Registered voters in ZIP Code 33176
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10000 SW 102ND AVE
BENITEZ, OSCAR Manuel (Voter ID number 109753322).

10000 SW 102ND AVENUE RD
BENITEZ, YVETTE M. (Voter ID number 109955439).
SOLOMON, BARBARA H. (Voter ID number 108997725).

10000 SW 129TH TER
CALIL, ELIZABETH Natasha (Voter ID number 119644923).
DIAZ, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109250925).
BONESS, PHILLIP Lawrence (Voter ID number 110077739).
CALIL, JAIFE M. (Voter ID number 114198949).
DIAZ, RODOLFO G. (Voter ID number 110235358).

10000 SW 133RD ST
HOSTETTER, KURT Edward (Voter ID number 110293620).
HOSTETTER, MAXINE R. (Voter ID number 108997982).

10000 SW 136TH ST
WITTE, MARY A. (Voter ID number 109109825).
WITTE, FRANK Edwin (Voter ID number 109571294).

10000 SW 140TH ST
FLORENTIN, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109865247).

10000 SW 141ST ST
CABRAL, JOSEPH David (Voter ID number 109535816).
SANCHEZ-CHAVES, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 110306085).

10000 SW 142ND ST
DVOSKIN, KARINA Paola (Voter ID number 109964591).
LUTY, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 109995508).
LUTY, LIANA E. (Voter ID number 109963453).

10000 SW 89TH CT
HERNANDEZ, ALEJANDRO C. (Voter ID number 110254711).
HERNANDEZ, DIANA Maria (Voter ID number 115381006).
HERNANDEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109221467).
HERNANDEZ, YOLANDA Maria (Voter ID number 109221468).

10000 SW 91ST TER
DOUCETTE, ADAM Joseph (Voter ID number 110295222).
MC KEE, KEVIN A. (Voter ID number 110185821).

10000 SW 92ND AVE
PINON, ELIANA Maria (Voter ID number 109127017).
PINON, RAUL Antonio (Voter ID number 109127098).

10000 SW 93RD AVE
GARCIA, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 108963356).
GARCIA, RAUL R. (Voter ID number 108962900).
GARCIA, VERONICA M. (Voter ID number 115935329).

10000 SW 95TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, BERNARDINO (Voter ID number 109245912).
RODRIGUEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109804778).
RODRIGUEZ, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109245973).

10000 SW 97TH CT
LA POINTE, PAIGE Anne (Voter ID number 110323106).
LA POINTE, SUSAN Mc Gregor (Voter ID number 109108058).
LA POINTE, THOMAS Joseph (Voter ID number 109037918).
LAPOINTE, JACLYN Suzanne (Voter ID number 118090069).
LAPOINTE, CAROLYN M. (Voter ID number 116290945).

DAVALOS, JOANNA Lynn (Voter ID number 109000676).
DAVALOS, VICTOR (Voter ID number 115627152).

10001 SW 128TH ST
WARGER, JENNIFER Williams (Voter ID number 109586271).

10001 SW 129TH TER
WHITE, BARRY James (Voter ID number 109045572).
WHITE, RONNIE Lewin (Voter ID number 109016128).

10001 SW 133RD ST
WINDMILLER, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 110111984).
WINDMILLER, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number 109126382).
WINDMILLER, SUSAN R. (Voter ID number 109126381).

10001 SW 136TH ST
RUEDA SEPULVEDA, SILVERIO De Jesus (Voter ID number 120728207).
GOMEZ, ESPERANZA S. (Voter ID number 109927303).
GOMEZ, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109435180).

10001 SW 138TH ST
ESCOBAR, EUDELY (Voter ID number 110137760).
ESCOBAR, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 116903913).
SANCHEZ, BRAYAM S. (Voter ID number 120345623).

10001 SW 141ST ST
TABLES, DIANNA Reba (Voter ID number 109146586).
TABLES, EDWARD Stevens (Voter ID number 109146587).
TABLES, RYAN Mitchell (Voter ID number 109877381).

10001 SW 142ND ST
MEYER, JAMES F. (Voter ID number 109029572).
MEYER, LYNNE Karen (Voter ID number 109033883).

10001 SW 90TH AVE
ORTIZ, AURELIO A. (Voter ID number 103386961).
VAZQUEZ ORTIZ, MARIOLA (Voter ID number 103387157).
VAZQUEZ ORTIZ, MARIOLA (Voter ID number 109327675).

10001 SW 97TH CT
BURLEY, MADELYN C. (Voter ID number 118099834).
BURLEY, TODD David (Voter ID number 109071179).
BURLEY, VICKIE Aline (Voter ID number 109070864).
SCOTT, STEVEN D. (Voter ID number 110287351).

10001 SW 98TH AVE
BASNUEVO, CARLOS Ignacio (Voter ID number 109412784).

10001 SW 99TH AVE
BROOKS, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 108940699).
FIGUEREDO, ROSA Esther (Voter ID number 109034790).

10003 SW 89TH CT
SALADRIGAS, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109362102).
SALADRIGAS, VICTORIA Pineda (Voter ID number 110134448).

10004 SW 130TH TER
KRAMARZ, ABBEY C. (Voter ID number 109191921).
KRAMARZ, MARK Allen (Voter ID number 108925778).
KRAMARZ, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 109910200).
KRAMARZ, DAVID (Voter ID number 116306932).

10005 SW 102ND AVENUE RD
BENAVIDES, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 109301479).
BENAVIDES, KALI M. (Voter ID number 118829299).
BENAVIDES, NICOLA Wong (Voter ID number 109220846).
BENAVIDES, SYLVIA Alexandra (Voter ID number 115630881).

10005 SW 111TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, EDUARDO A. (Voter ID number 115711124).
RODRIGUEZ, IRINA (Voter ID number 116873750).
DE ARELLANO, GRACIELA T. (Voter ID number 109465412).

10005 SW 114TH CT
ACEVEDO, GISELLE (Voter ID number 118108119).
ACEVEDO, LUIS Roberto (Voter ID number 109826621).
LUGO ACEVEDO, YUDHI Ines (Voter ID number 109833307).

10005 SW 122ND TER
DE JONGH LOVE, ANTOINETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109956115).
LOVE, THEODORE D. (Voter ID number 109952078).

10005 SW 130TH TER
KENNEDY, HEIDI P. (Voter ID number 110134313).
GOUZ, CHARLOTTE Ann (Voter ID number 108968094).

10005 SW 131ST TER
SCHWARTZ, ANTHONY B. (Voter ID number 109838469).
SCHWARTZ, KIMBERLY Beth (Voter ID number 118252322).
SCHWARTZ, NORMAN W. (Voter ID number 108963331).
SCHWARTZ, SANDRA Susan (Voter ID number 108968444).

10005 SW 143RD ST
LANCASTER, ALYSE Renee (Voter ID number 109855162).
LANCASTER, KENT M. (Voter ID number 109900755).

10005 SW 91ST TER
ELESGARAY, SELENE F. (Voter ID number 116694611).
WEAVER, EDWIN Candler (Voter ID number 109555819).

10006 SW 126TH ST
MERMELSTEIN, LISA Anne (Voter ID number 109702006).
MERMELSTEIN, MICHAEL Steven (Voter ID number 109702938).

10007 SW 126TH ST
RIVAS, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 109359452).

10008 SW 127TH ST
FRANKEL, GERTRUDE (Voter ID number 108975720).

10009 SW 127TH ST
MERKUR, ALLEN L. (Voter ID number 109131796).
MERKUR, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 108996548).

10010 SW 108TH ST
MESA, AMELIA Perez (Voter ID number 109224684).
MESA, ANIBAL A. (Voter ID number 109152555).
NEUBURGER, OLGA Grima (Voter ID number 110322940).

10010 SW 129TH TER
FENSIN, JEFFREY Morris (Voter ID number 110165632).
FENSIN, MATTHEW Justice (Voter ID number 109019980).
FENSIN, MICHAEL Lorne (Voter ID number 109778242).
FENSIN, SHERYLANN Anker (Voter ID number 109489385).

10010 SW 133RD ST
GONZALEZ, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 109993637).

10010 SW 91ST TER
MARTINEZ, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 109615003).

10011 SW 133RD ST
CRESPO, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 109143408).
CRESPO, NICOLAS (Voter ID number 109221932).

10011 SW 136TH ST
DELGADO, ARISTIDES Ernesto (Voter ID number 109413950).
DELGADO, ARISTIDES (Voter ID number 109079372).
DELGADO, JOAQUINA (Voter ID number 109810402).
DELGADO, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 110287153).
DELGADO, ELENITA M. (Voter ID number 117160493).

10015 SW 102ND AVENUE RD
FERNANDEZ, JOSE Ramon (Voter ID number 109018576).
FERNANDEZ, SUSANA Llanio (Voter ID number 109018689).
LLANIO, HILDA Salazar (Voter ID number 108959377).

10015 SW 91ST TER
GARCIA, JACQUELINE A. (Voter ID number 118830775).
GARCIA, GUILLERMO Lorenzo (Voter ID number 109075100).
GARCIA, SINDY Hilda (Voter ID number 109336518).

10018 SW 125TH ST
GYAMFI, ANTHONY E. (Voter ID number 110142344).
GYAMFI, ANTHONY R. (Voter ID number 109838859).
GYAMFI, MARY (Voter ID number 109839597).

COX, JAMES Warren (Voter ID number 109135747).
COX, JANETTE Manon (Voter ID number 108926213).
COX, JONELLE Melissa (Voter ID number 109895524).

10020 SW 102ND AVENUE RD
PRONI, ANNA Marie (Voter ID number 109496275).
PRONI, JOHN Roberto (Voter ID number 109075527).
PRONI, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 108914448).

10020 SW 108TH ST
COATES, INGE B. (Voter ID number 109095690).
COATES, RICHARD Alan (Voter ID number 109012184).
COATES, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 110314054).
COATES, WILLIAM V. (Voter ID number 110314053).

10020 SW 122ND TER
PITA-ROMERO, JOSE (Voter ID number 120269954).

10020 SW 124TH ST
BERNOT, ANABEL (Voter ID number 118103944).
BERNOT, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 110761392).
BERNOT, LIANA (Voter ID number 110761389).

10020 SW 135TH ST
VORES, ELIZABETH Jean (Voter ID number 108942152).
VORES, JOSEPH Michael (Voter ID number 109081314).

10020 SW 138TH ST
BRASS, KENNETH S. (Voter ID number 109022396).
BRASS, KEVIN S. (Voter ID number 109633649).
BRASS, MICHELE (Voter ID number 108972982).

10020 SW 140TH ST
VAVRINA, ALBERT E. (Voter ID number 110311057).
VAVRINA, WILLIAM Albert (Voter ID number 109758836).
ABDELNOUR, JEANIE Anne (Voter ID number 109137855).

10020 SW 141ST ST
BROAD, KAREN Leigh (Voter ID number 109081095).
KALISH, JEFFREY Brian (Voter ID number 109928676).

10020 SW 145TH ST
POMARES, ENZO Alexander (Voter ID number 121343417).
POMARES, LEOPOLDO E. (Voter ID number 109218146).
WAGNER-POMARES, AMY E. (Voter ID number 109586424).

10020 SW 91ST TER
PEX, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109785641).

10020 SW 97TH CT
LENNON, PATRICK John (Voter ID number 109187807).
LENNON, VIRGINIA Maria (Voter ID number 109260317).

KOZAK, ALEXANDER Joseph (Voter ID number 109062975).
KOZAK, LEONA Christina (Voter ID number 109062974).

10021 SW 108TH ST
CRUZ, RICARDO Luis (Voter ID number 109445164).
PEREZ, JANETTE Zaida (Voter ID number 110341625).

10021 SW 112TH ST
MANASH, CAROLYN Lee (Voter ID number 109559164).
MANASH, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 108967998).
MANASH, MARILYN Virginia (Voter ID number 108949991).

10021 SW 133RD ST
WILLIAMS, DIANE Gay (Voter ID number 109063211).
WILLIAMS, HOWARD Davis (Voter ID number 109019329).

10021 SW 139TH ST
LANTIGUA, LISET (Voter ID number 110156257).
CLUNIS, COSMOS O. (Voter ID number 109695560).
FERNANDEZ-FEBLES, VIVIAN Milagros (Voter ID number 109241477).

10021 SW 141ST ST
GARCIA, JOSELIN (Voter ID number 109895932).
GARCIA, MARY Torres (Voter ID number 115788997).

10021 SW 142ND ST
O'DONALD, BURTON Todd (Voter ID number 109023518).
O'DONALD, NANCY Keiter (Voter ID number 109020105).

10021 SW 145TH TER
KHAN, SAMIRA W. (Voter ID number 119894757).
BAIG, SHAKIL Umer (Voter ID number 109855821).

10021 SW 95TH AVE
HERNANDEZ, ADRIANA M. (Voter ID number 108970482).
HERNANDEZ, RAFAEL M. (Voter ID number 108970480).

10021 SW 97TH CT
IGLESIAS, BARBARA (Voter ID number 115278257).
IGLESIAS, LAURA Estela (Voter ID number 109941726).
IGLESIAS, GERARDO (Voter ID number 115288010).

10021 SW 98TH AVE
ANDREWS, MATTHEW James (Voter ID number 120778012).
CAMPBELL, DANAIDYS Rodriguez (Voter ID number 118620249).
RODRIGUEZ, DANAIDYS (Voter ID number 110080152).
RODRIGUEZ, DULCE Miriam (Voter ID number 109641501).
RODRIGUEZ, EDUARDO Rafael (Voter ID number 110039304).
RINCON, JESSICA (Voter ID number 110189760).
RODRIGUEZ, FERNANDO Rafael (Voter ID number 109259551).
RODRIGUEZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109715478).

10022 SW 139TH ST
BALLASH, CIARA A. (Voter ID number 116616601).
BALLASH, MICHAEL Andrew (Voter ID number 109765151).
GAWELEK, HEATHER Marie (Voter ID number 109919180).

10023 SW 140TH ST
EPPARD, MILDRED S. (Voter ID number 110288278).
KOGAN, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 109651473).
BAUTA, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 115967120).
MAYTIN, CLARA (Voter ID number 109694910).
MAYTIN, EILEEN (Voter ID number 109596985).
MAYTIN, RAMON (Voter ID number 109698727).
YIP, RICHARD (Voter ID number 110015785).

10024 SW 130TH TER
BENDER VALLE, CAROLE (Voter ID number 114871751).
BENDER, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 109019484).
VALLE, LAURENCE Francis (Voter ID number 109019493).

10025 SW 102ND AVENUE RD
GURWITZ, RICHARD Alan (Voter ID number 109908064).

10025 SW 124TH ST
KLUGERMAN, BETHANNE Trilling (Voter ID number 109125141).
KLUGERMAN, MICHAEL Stephen (Voter ID number 118118062).
KLUGERMAN, PAUL Jay (Voter ID number 109125142).

10025 SW 131ST TER
TANNEBAUM, NED (Voter ID number 108946663).
TANNEBAUM, RHONI Dare (Voter ID number 108946662).

10025 SW 91ST TER
MC NALLY, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109902941).
MC NALLY, SEBASTIAN N. (Voter ID number 117572604).

10025 SW 94TH CT
MARCUS, ANNE Michelle (Voter ID number 109409155).
MARCUS, RALPH Elliott (Voter ID number 109043841).
MARCUS, SHARON Dale (Voter ID number 109011749).

10026 SW 126TH ST
SCHUBACH, RUTH (Voter ID number 101295580).

10026 SW 93RD PL
SPEAR, ERIC Miles (Voter ID number 109888667).
FERNANDEZ, DIANA Oyarzun (Voter ID number 110086770).

10027 SW 125TH ST
RUDMAN, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number 110116016).
RUDMAN, GLENN S. (Voter ID number 109409153).
RUDMAN, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 114405985).
RUDMAN, WENDY K. (Voter ID number 109056012).

10027 SW 126TH ST
WARRELL, JAMES Richard (Voter ID number 109191978).
WARRELL, MARY Ruehle (Voter ID number 109290011).

10027 SW 93RD PL
DARBY, SONJA Celeste (Voter ID number 109612875).
MAYERS, ELICIA (Voter ID number 109616867).
MAYERS, JEANNINE Tehina (Voter ID number 109570386).

10028 SW 127TH ST
GONZALEZ, HIDELISA Fulgencia (Voter ID number 110047921).
RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL Mc Call (Voter ID number 110018745).
RODRIGUEZ, ROSELIA G. (Voter ID number 109742788).
RODRIQUEZ, MELISSA Miriam (Voter ID number 109772020).

10029 SW 127TH ST
GOICOECHEA, AURELIO Angel (Voter ID number 109278104).
GOICOECHEA, SAMARA Eva (Voter ID number 109618687).
RODRIGUEZ, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 109754236).
GOICOECHEA, AURELIO Arturo (Voter ID number 109060310).

ALBERT, ELISABETH D. (Voter ID number 109911931).
ALBERT, JENNIFER Evalyn (Voter ID number 109330531).
GLASEL, ELISABETH Debra (Voter ID number 109188021).

10030 SW 102ND AVENUE RD
BURGER, DAVID Irving (Voter ID number 108947478).
BURGER, JUDITH W. (Voter ID number 108947477).

10030 SW 108TH ST
CABRERA, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 109040482).
CABRERA, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109040481).
CABRERA, MARTHA B. (Voter ID number 109410023).
DE TRINIDAD, YOLANDA C. (Voter ID number 116787856).

10030 SW 145TH TER
AYATS, PEDRO Antonio (Voter ID number 109482365).

10031 SW 108TH ST
PELAEZ, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109242189).
NOGUERAS, MARTHA Carmen (Voter ID number 109773696).
NOGUERAS, TANYA Esther (Voter ID number 109882589).
PELAEZ, MARIA Carmen (Voter ID number 110018871).
ROBERTSON, DOUGLAS Lee (Voter ID number 117281779).

10035 SW 102ND AVENUE RD
GONZALEZ, CARLOS Andres (Voter ID number 109714352).
SHIRAR, CHRISTOPHER David (Voter ID number 109491943).
ARCE, DESSIREE M. (Voter ID number 109614876).

10035 SW 135TH ST
KOTOWSKI, PATRICIA Erin (Voter ID number 109209934).

10035 SW 143RD ST
WONG, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 109341217).
WONG, PAUL P. (Voter ID number 110083508).

SOLORZANO, ADOLFO (Voter ID number 117188287).
SOLORZANO, IVAN J. (Voter ID number 110200863).
SOLORZANO, JOSE Enrique (Voter ID number 109218298).

10040 SW 102ND AVENUE RD
BAENA, JEFFREY Lance (Voter ID number 109534904).
STERN, BARBARA B. (Voter ID number 108972855).
STERN, ROGER Lee (Voter ID number 109037406).

10040 SW 111TH ST
SMITH, NANCY Carolyn (Voter ID number 108982399).
TOLMOS, HORTENSIA F. (Voter ID number 109502836).
TOLMOS, RAMON (Voter ID number 109544147).
TOLMOS, RAYMOND Guillermo (Voter ID number 110032897).
TOLMOS, RYAN J. (Voter ID number 114366498).

10040 SW 122ND TER
GOLDSTEIN, HAROLD S. (Voter ID number 108943903).

10040 SW 124TH ST
SCHATZMAN, KEVIN Todd (Voter ID number 109617009).
SCHATZMAN, LORRAINE B. (Voter ID number 109666486).
SCHATZMAN, ROBERT Alan (Voter ID number 108968388).

10040 SW 136TH ST
LEWIS, ERIKA I. (Voter ID number 115284898).
LEWIS, CARLOS J. (Voter ID number 109753643).
RACCUIA, RIC Scott (Voter ID number 109428530).

10040 SW 140TH ST
GROUT, CANDACE J. (Voter ID number 109582620).
JONES, SARAH Catherine (Voter ID number 109168577).

10040 SW 141ST ST
FUSFIELD, BRYAN Geoffrey (Voter ID number 119430882).
FUSFIELD, GLENN Joseph (Voter ID number 109320903).
FUSFIELD, SUSAN Becker (Voter ID number 109083163).

10040 SW 143RD ST
BOUIS, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number 115350297).
COHEN, KENNETH David (Voter ID number 109121031).
COHEN, MONA Offenbach (Voter ID number 109231975).
BOUIS, ALLISON R. (Voter ID number 117575396).

10040 SW 144TH ST
ZELONKER, GABRIEL S. (Voter ID number 110120425).
ZELONKER, ARIANA (Voter ID number 114760539).
ZELONKER, DANIEL Gerald (Voter ID number 109038816).
ZELONKER, REGINA Jo (Voter ID number 109065810).

10040 SW 90TH AVE
HANNA, NORMA Cowley (Voter ID number 109013045).
HANNA, STANLEY George (Voter ID number 108972172).

10040 SW 97TH CT
KASSIN, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 117310153).
KASSIN, VIVIANNE (Voter ID number 109895161).
MARZULLO, RYAN Matthew (Voter ID number 121086934).
ROMANO, MARIA Marcela (Voter ID number 120124802).

10041 SW 134TH ST
SIMPKINS, DANICA M. (Voter ID number 118114068).
SIMPKINS, SUSAN R. (Voter ID number 109544392).

10041 SW 139TH ST
CALVEIRO, ADA Emilia (Voter ID number 109212261).
CORDERO, HILARIO (Voter ID number 109076849).
CORDERO, MARIA Lourdes (Voter ID number 109018620).
HULSLANDER, ROBERT Leon (Voter ID number 110267052).
RODRIGUEZ, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 110014650).
RODRIGUEZ, ORALIE D. (Voter ID number 109817596).
CALVEIRO, NORMA (Voter ID number 117033899).

10041 SW 141ST ST
GRAY, ELLEN Leslie (Voter ID number 109333377).
GRAY, NOAH (Voter ID number 118389673).
GRAY, RICHARD Vincent (Voter ID number 109034136).

10041 SW 142ND ST
SIRVEN, ADRIANA Maria (Voter ID number 118777100).
SIRVEN, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 119724149).
SIRVEN, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 118935583).
SIRVEN, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 115866340).
SIRVEN, ANTONIO Sebastian (Voter ID number 109191848).
SIRVEN, AURA M. (Voter ID number 109576014).

10041 SW 144TH ST
LUBIN, AMALIA (Voter ID number 108989535).
ROISMAN, AIDA (Voter ID number 109111088).
ROISMAN, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109232287).
ROISMAN, JUSTIN Bryan (Voter ID number 114429653).
ROISMAN, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109673946).

10041 SW 145TH ST
BELLO, BIANKA (Voter ID number 109358322).
BELLO, JOSEPH Frank (Voter ID number 109189071).
LEWIS, PATRICIA H. (Voter ID number 109675862).

10041 SW 97TH CT
MENENDEZ, KARINA L. (Voter ID number 109960055).
MOORE, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 110121464).
MOORE, THOMAS George (Voter ID number 108907896).

10041 SW 98TH AVE
GONZALEZ, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109433179).
GONZALEZ, LILIAN (Voter ID number 109277409).

10042 SW 139TH ST
MANDEL, AMY Lauren (Voter ID number 110315088).
MANDEL, ROBERTA Mae (Voter ID number 109192923).
MANDEL, STANLEY J. (Voter ID number 109180315).
MANDEL, ALYSSA Nicole (Voter ID number 117560367).

10043 SW 140TH ST
HALL-WRIGHT, HELENA F. (Voter ID number 110024665).
SHEPPARD, ERIK Andrew (Voter ID number 117071388).
SHEPPARD, MONICA Candy (Voter ID number 102450797).

10044 SW 130TH TER
JACOBSON, ALLYN Howard (Voter ID number 108948624).
JACOBSON, PEGGY Schwartz (Voter ID number 109107292).

10044 SW 131ST TER
TURSO, MARTA Damaris (Voter ID number 109067942).
TURSO, WILLIAM Thomas (Voter ID number 109067941).

10045 SW 111TH ST
FERNANDEZ, YOLANDA Isandra (Voter ID number 114736224).
PEJOUHIAN, KAYVAN (Voter ID number 114073705).

10045 SW 124TH ST
CASTANEDA, EOLIA L. (Voter ID number 116900276).
CASTANEDA, LOURDES (Voter ID number 102270749).
JACOBS, JOHN Harold (Voter ID number 102270751).

10045 SW 130TH TER
PASS, RANDY S. (Voter ID number 109475523).
PASS, ROSLYN (Voter ID number 109054421).

10045 SW 131ST TER
KATZ, LAWRENCE S. (Voter ID number 110087662).

10045 SW 136TH ST
JOHNSON, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number 108979418).

10047 SW 125TH ST
GUTIERREZ, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109678364).

10048 SW 125TH ST
GREENBERG, CYNTHIA Lunt (Voter ID number 109861556).
GREENBERG, PHILIP Ross (Voter ID number 109035252).

DOMINGUEZ, LOURDES (Voter ID number 115234765).
DOMINGUEZ-NOVO, TERESA (Voter ID number 116489894).
DORRIS, GAIL Louise (Voter ID number 109001359).

10050 SW 142ND ST
GARCIA, HORACIO S. (Voter ID number 109198187).
GARCIA, LIDIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109415793).

10050 SW 98TH AVE
HOMIACK, MATTHEW James (Voter ID number 110156213).
ISHOOF, ASMA A. (Voter ID number 116879905).
BRAXTON, SANASHA C. (Voter ID number 110294850).
GORLOW, ERIC M. (Voter ID number 110057617).
ISHOOF, SAIF Yamani (Voter ID number 116979231).

10051 SW 120TH ST
CROY, JANET Sierra (Voter ID number 108964392).
EDWARDS, BONNIE B. (Voter ID number 109247891).
EDWARDS, JACK (Voter ID number 109104350).

10055 SW 135TH ST
MULLETT, WALTER W. (Voter ID number 109450159).
MULLETT, ESTER (Voter ID number 109433345).
MULLETT, MARIE (Voter ID number 109415099).

10055 SW 143RD ST
MODRONO, MADELINE (Voter ID number 110090858).
BEGERA, JAMES George (Voter ID number 116669500).

10056 SW 126TH ST
ARELLANO, KARYN Lynn (Voter ID number 109697393).
TROUTT, PATRICIA R. (Voter ID number 108977589).

10057 SW 126TH ST
DE MOYA, GRACE (Voter ID number 109835283).
DE MOYA, JORGE Oswaldo (Voter ID number 109828484).

10058 SW 127TH ST
JAFFET, REINALDO E. (Voter ID number 120897143).
JAFFET, GRACE E. (Voter ID number 109437929).
JAFFET, REINALDO E. (Voter ID number 109565351).

10059 SW 127TH ST
KIM, MINWOO Justin (Voter ID number 120912570).
KIM, HOSON (Voter ID number 109656065).

10060 SW 134TH ST
VALCARCEL, GEORGE Alexander (Voter ID number 109269984).
VALCARCEL, CHANEL (Voter ID number 109530454).

10060 SW 143RD ST
CESPEDES, OSCAR M. (Voter ID number 109164707).

10060 SW 144TH ST
MCBEATH, NICHOLAS C. (Voter ID number 121194690).
ROIG, DENISE De Pasquale (Voter ID number 109252719).
ROIG, FRANKLIN E. (Voter ID number 109447924).

10060 SW 145TH ST
GRABER, KIRA T. (Voter ID number 118838388).
GRABER, ANDREAS Teddy (Voter ID number 110157812).
GRABER, HANS Christian (Voter ID number 110070342).
GRABER, PETER Markus (Voter ID number 115270825).
PAPPAS GRABER, ELAINE (Voter ID number 109407397).

10060 SW 145TH TER
JAMES, NONI Akilah (Voter ID number 119374809).

10060 SW 89TH CT
HELLENKAMP, IRMA A. (Voter ID number 110216822).

10060 SW 97TH CT
JOHNSON, JOAN M. (Voter ID number 115733092).
JOHNSON, RICHARD Wallough (Voter ID number 108923843).

10061 SW 144TH ST
SWAIN, JOAN (Voter ID number 109024258).

10061 SW 145TH TER
FERRER, LIZETTE (Voter ID number 109330098).
GARCIA, SANTIAGO Pineiro (Voter ID number 109301249).

10061 SW 90TH AVE
FERNANDEZ, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 116912019).
FERNANDEZ-SOTO, SERGIO Jose (Voter ID number 118751381).
FERNANDEZ-SOTO, VIVIANA Lucia (Voter ID number 119462490).
FERNANDEZ, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 118744465).
FERNANDEZ-SOTO, DIEGO Jose (Voter ID number 116907042).
GARCIA-CARRILLO, PEDRO P. (Voter ID number 109689833).
FERNANDEZ SOTO, MARIANA Lucia (Voter ID number 116807573).

10061 SW 98TH AVE
ADAMS, MICHELLE M. (Voter ID number 120010403).
ADAMS, HARRY Hamilton (Voter ID number 109166986).
CEBALLOS-ADAMS, ARLENE (Voter ID number 109223840).

10070 SW 124TH ST
GARCIA, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 115908487).

10070 SW 145TH ST
GIMENEZ, HUGO Alejandro (Voter ID number 109342585).
CUMMINGS, DANILO Antonio (Voter ID number 115082106).

10071 SW 145TH TER
GABISON, JONATHAN Gabriel (Voter ID number 100546336).
GABISON, DANIEL Shlomo (Voter ID number 109368172).

10075 SW 135TH ST
FINN, JOSEPH Jay (Voter ID number 109046197).
URILLO, JOSEPH S. (Voter ID number 110228060).
URILLO, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 117002365).

10077 SW 125TH ST
ROSEN, LAUREN Elyse (Voter ID number 115270873).
ROSEN, ADAM C. (Voter ID number 110328884).
ROSEN, CHERYL B. (Voter ID number 109162010).
ROSEN, EVAN Blake (Voter ID number 110031261).
ROSEN, JOSEPH F. (Voter ID number 109127772).

10078 SW 125TH ST
NEIL, SHEILA P. (Voter ID number 116854772).
SCHALIT, REBECCA Ariella (Voter ID number 110215848).
SCHALUT, REBECCA A. (Voter ID number 110255343).

10080 SW 143RD ST
ROSENTHAL, BARBARA F. (Voter ID number 109110820).
ROSENTHAL, GARY Edward (Voter ID number 109137623).

10080 SW 144TH ST
FISHBEIN, GAIL (Voter ID number 108997389).
FISHBEIN, GLENN E. (Voter ID number 118093244).
FISHBEIN, PAUL Gerald (Voter ID number 109083610).
FISHBEIN, ERIC (Voter ID number 117732545).

10080 SW 145TH ST
LUMISH, JEFFREY Daniel (Voter ID number 116502391).
LUMISH, BARRY Steven (Voter ID number 109149369).
LUMISH, WENDY F. (Voter ID number 109233942).
LUMISH, BRANDON S. (Voter ID number 116293192).

10081 SW 144TH ST
MICHELSON, PRESTON R. (Voter ID number 119135112).
MICHELSON, GERALD (Voter ID number 109137624).
MICHELSON, NANCY Neumann (Voter ID number 108964429).

10081 SW 145TH ST
GREENBERG, CRAIG Alan (Voter ID number 117357488).
GREENBERG, MELISSA (Voter ID number 118557403).

10081 SW 98TH AVE
HERCE, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 120131926).
HERCE, ANA Margarita (Voter ID number 109158546).
HERCE, DANIEL Anthony (Voter ID number 118090971).
HERCE, ROLAND (Voter ID number 109505224).

10090 SW 114TH TER
DAVIDE, CYNTHIA Fernandez (Voter ID number 109025171).
DAVIDE, SALVATORE Joseph (Voter ID number 109287865).

10090 SW 143RD ST
ORANSKY, ANDREA I. (Voter ID number 110204229).
ORANSKY, FERN Tilzer (Voter ID number 109067266).
ORANSKY, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109131171).

10090 SW 144TH ST
MC EWAN-MELLADO, MINA (Voter ID number 109866354).
MELLADO, LUCIA (Voter ID number 116183567).

10090 SW 145TH ST
MARTIN, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 109969168).
MARTIN, IDA M. (Voter ID number 116950895).

10090 SW 89TH CT
KLOTZ, TAYLOR Marie (Voter ID number 120642188).
URIARTE, DAVID Christian (Voter ID number 109757945).
URIARTE, THERESE Georgina Klotz (Voter ID number 109223827).
KLOTZ, THERESE Morgan (Voter ID number 116899925).

10091 SW 144TH ST
MACKINSON, JULIE Ann (Voter ID number 109429517).

10091 SW 145TH ST
MANN, JONATHAN L. (Voter ID number 110203053).
MANN, ADELE Jacqueline (Voter ID number 109086426).
MANN, MELVIN Robert (Voter ID number 109073857).
MANN, JAMIE Elias (Voter ID number 116515722).

10100 SW 100TH AVE
HELLMAN, PHYLLIS S. (Voter ID number 108976578).
HELLMAN, ROY Irwin (Voter ID number 108940799).

10100 SW 107TH CT
BATTLE, JOY Johnson (Voter ID number 110244023).

10100 SW 108TH ST
CUBBISON, MARY Paige (Voter ID number 108955941).

10100 SW 111TH ST
ESTOL-MENDEZ, DAMARYS (Voter ID number 118089770).
MENDEZ, AURALEE (Voter ID number 109570084).
TORRES, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 117829262).
TORRES, AMANDA (Voter ID number 116105914).
TORRES, ANGEL M. (Voter ID number 109570086).
TORRES, EMANUEL (Voter ID number 110316010).

10100 SW 114TH TER
VALLE, GIULIO Massimo (Voter ID number 109061618).
VALLE, DARIA M. (Voter ID number 109061619).

10100 SW 115TH AVE
HABER, BARRY Gerald (Voter ID number 109146184).
HABER, ILENE Robyn (Voter ID number 109040017).
HABER, MICHAEL Gregory (Voter ID number 109769344).

10100 SW 120TH ST
IBARRA, LUIS C. (Voter ID number 119611268).
SARASTY DE IBARRA, KETY Magdalena (Voter ID number 120315155).
CARRAZANA, STEPHANIE Marie (Voter ID number 114212262).
IBARRA, CLARA B. (Voter ID number 109251816).
IBARRA, FLAVIO R. (Voter ID number 110158430).
IBARRA, LUIS Carlos (Voter ID number 109836061).

10100 SW 122ND TER
PEREZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 114365440).
PEREZ, LUIS Antonio (Voter ID number 109553091).
PEREZ, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 116293926).

10100 SW 129TH TER
COGAN, FREDRICA Berglass (Voter ID number 108955367).

10100 SW 133RD ST
CAMUS, CYNTHIA D. (Voter ID number 109213837).
MC CLURE, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 108975822).

10100 SW 134TH ST
KHEMLANI, KUNAL V. (Voter ID number 110203048).
KHEMLANI, PRIYA Vashi (Voter ID number 117056569).
KHEMLANI, SHAIRA V. (Voter ID number 114369136).

10100 SW 135TH ST
SMITH, FRANKLIN Lee (Voter ID number 118466912).

10100 SW 140TH ST
NEWMAN, HOLLY Gold (Voter ID number 109894806).

10100 SW 141ST ST
NELSON, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 103712142).
GREENBERG, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 114417640).

10100 SW 142ND ST
SAREL, DAN (Voter ID number 109362321).
SAREL, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 109803190).
SAREL, YONA (Voter ID number 109362325).

10100 SW 143RD ST
CASSIDY, STEPHANIE A. (Voter ID number 120169830).
CASSIDY, PATRICK James (Voter ID number 109506998).

10100 SW 144TH ST
SPIRER, MOLLIE S. (Voter ID number 109734550).
SPIRER, RICHARD Warren (Voter ID number 109060254).

10100 SW 145TH ST
MEJIA, JORGE R. (Voter ID number 109941065).
NOBOA, AMANDA (Voter ID number 109947069).

10100 SW 90TH AVE
LOPEZ SAAD, YAMIRELY (Voter ID number 109646260).
LOPEZ, MAYRA A. (Voter ID number 110291220).
MARRERO, AILINA (Voter ID number 120014727).

10100 SW 92ND AVE
GARCIA, GIANNI (Voter ID number 119878584).

10100 SW 95TH AVE
HERNANDEZ, REBECCA Ashley (Voter ID number 114919428).

10100 SW 98TH AVE
BARRIOS, VIVIAN R. (Voter ID number 109356977).
PETAS SCHIFFMAN, JO Anna (Voter ID number 109181747).

10100 SW 99TH AVE
WALKINGTON, CATHERINE Elena (Voter ID number 116685169).
WALKINGTON, PATRICK J. (Voter ID number 118124527).
WALKINGTON, PAUL Martin (Voter ID number 109143369).
WALKINGTON, TERESITA Marill (Voter ID number 109170615).

GARCIA MENOCAL, ALINA (Voter ID number 109267701).
GARCIA-MENOCAL, ALINA L. (Voter ID number 117137930).
LEGORBURU, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 110222693).
MENOCAL, RAIMUNDO Garcia (Voter ID number 109129327).

10101 SW 102ND AVE
GARCIA, LEYDA Vigo (Voter ID number 109186311).
RODRIGUEZ, ERIKA Maria (Voter ID number 110222331).

10101 SW 108TH ST
CANELA, PEDRO L. (Voter ID number 110248055).
RODRIGUEZ, NIREN H. (Voter ID number 109583228).
RODRIGUEZ, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 109726441).

10101 SW 112TH ST
FOX, GLORIA M. (Voter ID number 108984780).

10101 SW 115TH AVE
GARCIA, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 109751953).
GARCIA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109264189).

10101 SW 133RD ST
ABU-AKEL, ANDREA M. (Voter ID number 110087255).
ABU-AKEL, ATALLA A. (Voter ID number 109372679).

10101 SW 136TH ST
CONTRERAS, DAVID De Jesus (Voter ID number 109343671).
CONTRERAS, ODALYS Mora (Voter ID number 109350487).

10101 SW 138TH ST
MILLER, MARY Samee (Voter ID number 109028309).

10101 SW 141ST ST
DEMIER, RAMON Augusto (Voter ID number 109764364).
HERNANDEZ, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 109833655).
TORRES, GREDNA M. (Voter ID number 109617626).

10101 SW 142ND ST
BLUM, ERNEST J. (Voter ID number 109155062).
BLUM, LAURIE J. (Voter ID number 109976135).
BLUM, LOIS Jane (Voter ID number 109149036).

10101 SW 144TH ST
HABER, ANDREA Faye (Voter ID number 110091984).
HABER, MARVIN Seth (Voter ID number 109780024).
HABER, DANIEL S. (Voter ID number 116557643).

10101 SW 145TH ST
ROSNER, HARRISON Fayne (Voter ID number 117575563).
ROSNER, SAMANTHA J. (Voter ID number 119626633).
ROSNER, ELAINE (Voter ID number 109285055).
ROSNER, IRA Neil (Voter ID number 109329192).
ROSNER, MARC I. (Voter ID number 110111766).

10101 SW 87TH AVE
RUBIDO, CAROLYN A. (Voter ID number 120413283).
VAZQUEZ, CARMEN N. (Voter ID number 109760525).

10101 SW 88TH ST
MITCHELL, GINA (Voter ID number 114104673).

10101 SW 95TH AVE
GABAY, JACK Leon (Voter ID number 109322829).

10101 SW 97TH CT
CAPLAN, DEBORAH Jeane (Voter ID number 109112306).
CAPLAN, JENNIFER E. (Voter ID number 105187772).
CAPLAN, RONALD A. (Voter ID number 109105454).

10101 SW 98TH AVE
GUILER, TANYA (Voter ID number 110045833).
CALDERON, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 110306900).
GUILER, RONALD Allen (Voter ID number 108956999).

10101 SW 99TH AVE
ROZIER, JESSICA Ashley (Voter ID number 114540056).
ROZIER, LARRY William (Voter ID number 109304104).
ROZIER, BERTHA M. (Voter ID number 109552396).

10103 SW 134TH ST
QUINQUILLA, RAFAEL Esteban (Voter ID number 109894048).

10104 SW 130TH TER
PACHON, ELAINE C. (Voter ID number 109325510).
PACHON, JAIME A. (Voter ID number 109369186).

10104 SW 131ST TER
MARTINEZ, ADRIA A. (Voter ID number 117129105).
MARTINEZ, CARLOS Luis (Voter ID number 109353287).

10104 SW 94TH CT
LIEVANO, GUILLERMO Antonio (Voter ID number 109431338).
LIEVANO, ZULEIKA Emily (Voter ID number 110184963).

10105 SW 100TH AVE
BELL, JANICE R. (Voter ID number 109209888).
KELLY, CHARLES Paul (Voter ID number 109219469).

10105 SW 111TH ST
MOLINA, RAYMOND E. (Voter ID number 109005261).
SAMOUR, SULEYMA (Voter ID number 109838612).

10105 SW 114TH CT
LOCKENBACH, DON Allen (Voter ID number 109320068).
LOCKENBACH, SUSAN (Voter ID number 109320066).

10105 SW 115TH CT
TAVEL, JANET Perez (Voter ID number 110145563).

10105 SW 130TH TER
AREVALO, LITZI (Voter ID number 109563778).
AREVALO, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 109922040).
AREVALO, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 116282615).

10105 SW 131ST TER
MOSKOWITZ, BARBARA G. (Voter ID number 109119771).
MOSKOWITZ, JAY Richard (Voter ID number 109113362).
MOSKOWITZ, JILL Stacey (Voter ID number 109736926).

10105 SW 91ST TER
LERNER, ALYSON R. (Voter ID number 109938251).
LERNER, JUDY (Voter ID number 109276815).
LERNER, MICHAEL Neil (Voter ID number 110157546).

10105 SW 94TH CT
MILLER, LISA A. (Voter ID number 109729033).

10106 SW 114TH PL
MASRI, OMAR Kazma (Voter ID number 109103663).

10106 SW 126TH ST
BLANCO, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109580313).
BLANCO, MARTA I. (Voter ID number 109546519).

10106 SW 93RD PL
PEREZ, ESTHER Alvarino (Voter ID number 109062027).
PEREZ, ROBERTO Agustin (Voter ID number 109043946).

10107 SW 126TH ST
RIVAS, JOSE (Voter ID number 119701273).
RIVAS, ALEXIS J. (Voter ID number 118113444).
RIVAS, CARLA D. (Voter ID number 109205289).

10107 SW 93RD PL
REDFIELD, AUDREY Wall (Voter ID number 109084005).
REDFIELD, FRANKLIN B. (Voter ID number 109408187).
SENA, ISABEL Cristina (Voter ID number 109327310).
SENA, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 109750983).

10108 SW 127TH ST
FEIN, MICHAEL Nathan (Voter ID number 110033657).
FEIN, MARJORIE L. (Voter ID number 108908260).
FEIN, ROBERT Irving (Voter ID number 108999572).

10109 SW 127TH ST
PRADILLA, ADA (Voter ID number 109629319).
PRADILLA, IVONNE (Voter ID number 110258603).
PRADILLA, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 109629315).
PRADILLA, SERGIO (Voter ID number 110223919).

10110 SW 108TH ST
KETCHUM, CARL Rodney (Voter ID number 109715270).
KETCHUM, NEYDA M. (Voter ID number 109872733).

10110 SW 115TH AVE
SMATT, CHARLES Alfred (Voter ID number 110077793).
SMATT, CHRISTOPHER Alfred (Voter ID number 109526053).
SMATT, JEANETTE E. (Voter ID number 109618835).

10110 SW 129TH TER
PRUSHER, DANIEL Evan (Voter ID number 120866875).
PRUSHER, CASEY A. (Voter ID number 120032005).
PRUSHER, CRAIG S. (Voter ID number 109695676).
PRUSHER, MARYBETH (Voter ID number 109695689).

10110 SW 133RD ST
CONKLING, CATHERINE Cook (Voter ID number 109229095).

10110 SW 138TH ST
ALMIRALL, JORGE Isidoro (Voter ID number 109296120).
OLIVERA, FLORA (Voter ID number 109646210).
OLIVERA-ALMIRALL, ILEANA Olivera (Voter ID number 109381682).

STEVENS, DAVID Gary (Voter ID number 114119433).

10111 SW 102ND AVE
SORKIN, HOWARD Lee (Voter ID number 109068164).

10111 SW 129TH TER
PEREZ, JOSE David (Voter ID number 109070706).
PEREZ, MARIA Magdalena (Voter ID number 109070707).

10111 SW 133RD ST
JOHNSTON, LYLE G. (Voter ID number 110049396).
JOHNSTON, MARSHA L. (Voter ID number 109756667).

10111 SW 139TH ST
GOLDSTEIN, PHILLIP Jeffrey (Voter ID number 109497468).

10111 SW 142ND ST
URBINA, MIGUEL Eduardo (Voter ID number 120234679).
ESTRADA, ORESTES Felix (Voter ID number 109490789).

10112 SW 143RD ST
GUILLEN, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 118100082).

10113 SW 140TH ST
NEMATI, NOOSHIN (Voter ID number 119642028).
NOJABA, SEYED (Voter ID number 110297192).

10115 SW 115TH CT
WILLIS, JENNIFER Kathleen (Voter ID number 109677389).
WILLIS, LESLIE Irwin (Voter ID number 109331702).
WILLIS, WILLIAM Wayne (Voter ID number 109663747).

10115 SW 124TH ST
GLUCKSTERN, STEPHANIE B. (Voter ID number 109609489).
WILDSTEIN, IAN Howard (Voter ID number 109342426).

10115 SW 88TH ST
GARCIA, JUAN Omelio (Voter ID number 109669254).
GARCIA, REGINA Aurelia (Voter ID number 109678739).

10115 SW 91ST TER
ANORGA, MARTIN Nicanor (Voter ID number 109031916).
YOCHAM, IRAIDA C. (Voter ID number 109201414).

10116 SW 114TH PL
MURAOKA, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 109307060).

10118 SW 125TH ST
RICE, HEIDE I. (Voter ID number 114043577).

10120 SW 100TH AVE
LAGORIA, FABIO Javier (Voter ID number 118090932).
LAGORIA, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 120357235).
LAGORIA, FABIO L. (Voter ID number 115765062).
LAGORIA, LUZ Yamir (Voter ID number 109864147).

10120 SW 102ND AVE
VILA, AILEEN (Voter ID number 109586851).
VILA, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 110069894).
VILA, MARTA Machado (Voter ID number 109130044).

10120 SW 115TH AVE
FABIAN, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109412929).
FABIAN, TENILLE Fonseca (Voter ID number 109840128).

10120 SW 118TH TER
PENA, ANTONIO Alexis (Voter ID number 119340511).
PENA, LAUREN A. (Voter ID number 119611505).

10120 SW 120TH ST
CARDONA, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 110245468).
RODRIGUEZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109812473).
RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 108920414).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109219492).

10120 SW 128TH ST
GONZALEZ, NANCY Maria (Voter ID number 109239726).

10120 SW 129TH TER
PAEZ, SOPHIA Danielle (Voter ID number 120221419).
PAEZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109412378).
PAEZ, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 119322046).
PAEZ, GONZALO E. (Voter ID number 109790296).
PAEZ, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 117560500).

10120 SW 133RD ST
FERNANDEZ, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 109954471).
MONTIEL, MERCEDES L. (Voter ID number 116741507).

10120 SW 134TH ST
CAMERON, CHAD Micheal (Voter ID number 109380730).
CAMERON, TRACY Kristine (Voter ID number 109398324).

10120 SW 141ST ST
DAINER-BEST, JUSTIN Lee (Voter ID number 110194321).
DAINER BEST, KAREN (Voter ID number 109190289).
DAINER-BEST, DAVID Lee (Voter ID number 109184671).
DAINER-BEST, RACHEL (Voter ID number 110215818).

10120 SW 142ND ST
DAVIDSON, BETH Z. (Voter ID number 109127751).
DAVIDSON, ERICA Rachel (Voter ID number 115630860).
DAVIDSON, JEFFREY L. (Voter ID number 109203181).
DAVIDSON, JOSHUA Michael (Voter ID number 110329418).

10120 SW 143RD ST
ALDUNCIN, ELIZABETH N. (Voter ID number 109267780).
TOUMA, MICHAEL I. (Voter ID number 110230769).

10120 SW 144TH ST
LONGMAN, DAVID Kyle (Voter ID number 110031385).
LONGMAN, JOANNE (Voter ID number 109348528).

10120 SW 91ST TER
LENSE, ADELA J. (Voter ID number 109764293).
LENSE, PABLO Jesus (Voter ID number 109764732).

10120 SW 92ND AVE
RODRIGUEZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 116277409).
RODRIGUEZ, BALTASAR (Voter ID number 109182684).
RODRIGUEZ, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110267675).
RODRIGUEZ, PEDRO Baltasar (Voter ID number 109230560).
RODRIGUEZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 120186155).

10120 SW 93RD AVE
CARBAJAL, MARIA Celsa (Voter ID number 120438336).
BLANCO, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 109472542).

10120 SW 98TH AVE
MARSHALL, GAIL F. (Voter ID number 108945951).
MARSHALL, JERRY R. (Voter ID number 109928931).

10120 SW 99TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109341416).
RODRIGUEZ, LISSETTE Maria (Voter ID number 109402113).

CHAIT, SHEILA S. (Voter ID number 109001345).
SOLOMON, WENDY Chait (Voter ID number 109219449).

10121 SW 102ND AVE
MOLINA RODRIGUEZ, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 109288555).
RODRIGUEZ, ALBERTO Rafael (Voter ID number 109249912).

10121 SW 108TH ST
REMBISZ, COLLEEN Patricia (Voter ID number 109365633).
REMBISZ, ROBERT Christopher (Voter ID number 109356454).

10121 SW 112TH ST
JOHNSON, ALVIN James (Voter ID number 109775458).
CRUZ, MARIO Noahwell (Voter ID number 109773626).
CRUZ-WARD, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 109051782).
WARD, ALVIN James (Voter ID number 109185936).

10121 SW 118TH TER
BARRERA, IVONNE D. (Voter ID number 109231546).
BARRERA, KAYLA Kristin (Voter ID number 117101436).
BARRERA, MICHAEL Vincent (Voter ID number 110142620).
BARRERA, REGULO J. (Voter ID number 109224610).

10121 SW 122ND TER
BLANCO, FELIX A. (Voter ID number 109144502).
BLANCO, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109237098).

10121 SW 129TH TER
MAZA, ALBERTO M. (Voter ID number 110004655).
MAZA, ANNABEL (Voter ID number 109445489).

10121 SW 141ST ST
SWAYZE, MELISSA Anne (Voter ID number 117124425).
BUTLER, LINDA L. (Voter ID number 109153575).
BUTLER, THOMAS Charles (Voter ID number 110094432).
LINCOLN, JETSON Ewing (Voter ID number 116230407).
SWAYZE, JETSON Lincoln (Voter ID number 110190212).

10121 SW 144TH ST
BALAGUERO, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 110342207).
BALAGUERO, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 109149046).
HIGGINS, KATHRYN Sue (Voter ID number 109040183).

10121 SW 145TH ST
BRAIS, EMILY Helen (Voter ID number 120782693).
BRAIS, GISELLE Elaine (Voter ID number 110111288).
BRAIS, KEITH S. (Voter ID number 109689364).

10121 SW 95TH AVE
DEBS, DORIS (Voter ID number 109214248).
GOMEZ, ARMANDO Luis (Voter ID number 109190396).

10121 SW 97TH CT
DU BOFF, JAY B. (Voter ID number 109157294).
DU BOFF, MARY Alderson (Voter ID number 109878526).
DUBOFF, JESSICA Michele (Voter ID number 110292245).

10121 SW 98TH AVE
MONTELEONE, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number 110253448).
MONTELEONE, GINGER Christine (Voter ID number 109749657).

10121 SW 99TH AVE
DOCOBO, ALEXANDER Laurence (Voter ID number 119611798).
DOCOBO, DOREEN Maria (Voter ID number 109159367).
DOCOBO, RICHARD Douglas (Voter ID number 109097720).
PEREZ, PORFIRIA (Voter ID number 108957257).
DOCOHO, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 116282282).

10122 SW 139TH ST
ABRAHAM, DONNA Seegers (Voter ID number 108935844).
ABRAHAM, JOSEPH G. (Voter ID number 110170807).

10123 SW 134TH ST
MARTINEZ, CRISTINA Loretta (Voter ID number 109347306).
MARTINEZ, OCTAVIO Luis (Voter ID number 109390851).

10124 SW 130TH TER
HESSER, ANDREW Michael (Voter ID number 109188024).
HESSER, BLAKE Steven (Voter ID number 118832857).
HESSER, JOANNE S. (Voter ID number 109224537).
HESSER, JUSTIN Z. (Voter ID number 114417627).

10124 SW 131ST TER
BERNAL, YESENIA Maria (Voter ID number 118935190).
ASTOR, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 110238271).
GALANTE, RAUL (Voter ID number 114526719).
RIOPEDRE, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 116605245).

10124 SW 94TH CT
CARABALLO, LEONARDO Luis (Voter ID number 109069059).
CARABALLO, JAVIER A. (Voter ID number 115865648).
CARABALLO, MARTA Maria (Voter ID number 108931207).

10125 SW 100TH AVE
FOREMAN, ERIKA T. (Voter ID number 120909146).
FOREMAN, ARLEEN (Voter ID number 109175846).
FOREMAN, JOHN G. (Voter ID number 109799691).
FOREMAN, TATIANA Elise (Voter ID number 115230545).

10125 SW 111TH ST
ORTIZ, HECTOR Luis (Voter ID number 117904503).

10125 SW 114TH CT
SILVER, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 110305950).
SILVER, PAUL S. (Voter ID number 109791857).

10125 SW 115TH CT
GARCIA LONDONO, MARIA Mercedes (Voter ID number 120782457).

10125 SW 130TH TER
AZAN, ANDREW Paul (Voter ID number 120186083).

10125 SW 131ST TER
CHRISTENSEN, CAROL J. (Voter ID number 118287203).
MENCIA, CAROL Christensen (Voter ID number 109195390).
MENCIA, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 109102017).

10125 SW 88TH ST
ZELAYA, ACKRAM Jack (Voter ID number 110007024).

10125 SW 91ST TER
JARAMILLO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 119712043).
TORRES, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 109529819).
CASTRO, JOSEPH Gabriel (Voter ID number 108903338).

10125 SW 94TH CT
VIDAL, JUAN J. (Voter ID number 109157450).
VIDAL, MARTA P. (Voter ID number 108955225).
VIDAL, MIGUEL Daniel (Voter ID number 109592731).

10126 SW 93RD PL
LEVY, GAYLE I. (Voter ID number 109765422).
LEVY, JAY Mitchell (Voter ID number 109083535).

10127 SW 93RD PL
ANDERSON, TIGHE Vaughan (Voter ID number 109512706).
GRANADOS-ANDERSON, ELISA (Voter ID number 109444280).

10130 SW 102ND AVE
SCHEPF, GILDO (Voter ID number 120542767).
ALVES, GUY G. (Voter ID number 110180838).
DONDE, DANIELLE V. (Voter ID number 110321530).
DONDE, LOUIS E. (Voter ID number 109682819).
OPITZ, CONSTANCE Mercedes (Voter ID number 109048043).
ALVES, GUY G. (Voter ID number 117038468).

10130 SW 108TH ST
ROS, CARLOS Julian (Voter ID number 109310377).
ROS, VERONICA R. (Voter ID number 109840179).

10130 SW 115TH AVE
NAVARRO, ANABELLA Lineth (Voter ID number 117795086).
SAKATA, AKITO (Voter ID number 115274711).
SAKATA, HANAE (Voter ID number 100509599).
SAKATA, JOSUE D. (Voter ID number 110303792).
SAKATA, JOSUE Daymon (Voter ID number 109702276).
SAKATA, LUISA G. (Voter ID number 110288666).

10130 SW 138TH ST
REYNO, ENRIQUE Roberto (Voter ID number 117206821).
OROZCO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 114701796).
REYNO, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 115835695).
REYNO, STEPHANIE Andrea (Voter ID number 116292374).

10130 SW 91ST TER
KENNEDY, CHRISTINE C. (Voter ID number 109377482).
KENNEDY, DAVID Jason (Voter ID number 109612727).
KENNEDY, JOHN William (Voter ID number 108924740).

PITT, MARTA Alina (Voter ID number 109039179).
PITT, WILLIAM A J (Voter ID number 108907381).

10131 SW 102ND AVE
SIERRA, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109664869).
SIERRA, RICARDO Jesus (Voter ID number 109659143).

10131 SW 108TH ST
MIRA, ISIS E. (Voter ID number 116953662).
MIRA, OLGA (Voter ID number 109432111).
MIRA, VICENTE (Voter ID number 109595687).

10132 SW 139TH ST
HARDY, DALE G. (Voter ID number 110016950).
WUJNOVICH-HARDY, NICOLETTE Ann (Voter ID number 109341205).

10133 SW 140TH ST
ARTAMENDI, FARA (Voter ID number 108966083).
ARTAMENDI, RAUL Jesus (Voter ID number 109245653).

10135 SW 114TH CT
CHOMAT, DANIEL Ricardo (Voter ID number 120009143).
CHOMAT, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 108929677).
CHOMAT, MICHAEL Robert (Voter ID number 114036185).
CHOMAT, TERESA (Voter ID number 109123621).

10135 SW 115TH CT
ROBAYNA, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 109052637).
DE LA CRUZ, KATRINA M. (Voter ID number 110212692).
GARCIA, JULIAN Jesus (Voter ID number 108952063).
ROBAYNA, GUSTAVO Carlos (Voter ID number 109220318).
ROBAYNA, NATALIE Nicole (Voter ID number 110303935).
ROBAYNA, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 110065607).

10135 SW 124TH ST
ISSA, FAREED (Voter ID number 114401729).
ISSA, FATIMA (Voter ID number 109897105).
ISSA, HASSAIN Mohamed (Voter ID number 109897109).
ISSA, YASMIN (Voter ID number 110124402).

10135 SW 91ST TER
LOPEZ, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 109528248).
LOPEZ, TERESA D. (Voter ID number 118353681).

10140 SW 100TH AVE
SCHMIDT, KRISTINA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120810343).
SCHMIDT, ROBERT Jones (Voter ID number 109188562).

10140 SW 102ND AVE
PADIAL, ASHLEY C. (Voter ID number 110192560).
PADIAL, VICTOR A. (Voter ID number 109935147).

10140 SW 98TH AVE
CRUXENT-GRIFFITH, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 115595942).
GRIFFITH, GEORGE Arthur (Voter ID number 109266837).
GRUXENT-GRIFFITH, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 110233536).

10140 SW 99TH AVE
BUKACHESKI, TERRI Ann (Voter ID number 109083589).

10141 SW 102ND AVE
LIRIERO, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 109423689).
LIVIERO, DOMENICO (Voter ID number 116357939).

10141 SW 97TH CT
ROSEN, ALYSSA E. (Voter ID number 115260719).
ROSEN, KEVIN Leigh (Voter ID number 108991515).
ROSEN, LORI W. (Voter ID number 109276753).

10141 SW 98TH AVE
BRITO, CAROLINA Isabel (Voter ID number 120228875).
BRITO, ORLIRIO Antonio (Voter ID number 110268026).

10141 SW 99TH AVE
TAYLOR, BARRIE Frederick (Voter ID number 109335421).
TAYLOR, KATHLEEN (Voter ID number 109892051).

10142 SW 87TH AVE
SWENSON, BJORN Arthur (Voter ID number 117734678).

10145 SW 100TH AVE
LEVINSON, HARVEY Louis (Voter ID number 108920178).
LEVINSON, SANDRA Lee (Voter ID number 108920177).

10145 SW 111TH ST
WILKINSON, CASEY L. (Voter ID number 114417733).
WILKINSON, LAUREN Angela (Voter ID number 109168406).

10145 SW 114TH CT
GARCIA, ROSARIO Angeles (Voter ID number 109395794).

10145 SW 115TH CT
PEREZ-PENDAS, MARTA M. (Voter ID number 109877535).
QUINTANA, MARTA (Voter ID number 109092676).

10146 SW 93RD PL
WEISSMAN, HELAINE Brookoff (Voter ID number 109041986).
WEISSMAN, DORI Ellen (Voter ID number 109460307).
WEISSMAN, IRA Brookoff (Voter ID number 109616986).
WEISSMAN, RICHARD Allen (Voter ID number 109161350).

10150 SW 102ND AVE
WENZEL III, THOMAS Patterson (Voter ID number 109110581).
SPRAGUE, DENISE Nadine (Voter ID number 109032759).
SPRAGUE, GARY Keith (Voter ID number 109250389).

10150 SW 102ND ST
FERNANDEZ, MANUEL Antonio (Voter ID number 109188025).
FERNANDEZ, VICTORIA Theresa (Voter ID number 121049334).

10150 SW 88TH ST
CHAVEZ MIRANDA, GEORGINA N. (Voter ID number 109942262).
GOMEZ, OFELIA Luisa (Voter ID number 109093233).
SALGAR, VANIA Elena (Voter ID number 108928687).

10150 SW 88TH ST
APT 102

SALGAR, LOUIS (Voter ID number 117138330).

10150 SW 88TH ST
APT 108

FERNANDEZ, MAURICIO Rolando (Voter ID number 109342797).

10150 SW 95TH AVE
PINERO, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 118159453).
PINEIRO, ANTONIO Jesus (Voter ID number 109058789).
PINEIRO, CAROLINA Laura (Voter ID number 110290305).
PINEIRO, CAROLINA Miranda (Voter ID number 109076700).

10151 SW 102ND AVE
GUTIERREZ, LILLIAN E. (Voter ID number 109197617).
HIRZEL, ANNELIS (Voter ID number 109374551).

10151 SW 118TH TER
CHIN, GREGORY (Voter ID number 116953722).
CHIN, DUANNE (Voter ID number 117057070).
CUESTA, CRISTINA E. (Voter ID number 108931929).
CUESTA, JACLYN Christina (Voter ID number 109820489).

10151 SW 120TH ST
ALVAREZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 115291237).
MESA, LUISA F. (Voter ID number 110014838).
MUSA, TERESA M. (Voter ID number 109500559).
MUSA, YAMILY Marie (Voter ID number 110337794).

10151 SW 138TH ST
MIGUEL, KAYLA C. (Voter ID number 119606865).
MIGUEL, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109316364).
MIGUEL, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109852052).
MIGUEL, NANCY (Voter ID number 109680958).
MIGUEL, SHEILA Ann (Voter ID number 109445911).

10155 SW 103RD AVE
ALVAREZ, ALEIDA M. (Voter ID number 109230915).
ALVAREZ, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 109299772).
ALVAREZ, NICOLE S. (Voter ID number 110318242).
ALVAREZ, ANDRES J. (Voter ID number 116268956).

10160 SW 100TH AVE
ALVARADO, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 116373943).
ALVARADO, EVELYN (Voter ID number 117035517).
ALVARADO, RAQUEL Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110051254).
ALVARADO, ERNESTO Rafael (Voter ID number 109441818).
CANO, LILY (Voter ID number 109340076).

10160 SW 102ND AVE
AFKHAM, ROXANNA (Voter ID number 120382597).
MILA, LILLIAN Eugenia (Voter ID number 109172755).
MILA, GEORGINA Gloria (Voter ID number 109172838).
AFKHAM, DAVID Seyed (Voter ID number 116293230).

10160 SW 88TH ST
APT 208

CONTRERAS, CLAIRE V. (Voter ID number 110288880).

10160 SW 88TH ST
APT 202

JARAMILLO, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 116896051).

10160 SW 88TH ST
CANALES, GDYNIA Priscilla (Voter ID number 110190400).
CONTRERAS, DOMINIC Joseph (Voter ID number 115055568).
CONTRERAS, FRANCESCA Jeanne (Voter ID number 114030773).
SANDLER, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 109849344).

10160 SW 98TH AVE
BARZANA, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number 109805067).
BARZANA, CHRISTINA P. (Voter ID number 109821412).

10160 SW 99TH AVE
LONES, LEE Scott (Voter ID number 109389584).
LONES, NICOLE Pitcairn (Voter ID number 109494721).

10161 SW 102ND AVE
VIQUEZ, GLADYS Lucia (Voter ID number 109691336).
VIQUEZ, REY Jose (Voter ID number 109407708).

10161 SW 99TH AVE
HICKS, CHARLES Lewis (Voter ID number 109007546).
HICKS, PATRICIA Richards (Voter ID number 109013546).

10165 SW 100TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, CAMILO (Voter ID number 109465677).
POVEDA, MARITZA Catherine (Voter ID number 114872213).
RODRIGUEZ, GLORIA A. (Voter ID number 109465631).

10165 SW 103RD AVE
VAHAN, PETER Aram (Voter ID number 109997176).
MERWIN, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 109096397).

10165 SW 111TH ST
ALEA, RUTH (Voter ID number 109078281).
CENDOYA, GINA Ann (Voter ID number 108924840).
CENDOYA, GINA Ann (Voter ID number 109804896).
CENDOYA, IGNACIO (Voter ID number 110002183).
CENDOYA, TANIA Ann (Voter ID number 109980546).
CENDOYA, VANESSA Ann (Voter ID number 115257732).

10170 SW 102ND AVE
KAWASH, GHASSAN A. (Voter ID number 102120090).
KAWASH, RAGHAD Khalil (Voter ID number 102115259).
COTERO, GEORGIA Japon (Voter ID number 110237062).

10170 SW 102ND ST
BELLEAU-MARANTE, TERESA (Voter ID number 109328431).
MARANTE, HUMBERTO Augusto (Voter ID number 109174418).

10170 SW 102ND AVE
SHANTI, MARGARET (Voter ID number 116184193).

10170 SW 88TH ST
QUEVEDO, SANDRA M. (Voter ID number 109524402).

10170 SW 88TH ST
APT 304

JOSEPH, GLORIA H. (Voter ID number 118158511).
JOSEPH, SANDRA A. (Voter ID number 118426020).

10170 SW 88TH ST
APT 306

AGUILSR, KEVIN I. (Voter ID number 119682293).

10170 SW 88TH ST
APT 307

ACEVEDO, IDELSIS (Voter ID number 109850176).

10170 SW 88TH ST
BRINGAS, ADELA (Voter ID number 109867560).
FORNONI, BIANCA (Voter ID number 114216156).
JOSEPH, CHERYL L. (Voter ID number 109965385).

10170 SW 88TH ST
APT 302

PARDINAS, OTTO J. (Voter ID number 109187796).

10170 SW 88TH ST
APT 306

LEMARCHAND, CARINA (Voter ID number 117269079).

10171 SW 102ND AVE
FRUTIG, MARION Jean (Voter ID number 119219418).
FRUTIG, ROBIN Renee (Voter ID number 110106492).
OSIETSKI, DIANA Marie (Voter ID number 110106493).

10171 SW 102ND ST
WU, CHUNJING (Voter ID number 114784809).
ZHANG, XIANWEI (Voter ID number 110302505).
SALTZMAN, MAX D. (Voter ID number 116296165).

RODRIGUEZ, ALEXANDER L. (Voter ID number 110031169).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Manuela (Voter ID number 109113149).

10175 SW 103RD AVE
SCZECHOWIA, COREY M. (Voter ID number 109989929).
SCZECHOWICZ, BRENDA Lynn (Voter ID number 109169584).
SCZECHOWICZ, EDWARD Steven (Voter ID number 109169581).
SCZECHOWICZ, LYNSEY Kathleen (Voter ID number 110323865).
SCZECHOWICZ, WENDY A. (Voter ID number 116294306).

10175 SW 143RD ST
WINEGAR, RITA (Voter ID number 108967156).
WINEGAR, STEVEN M. (Voter ID number 116682459).

10176 SW 126TH ST
BARON, ROBIN Anita (Voter ID number 109515922).
BARON, ELEANOR S. (Voter ID number 109021129).
BARON, MARVIN William (Voter ID number 109021108).
BARON, MINDY Ann (Voter ID number 109117786).
GEIST, BARBARA Caryl (Voter ID number 109096524).

10177 SW 126TH ST
GOLIN, DIANA Cohen (Voter ID number 108971391).

10178 SW 127TH ST
VELASCO, ANALARISSA Hernandez (Voter ID number 109804286).
VELASCO, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 108955144).

10179 SW 127TH ST
PORTNOY, DANIEL Alan (Voter ID number 109334018).
PORTNOY, JOSE (Voter ID number 109078371).
PORTNOY, JUDITH Ann (Voter ID number 108985273).
PORTNOY, MICHAEL Elliott (Voter ID number 109301615).

10180 SW 100TH AVE
APPELBAUM, DAVID (Voter ID number 114214494).

10180 SW 102ND AVE
SOTO, CHARLES M. (Voter ID number 109328380).
SOTO, JILLIAN Rose (Voter ID number 110134276).

10180 SW 103RD AVE
BUTLER, ERIC Nankivell (Voter ID number 110285400).
BUTLER, JODIE Carter (Voter ID number 109552531).
LORENZO, MELISSA Lynn (Voter ID number 110296863).
MEDINA, HECTOR A. (Voter ID number 109907974).

10180 SW 118TH TER
BOBER, JOSEPH Eleusis (Voter ID number 109151644).
BOBER, JOSETTE Carmen (Voter ID number 109153789).

10180 SW 88TH ST
ANTONI, KIMBERLY Ann (Voter ID number 116918425).

10180 SW 88TH ST
APT 402

MAYORGA, GLAUCO Jose (Voter ID number 118957830).

10180 SW 88TH ST
APT 408

AZEVEDO, PAULA Paiva De (Voter ID number 110291735).

10180 SW 88TH ST
UNIT 408

CASAS, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 109500847).

10180 SW 88TH ST
CASTILLO, CARMEN V. (Voter ID number 110158326).
CASTILLO, NELSON B. (Voter ID number 110134054).
HOLLANDER, RAMON J. (Voter ID number 110091238).
MICHAELS, CHARLES D. (Voter ID number 109577959).
MILAN, JEAN (Voter ID number 109299052).
PACHECO, MAIDA M. (Voter ID number 114337998).
PACHECO, MAIDA M. (Voter ID number 114869514).
VITTO, JOSE Castillo (Voter ID number 114877679).

10180 SW 88TH ST
APT 402

ECHEVERRIA, ALFREDO D. (Voter ID number 114928956).

10180 SW 88TH ST
UNIT 402

ECHEVERRIA, MIRTA Elena (Voter ID number 114928992).

10180 SW 98TH AVE
PEREZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109443701).

10180 SW 99TH AVE
GREEN, KELLY R. (Voter ID number 117581526).
ROME, JORDAN Zoe (Voter ID number 119475993).

10181 SW 102ND AVE
DI TOMMASO, NICOLA (Voter ID number 110236746).
DITOMMASO, LISSETTE M. (Voter ID number 115912510).

10181 SW 118TH TER
ACOSTA, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 115663888).
LASTRA, EMETERIA J. (Voter ID number 120331680).
RIVERO, LUIS Armando (Voter ID number 109970700).

10181 SW 92ND AVE
LACAYO, CLAUDIA Nelly (Voter ID number 109890146).
LACAYO, IRMA S. (Voter ID number 109600528).
LACAYO, ROLANDO Emilio (Voter ID number 109600533).
LACAYO, ROXANA M. (Voter ID number 109649463).

10181 SW 99TH AVE
HORTON, CHARLES Ray (Voter ID number 109146997).
HORTON, FELICIA Manley (Voter ID number 109859539).
HORTON, JEFFREY Charles (Voter ID number 109157116).
HORTON, MARY B. (Voter ID number 109728845).

10185 SW 100TH AVE
FREEMAN, EMILIO Robert (Voter ID number 109116248).
FREEMAN, MARIAN S. (Voter ID number 109377534).
FREEMAN, NICHOLAS Emilio (Voter ID number 114368934).

10190 SW 100TH AVE
AGRAZ, MERCEDES Mendez (Voter ID number 109074480).
AGRAZ-GUERENA, JORGE (Voter ID number 109557935).
BOGGIO, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 109737433).
BOGGIO, ROBERT Edward (Voter ID number 109777180).

10190 SW 114TH TER
ALVAREZ, RENATO Israel (Voter ID number 121331414).
FERNANDEZ, DARLIN (Voter ID number 118100576).
ALVAREZ, MARIA Amanda (Voter ID number 109583350).
HASBANI, JUSTO (Voter ID number 109475213).
HASBANI, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109993420).

10190 SW 122ND TER
MINIHAN, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 109922949).
MINIHAN, KATHRYN Heather (Voter ID number 109806073).
MINIHAN, TULA K. (Voter ID number 110017662).

10190 SW 142ND ST
MALTES-MEJIA, KARLA Maria (Voter ID number 109382217).
MEJIA, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 109895478).

10190 SW 88TH ST
APT 504

FRANCIS, KRYSTAN (Voter ID number 118994657).

10190 SW 88TH ST
APT 509

TRUJILLO, JAMAIS L. (Voter ID number 109725630).

10190 SW 88TH ST
CALVO, MARCELINO Francisco (Voter ID number 109926810).
KLEIN, JOSHUA D. (Voter ID number 110270662).
LARRERL, EVALINA (Voter ID number 115841375).
MATLIN, ANDREA B. (Voter ID number 109982229).
OPAL, WILLIAM L. (Voter ID number 110264000).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 114256285).
SAENZ, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 108930050).
SANTANA, VERONICA (Voter ID number 110257612).
TRUJILLO, RUBEN (Voter ID number 109660914).
WYLIE, KRISTI Ann (Voter ID number 109727113).

10190 SW 88TH ST
APT 504

ANDRE, ANNE M. (Voter ID number 110252945).
ANDRE, SOIMENE (Voter ID number 120297512).
FRANCIS, KRYSTEL (Voter ID number 118231173).
GEDEON, MAX Rubens (Voter ID number 109914832).

10190 SW 88TH ST
AGUILAR, ALEJANDRINA (Voter ID number 116990383).

10190 SW 99TH AVE
ALTERS, SUSAN Bennett (Voter ID number 109192697).
SUNSHINE, ROGER Allan (Voter ID number 109075307).

10191 SW 102ND AVE
BROWN, ALEXANDER R. (Voter ID number 110209942).
BROWN, ERIC Daniel (Voter ID number 110109830).
BROWN, ERIC Wendell (Voter ID number 109119652).
BROWN, ISEL Martell (Voter ID number 109406228).

10191 SW 102ND ST
CALVO, CHRISTOPHER W. (Voter ID number 109615785).
CALVO, DARCY Gillett (Voter ID number 114059296).
HEAD, MASAHIRO Arthur (Voter ID number 109342941).

10191 SW 102ND AVE
BROWN, RYAN (Voter ID number 116276807).

10195 SW 100TH AVE
MASSA, DEBORAH J. (Voter ID number 109304038).
MASSA, LAUREN Marie (Voter ID number 115274569).
MASSA, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109045256).

10195 SW 103RD AVE
ELORRIAGA, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109442424).
GROSO, MARTHA Isabel (Voter ID number 109078953).
GROSO, MARY Jo (Voter ID number 109230886).

10195 SW 128TH ST
DE LA TORRE, CARLOS Alexander (Voter ID number 109465937).
DE LA TORRE, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 109213044).
DE LA TORRE, MARCUS J. (Voter ID number 109992411).
DE LA TORRE, SILVIA Maria (Voter ID number 109213050).

10200 SW 102ND AVE
AGUIAR, LAURA Angela (Voter ID number 109647504).
MARTINEZ, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 109262473).

10200 SW 103RD CT
ABOUSALEH, KATJA Maria (Voter ID number 109555000).
ABOUSALEH, MOHAMMAD (Voter ID number 109600300).
ABOUSALEH, MOHAMMAD (Voter ID number 109694422).

10200 SW 105TH ST
BEJARANO, SANTIAGO (Voter ID number 114072694).
CASTANO, ADRIANA Maria (Voter ID number 110177266).
VIDAURRE, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 117800233).

10200 SW 106TH AVE
BENITEZ, ADELFA (Voter ID number 109373400).
BENITEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109360414).
BENITEZ, VIVIAN M. (Voter ID number 109944006).

10200 SW 106TH ST
PETERSON, REGINA Louise (Voter ID number 109141691).

10200 SW 107TH ST
PALENZUELA, JOANNE R. (Voter ID number 109343568).
PALENZUELA, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 109160217).
PALENZUELA, PIERRE (Voter ID number 109284873).
PALENZUELA, XENIA Esther (Voter ID number 109160216).

10200 SW 108TH ST
DEARSON, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 108965296).

10200 SW 110TH ST
MARESMA-SANCHEZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109963307).
PADILLA, JOSE (Voter ID number 110148650).

10200 SW 112TH ST
PROENZA, BETZAIDA (Voter ID number 109352580).
PROENZA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 109164641).
PROENZA, OLGA (Voter ID number 116978298).

10200 SW 115TH AVE
COELLO, CARMEN B. (Voter ID number 109807356).

10200 SW 120TH ST
CARDENAS, LIUDMILA (Voter ID number 109462368).

10200 SW 121ST ST
CHIN, OLIVE P. (Voter ID number 109881526).
WONG, LOTTIE J. (Voter ID number 102367693).
CHIN, LEE Anthony (Voter ID number 109772303).
MENENDEZ, LAUREN M. (Voter ID number 114397988).

10200 SW 122ND ST
LOPEZ, DAVID Ariel (Voter ID number 116632740).
LOPEZ, KRISTIN Maria (Voter ID number 109964902).
LOPEZ-LOREDO, MARIA ELENA (Voter ID number 109164694).
LOPEZ, GIL (Voter ID number 109102480).

10200 SW 124TH ST
MOLINA, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 121087897).
MOLINA, JORGE Gustavo (Voter ID number 109314437).
MOLINA, NATALIE (Voter ID number 120037140).
SOTO-MOLINA, RITA Maria (Voter ID number 109187996).

10200 SW 125TH ST
ESKERT, NATALIE (Voter ID number 109639317).
ESKERT, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 109022755).
ESKERT, MARIA Lourdes (Voter ID number 109021215).
ESKERT, NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 109805083).

10200 SW 127TH ST
BASKIN, BARBARA (Voter ID number 108916820).
BASKIN, HAROLD Marc (Voter ID number 109029195).
BASKIN, JOSHUA Damon (Voter ID number 109534195).

10200 SW 128TH ST
LOPEZ, CHRISTOPHER Alexander (Voter ID number 110322770).
LOPEZ, JORGE Raimundo (Voter ID number 109144179).
LOPEZ, MELISSA B. (Voter ID number 116068581).

10200 SW 129TH ST
DUNWELL, ROGER M. (Voter ID number 117984959).
KEFALIDIS, LAURA (Voter ID number 109337531).

10200 SW 130TH ST
PANIZO, ERIKA G. (Voter ID number 114885671).
PANIZO, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109430460).

10200 SW 133RD ST
LEIBKUCHLER, ALEJANDRA V. (Voter ID number 114790903).
LEIBKUCHLER, KAI H. (Voter ID number 110335119).
TORJAK, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 110128993).
TORJAK, GINA J. (Voter ID number 110128991).

10200 SW 134TH ST
ESPINOSA, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109714286).
ESPINOSA, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 119616970).
ESPINOSA, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 109227093).

10200 SW 135TH ST
BERSON, BETTY C. (Voter ID number 108978098).
BERSON, JOHN Leslie (Voter ID number 109144775).

10200 SW 140TH ST
ROBINSON, WYLENE A. (Voter ID number 109397051).
ROBINSON, DAVID (Voter ID number 109339086).
ROBINSON, WYLENE A. (Voter ID number 116880203).

10200 SW 141ST ST
ATKINS, CHARLES Michael (Voter ID number 111800290).
ATKINS, PAOLA L. (Voter ID number 115773625).

10200 SW 142ND ST
GARCIA-SERRA, BRENDA Beatriz (Voter ID number 109167318).

10200 SW 143RD ST
WEINER, LORI Galbut (Voter ID number 108957694).
WEINER, MARTIN Alan (Voter ID number 108925251).

10200 SW 144TH ST
SPIEWAK, JASON Phillip (Voter ID number 114403120).
SPIEWAK, HILARY M. (Voter ID number 110036860).
SPIEWAK, LISA Joy (Voter ID number 109155789).
SPIEWAK, ZACHARY Michael (Voter ID number 109803179).
SPIEWAK, STEVEN A. (Voter ID number 117580688).

10200 SW 96TH TER
ALVAREZ, HILDA Maria (Voter ID number 109089980).
ALVAREZ, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109061482).

10201 SW 102ND AVE
GALITSIS, BARBARA Michelle (Voter ID number 109891696).
BAYES, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 109683748).
BAYES, GERTRUDE Galitsis (Voter ID number 109147942).
BAYES, RICHARD David (Voter ID number 115348000).

10201 SW 102ND TER
IRVING, KENNETH Dorenet (Voter ID number 109185347).
IRVING, ANDREW D. (Voter ID number 118833033).
IRVING, DANIEL Seth (Voter ID number 109187277).

10201 SW 103RD CT
HERNANDEZ, ESTEBAN (Voter ID number 109631461).
HERNANDEZ, OILDA Davila (Voter ID number 110020298).

10201 SW 105TH ST
RIVERA, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 121011714).
PEREZ, DEVIN Nicole (Voter ID number 114366780).
PEREZ, MARCOS Tomas (Voter ID number 109486722).
PEREZ, MIRIAM Rivera (Voter ID number 109420010).

10201 SW 107TH ST
GALL, ELLEN Susan (Voter ID number 109142607).
PENCHANSKY, JOSEPH Ben (Voter ID number 109072659).
PENCHANSKY, RITA Eve (Voter ID number 110020373).
PENCHANSKY, ROSE (Voter ID number 110156282).

10201 SW 108TH ST
PEREZ, ALBERT (Voter ID number 109276228).
PEREZ, LIDA Rivera (Voter ID number 109840811).

10201 SW 111TH ST
MORRISON, LESLIE Ann (Voter ID number 109240444).

10201 SW 116TH AVE
NATTER, JOYCE Peacock (Voter ID number 108946893).
NATTER, RONALD Leslie (Voter ID number 108926325).

10201 SW 121ST ST
ALCANTARA-PEREA, MONICA Carmen (Voter ID number 116825699).
ALVAREZ, NARDY N. (Voter ID number 109194905).

10201 SW 124TH ST
STAPLES, MARGARET Barrows (Voter ID number 108968507).
STAPLES, ROBERT William (Voter ID number 109111125).

10201 SW 125TH ST
RODZ, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 109509491).
RODZ, ALIETTE Del Pozo (Voter ID number 109416827).

10201 SW 129TH ST
GARCIA-MONTES, ALEJANDRA M. (Voter ID number 109729622).
GARCIA-MONTES, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 109622420).

10201 SW 133RD ST
TORRES, THOMAS (Voter ID number 110128501).
TORRES, ANESTACIA Nicole (Voter ID number 116185724).

10201 SW 136TH ST
SHOOPMAN, HARRIS Bryan (Voter ID number 109996290).

10201 SW 141ST ST
ROSEN, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109231110).
ROSEN, MARJORIE Miller (Voter ID number 109230574).
ROSEN, STEVEN Lawrence (Voter ID number 109950624).

10201 SW 142ND ST
SPITAL, JACK (Voter ID number 109699514).
SPITAL, JEANNE Katz (Voter ID number 109194693).
SPITAL, JONATHAN Bradley (Voter ID number 114574770).
SPITAL, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 109283442).

10201 SW 143RD ST
GARCIA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109651915).
GOLD, EDWARD James (Voter ID number 109758478).

10201 SW 144TH ST
BROWN, JUDY A. (Voter ID number 109784388).
BROWN, KATIE E. (Voter ID number 114379656).
BROWN, MICHAEL Edward (Voter ID number 109898810).

10201 SW 87TH AVE
DUNBAR, ANNA Belinda (Voter ID number 108960243).
DUNBAR, YESENIA Ayana (Voter ID number 109622269).
SOLANO, SILVANA Sanguinetti (Voter ID number 109206172).

10201 SW 88TH ST
DE LA LANZA, EDGARDO (Voter ID number 109970466).
DE LA LANZA, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number 109638610).
DE LA LANZA, GLORIA Mayato (Voter ID number 109588264).

10201 SW 89TH ST
FARRA, JOSE Eduardo (Voter ID number 120259307).

10201 SW 90TH AVE
HARDEMAN, DONALD Watson (Voter ID number 109131060).
HARDEMAN, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 109140895).
HARDEMAN, KRISTEN Leigh (Voter ID number 109882731).

10201 SW 96TH TER
VALLEJOS, JESSICA (Voter ID number 110340526).
KOUDELKA, HELENE Ruth (Voter ID number 108930631).
LANDESTOY, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109993005).

10201 SW 98TH AVE
GARCIA, JORGE (Voter ID number 109102348).
GARCIA, SOPHIE Marie (Voter ID number 109883265).
LAVILLA, MARIA Del Rosario (Voter ID number 109117562).

10201 SW 99TH AVE
CUSHING, MARK Alan (Voter ID number 109404410).

10203 SW 105TH ST
ABADIN, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 109239537).

10203 SW 120TH ST
WILLIAMS, ANNE Deviney (Voter ID number 109023834).
WILLIAMS, DAVID Grayson (Voter ID number 109313434).
WILLIAMS, MARY Gwen (Voter ID number 109206666).
WILLIAMS, THERESA Anne (Voter ID number 109230101).
WILLIAMS, RICHARD H. (Voter ID number 116287358).

10203 SW 126TH ST
PRICE, ZACH C. (Voter ID number 114716377).
PRICE, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 109138853).
PRICE, IRA Bruce (Voter ID number 109121181).
PRICE, LINDSAY Jane (Voter ID number 110215629).

10203 SW 89TH ST
GROBEN, MICHELLE R. (Voter ID number 109038577).

10204 SW 115TH CT
CABRERA, VILMA Liliana (Voter ID number 109605207).
HERNANDEZ, LAURA-ASHLEY (Voter ID number 115274740).

10204 SW 130TH LN
LOPETEGUI, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 120053179).
LOPETEGUI, MARIA (Voter ID number 116176951).

10204 SW 96TH CT
GREENWALD, GERALD (Voter ID number 109875135).

10205 SW 106TH AVE
JUNCO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 118139017).
JUNCO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109153281).
MENDEZ, FRANCES Junco (Voter ID number 109481508).
NODARSE, RAYZA M. (Voter ID number 110069461).

10205 SW 106TH ST
MACIAS, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 109296655).
MACIAS, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109932148).

10205 SW 115TH CT
CHIN, MARK (Voter ID number 117111316).

10205 SW 130TH LN
XUAREZ, JULIAN Alexander (Voter ID number 121180201).
IBANEZ, JANET Aviles (Voter ID number 109244752).
XUAREZ, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109869224).

10205 SW 130TH ST
FRIEDBERG, ALISON Beth (Voter ID number 110203666).
FRIEDBERG, HOWARD Lee (Voter ID number 109220976).
FRIEDBERG, ROSEANNE S. (Voter ID number 109220484).
FRIEDBERG, SCOTT Richard (Voter ID number 116241190).

10205 SW 87TH CT
MILLER, PHYLLIS P. (Voter ID number 108945974).

10205 SW 89TH ST
ANDREWS, HILDA Hernandez (Voter ID number 108920355).

10205 SW 91ST TER
CHASON, CASSIDY Marie (Voter ID number 119316770).
CHASON, VANCE Allen (Voter ID number 109202534).
LUGO-CHASON, MARTA M. (Voter ID number 109347120).

10207 SW 89TH ST
FORNET, OLGA M. (Voter ID number 110125810).
GARCIA PINEYRO, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109909170).
RAMIREZ, CARLOS Jose (Voter ID number 110203011).

10209 SW 89TH ST
PASCUAL, ANA P. (Voter ID number 109636427).
PASCUAL, CARLOS L. (Voter ID number 109656451).

10210 SW 102ND TER
PEREZ, ADELAIDA (Voter ID number 109701069).
PEREZ-PEREZ, MARILU (Voter ID number 118391362).
PEREZ PEREZ, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 109235395).

10210 SW 103RD CT
CONTRERAS, CESAR Augusto (Voter ID number 116680365).
CONTRERAS, CESAR Vincente (Voter ID number 120429181).
CONTRERAS, EMILIA (Voter ID number 120177397).
CONTRERAS, MELISSA M. (Voter ID number 109774745).

10210 SW 115TH AVE
CORREA, ANDRES Jorge (Voter ID number 109560771).
CORREA, LUIS Fernando (Voter ID number 109009271).
CORREA, NORA C. (Voter ID number 109137676).

10210 SW 151ST TER
DAVIS, SHAQUEENA R T (Voter ID number 117926943).
WESTPOINT, DERRICK (Voter ID number 117150380).
WESTPOINT, DLICIA Shanell (Voter ID number 110035193).
WESTPOINT, DLLCIA (Voter ID number 116795028).
CANNON, BERNARD (Voter ID number 109830811).
CANNON, BERNARD (Voter ID number 110210343).
WESTPOINT, DEON V. (Voter ID number 109816593).
WESTPOINT, SABRINA Spence (Voter ID number 109148181).

10210 SW 96TH TER
SEDORIS, JO Ann (Voter ID number 109948394).
SEDORIS, NEIL E. (Voter ID number 109944856).

10211 SW 102ND TER
SEARA, MARILYN Monzon (Voter ID number 109310787).
SEARA, RICARDO Lorenzo (Voter ID number 109747843).

10211 SW 116TH AVE
HERNANDEZ, LYNN Sanchez (Voter ID number 109269444).
HERNANDEZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109301493).
HIDALGO, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 109446741).

10211 SW 89TH ST
VAZQUEZ, MARIA S. (Voter ID number 120201183).

10211 SW 96TH TER
HERTZ, FRANCES S. (Voter ID number 109030410).
HERTZ, STEVE Allan (Voter ID number 109064073).

10214 SW 115TH CT
DUCHON, MARIA O. (Voter ID number 116710527).
DIAZ, LEONARDO J. (Voter ID number 110086083).

10215 SW 115TH CT
DIAZ, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 110041179).
PALACIOS, JENNIFER A. (Voter ID number 110084072).

10215 SW 89TH ST
LINARES, LINO (Voter ID number 109231220).
LINARES, LYDIA (Voter ID number 110290359).

10215 SW 91ST TER
LORET DE MOLA, MARTHA (Voter ID number 110157702).
LORET-DE MOLA, MARIANO (Voter ID number 110137866).

10217 SW 89TH ST
ROFFE, MOISES (Voter ID number 109026146).

10220 SW 102ND AVE
TOMECKO, GEORGE William (Voter ID number 109224457).
TOMECKO, KATHLEEN R. (Voter ID number 109224459).
TOMECKO, STEPHEN W. (Voter ID number 110041972).

10220 SW 102ND TER
ALLEN, DONNA Vogelsang (Voter ID number 110250062).
ALLEN, JESSICA (Voter ID number 114417985).
ALLEN, JOHN Paul (Voter ID number 108939939).

10220 SW 103RD CT
VERDEJA, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109492296).
VERDEJA, REBECCA (Voter ID number 109458664).

10220 SW 105TH ST
MARSH, GARY L. (Voter ID number 109359706).
MORALES, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109231158).

10220 SW 106TH AVE
WOOD, DAVID Dunning (Voter ID number 120372383).

10220 SW 106TH ST
COMPTON, PHYLLIS Diane (Voter ID number 109915048).
COMPTON, PHYLLIS Draizar (Voter ID number 109683545).

10220 SW 107TH ST
KUMBHOJKAR, ARVIND S. (Voter ID number 109561854).
KUMBHOJKAR, HRISHIKESH A. (Voter ID number 118090963).
KUMBHOJKAR, SANHITA (Voter ID number 110273721).
KUMBHOJKAR, PRIYADARSHINI A. (Voter ID number 116903053).

10220 SW 108TH ST
AVILES, GUSTAVO Jose (Voter ID number 109619368).
EAGER, IRENE A. (Voter ID number 101872223).

10220 SW 110TH ST
MINERVINO, ILEANA (Voter ID number 109109675).
MINERVINO, MARK J. (Voter ID number 109587635).

10220 SW 111TH ST
QUINONES, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 117906025).

10220 SW 115TH AVE
RAMIREZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 120022721).
RAMIREZ, GUILLERMO Enrique (Voter ID number 109321500).
RAMIREZ, GUILLERMO L. (Voter ID number 109278552).

10220 SW 116TH AVE
JO, EDWIN A. (Voter ID number 120944277).

10220 SW 120TH ST
GONZALEZ, FELIX (Voter ID number 109455976).
GONZALEZ, MELBA B. (Voter ID number 109375236).
GONZALEZ, RAUL (Voter ID number 109375238).

10220 SW 121ST ST
CHILITO, ALICIA (Voter ID number 109779160).
CHILITO, HERNANDO (Voter ID number 110074720).
CHILITO, MELBA (Voter ID number 109851708).
MARTINEZ, MOISES Alexander (Voter ID number 109914615).

10220 SW 122ND ST
KING, ANN Hae Song (Voter ID number 109575188).
KING, LAWRENCE Daniel (Voter ID number 109080092).

10220 SW 124TH ST
CARAM, ELIZABETH Marie (Voter ID number 110130821).
BASTER, YOLANDA G. (Voter ID number 109233721).
CARAM, CESAR Jesus (Voter ID number 110285060).

10220 SW 125TH ST
LOWY, I Elaine (Voter ID number 108983240).
LOWY, KENNETH Jay (Voter ID number 109150772).
LOWY, SPENCER A. (Voter ID number 119623768).
LOWY, JORDAN A. (Voter ID number 116293255).

10220 SW 126TH ST
GALLO, FERNANDO Alberto (Voter ID number 109505962).
GALLO, CARINA De Lourdes (Voter ID number 110340485).
GALLO, CARINA (Voter ID number 109538947).
GALLO, FERNANDO A. (Voter ID number 116659384).
GALLO, MELISSA (Voter ID number 110188952).

10220 SW 127TH ST
ALTMAN, BRUCE I. (Voter ID number 109221947).
ALTMAN, GAIL B. (Voter ID number 109221930).
ALTMAN, CHAD J. (Voter ID number 116286851).

10220 SW 129TH ST
KAUFMAN, ROBERT Andrew (Voter ID number 109222508).
KAUFMAN, STACEY Lawrence (Voter ID number 109187390).

10220 SW 130TH ST
VENTO, JAVIER M. (Voter ID number 109400359).
GUTIERREZ, IRMA (Voter ID number 115573909).

10220 SW 133RD ST
PEREZ, CARLOS Antonio (Voter ID number 109944073).
ROMAN, RAQUEL Molina (Voter ID number 100483318).
STURM, CECILIA Dawn (Voter ID number 102431045).
PEREZ, BRUNILDA E. (Voter ID number 109612519).

10220 SW 134TH ST
ROBBINS, ALFRED Joseph (Voter ID number 109133584).
ROBBINS, DIANE B. (Voter ID number 109133583).

10220 SW 135TH ST
PINKERT, SHERMA F. (Voter ID number 109701412).
PINKERT, STEVEN D. (Voter ID number 109704546).
PINKERT, KEITH Lee (Voter ID number 117123223).

10220 SW 140TH ST
MOLKO, JOSEPH Robert (Voter ID number 110321500).
MOLKO, ROBERT Joseph (Voter ID number 109073556).
MOLKO, ROSEMARIE L. (Voter ID number 109716613).
O'MALLEY, DOROTHY Isoline (Voter ID number 109582952).

10220 SW 141ST ST
MARKS, SHARYN Eve (Voter ID number 109066393).
MARKS-PELTZ, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 110329355).
PELTZ, ROBERT D. (Voter ID number 109121741).

10220 SW 142ND ST
BERNSTEIN, BARBARA Lynn (Voter ID number 109234089).
BERNSTEIN, RICHARD N. (Voter ID number 109153172).
GOLAN, AHARON Yosef (Voter ID number 109545679).

10220 SW 143RD ST
BARNETT, DAVID H. (Voter ID number 116911213).
BARNETT, JEREMY Steven (Voter ID number 105207328).
BARNETT, ELLIOT W. (Voter ID number 109936894).
BARNETT, JACALYN F. (Voter ID number 109325100).

10220 SW 151ST TER
RAHMING, CHANDRA Folita (Voter ID number 109515366).

10220 SW 88TH AVE
JACQUES, LYNE A. (Voter ID number 119981630).
JACQUES, HEGEL Rony (Voter ID number 119992156).

10220 SW 91ST ST
CASTILLO, NICHOLE J. (Voter ID number 116318169).
FERRO, NORA V. (Voter ID number 109490770).
PADIAL, DANIEL Alejandro (Voter ID number 115276294).
PADIAL, NORA Ferro (Voter ID number 109198934).
PADIAL, REINALDO M. (Voter ID number 109579453).

10220 SW 96TH TER
MC CLASKEY, BRANDON A. (Voter ID number 110324865).
MC CLASKEY, MARIA Reyes (Voter ID number 109251023).
MC CLASKEY, MATTHEW Louis (Voter ID number 110101202).
WATERS, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 110190378).

10221 SW 102ND AVE
CALDERON, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 110092580).

10221 SW 102ND TER
WILLIAMS, JAMES Mc Cue (Voter ID number 109267768).

10221 SW 103RD CT
CARBONELL, THAIS (Voter ID number 109270694).
RODRIGUEZ, THAIS Cristina (Voter ID number 109925746).

10221 SW 108TH ST
EAGER, TONI Anne (Voter ID number 109473311).
EAGER, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 101411768).

10221 SW 109TH ST
CASTILLO, NORMA Kendall (Voter ID number 109363270).
SUAREZ, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 109288262).
SUAREZ, JOHN (Voter ID number 109010995).
SUAREZ, NORMA (Voter ID number 109143945).

10221 SW 110TH ST
DE LA TORRE, EDUARDO R. (Voter ID number 109229210).
DE LA TORRE, GRACIELA (Voter ID number 109234820).

10221 SW 116TH AVE
YAGER, BARBARA W. (Voter ID number 108967575).
YAGER, RICHARD Berg (Voter ID number 108967576).

10221 SW 121ST ST
SILVA-O'NEAL, YOMARIE (Voter ID number 119987904).
SERIZE, ALICE Annette (Voter ID number 109323316).

10221 SW 125TH ST
GONZALEZ, ELIDA C. (Voter ID number 110054540).
GONZALEZ, JENNIFER A. (Voter ID number 116759986).
GONZALEZ, ALBERTO De Jesus (Voter ID number 109341911).
GONZALEZ, AYMEE (Voter ID number 118284239).
GONZALEZ, THERESA (Voter ID number 110055328).

10221 SW 128TH ST
NAJERA, IRENE (Voter ID number 109137665).
NAJERA, PETER A. (Voter ID number 110066748).

10221 SW 133RD ST
SEGAL, REBECCA Ann (Voter ID number 109493724).
GONZALEZ, OLIVER Lloyd (Voter ID number 109848931).

10221 SW 134TH ST
SEIJAS, CECILIA Mercedes (Voter ID number 110016324).
SEIJAS, VICTOR Francisco (Voter ID number 109277203).

10221 SW 141ST ST
IZQUIERDO, ESPERANZA (Voter ID number 109565478).
IZQUIERDO, IGNACIO (Voter ID number 109527210).
IZQUIERDO, RAUL I. (Voter ID number 110215174).

10221 SW 142ND ST
SCHEMER, ASHLEY M. (Voter ID number 115322081).
SCHEMER, PHILLIP Wittman (Voter ID number 109140229).
SCHEMER, SHARON Dale (Voter ID number 109140230).

10221 SW 143RD ST
HARRIS, NAOMI Elsa (Voter ID number 121124704).
HARRIS, RACHEL Davita (Voter ID number 110328159).
HARRIS, LARRY J. (Voter ID number 109162192).
HARRIS, MOLLY Welch (Voter ID number 109259408).
HARRIS, NAOMI E. (Voter ID number 115230317).
HARRIS, NATHAN Samuel (Voter ID number 119612564).

10221 SW 144TH ST
RICHARD, ROBERT Alan (Voter ID number 109291450).
TIMPONE, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 106446970).
RICHARD, LISA Michele (Voter ID number 109977824).
RICHARD, ROBERT Alan (Voter ID number 109044536).
RICHARD, SHIRLEY Faye (Voter ID number 109044537).

10221 SW 88TH AVE
CHAVEZ, MELISSA C. (Voter ID number 109451703).
CHAVEZ, MERCEDES Marie (Voter ID number 117566907).
PALENZUELA, MARIANO (Voter ID number 116103122).
PALENZUELA, PRISCILLA (Voter ID number 109814927).

10221 SW 88TH ST
FOYO, FERNANDO Manuel (Voter ID number 118465987).
FOYO, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109122673).
CHAVEZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 116910036).
FOYO, KRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 116598513).

10221 SW 89TH ST
ARSENIJEVIC, RUTH (Voter ID number 110189112).

10221 SW 90TH AVE
GAYOL, MARK A. (Voter ID number 119915423).
GAYOL, ALEXANDER Francis (Voter ID number 109587050).
GAYOL, AMADO (Voter ID number 109068945).
GAYOL, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number 109804953).
GAYOL, RICHARD Thayer (Voter ID number 109818122).
GAYOL, VICKI Ann (Voter ID number 109173018).
ZEIMETZ, VICTORIA A. (Voter ID number 116863487).

10221 SW 95TH CT
RICO, MEGAN Katherine (Voter ID number 120434691).
RICO, LOANY E. (Voter ID number 109896779).
RICO, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number 115776886).

10221 SW 96TH TER
DEAN, CYNTHIA L. (Voter ID number 109803157).
DEAN, ERIN L. (Voter ID number 110203169).
DEAN, HEATHER Clare (Voter ID number 115227231).
SANTIAGO, FRANCISCO Jaime (Voter ID number 109365605).

10221 SW 98TH AVE
CRIDER, CURTIS Jacob (Voter ID number 110155921).
CRIDER, TENA Glasko (Voter ID number 110154561).
GLASKO, DIANA N. (Voter ID number 109011857).
GLASKO, WILLIAM Henry (Voter ID number 108986297).

10221 SW 99TH AVE
GATELY, JASON Robert (Voter ID number 110045286).
JONES, DOUGLAS A. (Voter ID number 109708586).

10223 SW 126TH ST
RAPAPORT, MICHELLE Loren (Voter ID number 110123241).
RAPAPORT, NICOLE R. (Voter ID number 113014463).
RAPAPORT, ALEXANDER W. (Voter ID number 110209778).
RAPAPORT, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109714598).
RAPAPORT, ROXANA Mable (Voter ID number 109710764).

10223 SW 89TH ST
CURRAN, DENNIS R. (Voter ID number 119817651).
CURRAN, DENNIS R. (Voter ID number 119914953).

10224 SW 87TH CT
ABREU, CARLOS Enrique (Voter ID number 117026691).
ABREU, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109873973).
ABREU, TOMAS J. (Voter ID number 109884779).
VALDEZ, MANUELA I. (Voter ID number 109963483).

10225 SW 106TH ST
LAGZDINS, ERIK John (Voter ID number 109951376).
LAGZDINS, INARA Sandra (Voter ID number 108975005).

10225 SW 111TH ST
WACH, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 118108250).
WACH, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 109990320).
WACH, GERARD Stephen (Voter ID number 109446011).
WACH, SARAH A. (Voter ID number 116108313).

10225 SW 115TH CT
ALVAREZ, ERIC Daniel (Voter ID number 119621911).
ALVAREZ, JOSE Enrique (Voter ID number 109221340).
ALVAREZ, MYRNA Romero (Voter ID number 109177673).
ALVAREZ, ANDRE M. (Voter ID number 117580962).

10225 SW 130TH LN
MARSA, PAUL (Voter ID number 120750319).
MENDELSOHN, ROBIN (Voter ID number 112987725).

10225 SW 130TH ST
DOUGLASS, BOBBY (Voter ID number 110025131).
DOUGLASS, MARGARITA B. (Voter ID number 110175641).
POLK, ROBERT Manley (Voter ID number 110042844).
POLK, SCHUYLER (Voter ID number 118118179).

10225 SW 135TH ST
WILLIG, TAYLOR Gena (Voter ID number 117689299).
WILLIG, REGINA Weihraugh (Voter ID number 109134440).
WILLIG, STUART James (Voter ID number 108993979).

10225 SW 87TH AVE
MARTIN-HIDALGO, LIZETTE Maria (Voter ID number 109991162).
MARTIN-HIDALGO, NICOLAS J. (Voter ID number 109317723).

10225 SW 87TH CT
DENKHAUS, DONALD Anderson (Voter ID number 109035606).
DENKHAUS, WENDY Kay (Voter ID number 109035604).

10225 SW 89TH ST
DE URBIZU, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 109616541).
KOGUT, KRISTEN E. (Voter ID number 116878746).

10225 SW 91ST TER
SOUBLETTE, CHRISTIAN L. (Voter ID number 118103546).
MIJARES, ALMA Denise (Voter ID number 109224071).
MIJARES, BIANCA (Voter ID number 116025304).
MIJARES, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109348612).

10227 SW 89TH ST
JIMENEZ, PETER Louis (Voter ID number 109737043).
STENSRUD, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109040887).

10230 SW 103RD CT
ADAMSON, DOMINIC P. (Voter ID number 110296343).
ADAMSON, PHYLLIS (Voter ID number 110300525).
ADAMSON, RUPERT G. (Voter ID number 110303923).

10230 SW 105TH ST
BELLO, JOSE (Voter ID number 109835438).

10230 SW 106TH AVE
ECKARDT, HERBERT Anthony (Voter ID number 118828976).
PINEDA, KARINA (Voter ID number 109696724).

10230 SW 106TH ST
PULGARON, ARMANDO Antonio (Voter ID number 109128118).
PULGARON, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 109776740).
PULGARON, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109128180).
PULGARON, MICHELLE Marie (Voter ID number 109996147).

10230 SW 107TH ST
SCHMIDT, CHARLOTTE Mary (Voter ID number 109055867).
SCHMIDT, ROBERT Donald (Voter ID number 109060894).

10230 SW 108TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS Lazaro (Voter ID number 109911892).
RODRIGUEZ, DESIRE Maria (Voter ID number 120477974).

10230 SW 109TH ST
RONCONI, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 118466584).
RONCONI, ANTHONY Ettore (Voter ID number 109224378).
RONCONI, CHRISTINE F. (Voter ID number 109223648).

10230 SW 111TH ST
AMOROS, AMARILIS (Voter ID number 109710592).

10230 SW 125TH ST
ELDRIDGE, ALVIN George (Voter ID number 109552124).
SPECTOR, DENA Robin (Voter ID number 109976767).
SPECTOR, SETH Adam (Voter ID number 109976757).

10230 SW 151ST TER
BARNES, JUANETTA (Voter ID number 109153792).
BENNETT, BETTY Barnes (Voter ID number 109475591).
COLLIER, LIZA Thornton (Voter ID number 109235760).
COLLIER, WALTER L. (Voter ID number 116839443).

10230 SW 91ST ST
MARTINEZ, MARIA Carmen (Voter ID number 109547155).

10230 SW 96TH TER
MECHOSO, KRISTIE N. (Voter ID number 115492630).
MECHOSO, MICHAEL Luis (Voter ID number 120142111).
MECHOSO, SHERRIE D. (Voter ID number 109331838).

10231 SW 102ND TER
RUBIO, ELVY (Voter ID number 109117310).
RUBIO, RENE Daniel (Voter ID number 110300276).
RUBIO, RENE (Voter ID number 109235833).

10231 SW 103RD CT
ECHENIQUE MC CLINTOCK, FRANCES (Voter ID number 109268045).
MC CLINTOCK, TODD G. (Voter ID number 109319832).

10231 SW 107TH ST
MORAN, JULIET B. (Voter ID number 102473805).
HEATH, ALEXANDRA Madeleine (Voter ID number 110134339).
HEATH, ISABELLE Madeleine (Voter ID number 109264173).
HEATH, TIMOTHY Richard (Voter ID number 109263938).
NOWELL, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 109925535).
HEATH, SARAH K. (Voter ID number 116282540).

10231 SW 108TH ST
GLASS, JEANNE M. (Voter ID number 118842659).

10231 SW 88TH ST
GUERRA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 115216320).
GUERRA, MAGALYS Venicia (Voter ID number 109029139).
GUERRA, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 109284401).

10231 SW 91ST ST
CUETO, JUAN (Voter ID number 109651794).
CUETO, MARIA Carmen (Voter ID number 108987377).
FRAXEDAS, TERESA (Voter ID number 108936184).

10231 SW 96TH TER
RAMOS, CARMELINA Mera (Voter ID number 109055461).

10233 SW 120TH ST
ABREU, MELISSA Marie (Voter ID number 110124476).
RODMORE, CHAD Martin (Voter ID number 109386916).

10233 SW 126TH ST
BAKER, HOWARD Barry (Voter ID number 109106235).
BAKER, JONATHAN Scott (Voter ID number 110066647).
BAKER, KAREN Sue (Voter ID number 109106234).

10234 SW 115TH CT
GROSS, LARRY (Voter ID number 109966509).
GROSS, LISSA (Voter ID number 109770687).

10234 SW 124TH ST
GANDER, GIANCARLO (Voter ID number 114756123).

10235 SW 106TH ST
CHATILA, JENNY P. (Voter ID number 109782821).
CHATILA, KHAIRALLAH Mohamad (Voter ID number 109336809).
CHATILA, MICHAEL Karim (Voter ID number 118399907).
CHATILA, NATASHA (Voter ID number 115281353).
GAIBOR, BERTHA (Voter ID number 115127275).

10235 SW 134TH ST
KAPLAN, STEPHANIE M. (Voter ID number 100573873).
KAPLAN, HARLYN Vinas (Voter ID number 109196807).
KAPLAN, STEVEN Leslie (Voter ID number 109071750).

10235 SW 91ST TER
DAUPHIN, ADELINE (Voter ID number 109436567).
ETIENNE, JOEL (Voter ID number 113987838).
MOMPLAISIR, SAINT Anne (Voter ID number 109919652).

10240 SW 102ND TER
GOVIN, MARTHA Palomares (Voter ID number 109067118).

10240 SW 105TH ST
VALVERDE, ERIC (Voter ID number 115865798).
VALVERDE, ROSAIDA Hidalgo (Voter ID number 109050967).
VALVERDE, ZAIDA R. (Voter ID number 110215446).

10240 SW 106TH ST
ROTTLER, ADA R. (Voter ID number 108941520).
ROTTLER, DANIELLE A. (Voter ID number 109998096).
ROTTLER, DONALD A. (Voter ID number 108941523).

10240 SW 107TH ST
BROWN, FREDERICK Kerwin (Voter ID number 109079208).
BROWN, FREDERICK Kerwin (Voter ID number 109846610).
BROWN, LINDA Kay (Voter ID number 109116470).
BROWN, ROBERT James (Voter ID number 110143419).

10240 SW 108TH ST
HADDAM, SUZANNE MacHriss (Voter ID number 109288116).

10240 SW 109TH ST
GOLD, ELIZABETH C. (Voter ID number 109928216).
RAUCHWERGER, BRETT A. (Voter ID number 115274973).

10240 SW 110TH ST
MUNOZ QUESADA, JOSE (Voter ID number 119530564).
HERNANDEZ, EVANGELINA (Voter ID number 109767705).
PICHS, LESLIE (Voter ID number 109938878).
PICHS, XAVIER (Voter ID number 109978795).

10240 SW 112TH ST
FLORES, FELICIA Annette (Voter ID number 110042946).
FLORES, NICOLLE (Voter ID number 119606918).
TRACY, STEPHANIE Lynn (Voter ID number 109279469).

10240 SW 121ST ST
WALKER, SYDNEY Rose (Voter ID number 120909348).
WALKER, CLIFFORD P. (Voter ID number 109286875).
WALKER, RIKKI (Voter ID number 109269951).
WALKER, DANIELLE Meagan (Voter ID number 117581177).

10240 SW 124TH ST
CRUZ, CLAUDIA N. (Voter ID number 119627406).

10240 SW 125TH ST
DUBNER, LEON Howard (Voter ID number 109919439).
DUBNER, LISSETTE E. (Voter ID number 109953926).

10240 SW 126TH ST
SHAPIRO, DANIEL B. (Voter ID number 115264632).
SHAPIRO, MONICA G. (Voter ID number 110328941).
SHAPIRO, SANFORD M. (Voter ID number 109027459).
SHAPIRO, SARA Ann (Voter ID number 109233319).
WEINER, JOSHUA Sean (Voter ID number 109391394).

10240 SW 127TH ST
BENDECK, CHRISTOPHER R. (Voter ID number 118099593).
BENDECK, JEANNETTE Lily (Voter ID number 119446033).
BENDECK, MAURICIO A. (Voter ID number 116113296).

10240 SW 129TH ST
KITCOFF, CASSANDRA Rose (Voter ID number 118828742).
KITCOFF, DAVID (Voter ID number 109222866).

10240 SW 130TH ST
BRYANT, KAREN Reames (Voter ID number 109074934).
BRYANT, MARVIN Raleigh (Voter ID number 109109186).

10240 SW 133RD ST
FLORVILLE, BERTRAND Louis (Voter ID number 110159221).
CHEVALLIER, CLIFFORD C. (Voter ID number 109495758).
CHEVALLIER, GINA Ramirez (Voter ID number 109339781).

10240 SW 134TH ST
JONAS, DONNA Jay (Voter ID number 109107350).
JONAS, PETER Frank (Voter ID number 108935976).
JONAS, STEVEN E. (Voter ID number 109608805).

10240 SW 135TH ST
BEDOYA, JESSICA (Voter ID number 110151520).
HERNANDEZ, DAVID Michael (Voter ID number 109285689).
HERNANDEZ, LUZ Dalia (Voter ID number 109615327).
RAMIREZ, ALDEMAR (Voter ID number 109910182).
RAMIREZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110001558).
RAMIREZ, OLGA Rocio (Voter ID number 109824953).

10240 SW 140TH ST
SOMOZA, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 109991910).
SOMOZA, MARIA Jose (Voter ID number 109834048).
SOMOZA, MARIETTE F. (Voter ID number 109644185).
SOMOZA, SUSANA L. (Voter ID number 109606938).

10240 SW 141ST ST
RAPAPORT, FRANC Edward (Voter ID number 121321633).
RAPAPORT, STEPHEN Andre (Voter ID number 118978023).
RAPAPORT, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109134932).

10240 SW 142ND ST
ATTERIDGE, SUSAN (Voter ID number 109305601).
DEL CARMEN, EDUARDO H. (Voter ID number 110025667).
DEL CARMEN, EDUARDO J. (Voter ID number 110087609).
DEL CARMEN, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110014446).
DEL CARMEN, MARIA Jose (Voter ID number 110103236).
SHAW, MAX H. (Voter ID number 109300197).

10240 SW 144TH ST
MAYS, AKILAN Oni (Voter ID number 110236141).
MAYS, CHARLES Chester (Voter ID number 109145447).
MAYS, PATRICIA Whitehead (Voter ID number 109016217).
MAYS, RASHAD Dakarai (Voter ID number 109886771).
WHITEHEAD, BEULAH (Voter ID number 110187932).

10240 SW 151ST TER
MOORE, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 114315858).
HENDERSON, DYSHENA Kiera (Voter ID number 119799086).
MOORE, ANNIE Ruth (Voter ID number 108906352).

10240 SW 91ST ST
ISASI- DIAZ, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 108945574).
COLLADO, DOMINGO F. (Voter ID number 109118107).
COLLADO-ISASI, JAVIER (Voter ID number 114036131).

10240 SW 96TH TER
CABALLERO, NICOLE Caridad (Voter ID number 116345112).
CABALLERO, ALISA Lara (Voter ID number 109299391).
CABALLERO, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 110017968).
CABALLERO, LIDIA S. (Voter ID number 109611999).

10241 SW 102ND TER
GARCIA- SERRA, PAMELA Weller (Voter ID number 102494022).
GORI, ADOLFO Ricardo (Voter ID number 110332354).

10241 SW 103RD CT
POUZA, FRANCISCA Onilda (Voter ID number 109353780).
POUZA, LUIS (Voter ID number 109356818).

10241 SW 107TH ST
HASSELL, PATRICIA Nerren (Voter ID number 109018503).
HASSELL, RALPH Douglas (Voter ID number 109125321).

10241 SW 108TH ST
GONZALEZ, ERIC Cristian (Voter ID number 120912299).
GONZALEZ, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109182576).
GONZALEZ, OLGA Lavernia (Voter ID number 109162122).

10241 SW 109TH ST
MUCCI, WALLACE John (Voter ID number 109809954).
KALIL, CRAIG Peter (Voter ID number 109395812).
KALIL, DONNA Mucci (Voter ID number 109153520).
KALIL, DEANNA (Voter ID number 116811675).

10241 SW 110TH ST
ORE, HANNAH N. (Voter ID number 120900056).
ORE, TALIA H. (Voter ID number 118841844).
BORG, JANET L. (Voter ID number 109143322).
BORG, LISA A. (Voter ID number 109223284).
BORG, CHRIS A. (Voter ID number 117057126).

10241 SW 121ST ST
CASALE, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 108944929).
CENTER, ROBIN C. (Voter ID number 109639073).

10241 SW 122ND ST
KOMARMY, ARGENTINA Julia (Voter ID number 109063642).
KOMARMY, JOSEPH Mark (Voter ID number 109020875).

10241 SW 125TH ST
KATZ, ADAM Joshua (Voter ID number 109714259).
KATZ, JAN Gale (Voter ID number 109116558).
KATZ, JEFFREY (Voter ID number 109064402).

10241 SW 128TH ST
COSI, GEORGE (Voter ID number 109683285).
FRANQUIZ, LIANE Josefina (Voter ID number 110001883).
LEVI, DAVID Mark (Voter ID number 109219362).
LEVI, MICHELLE Cherqui (Voter ID number 109255899).

10241 SW 129TH ST
BENDIXEN, ERICH M. (Voter ID number 110264317).
BENDIXEN, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 115353370).

10241 SW 133RD ST
DRESNER, DAVID Alder (Voter ID number 110294615).
DRESNER, IRMA (Voter ID number 114734788).
DRESNER, JACK Melvin (Voter ID number 108946490).

10241 SW 136TH ST
HEIBLUM, LISA Spear (Voter ID number 108995419).
HEIBLUM, STANLEY (Voter ID number 109428944).

10241 SW 141ST ST
LANCASTER, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 118830743).
LANCASTER, JOHN Talbot (Voter ID number 109996394).
LANCASTER, KENNETH G. (Voter ID number 109013920).
LANCASTER, MARGARET Jane (Voter ID number 109038864).

10241 SW 142ND ST
DIAS, RONALD (Voter ID number 109282709).
SOKOLOW, CAROL Lynn (Voter ID number 109103558).

10241 SW 143RD ST
ATTIAS, AVRAHAM Michael (Voter ID number 120236169).
ATTIAS, ELISHA Roger (Voter ID number 109182624).
ATTIAS, JACLYN Iris (Voter ID number 108964265).
ATTIAS, REVETAL Aliza (Voter ID number 109892953).
ATTIAS, YOAV Jacob (Voter ID number 109815735).

10241 SW 88TH ST
ACEVEDO, AIXA (Voter ID number 110085234).
ACEVEDO, KEVIN Alberto (Voter ID number 119890766).
GONZALEZ, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 116469706).

10241 SW 88TH ST

RODRIGUEZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 120453526).

10241 SW 98TH AVE
MARTINEZ, KELLEY Marie (Voter ID number 109863195).
TAYLOR, AMY E. (Voter ID number 109945315).
TAYLOR, DAVID F. (Voter ID number 109940236).
TAYLOR, GEORGE F. (Voter ID number 108990784).

10241 SW 99TH AVE
APT 206

PLACERES, HELLEN (Voter ID number 120965063).

10241 SW 99TH AVE
HAGSTEDT-MCGUIRE, CHRISTINE M. (Voter ID number 109793090).
MC GUIRE, JASON Paul (Voter ID number 109290689).

10242 SW 115TH ST
HALE, DEBORAH Clayton (Voter ID number 109323056).
HALE, DOROTHY Lunson (Voter ID number 109147485).
HALE, ROBERT Sidney (Voter ID number 109154342).

10243 SW 120TH ST
HAYES, JUDITH Helena (Voter ID number 109037069).
HAYES, RICHARD Francis (Voter ID number 109042831).

10243 SW 126TH ST
LAMENCA, NORBERTO Enrique (Voter ID number 109271708).
ROMANO, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 109384418).

10244 SW 130TH LN
HERNANDEZ, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 117509557).

10244 SW 87TH CT
KOPSTEIN, KYLE R. (Voter ID number 115157875).
KOPSTEIN, DARA Amber (Voter ID number 110315323).
KOPSTEIN, HAROLD Richard (Voter ID number 109131019).
KOPSTEIN, LUCY D. (Voter ID number 109358069).
KOPSTEIN, ROY Alexander (Voter ID number 115157733).

10245 SW 106TH ST
HARRIS, RYAN Thomas (Voter ID number 119611107).
HARRIS, LAURA Davis (Voter ID number 109653417).
HARRIS, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number 109228650).

10245 SW 111TH ST
RYAN, MARGARET Ann (Voter ID number 109357380).
RYAN, CHARLES W. (Voter ID number 109357382).
RYAN, KERRY L. (Voter ID number 117581347).

10245 SW 113TH ST
DE AGUIAR, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109197757).
DE AGUIAR, GLORIA Jeanine (Voter ID number 109210355).

10245 SW 130TH LN
KRUSE, JUANITA Carol (Voter ID number 109011394).
KRUSE, KARL Robert (Voter ID number 109011397).

10245 SW 130TH ST
RUBIN, ANN Beth (Voter ID number 108975066).
RUBIN, MICHAEL Stephen (Voter ID number 108975067).

10245 SW 135TH ST
PALACIOS, JANET C. (Voter ID number 120330970).
PALACIOS, MAURICIO Felipe (Voter ID number 116945570).
PALACIOS, MAURICIO (Voter ID number 117010414).
CARVAJAL, MARIA Helena (Voter ID number 118280681).

10246 SW 112TH ST
SCOTT, TIFFANY Erica (Voter ID number 110226988).

10249 SW 112TH ST
AZCUY, HEATHER Helena (Voter ID number 109633557).
AZCUY, JORGE Eduardo (Voter ID number 109507886).

10250 SW 102ND TER
ADAMS, KELLE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109925913).
ADAMS, SANDRA Grace (Voter ID number 109103442).

10250 SW 108TH ST
GIRALDO RAGAN, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 117926681).
GIRALDO, AURA (Voter ID number 109456825).
RABINOWITZ, LAURENCE Daniel (Voter ID number 116634641).
RAGAN, BRADLEY (Voter ID number 109968652).

10250 SW 109TH ST
VILLAR, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 121341489).
VILLAR, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 117754189).
AGUAS WOLF, GEORGINA (Voter ID number 109796307).
WOLF, GEORGINA Aguas (Voter ID number 110302782).
WOLF, STEVEN A. (Voter ID number 109174701).

10250 SW 110TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109282004).
RODRIGUEZ, MADELYN Brenda (Voter ID number 117195140).
PARSONS, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 109305128).
PARSONS, LAURA Francis (Voter ID number 109371419).
RODRIGUEZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 118709482).

10250 SW 125TH ST
GACH, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 109383827).
GACH, MICHAEL Paul (Voter ID number 109205510).

10250 SW 151ST TER
COPELAND, JAMES Ceasar (Voter ID number 109674509).
COPELAND, JAMES Ceasor (Voter ID number 109819353).
COPELAND, LAVORACE Tonkia (Voter ID number 109731121).
COPELAND, MARY B. (Voter ID number 110167513).
COPELAND, TIMOTHY Jermaine (Voter ID number 109884426).
JACKSON, DONI'L (Voter ID number 109600374).

10250 SW 91ST ST
STONE, LYNDA Charlene (Voter ID number 109148817).
BERNDT, NED (Voter ID number 109171110).

10250 SW 96TH TER
SAIZ DE LA MORA, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109227358).
SAIZ DE LA MORA, JESSICA Anne (Voter ID number 120421016).
SAIZ DE LA MORA, MARCOS Lorenz (Voter ID number 109186146).

10251 SW 108TH ST
SHARNOFF, ANDREAS (Voter ID number 114577315).

10251 SW 109TH ST
ALFONSO, CAROLINA M. (Voter ID number 114366045).
ALFONSO, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 110202866).
ALFONSO, RAUL (Voter ID number 109271605).
ALFONSO, ALEJANDRO R. (Voter ID number 116293314).

10251 SW 127TH ST
NUNEZ, MIRELYS R. (Voter ID number 116331391).

10251 SW 136TH ST
COTO, OMARA Martinez (Voter ID number 109483164).
COTO, IRMA (Voter ID number 109750655).
COTO, JOSE (Voter ID number 109389191).
SANCHEZ, JOSE Alejandro (Voter ID number 109677477).

10251 SW 88TH ST
CRUZ, CARLA V. (Voter ID number 116858058).
CRUZ, MARTIN Antonio (Voter ID number 117078155).
CRUZ, MARTIN Antonio (Voter ID number 120913007).
SALAZAR, MAGDA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 110061310).
SALAZAR, MAGDA V. (Voter ID number 116609197).
SALAZAR, RENATO Jose (Voter ID number 116596570).

10251 SW 91ST ST
PEREZ-REINALDO, MONICA (Voter ID number 109540446).

10251 SW 92ND TER
CUERVO, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 109102325).

10252 SW 119TH ST
GARCIA, LEONILA D. (Voter ID number 109361959).
GARCIA, MEAGHAN K. (Voter ID number 110160811).
GARCIA, RODOLFO Jesus (Voter ID number 109121197).

10253 SW 116TH ST
ALLEN, RACHEL Beth (Voter ID number 109888434).
ABREU, WILDA (Voter ID number 109452274).
ALLEN, HAROLD G. (Voter ID number 109217666).
ALLEN, PAMELA (Voter ID number 109217398).

10253 SW 126TH ST
REY, EMILIO (Voter ID number 108986411).
REY, NERIDA (Voter ID number 108986412).

10254 SW 87TH AVE
VAZQUEZ, DIEGO A. (Voter ID number 116379309).

10255 SW 111TH ST
CUMMINGS, GEORGE H. (Voter ID number 109110259).

10255 SW 112TH ST
CALLAHAN, EDWARD Joseph (Voter ID number 109113935).
CALLAHAN, MARGARET Jacob (Voter ID number 109116463).
CALLAHAN, MAURA Anne (Voter ID number 110204226).
CALLAHAN, SEAN P. (Voter ID number 114316163).

10255 SW 96TH TER
BEGUIRISTAIN, ALBERTO Javier (Voter ID number 109042277).
BEGUIRISTAIN, MARGARITA G. (Voter ID number 109169934).

10260 SW 104TH AVE
BALTODANO, JULISSA (Voter ID number 115233928).
PRADO, ADOLPH (Voter ID number 109443752).
PRADO, IVONNE B. (Voter ID number 109201791).

10260 SW 108TH ST
HERRERA, LOURDES M. (Voter ID number 109283092).
PEREZ, NORMA Jean (Voter ID number 110266868).
HERRERA, CONSTANTINO (Voter ID number 120195222).

10260 SW 110TH ST
VITERBO, ROSLYN (Voter ID number 109042365).

10260 SW 111TH ST
GUFFANTI, ALBERT W. (Voter ID number 109098283).
GUFFANTI, DANIELLA Anita (Voter ID number 110158753).
GUFFANTI, GINA Isabella (Voter ID number 110145870).
GUFFANTI, SHARON Denise (Voter ID number 109049312).

10260 SW 112TH ST
HOWE, DANIEL Lindsey (Voter ID number 109164569).
HOWE, LAUREEN Karen (Voter ID number 109202763).

10260 SW 120TH ST
FASCO, GISELA (Voter ID number 109654731).
FASCO, MELISSA Marie (Voter ID number 110220531).
FASCO, RUDY (Voter ID number 109360219).

10260 SW 121ST ST
HART, JAMES Thomas (Voter ID number 110041712).
HART, JONATHAN Wayne (Voter ID number 110271621).
HART, JUSTIN Daniel (Voter ID number 114905707).
HART, PATTI Sue (Voter ID number 108944070).
HART, THOMAS Edward (Voter ID number 109133936).

10260 SW 122ND ST
FUENTES, HAROLD (Voter ID number 102269417).
FUENTES, LAURA F. (Voter ID number 109211903).
FUENTES, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109435008).

10260 SW 124TH ST
KAWASS, ELIAS B. (Voter ID number 118859266).
KAWASS, LAINA M. (Voter ID number 109878058).
LOFTUS, CANDY Belle (Voter ID number 109160242).
LOFTUS, JAMES Kieran (Voter ID number 110165697).

10260 SW 127TH ST
HOWETT, TERESA Cristina (Voter ID number 110032287).
HOWETT, CHAD Edward (Voter ID number 113044359).

10260 SW 128TH ST
SWIMMER, DAVID Leonard (Voter ID number 109147282).
SWIMMER, RACHEL Etta (Voter ID number 109105775).
SWIMMER, STEPHANIE Lauren (Voter ID number 109402141).

10260 SW 130TH ST
ALVAREZ-CAMBO, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 102282336).
CAMBO, CARLOS J. (Voter ID number 115250625).

10260 SW 134TH ST
BARFIELD, GABRIEL A. (Voter ID number 109882811).
BARFIELD, MARY Ruth (Voter ID number 109122244).
BARFIELD, STEPHANIE Nicole (Voter ID number 110036884).

10260 SW 140TH ST
GILBERT, NANCY Marie (Voter ID number 109073767).
GILBERT, RONALD Bart (Voter ID number 108950465).

10260 SW 141ST ST
BERCUSON, DAVID (Voter ID number 109018988).
BERCUSON, MARLA W. (Voter ID number 109044040).

10260 SW 142ND ST
BRODIE, BRADLEY Harris (Voter ID number 110056402).
BRODIE, SHELLY Magids (Voter ID number 109074266).
BRODIE, STEVEN Jeffrey (Voter ID number 109175086).

10260 SW 144TH ST
NADEAU, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 109137615).
NADEAU, MARY LOU (Voter ID number 109076030).
NADEAU, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 109270092).

10260 SW 92ND TER
SANTIAGO, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 109088148).

10260 SW 93RD TER
DE LA VEGA, DAMIAN Modesto (Voter ID number 110154967).
DE LA VEGA, DANIA Cenal (Voter ID number 108925657).
DE LA VEGA, MODESTO (Voter ID number 109038195).
DE LA VEGA, MONICA J. (Voter ID number 114393898).

10261 SW 109TH ST
JOHNSON, KEVIN G. (Voter ID number 109359866).

10261 SW 110TH ST
VALEIRAS, MADELINE (Voter ID number 109190822).
VALERIAS, ALEX A. (Voter ID number 110097224).

10261 SW 121ST ST
LIEBERMAN, ANA M F (Voter ID number 109647755).
LIEBERMAN, HYMAN (Voter ID number 108951427).
LIEBERMAN, AMY M. (Voter ID number 117575703).

10261 SW 122ND ST
JONES, DOROTHY Grace (Voter ID number 109859393).
QUALLO, DOROTHY Jones (Voter ID number 109191788).
QUALLO, GARTH X. (Voter ID number 110047111).
QUALLO, LEIGHTON Anthony (Voter ID number 109559704).
QUALLO, PHILIP Nathan (Voter ID number 114312389).

10261 SW 124TH ST
HARRIS, ANNA (Voter ID number 109081763).
HARRIS, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 109105198).
HARRIS, JOCELYN L. (Voter ID number 109425849).

10261 SW 125TH ST
SOLOVE, ETHAN Greory (Voter ID number 114355112).
SOLOVE, MICHELLE Dana (Voter ID number 110331902).
SOLOVE, ROBERT Arnold (Voter ID number 109218250).
SOLOVE, SPENCER James (Voter ID number 118093535).
SOLOVE, TRACYE K. (Voter ID number 109221659).

10261 SW 127TH ST
SANCHEZ, BRANDON Michael (Voter ID number 118865909).

10261 SW 128TH ST
LEON, ABELARDO Pedro (Voter ID number 108959012).
LEON, LILLIAN Hernandez (Voter ID number 114562670).
SUAREZ, ORESTES (Voter ID number 116631202).

10261 SW 136TH ST
DE LA MAZA, EDUARDO T. (Voter ID number 109301962).
DIEGO DE LA MAZA, DILCEY (Voter ID number 109396796).

10261 SW 141ST ST
NUSSBAUM, WILLAM (Voter ID number 117002366).

10261 SW 142ND ST
KRIVOSHEY, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 109513211).
TUCHMAN, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 109513228).
TUCHMAN, REGINA (Voter ID number 115355991).

10261 SW 88TH ST
CLOUSER, BETH (Voter ID number 109225438).
CLOUSER, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 109217783).

10261 SW 92ND TER
ESCOBAR, ENRIQUE Jose (Voter ID number 109758595).
ESCOBAR, GILMARYS (Voter ID number 109680902).

10262 SW 115TH ST
KRAUSE, ERIC William (Voter ID number 110125939).
KRAUSE, MADELINE Hernandez (Voter ID number 109483256).

10262 SW 119TH ST
HARPER, LINDA L. (Voter ID number 108911857).
HARPER, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number 108907954).

10265 SW 111TH ST
SENTENAT, MARIAJOSE (Voter ID number 116237440).
SENTENAT, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 109239304).
VIDAL, IAN Scott (Voter ID number 121105267).
VIDAL, SEAN Erick (Voter ID number 121105385).
ZEPEDA, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 117835581).

10265 SW 112TH ST
RUBIN, GLADELMY Cabrera (Voter ID number 109196176).
RUBIN, SCOTT L. (Voter ID number 109110837).

10265 SW 113TH ST
CARCASES, CHRISTOPHER Ramon (Voter ID number 120906129).
CALVO, ILEANA V. (Voter ID number 109246140).
DIEZ, LUIS Ernesto (Voter ID number 110185546).
WALKER, DALE E. (Voter ID number 109383587).

10265 SW 130TH LN
DIEGO-RODRIGUEZ, LUCINA H. (Voter ID number 109508274).
RODRIGUEZ, DARIO O. (Voter ID number 109552633).
RODRIGUEZ, ISABELLA Maria (Voter ID number 119363927).
RODRIGUEZ, ERIK M. (Voter ID number 116872538).

10265 SW 133RD ST
GORMAN, ALLAN Robert (Voter ID number 109271014).
ZAMORA, BELKIS C. (Voter ID number 115567780).

10265 SW 135TH ST
HERZOG, IVETTE Maria (Voter ID number 109444680).
HERZOG, ROGER (Voter ID number 121292445).
CRUZ, CALVIN (Voter ID number 110071448).

10265 SW 143RD ST
FUENTES, LUZ Stella (Voter ID number 109497617).
FUENTES, REYNOLD Castor (Voter ID number 109107529).
FUENTES, TATIANA M. (Voter ID number 110189907).

10265 SW 93RD TER
MUNIZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109789986).
MUNIZ, ISABEL Maria (Voter ID number 109146622).

ROTOLANTE, BRIAN Henry (Voter ID number 109042459).

10270 SW 102ND TER
MISLEH, MARK W. (Voter ID number 109954691).
ROLDAN, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109155693).
ROLDAN, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 110190419).

10270 SW 104TH AVE
FONT, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109988514).
ROTOLANTE, MAGALI (Voter ID number 109978246).

10270 SW 109TH ST
HIRSH, CHARLES Jerome (Voter ID number 108990645).
HIRSH, VERA Anne (Voter ID number 109146899).

10270 SW 133RD ST
GILLUM, RANDY Joe (Voter ID number 115494875).
MOORE, MARY Jane (Voter ID number 115494860).

10270 SW 151ST TER
GREENE, RUEBEN (Voter ID number 108960244).
GREENE, EARLENE (Voter ID number 109197146).
GREENE, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109073478).
GREENE, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number 110269278).

10270 SW 92ND TER
CHRISTENSEN, PETER Edward (Voter ID number 110331705).
CHRISTENSEN, SONJA (Voter ID number 110334266).

10270 SW 93RD TER
GARCIA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109059938).

10270 SW 96TH TER
VALDIVIA, MADELEINE M. (Voter ID number 109283266).

10271 SW 109TH ST
ANDERSON, SIMONE St Antoinette (Voter ID number 109595908).
CHEW, NORMA V. (Voter ID number 109331091).

10271 SW 132ND ST
ORTEGA, ALODIA (Voter ID number 109235101).
ORTEGA, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109244114).

10271 SW 92ND TER
NIEBLA, AURORA E. (Voter ID number 110046565).
SANCHEZ, ROBERTO Adrian (Voter ID number 116515615).

10272 SW 119TH ST
PEREZ, JENNIFER Ann (Voter ID number 105217270).
PEREZ, ANA (Voter ID number 109423600).
PEREZ, ANN-LORI (Voter ID number 100575185).
PEREZ, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109236591).

10273 SW 116TH ST
ICAZA, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 118833490).
ICAZA, JEANNINE A. (Voter ID number 118093378).
ICAZA, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 109585488).
ICAZA, ELYANA Lucia (Voter ID number 114367230).
ICAZA, LYANA L. (Voter ID number 109585530).

10275 SW 111TH ST
MENDOZA, DENISE Ullerop (Voter ID number 116644633).
MARLOW, SUMMER Lean (Voter ID number 110040824).

10275 SW 93RD TER
MENDIOLA, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 109335378).
GILFARB, SAMUEL Isaac (Voter ID number 110307905).

10276 SW 97TH ST
PRPICH, DOMINIQUE A. (Voter ID number 118099645).

10280 SW 110TH ST
MYSYK, ANDRIY (Voter ID number 118273185).
MYSYK, LARYSA (Voter ID number 117905172).

10280 SW 111TH ST
GRIFFIN, ALLYSON Carol (Voter ID number 109941046).
GRIFFIN, EVAN Roger (Voter ID number 110023525).
GRIFFIN, ROGER Evan (Voter ID number 109056523).

10280 SW 120TH ST
DEEM, AMY L. (Voter ID number 109562239).

10280 SW 121ST ST
OLMEDA, ANGEL I. (Voter ID number 110308187).
OLMEDA, MARIA Herminia (Voter ID number 109316700).
SPAULDING, CRAIG Willard (Voter ID number 109326973).
SPAULDING, LAURIE Lee (Voter ID number 109326975).

10280 SW 122ND ST
MURGA, MANUEL M. (Voter ID number 109111455).
MURGA, MARJORIE E. (Voter ID number 109053197).

10280 SW 124TH ST
SUAREZ, ALEXANDER Rafael (Voter ID number 101797613).
SUAREZ, JACQUELINE M. (Voter ID number 109873334).

10280 SW 127TH ST
ANGUS, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 117593585).
MC GEE, EMORY D. (Voter ID number 109329271).
VASQUEZ, MIGUEL E. (Voter ID number 110074540).

10280 SW 128TH ST
WEISER, LOUIS (Voter ID number 102496028).
STANLEY, ROBERTA Weiser (Voter ID number 109183890).
STANLEY, S Alan (Voter ID number 109146885).

10280 SW 130TH ST
MCDONOUGH, DARREN Hanlon (Voter ID number 101958138).
MCDONOUGH, FRANCIS D. (Voter ID number 104512695).

10280 SW 134TH ST
AVILES, YAIMA (Voter ID number 109524794).

10280 SW 140TH ST
KATZ, ALEXA Rochelle (Voter ID number 119171538).
KATZ, HOWARD Seth (Voter ID number 109293870).
SHAPIRO KATZ, ROBIN A. (Voter ID number 109194080).

10280 SW 141ST ST
SOCHERMAN, JERRY (Voter ID number 109283804).
SOCHERMAN, SHARON Robin (Voter ID number 109205031).

10280 SW 142ND ST
ELAHI, AFSAR (Voter ID number 109778372).
ELAHI, MEHRAN (Voter ID number 110023749).
HENDI, AHMAD (Voter ID number 110021760).

10280 SW 144TH ST
AGUIRRE, OLGA (Voter ID number 109605252).
CANTENS, ANA V. (Voter ID number 109913367).
CANTENS, FERNANDO Julio (Voter ID number 109029259).

10280 SW 92ND TER
PINES, KENNETH Revere (Voter ID number 109785350).
PINES, LILIA (Voter ID number 110004766).
RIVERA, KIMBERLY Ann (Voter ID number 109998058).

10280 SW 93RD TER
RIVAS, AMANDA (Voter ID number 120818088).
LIEVANO, JEAN-PAUL Guillaume (Voter ID number 109270152).
PUERTO, RUBY (Voter ID number 108972176).
SARZALEJO, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 109311268).
SARZALEJO, RUBY P. (Voter ID number 109169713).

10281 SW 110TH ST
ESPINAL, CARMENZA (Voter ID number 110177736).
LOPEZ, KRISTHIAN P. (Voter ID number 110241335).

10281 SW 121ST ST
HARRIS, WENDY A. (Voter ID number 110043876).
HUTTON, BARRY Christian (Voter ID number 110108456).

10281 SW 122ND ST
PEDROSO, HUMBERTO (Voter ID number 109345025).
PEDROSO, MICHELLE T. (Voter ID number 109554303).

10281 SW 125TH ST
EMAS, RACHEL J. (Voter ID number 110190761).

10281 SW 128TH ST
SILVA, MARIANA (Voter ID number 114397948).

10281 SW 132ND ST
PARIS, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109262168).
PARIS, KRISTINE Michelle (Voter ID number 110306640).
VALDES, LISA (Voter ID number 110137960).

10281 SW 141ST ST
TEFEL, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 117150762).
RIVAS, CAROLINA A. (Voter ID number 114239783).

10281 SW 142ND ST
ROMERO, LILIAN C. (Voter ID number 116841806).
GRAVER, COREY Micheal (Voter ID number 115687426).
GRAVER, MARITZA A. (Voter ID number 109184863).
GRAVER, RICHARD Ian (Voter ID number 109017774).
GRAVER, RYAN (Voter ID number 120479229).

10281 SW 144TH ST
CHING-JOHNSON, NICOLE P. (Voter ID number 109991393).
COLON, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109270498).
NETTO, CHELSI Amanda (Voter ID number 120915329).

10281 SW 147TH TER
MOREAU, DEVONTAE J. (Voter ID number 120203231).
BUSSIE, YOLANDA D. (Voter ID number 115862322).

10281 SW 92ND TER
RIOS, ANTHONY Peter (Voter ID number 118518736).

10285 SW 103RD LN
RUSSO, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109138399).

10285 SW 130TH LN
BUCHHOLZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 108945113).
BUCHHOLZ, JOHN Robert (Voter ID number 109130478).
BUCHHOLZ, SARA Ann (Voter ID number 119820601).

10285 SW 135TH ST
MAYER, BONNIE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109007799).
MAYER, CHAD Michael (Voter ID number 109779521).
MAYER, ROBERT Barry (Voter ID number 109018409).

10285 SW 88TH ST
TOME, VICKY Pando (Voter ID number 109110390).
TOME, ANA Victoria (Voter ID number 109362747).
TOME, ANNIE V. (Voter ID number 116606409).
TOME, LOUIS R. (Voter ID number 109230125).

10285 SW 93RD TER
RUHI, KRISTOPHER C. (Voter ID number 109816769).
RUHI, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 109048378).
RUHI, CONRAD (Voter ID number 109167888).
RUHI, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 110202083).

10287 SW 88TH ST
ALVAREZ, AMPARO (Voter ID number 110108363).
RIOS, PEGGY (Voter ID number 109667970).

10289 SW 88TH ST
ALVAREZ-RODRIGUEZ, ELIA (Voter ID number 109297374).

10290 SW 102ND ST
BRUNELLE, CELESTE Susan (Voter ID number 109118125).

10290 SW 103RD LN
O'HARE, ANN Maura (Voter ID number 109085768).
O'HARE, DANIEL Ryan (Voter ID number 110114930).
O'HARE, MEGAN Rachel (Voter ID number 114424691).
O'HARE, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 109755598).

10290 SW 128TH ST
CARNEY, DOROTHY R. (Voter ID number 109917522).
PIZARRO, ALEXANDRA Maria (Voter ID number 116744183).

10290 SW 133RD ST
PEREZ, CARLOS Jesus (Voter ID number 109175842).
PEREZ, CRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 116457627).
PEREZ, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 109412136).

10290 SW 144TH ST
BERMUDEZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 110243268).
BERMUDEZ, YAILIN (Voter ID number 117262533).

10290 SW 92ND TER
CURRY, TIFFANY Hasmi (Voter ID number 110128557).
FERNANDEZ, DAVID Matthew (Voter ID number 117580928).
CARRASCO, MIRTA (Voter ID number 118654044).
CEBALLOS, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109732399).
FERNANDEZ, AYMEE (Voter ID number 110056466).
FERNANDEZ, DAVID Enrique (Voter ID number 109462399).

10291 SW 112TH ST
HILGER, LARISSA Y. (Voter ID number 120562377).

10291 SW 127TH ST
MARTINEZ, MARIA Antonia (Voter ID number 109423093).
MARTINEZ, OSMUNDO Oscar (Voter ID number 109089895).
MARQUES, JACQUELINE M. (Voter ID number 109914677).
MARQUES, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109185411).

10291 SW 147TH TER
DANIELS, JUDITH Ann (Voter ID number 109925591).

10291 SW 92ND TER
DRAKELEY, KENNETH J. (Voter ID number 108999214).

10292 SW 126TH ST
GARCIA, ALEXANDER Edward (Voter ID number 109067925).

10295 SW 103RD LN
MAINE, HILDA R. (Voter ID number 109169904).
MAINE, JOHN C. (Voter ID number 108948897).
MAINE, MAYA Noele (Voter ID number 109284757).

10295 SW 124TH ST
KHOURY, VICTORIA Maria (Voter ID number 110251145).
KHOURY, PATRICK John (Voter ID number 110102816).

10297 SW 127TH ST
CESPEDES, DEBORAH M. (Voter ID number 114468950).
CESPEDES, PEDRO (Voter ID number 109367694).
MENDEZ, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 110109923).

10297 SW 134TH ST
RIGOL, BRADLEY Lewis (Voter ID number 120892291).
RIGOL, JOSEPH Edward (Voter ID number 109102665).
RIGOL, PATRICIA Lynn (Voter ID number 109237591).

10298 SW 126TH ST
RODRIGUEZ-CIBRAN, MAVEL (Voter ID number 109167323).

10300 SW 100TH AVE
STINGER, HARRY Walter (Voter ID number 108957896).
STINGER, PEGGIE B. (Voter ID number 109387400).

10300 SW 102ND AVE
JUNCOSA-MARQUES, LIAN Marie (Voter ID number 109347973).
MARQUES, JAVIER I. (Voter ID number 109309482).

10300 SW 103RD CT
GIORDANO, AQUILES (Voter ID number 110201927).
TOLEDO GIORDANO, VANIA (Voter ID number 109900556).

10300 SW 103RD LN
FISTEL, JODIE Britt (Voter ID number 118345145).
FISTEL, CINDY Ann (Voter ID number 110057190).
FISTEL, HOWARD M. (Voter ID number 110057765).
FISTEL, STACY Brent (Voter ID number 118497218).

10300 SW 103RD TER
SHEEHAN, MICHAEL Edward (Voter ID number 109282378).

10300 SW 103RD LN
FISTEL, MARLA (Voter ID number 116286269).

10300 SW 107TH ST
ALVAREZ, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 109434078).
ALVAREZ, FRANCES Teresita (Voter ID number 109867116).

10300 SW 109TH ST
JORGE, PEDRO (Voter ID number 109255613).
DOMINGUEZ, SONIA (Voter ID number 109057705).

10300 SW 110TH ST
ROSALES, MAIRA (Voter ID number 109018260).
ROSALES, HERIBERTO (Voter ID number 116444249).

10300 SW 111TH ST
LOVE, MARGO S. (Voter ID number 109874410).
LOVE, TIFFANY Jo (Voter ID number 110031250).

10300 SW 112TH ST
DE MIRZA, LORET (Voter ID number 109162569).
DE MIRZA, SHAROKINA R. (Voter ID number 109447027).
DEMIRZA, BENITA J. (Voter ID number 109715469).

10300 SW 113TH ST
STRIDFELDT, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number 115658607).
STRIDFELDT, CARL E. (Voter ID number 109244290).
STRIDFELDT, LORI Lynne (Voter ID number 109245128).
STRIDFELDT, ANDREW (Voter ID number 116275170).

10300 SW 114TH ST
BOYD, WILLIAM James (Voter ID number 121236090).
NUNEZ, JEANETTE (Voter ID number 109327678).
NUNEZ, AMY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109980944).

10300 SW 115TH AVE
GARCIA, LOURDES Maria (Voter ID number 109089910).
GARCIA, SERGIO Andres (Voter ID number 109089911).

10300 SW 116TH AVE
BOND, SHAWN W. (Voter ID number 119621947).
AIT, PAMELA Bond (Voter ID number 109496682).
ALT, JEFFERY Leonard (Voter ID number 109146567).
BOND, AMBER Love (Voter ID number 110323492).
BOND, SALLY B. (Voter ID number 110280335).

10300 SW 118TH ST
ZHU, TONY D. (Voter ID number 119612034).
ZHU, CHERYU (Voter ID number 110203403).
ZHU, XIAOYUN (Voter ID number 109867459).

10300 SW 120TH ST
ZUCKER, LONNA Levitz (Voter ID number 109063333).
ZUCKER, WARREN Kenneth (Voter ID number 109043102).

10300 SW 121ST ST
BENITEZ, HORTENSIA Fermina (Voter ID number 109104870).
RAMOS, MIRIAM S. (Voter ID number 109531658).
RAMOS, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 109438043).

10300 SW 124TH ST
ALVAREZ, CELYNNE (Voter ID number 119175867).
ALVAREZ, CECILIA T. (Voter ID number 109261639).
ALVAREZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 110264861).

10300 SW 125TH ST
VIELOT, KLEBER Max (Voter ID number 110093574).
CLESCA TOVAR, VIOLA (Voter ID number 109178161).
JANNY, ANNA Elbilia (Voter ID number 109338967).

10300 SW 130TH ST
BARON, CHRISTINE Lee (Voter ID number 108958314).
BARON, DENNIS Charles (Voter ID number 108957364).
STALLONE, NICOLE Andreas (Voter ID number 110109263).

10300 SW 136TH ST
ALONI, DONNA B. (Voter ID number 110234651).
TORRES, JOSUE (Voter ID number 109232914).

10300 SW 139TH ST
GRAESSER, MARK Patrick (Voter ID number 116619755).
AHART, BRUCE John (Voter ID number 110100888).
NICOLAS, MARIE G. (Voter ID number 116708211).

10300 SW 140TH ST
GROSSMAN, DAVID Leigh (Voter ID number 110124801).
GROSSMAN, ELISE Michelle (Voter ID number 109981669).
GROSSMAN, JOYCE Foosaner (Voter ID number 109124972).
GROSSMAN, RICHARD Alan (Voter ID number 109099633).

10300 SW 142ND ST
CHIN, BELINDA Maria (Voter ID number 110343785).
CHIN, HARRY L. (Voter ID number 110243087).

10300 SW 146TH ST
GROSS, MAGGIE L. (Voter ID number 109568073).
SHARPE, JOANN (Voter ID number 108981687).
WILKINSON, LYNDA A. (Voter ID number 110022963).

10300 SW 149TH ST
HOLLADAY, LEON Levi (Voter ID number 119801039).
HOLLADAY, GARY (Voter ID number 109561184).
HOLLADAY, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109341688).
HOLLADAY, SIMON (Voter ID number 109438145).

10300 SW 149TH TER
FRANCIS, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 109022653).

10300 SW 150TH TER
MC COY, ROSABERTHA (Voter ID number 109074738).

10300 SW 88TH AVE
ZWELLING, DELORES Mae (Voter ID number 109073086).
ZWELLING, JOEL Ronald (Voter ID number 109050562).

10300 SW 89TH AVE
TISHGART, CHARLES (Voter ID number 109028375).
TISHGART, DAVID Ryan (Voter ID number 109418326).
TISHGART, ESTA Minna (Voter ID number 109146791).
TISHGART, JEFFREY Alan (Voter ID number 109470623).

10300 SW 89TH ST
DE SAUTEL, HELEN Craig (Voter ID number 109001357).
DE SAUTEL, LISANNE Kathleen (Voter ID number 109304640).

10300 SW 90TH AVE
MENDIETA, TERESA Santana (Voter ID number 109210478).

10300 SW 90TH ST
CARDOZO, BLANCA Nieve (Voter ID number 114789806).
BALAIS, MIGUEL F. (Voter ID number 108964087).
BALAIS, PATRICIA Z. (Voter ID number 114789840).

10300 SW 91ST ST
PUJOL, SAMANTHA Susana (Voter ID number 120342150).
PUJOL, STEPHANIE Maria (Voter ID number 120606064).
FERNANDEZ-PUJOL, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109188594).
PUJOL, JORGE E. (Voter ID number 109691114).

10300 SW 92ND ST
LIEVANO, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 109566551).

10300 SW 98TH ST
ROSTANT, DENNIS Michael (Voter ID number 109798764).
ROSTANT, GLEN Dennis (Voter ID number 110287889).
ROSTANT, JUNE Ann (Voter ID number 109836108).
ROSTANT, LISA M. (Voter ID number 109736452).

10300 SW 99TH AVE
SUCHINSKY, HEATHE Ann (Voter ID number 119831799).
SUCHINSKY, CHARLA M. (Voter ID number 109313550).

10300 SW 99TH ST
DIB, AFIFE (Voter ID number 109847954).
REZOLA, ELSA (Voter ID number 109847925).

10301 SW 102ND AVE
FEHRENBACH, HANS (Voter ID number 109256336).

10301 SW 102ND ST
CURBELO, CARLOS Luis (Voter ID number 109759696).
CURBELO, CECILIA L. (Voter ID number 109873946).
CURBELO, CECILIA Lowell (Voter ID number 114303547).

10301 SW 107TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 109607825).

10301 SW 109TH ST
ARMAS-ALESSIO, NELLY (Voter ID number 110119610).

10301 SW 110TH ST
VIERA, JESSE L. (Voter ID number 119611533).
VIERA, GISELLE M. (Voter ID number 109186001).
VIERA, JESUS Luis (Voter ID number 109449885).

10301 SW 111TH ST
ZIENCE, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 109473914).

10301 SW 112TH ST
COOPER, JUDY A. (Voter ID number 110102907).

10301 SW 114TH ST
GALADZA, PAUL Eugene (Voter ID number 109120009).
GALADZA, VALERIE Marcia (Voter ID number 109080310).

10301 SW 114TH TER
SOLOMON, DAVID R. (Voter ID number 118389357).
SOLOMON, NANCY C. (Voter ID number 109156765).
SOLOMON, SARA Renee (Voter ID number 116012086).
SOLOMON, WILLIAM Evan (Voter ID number 109106031).

10301 SW 114TH ST
GALADZA, ROMAN (Voter ID number 116286863).

10301 SW 114TH TER
SOLOMON, MICHAEL Joel (Voter ID number 117560772).

10301 SW 116TH AVE
DAY, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109645525).
FLOREZ, REGINA Margarita (Voter ID number 109757954).

10301 SW 122ND ST
BRENNER, CHERI Rose (Voter ID number 109051435).
MATZ, HEATHER Rene (Voter ID number 115278277).
ORTMAN, GARY Steven (Voter ID number 109201387).
BRENNER, SAMANTHA Dawn (Voter ID number 109818801).
MATZ, ERIC J. (Voter ID number 118103940).
MATZ, LORI Faith (Voter ID number 109204738).

10301 SW 125TH ST
BAROCAS, JOSHUA David (Voter ID number 109617791).
BAROCAS, LOUIS (Voter ID number 109696080).
BAROCAS, NADINE Ruth (Voter ID number 109065672).

10301 SW 139TH ST
TOPINKA, ALYSSA Claire (Voter ID number 110329026).
TOPINKA, CONCHITA R. (Voter ID number 109210932).
TOPINKA, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 109227017).
TOPINKA, GRACE A. (Voter ID number 116844597).

10301 SW 140TH ST
CARVAJAL, MELISSA Raquel (Voter ID number 110102262).
CARVAJAL, MANUEL J. (Voter ID number 109688870).
CARVAJAL, MAYDA L. (Voter ID number 109280256).

10301 SW 141ST ST
ATILES, LORNA Y. (Voter ID number 115312943).
ROSLER, LORNA Y. (Voter ID number 109898817).
VASQUEZ, ARTURO J. (Voter ID number 110217916).
VASQUEZ, WILFREDO A. (Voter ID number 110216458).

10301 SW 144TH ST
BENNETT, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 121170599).
BENNETT, MICHAEL Warren (Voter ID number 121170578).
GRAY, ALISON Elaine (Voter ID number 119166174).
HAMATY-SIMMONDS, MONIQUE (Voter ID number 109723946).

10301 SW 146TH TER
MC GUIRE, DARRIN (Voter ID number 109289823).
ATKINS, ELISHA Shauntay (Voter ID number 109882884).
MILLINGS, SHANTELL La Shon (Voter ID number 109262701).
THOMPSON, TAKOJA D. (Voter ID number 116630761).

10301 SW 150TH TER
BROWN, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 108977797).
BROWN, PAULINE (Voter ID number 108951626).
DAVIS, LITISHA Venice (Voter ID number 109883899).
SHINHOSTER, MENE E. (Voter ID number 119621921).
DAVIS, KENNETH O'Neal (Voter ID number 109286593).

10301 SW 87TH CT
PALMER SCOPETTA, LINDA C. (Voter ID number 109065943).
SCOPETTA, JAMES P. (Voter ID number 110184001).
SCOPETTA, JOHN Paul (Voter ID number 110051473).

10301 SW 87TH CT

SCOPETTA, JOHN Richard (Voter ID number 109968928).

10301 SW 88TH AVE
JOSEPH, GREACIEUSE (Voter ID number 109391907).
MERHIGE, CAROLE (Voter ID number 109091645).
MERHIGE, MICHAEL George (Voter ID number 108948147).

10301 SW 88TH ST
BEAZ, STEPHANIE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109937400).
GERSON, EFERILDIA Stella (Voter ID number 109864983).
GERSON, IRVING L. (Voter ID number 108984027).

10301 SW 89TH AVE
FLORES, ANA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109474390).
FLORES, NORMA (Voter ID number 109675191).
KARMAN, SILVIA M. (Voter ID number 109653212).

10301 SW 89TH ST
COLLINS, CASEY Louis (Voter ID number 109658291).
COLLINS, SUJAYLA (Voter ID number 109871701).

10301 SW 89TH AVE
MARTINEZ, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 117641472).

10301 SW 90TH AVE
SINGER, ELLEN A. (Voter ID number 109036191).
SINGER, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 120586196).
SINGER, MOTL (Voter ID number 109081627).

10301 SW 98TH AVE
FYFFE, LARA Anna (Voter ID number 110165671).
FYFFE, RYAN Charles (Voter ID number 110013430).
FIGUERAS, BLANCA Ruiz (Voter ID number 109660263).

10301 SW 98TH ST
HERNANDEZ, BLOCHAGA Hernando (Voter ID number 116366630).
LOLLIS, MARTA B. (Voter ID number 116807866).
LOLLIS, WILLIAM Winfield (Voter ID number 109033017).
LOLLIS, MERCEDES Ruiz (Voter ID number 108919955).

10301 SW 99TH AVE
GOVIA, GREGORY Allan (Voter ID number 109136031).
GOVIA, MARTHA E. (Voter ID number 109081850).

10302 SW 114TH TER
REOYO, KARINA Marylin (Voter ID number 109545538).
REOYO, MARYLIN (Voter ID number 109346162).
RODRIGUEZ, CARELL (Voter ID number 109503430).

10302 SW 115TH ST
GREGG, KATEN S. (Voter ID number 117580926).
GREGG, JANE Foreman (Voter ID number 109001094).
GREGG, WILLIAM Truman (Voter ID number 108939467).

10302 SW 116TH ST
PFEIFER, BETTY L. (Voter ID number 109136462).
PFEIFER, JAMES Robert (Voter ID number 109136461).

10302 SW 119TH ST
SILVA, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109217751).
SILVA, JOANNE (Voter ID number 109330926).

10302 SW 141ST ST
GINSBURG, JOELLE Hope (Voter ID number 114417772).
GINSBURG, MARK S. (Voter ID number 109161813).
GINSBURG, SHELLEY Jane (Voter ID number 109161811).

10302 SW 144TH ST
NUSSBERGER, GREGOR (Voter ID number 109509917).

10302 SW 151ST TER
GLENN, ALVIN B. (Voter ID number 110175279).
GLENN, CATHERINE Cone (Voter ID number 109002395).

10303 SW 115TH ST
BANDRICH, ESPERANZA (Voter ID number 109894428).
BANDRICH, RICARDO Luis (Voter ID number 110129647).

10303 SW 116TH ST
GONZALEZ, JEZZEL (Voter ID number 109860082).
GONZALEZ, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109607655).

10303 SW 120TH ST
VERDEJA, ADRIANA F. (Voter ID number 114324606).

10303 SW 126TH ST
GOLDSTEIN, RICHARD (Voter ID number 110235881).
GOLDSTEIN, SHARON Marcia (Voter ID number 109036250).

10303 SW 142ND ST
BOTH, JOSEPH Andrew (Voter ID number 110321453).
MONTGOMERY, BEVERLEY R. (Voter ID number 116553037).

10303 SW 88TH ST
ROMERO, ELIZABETH Jane (Voter ID number 109163813).
ROMERO, FEDERICO Jose (Voter ID number 114631515).

10304 SW 115TH CT
GARCIA, LAURA J. (Voter ID number 109985618).
HERNANDEZ, MARIA Julia G De (Voter ID number 117158191).
GARCIA, ARMANDO D. (Voter ID number 109373569).
GARCIA, CARMEN A. (Voter ID number 109527905).
GARCIA, YADIRA Ana (Voter ID number 109848119).
ROSSELLO-GARCIA, MAYRA A. (Voter ID number 109370748).

10304 SW 117TH ST
BANDKLAYDER, CAROLYN Jean (Voter ID number 109925936).
BANDKLAYDER, DANIEL Keith (Voter ID number 109121043).

10304 SW 87TH CT
ALESSI, ANNIE Lois (Voter ID number 108902766).
ALESSI, JOHN (Voter ID number 108902768).

10304 SW 89TH CT
LEE, RICHARD (Voter ID number 120462680).
LEE, LINDA Giancola (Voter ID number 108987040).

10305 SW 103RD LN
TEZANOS, FLORENCIO Luis (Voter ID number 109036867).
TEZANOS, MARIA Josefa (Voter ID number 101993250).

10305 SW 114TH CT
PEREZ, DORIS Villot (Voter ID number 115570086).
SOLER, MARC Humberto (Voter ID number 110199443).
PEREZ, JULIET Casanova (Voter ID number 109213821).
PEREZ, ROLANDO Jaime (Voter ID number 109760846).

10305 SW 117TH ST
VESPE, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 109892307).
VESPE, ROBERT Rocco (Voter ID number 108919587).
VESPE, VIRGINIA Maria (Voter ID number 109138157).

10305 SW 132ND ST
ESSIG, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 110021591).
GARCIA, JONATHAN J. (Voter ID number 117581728).
MOTA, MARELU (Voter ID number 110002910).
NAVARRO, CRISTINA Maria (Voter ID number 109518103).

10305 SW 149TH TER
BAILEY, ELEANOR Ramsey (Voter ID number 109002435).
BAILEY, JAMES (Voter ID number 108979802).
FREEMAN, RASCHELLE E. (Voter ID number 109219154).
STURRUP, NYA Rashaya (Voter ID number 118883180).

10305 SW 151ST TER
MATOS, CHERYLE Loraine (Voter ID number 108953943).
MATOS, FAUSTINO R. (Voter ID number 109677791).

10305 SW 88TH ST
SOTO, MARICARMEN (Voter ID number 119618179).
VICENTE, CARMEN (Voter ID number 114428694).
DULUDE, JUANA Teresa (Voter ID number 119883839).
FERNANDEZ-VINA, JAVIER Jose (Voter ID number 115876969).
LLANO, CARMEN L. (Voter ID number 114429088).
SOTO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 114428684).

10305 SW 89TH CT
MICHAEL, PETER (Voter ID number 119883742).
MICHAEL, FAYEZ Youssef (Voter ID number 109989385).
MICHAEL, SONIA V. (Voter ID number 109356186).

10305 SW 90TH ST
LAWTON, ABNER P. (Voter ID number 109001389).
LAWTON, BETTY S. (Voter ID number 109001390).

10305 SW 92ND ST
MAQUEIRA, CAROL P. (Voter ID number 109935031).

10305 SW 99TH ST
REILLY, FABIOLA A. (Voter ID number 119863424).
REILLY, PAUL Edward (Voter ID number 109341970).
REILLY, PAUL J. (Voter ID number 118394084).

10307 SW 118TH ST
ARSENAULT, SUZANNE V. (Voter ID number 109458665).
MC KAIG, BETSY L. (Voter ID number 114742381).
ARSENAULT, MATTHEW Vidal (Voter ID number 109851155).
MC KAIG, HAROLD L. (Voter ID number 109337630).
MC KAIG, KAREN L. (Voter ID number 109337629).

10310 SW 102ND AVE
ROOKS, REBECCA J. (Voter ID number 110274433).
ROOKS, WILLIAM Taylor (Voter ID number 109160042).

10310 SW 103RD CT
YOUNIS, TAMARA E. (Voter ID number 117081253).
LYONS, ANN E. (Voter ID number 109888599).
LYONS, DAVID Emanuel (Voter ID number 109929523).
LYONS, DAVID Emanuel (Voter ID number 109930307).
LYONS, NANCY Kay Daria (Voter ID number 109277327).

10310 SW 103RD LN
HILDEBRANDT, DENISE J. (Voter ID number 109032185).
HILDEBRANDT, GARY Paul (Voter ID number 109032754).

10310 SW 103RD TER
FERRER, TAYLOR A. (Voter ID number 118090972).
FERRER, KRISTEN Elise (Voter ID number 116285748).

10310 SW 107TH ST
OSPINA, TATIANA (Voter ID number 109813195).
RIVERA, JOSEPH Anthony (Voter ID number 109536383).

10310 SW 115TH AVE
MONTANE, YENISEL (Voter ID number 109892847).
VALDES, JENNIFER A. (Voter ID number 120428807).
JOHANSEN, ADA (Voter ID number 109419631).
VALDES, JESSICA (Voter ID number 118552093).

10310 SW 118TH ST
VALDES, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109316688).
VALDES, JUDITH Noriega (Voter ID number 109340977).

10310 SW 145TH ST
NORIEGA, FRANCISCA M. (Voter ID number 109794588).
NORIEGA, FRANCISCA (Voter ID number 117020911).

10310 SW 146TH ST
COBBS, WILLIE Larkins (Voter ID number 109019677).
COBBS, ALBERT C. (Voter ID number 109368421).
COBBS, DIONNE Sharelle (Voter ID number 110172165).
COBBS, NATALIE D. (Voter ID number 109482150).
COBBS, NICOLE S. (Voter ID number 109731815).

10310 SW 149TH ST
LYONS, CASON Levon (Voter ID number 118236104).
MC KINNEY, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number 109315056).
MCKINNEY, LASTACIA J. (Voter ID number 117578172).
LYONS, LA Wanda C (Voter ID number 109311169).

10310 SW 149TH TER
JOHNSON, ROSIE May (Voter ID number 109002506).

10310 SW 150TH TER
WILBORN, MILDRED (Voter ID number 108948506).

10310 SW 89TH ST
SLEEPER, SHERRI Tan (Voter ID number 109210356).
SLEEPER, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number 109930543).
MENENDEZ, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 110148868).

10310 SW 90TH ST
MENDOZA, RAMON (Voter ID number 116981702).
MENDOZA, PATRICIA F S (Voter ID number 109107501).

10310 SW 91ST ST
ALVAREZ, ALFRED Michael (Voter ID number 109427839).
ALVAREZ, LISETTE O. (Voter ID number 110247198).

10310 SW 92ND ST
ALLEYN, CRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 109818650).
ALLEYN, EVA Magaly (Voter ID number 109015416).
ALLEYN, HARRY Niven (Voter ID number 110087197).

10310 SW 93RD ST
MENENDEZ, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 109482313).
MENENDEZ, PASTORA L. (Voter ID number 115678589).

10310 SW 98TH ST
ORTEGO, LAUREN (Voter ID number 117513052).
ORTEGO, THERESA R. (Voter ID number 109683154).
GARCIA-RIVAS, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 118766121).
RIVAS, ANA M. (Voter ID number 108964786).
RIVAS, ANNA M. (Voter ID number 109130718).
RIVAS, ANTHONY C. (Voter ID number 108964787).

10311 SW 103RD TER
PENTON, ERNESTO Daniel (Voter ID number 120909266).
MARTINEZ, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 115278255).
PENTON, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 109627587).
PENTON, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 109218119).

10311 SW 107TH ST
HELSPER, DOUGLAS John (Voter ID number 109087157).
HELSPER, OFELIA Gobel (Voter ID number 109028681).

10311 SW 116TH AVE
RAVITCH, HILDA B. (Voter ID number 108971258).
RAVITCH, JAYNE (Voter ID number 117015234).

10311 SW 119TH ST
MC CORMICK, KAREN Lynn (Voter ID number 109376425).
MC CORMICK, WHILMA (Voter ID number 109075364).
MCCORMICK, RICHARD Hamilton (Voter ID number 108914667).

10311 SW 145TH ST
MARTIN, RYAN K. (Voter ID number 117575739).
DAVIS, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 109251742).

10311 SW 146TH ST
BALLINGER, STRAWADY V. (Voter ID number 114625324).
JOLLY, LEO Beatrice (Voter ID number 109565942).
MILLS, TAMARA Dee (Voter ID number 109817341).

10311 SW 150TH TER
GRANT, CINDY Agartha (Voter ID number 109047163).

10311 SW 89TH ST
TALAB-OKASHA, GHADA (Voter ID number 120427209).

10311 SW 98TH ST
LEGRA, JEANA (Voter ID number 115223290).
LEGRA, AQUILES (Voter ID number 117074272).

10312 SW 113TH ST
DAVY, ROBERTA S. (Voter ID number 110278128).

10312 SW 119TH ST
HANESS, EUNICE A. (Voter ID number 109147464).
HANESS, MITCHELL Hugh (Voter ID number 108910782).

10312 SW 151ST TER
GORDON, FAY Esmie (Voter ID number 119718580).

10313 SW 114TH ST
WELSH, WAYNE Allen (Voter ID number 108957258).
WELSH, ARLENE Frances (Voter ID number 108910443).

10313 SW 120TH ST
INGUANZO, GUIDO H. (Voter ID number 109256622).
INGUANZO, MONICA Silva (Voter ID number 109705781).

10313 SW 134TH ST
PARRALES, SILVIO Jose (Voter ID number 119287888).

10314 SW 115TH CT
ADAMS, MARK Josephemilio (Voter ID number 109974763).
ADAMS, MARK William (Voter ID number 109110049).
ADAMS, MARTHA C. (Voter ID number 108967913).
ADAMS, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 115858295).

10314 SW 117TH ST
LOPEZ, ADRIANA Maria (Voter ID number 118446931).
LOPEZ, LOURDES M. (Voter ID number 109282311).
LOPEZ, ADOLFO Francisco (Voter ID number 109402312).
LOPEZ, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 118744359).

10315 SW 103RD LN
RUMMEL, JESSICA Kathryn (Voter ID number 110114533).
RUMMEL, JOHN Stevens (Voter ID number 109294288).
RUMMEL, MARSHA Kay (Voter ID number 109142007).

10315 SW 114TH CT
MARTINEZ, DEBORAH Ann (Voter ID number 109439296).
MARTINEZ, JORGE Enrique (Voter ID number 109439295).
MARTINEZ, JORGE Ramon (Voter ID number 110321491).
MARTINEZ, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number 115687213).

10315 SW 115TH CT
MALLAR, ANNIA (Voter ID number 109721940).
MALLAR, ELIAS Rafael (Voter ID number 109395813).

10315 SW 146TH TER
ALEXANDER, CIERA Collette (Voter ID number 110033998).
ALEXANDER, DIANE L. (Voter ID number 109143158).
ALEXANDER, DOROTHY Lorraine (Voter ID number 108902787).
JACKSON, MICHELLE N. (Voter ID number 109818094).
JACKSON, VERA L. (Voter ID number 109048172).

10315 SW 149TH TER
BENEBY, HARRINGTON (Voter ID number 108970167).
BUTTS, AHLICIA M. (Voter ID number 109996618).
CALDERON, LATOYA La Shawn (Voter ID number 115884768).

10315 SW 151ST TER
GOLATT, TIFFANY Iris (Voter ID number 109760629).
GOLATT, TRAVIS (Voter ID number 116295255).
GOLATT, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 109540651).
GOLATT, CURTISS D. (Voter ID number 109731537).
GOLATT, ERIC A. (Voter ID number 110158118).
GOLATT, LINDA Redding (Voter ID number 109045158).
GOLATT, PAUL (Voter ID number 109341281).

10315 SW 90TH ST
BASCUAS, ERNESTO Alejandro (Voter ID number 116853689).
GOMEZ, REBECA Isabel (Voter ID number 109493528).

10315 SW 91ST ST
GARCIA, HILDA Mercedes (Voter ID number 108919122).
SUAREZ, HILDA G. (Voter ID number 109006561).

10315 SW 92ND ST
MOIR, DONALD Britt (Voter ID number 120540412).
MOIR, ALEXANDER D. (Voter ID number 115238011).
MOIR, STEPHEN Alexander (Voter ID number 109450751).
MOIR, URSULA R. (Voter ID number 109871772).

10315 SW 96TH ST
PRICKITT, JUDITH White (Voter ID number 109267111).

10317 SW 118TH ST
JACQUES, MARCELA Maria (Voter ID number 119328599).
JACQUES, MARIA Mejia (Voter ID number 109336234).
JACQUES, VICTOR A. (Voter ID number 115608980).
JACQUES, VICTOR H. (Voter ID number 109913716).

10320 SW 100TH AVE
JIMENEZ, ALEXANDER Joseph (Voter ID number 115918129).
JIMENEZ, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 109597154).

10320 SW 102ND AVE
TURNER, SUZY Jane (Voter ID number 109258177).
TURNER, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 109124641).

10320 SW 102ND ST
LOLA, LISETTE Maria (Voter ID number 109570559).
MIRO, MARIO Paul (Voter ID number 109204199).

10320 SW 103RD CT
DE AGUIAR, ANA Luisa (Voter ID number 109027970).
WENDELS, JOHANNA Maria (Voter ID number 110133736).

10320 SW 103RD LN
ALVAREZ, FRANCES (Voter ID number 110157652).
ALVAREZ, RAUL Julio (Voter ID number 109757870).

10320 SW 103RD ST
JONES, NOELIA Fajardo (Voter ID number 109070626).

10320 SW 103RD TER
LAX, DEBORAH Stein (Voter ID number 109108805).
LAX, MICHAEL H. (Voter ID number 109146191).

10320 SW 107TH ST
ROUCO, MARIANO F. (Voter ID number 109463921).

10320 SW 109TH ST
LOPEZ, JANESSA C. (Voter ID number 114967690).
LOPEZ, MIRIAM C. (Voter ID number 109188874).
LOPEZ, VICENTE Gerardo (Voter ID number 109361165).

10320 SW 110TH ST
ABREU, JOSE Enrique (Voter ID number 109525984).
SOTTO, BRIANA A. (Voter ID number 116286449).
FLORES, MARYANN (Voter ID number 109235643).
TUNDIDOR, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 109198761).

10320 SW 111TH ST
RUIZ-JAVAREZ, YENNY A. (Voter ID number 119796923).
TAVAREZ, KENNETH Anthony (Voter ID number 109798292).

10320 SW 112TH ST
SERNA, ANA (Voter ID number 109422066).
SERNA, JORGE Carlos (Voter ID number 109373982).

10320 SW 114TH ST
HORTON, GAIL D. (Voter ID number 108927338).

10320 SW 115TH AVE
LEGHZIEL, DANIELE (Voter ID number 119505862).
NATH, HELENA (Voter ID number 109861086).

10320 SW 118TH ST
BAKER, NATHAN G. (Voter ID number 115437322).
BAKER, RODNEY L. (Voter ID number 110008341).
BAKER, RUTH W. (Voter ID number 109405780).

10320 SW 120TH ST
PADILLA, ARLEEN Yusset (Voter ID number 109321677).
PADILLA, JOSE Eduardo (Voter ID number 109195341).

10320 SW 121ST ST
SCHWARTZ, BRIAN David (Voter ID number 120972885).
SCHWARTZ, GILAT S. (Voter ID number 109231229).
SCHWARTZ, STEVEN Craig (Voter ID number 109188761).

10320 SW 125TH ST
FERNANDEZ, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 116923660).
FERNANDEZ, JORGE H. (Voter ID number 116710720).
FERNANDEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109179229).
FERNANDEZ, LAURA Pilar (Voter ID number 109859979).

10320 SW 138TH ST
GROSS, BENJAMIN V. (Voter ID number 119622946).
GROSS, THOMAS Dean (Voter ID number 109222955).
GROSS, MEGHAN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 118713122).

10320 SW 139TH ST
RIOS, CHRISTIAN Michael (Voter ID number 117569536).

10320 SW 140TH ST
MIRANDA, TATIANA Elena (Voter ID number 110306130).
WOOD, TATIANA Elena (Voter ID number 120818909).

10320 SW 145TH ST
BLAIZE, JEREMIAH Joseph (Voter ID number 118276905).
BLAIZE, DEBORAH Funsia (Voter ID number 109341780).
BLAIZE, FUNSIA (Voter ID number 109232049).
DANGLEBEN, KATHLEEN (Voter ID number 109363897).
EUDOVIQUE, JEREMY Emanuel (Voter ID number 115274910).
PIERRE, HARRIET Mtichell (Voter ID number 110127451).

10320 SW 146TH ST
HOLLAND, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 116482073).
ALEXANDER, JZANEEN Denise (Voter ID number 109753170).
DEWBERRY, SHAUNTRICE (Voter ID number 110032918).
JACKSON, GLORIA Diann (Voter ID number 109051332).

10320 SW 149TH TER
COOPER, ROSA (Voter ID number 109011629).

10320 SW 88TH AVE
DELGADO, ALBERT Jorge (Voter ID number 109465065).
DELGADO, SANDRA A. (Voter ID number 109590787).
JOHNSON, SHIRLEY J. (Voter ID number 109113517).

10320 SW 89TH AVE
DE JONGH, YULEYSI (Voter ID number 118889960).
DEJONGH, PATRICK (Voter ID number 118154169).

10320 SW 89TH ST
LINARES, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109734716).
LINARES, VERONICA A. (Voter ID number 110048693).
ROGERS, LEA Patricia (Voter ID number 119425540).

10320 SW 90TH AVE
PHILLIPS, HEATHER Renee (Voter ID number 119775231).
PHILLIPS, JULIE Bouchard (Voter ID number 118902155).
NODAL, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 109618774).
PHILLIPS, JOHN Charles (Voter ID number 109744490).

10320 SW 91ST ST
VARELA, LESLIE Martinez (Voter ID number 109152969).
VARELA, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 110000475).

10320 SW 93RD ST
PARDO, JENNIFER E. (Voter ID number 114730138).
PARDO, ANGEL Nello (Voter ID number 109302331).
PARDO, ROSITA (Voter ID number 109509217).

10320 SW 98TH ST
COSGAYA, CLAUDIA A. (Voter ID number 110222160).
MENDEZ RUIZ, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 109646104).

10320 SW 99TH AVE
FUSCO, SUSAN (Voter ID number 109262858).
MARTINEZ, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number 115091050).
MARTINEZ, DEANNA M. (Voter ID number 114386707).
MARTINEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 116568523).

10320 SW 99TH ST
SHAMON, SUSAN (Voter ID number 109125135).

10321 SW 100TH AVE
BARRERA, NICOLE (Voter ID number 110075664).
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 109174326).
RODRIGUEZ, MABEL Virtudes (Voter ID number 109154450).
RODRIGUEZ, SOPHIE (Voter ID number 115093822).

10321 SW 103RD TER
BONAVIA, NICHOLAS G. (Voter ID number 118093850).
REGO, SUSANA Isabel (Voter ID number 110107052).

10321 SW 107TH ST
CRUZ, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 109519153).
LE DUC, CHARLES Andrew (Voter ID number 109268895).

10321 SW 109TH ST
GONZALEZ, EVELYN N. (Voter ID number 109811640).
MORLOTE, MANUEL Enrique (Voter ID number 109397245).

10321 SW 110TH ST
AZUA, ROBERTO L. (Voter ID number 109321881).
MASSAGLI, GLADYS (Voter ID number 110009057).
VALHUERDI, JULIAN (Voter ID number 121167064).
GODARD, JEFFERSON Davis (Voter ID number 109341113).
RODRIGUEZ, WILLIAM Daniel (Voter ID number 109507128).
VALHUERDI, JUSTIN Joseph (Voter ID number 119029502).

10321 SW 114TH TER
GUEST, PEGGY Jakubcin (Voter ID number 109035969).
GUEST, ROBERT Eugene (Voter ID number 108991476).

10321 SW 116TH AVE
FERNANDEZ, ANTONIO Rodriguez (Voter ID number 109127378).
FERNANDEZ, ESPERANZA Gomez (Voter ID number 109128611).
GOMEZ, ANTONELLA Fernandez (Voter ID number 109552128).
GOMEZ, EMILIO (Voter ID number 119677835).

10321 SW 119TH ST
JIMENEZ, ELIZABETH E. (Voter ID number 109338884).

10321 SW 121ST ST
CHEN, CHUN Fan (Voter ID number 108937019).
CHEN, MIN Mei (Voter ID number 109092746).

10321 SW 122ND ST
GONZALEZ-MEYER, GLORIA Cristina (Voter ID number 109295523).
MEYER, JOSEPH Jay (Voter ID number 109221759).

10321 SW 125TH ST
ACOSTA, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 120790090).
ACOSTA, HECTOR M. (Voter ID number 109822140).
CLARO, RITA M. (Voter ID number 109822356).

10321 SW 139TH ST
HAMILTON, GARY Mitchell (Voter ID number 109023884).
HAMILTON, BRIAN Mitchell (Voter ID number 109816548).
HAMILTON, HEATHER Ann (Voter ID number 109430001).
HAMILTON, MARGARET A. (Voter ID number 109445288).

10321 SW 144TH ST
VALDES, JUAN Daniel (Voter ID number 110238644).
SALIMINO, LOURDES Alvarez (Voter ID number 108952088).
SALIMINO, THOMAS John (Voter ID number 109162968).

10321 SW 145TH ST
LEE, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 109049942).
LEE, MURIEL L. (Voter ID number 109034461).
LEE, THADDEUS Marcellus (Voter ID number 110004605).

10321 SW 146TH ST
GOODMAN, CLARA Mae (Voter ID number 108944592).
GOODMAN, MILDRED Denise (Voter ID number 109537500).

10321 SW 150TH TER
WASHINGTON, BEVERLY Ann (Voter ID number 109656510).
FERGUSON, DELORES W. (Voter ID number 109572358).
FERGUSON, DOMINIQUE Precious (Voter ID number 110136474).
HOOD, RASHADA K. (Voter ID number 109731525).
WASHINGTON, AARON James (Voter ID number 109193354).
WASHINGTON, ROSA Mae (Voter ID number 109105476).
WASHINGTON, SADIE Ruth (Voter ID number 109013868).

10321 SW 88TH AVE
CABRE, YASSIEL (Voter ID number 119263001).

10321 SW 89TH AVE
MAYHEW, MAGALY A. (Voter ID number 109069101).
MAYHEW, KENNETH Ralph (Voter ID number 108974113).

10321 SW 89TH ST
PEREIRA, BARBARA L. (Voter ID number 109087565).
PEREIRA, JUAN Manuel (Voter ID number 109253481).
PEREIRA, TATIANA (Voter ID number 109817080).

10321 SW 90TH AVE
INGOLD, SCOTT (Voter ID number 109119342).
INGOLD, SHIRLEY Good (Voter ID number 109762165).
INGOLD, SUTHERLAND Scott (Voter ID number 114657372).
INGOLD, TYLER K. (Voter ID number 110232969).

10321 SW 98TH AVE
QUISPE, IRMA I. (Voter ID number 109723485).

10321 SW 98TH ST
FERNANDEZ, KENNEN Ehren (Voter ID number 118238002).
FERNANDEZ, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109223115).
FERNANDEZ, TERBIA (Voter ID number 109632013).

10321 SW 99TH AVE
RUIZ, OLIVER Alan (Voter ID number 110277773).

10322 SW 113TH ST
BRUNO, MATTHEWS F. (Voter ID number 109992465).
BRUNO, VIVIANA Marie (Voter ID number 109884866).

10322 SW 114TH TER
ALVAREZ, EDYS N. (Voter ID number 109709210).
MITCHELL, ANNEDY Maria (Voter ID number 109152288).
MITCHELL, RANDALL Scott (Voter ID number 109135873).

10322 SW 115TH ST
HALLSTRAND, ANETTE (Voter ID number 116906368).
HALLSTRAND, DAVID Paul (Voter ID number 110263605).
HALLSTRAND, ROBERT Gustav (Voter ID number 109187537).

10322 SW 116TH ST
HUERGO-JONES, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109506713).
JONES, MARK Douglas (Voter ID number 109183721).

10322 SW 141ST ST
LUQUE, THAIS E. (Voter ID number 119841790).
VASQUEZ, GABRIEL Enrique (Voter ID number 120704974).

10322 SW 144TH ST
MC KEEGAN, JANET (Voter ID number 109153568).

10323 SW 114TH ST
YANDA, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 110294997).
YANDA, JANICE W. (Voter ID number 110291576).

10323 SW 115TH ST
MARTINEZ, ALEX Antonio (Voter ID number 109404207).
ACOSTA, MONICA (Voter ID number 110021269).

10323 SW 116TH ST
WOLFF, BRIAN T. (Voter ID number 109885107).
WOLFF, MICHAEL Allen (Voter ID number 109776823).

10323 SW 126TH ST
JANULIONIS, JOSEPH Jason (Voter ID number 109342803).
JANULIONIS, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 109382542).

10323 SW 142ND ST
ORTEGA, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109169455).
ORTEGA, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number 108914402).

10324 SW 115TH CT
CAMPO, ALVARO A. (Voter ID number 109692208).
CAMPO, MAGALY (Voter ID number 109375510).

10324 SW 117TH ST
VEINGRAD, STEVEN Adam (Voter ID number 109250255).

10324 SW 129TH TER
HAUKSSON, ALYSON Jennifer (Voter ID number 109852233).
SEVCIK, FRANCENE Rae (Voter ID number 109038085).
SEVCIK, RONALD Francis (Voter ID number 109090791).

10324 SW 87TH CT
PEREZ, LIZETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109790076).
PEREZ, RODOLFO (Voter ID number 109015058).
PEREZ, VIVIAN M. (Voter ID number 109032155).

10324 SW 89TH CT
RUIZ, RENE Felipe (Voter ID number 109584475).
RUIZ, SUZETTE Elaine (Voter ID number 109592635).

10325 SW 102ND CT
NICKERSON, MARY M. (Voter ID number 108979484).

10325 SW 103RD LN
HAYES, RACHEL I. (Voter ID number 114409707).
HAYES, ELLEN O. (Voter ID number 109159117).
HAYES, PAUL Thomas (Voter ID number 109143275).
HAYES, RYAN J. (Voter ID number 110110245).

10325 SW 103RD ST
MICHAELS, DOUGLAS Scott (Voter ID number 110172695).

10325 SW 111TH ST
ALVAREZ, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 109794205).
ROSALES ALVAREZ, BIANCA Elisa (Voter ID number 109724274).

10325 SW 112TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, JUAN J. (Voter ID number 109212770).

10325 SW 113TH ST
HALCROW, ROSEMARIE (Voter ID number 109121247).
MORALES, BERTHA (Voter ID number 109131345).
YRURETAGOYENA, ANGELA (Voter ID number 110037258).

10325 SW 114TH CT
SOLANO, DANIELLE Rose (Voter ID number 115227124).
SOLANO GOMEZ, JOVITO (Voter ID number 109760383).
SOLANO, JANIE (Voter ID number 109282833).
SOLANO, LUIZA Marie (Voter ID number 110321492).
SOLANO, RAFAEL Antonio (Voter ID number 109372595).

10325 SW 115TH CT
VALLE, PATRICIA VALLE (Voter ID number 120415880).
GRIFFITH, ALBERT (Voter ID number 114539156).
GRIFFITH, KARLA V. (Voter ID number 115289473).

10325 SW 117TH ST
KUCABA, JANINE Nicole (Voter ID number 109393458).
KUCABA, ALFRED F. (Voter ID number 108971861).
KUCABA, MARY R. (Voter ID number 109505315).

10325 SW 128TH TER
ALVAREZ, FERNANDO Jesus (Voter ID number 109292967).
BIEGEN, ROBERT (Voter ID number 110259301).
PRAGER-GOLDBERG, CINDI M. (Voter ID number 109196078).

10325 SW 146TH TER
FULLER, PRESTON Leon (Voter ID number 119915573).
FLOWERS, HATTIE Leora (Voter ID number 109002431).
FLOWERS, PARISH Nathaniel (Voter ID number 110173243).
FULLER, KIMMIE Renai (Voter ID number 109584190).

10325 SW 151ST TER
PLAIR, ARTIS Virginia (Voter ID number 108976007).

10325 SW 87TH CT
VIDAN, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109158476).
VIDAN, ORESTES (Voter ID number 109162019).

10325 SW 89TH CT
SERRATE, BETH Ellen (Voter ID number 109255160).
SERRATE, PHILIP (Voter ID number 109497325).

10325 SW 90TH ST
PANEBIANCO, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 118023161).
KREISBERG, JULIET E. (Voter ID number 110070176).
KREISBERG, MARY E. (Voter ID number 109158688).

10325 SW 91ST ST
RODRIGUEZ, ANA Maria Gonzalez (Voter ID number 110149694).
RODRIGUEZ, RAUL Luis (Voter ID number 109484064).

10325 SW 92ND ST
GOLDINGER, MONIQUE (Voter ID number 109763561).
GOLDINGER, PATRICIA Eileen (Voter ID number 109999420).
GOLDINGER, VANINA Monica (Voter ID number 110145585).

10325 SW 96TH ST
VERDEJA, VICTORIA Marie (Voter ID number 119535739).
VERDEJA, NILDO Ernesto (Voter ID number 109184407).
VERDEJA, YVETTE (Voter ID number 109175512).

10325 SW 99TH ST
HANAUER, HARRY B. (Voter ID number 109211643).
HANAUER, OSSIE B. (Voter ID number 109033919).

10327 SW 118TH ST
LYNCH, NEIL Robert (Voter ID number 117973175).
LYNCH, CHERYL (Voter ID number 109197710).
LYNCH, JEFFREY R. (Voter ID number 109164881).

10330 SW 102ND AVE
REMBISZ, KAREN Elaine (Voter ID number 109625363).

10330 SW 102ND ST
SUAREZ, DEBRA (Voter ID number 109483907).
SUAREZ, LINO (Voter ID number 109318370).

10330 SW 103RD CT
SUAREZ, FRANCISCO De Jesus (Voter ID number 120878895).
TEZANOS, ELIZABETH N. (Voter ID number 119621301).
TEZANOS, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 109943817).
TEZANOS, JULIA Patrice (Voter ID number 110324041).
TEZANOS, RACHEL Marie (Voter ID number 109332821).

10330 SW 103RD ST
GUTIERREZ, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109036016).

10330 SW 103RD TER
HILL, JANICE L. (Voter ID number 109444149).
HILL, RONALD Edward (Voter ID number 109252261).

10330 SW 109TH ST
GREENE, NOAH D. (Voter ID number 109496721).
GREENE, CYDELLE Diane (Voter ID number 108985513).
GREENE, MICHAEL Eric (Voter ID number 108910039).
GREENE, REBECCA Charna (Voter ID number 109617424).

10330 SW 118TH ST
PITA, ANTONIO A. (Voter ID number 109427537).
PITA, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 120861831).
PITA, MARIA Alicia (Voter ID number 109257109).

10330 SW 145TH ST
NASON, FANNIE Bowman (Voter ID number 109006577).

10330 SW 146TH ST
GARDNER, DOROTHY L. (Voter ID number 109157872).
SCARLETT, JOSHUA Toreano (Voter ID number 114422032).
CALLAWAY, ANNETTA (Voter ID number 117038277).

10330 SW 149TH ST
CURRY, LAURA Lee (Voter ID number 109054822).
THOMAS, CHARLIE Lewis (Voter ID number 109105029).
DAVIS, COURTNEE Chenee' (Voter ID number 117581191).

10330 SW 150TH TER
WILLIAMS, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 114343266).
MANUEL, YVONNE Williams (Voter ID number 108905220).
SEQUEIRA, SAL (Voter ID number 120303324).

10330 SW 89TH ST
SIERRA, TERESA Asela (Voter ID number 109073070).
TORRES, ANNA Delia (Voter ID number 115206691).

10330 SW 90TH ST
DI COSIMO, CECILIA Margaret (Voter ID number 109023488).

10330 SW 91ST ST
GALLEGO, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 108975541).
GALLEGO, EMILIO Hugo (Voter ID number 109003443).
GALLEGO, STEPHANIE Cristina (Voter ID number 114525938).

10330 SW 93RD ST
SCHUSSHEIM, DAVID Samuel (Voter ID number 108903931).
BLAINE, RYAN Adam (Voter ID number 109519086).
SCHUSSHEIM, ADAM Lee (Voter ID number 109726245).
SCHUSSHEIM, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 109037257).

10330 SW 99TH ST
CASALI, JOSEPH Edward (Voter ID number 108950539).
CASALI, MARTHA (Voter ID number 108950540).

10331 SW 102ND AVE
CARTER, PAULA Sperber (Voter ID number 109182493).

10331 SW 102ND ST
BALJET, IRENE E. (Voter ID number 109234656).
BALJET, PETER Paul (Voter ID number 109130572).

10331 SW 103RD TER
GOMEZ, ALFREDO Jose (Voter ID number 109233433).
GOMEZ, CHELSY Marie (Voter ID number 114272311).
GOMEZ, LISA M. (Voter ID number 109233432).
GOMEZ, ALFREDO C. (Voter ID number 110095509).

10331 SW 107TH ST
NARDO, ILEANA Margarita (Voter ID number 109331508).
NARDO, TONY (Voter ID number 109331509).

10331 SW 119TH ST
SIEGEL, JUNE E. (Voter ID number 108984444).
SIEGEL, MARVIN (Voter ID number 108984445).

10331 SW 145TH ST
MOSS, MARILYN Monroe (Voter ID number 109048171).
MC GEE, SHERIDA Ann (Voter ID number 110308523).
MOSS, LOREN Javon (Voter ID number 109891583).
MOSS, PATRICE Princess (Voter ID number 110030627).
MOSS, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number 109000180).

10331 SW 146TH ST
BROWN, JEROME (Voter ID number 118237479).
BROWN, WILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 108991938).

10331 SW 150TH TER
DAVIS, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 109800036).
DAVIS, RICHARD (Voter ID number 117147949).
GALINDO, CHRISTIAN Rosendo (Voter ID number 115430629).
DAVIS, DAYSHUN C. (Voter ID number 116067967).
TIGNER, TYKEEM Toney (Voter ID number 116025011).

10331 SW 89TH ST
LEDO, ONIL De Jesus (Voter ID number 109341137).
URSO, LEANDRA Pellicano (Voter ID number 109144308).

10332 SW 116TH ST
MC ALLISTER, NANCY Carole (Voter ID number 109151101).
MC ALLISTER, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 109039054).

10332 SW 119TH ST
NEGRON, KARINA (Voter ID number 114489799).
NEGRON, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 109523902).

10332 SW 151ST TER
BURGESS, JACK (Voter ID number 109002373).
FORGUS, DIANIE L. (Voter ID number 109374901).

10333 SW 120TH ST
WHITING, DANIELLE Faye (Voter ID number 110330722).
WHITING, ROBART Alan (Voter ID number 109162215).
WHITING, SHERRI K. (Voter ID number 108950379).
WHITING, SEAN (Voter ID number 116285204).

10333 SW 126TH ST
PANTER, MITCHELL J. (Voter ID number 109220335).
PANTER, SHERRI Gayle (Voter ID number 109175774).
PANTER, ZACHARY Todd (Voter ID number 119622098).

10334 SW 117TH ST
BRANNON, JACQUELINE Lee (Voter ID number 115857290).
POLITO, ZACHARY John (Voter ID number 120915324).
POLITO, JULIA Louise (Voter ID number 110342535).

10335 SW 114TH CT
RODRIQUEZ, KIM Marie (Voter ID number 109629960).

10335 SW 117TH ST
GULLER, YELENA (Voter ID number 119913447).
KALIMAN, IRINA (Voter ID number 109691639).
KALIMAN, SHULIM (Voter ID number 109697667).

10335 SW 146TH TER
SMITH, OMESHIA Yiomaria (Voter ID number 109735893).

10335 SW 149TH TER
HERNANDEZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 115867018).
IVEY, LOUISE (Voter ID number 109100401).

10335 SW 90TH ST
DE LA MORENA, JUANA Alejandrina (Voter ID number 109086048).
DELAMORENA, MICHAEL Justin (Voter ID number 120218300).
DE LA MORENA, MICHAEL Jesus (Voter ID number 109256598).
DE LA MORENA, RUTH Eralia (Voter ID number 109604103).

10335 SW 92ND ST
BRAKE, ARTHUR (Voter ID number 109906507).
BRAKE, ERICKA (Voter ID number 109908703).
BRAKE, SUSAN J. (Voter ID number 109906503).
SCOTT, EDNA Jane (Voter ID number 108925233).

10335 SW 96TH ST
CRUZ, MICHELLE Marie (Voter ID number 109731261).
GONZALEZ, OCTAVIO R. (Voter ID number 109525987).

10335 SW 99TH ST
MARTIN, MAGDALENA (Voter ID number 108967188).
MESA, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109290700).
MESA, CRISTINA Bustamante (Voter ID number 109262665).

10337 SW 118TH ST
SIERRA, MARY Foy (Voter ID number 109828336).
POTASH, PERRY Dean (Voter ID number 109870156).

10340 SW 100TH AVE
MC CLARNON, LINDA W. (Voter ID number 109807447).
MC CLARNON, TIMOTHY R. (Voter ID number 109160123).

10340 SW 102ND AVE
CAMPA-TIMPONE, CLARA M. (Voter ID number 109100071).
TIMPONE, DAMIAN Matthew (Voter ID number 109109265).

10340 SW 103RD CT
SEIGLIE, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 109256322).
SEIGLIE, ANNIE Sue (Voter ID number 109381360).

10340 SW 103RD LN
FERNANDEZ, MARIANO Emilio (Voter ID number 120078167).
FERNANDEZ, MARIANO Hugo (Voter ID number 109154999).
FERNANDEZ, ROSANY Marie (Voter ID number 119656636).
FERNANDEZ, ROSANY Masforroll (Voter ID number 109232436).

10340 SW 103RD ST
PARKER, DANICA A. (Voter ID number 109325175).
PARKER, WAYNE Edward (Voter ID number 108999125).
PARKER, WENDIE Jane (Voter ID number 109018338).

10340 SW 103RD TER
ALVAREZ, ALDO (Voter ID number 109388032).
RUBLER, STEVEN Douglas (Voter ID number 109467318).
VALDES-ALVAREZ, BARBARA Y. (Voter ID number 109619441).

10340 SW 107TH ST
MOORE, RICHARD Wayne (Voter ID number 108950365).

10340 SW 109TH ST
SANGUNEITI, MARIA Cecilia (Voter ID number 116563474).

10340 SW 110TH ST
GOMEZ, CHRISTIAN John (Voter ID number 120822659).

10340 SW 111TH ST
COTARELO, ANTONIO Jesus (Voter ID number 109334712).
COTARELO, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109359120).
COTARELO, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 118050621).
MARCANO-COTARELO, NAYANNETH Dagmar (Voter ID number 114429107).

10340 SW 114TH ST
ARIAS, ANA Lucia (Voter ID number 109472621).
COMAS, ADILIA M. (Voter ID number 109955001).
ARIAS, JESUS Jose (Voter ID number 109423472).

10340 SW 118TH ST
HALPERN, OLIVIA D. (Voter ID number 109018796).

10340 SW 120TH ST
FLOYD, SUZANNE I. (Voter ID number 109116782).

10340 SW 121ST ST
NINO, JAIME J. (Voter ID number 109740208).
RODRIGUEZ NINO, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109303353).
SALAVARRIA, VANESSA (Voter ID number 109985671).

10340 SW 124TH ST
WATSON, CHRISTIAN Pierce (Voter ID number 110168136).
WATSON, ADRIANNE (Voter ID number 110224977).

10340 SW 125TH ST
MILES, DARRELL John (Voter ID number 109193229).
MILES, JONATHAN T. (Voter ID number 110329225).
NELMS, LINDA Ovelyn (Voter ID number 109012953).

10340 SW 130TH ST
MASSO, TERESITA M. (Voter ID number 109462904).
BORGESE, JOHN (Voter ID number 110305999).

10340 SW 138TH ST
AVALLONE, STEPHEN V. (Voter ID number 109421829).
AVALLONE, THOMAS Stephen (Voter ID number 121033855).
AVALLONE, ADA Manzano (Voter ID number 109218104).

10340 SW 139TH ST
LORENZO, CELIDA (Voter ID number 117445051).

10340 SW 145TH ST
BULLARD, PAULETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109066695).
LIGHTSEY, CORNISHA N. (Voter ID number 119771661).
BULLARD, CHARLES Theophilus (Voter ID number 109040198).
BULLARD, MARLO A. (Voter ID number 109308008).
BULLARD, RAQUEL Lizzette (Voter ID number 109482658).
BULLARD, RYAN R. (Voter ID number 109487563).
HARRIS, TIFFANY L. (Voter ID number 110147488).
SANDERS, VERNEKA E. (Voter ID number 109890180).

10340 SW 146TH ST
HILL, DREW H. (Voter ID number 116879830).
HILL, OKEISHA L. (Voter ID number 110122798).
HILL, ROOSEVELT J. (Voter ID number 109053116).
HILL, SANDRA Juanita (Voter ID number 108985253).

10340 SW 149TH ST
SABB, BEAUFORT Lee (Voter ID number 108951489).
SABB, EVELYN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109103356).

10340 SW 150TH TER
MOMPREMIER, CAROLYN (Voter ID number 109500446).

10340 SW 89TH ST
PERFUMO, DEVIN (Voter ID number 119527902).
HARDY, BURTON Lee (Voter ID number 109134758).
PERFUMO, DANTE (Voter ID number 108926446).
PERFUMO, NANCY J. (Voter ID number 109790369).

10340 SW 90TH ST
AGREDA-BATLLE, CAROL S. (Voter ID number 109421548).
BATTLE, HAROLD Nabor (Voter ID number 109351262).

10340 SW 91ST ST
HOED DE BECHE, CARLA (Voter ID number 109289240).
HOED DE BECHE, FRANZ A. (Voter ID number 109266766).

10340 SW 92ND ST
JARAMILLO, STEVEN (Voter ID number 109340032).
WAGNER, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 109339787).

10340 SW 96TH TER
SLOTNICK, MICHAEL C. (Voter ID number 109001428).
SLOTNICK, SUSAN Z. (Voter ID number 109001429).

10340 SW 99TH AVE
SIMPSON, LANCE Raphael (Voter ID number 109205086).

10341 SW 100TH AVE
KHAN, MARTINE F. (Voter ID number 109851930).

10341 SW 102ND AVE
WILLIG, ANED (Voter ID number 109970460).
WILLIG, PETER Steven (Voter ID number 109222505).

10341 SW 103RD TER
JANVIER, YVES Ronald (Voter ID number 109842667).
PARDO, WINIFRED M. (Voter ID number 109568284).

10341 SW 107TH ST
CUEVAS, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109373543).
HERNANDEZ, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109331631).
CUEVAS, IDALIE D. (Voter ID number 109373544).

10341 SW 109TH ST
CRUZ, ANDREW Michael (Voter ID number 119412685).
CRUZ, MATTHEW T. (Voter ID number 117581035).
CRUZ, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 109331644).
CRUZ, MARIA S. (Voter ID number 109245791).

10341 SW 110TH ST
FERNANDEZ, ANGELES H. (Voter ID number 109566881).
FERNANDEZ, ELIECER (Voter ID number 109567058).
HECHAVARRIA, ENMANUEL (Voter ID number 112017022).

10341 SW 114TH TER
STONE, DAVID James (Voter ID number 109193146).

10341 SW 119TH ST
BLANCO, CASANDRA M. (Voter ID number 109960760).
FRANCISCO, ANTHONY Jude (Voter ID number 117951526).

10341 SW 121ST ST
PRIETO, ALEJANDRO A. (Voter ID number 110171961).
PRIETO, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number 110007266).

10341 SW 122ND ST
PUIG, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 109511118).
PUIG, DAVID (Voter ID number 118627510).
PUIG, VERONICA E. (Voter ID number 110137017).
PUIG, ALFREDO C. (Voter ID number 116873120).

10341 SW 125TH ST
ESTEVEZ, SEAN Thomas (Voter ID number 118099148).
CARRENO, HAYDEE A. (Voter ID number 109618144).

10341 SW 136TH ST
REDWAY, JACKIE Dillon (Voter ID number 110292737).
REDWAY, SANDRA Lois (Voter ID number 109696543).
REDWAY, MONICA A. (Voter ID number 116579243).

10341 SW 140TH ST
MIGUEZ, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 110317846).
MIGUEZ, ROSE Marie (Voter ID number 109188029).
RODRIGUEZ, RADAMES (Voter ID number 109265528).

10341 SW 141ST ST
ULLOA, ANTONIO Manuel (Voter ID number 110144746).
ULLOA, NICOLAS A. (Voter ID number 116274950).
BLATE, MICHELLE Lynn (Voter ID number 118105318).

10341 SW 144TH ST
FRANKEL, PATRICIA E. (Voter ID number 109016484).
SZTANSKI, MARGO V. (Voter ID number 109801928).
SZTANSKI, MICHEL (Voter ID number 109122361).
SZTANSKI, MICOLE Renee (Voter ID number 109495464).

10341 SW 145TH ST
SMITH, DAISY L. (Voter ID number 109095990).
SMITH, EDDIE (Voter ID number 109095989).

10341 SW 146TH ST
LEE, BEULAH Pope (Voter ID number 109003895).
CAREY, GLORIA Dianne (Voter ID number 109074737).
CAREY, NEKIA Latra (Voter ID number 109612512).

10341 SW 150TH TER
TAYLOR, JAMEION Daniel (Voter ID number 118324966).
TAYLOR, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 109188650).
TAYLOR, JEANETTE Catherine (Voter ID number 109002701).
TAYLOR, ROBERT D. (Voter ID number 110044108).

10341 SW 88TH ST
APT D402

LOPEZ, AYMARA Esperanza (Voter ID number 109341389).

10341 SW 89TH ST
ESPINOZA, SEBASTIAN (Voter ID number 118394392).
GARCIA, DIANA S. (Voter ID number 108965346).
ZUNIGA, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109659832).
ZUNIGA, CHRISTIAN A. (Voter ID number 116977136).
ZUNIGA, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 109550724).
ZUNIGA, STEPHANIE Ann (Voter ID number 113964489).

10341 SW 99TH AVE
REYES, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109197831).
REYES, ELECTO (Voter ID number 109300873).

10342 SW 113TH ST
CHADDERTON, DEREK Andrew (Voter ID number 110037199).
CHADDERTON, TIFFANY Eileen (Voter ID number 100549452).
CHADDERTON, LULA A. (Voter ID number 109241066).

10342 SW 114TH TER
GUTIERREZ, LESTTER (Voter ID number 111942600).
LAURENTI, ADELEY G. (Voter ID number 115324687).
MARCINIAK THOMPSON, HOLLY Katherine (Voter ID number 111780743).
MINOSO, DIANN Lynn (Voter ID number 109011552).

10342 SW 116TH ST
DUMAINE, ANDRE R. (Voter ID number 109805647).
DUMAINE, CHRISTINA Elena (Voter ID number 109706472).
PICOS, MAGDA Gago (Voter ID number 109317167).
RISECH, KAREN Beck (Voter ID number 109014298).

10342 SW 119TH ST
AGUILAR, TERESA D. (Voter ID number 109975074).
AGUILAR-MORENA, YAMISEL (Voter ID number 110287393).

10342 SW 141ST ST
LEE, BRIAN R. (Voter ID number 120258947).
LEE, ARLENE Marie (Voter ID number 109283863).
LEE, RANDALL H. (Voter ID number 109454396).

10342 SW 144TH ST
ADELSON, JACQUELYN Shaw (Voter ID number 109084888).
ADELSON, LEE H. (Voter ID number 108902242).

10342 SW 151ST TER
SHINHOSTER, DOMANIQUE R. (Voter ID number 119612486).
SHINHOSTER, WILLIE Maude (Voter ID number 109040357).
SHINHOSTER-HARRIS, SETONIA Keishun (Voter ID number 115760908).

10343 SW 114TH ST
CORTINA, JOANN (Voter ID number 109107754).

10343 SW 115TH ST
CARRATALA, MARIA Beatriz (Voter ID number 109267766).
CARRATALA, PHILLIP (Voter ID number 109153634).

10343 SW 120TH ST
THOMAS, CAROLINE Porter (Voter ID number 119886329).
THOMAS, ANNA K. (Voter ID number 109872871).
THOMAS, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 109829283).
THOMAS, JAIME M. (Voter ID number 110030896).
THOMAS, JEROME (Voter ID number 109299274).
THOMAS, JERRY M. (Voter ID number 109420095).

10343 SW 126TH ST
LEWIS, HAROLD Leonard (Voter ID number 108962710).
LEWIS, IVY Le Vine (Voter ID number 109142100).
LEWIS, TODD B. (Voter ID number 116293587).

10343 SW 142ND ST
DOLFI, SETH Irwin (Voter ID number 109316672).
TORANO, ASUNCION (Voter ID number 115867196).

10344 SW 117TH ST
BROWN, AARON M. (Voter ID number 114921694).
BROWN, SHARON Kay (Voter ID number 119745793).
WEBER, BRENDA Anderson (Voter ID number 109060852).
WEBER, GEORGE Raymond (Voter ID number 109753644).

10344 SW 128TH TER
CANTOR, BRETT Ian (Voter ID number 109780466).
CANTOR, HEATHER (Voter ID number 109562563).
CANTOR, JEAN S. (Voter ID number 109138310).
CANTOR, SHERWOOD Roy (Voter ID number 109131438).

10344 SW 129TH TER
CRAIG, DONNA H. (Voter ID number 109197578).
CRAIG, ROBERT James (Voter ID number 109059222).

10344 SW 135TH ST
RAMIREZ, SASHA Monique (Voter ID number 110067597).
RAMIREZ, SYREL Cristina (Voter ID number 118617835).
RAMIREZ, JUAN M. (Voter ID number 109159401).
RAMIREZ, MARIA Christina (Voter ID number 108948993).

10344 SW 89TH CT
RESPETO, CANDICE Merle (Voter ID number 109518101).
RESPETO, LOUIS J. (Voter ID number 109899518).

10345 SW 102ND CT
LEWIS, MARTHA L. (Voter ID number 109548418).
OROZCO, ANDREA Paola (Voter ID number 120092402).
OROZCO, RAUL Enrique (Voter ID number 109548053).
OROZCO, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number 120058859).

10345 SW 111TH ST
FELDMAN, EDWARD I. (Voter ID number 116778353).
FELDMAN, MARILYN (Voter ID number 116778318).
FELDMAN, ROBIN S. (Voter ID number 116778385).

10345 SW 117TH ST
GONZALEZ, JOSEPH Christian (Voter ID number 121256262).
ALVAREZ, MELISSA B. (Voter ID number 115227168).

10345 SW 128TH TER
FALLA, JORGE Alejandro (Voter ID number 110107408).
SOLA, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 117975316).
SOLA, LEDA Maria (Voter ID number 109779133).

10345 SW 129TH TER
AMOROSO, LYNN D. (Voter ID number 109026257).

10345 SW 135TH ST
WRIGHT, ANTHONY Mikel (Voter ID number 109521025).

10345 SW 146TH TER
SIPPIO, ANNIE Ruth (Voter ID number 109002680).
SIPPIO, JOHNNY Lee (Voter ID number 108987469).

10345 SW 149TH TER
JOHNSON, JACQUELINE Christine (Voter ID number 109731611).
JOHNSON, JOHNNY C. (Voter ID number 109023989).
JOHNSON, JOHNNY C. (Voter ID number 110062937).
JOHNSON, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 109893008).
JOHNSON, WILLIE A. (Voter ID number 108903888).
PEARSON, DEANGELA L. (Voter ID number 110097765).

10345 SW 151ST TER
CEBERT, EMANUELA S. (Voter ID number 119959429).
FRAZIER, ELEANOR E. (Voter ID number 108955836).

10345 SW 90TH ST
PROENZA, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109227372).
PROENZA, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 110264507).

10345 SW 91ST ST
SANCHEZ, REINALDO (Voter ID number 116903251).
PINEYRO, IRIS (Voter ID number 109463502).
SANCHEZ, OFELIA (Voter ID number 110178366).

10345 SW 92ND ST
BOLANOS, BIANCA Maria (Voter ID number 119827075).
BOLANOS, JUAN (Voter ID number 109261668).
BOLANOS, RINA (Voter ID number 109208733).
BOLANOS, ROSA L. (Voter ID number 109517924).

10345 SW 96TH ST
NEWPORT- JONES, ANDREA M. (Voter ID number 119759874).
NEWPORT-JONES, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 109207209).

10345 SW 96TH TER
WILLIS, JUDITH Zeientz (Voter ID number 108957875).

10345 SW 97TH ST
BUTLER, CHARLES T. (Voter ID number 119731901).
BUTLER, EVE Winieckie (Voter ID number 109787215).
BUTLER, NICHOLES Anthony (Voter ID number 115233543).
BUTLER, DYLAN Thomas (Voter ID number 117580913).

10345 SW 99TH ST
DE LA VEGA, AGUSTIN Javier (Voter ID number 110005695).
DE LA VEGA, AGUSTIN Javier (Voter ID number 109277534).
DE LA VEGA, CHRISTIE Anne (Voter ID number 110110187).
DE LA VEGA, MARIA Isel (Voter ID number 109909738).

10347 SW 118TH ST
SMITH, JOAN Irene (Voter ID number 108979262).
LEE, DIANE Marie (Voter ID number 109013298).
LEE, TERRY Randolph (Voter ID number 108951249).

10350 SW 102ND AVE
BODDICKER, BONNIE Ann (Voter ID number 109252432).

10350 SW 102ND ST
KOJKOWSKI, NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 110297202).
KOJKOWSKI, MARIBETH V. (Voter ID number 109036837).
LAURIE, RAYMOND Francis (Voter ID number 109758355).

10350 SW 103RD CT
THOMPSON, TIMOTHY Alan (Voter ID number 109256464).

10350 SW 107TH TER
FELDMAN, JAMES Robert (Voter ID number 109034407).
CARLISLE, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 109577641).
FELDMAN, STACEY A. (Voter ID number 109577284).

10350 SW 110TH ST
FONT, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109768812).
MATEO, LUIS Andres (Voter ID number 109772293).

10350 SW 111TH ST
CASTRO, EMILIO Leo (Voter ID number 109342513).
CASTRO, KATHY Anna (Voter ID number 109364272).

10350 SW 112TH ST
GARCIA, RICHARD (Voter ID number 110249601).
RAVELO, LEONOR (Voter ID number 109235380).

10350 SW 114TH ST
FORJAN, AMBER Marie (Voter ID number 120007278).
FORJAN, JESSICA C. (Voter ID number 118087250).
DEL HIERRO, CLARA Luz (Voter ID number 109626585).
FORJAN, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 119621854).
FORJAN, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109207413).
FORJAN, RODOLFO Jesus (Voter ID number 109173145).

10350 SW 125TH ST
SCHWADRON, DAVID Alexander (Voter ID number 109121215).
SCHWADRON, JOSHUA Steven (Voter ID number 110124925).
SCHWADRON, SHELLEY Lynn (Voter ID number 109937873).

10350 SW 128TH ST
GERALDI, RENAE M. (Voter ID number 109537508).

10350 SW 134TH ST
MUJICA, GERARDO Luis (Voter ID number 109416683).
MUJICA, MONICA Mercedes (Voter ID number 115904695).

10350 SW 145TH ST
WILLIAMSON, THADDEUS N. (Voter ID number 120151787).
WILLIAMSON, MINNIE Evelyn (Voter ID number 109074798).
WILLIAMSON, THADDEUS Napolean (Voter ID number 109426584).

10350 SW 146TH ST
JONES, FRANZIER M. (Voter ID number 116911734).
JONES, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109210587).

10350 SW 149TH ST
WILLIAMS, GRETEL M. (Voter ID number 109361137).

10350 SW 149TH TER
JACKSON, CATHERINE Mae (Voter ID number 108967033).

10350 SW 150TH TER
WHITE, ROSA G. (Voter ID number 109084576).

10350 SW 92ND ST
MISSET, JEAN Claude D (Voter ID number 110309710).
MISSET, LYNN Malkoff (Voter ID number 109229018).
MISSET, SEBASTIEN A. (Voter ID number 115237406).

10350 SW 93RD ST
BLUMBERG, MARC Jon (Voter ID number 109660660).
GARCIA, MARITZA (Voter ID number 110268506).
GARCIA, MARTIN (Voter ID number 109970771).

10350 SW 96TH TER
CEVALLOS-HRASAR, PAOLA (Voter ID number 115077477).
HRASAR, JOHNATHAN W. (Voter ID number 110111091).
HILLEGAS, EUGENE Dennis (Voter ID number 109803618).

10351 SW 113TH ST
CORREIA, ANA Catherine (Voter ID number 118991417).
JARDIM, ALAN Peter (Voter ID number 109914645).

10351 SW 114TH TER
MORRIS, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109945899).
MORRIS, TODD E. (Voter ID number 110323085).
MORRIS, TODD Edward (Voter ID number 109336051).
MORRIS, SABRINA M. (Voter ID number 116295273).

10351 SW 119TH ST
MORE, IRIS (Voter ID number 109358990).

10351 SW 145TH ST
LAIDLER, LORENZO Malachi (Voter ID number 109078377).
LAIDLER, CHRIS J. (Voter ID number 109698136).

10351 SW 146TH ST
WILLIAMSON, WILLIEANN O. (Voter ID number 110056913).

10351 SW 150TH TER
TOWNSEND, EDWIN William (Voter ID number 109966297).
HATCHER-TOWNSEND, LINDA D. (Voter ID number 109104862).

10351 SW 89TH ST
GARCIA, ADA Ligia (Voter ID number 109620989).
GOMEZ, CRISTINA Soledad (Voter ID number 110316367).
MARENCO, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 110318030).
MARTINEZ, CELIA R. (Voter ID number 116903795).
FERRETTI, LIBIA Cristina (Voter ID number 116325667).
FERRETTI, YAMIL H. (Voter ID number 109818497).
GARCIA, JOAN E. (Voter ID number 110203079).
GOMEZ, DAISY Auxiliadora (Voter ID number 109945050).
GOMEZ, HUMBERTO A. (Voter ID number 109604210).
LOPEZ, CESAR A. (Voter ID number 110200164).
PROCTER, LUCIA Veronica (Voter ID number 109348507).

10352 SW 113TH ST
DELGADO, MAYBER Moreira (Voter ID number 116837689).

10352 SW 114TH TER
GONZALEZ, DANIELLA (Voter ID number 118107821).
GONZALEZ, DARIO (Voter ID number 109240871).
GONZALEZ, YOLANDA Mena (Voter ID number 109783223).

10352 SW 151ST TER
CARTER, RICHARD W. (Voter ID number 109194208).

10353 SW 114TH ST
SARSICH, MEGHAN Ann (Voter ID number 120908799).
SARSICH, EDWARD Peter (Voter ID number 109175177).
SARSICH, MARITZA Bidopia (Voter ID number 109087377).
SARSICH, MATTHEW E. (Voter ID number 118829571).

10353 SW 115TH ST
ZUMBRUM, CODY Tyler (Voter ID number 119856173).
ZUMBRUM, MATHEW Douglas (Voter ID number 118471767).
ZUMBRUM, BRIAN Douglas (Voter ID number 109456513).
ZUMBRUM, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 109456514).

10353 SW 116TH ST
MEDEL, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 110263230).
MEDEL, PATRICIO A. (Voter ID number 110291812).
MEDEL, VALERIA I. (Voter ID number 115274529).

10353 SW 120TH ST
BROSIUS, AMY Robyn (Voter ID number 109529071).
BROSIUS, BARRY Scott (Voter ID number 109291902).

10353 SW 126TH ST
GEBHART, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 110168888).
GEBHART, GARY Michael (Voter ID number 109418231).
GEBHART, MICHAEL Joel (Voter ID number 109008182).

10353 SW 88TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, RUBEN (Voter ID number 110291234).

10353 SW 88TH ST

RODRIGUEZ CEPERO, SARAH M. (Voter ID number 119105179).

10353 SW 88TH ST

WEBB, FRANCES E. (Voter ID number 109036517).

10353 SW 88TH ST
KORSCHUN, ROBERT Steven (Voter ID number 109022767).
SAFONTS, RIZZERIA (Voter ID number 109974846).
TOLEDO, GILMA Maria (Voter ID number 109213986).

10353 SW 88TH ST
APT #B-88

QUINTERO, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 116575660).

10353 SW 88TH ST

PEREZ, ROGER (Voter ID number 118129667).

10353 SW 88TH ST
ROBLEDO, NILDA (Voter ID number 116778356).
ROBLEDO, ELIAS A. (Voter ID number 116800988).

10354 SW 117TH ST
GISPERT, JOSE O. (Voter ID number 109559798).
GOLDBERG, ANA Teresa (Voter ID number 109213631).
GOLDBERG, STEPHANIE Khrystine (Voter ID number 120469105).
GOLDBERG, THERESSA K. (Voter ID number 115275050).
MARROQUIN DE GISPERT, HILDA (Voter ID number 109486245).
MARROQUIN, ANA Teresa (Voter ID number 110053612).
GOLDBERG, CYNTHIA K. (Voter ID number 117580851).
RUEDA, RUBEN Ricardo (Voter ID number 116283114).

10355 SW 107TH TER
ACOSTA, DAVID (Voter ID number 110323044).
DOMINGUEZ, CARMEN C. (Voter ID number 109512278).
DOMINGUEZ, DANIELA M. (Voter ID number 110326788).
DOMINGUEZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109336355).

10355 SW 111TH ST
JANKOWSKI, EDWARD Peter (Voter ID number 109031422).

10355 SW 112TH ST
MAKOWSKI, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109036410).

10355 SW 117TH ST
WAGNER, CHRISTINE E. (Voter ID number 109795897).

10355 SW 132ND ST
VEGA, ALEXIS Nichole (Voter ID number 121331702).
VEGA, STEVEN Nicholas (Voter ID number 119055129).
VEGA, MARISELA Angela (Voter ID number 109230670).
VEGA, STEVEN (Voter ID number 109178895).

10355 SW 135TH ST
FELDMAN, JASON DAVID (Voter ID number 105144791).
FELDMAN, KEVIN H. (Voter ID number 110121796).

10355 SW 146TH TER
GILLIAM, KEVIN S. (Voter ID number 110281433).
GILLIAM, ROSE M. (Voter ID number 110281454).
GILLIAM, KENITHA Y. (Voter ID number 102110234).
MIDDLETON, ROSE Milligan (Voter ID number 109040087).
MIDDLETON, ST Julian (Voter ID number 109002574).

10355 SW 149TH TER
COELLO, ERIC Xavier (Voter ID number 120167230).

10355 SW 151ST TER
BARRETT, LAWARENCE (Voter ID number 121087634).
BERRY, JACQUELINE C. (Voter ID number 116103009).
ESPINOZA, VICTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 119772068).
GRIMES, ADRIAN Oneal M (Voter ID number 119841723).
SHARPE, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 119198822).
PRESSWOOD, WILLIAM Keith (Voter ID number 114708210).

10355 SW 88TH ST
DE LA CRUZ, MANUEL Andres (Voter ID number 109765341).
ALVAREZ-BUILLA, OFELIA (Voter ID number 109759925).
CARCAMO, HILDA R. (Voter ID number 110137302).
CARCAMO, MARIANELA V. (Voter ID number 108180447).
CARCAMO, MARIANO (Voter ID number 110137305).
MACHIN, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109882480).
MERCADO, MARTHA (Voter ID number 110311528).

10355 SW 88TH ST

SANTANA, DAMASO (Voter ID number 115745625).
SANTANA, MERCEDES A. (Voter ID number 109904793).

10355 SW 88TH ST

CARDENAS, DELIO (Voter ID number 109581729).
CARDENAS, MARTA Silvia (Voter ID number 109548410).

10355 SW 92ND ST
PIZARRO, ALEXANDER Andres (Voter ID number 120980249).
BALZANO-PIZARRO, JULIE Ann (Voter ID number 109491574).
PIZARRO, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 110117011).

10355 SW 96TH TER
CASALIS, ENRIQUE Rogelio (Voter ID number 109680319).
CASALIS, ANA Melba (Voter ID number 109085446).
CASALIS, ENRIQUE Manuel (Voter ID number 110035250).
SUAREZ, JUAN Manuel (Voter ID number 109389090).
CASALIS, BRANDON Philip (Voter ID number 116300857).

10355 SW 97TH ST
LAMADRID, MARIA Del Pilar (Voter ID number 109108446).

10357 SW 118TH ST
SILES, GERMAN (Voter ID number 109647653).
DITTMAR-CORTES, ERIKA Kristine (Voter ID number 110161012).
SILES, PATRICIA Morales (Voter ID number 109361973).

10357 SW 88TH ST

GALEANO, SOFIA (Voter ID number 121140492).

10357 SW 88TH ST
ABREU, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109850114).
DIAZ, LIDIA (Voter ID number 109680468).
MIRABEL, PEACHES Marie (Voter ID number 110224335).

10357 SW 88TH ST

MIRABAL, ORLAIDA (Voter ID number 109700830).

10357 SW 88TH ST

SANCHEZ, JULIO Joaquin (Voter ID number 117649918).
ABREU, YENEY (Voter ID number 109937554).

10357 SW 88TH ST

ECHEMENDIA, DELIA Olimpia (Voter ID number 109636085).

10357 SW 88TH ST

PEREZ, CORNELIA (Voter ID number 109823046).

10357 SW 88TH ST
CURBELO, DEILYS M. (Voter ID number 116733239).

10359 SW 88TH ST
MOYA, ELIQIO (Voter ID number 116926925).

10359 SW 88TH ST

BERMUDEZ, NICOLE (Voter ID number 118833517).

10359 SW 88TH ST

MENENDEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 119844672).
MERRILL, JACK Dow (Voter ID number 119215974).

10359 SW 88TH ST
DIAZ, NELLY I. (Voter ID number 110163901).
MEDEROS, SANTIAGO (Voter ID number 109478884).
MARCHAN, CARMEN F. (Voter ID number 117489419).

10360 SW 100TH AVE
TABOR, COURTNEY Darin (Voter ID number 119606899).
TABOR, KIMBERLY Lynn (Voter ID number 109553875).
TABOR, PATRICK Donald (Voter ID number 109582539).
TABOR, CASHLEY J. (Voter ID number 116299195).

10360 SW 103RD CT
FINLAY, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 120424072).
SOBEL, DANIELLE S. (Voter ID number 116419512).

10360 SW 110TH ST
JOHNSON, ALICE Rita (Voter ID number 120143675).
JOHNSON, ARLYN A. (Voter ID number 109333725).
JOHNSON, GAIL Susan (Voter ID number 110111165).
SIMON JOHNSON, GAIL Susan (Voter ID number 108990514).

10360 SW 111TH ST
ANDRADE, PATRICIO G. (Voter ID number 109739531).
ARROYAVE, MARIO F. (Voter ID number 109862800).
ROY, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 110057198).

10360 SW 112TH ST
CHECCHIA, STEPHANIE Ann (Voter ID number 114424520).
EVANS, ANDREW Cory (Voter ID number 119622137).

10360 SW 112TH ST
APT 108

WALTERS, BERNARD J. (Voter ID number 116292391).

10360 SW 112TH ST
CHECCHIA, ANDREWS V. (Voter ID number 110265813).
EVANS, IRELA Caridad (Voter ID number 109175661).
EVANS, VICTOR R. (Voter ID number 109331344).

10360 SW 114TH ST
PUSCH, ALLAN (Voter ID number 107424133).
PUSCH, BARBARA Angela (Voter ID number 112968058).
GOMEZ, RUPERTO (Voter ID number 109872407).
PUSCH, BARBARA (Voter ID number 109201966).

10360 SW 115TH ST
BOFILL, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109132467).
BOFILL, OLGA (Voter ID number 109151689).
SANTANA, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 110141714).

10360 SW 118TH ST
FERNANDEZ, TAHILUMA (Voter ID number 115850349).
GARCIA, OLGA (Voter ID number 109956571).
PUTLAND, EDWARD T. (Voter ID number 109232976).

10360 SW 120TH ST
UNDERWOOD, MELVIN Andrew (Voter ID number 115427542).

10360 SW 121ST ST
MARSCHALL, JAMES O. (Voter ID number 110270797).
MARTINEZ, ARMANDO Eduardo (Voter ID number 109257528).

10360 SW 124TH ST
SALAZAR, NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 119285875).
SALAZAR, LISSETTE Maria (Voter ID number 109601689).
SALAZAR, NELSON (Voter ID number 109309368).

10360 SW 125TH ST
BERRY, WAYNE Lee (Voter ID number 108926780).
BARROW, AUDREE Webb (Voter ID number 109393008).
WEBB, HANNAH Rae (Voter ID number 115578482).

10360 SW 138TH ST
MAIR, MATTHEW Alexander (Voter ID number 118093210).
MAIR, CRAIG Anthony (Voter ID number 109959031).
MAIR, MARC B. (Voter ID number 110231002).
MAIR, MICHAEL Hugh (Voter ID number 109958060).
MAIR, JOAN Elaine (Voter ID number 117199716).

10360 SW 139TH ST
MILLS, ALEJANDRO T. (Voter ID number 110110241).
MILLS, CRISTINA E. (Voter ID number 114068685).
MILLS, MARCOS F. (Voter ID number 110329403).
MILLS, PETER Edward (Voter ID number 109913461).

10360 SW 140TH ST
WARMAN, SUSAN Harriet (Voter ID number 109109348).
WARMAN, IRVING Fred (Voter ID number 109109349).

10360 SW 145TH ST
SHARPE, BRYAN Anthony (Voter ID number 109819190).
SHARP, JESSICA K. (Voter ID number 110202973).
SHARPE, JENNIFER Janelle (Voter ID number 110078029).

10360 SW 146TH ST
ZAMBRANO, EDER Olavio (Voter ID number 110175717).
MULATO, NUBIA (Voter ID number 110023768).
QAHATAN, WASEIF Ahemd (Voter ID number 114996082).
ZAMBRANO, MAUREN Patricia (Voter ID number 110307104).

10360 SW 149TH ST
CLAMMONS, PETULA A. (Voter ID number 109600437).
GUTIERREZ, ELISA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109692288).

10360 SW 149TH TER
DANCY, TAMICE Breyon (Voter ID number 121007795).
ORR, LATASHA Denise (Voter ID number 118765193).
MADDOX, LATASHA D. (Voter ID number 109865077).
ORR, JAMES Lee (Voter ID number 109460541).
ORR, MELVENA Katrina (Voter ID number 109885733).

10360 SW 150TH TER
MITCHELL, JAMES (Voter ID number 110182894).
MITCHELL, ALICIA Shawnta (Voter ID number 110049288).
MITCHELL, MICHELE P. (Voter ID number 109170407).
WILLIAMS, BRANDI (Voter ID number 114660858).

10360 SW 92ND ST
SANTANA, ANA Teresa (Voter ID number 120011521).
SANTANA, MARCOS L. (Voter ID number 108984524).
SANTANA, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 109921305).

10360 SW 93RD ST
LEE, JACKIE Chei (Voter ID number 110030806).

10360 SW 96TH TER
DIAZ, ALEJANDRO V. (Voter ID number 110012549).

10360 SW 97TH ST
SANCHEZ, ANDREW Phillip (Voter ID number 115611788).
SANCHEZ, ERLINDA A. (Voter ID number 109131475).
SANCHEZ, PETER M. (Voter ID number 109127535).

10360 SW 97TH TER
GLASS, WILLIAM L. (Voter ID number 100525153).
MOON, ANA B. (Voter ID number 116642537).
MOON, JAMES Loyd (Voter ID number 109587100).
MOON, LUKAS F. (Voter ID number 116299386).

10361 SW 100TH AVE
ROSENBERGER, BRIAN Cole (Voter ID number 109996388).
SAXON, KATHY (Voter ID number 109627686).
SAXON, WILLIAM Stephen (Voter ID number 108964272).

10361 SW 110TH ST
MINERVINO, MICHELLE V. (Voter ID number 109812745).
CHESTER, WILLIAM L. (Voter ID number 108991441).
MARTY, JUDITH Cynthia (Voter ID number 109147003).
MINERVINO, VINCENT (Voter ID number 116052809).

10361 SW 113TH ST
CHEWNING, HARRISON D. (Voter ID number 119569366).
CHEWNING, HILDA (Voter ID number 109691993).
CHEWNING, TODD Darrel (Voter ID number 109696173).

10361 SW 114TH TER
CARR, NANCY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109378396).

10361 SW 119TH ST
ELBAUM, DANIEL P. (Voter ID number 110199150).
ELBAUM, LAUREN Popuch (Voter ID number 110108020).
ELBAUM, LEONARD H. (Voter ID number 109186547).
ELBAUM, SARA P. (Voter ID number 118099715).
POPUCH, JACALYN S. (Voter ID number 109186283).

10361 SW 121ST ST
SUAREZ, OSCAR (Voter ID number 119501288).
BRITO, ALELI Maria (Voter ID number 108993557).

10361 SW 122ND ST
VILA, KATHERINE Ann (Voter ID number 110120519).
VILA, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 108906187).
VILA, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 114417741).
VILA, KRISTEN Ann (Voter ID number 110328505).
VILA, LUIS R. (Voter ID number 109042223).

10361 SW 125TH ST
SKOR, RICHARD Bernard (Voter ID number 108964801).
SKOR, STEVEN Benjamin (Voter ID number 109617059).
SKOR, SUSAN Diane (Voter ID number 109145831).

10361 SW 139TH ST
LUCKY, AMEERA Lynnette (Voter ID number 109487155).
LUCKY, LURETHA Forbes (Voter ID number 109113300).
LUCKY, WILLIAM David (Voter ID number 109268897).

10361 SW 140TH ST
SALTER, JAMES Bradford (Voter ID number 116200276).
SALTER, MARY Moulis (Voter ID number 108957340).
SALTER, VANCE E. (Voter ID number 108947624).

10361 SW 141ST ST
MENDOZA, ALEJANDRA (Voter ID number 110109251).
RAPAPORT, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109613450).
RAPAPORT, LUISA Morella (Voter ID number 118340868).
RAPAPORT, MARC Alexander (Voter ID number 116275675).

10361 SW 144TH ST
HERMANNI-HELMLY, KEVIN A. (Voter ID number 118090973).
HELMY, KEITH Andrew (Voter ID number 110068638).
WICKHORST, GEORGE W. (Voter ID number 110139960).
WICKHORST, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 110139914).

10361 SW 145TH ST
ANDERSON, BLAKE C. (Voter ID number 110074419).
ANDERSON, BRANDON K. (Voter ID number 110324553).
ANDERSON, DIANNA (Voter ID number 109108884).
ANDERSON, WARREN G. (Voter ID number 109079605).

10361 SW 146TH ST
TUFF, ALFRED J. (Voter ID number 116869711).
TUFF, DE JION Frank (Voter ID number 118178753).
TUFF, EDDIE James (Voter ID number 119550191).
TUFF, KHAMBREL L. (Voter ID number 114367268).
TUFF, LAQUICA A. (Voter ID number 109933047).
TUFF, LILY Mae (Voter ID number 109229600).

10361 SW 150TH TER
DURHAM, RONETTIA Evette (Voter ID number 109484950).

10361 SW 88TH ST
PRIETO, MIRTHA (Voter ID number 109239508).
REYES, CLAUDIA A. (Voter ID number 116788125).

10361 SW 88TH ST

PRIETO, ISELINO (Voter ID number 110092110).

10361 SW 88TH ST

SANTANDER, ALEJANDRA M. (Voter ID number 118099681).

10361 SW 88TH ST

SANTURIO, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109523160).
SANTURIO, MARIA Josefa (Voter ID number 109538360).

10361 SW 88TH ST

CEBALLOS, ODALYS (Voter ID number 120181338).

10361 SW 88TH ST
REYES, VLADIMIR (Voter ID number 116806814).
OJEDA, DAHIRIS (Voter ID number 117081900).

10362 SW 113TH ST
CABRERA, ADELEE Veronica (Voter ID number 109545974).
FIELDS, RYAN G. (Voter ID number 118964509).
BELKIN, ROSS Jeremy (Voter ID number 110096831).

10362 SW 116TH ST
STEINLAGE, CHANTEL Amy (Voter ID number 110118755).
STEINLAGE, IRIS April (Voter ID number 109059667).
STEINLAGE, JAMES J. (Voter ID number 109224539).

10362 SW 119TH ST
PARDINAS, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109692529).
GALINDO, ELSA D. (Voter ID number 109587383).
MENDIVIL, STEVEN V. (Voter ID number 115335214).
PARDINAS, BARBARA (Voter ID number 109999785).
PARDINAS, ERIKA Marie (Voter ID number 120191848).
MENDIVIL, ANGELICA Valles (Voter ID number 116174508).

10362 SW 141ST ST
VALDEZ, FRANCISCO M. (Voter ID number 109376459).
VALDEZ, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109436463).

10362 SW 144TH ST
MIRANDA, ARTURO (Voter ID number 110005185).
PEREZ, RAIZA (Voter ID number 109323113).

10362 SW 151ST TER
TERRY, G W. (Voter ID number 109002704).

10363 SW 114TH ST
HARRISON, KATHY Jo (Voter ID number 109116534).
HARRISON, RANDALL Douglas (Voter ID number 109096581).
HARRISON, RYAN Christopher (Voter ID number 109997988).
HARRISON, MICHELLE K. (Voter ID number 117575785).

10363 SW 116TH ST
ROHAN, KELLY J. (Voter ID number 115687220).
ROHAN, MALCOLM David (Voter ID number 109139672).
ROHAN, BRITTANY W. (Voter ID number 117576730).

10363 SW 120TH ST
LEAL, VANESSA Alida (Voter ID number 115865538).

10363 SW 142ND ST
YAROSHUK, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 109008607).
YAROSHUK, ERNEST (Voter ID number 110061465).
YAROSHUK, PAIGE Ann (Voter ID number 109392938).

10363 SW 88TH ST
MAY, ALVIS M. (Voter ID number 116893486).

10363 SW 88TH ST

VENTURA, MADELINE (Voter ID number 110108657).

10363 SW 88TH ST

OGANDO, YLDEFONSA (Voter ID number 119713861).

10363 SW 88TH ST
CHANG, MYRTLE M. (Voter ID number 109900532).
GARCIA, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 109531059).
JAMSHIDIPOUR, KAYHAN D. (Voter ID number 110084422).
ROIG, SOLEDAD (Voter ID number 109203272).

10363 SW 88TH ST

PEZO, MARIANA (Voter ID number 109766687).

10363 SW 88TH ST
MAY, DIANE H. (Voter ID number 116893534).
ZOLNOOR, MILAD Ali (Voter ID number 117581518).

10364 SW 117TH ST
GRAY, DAVID Jason (Voter ID number 109295418).
GRAY, LORI Denise (Voter ID number 109367966).
GRAY, VICTORIA Christine (Voter ID number 109539320).

10364 SW 128TH TER
SHARP, BEVERLY (Voter ID number 109122360).
SHARP, BYRON Jay (Voter ID number 109090687).
SHARP, PAUL R. (Voter ID number 109883220).

10364 SW 129TH TER
FRANCIS, LASCELLES Lloyd (Voter ID number 110077212).
FRANCIS, MAVIS (Voter ID number 110077199).
HEMMINGS, AMARI Donovan (Voter ID number 117716145).
SPEARS, CHERYL Antoinette (Voter ID number 109969944).
SPEARS, FLOYD Rudolph (Voter ID number 109969947).

10364 SW 135TH ST
COOPER, CYNTHIA B. (Voter ID number 109020935).
COOPER, JESSE C. (Voter ID number 110176471).
COOPER, PAUL I. (Voter ID number 109020936).
COOPER, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 116286283).

10365 SW 107TH TER
SIMS, SALLY Gray (Voter ID number 108984446).
SIMS, TRACY Ann (Voter ID number 109270995).

10365 SW 111TH ST
MONDESTIN, EDELINE B. (Voter ID number 109552112).
MONDESTIN, GASSENDI J. (Voter ID number 118837995).
PIERRE-LOUIS, JEMMY Mary (Voter ID number 109865118).
MONDESTIN, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number 109963325).

10365 SW 112TH ST
NOVOSON, MARC Joel (Voter ID number 109431024).
NOVOSON, MASON Joel (Voter ID number 116295454).
GARCIA, VICTOR R. (Voter ID number 109972897).
NOVOSON, MITCHELL (Voter ID number 114366138).

10365 SW 117TH ST
BOOTH, CARLEY E. (Voter ID number 120896914).
BOOTH, MICHAEL Jeffery (Voter ID number 109252682).
BOOTH, NANCY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109642510).

10365 SW 128TH TER
SANCHEZ, TYLER E. (Voter ID number 118093334).
SANCHEZ, VIVIAN R. (Voter ID number 108588164).
TORRES, ADRIAN S. (Voter ID number 110318290).

10365 SW 129TH TER
ROTHENBERG, LEONARD Herbert (Voter ID number 108946581).
ROTHENBERG, RANDI Hope (Voter ID number 108946580).

10365 SW 135TH ST
TURANO, DENISE Maria (Voter ID number 120270677).
TURANO, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 119652376).

10365 SW 146TH TER
HINES, PHILLIP A. (Voter ID number 119960170).

10365 SW 149TH TER
BROGDON, JERMAINE B. (Voter ID number 109781373).
BROGDON, JUANITA M. (Voter ID number 109002355).
DIXON, TANGELA Renee (Voter ID number 109738584).

10365 SW 151ST TER
SCIPPIO, DERRINE Wright (Voter ID number 109703800).
SCIPPIO, ROYCE E. (Voter ID number 114418350).
SCIPPIO, LACIA D. (Voter ID number 110198842).
WRIGHT, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109002771).
WRIGHT, TAVIUS A. (Voter ID number 109873605).
WRIGHT, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 109146788).

10365 SW 88TH ST
VICENTE, MARLENE (Voter ID number 116527250).
ALTUVE-FORJAN, TANIA (Voter ID number 110296921).
FORJAN, REYNALDO (Voter ID number 110296902).

10365 SW 96TH ST
FERNANDEZ-QUEVEDO, FRANCISCO Javier (Voter ID number 119264464).
FERNANDEZ-QUEVEDO, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 120002440).

10365 SW 96TH TER
SUAREZ, MIRNA Maria (Voter ID number 109433497).
SUAREZ, ROBERTO Jesus (Voter ID number 109562293).

10365 SW 97TH ST
RIVERO, CHRISTINE Ann (Voter ID number 109288773).
RIVERO, JOSE Leonardo (Voter ID number 109316924).

10365 SW 98TH ST
GOLD, PETER (Voter ID number 109001371).

10367 SW 118TH ST
MEDINA, STEPHAN J. (Voter ID number 120648814).
FUEYO, CRISTINA Maria (Voter ID number 109400636).
MEDINA, CRISTINA Maria (Voter ID number 116886960).

10367 SW 88TH ST
VALLEJO, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109170145).

10367 SW 88TH ST

REYES, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 120269095).

10367 SW 88TH ST
DEL TORO, AMPARO V. (Voter ID number 108903946).
DEL TORO, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 108949483).
FERNANDEZ, LAURENTINO Manuel (Voter ID number 109853129).
PEREZ, LOURDES M. (Voter ID number 109400429).

10367 SW 88TH ST

FERRER, LUIS (Voter ID number 109789696).

10367 SW 88TH ST

FERNANDEZ, NORMA (Voter ID number 110078666).

10367 SW 88TH ST

FERRER, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110008530).
FERRER, OLGA (Voter ID number 109728317).

10369 SW 88TH ST
SANCHEZ, OLGA Lydia (Voter ID number 119940273).
LABRADOR, WALDO L. (Voter ID number 110147128).
NASH, TERESA R. (Voter ID number 114210140).
SANCHEZ, MARIA Olga (Voter ID number 109543926).

10369 SW 88TH ST

TORRES, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109538578).

10369 SW 88TH ST

ZEVALLOS, ANDREW C. (Voter ID number 110241632).

10369 SW 88TH ST

BONILLA, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 115901753).

10369 SW 88TH ST
SANCHEZ, HERMAN A. (Voter ID number 116297997).

10370 SW 107TH TER
AMOR, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 110194775).
AMOR, MANUEL (Voter ID number 108928634).
AMOR, NEYDA (Voter ID number 110147827).

10370 SW 112TH ST
MARQUEZ, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 109204033).
MENENDEZ, MARTA Maria (Voter ID number 109387151).

10370 SW 114TH ST
BIDOPIA, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109227834).
BIDOPIA, OSCAR (Voter ID number 109219905).

10370 SW 115TH ST
HARTNEY, ROBERT Curran (Voter ID number 109887625).
HARTNEY, SAHYLI C. (Voter ID number 110039796).

10370 SW 145TH ST
SAMUEL, EULA I. (Voter ID number 110165372).
SAMUEL, EULA Lee (Voter ID number 109107340).
SAMUEL, NYKENYA Kenyata (Voter ID number 109920386).
WILSON, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 109788764).

10370 SW 146TH ST
BROWN, FRIEDA G. (Voter ID number 109038210).
BROWN, WILLIE Henry (Voter ID number 109146796).

10370 SW 149TH ST
JONES, ALICE Princetta (Voter ID number 110290631).
PRICE, LARITA L. (Voter ID number 109188176).

10370 SW 149TH TER
BALDWIN, GEORGE L. (Voter ID number 109408646).
GACHETTE, YULETTE Lameca (Voter ID number 109817210).
JACOBS, TARA T. (Voter ID number 109532773).
MC CUTCHEON, SANDRA J. (Voter ID number 109121251).
MC CUTCHEON, WILLIE R. (Voter ID number 109495170).
MILLER, ALEXANDER James (Voter ID number 109982355).
SCOTT-BALDWIN, HOSIE (Voter ID number 108902457).

10370 SW 150TH TER
HEARNS, PATRICIA Pearson (Voter ID number 109134193).
HEARNS, TAUMESHA N. (Voter ID number 110300809).

10370 SW 93RD ST
JIMENEZ, ANA C. (Voter ID number 109275766).

10370 SW 96TH TER
SERPA, HECTOR T. (Voter ID number 109922990).
SERPA, MICHELE L. (Voter ID number 109783657).
SERPA, HECTOR (Voter ID number 117078507).

10370 SW 97TH ST
ETTEN, NATHAN R. (Voter ID number 109843609).
PINO, LIANNE Marie (Voter ID number 109362106).

10370 SW 97TH TER
RUIZ-FARAH, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109391419).
UQUIZA, JORGE Horacio (Voter ID number 109122025).
UQUIZA, JULIETA (Voter ID number 109211517).

10371 SW 113TH ST
ADAMS, ASHLEE Lynn (Voter ID number 120915267).
ADAMS, KAREN R. (Voter ID number 109414017).
ADAMS, KENT Charles (Voter ID number 109195079).

10371 SW 114TH TER
HERNANDO, FRANCISCO Jose (Voter ID number 110082459).
HERNANDO, GLORIA M. (Voter ID number 115691516).
ZOWE-HERNANDO, GLORIA J. (Voter ID number 110119298).

10371 SW 128TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, FLOR (Voter ID number 110243043).
DESHON, RICHARD Jose (Voter ID number 110243437).
RODRIGUEZ HORVILLEUR, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 115388641).

10371 SW 128TH TER
RODRIGUEZ-DESHON, FLOR Maria (Voter ID number 109755229).

10371 SW 145TH ST
PITTS, DESIREE E. (Voter ID number 109995026).
PITTS, ALFRED Lee (Voter ID number 109081666).
PITTS, ELIZABETH Foster (Voter ID number 109108312).
PITTS, THYRICK Lamont (Voter ID number 109376319).

10371 SW 146TH ST
MC INTOSH, CHERI M. (Voter ID number 110241607).
MCINTOSH, CLARISSA D. (Voter ID number 120246840).
GRAHAM, ANGELA James (Voter ID number 109714061).
MC INTOSH, REVA Lynnise (Voter ID number 110323952).

10371 SW 150TH TER
COOPER, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 109899520).
COOPER, ISIAH (Voter ID number 109900251).
COOPER, MABLE L. (Voter ID number 109900290).

10371 SW 88TH ST
PEREZ, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 120289183).

10371 SW 88TH ST

MARTINEZ, MONICA (Voter ID number 120274416).
MIGUEL, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 120199201).

10371 SW 88TH ST
CRUZ, MARCELO Rosario (Voter ID number 114366010).
CRUZ, ZEIDA R. (Voter ID number 110047492).
PORSET, BEATRIZ Margarita (Voter ID number 120052834).
ROSALES DE ARMAS, NANCY Josefina (Voter ID number 110071337).

10371 SW 88TH ST

FLORES MEZA, ROSALINA (Voter ID number 106312943).

10371 SW 88TH ST

DE ARMAS, ORLANDO Narciso (Voter ID number 110129638).

10371 SW 88TH ST

MORALES, SONIA (Voter ID number 109914649).

10371 SW 88TH ST
ROBLEDO, GEORGE (Voter ID number 116829109).
ROBLEDO, MARY (Voter ID number 116837072).

10372 SW 113TH ST
ALVAREZ, ALEC Michael (Voter ID number 118832934).
ALVAREZ, ALFREDO Ignacio (Voter ID number 109246723).
ALVAREZ, CECILE M. (Voter ID number 109361760).

10372 SW 114TH TER
ENOS, NICOLE M. (Voter ID number 115687132).
GREENBERG, SCOTTI Jane (Voter ID number 109473486).
ROMERO, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109199345).

10372 SW 116TH ST
ADAMES, MIKEALA Demi (Voter ID number 119222289).
CABRAL, MAYELIN (Voter ID number 110084227).

10372 SW 119TH ST
PRENDES, CARMEN C. (Voter ID number 115928959).
PRENDES, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 109210404).

10372 SW 151ST TER
BERRY, EARNESTINE (Voter ID number 108955610).
BERRY, RONALD (Voter ID number 108908601).

10373 SW 114TH ST
LANE, SHAWN Harry (Voter ID number 109274666).

10373 SW 115TH ST
RAZ-RUSSO, AVRAHAM (Voter ID number 110019445).
RAZ-RUSSO, OR David (Voter ID number 110123477).
RAZ-RUSSO, RUTH (Voter ID number 110019443).
VAZQUEZ-BELLO, NATALI Zardoya (Voter ID number 114827271).

10373 SW 116TH ST
FORTE, JOSE Rosendo (Voter ID number 109816425).
FORTE, MILAGROS Rojas (Voter ID number 110270605).
FORTE, TOMASA (Voter ID number 109864392).
ROJAS, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 110270508).

10373 SW 120TH ST
ENRIQUEZ, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 109321540).
ENRIQUEZ, RAMON M. (Voter ID number 110303504).

10373 SW 88TH ST
COLON, MERCEDES I. (Voter ID number 109975778).
GONZALEZ, AMIRA E. (Voter ID number 116897516).

10373 SW 88TH ST

GOZZO, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 119950123).

10373 SW 88TH ST

BENITEZ RODRIGUEZ, IBRAHIM (Voter ID number 115243318).

10373 SW 88TH ST
CARDENAS, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109209706).
MC CONNELL, DORIS (Voter ID number 110224727).
MC CONNELL, NOEL H. (Voter ID number 110223693).

10373 SW 88TH ST

MARTINEZ, MYRIAM (Voter ID number 110065567).

10375 SW 107TH TER
ACOSTA-RODRIGUEZ, MELISSA Anne (Voter ID number 109577571).
RODRIGUEZ, YORDYS (Voter ID number 117100965).

10375 SW 111TH ST
MC ALLISTER, JOHN Allen (Voter ID number 108924660).
ZAMORA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 117146234).
ZAMORA, BRIAN Albert (Voter ID number 116897287).
ZAMORA, CATHERINE Lynn (Voter ID number 117146226).

10375 SW 112TH ST
SENEFF, EVELYN E. (Voter ID number 109959822).
SENEFF, RANDALL Irven (Voter ID number 110120291).

10375 SW 117TH ST
SEVUSH, ELAINE M. (Voter ID number 109196253).
SEVUSH, JENNIFER Lori (Voter ID number 109817966).
SEVUSH, JEREMY (Voter ID number 109617786).

10375 SW 146TH TER
POWELL, WHITNEY Haywood (Voter ID number 117381570).
POWELL, WHITNEY H. (Voter ID number 110003273).
ROBERTS, CEBERT Emanuel (Voter ID number 109182107).
YOUNG, AGARTHA P. (Voter ID number 109573275).

10375 SW 149TH TER
HORNE, MARY (Voter ID number 109002475).
HORNE, SHUWANNA N. (Voter ID number 109538677).

10375 SW 151ST TER
WILSON, GLADYS Mae (Voter ID number 109002757).

10375 SW 88TH ST
SERRANO, JORGE (Voter ID number 118382097).

10375 SW 88TH ST

OCAMPO, BRYAN (Voter ID number 120113122).

10375 SW 88TH ST
BENDANA, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109972732).
BRUCE, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 109429175).
ROMERO, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109148544).

10375 SW 88TH ST

MARICHAL, RUBEN (Voter ID number 115776308).

10375 SW 88TH ST

RAMIREZ, JORGE Ariel (Voter ID number 120679031).

10375 SW 88TH ST

BARRIENTOS, GARY Ivan (Voter ID number 116470629).
GAETANO, MARINA (Voter ID number 109729852).

10375 SW 93RD ST
BEESTING, MONICA Michelle (Voter ID number 120913175).
BEESTING, ADIS C. (Voter ID number 109872917).
BEESTING, ALEXANDRA V. (Voter ID number 118093318).
BEESTING, WILLIAM K. (Voter ID number 109230938).

10375 SW 96TH ST
MOO-SANG, DENISE A. (Voter ID number 115027163).
MOOSANG, JESSICA A. (Voter ID number 114365980).
MOO-SANG, TIFANNY Nicole (Voter ID number 116295599).

10375 SW 97TH TER
MARIN, ERNESTO R. (Voter ID number 116274857).
MARIN, RICARDO Jose (Voter ID number 109531587).
MARIN, SABRINA Alicia (Voter ID number 109597504).
MARIN, ERNESTO J. (Voter ID number 109920732).
MARIN, LEYLA Rener (Voter ID number 109531586).
MARIN, LEYLA Vanessa (Voter ID number 110197612).
RENER, SABINA E. (Voter ID number 109677422).

10375 SW 98TH ST
FERNANDEZ, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109178918).
FERNANDEZ, MARTHA C. (Voter ID number 109232506).

10377 SW 88TH ST
BELLARD, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 110224738).
BELLIARD, RAMONA Elvira (Voter ID number 110318912).
CRIDER, RONALD Charles (Voter ID number 109064164).
MALAGON, GABRIEL Tovar (Voter ID number 109509214).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA G. (Voter ID number 109296473).
VALENZUELA, JENIFFER D. (Voter ID number 114555007).

10377 SW 88TH ST

SEXTON, CLIFTON (Voter ID number 117044355).

10377 SW 88TH ST

MEDINA, IXEL Modesto (Voter ID number 114398098).
MEDINA, ONEIDA Celeste (Voter ID number 109823964).

10377 SW 88TH ST

DUQUE, MARIA Ofelia (Voter ID number 110099697).
DUQUE, MARTIN G. (Voter ID number 109621313).

10379 SW 88TH ST

LIRIANO, FELIX (Voter ID number 103641216).

10379 SW 88TH ST

CHARARA, ANDREA N. (Voter ID number 118846077).

10379 SW 88TH ST
ALVAREZ, DAYMARIS (Voter ID number 115972727).
BRAVO-LOSTAL, DIANA Maritza (Voter ID number 114972773).
LOSTAL, JULIUS (Voter ID number 109069437).
MILIAN, ARELIS (Voter ID number 110005100).

10380 SW 110TH ST
PEREZ, JOSE Guillermo (Voter ID number 110186569).
PEREZ, ELIZABETH G. (Voter ID number 114244628).

10380 SW 112TH ST
MC DUFF, CHRISTOPHER Andrew (Voter ID number 109872256).
MC DUFF, DOUGLAS Albert (Voter ID number 109063181).

10380 SW 114TH ST
JIMENEZ OBER, ANN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109840819).
OBER, TEO John (Voter ID number 117997843).

10380 SW 115TH ST
SAVAGE, LUKE Clinton (Voter ID number 111752605).
SAVAGE, LAUREN M. (Voter ID number 118769503).

10380 SW 120TH ST
RINGWALD, ERIC Matthew (Voter ID number 109861919).
ROBERTSON, DOROTHY E. (Voter ID number 109429728).
TEDESCO, DEBRA M. (Voter ID number 109353484).
TEDESCO, NICHOLAS Joseph (Voter ID number 114417599).
TEDESCO, TIFFANY A. (Voter ID number 116105880).

10380 SW 121ST ST
BLACK, IRENE (Voter ID number 101823069).
HORWICH, MITCHELL Alan (Voter ID number 109070893).
HORWICH, SHERRY Black (Voter ID number 109195544).
PALLOT, PETER W. (Voter ID number 101570518).

10380 SW 124TH ST
GARCIA, LEONARD Adrian (Voter ID number 109804611).
GARCIA, LEONARDO Francisco (Voter ID number 109143832).
GARCIA, LOURDES Maria (Voter ID number 109161073).

10380 SW 126TH ST
KOPPEL, ANDREW Alan (Voter ID number 109136139).
KOPPEL, KAREN Joy (Voter ID number 109225272).
KOPPEL, KIERSTIN Ali (Voter ID number 115777363).

10380 SW 138TH ST
MARTINEZ, ALEJANDRA V. (Voter ID number 118828534).
MARTINEZ, VIRGINIA Whitt (Voter ID number 109928560).

10380 SW 139TH ST
MORENO, (NONE) (Voter ID number 116926191).
MORENO, NATALIE Marie (Voter ID number 100573861).
MORENO, CLARISSA Quinones (Voter ID number 109629323).
MORENO, RUBEN E. (Voter ID number 109443108).

10380 SW 140TH ST
BARRERO, FARA C. (Voter ID number 109509531).
BARRERO-DOMINGUEZ, DORIAN (Voter ID number 114749291).

10380 SW 149TH ST
MC DEW, MATTIE Lou (Voter ID number 109002553).

10380 SW 93RD ST
KAPLOWITZ, HERBERT M. (Voter ID number 109298182).
LEEDS KAPLOWITZ, ELLEN (Voter ID number 109074353).

10380 SW 96TH ST
VAN DER WALL, LYNNE D. (Voter ID number 109165368).
VAN DER WALL, MARY Paige (Voter ID number 109734160).
VAN DER WALL, ROBERT John (Voter ID number 109073414).

10380 SW 97TH ST
O QUINN, DAVID Shawn (Voter ID number 118266225).
DIAZ-ZUBIETA, CAROL Lynne (Voter ID number 109204488).

10380 SW 97TH TER
COHEN, SHIMON Davidson (Voter ID number 118902479).
SMRECAK, BARBARA Anne (Voter ID number 109240767).

10380 SW 98TH ST
DROZDOWICZ, KAITLYN Marie (Voter ID number 120219780).
DROZDOWICZ, ALEIDA A. (Voter ID number 109799026).
DROZDOWICZ, EDWIN Francis (Voter ID number 109142930).
DROZDOWICZ, KELLY A. (Voter ID number 118090747).
DROZDOWIEZ, KEVIN Edwin (Voter ID number 116282891).

10381 SW 113TH ST
BERREDO, ROBERTO C. (Voter ID number 116753702).

10381 SW 114TH TER
ALLEN, BARBARA E. (Voter ID number 109028229).
ALLEN, RICHARD James (Voter ID number 108903333).

10381 SW 121ST ST
PRUGUE, XIMENA (Voter ID number 115660144).
PRUGUE, JORGE E. (Voter ID number 109985600).
PRUGUE, MARIA De La Paloma (Voter ID number 109837331).
PRUGUE, RODRIGO (Voter ID number 114684255).

10381 SW 125TH ST
KOBETZ, SUSAN Garber (Voter ID number 109055126).
KOBETZ, STEVEN Allen (Voter ID number 109055418).

10381 SW 128TH ST
DEL RIO, ALEXANDER L. (Voter ID number 115024096).
DEL RIO, DARLENE B. (Voter ID number 108964929).
DEL RIO, PEDRO (Voter ID number 108954233).
DEL RIO, GISELLE M. (Voter ID number 116977868).

10381 SW 139TH ST
GORDON, IRA R. (Voter ID number 109189236).
GORDON, RUTH Ellen (Voter ID number 109194502).

10381 SW 140TH ST
STEPHENS, ALEXA (Voter ID number 109497123).
STEPHENS, MICHAEL Daniel (Voter ID number 109395019).

10381 SW 141ST ST
FLORESCU, MICHAEL Yuri (Voter ID number 115384365).

10381 SW 145TH ST
ANDREWS, VANESSA Louise (Voter ID number 116400372).
ANDREWS, EUGENE (Voter ID number 109139507).
ANDREWS, MICAH Jarrod (Voter ID number 116991937).
ANDREWS, MICAN Jarrod (Voter ID number 109886839).

10381 SW 88TH ST
ALEGRE, LUISA E. (Voter ID number 116462723).
RODRIGUEZ, BELKYS (Voter ID number 114707811).
TAN, STEPHANY (Voter ID number 114429674).

10381 SW 88TH ST

RUIZ, DAYMIN (Voter ID number 119712671).

10381 SW 88TH ST

PEREZ, CHRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 110249107).

10381 SW 88TH ST

LOAIZA, JULIA A. (Voter ID number 116905215).

10381 SW 88TH ST
HAO, ROSITA (Voter ID number 115867509).
TAN, JAIME (Voter ID number 115867484).

10381 SW 88TH ST

MANSOUROU, CHRISTINA Benita (Voter ID number 109660204).

10381 SW 88TH ST
TAN, BRYANT (Voter ID number 116296105).

10382 SW 114TH TER
DE CHURCH, ELIZABETH Ford (Voter ID number 109025593).

10382 SW 116TH ST
DOBBS, RICHARD Stiles (Voter ID number 109439788).
GONZALEZ, VICTORIA Beatrice (Voter ID number 109269083).

10382 SW 119TH ST
BAEZA, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109623084).
BAEZA-SMITH, GABRIELA Lucia (Voter ID number 109650291).
BEAZA, ELVIRA Pantoja (Voter ID number 109940915).
SMITH, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number 109323878).

10382 SW 141ST ST
CALIENES, JULIANA Maria (Voter ID number 119424528).
CALIENES, GEORGE F. (Voter ID number 109963980).
CALIENES, VIVIAN M. (Voter ID number 109966974).

10383 SW 115TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, ANA (Voter ID number 109381006).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109422593).

10383 SW 116TH ST
SEIFERT, CHARLES Richard (Voter ID number 109350898).
SEIFERT, JACQUELINE Dawn (Voter ID number 109321711).

10383 SW 142ND ST
KANER, PHILLIP Charles (Voter ID number 108941276).

10383 SW 88TH ST
GONZALEZ, YANETH C. (Voter ID number 117409565).
HERNANDEZ, JUANA M. (Voter ID number 116510058).
RODRIGUEZ, JUAN Manuel (Voter ID number 109969571).

10383 SW 88TH ST

MASSOURAS, BRIAN Demetrius (Voter ID number 117821381).

10383 SW 88TH ST

GONZALEZ, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 121077825).

10383 SW 88TH ST
GOULET, MARY K. (Voter ID number 108903012).
LOPEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109942875).

10383 SW 88TH ST

FARHA, TAMARA Beatriz (Voter ID number 109898215).

10383 SW 88TH ST

RODRIGUEZ, AYLIN (Voter ID number 115849808).

10385 SW 149TH TER
JONES, LINDA (Voter ID number 117037863).

10385 SW 88TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, BARBARA (Voter ID number 109336591).
RODRIGUEZ, YOLY C. (Voter ID number 110246432).

10385 SW 88TH ST

VALENCIA, RAMON E. (Voter ID number 110006654).

10385 SW 88TH ST

PEREZ, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 110053937).

10385 SW 88TH ST
LORIE, LUISA (Voter ID number 109089959).
SELENT, MIECZYSLAW (Voter ID number 109273949).

10385 SW 93RD ST
VILLAMONTE, ADRIANA M. (Voter ID number 117566933).

10385 SW 96TH ST
MANECHINI, CARLA (Voter ID number 109997328).
MANECHINI, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109852085).
MANECHINI, KATIA (Voter ID number 109852086).
MANECHINI, VALESKA (Voter ID number 110270462).

10385 SW 97TH ST
PAULOSE, REGINA (Voter ID number 109617004).
PAULOSE, BETSY M. (Voter ID number 109772713).
PAULOSE, MENACHERY V. (Voter ID number 109325805).
PAULOSE, ROSA A. (Voter ID number 109325804).
PAULOSE, TESS M. (Voter ID number 110203347).

10385 SW 97TH TER
KROME, SUSAN A. (Voter ID number 109675443).

10385 SW 98TH ST
YOHAM, LESLIE J. (Voter ID number 109291336).

10387 SW 88TH ST
DERDER, NAJAT (Voter ID number 110233000).
DERDER, OMAR A. (Voter ID number 117572123).

10387 SW 88TH ST

RUIZ, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 118548920).

10387 SW 88TH ST
DURAN, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number 110224330).
DURAN, RICARDO F. (Voter ID number 110224325).
FARHA, TAMARA Isabel (Voter ID number 109825369).
LOPEZ-MICHEL, ANTONIO G. (Voter ID number 109940478).
MANSO, MYRIAM M. (Voter ID number 114567547).
MIR, BERTA Gonzalez (Voter ID number 109154103).

10387 SW 88TH ST

BRANDT, NATHALIA (Voter ID number 116764304).

10387 SW 88TH ST

NEGRIN, LUISA Y. (Voter ID number 117054462).

10389 SW 88TH ST
DURAN, MARTA S. (Voter ID number 110339664).
JIRON, DENNIS Steven (Voter ID number 114363326).
LINARTE, MARIA (Voter ID number 116056623).
MOYA, DEYBEE Yoel (Voter ID number 119751651).

10389 SW 88TH ST

TORRES, LISET (Voter ID number 120295088).

10389 SW 88TH ST

OCHOA, MARTA (Voter ID number 120296140).

10389 SW 88TH ST
AVILA, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 110170322).

10389 SW 88TH ST

SARDINAS, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 119982266).

10389 SW 88TH ST

MULLINS, JAMES Phillip (Voter ID number 110111291).

10390 SW 115TH ST
ROTH SOBERON, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109190667).
ROTH, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 109828083).

10390 SW 126TH ST
MAZEJKA, ANN Jean (Voter ID number 108979446).

10390 SW 130TH ST
GRAPPELL, ELEANOR (Voter ID number 109945211).
GRAPPELL, JENNIFER J. (Voter ID number 109483058).

10390 SW 97TH ST
HEVIA, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 115815270).
HEVIA, NANCY (Voter ID number 115815265).

10390 SW 98TH ST
BRENNER, DANA Merril (Voter ID number 109842875).
BRENNER, GREGORY Lewis (Voter ID number 109294301).

10391 SW 113TH ST
SMITH, DIANNE Joyce (Voter ID number 109057443).

10391 SW 88TH ST
ALMONACID, FABIO A. (Voter ID number 119622015).

10391 SW 88TH ST

PLATA, IVY Isabel (Voter ID number 117552616).

10391 SW 88TH ST
JIMENEZ, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 109697707).
NIDETZ, LOIS (Voter ID number 109245192).
RAMIREZ, OCTAVIO E. (Voter ID number 109880877).

10391 SW 88TH ST

VAZQUEZ, NORMA R. (Voter ID number 109570814).

10391 SW 88TH ST

JIMENEZ, INES R. (Voter ID number 109693829).

10391 SW 88TH ST

RAMIREZ, ROSA Elena (Voter ID number 109901741).

10391 SW 88TH ST

ALMONACID, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 116240956).
OLIVARES, CARMEN C. (Voter ID number 110288832).

10392 SW 114TH TER
MARTINEZ, ELIANA Maria (Voter ID number 119143125).
MARTINEZ, ARTURO D. (Voter ID number 118378920).
MARTINEZ, ARTURO J. (Voter ID number 109352748).
MARTINEZ, ELIANA Maria (Voter ID number 109509527).

10393 SW 115TH ST
BONI, FLORENCE (Voter ID number 108926964).
BONI, SERGIO G. (Voter ID number 108949821).

10393 SW 116TH ST
YRIBARREN, PHILLIP M. (Voter ID number 118105415).
YRIBARREN, CHARLES Michael (Voter ID number 109150543).
YRIBARREN, LYNN A. (Voter ID number 109311275).

10393 SW 88TH ST

FIX, CHARLES Sullivan (Voter ID number 120693125).

10393 SW 88TH ST

SOLAYA, REINA Caridad (Voter ID number 119699319).

10393 SW 88TH ST

TORRES, OMAR B. (Voter ID number 120407638).

10393 SW 88TH ST
FIX, SARAH Diane (Voter ID number 109332737).
PORTELA, ALICIA H. (Voter ID number 109013158).

10393 SW 88TH ST

FIX, LAURA E. (Voter ID number 100164024).

10393 SW 88TH ST

FIX, JANICE Dian (Voter ID number 109240604).

10395 SW 132ND ST
HERNANDEZ, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 114624749).
HERNANDEZ, CLAUDIA V. (Voter ID number 114624753).
BENTLEY, KENNETH Lee (Voter ID number 109962998).

10395 SW 87TH AVE
NAVARRO, JESSICA (Voter ID number 121223698).
PEREZ, MARTA E. (Voter ID number 109389566).
ALVAREZ, TERESA Rionda (Voter ID number 109049090).
PEREZ, FELIX (Voter ID number 117057045).

10395 SW 88TH ST
IGLESIAS, ILEANA (Voter ID number 115775335).
LARIN, ENRIQUE A. (Voter ID number 115463725).

10395 SW 88TH ST

GARCIA, ERNESTO Joaquin (Voter ID number 109599817).

10395 SW 88TH ST

IGLESIAS, CARMEN (Voter ID number 110341998).

10395 SW 88TH ST

GUADALUPE, LILLIAN J. (Voter ID number 116859168).

10395 SW 93RD ST
AGUILA, ANA Caridad (Voter ID number 110015815).
AGUILA, ANA M. (Voter ID number 110111748).
AGUILA, CARLOS C. (Voter ID number 114736429).
AGUILA, CARLOS (Voter ID number 108924756).

10397 SW 88TH ST
MENDOZA, MAYDEL (Voter ID number 116496011).

10397 SW 88TH ST

SCHOFIELD, PATRICK J. (Voter ID number 120684121).

10397 SW 88TH ST

ROCHA, LINA Marcela (Voter ID number 120691529).

10397 SW 88TH ST
CECILIO, JUAN Salomon (Voter ID number 110024573).
NUNEZ, MONICA M. (Voter ID number 109726743).
PEREZ, ANA Julia (Voter ID number 109187225).
URQUIZA, VILMA Victoria (Voter ID number 110080810).

10399 SW 88TH ST

DE LA NUEZ, MAURICIO (Voter ID number 114700155).

10399 SW 88TH ST

FERNANDEZ VEGA, IRENE De La Caridad (Voter ID number 118759985).

10399 SW 88TH ST
LUARCA, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109931773).
MOSCATO, JOHN (Voter ID number 110011585).
PEREZ, TERESA (Voter ID number 109690087).

10399 SW 88TH ST

CAMPOS, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 117518725).

10400 SW 102ND AVE
VASCONCELOS, ROBERTO Gomez (Voter ID number 109255459).
VASCONCELOS, ROSARIO Costa (Voter ID number 109712052).

10400 SW 107TH ST
SKWERES, DEBORAH Joan (Voter ID number 109327695).
SKWERES, MARK A. (Voter ID number 109439809).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
NARANJO, JULIO FERNANDO (Voter ID number 119055964).
BELGRAVE, LINDA Liska (Voter ID number 109371565).
HORMAZABAL, ARACELLY A. (Voter ID number 115908447).
OVIEDO, MARTA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109251078).
RUIZ, DALIA (Voter ID number 116463080).
VRIARTE, YADER A. (Voter ID number 116929883).
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN M. (Voter ID number 114201301).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT #A-316

RODRIGUEZ, ANA Virginia (Voter ID number 115845230).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT 413

MARQUEZ, NATASHA (Voter ID number 120176652).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A 102

PADILLA, LILIANA (Voter ID number 118294569).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A 112

HARZINSKI, BRITNEY Latrice (Voter ID number 120539617).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A 212

LONJOSE, LEA L. (Voter ID number 119623997).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A 416

RICHARDSON, MICHAEL Henry (Voter ID number 109281022).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A-313

MENDEZ, ANGELICA (Voter ID number 117939274).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A202

SIERRA, JORGE Roberto (Voter ID number 118590274).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A204

RUGGIERO, JAVIER Julio (Voter ID number 118638553).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A212

ESPINOZA, SONYA L. (Voter ID number 116234915).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A213

NUNEZ, SANDRA (Voter ID number 114728665).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A302

BATISTA, LESLIE Mabel (Voter ID number 110041513).
VAZQUEZ, JORGE Enrique (Voter ID number 110098509).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A303

CARROLL, ASHLEIGH Anne (Voter ID number 109587504).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A304

BOHORQUEZ, BELEN Abigail (Voter ID number 119627176).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A306

CAMARAZA, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number 114735370).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A310

DIAZ, ROLLS (Voter ID number 118829375).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A404

DE PENA, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 110102900).
FELIZ, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 118478282).
FELIZ, LIAM Carlos (Voter ID number 121058926).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A407

TEXIDOR, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 120543511).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A410

YERO MASO, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 119161079).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A415

VENTURA, YANNETH Patricia (Voter ID number 110308616).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT 101

MEDINA, PABLO A. (Voter ID number 118151113).

10400 SW 108TH AVE

VENTURA, ANDREA C. (Voter ID number 120218048).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
ALBARELLOS, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109455731).
AVELLO, TANZIE (Voter ID number 110270850).
CARBALLEA, JOSE (Voter ID number 109998958).
DIAZ, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 109685926).
DIAZ, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 109413718).
DUARDO, BELKIS (Voter ID number 110254977).
GORIS, DAVID Alexis (Voter ID number 109979698).
GORIS, MANUEL M. (Voter ID number 109658047).
GULINO, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 109342817).
HILL, JOHN E C (Voter ID number 109318684).
HUSSAIN, DEBORAH Andrea (Voter ID number 114410157).
JACKSON, ROBIN Victoria (Voter ID number 110088514).
LEVY, WILLIAM David (Voter ID number 110313341).
LLINAS, CESAR A. (Voter ID number 110250066).
MACAM-MASHAL, TERESITA L. (Voter ID number 115977035).
MAY, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number 109235127).
MENDEZ, JUAN Pablo (Voter ID number 110112009).
MENDEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109985663).
MENDEZ, PABLO E. (Voter ID number 109855803).
MOUZO, DAMIAN Oscar (Voter ID number 114985386).
ROBERTS, TERRI Patrice (Voter ID number 110232928).
RONCAGLIOLO, GIOVANA Melisa (Voter ID number 110062164).
RONCAGLIOLO, MANUELA (Voter ID number 110048201).
TEPERINO, LEONEL O. (Voter ID number 109472991).
VILLANUEVA, JENNIFER E. (Voter ID number 110285402).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT 215

PEREZ, ROLDAN (Voter ID number 119949416).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A-304

BOHORQUEZ, GENESIS Lucia (Voter ID number 119766701).
DIAZ, BELLA Lucia (Voter ID number 119766693).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A-412

CABELLO, ARIAGNA (Voter ID number 109831739).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A109

ORTIZ, JERJES H. (Voter ID number 110318426).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A110

GARCIA, CARMEN D. (Voter ID number 109566533).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A210

BRADLEY, LASHONDRA (Voter ID number 117037939).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A304

BOHORQUEZ, JOSUE A. (Voter ID number 120053297).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
APT A412

SANTA CRUZ PACHECO, RAFAELA (Voter ID number 109970361).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
UNIT #A316

CAMARGO, ANALIDA F. (Voter ID number 109554180).

10400 SW 108TH AVE
DE JESUS, JOHNATHAN Brandon (Voter ID number 116286550).
SANCHEZ, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 116456497).

10400 SW 111TH ST
HAIRE OLIVER, KIMBERLY Jean (Voter ID number 109173111).
OLIVER, MICHAEL Alan (Voter ID number 109037780).

10400 SW 112TH ST
SCHMIDT, CHRIS T. (Voter ID number 120454060).
FLORES, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109336427).
W, LIZET P. (Voter ID number 109190412).
FLORES, NICOLE D. (Voter ID number 116707434).

10400 SW 119TH ST
RAMOS, DINA S. (Voter ID number 109086192).
RAMOS, RAMON Angel (Voter ID number 109249837).

10400 SW 120TH ST
NGO, PETER (Voter ID number 119269932).
NGO, HA Van (Voter ID number 114696751).
NGO, LINH Tran (Voter ID number 114083730).

10400 SW 122ND ST
FROST, IRWIN M. (Voter ID number 109077048).
FROST, KAREN Joy (Voter ID number 108942234).
FROST, RICHARD H. (Voter ID number 115278270).

10400 SW 123RD ST
PALMER, JOSEPHINE Ann (Voter ID number 109143051).
PALMER, PAUL R. (Voter ID number 109159080).
PALMER, AMANDA M. (Voter ID number 117063194).

10400 SW 124TH ST
KHOURY, MICHELINE Youssef (Voter ID number 121162597).
HOLCOMB, HELEN K. (Voter ID number 108979413).
HOLCOMB, HOBART Glen (Voter ID number 108979414).

10400 SW 134TH ST
GONZALEZ, ELENA Maria (Voter ID number 121226198).
GONZALEZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109041308).
GONZALEZ, OTILIA L. (Voter ID number 109142528).

10400 SW 138TH ST
COOK, THOMAS James (Voter ID number 119286053).
COOK, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number 109551371).
MORA COOK, MARIA Rosa (Voter ID number 109695208).

10400 SW 140TH RD
KHOURY, ELIAS (Voter ID number 114517421).
KHOURY, MARIE A. (Voter ID number 114521911).

10400 SW 145TH ST
WILSON, CHARLES (Voter ID number 109015794).
WILSON, ETHEL Albertha (Voter ID number 109129420).

10400 SW 146TH ST
WHITEHEAD, KEVIN Bernard (Voter ID number 109135829).
WHITEHEAD, KEVIN Bernard (Voter ID number 109658684).

10400 SW 149TH ST
CHERRY, ARAMANDA Louise (Voter ID number 109000360).
WILLIAMS, DANIEL P. (Voter ID number 109545530).

10400 SW 149TH TER
SPEED, EUGENIA Clarisse (Voter ID number 109779422).
SPEED, TAMIKA Taresse (Voter ID number 109729482).
WILLIAMS, CARL (Voter ID number 108975189).
WILLIAMS, DENNIS (Voter ID number 109001524).
WILLIAMS, EMMA Lee (Voter ID number 109221728).

10400 SW 150TH TER
BALLOU, SHAQUELLE Nurai (Voter ID number 121178532).
MOSLEY, SHAQUILLA Sunshine (Voter ID number 117339279).
MOSLEY, TIA N. (Voter ID number 110030772).
MOSLEY, WILLICIA Urania (Voter ID number 109797292).
SMITH, MAGGIE L. (Voter ID number 109002685).
SMITH, MARGO (Voter ID number 116901713).

10400 SW 151ST TER
GAGE, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 116649400).
MINDER, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 109109933).
MINDER, PAULETTE Grant (Voter ID number 109079540).

10400 SW 91ST AVE
COHEN, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 109266223).
COHEN, DALIA B. (Voter ID number 109350300).
COHEN, IVONNE (Voter ID number 109227132).
ROTELLA, ONELIA (Voter ID number 108924232).

10400 SW 92ND AVE
GONZALEZ, REINALDO Ray (Voter ID number 109160098).
GONZALEZ, EDITH L. (Voter ID number 109160095).

10400 SW 92ND ST
GONZALEZ, JOHN (Voter ID number 110004950).
TAYLOR, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 109141178).
TAYLOR, WILLIAM Francis (Voter ID number 109290504).
TAYLOR, WILLIAM Patrick (Voter ID number 109075213).

10400 SW 96TH ST
BIBBY, SEAN P. (Voter ID number 119622719).
BIBBY, NANNETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109152707).
BIBBY, PATRICK John (Voter ID number 109106928).

10400 SW 97TH CT
CASTRO, HENRY Delfin (Voter ID number 108950167).
CASTRO, YOLANDA Pascuala (Voter ID number 109008624).

10400 SW 98TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, ANAY (Voter ID number 119344897).
DE VARONA, YVONNE Estarellas (Voter ID number 109954890).
ESTARELLAS, FELICIA Diaz (Voter ID number 109087638).
OTERO, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109251885).

10401 SW 102ND AVE
TINNEY, VICTORIA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109978470).
TINNEY, BRIAN David (Voter ID number 109771457).

10401 SW 107TH ST
CUETO, ARELIS (Voter ID number 110285032).
CUETO, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109955183).
CUETO, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109251411).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
REBOTE, ALBERT R. (Voter ID number 120316812).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT #235

CAMACHO, MAX G. (Voter ID number 109971696).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT 141

RODRIGUEZ, YOSVANNY (Voter ID number 116773105).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT 240

WILLINGER, SHANE Evans (Voter ID number 121038039).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT 244

HILL, JANET H. (Voter ID number 118989245).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT 245

ARANA, NOEL Enrique (Voter ID number 117390585).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT C 139

NEWMAN, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 117035585).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT C 141

CASTRO TRAVIESO, BERTA Irene (Voter ID number 121032015).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT C140

CASANA AMORETTI, FERMIN (Voter ID number 119997930).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT C143

SANCHEZ, TALHIA (Voter ID number 118099967).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT C145

JAS, JACKELINE (Voter ID number 115274391).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT C243

BALLON, ALDO (Voter ID number 110172962).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
ADAMS, CAROL Wright (Voter ID number 109107211).
ALVAREZ, FATIMA (Voter ID number 114525828).
HAWTREE, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 109015229).
HOYOS, MARILYN (Voter ID number 109607177).
KELLEY, IRMA S. (Voter ID number 109641566).
LARA, FERNANDO Patricio (Voter ID number 109416407).
LARA, MAGALY Z. (Voter ID number 109895108).
PELLON, ANA (Voter ID number 109687407).
PELLON, LORENZO E. (Voter ID number 109486253).
ROLDAN, CARLOS F. (Voter ID number 110259623).
SALGADO, RITA (Voter ID number 110011876).
VALLADARES, VICTORIA Maria (Voter ID number 109268853).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT 148

DE SOUZA, VALTAIR G. (Voter ID number 119579156).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT 148C

DE SOUZA, SARA P. (Voter ID number 114275552).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT 238

DEAN, HALEMA (Voter ID number 119379599).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT 245

ARANA, NOEL S. (Voter ID number 119663606).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT C-135

LAI, WINSTON Trevor (Voter ID number 119428740).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT C133

ISSA, HANNEN (Voter ID number 110172709).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT C142

JAM, ALFREDO M. (Voter ID number 115775375).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT C145

VILLEGAS, DORIS Nelly (Voter ID number 109919343).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
APT C243

LOPEZ-SOMARRIBA, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109993261).
SOMARRIBA, ROLANDO J. (Voter ID number 115776373).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
UNIT #C144

LLANTADA AZNAREZ, ADRIAN Jose (Voter ID number 109582808).

10401 SW 108TH AVE
SANDINO, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 116925074).

10401 SW 121ST ST
MORA, IRENE (Voter ID number 114366466).
KATZ, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 109139183).
MORA, JUANA (Voter ID number 110072431).
MORA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109604754).

10401 SW 123RD ST
SMITH, CAROLYN Whiting (Voter ID number 108933013).
SMITH, CHARLES Gordon (Voter ID number 108933014).
SMITH, RYAN J. (Voter ID number 109736497).

10401 SW 136TH ST
JONES, DOUGLAS R. (Voter ID number 109012780).
JONES, MARIE Grace (Voter ID number 109012781).

10401 SW 139TH ST
ROBERTSON, SAMUEL Keith (Voter ID number 109622188).
RABIN, JANET Nadean (Voter ID number 109327579).
RABIN, KELLY-NOELLE (Voter ID number 109926644).

10401 SW 145TH ST
BURNELL, COREY L. (Voter ID number 117209333).
JENNINGS, TERRILL Todd (Voter ID number 109736667).
TAYLOR, DESTINY T. (Voter ID number 119622748).
JENNINGS, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 108905336).
JENNINGS, DONNIE Raye (Voter ID number 109752741).
JENNINGS, JOYCE E. (Voter ID number 108905335).

10401 SW 146TH ST
BROWN, TERRANCE Rodney (Voter ID number 117782064).
CUTLER, TASCHA Yvette (Voter ID number 109323213).
RAY, ALBERTA L. (Voter ID number 115607211).
RAY-CUTLER, ALBERTA L. (Voter ID number 109037586).

10401 SW 146TH TER
GLOVER, TEEYA J. (Voter ID number 120201853).
SNOW, KEVIN T. (Voter ID number 109309391).
SNOW, TINA Marie (Voter ID number 109593401).

10401 SW 150TH TER
MAYES, SIDNEY (Voter ID number 109285344).
SMITH, CARRIE Mayes (Voter ID number 109002683).

10401 SW 151ST TER
LAMPKIN, KEITH Arnold (Voter ID number 109156368).
LAMPKIN, KEITH (Voter ID number 109817932).

10401 SW 87TH CT
DIAZ, GERARDO J. (Voter ID number 109972275).
MENDEZ, MIRIAM A. (Voter ID number 109946151).
RODAS, OLGA M. (Voter ID number 118177201).

10401 SW 88TH ST
BERLING, VICTORIA L. (Voter ID number 116906311).
IRIZARRY, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 109695518).
RODRIGUEZ, JAVIER F. (Voter ID number 121202671).

10401 SW 88TH ST
APT A203

RODRIGUEZ, MARILYN (Voter ID number 119917432).

10401 SW 88TH ST
APT A204

MEJIA, KAREN Rebecca (Voter ID number 109458643).

10401 SW 88TH ST
BENITEZ, CECILIA (Voter ID number 108939477).
BLANCO, RICK (Voter ID number 110130424).
GIERKE, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 114637317).
MARTINEZ, CARLOS Jose (Voter ID number 109377423).
REYERSON, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 114993772).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIO Ejaldo (Voter ID number 109477006).
SUAZO MARTINEZ, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 115420236).

10401 SW 89TH AVE
GARCIA, JUSTO (Voter ID number 121122472).

10401 SW 91ST AVE
ISTURIZ, LAURA Iraima (Voter ID number 109452437).

10401 SW 92ND AVE
FIDANQUE, JOSHUA Henry (Voter ID number 120049968).
FIDANQUE, STANLEY B. (Voter ID number 109441045).

10401 SW 93RD ST
ROWLAND, SHELBI Lynn (Voter ID number 114397795).
REED, BERNICE Rabb (Voter ID number 109076046).
REED, DAVID E. (Voter ID number 109170296).

10401 SW 99TH ST
REMY, JASON Paul (Voter ID number 110254010).
REMY, RAPHAEL Pablo (Voter ID number 109069095).

10402 SW 115TH PL
BRAVO, ANABARBARA Nasser (Voter ID number 109367976).
BRAVO, CARLOS Francisco (Voter ID number 109331758).

10402 SW 121ST ST
KUKER, DIANE Kaminsky (Voter ID number 108949795).
KUKER, HOWARD Lewis (Voter ID number 109011509).
KUKER, RUSS Aaron (Voter ID number 109482938).

10403 SW 114TH PL
PALACIO, GLORIA Gonzalez (Voter ID number 109127545).
SANTA-ANA, FRANCISCO Emilio (Voter ID number 118124520).
CADAVIECO, ELIZABETH Angela (Voter ID number 118124641).
CADAVIECO, PETER Joseph (Voter ID number 109756738).
PALACIO, GLORIA Maria (Voter ID number 109182975).

10403 SW 115TH PL
HARARI, GABRIELLA Marilyn (Voter ID number 114365096).

10403 SW 120TH ST
YANG, YULONG (Voter ID number 120421342).
YANG, YUNHE (Voter ID number 118104697).
XUE, LIHUA (Voter ID number 116270993).

10403 SW 88TH ST
SOLAR, ARIADNE (Voter ID number 120326337).

10403 SW 88TH ST
APT A108

SOLAR, SANDOR (Voter ID number 110294068).

10403 SW 88TH ST
UNIT #A107

ARMAS, DOMINGO (Voter ID number 109662542).

10403 SW 88TH ST
ADAMS, MIKE O. (Voter ID number 110100654).
CASTRO, WALESKA (Voter ID number 102421622).
PUENTE, DAVID (Voter ID number 109389751).

10403 SW 88TH ST
APT #A-106

GONZALEZ, JEAN E. (Voter ID number 116136433).

10403 SW 88TH ST
APT A208

RUIZ, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 120027057).

10403 SW 88TH ST
APT #A-106

EGBERT, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 116125456).

10404 SW 114TH CT
MORDOUCH, ADAM Y. (Voter ID number 114367366).

10404 SW 114TH CT
UNIT #118

MORDOUCH, ADELE Vera (Voter ID number 109500760).

10404 SW 128TH TER
FURMAN, JEREMY Samuel (Voter ID number 109980897).
FURMAN, MICHELE Lara (Voter ID number 109862549).

10404 SW 129TH TER
WELCH, ELLEN C. (Voter ID number 104879150).
WELCH, MICHAEL Jay (Voter ID number 109896093).
WELCH, RITA Ann (Voter ID number 109895726).

10404 SW 87TH CT
BATLLE, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 119063885).

10405 SW 107TH TER
ESCOBAR, CARLOS J. (Voter ID number 110318574).
ESCOBAR, CARMEN G. (Voter ID number 109038797).
HEREDIA, SERAFIN (Voter ID number 109503716).

10405 SW 112TH ST
ALVARADO, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 118017476).
ALVARADO, TEDDY Luis (Voter ID number 109893734).

10405 SW 122ND ST
BARRENECHE, MICHELLE Marie (Voter ID number 116753488).
CAMBO, NEYSA Amaro (Voter ID number 109082159).
ROVIROSA, ADELA C. (Voter ID number 109251381).
ROVIROSA, JORGE P. (Voter ID number 109065164).
ROVIROSA, MIRIAM Christina (Voter ID number 118503421).

10405 SW 124TH ST
MEDRANO, BEATRIZ C. (Voter ID number 116825723).
GARCIA MONTERO, ANGELICA (Voter ID number 118452841).
MEDRANO, FERNANDO A. (Voter ID number 110146125).

10405 SW 128TH TER
FINKELMAN, AMY Lynn (Voter ID number 110033663).
FINKELMAN, JACK D. (Voter ID number 109374045).
FINKELMAN, MINDY S. (Voter ID number 109033642).

10405 SW 134TH ST
BERTOT, ASHLEY Lourdes (Voter ID number 110312503).
BERTOT, LOURDES A. (Voter ID number 109119160).
BERTOT, WALTER (Voter ID number 110209381).
BERTOT, DAMIAN (Voter ID number 116902938).

10405 SW 149TH TER
BROWN, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109227155).
BROWN, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 108902866).

10405 SW 88TH ST
APT A-114

FRANCESCHI, MITZI Rebeca (Voter ID number 109661572).

10405 SW 88TH ST
APT A114

THURBER, REBECA Rachel (Voter ID number 114361050).

10405 SW 88TH ST
APT A210

GONZALEZ DEL POZO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110268468).
GONZALEZ DEL POZO, MARTHA (Voter ID number 116238629).
GONZALEZ DEL POZO, VALERIA (Voter ID number 110040994).

10405 SW 88TH ST
APT A112

ROJAS VERAS, JUANA B. (Voter ID number 116619236).

10405 SW 89TH PL
MORALES, FERMIN (Voter ID number 109101049).
PADRO, MELBA Maria (Voter ID number 109255542).
PADRO, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 110028393).

10405 SW 92ND ST
DRUMMOND, LORI Lesage (Voter ID number 114948858).
DRUMMOND, MARTIN R. (Voter ID number 110225875).

10405 SW 96TH ST
COHEN, ELAINE L. (Voter ID number 109001348).
COHEN, STANLEY (Voter ID number 109001349).

10405 SW 97TH CT
GOMEZ, ADRIANA I. (Voter ID number 119731161).
GOMEZ, ALVARO Augusto (Voter ID number 110156025).
MITCH-GOMEZ, CINDY Kay (Voter ID number 109515460).

10405 SW 98TH ST
MARISTANY, VERONICA Lourdes (Voter ID number 109951596).

10406 SW 149TH TER
BOYNTON, ROBERICK Darnell (Voter ID number 117121600).
BOYNTON, RODERICK D. (Voter ID number 109815341).
GIST, MARCEY Sophina (Voter ID number 109812737).

10410 SW 115TH ST
GOTTFRIED, BARBARA (Voter ID number 109919673).

10410 SW 119TH ST
FERGUSON, TROY D. (Voter ID number 109598072).

10410 SW 149TH ST
FLETCHER, SHERRY Annette (Voter ID number 109080149).

10410 SW 150TH TER
BROWN, JESSICA Joelicia (Voter ID number 120517671).
FOUNTAIN, BETTYE T. (Voter ID number 109010076).
FOUNTAIN, HORACHIOUS C. (Voter ID number 109731360).
ANDREWS, SONJA Rene (Voter ID number 109268670).

10410 SW 92ND ST
GONZALEZ, EDUARDO William (Voter ID number 109422412).
GONZALEZ, MICHELE Rivero (Voter ID number 109389772).

10410 SW 98TH ST
SHERIDAN, JOHN T. (Voter ID number 109969687).
SHERIDAN, MOLLIE L. (Voter ID number 109863299).

10410 SW 99TH ST
DIAZ-ZUBIETA, ANA M. (Voter ID number 114772538).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
AVILES, MARIO J. (Voter ID number 114432585).
CORDOVEZ, JACINDA Veronica (Voter ID number 109768402).
CORLEY, ALBA Y. (Voter ID number 102194086).
MARTELL, KYLE (Voter ID number 117145542).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT #155

GALLARDO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 116259058).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT 252

CORREA, LINA (Voter ID number 120157541).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT 253

UNCEIN, JOSE Roberto (Voter ID number 117264199).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT 254

SUAREZ, MARIA Ofelia (Voter ID number 120404813).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT 260

CABRERA, ARIEL (Voter ID number 119556388).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT 264

MARTINEZ, VIOLETH C. (Voter ID number 120840900).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT D156

TUMI, KARINA Patricia (Voter ID number 120387634).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT D162

REYES, GISENIA L. (Voter ID number 109916169).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
ANDERSON, DANIEL D. (Voter ID number 109136762).
CORDOVEZ, JAIME (Voter ID number 109533262).
HARRIS, LINDA Lee (Voter ID number 109049880).
MCSWINEY, BRIAN Ray (Voter ID number 115238780).
MORE, LEONILDE (Voter ID number 115632067).
PEREZ, MARIA Ofelia (Voter ID number 114858630).
RIVERA-BENITEZ, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109306456).
THOMAS, LAWRENCE W. (Voter ID number 110021220).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT #D262

CHIONG, SHARON (Voter ID number 110218317).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT 162

REYES, LUCY G. (Voter ID number 109938997).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT 251D

PHILLIPS, MARGARET Elmay (Voter ID number 109866747).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT D158

ORTIZ, NELCY (Voter ID number 119156426).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT D162

GLENDENING, DALILA (Voter ID number 114558376).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
APT D264

CAMPOS, JESSICA Maria (Voter ID number 110262935).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
UNIT #D159

DEFILIPPS, TONY (Voter ID number 110119647).

10411 SW 108TH AVE
UNIT 162

COULE, HEATHER Ruth (Voter ID number 109999213).

10411 SW 116TH ST
GRAMATIKOS, AMELIA Martin (Voter ID number 109664266).
GRAMATIKOS, GEORGE Gus (Voter ID number 109187289).

10411 SW 123RD ST
WESTON, MARK A. (Voter ID number 115233497).
WESTON, DAVID Craig (Voter ID number 109039112).
WESTON, DONNA J. (Voter ID number 109037916).

10411 SW 141ST DR
HALL, SHELVIN J. (Voter ID number 110323922).
HALL, DELORIS Johnson (Voter ID number 109058154).
HALL, RHONYCE Janene (Voter ID number 109315746).
HALL, ROGER (Voter ID number 108955046).

10411 SW 150TH TER
BRUTON, JOHN Henry (Voter ID number 110059859).
BRUTON, DAVIDA Bess (Voter ID number 109095472).

10411 SW 151ST TER
CUERO, BEATRIZ R. (Voter ID number 109668851).

10411 SW 88TH ST
DELGADO, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 109938513).

10411 SW 88TH ST
APT B-101

RODRIGUEZ, CHARLENE C. (Voter ID number 109874616).

10411 SW 88TH ST
APT B-204

CASTANO, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 120195504).

10411 SW 88TH ST
APT B101

RODRIGUEZ, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109533691).

10411 SW 88TH ST
APT B103

MORALES, ALBERTO Javier (Voter ID number 109485478).
PEREZ, JESSICA Michelle (Voter ID number 120195369).

10411 SW 88TH ST
CHAMBERS, THOMAS B. (Voter ID number 110116024).
PEREZ, ESTHER Maria (Voter ID number 110319695).
REYES, BLANCA Nobia (Voter ID number 109693895).

10411 SW 88TH ST
APT B-105

GONZALEZ VEGA, YAYRA (Voter ID number 118916432).

10411 SW 88TH ST
APT B102

ALONSO, LUIS M. (Voter ID number 109325731).

10411 SW 88TH ST
APT B203

SHAH, MITESH Rajesh Bhai (Voter ID number 110331789).

10411 SW 88TH ST
APT B205

FOGG, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 117960732).

10411 SW 93RD ST
ALMEIDA, CELIA M. (Voter ID number 109295257).
ALMEIDA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 119312798).
GONZALEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109202002).

10411 SW 99TH ST
BRADY, MARK Raymond (Voter ID number 109218546).

10412 SW 108TH AVE

SCHWITZER, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 108967392).

10412 SW 115TH PL
WARDLE, ERIC Lawson (Voter ID number 109495850).
GERDUS, MARION K. (Voter ID number 109906987).

10413 SW 114TH PL
DE BRITA, DOROTHY Boyer (Voter ID number 110302286).

10413 SW 115TH PL
SCHWARTZ, BRADLEY Philip (Voter ID number 109276830).
SCHWARTZ, SANDRA W. (Voter ID number 109843634).

10413 SW 88TH ST
CABEZAS, ROLANDO Jose (Voter ID number 110192686).

10413 SW 88TH ST
APT B109

YOUNG, RICHARD Edward (Voter ID number 118951836).

10413 SW 88TH ST
APT B209

PINNICK, MITCHELL (Voter ID number 119621147).

10413 SW 88TH ST
CUETER, SINDY (Voter ID number 118012473).
MARTINEZ, SYLVIA F. (Voter ID number 110109428).
SILVA, RAFAEL I. (Voter ID number 109916590).

10413 SW 88TH ST
APT #B206

CABEZAS, MELISSA Dunne (Voter ID number 109913551).

10413 SW 88TH ST
APT B208

PADIN, ROSARIO X. (Voter ID number 109706193).

10414 SW 115TH CT
BUSTAMANTE, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 118522113).
BUSTAMANTE, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 110115341).

10415 SW 114TH CT
WILLIS, DWAYNE Paul (Voter ID number 109431154).
WILLIS, KELLI Ann (Voter ID number 109260483).

10415 SW 115TH CT
STEELE, CRISTINA N. (Voter ID number 110173307).
STEELE, ISABEL M. (Voter ID number 109034212).
STEELE, JOHN Richard (Voter ID number 109056270).
STEELE, MICHELLE Anne (Voter ID number 110061085).

10415 SW 122ND ST
MENDEZ, MARISSA (Voter ID number 114414003).
MENDEZ, SUSANA Maria (Voter ID number 109199590).
PRIETO, ALEJANDRO Miguel (Voter ID number 110110210).
MENDEZ, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109188155).
MENDEZ, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 116484615).

10415 SW 146TH TER
WRIGHT, NATHAN Louis (Voter ID number 109663337).
AUSTIN, TAMELIA A. (Voter ID number 109706152).
SPENCER, GENE (Voter ID number 109084038).
SPENCER, MAE O. (Voter ID number 109788527).
SPENCER, OLLIE W. (Voter ID number 116216571).

10415 SW 149TH TER
RIVERS, DIANA Atkins (Voter ID number 109538930).
RIVERS, KIM L. (Voter ID number 110122567).
RIVERS, KIM Lewis (Voter ID number 109326083).
RIVERS, LOTTIE H. (Voter ID number 109002642).

10415 SW 87TH AVE
ARVESU, MANUEL Claudio (Voter ID number 109055364).
ARVESU, MIRIAM A. (Voter ID number 109800038).

10415 SW 88TH ST
APT B 113

URRELY, KATHRYN Jean (Voter ID number 109598495).

10415 SW 88TH ST
APT B-213

CELIS, ARGEMIRO (Voter ID number 118132146).
POLO, LILIA (Voter ID number 118132145).

10415 SW 88TH ST
CRAIG, JULIA M. (Voter ID number 109809759).
ELLIS, JULIE (Voter ID number 109916220).
RODRIGUEZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109771952).

10415 SW 88TH ST
APT #B112

GARCIA, ALBERTO E. (Voter ID number 109843578).

10415 SW 88TH ST
APT B-114

LOVAY, OSCAR E. (Voter ID number 118859782).

10415 SW 88TH ST
APT B110

CRAIG, EMILY (Voter ID number 118097737).
CRAIG, ERIC Brannon (Voter ID number 120427378).

10415 SW 88TH ST
UNIT 212

TREJOS, RAMSES Hernan (Voter ID number 102335581).

10415 SW 92ND ST
PAPPAS, NICHOLAS C. (Voter ID number 119763185).
PAPPAS, NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 109209445).
PAPPAS, ELENI Virginia (Voter ID number 115782734).

10415 SW 96TH ST
CARDERO, ISEL (Voter ID number 109472435).
CARDERO, MARCEL C. (Voter ID number 115574844).
CARDERO, ISEL (Voter ID number 116880392).

10415 SW 98TH ST
CROW, LOIS M. (Voter ID number 109872305).

10420 SW 102ND AVE
BAUER, CELAINE Marie (Voter ID number 109043799).
BAUER, JACQUELINE Marie (Voter ID number 105050605).
BAUER, ROBERT Joseph (Voter ID number 109043803).

10420 SW 107TH ST
MOREJON, VIOLETA Aleida (Voter ID number 109200299).
RAY, SELDEN Kirkland (Voter ID number 109228569).

10420 SW 110TH ST
WALTON, CAROL S. (Voter ID number 108974645).
WALTON, LAURA Cary (Voter ID number 110041579).
WALTON, TODD R. (Voter ID number 110324191).
WALTON, WAYNE Allen (Voter ID number 109038100).

10420 SW 111TH ST
ALLEN, EDA Mae (Voter ID number 108903219).

10420 SW 112TH ST
BECK, ROBERT Pafford (Voter ID number 118644762).
BECK, CHRISTINE P. (Voter ID number 110249202).
BECK, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 109168608).
PAFFORD, PAMELA Lee (Voter ID number 109192810).

10420 SW 115TH ST
MORRISSEY, MARK LEE (Voter ID number 114978357).
MORRISSEY, RITA (Voter ID number 109702041).
MORRISSEY, BRIAN L. (Voter ID number 110139858).

10420 SW 119TH ST
FEINBERG, BETTE (Voter ID number 110221147).
FEINBERG, STEPHANINA M. (Voter ID number 109265234).

10420 SW 120TH ST
AMAT, NATALIE Lorrane (Voter ID number 109450076).
AMAT, VICTOR M. (Voter ID number 109231316).

10420 SW 122ND ST
CHUTKAN, ALEXANDER George (Voter ID number 120891716).
CHUTKAN, NATALIE B. (Voter ID number 109750062).
CHUTKAN, WAYNE George (Voter ID number 109415784).

10420 SW 123RD ST
BANDKLAYDER, MICHELLE R. (Voter ID number 118093307).
BANDKLAYDER, ANDREW P. (Voter ID number 109308706).
BANDKLAYDER, MARIA F. (Voter ID number 109574424).
BANDKLAYDER, LAUREN Ann (Voter ID number 116328083).

10420 SW 124TH ST
JONES, DANIEL Kirby (Voter ID number 109133020).
JONES, RANDI Kristin (Voter ID number 109068876).

10420 SW 138TH ST
REYES, ILIANA Sarduy (Voter ID number 109414588).
VASSILIOU, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 118833873).
REYES, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number 109258556).

10420 SW 139TH ST
JELLSON, AMY Jill (Voter ID number 109398116).
JELLSON, MICHAEL H. (Voter ID number 109955028).

10420 SW 140TH RD
MIELKE, DEAN Roger (Voter ID number 108903368).
RODRIGUEZ, ELENA Alicia (Voter ID number 108988008).

10420 SW 146TH ST
LUMPKINS, ANN Celeste (Voter ID number 118136811).
LUMPKINS, BERNADETTE Linda (Voter ID number 117375670).
LUMPKINS-BOWMAN, MARGUERITE (Voter ID number 109243330).

10420 SW 149TH ST
PRICE, JOSEPH Henry (Voter ID number 108977871).
PRICE, MARTHA H. (Voter ID number 108975877).

10420 SW 150TH TER
BROOKS, ANTIONETTE (Voter ID number 109074800).
BROOKS, MICHAEL Leon (Voter ID number 109815529).
MAJOR, SHARON Eleanor (Voter ID number 109080570).

10420 SW 87TH CT
NAVARRO, JOSE Felix (Voter ID number 109009851).
NAVARRO, GLORIA Martinez (Voter ID number 109042165).

10420 SW 92ND ST
RESTREPO, EDITH (Voter ID number 117006184).

10420 SW 97TH CT
ZEDAN, BORIS (Voter ID number 117166709).
ZEDAN, CYNTHIA H. (Voter ID number 109438284).

10420 SW 98TH ST
ROZA, MARGARITA V. (Voter ID number 109028210).

10420 SW 99TH ST
DURAN, FREDDY Arturo (Voter ID number 117825701).
DURAN, NANCY Marlene (Voter ID number 109665492).
DURAN, SILVIA M. (Voter ID number 109620818).
RODRIGUEZ, GUILLERMO Jose (Voter ID number 109397402).

10421 SW 102ND AVE
MENENDEZ, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 110131905).
FLAIFEL, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 118071340).

10421 SW 107TH ST
SAULS, ELIZABETH B. (Voter ID number 108962125).
SAULS, JEFFREY Mercil (Voter ID number 108940343).
SAULS, JACOB B. (Voter ID number 117577948).

10421 SW 111TH ST
DICKER, KATHERINE Alice (Voter ID number 121182372).
DICKER, JOHN Warren (Voter ID number 109795802).
DICKER, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 109366027).
DICKER, RITA Yoder (Voter ID number 109071605).

10421 SW 113TH ST
CARTER, NICOLE C. (Voter ID number 120135244).
CARTER, CHRISTOPHER Joseph (Voter ID number 109200952).
CARTER, LOURDES M. (Voter ID number 109241102).

10421 SW 116TH ST
ARENAS, MARIO Luis (Voter ID number 109445676).
ARENAS, MARY Isaba (Voter ID number 109402245).

10421 SW 121ST ST
PENN, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 101659248).
PENN, DEBORAH Goldner (Voter ID number 109184779).
PENN, MELANIE B. (Voter ID number 110011485).
PENN, MICHAEL Alan (Voter ID number 109076758).

10421 SW 136TH ST
WILLIAMS, AUBREY Anthony (Voter ID number 109685182).
WILLIAMS, PAMELA (Voter ID number 109530034).

10421 SW 139TH ST
SHAPIRO, LINDSAY B. (Voter ID number 110154217).
SHAPIRO, ALIX C. (Voter ID number 115274266).
SHAPIRO, BELINDA S. (Voter ID number 109539170).

10421 SW 150TH TER
COLEMAN, MICHAEL Robert (Voter ID number 120782168).
COLEMAN, BRENDA Darlene (Voter ID number 109283320).
COLEMAN, GEORGE W. (Voter ID number 109672755).
COLEMAN, GEORGES Wisdom (Voter ID number 116265620).
LEWIS, GENE (Voter ID number 110231297).
LITTLE, STEPHANY Meade (Voter ID number 116076031).
PARRISH, GREGORY Stanley (Voter ID number 109193218).

10421 SW 151ST TER
WALKER, BERNICE G. (Voter ID number 109842439).
WALKER, WILLIE (Voter ID number 109002725).

10421 SW 87TH CT
FLORES, MABEL E. (Voter ID number 109596731).
FLORES, VALENTIN Jesus (Voter ID number 110053835).
FLORES, GART J. (Voter ID number 110054917).
RODIL, ALFA S. (Voter ID number 109317976).

10421 SW 88TH ST
MONTANER, JARENYS Jissett (Voter ID number 110323390).
SARIEGO, FROILIANA Caridad (Voter ID number 109392070).

10421 SW 88TH ST
APT #C101

JOHNSON, ANGELIQUE (Voter ID number 110031643).

10421 SW 88TH ST
APT C101

JOHNSON, MATTHEW Alan (Voter ID number 110108333).

10421 SW 88TH ST
HERRERA, FRANK (Voter ID number 109264133).
RAMIREZ, JEANINNE Delores (Voter ID number 109609231).
SEIDLER, PERRY S. (Voter ID number 110180911).

10421 SW 88TH ST
APT C-202

ALVAREZ, CARLOS R. (Voter ID number 110087588).

10421 SW 88TH ST
APT C205

DIEPPA, LIZA (Voter ID number 109969059).

10421 SW 89TH AVE
FIGAROLA, FERNANDO H. (Voter ID number 102354828).
LEON, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 118124576).
LEON, TERESITA D. (Voter ID number 102355718).

10421 SW 93RD ST
PARDO, ALBERTO Alejandro (Voter ID number 109741083).
PARDO, TANIA Hernandez (Voter ID number 109317376).

10421 SW 99TH ST
MANNING, KATSUYO (Voter ID number 109264934).

10422 SW 115TH PL
CASTILLO, JOSE Lewis (Voter ID number 109397443).

10422 SW 121ST ST
ROBBINS, JESSICA Pearl (Voter ID number 109772680).
ROBBINS, JULIETTE Amy (Voter ID number 109135093).
ROBBINS, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 109131516).

10423 SW 115TH PL
MUSTO, MICHAEL M. (Voter ID number 109164995).
WARING, FREDRICK S. (Voter ID number 109897737).
WARING, NORMA Pena (Voter ID number 109510531).

10423 SW 120TH ST
SPURLOCK, DARIN (Voter ID number 110263654).
SPURLOCK, RALPH Wilson (Voter ID number 109281627).

10423 SW 88TH ST
APT C108

LEON, VIVIAN G. (Voter ID number 109185171).

10423 SW 88TH ST
BEGUIRISTAIN, MAITA (Voter ID number 109890833).
DELGADO, ADA Y. (Voter ID number 109685496).
GARCIA, YVETTE (Voter ID number 109302837).
KOW, KEVIN Stuart (Voter ID number 109511832).
ROS, FRANCISCO Jose (Voter ID number 109712366).
ROS, MARGOT (Voter ID number 109778973).

10423 SW 88TH ST
APT C108

LEON, LEONARD (Voter ID number 110091809).

10423 SW 88TH ST
UNIT #C108

HAYNES, LISA Anne (Voter ID number 109743033).

10424 SW 114TH CT
PRUDNIKAVA, TATSIANA Sergeevna (Voter ID number 121049262).
BALDWIN, COREY Lee (Voter ID number 114631733).

10424 SW 115TH CT
JENSEN, KIRSTEN Lisbeth (Voter ID number 109790241).

10424 SW 128TH TER
PIETRYKOWSKI, ALLISON S. (Voter ID number 116089337).
PIETRYOWSKI, RICHARD S. (Voter ID number 110098152).

10424 SW 129TH TER
WEIL, BRIAN D. (Voter ID number 120069183).
WEIL, ELLEN W. (Voter ID number 109134743).
WEIL, ROBYN Michelle (Voter ID number 109995647).

10425 SW 107TH TER
RAMOS, JESSE-CARLO (Voter ID number 115258072).
RAMOS, JESUS (Voter ID number 110255341).
RAMOS, MARIA R. (Voter ID number 109010457).
RAMOS, VANESSA (Voter ID number 110316092).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
AYER, ASHLEY Kelly (Voter ID number 117068548).
CALLAVA, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109895178).
FONTALVO, ALBA A. (Voter ID number 118347658).
FONTALVO, ALBA (Voter ID number 117238928).
FORBES, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 110206870).
FRAGA, CHRISTOPHER Jorge (Voter ID number 110030133).
GAVARRETE, JILIANETTE (Voter ID number 118829555).
IPEKGIAN, ARTHUR David (Voter ID number 116538649).
PENA, EFRAIN Antonio (Voter ID number 116907767).
PENTON, RAMON (Voter ID number 109752288).
QUINTANA, IRACIARIA (Voter ID number 119218472).
RAGOONANAN, RAJIU S. (Voter ID number 116426782).
THORET, MARIE (Voter ID number 110280841).
WYNN, MARK Anthony (Voter ID number 109600524).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 1 119

SANJURJO, LAURA Rosario (Voter ID number 113958947).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 104

VITIELLO, SASKYA G. (Voter ID number 115230722).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 106

PACHECO, JUAN Diego (Voter ID number 117341544).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 108

CRUZ, GABRIELLA Francesca (Voter ID number 110248226).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 109

DAMORE, BEATRIZ C. (Voter ID number 114683452).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 115

SVRCEK, YULANDA Nichole (Voter ID number 117825679).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 122

FAGOTH, DINA C. (Voter ID number 110031717).
FAGOTH, JACKELINE (Voter ID number 118837990).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 201

BEITSCH, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109862792).
BEITSCH, MERCY (Voter ID number 109861741).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 204

MENENDEZ, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 116295793).
RODRIGUEZ, JANET (Voter ID number 109604595).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 206

RONDON, ESTEFANIA M. (Voter ID number 119525211).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 223

OTERO, GUILLERMO J. (Voter ID number 110203227).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 302

DE LA ROSA ALBA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 118253193).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 309

LENIV, GEORGE (Voter ID number 110110766).
MAZOLENY, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 110109686).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 312

RODRIGUEZ, AMIE (Voter ID number 105214227).
RODRIGUEZ, IRASEMA (Voter ID number 109488755).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 319

VANEGAS ARIAS, DANIELA (Voter ID number 116290754).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 213

VALIENTE, ANDREA Nicole (Voter ID number 119623679).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
UNIT 215

DENNEAU, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 118870789).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
UNIT 324

SOCORRO, ANTONIO Ramon (Voter ID number 119656198).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
ABRIL, LOURDES (Voter ID number 115451377).
ALTAMIRANLO, FAUSTO G. (Voter ID number 110226381).
AYRES, KATHRYN (Voter ID number 109252352).
AYRES, PETER Morgan (Voter ID number 109149597).
BAEZ, ASUNCION Caridad (Voter ID number 109092707).
BAEZ, HILDA C. (Voter ID number 110065021).
CISNEROS, NORMA Ramirez (Voter ID number 109963408).
DELGADO, NATALIE (Voter ID number 114421869).
FONTALVO, OSCAR J. (Voter ID number 109582039).
FRAGA, JORGE (Voter ID number 109115676).
GARCIA, ORLANDO Alirio (Voter ID number 114077643).
GAVARRETE, ANA Belkis (Voter ID number 109525628).
GONZALEZ, DULCE M. (Voter ID number 109553460).
GONZALEZ, MELVIN A. (Voter ID number 109550279).
JIMENEZ, MELVIN Juan (Voter ID number 109471645).
LOGAN, HERBERT G. (Voter ID number 109476674).
MARTINEZ, EDMUNDO Roman (Voter ID number 109154867).
MARTINEZ, ZENAIDA Aniceta (Voter ID number 109568806).
MAS, JESSICA Y. (Voter ID number 109981270).
MAZOLENY, MICHELLE Katrin (Voter ID number 116282228).
MAZOLENY, NICHOLAS J. (Voter ID number 115986091).
MC KENIZE, MARYJANE Crist (Voter ID number 110219119).
MORAGUEZ, BERTHA Asuncion (Voter ID number 109670753).
MOROS, DANIELA (Voter ID number 110340301).
ORTIZ, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 117063943).
PALLADINO, MARK A. (Voter ID number 110340324).
PERCHIK, MARION B. (Voter ID number 110217808).
PERMUY, ABEL (Voter ID number 115293586).
REACH, SUZANNE Marcelle (Voter ID number 108976784).
REYES, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 110341815).
RIVERA, CRISTINA T. (Voter ID number 110297665).
ROBLETO, SILVIO M. (Voter ID number 109656016).
RODGER, AIDA R. (Voter ID number 114601916).
ROSEN, ELENA Teresa (Voter ID number 109493883).
ROUZIER, CLIFFORD C. (Voter ID number 110321537).
TAYLOR, DONALD L. (Voter ID number 109136930).
TAYLOR, DONALD Robert (Voter ID number 109150367).
TAYLOR, DOROTHY Edna (Voter ID number 109136923).
TAYLOR, RENATA Gregorich (Voter ID number 109324762).
TORRES, ARACELIS C. (Voter ID number 116472638).
VILLA, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109012423).
VILLA, LEONOR Lelia (Voter ID number 109044210).
VILLANUEVA, NESTY Laura (Voter ID number 120259157).
WILLIAMS, DORETHA (Voter ID number 109000304).
YANOVSKY, IGOR R. (Voter ID number 109734793).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT #102

ROMAN, GEORGINA A. (Voter ID number 109155625).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT #210

BENITEZ, BRYAN (Voter ID number 118317443).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 202

RIVERA, DELIA M. (Voter ID number 100532267).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 210

BENITEZ, TERESITA (Voter ID number 109547796).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 326

ADAMS, KIMBERLY Elise (Voter ID number 110225061).

10425 SW 112TH ST
DUNCAN, DONALD Andrew (Voter ID number 114465981).

10425 SW 112TH ST
APT 126

ZAMBRANO, ANDRES (Voter ID number 115852205).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
FABIJANOVIC, VINKA F. (Voter ID number 116269730).
KALLICK, JONATHAN A. (Voter ID number 117138781).

10425 SW 112TH AVE
APT 119

ALVAREZ RAMOS, ADA (Voter ID number 116253494).

10425 SW 114TH CT
ACOSTA, LISA Maria (Voter ID number 109321749).
ACOSTA, OSCAR Luis (Voter ID number 109801702).

10425 SW 128TH TER
NOTRIKA, TINA (Voter ID number 121178403).
NOTRIKA, MINDI Rae (Voter ID number 109136083).
NOTRIKA, YITSHAK Isaac (Voter ID number 109586420).

10425 SW 129TH TER
PANAGAKOS, MARIA Zannis (Voter ID number 109379575).
PANAGAKOS, PANAGIOTIS (Voter ID number 110267013).

10425 SW 134TH ST
STERN, SALLY Loretta (Voter ID number 109035641).

10425 SW 146TH TER
KNOX, JAMES Claude (Voter ID number 116422795).
PINACLE, DEWAYNE J. (Voter ID number 118861783).
KNOX, MARY Joyce (Voter ID number 109119707).
WALKER, GEORGIA Beatrice (Voter ID number 109002623).

10425 SW 88TH ST
BENEDETTI, NANCY Caroline (Voter ID number 114186185).

10425 SW 88TH ST
APT C 210

MORALES, INGER LI Veronica (Voter ID number 109614902).

10425 SW 88TH ST
APT C111

ALVARADO, PAOLA (Voter ID number 119991842).
SPARIS, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 120003979).

10425 SW 88TH ST
APT C212

ALMUDE, VANINA Roxana (Voter ID number 121237815).

10425 SW 88TH ST
APT C214

HERRERA, ANGELA (Voter ID number 114772148).

10425 SW 88TH ST
BRIEVA MONTALVO, JORGE (Voter ID number 114251135).

10425 SW 88TH ST
APT C110

DIAZ, REGLA Maria (Voter ID number 109330877).

10425 SW 88TH ST
APT C114

GONZALEZ, JOE (Voter ID number 109736641).

10425 SW 88TH ST
APT C214

HERRERA, DOLORES (Voter ID number 114688415).

10425 SW 89TH PL
SALGUEIRO, BELKIS Sevanda (Voter ID number 117158330).
SALGUEIRO, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 109562333).
SALGUEIRO, VANESSA Marie (Voter ID number 120463387).

10425 SW 92ND ST
HOLLAND, DENNIS T. (Voter ID number 109267580).
HOLLAND, DENNIS Thomas (Voter ID number 110323516).
HOLLAND, MARYANN (Voter ID number 109280054).
HOLLAND, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 110111939).

10425 SW 96TH ST
ECHAZABAL, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109264627).
ECHAZABAL, MARTHA Maria (Voter ID number 109320008).

10425 SW 97TH CT
CHYNCES, KARLEY (Voter ID number 120352341).
CHYNCES, LAWRENCE L. (Voter ID number 109922036).

10425 SW 98TH ST
CANOVACA, MONICA Maria (Voter ID number 109469468).
NAVARRO, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 114351448).
RUIZ, ALEX (Voter ID number 109398006).
SAENZ, JESSICA N. (Voter ID number 110111681).

10426 SW 112TH AVE
GUTHRIE, CHRISTOPHER Ben (Voter ID number 117305754).

10426 SW 89TH PL
TRONCOZO, CRISTINA Guadalupe (Voter ID number 121350325).
LARRIEU, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109805311).
LARRIEU, FRANCISCO Rene (Voter ID number 109875140).
LARRIEU, JORGE Alberto (Voter ID number 108926948).
LARRIEU, SILVIA Lamar (Voter ID number 109052921).
LARRIEU, SILVIA Maria (Voter ID number 110175668).
MONTECE, ROSA (Voter ID number 120237497).

10427 SW 88TH ST
APT E 201

MELONI, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109763721).

10427 SW 88TH ST
HARDY, JENNIFER Kay (Voter ID number 119961187).

10430 SW 112TH ST
QUINTANA, ANA L. (Voter ID number 109654014).
QUINTANA, ANNA Marie (Voter ID number 115683005).
QUINTANA, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 109686318).
QUINTANA, LAURENE Anne (Voter ID number 114417848).
QUINTANA, RAYMOND John (Voter ID number 119606299).

10430 SW 115TH ST
ROSENBLATT, ELLEN Stosser (Voter ID number 109008846).
ROSENBLATT, JOEL David (Voter ID number 108920134).
ROSENBLATT, MARLA Nicole (Voter ID number 109483189).

10430 SW 119TH ST
VILABOY, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 120905793).
VILABOY, JOSE Andres (Voter ID number 109245734).
VILABOY, LILIA Rosa (Voter ID number 109291234).

10430 SW 134TH ST
BIER, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number 119604628).
ZAYDEN, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 115765948).

10430 SW 146TH ST
CHANEY, SADE Lesette (Voter ID number 105181614).
CHANEY, BRIGITTE Walker (Voter ID number 115462710).
CHANEY, THOMAS Christopher (Voter ID number 107867076).

10430 SW 149TH TER
DARLING, GREGORY Maurice (Voter ID number 117713981).
DARLING, RANDALL Kent (Voter ID number 109121059).
DARLING, JUANITA Mathews (Voter ID number 109002404).
LUNDY, KAMAL Curtis (Voter ID number 110300568).
MITCHELL, KAYLA Renee (Voter ID number 105183910).

10430 SW 151ST TER
ALLEN, TRACY Junean (Voter ID number 109320711).
CAMPBELL, SYLVIA Quinn (Voter ID number 109049772).
MAYCOX, KIMBERLY Jarice (Voter ID number 109384989).

10430 SW 92ND ST
GIESE, GREGG Ramshaw (Voter ID number 109053584).
GIESE, PAULETTE Montebelli (Voter ID number 109044511).

10430 SW 98TH ST
VIDAL, FRANK Arthur (Voter ID number 116293008).
VIDAL, CARMEN Elda (Voter ID number 109090098).
VIDAL, FRANK (Voter ID number 108957678).

10430 SW 99TH ST
MARGOLIS, LUCY Ann (Voter ID number 109105814).
MARGOLIS, MARK S. (Voter ID number 110040876).

APT D405

GOMEZ, MARIO (Voter ID number 118566047).

10431 SW 102ND AVE
CHADDERTON, HARRY James (Voter ID number 109006670).
CHADDERTON, KAREN Ballard (Voter ID number 109039192).

10431 SW 110TH ST
NILES, HELON Elizabeth (Voter ID number 108936205).

10431 SW 111TH ST
LLORENTE, TERESA M. (Voter ID number 119909403).
MUNOZ, REYNALDO (Voter ID number 120259063).
RAFUL, DAISY (Voter ID number 119156427).
RAMDHAN, MARIA Milagros (Voter ID number 114997940).

10431 SW 113TH ST
MALE, BRITTANY L. (Voter ID number 116293144).
MALE, CHRISTOPHER Robert (Voter ID number 110162053).
MALE, JODY Beth (Voter ID number 109082550).

10431 SW 116TH ST
ANNONE, ANTHONY E. (Voter ID number 114398735).
ANNONE, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 109425986).
ANNONE, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109925397).

10431 SW 128TH ST
COBAS-HERNANDEZ, ELISA (Voter ID number 109190366).
HERNANDEZ, MARIO A. (Voter ID number 110285737).

10431 SW 141ST DR
HARRISON, MELODIE Star (Voter ID number 109626743).
HARRISON, NEUMAN Gallagher (Voter ID number 109114059).
HARRISON, TRACY Levette (Voter ID number 109317131).
HARRISON, VELMA S. (Voter ID number 108912310).

10431 SW 150TH TER
LAWRENCE, BETTY Y. (Voter ID number 109002534).
LAWRENCE, IKE (Voter ID number 109002197).

10431 SW 151ST TER
CHACOM, MIKE (Voter ID number 110196306).

10431 SW 88TH ST
FLASCO, AMANDA Michaele (Voter ID number 110238128).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT 214

GONZALEZ, MAYLIN (Voter ID number 118997182).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT 313

ALONSO, LUIVA L. (Voter ID number 116409319).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D-211

ROLON, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 119771943).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D-412

VINARDELL, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 120903375).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D106

ESPINOZA, CELIA A. (Voter ID number 109861060).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D114

NAVARRO, LOUIS Philip (Voter ID number 109397286).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D203

HERNANDEZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 119198782).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D204

CASANOVA PONCE, AYANAY (Voter ID number 121036048).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D207

PEREZ, FRANCISCA Irene (Voter ID number 121095191).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D302

BORGES, MARIA Elisa (Voter ID number 109963716).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D305

GARCIA, ROSA (Voter ID number 114477043).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D408

ORTIZ, KETTY Ana (Voter ID number 121007907).

10431 SW 88TH ST
ALONSO, YVONNE Noelee (Voter ID number 107919072).
BLANCO, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 114253009).
BLANCO, OMAR (Voter ID number 109611973).
BLANCO, SILVIA (Voter ID number 109273874).
GONZALEZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109621843).
INSUA, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 108907976).
LECLERC, JANET Rau (Voter ID number 109877853).
LUDWIG, CECILIA (Voter ID number 109362481).
LUDWIG, FRED (Voter ID number 114685787).
MARTINEZ, CARLOS Antonio (Voter ID number 110130487).
MATOS, OMAR (Voter ID number 115126875).
MC LOUD, CLIFFORD William (Voter ID number 109845026).
MOREIRA, JEFFREY Axel (Voter ID number 110008124).
ORTEGA, LUISA (Voter ID number 110072068).
OWENS, DAWN Alexandra (Voter ID number 120327960).
PENMAN, JESSICA Nieves (Voter ID number 109973796).
RODRIGUEZ, MARTHA L. (Voter ID number 109525442).
ROSADO, MYRIAM (Voter ID number 110333174).
SANCHEZ, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 110259041).
SILVARREY, AVIANCE Cristina (Voter ID number 109981509).
TERGA, MARTHA R. (Voter ID number 109857635).
VAZQUEZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 110291877).
WOMACK, DAVID (Voter ID number 110302223).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT #D107

RODRIGUEZ, JUANA Aleida (Voter ID number 109708574).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D-305

COJULUN, JOSE Rafael (Voter ID number 116305790).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D205

ARELLANO, DIEGO R. (Voter ID number 119237221).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D309

MELENDEZ, ELISA M. (Voter ID number 110110214).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D311

FRAYLE DE ARMAS, MARIA V. (Voter ID number 118582551).
SEIJO, NESTOR (Voter ID number 118582532).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D312

LINARES, JULIO Pedro (Voter ID number 109844981).
LINARES, NIEVES Maria (Voter ID number 109436394).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D403

PAGUAGA, ALEIDA (Voter ID number 114617549).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D406

MORENO, VIRGILIO Enrique (Voter ID number 109322144).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D-105

GONZALEZ-DEL POZO, SERGIO (Voter ID number 110219295).
ROCHA, DANIELLA J. (Voter ID number 100579390).

10431 SW 88TH ST
APT D414

GARAY, VALERIA Carina (Voter ID number 119767931).

10431 SW 88TH ST
UNIT #D207

PEREZ, DEVIN (Voter ID number 110077748).

10431 SW 88TH ST
ACOSTA, EDUARDO Andres (Voter ID number 116293473).

10431 SW 99TH ST
LANDER, MARY H. (Voter ID number 109064758).

10433 SW 120TH ST
ANTON, JOHN Andrew (Voter ID number 109033827).
ANTON, JUDITH Bell (Voter ID number 108953839).

10433 SW 99TH TER
BRUNNER, ANN (Voter ID number 109137612).

10435 SW 112TH ST
GRAMLING, DANIEL Llewellyn (Voter ID number 108941928).

10435 SW 149TH TER
ROWELLS, GRADY D. (Voter ID number 108946992).

10435 SW 92ND ST
VIVAS, MONICA (Voter ID number 117042176).
VIVAS, RAUL FERNANDO (Voter ID number 120491968).
VIVAS, RAUL (Voter ID number 116994202).
VIVAS, RICARDO (Voter ID number 114405784).

10435 SW 96TH ST
PETERSON, JANET Moll (Voter ID number 109249909).
PETERSON, LARRY Curtis (Voter ID number 109249911).

10440 SW 107TH ST
MC KINNEY, RUTH E. (Voter ID number 109109291).

10440 SW 109TH ST
HASSUN, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 117561281).
HASSUN, ANA B. (Voter ID number 109530741).
HASSUN, JORGE Alejandro (Voter ID number 109530742).

10440 SW 110TH ST
HISHINUMA KADLAC, KRISTINE Hishinuma (Voter ID number 109107659).
KADLAC, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 110161598).

10440 SW 112TH ST
ANDREWS, JOYCE Katherine (Voter ID number 109813069).
ANDREWS, MICHELLE Lynn (Voter ID number 109883721).
ANDREWS, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 110019981).

10440 SW 113TH ST
ZIEGLER, CARLY Nicole (Voter ID number 115233697).
ZIEGLER, KELLY D. (Voter ID number 118117828).
MORSE-ZIEGLER, EMMY (Voter ID number 108973606).
ZIEGLER, HARRY Charles (Voter ID number 109113228).

10440 SW 115TH ST
GODOY, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110257281).
GODOY, FARIDE (Voter ID number 117381109).
VALLE, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 109996860).
VALLE, XIMENA (Voter ID number 109882628).
GODOY, MARIA S. (Voter ID number 116681310).

10440 SW 119TH ST
NESS, JEAN Ann (Voter ID number 110155710).
NESS, JIMMY Roy (Voter ID number 109025180).

10440 SW 120TH ST
HERNANDEZ, ANDREW Joseph (Voter ID number 115289031).
JIMENEZ, LIANA L. (Voter ID number 109280566).
JIMENEZ, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 114734825).

10440 SW 122ND ST
ROBINS, PHILIP Kenneth (Voter ID number 109248758).
ROBINS, SUSAN S. (Voter ID number 109231449).

10440 SW 123RD ST
ABOLSKY, BARBARA Joan (Voter ID number 109068152).

10440 SW 124TH ST
HERSCHMAN, PAULA Sosa (Voter ID number 110077372).
VOLPE, JACOB Fisher (Voter ID number 110329279).

10440 SW 138TH ST
DAVIDI, HILLEL (Voter ID number 113987857).
PINCHASIK, DAWN Elyse (Voter ID number 109395801).
PINCHASIK, FAYE Barbara (Voter ID number 109109399).
PINCHASIK, MARK (Voter ID number 109017080).
RICHMAN, JENNIE R. (Voter ID number 109183829).

10440 SW 139TH ST
FANE, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number 110326638).
FANE, SCOTT M. (Voter ID number 109292531).
GALINSKY, MARCY A. (Voter ID number 109259745).

10440 SW 140TH RD
HERNANDEZ, EDMUNDO (Voter ID number 110182889).
HERNANDEZ, ENID (Voter ID number 109314224).

10440 SW 146TH ST
BRANCH-PERSON, LENETTE (Voter ID number 109081146).
HARRIS, RAYNARD C. (Voter ID number 115213174).
BRANCH, OCTAVIA L. (Voter ID number 109364823).
HARRIS, RAYNARD C. (Voter ID number 109186559).
JOHNSON, SABRIAN Nicole (Voter ID number 109304595).
NIXON, KAJA N. (Voter ID number 109419091).
NIXON, TRAVIS L. (Voter ID number 109258449).

10440 SW 149TH ST
FALCONER, CAROLYN Jean (Voter ID number 109055341).

10440 SW 149TH TER
DIXON, CAROLINE (Voter ID number 109753155).
DIXON, CHANITREA L. (Voter ID number 109833993).

10440 SW 150TH TER
WASHINGTON, GWENDOLYN Y. (Voter ID number 109783914).
WILLIAMS, MAMIE D. (Voter ID number 109148392).

10440 SW 151ST TER
WILLIAMS, BRANDON H. (Voter ID number 120909643).
SUMLER, TOMMY Lee (Voter ID number 108964494).
SUMLER, TOMMY Leo (Voter ID number 109938359).
SUMLER, WANDA W. (Voter ID number 109119940).
WILLIAMS, TAQUAN Lokesha (Voter ID number 110253862).

10440 SW 96TH ST
MC CARTHY, DENNIS Michael (Voter ID number 109795192).
TERRANOVA, DEBORA Lynn (Voter ID number 109795191).

10441 SW 102ND AVE
MENDEZ, DENISE Marie (Voter ID number 109762770).

10441 SW 107TH ST
MARTINEZ, GREGORY P. (Voter ID number 109592333).

10441 SW 113TH ST
BALDWIN, LOUISE I. (Voter ID number 109121982).

10441 SW 115TH ST
WINGARD, GEORGE A. (Voter ID number 109367821).
WINGARD, MARGARET S. (Voter ID number 109366298).
WINGARD, TIFFANY Anne (Voter ID number 114402993).
WINGARD, ANDREW T. (Voter ID number 117566665).

10441 SW 116TH ST
CHEVERE, LUIS Manuel (Voter ID number 113986483).
POPE, RICHARD Lynn (Voter ID number 110049357).
POPE, TANYA Mc Evoy (Voter ID number 109092128).

10441 SW 121ST ST
ROBERTS, JOSHUA Eli (Voter ID number 120915325).
ROBERTS, AMY B. (Voter ID number 109405015).
ROBERTS, ARIELLE Lindsey (Voter ID number 115227107).
ROBERTS, JONATHAN S. (Voter ID number 109405022).
ROBERTS, EMILY Michelle (Voter ID number 117584147).

10441 SW 123RD ST
TERILLI, REBECCA Rose (Voter ID number 110112166).
TERILLI, KAREN Bade (Voter ID number 109221712).
TERILLI, MEGAN Marie (Voter ID number 115260189).
TERILLI, SAMUEL A. (Voter ID number 109221716).

10441 SW 139TH ST
ALEXANDER, LETICIA (Voter ID number 114001394).
TRAZENFELD, ELLEN M. (Voter ID number 109005142).
TRAZENFELD, RONALD J. (Voter ID number 109005143).

10441 SW 140TH ST
SACCO, CORINA M. (Voter ID number 109372527).
SACCO, LEON (Voter ID number 109654245).

10441 SW 141ST DR
RENO, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 116667342).
RENO, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 113931086).
MORENO, NANCY (Voter ID number 109864803).
MORENO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 116372949).

10441 SW 150TH TER
DUPREE, VINCENT Edward (Voter ID number 119983136).
FUENTES, SHERLEAN Lumpkin (Voter ID number 109193367).

10441 SW 151ST TER
PEREZ-DIAZ, LEYDY L. (Voter ID number 117939307).
HORTON, MARY Nell (Voter ID number 109002476).
REGUEIRA, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 110121968).
SEARCY, JOYCELYN Horton (Voter ID number 110075665).

10441 SW 99TH ST
KANE, DOROTHY Helen (Voter ID number 109108520).
KANE, JOHN Peter (Voter ID number 109108969).

10442 SW 114TH ST
MORALES, OTTO (Voter ID number 109618546).

10442 SW 120TH ST
JOHNSON, LEE (Voter ID number 116222782).

10442 SW 121ST ST
DAMERON, JASON Warren (Voter ID number 110077320).
DAMERON, JENNIFER Joan (Voter ID number 110076852).

10443 SW 114TH ST
PUJOLS, CONSUELO Maria (Voter ID number 109289230).
VISSEPO, LUIS M. (Voter ID number 109862237).

10443 SW 120TH ST
MEDRANO, JESSICA Marie (Voter ID number 119628315).
MEDRANO, CARMEN Adriana (Voter ID number 109840708).
MEDRANO, EDUARDO Florez (Voter ID number 108919882).

10443 SW 99TH TER
MARTINEZ, JUANCARLOS (Voter ID number 120861770).
MARTINEZ, JUANCARLOS (Voter ID number 109687481).
NAVARRO, ANNABEL Maria (Voter ID number 109565056).

10444 SW 114TH TER
STANLEY, CAROL Anne (Voter ID number 109079096).
STANLEY, DENNIS O. (Voter ID number 109499509).

10444 SW 129TH TER
HERNANDEZ, MARIA Alejandra (Voter ID number 113967074).
HERNANDEZ, JORGE Jose (Voter ID number 109907248).

10445 SW 109TH ST
ENRIQUEZ, FERNANDO Gabriel (Voter ID number 121020324).
ENRIQUEZ, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109269534).
TRAVERIA ENRIQUEZ, DINORAH (Voter ID number 109301983).

10445 SW 114TH TER
HOFF, EDWARD Van (Voter ID number 109430169).
HOFF, MARTHA Veronica (Voter ID number 109480774).
FALCONER, LIZZETTE (Voter ID number 116019220).

10445 SW 122ND ST
CASTILLO, JUAN Pablo (Voter ID number 109752332).
CASTILLO, ALBERT Theodore (Voter ID number 109306726).
CASTILLO, LISSETTE Modia (Voter ID number 109977371).

10445 SW 124TH ST
MARTINEZ, YAMILE Maria (Voter ID number 109874135).
TEJEDO, JOSE (Voter ID number 110226695).
TEJEDO, JOSE (Voter ID number 118376532).
BELL, ALYCE F. (Voter ID number 109680923).

10445 SW 128TH TER
LOPEZ, MARIO Alfredo (Voter ID number 120186577).
LOPEZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109347253).
LOPEZ, CAMILO E. (Voter ID number 110060885).
LOPEZ, CAMILO Enrique (Voter ID number 109518878).

10445 SW 129TH TER
STROKER, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 109038812).
STROKER, LINDA A. (Voter ID number 109146799).

10445 SW 149TH TER
BAKER, APRIL Richele (Voter ID number 109388257).
BOWLING, JAYLA Breona Ciara (Voter ID number 117549108).
LA COUNT, ALEXIA C. (Voter ID number 109886812).
BAKER, ADRIAN Dwayne (Voter ID number 109253034).
BAKER, CHONDA R. (Voter ID number 109200721).
BAKER, INEZ A. (Voter ID number 109006021).
BRYANT, ARLECIA Montez (Voter ID number 109388256).
BRYANT, ERICK Dontae (Voter ID number 115469370).
WILCHER, CHANAE M. (Voter ID number 114417731).

10445 SW 87TH AVE
CAMPBELL, DAVID Alexander (Voter ID number 105202028).
CAMPBELL, DEBRA (Voter ID number 109854396).
CAMPBELL, MARISA Blair (Voter ID number 109856539).
SHIMEK, RICK Allan (Voter ID number 109040686).

10445 SW 96TH ST
SALIVA, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 120405256).
SALIVA, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 109404923).
SALIVA, STEFANIE (Voter ID number 109426582).

10447 SW 108TH AVE
APONTE-ACOSTA, MARLENE D. (Voter ID number 119387538).
BONNIN, OMAR Andres (Voter ID number 109984786).
GONZALEZ, IPSAN (Voter ID number 114997331).
HERNANDEZ-MARCOS, CARMEN (Voter ID number 117937604).

10447 SW 108TH AVE
APT 165E

FIGUEROA, SASHA Maria (Voter ID number 120723650).

10447 SW 108TH AVE
APT 170

SANTISTEVAN, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 117604174).

10447 SW 108TH AVE
APT E275

RESTREPO, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 114316345).
RESTREPO, RUBEN D. (Voter ID number 109883215).

10447 SW 108TH AVE
APT E280

HENAO, ALEJANDRA M. (Voter ID number 110145577).

10447 SW 108TH AVE
ACOSTA, ELADIO Jesus (Voter ID number 110287800).
ALAMO, ARIN Algarin (Voter ID number 109831980).
BAEZ, HEIDY A. (Voter ID number 109910854).
DORNEICH, DIRK Alexander (Voter ID number 109700761).
FERNANDEZ, ANA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 115835285).
JIMENEZ, EMILIA Maria (Voter ID number 109694185).
LEE, STEVE V. (Voter ID number 110096065).
MAVROMATIS, JOYCE (Voter ID number 109065823).
ORTIZ, JAIME A. (Voter ID number 109520968).
PABON, EDNA (Voter ID number 116059914).
PEDRERA, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 110097592).
RESTREPO, MAGNOLIA S. (Voter ID number 109728746).
SMETANA, JOSEF (Voter ID number 109923133).
SMETANA, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 109926247).

10447 SW 108TH AVE
APT 165

RIVERA-CLEMENTE, SARA R. (Voter ID number 116969820).

10447 SW 108TH AVE
APT 180

FARRERA PINZON, TRINA (Voter ID number 109874606).

10447 SW 108TH AVE
APT 274

KIERNAN, SARINA Dawn (Voter ID number 109482796).

10447 SW 108TH AVE
APT E166

CORTINAS, SARA Elena (Voter ID number 109988438).

10450 SW 109TH ST
TROY, ROBERT Hunter (Voter ID number 109154349).
TROY, SHERRYE L. (Voter ID number 109107156).

10450 SW 110TH ST
SARDOU, MALVINA (Voter ID number 109991634).

10450 SW 113TH ST
CRUZ, JONATHAN R. (Voter ID number 120039821).
RAZON, CHRISTIAN NEAL M. (Voter ID number 118110852).

10450 SW 114TH ST
VALDES, JUANA Alicia (Voter ID number 109855262).

10450 SW 115TH ST
BROOKS, ERIC Scott (Voter ID number 115477129).
BROOKS, JEFFREY Phillip (Voter ID number 109614312).
BROOKS, KATHLEEN Hendricks (Voter ID number 109117953).
HENDRICKS, MARGARET (Voter ID number 120414354).

10450 SW 116TH ST
SAINZ, KASSANDRA (Voter ID number 119568803).

10450 SW 140TH RD
LASTRA, ALEX D. (Voter ID number 115659619).
LASTRA, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109997500).
LASTRA, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 110149113).
LASTRA, PATRICIA Marie (Voter ID number 109142087).

10450 SW 149TH ST
JONES, LISA M. (Voter ID number 110163790).

10450 SW 149TH TER
MORLEY, MORRIS (Voter ID number 109002584).

10450 SW 150TH TER
COLBERT, JASON Rosevelt (Voter ID number 109351580).
COLBERT, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109141138).
COLBERT, ROOSEVELT (Voter ID number 108958100).
SCAVELLA, STEPHEN P. (Voter ID number 110251581).

10450 SW 151ST TER
GAGE, KARBRIELLE R. (Voter ID number 114405517).
STORR, ADDIE L. (Voter ID number 109002437).

10450 SW 93RD ST
DIAMOND, ERIC David (Voter ID number 110219043).
DIAMOND, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109753041).
ESCOBAR, JAIRO Antonio (Voter ID number 114982831).

10450 SW 96TH ST
MAXWELL, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 109879934).
SPLAN, HEATHER C. (Voter ID number 109892226).

10450 SW 96TH TER
MORRISON, CASEY Thomas (Voter ID number 109996992).
MORRISON, CHARLES Daniel (Voter ID number 108947390).
MORRISON, LEE Michael (Voter ID number 109893543).
MORRISON, SHELLY Ann (Voter ID number 109048695).

10450 SW 99TH TER
COUTO, RONALD (Voter ID number 109814712).

10451 SW 110TH ST
EGUILUZ, BRIDGET Jean (Voter ID number 109800998).
EGUILUZ, NICHOLAS Reece (Voter ID number 115274728).
EGUILUZ, ELISSA Ashley (Voter ID number 117581139).

10451 SW 111TH ST
CAPOTE, ALAIN (Voter ID number 119909297).
LEON-POWELL, MYLENE T. (Voter ID number 109538354).

10451 SW 115TH ST
CLARK, ALICIA M. (Voter ID number 109217707).
CLARK, CHRISTOPHER W. (Voter ID number 110034236).
CLARK, MARK Alexander (Voter ID number 109117339).

10451 SW 116TH ST
BARRETO, MARY Moriarty (Voter ID number 109125777).
BARRETO, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 110323118).

10451 SW 118TH ST
LUNA, AUGUSTO (Voter ID number 115985098).
SOLORZANO, CECILIA (Voter ID number 115985110).

10451 SW 141ST DR
REASER, FREDERICK Lamar (Voter ID number 109111119).
REASER, MAMIE Lee (Voter ID number 108994630).

10451 SW 150TH TER
GRIFFITH SMALL, CHERROL Glendora (Voter ID number 118182026).
SMALL, LESLIE E. (Voter ID number 119959113).
SMALL, ZACHERIE (Voter ID number 117581499).

10451 SW 151ST TER
HARRIS, ANTHONY Michael (Voter ID number 120881692).
WASHINGTON, EBONY Laine (Voter ID number 109611598).

10451 SW 93RD TER
RICHARDS, AUDREY (Voter ID number 108947927).

10452 SW 114TH ST
ROSALES, IVETTE (Voter ID number 110293900).

10452 SW 117TH ST
KELLY, BRIAN Patrick (Voter ID number 109482052).
KELLY, COLLEEN Christa (Voter ID number 109363147).
KELLY, EILEEN M. (Voter ID number 109218415).
KELLY, PATRICK W. (Voter ID number 109222274).

10453 SW 114TH ST
CUSTER, CAROLINE H. (Voter ID number 109410078).
VEATER, CLAIRE Walter (Voter ID number 109149468).

10453 SW 119TH ST
CAPRILES, MAURICIO R. (Voter ID number 109434559).
CAPRILES, TERESA A. (Voter ID number 109690324).

10453 SW 120TH ST
CALDWELL, CHARLES Hupp (Voter ID number 109029773).
CALDWELL, YAMILE Odis (Voter ID number 109043982).

10453 SW 99TH TER
MARTINEZ, ENRIQUE J. (Voter ID number 109727859).

10454 SW 114TH TER
CHASE, NICHOLAS R. (Voter ID number 116284923).
CHASE, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 109221417).
CHASE, RODNALL D. (Voter ID number 109161739).

10454 SW 118TH ST
FAIRNINGTON, CLAIRE Prandoni (Voter ID number 109074788).
FAIRNINGTON, MARY Katherine (Voter ID number 110299352).
FAIRNINGTON, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 109074787).
FAIRNINGTON, WILLIAM John (Voter ID number 109364123).

10455 SW 107TH TER
BROCKLAND, LIZETTE (Voter ID number 109294353).
BROCKLAND, THOMAS Charles (Voter ID number 109148424).

10455 SW 112TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, MARTHA (Voter ID number 114998754).

10455 SW 114TH TER
SHERIDAN, ELLEN Arla (Voter ID number 109052559).
SHERIDAN, STUART Andrew (Voter ID number 108925382).

10455 SW 117TH ST
TARTAK, LINDA Niess (Voter ID number 109097628).
TARTAK, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 109229817).

10455 SW 146TH TER
BROOKS, VERNON A. (Voter ID number 119611842).
FRANKLIN, GLORIA Jean (Voter ID number 109002433).
THOMPSON, TAMMIE A. (Voter ID number 109209538).
BROOKS, VERNON L. (Voter ID number 116629273).

10455 SW 149TH TER
COURTNEY, LILLIE Shine (Voter ID number 109002396).
STEPHENS, JANICE Courtney (Voter ID number 109913862).

10455 SW 96TH ST
KIM, LAURA Christine (Voter ID number 110091589).
KIM, FIONA R. (Voter ID number 110076598).
KIM, HONG K. (Voter ID number 110078050).

10455 SW 96TH TER
CORBIN, CARSON L. (Voter ID number 110102103).
CORBIN, LARRY Paul (Voter ID number 109783929).
CORBIN, LISA L. (Voter ID number 109704596).

10460 SW 109TH ST
BERENGUER, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 109413793).
BERENGUER, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 109931429).
DE OVIN, MANUEL Francisco (Voter ID number 109838637).
DE OVIN-BERENGUER, SYLVIA E. (Voter ID number 116295566).

10460 SW 110TH ST
AGUIRRE, LUIS Aldemar (Voter ID number 109551573).

10460 SW 111TH ST
GRIER, PAUL Eugene (Voter ID number 108940583).

10460 SW 112TH ST
GRETCHEN, ANGELITA (Voter ID number 108954514).
GRETCHEN, MATTHEW M. (Voter ID number 108954522).

10460 SW 113TH ST
DIAMOND, BRANDON Scott (Voter ID number 101984836).
DIAMOND, MICHELLE Salmon (Voter ID number 102275180).
PRITCHER, BORIS (Voter ID number 109010616).

10460 SW 120TH ST
TRUJILLO, MAYRA (Voter ID number 109940244).
TRUJILLO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 109944947).

10460 SW 122ND ST
HIGGINBOTHAM, DEBORAH Couey (Voter ID number 109942624).
HORR, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 109944094).

10460 SW 123RD ST
HIRSCHBERG, ERICA Blair (Voter ID number 110329343).
HIRSCHBERG, LAUREN Renee (Voter ID number 109917322).
HIRSCHBERG, MARC (Voter ID number 108924074).
HIRSCHBERG, TERRY Cheryl (Voter ID number 109951997).

10460 SW 138TH ST
RIVERA, DIANE Obomsawin (Voter ID number 110088032).

10460 SW 139TH ST
WONG, BARBARA Adele (Voter ID number 109168436).
WONG, PHILIP H. (Voter ID number 109306332).

10460 SW 146TH ST
WARREN, JANIQUA D. (Voter ID number 121267964).
POOLE, COREY Dion (Voter ID number 109419010).
WARREN, CAROLYN Ann (Voter ID number 109175326).
WARREN, MANLEY A. (Voter ID number 109867670).

10460 SW 149TH ST
BURROUGHS, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 109053114).
BURROUGHS, WYLENE S. (Voter ID number 109148619).
TAYLOR, RICHARD Alvin (Voter ID number 109718250).

10460 SW 150TH TER
WASHINGTON, FRED (Voter ID number 108946215).
WASHINGTON, JEROME Freddie (Voter ID number 109842167).
WASHINGTON, LE'VERNE (Voter ID number 109176171).

10460 SW 151ST TER
WALKER, DARRELL L. (Voter ID number 117236102).

10460 SW 93RD ST
DUNN, RUTH Renee (Voter ID number 119751758).
DUNN, THOMAS C. (Voter ID number 108985157).
DUNN, ZEBA Jean (Voter ID number 108942178).
HOGSETT, ANNA Ruth (Voter ID number 109635385).

10460 SW 93RD TER
FARWELL, SUZANNE N. (Voter ID number 109001361).
FARWELL, WILLIAM Ray (Voter ID number 109001362).

10460 SW 96TH ST
HORWITZ, DOUGLAS Lewis (Voter ID number 110271619).
HORWITZ, EFRAT (Voter ID number 110224762).

10460 SW 96TH TER
HERNANDEZ, CHRISTOPHER Michael (Voter ID number 117551204).
HERNANDEZ, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 109947795).
HERNANDEZ, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 119604164).
STIEGLITZ, GABRIELLE E. (Voter ID number 118643671).
STIEGLITZ, NICHOLAS W. (Voter ID number 109155918).
STIEGLITZ, ROBIN R. (Voter ID number 109910444).
JORDAN, VERONICA Denise (Voter ID number 109344898).

10460 SW 99TH TER
HOULBERG, LAUREN Lee (Voter ID number 105201579).
HOULBERG, LINDSEY L. (Voter ID number 115687202).
HOULBERG, ROBIN L. (Voter ID number 109133794).
HOULBERG, STEVEN Paul (Voter ID number 108991511).

10461 SW 111TH ST
KLEINERT, BRADDOCK William (Voter ID number 109417560).

10461 SW 115TH ST
TAKS, DAVID Adam (Voter ID number 110161513).
TAKS, GRACIELA Maria (Voter ID number 109321411).
HUBBARD, RICHARD Scott (Voter ID number 109945062).

10461 SW 118TH ST
BREITER, RANDEE Godofsky (Voter ID number 109232403).
BREITER, RUSSELL A. (Voter ID number 109467075).

10461 SW 121ST ST
BRANNON, LESLIE Carol (Voter ID number 109943326).
ARONSON, DAVID Michael (Voter ID number 110133771).
ARONSON, GARY A. (Voter ID number 109941611).
ARONSON, JOSHUA Matthew (Voter ID number 120909131).

10461 SW 123RD ST
GAUDET, CAROLE Lewis (Voter ID number 109055375).
GAUDET, GREGORY (Voter ID number 110152556).

10461 SW 128TH ST
ALEMAN, IVONNE (Voter ID number 109303806).
JIMENEZ, ALEXA D. (Voter ID number 121167222).
JIMENEZ, AMANDA N. (Voter ID number 118474706).

10461 SW 132ND ST
MITTER, KATTERINA Marie (Voter ID number 117460170).
TRINCADO, FIDELIA (Voter ID number 119516439).

10461 SW 139TH ST
ALMAGUER, BRYAN (Voter ID number 109481820).
ALMAGUER, IVETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109362255).

10461 SW 140TH ST
POLIFRONI, ANTONIO F. (Voter ID number 109692244).
POLIFRONI, ARLENE A. (Voter ID number 109685472).

10461 SW 141ST DR
FLOYD, SHIRLEY Denise (Voter ID number 109380785).
GREEN, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 109605134).
VIRGIN, DONNELL M. (Voter ID number 116615502).
VIRGIN, KASHEEF D. (Voter ID number 116293022).

10461 SW 150TH TER
POLLARD, ZENDRA Serena (Voter ID number 109483676).

10461 SW 151ST TER
CLARK, DOROTHY Fleming (Voter ID number 109051444).
FLEMING, GREGORY M. (Voter ID number 109122274).

10461 SW 91ST AVE
REYES, GABRIELLA Marie (Voter ID number 119766590).
REYES, ROSEMARIE A. (Voter ID number 109223790).
REYES, JOSE Alfonso (Voter ID number 108966668).
YAZAWA, AKIRA (Voter ID number 109921758).

10461 SW 93RD TER
GIL, JANET B. (Voter ID number 110167223).
GAXIOLA-NAVAS, DORA A. (Voter ID number 110230760).

10462 SW 114TH ST
SCHIEBEL, YVETTE (Voter ID number 108987588).

10462 SW 117TH ST
GARCIA, CATHERINE Maria (Voter ID number 109203834).
GARCIA, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 109218532).

10462 SW 121ST ST
GAMARRA, DORIS (Voter ID number 109596664).
GAMARRA, NICOLAS Mauro (Voter ID number 109429405).
GAMARRA, NICOLE Andrea (Voter ID number 109885573).
GAMARRA, ROBERTO M. (Voter ID number 109690572).

10463 SW 114TH ST
PERTIERRA, ALICIA (Voter ID number 109605852).
PERTIERRA, MICHAEL Joaquin (Voter ID number 109269486).

10463 SW 119TH ST
CLARK, GARY Lloyd (Voter ID number 108960775).
CLARK, JOANNA Marie (Voter ID number 108960770).

10463 SW 99TH TER
KLYNOTT, DOMINIQUE (Voter ID number 120428413).
KLYNOTT, GISELLE (Voter ID number 115655319).
KLYNOTT, ANITA Yvette (Voter ID number 109379819).

10464 SW 114TH TER
RIVERA, RICARDO Enrique (Voter ID number 118832896).
MALDONADO, JANET (Voter ID number 109693971).
RAMIREZ, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 109961162).
RIVERA MALDONADO, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 115778619).

10464 SW 118TH ST
ALEXANDER, EDWARD Bruce (Voter ID number 108957525).
ALEXANDER, PAULETTE B. (Voter ID number 108990589).

10464 SW 128TH TER
THARMARAJAH, SASHIKUMAR (Voter ID number 117714298).

10464 SW 129TH TER
WOLF, GREGORY Ian (Voter ID number 120838944).
WOLF, ANDREW Harris (Voter ID number 109087990).
WOLF, CHERYL Ann (Voter ID number 109162099).
WOLF, MATTHEW Dylan (Voter ID number 119621905).

10465 SW 109TH ST
PICO, BENJAMIN J. (Voter ID number 120881209).
PICO, DANIEL F. (Voter ID number 117578239).
PICO, GABRIELLA Hannah (Voter ID number 119627068).
PICO, MARIO James (Voter ID number 118297559).
HERNANDEZ, RAUL (Voter ID number 110015313).
HERNANDEZ, ROXANA Hilda (Voter ID number 109301231).
PICO, JOSUE Antonio (Voter ID number 115274761).
PICO, MAGALY Celeste (Voter ID number 109330954).
PICO, MARIO Gertrudis (Voter ID number 109716003).

10465 SW 112TH ST
AVELLO, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 110247300).
SCHIERINGA, OSVELIA A. (Voter ID number 110082893).

10465 SW 114TH TER
DE AGUIAR, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109271266).
DE ZARRAGA, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 109289196).

10465 SW 117TH ST
GUERRA, JOSE (Voter ID number 109981764).

10465 SW 122ND ST
SCHIFF, JAMES Morris (Voter ID number 109037401).
SCHIFF, LAURIE Eileen (Voter ID number 109064186).

10465 SW 124TH ST
ORTEGA REED, JACQUELINE Ann (Voter ID number 109649149).
ORTEGA, CALEB R. (Voter ID number 110216278).
ORTEGA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109233488).
ORTEGA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109850367).

10465 SW 128TH TER
GLICK, DIANNE Beth (Voter ID number 109028238).

10465 SW 146TH TER
SWEAT, LOUIS (Voter ID number 116912801).
SWEAT, BETHANY L. (Voter ID number 109979396).
SWEAT-BROWN, CAROLYN R. (Voter ID number 109116742).

10465 SW 149TH TER
SMITH, RICHARD Quewanncoi (Voter ID number 110777740).
CLARIT, SEQUAN J. (Voter ID number 115278556).
HARRISON-WALKER, ERIKA N. (Voter ID number 109358527).
JONES, LILLIAN Wright (Voter ID number 109066694).
LAMB, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109533862).

10465 SW 150TH TER
ASHLEY, MOSES (Voter ID number 108905099).
ASHLEY, SHEILA R. (Voter ID number 109153372).
PHELPS, SHELESE R. (Voter ID number 110323948).

10465 SW 96TH ST
BENEDICT, KENNETH Michael (Voter ID number 109049697).

10465 SW 96TH TER
LAPIN, LAWRENCE (Voter ID number 108949974).
LAPIN, LYNN (Voter ID number 108949973).

10470 SW 109TH ST
CALDERON, HECTOR (Voter ID number 109650096).
CALDERON, JOAN Catherine (Voter ID number 109271326).
FENNA, ELAINE V. (Voter ID number 110252938).
VOELLMAY, RICHARD Walter (Voter ID number 110071970).
FENNA, IAN (Voter ID number 116285347).

10470 SW 116TH ST
HAMMOND, WILL Hayes (Voter ID number 108933113).
HAMMOND, NATASHA Ophelia (Voter ID number 109346317).
HAMMOND, NISMI Nazario (Voter ID number 109063101).

10470 SW 124TH ST
DE ZAYAS, ADRIAN Daniel (Voter ID number 120058527).
DE ZAYAS, ALEJANDRO G. (Voter ID number 115023678).
DE ZAYAS, ELENA M. (Voter ID number 108967200).
DEZAYAS, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109191479).
DE ZAYAS, ARMANDO J. (Voter ID number 116715012).

10470 SW 140TH RD
STEWART, DOROTHY Strainge (Voter ID number 108937501).
STEWART, SAMMIE L. (Voter ID number 108928419).
STEWART, SCOTT Lorne (Voter ID number 110180448).

10470 SW 146TH ST
MCGUIRE, ZACHARY Astin (Voter ID number 118828632).
SCAIFE, CHARMONIQUE Chantel (Voter ID number 109340683).
SCAIFE, SHAMARON Letish (Voter ID number 109376543).
SCAIFE, SHEILA Yvonne (Voter ID number 109084085).
SCAIFE, WILLIE James (Voter ID number 109212239).
MCGUIRE, COURTNEY Ariel (Voter ID number 117569865).

10470 SW 149TH ST
FORD, WILLIAM James (Voter ID number 117817861).
GAYLES, THERESA (Voter ID number 109170487).

10470 SW 150TH TER
DEULOFEU, LIZANDRA (Voter ID number 116665326).

10470 SW 151ST TER
PARAMORE, IRIS Helen (Voter ID number 109002602).
PARAMORE, SHEPHERD (Voter ID number 109002603).

10470 SW 93RD TER
RIVERO, FELIPE De Jesus (Voter ID number 109397386).
RIVERO, KIMBERLY Pearce (Voter ID number 109970517).
RIVERO, NICHOLAS John (Voter ID number 110071116).

10470 SW 93RD ST
LASTRA, MARY M. (Voter ID number 116956268).
LASTRA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 117059370).

10470 SW 96TH ST
PARDO, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 120031722).
PARDO, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 115215479).
PARDO, MILAGROS Olivia (Voter ID number 109152044).
PARDO, STEVEN Javier (Voter ID number 109613871).

10470 SW 96TH TER
DEEB, ERICK Luis (Voter ID number 109283294).
DEEB, RENDA F. (Voter ID number 109751322).

10471 SW 110TH ST
FALLAVOLLITA, SERAFINO (Voter ID number 109051898).
FALLAVOLLITA, ANTHONY Sal (Voter ID number 108991439).

10471 SW 118TH ST
PINTO, JACQUELINE Patricia (Voter ID number 110108914).
PINTO, JONATHAN M. (Voter ID number 110058536).

10471 SW 141ST DR
TERRY, LEWIS (Voter ID number 109084166).

10471 SW 93RD TER
CHAVEZ, MARY Glasgow (Voter ID number 109405482).
CHAVEZ, OMAR (Voter ID number 109210868).

10472 SW 117TH ST
CANELAS, CAROLINE Marie (Voter ID number 120766249).
CANELAS, ALEXANDER Joseph (Voter ID number 110048614).
CANELAS, CARMEN Hill (Voter ID number 109177379).
CANELAS, GEORGE Edward (Voter ID number 109247126).
CANELAS, RYAN G. (Voter ID number 115819586).

10473 SW 119TH ST
GONZALEZ, JOAQUIN Antonio (Voter ID number 110233773).
GONZALEZ, YESMI Aleyda (Voter ID number 109499108).

10474 SW 118TH ST
FERNANDEZ, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 109195745).
FERNANDEZ, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 109347330).

10475 SW 124TH ST
DIEMAR, KEVIN Alan (Voter ID number 109546343).
DIEMAR, JENNIFER Stacy (Voter ID number 109545508).

10475 SW 146TH TER
DEAN, EVERETTE J. (Voter ID number 116315747).
DYE, JAMES Gerald (Voter ID number 109406527).
DYE, SHARMA Sheray (Voter ID number 109434844).

10475 SW 96TH ST
GARCIA, NICOLAS I. (Voter ID number 120321142).
GARCIA, IBRAHIM (Voter ID number 110098209).
GARCIA, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 110094335).
GARCIA, PASTOR (Voter ID number 120314758).

10475 SW 96TH TER
MARCHINI, JUAN Raul (Voter ID number 110018680).
MARCHINI, HORTENSIA Galliamo (Voter ID number 109445726).
MARCHINI, JUAN Alfredo (Voter ID number 109446110).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
BELTRAN, ANGELA Luisa (Voter ID number 116496691).
DUTTON, D'ANGELO Orlando (Voter ID number 120151667).
SANCHEZ, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 120196470).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT 130

RIVEROS, JAIRO Ernesto (Voter ID number 116473269).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B 125

RUANO, JORGE (Voter ID number 110298943).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B-119

LUZARDO, DUBER L. (Voter ID number 118190570).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B-128

CARBONELL, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 119426631).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B117

RODRIGUEZ, GLORIA Garcia (Voter ID number 108960907).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B119

HERNANDEZ RODRIGUEZ, MARYURI D. (Voter ID number 119789549).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B126

SANCHEZ, OLGA D. (Voter ID number 121176083).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B132

OBANDO, JORGE W. (Voter ID number 110061782).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B222

BLANC, VANESSA (Voter ID number 109982437).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B229

BORIS, YESENIA (Voter ID number 115104651).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT E270

WIEBERS, KENNETH P. (Voter ID number 110092879).

10477 SW 108TH AVE

CHIN QUEE, CHRISALLEN Alexander (Voter ID number 115892671).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
ALBERTSON, SHAWN Lee (Voter ID number 115021992).
CHINQUEE, MELODY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109402651).
CORREA, OSCAR (Voter ID number 114376362).
GALLONEY, HERBERT B. (Voter ID number 114322082).
LINARES, MARIA Liliana (Voter ID number 110320916).
LONDONO, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 115285081).
MARTIN, BARBARA Helene (Voter ID number 108961142).
MESNER, GARDNER Kenyon (Voter ID number 109565153).
MICELI, XIOMARA (Voter ID number 110340103).
PIZARRO, MARC Ramon (Voter ID number 110251174).
PRIETO, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109575297).
ROBAYNA, GUSTAVO Ramon (Voter ID number 109086195).
RODRIGUEZ, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109453656).
RUIZ, EFRAIN A. (Voter ID number 109333886).
SOBENIS, MARCIA D. (Voter ID number 109531494).
SOBENIS, RICARDO A. (Voter ID number 109699589).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT 131

GATTAMORTA, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109425980).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B 227

CLAVIJO, EDITH (Voter ID number 109643297).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B129

CASTRO, JOSE G. (Voter ID number 118206847).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B224

GALLARDO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110071061).

10477 SW 108TH AVE
APT B230

THOMPSON, SARAH Ann (Voter ID number 110071996).

10477 SW 108TH AVE

MORAPELAEZ, SILVIA L. (Voter ID number 118204930).

10480 SW 110TH ST
MC DERMOTT, DONALD Paul (Voter ID number 109069206).

10480 SW 111TH ST
DOW, SUSAN Adams (Voter ID number 109425522).
DUNICK, HENRY Michael (Voter ID number 109024052).

10480 SW 112TH ST
TURNER, PEGGY Jeanne (Voter ID number 109044216).
TURNER, RAY William (Voter ID number 109044217).

10480 SW 113TH ST
PICHARDO, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109150343).

10480 SW 122ND ST
JORDAN, ARYN Courtney (Voter ID number 109847983).
JORDAN, ERIC Seth (Voter ID number 109527949).
JORDAN, PATTI Kurtz (Voter ID number 109142743).
JORDAN, ROBERT Kenneth (Voter ID number 109072932).

10480 SW 123RD ST
GELMAN, JAIMIE Faith (Voter ID number 109957712).
GELMAN, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109167225).
RUBINOFF, ANDRES Nicholas (Voter ID number 116698876).
ALONSO, EVANGELINA (Voter ID number 109319760).
GELMAN, LYNN H. (Voter ID number 109167224).

10480 SW 138TH ST
NEIRA, CHRISTIAN Alexander (Voter ID number 115230001).

10480 SW 140TH RD
STEINER, GALE F. (Voter ID number 108904922).
STEINER, JEFFREY L. (Voter ID number 110140498).
STEINER, MARA Gleda (Voter ID number 109706783).
STEINER, SAMUEL Louis (Voter ID number 114172170).

10480 SW 140TH ST
MYBURGH, CHARL Christiaan (Voter ID number 109554276).
MYBURGH, CHRISTIAAN A. (Voter ID number 116302323).
MYBURGY, ESTHER L. (Voter ID number 116672540).

10480 SW 93RD ST
ABERNATHY, ANNIE Chambers (Voter ID number 109064158).
ABERNATHY, CHRISTOPHER John (Voter ID number 110042435).
ABERNATHY, JOHN Keats (Voter ID number 109001328).

10480 SW 93RD TER
PICARIELLO, ANTHONY S. (Voter ID number 108943538).
PICARIELLO, BERNARDITA (Voter ID number 109948829).
PICARIELLO, CHRISTIAN Andrew (Voter ID number 109294101).

10480 SW 96TH ST
EGAS, FRANK Robert (Voter ID number 109392984).
GARCIA, ALEX Joel (Voter ID number 109910199).

10480 SW 96TH TER
TOISTER, ELLEN Terry (Voter ID number 109001439).
TOISTER, RICHARD P. (Voter ID number 108969425).

10481 SW 111TH ST
MUELLER, VIRGINIA C. (Voter ID number 109196419).
THOMPSON, AMBER Nichole (Voter ID number 109982256).

10481 SW 113TH ST
WAGNER, PAMELA Gail (Voter ID number 108905188).

10481 SW 123RD ST
BONNER, ALEXANDER Charles (Voter ID number 118105581).
BONNER, LIISA R. (Voter ID number 109248516).

10481 SW 126TH ST
BARAKAT, WATFE (Voter ID number 109914609).

10481 SW 139TH ST
DELCASTILLO, CRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 120980417).
DEL CASTILLO, HORTENSIA C. (Voter ID number 110218946).

10482 SW 114TH ST
BRYAN, EDWARD Lee (Voter ID number 109784939).
BRYAN, TRICIA R. (Voter ID number 121182501).
BAILLIE, GEORGE V. (Voter ID number 114759920).
BRYAN, DIANA Lee (Voter ID number 109491445).
BRYAN, EDWARD Lee (Voter ID number 109490251).

10482 SW 96TH ST
GARCIA, LUCIA Blandon (Voter ID number 100537560).

10483 SW 114TH ST
WEBB, JUDITH A. (Voter ID number 109177233).

10484 SW 114TH TER
ABRAMS, LINDA Frazier (Voter ID number 109243625).
ROGERS, DORIS D. (Voter ID number 102366978).
WALTHER, JOHN Philip (Voter ID number 109048884).

10485 SW 109TH ST
GARCIA, ERIN Renee (Voter ID number 114431148).
GARCIA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 116682854).
ROBERTS, GABRIELLA J. (Voter ID number 109224409).

10485 SW 112TH ST
LAMOTHE, LUCILLE (Voter ID number 109411452).
NONEZ, NATATCHA (Voter ID number 109625077).
NONEZ, JACQUES Antoine (Voter ID number 109850809).
NONEZ, MICHELE (Voter ID number 109184459).
NONEZ, PHILLIP Jacques (Voter ID number 109423677).

10485 SW 114TH TER
SANCHEZ, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 118092841).
SANCHEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 109299101).
SANCHEZ, LORNA J. (Voter ID number 109255040).
SANCHEZ, JOSEPH Thomas (Voter ID number 116295957).

10485 SW 128TH TER
ESCALONA, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 117044569).
ESCALONA, KRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 115237867).
ESCALONA, ELENA Marlene (Voter ID number 110177155).
ESCALONA, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 109954057).
ESCALONA, KAREN Teichert (Voter ID number 109954058).

10485 SW 96TH TER
DUFFY, TIMOTHY Mark (Voter ID number 110009578).

10490 SW 138TH ST
SUAREZ, DANIEL Enrique (Voter ID number 109534274).
SUAREZ, FRANCISCO Enrique (Voter ID number 109301056).
SUAREZ, LAURIE (Voter ID number 109108994).
TANENZAPH, FLORENCE S. (Voter ID number 116620904).

10490 SW 140TH RD
ROBERT, LOUIS Edward (Voter ID number 118507883).
HICKS, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 112990166).
WARREN, KIRBY Kirk (Voter ID number 111227645).
HICKS, DONNA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109293585).
HICKS, JAMES Edwin (Voter ID number 108920956).

10491 SW 139TH ST
DE LA MADRIZ, MANUELA (Voter ID number 115856248).
ZEDAN, ESTUARDO (Voter ID number 115856535).

10491 SW 92ND AVE
FRANCO, VICENTE Fulgencio (Voter ID number 109574659).
CASTRO, DEBORAH Leslie (Voter ID number 109535212).
FRANCO, ELDRIS D. (Voter ID number 109515654).
FRANCO, MICHAEL Alex (Voter ID number 110112605).

10500 SW 103RD AVE
BENZAGUEN, BRYCE Anthony (Voter ID number 117566851).
BENZAQUEN, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 109096476).
BENZAQUEN, CARLOS Freddy (Voter ID number 109101046).
BENZAQUEN, KATHERINE Andrea (Voter ID number 114379757).

10500 SW 103RD ST
SEDANO, PATRICIA Egurrola (Voter ID number 109372674).
SEDANO, RENE Manuel (Voter ID number 109493143).

10500 SW 107TH ST
YANES, SERAFIN (Voter ID number 109361986).
YANES, ROSANA (Voter ID number 109420414).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
AGREDO, KELLY (Voter ID number 117135207).
COLOM, JESSICA (Voter ID number 118422251).
DUERO, SABRINA (Voter ID number 120014890).
LIZA, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109925483).
LIZARDI, VANESSA (Voter ID number 107936474).
LOZADA, JULIO R. (Voter ID number 107934507).
MOONA, MARYLYN (Voter ID number 109904898).
NELSEN, JESSICA Marie (Voter ID number 119012072).
PADILLA, YORKY (Voter ID number 115764660).
PIERCE, INDIA Pamela (Voter ID number 110220337).
POLANCO, RANDOLPH (Voter ID number 121102088).
SULLON, RICARDO (Voter ID number 119905768).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT #-B-314

MUSKELLY, ROLAND C. (Voter ID number 110210130).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B 401

GOMEZ, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 119035281).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B 411

CAMEJO, CARMEN J. (Voter ID number 114576963).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B 414

MOREIRA, VICTOR (Voter ID number 120789200).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B-306

MORGENSTERN, ANA P. (Voter ID number 118257539).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B105

FABELO, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 119664933).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B110

LOYOLA, RACHEL (Voter ID number 115634455).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B115

ROCHE, JOVAN Michael (Voter ID number 120468060).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B202

YUGURI, JULIA Maria (Voter ID number 114450868).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B205

DUERO, CESAR Oswaldo (Voter ID number 102387421).
DUERO, LORENA (Voter ID number 120993871).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B207

ELIAS, NORMA Paola (Voter ID number 121109495).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B214

FONTAINE-GODBER, JANESSA Roxanne (Voter ID number 110122041).
GODBER, JASON Robert (Voter ID number 117524142).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B302

CALDWELL, AARON Matthew (Voter ID number 118072561).
MUNOZ, CIELO (Voter ID number 120852877).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B315

EVES, MICHAEL Jose (Voter ID number 118842436).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B316

SALVO, CESAR Martin (Voter ID number 119001124).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B404

COLON, ALEXIS Marie (Voter ID number 117441746).
COLON, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 109234421).
COLON, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 109230300).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B413

FIGUEROA, JENNIFER Lee (Voter ID number 121102101).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT 8314

ERAZO, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 115121736).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
UNIT #B306

MORGENSTERN, HANS Sacha (Voter ID number 109342258).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
ACACIA, SASHA L. (Voter ID number 117250256).
AMARIS, SONIA (Voter ID number 109168580).
ASON, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 110147713).
BERNAL, NATHAN (Voter ID number 115682684).
CANCIO MORALES, NESTOR (Voter ID number 115890853).
CORTAZAR, LISSETTE D. (Voter ID number 115856527).
GARATE, MARINA V. (Voter ID number 110130350).
GARCIA, JOSE Alfredo (Voter ID number 110316212).
LOPEZ, NILDA Ivette (Voter ID number 109699324).
MOORE, LEEMAN Russell (Voter ID number 109102772).
ONETO, SUSAN Katherine (Voter ID number 110028191).
PENA, MICHAEL Evelio (Voter ID number 109540241).
RODRIGUEZ, YAIBELYS (Voter ID number 115764580).
ROSADO MECO, SONIA (Voter ID number 109708576).
SOBALVARRO, HULBERTH Francisco (Voter ID number 110136784).
TAMDOO, PAUL D. (Voter ID number 110330340).
VARGAS, GEORGE A. (Voter ID number 110219638).
VARGAS, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 109924955).
VAZQUEZ, MANUEL Rodolfo (Voter ID number 110199575).
VITAL, SYBILLE (Voter ID number 116927558).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT 313B

CABANAS, ALFREDO Jose (Voter ID number 108958916).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B 411

PENA CAMEJO, ANGEL B. (Voter ID number 117476370).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B-104

HYATT, KETTA Joy (Voter ID number 114467227).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B108

MILETI, LUIGI (Voter ID number 110076368).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B204

ABREU, MIREYA De Las Mercedes (Voter ID number 110147717).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B207

CEBALLOS, ODALIS (Voter ID number 116568385).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B216

MALAVE RIVERA, BRESKIE Lee (Voter ID number 120059619).
MALAVE RIVERA, DEBBIE Lee (Voter ID number 114893430).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B302

ALVAREZ, GABRIEL Alberto (Voter ID number 119052674).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B315

EVES, CAROLYN S. (Voter ID number 109211481).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B101

FERNANDEZ, ROBERTO Jose (Voter ID number 116317667).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
UNIT #B-204

ASON, YULIETTE (Voter ID number 110147710).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
APT B203

GONZALEZ, FRANK O. (Voter ID number 116808717).

10500 SW 108TH ST
VALDES, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 109736178).
VALDES, JOSEPH Anthony (Voter ID number 109220848).
VALDES, MODESTA F. (Voter ID number 109220849).

10500 SW 108TH TER
BARDITCH, EILEEN Frances (Voter ID number 109012149).
BARDITCH, GLENN Martin (Voter ID number 109469450).

10500 SW 108TH AVE
SASSINE, GABRIEL-ARNAUD (Voter ID number 116295710).

10500 SW 111TH ST
GARCIA, TAMMY M. (Voter ID number 109231584).
GARCIA, PEDRO P. (Voter ID number 109223520).

10500 SW 112TH AVE
GUTIERREZ, JAIME (Voter ID number 109755418).
GUTIERREZ, SUZANNE F. (Voter ID number 109754815).

10500 SW 112TH ST
LLOSA, GUILLERMO J. (Voter ID number 110230790).
LLOSA, PILAP Alicia (Voter ID number 109330973).

10500 SW 116TH ST
COLLERA, ENRIQUE A. (Voter ID number 120334238).
COLLERA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109466310).
COLLERA, RICARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 110022947).

10500 SW 122ND ST
MORENO, ERIC M. (Voter ID number 109568209).

10500 SW 123RD ST
COVEN, JONATHAN A. (Voter ID number 119616991).
COVEN, ALBERT Buddy (Voter ID number 109988349).
COVEN, AMY Jody (Voter ID number 109987831).
COVEN, MICHAEL Andrew (Voter ID number 116522796).

10500 SW 125TH ST
ESCOBEDO, DORA (Voter ID number 109743167).
ESCOBEDO, DORA Teresa (Voter ID number 109394868).

10500 SW 126TH ST
MUNOZ, ANDRES (Voter ID number 118097121).
MUNOZ, EDUARDO L. (Voter ID number 119203087).
VASQUEZ, LUZ Diana (Voter ID number 118245034).

10500 SW 127TH ST
LAMBERT, ARMANDO Alan (Voter ID number 109422127).
LAMBERT, DEREK Armando (Voter ID number 109342214).
LAMBERT, NELIMEL Mercado (Voter ID number 116058560).
LAMBERT, NELIMEL (Voter ID number 109166411).

10500 SW 128TH TER
PRESTAMO, ANNE M. (Voter ID number 121084526).

10500 SW 130TH ST
ALVAREZ, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 117029299).

10500 SW 134TH ST
BERRY-MARTINEZ, SHANNON (Voter ID number 116952030).

10500 SW 136TH ST
SANCHEZ, ARMANDO F. (Voter ID number 109048780).
SANCHEZ, HILDA (Voter ID number 109215705).

10500 SW 138TH ST
O'CONNOR, JOSEPH D. (Voter ID number 109235895).
VEIRA, CAMILLE (Voter ID number 110302543).
VEIRA, COLIN A. (Voter ID number 109767000).

10500 SW 139TH ST
MARRERO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109934291).
MARRERO, RAYSA Acosta (Voter ID number 110254867).

10500 SW 146TH ST
GREEN, ANTHONY Fitzgerald (Voter ID number 109317330).
GREEN, CAROLYN A. (Voter ID number 109113530).
GREEN, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109617687).
GREEN, KATRELL Arnise (Voter ID number 109485934).
HARRIS, FELICIA Pratt (Voter ID number 109614416).

10500 SW 149TH ST
EALY, ROKEE Terely (Voter ID number 110236517).
EALY, RHE A. (Voter ID number 109778240).
GIVENS, HENRY Lee (Voter ID number 108979945).

10500 SW 151ST TER
MERRICKS, DEMARIO Lachas (Voter ID number 119105417).
RIVERA, HECTOR Ivan (Voter ID number 116075818).
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN E. (Voter ID number 110257275).
HUSTLE, RICO (Voter ID number 116388474).

10500 SW 87TH CT
DIAZ, BRANDON A. (Voter ID number 114961713).
DENNIS, MARIA Espinosa (Voter ID number 109130551).
DIAZ, BENNY L. (Voter ID number 109415431).
DIAZ, STEFAN R. (Voter ID number 118706753).

10500 SW 91ST AVE
NAVARRO, MARCEL Luis (Voter ID number 109376450).
NAVARRO, SUSANA Maria (Voter ID number 109338993).
VALLADARES, ANGEL (Voter ID number 114672760).

10500 SW 93RD ST
GARCIA SENN, MAGDALENA Beatriz (Voter ID number 109182188).
SENN, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 110170938).
SENN, EDWARD Alan (Voter ID number 109023627).

10500 SW 96TH ST
CASTRO, CLAUDIA Andrea (Voter ID number 109582412).
CASTRO, DAVID T. (Voter ID number 109384886).

10500 SW 96TH TER
EISNER, TIFFANY Lee (Voter ID number 109993671).
BRAIL, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 109836319).
BRAIL, SASHA Ruth (Voter ID number 118097891).

10500 SW 97TH CT
CAPOTE, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110165781).
CAPOTE, MARIA G. (Voter ID number 109251642).
CAPOTE, PEDRO N. (Voter ID number 109222702).

10500 SW 98TH ST
ALVAREZ-VEGA, MARTHA Isabel (Voter ID number 109648937).
IDIAQUEZ, JENNIFER Ida (Voter ID number 109390968).

10500 SW 99TH ST
LOFFREDO, GARY M. (Voter ID number 116185529).
GOLDSTEIN, SUZANNE H. (Voter ID number 110295458).

10501 SW 102ND AVE
MARESMA, LILIANA Melba (Voter ID number 109310367).
RODRIGUEZ, ROGER (Voter ID number 109490888).

10501 SW 103RD AVE
HURTADO, ENRIQUE Humberto (Voter ID number 109344252).
MION, ADRIANA L. (Voter ID number 109783960).
MION, HUGO Enrique (Voter ID number 115307498).
MION, HUGO Luis (Voter ID number 109282567).
PEREZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109040466).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
MARTINEZ HERNANDEZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109905056).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT #A108

DONOSO, NORA Marina (Voter ID number 109656238).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT 103

GARRIDO, NEREIDA (Voter ID number 109463306).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT 106

BASS, JOSEPH Steven (Voter ID number 117640049).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT 111

REY, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 121261396).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT 114

PEREZ, ROSARIO Consuelo (Voter ID number 107392371).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT 212

AMADOR-AZNAR, MARISSA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 118538996).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT 214

MONTES, ALEKSANDRE (Voter ID number 118260028).
MONTES, DOLORES (Voter ID number 109822132).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT A-206

BAI, HAI (Voter ID number 118624489).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT A112

QUESADA, VIOLA (Voter ID number 109242983).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT A202

APOLO, VICTORIA R. (Voter ID number 109837031).
MISAS, SHANNON (Voter ID number 120909544).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT A203

BERNARDO, MARCOS Manuel (Voter ID number 110018447).
BERNARDO, VITA Elisa (Voter ID number 109143922).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
ACOSTA, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109872483).
AGUIAR, DANIA V. (Voter ID number 115351768).
CAMPILLO, OLGA Angela (Voter ID number 109231714).
FRONTERA, FERNANDO H. (Voter ID number 109498990).
GONZALEZ, REINALDO (Voter ID number 114432688).
GUARDO, JEZENIA (Voter ID number 110009786).
JABRICA-PADRON, MARY Jade (Voter ID number 109982040).
JOHNSON, RICHARD Roy (Voter ID number 116102670).
JOYA, ORIELE E. (Voter ID number 120246782).
LOPEZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 110151134).
MARTINEZ, CARLOS Jose (Voter ID number 115187284).
MARTINEZ, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 110317662).
MARTINEZ, DAULICYS L. (Voter ID number 110317971).
MC CULLAGH, EILEEN Marie (Voter ID number 108996455).
MEDINA, JENILEE (Voter ID number 115852010).
SUAREZ, JOEL (Voter ID number 109520526).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT #210

LEIDECKER, FREDERICK Phillip (Voter ID number 110018120).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT 102

ODUBER-QUIGLEY, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 109409987).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT 109

VILLOLDO, PATRICIA Margarita (Voter ID number 109400909).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT 110

ESPILDORA, JUAN (Voter ID number 110176426).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT 212

PAZ, HILDA Dione (Voter ID number 119866120).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT A103

GARRIDO, LUIS (Voter ID number 120719933).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT A201

HIDALGO, ANSELMO (Voter ID number 110318432).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT A206

BAI, NAN (Voter ID number 110009753).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT A211

MARTINEZ, CARLA (Voter ID number 119288897).

10501 SW 108TH ST
MCALLISTER, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 117160955).
SUAREZ CORREA, IVONNE Virginia (Voter ID number 110076801).
MC ALLISTER, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 109196769).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
LEIDECKER, EDILMA G. (Voter ID number 116270566).

10501 SW 108TH AVE
APT A-104

ALLONES, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 117831691).

10501 SW 108TH ST
MCALLISTER, ANGELA Michelle (Voter ID number 117107325).

10501 SW 111TH ST
GEIGER, CAROLYN (Voter ID number 109707755).
KRAEMER, MARTIN Roy (Voter ID number 109659201).
KRAEMER, NANCY B. (Voter ID number 108957373).
PUCKETT, SHAWNEE (Voter ID number 108909070).

10501 SW 113TH ST
CASTRO, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109680255).
CASTRO, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 114458551).
CASTRO, SONNIA (Voter ID number 109245322).

10501 SW 115TH ST
MC CAULEY, JILL Ann (Voter ID number 109010436).
MC CAULEY, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 108974348).

10501 SW 118TH ST
BREHM, GARY (Voter ID number 116823565).
BREHM, KELSEY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 119628370).
BREHM, LEEANN Reiss (Voter ID number 109121136).
COTTON, CHRISTOPHER Paul (Voter ID number 110097629).

10501 SW 123RD ST
BETANCOURT, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 110171195).
BETANCOURT, JOHN Carlos (Voter ID number 109762511).
BETANCOURT, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109956057).
BORGES, AMY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109737653).
BORGES, ROBERTO M. (Voter ID number 115681815).

10501 SW 124TH ST
PEREZ, SUZANNE A. (Voter ID number 109467330).
MISIUNAS, BRIAN F. (Voter ID number 117641394).
PEREZ, SUSAN A. (Voter ID number 116228888).

10501 SW 126TH ST
KALINOWSKI, JEFFREY M. (Voter ID number 110040080).
KALINOWSKI, AMY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110213545).
KALINOWSKI, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 110043593).

10501 SW 127TH ST
CORONA, ABELARDO (Voter ID number 109475282).
ROBLES, MARGUERITE N. (Voter ID number 116442642).

10501 SW 139TH ST
ASTEINZA, MADELYN Diaz (Voter ID number 109718860).
ASTEINZA, RICARDO Jorge (Voter ID number 109767603).

10501 SW 140TH ST
GETMAN, MICHELE Lynn (Voter ID number 110122027).
SINGLETARY, EILEEN T. (Voter ID number 109700110).
SINGLETARY, SEAN M. (Voter ID number 109880941).

10501 SW 141ST DR
MELLISON, CHARISSE Bryanna (Voter ID number 121043783).
CAMPBELL, DOROTHY Ann (Voter ID number 108944961).
MELENDY, SHARON Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109745940).
MELLISON, BERNARD (Voter ID number 109193891).
SAMUEL, CELESTINE (Voter ID number 119708149).
SAMUEL, THEODIS M. (Voter ID number 116296185).
WILSON, GREGORY Q. (Voter ID number 115815423).

10501 SW 146TH TER
BRADFORD, IMANI Jade (Voter ID number 117471117).
BRADFORD, MILAN Marie (Voter ID number 119433402).
MOSS, CATHERINE P. (Voter ID number 109002588).
MOSS, LATWONNETTE Jean (Voter ID number 110071423).
MOSS, LEVI L. (Voter ID number 116056934).
MOSS, LEVI Laffayette (Voter ID number 109002589).

10501 SW 149TH TER
HEPBURN, ALESHIA Yvette (Voter ID number 109415303).
HEPBURN, GERARD A. (Voter ID number 116376965).

10501 SW 87TH CT
JORGE, ALBERTO Julian (Voter ID number 109060043).
JORGE, ALEXANDER M. (Voter ID number 109946040).
JORGE, CHRISTOPHER Gamel (Voter ID number 109988683).
JORGE, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 108920951).

10501 SW 93RD TER
YORK, CATHERINE M. (Voter ID number 109790734).

10501 SW 96TH TER
MESA, ERICA Omayra (Voter ID number 109461535).
MESA, ORESTES Jose (Voter ID number 109509514).

10501 SW 99TH AVE
ISALGUE, HIRAM E. (Voter ID number 109390219).
ISALGUE, KAREN B. (Voter ID number 109142580).

10501 SW 99TH ST
FLORES, BIANCA Noelle (Voter ID number 116085034).
FLORES, CAROLS J. (Voter ID number 110149228).
FLORES, VERONICA Joelle (Voter ID number 110337663).
GALVEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109109419).

10502 SW 107TH TER
MARRERO, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109165632).

10502 SW 115TH PL
VILLARROEL, CARLOS Hugo (Voter ID number 109430037).

10502 SW 115TH ST
GARDEN-FERNANDEZ, AIMEE Rosanna (Voter ID number 109439522).

10502 SW 117TH ST
ROMERO, AURORA (Voter ID number 110023428).

10502 SW 99TH TER
BARUT, DIANI C. (Voter ID number 118090966).
BARUT, CECILIA (Voter ID number 109328607).
BARUT, JANUSZ (Voter ID number 109219672).

10503 SW 115TH PL
ARCE, DANIEL (Voter ID number 120031581).
ARCE, EUGENIO (Voter ID number 109862294).
ARCE, RAQUEL M. (Voter ID number 109945141).

10503 SW 116TH ST
MENGOLINI, CAROLA (Voter ID number 118437653).
VIAL, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 110340709).

10503 SW 119TH ST
BARRETO, GLORIA Herring (Voter ID number 109100096).
BARRETO, JAMIE Brooke (Voter ID number 110043360).
BARRETO, LAURA Ashley (Voter ID number 115356482).
BARRETO, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number 109808188).
BARRETO, ROBERT Bruce (Voter ID number 109073139).

10503 SW 120TH ST
SANTOS, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 110168307).
SANTOS, LESBIA M. (Voter ID number 109318838).

10503 SW 99TH TER
ADAMS, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 109995231).
ADAMS, JOHN Frederick (Voter ID number 109304141).
ADAMS, LUZ Marina (Voter ID number 109683314).

10504 SW 112TH AVE
MEISTER, KENNETH Robert (Voter ID number 108967924).
ZINNA, CYNTHIA Marie (Voter ID number 109744579).

10504 SW 114TH CT
LOPEZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109242899).
LOPEZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109313110).

10504 SW 115TH CT
ASPILLAGA, CARLOS G. (Voter ID number 109650647).
ASPILLAGA, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109650655).

10504 SW 118TH ST
GONZALEZ-ABREU, BRANDY (Voter ID number 109484908).
GONZALEZ-ABREU, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 114784347).

10504 SW 129TH TER
GRAPPELL, CAROLYN J. (Voter ID number 110047595).
GRAPPELL, MEL P. (Voter ID number 110002622).

10505 SW 108TH TER
BENSON, JENNY Carballea (Voter ID number 109908749).
BENSON, WILLIAM Ewell (Voter ID number 109434403).
POWELL, VIRGINIA F. (Voter ID number 107826021).

10505 SW 109TH ST
CHANEY, JOSHUA Don (Voter ID number 116475879).

10505 SW 112TH ST
GONZALEZ, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 116855868).
GONZALEZ, JAVIER (Voter ID number 116855854).
GONZALEZ, ALEJANDRO Rafael (Voter ID number 115612126).
GONZALEZ, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 109214526).
GONZALEZ, RAFAEL Francisco (Voter ID number 109175960).

10505 SW 113TH PL
COFFIELD, LEO D. (Voter ID number 109017009).
MC CULLOUGH, DARREN Dean (Voter ID number 109803685).

10505 SW 114TH CT
MULDAVIN, CHAYA T. (Voter ID number 114365448).
MULDAVIN, JACK R. (Voter ID number 120896347).
MULDAVIN, EUGENE E. (Voter ID number 109167299).
TERRELL, CHARLOTTE R. (Voter ID number 109218714).

10505 SW 115TH CT
COHEN, DANA Ferguson (Voter ID number 109755368).
COHEN, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 109752072).

10505 SW 117TH ST
BIERSTEDT, CHRISTOPHER Alexander (Voter ID number 115206629).
COTROFELD, DERONDA Alyse (Voter ID number 109031666).
REGUEYRA, CHRISTINA Sastre (Voter ID number 110040989).

10505 SW 128TH TER
SCHWIMMER, LAUREN N. (Voter ID number 110097038).
SCHWIMMER, BEVERLY Weiss (Voter ID number 109276267).
SCHWIMMER, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 114424699).
SCHWIMMER, MARK (Voter ID number 109276827).

10505 SW 130TH TER
HERNANDEZ, CARLOS Miguel (Voter ID number 109556572).
HERNANDEZ, NICOLETTE Alexis (Voter ID number 120765727).
FINCHELL, ALLEN Richard (Voter ID number 110250973).
MOLNE, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109113198).
MOLNE, MAYRA (Voter ID number 109758169).

10506 SW 89TH PL
ROSENSTOCK, COTY (Voter ID number 110281833).
ROSENSTOCK, NELSON (Voter ID number 109518099).

10508 SW 112TH AVE
FRANCIS, NATHALIE Solange (Voter ID number 120892252).
TORRES, AREL (Voter ID number 116392433).

10510 SW 108TH TER
PENA, FELIX Gerardo (Voter ID number 109303306).

10510 SW 113TH ST
BANASZAK, ANDREW T. (Voter ID number 109920248).
BANASZAK, DAVID James (Voter ID number 109382705).
BANASZAK, PAUL M. (Voter ID number 109277960).
BANASZAK, SANDRA Lee (Voter ID number 109319808).

10510 SW 119TH ST
FERNANDEZ, AMINTA Ocana (Voter ID number 109147590).

10510 SW 146TH ST
ADSIDE, DAISY Mae (Voter ID number 108980319).
CARROLL, CASSANDRA L. (Voter ID number 110071006).

10510 SW 149TH ST
MC PHEE, ORREN H. (Voter ID number 109888908).
MC PHEE, REDA Hagans (Voter ID number 109053517).
WALKER, TIMOTHY L. (Voter ID number 109381407).

10510 SW 96TH TER
RIGI, THOMAS (Voter ID number 116644002).
RODRIGUEZ FLEITA, SIXTO R. (Voter ID number 109647171).
RISI, PETER J. (Voter ID number 117017699).

10510 SW 98TH ST
HENDRICKS, DEREK Benjamin (Voter ID number 109998414).
HENDRICKS, DARCIE Garcia (Voter ID number 110206039).

10510 SW 99TH ST
BRENNER, GAIL Eunice (Voter ID number 109018416).
BRENNER, JACK Harris (Voter ID number 108957321).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
HUERTAS, DANIEL Orlando (Voter ID number 110183858).
HUERTAS, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109926255).
MONTEALEGRE, ARMANDO E. (Voter ID number 115281381).
PIGOTT, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 116415907).
RIVERA, KATHERINE Joann (Voter ID number 110087045).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT #F191

HEADLEY-PIGOTT, JOANNE Evonne (Voter ID number 109415801).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT 184

OSUNA, LEYDA M. (Voter ID number 120750076).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT 186

DEFERIA, VENUS (Voter ID number 110277560).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT 289

HERNANDEZ, SINESIO Juan (Voter ID number 110083034).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT 294

MORALES, JESSICA Felicia (Voter ID number 115803106).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT F-181

QUINONES, SALLY Ann (Voter ID number 115380463).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT F184

GARCIA, JOSE Orlando (Voter ID number 116277349).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT F185

HERNANDEZ, MELISSA Caridad (Voter ID number 114393945).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT F193

BECERRA, ASELA (Voter ID number 118145580).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT F286

LOPEZ, MIGUEL Alejandro (Voter ID number 114429442).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT F293

CASANAS, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 110057455).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT F295

MALCOLM, RYAN Neil (Voter ID number 120122202).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT F183

GARCIA, EMILIO (Voter ID number 117078830).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
ALICEA, ANDRES (Voter ID number 114694046).
ARANGUREN, JOHANA C. (Voter ID number 109994473).
BLANCO, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109475162).
HEADLEY, JOHN Stokeley (Voter ID number 109417705).
HEADLEY, MONICA Elaine (Voter ID number 109465346).
LANMAN, ROSALIE (Voter ID number 110219157).
MONEGRO, DAISY Jocelyn (Voter ID number 110178462).
MOYA, ISRAEL Antonio (Voter ID number 102291317).
PALMA, MARIA (Voter ID number 116227675).
RAMIREZ, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 110134668).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT 285

CAVALLO, NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 110112136).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT 287

FRIAS, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 115503452).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT F183

FAJARDO, MARTA Cecilia (Voter ID number 120331298).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT F281

VARGAS, JORGE (Voter ID number 116471773).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT F184

GONZALEZ, LIVIA L. (Voter ID number 109835290).

10511 SW 108TH AVE
APT 186

BETANCOURT, ORESTES Lazaro (Voter ID number 117732347).

10511 SW 113TH PL
MOOSE, DAVID Patrick (Voter ID number 109124751).
POWELL, CHERYL Lyn (Voter ID number 109758670).

10511 SW 141ST DR
ESPINOZA, BEATRICE Abigail (Voter ID number 119772501).
ESPINOZA, BEVERLY Burgos (Voter ID number 109270415).
ALLEN, WILLIAM Leconcous (Voter ID number 109120989).

10511 SW 149TH TER
ABRAHAMS, KIMBERLY N. (Voter ID number 116898183).
BROWN, STEPHEN D. (Voter ID number 116049777).
GILES, GREGORY B. (Voter ID number 116341850).
JONES, JAVON D. (Voter ID number 117045668).
REID, KATHY Lee (Voter ID number 109217856).
REID, RAMIKA (Voter ID number 116575355).
RILEY, DESMOND A. (Voter ID number 120107173).
WILLIAMS, ZAYNAH S. (Voter ID number 119778314).
ELLIS, CHRISTOPHER D. (Voter ID number 110041238).
JONES, JARVIS Damon (Voter ID number 110038286).
JONES, JEROME D. (Voter ID number 110323920).
REID, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 109100690).
REID, DISHOAN B. (Voter ID number 109315013).
REID, FANNIE Mae (Voter ID number 109078049).
REID, KEISHA (Voter ID number 116059679).
REID, LELA Ann (Voter ID number 109155087).
JONES, JD (Voter ID number 117057627).

10511 SW 99TH ST
OROZCO, NORMA (Voter ID number 114688562).

10512 SW 112TH AVE
HUNTER, HARVEY Quinn (Voter ID number 109760662).
WALLACE, S Christine (Voter ID number 109698839).

10512 SW 114TH ST
ALARCON, ARELLYS K. (Voter ID number 120908859).
PEREZ, ERIC (Voter ID number 116897748).
MC CALLISTER, NONA K. (Voter ID number 108910954).

10512 SW 151ST TER
MANGLER, TODD Austin (Voter ID number 110323772).

10513 SW 114TH ST
AGUIAR, JORGE (Voter ID number 109678706).

10513 SW 99TH TER
TORRES-DEL VALLE, IRENE (Voter ID number 109212548).

10515 SW 113TH PL
JACKSON, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 109705317).

10515 SW 114TH CT
PUSEY, MARIA Augusta (Voter ID number 109385281).

10515 SW 146TH TER
BENTLEY, ALLYSON (Voter ID number 109932481).
BENTLEY, JULIA R. (Voter ID number 109002340).
BENTLEY, ROBERT Allen (Voter ID number 109002341).
BENTLEY, ROBIN G. (Voter ID number 109344841).
BENTLEY, TERRENCE (Voter ID number 110117587).

10515 SW 96TH TER
DAVIS-HYLTON, PAULETTE Myrna (Voter ID number 114428915).

10516 SW 112TH AVE
LYONS, PATRICIA Lynn (Voter ID number 109581196).
CHAMBERS, ROBIN Neil (Voter ID number 109248633).

10520 SW 103RD AVE
BERNAL, COROLINA (Voter ID number 120391978).
FOX-TOMASSI, JACQUELYN (Voter ID number 109511348).
TOMASSI, PIETRO (Voter ID number 109683820).

10520 SW 103RD ST
BATLLE, ANGEL Nabor (Voter ID number 108960329).
BATLLE, HERMINIA Olimpia (Voter ID number 109129540).

10520 SW 103RD AVE
BERNAL, BYRON (Voter ID number 116975182).
BERNAL, MARITZA (Voter ID number 116413547).

10520 SW 108TH ST
ZOLLO, MEGAN Frances (Voter ID number 119850701).
ZOLLO, ADA M. (Voter ID number 109720930).
ZOLLO, MATTHEW Francis (Voter ID number 109293153).

10520 SW 108TH TER
GONZALEZ, GRISELL (Voter ID number 120394148).
GONZALEZ, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 120394095).

10520 SW 110TH ST
PATTERSON, JACK Ray (Voter ID number 109498699).
SANCHEZ, NINA Sylvia (Voter ID number 109500560).

10520 SW 111TH ST
MATA, OSCAR Andres (Voter ID number 116015163).
MUROS, LEONOR (Voter ID number 110058607).
MUROS, BUENAVENTURA (Voter ID number 110154667).

10520 SW 112TH AVE
ANGUEIRA, MAGALY Rodriguez (Voter ID number 109495348).
ANGUEIRA, PAUL F. (Voter ID number 109999860).

10520 SW 112TH ST
KEANE, MICHAEL Damien (Voter ID number 109765974).
KEANE, EILEEN Marie (Voter ID number 110022944).

10520 SW 112TH AVE
DIAZ, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 116896056).

10520 SW 116TH ST
KEANE, MARIA Cristina (Voter ID number 109828432).
KEANE, MICHAEL Damien (Voter ID number 109102103).
OSSA, ANDRES F. (Voter ID number 115223882).

10520 SW 119TH ST
SAUNDERS, ERIN Colleen (Voter ID number 109875841).
SAUNDERS, KATHRYN L. (Voter ID number 108904301).
SAUNDERS, PATRICK Giles (Voter ID number 109139367).

10520 SW 122ND ST
ROSENTHAL, MONIQUE (Voter ID number 109801443).
ROSENTHAL, DON (Voter ID number 109040558).
ROSENTHAL, EVAN (Voter ID number 109733495).
ROSENTHAL, PAIGE Felice (Voter ID number 118411376).

10520 SW 123RD ST
TOMONTO, DANIEL Fernando (Voter ID number 118104466).
TOMONTO, CHARLES Vincent (Voter ID number 109140237).
TOMONTO, ELSA Vasquez (Voter ID number 109212561).
TOMONTO, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number 116185755).

10520 SW 124TH ST
LEVINSON, LINDA B. (Voter ID number 109537789).
MARMORSTEIN, DANIEL Louis (Voter ID number 108907192).

10520 SW 125TH ST
TIKTIN, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 109841252).
TIKTIN, MARLA Gayle (Voter ID number 109788391).

10520 SW 126TH ST
FINER, JESSICA Ann (Voter ID number 109760749).
FINER, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 109239343).
FINER, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 109166865).
FINER, PAMELA Beth (Voter ID number 109980817).

10520 SW 127TH ST
HAUSER, MICHELLE G. (Voter ID number 109202929).
HAUSER, TERRY V. (Voter ID number 109048365).

10520 SW 130TH ST
SMEDA, MARY Emily (Voter ID number 109127736).
SPOOL, LUCILLE (Voter ID number 109299704).
SPOOL, PHILIP Gary (Voter ID number 109144840).

10520 SW 139TH ST
MUJAHID, ISMENIA (Voter ID number 109696363).
MUJAHID, OMAR (Voter ID number 120913131).
MUJAHID, IMRAN (Voter ID number 109795946).

10520 SW 140TH RD
BERTOT, ALEXANDER Javier (Voter ID number 109713913).
BERTOT, VIRGINIA Kilroy (Voter ID number 114943253).

10520 SW 146TH ST
MC KENZIE, GARY Kennith (Voter ID number 109689591).
MC KENZIE, KAY Frances (Voter ID number 109004524).

10520 SW 149TH ST
PINKNEY, MARVA Ola (Voter ID number 110091698).
PINKNEY, PHYLLIS Belinda (Voter ID number 109199214).
PINKNEY, SHAUNTRELL K. (Voter ID number 109773056).

10520 SW 149TH TER
LESLIE, KRISTINA C. (Voter ID number 109779618).
LESLIE, CLABON (Voter ID number 109018493).
LESLIE, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 109138062).

10520 SW 151ST TER
WILLIAMS, CHARLIE (Voter ID number 109985317).
WILLIAMS, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 109749231).

10520 SW 93RD ST
SANTANA, ANDY Miguel (Voter ID number 116296073).
RODRIGUEZ, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 114943833).
SANTANA, ANA Delia (Voter ID number 110011288).
SANTANA, CARLIXTO (Voter ID number 109984818).
SANTANA, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109884229).
SANTANA, NAXUEL L. (Voter ID number 110059114).

10520 SW 96TH ST
VARGAS, ISABEL Godoy (Voter ID number 110274274).
MINGO, GERALD Marvin (Voter ID number 109015526).

10520 SW 96TH TER
ZAMBRANA, ANNA Maria (Voter ID number 109217495).

10520 SW 98TH ST
RIZO, ARMANDO Ernesto (Voter ID number 110003031).
RIZO, DAWN Christine (Voter ID number 110003036).
RIZO, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 114429642).

10520 SW 99TH ST
PRIETO, VIVIANNE (Voter ID number 109553755).
RUIZ, ALFREDO A. (Voter ID number 109432665).

10521 SW 103RD AVE
HEILMAN, JAMES Adam (Voter ID number 109363410).
HEILMAN, MICHAEL Brian (Voter ID number 110073963).
HEILMAN, NICHOLAS Brandon (Voter ID number 110073962).

10521 SW 107TH ST
OCHOA, CHRISTINA I. (Voter ID number 119612523).
OCHOA, CLAUDIA Morales (Voter ID number 109553118).

10521 SW 108TH ST
MADRIGAL, FELIPE L. (Voter ID number 109363757).
MADRIGAL, JENNIFER M. (Voter ID number 116900530).

10521 SW 111TH ST
CAMPANERIA, ALEXANDER Manuel (Voter ID number 118214354).
CAMPANERIA, NATALIE (Voter ID number 109230581).
CAMPANERIA, VIRGILIO (Voter ID number 109238623).

10521 SW 113TH PL
PRANDINI, CRAIG J. (Voter ID number 108914679).

10521 SW 113TH ST
GARRIDO, LARISSA B. (Voter ID number 109418071).

10521 SW 115TH ST
MESA, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 102215570).
MESA, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 102215537).

10521 SW 118TH ST
BARTLEY, CAROL Baker (Voter ID number 109045587).
REHM, PATRICK Christopher (Voter ID number 116466722).
BARTLEY, JOHN C. (Voter ID number 110208279).

10521 SW 123RD ST
NACRON, ELAINE Reiss (Voter ID number 109232029).
NACRON, ROBERT Michael (Voter ID number 109045223).

10521 SW 125TH ST
CHANG, NICHOLAS Orlando (Voter ID number 109301467).
HOY, DOUGLAS Shaw (Voter ID number 109983523).
HOY, LESLIE M. (Voter ID number 110290965).

10521 SW 127TH ST
FERNANDEZ, JAY (Voter ID number 116338665).

10521 SW 128TH ST
MILIAN, IRIS M. (Voter ID number 115865895).
AMAT, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109387700).
AMAT, ARSENIO (Voter ID number 109190823).

10521 SW 139TH ST
REPSOLD, CARMEN Smith (Voter ID number 109228418).
REPSOLD, PETER John (Voter ID number 109696595).

10521 SW 140TH ST
LEVINE, KAREN (Voter ID number 109104124).
NOWAK, DENNIS A. (Voter ID number 109104125).

10521 SW 141ST DR
ESTER, CHRISTOPHER Lemar (Voter ID number 109536119).
ESTER, NANG-SAY (Voter ID number 109635388).

10521 SW 149TH TER
RUFFIN, CRYSTAL (Voter ID number 110030355).
TUCKER, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 109899873).

10521 SW 91ST AVE
PICO, MARTIN (Voter ID number 109302454).
PICO, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109460223).

10521 SW 93RD TER
RAMOS, CRISTINA A. (Voter ID number 110312419).
RAMOS, ANTONIO M. (Voter ID number 109451470).
RAMOS, LOURDES P. (Voter ID number 109837720).
RAMOS, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 115772874).

10521 SW 96TH ST
CABALLERO, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 109013361).
SANTIAGO CABALLERO, LILLIAN Maria (Voter ID number 109295329).

10521 SW 99TH ST
GOSS, ALEXANDRA R. (Voter ID number 119623325).
GOSS, PATRICK L. (Voter ID number 109183027).
GOSS, AARON P. (Voter ID number 116282289).

10522 SW 107TH TER
CANALES, JACQUELINE Elise (Voter ID number 109564495).

10522 SW 115TH ST
TORRES, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 109095134).
URIBE, MARIA Consuelo (Voter ID number 109485711).

10522 SW 117TH ST
ASENCIO-HEYNA, MARIA Dolores (Voter ID number 109534979).
MANNE, FRANCES E. (Voter ID number 109397173).
MANNE, STEVEN Harold (Voter ID number 109360493).

10522 SW 99TH TER
HOMANS, MARK Joseph (Voter ID number 109461275).
HOMANS, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 109144173).

10523 SW 116TH ST
ESTRADA, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109185326).
ESTRADA, MARVIN (Voter ID number 109584406).

10523 SW 119TH ST
CLARK, PETER J. (Voter ID number 110058497).
TOCZEK, EDMUND J. (Voter ID number 110059459).

10523 SW 120TH ST
GAIR, AUDREY Michelle (Voter ID number 119893232).
GAIR, STEPHEN Bruce (Voter ID number 108936000).
VARGAS-GAIR, JANICE Ivette (Voter ID number 108924430).

10523 SW 99TH TER
KETZLE, CYNTHIA Hawkins (Voter ID number 108914635).
KETZLE, JAMES Clarke (Voter ID number 108914636).

10524 SW 114TH TER
FASS, WALTER S. (Voter ID number 108956548).

10524 SW 118TH ST
TORRENTS, CARLOS Emilio (Voter ID number 109508046).
TORRENTS, YVETTE Perdomo (Voter ID number 114332584).

10524 SW 129TH TER
ROTHENBERG, JESSICA Lyn (Voter ID number 109298619).
ROTHENBERG, RYAN Seth (Voter ID number 109363509).

10525 SW 103RD ST
TADROS, MARC (Voter ID number 120134686).
AYOUB, HANY H. (Voter ID number 118516924).
AYOUB, JANINE H. (Voter ID number 109984458).
AYOUB, MAYTE F. (Voter ID number 109397056).

10525 SW 108TH TER
LLOPIS-MARTELL DELEO, NATALIA Esther (Voter ID number 116278306).
LLOPIS-MARTELL, ROBERTO Gaspar (Voter ID number 109206111).
MOROS, JOYCE (Voter ID number 116063120).

10525 SW 109TH ST
PORTER, KELLI Martin (Voter ID number 110067737).
PORTER, MARC Alan (Voter ID number 109890369).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
JOHNSON, CARLA ERICA (Voter ID number 117508640).
CARDENAS, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 110127390).
MOVILLA, MARCO (Voter ID number 117489525).
NOURI, AHMAD Talal (Voter ID number 110226451).
PORRAS, BARBARA Linda (Voter ID number 109431112).
SOLAN, ABDULL-MALIK Hamid (Voter ID number 110135605).
TORRES MARINO, LUISA M. (Voter ID number 117079321).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT #303

PEREZ, NATASHA (Voter ID number 119612812).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 106

CABRERA, STACY Alexandra (Voter ID number 110097987).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 107

KOMETTER, ANA Paula (Voter ID number 119192796).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 110

MIRONES, MONICA L. (Voter ID number 110084420).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 111

WASHINGTON, MARCIE R. (Voter ID number 102455258).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 113

AMADOR, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 110224720).
AMADOR, KARINA A. (Voter ID number 115745897).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 116

MADRIZ, SERGIO (Voter ID number 116855315).
MADRIZ-NARVAEZ, YOLANDA N. (Voter ID number 109390273).
NARVAEZ, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 116793974).
NARVAEZ, RAMON E. (Voter ID number 116579513).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 203

SANCHEZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 110145152).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 210

HERNANDEZ, YAUNET (Voter ID number 116336874).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 213

FERNANDEZ, SOBEIDA J. (Voter ID number 109919874).
NARANJO, HAILE (Voter ID number 118065321).
NARANJO, JAHEIL (Voter ID number 117936721).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 214

CARRIAZO, JEAN-PAUL (Voter ID number 109927896).
PULIDO, EDNA M. (Voter ID number 120300203).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 301

AL-JAMAL, SAMEH (Voter ID number 109591428).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 302

ZWINGLI, ELLEN Jane (Voter ID number 119682715).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 310

HURTADO, MYRTHA Rosa (Voter ID number 109833233).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 216

GARCIA-JOYA, MARIO Felix (Voter ID number 114269888).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
UNIT #117

GUTGSELL, MEL Francis (Voter ID number 109329223).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
UNIT #306

GAUTIER, XIOMARA E. (Voter ID number 109596158).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
ALAMO, BEATRIZ A. (Voter ID number 109215961).
CABRERA, ERNESTO Pedro (Voter ID number 109982447).
CONTRERAS, VERONICA Delcarmen (Voter ID number 109785793).
FARFAN, LUIS (Voter ID number 109634027).
FERNANDEZ, ADELAIDA (Voter ID number 109280790).
FLOLEY, WINIFRED J. (Voter ID number 110221562).
GARDIN, CLARA Fidela (Voter ID number 109190441).
GAUTIER, DAVID Hardy (Voter ID number 108980506).
HAY, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 110060230).
LEON, ALEJANDRA (Voter ID number 109476333).
LEVIN, VEDA Mara (Voter ID number 109028201).
LIMA, RALPH (Voter ID number 110009032).
LIMA, ROSARIO T. (Voter ID number 110009022).
MARTINEZ, MARIA Josefa (Voter ID number 114217839).
MAY, LINDA Carol (Voter ID number 109786992).
MILLER, MICHELLE Lissette (Voter ID number 109255732).
PEREZ, IVAN D Cruz (Voter ID number 115284999).
PINO, NANCY Lopez (Voter ID number 114213087).
REYES, MANUEL F. (Voter ID number 110143262).
SANTIAGO, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109573795).
SCAFFI, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 109839802).
TORRES, FELIX (Voter ID number 109821436).
TRACHTENBERG, DORIS (Voter ID number 108971535).
VALDES, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 109990823).
VALDES, OLAYA Ivonne (Voter ID number 109120071).
VERGONA, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 109520445).
WALLACE, WILLIAM Pelham (Voter ID number 109196325).
ZILBERBERG, ISABEL O. (Voter ID number 109852656).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT #101

SAVAGE, DONA Lee (Voter ID number 109033280).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 104

ANGULO, JORGE Jesus (Voter ID number 115998023).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 108

CARDENAS, ERIC D. (Voter ID number 118093069).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 202

ETZOLD, HEIDI (Voter ID number 116280774).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 210

BARRIOS, JULIA (Voter ID number 118570220).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 309

SOLAN, AMANY Hamid (Voter ID number 110135609).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
BLDG 2 APT 305

ETZOLD, LORE (Voter ID number 116366504).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
UNIT #117

GUTGSELL, JUDY Grace (Voter ID number 110202012).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
UNIT #317

GREEN, CHARLOTTE L. (Voter ID number 109947954).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT #211

BAUTISTA, JUAN (Voter ID number 110219571).

10525 SW 112TH ST
HAINES, LEONARD S. (Voter ID number 110025794).
KOHLER, DORIS (Voter ID number 109005203).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
APT 2#10

CASTRO, JAVIER Dario (Voter ID number 116248887).

10525 SW 112TH AVE
SHELEHEDA, EDWIGE Nicole (Voter ID number 116712148).

10525 SW 113TH PL
DUQUE, VICTORIA Alicia (Voter ID number 110342852).

10525 SW 114TH TER
RAPPACCIOLI POLLACK, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109384012).
RAPPACCIOLI, JESSICA M. (Voter ID number 109859808).
SANCHEZ, ANNA Jessica (Voter ID number 109895744).
POLLACK, ERIC Scott (Voter ID number 109153763).

10525 SW 117TH ST
OYARZUN, CLAUDIA G. (Voter ID number 109462888).
OYARZUN, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109453837).
OYARZUN, OLGA Maria (Voter ID number 110269725).

10525 SW 129TH TER
HATFIELD, CHERYL Ann (Voter ID number 109232598).
HATFIELD, RONALD Earl (Voter ID number 109752782).

10525 SW 130TH TER
LANAO, MARIA Cristina (Voter ID number 109498708).
ROSSEL, GUILLERMO Leonardo (Voter ID number 109336534).

10525 SW 96TH TER
KELCHNER, CHALLIS W. (Voter ID number 110259352).
KELCHNER, DAVID Jay (Voter ID number 108997648).

10526 SW 89TH PL
CASTRO, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 111888091).
HENRIQUES, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109286158).
HENRIQUES, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109212225).
HENRIQUEZ, ERICA (Voter ID number 110145729).
MOLINA, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 109980875).
MOLINA, MARTA Maria (Voter ID number 109204411).
MOLINA, NESTOR (Voter ID number 108992835).

10528 SW 112TH AVE
HOLBROOK, GEORGE D. (Voter ID number 101664572).

10530 SW 103RD ST
GARCES, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number 118839506).
GARCES, JAMES Steve (Voter ID number 109369569).
GARCES, ODALIS J. (Voter ID number 109414872).

10530 SW 109TH ST
GOMEZ, CARMEN Christina (Voter ID number 109366108).
GOMEZ, MARY (Voter ID number 109080143).
GOMEZ, RENE P. (Voter ID number 108915751).
RODRIGUEZ, ROSA S. (Voter ID number 109127976).

10530 SW 113TH ST
PEREZ, RYAN Allen (Voter ID number 116744418).
PEREZ, SARAH Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120915720).

10530 SW 119TH ST
SCHLESINGER, CRAIG David (Voter ID number 109817104).
SCHLESINGER, MITCHELL Jay (Voter ID number 109065923).
SCHLESINGER, RONNIE F. (Voter ID number 109065922).

10530 SW 128TH TER
ROSENN, KEITH Samuel (Voter ID number 109168216).
ROSENN, SILVIA Rudge (Voter ID number 109326077).

10530 SW 146TH ST
OWENS, ALVIN J. (Voter ID number 109936449).
OWENS, DALE J. (Voter ID number 116311954).
OWENS, MARY Lois (Voter ID number 109033293).

10530 SW 149TH ST
GORDON, KIERRA Symone (Voter ID number 117947424).
GORDON, MARTHA W. (Voter ID number 109586101).

10530 SW 96TH TER
CANUT, BISMARCK (Voter ID number 109924770).
CANUT, CRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 110010429).

10530 SW 98TH ST
MARISTANY, AURORA D A (Voter ID number 109110107).
MARISTANY, RAUL A. (Voter ID number 109360502).
MARISTANY, RAUL (Voter ID number 109110106).

10530 SW 99TH ST
BASCUAS, FRANCES Lillian (Voter ID number 109042775).
BASCUAS, MANUEL Jesus (Voter ID number 108917230).
RODRIGUEZ, DOLORES V. (Voter ID number 109213544).

10531 SW 103RD AVE
WILLIS, JESSICA Teal (Voter ID number 109569028).
WILLIS, ROBIN B. (Voter ID number 109024077).
WILLIS, WILLIAM Alan (Voter ID number 109016502).

10531 SW 113TH PL
NOBILI, ANDRINA Teresa (Voter ID number 109770031).
NOBILI, NICHOLAS John (Voter ID number 109775091).

10531 SW 115TH ST
WILLIAMS, JACLYN Michele (Voter ID number 110112069).
WILLIAMS, KATE Danielle (Voter ID number 110323998).
WILLIAMS, NEIL J. (Voter ID number 109201726).

10531 SW 118TH ST
CERVONE, URSULA M. (Voter ID number 110062579).
CARPENTER, CARL Michael (Voter ID number 109525839).
VACCURO, URSULA J. (Voter ID number 109090720).

10531 SW 141ST DR
JOHNSON, GATHA Ann (Voter ID number 109107423).
JOHNSON, KENNETH Morris (Voter ID number 109145791).

10531 SW 149TH TER
BROCKINGTON, ROBYN Nicola (Voter ID number 109333456).
NOTTAGE, EARL Sampson (Voter ID number 109068188).
NOTTAGE, RENAE Clarice (Voter ID number 109108964).

10531 SW 99TH ST
WHITE, AINAWRIB N. (Voter ID number 110056101).
WHITE, MATTHEW Joseph (Voter ID number 109415239).

10532 SW 114TH ST
DYGERT, ANA M. (Voter ID number 118099807).
DYGERT, ELENA Maria (Voter ID number 109851088).
MILIAN, ANETE Elena (Voter ID number 114380205).

10532 SW 115TH ST
ABDULAH, RUTH Natasha (Voter ID number 112039126).
GIBBONS, CHARLES H. (Voter ID number 109785082).
HARFORD, BENNETT C. (Voter ID number 109680876).
RICHARDS, ALBERTA Namita (Voter ID number 109312377).

10532 SW 117TH ST
ACOSTA, ELVIRA Junco (Voter ID number 109101836).

10532 SW 99TH TER
LLANERAS, ANTONIO R. (Voter ID number 108966849).
LLANERAS, EDYA Amirta (Voter ID number 109240303).
PADUA, LEANDRO Martins (Voter ID number 109737644).

10533 SW 114TH ST
BURRY, KRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 118093848).
BURRY, NICKOLAS Albert (Voter ID number 117942931).
BURRY, DENISE L. (Voter ID number 110000116).
BURRY, JAMES Anthony (Voter ID number 109068288).

10533 SW 116TH ST
BLANDON, OFELIA Garcia (Voter ID number 109434071).
BERTUZZI, IVY J. (Voter ID number 109885630).
BERTUZZI, RICHARD John (Voter ID number 109048713).

10533 SW 119TH ST
KONTZAMANYS, ALEXANDER J. (Voter ID number 114351561).
KONTZAMANYS, GEORGE Gregory (Voter ID number 109045422).
KONTZAMANYS, TRACEY Cerchiai (Voter ID number 109219641).

10533 SW 120TH ST
HALLQUIST, JESSICA Anne (Voter ID number 120080708).
HALLQUIST, MARK L. (Voter ID number 109834838).

10533 SW 99TH TER
CAMACHO, RAFAEL E. (Voter ID number 109242572).
NICOT, JERRI Lynn (Voter ID number 109999854).

10534 SW 114TH TER
ARAGON, AMANDA L. (Voter ID number 118829210).
ARAGON, BRANDON E. (Voter ID number 118117343).
ARAGON, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109188481).
ARAGON, NANCY (Voter ID number 109230748).

10534 SW 118TH ST
TIMANA, STEVEN John (Voter ID number 109316701).
TIMANA, MANUEL Juan (Voter ID number 110200197).
TIMANA, SOFIA M. (Voter ID number 109149453).

10535 SW 103RD ST
RUIZ, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 109872214).
DA LA TORRE MELLA, NILDA (Voter ID number 110259852).
GONZALEZ, DEMETRIUS (Voter ID number 109982429).
RUIZ, JUDITH Maria (Voter ID number 109194542).
RUIZ, KIMBERLY M. (Voter ID number 114366056).
VALLIS, CORBIN X. (Voter ID number 115686559).
RUIZ, MITCHEL C. (Voter ID number 116771299).

10535 SW 114TH TER
SISSEL, RITA Rosalyn (Voter ID number 109065210).
SISSEL, SIDNEY (Voter ID number 109029539).

10535 SW 117TH ST
WOOTEN, RUTH Eleanor (Voter ID number 109105337).
WOOTEN, WILLIAM Richard (Voter ID number 109030524).

10535 SW 128TH TER
STORPER, FRANCES Jane (Voter ID number 109122471).
STORPER, HENRY Michael (Voter ID number 108991430).

10535 SW 146TH TER
DINGLE, DARRON (Voter ID number 110244193).
WILLIAMS, TAMARA Joy (Voter ID number 109608762).

10535 SW 96TH TER
RICO, JENNIFER Christina (Voter ID number 115067600).

10536 SW 112TH AVE
GIROUARD, LISA S. (Voter ID number 109108830).

10540 SW 110TH ST
GARRETT, ROBERT K. (Voter ID number 109237523).
HERNANDEZ, SERGIO (Voter ID number 109148548).

10540 SW 111TH ST
LESNEVER, DYANN S. (Voter ID number 118833098).
REBOLLEDO-PERRY, ISELA (Voter ID number 120788928).
LESNEVER, ISELA (Voter ID number 109858194).

10540 SW 112TH AVE
GOLDENBERG, DEBRA Robin (Voter ID number 109087289).
MERVIS, CLARK D. (Voter ID number 109036836).

10540 SW 125TH ST
STRANG, GORDON Kenneth (Voter ID number 109244268).
STRANG, LAURAINE B. (Voter ID number 110162457).

10540 SW 126TH ST
GINSBURG, ALYSON Joy (Voter ID number 109121169).
GINSBURG, DENNIS (Voter ID number 109121464).
GINSBURG, JOSHUA S. (Voter ID number 114737010).

10540 SW 127TH ST
VERNIE, FRANK David (Voter ID number 109091619).

10540 SW 130TH ST
MORALES, OLANDINA (Voter ID number 109922520).
BLANCA, MELISSA Marie (Voter ID number 110157783).
MORALES, ROMMEL Rafael (Voter ID number 109889188).
MORALES, KATRINA M. (Voter ID number 116376938).
MORALES, LORENA M. (Voter ID number 116424970).

10540 SW 138TH ST
NUNEZ, MELANIE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110122127).
NUNEZ, RENE (Voter ID number 109139318).

10540 SW 140TH ST
MESA, LENA (Voter ID number 120173588).
COSTA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109658818).
COSTA, JULIAN (Voter ID number 120063732).
COSTA, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 109162767).

10540 SW 149TH ST
DAWSON, PATRICIA B. (Voter ID number 109924571).
IRELAND, JOHN V. (Voter ID number 115108997).
KELLY, RENEE C. (Voter ID number 115770005).

10540 SW 96TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109341793).
RODRIGUEZ, HAMED (Voter ID number 110211085).

10540 SW 96TH TER
BELTRAN, MELISSA G. (Voter ID number 119129379).
BELTRAN, BARBARA V. (Voter ID number 109269546).
BELTRAN, ERNESTO Antonio (Voter ID number 109311348).

10540 SW 98TH ST
LIMA, EUSEBIO (Voter ID number 120160929).
RODRIGUEZ, LYDIA Martinez (Voter ID number 110252638).

10540 SW 99TH ST
BERK, ADAM J. (Voter ID number 119633124).
BERK, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 109514350).
MACK, DIANE L. (Voter ID number 108945244).

10541 SW 102ND AVE
SANCHEZ, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 115274329).
SANCHEZ, LOURDES C. (Voter ID number 109526463).
SANCHEZ, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 110159116).
SANCHEZ, LUIS M. (Voter ID number 109523973).

10541 SW 107TH ST
DIAZ, LIDIA Norma (Voter ID number 109622937).
DIAZ, NELSON I. (Voter ID number 109647903).
DIAZ-SOLIS, NELSON R. (Voter ID number 109604290).

10541 SW 108TH ST
SONGER, LEONOR Olivera (Voter ID number 116564350).
SONGER, ADRIAN F. (Voter ID number 109282799).

10541 SW 111TH ST
SHANKS, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 109246133).
WALKER, WILLIAM Earl (Voter ID number 109155872).

10541 SW 113TH PL
CHANIN, CLIFF B. (Voter ID number 110276567).
CHANIN, WILHELMINA B. (Voter ID number 109594397).

10541 SW 125TH ST
ZIMMERMAN, SAM J. (Voter ID number 110293289).

10541 SW 126TH ST
BRITTON, ELIZABETH Hann (Voter ID number 109116192).

10541 SW 127TH ST
PAULA, KYLE Scott (Voter ID number 118833044).
PAULA, STEPHANIE Evelyn (Voter ID number 114414447).
PAULA, CELINA (Voter ID number 109922934).
PAULA, STEVEN E. (Voter ID number 114012047).

10541 SW 128TH ST
FOGARTY, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 108975740).
FOGARTY, ZORAIDA Perez (Voter ID number 108975741).
GIBBS, ONDINA (Voter ID number 108964608).

10541 SW 140TH ST
KRAZIEM, LILLIAN Sirven (Voter ID number 109175148).
KRAZIEM, YASMINE S. (Voter ID number 114696664).
PEREZ, LISSETTE B. (Voter ID number 109152871).

10541 SW 141ST DR
FIELDS, GEORGE W. (Voter ID number 109148440).
FIELDS, JUSTIN Dewitt (Voter ID number 110183435).
FIELDS, RYAN (Voter ID number 114366117).
FIELDS, YVONNE B. (Voter ID number 109130482).

10541 SW 149TH TER
MACK, TYRONE A. (Voter ID number 119621904).
MACK, JULIE Delinda (Voter ID number 109191006).
MACK, KRYSTLE J. (Voter ID number 115224373).
MACK, TYRONE Alfonso (Voter ID number 109189185).

10541 SW 93RD TER
MONTANA, GREG Winslow (Voter ID number 118797097).
MONTANA, TAMARA Rachel (Voter ID number 118797101).
ECHEVERRIA, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 109889528).
GRUPPER, LOUISE F. (Voter ID number 109014086).
GRUPPER, PAUL Bernard (Voter ID number 108906343).
GRUPPER, SUSAN Joy (Voter ID number 109121954).
MARTINEZ, LORI Phillips (Voter ID number 109395843).

10541 SW 96TH ST
CORDERO, LILLIAM Maria (Voter ID number 109204044).

10541 SW 99TH ST
BERNFELD, TERRY (Voter ID number 108951479).

10544 SW 112TH AVE
KATARTZIS, KATHARINA Anastasia (Voter ID number 120895004).
KANAKIS, HELEN (Voter ID number 109197271).
KANAKIS, LESLY M. (Voter ID number 109705215).

10544 SW 129TH TER
DE MOYA, CAROLYN D. (Voter ID number 116110926).
DE MOYA, CRISTINA Gudalupe (Voter ID number 109476074).

10545 SW 102ND ST
PONS, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 110046445).
PONS, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 109694598).
PONS, SILVIA N. (Voter ID number 109128538).

10545 SW 103RD ST
BUESO, LISA Michele (Voter ID number 109484127).
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109632805).
RODRIGUEZ, LISA M. (Voter ID number 110078819).
ROMERO, NORMA (Voter ID number 109805700).

10545 SW 109TH ST
MOYA, ADRIAN Albert (Voter ID number 119426477).
MOYA, LAURA Elyse (Voter ID number 121145795).
MOYA, ENRIQUE Emilio (Voter ID number 108916968).
VEGA-MOYA, MIGDANIA (Voter ID number 109078077).

10545 SW 112TH ST
ARNOLD, DENISE (Voter ID number 109761297).
ARNOLD, BILLY Ray (Voter ID number 109643169).
ARNOLD, LUZ M. (Voter ID number 109426775).

10545 SW 113TH PL
THOMAS, JAMES Theofilous (Voter ID number 119608841).
BENAM, JAMES Thomas (Voter ID number 109373370).
THOMAS, JAMES T. (Voter ID number 109373252).
THOMAS, OLIVIA Mae (Voter ID number 109358375).
THOMAS, TRANISE Shernett (Voter ID number 109594220).

10545 SW 129TH TER
ABRAMSON, STUART Howard (Voter ID number 109121347).
ABRAMSON, STACEY L. (Voter ID number 115568965).

10545 SW 130TH TER
PEREZ DE VALDESUSO, OLANDINA (Voter ID number 109921324).
SALAZAR, LILIAN Nora (Voter ID number 111999079).
VALDESUSO, RODOLFO (Voter ID number 109919545).

10545 SW 87TH AVE
BLANCO, KARELYN (Voter ID number 114734826).
BLANCO, MARGARITA Marie (Voter ID number 109013153).
BLANCO, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109165079).
BLANCO, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109061420).
BLANCO, ROBERTO Donaldo (Voter ID number 108923508).

10545 SW 96TH TER
ABAY, NICOLE (Voter ID number 110197031).
PLANAS, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 113874677).

10545 SW 99TH AVE
DEAS, NATHANIEL Jordan (Voter ID number 109913303).
DEAS, RICHARD Richardson (Voter ID number 109338746).

10548 SW 112TH AVE
DANIEL, TALLI (Voter ID number 109520154).
ROWLAND, COURTNEY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 116275553).
ROWLAND, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109449529).
ROWLAND, KEVIN Patrick (Voter ID number 109062566).
MOSER, JAMES Glennen (Voter ID number 108998001).

10550 SW 103RD AVE
RAY, ALBERT L. (Voter ID number 109139047).
YOHAM, MARY Alice Spensley (Voter ID number 109030513).

10550 SW 109TH ST
VILA, LUZ Maria (Voter ID number 109118065).

10550 SW 141ST DR
MANZANO, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 110200645).
NEWSON, RYAN A. (Voter ID number 110205859).

10550 SW 97TH AVE
ESTEVEZ, DOLORES O. (Voter ID number 108901781).
MUSA, ZUHDI (Voter ID number 115571952).

10550 SW 98TH ST
OSTERBERGER, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 109016953).
OSTERBERGER, MARY Kathleen (Voter ID number 108952963).

10550 SW 99TH ST
VELARDE, SABRINA V. (Voter ID number 114389642).

10551 SW 103RD AVE
FASCO, FRANCIS F. (Voter ID number 110018777).
FASCO, IVETTE A. (Voter ID number 109423557).

10551 SW 113TH PL
BEALL, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 108968736).

10551 SW 141ST DR
FLOWERS, DAVID W. (Voter ID number 109746941).
RICHARDSON, CLORETHA (Voter ID number 109003203).

10551 SW 99TH ST
GARCIA, MARIELLA (Voter ID number 109173909).
CASANOVA, JOSE Harold (Voter ID number 109277230).

10552 SW 112TH AVE
CLEARY, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 109001120).
GEHRING, JACK D. (Voter ID number 109094874).

10555 SW 102ND ST
EISENSON, JOEL Lonnie (Voter ID number 108975102).
EISENSON, ALAN Chet (Voter ID number 109225501).
EISENSON, ELAINE Dorothy (Voter ID number 108975103).

10555 SW 103RD ST
BUESO, MARTHA R. (Voter ID number 109030099).
BUESO, LEAH Meriah (Voter ID number 116360937).

10555 SW 113TH PL
BOLT, ARTHUR J. (Voter ID number 109764186).
MICHAELS, LUIS Roberto (Voter ID number 109995266).

10556 SW 112TH AVE
OLIVER, GAIL Diane (Voter ID number 109029508).

10560 SW 108TH TER
BLANCO, ANTONIO G. (Voter ID number 109252595).
BLANCO, IVON (Voter ID number 109835497).

10560 SW 109TH ST
MARTINEZ, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 105188926).
MARTINEZ, MARCELA Maria (Voter ID number 110125002).

10560 SW 112TH AVE
CARR, JAMES Anthony (Voter ID number 109002826).
MC MURRAY, LOUISE H. (Voter ID number 109095801).

10560 SW 122ND ST
MCINTOSH, JOAN M. (Voter ID number 116741879).

10560 SW 125TH ST
LARAQUE, ESMERALDA (Voter ID number 110008100).
LARAQUE, GILBERT P. (Voter ID number 109623499).

10560 SW 128TH TER
DORR, DEBRA Kuperman (Voter ID number 109089171).
DORR, JEFFREY (Voter ID number 110165777).
DORR, TIMOTHY T. (Voter ID number 109087066).

10560 SW 139TH ST
MYSOREWALA, ANTONIA Miquel (Voter ID number 109177972).
MYSOREWALA, JOSEF M. (Voter ID number 114429615).
MYSOREWALA, M Anwer (Voter ID number 109244506).
MYSOREWALA, JAMILA-NICOLE Hur (Voter ID number 116298819).

10560 SW 140TH RD
SHECKMAN, JORDAN I. (Voter ID number 110032524).
ETTELMAN, IRIS Gayle (Voter ID number 109106430).
SHECKMAN, GARY Neil (Voter ID number 109038503).
SHECKMAN, ALEX T. (Voter ID number 116294193).

10560 SW 141ST DR
LAWRENCE, ANTHONY W. (Voter ID number 109116413).
LAWRENCE, JENNIFER R. (Voter ID number 110111996).
LAWRENCE, SHONDRA R. (Voter ID number 109818066).

10560 SW 151ST TER
ZULUETA, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 120185272).
PERERA, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 118121260).

10560 SW 96TH ST
FONSECA, EMMA (Voter ID number 109808639).
FONSECA, MARIA Engracia (Voter ID number 109599122).
MORALES, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109436682).
MORALES, ROSA Argentina (Voter ID number 109311990).
MORALES, SALVADOR Uriel (Voter ID number 109301080).
MORALES, SALVADOR Uriel (Voter ID number 110315873).

10561 SW 113TH PL
BOUTSELIS, CHARLES Theodore (Voter ID number 119778853).
CASO, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 119656345).
CASO, RICARDO Jose (Voter ID number 118699324).

10561 SW 125TH ST
CRUZ, PHIL Free (Voter ID number 109407544).
CRUZ, TEYMA G. (Voter ID number 109366220).

10561 SW 128TH ST
FERGUSON, JASON E. (Voter ID number 116366498).

10561 SW 139TH ST
MASRI, ELSA Santiz (Voter ID number 109121194).
MASRI, MOUSTAPHA Kazma (Voter ID number 109137540).

10561 SW 140TH ST
SIOLI, FRANK J. (Voter ID number 109138403).
SIOLI, LINDA J. (Voter ID number 109111820).

10561 SW 141ST DR
JACKSON, BERTHA M. (Voter ID number 116992161).

10561 SW 91ST AVE
MARTINO, BRIAN John (Voter ID number 109840197).
MARTINO, GINETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109240933).
MARTINO, SALOMON Jean (Voter ID number 109018532).

10563 SW 92ND AVE
TORRENT, ADRIAN J. (Voter ID number 115271350).
PINERO, REINERIO (Voter ID number 109942634).
TORRENT, DANIEL Jose (Voter ID number 110023798).
TORRENT, DIANA Maria (Voter ID number 109282623).
TORRENT, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 109097084).

10564 SW 112TH AVE
KELLEY, GLORIA (Voter ID number 110209105).
KELLEY, JAMES Peter (Voter ID number 108987540).

10565 SW 102ND ST
HANSON, ELIZABETH Ellen (Voter ID number 109044450).

10565 SW 103RD ST
SAMITIER, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109973572).

10565 SW 109TH ST
GONZALEZ, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109039673).
MICHALSKI, MICHAEL M. (Voter ID number 110219789).

10565 SW 128TH TER
GRODNICK, DEBRA Weiner (Voter ID number 109085248).
GRODNICK, KEVIN Morris (Voter ID number 114376980).
GRODNICK, WILLIAM Mark (Voter ID number 109085249).

10565 SW 138TH ST
FERNANDEZ, JAVIER Angel (Voter ID number 109986950).

10568 SW 112TH AVE
SPITALNICK, MARSHA (Voter ID number 108910915).

10571 SW 113TH PL
LEWIS, AMELIA Ann (Voter ID number 109141213).
LEWIS, WILLIAM Henry (Voter ID number 108912548).

10571 SW 126TH ST
PERRY, HELEN R. (Voter ID number 108979473).

10571 SW 141ST DR
TURNER, DIANE (Voter ID number 109228436).
TURNER, RUMELL Rock (Voter ID number 110041530).
TURNER, RUMELL (Voter ID number 108992701).

10572 SW 112TH AVE
SCHERER, RONNIE Laurel (Voter ID number 108954361).

10575 SW 102ND ST
DELGADO, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 109105643).

10575 SW 113TH PL
SOEHN, LAURIE Ann (Voter ID number 109564892).

10576 SW 112TH AVE
GABRIELSEN, RHONDA Lee (Voter ID number 109068224).

10580 SW 100TH ST
BRAVO, JOSH (Voter ID number 110159108).
BRAVO, MARIANO (Voter ID number 109517046).
BRAVO, MARIANO (Voter ID number 110164102).

10580 SW 108TH TER
COLON, JORGE Andres (Voter ID number 109667971).
COLON, RITA Celeste (Voter ID number 109666686).

10580 SW 112TH AVE
DELLINGER, ELIZABETH Bland (Voter ID number 108956115).

10580 SW 122ND ST