Registered voters in ZIP Code 33183
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11750 MILLS DR
APT 312

DUKES, KENNETH Ray (Voter ID number 110289844).

11750 SW 80TH ST
RIVERA, LOUIS (Voter ID number 110054390).

11800 SW 80TH ST
APT 111

ESCOBAR, NATALIA Andrea (Voter ID number 120045657).

11800 SW 80TH ST
APT 116

CASTRELLO, RACHEL Gloria (Voter ID number 109911291).

11800 SW 80TH ST
CASTELLA, RALPH (Voter ID number 109090265).
CORTES, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 109641674).
GABINO, AMANDA N. (Voter ID number 110292605).

11800 SW 80TH ST
APT 115

GOMEZ, SANDRA (Voter ID number 116516701).

11800 SW 80TH ST
UNIT 115

GOMEZ, PHILLIP (Voter ID number 109762775).

11810 SW 80TH ST
FACEY, GARY D. (Voter ID number 120513732).
MARTINEZ, LIGIA Esther (Voter ID number 115059964).

11810 SW 80TH ST
APT 216

POTES, JUAN CARLOS (Voter ID number 115221449).
SABBAGH, NELSON (Voter ID number 109045366).

11810 SW 80TH ST
APT 218

BLANDINO, ANA Marcia (Voter ID number 114205538).

11810 SW 80TH ST
APT 227

MEDINA DE NUNEZ, ANA A. (Voter ID number 119735680).

11810 SW 80TH ST
UNIT 227

PINEDA, MELTON (Voter ID number 117211352).

11810 SW 80TH ST
DEL CASTILLO, HECTOR A. (Voter ID number 109136994).
DEL CASTILLO, RITA M. (Voter ID number 109080263).
DIAZ, MIRNA Isabel (Voter ID number 109076247).
GALGUERA, TONY (Voter ID number 109041212).
HYMAN, ANGELA (Voter ID number 109901628).
SANSOLO, ALAN I. (Voter ID number 109806708).
SANTINI, PATRIA Minerva (Voter ID number 109876081).

11810 SW 80TH ST
APT 218

BLANDINO, ADOLFO J. (Voter ID number 109871288).

11810 SW 80TH ST
APT 227

MEDINA, JENNY (Voter ID number 109806701).

11810 SW 80TH ST
UNIT #222

PEREZ, EDITH Maria (Voter ID number 109449247).

11818 SW 78TH TER
CONLY, DEBRA (Voter ID number 115901585).
DE PALO, GARY Martin (Voter ID number 109076232).

11819 SW 78TH TER
MC KEEGAN, RITA (Voter ID number 110195481).
MCKEEGAN, THOMAS (Voter ID number 110195469).
TAYLOR, BRIAN W. (Voter ID number 115719258).
TAYLOR, DENISE (Voter ID number 115719703).
TAYLOR, LORNE S. (Voter ID number 117465421).

11820 SW 77TH TER
DORER, DAVID Harwood (Voter ID number 109151473).
DORER, DEXTER S. (Voter ID number 116296227).
DORER, VALERIE H. (Voter ID number 116295265).

11820 SW 80TH ST
CASTRO, MIGUEL F. (Voter ID number 115773378).
PEREZ, WESLEY (Voter ID number 116817543).
PEREZ, YENDRIS M. (Voter ID number 117290123).

11820 SW 80TH ST
APT 315

CIFUENTES, MELBA Maria (Voter ID number 116690710).

11820 SW 80TH ST
APT 317

MAYORGA, NATHALIE B. (Voter ID number 110109960).

11820 SW 80TH ST
UNIT 316

HURSEY, MARIA Erlinda (Voter ID number 113953136).

11820 SW 80TH ST
DE MOSS, AMY C. (Voter ID number 110071241).
MAYORGA, BEATRIZ E. (Voter ID number 110052741).
MAYORGA, CYNTHIA D. (Voter ID number 115274336).
MAYORGA, DARIO M. (Voter ID number 109741825).
MOLE, ERIKA Jacqueline (Voter ID number 109912761).
ROJAS, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109538478).
ROJAS, VILMA (Voter ID number 109322571).
SOLIS, OSCAR Mauricio (Voter ID number 110290074).
TASSLER, NORMA Carol (Voter ID number 109063808).

11820 SW 80TH ST
APT 315

MARTINEZ, LORENA Socorro (Voter ID number 115534806).

11820 SW 80TH ST
APT 319

BARUWA, OLABISI Abebi (Voter ID number 115569369).

11821 SW 77TH TER
SAMPSON, JEFFREY Marshall (Voter ID number 115395418).
SPANHEIMER, WILL EARL E. (Voter ID number 115518691).

11822 SW 78TH TER
VENTURA, NICHOLAS G. (Voter ID number 109070097).
WEISS, MAUDE Bari (Voter ID number 109070051).

11823 SW 78TH TER
CREMATA, RAUL (Voter ID number 109215543).
LEONE, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 109976179).
VALDES-CRUZ, LOURDES (Voter ID number 108961806).

11824 SW 79TH TER
SLAWSON, BRIAN Scott (Voter ID number 110202869).
SLAWSON, CALVIN Eugene (Voter ID number 108943223).
SLAWSON, JOANNE L. (Voter ID number 109166266).
SLAWSON, JOSHUA S. (Voter ID number 115274556).
SLAWSON, MIKE Kevin (Voter ID number 109373156).

11825 SW 77TH TER
FRAGA, JORGE Daniel (Voter ID number 109529735).
FRAGA, ROCHELLE Cristina (Voter ID number 109472430).

11826 SW 78TH TER
MONTENEGRO, ALINA Aurora (Voter ID number 109128675).

11827 SW 78TH TER
SPINELLI, CAROL B. (Voter ID number 109022150).
SPINELLI, FRANK Joseph (Voter ID number 109014560).

11828 SW 77TH TER
RODRIQUEZ BOWER, ALICIA Esther (Voter ID number 109914924).

11829 SW 77TH TER
PIEDRA, FRANCISCO Jose (Voter ID number 108986710).
PIEDRA, TANYA Graham (Voter ID number 109577199).

11830 SW 80TH ST
VALLIN, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 119724367).

11830 SW 80TH ST
APT 417

CORZO, SERGIO Darian (Voter ID number 119368124).
URRUTIA, MARIA Cristina (Voter ID number 120944690).

11830 SW 80TH ST
BRIERRE, JEAN-CLAUDE (Voter ID number 109477346).
CISNEROS, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 110001493).
FIGUEROA, RONALD (Voter ID number 109797128).
GONZALEZ, LOURDES Gianina (Voter ID number 109951477).
GRAHAM, JOYCE Anne (Voter ID number 108975262).
GRAHAM, PAUL Emit (Voter ID number 109621630).
HUEZO, ELSA Estela (Voter ID number 109504002).

11830 SW 80TH ST
APT 411

BRODSKY, MARK Harold (Voter ID number 109262982).
SALAZAR, ARMANDO Claudio (Voter ID number 109154243).

11830 SW 80TH ST
APT 413

CISNEROS, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 109789726).

11830 SW 80TH ST
APT 415

VALLIN, ESPERANZA (Voter ID number 117369982).

11830 SW 80TH ST
UNIT #427

BARATA, ADRIANA M. (Voter ID number 109670695).

11835 SW 79TH TER
CERGE, JOELLE Marie (Voter ID number 109429508).

11836 SW 79TH TER
FORTUNE, GWENDOLYN J. (Voter ID number 109061472).

11839 SW 79TH TER
DAVIS, PENNY A. (Voter ID number 119627456).
O'KEEFE, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 119442530).
MILLER, SHERRILYN Marie (Voter ID number 109041107).
MILLER, WILLIAM Jarrett (Voter ID number 109041392).

11840 SW 79TH TER
FARMER, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number 116737435).
FARMER, ANA Cecilia (Voter ID number 109736174).

11840 SW 80TH ST
APT 514

MARTINEZ, ANDRES E. (Voter ID number 117584829).

11840 SW 80TH ST
ESCOTO, ANA L. (Voter ID number 114990567).
ESCOTO, OTTO Javier (Voter ID number 109144081).
LERNER, BLANCHE B. (Voter ID number 109284759).
MONTOTO, BERTA (Voter ID number 108934599).
MONTOTO, NILO Julian (Voter ID number 108934598).
NUNEZ, DEISY (Voter ID number 110279097).
OEHM, NICHOLAS Joseph (Voter ID number 109551825).
PAZ, ALINA Maria (Voter ID number 109443368).
PEREZ, LEISLA L. (Voter ID number 109586047).
PEREZ, LUIS R. (Voter ID number 109594598).
RAMIREZ-DELGADO, JORGE (Voter ID number 115149532).
REGALADO, GLADYS Maria (Voter ID number 109245069).
THOMAS, J Carlos (Voter ID number 109432715).
CASTELLANOS, KEVIN (Voter ID number 114502522).

11842 SW 81ST ST
MAYOR, DELIA (Voter ID number 117871145).

11850 SW 64TH ST
NYE, DAVID E. (Voter ID number 117974627).
REYES, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 109845097).

11850 SW 79TH TER
GUZMAN VASQUEZ, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 115982772).

11850 SW 79TH LN
VASQUEZ, LAURA Cristina (Voter ID number 114531900).

11851 SW 80TH TER
NAZZARO SALDIVIA, TONY (Voter ID number 120300166).

11856 SW 79TH LN
TORRES, MANUEL Berrand (Voter ID number 110276296).

11859 SW 80TH ST
NAZZARO, VIOLETA C. (Voter ID number 120295167).

11868 SW 80TH TER
MARTINEZ, NELSON (Voter ID number 109113769).
MARTINEZ, NOELIA G. (Voter ID number 109113770).

11869 SW 81ST ST
DANG, TRANG T. (Voter ID number 109875193).
TRAN, MINH (Voter ID number 117180314).

11870 SW 81ST ST
GONZALEZ, JORGE Agustin (Voter ID number 109636266).

11875 SW 80TH TER
LARIN PARKER, JOSE D. (Voter ID number 119731922).
QUIROGA, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 117804462).

11878 SW 81ST ST
MILLER, JAMES Leon (Voter ID number 114012771).
MILLER, JULIE Ann (Voter ID number 114012782).

11879 SW 72ND TER
RODRIGUEZ, AILEEN (Voter ID number 109560176).
RODRIGUEZ, RAYMOND Edward (Voter ID number 109539091).

11883 SW 80TH TER
CHALELA, ABRAHAM J. (Voter ID number 120150161).

11884 SW 80TH TER
FONTANEAU, JEAN-CLAUDE (Voter ID number 109647508).

11885 SW 81ST ST
FLOREZ, VICTOR (Voter ID number 110323679).
GARCIA, AMALFI (Voter ID number 110079203).
GARCIA, JORGE (Voter ID number 109676619).

11886 SW 73RD TER
SAKHRANI, MANOHAR (Voter ID number 120407731).
SAKHRANI, RAKSHA (Voter ID number 120409045).
SAKHRANI, KANCHAN (Voter ID number 109926579).
SAKHRANI, DINESH D. (Voter ID number 116844873).

11886 SW 81ST ST
JORDAN, MARIA Victoria (Voter ID number 110306321).
JORDAN, SERGIO Luis (Voter ID number 109954550).
PUJOL, JACQUELINE Victoria (Voter ID number 120376110).

11887 SW 73RD TER
BUNNELL, SEAN P. (Voter ID number 117513099).
BUNNELL, FREDERICK Daniel (Voter ID number 109153260).
BUNNELL, KAREN Anne (Voter ID number 109192793).

11888 SW 72ND TER
ACOSTA, ALEXANDER Gerard (Voter ID number 120707412).
ACOSTA, ELINA Beatriz (Voter ID number 109231884).
ACOSTA, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 115659440).
ACOSTA, MICHAEL Brian (Voter ID number 109206883).
GRANDA, ASTRID (Voter ID number 109475296).
GRANDA, JOSE (Voter ID number 109475297).

11889 SW 72ND TER
HUEMBES, MARIANNE Fernandez (Voter ID number 109584727).
HUEMBES, HORACIO Carlos (Voter ID number 109679707).

11889 SW 74TH TER
BRANA, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109375530).
DUQUE, LILIANA Maria (Voter ID number 110311659).

11891 SW 80TH TER
REY, ADELA (Voter ID number 109524669).
REY, ARMANDO Agustin (Voter ID number 109317209).
REY, ARMANDO Agustin (Voter ID number 114024435).
REY, MARISABEL (Voter ID number 110197210).
REY, ANDRES Francisco (Voter ID number 116292401).

11896 SW 73RD TER
GONZALEZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 120442411).
GONZALEZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109261312).
GONZALEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109283641).

11897 SW 73RD TER
AGUAD, ARESKI (Voter ID number 116949351).
AGUAD, MICHAEL Ian (Voter ID number 119917342).
AGUAD, ANTHONY David (Voter ID number 115023622).
AGUAD, MAUREEN (Voter ID number 109661558).
LORET-DE-MOLA, STELLA Maria (Voter ID number 109663066).

11898 SW 72ND TER
GANDARILLA, NICOLE (Voter ID number 120391950).
GANDARILLA, GRACIELA (Voter ID number 109443850).
GANDARILLA, RENE Ruben (Voter ID number 109251998).
GANDARILLA, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 114668114).

11898 SW 74TH TER
GARCIA, CARMEN V. (Voter ID number 109126191).
GARCIA, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109013331).
GARCIA, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 110085242).

11898 SW 75TH ST
NIETO, ANNA G. (Voter ID number 109851266).

11899 SW 74TH TER
SOUTHBY, NICOLE M. (Voter ID number 120386142).
SOUTHBY, JOHN (Voter ID number 116437313).

11899 SW 75TH ST
FLEITAS, HERMENEGILDA Eva (Voter ID number 109628948).
SANTIAGO, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 118378270).
SANTIAGO, MAYRA (Voter ID number 109359075).

11901 SW 64TH ST
CASTELLON, HECTOR D. (Voter ID number 110260740).
FUENMAYOR, ALBERTO J. (Voter ID number 110299983).

11901 SW 78TH TER
LARRUBIA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 116968914).
LARRUBIA, ILEANA Maria (Voter ID number 109279704).

11902 SW 77TH TER
ALBERNI, CRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 109281216).
BABUN MATOS, MARIA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109162292).

11903 SW 77TH TER
DADLANI, NAMRATA Deepak (Voter ID number 110079370).
DADLANI, DEEPAK (Voter ID number 109888322).
DADLANI, NEETA (Voter ID number 109884445).

11905 SW 78TH TER
NUNEZ, JENNIFER Maria (Voter ID number 110012246).

11906 SW 77TH TER
FULFORD, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 109242921).
VAN DER REYDEN, JOHANNES Cornelis (Voter ID number 109987557).

11906 SW 78TH TER
KARSH, ELLEN Storob G (Voter ID number 109071546).

11909 SW 78TH TER
NUNEZ, ZAIDA Maria (Voter ID number 110096514).

11910 SW 77TH TER
KOHN-CYBULKIEWICZ, CINDY (Voter ID number 119813204).
CYBULKIEWICZ-KOHN, ETY (Voter ID number 109819945).
KOHN, EDGAR (Voter ID number 109600472).
CYBULKIEWICZ, JOSEFINA De La Rosa (Voter ID number 116840023).
KOHN CYBULKIEWICZ, JACOB (Voter ID number 117172295).

11910 SW 78TH TER
SWANSON, JOANNE E. (Voter ID number 109712757).
SWANSON, LANA Roberts (Voter ID number 109047916).
WALTON, CHARLES Henry (Voter ID number 108971767).

11911 SW 77TH TER
TEDESCO, DEBORAH Friend (Voter ID number 109242897).
TEDESCO, GREGORY Scott (Voter ID number 109564616).

11911 SW 79TH TER
MC LEAN, GARY Alonzo (Voter ID number 109287196).
MC LEAN, GENE Wayman (Voter ID number 109078443).
MC LEAN, GEORGIA H. (Voter ID number 109106813).
MC LEAN, GREGORY Wayman (Voter ID number 109256403).

11912 SW 79TH TER
RIOS, CRISEYDA Carmen (Voter ID number 110302287).

11914 SW 78TH TER
GARCIA, LIONEL Flores (Voter ID number 118246164).
PIWKO, MICHAEL Jacob (Voter ID number 109886620).
TANNEHILL, JOHN Brooke (Voter ID number 118940272).
TANNEHILL, SONDRA Sue (Voter ID number 119484088).
WOLFF, CAROL Gray (Voter ID number 108988295).
WOLFF, THOMAS Steven (Voter ID number 108980323).

11916 SW 79TH TER
ELIAS, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 109260776).
ELIAS, JORGE Antonio (Voter ID number 109214176).

11916 SW 81ST LN
FRANCES, ALEXANDER Eddy (Voter ID number 110267832).
FRANCES, EYRA Elena (Voter ID number 109524903).

11917 SW 73RD TER
SALAZAR, MARIELENA (Voter ID number 119303769).
SALAZAR, HUGO David (Voter ID number 109616313).
SALAZAR, MARIAELENA (Voter ID number 109437348).

11918 SW 72ND TER
CARPIO, FRANK Alexander (Voter ID number 118124398).
CARPIO, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 116109743).

11919 SW 72ND TER
VALIENTE, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 110130362).

11919 SW 79TH TER
LEE, BARRINGTON Delano (Voter ID number 109239876).
LEE, NANCY Jean (Voter ID number 109087242).

11921 SW 81ST ST
TRUJILLO, ROBERT P. (Voter ID number 109279473).

11924 SW 79TH TER
RESTREPO, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 110292659).
LIEBOWITZ, STEVEN Elliot (Voter ID number 109006593).
LIEBOWITZ, TANYA (Voter ID number 109006775).

11924 SW 81ST LN
MORALES, HENRY Andres (Voter ID number 114405514).
PALOMINO, GRACE Ines (Voter ID number 109384855).

11926 SW 73RD TER
CALVO, JORGE Enrique (Voter ID number 109077601).
CALVO, KAREN Ann (Voter ID number 109030068).

11927 SW 73RD TER
MARMOL, BERTHA (Voter ID number 116680045).
MONNOTT, JOHN (Voter ID number 116713196).
PENA, MARIO Abel (Voter ID number 117560728).
PENA, SYDNIE Alexandra (Voter ID number 119912403).
MARMOL, ALLISON (Voter ID number 109794878).
MARMOL, JUSTINO (Voter ID number 115498102).

11928 SW 72ND TER
GARCIA, ALBERT Jesus (Voter ID number 109095519).
GARCIA, GLORIA Idarmis (Voter ID number 109130465).

11928 SW 74TH TER
CHAVEZ, CHRISTIE E. (Voter ID number 100554099).
CHAVEZ, HILDA M. (Voter ID number 109510357).
CHAVEZ, JEAN-PAUL (Voter ID number 109875226).
CHAVEZ, PABLO A. (Voter ID number 109524324).

11929 SW 72ND TER
HERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ, HILDA (Voter ID number 110028894).

11929 SW 74TH TER
VELASCO, CHRISTIE Nicole (Voter ID number 116545071).
VELASCO, LINDSIE Marie (Voter ID number 121032252).
VELASCO, AGUSTIN Felix (Voter ID number 108961219).
VELASCO, CARIDAD Beatriz (Voter ID number 109143595).

11929 SW 81ST ST
BUSTILLO, MONICA K. (Voter ID number 114398852).
PORTELA, CARLOS Armando (Voter ID number 109209665).
PORTELA, GLORIA C. (Voter ID number 109248528).

11932 SW 81ST LN
COBO, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 109367942).

11934 SW 78TH TER
MURASSO, ALAN J. (Voter ID number 120031918).
MURASSO, ALAN Jeramy (Voter ID number 119768718).
SANTANA, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 109634978).
MURASSO, GEORGINA (Voter ID number 109588397).

11934 SW 79TH TER
ARMAND, NICOLE Cristina (Voter ID number 119163870).
ARMAND, BEATRIZ Bertran (Voter ID number 109244387).
ARMAND, RAUL Arturo (Voter ID number 109087035).

11935 SW 78TH TER
MARIN, ALEXANDRA M. (Voter ID number 116246550).
VAZQUEZ, EMENELIO (Voter ID number 115293573).

11936 SW 73RD TER
BALLESTER, HILDA (Voter ID number 109574005).
BALLESTER, HILDA (Voter ID number 119460439).
MINSAL, JULIO (Voter ID number 110148814).

11936 SW 78TH TER
DE SOUZA, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 110289478).

11936 SW 79TH TER
GONZALEZ, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 109114266).
GONZALEZ, MILSIE M. (Voter ID number 109186486).

11937 SW 78TH TER
CHOWDHURY, MEHRAN (Voter ID number 110038832).
CHOWDHURY, NISHA (Voter ID number 115630939).
CHOWDHURY, RAHAT Anwar (Voter ID number 109755028).
CHOWDHURY, SHAFQUAT A. (Voter ID number 109434499).

11937 SW 79TH TER
GONZALEZ, ADRIAN Alejandro (Voter ID number 110099021).
POZO, MELISSA Michelle (Voter ID number 109451885).
POZO, RAFAEL De Jesus (Voter ID number 109230563).

11938 SW 72ND TER
SUAREZ, EDWARD (Voter ID number 110256519).
SUAREZ, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 116433581).
SUAREZ, AMANDA C. (Voter ID number 109304056).
SUAREZ, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109072782).

11938 SW 74TH TER
NIETO, CLAUDIO A. (Voter ID number 109851949).

11938 SW 75TH ST
GALVEZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110199845).
GALVEZ, KARINA (Voter ID number 114404989).
GALVEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109241941).
GALVEZ, SANTIAGO (Voter ID number 109242358).

11938 SW 78TH TER
MORALES, KATHY Ann (Voter ID number 117063558).
CHAGUACEDA, LUIS Manuel (Voter ID number 109785615).

11938 SW 79TH TER
COLTER, EMILY E. (Voter ID number 109627101).
COLTER, UZOMAH Theophilus (Voter ID number 109708594).
GREEN, NESBY (Voter ID number 109639316).

11939 SW 72ND TER
RUIZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109558411).

11939 SW 74TH TER
HEALY, ROBERT F. (Voter ID number 120289057).
DELGADO, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109499771).
DELGADO, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109499772).

11939 SW 75TH ST
ALVAREZ, EDUARDO C. (Voter ID number 110060349).
ALVAREZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109266438).
ALVAREZ, ISABEL Trinidad (Voter ID number 109273285).

11939 SW 79TH TER
VIVAR, VIANA E. (Voter ID number 109381216).
LOPEZ, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109381998).
TAMARGO LOPEZ, GLORIA (Voter ID number 109276756).

11939 SW 81ST LN
OKONKWO, DOMINIQUE (Voter ID number 110035546).

11940 SW 78TH TER
GARCIA, ALEJANDRINA (Voter ID number 109284713).
MONTEAGUDO, DENNIS (Voter ID number 109069673).

11940 SW 79TH TER
BAZELAIS, HOLLY L. (Voter ID number 109429803).
BAZELAIS, REGGY Victor (Voter ID number 118427787).
BAZELAIS, REGINALD Victor (Voter ID number 109218028).
BAZELAIS, VALERIE Paige (Voter ID number 110101284).

11940 SW 81ST LN
LOPEZ TRIGO, GLADYS M. (Voter ID number 110066284).

11941 SW 79TH TER
BERNAL, FANNY M. (Voter ID number 110098919).
BERNAL, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 115895191).
DE PENA, SAGER E. (Voter ID number 115861447).

11945 SW 81ST ST
FEREIRA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 108953120).
MARTINEZ, ALEXA (Voter ID number 116990761).
MARTINEZ, JOAN C. (Voter ID number 110075875).

11947 SW 81ST LN
PELAEZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 109360293).
VALDES, ANNABELLE (Voter ID number 109441517).
VALDES, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 118348034).
VALDES, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 119511891).

11948 SW 75TH ST
GARCIA, NATACHA Milagros (Voter ID number 109220345).
GARCIA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109169593).

11948 SW 81ST LN
NUNEZ, ARLENE Sanchez (Voter ID number 115211722).

11949 SW 72ND TER
YURUBI, GILBERT (Voter ID number 109253967).
YURUBI, JAZMIN (Voter ID number 109585141).

11949 SW 75TH ST
KOSTOFF, BELKIS M. (Voter ID number 109820629).

11953 SW 81ST ST
PARRA, ERICA E. (Voter ID number 110214735).
PASQUET, MARTINE (Voter ID number 109900043).

11954 SW 81ST ST
CAYEIRO, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109012055).

11955 SW 81ST LN
AIXALA, FRANK J. (Voter ID number 117036579).
SMITH, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number 110301328).

11956 SW 81ST LN
TOLEDO, PATRICIA Maria (Voter ID number 109539496).
TOLEDO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109873632).

11958 SW 72ND TER
MACIAS, ANDREA Carolina (Voter ID number 110746559).
MACIAS, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 110221024).
MACIAS, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 110221073).
MACIAS, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 118121977).

11958 SW 75TH ST
GONZALEZ, JASON A. (Voter ID number 118714880).
PARENTE, ANA C. (Voter ID number 109203119).
GONZALEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109232734).

11959 SW 72ND TER
MC DERMOTT, CHARLES Keller (Voter ID number 120403810).
MC DERMOTT, ANIVET L. (Voter ID number 109236482).

11959 SW 75TH ST
MORALES, JORGE G. (Voter ID number 109172313).
MORALES, MARTA Elena (Voter ID number 109498662).

11961 SW 81ST ST
ELBERMAWY, AYMAN E. (Voter ID number 118736589).
GHALY, OLA M. (Voter ID number 118736632).

11962 SW 81ST ST
CRUZ, ANGEL R. (Voter ID number 109878936).
CRUZ, CLARA (Voter ID number 109923411).
CRUZ, JAN M. (Voter ID number 109879103).

11963 SW 81ST LN
BLUESTONE, TERRY Ann (Voter ID number 109115374).

11964 SW 81ST LN
FARRA, JENNIFER Rodriguez (Voter ID number 109766314).

11968 SW 72ND TER
JAUREGUIZAR, MARTA (Voter ID number 109911220).

11969 SW 72ND TER
AKHTER, PERVEZ (Voter ID number 109680983).
AKHTER, SHEIKH R. (Voter ID number 110033771).

11969 SW 81ST ST
RODRIGUEZ, LIVAN (Voter ID number 118546427).

11970 SW 81ST ST
ARMAND, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 109325224).
PABON, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 109328130).

11972 SW 81ST LN
CARSTEN, JOAN M. (Voter ID number 110080677).
CARSTEN, LAWRENCE A. (Voter ID number 110079690).

11978 SW 81ST ST
LABOY, RAFAEL E. (Voter ID number 109661566).
LABOY, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 109637391).
LABOY, VIVIANA Arlette (Voter ID number 109722411).

11979 SW 81ST LN
GIMENEZ, YSABEL M. (Voter ID number 118407236).
RAMOS, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 118407288).

11980 SW 81ST LN
MORALES, TERESA G. (Voter ID number 109307042).
FUXA, HEIDI Maria (Voter ID number 109364349).

11986 SW 81ST ST
GONZALEZ, ISABEL Maria (Voter ID number 109502353).

11987 SW 81ST LN
VALDES, ALMA E. (Voter ID number 109020258).
VALDES, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109226176).

11988 SW 81ST LN
MOLINA, POLO F. (Voter ID number 110069127).
BALLESTERO, MARTHA G. (Voter ID number 110240384).
PIEDRAHITA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 110024890).

11994 SW 81ST ST
VIDELA, CIRCE Sosa (Voter ID number 110133829).
VIDELA, OSCAR (Voter ID number 110098234).

11995 SW 81ST LN
TORRES, JORGE Alberto (Voter ID number 118923375).
PRIETO, ANNETTE E. (Voter ID number 109344407).

11996 SW 81ST LN
YOUNES, JASON (Voter ID number 102481809).

12000 SW 79TH LN
FARRELL, EILEEN (Voter ID number 109189254).

12005 SW 64TH ST
TOBIN, GERALD (Voter ID number 109941456).
TOBIN, HELENE K. (Voter ID number 109941458).

12008 SW 72ND TER
BENREY, ESTHER (Voter ID number 110021170).

12008 SW 79TH LN
SCHMIDT, PATSY (Voter ID number 109997336).
MONTILLA, ILISSA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109615473).
MONTILLA, MANUEL Antonio (Voter ID number 110042851).

12009 SW 72ND TER
HERNANDO, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 118939032).
HERNANDO, JACQUELINE L. (Voter ID number 110109097).
HERNANDO, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 110107918).

12012 SW 79TH LN
HOGUE, JENNIFER Lee (Voter ID number 110143824).

12018 SW 72ND TER
CHAO, ANA Loynaz (Voter ID number 109069975).
LOPEZ, ANA Chao (Voter ID number 114885046).
CHAO, JESSIE (Voter ID number 116893183).

12019 SW 75TH ST
CADENA, JAIME R. (Voter ID number 109866453).

12019 SW 77TH TER
GONZALEZ, SONIA (Voter ID number 109723338).

12021 SW 78TH TER
AMARO, ESTRELLA Oria (Voter ID number 109102311).

12022 SW 77TH TER
SANTIESTEBAN, TAMARA (Voter ID number 116510099).
GARCIA, ELSA Caridad (Voter ID number 120383764).
ROJAS, JOSE (Voter ID number 116426297).

12024 SW 77TH TER
SALMAN, JOSE Alejandro (Voter ID number 109165536).

12025 SW 77TH TER
VARELA, ELSA Caridad (Voter ID number 109159131).
VARELA, MICHELLE MacHicek (Voter ID number 109792981).
VARELA, NICOLAS Jesus (Voter ID number 109376209).
VIERA, KAREN Jean (Voter ID number 109119824).

12028 SW 75TH ST
IBARRA, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 120484056).
IBARRA, DORIS L. (Voter ID number 109369371).
IBARRA, RUDY (Voter ID number 109204954).

12029 SW 75TH ST
POUSA, ASELA Elvira (Voter ID number 109127465).

12030 SW 77TH TER
RESTREPO, JENNIFER Monique (Voter ID number 109876368).
VICTORES, ALEXANDRIA Monique (Voter ID number 118575819).
VICTORES, DIDIO Antonio (Voter ID number 109033454).
VICTORES, KATERINA M. (Voter ID number 118120988).
VICTORES, MONICA Silvia (Voter ID number 109033457).

12030 SW 78TH TER
BERMUDEZ, ROCALINA (Voter ID number 109261819).

12035 SW 77TH TER
GONZALEZ, BENIGO J. (Voter ID number 120398176).

12038 SW 75TH ST
PEREZ, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 119382597).
PEREZ, KARINA (Voter ID number 119399650).
PEREZ, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 115876932).
PEREZ, JORGE C. (Voter ID number 109668209).
VIDAN, MARCIA (Voter ID number 109578491).

12039 SW 72ND TER
LEYVA, CHRISTOPHER Paul (Voter ID number 118616225).
LEYVA, LUIS Pablo (Voter ID number 108926495).
LEYVA, ADDIS J. (Voter ID number 116465043).

12040 SW 77TH TER
GONZALEZ, MELISSA Puente (Voter ID number 109898536).
PUENTE, JIM (Voter ID number 108969145).
PUENTE, PAMELA H. (Voter ID number 108969146).

12040 SW 78TH TER
VIGGIANO, MARIA Angelina (Voter ID number 119314271).
GALLARDO, ISOTTA (Voter ID number 115133024).
GALLARDO, JOSE Sindulfo (Voter ID number 109336433).
GALLARDO, LEONEL Andres (Voter ID number 110116043).

12041 SW 78TH TER
MEDINA, AIDA Prieto (Voter ID number 109096404).
MEDINA, JORGE Rafael (Voter ID number 110148139).

12041 SW 79TH TER
MASSO, JULIETH (Voter ID number 115065891).
SUAREZ, CARLOS Arturo (Voter ID number 116360987).

12045 SW 77TH TER
CLARKE, ALANAH (Voter ID number 117188282).
CLARKE, LAURA F. (Voter ID number 117112706).
CLARKE, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 109911691).

12049 SW 75TH ST
GARCIA, LAZARO (Voter ID number 110255044).
GARCIA, LETTYCIA R. (Voter ID number 110255037).
GARCIA, ANDRE Xavier (Voter ID number 116924859).

12050 SW 78TH TER
GUTIERIEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 110287519).
GUTIERREZ, MARGARITA D. (Voter ID number 109191581).
GUTIERREZ, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109348233).
GUTIERREZ, MARTHA Elena (Voter ID number 109403538).

12050 SW 80TH ST
SHEPPARD, GWENDOLYN Pritchett (Voter ID number 109146230).

12055 SW 77TH TER
JURADO, CLARA (Voter ID number 109667163).
JURADO, CLARA (Voter ID number 114247335).
PINEYRO, GASTON (Voter ID number 109065169).
PINEYRO, SONIA (Voter ID number 109874535).

12109 SW 72ND TER
QUANT, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 109791927).
QUANT, EUDOCIA (Voter ID number 109636855).
QUANT, EUDOCIA C. (Voter ID number 109636860).

12118 SW 72ND TER
GEORGES, ISABEL Marie (Voter ID number 120034248).
ROSS, ALEJANDRO J. (Voter ID number 110018484).

12120 SW 80TH ST
RUIZ-GONZALEZ, BARBARA Emelina (Voter ID number 109285322).

12128 SW 75TH ST
COFINO, JACINTO E. (Voter ID number 109311369).
COFINO, LISETTE M. (Voter ID number 116607426).

12138 SW 75TH ST
ARRITOLA, CHRISTINA L. (Voter ID number 110309378).
ARRITOLA, JAVIER (Voter ID number 110303483).

12139 SW 72ND TER
MENESES, LUZ Angela (Voter ID number 115829353).
DUARTE, YISSA (Voter ID number 116104077).
MENESES, ANGEL M. (Voter ID number 109739502).

12175 SW 80TH ST
FIGUEREDO, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109916069).

12195 SW 80TH ST
RAYO, ROCIO (Voter ID number 116302488).
CABRERA, SERGIO M. (Voter ID number 109542778).
GARCIA, GRETA (Voter ID number 109264192).
GARCIA, VANESSA (Voter ID number 109979442).

12200 SW 80TH ST
DURAN, BETSY R. (Voter ID number 109531680).
DE ROBERTIS, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 109860866).
DURAN, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109526985).

12200 SW 82ND TER
ABUD, LOUIS (Voter ID number 109153622).
ABUD, LUIS (Voter ID number 108901921).
ABUD- VEGA, GEORGIA (Voter ID number 109142541).
CADORNIGA, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109114080).
VEGA, GISELLE Marie (Voter ID number 119767258).

12201 SW 64TH ST
PAPY, MELISSA M. (Voter ID number 103331924).
PAPY, CHARLES Cay (Voter ID number 109065178).

12201 SW 80TH ST
TUESTA, WILMER Alberto (Voter ID number 120026888).

12201 SW 82ND TER
TORRES, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 120936385).

12214 SW 82ND TER
RODRIGUEZ, JEANETTE (Voter ID number 109668748).
PASTOR, CLAUDIO (Voter ID number 109504424).
PASTOR, ERNESTINA M. (Voter ID number 109505178).
RODRIGUEZ, FRANK (Voter ID number 114437845).

12215 SW 82ND TER
PARDO, BARBARA (Voter ID number 110047141).
HERRERA, HECTOR J. (Voter ID number 115659036).
PARDO, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 115015837).

12228 SW 82ND TER
ALVAREZ, ANIUVYS (Voter ID number 109701773).
ALVAREZ, MARCOS Antonio (Voter ID number 109395388).

12229 SW 82ND TER
MARTINEZ, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 110117024).

12230 SW 64TH ST
IBARRA, KRITZA (Voter ID number 119628148).
OTERO, RAFAEL Esteban (Voter ID number 117566861).
IBARRA, AILIN (Voter ID number 109636669).

12231 SW 72ND TER
FELDMAN, LUZ Elena (Voter ID number 109945331).
FELDMAN, ROBERT Andrew (Voter ID number 109710141).

12232 SW 81ST TER
SANTOS, LEYANYS (Voter ID number 117275885).
SANTOS, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109551811).

12242 SW 82ND TER
SOLORZANO, RICARDO D. (Voter ID number 115662994).
SOLORZANO, RICARDO Javier (Voter ID number 109637512).
SOLORZANO, SANDRA Morena (Voter ID number 109322638).

12250 SW 80TH ST
CHOW, CHRISTOPHER F. (Voter ID number 110326917).
CHOW, DENNIS (Voter ID number 109075560).
CHOW, MEREDITH L. (Voter ID number 114374383).
CHOW, SUSAN (Voter ID number 109135835).

12257 SW 82ND TER
FERNANDEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109704205).
FERNANDEZ, MICHELE Teresa (Voter ID number 109300557).
HERRERA, RAFAEL D. (Voter ID number 119621742).

12261 SW 72ND TER
GONZALEZ, VICTOR F. (Voter ID number 109206638).

12262 SW 75TH TER
PENA, LORRAINE M. (Voter ID number 108945505).
PENA, PETER Arthur (Voter ID number 109192675).

12270 SW 82ND TER
LEBRON, LISA Angelique (Voter ID number 109489530).
RODRIGUEZ, CECILIA (Voter ID number 109900713).
RODRIGUEZ, PATRICIA Marie (Voter ID number 109470763).
RODRIGUEZ, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 109621651).
RODRIGUEZ, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 109782553).

12271 SW 82ND TER
ORTIZ, CARLOS Mario (Voter ID number 109711949).
ORTIZ, CINDY Ann (Voter ID number 110155858).

12284 SW 82ND TER
BOULOS, VICTOR John (Voter ID number 117222965).
BOULOS, VINA (Voter ID number 109710185).

12300 SW 75TH ST
VALLE-MAGSI, CARMEN Rosa (Voter ID number 109508716).

12301 SW 76TH ST
RAMOS, EMILY N. (Voter ID number 115270855).

12318 SW 75TH ST
SEGUROLA, JANET M. (Voter ID number 116689215).
SEGUROLA, JOSE Agustin (Voter ID number 109398144).

12319 SW 76TH ST
PARETS, ALEXANDER Michael (Voter ID number 110085971).
PARETS, JACLYN C. (Voter ID number 115212751).
PARETS, LIDIA Lage (Voter ID number 108958231).
PARETS, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 109098474).

12336 SW 75TH ST
CABRERA, AMY Louise (Voter ID number 113974366).

12337 SW 76TH ST
PERRYS, BARBARA Machado (Voter ID number 109098775).
PERRYS, JOHN (Voter ID number 108961296).
SHEPARD, BARBARA Eloise Perrys (Voter ID number 109787799).

12350 SW 64TH ST
COUTO, ALBERTO Francisco (Voter ID number 109205281).
CORONEL-COUTO, GLORIA Maria (Voter ID number 109189518).

12351 SW 75TH ST
IGLESIAS, HAYDEE Beatriz (Voter ID number 119675070).
IGLESIAS, THOMAS (Voter ID number 109080226).

12354 SW 75TH ST
MARTINEZ, ELISSA Cristina (Voter ID number 120999490).
MARTINEZ, FRANCISCO Enrique (Voter ID number 109285382).
MARTINEZ, ISABELLE A. (Voter ID number 116023505).
MARTINEZ, TERESA Del Rosario (Voter ID number 109027749).

12355 SW 64TH ST
HERNANDEZ, FRANCES (Voter ID number 109805752).
HERNANDEZ, MARIO Eusebio (Voter ID number 109107658).
HERNANDEZ, VIVIAN Olga (Voter ID number 109728269).
HERNANDEZ, VIVIAN Ordoqui (Voter ID number 109214863).

12355 SW 76TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MARK Antonio (Voter ID number 109447437).
JORGE, CECILIA M. (Voter ID number 109447383).
JORGE, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109681320).

12371 SW 75TH ST
MARTIN, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109985330).
MARTIN, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109988112).
MARTIN, VERONICA Ana (Voter ID number 109988107).

12372 SW 75TH ST
CIURA, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 110286858).

12373 SW 76TH ST
WOOD, CATHERINE Victoria (Voter ID number 116906257).
HIDALGO, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 120229741).
HIDALGO, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109089736).
HIDALGO, MICHELLE M. (Voter ID number 119516743).
HIDALGO, MONIQUE Marie (Voter ID number 119516739).

12390 SW 75TH ST
CHOMAT, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 119123686).
MARRERO, ERIALENE (Voter ID number 110285465).
MARRERO, JOSE Enrique (Voter ID number 109553959).

12391 SW 75TH ST
GUASCH, ANDREW Alexis (Voter ID number 120703406).
GUASCH, ERIC Gregory (Voter ID number 116612559).
GUZMAN AREAN, SUSANNA (Voter ID number 109190756).
PRIETO, DAISY (Voter ID number 108946006).
AREAN, GIOVANNI (Voter ID number 109171312).

12391 SW 76TH ST
LOPEZ, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 109528078).
LOPEZ, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 117203277).
LOPEZ, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109054879).
LOPEZ, MARTA (Voter ID number 116476449).

12400 SW 64TH ST
REYEROS, YESENIA (Voter ID number 114638309).
SALAZAR, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 119620573).
REVEROS, JAIRO (Voter ID number 115648136).
REYEROS, JAIRO (Voter ID number 109300891).
REYEROS, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 109797935).

12400 SW 72ND ST
GALULLO, JOSEPH V. (Voter ID number 109510052).

12400 SW 76TH ST
GARCIA, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 120947331).
GARCIA, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109412561).
GARCIA, MADELEINE (Voter ID number 109262494).

12401 SW 77TH ST
SAPPINGTON, CARY Bruce (Voter ID number 117980177).
SAPPINGTON, ELLEN (Voter ID number 117966977).

12418 SW 76TH ST
APARICIO, BRYAN (Voter ID number 120896490).
APARICIO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 119109259).
MASSAGUER, E (Voter ID number 116568913).

12420 SW 64TH ST
VEGA SANZ, MAX E. (Voter ID number 120465879).
VEGA-SANZ, CRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 118954943).
VEGA-SANZ, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 120574155).
SANZ-VEGA, MARIA Teresita (Voter ID number 109228597).
VEGA, MAXIMO F. (Voter ID number 109677614).

12420 SW 75TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS Andres (Voter ID number 119123781).
LLAMBES, JOHN Henry (Voter ID number 110004662).
RODRIGUEZ, LOURDES R. (Voter ID number 110309997).

12421 SW 76TH ST
SANABRIA, LUZ E. (Voter ID number 105473799).
PIRO, GAETANO (Voter ID number 115724738).
SANABRIA, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 114731423).

12430 SW 75TH ST
CHIN, ELSIE Ling (Voter ID number 110124023).
CHIN, MICHAEL Lincolnford (Voter ID number 109242737).

12431 SW 76TH ST
OUNG, CHANCHAMRONG (Voter ID number 116649628).
OUNG, BIBI Z. (Voter ID number 109758223).

12436 SW 76TH ST
SUAREZ, ORLANDO D. (Voter ID number 108992999).
SUAREZ, REBECCA M. (Voter ID number 119887308).
SUAREZ, WANDA I. (Voter ID number 109326085).

12437 SW 77TH ST
LIANG, ANNA R. (Voter ID number 118097233).
LIANG, HUA Yan (Voter ID number 109898455).
LIANG, RUN Ping (Voter ID number 109900573).

12440 SW 75TH ST
DIAZ, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 109630785).
DIAZ, LAURA G. (Voter ID number 109632574).

12450 SW 77TH ST
DALY, ORIANA (Voter ID number 120939637).

12451 SW 76TH ST
CASTRO, ANDRES Miguel (Voter ID number 119986983).
CASTRO, FERNANDO Esteban (Voter ID number 110107111).
CASTRO, HUGO (Voter ID number 109197690).
CASTRO, LOURDES Maria (Voter ID number 109594883).

12454 SW 76TH ST
ZUMARRAGA, LUPE (Voter ID number 109143790).
ZUMARRAGA, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 109185253).
ZUMARRAGA, CHRISTOPHER N. (Voter ID number 117056957).

12455 SW 77TH ST
HOPWOOD, LAUREN Nicole (Voter ID number 119954086).
HOPWOOD, ANTHONY Ryan (Voter ID number 115282401).
HOPWOOD, CHRISTOPHER Eric (Voter ID number 115775073).
HOPWOOD, MARIA Josefa (Voter ID number 109150828).
HOPWOOD, WALTER Marshall (Voter ID number 109114930).

12461 SW 76TH ST
VIZOSO, IRENE Fonseca (Voter ID number 110244165).
VIZOSO, SILVANO R. (Voter ID number 110244169).
DOMINGUEZ, ALEXANDER John (Voter ID number 109780206).
MEDINA, ERIKA (Voter ID number 115685436).

12470 SW 75TH ST
ALONSO, JORGE E. (Voter ID number 109992788).
RODRIGUEZ-ALONSO, MADELEINE (Voter ID number 109992758).

12471 SW 76TH ST
ALEMAN, MARY (Voter ID number 110011274).
ALEMAN, ROSEMARIE A. (Voter ID number 118097391).
ALEMAN, ROXANNE T. (Voter ID number 118093367).

12472 SW 76TH ST
NUNEZ, CHRISTINE Marie (Voter ID number 119976070).
NUNEZ, MARIA Consuelo (Voter ID number 109135494).
NUNEZ, RENE Angel (Voter ID number 109135495).

12473 SW 77TH ST
VEGA-PAZ, EYDA M. (Voter ID number 121250935).
PAZ, HAIM (Voter ID number 114632236).

12490 SW 76TH ST
DEBRITO, STEPHANIE Antonia (Voter ID number 117718220).
PENA, RAUL G. (Voter ID number 109591716).
PENA-GONZALEZ, ARLENE Lydia (Voter ID number 109749932).
GONZALEZ, DANIEL R. (Voter ID number 116442002).

12491 SW 77TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, KATHERINE Angel (Voter ID number 114659631).
RODRIGUEZ, RONALD Lazaro (Voter ID number 109846818).
JUNCADELLA, SALVADOR J. (Voter ID number 109252385).

12500 SW 75TH ST
FALCON, ALINA (Voter ID number 109377770).
TORRES, JUAN Miguel (Voter ID number 110306570).

12500 SW 76TH ST
COBA, ADRIENNE Lourdes (Voter ID number 109499143).

12500 SW 77TH ST
OJEDA, VENERANDA N. (Voter ID number 109330404).

12501 SW 76TH ST
LLERANDI, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 115682670).
BEREAO, IRVING (Voter ID number 116042194).

12501 SW 77TH ST
MASSOUD, MINERVA Rosa (Voter ID number 109831895).
MASSOUD, OMAR Chafic (Voter ID number 109881637).
MASSOUD, CHAFIC Farid (Voter ID number 109831888).

12501 SW 78TH ST
RODRIGUEZ-WALLING, ALFREDO L. (Voter ID number 109862643).
RODRIGUEZ-WALLING, LUIS Alfredo (Voter ID number 109785028).
RODRIGUEZ-WALLING, MATILDE B. (Voter ID number 109382379).

12502 SW 78TH ST
PENARANDA, DILMA M. (Voter ID number 109487999).

12503 SW 79TH ST
COSIO, LEONARDO Alberto (Voter ID number 120825710).
MARRERO, MARLENE (Voter ID number 115655591).

12504 SW 77TH ST
ROLDAN, ANA I. (Voter ID number 109990506).

12510 SW 72ND TER
FERNANDEZ, INGRID (Voter ID number 109904450).

12512 SW 73RD TER
MESA, ANDREW B. (Voter ID number 120295986).
MESA, ALBERTO Baltasar (Voter ID number 109137313).
MESA, IDANIA Rafaela (Voter ID number 109058437).
MESA, ALAN Brad (Voter ID number 116702898).

12515 SW 72ND ST
LEE, TIMOTHY Paul (Voter ID number 109244289).

12515 SW 72ND TER
MONTOYA, JOE (Voter ID number 110147578).
MONTOYA, VANESSA (Voter ID number 120786565).

12517 SW 73RD TER
MENDOZA, JEANETTE N. (Voter ID number 116698452).
MENDOZA, JOE (Voter ID number 109175001).
MENDOZA, NANCY Bermudez (Voter ID number 109177270).

12519 SW 76TH ST
LUNA, ALEJANDRA M. (Voter ID number 115608905).
LUNA, MELISSA Valerie (Voter ID number 110073967).
MICHELL, KAREN Maria (Voter ID number 109826131).

12530 SW 75TH ST
CARDENAS, JOSE Adan (Voter ID number 109755094).

12540 SW 72ND TER
RIUS, RALPH (Voter ID number 109052824).
RIUS, ANA Marti (Voter ID number 109761926).
RIUS, ASHLEY K. (Voter ID number 114701951).

12541 SW 78TH ST
CARDENAS, ANGELICA M. (Voter ID number 110010287).
MANSUR, ALFREDO G. (Voter ID number 109531995).

12542 SW 73RD TER
ESQUIVEL, ANA Elida (Voter ID number 109227696).
ESQUIVEL, ANA Luisa (Voter ID number 116025143).
ESQUIVEL, RENE Francisco (Voter ID number 109227758).

12542 SW 78TH ST
MONTENEGRO, HEIDI M. (Voter ID number 110305530).
MORICE, HEYDI (Voter ID number 110063358).

12543 SW 79TH ST
JUNCO, ALEXANDER Michael (Voter ID number 118059590).
JUNCO, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 108997422).
JUNCO, JONATHAN Lewis (Voter ID number 114364933).
JUNCO, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 109204420).

12545 SW 72ND TER
GUTIERREZ, RYAN Gabriel (Voter ID number 121143091).
GUTIERREZ, LUIS Roberto (Voter ID number 109278133).
MURIEDAS, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 109245199).

12547 SW 73RD TER
BRENAN, ROSY M. (Voter ID number 109161203).
GARCIA, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109425590).
BRENAN, MICHAEL Zinn (Voter ID number 109093438).

12553 SW 76TH ST
FRAGA, ELENA Isabel (Voter ID number 114399348).

12570 SW 72ND TER
DE ARMAS, GINGER L. (Voter ID number 109788910).
DE ARMAS, REINALDO Daniel (Voter ID number 109149232).

12575 SW 72ND TER
KLEIN, ERICH Howard (Voter ID number 109559652).

12577 SW 73RD TER
GONZALEZ, JESSE Manuel (Voter ID number 118777048).
GONZALEZ, ANA L. (Voter ID number 109742626).
GONZALEZ, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 109255673).

12580 SW 76TH ST
DIAZ, KEVIN (Voter ID number 117580812).

12580 SW 77TH ST
ORTIZ, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 117566973).
ORTIZ, STEVENSON M. (Voter ID number 117563242).
ORTIZ, GENESIS M. (Voter ID number 114861796).
ORTIZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 109444437).
ORTIZ, MARLENY (Voter ID number 109346769).

12581 SW 77TH ST
BUELL, KIRSTEN Marylin (Voter ID number 119792349).
BUELL, JACQUELINE McRea (Voter ID number 109845100).
BUELL, SCOTT Theodore (Voter ID number 109123312).
ESPINALES, CARMEN (Voter ID number 110109577).
ROA, JESUS V. (Voter ID number 110194837).

12581 SW 78TH ST
GONZALEZ, IVONNE (Voter ID number 109098770).
GONZALEZ, JUAN Orlando (Voter ID number 108922225).

12582 SW 78TH ST
BISHOP, ALLISON Aida (Voter ID number 109173566).
COONER, JAMES De Leon (Voter ID number 109054646).

12583 SW 79TH ST
HERRERA, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 117918655).

12600 SW 76TH ST
ALVAREZ, LIDIA Carolina (Voter ID number 116679404).

12600 SW 77TH ST
GARCIA, EXIQUIO (Voter ID number 109233206).
GARCIA, RAUL (Voter ID number 109200632).
GARCIA, ROSA (Voter ID number 109150474).

12601 SW 77TH ST
CHIU, GORDON B. (Voter ID number 110234077).
DAVILA, YENISLEY (Voter ID number 109837751).

12601 SW 78TH ST
CICERO, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109660066).
OCEGUERA, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109375395).

12602 SW 78TH ST
AVALOS, NICHOLAS A. (Voter ID number 118092893).
AVALOS, GILBERT (Voter ID number 109189367).
AVALOS, LOURDES M. (Voter ID number 109276588).

12603 SW 79TH ST
MAESTU, DULCE B. (Voter ID number 109410367).

12610 SW 72ND TER
CERIONI, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 120760467).
CABALLERO, MARTHA Lizbeth (Voter ID number 109314324).

12612 SW 73RD TER
SABATIER, LEOBEIDYS (Voter ID number 119678165).
TRASOBARES, DANIEL D. (Voter ID number 116300958).
TRASOBARES, DELIO Alberto (Voter ID number 109238532).

12615 SW 72ND TER
QUIROZ, JAVIER G. (Voter ID number 119101633).

12617 SW 73RD TER
CURBELO, ALFREDO De Jesus (Voter ID number 118997623).
CURBELO, GENESIS (Voter ID number 121094623).
GARCIA, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 120097549).
GONZALEZ, ELSY (Voter ID number 118997632).

12640 SW 77TH ST
OSORIO, MARTHA Maria (Voter ID number 117483478).
VARGAS, LAURA Maria (Voter ID number 121077447).
VARGAS, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 114309241).

12641 SW 78TH ST
ARIAS, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 109972692).
ARIAS, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 109716094).

12642 SW 78TH ST
IZQUIERDO, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 110029979).
IZQUIERDO, OMAYRA (Voter ID number 110132915).

12643 SW 79TH ST
GARCIA, MAGALY Ibanez (Voter ID number 108923537).
GARCIA, SERGIO Jesus (Voter ID number 109612814).
GARICIA, VANESSA T. (Voter ID number 110244119).

12681 SW 78TH ST
FISCHER, MELVA (Voter ID number 118199051).
ABAUNZA, RAMIRO Jose (Voter ID number 109349662).
FUENTES-ABAUNZA, MARIA Auxiliadora (Voter ID number 109804129).

12682 SW 78TH ST
CID, JONATHAN Frank (Voter ID number 120897353).
CID, JOSE Francisco (Voter ID number 119605677).
CID, NICHOL Marie (Voter ID number 119052358).
BERGOUIGNAN, MARIA Begona (Voter ID number 109245548).

12683 SW 79TH ST
CRUZ, RAMON E. (Voter ID number 109030263).
CRUZ, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 109123957).

12700 SW 66TH TER
SANCHEZ, YANIRA Dj (Voter ID number 119610087).
AGUILAR, JOSE Adalid (Voter ID number 102435415).

MURILLO PACHECO, JOSUE Roberto (Voter ID number 121162350).
ROSALES, JUAN R. (Voter ID number 110220817).
FUENTES, ISAURA D. (Voter ID number 109964068).

12700 SW 68TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, RUBEN Enrique (Voter ID number 109727608).
VINENT, GRACIELA Gomez (Voter ID number 109242326).

12700 SW 75TH ST
LASCANO, CHERIE Lyn (Voter ID number 109781488).
LASCANO, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109420102).

12700 SW 76TH ST
ROSADO, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 109980495).
HAWKINS, MARLENE (Voter ID number 109320832).
MERCADO, NOEMI (Voter ID number 110126056).
ROSADO, AMANDA (Voter ID number 110323249).
ROSADO, DACEY (Voter ID number 109440643).
ROSADO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109534891).

MOLINA, BLANCA (Voter ID number 109877039).
MOLINA, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 109220652).

12701 SW 68TH LN
SARDUY, CARLOS Jose (Voter ID number 110335518).

12701 SW 70TH LN
GARCIA, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 115331115).

12701 SW 76TH ST
ALVAREZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109109578).
ALVAREZ, LOURDES Maria (Voter ID number 109960673).
ALVAREZ, NICOLE (Voter ID number 109893836).

12701 SW 77TH ST
KETELHOHN, KLAUS Axel (Voter ID number 109560551).
KETELHOHN, SYLVIA L. (Voter ID number 109487733).

12701 SW 80TH ST
HERNANDEZ, ELVIRA (Voter ID number 110180450).
CONSTANT, NICHOLAS Emmanuel (Voter ID number 110102708).
ULLOA, MARIA Gladys (Voter ID number 109298010).

12703 SW 66TH TER
RIVAS, JUANA Maria (Voter ID number 109808974).
RIVAS, RENE (Voter ID number 109875307).

12704 SW 68TH TER
GARCIA, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109012083).
GARCIA, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 109011851).

12704 SW 71ST TER
ARAUZ, RIGO J. (Voter ID number 116240454).
ASGUZ, RIGO J. (Voter ID number 119632563).
DIAZ, JANETH (Voter ID number 110334823).
DIAZ, JESSICA M. (Voter ID number 117560595).

DIAZ, ALEX Javier (Voter ID number 114979248).
SANTIAGO, REINALDO (Voter ID number 117848011).
ROGER, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 109107244).

12705 SW 68TH TER
CABRERA, ALEJANDRO J. (Voter ID number 110109942).
CABRERA, CARMEN Julia (Voter ID number 109062931).
CABRERA, NESTOR (Voter ID number 110048956).
SUAREZ, LOURDES Cristina (Voter ID number 109884820).
SUAREZ, NESTOR (Voter ID number 109729042).

12705 SW 70TH LN
ECHEVARRIA, OSWALDO (Voter ID number 110063116).

12705 SW 72ND TER
LOPEZ, OLGA Rego (Voter ID number 109095517).

ECHAZABAL, MARTA M. (Voter ID number 109280784).

12707 SW 66TH TER
FERNANDEZ, RAIDEL (Voter ID number 117148536).
LINARES, DAYMARY (Voter ID number 120496664).

12708 SW 68TH TER
BURGOS, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 110013131).
ESCOBAR, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 110148269).
GUALPA, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 110190190).

12708 SW 71ST TER
FARDIN, ROUSLYX Blanchard (Voter ID number 110307975).
FARDIN, VANESSA Hinette (Voter ID number 110320718).
PIERRE, HINETTE (Voter ID number 110095714).
STANLEY, FARDIN (Voter ID number 110178544).

12709 SW 68TH TER
GUERRA, VASHTI Gissela (Voter ID number 110224672).

12709 SW 70TH LN
BRIAN, TERESITA G. (Voter ID number 109231320).

12710 SW 66TH TER
POLO, MARTHA (Voter ID number 120382125).

POLO, LUIS Alonso (Voter ID number 119126961).

12710 SW 75TH ST
ABRAHAM, JOHN Wycliff Hans (Voter ID number 116912730).
ABRAHAM, SHERIN Neetha (Voter ID number 109593955).
SALAS, HAZEL Maria (Voter ID number 119108282).

12710 SW 76TH ST
TICUS, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 109916215).

12710 SW 77TH ST
BARON, SHARON Jonik (Voter ID number 109080304).

DEMELLO, SARA R. (Voter ID number 109437416).

ALVAREZ, MAITE T. (Voter ID number 109593847).
VILLENA, RICARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 109898256).

12711 SW 75TH ST
TORRES, LYNETTE M. (Voter ID number 119120154).
TORRES, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 110067282).

12711 SW 76TH ST
AYCARDI, DANIELLE Joei (Voter ID number 110199974).
AYCARDI, SUSANNE B. (Voter ID number 109113991).
BALLERO, FRANK S. (Voter ID number 109111600).

12711 SW 77TH ST
MESSER, MICHAEL Ethan (Voter ID number 108937028).

12712 SW 68TH TER
SUAREZ, DEBORAH Bailey (Voter ID number 109300015).

12712 SW 71ST TER
ARTIME, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109652844).
PRENDES, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 109652476).
PRENDES, MADELIN (Voter ID number 109662792).

12713 SW 66TH TER
BETANCOURT, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109967836).
BETANCOURT, MARTA P. (Voter ID number 109323922).

12713 SW 68TH TER
LASTRA, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 109860500).
VEGA, MARIA Julia (Voter ID number 109640057).

12713 SW 70TH LN
HARRINGTON, DIANA (Voter ID number 114584018).
PAZOS, ARNULFO Gisleno (Voter ID number 109085477).

GARCIA, ACELIA T. (Voter ID number 109221491).
RODRIGUEZ, ELVIRA (Voter ID number 120413828).
GARCIA, MARINA (Voter ID number 116302137).

12715 SW 66TH TER
CAMARAZA, KRISTOPHER S. (Voter ID number 114315962).

KALEEL, MOHAMMED Rushdi (Voter ID number 118070548).
BOLIVAR, NAYIVE B. (Voter ID number 109580995).
MARTINEZ, ARIEL (Voter ID number 110111429).

12715 SW 71ST TER
HERNANDEZ, ALEXANDRA Marie (Voter ID number 118113962).
PEREIRO, SILVIA M. (Voter ID number 109333466).

12715 SW 72ND TER
GALVEZ, EFAIN (Voter ID number 120513741).
GALVEZ-LAGUNA, LEOMARLYS (Voter ID number 117973498).
OYOLA, DAMARIS Jannette (Voter ID number 110188681).
ORTIZ, TEODORA (Voter ID number 116276030).

CUAREZMA, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 114678894).

12716 SW 66TH TER
BATISTA, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 116887100).
MENADIER, JUAN Florencio (Voter ID number 110163467).

12716 SW 68TH TER
HILL, ANGEL M. (Voter ID number 110342485).
GARCIA, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 110251281).

12716 SW 71ST TER
ALVAREZ, PILAR (Voter ID number 110124209).

12717 SW 66TH TER
CABALLERO, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109218058).
PRIDA, ANNABEL (Voter ID number 109839559).
WASIELEWSKI, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 109381727).

12717 SW 68TH LN
GONZALEZ, SATURNINO (Voter ID number 109252972).

12717 SW 68TH TER
SEPULVEDA, VALERY (Voter ID number 110030304).
SEPULVEDA, YVONNE Welcker (Voter ID number 109442348).

12717 SW 70TH LN
CARTAYA, ILEANA (Voter ID number 110046010).
MOLINA, NELSON (Voter ID number 109956647).

12719 SW 60TH LN
MARTINEZ, WILFREDO H. (Voter ID number 116415892).
PAEZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 109810816).

CASIN, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 117581609).

12719 SW 71ST TER
ZAGUIRRE, ALHIET (Voter ID number 116721875).

12720 SW 61ST TER
CAPOTE, ANA L. (Voter ID number 110221703).

PATINO, IVAN (Voter ID number 109979877).

12720 SW 64TH TER
LONDONO, LAURA Isabel (Voter ID number 116113106).
LONDONO, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 110317646).
LONDONO, JANNET Eloisa (Voter ID number 109962186).
LONDONO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109962188).

VELASCO, RODRIGO Enrique (Voter ID number 120184687).
VELASCO, RICARDO Adrian (Voter ID number 109530028).

12720 SW 68TH LN
ALZUGARAY, ELENA (Voter ID number 109409913).
CASTILLO, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 109379675).

12720 SW 68TH TER
GUERRERO, DARINE (Voter ID number 118113428).
GUERRERO, OCTAVIO L. (Voter ID number 115281394).
GONZALEZ, NERIDA (Voter ID number 108959395).
RODRIGUEZ, ANA L. (Voter ID number 109437238).

12720 SW 70TH LN
MIRO, ADELAIDA Maria (Voter ID number 109960414).
MIRO, ZENAIDA Z. (Voter ID number 109219850).

12720 SW 71ST TER
LOPEZ DE RAMIREZ, MARIA De Lourdes (Voter ID number 117979526).
LOPEZ, MARIA De Lourdes (Voter ID number 117129341).

12720 SW 75TH ST
JOHNSON, ALEX (Voter ID number 120191355).
JOHNSON, MARTHA Lucia (Voter ID number 109758055).

12720 SW 76TH ST
NARDO, DEMI Nicole (Voter ID number 121278189).
RODRIGUEZ, DOMINICK (Voter ID number 109965119).
NARDO, DEIDRE Rodriguez (Voter ID number 109758766).
NARDO, ELSA (Voter ID number 109994071).
NARDO, HECTOR Leonel (Voter ID number 109754767).
NARDO, LEONEL (Voter ID number 109328579).

12720 SW 77TH ST
ESCANDEL, LAZARO (Voter ID number 109402537).

12720 ` SW 71ST TER
RAMIREZ, MARIA De Lourdez (Voter ID number 120912835).

12721 SW 62ND TER
COSTA, LUIS G. (Voter ID number 117068814).
IGLESIAS, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 109905313).

12721 SW 65TH ST
STREETER, BRIANNA B. (Voter ID number 119682097).
STREETER, KAREN Bernice (Voter ID number 109186189).
STREETER, TOMMY L. (Voter ID number 115917597).
BOLANOS, PRUDENCIA (Voter ID number 109513203).

DIAZ, SILVIA Isabel (Voter ID number 109734435).
JIMENEZ, ALEXIS Jose (Voter ID number 114680180).

12721 SW 68TH LN
PEREZ, BRANDIS (Voter ID number 109815362).
PEREZ, GEORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109306816).

12721 SW 68TH TER
MORA, YOMAYRA (Voter ID number 110211500).
PEREA, RICARDO A. (Voter ID number 117054954).

12721 SW 70TH LN
REYES, DANIELA A. (Voter ID number 119048640).

12721 SW 75TH ST
VELASQUEZ, MARIA Guisel (Voter ID number 115264119).
VELASQUEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109875944).

12721 SW 76TH ST
KLEB, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number 109612658).
KLEB, JASON Robert (Voter ID number 109893181).
KLEB, MONICA Laub (Voter ID number 109044520).
KLEB, ROBERT James (Voter ID number 109050352).

12721 SW 77TH ST
JORDAN, MAGALY Rojas (Voter ID number 109493182).
JORDAN, MARIO J. (Voter ID number 109970418).

12723 SW 60TH LN
MORALES, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 109966928).
MORALES, ROXANA Zavala (Voter ID number 109618306).
ZAVALA, WAHINGTON (Voter ID number 110236944).

12723 SW 66TH TER
DE PASS, MARGARET Rose (Voter ID number 115717378).
GUEVARA, ELIZABETH Rose (Voter ID number 116007681).

12724 SW 61ST TER
MIRANDA, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 120644810).
MIRANDA, CRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 110219003).
TOMAS, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 114446756).
GARCIA, ALIS (Voter ID number 116272377).

12724 SW 68TH LN
SPERLING, ARTHUR Charles (Voter ID number 109038408).
SPERLING, HOWARD (Voter ID number 109009344).

12724 SW 68TH TER
RIVERO, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 118964452).
MARIN, ZAIDA (Voter ID number 115698891).

12724 SW 70TH LN
CAMARGO, EULOGIO (Voter ID number 118924245).
RAMOS, HILDA Rosa (Voter ID number 110245405).
RAMOS, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109120006).
GONZALEZ, JEANETTE Ramos (Voter ID number 109330340).

12724 SW 71ST TER
BRANDE, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109052284).
BRANDE, MARTA Consuelo (Voter ID number 109667264).

12725 SW 62ND TER
ARIAS-ROYERO, ANA (Voter ID number 109543923).

12725 SW 64TH TER
CHAMIZO, MARTHA Elena (Voter ID number 119898117).
PORTILLO, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 116464015).
VELAZCO, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 118471920).
BLANCO, MICHEL (Voter ID number 115038595).
VELAZCO, ROBERTO Camilo (Voter ID number 115038519).

BRAVO, JUANA Lidia (Voter ID number 115339176).

12725 SW 68TH TER
DE POOL, JOSEPH Anthony (Voter ID number 119401301).

12725 SW 69TH TER
PLESHER, JENNIFER C. (Voter ID number 110300071).

12725 SW 70TH LN
PALMA, MARTHA F. (Voter ID number 119954126).
LEIVA, JULISSA C. (Voter ID number 117563154).
LEIVA, MARCO (Voter ID number 115466578).
LEONARD, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109066590).
RABASSA, LUIS Angel (Voter ID number 109869063).
LEIVA, CLAUDETH M. (Voter ID number 117834186).

12725 SW 72ND TER
GACH, LAUREN Sherrill (Voter ID number 109054540).
PROHIAS, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109129431).

DEL VALLE, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 119049392).
DEL VALLE, OSWALDO (Voter ID number 109803805).
DEL VALLE, VIVIANNE Parraga (Voter ID number 109713083).

12727 SW 60TH LN
MARTINEZ, RAQUEL Gaspar (Voter ID number 109299424).
MENDEZ, DELBERT Gabriel (Voter ID number 109547131).
MENDEZ, LUIS Alvaro (Voter ID number 109333953).
MENDEZ, YOLANDA Antonia (Voter ID number 109062286).

12727 SW 61ST TER
AGUILAR, FLORENTINA O. (Voter ID number 116071577).
DE ROJAS, LINA (Voter ID number 119919244).
HERNANDEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 119922206).

MIRANDA, ODALIS M. (Voter ID number 109848106).
ENRIQUEZ, PEDRO Ramon (Voter ID number 109846996).

12727 SW 67TH TER
GARROTE, KRISTIN Marie (Voter ID number 109817806).

12727 SW 71ST TER
RODRIGUEZ, MIREYA (Voter ID number 108965083).

12728 SW 60TH LN
THOMAS, CATHERINE Marie (Voter ID number 114365103).
THOMAS, CLARELLE Marie (Voter ID number 109356762).
THOMAS, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109299173).
THOMAS, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109938410).

12728 SW 61ST TER
FERREIRO GRAVIE, RAMON (Voter ID number 117974639).
FERREIRO, AIDA (Voter ID number 117974635).

12728 SW 64TH TER
RAVELO, JANET (Voter ID number 109569654).
RAVELO, MARCUS Felipe (Voter ID number 109368703).

12728 SW 68TH LN
DELGADO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 116359260).
ORTIZ ORRANTIA, RICARDO J. (Voter ID number 118570148).
DELGADO, CATALINA (Voter ID number 118615259).
ORTIZ, CATALINA (Voter ID number 109984253).
ORTIZ, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109170456).

12728 SW 68TH TER
HERNANDEZ, ARTURO J. (Voter ID number 119150812).
HERNANDEZ, CAMILA E. (Voter ID number 119182464).
PAZOS, TERESA (Voter ID number 109306758).

12728 SW 70TH LN
TABLADA, CARLOS Armando (Voter ID number 109986203).
TABLADA, ELI H. (Voter ID number 110091889).
TABLADA, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 110112302).
TABLADA, JUAN-CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109829126).
TABLADA, MAYRA (Voter ID number 109842786).

12728 SW 71ST TER
DIAZ, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109693152).
LOPEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109276036).

12729 SW 62ND TER
FUENTES, REBECCA Pilar (Voter ID number 109365982).
DIAZ-FERNANDEZ, LIDICE M. (Voter ID number 109620880).
FUENTES, FRANCISCO Jose (Voter ID number 109092786).
FUENTES, MELBA (Voter ID number 109092785).

12729 SW 69TH TER
GISBERT, NOELIA Lemus (Voter ID number 108931437).
HERRERA, GYNA (Voter ID number 115486455).

12729 SW 70TH LN
DIAZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109768547).

RODRIGUEZ, GUSTAVO Alfonso (Voter ID number 110288892).
RODRIGUEZ, LILLIAN Norona (Voter ID number 110295468).

12730 SW 69TH TER
GALIS-MENENDEZ, NORA (Voter ID number 114040284).

12730 SW 74TH TER
RANGEL, DINORAH E. (Voter ID number 109096023).
RANGEL, EMILIO Rafael (Voter ID number 109106196).
RANGEL, EMILIO Rafael (Voter ID number 109266578).

12730 SW 75TH ST
CORONADO, RICHARD Evans (Voter ID number 109533892).
PLASENCIA, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 109818467).

12730 SW 76TH ST
FALCON, MIGUEL Raul (Voter ID number 109240671).
WELSCH, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 110305945).

12730 SW 77TH ST
MENDOZA, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 109888296).
GONZALVO, ANGEL (Voter ID number 109259230).
MENDOZA, BELKYS (Voter ID number 114679222).
MENDOZA, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 110188000).

12731 SW 60TH LN
LORENZO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 120276035).
MENENDEZ, OLGA L. (Voter ID number 120270007).
RODRIGUEZ COFFIGNY, FRANCISCO Evelio (Voter ID number 118326375).

12731 SW 61ST TER
MALLO, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 109354093).
MALLO, MARIO (Voter ID number 109632723).
MALLO, OLGA E. (Voter ID number 116471574).

LOGUZZO, ANDREA (Voter ID number 114266101).
LOGUZZO, FEDERICO Manuel (Voter ID number 109971913).

12731 SW 65TH ST
LOSADA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 108977125).

MONCADA, RICHARD Luis (Voter ID number 119702682).
MONCADA, IVETTE C. (Voter ID number 116291242).

12731 SW 75TH ST
DIAZ, FRANCISCO Daniel (Voter ID number 115333878).
DIAZ, FRANCISCO G. (Voter ID number 109014641).
DIAZ, MADELINE C. (Voter ID number 109160234).

12731 SW 76TH ST
POTTER, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 109546691).
ZAMBOLLA, JOHN Joseph (Voter ID number 109587876).

12731 SW 77TH ST
CURRY, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 115685996).
CURRY, MARY J. (Voter ID number 109938905).

12732 SW 60TH LN
DIAZ, MIGUEL Abdier (Voter ID number 109534782).
MELENDEZ, EMILIA A. (Voter ID number 109309910).

12732 SW 61ST TER
MALLO, MARY Elena (Voter ID number 109211900).

12732 SW 62ND TER
FOLLACO, DAMARIS (Voter ID number 118903115).
EGUSQUIZA, ERICA Michelle (Voter ID number 115487651).
FOLLACO, CARMEN (Voter ID number 110045770).
FOLLACO, FRANCISCO A. (Voter ID number 109923835).

12732 SW 64TH TER
CATALA, GLORIA G. (Voter ID number 109199626).
CATALA CUESTA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 109196935).

12732 SW 68TH LN
KROCHMAL, CECILIA Ines (Voter ID number 120451098).
KROCHMAL, FREDERIC Scott (Voter ID number 109269803).

12732 SW 68TH TER
ALVAREZ, ANDREA (Voter ID number 119420181).
ALVAREZ, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 117543007).
ALVAREZ, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 117622172).
ALVAREZ, MARITZA C. (Voter ID number 117587918).

12732 SW 71ST TER
GUARDIA, JORGE F. (Voter ID number 110063110).

12733 SW 62ND TER
MIMOSO, CARLOS G. (Voter ID number 109489802).
MIMOSO, CARLOS Guillermo (Voter ID number 109150121).
MIMOSO, SONIA H. (Voter ID number 109350732).
MIMOSO, SONIA Haydee (Voter ID number 109083591).

12733 SW 64TH TER
CRIADO, SANTIAGO (Voter ID number 110151112).

12733 SW 66TH TER
BLANCO, ESTAR L. (Voter ID number 110067967).

12733 SW 67TH TER
BALBIN, TERESITA (Voter ID number 108963487).
CROUSE, CLARIVEL R. (Voter ID number 109914469).

12733 SW 69TH TER
DE LOS REYES, AURORA C. (Voter ID number 109650148).
DE LOS REYES, AURORA (Voter ID number 109605135).

12733 SW 70TH LN
ESPINAL, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109976466).
ESPINAL, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 120330206).
ESPINAL, RAMON Antonio (Voter ID number 110130372).

12734 SW 69TH TER
HEVIA, MARGARITA B. (Voter ID number 109349059).

12735 SW 60TH LN
MENDOZA, ZOILA V. (Voter ID number 109251154).
MENDOZA, CHRISTIAN Orlando (Voter ID number 110305276).

12735 SW 61ST TER
GARCIA, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109173985).

12735 SW 66TH TER
RIVERO, FRANK (Voter ID number 109706994).

LINARES, EILEEN Patricia (Voter ID number 111942951).
LINARES, RISQUIET (Voter ID number 114397012).
MAYFIELD, CHARLES David (Voter ID number 118074009).
MARTINEZ, MARTA D. (Voter ID number 114450508).

12735 SW 68TH LN
RASSI, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109287544).
RASSI, RICHARD Anthony (Voter ID number 118979962).

12735 SW 72ND TER
ALEMAN, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 116544082).
GALAN, RICHARD Edward (Voter ID number 109282891).

12736 SW 61ST TER
HERNANDEZ, BASILIA (Voter ID number 120204089).
REYES, IVIS De La Caridad (Voter ID number 110140905).
REYES, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 114656904).
REYES, YOAN (Voter ID number 119551896).

12736 SW 64TH TER
LURIGADOS, ALFREDO Hilario (Voter ID number 109007817).
LURIGADOS, MARTHA Eulalia (Voter ID number 109007816).

12736 SW 68TH LN
CABRERA, YARINE (Voter ID number 115840095).
LOPEZ, LIDIA Maria (Voter ID number 109264595).

12736 SW 68TH TER
RUFIN, EMELINA (Voter ID number 109898693).
GONZALEZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109442305).
GONZALEZ, FIDELIA C. (Voter ID number 109480711).
GONZALEZ, GERONIMO Efrain (Voter ID number 109480998).

12736 SW 70TH LN
MAY, KATHRYN Maryann (Voter ID number 109001189).
MAY, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109034366).

12737 SW 62ND TER
KEMMERER, GRANT Lorenzo (Voter ID number 109266775).

12737 SW 66TH TER
DIAZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 119447863).

12737 SW 67TH TER
AMUNDARAY RODRIGUEZ, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 119152869).
VAZQUEZ, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 109937476).
VAZQUEZ, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 102515631).

12737 SW 68TH TER
QUEROL, RACIEL (Voter ID number 117469026).
QUEROL, REBECA Beatriz (Voter ID number 110131410).

12737 SW 69TH TER
FISHER, LETITIA D. (Voter ID number 110062647).

12737 SW 70TH LN
DELGADO, CELIDA (Voter ID number 109903093).
HERNANDEZ ROMERO, MANLIO (Voter ID number 109903749).

12738 SW 68TH LN
CEVALLOS, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 109612574).
ZELADA, FRANCISCO Javier (Voter ID number 109866580).

12738 SW 69TH TER
ALVAREZ, ADA (Voter ID number 109231545).

12739 SW 60TH LN
DE LA PAZ, HIPOLITO (Voter ID number 109809215).
DE LA PAZ, RIGOBERTO (Voter ID number 117012368).
REGALADO, RAQUEL C. (Voter ID number 109739692).

12739 SW 61ST TER
DIAZ, FRANK Eligio (Voter ID number 109094332).
DIAZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109149802).

12739 SW 68TH LN
HERNANDEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109881739).
HERNANDEZ, CHRISTIN Alina (Voter ID number 109813978).

12740 SW 60TH LN
FERNANDEZ, ADELFA Ines (Voter ID number 109204279).

12740 SW 61ST TER
FERNANDEZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 109075726).

12740 SW 62ND TER
OLIU, SILVIA M. (Voter ID number 109323154).
THEVENIN, JEFF (Voter ID number 109948185).
THEVENIN, MARIE Regine (Voter ID number 116470213).

12740 SW 64TH TER
ARCIA, ENRIQUE Omar (Voter ID number 109444388).
ARCIA, SARA (Voter ID number 110092974).

12740 SW 70TH LN
GARCIA, RACHEL (Voter ID number 119048736).
PERDOMO-GARCIA, THERESA E. (Voter ID number 109692816).

12740 SW 71ST TER
MANZANERO, CAROLINA Francesca (Voter ID number 118573261).
MANZANERO, EVA H. (Voter ID number 109497339).

12740 SW 74TH TER
WINSTEL, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 120998799).
WINSTEL, MARK A. (Voter ID number 120900007).
WINSTEL, SCOTT Richard (Voter ID number 109369535).
MANRESA, CLARA Lourdes (Voter ID number 109363756).

12740 SW 75TH ST
BAEZ, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109493447).
BAEZ, ELIGIO Antonio (Voter ID number 109086932).

12740 SW 76TH ST
RICHETTI, JAIME Miguel (Voter ID number 109647762).
TAVAREZ, HENRY Joaquin (Voter ID number 116285143).
TAVAREZ, ZORAYA (Voter ID number 109950077).

12741 SW 62ND TER
WONG, ELENA (Voter ID number 109284931).
WONG, ENRIQUE Antonio (Voter ID number 109174477).
WONG, ENRIQUE Jose (Voter ID number 109952932).

12741 SW 65TH ST
GARZON, BRIGITTE (Voter ID number 110040224).
GARZON, ERIC R. (Voter ID number 110204673).
VELASCO, EDITH (Voter ID number 114446802).

12741 SW 68TH TER
PEREZ, KEVIN Jose (Voter ID number 115912751).
SOTO, ANTHONY Ramon (Voter ID number 119403639).
PEREZ, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 110182411).

12741 SW 69TH TER
FRASER, PATSIE Angella (Voter ID number 109856643).
FRASER, WESLEY (Voter ID number 109905270).
GILLETTE, VERNA Yvonne (Voter ID number 109513261).

12741 SW 70TH LN
PALACIOS-LICHLITER, SANDRA E. (Voter ID number 109698308).

12741 SW 71ST TER
JORRIN, HILDA MacAreno (Voter ID number 109159252).
JORRIN, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109808825).

12741 SW 75TH ST
MARTINEZ, EVA Lilia (Voter ID number 108908349).
MARTINEZ, CARLOS Luis (Voter ID number 109007641).
MARTINEZ, LUISA Marta P (Voter ID number 108953964).

12741 SW 76TH ST
MARTELY, GERARDO Humberto (Voter ID number 108910617).
MARTELY, VERONICA Cecilia (Voter ID number 109086730).

12742 SW 68TH LN
SHOUGER, RHODA P. (Voter ID number 108971509).

12743 SW 61ST TER
LAKEHAL, NADJIB (Voter ID number 120352124).

12743 SW 68TH LN
BILLINGS, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110263664).
DELLANO, JORDI (Voter ID number 109806039).

12744 SW 61ST TER
PACHECO-BELL, VANESSA Maria (Voter ID number 118198667).
PACHECO, LUCY M. (Voter ID number 109976435).

12744 SW 62ND TER
LANDRIAN, ADRIANA V. (Voter ID number 118288925).
LANDRIAN, BARBARA Paula (Voter ID number 109210844).
LANDRIAN, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109224215).

12744 SW 64TH TER
FERNANDEZ, ALEXANDRA M. (Voter ID number 115839957).
FERNANDEZ, ANDRES Celestino (Voter ID number 119161516).
LURIGADOS, MARTHA Maria (Voter ID number 109714586).
FERNANDEZ, ADRIAN A. (Voter ID number 115658920).
MIRABAL, LEO (Voter ID number 109209814).

12744 SW 71ST TER
TRIANA, ARIEL (Voter ID number 109068129).
TRIANA, CEIDA Perez (Voter ID number 109066986).

12745 SW 60TH LN
KOSTADINOVA, TATIANA P. (Voter ID number 115434053).
VITANOV, VLADIMIR S. (Voter ID number 115434071).

12745 SW 62ND TER
DAVILA, AMPARO (Voter ID number 116179749).
MERINO, JAIME M. (Voter ID number 117920485).

12745 SW 64TH TER
SERIZE, ADA B. (Voter ID number 110016983).
SERIZE, ARTURO Enrique (Voter ID number 109653123).
SERIZE, AURALILA (Voter ID number 109588360).
PACHECO, LUIS J. (Voter ID number 114724240).
PACHECO, LUIS (Voter ID number 114017681).
PACHECO, MARTHA L. (Voter ID number 114016965).

12745 SW 68TH TER
PALAZZO, JUDITH R. (Voter ID number 110125497).
PALAZZO, WILLIAM Frank (Voter ID number 109585229).

12745 SW 69TH TER
ACOSTA, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109188179).
ACOSTA, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 109398251).
MORA, CARIDAD A. (Voter ID number 109122603).

12745 SW 71ST TER
APELAND, OLGA Sypel (Voter ID number 109116647).
APELAND, PETER W. (Voter ID number 109809337).

12745 SW 72ND TER
LOPEZ, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 120398201).
PADRON, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 119034003).
CABRERA, JACKELINE (Voter ID number 109830372).
PLANAS, BELKIS (Voter ID number 115281429).

12746 SW 68TH LN
DIMATTEO, VIOLA B. (Voter ID number 108159319).
FERGUSON, ANN Daigle (Voter ID number 109010563).
FERGUSON, ERIN M. (Voter ID number 114409855).
FERGUSON, RANDOLPH Quentin (Voter ID number 109069317).

12746 SW 69TH TER
RIZO, JENNIFER Garcia (Voter ID number 109492251).
RIZO, RODOLFO O. (Voter ID number 110093105).

12747 SW 60TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, IVETT (Voter ID number 120254502).
RIVERA NIEVES, PEDRO I. (Voter ID number 109525105).

12747 SW 61ST TER
FEOLI, ANGELICA Maria (Voter ID number 117224118).
FEOLI, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 118472178).
FEOLI, PAOLO (Voter ID number 115697937).

12747 SW 68TH LN
BECZKOWSKI, SIDNEY (Voter ID number 109994844).
VARGAS, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 109875397).
VARGAS, LUCILA (Voter ID number 109829474).
VARGAS, LUIS Antonio (Voter ID number 109625886).

12748 SW 61ST TER
CANON, MYRIAM (Voter ID number 119800120).
RODRIGUEZ, DIEGO D. (Voter ID number 119619125).
RODRIGUEZ, MARTIN Augusto (Voter ID number 119800110).
HUTCHINSON, CAROLYN W. (Voter ID number 109319505).
HUTCHINSON, GARY Paul (Voter ID number 109319506).

12748 SW 64TH TER
FERRER, GILDA (Voter ID number 110314120).
RUIZ, EMILIA (Voter ID number 108917954).

12748 SW 70TH LN
BRACCIO, GIANCARLO (Voter ID number 120577382).
GOMEZ, ANDRE Philippe (Voter ID number 110013179).
GOMEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109397920).

12748 SW 71ST TER
PILITTERE, NANCY Vergara (Voter ID number 109178500).
PILITTERE, THOMAS (Voter ID number 109728748).

12749 SW 62ND TER
QUIROZ, BRAULIO (Voter ID number 114724702).
QUIROZ, LOREN (Voter ID number 119899883).
RODRIGUEZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 114804310).
VARGAS, JAZMIN (Voter ID number 120367398).

12749 SW 64TH TER
ALVAREZ, SANDRA P. (Voter ID number 110067617).
LOZANO, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 116680682).
LOZANO, ANDRES F. (Voter ID number 117563729).

12749 SW 68TH TER
ZOVATH, JENNIFER N. (Voter ID number 120125941).
ZOVATH, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 109910071).

12749 SW 69TH TER
PALOMINO, ANNY Kukuli (Voter ID number 118221891).
MELONI, CHRISTOPHER Adrian (Voter ID number 109728883).
MELONI, CHRISTOPHER Adrian (Voter ID number 110303092).
MELONI, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109095968).

12749 SW 71ST TER
PEREZ, ANTHONY S. (Voter ID number 110213784).
RAMOS, ANNETTE A. (Voter ID number 109766776).

12750 SW 69TH TER
GONZALEZ GARCIA, NORMA (Voter ID number 119571937).
CRUZ, PEDRO A. (Voter ID number 116260173).

12750 SW 74TH ST
GONZALEZ, LEMUEL Agustin (Voter ID number 109318525).
GONZALEZ, OSANA A. (Voter ID number 109318510).

12751 SW 60TH LN
BENITEZ, LAURA (Voter ID number 118087202).
LOPEZ, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 110270410).

12751 SW 65TH ST
YINKO, SARAH Laguna (Voter ID number 110105614).

12751 SW 74TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 118637592).
RODRIGUEZ, ASTRID (Voter ID number 117557598).
RODRIGUEZ, ODALIS B. (Voter ID number 110002998).

12752 SW 61ST TER
SOKHN, CHIMENE Haroun (Voter ID number 109687542).
SOKHN, THEOPHILE (Voter ID number 109277746).

12752 SW 64TH TER
SIERRA, ADRIANA Maria (Voter ID number 119479982).
SIERRA, LIAN Marie (Voter ID number 114724018).
SIERRA, LILLIAN M. (Voter ID number 109160758).

12753 SW 64TH TER
PEREZ, ADRIANA R. (Voter ID number 110218628).

12753 SW 68TH TER
MONTGOMERY, CLARA (Voter ID number 109262248).

12753 SW 69TH TER
GORDON, ONIS C. (Voter ID number 109144598).

12753 SW 71ST TER
VEGA, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109800166).
LASTRA, MABEL (Voter ID number 116635333).

12755 SW 60TH LN
TOWNSEND, TARA Angela (Voter ID number 110015324).
ZOTA-TOWNSEND, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109229591).

12756 SW 64TH TER
METAYER, SABRINA N. (Voter ID number 109828550).
RODRIGUEZ, ELVIS Luis (Voter ID number 118324275).

12757 SW 64TH TER
ALONSO, DANIEL (Voter ID number 117063584).
ALONSO, ELVIRA (Voter ID number 109304679).
ALONSO, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109284761).
ALONSO, VICTOR (Voter ID number 115876920).

12759 SW 60TH LN
DELGADO DE ORAMAS, PAULA M. (Voter ID number 109132680).
SANCHEZ, NATYIA K. (Voter ID number 115176121).

12760 SW 60TH LN
BREZO, AGUEDA D. (Voter ID number 109121416).
BREZO, JULIO Vidal (Voter ID number 109121417).
MARTINEZ, BRANDON Paul (Voter ID number 116282739).

12760 SW 64TH TER
ALONSO, OLGA G. (Voter ID number 109141394).

12760 SW 65TH ST
MALGRAT, ANGELES (Voter ID number 108950630).
RODRIGUEZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 115978871).

12761 SW 65TH ST
MENENDEZ, ANA L. (Voter ID number 110288944).
MENENDEZ, LILIAN A. (Voter ID number 110288895).

12762 SW 65TH TER
MESA, GERARDO (Voter ID number 119789084).
GIMENEZ, MYRIAM (Voter ID number 109394666).

12763 SW 60TH LN
LEETS, JOHANNA C. (Voter ID number 110274752).

12763 SW 65TH TER
SOTO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109410495).

12764 SW 60TH LN
GUERRA, MARTHA (Voter ID number 110190198).
GUERRA, JORGE M. (Voter ID number 116284339).

12764 SW 64TH TER
LOPEZ, DINORAH (Voter ID number 117072431).
LOPEZ, JOSE Rafael (Voter ID number 119393472).
LOPEZ, ZEILAN (Voter ID number 116302304).

12765 SW 66TH ST
TABOADA, YESENIA V. (Voter ID number 110326106).
VAZQUEZ, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109727012).
TABOADA, MANUEL (Voter ID number 117245824).

12767 SW 60TH LN
LAGOS, SANTOS Alejandro (Voter ID number 109818158).
MENDOZA, JAVIER A. (Voter ID number 110323581).
LAGOS, FELICITA G. (Voter ID number 109841103).
LAGOS, SANTOS Emigdio (Voter ID number 109655241).

12768 SW 60TH LN
GARCIA, MINERVA G. (Voter ID number 117011046).
MACHADO, FABIO R. (Voter ID number 116586536).
MACHADO, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 116946896).

12768 SW 64TH TER
DELGADO, ASTRID (Voter ID number 116906609).
VAN BAUSH, RUSSELL Lee (Voter ID number 109209356).

12770 SW 65TH ST
DIB, ADA Olazabal (Voter ID number 109375386).
GARCIA, RAMON (Voter ID number 114563298).
MISA, JULIA Margarita (Voter ID number 113982768).

12771 SW 60TH LN
SERRAPINANA, ROBERT Ryan (Voter ID number 120392140).
CARDENTEY, BENITO (Voter ID number 109477670).
CARDENTEY, DAVID (Voter ID number 110123719).
CARDENTEY, DIANA (Voter ID number 109257060).
CARDENTEY, ELIDA (Voter ID number 109477927).

12771 SW 65TH ST
LA GRA, ERIC E. (Voter ID number 109436460).

12772 SW 65TH TER
HUTCHISON, JON Andrew (Voter ID number 109369443).

12773 SW 65TH TER
CABRERA, DANIEL Evelio (Voter ID number 110323078).
CABRERA, MARISOL (Voter ID number 109869535).
CABRERA, SERGIO (Voter ID number 109694146).
CHAVEZ, VIANCA (Voter ID number 117423557).
LISTE, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 117423555).
NOGUEIRA, ALEJANDRA (Voter ID number 120178563).

12775 SW 59TH ST
GARCIA, ROLANDO J. (Voter ID number 119627594).
GARCIA, ROMAN Luis (Voter ID number 120944862).
GARCIA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109273732).
GARCIA, MAYRA (Voter ID number 109189529).

12775 SW 66TH ST
QUANT, MANUEL Ramon (Voter ID number 114165755).

12780 SW 65TH ST
REBOSO, DIANELLA (Voter ID number 110167948).

12782 SW 65TH TER
PERDOMO, LOIDA M. (Voter ID number 109679395).
PERDOMO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109672924).

12783 SW 65TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, LEYANIS (Voter ID number 120431487).

12785 SW 59TH ST
RACINES, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 109575519).
RACINES, MARTA C. (Voter ID number 109576658).

12785 SW 66TH ST
OBREGON, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 108926017).

12790 SW 65TH ST
DE ARMAS, FABIOLA M. (Voter ID number 119182491).
DE ARMAS, JESUS Alfredo (Voter ID number 109324985).
SANCHEZ DE ARMAS, FABIOLA L. (Voter ID number 109555155).

12791 SW 65TH ST
BICET, JONGE M. (Voter ID number 116296049).

12792 SW 65TH TER
DE CARDENAS, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 110116059).
DE CARDENAS, LAZARO (Voter ID number 109662191).
DE CARDENAS, NORMA M. (Voter ID number 109657061).

12793 SW 65TH TER
HERNANDEZ, ERCILIA M. (Voter ID number 102199425).
SAINTIL, PIERRE II Jack (Voter ID number 102150039).

12796 SW 66TH ST
AROSTEGUI, REYNALDO (Voter ID number 119345460).
AROSTEGUI, URANIA (Voter ID number 115891973).

12800 SW 67TH TER
GONZALEZ, GONZALO Blas (Voter ID number 108973947).

12800 SW 80TH ST
VIDAL, JANELLYS (Voter ID number 109770006).

12801 SW 58TH LN
DUQUE, SILVIO (Voter ID number 119970976).

BROWN, JOHN Charles (Voter ID number 109416052).
DE IZAGUIRRE, MARTHA Maria (Voter ID number 109496019).

12801 SW 68TH TER
BACALLAO, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 109609626).
SILVA, TADIA (Voter ID number 110016989).

12801 SW 80TH ST
VARONA, FIDELINA (Voter ID number 108928803).

12801 SW 81ST ST
CAJIGAL FRESNO, JULIANA (Voter ID number 109435614).
OVIEDO, AURORA F. (Voter ID number 109307563).
OVIEDO, DANIEL R. (Voter ID number 119509758).
OVIEDO, JAMES (Voter ID number 109313369).

12803 SW 67TH TER
MILLER, HELEN Michael (Voter ID number 108978861).

12804 SW 74TH TER
ROBLES, CHRISTA Diane (Voter ID number 109521404).
ROBLES, DOUGLAS John (Voter ID number 109759532).
ROBLES, FERDINAND Nicholas (Voter ID number 109233974).
ROBLES, LINDA L. (Voter ID number 109763266).

12805 SW 58TH LN
GALVEZ, FERNANDO G. (Voter ID number 120204298).
REGO, MELISSA (Voter ID number 109468169).

12805 SW 68TH TER
VENTO ROYERO, CARMEN (Voter ID number 119979122).

12805 SW 72ND TER
BENAVIDES, ROGER (Voter ID number 110032371).
COLL, SEVERINA Nilia (Voter ID number 109239160).
OTERO, ROSITA (Voter ID number 109078165).

12805 SW 76TH TER
ALVAREZ, REYNALDO (Voter ID number 117699611).
ALVAREZ, SARAY (Voter ID number 114584279).
GUERRA, VALERIE (Voter ID number 115263369).
LEYVA, ADRIAN Evelio (Voter ID number 121103301).

12807 SW 68TH TER
TANNEHILL, DIANE Stacy (Voter ID number 109080366).
TANNEHILL, SHAWN Robert (Voter ID number 108923332).

12809 SW 68TH TER
LOPEZ, ANNA Maria (Voter ID number 119940221).
TOMEU, MARTHA P. (Voter ID number 109047591).

12810 SW 67TH TER
FARINAS, ILIANA (Voter ID number 120161362).

12810 SW 68TH LN
BLAHA, MEGAN Frances (Voter ID number 119931226).
WILLIAMS, LISA Frances (Voter ID number 116856137).

BERISH, MARJORIE (Voter ID number 109543429).

12811 SW 68TH TER
HENSON, DIANA (Voter ID number 109664700).

12812 SW 68TH LN
KELLEY, MICHAEL Stephen (Voter ID number 109863222).
KELLEY, MICHELLE A. (Voter ID number 115842041).
SEE, MICHELLE A. (Voter ID number 109709789).

12812 SW 70TH LN
BLANCO, INES M. (Voter ID number 110089068).

12813 SW 67TH TER
BRAVO, PEDRO H. (Voter ID number 109925689).
BRAVO, CELIA S. (Voter ID number 109925631).

12813 SW 68TH TER
THEORET, LIZA M. (Voter ID number 110122845).

12814 SW 68TH LN
DIAZ, RAIZA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109970660).
MESA, ERIK Lazaro (Voter ID number 109819364).
PROENZA, ANDREA Cristina (Voter ID number 100585805).
PROENZA, JAVIER Enrique (Voter ID number 109732516).
PROENZA, LAURA V. (Voter ID number 110289631).

12814 SW 71ST LN
DIAZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 116067214).

12814 SW 74TH TER
SAMUEL, DARRELL (Voter ID number 120410146).

12815 SW 58TH LN
FELIO, CRISTY D. (Voter ID number 110246047).
FELIU, ALEXEI (Voter ID number 116544747).
FALCON, CLORIS N. (Voter ID number 109504596).

12815 SW 66TH TER
COZZARELLI, ELIANA (Voter ID number 115944652).

12815 SW 71ST LN
GONZALEZ, PETER Stockton (Voter ID number 110328143).
LANCELLA, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 109060129).

12815 SW 72ND TER
SOSA, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109388919).
GEILIN SOSA, MARISOL (Voter ID number 109433784).

12815 SW 76TH TER
DITINYAK, ASHLEY Aleynis (Voter ID number 120595343).
RODRIGUEZ, ADAYMIS (Voter ID number 109960142).

12816 SW 67TH TER
RE, JOLIETTE (Voter ID number 118093411).
RE, JORGE Ernesto (Voter ID number 114517233).
RE, NATALIA C. (Voter ID number 119670353).
RE, LIZETT Evelyn (Voter ID number 109695435).

12816 SW 68TH LN
GONZALEZ, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109552414).
GONZALEZ, HILDA Caridad (Voter ID number 109489763).

12816 SW 70TH LN
FAJARDO, LELLANNY (Voter ID number 118090913).
RODRIGUEZ-VADO, EDWARD A. (Voter ID number 109949716).
TORUNO, ROSA Virginia (Voter ID number 115758470).

12818 SW 71ST LN
MAYA, TERESA (Voter ID number 109718980).
MAYA, MORDU (Voter ID number 109229957).

12819 SW 71ST LN
FOWLER, SEAN (Voter ID number 116853885).
TOLEDO, SANDRO B. (Voter ID number 116769702).
FOWLER, CHRISTIAN E. (Voter ID number 115612276).

12820 SW 58TH LN
MACIAS, MIGUEL G. (Voter ID number 109515113).

12820 SW 67TH TER
BLUM, STEPHANIE Corces (Voter ID number 109221238).
BLUM, HERNANDO A. (Voter ID number 109618147).

12820 SW 70TH LN
GONZALEZ, LEONY (Voter ID number 115251422).

12820 SW 74TH ST
HERNANDEZ, FRANCISCA (Voter ID number 110132562).
AGUIAR, EMILIO (Voter ID number 110304231).
MENDEZ, ANA Rosa (Voter ID number 112600082).

12822 SW 71ST LN
MICHELENA, VANESSA (Voter ID number 109744879).

12823 SW 67TH TER
LOPEZ, GABY (Voter ID number 119582321).
LOPEZ, NICOLE Andrea (Voter ID number 116503397).
LOPEZ, INGRID J. (Voter ID number 110274585).

12823 SW 71ST LN
PALACIOS, ARELYS (Voter ID number 109870632).
PALACIOS, GUSTAVO L. (Voter ID number 116828701).

12824 SW 70TH LN
CASTELLANOS, JOANNE Solis (Voter ID number 109455309).
CASTELLANOS, JOSE W. (Voter ID number 110180993).

12824 SW 74TH TER
SASTRE, LOUIS Anthony (Voter ID number 121185836).
IGLESIAS, ELENA Maria (Voter ID number 109328146).
SASTRE, LUIS (Voter ID number 109082612).
SASTRE, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109082613).

12825 SW 58TH LN
GOCHEZ SIGUENZA, ALBERTINA (Voter ID number 121092185).
BENARD, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109549666).
MAYORAL-BENARD, ANA E. (Voter ID number 114974030).

12825 SW 76TH TER
HOUSTON, CURTIS C. (Voter ID number 118379339).

12826 SW 67TH TER
LIST, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 117554994).
LIST, DAVID Allen (Voter ID number 109159658).
LIST, MATTHEW Edward (Voter ID number 120513966).

12826 SW 71ST LN
GONZALEZ, HERIBERTO (Voter ID number 109528626).

12827 SW 62ND LN
ESPINOZA, MARTHA F. (Voter ID number 120164305).
ESPINOZA, VERONICA (Voter ID number 110213723).
FERRER, GIOCONDA A. (Voter ID number 109575243).
MIRANDA, BERNA S. (Voter ID number 109596574).

12827 SW 67TH TER
GARCIA, YADIRA (Voter ID number 118549540).

12827 SW 71ST LN
SANCHEZ, ZAIDE (Voter ID number 109606992).
ESTRADA, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 109814735).
PORRAS, MARTA (Voter ID number 116169960).

12830 SW 58TH LN
LEZCANO, ELIGIO Jesus (Voter ID number 116097618).
HERNANDEZ, ADEL (Voter ID number 116527153).
HERNANDEZ, SARAY (Voter ID number 116301007).

12830 SW 66TH TER
DUQUE, GUILLERMO Leon (Voter ID number 109647121).
DUQUE, JENNY M. (Voter ID number 109674328).

DUQUE, CHRISTIAN Andres (Voter ID number 110122556).

12830 SW 67TH TER
MARTINEZ, MARIA Leonor (Voter ID number 109837131).
LEYTON, GLORIA Esperanza (Voter ID number 116987371).

12830 SW 74TH ST
DE ROBLES, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109269149).
DE ROBLES, DANIEL (Voter ID number 119788775).

PROUT, JOAN M. (Voter ID number 109490315).

12832 SW 62ND LN
GUADALUPE, DENNIS A. (Voter ID number 109849276).
GUTIERREZ, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 110304695).
GUTIERREZ, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 109557451).
GUTIERREZ, LOURDES (Voter ID number 110100860).
GUTIERREZ, MARIA Cristina (Voter ID number 109769001).

12833 SW 67TH TER
SUAREZ, DIANA Angela (Voter ID number 114851931).
RODRIGUEZ, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109626225).

12835 SW 58TH LN
MARTINEZ, DIANELYS (Voter ID number 114309498).

12835 SW 64TH LN
BECK, ANDY F. (Voter ID number 116256765).
BECK, CARMEN (Voter ID number 121080482).
GUTIERREZ, LUZ M. (Voter ID number 121080480).

12835 SW 65TH TER
AQUINO, MICHELLE Elaine (Voter ID number 119802536).
AQUINO, MARIEL E. (Voter ID number 115237313).
AQUINO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 109617773).
AQUINO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 116291323).

12835 SW 66TH TER
RONDINONI, IVO (Voter ID number 118091103).

12835 SW 76TH TER
RIVERO, LUZ I. (Voter ID number 109635619).
ROZAS, CELIA Amparo (Voter ID number 109114907).

12836 SW 62ND LN
GUERRA, AURORA I. (Voter ID number 109526541).

TORRES, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109029560).
TORRES, YOLANDA L. (Voter ID number 109029559).

12836 SW 67TH TER
MONZON, GILBERTO Raul (Voter ID number 109179159).
MONZON, MAGALY (Voter ID number 109179158).

12837 SW 64TH LN
BYRD, RICHARD Jackson (Voter ID number 110189762).
BYRD, SARAH K. (Voter ID number 110107452).

12837 SW 65TH TER
GUERRERO, JAIRO E. (Voter ID number 118201778).
MADRID, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 120085135).

12837 SW 67TH TER
ALVAREZ, GEORGINA A. (Voter ID number 109621218).
ALVAREZ, JOSE Ramon (Voter ID number 108969563).

12839 SW 62ND LN
MONTE, RODOLFO Paz (Voter ID number 109207057).

12839 SW 64TH LN
BOTTON CRUZ, KAREN S. (Voter ID number 119628734).
BOTTON, YANNY Susana (Voter ID number 110343101).

12839 SW 65TH TER
FONG, CONCEPCION (Voter ID number 109350323).

12840 SW 58TH LN
FRANCO, MARTHA (Voter ID number 110050971).
PLA, PEDRO F. (Voter ID number 116207017).

12840 SW 62ND LN
SUCCAR, ANNABELLE Ivonne (Voter ID number 109568805).

12840 SW 62ND LN
APT 304

SUCCAR, KEVIN A. (Voter ID number 118090460).

MILLS, CHERYL Sandra (Voter ID number 110248293).

12840 SW 67TH TER
DE ARMAS, ROSA America (Voter ID number 108945422).
DE ARMAS, SERGIO (Voter ID number 108933866).

12840 SW 74TH ST
HERNANDEZ, ERNESTINA (Voter ID number 114765949).

12841 SW 64TH LN
ALVAREZ, GRICELL (Voter ID number 110248343).
RODRIGUEZ, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 114477009).

PAPPAS, DELLA Diane (Voter ID number 109024768).
PAPPAS, GEORGE (Voter ID number 109834960).

12841 SW 74TH ST
FLEITES, AIXA Shiling (Voter ID number 109612580).

12843 SW 62ND LN
FAJARDO, SIULCARE A. (Voter ID number 114731118).
GUTIERREZ, KRYSTTELL Sorelys (Voter ID number 116316555).
LOPEZ, XIOMARA B. (Voter ID number 110135972).
VALDEZ, WILLIAM Ernesto (Voter ID number 109985533).

12843 SW 65TH TER
CHEUNG, CRISTOVAO Paulo (Voter ID number 110003116).
KWOK, KIT Ming (Voter ID number 110024753).

12844 SW 62ND LN
DELGADO, ABEL (Voter ID number 110068803).
DELGADO, RUBEN (Voter ID number 110292494).

12844 SW 64TH LN
PRIETO, ZOILA (Voter ID number 110167366).
SIMON, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 110035905).

12844 SW 74TH TER
FRUTOS, DANIEL Santos (Voter ID number 110149103).
GUZMAN, ADELAIDA (Voter ID number 120175921).
FRUTOS, JENNIFER Caminero (Voter ID number 115788835).

12845 SW 58TH LN
GONZALEZ, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 110243150).
GONZALEZ, ROXANA (Voter ID number 110288418).

12845 SW 64TH LN
OROPESA, MANUEL (Voter ID number 115908525).
OROPESAI, LAURA (Voter ID number 115841306).
SABIO, ANGELA (Voter ID number 110237368).

12845 SW 65TH ST
ARELLANO, AMBER A. (Voter ID number 120912484).
ARELLANO, BLANCA Rosa (Voter ID number 110078123).

12845 SW 65TH TER
LUE, DONNA T. (Voter ID number 109842682).
LUE, JACQUELINE Kathrina (Voter ID number 109887009).
LUE, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 109842342).

12845 SW 66TH TER
GRAY, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 119390599).

ARELLANO, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109310078).
GRAY, MARITZA Arellano (Voter ID number 109307402).

12845 SW 72ND TER
GIRALDO, JOSEPH F. (Voter ID number 110040306).
PARADA, MARTHA (Voter ID number 114080233).
ZULUAGA, LUIS Fernando (Voter ID number 109415224).
ZULUAGA, KARINA A. (Voter ID number 116292384).

12845 SW 76TH TER
CUETO, GERARDO (Voter ID number 114723580).
CUETO, ARIEL David (Voter ID number 119192168).

12846 SW 64TH LN
HERNANDEZ, IDANIA (Voter ID number 121137571).
RUIZ, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 121137575).

12846 SW 67TH TER
PORTALATIN, ROBERTO J. (Voter ID number 109561780).

12847 SW 62ND LN
MENARD, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number 102257221).

12847 SW 64TH LN
DERGAN, PETER Michael (Voter ID number 120857636).
MARTINEZ, CARMEN Natalia (Voter ID number 110323252).
DE JESUS, CARMEN R. (Voter ID number 115678776).
DERGAN, ANA Rosa (Voter ID number 109688451).

12847 SW 65TH ST
ARGUELLO, CHRISTIANE Aleida (Voter ID number 115682978).
ARGUELLO, LIZETT C. (Voter ID number 109838650).
ARGUELLO, PEDRO Joaquin (Voter ID number 109798956).

12848 SW 62ND LN
RUSETTE, ARENDS M. (Voter ID number 110267889).
ARENDS, RUSETTE M. (Voter ID number 116264169).

12849 SW 65TH ST
DENNIS, MABEL (Voter ID number 109406440).
DENNIS, MELVIS Alexander (Voter ID number 109348444).

12850 SW 58TH LN
CABRERA, TANIA A. (Voter ID number 110100251).
ROSARIO, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 109222946).

12850 SW 61ST ST
SILVA, HERIBERTO (Voter ID number 109687705).

12850 SW 64TH LN
MESIAS, CAROL L. (Voter ID number 109804693).

12850 SW 66TH TER
KIEL, PATRICK O. (Voter ID number 108997992).
JOHNSON, ZONA C. (Voter ID number 109637490).

12850 SW 67TH TER
PRIMEC, MARJETA (Voter ID number 110094176).

12850 SW 72ND TER
BENDEZU, BRYAN Jon (Voter ID number 114327743).
BENDEZU, JOSE J. (Voter ID number 109853955).
BENDEZU, VICTORIA P. (Voter ID number 109255710).

12851 SW 60TH ST
CAPELLAN, APOLINAR (Voter ID number 110330226).
CAPELLAN, DANIEL (Voter ID number 115690232).
CAPELLAN, ELSA (Voter ID number 110278854).
CAPELLAN, JOHN (Voter ID number 110300900).

12851 SW 62ND LN
ST CLAIR, DENISE Katrina (Voter ID number 109790891).
BAKER, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 109385989).
STCLAIR, KEITH James (Voter ID number 109534540).

12851 SW 64TH LN
MARTINEZ, MARITZA (Voter ID number 115867733).

12851 SW 65TH ST
PAINE, CARMEN (Voter ID number 110059693).
PAINE, JAMES Winston (Voter ID number 109199202).

12851 SW 65TH TER
LLANOS, BARBIE Judith (Voter ID number 109725238).
PENA-GOMEZ, INES C. (Voter ID number 109853683).

12851 SW 74TH ST
HERNANDEZ, DANIELLE E. (Voter ID number 115275210).
HERNANDEZ, DIANA Elena (Voter ID number 109268548).
HERNANDEZ, ROLANDO Victor (Voter ID number 109539408).
HERNANDEZ, JOSEPH D. (Voter ID number 117573019).

12853 SW 64TH LN
DELANEY, GUILLERMO A. (Voter ID number 119998276).
DELANEY, YAJAIRA (Voter ID number 109461682).
COMEA, GANET (Voter ID number 114450487).

12854 SW 64TH LN
LABRADOR, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 109813269).
RODRIGUEZ, AMAYA (Voter ID number 110214747).

12854 SW 74TH TER
RUIZ, JENNIFER Marie Diaz (Voter ID number 110038088).
RUIZ, WILFREDO L. (Voter ID number 116479624).

12855 SW 58TH LN
FOX, GRACIELA C. (Voter ID number 109319559).
FOX, AURELIO J. (Voter ID number 109319985).

12855 SW 62ND LN
EIROA, OLGA Lidia (Voter ID number 109530816).

12855 SW 64TH LN
AGUILERA, EDUARDO Balbino (Voter ID number 109414194).

12855 SW 65TH ST
AROCENA, MIRIAM G. (Voter ID number 109223189).

12855 SW 72ND TER
ECHEMENDIA, OFELIA (Voter ID number 109455686).
LOPEZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109589036).

12855 SW 76TH TER
WILLIAMS, SHELLEY Ann (Voter ID number 109618288).

12856 SW 61ST ST
TORRES-CURRO, ELENA (Voter ID number 109291326).

12856 SW 64TH LN
CHIANG, IVAN Xavier (Voter ID number 115034519).

12856 SW 66TH TER
RENAUD, ELSYE (Voter ID number 109540791).

12856 SW 67TH TER
JACOBSON, IONE Ronee (Voter ID number 108987183).
JACOBSON, RONALD Charles (Voter ID number 109789591).

12857 SW 60TH ST
ALVAREZ, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109214161).
SANCHEZ, BROOKS Roy (Voter ID number 110083148).
SUAREZ, GIANCARLO M. (Voter ID number 110313444).

12857 SW 64TH LN
FRAGA, JACQUELINE D. (Voter ID number 119954849).

12857 SW 65TH TER
ALVAREZ, ANTONIA Marina (Voter ID number 109879826).
KASSO, OMAR A. (Voter ID number 110174108).
MARTINEZ, ANA Margarita (Voter ID number 109238930).

12858 SW 64TH LN
MOREIRA, MAURICIO J. (Voter ID number 116598177).
MOREIRA, MAURICIO Jose (Voter ID number 115862843).
MIRANDA, GLADYS C. (Voter ID number 116574842).

12859 SW 64TH LN
LARA, ERIKA (Voter ID number 120216284).
LARA, KEVIN J. (Voter ID number 119049120).

12859 SW 65TH ST
ALEAGA, LUCIA (Voter ID number 114656905).
RINALDI, PAUL (Voter ID number 117563478).
CUBELA, RAFAEL Amado (Voter ID number 109179059).
GONZALEZ, ARNALDO (Voter ID number 117651561).
LAROCHELLE, PIERRE (Voter ID number 110200616).

12859 SW 65TH TER
ANTON, VIRGINIA E. (Voter ID number 109862020).
ANTON, PASTOR Francisco (Voter ID number 109455579).

12860 SW 58TH LN
MARTINEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 109275350).
MARTINEZ, ROSA Amelia (Voter ID number 110242957).

12860 SW 62ND LN
GARCIA, ANGELICA (Voter ID number 109855668).
GARCIA, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 110260042).
GARCIA, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 114393610).

12860 SW 64TH LN
CORTES, ALEXANDRA Catherine (Voter ID number 109365682).

12860 SW 72ND TER
RODIL, GABY Consuelo (Voter ID number 117724503).
RODIL, GUMERSINDO (Voter ID number 109246066).

12861 SW 64TH LN
CABRERA, ADYS O. (Voter ID number 109667387).
CABRERA, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109600817).

12861 SW 65TH ST
BROWN, FRANKI Danielle (Voter ID number 120025120).

CALLAS, DIANE L. (Voter ID number 110279852).

12861 SW 74TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, ELENA Beatriz (Voter ID number 109227756).
RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109227868).

12862 SW 60TH ST
CENDAN, MARIA (Voter ID number 116342852).

12862 SW 61ST ST
MARTINEZ, MELISSA Nicole (Voter ID number 120455764).

12862 SW 62ND TER
FONTANA, HUMBERTO Jose (Voter ID number 109990424).
FONTANA, INGRID (Voter ID number 109994864).

12862 SW 64TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, ANICETO (Voter ID number 109928289).
RODRIGUEZ, CUQUI (Voter ID number 110139707).
RODRIGUEZ, NOELQUIS (Voter ID number 109928288).
RODRIGUEZ, NOELVIS (Voter ID number 120250428).

12863 SW 60TH ST
LOPEZ, EVELYN Emily (Voter ID number 109028779).
SCOTT, DIANNA M. (Voter ID number 116750936).

12863 SW 62ND LN
PETRAITIS, ESTAICE Antonio (Voter ID number 121081273).

12863 SW 64TH LN
CONRADO, ISRAEL J. (Voter ID number 110161314).

12863 SW 65TH ST
GARCIA DE LOS RIOS, ANA Mary (Voter ID number 109292357).

12864 SW 60TH TER
VALDES-PEREZ, MATTHEW Luis (Voter ID number 115865870).

12865 SW 58TH LN
RADEMACHER, JESSE Lynn (Voter ID number 117170886).
NUNEZ, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 109993979).

12865 SW 64TH LN
SEGURA, FLORBEL I. (Voter ID number 109428035).

12865 SW 65TH ST
TORRES, MONICA T. (Voter ID number 109895505).

12865 SW 65TH TER
SANS, ELISE (Voter ID number 117045871).
PENA, MARIA Carmen (Voter ID number 108951919).

12865 SW 66TH TER
RUIZ, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 116311204).

GONZALEZ, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 119042589).
LOPEZ-RUIZ, SONIA (Voter ID number 109923468).

12865 SW 72ND TER
ARCOS, ADRIANA Melissa (Voter ID number 119048916).
ARCOS, MARISOL N. (Voter ID number 119082176).
ARCOS, REYNALDO Efrain (Voter ID number 109971262).

12865 SW 76TH TER
LEMUS, JENNY Marie (Voter ID number 109419097).
LEMUS, MANUEL Clyde (Voter ID number 109534895).
LEMUS, NATALIE J. (Voter ID number 109671170).
LEMUS, JESSE Dean (Voter ID number 109818190).
LEMUS, MANUEL M. (Voter ID number 109520222).

12866 SW 62ND TER
GARCIA, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 110005851).
GUILLEN, MARIO (Voter ID number 109944629).
SAN PEDRO, RAIKO (Voter ID number 116495415).

12866 SW 64TH LN
GONZALEZ, KAREN H. (Voter ID number 119845830).
TIRADO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 119845801).
PATINO CASTANO, JESUS M. (Voter ID number 109845750).

12867 SW 62ND LN
BATTLE, YAMIRYS (Voter ID number 116419860).

12867 SW 64TH LN
ESQUIVEL, KELLY (Voter ID number 109412402).
MANTIONE, GRACE (Voter ID number 109520390).

12867 SW 65TH TER
CASTANEDA, ADOLFO J. (Voter ID number 109471115).
CASTANEDA, ILSE X. (Voter ID number 109367367).
GRANADOS, BLANCA (Voter ID number 109989154).

12868 SW 60TH ST
ALVAREZ, ELSA Ursula (Voter ID number 109934907).
CABRERA, GISELE (Voter ID number 109576639).
CABRERA, KRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 110212124).

12868 SW 61ST ST
RUIZ, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 109993956).

12868 SW 62ND LN
MELICH, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 110008033).
SANCHEZ, AIMEE (Voter ID number 109999414).
TRO, AMADA (Voter ID number 109613021).

12869 SW 60TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, YOLANDA Pardinas (Voter ID number 109928339).

12869 SW 60TH TER
GONZALEZ LAZA, OSCAR Gabriel (Voter ID number 116884421).
VELEZ, NANCY (Voter ID number 114648358).

12869 SW 64TH LN
DIAZ, JESUS Andres (Voter ID number 119517142).
DIAZ, BRYAN A. (Voter ID number 119611463).
DIAZ, DENNIS A. (Voter ID number 118109756).
DIAZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 109275039).
DIAZ, TANIA Isabel (Voter ID number 109148066).

12869 SW 65TH TER
LENG, ANTONIA (Voter ID number 109349584).

12870 SW 58TH LN
CHAO HERNANDEZ, ALINA C. (Voter ID number 109495318).
HERNANDEZ, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number 114417924).
HERNANDEZ, WILFREDO A. (Voter ID number 109276121).

12870 SW 60TH TER
CARBOT, CHRISTIAN A. (Voter ID number 110112688).
RODRIGUEZ, CARMEN Julia (Voter ID number 109592574).

12870 SW 62ND TER
FERNANDEZ, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 110219376).
SIBILA, ERIK (Voter ID number 110200046).

12870 SW 72ND TER
BRITO PEREZ, MAXIMO (Voter ID number 120542809).

12871 SW 61ST ST
RAVELO, DAYAMI (Voter ID number 116062449).

12871 SW 62ND LN
GARCIA, JAVIER Damian (Voter ID number 109690685).
SALABARRIA, GLADYS D. (Voter ID number 108943233).

12871 SW 65TH TER
GOVIN, YDALMIS (Voter ID number 119536582).
MORERA, ISMEL (Voter ID number 119866997).
MORERA, YRINALDO (Voter ID number 119573804).

12871 SW 74TH ST
QUICUTI, DAVID (Voter ID number 109278607).
ROMERO, CESAR (Voter ID number 109442586).
ROMERO, ELENA I. (Voter ID number 109641139).
ROMERO, SUSANA Del Pilar (Voter ID number 109423900).

12872 SW 62ND LN
LLANES, FELIX (Voter ID number 115241596).
RAMIREZ, ALBA L. (Voter ID number 109773882).

12873 SW 65TH TER
NUNEZ, MILAGROS E. (Voter ID number 109657348).
NUNEZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109462185).

12874 SW 60TH ST
BASHA, SARAH (Voter ID number 115275215).
BASNA, GEORGE Y. (Voter ID number 110077273).
BASNA, JOEY (Voter ID number 114384212).
BASNA, MARLENE M. (Voter ID number 110077243).

12874 SW 61ST ST
HARLEY, ELSY (Voter ID number 109687936).
HARLEY, MICHELLE Elise (Voter ID number 119628841).

12874 SW 62ND TER
GOMEZ, JENNINA D. (Voter ID number 110222310).
GOMEZ, PABLO Manuel (Voter ID number 110335707).

12875 SW 58TH LN
BERNARDEZ, ALLEN L. (Voter ID number 109222663).
JACOBS, MARGARET M. (Voter ID number 115935965).
PUENTES, CLARA Cobo (Voter ID number 109029223).

12875 SW 60TH ST
VO, DUNG Phi (Voter ID number 120736960).
ALFONSO-VO, YOLANDA F. (Voter ID number 109956141).

12875 SW 60TH TER
GARCIA, LUIS Eduardo (Voter ID number 109968586).

12875 SW 60TH ST
VO, KATARINA Loann (Voter ID number 117560617).

12875 SW 62ND LN
SALGADO, ADA Aleida (Voter ID number 109645294).

12875 SW 64TH LN
RUIZ CARDONA, NIVIA (Voter ID number 119754478).
SOLARTE GALINDO, LUZ M. (Voter ID number 114612068).

12875 SW 65TH TER
PENA, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 109530971).

12875 SW 72ND TER
FLORES, MARIA F. (Voter ID number 116905893).
BLANCO, MONICA Marie (Voter ID number 109361796).
BLANCO, NELSON D. (Voter ID number 109039128).
BLANCO, NELSON Dan (Voter ID number 109486592).

12877 SW 64TH LN
FAJARDO, RAMON (Voter ID number 109396124).
LINARES, MIRTA I. (Voter ID number 109321832).

12877 SW 65TH TER
NAJARA, MERCEDES M. (Voter ID number 116234466).
NAJARA, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 116233608).

12878 SW 62ND TER
PEREZ-GONZALEZ, GRACIELA M. (Voter ID number 110030476).

12879 SW 62ND LN
GAITAN, AMPARO (Voter ID number 109657391).
GAITAN, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109604489).

12879 SW 65TH TER
ALVARADO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 119299909).
ALVARADO, HELIODORO (Voter ID number 117827860).
ALVARADO, ROLANDO M. (Voter ID number 116805554).
ALVARADO, LIGIA D. (Voter ID number 116879627).

12880 SW 58TH LN
GARCIA, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 109891335).
GARCIA, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 109672201).

12880 SW 60TH ST
CODORNIU, OLIVER William (Voter ID number 120278587).
DELGADO, ALICE M. (Voter ID number 109400508).

12880 SW 61ST ST
DE LA HOZ, LIZBETH (Voter ID number 120497246).

12881 SW 60TH ST
MONTESINO, HIDALGO (Voter ID number 109025431).
MONTESINO, SONIA (Voter ID number 109063863).

12881 SW 60TH TER
LINARES, ZIOMAHARA (Voter ID number 116501439).
LINARES, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 109786614).
LINARES, LUIS Enrique (Voter ID number 110053455).

12881 SW 61ST ST
GARCIA, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 109754430).
GARCIA, ZOILA America (Voter ID number 110260406).

12882 SW 60TH TER
NARANJO, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 109562252).
NARANJO, FRANCISCO A. (Voter ID number 119629306).
NARANJO, MELBA L. (Voter ID number 114657064).

12882 SW 62ND TER
CRUZ, RAMON (Voter ID number 109484398).
PEREZ, ANA B. (Voter ID number 119435597).
CALDERON, ERICA (Voter ID number 109735302).
CALDERON, LUZ D. (Voter ID number 110070765).
CALDERON, LUZ Marleny (Voter ID number 109954422).
CALDERON, LUZ (Voter ID number 116723021).

12883 SW 62ND LN
QUINONES, CONRADO Manuel (Voter ID number 117119674).
QUINONES, ROSA C. (Voter ID number 119628302).
ALVAREZ, YOANNIA M. (Voter ID number 120314828).
OCHOA, ANGELA De La C (Voter ID number 120314842).

12884 SW 62ND LN
BARRANTES, MARGINI D. (Voter ID number 116291086).
ARGENAL, HILDA Sarai (Voter ID number 117102159).
ARGENAL, OTILIA Damaris (Voter ID number 117121847).

12885 SW 58TH LN
BEDOLLA, URANIA (Voter ID number 109921832).
LUNA, EUGENIO (Voter ID number 109215619).

12886 SW 61ST ST
LANDA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 110314506).
ROMERO, LUISA Amanda (Voter ID number 109739580).
ROMERO, MARIA (Voter ID number 110016948).
ROMERO, MAURICIO Adolfo (Voter ID number 117252282).

12886 SW 62ND TER
DIAZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109271498).

12887 SW 60TH ST
LAMPON, BRENDA (Voter ID number 109994782).

12887 SW 60TH TER
GONZALEZ-RUBIO, ANGEL Guillermo (Voter ID number 110214671).
AMADOR, CLAUDIA Lucia (Voter ID number 120068120).
GONZALEZ, FABIAN E. (Voter ID number 117563664).

12887 SW 61ST TER
HELENBROOK, ROSEMARY S. (Voter ID number 109161586).

12887 SW 61ST ST
SOLOMON, ANGELA Moira (Voter ID number 116635378).

12887 SW 62ND LN
CASTELLANOS, BARBARA Isis (Voter ID number 109795822).
CASTELLANOS, MICHAELA Reynold (Voter ID number 116893223).
FUENTES ARREDONDO, JESUS (Voter ID number 120854748).
BASTIDAS, MARINA (Voter ID number 109973976).

12888 SW 60TH TER
PERULLAS, ELIANA (Voter ID number 109294922).
PERULLAS, HILDA (Voter ID number 109573420).

12890 SW 62ND TER
CEVALLOS, MARY (Voter ID number 109382468).
CEVALLOS, OSCAR M. (Voter ID number 109411144).

12891 SW 62ND LN
ARRIBAS, CONCEPCION (Voter ID number 109403908).
ARRIBAS, NOEMI (Voter ID number 109149797).
ARRIBAS, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109155998).

12892 SW 62ND LN
CALAFFA, MITSY (Voter ID number 120153505).
SOTO, CRISTIAN A. (Voter ID number 110318433).

12893 SW 60TH TER
DIEGUEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 120091352).
ECHEZARRAGA, YANEIZA (Voter ID number 103082824).

12894 SW 60TH TER
ARIAS, GUIOMAR (Voter ID number 110316055).
BETANCOURT, RAYMOND Alejandro (Voter ID number 115802663).
RODRIGUEZ, LIZA Arteaga (Voter ID number 109589176).

12894 SW 62ND TER
PRIETO, ALIPIO (Voter ID number 109406128).

12895 SW 58TH LN
RIAL, LIDIA (Voter ID number 109246977).
SILVERIO, CALIXTO (Voter ID number 120022442).

12895 SW 61ST TER
GUERRA, IVON (Voter ID number 116495693).
LEON, RAMON (Voter ID number 116554561).

12895 SW 62ND LN
DEL CAMPO, YOUSI (Voter ID number 116371727).

12899 SW 62ND LN
ARIAS, NORA Melissa (Voter ID number 110041927).

12900 SW 79TH ST
DEBS, PABLO (Voter ID number 117057020).
DEBS, SOFIA (Voter ID number 116113931).

12900 SW 81ST ST
VANEGAS, DANELIA (Voter ID number 110160513).

12900 SW 82ND ST
JACOMINO, BLANCA Esther (Voter ID number 109248883).

12900 SW 82ND TER
CRUZ, RUBEN Rafael (Voter ID number 109487868).
FERBEYRE, ANTONIO E. (Voter ID number 109627638).

12900 SW 83RD ST
COOKE, JULIE Marie (Voter ID number 109483061).

12900 SW 84TH ST
BEST, RHODA (Voter ID number 108983690).
MOSS, DAVID Benjamin (Voter ID number 120110822).
MOSS, HELENA Best (Voter ID number 109113955).
MOSS, MILES Elliott (Voter ID number 109019314).

12900 SW 85TH ST
ZAMBOLLA, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 108952577).

12901 SW 60TH ST
SAMHAN, BAHAE Marouf (Voter ID number 110342971).
SAMHAN, WASEEM Marouf (Voter ID number 110099349).

12901 SW 66TH TER
JIMENEZ, KARLA Josefina (Voter ID number 119496068).
JIMENEZ, MAXIMO A. (Voter ID number 118941678).
JIMENEZ, MARIO Alberto (Voter ID number 109666335).

JIMENEZ, ANDREA Margarita (Voter ID number 119044328).
JIMENEZ, IVAN A. (Voter ID number 110232586).
JIMENEZ, MARIO (Voter ID number 109804291).
JIMENEZ, PABLO R. (Voter ID number 110151199).

12901 SW 66TH TER
JEREZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 116184911).

12901 SW 74TH ST
GUERRERO, MARILYN A. (Voter ID number 119042610).
RESTREPO, ANGELA Maria (Voter ID number 110194827).
RESTREPO, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109810912).
RESTREPO, JOHN Paul (Voter ID number 110042605).
RESTREPO, ROSEMARIE (Voter ID number 116056045).

12901 SW 81ST ST
PEREZ DEL VALLE, ANNAILEEN (Voter ID number 118204820).
PEREZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109494648).
PEREZ, LINA Madeline (Voter ID number 109494651).

12901 SW 82ND TER
MACHIN, ANA M. (Voter ID number 115585782).

12901 SW 83RD ST
MENDEZ, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 109322026).
MENDEZ, DULCE Maria (Voter ID number 109322028).
PALACIOS, LOURDES M. (Voter ID number 109364222).

12903 SW 64TH LN
CUELLAR, JAIME E. (Voter ID number 120334048).
ESPANA, DINA Maria (Voter ID number 120698690).
VILLAMIL, DIANA K. (Voter ID number 120535771).
CUELLAR ESPANA, JAIME Ernesto (Voter ID number 120214394).

12904 SW 74TH TER
HOUSER, KATHRYN Worsdale (Voter ID number 109107970).
HOUSER, THOMAS Joseph (Voter ID number 110045605).

12905 SW 64TH LN
CUADRA GALO, RICARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 120546707).
NAVARRETE, GERMAN (Voter ID number 116709586).
NAVARRETE, JOSE D. (Voter ID number 120036048).
PIZANO LOPEZ, DANIEL Antonio (Voter ID number 120615679).
PIZANO LOPEZ, FELIPE Francisco (Voter ID number 120529203).
NAVARRETE, JOSE Alexander (Voter ID number 117968240).
NAVARRETE, LUCRECIA D. (Voter ID number 116713885).

VARGAS LOVE, AMANDA M. (Voter ID number 116712619).
VARGAS, CAMILA M. (Voter ID number 120418698).
VARGAS-LOVE, DANIELA MARIA (Voter ID number 120491648).

12905 SW 72ND TER
HERNANDEZ, YOVANNA C. (Voter ID number 109904713).
FERNANDEZ, VICTOR M. (Voter ID number 116892511).

12905 SW 76TH TER
CHINCHILLA-NOVO, RITA Maria (Voter ID number 110016904).
NOVO, DIANA Cecilia (Voter ID number 115696809).
NOVO, JOSE I. (Voter ID number 109696864).

12906 SW 85TH ST
SOLEO, EDWARD L. (Voter ID number 108948499).
SOLEO, LUCILLE (Voter ID number 109177849).

12907 SW 60TH ST
FONT, MILDRED A. (Voter ID number 115383167).

12909 SW 61ST TER
VERA, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 116027948).

12910 SW 72ND TER
BRANDI, CHRISTOPHER William (Voter ID number 116769672).
SANTIESTEBAN, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 110323542).
TRETO, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 109907586).

12910 SW 79TH ST
ABASCAL, CHRISTIAN A. (Voter ID number 117566939).
ABASCAL, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109059028).
ABASCAL, TERESITA (Voter ID number 109880499).

12910 SW 80TH ST
CERDA, MARVIN Wilfredo (Voter ID number 115063080).

12910 SW 81ST ST
MCCREA, MARIAH Chantel (Voter ID number 121069235).
MARTINEZ, OSMARO (Voter ID number 110113907).
MC CREA, LAMONT Rashad (Voter ID number 110138100).
SMITH, DIANE McCrea (Voter ID number 120270421).

12910 SW 82ND TER
MELERO, FREDRICK Maurice (Voter ID number 109805341).
MELERO, REBECCA Anne (Voter ID number 110060825).

12910 SW 83RD ST
ROJAS, JESSICA (Voter ID number 118109965).
ROJAS, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 117020874).
FLORIDO, MARIA Josefa (Voter ID number 109272719).
MARTINEZ, DANIA (Voter ID number 110009909).
VELAZQUEZ, AMADA Gabriela (Voter ID number 118787700).

12910 SW 84TH ST
GREENWALD, DANIEL Floyd (Voter ID number 109003084).

12910 SW 85TH ST
COLLADO, ROBERTO J. (Voter ID number 118074965).
FILIPPI, DORIAN Joseph (Voter ID number 120897070).
TERRADA, CARMEN L. (Voter ID number 110013299).
COLLADO, LESTHER S. (Voter ID number 110096273).
COLLADO, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 110337335).

12911 SW 64TH LN
FERNANDEZ, LISSETTE M. (Voter ID number 115841278).
GONZALEZ, WEENA (Voter ID number 110040076).

12911 SW 74TH ST
PRADA, ANGEL Francisco (Voter ID number 109792551).

12911 SW 79TH ST
KIRKPATRICK, DAVID W. (Voter ID number 109377857).
KIRKPATRICK, MERCEDES Marill (Voter ID number 109793622).

12911 SW 80TH ST
GRANADOS, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109713058).
VARONA GRANADOS, LUISA (Voter ID number 109300805).

12911 SW 81ST ST
RUBIN, MELISSA J. (Voter ID number 110124007).
RUBIN, RONIT C. (Voter ID number 109193547).
RUBIN, ROSS Edward (Voter ID number 109033939).

12911 SW 82ND ST
PINO, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109185988).
PINO, GIOVANNY Frank (Voter ID number 114324202).
PINO, YENNISHA N. (Voter ID number 109887332).

12911 SW 82ND TER
SOLOMON, BARBARA Jean (Voter ID number 109029760).
SOLOMON, RUSONDA Tracee (Voter ID number 109560115).

12911 SW 83RD ST
NURQUEZ, HILDA Odalys (Voter ID number 109553474).

12911 SW 84TH ST
MULE, DELFIN Daniel (Voter ID number 109191919).
MULE, HELEN L. (Voter ID number 109195280).
MULE, NICHOLAS J. (Voter ID number 118090123).

12913 SW 60TH ST
RAPPACCIOLI, PATRICIA R. (Voter ID number 110135413).

12914 SW 74TH TER
PETERS, BRIAN Phillip (Voter ID number 115511940).
PETERS, JOY Anne (Voter ID number 108965547).
PETERS, RUSSELL David (Voter ID number 109121943).

CULLEN, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number 109304233).
CULLEN, CAROL H. (Voter ID number 109300154).

12915 SW 72ND TER
OBANDO, CARMEN R. (Voter ID number 110236714).
YAMAMOTO, MELISSA Raquel (Voter ID number 114380387).

12919 SW 59TH TER
GRANADOS, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 110326137).
CASTILLO, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 109891398).

12920 SW 72ND TER
CHIN, GARY C. (Voter ID number 110230919).
CHIN, HSING-JUNG Wu (Voter ID number 115199479).

12920 SW 79TH ST
IRIARTE, CARMEN R. (Voter ID number 119882405).
SCHMID, CARLA N. (Voter ID number 109839777).
SCHMID, HENRY F. (Voter ID number 109707614).

12920 SW 80TH ST
SARAIBA, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 110043634).
VEGA, ANA Gloria (Voter ID number 109319198).

12920 SW 81ST ST
FRANCIS, EARL Eugene (Voter ID number 109329651).
TARICHE, MARGARITA Pino (Voter ID number 109920707).
PEREZ, DANIEL Felix (Voter ID number 117074746).

12920 SW 82ND ST
ROIG-ROCA, SILVIA Z. (Voter ID number 110047230).
YORK, KENNETH Newman (Voter ID number 108955258).
YORK, XIOMARA Caridad (Voter ID number 109009863).

12920 SW 82ND TER
CHATTERJEE, AMITA K. (Voter ID number 114376320).
GONZALEZ, ANGEL (Voter ID number 109483825).

12920 SW 82ND TER
APT 607

CHATTERJEE, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 116300092).

12920 SW 83RD ST
LONDONO, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 109956477).
GONZALEZ, ANDREA D. (Voter ID number 119754840).
LONDONO, ADELA (Voter ID number 109957595).

12920 SW 84TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, ALICE J. (Voter ID number 109134018).
RODRIGUEZ, EDDIE M. (Voter ID number 116292788).

12920 SW 85TH ST
VELAZQUEZ, DAISY (Voter ID number 110070944).
VELAZQUEZ, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 109163752).

12921 SW 56TH TER
MORALES LICEA, EZEQUIEL (Voter ID number 119061630).
MOYA TRINCHET, MARIA Del Pilar (Voter ID number 119061570).

MOYER, RITA (Voter ID number 110262859).
RYAN, KEITH P. (Voter ID number 110262849).

12921 SW 74TH ST
LINARES, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 109269702).
SOLIZ-LINARES, SANDRA S. (Voter ID number 109697743).

12921 SW 79TH ST
MARTINEZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 110074769).
RUIZ, MISHELLE (Voter ID number 109768796).

12921 SW 80TH ST
GARRIDO, RAUL Alejandro (Voter ID number 109760628).
SAAVEDRA, CHRISTINA-ANGEL (Voter ID number 110141887).

12921 SW 82ND ST
GONZALEZ, BLASINA (Voter ID number 113408706).
HENRIQUEZ, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 118986861).
RODRIGUEZ, JORGE Anibal (Voter ID number 114539324).
RODRIGUEZ, K Alexandro (Voter ID number 115324989).

12921 SW 82ND TER
RIVERO, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109913470).
RIVERO, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 109913515).

12921 SW 84TH ST
CASTILLO, ERIK Christopher (Voter ID number 109895216).
VALDES, EMMA C. (Voter ID number 110285961).
CASTILLO, ZANDRAH N. (Voter ID number 117566333).

12924 SW 74TH TER
SARGALSKI, MAGALY J. (Voter ID number 109848893).
SARGALSKI, PETER John (Voter ID number 109847949).

12925 SW 56TH TER
MARTINEZ BAEZ, JOSE C. (Voter ID number 120321266).
MARTINEZ, DIONISIO Jose (Voter ID number 117057854).

12925 SW 61ST TER
RODRIGUEZ, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 117026600).
PEREZ, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 109461307).

12925 SW 66TH TER
BARTOLI, VERA (Voter ID number 119569213).

12925 SW 72ND TER
CRUZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 116284516).

12925 SW 76TH TER
SANTA CRUZ, LUIS (Voter ID number 109182782).
SANTA CRUZ, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 109068548).
SANTA-CRUZ, LUIS (Voter ID number 109795250).
SANTA-CRUZ, MARILU (Voter ID number 109856138).

12929 SW 56TH TER
DONATE, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 109140809).
DONATE, JACQUELINE C. (Voter ID number 105211614).
DONATE, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 110323519).
DONATE, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109260208).

12929 SW 59TH TER
GARCIA, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 115834870).
PINELO, MARIA (Voter ID number 119906777).
GARCIA, ARTURO (Voter ID number 110319944).
GARCIA, NADIA (Voter ID number 110319957).

12930 SW 56TH TER
FRESNEDA, MARCELINO None (Voter ID number 110249690).
FRESNEDA, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109207960).
FRESNEDA, ZURINA (Voter ID number 109472728).
GONZALES, MARIA Mabel (Voter ID number 109253139).
GONZALEZ, CAMILO (Voter ID number 109231474).

SARDINAS, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 109640572).
SARDINAS, JANEY Queen (Voter ID number 109768978).
SARDINAS, JISELLE (Voter ID number 118582776).

12930 SW 72ND TER
VICICDO, ALEXIS Maul (Voter ID number 120897120).
VICIEDO, AMAURY Arian (Voter ID number 120697808).
FONG, LILIANA Caridad (Voter ID number 109227827).
VICIEDO, AMAURY (Voter ID number 109361104).

12930 SW 79TH ST
SCHEINHOFT, BRUCE Keene (Voter ID number 108968674).
SCHEINHOFT, LINDA (Voter ID number 109137179).

12930 SW 80TH ST
CARDO, STEFANIA F. (Voter ID number 117566635).
CARDO, FRANCESCA L. (Voter ID number 109581646).

12930 SW 83RD ST
ARMENTERO, ZACHARY Jesus (Voter ID number 114462942).

12930 SW 84TH ST
PIJUAN, HELEN (Voter ID number 110069399).
PIJUAN, JASON Todd (Voter ID number 110069402).

12930 SW 85TH ST
CHAMORRO, CYNTHIA J. (Voter ID number 117581029).
GONZALEZ, JERRY R. (Voter ID number 109807300).
GONZALEZ, JESSICA Gisela (Voter ID number 110248624).

12931 SW 66TH TER
TRABELSI, KARIMA (Voter ID number 118845652).

TRABELSI, MARIA Patricia (Voter ID number 109929290).

12931 SW 79TH ST
FUSILIER, CONNIE J. (Voter ID number 109325517).

12931 SW 80TH ST
HINOJOSA, MELVA (Voter ID number 109375461).

12931 SW 81ST ST
MILLER-GAMBOA, ISRAEL Alejandro (Voter ID number 116050825).
MILLER, OCTAVIO C. (Voter ID number 110294786).
ZACARIAS, ORIA (Voter ID number 109631138).

12931 SW 84TH ST
LINARES, ANAIVIA (Voter ID number 117973761).
MONTERO, YEREISY (Voter ID number 120236173).
BUSTAMANTE, CARLOS Adrian (Voter ID number 116766854).

12931 SW 85TH ST
FONTE-PAZ, LAZARA Concepcion (Voter ID number 109325432).

12933 SW 61ST TER
BERDOTE, ANGELA N. (Voter ID number 117202720).
SOTO, RICARDO (Voter ID number 110185028).

12934 SW 74TH TER
ZUNIGA, JULIO Miguel (Voter ID number 109923334).
CABRERA, NOHEMA (Voter ID number 109460015).
GARCIA, CASILDA C. (Voter ID number 109156702).
GARCIA, ORLANDO A. (Voter ID number 109512340).
GARCIA, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109085692).

12935 SW 72ND TER
GARCIA, MAYDEL (Voter ID number 110259419).
GOMEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109959818).
LINARES, EDWIN Nelson (Voter ID number 109728996).

12935 SW 76TH TER
INSAULGART, HAMEHK (Voter ID number 109416899).
DE VARONA, CARIDAD L. (Voter ID number 109481553).

AVILES, PABLO (Voter ID number 109241079).
TORRES-MENCHACA, IDAMIS (Voter ID number 109239569).

12937 SW 56TH TER
SANDOVAL, KEVIN Leonardo (Voter ID number 120181995).
SANDOVAL, ALVARO J. (Voter ID number 117831761).

12939 SW 57TH TER
ALONSO, CARMEN I. (Voter ID number 109638855).
ALONSO, JESSICA Amanda (Voter ID number 119052393).
ALONSO, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 115234620).
ALONSO, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 116071442).

12939 SW 59TH TER
VASQUEZ, MARITZA (Voter ID number 117976928).
VASQUEZ, VICTOR Hugo (Voter ID number 109660497).

12940 SW 64TH LN
CHATTERTON, THOMAS CRAIG (Voter ID number 116606197).
GONZALEZ, OLGA (Voter ID number 110247659).
LEON, MARCELL (Voter ID number 120561948).
VILLAREAL, DANIEL P. (Voter ID number 110317950).
VILLARREAL, EBELING T. (Voter ID number 117847029).

12940 SW 64TH LN
APT 303

TORRAGUITART, YUNIA Maria (Voter ID number 109482541).

12940 SW 64TH LN
CHATTERTON, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 115301000).
CHATTERTON, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 115752817).
DABALSA, REYNIEL (Voter ID number 110146868).
FEBLES, HORTENSIA Maria (Voter ID number 109976077).
GAMBOA, BANGIL (Voter ID number 109920756).
HERNANDEZ-GARCIA, LAZARO (Voter ID number 110310638).
LEON, DAMAYANTIS D. (Voter ID number 114281181).
MARCHENA, ZOILA Lily (Voter ID number 109593337).
ROSAS, MARTHA J. (Voter ID number 110337936).

12940 SW 64TH LN
APT #306

SOWERS, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 110273960).

12940 SW 64TH LN
APT 303

GIRALDO, HUGO A. (Voter ID number 118679957).

12940 SW 64TH LN
APT 305

PEREZ, CRISTOBAL (Voter ID number 109962575).

12940 SW 64TH LN
FEBLES, ANNIA (Voter ID number 117834177).
SOWERS, JENNIFER Leanne (Voter ID number 116985804).

12940 SW 64TH LN
APT #309

MARTINEZ, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 116134390).

SUAREZ, SAHILY (Voter ID number 120350788).

12940 SW 79TH ST
CID, NANCY Margarita (Voter ID number 109233795).

12940 SW 80TH ST
BACALLAO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109289845).
BACALLAO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 110144089).
BACALLAO, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 108956366).
BACALLAO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 116299847).

12941 SW 56TH TER
RAMIS, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 109883877).
REMIS, ALEIDA Alina (Voter ID number 109134854).
REMIS, IGNACIO (Voter ID number 109134228).

LAKE, LAUREN Michelle (Voter ID number 108060265).
STOCK, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 110220051).
AFANADOR, TAMARA (Voter ID number 110112571).

12941 SW 79TH ST
SCHEINHOFT, HOLLY E. (Voter ID number 109617320).

12941 SW 80TH ST
MAS, SANDRA (Voter ID number 110065398).

12941 SW 85TH ST
MENOSCAL, JAIME A. (Voter ID number 108946576).
MENOSCAL, JULIANA (Voter ID number 109014616).

12942 SW 57TH TER
FERRALES, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 118109985).
JARAMILLO, ANTONIO D. (Voter ID number 109173973).

12943 SW 67TH LN
ULLOA, ODALYS (Voter ID number 109858683).
CACICEDO-STILTNER, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 109275950).
DEL VALLE, MARICELA (Voter ID number 110034947).
ULLOA, HOWARD Larry (Voter ID number 109313831).
ULLOA, MOISES J. (Voter ID number 121046211).

12944 SW 74TH TER
PERSAUD, ARACELIS (Voter ID number 109943036).
PERSAUD, SVEN M. (Voter ID number 109941021).
VAZQUEZ, XAVIER C. (Voter ID number 110124535).

12945 SW 56TH TER
BLANCO, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 116605512).
BLANCO, SARA M. (Voter ID number 115928527).
BLANCO, JOSE (Voter ID number 116505905).

GARCIA, MARIA (Voter ID number 110230646).
GRAY, JERRILYNN D. (Voter ID number 110051308).

12945 SW 72ND TER
CICERO, ALINA (Voter ID number 110075125).
CICERO, CARLOS R. (Voter ID number 109721195).

12945 SW 76TH TER
MELO, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 109469616).
MELO, ADRIANNE (Voter ID number 110031014).

12946 SW 66TH TER
CABRERA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 114625525).

CABRERA, GUSTAVO C. (Voter ID number 109591301).
CABRERA, JUAN S. (Voter ID number 114389947).
CABRERA, NATALIA (Voter ID number 109915463).

12947 SW 67TH LN
PORTER, KEVIN David (Voter ID number 110295075).
PORTER, SHARI (Voter ID number 109426042).

12949 SW 56TH TER
FERNANDEZ, JESUS F. (Voter ID number 116477231).
ROSA, DORIS D. (Voter ID number 116477896).
YANES, ANGELICA (Voter ID number 116835350).
ROSA, ANGELICA (Voter ID number 114652434).
ROSA, JESSICA (Voter ID number 110179551).
VEGA, ANTONIO Guillermo (Voter ID number 109116683).

12949 SW 57TH TER
FRASER, RUSSELL L. (Voter ID number 109478260).
FRASER, SUSAN P. (Voter ID number 109478261).

12949 SW 59TH TER
DONES, STEFANIE (Voter ID number 109773442).
MURGA, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 109614662).
MURGA, CRUSITA (Voter ID number 109432460).
MURGA, RAMON (Voter ID number 109432488).
REYES REYES, ANA Rita (Voter ID number 117920038).
REYES-RODRIGUEZ, RAFAELA (Voter ID number 120250267).

12950 SW 56TH TER
SULLIVAN, PALMIRA Rio (Voter ID number 109631555).

SANTA COLOMA, OCTAVILA (Voter ID number 118469443).

12950 SW 79TH ST
MARTINEZ, GERARDO Adrian (Voter ID number 120897081).
MARTINEZ, GERARDO Juan (Voter ID number 109268882).
MARTINEZ, MAYTE (Voter ID number 109890503).

12951 SW 56TH TER
ALVAREZ, LUZ Angela (Voter ID number 109948180).

12951 SW 66TH TER
GONZALEZ, OSCAR D. (Voter ID number 108928608).

GONZALEZ, HANNAH (Voter ID number 109177639).
GONZALEZ, VANESSA C. (Voter ID number 109854065).

12951 SW 79TH ST
MEURLOT, TONI H. (Voter ID number 110265041).
SHENKMAN, PHILIP Charles (Voter ID number 109019361).

12951 SW 80TH ST
ALTAMIRANO, XIMENA D. (Voter ID number 116239335).
ARGUELLO, JORGE Enrique (Voter ID number 119340896).
ALTAMIRANO, NYDIA (Voter ID number 110288190).
ALTAMIRANO, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 109741172).
ARGUELLO, JORGE Antonio (Voter ID number 115255088).

12951 SW 85TH ST
TEIXEIRO, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 117566521).
RAMOS, FERNANDO Luis (Voter ID number 109765233).
TEIXEIRO, PURA M. (Voter ID number 109583126).
RAMOS, ADRIANA A. (Voter ID number 116294650).

12952 SW 57TH TER
NAVARRO, FEDERICO (Voter ID number 109259407).
NAVARRO, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 109259428).

12953 SW 67TH LN
LOPEZ, ENEIDA (Voter ID number 109515569).

12954 SW 74TH TER
GARCIA RIVERA, PEDRO Arnaldo (Voter ID number 109276582).
GARCIA, CELIA F. (Voter ID number 110093537).
VICTORES, MARIA (Voter ID number 109296336).

12954 SW 80TH ST
ARGUELLO, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 118249098).

12955 SW 56TH TER
FERNANDEZ, BENIGNA Yolanda (Voter ID number 109097904).
MARK, NATALIA (Voter ID number 109106136).

12955 SW 66TH LN
APT 201

CASTELLANOS, JONATHAN Steven (Voter ID number 120065376).

12955 SW 66TH LN
APT 206

ORTEGA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 116795993).

12955 SW 66TH LN
APT 213

HERNANDEZ, MAYULY (Voter ID number 116742132).

12955 SW 66TH LN
APT 7/2

NARANJO, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 116793863).

12955 SW 66TH LN
APT 207

RODRIGUEZ, MARIA De Los (Voter ID number 109775146).

12955 SW 66TH LN
UNIT 201

CASTELLANOS, TATIANA (Voter ID number 121201268).

12955 SW 66TH LN
CARDENAS, AMARILIS Hortensia (Voter ID number 110106264).
DIAZ, IDANIA (Voter ID number 109444178).
LOPEZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109456526).

12955 SW 66TH LN
APT 207

RODRIGUEZ, MYRIAM (Voter ID number 118308163).

12955 SW 66TH LN
APT 209

TORRES, MELISSA (Voter ID number 109560016).

12955 SW 66TH LN
APT 213

BARRIOS, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 118859269).

AJA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 108978805).

12955 SW 76TH TER
RIVAS, SYLVIA M. (Voter ID number 110165984).

CONLAN, SILVIA G. (Voter ID number 115842063).
MURILLO, JULIO R. (Voter ID number 109844567).

12957 SW 67TH LN
FERNANDEZ, BEATRICE Mar (Voter ID number 110144231).
FERNANDEZ-LOPEZ, CARLOS S. (Voter ID number 109991785).
TAULE, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109992443).

12959 SW 56TH TER
TOME, ANA L. (Voter ID number 109135176).
TOME, MARIA Migdalia (Voter ID number 108966874).
TOME, RAUL A. (Voter ID number 109611083).

12959 SW 57TH TER
FERRER, GEORGETTE Lopez (Voter ID number 117076049).
JACOMINO, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109458891).

12959 SW 59TH TER
MURGA, CARMEN Nereida (Voter ID number 109247796).
RODRIGUEZ, EDWARD Michael (Voter ID number 110073636).
RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109593848).
RODRIGUEZ, VALERIE Murga (Voter ID number 109739420).
RODRIGUEZ, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110033477).

12960 SW 56TH TER
EL HEDRI, ABDUL Rahman (Voter ID number 109925044).
EL HERDI, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 109676759).

12960 SW 66TH LN
CRUZ, ESPERANZA Modesta (Voter ID number 120152108).
CUESTA, NEREIDA E. (Voter ID number 109904686).
GARCIA, RAWEDIA (Voter ID number 109694831).

12960 SW 66TH LN
APT 103

CAMPOS-DIAZ, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 116723438).

12960 SW 66TH LN
APT 105

FERGUSON, BRYAN Augustus (Voter ID number 115133123).

12960 SW 66TH LN
APT 106

MENDEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 121216758).

12960 SW 66TH LN
APT 110

SOSA, CLAUDIO M. (Voter ID number 120245531).

12960 SW 66TH LN
BROWN, A Michael (Voter ID number 109414546).
LIZARZABURU, CESAR Alcides (Voter ID number 109678595).
LIZARZABURU, IRMA F. (Voter ID number 109757415).
LIZARZABURU, RICARDO J. (Voter ID number 109985041).
MUNIZ, ELIGIO O. (Voter ID number 114665463).
PIMENTEL, IRAN (Voter ID number 109877220).
PIMENTEL, ZAYRA M. (Voter ID number 114333447).
SANTOS, LUISA L. (Voter ID number 109322595).
URREA-RESTREPO, LUZ (Voter ID number 109743659).

12960 SW 66TH LN
APT 12

COLL, ADRIA D. (Voter ID number 109650724).
COLL, LIZETTE Victoria (Voter ID number 114229944).

12960 SW 66TH LN
CASTELLANOS, MERCEDES M. (Voter ID number 116801686).
CID, DEYSI M. (Voter ID number 116360492).

12961 SW 79TH ST
REYES, ROMISA Maria (Voter ID number 109455194).
DE LA FE, ANNA Cuba (Voter ID number 109496538).
DE LA FE, MANUEL Antoni (Voter ID number 109427730).

12963 SW 67TH LN
KATZ, KARYN F. (Voter ID number 109013115).

12964 SW 74TH TER
FUENTES, LILITH Alina (Voter ID number 118665446).
TORRES, FRED M. (Voter ID number 109877890).

12965 SW 76TH TER
GHULAMANI, STEVEN Edward (Voter ID number 109980214).
KATZ, EMILY Jo (Voter ID number 109033698).

12968 SW 72ND TER
HERNANDEZ, TOMAS M. (Voter ID number 120900013).

12969 SW 59TH TER
MEDINA, MONICA Lourdes (Voter ID number 110317557).
QUINTANA, LUPERCIA (Voter ID number 109725212).
QUINTANA, MARIA Evangelina (Voter ID number 109465984).

12972 SW 57TH TER
LIZ, AMALIA (Voter ID number 118330204).
LIZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 118330010).
LIZ, MARCOS D. (Voter ID number 117009181).
BERMUDEZ, BRENDA Ann (Voter ID number 109464783).
BERMUDEZ, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 109079220).
BERMUDEZ, STEFANIE Marie (Voter ID number 115278663).

12975 SW 76TH TER
FERNANDEZ, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 116468748).
FERNANDEZ, LILIANA M. (Voter ID number 116510015).
FERNANDEZ, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 117560753).

12990 SW 63RD TER
MERCHAN, ANDRES E. (Voter ID number 116455017).
SUCHITE, DINA Lorena (Voter ID number 109733584).

12990 SW 63RD TER
APT 607

HARDY, LILIAN F. (Voter ID number 114433249).

12990 SW 63RD TER
HENRIQUEZ, HEVIAN E. (Voter ID number 109725647).
SUCHITE, CHRISTIAN E. (Voter ID number 110326083).

12990 SW 63RD TER
APT 608

FRANCO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 101832947).

12990 SW 63RD TER
UNIT #602

SUCHITE, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number 110034257).

13000 SW 79TH ST
BERTRAN, EMMANUEL J. (Voter ID number 118614650).
BERTRAN, GIOVANNI R. (Voter ID number 118185294).
BERTRAN, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 118614648).

13000 SW 80TH ST
IGLESIAS, DANIEL (Voter ID number 114876180).
IGLESIAS, JAVIER Arturo (Voter ID number 109407528).
IGLESIAS, KARINA (Voter ID number 109715204).
IGLESIAS, VANESSA (Voter ID number 115260012).

13000 SW 81ST ST
ALVAREZ DE LA CAMPA, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 118365345).
PERAZA, EVELYN (Voter ID number 118368638).
VALLADARES, JOSE (Voter ID number 119621401).

13000 SW 82ND TER
ANGEL, ANA C. (Voter ID number 117000448).
ANGEL, BRENDA L. (Voter ID number 118587634).
ANGEL, AROLDO J. (Voter ID number 116275011).

13000 SW 83RD ST
BRAHIM, DAVID (Voter ID number 118447034).
SANDS, GIA Jacqueline (Voter ID number 114096228).

13000 SW 84TH ST
SAINZ, BARBARA Maria (Voter ID number 109616008).
SAINZ, GEORGE Joseph (Voter ID number 109417948).

13000 SW 85TH ST
ALFONSO, ROSSELL Lance (Voter ID number 110098870).
DOMINGUEZ, ELLIOT Thomas (Voter ID number 109888636).
ALFONSO, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 108966763).
FERNANDEZ, JOAQUIN Avelino (Voter ID number 108950651).

13001 SW 80TH ST
MC CLINTOCK, COY Edwin (Voter ID number 109071161).
MC CLINTOCK, FRANCES Mc Cormic (Voter ID number 109071160).

13001 SW 81ST ST
FERBEYRE, JESSEY (Voter ID number 109789470).
GARCIA, ILEANA Juana (Voter ID number 109206049).
GARCIA, JASON (Voter ID number 119951228).
PEREZ, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 120350217).

13001 SW 82ND ST
ARBULU, ADOLFO Ricardo (Voter ID number 109051999).
ARBULU, CLEOFE D. (Voter ID number 109924165).

13001 SW 82ND TER
JIMENEZ, KRISTEN (Voter ID number 120049055).
JIMENEZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109342952).
JIMENEZ, MILAGROS D. (Voter ID number 110320902).

13001 SW 83RD ST
MORENO, LAURA J. (Voter ID number 120295716).
YGLESIAS, LYDIA (Voter ID number 109248442).

13001 SW 84TH ST
COY, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 117361226).
COY, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 117361304).

13001 SW 85TH ST
NGUYEN, BACH Thanh (Voter ID number 109376646).
TA, TUYET Anh (Voter ID number 109200421).

13004 SW 68TH TER
RIVAS, HILDA Maria (Voter ID number 117162989).
RIVAS, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109201158).
RIVAS, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 110126996).

13004 SW 74TH TER
CANIZARES, MARIA (Voter ID number 109703241).

13005 SW 68TH TER
RODRIGUEZ PEREZ, PLACIDA E. (Voter ID number 120430521).

13005 SW 72ND TER
BARROW, JIMMY Dewell (Voter ID number 120814323).
BARROW, KRISTIN Nicole (Voter ID number 117700779).
GINES, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 120274270).
MIRABAL, TAWYA (Voter ID number 109504436).

13006 SW 68TH LN
MAIRENA, ERIKA Leticia (Voter ID number 120178059).
CASTILLO, IVANIA Maria (Voter ID number 120178184).
MARTINEZ, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 110071424).

13006 SW 68TH TER
ESPINOSA, PHILIP (Voter ID number 109217303).

13007 SW 68TH LN
ALMANZA, IDALMI (Voter ID number 109480899).

13008 SW 68TH LN
KAIRUZ, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109172590).
KAIRUZ, MIRIAM Esther (Voter ID number 109414004).
KAIRUZ, YANCY (Voter ID number 109406622).
KAIRUZ-RODRIGUEZ, SORAYA (Voter ID number 109788410).
RODRIGUEZ, ANGEL Antonio (Voter ID number 109388618).

13009 SW 68TH LN
ECHEZARRETA, BLANCA (Voter ID number 109028963).
RODRIGUEZ, VERNY (Voter ID number 110318890).

13010 SW 68TH ST
HANTKE, KARL S. (Voter ID number 110235022).
PAZ, ANGELICA (Voter ID number 109941086).

13010 SW 79TH ST
HOFFMAN, CARRIE Leigh (Voter ID number 109614511).
HOFFMAN, LEONARD Preston (Voter ID number 109030990).
HOFFMAN, MARY Darnell (Voter ID number 109044730).
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM Raymond (Voter ID number 109493585).

13010 SW 80TH ST
WAKE, BARRY A. (Voter ID number 110333499).
WAKE, NICOLE Jane (Voter ID number 109730566).
WAKE, PAMELA A. (Voter ID number 110319961).

13010 SW 81ST ST
PEREZ, DANIEL Anthony (Voter ID number 116374022).
PEREZ, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 108997653).
PEREZ, EDITH J. (Voter ID number 109573828).

13010 SW 82ND ST
RAMGOOLAM, SHIVA Glen (Voter ID number 110041915).
RAMGOOLAM, USHA K. (Voter ID number 115751177).

13010 SW 82ND TER
BUSTO, STEPHANIE Marie (Voter ID number 116505044).

13010 SW 82ND ST
RAMGOOLAM, GLEN (Voter ID number 117081011).

13010 SW 83RD ST
PERALTA, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 109916828).
PERALTA, RAMONA (Voter ID number 109851782).

13010 SW 84TH ST
BARBON, MARIA Dolores (Voter ID number 109060167).
PILOTO, FRANCISCO A. (Voter ID number 109888465).

13010 SW 85TH ST
GONZALEZ, AXEL C. (Voter ID number 120097461).
LAVINA, CAROLINA Virginia (Voter ID number 120422685).
LAVINA, STEPHANIE Virginia (Voter ID number 120565448).
GONZALEZ, LAURA Maria (Voter ID number 109475151).
ROIG, DELFINA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109140473).
ROIG, LOURDES Ines (Voter ID number 109157073).
ROIG, MARIA Leticia (Voter ID number 109475121).

13011 SW 80TH ST
FERNANDEZ, JULIA (Voter ID number 117264112).
DENACIMIENTO, MIRTHA H. (Voter ID number 114329219).
FERNANDEZ, FEDERICO F. (Voter ID number 109009221).

13011 SW 81ST ST
CANCHON, DENISE Charlene (Voter ID number 118842122).
CANCHON, INES Esperanza (Voter ID number 108905384).
CANCHON, RUBEN (Voter ID number 109893118).

13011 SW 82ND TER
CUENCA, ALAIN Michael (Voter ID number 109485070).
CUENCA, MONICA Raquel (Voter ID number 109547304).
FRANCO, SHIRLEY Morton (Voter ID number 109266716).

13011 SW 83RD ST
MARTINEZ, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 109156397).
MARTINEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109040361).

13011 SW 84TH ST
ROCHA, ADALBERTO (Voter ID number 110079387).

13012 SW 68TH ST
FONG-YEE, LEONARD P. (Voter ID number 109940178).

13014 SW 68TH TER
CHIN, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 109269250).
PEDRAZA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 114224861).
CHIN, CYNTHIA Chinyou (Voter ID number 109241073).

13014 SW 74TH TER
SAUTTER, PETER J. (Voter ID number 109133223).
SAUTTER, PETER J. (Voter ID number 109313197).

13015 SW 68TH TER
ESPINOZA, CARMEN (Voter ID number 116957910).
MUNOZ, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 116809888).
MUNOZ, NORMA (Voter ID number 109488317).

13015 SW 72ND TER
ESPINOZA, RAFAELA (Voter ID number 115035373).

13015 SW 76TH TER
BAZO, MARIO (Voter ID number 109555833).
QUICK, JAZMYN L. (Voter ID number 120216948).

13016 SW 68TH TER
USMA, MANUEL ANTONIO (Voter ID number 114365202).

13016 SW 68TH LN
ROMERO, NERSY (Voter ID number 116909715).

13016 SW 68TH TER
GUTIERREZ, NILDA (Voter ID number 109245346).
GUTIERREZ, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 110014033).

13017 SW 68TH LN
DONOSO, LUIS H. (Voter ID number 109680292).

13017 SW 68TH TER
NIEVES, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 109428963).
NIEVES, PATRICIA Cecilia (Voter ID number 109733222).

13018 SW 68TH LN
OTANO, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109426928).

13019 SW 68TH LN
BOTTARI, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 108984306).

13020 SW 56TH TER
GONZALEZ, MARINA (Voter ID number 109929596).
MEADOWS, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 118460692).
MEADOWS, MARINA (Voter ID number 109308252).
MEADOWS, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 110293393).
MEADOWS, STEPHEN Anthony (Voter ID number 115694090).
RAMOS, NATHALIE Lourdes (Voter ID number 116287796).

13020 SW 68TH ST
DAVILA, MARIA (Voter ID number 110220452).
PARRA, ALDEMIR (Voter ID number 109848085).

13020 SW 79TH ST
FERREIRA-MACIAS, GYPSY (Voter ID number 109340264).
MACIAS, HIRAM (Voter ID number 109337420).

13020 SW 80TH ST
GUEVARA, EDDY (Voter ID number 118602465).
MERINO CUADRADO, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 119357142).

13020 SW 81ST ST
LLANO, GISELLE Carmen (Voter ID number 109043592).
LLANO, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109729756).
LLANO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109241587).

13020 SW 82ND ST
AGUILA, DIANELIS Caridad (Voter ID number 120194503).
DELGADO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109690771).

13020 SW 82ND TER
NELSON, SUSAN Christine (Voter ID number 109301571).
LUCAS, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 109698806).
LUCAS, GEORGE Monroe (Voter ID number 109048890).
LUCAS, WILLIAM Aaron (Voter ID number 109205326).

13020 SW 83RD ST
CLEIN, MARTIN Allen (Voter ID number 109342124).
CLEIN, MARK Benjamin (Voter ID number 109573299).
CLEIN, ROBERT David (Voter ID number 109013107).

13020 SW 84TH ST
MARROQUIN, ANA P. (Voter ID number 117248099).
MORERA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 100446081).
PEREZ BLANCO, ROMELIA (Voter ID number 119549213).

13020 SW 85TH ST
SANCHEZ, EDUARDO F. (Voter ID number 116925207).
SANCHEZ, ISABEL Mercedes (Voter ID number 110084041).
HEALY, WILLIAM L. (Voter ID number 109801653).
LOPEZ, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109802887).

13021 SW 80TH ST
QUINTERO, CESAR A. (Voter ID number 109630570).
RIESTRA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109821407).
RIESTRA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109821300).
RIESTRA, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109361297).

13021 SW 81ST ST
GAVILAN-WILDER, ROSANNA M. (Voter ID number 109433785).

13021 SW 82ND ST
BARANDA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 110298209).

13021 SW 82ND TER
BARANDA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109052279).
BARANDA, GASTON Manuel (Voter ID number 109052278).

13021 SW 83RD ST
CERBER, CHRISTOPHER James (Voter ID number 109963295).

13021 SW 84TH ST
DELGADO, ANASTASIA J. (Voter ID number 114731282).
DELGADO, ANASTASIA J. (Voter ID number 109657238).
SUAREZ, IRIS (Voter ID number 109336389).
SUAREZ, MARLENE (Voter ID number 109336535).

13021 SW 85TH ST
TORO, LUISA (Voter ID number 120879761).
PEREZ, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 110229588).

13022 SW 57TH TER
BATISTA, JEANNY (Voter ID number 118141643).
DELGADO, VERONICA C. (Voter ID number 118471933).
CABRERA, LOURDES A. (Voter ID number 110238377).

13022 SW 68TH ST
MAY, SUSANNE Rosner (Voter ID number 108953274).

13024 SW 74TH TER
MARTIN, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109124253).

13025 SW 68TH TER
PEREZ, CELIA (Voter ID number 109824930).
PEREZ, ELDA (Voter ID number 109656154).

13025 SW 72ND TER
CORREA, NICOLAS Carlos (Voter ID number 114663287).
CORREA, ALEJANDRA (Voter ID number 109868261).
CORREA, CATALINA Andrea (Voter ID number 110188208).
CORREA, CIRO G. (Voter ID number 109868260).

13026 SW 68TH LN
MAQUEIRA, JESUS Luis (Voter ID number 115437500).

13027 SW 68TH LN
SUAREZ, TATIANA I. (Voter ID number 117510648).
CASEY, STEPHEN (Voter ID number 109601106).
PUCCIO, GIOVANNA C. (Voter ID number 116623032).

13028 SW 68TH LN
DOMINGUEZ, JOSE P. (Voter ID number 119556036).
FERNANDEZ, ALEIDA (Voter ID number 119553541).
FERNANDEZ, MIRTHA (Voter ID number 120351294).

13029 SW 68TH LN
CARBAJAL, ELSA Luisa (Voter ID number 109093996).
QUINTERO, MONIQUE Catalina (Voter ID number 114823669).

13030 SW 56TH TER
GONZALEZ, CLARA Hortensia (Voter ID number 110052645).
GONZALEZ, GISELLE (Voter ID number 110052570).
GONZALEZ, RODOLFO (Voter ID number 110326187).

13030 SW 68TH ST
LOPEZ, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 110037896).
LOPEZ, TERESA Cristina (Voter ID number 109758145).

13030 SW 79TH ST
ALONSO, DULCE Ada (Voter ID number 109143481).
MARQUEZ, VERSALIE B. (Voter ID number 109399944).
MORALES, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109598555).

13030 SW 80TH ST
HERNANDEZ, JOSHUA Michael (Voter ID number 120920399).

13030 SW 81ST ST
ALONSO, MARTA A. (Voter ID number 109204145).
CRUZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 109969299).
SANTANA, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 117046631).
SANTANA, YESENII (Voter ID number 109715503).

13030 SW 82ND ST
CONTRERAS, MANUEL Antonio (Voter ID number 118136601).
CONTRERAS, MARIA Cristina (Voter ID number 109898960).

13030 SW 83RD ST
GOMEZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109503731).
GOMEZ, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 109248709).
GOMEZ, ILEANA C. (Voter ID number 109332198).

13030 SW 84TH ST
BUSTAMANTE, DULCE (Voter ID number 110421605).
FAJARDO, JOSEFA M. (Voter ID number 109909169).
ROSQUETE, GERONIMA J. (Voter ID number 109087526).

13031 SW 80TH ST
OROPESA, CECILIA R. (Voter ID number 109584643).
HOUGH, OTMARA Julia (Voter ID number 109139369).
HOUGH, ERIC Kenneth (Voter ID number 117085430).

13031 SW 81ST ST
EPSTEIN, PAULA C. (Voter ID number 109075434).

13031 SW 82ND TER
FAGES, JUANA Lydia (Voter ID number 110165702).
FAGES, MARIO (Voter ID number 109075109).

13031 SW 83RD ST
DIAZ, MARIA Rosario (Voter ID number 109375587).

13031 SW 84TH ST
ALVAREZ, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 114826211).
FERNANDEZ, HELENA Maria (Voter ID number 109481658).

13032 SW 57TH TER
LOWNEY, MICHAEL Everett (Voter ID number 117879263).
PEREZ-MIRANDA, VANESSA Karina (Voter ID number 117514379).
ABOHASEN, VICTOR Jose (Voter ID number 110092414).
MIRANDA, KARLA (Voter ID number 109293669).

13032 SW 68TH ST
ESTRADA, SCARLETH S. (Voter ID number 116276982).

13036 SW 68TH LN
ALMENARES, ETNA Mercedes (Voter ID number 108957706).
ALONZO, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 110084281).
FONTE, JHIRLEY (Voter ID number 109796225).

13037 SW 68TH LN
GUTIERREZ, HELADIO (Voter ID number 109708680).

13038 SW 68TH LN
FABRE, ADRIA Cira (Voter ID number 109608268).
FABRE, ANTONIO C. (Voter ID number 109612439).

13039 SW 68TH LN
BRENA, LESTER (Voter ID number 109887765).
CONTREARS, INES M. (Voter ID number 110218916).
GUZMAN, JOAQUIN A. (Voter ID number 109720107).
OROVIO, INRI (Voter ID number 110037490).

13040 SW 56TH TER
PIEDRA, JULIO (Voter ID number 118116902).

13040 SW 79TH ST
ANDREWS, JOAN Amelia (Voter ID number 109065291).
ANDREWS, STEPHEN Alan (Voter ID number 108904184).
ANDREWS, TORI Rebecca (Voter ID number 109534954).

13040 SW 80TH ST
COLE, KIM M. (Voter ID number 108989601).

13040 SW 81ST ST
BARRIOS, NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 119813118).
ARRIAGA, LEANDRO Anthony (Voter ID number 109994606).
BARRIOS, JANET (Voter ID number 109832460).
BARRIOS, JORGE H. (Voter ID number 109834743).

13040 SW 82ND ST
TAPANES, ORESTE (Voter ID number 116029355).
VEGA, MAYRA L. (Voter ID number 114658058).
VEGA, URBANO Ruben (Voter ID number 114657537).
VEGA, EDDY (Voter ID number 116295332).

13041 SW 56TH TER
CARRION, CYNTHIA L. (Voter ID number 110251244).
CARRION, DOLORES A. (Voter ID number 110223861).

13041 SW 80TH ST
CRAMER, EDWARD Bruce (Voter ID number 109029613).
CRAMER, JANICE Burt (Voter ID number 109030008).
MORRIS, CAROL B. (Voter ID number 105432581).

13041 SW 81ST ST
ORDIERES, EUGENIO (Voter ID number 109033064).
ORDIERES, MAGALY Barber (Voter ID number 110157331).

13041 SW 82ND ST
JOHNSON, SAMUEL Lloyd (Voter ID number 109116597).
JOHNSON, MILDRED Ann (Voter ID number 109061461).

13041 SW 84TH ST
CHERRY, JAMES S. (Voter ID number 109024852).
CHERRY, JAMES S. (Voter ID number 109434459).
CHERRY, JOAN S. (Voter ID number 109024844).

13042 SW 57TH TER
REYES, ROSALVA C. (Voter ID number 109256027).

13043 SW 57TH TER
DUBUC, CHRISTIAN D. (Voter ID number 115268381).
JOSEPH, MAYRA (Voter ID number 110330669).
JOSEPH, WALESKA (Voter ID number 109870723).

13044 SW 68TH LN
VALDIVIA, MARIA Lilia (Voter ID number 109232317).

13045 SW 68TH ST
CALVOS, AYMARA Teresa (Voter ID number 110318881).
GONZALEZ, SULAY (Voter ID number 119553476).
MOREDA, CESAR Roberto (Voter ID number 120259466).
PAYNE, JULIANA V. (Voter ID number 110072610).

13045 SW 68TH ST
APT #103

GONZALEZ, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 120421708).

13045 SW 68TH ST
APT 103

GONZALEZ, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 115149527).

13045 SW 68TH ST
APT 106

DOUEZ, JAMES H. (Voter ID number 116905224).

13045 SW 68TH ST
APT 110

TICE, ANDREA Constanza (Voter ID number 120840102).
VELEZMORO, ADA Luzmila (Voter ID number 120756800).

13045 SW 68TH ST
APT 201

GUEVARA, CHARLES Thomas (Voter ID number 120824666).

13045 SW 68TH ST
APT 202

TRINCADO, YANITZA Y. (Voter ID number 119999425).

13045 SW 68TH ST
UNIT 202

TRINCADO, LIEN (Voter ID number 120900158).

13045 SW 68TH ST
MENESES, YANIN (Voter ID number 110037467).
MOREDA, CESAR J. (Voter ID number 109858763).
MOREDA, SILVIA M. (Voter ID number 109858751).
MORRISON, ROBERTO Kurt (Voter ID number 115313109).
OZUNA, CINTHIA Evelyn (Voter ID number 115274836).
RAMOS, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109293805).
SAMAME, CARLA Giovanna (Voter ID number 114521253).
SINSEL, JONATHAN Jorge (Voter ID number 110334114).
TICE, ADAM H. (Voter ID number 110073837).
VASQUEZ, ANDRES E. (Voter ID number 109995518).

13045 SW 68TH ST
APT 103

GONZALEZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109645615).

13045 SW 68TH ST
APT 204

FERREIRO, GLORIA J. (Voter ID number 119714562).

13045 SW 68TH ST
APT 303

EMILIANI, NELY Eleonor (Voter ID number 120882604).

13045 SW 68TH ST
UNIT #107

CORRALES, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109930920).

13045 SW 68TH ST
UNIT #108

TAMARGO, GLORIA J. (Voter ID number 109862052).

13046 SW 68TH LN
ALVAREZ, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 121145293).
GONZALEZ, ILIOR (Voter ID number 110044435).

13050 SW 56TH TER
CASUSO, MARTA (Voter ID number 109221528).
GOMEZ, MATHIEU J. (Voter ID number 110314699).

13050 SW 79TH ST
GONZALEZ, JUILO (Voter ID number 117102347).
GONZALEZ, JULIO (Voter ID number 109363533).
GONZALEZ, REBECCA Porras (Voter ID number 109345053).
PORRAS, RICARDO Manuel (Voter ID number 109418474).

13050 SW 80TH ST
QUINONEZ, MARIA Conchita (Voter ID number 116795400).
CORRALES, WENDY (Voter ID number 110200121).
KURTZMAN, LLOYD Jason (Voter ID number 109153762).
QUINONEZ, ROSARIO D. (Voter ID number 109912215).

13050 SW 81ST ST
FERNANDEZ, ANDREA Joy (Voter ID number 109481744).
FERNANDEZ, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 109676270).
FERNANDEZ, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 109159324).

13051 SW 56TH TER
ALMONTE, JANET (Voter ID number 109512701).

13051 SW 80TH ST
MERCHAN, JORGE G. (Voter ID number 110326991).
MERCHAN, JORGE R. (Voter ID number 109663894).
MERCHAN, JUDITH C. (Voter ID number 109509866).

13052 SW 57TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, MIRTHA Sierra (Voter ID number 109131906).
RODRIGUEZ, OSCAR Gabriel (Voter ID number 109032162).

13053 SW 57TH TER
BISHOP, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 109624897).
PILOTO, MARIA Clotilde (Voter ID number 109241195).

13058 SW 68TH LN
PITA, MARLENE (Voter ID number 115141420).
RUGAMA, ROLANDO Jose (Voter ID number 110148224).
RUGAMA, VICTOR F. (Voter ID number 109898150).

13060 SW 56TH TER
HERNANDEZ QUIALA, GEANNY (Voter ID number 117918078).
PANTOJA, ANDREA D. (Voter ID number 120184640).
PANTOJA, GABRIEL O. (Voter ID number 110112250).
ARECHAVALA, OSCAR (Voter ID number 109935660).
ORTEGA, CHESTER A. (Voter ID number 118118321).
PANTOJA, ALVARO Humberto (Voter ID number 109848565).
PANTOJA, BRENDA (Voter ID number 109881474).
PANTOJA, GUILLERMO A. (Voter ID number 110066245).

13060 SW 64TH TER
APT #1201

LLANA, MARLEN Barbara (Voter ID number 116828609).

13060 SW 64TH TER
APT 1202

DIAZ, ALINA (Voter ID number 118090354).
DIAZ, ANDREINA (Voter ID number 119052350).

13060 SW 64TH TER
APT 1206

MONTERO, MARIAN E. (Voter ID number 118438970).

13060 SW 64TH TER
APT 1208

SOTO, STEPHANIE S. (Voter ID number 110194367).

13060 SW 64TH TER
APT 1211

VALLADARES, MICHAEL G. (Voter ID number 109968760).

13060 SW 64TH TER
APT 1212

ACCORNERO, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 118527153).

13060 SW 64TH TER
CORONELL, JENNY (Voter ID number 109566286).
DIAZ, ALYNA (Voter ID number 109603041).
MUNIZ, EDUARDO Javier (Voter ID number 109227359).
OLVERA, GLADYS Butron (Voter ID number 115413244).
TARRAU, MARIO (Voter ID number 109881310).
TARRAU, NIEVES (Voter ID number 109833121).
TARRAU, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109382975).
VEITIA, ALINA Font (Voter ID number 109494870).

13060 SW 64TH TER
APT #1204

VERBEL, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 115027183).

13060 SW 64TH TER
APT 1203

PASTOR ANNIA, RHINA (Voter ID number 110281951).

13060 SW 64TH TER
APT 1211

VALLADARES, JEANETTE Delgado (Voter ID number 109993117).

13060 SW 64TH TER
APT 1205

SANTO DOMINGO, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 110148858).

13060 SW 64TH TER
CORONELL, GABRIELLA (Voter ID number 117498173).
PINEDA, ESPERANZA (Voter ID number 117533296).

13060 SW 79TH ST
MAHAN, BILLI Helen (Voter ID number 108941559).
MAHAN, HEATHER Leigh (Voter ID number 109819507).

13060 SW 80TH ST
BERGERY, ARISLEYDI (Voter ID number 110085405).
GONZALEZ, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 121208903).

13060 SW 81ST ST
BARRETO, JORGE (Voter ID number 116615152).
BARRETO, MARTHA R. (Voter ID number 109692372).
MAYO, MARTHA Solange (Voter ID number 109602017).

13061 SW 56TH TER
DIAZ, VIRGINIA S. (Voter ID number 109272767).

13061 SW 80TH ST
VELASCO, ARY Carol (Voter ID number 109117796).
VELASCO, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109122514).

13062 SW 57TH TER
RUBIO, MARISELA Matilde (Voter ID number 115012461).
CASTILLO, IOSVANY (Voter ID number 110080920).

13070 SW 80TH ST
STURGEON, ALBERT D. (Voter ID number 110236486).
STURGEON, ALBERT Dennis (Voter ID number 109955541).
STURGEON, RACHEL (Voter ID number 110227500).
STURGEON, YOLANDA E. (Voter ID number 110227495).

13070 SW 81ST ST
CHAN, CHUN P. (Voter ID number 117075291).
CHIU, PUI L. (Voter ID number 117075355).

13071 SW 80TH ST
GONZALEZ, ROXANA Teresa (Voter ID number 109029011).
GONZALEZ, ROBERT (Voter ID number 108913034).

13090 SW 80TH ST
ALONSO, YORMERY C. (Voter ID number 119468280).

13100 SW 68TH ST
BLANCO, MARISELA (Voter ID number 109430257).

13100 SW 82ND ST
LEMUS, HUGO Alberto (Voter ID number 109492552).
LEMUS, JONATHAN Alberto (Voter ID number 118600672).
LEMUS, JUDITH Amalia (Voter ID number 119618387).
LEMUS, PATRICIA R. (Voter ID number 114604372).

13100 SW 82ND TER
AMATO, ESTHER N. (Voter ID number 109187083).
AMATO, GLADYS E. (Voter ID number 109153379).

13100 SW 83RD ST
NICOLA, ALFONSO Isidro (Voter ID number 120809595).
NICOLA, SOL Yaneira (Voter ID number 109882246).
VELASQUEZ, MARINO (Voter ID number 109190524).

13100 SW 84TH ST
GUTIERREZ, CAMILO A. (Voter ID number 118183135).
GUTIERREZ, JORGE Ali (Voter ID number 109814654).
GUTIERREZ, ROSARIO Lourdes (Voter ID number 119755820).
GUTIERREZ, RAQUEL Auxiladoria (Voter ID number 110125430).
GUTIERREZ, MOISES I. (Voter ID number 116291006).

13100 SW 85TH ST
GARCIA, NORBERTO Ramon (Voter ID number 109900409).

13101 SW 82ND TER
DELGADO, GLADYS (Voter ID number 114570349).
SANDOVAL, ELVIA A. (Voter ID number 110008723).
SANDOVAL, JESSICA Anneliesse (Voter ID number 110327155).
SANDOVAL, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 109562823).
SANDOVAL, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 116808135).

13101 SW 84TH ST
MUNK, HARVEY L. (Voter ID number 109113375).
NADLER, ALVIN (Voter ID number 108936084).

13101 SW 85TH ST
DESME, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 110131980).
DESME, SANDRA (Voter ID number 120757234).
DESME, GLIDE (Voter ID number 115910525).

13105 SW 68TH TER
MARTINEZ, JUAN Raciel (Voter ID number 118601712).
MARTINEZ, YAMILA (Voter ID number 115278103).
VILLOLDO, ELIA M. (Voter ID number 108920976).

13106 SW 68TH LN
BERGER, ORLENA Amutel (Voter ID number 109766589).
BODDEN, NURIA Christina (Voter ID number 109421822).
HOOKER, EDNA L. (Voter ID number 109597012).

13107 SW 68TH LN
RUIZ, DAYSI De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 120518241).

13107 SW 68TH TER
GRANADOS, ELSA Maria (Voter ID number 115126159).

13108 SW 68TH LN
ANGUEIRA, TIANNA (Voter ID number 120391401).
GARCIA, ANGEL (Voter ID number 109191572).
GARCIA, ZORAIDA (Voter ID number 109182160).
VELEZ, DELORIS (Voter ID number 110220525).

13109 SW 68TH LN
LOPEZ, ILEANA (Voter ID number 116812406).
CLARA, LAURA (Voter ID number 109994091).

13110 SW 56TH TER
OLALDE, RAYMEA (Voter ID number 116465031).
CARTAYA, LESLIE (Voter ID number 116465007).

13110 SW 68TH ST
PALEN, JUAN Manuel (Voter ID number 119953249).
PALEN, MARIA (Voter ID number 116999922).
PALEN, JUAN Manuel (Voter ID number 114415113).
SANTIAGO, FLORENTINO Demitrio (Voter ID number 110330409).

13110 SW 82ND ST
OTERO, CAROLINA Marie (Voter ID number 118612788).
OTERO, HORTENSIA (Voter ID number 109224899).
OTERO, REGINO Felipe (Voter ID number 109013132).
OTERO, CHRISTOPHER P. (Voter ID number 116622493).

13110 SW 83RD ST
LOPEZ, YAZMIN A. (Voter ID number 118090908).
GUTIERREZ, ADELA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109348838).
GUTIERREZ, GEORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109276694).
LOPEZ, NELSON (Voter ID number 116299766).

13110 SW 84TH ST
RAPP, JARET R. (Voter ID number 109908501).
RAPP, PETER Daniel (Voter ID number 109925069).

13111 SW 56TH TER
BERNAL, JACQUELINE M. (Voter ID number 110324366).
BERNAL, ADRIANA Maria (Voter ID number 114405570).
BERNAL, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109354264).

13111 SW 82ND ST
HURTADO DE MENDOZA, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109747751).
HURTADO DE MENDOZA, NATALIE (Voter ID number 119360275).
HURTADO DE MENDOZA, MARTHA (Voter ID number 108959885).
HURTADO DE MENDOZA, PHILIS (Voter ID number 109755042).

13111 SW 82ND TER
DUARTE, BLANCA (Voter ID number 109958869).
QUINTANA, FRANCISCO X. (Voter ID number 110018644).

13111 SW 82ND ST
HURTADO DE MENDOZA, MARTHA J. (Voter ID number 116484699).

13111 SW 83RD ST
LIMA, LAZARO Alfredo (Voter ID number 109304461).
LIMA, TACIANA M. (Voter ID number 109382814).

13111 SW 84TH ST
ABALLI, MARTA (Voter ID number 109661862).

13111 SW 85TH ST
VARGAS, SYLVIA S. (Voter ID number 119548494).
LOPEZ, SOCORRO A. (Voter ID number 116269414).
VARGAS, GEORGE (Voter ID number 110200389).

13112 SW 68TH ST
ACUNA, OVER A. (Voter ID number 118097182).
BERRIO, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 119426564).
ARIAS, JOHANNA M. (Voter ID number 109886179).
BERRIO, AMIRA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109463762).

13116 SW 68TH LN
GRAJALES, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 117569778).
GRAJALES, MARTHA Cecilia (Voter ID number 119049346).
GRAJALES, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109782212).
GRAJALES, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109670837).

13117 SW 68TH TER
BLANCO, ELSA C. (Voter ID number 109846660).

13118 SW 68TH LN
REGALADO MEDEROS, ELISA (Voter ID number 109052145).

13120 SW 64TH TER
ZULUAGA, MARIA Stella (Voter ID number 108912477).

13120 SW 64TH TER
APT 1512

CRUZ RUIZ, BERTHA Lidia (Voter ID number 120022531).
GARCIA CRUZ, NANCY M. (Voter ID number 120026402).

13120 SW 64TH TER
APT 1509

FRANCO, YOLANDA Parets (Voter ID number 108951296).

13120 SW 64TH TER
ALBA, AMARILIS Silveria (Voter ID number 110215216).
HERNANDEZ, ANA C. (Voter ID number 109430376).
HUNTER-ROBINSON, NICHELLE M. (Voter ID number 117085783).
RODON, CARLI R. (Voter ID number 116101645).

13120 SW 64TH TER
APT 1502

VIVANCO, HECTOR L. (Voter ID number 118231649).

13120 SW 64TH TER
APT 1507

ROMERO, BARBARA (Voter ID number 109403253).

13120 SW 64TH TER
ADAMS, PATRICIA E. (Voter ID number 116296161).

13120 SW 85TH ST
SOBERS, PHYLLIS Andrea (Voter ID number 109473014).
WARNER, GLORIA Yolande (Voter ID number 109471257).

13121 SW 56TH TER
BELLO, DELIA N. (Voter ID number 115990336).
MARAGOTO, JOSE Idelfonso (Voter ID number 110064102).
MARAGOTO, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 114715962).

13121 SW 82ND ST
CABRERA, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 115251306).
DELGADILLO CORTEZ, ZELA Leda (Voter ID number 120261689).
HORTA, ANA Mirta (Voter ID number 109929135).

13122 SW 68TH ST
PENA, ENRIQUE Jesus (Voter ID number 118145916).

13124 SW 68TH LN
GONZALEZ, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 109971155).
GONZALEZ, YANCI Ainnee (Voter ID number 110177935).
TRUNZO, YENIA Thalia (Voter ID number 119984550).
MIESES, ERNESTINA Rosario (Voter ID number 109821791).
MIESES, FELIX (Voter ID number 109719649).
MIESES, JUANA Butron (Voter ID number 116892636).

13125 SW 64TH TER
HERNANDEZ, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 110323537).
HERNANDEZ, YESENIA (Voter ID number 119610248).

13125 SW 64TH TER
APT 1101

FONTALVO, ESTEBAN Mariano (Voter ID number 119617955).

13125 SW 64TH TER
APT 1106

VAZQUEZ, LIDICE C. (Voter ID number 119674769).

13125 SW 64TH TER
MEULENERT, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 119892567).
PENA, ADELA C. (Voter ID number 116238867).
RODRIGUEZ BRITO, DIMAS (Voter ID number 110272662).

13125 SW 64TH TER
UNIT #1101

OROZCO, HUMBERTO S. (Voter ID number 109872543).

13125 SW 64TH TER
MEULENER, ORLANDO J. (Voter ID number 116241215).

13125 SW 68TH TER
FERNANDEZ, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 119689775).
FERNANDEZ, NELLY C. (Voter ID number 109839905).
FERNANDEZ, NELSON F. (Voter ID number 110213936).

13125 SW 72ND ST
AMADEO, BETTY (Voter ID number 115902478).

13126 SW 68TH LN
GONZALEZ, LEONEL (Voter ID number 120351014).
REYES, OGNIANA (Voter ID number 120351862).

13127 SW 68TH TER
GARCIA, ALEXANDER Jose (Voter ID number 109768205).
GARCIA, VANESSA Maria (Voter ID number 109883875).

13131 SW 56TH TER
NIEVES, CRISTO Jesus (Voter ID number 118975709).
DE CASTRO, MARIA J. (Voter ID number 109027660).

13132 SW 57TH TER
ARGUELLO, FEDERICO (Voter ID number 109701140).
BAMIEH, HATEM Reynaldo (Voter ID number 110305254).
AGUADO, MORELLA L. (Voter ID number 114309793).
AGUADO, YAMILET (Voter ID number 110216229).
BAMIEH, HATEM Ahmad (Voter ID number 110194754).
BAMIEH, SOAD (Voter ID number 114405678).

13140 SW 85TH ST
MARZAN, ARMAND (Voter ID number 109576251).
MARZAN, MARIA Amparo (Voter ID number 109150985).

13141 SW 56TH TER
HEREU, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109260357).
HEREU, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109242272).
HEREU, PEDRO Luis (Voter ID number 108969957).

13150 SW 62ND TER
DE DIOS, KARLA (Voter ID number 120415425).
VEGA, OSMIEL Emilio (Voter ID number 120415389).

13150 SW 62ND TER
APT 102

AVILES, ALEXIS I. (Voter ID number 118984048).

13150 SW 62ND TER
AVILES, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 109596116).
AVILES, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 110038842).
DIOS, LYZT De (Voter ID number 110220781).
MONTOYA, MARTHA Lorena (Voter ID number 109602294).
VALDES, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109547860).
WEBB, JEFFREY T. (Voter ID number 109446463).

13150 SW 62ND TER
UNIT #101

AHMED, MUBARIK (Voter ID number 109701568).
NAHEED, SHABANA (Voter ID number 109701570).

13151 SW 62ND TER
RAMOS, ROSA V. (Voter ID number 118056258).

13151 SW 62ND TER
APT 204

GUTIERREZ, JESUS R. (Voter ID number 120897113).

13151 SW 62ND TER
MACHIN, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 115090802).
PEREIRAS, HILDA A. (Voter ID number 114509807).
SARMIENTO, DANIEL (Voter ID number 115819372).

13160 SW 64TH TER
CHUNG, LINH (Voter ID number 114795419).
ESTRADA, LAUREN (Voter ID number 110258742).
PEREZ, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 109938145).

13160 SW 64TH TER
APT 1608

QUIROS, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 119821719).

13160 SW 64TH TER
APT 1610

PEREZ, ANIA (Voter ID number 119063233).
VALDES, YULIER (Voter ID number 117707978).

13160 SW 64TH TER
APT 1612

SANABRIA, JANET (Voter ID number 119876815).
VALDES, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 120599007).

13160 SW 64TH TER
APT 1609

NARANJO, ALICIA (Voter ID number 109852756).

13160 SW 64TH TER
ALBELO, MAYRA Duarte (Voter ID number 109168968).
CHUNG, NGHI Hue (Voter ID number 110060809).
GARCIA, MICHEL (Voter ID number 110193519).
LOZANO, CARLOS H. (Voter ID number 110234135).
QUINTERO, HEIDY (Voter ID number 110044773).
QUIROS, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109858450).
VECIN, HERMINIA (Voter ID number 109428232).

13160 SW 64TH TER
APT 1608

RODRIGUEZ, YAMILET C. (Voter ID number 109642385).

13160 SW 64TH TER
APT 1609

LOPEZ, EINARD (Voter ID number 109324845).
LOPEZ, HILDELISA (Voter ID number 109230639).

13160 SW 64TH TER
APT 1604

YU, YAO Lun (Voter ID number 109537638).

13160 SW 85TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, LAZARO Luis (Voter ID number 119631787).
SAMPER, MARIO Eduardo (Voter ID number 109957819).
RODRIGUEZ, ELENA (Voter ID number 109605371).

13165 SW 64TH TER
ARESTEGUI, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 115693060).
JUSTE, LORRAINE L. (Voter ID number 116227028).

13165 SW 64TH TER
APT 1002

SANCHEZ, ANDRES Felipe (Voter ID number 118476894).

13165 SW 64TH TER
APT 1011

PUICON, MARIA (Voter ID number 109800150).

13165 SW 64TH TER
STE 1001

VELEZON, ELINA (Voter ID number 109955823).

13165 SW 64TH TER
STE 1006

DELGADO, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 101821959).

13165 SW 64TH TER
CAMACHO, VICTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 114734819).
CHAVEZ, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 110284236).
CONESA, AMPARO (Voter ID number 109609255).
CONESA, JOSE (Voter ID number 109974888).
LEVAY, MONICA (Voter ID number 110077642).
MACHUCA, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 120187078).
MISRAHI, ELISA (Voter ID number 109122351).

13165 SW 64TH TER
APT #1006

GODERICH, DAMIAN (Voter ID number 115729172).

13165 SW 64TH TER
APT #1008

BRITO, YADIRIS (Voter ID number 110124249).

13165 SW 64TH TER
APT 1006

ALONSO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109963801).

13165 SW 64TH TER
APT 1012

CADAVID, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 117747639).

13165 SW 64TH TER
STE 1001

VELEZON, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 102380531).

13165 SW 64TH TER
STE 1012

CADAVID, JOSE Carlos (Voter ID number 118977168).

13165 SW 64TH TER
UNIT 1003

HERNANDEZ-CASTELLAT, DORIS (Voter ID number 110095146).

13165 SW 64TH TER
APT 1005

RAMOS, NARCISO (Voter ID number 110284768).

13170 SW 66TH TER
CASTILLO, INGRID (Voter ID number 115891124).
GONZALEZ, BASILIA L. (Voter ID number 110222454).
TUERO, ONDINA Bonifacia (Voter ID number 120430021).

13170 SW 66TH TER
APT #1811B

GONZALEZ, EMILIO (Voter ID number 116671889).

13170 SW 66TH TER
APT 1801 B

MOAHAMED, CRISTINA De Fatima (Voter ID number 121152847).

13170 SW 66TH TER
APT 1801

MOAHAMED, BARBARA De La Caridad (Voter ID number 119526497).

13170 SW 66TH TER
APT 1801B

MOAHAMED, FATIMA (Voter ID number 120541003).

13170 SW 66TH TER
APT 1802 B

ELIAS, CASSEY (Voter ID number 121032226).

13170 SW 66TH TER
ARRECHEA, SUSANA (Voter ID number 115511925).
CAIANO, WILMA I. (Voter ID number 110257665).
DIAZ, MIGDALIA Garcia (Voter ID number 109251304).
IGANZA, LILIETT (Voter ID number 115981512).
NOVOA, LEISLA B. (Voter ID number 115451536).
PEREZ, MARIA Carmen (Voter ID number 109805136).
PEREZ, MARICARMEN (Voter ID number 109805191).
RODRIGUEZ, ANDREA L. (Voter ID number 110050511).

13170 SW 66TH TER
APT #B-1805

RODRIGUEZ, GENOVEVO O. (Voter ID number 119743077).

13170 SW 66TH TER
APT 1806-B

GARCIA, GLADYS V. (Voter ID number 119428360).
GONZALEZ, JUSTO (Voter ID number 110136120).

13175 SW 64TH TER
HORN, DAVID G. (Voter ID number 114282691).

13200 SW 66TH ST
GONZALEZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 119045792).
JACKSON, LINA B. (Voter ID number 109280868).

13200 SW 68TH ST
PALOMINO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 118923645).
LAZO, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 116625712).

13200 SW 69TH ST
USATEGUI, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109939121).

13201 SW 62ND TER
VAQUER, AWILDA W. (Voter ID number 120562408).
GRAS, HUMBERTO (Voter ID number 109992790).
MANTARAS, MELISSA M. (Voter ID number 110112219).

13201 SW 71ST ST
CHURCH, DANIEL (Voter ID number 120488969).
CHURCH, YOANDRA (Voter ID number 115234706).
SANCHEZ, MIGUEL Onirio (Voter ID number 109691414).
SANCHEZ, GIOVANNI (Voter ID number 110210035).
SANCHEZ, MARIA Jacqueline (Voter ID number 109384066).
SANCHEZ, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110323225).

13202 SW 62ND TER
GUERRA, JOSE (Voter ID number 109734906).
YGLESIAS, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 119186149).
TEJEDA, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 110327261).
YGLESIAS, DEMETRIO (Voter ID number 109322851).
YGLESIAS, DOLORES (Voter ID number 109188540).

13204 SW 69TH TER
GONZALEZ, ANTONIA Maria (Voter ID number 110225494).
GONZALEZ, RAMON Francisco (Voter ID number 109732293).

13204 SW 87TH TER
FERNANDEZ, MANUEL S. (Voter ID number 109251559).
FERNANDEZ, ROSA Marina (Voter ID number 109427459).

13205 SW 58TH TER
JIMENEZ, YANETH (Voter ID number 119367664).

13205 SW 58TH TER

LADRON DE GUEVARA, ARIADNE (Voter ID number 114450562).

13205 SW 58TH TER

MENDOZA, PEGGY C. (Voter ID number 114790638).

13205 SW 58TH TER
FUENTES, MIREN Zurine (Voter ID number 110339728).
HERNANDEZ, ANGEL Luis (Voter ID number 115775258).
MARIN, ALEJANDRO David (Voter ID number 115325972).
MARIN, LUIS Jairo (Voter ID number 109586956).
MARIN, MARIA Patricia (Voter ID number 109589618).
RIVERA, FERNANDO Antonio (Voter ID number 110084937).
SURES, LUZMILA (Voter ID number 109265418).
VASQUEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109677943).
VASQUEZ, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 110187110).

13205 SW 58TH TER

FAJARDO, LILIANA B. (Voter ID number 114509513).

13205 SW 58TH TER

RIVERA, SANTIAGO Alberto (Voter ID number 119075876).

13205 SW 58TH TER
VEIGA, RAFAEL G. (Voter ID number 116184094).

13205 SW 69TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, CHRISTIAN A. (Voter ID number 119632136).
RODRIGUEZ, DIEGO F. (Voter ID number 118118285).
RODRIGUEZ, JAVIER F. (Voter ID number 109687090).
RODRIGUEZ, LILIANA D. (Voter ID number 116949353).

13205 SW 87TH TER
BHIMLA, AHAD (Voter ID number 114384333).
BHIMLA, AHMED I. (Voter ID number 110249791).
BHIMLA, MOHAMMED (Voter ID number 109993099).
BHIMLA, SAIRA A. (Voter ID number 110246848).

13206 SW 87TH TER
OLIVER SUAREZ, LINETTE C. (Voter ID number 115266051).
SUAREZ, SONIA (Voter ID number 109826498).
TRIANA, ARTURO (Voter ID number 109826493).

13207 SW 87TH TER
WEEKS, BRIAN C. (Voter ID number 118118127).
WEEKS, BARBARA M V (Voter ID number 109178987).

13208 SW 86TH LN
MABJISH, SAHAR (Voter ID number 113967065).
MABJISH, SUHEIL (Voter ID number 110083197).

13208 SW 87TH TER
DUPRE, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 109587163).
DUPRE, MAKARENA (Voter ID number 109972107).

13209 SW 87TH TER
FERNANDEZ, STEPHANIE E. (Voter ID number 116280681).
FERNANDEZ, BEATRIZ Juana (Voter ID number 109353117).
FERNANDEZ, MANUEL Gustavo (Voter ID number 109356966).
FERNANDEZ, CHRISTINA B. (Voter ID number 116293873).

13210 SW 62ND TER
FAJARDO, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 119052384).
O'REILLY, ANGELICA C. (Voter ID number 120801138).

13210 SW 67TH ST
BONACHEA, CHRISTOPHER G. (Voter ID number 116722550).
FISCHER, MARIA Rosario (Voter ID number 109618897).
FISCHER, RICHARD Alfred (Voter ID number 109615413).
FONTICIELLA, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 110309507).
MORALES, MARTA C. (Voter ID number 110247761).
MORALES, MELISSA Milagros (Voter ID number 115274664).

13210 SW 68TH ST
SUAREZ, MARTA Josefina (Voter ID number 109116078).

13210 SW 68TH TER
INOSTROZA, GUILLERMO Alejandro (Voter ID number 120900016).
CUENCA, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 110084211).

13210 SW 69TH ST
FLORES, JOSE Alejandro (Voter ID number 109779021).
FLORES, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 109090481).
FLORES, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 109090480).

GARCIA, ANA Patricia (Voter ID number 119099278).
CLARO, ALEIDA (Voter ID number 109348880).
VELASQUEZ, JUAN Ernesto (Voter ID number 109209851).
SANCHEZ, ARNOLDO Adan (Voter ID number 116543394).

13210 SW 86TH LN
GARMENDIA, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 116470622).
GIRADO, NIKOLE (Voter ID number 109467172).

13210 SW 87TH TER
DEL PINO, LUIS (Voter ID number 109379868).
DELPINO, YANICK (Voter ID number 110113532).

13211 SW 67TH ST
PORTER, MADISON Brosia (Voter ID number 109010456).

13211 SW 68TH ST
ZARUT, MARIBEL Polo (Voter ID number 108951925).
ZARUT, REYNALDO (Voter ID number 109166540).

13211 SW 68TH TER
GARCIA, LILLIAM (Voter ID number 109858682).
GARCIA, SIXTA (Voter ID number 109333235).
GARCIA, YAMELIS (Voter ID number 109832600).

13211 SW 71ST ST
ARIAS, NALDY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110030162).
SOLANO, KAREN J. (Voter ID number 114252839).
VALDIVIA, ROSA Elvira (Voter ID number 109994010).

DEL TORO, ANAIS Maria (Voter ID number 118029983).
DEL TORO, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 109406588).
GOMEZ, ANAIS (Voter ID number 117728121).

13211 SW 86TH LN
MARTIN, GISEL (Voter ID number 110051280).
MARTIN, GUILLERMO Jose (Voter ID number 120161200).

13211 SW 87TH TER
LONDONO, ALINDER Dejesus (Voter ID number 109430276).
PAZ, OMAR (Voter ID number 110320555).
QUINONES, ALEXIS N. (Voter ID number 116673625).
QUINONES, CASSANDRA (Voter ID number 120897134).
QUINONES, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 102021119).
DE BARA, RICK W. (Voter ID number 118087576).
LONDONO, LODY F. (Voter ID number 109433369).
PRIETO, ANA Julia (Voter ID number 109857826).

13212 SW 86TH LN
PEREZ, GLORIA Margarita (Voter ID number 108976039).

13212 SW 87TH TER
LEONARDO, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 117135078).
LEONARDO, JOSE Julian (Voter ID number 109241624).
LEONARDO, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 109211145).
LEONARDO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 117085058).

CARUSO, INGRID Anne (Voter ID number 109364558).
CARUSO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 110161906).
HERNANDEZ, LISSETTE C. (Voter ID number 109935323).

13213 SW 86TH LN
HECHTMAN, BARRY Ira (Voter ID number 109146170).
HECHTMAN, ERIC Marc (Voter ID number 110016239).

13213 SW 87TH TER
VILLEGAS, CARMELO (Voter ID number 109196790).
VILLEGAS, ILLIAN (Voter ID number 109196783).
VILLEGAS, OSCAR Enrique (Voter ID number 109401314).

13214 SW 69TH TER
SOLANO, ISABEL R. (Voter ID number 109971101).

HERRERA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109316776).
HERRERA, ROSABEL (Voter ID number 109742947).

13214 SW 86TH LN
GUTIERREZ, DANTES (Voter ID number 114736159).
GUTIERREZ, DAVID William (Voter ID number 115024112).
VILLA, NOEMI (Voter ID number 109651141).

13214 SW 87TH TER
SCHNEIDER, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 110042512).
GONZALEZ, GEORGINA (Voter ID number 110284560).
GONZALEZ, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 109420741).

13215 SW 57TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, RICARDO L. (Voter ID number 117053948).
SANCHEZ, DOMINGO (Voter ID number 109708690).

13215 SW 57TH TER

SELL, DAVID B. (Voter ID number 109405861).

13215 SW 57TH TER

QUESADA, TERESA (Voter ID number 120426613).

13215 SW 57TH TER
ALVARADO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109162363).
AMIN, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 110162657).
SELL, CATHERINE Di Dona (Voter ID number 109006603).
ZABALO, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109093624).
ZABALO, PRUDENCIO Jesus (Voter ID number 109274238).

13215 SW 57TH TER

LOPEZ-LOYOLA, RAIDEL (Voter ID number 115841090).

13215 SW 69TH ST
HERNANDEZ LORENZO, TATIANA (Voter ID number 119724412).

13215 SW 69TH TER
PICADO, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109870750).
PICADO, MABEL (Voter ID number 109870749).
PICADO, ORTA (Voter ID number 110028668).

GINARD, MARTA (Voter ID number 109286584).

13215 SW 86TH LN
PENA, JULIA Ferreiro (Voter ID number 109127734).

13215 SW 87TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA De La Angeles (Voter ID number 110072730).

13216 SW 87TH TER
BETANCOURT, DAVID Joseph (Voter ID number 109205604).
CASAS DE BETANCOURT, SUSAN E. (Voter ID number 109832107).
CASAS, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109101548).

CARDENAS, GEORGE M. (Voter ID number 117058055).
URRUTIA, EMILIO R. (Voter ID number 110326011).
URRUTIA, LORENA Maria (Voter ID number 114405657).

13217 SW 86TH LN
MORFFI, JUAN L. (Voter ID number 109629033).
MORFFI, IVONNE Beatriz (Voter ID number 109018827).
MORFFI, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 109996830).
MORFFI, SILVIA (Voter ID number 109629035).
MORFFI, JUAN Luis (Voter ID number 117112620).

13217 SW 87TH TER
WASCURA, JOSEPH F. (Voter ID number 109615360).

13218 SW 62ND TER
VILLAFUERTE, ROSA America (Voter ID number 109947617).

13218 SW 86TH LN
ESCASENA, AMANDA C. (Voter ID number 119042639).
GUZMAN, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 109392885).
GUZMAN, EDUARDO R. (Voter ID number 110020890).

13218 SW 87TH TER
VENERIO, AQUILEO (Voter ID number 109923448).
VENERIO, AQUILEO (Voter ID number 115802147).
VENERIO, MARIA Isolina (Voter ID number 109843424).

13219 SW 85TH ST
GOMEZ, MARCO Antonio (Voter ID number 109418113).
RIVERO, MONICA Laura (Voter ID number 109729916).

13219 SW 87TH TER
MARTINEZ, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109008431).
MERRITT, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 109705198).

13220 SW 58TH TER
PRIETO, DOLORES K. (Voter ID number 120062530).

13220 SW 58TH TER
APT #1

ANDRADE, LILIANA (Voter ID number 119606905).

13220 SW 58TH TER
APT 10

SANCHEZ, JOHANDRY E. (Voter ID number 119970354).

13220 SW 58TH TER
APT 16 2

SUBIRATS-TORRES, IBELYS (Voter ID number 100577477).

13220 SW 58TH TER

MOLINA, CECILIA (Voter ID number 115850739).

13220 SW 58TH TER
MARTINEZ, BARBARA (Voter ID number 114428966).

13220 SW 58TH TER
APT 10

YEPES, NATALIA (Voter ID number 110078608).

13220 SW 58TH TER

AGUILA, MERY (Voter ID number 114637205).

13220 SW 58TH TER
BLDG 16-5

SERRA, ERNEST (Voter ID number 109834725).

13220 SW 58TH TER
UNIT #16-7

FERNANDEZ, JOSE V. (Voter ID number 110221691).

13220 SW 66TH ST
MARRERO, ROXANA (Voter ID number 117935771).

13220 SW 68TH ST
YEE, FAY McDonal (Voter ID number 116748380).
YEE, KYLE Evory (Voter ID number 109418324).

13220 SW 68TH TER
RAMOS, NOEMI (Voter ID number 109730255).

13220 SW 69TH ST
FLORES, LISSETTE Marie (Voter ID number 115172909).
FLORES, VICTORINA (Voter ID number 109276127).

13220 SW 74TH ST
ZALDIVAR, BELKIS (Voter ID number 109501651).
ZALDIVAR, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 109499570).

13221 SW 67TH ST
ARMSTRONG BOZA, ANGELA Lois (Voter ID number 110315386).
ARMSTRONG, ANGELA Lois (Voter ID number 109555270).
ARMSTRONG, IVEY D. (Voter ID number 108972819).
ARMSTRONG, LOELLA Gae (Voter ID number 109021121).

13221 SW 68TH ST
SUAREZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 109341536).

13221 SW 71ST ST
MESA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 110113523).
OLARTE, HERNANDO (Voter ID number 109583561).
OLARTE, MARLENY Dj (Voter ID number 117067304).

PEREZ, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 116271206).

13221 SW 87TH TER
GUILLERMO, KATERINA Alexandra (Voter ID number 119842120).
IGLESIAS, JUAN Osvaldo (Voter ID number 109793909).
GUILLERMO, MARTA I. (Voter ID number 108957046).
GUILLERMO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109638509).

13222 SW 87TH TER
BRICENO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109239606).
BRICENO, MILAGOS V. (Voter ID number 109329733).
BRICENO, MILAGROS Maria (Voter ID number 109402969).
CALLEJAS, MARIA Carolina (Voter ID number 114902663).

BELLAS, GABRIEL J. (Voter ID number 110111455).
BELLAS, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 109615218).
BELLAS, JOSE (Voter ID number 109064222).
BELLAS, MERCEDES Irene (Voter ID number 109070842).

13224 SW 58TH TER
SANCHEZ, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109735890).

13224 SW 69TH TER
ALMEIDA, RAHIM (Voter ID number 117566902).

13224 SW 85TH ST
LYN, ERIC A. (Voter ID number 119048662).
LYN, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 109914231).

13225 SW 58TH TER
APT 10

HINCAPIE, CHARLES (Voter ID number 121068092).
HINCAPIE, LUZ Diony (Voter ID number 121187525).

13225 SW 58TH TER
APT 17 10

HINCAPIE, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 121183356).

13225 SW 58TH TER

CORNIER VAZQUEZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 121124251).

13225 SW 58TH TER
DESA, DESIREE Alexandre (Voter ID number 116033770).
SANCHEZ, ANA E. (Voter ID number 109826896).

13225 SW 58TH TER

PIMENOW, SOFIA (Voter ID number 115928717).

13225 SW 58TH TER

SANCHEZ, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109881571).

13225 SW 58TH TER
BLDG 17 #4

VANDER VELDEN, NINFA L. (Voter ID number 116033840).

13225 SW 69TH ST
MESSINA, HILDA (Voter ID number 108960632).
MESSINA, ROBERT Alan (Voter ID number 108960633).

13225 SW 69TH TER
GARCIA REGAL, BETSY (Voter ID number 118902557).
VALLADARES, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 118901763).
REGO, JOHN Paul (Voter ID number 109889471).

13225 SW 85TH ST
BOET, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number 119052368).
BOET, CONSUELO A. (Voter ID number 109287592).
BOET, FRANKLIN (Voter ID number 109243464).

HERNANDEZ, HOGLA (Voter ID number 109284202).
HERNANDEZ, MARIO Luis (Voter ID number 109083530).

13225 SW 85TH ST
BOET, FRANKLIN I. (Voter ID number 116280738).

DANGOT, ETHEL (Voter ID number 110209532).
HERNANDEZ-BRAVO, JOSE (Voter ID number 110211511).

13227 SW 85TH TER
MANNING, DON William (Voter ID number 109015377).
MANNING, LINDA R. (Voter ID number 108956415).

13228 SW 85TH LN
SEKAN, ANDREW John (Voter ID number 109068610).
SEKAN, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 109143833).

13228 SW 85TH ST
FERNANDEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109180485).

13229 SW 85TH LN
ARREDONDO, BARBARA K. (Voter ID number 110200175).
CARP, JOSHUA Michael (Voter ID number 117608044).
CARP, CRISTINA A. (Voter ID number 109378211).

13229 SW 85TH ST
CASAJUANA, ESTHER Jimenez (Voter ID number 109267075).
JIMENEZ, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 109369410).

HORN, DENNIS Harry (Voter ID number 109040204).

13230 SW 58TH TER
MARTINEZ, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 109050179).

13230 SW 58TH TER
BLDG 15-5

HERNANDEZ, ROSA A. (Voter ID number 118758639).

13230 SW 58TH TER
BORGES, ALAIN (Voter ID number 115230953).
CABRERA, ISHA Y. (Voter ID number 109856557).
CANEDA, BRENDA Lee (Voter ID number 109945202).
CANTOS, GIANPIERO Cesar (Voter ID number 109903356).
DUARTE, JOSE Elias (Voter ID number 115839683).
FINKS, JENNIFER Allison (Voter ID number 109402736).
KAHLAN, MELISSA (Voter ID number 110192165).

13230 SW 58TH TER

VELAZCO CONDOM, MARIA J. (Voter ID number 109904868).

13230 SW 58TH TER
BLDG 15-4

ORELLANA-GILER, GEMMA (Voter ID number 117760902).

13230 SW 58TH TER

BORGES, ELENA Caridad (Voter ID number 117836840).

13230 SW 67TH ST
CABRERA, CIELO (Voter ID number 109683216).
CABRERA, SANTANDER (Voter ID number 109682189).

13230 SW 68TH ST
VARGAS, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 119651017).
MURGA, IRENE J. (Voter ID number 109712313).
MURGA, RAYMOND Joseph (Voter ID number 109473245).

13230 SW 68TH TER
CLOCK, JESSE Tristan (Voter ID number 116553492).
MEDINA, CYNTHIA Rebecca (Voter ID number 110038281).
MEDINA, MARTA Mayra (Voter ID number 109128552).
CLOCK, JENNIFER Cristina (Voter ID number 116904082).

13230 SW 69TH ST
MIGUEL, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 118837548).
MIGUEL, GABRIEL E. (Voter ID number 114389637).
TORRES, SOL-MARLEN (Voter ID number 110154448).

13230 SW 85TH TER
FERRER, LIDIERKYS (Voter ID number 120121261).
VALDES, TANIA Mercedes (Voter ID number 120345011).

13230 SW 86TH LN
GUTIERREZ, NAIDA (Voter ID number 120333604).
SEIFE, ALICIA (Voter ID number 120305039).
SEIFE, DANIELA (Voter ID number 120899956).
SEIFE, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 120334058).

13230 SW 86TH ST
GONZALEZ, BOBBIE Marie (Voter ID number 109913120).
GONZALEZ, MARC Antonio (Voter ID number 110336131).

13231 SW 67TH ST
BATISTA, JORGE (Voter ID number 109260444).

13231 SW 68TH ST
ABREU, MABEL (Voter ID number 117022068).

13231 SW 68TH TER
DEL TORO, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 119636868).
VIGOA, TAMARA (Voter ID number 119582151).

13231 SW 71ST ST
SANCHEZ VALOLES, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 120124996).
AGUIRRE, SILVIA (Voter ID number 110063731).
ESTRADA, PABLO (Voter ID number 109531605).

13231 SW 85TH TER
BUSTILLOS, ANTHONY Paul (Voter ID number 109460280).
MEJIA, CYNTHIA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109358609).
MEJIA, JULIO Alfonso (Voter ID number 109358309).

13231 SW 86TH ST
OLON, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 116235327).

13231 SW 87TH TER
GARCIA, ARMANDO A. (Voter ID number 109829686).
GARCIA, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109829030).
GARCIA, BARBARA F. (Voter ID number 109823877).

13232 SW 85TH ST
MARADIAGA, PAULINA (Voter ID number 114017896).
NUNEZ, LIGIA A. (Voter ID number 109702225).
ORTIZ, MARGARITA A. (Voter ID number 109187321).

13232 SW 87TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 109180432).

13233 SW 85TH ST
GARCIA, KEVIN (Voter ID number 114410195).
GARCIA, NELSON (Voter ID number 109893366).
GARCIA, DAYSI G. (Voter ID number 116828650).

13233 SW 86TH TER
MENDOZA, MERCEDES Mederos (Voter ID number 109276365).
MENDOZA, RENE (Voter ID number 109276367).

13233 SW 87TH TER
DIEGO, AMANDA Teresa (Voter ID number 110323265).
DIEGO, JESSICA Mercedes (Voter ID number 110323268).
DIEGO, MARIA (Voter ID number 109102262).
DIEGO, URBANO (Voter ID number 116269624).

13234 SW 62ND TER
JIMENEZ CONCEPTION, JOSE Rafael (Voter ID number 117961118).
MUNOZ, GLORIA Hebe (Voter ID number 109602984).
SARDINAS, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109397524).

13234 SW 85TH TER
BRANDON, NICOLE Althea (Voter ID number 109347650).
LEE, YVONNE E. (Voter ID number 109301029).

13234 SW 86TH ST
BELTRAN, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109156812).
MARIN-BELTRAN, DIANA B. (Voter ID number 109323573).

13234 SW 86TH TER
BLANCO, ANDREW (Voter ID number 114735411).
MALDONADO, JAIME Enrique (Voter ID number 109827389).

13234 SW 87TH TER
MC LOUD, ROSS A. (Voter ID number 109598303).

13235 SW 57TH TER
CANTOR, JONATHAN F. (Voter ID number 117084737).
GONZALEZ, JESSIKA (Voter ID number 116589703).
IRIZARRY VELEZ, ZAIDA N. (Voter ID number 117286418).
NIEVES MOLINA, VANESSA M. (Voter ID number 116623320).

13235 SW 57TH TER
APT #10

CANTOR, FELIX (Voter ID number 118703350).

13235 SW 57TH TER
APT 10

COMPANIONI, MARISLEYDY (Voter ID number 119049324).

13235 SW 57TH TER

DIAZ-ALEJO, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 118985437).

13235 SW 57TH TER
CANTOR, YESSICA V. (Voter ID number 115851818).
DOMINGUEZ, FRANCISCO Iii (Voter ID number 114389558).
GONZALEZ, KAREN (Voter ID number 115592714).
JOSE MENDEZ, JULIO Alfredo (Voter ID number 110170512).
JOSE, CARMEN I. (Voter ID number 110008334).
CASANOVA, KARELIA (Voter ID number 116249852).

13235 SW 69TH ST
CLARO, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109452129).

13235 SW 69TH TER
RAMOS, GEORGE (Voter ID number 120540384).
RAMOS, MARIA Luz (Voter ID number 109804981).

13235 SW 85TH TER
COTTLE, MARGARET (Voter ID number 109306191).

13235 SW 86TH ST
SASSO, EDUARDO Miguel (Voter ID number 115167171).
SASSO, LILI (Voter ID number 110059406).

13236 SW 85TH LN
RAMOS, ANA L. (Voter ID number 109890103).
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 109806291).

13236 SW 86TH LN
MARTINEZ, DAYAMI I. (Voter ID number 114394349).

13236 SW 87TH TER
RAUCCI, FABIO (Voter ID number 118465815).
RAUCCI, FRANCO A. (Voter ID number 119908046).
RAUCCI, FRANCO Pedro (Voter ID number 118278815).
RAUCCI, LINA (Voter ID number 116391879).
RAUCCI, CARLOS Javier (Voter ID number 118647405).

13237 SW 85TH LN
BASTIONY, EDELMIRA I. (Voter ID number 108966089).
BASTIONY, PEDRO Antonio (Voter ID number 109117390).

13237 SW 85TH ST
REYES, JUDITH Suyapa (Voter ID number 109548705).
REYES, ROMNEY (Voter ID number 110211264).
REYES, RONALD (Voter ID number 110090120).
REYES, TITO Luis (Voter ID number 109548774).
SOLIS, ANTONIO J. (Voter ID number 109818616).

13237 SW 86TH TER
COCA, JESSICA Christine (Voter ID number 118458573).
COCA, DAVID Gilbert (Voter ID number 114162064).
COCA, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 109240743).
COCA, RACHELLE C. (Voter ID number 109986361).

13237 SW 87TH TER
AYON, BRANDON Aurelio (Voter ID number 119912471).
GUEVARA-DE MENENDEZ, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 116500499).
ROESCH, ALISON Jean (Voter ID number 109734182).
ROESCH, DENNIS (Voter ID number 109388157).
ROESCH, DORIS Ann (Voter ID number 110058062).
ROESCH, JANET Marie (Voter ID number 109734181).

13238 SW 85TH TER
ECHEVERRIA, AMOR Michelle (Voter ID number 110253826).
SUAREZ-JOFRE, GISSEL M. (Voter ID number 117453813).

13238 SW 86TH ST
MARTINEZ, GABRIELLE Marie (Voter ID number 118394948).
MARTINEZ, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109387939).
MARTINEZ, YVONNE Willson (Voter ID number 109207523).
WILLSON, NANCY Hernandez (Voter ID number 108999239).

13238 SW 86TH TER
HERNANDEZ, IRENE B. (Voter ID number 109840499).
CARMENATES, ALBERTO R. (Voter ID number 120131735).
CARMENATES, NORA Beatriz (Voter ID number 115592855).
CARMENATES, ROLANDO Ramon (Voter ID number 109892772).

13238 SW 86TH ST
MARTINEZ, ANDREW Fernando (Voter ID number 116283706).

13238 SW 87TH TER
SANCHEZ, ALEXANDRA Irma (Voter ID number 119726704).
SANCHEZ, NATALIE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120780969).
SANCHEZ, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 109369235).
SANCHEZ, GEORGE L. (Voter ID number 109362009).

13239 SW 85TH TER
MORALES MARTINEZ, ZAIDA C. (Voter ID number 109105774).

13239 SW 86TH ST
SIERRA, EDWARD M. (Voter ID number 116415465).
SIERRA, NICHOLAS A. (Voter ID number 119439809).
CARAM, YASMYN (Voter ID number 109142972).

13239 SW 87TH TER
FAJARDO, JUSTO Daniel (Voter ID number 109169936).
FAJARDO, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 110171432).

13240 SW 57TH TER

BROWN, JENNIFER M. (Voter ID number 110122521).

13240 SW 57TH TER
BRUNI, ALICIA (Voter ID number 109395653).
COTO, JETSENEA (Voter ID number 110051074).
DOMINGUEZ, JENNY (Voter ID number 109986692).
ESPANA, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 109481574).
LATOUR, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109124135).
LOPEZ, BENNY (Voter ID number 109608456).
LOPEZ, LISA (Voter ID number 110218683).
TRUJILLO, SONIA (Voter ID number 109381656).

13240 SW 57TH TER

LATOUR, ANTONY (Voter ID number 114384540).

13240 SW 57TH TER

PALACIOS, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 109889573).

13240 SW 67TH ST
GARCIA, ROBERT Jesus (Voter ID number 109658876).
GARCIA, ZENAIDA (Voter ID number 109696343).

13240 SW 68TH ST
MIRANDA, ANGELICA Maria (Voter ID number 119193256).
MIRANDA, ARTURO (Voter ID number 115421409).
MIRANDA, LISET M. (Voter ID number 115460461).

13240 SW 69TH ST
GOMEZ, LILA (Voter ID number 109165939).

13240 SW 86TH LN
CALDERON, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109967506).

13240 SW 87TH TER
REY, AGUSTIN (Voter ID number 109216556).
REY, ISABEL P. (Voter ID number 109234720).

13241 SW 67TH ST
VALDES, DANNY (Voter ID number 120259042).
VALDES, PEDRO J. (Voter ID number 110309523).
GREENBERG, MARIA (Voter ID number 116544466).

13241 SW 68TH ST
TAMEZ, SYLVIA Zenaida (Voter ID number 109082692).

13241 SW 68TH TER
MARTINEZ ACEVEDO, ANA (Voter ID number 110002810).
MURPHY, CHARLES Richard (Voter ID number 109342430).
ACEVEDO, WILLY GUILLERMO A. (Voter ID number 117076173).

13241 SW 71ST ST
WHITTED, ANDREW S. (Voter ID number 114734867).
WHITTED, CHRISTOPHER W. (Voter ID number 110152233).
WHITTED, MARSHALL John (Voter ID number 109190595).
WHITTED, WILMA Jeanne (Voter ID number 109190196).

13241 SW 85TH LN
PEREZ, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109113059).

13241 SW 86TH TER
ARIAS, BLAKE S. (Voter ID number 118900608).
ARIAS, MARTHA Eugenia (Voter ID number 110007124).
ARIAS, OSCAR (Voter ID number 110135868).

13241 SW 87TH TER
MILKS, DAVID Allen (Voter ID number 109770552).
MILKS, HAYLEY E. (Voter ID number 109888300).
MILKS, LESLYE Bloom (Voter ID number 109796439).

13242 SW 86TH LN
ROMAN, AMAURI (Voter ID number 119941420).
ROMAN, SHARON (Voter ID number 120896437).

13242 SW 86TH ST
GROENE, GEMA B. (Voter ID number 109894950).
GROENE, JOSE Roberto (Voter ID number 109273511).
GROENE, ROBERT B. (Voter ID number 117169361).

13242 SW 86TH TER
PEREZ, MICHAEL G. (Voter ID number 109269055).

13242 SW 87TH TER
GONZALEZ, DANIA Maria (Voter ID number 109057424).
PINZON, LUZ Marina (Voter ID number 114016849).

13243 SW 87TH TER
RUIZ, DANIA (Voter ID number 110281676).
RUIZ, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 110286803).

13244 SW 69TH TER
FERBEYRE, MICHELLE O. (Voter ID number 119950595).
FERNANDEZ, JACKELINE (Voter ID number 109426532).

13244 SW 85TH LN
BEZANILLA, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 109843139).
BEZANILLA, JAVIER M. (Voter ID number 109822771).

13244 SW 87TH TER
PRADA, MARK Andrew (Voter ID number 110280790).
ROBINSON, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109805931).
ROBINSON, PILAR (Voter ID number 109866911).

13245 SW 72ND TER
NOY, ARMANDO J. (Voter ID number 109214611).
NOY, JULIA Maria (Voter ID number 109290184).

13245 SW 85TH LN
ALI, MALIK Usman (Voter ID number 120911482).
SIDDIQI, IQBAL Ahmad (Voter ID number 109514621).
SIDDIQI, MOHAMMAD S. (Voter ID number 109894604).

13245 SW 86TH LN
JORDAN, OCTAVIO (Voter ID number 109587508).
WLODARSKI, DAVID Roy (Voter ID number 116471208).
JORDAN, ELVIA R. (Voter ID number 109676531).

13245 SW 86TH TER
BUSTAMANTE, DONNA Jeana (Voter ID number 109229829).
AHUMADA, LEONIDAS Rafael (Voter ID number 110240687).
AHUMADA, ROBERTO Carlo (Voter ID number 109637255).
AHUMADA, SONIA Esther (Voter ID number 109838693).

13246 SW 86TH TER
CHANG, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 120684287).
GARCES, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 118117165).
GARCES, MARYBEL (Voter ID number 110292275).
GARCES, RANDY Raul (Voter ID number 109732654).

13246 SW 87TH TER
MELENDEZ, DAVID (Voter ID number 115241047).
MELENDEZ, JENNEFER V. (Voter ID number 110037513).
MELENDEZ, WILFREDO Abrahan (Voter ID number 110111941).
RODRIGUEZ, AMADA Virginia (Voter ID number 116477161).

13247 SW 86TH LN
MOTORWALA, MUNIRA (Voter ID number 109832952).
MOTORWALA, SAFDER Husain (Voter ID number 109553360).

13247 SW 86TH ST
GARCIA, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 120344693).

13249 SW 86TH LN
GARIBALDI, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 119529756).
GARIBALDI, AMELIA (Voter ID number 109478618).

13249 SW 86TH TER
NEIRA, MANUEL (Voter ID number 110146202).

13249 SW 86TH LN
GARIBALDI, PHILIP (Voter ID number 116286421).

13250 SW 58TH TER
ALFONSO, EMILIO (Voter ID number 119573832).
VELARDE-MONTES, LARRY Edgard (Voter ID number 109790413).

13250 SW 58TH TER

MURO, CATALINA (Voter ID number 120611658).

13250 SW 58TH TER

NUNEZ, RAYDEL (Voter ID number 118233840).

13250 SW 58TH TER
ARANA, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109460020).
GUZMAN, CATHERINE Milagros (Voter ID number 114358734).
MADARIAGA ZUBIMENDI, TERESA (Voter ID number 110186516).
MARTE, RAMONA (Voter ID number 115918759).
VELARDE, HERMES E. (Voter ID number 110187734).
VELARDE, LEONOR A. (Voter ID number 110187729).

13250 SW 58TH TER

ZARAGOZA, JORGE (Voter ID number 119390303).
ZARAGOZA, NELIDA (Voter ID number 119390339).

13250 SW 58TH TER

FERNANDEZ, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 110063786).

13250 SW 62ND TER
RICO, NILDA (Voter ID number 114768315).

13250 SW 68TH ST
DIEPPA, JULIAN J. (Voter ID number 120172838).
DIEPPA, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 109165356).
DIEPPA, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 108916481).

13250 SW 71ST ST
DEL VALLE, JENNIFER B. (Voter ID number 119045776).
DEL VALLE, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 114026962).

13250 SW 86TH TER
GONZALEZ, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 119610641).
GONZALEZ, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 110174364).
PETTINGER, HYDIE Elana (Voter ID number 108961709).

13251 SW 68TH TER
MALFELD, GARY D. (Voter ID number 109139046).
MALFELD, MARIELA Munoz (Voter ID number 108967261).

13251 SW 71ST ST
ALVAREZ, RENE Raul (Voter ID number 109320649).

13251 SW 86TH ST
STEWART, CARMEN I. (Voter ID number 118909911).
GRANDA, MARIA Delia (Voter ID number 109930245).

13251 SW 86TH TER
ESPINOSA, CARLOS Eduardo (Voter ID number 114175724).
ESPINOSA, GUILLERMO A. (Voter ID number 109589726).
ESPINOSA, IVONNE M. (Voter ID number 109587610).

13254 SW 86TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, NANCY Marta (Voter ID number 109315163).

13255 SW 57TH TER
BAIGORRIA, YAIMA (Voter ID number 116905387).

13255 SW 57TH TER

GARCIA, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 117609291).

13255 SW 57TH TER

RODRIGUEZ, NATALIE (Voter ID number 119620782).

13255 SW 57TH TER

DIAZ, ELENI (Voter ID number 110124453).

13255 SW 57TH TER

SIU, SABRINA Gabriella (Voter ID number 120954229).

13255 SW 57TH TER
CARVALHO, MARIA Catasus (Voter ID number 110099315).
COSTA, GARDENIA Celeste (Voter ID number 109177509).
COSTA, LIZETTE (Voter ID number 109862275).
COSTA, OSCAR Danilo (Voter ID number 109177496).
GARCIA, GLORIVELISSE (Voter ID number 109533969).
LAMBO, HERIZO R. (Voter ID number 119986129).
LAZARUS, PATRICIA Maria (Voter ID number 109808930).
MARTINEZ, REBECCA J. (Voter ID number 114405796).
RANGEL, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 109886048).
SIU, KING SANG (Voter ID number 109959597).

13255 SW 57TH TER
APT 10

ALEXANDER, CASEY Marie (Voter ID number 120414847).
LAZARUS, NADENE A M (Voter ID number 119940787).

13255 SW 57TH TER

PUENTE, GLENDA (Voter ID number 119981403).

13255 SW 57TH TER

LAGE, MARIA S. (Voter ID number 109530213).

13255 SW 57TH TER
MONTALVO, XIMENA P. (Voter ID number 116437935).
VIZCAINO, PAMELA R. (Voter ID number 116294700).

13255 SW 72ND TER
ALONSO, NELLY (Voter ID number 109198414).
ALONSO, JESUS Celestino (Voter ID number 109198409).

13258 SW 62ND TER
FUENTES, MARCELLA Sparks (Voter ID number 109732951).
SPARKS, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109446921).
SPARKS, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 109608643).
SPARKS, SUSAN Elaine (Voter ID number 110343533).

13258 SW 86TH TER
INSANALLY, SHEIK Shere Ashmed (Voter ID number 109021701).

13260 SW 57TH TER
BENITEZ, KLAUDEG (Voter ID number 116615192).
DE LA MATA, PAULA (Voter ID number 116721855).
IBARRA, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 116505187).

13260 SW 57TH TER
APT #8

GONZALEZ HERNANDEZ, LUIS L. (Voter ID number 116204567).

13260 SW 57TH TER

RODRIGUEZ, GUILLERMO Jose (Voter ID number 119647831).

13260 SW 57TH TER

QUEVEDO, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 120491321).
WESTMEYER, ALYSSA Claire (Voter ID number 120215822).

13260 SW 57TH TER

ROMERO, LUIS Miguel (Voter ID number 120158408).

13260 SW 57TH TER
IBARRA, ANA (Voter ID number 116067890).
MERJANIAN, HACOP (Voter ID number 115230036).
PEREZ, EUGENIA M. (Voter ID number 114967219).
PEREZ, MELISSA Paredes (Voter ID number 110033851).
PEREZ, ROBERT R. (Voter ID number 109607265).
PEREZ, ROXANA (Voter ID number 115851166).
RODRIGUEZ, JIMMIE (Voter ID number 109578370).
RODRIGUEZ, TERESA (Voter ID number 114967236).

13260 SW 57TH TER
APT #5

CASTRO, DEADINA I. (Voter ID number 109194983).

13260 SW 67TH ST
CEPERO DIPTEE, OLGA (Voter ID number 109322160).
DIPTEE, JENNIFER Sarah (Voter ID number 109729209).

13260 SW 68TH ST
MIELES, DAVID Steven (Voter ID number 117693086).
MORALES, ALEJANDRO Gustavo (Voter ID number 109986205).
SUAREZ, LAUREN V. (Voter ID number 110119039).

13260 SW 71ST ST
CERNUDA, TERESA (Voter ID number 109443020).

13261 SW 68TH TER
RUBIO, BRYAN (Voter ID number 120896393).
LAZLANO, JENNIFER Caridad (Voter ID number 109893035).

13261 SW 71ST ST
FERRELL, MATTHEW David (Voter ID number 117560603).
FERRELL, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109072278).
SEYBERT, KEVIN David (Voter ID number 109962878).

13266 SW 62ND TER
ESCOBAR, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 109657710).
ESCOBAR, ILANIA S. (Voter ID number 109708079).
ESCOBAR, KAMIL (Voter ID number 109921468).

13270 SW 58TH TER
DE LA CONCEPCION, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 119428534).
DUARTE, LORENA Pilar (Voter ID number 109814864).
ASTUDILLO, EDUARDO J. (Voter ID number 109771304).
ASTUDILLO, ISABEL (Voter ID number 108967848).
ASTUDILLO, OSWALD (Voter ID number 109121891).
LACAYO, CESAR (Voter ID number 114736101).
RESTREPO, CESAR De Jesus (Voter ID number 109623183).
RESTREPO, GLORIA Helena (Voter ID number 109455494).
VERAS, JERRY (Voter ID number 110156867).

13270 SW 58TH TER

IBARRA, ELIECER (Voter ID number 119456011).

13270 SW 58TH TER

PELAEZ, FILADELFO Jose (Voter ID number 109780531).

13270 SW 58TH TER
PEREZ, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 116327494).
GONZALEZ, HAYMARA (Voter ID number 117021269).

13270 SW 68TH ST
DESANGLES, FELIX TOMAS (Voter ID number 114396833).
PAEZ, STEVEN David (Voter ID number 118613669).
PAEZ, MARTIN D. (Voter ID number 115384063).
PAEZ, TANYA M. (Voter ID number 109930699).

13270 SW 71ST ST
AUN, EMILIO (Voter ID number 109016719).
AUN, JUANA Elena (Voter ID number 109876584).

13271 SW 71ST ST
LE JEUNE, BARBARA K. (Voter ID number 108902378).

13275 SW 57TH TER
GALLARDO, IVAN G. (Voter ID number 109857324).
GALLARDO, IVAN (Voter ID number 120900083).
MADRIZ, GLADYS M. (Voter ID number 119436897).

13275 SW 57TH TER

GUTIERREZ, JANY (Voter ID number 115918048).
MORENO, AGNES Maria (Voter ID number 119614715).

13275 SW 57TH TER
APT 10

PANTOJA, JHON (Voter ID number 119048951).
VILLASMIL, CIRA R. (Voter ID number 120397543).

13275 SW 57TH TER
FONTANEZ, LETICIA (Voter ID number 109015666).

13275 SW 72ND TER
FERNANDEZ, PEDRO Mario (Voter ID number 109238327).
FERNANDEZ, RITA Ileana (Voter ID number 108933719).

13280 SW 71ST ST
FILES, DEBORA Lynne (Voter ID number 109105509).

13281 SW 71ST ST
CEVASCO, ADELFA (Voter ID number 109910020).
CEVASCO, HILARIO (Voter ID number 109910015).

13285 SW 72ND TER
SAN PEDRO, JAVIER Roan (Voter ID number 118009412).
ROMAGUERA, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 109573594).

13290 SW 62ND TER
ALEMAN, DANIA (Voter ID number 120448643).
LEON, YUNIEL (Voter ID number 120158151).
FUNDORA, BELKYS (Voter ID number 110168540).

13291 SW 71ST ST
RIVERA, FRANCISCO V. (Voter ID number 110051413).
TIMIRAOS, MARIA Asuncion (Voter ID number 109905244).

13295 SW 72ND TER
PARKER, DAVID (Voter ID number 110317847).
PARDO, ELENA (Voter ID number 109394247).
PARKER, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109396854).

13300 SW 58TH TER
CHOW, ZULEIMA Y. (Voter ID number 118486805).
LOPETEGUI, ELENA Aurora (Voter ID number 117282417).
REYES, FELIX E. (Voter ID number 109689988).

13300 SW 58TH TER
APT #8

VAZQUEZ, JENNIFER C. (Voter ID number 120909107).

13300 SW 58TH TER
BALBUENA, FATIMA Valle (Voter ID number 109199542).
CASTILLO, ROSA D. (Voter ID number 109952637).
CUBELA, ALIDA (Voter ID number 109279028).
MARTINEZ, CRISTOBAL Cesareo (Voter ID number 109216022).
MARTINEZ, MARIA Antonia (Voter ID number 109216018).
MORALES, LUCERMINA (Voter ID number 109588521).
REYES, VIROSELIE (Voter ID number 114390656).
RUIZ, ERNESTINA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 109909424).

13300 SW 58TH TER

PEREZ, CAMILA (Voter ID number 119898718).

13300 SW 62ND TER
MARTINEZ, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 110336232).
MUNGUIA, APRIL (Voter ID number 109983335).
MUNGUIA, GEORGE (Voter ID number 110231166).
SUAREZ, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 110041939).
SUAREZ, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 110041991).

13300 SW 71ST ST
GRILLO, JEAN (Voter ID number 109851542).
RAMOS, JOHN (Voter ID number 116108928).
RAMOS, LUIS Ovidio (Voter ID number 109074653).

13300 SW 79TH ST
ACEVEDO, MELISSA (Voter ID number 109992673).
PAEZ, ELADIO Martin (Voter ID number 109322942).
PAEZ, IVYS Marlem (Voter ID number 110138178).

13300 SW 82ND ST
ALVERNIA, JORDAN A. (Voter ID number 117566328).
ALVERNIA, STEFANO Y. (Voter ID number 119042579).
ALCIVAR, DENNIS Ricardo (Voter ID number 109986710).
ALVERNIA, FREDDY Arnaldo (Voter ID number 110331979).
ALVERNIA, OLIVA Esther (Voter ID number 109529645).

13301 SW 59TH TER
BRAJSHORI, NIURKA (Voter ID number 115055849).
BARROSO, JORGELINA (Voter ID number 114559793).

13301 SW 71ST ST
SHANNON, MARLENE (Voter ID number 109363320).
SHANNON, MICHAEL Warren (Voter ID number 110179672).

13301 SW 74TH ST
HENNING, JEANETTE T. (Voter ID number 109660428).
HENNING, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109415970).

13301 SW 80TH ST
NEGRIN, JAVIER F. (Voter ID number 108995967).
NEGRIN, KRISTINE Marie (Voter ID number 109992542).
NEGRIN, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 108996284).

13302 SW 61ST ST
BARTRA, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109547429).
BARTRA, MAYRA G. (Voter ID number 109422666).
BARTRA, SHANTELLE (Voter ID number 114389595).

13303 SW 59TH TER
AVILA, ELENA (Voter ID number 109128167).

13304 SW 60TH LN
AUCAR, ILEANA (Voter ID number 109604365).

13304 SW 60TH TER
BORGE, YOARDIT Jose (Voter ID number 115458358).
RAMIREZ, DIANA Katherine (Voter ID number 110006775).

13304 SW 73RD TER
CARRERA, NIVIA Martinez (Voter ID number 109472118).

13305 SW 59TH TER
OQUENDO, SABRINA (Voter ID number 115234779).

13305 SW 61ST ST
MARTINEZ, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 109804265).

13306 SW 60TH TER
CASCO, IRELLA I. (Voter ID number 118118392).
VILLANUEVA, STEPHANIE P. (Voter ID number 118251284).
CASCO, FRANCISCO M. (Voter ID number 116263841).

13306 SW 61ST TER
CANO, EDWIN Ferney (Voter ID number 121330779).

13306 SW 62ND TER
SULLIVAN, PATRICK Tarr (Voter ID number 109313173).

13307 SW 59TH TER
GOMEZ, ALICIA (Voter ID number 116800855).
GOMEZ, YAHILIN (Voter ID number 116824579).

13307 SW 61ST TER
CHAVEZ, BLANCA R. (Voter ID number 118349836).
CHAVEZ, JENNIFER Leonora (Voter ID number 109771003).
CHAVEZ, SILVIO A. (Voter ID number 109571303).
LUPINO-CASTRO, FLOR M. (Voter ID number 109476657).

13308 SW 60TH TER
DURAN, ELLEN Anne (Voter ID number 108917628).

13310 SW 79TH ST
HARAMBOURE, GERARDO (Voter ID number 109975026).
HARAMBOURE, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 110045425).
HARAMBOURE, MARLENE (Voter ID number 110099118).
HARAMBOURE, VANESSA (Voter ID number 109618661).
ULARICH, IVAN Vincent (Voter ID number 103103178).

13310 SW 81ST ST
FAYA-SCARMATO, MARIA Regina (Voter ID number 110274613).

13310 SW 82ND ST
BARENTHIN, ALAN Stanley (Voter ID number 109496401).

13311 SW 59TH TER
SOTO, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 120692999).
FERNANDEZ, LAZARA Eberkys (Voter ID number 109694483).
SOTO, ANAIS (Voter ID number 114361883).
SOTO, MERCEDES V. (Voter ID number 110134327).

13311 SW 71ST ST
CHACON, AMAURI L. (Voter ID number 109724290).

13311 SW 74TH ST
ARGUELLES, CARMEN A. (Voter ID number 109121288).
DIAZ-ARGUELLES, FRANCISCO E. (Voter ID number 109802615).

13311 SW 80TH ST
MORRISON, RONALD James (Voter ID number 109337894).
RIVERA, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109953386).

13311 SW 82ND ST
MOREJON RAMIREZ-CORRIA, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 116238958).
VAZQUEZ, LESNAY (Voter ID number 109859486).

13312 SW 60TH TER
REIS, MARIA Desiree (Voter ID number 119923180).
JAMETTE, RAQUEL E. (Voter ID number 120448024).

13312 SW 61ST ST
VAZQUEZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 119899993).
VAZQUEZ, CARMEN (Voter ID number 116240513).
MORENO, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 117972101).

13314 SW 60TH LN
GAINZA, MARIALUISA Q. (Voter ID number 109317260).
GAINZA, MARTA Luisa (Voter ID number 109322836).
PERON, RODOLFO R. (Voter ID number 109805763).

13314 SW 60TH TER
QUIROZ, GUSTAVO Adolfo (Voter ID number 109903372).
ORTEGA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 110280584).
QUINTANA, THOMAS (Voter ID number 109374862).

13314 SW 73RD TER
KIRCH, ALAN (Voter ID number 120354854).
KIRCH, APRIL Louise (Voter ID number 109889410).
KIRCH, NANCY L. (Voter ID number 109141408).
KIRCH, RAYMOND Alan (Voter ID number 109459846).

13315 SW 58TH TER
CARRO, CONCEPCION (Voter ID number 109251625).
PASTRANA, JESUS R. (Voter ID number 116722779).

13315 SW 58TH TER

MARQUEZ, MILAGRO C. (Voter ID number 110127718).
MIXCO, NUBIA Mercedes (Voter ID number 110195187).

13315 SW 58TH TER

PEREZ, YAQUELINE (Voter ID number 117881671).

13315 SW 58TH TER

PASTRANA, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 120950876).

13315 SW 58TH TER
COSTA, CLARA De La Caridad (Voter ID number 108921361).
COSTA, ELIZABETH Maria (Voter ID number 109257462).
DIAZ, NELLY Cecilia (Voter ID number 108952188).
ESTAPE, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 109815863).
ESTAPE, JEANETTE Aquiline (Voter ID number 110005972).
MARIN, ARACELLY A. (Voter ID number 109528483).
MIXCO-SAAVEDRA, MARIA Morella (Voter ID number 109871869).
SUAREZ, CONCEPCION (Voter ID number 114421149).
TROYA, CESAR Alfred (Voter ID number 110028327).
VALDEZ, LAZARO Antonio (Voter ID number 115260290).
VIDAL, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 109476688).

13315 SW 58TH TER

GONZALEZ, YANEISI (Voter ID number 120409144).

13315 SW 59TH TER
RIVERA, OSCAR Emilio (Voter ID number 120940383).
RIVERA, MAYRA N. (Voter ID number 109721351).
CUADRA, MARVIN J. (Voter ID number 116284410).

13316 SW 60TH TER
FORREST, JENNIFER Irene (Voter ID number 114416464).
FORREST, JOHN Wright (Voter ID number 109059570).

13316 SW 61ST TER
GONZALEZ, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 117037981).
GONZALEZ, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109852348).
GONZALEZ, LAUREN (Voter ID number 115240830).
GONZALEZ, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 109852342).

13316 SW 62ND TER
CARBONERO, GEORGE (Voter ID number 116705857).

13317 SW 61ST TER
HIDALGO-GATO, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109359526).

13317 SW 64TH LN
SENTI, ANA Yossette (Voter ID number 109900547).
SENTI, ARTURO (Voter ID number 109532902).

13319 SW 59TH TER
SALVATIERRA, ENCIA G. (Voter ID number 109930413).

13320 SW 65TH LN
VEGA, JAYMI (Voter ID number 120409175).
VEGA, JUDITH Elizabeth (Voter ID number 119618117).
VEGA, IPSIA (Voter ID number 110217817).
VEGA, JORGE (Voter ID number 109900302).

13320 SW 71ST ST
BERLAND, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109560107).
DEL VALLE, LIDIA (Voter ID number 109123435).

13320 SW 79TH ST
SIERRA, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 116290878).
ESTEVEZ, STEVEN M. (Voter ID number 119880253).
VAZQUEZ, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109187914).
ESTEVEZ, CHRISTOPHER W. (Voter ID number 116380829).

13320 SW 81ST ST
ESTRADA, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 114405012).
ESTRADA, GEDMA Carolina (Voter ID number 118087144).
ESTRADA, JAVIER (Voter ID number 114405062).

13320 SW 82ND ST
CASAS, LUIS Alfredo (Voter ID number 109115142).
VERGEL, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 108938351).

13321 SW 59TH TER
ANTONETTI, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number 110324679).
ANTONETTI, FERNANDO Jesus (Voter ID number 110116643).

13321 SW 64TH LN
DE LA CRUZ, JAVIER (Voter ID number 114443290).
GIRALDO, MARIANELA (Voter ID number 114443301).

13321 SW 71ST ST
NUNEZ, LOUIS Mike (Voter ID number 109446794).
NUNEZ, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 109660780).

13321 SW 74TH ST
GARCIA, GISELLE Benitez (Voter ID number 109428618).
GARCIA, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 109291878).

13321 SW 78TH ST
SALES, RAYMOND J. (Voter ID number 117563453).
SALES, NANCY Carol (Voter ID number 109038863).
SALES, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 109057441).

13321 SW 80TH ST
GABRIE, JORGE N. (Voter ID number 110197238).
NUNEZ, JUAN Pablo (Voter ID number 114380611).
NUNEZ, LUCY Esther (Voter ID number 110143156).
NUNEZ, LUIS Daniel (Voter ID number 110241561).

13321 SW 82ND ST
ELGHALAYINI, SAMMY Farid (Voter ID number 118117981).

13322 SW 60TH TER
MANSELL, HILDA Del Socorro (Voter ID number 119486473).

13322 SW 61ST ST
MORALES, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 110021518).
PUENTES, JENNIFER M. (Voter ID number 114386471).
PUENTES, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 110031879).
PUENTES, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109674811).
VIANA, FRANK G. (Voter ID number 116117371).
VIANA, NICOLETTE (Voter ID number 115983480).

13323 SW 59TH TER
COLE, JEREMY Levi (Voter ID number 110019874).
TAYLOR, MERCEDES C. (Voter ID number 109364440).

13324 SW 60TH LN
PEREZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 119670153).
PEREZ-COCA, YOHAN (Voter ID number 118079441).

13324 SW 60TH TER
RANGEL, JULIO Narciso (Voter ID number 118775955).
PACHECO, ALAIN (Voter ID number 109737343).
RANGEL, MARTA N. (Voter ID number 110162993).
RANGEL, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 116283076).

13324 SW 62ND TER
VILLALON, ILEANA R. (Voter ID number 109496027).

13324 SW 65TH LN
ALVARADO, MARIANELA C. (Voter ID number 109494322).

13324 SW 73RD TER
HERNANDEZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 115691534).
NECUZE, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 119349314).
GANDULFO, MAYTE (Voter ID number 109989620).

13325 SW 59TH TER
ZARETTI, MAURO (Voter ID number 119888729).

13325 SW 61ST ST
BERNABE, ELVIS (Voter ID number 109362682).
PEREZ, MILTON S. (Voter ID number 118234427).

13325 SW 64TH LN
CAICEDO, SOFIA (Voter ID number 116679838).

13326 SW 61ST TER
CAMPOS, FANNY Lucia (Voter ID number 120599904).
QUIROZ, EDUARDO Javier (Voter ID number 120653980).
RODRIGUEZ, ARTURO Enrique (Voter ID number 118243271).

13327 SW 59TH TER
HERRERA, IRMA (Voter ID number 110052809).

13327 SW 61ST TER
BARCELO, DEREK (Voter ID number 118616147).
BARCELO, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 117083642).
GARCIA, AMELIA (Voter ID number 109222511).
BARCELO, ADIS (Voter ID number 109945872).

13328 SW 60TH TER
TUERO, MADELYN (Voter ID number 118155590).

13328 SW 65TH LN
COLLADA, IBIS (Voter ID number 109332597).

13329 SW 59TH TER
VALIDO, JESSICA Caridad (Voter ID number 110056568).

13329 SW 64TH LN
MUNIZ, ALICIA L. (Voter ID number 109669729).
MUNIZ, PABLO M. (Voter ID number 109663613).

13330 SW 59TH TER
POLO, MAIYEN (Voter ID number 118382960).
SOSA, JORGE (Voter ID number 116180506).

13330 SW 60TH TER
CAAMANO, MARIA Del Pilar (Voter ID number 109661265).
KATZ, HERMAN Jose (Voter ID number 110062665).

13330 SW 78TH ST
COVAS, JESSICA Marie (Voter ID number 109611404).

13330 SW 79TH ST
LOPEZ, LAURA (Voter ID number 109717667).
LOPEZ, LIGIA (Voter ID number 110095934).
NUNEZ, JORGE Alfredo (Voter ID number 109723580).
OLIVAS, JACQUE Joseph (Voter ID number 110056685).
ROSALES, JEFFREY Brian (Voter ID number 110174115).

13330 SW 81ST ST
MENDEZ-SUAREZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109768251).
SUAREZ, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 109631004).

13330 SW 82ND ST
NOYA, DANIELA R. (Voter ID number 109566771).
PEDEMONTE, DIONE (Voter ID number 109975332).
SANCHEZ, CARLOS Antonio (Voter ID number 109267107).

13331 SW 74TH ST
LAWRENCE, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 119809057).
HENRY, JAMES T. (Voter ID number 109183509).
LAWRENCE, OWEN Samuel (Voter ID number 109111143).
LAWRENCE, PATRICIA Maria (Voter ID number 108943830).
LAWRENCE, RICHARD O. (Voter ID number 100574629).
MC CAW, GRACE Y. (Voter ID number 109944845).

13331 SW 79TH ST
LORENZO, NAUDE E. (Voter ID number 109131112).
LORENZO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109087585).

13331 SW 80TH ST
HOO, ASTON I. (Voter ID number 109865580).
HOO, NORMA M. (Voter ID number 109934811).

13332 SW 59TH TER
TARAFA, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 110216743).
TARAFA, YANNINE C. (Voter ID number 117198779).

13332 SW 60TH TER
CABRERA, JORGE Ariel (Voter ID number 110005909).
CABRERA-FUNDORA, NANCY L. (Voter ID number 116293900).

13332 SW 61ST ST
JACQUES, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 109821007).
TELLEZ, FABIO C. (Voter ID number 109893182).
TELLEZ-JACQUES, KAREN Daniella (Voter ID number 110111864).

13332 SW 62ND TER
ROZENFELD, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 109277367).

13332 SW 65TH LN
PALMAR, BRIGITTE Bondy (Voter ID number 109457902).

13333 SW 59TH TER
MARTINEZ, NARCISA (Voter ID number 109702324).
MARTINEZ, OSCAR D. (Voter ID number 109960152).
PANIAGUA, DENNIS Joel (Voter ID number 115251258).
PANIAGUA, EDUARDO D. (Voter ID number 110212001).

13334 SW 59TH TER
MENENDEZ, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 120897380).
MENENDEZ, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 114115651).

13334 SW 60TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, JUANA (Voter ID number 116613110).

13334 SW 73RD TER
MARRERO NEVILLE, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109196062).
NEVILLE, CHARLES Alfred (Voter ID number 109232661).
NEVILLE, KIRK C. (Voter ID number 110329377).

13335 SW 57TH TER
MONTES, RAFAEL E. (Voter ID number 109887466).
SALAS, CIRA M. (Voter ID number 109332260).

13335 SW 57TH TER

PUELLO, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 121280908).
PUELLO, MELISSA C. (Voter ID number 118118180).
PUELLO, VANESSA Marie (Voter ID number 119484073).

13335 SW 57TH TER

BRENES, RONALD I. (Voter ID number 119129123).

13335 SW 57TH TER

PEREZ, VICKY (Voter ID number 109331526).

13335 SW 57TH TER

MC EWAN, DEVON Peter (Voter ID number 110176369).

13335 SW 57TH TER
ARTILES, ANIBAL (Voter ID number 114017829).
LOPEZ ARTILES, LIDIA (Voter ID number 110190872).
MASIAS, MANUEL Jesus (Voter ID number 110272557).
MASIAS, MAURA (Voter ID number 109842721).
PUELLO, MARTHA E. (Voter ID number 110263104).
SOLIMAN, LYNX (Voter ID number 109609235).
VALLE, NYURKA N. (Voter ID number 109646738).

13335 SW 57TH TER
APT 10

MARTINEZ, LUIS (Voter ID number 117372000).

13335 SW 59TH LN
SOSA, RAMIRO (Voter ID number 116714924).

13335 SW 59TH TER
GONZALEZ, KARLA Vanessa (Voter ID number 116264965).
GONZALEZ, ROBERTO J. (Voter ID number 116029628).

13335 SW 60TH TER
BALDOMERO, ROSALINA (Voter ID number 109477164).
REYES, GINA (Voter ID number 109286867).

13335 SW 73RD TER
LOPEZ, CRISTINA Carmen (Voter ID number 118904509).
POZA, MARIA Cristina (Voter ID number 109072672).

13336 SW 59TH LN
CABRERA, ILIANA (Voter ID number 109268951).
CABRERA, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 115234082).

13336 SW 59TH TER
GARCIA, MARILYN (Voter ID number 117150596).
GUERRA, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 117150546).

13336 SW 61ST TER
MOYA, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 117580523).

13336 SW 65TH LN
DELGADO-ROMERA, HEATHER M. (Voter ID number 115841307).

13337 SW 59TH TER
TAMAYO, MICHELE (Voter ID number 109527775).
JIMENEZ, CHRISTOPHER Anthony (Voter ID number 114421303).
TAMAYO, ALEXIA Leonor (Voter ID number 109198033).
TAMAYO, MARJORIE Caridad (Voter ID number 109279458).

13337 SW 61ST TER
RODRIGUEZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 117239524).
CARVAJAL, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 110164307).
CARVEJAL, RAUL (Voter ID number 120407184).
CANDELO, MARTHA M. (Voter ID number 116971430).

13337 SW 64TH LN
COLAS, EDOUARD Marie (Voter ID number 118818215).
COLAS, GINA Valerie (Voter ID number 100575198).
HOGU, GINA (Voter ID number 109843818).

13338 SW 59TH LN
QUINTERO-VELASQUEZ, JOSE NARCIS (Voter ID number 115852192).
QUIROGA, MATIAS Sergio (Voter ID number 118834724).
TORRES, LARRY (Voter ID number 117580725).
OESTER, DIANE Mc Donald (Voter ID number 110097736).
QUIROGA, SERGIO G. (Voter ID number 109986272).

13338 SW 59TH TER
TOLL-FRANCIA, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109280199).
TOURGEMAN, ISAAC Paul (Voter ID number 110033102).

13338 SW 60TH TER
LOPEZ, SORAYA (Voter ID number 118763818).
YANCARLOS, HERNANDE (Voter ID number 120401389).

13338 SW 60TH TER
APT 12

COUTO, DORIS (Voter ID number 120377234).

13339 SW 59TH LN
JUSTIZ, ERIC (Voter ID number 120504548).

13340 SW 59TH LN
HOUDAYER, ROLANDO A. (Voter ID number 109945763).

13340 SW 59TH TER
DABALSA, MIRIAM A. (Voter ID number 109243176).
SANCHEZ, JANETTE (Voter ID number 109823314).

13340 SW 62ND TER
VELASQUEZ, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 110004062).
OJEDA, BENJAMIN R. (Voter ID number 109858553).

13340 SW 65TH LN
HARRIS, SARAI E. (Voter ID number 119628400).
HERNANDEZ, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 110261339).
HERNANDEZ, HELEN M. (Voter ID number 110208306).
HERNANDEZ, MAGDA A. (Voter ID number 109304573).
HERNANDEZ, VICTOR Jesus (Voter ID number 109270136).

13340 SW 78TH ST
CRAMER, JAMES Bruce (Voter ID number 109806705).

13340 SW 79TH ST
SOMARRIBA, JOSE Gilberto (Voter ID number 120963265).
SOMARRIBA, JOSE G. (Voter ID number 110064144).

13340 SW 82ND ST
FELDMAN NAGEL, SHARON M. (Voter ID number 109918778).
NAGEL, CHRISTOPHER John (Voter ID number 109954397).

13341 SW 59TH TER
BRINGAS, ARSENIO (Voter ID number 116476456).
GONZALES, DEREK Jaye (Voter ID number 109815712).
GONZALEZ, ERIC Edward (Voter ID number 109540850).

13341 SW 60TH TER
REBUSTILLO, KERIA Dalila (Voter ID number 117372148).
TRANA, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 110145086).
URROZ, ARACELY (Voter ID number 109713786).

13341 SW 64TH LN
GORDON, DOLORES Ruth (Voter ID number 117770688).
GUILLEN, SANDOR Eduardo (Voter ID number 109871794).
GUILLEN, SANDOR (Voter ID number 109751607).

13341 SW 74TH ST
COSTA, MAYRA (Voter ID number 116815408).
COSTA, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 116614382).
COSTA, ZENEIDO (Voter ID number 117044578).

13341 SW 78TH ST
GONZALEZ, ANDRES (Voter ID number 116770891).
GALIANO, AIMEE (Voter ID number 115179700).
GONZALEZ, AIMEE (Voter ID number 110113525).
GONZALEZ, TERESA Maria (Voter ID number 116739874).

13341 SW 79TH ST
REYES, CARLOS Lazaro (Voter ID number 109965915).
REYES, MONICA (Voter ID number 110211331).

13341 SW 80TH ST
MEDINA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 119631758).
VIZUETE, RAMON E. (Voter ID number 109621419).
MORALES, DIANA E. (Voter ID number 110246901).
TERAN, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109900204).

13341 SW 82ND ST
MARTINEZ, ALEXEI (Voter ID number 109599914).
TORRES MARTINEZ, MILAYT (Voter ID number 120130847).
MARTINEZ, MILAYT Torres (Voter ID number 109768283).

13342 SW 59TH LN
DE ARMAS, CATALINA Ginard (Voter ID number 108907945).

13342 SW 59TH TER
NODA, ESTHER C. (Voter ID number 110232664).
NODA, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109925772).

13342 SW 61ST ST
CERUTO, CRIXO (Voter ID number 110078121).

13343 SW 59TH LN
MULERO, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 114282332).

13343 SW 60TH TER
GALLO, LUZ E. (Voter ID number 117202978).
NADAL, VANESSA Elizebeth (Voter ID number 109467523).

13344 SW 59TH LN
CEBALLOS, TATIANA (Voter ID number 115918836).
DESBOIS, BRIDGET Michelle (Voter ID number 120594956).
FLORIN, CESAR Lazaro (Voter ID number 115918843).
FLORIN, ERIC Fransciso (Voter ID number 120991045).

13344 SW 59TH TER
CORREA- CASTILLO, KAROLYN (Voter ID number 109812706).

13344 SW 60TH LN
LUIS, ZOILA Felina (Voter ID number 109387119).
WONG SOI, BRUNILDA (Voter ID number 109843019).

13344 SW 60TH TER
OBREGON, JOEL (Voter ID number 120908951).
OBREGON, MOISES Salatiel (Voter ID number 109640688).
SILWANY, SOFIA R. (Voter ID number 109636147).

13344 SW 64TH LN
GUILLEN, EDITH D. (Voter ID number 116954082).

13344 SW 65TH LN
ZORNOZA, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109931648).

13344 SW 73RD TER
BALLESTEROS, ERIC (Voter ID number 109698612).

13345 SW 59TH LN
REINOSO, CAMELIA Delvalle (Voter ID number 113987038).

13345 SW 59TH TER
GARCIA, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 116682903).

13345 SW 61ST ST
TALAVERA, CATALINA (Voter ID number 114617651).
TALAVERA, LUIS Carlos (Voter ID number 109655386).

13345 SW 64TH LN
HAWKINS, DARRYL Lee (Voter ID number 109438565).

13346 SW 59TH LN
GASTEAZORO, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 110255813).
GASTEAZORO, RICARDO N. (Voter ID number 109829185).
GASTEAZORO, RICARDO Noel (Voter ID number 110116035).
MORENO, CARMEN Lucia (Voter ID number 109916138).

13346 SW 60TH TER
PADILLA, VICTOR J. (Voter ID number 119045994).
PADILLA, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 110071129).

13346 SW 61ST TER
FERNANDEZ, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 119533103).
PICHEL, MASSIEL (Voter ID number 109956120).
VALCARCEL, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 117047752).

13347 SW 59TH LN
GIL, ZAILY (Voter ID number 120170132).
SUAREZ, ROINEL (Voter ID number 120170144).

13347 SW 59TH TER
DELGADO, YOANDRA (Voter ID number 120562834).
NARANJO CALA, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 121240546).
RIVERA, ANABEL (Voter ID number 120009442).

13348 SW 60TH TER
MORALES, ANDY Javier (Voter ID number 118953573).
MORALES, DANIEL (Voter ID number 114320012).
MORALES, DANIEL (Voter ID number 115251302).
MORALES, GISELA (Voter ID number 109595097).
MORALES, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 116281415).

13348 SW 62ND ST
SANCHEZ, LOURDES (Voter ID number 114327484).

13348 SW 62ND TER
MONELL PIZARRO, JOSEPH Yamir (Voter ID number 120910654).
SANCHEZ, ROXANNA (Voter ID number 110311960).
ROMERO, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 110324620).

13349 SW 59TH TER
GUILLEN, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109887374).

13349 SW 60TH TER
CHIRINO, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 110236496).

13350 SW 58TH TER
SANTANA, VERONICA Verena (Voter ID number 119628754).

13350 SW 58TH TER

DE ARMAS DIAZ, ANNILIET (Voter ID number 120310060).
PEREZ, JOSEPH Michael (Voter ID number 110144201).

13350 SW 58TH TER
HURTADO, DAGOBERTO (Voter ID number 114554961).
PORTILLA, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 109228814).
SCHUSTER, PATRICIA Darlene (Voter ID number 110208591).
VALENZUELA, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 114429222).

13350 SW 58TH TER

MUNIZ BAO, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 118548831).

13350 SW 59TH LN
GONZALEZ, EDILIA Francisca (Voter ID number 108955185).

13350 SW 78TH ST
FERNANDEZ, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109235206).
FERNANDEZ, MANUEL Ramon (Voter ID number 109969071).

13350 SW 79TH ST
TORRES, ARACELYS Marie (Voter ID number 109736273).
TORRES, NORMA Elena (Voter ID number 109936481).

13350 SW 81ST ST
HERNANDEZ GUILLEN, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109738438).
GUILLEN, EMILIO (Voter ID number 109508421).

13350 SW 82ND ST
CLAPS, LEONORA Mangiameli (Voter ID number 108987036).

13351 SW 59TH LN
GONZALEZ, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 116891691).
GONZALEZ, ERIKA (Voter ID number 115884941).

13351 SW 59TH TER
HERNANDEZ, ESTELA Secundina (Voter ID number 109583790).
INFANTE, ZIOMAHARA (Voter ID number 109568859).

13351 SW 59TH LN
GONZALEZ, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 114248394).

13351 SW 60TH TER
CARBONELL, ASHLEY N. (Voter ID number 115303706).
CARBONELL, OLGA C. (Voter ID number 109348651).
MARTINEZ, JAIME E. (Voter ID number 109578920).

13351 SW 74TH ST
ANDRADE, BERNA Alexa (Voter ID number 117843999).
ANDRADE, HENRY (Voter ID number 109233656).

13351 SW 78TH ST
NAVARRO, GISELLE Marie (Voter ID number 116306025).
NAVARRO, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109307068).
NAVARRO, OSCAR D. (Voter ID number 114380251).
NAVARRO, OSCAR De Jesus (Voter ID number 109120275).

13351 SW 79TH ST
AMADOR, EDGARD (Voter ID number 116574913).
RIOS, ANA Marcela (Voter ID number 110239956).

13351 SW 80TH ST
YESNER, LEONARD J. (Voter ID number 109146422).
YESNER, SELMA A. (Voter ID number 109000983).

13351 SW 82ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 109668146).
RODRIGUEZ, EDUARDO A. (Voter ID number 109642023).
RODRIGUEZ, EDUARDO A. (Voter ID number 109995570).

13352 SW 59TH LN
HUNG, MARILYN (Voter ID number 115742817).

13353 SW 59TH TER
LEONARD, CHARLES William (Voter ID number 109498342).

13353 SW 60TH TER
CASAS, BELGICA Eloisa (Voter ID number 109170270).

13354 SW 59TH LN
LAVIE, FIDENCIO R. (Voter ID number 114467066).
PEREZ, ELIDA A. (Voter ID number 109198863).

13354 SW 60TH LN
MORALES, YAIRELYS (Voter ID number 120185830).
DE ZAYAS, ANA (Voter ID number 109659305).
DE ZAYAS, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 109662160).

13354 SW 72ND TER
TOFT-NIELSEN, JARED (Voter ID number 110116097).
TOFT-NIELSEN, JOHN (Voter ID number 109106544).
TOFT-NIELSEN, JONATHON Anthony (Voter ID number 109819535).
TOFT-NIELSEN, TONI (Voter ID number 109106542).

13354 SW 73RD TER
PEREZ, JEFFREY Edward (Voter ID number 110204871).
DEDESMA, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 109730497).
FLORES, ELIEL N. (Voter ID number 109919197).
FLORES, RUTH C. (Voter ID number 119549229).
PEREZ, CRISTINA R. (Voter ID number 114126467).
PEREZ, JEREMY E. (Voter ID number 110042544).
FLORES, JOSEPH N. (Voter ID number 117510637).

13355 SW 58TH TER

CARRAZANA, SHEILA (Voter ID number 121307835).

13355 SW 58TH TER

BAEZ, KAREN A. (Voter ID number 119045588).

13355 SW 58TH TER
HERNANDEZ, LUISA (Voter ID number 109554021).
VILLANUEVA, YANIRA Neida (Voter ID number 115883541).

13355 SW 59TH TER
RUAY, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 110222268).

13355 SW 72ND TER
ESQUEA, ROSA Alvarez (Voter ID number 109594323).

13356 SW 59TH LN
AVELLANEDA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110327250).
AVELLANEDA, ROGER (Voter ID number 109434292).
AVELLANEDA, ROSY (Voter ID number 109401995).

13356 SW 61ST TER
PEREZ, ALBERT (Voter ID number 119144982).
GARCIA, ANNA (Voter ID number 109265488).

13357 SW 64TH LN
GALI, ROGELIO A. (Voter ID number 109730376).
MAMBRU, ELIJAH (Voter ID number 120350395).
MAMBRU, ROGER (Voter ID number 119773069).

13359 SW 59TH TER
LOPEZ, BEATRIZ J. (Voter ID number 116824896).
LOPEZ, CLAUDIA B. (Voter ID number 118089936).
LOPEZ, ELIZARDO M. (Voter ID number 116797018).

13360 SW 78TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MELBA (Voter ID number 119715615).
ROMERO, NATASHA Marilaz (Voter ID number 119424815).

13360 SW 79TH ST
HESS, MARIANA Eugenia (Voter ID number 118272384).
HESS, ROBERT Michael (Voter ID number 109719259).

13360 SW 82ND ST
GARCIA, MICHELLE Lauren (Voter ID number 119924062).
GARCIA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109210976).
GARCIA, SYLVIA Maria (Voter ID number 109187903).

13361 SW 74TH ST
FERNANDEZ, ANTHONY L. (Voter ID number 110003265).
FERNANDEZ, CHRISTOPHER Anthony (Voter ID number 110200127).
FERNANDEZ, LUIS Antonio (Voter ID number 109043938).
FERNANDEZ, MARTA S. (Voter ID number 109251292).

13361 SW 78TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MARYANN Perez (Voter ID number 114041122).
HERNANDEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109288380).

13361 SW 79TH ST
GONZALEZ, FRANCISCO Javier (Voter ID number 110080008).
LAFONT, LISETTE Denise (Voter ID number 109350078).
REDERO, CHRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 109825509).

13361 SW 80TH ST
DWYER, JACQUELINE Michelle (Voter ID number 109667981).
CAVE, CLARENE Ordene (Voter ID number 119238246).
MAYERS, EVADNEY Patricia (Voter ID number 109837248).

13361 SW 82ND ST
DE LE ROSA, MASSIEL (Voter ID number 119628741).
DE LA ROSA, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 110051476).
DE LA ROSA, JAVIER A. (Voter ID number 109475783).

13364 SW 73RD TER
MARTINEZ, NICOLE (Voter ID number 120465268).
MARTINEZ, STEPHEN (Voter ID number 109275705).
MARTINEZ, SUSAN Baker (Voter ID number 109167850).
MARTINEZ, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 117092492).

13365 SW 72ND TER
OLIVERA, ZULMA (Voter ID number 109542070).
PAULA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 118205098).
ALVAREZ, JOSE Rolando (Voter ID number 109464662).

13370 SW 66TH ST
CAPOTE-DE JORGE, OLGA (Voter ID number 109868384).
JORGE, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109909663).

13370 SW 67TH ST
TRIANA, JOANNA (Voter ID number 120301210).

13370 SW 78TH ST
FERRELL, CHRISTOPHER D. (Voter ID number 110043694).
NOVO, RACHEL (Voter ID number 118623775).

13370 SW 82ND ST
TREJO, JULIO Antonio (Voter ID number 119876102).
WILLIAMS, ODISTEEN Irene (Voter ID number 109167255).
GOMEZ, MARITZA (Voter ID number 110065297).
ORTEGA, HERCULANO (Voter ID number 110262921).

13371 SW 67TH ST
GONZALEZ, TERESITA (Voter ID number 109076208).
ROCES, FLORENTINO (Voter ID number 109914414).
ROCES, MARITERY (Voter ID number 109076207).

13371 SW 68TH ST
ROJAS, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 119923478).
ALVAREZ, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 110065308).
VELAZQUEZ, ALLEN Raul (Voter ID number 109898267).
VELAZQUEZ, RUTH (Voter ID number 110225269).

13371 SW 78TH ST
LATHAM, ASHLEY Lynn (Voter ID number 110199968).
LATHAM, CLYDE Walton (Voter ID number 109140197).
LATHAM, PAMELA Ann (Voter ID number 109084529).

13371 SW 79TH ST
TUMA, DANICA Teresa (Voter ID number 109822390).
TUMA, NANCY M. (Voter ID number 110334904).
RUSINQUE, DENISE Esperanza (Voter ID number 109464335).
RUSINQUE, JOHN S. (Voter ID number 110123334).

13371 SW 80TH ST
REYES, DAVID (Voter ID number 119045999).
REYES, JOANALLY (Voter ID number 116277624).
REYES, JOHN (Voter ID number 109679741).

13372 SW 66TH TER
CAVEDA, CANDIDA M. (Voter ID number 109167059).
CAVEDA, WILFRED (Voter ID number 109167155).

13373 SW 66TH TER
MORALES, ISIS I. (Voter ID number 116488376).
VEGA, JAVIER D. (Voter ID number 115328601).
VEGA, JAVIER (Voter ID number 119780972).

13374 SW 73RD TER
BADILLO, WILBERTO (Voter ID number 115907300).
DIAZ VEGA, IDORIS C. (Voter ID number 121061350).
ICENIA, ERIK (Voter ID number 120407160).
VARGAS, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 114594131).

13375 SW 57TH TER
GARCIA, JUANA Maribel (Voter ID number 110019255).

13375 SW 57TH TER

HERRERA, FANNY (Voter ID number 119949692).
HERRERA, MARYLIN (Voter ID number 115724540).
RAMOS, REYNIER (Voter ID number 117706443).

13375 SW 57TH TER

SERRALLONGA, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 119707496).

13375 SW 57TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ISABEL Acebo (Voter ID number 109223693).
YUDICE, MARLENIS (Voter ID number 110007420).
YUDICE, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109599627).

13375 SW 57TH TER

PENA, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 109586474).

13375 SW 57TH TER
RAMOS, FRANCIS (Voter ID number 116258421).

13375 SW 72ND TER
LAZO, SUZETTE H. (Voter ID number 110189410).
LAZO, ARIEL Orlando (Voter ID number 109647417).

13380 SW 66TH ST
ANTICH, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 110003855).
ANTICH, NORMA Erena (Voter ID number 109229063).
OJEDA, IDELISA (Voter ID number 109680302).

13380 SW 67TH ST
JUSTO, ALEJANDRA (Voter ID number 109883309).
JUSTO, MARIA Diaz (Voter ID number 109871739).
RODRIGUEZ, YVETTE (Voter ID number 109952859).
RODRIGUEZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 110222594).
RODRIGUEZ, JANETTE (Voter ID number 109603782).

13380 SW 77TH ST
DEL RIO, ISRAEL Helidoro (Voter ID number 109335495).
TORGA, EDUARDO Raul (Voter ID number 109415963).

13380 SW 78TH ST
RIVAS, EDUARDA Emilia (Voter ID number 108923393).
RIVAS, EDUARDO Raul (Voter ID number 108909700).
RIVAS, JOSE (Voter ID number 108931458).

13380 SW 82ND ST
STORY, GWEN Marie (Voter ID number 109061194).
STORY, JAMES Riley (Voter ID number 109095555).

13381 SW 67TH ST
DE LA ROSA, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 119628223).
DE LA ROSA, ANA Margarita (Voter ID number 109203501).
DE LA ROSA, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 109647066).
FELIX, TINA Marie (Voter ID number 103109277).

13381 SW 68TH ST
MARQUEZ, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110148825).

13381 SW 77TH ST
BAEZ, CHRISTOPHER Edward (Voter ID number 119277876).
BAEZ, EDUARDO Ramon (Voter ID number 109654391).

13381 SW 78TH ST
CRUZ, CANDELARIO Luis (Voter ID number 109804178).

13381 SW 79TH ST
CELIS, CATALINA Gladys (Voter ID number 109061110).
CELIS, PEDRO Tomas (Voter ID number 109060726).

13382 SW 66TH TER
COXE, FLOYD Hugh (Voter ID number 100190945).
GRAY, BILLY Eugene (Voter ID number 114788660).
POWELL, BRENDA Kay (Voter ID number 109217877).

13383 SW 66TH TER
MAYA, CLARA Castrillon (Voter ID number 110304018).

13390 SW 66TH ST
TAIN, FREDY (Voter ID number 109835626).
TAIN, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 110232853).
TAIN, MONICA (Voter ID number 117563066).

13390 SW 67TH ST
CONTRERAAS, RICARDO (Voter ID number 110088822).
OLIVERA, MELISSA (Voter ID number 114251054).
POLLEDO, MELISSA (Voter ID number 110125798).
RODRIGUEZ, SILVIA (Voter ID number 109536608).

13391 SW 67TH ST
PENALBA, LOUIE S. (Voter ID number 109361706).
PENALBA, MARIA Auxiliadora (Voter ID number 109300969).

13391 SW 77TH ST
GONZALEZ, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 120053287).
GONZALEZ, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 109911959).
GONZALEZ, MARIA J. (Voter ID number 109912955).
GONZALEZ, ROSALINDA (Voter ID number 108989964).

13391 SW 78TH ST
LEWIS, CRAIG Robert (Voter ID number 110019615).
LEWIS, JOANNE Torres (Voter ID number 109814408).

13391 SW 79TH ST
GAVILAN, LAURA Maria (Voter ID number 109362144).
GAVILAN, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109338426).
GAVILAN, JOSE Joaquin (Voter ID number 109080243).
HERNANDEZ GAVILAN, MIRTA D. (Voter ID number 108944045).

13392 SW 66TH TER
LOEFFLER, DAVID Scott (Voter ID number 109359982).

13393 SW 66TH TER
ECHEVARRIA, DOMINGO Guillermo (Voter ID number 109396632).
ECHEVARRIA, GLORIA M. (Voter ID number 109900721).
ECHEVARRIA, VERENA (Voter ID number 109700026).

13400 SW 62ND ST
DE LA OSA, ENI (Voter ID number 109875349).
PALMAR, ROBERTO Emilio (Voter ID number 117159555).
PEREIRA, MARCO A. (Voter ID number 117214947).

13400 SW 62ND ST
APT A101

PEREZ, DANNA Caridad (Voter ID number 110093607).

13400 SW 62ND ST
APT A106

BARIAS, KATHERINE C. (Voter ID number 110054511).
CROUSILLAT, LUIS (Voter ID number 109501233).

13400 SW 67TH ST
HERNANDEZ, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 110099185).
DE JESUS, LAURA (Voter ID number 109275116).

13400 SW 78TH ST
JIMENEZ, FRANCISCO Jose (Voter ID number 109122354).
JIMENEZ, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number 109121774).

13400 SW 79TH ST
CASTELLVI-SENTI, FRANCES (Voter ID number 109239845).
SENTI, FRANCISCO Manuel (Voter ID number 109828160).

13400 SW 81ST ST
HULNICK, DINA Dominey (Voter ID number 109176183).
HULNICK, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 109042261).

13400 SW 82ND ST
SCHULTE, AUDREY Lynne (Voter ID number 109208418).
SCHULTE, GREG Phillip (Voter ID number 109218432).

13401 SW 67TH ST
WEIMER, JASON Robert (Voter ID number 110177546).
FRANCISCO, FELIX J. (Voter ID number 114080021).
MATSUZAWA, KIMIE (Voter ID number 110150849).
PROHENZA, ROSA (Voter ID number 109691248).

13401 SW 68TH ST
DAVALOS, SILVIA E. (Voter ID number 110141905).

13401 SW 74TH ST
ROMERO, EMILIO E. (Voter ID number 117563105).
ROMERO, EMILIO (Voter ID number 109887291).
ROMERO, HENRY (Voter ID number 119944843).
ROMERO, LEIDY (Voter ID number 109650554).

13401 SW 79TH ST
GUEVARA, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 115909690).
ZUNIGA, JUANA (Voter ID number 115325241).

13401 SW 80TH ST
RODRIGUEZ-ROIG, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109377410).
RODRIGUEZ-ROIG, BISBETTY (Voter ID number 109492241).
SANITA, RICHARD B. (Voter ID number 114205201).

13401 SW 82ND ST
PEREZ, ESTRELLA V. (Voter ID number 109584638).
PEREZ, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 109343567).
PEREZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109591942).

13402 SW 66TH TER
TRAVIESO, RODOLFO (Voter ID number 110051016).
MENDEZ, MADELYN (Voter ID number 117111539).

13403 SW 66TH TER
RAMIREZ, GODOFREDO A. (Voter ID number 109056440).
RAMIREZ, MIRIA M. (Voter ID number 109056439).

13404 SW 62ND ST
FRANCO, DANIEL Guillermo (Voter ID number 109505474).
NOGUERA, ALESSANDRO (Voter ID number 117563267).
REYES SOTO, IBIS (Voter ID number 120200066).
TRABANCO FRANCO, ALEXIS Dinora (Voter ID number 110158462).

13404 SW 62ND ST
APT 110

SERRANO, CHRISTOPHE Anthony (Voter ID number 117680373).

13404 SW 62ND ST
APT L-108

CERMELLI, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 118132147).

13404 SW 62ND ST
APT L101

NOGUERA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 116951393).

13404 SW 62ND ST
APT L102

FIALLOS, ALEJANDRO Ernesto (Voter ID number 119986957).

13404 SW 62ND ST
APT L103

OTERO, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 120896607).

13404 SW 62ND ST
APT L106

ARCIA, GERARDO (Voter ID number 120689456).

13404 SW 62ND ST
CERMELLI, DANIEL Ernesto (Voter ID number 109435649).
MANTICA NOGUERA, WENDY (Voter ID number 116936270).
OTERO, MARTA Lidia (Voter ID number 115983022).
SERRANO, NICOLE Maureen (Voter ID number 110231204).
YANES, MICHAEL Angel (Voter ID number 109557428).

13404 SW 62ND ST
APT L106

SOBRINO, ANGEL T. (Voter ID number 109024717).

13404 SW 62ND ST
UNIT #L110

GONZALEZ, JANNELLE Isa (Voter ID number 109958998).

13404 SW 68TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 110029638).

13404 SW 73RD TER
ZAYAS, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 116072272).
ZAYAS, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109157381).
ZAYAS, JESSE Lee (Voter ID number 109555326).

13405 SW 62ND ST
AGUILAR-VIDEA, EVELYN (Voter ID number 115729271).
ARGUMEDO, JUDITH M. (Voter ID number 116662811).
ARGUMEDO, LEONCIO A. (Voter ID number 117445053).
ESPERON, ODALIS E. (Voter ID number 109999880).
MASSANET, DENNY (Voter ID number 109502121).
VIDEA ARAUZ, NIDIA E. (Voter ID number 114421713).

13405 SW 62ND ST

VIDEA, MARLENE Evangelina (Voter ID number 110128190).

13405 SW 62ND ST
ARGUMEDO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 116443487).

13405 SW 72ND TER
LEHNHARD, GARY Robert (Voter ID number 108965395).
LEHNHARD, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109139874).

13407 SW 62ND ST
MADRID, ANDRES Fernando (Voter ID number 110046864).

13407 SW 62ND ST

MOREL, ISIDORO A. (Voter ID number 117001496).

13407 SW 62ND ST

KRIGSER, RACHEL Ivey (Voter ID number 120915413).

13407 SW 62ND ST

DONADO, VIVIANA (Voter ID number 115676994).

13407 SW 62ND ST
DONIS, VIVIAN C. (Voter ID number 109245189).
KRIGSER, EYAL (Voter ID number 109361810).
KRIGSER, JOSHUA B. (Voter ID number 115086778).
KRIGSER, SANDRA Beth (Voter ID number 109361812).
MADRID, ANDRES (Voter ID number 114355429).
PONCE, INES (Voter ID number 109472494).

13408 SW 62ND ST
PAZ, GEORGE Edward (Voter ID number 109454914).

13408 SW 62ND ST
APT # K 110

REYNA, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 101964857).

13408 SW 62ND ST
UNIT K-110

RUIZ REYNA, VIOLET (Voter ID number 108919842).

13408 SW 62ND ST
GRANDE, GLORIA Lourdes (Voter ID number 110174760).
GRANDE, GUILLERMO A. (Voter ID number 109676729).
LOPEZ DRAEGER, ANDRES A. (Voter ID number 110002491).
PEREZ-BENITOA, PATRICIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109856562).

13408 SW 62ND ST
APT K102

GRANGER, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 101960785).

13408 SW 68TH TER
FLORES, LUIS (Voter ID number 116455700).
NEWELL, AGGNETE L. (Voter ID number 110099033).
VILLORIA, JOSEPH John (Voter ID number 109556287).
CASTELLANO, CARL (Voter ID number 109695635).

13410 SW 66TH ST
SOTO, DERLING (Voter ID number 110202252).

13410 SW 67TH ST
RIGOLI, IVI V. (Voter ID number 109626080).
SERRANO, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109884278).
SERRANO, RENE E. (Voter ID number 109113188).
SERRANO, SUSANA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109245009).

13410 SW 78TH ST
VASQUEZ, LEONIDAS G. (Voter ID number 119564180).
VASQUEZ, LUZ Marina (Voter ID number 114530559).

13410 SW 79TH ST
LOPEZ, ALEXANDER Matthew (Voter ID number 110117306).
LOPEZ, GABRIEL A. (Voter ID number 109645691).
PUCHE, GLORIA S. (Voter ID number 109752678).

13410 SW 81ST ST
RIVAS, MARTIN Xavier (Voter ID number 114295402).
VALDES, EYBI R. (Voter ID number 116545122).

13410 SW 82ND ST
TAGLE, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 109967824).
TAGLE, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 110028410).

13411 SW 67TH ST
ALFONSO, NILDA (Voter ID number 109478582).
ALFONSO, VICENTE (Voter ID number 109478581).

13411 SW 68TH ST
SAEED, BELKIS B. (Voter ID number 109503509).
SAEED, KEVIN Albert (Voter ID number 109452453).
SAEED, MOHAMMED (Voter ID number 109023403).

13411 SW 74TH ST
MARTINEZ, DOMINGO Jesus (Voter ID number 109770410).
MARTINEZ, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 109850667).

13411 SW 79TH ST
FERNANDEZ, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109610862).
FERNANDEZ, ANABEL (Voter ID number 116749499).

13411 SW 80TH ST
PASTRAN, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 109845400).
CELLA, GAETANO (Voter ID number 109667757).
CELLA, NORMA A. (Voter ID number 110222363).

13411 SW 82ND ST
REYES, KATHERINE F. (Voter ID number 109972764).
REYES, SEGUNDO S. (Voter ID number 109669000).

13412 SW 62ND ST
FITIPALDI, GRACIELA Carmen (Voter ID number 116984113).
QUIROZ, JUAN Felipe (Voter ID number 110009553).

13412 SW 62ND ST
APT M 108

WILLIAMSON, NEIL Antonio (Voter ID number 109908596).

13412 SW 62ND ST
APT M101

ALOMA-CHAPMAN, MYRNA R. (Voter ID number 109632376).

13412 SW 62ND ST
APT M108

GENDRIZ, SARAI (Voter ID number 118204987).

13412 SW 62ND ST
APT M110

PENATE, ALINA (Voter ID number 109198801).

13412 SW 62ND ST
APT M114

ARGUEZ, FAUSTINO (Voter ID number 117381082).

13412 SW 62ND ST

VENTURA, GIOVANNI (Voter ID number 120903115).

13412 SW 62ND ST
BUENO, HUGO (Voter ID number 109804499).
BUENO, HUGO (Voter ID number 115453843).
BUENO, SILVIA (Voter ID number 115453831).
DECKER, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109484279).
MALDONADO, MARIA Jesus (Voter ID number 115230694).
ORTEGA, ACELA (Voter ID number 109043437).
QUINTERO, CARMEN M. (Voter ID number 109649393).
RENDON, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109671333).

13412 SW 62ND ST

LOPEZ, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 110017639).

13412 SW 62ND ST
APT M110

BRITO, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109523634).
PENATE, AMANDA Christina (Voter ID number 114909046).

13412 SW 62ND ST
APT M114

DEL CAMPO, BARBARA L. (Voter ID number 117383899).

13412 SW 65TH LN
PRADO, ANGEL (Voter ID number 117171053).
PRADO, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 117491205).
BETANCUR, LUCIA (Voter ID number 116800287).

13412 SW 66TH TER
ROCHE, KAREN Marie (Voter ID number 109907646).
ROCHE, MARIE-ANN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109121534).

13412 SW 68TH TER
SANTIAGO, JOSE (Voter ID number 109824994).
SEBASTIAN, DESIREE (Voter ID number 109205465).
POL-SANTIAGO, NATACHA (Voter ID number 116966369).

13413 SW 66TH TER
LACACI, GLORIA Rosa (Voter ID number 120196633).
LACACI, CESAR Arturo (Voter ID number 109099861).
LACACI, GLORIA Aleman (Voter ID number 109099862).
STOREY, MICHAEL Dennis (Voter ID number 109949035).

13414 SW 64TH LN
ALVADO, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 109005554).
BLANCO, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109818602).

13414 SW 73RD TER
CEDENO, ALEJANDRO Luis (Voter ID number 110211293).
CEDENO, AMADO Luis (Voter ID number 109820920).
CEDENO, LARISA Susan (Voter ID number 110333794).
CEDENO, MELISSA Claudine (Voter ID number 109977545).
GUERRA, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109714316).

13415 SW 59TH TER
HEVIA, OMAR (Voter ID number 116847800).

13415 SW 59TH LN
HEVIA, OMAR (Voter ID number 117054013).

13415 SW 62ND ST
COLLADO, ELIETTE F. (Voter ID number 117122729).
VALDIVIA, VIDAL Andres (Voter ID number 109125712).

13415 SW 62ND ST

MAYA, ALFREDO L. (Voter ID number 120947292).

13415 SW 62ND ST

CANALES, FERNANDO A. (Voter ID number 120900151).

13415 SW 62ND ST
BAHAMON, ALBA Maria (Voter ID number 110075802).
CANALES, ROBERTO J. (Voter ID number 114945064).
CANALES, YELENA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 110102229).
GONDAL, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109895618).
GONDAL, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 109955437).
PLA, DORA P. (Voter ID number 109903465).

13415 SW 72ND TER
PROCTER, MARCUS (Voter ID number 115612540).

13415 SW 73RD TER
MACHADO, NICHOLAS C. (Voter ID number 119628827).
MACHADO, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109587865).
MACHADO, GEORGE (Voter ID number 118121152).
MACHADO, ROBIN C. (Voter ID number 110095844).

13416 SW 59TH LN
GOMEZ, JOSCINNE R. (Voter ID number 110202985).
GOMEZ, LISETTE D. (Voter ID number 116020217).
LOPEZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 116896234).

13416 SW 65TH LN
FERNANDEZ, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 109321167).
FERNANDEZ, VICTOR (Voter ID number 109321168).

13416 SW 68TH TER
PRIETO, OSCAR M. (Voter ID number 120454629).
SIERRA, CATALINA M. (Voter ID number 121134740).

13418 SW 64TH LN
PLAZA, ANDRES (Voter ID number 118614961).
PLAZA, CECILIA (Voter ID number 120897307).
PLAZA, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109260255).
PLAZA, OLGA M. (Voter ID number 109771833).

13419 SW 59TH TER
ENJAMIO, MARIA Marily (Voter ID number 108910189).
FUCHS, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 109320190).
FUCHS, SILVIA Porras (Voter ID number 108910190).

13419 SW 65TH LN
CRUZ-DOMINGUEZ, IRENE (Voter ID number 114742851).
GUZMAN, ALONDRA (Voter ID number 120413234).
GUZMAN, SANTIAGO (Voter ID number 120861873).

13420 SW 59TH LN
GALLO, LILA (Voter ID number 110148609).
GRISALES, GILMA (Voter ID number 110126799).

13420 SW 62ND ST
APT J 102

RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 118965118).

13420 SW 62ND ST
APT J102

RODRIGUEZ, GISELE G.R. (Voter ID number 119859651).

13420 SW 62ND ST
APT J108

PENA, ALICIA (Voter ID number 118338306).

13420 SW 62ND ST

BARO, OSMEL (Voter ID number 115864983).

13420 SW 62ND ST
ECKSTEIN, FRANK P. (Voter ID number 109660483).
ECKSTEIN, MARTHA E. (Voter ID number 109660554).
PEREZ, ANGIE L. (Voter ID number 109913065).
RILING, WILLIAM Fredrick (Voter ID number 108969482).
ZAMORA, RAMONA Arline (Voter ID number 109083534).

13420 SW 62ND ST
APT J106

MARTINEZ, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 119147008).

13420 SW 62ND ST
UNIT #J102

PORTAL, AMELIA (Voter ID number 109854046).

13420 SW 62ND ST
PEREZ, LILIA Maria (Voter ID number 116642074).

13420 SW 65TH LN
FERNANDEZ, JULIA (Voter ID number 109586036).
QUINTERO, JORGE Sixto (Voter ID number 109239120).
QUINTERO, RAMONA (Voter ID number 110049711).

13420 SW 66TH ST
SHUM, YUET C. (Voter ID number 115331295).

13420 SW 68TH TER
HERNANDEZ, ENDARA (Voter ID number 109241573).

13420 SW 78TH ST
MONDRAGON, KATIUSKA (Voter ID number 110257029).

13420 SW 79TH ST
DOMINGUEZ, MARK S. (Voter ID number 109465720).
RODRIGUEZ, ANGEL M. (Voter ID number 109278268).
RODRIGUEZ, FELICITA (Voter ID number 109283810).

13420 SW 80TH ST
LOPEZ, WALFRIDO Roman (Voter ID number 108995318).

13420 SW 81ST ST
GONZALEZ, REBECCA Marie (Voter ID number 120828793).
GONZALEZ, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 109227041).
GONZALEZ, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109382305).

13420 SW 82ND ST
HALL, JERRY Stiles (Voter ID number 109084226).
HALL, MAYRA Casas (Voter ID number 109179383).

13421 SW 67TH ST
BULIT, CODILIA A. (Voter ID number 110287309).
BULIT, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 109634289).
HO, SHUI Fu (Voter ID number 109831713).

13421 SW 68TH ST
PAREDES, VICTORIA M. (Voter ID number 115575234).
VILLADONIGA, LEODHAM (Voter ID number 115578523).
VILLADONIGA, MARIO E. (Voter ID number 116899979).

13421 SW 74TH ST
GONZALEZ, FREDDIE Cesareo (Voter ID number 108918482).

13421 SW 79TH ST
CASADEVALL, VILMA (Voter ID number 114076069).

13421 SW 80TH ST
SUAREZ ESQUIVEL, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 119735908).

13422 SW 64TH LN
NUNEZ, MARIO Rene (Voter ID number 119611027).
SUAREZ, IVAN (Voter ID number 110029016).
NUNEZ, JULIA (Voter ID number 109972765).

13422 SW 66TH TER
GONZALEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 115761518).
GONZALEZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 109941119).
TRUJILLO, NATHALIE (Voter ID number 109986200).

13423 SW 59TH TER
MENA, EDGAR J. (Voter ID number 109835173).
MENA, LAURA Karina (Voter ID number 110238576).

13423 SW 65TH LN
IZQUIERDO, ROSA America (Voter ID number 109309042).

13423 SW 66TH TER
CRUZ, PATRICIA Padron (Voter ID number 110184864).
CRUZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 116900284).

13424 SW 62ND ST
APT P 108

PINEDA, CRISTAL R. (Voter ID number 119623750).

13424 SW 62ND ST
AMARO, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 109734154).
ARDUENGO, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109895263).
MC COMAS, LIL Sandoval (Voter ID number 110079869).
NODARSE, ROBERTO E. (Voter ID number 110052040).
PEREZ, ELIO C. (Voter ID number 116023369).
QUIROZ, CINDY F. (Voter ID number 110100574).

13424 SW 62ND ST
APT #108

CAMACHO, RUFINO A. (Voter ID number 114414536).

13424 SW 62ND ST
APT P-110

OLIVERA, CECILIA (Voter ID number 108977872).

13424 SW 62ND ST
APT P109

CAMACHO, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 110325696).

13424 SW 65TH LN
MALCER, GABRIEL A. (Voter ID number 114383921).

13424 SW 68TH TER
PRATHER, NELLY (Voter ID number 110054456).

13424 SW 73RD TER
ARDOIS, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 109327172).
ARDOIS, NAYRA Luz (Voter ID number 109065764).

13425 SW 64TH LN
GARCIA, JOSE Octavio (Voter ID number 109685807).

13425 SW 68TH TER
PINEDA, SANTIAGO (Voter ID number 110062103).
DELFIN, LLANET (Voter ID number 110208440).
DELFIN, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 110280512).
OYOLA, LIZA M. (Voter ID number 110116475).

13425 SW 72ND TER
FERNANDEZ, HANSEL De Jesus (Voter ID number 110036553).
MEDINA, ALICIA M. (Voter ID number 110313310).
MEDINA, AMANDA Melissa (Voter ID number 110113475).
MEDINA, ANNE Michelle (Voter ID number 110037286).

13425 SW 73RD TER
BALDOQUIN, ADELACIO (Voter ID number 109202587).
BALDOQUIN, CHRISTINE M. (Voter ID number 117563477).
BALDOQUIN, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 109248719).
BALDOQUIN, JACQUELINE Alina (Voter ID number 118118297).

13426 SW 59TH TER
CADAVID, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 109858891).
CADAVID, TIBERIO (Voter ID number 109518806).

13426 SW 64TH LN
GARCIA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109319011).
PINA, MARGARITA Gonzalez (Voter ID number 109319018).

13427 SW 65TH LN
MONTOYA, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 110323628).
MONTOYA, VALERIA (Voter ID number 116290677).

13428 SW 59TH LN
PEREZ, KELLY E. (Voter ID number 110079673).

13428 SW 62ND ST
BASCOY, RENE (Voter ID number 109390875).
CLAVIJO, RAUL (Voter ID number 117470360).
PENARANDA, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 116268839).

13428 SW 62ND ST
APT 103

GONZALEZ-LONGORIA, AMANDA Isabel (Voter ID number 114304882).

13428 SW 62ND ST
APT I-104

DIAZ, ELZBIETA (Voter ID number 118949615).
MUNOZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 118949608).

13428 SW 62ND ST
APT I-108

DEYNES, NAYIBER (Voter ID number 114676378).

13428 SW 62ND ST
APT I103

GARCIA, YASMINE Maria (Voter ID number 110325098).

13428 SW 62ND ST
APT I105

MARTINEZ, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 114017368).
SARDINAS, MARIENIS (Voter ID number 119042641).

13428 SW 62ND ST
APT I107

MORALES, JESSICA (Voter ID number 119175795).

13428 SW 62ND ST
BUENO, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 110006738).
CAICEDO, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 110263386).
CLAVIJO, NORA V. (Voter ID number 109806309).
IRSHAD, SHAZIA (Voter ID number 110304038).
MENDEZ, ALVARO (Voter ID number 110011870).
PINEDA, INES Hernandez (Voter ID number 109116977).
RODRIGUEZ, NANCY E. (Voter ID number 115631549).
SUAREZ, NATASHA (Voter ID number 110211991).

13428 SW 62ND ST
APT I107

RODRIGUEZ, NANCY Enriqueta (Voter ID number 110185057).

13428 SW 62ND ST
UNIT #I101

CLAVAREZA, MARIETTA (Voter ID number 109151323).
GONZALEZ, HECTOR Alfredo (Voter ID number 114409951).

13428 SW 65TH LN
BERNARDEZ, JESUSA E. (Voter ID number 109619921).
BERNARDEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109243867).

13428 SW 68TH TER
FONTIRROCHE, MARCIA Marina (Voter ID number 109120319).
GARCIA, MARCOS Armando (Voter ID number 109037357).

13429 SW 68TH TER
MOZO, MARCOS (Voter ID number 119045754).
MOZO, MARTA L. (Voter ID number 109846451).
MOZO, VIVIANA (Voter ID number 116287706).

13430 SW 59TH TER
GOMEZ, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 116708622).

13430 SW 66TH ST
PEREIRO, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 120300992).
PEREIRO, ALINA (Voter ID number 109201194).
PEREIRO, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109249791).

13430 SW 79TH ST
ROLDAN, ALVARO (Voter ID number 119435628).
MARRERO, ABBY R. (Voter ID number 116442649).

13430 SW 80TH ST
OSORIO, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 118251187).
OSORIO, JACKELINE (Voter ID number 109851114).
OSORIO, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 109632898).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 116591151).

13430 SW 81ST ST
APT #2

HANCOCK, MILLARD F. (Voter ID number 110289164).

13430 SW 82ND ST
TURNER, LORI Maitland (Voter ID number 109200988).
TURNER, MARION Eugene (Voter ID number 109525270).

13431 SW 62ND ST
CALONJE-ROMAN, MARIA Awiliador (Voter ID number 109478564).
ESTRADA, CARLOS R. (Voter ID number 109729798).
LINARES, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 118728521).

13431 SW 62ND ST

PEREZ MANSO, MARTHA Silvia (Voter ID number 120658435).

13431 SW 62ND ST
ALEX CALONJE, ALEX (Voter ID number 110265020).
CALONJE, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 110011053).
CALONJE, FRANK (Voter ID number 109478606).
CALONJE, VICTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 110272355).
ESTRADA, MARIA Ernestina (Voter ID number 109666670).
PEREZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 109835282).
ROJO, MORENA Guadalupe (Voter ID number 109674541).
ZAPATA, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 109584877).

13431 SW 62ND ST

GUERRA, YALINA (Voter ID number 120387035).

13431 SW 67TH ST
AGUILAR, OREALIS C. (Voter ID number 115700119).

13431 SW 68TH ST
QUINTANA, MARIA O. (Voter ID number 110134284).
QUINTANA, JOAQUIN A. (Voter ID number 110153787).

13431 SW 71ST ST
GIBERT, NOEMI (Voter ID number 108931121).
KELLEY, AMY Catherine (Voter ID number 109380801).

13431 SW 79TH ST
MOLINA-GUTIERREZ, MARLENE Magalys (Voter ID number 109827840).
RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 110270452).
RODRIGUEZ, JACQUELINE J. (Voter ID number 110270365).
RODRIGUEZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 110270356).
RODRIGUEZ, MELISSA N. (Voter ID number 110270359).

13431 SW 80TH ST
OCHOA, EDGAR A. (Voter ID number 120374534).
OCHOA GUTIERREZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 115971434).
OCHOA, MARTHA Oliva (Voter ID number 109376143).

13431 SW 82ND ST
FERNANDEZ, OMARA (Voter ID number 116840474).
PEREZ, RAUL (Voter ID number 109050812).
PEREZ, RAUL (Voter ID number 109316921).

13432 SW 59TH LN
TABRAUE, JALIM (Voter ID number 120136870).
TABRAUE, ANGELA (Voter ID number 109885128).
TABRAUE, DAPHNE A. (Voter ID number 114384771).
TABRAUE, JALIM Sultan (Voter ID number 108963450).

13432 SW 62ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 117705880).
DE LAS CASAS, SANDY E. (Voter ID number 114735689).
GERMANO, ROSELYN G. (Voter ID number 109526703).
JIMENEZ, ANA (Voter ID number 109353993).
PEREZ, OLGA (Voter ID number 110177716).

13432 SW 62ND ST
APT R107

PEREZ, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 120508474).

13432 SW 65TH LN
QUANT, MELBA A. (Voter ID number 109857455).
BLANCO, YLEANA Maria (Voter ID number 117195409).

13432 SW 66TH TER
LEBRON, JESSIKA Alexandra (Voter ID number 119627878).
LEBRON, AMINTA S. (Voter ID number 109942792).
LEBRON, NOEL I. (Voter ID number 109942797).

13432 SW 68TH TER
CHAPLE, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 110279860).
NAVARRO, DINA (Voter ID number 115277739).
NAVARRO, JOAQUIN M. (Voter ID number 110254292).

13433 SW 62ND ST
LOPETEGUI, NORLAN (Voter ID number 110199033).
MANCEBO, GABRIELA Issbert (Voter ID number 114171863).

13433 SW 62ND ST
APT #5

FERRER, YEIMEL (Voter ID number 119839228).

13433 SW 62ND ST
LOPETEGUI-DIAZ, LINDA N. (Voter ID number 109330147).
MANCEBO, DEBRA (Voter ID number 109661361).
MANCEBO, VICTOR (Voter ID number 109661400).
MANCEBO, VICTOR (Voter ID number 110037373).
RODRIGUEZ, BLANCA G. (Voter ID number 109655761).
RODRIGUEZ, NELSON Ricardo (Voter ID number 109755079).

13433 SW 66TH TER
LEONG, LINDA Viola (Voter ID number 109044948).
LEONG, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 110033974).
LEONG, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109075181).

13433 SW 68TH TER
POMBO, IVONNE (Voter ID number 109937516).
CAMPBELL, ADALGIZA (Voter ID number 110289063).
CAMPBELL, LEONOR Adalgiza (Voter ID number 110113332).
CAMPBELL, MARIA Rosario (Voter ID number 109843223).

13434 SW 59TH TER
GALLARDO, FRANK (Voter ID number 109974176).
MARTINEZ, YVETTE (Voter ID number 110094944).

13434 SW 71ST ST
ALONSO, VIC Guillermo (Voter ID number 109957162).
D'ENTENZA, NELLY (Voter ID number 115073439).
MACHADO, HECTOR Rolando (Voter ID number 109769411).

13434 SW 73RD TER
MARIN-GOMEZ, SONIA (Voter ID number 109676821).
PORTUNATO, FABIAN (Voter ID number 119947061).
PORTUNATO, MELISSA (Voter ID number 119554548).
SANTISTEBAN, PEDRO Gregorio (Voter ID number 120054269).
MARIN, MARIO E. (Voter ID number 109308887).

13435 SW 59TH TER
ORELLANA, FERNANDO Luis (Voter ID number 119042475).

13435 SW 65TH LN
OVIEDO, HECTOR C. (Voter ID number 115719391).
RODRIGUEZ, REYNALDO Jesus (Voter ID number 109289765).

13435 SW 67TH ST
ESCALANTE, YULIA (Voter ID number 119042613).
SCHEER, CIANA (Voter ID number 114362279).
ESCALANTE, FABIAN (Voter ID number 115252372).
ESCALANTE, MANUEL L. (Voter ID number 115555154).
PAVON, LORELY C. (Voter ID number 115555134).
TORRALBAS, ZAIDA Elena (Voter ID number 118369399).

13435 SW 71ST ST
CAMACHO, YUSLEISY (Voter ID number 110248853).
MATTIS, KARON J. (Voter ID number 120270333).
CAMACHO, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109814595).
DIAZ, MIRIAM Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109504599).
DIAZ, OSCAR A. (Voter ID number 109111941).

13435 SW 72ND TER
DALAMA, CYNTHIA C. (Voter ID number 118117825).
DALAMA, GIOVANNI E. (Voter ID number 115247540).
JOSLIN, DAVID Roberto (Voter ID number 110101734).

13435 SW 73RD TER
ARGOTE, CINDY (Voter ID number 110323550).
HUNSBERGER, LETY (Voter ID number 109246689).
HUNSBERGER, MARK D. (Voter ID number 108915498).

13436 SW 59TH LN
CACERES, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 116178637).
CACERES, LIGIA C. (Voter ID number 117954596).
PEREZ, IRAIDA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110343349).

13436 SW 62ND ST

SANCHEZ, MARITZA RODRIGUEZ (Voter ID number 110219080).

13436 SW 62ND ST
LEONARD, TOMAS (Voter ID number 116640721).
RODRIGUEZ, LESLIE Maria (Voter ID number 109993500).

13436 SW 62ND ST
APT #H102

BENNETT, JAMES Winston (Voter ID number 117278449).

13436 SW 62ND ST
APT 104

ROBELO, JONATHAN Nair (Voter ID number 119997582).

13436 SW 62ND ST
APT H103

BENAVIDES-MARIN, KATIA (Voter ID number 118516899).

13436 SW 62ND ST
GUTIERREZ, SERGIO Juan (Voter ID number 115850549).
ROBERTS, LYNETTE Maureen (Voter ID number 109399835).

13436 SW 62ND ST
APT H103

GUTIERREZ, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 118089691).

13436 SW 65TH LN
DA SILVA, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 115041769).
VIANT, MABEL L. (Voter ID number 115041787).

13438 SW 59TH TER
VALDES, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109086659).
VALDES, TROADIO (Voter ID number 109930597).

13438 SW 68TH TER
FERNANDEZ, BERTHA S. (Voter ID number 108931168).
FERNANDEZ, EDUARDO Jesus (Voter ID number 108940860).

13439 SW 68TH TER
RAZA-KHAN, JULIA I. (Voter ID number 109283034).

13440 SW 62ND ST
ORTIZ, KATIA (Voter ID number 120499333).

13440 SW 62ND ST
APT G 107

PINEDA, RICHARD Dejesus (Voter ID number 118027680).

13440 SW 62ND ST

JIMENEZ, CADMIEL (Voter ID number 109986731).

13440 SW 62ND ST
GARCIA, ANA Teresita (Voter ID number 109058675).
TORRES, MARCELA V. (Voter ID number 116534026).

13440 SW 66TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, ALINA M. (Voter ID number 110179022).
RODRIGUEZ, JANETTE (Voter ID number 109982513).
RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 109860994).

13440 SW 71ST ST
CASTINEIRA, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 109979900).
ALONSO, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109381218).
ALONSO, MARIA Graciela (Voter ID number 109394052).

13440 SW 78TH ST
SUCAR, REIMUNDO (Voter ID number 118284371).

13440 SW 79TH ST
LORENZO, MARIO R. (Voter ID number 108910051).
LORENZO, MARTHA Gloria (Voter ID number 108951040).

13440 SW 80TH ST
DE MOTT, GEORGE Lee (Voter ID number 109046553).
DE MOTT, MAYRA Montesino (Voter ID number 109358951).
DEMOTT, RANDY Curtiss (Voter ID number 109471650).

13440 SW 81ST ST
FRAU, ANDREW Louis (Voter ID number 109553209).
GUATEMALA, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109455780).

13440 SW 82ND ST
NIEVES, ELENA (Voter ID number 114273462).
NIEVES, JOSE (Voter ID number 109751521).
NIEVES, JOSEPH Patrick (Voter ID number 120839454).
NIEVES, VERONICA Jett (Voter ID number 118403874).

13441 SW 62ND ST
ESCOBAR, ELVIA (Voter ID number 120052644).
LORES, RENE (Voter ID number 116818268).

13441 SW 62ND ST

ALBA, YANIRA (Voter ID number 119993898).
LORES, KENNY Emmanuel (Voter ID number 120902733).

13441 SW 62ND ST

RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL S. (Voter ID number 118117919).

13441 SW 62ND ST

TREWIN, JERALDINA (Voter ID number 116399820).

13441 SW 62ND ST
LUNA, MARTHA E. (Voter ID number 114366028).
RODRIGUEZ, ERIC B. (Voter ID number 115250483).

13441 SW 62ND ST
APT #1

ESCOBAR, AURA Elisa (Voter ID number 118215968).

13441 SW 62ND ST

ESCOBAR, CLEIVER H. (Voter ID number 119493088).

13441 SW 62ND ST

DE LAS POZAS, GEORGIA (Voter ID number 109315947).

13441 SW 62ND ST

ESCOBAR, FREDDY (Voter ID number 110239711).

13441 SW 68TH ST
CASARES, RAMONA (Voter ID number 114477108).
GARCIA, EDITA J. (Voter ID number 109727416).

13441 SW 71ST ST
FLORES, STEPHANIE M. (Voter ID number 114406192).

13441 SW 74TH ST
PENA, JOSE Eudaldo (Voter ID number 109131688).
PENA, JOSEPH Eric (Voter ID number 109531356).
PENA, LOURDES Torricella (Voter ID number 109040095).

13441 SW 79TH ST
CAICEDO, FERMIN (Voter ID number 109724349).
AGUIAR, DANNA (Voter ID number 116235151).
RUIZ, RUBLAS Maikel (Voter ID number 116597088).

13441 SW 80TH ST
ACOSTA, FERNANDO Luis (Voter ID number 109380139).
BRAVO, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 120391564).
BRAVO, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109156328).

13441 SW 81ST ST
HERNANDEZ, JUANA M. (Voter ID number 109444973).
MUNDO, MELISSA Rebecca (Voter ID number 110006532).
NOVO, ERIC Anthony (Voter ID number 109482015).
NOVO, JOSE (Voter ID number 109598273).
NOVO, REBECCA Serrano (Voter ID number 109145855).

13441 SW 82ND ST
ADVANI, DIPIKA (Voter ID number 110148776).
ADVANI, JERAM G. (Voter ID number 110148757).
ADVANI, SUNIL Jeram (Voter ID number 109317187).

13442 SW 66TH TER
DEL BUSTO, JAVIER J. (Voter ID number 110117238).
DEL BUSTO, NICOLE (Voter ID number 115251304).

13442 SW 68TH TER
CEJAS, PAUL (Voter ID number 110121855).
CEJAS, DAVID (Voter ID number 117569647).
CEJAS, MARCIA D. (Voter ID number 109635251).

13443 SW 66TH TER
GHANI, ANISA (Voter ID number 109850144).
GHANI, CARMEN Julia (Voter ID number 108944569).
GHANI, JAMIL Asad (Voter ID number 109533798).

13443 SW 68TH TER
REYNERI, MERCEDES F. (Voter ID number 109257000).

13444 SW 62ND ST
JORGANES, SERGIO (Voter ID number 116033701).
RAMIREZ-MERCEDES, BELKIS A. (Voter ID number 117062387).

13444 SW 62ND ST
APT F109

MERCEDES, DANIEL (Voter ID number 117063775).

13444 SW 62ND ST
APT F111

BALDOMERO, ANA Isabel (Voter ID number 110226102).

13444 SW 62ND ST
APT F112

GONZALEZ, VERONICA A. (Voter ID number 120155820).

13444 SW 62ND ST
COWEN, MONICA Zanda (Voter ID number 108971778).
GONZALEZ, LUIS D. (Voter ID number 109731936).
LOPEZ KRUSE, ESTHER A. (Voter ID number 109515164).
MESTRE, JEANETTE (Voter ID number 109940265).
MONTALVO GARCIA, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 110303057).
SUNE, EVA (Voter ID number 108939778).

13444 SW 62ND ST
APT F-104

GURDIAN, SILVIA Paulina (Voter ID number 116902757).

13444 SW 71ST ST
SANTOS, ALFREDO Frank (Voter ID number 115250967).

13444 SW 73RD TER
ELIAS, FRANK Amed (Voter ID number 118103165).
ALONSO, DALINA Maria (Voter ID number 114383587).
HERNANDEZ, RICARDO Jesus (Voter ID number 114083281).

13445 SW 71ST ST
ROSELL, ALFONSO Dejesus (Voter ID number 110297892).
ROSELL, ANA Beatriz (Voter ID number 109332261).
ROSELL, YRMALINA (Voter ID number 109243275).

13445 SW 72ND TER
GARCIA, YOE (Voter ID number 118113721).
ACEVEDO, KENNETH (Voter ID number 109313855).

13445 SW 73RD TER
ALONSO, IVONNE A. (Voter ID number 119430996).
ALONSO, MARIO M. (Voter ID number 110065485).

13446 SW 62ND ST
BERRIOS, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 115281818).
CASTELLANOS, NORMA (Voter ID number 119363549).

13446 SW 62ND ST
APT 108E

NODA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 117375105).

13446 SW 62ND ST
APT E-103

DIAZ, NALLINYS (Voter ID number 118151145).

13446 SW 62ND ST
APT E-107

BONICHE, ADRIANO (Voter ID number 118128941).
LOPEZ, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 118128939).

13446 SW 62ND ST

AMARO, ARLENA (Voter ID number 115406250).

13446 SW 62ND ST
UNIT E 107

BONICHE, ROSARIO Lopez (Voter ID number 118147209).
BONICHE, VANESSA (Voter ID number 118147210).

13446 SW 62ND ST
BONICHE, LUCIANO D. (Voter ID number 115237331).
BONICHE, SERGIO D. (Voter ID number 115237333).
GARCIA, RANDY P. (Voter ID number 109327627).
GARCIA, YVETTE (Voter ID number 109375478).
GARRIDO, EDGARDO Jose (Voter ID number 109413088).
LOMBANA, RYAN Francis (Voter ID number 109976420).
MURILLO, BLANCA Nilda (Voter ID number 109685979).
MURILLO, JORGE C. (Voter ID number 109828823).
MURILLO, MIGUEL E. (Voter ID number 109685425).

13446 SW 62ND ST
APT E101

MARTINEZ, MARIO H. (Voter ID number 110279608).

13446 SW 62ND ST
APT E110

YEPEZ, ERICK George (Voter ID number 115234309).

13446 SW 62ND ST
UNIT #E102

CAMPS, ALTAGRACIA (Voter ID number 109503769).
CAMPS, LIMBANIA (Voter ID number 109484702).

13446 SW 62ND ST
UNIT #E104

FRAGA, ARTURO G. (Voter ID number 109394765).

13446 SW 68TH ST
PEREZ, ROSNIEL (Voter ID number 109828956).

13446 SW 68TH TER
PEREZ, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 109832187).
VELOSO, BRUNO Alejandro (Voter ID number 109452455).

13447 SW 68TH TER
FUNDORA, HILARIO (Voter ID number 110222174).

13448 SW 62ND ST
GARCIA, RONALD R. (Voter ID number 109792023).
PUICON, MICHELLE Szybinski (Voter ID number 109774014).
TORRES, EDWIN F. (Voter ID number 117489527).

13448 SW 62ND ST
APT 109

AGUILAR, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 120252919).

13448 SW 62ND ST
APT D-110

TALAVERA, LUIS (Voter ID number 117062095).

13448 SW 62ND ST
APT D106

MURPHY, CAROL ANN G. (Voter ID number 102734574).

13448 SW 62ND ST
GARCIA, LILIANA (Voter ID number 115303391).
ROSA, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109443124).
TAMAYO, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 110197970).
TORRES, SABINA (Voter ID number 109648639).
VALDES, IBETTE (Voter ID number 110020211).

13448 SW 62ND ST
APT D-110

TALAVERA, MARCELA Eliana (Voter ID number 102244129).

13448 SW 62ND ST
APT D102

KOHOUT, COURTNEY L. (Voter ID number 117634357).

13448 SW 62ND ST
APT D105

PELAEZ, PATRICIA Hubler (Voter ID number 109808362).

13448 SW 62ND ST
UNIT D 108

MENA, LINDA Luz (Voter ID number 118611013).

13448 SW 62ND ST
MENA, MAURO Antonio (Voter ID number 117501557).

13449 SW 62ND ST
HERNANDEZ, NORA Cecilia (Voter ID number 109465771).

13449 SW 62ND ST

DIVANTOQUE, FARID (Voter ID number 110024424).
DIVANTOQUE, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 109802616).
RAMIREZ, JON Jairo (Voter ID number 109973474).

13449 SW 62ND ST

LOMBANA, CARMEN Cecilia (Voter ID number 120707102).

13449 SW 62ND ST
ALVAREZ, DAYLIN (Voter ID number 115768072).
MARQUEZ, TATIANA (Voter ID number 109616814).
MERCADO, WINSTON Carmelo (Voter ID number 110053279).
FLORES, EUGENIO Erasmo (Voter ID number 117018731).
WILSON, SEAN A. (Voter ID number 116280820).

13450 SW 66TH ST
AVELLO, SHARON N. (Voter ID number 110221263).
MARURI, KAREN Aimee (Voter ID number 110268041).
SIMMONS, RYAN Thomas (Voter ID number 110077107).

13450 SW 68TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, CARMEN Elena (Voter ID number 119045394).
RODRIGUEZ, LUIS Manuel (Voter ID number 109974143).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 110222806).

13450 SW 71ST ST
CASTRO, ROMELIA (Voter ID number 116228183).
RODRIGUEZ OSEN, OSOSCEALDO (Voter ID number 115908563).
RODRIGUEZ, OSWALDO (Voter ID number 116237255).

13450 SW 78TH ST
HAIBI, OMAR (Voter ID number 109766500).

13450 SW 79TH ST
CANO, LILIA E. (Voter ID number 109921607).
HERNANDEZ, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109525525).

13450 SW 80TH ST
PRICE, NIXIA E. (Voter ID number 109704803).
DEARMAS, PETER Vincent (Voter ID number 117396906).

13450 SW 81ST ST
GARDNER, ALBERT Edward (Voter ID number 109288791).
GARDNER, JANETTE (Voter ID number 109332455).
MARQUET, JORGE (Voter ID number 109053714).

13450 SW 82ND ST
THOMPSON, CARLA C. (Voter ID number 109618414).
THOMPSON, GEORGE A. (Voter ID number 109195021).

13451 SW 67TH ST
MIRANDA, YUDAISY Ym (Voter ID number 120386190).

13451 SW 68TH ST
GONZALEZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 115162294).
GONZALEZ, YULIET A. (Voter ID number 115761167).

13451 SW 68TH TER
PEREZ, IRENE C. (Voter ID number 116953381).
PEREZ, NELSON Gonzalo (Voter ID number 109223367).

13451 SW 68TH ST
DARIAS, OMELIO (Voter ID number 116604346).
GONZALEZ, ZULEIDA A. (Voter ID number 116291990).

13451 SW 71ST ST
MARRERO, OLGA Maria Comas (Voter ID number 109289187).
MARRERO, OMAR Daniel (Voter ID number 109330257).

13451 SW 74TH ST
ENRIQUEZ, JUAN Alberto (Voter ID number 109200282).

13451 SW 80TH ST
MUNOZ, LORENA R. (Voter ID number 109623097).
MUNOZ, MANUEL Alejandro (Voter ID number 109325876).

13451 SW 82ND ST
IRIBARREN, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109163087).
SOLSONA, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 109048310).

13452 SW 66TH TER
AGUADO, ANGELA (Voter ID number 109688680).
AGUADO, ELIAS J. (Voter ID number 109867832).

13453 SW 62ND ST
JOMARRON, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 109130994).
VELAZCO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 118499044).

13453 SW 62ND ST

PARGAS, RAQUEL Lyn (Voter ID number 109994647).

13453 SW 62ND ST
TORRES, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109607434).

13453 SW 66TH TER
PRIETO, RAUL A. (Voter ID number 109309480).
PRIETO, ALICE Garcia (Voter ID number 118940929).

13454 SW 62ND ST
DIAZ, ALEXIS M. (Voter ID number 114591608).
GOMEZ, MANUEL J. (Voter ID number 109708387).
JARRETT, KARILYN Caridad (Voter ID number 115372334).

13454 SW 62ND ST
APT 105

ALFONSO, NELSON (Voter ID number 109206772).

13454 SW 62ND ST
APT O 103

TAYLOR, SANDRA Lee (Voter ID number 109088176).

13454 SW 62ND ST
GOMEZ, LIBIA A. (Voter ID number 109690243).

13454 SW 62ND ST
UNIT #O102

DELGADO, IRENE (Voter ID number 109621536).

13454 SW 62ND ST
UNIT O 106

BAILLY, GLADYS M. (Voter ID number 109924048).

13454 SW 68TH TER
CEVALLOS, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110149703).

13454 SW 71ST ST
PEREZ, MADELIN (Voter ID number 110184697).
PEREZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 120411204).
ROJAS, JOSE (Voter ID number 110064999).

13454 SW 73RD TER
PANTELAKOS, CATHERINE Louise (Voter ID number 114362703).
PANTELAKOS, CHARLIE P. (Voter ID number 109321257).
PANTELAKOS, ADAM L. (Voter ID number 110041869).
PANTELAKOS, PETER L. (Voter ID number 110113559).
PANTELAKOS, SHERIE L. (Voter ID number 109329600).

13455 SW 68TH TER
SOOY, ANDREW Michael (Voter ID number 109993987).
SOOY, GARRETT C. (Voter ID number 108958062).
SOOY, MARIE Volenec (Voter ID number 109137697).

13455 SW 71ST ST
JOMARRON, YESENYA M. (Voter ID number 120301812).
LLAMBIAS, ANA Laura (Voter ID number 119629276).
LLAMBIAS, JAVIER (Voter ID number 120301159).
LUQUE, RENAN (Voter ID number 119917227).
WONG, JORGE O. (Voter ID number 119785581).
WONG, MYRIAM C. (Voter ID number 110205635).

13455 SW 72ND TER
SERRA, DIANA Marie (Voter ID number 119539058).
MARTIN-SERRA, ADRIANA Maria (Voter ID number 109685654).
SERRA, JOHN Anthony (Voter ID number 109684827).

13457 SW 62ND ST
CALDERA, THELMA E. (Voter ID number 116489354).
GUERRERO, ELIGIA M. (Voter ID number 110180578).
MURGO, FABIAN (Voter ID number 116238750).

13457 SW 62ND ST

LONDONO, BRYAN F. (Voter ID number 118116746).

13457 SW 62ND ST

CASTRO, YESSENIA E. (Voter ID number 119033717).

13457 SW 62ND ST
DIAZ, TANIA Pruneda (Voter ID number 109156164).
LONDONO, FABRICIO R. (Voter ID number 114929687).
SALAZAR, LUZ Dary (Voter ID number 114270833).

13457 SW 62ND ST

MARTINEZ, LIGIA (Voter ID number 110228556).

13457 SW 62ND ST
CANTILLO, THELMA M. (Voter ID number 116489200).

13458 SW 62ND ST
DIEZ, ROBERTO Lorenzo (Voter ID number 118893662).
MONTENEGRO, MARIA Olivia (Voter ID number 115384010).
PACHECO, JOANNIE Lazara (Voter ID number 109825573).
PALACIOS-CUELLAR, JESSICA Ruth (Voter ID number 109200647).

13458 SW 62ND ST
APT Q 109

MACHIRAN, LAURA G. (Voter ID number 120171593).

13458 SW 62ND ST
APT Q102

OJEDA, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 118441360).

13458 SW 62ND ST
APT Q103

ESPOSITO, DYLAN V. (Voter ID number 119045647).

13458 SW 62ND ST
APT Q108

PEREZ, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 114568151).

13458 SW 62ND ST
CUELLAR, ANDRES (Voter ID number 115207768).
MONTENEGRO, RAFAEL E. (Voter ID number 109894962).
PEREZ, MARILU (Voter ID number 109120164).
URCUYO, HELEN Delcarmen (Voter ID number 110026409).

13459 SW 68TH TER
CEVALLOS, JUAN P. (Voter ID number 118320196).

13460 SW 66TH ST
SHAM, FANNY Lok Wong (Voter ID number 109246107).
WONG, KWAN T. (Voter ID number 109915860).
WONG, SHEK M. (Voter ID number 109699915).

13460 SW 79TH ST
CRISTOBAL, CARLOS C. (Voter ID number 109390955).
CRISTOBAL, NANCY (Voter ID number 109376320).

13460 SW 81ST ST
DE LEON, MARITZA Y. (Voter ID number 109837570).
DE LEON, GUSTAVO R. (Voter ID number 109839224).

13460 SW 82ND ST
MARRERO, RAUL (Voter ID number 109149410).
LOWD, PAMELA Lynn (Voter ID number 109279176).

13461 SW 67TH ST
MENENDEZ, YANIRIS (Voter ID number 118307913).

13461 SW 68TH ST
VIDAL, MARIA Claudia (Voter ID number 120755700).

13461 SW 74TH ST
CORTES, DAISY (Voter ID number 109246957).
CORTES, ISAAC (Voter ID number 109176670).

13461 SW 79TH ST
MC CARTHY, LOUISE Marie (Voter ID number 109588300).

13461 SW 80TH ST
ALVAREZ, ALICIA Cristina (Voter ID number 109949530).
ALVAREZ, ALEX (Voter ID number 109269144).

13461 SW 82ND ST
CHIN, GLORIA Helaine (Voter ID number 109603227).
CHIN, JOSEPH Cyril (Voter ID number 109600433).

13462 SW 62ND ST
HERNANDEZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 120202557).
LOPEZ, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 116537390).

13462 SW 62ND ST
APT C103

GARCES, KAREN M. (Voter ID number 114929003).
HECHAVARRIA, ARIEL (Voter ID number 114929000).

13462 SW 62ND ST
APT C105

HITES, WILLIAM Richard (Voter ID number 109978312).

13462 SW 62ND ST

HERNANDEZ, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 119629268).

13462 SW 62ND ST
COLOME, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 109129681).
COLON, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 109309284).
COLON, MERY (Voter ID number 109480620).
ENCINOSA, ESTHER (Voter ID number 115211079).
ENCINOSA, JANINA Maria (Voter ID number 110236060).
ENCINOSA, ROLY (Voter ID number 109321316).
LIMA, AURORA N. (Voter ID number 115106935).
LOPEZ, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 110064702).
LOPEZ, REINALDO (Voter ID number 110061639).
MONTES DE OCA, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 115839866).
OTERO, SVETLANA (Voter ID number 120401509).
SZYBINSKI, STANLEY Thomas (Voter ID number 108922619).
HERNANDEZ, ILEANA (Voter ID number 117140746).

13462 SW 66TH TER
GARCIA, MIRELLIE (Voter ID number 119900833).
CAMPOS, MIREISSY Garcia (Voter ID number 114970416).
CAMPOS, MODESTO (Voter ID number 118048190).

13463 SW 62ND ST

SERREDDINE, BASSAM (Voter ID number 120391526).
SERREDDINE, MAJID (Voter ID number 120391495).
SERREDDINE, WAFAA (Voter ID number 120391589).

13463 SW 62ND ST
NASIMOS, NANCY R. (Voter ID number 110229397).
SOLER, JENNIFER Amber (Voter ID number 115788850).
VIZA, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 114728610).
VIZA, JARVIS (Voter ID number 110016852).
VIZA, TERESA (Voter ID number 114749944).

13463 SW 66TH TER
GONZALEZ, MARCO A. (Voter ID number 119938655).
GONZALEZ, TESI (Voter ID number 119845351).
PEREZ-GONZALEZ, ISIS P. (Voter ID number 109202752).

13465 SW 62ND ST
GONZALEZ, SARAH (Voter ID number 116578896).
OROPEZA, ABNER (Voter ID number 116578877).
OROPEZA, DIONISIO (Voter ID number 116578872).
DE AGUAYO, ANDREA Beatriz (Voter ID number 109738186).
DE AGUAYO, BEATRIZ R. (Voter ID number 109721551).
DE AGUAYO, RICARDO F. (Voter ID number 109710635).
JARAMILLO, MARTA Luz (Voter ID number 109941948).
PAREDES, ANA MARIA C. (Voter ID number 115156743).

13465 SW 72ND TER
ANDUIZA, MELISSA Sue (Voter ID number 110323972).
ANDUIZA, FRANCISCO A. (Voter ID number 109125845).
ANDUIZA, FRANCISCO A. (Voter ID number 115263784).
ANDUIZA, MARIA Socorro (Voter ID number 109379693).

13466 SW 62ND ST
VALENCIA, ANA Lucia (Voter ID number 109380246).

13466 SW 62ND ST
APT B-103

MOSQUERA, NICOLE M. (Voter ID number 119959932).

13466 SW 62ND ST
APT B103

MARQUEZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 116860660).

13466 SW 62ND ST
APT B107

RAMOS, DAMIAN Alberto (Voter ID number 118527611).

13466 SW 62ND ST
MONTEALEGRE, CONNIE (Voter ID number 109641176).
VALDES, ADA T. (Voter ID number 109237655).

13469 SW 62ND ST
APT #1

PEREZ, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 120851790).

13469 SW 62ND ST

CANALS, JENNIFER V. (Voter ID number 119629207).

13469 SW 62ND ST
CANALS, WALDO (Voter ID number 114265511).
CESPON, JORGE Manuel (Voter ID number 109762597).
CLARKE, ANA L. (Voter ID number 110133752).
CLARKE, NEIKA D. (Voter ID number 109986320).
CLARKE, WALTERIO C. (Voter ID number 109814734).
FREIRE, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109910114).
FREIRE, NILIA A. (Voter ID number 109269313).
RODRIGUEZ, FELIPE (Voter ID number 110234024).
SIACA PEREZ, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 110218740).
TOMAS, YAQUELIN (Voter ID number 110230519).

13469 SW 62ND ST
APT #2

TERAN, MISHEL M. (Voter ID number 115297161).

13470 SW 62ND ST
FERRO, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109171335).
MARTINEZ, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 121228218).

13470 SW 62ND ST
APT N-108

SOCA, EDUARDO M. (Voter ID number 121013280).

13470 SW 62ND ST
CUNILL, LOURDES F. (Voter ID number 110189268).
MANZANA, CORALIA Elisa (Voter ID number 109437315).

13470 SW 62ND ST
APT #N104

CUNILL, LOURDES F. (Voter ID number 109038995).

13470 SW 78TH ST
SAMA, OFELIA F. (Voter ID number 109089779).
SAMA, ANTONIO Alfredo (Voter ID number 109411254).
SAMA, CARLOS Lorenzo (Voter ID number 109519916).
SAMA, ELIZABETH Patricia (Voter ID number 109852501).

13470 SW 79TH ST
PEREZ HALTEMAN, YANET (Voter ID number 119024068).
FERNANDEZ, ALBERTO J. (Voter ID number 113991546).
PEREZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 110162994).

13471 SW 62ND ST

PERALTA, VICTOR Uriel (Voter ID number 120707420).

13471 SW 62ND ST

FERRER, DEVORA (Voter ID number 120900168).

13471 SW 62ND ST
CASTELLON, SUSAN Sara (Voter ID number 114468245).
CUADRA, GUSTAVO Adolfo (Voter ID number 110316520).
PERALTA, ELBA Anabecia (Voter ID number 110139426).

13471 SW 67TH ST
ZAMORA, MARIA Del Pilar (Voter ID number 114928558).

13471 SW 68TH ST
CUENCA, CHRISSY (Voter ID number 110222143).
MESTRE, CHRISTINA Estela (Voter ID number 109594216).

13471 SW 79TH ST
LAVANDERO, GONZALO (Voter ID number 109130441).
LAVANDERO, GONZALO (Voter ID number 109229483).
LAVANDERO, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 109701867).

13471 SW 80TH ST
ESPINAL, MARITZA R. (Voter ID number 109895753).
RIVAS, INDIRA Maria (Voter ID number 121066054).
RIVAS, LUIS (Voter ID number 116612851).
RIVAS, STEPHANIE Josephine (Voter ID number 110233802).

13472 SW 66TH TER
COPPI, CHRISTINA A. (Voter ID number 109898979).
STRICKLAND, THEKLA A. (Voter ID number 108936909).

13473 SW 66TH TER
SAN JUAN, ARMANTINA Esperanza (Voter ID number 117146433).

13475 SW 62ND ST
AGUILAR, JORGE H. (Voter ID number 110026443).
DAVIDSON, MICHAEL Daniel (Voter ID number 109022312).

13475 SW 62ND ST

JAEN, CHRISTIAN Gabriel (Voter ID number 119045906).
JAEN, MARTA (Voter ID number 109440624).

13475 SW 62ND ST

MEJIA, XIMENA (Voter ID number 116284490).

13475 SW 62ND ST

MENENDEZ, CARMEN Matthews (Voter ID number 117840418).

13475 SW 62ND ST
AGUILAR, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 110116032).
MARTINEZ, MIRIAM M. (Voter ID number 116034146).
MEJIA, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 109462127).
MEJIA, STELLA (Voter ID number 109462084).
RASSI, FATIMA (Voter ID number 108930028).
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS Jose (Voter ID number 109253887).
SOTOCA JAEN, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 115310402).
SOTOCA, JAIME (Voter ID number 110094184).

13479 SW 62ND ST
LOPEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109128667).

13479 SW 62ND ST

ROMERO, MARICELA (Voter ID number 120302221).

13479 SW 62ND ST

MENDOZA, EYLER David (Voter ID number 116893270).

13479 SW 62ND ST
GONZALEZ, ALJANDRO Jose (Voter ID number 109972680).
LOPEZ, MARCELA R. (Voter ID number 109778587).
RAMOS, XIOMARA P. (Voter ID number 110057086).

13479 SW 62ND ST

GURDIEL, MARTA Asuncion (Voter ID number 110243672).

13481 SW 62ND ST
HERNANDEZ, AURORA (Voter ID number 116534118).
PENA, MARISOL (Voter ID number 117346957).

13481 SW 62ND ST

MONTEPEQUE, LEONEL (Voter ID number 109938980).

13481 SW 62ND ST

CALVO, MIGUEL Alberto (Voter ID number 109617931).

13481 SW 62ND ST
SAAD, JOSE MANUEL (Voter ID number 116534238).

13481 SW 62ND ST
APT #4

OQUENDO, YOSEL (Voter ID number 110316303).

13481 SW 62ND ST
ALVAREZ, PATRICK E. (Voter ID number 116843125).

13481 SW 68TH ST
GRANTHON, JULY Melissa (Voter ID number 110850966).
MONROE, PRISCILLA Marilyn (Voter ID number 120595212).
MONROE, JULIA (Voter ID number 110020415).

13487 SW 62ND ST
CABALLERO, ELVIRA D. (Voter ID number 116390412).
PAVON, JOSE (Voter ID number 116871651).
ALFONSO, MARIA Dolores (Voter ID number 109098666).
ALTAMORA, IRIS A. (Voter ID number 114637617).
GAMBOA, CARIDAD R. (Voter ID number 117188979).

13490 SW 62ND ST
ROMERO, ANA M. (Voter ID number 110221746).

13491 SW 62ND ST
ROJAS, BERNARDO Gabriel (Voter ID number 120801252).

13491 SW 62ND ST
APT #3

SAEZ, NAIDALYS (Voter ID number 118113554).

13491 SW 62ND ST

BACALLAO BORGES, YAIMA (Voter ID number 120911800).

13491 SW 62ND ST
MORALES, NAIDA I. (Voter ID number 110235997).
MORENO, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 109599145).
MORENO, JEANETTE Delourdes (Voter ID number 109402130).
RODRIGUEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 114729640).

13491 SW 62ND ST

SAEZ, YANNICK Omar (Voter ID number 110279523).

13491 SW 66TH ST
QUIRANTES, ROGER Virgilio (Voter ID number 109695150).
FIUZA, JULIAN (Voter ID number 118086644).
QUIRANTES, LOURDES Gordon (Voter ID number 109265225).

13491 SW 68TH ST
GONZALEZ, LISET M. (Voter ID number 109555449).
HUNT, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 110324193).
GONZALEZ, FRANK Jose (Voter ID number 109365657).
GONZALEZ, JOSE B. (Voter ID number 109901182).
GONZALEZ, LILLIAN R. (Voter ID number 109493530).
GONZALEZ, MARGARITA E. (Voter ID number 109880039).

13495 SW 62ND ST
CABALE, AMANDA (Voter ID number 116890936).
GONZALEZ, DALGIS (Voter ID number 116988250).

13495 SW 62ND ST

POSADA, JHON (Voter ID number 116803799).
POSADA, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109719121).

13495 SW 62ND ST

MARTIN, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 119624540).

13495 SW 62ND ST
CABALE, ALEIDA E. (Voter ID number 109056598).
MARTIN, CLARO A. (Voter ID number 114671500).
VAZQUEZ, JESSICA R. (Voter ID number 110331244).

13500 SW 66TH ST
MILIAN, PABLO (Voter ID number 119716994).

13500 SW 71ST ST
VEGA, RODOLFO (Voter ID number 109440036).

13500 SW 79TH ST
ANDRADE, NOELLE Christina (Voter ID number 110037818).
PEREZ, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 109846757).
ANDRADE, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 117569807).

13500 SW 81ST ST
MACHADO, AIDA Ochoa (Voter ID number 109051468).
RODRIGUEZ, YUDENIA Machado (Voter ID number 109139218).

13501 SW 62ND ST
GONZALEZ, GUILLERMO A. (Voter ID number 110065701).
KESSLER, CARMEN Yolanda (Voter ID number 108970344).
KESSLER, CRISTINA Y. (Voter ID number 109305142).

13501 SW 67TH ST
GONZALEZ, KAMAMORI (Voter ID number 109145190).
GONZALEZ, KAMAMORI (Voter ID number 114039912).
GONZALEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 109408967).
GONZALEZ, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109342304).

13501 SW 71ST ST
MONTERO, EUGENIO J. (Voter ID number 116055801).
MONTERO, EUGENIO Jesus (Voter ID number 120774975).
MONTERO, NIULYS (Voter ID number 116055807).
ZAMBRANO, MARILIS (Voter ID number 109311976).

13501 SW 80TH ST
HOWARD, TINA Marie (Voter ID number 110077091).
RODRIGUEZ TRELLES, ALEX (Voter ID number 116060945).
RODRIGUEZ TRELLES, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 109813495).
RODRIGUEZ TRELLES, FELIX L. (Voter ID number 109812940).
RODRIGUEZ-TRELLES, IGNACIO F. (Voter ID number 109812222).

13501 SW 81ST ST
HELVER, IRENE M. (Voter ID number 110250874).
HELVER, OSCAR (Voter ID number 109851658).
MACGILLYCUDDY, INES (Voter ID number 115720416).

13501 SW 82ND ST
MENENDEZ, BERTHA (Voter ID number 109448419).
MENENDEZ, DIANA (Voter ID number 109882445).

13502 SW 66TH TER
ALEXANDER, NAPTHALI O. (Voter ID number 116853035).
ALEXANDER, JENNIFER Rosalind (Voter ID number 116705516).

13503 SW 66TH TER
SIERRA, MAURIS Milagros (Voter ID number 114632032).
FERNANDEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 114309757).

13504 SW 68TH TER
BABOT, CARIDAD R. (Voter ID number 117347532).
ARRANO, DANIEL Fernando (Voter ID number 119377866).
BABOT, BERTHA B. (Voter ID number 110145643).
BABOT, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 109144330).
BABOT, JOYCE (Voter ID number 109993965).
GONZALEZ, LAURA P. (Voter ID number 109617945).

13504 SW 71ST ST
DIAZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 110341403).
DIAZ, TOMAS De La Caridad (Voter ID number 117214982).
DIAZ, TRINIDAD (Voter ID number 109876193).
DIAZ, MARLENE Maria (Voter ID number 117214722).
DIAZ, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 117214933).

13504 SW 73RD TER
GONZALEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109478519).
GONZALEZ, RUSELA (Voter ID number 109477116).

13505 SW 71ST ST
LEVANDOSKI, IAN Timothy Crawford (Voter ID number 117922452).
CRAWFORD, CARA Diane (Voter ID number 109065246).
CRAWFORD, CONSTANCE Bolton (Voter ID number 109861367).

13505 SW 72ND TER
HIDALGO, MARIEN Alicia (Voter ID number 109390824).

13505 SW 73RD TER
LAZO, JESSICA (Voter ID number 118087166).
LAZO, MAGALY (Voter ID number 109808290).
LAZO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110244315).
MOJENA, VANESSA (Voter ID number 110293187).

13505 SW 82ND TER
HALL, ERIC R. (Voter ID number 110329959).
SANGUINETTI, SONIA J. (Voter ID number 109876949).
SANGUINETTI, SONIA Joy (Voter ID number 117059903).

13507 SW 62ND ST
ROGERS, SELMA (Voter ID number 109191642).

13507 SW 62ND ST

GOMEZ, MATHEW L. (Voter ID number 117687332).

13507 SW 62ND ST
DE LOS RIOS, JACINTA M. (Voter ID number 104326059).
DE LOS RIOS, LAURA (Voter ID number 110266195).
DELOSRIOS, RIGOBERTO (Voter ID number 104328130).

13507 SW 62ND ST

GONZALEZ, ALINA M. (Voter ID number 114343942).

13510 SW 62ND ST
DUHART, TAMARA (Voter ID number 120461830).
BINELO, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109733121).

13510 SW 66TH ST
SINCLAIR, THERESA Swope (Voter ID number 117829887).
EVERAGE, DONALD M. (Voter ID number 114409769).
HERNANDEZ, DAVID (Voter ID number 109889822).
IGLESIAS HERNANDEZ, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 109484641).

13510 SW 79TH ST
DE PAULA, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109768981).
COMPANIONI, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 110031810).
COMPANIONI, MARIA (Voter ID number 109624359).
COMPANIONIO, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109603789).

13510 SW 81ST ST
LOPEZ, CLAUDIO Ramon (Voter ID number 110100794).

13510 SW 82ND ST
MARTINEZ, GABRIEL M. (Voter ID number 109691430).
MARTINEZ, ZENAIDA (Voter ID number 108916917).

13511 SW 62ND LN
ARGUELLO, ZULEICA Izamar (Voter ID number 119049110).
ARGUELLO, ALVIN Antonio (Voter ID number 109930968).
ARGUELLO, OLGA Marina (Voter ID number 109932106).

13511 SW 67TH ST
CHUNG, WINSTON (Voter ID number 120773758).
CHUNG, BARBARA (Voter ID number 109922720).

13511 SW 71ST ST
MAIMO, RAMON (Voter ID number 109454944).

13511 SW 80TH ST
SARMIENTO, GISSELLE D'Marie (Voter ID number 109468557).
SARMIENTO, MIRIAM A. (Voter ID number 109029966).
SARMIENTO, OCTAVIO (Voter ID number 109131844).

13511 SW 81ST ST
GONZALEZ, MARCOS (Voter ID number 109501487).

13511 SW 82ND ST
VIVANCO, JORGELINA M. (Voter ID number 109132662).
BRANA, GEORGE E. (Voter ID number 109979301).
BRANA, JACKIE D. (Voter ID number 109981607).
VIVANCO, MIGUEL Armando (Voter ID number 109132663).

13512 SW 62ND LN
LOPEZ, KRISTEN (Voter ID number 117570988).
PEREZ, ANA (Voter ID number 119652752).
ESPINOSA, EVA M. (Voter ID number 114004091).
ESPINOSA, RICARDO J. (Voter ID number 114004094).
MANZANARES, ERIAN (Voter ID number 116436821).

13512 SW 62ND ST
SUAREZ, JORJA (Voter ID number 109954964).
SUAREZ, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 109954971).
SUAREZ, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 110145357).

13512 SW 62ND LN
LOPEZ, LESTER E. (Voter ID number 116277833).

13512 SW 66TH TER
PACHECO, ARMANDO Joseph (Voter ID number 108987813).
PACHECO, LAURA Ann (Voter ID number 109009960).
ROSEMOND, GLORIA Katherine (Voter ID number 108901533).

13513 SW 62ND ST
BORGES, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 117088735).
VALENCIA, CARLOS Andres (Voter ID number 116910137).

13513 SW 62ND ST

SAENZ, BYRON D. (Voter ID number 118090894).

13513 SW 62ND ST
PEREZ-ALONSO, KARLA Rita (Voter ID number 109818702).
PEREZALONSO, GANZALO Jose (Voter ID number 109888246).
PEREZALONSO, GONZALO Jose (Voter ID number 109915438).
PEREZALONSO, RITA A. (Voter ID number 109915122).
SAENZ, BYRON O. (Voter ID number 110238566).
VALENCIA, VANNESA F. (Voter ID number 110250298).

13513 SW 63RD LN
MAVILLA, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 117275877).
MAVILLA, JUDITH (Voter ID number 116611931).

13513 SW 64TH TER
GALAN, CLARA Teresa (Voter ID number 109549346).
GARCIA, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 110007742).

13513 SW 66TH TER
PEREZ, JULIO German (Voter ID number 109648566).

13514 SW 63RD LN
ARCIA, MARIA Carolina (Voter ID number 114656955).
ARCIA, MARIA (Voter ID number 114421381).

13514 SW 73RD TER
HENRIQUEZ, AURA (Voter ID number 116509777).
HENRIQUEZ, OSCAR A. (Voter ID number 110049331).

13514 SW 82ND TER
DUQUE, JUAN Miguel (Voter ID number 109811661).
DUQUE, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 110172412).

13515 SW 59TH TER
CORREA, NELIDA M. (Voter ID number 109585249).
PEREZ, ANGEL L. (Voter ID number 109585971).

13515 SW 71ST ST
FERNANDEZ, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 110034419).
FERNANDEZ, ANTONIO N. (Voter ID number 115237517).
FERNANDEZ, ANTONIO Nicolas (Voter ID number 109523217).
RUBLE, JENNIFER R. (Voter ID number 110213988).

13515 SW 72ND TER
PINARES, CANDICE Caridad (Voter ID number 109818379).
PINARES, JORGE D. (Voter ID number 109324052).
PINARES, ODALIS (Voter ID number 109850037).

13515 SW 73RD TER
HERNANDEZ, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 110003554).
HERNANDEZ, MARIO L. (Voter ID number 110003538).
HERNANDEZ, MELVA (Voter ID number 120288733).
HERNANDEZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 116924657).

13515 SW 82ND TER
ORTEGA, SONIA (Voter ID number 116613042).
RODRIGUEZ, RIGOBERTO (Voter ID number 117773659).
RODRIGUEZ, RIGORBERTO (Voter ID number 116538439).

13517 SW 59TH LN
ABREUT, ALEYDA Luz (Voter ID number 110300141).
ABREUT, MARIO (Voter ID number 110133556).

13518 SW 59TH TER
ONA, ROSA (Voter ID number 119422138).

13518 SW 64TH TER
CATANO, ANDRES A. (Voter ID number 110122931).

13519 SW 59TH TER
ARGUELLO, NURIA (Voter ID number 109590427).
ORREGO, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109647790).
ORREGO, ALBA (Voter ID number 109641208).
SAVERINO, LIBIA (Voter ID number 109587532).

13519 SW 64TH LN
ARANGO MARINO, EDWIN (Voter ID number 117743756).
MARINO, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 120601969).
ARANGO, ADA L. (Voter ID number 114411475).

13519 SW 65TH LN
ARANGO, GIOVANNA Lizeth (Voter ID number 117292387).

13520 SW 59TH LN
ROBAYO DE RODRIGUEZ, GLORIA (Voter ID number 121189886).
ROBAYO, EDUARDO Jose (Voter ID number 115792173).

13520 SW 62ND ST
GARCIA, TERESITA (Voter ID number 108938046).

13520 SW 64TH TER
GALAN, ANTHONY Beyerth (Voter ID number 109358479).

13520 SW 66TH ST
BOAN, JANCARLO (Voter ID number 119055460).
BOAN, OMAR (Voter ID number 109626050).

13520 SW 79TH ST
GALANO, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 109262259).

13520 SW 81ST ST
FERNANDEZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 117619497).
TRUJILLO, ONDINA Rojas (Voter ID number 109954143).
TRUJILLO, REYNALDO Ernesto (Voter ID number 110146346).
TRUJILLO-SANTANA, LOURDES Julieta (Voter ID number 109229588).

13521 SW 59TH LN
VALDES, AMANDA (Voter ID number 110166216).
VALDES, PEDRO M. (Voter ID number 109993121).
VALDES, PEDRO Raul (Voter ID number 109694227).
VALDES, JANKO R. (Voter ID number 117138797).

13521 SW 62ND LN
VALDES, ARIADNA (Voter ID number 119172570).
VALDES, MARIO (Voter ID number 120397879).

13521 SW 62ND ST

SANTIAGO, GEORGE (Voter ID number 105896704).

13521 SW 62ND ST
KRUGER, ERICK W. (Voter ID number 114432848).
KRUGER, MARIA Ester (Voter ID number 109780879).

13521 SW 62ND ST

LORENZO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 118422589).

13521 SW 62ND ST

IBARRA, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109894697).

13521 SW 62ND ST
JIMENEZ, ROBERTO M. (Voter ID number 116773615).

13521 SW 65TH LN
VIOR, ARMAND (Voter ID number 116496581).
VIOR, CLARA Alicia (Voter ID number 109299276).

13521 SW 80TH ST
LEIBOVITZ, AARON Max (Voter ID number 108969106).
LEIBOVITZ, RHONA (Voter ID number 109168399).

13521 SW 82ND ST
CORES, JULIE F. (Voter ID number 118118422).
TRUJILLO, ALTAGRACIA Julie (Voter ID number 116180498).
JIMENEZ, ANTHONY E. (Voter ID number 116891340).
VALERA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 116270449).

13522 SW 59TH TER
MARTINEZ, SUSANA M. (Voter ID number 117518708).

13522 SW 62ND ST
QUINTEROS, ERIC Alexander (Voter ID number 110119238).

13522 SW 62ND LN
SANCHEZ GONZALEZ, FLORA (Voter ID number 116456104).

13522 SW 64TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, RITA M. (Voter ID number 116653337).

13522 SW 65TH LN
HITCHINS, MILLICENT Coleen (Voter ID number 109083126).

13522 SW 66TH TER
PEREZ, DELFINA D. (Voter ID number 109517961).
PEREZ, ROMUALDO Silvino (Voter ID number 109452602).

13523 SW 59TH TER
ROSS, KAREN (Voter ID number 115492331).
SOBERON, KAREN (Voter ID number 109375961).
ROSS, JONATHON (Voter ID number 116903098).

13523 SW 62ND LN
MENENDEZ, CRISTINA Ines (Voter ID number 109254752).

13523 SW 63RD LN
MILLO, CRISTY Abimiade (Voter ID number 110032794).

13523 SW 66TH TER
LOPEZ, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 109729751).
PEREZ, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 109730685).

13524 SW 59TH LN
MONTIEL, BLANCA R. (Voter ID number 120508531).

13524 SW 62ND LN
ALUJES, ELEAZAR Enrique (Voter ID number 109869038).
PEREZ, GILLIANA (Voter ID number 110207091).

13524 SW 63RD LN
GARMENDIA, AURORA (Voter ID number 109602697).
GARMENDIA, CARMEN M. (Voter ID number 109602692).
GARMENDIA, CELSO Esteban (Voter ID number 109602683).

13524 SW 82ND TER
BOTERO, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 119610617).
PENA, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 109960684).

13525 SW 59TH LN
OCHOA, CELIA Jewel (Voter ID number 109598277).
OCHOA, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 109859366).
OCHOA, HENRY Anthony (Voter ID number 109226279).
OCHOA, HENRY David (Voter ID number 110012275).
OCHOA, MARTHA Correa (Voter ID number 110307690).

13525 SW 62ND ST
SALAMANCA, AIDA Marie (Voter ID number 109468515).

13525 SW 62ND ST
APT # 4

CHAVECO-CABRERA, YOELA (Voter ID number 120403116).

13525 SW 62ND ST

CHANG, HUGO (Voter ID number 117098770).

13525 SW 62ND ST

RODRIGUEZ, JUDITH V. (Voter ID number 109693286).

13525 SW 62ND ST
DE SALAMANCA, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 109434656).
GARCIA, DORA C. (Voter ID number 108942132).

13525 SW 63RD LN
PRADO, ANDREA Gladys (Voter ID number 109932173).
SANTAYA, RODOLFO Isaias (Voter ID number 109881692).

13525 SW 64TH TER
FERREIRO, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 109741982).

13525 SW 66TH ST
PUERTO, MARIANELA D. (Voter ID number 119739517).

13525 SW 72ND TER
REINOSO, LUCIANO O. (Voter ID number 118118216).
RAMIREZ, TERESA A. (Voter ID number 116117934).
REINOSO, IVANIA C. (Voter ID number 109932748).
REINOSO, LUCIANO Eduardo (Voter ID number 109822626).
REINOSO, IRINA (Voter ID number 117127622).

13525 SW 82ND TER
PEREZ, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 116958474).
VAZQUEZ, ARLYN (Voter ID number 110267992).

13526 SW 59TH TER
HERNANDEZ, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109425894).

13526 SW 63RD LN
GARCIA, GLORIA Maria (Voter ID number 109085827).
RIGAU, SILVIO (Voter ID number 109166575).

13527 SW 59TH TER
CARVAJAL, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 109786025).
CARVAJAL, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 115840448).

13527 SW 64TH TER
TAPANES, DULCE M. (Voter ID number 109639695).

13528 SW 59TH LN
OCHOA, JUANA Lurdes (Voter ID number 117905152).
PENATE, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 117572443).
PENATE, PEDRO Luis (Voter ID number 110198298).

13528 SW 64TH TER
HERIA, HORTENSIA (Voter ID number 109659155).
JIMENEZ, MAIDA (Voter ID number 109004198).

13529 SW 59TH LN
GARCES, MARTHA E. (Voter ID number 110180025).

13529 SW 62ND ST
ALSOPP, MARIELLE (Voter ID number 110129652).

13529 SW 62ND ST

ROCA, IVAN F. (Voter ID number 109785072).
ROCA, MARTHA C. (Voter ID number 109784945).

13529 SW 62ND ST
DIAZ, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109996067).
FUENTES, ISABEL Pracedes (Voter ID number 109225361).
PAIS, JUANA (Voter ID number 109541338).
PAIS, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110265524).
SANCHEZ DIAZ, IVETTE (Voter ID number 109266412).

13529 SW 64TH LN
CORSON, ILIANA Caridad (Voter ID number 118481964).

13530 SW 59TH TER
SAAVEDRA, CLAUDIA Ximena (Voter ID number 109960063).

13530 SW 62ND ST
ROSAS, ANDRES Daniel (Voter ID number 109818896).
ROSAS, RITA M. (Voter ID number 109591801).
ROSAS, WALTER Alejandro (Voter ID number 109476826).
ROSAS, WALTER U. (Voter ID number 109592552).

13530 SW 64TH TER
GOMEZ, ADRIANA Michelle (Voter ID number 117784650).
TRAVAILLOT, SYLVIA M. (Voter ID number 109422539).
TRAVAILLOT, ROBERT Antonio (Voter ID number 109047135).

13530 SW 66TH ST
OROZCO, ERIC Jason (Voter ID number 109762456).
PENA, ENID (Voter ID number 110088770).
BEN-SHOAM, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 110127604).
PARRA, CARLOS F. (Voter ID number 109587205).

13530 SW 81ST ST
VOTHANG, THUONG Thi (Voter ID number 110096346).
VOTHANG, TIMOTHY P. (Voter ID number 109888262).
VOTHANG, TINA K. (Voter ID number 110112396).
VOTHANG, TUNG (Voter ID number 109785743).
VOTHANG, TRISHA (Voter ID number 116284297).

13531 SW 62ND ST
FONTAINE, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 116078155).

13531 SW 62ND ST
APT # 1

PEREZ, MADALYS (Voter ID number 119073423).

13531 SW 62ND ST
APT #3

CLARO, WILFREDO Eusebio (Voter ID number 108987240).

13531 SW 62ND ST
CABEZAS, MARIA Zaida (Voter ID number 109948616).
FONTAINE, RAMIRO (Voter ID number 115806357).
QUANT, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109668839).

13531 SW 62ND ST
APT #3

CLARO, CANDIDA (Voter ID number 109130272).

13531 SW 62ND ST

MEJIA, CLAUDIA P. (Voter ID number 110252575).
PARDO, MARIA Bernarda (Voter ID number 110147365).

13531 SW 65TH LN
LEZCANO, OFELIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109283745).
OQUENDO, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 110228808).

13531 SW 82ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, VALEN Samantha (Voter ID number 120267574).
RODRIGUEZ, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 120522642).
RODRIGUEZ, JUAN (Voter ID number 109099389).
RODRIGUEZ, VLADYS B. (Voter ID number 109205779).

13532 SW 59TH LN
GONZALEZ, ANA (Voter ID number 114575130).

13532 SW 62ND LN
PODDUBNY, BORIS (Voter ID number 110275419).
VALDES, MARISELA (Voter ID number 109985306).

13532 SW 62ND ST
GRANDE, GUILLERMO Enrique (Voter ID number 120694976).

13532 SW 64TH LN
ALVARADO, INES G. (Voter ID number 117333647).
ESCOBAR, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109309083).

13532 SW 65TH LN
PEREZ, IRAIDA Paredes (Voter ID number 110136398).

13533 SW 59TH LN
OCHOA, EDWIN Douglas (Voter ID number 119730202).
OCHOA, CINDY B. (Voter ID number 115240867).
OCHOA, LUIS G. (Voter ID number 109607992).

13533 SW 62ND LN
ESPINOSA, MARITE (Voter ID number 109394295).

13533 SW 62ND ST

ALCANTARA, NATALIE M. (Voter ID number 119052280).
URBINA ALCANTARA, SONIA Dolores (Voter ID number 120608096).

13533 SW 62ND ST

GARCIA, ELINA (Voter ID number 109271931).

13533 SW 62ND ST
ALCANTARA, JAIME F. (Voter ID number 114741365).
PRADO, ENOELIA (Voter ID number 110050974).
RODRIGUEZ, OLEMA (Voter ID number 109337720).
GARCIA, JESUS (Voter ID number 116987438).

13533 SW 63RD LN
MC FAUL, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 109423603).

13533 SW 65TH LN
GIL, MAGGUI (Voter ID number 120829926).
GIL, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 119637369).
HORTA, CELINA (Voter ID number 109658162).

13533 SW 66TH TER
BELLO, MANNY (Voter ID number 109405945).
MEDINA, LUIS Fermin (Voter ID number 109072745).
TRUJILLO, LUCRECIA (Voter ID number 116515031).

13534 SW 59TH TER
DIB, HICHAM Atallah (Voter ID number 120387237).
DIB, LORRAINE Elena (Voter ID number 109439574).

13534 SW 62ND LN
ALUJES, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 109611531).
DE ALUJES, HAYDEE (Voter ID number 109649308).

13534 SW 63RD LN
DE CUBAS, ENRIQUE A. (Voter ID number 109427887).

13534 SW 65TH LN
MACHADO, GILDA L. (Voter ID number 114952744).
SEUAS, PEDRO (Voter ID number 110177976).

13535 SW 59TH TER
ALVAREZ, FRANCISCO Manuel (Voter ID number 109609634).
CONDE, JUANA (Voter ID number 109664221).
GARCIA, ESMERALDA L. (Voter ID number 109664222).

13535 SW 62ND ST

ALFONSO, YANET (Voter ID number 117862409).

13535 SW 62ND ST

FERNANDEZ TAPANES, TAIMI (Voter ID number 119739360).
ZAMORA, ALAND (Voter ID number 119739366).

13535 SW 62ND ST
PASTRANA, SILVIA E. (Voter ID number 109838418).
WHEELOCK, IVONNE M. (Voter ID number 110038962).

13535 SW 62ND ST

WHEELOCK, EDUARDO Alberto (Voter ID number 109920281).

13535 SW 62ND ST

DELGADO, ARIADNA (Voter ID number 116433646).

13535 SW 62ND ST

GONZALEZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 116736311).

13535 SW 63RD LN
ROMERA, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 119101752).
TAVEL, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 119101757).
ROMERA, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 110103851).
ROMERA, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109757754).

13535 SW 64TH TER
VELEZ, MARTHA Luz (Voter ID number 119663600).
TORRES, CAMILO Eric (Voter ID number 109588357).
TORRES, MARIELA (Voter ID number 109583841).

13535 SW 66TH ST
MERCONCHINI, NURY (Voter ID number 109060505).

13536 SW 59TH LN
ALEJO, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 117442644).
SANCHEZ, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 119950454).
SANCHEZ, JOSE Angel (Voter ID number 109960632).

13536 SW 63RD LN
VILA, YAISEL Manuel (Voter ID number 113967636).
SOCORRO, LUCIA O. (Voter ID number 117088117).

13537 SW 59TH LN
GUZMAN, NORMA (Voter ID number 109917696).
FALLA, AMANDA (Voter ID number 109477616).

13537 SW 66TH ST
BORREGO, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 109671571).

13538 SW 59TH TER
RAMIREZ, ARCADIO Efren (Voter ID number 109086892).
RAMIREZ, LILIA Tudela (Voter ID number 109564588).

13538 SW 64TH TER
PITTERVIL, LIDYA (Voter ID number 110064145).
VALDES, OLIMPIA (Voter ID number 116901414).

13539 SW 59TH TER
LEDESMA, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109854793).

13539 SW 62ND ST
CAMPOS, CORNELIO Felipe (Voter ID number 109673178).
ROCAFORT, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 110016606).

13539 SW 64TH LN
DUARTE, SILVIA Maria (Voter ID number 109788214).
SOBERON, SONIA D. (Voter ID number 109240862).

13540 SW 62ND ST
STERN, RITA M. (Voter ID number 109676775).
STERN, RICHARD Albert (Voter ID number 109154224).

13540 SW 64TH TER
LOPEZ, MELANIE Carolina (Voter ID number 120121254).
LOPEZ, MELISSA Carolina (Voter ID number 117444807).
IGLESIAS, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109695248).

13540 SW 66TH ST
MORALES, EILEEN Ann (Voter ID number 109888467).
LLANOS, BYRON (Voter ID number 109510278).
LLANOS, JENNIFER K. (Voter ID number 109465321).
MORALES, FLORENTINO (Voter ID number 110009785).
MORALES, MARY M. (Voter ID number 110010699).
MORALES, SABRINA Vivian (Voter ID number 109552721).

13541 SW 62ND LN
HECKER, CAROL Anne (Voter ID number 117207622).
HECKER, ANDREW Stephen (Voter ID number 109470829).
HECKER, CHERYL Renee (Voter ID number 109730425).
HECKER, JAY Michael (Voter ID number 108906333).

13541 SW 62ND ST
VILCHEZ, GONZALO A. (Voter ID number 117120773).
YERO, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 109727114).

13541 SW 62ND ST

VILCHEZ, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 120325923).

13541 SW 62ND ST
APT #2

ALLER, FAUSTINO Mario (Voter ID number 108919339).

13541 SW 62ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, CARMEN E. (Voter ID number 109674733).
RODRIGUEZ, HERMENEGILDO Reinaldo (Voter ID number 109662419).
SLAPP, KEVIN P. (Voter ID number 109323168).
VILCHEZ, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 114678454).
VILCHEZ, NIMIA Del Rosario (Voter ID number 109835747).
VILCHEZ, SANDRA M. (Voter ID number 110299224).
YERO, DANIEL Jesus (Voter ID number 109489825).

13541 SW 62ND ST
APT #2

ALLER, ZORAIDA (Voter ID number 109161919).

13541 SW 62ND ST

FONTE, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 109569017).

13541 SW 62ND ST

FONTE, MELISSA Marie (Voter ID number 119675666).

13541 SW 64TH LN
CALVO, ALBERTO O. (Voter ID number 109960898).
CALVO, ANA Lourdes (Voter ID number 110117014).
LYONS, ADY Cristina (Voter ID number 110022071).

13541 SW 65TH LN
YANEZ GONZALEZ, EUGENIO (Voter ID number 110017315).
MARTI, BELKIS F. (Voter ID number 109920776).

13542 SW 62ND LN
COLOMBO, MARLENE Sofia (Voter ID number 109836655).
COLOMBO, NELSON Lazaro (Voter ID number 109841039).
GOMEZ, ANA D. (Voter ID number 115695276).

13542 SW 62ND ST
OROZCO, LETICIA Marie (Voter ID number 109944809).

13542 SW 65TH LN
GONZALEZ, ABILIO (Voter ID number 109835254).
GONZALEZ, ESTRELLA (Voter ID number 109903736).

13543 SW 59TH TER
GARCELL, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 109842501).
GARCELL, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109842500).
GARCELL, SARA G. (Voter ID number 109302905).

13543 SW 62ND LN
HERNANDEZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 116425478).
HERNANDEZ, YLIANA (Voter ID number 116425623).
LOPEZ, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 121335764).
MONTESINO, FLORENCIO M. (Voter ID number 116425038).
RODRIGUEZ, MAIKEL (Voter ID number 120203486).

13543 SW 63RD LN
LAU, ALINA (Voter ID number 110330082).
ZAMORA, REYNALDO (Voter ID number 116471584).

13544 SW 59TH LN
COY, ORLANDO Enrique (Voter ID number 109351547).
GONZALEZ, ISABEL (Voter ID number 114702571).

13544 SW 62ND LN
PETERSON, ARELIS (Voter ID number 109950268).
PETERSON, SCOTT Harold (Voter ID number 109195895).

13544 SW 63RD LN
HERRERA, JESSICA (Voter ID number 110206663).
HERRERA, MARISELA (Voter ID number 110148805).

13545 SW 62ND ST
MILIAN, MYRIAM R. (Voter ID number 117093702).
ARIAS, JUAN F. (Voter ID number 110020060).
GRANDA, REBECA (Voter ID number 109518559).
RODRIGUEZ, ANTHONY O. (Voter ID number 109484137).
SALERMO, GABRIELA L. (Voter ID number 115585659).

13545 SW 62ND ST
APT #3

BARREIRO, LUIS Alfredo (Voter ID number 109517155).

13545 SW 62ND ST

HERNANDEZ, YENLYS (Voter ID number 120420371).

13545 SW 63RD LN
MARTINEZ, DARWIN R. (Voter ID number 109670103).
GARCIA, ODALYS (Voter ID number 116324190).

13546 SW 63RD LN
GONZALEZ, MARLENE (Voter ID number 120079455).
CUCHET, CARLOS Daniel (Voter ID number 109770451).
NARANJO, LUIS Leonardo (Voter ID number 110021191).

13547 SW 59TH TER
BOURAHMAH, TRACY Anne (Voter ID number 117153211).
VILLAZON, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 109288959).
FERNANDEZ, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 109993660).
FERNANDEZ, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109949221).
IRIZARRY, JUSTINE Sarah (Voter ID number 115480112).

13547 SW 64TH TER
GRADY, WILLIAM Michael (Voter ID number 109191522).

13548 SW 59TH LN
REATEGUI, NEPTALI (Voter ID number 119959061).
REATEGUI, ANDREA M. (Voter ID number 110325598).
REATEGUI, DIEGO L. (Voter ID number 109865385).
REATEGUI, LOURDES A. (Voter ID number 109847959).
REATEGUI, NEPTALI F. (Voter ID number 109308416).
REATEGUI, PAOLA M. (Voter ID number 110207763).

13549 SW 64TH LN
DE JESUS, EDWIN Raul (Voter ID number 109356436).

13550 SW 62ND ST
GIRON, VILMA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110022683).

13550 SW 64TH LN
SILVA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 116118285).

13550 SW 64TH TER
FREEMAN, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 110263310).

13551 SW 62ND ST
CRUZ ROJAS, MILDRED Antonia (Voter ID number 116395812).

13551 SW 62ND ST

CARDENAS, VALENTINA (Voter ID number 120027338).

13551 SW 62ND ST
CLARKE, ROSA V. (Voter ID number 109845110).
CLARKE, WALTERIO C. (Voter ID number 109842768).
CRUZ-ROJAS, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 110088627).

13551 SW 62ND ST

CASTILLO, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109438106).

13551 SW 64TH LN
LOPEZ, GLORIA Caridad (Voter ID number 109659564).
QUINONES, DULNARA C. (Voter ID number 109901249).
SOTO-CASTANO, JUDITH M. (Voter ID number 109986722).
SANTOS, HECTOR R. (Voter ID number 109828370).

13551 SW 65TH LN
ORTEGA, ELSA A. (Voter ID number 119800626).
CRUZ, YASMERI (Voter ID number 109893820).
ORTEGA, FRANCISCO Arquimedes (Voter ID number 109315464).

13552 SW 59TH LN
MIRANDA, NIKKA Anne (Voter ID number 109750036).

13552 SW 62ND LN
BELLO, ELIESER (Voter ID number 120356788).
NORIEGA, EFIGENIO (Voter ID number 109764629).
NORIEGA, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109926547).

13552 SW 62ND ST
BARRERA, BRYAN Joseph (Voter ID number 119537744).
BARRERA, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 119821817).
BARRERA, TANIA M. (Voter ID number 109869402).

13552 SW 65TH LN
GUERRERO, GERALD (Voter ID number 119371169).
GUERRERO, MAYRA (Voter ID number 114141485).
GUERRERO, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 116494923).
GUERRERO, PABLO O. (Voter ID number 114270542).
GUERRERO, YOLANDA P. (Voter ID number 116296060).
MANNEY, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 116976748).

13553 SW 62ND LN
CORVO, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109254801).
CORVO, MARIA Josefa (Voter ID number 109671104).

13553 SW 63RD LN
NUGENT, DIANA Sophia (Voter ID number 114284592).
NUGENT, JORGE Gonzalo (Voter ID number 114812542).
NUGENT, RODRIGO J. (Voter ID number 116285184).

13553 SW 65TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, JACQUELINE Marie (Voter ID number 109920647).

13554 SW 62ND LN
BUSTILLO, AURORA (Voter ID number 119373599).

13554 SW 63RD LN
PEREZ, ELSA Martha (Voter ID number 109127331).

13555 SW 64TH TER
GONZALEZ, MARTHA P. (Voter ID number 110218604).
GONZALEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 110011035).

13555 SW 66TH ST
GONZALEZ, ELVIS (Voter ID number 119296239).

13557 SW 64TH TER
MENA OBREGON, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 115832742).

13559 SW 62ND ST
CASTRO, SANDRA (Voter ID number 114491813).
GUTIERREZ, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 116537882).
PILOTO, BRIANNA (Voter ID number 120899742).

13559 SW 62ND ST

ARCENTALES, RICARDO A. (Voter ID number 119501295).

13559 SW 62ND ST

NORDA, BLANCA A. (Voter ID number 119601310).

13559 SW 62ND ST

PILOTO, ANTONIO E. (Voter ID number 110037737).
PILOTO, DAMARIS (Voter ID number 119736761).

13559 SW 62ND ST
CANTOS, ALDO Fabrizio (Voter ID number 109924284).
HERRERA, MARIELA Dejesus (Voter ID number 109574755).
HERRERA, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number 109574198).

13559 SW 62ND ST

CEBALLOS, ALEXANDRA G. (Voter ID number 116563709).

13559 SW 62ND ST

YANEZ, AZUCENA Imperio (Voter ID number 121297003).

13559 SW 62ND ST

CANTOS, VANESSA Guillen (Voter ID number 110109331).

13560 SW 59TH LN
LLORENS, LEONIDES Cayo (Voter ID number 109647256).
LLORENS, VINCENTA (Voter ID number 109651143).

13561 SW 62ND ST

DOMINGUEZ, JEAN (Voter ID number 118118012).

13561 SW 62ND ST

ACOSTA, FATIMA (Voter ID number 120228594).

13561 SW 62ND ST

ILINETS, MARIA Victoria (Voter ID number 109894418).

13561 SW 62ND ST
DOMINGUEZ, JESUS A. (Voter ID number 110323442).
DOMINGUEZ, JESUS Antonio (Voter ID number 109223878).
GUEVARA, ESTELLE (Voter ID number 109679852).
GUEVARA, LORRAINE (Voter ID number 110282315).
MARTINEZ, LUZ Gladys (Voter ID number 109487285).
ORTEGA DOMINGUEZ, VIVIAN M. (Voter ID number 109934622).
SANTOS, ALTAGRACIA (Voter ID number 116042172).

13561 SW 62ND ST

PINA, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109567934).

13566 SW 66TH ST
RAMOS, CARLOS H. (Voter ID number 114667993).

13569 SW 62ND ST
GUTIERREZ, RENALDY Jose (Voter ID number 109505773).

13569 SW 62ND ST
APT #3

BARRERA, SONIA (Voter ID number 119319268).

13569 SW 62ND ST

RODGERS, IVONNE N. (Voter ID number 119045551).

13569 SW 62ND ST
ALVAREZ-RIVERA, DIGNA (Voter ID number 109850259).
BARRERA, IVON (Voter ID number 115776250).
CONSUEGRA, ARAMIS Baltasar (Voter ID number 109850973).
GUTIERREZ, DEREKA P. (Voter ID number 109761449).
LOPEZ, ISABEL E. (Voter ID number 109788779).

13569 SW 62ND ST

LOPEZ, MARIA Del Pilar (Voter ID number 109585353).

13600 SW 74TH ST
FRIERA, NACY N. (Voter ID number 116585813).
FRIERA, NANCY (Voter ID number 116891547).
JUNQUERA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109166156).
PINA, MIRIAM Ada (Voter ID number 109166155).

13600 SW 75TH ST
ROCA- ISER, AMADOR (Voter ID number 109351016).

13600 SW 76TH ST
CASEIRO, CARLOS Ernesto (Voter ID number 110343528).

13600 SW 77TH ST
FERNANDEZ, GENIAT Torres (Voter ID number 114633078).
THOMPSON CARDENAS, LILI G. (Voter ID number 110188528).

13600 SW 78TH ST
MAYORGA, TANIA Auxiliadora (Voter ID number 118118221).
MAYORGA, NORMAN Angel (Voter ID number 109317539).
MAYORGA, NORMAN (Voter ID number 116295617).
MAYORGA, ROMEL Antonio (Voter ID number 116283820).

13600 SW 79TH ST
DOVAL, RITA M. (Voter ID number 109325060).
GONZALEZ, DANIELLA Christina (Voter ID number 119177763).
GONZALEZ, MANNY (Voter ID number 109350493).
GONZALEZ, NATALIE (Voter ID number 120128056).

13601 SW 73RD ST
OUANG, CAROLINE (Voter ID number 120841248).
OUANG, CAMILLE Irenee (Voter ID number 109913949).
OUANG, PIERRE (Voter ID number 109264058).

13601 SW 74TH ST
VIVANCOS, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 119234415).
VIVANCOS, MARIA Norma (Voter ID number 109565485).

13601 SW 75TH ST
GONZALEZ, EVA D. (Voter ID number 110220160).
BLAYA, NORA (Voter ID number 109580939).
SORIANO, LAZARA (Voter ID number 109618592).

13601 SW 76TH ST
DO, ANH Tran (Voter ID number 109367406).
DO, HIA Vuong (Voter ID number 109797194).
DO, HIEN Vi (Voter ID number 109827723).
DO, HUNG Vuong (Voter ID number 109421323).

13601 SW 77TH ST
ALI, SYED Haris (Voter ID number 115766262).
ALI, SYED Nazim (Voter ID number 110120882).
ALI, NASREEN K. (Voter ID number 109750135).
ALI, SYED W. (Voter ID number 109750133).

13601 SW 78TH ST
RIESCO, DOUGLAS A. (Voter ID number 109143697).
RIESCO, GISELA A. (Voter ID number 109144082).

13601 SW 80TH ST
PERDOMO-PEREZ, YANELIZ (Voter ID number 109642650).
PEREZ, CARLOS Fernando (Voter ID number 109661447).

13602 SW 80TH ST
FERNANDEZ, MARTHA (Voter ID number 116076794).
ROCA, CONCEPCION D. (Voter ID number 110061092).

13603 SW 81ST ST
GARCIA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 102415885).
CAMEJO, MARIA Antonio (Voter ID number 109324679).
PARRA, ANGELICA M. (Voter ID number 118382458).

13604 SW 77TH LN
CASTANO, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109782783).
CASTANO, CLAUDIA Marie (Voter ID number 109859774).

13605 SW 73RD TER
SCHREINER, DONNA S. (Voter ID number 109133708).
SCHREINER, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 116571277).

13605 SW 77TH LN
MARTINEZ, YAINELYS (Voter ID number 116284582).

13610 SW 73RD ST
DORFMAN, KAREN Jacques (Voter ID number 109018565).
DORFMAN, SHERWIN (Voter ID number 109070581).
RUBENSTEIN, KAREN C. (Voter ID number 118121264).
RUBENSTEIN, KURTIS Vernon (Voter ID number 114402169).

13610 SW 74TH ST
FADRAGA DIAZ, EUGENIO Hector (Voter ID number 110007219).
LOPEZ, NORGIA M. (Voter ID number 103443673).
CERVANTES BRITO, ANGEL C. (Voter ID number 116940459).
FADRAGA, ANGELA (Voter ID number 118336936).
GONZALEZ, AMADA (Voter ID number 115773007).

13610 SW 75TH ST
MC MULLEN, JEFFREY Ian (Voter ID number 110249216).
MC MULLEN, SHEILA (Voter ID number 109977689).

13610 SW 76TH ST
PAULHIAC, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 109591872).

13610 SW 77TH ST
CERRUD, JONATHAN Marc (Voter ID number 121312247).
CERRUD, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 118090384).

13610 SW 78TH ST
CRUZ, ELSA M. (Voter ID number 109893755).
CRUZ, JESUS S. (Voter ID number 110032249).
CRUZ, MICHAEL Ray (Voter ID number 109819134).
MONTERO, ABRAHAM David (Voter ID number 109475973).
MONTERO, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 110110770).
MONTERO, TERESA (Voter ID number 109703141).

13610 SW 79TH ST
MAS, ELSA Ileana (Voter ID number 109347405).
MAS, JORGE C. (Voter ID number 109772838).
MAS, JORGE (Voter ID number 109347404).
MAS, NATALI L. (Voter ID number 110113568).
MAS, STEVEN (Voter ID number 109816260).

13610 SW 81ST ST
LOZANO, INES M. (Voter ID number 104178552).
LOZANO, MAXIMO (Voter ID number 109485199).
LOZANO, RINA (Voter ID number 109008044).

13611 SW 73RD ST
RUIZ, HOWARD Johnson (Voter ID number 118401754).

13611 SW 74TH ST
BERNAL, DARIO C. (Voter ID number 120052547).
MARTINEZ, ILEANA Maria (Voter ID number 110061057).

13611 SW 76TH ST
ADT, ANITA Louise (Voter ID number 109055880).
ADT, JOHN Joseph (Voter ID number 109055879).

13611 SW 78TH ST
COHEN, SCOTT T. (Voter ID number 109105507).

13611 SW 80TH ST
OLIVERA, RIGOBERTO L. (Voter ID number 119617084).
OLIVERA, PRISCILLA L. (Voter ID number 118118045).
OLIVERA, RIGOBERTO (Voter ID number 110108616).

13612 SW 80TH ST
GISPERT, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109756534).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIANA Lucrecia (Voter ID number 109670246).

13613 SW 81ST ST
PADRON, YENY (Voter ID number 120125332).
FERNANDEZ, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 120152770).
TORRES, ORESTES Luis (Voter ID number 109441272).

13614 SW 72ND TER
ALBA, KAREN (Voter ID number 119652260).
ALBA, MERCEDES Rosario (Voter ID number 109720949).
ALBA, YUSSELT M. (Voter ID number 102456060).
MACHIN, MAGALY C. (Voter ID number 116663421).
ALBERTY, RAQUEL B. (Voter ID number 116049329).

13614 SW 73RD TER
SANTANA, DAVID (Voter ID number 109290365).
SANTANA, DORYS Margaret (Voter ID number 109342718).

13614 SW 77TH LN
D'ARECCA, TERESE Lynne (Voter ID number 109553475).
DARECCA, JAMES Kenneth (Voter ID number 109557501).

13615 SW 72ND TER
BLACKMAN, CLAIRE (Voter ID number 110220538).
BLACKMAN, EUGENE Andre (Voter ID number 109552788).

13615 SW 73RD TER
ACOSTA, JAVIER Gilberto (Voter ID number 110053828).
ACOSTA, LIZA M. (Voter ID number 109562025).

13615 SW 77TH LN
MC CABE, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number 109295612).

13620 SW 73RD ST
MESA, AYMEE M. (Voter ID number 109150192).

13620 SW 79TH ST
LARA, MARVIN Joseph (Voter ID number 116178294).
ULLOA-POSSEKEL, IVETTE (Voter ID number 116505849).

13620 SW 81ST ST
VILARELLO FERNANDEZ, KENIA M. (Voter ID number 110286181).
VILARELLO, FELIPE Elio (Voter ID number 120408188).
VILARELLO, LUISA M. (Voter ID number 120408216).

13621 SW 73RD ST
AGUIAR, JUAN De Bios (Voter ID number 109981840).
CANALES, MARTHA M. (Voter ID number 116960850).

13621 SW 74TH ST
LAGUNA-NOA, LILIANA Isabel (Voter ID number 116394789).
NOA, IAN M. (Voter ID number 118090132).
NOA, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 116019104).
URUETA, OLGA Esther (Voter ID number 111806383).
NOA, MARTA R. (Voter ID number 109843161).
NOA, PEDRO (Voter ID number 116911512).

13621 SW 76TH ST
ALVAREZ, DORA N. (Voter ID number 120129224).
ARENCIBIA, YOLANDA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 117321397).
DIAZ, HERNAN (Voter ID number 118644627).

13621 SW 77TH ST
MAHER, DEVYN M. (Voter ID number 117563692).
MAHER, VANESSA Eileen (Voter ID number 110004377).
MAHER, DANA Michelle (Voter ID number 116295610).

13621 SW 80TH ST
CANDELARIA, EDITH Ivette (Voter ID number 109829286).
CANDELARIA, AMANDA M. (Voter ID number 119159402).
CANDELARIA, JOSE Ramon (Voter ID number 109827635).

13622 SW 80TH ST
AVILA, JONATHAN R. (Voter ID number 118090435).
MONTANO, RUBEN Dario (Voter ID number 111972598).

13623 SW 81ST ST
BARREIRO, EDWARD Manuel (Voter ID number 109086855).
BARREIRO, KRISTINA Nicole (Voter ID number 110046208).
BARREIRO, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 109196929).

13624 SW 72ND TER
CANIZARES, LOURDES (Voter ID number 110059644).
CHU, JOHN (Voter ID number 109318686).
LOBATO, HANS (Voter ID number 110273710).
LOBATO, PABLO E. (Voter ID number 110058011).

13624 SW 73RD TER
NAPIER, TAMMY Anne (Voter ID number 109316752).
NAPIER, LINDA Mae (Voter ID number 108957030).

13625 SW 72ND TER
BETANCES, HIRAM (Voter ID number 109175863).
BETANCES, WANDA E. (Voter ID number 108991498).
DE LA ROSA, JORGE (Voter ID number 110051587).

13625 SW 73RD TER
CASANOVA, ELENA Laura (Voter ID number 109089705).
CASANOVA, MAYRA (Voter ID number 109256626).
DIAZ, RAFAEL Leonardo (Voter ID number 109401509).

13625 SW 77TH LN
MONTEITH, LINDA Adele (Voter ID number 109132103).

13630 SW 73RD ST
PEREZ, ALICIA Marie (Voter ID number 119963245).
PEREZ, JUSTO Jesus (Voter ID number 120708030).

13630 SW 81ST ST
ISAZA, JULIAN A. (Voter ID number 110119861).

13631 SW 73RD ST
YIN, JAMES (Voter ID number 109779769).
YIN, MAY Kuen (Voter ID number 109064805).

13634 SW 72ND TER
FERNANDEZ, REGLA Folguera (Voter ID number 109655891).
SORONDO, ERMES (Voter ID number 119924824).
SORONDO, GIOVANNA (Voter ID number 119924831).
FERNANDEZ, BENITO (Voter ID number 109656707).
FERNANDEZ, BENNY (Voter ID number 110112483).
FERNANDEZ, DIANA (Voter ID number 109995559).

13634 SW 73RD TER
MONTES, JUAN (Voter ID number 108917234).

13635 SW 72ND TER
AL-KHALDI, LINA (Voter ID number 114276887).
DE ARMAS, IGNACIO (Voter ID number 109839526).

13635 SW 73RD TER
RODRIGUEZ, MISKA (Voter ID number 110058216).
ARROJO, TATIANA Yara (Voter ID number 110256678).
TAVERAS, SHAKIRA Marie (Voter ID number 116890447).

13640 SW 81ST ST
DOMINGUEZ, ROBERTO S. (Voter ID number 109887598).
DOMINGUEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109633265).
DOMINGUEZ, SILVIA A. (Voter ID number 110122216).
GONZALEZ, VIVIAN M. (Voter ID number 109633266).

13641 SW 66TH ST
CALDERIN, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109640877).

13650 SW 79TH ST
HARRETCHE, CHRISTOPHE Alexandre (Voter ID number 119045666).
RIVERO-VELUNZA, GLADYS Rita (Voter ID number 114709425).

13650 SW 80TH ST
ESCALANTE, MARTHA M. (Voter ID number 109492541).
MAYS, MARC (Voter ID number 120534706).
VILELLA, EUGENIO Enrique (Voter ID number 109637563).

13650 SW 81ST ST
SCHMIDT, GIRINALDA (Voter ID number 109810993).

13651 SW 79TH ST
ESPINOZA, FRANCISCO Jose (Voter ID number 118024832).

13660 SW 79TH ST
LENZ LEQUERIQUE, LORENA (Voter ID number 118273098).
LEQUERIQUE, JORGE (Voter ID number 109762534).

13660 SW 80TH ST
SCORZIA, PETER (Voter ID number 115036531).

13660 SW 81ST ST
VALDES, OLGA M. (Voter ID number 109951270).

13661 SW 79TH ST
ORTA, DANIEL Jose (Voter ID number 117706910).
TORRES, BERNARDINO (Voter ID number 119611704).

13661 SW 81ST ST
NUNEZ, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 115505797).

13670 SW 75TH ST
MARTINEZ, GABRIELA Theresa (Voter ID number 109444932).
MARTINEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109450220).
MC AULIFF, ORIA O Bourke (Voter ID number 109194079).
MC AULIFF, WILLIAM Owen (Voter ID number 109020341).

13670 SW 78TH ST
FLORIAN, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 109433805).
FLORIAN, LEONOR (Voter ID number 109015606).

13670 SW 79TH ST
MARIN, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 116372278).
MARIN, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109258252).
MARIN, BRANDON F. (Voter ID number 117572182).

13670 SW 80TH ST
ARANCIBIA, DOMINGA M. (Voter ID number 109718005).
ARANCIBIA, DOMINGA M. (Voter ID number 110290726).
ARANCIBIA, JULIO A. (Voter ID number 109719118).

13671 SW 62ND ST
NIETO, BRENDA (Voter ID number 119610184).
RAMIREZ, ALBERTO G. (Voter ID number 119430798).
RODRIGUEZ, LIDIA (Voter ID number 119923640).

13671 SW 62ND ST
APT 1-205

GONZALEZ, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 109685989).
JOLY, KATIA M. (Voter ID number 119559297).

13671 SW 62ND ST
APT 101

HAYCOOK, RITA (Voter ID number 109289036).
PRENDES, BARBARA N. (Voter ID number 119150700).

13671 SW 62ND ST
APT 106

RAMIREZ, ANASTACIA (Voter ID number 119430791).

13671 SW 62ND ST
UNIT #202

SANCHEZ, MARIA Stella (Voter ID number 110014940).

13671 SW 62ND ST
DONATE, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109633450).

13671 SW 62ND ST
UNIT #202

GUTIERREZ, JORGE E. (Voter ID number 109521833).

13671 SW 62ND ST
UNIT #206

SANCHEZ, ELSA (Voter ID number 110330227).

13671 SW 81ST ST
PECHE, LUIS Rafael (Voter ID number 109986081).
PECHE, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 109486682).

13673 SW 62ND ST
HERRERA, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 116720971).
SERRANO, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 116808733).

13673 SW 62ND ST
APT 105

GRULLON, DULIS Vladimir (Voter ID number 118352210).

13673 SW 62ND ST
APT 202

HERRERA, MARCOS A. (Voter ID number 120257259).

13673 SW 62ND ST
UNIT 101

GONZALEZ, MANUEL Enrique (Voter ID number 118169199).

13673 SW 62ND ST
DEL VALLE, YADELIN (Voter ID number 114631367).
GONZALEZ, STEFANIA (Voter ID number 110220591).
GRULLON, DULIS (Voter ID number 110222541).
PAPADELIS, ALESSANDRO P. (Voter ID number 114354531).
PAPADELIS, ANNE Louise (Voter ID number 109526190).
SERRANO, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 110015934).
BARRETO, ODALYS (Voter ID number 116608681).
NIETO, SILVIA (Voter ID number 116824846).

13675 SW 62ND ST
GARCIA, ALDA D. (Voter ID number 115296486).

13675 SW 62ND ST
APT 105

PASTRANA CAMACHO, TERESAMARI (Voter ID number 118302438).
RILEY, PATRICIA Giovanna (Voter ID number 116225659).

13675 SW 62ND ST
APT 205

RODRIGUEZ, MARISOL (Voter ID number 119724376).

13675 SW 62ND ST
APT 202

CARDOZO, CAROLINA D. (Voter ID number 110097655).

13675 SW 62ND ST
ALVAREZ, SUSANA (Voter ID number 116018148).
GARCIA, NAZARIO (Voter ID number 109692522).
POZZO, ANA T. (Voter ID number 110247038).
RODRIGUEZ, ANGEL (Voter ID number 109540999).
RODRIGUEZ, SILVIA Claudina (Voter ID number 109150838).

13675 SW 76TH ST
CARTAYA, MELANIE Werth (Voter ID number 110233012).

13675 SW 78TH ST
CONN, SHAWN Michael (Voter ID number 110167815).
CONN, SHAWN Michael (Voter ID number 115660068).

13676 SW 68TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, LUIS (Voter ID number 117159956).

13677 SW 62ND ST
VALDEZ, SERGIO Adrian (Voter ID number 115360974).

13677 SW 62ND ST
APT 104-4

MENDEZ, DAIANA (Voter ID number 119889507).

13677 SW 62ND ST
APT 106

BRANDI, AMDREW W. (Voter ID number 119623727).
LOPEZ, EDUARDO M. (Voter ID number 118113518).

13677 SW 62ND ST
APT 206

BAEZ-PANETO, ISAAC (Voter ID number 118292662).
GONZALEZ ABUD, JOSE Guillermo (Voter ID number 117996415).

13677 SW 62ND ST
HERNANDEZ, TERESA (Voter ID number 109619567).
JORDAN, YOSIEL (Voter ID number 118113474).
MILIAN, ESTHER Sofia (Voter ID number 116024193).
PANETO, EDNA L. (Voter ID number 114834742).
RODRIGUEZ, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 110242897).
VALDES, MIRTA A. (Voter ID number 109792591).

13677 SW 62ND ST
APT 102-4

NAVARRO, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 115178035).

13677 SW 62ND ST
UNIT #106

LOPEZ, HILDA Leonela (Voter ID number 109372711).

13677 SW 62ND ST
NAVARRO, JORGE Milian (Voter ID number 117470387).

13679 SW 62ND ST
APT #103

RUFIN, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 114175797).

13679 SW 62ND ST
APT 101

DOMINGUEZ, IRMA B. (Voter ID number 118624179).

13679 SW 62ND ST
APT 105

GAMEZ, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 110309269).

13679 SW 62ND ST
APT 206

RODRIGUEZ FERNANDEZ, LAZARO De Jesus (Voter ID number 118732859).

13679 SW 62ND ST
APARICIO, DANIEL (Voter ID number 117061424).
RANGEL, CELINDA (Voter ID number 110225013).

13679 SW 62ND ST
APT 101

VIGIL, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 116206541).

13679 SW 62ND ST
APARICIO, OMAR R. (Voter ID number 116904014).
PERKINS, STEPHANIE Michelle (Voter ID number 116454964).

13679 SW 80TH ST
AVILA, ANGEL M. (Voter ID number 109336280).
AVILA, ROSALINA O. (Voter ID number 109357825).

13680 SW 75TH ST
GAMBINO, GIUSEPPE G. (Voter ID number 116108860).
GAMBINO, ROSA E. (Voter ID number 120509460).

13680 SW 79TH ST
DE CESPEDES, OSWALDO R. (Voter ID number 116770205).

13680 SW 80TH ST
NG, CATHY K. (Voter ID number 114191966).
NG, YING-KIT (Voter ID number 110264849).

13683 SW 80TH ST
ESPINO, AMANDA Bianca (Voter ID number 119632511).
RODRIGUEZ, ARMANDO L. (Voter ID number 109576388).
ESPINO, ARMANDO E. (Voter ID number 118116984).
RODRIGUEZ-ESPINO, BARBARA (Voter ID number 109807768).

13685 SW 75TH ST
CASTILLO, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 110039153).
CASTILLO, JORGE D. (Voter ID number 109819563).

13685 SW 76TH ST
KESSLER, ESTHER M. (Voter ID number 108907001).

13685 SW 78TH ST
CONCEPCION, CRUZ Francisco (Voter ID number 109859558).
CONCEPCION, FRANCINE (Voter ID number 110085414).
CONCEPCION, LULDES (Voter ID number 109859572).
CONCEPCION, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 115267613).
GARCIA, JOSE Enrique (Voter ID number 110273232).

13687 SW 80TH ST
ARTIZ, BARBARA C. (Voter ID number 114470475).
ARTIZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 114470473).
ARTIZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 116741638).
ARTIZ, YANET (Voter ID number 116371578).

13690 SW 79TH ST
ALVAREZ, MAGDALIS (Voter ID number 118409474).
ALVAREZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 116200994).
ALVAREZ, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 116879730).

13690 SW 80TH ST
FERRAN, DANIA Silvia (Voter ID number 109239331).
MARESMA, CIDENIA (Voter ID number 109597796).
MARESMA, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109324643).

13691 SW 80TH ST
EXPOSITO, MERIDA N. (Voter ID number 110140760).
FONSECA, KIARA E. (Voter ID number 110140917).

13691 SW 81ST ST
GODINEZ, KATIUSKA (Voter ID number 120196830).
FERNANDEZ, HILDA (Voter ID number 109179531).

13695 SW 80TH ST
NODAL, DANIA I. (Voter ID number 119874831).

13699 SW 80TH ST
CEREIJO, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 110058452).
RUIZ, VALENTIN (Voter ID number 114534150).

GRANADA, ANA Cristina (Voter ID number 119980087).
VALLEJO, VANESSA (Voter ID number 120327961).
MUNOZ, DAVID (Voter ID number 109249583).

13700 SW 62ND ST
BRITO, VILA F (Voter ID number 120494518).
COREA, HAROLD H. (Voter ID number 116557788).
GARCIA, LUZ Consuelo (Voter ID number 109673189).
HERRERA, LUZ (Voter ID number 116557718).
LACAYO, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109942273).
LOPEZ, MICHELL (Voter ID number 120451508).
MENDOZA, JOSE (Voter ID number 116644554).
MORALES, REINALDO (Voter ID number 120120240).
PUNAL, ALMA Elisa (Voter ID number 109631426).
RAMOS, JARDIEL (Voter ID number 117566623).
RODRIGUEZ, OFELIA (Voter ID number 109549587).
SABOGAL, JOSE G. (Voter ID number 110026437).
SANCHEZ, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 110161307).
SEGURA, EDUARDO Alberto (Voter ID number 117232186).
TELLER, WOOLSEY D. (Voter ID number 117066565).
TORRES, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 110193837).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT # 208

PENA, DARIENZO (Voter ID number 114608485).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT #119

ALVAREZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109874536).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT #140

GARCIA, EMMA (Voter ID number 119739448).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT #243

MARTINEZ, MIRTA B. (Voter ID number 110314365).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 113

ALVAREZ, ANTHONY A. (Voter ID number 115234445).
ALVAREZ, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 116901182).
UPEGUI, LINA Tatiana (Voter ID number 117328830).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 116

SUAREZ, KAYLIE (Voter ID number 119632492).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 117

GOMEZ COLOM, ABEL David (Voter ID number 120908556).
MATA, SUSANA (Voter ID number 116461403).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 120

FELICIANO, OLGA Vanessa (Voter ID number 118455790).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 131

LOPEZ, YASSER (Voter ID number 120899687).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 133

TAVAREZ, WILMILDA (Voter ID number 119818145).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 134

LOPEZ, JOSEFA Aydalina (Voter ID number 109566674).
LOPEZ, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 110317438).
QUINTERO, AURA (Voter ID number 120497438).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 136

CORREA GARCIA, CLARA Carmen (Voter ID number 120330889).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 140

GUZMAN, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 117489547).
ZAPATA, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 110197040).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 145

GONZALEZ, MARLA (Voter ID number 119622342).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 150

CUARTAS, LUCELLY (Voter ID number 115559658).
GIL, JOHNSON (Voter ID number 110006598).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 201

RUIZ-MATAMOROS, CLAUDIA Susan (Voter ID number 109908250).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 206

RODRIGUEZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 120913158).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 208

PENA, CAROLINA A. (Voter ID number 114802742).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 218

CABRAL, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 121142904).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 221

RODRIGUEZ, LESTHEER Ramon (Voter ID number 119578679).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 226

COHEN, CECILIA Milagros (Voter ID number 120838877).
COHEN, JONATHAN Scott (Voter ID number 120946729).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 232

MENDOZA, KEVIN J. (Voter ID number 117573096).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 233

TORRES, KIANA Angelique (Voter ID number 120789990).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 236

CARDONA, CINDY Diana (Voter ID number 110099641).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 237

GIMENO, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 119723887).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 241

PUNAL, ETHAN R. (Voter ID number 119941840).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 250

LOPEZ, ALBERTO J. (Voter ID number 116056719).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 235

CASCO, KRYSTLE Lee (Voter ID number 110040960).

13700 SW 62ND ST
UNIT 102

SABOGAL, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 119636584).

13700 SW 62ND ST
UNIT 149

GRASSI, YOLANDA Arrastia (Voter ID number 109866907).

13700 SW 62ND ST
UNIT 233

TORRES, MARK A. (Voter ID number 120296432).

13700 SW 62ND ST
ABRAHAM, VIVIAN Benitez (Voter ID number 114318989).
ARANDA, AQUILES (Voter ID number 109490138).
ARANDA, EFRAIN M. (Voter ID number 109698862).
BAILEY, ELAINE Magdalene (Voter ID number 110077932).
BERDUGO, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 109896780).
BERENGUER, MARIA Antonia (Voter ID number 109581172).
BROWN, GRACE K. (Voter ID number 109145807).
CABRERA, NOEL (Voter ID number 114517267).
CACER-DIAZ, LUIS (Voter ID number 116201039).
CALERO, NORA Maria (Voter ID number 109631326).
CAPERS, FRANCIS Le Grand (Voter ID number 110055710).
CAPERS, VIRGINIA D. (Voter ID number 110063499).
CARDONA, JOSE I. (Voter ID number 110200113).
CHIN-LOWI, MAVIS (Voter ID number 110000001).
COLLAZO, CHRISTINA Beatrice (Voter ID number 110019167).
CORTEZ, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 109779510).
DE ARMAS, GEORGINA (Voter ID number 116055968).
DE ARMAS, JAVIER (Voter ID number 110303978).
DECENA, JUAN S. (Voter ID number 109773958).
DUQUE, PIEDAD Jimenez (Voter ID number 109535864).
FELICIANO, EPHRAIM (Voter ID number 109760076).
FOUCHE, JOCELYNE (Voter ID number 109449274).
GARCIA, ANDREA (Voter ID number 109642291).
GARCIA, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 110040195).
GONZALEZ, ALFA (Voter ID number 109623486).
GONZALEZ, BRIDGETT Marie (Voter ID number 109894895).
GONZALEZ, HILDA Emeria (Voter ID number 110245632).
GRASSI, KAREN Jo (Voter ID number 109017123).
GRASSI, LEAH Rae (Voter ID number 110038919).
HAZIM, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 116082899).
HERNANDEZ, ANGEL L. (Voter ID number 109722419).
JOYNER, JONATHAN P. (Voter ID number 110225228).
KAHL, CHRISTOPHER W. (Voter ID number 110042623).
KAHL, WILLIAM Herman (Voter ID number 109333019).
KAHL, YAMIL A. (Voter ID number 109259901).
LACAYO, KEVIN E. (Voter ID number 110211480).
LAUZURIQUE, MICHAEL Edward (Voter ID number 110199258).
LOPEZ, MICHELLE Brown (Voter ID number 109305297).
LOPEZ, YASSIRI (Voter ID number 119426745).
MARTINEZ, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 109135278).
MAZUELOS, CARLA Lorena (Voter ID number 109435085).
MAZUELOS, MANUELA E. (Voter ID number 109704251).
MEDINA, JUANA (Voter ID number 114491115).
MEDINA, MANUEL E. (Voter ID number 115867801).
MENDOZA, ROXANA Veronica (Voter ID number 115238148).
MENDOZA, THELMA M. (Voter ID number 115575284).
MORENO, ESTEBAN (Voter ID number 109255800).
OLIVERA, BRIGIDA (Voter ID number 109299069).
OLIVERA, MOISES Ricardo (Voter ID number 115089645).
OROZCO, EFRAIN (Voter ID number 109679117).
OROZCO, ZELMA Raquel (Voter ID number 109679114).
PASCUAL, YANELIS (Voter ID number 110171827).
PERABELES, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 110317404).
PERABELES, INGRID Dolores (Voter ID number 109947320).
PEREZ, BIENVENIDO (Voter ID number 109798853).
PONCE, MARIELA (Voter ID number 109522279).
PRECES, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109664455).
PUNAL, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 109631410).
RAMOS, DARKIS (Voter ID number 109989568).
REYES, JOHANNA Enid (Voter ID number 109539525).
RIVERA, ZAIHA L. (Voter ID number 110130131).
RIVERO, CECILIA (Voter ID number 109775064).
RIVERO, ROSA (Voter ID number 109396874).
RODRIGUEZ, AGNES J. (Voter ID number 110215902).
RODRIGUEZ, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 109523620).
ROMERO, WILLIAM Eduardo (Voter ID number 115275094).
SALADO, DINORAH (Voter ID number 114637304).
SALDANAS, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 115281384).
SALDANAS, LUSSY (Voter ID number 115365448).
SEGURA, BEATRIZ Antonia (Voter ID number 109029772).
SEGURA, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 109006210).
SEIJO, RICHARD K. (Voter ID number 109558258).
SEQUEIRA, ORLANDO F. (Voter ID number 109614029).
SEQUEIRA, RUTH C. (Voter ID number 109622517).
SILES, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 110256823).
SOLINO, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 115271154).
TATO, DIANA M. (Voter ID number 109310777).
TATO, MIRIAM V. (Voter ID number 115727730).
TORRES, DARCY Johanna (Voter ID number 116300863).
VARELA, CARMEN R. (Voter ID number 109925265).
VARELA, MAURICIO (Voter ID number 109753311).
VARELA, VANESSA (Voter ID number 114725354).
VEGA MORA, ROSA Y. (Voter ID number 114015164).
VEGA, NELSON B. (Voter ID number 109470588).
VERA, ROSSANA (Voter ID number 109972382).
VIDAL, IVETH (Voter ID number 109871421).
ZAPATA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 110004648).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT # 118

VEGA, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109728953).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT #135

MARTI, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109362873).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT #239

ESTRADA, ZOILA C. (Voter ID number 110293947).
FROMETA, HIRAM (Voter ID number 109769735).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT #246

TATO, LEONARDO Enrique (Voter ID number 109386549).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 101

FOUCHE, NATALIE Carmel (Voter ID number 109815643).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 109

DELGADO GONZALEZ, ELAINE (Voter ID number 119269614).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 115

DESARMES, CLAUDIA V. (Voter ID number 116843084).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 138

BLANCO, REYNALDO J. (Voter ID number 115291242).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 149

GARCIA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 116276468).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 205

FERNANDEZ, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 117702343).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 210

RENDON, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 115309958).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 217

COLON, EUGENIO (Voter ID number 109725170).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 220

PEREZ, FRANCISCA (Voter ID number 120775066).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 229

CAPERS, CARRI Ann (Voter ID number 110024289).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 231

ROMAN, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109709173).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 236

GONZALEZ, LEBSICA Daniela (Voter ID number 114362015).

13700 SW 62ND ST
APT 149

GRASSI, ANTHONY Joseph (Voter ID number 108664571).

13700 SW 62ND ST
UNIT 139

DELGADO, MARICELA (Voter ID number 109512877).

13700 SW 62ND ST
BOWER-NIXON, SUSAN B. (Voter ID number 116981659).
LARA, JEAN Carlos (Voter ID number 116812575).
ZAPATA, EMMA (Voter ID number 116908037).

13700 SW 71ST LN
MAZA, JORGE Alexander (Voter ID number 110257460).
MAZA, MICHAEL W. (Voter ID number 118472006).
MAZA, IVONNE (Voter ID number 109202894).
MAZA, JORGE Enrique (Voter ID number 109852263).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 305

CRUZ, LESLIE A. (Voter ID number 113828910).

13701 SW 66TH ST
ALVAREZ, SAUL (Voter ID number 109149055).
BARCENAS, BYRON V. (Voter ID number 117125592).
BETANCOURT, ANGEL C. (Voter ID number 109851887).
CABELLO GONZALEZ, DIALYS (Voter ID number 116671864).
CORDERO, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 117084651).
GONZALEZ RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS Hernando (Voter ID number 120089979).
MILLAN CRUZ, STEPHANIA (Voter ID number 119629026).
SAUMA, EMILIO (Voter ID number 108690060).
SILWANY, FARID (Voter ID number 109602134).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 101 B

GONZALEZ, ROGER Alejandro (Voter ID number 117951375).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 102-B

ERMUS, DAVID (Voter ID number 117839166).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 104B

CRUZ RIVERA, LUZ Mary (Voter ID number 119264449).
MILLAN VIDARTE, JOSE Maria (Voter ID number 121193544).
MILLAN, ANDRES Felipe (Voter ID number 119266174).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 215

ESPINOSA, YESENIA (Voter ID number 118175554).
MORALES, ROGERIO Jesus (Voter ID number 118385010).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 305

SILWANY, SAID Bernabe (Voter ID number 118188871).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 311

FIGUEROA, JULIA (Voter ID number 109862602).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 315

FERRER, LUIS Enrique (Voter ID number 110189223).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 316

MURILLO, TOMMY E. (Voter ID number 115278315).

13701 SW 66TH ST

MORALES, THELMA (Voter ID number 109617686).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT B-116

PEREZ, DIANKA (Voter ID number 121128601).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT B-201

CALERO, CRISTINA E. (Voter ID number 110324700).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT B-310

SANTIAGO, ELENA Maria (Voter ID number 118096428).

13701 SW 66TH ST

LOPEZ, KIMBERLY Veber (Voter ID number 109616410).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT B204

RUIZ GONZALEZ, JOSE Rodels (Voter ID number 120993013).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT B315

FERRER, LIDIA (Voter ID number 109657968).

13701 SW 66TH ST
UNIT #205

GALLARDO, ILIANA (Voter ID number 109897835).

13701 SW 66TH ST

CALDERON, JOSHUA T. (Voter ID number 120897035).

13701 SW 66TH ST

MORALES, ANA Fernanda (Voter ID number 118654550).

13701 SW 66TH ST
ARMEADAREC, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 110254698).
ARMEADAREC, VIVIANA M. (Voter ID number 110254695).
ARMENDARIZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109529763).
ARMENDARIZ, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109919817).
ARMENDARIZ, NELSON (Voter ID number 114352618).
ARMENDARIZ, VIVIANA M. (Voter ID number 109530415).
BARCENAS, BYRON C. (Voter ID number 115241086).
BELLIARD, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 115234636).
BELLIARD, ROSA (Voter ID number 114722891).
BOSCHMONAR, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 116470402).
CLAREUS, LYDIA (Voter ID number 109360233).
CONTRERAS, MARTA M. (Voter ID number 109664405).
CORELLA, ANTONIA (Voter ID number 109680123).
CORELLA, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109644582).
DE ZAYAS, THELMA (Voter ID number 109698079).
EXPOSITO, ALICIA Mariela (Voter ID number 109141710).
FERNANDEZ, ADRIANA Maria (Voter ID number 109558765).
FERNANDEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109518126).
FERNANDEZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109205995).
GALLARDO, JORGE Enrique (Voter ID number 109785330).
GALLARDO, LUZ M. (Voter ID number 110025243).
GARCIA, IVAN C. (Voter ID number 114938177).
GONZALEZ, NELIAR Rams (Voter ID number 110154428).
GRULLON, ALEXIS Alfredo (Voter ID number 109716368).
HERNANDEZ, ASELA (Voter ID number 113987914).
HERNANDEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 113987919).
LOPEZ, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 109616397).
MATOS FIGUERAS, BLANCA Nieve (Voter ID number 115794136).
MATOS, BLANCA N. (Voter ID number 114440622).
MENENDEZ, MARIA Silvia (Voter ID number 109412425).
MORALES, KEVIN (Voter ID number 109718247).
MUJICA, JOSEPHINE D. (Voter ID number 109814830).
NAVARRO, MIGDA F. (Voter ID number 109826632).
ORTEGA, PATRICIA E. (Voter ID number 110181546).
ROBELO, CRISTIANA Maria (Voter ID number 110035830).
STEINBERG, SARAH Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110147273).
STEINBERG, STEVEN Michael (Voter ID number 109534277).
VIDAL, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109797146).
VILLAMIL, ANGELA Lyana (Voter ID number 114295944).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT #B101

ROYERO, CARLOS Renan (Voter ID number 108976381).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 210

ROMERO, BETTY (Voter ID number 109586183).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 410

TORRES, JORGE Eusebto (Voter ID number 116983082).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT 410B

VERA, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 109658840).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT B-403

TELLEZ, DELIA Esther (Voter ID number 109576678).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT B101

ROYERO, MARIA Mercedes (Voter ID number 108976380).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT B110

DIAZ, NANCY (Voter ID number 116733302).

13701 SW 66TH ST

CALAS, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 118842649).

13701 SW 66TH ST
APT B#215

MORALES, MIRYAM Candalaria (Voter ID number 108940070).

13701 SW 66TH ST
BELLIARD, ALFONSO R. (Voter ID number 116277413).
PALACIOS, MARIA (Voter ID number 116671828).

13701 SW 74TH ST
GARCIA, GUSTAVO Enrique (Voter ID number 109349876).
GARCIA, NATALIA (Voter ID number 115247477).
GARCIA, RITA Altman (Voter ID number 109184990).
GARCIA, ALEJANDRA (Voter ID number 117573121).

13701 SW 84TH ST
ASTUA, DAYLIN (Voter ID number 116470885).

13701 SW 84TH ST

REYES, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 117180277).
REYES, JOSE Miguel (Voter ID number 120386267).
REYES, NELLY C. (Voter ID number 119055481).

13701 SW 84TH ST

STEWART, CURTIS Le Brandon (Voter ID number 105223526).
STEWART, JENNIFER M. (Voter ID number 118305404).

13701 SW 84TH ST

ASTUA, EDGARDO M. (Voter ID number 119720003).

13701 SW 84TH ST
FERNANDEZ, ERIC (Voter ID number 115766296).
GARCIA, VIVIAN Maria (Voter ID number 110315763).
LEYVA, LIVAN (Voter ID number 110343476).
ORTIZ, MICHELLE Christine (Voter ID number 110101612).
SERGI, ELENA (Voter ID number 110283501).
TUMARKIN, EILEEN (Voter ID number 108979754).
TUMARKIN, NEIL Peter (Voter ID number 109713790).

13701 SW 84TH ST

FORTEZA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 114036319).
VALDES, ZENAIDA (Voter ID number 116190406).

13701 SW 84TH ST

FORTEZA, RICARDO (Voter ID number 116190401).

PARAMO, MIRIAM Mercedes (Voter ID number 120996569).
PARAMO-VARGAS, WANDA I. (Voter ID number 117076542).
PARAMO, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 116364949).
PARAMO, JADER Jamil (Voter ID number 110225724).

13704 SW 84TH ST
PEREZ, RUTH (Voter ID number 110274486).

13705 SW 84TH ST

GARCIA, MARINA (Voter ID number 119472560).

13705 SW 84TH ST

CONDE, JOHANNA Patricia (Voter ID number 116124040).
SOLANO, OMAR David (Voter ID number 110338898).

13705 SW 84TH ST

BASANTA, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109907892).

13705 SW 84TH ST
CUBAS, MARIO Anthony (Voter ID number 109739553).
DEVOS, CHANTAL D. (Voter ID number 110089688).
VILLAVICENCIO, ZULIA Dela Caridad (Voter ID number 110134338).

13705 SW 84TH ST

PEREZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 115159858).

GARCIA RABI, LUIS Ramon (Voter ID number 118947344).
GUERRA OTERO, MIRIAM Isabel (Voter ID number 118946745).
GUERRA LOZANO, JUAN (Voter ID number 118949516).
OTERO RAMIREZ, TERESA (Voter ID number 118949553).

13707 SW 66TH ST
BARBERAN, RAMIRO A. (Voter ID number 118330793).
BOSSA, CRISTIAN Alexander (Voter ID number 114421944).
DE LA FLOR ORTIZ, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 115367874).
FERNANDEZ, NACIN (Voter ID number 118086594).
FIGUEREDO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 116661699).
IWAMURA, YOJI (Voter ID number 116612555).
MARTINEZ, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109549345).
MONTEJO, DAYAMI C. (Voter ID number 116905367).
NERIO, KEVIN (Voter ID number 119632601).
OLIVERT, PEREIDA (Voter ID number 117001739).
RODRIGUEZ, EMELINA P. (Voter ID number 117245963).
SOLANO, FERNANDO Javier (Voter ID number 109259942).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT 103C

LINARES, YUNIEL (Voter ID number 120120977).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT 107C

PANTOJA, JAIRO (Voter ID number 116349832).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT 108

LEYVA, TERESA (Voter ID number 115891511).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT 110

RUIZ ESQUIVEL, ADIS Fidela (Voter ID number 116283127).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT 205

BEADES, YENIMA (Voter ID number 116825847).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT 301-C

PANIAGUA, KRISTEL S. (Voter ID number 118400209).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT 305C

FERNANDEZ, FELIX Fernando (Voter ID number 121197227).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT 311

LACASA, CARLOS Alejandro (Voter ID number 109519050).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT 406

JIMENEZ, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number 115588302).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT C 112

ETIENNE, ALY (Voter ID number 120455011).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT C 116

HERRERA, GRACE Ann (Voter ID number 119978680).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT C 308

HERMAN, PHILLIP Stuart (Voter ID number 108946083).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT C 401

UGAZ, CAROLINA Andrea (Voter ID number 119633336).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT C111

GARCIA, NATALIE Ricci (Voter ID number 120967929).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT C204

GASTELU, BENIGNO (Voter ID number 118715688).

13707 SW 66TH ST
ALVAREZ, BLANCA (Voter ID number 109836641).
ALVAREZ, VIVIANA Alexandra (Voter ID number 109836637).
ARANA, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 109271273).
ARCOS, LUIS O. (Voter ID number 109904102).
CORTES, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109490999).
CUELLAR, LILLIAN Rodriguez (Voter ID number 110100045).
GONZALEZ, RAFAELA (Voter ID number 109161136).
HENRIQUEZ, VERONICA N. (Voter ID number 110111158).
HERRERA, EMILIO A. (Voter ID number 109704282).
HERRERA, SONIA V. (Voter ID number 110068227).
HONDERMANN, MILAGRITOS (Voter ID number 110096075).
JIMENEZ, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 109437104).
JIMENEZ, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 109437106).
LOPEZ, LORENZO (Voter ID number 115691694).
LORENZO, GLORIA Mosquera (Voter ID number 110145920).
MARRERO, FABIA M. (Voter ID number 109664320).
MARRERO, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 109664440).
MORA, NORA (Voter ID number 109438867).
NERIO, ALMA Alcida (Voter ID number 110017682).
NERIO-CASTRO, WENDY Yamileth (Voter ID number 109963294).
PANTOJA, CARMEN (Voter ID number 115879297).
PAUL, XIOMARA Ninoska (Voter ID number 109427828).
PEREZ, LIDIA (Voter ID number 118148272).
PEREZ, MARTHA Maria (Voter ID number 109387391).
PEREZ, OMAR (Voter ID number 110238782).
RANEY, CARMEN Elvira (Voter ID number 114435566).
REYES, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 109883195).
REYES, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 109542903).
RODRIGUEZ, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109790619).
SALGADO, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 110033105).
SILVA, HEIDY (Voter ID number 109889749).
SILVA, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109770632).
SIMONOFF, DIANE Dale (Voter ID number 109036701).
SIMONOFF, JOELYN Beth (Voter ID number 109763092).
VALENCIA, DIEGO (Voter ID number 115891265).
VALENCIA, FLOR DE LIS (Voter ID number 115991122).
VINJOY, HILDA (Voter ID number 115380671).
WEINBERG, BERNARD (Voter ID number 108954540).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT #C212

MORALES, FLOR DE LIS (Voter ID number 109829716).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT 113

OTEGUI, ANGELINA (Voter ID number 118196765).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT C 113

FERNANDEZ, MARTHA V. (Voter ID number 109149790).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT C312

ARANA, OCTAVIO J. (Voter ID number 109323909).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT C4111

RIVERA, WINDA (Voter ID number 110239117).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT #105

OLIVA, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 115041366).

13707 SW 66TH ST
NERIO, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 116810851).
RUIZ PACHECO, MARIA LEONOR (Voter ID number 116336685).
HERRERA, JOSHUA A. (Voter ID number 116292926).

13707 SW 66TH ST
APT 107C

PANTOJA, ELOISA (Voter ID number 116271500).

BETLEM, GRETCHEN Cheryl (Voter ID number 109033583).

GONZALEZ LORA, ZEIDA Sila (Voter ID number 114144109).
MARTINEZ, JORGE I. (Voter ID number 110272872).

13710 SW 71ST LN
RAMIREZ, DANALIE M. (Voter ID number 117510558).
RAMIREZ, DEBORAH Maria (Voter ID number 109519468).
RAMIREZ, DENISE Maria (Voter ID number 110332781).
RAMIREZ, DIANA (Voter ID number 109717184).
RAMIREZ, NELSON Paul (Voter ID number 109826379).

13711 SW 71ST LN
ESPRONCEDA, RAFAELA Milagros (Voter ID number 109033405).
HERNANDEZ GONZALEZ, MARYCEL (Voter ID number 109520313).
MORALES, LAURA Luz (Voter ID number 109685486).
RODRIGUEZ FIGUEROA, MARIA De Lourdes (Voter ID number 108925621).
WHITHWORTH, NORA E. (Voter ID number 109674765).

13711 SW 84TH ST
DE LA ROSA, EDNA (Voter ID number 116772775).
DE LA ROSA, JERSY (Voter ID number 116772822).
DIAZ, MARTHA O. (Voter ID number 120155667).

13711 SW 84TH ST

DE LA HOZ, CRISTOBAL Rafael (Voter ID number 120309964).
LAFAURIE, JEAN-VITALIS Jl (Voter ID number 120191978).

13711 SW 84TH ST

ASAY, AMANDA M. (Voter ID number 120472525).
ASAY, COLE Heber (Voter ID number 119890587).

13711 SW 84TH ST

DE LA ROSA, EDNA (Voter ID number 109801802).

13711 SW 84TH ST
AGUILAR, JOSE D. (Voter ID number 109922501).
SIERRA, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 109306187).

13711 SW 84TH ST

QUINTEROS, CARMITA (Voter ID number 109632619).

MURILLO, CHARMEIN (Voter ID number 109379552).
MURILLO, OSMAN O. (Voter ID number 110276742).

HAUMANN, JAHIR (Voter ID number 119409074).
CORNETT, STEVEN Lee (Voter ID number 108929121).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 110

FONSECA, CARLOS JACINTO (Voter ID number 118975655).

13715 SW 66TH ST
BELLIS, GABRIELLE A. (Voter ID number 120164756).
BROWN, JAMES Donald (Voter ID number 109031707).
BROWN, JOANN Lee (Voter ID number 109768854).
CASTRO, WILSON A. (Voter ID number 116984917).
DE LA RUA, ABELARDO (Voter ID number 119734835).
HERNANDEZ, ABRAHAM Roberto (Voter ID number 110316305).
MARTINEZ, MONICA (Voter ID number 116630459).
RODRIGUEZ-DIAZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 110190780).
SARDINAS, VICTOR E. (Voter ID number 118467004).
VALDES, JAVIER (Voter ID number 116320411).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT #206

RENDON, KAREN Marie (Voter ID number 118893112).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT #412A

JARAMILLO, IRIS (Voter ID number 110103896).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 106

ESPINOSA, EDUARDO David (Voter ID number 119623725).
MORALES, MIRYAM Lazara (Voter ID number 110119196).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 107

BAIDAI, PATRICK Lewis (Voter ID number 118118038).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 109A

AGUIRRE, MARTHA Fabiola (Voter ID number 117865007).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 116

LLAGUNO, BARBARA Linda (Voter ID number 119661748).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 203

ODELL, NANCY (Voter ID number 109872739).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 211

NIETO, CATHERINE Nicole (Voter ID number 118479990).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 308A

MARTINEZ HERNANDEZ, ROBERT R. (Voter ID number 119963695).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 313

CARDENAS, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109914147).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 403

LOPEZ, DIANA C. (Voter ID number 119611221).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 404

MORALES RAMIREZ, JOHJAN Eduardo (Voter ID number 119323740).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 410

ORTIZ, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 119621637).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 416

BOFFILL, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 110315812).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A-302

GONZALEZ, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 115690086).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A103

STONE, ALLISON Leigh (Voter ID number 110038930).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A112

MIRANDA, NUBIA (Voter ID number 116426054).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A303

GUTIERREZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 117560844).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A304

TRUJILLO, RAINER Antonio (Voter ID number 120763515).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A401

PEREZ-V DURAND, ALEXA Amanda Marie (Voter ID number 119615541).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A402

ABAUNZA, ALEC Tyler (Voter ID number 120958178).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A409

DANGER, JUAN Francisco (Voter ID number 109482477).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 302

GONZALEZ, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 119670066).

13715 SW 66TH ST

GARCIA, PHILIP Alexander (Voter ID number 110189997).

13715 SW 66TH ST
ALFONSO ACOSTA, ROSAURA (Voter ID number 109666533).
ARANA, LUIS Felipe (Voter ID number 109919828).
AREIZA, HENRY Alberto (Voter ID number 115943926).
BIBILONI, SANTIAGO Ricardo (Voter ID number 110159154).
BIBILONI, STEPHANIE Ann (Voter ID number 109892325).
BRIONES, PIEDAD Rosana (Voter ID number 109848260).
BROWN, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 109730857).
BROWN, VANNIE Mae (Voter ID number 109109037).
BUITRAGO, JORGE (Voter ID number 110219149).
CRUZ, ALAIN (Voter ID number 114266813).
DANGER, ALBA Marina (Voter ID number 109173696).
DE OROZCO, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109333806).
DURAND, ANGLEA W. (Voter ID number 109946538).
DURAND, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 110219631).
FERNANDEZ, BARBARA T. (Voter ID number 109107096).
FERNANDEZ, PEDRO Arturo (Voter ID number 110038751).
FIGUEREDO, ELIOLUIS (Voter ID number 115244031).
GOMEZ, TERESA M. (Voter ID number 114609113).
GONZALEZ, JUDITH (Voter ID number 114518701).
GUTIERREZ, FABER (Voter ID number 114467176).
GUTIERREZ, RICARDO David (Voter ID number 115939339).
HAGEN, OLGA A. (Voter ID number 109873608).
HAGEN, STANLEY (Voter ID number 109752371).
HERNANDEZ, CONCEPCION Clara (Voter ID number 109161155).
IZAGUIRRE, GILDA Luisa (Voter ID number 110264321).
MCLEAN, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 116039756).
MERINO, JUDITH (Voter ID number 114029980).
MIDENCE, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 115238887).
MOLINA, ROBERTO Antonio (Voter ID number 109574692).
NAVARRETE, ILEANA (Voter ID number 116072307).
OLIVARES, GLORIA E. (Voter ID number 110225801).
OLIVAREZ, GLORIA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109139188).
PAREDES, MONICA (Voter ID number 109381653).
RODRIGUEZ, BARBARA M. (Voter ID number 110079411).
SALGADO, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 109400303).
SAN, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 110140901).
TIBANEAR, ROBERTA L. (Voter ID number 109097442).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT #203

ARCILA, CONRADO (Voter ID number 110308070).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT #306A

JALILO, EMMY (Voter ID number 116479672).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 115A

ACOSTA, ESTEBAN (Voter ID number 109661419).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 203

SANTA-CRUZ, HUGO Marcelo (Voter ID number 110001186).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 214

FRAGA-DULUC, AMANDA Poveda (Voter ID number 115472470).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 215

LEON, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 110343637).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 307A

LINEBERGER, RICHARD Elliott (Voter ID number 109394442).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 312

GONZALEZ, MABEL (Voter ID number 116894015).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 416

BOFFILL, JUANA Lydia (Voter ID number 109529621).
BUITRAGO, CAMILO Augusto (Voter ID number 116929579).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A 407

VALDES, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 110032771).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A-315

GRANADOS, RIGOBERTO Silverio (Voter ID number 118812115).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A105

SOLIS, ONELIA (Voter ID number 116038967).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A208

CONRADO, ESTEFANI A. (Voter ID number 119597594).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A214

SANTIESTEBAN, GILBERTO E. (Voter ID number 109735269).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A315

GRANADOS, DORA Dalia (Voter ID number 118812109).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A402

ABAUNZA, CARLOS Javier (Voter ID number 119542426).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT A413

ANZARDO, ANA America (Voter ID number 116757372).

13715 SW 66TH ST
APT 310

ARIAS, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 109771610).
ARIAS, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109894693).

13715 SW 66TH ST
CUBILLO, LESBIA (Voter ID number 116302218).
FERNANDEZ, ALICI A. (Voter ID number 116793517).
FERNANDEZ, PEDRO A. (Voter ID number 116638075).

13715 SW 84TH ST
SCOTT, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 110054433).

13715 SW 84TH ST

SCOTT, SHAUNE Kelly (Voter ID number 109268003).

13715 SW 84TH ST

DAVALOS, SANDRA Cristina (Voter ID number 120566263).

13715 SW 84TH ST

CASAS, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 110067743).

13715 SW 84TH ST
DIERINGER, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 109139722).
ENGLER, LEE Evan (Voter ID number 109994707).
MALLORY, TABITHA Grace (Voter ID number 109522817).
SCOTT, GERRY Ray (Voter ID number 109275317).

13715 SW 84TH ST

PATINO, BIBIANA Isabel (Voter ID number 118196676).

13715 SW 84TH ST
GONZALEZ, ILEANA (Voter ID number 117005850).
RUIZ, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 116285970).
RUIZ, MAGLLORIS (Voter ID number 116259846).

CENTENO, EVELYN D. (Voter ID number 118100857).
CENTENO, ROLANDO Alberto (Voter ID number 119628442).
CENTENO, EVELYN Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109947528).
CENTENO, ROLANDO Alberto (Voter ID number 109502348).

BRENNAN, JOSEPH Harold (Voter ID number 117234107).
BRENNAN, JOSEPH Harold (Voter ID number 109190821).
BRENNAN, TONI M. (Voter ID number 108965498).

13720 SW 71ST LN
GONZALEZ, JORGE Carlos (Voter ID number 109049886).
GONZALEZ, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109398192).

13721 SW 71ST LN
RIVERS, DEBORAH L. (Voter ID number 109180276).

13721 SW 74TH ST
MONTENEGRO, VIOLETA Teresa (Voter ID number 109828552).
VILLENA, ANDREA F. (Voter ID number 118829272).

13721 SW 84TH ST
BIVINS, ELIZABETH SHELLEY Newton (Voter ID number 117153980).
ITURRIA, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 116954545).

13721 SW 84TH ST

HERNANDEZ, NATALIE (Voter ID number 117584401).

13721 SW 84TH ST

GARCIA, ANA O. (Voter ID number 119817593).

13721 SW 84TH ST

HERNANDEZ, FREDY (Voter ID number 118100797).

13721 SW 84TH ST
ANDUJAR, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109917682).
BARRIOS, ANAISA (Voter ID number 110242753).
BIVINS, ARTHUR Calhoun (Voter ID number 109063196).
DORICO, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 109815042).
HERNANDEZ, DINORAH G. (Voter ID number 110329835).
HERNANDEZ, NYDIA I. (Voter ID number 110118726).
KATZ, SHIRLEY L. (Voter ID number 109018731).

13721 SW 84TH ST

GUTIERREZ, NESTOR L. (Voter ID number 110205235).

13721 SW 84TH ST

AVALO, PHILIP (Voter ID number 110092405).
AVALO, RITA Miller (Voter ID number 108946754).

BETANCOURT, ARTHUR Emanuel (Voter ID number 108987929).
BETANCOURT, MARTA (Voter ID number 109044036).

SANCHEZ, FULTON Abraham (Voter ID number 117602023).

13725 SW 84TH ST
ALVAREZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109525068).
BAZERGHI, FERNAND (Voter ID number 116424625).
LOVETT, VALERIE (Voter ID number 109747982).

13725 SW 84TH ST

GARCIA, RENE Xavier (Voter ID number 115267582).
RUTZ GARCIA, NORA Carolina (Voter ID number 109856814).

13725 SW 84TH ST

FLEURIMOND CEMELUS, MADGE (Voter ID number 119651845).

13725 SW 84TH ST

RIVERA, GLORIA Esperanza (Voter ID number 120422770).

13725 SW 84TH ST

VELAZQUEZ, MAGALY (Voter ID number 102190325).

13725 SW 84TH ST

IZQUIERDO, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 102204419).

13725 SW 84TH ST

GARCIA, RENE Xavier (Voter ID number 109878953).

13725 SW 84TH ST

NUNEZ, DIANA (Voter ID number 109341498).