114796382).

1570 SW 154TH PATH
LAMARSH, FLORA (Voter ID number 109721330).
MARTICORENA, MERCY Caridad (Voter ID number 110034302).

1571 SW 149TH PL
DEL CAMPO, CORAL (Voter ID number 110243749).
FIDALGO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109641806).

1571 SW 153RD PATH
FERNANDEZ, OSCAR (Voter ID number 109932282).

1572 SW 150TH AVE
CABEZA, ILIANA Margarita (Voter ID number 109521266).
PONVERT, MARGARITA C. (Voter ID number 109664816).

1574 SW 154TH AVE
LABRADOR, IDALMIS (Voter ID number 118554963).
MORALES, GEORGE (Voter ID number 116427004).

1576 SW 154TH CT
BEAUCHAMP, MERCEVA P. (Voter ID number 117552329).

1577 SW 154TH PATH
PEREZ, NILSA M. (Voter ID number 116419343).
LARA, JAVIER A. (Voter ID number 116284305).

1580 SW 150TH RD
NUNEZ, ERNESTINA A. (Voter ID number 110096918).
NUNEZ, MAYRA (Voter ID number 109828063).
NUNEZ, PEDRO Pablo (Voter ID number 109596918).
NUNEZ, PEDRO Pablo (Voter ID number 120329682).

1581 SW 155TH CT
GONZALEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109353747).
GONZALEZ, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109349731).

1586 SW 154TH AVE
CANAAN, YAMIL A. (Voter ID number 110005062).
ROSELLO, ELENA (Voter ID number 110277437).

1587 SW 154TH CT
MATADORF, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 120161319).
MATZDORF, SILVIA S. (Voter ID number 118097194).

1588 SW 154TH CT
PIMIENTA, ABILIO (Voter ID number 109284382).
PIMIENTA, CARIDAD T. (Voter ID number 109255338).
PIMIENTA, SASHA Lian (Voter ID number 109959668).

1589 SW 154TH PATH
LEON, AMADELYS (Voter ID number 116438324).
LEON, LAZARO (Voter ID number 116488441).

1590 SW 154TH PATH
MILANES, OLGA Lidia (Voter ID number 109733273).
SANDIN, ALAIN (Voter ID number 118296782).
MILANES, ANGEL E. (Voter ID number 109826805).

1594 SW 154TH AVE
ZERON, LEYBI (Voter ID number 116457853).
ZERON, RAUL Alberto (Voter ID number 110229067).

1595 SW 154TH CT
CERNA, EDWIN O. (Voter ID number 109965222).
CERNA, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 117404870).
GONGORA, MARIA Antonia (Voter ID number 117403445).
CERNA, MIRIELA (Voter ID number 109664941).

1596 SW 154TH CT
MORENO, ARLENE Diaz (Voter ID number 114983544).

1597 SW 154TH PATH
FONTANALS, NORA (Voter ID number 109661347).
FONTANALS, ROBERTO J. (Voter ID number 109661791).
FONTANALS, YESENIA (Voter ID number 109661216).

1598 SW 154TH PATH
RIVERO, GERARDO A. (Voter ID number 117562994).
LUNA, HERNAN M. (Voter ID number 117248108).

1600 SW 152ND PL
FERREIRA, PAULO (Voter ID number 120356400).
ESCANDELL, ILIANA (Voter ID number 109974278).
FERREIRA, PAULO (Voter ID number 109952764).

16500 SW 8TH ST
PINEDA, YENI C. (Voter ID number 109796647).
FUENTES, YENI (Voter ID number 117144849).

1660 SW 155TH CT
WALDEN, DANIEL Ellis (Voter ID number 109367059).

HINES, GREGORY Alexander (Voter ID number 109763398).

APT #3

BOEHME, WILLIAM Anthony (Voter ID number 113858720).


BERNAL, GILBERT Jesus (Voter ID number 110197157).


MARTELL, JUAN Francisco (Voter ID number 109358863).


DIAZ, LUIS Vicente (Voter ID number 110012441).

MALDONADO, JOE H. (Voter ID number 110093703).
MALLEY, THOMAS Lee (Voter ID number 109336757).
REUTER, ROBERT (Voter ID number 114600085).
WETHERILL, VIRNA L. (Voter ID number 110058740).


THOMPSON, WARREN L. (Voter ID number 102417388).

BUSTAMANTE, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 110066643).
DIAZ, SANDY C. (Voter ID number 109857228).

DURAN, ERICKA G. (Voter ID number 110044035).

BEAVER, IAN S. (Voter ID number 118434077).
ROCHA, KATHERYNE Janeth (Voter ID number 120612587).
BEAVER, JODI Gayle (Voter ID number 110089779).
SPHALER, JAMES Aldrich (Voter ID number 109595419).

DORVILLE, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 116560441).

FERNANDEZ, MELISSA (Voter ID number 110200144).
FERNANDEZ, MONICA J. (Voter ID number 115869627).

BRAKER, LUZ (Voter ID number 119699317).
BRAKER, ROBERT Carl (Voter ID number 109665135).

HUERTA, MARTHA A. (Voter ID number 110160181).

GARCIA, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 114600077).

PERKINS, ALONZO (Voter ID number 112151696).

QUINTERO, JORGE M. (Voter ID number 110326646).

24050 SW 8TH ST
HARMON, JAY Hudson (Voter ID number 110253316).
HARMON, VICTORIA Marie (Voter ID number 110102463).
JOHNSON, ROBERT Jerome (Voter ID number 115573823).
SERGENT, LILLIAN Muhleman (Voter ID number 114064566).

24050 SW 8TH ST
APT 25

HARMON, STEVEN Aldredge (Voter ID number 117127814).

25400 SW 8TH ST
BARLOW, BEVERLY Vananman (Voter ID number 109438910).

37790 SW 8TH ST
OSCEOLA, CASSANDRA S. (Voter ID number 109404654).
TIGLERTAIL, MAGGIE (Voter ID number 121339238).
BILLIE, CHARLIE J. (Voter ID number 117552239).
CANTU, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 118206104).
CYPRESS, HOUSTON R. (Voter ID number 103122428).
CYPRESS, KENNETH H. (Voter ID number 115106515).
HACKETT, WILLIAM Donald (Voter ID number 110096560).
LIOTTA, JAY (Voter ID number 119198421).
OSCEOLA, JENA Christine (Voter ID number 103117329).
OSCEOLA, SARAH N. (Voter ID number 116479580).
OSCEOLA, SAUNDRA Lory (Voter ID number 117117621).
SEIFENT, DANIEL R. (Voter ID number 114417932).
TIGER, DAVID (Voter ID number 115328085).
WEEKS, RAY T. (Voter ID number 109328456).
WILLIE, THERESA (Voter ID number 109692611).
WISEMAN, MARY M. (Voter ID number 110235526).

801 SW 153RD PATH
GARCIA, KRIZIA Noemi (Voter ID number 121271769).

809 SW 153RD PATH
BURGOS, FIORELLA Liliana (Voter ID number 110041642).

813 SW 153RD PATH
MIRANDA, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 109543303).

820 SW 154TH PATH
INFANTE, BARBARA Janet (Voter ID number 109498355).

821 SW 153RD PATH
LEANDRO, CECILIA Valentina (Voter ID number 120399244).
LEANDRO, CECILIA (Voter ID number 120398601).
TROCONIS, VICTOR R. (Voter ID number 109920798).

822 SW 148TH PL
ROSQUETE, MARILYN (Voter ID number 115599891).
ROSQUETE, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 116372094).

823 SW 154TH PATH
BORIMONOFF, LYNETTE (Voter ID number 110331994).
GORT, YVETTE (Voter ID number 109215977).

824 SW 154TH CT
MESA, ALMERIS (Voter ID number 114454186).

824 SW 154TH PATH
ANGULO, ABEL (Voter ID number 118148487).
BELLO, WENDY (Voter ID number 118148497).

826 SW 148TH PL
SANS, PABLO Andres (Voter ID number 119950453).
ORTIZ, PIEDAD Alexandra (Voter ID number 109395003).

827 SW 154TH PATH
ABADIE, IVAN A. (Voter ID number 109888627).
ABADIE, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 114641645).

828 SW 154TH CT
GUTIERREZ, GONZALO (Voter ID number 120255136).
LOPEZ, GLEN M. (Voter ID number 110203430).
LOPEZ, JOHN Glen (Voter ID number 114359984).
LOPEZ, YADIRA C. (Voter ID number 116354889).

828 SW 154TH PATH
MERCADO, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 117000738).

830 SW 148TH PL
PEREZ, GUADALUPE (Voter ID number 118378770).
PEREZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109571140).

831 SW 148TH PL
MERCADO, TANIA Xamayta (Voter ID number 110090189).

831 SW 154TH PATH
KESHWAR-TOALA, VASHTIE (Voter ID number 116924841).
TOALA, WILSON D. (Voter ID number 116987556).
LEON, ANNA C. (Voter ID number 115600562).

832 SW 154TH CT
CIFUENTES LONDONO, KEVIN (Voter ID number 120108609).
CIFUENTES, KAREN A. (Voter ID number 120875263).
CITUENTES, ALVARO (Voter ID number 118353744).

834 SW 148TH PL
AGUADO, ALEJANDRO F. (Voter ID number 115917568).
AGUADO, HECTOR A. (Voter ID number 115917538).
BORGES, NIEVES (Voter ID number 115917520).
PEREZ, ENRIQUE J. (Voter ID number 109279904).

835 SW 154TH PATH
URIARTE, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 110066652).
GARCIA, CAMILO (Voter ID number 114359032).
ZULUAGA, MARJORIE (Voter ID number 115587929).

836 SW 154TH CT
RODRIGUEZ RAMIREZ, GERMAN (Voter ID number 119611952).
BARBA, HECTOR (Voter ID number 109371481).

836 SW 154TH PATH
ALVAREZ, MIDIALA (Voter ID number 117154196).
RODRIGUEZ, GURIK David (Voter ID number 117156772).

837 SW 148TH PL
ROJAS, GLORIA Patricia (Voter ID number 109710866).

837 SW 149TH CT
PLATT, SHAUN Paul (Voter ID number 116305317).
PLATT, EDITH Hill (Voter ID number 109073914).

837 SW 153RD PATH
LEQUERICA, CARLA Andrea (Voter ID number 115808081).

838 SW 148TH PL
SANTAMARIA, KARINA (Voter ID number 116019782).

838 SW 151ST PL
REDONDO, DAHOMEY (Voter ID number 113967792).

840 SW 154TH CT
FERNANDEZ, LEONARDO Eugenio (Voter ID number 109100056).

840 SW 154TH PATH
NUNEZ, ALEJANDRO D. (Voter ID number 110289640).
NUNEZ, ANAIS M. (Voter ID number 110269696).
NUNEZ, CARLOS Jorge (Voter ID number 109102389).
NUNEZ, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 110270391).

841 SW 148TH PL
DIAZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 110165927).

841 SW 149TH CT
ZAPATA, MANUEL F. (Voter ID number 110140102).

841 SW 153RD PATH
CANALES, MARTHA Alicia (Voter ID number 116113188).
GUERRERO, ERICK Humberto (Voter ID number 120305032).
GUERRERO, AARON Erwin (Voter ID number 109984689).
GUERRERO, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 118830694).

842 SW 148TH PL
CARDET, NATALIE M. (Voter ID number 116414301).
WONTOR, NATALIE M. (Voter ID number 110033024).

842 SW 151ST PL
LEON, SALVADOR Maurilio (Voter ID number 109174305).

843 SW 154TH CT
GAUTHIER, RONALD Jean-Claude (Voter ID number 117522950).

843 SW 154TH PATH
ESCOBAR, LUIS (Voter ID number 109214424).
LANG, GLORIA Anna (Voter ID number 109902419).

844 SW 154TH CT
DIAZ, DAVID Orestes (Voter ID number 120319588).
SUAREZ, ODALYS (Voter ID number 120319549).

844 SW 154TH PATH
MAQUIEIRA, ESTEBAN A. (Voter ID number 119822590).

845 SW 148TH PL
BARREIRA, LOURDES (Voter ID number 110143592).

845 SW 149TH CT
BIGOTES, HUMBERTO Alfonso (Voter ID number 110001617).
BIGOTES, MAUREEN Patricia (Voter ID number 118817103).

845 SW 153RD PATH
AYALA, ORLANDO A. (Voter ID number 118084365).
RAMIREZ, ROLANDO A. (Voter ID number 109662544).

846 SW 148TH PL
HACHE, KARINNE D. (Voter ID number 114270705).
HACHE, RAYSA A. (Voter ID number 109874945).
GARCIA, MINERVA O. (Voter ID number 110245304).

846 SW 151ST PL
LEON, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109212048).

847 SW 154TH CT
CHICHIRICCO, MARIA Alba (Voter ID number 119407368).
PLANA, ALBERTO I. (Voter ID number 119407371).

848 SW 154TH PATH
CABRERA, CELIA M. (Voter ID number 109300438).
CABRERA, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109300455).

849 SW 148TH PL
PITA, ALBERTO E. (Voter ID number 109808570).

849 SW 149TH CT
SANCHEZ, CARIDAD H. (Voter ID number 109496312).
SANCHEZ, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 109231344).

850 SW 148TH PL
ABBOUD, MARCELA Carolina (Voter ID number 109754465).
ABBOUD, EDWARD William (Voter ID number 120884728).

851 SW 154TH PATH
DELGADO, CLAUDIA Maria (Voter ID number 119813717).
ESTEVEZ, DORIS M. (Voter ID number 119827161).

851 SW 154TH CT
GONZALEZ, ODALIS (Voter ID number 116882507).

851 SW 155TH CT
LEON, DANIELA (Voter ID number 121092815).
LEON, BORIS R. (Voter ID number 116406783).
NOGUEIRA, GLADYS T. (Voter ID number 116324098).

852 SW 154TH PATH
DIAZ, AMBAR (Voter ID number 116245999).
LARRINAGA, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 110224181).

853 SW 148TH PL
REYES, EDELMAN U. (Voter ID number 116419321).
HUSTA, BRYAN Christopher (Voter ID number 110131205).
OLIVERA, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109229176).

853 SW 149TH CT
PORRAS, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 119369950).

853 SW 153RD PATH
ROMERO, SONNIA (Voter ID number 120325690).

854 SW 151ST PL
RUMBAUT, RAMON Maximino (Voter ID number 121128592).
RODRIGUEZ, SANDRA (Voter ID number 116629853).
RUMBAUT, JOSE (Voter ID number 116569995).

854 SW 155TH CT
SOSA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109243196).
SOSA, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109308332).

855 SW 154TH PATH
LORENZO, SANDRA (Voter ID number 110247611).

855 SW 154TH CT
MOY NG, ELISA Y. (Voter ID number 116740130).

856 SW 154TH PATH
TRESPALACIOS, PABLO (Voter ID number 116653000).

857 SW 153RD PATH
CANO, ALEJANDRA M. (Voter ID number 119923098).
HENAO, JOHN Walter (Voter ID number 116052729).

858 SW 151ST PL
LANZAS, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 114443173).
ZEPEDA, ENGELDS (Voter ID number 116618506).

859 SW 154TH CT
BLANCO, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 119743450).
MONTERROSA, MATTHEW N. (Voter ID number 118090334).

859 SW 154TH PATH
AGUERO, KENT Orlando (Voter ID number 110313177).

859 SW 155TH CT
ORTEGA, ADRIANNA M. (Voter ID number 109981279).

860 SW 154TH PATH
MORALES, ADALGISA Barbara (Voter ID number 119915328).
MORILLO, ALEXANDRA Carolina (Voter ID number 119915380).
MORILLO, NEHEMIAS David (Voter ID number 119914086).

861 SW 149TH CT
RAMOS, LYMARIE (Voter ID number 114358911).

861 SW 153RD PATH
SIQUEIKA, SUZAN C. (Voter ID number 116669783).
PEREIRA, JOAQUIN C. (Voter ID number 116575077).

862 SW 151ST PL
CUEVAS-AFRICA, DEL Junior (Voter ID number 110233385).

865 SW 153RD PATH
BENCOMO, YULIET (Voter ID number 119528078).

866 SW 151ST PL
CARRASQUILLO, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 110333916).
ESCOBAR, YAIMA (Voter ID number 109798903).
URIONA ASHABOGLU, CINDY (Voter ID number 114249912).

867 SW 154TH CT
DAUVAL, JOSEFINA Ana (Voter ID number 108909672).

867 SW 154TH PATH
BORIMONOFF, CLAUDIO O. (Voter ID number 110323540).
GERADI, VALERIE (Voter ID number 114290127).
MOSQUERA, PATRICIO (Voter ID number 115872504).
MOSQUERA, SANTIAGO Daniel (Voter ID number 110325365).

867 SW 155TH CT
DOMINGUEZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 120465634).
CABAL, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109274433).

868 SW 154TH PATH
GOMEZ, ANA R. (Voter ID number 110067832).
GOMEZ, MAURICIO A. (Voter ID number 110056194).

869 SW 149TH CT
MORAN, CARLOS Alejandro (Voter ID number 118466864).

869 SW 153RD PATH
MORALES, LISSET (Voter ID number 117093395).

870 SW 151ST PL
GOMEZ, YAMILETH M. (Voter ID number 119849117).
GOMEZ, EDUARDO Enrique (Voter ID number 109727708).
GOMEZ, YAMILETH F. (Voter ID number 109992384).

871 SW 155TH CT
ATILES SOTO, MARIA (Voter ID number 117691063).
RODRIGUEZ RIOS, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 117691122).

872 SW 154TH PATH
AGARWAL, ARVIND (Voter ID number 120179598).
GODAVARTY, ANURADHA (Voter ID number 120179726).

873 SW 149TH CT
BOHORQUEZ, BORIX (Voter ID number 115234601).
BOHORQUEZ, BRYAN (Voter ID number 110303946).

873 SW 152ND CT
RODRIGUEZ, MARTHA E. (Voter ID number 109475555).

874 SW 151ST PL
MOLINA, IRVING J. (Voter ID number 110204470).
CUAREZMA-MOLINA, NORMA L. (Voter ID number 115699502).
MOLINA, IRVING N. (Voter ID number 116311834).
MOLINA, WENDY Maria (Voter ID number 116293409).

875 SW 155TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, MERCY Marie (Voter ID number 109569171).

876 SW 154TH PATH
RAMASWAMY, SHARAN (Voter ID number 121336407).

877 SW 149TH CT
ESQUIVEL, KARINA M. (Voter ID number 117708697).
ESQUIVEL, ROBERT (Voter ID number 110134226).

877 SW 153RD PATH
GUERRERO BASTIDAS, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 120569856).

878 SW 151ST PL
HILARES, JASON (Voter ID number 116880001).
HILARES, JORGE (Voter ID number 120393442).
HILARES, LISET Karina (Voter ID number 110198957).

879 SW 155TH CT
CAIAFFA, ALFONSO J. (Voter ID number 114405428).
UQUIZA, ALEX H. (Voter ID number 109368484).

880 SW 154TH PATH
DEIROS, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109246132).
POVEDA, NILDA Maria (Voter ID number 109347572).

880 SW 155TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, MARCOS M. (Voter ID number 118097142).
PINERO, TANIA M. (Voter ID number 117667508).

881 SW 149TH CT
CARRALERO, ANA Silvia (Voter ID number 119579836).
CARRALERO, PEDRO Gabriel (Voter ID number 109428222).

881 SW 153RD PATH
JACKSON, WENDY Lenora (Voter ID number 109254959).
BUTLER, DERON W. (Voter ID number 110164324).

882 SW 149TH CT
COLICHON, BRENDA S. (Voter ID number 110139215).
COLICHON, JOHNPAUL (Voter ID number 116427638).
COLICHON, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 109983937).
COLICHON, KRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 116545931).
SAYAN, LUIS Eduardo (Voter ID number 121191461).
GREEN, MELISA Teresa (Voter ID number 109469503).

882 SW 151ST PL
ZAVALA, RUBI (Voter ID number 118841494).
RODRIGUEZ, DANAY (Voter ID number 117275696).

882 SW 153RD CT
LAFONT, AILEEN (Voter ID number 109968957).
LAFONT, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 114309708).

884 SW 154TH PATH
ALVAREZ, BIENVENIDO F. (Voter ID number 110315096).

885 SW 152ND CT
LEON, ELSA (Voter ID number 116793883).

886 SW 149TH CT
FERNANDEZ-ESPADA, MELISSA (Voter ID number 120659838).

886 SW 151ST PL
MASSOUD, YANA (Voter ID number 118196424).
VALENZUELA, LUIS Eduardo (Voter ID number 118190903).

886 SW 153RD CT
GALLEGOS, ALBERTO H. (Voter ID number 110268798).
GALLEGOS, NORA B. (Voter ID number 110268276).

888 SW 154TH PATH
ALVAREZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 120536831).
CASTRO, PASCUAL (Voter ID number 116570051).
HOLLOBAUGH, LILIANA (Voter ID number 120545544).

889 SW 151ST PL
MALDONADO, MONICA (Voter ID number 119854731).
PACHION, JULIO (Voter ID number 118066318).
PACHON, DIANA (Voter ID number 119993030).
PACHON, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 117911903).

890 SW 149TH CT
FERNANDEZ, ALEJANDRO Xavier (Voter ID number 109887966).
FERNANDEZ, AILEEN (Voter ID number 109775755).

890 SW 151ST PL
JARQUE, ELANOR Gabriela (Voter ID number 120371749).
JARQUE, GALADRIEL Vannesa (Voter ID number 119545652).
JARQUE, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 120293797).

891 SW 152ND CT
TRETO, MARLYS (Voter ID number 121128857).
LOPEZ, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 110318722).

893 SW 151ST PL
DOMENECH, MAYDA (Voter ID number 116306757).

894 SW 149TH CT
ESTRADA, JAIME Yenzer (Voter ID number 120624315).
PALMA, EVER I. (Voter ID number 110340413).

894 SW 151ST PL
VEGA, CLAUDIA Adriana (Voter ID number 117566491).
GOMEZ, JIMMY J. (Voter ID number 116281795).
VEGA, SOPHYA (Voter ID number 116283079).

894 SW 153RD CT
RAMOS, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 116961887).

894 SW 154TH PATH
MORALES, BELKIS Caridad (Voter ID number 116578427).
MORALES, AMADO De Jesus (Voter ID number 116663784).
MORALES, DANAY (Voter ID number 116663284).

897 SW 149TH CT
LAVERDE, EDUARDO E. (Voter ID number 115695378).
LAVERDE, EDUARDO R. (Voter ID number 116384955).
LAVERDE, NELLY R. (Voter ID number 117487253).
LOPEZ SANTOS, LETICIA J. (Voter ID number 120153592).

897 SW 151ST PL
HURST, JOSEAMID (Voter ID number 119115583).
HURST, NANCY I. (Voter ID number 118503093).
LOPEZ DE SAGREDO MORELL, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 118497300).

897 SW 152ND CT
HO, LOAN My Thi (Voter ID number 121064407).
LE, HONG (Voter ID number 121059389).
MASANGKAY, LINH Thi My (Voter ID number 117845744).

898 SW 149TH CT
CRUZ, DANNY De Jesus (Voter ID number 109769006).
CRUZ, DANIA Altagracia (Voter ID number 109450943).
CRUZ, DANIEL T. (Voter ID number 110019893).
CRUZ, ELSIE Elena (Voter ID number 109447164).
CRUZ, YVETTE (Voter ID number 109540380).

898 SW 151ST PL
CAMARGO, RAMIRO (Voter ID number 110149249).

898 SW 153RD CT
CABRERA, KATTIE (Voter ID number 114359128).
FELIZ, MINERVA C. (Voter ID number 109704209).
CABRERA, MINDY (Voter ID number 116292476).

898 SW 154TH PATH
CAMINERO, LINETTE (Voter ID number 120020541).
FERNANDEZ, DENNIS (Voter ID number 115145665).

901 SW 147TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 116927198).

901 SW 149TH CT
MENENDEZ, ARELYS (Voter ID number 114409606).
MENENDEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 109335412).

901 SW 152ND CT
BERNAL, GERARDO De Jesus (Voter ID number 118618730).
BERNAL, GLEIDYS Maria (Voter ID number 116282351).

901 SW 153RD PATH
AGUILAR, MAURICIO (Voter ID number 109809782).
AGUILAR, PAULA C. (Voter ID number 114737143).

902 SW 151ST PL
DUARTE, SUNIRDA D. (Voter ID number 119959498).
PEREZ, LUIS Manuel (Voter ID number 109983630).
SILVA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 116178687).

902 SW 153RD CT
CHERSIA, CARLOS (Voter ID number 118254557).

904 SW 155TH CT
GARCIA, JANY (Voter ID number 109583358).
GARCIA, JAVIER Arnaldo (Voter ID number 110263721).

905 SW 149TH CT
LOPEZ, LAYRETTE Margarita (Voter ID number 110039563).
VEGA RAMOS, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 115471447).

905 SW 151ST PL
PEREZ, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 115198745).
GOMEZ, MAXIMO E. (Voter ID number 109237178).
GOMEZ, OLGA M. (Voter ID number 109231978).
PEREZ, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 109814184).

905 SW 153RD PATH
GOMEZ, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 116903046).

906 SW 149TH CT
ALBAN NIETO, GERSON (Voter ID number 119043538).
OLAECHEA, ANTONIO E. (Voter ID number 109643525).
OLAECHEA, LILETH (Voter ID number 117796091).

906 SW 151ST PL
HERRERA, SAM (Voter ID number 114402476).
HERRERA, YOCELYNE (Voter ID number 119942117).

906 SW 153RD CT
FONSECA, NEREIDA (Voter ID number 110220610).
ORTA, VICTOR (Voter ID number 109997591).

907 SW 148TH PL
CARDENTEY, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 120055824).

907 SW 152ND CT
HERNANDEZ, MARISELA (Voter ID number 121313826).

907 SW 155TH CT
BILLIE, ERICKA T. (Voter ID number 121336302).

908 SW 154TH PATH
RIOS, CATHEYA Ines (Voter ID number 110112234).
RIVERA ROSS, INES (Voter ID number 109716539).
ROSS, INES Rivera (Voter ID number 114433492).

908 SW 155TH CT
GUIMBARD QUINTEROS, ANA Wilma (Voter ID number 109778224).

909 SW 147TH CT
BRIZUELA, LOURDES Rosa (Voter ID number 109899821).
ROJAS, ANA Lourdes (Voter ID number 109547134).

909 SW 149TH CT
GOMEZ, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 116711135).

909 SW 151ST PL
FERNANDEZ, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 119859835).
CASAS, ISABEL Maria (Voter ID number 119977350).

909 SW 153RD PATH
MARQUEZ, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 120744274).
MARQUEZ, PEDRO Manuel (Voter ID number 109677656).

910 SW 148TH PL
ROJAS, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 110186835).
ROJAS, YOAN (Voter ID number 116250765).

910 SW 151ST PL
HERNANDEZ, EDWIN D. (Voter ID number 110215390).
ROMERO, MARIA S. (Voter ID number 109251421).
ROMERO, REINALDO Antonio (Voter ID number 119895373).

911 SW 148TH PL
APONTE, KAREN (Voter ID number 115802981).
DIPTEE, LYNN Kelsey (Voter ID number 114835070).

913 SW 151ST PL
FUSTER, OLGA Beatriz (Voter ID number 110042121).
MOLINA, EDGAR Rene (Voter ID number 110004659).
MOLINA, GIANCARLO (Voter ID number 115612180).

913 SW 153RD PATH
DURAN, ANA M. (Voter ID number 114646197).
DUSSAN, MILCIADES (Voter ID number 110003794).

914 SW 148TH PL
VELAZQUEZ, AVELINA (Voter ID number 109583724).
VELAZQUEZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109772736).

914 SW 151ST PL
FELIX, EDWARD (Voter ID number 110009724).
FELIX, MARIBEL A. (Voter ID number 110104816).

914 SW 153RD CT
ALLONCE LAFONTANT, YOLETTE (Voter ID number 115664601).
GUIDA, ANA C. (Voter ID number 109242135).
GUIDA, ANA C. (Voter ID number 110243962).

915 SW 155TH CT
SANCHEZ, KATIA (Voter ID number 118918069).
SANCHEZ, ROBERTO E. (Voter ID number 110261682).

916 SW 155TH CT
BUTLER, NATHANIEL Renndell (Voter ID number 121240336).
CORTES, WILMA Del Rosario (Voter ID number 110167902).
HERNANDEZ, ZACHERY (Voter ID number 120077494).
LOPEZ, ANA (Voter ID number 110133737).

917 SW 147TH CT
CARRODEGUAS, ROGELIO (Voter ID number 116414338).

917 SW 149TH CT
BRITO, INELA (Voter ID number 109362909).

917 SW 153RD PATH
CAMPODONICO, GIULIANA E. (Voter ID number 110001377).
MEDEROS, BEN A. (Voter ID number 109543832).

918 SW 148TH PL
GOMEZ, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 114424876).

918 SW 151ST PL
CARDENAS, KEVIN A. (Voter ID number 119736152).
CARDENAS, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 110304987).
DE BECHE, ANTONIO Gerardo (Voter ID number 109191493).

919 SW 148TH PL
ALVAREZ, LAZARO Agustin (Voter ID number 109963155).
PASTRANA, NELSON (Voter ID number 109732681).

919 SW 155TH CT
GONZALEZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110264209).
RIESGO, ELISA (Voter ID number 110262565).

920 SW 154TH PATH
GAMA-LIMA, GUILHERME (Voter ID number 110291263).
GAMA-LIMA, HELOISA Rosseto (Voter ID number 120902520).

921 SW 149TH CT
ARELLANO, CARLOS Hender (Voter ID number 119443762).
ARELLANO, CARLOS Hender (Voter ID number 121132672).
HERNANDEZ, MARTHA Johanna (Voter ID number 119443742).
HERNANDEZ, PAOLA Sofia (Voter ID number 120828567).
MATA, FRANCISCO Javier (Voter ID number 119754862).

921 SW 153RD PATH
LANDA, GLENN Michael (Voter ID number 114359255).

922 SW 148TH PL
GONZALEZ, JUAN Guillermo (Voter ID number 121336438).
GONZALEZ, JULIAN (Voter ID number 121333874).

923 SW 155TH CT
FLORES, BEIDA (Voter ID number 110058957).
LASA, ASUNCION (Voter ID number 109809397).
LLAURO, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 109344414).

924 SW 153RD CT
DIAZ, JAVIER A. (Voter ID number 120327837).
DIAZ, JAVIER A. (Voter ID number 120327872).
MIRABAL, ALICIA (Voter ID number 120327891).

924 SW 154TH PATH
SARKARATI, HAMID (Voter ID number 101981588).
SARKARATI, SYLVIA Maria (Voter ID number 109503353).

925 SW 147TH CT
DUARTE, MARVIN Keneth (Voter ID number 109854536).

925 SW 151ST PL
SANDINO, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 116774994).

925 SW 152ND CT
PEREZ, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 113996953).

925 SW 153RD PATH
BRAVO, JULIO F. (Voter ID number 110102914).
BRAVO, LETICIA F. (Voter ID number 110102915).

926 SW 147TH CT
POU, GLORIA M. (Voter ID number 109199444).

926 SW 148TH PL
PEREZ, EDUARDO Santiago (Voter ID number 110128449).

926 SW 149TH CT
PEREIRA, ANGELICA M. (Voter ID number 120353887).

926 SW 151ST PL
RICO, MARIAREGLA De La Luz (Voter ID number 117442582).

927 SW 155TH CT
CASANOVA, RUTH Y. (Voter ID number 110046572).

928 SW 153RD CT
MEDRANO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110233843).
MEDRANO, HAMID Jesus (Voter ID number 109405988).
VINA, ANABEL (Voter ID number 109720443).

928 SW 154TH PATH
CARDENAL SAAVEDRA, KARLA Clarissa (Voter ID number 109672626).
SAAVEDRA, JAIME (Voter ID number 110187188).

929 SW 147TH CT
PARADELA, MARTHA G. (Voter ID number 115353528).
SANDOVAL, NOEL E. (Voter ID number 109649544).

929 SW 149TH CT
GONZALEZ, MELQUIADES (Voter ID number 109898754).

930 SW 147TH CT
SALAS, GLADYS Nelsy (Voter ID number 109943923).
SUTHERLAND, WAYNE A. (Voter ID number 110001254).

930 SW 148TH PL
RODRIGUEZ, KARINA Zoraida (Voter ID number 110328541).
RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL Francisco (Voter ID number 110324764).

930 SW 149TH CT
SAENZ, ESPY (Voter ID number 120292807).

930 SW 151ST PL
PEREZ, DENNIS (Voter ID number 118314871).
PEREZ, MAGDALENA (Voter ID number 115286734).

931 SW 148TH PL
NEGREIRA, LOURDES Maria (Voter ID number 109266863).
GRANADA, JASON (Voter ID number 114213515).

931 SW 152ND CT
VARGAS, DANIEL Andrew (Voter ID number 109483655).
VARGAS, JENNIFER Patricia (Voter ID number 109534956).

931 SW 155TH CT
MENDIBLE, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 119114200).
MENDIBLE, RAFAEL Antonio (Voter ID number 110258666).
MENDIBLE, SARA E. (Voter ID number 117118790).

932 SW 153RD CT
RODRIGUEZ, SONIA (Voter ID number 109358603).
CONDE, RENEE (Voter ID number 104324223).
MARIN, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 110269117).

932 SW 154TH PATH
BELLO, ROGELIO A. (Voter ID number 110254819).
CABANAS, AIDELIN (Voter ID number 110012763).

933 SW 149TH CT
GONZALEZ, GUSTAVO Elier (Voter ID number 117569639).
GONZALEZ, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 116925970).
GONZALEZ, MARLEN (Voter ID number 120622774).

933 SW 151ST PL
OSSA SANTA, JORGE Ivan (Voter ID number 117772086).
SANTA, TERESA (Voter ID number 118903263).

933 SW 154TH CT
CASARIEGO, STEPHANIE Morales (Voter ID number 110160275).
CASARIEGO, CHRISTOPHER D. (Voter ID number 102061399).

934 SW 147TH CT
NOGUERAS, MARY Jeane (Voter ID number 109271591).

934 SW 149TH CT
MOHAR, JOSE Adalberto (Voter ID number 114529644).

934 SW 151ST PL
FRANCO, PABLO F. (Voter ID number 117031875).

935 SW 154TH PATH
CABEZAS, LIDELBA E. (Voter ID number 109680014).
CABEZAS, MANUEL S. (Voter ID number 109926398).

935 SW 155TH CT
MAESTREY, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 114022612).

936 SW 154TH PATH
DA COSTA, CLUTILDER (Voter ID number 109919395).

937 SW 147TH CT
CALDERA, LAURA Ivonne (Voter ID number 110142826).

937 SW 148TH PL
POSADA, JOSE I. (Voter ID number 115204432).
POSADA, JULIAN Alejandro (Voter ID number 121308244).

937 SW 149TH CT
ALVAREZ, MARIA Caridad (Voter ID number 115034033).
CHACON, LUIS (Voter ID number 109903155).

937 SW 151ST PL
MARTI, BRANDON M. (Voter ID number 116298950).

937 SW 153RD PATH
HENNEGAN, SUSAN Marie (Voter ID number 109772170).

937 SW 154TH CT
RIVAS, SERGIO (Voter ID number 115429042).

938 SW 147TH CT
PERERA, YILLIAM (Voter ID number 114652549).
PERERA, AUGUSTO (Voter ID number 116338573).

938 SW 149TH CT
BOTERO, EMILCE (Voter ID number 119645621).
CADAVID, MARIA Y. (Voter ID number 119637625).
ZULUAGA, JORGE E. (Voter ID number 119637619).
ZULUAGA, MARIANA (Voter ID number 119645628).

938 SW 151ST PL
PEREZ-GOMEZ, EVELYN Carolina (Voter ID number 120996603).
GOMEZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 110131490).

939 SW 151ST PL
TANGUTURI, VEERARAGHAVA Rao (Voter ID number 119111754).

939 SW 155TH CT
SANCHEZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 117580830).
SANCHEZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 109410573).
SANCHEZ, MAIRA (Voter ID number 109410576).

940 SW 153RD CT
RODRIGUEZ, NATALIA (Voter ID number 117535318).

940 SW 154TH PATH
LAZO, DANIEL C. (Voter ID number 115920189).

941 SW 147TH CT
CLEVES, FERNANDO Ricardo (Voter ID number 117199936).
CLEVES, ANA (Voter ID number 116043379).
CLEVES, DIANA M. (Voter ID number 110303460).
CLEVES, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109807291).
CLEVES, SUSANA (Voter ID number 110309385).

941 SW 148TH PL
PARRA, DONNY (Voter ID number 109904928).

941 SW 149TH CT
GONZALEZ-LAUZAN, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109085943).

941 SW 151ST PL
CUEVAS, MARTA (Voter ID number 109581580).

941 SW 153RD PATH
HERNANDEZ, ALINA (Voter ID number 109338243).
HERNANDEZ, DANIA O. (Voter ID number 116630592).
OHALLORANS, DAVID (Voter ID number 118829396).

941 SW 154TH CT
WONG RODRIGUEZ, LIDIA Rosa (Voter ID number 121166307).

942 SW 147TH CT
RUIZ, JAIME (Voter ID number 109950240).
RUIZ, DIANA M. (Voter ID number 116294223).

942 SW 149TH CT
CASTRO, NUBIA (Voter ID number 109803463).
PEREIRA, DAVID (Voter ID number 117562998).

942 SW 151ST PL
ADAPA, VANISRI (Voter ID number 120075412).
EATHAKOTTI, RAVI (Voter ID number 120723955).
GIL, ALEXANDER Paul (Voter ID number 115868152).

943 SW 155TH CT
MASTROVITO, MARY E. (Voter ID number 110302400).

945 SW 147TH AVE
PASTOR, ALTAGRACIA J. (Voter ID number 109972153).

945 SW 147TH CT
MORALES, MARIA Rivas (Voter ID number 109204408).

945 SW 151ST PL
DEBASA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109972755).

945 SW 153RD PATH
BARRANCO, ARNALDO E. (Voter ID number 109583582).
BARRANCO, CARMEN R. (Voter ID number 109581497).
BARRANCO, GLENA Rosa (Voter ID number 109348170).
BARRANCO, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109583562).

945 SW 154TH CT
BELTRAN SUREDA, MAGDA E. (Voter ID number 120979173).
COLOME, RAIZA (Voter ID number 120930343).
MACHADO PRIETO, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 120981617).
MACHADO, LUIS M. (Voter ID number 116722318).

946 SW 147TH CT
FUNDORA, AYMEE Emma (Voter ID number 109435009).
VALDES, ADELARDO Felix (Voter ID number 109270193).

946 SW 148TH PL
EXCLUSA, ANAIS Maria (Voter ID number 110196597).
EXCLUSA, HECTOR Raul (Voter ID number 109196506).
EXCLUSA, MIRIAM C. (Voter ID number 109773015).

946 SW 153RD CT
ESPINOZA, DUSENKA (Voter ID number 110204329).

947 SW 154TH PATH
GARCIA, RITA D. (Voter ID number 114795332).

947 SW 155TH CT
ESLAIT, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 118014281).
ESLAIT, SERGIO M. (Voter ID number 119796453).
ESLAIT, SERGIO (Voter ID number 118014259).

949 SW 147TH CT
MC COMB, CHRISTOPHER C. (Voter ID number 110338236).

949 SW 152ND CT
ASTORQUIZA, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 109948897).
LU, YINGYAN (Voter ID number 117113103).

949 SW 153RD PATH
JOHNSON, FELIX (Voter ID number 118458058).
HUEZO, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 117705394).
IZCANO, DORA E. (Voter ID number 117673489).

949 SW 154TH CT
ESLATT, DIANA M. (Voter ID number 117533244).

950 SW 147TH CT
DE ROLAS, NELIA M. (Voter ID number 116018011).
ROJAS, RAUL A. (Voter ID number 102274732).
ROJAS, RENE A. (Voter ID number 116018015).

950 SW 148TH PL
JARQUIN, CARLOS Julio (Voter ID number 116218263).
GARCIA, MAIBER (Voter ID number 116469795).

950 SW 151ST PL
LOPEZ, ENIX (Voter ID number 115728202).
LOPEZ, PABLO E. (Voter ID number 115728216).

952 SW 154TH PATH
ARIAS, JOHNNY Alberto (Voter ID number 109583389).
ARIAS, JONELL (Voter ID number 114701565).
ARIAS, JUANA M. (Voter ID number 109949119).
ARINS, NONE (Voter ID number 116344604).

953 SW 147TH CT
MARIN, YAMILE (Voter ID number 116421244).
VILLAMARIN, RODRIGO (Voter ID number 109872867).
DOUGLAS-MAJORS, CURTIS Ray (Voter ID number 110260600).

953 SW 148TH PL
RODRIGUEZ, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 110169297).

953 SW 149TH CT
MOLINA, MARTHA L. (Voter ID number 118503428).

953 SW 153RD PATH
ABRAHAM, SARITA P. (Voter ID number 120141824).
ABRAHAN, HECTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 110312838).

953 SW 154TH CT
LUIS, BRIGIDA Caridad (Voter ID number 120537468).
RODRIGUEZ, IVAN Alejandro (Voter ID number 120050520).
HERNANDEZ, OMAIDA (Voter ID number 114606351).
HERNANDEZ, PABLO (Voter ID number 117145514).

954 SW 147TH CT
GOMEZ, ALEXANDRA J. (Voter ID number 110020258).
BIGAM, SUSAN (Voter ID number 102032145).

954 SW 151ST PL
BAUTISTA, FEDERICO (Voter ID number 110257323).
BAUTISTA, ABELARDO (Voter ID number 117079391).

954 SW 153RD CT
REINHART, JASON Edward (Voter ID number 119313576).
REINHART, MARIA Angelica (Voter ID number 117107065).

955 SW 152ND CT
BUSBEE, DONALD Eugene (Voter ID number 106043039).

956 SW 148TH PL
PESTONIT, YARNELLE (Voter ID number 109584862).

957 SW 147TH CT
CABRERA, MARGARITA D. (Voter ID number 117639957).
GIL, MICHAELANGELO (Voter ID number 120902955).

957 SW 153RD PATH
LOPEZ, ELIANA (Voter ID number 120053945).

957 SW 154TH CT
WILLIAMS, ANDRIA Lynn (Voter ID number 109576346).
GARCIA, CARLOS Ignacio (Voter ID number 109582398).

958 SW 147TH CT
SANCHEZ FUENTES, KEYSHIA Amarylis (Voter ID number 115283660).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109708285).

958 SW 149TH CT
ALVAREZ, ANGEL B. (Voter ID number 109426696).
ALVAREZ, DIANA Oliva (Voter ID number 110293996).

958 SW 151ST PL
BERNHARDT, SYLVIA R. (Voter ID number 110309867).
BERNHARDT-RODRIGUEZ, TERI A. (Voter ID number 109015422).

961 SW 149TH CT
QUIAN, LUIS (Voter ID number 117974206).

961 SW 151ST PL
PUELLO, OSWALDO Enrique (Voter ID number 109651006).

961 SW 152ND CT
CABEZA, FELIPE De Jesus (Voter ID number 118403624).

961 SW 154TH CT
CALDERON, SERGIO (Voter ID number 110221806).
CALDERON, SERGIO (Voter ID number 118903265).
PEREA, RAIZA J Soler (Voter ID number 109481995).

962 SW 149TH CT
BEZANILLA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109321480).

962 SW 153RD CT
DAVALOS, GINGSEN (Voter ID number 118369072).
NUNEZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 118055552).

962 SW 154TH CT
AVILA, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 116987906).

964 SW 148TH PL
GOMEZ, VANESSA Isabel (Voter ID number 120841346).

964 SW 154TH PATH
PEREZ, LUZ Marina (Voter ID number 110250472).
PEREZ, PATRICIA C. (Voter ID number 109321151).
PULGARIN, MARTHA L. (Voter ID number 116431093).

965 SW 147TH CT
GUTIERREZ, ANGEL Rodolfo (Voter ID number 120411087).
MUNOZ, LUZ Amanda (Voter ID number 109924849).

965 SW 148TH PL
SINCLAIRE, HELEN Carleen (Voter ID number 117419424).

965 SW 149TH CT
MONTOYA, ABELARDO (Voter ID number 110116430).
MONTOYA, KELLY J. (Voter ID number 115278400).
MONTOYA, STEVEN (Voter ID number 120882545).
GUNDOG, ADIGUZEL (Voter ID number 115297209).

965 SW 151ST PL
MATA, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 118823669).

965 SW 153RD PATH
ALVARADO, VANESSA Rebeca (Voter ID number 109757048).
ALVARADO, CELEIDA (Voter ID number 109552619).
ALVARADO, XAVIER Moises (Voter ID number 110204344).

966 SW 147TH CT
FERRO, ADOLFO (Voter ID number 109018639).
PEREZ MESTRE, MELISSA (Voter ID number 117694583).

966 SW 149TH CT
FUMERO, CARMEN Carina (Voter ID number 109310433).

966 SW 151ST PL
ALBUERME, ANGELO Jose (Voter ID number 117056089).
VELASCO ALBUERME, SHEILA Carmen (Voter ID number 118782886).
VELASCO, SHEILA C. (Voter ID number 110149353).

966 SW 153RD CT
GUEVARA, JOSIE Lorena (Voter ID number 118654299).

966 SW 154TH CT
NUNEZ-CORREA, ARTURO C. (Voter ID number 115273794).
ROCA-NUNEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 115734154).

967 SW 152ND CT
NUNEZ, ANA (Voter ID number 109562472).
NUNEZ, ARIANA (Voter ID number 116838321).
NUNEZ, ERIC (Voter ID number 116169537).

967 SW 154TH PATH
GRANA, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 109595195).

968 SW 148TH PL
ESCASENA, NICHOLAS Dustin (Voter ID number 116795042).
FONTE, LAZARO J. (Voter ID number 116300079).

968 SW 154TH PATH
CONSUEGRA, AURA Esther (Voter ID number 119299766).

969 SW 149TH CT
ALVAREZ, AMANDA De Jesus (Voter ID number 118029385).

969 SW 151ST PL
GARCIA, ELDA M. (Voter ID number 119610935).
GARCIA, JAIME I. (Voter ID number 119610917).

970 SW 147TH CT
ALFONSO, ROSENDO E. (Voter ID number 121077338).
ALONSO, SARLEY (Voter ID number 120771577).

970 SW 149TH CT
SAKS, KATHERYN (Voter ID number 117569396).

970 SW 151ST PL
FUNG, MIGUEL C. (Voter ID number 120397015).
YU, LAI Nor (Voter ID number 120382803).
FUNG, SAMANTHA P. (Voter ID number 120191753).

970 SW 153RD CT
CEVALLOS, MARCO A. (Voter ID number 121348028).
CEVALLOS, PAULINA S. (Voter ID number 116797136).

971 SW 154TH PATH
GRIFFIN, JAMES Todd (Voter ID number 115816383).
WILRYCX, ANA L. (Voter ID number 114925283).

972 SW 148TH PL
CABRERA, MICHELLE Marie (Voter ID number 119929355).
RODRIGUEZ, AUGUSTO Roman (Voter ID number 108951831).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE Augusto (Voter ID number 109483337).

972 SW 154TH PATH
PEREZ, DARLIN (Voter ID number 115770277).

973 SW 147TH CT
GARST, CLAUDIA P. (Voter ID number 109564482).
GARST, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number 110127553).

973 SW 149TH CT
MUNOZ, PETER (Voter ID number 110222735).

973 SW 151ST PL
RODRIGUEZ, CAROLINE G. (Voter ID number 110042817).
RODRIGUEZ, PAUL Q. (Voter ID number 109141583).

973 SW 152ND CT
ANJUM, IRAM Q. (Voter ID number 120063957).
ANJUM, NAVEED (Voter ID number 110015623).
COELHO, JUSTIN Michael (Voter ID number 115425560).

973 SW 153RD PATH
MARTINEZ, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109458722).

974 SW 149TH CT
RUIZ, JAMES Clark (Voter ID number 118874682).

974 SW 151ST PL
VALDES, IBET (Voter ID number 117022405).

974 SW 153RD CT
MANSILLA DERQUI, ANTONIO Martin (Voter ID number 109895927).
CASTILLO, JOSUE A. (Voter ID number 115251350).
MANSILLA DERQUI, XIOMARA V. (Voter ID number 115017203).

974 SW 154TH CT
PITA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 114366008).
PITA, DAVID Louis (Voter ID number 110124248).
PITA, FLORENTINO (Voter ID number 109210687).
PITA, LEONOR (Voter ID number 110133725).

975 SW 154TH PATH
BECERRA, MARIA DEL PILAR (Voter ID number 116282581).

976 SW 148TH PL
AGUILAR, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109402644).
AGUILAR, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 118829132).
AGUILAR, CLAUDIA M. (Voter ID number 109977510).

976 SW 154TH PATH
BALBUENA, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 119479282).

977 SW 149TH CT
CASTANO, JANET (Voter ID number 109398092).
CASTANO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109533428).
CASTANO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 115906784).

977 SW 153RD PATH
ROQUETA, GABRIEL John (Voter ID number 109768233).

978 SW 149TH CT
CURVELO, JESUS Alberto (Voter ID number 118518904).
RACEDO, JAIME Andres (Voter ID number 118830255).
RACEDO, JAIME (Voter ID number 110146302).
CUERVO, ANA Barbara (Voter ID number 109183795).
CURVELO, ESTHER M. (Voter ID number 109997724).

978 SW 154TH CT
ORTIZ, ERNESTO Amadeo (Voter ID number 109644175).
ORTIZ, NURY Mercedes (Voter ID number 109777405).

979 SW 154TH PATH
MATHEU-MORALES, ESTRELLA (Voter ID number 117802455).
MORALES-MATHEU, LIS (Voter ID number 117802453).

981 SW 147TH CT
BRAVO, DIANA Del Socorro (Voter ID number 116592442).
BRAVO, CHRISTIAN J. (Voter ID number 116282486).

981 SW 149TH CT
BRAVO, RONALD Javier (Voter ID number 121015996).
MALGERI, VINCENT Paul (Voter ID number 110011985).

982 SW 149TH CT
TELLEZ, ILIANA Rosa (Voter ID number 109299057).
TELLEZ, RAIMUNDO C. (Voter ID number 114597582).

982 SW 154TH CT
ABREU, BRIAN (Voter ID number 116379906).
CEDENO ROJAS, CELINA M. (Voter ID number 119346266).

983 SW 154TH PATH
GONGORA, TERESA L. (Voter ID number 119808605).

984 SW 154TH PATH
MORALES, ISMENIA (Voter ID number 109372762).

985 SW 149TH CT
RIVERA, RAMON (Voter ID number 120202205).

985 SW 152ND CT
SANDERS, LOURDES Alfaras (Voter ID number 109799403).

986 SW 154TH CT
LOPEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 116018971).
LOPEZ, SONIA E. (Voter ID number 116018965).

987 SW 154TH PATH
CORZO, LUIS (Voter ID number 117667585).

988 SW 154TH PATH
RAMIREZ, LERIDA (Voter ID number 109493948).

989 SW 147TH CT
GONZALEZ, EINER (Voter ID number 110182534).
VEGA, JORGE Pedro (Voter ID number 117053428).
VEGA, ANA Dalia (Voter ID number 120499561).

989 SW 149TH CT
QUINONES, CARLOS (Voter ID number 110054081).
QUINONES, KRISTINA Maria (Voter ID number 112993839).

990 SW 154TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 117001113).
RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 115851426).

991 SW 154TH PATH
MARTIN, ROSA (Voter ID number 110340586).
MARTIN, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109027880).

992 SW 154TH PATH
CASTILLO, ANGELA (Voter ID number 109900677).

993 SW 149TH CT
CORDOVA-CAMACHO, ANGELA Marie (Voter ID number 109763529).

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