Registered voters in ZIP Code 33138
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1 NE 70TH ST
GEORGES, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 120803916).

1 NE 78TH ST
JOSEPH, FARAH (Voter ID number 118419517).
STRACHAN, FEBRA Elaine (Voter ID number 109311192).

1 NE 78TH ST
APT #7

CULL, GAYLORD Gary (Voter ID number 115405962).

1 NE 78TH ST

RODRIGUEZ, MICHAEL Gabriel (Voter ID number 117505281).

1 NE 78TH ST

SIMON, DURENE (Voter ID number 120906005).

1 NE 86TH ST
LOPEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 116208193).

1 NE 87TH ST
BRUMFIELD, LINDA J. (Voter ID number 119536972).

10 NE 102ND ST
MOEGERLE, DAVID E. (Voter ID number 109891343).
MOEGERLE, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number 109021988).
PERRY, VIRGINIA Susan (Voter ID number 109091121).

10 NE 64TH ST
MALBRANCHE, MANECIA (Voter ID number 115608556).
PIERRE, JOAN Louis (Voter ID number 110082616).

10 NE 69TH ST
AUGUSTIN, JEAN Numa (Voter ID number 109357974).
AUGUSTIN, MANICILE (Voter ID number 109837800).
AUGUSTIN, ROMANEX (Voter ID number 109870122).
DELCIUS, PHELICIE (Voter ID number 110089429).

10 NE 71ST ST
DEVALLON, SAINTANIA (Voter ID number 117809583).
DEVALLON, ABNER (Voter ID number 109245520).

10 NE 86TH ST
NAVARRO, CLARA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109721214).
NAVARRO, HIRAM (Voter ID number 109671733).

10 NE 97TH ST
ALARCON, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 109917434).
VALDIVIA, LEONISSAK T. (Voter ID number 116300366).

10 NE 98TH ST
TECSON, MARK M. (Voter ID number 110038130).
TECSON, LUCIANO C. (Voter ID number 109894189).
TECSON, MARIA Khristine (Voter ID number 110059159).
TECSON, YOLANDA M. (Voter ID number 109894192).

100 NE 101ST ST
PEREZ, SERGIO Candido (Voter ID number 109165552).

100 NE 104TH ST
DE GUZMAN, GONZALO Contreras (Voter ID number 109855173).
TEOTICO, MAURO T. (Voter ID number 116981303).

100 NE 63RD ST
JEAN-BAPTISTE, ESTIVENS (Voter ID number 116093761).

100 NE 68TH ST
DESTINE, GADELINE (Voter ID number 118004664).

100 NE 78TH ST
APT # 11

BELIZAIRE, HEURESE (Voter ID number 121179418).

100 NE 78TH ST

SAINT CYR, DENIEZE (Voter ID number 115776773).

100 NE 78TH ST

DIMANCHE, MONIQUE (Voter ID number 120569313).

100 NE 78TH ST

OQUENDO, PERLA C. (Voter ID number 120906230).

100 NE 78TH ST

DORVIL, JORCIUS (Voter ID number 116859970).

100 NE 78TH ST

PETION, MIREILLE (Voter ID number 110121822).

100 NE 78TH ST
PORTER, PROBYN A. (Voter ID number 110183477).

100 NE 78TH ST
APT 10

METELLUS, JEANNINE (Voter ID number 119636876).

100 NE 78TH ST

SAKERS, BRANDON (Voter ID number 116672035).
ST FORT, CAROLL (Voter ID number 117275705).

100 NE 78TH ST

BERANGER, CINDY (Voter ID number 110342446).

100 NE 82ND ST
BAPTISTE, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110253931).
SAINTIL, JOSEPHA (Voter ID number 110285797).
JEAN-BAPTISTE, MIRLAINE (Voter ID number 116612688).
TATTEGRAIN, LISSA (Voter ID number 116452954).

100 NE 86TH ST
SANCHEZ, TERESA L. (Voter ID number 109608734).
FERNANDEZ, CAROLINA E. (Voter ID number 114428450).

100 NE 87TH ST
ESCARMANT, MILLIE S. (Voter ID number 109958092).
ESCARMANT, SIDNEY S. (Voter ID number 110071381).
ESCARMANT, SIDOLES (Voter ID number 109386794).
ESCARMANT, MARIE Rose (Voter ID number 117809569).

100 NE 88TH ST
DUNCANSON, EASTACE B. (Voter ID number 118109942).
DUNCANSON, IMHOTEP Jason (Voter ID number 110339738).
DUNCANSON, LANGSTON J. (Voter ID number 116895621).
DUNCANSON, MAKADA N. (Voter ID number 118100725).
DUNCANSON, EUSTACE (Voter ID number 110022498).
DUNCANSON, ROBERT S. (Voter ID number 110035636).

100 NE 89TH ST
MC KNIGHT, ALFRED (Voter ID number 108983189).
COLLINS, VIVIAN Mc Knight (Voter ID number 108983190).
MC KNIGHT, IDA Bethel (Voter ID number 109199811).
MCKNIGHT, BRANDON (Voter ID number 116310687).

100 NE 90TH ST
LOUBEAU, RENEL (Voter ID number 109300931).

100 NE 92ND ST
MELENDEZ, NARCISO James (Voter ID number 120658939).
ROBERGE, GASTON Antonio (Voter ID number 120658960).

100 NE 95TH ST
LUBINSKI, STEVEN A. (Voter ID number 102512411).
STEINER, MICHAEL T. (Voter ID number 120196199).
GADDIE, KYLE Benjamin (Voter ID number 116406109).

100 NE 96TH ST
JADALLAH, AMANI Saleh (Voter ID number 109992149).

100 NE 99TH ST
WILLIAMS, STEVEN Bernard (Voter ID number 109179794).
PRICE, MILDRED Ann (Voter ID number 109407653).
WILLIAMS, STEVEN Phillip (Voter ID number 116568172).

PEREZ, JOAO Ramon (Voter ID number 109572928).

BRUNO, CONCETTA (Voter ID number 110297657).
BUCHER, MARIANNE D. (Voter ID number 109201750).
GIBSON, CHERYL L. (Voter ID number 109860615).
GLOTTMAN, EVA (Voter ID number 109435151).
KERN, JEFFREY Alan (Voter ID number 120784857).
KIRKPATRICK, NIDIA E. (Voter ID number 116282743).
KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT (Voter ID number 116615236).
MILANI, MONA K. (Voter ID number 118608049).
PEZO, MARISSA (Voter ID number 109988992).
POLLACK, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 116021438).
RAPHAEL, ROXANNE C. (Voter ID number 119690127).
ROBYN, NOEL L. (Voter ID number 117069349).
RODRIGUEZ, JULIAN A. (Voter ID number 120408284).
SAINT AMAND, LAURA Emily (Voter ID number 109086953).
SPRITZER, SUSAN Dee (Voter ID number 120929935).
THOMAS, OKEALA L. (Voter ID number 115033336).
WINSTON, JAMES Walker (Voter ID number 119176335).

APT # 307

HALE, MARY Patricia (Voter ID number 108934221).

APT #1401

LANDAU, ANN Esther (Voter ID number 109252483).
ZWEIFLER, IRA Stewart (Voter ID number 110199206).

APT 1003

AYALA, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 119660082).
HERRERA, PAULA A. (Voter ID number 119660131).

APT 1007

RUDD, PETER Louis (Voter ID number 109399539).

APT 1203

GREENBERG, JENNIFER Nicole (Voter ID number 102486683).

APT 1204

LOSADA, LUIS (Voter ID number 120562952).

APT 1205

ROMERO, ROMMY L. (Voter ID number 118964485).

APT 1206

AUGUST, ARTHUR Paul (Voter ID number 108985189).

APT 1502

FABRIKANT, CHAD (Voter ID number 116912866).

APT 1507

SISKIND, JESSICA Clark (Voter ID number 109399218).

APT 1510

HAVEN, DEBORAH Ann (Voter ID number 109581454).

APT 1511

DAWSON, CINDY W. (Voter ID number 110044500).
DAWSON, JEREL C. (Voter ID number 110044516).

APT 1608

CONDON, SPENCER David (Voter ID number 115125134).
ROSELL, CARLOS Teobaldo (Voter ID number 119212354).

APT 1610

ARMESTO, TOMAS (Voter ID number 119053729).
VAKS, STANLEY Leo (Voter ID number 109232949).

APT 1612

SPRITZER, ALAN Steven (Voter ID number 120929967).

APT 1702

SERLICK, JOAN (Voter ID number 109017918).

APT 1705

STEINER, GAYLE Farrah (Voter ID number 110033535).
STEINER, LINDA B. (Voter ID number 109138571).
STEINER, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number 110207043).
STEINER, STEVEN J. (Voter ID number 109138572).

APT 1706

FRAGA, SERGIO Nova (Voter ID number 116222495).

APT 1801

YESHUA, GABRIELA L. (Voter ID number 120893567).

APT 1804

LEONI, FRANCIS H. (Voter ID number 120574343).

APT 1806

WEITHORN, MATTHEW G. (Voter ID number 119353183).

APT 1812

DEPKIN, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 110246364).

APT 1906

RAPHAEL, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number 119690122).

APT 2107

CELESTIN, GREER (Voter ID number 120286733).

APT 2111

BROWN, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 120671824).

APT 405

FEIGELES, KELLY E A (Voter ID number 109946006).

APT 410

REMOND, JAIME Manuel (Voter ID number 109223957).

APT 601

SALLABERRY, MARTA Araceli (Voter ID number 110297923).

APT 607

COSTANTINO, ELAINE (Voter ID number 109961792).
COSTANTINO, VITTORIA Lee (Voter ID number 118955071).

APT 704

TREVINO, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 120983505).

APT 710

GABY, JULIA (Voter ID number 108947557).

APT 804

HELFMAN, JANE (Voter ID number 120848081).

APT 809

WILCKEN, BERNARD Alexander (Voter ID number 119076472).

APT 901

KNAUB, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 109801204).

APT 910

ANDERSON, MARCUS L. (Voter ID number 119492794).

APT 912

LUNDY, DONNA Sue (Voter ID number 109083306).


CELESTIN, BIANCA Jeanette (Voter ID number 117762319).


VALENCIA, MARINELA (Voter ID number 120287143).


RODRIGUEZ, DAVID (Voter ID number 118445875).

APT 1101

BRITO-REDONDO, AURORA (Voter ID number 119927257).
REDONDO, CARMEN (Voter ID number 115906826).

APT 1205

GLOTTMAN, SIMON (Voter ID number 109435153).

APT 308

PAZOS MALATESTA, LAURA A. (Voter ID number 116183981).

APT 505

BOVET MORINON, ERIC (Voter ID number 119095963).
BOVET-MORINON, ADRIANA P. (Voter ID number 116871285).

APT 811

DUFFY, KENNETH J. (Voter ID number 109392733).

PH 5

COOPER, HELGA (Voter ID number 110066219).

UNIT #810

GRUBER, SANDY J. (Voter ID number 109861721).

UNIT #909

SCOTT, WILLIAM James (Voter ID number 109334284).
ZELLER, ALVIN B. (Voter ID number 109334439).

UNIT 703

AUSTIN, TAJ Imaan (Voter ID number 120923216).

UNIT 704

TREVINO, BETH Kallas (Voter ID number 120983513).

APT 1608

CONDON, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 115297120).

ATLAS, JANET F. (Voter ID number 108905217).
AUGUST, DENISE P. (Voter ID number 109270855).
AZARIA, ALBERT (Voter ID number 109184336).
AZARIA, RUTH (Voter ID number 109284765).
BASS, JACQUELINE C. (Voter ID number 109094573).
BAUMRIND, RAY Iver (Voter ID number 108946586).
BAUMRIND, SHERMAN (Voter ID number 109145253).
BENRUBE, MALLARY Sue (Voter ID number 109093039).
BENRUBE, YVONNE A. (Voter ID number 108918772).
BERGMAN, MARCELLA A. (Voter ID number 109170308).
BIRSKY, FERN D. (Voter ID number 109852522).
BIRSKY, JUSTIN M. (Voter ID number 114436712).
BLACHLY, BRIAN R. (Voter ID number 109492467).
BLUMENKRANZ, HERMAN (Voter ID number 108982818).
BLUMENKRANZ, LEONA (Voter ID number 108982819).
BOSHOFF, JASON (Voter ID number 109990977).
BRADLEY, DAVID Scott (Voter ID number 113998249).
BRITO, ALFREDO Mario (Voter ID number 115584090).
BUCHIGNANI, MARGARET W. (Voter ID number 115515197).
CANTON, CHRISTINE Bowes (Voter ID number 109048982).
CINNAMON, WENDY S. (Voter ID number 109601232).
CONNER, KEVIN James (Voter ID number 109305096).
CRISS, NICHOLAS R. (Voter ID number 109504174).
ESHER, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 108909516).
FAIRMONT, EILEEN (Voter ID number 108927101).
FEIGELES, BEVERLY (Voter ID number 108905744).
FEIN, BEVERLY (Voter ID number 108959227).
FIELDS, BEVERLY Ann (Voter ID number 109966350).
FLINT, MIRYAM (Voter ID number 109265638).
FRANTZ, DORIS Roslyn (Voter ID number 108909441).
FRIEDMAN, ARLENE S. (Voter ID number 109146018).
GALLON, VIRGINIA J. (Voter ID number 108928243).
GESUNDHEIT, FLORENCE G. (Voter ID number 109999236).
GITTA, GERTRAUD Frances (Voter ID number 109020264).
GOLDSTEIN, JACK (Voter ID number 109027274).
GOVANTES, MIRTHA M. (Voter ID number 109964128).
GRAHAM, HELENE J. (Voter ID number 108982871).
GRAPPELL, HELEN (Voter ID number 109197122).
GREENBAUM, RICHARD S. (Voter ID number 108988902).
GREENE, ROSA Filomena (Voter ID number 109115527).
GUTT, JACKY (Voter ID number 109560893).
HARDY, LILIAN L. (Voter ID number 109631120).
HOFMAYER, GLORIA W. (Voter ID number 108960198).
JAAR, GLADYS (Voter ID number 110003524).
JOHNSTON, LINDA Wells (Voter ID number 109028145).
JOHNSTON, ROSS M. (Voter ID number 109215483).
JONES, ELIZABETH R. (Voter ID number 109106698).
KAPLAN, FLORENCE A. (Voter ID number 109038301).
KING, JACKYE C. (Voter ID number 108935104).
KISZONAS, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 109198229).
KLUGER, JEANNINE G. (Voter ID number 109640585).
KOLMAN, FRANCES K. (Voter ID number 115167662).
LAMBERK, JIRI George (Voter ID number 109186041).
LANDAU, JEFFREY L. (Voter ID number 109700065).
LAZIER, SHARON P. (Voter ID number 109938627).
LEHRMAN, ROSALIND (Voter ID number 108960466).
LEVALLEY, JOHN (Voter ID number 109712245).
LEVINE, JAYNE Ellen (Voter ID number 110304438).
LIBEROFF, GRACIELA (Voter ID number 109430623).
LLOPIS, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 110101862).
LOSADA, LUIS D. (Voter ID number 109887209).
MACIA, LOURDES G. (Voter ID number 109101997).
MARKS, SHIRLEY Sow (Voter ID number 108999696).
MARKS, WILLIAM Jerome (Voter ID number 110107778).
MARTINEZ, ELSA Luisa (Voter ID number 109132654).
MARTINEZ, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110229412).
MARTINEZ, NICOLE J. (Voter ID number 102485808).
MELLIS, LEE (Voter ID number 109298570).
MENDIOLA, LUIS C. (Voter ID number 117202393).
NOEL, NIQUANA M. (Voter ID number 110152261).
O'GRADY, JOHN F. (Voter ID number 109651575).
OLSON, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 109198184).
PANTALEON, HUMBERTO A. (Voter ID number 116263607).
PASCAL, JODI Ivy (Voter ID number 109102871).
PASCAL, MYRA R. (Voter ID number 108994002).
PHILIPS, ALBERTA Wilkins (Voter ID number 108952279).
POLLACK, CAROL (Voter ID number 116022800).
REINA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109563427).
RICE, MURIEL (Voter ID number 109143535).
RODRIGUEZ, CAROLINA I. (Voter ID number 117453688).
ROGERS, EARL William (Voter ID number 108927291).
ROGERS, LYNNE F. (Voter ID number 109053258).
ROSE, CHARLOTTE Black (Voter ID number 114073499).
ROSENBERG, HERMAN M. (Voter ID number 109084882).
ROSS, JENNIFER Allyne (Voter ID number 109067649).
SCHERTZER, IVAN A. (Voter ID number 109134684).
SCHOCKEN, GERARD Matthew (Voter ID number 109001616).
SCHOR, MERLE Brown (Voter ID number 109145216).
SERLICK, JOSEPH Julius (Voter ID number 108954429).
SMITH, MILDRED Helms (Voter ID number 108914939).
SMITH, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 109107246).
SOKOL, ANTHONY David (Voter ID number 110016563).
SOMERSTEIN, HELEN Ruth (Voter ID number 108973909).
SOMERSTEIN, SEYMOUR G. (Voter ID number 108973910).
SOSA-ARANOT, MARTIN (Voter ID number 110077082).
SOTO, ALINA Vivian (Voter ID number 109272284).
ST AMAND, JESSICA Lynette (Voter ID number 109920753).
TARRAS, MARJORIE (Voter ID number 114619095).
VORA, SHUKRADEV B. (Voter ID number 109918527).
YAHR, HARRIETTE (Voter ID number 109219037).

APT # 307

SCHWARTZ, PATRICIA H. (Voter ID number 109283614).

APT #1605

BRUNO, FRANCESCA Fortuna (Voter ID number 110194133).

APT 1005

HOLLAND, JUDITH H. (Voter ID number 108982889).

APT 1007

RUDD, CECELIA Ann (Voter ID number 109047775).

APT 1009

HOLTZ, ROBERT Louis (Voter ID number 118447952).

APT 1010

PEZO, FULVIA G. (Voter ID number 109896512).

APT 1012

GORDON, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number 109301812).

APT 1102

FOX, GEORGE H. (Voter ID number 109145278).
FOX, MARTHA Sue (Voter ID number 108992520).

APT 1212

ROTHMAN, OLGA Rose (Voter ID number 109006673).

APT 1406

CANTON, SPERO Contonis (Voter ID number 109036409).

APT 1409

LOPEZ, ROGER (Voter ID number 109459242).

APT 1602

MACHUCA, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 118066517).

APT 1608

ROSELL, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 119214201).

APT 1701

POWELL, JEFFREY N. (Voter ID number 111860171).
POWELL, MARGARET (Voter ID number 102470131).

APT 1710

WORLEY, ELIZABETH Anne (Voter ID number 109007949).

APT 1801

YESHUA, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 109154876).

APT 1803

MARTIN, STEFFANI (Voter ID number 102515556).

APT 1806

WEITHORN, MARCIE Gordon (Voter ID number 109116405).

APT 1810

DAVIS, STEVEN Eugene (Voter ID number 102010573).

APT 1812

ROBINS, ROBERT Roy (Voter ID number 109063599).

APT 1901

RONAN, MONICA V. (Voter ID number 115861838).

APT 1909

PELTZMAN, RHODA (Voter ID number 110252092).

APT 302

ARNTZ, JAMES Edward (Voter ID number 110153986).
DU BOSE, GLENN Emerson (Voter ID number 110151909).

APT 501

DONAYRE, DIEGO (Voter ID number 116201162).

APT 503

JAAR, MICHAEL Robert (Voter ID number 119738145).

APT 509

NIXON, ANNIE Francis (Voter ID number 108918092).

APT 512

DEMORAES, KEILA (Voter ID number 115976146).

APT 603

ATTERMAN, GAIL J. (Voter ID number 109111633).

APT 701

SINGER, DOLORES N. (Voter ID number 108994057).

APT 706

CORIANO, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 108948188).
RUTTY, CHARLES R. (Voter ID number 109286564).

APT 709

COHEN, MAURICE (Voter ID number 108997110).

APT 801

FERBER, STANLEY Nathan (Voter ID number 109030682).

APT 807

FRICK, ROSA Martinez (Voter ID number 120311815).

APT 809

PETERSEN BLACHLY, KATRINA (Voter ID number 114231402).

APT 904

GORDON, JOAN Allison (Voter ID number 109767179).

APT 907

NEIMAN, AVIS Lee (Voter ID number 118857892).

APT 910

DAVIS, DOROTHY Jean (Voter ID number 109067486).


HEYL, RONALD Joseph (Voter ID number 109761707).

UNIT #1108

LEMURA, ARMAND Paul (Voter ID number 109983531).

UNIT #1201

AHAMAD, HALIMA (Voter ID number 109673571).

UNIT #2102

SHELTON, SUSAN (Voter ID number 110242679).

UNIT #707

CARR, ANN Sheridan (Voter ID number 109324965).

UNIT #808

KIPNIS, DOUGLAS M. (Voter ID number 110106588).

UNIT #812

CIMETTA, HENRY (Voter ID number 110222564).
CIMETTA, PAM Ella (Voter ID number 109929286).


COOPER, HELGA (Voter ID number 109954393).

UNIT 1-508

SEARS, LEROY B. (Voter ID number 120444602).

UNIT 710

GABY, MURRAY H. (Voter ID number 108958681).

APT 1207

STARNES POLANCO, NUBIA (Voter ID number 120434849).

APT 312

SANDOVAL, LESTER Elliot (Voter ID number 108950180).

1000 NE 72ND TER
CLEVENGER, ELEANOR H. (Voter ID number 109762901).
DECOSSARD, YVON (Voter ID number 109439614).

1000 NE 80TH ST

GARCIA, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109058399).

1000 NE 80TH ST
JACKSON, BRITNEY S. (Voter ID number 116575462).
JACKSON, LATICIA Kwandra (Voter ID number 110051995).

1000 NE 82ND ST
MARTIATO, JUAN Ramon (Voter ID number 116462314).
MARTIATO, TERESA Maria (Voter ID number 109636338).
SILVESTRE MARTIATO, CECILIO (Voter ID number 118196763).
CANALES, THERESA (Voter ID number 109982350).
MARTIATO, SILVESTRE C. (Voter ID number 115397467).
MARTIATO, TINA Caridad (Voter ID number 110253925).

1000 NE 82ND TER
INFANTE, ANGEL J. (Voter ID number 108992603).
INFANTE, MARIA Irene (Voter ID number 109960604).

1000 NE 85TH ST
CARBALLO, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 121227255).

1000 NE 86TH ST
BARNUEVO, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 102185227).
MARRERO, YOBANY (Voter ID number 102185225).

1000 NE 88TH ST
REY, IRMA Regina (Voter ID number 109133357).

1000 NE 91ST TER
KARLSON, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number 109799550).
OLIVE, FATIMA R. (Voter ID number 109799549).

1000 NE 95TH ST
LE VASSER, THERESE F. (Voter ID number 108908332).

1000 NE 96TH ST
ARMEDA, HUMBERTO (Voter ID number 109268012).
CRUZ, HERIBERTO (Voter ID number 109219938).

HAMM, RACHELLE (Voter ID number 109932174).
SYPOLT, RACHELLE Grode (Voter ID number 109306084).

10001 NE 1ST AVE
LEON, RAMON A. (Voter ID number 115919186).
PANTIN, MARGARET Louise (Voter ID number 109976593).

10007 NE 4TH AVE
BENNETT, GEORGE Henry (Voter ID number 108908764).

1001 NE 72ND ST
GOLDING, WENDY Marie (Voter ID number 109445737).

1001 NE 80TH ST
AVILMA, TAZENNE (Voter ID number 110261106).
GIBSON, JAMAAL Alberto (Voter ID number 110091384).
GREENE, JASON E. (Voter ID number 109880061).

1001 NE 80TH ST
APT #6

JUSTE, RAYMONDE (Voter ID number 119395139).

1001 NE 80TH ST

GUERRIER, BENEDICT (Voter ID number 114470922).

1001 NE 80TH ST

NOEL, RONEL (Voter ID number 118206876).

1001 NE 80TH ST

JEAN-NOEL, WILFRID (Voter ID number 109583181).

1001 NE 80TH ST
ALYSSE, WOODY (Voter ID number 110228115).
AVILMA, BONITA (Voter ID number 110328129).
AVILMA, JUNIOR (Voter ID number 110311989).
GIBSON, JAMAUL A. (Voter ID number 114292077).

1001 NE 80TH ST

DENIS, SOLON (Voter ID number 118958585).

1001 NE 82ND ST
SOTO, VELMA Delilah (Voter ID number 109250771).

1001 NE 82ND TER
MALLORY, RONALD (Voter ID number 120941084).
RODRIGUEZ, AUDREY Stotts (Voter ID number 109245123).

1001 NE 84TH ST
PARAPAR, JOSE (Voter ID number 109009542).
PARAPAR, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109009513).

1001 NE 87TH ST
BRANDYS, THADDEUS Allan (Voter ID number 109101183).
COLEMAN, ALLANA Jizelle (Voter ID number 115003127).

1001 NE 88TH ST
VENOY, ANDY Chu (Voter ID number 118846609).

1001 NE 96TH ST
BROGGI, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109678388).

10010 NE 1ST AVE
VIEIRA, PAUL M. (Voter ID number 110297741).

1002 NE 105TH ST
CARLSON, SCOTT Aldrin (Voter ID number 110216863).

1002 NE 98TH ST
BAPPERT, JANET M. (Voter ID number 109100853).

ARTIGAS, EVIDIO Caridad (Voter ID number 109012796).

10025 NE 3RD AVE
RODRIGUEZ, JORGE I. (Voter ID number 109602505).
SOCORRO, RICARDO Agustin (Voter ID number 109263953).

10025 NE 5TH AVE
FARR, JOAN Svaldi (Voter ID number 109040581).
FARR, KRISTEN A. (Voter ID number 114361402).
FARR, ROBERT David (Voter ID number 109043860).

ALVAREZ, VIVIAN Modesta (Voter ID number 109070064).

1005 NE 91ST TER
FERNANDEZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109353382).
FERNANDEZ, ANGELINE F. (Voter ID number 109859236).
FRANCISCO, ERLINDA HABIDE (Voter ID number 119955081).

1005 NE 92ND ST
GOODSON, GWENDOLYN Rena (Voter ID number 110029256).
WATSON, ALBERT (Voter ID number 109915538).

1005 NE 95TH ST
SPAHN, HERBERT (Voter ID number 108909011).
SPAHN, JANICE B. (Voter ID number 109100867).

1005 NE 98TH ST
RESSEL, STEVE Frederick (Voter ID number 109175682).

GUERRA, FRANCISCO Oscar (Voter ID number 109150980).

10050 NE 12TH AVE
CURZON, LANA Labrousse (Voter ID number 109856843).

DENTICO, MICHELLE M. (Voter ID number 109625528).
DENTICO, CHRIS James (Voter ID number 110101226).
DENTICO, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 109981938).
WHITTLE, LAURA Jane (Voter ID number 108943717).

1006 NE 97TH ST
ERRA, MADONNA J. (Voter ID number 109801512).

1008 NE 94TH ST
ALVERO, ANGELA Maria (Voter ID number 109260572).
CARTOLANO, JOSEPH P. (Voter ID number 109628166).
VILLAMIL DE ALVERO, ANGELA (Voter ID number 109628814).
ALVERO, ALDO D. (Voter ID number 109627051).

10090 NE 12TH AVE
MATZ, BETTY (Voter ID number 109327680).

101 NE 102ND ST
DIAZ-BERGNES, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 109752893).
LABARTA, LYNN (Voter ID number 109382823).

101 NE 104TH ST
GILBERT, LESLEY-ANNE (Voter ID number 109974343).
MORAN, EDUARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 109226484).
ORDUNG, ALLYSON Hunter (Voter ID number 109158153).

101 NE 105TH ST
VILUS, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 110284698).

101 NE 63RD ST
POWELL, TWANIKA Lanell (Voter ID number 120658633).

101 NE 68TH TER
MATHIEU, JOSEPH D. (Voter ID number 109907935).

101 NE 70TH ST
ROMAIN, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 120926402).
ROMAIN, TAMARA (Voter ID number 116301503).

101 NE 71ST ST
BOZEMAN, JERRY Michael (Voter ID number 110042547).
BOZEMAN, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 116273693).
CULLINS, NYREE Dawn (Voter ID number 109384296).
WAGNAC, FRANK Franky (Voter ID number 109919556).

101 NE 78TH ST

PAULINO SANTO, LUCIA Matilde (Voter ID number 115082143).

101 NE 78TH ST

WILLIAMS, ANTHONY Devon (Voter ID number 109596356).

101 NE 78TH ST
BERRY, CAPRI N. (Voter ID number 110160494).
LAMPHT, AURTHER (Voter ID number 116305579).

101 NE 82ND TER
ARCE, BERNIE (Voter ID number 119963873).
PARRA, RUBIELA (Voter ID number 119556066).

101 NE 87TH ST
MC SWAIN, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 119731797).
STEWART, RYAN M. (Voter ID number 119954895).
MC SWAIN, IAN P. (Voter ID number 109922023).

1010 NE 105TH ST
BONHAM, DOUGLAS C. (Voter ID number 109802385).
BONHAM, JOYCE Watson (Voter ID number 109068423).

1010 NE 80TH ST
GUNNING, PETER E. (Voter ID number 114578338).

1010 NE 81ST ST
HOLMES, DOROTHY Henry (Voter ID number 109102144).
HOLMES, KRISTIAN A. (Voter ID number 110180104).

1010 NE 83RD ST
MORELLI, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 102354762).
JANVIER, ANASTAZIE (Voter ID number 109505118).
RODRIGUEZ, MARISOL (Voter ID number 117699801).
ROSSI, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 116673285).

1010 NE 92ND ST
REDMOND, KATHLEEN Anne (Voter ID number 109575724).
RUSTAD, KIMBERLY Anne (Voter ID number 109717858).

10108 NE 1ST AVE
BARNES, DOUGLAS Malcolm (Voter ID number 119502580).
BENTON, MARY Ellen (Voter ID number 119502606).
CARTER, HENRIETTA Soplia (Voter ID number 109163146).
CARTER, LEE Ann (Voter ID number 110181127).

1011 NE 72ND ST
MAFOUTSIS, JOHN T. (Voter ID number 110167851).

BAEZ, MARITZA J. (Voter ID number 110234545).
FERNANDEZ, KENNEDY (Voter ID number 110017181).

10110 NE 4TH AVE
DINAR, REBECCA E. (Voter ID number 110303485).
DINAR, SHLOMI (Voter ID number 110303488).

BROWN, DAVID S. (Voter ID number 110279144).

10121 NE 13TH AVE
SHEPHERD, ELIZABETH Frenzel (Voter ID number 109435393).
SHEPHERD, MICHAEL Charles (Voter ID number 114239864).
SHEPHERD, RUSSELL A. (Voter ID number 109042522).

10125 NE 2ND AVE
DAVIS, EUNICE Johnson (Voter ID number 108963079).

SUSSMAN, HAROLD Steven (Voter ID number 109159883).
TROENDLE, CAROL Louise (Voter ID number 109401404).

1015 NE 81ST ST
SCHMITZ, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 108927553).

1015 NE 84TH ST
MAGANA, ORQUIDEA G. (Voter ID number 115732037).

1015 NE 89TH ST
BELL, MICHELLE Amanda (Voter ID number 116026489).
ELLIOTT, FITZROY Clarke (Voter ID number 109334803).
ELLIOTT, GARLAND Constantine (Voter ID number 109385666).
ELLIOTT, MONICA Mary (Voter ID number 109334857).

1015 NE 92ND ST
CARRUTHERS, DARLENE M. (Voter ID number 109777254).
DICK, BETTINA (Voter ID number 119818411).

1015 NE 93RD ST
PAUL, CHRISTINA McGinley (Voter ID number 114844653).
PAUL, GEORGE Amar (Voter ID number 110149866).

1015 NE 97TH ST
BAILEY, ROBERT (Voter ID number 120362691).
BAILEY, TINA Lewis (Voter ID number 110300593).
BAILEY, KHAREE Colin (Voter ID number 118561758).
BAILEY, ROBERT (Voter ID number 110291998).

10150 NE 14TH AVE
MONTEAGUDO, LETICIA (Voter ID number 109367561).
RODRIGUEZ, LAURA M. (Voter ID number 109946057).

10151 NE 14TH AVE
LOPEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109564718).
TAYLOR, WAYNE E. (Voter ID number 109945060).

10166 NE 12TH AVE
LANZA, GEORGE Gabriel (Voter ID number 118953217).

1017 NE 95TH ST
SCHMITZ, PAUL Lambert (Voter ID number 108918326).

ROMANIK, CAROLE O. (Voter ID number 109940848).
ROMANIK, MERRILL Ann (Voter ID number 109778747).

1019 NE 104TH ST
BAY, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 109539579).
BELL, JERRY Hamilton (Voter ID number 109606169).

1019 NE 87TH ST
SINGER, BRAD (Voter ID number 116981797).
SINGER, BRENDA Maya (Voter ID number 116965701).

10190 NE 12TH AVE
SHOOK, CAROLYN Grace (Voter ID number 109499312).

102 NE 102ND ST
KRIVAK, BRIAN Eric (Voter ID number 116358509).

102 NE 103RD ST
ALVAREZ-CORREA, CRISTINA Lucia (Voter ID number 109859818).

102 NE 68TH TER
DAZILME, CINDY (Voter ID number 118090551).
DAZILME, LAFAITE (Voter ID number 110279182).
DAZILME, MARK (Voter ID number 115237937).
CALIXTE, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109685477).
DAZILME, MIRELL (Voter ID number 109724746).

102 NE 70TH ST
TRODY, WYLEEN Elaine (Voter ID number 109176118).
TUCKER, SHERELL Sharde (Voter ID number 110168517).
TRODY, SHAWN Eugene (Voter ID number 109570870).

102 NE 71ST ST
COCKFIELD, WILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 109072005).

102 NE 86TH ST
OROBITG, JORGE Rafael (Voter ID number 102103063).

102 NE 91ST ST
KAHN TEE, BERNA D. (Voter ID number 110071357).

102 NE 94TH ST
SHEVOCK, CLAUDEEN (Voter ID number 109913573).
SHEVOCK, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 109916620).

1020 NE 104TH ST
GASSER, FARIA (Voter ID number 109242079).
GASSER, ROLAND L. (Voter ID number 109242081).

1020 NE 105TH ST
WINOGRAD, JEFFREY Asher (Voter ID number 109167824).

1020 NE 78TH RD

GEHRIG, EROS Emanuel (Voter ID number 109592735).

1020 NE 78TH RD
COOLEY, GRANT Lonye (Voter ID number 110170255).

1020 NE 80TH ST

HERARD, PIERRE (Voter ID number 109871863).

1020 NE 80TH ST
APT #1

ANTENORD, JEAN E. (Voter ID number 114680114).

1020 NE 81ST ST
BISHOP, RACHEL Danielle (Voter ID number 118922536).
BISHOP, SONIA Monica (Voter ID number 109398727).

1020 NE 82ND ST
DENUR, JACK B. (Voter ID number 115564951).

1020 NE 83RD ST
MERCADANTE, DAVID Vincent (Voter ID number 109346837).

1020 NE 85TH ST
MILLER, ERNEST Baxter (Voter ID number 109688348).

1020 NE 90TH ST
SCHEVE, JOHN Richard (Voter ID number 109074791).

1020 NE 92ND ST
ZEIFMAN, D'AN Bobroff (Voter ID number 109108132).
ZEIFMAN, LANCE Adam (Voter ID number 110339015).

1020 NE 93RD ST
MIDDLETON, NANCY R. (Voter ID number 109111307).
MIDDLETON, J Lane (Voter ID number 109101786).

1020 NE 98TH ST
WINCKLER, MARINA (Voter ID number 109799337).
WINCKLER, MARK Leslie (Voter ID number 110330265).

1020 NE 99TH ST
CASTRO, JULIANNA (Voter ID number 116899477).
REDONDO, ALEX (Voter ID number 117097065).
MASTERS, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number 109481366).
RODRIGUEZ, CYNTHIA Margarita (Voter ID number 109989667).

10204 NE 2ND AVE
GRAY, CARL Leroy (Voter ID number 108925728).

10205 NE 4TH AVE
PAULSON, BETTY Jane (Voter ID number 108993447).
PAULSON, ROBERT Oscar (Voter ID number 109428716).

10208 NE 4TH AVE
SINCLAIR, NICOLE S. (Voter ID number 119602447).
THOMAS, WILLIAM Harold (Voter ID number 108909025).
VITT, STEVEN Ernest (Voter ID number 110128988).

1021 NE 82ND TER
MANSO, EDUARDO Pablo (Voter ID number 109318894).
MANSO, ILEANA I. (Voter ID number 109704069).
SUAREZ, NIDIA E. (Voter ID number 109576858).

1021 NE 83RD ST
DAVIS, GAIL Locke (Voter ID number 109118904).
DAVIS, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 109438553).
DAVIS, RICHARD Andrew (Voter ID number 109118922).

1021 NE 93RD ST
LAGOMASINO, JUAN M. (Voter ID number 109650811).
PALLAIS, NADIA M. (Voter ID number 110235239).

DIAMOND, NATALIE (Voter ID number 121208478).

1022 NE 91ST TER
SANTOS, JUAN Pablo (Voter ID number 109966398).
SANTOS, RUTH E. (Voter ID number 116083350).

10221 NE 13TH AVE
BORGES, CARLOS (Voter ID number 102056393).
FONGYEE, MICHELLE A. (Voter ID number 109446278).
SUAREZ, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 102056388).

10239 NE 12TH AVE
QUINTANA, ELIZABETH Salow (Voter ID number 109200170).

1025 NE 78TH RD
CONNER, PATRICIA Anne (Voter ID number 115326389).
WILSON, KEITH C. (Voter ID number 110211939).

1025 NE 78TH RD

KUNASZ, SAMANTHA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120863893).

1025 NE 79TH ST
TORRES, ALBERTO M. (Voter ID number 118394218).
HETMAN, DEBORAH Josephine (Voter ID number 116094814).

1025 NE 81ST ST
REYES, FREDDY C. (Voter ID number 110111253).
CALA, RAUL (Voter ID number 109676746).
CALA, ZUZEL (Voter ID number 110134634).
PENA, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 110150352).
CALA, RAUL (Voter ID number 116878421).

1025 NE 82ND ST
GERRINGER, EUGENE Jacobo (Voter ID number 114641292).
GERRINGER, NERY Maria (Voter ID number 110306136).

1025 NE 84TH ST
LOPEZ, RICHARD (Voter ID number 110070321).

1025 NE 88TH ST
HERNANDEZ, ARGELIO (Voter ID number 109391859).
HERNANDEZ, GRETELL Granell (Voter ID number 109548319).
HERNANDEZ, KRYSTELL Dessiree (Voter ID number 117603780).

1025 NE 89TH ST
SCHAPIRO, CAROLINE M. (Voter ID number 110299179).
SCHAPIRO, JAIME (Voter ID number 109004496).
SCHAPIRO, REBECA V. (Voter ID number 109004799).

1025 NE 91ST TER
BISCHOFF, HERMAN Cordes (Voter ID number 109032384).

1025 NE 92ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, JULIA (Voter ID number 109008975).

1025 NE 97TH ST
CANTON, MICHAEL Spero (Voter ID number 109943748).

1025 NE 98TH ST
MOLINA, GERARDO L. (Voter ID number 109754844).
RIVERA, ANABELLE Marie (Voter ID number 110007225).

RIVERA, CAROLINA Victoria (Voter ID number 110107485).
RIVERA, FRANZ Ernesto (Voter ID number 110107486).
RIVERA, JASMIN K. (Voter ID number 116723153).

1026 NE 97TH ST
ABRAMITIS, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 109244062).
ABRAMITIS, MICHELLE M. (Voter ID number 119574470).
ABRAMITIS, W Robert (Voter ID number 108925335).
ABRAMITIS, WALTER (Voter ID number 116882621).

CORONA, DALIZA (Voter ID number 120009460).

10276 NE 12TH AVE
LEVY, MARINA (Voter ID number 117128859).
LEVY, RAPHAEL Marcel (Voter ID number 109512783).

1028 NE 84TH ST
CUPRYS, ALEXSANDRA Z. (Voter ID number 110290449).
MARTIN, FRANK A. (Voter ID number 110283945).

1029 NE 104TH ST
ST PRIX, SHAWN A. (Voter ID number 101891656).

1029 NE 82ND TER
FERRER-MIRALLES, MARIA (Voter ID number 109384172).

10290 NE 2ND AVE
SHAKIR, MOHAMMAD S. (Voter ID number 110235828).
SHAKIR, SOFIA Fatima (Voter ID number 110160232).
SHAKIR, SHAHIDA S. (Voter ID number 109479093).

103 NE 71ST ST
MURPHY, ERIC Brandon (Voter ID number 110025260).
CHEESEBOROUGH, DEBORA Elaine (Voter ID number 117018758).

103 NE 99TH ST
FISHMAN, GEORGE F. (Voter ID number 109206844).
ANCRUM, NANCY E. (Voter ID number 109248383).

1030 NE 104TH ST
JUSTO, ALEXIS Walfrido (Voter ID number 109413439).

1030 NE 105TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, EGLYS (Voter ID number 109794769).

1030 NE 80TH ST

CLARKE, DAMIAN Senaka (Voter ID number 102302148).
YNIGO, SANTIAGO (Voter ID number 120344427).

1030 NE 81ST ST
WILLIAMS, ALICIA L. (Voter ID number 109989495).

1030 NE 83RD ST
THEODORE, BRUTENEY (Voter ID number 118850160).
THEODORE, ROSELENE (Voter ID number 109704105).
THEODORE, BENOIT (Voter ID number 109361019).
THEODORE, ROSEBENLIE (Voter ID number 110323502).

1030 NE 85TH ST
MEYER, CHAD L. (Voter ID number 110044119).
SINGISER, CHAD Mathew (Voter ID number 102337285).
EVANS, MINDY Nicole (Voter ID number 110202637).
PITTMAN, PAIGE Rana (Voter ID number 110202965).
RICKLEFS, COLLIN G. (Voter ID number 116166246).

1030 NE 86TH ST
VELASCO, JAY (Voter ID number 115954711).
VELASCO, SALVE Regina A (Voter ID number 109897138).
VELASCO, EUSTAQUIO P. (Voter ID number 109897225).

1030 NE 95TH ST
NIEMAN, MAURINE Ann (Voter ID number 109235158).
NIEMAN, ROLAND Edward (Voter ID number 109010368).

1030 NE 99TH ST
REYES, LUIS Manuel (Voter ID number 109514600).
NASELLO, IBIS M. (Voter ID number 115914251).
NASELLO, KEVIN (Voter ID number 110161197).

10305 NE 2ND AVE
PORTER, BRITTANY Alexis (Voter ID number 118631135).
MUMFORD, ALONZA Bobby (Voter ID number 109368562).
MUMFORD, ALONZO B. (Voter ID number 109047794).
MUMFORD, BONNIE Denise (Voter ID number 109313038).
PORTER, JODI M. (Voter ID number 109292750).

1031 NE 72ND ST
GEORGE, SARAH Kate (Voter ID number 119795857).
GEORGE, LORI Ilise Rosen (Voter ID number 109017880).
GEORGE, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 109136860).

1031 NE 83RD ST
BARRIOS, ABEL (Voter ID number 116295088).

1031 NE 86TH ST
KAY, LOUIS Robert (Voter ID number 108947170).

1031 NE 88TH ST
BARRIOS, PEDRO A. (Voter ID number 118828664).

1031 NE 90TH ST
BENNETT, WINSTON G. (Voter ID number 110015191).

10317 NE 2ND AVE
DIXON, PATRICK Arthur J (Voter ID number 109308611).

1032 NE 82ND TER
ALCIME, JEAN Baptiste (Voter ID number 109955335).

1032 NE 98TH ST
PEREZ, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 114461233).
DAY, ELIZABETH B. (Voter ID number 109622416).
DYER, JEFFREY Paul (Voter ID number 109743165).
PEREZ, GWENDOLYN Stanford (Voter ID number 114461147).

BENSCH, SANDRA Wedeles (Voter ID number 109052500).

1033 NE 95TH ST
FULBRIGHT, YATES Edison (Voter ID number 109371500).
UBALS, ARMANDO Rafael (Voter ID number 109352976).

10331 NE 6TH AVE
KLINE, JANET Marie (Voter ID number 110154988).
KLINE, RUSSELL William (Voter ID number 110175490).

1034 NE 89TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, ANGELIQUE L. (Voter ID number 110309641).

10343 NE 6TH AVE
LIBONATTI, BRUNO M. (Voter ID number 110235005).
LIBONATTI, ALEJANDRA M. (Voter ID number 109671375).
PEINADO, ULISES Nery (Voter ID number 109546918).

COHN, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 109248367).

1035 NE 80TH ST
VICTOR, PELANCIA (Voter ID number 116509970).

1035 NE 80TH ST

CESAR, ANTOINE Jolicoeur (Voter ID number 110216282).

1035 NE 80TH ST
DORLEUS, JONAS (Voter ID number 110077289).

1035 NE 81ST ST
TELLERIA, MARCIO Rafael (Voter ID number 109794415).

1035 NE 82ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 115856000).

1035 NE 96TH ST
PALMISANO, ERIC J. (Voter ID number 110052544).
PALMISANO, INGRID Lorayne (Voter ID number 109860285).

1035 NE 99TH ST
BROSTEK, RANDALL S. (Voter ID number 109573970).

10357 NE 6TH AVE
MENDIETA, RICARDDO (Voter ID number 118502903).
MENDIETA, ESTELA (Voter ID number 118500796).
MENDIETA, ISAAC Ricardo (Voter ID number 119181691).

1036 NE 78TH RD
RYAN, JOEL David (Voter ID number 109338850).

1036 NE 78TH RD

HILL, JORDAN Dean (Voter ID number 116457033).

1036 NE 78TH RD

MEJIA, BERNARDO (Voter ID number 116554512).

1036 NE 89TH ST
LAVEN, GEORGE S. (Voter ID number 109929365).
LAVEN, JENNY K. (Voter ID number 110328643).
LAVEN, KATHY M. (Voter ID number 110023740).

1036 NE 95TH ST
VOLINSKI, JOEL Michael (Voter ID number 110254298).

1036 NE 96TH ST
LIU, JERRY C. (Voter ID number 120320861).
GALLEGO, WENDY M. (Voter ID number 110006676).
OKEEFE, DANIEL Michael (Voter ID number 114954044).

10360 NE 5TH AVE
DAVIS, MAKEBA Tawanja (Voter ID number 109802762).
HUNT, DERYL G. (Voter ID number 109721152).
HUNT, LILLIAN (Voter ID number 109172687).

10361 NE 4TH AVE
CERDA, CANDIDA Julie (Voter ID number 109710802).
NUNEZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109797173).

1037 NE 88TH ST
LOPEZ, GLENN Mark (Voter ID number 109174549).
LOPEZ, LILLIAN S. (Voter ID number 109104522).
LOPEZ, JEFFREY Arsenio (Voter ID number 102390657).

1037 NE 91ST TER
HARKE, ERIK Benjamin (Voter ID number 119526938).
HARKE, JACOB A. (Voter ID number 119967069).
CARNEY, KAREN E. (Voter ID number 109586079).
HARKE, ALISON Clasby (Voter ID number 109216367).
HARKE, LANCE August (Voter ID number 109323077).

HITCHINGS, CHARLES M. (Voter ID number 110207183).

10380 NE 5TH AVE
BOGOZI, AGNES (Voter ID number 109929563).
BOGOZI, ALBERT (Voter ID number 110267158).
RECALDE, MARIANA Andrea (Voter ID number 110293595).

1039 NE 104TH ST
MABROUKI, ABDELHAI (Voter ID number 119200632).
FRANZ, NOEL J. (Voter ID number 109191449).
FRANZ, SARA Kae (Voter ID number 118104521).
MABROUKI, ABDESSAMADE (Voter ID number 119245277).
MABROUKI-FRANZ, BOUCHRA (Voter ID number 109423405).

1039 NE 72ND ST
MASCOWITZ, GROVER M. (Voter ID number 109930266).
MATTHEY, RHODA Claire (Voter ID number 109149391).
MOSCOWITZ, RACHEL Parnell (Voter ID number 109476996).

1039 NE 82ND TER
ARONSON, JUDITH (Voter ID number 109959541).
NAYLOR, DENNIS L. (Voter ID number 110215641).

10391 NE 4TH AVE
RICE, GEORGE T. (Voter ID number 109806556).
RICE, SUSANNE I. (Voter ID number 109804779).

10395 NE 12TH AVE
PUMO, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 109063842).

104 NE 100TH ST
PITCHMAN, ADRIEN Jess (Voter ID number 117828708).
PITCHMAN, JONINA (Voter ID number 109090789).
PITCHMAN, ZACHARY (Voter ID number 110222909).

104 NE 69TH ST
GUILLAUME, WIKEN (Voter ID number 120339121).
CALIXTE, MIREILLE (Voter ID number 115939352).
LACORNE, ANICIA (Voter ID number 110105331).

1040 NE 105TH ST
MARIN, MARLENE (Voter ID number 108939975).

1040 NE 78TH RD
LAZARTE, JUAN Cruz (Voter ID number 117163336).
PHILLIPS, DONALD Edwin (Voter ID number 118805596).

1040 NE 81ST ST
CLARKE, SAMUEL Richard (Voter ID number 102460611).
MC NAIR, LOUISE Sebrina (Voter ID number 109260903).
ROAHCE, VAN Oswald (Voter ID number 114240106).

1040 NE 82ND ST
KING, RITA F. (Voter ID number 114871514).
SOTO, MISAEL (Voter ID number 118441676).

1040 NE 83RD ST
CUNNINGHAM, SHERI Y. (Voter ID number 109796414).
PRAT, FEDERICO Nicolas (Voter ID number 110007613).

1040 NE 85TH ST
ANGLADE, ALEXANDRE (Voter ID number 109880362).
HILDEBRAND, RICHARD William (Voter ID number 120058916).
MUNRO, NEIL Silas Munabi (Voter ID number 120282491).

1040 NE 86TH ST
FREHLING, GREGORY Matthew (Voter ID number 109422446).
ORS, KARINA V. (Voter ID number 109730858).

BRANTLEY, DOMINGA (Voter ID number 108936231).
BRANTLEY, PATRICE Alicia (Voter ID number 109143567).

10400 NE 12TH AVE
RUIZ, WILLIAM Dario (Voter ID number 118602401).
RUIZ, IVET Iraida (Voter ID number 109545634).

10400 NE 4TH AVE
SOBEL, JASON Marc (Voter ID number 110001075).
MC CORMACK, CAROL Cobb (Voter ID number 110337731).
MC CORMACK, NEAL S. (Voter ID number 110337732).

10400 NE 5TH AVE
GANJU, NEHA (Voter ID number 110264486).
GANJU, CHANDRA (Voter ID number 109926947).
GANJU, DEEPAK (Voter ID number 109920690).
GANJU, NIHAR (Voter ID number 110134143).
RAINA, GOPI Nath (Voter ID number 114591594).

10401 NE 2ND AVE
HERNANDEZ, KARLA I. (Voter ID number 118843975).

10401 NE 4TH AVE
SITES, KATHLEEN Marie (Voter ID number 109874888).
SITES, JACK Clinton (Voter ID number 109805477).

10401 NE 6TH AVE
ARRASTIA, JOHN (Voter ID number 116281938).
JOHNSON, STACY Nicole (Voter ID number 110133124).
JOHNSON, JAMES (Voter ID number 117223380).
POWELL, JUSTIN M. (Voter ID number 109689223).
WONG, HELEN (Voter ID number 109291981).

10402 NE 2ND AVE
DAILEY, RICHARD P. (Voter ID number 109726211).
MANZELLA-DAILEY, DONNA Maria (Voter ID number 119396106).
LI, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 109558043).

10404 NE 3RD AVE
MORCATE-VASQUEZ, TINA (Voter ID number 109842978).
VASQUEZ, LUIS (Voter ID number 110257131).

1041 NE 78TH RD

CABRERA, HAMLET (Voter ID number 110247543).

1041 NE 78TH RD
LEWIS, WINSOME A. (Voter ID number 110013691).

1041 NE 78TH RD
APT #5

BURLEY, PATRICIA Butler (Voter ID number 110127020).

1041 NE 83RD ST
SPECIALE, CESARE A. (Voter ID number 109792189).

1041 NE 88TH ST
GOLD, ANTHONY Duncan (Voter ID number 109271955).
GOLD, CHRISTINE K. (Voter ID number 110339326).

1041 NE 90TH ST
BROOKS, JEANO Mitchel (Voter ID number 121278200).
MILLER, JENNIFER Quildon (Voter ID number 111780260).

1041 NE 93RD ST
EDE, ELIAS Nicholas (Voter ID number 109198543).
EDE, ERNESTINE Sayfie (Voter ID number 109030122).

1041 NE 94TH ST
DAVIES, HARRISON Cleere (Voter ID number 116778399).
DAVIES, JOHN Philip (Voter ID number 109303375).
DAVIES, ROXANE S. (Voter ID number 109302593).
DAVIES, CHRISTIAN Philip (Voter ID number 117015898).

1041 NE 96TH ST
GALDO, BRANDON Ty (Voter ID number 119763089).
GALDO, BRITTNEY Nicole (Voter ID number 117234085).
HUTCHINSON, MARK A. (Voter ID number 101667937).
WASHINGTON, WALLACE T. (Voter ID number 109409469).
GALDO, DARLENE Lucia (Voter ID number 109394779).

JONES, MYRTLE Crawford (Voter ID number 116611367).
STINSON, LINDSAY V. (Voter ID number 114012181).

10417 NE 2ND AVE
ISER, CLARO M. (Voter ID number 109622314).

10418 NE 2ND AVE
COUSINS-PACHECO, CRISTINE E. (Voter ID number 109863188).
PACHECO, MARIO A. (Voter ID number 110286783).

1042 NE 91ST TER
FERRARO, MARIA Assunta (Voter ID number 110158087).
FERRARO, NATASHA Concetta (Voter ID number 110158137).
FERRARO, NICOLA (Voter ID number 110310696).

1042 NE 95TH ST
CABRERA, KIMBERLY Lorenzo (Voter ID number 100526454).
CABRERA, AMPARITA Lorenzo (Voter ID number 109375487).
CABRERA, RODOLFO Torres (Voter ID number 109285228).

1043 NE 98TH ST
WAECHTER, RUTHI S. (Voter ID number 109200552).
WAECHTER, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110062850).

10430 NE 3RD AVE
LEONI, VICTOR A. (Voter ID number 109226325).

1044 NE 94TH ST
MARROCCO, CHERILYN Annette (Voter ID number 109989328).
MARROCCO, CONNIE Elaine (Voter ID number 109045253).
MARROCCO, RONALD Joseph (Voter ID number 109032000).
MARROCO, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 110302766).

1044 NE 97TH ST
GIACOBONI, DOMINIC Joseph (Voter ID number 108995858).
GIACOBONI, KATHRYN Nemeth (Voter ID number 108950122).
MULALLY, ALEXANDER Mark (Voter ID number 116764679).

CHISARIK, PAUL R. (Voter ID number 109779071).

1045 NE 80TH ST
WALLACE, KEITH Corwin (Voter ID number 116874475).
DALEY, PATRICK A. (Voter ID number 116663080).

1045 NE 84TH ST
CARBAJAL, MARTA Guadalupe (Voter ID number 110178582).
CRUSAN-NOBLE, CYNTHIA Aida (Voter ID number 109153150).
GUILLEN, ERLINDA Ursula (Voter ID number 110178597).
NOBLE, FRED Dorset (Voter ID number 109377528).

1045 NE 85TH ST
ALVAREZ FONG, MAYLENG (Voter ID number 119958605).
O'NEILL, LEONARD Patrick (Voter ID number 109799149).
OLIVERA, LUIS Zeus (Voter ID number 119958649).

1045 NE 97TH ST
BEARDSLEE, ALAN (Voter ID number 111429747).
QUINTANA, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109235702).

10450 NE 1ST AVE
ROMEU, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 109490482).
ROMEU, HEATHER (Voter ID number 115918812).

10450 NE 5TH AVE
BRZOSTOWICKI, ALEXANDRA Denise (Voter ID number 109762966).
SHAFIR, ERICA Liza (Voter ID number 110058857).

10451 NE 4TH AVE
EPSTEIN, HARRIET S. (Voter ID number 108982840).
GONZALEZ, CHANTAL (Voter ID number 110178946).
KLEIN, LEONARD David (Voter ID number 109074000).
KLEIN, LOIS Barbara (Voter ID number 109034656).
KLEIN, MATTHEW Barry (Voter ID number 110039128).

1046 NE 90TH ST
BAGGESEN, SUSAN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109468400).
BAGGESEN, WALTER William (Voter ID number 108954028).
BAGGESEN, WILMA Allen (Voter ID number 108954027).

1048 NE 99TH ST
TANNER, CRISTIN J. (Voter ID number 112820274).
TANNER, DANIEL Paul (Voter ID number 120342894).
TANNER, MEGHAN Cathleen (Voter ID number 116474385).

10480 NE 5TH AVE
MEHTA, SAILESH (Voter ID number 109390158).

10495 NE 2ND AVE
BLAND, IRMA (Voter ID number 109659576).

105 NE 65TH ST
BERANGER, NATASHA (Voter ID number 110268779).
BERANGER-BRUTUS, NATASHA (Voter ID number 110040091).
CLEO, P Joseph (Voter ID number 109543080).
DOCTEUR, JEAN E. (Voter ID number 109780158).
LAURISTEN, DEVILIEN (Voter ID number 116968158).
JOSEPH, EDD Guerdin (Voter ID number 109433390).

105 NE 68TH ST
PHANOR, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 110090393).
PHANOR, AUGUSTIN (Voter ID number 120145115).

105 NE 69TH ST
CESAR, WALTER Jean (Voter ID number 109171819).

105 NE 71ST ST
GROSECLOSE, ODETTE Sue (Voter ID number 109227570).

105 NE 71ST ST
APT 105

EDMEAD, ODETTE S. (Voter ID number 109887634).

105 NE 71ST ST
UNIT #105

MEJIAS, MARY C. (Voter ID number 110037297).

105 NE 71ST ST
GROSECLOSE, VICTORIA G. (Voter ID number 117572211).

105 NE 75TH ST
JOSEPH, BRUTUS (Voter ID number 109930612).

105 NE 86TH ST
KNOWLES, ALEXAIDAN Clark (Voter ID number 110294432).

105 NE 95TH ST
DESPAIGNE, CECILIA Maria (Voter ID number 109093772).

SALA, JOHN (Voter ID number 109383428).

1050 NE 104TH ST
JORDAN, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 120345797).
JORDAN, EIVEE Rose (Voter ID number 109984601).
JORDAN, ESTHER (Voter ID number 108960703).
JORDAN, W L. (Voter ID number 109117666).
JORDAN, WL (Voter ID number 110207502).

1050 NE 81ST ST
AGUIRRE, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 109546094).

1050 NE 83RD ST
BARKER, SOUMARE Lysette (Voter ID number 109784706).
BARKER, VERA Yvonne (Voter ID number 109335833).
BOUSSOFFARA, ALI (Voter ID number 110242640).

1050 NE 84TH ST
CORALES, ANASTASIA (Voter ID number 114702355).
NOBLES, AUDREY Leigh (Voter ID number 117482662).

1050 NE 84TH ST

MATIENZO, PAUL Michael (Voter ID number 110155517).

1050 NE 84TH ST
BELL, ROBIN Joy (Voter ID number 109657513).

1050 NE 85TH ST
DELVA, INOTTE (Voter ID number 110288635).

1050 NE 85TH ST

LABORDE, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 110010840).
LABRORDE, ELIEL (Voter ID number 109574094).

1050 NE 86TH ST
KANTROWITZ, BARBARALEE Ross (Voter ID number 109445953).

1050 NE 91ST TER
EBER, SETH Alan (Voter ID number 120495942).
SOFFRON-SEPE, JANICE Susan (Voter ID number 109187419).
SEPE, GIANNA L. (Voter ID number 117501461).

1050 NE 93RD ST
HERRERA, JULIE Foulkes (Voter ID number 109603967).
HERRERA, PROSPERO Guillermo (Voter ID number 109142555).

1050 NE 96TH ST
CAMP, JOHN Anderson (Voter ID number 110154678).
MC DERMOTT-CAMP, LAURA Jean (Voter ID number 110154673).

SANDERS, LEONADRIN Maurice (Voter ID number 116481930).

APT # 20

GUGLIUZZA, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109115459).

APT 61

JOHNSON, NEREMIAH T. (Voter ID number 109955194).

DEAN, TIMOTHY Jerome (Voter ID number 109367389).
LEWIS, RICHARD Edward (Voter ID number 114969457).

10500 NE 5TH AVE
KEANE, BERNADETTE (Voter ID number 116578532).
GILROY, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109856306).
GONDKOFSKI, LORRAINE (Voter ID number 118299177).
GRANA, ANA Iris (Voter ID number 110069994).
LOGUE, MARY Rita (Voter ID number 110079112).
SCIROCCO, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 109938921).
SOBCZAK, JANICE M. (Voter ID number 109908017).

10501 NE 2ND AVE
HARPER, DORSETT Allen (Voter ID number 109137578).
HARPER, JOAN Katherine (Voter ID number 109048680).

10502 NE 4TH AVE
ESPOSITO, FRANCES M. (Voter ID number 109621414).
ESPOSITO, MICHAEL F. (Voter ID number 110234963).

1051 NE 80TH ST

RAPHAEL, NATASHA (Voter ID number 109962145).

1051 NE 80TH ST

SASTRE, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 119748050).

1051 NE 80TH ST

KELLER, DANIEL Bryan (Voter ID number 120252474).

1051 NE 86TH ST
RABIN, AARON Samuel (Voter ID number 109143117).
RABIN, PAMELA Parrett (Voter ID number 109159850).

1051 NE 90TH ST
PARMLEY, PAUL B. (Voter ID number 109862717).

1051 NE 92ND ST
GROSS, CARMEN A. (Voter ID number 109019205).
GROSS, ROBERT (Voter ID number 108971397).

1051 NE 93RD ST
LEVY, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number 109975222).
LEVY, STACEY M. (Voter ID number 110023474).
LEVY, ELLIE (Voter ID number 119501124).

10515 NE 3RD AVE
ACOSTA, LOURDES Milagros (Voter ID number 109698177).
RICH, RENEE A. (Voter ID number 109426748).

10516 NE 4TH AVE
CORMOULS-HOULES, LISA Gurvey (Voter ID number 109376342).
GONZALEZ, YOLANDA M. (Voter ID number 109472534).
VALDES, EFRAIN (Voter ID number 108983780).

10517 NE 3RD CT
KURACK, TERESA B. (Voter ID number 109156920).

10518 NE 2ND CT
DRENNER, GREGORY Nicolas (Voter ID number 117616138).
DRENNER, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number 109574000).

10518 NE 3RD AVE
BENNETT, MICHAEL Hasan (Voter ID number 118657706).
BENNETT, NORRIS Anthony (Voter ID number 110142105).
BENNETT, RONI A. (Voter ID number 110272891).

1052 NE 82ND TER
PRIETO, SILVIA (Voter ID number 109331312).

1053 NE 82ND ST
HAMILTON, RUTH Ann (Voter ID number 108942164).
HAMILTON, SCOTT M. (Voter ID number 109143807).

1053 NE 91ST TER
SUMAN, DANIEL Oscar (Voter ID number 109404511).

1053 NE 94TH ST
SMITH, MARY Leslie (Voter ID number 109132551).

1053 NE 95TH ST
SHEA, ETHAN (Voter ID number 109711773).
SHEA, ROSALIE (Voter ID number 109082814).
SHEA, SEAN (Voter ID number 109082812).

10530 NE 2ND PL
GARCIA, RANULFO Jesus (Voter ID number 109180503).
MANNAPPERUMA, EDLINA (Voter ID number 109928045).
MANNAPPERUMA, NITZA C. (Voter ID number 109679083).

10531 NE 2ND PL
VELAZQUEZ, ISADORA (Voter ID number 110013174).

10531 NE 3RD AVE
D'ONOFRIO, JUAN Pablo (Voter ID number 120397023).
MEDINA, PAOLA Veronica (Voter ID number 119230427).

10533 NE 3RD CT
BUSCHBOM, LUCILLE M. (Voter ID number 108920410).

10536 NE 3RD AVE
DUFFY, MICHAEL Charles (Voter ID number 109755969).
DUFFY, STEWART Joseph (Voter ID number 108951972).

10538 NE 3RD CT
SOUTHMAYD, SANDRA A. (Voter ID number 109109014).

10538 NE 4TH AVE
GAINEY, LOUISE Madeline (Voter ID number 120591577).
SWEENEY, PATRICIA Marlene (Voter ID number 120591613).

10540 NE 2ND PL
CITTADINO, ARIEN D. (Voter ID number 110190620).
CITTADINO, ELAN (Voter ID number 109955806).
CITTADINO, GUILLIAN Imar (Voter ID number 114413639).
CITTADINO, OMAR D. (Voter ID number 110177502).

10545 NE 3RD CT
DOMINIQUE, BRUNICK (Voter ID number 105169058).
DOMINIQUE, YATANELL (Voter ID number 117827840).
CHAMPAGNE, DIDIER Edzer (Voter ID number 109531260).
DOMINIQUE, BRUNEL (Voter ID number 109919246).
DOMINIQUE, MARIE (Voter ID number 109787888).
LUCIEN, ELISABETHE (Voter ID number 110178011).

CASTELLANO, NICOLE Lynn (Voter ID number 109921598).

1055 NE 105TH ST
ARRIETA, CARLOS (Voter ID number 114724955).
CABALLERO, CHRISTINA Maria (Voter ID number 109502073).

1055 NE 84TH ST
ROSE, ROBERT Dudley (Voter ID number 109188720).

1055 NE 85TH ST
CERDA, LUIS (Voter ID number 110314156).

1055 NE 96TH ST
GAGNON, ELSA C. (Voter ID number 115035974).
ROBINET, PATRICE E. (Voter ID number 109851955).

10550 NE 2ND PL
DUARTE, IRINARDO M. (Voter ID number 110088487).
GUTIERREZ, INGRID Z. (Voter ID number 109893845).

10550 NE 3RD CT
FRIEDMAN, SCOTT Ian (Voter ID number 116810097).
HERRERA, MAURICIO (Voter ID number 117162528).
COLON, CYNTHIA T. (Voter ID number 116856673).

10551 NE 2ND PL
HEFFERNAN, DYLON Thomas (Voter ID number 119781329).
HEFFERNAN, RYAN Matthew (Voter ID number 116101588).
HEFFERNAN, BONNI R. (Voter ID number 109456874).
HEFFERNAN, MATTHEW Thomas (Voter ID number 109159619).

10551 NE 3RD AVE
BRYAN, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 109992152).

10555 NE 2ND AVE
BARNES, BRITTANY (Voter ID number 114103319).
BARNES, ASHLEY A. (Voter ID number 119716431).
BARNES, HELEN Dorothenia (Voter ID number 109070169).

10555 NE 2ND CT
SKELLY, MARY Ellen (Voter ID number 109134419).
SKELLY, RICHARD Dalton (Voter ID number 108908999).
SKELLY, WILLIAM Francis (Voter ID number 109235735).

10555 NE 3RD CT
FONG, JEAN Louie (Voter ID number 109107495).

10555 NE 6TH AVE
ARADO, ANDRE Lorenzo (Voter ID number 119323202).
MEDINA, VIVIAN Marie (Voter ID number 109441361).

ARANGO, JUAN F. (Voter ID number 120409137).
ARANGO, MARNEY (Voter ID number 118520197).
NAHED, ALDO R. (Voter ID number 110009203).
NAHED, CLAUDIA Ghannam (Voter ID number 116195352).

10560 NE 2ND CT
PATTAVINA, STEVEN J. (Voter ID number 117557543).
ROMERO, IBIS E. (Voter ID number 109443960).

10561 NE 2ND PL
MICHEL, M. BROOKS (Voter ID number 120092552).
ANDRUSS, WILLIAM Scott (Voter ID number 108932983).

10562 NE 4TH AVE
GARRIGAN, TIMOTHY Roscoe (Voter ID number 119537906).
GARRIGAN, THOMAS Leo (Voter ID number 109138074).
THEALE, ALYSON M. (Voter ID number 116808663).

10565 NE 2ND CT
COMERFORD, SAMUEL Thomas (Voter ID number 109313597).
COMERFORD, YORNET (Voter ID number 109855313).

KALOGIANNIS, NICOLE Christine (Voter ID number 119284823).
POLLARD, JASON Aaron (Voter ID number 118799084).

MONTOYA, JAIME (Voter ID number 117078950).
MONTOYA, NINA A. (Voter ID number 119827044).
MONTOYA, SONIA Irene (Voter ID number 109975365).
MONTOYA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 117587751).
MONTOYA, JAIME (Voter ID number 109853000).

10570 NE 3RD AVE
WELSH, ANTON Aubrey (Voter ID number 119305016).

1058 NE 98TH ST
AVILA, JENNY A. (Voter ID number 110064093).
EPSTEIN, PETER Howard (Voter ID number 109941424).
FEHRINGER, GERARD W. (Voter ID number 109832718).

10580 NE 2ND PL
BERGER, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 109165327).

10585 NE 6TH AVE
LYONS, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 109840443).
MC PARTLAND LYONS, ANNE M. (Voter ID number 110309722).
OCEGUERA-JONESCU, ELENA R. (Voter ID number 109778838).

1059 NE 104TH ST
MC CAUSLAND, GUILLERMO A. (Voter ID number 109823258).
MC CAUSLAND, GUILLERMO Luis (Voter ID number 109166518).
MC CAUSLAND, LILLIANA (Voter ID number 108913188).

1059 NE 88TH ST
COLLINS, JESSICA Jean (Voter ID number 120345516).
JOHNSON, JONDELL Leviris (Voter ID number 115926623).
MC LAUGHLIN, LAURIE A. (Voter ID number 109962635).
PALMA, FRANKLIN (Voter ID number 109585081).
PALMA, SYLVIA M. (Voter ID number 109371958).

1059 NE 98TH ST
GORMAN, ANN Therese (Voter ID number 109284697).
GORMAN, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 109306157).

106 NE 89TH ST
ALVAREZ, LUIS (Voter ID number 114354620).
DE MOYA, MIGUEL M. (Voter ID number 114202331).

106 NE 97TH ST
GLYNN, CHARLES D. (Voter ID number 109572539).

1060 NE 104TH ST
SYMINGTON, JANICE F. (Voter ID number 120758555).
DOCKSTADER, BRYNN (Voter ID number 110161491).

1060 NE 105TH ST
COIA, GLADYS (Voter ID number 101685138).

1060 NE 78TH RD
APT 10

FERNANDEZ, YENSY Amilcar (Voter ID number 120618127).

1060 NE 78TH RD

ESTRADA, MICHELLE Vanessa (Voter ID number 121183403).

1060 NE 78TH RD

JEREZ, LOUIS D. (Voter ID number 116891970).

1060 NE 78TH RD

CONSUEGRA, ERIC (Voter ID number 109943408).

1060 NE 78TH RD
GOMEZ, VIRGILIO (Voter ID number 110059837).
PEREZ, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 114697021).

1060 NE 78TH RD

HINDS, TIMOTHY (Voter ID number 107367458).

1060 NE 78TH RD

ORDONEZ, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 116962898).

1060 NE 78TH RD
HERRERA, NICOLAS D. (Voter ID number 116295021).

1060 NE 80TH ST

GREEN, WALTON Martin (Voter ID number 109398198).

1060 NE 83RD ST
GIACOMONE, ALDO Maria (Voter ID number 110092299).

1060 NE 85TH ST
RAWSON, REBECCA (Voter ID number 109917123).

1060 NE 86TH ST
GONZALEZ, ILEANA (Voter ID number 109006596).
GUERRA, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 117080251).
GUERRA, ALEXSANDRA (Voter ID number 115437215).

1060 NE 87TH ST
SMITH, ASHLEY Alexander (Voter ID number 109977562).
SMITH, MIATTA (Voter ID number 109416703).
SMITH, WALTER (Voter ID number 109416702).

1060 NE 89TH ST
AYALA, MARISANDRA (Voter ID number 109783332).
MARTINEZ, JUAN Bosco (Voter ID number 110257687).
DE SILVIO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109783489).

1060 NE 91ST ST
WOLFE, PETER A. (Voter ID number 109840029).
WOLFE, ZOE H. (Voter ID number 109897630).

1060 NE 92ND ST
JONES, CECELIA Livingston (Voter ID number 108940542).
JONES, JONATHAN Henley (Voter ID number 121207146).
JONES, STEPHEN H. (Voter ID number 110114617).

1060 NE 95TH ST
CHARTOR, SAVYON (Voter ID number 110300345).
ROBINSON, BONNIE M. (Voter ID number 109330085).
SZWED, LOGAN Alan (Voter ID number 110047847).

10601 NE 2ND AVE
KIESS, SHEILA Diane (Voter ID number 109038903).
SAMPSELL, RONALD Norman (Voter ID number 109018879).

10603 NE 10TH CT
LANCRI, LORRAINE (Voter ID number 115813826).

10605 NE 2ND AVE
BLANCHE, GISELLE N B (Voter ID number 109556326).
BLANCHE, KEITH P. (Voter ID number 109312821).

1061 NE 80TH ST

GONZALEZ, IRIS Martires (Voter ID number 119090557).

1061 NE 80TH ST
CAMPBELL, KARLENE P. (Voter ID number 115901406).
GRAY, LATOYA T. (Voter ID number 115901382).
RIVERA, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 109411547).

1061 NE 81ST ST
HARRINGTON, IVETTE (Voter ID number 116680207).
HARRINGTON, JOHN Michael (Voter ID number 119491274).
HARRINGTON, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 109331972).

1061 NE 86TH ST
RIGUEZ, JAIME (Voter ID number 109289938).
RIGUEZ, JANNELLE Marie (Voter ID number 109580749).

1061 NE 91ST TER
BROADHURST, NICOLE C. (Voter ID number 109951792).
BROWN, CLYDE E. (Voter ID number 109263104).
LEE, DIANA B. (Voter ID number 109906607).

10610 NE 10TH CT
FRIED, ROSS Stuart (Voter ID number 109037736).

10610 NE 10TH PL
CALHOUN, CHERYL Lucile (Voter ID number 109157780).
CALHOUN, SHELLACE Tiffin (Voter ID number 108963294).
CALHOUN, CAROLINE Anne (Voter ID number 117504508).

10610 NE 11TH AVE
CASEY, JOSEPH Raymond (Voter ID number 110218917).
CASEY, LIONEL Raymond (Voter ID number 109454533).

10610 NE 11TH CT
POLANCO, NELSON O. (Voter ID number 102098977).

10611 NE 10TH CT
ARMAND, ALIX (Voter ID number 109643535).
ARMAND, MARIE-ALICE (Voter ID number 109496991).
ARMAND, MARYSE (Voter ID number 109643583).
ARMAND, STANLEY (Voter ID number 109825255).
HAMILTON, JEAN Michel (Voter ID number 110273344).
MARS, ALISSANDRA L. (Voter ID number 109859029).

10611 NE 10TH PL
BATISTA, ANDY Andrew (Voter ID number 119488841).
BATISTA, LISSA (Voter ID number 120295622).
BATISTA, ARNALDO A. (Voter ID number 110169330).
BATISTA, ELEIDE R. (Voter ID number 110169680).

10611 NE 11TH AVE
ENGLE, MOLLY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 119147618).
LABENZ, SETH Robert (Voter ID number 118955892).
RODRIGUEZ, CHARLES (Voter ID number 110029025).

10611 NE 11TH CT
YEASH, ALAYNE M. (Voter ID number 109162923).
YEASH, JEROME A. (Voter ID number 109162924).
YEASH, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 115437201).

10618 NE 10TH PL
AVERY, AARON Anthony (Voter ID number 119035153).
AVERY, ROBIN Ann (Voter ID number 109726887).
BANMAN, JOHN Paul (Voter ID number 110030212).

10618 NE 11TH AVE
ROGERS, BENJAMIN J. (Voter ID number 109936020).
ROGERS, KRISTINA (Voter ID number 110175990).

10618 NE 11TH CT
ROSA, ADRIANA Marcela (Voter ID number 110084919).

10619 NE 10TH CT
CONCANNON, MARY Anne (Voter ID number 108917715).
CANTARA, PAUL (Voter ID number 110254379).

10619 NE 10TH PL
AYUSO-LAMADRID, AGUSTIN (Voter ID number 118053663).
CUEVAS AYUSO, NORMA (Voter ID number 117932632).
LAMADRID DE AYUSO, AIDA (Voter ID number 118597144).
LUCERO, GUSTAVO H. (Voter ID number 110125068).

1062 NE 82ND TER
SCHWEGLER, DOUGLAS L. (Voter ID number 109372624).

10626 NE 10TH CT
MEJIA, VALENTINA (Voter ID number 118437144).
HERNANDEZ, FRANK C. (Voter ID number 110021617).

10626 NE 11TH AVE
ALBERT, HOWARD Richard (Voter ID number 109030702).
ALBERT, JO Ellen (Voter ID number 109132091).

10626 NE 11TH CT
MUNLEY, EDWARD Anthony (Voter ID number 120550686).
MUNLEY, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 116888831).
MUNLEY, EDWARD George (Voter ID number 109148629).
MUNLEY, JOSEPHINE Ann (Voter ID number 109143065).

10627 NE 10TH CT
MAGUIRE, MARY Lou (Voter ID number 109312507).
MAGUIRE, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 109312484).

10627 NE 10TH PL
BAZILE, ENOCK (Voter ID number 110265586).
JEAN BAPTISTE, JUNIOR (Voter ID number 110176100).
JEAN BAPTISTE, ROSELYNE (Voter ID number 110266546).
JEAN BAPTISTE, THERMONFILS Ideja (Voter ID number 109705919).

10627 NE 11TH AVE
ACEVEDO, EDUARDO V. (Voter ID number 109404421).
D'ALTILIO, ALICIA Michelle (Voter ID number 110210802).
ACEVEDO, EDUARDO Miguel (Voter ID number 110210908).
ACEVEDO, KATHRYN J. (Voter ID number 109413232).

1063 NE 82ND ST
CASTRO, JOSE P. (Voter ID number 109904598).
CASTRO, LUIS Gerardo (Voter ID number 109379762).

10634 NE 10TH CT
SALOW, ARTURO Deering (Voter ID number 118470203).
SALOW, ARTURO Oscar (Voter ID number 109243386).
SALOW, CATHERINE S. (Voter ID number 109336895).

10634 NE 10TH PL
FLORES, MIRIAM Haydee (Voter ID number 109953845).
QUILLE, TANYA J. (Voter ID number 109404815).

10634 NE 11TH AVE
DORSON, BERNARD D. (Voter ID number 109179428).
DORSON, GERMAINE A. (Voter ID number 108992215).
REMUS, BRITTEN G. (Voter ID number 117539217).

10634 NE 11TH CT
RASSIF, JENNA Rinehart (Voter ID number 109798030).

10635 NE 10TH CT
DE BERNARDI, JEAN Marie (Voter ID number 109855857).
DESJARDINS, PETER E. (Voter ID number 113987892).

10635 NE 11TH CT
HAYLOCK, DAVID Gordon (Voter ID number 114311703).

10639 NE 11TH CT
LABOY, SUZETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109905481).
RIVERA, PETION M. (Voter ID number 110181676).

1064 NE 97TH ST
ROBSON, MARIE Evalena (Voter ID number 108930237).
ROBSON, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number 108930238).

BETANCOURT, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 109676443).
RODRIGUEZ, AMPARO (Voter ID number 109832863).

10641 NE 11TH CT
FERNANDEZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 109292861).

10642 NE 10TH CT
AVINA, CHRISTOPHER Paul (Voter ID number 115434965).
AVINA, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 109178647).
AVINA, IRENES Cecilia (Voter ID number 118436258).

10642 NE 10TH PL
HOEK SPAANS, AVALON Isabel (Voter ID number 120886750).
GONZALEZ, ALINA M. (Voter ID number 109307338).
HOEK SPAANS, IAN Anders (Voter ID number 119616159).

10642 NE 11TH AVE
WAKIM, JOSEPH W. (Voter ID number 116939429).

10642 NE 11TH CT
CHAMBERS, LEONA Juanita (Voter ID number 109020570).
CHAMBERS, TERRELL F. (Voter ID number 109025856).

10642 NE 11TH AVE
WAKIM, NUHA J. (Voter ID number 116939460).

10643 NE 10TH CT
ROCHA, CAROLA Marcia (Voter ID number 116655393).
ROCHA, JULES Angel (Voter ID number 109359484).

10643 NE 10TH PL
SPROUT, ALISON Lee (Voter ID number 115020811).

10643 NE 11TH AVE
SELIGSON, CAROL D. (Voter ID number 109288333).
HOLDER, QUINTON Stephen (Voter ID number 109028276).

10643 NE 11TH CT
GACAYAN, ANGELICA D. (Voter ID number 114729196).
GACAYAN, CECILIA B. (Voter ID number 119564346).
GACAYAN, CECILIA D. (Voter ID number 110006655).
GACAYAN, VICENTE C. (Voter ID number 110163036).
GACAYAN, ANDREW D. (Voter ID number 117215277).

KEY, JOEL E. (Voter ID number 110230207).
KEY, KLAUDIA P. (Voter ID number 109582388).

1065 NE 87TH ST
FELICIANO, CARMEN A. (Voter ID number 117859217).
MYERS, ALAN Craig (Voter ID number 117835157).
SCHALL, JACK E. (Voter ID number 110010630).

1065 NE 94TH ST
MANGHAM, ALICIA A. (Voter ID number 109167423).
MANGHAM, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 108960960).

1065 NE 96TH ST
MARIAN, NICHOLAS H. (Voter ID number 109548465).
ORTIGOZA, LINDA Spink (Voter ID number 110089449).

1065 NE 97TH ST
MANSO, ELIZABETH Diane (Voter ID number 110141429).
MANSO, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 112578924).

10650 NE 10TH PL
HOROWITZ, ADAM S. (Voter ID number 109843065).
RODRIGUEZ-HOROWITZ, JANET (Voter ID number 109304824).

10650 NE 11TH AVE
DE FEDE, JAMES Edward (Voter ID number 109439493).

10650 NE 11TH CT
WENSLEY, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 102279325).

10651 NE 10TH CT
LUCIO, ASHLEY D. (Voter ID number 102229325).

10651 NE 11TH CT
BIRNBACH, BRETT Alan (Voter ID number 109075544).
BIRNBACH, NINA Naftali (Voter ID number 109145331).
NAFTALI, MADELINE (Voter ID number 108909546).


SHORACK, WILLIAM Nathan (Voter ID number 109864907).

RICHTER, ROSALIND (Voter ID number 109011387).


RUIZ, AGUSTIN (Voter ID number 110001554).

PEREZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 117854756).
PEREZ, EVELYN D. (Voter ID number 109939154).
PEREZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109996843).

CASSINI, MARK R. (Voter ID number 116912211).
PERALTA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 119821570).

MERENS, HENRIETTA Joy (Voter ID number 114869024).
MERENS, ROBERT Louis (Voter ID number 114868979).

10658 NE 10TH CT
VILLAREAL, PATRICIA Cruz (Voter ID number 115350610).
MONTOYA, BENJAMIN Manuel (Voter ID number 114619892).

10658 NE 10TH PL
MCCULLOCH, MARY (Voter ID number 118932254).
SCOTT, MILTON C. (Voter ID number 109119393).

10658 NE 11TH AVE
FARISS, JESSICA (Voter ID number 116952639).
FARISS, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 109223884).
FARISS, DAVID Wayne (Voter ID number 109190879).

10658 NE 11TH CT
REGUEIRO, JANEIDE (Voter ID number 116639626).
REGUEIRO, CARLOS Jose (Voter ID number 109159887).

10659 NE 10TH PL
ESPINOSA, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 114759827).
PARTICK, ERIC Christian (Voter ID number 110296615).
TAYLOR, ANDREW (Voter ID number 102756723).
TAYLOR, APRIL L. (Voter ID number 102759720).

10659 NE 11TH AVE
DIEUJUSTE, LAURA (Voter ID number 120596925).
JOSEPH, ANNE (Voter ID number 120797977).
GABART, STEEVE (Voter ID number 110118472).

10659 NE 11TH CT
GUILFUCCI-PAGAN, LILLYBETH (Voter ID number 110155677).

RUVIN, KIMBERLY J. (Voter ID number 115971811).
RUVIN, JESSICA Erin (Voter ID number 120047200).

1066 NE 85TH ST
KERNS, JAY W. (Voter ID number 109441832).

1066 NE 94TH ST
SEPE, ELLEN W. (Voter ID number 109176278).
SEPE, KEVIN Drew (Voter ID number 109130326).

ZUBKOFF, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109255127).
GALBUT, JOYCE S. (Voter ID number 109179864).

LANDAU, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 109181693).
LANDAU, FLOIS N. (Voter ID number 109181405).

OBERSTEIN, ALICIA J. (Voter ID number 109122973).
OBERSTEIN, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 109250189).

10666 NE 10TH CT
BETHELL, DAMIAN L. (Voter ID number 109291223).
LASSITER-ROKER, ROSALIND Rena (Voter ID number 109012357).
ROKER, THEOPHILUS H. (Voter ID number 110313495).

10666 NE 10TH PL
CHIARELLA, ANTONIO E. (Voter ID number 110056679).
CHIARELLA, CHRISSIE M. (Voter ID number 109269706).

10666 NE 11TH AVE
RICHARDS, RANDALL Darin (Voter ID number 110827607).

10666 NE 11TH CT
FRASER, LESLIE Ann (Voter ID number 109488252).
OLOPAI, ERICA S. (Voter ID number 119431124).
RANGAMAR, ANTHONY S. (Voter ID number 109826140).

10667 NE 11TH AVE
MENDOZA, MARIEDY Margarita (Voter ID number 117898448).
MENDOZA, WILMER Alexander (Voter ID number 109764845).
ABRAHAM, MAY-LISSA (Voter ID number 110021391).
PEREZ, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109284395).

10667 NE 11TH CT
SCHAUER, HERBERT Gottfried (Voter ID number 108960861).
SCHAUER, MATILDE (Voter ID number 108987918).

SHAPIRO, HARRIET E. (Voter ID number 108955328).

10669 NE 10TH PL
GANES, ANDREA Coulton (Voter ID number 109758473).

DESTINO, RALPH (Voter ID number 110026470).

10674 NE 11TH AVE
CEDRON, DIANA (Voter ID number 117324216).
RUSSELL, MYRNA Jean (Voter ID number 100947456).
SANCHEZ, IVONNE (Voter ID number 118879097).
SUAREZ SANCHEZ, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 118879095).
FALCE, DEANA Davis (Voter ID number 110297259).

10674 NE 11TH CT
KONEN, PETER Lawrence (Voter ID number 109511095).
SARDINA, MARISOL (Voter ID number 109440985).

10675 NE 11TH AVE
GREENE-LAWRENCE, GILDA G. (Voter ID number 110091133).
LAWRENCE, ROBERT (Voter ID number 116042503).

10675 NE 11TH CT
LAUVAUX-MERLE, MARIE-CHANTAL J. (Voter ID number 119683122).
POTH, DEBRA W. (Voter ID number 110271064).
POTH, KRISTIAN A. (Voter ID number 110271072).

HALVORSSEN, ALEXA Katarina (Voter ID number 120431891).
HALVORSSEN, MIRYAM E. (Voter ID number 109008573).

COOPER, LINDA Krall (Voter ID number 109247386).

10682 NE 11TH CT
HAGAN, DELORES (Voter ID number 116875851).

10683 NE 11TH CT
MUHAMMAD, AISHAH Hajile (Voter ID number 102115979).

1069 NE 104TH ST
CARLISLE, MORRIS Eugene (Voter ID number 108947005).

1069 NE 91ST TER
SUMAN, CELIA Lorraine (Voter ID number 117591907).
SUMAN, EMMA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 119359707).
SUMAN, JULIET (Voter ID number 119483934).
SUMAN, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109354944).

10691 NE 11TH CT
MORISSET, MAGARRE (Voter ID number 116581593).
ARISTIL, MYRLINE (Voter ID number 115718395).
MORISSET, BERNEL (Voter ID number 121308084).
MORISSET, EDRIS (Voter ID number 114039063).

10698 NE 6TH AVE
CASTILLLO, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 116525687).
CASTILLO, ISABEL (Voter ID number 110226065).

107 NE 68TH ST
ALTEMA, ANICLES (Voter ID number 109720585).
LAURENT, LUCKNER (Voter ID number 112550242).
BERNIER, CHRISTIAN Didier (Voter ID number 118388208).

107 NE 69TH ST
CERPHY, MONFORT J. (Voter ID number 109718769).
JEAN CESAR, MANAGG (Voter ID number 109365627).

107 NE 71ST ST
CHARLES, THACHA (Voter ID number 109879615).
COLOMER, STEPHANIE L. (Voter ID number 110197002).

107 NE 91ST ST
DALRYMPLE, DEBORAH Ann (Voter ID number 109953957).
DALRYMPLE, DORIS Kohl (Voter ID number 108919619).

107 NE 93RD ST
RIVERA, MARC Daniel (Voter ID number 109946526).
RIZZO, OSCAR M. (Voter ID number 109940007).

107 NE 96TH ST
STURMAN, ADAM Joseph (Voter ID number 109790668).
STURMAN, MARY Sharon (Voter ID number 109013323).
STURMAN, MAX Wolfe (Voter ID number 109042131).

RAMOS, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 117422207).
RAMOS, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109337544).

1070 NE 105TH ST
MALLO, ASA Monica (Voter ID number 116911154).

1070 NE 81ST ST
ALFONSO, MILAGRO (Voter ID number 109988478).
CRUZ, MELISSA L. (Voter ID number 110235732).
GONZALEZ, MELISSA Lee (Voter ID number 118659749).

1070 NE 83RD ST
OLIVERA-LEON, YESENIA (Voter ID number 109959528).

1070 NE 85TH ST
BACK, SHARON Mildred (Voter ID number 109149584).

1070 NE 87TH ST
RICOTTI, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 118313823).

1070 NE 91ST TER
GALARNEAU, CAROLE G. (Voter ID number 109255215).

1070 NE 92ND ST
MICHELS, PAMELA Miller (Voter ID number 108993446).
MICHELS, R Samuel (Voter ID number 109104811).

1070 NE 95TH ST
CHURCH, JANENE (Voter ID number 109415078).

1070 NE 96TH ST
MC GRAW, MARTY Christopher (Voter ID number 115033993).
WERRING, VANESSA A. (Voter ID number 120356003).

1071 NE 83RD ST
EGGLESTON, RICHARD Brian (Voter ID number 109762988).
JONES, JEFFREY Arnold (Voter ID number 109662620).

1071 NE 85TH ST
HENRY, EDWARD Robert (Voter ID number 109450485).
LUERA, ROBERT Anthony (Voter ID number 109907096).

1071 NE 95TH ST
MC CORQUODALE, BEVERLY Brown (Voter ID number 109119589).
MC CORQUODALE, DONALD S. (Voter ID number 109085868).

1074 NE 99TH ST
POEY, LOURDES M. (Voter ID number 109282406).

REED, EDWIN Winsor (Voter ID number 108922691).
REED, RUTH B. (Voter ID number 108927727).

1075 NE 84TH ST
HANAN, MITCHELL Ward (Voter ID number 115545421).
MOFSEN, MARISSA Sara (Voter ID number 102219195).

1075 NE 88TH ST
WARNER, HELEN V. (Voter ID number 109852745).
WARNER, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 109648269).
WARNER, MAGOLA (Voter ID number 110194263).
WARNER, MICHELLE Regina (Voter ID number 109979195).

1075 NE 89TH ST
LONGA, JENIFER (Voter ID number 109293883).
LONGA, OSCAR (Voter ID number 110266716).

1075 NE 96TH ST
JOHNSON, PATRICIA Loughlin (Voter ID number 109660104).
LOUGHLIN, MARGERY M. (Voter ID number 108920271).
WILLIAM, DERRICK M. (Voter ID number 116194065).

1075 NE 99TH ST
VALLE, LAUREN S. (Voter ID number 110319534).
ANTONACCI, ALESSIO Eduardo (Voter ID number 114697476).
BAKER, LORING R. (Voter ID number 110295580).
BUCHELI, ANNABELLA (Voter ID number 114413922).

1076 NE 98TH ST
SCOTT, BRIAN H. (Voter ID number 109962776).

1077 NE 91ST TER
TUMANI, NELSON G. (Voter ID number 116437028).
TUMANI, GERARDO S. (Voter ID number 109813313).
TUMANI, MARGOT S. (Voter ID number 114991136).

1077 NE 96TH ST
FERNANDEZ, DENISE L. (Voter ID number 110248783).
SUNIGA, DANIEL Antonio (Voter ID number 110142194).

1077 NE 98TH ST
SIMS, MARK Howard (Voter ID number 109160239).
HALDEMAN, GAIL A. (Voter ID number 109903985).
HALDEMAN-EMMERLING, CAROLINE (Voter ID number 119217551).

1078 NE 94TH ST
HENSHAW, HARRY V. (Voter ID number 102144109).
JOHNSON, ASHLEY M. (Voter ID number 110190748).
VAN DYNE, VANESSA Meredith (Voter ID number 109430187).

1079 NE 104TH ST
ACOSTA, EFRAIN (Voter ID number 109456103).
MOLTA, DONALD A. (Voter ID number 109743867).

1079 NE 90TH ST
HARRINGTON, NICHOLAS D. (Voter ID number 119636188).
DELGADO, ANNABEL (Voter ID number 109352093).
DELGADO, MARIO (Voter ID number 110001756).
HARRINGTON, ANDREW (Voter ID number 117273095).
HARRINGTON, JOHN Mark (Voter ID number 109138334).

1079 NE 94TH ST
COMSTOCK, CANDICE M. (Voter ID number 109717973).
COMSTOCK, STANFORD N. (Voter ID number 109717689).

1079 NE 96TH ST
BROWN, LAUREN A. (Voter ID number 109711563).
CADIGAN, PATRICK Joseph (Voter ID number 109950798).
ORLIN, HOWARD Bruce (Voter ID number 110306986).

108 NE 105TH ST
KODISH, KENNETH Jay (Voter ID number 109426364).

1080 NE 104TH ST
GREER, GREGORY Thomas (Voter ID number 109744028).

1080 NE 81ST ST
HUMPHREY, DENIS (Voter ID number 102270026).
BERGES, MADELINE Marie (Voter ID number 109861841).
LEARY, PAUL Joseph (Voter ID number 111869531).
SHALSKI, TRACEY A. (Voter ID number 116819430).

1080 NE 83RD ST
SIMON, ALEJANDRO Manuel (Voter ID number 119768634).
SIMON, EMMA G. (Voter ID number 109651585).
SIMON, ORESTES Manuel (Voter ID number 109315581).

1080 NE 84TH ST
FIGUEROA, CARLOS L. (Voter ID number 109694453).
RIVERO, DENNIS (Voter ID number 109708778).
MORENO, YUNIER (Voter ID number 117771121).

1080 NE 85TH ST
KLING, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 109064032).

1080 NE 86TH ST
HENDERSON, KELLIE Norene (Voter ID number 109632227).

1080 NE 93RD ST
EDE-NICHOLS, DIANE (Voter ID number 109539592).
NICHOLS, JONATHAN N. (Voter ID number 110321213).

1080 NE 95TH ST
BRADY, DANIEL Thomas (Voter ID number 109105701).
BRADY, JULIEANN (Voter ID number 109106102).
BRADY, SCOTT Patrick (Voter ID number 109833989).

1080 NE 96TH ST
LOPEZ-COUTO, ANGELICA Marie (Voter ID number 120137504).
LOPEZ COUTO, RENE Frank (Voter ID number 109008228).
ROMERO, ALEX (Voter ID number 109945688).
ROMERO, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109943621).

1081 NE 82ND TER
JORDAN, RALPH (Voter ID number 110178666).
JORDAN, RALPH (Voter ID number 108916837).
JORDAN, SHARON Lane (Voter ID number 109179676).

1081 NE 83RD ST
COOK, RONALD (Voter ID number 110192641).

1081 NE 85TH ST
CREWS, ALYSSIA Ann (Voter ID number 118069934).
DEVINE, BRIAN Ross (Voter ID number 118563453).

1081 NE 87TH ST
JONES, MACEO Barry (Voter ID number 120507491).
JONES, SHERAH J. (Voter ID number 108937283).
WHILEY, JULIA J. (Voter ID number 110263771).

1081 NE 95TH ST
GRAUBERT, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 109793788).

1082 NE 89TH ST
SOTO-MINGUEZ, RENEE Lilianne (Voter ID number 109682436).

1084 NE 91ST TER
GMYREK, JOSEPH Frank (Voter ID number 108907081).

1084 NE 97TH ST
ANDINO, CHRISTA Lee (Voter ID number 114082105).
ANDINO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 116409695).

1085 NE 97TH ST
CALDWELL, JOAN Ann (Voter ID number 108952788).

1086 NE 91ST ST
HUNTER, ALLAN Joseph (Voter ID number 109195619).
MILLER, KEVIN J. (Voter ID number 109324283).

1086 NE 96TH ST
ROJAS, ANA Margarita (Voter ID number 101937508).

1087 NE 87TH ST
GUTT, PAOLA Correa (Voter ID number 120687054).
GUTT, MARCOS (Voter ID number 110314146).

1089 NE 104TH ST
COCCHI, CAROLANNE M. (Voter ID number 109228327).
COCCHI, FRANK (Voter ID number 109257502).
COCCHI, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 108909412).

1089 NE 91ST TER
MORALES, LILIANA I. (Voter ID number 109397198).

109 NE 104TH ST
CLARK, ADRIANA Maria (Voter ID number 116757851).
CLARK, JEFFREY Ford (Voter ID number 117140662).
HALPERN, PETER J. (Voter ID number 109336134).
LYNCH, BERNARD Martin (Voter ID number 109412760).

109 NE 64TH TER
CILIEN, STACEY J. (Voter ID number 115884642).
DUVESTE, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 110286375).

109 NE 70TH ST
FILS AIME, ARGENTINE (Voter ID number 120582738).
BILLY, TIALIENNE (Voter ID number 116482908).

109 NE 71ST ST
BRIFIL, KEYA Yashika (Voter ID number 115691750).

109 NE 71ST ST
APT 109

MIKE, NY'MESHA R. (Voter ID number 119631867).

1090 NE 104TH ST
MENENDEZ, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 109179346).
MENENDEZ, LILIAN T. (Voter ID number 110175302).

1090 NE 84TH ST
MARCANTONIO, DOMENICA (Voter ID number 119744855).
SHUMAKER, BRADLEY Allen (Voter ID number 119744150).

1090 NE 91ST ST
CLIFFORD, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 109078164).
CLIFFORD, JAMES Baxter (Voter ID number 109071222).

1090 NE 96TH ST
SANDLER, ALAN Michael (Voter ID number 108947781).
SANDLER, MATTHEW Franklin (Voter ID number 110271243).
SANDLER, MICHELLE Harden (Voter ID number 108957048).

1091 NE 105TH ST
FACELLA, MARIO A. (Voter ID number 109657639).
BAGLIEBTER, DANA Rochelle (Voter ID number 109483055).

1091 NE 96TH ST
VELEZ, DEANNA (Voter ID number 119607251).
VELEZ, ANNA De Gasperis (Voter ID number 109544429).
VELEZ, OSVALDO William (Voter ID number 109234093).

1093 NE 85TH ST
DJEBELLI, YOLANDE (Voter ID number 108942657).

1094 NE 91ST TER
WRIGHT, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 114830004).

1095 NE 84TH ST
HAN, MYUNG Sook (Voter ID number 109142374).

1095 NE 95TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, ANTHONY Matthew (Voter ID number 118431645).
RODRIGUEZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109007687).
RODRIGUEZ, LUZ Esther (Voter ID number 109301327).

1096 NE 88TH ST
DELPECH, BRYAN A. (Voter ID number 110085213).
ALEXANDER-DELPECH, PAULA (Voter ID number 109697041).
DELPECH, MARSHALL L. (Voter ID number 110085151).

1096 NE 97TH ST
BLONDET, RICARDO H. (Voter ID number 110195973).

1097 NE 98TH ST
MARMIN, FRANK Leon (Voter ID number 115302858).
MUSZANOWSKI, FLORENCE (Voter ID number 109057509).

1098 NE 85TH ST
RICHARDSON, PAMELA K. (Voter ID number 116037262).
RICHARDSON, MELISSA Kaye (Voter ID number 109701122).

1098 NE 95TH ST
ADAMS, EFFIE Ruth (Voter ID number 109212144).
ADAMS, NELSON Leon (Voter ID number 109031815).
ADAMS, VICTORIA Raquel (Voter ID number 110310553).
ADAMS, NELSON L. (Voter ID number 117922554).

1098 NE 96TH ST
MOSHEIM, MELISSA Victoria (Voter ID number 116556673).
MOSHEIM, PAUL L. (Voter ID number 109224829).
MOSHEIM, SHAUN (Voter ID number 110269147).
MOSHEIM, SUZY (Voter ID number 110079105).

1098 NE 98TH ST
CORBO, MADELINE C. (Voter ID number 109324883).
CORBO, RAUL (Voter ID number 116119899).

1099 NE 104TH ST
CUDLIPP, ANGELA (Voter ID number 110239258).
CUDLIPP, KEVIN Edward (Voter ID number 110189702).
CUDLIPP, MICHAEL Peter (Voter ID number 108953723).

1099 NE 89TH ST
BERTRON, FREDERICK Benjamin (Voter ID number 109728916).
CREAGAN, TIMOTHY Patrick (Voter ID number 109721176).

1099 NE 91ST TER
ARRAZOLA, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 110049006).

1099 NE 96TH ST
HAZEN, ANTHONY D. (Voter ID number 119309506).

1099 NE 97TH ST
PILSHAW, ELLIOT David (Voter ID number 110010940).

1099 NE 99TH ST
O'NEIL, EMILY Christine (Voter ID number 120797358).
O'NEIL, BRIANNA Pearl (Voter ID number 118786082).
O'NEIL, CHRISTINE Aulwes (Voter ID number 109435252).
O'NEIL, JOHN Coakley (Voter ID number 110289906).

11 NE 89TH ST
THORNE, TIFFANY N. (Voter ID number 109531032).

110 NE 62ND ST
ABSALON, VIOLETTE (Voter ID number 116623648).
JEAN-MARY, REGINALD (Voter ID number 114583646).

110 NE 63RD ST
JEAN, ALLWICH (Voter ID number 116257908).
RICHARD, CERAMISE (Voter ID number 114853650).

110 NE 87TH ST
RICCARDO, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 109442623).
RICCARDO, LALANIA (Voter ID number 110018492).

REED, MARILYN Joyce (Voter ID number 109032456).

1100 NE 104TH ST
MORALS, GLORIE Kara (Voter ID number 109938935).
FLEMING, CORINNE R. (Voter ID number 109516327).

1100 NE 84TH ST
VUILLERMIN, MARIE-JOSEE (Voter ID number 117429659).

1100 NE 86TH ST
SWIERCESKI, TAWNIE M. (Voter ID number 109448987).

1100 NE 87TH ST
SCOTT, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 114235217).
SCOTT, BRIAN R. (Voter ID number 109221698).
SCOTT, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 110147883).
SCOTT, MARGARET W. (Voter ID number 108964185).
SCOTT, ROBERT John (Voter ID number 115164265).

1100 NE 89TH ST
QUINN, JEROME George (Voter ID number 110073679).

1100 NE 91ST ST
ELAM, PHILLIP Morris (Voter ID number 109226427).
NIETO, AILEEN Diaz (Voter ID number 109461462).
NIETO, MAXIM J. (Voter ID number 109467021).

1100 NE 91ST TER
JOHNSON, DESIREE C. (Voter ID number 109951255).

1100 NE 99TH ST
BAILEY, LISA Beth (Voter ID number 109344682).
BAILEY, MARYELLEN (Voter ID number 109027528).

1101 NE 80TH ST
JEAN, KISHA (Voter ID number 119985062).
JOSEPH, JEAN CLAUDE (Voter ID number 120395650).
JULMISTE, VALERIE (Voter ID number 119723798).
SIMILIEN, MARGARET (Voter ID number 119898198).

1101 NE 80TH ST
APT #201

DORCINVIL, MICHELINE (Voter ID number 121022005).

1101 NE 80TH ST
APT #206

VITAL, SANTIA M. (Voter ID number 109882012).

1101 NE 80TH ST
APT 304

AVILES, ANDRES Antony (Voter ID number 116282359).
AVILEZ-ROJAS, MERLYN Stephanie (Voter ID number 115729103).

1101 NE 80TH ST
BEJERANO, RUTH Noemi (Voter ID number 115182598).
HARRIS, EPHRAIM N. (Voter ID number 109508598).
HARRIS, EXIVA A. (Voter ID number 109921224).
LUBIN, DEBBIE (Voter ID number 109775565).
LUBIN, NICOLE (Voter ID number 109575006).
POMALES, MINDY (Voter ID number 114012348).
PREAL, ROSE Marie (Voter ID number 109651750).

1101 NE 80TH ST
APT #103

JACQUES-LOUIS, ANNA (Voter ID number 118087078).

1101 NE 80TH ST
APT 101

JOHNSON, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 110026665).

1101 NE 80TH ST
APT 203

LUBIN, NUCLASSE (Voter ID number 120732922).

1101 NE 80TH ST
APT 303

PREAL, ANTOINE B. (Voter ID number 102477385).

1101 NE 80TH ST
UNIT #104

SAINT-FLEUR, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109641974).

1101 NE 80TH ST
DIEUDONNE, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 116252106).

1101 NE 84TH ST
PEREZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109245643).
PEREZ, ZUNILDA (Voter ID number 109453634).

1101 NE 86TH ST
STEINER, JULIA Irene (Voter ID number 109048194).

1101 NE 88TH ST
BLANCO, GLADYS C. (Voter ID number 116024274).
BLANCO, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 108954279).

1101 NE 90TH ST
FERNANDEZ, FABIOLA (Voter ID number 119475555).

1102 NE 105TH ST
MENGE, ROBERT Lawrence (Voter ID number 109120983).

1104 NE 85TH ST
GONZALEZ, EDWARD (Voter ID number 121140195).

1104 NE 98TH ST
RILEY, SUSANNE (Voter ID number 109063851).

MITCHELL, GILLIAN C. (Voter ID number 110065506).

1105 NE 85TH ST
ROMERO, MARIA F. (Voter ID number 110036795).
SOLANO, ALBERTO David (Voter ID number 109381420).

1105 NE 89TH ST
GIUNTINI, MICHAEL Leo (Voter ID number 109965528).

1107 NE 104TH ST
RUBIO, HERMAN Frank (Voter ID number 109035017).
RUBIO, KATHLEEN F. (Voter ID number 109371280).
RUBIO, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 118785681).
RUBIO-MYATT, JACQUELYN (Voter ID number 110084317).
RUBIO, JESSALYNN C. (Voter ID number 116126953).

1109 NE 89TH ST
CRAWFORD, DAVID Angelo (Voter ID number 110263431).
GARABEDIAN, JACK S. (Voter ID number 110054424).
LUCIA, ANDREA (Voter ID number 110298832).

111 NE 64TH TER
DERIZE, KENNY (Voter ID number 118669244).
DERIZE, KERBY (Voter ID number 118848665).

111 NE 68TH TER
DENESTAN, JAMES (Voter ID number 115012286).
DENESTAN, AVENIA (Voter ID number 109838327).

111 NE 69TH ST
NEI, CARMELLE (Voter ID number 121316537).
CESAIRE, MARC-ARTHUR (Voter ID number 117350665).

111 NE 71ST ST
DIXON, COURTNEY (Voter ID number 118153308).
DIXON, QUASHAWN Rodneshia (Voter ID number 118628797).
DIXON, LAKEYA Laneice (Voter ID number 109481464).

111 NE 71ST ST
APT 111

CHANCY, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 119042798).

111 NE 82ND TER
DANIEL, JESSE E. (Voter ID number 109840453).

111 NE 88TH ST
SIMS, MATTHEW Bryan (Voter ID number 121303915).
TAYLOR, TIMOTHY (Voter ID number 114131016).
TCHAKARIAN, SUSAN Varsenik (Voter ID number 109009188).

1110 NE 100TH ST
COLLAZOS, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110100583).
DE LA ESPRIELLA, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 109634618).

1110 NE 101ST ST
CAYETANO, NESTOR Ilog (Voter ID number 119876985).
LATOJA, ENRIQUE Bedania (Voter ID number 109923488).
LATOJA, AMELITA C. (Voter ID number 109922953).

1110 NE 104TH ST
HOWELL, COURTNEY Ann (Voter ID number 109292015).

1110 NE 84TH ST
VON WALTER, HANS Christian (Voter ID number 109334347).
VON WALTER, KAREN (Voter ID number 109567759).

1110 NE 88TH ST
FOTIADIS, GEORGE Emanuel (Voter ID number 110218848).
FOTIADIS, MICHELLE Dean (Voter ID number 116897348).

1110 NE 91ST ST
SOUTO, EILEEN M. (Voter ID number 110250913).
SOUTO, LORRAINE R. (Voter ID number 109075620).

1111 NE 87TH ST
MANIS, MARGIE Susan (Voter ID number 118939421).

1111 NE 90TH ST
KOLEVRIS-ROOTS, DENISE (Voter ID number 110076614).
KOLEVRIS-ROOTS, GABRIELLE (Voter ID number 118365572).
ROOTS, JAAN (Voter ID number 110084934).

1111 NE 91ST TER
RAMO, NATALIE N. (Voter ID number 115222488).

1112 NE 89TH ST
GARCIA, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 109804636).
JACOBS, ZACHARY T. (Voter ID number 110156241).

1113 NE 89TH ST
GUZMAN, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 110111563).

1113 NE 98TH ST
BRUCE, JON Tyler (Voter ID number 102750120).
BRUCE, KIMBERLY Hunt (Voter ID number 102700533).

1115 NE 88TH ST
THURBER, ANDREW Reichmann (Voter ID number 118597861).
VEGA, REBECCA Lisette (Voter ID number 117357350).
KOURI, SARAH Rebecca (Voter ID number 109883608).

1115 NE 97TH ST
FREHLING, JENNIFER Frehling (Voter ID number 109312560).

1116 NE 92ND ST
SALZVERG, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 108956889).

1118 NE 105TH ST
DRODY, EUGENE William (Voter ID number 108909167).
DRODY, KAREN Hammond (Voter ID number 108934223).

1119 NE 104TH ST
BOWEN SEPTEMBRE, ARLENE Joyce (Voter ID number 109325468).
SEPTEMBRE, E Thomas (Voter ID number 108964404).

1119 NE 99TH ST
ACKLEY, SUSAN D. (Voter ID number 109216594).

112 NE 104TH ST
JAMES, BILLY P. (Voter ID number 116367062).

112 NE 63RD ST
RICHARD, MARLENE (Voter ID number 119670528).

112 NE 64TH ST
LOUIS, HERCILIA (Voter ID number 110326372).

112 NE 65TH ST
MCLEMORE, MARCQUISE Nepoleon (Voter ID number 118976263).
FRANCOIS, KATIANA (Voter ID number 110171243).

112 NE 71ST ST
MC KINLEY, KRISTINE A. (Voter ID number 116954546).

112 NE 88TH ST
LAURENT, BERTRAND Halsey (Voter ID number 115012636).
THORMODSGAARD, JULIE Ellen (Voter ID number 115490862).

112 NE 90TH ST
MILO, STEPHEN Paul (Voter ID number 116912208).
ALLOUCHE, VIMARI (Voter ID number 110131399).
DOMINGO, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109476910).

112 NE 93RD ST
CADE, DAVID Marcus (Voter ID number 119706710).
CADE, SARKA (Voter ID number 119706720).

112 NE 98TH ST
JACKSON, KRISTIN (Voter ID number 120923627).
CHEN, PEGGIE (Voter ID number 110301215).

1120 NE 100TH ST
GONZALEZ-OLGUIN, MARIA Beatriz (Voter ID number 119882797).
DAVITZ, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 109998284).

1120 NE 101ST ST
PERSAUD, DENNIS G. (Voter ID number 109274550).
PERSAUD, NATALIE Ann (Voter ID number 109584644).
PERSAUD, RUTH A. (Voter ID number 109264109).

1120 NE 104TH ST
OLIVO, MARCIA M. (Voter ID number 115813309).
PERERA, GIHAN Jude (Voter ID number 118486613).

1120 NE 81ST ST
FRITZ, JOAN Aileen (Voter ID number 109731396).

1120 NE 85TH ST
FIGUEROA, TEOFILO (Voter ID number 118453046).
SANDOVAL, MERCEDES Cros (Voter ID number 109108485).

1120 NE 86TH ST
GONZALEZ, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 120271811).
GONZALEZ, IBRAHIM (Voter ID number 108982572).
GONZALEZ, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109058360).

1120 NE 87TH ST
AGURCIA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 110219262).
BORRERO, DENIRA M. (Voter ID number 109726892).

1121 NE 84TH ST
LOSADA-WASZAK, VALERIA (Voter ID number 110154814).

1121 NE 85TH ST
WILLIAMS, DOREEN Janet (Voter ID number 109445433).
WILLIAMS, FRANK Maurice (Voter ID number 110240657).

1121 NE 86TH ST
BRIEDIS, HELENA M. (Voter ID number 119162458).
BRIEDIS, ERIKS E. (Voter ID number 120037413).
BRIEDIS, IVARS (Voter ID number 119162456).

1122 NE 91ST ST
ALLEN, JOE (Voter ID number 110067841).

1122 NE 97TH ST
LEE, LESLY Elvira (Voter ID number 109915644).
LEE, PATRICK E. (Voter ID number 109915592).
PERNELL, TERRY D. (Voter ID number 114205873).

1122 NE 98TH ST
BARBICK, BRIAN Franklin (Voter ID number 109011219).
BARBICK, SCOTT J. (Voter ID number 109782341).
BARBICK, SUSAN (Voter ID number 114736693).

1124 NE 89TH ST
WATSON, AVERY (Voter ID number 121310931).
WATSON, JEFFREY David (Voter ID number 109229123).
WATSON, QUINTON D. (Voter ID number 117854855).
WATSON, PATRICIA Q. (Voter ID number 109138978).

1125 NE 80TH ST

PHILLIPS, ERNEST Wilson (Voter ID number 110043038).

1125 NE 80TH ST
ANDREWS, GRACE Charmine (Voter ID number 109794237).
COOPER, LEANDER J. (Voter ID number 109324666).
HARRIS, ERICA Ann (Voter ID number 109957057).

1125 NE 87TH ST
WALLACE, RICHARD Clark (Voter ID number 109040727).
WALLACE, WENDY Gay (Voter ID number 109144933).

1125 NE 89TH ST
WALSH, JOHN G. (Voter ID number 110298799).
WALSH, MIYOUNG Lee (Voter ID number 110298804).

1125 NE 92ND ST
ENCARNACION, SHIRLEY L. (Voter ID number 109056883).

1129 NE 92ND ST
COURTY, LAURA K. (Voter ID number 109442702).

113 NE 101ST ST
GREEN, DEANNA M. (Voter ID number 109580677).
GREEN, GIL Joshua (Voter ID number 109743040).

113 NE 105TH ST
ASHTON, ANNIKA Elaine (Voter ID number 102238710).

113 NE 106TH ST
WATKINS, ELYTA Grozan (Voter ID number 109048430).

113 NE 64TH TER
MESADIEU, FRITZNER (Voter ID number 109890379).

113 NE 75TH ST
JULIEN, SCHILLER (Voter ID number 118087334).
JULIEN, DAPHENIE Florence (Voter ID number 109815530).
SEORPHIN, LESLY (Voter ID number 110206157).
ERMITE, JULIEN M. (Voter ID number 116343730).

1130 NE 100TH ST
MAIDBREY, RACHEL B. (Voter ID number 115596268).
MAIDBREY, JESSE J. (Voter ID number 110070142).
MAIDBREY, LISA Renee (Voter ID number 110080345).

1130 NE 104TH ST
CARLE, MARTA J. (Voter ID number 109473680).
RONDON, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 109691030).

1130 NE 81ST ST
BAUSELL, JADE Iris (Voter ID number 109946638).
GUERRIER, MARIE J. (Voter ID number 110095585).

1130 NE 87TH ST
FEDLER, STEVEN E. (Voter ID number 110013125).
FIDLER, CHRISTOPHER Steven (Voter ID number 110183555).

1130 NE 91ST TER
HERRERA, ANGELA Lucrecia (Voter ID number 109272275).

1130 NE 92ND ST
BOWEN, SAMANTHA E. (Voter ID number 115267633).
TUTIVEN, JACQUELINE L. (Voter ID number 109450457).

1131 NE 104TH ST
PICHARDO, KENNY (Voter ID number 109830113).
PINO, RAUL A. (Voter ID number 110107170).

1131 NE 86TH ST
HODDER, DALIA Antanaitis (Voter ID number 108989648).
HODDER, MARTIN Harold (Voter ID number 108927935).

1131 NE 91ST TER
FERNANDEZ WINOGRUDSKI, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109255482).
FERNANDEZ, MARIA Callava W (Voter ID number 108995578).

1131 NE 97TH ST
MOODY, JOHN B. (Voter ID number 109775867).
MOODY, YVONNE Anne (Voter ID number 109189328).

1132 NE 101ST ST
HILLMAN, JOHN Edward (Voter ID number 109127790).
HILLMAN, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 109205443).

1132 NE 104TH ST
TORRES, EFRAIN (Voter ID number 110199431).

1132 NE 105TH ST
RHODEN, DANA Marie (Voter ID number 102291260).
PELLETIER, MONIQUE A. (Voter ID number 109400147).

SILVERGLATE, SCOT Allen (Voter ID number 109178798).
PIERRE, ALEXANDRE Mitchell (Voter ID number 114662880).
PIERRE, ASHLEY Joy (Voter ID number 120265572).
PIERRE, WILFRID W. (Voter ID number 109166801).

1133 NE 88TH ST
GONZALEZ, ALEXANDER Maximo (Voter ID number 109509736).
MILLER, DONALD Lee (Voter ID number 110064751).
OXSALIDA, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 109110439).

1133 NE 91ST TER
LOSASSO, DALE Lee (Voter ID number 110249685).

1135 NE 89TH ST
EIDENIRE, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 119636202).
EIDENIRE, PHILLIP Earle (Voter ID number 109134504).
EIDENIRE, KIMBERLIE Ann (Voter ID number 109427412).

1135 NE 99TH ST
FREIMAN, KEITH Evan (Voter ID number 110168814).
MALEBRANCHE, LORY (Voter ID number 119908245).
SUSMAN, LUCILLE U. (Voter ID number 108909626).

1136 NE 88TH ST
NELSON, DEAN Henry (Voter ID number 109267547).
NELSON, MARY Margaret (Voter ID number 109248052).

1139 NE 105TH ST
UNDERWOOD, BRIAN Andrew (Voter ID number 115358537).

114 NE 106TH ST
VAN PUTTEN, TIKIA Roshawn (Voter ID number 113962672).
VAN PUTTEN, ZULMA Yveliz (Voter ID number 109913543).

114 NE 78TH ST
HERRERA, SAIRA K. (Voter ID number 110298894).
JOHN, SOPHIA M. (Voter ID number 114688573).

1140 NE 100TH ST
KLEINER, GARY Ira (Voter ID number 110028784).
LIVINGSTONE, KERI Lee (Voter ID number 110012383).

1140 NE 81ST ST

ANKENEY, STEVEN Lee (Voter ID number 110163002).

1140 NE 86TH ST
STEINBEISSER, LANCE W. (Voter ID number 109445527).

1140 NE 87TH ST
MARATEA, EDWARD Anthony (Voter ID number 117415520).

1140 NE 91ST ST
STUBBS, LISA Crowley (Voter ID number 120384366).

1140 NE 98TH ST
ABERNATHY, CARL D. (Voter ID number 109575069).

1141 NE 86TH ST
LASCH, LINDA (Voter ID number 109766565).

1141 NE 87TH ST
OWEN, KARIN Jill (Voter ID number 120891010).
HEE, GILLIAN Williams (Voter ID number 109089211).

1141 NE 90TH ST
STROWD, CARL Watson (Voter ID number 109134965).
STROWD, ISABEL (Voter ID number 114337153).

1142 NE 91ST ST
REED, GINA Tracey (Voter ID number 109781341).

1143 NE 98TH ST
SMYTH, JACQUELYN Lisette (Voter ID number 118746460).

1144 NE 101ST ST
ABELEDO, DAISY Maria (Voter ID number 109295483).
ABELEDO, LUIS M. (Voter ID number 109189783).
VALDES, NANCY Beatriz (Voter ID number 109234022).

PIERSON, DEBORAH Anne (Voter ID number 108929661).

1145 NE 100TH ST
KAANY, LINDA W. (Voter ID number 109100846).

1145 NE 88TH ST
CURRY, DAVID Steven (Voter ID number 109390351).
LYNCH, MARK J. (Voter ID number 110292805).

1145 NE 92ND ST
SWANER, JAMES Carl (Voter ID number 109442654).
SWANER, ANN S. (Voter ID number 109442632).
SWANER, MARK F. (Voter ID number 110068009).

1146 NE 97TH ST
VILLOLDO, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 117667452).
VILLOLDO, JORGE Patrick (Voter ID number 109088310).
VILLOLDO, PATRICK (Voter ID number 114678673).
VILLOLDO, TRACIE Todd (Voter ID number 115907054).
VILLOLDO, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 116712602).

1147 NE 97TH ST
PUMO, GAYLE Peters (Voter ID number 109541397).
PUMO, MARK S. (Voter ID number 109802378).

1148 NE 88TH ST
OSHEROFF, GAIL Ellen (Voter ID number 109101398).

1148 NE 89TH ST
DE FERRARI, HARRY Austin (Voter ID number 109495367).
DE FERRARI, RITA B. (Voter ID number 109140246).

1149 NE 89TH ST
BURTON, JAMES F. (Voter ID number 109815606).

115 NE 64TH TER
DOR, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 115207140).

115 NE 65TH ST
MARTINEZ, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 114645258).

115 NE 71ST ST
APT #115

HILL, JIMMEKA Shafonyaann (Voter ID number 115987398).

115 NE 71ST ST
AUGUSTIN, BARBARA L. (Voter ID number 109329419).
HILL, ANTONIO Eugene Xavier (Voter ID number 118761502).
HILL, TERRY Larmont (Voter ID number 119555575).

115 NE 78TH ST
AKINS, AGNES B. (Voter ID number 115890446).

115 NE 78TH ST

ISRAEL, JOHN (Voter ID number 119022419).

115 NE 78TH ST

WILLIAMS, GEURDA Micheall (Voter ID number 110154112).

115 NE 78TH ST

VENISEE, LAMESHA Marquisha (Voter ID number 121096774).

115 NE 82ND ST

TANELUS, NEOCLES (Voter ID number 119537081).

115 NE 87TH ST
WOLLAR, JOHN Edward (Voter ID number 109106241).
YATES, NANCY Lee (Voter ID number 109146111).

115 NE 88TH ST
ALLY, BIBI Shahayda (Voter ID number 118498200).
ALLY, MOHAMMED H. (Voter ID number 118849877).
ALLY, MOHAMMED Shueyb (Voter ID number 118262246).
ALLY, MOHAMMED Hazir (Voter ID number 109915149).

115 NE 90TH ST
LIVINGSTONE, DAVID Cary (Voter ID number 108961710).

115 NE 94TH ST
RHEAULT, MICHEL M. (Voter ID number 116619090).
RHEAULT, CYNTHIA Ann (Voter ID number 109592656).

1150 NE 100TH ST
HUBER, PATRICK M. (Voter ID number 102144088).
HUBER, XIMENA Goni (Voter ID number 120187207).

1150 NE 102ND ST
SEIDLER, SARA Frances (Voter ID number 108956206).

1150 NE 103RD ST
BOYD, DANIEL Kevin (Voter ID number 109137897).
BURKE, MARTA Jan (Voter ID number 109161406).

1150 NE 105TH ST

MCAAR, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 119575472).

1150 NE 81ST ST

PELLETIER, JOY Murphy (Voter ID number 108956782).

1150 NE 81ST ST

BARCIA, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109923504).

1150 NE 86TH ST
JAFFE, ARIEL Kim (Voter ID number 114912219).
JAFFE, JONATHAN Michael (Voter ID number 110270812).
WILK, BRIAN David (Voter ID number 114801719).

1150 NE 87TH ST
HORST, ELIZABETH Soucy (Voter ID number 109019787).
SOUCY, EDWARD T. (Voter ID number 110275315).

1150 NE 91ST ST
REED, HUGH Randolph (Voter ID number 109802016).
REED, MINDY C. (Voter ID number 110307142).

1150 NE 91ST TER
BOOTHE, RUDO Akil (Voter ID number 102237743).

1151 NE 101ST ST
RAMKISSOON, CARLTON (Voter ID number 109214475).

1151 NE 90TH ST
BRAUN, LINDA M Osberg (Voter ID number 109324991).
OSBERG-BRAUN, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 109972231).

1154 NE 91ST TER
CANTWELL, ADRIANA Ribas (Voter ID number 108907202).
NEWBOLD, TIMOTHY G. (Voter ID number 119462150).
POWELL, TIYE Whitney (Voter ID number 121131441).
CANTWELL, ANDREW Jackson (Voter ID number 109184684).
HANNA, ASHERANN Donnerley (Voter ID number 110296868).
NEWBOLD, GARY Timothy (Voter ID number 120310031).

1154 NE 91ST ST
CANTWELL, BRYAN Vincent (Voter ID number 116183810).

1155 NE 100TH ST
MITTLER RUSS, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109082576).
MITTLER, EVA R. (Voter ID number 109120506).

1155 NE 102ND ST
BUDEBO, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109335605).

1155 NE 104TH ST
HALTER, CHELSEA Paige (Voter ID number 119019245).
HALTER, RICHARD Henry (Voter ID number 109998599).
HALTER, RICHARD Henry (Voter ID number 110039111).
HALTER, SYLVIA Rubio (Voter ID number 109999030).

1156 NE 101ST ST
GOMEZ, SUSANA Falero (Voter ID number 102197891).

1158 NE 92ND ST
WILLINGHAM, HOWARD E. (Voter ID number 110262875).

1158 NE 99TH ST
O'HARE, HELEN H. (Voter ID number 108909554).

1159 NE 89TH ST
LEMIRE, D'ARCY Warren (Voter ID number 115421299).
LE MIRE, ANNA K. (Voter ID number 108908598).
LEMIRE, CARMINDA Zenarosa (Voter ID number 115421314).

116 NE 83RD ST
BURGOS, CARMEN S. (Voter ID number 109864472).
CAMUGLIA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 119944945).

116 NE 97TH ST
MARTE, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 119391191).
BULGER, JASON A. (Voter ID number 109767088).
JESKE, CRAIG Michael (Voter ID number 109381195).

1160 NE 100TH ST
FONT, LUIS (Voter ID number 109182512).
WILETS, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 109588342).

1160 NE 102ND ST
RUSSO, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 109452987).

1160 NE 87TH ST
MONACO, LORI A. (Voter ID number 109549446).

1160 NE 91ST ST
MARLIN, BILLY F. (Voter ID number 120152727).
ALOMARI, WEJDAN H. (Voter ID number 118109729).
MARLIN, JOHANNA K. (Voter ID number 120153949).
MARLIN, VALERIE Kay (Voter ID number 119509214).

1160 NE 91ST TER
ESCOBAR, CRISMARIE (Voter ID number 120214030).
TORTOLANO, GESSICA L. (Voter ID number 110077721).
GARCIA DE VILLALOBOS, DIANA (Voter ID number 120133921).

1160 NE 98TH ST
ALLEGRA, FRANCES P. (Voter ID number 109430185).
RAJO, MARYBELL (Voter ID number 101948834).

1161 NE 86TH ST
SAMOVILLE, CHRISTIE Lee (Voter ID number 115817911).
LONG, DAVID Samuel (Voter ID number 109406066).

1161 NE 98TH ST
CUEVAS, CLAUDIA Romero (Voter ID number 115967674).
CUEVAS, FELIPE A. (Voter ID number 109509687).

1162 NE 105TH ST
RESPONDEK, MAX (Voter ID number 119371001).
RESPONDEK, ALLAN John (Voter ID number 109047184).
RESPONDEK, CAROL E. (Voter ID number 109283507).
RESPONDEK, ZOE Teofela (Voter ID number 119954308).

1162 NE 91ST ST
BAKER, KHRISTYAN Maria (Voter ID number 120917965).
BAKER, RONALD B. (Voter ID number 110173590).

1163 NE 101ST ST
DAVIS, ANDREW Joseph (Voter ID number 117768705).
DAVIS, MARK Stephen (Voter ID number 109222763).
DAVIS, SABINE Erna (Voter ID number 119785198).

1163 NE 87TH ST
TOOLSIE, EILEEN (Voter ID number 118469689).
BASDEO, PREM (Voter ID number 109222629).
SEBASTIAN, SHEILA (Voter ID number 109906061).

1163 NE 92ND ST
PARRA, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 120495584).
SIERRA, CRISTY (Voter ID number 120467161).

BARTH, STEVEN Alan (Voter ID number 117531769).

1165 NE 100TH ST
MENDEL, HELEN Ann (Voter ID number 108948573).

1165 NE 87TH ST
ARDILA, JORGE (Voter ID number 115444364).

1165 NE 89TH ST
FERNANDEZ, ALEXANDER J. (Voter ID number 110147878).
FERNANDEZ, OLGA (Voter ID number 109332207).
FERNANDEZ, VICTOR M. (Voter ID number 110243725).
FERNANDEZ, SABRINA M. (Voter ID number 116151394).

1165 NE 91ST TER
CARVER, KIMBERLY Ann (Voter ID number 101817476).
CARVER, CHRISTOPHER S. (Voter ID number 109494089).

1165 NE 97TH ST
HART, NELL (Voter ID number 102457032).
STEIN, DOUGLAS Kevin (Voter ID number 102456952).
WALL, GREGORY Scott (Voter ID number 108906355).

1167 NE 99TH ST
PEREZ, JOEL (Voter ID number 109861490).
OLIVIERI, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 114484642).

1168 NE 101ST ST
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER Clune (Voter ID number 116023891).

1168 NE 88TH ST
SHUBERT, NEAL J. (Voter ID number 109872680).

SHEARIN, CHRISTINE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110332590).
SHEARIN, JOSEPH H. (Voter ID number 110320722).
SHEARIN, SUSAN S. (Voter ID number 114115095).

117 NE 102ND ST
CARDENAS, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109707842).
TORO, FERNANDO E. (Voter ID number 109238481).
VALLE, FABIAN (Voter ID number 109707402).

117 NE 103RD ST
LOPEZ, MAIKEL (Voter ID number 120216152).
VALDES, DAVID (Voter ID number 120215889).

117 NE 91ST ST
HAMLET, ELAINE L. (Voter ID number 110012225).
HAMLET, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 109946686).

117 NE 93RD ST
KENNEDY, BENNETT D. (Voter ID number 109331562).
KENNEDY, KATHRYN (Voter ID number 109331560).

117 NE 95TH ST
JULIEN, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 116224195).
LLERA, LEROY A. (Voter ID number 110022221).

117 NE 98TH ST
BROWN, DAVID Stuart (Voter ID number 119580186).
BROWN, CONRAD Nagel (Voter ID number 109045294).
BROWN, EVE Beatrice (Voter ID number 110148242).

1170 NE 100TH ST
AKERMAN, SANDRA Metz (Voter ID number 109050462).

1170 NE 102ND ST
ARMESTO, LAURA S. (Voter ID number 109810137).

1170 NE 86TH ST
BERGANZO, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109603317).
BERGANZO, LOURDES Anell (Voter ID number 110169431).
BERGANZO, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109641642).

1170 NE 89TH ST
KATAN, CLYDE E. (Voter ID number 109305827).

1170 NE 97TH ST
CLEMENT, ANNABELLE Henriette (Voter ID number 109524030).
CLEMENT, RUBEN (Voter ID number 109433540).

1171 NE 90TH ST
ALTMAN, LESLIE Robin (Voter ID number 109226637).

1172 NE 103RD ST
VANEGAS, EDGAR E. (Voter ID number 111923832).
GONZALEZ, ISOLINA (Voter ID number 115619373).

1173 NE 104TH ST
O'BRIEN, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 121138869).

1174 NE 105TH ST
GOODMAN, JANET L. (Voter ID number 110161232).

1175 NE 101ST ST
BROWN, CONNIS Ostin (Voter ID number 118203625).
BROWN-MOWERS, KATHERINE P. (Voter ID number 109898181).
MOWERS, BENJAMIN P. (Voter ID number 115626456).
MOWERS, JEFFREY A. (Voter ID number 109222205).
MOWERS, TESS A. (Voter ID number 114239901).

1175 NE 102ND ST
FOURNIER, ANDRE Richard (Voter ID number 108908812).

1175 NE 105TH ST
PIERRE, JEANINE Anne (Voter ID number 109401851).

1177 NE 91ST TER
DESTIN, MARIE Lyanne (Voter ID number 109310084).
DESTIN, RALPH R. (Voter ID number 110264031).

1178 NE 98TH ST
GONZALEZ, CLAUDIO Alberto (Voter ID number 109261935).

1178 NE 99TH ST
HARTMANN, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109067554).
HARTMANN, RENE F. (Voter ID number 114697747).

1179 NE 98TH ST
WILLIAMS, ERIC C. (Voter ID number 110147139).

118 NE 102ND ST
COLEMAN, KARON M. (Voter ID number 109411178).
ISE, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 109830929).
LANIO, JEANNIE Stephenson (Voter ID number 109780725).
LANIO, PEDRO R. (Voter ID number 109417150).

118 NE 82ND ST
SURPRIS, FRANCIA (Voter ID number 114126358).

118 NE 82ND ST
APT 118

OBAS, JOANNA (Voter ID number 119501045).

1180 NE 102ND ST
ELLIOTT, DOLLY P. (Voter ID number 108909431).
ELLIOTT, VALLI Diane (Voter ID number 108905426).

1180 NE 86TH ST
EISENBERG, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 108933801).

1180 NE 97TH ST
VALENCIA, ANTONIO V. (Voter ID number 109439351).
VALENCIA, KAREN Swope (Voter ID number 108970422).

1181 NE 86TH ST
TENORIO, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 109481372).
LOFROOS, CHARLES Michael (Voter ID number 110145691).

1181 NE 92ND ST
MAGUIRE, SUSAN Komasinski (Voter ID number 109071611).
SCHNEIDER, HERBERT Ian (Voter ID number 108950279).

1181 NE 97TH ST
EDELSON, VAUGHN Travers (Voter ID number 110127139).
EDELSON, MARK James (Voter ID number 109795316).
TRAVERS, HELEN (Voter ID number 109248459).
EDELSON, PETER Travers (Voter ID number 117699209).

1182 NE 88TH ST
LA POINTE, FRANCES Mary (Voter ID number 108939036).

1182 NE 92ND ST
AGRAS, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 109276924).
AGRAS, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109669310).
AGRAS, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 117013727).
AGRAS, LEYDA (Voter ID number 117013464).

1183 NE 88TH ST
CASTRILLO, JO Ann (Voter ID number 109972606).
MAC DONALD, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 109668092).

1183 NE 91ST TER
POLANCO, DEYSI Maria (Voter ID number 101564094).

1183 NE 99TH ST
TENNEY, NORA Miller (Voter ID number 108941175).
TENNEY, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number 108989941).

1184 NE 91ST TER
MENDEZ, NANCY (Voter ID number 109667870).
STEWART, KELLY A. (Voter ID number 110183306).
WESTHORP, BRENDA J. (Voter ID number 109562208).

1185 NE 101ST ST
FUENTES, RUBEN (Voter ID number 109155370).

1185 NE 104TH ST
WARNOCK, TODD Carter (Voter ID number 109184554).

1185 NE 87TH ST
DE LA PORTILLA, ALBERTO Manuel (Voter ID number 109327060).
GLOTTMANN, JANINE (Voter ID number 109435152).

1189 NE 102ND ST
COCO, LEON J. (Voter ID number 109668225).
GLADDING, GEORGE H. (Voter ID number 109710504).
GLADDING, ALICE Maxine (Voter ID number 116796540).

119 NE 63RD ST
MAGEE, ANTIONETTE E. (Voter ID number 110153007).

119 NE 63RD ST

FRANCIME, ISLANDE (Voter ID number 121167203).

119 NE 63RD ST

JOSEPH, GERTRINA M. (Voter ID number 120903450).

119 NE 69TH ST
ASEMY, FEDNER Charles (Voter ID number 103050940).

119 NE 71ST ST
DENIS, WHENSON (Voter ID number 118097762).

119 NE 71ST ST
APT 119

MERISIER, DIANA (Voter ID number 119747241).

119 NE 71ST ST
MERISIER, EVANS (Voter ID number 110228040).

1190 NE 100TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, DOUGLAS (Voter ID number 110170496).
GRACIA, OLGA Nelly (Voter ID number 110170491).

1190 NE 103RD ST
SUKHDEO, DEVAND A. (Voter ID number 109796537).
SUKHDEO, DOLORES (Voter ID number 109841652).
WILSON, CHARLES S. (Voter ID number 111843767).
WILSON, DOLORES M. (Voter ID number 112576981).

1190 NE 86TH ST
JACKSON, KIMBERLIN J. (Voter ID number 119660409).
MARLOW, GLORIA E. (Voter ID number 116700040).

1190 NE 87TH ST
FRIE, JENNIFER Anne (Voter ID number 109953283).
LEVINE, ALAN Willard (Voter ID number 109388851).

1190 NE 89TH ST
DALY, LAURA M. (Voter ID number 112617230).
CODY, IRENE Nancy (Voter ID number 109225282).
COOPERMAN, LEONARD Joel (Voter ID number 109225576).
DALY, MICHELLE Marion (Voter ID number 118164232).

1190 NE 92ND ST
MARKUS, DEBORAH Jean (Voter ID number 109419885).
MARKUS, DAVID Scott (Voter ID number 109135893).
MARKUS, RYAN Fabian (Voter ID number 115448350).

1191 NE 103RD ST
CRESPO, FEDERICO (Voter ID number 110228313).

1192 NE 91ST TER
JONES, LUCY Annette (Voter ID number 109852520).

1194 NE 91ST ST
BITTON, MICHEL M. (Voter ID number 109955245).

1195 NE 100TH ST
LEVIN, JACK I. (Voter ID number 108909517).

1195 NE 87TH ST
SWARTZ, BARBARA F. (Voter ID number 109017546).
SWARTZ, DANA Ilene (Voter ID number 110032634).
SWARTZ, DARRY M. (Voter ID number 109172557).

1195 NE 98TH ST
FERNANDEZ, KATHRYN Marie (Voter ID number 121068226).
FERNANDEZ, ANN Mc Gee (Voter ID number 109232163).
FERNANDEZ, CHRISTOPHER Richard (Voter ID number 114365983).
FERNANDEZ, KELLY Ann (Voter ID number 115285106).
FERNANDEZ, RICHARD Manuel (Voter ID number 109046288).

1196 NE 87TH ST
CASSUN, NICHOLAS J. (Voter ID number 109286714).
ORTIZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109454698).

1196 NE 88TH ST
STIRMAN, EDWIN Samuel (Voter ID number 109734662).
RANK, BARBARA Hamm (Voter ID number 108908558).
RANK, JON Arthur (Voter ID number 109766540).

1196 NE 97TH ST
PENCAR-SCHWEIGER, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109225015).
SCHWEIGER, JOSEPH Ira (Voter ID number 109037195).

1196 NE 98TH ST
PUMO, BENNET Joseph (Voter ID number 109071544).
PUMO, NANCY Marie (Voter ID number 109071542).

1199 NE 102ND ST
GOMEZ, IRIS Leyda (Voter ID number 109446767).
HESTER, ELLIOTT Neal (Voter ID number 109428636).

1199 NE 90TH ST
ZIBELLI, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 111786528).
ZIBELLI, JOSEPH Thomas (Voter ID number 109708006).

1199 NE 99TH ST
BOCKNER, DAVID Stanley (Voter ID number 108906023).
DEESA-ARD, MONTHAKARN (Voter ID number 116554783).

12 NE 101ST ST
SNOW, DAVID Robert (Voter ID number 116535576).
RICARDO, KIM Carrie (Voter ID number 109515229).

12 NE 89TH ST
ETIENNE, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 109704745).
JOSEPH, LIMONE (Voter ID number 109985981).
JOSEPH, MC KINLEY (Voter ID number 117596359).
JOSEPH, ADLEY (Voter ID number 110198182).
JOSEPH, JALNER Isaac (Voter ID number 110120663).
JOSEPH, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 115233630).
JOSEPH, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 109782758).

12 NE 96TH ST
CHARLEMAGNE, EMMANUEL Richard (Voter ID number 114363340).
CHARLEMAGNE, GUILAINE M. (Voter ID number 109754804).
CHARLEMAGNE, VLADIMIR Rene (Voter ID number 110100987).
GUERRIER, DIMITRI Wilner (Voter ID number 110334408).

120 NE 100TH ST
MEJIA, ANUAR T. (Voter ID number 109253852).
MEJIA, BIBIANA Emilia (Voter ID number 109426653).

120 NE 104TH ST
WEDEMEYER, MARTIN Joseph (Voter ID number 109143689).

120 NE 64TH ST
LEON, HIGINIO D. (Voter ID number 119480385).
MEDRANO MEJIA, SONIA Estela (Voter ID number 110317109).

120 NE 70TH ST
EXILHOMME, ANDRENA (Voter ID number 109806917).

120 NE 71ST ST

JEAN-BAPTISTE, CELANIE J. (Voter ID number 118397462).

120 NE 71ST ST
WILSON, TRADARRYL (Voter ID number 115885177).

120 NE 71ST ST
APT #1

DAUGHTREY, NEWALL Jerome (Voter ID number 108958291).

120 NE 75TH ST
JEAN, BEVERLY (Voter ID number 119728208).
AUGUSTIN, MARIE J. (Voter ID number 109487070).
GARCON, KESHIA (Voter ID number 115233822).

120 NE 83RD ST
DIAZ, JANET (Voter ID number 118734091).

120 NE 87TH ST
CERRATO, MIRIAM E. (Voter ID number 110047562).
MARADIAGA, MIRIAM J. (Voter ID number 110327325).
MARADIAGA, YELSON Omar (Voter ID number 120478248).
POZO, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 109052175).

120 NE 88TH ST
AFSHARNIK, MILES (Voter ID number 119505451).
BARRY, WILLIAM Paul (Voter ID number 119505059).
WOOD, JOHN William (Voter ID number 109916916).

120 NE 90TH ST
BRUMLEY, SARAH Michelle (Voter ID number 103864253).
CARABELLI, JANET Ellen (Voter ID number 108921583).
CARABELLI, JORGE Alberto (Voter ID number 109830718).

120 NE 91ST ST
MORRIS, CARSON Graham Latus (Voter ID number 120941224).
LATUS, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 109445604).
MORRIS, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 109444347).

120 NE 97TH ST
ELLIOTT, JENIFER Erin (Voter ID number 109803690).
GARCIA, ERNESTO A. (Voter ID number 116526917).

1200 NE 102ND ST
HINTERKOPF, ERNEST C. (Voter ID number 108909479).
HINTERKOPF, ERNEST K. (Voter ID number 109668862).
HINTERKOPF, JANE Rehm (Voter ID number 108983194).

1200 NE 103RD ST
BICKNELL, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 118092669).

1200 NE 105TH ST
DEAN, ERIN Kelle (Voter ID number 115422349).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 21

SULLIVAN, PAMELA M. (Voter ID number 109448508).
SULLIVAN, PATRICK Michael (Voter ID number 118122011).
SULLIVAN, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 109318412).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 22

FERNANDEZ, DANIEL Alexander (Voter ID number 121327097).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 24

VILLOTA, MARIO Eduardo (Voter ID number 120425846).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 32

ISIDRON, ILEANE (Voter ID number 115467672).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 33

TAUKUS, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 110083060).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 34

MASARJIAN, AMANDA Marie (Voter ID number 115827442).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 37

GUIRGUIS, ANDREW Hany (Voter ID number 114376132).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 34

TOCCO, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 119625287).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 37

GUIRGUIS, HANY R. (Voter ID number 109795831).
GUIRGUIS, JULIETTE N. (Voter ID number 110105214).

1200 NE 105TH ST
BOUTTE, ANGELIQUE Terese (Voter ID number 114556517).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 23

BURKEPILE, DERON Edward (Voter ID number 116512515).
GRISHAM, ALLISON Claire (Voter ID number 116535233).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 27

LOFTIN, BRITTON K. (Voter ID number 119532314).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 32

ISIDRON, GRACIAN (Voter ID number 109389628).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 35

SULLIVAN, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 109673403).

1200 NE 105TH ST
APT 36

CAMACHO, BARBARA Vanessa (Voter ID number 109949730).
TORRES, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 110304414).

1200 NE 82ND ST
DOULIS, NIKOLAOS (Voter ID number 119472288).

1200 NE 87TH ST
INMAN, L Kate (Voter ID number 109942876).

1200 NE 88TH ST
COPELAND, CARRIE Lou (Voter ID number 107426852).
COPELAND, JOHN Christopher (Voter ID number 107431178).

1200 NE 89TH ST
VANLEER, SAMUEL Boynton (Voter ID number 109210336).
VAN LEER, JOHN C. (Voter ID number 109051724).

1200 NE 91ST TER
CRESPI, CHRISTINA Marisa (Voter ID number 110332902).

1200 NE 92ND ST
GARCIA, CARMEN J. (Voter ID number 109152670).
VERGES, TERESA J. (Voter ID number 109695482).

1200 NE 95TH ST
LONGMAN, ZACHARY Thomas (Voter ID number 121285680).
HALE LONGMAN, CAROLINE L. (Voter ID number 115440837).
LONGMAN, THOMAS Joseph (Voter ID number 109256189).

1200 NE 96TH ST
MORALES VALERIO, LUIS (Voter ID number 116610046).
FELIZ, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 110095063).

1200 NE 97TH ST
OSBORNE, DONNA Schwan (Voter ID number 109233608).
OSBORNE, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 109329992).

1201 NE 100TH ST
BLOOM BELTZER, YAEL (Voter ID number 118869061).

1201 NE 101ST ST
VAGO, JULIE Ann (Voter ID number 118615522).

1201 NE 102ND ST
GLINN, DENISE Ingersoll (Voter ID number 109745206).
GLINN, MACADAM Jordan (Voter ID number 109481863).

1201 NE 103RD ST
MCGEE, LORINE (Voter ID number 119916912).

1201 NE 81ST TER
NUNEZ, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 119146622).
RAMIREZ, MARK Larry (Voter ID number 109463608).

1201 NE 83RD ST
PONCE ZDANIS, SARAH Marie (Voter ID number 117829572).

1201 NE 85TH ST
LEVEROCK, JAIME Jovan (Voter ID number 110003293).
LEVEROCK, JAMES Joseph (Voter ID number 109114285).
LEVEROCK, JENNIFER Jill (Voter ID number 114375198).
LEVEROCK, KATHLEEN N. (Voter ID number 109371284).

1201 NE 86TH ST
SUDITO, SUDITO (Voter ID number 118848626).
THORPE, KENT E. (Voter ID number 118422869).
BALLANCE, DAVE Ross (Voter ID number 109621670).
THORPE, EDWARD Kent (Voter ID number 109476630).

1201 NE 88TH ST
DE LA NUEZ, YUDENIS (Voter ID number 109715287).
NARANJO, BENIGNO Lazaro (Voter ID number 109482456).

1201 NE 91ST TER
BEYHAN, CYNTHIA E. (Voter ID number 109338966).
CAMPA, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 109400466).

1201 NE 94TH ST
GORDON, GLENN Stuart (Voter ID number 109511407).
MARTINEZ-OHALLORAN, EDUARDO D. (Voter ID number 110001032).

1201 NE 96TH ST
WOODS, JACK Eddie (Voter ID number 118564685).

1201 NE 97TH ST
BROWN, SANDRA A. (Voter ID number 109079117).
BROWN, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number 109602608).
SEATON, DOUGLAS M. (Voter ID number 110009399).
SEATON, TRACY Anne (Voter ID number 110167987).

1201 NE 98TH ST
GARCIA, GABRIEL E. (Voter ID number 119777120).
GARCIA, ENRIQUE J. (Voter ID number 109615871).
HEGEDUS GARCIA, INES (Voter ID number 109405711).

1201 NE 99TH ST
ODUBER, JAN C. (Voter ID number 109520153).

1202 NE 101ST ST
BOLTON, MARGE L. (Voter ID number 105813194).
BOLTON, MARISSA G. (Voter ID number 120014123).
BOLTON, JENNIFER M Clyatt (Voter ID number 109512117).
BOLTON, JOHN William (Voter ID number 109193744).

1202 NE 93RD ST
HEARN, THERESA Annette (Voter ID number 109063843).
HEARN, JOHN Joseph (Voter ID number 109063844).

1204 NE 91ST ST
MYATT, MELISSA Lauren (Voter ID number 120251874).
SUISSA, NICOLE (Voter ID number 109831071).

1205 NE 91ST TER
BURROWS, CHRISTIAN A. (Voter ID number 114398475).
BURROWS, JUSTIN Peter (Voter ID number 110243227).
BURROWS, RICHARD Ignatius (Voter ID number 118339154).
SANDOVAL, LYDIA T. (Voter ID number 109019800).

1205 NE 95TH ST
NOELL, JAQULYN M. (Voter ID number 108909550).
NOELL, MYERS (Voter ID number 108909551).

1207 NE 90TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, LUIS Jacomino (Voter ID number 109297899).

1207 NE 92ND ST
BRIDGES, MARK Wilson (Voter ID number 102445091).
CHUNG, KATHERINE Donna (Voter ID number 102450657).

1208 NE 98TH ST
ARCILA-PUFF, VERONICA (Voter ID number 120737201).
DONAHUE, KAREN Lea (Voter ID number 109337790).
DONAHUE, MARK Joseph (Voter ID number 109116254).

1208 NE 99TH ST
BERGER, HARA Rosen (Voter ID number 111926011).
BOSARGE, GREGORY (Voter ID number 117056634).
POST, BRETT Andrew (Voter ID number 110177706).

1209 NE 96TH ST
MACLELLAN, ALEXANDRE Francois Jr (Voter ID number 117633161).
FECTEAU, ALEXANDRE J. (Voter ID number 115268257).
MAC LELLAN, FRANCOIS J. (Voter ID number 115324429).
MAC LELLAN, MARIE Helene (Voter ID number 117968081).

1209 NE 98TH ST
KELLEY, ALICIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109095775).
KELLEY, GEORGE Albert (Voter ID number 108991216).
KELLEY, PAUL J. (Voter ID number 109575447).

1209 NE 99TH ST
DEVANEY, KATHLEEN E. (Voter ID number 118785708).
DEVANEY, PATRICK James (Voter ID number 109140921).
DEVANEY, TRACY B. (Voter ID number 109434781).

121 NE 100TH ST
DAVEY-ROGERS, NADINE M. (Voter ID number 109873958).
ROGERS, SHAUN (Voter ID number 109875256).

121 NE 64TH ST
CHARLES, JULIE M. (Voter ID number 120401327).
DUVAL, MARTHE (Voter ID number 118276058).

121 NE 68TH TER
BAPTISTE, NORMISE (Voter ID number 120542225).
BENOIT, KEVIN (Voter ID number 117566505).
DESHOMMES, JEAN Homere (Voter ID number 114471056).
ALEXANDRE, JEAN Kerby (Voter ID number 119378450).
BENOIT, KERRY (Voter ID number 110265477).
BENOIT, SANDY (Voter ID number 109880384).
BOX, JENITA (Voter ID number 109817585).
JEAN-PAUL, JEANNEIDE (Voter ID number 110005828).

121 NE 70TH ST
MAXIMILIEN, SANDRA (Voter ID number 110204100).

121 NE 71ST ST
OTHELLO, HOREB (Voter ID number 110220976).
OTHELLO, JEANNETTE M. (Voter ID number 116301979).
OTHELLO, MORALES (Voter ID number 109653211).
OTHELLO, WILLIE Joseph (Voter ID number 109317624).

121 NE 80TH TER
BEAUGER, BRYANT (Voter ID number 117359052).
MILLER, DANIEL Lee (Voter ID number 110084265).

121 NE 80TH TER

CADET, MARIE C. (Voter ID number 115377931).

121 NE 80TH TER
HARVEY, JESSE (Voter ID number 116211386).

121 NE 80TH TER

EXULUS, ODANGE (Voter ID number 116897704).

121 NE 82ND TER
BYRON, MARIE J. (Voter ID number 120437536).

121 NE 82ND TER

THEOC, ERNST (Voter ID number 118522180).

121 NE 82ND TER
CALIXTE, WILNER (Voter ID number 109777225).
DENIS, JEAN Pierre (Voter ID number 109675129).

121 NE 82ND TER

DENIS, THECIONE (Voter ID number 117817816).

121 NE 92ND ST
LUND, KENDRA (Voter ID number 121333443).
LUND, MARIA Alicia (Voter ID number 121186884).
GONZALEZZ, KRUZ (Voter ID number 110223846).
MOONS, MICHELE Marie (Voter ID number 109565579).

121 NE 96TH ST
LA ROCHE, ALBERT Joseph (Voter ID number 108963528).

1210 NE 100TH ST
ERNST, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 112188788).
ERNST, JUDITH A. (Voter ID number 112129698).
PALMA CRANE, AMY (Voter ID number 110001960).

1210 NE 81ST TER
KENDALL, SCOTT L. (Voter ID number 117726332).
WARREN, LENORE S. (Voter ID number 115880561).
BROOKS, CAROL (Voter ID number 114171602).
KENDALL, ASHLEY Ann (Voter ID number 100542361).
KENDALL, CAROL Sue (Voter ID number 100565591).
KENDALL, ZACHARY Scott (Voter ID number 114354968).

1210 NE 83RD ST
VARNEY, RONALD J. (Voter ID number 109855389).

1210 NE 89TH ST
KAPLAN, CECELIA Ann (Voter ID number 109303481).

1210 NE 91ST TER
PICHA, KYLE (Voter ID number 119560180).
PICHA, MARIANELA (Voter ID number 109804104).
PICHA, STEVE Robert (Voter ID number 109786363).

1210 NE 96TH ST
ABRAMSON, ADRIENNE (Voter ID number 109064366).
CURRLIN, CARLOS Antonio (Voter ID number 109711661).
JUENGLING, RENATE (Voter ID number 114189030).
MOLINA, GLORIA M. (Voter ID number 109432661).
ORTIZ DE LA RENTA, RAUL J. (Voter ID number 118382397).

1211 NE 81ST TER
ALLISON, SARAH Frazier (Voter ID number 109857013).

1211 NE 82ND ST
RIVERO, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 109888550).

1211 NE 86TH ST
FUSCO, CATHERINE M. (Voter ID number 109413922).
FUSCO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109504349).

1211 NE 87TH ST
ANDRE, MEDIAIRE (Voter ID number 110133593).

1212 NE 91ST ST
NISTICO, MARGARET (Voter ID number 119694328).
NISTICO, MARGARET Kolk (Voter ID number 110187198).
NISTICO, KENNETH (Voter ID number 117001937).

1213 NE 93RD ST
PEDROSA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 117793565).
ASTOLFO, THERESE Ann (Voter ID number 109440801).

1213 NE 94TH ST
GUTIERREZ, ADRIAN G. (Voter ID number 119313303).
GUTIERREZ, ARIELLE Cristiana (Voter ID number 116691661).
HERNANDEZ, URKIA (Voter ID number 116691646).

1214 NE 92ND ST
SKAFI, MARIE (Voter ID number 110084834).
WEBER, STEVEN Douglas (Voter ID number 119941249).
WEBER, VIRGINIA Iglesia (Voter ID number 109671906).

1215 NE 94TH ST
O'DONELL, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 109431679).
O'DONNELL, JACQUELINE P. (Voter ID number 109319292).

1215 NE 95TH ST
SOVEN, ALAN Robert (Voter ID number 109042961).

1216 NE 93RD ST
GUSTINGER, DONNA Renee (Voter ID number 109802050).
GUSTINGER, KURT (Voter ID number 109176346).

1217 NE 100TH ST
BONDESON, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 110243524).
MILLER, JEFFREY A. (Voter ID number 110251438).

1218 NE 101ST ST
TAMAYO-CHELALA, ANDRES (Voter ID number 110010655).
BURNS, TRACY L. (Voter ID number 110007043).
CONNEARNEY, ROBIN (Voter ID number 110246312).

1218 NE 95TH ST
LE VASSER, CRISTINE Elaine (Voter ID number 109805949).
LE VASSER, DARLENE R. (Voter ID number 109101138).
LE VASSER, PHILIP Albert (Voter ID number 109019744).

1218 NE 98TH ST
HENDERSON, CARINA Arletty (Voter ID number 120918384).
HENDERSON, GABRIELA C G (Voter ID number 109658308).
HENDERSON, REX W. (Voter ID number 115154153).

1219 NE 96TH ST
ROSE, CYRENA Lynn (Voter ID number 115849790).
ROSE, ERNEST Leroy (Voter ID number 115849787).

122 NE 101ST ST
STEFANICK, ANDREW John (Voter ID number 109885550).
STEFANICK, CRISTA Roberts (Voter ID number 110028677).

122 NE 105TH ST
MEVERS, MARGARET Hood (Voter ID number 110232553).
MEVERS, ROY Eugene (Voter ID number 110067499).

122 NE 64TH ST
DEJESUS, YNMACULADA M. (Voter ID number 117349686).
MENDEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 120321357).

122 NE 78TH ST
MOISE, ANGELO (Voter ID number 114719752).

122 NE 92ND ST
PYKE, ANNA Maria (Voter ID number 109269685).
PYKE, BRYAN Eric (Voter ID number 109118675).
PYKE, JOSHUA Eric (Voter ID number 110129053).

1220 NE 81ST TER
GONZALEZ, BAYRON H. (Voter ID number 109942604).
GONZALEZ, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 119368892).
ALEXANDER, BLANCA D. (Voter ID number 110207439).
LEMUS, ZOE De Jesus (Voter ID number 110236445).

1220 NE 82ND ST
GONZALEZ, VIVIAN O. (Voter ID number 113995081).

1220 NE 83RD ST
FELTON, IOLA Jean (Voter ID number 110140993).
MARSHALL, IOLA Jean (Voter ID number 108936806).

1220 NE 88TH ST
OTIS, KRISTIAN Clark (Voter ID number 109345696).
ROWELL-OTIS, BRENDA (Voter ID number 110203318).

1220 NE 94TH ST
ASCUNCE-TRINIDAD, CRISTINA Maria (Voter ID number 109483757).
DUARTE, TANYA (Voter ID number 109120033).

1220 NE 96TH ST
VALDEZ, ARKYS Lissette (Voter ID number 109770001).
PALMA, DORIS Lissette (Voter ID number 109435284).
PALMA, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 110015207).
PALMA, JULISSA Vianelle (Voter ID number 116629859).

1221 NE 81ST TER
STEEN, EDNA Frith (Voter ID number 108927570).

1221 NE 85TH ST
CASE, WILLIAM Ralph (Voter ID number 117083877).
SMITH, EUGENE Daryl (Voter ID number 109549220).

1222 NE 91ST ST
COMBS, ALVIN L. (Voter ID number 109227221).
EMERY, KATHY Eileen (Voter ID number 109040701).

1222 NE 99TH ST
MAY, FRANCES W. (Voter ID number 108915073).
MAY, PAUL D. (Voter ID number 108915075).

1223 NE 99TH ST
DECKER, LUCIENNE P. (Voter ID number 108956381).
DECKER, ROBERT William (Voter ID number 108956380).

1225 NE 101ST ST
DAVIS, JANET Louise (Voter ID number 109396645).
VAN BEEKUM, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 109530520).

1225 NE 91ST TER
VIDAL, MAX Felipe (Voter ID number 120080532).
VIDAL, NIKITA (Voter ID number 120150569).
HANSACK, BETTY B. (Voter ID number 117021288).

1225 NE 93RD ST
SCHILLINGER, JACK (Voter ID number 108908680).

1225 NE 95TH ST
MACDONALD, JOSEPH Elliot (Voter ID number 120219460).
MACDONALD, SHEILA Elaine (Voter ID number 120219381).
O'BRIEN, MARY Ellen (Voter ID number 109228606).
TRIPODO, ANDREW A. (Voter ID number 115448348).
TRIPODO, ANTHONY John (Voter ID number 109210979).
TRIPODO, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 119374947).

1225 NE 96TH ST
ROVITO, OSCAR (Voter ID number 109387378).

1226 NE 97TH ST
SHAW, PETER G. (Voter ID number 120338344).
SHAW, LINDA L. (Voter ID number 120338452).

1228 NE 89TH ST
HENDRIX, TODD Harland (Voter ID number 108788368).

1228 NE 98TH ST
PASTOR, MIRIAM C. (Voter ID number 109945849).

1229 NE 97TH ST
HARRINGTON-PENA, MICHAEL William (Voter ID number 119174919).
HARRINGTON, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 109356401).
PENA, ALTAGRACIA Teresita (Voter ID number 110219285).

123 NE 68TH TER
DES ROSIERS, DANIELLA (Voter ID number 114730867).

123 NE 71ST ST
FOX, SHENIQUE Melvern Nacoya (Voter ID number 109991136).
FATIL, MOISE (Voter ID number 116268544).

123 NE 75TH ST
DOCTEUR, BERRY (Voter ID number 119611160).

123 NE 97TH ST
BUTLER, ROBERT Samuel (Voter ID number 109031121).

1230 NE 102ND ST
WOOLFOLK, VANDRA G. (Voter ID number 109743570).

1230 NE 82ND ST
ROJAS, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109405258).

1230 NE 83RD ST
JARRETT, AMANDA (Voter ID number 117060544).

1230 NE 85TH ST
BOUZA, ANGELA (Voter ID number 109827891).
BOUZA, RAMON (Voter ID number 109827559).

1230 NE 89TH ST
DIAZ, CRESCENCIO L. (Voter ID number 109246207).
DIAZ, MARITZA Gari (Voter ID number 109243068).
DIAZ, RODRIGO R. (Voter ID number 115626484).

1230 NE 91ST TER
MARACINI, EMMANUEL A. (Voter ID number 109118693).
SIQUEIROS, ANDREA (Voter ID number 114645087).
SIQUEIROS, DAVID Michael (Voter ID number 109725290).

1230 NE 95TH ST
DUMAS, CRISTINA Maria (Voter ID number 109764663).
DUMAS, JERROLD A. (Voter ID number 110136664).
DUMAS, JERROLD Oysborn (Voter ID number 109065396).
DUMAS, ROSARIO Quesada (Voter ID number 109077765).

1231 NE 81ST TER
BACK, LA VONNE (Voter ID number 101670595).
SIMONS, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 101652251).
SIMONS, MARISSA Mae (Voter ID number 119626867).
SIMONS, JULIANA Back (Voter ID number 101724781).

1231 NE 83RD ST
HOLLAND, ROBERT Winston (Voter ID number 109186565).
HOLLAND, TIANIKA Latonya (Voter ID number 109422182).

1231 NE 85TH ST
JIANG, WEN J. (Voter ID number 118824131).

1231 NE 88TH ST
PELAYO, JOSE Sergio (Voter ID number 109157741).
PURTEE, MARINA Elke (Voter ID number 109550557).

1232 NE 88TH ST
LOBRACCO-SMITH, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 109704064).
SMITH, RAYMOND Edward (Voter ID number 109704065).

1233 NE 89TH ST
ORTIZ, ROY (Voter ID number 109976786).
STEARNS, WILLIAM Scott (Voter ID number 109321157).

1233 NE 90TH ST
HEWES, IDA L. (Voter ID number 108920223).

1234 NE 101ST ST
RUFENER, JANN Sharon (Voter ID number 109711098).

1234 NE 89TH ST
ARTUNDUAGA, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 118682465).

1234 NE 94TH ST
WHITMAN, STANLEY F. (Voter ID number 108908745).

1234 NE 96TH ST
ALLEN, CHARLES Norman (Voter ID number 108903197).
ALLEN, SUSAN Carole (Voter ID number 108959842).

1235 NE 100TH ST
DE THOMAS, LOUIS M. (Voter ID number 109400242).
LOPEZ, VANESSA Elena (Voter ID number 110037259).

1235 NE 88TH ST
WATSON, RICHARD Furman (Voter ID number 109096531).

1235 NE 93RD ST
MICHAEL, BRENT James (Voter ID number 109962296).
SUERO, LICINIO R. (Voter ID number 107036806).
SUERO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 110305920).

1235 NE 95TH ST
FIELD, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 109688889).
FIELD, PAUL Henry (Voter ID number 109070343).
KEYS, ROSALIE P. (Voter ID number 109963915).

1235 NE 96TH ST
WILLIAMSON, ROBERT Froman (Voter ID number 108936957).
WILLIAMSON, JULIE A S (Voter ID number 108944894).

1236 NE 92ND ST
HUGHES, LAUREN Levy (Voter ID number 109224008).
LEVY, BARBARA Wexner (Voter ID number 109128058).
STERN, SHAUNA Gayle (Voter ID number 109307467).

1236 NE 93RD ST
PENGSALOOD, VICHULADA (Voter ID number 119863405).
YAN, KAI C. (Voter ID number 114122923).

1237 NE 93RD ST
FISCHER, MICHAEL William (Voter ID number 101965872).
SANCHEZ, MONICA (Voter ID number 117207889).
ZAMITH, LUCIANA A. (Voter ID number 110006597).

1237 NE 99TH ST
KELLEY, CHRISTOPHER Paul (Voter ID number 109044336).
KELLEY, STEPHANIE Mc Lain (Voter ID number 109107274).
KELLEY, SARAH S. (Voter ID number 116155087).

1238 NE 96TH ST
MARTINEZ, DAISY Bea (Voter ID number 110191631).
MARTINEZ, BECKY Keller (Voter ID number 109036824).
MARTINEZ-ARIZALA, ALBERTO A. (Voter ID number 109103986).

1238 NE 98TH ST
NOWAKOWKI, ALEXANDRA Grace (Voter ID number 120797298).
NOWAKOWSKI, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 109759592).
NOWAKOWSKI, LORRAINE G. (Voter ID number 109759582).

1239 NE 100TH ST
FONSECA, CARLOS H. (Voter ID number 119818452).
MILLER-FONSECA, JOSEPHINE Eva (Voter ID number 115236728).

124 NE 89TH ST
BORGES, VIRGINIA T. (Voter ID number 109210479).
DELACERDA, KAYLA Francesca (Voter ID number 119961856).

124 NE 90TH ST
FINEMAN, EDWARD Lynn (Voter ID number 109325613).

124 NE 96TH ST
PUCHADES, MICHAEL Angel (Voter ID number 109203743).
STEPHEN, LOURDES V. (Voter ID number 120328272).

1240 NE 100TH ST
COLLINS, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 119627125).
RUBIN, ALAN M. (Voter ID number 109798214).

1240 NE 81ST TER
SAQUI, ANGEL Carlos (Voter ID number 109105943).
SAQUI, ROSARIO Charo (Voter ID number 109105942).

1240 NE 82ND ST
FRANKLIN, JOHN G. (Voter ID number 119814223).
FRANKLIN, KAREN Anne (Voter ID number 115236982).
FRANKLIN, LEONARD G. (Voter ID number 109497659).
FRANKLIN, PEGGY W. (Voter ID number 109497657).

1240 NE 83RD ST
AGUIRRE, JEAN Mary (Voter ID number 108955742).
JACOBSEN, VIOLET B. (Voter ID number 110305341).
KOLSKI, ALEXANDER Patrick (Voter ID number 109379876).
KOLSKI, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 109853025).
KOLSKI, PATRICIA Marie (Voter ID number 108993416).

1240 NE 91ST TER
JACKSON, JAMES Mc Caslin (Voter ID number 108908019).
JACKSON, MARLENE Esther (Voter ID number 108908020).

1240 NE 93RD ST
SARKISIAN, BRITTANY A. (Voter ID number 110157840).
SARKISIAN, LEANNE Florence (Voter ID number 108909149).

1240 NE 97TH ST
DOMBROWSKY, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 105126983).
BLACKMAN, MARIE PATRICIA Anderson Anna (Voter ID number 105134304).

1241 NE 83RD ST
DE LA TORRE, PAUL (Voter ID number 109327856).
DE LA TORRE, SANDRA Langlois (Voter ID number 109775429).

1241 NE 87TH ST
LIPNER, DANIEL Lau (Voter ID number 109433280).
LIPNER, J Kenneth (Voter ID number 109078439).

1241 NE 91ST TER
BURNS, MICHAEL Paul (Voter ID number 110013564).
ORTIZ, KAREN Tania (Voter ID number 110190077).

1242 NE 104TH ST
APARICIO, BIANCA (Voter ID number 109866659).
APARICIO, LILY (Voter ID number 109318069).

1242 NE 81ST TER
OMAHONY, KIMBERLY Anne (Voter ID number 117852563).
O'MAHONY, CHRISTIAN Dennis (Voter ID number 109878979).

1244 NE 81ST TER
DURITY, ARNOLD (Voter ID number 119740805).
DURITY, LUCILLE Olivia (Voter ID number 109506311).
DURITY, PETRONELLA (Voter ID number 119744836).

1245 NE 81ST TER
NIETO, HECTOR Jose (Voter ID number 110320214).

1245 NE 82ND ST
ALVAREZ, NETTIE Helen (Voter ID number 108903584).
ALVAREZ, TOMAS Ramon (Voter ID number 108903592).

1245 NE 90TH ST
BLACK, DAVID Alan (Voter ID number 108925959).

1245 NE 92ND ST
DELUCA, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 116180886).
PETKOFF, ALEJANDRA (Voter ID number 119101734).
MCPHEE, DEBRA M. (Voter ID number 116765567).

1245 NE 93RD ST
HUNTER, MARK David (Voter ID number 102432092).

1245 NE 94TH ST
HOLLANDER, FRANK Lowell (Voter ID number 109172044).
HUGHES, DANIEL Phillip (Voter ID number 109054286).

1245 NE 96TH ST
PIRAK, MARYA Angelique (Voter ID number 116504951).
SWEISBERGER, CORY M. (Voter ID number 119087069).
SWEISBERGER, PATTY A. (Voter ID number 109757093).
SWEISBERGER, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109761723).

1245 NE 97TH ST
CIRROTTI, DOLORES Marie (Voter ID number 108914096).

1245 NE 98TH ST
PALMER, ROBERT T. (Voter ID number 118107926).
PALMER, THOMAS Lee (Voter ID number 119777348).
PALMER, CYNTHIA Saxon (Voter ID number 109329102).

1247 NE 101ST ST
ALTERMAN, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number 110232973).
HERNANDEZ, MAURICIO (Voter ID number 118598395).
HERNANDEZ, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 109252527).
WAYNE, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 108994271).

1248 NE 89TH ST
CORDOVA, ANTHONY Candido (Voter ID number 108909871).

1248 NE 99TH ST
CHARLES, CATHLEEN Mary (Voter ID number 109159689).
CHARLES, JOSEPH G. (Voter ID number 108983060).
CHARLES, MARILYN G. (Voter ID number 108983061).

1249 NE 100TH ST
SOTOLONGO, SERGIO (Voter ID number 108948474).
NEWBORN, CARYN L. (Voter ID number 109106779).
NEWBORN, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 109893949).
NEWBORN, MICHAEL Roy (Voter ID number 108909017).

1249 NE 91ST TER
SOTOMAYOR, RICARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 119729476).
MIRANDA, HEINRICH (Voter ID number 109963675).
TORRES, SONJA Bonilla (Voter ID number 109104843).

1249 NE 97TH ST
JUDGE, HILARY B. (Voter ID number 110241888).
MARINO, CHRISTOPHER Michael (Voter ID number 115880559).
MARINO, STEPHEN A. (Voter ID number 110154520).

125 NE 104TH ST
GARCIA, RAFAEL Hernando (Voter ID number 109603905).

125 NE 106TH ST
QUESADA, HUMBERTO Jorge (Voter ID number 110215815).

125 NE 66TH ST
DELVA, KEVIN (Voter ID number 105208567).
DELVA, WHEATLEY (Voter ID number 110063879).
FRANCOIS, BRYAN (Voter ID number 120894444).
FRANCOIS, CHINELLE (Voter ID number 120157864).
DELVA, BRYAN (Voter ID number 114243327).
DELVA, OCCIUS Fils (Voter ID number 115434126).
DELVA, OCCUIS Saintura (Voter ID number 109464252).
DELVA, OCCIUS (Voter ID number 116991581).

125 NE 71ST ST
APT #125

RIVERA, RUTH I. (Voter ID number 119766907).

125 NE 75TH ST
FRANCOIS, GINA (Voter ID number 121175476).
MICHEL, MARTINE (Voter ID number 114305738).
ETIENNE, ACEPHIE (Voter ID number 117489413).

125 NE 86TH ST
MITCHELL, OLIVIA Marie (Voter ID number 114397900).
MITCHELL, ANTHONY Dwayne (Voter ID number 109204004).
MITCHELL, TERRI Lynn (Voter ID number 109795103).

125 NE 89TH ST
BENJAMIN, RAWLE OSCAR ARLINGTON (Voter ID number 114478448).
BENJAMIN, DONNA Marcia (Voter ID number 116889003).

125 NE 94TH ST
HORNBROOK, EDWIN Fitzhugh (Voter ID number 116723290).
HORNBROOK, HELEN F. (Voter ID number 108908301).

125 NE 98TH ST
BLUM, MAAYAN Ariela (Voter ID number 109966412).
CLARK, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109966536).

1250 NE 101ST ST
MC GUINNESS, MARIA Charles (Voter ID number 109240015).
MC GUINNESS, NEIL Frederick (Voter ID number 109568074).

1250 NE 102ND ST
MARTIN, NICHOLAS E. (Voter ID number 120134380).
NARDO-BONAU, MARIA Theresa (Voter ID number 109126472).

1250 NE 104TH ST
DRU, ANDERSON (Voter ID number 114143930).

1250 NE 82ND ST
GOMEZ, OCTAVIO (Voter ID number 109049911).
THUMANN, ELSA Miriam (Voter ID number 109038176).
THUMANN, HANS F. (Voter ID number 109566603).
THUMANN, JOHANN Friedrich (Voter ID number 108945787).

1250 NE 83RD ST
VASQUEZ, NATALIE Ann (Voter ID number 118535933).
PROSPER, ANA Feliz (Voter ID number 109409021).
PROSPER, HERIBERTO (Voter ID number 109395085).

1250 NE 85TH ST
MIGUEL, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 109610333).
MIGUEL, RAFAEL Ernesto (Voter ID number 109406044).

1250 NE 87TH ST
GROSPE, CHAD Michael (Voter ID number 117014271).
GROSPE, DALIMAR (Voter ID number 114832409).
ZALDIVAR, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109459117).
ZALDIVAR, GWENDOLYN Ines (Voter ID number 109420114).

1250 NE 91ST TER
ORCEL, JACQUELINE B. (Voter ID number 109354808).
ORCEL, SCHELLA (Voter ID number 109390611).

1250 NE 93RD ST
NONOY, NADINE Faith (Voter ID number 121066083).

1250 NE 95TH ST
FISCHER, DIANNE Olivia (Voter ID number 109658793).

1250 NE 96TH ST
CRESPO, FERNANDO L. (Voter ID number 109347030).
CRESPO, KIMBERLEY Noelle (Voter ID number 109516454).
SMITH, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 109804868).

1250 NE 97TH ST
SHAW, CHRISTINE Ann (Voter ID number 109042667).
KONCHAK, CHAD William (Voter ID number 109877411).
KONCHAK, SUSAN E. (Voter ID number 109015992).
KONCHAK, WILLIAM Hugh (Voter ID number 109072953).

1251 NE 82ND ST
MC GHEE, MORGAN Gabrielle (Voter ID number 110156559).
MC GHEE, GARRIAN Hood (Voter ID number 108970052).

1251 NE 83RD ST
BRUGER, JACK Harry (Voter ID number 119241863).
FELSEN, BETH Lynn (Voter ID number 116710840).
FELSEN, MURRAY (Voter ID number 116711708).

1251 NE 84TH ST
MEINHOLD, VOLKER Keith (Voter ID number 105907976).
WEISS, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number 115304556).

1251 NE 94TH ST
LASKY, HEATHER Fran (Voter ID number 110300395).

1254 NE 100TH ST
DUCASSI, NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 116551264).
DUCASSI, DANIEL (Voter ID number 118109864).
DUCASSI, JESUS (Voter ID number 108960867).
MESSICK, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 109353392).

1255 NE 89TH ST
STAPPENBECK, LEE A. (Voter ID number 109200171).
STUBBS, DENISE (Voter ID number 109552858).
STUBBS, GEORGE Clinton (Voter ID number 109642682).
STUBBS, SHIUKI (Voter ID number 110094390).

1255 NE 90TH ST
HARRINGTON, MARTHA E. (Voter ID number 108917495).
HARRINGTON, TOM K. (Voter ID number 108917496).

1255 NE 93RD ST
AVERA, JERRY A. (Voter ID number 110181041).

1255 NE 95TH ST
WILLENBORG, BLAINE Joseph (Voter ID number 109005645).
WILLENBORG, LORI Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109284060).
WILLENBORG, BLAINE A. (Voter ID number 119573632).
WILLENBORG, MALLORY Katherine (Voter ID number 116559542).

1255 NE 99TH ST
SCHAEFER, BUNNY Linnea (Voter ID number 108909489).

1256 NE 92ND ST
MASUCCI, DESIREE Ulrica (Voter ID number 110155183).
MASUCCI, DONATO Rosario (Voter ID number 109424821).
MASUCCI, RENEE J. (Voter ID number 109223536).
MASUCCI, SELINA C. (Voter ID number 115284825).

1257 NE 94TH ST
BASS, KAREN Manas (Voter ID number 110295047).
BASS, SIDDHARTH Singh (Voter ID number 109829499).

1259 NE 97TH ST
GRABLE, JANE H. (Voter ID number 108927655).

1259 NE 98TH ST
ROSE, JOHN Wayne (Voter ID number 109031999).
ROSE, TERRI P. (Voter ID number 109927404).

126 NE 103RD ST
RAYMOND, MAX (Voter ID number 118122116).
BOURDEAU, MARIE Denise (Voter ID number 109825582).
PIERRE, EMMANUEL Michel (Voter ID number 117133431).
RAYMOND, MAXI (Voter ID number 109829984).
RAYMOND, VENOL (Voter ID number 116553728).

126 NE 106TH ST
KELLY, CAROLYN J. (Voter ID number 116711987).
BALDWIN, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 109973074).
SHILLINGFORD, JOHN Gerald (Voter ID number 119887521).

126 NE 93RD ST
HERNANDEZ, FRANCISCO R. (Voter ID number 120449618).
ARELLANO, GLADYS (Voter ID number 116998314).

126 NE 97TH ST
MCLAUGHEN, ANDREW D. (Voter ID number 118464803).
MC LAUGHEN, LAUREL L. (Voter ID number 110027512).
PETERS, RONALD E. (Voter ID number 109296965).

1260 NE 82ND ST
ZELAYA, JOSE Guillermo (Voter ID number 109975983).

1260 NE 83RD ST
TEVINI, HELMUT (Voter ID number 109271188).
TEVINI, LYDIA Lewin (Voter ID number 109150223).
TEVINI, NYKI (Voter ID number 109980374).

1260 NE 85TH ST
RAMOS, RAUL (Voter ID number 109304331).
RAMOS-POLLOCK, WILLIAM Raul (Voter ID number 115240419).
SARDINA CASTRO, RAMON M. (Voter ID number 119002651).

1260 NE 94TH ST
KORNBLUH, ALAN M. (Voter ID number 108918646).
LAYTON, STEPHANIE Taylor (Voter ID number 110200227).
TAYLOR, CLARK Edward (Voter ID number 110166788).

1260 NE 97TH ST
OEHL, WANTANA (Voter ID number 109848703).

1261 NE 82ND ST
CUSHNIE, MILDRED M. (Voter ID number 110257085).

1261 NE 84TH ST
JOHNSON, RALPH E. (Voter ID number 111958621).
THOMPSON, PORTA R. (Voter ID number 109256255).

1263 NE 101ST ST
GARCIA, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 119759865).
RODRIGUEZ, CLAUDIO S. (Voter ID number 115736054).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Dona (Voter ID number 109799598).

1263 NE 92ND ST
PACHECO BOBONIS TZAV, MARTA Josefina (Voter ID number 120207145).
TZAVARAS, AUGUSTOS Mikhail (Voter ID number 120940899).
PUIG, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 114436819).

1263 NE 93RD ST
MUELLER, FREDERICK Wilhelm (Voter ID number 109083049).
MUELLER, JOAN M. (Voter ID number 108908619).

1263 NE 94TH ST
SCHMIDT, NORMA Hamilton (Voter ID number 108908683).

1266 NE 101ST ST
SANDOVAL HOLSTON, MERCEDES Caridad (Voter ID number 109224045).
HOLSTON, JOHN Wesley (Voter ID number 109801906).

1266 NE 94TH ST
BERKOWITZ, MELISSA (Voter ID number 109697828).

1268 NE 93RD ST
IVIE, HARVEY Glen (Voter ID number 108952499).
IVIE, MARY Barbara (Voter ID number 108952500).

1269 NE 94TH ST
SIMS, THOMAS John (Voter ID number 109033240).
SIMS, WENDY Carol (Voter ID number 109050906).

1269 NE 98TH ST
CARROLL, JAMES Joseph (Voter ID number 109809937).
RICHTER, ERICA M. (Voter ID number 109528867).

1269 NE 99TH ST
INDORF, SCOTT Allen (Voter ID number 110051332).
WESSEL-INDORF, ANN Marie (Voter ID number 110014476).

127 NE 64TH ST
OSCAR, ROSEL (Voter ID number 120195137).

127 NE 66TH ST
MATTHEWS, MKEEDA A. (Voter ID number 109681305).
SMITH, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 109173360).

127 NE 71ST ST
AUMEUS, JEANNE Avrina (Voter ID number 110189056).

1270 NE 100TH ST
DE OLIVEIRA, LOIS Blake (Voter ID number 109149038).
DE OLIVEIRA, NATHAN Jose (Voter ID number 117722309).
DE OLIVEIRA, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 109292364).

1270 NE 102ND ST
CINTRON, EDWIN (Voter ID number 109204966).
HOBSON, HOYT Clifton (Voter ID number 109435503).

1270 NE 103RD ST
BELL, CHRISTINA Rene (Voter ID number 108962523).

1270 NE 105TH ST
MURPHY, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109309012).
DAVIS, BIRDIE M. (Voter ID number 109549976).
FERREIRA, JUAN Jose (Voter ID number 109767362).
GONZALEZ, CRISTINA Denise (Voter ID number 114361540).

1270 NE 105TH ST

MARINELLO, GINA Marie (Voter ID number 105831357).

1270 NE 85TH ST
ROJAS, RONALD Padron (Voter ID number 109550900).

1270 NE 87TH ST
DIAZ, VERONICA M. (Voter ID number 109855696).

1270 NE 92ND ST
JOSEPH, DANIELLE (Voter ID number 118158268).
FISHER, JESSICA Rose (Voter ID number 110225486).
FISHER, JOCELYNE (Voter ID number 109348830).

1270 NE 94TH ST
CHAN, ANNA Mee-Yee (Voter ID number 109663970).
ROSENTHAL, BRUCE A. (Voter ID number 109020620).
ROSENTHAL, MATTHEW C. (Voter ID number 110156725).

1270 NE 95TH ST
TRACY, DWIGHT L. (Voter ID number 109800737).
TRACY, HELEN Louise (Voter ID number 109284924).

1270 NE 97TH ST
JARVIS-GETTIS, LESLIE G. (Voter ID number 109802606).
GETTIS, STEVEN D. (Voter ID number 109228333).

1271 NE 105TH ST
OTI, OLGA Maria (Voter ID number 109344055).
RODRIGUEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109764412).

1271 NE 84TH ST
MONTREUIL, JACKIE Ingrid (Voter ID number 115734819).
MONTREUIL, VLADIMIR (Voter ID number 110234143).
ETIENNE MONTREUIL, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 109588315).
MONTREUIL, JACQUELIN (Voter ID number 115802988).

1271 NE 97TH ST
ACEVES GORDON, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109378390).
GORDON, REED D. (Voter ID number 109958023).

1273 NE 105TH ST
OKON, JESSICA Liana-Marie (Voter ID number 115336195).

1273 NE 92ND ST
THOMPSON, ROBERT Anthony (Voter ID number 117645038).
THOMPSON, MARIE G. (Voter ID number 109384436).
THOMPSON, RUBEN T. (Voter ID number 109176942).
THOMPSON, RUBEN A. (Voter ID number 116664287).

1273 NE 95TH ST
WALKER, JOHN Neal (Voter ID number 108909639).
WALKER, LUCY G. (Voter ID number 108909640).

1275 NE 105TH ST
FREIRE, DEBRA Lee (Voter ID number 109409268).
FREIRE, GABRIANA Marie (Voter ID number 119686907).

1275 NE 79TH ST
DAVIS, PAUL Benjamin (Voter ID number 120956873).
HALLAM, SUSAN Marie (Voter ID number 121151937).
SALLEH, TOMMY B. (Voter ID number 109902390).

1275 NE 79TH ST

LEPORE, GERALD Michael (Voter ID number 109959224).

1275 NE 79TH ST
AARONSON, STEVE Micheal (Voter ID number 110296446).
RICKARD, VINCENT Laird (Voter ID number 110068231).

1275 NE 79TH ST
UNIT #108

PHILLIPS, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 109570014).

1275 NE 93RD ST
LIANG, CATHERINE Olivia (Voter ID number 109452409).
LIANG, JOHN (Voter ID number 109170707).
LIANG, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 109186275).
LIANG, KIMBERLY Jane (Voter ID number 110092288).

1275 NE 94TH ST
MILLER, PAUL Jay (Voter ID number 109660603).

1276 NE 93RD ST
PEARSON, PATRICK Cornel (Voter ID number 110184668).
SENDEROFF, GARI Alden (Voter ID number 109798571).
SHEPHERD, JOHN Martin (Voter ID number 110103715).
SHEPHERD, LISA G. (Voter ID number 109302415).

1276 NE 94TH ST
HAGE, RICHARD David (Voter ID number 109057499).

1277 NE 105TH ST
SUMMERS, TOM (Voter ID number 110214760).

1279 NE 105TH ST
CONWAY, KRISTIN M. (Voter ID number 113043969).
FEINBERG, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number 119837653).

1279 NE 97TH ST
GURDIAN, DORIS Maria (Voter ID number 110301053).
YEFET, AYALA (Voter ID number 119199449).

1279 NE 98TH ST
BLUMENTHAL, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 109545556).
GOMEZ, ALEXANDER Manuel (Voter ID number 109753416).
BLUMENTHAL, OLIMPIA A. (Voter ID number 109067553).

128 NE 82ND TER
CRAY, ANTONIO M. (Voter ID number 110245055).

128 NE 94TH ST
DEL VALLE, OSCAR Eduardo (Voter ID number 114568874).

128 NE 98TH ST
MUST, EMILY M. (Voter ID number 114095634).
DODSON, KIMBERLY Svrcek (Voter ID number 115752345).

128 NE 99TH ST
COLAS, HIRAM Aramis (Voter ID number 109282847).

1280 NE 101ST ST
NELSON, CLAIRE N. (Voter ID number 116429411).
HALL, PAMELA Denise (Voter ID number 115462329).

1280 NE 102ND ST
JUANICO, BRIAN T. (Voter ID number 115663521).
JUANICO, DENISE M. (Voter ID number 109802173).
JUANICO, MARK Thomas (Voter ID number 109169516).

1280 NE 105TH ST

DACQUISTO, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 114525755).

1280 NE 105TH ST
SPURGE, DORIS (Voter ID number 109152035).

1280 NE 105TH ST

BALZER, JOHN Henry (Voter ID number 105802099).

1280 NE 105TH ST

HAGE, BLANCA Michele (Voter ID number 119780839).
GLEASON, MICHAEL Jay (Voter ID number 117051098).

1280 NE 85TH ST
NURANI, ALYKHAN (Voter ID number 120128654).
NURANI, NAFIZA A. (Voter ID number 120503761).
NURANI, ALIYA (Voter ID number 120444641).
NURANI, AZIZ (Voter ID number 116919385).

1281 NE 105TH ST
CAMPOY, NORMA Juana (Voter ID number 114266329).
LAGUARDIA, LARISA (Voter ID number 110266397).
LIN, ESTHER S. (Voter ID number 110256450).

1281 NE 83RD ST
ZAYAS, ANGELA Christine (Voter ID number 109874056).
ZAYAS, FRANK M. (Voter ID number 109074711).

1281 NE 85TH ST
BECKER, JULIA (Voter ID number 118038074).

1283 NE 105TH ST
ALEJO, ALEJO Corpuz (Voter ID number 110343100).
BREWSTER, JODI K. (Voter ID number 116056595).

1284 NE 92ND ST
POITIER, ALEXANDRIA Thea (Voter ID number 118122055).
POITIER, ARLEEN Lofton (Voter ID number 108990122).
POITIER, JOSEPH W. (Voter ID number 109140566).

1284 NE 94TH ST
JACOBS, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 120202750).
JACOBS, BRYAN Phillip (Voter ID number 110248792).
JACOBS, SUZANNE S. (Voter ID number 109283289).

1285 NE 101ST ST
CLIFFORD, JILL Alexis (Voter ID number 109808953).
CLIFFORD, PAUL David (Voter ID number 110068754).

1285 NE 102ND ST
CIAN, BRUNA (Voter ID number 102395915).
LEBOWITZ, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109157401).
LEBOWITZ, MAURICE David (Voter ID number 109798968).

1285 NE 103RD ST
JIMENEZ, ROGELIA (Voter ID number 110281375).
THAMAS, CARL (Voter ID number 110277219).

1285 NE 104TH ST
MANN, LISA Ellen (Voter ID number 109174667).
TIMINSKY, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 109801625).

1285 NE 105TH ST
UQUILLAS, GLORIA (Voter ID number 117016598).
UQUILLAS, IVAN Arturo (Voter ID number 115765689).

1285 NE 94TH ST
MOSHEIM, KRISTINE E. (Voter ID number 109969166).
MOSHEIM, ROBERT David (Voter ID number 109240451).

1286 NE 104TH ST
OLIVIER, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 109228089).

1286 NE 95TH ST
RIVERO, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109341148).
RIVERO, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 109227884).

1286 NE 96TH ST
COFIELD, HELEN (Voter ID number 108923163).
COFIELD, SANDRA M. (Voter ID number 109118631).

1286 NE 98TH ST
STANFILL, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 108925473).
STANFILL, LAWRENCE M. (Voter ID number 108925474).

1286 NE 99TH ST
SHERMAN, COURTNEY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 114373520).
SHERMAN, ALAN David (Voter ID number 109037205).
SHERMAN, DANA Richtarcik (Voter ID number 109034042).
SHERMAN, ZACHARY Alan (Voter ID number 110114240).

1287 NE 100TH ST
GOLL, LORELEI (Voter ID number 109323023).
GOLL, ELAINE Mary (Voter ID number 109009391).

1287 NE 105TH ST
MC GEEHAN, CAROL R. (Voter ID number 109779322).

1287 NE 96TH ST
BRODSKY, MICAH C. (Voter ID number 110226556).

1288 NE 101ST ST
BLAND, CARLTON Roosevelt (Voter ID number 114782566).

1289 NE 105TH ST
MERCADO, GAYLE Anne (Voter ID number 109862433).

129 NE 69TH ST
THELUSMA, NICLAS (Voter ID number 109452907).

129 NE 71ST ST
MURPHY, LLOYD C. (Voter ID number 116270742).
PORTER, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 115581853).

129 NE 80TH TER
PETERSON, CHARLIE (Voter ID number 110174668).
LAZARRE, MARCEL Marie (Voter ID number 110254807).
PETERSON, NAOMI E. (Voter ID number 109288688).
PETERSON, TRAMONTE R. (Voter ID number 110207444).
PIERRE, JOVANNIE (Voter ID number 117208831).

129 NE 80TH TER

LAZARRE, MARIE G. (Voter ID number 117776073).

129 NE 87TH ST
CUNNINGHAM, DOUGLAS Mac Lean (Voter ID number 108947154).

129 NE 97TH ST
JOHNSON, DERRICK Lamont (Voter ID number 109771191).

1290 NE 100TH ST
KIEFER, RONALD Eric (Voter ID number 116120923).

1290 NE 101ST ST
SERRANO MORALES, ANDREA (Voter ID number 121267232).

1290 NE 102ND ST
ALLEN, ELIZABETH Guanci (Voter ID number 109291369).
ALLEN, MATTHEW James (Voter ID number 109323839).

1290 NE 103RD ST
FIX, COLLEN Egan (Voter ID number 108920454).
THOMSON, MAUREEN J. (Voter ID number 110186466).

1290 NE 104TH ST
CONLEY, KELLY Ann (Voter ID number 118783387).
CONLEY, LETY C. (Voter ID number 109799870).
CONLEY, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 109248070).

1290 NE 82ND ST
EVEDON, ALEC M. (Voter ID number 120128494).
EVEDON, LAURA E. (Voter ID number 120128523).
EVEDON, MARC L. (Voter ID number 120128515).
EVEDON, MITCHELL B. (Voter ID number 110235807).

1290 NE 83RD ST
GILPIN, LENNOX O'Rilley (Voter ID number 109752839).

1290 NE 96TH ST
VEREZ ESTENSON, TERESA (Voter ID number 110186826).

1291 NE 102ND ST
PAZ, EMMANUEL Imperial (Voter ID number 111682511).

1291 NE 105TH ST
MURAWKA, MARIA Ann (Voter ID number 109948862).

1291 NE 94TH ST
YORK, BRADLEY Jack (Voter ID number 109400351).
PATINO, FREDDY Enrique (Voter ID number 110315329).

1291 NE 96TH ST
LANGHAUSER, KAREN A. (Voter ID number 109202847).
PALUCH, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 109202916).

1292 NE 105TH ST
BOONE, ELIZABETH Pates (Voter ID number 109543685).

1292 NE 94TH ST
GONZALEZ, ERNEST M. (Voter ID number 109155000).
MARSHALL, HAROLD C. (Voter ID number 109491733).

1292 NE 95TH ST
DUBBERLY, STEVEN Bruce (Voter ID number 110178572).
SWANSON, FRANK Charles (Voter ID number 110333267).

1293 NE 104TH ST
GODINEZ, JULIA A. (Voter ID number 119622047).
GODINEZ, FERNANDO R. (Voter ID number 109341920).
GODINEZ, LORAINE Hofmann (Voter ID number 109374589).

1293 NE 105TH ST
ALCALA, MARK (Voter ID number 110089177).
PLEVNIK, JILAN (Voter ID number 114748440).

1293 NE 95TH ST
MATERAZZI, ROBERT Ward (Voter ID number 109828450).
SADUSKY, VINCENT James (Voter ID number 109802177).
KELLOGG, ALICE A. (Voter ID number 109406885).

1294 NE 105TH ST
SULLIVAN, DELONA L. (Voter ID number 110724811).

1294 NE 96TH ST
PAXTON, CARL Leroy (Voter ID number 109083062).

1295 NE 105TH ST
ROTH, ADAM (Voter ID number 109980978).
ROTH, RORIE B. (Voter ID number 110219162).

1296 NE 105TH ST
BOUGHEY, MARY E. (Voter ID number 108950956).
PERLBERG, ARNOLD Norman (Voter ID number 108922460).

1296 NE 105TH ST

DE LA TORRE, ALFREDO Armando (Voter ID number 116899934).

1297 NE 103RD ST
BABIL, MELISSA B. (Voter ID number 114328196).
BABIL, THOMAS (Voter ID number 110343006).

1298 NE 100TH ST
THOMPSON, SHARON Jan (Voter ID number 109212392).

1298 NE 104TH ST
CASTELLON, CLAUDIO Antonio (Voter ID number 109547855).
NALABOFF, DENISE L. (Voter ID number 109797290).
NALABOFF, PHILIP A. (Voter ID number 110081454).

1298 NE 95TH ST
NORTHUP, EVAN Armstrong (Voter ID number 110152758).
NORTHUP, LESLEY Armstrong (Voter ID number 109478872).
PECK, EDITH D. (Voter ID number 109251920).

1298 NE 97TH ST
DOWNS, ANTONIE B. (Voter ID number 108946325).

1298 NE 98TH ST
LA BARRE, RUTH Anne (Voter ID number 109121892).

1298 NE 99TH ST
FAYS, SORAYA A. (Voter ID number 120300159).

1299 NE 105TH ST
BRADLEY, GEORGE Christman (Voter ID number 117207825).

130 NE 65TH ST
CARROWAY, BERTHENA (Voter ID number 109270022).

130 NE 71ST ST
JOSEPH, JORDAN G. (Voter ID number 110153461).

130 NE 82ND ST
DUMAS HARRIS, JEANIQUE Stella (Voter ID number 116650880).
RIVERA, YVONNE (Voter ID number 109441323).
VOUNZI, SHAWKISE Teshumbia (Voter ID number 117831657).

130 NE 87TH ST
PINEDO, EDGAR Manuel (Voter ID number 109605887).
GARCIA, ANGELA Teresa (Voter ID number 109505579).

130 NE 88TH ST
KROP, AUGUSTA M. (Voter ID number 109711292).

130 NE 97TH ST
SIERRA, JOSE Ramel (Voter ID number 110181597).
SIERRA, DELFINA A. (Voter ID number 110121077).
SIERRA, VICTOR Agustin (Voter ID number 110333419).

130 NE 98TH ST
DIAZ, EMEMENCIA (Voter ID number 119018884).
GROSSO, CRYSTAL A. (Voter ID number 110155682).
GROSSO, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 109227921).
MARTINEZ, JULIO Eduardo (Voter ID number 109454021).

1300 NE 103RD ST
KING, CONCHITA Duca (Voter ID number 109010578).
KING, JOHN Allan (Voter ID number 109010577).

1300 NE 104TH ST
CARLSON, SUSAN Stanfill (Voter ID number 109193492).

1300 NE 105TH ST
PAUL, DEDRA E. (Voter ID number 109783989).

1300 NE 94TH ST
HELLER, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 110115991).
HELLER, JUNE Michelle (Voter ID number 110116732).

1301 NE 100TH ST
BROWNE, KELSEY Lynn (Voter ID number 119917795).
CIGNO MARGOLIS, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 101378385).

1301 NE 101ST ST
BORJA, GREGORY (Voter ID number 117544038).
SOLIS, DAISY (Voter ID number 110026680).

1301 NE 102ND ST
MC GEE, MARTHA I. (Voter ID number 109440579).

1301 NE 103RD ST
DE ANDA, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 117518765).

1301 NE 104TH ST
SENA, CATHY S. (Voter ID number 109283218).
SENA, DION R. (Voter ID number 109798502).

1302 NE 105TH ST
AGUILERA, EUGENIO (Voter ID number 114348930).

1303 NE 105TH ST
SLYE, KATHRYN A. (Voter ID number 109932567).

1304 NE 104TH ST
SCHWARTZ, JOSEPH Saul (Voter ID number 108994414).
SCHWARTZ, LINDA Barbara (Voter ID number 108991169).

1304 NE 105TH ST
QUIROZ, VICTOR Miguel (Voter ID number 117616644).
BOATRIGHT, RICK Lee (Voter ID number 109102988).

1305 NE 101ST ST
HOFFMAN, ELIZABETH Mae Stonehouse (Voter ID number 119542756).

1305 NE 104TH ST
NICOLEAU, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 119822657).
NICOLEAU, RAYNETTE R. (Voter ID number 109850780).

1305 NE 105TH ST
PEREZ, GONZALO Alejandro (Voter ID number 109697527).

1306 NE 105TH ST
PETERS, GLENDA E. (Voter ID number 116989293).
PETERS, JERELOYN M. (Voter ID number 105193771).

1307 NE 105TH ST
ROBERTSON, ANGELICA (Voter ID number 114347420).
ROBERTSON, JOHN Vere (Voter ID number 109173534).

131 NE 101ST ST
DAVIE, CAROL Denise (Voter ID number 108974148).
DAVIE, HYDER Raleigh (Voter ID number 109088932).

131 NE 64TH TER
STEPHANE, YVES (Voter ID number 115281335).

131 NE 70TH ST
BOWERS, BYRON Clark (Voter ID number 109803901).
DAVIS, BEATRICE Bowers (Voter ID number 109803900).
HENDRIX, WILLIS (Voter ID number 109953483).
HOLCOMB, DOUGLASS Lee (Voter ID number 120516645).

131 NE 71ST ST
CEREZO, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109285658).
JEANO, CELIN (Voter ID number 110205018).

131 NE 75TH ST
SIME, SOSHYMA (Voter ID number 120290233).
BLACK, MATTHEW L. (Voter ID number 109522280).
JOSEPH, BRENDA G Dumas (Voter ID number 110305717).

131 NE 77TH ST
FLOYD, DENNIS B. (Voter ID number 118362712).

131 NE 77TH ST

AMERIS, PAUL (Voter ID number 102208347).

131 NE 77TH ST

AMBROSE, YVETTE Valencia (Voter ID number 109106043).

131 NE 77TH ST

RODRIGUEZ PENA, LUZ Mery (Voter ID number 117171104).

131 NE 77TH ST

MORALES SORIANO, VIRGILIO (Voter ID number 118303779).

131 NE 77TH ST

MCWILLIAMS, CRYSTAL Ann (Voter ID number 114795628).

131 NE 93RD ST
MOISE, JACQUES (Voter ID number 109091628).

131 NE 96TH ST
CAUCHI, MAGDALENA M. (Voter ID number 120443651).
CAUCHI, PAUL G. (Voter ID number 118978495).

1310 NE 101ST ST
ROMAN, ISABELLE Ann (Voter ID number 109262650).
CHAMORRO, MAREN Joanna (Voter ID number 119890985).
CHAMORRO, RICARDO Jose (Voter ID number 110196983).
LANG, MARIA Setiembre (Voter ID number 110184275).
ROMAN, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109845923).
ROMAN, RICARDO J. (Voter ID number 109279811).

1310 NE 105TH ST
BANICK, STACEY B. (Voter ID number 109362573).

1311 NE 103RD ST
PIPER, HELEN McKay (Voter ID number 114697387).
PIPER, MARK Curry (Voter ID number 109157786).
PIPER, SHERYL Mc Kay (Voter ID number 109238340).
PIPER, MARGARET A. (Voter ID number 117854852).

1311 NE 105TH ST
AUGUSTE, WIDEFLORE (Voter ID number 110226912).

1311 NE 105TH ST

FERREIRA, ANGELA Patricia (Voter ID number 116280254).

1311 NE 105TH ST

CARLISLE, DAVID Lawrence (Voter ID number 109125923).

1312 NE 105TH ST
PREISLER, MEIRA Galit (Voter ID number 119921059).
MURTY, ADAM Jarett (Voter ID number 116369065).

1314 NE 105TH ST
GALAN, GABRIEL Peter (Voter ID number 117110389).
CUZA, KALYNNE Marie (Voter ID number 118231200).
DIAZ, ORNEXY (Voter ID number 109763535).
REYES-SANTANA, MARCOS (Voter ID number 110032053).

1316 NE 105TH ST
LUNCEYSCAGLIA, ERICK (Voter ID number 119402110).

1316 NE 105TH ST
APT #203

BARGIONI, JORGE H. (Voter ID number 109253164).

1316 NE 105TH ST
APT 104

GONZALEZ, HERIBERTO (Voter ID number 112955941).

1316 NE 105TH ST
APT 101

SANCHEZ, CARMEN J. (Voter ID number 110274071).

1316 NE 105TH ST
SOUTHERLAND, JOHN Gabriel (Voter ID number 110261362).

1316 NE 105TH ST
APT 102

TORRES, ZULMA Ivette (Voter ID number 110161246).

1316 NE 105TH ST
APT 103

CAMPA, VICTOR Alberto (Voter ID number 109340832).

1316 NE 105TH ST
APT 204

MANZANO, CYNTHIA J. (Voter ID number 109976065).

1319 NE 105TH ST

SAPP, COLLEEN H. (Voter ID number 108991411).

1319 NE 105TH ST
DE MOTT, CONNIE (Voter ID number 109106858).
SAPP, JEANNE Ellen (Voter ID number 109024149).

132 NE 64TH ST
VENISE, LOUIS (Voter ID number 114417856).

1320 NE 103RD ST
CLARKE, ALEXANDRA K. (Voter ID number 110281388).
CLARKE, KIERAN F. (Voter ID number 110283473).

1320 NE 104TH ST
SZUCS, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109801221).
SZUCS, KAREN B. (Voter ID number 109131642).

1322 NE 105TH ST
CRAWFORD, ANN B. (Voter ID number 119998423).
CURRY, JOHN Henry (Voter ID number 120818143).
NUTTING, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 120818175).
KENT, DOUGLAS A. (Voter ID number 109576586).
RICHERT, THEODORE Michael (Voter ID number 109168167).
SHAVER, TRENTON Douglas (Voter ID number 110295048).
WOOD, JAMES C. (Voter ID number 109565590).

1322 NE 105TH ST
APT 10

WUEST, MARTIN E. (Voter ID number 120686586).

1322 NE 105TH ST
APT 12

DELANEY, COURTNEY Mitchel (Voter ID number 118596187).

1323 NE 104TH ST
COLLINS, PAUL F. (Voter ID number 109512226).

1329 NE 105TH ST
YILMAZ, HAL R. (Voter ID number 109753490).

133 NE 100TH ST
ROWE STALEY, JODY Anne (Voter ID number 110005826).
STALEY, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 109787587).

133 NE 102ND ST
CARTER-AGARD, SHEILA R. (Voter ID number 109164892).
SALAZAR, MARIA Jose (Voter ID number 102339469).
SASSO, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 101889130).
CARTER-AGARD, CHRISTOPHER Mortimer (Voter ID number 114406236).

133 NE 103RD ST
GROSSO, MEILING (Voter ID number 109970105).
GROSSO, BRYANT Gabriel (Voter ID number 109629385).

133 NE 64TH TER
PETIT-HOMME, LESIE (Voter ID number 116321316).

133 NE 69TH ST
MERILIA, JEAN (Voter ID number 119263236).
MERILIA, SABRINA (Voter ID number 110037841).
VALCOURT, MICHEL (Voter ID number 119295292).

133 NE 71ST ST
LEE, TYRONEIAN Alneal (Voter ID number 119871881).
COLEQUITT, MICHELLE Bernadette (Voter ID number 116040797).
COLQUITT, MICHELLE Bernadette (Voter ID number 109699153).
MOSS, EUGENE (Voter ID number 109769897).
WILSON, DELLA R. (Voter ID number 109699148).

133 NE 91ST ST
LE BEL, TIMOTHY F. (Voter ID number 109998950).
SPRINKLE, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 110087062).

133 NE 99TH ST
HATTON, JOANNE Jane (Voter ID number 109083064).
HATTON, VIVIENNE R. (Voter ID number 108908293).

1330 NE 103RD ST
DEL VECCHIO, CHARLES (Voter ID number 108920624).
DEL VECCHIO, LORI Ann (Voter ID number 109537361).
DEL VECCHIO, MARY Gail (Voter ID number 109027318).

1330 NE 105TH ST
APT 202

NEIBICH, HARRY Ellsworth (Voter ID number 121331045).

1330 NE 105TH ST
ATWATER, WILLIAM Paret (Voter ID number 109600584).
BASTA, AMGAD A. (Voter ID number 117033459).
FARRELL, HEATHER Marie (Voter ID number 109394161).
GONZALEZ, MAXIAM Emilio (Voter ID number 109475666).
JOHNSON, CYNTHIA Anne (Voter ID number 110008935).
MAHERAS, TIM Paul (Voter ID number 109192656).
MURRAY, REINA Isabel (Voter ID number 114679908).
MURRAY, TIMOTHY B. (Voter ID number 114573827).
SHAFFER, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 109527619).
SHAFFER, PATRICK C. (Voter ID number 109917341).

1330 NE 105TH ST
UNIT #305

GONZALEZ, ORLANDO Julian (Voter ID number 109348793).

1330 NE 105TH ST
UNIT 203

MILLER, JOHNATHAN Bruce (Voter ID number 110152637).

1331 NE 103RD ST
BENEDEK, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 109297995).
BENEDEK, LAURA Lea (Voter ID number 109436743).

1335 NE 105TH ST
ALBAO, NORMAN P. (Voter ID number 114437153).

134 NE 100TH ST
KILKER, JEAN Marie (Voter ID number 120772772).
MARKEN, CHERYL Susan (Voter ID number 109530582).
MARKEN, SCOT R. (Voter ID number 109471551).
LECCE, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 120772753).

134 NE 102ND ST
POLITE, CHRISTOPHER Lamont (Voter ID number 110207632).
BELLOWS, CHRISTOPHER Noel (Voter ID number 108924625).

134 NE 68TH TER
LESPINASSE, ANDRE (Voter ID number 109938420).
RAPHAEL, LINDA (Voter ID number 120470048).
DESIRE, WELTON (Voter ID number 114283800).

134 NE 76TH ST
GERLIN, STENIO (Voter ID number 118439374).
BIEN-AIME, WILKENS (Voter ID number 114586476).
CAMPERLINO, BILLY (Voter ID number 110225621).

134 NE 76TH ST

GERLIN, STENIO (Voter ID number 118185325).
GERLIN, STIV (Voter ID number 119239343).

134 NE 76TH ST
BAZELAIS, ITALIENNE (Voter ID number 116632171).

134 NE 83RD ST
PIERRE, ANICETTE Jean (Voter ID number 109681348).
PIERRE, BARRY (Voter ID number 109698883).
RIVAS, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109256817).

134 NE 90TH ST
GIL, FABIO E. (Voter ID number 116355493).
FARACCO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109856776).
FARACCO, MYRIAM L. (Voter ID number 109584747).

1340 NE 103RD ST
HOFMANN, LARRY J. (Voter ID number 108990300).
HOFMANN, RAMONA Ann (Voter ID number 108926654).

1341 NE 103RD ST
RHODES, LISA Kathleen (Voter ID number 119075200).

1343 NE 104TH ST
GESKE, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 115057541).
GESKE, CHRISTOPHER Alan (Voter ID number 119886750).
GESKE, TERRI Lynne (Voter ID number 110121453).
GESKE, TIFFANY Jeanet (Voter ID number 120207333).
HARTMANN, ROBERT Andrew (Voter ID number 111609034).
DZWONKIEWICZ, KATHY R. (Voter ID number 109073745).
DZWONKIEWICZ, RICHARD V. (Voter ID number 110233125).
GESKE, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110210951).

1345 NE 103RD ST
WRIGHT, LISA (Voter ID number 116208222).

1345 NE 105TH ST

FLORES, JUAN F. (Voter ID number 120300891).
WEBSTER, LYNNZE D. (Voter ID number 120300825).

1345 NE 105TH ST

REILLY LARICE, LESLIE A. (Voter ID number 102338220).

135 NE 71ST ST
DUPERVAL, MARIE L. (Voter ID number 118125245).

135 NE 76TH ST
TOUSSAINT, BILLY J.R. (Voter ID number 120657386).

135 NE 80TH TER

SMITH, BRANDON Marquis (Voter ID number 121170591).

135 NE 80TH TER
FIELDS, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 110188406).

135 NE 80TH TER

SMITH, TIFFANY Chantell (Voter ID number 116084123).

135 NE 87TH ST
CUMMINGS, BENJAMIN P. (Voter ID number 120355427).
SANTIAGO, MELODY (Voter ID number 110096747).

135 NE 94TH ST
ROME, BRENDAN Thomas (Voter ID number 116557230).
STOPPI, MICHELLE Beth (Voter ID number 109990104).

1350 NE 102ND ST
ALVAREZ, KAREN S. (Voter ID number 109657542).
ZABIELINSKY, JERICAH Shane (Voter ID number 110331530).
ZABIELINSKY, MARK S. (Voter ID number 110032228).

1351 NE 101ST ST
JONES, EVELYN P. (Voter ID number 108909496).

1351 NE 102ND ST
RUSHING, DERK Byron (Voter ID number 109065402).
RUSHING, MIRIAM P. (Voter ID number 109191911).

1351 NE 103RD ST
GULASKEY, RONALD G. (Voter ID number 115529362).
SMITH-GULASKEY, KAREN A. (Voter ID number 113957104).

1352 NE 104TH ST
JONES, KEVIN W. (Voter ID number 110026062).
JONES, WILLIAM Nelson (Voter ID number 109146112).
JONES, ZARIE Sarkisian (Voter ID number 109078102).

136 NE 101ST ST
JOHNSON, ALEJANDRA (Voter ID number 109342911).
THOMAS, BRYON John (Voter ID number 109748226).

136 NE 89TH ST
FERNANDEZ, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 110231056).
HARVEY, CHRISTOPHER S. (Voter ID number 102282936).
LUTZ, MONICA (Voter ID number 116185708).
MAIOLO, SILVIA (Voter ID number 116019972).

136 NE 91ST ST
GAVIRIA, CHRISTIAN T. (Voter ID number 109677234).
GAVIRIA, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 109635729).
GAVIRIA, MICHELLE Anne (Voter ID number 109766131).
GAVIRIA, TOMAS (Voter ID number 109450106).

136 NE 96TH ST
KENNEY, JENNIFER Crouch (Voter ID number 116888970).
KENNEY, JOHN Frances (Voter ID number 109975187).

1360 NE 103RD ST
VALERO, JOSE Angel (Voter ID number 109339411).

1361 NE 103RD ST
RODRIGUEZ, MARTA C. (Voter ID number 120247672).

1361 NE 104TH ST
BONET, CAITLIN M. (Voter ID number 120144943).
BONET, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 109189309).
SHEPPARD, ELLEN Marie (Voter ID number 109188344).

1365 NE 105TH ST

MEDITZ, RAYNA Tamarin (Voter ID number 114174333).

1365 NE 105TH ST

MERRILL, MARGARET Wallace (Voter ID number 118722895).
MERRILL, PETER Andrew (Voter ID number 118718271).

1365 NE 105TH ST
KAY, WILLIAM Richardson (Voter ID number 109941768).
TUCKER, TRISTAN Charles (Voter ID number 109847555).

1368 NE 104TH ST
SOULIER, ERIKA (Voter ID number 109409830).
SOULIER, JEAN PIERRE (Voter ID number 116616030).

137 NE 105TH ST
KING, JUDITH B. (Voter ID number 109730705).
KING, ROGER S. (Voter ID number 109730699).
ROCAFORT, LUIS G. (Voter ID number 109433344).

137 NE 106TH ST
GONZALEZ, PETER Luis (Voter ID number 109702502).
SOTO, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109952445).
SOTO, IGNACIO (Voter ID number 109724682).

137 NE 71ST ST
JOHNSON, JEMILLAH E. (Voter ID number 109970374).

137 NE 86TH ST
ZUNIGA, JAVIER Enrique (Voter ID number 110113185).
ZUNIGA, JULIETA Marlene (Voter ID number 115775343).

137 NE 89TH ST
PEREZ, MARIA Esther (Voter ID number 109288756).

137 NE 92ND ST
EVANS, EBONI Ellen (Voter ID number 109774387).
GOMEZ-BASSOLS, ISABEL (Voter ID number 108946613).
MULHOLLAND, LAWRENCE J. (Voter ID number 116289485).
MULHOLLAND, PATRICIA Marie (Voter ID number 117064409).

1371 NE 103RD ST
CLIFFORD, DANIEL Peter (Voter ID number 109270968).

1379 NE 104TH ST
LINDHEIMER, SUZANNE Mildred (Voter ID number 109375356).

138 NE 106TH ST
JACKINSKY, STEPHEN Walter (Voter ID number 121002375).
MANION, COREY Adam (Voter ID number 110298969).
NGUYEN, HA (Voter ID number 116810193).

138 NE 68TH ST
PROPHETE, MARIE N. (Voter ID number 116477284).

138 NE 68TH TER
PIERRE, RODIN W. (Voter ID number 119155959).

138 NE 83RD ST
OLIVER, KEITH B. (Voter ID number 115900560).

138 NE 92ND ST
SWICK, HAYLEE Marion (Voter ID number 115230511).
SWICK, KATHY Ann (Voter ID number 109082835).
SWICK, ROBERT John (Voter ID number 109140919).
SWICK, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 117852180).

1380 NE 103RD ST
MITCHELL, DEBORAH Lynn (Voter ID number 109719865).
MITCHELL, ROBERT Stewart (Voter ID number 108943025).

1381 NE 103RD ST
WHITE, IVAH Smith (Voter ID number 109036833).
WITHERINGTON, GEORGE T. (Voter ID number 109800510).
WITHERINGTON, THOMAS Lee (Voter ID number 109083079).

1384 NE 104TH ST
IGLESIAS, AMELIA B. (Voter ID number 119825899).
GARCIA, BEATRICE Esther (Voter ID number 109404776).
IGLESIAS, PILAR (Voter ID number 110290716).
IGLESIAS, GABRIELA M. (Voter ID number 116608062).

1385 NE 105TH ST
BAMMAN, ZACH C. (Voter ID number 119955927).
CANTOR, NEIL Jay (Voter ID number 107332124).

1385 NE 105TH ST

CARDENAS, MANUELA (Voter ID number 115175003).

1385 NE 105TH ST

STRUJA, GEORGE J. (Voter ID number 102108109).
STRUJA, MILENA (Voter ID number 101924442).

1385 NE 105TH ST

PEREZ ZABALA, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 120349610).

1385 NE 105TH ST
SIMON, ARTURO Jose (Voter ID number 109399634).

1385 NE 105TH ST

BAMMAN, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110031914).

139 NE 63RD ST
JOSEPH, RICHELIEU (Voter ID number 117796105).

139 NE 88TH ST
PREECE, KATHLEEN Bradley (Voter ID number 109011442).
PREECE, ROBERT Francis (Voter ID number 108914425).
PREECE, SCOTT R. (Voter ID number 109981291).

139 NE 96TH ST
NICHOLLS, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 109718339).

1391 NE 102ND ST
LIVERNOIS, ERIC James (Voter ID number 121174887).
LIVERNOIS, DOUGLAS Howard (Voter ID number 109667358).

1399 NE 103RD ST
MCCREADY, JAMES W. (Voter ID number 119559931).
MC CREADY, JAMES W. (Voter ID number 109282719).
MC CREADY, LINDA Smith (Voter ID number 109487972).

1399 NE 104TH ST
KELSEY, ANGELA Marie (Voter ID number 101803048).
ZEALY, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number 120150880).

140 NE 104TH ST
BATEY, ERIKA (Voter ID number 110293208).
ROE, CHRISTOPHER Willis (Voter ID number 119898404).

140 NE 105TH ST
DE GRAFF, BRENDA Judy (Voter ID number 109667838).
DE GRAFF, HENRY Gerard (Voter ID number 109620440).

140 NE 64TH TER
CLAUDE, JEAN (Voter ID number 110162224).

140 NE 68TH TER
LEMONIER, MARIE GINETTE (Voter ID number 120200470).
JOSEPH, CATHIA (Voter ID number 109974224).

140 NE 76TH ST
CASEUS, JENNY (Voter ID number 116220796).
SAINT PIERRE, MACCIUS (Voter ID number 109742971).

140 NE 76TH ST

VICTOR, GEORGE (Voter ID number 109759197).

140 NE 76TH ST

GILUS, TISON (Voter ID number 120501542).

140 NE 76TH ST
SEVERE, VELIUS (Voter ID number 118859592).
STOKES, BENSON (Voter ID number 115908855).
PIERRE-GILUS, IDAMANTE (Voter ID number 116595996).

140 NE 77TH ST
JOSEPH, BERNARD (Voter ID number 110194101).
JOSEPH, MAGDA Elsy (Voter ID number 109557996).

140 NE 82ND TER
BYERS, BRENDA Louise (Voter ID number 108993366).

140 NE 83RD ST
HALL, SHANIQUA R. (Voter ID number 120162876).

140 NE 83RD ST

HALL, DANIKA R. (Voter ID number 119673982).

140 NE 86TH ST
BHARATHI, SOWMYA (Voter ID number 114105520).
OLD, ADAM Woolson (Voter ID number 114334538).

140 NE 87TH ST
KING, JENNIFER Eileen (Voter ID number 114400885).
KING, WLADIMIR A. (Voter ID number 114928769).

140 NE 88TH ST
GARZON, BERNARDO A. (Voter ID number 110239234).

140 NE 93RD ST
GONZALEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 116431035).
JABLON, JEFFREY Mark (Voter ID number 115394460).
RODRIGUEZ, ENRIQUE Ismael (Voter ID number 114049586).
SANTIAGO, NATHALIE Criado (Voter ID number 113974339).
TORRES GRATACOS, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 114049868).
NEGRON, AILEEN (Voter ID number 116318588).

140 NE 95TH ST
NEWMAN, MARY Turner (Voter ID number 108935939).

1400 NE 101ST ST
ALVAREZ, ANN July (Voter ID number 109323843).
COIA, GLADYS Lourdes (Voter ID number 108927423).

1400 NE 102ND ST
LASO, LAURA J. (Voter ID number 109640726).
PENA, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 110202362).

1400 NE 103RD ST
JAMES, SHARON B. (Voter ID number 108912911).
JAMES, THOMAS G. (Voter ID number 109490851).

1400 NE 104TH ST
SHIPPEE, HELEN Rose (Voter ID number 108909607).
SHIPPEE, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 108909608).

1401 NE 101ST ST
VICKERS, YUBIZA Andrea (Voter ID number 116449964).
VICKERS, ROBERT Bates (Voter ID number 109216248).

1401 NE 102ND ST
CHAILLE, JANIS P. (Voter ID number 109586110).
CHAILLE, ROBERT G. (Voter ID number 108919402).

1401 NE 103RD ST
OBENOUR, ASHLEY Marie (Voter ID number 110190825).
OBENOUR, JAMES Donald (Voter ID number 108945509).
OBENOUR, KATHRYN T. (Voter ID number 108919002).

1401 NE 104TH ST
SHEU, TSAI Shuenn (Voter ID number 109823237).

141 NE 102ND ST
MERRILL, KENNETH Arthur (Voter ID number 115862223).
MERRILL, MARGUERITE Paul (Voter ID number 109037384).

141 NE 104TH ST
DANIELS, ELISABETH Anne (Voter ID number 102033866).
CANTY, TRICIA S. (Voter ID number 109522992).
HARRISON, CARLTON Gladstone (Voter ID number 109147953).

141 NE 67TH ST
HENRY, KIMISHA (Voter ID number 110249121).

141 NE 68TH ST
JOHNSON, LOUIS (Voter ID number 116367083).

141 NE 70TH ST
LAMOUR, BLOBISSE (Voter ID number 109605917).
LAMOUR, JEAN BAPTISTE (Voter ID number 118299048).

141 NE 71ST ST
LUNA, JENNY E. (Voter ID number 109918895).

141 NE 76TH ST
LOPEZ, ZOVEIDA (Voter ID number 110258315).

141 NE 76TH ST

HILL, NORMAN Douglas (Voter ID number 109787971).

141 NE 78TH ST
JOESPH, LINDA (Voter ID number 116367587).

1410 NE 102ND ST
BARENBORG, WILLIAM Currie (Voter ID number 109878567).
BRIGGS, DAVID E. (Voter ID number 109791440).
EAGLETON, ALEXANDER Earl (Voter ID number 109878587).
MATHEWS, JEFFREY S. (Voter ID number 109789056).

1410 NE 103RD ST
FEINBERG, FRANCES (Voter ID number 109248192).
FEINBERG, HOWARD Joel (Voter ID number 109095603).

1411 NE 102ND ST
CARRILLO, MIGDALIA L. (Voter ID number 109391611).
CARRILLO, ROGERIO (Voter ID number 109967567).
MAISONET, PAULA (Voter ID number 109557601).

1411 NE 103RD ST
AITKEN, JOSE Guilherme (Voter ID number 109988392).

1418 NE 104TH ST
LECKBAND, MARK Alan (Voter ID number 109376995).
LECKBAND, MARY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109628476).

142 NE 68TH ST
DOOBAY, WINSTON (Voter ID number 116984738).

142 NE 78TH ST
JEAN-LOUIS, RAYMONDE (Voter ID number 120844322).

142 NE 78TH ST
APT #6

LOUIS, EDDY (Voter ID number 119202543).

142 NE 78TH ST
DESIR, ROSIL Lunique (Voter ID number 109808436).
ISIDOR, WENDRY (Voter ID number 110153389).
LAVEAU, CARLINE (Voter ID number 109683323).
LIMAGE, LASONTE (Voter ID number 114275222).
LUNIQUE, ROSIL D. (Voter ID number 109897809).

142 NE 78TH ST

FRANCOIS, LOUISE N. (Voter ID number 116990692).
CHARLES, MANIDE (Voter ID number 117573131).

142 NE 82ND ST
FERDINAND, MYRTHA (Voter ID number 117116185).
MONDESIR, MANOUCHECA (Voter ID number 114327222).
VILLARD, JACKSON (Voter ID number 109527811).

142 NE 99TH ST
PERPETUO, MICHELLE Bayao (Voter ID number 109771654).

1420 NE 101ST ST
RUBINI, GUNNARD Armand (Voter ID number 109184282).
RUBINI, MARY Lou (Voter ID number 109302209).

1420 NE 102ND ST
DOMBROWSKY, ALAN H. (Voter ID number 110219247).
DOMBROWSKY, SUSAN B. (Voter ID number 109036384).

1420 NE 103RD ST
THOMPSON, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 108908409).

1420 NE 105TH ST
STOBS, JAMES Robert (Voter ID number 108951946).

1421 NE 101ST ST
ORLANDO, MICHELE Caryn (Voter ID number 119395392).
INGRAHAM, MARIA Aurora (Voter ID number 109047809).
INGRAHAM, WILLIAM Andrew (Voter ID number 108906866).

1421 NE 102ND ST
WATKINS, ANNETTE T. (Voter ID number 108953793).

1421 NE 103RD ST
TOUSSAINT, ALBERT Raymond (Voter ID number 109103061).

1421 NE 104TH ST
HENDRICK, LILIANA (Voter ID number 120894589).
MARQUEZ, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 109196396).

1424 NE 105TH ST
DU BOIS, EDWARD L. (Voter ID number 108934181).

1426 NE 105TH ST
SWANSON, CRAIG (Voter ID number 109110252).
SWANSON, SHERRILL Sue (Voter ID number 108926466).

143 NE 67TH ST
PAGAN, NILDA (Voter ID number 109395615).
PAGIN, JOSE (Voter ID number 120258562).

143 NE 67TH ST

NELSON, TIFFANY P. (Voter ID number 119609839).

143 NE 67TH ST
RANDLE, TURKESSA A. (Voter ID number 120423756).

143 NE 71ST ST
ST JEAN, JERRY (Voter ID number 118092934).

143 NE 90TH ST
STEPHENS, THOMAS Scott (Voter ID number 108928069).

1430 NE 101ST ST
SIROTA, NICOLE Hope (Voter ID number 115975355).
SIROTA, GEORGE (Voter ID number 109092123).
SIROTA, MARIA Fatina (Voter ID number 109684280).

1430 NE 102ND ST
CLUM, LUCILLE Pigeon (Voter ID number 109623443).

1430 NE 105TH ST
ESPOSITO, MAURIZIO (Voter ID number 109959303).
HOROWITZ, DAVID Jay (Voter ID number 109038300).
HOROWITZ, SYDNEE F. (Voter ID number 109329650).

1431 NE 101ST ST
KOKIEL, JOEL (Voter ID number 109038640).
REGALADO, PETER Jack (Voter ID number 110027342).

1431 NE 102ND ST
KEALY, JOHN Joseph (Voter ID number 108909217).
KEALY, MARCELLA Ruth (Voter ID number 109026275).
WEILERT, MICHEAL L. (Voter ID number 116299744).

1431 NE 103RD ST
GRONDIN, SCOTT (Voter ID number 116377565).
GRONDIN, ROSEMARY Stanco (Voter ID number 109798816).

1432 NE 105TH ST
KORY, ELIZABETH S. (Voter ID number 120258415).

1434 NE 105TH ST
RICH, BRUCE C. (Voter ID number 109443841).
RICH, SUSANA Cruz-Ledon (Voter ID number 109610115).

1435 NE 104TH ST
HARRISON, LAURA Blair (Voter ID number 109027174).
HARRISON, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 109022505).

1438 NE 104TH ST
MARKESET, YAPRAK Yegin (Voter ID number 115097921).
MARKESET, KARL Edward (Voter ID number 114391493).

1438 NE 105TH ST
AULTAN, MATTHEW Thomas (Voter ID number 110039251).
AULTON, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 109053637).
AULTON, DANIEL Francis (Voter ID number 109156559).

144 NE 101ST ST
BRILL, ARIELLE Carley (Voter ID number 115863979).

144 NE 68TH ST
WASHINGTON, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 120420828).
WASHINGTON, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 109062461).
WASHINGTON, HAROLD (Voter ID number 117050063).

144 NE 68TH TER
LOUIS, ELWARD (Voter ID number 113964304).
LOUIS, MARIE Constance (Voter ID number 109505139).

144 NE 83RD ST
SYMONS, PETER W. (Voter ID number 109442246).

144 NE 88TH ST
BLACK, DAISY M. (Voter ID number 109011300).

144 NE 89TH ST
MAYA, MINGYAR (Voter ID number 110294053).

144 NE 91ST ST
LANCE, DOUGLAS C. (Voter ID number 114106215).

1440 NE 101ST ST
BURCH, ALICE Parmelee (Voter ID number 109095596).
BURCH, GEORGE Edd (Voter ID number 109082975).

1440 NE 105TH ST
ROSE, EMILY Kay (Voter ID number 109049288).

1441 NE 101ST ST
BENJAMIN, ALEXIS Epstein (Voter ID number 108950544).
BENJAMIN, PAUL (Voter ID number 108950543).

1441 NE 102ND ST
HOWELL, WILLIAM James (Voter ID number 109181559).
VANDER GIESEN, TIMOTHY M. (Voter ID number 110302732).

1441 NE 103RD ST
WIBORG, AMY Marie (Voter ID number 109775474).
WIBORG, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 109063856).
WIBORG, KRISSY L. (Voter ID number 109786144).
WIBORG, LORRIE Hewes (Voter ID number 109063857).

1442 NE 105TH ST
CLARKE-KEFFER, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 109057487).
TUFANO, JACK J. (Voter ID number 109449429).

1448 NE 104TH ST
LEWIS, DARA J. (Voter ID number 114904891).
LEWIS, PETER Michael (Voter ID number 109760257).
REUSCH-LEWIS, ROBERTA Constance (Voter ID number 119044141).

1449 NE 104TH ST
METZ, JACQUELINE Stacey (Voter ID number 109291113).
MOACYR, MARCELO P. (Voter ID number 115075847).

145 NE 101ST ST
MALNIK, BRUNA Borges De Cassia (Voter ID number 121128299).

145 NE 103RD ST
PEREZ, JANET Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109167491).
PEREZ, LUIS Antonio (Voter ID number 109167492).

145 NE 65TH ST
FLOWERS, RUTHA Mae (Voter ID number 108938883).

145 NE 67TH ST

ACHEDOU, LUCIA (Voter ID number 119278828).

145 NE 67TH ST

GREENE, LATREVIETTE M. (Voter ID number 114323179).

145 NE 69TH ST
ASKEW, JOHN O'Neil (Voter ID number 110047489).
TORRENCE, ADDIE (Voter ID number 108972478).

145 NE 71ST ST
FELTON, TINO Renee (Voter ID number 115692929).
ULYSSE, ANNETTE A.n. (Voter ID number 115284521).
WILSON-ROBINSON, ANDREA Elice (Voter ID number 109314963).

145 NE 78TH ST
BARBARY, RANDY Renae (Voter ID number 109060734).
BOURDEAU, JAMES (Voter ID number 115259886).
DOLCE, DANISE (Voter ID number 115691956).
DOR, TANIA (Voter ID number 110147343).
JOHNSON, AWDAWN (Voter ID number 109980780).
JOSEPH, ROSIE (Voter ID number 120259462).
ROSADO, JONATHAN Neil (Voter ID number 120429915).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT #501

CASTILLOVEITIA, ALVIN (Voter ID number 109977140).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1006

LANE, QUINTARA V. (Voter ID number 110163797).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1007

HALL, HERBERT Nelson (Voter ID number 109596167).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1008

DORMEZIL, MARANATHA Andresine (Voter ID number 119995079).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1009

EVANS, NYJER (Voter ID number 109373924).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 101

PIERRE, MOZARD (Voter ID number 109824239).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1111

ATTEA, PAUL Joseph (Voter ID number 120972112).
MORENO, JASON Paul (Voter ID number 106311212).
RODRIGUEZ, YADIVIS Mateo (Voter ID number 116324181).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1212

CHARLES, MANES (Voter ID number 109681301).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1308

DE LOS SANTOS, GLORIA D. (Voter ID number 120408342).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1312

LOUIS JEUNE, GERARD (Voter ID number 109971516).
LOUIS JEUNE, MARIE BRUN (Voter ID number 120563279).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1408

WILLIAMS, ASHLEY J. (Voter ID number 116978827).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1411

RAY, ANGEL Lanease (Voter ID number 119400172).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 204

COLLAZO, KIARA L. (Voter ID number 119970782).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 205

JULES-OLEUS, JULIANA (Voter ID number 119981822).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 308

ANTOINE, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 116986585).
PAUL, NERLINE (Voter ID number 110165532).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 309

JEROME, DAVIDSON Merley (Voter ID number 119927785).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 406

MOHABBADA, MOSTAFA (Voter ID number 120361463).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 407

EDWARDS, NITISHA Rashon (Voter ID number 109988026).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 409

JOSEPH, DHYANSON (Voter ID number 119854821).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 503

GARCIA, TANRAY Angelique (Voter ID number 109421006).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 508

HENDRICKS, ASHLEY Gabriel (Voter ID number 117583064).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 601

TILLERY, DANA Ameedah (Voter ID number 109566737).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 605

KAHILL, CLARISSA (Voter ID number 117761115).
LEWIS, ANDRE (Voter ID number 116719928).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 608

COLEY, FREDERICK Tirrell (Voter ID number 109352530).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 612

MIMS, JOHNNY Demetrus (Voter ID number 109542040).
ROGERS, RUKIA (Voter ID number 120046933).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 708

PETIT-FRERE, BERLYNDA (Voter ID number 120237929).
PETIT-FRERE, SERVINA (Voter ID number 117641441).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 801

BETHEL, NIGEL Demon (Voter ID number 119737521).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 802

ROLLE, MALIA A. (Voter ID number 119976166).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 806

LAING, KENRICK J. (Voter ID number 115264721).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 904

LOUIS, WALEX (Voter ID number 114501599).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 908

MOISE, ASHLYNE Lakysha (Voter ID number 117107674).

145 NE 78TH ST

MILLS, BRITNNEY L. (Voter ID number 115230300).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 306

BROOKS, JAHKAIA Mariah (Voter ID number 119249067).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 607

MARKS, SHANTAL Andrea (Voter ID number 119789697).

145 NE 78TH ST
PH 4

DICKENS, RUSSELL (Voter ID number 120631294).

145 NE 78TH ST

NELSON, ANGENEAU (Voter ID number 110000615).

145 NE 78TH ST
UNIT 801

BANKS, HENRY Earl (Voter ID number 109613784).

145 NE 78TH ST
ANGOMAR, ERNA Altemar (Voter ID number 116538831).
BROWN, ANUBIA S. (Voter ID number 116931256).
DAVIS, LAQUANYIA Denise (Voter ID number 115264180).
DELANCY, BAVERLEY (Voter ID number 115159853).
JAMES, ROCHELLE (Voter ID number 119488048).
LATIMORE, SABRINA M. (Voter ID number 118239547).
LECIDOR, ANDRIA (Voter ID number 119610306).
SOMERS, ROXANNE Jenise (Voter ID number 110339839).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT # 509

ANGOMAR, BRENDA (Voter ID number 120189547).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT #505

VICTOR, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 119758642).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT #712

POOLE, ANGELA D. (Voter ID number 116173713).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1004

LAGRANDEUR, SANDRA (Voter ID number 118954929).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1008

BOURDEAU, CAMELIA (Voter ID number 118569861).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 101

JACQUES, RANDY (Voter ID number 114379727).
JACQUES, RICKY (Voter ID number 110119646).
JACQUES, SHIRLEY (Voter ID number 110262696).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 111

VANN, LASHAWN Denise (Voter ID number 109817505).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1112

MARTINUS, JOANN F. (Voter ID number 119363994).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 112

ESPERANCE, WALTER (Voter ID number 109793953).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1208

PIERRE, NANCY (Voter ID number 116941578).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1209

LATIMORE, VANESSA (Voter ID number 118237435).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1211

JOSEPH, SHERLINE (Voter ID number 118140180).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1212

JOSEPH, ALLEN (Voter ID number 119747174).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1408

SMITH, TIFFANY Janee Aneisha (Voter ID number 100913888).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1412

JEAN, GARY (Voter ID number 115861768).
JEAN, PENEL (Voter ID number 119144313).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 202

MICELIS, CHERLY (Voter ID number 109887398).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 203

MORGAN, DERRICK Ainsworth (Voter ID number 110064010).
MORGAN, VEVENE Jane (Voter ID number 110026803).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 206

CAMINERO, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 118227494).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 211

LOUISSAINT, NATACHA (Voter ID number 114388686).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 303

COISSY, SIFRAICE Sc (Voter ID number 109355167).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 306

ARGUELLO, MARYLYNN (Voter ID number 116016427).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 308

PIERRE, PAULETTE (Voter ID number 117321875).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 312

BENT, SOFONIA (Voter ID number 119865322).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 403

PAGE, TAMMY (Voter ID number 119954870).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 408

JULES, VANESSA (Voter ID number 115168127).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 409

JOSEPH, HERBIE (Voter ID number 120216197).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 412

DANIEL, CLAUDINE B. (Voter ID number 116311574).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 505

FLEURANT-ATTIS, LUCIE (Voter ID number 109984434).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 512

BORROTO, BARBARA (Voter ID number 119876008).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 55

LEGROS- BREZIL, MARIE B. (Voter ID number 118033066).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 603

LEGROS, RYAN P. (Voter ID number 120214291).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 605

JOHNSON, JACQUAIA Shanette (Voter ID number 118727349).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 608

COLEY, LASHONDA Kirkland (Voter ID number 116825675).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 702

DAVIS, RASHAD Ahmad (Voter ID number 110323378).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 706

MINNS, GAIL (Voter ID number 120022383).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 709

VALCOURT, DIEUJUSTE P. (Voter ID number 110069358).
VALCOURT, ROSENA (Voter ID number 118027108).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 710

SMITH, ALECIA R. (Voter ID number 109135584).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 805

CKAPENHDELL, LANCELOT Youtt (Voter ID number 118556479).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 807

FLORENCE, KENNETH Wayne (Voter ID number 118061963).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 812

DIAZ, LUCY (Voter ID number 117963474).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 906

ARCHELUS, PHENIDE (Voter ID number 118397478).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 912

MALAVE, JESSICA (Voter ID number 114128292).

145 NE 78TH ST

MCKINLEY, JAMES Daniel (Voter ID number 118100693).

145 NE 78TH ST
UNIT 501

FIGUEIREDO, SAMELA (Voter ID number 119766607).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 111

KENNEDY, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109847508).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 1209

LATIMORE, LORETTA Demetress (Voter ID number 109845253).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 305

EPPS, REATHA (Voter ID number 109132522).
EPPS, SHARON S. (Voter ID number 109364104).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 408

ANTENOR, IMMACULA (Voter ID number 109724265).

145 NE 78TH ST
APT 505

FLEURANT, LUCIE (Voter ID number 110278168).

145 NE 78TH ST

JACKSON, KEYON (Voter ID number 116281430).

145 NE 80TH TER

SHIPMAN, ANGELA Beatrice (Voter ID number 109245825).

145 NE 80TH TER
EMILE, WILSON (Voter ID number 114542731).

145 NE 82ND ST
CELIUS, JACQUET (Voter ID number 117080307).
CELIUS, NAHOMIE (Voter ID number 114625530).
ELIACIN, FANETTE (Voter ID number 110169785).

145 NE 82ND TER

FIFER, ADOLPHUS B. (Voter ID number 109820999).

145 NE 82ND TER

GILIBERTI, DAMIEN Anthony (Voter ID number 111333922).

145 NE 82ND TER

REMY, STEPHANIE E. (Voter ID number 119808008).

145 NE 82ND TER
SHONEK, GITA (Voter ID number 114710189).
SOSA, DEBRA Ann (Voter ID number 109402072).

145 NE 82ND TER

GROGER, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 103397721).

145 NE 82ND TER

NANES, JUSTINA S. (Voter ID number 114731699).

145 NE 91ST ST
BROOMFIELD, BRITTANY Samantha (Voter ID number 120770520).
GRAY, SHANI Sharifa (Voter ID number 115899881).
VAUGHAN, ANTAR K. (Voter ID number 110292612).

145 NE 94TH ST
WAGAR, CRYSTAL Meredith (Voter ID number 109938471).
WAGAR, KIRK Wb (Voter ID number 110241964).

145 NE 95TH ST
HYNSON, MARIANNA Howell (Voter ID number 109970942).
MAXIMIANO, ALEXANDRE (Voter ID number 110086099).

145 NE 98TH ST
CHASKES, DANIEL Aaron (Voter ID number 118030175).
MC CORQUODALE, AMANDA B. (Voter ID number 109796540).

1450 NE 101ST ST
GAIQUI, MARITZA Elena (Voter ID number 109261192).

1450 NE 102ND ST
CARLSON, SHANNON Leslie (Voter ID number 118754070).
CARLSON, SANDRA Raye (Voter ID number 109019020).

1450 NE 103RD ST
PLATON, TED (Voter ID number 116918702).
UBINAS, JULIANA (Voter ID number 109878465).

1451 NE 102ND ST
CUSTIN, BRITTANY Noel (Voter ID number 110078712).
CUSTIN, KYLE M. (Voter ID number 114240198).
CUSTIN, RUBY I. (Voter ID number 109423241).
MOORE, WILLIAM Franklin (Voter ID number 109156398).

1451 NE 103RD ST
MC WILLIAMS, LORETTA C. (Voter ID number 109370474).
MC WILLIAMS, SCOTT Charles (Voter ID number 109416235).
MCWILLIAMS, SCOTT Charles (Voter ID number 117504769).

1458 NE 104TH ST
BABCOCK, MADELEINE L. (Voter ID number 108927665).
EMERSON, HELEN C. (Voter ID number 108909432).

146 NE 68TH ST
VICTORIN, JEAN H. (Voter ID number 118524864).
ASHLEY, LILLIE (Voter ID number 108905095).

146 NE 68TH TER
LOUIS, MARIELA (Voter ID number 109661678).

1460 NE 101ST ST
DE TORUNO, ANGELA (Voter ID number 109178238).
ESPINOZA, LORENA (Voter ID number 114509574).

1460 NE 102ND ST
SILVIEUS, LEAH D. (Voter ID number 119394323).
CABREY, KIM Simone (Voter ID number 110000065).
CABREY, SEAN Michael (Voter ID number 110014899).
EKLUND, JEANNE (Voter ID number 109802925).

1460 NE 103RD ST
SAVITS, CODY J. (Voter ID number 120102998).
SAVITS, TAKAKO Monica (Voter ID number 109565176).

1461 NE 102ND ST
BUTLER, JACQUELINE Cecilia (Voter ID number 109125124).

1461 NE 103RD ST
CARROLL, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 109256250).
CARROLL, MARK M. (Voter ID number 109059030).

1468 NE 104TH ST
DINGWALL, DOUGLAS John (Voter ID number 115392417).
SALT, ABBIE R. (Voter ID number 121058565).

147 NE 67TH ST
JONES, BRANDIE L. (Voter ID number 116168744).

147 NE 67TH ST

TOUSSAINT, YOLETTE (Voter ID number 109751437).

147 NE 67TH ST
BERTHOUD, JO ANNE (Voter ID number 114326346).
PEMBERTON, EMMETTE Jarl (Voter ID number 110137835).

147 NE 67TH ST

JOHNSON, HERBERT E. (Voter ID number 110252858).

147 NE 67TH ST
GRAHAM, CHRISTINA O. (Voter ID number 116301174).

147 NE 68TH ST
HARVIN, ECQUADOR Carlos (Voter ID number 121254238).
HARVIN, DENTHA Hope (Voter ID number 109168349).
HARVIN, ECQUADOR (Voter ID number 108933139).
HARVIN, ELOISE (Voter ID number 108911077).
MURILLO, JUAN Pablo (Voter ID number 110194442).
SEXTON, BRITTANY Nicole (Voter ID number 115234100).

147 NE 71ST ST
CARTER, DARCELL M. (Voter ID number 116354958).

147 NE 75TH ST
BRANDT, EDWARD Frantz (Voter ID number 102677980).
CANIZA, MARIELA (Voter ID number 109905480).
SAINT-AMAND, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109982853).

147 NE 76TH ST
HENRY, JOSEPH Celeus (Voter ID number 109350263).

1470 NE 101ST ST
KAHN, STEPHEN (Voter ID number 109202515).

148 NE 75TH ST
KINGSTON, MARGRETTIA (Voter ID number 116172057).

1480 NE 102ND ST
ZIBELLI, HEATHER Kennedy (Voter ID number 109450807).
KENNEDY, LESLIE Ann (Voter ID number 110136932).
OLMSTEAD, RICHARD Wayne (Voter ID number 110136954).

1481 NE 102ND ST
GODFREY, GEORGE S. (Voter ID number 109800945).
GODFREY, KAREN Decker (Voter ID number 109332733).

1481 NE 104TH ST
REYES, AGUSTIN N. (Voter ID number 119574478).
REYES, AGUSTIN (Voter ID number 108902223).
REYES, VICTORIA E. (Voter ID number 119395133).
REYES, YVONNE L. (Voter ID number 109245575).

149 NE 104TH ST
PHAM, HUNG Duc (Voter ID number 109410990).
PHAM, KATHLEEN Teresa (Voter ID number 109235722).

149 NE 105TH ST
LAVETTER, KENNETH A. (Voter ID number 110263128).

149 NE 67TH ST

KIMPSON, LACARRIE Jamie (Voter ID number 102360014).

149 NE 71ST ST
JONES, KAWAN (Voter ID number 110253830).
SMITH, BERNICE (Voter ID number 109311109).

149 NE 76TH ST
MILLER, MARSHA (Voter ID number 109610421).

149 NE 82ND ST
JEAN-MARC, MARIE Nercarme (Voter ID number 110136336).

149 NE 89TH ST
YEPES, STEFANIE (Voter ID number 120027537).

149 NE 93RD ST
GARRETT, ALLYSON Gordon (Voter ID number 109737883).
GARRETT, ANDREW G. (Voter ID number 109983120).
GARRETT, ELLEN G. (Voter ID number 109026844).
GARRETT, MICHAEL Edward (Voter ID number 109035626).

149 NE 98TH ST
BERARDI, ALVINA A. (Voter ID number 109013830).

1490 NE 103RD ST
CLIFFORD, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 109206229).
CLIFFORD, MICHAEL G. (Voter ID number 114361389).
CLIFFORD, STEPHEN James (Voter ID number 109040578).
CLIFFORD, STEPHEN James (Voter ID number 110180711).

1491 NE 102ND ST
AMADOR, JOAQUIN F. (Voter ID number 109219958).

1496 NE 104TH ST
MARTIN, SHIRLEY G. (Voter ID number 108906923).

1499 NE 104TH ST
LONGMAN, PATRICK Timothy (Voter ID number 109515880).
LUCAS, JENNA Leigh (Voter ID number 119653709).

15 NE 104TH ST
HARRIS, CAMILLE Veronica (Voter ID number 109873252).
HARRIS, CAROL Jennifer (Voter ID number 110312226).

15 NE 70TH ST
HART, KATRINA S. (Voter ID number 110174911).

15 NE 70TH ST

KING, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 116117167).

15 NE 89TH ST
BISWAS, MEGHDUT (Voter ID number 109910209).
FLEMING, ANGEL Lynne (Voter ID number 109908572).

15 NE 95TH ST
MARTINEZ, CARLOS Alfredo (Voter ID number 109298817).
VIERA, CARLOS Antonio (Voter ID number 109249745).

150 NE 100TH ST
DE LUCA, BEATRIZ Elena (Voter ID number 116618274).

150 NE 102ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL Marino (Voter ID number 109187594).

150 NE 103RD ST
VALIDO, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 110123086).

150 NE 106TH ST
BUDDE, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 109244164).
MARIN, MARY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109034201).

150 NE 63RD ST
CAJUSTE, ABNER (Voter ID number 109902938).
GIL, WILMEN Ruben (Voter ID number 116991366).
MASSEY, CHARMENE V. (Voter ID number 116371271).
GIL, ANDERSON A. (Voter ID number 110035230).
GIL, JACQUES (Voter ID number 109641383).

150 NE 63RD ST
APT 404

PAUL, PHILOCLES (Voter ID number 109845846).

150 NE 68TH ST

TWINE, JASMINE Yvonne (Voter ID number 117811396).

150 NE 69TH ST
BRUNO, CINETTE (Voter ID number 109653315).
CAPOTE RODRIGUEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 117003248).
DANIEL, WILBERT Lee (Voter ID number 110252433).
DESIR, NERETTE (Voter ID number 116802487).
HERMIDA, RAUL (Voter ID number 109626570).
LOVE, SADIE Kate (Voter ID number 108927965).
MONROE, CLIFFORD (Voter ID number 109206234).
PEREZ, ALBA (Voter ID number 118350113).
PIERRE-LOUIS, ANITA (Voter ID number 109900178).
ROSEME, MARIE Roselande (Voter ID number 109789280).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT #208

JEAN PHILIPPE, DUVERCIA (Voter ID number 109490063).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT #323

MEDINA, RIDEL H. (Voter ID number 109397229).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 106

JOSEPH, LEONISE (Voter ID number 121083627).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 107

CLARKE, DAVID (Voter ID number 113045490).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 112

BURGESS, BELVIN (Voter ID number 108996099).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 119

ROBINSON, ARTHUR Lee (Voter ID number 109294067).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 205-4

WILSON, AARON J. (Voter ID number 120202527).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 214

JEAN VALENTIN, YVONNE (Voter ID number 119817437).
JEAN, EGLAJEAN (Voter ID number 118527753).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 216

GUERRA, ARIEL Marcos (Voter ID number 120952544).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 219

GAMBLE, ROBBIN William (Voter ID number 109292151).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 312

REDONDO, MARIA (Voter ID number 120830824).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 319

BARBER, ARTHUR (Voter ID number 109483587).
SCOTT, THEODORE (Voter ID number 118336716).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 326

BOSWELL, JOHNNY R. (Voter ID number 116305733).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 409

ANGULO, CARMEN L. (Voter ID number 115570150).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 410

JONES, JESSIE (Voter ID number 108979077).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 419

METAYER, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 120867043).

150 NE 69TH ST
BALLESTER, AZALEA Crispina (Voter ID number 115028664).
BROWN, DOSHIE (Voter ID number 108962875).
CADET, THERESE (Voter ID number 109686590).
CHALA, GLADYS (Voter ID number 115529868).
DESANGES, CLEMENCE (Voter ID number 109702476).
DORTICOS, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 115689584).
ESPINAL, JUAN Bautista (Voter ID number 110341552).
ESPINAL, MARIA Lucila (Voter ID number 110341551).
FALLAS, JUAN Alvaro (Voter ID number 109858136).
FIGUERAS, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109130891).
FLORES HERNANDEZ, PETRA (Voter ID number 109174556).
GAINES, ROMA Lee (Voter ID number 108974688).
HAMILTON, ERIC E. (Voter ID number 109019038).
HARRIS, CHARLINE (Voter ID number 109169395).
HUANUCO, MARIA Edelvira (Voter ID number 114577484).
JACKSON, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 109021348).
JEAN, SERESIA (Voter ID number 109901924).
JEAN-LOUIS, JACQUEXILIA (Voter ID number 109751686).
MAXI, OSMANE (Voter ID number 109672464).
MC CLAIN, DONETER Ladawn (Voter ID number 109425902).
MC CLENDON, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 109593996).
MUNOZ, CRUZ (Voter ID number 109716621).
MUNOZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 109042839).
NAVARRO, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 118016518).
OSORIO, LUZ (Voter ID number 109719792).
PENDLETON, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 114216580).
SHATTEEN, GLORIA Jean (Voter ID number 109790099).
SMITH, SAMUEL E. (Voter ID number 109282169).
SPILLER, MINNIE Pearl (Voter ID number 109680522).
SPILLER, MINNIE W. (Voter ID number 115992264).
TORNA, FRANCES (Voter ID number 109091741).
TRIVERS, ARTIS Vianna (Voter ID number 109059252).
VANCE, WALLACE Dean (Voter ID number 109049661).
VIERA, JOSE (Voter ID number 114552391).
WILCHER, GISLENE Alexis (Voter ID number 109612947).
WILSON, MINNIE L. (Voter ID number 109550986).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT #114

MOROSE, MARTHE (Voter ID number 110339457).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT #204

KIRKLAND, ROSE M. (Voter ID number 115879099).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT #311

GRIFFIN, ERIC Renodor (Voter ID number 109981033).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 102

BAPTISTE, IRENE (Voter ID number 109701334).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 103

PENDERGRASS, BLONDELL (Voter ID number 109696472).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 104

LYNN, GREGORY Martin (Voter ID number 110313943).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 207

CHAVARRIA, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 114429261).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 212

PRICE, JACQUELINE D. (Voter ID number 109856590).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 224

FERNANDEZ, FILIBERTO (Voter ID number 117435774).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 302

DONATEN, LAZARA (Voter ID number 119830452).
RODRIGUEZ, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 116580998).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 305

AVILA, PEDRO (Voter ID number 110065732).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 306

COLEMAN, SHEILA W. (Voter ID number 119553157).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 310

ISERN, ISIS (Voter ID number 118788103).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 313

DARBY, WILLIE Rogers (Voter ID number 109016552).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 316

GUTIERREZ, BENAZIR I. (Voter ID number 109577628).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 322

PERSHAKE, ROY Michael (Voter ID number 109845636).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 402

ROLLE, MAVIS O. (Voter ID number 109919798).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 411

PIERRE, JACKIE (Voter ID number 110273136).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 412

CARATTINI, CARMEN Iris (Voter ID number 109555901).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 415

HONORAT, MARIE Desilia (Voter ID number 120169668).

150 NE 69TH ST
APT 420

TOVAR, LILIA MERCEDES L M T (Voter ID number 119141309).

150 NE 69TH ST
UNIT #417

VALDES, RONALDO F. (Voter ID number 109458030).

150 NE 69TH ST
LEMONIE, FIDELINA D. (Voter ID number 116259632).

150 NE 70TH ST
SAMUELS, ROCHELLE D. (Voter ID number 110072092).
ST GEORGES, NELSON Bastian (Voter ID number 110223446).
STGEORGE, GREGORY Asner (Voter ID number 118506889).
LUNDI, VERLANDA F. (Voter ID number 110161652).
ST GEORGE, LYDIA Agnes (Voter ID number 110201688).
ST GEORGES, BARNABAS Bastien (Voter ID number 109858348).
ST GEORGES, BERNADINE Q. (Voter ID number 110298769).
ST GEORGES, EMMELINE G. (Voter ID number 110282074).
ST GEORGES, NELSON (Voter ID number 110285322).

150 NE 71ST ST

PAUL, CLAIRE France (Voter ID number 120556556).

150 NE 71ST ST

JEANTY, JORILIA (Voter ID number 120643256).

150 NE 76TH ST
FRANCK, NICODOME (Voter ID number 110285238).
PHANOR, PIERRE Jacques (Voter ID number 119879773).
PHANORD, HERNIQUE (Voter ID number 119899529).

150 NE 77TH ST
HOSEIN, DAREN (Voter ID number 120420915).
ALEXANDER, JEAN J. (Voter ID number 109401227).

150 NE 79TH ST
THOMAS, PATRICK (Voter ID number 109312994).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1903

DEWITT, BOBBIE L. (Voter ID number 113642232).

150 NE 79TH ST
ALMONOR, MYRIAM (Voter ID number 110312719).
ALVA, JERAM S. (Voter ID number 120445070).
FULLER, PRINCESS Marie (Voter ID number 115479326).
GARDNER, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 109983941).
GLASS, EBONY M. (Voter ID number 115919438).
GLASS, KEWANDRA L. (Voter ID number 120448343).
GONZALEZ, INGRID M. (Voter ID number 120154851).
JEAN LOUIS, CARLINE (Voter ID number 120355466).
LOUIS, WESNER (Voter ID number 114409487).
MARTINEZ, GLENDA Damaris (Voter ID number 110058082).
MCLAREN, JALEIL (Voter ID number 119876980).
MEZA, LEONEL (Voter ID number 119771749).
MILLS, SE'VON Leclair (Voter ID number 115118747).
MOOTOO, JOSHUA B. (Voter ID number 120415910).
ROBINSON, KONYA L. (Voter ID number 105193915).
ROMERO, EVANGELINA (Voter ID number 114840223).
SEALS TUCKER, PAULETTE (Voter ID number 116084517).
VELAZQUEZ, GUADALUPE (Voter ID number 120132374).
WADE, DEAN Lyle (Voter ID number 110043488).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT # 1402

BENNETT, GEORGE C. (Voter ID number 117593845).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT # 801

SAINT JOUR, SONIA (Voter ID number 110060419).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT #1401

PIERRE, BIMBY (Voter ID number 116412896).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT #1703

DUNCAN, TAWANA D. (Voter ID number 117048095).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1002

DESROSIERS, MARIE A. (Voter ID number 115459111).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1008

LAMADIEU, DUVEAU (Voter ID number 120161300).
LAMADIEU, ELISE (Voter ID number 120162203).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1009

FELIX, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110146514).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1101

COLLINS, SIMONE A. (Voter ID number 116293782).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1102

LOUIS, KENSIE (Voter ID number 116270513).
THOMAS, ANGELLINA (Voter ID number 115409333).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1107

MOORE, YVONNIA (Voter ID number 110074560).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1204

HUNTER, RENA (Voter ID number 110035680).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1301

CLERMONT, EDER (Voter ID number 119673470).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1303

GILCHREASE, WILLETTA L. (Voter ID number 109152145).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1305

CHAVEZ, AURORA (Voter ID number 109865946).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1401

STRUMSKI, CANDY Marie (Voter ID number 109338901).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1403

SMITH, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 102306811).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1405

SMITH, SPRING R. (Voter ID number 103592454).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1407

FLORES, MICHELE E. (Voter ID number 120401372).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1601

JAMES, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 118097430).
JAMES, JESSICA Justina (Voter ID number 114402683).
JAMES, KAREN M. (Voter ID number 109271431).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1602

BLONDET, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 121109129).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1607

COLE, JHENELLE R. (Voter ID number 116616574).
PEPE, YANICK (Voter ID number 120161176).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1608

JOSEPH, JEAN Ernst Benedique (Voter ID number 120787391).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1702

FARRINGTON, MARIAH Z. (Voter ID number 120288780).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1705

LAURENT, EBANIA (Voter ID number 121344843).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1802

OLIVE, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 117049409).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1808

FORTUNE, LINDSAY Longchamp (Voter ID number 120382317).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1901

HUGHES, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 119674740).
MC CALL, RASHAMAN Ali (Voter ID number 102392185).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1902

LATTIMORE, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number 120918391).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1903

NELSON, JANIS (Voter ID number 120892224).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 206

CORTES MARTINEZ, BETZAIDA Marie (Voter ID number 117383641).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 209

BROWN, SKYLAH Shea (Voter ID number 120877985).
COLLINS, CASSANDRA Nakia (Voter ID number 109461186).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 302

MARTINEZ SANTANA, SONIA Altagracia (Voter ID number 119739313).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 405

COTTON, MICHAEL Charles (Voter ID number 115684639).
COTTON, MILTON Tavares (Voter ID number 110146928).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 407

HERNANDEZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 116608683).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 502

KINLOCK, TIARA Catherine Nichol (Voter ID number 115908457).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 506

JEAN, WADLEY (Voter ID number 120905898).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 507

DELEVEAUX, SHERIA Monique (Voter ID number 109885874).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 601

GARCIA MENDOZA, MARIA (Voter ID number 121202378).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 703

ALVAREZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 115950005).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 804

COLLAZO, JANYLL (Voter ID number 120613151).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 808

BROWN, TORANIO (Voter ID number 110240716).
JOYA, JESSICA Alexandra (Voter ID number 121245888).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 901

CORTES, CORY B. (Voter ID number 110115294).
DAVIS, BRITTNEY (Voter ID number 116170381).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 905

GATHERS, DANIEL K. (Voter ID number 115270822).
GATHERS, DEVIN Jamahl (Voter ID number 115477744).
GATHERS, WINDY Anita (Voter ID number 109234935).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 907

PIERCE, SHANNON B. (Voter ID number 109593136).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1202

RUIZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 114752118).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1204

BELTRAN MENDEZ, ODALEYMIS (Voter ID number 120778591).
LEAK, CRAIG Andrew (Voter ID number 101617447).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1305

CHAVEZ, VANNESSA (Voter ID number 117526886).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1306

JIMENEZ, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 116384475).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 607

BOYKIN, TARSHA Yvonne (Voter ID number 109421597).
PAVON, OSCAR (Voter ID number 109655140).

150 NE 79TH ST
UNIT #1206

PIERRE, RICHARDSON (Voter ID number 119755812).

150 NE 79TH ST
BAUZA-STROHEN, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 109679857).
BELL, JACE (Voter ID number 116433716).
DEROSIERS, MARIE Lilia (Voter ID number 119206013).
GLASS, CARMEN Lamichia (Voter ID number 109270015).
GRAY, GEORGE A. (Voter ID number 115250507).
JOSEPH, PIERRE (Voter ID number 116284049).
LEGAGNEUR, WILTA (Voter ID number 115498282).
MELVIN, CORA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109229631).
PIERRE, RAYNOLD (Voter ID number 118298615).
ROMERO, JULIO Isai (Voter ID number 110018866).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT # 1207

FANOR, MARTHE (Voter ID number 110244444).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1003

PETERS, DEONDRA Derese (Voter ID number 116302346).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1007

MOSLEY, TIERA (Voter ID number 120744140).
SMITH, LISA C. (Voter ID number 116897686).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1103

AUGUSTIN, DELIVERANCE Louise Carline (Voter ID number 116876488).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1106

MOORE, BRANDON (Voter ID number 115234474).
PINCKNEY, DARANEE Lanette (Voter ID number 109295714).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1107

MOORE, GAIL Y. (Voter ID number 109517669).
SIMON, DUQUESNE (Voter ID number 116221924).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1108

CORNER, REBECCA E. (Voter ID number 109170377).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 118

HYPOLITE, ELMA (Voter ID number 116372134).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1208

JOHNSON, APRIL Anita (Voter ID number 109787108).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1303

GARVIN, MALCOLM Deon (Voter ID number 118653425).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1309

VEGA, MAGDELIN Barbara (Voter ID number 110101918).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1502

DUKES, NAKIA Ebony (Voter ID number 110100947).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1503

CHERY, RAYMOND S. (Voter ID number 110211617).
VERGARA, JAIRO Jose (Voter ID number 114363843).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1506

MARRA, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 115612610).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1609

LOUIS, ROSELINE (Voter ID number 119346977).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1702

JONES, LEROY Z. (Voter ID number 114285573).
MELVIN, ADOLPHUS Eugene (Voter ID number 116300919).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1707

SANCHEZ, BENISABEL (Voter ID number 110118744).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1801

ALLEYNE, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 120258971).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1805

ROSE, TAMARA St (Voter ID number 116759727).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1806

BROWN, ASHLEIGH Ashanti (Voter ID number 120160236).
BROWN, SHAWNTAVIA L. (Voter ID number 109484763).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1902

LATTIMORE, SHEILA Cynthia (Voter ID number 109724325).
LATTIMORE, WILBERT (Voter ID number 115772649).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1903

NELSON, YVETTE (Voter ID number 120120562).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1905

DILLARD, SHERELLA Latasha (Voter ID number 109748711).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1906

BUTLER, CRYSTAL C. (Voter ID number 115949193).
DUKES, JOYCE Eleathia (Voter ID number 109106746).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 201

CHARLES, JEANNE Renande (Voter ID number 118314653).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 202

MEZA, AGUSTIN (Voter ID number 110024505).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 206

DERILUS, MICHELET (Voter ID number 121007845).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 208

PIERRE JEAN, YVROSE (Voter ID number 118685185).
PIERRE, MURAT JEAN (Voter ID number 103008910).
WALKER-WALLACE, NAIDRA Cressette (Voter ID number 109307740).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 209

BROWN, JOHN Henry (Voter ID number 109543813).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 305

RITCHIE, ANDREA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109262774).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 309

WILLIAMS, LAQUEATTA Quonek (Voter ID number 118361349).
WILLIAMS, TERRQUION (Voter ID number 110273884).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 402

BERRY, KEONDRA T. (Voter ID number 110002019).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 403

ORTIZ, DILCIA Margarita (Voter ID number 109295845).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 404

BOWE, SONYA Yvette (Voter ID number 109321533).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 407

BEATO, MARITZA (Voter ID number 110203944).
HERNANDEZ, JASON (Voter ID number 110226986).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 503

JEAN MARY, ROMULDA (Voter ID number 119512725).
JEAN MARY, THOMAS (Voter ID number 120221250).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 504

WATKINS, TAMMY Jean (Voter ID number 108953782).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 506

JEAN, JEFNIE J. (Voter ID number 119048647).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 507

NORTON, MARLON Dexter (Voter ID number 119483831).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 509

LEGROS, CLAUDIE (Voter ID number 115233646).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 601

LAHLEB, FARIDA (Voter ID number 119134419).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 604

ROWELL, JEROME (Voter ID number 109137103).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 607

PAYNE, ASHLEY Shoniqua (Voter ID number 118784669).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 706

SEABROOKS, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number 115562132).
SEABROOKS, TOSHA Lashay (Voter ID number 109417814).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 805

JOHNSON, LAQUISHA Andrea (Voter ID number 115097559).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 808

ROUNDTREE, RAJKESHA Rita (Voter ID number 109872535).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 903

JEAN-CHARLES, MARIE VICTOIRE Nahomie (Voter ID number 116885118).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 907

BLACK, KAYSHEILA G. (Voter ID number 118109887).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1302

DEBROSSE, DAVID (Voter ID number 110270717).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1801

HALL, GISELLE C. (Voter ID number 110180689).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 309

WILLIAMS, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109265931).

150 NE 79TH ST
MURRAY, PAUL Michael (Voter ID number 116763921).
GARCIA, NANCY Karina (Voter ID number 116891711).
HYPPOLITE, JOEL (Voter ID number 117587939).
ROGERS, REGINA (Voter ID number 116570818).

150 NE 79TH ST
APT 1909

FOSTER, KEYONNIA R. (Voter ID number 116758654).

150 NE 82ND ST
MICHEL, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 105167227).
MICHEL, AUDE Dwayne (Voter ID number 110024007).
MICHEL, ZULMA (Voter ID number 109663324).

150 NE 82ND TER
DUVERGLAS, FRITZ (Voter ID number 115719218).
FRAZIER, JAMIE June (Voter ID number 110268053).
PIERRE, SELVIN Bruno (Voter ID number 109334011).

150 NE 82ND TER

FRANCOIS, ELIAS (Voter ID number 119451045).

150 NE 83RD ST
PETIT, LOUIVA (Voter ID number 109603863).
RASH, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 110066553).

150 NE 86TH ST
AUGUSTE, GREGORY (Voter ID number 110092068).
AUGUSTE, MARIE (Voter ID number 109721028).
PIERRE, SARAJEN C. (Voter ID number 110118519).

150 NE 87TH ST
COACHES, CRAIG A. (Voter ID number 101952014).
SMITH- TALBOT, MATTHEW C. (Voter ID number 115455097).

150 NE 88TH ST
SHEPPARD, MARYAN Bahho (Voter ID number 118952800).

150 NE 90TH ST
WILLIAM, JAMES (Voter ID number 116265678).

150 NE 94TH ST
HUTCHINSON, JEANNE G. (Voter ID number 108908306).

150 NE 95TH ST
BARTELETTI, ELIZABETH Riney (Voter ID number 120026101).
RINEY, IRENE Fox (Voter ID number 108908387).
RINEY, LOUIS Bertrand (Voter ID number 108908388).

150 NE 96TH ST
JAMES, EDITH (Voter ID number 110237444).
LOPEZ, TATIANA (Voter ID number 110237445).

1500 NE 103RD ST
FRASER, PATRICK R. (Voter ID number 109439457).
JACOBS, ALICE Irene (Voter ID number 109800456).

1500 NE 104TH ST
ALBUJA, FAUSTO Roberto (Voter ID number 120398371).
ALBUJA, LAURA Dean (Voter ID number 114178884).

1500 NE 105TH ST
LA COMBE, DORIS J. (Voter ID number 109102827).
LA COMBE, RAYMOND D. (Voter ID number 109699877).

1501 NE 103RD ST
MEDINA, DIEGO Ramiro (Voter ID number 115995161).
MEDINA, MARTIN Emilio (Voter ID number 109338284).
MEDINA, ROXANA M. (Voter ID number 109437375).

1501 NE 105TH ST
ECHAGARAY, LEONARDO Glauber (Voter ID number 118801784).
POWELL, JEFFREY William (Voter ID number 109400520).
ECHAGARAY, GABRIELA E. (Voter ID number 109845389).

1502 NE 105TH ST
MASULLO, ELIZETE N. (Voter ID number 120291463).
SILVA NETO, JOSE V. (Voter ID number 120292056).

1503 NE 105TH ST
HANABERGH, CHRISTINA Pumo (Voter ID number 109949370).
HANABERGH, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 109720421).

1504 NE 105TH ST
CORREIA, ANA CRISTINA (Voter ID number 114387944).
JANOWITZ, LESLIE J. (Voter ID number 109262508).
JANOWITZ, SAMUEL Joseph (Voter ID number 108957189).

1505 NE 105TH ST
STOBS, CHRISTOPHER M. (Voter ID number 109372607).
STOBS, MELISSA T. (Voter ID number 110157175).

1506 NE 105TH ST
BIRNBAUM, ALAN Stephen (Voter ID number 109950571).
BIRNBAUM, JONALYNN (Voter ID number 109447207).
CILANO, CHARLES (Voter ID number 101459990).
CILANO, KRISTINE Schuster (Voter ID number 110007318).

1507 NE 105TH ST
ABRAMS, VALERIA (Voter ID number 121301927).

1507 NE 105TH ST
APT 1-8

ABRAMS, EFRAM H. (Voter ID number 114499319).

1508 NE 105TH ST
LUCERO, VANESSA Soledad (Voter ID number 117980233).
LUCERO, CEFERINO Cesar (Voter ID number 109687616).
LUCERO, PABLO E. (Voter ID number 110034276).

1509 NE 105TH ST
HAMMOND, JULIA Catherine (Voter ID number 110318057).
SMITH, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 109235823).

151 NE 101ST ST
HELD, DARIN George (Voter ID number 110138039).
HELD, SHARON Carol (Voter ID number 110138216).

151 NE 62ND ST
GELMONT, EUGENE (Voter ID number 110319505).
BAKHSH, HOWARD (Voter ID number 110319508).
BERMAN, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 110319499).
CONNOLLY, MICHELE (Voter ID number 110319516).
FALEO, GILENWOOD (Voter ID number 110319504).
HOLMSTOCK, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109014074).
HOPKINS, JOHN C. (Voter ID number 108909737).
MENTADO, JORGE (Voter ID number 110319489).
SCHABER, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 109981689).
SCOTT, CORETTA (Voter ID number 109983580).
SPIVAK, RIVKA (Voter ID number 110072486).
WEISS, DAVID (Voter ID number 110319488).

151 NE 63RD ST
MICHEL, NICOLAS (Voter ID number 109820298).

151 NE 64TH TER
ALEXIS, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 120408511).

151 NE 67TH ST

JOSEPH, IVENAIRE (Voter ID number 119398476).

151 NE 67TH ST

MAURICE, MARIE (Voter ID number 121175236).

151 NE 70TH ST
ADRAS, JEAN Joachim (Voter ID number 118299057).

151 NE 71ST ST
BLOUNT, MELONIA H. (Voter ID number 109193340).
CLARK, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 109900222).

151 NE 75TH ST
CANIZA BLEY, PEDRO Miguel Angel (Voter ID number 109637894).
CANIZA S.Q., AGUSTINA (Voter ID number 109634845).
CANIZA, PEDRO Nelson (Voter ID number 109613428).

151 NE 77TH ST
JEANTY, PAULINE (Voter ID number 109821259).

151 NE 82ND ST

JOSEPH, ANI (Voter ID number 120031997).
JOSEPH, ERIC (Voter ID number 119830068).

151 NE 82ND ST
APT #1

LEBRETON, GINETTE (Voter ID number 118699855).

151 NE 82ND ST
JOSEPH, EDITH (Voter ID number 116912545).
JOSEPH, ENIDE N. (Voter ID number 117594015).
JOSEPH, MICHEL (Voter ID number 117248246).

151 NE 82ND ST

CHANGEUX, PAULETTE (Voter ID number 117535936).

151 NE 88TH ST
ANDERSON, ALICE J. (Voter ID number 108903764).

151 NE 93RD ST
SUAREZ, DIEGO (Voter ID number 120143782).
VALDES, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 109984214).
HASSELL, RUSSELL J. (Voter ID number 110128431).

1510 NE 105TH ST
RALPH MURRAY, MARGARET (Voter ID number 109807027).

1511 NE 105TH ST
NAUGHTON, LINDA Louise (Voter ID number 108905228).

1513 NE 105TH ST
MAMULA, LOIS A. (Voter ID number 109021845).

1514 NE 105TH ST
ALLEN, ERWIN (Voter ID number 108903230).

1515 NE 104TH ST
ALVAREZ, NESTOR D. (Voter ID number 118654730).
RINALDI, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 119291777).

1515 NE 105TH ST
RAFFA, JEAN T. (Voter ID number 108925437).

1516 NE 104TH ST
SHOAF, DAVID Lee (Voter ID number 109037557).
SHOAF, DIANE Dugoni (Voter ID number 109046147).
SHOAF, ELIZABETH Mary (Voter ID number 110008069).

1517 NE 105TH ST
ALPERIN, BEVERLY R. (Voter ID number 109910375).

1519 NE 105TH ST
INNOCENT, MOLINE (Voter ID number 109817980).

152 NE 101ST ST
CAMACHO, DANNY (Voter ID number 118101316).
CAMACHO, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 109283409).
CAMACHO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109280610).
CAMACHO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 110114888).

152 NE 68TH ST

PRENTICE, EZEKIEL Zacharia (Voter ID number 115492558).
STEWARD, TRAVIS Emmanuel (Voter ID number 109467241).

152 NE 68TH ST
LOWRY, ROBERT Lee (Voter ID number 109113835).
STEWART, SHARON Denise (Voter ID number 109333764).

152 NE 68TH TER
DESCOLLINES, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 117786542).
GRACIA, THEOMAS (Voter ID number 109780068).

152 NE 89TH ST
COLE, MARK (Voter ID number 102091441).
WALSH, WENDI Ann (Voter ID number 117136651).

152 NE 92ND ST
AGOSTINHO, JAZMINE Li (Voter ID number 116285188).
LI, LILIA (Voter ID number 110227502).

152 NE 93RD ST
MELTZOFF, SARAH K. (Voter ID number 109424518).

1520 NE 103RD ST
GREEN, MATTHEW Scott (Voter ID number 117494851).
O'CONNOR, BRIAN Patrick (Voter ID number 109518289).
O'CONNOR, INES M. (Voter ID number 109126407).
O'CONNOR, KEVIN P. (Voter ID number 109970050).

1520 NE 105TH ST
MURPHY, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number 110015729).


KIMMEL, STANLEY (Voter ID number 110075891).


KIMMEL, JENNIE Ava (Voter ID number 110075210).

1521 NE 105TH ST
BUSTAMANTE, ANDRES E. (Voter ID number 116570194).
REDONDO, MONIQUE (Voter ID number 102365581).
DANCHES, CECILE Mc Govern (Voter ID number 109174488).

1522 NE 105TH ST
PRAVER, JOELLE Marie (Voter ID number 109322467).

KAY, GILKA A. (Voter ID number 109222875).
KAY, LESLIE A. (Voter ID number 109149347).

1525 NE 104TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, IVAN R. (Voter ID number 109198742).
RODRIGUEZ, LUCY Masucci (Voter ID number 109162167).
RODRIGUEZ, EVAN (Voter ID number 116462136).

JACOBOWITZ, CHARLOTTE L. (Voter ID number 109140326).
JACOBOWITZ, MELVIN J. (Voter ID number 109136653).

GOLDFARB, DAVID Harold (Voter ID number 110341095).
GOLDFARB, GARY M. (Voter ID number 109012325).
GOLDFARB, KEVIN (Voter ID number 117817131).
GOLDFARB, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 109295784).

153 NE 64TH TER
AURELUS, PIERRECINA (Voter ID number 109792499).
DORCEUS, MARIE Ange (Voter ID number 109562736).

153 NE 67TH ST
WRIGHT, DYSHADRICK Raquel (Voter ID number 114162143).

153 NE 67TH ST

EADY, FLINTON (Voter ID number 110276119).

153 NE 70TH ST
ALEXIS, FRANCOEUR (Voter ID number 109832912).
ALEXIS, FRANKLIN (Voter ID number 114134503).

153 NE 71ST ST
RIVERA, HECTOR (Voter ID number 109446240).
SHULER, SHEBA L. (Voter ID number 109837860).

153 NE 75TH ST
LOUIS JEUNE, MARIE Ines (Voter ID number 110267859).
HONORAT, MALAIKA M. (Voter ID number 116295032).

153 NE 77TH ST
MADHERE, FRANCHETTE (Voter ID number 120040944).
MADHERE, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109358982).

153 NE 80TH TER
CINORD, ELIDIEU (Voter ID number 121167149).

153 NE 80TH TER

CINORD, MILIUS (Voter ID number 109715251).

153 NE 80TH TER
PAUL, CLAUDEL (Voter ID number 110100995).
REMY, MARIE Lourdes (Voter ID number 109274896).

153 NE 80TH TER

YLIENIS CINORD, ANSELINE (Voter ID number 118498026).

153 NE 80TH TER

CINEUS, MICANA (Voter ID number 118944605).

153 NE 80TH TER
PAUL, JOSEPH Hens (Voter ID number 116263736).

153 NE 90TH ST
NARCISSE, ANORCE (Voter ID number 121160388).

153 NE 97TH ST
CHARLES, PIERRE (Voter ID number 109703838).
CHARLES, PIERRE (Voter ID number 101881248).

1532 NE 104TH ST
RUIZ, JACKI Lynn (Voter ID number 109346437).

GREENBERG, CAROL (Voter ID number 108998798).
PETIT, CHRISTOPHE (Voter ID number 120401566).
PETIT-LEONI, ROBIN (Voter ID number 110242486).

FINE, JASON Scott (Voter ID number 115766030).
FINE, SEAN Evan (Voter ID number 110151651).
FINE, RHONDA (Voter ID number 109185608).


VICARIA, ARIELLE Marlene (Voter ID number 114667099).
VICARIA, ERIC Emmanuel (Voter ID number 109864990).
VICARIA, EDUARDO Eric (Voter ID number 108931157).

154 NE 68TH ST

MICHEL, KERVENS (Voter ID number 116296846).

154 NE 68TH ST
GRIMES, JOANN Persell (Voter ID number 109109098).
TAYLOR, STEPHEN J. (Voter ID number 110065161).

154 NE 68TH ST

MURRAY, FRANCIS James (Voter ID number 102180007).

154 NE 68TH ST

MCNEALY, ARCHIE Clevland (Voter ID number 116981285).

154 NE 68TH TER
ST FLEUR, PIERRE Roudy (Voter ID number 118292806).
ST FLEUR, ROGER (Voter ID number 109722536).

154 NE 76TH ST
ST HILAIRE, MARIE P. (Voter ID number 109941317).
PARADA, RAUL Henry (Voter ID number 116229539).

154 NE 90TH ST
GARRIDO, LAURA Margarita (Voter ID number 109997677).
ORTIZ, GIOVANNI A. (Voter ID number 120085189).
ORTIZ, GIOVANNI E. (Voter ID number 109997849).

1540 NE 105TH ST
SCHOCK, AMBER L. (Voter ID number 119609697).
SCHOCK, ADELE Deloris (Voter ID number 109004350).
SCHOCK, FRIEDHELM (Voter ID number 109218811).

ZERBONE, ALESSANDRO (Voter ID number 109965865).
ZERBONE, LORELEY M. (Voter ID number 109789695).

1542 NE 105TH ST
DEGENHARDT, EDWARD P. (Voter ID number 110161224).
DEGENHARDT, LAURIE Marie (Voter ID number 109975192).

HERMAN, JANA L. (Voter ID number 109721502).
HERMAN, SUSAN S. (Voter ID number 109869825).

GROSSMAN, ALISON Beth (Voter ID number 109908693).
GROSSMAN, GREGG Scott (Voter ID number 109294433).

1545 NE 104TH ST
MOUNT, PATTI Schaeffer (Voter ID number 110247217).

1546 NE 105TH ST
ZAHN, GERI Roslyn (Voter ID number 109105307).

LEWIS, CHARLENE Michelle (Voter ID number 109553355).
LEWIS, GLORIA V. (Voter ID number 108963135).

FINE, JEANETTE Judith (Voter ID number 119553276).
FINE, JUDITH Jeanette (Voter ID number 109098062).

155 NE 62ND TER
LOUINORD, ATTENDIEU (Voter ID number 119551774).

155 NE 64TH TER
JEAN BAPTISTE, IMMACULA (Voter ID number 115433867).

155 NE 65TH ST
MORENO, KATIA Gisel (Voter ID number 110179472).

155 NE 71ST ST
ROBINSON, JIMMIE Jermaine (Voter ID number 110260554).

155 NE 76TH ST

BUCKLEY, ANGELA Luerain (Voter ID number 109325546).

155 NE 76TH ST

JOHNSON, TERRI C. (Voter ID number 117581048).

155 NE 76TH ST

MARSHALL, EMMET (Voter ID number 118800599).

155 NE 80TH TER

GUSTAVE, BELLINE (Voter ID number 115430647).

155 NE 80TH TER

TELUCIEN, CEVOULOIR (Voter ID number 110134960).

155 NE 80TH TER
CEVOULOIR, TELUCIEN (Voter ID number 110226688).

155 NE 82ND ST
VILLALBA-QUINTERO, ELKIN Zamek (Voter ID number 116616806).
QUINTERO, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 117001539).

155 NE 92ND ST
ZAVERTNIK, JOHN Lawrence (Voter ID number 109007261).
ZAVERTNIK, LINDA W. (Voter ID number 109030140).

1550 NE 103RD ST
LLERENA, MARK A. (Voter ID number 109594296).
LLERENA, MONICA (Voter ID number 109901090).

1550 NE 104TH ST
ROGERS, JULIANA Alexis (Voter ID number 109997179).

1550 NE 105TH ST
GONZALEZ, MELISSA M. (Voter ID number 114683658).
PHILIP, CHERUKARA Abraham (Voter ID number 110134873).

RABINOWITZ, DAVID Ian (Voter ID number 116799699).
RABINOWITZ, JORDANA Michaele (Voter ID number 115937074).
RABINOWITZ, MARCIA Lynn (Voter ID number 109050849).
RABINOWITZ, MARK Lawrence (Voter ID number 109010379).

1551 NE 103RD ST
DOSAL, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109801116).

1551 NE 105TH ST
STAFFORD, NATASHA Priya (Voter ID number 109884204).

1552 NE 105TH ST
SMITH, LLOYD V. (Voter ID number 109551167).
SWIDLER, CAROLYN W. (Voter ID number 108908701).

NEVINS, ARNOLD (Voter ID number 108902361).
NEVINS, JEAN Ann (Voter ID number 108902360).

1553 NE 105TH ST
DICKERMAN, DOUGLAS D. (Voter ID number 109042395).
GONZALEZ, HELEN H. (Voter ID number 109011617).

1554 NE 105TH ST
GREGORY, DONNA-LEE Sharon (Voter ID number 109083059).
GREGORY, HAROLD Lee (Voter ID number 108972497).
SADACCA, TODD Adam (Voter ID number 109264955).

SACKS, MARISA (Voter ID number 110008255).

1555 NE 105TH ST
BEGUEZ, MARCELO Fabian (Voter ID number 110050460).

1556 NE 105TH ST
SOBEL, EVAN R. (Voter ID number 101916807).
TENZEL, ROBIN L. (Voter ID number 109675501).
TENZEL, STEVEN Glen (Voter ID number 115723229).

1557 NE 105TH ST
BARBA, IVIS Ines (Voter ID number 109414558).
GOLDENBERG, EVELYN Lacoff (Voter ID number 109033826).

ORRANTIA, CRISTOBAL (Voter ID number 118474903).
ORRANTIA, C J. (Voter ID number 116651540).
ORRANTIA, MAUREEN Murphy (Voter ID number 110192503).

1559 NE 104TH ST
VODA, CRIS Ann (Voter ID number 109347121).
VODA, MEGAN D. (Voter ID number 118122137).
VODA, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 109409973).

1559 NE 105TH ST
HARTER, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 109978267).
FAZIO, CARLOS G. (Voter ID number 114559608).

156 NE 77TH ST
CASSEUS, CLEOVIL J. (Voter ID number 110086162).

156 NE 78TH ST
GUE, SELONDIEU (Voter ID number 109665537).

156 NE 82ND ST

HARDAWAY, TREAUNNA M. (Voter ID number 109814731).

156 NE 82ND ST
DESRAVINES, ROBERTE J. (Voter ID number 115260327).

156 NE 82ND ST

ROAN, ALFRED (Voter ID number 110258884).
SHAW, LORETHA (Voter ID number 116103119).

156 NE 82ND ST

LAWRENCE, ALTERMAN (Voter ID number 110324711).

156 NE 91ST ST
ANES, FERNANDO J. (Voter ID number 109327881).

1560 NE 103RD ST
VEGA, ALEXA L. (Voter ID number 116072602).

1560 NE 105TH ST
GOMEZ, JOAQUIN (Voter ID number 118305473).
GOMEZ, MICHELE Rosenblit (Voter ID number 118255503).

BRUMER, DOROTHY (Voter ID number 108994300).
BRUMER, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 108994301).

1561 NE 103RD ST
PATEL, MRUDULABEN (Voter ID number 116897335).
PATEL, KEARAL (Voter ID number 115866570).
PATEL, PRIESH K. (Voter ID number 110317410).

1561 NE 105TH ST
BUNTING, KATHLEEN Mary (Voter ID number 109316899).
HOYOS, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 110333271).
MOOREHEAD, THERESA Holden (Voter ID number 109019765).

GREEN, RONALD Jeffrey (Voter ID number 109703668).

1563 NE 105TH ST
DE THOMAS, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109474069).

MUNNINGS, CORINE Marie (Voter ID number 110045480).

1565 NE 105TH ST
FOSTER, SANDIGAN Andrew (Voter ID number 102344571).
WEBER, CAROLINE Duguay (Voter ID number 109495842).
WEBER, MICHELLE Mary (Voter ID number 109702529).

1567 NE 105TH ST
PETERS, RITA Wessel (Voter ID number 110021442).

KAFKA, DONALD L. (Voter ID number 109872205).
KAFKA, WILMA V. (Voter ID number 109799360).

1569 NE 104TH ST
DONALDSON, EDITH K. (Voter ID number 108951254).

1569 NE 105TH ST
PALLOT, BROOKE Lesli (Voter ID number 109297262).
PALMER, BRUCE Edward (Voter ID number 114654042).

157 NE 101ST ST
FOX, CHARLES K. (Voter ID number 108909179).
RINEY, CATHERINE Joyce (Voter ID number 106464953).

157 NE 104TH ST
MELTZ, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109441540).
MELTZ, JONATHAN Scott (Voter ID number 109322011).

157 NE 62ND TER
SANON, JEAN (Voter ID number 120535457).

157 NE 67TH ST
MENARD, ROSEMBERT (Voter ID number 109977029).

157 NE 67TH ST

MATHURIN, FRANCK (Voter ID number 114521611).

157 NE 67TH ST

MENARD, IDALIA (Voter ID number 109724234).

157 NE 68TH TER
JEREMIE, PHANOR (Voter ID number 109349058).

157 NE 71ST ST
MONDELUS, ELIA (Voter ID number 120197712).
CUNNINGHAM, NORMA E. (Voter ID number 109686726).
SILVAIN, PHILOMAINE (Voter ID number 110220674).

157 NE 86TH ST
PATTERSON, KENNETH (Voter ID number 110011346).

FREEDMAN, MAYRA (Voter ID number 120397054).
FREEDMAN, SANFORD Alan (Voter ID number 109050149).

ESPIRITU-SULTAN, CARMELITA E. (Voter ID number 109171482).
GLEN, LUKE (Voter ID number 109708794).

ROTHSCHILD, LEIGH M. (Voter ID number 109057054).

1576 NE 104TH ST
GRIFFIN, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 108909509).
GRIFFIN, CASEY C. (Voter ID number 109476199).
GRIFFIN, FRANCIS Anthony (Voter ID number 109046145).

1579 NE 104TH ST
RENICK, CARMEN M. (Voter ID number 109322534).
RENICK, RALPH Apperson (Voter ID number 109075815).

159 NE 68TH TER
MILFORT, WIDDEN'S M. (Voter ID number 119935626).

159 NE 75TH ST

BROOKS, TEEMERIAL Vashon (Voter ID number 109484460).

159 NE 75TH ST
DOZIER, SCOTT (Voter ID number 109785373).
NELSON, BOBBY (Voter ID number 118557646).
NELSON, SAM (Voter ID number 109704712).

1598 NE 104TH ST
DREXLER, ARLENE Ina (Voter ID number 109222780).
WHITLEY, DAVID Joseph (Voter ID number 109178890).

16 NE 100TH ST
GARCIA-HORTA, LAKEN (Voter ID number 115247401).
NARDO, LAKEN A. (Voter ID number 109347370).

160 NE 102ND ST
SPONDER, SUZANNE Nancy (Voter ID number 109195098).

160 NE 104TH ST
BALDWIN, ALLYSON M. (Voter ID number 110320160).
BALDWIN, GRACE Anne (Voter ID number 117551667).
BALDWIN, JOHN Michael (Voter ID number 109225472).
BALDWIN, PILAR (Voter ID number 109243033).

160 NE 68TH ST
LIGHTBOURN, GEORGE Reginald (Voter ID number 109210764).

160 NE 70TH ST
INNOCENT, BEVERLY (Voter ID number 109775821).
INNOCENT, VOLNE (Voter ID number 109816157).
INNOCENT, VOLVICK (Voter ID number 118706058).
STGEORGES, ALEXANDER Richard (Voter ID number 110285121).

160 NE 77TH ST
SOLORZANO, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 109855016).

160 NE 82ND ST
CASTHELY, FRANKLIN (Voter ID number 109173075).

160 NE 84TH ST
LEO, BRANLEY (Voter ID number 109813631).

160 NE 86TH ST
BUTLER, RONALD (Voter ID number 114841198).

160 NE 87TH ST
WASHINGTON, STEPHINA C. (Voter ID number 108556871).

160 NE 87TH ST

MACREADY, DAWN Brandi (Voter ID number 116884765).

160 NE 89TH ST
NOEL, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 109052197).

160 NE 95TH ST
TAMAYO, ELISEO J. (Voter ID number 109595948).
TAMAYO, SAMUEL C. (Voter ID number 109581341).
TAMAYO, TERESA L. (Voter ID number 109641800).
TAMAYO, TONI-ROSE L. (Voter ID number 116293116).

1600 NE 103RD ST
BARCHAN, JON Evan (Voter ID number 120847193).
HASTINGS, PIA Marcella (Voter ID number 117653795).
BARCHAN, MARGARET E. (Voter ID number 110055951).
BARCHAN, NORTON Lee (Voter ID number 109060246).
CHAILLE, THOMAS Bryan (Voter ID number 109880467).

1600 NE 104TH ST
KISZYNSKI, ADRIANA Maria (Voter ID number 110314375).
KISZYNSKI, EMILY H. (Voter ID number 108991489).
KISZYNSKI, GEORGE (Voter ID number 109093412).
KISZYNKI, ADRIANS M. (Voter ID number 116327241).

1603 NE 105TH ST
ALVAREZ, ANA Chow (Voter ID number 109839171).

1605 NE 104TH ST
GHANEM, DANIEL Sal (Voter ID number 120075528).

1605 NE 105TH ST
KERN, ELIZABETH Marie (Voter ID number 102154432).
BENMUSSA, SOPHIE (Voter ID number 110139165).

1607 NE 105TH ST
ITKOFF, ANDREW O. (Voter ID number 110019821).
ANGELL, CHARLES Jack (Voter ID number 109705436).
CABRAL, EDGAR S. (Voter ID number 109034998).

161 NE 69TH ST
HARRIS, ASHAUNE Terrence (Voter ID number 119478295).

161 NE 71ST ST
MOORE, ZACHARY Shrome (Voter ID number 109360643).

161 NE 75TH ST
EMMANUEL, LEON Moise (Voter ID number 109200285).
EMMANUEL, SIADNOYSE D. (Voter ID number 110232061).
EMMANUEL, SUDANEYSE Christine (Voter ID number 110323156).
PERICLES, ROSE Marie (Voter ID number 109873941).

161 NE 89TH ST
SANTIAGO, MYRA (Voter ID number 118501436).
GARCIA SAINZ, JANICE Mayte (Voter ID number 118409018).

161 NE 92ND ST
CORDERO, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 120113351).
RESEK, KATERINA A. (Voter ID number 120037343).
RESEK, OSCAR N. (Voter ID number 109600559).

1611 NE 105TH ST
LEWIS, CHELSEA E. (Voter ID number 112067823).
STEEL, WILLIAM Ross (Voter ID number 118374413).
SEIDEN, FRANCEASCA M. (Voter ID number 109575454).

1615 NE 105TH ST
OSORIO, ENRIQUE Daniel (Voter ID number 110124951).
SANCHEZ, CARMEN (Voter ID number 120131088).

1616 NE 105TH ST
DORFMAN, DAVID (Voter ID number 108913607).
DORFMAN, EMMY E. (Voter ID number 109963624).

1617 NE 105TH ST
LEONE, CAROLYN (Voter ID number 109397131).

1618 NE 105TH ST
BURGESON, WILLIAM Charles (Voter ID number 116017176).

1619 NE 105TH ST
FLORES, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 117281371).

162 NE 106TH ST
HAYES, MARY Evangeline (Voter ID number 102477925).
HAYES, RUSSELL Walker (Voter ID number 102477924).
EICHNER, AMBER (Voter ID number 118498635).

162 NE 69TH ST
APT 10

GOLDING, STEVEN (Voter ID number 120424123).

162 NE 82ND TER
AUGUSTAVE, MARIE Tocelyne (Voter ID number 110180397).
AUGUSTAVE, WILLY (Voter ID number 115421959).

1620 NE 105TH ST
BACON, KEITH M. (Voter ID number 116355664).
ORNELAS, DEPHINE Michelle (Voter ID number 110185640).

1621 NE 105TH ST
MANSO, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109017885).
ZACCARDI, GREGORY E. (Voter ID number 115113251).
MARTINEZ, WILFREDO Charles (Voter ID number 116721785).

1624 NE 105TH ST
BALICKI, PAMELA J. (Voter ID number 109096817).

1625 NE 104TH ST
BARROSO, DELIA M. (Voter ID number 109595157).
BARROSO, JOSE (Voter ID number 109332506).

1626 NE 105TH ST
QUICK, ROBERT Lewis (Voter ID number 108909269).
CLARK, THOMSON Raymond (Voter ID number 114350551).
QUICK, IOU Nan (Voter ID number 109569843).

1628 NE 105TH ST
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM K. (Voter ID number 109130524).
KILLEEN, MARY E. (Voter ID number 109946172).

163 NE 69TH ST
BENOZE, BERLINE (Voter ID number 109990820).

163 NE 71ST ST
GARDNER, BRITTNEY Tiana (Voter ID number 120582458).
ALLEN, NYREE D. (Voter ID number 109455000).

163 NE 76TH ST
PAIGE, DION Marcel (Voter ID number 109563789).
PAIGE, MADELINE (Voter ID number 109551291).
SMITH, TANISHA Dominque (Voter ID number 119048997).

163 NE 90TH ST
DEPRES, CARMELLE (Voter ID number 115643835).
PERSAND, SHAYLA (Voter ID number 110296294).
PERSAUD, SHAYLA (Voter ID number 117063239).

1630 NE 105TH ST
CHUMBLEY, JO-ANNE Duka (Voter ID number 109104521).

1632 NE 105TH ST
LAVEY, SETH Lawrence (Voter ID number 109898299).

1634 NE 105TH ST
LAURENCE, MADELEINE (Voter ID number 108980852).

164 NE 100TH ST
CORDERO, ALBERT (Voter ID number 110264324).
MENDEZ, FRANK Rene (Voter ID number 109323594).

164 NE 105TH ST
WATERMAN, GARY (Voter ID number 110299683).

164 NE 78TH ST
ERDMANN, FERNAND Jean (Voter ID number 119838856).

164 NE 82ND TER
HYPPOLITE, MARIE A. (Voter ID number 118003450).

164 NE 86TH ST
CATE, DENISE Marie (Voter ID number 109961642).

1640 NE 104TH ST
HORWITZ, LISA Rochelle (Voter ID number 110122904).
WEST, STEPHANIE Lundy (Voter ID number 109084536).
HORWITZ, JAMIE Alison (Voter ID number 110215017).
WEST, DALE Allen (Voter ID number 109229130).

165 NE 70TH ST
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number 110133508).

165 NE 71ST ST
MURPHY, WILLIE J. (Voter ID number 115923623).
MYERS, ELLAWEES Bryant (Voter ID number 108952358).

165 NE 76TH ST
AZOR, HERZILIE (Voter ID number 118924209).
ST. JULIEN, MOLIERE (Voter ID number 120301845).
FRANCK, FLAVIN (Voter ID number 109678050).
HASPIL, JEAN (Voter ID number 117093985).

165 NE 77TH ST
JEAN-MARY, ROSE Ll (Voter ID number 119863266).
JEAN-MARY, ILDA (Voter ID number 114467289).
JEAN-MARY, SHERALDE (Voter ID number 119446538).
SELMOND, ROSELIE (Voter ID number 109630262).
JEAN-MARY, ILDA (Voter ID number 116372113).

165 NE 98TH ST
MC CLUNE, DEBRA Jean (Voter ID number 109766585).
MC CLUNE, DONALD L. (Voter ID number 109806524).

166 NE 101ST ST
LOPEZ, RAUL I. (Voter ID number 114514299).

166 NE 103RD ST
HUSTED, JILLIAN Rae (Voter ID number 115437193).
HUSTED, KAREN S. (Voter ID number 109324021).

166 NE 70TH ST
ALIZEE, JOSUE (Voter ID number 109962812).

166 NE 90TH ST
MILLS, PAMELA Kim (Voter ID number 110224692).

166 NE 92ND ST
CARABOTTA, JILL Denise (Voter ID number 110136872).
CARABOTTA, RAYMOND Joseph (Voter ID number 110252565).

166 NE 93RD ST
PENDLETON, RYAN Lawrence (Voter ID number 102353140).
KAUFHOLD, WILLIAM Thomas (Voter ID number 109521508).
TOBON-PENDLETON, MARIA Camila (Voter ID number 109650844).

1665 NE 104TH ST
CHITTY, ROBERT Arthur (Voter ID number 109377184).
VON WEDEL, TAMARA (Voter ID number 109304997).

167 NE 65TH ST
ST HUBERT, FERNANDE (Voter ID number 115010409).

167 NE 68TH TER
BERNARDIN, CLAUDIN (Voter ID number 114409477).

167 NE 71ST ST
GUITEAU, MICHAELLE (Voter ID number 110337662).

167 NE 84TH ST
ALTESSE, DOROTHY Lynn (Voter ID number 110122314).

167 NE 86TH ST
INCER, REBECA C. (Voter ID number 120168229).
GARCIA, CESAR V. (Voter ID number 109533767).

168 NE 70TH ST
HOWARD, RASHARD Leven (Voter ID number 109990941).
BROWN, TIMOTHY S. (Voter ID number 114351531).
LEGGETT, SHONDRA L. (Voter ID number 109474605).
MOSS, SHANISE Latavia (Voter ID number 110259202).
STOKES, CARRIE (Voter ID number 108980994).
STOKES, LARRY Eugene (Voter ID number 109269834).

168 NE 91ST ST
ST JUSTE, GUERLYNE (Voter ID number 110111263).
ST JUSTE, VONISE (Voter ID number 109533578).
ST JUSTE, VONY (Voter ID number 110112836).

1685 NE 104TH ST
NASH, SEYMOUR Cy (Voter ID number 108908087).
NASH, ALLISON Leigh (Voter ID number 109161487).
NASH, SALLY Anne (Voter ID number 108954606).
PARKER, THELMA O. (Voter ID number 116442276).

169 NE 68TH TER
PAUL, JEAN (Voter ID number 120689694).

1690 NE 104TH ST
MOHIT KERMANI, SUSAN Ashraf (Voter ID number 110203718).
MOHITKERMANI, MEHDI (Voter ID number 110203726).
GILLER, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number 116921741).

17 NE 105TH ST
DAKE, ECHO Marie (Voter ID number 109062295).
STUR, MARY (Voter ID number 108909300).

17 NE 106TH ST
SANCHEZ, JUAN Francisco (Voter ID number 109291543).
SANCHEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 109561164).

170 NE 67TH ST
MARRERO, DANIEL (Voter ID number 117512238).
MARRERO, JANET (Voter ID number 115622969).
MARRERO, JEWELS (Voter ID number 120314246).
RAMOS, CYNTHIA Monique (Voter ID number 117830627).
RAMOS, DEMI Cynn (Voter ID number 120456420).
RAMOS, SHERRY Lee (Voter ID number 120330391).
RAMOS, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 114732954).
RAMOS, JOSEPH Anthony (Voter ID number 117081744).

170 NE 78TH ST
JOHNSON, TERRICA N. (Voter ID number 110030687).

170 NE 87TH ST
DI BLASI, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 109132568).

1700 NE 105TH ST
AHEARN, LISA Jane (Voter ID number 110207608).
FERRARI, STEVEN Francis (Voter ID number 118382772).
JOHNSON, TODD Williams (Voter ID number 108974864).
KUTTLER, JOEL Isaiah (Voter ID number 117085778).
KUTTLER, MICHELLE A. (Voter ID number 117933826).
LESTER, DOBY (Voter ID number 110178932).
RAJO, PEDRO Rafael (Voter ID number 115830979).
RODRIGUEZ, JORGE M. (Voter ID number 109098848).
ROY, MARY Driscoll (Voter ID number 112656260).
SWARTZ, CHRISTOPHER James (Voter ID number 109377591).
TRAHEY, JASON Wade (Voter ID number 116450168).
ZELLIE NAGHIB, CARINA Ann (Voter ID number 116199749).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 201

WALL, AUDREY L. (Voter ID number 108979547).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 206

STANTIC, DE LINN P. (Voter ID number 109530928).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 207

ARIAS, JOSE Jorge (Voter ID number 109369815).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 411

MAN, CINDY S. (Voter ID number 109838533).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 419

WEBER, MICHAEL Louis (Voter ID number 109083051).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 502

RAMIREZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 116825774).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 503

GHALEB, CARMEN (Voter ID number 108906013).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 507

ZUNIGA-VAN ZYCK, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 102259305).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 511

VILLA, ORA Catherine (Voter ID number 119387586).

1700 NE 105TH ST
UNIT #412

BAUR, ALYCE Frances (Voter ID number 110145705).

1700 NE 105TH ST
UNIT 405

HART, EDWARD Thomas (Voter ID number 120657457).

1700 NE 105TH ST
BENTZ, MARIE Loretta (Voter ID number 109103769).
BIBILONIA, HANS (Voter ID number 114628036).
BRASAC, AIDA L. (Voter ID number 109149032).
DARNELL, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109012012).
DAVIS, PAULINE R. (Voter ID number 108913400).
DIAZ, ALICIA Maria (Voter ID number 109059079).
DIAZ, BERNARDO (Voter ID number 109020923).
DO, KOOK Choo (Voter ID number 109434137).
FERRARI, MELISSA Rico (Voter ID number 109957496).
GREENBERG, VALERIE B. (Voter ID number 110312888).
GREENLEE, WALTRAUD I. (Voter ID number 109062857).
HART, LARAINE (Voter ID number 110233254).
HART, MARGUERITA Moehring (Voter ID number 109157032).
HARTMAN, MARIE Carullo (Voter ID number 108992321).
HENDERSON, JULIA W. (Voter ID number 109154480).
HODGES, VERNA J. (Voter ID number 108919722).
HORTON, LUCILLE G. (Voter ID number 108925750).
HORTON, SCOTT Edward (Voter ID number 109125452).
ITKOFF, VALERIE (Voter ID number 109975936).
JENKINS, MARGARET M. (Voter ID number 108991028).
KING, CHEVENE Bowers (Voter ID number 114644236).
KORMAN, MIMI Miro (Voter ID number 109370131).
KORMAN, NINA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109251656).
LAO, TINA Luisa (Voter ID number 109410959).
LASCH, WILLIAM F. (Voter ID number 109167896).
MAGHIB, SEYED Amir (Voter ID number 117018378).
MARQUEZ, ESTHER Mendez (Voter ID number 108901634).
MAULE, SUZANNE H. (Voter ID number 108925789).
MC CAUGHAN, LAURA A. (Voter ID number 108908923).
MENNES, JOHN Joseph (Voter ID number 109069267).
MENNES, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 108928257).
MITCHELL, KATIE B. (Voter ID number 109190245).
MOROSCO, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 110287404).
NOLAN, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 110257511).
NUNNALLY, G Ann (Voter ID number 109130664).
O'CONNOR, MAUREEN Golding (Voter ID number 110143905).
PAANS, SACHA B. (Voter ID number 109444176).
PARKE, DAVID Curtis (Voter ID number 109059974).
PARKE, LORRAINE L. (Voter ID number 108991067).
PAYTON, ALTA S. (Voter ID number 108989404).
POUSCHINE, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 108933984).
QUADRADO, GERSON B. (Voter ID number 110173965).
RICO, CONSTANCE Sloan (Voter ID number 109013819).
ROY, GENE D. (Voter ID number 110080423).
SCARBOROUGH, LEOTA D. (Voter ID number 108956225).
SILVERS, JANET C. (Voter ID number 108915469).
SIMON, NANETTE A. (Voter ID number 109336896).
STUBBS, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109062894).
SWAN, ROBERTA Clare (Voter ID number 108992347).
TREVEJO, WILLIAM George (Voter ID number 109353297).
ULLMAN, CHARLES D. (Voter ID number 110310346).
ULLMAN, LOUISE (Voter ID number 110310343).
VANZYCK, GREG W. (Voter ID number 115084786).
VIEIRA, EVELISE R. (Voter ID number 110174263).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT # 409

GOMEZ, MARCELA (Voter ID number 116838487).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT #216

FERNANS, LYNNE M. (Voter ID number 108909173).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT #319

LARSON, GUSTAVE William (Voter ID number 108919756).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 102

ACOSTA, PEDRO Luis (Voter ID number 109086011).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 116

MORGADO, MARCIA (Voter ID number 109213514).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 218

MULLINEAUX, FRANCES (Voter ID number 120295348).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 304

GILBERTS, LARS Gillen (Voter ID number 110146901).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 310

SEPTEMBRE, DANIELLE K. (Voter ID number 114176327).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 314

HENDERSON, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number 108908878).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 410

ALLEN, RICHARD Harrison (Voter ID number 102060053).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 419

WEBER, MARY Constance (Voter ID number 109083050).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 505

HU, NICOLA H. (Voter ID number 118024861).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 511

VILLA, JESSICA Rene (Voter ID number 119387576).
VILLA, STEFAN Emiliano (Voter ID number 117671878).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 515

PENNING, MARGARET E. (Voter ID number 109857641).

1700 NE 105TH ST
APT 519

BRIGHT, LOUISE Wightman (Voter ID number 103599612).

1700 NE 105TH ST
UNIT #317

TORRES, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 110146252).

1700 NE 105TH ST
UNIT #412

BAUR, CHRISTIAN F. (Voter ID number 110064689).

1700 NE 105TH ST
UNIT 301

SAMMONS, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number 109033450).
SAMMONS, EILEEN (Voter ID number 109058750).

171 NE 100TH ST
GREEN, COURTNEY Berman (Voter ID number 109737418).
GREEN, DANIEL Reed (Voter ID number 109920304).
MALDONADO, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 121156140).
PARENTE, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 102133674).

171 NE 67TH ST
JONES, LAFAYETTE D. (Voter ID number 102460721).

171 NE 67TH ST

HICKS, BEVERLY Ann (Voter ID number 102268843).

171 NE 68TH ST
MC BEAN, JOHN Anthony (Voter ID number 110275956).

171 NE 71ST ST
MC ELWEE, EUGENE (Voter ID number 110281156).

171 1 NE 67TH ST
KIETTIE, MARY Delores (Voter ID number 110170226).

172 NE 68TH ST

BOWLERS, ARMEN (Voter ID number 115204476).

172 NE 68TH ST

THOMAS, MARION (Voter ID number 114824711).

172 NE 68TH ST
BOWLERS, ARMEN (Voter ID number 116235169).

172 NE 77TH ST
JOLIMEAU, JOHN (Voter ID number 119875900).
JOLIMEAU, JOHN Bertho (Voter ID number 119950580).

173 NE 105TH ST
KIM, PENNY Mae (Voter ID number 114654169).
KIM, PHILIP (Voter ID number 110138218).

173 NE 106TH ST
AROSTEGUI, BRENDA J. (Voter ID number 116337760).

173 NE 67TH ST

WILKERSON, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number 117438848).

173 NE 67TH ST

WILKERSON, LUCKY Mae (Voter ID number 109858545).

173 NE 68TH ST
BRITT, GABRIEL J. (Voter ID number 109209042).

173 NE 71ST ST
MCKENZIE, PAULINE L. (Voter ID number 118311559).

173 NE 90TH ST
LUIS ACOSTA, LAZARO (Voter ID number 119875357).

173 2 NE 68TH ST
BOX F-10

MOBLEY, NINTHA E. (Voter ID number 109409150).

174 NE 106TH ST
LORA, HECTOR E. (Voter ID number 109152974).
PELAEZ, ELISA Barbara (Voter ID number 109597270).

174 NE 68TH ST
LONG, EMMA (Voter ID number 110237859).

174 NE 78TH ST
RAWLS, NEKMARDYA (Voter ID number 110272527).
RAWLS, DASIA (Voter ID number 119011332).
RAWLS, NEKMARDEYAH (Voter ID number 110194686).

175 NE 63RD ST
YOUTE, KAREN D. (Voter ID number 115247815).
CHERY, GENEVIEVE (Voter ID number 115658246).
JOHN, LESLINE (Voter ID number 109496060).
LUBIN, LAVIRA (Voter ID number 109841201).

176 NE 68TH ST

KEMP, JOHN S. (Voter ID number 109088114).

176 NE 82ND TER
JEAN, JONAS (Voter ID number 110276885).

177 NE 103RD ST
GRAVES, EUGENE G. (Voter ID number 109728975).
MILLER-GRAVES, MONISE Gineine (Voter ID number 109162243).

177 NE 67TH ST

SCOTT, ALLISON R. (Voter ID number 116268660).

177 NE 67TH ST
CRAVATT, NATEVA Lorisha (Voter ID number 110031180).
SCOTT, JOE Cecil (Voter ID number 114754466).

177 NE 68TH ST
MURRAY, WILLA D. (Voter ID number 115919845).

177 NE 68TH TER
BEDWARD, DAPHNE (Voter ID number 109929353).
BEDWARD, JAKE Dewayne (Voter ID number 109979004).
MASHACK, SHARLINE Sandy (Voter ID number 109495477).

177 NE 70TH ST
ALMONOR, GEORGES (Voter ID number 117031232).

177 NE 71ST ST
APT 177

BERNARD, WENDY (Voter ID number 119644395).

177 NE 71ST ST
BORGELA, TOJO (Voter ID number 116282555).

177 NE 88TH ST
WILLIAMS, VERNON Lee (Voter ID number 109304376).
BALDOVINO, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 110116577).

178 NE 68TH ST
ZAYAS, VERNON Rocky (Voter ID number 115117003).

178 NE 68TH ST

HAYES, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 119126606).

178 NE 70TH ST
HOWARD, MALCOLM Murphy (Voter ID number 119207128).
FERRELL, ELOUISE (Voter ID number 109409622).
HOWARD, WILLIE (Voter ID number 115396689).

179 NE 67TH ST
VALNOR, MOLIERE (Voter ID number 110122236).
CRUSOE, JESTINA Toles (Voter ID number 116033733).
VALNOR, ELLOIRCE (Voter ID number 110188129).

179 NE 69TH ST
HILAIRE, LISSUFIE (Voter ID number 109975744).

179 NE 69TH ST

HILAIRE, NELSON (Voter ID number 119101897).

179 NE 71ST ST
ROBINSON, TAMEKA Shontax (Voter ID number 109630303).

179 NE 94TH ST
KAWACHIKA, CYNTHIA Milliken (Voter ID number 109476628).
KAWACHIKA, JON Jay (Voter ID number 119212866).

18 NE 106TH ST
SCHOFIELD, MARILENE Saffouri (Voter ID number 110022087).
CONROY, DENISE A. (Voter ID number 109408690).

18 NE 69TH ST
GAUTIER, MARIE Rose (Voter ID number 109932253).
GAUTHIER, MARCEL (Voter ID number 109939393).

18 NE 70TH ST
JACKSON, DESIREE D. (Voter ID number 116014167).

18 NE 86TH ST
RICHARDSON, LYNETTE E. (Voter ID number 109615461).

18 NE 88TH ST
PARRILLA, FRANCISCO Javier (Voter ID number 117318236).
ROSSY, JESUS M. (Voter ID number 117438873).
BETANCOURT, HECTOR Juan (Voter ID number 109528396).

180 NE 67TH ST
JEAN, NERLANDE (Voter ID number 121120581).
SANON, DOMINIQUE (Voter ID number 120915827).

180 NE 68TH ST
JULES, BRENDA (Voter ID number 109684842).

180 NE 68TH ST

CHARLES, MICHELINE (Voter ID number 119649316).
PURCELL, HOWARD Alexander (Voter ID number 119171795).

180 NE 70TH ST
MUSELAIRE, JACQUECINNA (Voter ID number 116597512).
MUSELAIRE, LOUIS G. (Voter ID number 116668878).
BAZILE, CLAUTAIRE (Voter ID number 116402875).

180 NE 71ST ST
TAYLOR, ALLEETTA C. (Voter ID number 110191351).
TAYLOR, ALLEETTA Pamella (Voter ID number 114467153).
AUMEUS, CAREZ (Voter ID number 115296943).
BOVIAN, BESSIE Sheffield (Voter ID number 109953939).
JOHNSON, JAMES C. (Voter ID number 115980142).
LAWTON, SHAWNTAVIA S. (Voter ID number 110192206).
OMEUS, DIEUMAITRE (Voter ID number 110252897).
WALKER, TANNEEKA N. (Voter ID number 110148018).

180 NE 71ST ST

SHEFFIELD, SHAWNTRAVIA Evette (Voter ID number 119095626).

180 NE 82ND TER
DELVA, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 120170769).
PIERRE, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 110226924).

180 NE 86TH ST
BLANC, SHELLY (Voter ID number 116306646).

181 NE 67TH ST
JEAN-PIERRE, SILIUS (Voter ID number 119430088).
NIEVES, IVAN (Voter ID number 114072902).

181 NE 67TH ST

FRANCOIS, CHRISTIANE (Voter ID number 110337891).

181 NE 68TH ST
STEWART, WILLIAM T. (Voter ID number 109281119).

181 NE 71ST ST
LATIMORE, SHANETTA Litsha (Voter ID number 102277715).
WILLIAMS, TYQUANE C. (Voter ID number 120408350).
LATIMORE, VICTOR V. (Voter ID number 118100690).
LATIMORE, TIMOTHY (Voter ID number 116301431).

182 NE 68TH ST
TANIS, DECUIS (Voter ID number 115015440).
WHITE, OLGA B. (Voter ID number 109919408).

183 NE 67TH ST

KELLY, RONALD L. (Voter ID number 109082506).

183 NE 68TH ST

WILLIAMS, JERRON (Voter ID number 109842557).

183 NE 68TH ST
JACKSON, TANECHA Latoya (Voter ID number 109842758).

183 NE 71ST ST
CHERY, KADRIC Demetrius (Voter ID number 119928002).
ESTINVAL, FRITZ (Voter ID number 102490310).
MOORE, MICHELLE Anne (Voter ID number 109253638).

183 NE 71ST ST
APT 183

CHERRY, PIERRE Francois (Voter ID number 117014035).

183 NE 89TH ST
BASANTES, GISEL (Voter ID number 108997199).
MARTINEZ RINCON, MOISES Q. (Voter ID number 120063462).

184 NE 67TH ST
HAYWARD, CARLENE (Voter ID number 116165253).
BUOY, DRUSILLA Gail (Voter ID number 108965495).
BYRD, JAMAREE A. (Voter ID number 109889979).
BYRD, KHORTNEY D. (Voter ID number 117071473).
RIVERO, LARRY E. (Voter ID number 109669418).

184 NE 68TH ST

COHENS, CAROL Yvonne (Voter ID number 109017763).

185 NE 100TH ST
GROSSHART, SHARON K. (Voter ID number 109520806).
JIMENEZ, JUSTIN C. (Voter ID number 113912730).

185 NE 105TH ST
BOURNE BURKHALTER, LAURA A. (Voter ID number 110176507).
BURKHALTER, LAWRENCE Eldridge (Voter ID number 109992649).

185 NE 106TH ST
BRANCHETTI, LAWRENCE Christopher (Voter ID number 117186116).
BRONCHETTI, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 120130161).
FIGUEROA, MODESTO (Voter ID number 119495925).
RIVERA, ELISA Marie (Voter ID number 116989901).
RIVERA, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 110179233).
BIRD, RICHARD Frederick (Voter ID number 116823299).

185 NE 67TH ST
KNOWLES, FRANKLIN B. (Voter ID number 115912886).

185 NE 68TH ST
FERGUSON, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 108962692).
LEE, NORFLEET Connor (Voter ID number 109809463).

185 NE 71ST ST
MIKE, LARRY (Voter ID number 110192341).

185 NE 89TH ST
HAGOPIAN, ARA Peter (Voter ID number 109923070).
HAGOPIAN, MELODIE Sue (Voter ID number 105221500).

186 NE 106TH ST
NOEL, JUDE (Voter ID number 110159335).

186 NE 67TH ST
DAVIS, SHERRY McKinnis (Voter ID number 109265382).
WILLIAMS, BRIDGET Ann (Voter ID number 109116967).

186 NE 68TH ST

HADLEY, JOHN K. (Voter ID number 116842158).

186 NE 68TH ST
SNEED, LILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 109209023).

187 NE 67TH ST
DEMON, SAMMIE Lee (Voter ID number 108931874).
FOSTER, BRENDINA L. (Voter ID number 115236305).
JOHNSON, DARSHELL Sheree (Voter ID number 109189406).
MEADOWS, DARNELL (Voter ID number 108952770).

187 NE 67TH ST
APT #2

JOHNSON, FLOYD (Voter ID number 115761159).

187 NE 88TH ST
EMMANUEL, CERESSE (Voter ID number 109391297).
EMMANUEL, MARCELLE Michele (Voter ID number 109569319).

189 NE 102ND ST
LOUIS, YVELINE (Voter ID number 110287254).

189 NE 71ST ST
APT 189

JOYCE, TYRIKA Melvina (Voter ID number 119398598).
JOYCE, DEBRA A. (Voter ID number 120330020).

189 NE 77TH ST
BIEN-AIME, AGNES (Voter ID number 115896643).

190 NE 70TH ST
APT #4

CHRISPIN, CELANDE (Voter ID number 109785617).

190 NE 70TH ST

GEDEON, ANTOINE Joseph (Voter ID number 109569881).

190 NE 70TH ST
BILLY, YTALIENNE (Voter ID number 116568029).

190 NE 90TH ST
DORVIL, YVON (Voter ID number 110315492).
PIERRE, OGE (Voter ID number 110077735).

190 NE 91ST ST
LALANNE, ALLEN (Voter ID number 110321938).
LALANNE, ROSE M. (Voter ID number 109875843).
LALANNE, VILBRUN (Voter ID number 114501894).
LALANNE, BRUNELEY (Voter ID number 110086091).

191 NE 71ST ST
BOUIE, AZZIJI R. (Voter ID number 110164240).
JOSEPH, CARMELLE (Voter ID number 109787893).
MCCLAIN, SHANKINA T. (Voter ID number 114296568).

191 NE 75TH ST
CALIXTE, ANNE Exila (Voter ID number 109611573).
CAROL, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 116539167).
HENLEY, LIZZIE Mae (Voter ID number 109215526).
HERRAD, DIEUFAINE (Voter ID number 120219025).
MAURISSETTE, PERCELA C. (Voter ID number 110117413).
PEREZ, ESTEBAN Jose (Voter ID number 109847723).
SINVIL, ALCINA (Voter ID number 120219141).
WILLIAMS, MARK L. (Voter ID number 109207525).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT #202

DENARD, MICHEL B. (Voter ID number 116388226).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT #511

NALOR, WILLIE Jean (Voter ID number 109063178).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 109

JORDAN, MARY P. (Voter ID number 109079537).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 115

CERVANTES-FALCON, ELSA Maria (Voter ID number 109581494).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 309

EMILE, IDEJA (Voter ID number 109902591).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 314

DAVIS, PATRICIA Mary (Voter ID number 109006451).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 316

DOR, AGNES (Voter ID number 110209704).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 401

NOVA, FELIPA (Voter ID number 119914395).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 409

MENESES, EVA Lazarita (Voter ID number 115817293).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 501

LEYVA, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 114631016).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 502

SIMMONS, TASHA (Voter ID number 120399017).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 516

THELUSMA, ANTOINETTE (Voter ID number 109872859).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 604

FRANCO, PRIMITIVA Celia (Voter ID number 120482230).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 414

GUTIERREZ, ENEIDA (Voter ID number 116089193).

191 NE 75TH ST
UNIT 617

CEDENO TAMAYO, CARMEN (Voter ID number 115296622).

191 NE 75TH ST
BALDWIN, GREGORY Lionel (Voter ID number 109344008).
BAZAR, MARTHE (Voter ID number 109565596).
CABALLERO, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 110210768).
CAPOTE, BARBARA (Voter ID number 110101357).
CHAVEZ, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 114600710).
COVINGTON, EDNA (Voter ID number 109067411).
CRAY, URCELINE Adina (Voter ID number 109784439).
DIAZ, LAURA (Voter ID number 109522113).
DUBOIS, NATIVIDA (Voter ID number 109824925).
DUBREVIL, YDOVIA (Voter ID number 109757409).
EASTMOND, WINIFRED A. (Voter ID number 109972361).
EDILE, MARIE (Voter ID number 114273534).
FAIR, GLORIA J. (Voter ID number 114326762).
FRANCO, ALDO Mariano (Voter ID number 114322742).
GARCIA, JORGE (Voter ID number 110241738).
GUILLAUME, MARC Jonas (Voter ID number 109493847).
LARA, ORLANDO Caballero (Voter ID number 110052012).
LAURENT, JOSEPH Cesar (Voter ID number 109361173).
LAZARE, JEANNE E. (Voter ID number 109679986).
MELBOURNE, EMA (Voter ID number 109827542).
MILLER, FRED Douglas (Voter ID number 115022769).
MOORE, DANIEL L. (Voter ID number 109948733).
NICKERSON, NEVONNE (Voter ID number 108953592).
POITEVIEN, JACQUES (Voter ID number 109638581).
POVEDA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109743378).
RIVAS, NORMA Iris (Voter ID number 108912606).
RODRIGUEZ, AIDA L. (Voter ID number 119679191).
THOMPSON, CHARLES (Voter ID number 108978143).
VERGARA, ELVIRA (Voter ID number 114355635).
WALLACE, ANTHONY Edward (Voter ID number 109236294).
WHITE, BETTY Jean (Voter ID number 108958653).
WILLIE, DOZER (Voter ID number 110153789).
WILSON, KENNETH Van (Voter ID number 109211731).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT # 415

DELDAGO, GREGORIO (Voter ID number 120144451).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT #08

HARVEY, LEWIS (Voter ID number 109205546).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT #103

PLEZ, WALTER Lee (Voter ID number 116110427).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT #110

CAROL, JULIO (Voter ID number 109654103).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT #206

BODKIN, HERZULIE Delivrance (Voter ID number 109831295).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT #613

THOMPSON, DWAYNE Cary (Voter ID number 109577744).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 101

WHITE, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 109654608).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 107

JAMES, HILTON Louise (Voter ID number 109106461).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 205

GARCIA, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 109673639).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 207

MONDESIR, EXIUS J. (Voter ID number 120801142).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 213

HENLEY, TAKESHA Lashunda (Voter ID number 109775833).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 214

WILSON, JACOB Royal (Voter ID number 108907693).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 217

SANZ, MARIA Concepcion (Voter ID number 109441873).
WILLIAMS, GLORIA Mae (Voter ID number 109649339).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 307

MYLES, LATRAVIA Sabrina (Voter ID number 114135129).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 310

ST-AIME, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 119123168).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 312

JEAN LOUIS, CLEANIVE (Voter ID number 119667474).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 315

LEACH, EDNA M. (Voter ID number 116327221).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 403

ABRAHAM, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 117203225).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 408

LISAIRE, JEAN Manuel (Voter ID number 109491769).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 417

BRIGHT, WARREN Eugene (Voter ID number 109311042).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 503

BORRERO, ARGELIO Rodolfo (Voter ID number 120939726).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 507

QUINTANA, JUANA Francisca (Voter ID number 109699323).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 510

RUSS, LILLIAN (Voter ID number 109654400).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 514

DOZIER, WILLE (Voter ID number 116900638).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 515

JACKSON RODRIGUEZ, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 119731320).

191 NE 75TH ST
APT 609

ANDERSON, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 116223710).

191 NE 75TH ST
UNIT #104

FECTILUSE, SILVIA (Voter ID number 110129401).

191 NE 75TH ST
UNIT #205

JEAN PIERRE, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109793927).

191 NE 75TH ST
UNIT #216

GRANVILLE, MARIE Rose (Voter ID number 109801914).

191 NE 75TH ST
UNIT #513

CRUDE, ROSANE (Voter ID number 109782134).

191 NE 75TH ST
UNIT 201

HUTTON, ALEXANDER Michael (Voter ID number 109375201).

191 NE 75TH ST
UNIT 609

ANDERSON, SAMUEL Clarence (Voter ID number 110050174).

191 NE 75TH ST
MESA, JORGE (Voter ID number 116455020).
RODRIGUEZ, BIENVENIDO A. (Voter ID number 116878849).
WHITE, SONYA D. (Voter ID number 116945400).

191 NE 76TH ST
DOZIER, WILLIE C. (Voter ID number 108939266).

193 NE 71ST ST
BALDWIN, ASHANTI Esmine Sara (Voter ID number 119453239).
BALDWIN, MONIQUE S. (Voter ID number 116080082).

195 NE 65TH ST
BLAISE, MAURICE (Voter ID number 116896204).

195 NE 71ST ST
REID, DANTE A. (Voter ID number 115929900).
REID, OLIVE (Voter ID number 110002612).

195 NE 75TH ST
LOUBEAU, ODIANE (Voter ID number 109666786).

195 NE 77TH ST
BIEN-AIME, ALEX (Voter ID number 110323471).
BIEN-AIME, MICHEL (Voter ID number 109846102).
BIEN-AIME, MICHELINE (Voter ID number 118823484).
BIEN-AIME, GUERLINE (Voter ID number 114580177).
JOSEPH, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 116238094).
BEIN-AIME, THEONA (Voter ID number 116301323).

195 NE 90TH ST

COLE, LINDA K. (Voter ID number 116056452).

196 NE 105TH ST
MAYERS, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 120448062).
TOBGY, GEORGE Patrick (Voter ID number 119754139).
TOBGY, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 114683027).
TOBGY, NADINE (Voter ID number 109305438).

197 NE 76TH ST
PERCINTHE, LOUIS E. (Voter ID number 109359069).
LOUBEAU, EXCENE (Voter ID number 108945245).

198 NE 83RD ST

JOSEPH, BERNARD (Voter ID number 119513400).

2 NE 63RD ST
FRANCOIS, DELIVRANCIA (Voter ID number 120277703).

2 NE 65TH ST
PELIPICHE, WINIO (Voter ID number 110290054).

2 NE 65TH ST
APT 302

SINGLETON-BLACKMAN, ANNTOINETTE Shenika (Voter ID number 109489873).
WILLIAMS, NEKEITHIA E. (Voter ID number 109986523).

2 NE 65TH ST
APT 401

SAEZ, MONIKE (Voter ID number 115567713).

2 NE 65TH ST
APT 404

MATHIS, LONNIE Charles Latron (Voter ID number 119907506).

2 NE 65TH ST
APT 204

SAMUELS, DELVIN M. (Voter ID number 109966501).

2 NE 65TH ST
APT 301

RIVERS, THEODORE (Voter ID number 119929870).

2 NE 65TH ST
APT 304

COOPER, CAROLYN Y. (Voter ID number 109572649).

2 NE 65TH ST
APT 404

WILSON, CHAQUITA L. (Voter ID number 109368829).

2 NE 68TH ST
LOURELL-CONNOR, RASHANTI S. (Voter ID number 119898737).

2 NE 68TH ST

MESADIEU, EMILIEN (Voter ID number 109681569).

2 NE 70TH ST
FERNANDEZ, JANICE Ammie (Voter ID number 121274937).
MORALES, ADA E. (Voter ID number 118242216).
MORALES, RANDULFO (Voter ID number 116440358).
RIVAS, CARMEN Zoraida (Voter ID number 109159459).

2 NE 90TH ST
GONZALEZ, GERARDO Luis (Voter ID number 119524407).
CALLE, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 110235092).

2 NE 91ST ST
QUINN, JESSIE Mae (Voter ID number 108928927).

20 NE 104TH ST
LYONEL-CELESTIN, ELSIE Porta (Voter ID number 110257898).
SHEARER, HUGH Alphonso (Voter ID number 117553505).
BEAUBRIN, CHRISTIANA (Voter ID number 114644865).
LYONEL, GANDHI Kevin (Voter ID number 114104344).
LYONEL, KEVIN (Voter ID number 109475524).

20 NE 67TH ST
BELANGE, ANTOINETTE (Voter ID number 120430522).
JACQUES PIERRE, SAINVIL (Voter ID number 118130433).

20 NE 67TH ST

TOACHIM, ROBENS (Voter ID number 121296146).

20 NE 71ST ST
APT #2

WILLIAMS, MARGUETTE D. (Voter ID number 110331762).

AGOSTA, MARY Ross (Voter ID number 108903228).

200 NE 65TH ST
MICHEL, MONIKE (Voter ID number 110093890).

200 NE 85TH ST
ARTZ, DEREK Russell (Voter ID number 109860170).
HESSELS, CLAUDIA A. (Voter ID number 120053207).
HESSELS, KASPER J. (Voter ID number 120057436).
MOZINGO, JOSEPH Jeffrey (Voter ID number 110047551).
SCHWARTZ, NOAKI Forest (Voter ID number 110094700).

ACHENBACH, IMKE A. (Voter ID number 120429423).
ALVAREZ, LOUISE Miguel (Voter ID number 109047454).
BARCELLONA, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number 116941977).
BERMAN, JARETT Adam (Voter ID number 109505680).
CRISWELL, MIRTA M. (Voter ID number 110169437).
DURIEUX, DANELLA P. (Voter ID number 116794415).
FEINERMAN, BURTON (Voter ID number 109026850).
FEIRSTEIN, ROBERT Stephen (Voter ID number 109145671).
GOPMAN, F Scott (Voter ID number 108993602).
GRANGEIRO, EL S. (Voter ID number 109759206).
ISKANDAR, DAOUD (Voter ID number 117198544).
KLIEFORTH, LAURETTE Clara (Voter ID number 114839832).
MALCA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 116476490).
MARIMON, NATALIN (Voter ID number 115445011).
MORGAN, BRITTANY Michelle (Voter ID number 116175034).
PRINCE, JOYCE E. (Voter ID number 114674457).
ROGERS, ADAM Eric (Voter ID number 109035932).
SCHAFFER, STEVEN M. (Voter ID number 112084622).
SCHOFIELD, LEMUEL Braddock (Voter ID number 102038118).
SHIPE, LATONYA Suzetta (Voter ID number 117450867).
VON FREYTAG, MAGDALENA A. (Voter ID number 110294586).

APT #1406

HAEFNER, CAROL Patricia (Voter ID number 109510815).

APT #807

VIDAL, MARIA DEL CARMEN (Voter ID number 117334540).


DAVID, SPENCER Jay (Voter ID number 109809760).

APT 1003

ALVAREZ, CHARLES Silvio (Voter ID number 109066535).

APT 1010

AGORVOR NARH, DAVID (Voter ID number 119152067).

APT 1201

ESSENFELD, ADRIANA M. (Voter ID number 118190815).

APT 1208

GOPMAN, MILES Jay (Voter ID number 109592223).

APT 1209

VALDES-MIRANDA, LUCIA M. (Voter ID number 115592219).
VALDES-MIRANDA, LUCY (Voter ID number 109118423).

APT 1412

SLOCUM, MARTE (Voter ID number 119993029).
SLOCUM, WAYNE (Voter ID number 119992993).

APT 1504

KING, MARY F. (Voter ID number 120663418).

APT 1506

WRIGHT, PETER Francis (Voter ID number 117476049).

APT 1512

MELLO, FERNANDA De Oliveira (Voter ID number 120878753).

APT 1611

ROJAS, CARLOS Eugenio (Voter ID number 119142349).

APT 1612

HAGEN, MARIT Synnove (Voter ID number 110158986).

APT 1703

ADLER, MARK Harris (Voter ID number 119512050).

APT 1707

PEREZ, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 109201548).

APT 1709

PAINO, ALDO S. (Voter ID number 115712168).
PAINO, FIORELLA (Voter ID number 115732694).
PAINO, LUIGI (Voter ID number 116034993).
PAINO, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 115732696).

APT 311

LANG, PETER Thomas (Voter ID number 110200217).

APT 402

HOWE, MARALYN Gilbert (Voter ID number 109037152).

APT 403

OLISE, CATHERINE M. (Voter ID number 117485023).

APT 509

MERCURIO, LUIGI (Voter ID number 119425668).

APT 603

BEATTY, PRISCILLA Butler (Voter ID number 109159264).

APT 604

TALARICO, BROOKE Nicole (Voter ID number 110331252).

APT 606

TEXON, RAPHAEL S. (Voter ID number 116479411).

APT 607

SEGAL, SYLVIA O. (Voter ID number 118222008).
SHIPE, KEVIN Richard (Voter ID number 117592687).

APT 610

LOTT, ROBERT Dean (Voter ID number 118230316).

APT 612

ROBINSON, JEROME (Voter ID number 102443991).
ROBINSON, LOYCE B. (Voter ID number 102443990).

APT 702

MAZER, MANON (Voter ID number 109057459).

APT 707

BARLOS, LUCAS Alexander (Voter ID number 118219715).

APT 810

MOLINA, VANESSA (Voter ID number 120875621).

APT 812

NADER III, GEORGE (Voter ID number 116906404).

APT 902

JAFFE, SUZANNE D. (Voter ID number 109063949).

APT 903

CRUZ MCPHERSON, MACARENA (Voter ID number 119017822).


MARRERO, ANIBAL (Voter ID number 117004954).


BARCELLONA, DOLORES (Voter ID number 116902590).


HIGGINBOTHAM, ELSA C. (Voter ID number 109502244).


JACOBSON, GEORGE (Voter ID number 108908570).


POST, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 118492919).

APT 401

ALVAREZ, RICHARD Charles (Voter ID number 109166937).

APT 702

ROBERT, CLAUDE Louis (Voter ID number 109014682).

UNIT 910

SCHOFIELD, SHIRLEY Peck (Voter ID number 102038076).

ADLER, ANDREW H. (Voter ID number 110074732).
ARAMIBAR, LILY (Voter ID number 109237917).
ARMBRISTER, JUANITA W. (Voter ID number 102083584).
AXELROD, HELENE Lea (Voter ID number 108950069).
BARR, JASON H. (Voter ID number 109678222).
BARTEN, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 110282616).
BATCHELLER, ANGELA B. (Voter ID number 109861674).
BEATTY, VICTORIA Monique (Voter ID number 110209361).
BECKER, WILLIAM F. (Voter ID number 109898036).
BERMAN, SONDRA Daum (Voter ID number 109049539).
BERMAN, TATIANA Isabel (Voter ID number 114265652).
BIRGEN, MARGARITA Rosa (Voter ID number 109599107).
BLOOM, SHIRLEY Theresa (Voter ID number 108947736).
BLUM, BETTY N. (Voter ID number 108919388).
BRAUN, LAUREN R. (Voter ID number 110334221).
CARNEY, JUDITH L. (Voter ID number 110286616).
CARRILLO, MARCO Aurelio (Voter ID number 110057628).
COLOSIMO, JUDITH C. (Voter ID number 109296815).
COWEN, MELINDA Anne (Voter ID number 109037066).
CRICHTON, BETTY (Voter ID number 110227461).
DAMNAVITS, ANITA C. (Voter ID number 110233499).
DIBOWITZ, JORDAN Philip (Voter ID number 109869577).
DIBOWITZ, MAUREEN E. (Voter ID number 109852860).
EDWARDS, HERMAN Alexander (Voter ID number 114264199).
FEIRSTEIN, CAROL Robin (Voter ID number 109145670).
FINEBERG, MARILYN Beth (Voter ID number 109298902).
FOLEY, J Marvin (Voter ID number 109662813).
GALE, MICHAEL Paul (Voter ID number 109107450).
GIANNANTONIO, ANTONELLA (Voter ID number 110060852).
GLASSMAN, ABBEY S. (Voter ID number 109584360).
GLASSMAN, BRUCE G. (Voter ID number 109918701).
GOLDENBERG, ELLEN (Voter ID number 109122712).
GOLDMAN, BETTY (Voter ID number 108993598).
GOMEZ, MARTHA C. (Voter ID number 109923848).
GRANGEIRO, SHEILA Y. (Voter ID number 116356378).
GRANGEIRO, SHIRLE Y. (Voter ID number 115979894).
GRANGEIRO, STEPHANIE Y. (Voter ID number 116049250).
GREENBERG, PHILIP M. (Voter ID number 109087466).
GREENE, LEONA Hoffman (Voter ID number 108973782).
GRIECO, GIOACCHINO J. (Voter ID number 108933862).
GROSS, DONNA (Voter ID number 109627149).
GROSS, GLENN H. (Voter ID number 114535001).
GROSSMAN, IAN J. (Voter ID number 109023957).
GROSSMAN, KATHRYN A. (Voter ID number 108918767).
GRUBER, HERBERT Seymore (Voter ID number 108926885).
HALPRYN, HILLARD J. (Voter ID number 108926135).
HENRIQUEZ, LUIS Andres (Voter ID number 109198011).
HERMAN, STEPHANIE Jane (Voter ID number 109130290).
HUAROTO, FERNANDO M. (Voter ID number 120078206).
JACOBSON, SONIA F. (Voter ID number 108959932).
JULIUS, RHODA Zeiger (Voter ID number 108990862).
JULIUS, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110017840).
KATZ, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 110307884).
KATZ, NAOMI B. (Voter ID number 110166797).
KING, ALEXANDRA M. (Voter ID number 110189812).
KOFSKY, BETH Joy (Voter ID number 109222747).
KOFSKY, HILLARY (Voter ID number 118104133).
KOSSTRIN, RICHARD Neal (Voter ID number 115369059).
KRAMER, JEAN (Voter ID number 109124403).
LADENHEIM, BARBARA (Voter ID number 109939064).
LANG, EMERY (Voter ID number 114281796).
LEHMAN, BETTY D. (Voter ID number 108926260).
LEVINE, IRA Keith (Voter ID number 108989223).
LOTT, MARGARET Jo (Voter ID number 110069021).
MAYO, HARRIET (Voter ID number 109796316).
MAYO, THOMAS Edward (Voter ID number 109041275).
MC COY, KENNETH Wayne (Voter ID number 108917233).
MCNAUGHTON, ERIN (Voter ID number 109475125).
MCPHERSON, STEVEN B. (Voter ID number 114893329).
MURRAY, DONALD J. (Voter ID number 108974775).
NAPOLITANO, ANDREA Marie (Voter ID number 108902738).
NASON, IRENE (Voter ID number 109281608).
NAVIA, MIGUEL Arcangel (Voter ID number 109432152).
NESCI, MARIE G. (Voter ID number 110180272).
PALTIS, GERTRUDE L. (Voter ID number 109745953).
PEREZ, JOSEPHINE C. (Voter ID number 110019009).
PHILLIPS, ELLICENE Roundtree (Voter ID number 109040747).
POLISAR, STEVE Michael (Voter ID number 108991703).
RICH, LILLIAN (Voter ID number 109219586).
ROSENBERG, ELLIOT (Voter ID number 116100046).
ROSOFF, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 109306499).
ROTEM, EDITH P. (Voter ID number 109009274).
SANCHEZ RODRIGUEZ, WANDA Ivelisse (Voter ID number 114233946).
SHABSIS, CEDRIC Z. (Voter ID number 109329268).
SMALL, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109352011).
SONDLO, JACK Nathan (Voter ID number 109714654).
STAGE, AGNES Janakis (Voter ID number 109849426).
STAGE, JAMES Gregory (Voter ID number 116986443).
STEEN, ROBERTA C. (Voter ID number 109136389).
STEVENS, MERRY M. (Voter ID number 108969567).
STOHR, AMY Marie (Voter ID number 110187743).
SUAREZ, HERTA (Voter ID number 110071926).
TEXON, WANDA K. (Voter ID number 109280146).
TUCKER, CHARLES I. (Voter ID number 110279727).
TURNER, GERALDINE (Voter ID number 109751416).
WARREN, PAMELA J. (Voter ID number 109859369).
YAHR, ALEXANDER F. (Voter ID number 109341991).
ZARBATANY, STEVEN Paul (Voter ID number 109346046).
ZERN, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 109027117).
ZINN, GIGI (Voter ID number 109368142).

APT #1203

LIBOVITZ, BESSIE (Voter ID number 108994366).

APT #809

LAIKEN, DINA Ivy (Voter ID number 109571876).

APT 1102

TOMASSINI, ANDREA Ruth (Voter ID number 114248371).
TOMASSINI, IRENE B. (Voter ID number 109314548).

APT 1206

BARCELLONA, CIRO (Voter ID number 110230948).

APT 1402

GREEN, CAMI (Voter ID number 109750530).

APT 1404

SAMMONS, ROBERT Richard (Voter ID number 109447062).

APT 1501

SOLOMON, HAROLD (Voter ID number 108912529).

APT 1511

LEON, AIDA (Voter ID number 109354436).

APT 1606

SENTER, CHARLS (Voter ID number 109430740).

APT 1705

WALKER, LEROY M. (Voter ID number 119547938).

APT 1706

CROSSMAN, MARTHA Sharp (Voter ID number 118796209).

APT 1709

PAINO, ALDO (Voter ID number 116621425).

APT 1711

TORRES, ANTONIO J. (Voter ID number 119768579).

APT 1802

BLOOM, CHARLES Benjamin (Voter ID number 109427139).

APT 1812

RATTNER, STEVEN M. (Voter ID number 109331236).

APT 312

GRIECO, BETTY J. (Voter ID number 108933861).

APT 402

HOWE, OSMOND C. (Voter ID number 109027102).

APT 601

ARMBRISTER EDWARDS, CARLA Denise (Voter ID number 119995881).
ARMBRISTER, ANTHONY Paul (Voter ID number 102052649).
EDWARDS, CARLADENISE A. (Voter ID number 110237505).

APT 604

BEATTY, ROBERT G. (Voter ID number 109088721).

APT 605

STAUFFER, JEAN PIERRE Alexandre (Voter ID number 119608765).

APT 607

GRUSZKA, ANTHONY Alexander (Voter ID number 117350080).

APT 608

STRIZVER, NANCY (Voter ID number 110181803).

APT 802

YAHR, KATHLEEN Cecelia (Voter ID number 121257753).

APT 805

CEVALLOS, DAVID Fernando (Voter ID number 115559939).

APT 809

FARAH, ALEXANDRA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109935124).

APT 810

MUNOZ, DILIA Hortensia (Voter ID number 116654534).

APT 903

MC PHERSON, ANAMARIA B. (Voter ID number 110306236).
MCPHERSON, ANA M. (Voter ID number 115700197).

APT 905

DEVEREUX, NIOMI J. (Voter ID number 102442930).

APT 906

CAMP, BURR A. (Voter ID number 109751179).
CAMP, SUMTER Lowry (Voter ID number 108908466).

APT 907

TROWERS, EDITH M. (Voter ID number 115645790).

APT 911

GRANGEIRO, WUBI (Voter ID number 109759196).

APT T2-1001

LADENHEIM, YALE (Voter ID number 109937129).


RAMIREZ, DIANA P. (Voter ID number 118257020).


PIGMANS, JOHAN F. (Voter ID number 110079208).

UNIT #1110

MC DONNELL, JOSEPH C. (Voter ID number 109329260).

UNIT #1505

FOLEY, EVA D. (Voter ID number 109967536).

UNIT #1508

MYATT, JEFFREY (Voter ID number 109615984).

UNIT #1609

ROSEN, DEBRA Ann (Voter ID number 109920372).

UNIT #2106

SCHLOSBERG, JO-AN Lanes (Voter ID number 110072772).

UNIT #305

BECKER, CAROLE Ann (Voter ID number 109782395).

UNIT #507

SWEET, AUDREY H. (Voter ID number 109879867).

UNIT #705

PACKER, LILI S. (Voter ID number 110240378).


DIBOWITZ, SELWYN (Voter ID number 109849527).

UNIT 1810

WANGER, PHILIP (Voter ID number 109006715).

APT 604

SEID, NORMA (Voter ID number 110229534).

APT 611

BATCHELLER, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 116782784).

201 NE 90TH ST
LAGUERRE, MARIE N. (Voter ID number 120861860).

202 NE 90TH ST
DELPHIA, GUILERE (Voter ID number 116270822).
LOUIMA, AULES (Voter ID number 109434486).
LOUIMA, DOAMISE (Voter ID number 109373056).
LOUIMA, ROSELORE Amy (Voter ID number 110203160).

203 NE 86TH ST
COLLIER, AMY (Voter ID number 120064693).
WELLMAN, DAWN Ellen (Voter ID number 109257195).

203 NE 90TH ST
DAVIS, NICOLE Renee (Voter ID number 109433770).

204 NE 71ST ST
NIEDBALA, JANUSZ (Voter ID number 109904945).

205 NE 86TH ST
ACOSTA-DOBOS, DUNIA (Voter ID number 110316390).
STAVEL, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 109911270).
STAVEL, TOMAS (Voter ID number 115719747).

205 NE 90TH ST
BROWN, BONNIE F. (Voter ID number 110150948).

207 NE 62ND ST
BURNEY, STEPHANIE A. (Voter ID number 116232753).
DEAN, VERNA Lee (Voter ID number 109174020).
HARRIS, CHARLIE Edward (Voter ID number 114622096).
LEATH, DWIGHT Edward (Voter ID number 109759187).

207 NE 62ND ST
APT 32

HORNBUCKLE, RONALD Larry (Voter ID number 119500775).

207 NE 62ND ST

BUTLER, BARBARA Jean (Voter ID number 109311224).

207 NE 62ND ST

WILSON, JEFFREY Ward (Voter ID number 101360128).

207 NE 62ND ST

LAFRANCE, KETHELY (Voter ID number 119281720).

207 NE 62ND ST
BOWDEN, JOSEPH B. (Voter ID number 109453535).
DAVIS, PAMELA (Voter ID number 109258019).
DUCAS, MICHELINE (Voter ID number 114433226).
GUTIERREZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 118284148).
JADOTTE, VINCENT (Voter ID number 109837071).
JONES, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 109247952).
MELENDEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109531672).
ROSSINI, MARY Rita (Voter ID number 109088004).
SANDS, SAMUEL Wesley (Voter ID number 108946765).
STANLEY, THERESE Yolanda (Voter ID number 109426480).

207 NE 62ND ST
APT #15

JAMES, BETTY Sue (Voter ID number 117849381).

207 NE 62ND ST
APT #38

MANDELL, ROBERT (Voter ID number 110145701).

207 NE 62ND ST
APT 10

MC KINNEY, RENATA R. (Voter ID number 109785185).

207 NE 62ND ST
APT 11

PARHAM, OSCAR Lee (Voter ID number 110131600).

207 NE 62ND ST
APT 12

SANTAELLA QUINONES, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 118318354).

207 NE 62ND ST

CHAMBERS, CARLA Dee (Voter ID number 109233818).

207 NE 62ND ST
APT 26

TAYLOR, CURTIS Sean (Voter ID number 115099601).
WELLS, ALTON Timmy (Voter ID number 110083945).

207 NE 62ND ST
APT 30

WALKER, CLARA Mae (Voter ID number 109887128).

207 NE 62ND ST
APT 34

STEWART, JAVIER A. (Voter ID number 119963842).

207 NE 62ND ST
APT 35

MILLER, ALTHEA Valeria (Voter ID number 109541184).

207 NE 62ND ST

MAZARIEGOS, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 110340978).

21 NE 63RD ST
PRADIEU, LEON (Voter ID number 109936218).

21 NE 63RD ST

CICERON, ISABELLE Norma (Voter ID number 109178099).

21 NE 63RD ST
LUCAS, HELEN (Voter ID number 108958532).
WILLIAMS, LAQUASHIA (Voter ID number 110274188).

21 NE 86TH ST
BRISBANE, SYDNEY James (Voter ID number 118817295).
FLOURNOY, ANTHONY Edward (Voter ID number 110050084).
WILLBANKS, DARRELL Crawford (Voter ID number 109941057).

210 NE 102ND ST
RAMIREZ, YINED (Voter ID number 110266006).

210 NE 77TH ST
JAMES, ASTASIA M. (Voter ID number 110328033).
JAMES, SHARON M. (Voter ID number 109972290).

210 NE 85TH ST
BAIN, WARREN D. (Voter ID number 109198820).
EDWARDS, MARSHAYE Henderson (Voter ID number 109675879).

210 NE 87TH ST
PERICLES, ERGEDINE (Voter ID number 110002363).
PERICLES, ETCHENITE (Voter ID number 109354366).
PERICLES, HAMLET (Voter ID number 109978550).
PERICLES, JOANEL (Voter ID number 109808719).
CELANT, MARC (Voter ID number 116265745).

211 NE 89TH ST
JEROME, JACKY (Voter ID number 118262466).
PARRIS, ANDRE Fronsworth (Voter ID number 109739491).
SOIRA, NATALIE (Voter ID number 110110446).

211 NE 97TH ST
LIDDELL, ELLIS Darren (Voter ID number 119966252).

211 NE 97TH ST
APT 207

CESPEDES, YAHAIRA (Voter ID number 109847618).

211 NE 97TH ST
FEHRENBACHER, PAUL Albert (Voter ID number 110334527).
PABON, LUIS Enrique (Voter ID number 114014045).

211 NE 97TH ST
APT #204

VACCARO, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 109074624).

211 NE 97TH ST
APT 201

BRUBAKER, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 119582775).

211 NE 97TH ST
APT 202

DOSSETTO, DEREK Michael (Voter ID number 110020009).

211 NE 97TH ST
APT 205

MAC DANIEL, JOHN Milton (Voter ID number 109065741).

212 NE 77TH ST
LOUIS, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 114390610).
LOUIS, MARIE C. (Voter ID number 109860552).
PIERRE-LOUIS, IVRETTE (Voter ID number 119096764).

212 NE 89TH ST
REYES MIRANDA, SANDY (Voter ID number 120317478).
MIRANDA-ZORILLA, MARIANO (Voter ID number 110275216).

212 NE 98TH ST
SANTISTEBAN, MARFRED Antonio (Voter ID number 114357671).
VLASEK, REGINA Nicole (Voter ID number 109692779).

213 NE 88TH ST
ST JUSTE, LOUISEMENE St Martin (Voter ID number 109754072).

213 NE 89TH ST
GUERRIER, MARIE Amilia (Voter ID number 114465905).
KING, ERNEST P. (Voter ID number 109485529).

213 NE 90TH ST
CHAVARRIA, SILVIO (Voter ID number 114428754).
JARQUIN, CANDIDA Rosa (Voter ID number 114428833).
URZUA, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 109849719).

214 NE 90TH ST
RIVERA, GABRIEL Antonio (Voter ID number 110129688).
RIVERA, SARAH Anne (Voter ID number 120877966).
AGUILAR, JAVIER (Voter ID number 114591696).
AGUILAR, RUTH Yessenia (Voter ID number 109979147).
MEDINA, RICHARD (Voter ID number 115772994).
RIVERA, GLORIA (Voter ID number 109308166).
RIVERA, RAMON Antonio (Voter ID number 109514527).
SANCHEZ, FRANCISCA (Voter ID number 109706440).
RIVERA, ALEXANDER Antonio (Voter ID number 116307893).

HERNANDEZ, GISELA (Voter ID number 108923970).
HERNANDEZ, JUAN F. (Voter ID number 109107653).
HERNANDEZ, LUIS (Voter ID number 115836031).

215 NE 89TH ST
MONEUS, BERLYN (Voter ID number 119793177).
MONEUS, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 117593775).
MONEUS, YNESSE (Voter ID number 115187761).
MONEUS, STACEY Maud (Voter ID number 115263350).

216 NE 92ND ST
RISHER, ARIADNA P. (Voter ID number 109603413).
RISHER, EDWARD Podolecki (Voter ID number 117809768).
RISHER, EDWARD H. (Voter ID number 109446475).

217 NE 97TH ST
GASTON, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 109292341).

22 NE 89TH ST
LIMARDO, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 110163549).
IZARRA, OSCAR A. (Voter ID number 110147315).

TURKEL, DOUGLAS L. (Voter ID number 109321127).
TURKEL, GIGI Fong (Voter ID number 109996406).

220 NE 105TH ST
JACOBS, JUNE F. (Voter ID number 108935073).
JACOBS, STUART K. (Voter ID number 108935076).

220 NE 84TH ST
BRINGERI, JOHANNA Milena (Voter ID number 120851832).
BRINGERI, FEDERICO (Voter ID number 117765975).

221 NE 104TH ST
TORRES, JUAN J. (Voter ID number 116622791).
GODINEZ, OLGA (Voter ID number 110230114).
GODINEZ-TORRES, OLGA (Voter ID number 109502075).

221 NE 78TH ST
PRESTAN, ROSA J. (Voter ID number 121160263).

221 NE 88TH ST
COULANGES, NERLANDE (Voter ID number 114841362).
COULANGES, PLAIRENCILE Morissaint (Voter ID number 120699739).
COULANGES, ROMENES (Voter ID number 109710164).

221 NE 89TH ST
BUDNETZ, MARA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102436314).
CHAMBERLIN, FLORENCE Ann (Voter ID number 109796877).
CHAMBERLIN, LEE (Voter ID number 115184283).
CHAMBERLIN, MATTHEW Daniel (Voter ID number 109675918).
HUNSINGER, BRADLEY Scott (Voter ID number 107340564).
POLINSKI, LEAH Rose (Voter ID number 110121168).
ROSEBERRY, KYLE Damon (Voter ID number 118235675).

222 NE 89TH ST
FIGUEROA, MOISES (Voter ID number 102008791).
RODRIGUEZ, ZORAIDA (Voter ID number 102012104).
JADOTTE, BARBARA Michelle (Voter ID number 110302713).

223 NE 62ND ST
RUIZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 110165963).
TURRO, BELKY (Voter ID number 115124188).

223 NE 62ND ST

HIGHT, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110220031).

223 NE 62ND ST
LIMA, LAZARA (Voter ID number 117136311).

224 NE 87TH ST
GUILLEN, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 118400269).
GUILLEN, ANGELDINA (Voter ID number 110025176).

225 NE 105TH ST
CASTRO, JOSE Francisco (Voter ID number 109584766).

225 NE 90TH ST
VIGIL, LENORE Antill (Voter ID number 109026724).
FLORES, GEORGE (Voter ID number 109936567).
MORELLE, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110308759).
VIGIL, MICHAEL Edmund (Voter ID number 109253702).

225 NE 96TH ST
MERA, RODRIGO (Voter ID number 119430364).
RICHARDSON, ANDREW Eugene (Voter ID number 109115468).

228 NE 82ND ST
TEMEYER, STEPHEN Joseph (Voter ID number 117045798).

229 NE 100TH ST
PINKSTON, THOMAS (Voter ID number 108937395).

229 NE 101ST ST
OSORIO, DESIREE (Voter ID number 101439775).
STRONG, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 110135619).

229 NE 65TH ST
ALEJANDRO, CARLOS J. (Voter ID number 116972547).

230 NE 100TH ST
BENTON, LAUREN S. (Voter ID number 109139345).
BENTON, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 114235605).
BENTON, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 109088355).

230 NE 101ST ST
MONTES DE OCA, AMOR (Voter ID number 110177550).
URQUIOLA, ROSA Ramona (Voter ID number 108933828).

230 NE 102ND ST
GUILLEN, RONNIE (Voter ID number 109381117).
JAYME, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109417668).

230 NE 104TH ST
PEREZ, ANTHONY John (Voter ID number 119703195).
PEREZ, JUAN Humberto (Voter ID number 110307937).

230 NE 105TH ST
CASSILE, MARGIE A. (Voter ID number 110174259).
MCGUINNESS, PATRICK Nicholas (Voter ID number 110080594).

230 NE 82ND ST
ROHN, DAVID Matthew (Voter ID number 109405535).

230 NE 94TH ST
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Marc (Voter ID number 109784952).
SMITH, WILLIAM Robert (Voter ID number 108948496).

231 NE 104TH ST
BROURI, MICHAEL Zarowny (Voter ID number 110021372).
ZAROWNY, JO Anne (Voter ID number 109302740).

231 NE 62ND ST

TURRO, NURIA (Voter ID number 116751350).

231 NE 62ND ST

LOPEZ, RHODA (Voter ID number 114555540).

231 NE 88TH ST
KEDDO, GRANVILLE E. (Voter ID number 109747930).

231 NE 89TH ST
CAPPELLA, CAROL Therese (Voter ID number 108925674).

233 NE 103RD ST
ROMAN, WILBERT (Voter ID number 110157202).

233 NE 78TH ST
SARAIVA, LUCIA (Voter ID number 120295779).

233 NE 78TH ST
APT 223

CARRIS, MARIE Therese (Voter ID number 108951803).

234 NE 78TH ST
APT 105

EDOUARD, SEVERINE (Voter ID number 109703779).

234 NE 79TH ST
HALL, VINCENT (Voter ID number 109207784).
CASIMIR, CERMIZIA (Voter ID number 120448231).
JOSEPH, LEE Magdalene (Voter ID number 120563138).
LEVEQUE, JULIE (Voter ID number 116748400).
LOUIS JEUNE, ERNEST Savio (Voter ID number 120126017).
OSTILLIEN, ROBINS (Voter ID number 116774088).
PEREIRA, MARIA Cristina (Voter ID number 121191827).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1009

GONZALEZ, LAZARO (Voter ID number 120398437).
VELEZ, LUIS C. (Voter ID number 120401033).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 101

DE CASTRO, SOEURETTE (Voter ID number 109086499).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1203

FLEURANTIN, PRESNER (Voter ID number 109373868).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1204

RICE, ROBERT Vincent (Voter ID number 117680864).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1207

RODRIGUEZ, RAMON E. (Voter ID number 117832170).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 201

IGBINEDION, OMOZUSI A. (Voter ID number 102404622).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 207

ROBERSON, JOHN Arther (Voter ID number 108919651).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 304

DIDIER, VENICIA (Voter ID number 119159122).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 305

NERETTE, ROUDE (Voter ID number 109823111).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 401

MONESTIME, RODRIGUE (Voter ID number 109557064).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 403

FRANCIS, AVA Marie (Voter ID number 109135557).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 406

SAINT GERMAIN, LUCIANO (Voter ID number 109101103).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 409

MILLER, TIMOTHY Terrell (Voter ID number 110240693).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 412

LAFAILLE, MARIE Enone (Voter ID number 115157383).
LAMBERT CODIA, SHIRLEY (Voter ID number 110079921).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 507

BEJERANO, CLARISSA Evelyn (Voter ID number 109105154).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 610

FERMIN, CARMELA Isabel (Voter ID number 109881457).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 708

WEBB, LINDA Mc Coy (Voter ID number 109067451).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 912

DAVIS, GONZALES M. (Voter ID number 110077380).

234 NE 79TH ST
UNIT #310

QUEEN, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 108925370).

234 NE 79TH ST
UNIT 1207

GUTIERREZ, JOHAN (Voter ID number 120351868).

234 NE 79TH ST
ALFARO, JACINTO (Voter ID number 118349767).
ANAYA, SUSANA Raquel (Voter ID number 115195362).
AVBORAYE, HENRY O. (Voter ID number 116281100).
PARKER, BURNIE (Voter ID number 116245926).
PIERRE, YVETTE (Voter ID number 116712237).
QUEZADA, MARIA B. (Voter ID number 118404817).
VAZQUEZ CUELLAR, JACINTO E. (Voter ID number 119250633).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT # 204

JOSEPH, OLES (Voter ID number 109399980).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1001

FERNANDEZ, HILDA (Voter ID number 109619578).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1007

HOLMAN, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 109057611).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1012

ADELSONE, MARIE Elcie (Voter ID number 118343013).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 103

GALAZ, ALICIA Bahena (Voter ID number 108939561).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 107

GREEN, LATAVIA Nicole (Voter ID number 109775066).
HUNTER, KATHRYN Marie (Voter ID number 118988392).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1102

HENDERSON, FREDDIE L. (Voter ID number 120131366).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1103

FERNANDEZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 115737140).
GARCIA, FLAVIO (Voter ID number 118314869).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1104

BARADAT, ROGELIO C. (Voter ID number 119707276).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1105

ANAYA CORREA, HAROLD (Voter ID number 117973641).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1106

JONES, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 109180816).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1110

WILLIAMS, EDWARD (Voter ID number 101956282).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1112

GIRARD, ROLLANDE (Voter ID number 117679162).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1208

CARBONELL, ORESTES (Voter ID number 101913420).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1209

RAMIREZ, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 117202788).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 202

ALBELA, PILAR P. (Voter ID number 109966060).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 203

KING, MATTIE Lee (Voter ID number 110195382).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 205

JEAN JACQUES, JACQUES (Voter ID number 109671913).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 206

DOMINIQUE POINVIL, JUNIA (Voter ID number 118947414).
POINVIL, MONTAL (Voter ID number 109702171).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 210

SAINTIAQUE, IZELIE (Voter ID number 113984613).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 301

SHINGLES, MATTIE Mae (Voter ID number 109194398).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 306

BENJAMIN, IDELIA (Voter ID number 110135889).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 308

LAURENT, ACCIUS (Voter ID number 109372577).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 309

DUNNELL, BRENDA Taylor (Voter ID number 108928207).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 404

RICHARD, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 109444183).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 407

JEAN JACQUES, ANGELINA (Voter ID number 109892034).
NORELUS, ARELUS (Voter ID number 118702915).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 408

HOLLMAN, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109146289).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 410

FLETCHER, FRANK (Voter ID number 114605259).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 501

FERMIN, OLGA (Voter ID number 109388739).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 502

MONTENEGRO, RICHARD Jose (Voter ID number 109834768).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 509

JOSEPH, TELICIA (Voter ID number 120128843).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 510

ACEVEDO, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109717963).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 605

WILCOX, JESSIE (Voter ID number 110096950).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 607

MOSLEY, TONI Bresha (Voter ID number 120083714).
ROBERTS, LORETTA T. (Voter ID number 109025578).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 610

FERMIN, CARMELA (Voter ID number 115963188).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 702

MC IRVIN, GEORGE I. (Voter ID number 109808091).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 703

LEVEQUE, MANDY Robin (Voter ID number 118212190).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 708

WEBB, MICHAEL Bouie (Voter ID number 109472327).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 712

ANTOINE, FAITILIA (Voter ID number 117824464).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 901

ALFORD, MADISON (Voter ID number 108903124).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 903

CASE, LUZ Maria (Voter ID number 109581450).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 910

PETIT, MICHELET (Voter ID number 101665708).
ZEPHIR, JOHN (Voter ID number 110229688).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 909

MARTINEZ, IVAN Cesar (Voter ID number 115264473).

234 NE 79TH ST
UNIT 509

OSTILLIEN, TERVELUS A. (Voter ID number 120128819).

234 NE 79TH ST
UNIT 703

WACHTER, MARTHA Jean (Voter ID number 108754633).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1006

BOLANOS, CORNELIO (Voter ID number 114731638).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1010

DURHAM, JULIA (Voter ID number 109215652).

234 NE 79TH ST
APT 1112

MAILHOT, ERNEST Marcel (Voter ID number 117921069).

234 NE 92ND ST
YOUNG, ANGELA Nichole (Voter ID number 110133189).
NUDELMAN PERCZEK, SUSANA C. (Voter ID number 114269610).
PERCZEK, RUBEN Eli (Voter ID number 110012449).
YOUNG, PATRICK Michael (Voter ID number 110168640).

234 NE 99TH ST
DENIS, CAMILLE (Voter ID number 109236026).

CARNEY, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 110097515).
CARNEY, ROBIN Ellice (Voter ID number 109405483).

235 NE 67TH ST
FULLER, TAMMY Renee (Voter ID number 115621879).

235 NE 78TH ST
FABRICIO, CRISTIANA (Voter ID number 102486414).

235 NE 90TH ST
HARGREAVES, DEBLA Emilia (Voter ID number 110163439).
SOSTRE, CHRISTIAN Angel (Voter ID number 115337636).
WHITFIELD, FUQUAN Eshay (Voter ID number 120081017).
BROWN, HILLIARD J. (Voter ID number 115768032).

236 NE 103RD ST
RODRIGUEZ, CLARISSA Ane (Voter ID number 101972740).
STINSON, DAMON Croix (Voter ID number 102436386).
CALFEE, CRAIG Crandall (Voter ID number 109112790).

236 NE 85TH ST
RAWLINSON, KATHERN Sue (Voter ID number 109282970).

236 NE 87TH ST
LACUDA, ALEA Davin (Voter ID number 110292422).

236 NE 91ST ST
MAHER, CYDNE Teres (Voter ID number 113951445).
THRUSSELL, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 116809422).
FRUCIANO, DANIEL S. (Voter ID number 115276147).
MAHER, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 109494575).

237 NE 100TH ST
WALKER, MARK Leonard (Voter ID number 109217060).
WALKER, PATRICIA Barr (Voter ID number 109083057).
WALKER, TREVOR B. (Voter ID number 118105978).

237 NE 102ND ST
CURA, FAYE (Voter ID number 120842792).
ALLISON, LIN Jau W (Voter ID number 109331818).

237 NE 80TH TER
AMAYA HERRERA, GIOVANNY (Voter ID number 117519640).

237 NE 80TH TER

GLATZER, JONATHAN Harris (Voter ID number 109317257).

237 NE 80TH TER

JACKOWICZ, MICHAEL Walter (Voter ID number 118247706).

237 NE 80TH TER

STRICKLAND, GEORGE Ian (Voter ID number 115416981).

237 NE 80TH TER
MITCHELL, JAMES Samuel (Voter ID number 109676685).
RAMIREZ, CHARLES Thomas (Voter ID number 114315548).
WISCOMBE, RANDY Grant (Voter ID number 108924928).

237 NE 80TH TER
APT 10

OLDS, TOMMY Dwayne (Voter ID number 119031612).

237 NE 80TH TER

JACKSON, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 114800251).

237 NE 80TH TER
JONES, DAVID E. (Voter ID number 116165818).

237 NE 86TH ST
MARTINEZ, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 112621599).
MENDEZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109770984).

239 NE 62ND ST
BIRD, LADY (Voter ID number 110234229).
FRAZIER, JANE Rogers (Voter ID number 109043231).

239 NE 62ND ST
APT #1

FICE-HUDSON, MARTHA S. (Voter ID number 109008367).

239 NE 62ND ST

LOGGINS, SHEILA Rena (Voter ID number 116197201).

239 NE 79TH ST
APT #4

VAGO, BRUNO N. (Voter ID number 120415919).

239 NE 79TH ST

MANGAS, BETTINA Mara (Voter ID number 110033214).

239 NE 79TH ST

GARCIA, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 113262084).

239 NE 79TH ST

CHASE, JEFFREY Scott (Voter ID number 109746209).

239 NE 79TH ST

DELY, OFELIO (Voter ID number 109844625).

240 NE 68TH ST
LISCA, SAMSON (Voter ID number 109751162).

240 NE 72ND ST
CHOLODOFSKY, MICHELLE Joy (Voter ID number 116201130).

240 NE 97TH ST
LAYSON, TAMMY I. (Voter ID number 109022368).

241 NE 89TH ST
DESOUZA, YAPONAN (Voter ID number 116327680).
HARDISIL, DIANN (Voter ID number 116952056).
DE SOUZA, YANAE (Voter ID number 116521724).
DESOUZA, YAPONAN (Voter ID number 113962695).

242 NE 89TH ST
GRIFFITH, ROBERT Thomas (Voter ID number 110128201).
MYERESS, JOSEPH Martin (Voter ID number 114965386).
MYERESS, JOSEPHINE Abigail (Voter ID number 115159642).
SCIGLIANO, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 110161612).

243 NE 103RD ST
PENNINGTON, JERRY Franklin (Voter ID number 116385679).

243 NE 62ND ST
MORRIS, NATHANIEL Kirk (Voter ID number 115822506).

244 NE 76TH ST
BAZILE, RICARDO (Voter ID number 114409783).
LAMOUR, JACQUELINE G. (Voter ID number 110141328).
ROCHE, GUYAMIE (Voter ID number 109690417).
ROCHE, YVES (Voter ID number 109357628).

244 NE 89TH ST
AMADOR, ALEJANDRO Selene (Voter ID number 109400054).
TIGANI-AMADOR, DIANA (Voter ID number 109330282).

245 NE 62ND ST

SMITH, SAMUEL A. (Voter ID number 117400105).

245 NE 80TH TER

GALVIN, MARK Edward (Voter ID number 102420021).

245 NE 80TH TER
BRETANA, JOEL W. (Voter ID number 116263016).
COLEMAN, DEMPSEY Curtis (Voter ID number 119190651).
CORA, AXEL A. (Voter ID number 110161836).
FRANKLIN, GARY A. (Voter ID number 110157891).
MC INERNEY, PAUL D. (Voter ID number 109709396).
OTTO, ERNESTO A. (Voter ID number 109711044).

245 NE 80TH TER

CONSTANCE, CHARLES Ray (Voter ID number 109567513).

245 NE 87TH ST
CABRERA, REGINO (Voter ID number 116471497).

245 NE 90TH ST
KEENE, JOYCELYN (Voter ID number 109127675).

245 NE 93RD ST
GREEN, GARY M. (Voter ID number 114701348).
PERALTA GREEN, CRISTINA L. (Voter ID number 114706267).

245 NE 96TH ST
PIERRE, FRANDY (Voter ID number 119704362).
PIERRE, LILA B. (Voter ID number 109722227).
PIERRE, SALNAVE (Voter ID number 109773086).

245 NE 99TH ST
DIAZ, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 118528919).
SCALISE, BERNARD James (Voter ID number 117013406).

246 NE 100TH ST
GISPERT, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 109223498).
GISPERT, TONY Oton (Voter ID number 109201320).

246 NE 101ST ST
CARR, GHISLAINE B. (Voter ID number 109505199).
CARR, JOHN Paul (Voter ID number 109035451).

246 NE 102ND ST
LANCE, JERRY Wayne (Voter ID number 108990883).
LANCE, KATHLEEN Elaine (Voter ID number 108944342).

246 NE 103RD ST
LEONI, LUCIA Lane (Voter ID number 121068386).

246 NE 105TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 110115929).

246 NE 82ND ST
BREWSTER, DOREEN Salome (Voter ID number 109264505).
CANTEY, RONALD Kenieth (Voter ID number 109059650).

246 NE 92ND ST
GARRIDO, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 116109546).
HOSFELD, IAN Peter (Voter ID number 116109590).
REYNALDOS, JAVIER Andrew (Voter ID number 109246823).
SHEEHAN, TIMOTHY B. (Voter ID number 109802799).

247 NE 62ND ST

KRUSAS, JAMES Andrew (Voter ID number 109061035).

248 NE 87TH ST
HAYS, JAMES George (Voter ID number 109348361).
SANTANGELO, DEBRA Ann (Voter ID number 109899394).

248 NE 98TH ST
ARROWOOD, BETH Ann (Voter ID number 116878010).
BERRYMAN, JOHN Lenox (Voter ID number 118525191).
MAYNARD, LAURA S. (Voter ID number 110177854).

ABPLANALP, GREGORY Floyd (Voter ID number 115311523).
COWAN, DARRIN Reed (Voter ID number 115325275).
CROCKER, ELIZABETH Khoury (Voter ID number 115263828).
PEARSON, RONALD Thomas (Voter ID number 119079074).
SILVER-PEARSON, CARLY Sarah (Voter ID number 114427410).

249 NE 77TH ST
ELBERT, TAJA Ozzie (Voter ID number 109312561).

249 NE 97TH ST
GUERRA, MARIAGRAZIA (Voter ID number 121125692).
FRANCHINI, ALESSANDRA (Voter ID number 115840844).
HERNANDEZ, MYRNA Frances (Voter ID number 109704894).

249 NE 98TH ST
BROWN, ABBY Cauff (Voter ID number 109292887).
HAYNES, THOMAS Ezra (Voter ID number 110076113).
BROWN, JACK Edward (Voter ID number 114840631).
DEMKO, JORDANN Diane (Voter ID number 118234123).

25 NE 101ST ST
BENJAMIN, KAREN Natalie (Voter ID number 119042241).

25 NE 103RD ST
CASTELLANI, LUNA Alberta (Voter ID number 114924853).
TELFORT, SHEINADER (Voter ID number 114186742).

25 NE 68TH ST
HONORAT, SOLEDAD (Voter ID number 102460825).
MONTESTE, JEANNE (Voter ID number 109680581).
MONTESTE, MONTEVOIX (Voter ID number 109078412).
ST VALIERE, SASHA I. (Voter ID number 114724619).

25 NE 68TH TER
CHERAMY, ALEX (Voter ID number 110039640).

25 NE 69TH ST
DECIUS, SAINT HUBERT (Voter ID number 119923271).

25 NE 99TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, LAZZ M. (Voter ID number 109557401).

RAYBURN, CALVIN Robert (Voter ID number 119754722).
RAYBURN, JAN Marie (Voter ID number 109303296).
RAYBURN, RALPH (Voter ID number 109017547).

250 NE 104TH ST
AUSTIN, OSMOND N. (Voter ID number 115153864).
AUSTIN, TAMMY Marie (Voter ID number 109668441).

250 NE 105TH ST
PERALTA, ELBA Fanny (Voter ID number 120414178).
PERALTA, SERGIO R. (Voter ID number 116903371).
PERALTA, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 116879364).
LAUKE, VIVIANA Elba (Voter ID number 109783789).
PERALTA, PEDRO Antonio (Voter ID number 109880860).
PERALTA, SUSANA Miriam (Voter ID number 110001079).

250 NE 69TH ST

MONASTERIO, MARTIN F. (Voter ID number 119407399).

250 NE 76TH ST
FERGUSON, BETTY Jean (Voter ID number 109009711).

250 NE 87TH ST
CALZADILLA, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 115076187).
IRIZARRY, ELAIZA Coromoto (Voter ID number 110074829).

250 NE 91ST ST
PIANELLI, FELIPE (Voter ID number 109575398).

250 NE 96TH ST
BENNETT, BONNIE Ann (Voter ID number 109083040).
BENNETT, KACEY Alana (Voter ID number 109998970).

250 NE 97TH ST
ISAIAS, GLENDA P. (Voter ID number 110189861).

251 NE 105TH ST
CRANE, CHRISTOPHER G. (Voter ID number 109803450).

251 NE 62ND ST

MARTIN, CRYSTAL D. (Voter ID number 118511724).

251 NE 62ND ST
DAVIS, JOHN (Voter ID number 115861809).
WHITE, BOBBIE Gene (Voter ID number 109328478).

251 NE 86TH ST
ENGRAM, MICHAEL Tyrone (Voter ID number 109072540).

251 NE 98TH ST
BERKEY, STEVEN Frank (Voter ID number 110154768).

252 NE 104TH ST
CUMMINS, LINDA (Voter ID number 110259687).

252 NE 78TH ST
COLON, JEFFREY L. (Voter ID number 109992837).
FJELL, THOR W. (Voter ID number 109421068).
WOON, LASCELLES R. (Voter ID number 109404606).

252 NE 82ND TER
GERHARDT, VICKI Lynn (Voter ID number 119919072).

252 NE 82ND TER

TILLMAN, LOLITA Angenette (Voter ID number 114856026).

252 NE 87TH ST
NICKERSON, OMARR Charron (Voter ID number 109757943).

253 NE 100TH ST
HUNTINGTON, ANDREW Lewis (Voter ID number 109065419).
HUNTINGTON, CLAUDIA Hattesen (Voter ID number 109066390).

253 NE 101ST ST
SMITH, MONIQUE H. (Voter ID number 109208812).

253 NE 92ND ST
GRIMBERT, MEGHAN Munro (Voter ID number 110039881).
HIELSCHER, KIMBERLY Ann (Voter ID number 113965491).

253 NE 94TH ST
PASQUALIN, TERRI (Voter ID number 109897172).
PASQUALIN, AIMONE A. (Voter ID number 110045403).

253 NE 99TH ST
GRAFE, JOANNE K. (Voter ID number 109961807).
PATZ, DARREN E. (Voter ID number 110100012).
PATZ, VANESSA Agnes (Voter ID number 119394693).
GRAFE, JENS (Voter ID number 116281046).

254 NE 101ST ST
WALLACK, ELIDA Christine (Voter ID number 109382666).
WALLACK, JOSHUA Todd (Voter ID number 109961934).

254 NE 77TH ST
EDWARDS, GLENN (Voter ID number 116097487).

254 NE 80TH TER
SAULS, RAPHEAL D. (Voter ID number 120000251).

254 NE 82ND TER
JACKSON, MASON Leonard (Voter ID number 110297436).

255 NE 88TH ST
LEBRUN, PIERRE Richard (Voter ID number 110194678).
MEHU, AMY E. (Voter ID number 110037965).
MEHU, ELIE (Voter ID number 109085232).
MEHU, MARIE Cecile Yvette (Voter ID number 109152242).

255 NE 89TH ST
NESBITT, TANA Carmen (Voter ID number 110146050).

256 NE 82ND ST
ARAYA, CARLOS R. (Voter ID number 116918618).

256 NE 85TH ST
SATZ, BARRY (Voter ID number 109149612).
SATZ, PHYLLIS Robyne (Voter ID number 109149611).

256 NE 90TH ST
CLARK, CAROLYN Wright (Voter ID number 109105714).
CLARK, KARA C. (Voter ID number 116282946).
CLARK, KEIM Jaiquin (Voter ID number 109982557).
CLARK, KORI (Voter ID number 110113398).
CLARK, KYLE S. (Voter ID number 109814645).

257 NE 103RD ST
KROBOTH, PETRONELLA J. (Voter ID number 108962514).
KROBOTH, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109011668).

257 NE 76TH ST
CORIOLAN, SUZANNE Pierre (Voter ID number 109338223).
LOUIS, MARIE Monique (Voter ID number 116265051).
DARVELUS, JOSIEUR (Voter ID number 114162799).
DORVELUS, JOSIEVR (Voter ID number 110227825).

257 NE 91ST ST
HARNAGE, ELIZABETH Harvard (Voter ID number 107178848).
HARNAGE, FRANCES S. (Voter ID number 109316113).
HARNAGE, HENRY Howell (Voter ID number 109072880).
HARNAGE, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 117580610).

258 NE 100TH ST
MENNES, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 109376075).

258 NE 76TH ST
SAINT LOUIS, ROSANA (Voter ID number 119179559).

258 NE 92ND ST
MILLER, WAYNE H. (Voter ID number 109443232).

259 NE 62ND ST
WEDEL, KENNARD Mark (Voter ID number 110024360).

259 NE 62ND ST
APT #1

KENDRICK, PAMELA (Voter ID number 117009634).

259 NE 76TH ST
MILHOMME, GUERLINE (Voter ID number 119606349).
MILHOMME, MERCILIA (Voter ID number 118934475).

259 NE 79TH ST
BOWERS, ANTHONY Mc Millen (Voter ID number 109154251).
BOWERS, TRUMAINE Tron (Voter ID number 109988731).
DESIRE, MICHEL (Voter ID number 109645005).

259 NE 79TH ST

BILLMYER, DAVID W. (Voter ID number 115546349).

26 NE 69TH ST
BRENELUS, KISHA (Voter ID number 120256385).
DUMAS, OLGA (Voter ID number 109914655).
SALAMON, JONATHAN R. (Voter ID number 110191369).

26 NE 78TH ST
PINCKNEY, ANN MARIE Marcia (Voter ID number 121068537).
THOMAS, MABEL May (Voter ID number 120672418).

260 NE 102ND ST
STRAWDERMAN, KAREN P. (Voter ID number 109908285).

260 NE 82ND TER
WILLIAMS, SYLVIA E. (Voter ID number 101722676).

260 NE 88TH ST
HECTOR, JOAN Christie (Voter ID number 109037533).
HECTOR, KENNETH J. (Voter ID number 109744863).

260 NE 95TH ST
GERSON, VICTOR Rabelo (Voter ID number 118373855).
GERSON, VICTORIA Rabelo (Voter ID number 120892096).
GERSON, ELANIA Rabelo (Voter ID number 110086565).
GERSON, MICHAEL Gary (Voter ID number 109427601).

260 NE 99TH ST
PALMER, GREGORY Richards (Voter ID number 120289380).
ZETKA, ERIC Scott (Voter ID number 117549004).

261 NE 105TH ST
CONSOLO, PHILIP R. (Voter ID number 114517501).
BIRCH, JACEY Marie (Voter ID number 102374017).

261 NE 73RD ST
BUTTERFIELD, BLAIR E. (Voter ID number 102877157).
GURRUCHAGA, IGNACIO (Voter ID number 120204688).
WISZNAT, FREDERICK Martin (Voter ID number 110227044).
DARSOW, CHRIS Allen (Voter ID number 110307828).
ESPARZA, WENDY Susana (Voter ID number 119099692).

261 NE 73RD ST
APT #1

BLAKE, MARCUS G. (Voter ID number 110193725).

261 NE 73RD ST
QUINONES, BRANDI R. (Voter ID number 116953976).

261 NE 76TH ST
FRANCOIS, GENIE (Voter ID number 110129701).
FRANCOIS, MAGDA (Voter ID number 110328111).
FRANCOIS, AINES (Voter ID number 116251580).
FRANCOIS, ODILE (Voter ID number 116705274).

261 NE 77TH ST
OTHELO, WILBERT (Voter ID number 116425352).

261 NE 82ND ST
WEBSTER, CARL Barrington (Voter ID number 109833695).
WEBSTER, CARLA E. (Voter ID number 110152689).
WEBSTER, CRAIG (Voter ID number 116056440).
WEBSTER, VIVIAN Hayes (Voter ID number 109118815).

261 NE 97TH ST
FITZGERALD, JOSEPH Francis (Voter ID number 109275401).
RAU, KENNETH G. (Voter ID number 109275330).

262 NE 103RD ST
ATILES GONZALEZ, IVONNE (Voter ID number 119783942).
GONZALEZ, JUANA (Voter ID number 110017310).
ACEVEDO, DAVID Felix (Voter ID number 115198541).
GONZALEZ, CARMELO (Voter ID number 109319280).
GONZALEZ, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109224935).

262 NE 62ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, MARIANO F. (Voter ID number 109970609).

262 NE 93RD ST
GONZALEZ, ANA G. (Voter ID number 110194277).
GONZALEZ-GARCIA, ADOLFO M. (Voter ID number 109439841).

262 NE 96TH ST
VELENTZAS, NELI (Voter ID number 100573680).
ALEXANDER, NELL W. (Voter ID number 109106739).
ALEXANDER, PERRY Patrick (Voter ID number 109083023).
VELENTZAS, FERN Alexander (Voter ID number 108907566).

262 NE 97TH ST
FIAMINGO, VANINA (Voter ID number 120364132).
MC GINLEY, CHRISTINA Anne (Voter ID number 110096626).

263 NE 77TH ST
JEAN BAPTISTE, JEANINE (Voter ID number 119735235).

263 NE 86TH ST
HOLLENBECK, JULIE Ann (Voter ID number 110330031).
TRUJILLO, REINALDO (Voter ID number 109366851).

264 NE 103RD ST
JACKSON, KELLY Lane (Voter ID number 110007853).

264 NE 62ND ST

TELEMAQUE, WILLIS (Voter ID number 109436972).

264 NE 62ND ST
VILLEDA, MARIA V. (Voter ID number 115013021).

264 NE 62ND ST

MICKENS, CASHA Rochelle (Voter ID number 119433738).

264 NE 62ND ST

MICKENS, KIANA (Voter ID number 116064002).

265 NE 87TH ST
JACKSON, DAMIEN P. (Voter ID number 109451954).
KURK, COURTNEY Wyeth Tyler (Voter ID number 109839434).
KURK, LEIGH Shannon (Voter ID number 109344463).

265 NE 92ND ST
DE STEFANO, GLORIA (Voter ID number 109046146).
DE STEFANO, HENRY (Voter ID number 108918129).

265 NE 96TH ST
FAKHURI, LEAH S. (Voter ID number 110207733).

266 NE 82ND ST
VAZQUEZ, ERNESTO Cirilo (Voter ID number 109636937).

266 NE 82ND ST
APT #1

ERSKINE, STEVEN M. (Voter ID number 119701752).

266 NE 82ND ST
GIL, WENDELYNE (Voter ID number 109866783).
MELO, MARTHA R. (Voter ID number 115269666).
NEGRON ORTIZ, NIRMA Wendelin (Voter ID number 109312750).

266 NE 88TH ST
JEAN, ALEX (Voter ID number 116317715).

267 NE 79TH ST
CANDELERIO, GIORDANI (Voter ID number 118100513).

268 NE 102ND ST
GOWING, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number 109318799).
STOCK, MICHAEL Sheldon (Voter ID number 109166214).

268 NE 68TH ST
SHILET, BEILIZEIOC (Voter ID number 114275746).

268 NE 85TH ST
DERVALI, VILMA Rose (Voter ID number 108918128).

269 NE 100TH ST
WELSTEAD, CHRISTINE L. (Voter ID number 109327650).
MACKLIN, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 110133572).

269 NE 99TH ST
MARVIL, SALLIE Anne (Voter ID number 109318765).
RODRIGUEZ, ROBERTO Javier (Voter ID number 109156320).
RODRIGUEZ, SALLIE ANNE Marvil (Voter ID number 115623835).

27 NE 94TH ST
KAMMAN, WINONA N. (Voter ID number 116258082).

GOLDSTEIN, BRENDALIZ (Voter ID number 110070395).

270 NE 100TH ST
DOBRIKOW, HEIKO T W (Voter ID number 110287228).
SAIEH, HENICA (Voter ID number 116544586).

270 NE 101ST ST
SCOGGINS, BILLY Ordell (Voter ID number 108957091).
SCOGGINS, HILDA (Voter ID number 108956778).

270 NE 104TH ST
HOYOS, DENNIS R. (Voter ID number 109583500).

270 NE 105TH ST
CAUZA, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109019747).

270 NE 82ND ST

LAFLEUR, MARIE (Voter ID number 120408096).

270 NE 89TH ST
MERTIL, CHRISSY Anne (Voter ID number 117604121).
MERTIL, FERLINDA (Voter ID number 110323159).
MERTIL, FERTILIEN (Voter ID number 109497680).
MERTIL, GARY (Voter ID number 110126183).
MERTIL, LOUINEZE (Voter ID number 109835245).
BIEN-AIME, WALNEX (Voter ID number 114320290).
MERTIL, ANNETILDE (Voter ID number 109725800).

270 NE 92ND ST
PENSON, JOHN Lodge (Voter ID number 109976550).
PENSON, STACY Lauren (Voter ID number 109976547).

271 NE 101ST ST
VIDAL, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 109202389).

271 NE 82ND ST
FERTIL, CHRISTIAN Cf (Voter ID number 120635627).
FOSTER, BLANCA (Voter ID number 116102985).

271 NE 95TH ST
ROBERTS, SANDRA Lee (Voter ID number 109121882).
GERRARD, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 115891993).
ROBERTS-KERCHEFF, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 115908881).

272 NE 82ND ST
MYRTHIL, ERICK (Voter ID number 110035690).
MYRTHIL, LYONEL (Voter ID number 110151589).

272 NE 82ND ST

MYRTHIL, DELIVRANCE (Voter ID number 119045613).
MYRTHIL, ELIEZE (Voter ID number 119045600).

273 NE 62ND ST
APT #2

STAFFORD, ASHLEY Rene (Voter ID number 117584308).

273 NE 62ND ST

LEGROS, MARIE (Voter ID number 109873777).

273 NE 82ND ST
EMMANUEL, UFRANISE (Voter ID number 120771638).
ILFRARD, IMOGENE (Voter ID number 109609787).

273 NE 98TH ST
HERRERA, ANGELICA M. (Voter ID number 109529238).
HERRERA, GRACIELA B. (Voter ID number 109740561).
HERRERA, HUGO E. (Voter ID number 109740557).
HERRERA, SANTIAGO Enrique (Voter ID number 110206019).
SALUCCI, ORESTE (Voter ID number 109988358).

274 NE 78TH ST
IGARZABAL, CINTIA M. (Voter ID number 118874101).

275 NE 102ND ST
CASTRO YAPUR, SILVIA Leonor (Voter ID number 120471004).
SBARRA, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 117076936).
SZEMZO, CARLA (Voter ID number 114246224).

275 NE 105TH ST
BIENSTOCK GARCIA, JENNIFER Christine (Voter ID number 110198567).
GARCIA, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109706283).

275 NE 88TH ST
WINDER, BEATRICE Irma (Voter ID number 109574061).

275 NE 89TH ST

PIERRE, MARIE Lucie (Voter ID number 110203592).

275 NE 89TH ST
GREEN, DENNIS Anthony (Voter ID number 109754918).

275 NE 90TH ST
ALMAGUER, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 109889501).
ROTHENBERGER, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 110134963).
SALAZAR, CARLOS Eugenio (Voter ID number 109327416).

275 NE 92ND ST
GUNTER, SCOTT Eugene (Voter ID number 108910404).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE W. (Voter ID number 109551510).
RODRIGUEZ, TERRY M. (Voter ID number 109551643).

275 NE 94TH ST
NEUWEILER, DONNA W. (Voter ID number 109010585).
NEUWEILER, THEODORE Carl (Voter ID number 108909549).

276 NE 104TH ST
BROWN, WILLIAM L. (Voter ID number 109233833).
COSTNER, LARRY Layne (Voter ID number 109579370).

276 NE 105TH ST
MARTINEZ, JUAN (Voter ID number 109449273).
OHARRIZ, ELIZABETH S. (Voter ID number 109165796).
OHARRIZ, VICTOR M. (Voter ID number 109150661).

276 NE 78TH ST
MITTS, NEITA Key (Voter ID number 118580602).

276 NE 93RD ST
CURTO-RANDAZZO, ANDREA (Voter ID number 110093013).
RANDAZZO, FRANK Charles (Voter ID number 109976655).

276 NE 98TH ST
WIJKSTROM, ANN E. (Voter ID number 118997535).
WIJKSTROM, JOAKIM Sebastian (Voter ID number 115125136).

277 NE 101ST ST
ANTONOPOULOS, CHRIS (Voter ID number 109013811).
ANTONOPOULOS, JON Todd (Voter ID number 109702368).

277 NE 82ND ST
PLACIDE, LESLY (Voter ID number 110021984).

277 NE 97TH ST
FLEMING, JENNIFER Saxon (Voter ID number 109374054).
FLEMING, MICHAEL Weston (Voter ID number 120203263).
FLEMING, SPENCER B. (Voter ID number 120398568).

278 NE 101ST ST
WINSTON, ANDREW Takeshi (Voter ID number 110328377).
WINSTON, HERBERT Thomas (Voter ID number 109801501).

278 NE 97TH ST
CAMPBELL, JILL (Voter ID number 115733198).
PERRY, KEVIN David (Voter ID number 114856730).
MILLER, KELLY S. (Voter ID number 110307306).

279 NE 96TH ST
ROBERTS, CARROLL Michael (Voter ID number 109099673).
ROBERTS, ROBERT R. (Voter ID number 110225119).
ROBERTS, TERESA C. (Voter ID number 109099672).

28 NE 98TH ST
BENEDICT, LESLIE A. (Voter ID number 110289013).
CUNNINGHAM, MARJORIE (Voter ID number 109595414).

280 NE 77TH ST

WOODARD, KATRINA Loretta (Voter ID number 110188497).
WOODARD, MICHAEL Wayne (Voter ID number 109581413).

280 NE 77TH ST

ROBINSON, BEVERLY Janet (Voter ID number 109573423).

280 NE 82ND ST
AUGUSTE, FRANTZY (Voter ID number 114534413).
FRENTZY, AUGUSTE (Voter ID number 114433370).
MORGAN, GEORGETTA Rosalind (Voter ID number 109270097).
ST HILAIRE, ST Louis (Voter ID number 109503938).
BROWN, ADRIAN J. (Voter ID number 116477390).

280 NE 85TH ST
MC LEOD, ALVA J. (Voter ID number 108963224).

280 NE 88TH ST
HURLSTON, MARIE J. (Voter ID number 109820316).
LE CORPS, NATHALIE Sandra (Voter ID number 110314676).
LOUIS, HARLEY (Voter ID number 119331855).
MAURIZ, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 102061585).
HURLSTON, JOHN Jack Lester (Voter ID number 109667883).
JEAN-LOUIS, CORALIE L. (Voter ID number 116306304).

280 NE 89TH ST
ESTEVES, CRISTIANA Ingrid (Voter ID number 114203024).
ESTEVES, SEAN Christophe (Voter ID number 112986975).

280 NE 91ST ST
FADELY, JACKSON Lee (Voter ID number 119617527).
FADELY, CHARLES J. (Voter ID number 109360217).

280 NE 95TH ST
KANOV, ALISSA Beth (Voter ID number 114242035).
KANOV, JONATHAN Eric (Voter ID number 109303711).

281 NE 75TH ST
CHARLES, PAUL Wilner (Voter ID number 109455409).
CHARLES, DAPHNEE (Voter ID number 109816205).
CHARLES, DELOURDE (Voter ID number 109457810).
CHARLES, FRITZNER (Voter ID number 109982070).
CHARLES, FRITZNER (Voter ID number 110226377).
CHARLES, WILNO (Voter ID number 114467432).

281 NE 78TH ST
FERTIL, ROCK (Voter ID number 109759579).
FLENANT, DON (Voter ID number 116264160).

281 NE 84TH ST
NEWELL, ROBERT John (Voter ID number 119775929).
DI SANT AGNESE, CAROLE Dowling (Voter ID number 119649987).
HENDERSHOT, TAMARA (Voter ID number 110279082).
JOHNSON, JOHNNY M. (Voter ID number 109521894).
MCCARTHY, JOSEPH W. (Voter ID number 117105295).

281 NE 98TH ST
HART, JAMES (Voter ID number 115989937).

283 NE 86TH ST
BETANCOURT, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109447416).

283 NE 89TH ST
FRANKLIN, JOHN Andrew (Voter ID number 109978623).
ROSARIO, RUBEN E. (Voter ID number 109731805).

284 NE 102ND ST
EMERSON-DORSCH, EDITH Tyler (Voter ID number 110097760).
DORSCH, BROOK A. (Voter ID number 109197379).

284 NE 96TH ST
HOTCHKISS, ELSPETH G. (Voter ID number 109449896).
MOGOLLON, SARA (Voter ID number 120245461).

285 NE 100TH ST
WOLK, JULIET Naomi (Voter ID number 118046266).
WOLK, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 109693714).

285 NE 103RD ST
MC FALL-RANDLE, JULIA Ann (Voter ID number 109266978).
RANDLE, MARTIN William (Voter ID number 109063198).

285 NE 105TH ST
MORGENTHALER, MARIE Rose E (Voter ID number 108991394).

285 NE 76TH ST
LOPEZ, EFRAIN (Voter ID number 110139902).

285 NE 80TH TER
CORTES, NESTOR R. (Voter ID number 109232011).
FARSON, HOWARD Lawrence (Voter ID number 109541301).

285 NE 82ND ST
EUGENE, BERMUTA V. (Voter ID number 114122425).
EUGENE, KERMITH Edson (Voter ID number 105219450).
EUGENE, LOUIS Bernard (Voter ID number 109346791).
EUGENE, LURIAS (Voter ID number 109998903).
THOMAS, ORELIE (Voter ID number 109808246).

285 NE 86TH ST
PIERRE, GERALDA (Voter ID number 110076008).
REGISTRE, DERNSTA (Voter ID number 110075698).

285 NE 88TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, RAFAEL Enrique (Voter ID number 109828551).
SMITH, CRAIG A. (Voter ID number 109789582).
GARRIDO, RAFLE N. (Voter ID number 116608554).

285 NE 91ST ST
DOMLESKY, JANINE Fromuth (Voter ID number 109924252).
DOMLESKY, ANYA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110293419).
DOMLESKY, ROBERT Leonard (Voter ID number 109925326).

285 NE 95TH ST
KEEGAN, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 109015629).

285 NE 98TH ST
SEGURA, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 118188003).
EMMERLING, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 109377245).

286 NE 90TH ST
BOUZA, MARTA Maria (Voter ID number 109160778).
BOUZA, ARACELI (Voter ID number 109175986).

286 NE 99TH ST
HANAN, JULIA MacQuien (Voter ID number 110132169).

287 NE 101ST ST
CASTRO, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109744248).
CASTRO, MICHELE M. (Voter ID number 109494258).

287 NE 80TH TER
SEWELL, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 118327659).
TUCKER, TIMOTHY Albert (Voter ID number 120790168).
ELIAZ, ARIEL D. (Voter ID number 110179988).

287 NE 89TH ST
JOSEPH, CINDY C. (Voter ID number 109698460).
JOSEPH, CLAUDY (Voter ID number 110195716).

287 NE 90TH ST
BARROS, RICARDO (Voter ID number 110228964).
BEAUCLAIR, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 110216428).
ANDREWS, MYRNA (Voter ID number 119146959).

287 NE 96TH ST
BITTNER, WARREN R. (Voter ID number 109155873).
GARCIA, OMAR (Voter ID number 109996435).
RUIZ, JUAN J. (Voter ID number 110108172).

288 NE 104TH ST
ARTEAGA, JESUS (Voter ID number 116269934).
CONTARINI, CARMEN Cristina (Voter ID number 103457753).
FLEURY, ANDREA (Voter ID number 116904556).

288 NE 88TH ST
CAMACHO, JAKE (Voter ID number 120896346).
BAIG, NABILAH (Voter ID number 109613595).

289 NE 102ND ST
DIMOND, JAMES Christopher (Voter ID number 110240603).
DIMOND, KATHERINE G. (Voter ID number 110208832).

289 NE 104TH ST
JENSEN, MARGARET Bryan (Voter ID number 109063875).
PIERRE, MARIE D. (Voter ID number 110184455).

29 NE 102ND ST
AHERN, RHONDA M. (Voter ID number 110113437).
ARMSTRONG, JUDITH Ann (Voter ID number 108905842).

29 NE 104TH ST
MARTINEZ-TUTTLE, MARY M. (Voter ID number 109492270).
TUTTLE, RICHARD G. (Voter ID number 109647921).
RELICK, GEORGE R. (Voter ID number 109115208).

29 NE 105TH ST
ANDRE, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109571820).
FONSECA, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109085080).
FONSECA, KATHRYN R. (Voter ID number 109043113).

29 NE 106TH ST
ACOSTA, TERESA Rufin (Voter ID number 109202037).
PARDO, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109285101).

29 NE 70TH ST
WITLO, DORAN Ges (Voter ID number 109782607).

29 NE 76TH ST
OLABARRIA, CARMELA (Voter ID number 110269059).

29 NE 87TH ST
DUTHELY, JUDE Stan (Voter ID number 117318562).
FLOWERS, KARLA (Voter ID number 109432364).
FLOWERS, TERRIE B. (Voter ID number 109420636).

29 NE 90TH ST
DIAMOND, MARK Clifford (Voter ID number 109118888).
ROBERTS, HARRY Slade (Voter ID number 109310112).
ROBERTS, KAREN Hildner (Voter ID number 108995949).
ROBERTS, ROSEMARY Louise (Voter ID number 114373713).

29 NE 91ST ST
BAVUSO, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109197534).
DAVILA, IRIS Ann (Voter ID number 109249240).

29 NE 95TH ST
ANDERSON, SEAN Matthew (Voter ID number 119974874).
LINDSEY, JOCOVI K. (Voter ID number 120378480).
ANDERSON, SHIRLEY A. (Voter ID number 120216233).

29 NE 96TH ST
ACOSTA, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 119752621).

29 NE 98TH ST
GATES, PALLAS Marie (Voter ID number 110340911).
MC CORQUODALE, DONALD Sinclair (Voter ID number 109657778).

PLATT, AURELIE (Voter ID number 114932905).
PLATT, BRUCE L. (Voter ID number 110226856).

290 NE 100TH ST
EFROMSON, JACK E. (Voter ID number 115918330).
KRAUSE, KIMBERLY Ann (Voter ID number 116349755).

290 NE 103RD ST
FRAZIER, BENNIE Hugh (Voter ID number 109522221).
FRAZIER, CLYDIA Dorothea (Voter ID number 109660176).

290 NE 77TH ST
PRINGLE, JAMES Arthur (Voter ID number 109950649).

290 NE 77TH ST

ELLIS, ERNESTINE Sycoia (Voter ID number 120941657).

290 NE 91ST ST
CONNOR, ANN (Voter ID number 109320927).
SUNSHINE, EDWARD Robert (Voter ID number 109316566).
SUNSHINE, ELLEN C0nnor (Voter ID number 109776809).

290 NE 93RD ST
CARINO, SALVATORE (Voter ID number 110014054).

290 NE 95TH ST
GONZALEZ, YEMI Francesca (Voter ID number 110251277).
GONZALES, STEPHEN Knolly (Voter ID number 109278566).

290 NE 98TH ST
KOVAC, GISELLE Leslie (Voter ID number 117960869).

292 NE 78TH ST
VILLALBA, DUBERLIS (Voter ID number 116234969).

294 NE 82ND TER
CALIXTE, JULES P. (Voter ID number 110187396).

294 NE 97TH ST
CLARKE, RYAN C. (Voter ID number 120796958).
CLARKE, COLLEEN Ann (Voter ID number 109555897).
CLARKE, MARTIN Gerard (Voter ID number 109441643).

HART, JO ANN (Voter ID number 109046796).
HART, NEIL Patrick (Voter ID number 109048658).

295 NE 104TH ST
MARCELLUS, KELLIE Peterson (Voter ID number 109974893).

295 NE 78TH ST
CLEMENTE, DONALD Evan (Voter ID number 109717039).

295 NE 82ND ST
CESAR, ANTOINE (Voter ID number 110103064).
MICHEL CESAR, YANICK Marie (Voter ID number 120241494).
COLYER, JACQUETTA Bland (Voter ID number 109039290).
COLYER, LEROY Nathaniel (Voter ID number 109189599).

295 NE 87TH ST
GISSENDANER, CARL Quillan (Voter ID number 110202217).
ROBERTS, TIMOTHY Tyrone (Voter ID number 114205273).
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER Maurice (Voter ID number 109278869).

295 NE 88TH ST
EDMONSON, LOUIS Ivory (Voter ID number 114556180).
EDMONSON, LOUIS (Voter ID number 109049303).

295 NE 91ST ST
BERRY, PATRICK Gregory (Voter ID number 120139040).
BERRY, NICKOLAS Charles (Voter ID number 109065236).
BERRY, YELVA M. (Voter ID number 109922676).
MC CULLOUGH, JOHN Charles (Voter ID number 109046154).

295 NE 94TH ST
FEE, ERIN Shannon (Voter ID number 120445030).
FEE, JAMES F. (Voter ID number 109301671).
FEE, KAYE Lynne (Voter ID number 109447612).

295 NE 95TH ST
EILAND, EDGAR G. (Voter ID number 117020319).
EILAND, REBECCA Jennifer (Voter ID number 115030472).
INHOFFER, MARY L. (Voter ID number 110295058).
STOSE, MARK J. (Voter ID number 110328453).

296 NE 82ND TER
ALCIME, AGNELA (Voter ID number 117569811).
GUERRIER, ROSELAND (Voter ID number 120058463).
JEUNE, ROSEMOND (Voter ID number 118150775).

296 NE 82ND TER

GUSTINVIL, LUCIANNE (Voter ID number 110064711).

296 NE 99TH ST
KAMP, BARBARA Jessica (Voter ID number 109800736).
KAMP, JEFFREY R. (Voter ID number 109706415).

297 NE 105TH ST
COLE, DAVID Bras (Voter ID number 109976580).
TOPP, DAN Eugene (Voter ID number 101775053).

298 NE 87TH ST
GAUTIER, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 110060588).

298 NE 91ST ST
BROWN-ETIENNE, LINDA Lee (Voter ID number 109345582).

299 NE 86TH ST
CYRIAQUE, BERNADETTE (Voter ID number 109379249).
FREDERIC, RUSSELL (Voter ID number 114299202).

299 NE 99TH ST
AHEARN, MARY Ellen (Voter ID number 109922321).
WRIGHT, DAVID Brian (Voter ID number 109922413).

3 NE 75TH ST
KENNEDY, STEVEN D. (Voter ID number 110298262).

30 NE 100TH ST
ROMANIK, ELISABETH Ta (Voter ID number 109990897).
ROMANIK, GARY A. (Voter ID number 109990899).

30 NE 103RD ST
HERDOCIA, BEATRIZ J. (Voter ID number 109655985).
HERDOCIA, REBECCA R. (Voter ID number 114398028).
HERDOCIA, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109659910).
HERDOCIA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 114397990).

30 NE 104TH ST
MUNOZ, BETTINA M. (Voter ID number 109792353).
HOULE, MICHAEL Paul (Voter ID number 109955030).
MANTILLA, DIEGO Rene (Voter ID number 110103329).

30 NE 105TH ST
BARROSO, ASELA G. (Voter ID number 109873288).
BARROSO, GINA C. (Voter ID number 109918615).

30 NE 106TH ST
BRADLEY, CONSTANCE Francisco (Voter ID number 117344491).
BRADLEY, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 110289208).
RODRIGUEZ, ROSANA (Voter ID number 101789728).
STARKE, DOMINIC Sebastian (Voter ID number 119578874).

30 NE 67TH ST
PETITFRERE, RODIN (Voter ID number 114238911).

30 NE 68TH TER
PIERRE-LOUIS, MOMBERA (Voter ID number 116063938).
SAMSON, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 109929740).

30 NE 69TH ST
AURELIEN, BELAINE (Voter ID number 119980786).
AURELIEN, BEN (Voter ID number 120259441).
AURELIEN, BENITO (Voter ID number 119719575).
AURELIEN, ELIZABETH Petion (Voter ID number 120302949).
AURELIEN, ASETENE (Voter ID number 115907714).
AURELIEN, SOLANGE (Voter ID number 109763830).
ERESIA, EDGARD Jn Baptista (Voter ID number 109750496).
AUKELIEN, ASELENE (Voter ID number 116721714).

30 NE 70TH ST
CLEDANOR, MARIE Solange (Voter ID number 110024598).

30 NE 71ST ST

GREEN, STEVEN T. (Voter ID number 110332416).

30 NE 71ST ST

CANTY, SHANTRELL Denise (Voter ID number 109539018).
GARCIA, ANISHA Simone (Voter ID number 120880349).
GARCIA, SHANTERIA Trenise (Voter ID number 120880362).
CANTY, JAMAL Leonard (Voter ID number 114219822).

30 NE 71ST ST
BURROUGHS, CATHRYN Shanks (Voter ID number 109026936).
TATE, BEVERLY Denise (Voter ID number 109315219).

30 NE 71ST ST
APT #1

BROWN, NORMAN G. (Voter ID number 109761826).

30 NE 78TH ST

FLEURINE, ANIVIN (Voter ID number 121125989).

30 NE 78TH ST
JEAN, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 114178502).

30 NE 78TH ST

DESIR, JENNY Mesidor (Voter ID number 119729571).

30 NE 93RD ST
GUZMAN, ALISON Yvonne (Voter ID number 110249385).
GUZMAN, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 109325741).

30 NE 94TH ST
EBOHON, OSEMWEGIE (Voter ID number 119084931).
EBOTTON, ADESUWA E. (Voter ID number 120097884).
JIMENEZ, CLAUDIO (Voter ID number 109475999).
JIMENEZ, COLLETTE Anne (Voter ID number 109476000).

30 NE 96TH ST
LEGGETT, ANNA Curtis (Voter ID number 109066731).
LEGGETT, JAMES Elester (Voter ID number 109084679).

30 NE 97TH ST
THOMPSON, JAVAN Nmi (Voter ID number 109330636).

30 NE 99TH ST
HINDS, GREGORY M. (Voter ID number 109853296).
MC GREGOR, BARBARA E. (Voter ID number 109855539).

300 NE 101ST ST
WALFORD, EDNA V. (Voter ID number 109716659).

300 NE 103RD ST
FRECHETTE, JOAN G. (Voter ID number 108958187).
FRECHETTE, JOSEPH Charles (Voter ID number 109018254).

300 NE 104TH ST
HERRERA, SANDRA S. (Voter ID number 109089595).
HERRERA, RAMON Esteban (Voter ID number 109779872).

300 NE 78TH ST
CASSI, JEANNOT (Voter ID number 120401458).

300 NE 78TH ST
APT #12

SAINT ELOI, LEONNE (Voter ID number 120114786).

300 NE 78TH ST
APT 11

PIERRSAINT, JEAN MACK Knelly (Voter ID number 120584980).

300 NE 78TH ST

LABRANCHE, ISMELIE (Voter ID number 120903279).

300 NE 78TH ST

DORLEUS, MADELAINE (Voter ID number 109673259).

300 NE 78TH ST
ETIENNE, JOSEPH Yves (Voter ID number 109854319).
LOUIS, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 110315215).
SAINT JUSTE, FABIENNE (Voter ID number 110317952).

300 NE 78TH ST

LABRANCHE, GERARD (Voter ID number 119454691).

300 NE 78TH ST
HART, SHAWN (Voter ID number 116385316).

300 NE 89TH ST
BAEZ, BETTY (Voter ID number 120722186).

300 NE 91ST ST
BUSTA, KRISTI Ann (Voter ID number 120190025).
BUSTA, JOHN Robert (Voter ID number 109151630).
BUSTA, JOHN Robert (Voter ID number 109762965).
BUSTA, MICHAEL Angelo (Voter ID number 110320189).
BUSTA, SANDRA Ann (Voter ID number 109170181).

BAILEY, IAN M. (Voter ID number 120171331).

LAWITSCHKA, JULIAN Max (Voter ID number 116189528).
TISHMAN, RUTH (Voter ID number 109278652).

GOODELL, PETER A. (Voter ID number 110044971).

BREJT, SAM (Voter ID number 109286403).
JIMENEZ, VICKY Marie (Voter ID number 109384458).

BEARD, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 110155842).
BEARD, SUZANNE O. (Voter ID number 110155836).

EGOZCUE, JOANNA R. (Voter ID number 109807055).
REYES, JORGE G. (Voter ID number 109828058).

STRIZVER, STEVEN Brian (Voter ID number 110019655).
STRIZVER, GERALD L. (Voter ID number 110181802).

MILLER, HOWARD (Voter ID number 109125992).

OLIVA, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109080719).
OLIVA, ROBERT Andrew (Voter ID number 119168282).

301 NE 102ND ST
SAUVIGNE, GEORGE Alan (Voter ID number 109036950).

301 NE 62ND ST
SMITH, TAMMI L. (Voter ID number 110163451).

301 NE 80TH TER
MARTINEZ, JOSEPH C. (Voter ID number 114637709).

301 NE 80TH TER
APT 101

BREWER, NANCY (Voter ID number 115131438).

301 NE 80TH TER
APT 301

PARKER, GEORGE Washington (Voter ID number 100555612).

301 NE 80TH TER
APT 108

NELSON, PATRICIA R. (Voter ID number 119659275).

301 NE 82ND TER
BECKETT-BROWN, SARAH J. (Voter ID number 108993360).

301 NE 86TH ST
PILTZER, MARCY Nan (Voter ID number 109477008).

301 NE 87TH ST
DE CASTRO, HERNANDO (Voter ID number 109973250).
SETTICASE, MICHAEL V. (Voter ID number 109813231).

301 NE 88TH ST
BOTT, MERLIN (Voter ID number 114928907).

301 NE 89TH ST
CARDALI, ANGELA (Voter ID number 108933512).

301 NE 93RD ST
CHUNG-TIMS, MELANIE Erica (Voter ID number 109787034).
TIMS, DONALD John (Voter ID number 110055291).

301 NE 96TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, SUSAN Geraldine (Voter ID number 115243061).
ROGRIGUEZ, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 114022903).

HOLLANDER, ROBERT Paul (Voter ID number 108917504).

CHEEZEM, JANIS K. (Voter ID number 102316668).
HOLLAND, KRISTINA R. (Voter ID number 117072373).
HOLLAND, FRANCINE Delaney (Voter ID number 108953413).
HOLLAND, PATRICK Whalton Hale (Voter ID number 109972643).
HOLLAND, WALTER Samuel (Voter ID number 108953524).

ATHANASSIADIS, NICK (Voter ID number 120024258).
DAVIS, KAREN S. (Voter ID number 119989457).

DE BLASIO, JANE Lynn (Voter ID number 109103067).
DE BLASIO, JOHN Joseph (Voter ID number 108907856).

SCHREIBER, SARA Stein (Voter ID number 108909795).

APT #8

PINEIRO, ALLISON Elyse (Voter ID number 116296039).
PINEIRO, JARED Michael (Voter ID number 119183195).

PHILPOTT, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 109037210).
PHILPOTT, ROBERT Allan (Voter ID number 109015479).
PHILPOTT, STACY C. (Voter ID number 109614148).
PINEIRO, BARBRA G. (Voter ID number 109170340).

CUNSOLO, MARY F. (Voter ID number 109331867).

FOX, SPENCER Harry (Voter ID number 108948588).
FOX, SUSAN Gail (Voter ID number 109138504).

302 NE 100TH ST
HYNES, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 109472409).
HYNES, LUCY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 117590334).
LOGAN-HYNES, KIMBERLY L. (Voter ID number 109465826).

302 NE 82ND ST
PIERRELUS, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 116431755).

302 NE 85TH ST
LEYVA, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 117261202).
SOCARRAS, FRANKLIN J. (Voter ID number 115249243).
GONZALEZ, MARIA Guadalupe (Voter ID number 109336434).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 110187586).
SOCARRAS, PEDRO Antonio (Voter ID number 109843368).

302 NE 92ND ST
SUAREZ, ANDREA (Voter ID number 120340290).
MORALES, YURY Humberto (Voter ID number 116327500).

302 NE 97TH ST
O'BRIEN-BROWN, DANA C. (Voter ID number 109328276).

CALLARI, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 118293919).
DE ANGELIS, PAUL Gene (Voter ID number 118292890).

FELTON, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 108918838).

KAUFMAN, CHERYL (Voter ID number 110254154).

MEDINA, RAMON E. (Voter ID number 110001650).
BEHAR, MIRIAM C. (Voter ID number 109492041).
TORRES, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 116106196).

ACEVEDO, ANDRES E. (Voter ID number 119345699).
CORLISS, AARON M. (Voter ID number 101936000).
GOODMAN, DANIELLE Joy (Voter ID number 109322242).

FOX, CHRISTINE Jan (Voter ID number 109961733).
FOX, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 109319563).

KAPLAN, BETH Pascal (Voter ID number 109023184).
KAPLAN, CARLY Nicole (Voter ID number 117326375).
KAPLAN, JEFFREY Lewis (Voter ID number 109147761).
KAPLAN, JORDAN C. (Voter ID number 110231494).

MAC ADAM, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 110290264).
MAC ADAM, RONALD James (Voter ID number 110081270).
MACADAM, VANESSA Nicole (Voter ID number 116138423).

DEANGELIS-EIDELSTAN, KATHY H. (Voter ID number 110287859).

CLANCY, MAUREEN Laura (Voter ID number 108930401).

GOLEMBE, TRACEY Jennifer (Voter ID number 109503721).
LOCKSHIN, DONALD H. (Voter ID number 109016044).
LOCKSHIN, LINDA Frisch (Voter ID number 109167463).

BRICKER, TERRI Ellen (Voter ID number 117372014).
CHAMUEL, KAREN Helen (Voter ID number 109153694).

GARCIA, JOAQUIN Alfredo (Voter ID number 108940277).
GARCIA, PAMELA G. (Voter ID number 116633167).

MOHNBLATT, VICTORIA V. (Voter ID number 101997551).

DIEPPA, EDUARDO Enrique (Voter ID number 109133466).
DIEPPA, ELENA (Voter ID number 108925645).

304 NE 105TH ST
MARANDO, HEIDE Marie (Voter ID number 114972359).
MARANDO, ROCCO (Voter ID number 109352943).

304 NE 77TH ST
JOSEPH, DINA (Voter ID number 109702588).
JOSEPH, LANDY (Voter ID number 116077324).

304 NE 93RD ST
ANDERSON, ROBERT Harry (Voter ID number 109159300).
ANDERSON, VAIARII Mareva (Voter ID number 110034978).
FRITZ, MIRIAM Donaline (Voter ID number 108904020).

304 NE 99TH ST
FORBES, JOHN Lawrence (Voter ID number 109258609).
FORBES, LILLIAN Claveria (Voter ID number 109236732).

KANT, JON Russell (Voter ID number 108939136).

LIN, CHARLES Kehchang (Voter ID number 109865461).
PUIG, JORGE Manuel (Voter ID number 110204345).

305 NE 104TH ST
MUELLER, HANS Carl (Voter ID number 109087621).
MUELLER, PETER W. (Voter ID number 117081060).

305 NE 76TH ST
DAUPHIN, PIERRE (Voter ID number 109165030).
JOHN, MARIE Linette (Voter ID number 109838452).

305 NE 80TH TER
APT 112

DRUCKER, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 110076579).

305 NE 80TH TER
LAZARRE, GUILLAUME (Voter ID number 109463952).

305 NE 80TH TER
APT 112

TUCKER, SHAUN Dewayne (Voter ID number 118203471).

305 NE 80TH TER
APT 119

SUAREZ, MAXIMO Andres (Voter ID number 110142751).

305 NE 91ST ST
DOWSON, ALFRED David (Voter ID number 109313446).
DOWSON, NANCY (Voter ID number 109245182).

306 NE 102ND ST
PENA, JENNIFER S. (Voter ID number 109845163).
PENA, JORGE Alberto (Voter ID number 109430130).
PENA, NICHOLAS A. (Voter ID number 118787865).

307 NE 62ND ST
APT #34

MYERS, OLIN David (Voter ID number 109196671).

307 NE 95TH ST
LEMKE, ERIC William (Voter ID number 119299750).
WILLIS, JOSEPH Carter (Voter ID number 108935167).

307 NE 99TH ST
ASHCRAFT, SHERI Pearl (Voter ID number 109288435).
SIMOES, SUZANA (Voter ID number 114551975).

308 NE 89TH ST
GARCIA-KIEFER, KATTIA (Voter ID number 116120895).
JONES, STEVEN Lloyd (Voter ID number 120703981).

308 NE 99TH ST
KUNDE, HELEN Youngman (Voter ID number 114780829).

31 NE 69TH ST
HARMON, VINCENT B. (Voter ID number 115234282).
JOSEPH, PEARL (Voter ID number 110268248).

31 NE 76TH ST
DIBBLE, SEAN O. (Voter ID number 109249849).

310 NE 76TH ST
RAWLS SIMMONS, MARY M. (Voter ID number 109091049).

310 NE 78TH ST
THELUSMA, LOUISVILLE (Voter ID number 109352979).

310 NE 78TH ST

FRANCOIS, MARIE Claudette (Voter ID number 119064702).

310 NE 78TH ST

JEAN, MANUEL (Voter ID number 120288042).

310 NE 78TH ST
GERMAIN, PHILOMA (Voter ID number 109765335).
MICHEL PIERRE, ERONNE (Voter ID number 109714421).
NELSON, FERTIL (Voter ID number 109322205).
NEWBOLD, DONNA (Voter ID number 109571624).
SINEUS, MECONIEL (Voter ID number 109679883).

310 NE 78TH ST
APT #2

MOORE, FELTON (Voter ID number 119759945).

310 NE 78TH ST

JEAN, CAROLE Voltaire (Voter ID number 109952366).

310 NE 78TH ST
SINEUS, SAINTALIE (Voter ID number 116393023).

310 NE 82ND ST

DALLAS, RASHEKA Nishara Lysha (Voter ID number 115855136).

310 NE 82ND ST

EXANTUS, MICHEL (Voter ID number 109465330).

310 NE 82ND ST

JACKSON, VERONICA (Voter ID number 109717064).
LEE, GEORGE Bernard (Voter ID number 110007654).

310 NE 97TH ST
DENIS, JEAN-MARIE (Voter ID number 109877112).
DENIS, NADIA Claire (Voter ID number 109406600).
DENIS, RITA W. (Voter ID number 109874176).
DENIS, TAINA Antonine (Voter ID number 109406602).

310 NE 98TH ST
MOORE, CHRISTOPHER John (Voter ID number 110087396).
MOORE, CLAUDIA B. (Voter ID number 109169841).

310 NE 99TH ST
WALTERS, ALECIA H. (Voter ID number 109196517).
WALTERS, CHARLOTTE Anne (Voter ID number 110228281).

311 NE 103RD ST
WHALEY, GERALDINE Samples (Voter ID number 120962248).
KOCH, RENEE Lynne (Voter ID number 109734665).

311 NE 78TH ST
ESCARMENT, RONEL (Voter ID number 115311271).

311 NE 86TH ST
BRETOS, FERNANDO Miguel (Voter ID number 110146858).
KOCH, VERONIQUE Marthe (Voter ID number 110058434).
SANTANA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 102399105).
SANTANA-RIVERA, GLENN (Voter ID number 114507825).

311 NE 90TH ST
VALMIR, CLEOMENE Elisma (Voter ID number 109605362).
VALMIR, LECLAIR (Voter ID number 109479544).

311 NE 94TH ST
SALYER, SYLVIA C. (Voter ID number 118859185).
SALYER, THOMAS William (Voter ID number 109243399).

312 NE 101ST ST
LINSSEN, BERTINE C. (Voter ID number 109972096).

312 NE 87TH ST
ARDITI, MARIA Victoria (Voter ID number 121022814).
ARDITI, NORMA (Voter ID number 117017312).
FUNES, GISELL Briana (Voter ID number 118289117).
ARDITI, EDUARDO J. (Voter ID number 109809266).

312 NE 90TH ST
KOZIAR, AMANDA Anne (Voter ID number 102314071).
SADOWSKI, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 110267433).

313 NE 76TH ST
MACCENAT, LERANCIA (Voter ID number 117532945).
EMILE, CHARITE L. (Voter ID number 109854967).
YIS, JEAN Abner (Voter ID number 120303557).

313 NE 87TH ST
MOCOMBE, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 119282470).
MOCOMBE, RUBEN (Voter ID number 109842977).
MOCOMBE, VITA Roseita (Voter ID number 109611447).
MOCAMBE, EDITH Sara (Voter ID number 110300581).
MOCOMBE, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 114215354).
MOCOMBE, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109779811).
MOCOMBE, EDITH Sara (Voter ID number 110037060).
MOCOMBE, GORDON J. (Voter ID number 110083665).
MOCOMBE, MARC (Voter ID number 109815368).

313 NE 92ND ST
POWELL, ALEXIS E. (Voter ID number 109392696).

314 NE 80TH TER
PUENTES, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 110069487).

314 NE 82ND ST
VALNOR, KENDAL J. (Voter ID number 120259164).

314 NE 85TH ST
SUB LABAN, GRACE M. (Voter ID number 109708726).
SUBLABAN, ATIEH (Voter ID number 110116623).

314 NE 88TH ST
HINSON, CHERIE Michele (Voter ID number 109914159).
MADERA, DENIO Alberto (Voter ID number 109764985).

314 NE 94TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, HUMBERTO E. (Voter ID number 116499466).
SEGRERA, VERONICA I. (Voter ID number 110026688).

TORRES, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 110151720).
TORRES, ELENA D. (Voter ID number 108983157).
TORRES, FERDINAND Ruben (Voter ID number 109709810).
TORRES, FERDINAND (Voter ID number 109104842).

315 NE 101ST ST
MARMIN, PAMELA Wilds (Voter ID number 109027051).

315 NE 88TH ST
MOREIRA, TATIANA C. (Voter ID number 120320930).
WALTON, GREGORY Bruce (Voter ID number 109551640).

315 NE 89TH ST
SANTANA, MARIO David (Voter ID number 109460991).
SANTANA, CAROLYN Edith (Voter ID number 109484511).

315 NE 95TH ST
GUREVITZ, ARNOLD R. (Voter ID number 109088614).
GUREVITZ, ALEXANDRA R. (Voter ID number 117029335).

315 NE 98TH ST
CEIDE, DENER Fils (Voter ID number 120426771).
MILLER, JOHN Justus (Voter ID number 110005348).
MILLER, KATHRYN Brown (Voter ID number 110000180).

317 NE 102ND ST
LOFFREDO, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 110100467).
PHELPS, CHARLOTTE S. (Voter ID number 118215878).
LOFFREDO, DIANE Maria (Voter ID number 109149357).
LOFFREDO, KATHERINE Ann (Voter ID number 100552847).
LOFFREDO, STEPHEN Kavanaugh (Voter ID number 109034756).

317 NE 104TH ST
MENNES, CHARLES Martin (Voter ID number 109027079).
MENNES, LINDA B. (Voter ID number 109027106).

317 NE 87TH ST
FIVEASH, ERIC L. (Voter ID number 109851129).
TATUM, RALPH A. (Voter ID number 109905982).

318 NE 101ST ST
RAMOS, FIDEL L. (Voter ID number 108923972).

318 NE 102ND ST
BAEDITA, PETER M. (Voter ID number 109748727).
BAEDITA, SHEILA Marie (Voter ID number 109748739).

318 NE 103RD ST
SAYAN, CLAIRE Stephanie (Voter ID number 109795475).

318 NE 104TH ST
PUCHE, FRANCESCA V. (Voter ID number 119607200).
SALAZAR, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 115976827).
PUCHE, ANTONIO J. (Voter ID number 110299775).
PUCHE, LUISA Emma (Voter ID number 109246825).

318 NE 89TH ST
GONZALEZ, STEPHANIE Adames (Voter ID number 109735945).

318 NE 90TH ST
CENTENO, JESIKAH Jazz (Voter ID number 118844024).
CENTENO, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 117591507).
CENTENO, CHERISH D. (Voter ID number 114369882).
DE GRANGE, ROSE F. (Voter ID number 116183719).
MARCH, AWILDA Alameda (Voter ID number 109188852).
MARCH, PHILLIP Ainsworth (Voter ID number 109439366).

319 NE 101ST ST
CASEBEER, ALYSIA Cai (Voter ID number 119103134).
EVANS, MICHAEL W. (Voter ID number 121119268).
SIEGEL, JEFFREY P. (Voter ID number 109976707).

32 NE 64TH TER
JEAN POIX, GEORGETTE (Voter ID number 118675589).
JEANPOIX, LA Fontont (Voter ID number 110174300).
POIX, SAFONTANT Jean (Voter ID number 109684956).

32 NE 67TH ST
SIDOIS, CHINO (Voter ID number 114167253).

32 NE 68TH TER
PIERRE, CHRISTIANNA Jean Charles (Voter ID number 120957795).
PIERRE, RICOT (Voter ID number 121225195).
PIERE, CHRISTIN C. (Voter ID number 120493400).
RIVERA SANTIAGO, SONIA Iris (Voter ID number 114516843).

32 NE 92ND ST
ALVAREZ SANCHEZ, CLAUDIA I. (Voter ID number 117025831).
SANCHEZ, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 120331498).

POWELL, IAN A. (Voter ID number 119858852).
POWELL, LISSETTE Molina (Voter ID number 109292605).
POWELL, NORMAN Christopher (Voter ID number 109312110).

320 NE 100TH ST
GROSSMAN, ETHAN S. (Voter ID number 120826350).
GROSSMAN, LEAH Zoe (Voter ID number 118609490).

320 NE 76TH ST
DOZIER, CLEOPHIS (Voter ID number 109157335).
HAYES, WANA Jean (Voter ID number 108931011).
SMITH, KENDRA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109250349).

320 NE 88TH ST
MASON, PERRY G. (Voter ID number 110176567).
MIKKELSEN, GREILY Chinguinguira (Voter ID number 120455084).
CABRERA, CELIA Gutierrez (Voter ID number 109553599).

320 NE 96TH ST
SOLTIS, REYMON P. (Voter ID number 115562049).
PELO BELLO, RUSSELL S. (Voter ID number 115525495).
PELOBELLO, ELVA S. (Voter ID number 109448055).
PELOBELLO, PETER Blaine (Voter ID number 109600979).
PELOBELLO, PIETA A. (Voter ID number 109600269).
PELOBELLO, RHODORA P. (Voter ID number 109601143).
PELOBELLO, ROXANNE Casillan (Voter ID number 119823456).

320 NE 97TH ST
ALTMAN, HOLLIE Jean (Voter ID number 109908308).
BAKER, DAVID Stern (Voter ID number 111135342).

320 NE 98TH ST
HUXOLL, GAYE Lon (Voter ID number 109265079).

321 NE 100TH ST
KNUTT, JAMES Karl (Voter ID number 117067053).
KNUTT, KELBY L. (Voter ID number 119627580).
KNUTT, TYLER James (Voter ID number 120941530).
KNUTT, MARI Lindgren (Voter ID number 109283923).

321 NE 76TH ST
RADICELLO, VINCENT A. (Voter ID number 120077970).
BYRON, MONA (Voter ID number 116401597).

321 NE 82ND ST
CHARLES, SAMUEL Eline (Voter ID number 119759155).
CHARLES, AINSEL E. (Voter ID number 109360549).
CHARLES, ELIZABETH Anita (Voter ID number 109536102).
CHARLES, MARIE Victoria (Voter ID number 109358894).
CHARLES, RACHEL Victoria (Voter ID number 109735575).
CHARLES, REBECCA Berthanie (Voter ID number 100506701).

321 NE 89TH ST
HERRMANN, BRIAN Christopher (Voter ID number 102174469).
OSTROWSKI, ALEXANDER Cody (Voter ID number 110058635).
HERRMANN, AURA Meadow (Voter ID number 102340356).
OSTROWSKI, JOHN (Voter ID number 116488247).
OSTROWSKI, MAXWELL C. (Voter ID number 110154336).
PLESSER, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 109933331).

321 NE 90TH ST
DUVAL, MICHNA (Voter ID number 120143885).
RICHEMOND, ROSIE (Voter ID number 116520557).
RICHMOND, BARTHEL (Voter ID number 109755415).
RICHMOND, IRMA C. (Voter ID number 109959124).
RICHMOND, NASSER M. (Voter ID number 109861755).
SEMELFORT, GUEVERA (Voter ID number 114885541).

321 NE 93RD ST
BROUSSEAU, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 109443428).
SHOCKEY, DONALD P. (Voter ID number 109400126).

322 NE 80TH TER
JARMAN, TRAVIS (Voter ID number 110308680).

323 NE 91ST ST
ABRANTE, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 109220769).
LUEBKE, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 110086929).
LUEBKE, MARGARET C. (Voter ID number 109258536).

324 NE 87TH ST
ALEXIS, BERNADETTE (Voter ID number 116837489).
BARLATIER, MARIE Flore (Voter ID number 109840610).
DESBRUNES, JUNIE (Voter ID number 109970573).

324 NE 91ST ST
PORRATA, CLEMENTE E. (Voter ID number 109867848).
BELLO, EDUARDO Rafael (Voter ID number 116432453).

325 NE 104TH ST
REYNOSO, CARRIE Bisset (Voter ID number 109578479).
REYNOSO, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 110296677).

325 NE 82ND ST
CHOUTE, DOMAGE (Voter ID number 110239482).
CHOUTE, NIXON (Voter ID number 110126235).
CHOUTE, SONIA (Voter ID number 110322973).
CHOUTE, PATRICK (Voter ID number 117557231).
CHOUTE, SONIA (Voter ID number 116796383).

325 NE 93RD ST
BELLOSO, DEANNA Mary (Voter ID number 119471936).
SCHOENER-SCOTT, KAREN Mary (Voter ID number 109938097).

325 NE 95TH ST
VAIL, GEORGE Raymond (Voter ID number 110135682).

325 NE 96TH ST
MC COY, ANNE Lange (Voter ID number 109510067).
MC COY, JAMES Andrew (Voter ID number 109510253).

325 NE 97TH ST
STRAVINSKAS, PAUL Anthony (Voter ID number 109853095).

326 NE 82ND TER
VERTISEMA, YOLANDE (Voter ID number 109832201).
PIERRE, DJO (Voter ID number 109255348).

326 NE 92ND ST
SPRING, LARRY Marlow (Voter ID number 109909473).

326 NE 94TH ST
BRESSAN, FERNANDA (Voter ID number 109925919).
BRESSAN, PABLO A. (Voter ID number 116782345).

329 NE 76TH ST
MANISCALCHI, VINCENT (Voter ID number 110091478).
EARHART, JOHN Robert (Voter ID number 113950566).
FABRE, RONALD (Voter ID number 109480785).
ZAKHAROVA, MARINA (Voter ID number 115022732).

329 NE 87TH ST
ZTAOUI, AHMED (Voter ID number 119113763).

33 NE 69TH ST

ST CYR, RONY (Voter ID number 117208920).

33 NE 89TH ST
QUINTERO, LISA Renee (Voter ID number 109211601).
QUINTERO, MARCELINO Samuel (Voter ID number 109576644).

33 NE 93RD ST
BRITTO, ROBERTA (Voter ID number 116627756).
PIZELMAN, FABIO (Voter ID number 120438077).

330 NE 104TH ST
WHITTAKER, KENNETH William (Voter ID number 109106432).
WHITTAKER, KENNY W. (Voter ID number 117510949).
WHITTAKER, DIANE S A (Voter ID number 109122106).

330 NE 62ND ST
VOISIN, DOUGLAS Lester (Voter ID number 110296549).

330 NE 70TH ST
NELSON, VALERIE April (Voter ID number 110336308).

330 NE 70TH ST

CLARKE, LORRAINE Roveina (Voter ID number 108933775).

330 NE 70TH ST
PAUL, NERDIE (Voter ID number 116391490).
ST VICTOR, ANDRE Joseph (Voter ID number 109372468).

330 NE 70TH ST

GASPARD-PASCAL, OLVUE (Voter ID number 117266401).

330 NE 76TH ST
PIERRE-LOUIS, SHULTZ Poochy (Voter ID number 119186179).

330 NE 82ND ST
NIEVES, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109041778).
NIEVES, NATIVIDAD (Voter ID number 109214331).

330 NE 86TH ST
JOSS, KATHERINE Jean (Voter ID number 116441018).
JOSS, KEVIN Nolan (Voter ID number 118046684).

330 NE 88TH ST
ALFARO, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 119564800).
ALFARO, INGRID Hassell (Voter ID number 110249502).
SINGLETON, NANCY E. (Voter ID number 109865623).

330 NE 93RD ST
LERCH, DANIELLE M. (Voter ID number 115164281).
LERCH-RUMELIOTIS, SANDRA Dee (Voter ID number 109152218).

330 NE 96TH ST
BRAMSON, MYRNA (Voter ID number 108934103).
BRAMSON, SETH Hanan (Voter ID number 108953036).

330 NE 97TH ST
NOVACK, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 118294753).
NOVACK, VICTORIA Waltram (Voter ID number 118023654).

331 NE 89TH ST
TALLMAN, RUTH Marie (Voter ID number 118322017).

332 NE 92ND ST
PAREL, JEAN MARIE A. (Voter ID number 115271683).
PAREL, MARILYN M. (Voter ID number 109203863).

333 NE 102ND ST
CORTES, PATRICIA Colette (Voter ID number 109425445).

333 NE 103RD ST
GILL, ANDREA Dawn (Voter ID number 110342306).
PEGG, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 116747783).

333 NE 86TH ST
RICHARDSON, CORRINE J. (Voter ID number 109161152).
RICHARDSON, MALACHI Amon (Voter ID number 114398711).
RICHARDSON, REGINALD A. (Voter ID number 109239029).
RICHARDSON, EZEKIEL A. (Voter ID number 116293349).

333 NE 91ST ST
MEJIA, MARTIN (Voter ID number 110139585).

333 NE 92ND ST
LONGMAN, DENISE T. (Voter ID number 109575874).
LONGMAN, JOHN Francis (Voter ID number 109329107).

334 NE 100TH ST
WELCH, ALICIA Hayley (Voter ID number 119475763).
BRENNER, JUSTIN Scott (Voter ID number 119448548).

334 NE 101ST ST
BROWN, DALLAS Denise (Voter ID number 109199127).

334 NE 102ND ST
JOFRE, DANIEL Julian (Voter ID number 110331630).
JOFRE, CESAR Aristides (Voter ID number 110078053).
JOFRE, SUSANA Margarita (Voter ID number 110091467).

334 NE 103RD ST
ALEXANDER, GLEN W. (Voter ID number 109799595).
ALEXANDER, LAURA Schneider (Voter ID number 109178715).

334 NE 105TH ST
FRIX, GEORGE Alexander (Voter ID number 108908821).
FRIX, SANDRA Lassiter (Voter ID number 108925127).

334 NE 86TH ST
KOPP, KIRSTEN Nicole (Voter ID number 109864860).
SCHWARTZ, JEFFERY David (Voter ID number 109954891).

334 NE 99TH ST
SALA, ERIKA W. (Voter ID number 109991523).
SALA, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 109987433).

335 NE 80TH TER
APT 122

AFOLABI, TESLEEM CAMRAHN ADE-DAMO (Voter ID number 112944686).

335 NE 80TH TER
HINTON, TAMARA Faith (Voter ID number 114172339).
LEMOINE, JACQUES Michel (Voter ID number 110333301).

335 NE 80TH TER
APT 130

CRUZ, SUN Ya (Voter ID number 117702883).

335 NE 80TH TER
SAMREEN, ASMA (Voter ID number 116835529).

335 NE 87TH ST
NAVARRO, CALIXTO Arturo (Voter ID number 109201954).

335 NE 88TH ST
O BRIEN, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 118321638).
SANTOS, CARLOS V. (Voter ID number 114951546).
VASQUEZ, FERNANDO A. (Voter ID number 109827235).

335 NE 90TH ST
OLIBRUN, ALI (Voter ID number 115027329).
OLIBRUN, GERTHA (Voter ID number 109912743).
SAINT-SAUVEUR, BEGAINS Enel (Voter ID number 109975183).

335 NE 93RD ST
MADSEN, DEBORAH Hornbrook (Voter ID number 109171730).
MADSEN, PAUL Robert (Voter ID number 109146821).

336 NE 85TH ST
LAGUADO, CAMILA (Voter ID number 119198350).

336 NE 86TH ST
O'BYRNE, LOURDES C. (Voter ID number 110103227).
OBYME, GLORIA D. (Voter ID number 120036436).
CHENE, WAYNE Robert (Voter ID number 114268288).

337 NE 82ND ST
ALLEN, ANITRA Denise (Voter ID number 109176405).
ALLEN, CHARLES Barry (Voter ID number 118224462).

338 NE 82ND TER
MARSHALL, STEPHON P. (Voter ID number 120261215).
JOHNSON, MURLYN Doretha (Voter ID number 108995609).

338 NE 89TH ST
COOPERIDER, LORI S. (Voter ID number 110076107).

339 NE 100TH ST
CADWALLADER, CAROLYNE Roeder (Voter ID number 108908776).

339 NE 96TH ST
MERRELLL, KHRISTIAN D. (Voter ID number 115850099).
WHITE, JACQUELYN Merrell (Voter ID number 109439305).

34 NE 101ST ST
ACETI, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 102182618).

34 NE 63RD ST
JOSEPH, MONISTER (Voter ID number 117079730).
JOSIL, MONASTER (Voter ID number 109981806).

34 NE 70TH ST
JOSEPH, NIXON (Voter ID number 119440681).
BYSSAINTHE, ERLA (Voter ID number 109954701).
JASEPH, ELCIA (Voter ID number 110328264).
JOSEPH, MARTINE (Voter ID number 110034222).

34 NE 90TH ST
FREEMAN, CORDELIA W. (Voter ID number 109052123).
FREEMAN, MARSHALL (Voter ID number 109362275).

340 NE 94TH ST
PERRY, WILLIAM Rodwell (Voter ID number 118786862).
PERRY, RACHEL D. (Voter ID number 118291451).
PERRY, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 109236329).
WILLIAMSON-PERRY, DYNISE D. (Voter ID number 109404612).

341 NE 77TH ST
HAYDEN, NANCY E. (Voter ID number 119654774).
JOHNSON-PETERSON, CHRISTIN A. (Voter ID number 114241096).

341 NE 79TH ST
SMITH, NATASHA (Voter ID number 116088334).

341 NE 92ND ST
TADDEO, FRANK J. (Voter ID number 109463851).
ECHEVERRI, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109321203).

342 NE 82ND ST
JESULUS, ARY (Voter ID number 120398050).

343 NE 104TH ST
FULGER, MARK (Voter ID number 116228203).

343 NE 86TH ST
HILL, GREGORY W. (Voter ID number 110171825).

343 NE 90TH ST
POLYCARPE, GLENDA (Voter ID number 109979196).
VINCENT, ANDRE (Voter ID number 114368468).
POLYCARPE, BRITNEY (Voter ID number 119674476).
POLYCARPE, KEEHLER (Voter ID number 115900495).
POLYCARPE, MARIE Claudette (Voter ID number 109649897).

343 NE 99TH ST
ABRAMS, CRISTINA I. (Voter ID number 109870711).
ABRAMS, PETER M. (Voter ID number 109912317).

344 NE 102ND ST
LAVANDIER, MARTA (Voter ID number 109502108).
WEAVER, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 109498727).

344 NE 76TH ST
FLEURANVIL, MARIE (Voter ID number 114061665).

344 NE 77TH ST
GONZALEZ, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 110275338).
ELLISON BOLDS, CASSANDRA (Voter ID number 110275388).

344 NE 82ND ST

GEFFRARD, SAINTILIEN S. (Voter ID number 109990887).

345 NE 100TH ST