Registered voters in ZIP Code 33127
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1 NW 44TH ST
STCYR, LOREUS (Voter ID number 116898151).

1 NW 46TH ST
SUPRE, MARY (Voter ID number 109683003).
MERONVILLE, PHILIP (Voter ID number 109456202).

10 NW 47TH ST
NAVEDA, ENRIQUE Ramon (Voter ID number 110222667).
CRAMER, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 110061655).

10 NW 48TH ST
WHITE, BERNICE (Voter ID number 108937567).

10 NW 51ST ST
MC QUEEN, ORA Belle Allen (Voter ID number 109114477).
MC QUEEN, ORA Belle Allen (Voter ID number 110171677).

10 NW 60TH ST
BISSAINTE, MIRA (Voter ID number 109989180).

10 NW 61ST ST
ST HUBERT, FLORAINE (Voter ID number 119976591).

100 NW 30TH ST
COLBERT, ERIKA C. (Voter ID number 115914587).

100 NW 36TH ST
VASQUEZ, PETER (Voter ID number 109968068).

100 NW 40TH ST
SERRANO, FELIX Rafael (Voter ID number 109039858).
SERRANO, GLORIA Esperanza (Voter ID number 109653530).
SERRANO, JOSUE R. (Voter ID number 109731768).

100 NW 42ND ST
BAYON, AYDE (Voter ID number 120078785).
JIMENEZ, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 109778368).
JIMENEZ, TASHA Lee (Voter ID number 110325851).

100 NW 45TH ST
COLLAZO, HELEN (Voter ID number 109283410).
COLLAZO, STEPHANIE Lee (Voter ID number 114964558).

100 NW 47TH TER
PHILIP, FRANK (Voter ID number 109324073).
MILLER, DOUGLAS O'Brian (Voter ID number 121200405).
MONTOYA, DEBORAH Desiree (Voter ID number 116151151).

100 NW 48TH ST
SABIR, DAA'IYAH Virginia (Voter ID number 108962507).
WALKER, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 109346921).
WALKER, SHIRLEY (Voter ID number 116206968).

100 NW 52ND ST
MINNIS, VINTEA T. (Voter ID number 102326115).
NAIRN, VINTIKA Shantea (Voter ID number 109931530).
NAIRN, WALTONNIA B. (Voter ID number 109183715).

100 NW 60TH ST
LEE, BRENDA B. (Voter ID number 109069592).
LEE, PERRY (Voter ID number 109191652).

1000 NW 25TH ST
RUTLEDGE, PAMELA Kay (Voter ID number 117770000).
HANSEN, FREDRICK J. (Voter ID number 112827422).

1000 NW 27TH ST
HERRERA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 120228019).

1000 NW 27TH ST

PEREZ, ANTONIO F. (Voter ID number 109534393).

1000 NW 27TH ST
CHIRINO, ROMELIA (Voter ID number 108940780).
PIMENTEL, NORMA A. (Voter ID number 109184978).
PIMENTEL, ROSITA (Voter ID number 109702852).

1000 NW 27TH ST
APT #3

ALBERNAS, OSMUNDO G. (Voter ID number 119777293).

1000 NW 31ST ST
PABON, ABNEL (Voter ID number 109532078).
PABON, LUIS Roberto (Voter ID number 109243132).
PABON, MARIANA (Voter ID number 109221211).
PABON, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109770945).
PABON, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 110057986).
SERRANO, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109774162).

1000 NW 32ND ST
LORENZO, TERESA (Voter ID number 109935258).
FLORES, THERESA (Voter ID number 117591249).

1000 NW 33RD ST

OBAS, JEAN BAPTISTE (Voter ID number 115834811).

1000 NW 33RD ST
MULLEN, BERNARD Shabazz (Voter ID number 110109145).
MULLEN, MARK S. (Voter ID number 110278286).

1000 NW 34TH ST
MORAN, FERNANDO A. (Voter ID number 109786317).

1000 NW 35TH ST
NIEVES, MARIA Ivette (Voter ID number 109268515).

1000 NW 38TH ST
VELEZ, EMILIO (Voter ID number 116415534).

1000 NW 38TH ST

ALEMAN, ELENA R. (Voter ID number 110229854).

1000 NW 38TH ST

BENITEZ, MANUEL J. (Voter ID number 120200753).

1000 NW 40TH ST
CLEARE, KAREN Jackson (Voter ID number 109588456).

1000 NW 41ST ST
HODGSON, PHILLIP E. (Voter ID number 114699412).

1000 NW 44TH ST
FELDER, LORENZO H. (Voter ID number 109029694).
FELDER, MONICA (Voter ID number 110281363).
FELDER, PINKIE (Voter ID number 108912453).
HEAD, DERRICK L. (Voter ID number 109425878).

1000 NW 45TH ST
BEATITUDE, PATRICK (Voter ID number 120941056).
VALME, EUGENIE (Voter ID number 118821219).
ST PHARD, JEAN Claude (Voter ID number 109440832).
TOUSSAINT, JEAN L. (Voter ID number 109810955).

1000 NW 47TH ST
ATKINS, BRUCE Francisco (Voter ID number 115422239).
JACKSON, ANASTASIA Aileen (Voter ID number 117306384).
LATIMORE, ERMA D. (Voter ID number 109858713).
SHARPE, ERMA D. (Voter ID number 110287924).

1000 NW 48TH ST
DUARTE, WENDY G. (Voter ID number 114365525).
LOPEZ, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 117013966).

1000 NW 52ND ST
TIMS, BRENDA (Voter ID number 109322662).
CABRERA, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 116538309).

1000 NW 55TH TER
GLASPER, DALANDA A. (Voter ID number 120146231).
GLASPER, KAREN Uneda (Voter ID number 109796484).
GLASPER, KENTRELL Jamal (Voter ID number 114917871).
HUBERT, EDNA (Voter ID number 109164907).

1000 NW 58TH ST
ESPINAL, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 119543956).

1000 NW 58TH TER
BONILLA, LAURA M. (Voter ID number 109959349).
BONILLA, MABEL (Voter ID number 117083304).
BONILLA, ROBERT Antony (Voter ID number 120220067).
MURRAY, RONALD Haines (Voter ID number 109105291).
BENNETT MALOY, DANIEL Christopher (Voter ID number 110135494).
BONILLA, LAURIBERT (Voter ID number 115281273).
BONILLA, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 116786668).

1000 NW 59TH ST
DURHAM, LATAVIA (Voter ID number 107919190).
BURGESS, LARINA Deteria-Lashon (Voter ID number 109315769).
EVANS, MARY (Voter ID number 108943361).
KENNEDY, ARTHUR L. (Voter ID number 115247279).

1000 NW 60TH ST
ANDREWS, TERRENCE Jabriel (Voter ID number 110140354).
DAVIDSON, EUGENE (Voter ID number 108932896).
DAVIDSON, MARIE B. (Voter ID number 108932897).
WALLACE, MARSHA Andrews (Voter ID number 109139482).

1000 NW 61ST ST
ROSS, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number 110105476).
ROSS, JOHN Agnes (Voter ID number 109062415).

1001 NW 27TH ST
JOHNSON GABRIEL, DELOIS (Voter ID number 109299160).
JOHNSON, ANTRANIQUE S. (Voter ID number 117557507).
MUNROE, DERRON D. (Voter ID number 119768028).
LAW, CRYSTAL S. (Voter ID number 109777294).

1001 NW 28TH ST

BAZILE, GERLIE (Voter ID number 120124526).

1001 NW 31ST ST
MEDRANO BETANCES, DAVE (Voter ID number 119042453).

1001 NW 32ND ST
LUCIEN, YVES (Voter ID number 109616612).
JEAN BAPTISTE, GERTRUDE (Voter ID number 109673439).

1001 NW 38TH ST
ROACH, TERRENCE Micheal (Voter ID number 116240610).

1001 NW 41ST ST
JENKINS, ALEX (Voter ID number 109204956).
JENKINS, VIRGIN M. (Voter ID number 109199884).
WILLIAMS, DONALD Maurice (Voter ID number 109762724).
WILLIAMS, VIRGINIA J. (Voter ID number 109710610).

1001 NW 42ND ST
HARRIS, BRENDON Servando (Voter ID number 110093787).
TAYLOR, BENNIE Ruth (Voter ID number 108963201).

1001 NW 43RD ST
FELIX, HARRY Isaiah (Voter ID number 120187620).
PERKINS, OLIVE Felix (Voter ID number 109637380).
JACKSON, DEWA B. (Voter ID number 116293882).
JONES, JOHNATHAN B. (Voter ID number 116263190).
MC CLOUD, DAVID (Voter ID number 110220919).

1001 NW 45TH ST
CELESTIN, JOSEPH Benito (Voter ID number 109111386).
CELESTINE, MESA (Voter ID number 110185607).
CELESTIN, BENJAMIN B. (Voter ID number 110163552).
CELESTIN, LOULOUSE (Voter ID number 109795863).
CELESTINE, RUTHY (Voter ID number 115879386).
MATUTE, ARIEL Josue (Voter ID number 110128920).

1001 NW 54TH ST
BROWN, VONNORES (Voter ID number 109410046).
LANE, CORADINE A. (Voter ID number 115824084).
MAGISTE, IDA Mae (Voter ID number 109010565).
RANDOLPH, ROOSEVELT R. (Voter ID number 109033007).
ROGERS, JASON Anthony (Voter ID number 110171675).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #308

DIXON, RUFUS T. (Voter ID number 110136663).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #503

BARKLEY, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 116282011).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #701

BALLARD, VERNETA (Voter ID number 109012234).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #706

ROGERS, ERNESTINE B. (Voter ID number 109302516).

1001 NW 54TH ST

BURSE, YVONNE (Voter ID number 116775069).
LOUISGENE, LIZZIE Pearl (Voter ID number 108933896).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 112

LENTON, TANESHA Lashaye (Voter ID number 102418583).
WHEELER, ALVIN (Voter ID number 109134770).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 211

MC DANIEL, SAMUEL E. (Voter ID number 109226872).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 301

MC EVEEN, BESSIE Lee (Voter ID number 109254153).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 302

JACKSON-WILLIAMS, LAFAYETTE Renee (Voter ID number 114947141).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 308

DIXON-FONTAINE, ALEXIS C. (Voter ID number 118850370).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 314

JONES, ROBERT Earl (Voter ID number 110159448).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 404

THOMAS, GERALD (Voter ID number 108961480).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 406

SMITH, WILLIAM Henry (Voter ID number 109208340).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 411

MC KENZIE REESE, GWENDOLYN (Voter ID number 109292854).
TAYLOR, TIFFANY Rena (Voter ID number 109772338).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 413

BUTLER, LEON Lee (Voter ID number 110087322).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 414

YOUNG, YOLANDA Davonne (Voter ID number 110207226).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 502

EVANS, ELLEN Yvonne (Voter ID number 109184825).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 503

HOWELL, CARLETHA (Voter ID number 109156378).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 505

MILLER, SYLVIA Elouise (Voter ID number 109084243).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 507

HANNA, ADA Yvonne (Voter ID number 108926530).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 606

MIDDLETON, BRENDA Bethel (Voter ID number 109148242).
MIDDLETON, MARIO (Voter ID number 115500139).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 611

BLAKELY, JULIUS (Voter ID number 108909721).
BLAKELY, MARTHA Bernice (Voter ID number 108993021).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 612

KELLEY, LILLIE P. (Voter ID number 109120948).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 702

MATTHEWS, CORENZO Antwan (Voter ID number 117083529).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 714

BREEDLOVE, MELVIN (Voter ID number 109067418).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 807

DOMINGUEZ PARRA, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 120028261).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 609

WOODS, DASHAN Irwin (Voter ID number 109575486).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 612

HART, JANNIE Mae (Voter ID number 109118876).

1001 NW 54TH ST
ATKINS, GEROME (Voter ID number 109100749).
BONDS, TORY (Voter ID number 110273890).
BUTTS, MARION (Voter ID number 109722302).
DIXON, ARQUITHA Denise (Voter ID number 109351213).
FAIR, JOAN Edith (Voter ID number 109053781).
FELTON, WILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 109091868).
KIMBROUGH, GODDESS Maria (Voter ID number 109571043).
LIGHTFOOT, BERTHA Mae (Voter ID number 108952824).
RANDOLPH, VENUS A. (Voter ID number 114125715).
ROBERTSON, VANESSA D. (Voter ID number 109572820).
SIMON, WILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 108939509).
STEGLOFF, BRUCE Justin (Voter ID number 115465996).
WOODS, BERNARD Benjamin (Voter ID number 108932296).
ZELLNER, JANNIE Lewis (Voter ID number 109116729).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #210

LUCAS, LASHANDRA M. (Voter ID number 110203464).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #212

STUBBS, ERNEST Lee (Voter ID number 108917533).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #309

CHRISTIAN, EDGAR Lee (Voter ID number 119830154).
DIXON, DOROTHY Mae (Voter ID number 119830145).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #312

MC KEVER, TOMMIE A. (Voter ID number 108994960).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #313

DISMUKE, SYLVIA J. (Voter ID number 109915565).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #513

PERRY, LULA Mae (Voter ID number 109032807).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #703

RIVERA, AXEL (Voter ID number 119830010).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #805

BLOUNT, PAULA Delessa (Voter ID number 109105152).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT #810

BONHOMME, LIONEL (Voter ID number 110268932).

1001 NW 54TH ST

MILLER, ISIAH (Voter ID number 115907996).
THOMAS, CANDICE R. (Voter ID number 116014237).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 103

BROOKS, JOSEPH Curtis (Voter ID number 110129081).
GREEN, BERNETHA (Voter ID number 115205619).
GREEN, IDA Mae (Voter ID number 109159795).
GREEN, MARQUIA Yvette (Voter ID number 110205209).
MC KEVER, LESSIE Bell (Voter ID number 109057637).
MC KEVER, TERRI Denise (Voter ID number 109268512).
SHANNON, DELORES (Voter ID number 109141315).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 112

THOMPSON, ROSALIE Davis (Voter ID number 109090119).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 201

UPSHAW, MYRTLE (Voter ID number 109026547).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 205

HOOKS, FRANK (Voter ID number 108933593).
HOOKS, TINA Ann (Voter ID number 109829202).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 206

KENLEY, ONEAL (Voter ID number 110269140).
WILLIAMS, ERIKA Renee (Voter ID number 117710926).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 208

SMALL, LIONEL St Clair (Voter ID number 109659517).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 209

FULMORE, IDA Louise (Voter ID number 109097031).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 210

LUCAS, TARA A. (Voter ID number 114775431).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 212

CLARKE, SARAH Lee (Voter ID number 109078317).
TAYLOR, SEAN Patrick (Voter ID number 109975116).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 213

HARRELL, HATTIE Mae (Voter ID number 109059171).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 214

MALONE, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109053545).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 305

SMILEY, JOHNNIE Butler (Voter ID number 109234639).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 306

JACKSON, LENNY Lewis (Voter ID number 109106607).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 307

LANIER, GERALDINE R. (Voter ID number 114678637).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 310

JENKINS, CURTIS Jerome (Voter ID number 109097605).
JENKINS, ELNORA (Voter ID number 109296816).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 311

KITCHEN, ANGELA (Voter ID number 109053334).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 314

FERGUSON, BARBARA Jean (Voter ID number 109075382).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 401

COLSON, DON Edward (Voter ID number 109097730).
KING, MAE F. (Voter ID number 114362316).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 402

FREEMAN, FRANCIS E. (Voter ID number 109704846).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 403

CHANDLER, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 101641778).
CHANDLER, SYBLE (Voter ID number 109000283).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 405

SPENCER, PATRICIA Irene (Voter ID number 109951691).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 407

TAYLOR, JANNIS J. (Voter ID number 109072365).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 410

SMITH, JANICE (Voter ID number 109151442).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 414

GREEN, WILLIE D. (Voter ID number 108915220).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 501

LIGHTFOOT, WALTER (Voter ID number 109617011).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 504

WALLACE, LOUISE Williams (Voter ID number 109078678).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 508

BROWN, LARRY J. (Voter ID number 109175554).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 509

ROBINSON, LOUISE (Voter ID number 108979579).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 513

PERRY, JAMES (Voter ID number 120842133).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 514

HUGHLEY, ROSE (Voter ID number 109227479).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 603

BROWN, BERNICE Louise (Voter ID number 109460703).
BROWN, RICHARD W. (Voter ID number 109438171).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 604

HOWARD, ALMA (Voter ID number 109082193).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 605

JACKSON, LEVITICUS Omar (Voter ID number 110129189).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 612

UTON, CRISTOBAL Jesus (Voter ID number 109088485).
UTON, DEBRA Sue (Voter ID number 109953841).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 701

DARLING, JONNIKA Briannah (Voter ID number 116293066).
HUNT, JOLETHA Maria (Voter ID number 109180151).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 702

THOMAS NORMAN, PAMELA L. (Voter ID number 110004312).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 705

BALDWIN, VEARDINE (Voter ID number 108996809).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 706

HOLMES, TANYA S. (Voter ID number 115065631).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 708

KEMP, COSMO K. (Voter ID number 110091934).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 709

ZELLNER, LAMAR (Voter ID number 109118139).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 711

CHARLES, PAMELA L. (Voter ID number 102234391).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 714

BREEDLOVE, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 109264200).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 802

WOODARD, MELVINA L. (Voter ID number 116113343).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 803

BURCH, HAZEL D. (Voter ID number 109747957).
BURCH, LUCRETIA L. (Voter ID number 109775710).
PRATER, RONA V. (Voter ID number 110057907).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 809

HUBERT, MERRITH (Voter ID number 109030860).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 814

PINCKNEY, GEORGE Spencer (Voter ID number 109077228).

1001 NW 54TH ST
APT 703

STRONG, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 117066145).

1001 NW 54TH ST
STE 402

FREEMAN, GLADYS Marie (Voter ID number 109041988).

1001 NW 55TH ST
SHAW, MARCELLETTE Denice (Voter ID number 109588346).
STEVENSON, JUANITA G. (Voter ID number 110166159).

1001 NW 55TH TER
MOORER, FRANKIE E. (Voter ID number 108929650).
STRICKLAND, TRACEE Danyelle (Voter ID number 119589526).
MOORER, JARVAS Leon (Voter ID number 115772554).
MOORER, LEAMOND (Voter ID number 109106749).
MOORES, JARVIS (Voter ID number 116174083).

1001 NW 61ST ST
JOHNSON, JAMES (Voter ID number 114319626).

1002 NW 39TH ST
OWENS, JOHNIE Mae (Voter ID number 109091514).

1002 NW 46TH ST
MC CLENDON, BETTY J. (Voter ID number 109097497).
RILEY, LUCILLE (Voter ID number 108938579).

1003 NW 27TH ST
BRUCE, MADISSA (Voter ID number 109109557).
BRUCE-ROBAINA, SHRONDA M. (Voter ID number 109295421).

1003 NW 38TH ST
MACK, GWENDOLYN (Voter ID number 109435910).

1003 NW 46TH ST
JOHNSON, VINCENT Winston (Voter ID number 109050131).
THARPE, GLORIA Jean (Voter ID number 109052634).

1003 NW 51ST ST
GIPSON, CAROL (Voter ID number 120354711).
CHERYE, KERLINE (Voter ID number 110287911).

1003 NW 58TH ST
ARCINIEGAS, JUAN (Voter ID number 118204724).

1004 NW 32ND ST
LORENZO, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 120124868).
LORENZO, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109927932).

1004 NW 33RD ST

GADSON, GERALD (Voter ID number 109043672).

1004 NW 34TH ST
CALDERON, LIZAIDY (Voter ID number 110154141).
MORAN, FERNANDO A. (Voter ID number 116701018).

1005 NW 31ST ST
VELASQUEZ, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 118096394).
VELASQUEZ, GLORIA Ines (Voter ID number 109663950).
VELASQUEZ, JESSICA S. (Voter ID number 110148243).
VELASQUEZ, JOSE Jesus (Voter ID number 109258521).

1005 NW 58TH ST
DELANCY, GERALD D. (Voter ID number 109294257).

1005 NW 58TH TER
HAMILTON, MELVA G. (Voter ID number 108908076).
THOMAS, CAVIN Lakcel (Voter ID number 109461067).

1005 NW 58TH ST
DELANCY, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 116896974).

1005 NW 59TH ST
REVELS, MATHIS James (Voter ID number 116594172).

1005 NW 60TH ST
SANDERS, CHARLES Casey (Voter ID number 109016308).
SANDERS, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 109191163).
SANDERS, LAWRENCE C. (Voter ID number 109346677).
SANDERS, MARY Julia (Voter ID number 109025349).

1005 NW 61ST ST
PASCHAL, FRENCHIE Talena (Voter ID number 103368017).

1007 NW 27TH ST
BRINSON, ELOUISE (Voter ID number 109093105).

1008 NW 43RD ST
BROWN, HOWARD Justin (Voter ID number 120705581).

1009 NW 27TH ST
DAILEY, BRENDA Louise (Voter ID number 109055608).

1009 NW 42ND ST
BOATWRIGHT- CYRIAC, TAMEKA Latrice (Voter ID number 114625594).
CEPHUS, OCTAVIA F. (Voter ID number 118868236).
KILLINGS, APRIL I. (Voter ID number 118868972).
CHARLES, ANDRILL M. (Voter ID number 109727465).

1009 NW 43RD ST
JACKSON, GAIL P. (Voter ID number 109096692).
BARNETT, LARANISE T. (Voter ID number 105209089).

1009 NW 52ND ST
COVINGTON, ROSETTA D. (Voter ID number 108935063).
DOWLING, JAHMAR Cedric (Voter ID number 118015763).
DOWLING, JOHMAR (Voter ID number 116092792).

101 NW 39TH ST
RIVERA, NATALIA (Voter ID number 109025755).

101 NW 47TH ST
BANKS, ALIZE Marie (Voter ID number 120812468).
CHRZANOWSKI, DACIA Jean (Voter ID number 119561677).

101 NW 47TH TER
BLAKELY, BOBBY Ray (Voter ID number 119091452).
BLAKELY, NATALEE Jamel (Voter ID number 119093429).
KOEHN, TRAVIS Jesse (Voter ID number 119885689).
MC NAIR, FRED (Voter ID number 109241830).
BALDWIN, SHARON Ann (Voter ID number 110056583).

101 NW 48TH ST
DALBERIS, ANGELA (Voter ID number 109610997).
DALBERIS, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 110012816).
JEAN, PETERSON (Voter ID number 110033043).
JEAN, VALERIE (Voter ID number 118105237).
JULES, OLES Pouchenel (Voter ID number 118979229).
PIERRE, LEOMENE (Voter ID number 109488975).
AUGUSTIN, RAPHAEL (Voter ID number 109413281).
JEAN, RODRIGUE (Voter ID number 109421129).
MARCEAU, RODRIGUE (Voter ID number 109176858).
OBAS, PHILOMENE (Voter ID number 109690696).

101 NW 48TH ST

JEAN BAPTISTE, MERCIDIEU (Voter ID number 119757654).

101 NW 48TH ST
VINCENT, LOUIS JEAN PIERRE (Voter ID number 116427634).

101 NW 51ST ST
PROSPERE, EMANUEL (Voter ID number 109257097).
PROSPERE, EUGENE (Voter ID number 109568094).

101 NW 61ST ST
EXIME, MARGUERITE (Voter ID number 110319351).

1010 NW 41ST ST
CRESPO, SULGEY (Voter ID number 109592204).
JOSE, SONIA Altagracia (Voter ID number 109420308).

1010 NW 42ND ST
DORGEAT, GUY Junior (Voter ID number 119101741).
DORGEAT, PIERRE J. (Voter ID number 120932477).
MAYORGA, MARINA A. (Voter ID number 115912336).
PIERRE CANEL, MARIE CLAUDE (Voter ID number 120768629).
AMBERS, WILLIE (Voter ID number 109847542).
LAWRENCE, ELISE (Voter ID number 109304832).
LAWRENCE, SALLIE Lee (Voter ID number 108938501).
MONTANEZ, VICTOR (Voter ID number 115844112).
NELSON, RACHELLE (Voter ID number 110113229).
PIERRE CANEL, MARIE Fleurette (Voter ID number 120870041).

1010 NW 44TH ST
HOLT, JACK Keith (Voter ID number 120882033).
LOMAX, GWENDOLYN Denise (Voter ID number 109104750).
NEWMAN, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 109797224).
THOMAS, RICKY (Voter ID number 110302648).

1010 NW 45TH ST
JACKSON, MARCUS Ryan (Voter ID number 105162947).
JACKSON, SIMONE L. (Voter ID number 118954928).
KING, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 108918550).
KING, LOUIS L. (Voter ID number 116269827).
KING, LOUIS (Voter ID number 116287180).

1010 NW 48TH ST
EDWARDS, NEOMIA W. (Voter ID number 109057691).

1010 NW 49TH ST
LANE, TIANTE Tyree (Voter ID number 117592848).
LANE-WRIGHT, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 109137093).

1010 NW 55TH TER
SEYMOUR, BERNADETTE Theresa (Voter ID number 108952438).
GASTON, HEEREY Charles (Voter ID number 109325619).
WILLIAMS, MATTHEW B. (Voter ID number 110236957).
WILLIAMS, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 109040446).
WILLIAMS, SANDRA Barry (Voter ID number 109028074).

1010 NW 56TH ST
COPELAND, EUNICE Lee (Voter ID number 108943224).
COPELAND, GIRLIE Mae (Voter ID number 109005899).

1010 NW 57TH ST
PARKS, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 120003146).
WHITTED, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 120148255).
CROUCH, JERMAINE E. (Voter ID number 110230221).
PARKS, BELINDA A. (Voter ID number 109187511).
PARKS, JOHN Henry (Voter ID number 108935240).
PARKS, JOHNNIE Andrew (Voter ID number 115310624).

1010 NW 58TH ST
ROBINSON, ELLIS M. (Voter ID number 110135830).
ROBINSON, WILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 108933351).

1011 NW 40TH ST
BAKER, LAVON (Voter ID number 116263932).
WILLIAMS, PAULINE S. (Voter ID number 108903328).

1011 NW 41ST ST
GREEN, KERWIN (Voter ID number 109609825).
PATTERSON, ERVIN L. (Voter ID number 110014798).

1011 NW 44TH ST
LEWIS, WILLIE L. (Voter ID number 116568553).
WALLACE, CYKEITHIA K. (Voter ID number 114675316).

1011 NW 45TH ST
CHERY, CHRISLORE (Voter ID number 109917748).
CHERY, JEAN Rochel (Voter ID number 109373325).
CHERY, MAKINGSTON (Voter ID number 109848239).
CHERY, MARIE Merante (Voter ID number 110001220).

1011 NW 46TH ST
BARTLEY, DONNELL T. (Voter ID number 116207672).
BARTLEY, ERNESTINE (Voter ID number 109159122).
BARTLEY, LENTHIUS Marcel (Voter ID number 109570194).
BARTLEY, EARNEST (Voter ID number 108959392).
BARTLEY, KATRINA D. (Voter ID number 110327641).
BARTLEY, MARILYN L. (Voter ID number 110163043).

1011 NW 47TH ST
BEAUZIEUX, MARIE Junie (Voter ID number 109203553).
BEAUZIEUX, GEORGE G. (Voter ID number 109613964).

1011 NW 47TH TER
FLORES, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 116624755).
FLORES, SANDRA (Voter ID number 117076058).
FLORES, JENNY (Voter ID number 110292970).

1011 NW 53RD ST
GREEN, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 114693191).

1012 NW 39TH ST
PETERSON, TONYA L. (Voter ID number 116083278).

1014 NW 58TH TER
JACKSON, VIRGINIA Lee (Voter ID number 121199284).
THOMPSON, JOHNARRIE S. (Voter ID number 117125122).
GROSS, JACKIE L. (Voter ID number 110015915).
JOHNSON, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 109587769).
MOORE, MORAICE Gregory (Voter ID number 109298534).
THOMPSON, SHIRLEY J. (Voter ID number 109183892).

1014 NW 61ST ST
WALKER, ANDREA Denise (Voter ID number 109390440).
WALKER, ANDREA Denise (Voter ID number 116787321).

1015 NW 34TH ST
GOMEZ, CLEMENTINA (Voter ID number 109610933).
GOMEZ, JACQUELINE Lourdes (Voter ID number 115247910).
GOMEZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 109708022).

1015 NW 41ST ST
GREEN, HERBERT (Voter ID number 109029633).
GREEN, DEVIN M. (Voter ID number 117588034).

1015 NW 42ND ST
STRACHAN, GLORIA Ann (Voter ID number 120229756).
LEATH, LEVAR Raymond (Voter ID number 109737332).

1015 NW 43RD ST
BLACKSHERE, ALAN J. (Voter ID number 110217922).
CHRINSHOR, TEDRICK (Voter ID number 114410125).
JAMES, MICHELLE Yolanda (Voter ID number 109293760).

1015 NW 47TH ST
WHITE, SHAWN Cecil (Voter ID number 109222504).

1015 NW 48TH ST
MUMFORD, DAVID (Voter ID number 108937953).
MUMFORD, PAULINE Pearce (Voter ID number 109026488).
WILLIS, JEFFREY Kevin (Voter ID number 114352309).

1015 NW 50TH ST
GAITER, KENNETH E. (Voter ID number 109322838).
GAITER, LINDA E. (Voter ID number 109156476).
GUZMAN, JUAN Eddie (Voter ID number 110858741).
GUZMAN, NATASHA Lavone (Voter ID number 109818965).

1015 NW 51ST ST
LAYTON, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 118422322).
ROSS/LAYTON, DENISE L. (Voter ID number 109670066).
SMITH, CHIMERE S. (Voter ID number 110002607).

1015 NW 52ND ST
BROWN, JAKIRA Z. (Voter ID number 115901174).
CRUMP, SHAQUILLE T. (Voter ID number 120162894).
LEVEL, DANTE A. (Voter ID number 110204359).
LEVEL, DESHEA Vashonn (Voter ID number 109724628).
LEVEL, DONNIE (Voter ID number 110267922).
LEVEL, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 108937312).
LEVEL, JAHRIE Zachary (Voter ID number 118894367).
LEVEL, TAJOLI C. (Voter ID number 110160979).
LEVEL, VERONICA (Voter ID number 108910212).
LEVEL, WADRAIN T. (Voter ID number 109397133).

1015 NW 58TH TER
JACKSON, FRANCES Louise (Voter ID number 109097533).
JACKSON, JAMES Lewis (Voter ID number 110179079).

1015 NW 59TH ST
JACKSON, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number 116598915).
STEEN, MARGARET (Voter ID number 108933398).

1015 NW 60TH ST
FELDER, ANNIE Bernice (Voter ID number 116907956).
FLOYD, ALVIN L. (Voter ID number 116409990).

1016 NW 42ND ST
MAYS, TORY B. (Voter ID number 110087510).
MAYS, LINDA Joyce (Voter ID number 110087500).
SUTTON, JOHNNIE (Voter ID number 108939534).

1016 NW 43RD ST
HICKS, CANDICE G. (Voter ID number 109743129).
JEAN-BAPTISTE, NADINE K. (Voter ID number 109189669).

1016 NW 59TH ST
CASH, ANGELA L. (Voter ID number 110133211).
CALLISTE, DANIELLE C. (Voter ID number 118423248).
KNIGHT, RUBY L. (Voter ID number 115886666).

1017 NW 47TH ST
MATAMOROS, KAREN Vanessa (Voter ID number 115129404).

1017 NW 61ST ST
FLOWERS, HELEN (Voter ID number 110308026).
KING, LUCIUS Harry (Voter ID number 114877672).
TERRELL, BEECHAM (Voter ID number 108933422).

1018 NW 24TH ST
CALVO, ALICE C. (Voter ID number 110058943).

1018 NW 26TH ST
MAX, ANGELL (Voter ID number 109441976).
OCANA, HERNAN Luis (Voter ID number 109469905).
ORTEGA, FRANK (Voter ID number 109477850).
TORRES, MINERVA (Voter ID number 108912595).

1018 NW 27TH ST
GONZALEZ, ELVIS J. (Voter ID number 116018713).

1018 NW 29TH ST
PLACENCIO, JUAN Gabriel (Voter ID number 116052469).
PEREZ, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 109892534).
PLACENCIO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110327967).

1018 NW 43RD ST
CANO, LIZETH M. (Voter ID number 109750462).
CANO, LUCRECIA Carmen (Voter ID number 109842931).
CANO, BRANDON P. (Voter ID number 119909338).
CANO, PABLO (Voter ID number 118288729).
CHAVEZ, DANILO Stephan (Voter ID number 117908090).

1018 NW 47TH ST
CAPURRO, ALICIA Padaui (Voter ID number 109897416).

1019 NW 24TH ST
DORBIGNIT, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 116983930).

1019 NW 42ND ST
ALEXANDER, ALDRIC James (Voter ID number 116719269).
BELL, KADISHA M. (Voter ID number 120268564).
WEST, TYNETTA F. (Voter ID number 118100896).
MOORE, RODNISHA Nicole (Voter ID number 110230133).
WEST, FLOSSIE Leone (Voter ID number 109869739).

1019 NW 43RD ST
TONY, DANEUS (Voter ID number 120014086).

1019 NW 46TH ST
COLEMAN, KECIA Lynette (Voter ID number 109316309).
COLEMAN, RUDENE (Voter ID number 108937690).
COLEMAN, TONI R. (Voter ID number 109481413).

1019 NW 49TH ST
REEVES, JAMES Adair (Voter ID number 109086292).

1019 NW 52ND ST
WALKER, KEYONDRICK (Voter ID number 110105947).
BROOKS, LISA ROCHELLE (Voter ID number 110133195).
GIBSON, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 110226172).

102 NW 30TH ST
MCRAE, VALERIA D. (Voter ID number 109218986).
MCRAE, VALERIN D. (Voter ID number 116490400).

102 NW 33RD ST
CABALLERO, GRECIA S. (Voter ID number 118100721).
GUTIERREZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 109267585).

102 NW 45TH ST
MARTINEZ, ELEUTERIA (Voter ID number 109333383).

1020 NW 25TH ST
ORTEGA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109918016).
ORTEGA, JULIO A. (Voter ID number 116597159).

1020 NW 31ST ST
COLLAZO, JULIA Esther (Voter ID number 109441444).
GARCIA SEPULVEDA, ROSNIEL M. (Voter ID number 115922958).
LIMAN, SUJEIM (Voter ID number 114020251).

1020 NW 32ND ST
AYALA, JUNIELIS G. (Voter ID number 120492281).
WAITE, JAIME A. (Voter ID number 109316602).

1020 NW 39TH ST
POWELL, ERICA Robin (Voter ID number 109377978).

1020 NW 41ST ST
FICKLING, LARRY D. (Voter ID number 108905513).
WALKER, NORMA Jean (Voter ID number 109027633).

1020 NW 42ND ST
WATTS, GARY Lamar (Voter ID number 115282264).
WATTS, YVONNE M. (Voter ID number 109182230).

1020 NW 44TH ST
AMADO, DAVID Jorge (Voter ID number 109758033).
WALKER, CARIDAD D. (Voter ID number 110179436).
WALKER, EUGENIA (Voter ID number 109007629).
WALKER, OSSIE Felix (Voter ID number 109459544).
WALKER, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109345552).

1020 NW 45TH ST
SNEED, LUCILLE D. (Voter ID number 108938639).

1020 NW 47TH TER
SNEED, BERTHA Leona (Voter ID number 108938059).
SNEED, DOIL Louis (Voter ID number 108938060).

1020 NW 49TH ST
BRUCEMILLER, SENORIS D. (Voter ID number 110146551).
GINYARD, JOHN Earl (Voter ID number 109525190).
LANE, DWIGHT (Voter ID number 109180038).
LANE, LEMON James (Voter ID number 108937888).
LANE, MADIE Bee (Voter ID number 108937889).
THOAMS, DENISE Lane (Voter ID number 109108694).

1020 NW 50TH ST
LAWHORN, PAULINE Brown (Voter ID number 109099417).
LAWHORN, JASMA N. (Voter ID number 110273342).
LAWHORN, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 114110615).
LAWHORN, TURNER (Voter ID number 108970471).
LAWHORN, TURNER (Voter ID number 115728690).

1020 NW 51ST ST
POWELL, DEVONDRE M. (Voter ID number 120219348).
HALL, VINCENT Gerrard (Voter ID number 109206484).
KING, CARLETHA (Voter ID number 109259927).

1020 NW 56TH ST
MC CRAY, ANGELIQUE N. (Voter ID number 118103496).
NELSON, GERALD Joseph (Voter ID number 115150001).
NELSON, PATRICK L. (Voter ID number 109468135).

1020 NW 57TH ST
LYNCH, KIM Valarie (Voter ID number 109192709).
LYNCH, GLADYS J. (Voter ID number 101891485).
LYNCH, KEITH R. (Voter ID number 109812532).

1020 NW 58TH ST
FELDER, JAHKIM E. (Voter ID number 115263345).
HANNA, DORIS Kimberly (Voter ID number 109188975).

1021 NW 26TH ST
ALLEN, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 109915849).
GUILLEN, ALEJANDRINA (Voter ID number 110318233).
PENA, OSCAR (Voter ID number 110318039).
PENA, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 114370098).
PENA, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 115613453).

1021 NW 28TH ST
DIAZ, YESENIA (Voter ID number 109953095).

1021 NW 30TH ST

FORD, ISIS S. (Voter ID number 119209331).

1021 NW 31ST ST
GUILLAUME, CONCEPTIA (Voter ID number 109565977).
GUILLAUME, ROGER (Voter ID number 109846536).

1021 NW 33RD ST
EUSCATIGUE, JUDY Liliana (Voter ID number 118191085).

1021 NW 34TH ST
ORSINI, MARTA De Jesus (Voter ID number 115640110).
MARTINEZ, PAULA Petrona (Voter ID number 110067218).

1021 NW 37TH ST
INGRAM, XAVIER Harris (Voter ID number 111840977).

1021 NW 38TH ST
GARCIA, FELIX M. (Voter ID number 109653266).
TORRES, WILLIAM Santos (Voter ID number 110331553).

1021 NW 41ST ST
MURPHY, KATHY Louise (Voter ID number 109108927).
TRAPP, TABATHA N. (Voter ID number 110040998).

1021 NW 45TH ST
PRATT, LAKISHA D. (Voter ID number 109873860).

1021 NW 47TH TER
BROWN, DERRICK L. (Voter ID number 110171101).
CASON, SAHMADI Lamar (Voter ID number 109597466).
ROBINSON, DELTA Maria (Voter ID number 109132344).

1021 NW 48TH ST
BRACKETT, ANGELIQUE (Voter ID number 109324339).

1021 NW 51ST ST
BROWN, BEVERLY Weaver (Voter ID number 109100198).

1021 NW 52ND ST
GOLDWIRE, LATASHA Termika (Voter ID number 114239661).
GREENE, LINDA (Voter ID number 116096945).
KNIGHT, EULA Mae (Voter ID number 108968747).
MCINTOSH, TIARRA J. (Voter ID number 118850735).
MOORER, LINDA Mae (Voter ID number 108996618).

1021 NW 53RD ST
DE VEAUX, AGNES Luella (Voter ID number 108937144).
NAIRN, AGNES (Voter ID number 115591924).
SIMON, FELICIA Lavette (Voter ID number 102388125).

1021 NW 55TH TER
ALLEN, BRANDON Alexander (Voter ID number 120174265).
ALLEN, ELIZABETH Felicia (Voter ID number 109300415).
BROWN, VALENTINA Alicia (Voter ID number 110114764).
CALHOUN, WILLIE James (Voter ID number 110099701).
HARRIS, KENNETH Wayne (Voter ID number 109683657).
MC CLENHAN, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109204518).
ROBERSON, LILLIE Bell (Voter ID number 108933339).

1022 NW 48TH ST
MANNS, ALLEN (Voter ID number 109346477).
MANNS, HANNAH (Voter ID number 108937925).
MANNS, WILLIE James (Voter ID number 109055292).

1022 NW 52ND ST
WOOLFORD, JAMIE Junior (Voter ID number 110000218).
ZALDIVAR, TONY Jose (Voter ID number 114980392).

1022 NW 58TH ST
TIMES, TYNISHA (Voter ID number 116234648).

1023 NW 20TH ST

PALOMINO ANDRADE, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 119598721).

1023 NW 28TH ST
DIAZ, ADA (Voter ID number 109467952).
TORRES NAYA, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109871961).

1023 NW 42ND ST
HERRERA, CAROLINA Michael (Voter ID number 115227033).
HERRERA, JONATHAN B. (Voter ID number 117557503).

1023 NW 46TH ST
HUNTER, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 109840233).
ANDERSON, MILDRED (Voter ID number 108904017).
HANTER, CHRIS (Voter ID number 116328418).

1023 NW 47TH ST
BRYANT, TOGASHEMA C. (Voter ID number 110270954).
ROBINSON, IVERSON (Voter ID number 109799802).
BRYANT, SHYDELL M. (Voter ID number 109704319).

1024 NW 24TH ST
MARGUEZ, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 118310708).
ROJAS, JESUS (Voter ID number 109273161).

1024 NW 35TH ST
BETHEL, CYNTHIA Fay (Voter ID number 108931791).
BETHEL, NORVEL Frederick (Voter ID number 109546716).

1024 NW 38TH ST
ANGUEIRA, BIANCA Suzanne (Voter ID number 114370557).
ANGUEIRA, CONNIE Lee (Voter ID number 109125386).
DAVIS, AERIEL E. (Voter ID number 109812327).
FULLER, LEVI L. (Voter ID number 109706527).
JOHNSON, MARK A. (Voter ID number 110114587).
MARTIN, LEROY L. (Voter ID number 116252430).
SANDERS, DENICA Trenissa (Voter ID number 115408857).
THOMAS, MALARGO L. (Voter ID number 109685206).

1024 NW 42ND ST
MORRIS, LILLIAN Rolle (Voter ID number 108938554).
HOPKINS, FRED Carl (Voter ID number 109339804).

1024 NW 43RD ST
ULYSSE, ALIX (Voter ID number 109892515).
ULYSSE, JEAN Luckner (Voter ID number 109951031).
ULYSSE, MARIANNA (Voter ID number 110229225).
ULYSSE, RUTH Guerline (Voter ID number 110325943).
COLIMON, MARIE Aline (Voter ID number 109784654).
COLIMON, RUBEN (Voter ID number 109624890).
JONES, TAVARES (Voter ID number 116197548).
ULYSSE, MARIE Gerda (Voter ID number 109898284).
ULYSSE, PETER M. (Voter ID number 117588030).
ULYSSE, CHRISLAINE (Voter ID number 116287390).

1024 NW 46TH ST
SMITH, JULIA Rhodell (Voter ID number 108905532).
SMITH, ROLAND (Voter ID number 109295163).

1024 NW 49TH ST
BRYAN, ALFONSO Jerome (Voter ID number 109521665).
GILLIARD, CINDY Rayshel (Voter ID number 117587711).
CARTER, LAVON (Voter ID number 110274467).
GILLIARD, SANDIE Kay (Voter ID number 109946683).
GILLIARD, TONY A. (Voter ID number 109882917).
GILLIARD, TONY Alfreddie (Voter ID number 109304947).

1024 NW 60TH ST
BYRD, DOMAR H. (Voter ID number 110171169).
BYRD, LADONNIE Runtueak (Voter ID number 109389049).
BYRD, LEVIDA (Voter ID number 109473339).
LEE, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 109940267).
SHINGLES, BRENDA D. (Voter ID number 109310196).

1024 NW 61ST ST
BAKER, RASHARD V. (Voter ID number 109686861).
SIMMONS, DOROTHY J. (Voter ID number 109030487).

1025 NW 23RD ST
HEREDIA, BRYAN Neil (Voter ID number 118843704).
LUNA, HECTOR Andres (Voter ID number 119627699).
BECKWITH, GARY Gene (Voter ID number 119015741).
HEREDIA, SILVIA M. (Voter ID number 118842320).

1025 NW 24TH ST
ALVAREZ, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 109469754).
ALVAREZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 114393692).
ALVAREZ, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109628988).
ALVAREZ, STEVE (Voter ID number 110213245).

1025 NW 25TH ST
GELTERA, ALBERTO Carlos (Voter ID number 114608616).

1025 NW 30TH ST
VAZQUEZ, MARIO (Voter ID number 114274619).

1025 NW 43RD ST
ROBBINS, WELDON (Voter ID number 109716740).
TEMPLE, CLARA Mae (Voter ID number 108938661).

1025 NW 50TH ST
JACKSON, BRUCE N. (Voter ID number 109292048).

1025 NW 51ST ST
LARRY, SARAH G. (Voter ID number 108937302).

1025 NW 52ND ST
HAMILTON, BREONDRA Chlese (Voter ID number 119306009).
MOBLEY-ROBINSON, TASHEIKA (Voter ID number 115498056).
GONZALEZ, PEDRO L. (Voter ID number 110152816).
MORGAN, BRENDA A. (Voter ID number 109364677).
MORGAN, KENNETH Ashley (Voter ID number 109855321).
MORGAN, MERLENE (Voter ID number 108937353).
SHOATS, TAKIA Latoya (Voter ID number 109980773).

1025 NW 55TH ST
HAWKINS, JAMES W. (Voter ID number 109885491).

1025 NW 56TH ST
BELL, MOSELLE (Voter ID number 108932813).

1025 NW 57TH ST
JACKSON, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 108928938).
JOHNSON, LATARSHA Rena (Voter ID number 109700328).
NIXON, CORNELIA (Voter ID number 110086733).
LOYD, MAGGIE (Voter ID number 116793984).

1025 NW 58TH ST
MCMILLAN, MOSE William (Voter ID number 117732933).
JONES, FLORETTA (Voter ID number 108933187).

1025 NW 58TH TER
TYLER, TYRELL Lee (Voter ID number 110220619).
TYLER, MARJORIE Naomi (Voter ID number 108933445).

1025 NW 59TH ST
SMITH, ERMA Marietta (Voter ID number 108981002).

1025 NW 60TH ST
DUROSIER, MOYSE Bull (Voter ID number 109561663).

1025 NW 61ST ST
JOHNSON, TONY (Voter ID number 116402816).

1026 NW 25TH ST
APT 1026

WILLIAMS, CRYSTAL D. (Voter ID number 118838164).

1026 NW 25TH ST
MILLER, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 109497848).

1026 NW 26TH ST
JOLICOEUR, CHRISTOPHE (Voter ID number 108951859).

1026 NW 45TH ST
JENKINS, ANDERSON (Voter ID number 108996183).

1026 NW 47TH ST
HEADS, IRMA Ruth (Voter ID number 109921332).
WHITE, STACHA Lynette (Voter ID number 109292003).

1026 NW 47TH TER
DAVID, SOLOMAN (Voter ID number 109699625).
MITCHELL, MARY Jane (Voter ID number 109014179).
SOLOMAN, DAVID (Voter ID number 110207454).

1026 NW 53RD ST
SMITH, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 110277031).

1026 NW 59TH ST
BOZEMAN, SARAH A. (Voter ID number 108951298).

1026 NW 61ST ST
SHELTON, MICHAEL Ac (Voter ID number 109949642).
TYSON, KEANON Lazar (Voter ID number 102223201).
TYSON, LINDA Diane (Voter ID number 110073453).

1027 NW 34TH ST
DAVIS, LURIA F. (Voter ID number 109724606).
BURROWS, BARBARA Rolle (Voter ID number 108953974).

1027 NW 48TH ST
DAVIS, LILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 109088322).
DAVIS, RICKY (Voter ID number 109569735).

1027 NW 49TH ST
CARRASCO, ROSA (Voter ID number 118350398).
RODRIGUEZ, AMANTINA (Voter ID number 110192186).
RODRIGUEZ, RAUL A. (Voter ID number 116629264).

1027 NW 55TH ST
HAWKINS, FANNIE Louise (Voter ID number 109117386).
HAWKINS, JANAY C. (Voter ID number 114365965).
HAWKINS, TRAVIS L. (Voter ID number 110245244).

1028 NW 24TH ST
FUENTES A, EMIL Baker (Voter ID number 120885464).
FUENTES, DENIHSE (Voter ID number 118928905).
JOSEPH, VIXAMAR Louis (Voter ID number 109897713).

1028 NW 28TH ST
CAMPO ALEGRE, JOE (Voter ID number 109771643).
CAMPO ALEGRE, SEYDA B. (Voter ID number 109487068).
RUFIN, JUAN (Voter ID number 109943872).

1028 NW 29TH TER

CHARLEUS, LEONIE M. (Voter ID number 116877191).

1028 NW 31ST ST
MARTIN, ELENA (Voter ID number 109616152).
MARTIN, LORENZO (Voter ID number 109762773).

1029 NW 25TH ST
PLUMMER, BERNARD J. (Voter ID number 116263961).
PLUMMER, PERRY (Voter ID number 109180289).
WILSON, ANTURELLA Nicole (Voter ID number 110229922).
WILSON, LORETTA (Voter ID number 109094793).

1029 NW 25TH ST

PLUMMER, HERBERT Lee (Voter ID number 109205729).

1029 NW 42ND ST
HUMES, DOREEN W. (Voter ID number 108931779).

1029 NW 54TH ST
BERINDOAGUE, HUGO (Voter ID number 109697548).

1029 NW 55TH ST
ROBINSON, ANNETTE Marie (Voter ID number 108933342).

103 NW 27TH ST
VELAZQUEZ, VICTOR M. (Voter ID number 109405063).

103 NW 35TH ST
CUEBAS PEREZ, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 118775589).
GARCIA, CARMEN L. (Voter ID number 102519097).
VASQUEZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 120034792).
ESTRAMERA, CELSO (Voter ID number 109199937).
GARCIA, ADELA (Voter ID number 109609412).

103 NW 61ST ST
JEAN, ALAIN Etienne (Voter ID number 120165430).
JOSEPH, ELIANA (Voter ID number 120856850).

1030 NW 24TH ST
JOSEPH, LOUIS Vixamar (Voter ID number 117787413).
JOSEPH, ROSEVEL Joe (Voter ID number 114845412).

1030 NW 29TH ST

GONZALEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 109404132).

1030 NW 29TH ST

WILEY, LESLIE L. (Voter ID number 116055885).

1030 NW 29TH ST
SALOMON, TRESILIEN (Voter ID number 109806872).

1030 NW 29TH ST

SALOMON, TRESILIEN Deondre (Voter ID number 119048996).

1030 NW 32ND ST
REYES, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 120125132).

1030 NW 32ND ST

CARMONA, ANGELA (Voter ID number 110304727).
GRINAN, DANIA (Voter ID number 110095723).

1030 NW 32ND ST
ANDERSON, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 116056099).
MEDRANO, KATIUSCA (Voter ID number 119229517).

1030 NW 32ND ST

VOLQUEZ, FRANCISCA Milagros (Voter ID number 114162816).

1030 NW 39TH ST
FRANCOIS, LUCANE (Voter ID number 116515446).
FRANCOIS, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 119959757).
FRANCOIS, LOUIS (Voter ID number 118281893).
FRANCOIS, LUCANNE (Voter ID number 109752064).
FRANCOIS, MARIE Genose (Voter ID number 109838665).

1030 NW 41ST ST
ROULAND, HENRY (Voter ID number 108938598).
ROULAND, VERA Nell (Voter ID number 108938599).

1030 NW 42ND ST
GAULDEN, DOMINIQUE A. (Voter ID number 120338831).
GAULDEN, DEMETRIUS Marquis (Voter ID number 115565877).
LANIER, LOIS J. (Voter ID number 109642817).
LANIER, ROOSEVELT (Voter ID number 108938500).

1030 NW 44TH ST
TAYLOR, MONICA Rena (Voter ID number 109368485).

1030 NW 45TH ST
HAMILTON, MICHAEL Alfonso (Voter ID number 109041796).

1030 NW 48TH ST
DARLING, TONISHA C. (Voter ID number 118100988).
DUKES, CHERYL Dionne (Voter ID number 118518368).
THOMPSON, CHERYL Dionne (Voter ID number 109344456).

1030 NW 51ST ST
BURKS, EUGENE (Voter ID number 108915259).
JONES, ALMETRICE (Voter ID number 110193602).
JONES, ANTHONY Tavares (Voter ID number 110193605).

1030 NW 55TH ST
MALONE, LORENZO Wayne (Voter ID number 120221849).
MALONE, KISHA Seymour (Voter ID number 109277106).
MALONE, LORENZO W. (Voter ID number 109251212).

1030 NW 56TH ST
BONNEY, QUINCY C. (Voter ID number 110044545).
ROUNDTREE, DEBORAH Ann (Voter ID number 109059312).
BONNEY, HELEN Lois (Voter ID number 109791908).
SMITH, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 108908079).
STAGGERS, CHARISSE Tonja (Voter ID number 109914907).

1030 NW 57TH ST
ERWIN, CODEY (Voter ID number 109420630).
ERWIN, GWENDOLYN Jimill (Voter ID number 108903865).
ERWIN, JAMES Harold (Voter ID number 108947521).

1030 NW 58TH ST
STRANGE, MAURICE T. (Voter ID number 114666249).
STRANGE, AGNES Maria (Voter ID number 109311605).
STRANGE, EBONY Litawn (Voter ID number 109495677).
STRANGE, MARVA R. (Voter ID number 110092164).
STRANGE, PEARLIE M. (Voter ID number 109107373).

1030 NW 60TH ST
GREENE, CHARLES (Voter ID number 110214167).

1031 NW 25TH ST
ULLOA ORELLANA, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109877193).
ULLOA, PAMELA Estefania (Voter ID number 119537786).

1031 NW 27TH ST
CAMPOS, NATHALY Y. (Voter ID number 117557498).
CAMPOS, DELCY (Voter ID number 110206998).

1031 NW 41ST ST
ARAUJO, ANAIS Nairobi (Voter ID number 119630901).
ARAUJO, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 118221646).
MOJICA, DELFINA (Voter ID number 116245074).

1031 NW 44TH ST
WILLIAMS, FREDERICK Douglas (Voter ID number 110321330).

1031 NW 47TH TER
TAPPIN, KAREN La Vonnia (Voter ID number 109055483).

1031 NW 53RD ST
CORBAR, ALBERTA (Voter ID number 108937098).
CORBAR-IVORY, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 109086272).
IVORY, CUNNY E. (Voter ID number 109202228).
RICHARDSON, ALVIN J. (Voter ID number 109365718).

1032 NW 28TH ST
ALVARADO, MILNA Raquel (Voter ID number 109550456).
SANTIAGO, VANESSA Marie (Voter ID number 117183898).
SANTIAGO, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 109581723).

1032 NW 35TH ST
MOSS, SONYA Yvette (Voter ID number 109364341).
WALLACE, MARY Jane (Voter ID number 108914165).

1032 NW 52ND ST
MOORE, ALEXIS Joel (Voter ID number 115980578).
MOORE, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 118118428).
SMITH, LORNA G. (Voter ID number 109154180).
BROWN, BARBARA Josephine (Voter ID number 109001139).
GOMEZ, MIKAELLE J. (Voter ID number 110154014).
GONZALEZ, FREDRICK (Voter ID number 115924512).
WILLIAMS, RONNIE (Voter ID number 109971819).

1032 NW 55TH ST
WILLIAMS, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109207350).
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Lenard (Voter ID number 109144745).

1033 NW 26TH ST
VALDES, VIRIDIANA (Voter ID number 109999152).

1033 NW 31ST ST
SANCHEZ, MIGDALIA Montes (Voter ID number 110052150).

1033 NW 31ST ST

LOPEZ, ANGELICA (Voter ID number 118400067).
MATIAS, MICHEAL Angelo (Voter ID number 120435151).

1033 NW 33RD ST
VENTURA, ANA Hilda (Voter ID number 109831087).
VENTURA, VICTOR (Voter ID number 109477269).
CASANOVA, RAFAEL Eugenio (Voter ID number 110078173).

1033 NW 56TH ST
ASHLEY, ANTHONY Carnell (Voter ID number 109404439).
ASHLEY, CECEL (Voter ID number 109867053).
ASHLEY, VERA Mae (Voter ID number 109079291).

1034 NW 25TH ST
LOPEZ, GRISELLA M. (Voter ID number 110075144).
LOPEZ, LUIS David (Voter ID number 118041357).
NUNEZ, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 121309947).
SAEZ, NORMA Mercedes (Voter ID number 121309944).
LOPEZ, ANDRES L. (Voter ID number 110077410).

1034 NW 26TH ST
WILSON, KADEEM J. (Voter ID number 114222487).
BURRISON, K'TRENNA L'Sharn (Voter ID number 110127283).
MILLS, IVAN Claude (Voter ID number 109359818).
MITCHELL, RONALD Paul (Voter ID number 110127322).
WRIGHT, JOANN (Voter ID number 109872023).
WRIGHT, LATRAVIA D. (Voter ID number 118254564).
WRIGHT, TASHEBA A. (Voter ID number 114132534).
WRIGHT, WANDA (Voter ID number 110127282).
WRIGHT, WILLIAMS (Voter ID number 110284821).
WRIGHT, YOLANDA A. (Voter ID number 109713663).

1034 NW 37TH ST
SOTO, SILVIA Elena (Voter ID number 109995882).
GALLEGOS, MARVIN R. (Voter ID number 115126850).

1034 NW 49TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, AMANDA A. (Voter ID number 114731463).
RODRIGUEZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 109638063).

1034 NW 50TH ST
O'NEAL, KENNETH Manual (Voter ID number 109468182).

1034 NW 51ST ST
BUSH, TOMRIKA Tenisha (Voter ID number 115424896).
WILLIAMS, RUBY Lee (Voter ID number 109378829).

1034 NW 58TH TER
GREEN, TARVIS Yudon (Voter ID number 118851217).
JOHNSON, TERRANCE K. (Voter ID number 109654908).
KING, ALMA M. (Voter ID number 108924896).
MOSLEY, CHASITY Rentorea (Voter ID number 109541368).
MOSLEY, SHARICE (Voter ID number 109523100).

1034 NW 60TH ST
POWELL, ELAINE Paule (Voter ID number 108959310).
SNELL, JEROME (Voter ID number 109798242).

1034 NW 61ST ST
SYEH, AUGUSTINE Brett (Voter ID number 110342427).
COBBS, LEON Kelly (Voter ID number 110108943).
MITCHELL, SAMANTHA E. (Voter ID number 109769047).

1035 NW 25TH ST
NUNEZ, AIDA Gil (Voter ID number 109856857).
NUNEZ, ANA Gloria (Voter ID number 109600129).
PADRON, WILFREDO R. (Voter ID number 110089124).

1035 NW 35TH ST
BUTLER, ESTHER Mae (Voter ID number 109120291).
BUTLER, MELISSA (Voter ID number 109867863).
BUTLER, ANTHONY Jreen (Voter ID number 109483454).

1035 NW 46TH ST
TAYLOR, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 109314647).
BROWN, LEONARD (Voter ID number 108910211).
BROWN, RUBY Mae (Voter ID number 109477586).
PINDER, ALFONSO W. (Voter ID number 108937970).
POLLARD, TANICCA L. (Voter ID number 116385330).

1035 NW 47TH ST
LOVEJAY, FRANK (Voter ID number 109711167).
MARION, THOMAS H. (Voter ID number 109893565).
MC KINNEY, SANDRA Wood (Voter ID number 109790822).
TRIMM, TOWANA Maria (Voter ID number 109710839).

1035 NW 48TH ST
DAMES, HAROLD (Voter ID number 116406934).

1035 NW 50TH ST
TECHEL, IRENEE Casimir (Voter ID number 109328311).

1035 NW 51ST ST
OLIVER, ALINA D. (Voter ID number 109345090).
GRAHAM, RUTH A. (Voter ID number 108913239).
GRAHAM, THOMAS James (Voter ID number 109064528).
OLIVER, DANETTE L. (Voter ID number 110114417).
OLIVER, LAKESHIA S. (Voter ID number 109707947).
OLIVER, SADE Y. (Voter ID number 118418009).
ORAHAM, RUTH (Voter ID number 110285117).

1035 NW 57TH ST
BULLARD, GERALD L. (Voter ID number 108932855).
BULLARD, MARIETTA F. (Voter ID number 109112142).

1035 NW 59TH ST
FIELDS, EDWARD (Voter ID number 108933073).
FIELDS, ERIC D. (Voter ID number 109823425).
FIELDS, MAGNOLIA W. (Voter ID number 108933074).

1035 NW 60TH ST
JOSEPH, GENEVA (Voter ID number 108930208).

1036 NW 29TH TER
SUAREZ, HALAIN (Voter ID number 114147156).

1036 NW 29TH TER

CHAVEZ, ALINA Del Rosario (Voter ID number 110071612).

1036 NW 31ST ST
BLASH, BELINDA L. (Voter ID number 109214216).
LLOYD, DOROTHY Marie (Voter ID number 108924569).
WRIGHT, JAMES S. (Voter ID number 109180037).

1036 NW 55TH ST
SIMMONS, DOROTHY Jean (Voter ID number 109077801).

1036 NW 55TH TER
MONROE, TERENCE Javier (Voter ID number 109485477).
BREEDLOVE, WINSTON (Voter ID number 109116154).
MONROE, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number 109195166).

1036 NW 59TH ST
BLOUNT, TERRY M. (Voter ID number 109816450).
JOHNSON, CHARLES H. (Voter ID number 115084488).
JOHNSON, MAMIE Banks (Voter ID number 108996550).

1037 NW 24TH ST
DUARTE-MARQUEZ, ARACELY Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109749307).
JARRA, JESSICA Carolina (Voter ID number 109773389).
MONTERO, ARLIN Aracely (Voter ID number 109911228).
MONTERO, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109875235).
MONTERO, MARVIN R. (Voter ID number 109793988).

1037 NW 28TH ST
DE ARMAS CRUZ, LAZARA Estrella (Voter ID number 116869369).
ARROYO, DENISE Michelle (Voter ID number 109888528).
ARROYO, JAZMINE M. (Voter ID number 120897557).

1037 NW 29TH ST
VELANDIA, MARIA (Voter ID number 109824586).
VELANDIA, MIGUEL Antonio (Voter ID number 110259827).

1037 NW 30TH ST
NUNEZ, LEONELA Maria (Voter ID number 118072560).
PAZ, BETHZAIDA (Voter ID number 116960540).

1037 NW 40TH ST
ROLLE, ELIJAH L. (Voter ID number 109403232).

1038 NW 26TH ST
LOPEZ, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109599571).

1038 NW 34TH ST
ZEPEDA, LUISA M. (Voter ID number 114716934).

1038 NW 36TH ST
CRUZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 110105250).

1038 NW 37TH ST
MOSS, PHONZO (Voter ID number 108952756).
PAGOADA, JUAN Ramon (Voter ID number 109390329).

1038 NW 41ST ST
SPENCE, EUGENE (Voter ID number 110072537).
SPENCE, BETTY E. (Voter ID number 108938643).
SPENCE, DARRYL Todd (Voter ID number 116615197).

1039 NW 46TH ST
ROMERO, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 119426568).
ROMERO, MARITZA (Voter ID number 110153742).
TRES PALACIOS, EDWIN (Voter ID number 116413908).

104 NW 27TH ST
PRATT, ANTHONY L. (Voter ID number 110327953).
HILL, SHANEKA (Voter ID number 109787848).
LANIER, JEROME M. (Voter ID number 109549128).
PRATT, AUDREY M. (Voter ID number 114365656).
PRATT, BRITTNEY A. (Voter ID number 110127310).

104 NW 35TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, DENNIS (Voter ID number 116911194).
RODRIGUEZ, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 109770983).
ROMAN, MARCO A. (Voter ID number 109524368).
ROMAN, SYLVIA Mercedes (Voter ID number 108977977).
HILL, LUCIA (Voter ID number 116208669).

104 NW 37TH ST
HARRELL, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 114198703).

1040 NW 24TH ST
ORELLANA, JOSEFA (Voter ID number 109653643).
NUNEZ, ENMA M. (Voter ID number 115229968).

1040 NW 25TH ST
RIOS, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109641391).

1040 NW 26TH ST
FERNANDEZ, EDILIA M. (Voter ID number 109624839).

1040 NW 29TH ST
BARBON, RUFINA (Voter ID number 109664658).
GONZALEZ-MORALES, LIDIA Margarita (Voter ID number 117943342).
MORALES GONZALEZ, JULIO N. (Voter ID number 119939772).
TORRES, BENITA Ynes (Voter ID number 109765788).
MORALES, JULIO H. (Voter ID number 117947980).

1040 NW 32ND ST
SANCHEZ, MARIA Carmen (Voter ID number 116275379).

1040 NW 34TH ST
MERCADO, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 118469735).
VALLADARES, NANCY (Voter ID number 109287038).

1040 NW 35TH ST
LAW, KENNETH (Voter ID number 109519813).
MCDONALD, LARRY D. (Voter ID number 116088186).

1040 NW 39TH ST
MIRANDA, CHERYL (Voter ID number 110256970).
RIVERA, HECTOR M. (Voter ID number 110171668).
VELEZ, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 110269744).
ZALDIVAR, MIRIAN Beatriz (Voter ID number 110170492).

1040 NW 42ND ST
CRENSHAW, CHARLOTTE M. (Voter ID number 108938299).
CRENSHAW, LEROY (Voter ID number 108938300).

1040 NW 43RD ST
AUGUSTE, MARIE Marthe (Voter ID number 109116106).
LYS, FRANTZ Joseph (Voter ID number 109605455).
LYS, DANIELLE (Voter ID number 109261793).
LYS, PIERRE James (Voter ID number 109385454).

1040 NW 44TH ST
SNEED, ELIZABETH Ann Williams (Voter ID number 109176038).

1040 NW 46TH ST
KING, BARBARA Jean (Voter ID number 108938490).
KING, HAROLD Koswacskie (Voter ID number 109339840).
KING, HAROLD (Voter ID number 108938491).

1040 NW 57TH ST
ANDERSON, DOROTHY (Voter ID number 114218410).
SCOTT, SYLVIA J. (Voter ID number 109411029).

1040 NW 58TH ST
TERRY, ULYSSES (Voter ID number 101538337).
BRINSON, HASINA Michelle (Voter ID number 109729725).
BRINSON, T'RAN Lynnette (Voter ID number 109506944).
BRINSON, THERESA Ray (Voter ID number 109151106).
STUDWELL, KENNETH L. (Voter ID number 110075515).
STUDWELL, T'RAN B. (Voter ID number 110023539).

1041 NW 24TH ST
PUNALES, EDWARD (Voter ID number 120527591).
MARQUEZ, JESUS A. (Voter ID number 110223307).
PUNALES, NICHOLAS G. (Voter ID number 120145285).
SOSA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109975741).
MARQUEZ, STEPHANIE Marie (Voter ID number 116292067).

1041 NW 28TH ST
TAYLOR, THERESA Lynn (Voter ID number 109809054).

1041 NW 30TH ST
FELICIANO, YANITZA (Voter ID number 116277236).
SIERRA, EVA M. (Voter ID number 110317944).

1041 NW 31ST ST
PENA, GERALD Laird (Voter ID number 110060564).
PEREZ, LEYDA M. (Voter ID number 109961651).
RIVERA, NORMA Noemi (Voter ID number 110121413).

1041 NW 34TH ST
SANTOS, EMILIANO (Voter ID number 116954489).

1041 NW 35TH ST
JONES, TINA Y. (Voter ID number 109269819).
SMITH, HATTIE Lee (Voter ID number 109367045).
ST PREUX, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109343200).

1041 NW 38TH ST
VILLEGAS, AUGUSTO (Voter ID number 109868505).
VILLEGAS, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 118089860).

1041 NW 41ST ST
TASWELL, ARNETTE (Voter ID number 109427346).
WASHINGTON, ERMA L. (Voter ID number 110235281).
WASHINGTON, IRMA (Voter ID number 116315800).
TASWELL, TYRONE L. (Voter ID number 117684425).

1041 NW 42ND ST
COLLINS, ALFREDA (Voter ID number 109031769).
COLLINS, LEONARD (Voter ID number 109207676).

1041 NW 44TH ST
PLATTNER, ELVIRA (Voter ID number 116569713).

1041 NW 45TH ST
ALSTON, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 108903469).

1041 NW 47TH TER
SHOOTES, DEBRA Denise (Voter ID number 109302017).
SHOOTES, WINFRED (Voter ID number 109309930).

1041 NW 49TH ST
DEAN, JAMES Jacob (Voter ID number 109047222).
GAY, HELEN Yvonne (Voter ID number 108938100).
JACKSON, ROSLYN T. (Voter ID number 109014171).

1042 NW 35TH ST
JONES, FREDONNA B. (Voter ID number 109078981).

1042 NW 37TH ST
BAPTISTE, DUVIL (Voter ID number 109369418).
BAPTISTE, KENSON (Voter ID number 115879466).
SERAPHIN, ERIDIEU (Voter ID number 120202355).

1042 NW 45TH ST
DIXON, ANITRA P. (Voter ID number 110127340).
DIXON, GERREN M. (Voter ID number 118086972).

1042 NW 47TH ST
BOYD, THELMA Lewis (Voter ID number 108937628).
WILLIAMS, MARVIN (Voter ID number 109863086).

1042 NW 47TH TER
ROKER, LATAJ Terrell (Voter ID number 110115629).
BOWE, HATTIE (Voter ID number 109029858).
JOHNSON, LAJUANA Tiahsha (Voter ID number 115411701).

1042 NW 48TH ST
JAMES, MYA (Voter ID number 118180159).
CRITTENDEN, MARIA Louise (Voter ID number 109039714).
REESE, ANTWAN Terrell (Voter ID number 110035936).

1042 NW 49TH ST
DANIELS HARVEY, LAKISHA Twanette (Voter ID number 109517300).
MAY, BEVERLY Jean (Voter ID number 109058265).
URSERY, SHEDRIA M. (Voter ID number 119501910).
YOUNG, CHARLES James (Voter ID number 116246501).
YOUNG, TAWASHA K. (Voter ID number 109461821).
WALDEN, DARLETHA (Voter ID number 109206028).

1043 NW 28TH ST

JEAN, NORCEAN (Voter ID number 109972205).

1043 NW 29TH ST
PERDOMO, ELIA Celestina (Voter ID number 109807512).

1043 NW 30TH ST
PAGAN SOTO, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 119834017).
KIRKLAND, ARLENE (Voter ID number 110062381).

1043 NW 33RD ST
LOPEZ, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 118381988).
LOPEZ, JONATHAN G. (Voter ID number 109988869).
LOPEZ, LUIS Ricardo (Voter ID number 109559623).
MATO, KIMIKO (Voter ID number 108994003).

1043 NW 35TH ST
GARCIA, ALVARO Omar (Voter ID number 119494957).

1043 NW 40TH ST
WANLISS, KURT Anthony (Voter ID number 110094607).

1043 NW 61ST ST
SHUBRICK, EKEISHA White (Voter ID number 110164969).
VANCE, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 119909242).
VANCE, KEISHA L. (Voter ID number 109347758).
MC CRAY, MARY Allen (Voter ID number 109016259).
SHUBRICK, HENRY Plucky (Voter ID number 109485501).

1044 NW 29TH ST
ALBA, VICTOR M. (Voter ID number 109625511).

1044 NW 29TH ST

ALBA, BRENDA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 117657020).

1044 NW 29TH TER

PANGALILA DE LOS SANTOS, SAMYRA (Voter ID number 120229807).

1044 NW 38TH ST
HOLLOWAY, RONAIL (Voter ID number 118096810).
ADAMS, ERIC L. (Voter ID number 118350322).
NOTTAGE, EUGENE Ohara (Voter ID number 109252648).

1044 NW 51ST ST
TROBRIDGE, CHONJAE S. (Voter ID number 118086838).
CHERY, BREVINYA (Voter ID number 110245216).
CHERY, DIAMOND W. (Voter ID number 119667640).
CHERY, MICHAELE B. (Voter ID number 109518744).
TROBRIDGE, JEROME D. (Voter ID number 109801469).

1044 NW 52ND ST
MILLER, LONNIE Lee (Voter ID number 109671897).
RILEY, ALICIA Darice (Voter ID number 109316877).
MILLER, PARIS (Voter ID number 116302483).

1044 NW 53RD ST
LOCKETTE, CHAUNCY R. (Voter ID number 109365298).
LOCKETTE, ESTELLA Birdsong (Voter ID number 110304656).

1044 NW 55TH ST
KOHN, CHIRIBA Monique (Voter ID number 109368879).

1044 NW 55TH TER
DAVILA, JULIO N. (Voter ID number 110000573).

1044 NW 58TH TER
STEVENS, CAREY L. (Voter ID number 110161405).

1044 NW 60TH ST
KINSEY, SHAWAN N. (Voter ID number 109959945).
NICKLES, AUNDRIA Tashara (Voter ID number 117505393).

1045 NW 26TH ST
TRIANA, LISETTE (Voter ID number 110132798).
TRIANA, ALAN H. (Voter ID number 110143103).
TRIANA, ENRIQUE L. (Voter ID number 109851713).
TRIANA, ADA (Voter ID number 117679090).
TRIANA, ALAN Henry (Voter ID number 117679093).

1045 NW 27TH ST
COSTA, BERTHA (Voter ID number 109123118).
VEGA, JUANA P. (Voter ID number 114432650).

1045 NW 32ND ST

LOUIS, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 119627366).

1045 NW 37TH ST
WILSON, RECKITA Rochell (Voter ID number 114319662).
MILLER, ODESSA (Voter ID number 109113027).

1045 NW 41ST ST
GOLDEN, A Z. (Voter ID number 108938592).

1045 NW 47TH ST
JULES, HERVE (Voter ID number 115699964).

1045 NW 47TH TER
HANSE, DAPHNE Alisha (Voter ID number 117500581).
HANSE, YASHEKA TOMICA TRIFELLA (Voter ID number 110031332).
SMITH, WILLIE M. (Voter ID number 109030185).
HANSE, PATRICK (Voter ID number 109323069).
HANSE, TERETHA Ann (Voter ID number 109154707).
RADCLIFFE, LYNDA A. (Voter ID number 116108893).

1045 NW 50TH ST
GAITER, TERRICA Dasheba (Voter ID number 109424623).
GATSON, JENNIFER Grace (Voter ID number 108937868).
HILBERT, ALEXA Denise (Voter ID number 109305478).

1045 NW 52ND ST
SANDERS, JEROME (Voter ID number 109055252).

1045 NW 53RD ST
DE ROSE, QUITIC D. (Voter ID number 120395061).
FOWLER, MICHELLE Denise (Voter ID number 109152537).
MESSER, MONIQUE Nicole (Voter ID number 119817363).

1045 NW 55TH ST
ALLEN, JOE A. (Voter ID number 109987367).
ALLEN, RHONKE Latoya (Voter ID number 110223632).
WIWO, FRANK Omololu (Voter ID number 110032520).
ALLEN, SADE Latoyin (Voter ID number 110223625).

1045 NW 55TH TER
MAYO, LEOLA (Voter ID number 108987939).
MAYO, QUINTON L. (Voter ID number 114707002).
CHAPMAN, SAMMIE (Voter ID number 109020082).
MAYO, KENNETH M. (Voter ID number 116365830).

1045 NW 57TH ST
DEMERITTE, DE'CHAN Alisa (Voter ID number 109213844).
OWENS, RHONDA Alicia (Voter ID number 109575180).
DEMERITTE, CELESTINE Garrett (Voter ID number 109036279).
DEMERITTE, DONALD E. (Voter ID number 108914336).
DEMERITTE, DONALD Eugene (Voter ID number 109257225).

1045 NW 58TH ST
HADLEY, AUDREY (Voter ID number 109104855).

1045 NW 58TH TER
HARDEN, MILDRED I. (Voter ID number 119386767).
WILLIAMS, MAURICE Antwan (Voter ID number 117054221).
JACKSON, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number 116108816).

1045 NW 59TH ST
SMITH, THOMAS (Voter ID number 116220797).
WALLACE, JOSEPH Lee (Voter ID number 109052095).

1045 NW 60TH ST
KIRKLAND, JAMES (Voter ID number 109134174).
KIRKLAND, MABEL Lois (Voter ID number 109144866).
KIRKLAND, WILLIE James (Voter ID number 109134281).

1046 NW 37TH ST
HERNANDEZ, SODI E. (Voter ID number 114266616).

1046 NW 39TH ST
COLEY, DEVON John (Voter ID number 118284236).

1046 NW 41ST ST
MURPHY, NETTIE Mae (Voter ID number 108938414).

1047 NW 32ND ST
MENDEZ, EMELY M. (Voter ID number 110171419).

1047 NW 32ND ST

RIVERA MARTIR, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 120756143).

1047 NW 32ND ST
APT 1047

MARTIR, DELAILA (Voter ID number 116071816).

1047 NW 32ND ST

RIVERA MENDEZ, ANGEL L. (Voter ID number 120402955).

1047 NW 37TH ST
FLORENCE, HAZEL Sheila (Voter ID number 109159265).
HARRIS, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 116222787).
TILLMAN, WILBERT (Voter ID number 109026610).

1047 NW 38TH ST
NOTTAGE, HERBERT (Voter ID number 115885322).
GRAY, NOTTABE R. (Voter ID number 108938262).
NOTTAGE, EUGENE O'Hare (Voter ID number 108938261).
NOTTAGE, ROZELLA G. (Voter ID number 116991478).

1048 NW 34TH ST
ARCHANGE, ACEUS (Voter ID number 109336547).
ARCHANGE, ALCINA (Voter ID number 109585988).
ARCHANGE, DAVID (Voter ID number 116407434).
ARCHANGE, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 120120393).
ARCHANGE, ESTHER (Voter ID number 115263630).
BASTIEN, MELISSA (Voter ID number 116256962).
ARCHANGE, JIMMY (Voter ID number 109950519).
ARCHANGE, SUNDY (Voter ID number 110028721).

1048 NW 37TH ST
QUINTANA, LESLY S. (Voter ID number 116827991).

1048 NW 45TH ST
DENNIS, BRIDGET Bernette (Voter ID number 117936109).
GORDON, OLA Mae (Voter ID number 108961249).

1048 NW 49TH ST
JOSEPH, EMILIO Lamar (Voter ID number 119783185).
JOSEPH, MARIE Anguanetta (Voter ID number 115263531).
WATKINS, ANTRON T. (Voter ID number 114327462).
JOSEPH EMILE, EMILY (Voter ID number 114204727).
JOSEPH, ANTHONY L. (Voter ID number 116269615).
JOSEPH, SHAWANA Latoya (Voter ID number 116232240).
JOSEPH, TRANAIYA M. (Voter ID number 110170788).

1049 NW 37TH ST
LALANE, LASHYEKA Jeannel (Voter ID number 121195413).
MUHAMMEAD, KHALIFA S. (Voter ID number 118903472).
THOMAS, ANNIE Pearl (Voter ID number 109200433).

1049 NW 37TH ST
APT 1049

WIGGINS, CHONCIA Renae (Voter ID number 119670313).

1049 NW 57TH ST
JONES, BRITTNEY A. (Voter ID number 116087982).

105 NW 31ST ST
CARTER, CHRISTOPHER Michael (Voter ID number 118923735).

105 NW 33RD ST
MENESES, KATRINA (Voter ID number 110127473).

105 NW 58TH ST
JOACHIM, LOUISMARIE T. (Voter ID number 109575583).
JOSEPH, MARIE O. (Voter ID number 101866581).
SPAULDING, MICHAEL Tyrone (Voter ID number 109291958).

1050 NW 26TH ST
GORDILLO, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 109808114).
GORDILLO, YANET (Voter ID number 109821912).

1050 NW 33RD ST
LUNA, DIANA (Voter ID number 109401419).

1050 NW 35TH ST
BROWN, DANIEL L. (Voter ID number 110269115).

1050 NW 39TH ST
MARSTON, VAUGHN (Voter ID number 116048682).

1050 NW 42ND ST
CHAMBERS, ROSILYN Inez (Voter ID number 118989938).
CODY, TAY R. (Voter ID number 110188350).
LYNCH, AISHA Sharmell (Voter ID number 116711886).

1050 NW 43RD ST
PENNYMON, GERALDINE (Voter ID number 109343413).

1050 NW 46TH ST
PHILLIPS, PETE (Voter ID number 108938559).

1050 NW 47TH ST
WILLIAMS, KATIE Mae (Voter ID number 108938157).
WILLIAMS, WILLIE (Voter ID number 108938169).

1050 NW 47TH TER
LANIER, GREGORY Renay (Voter ID number 114868827).
GARDNER, CLAUDIA M. (Voter ID number 120113982).
GARDNER, CLAUDIA Mae (Voter ID number 109123030).

1050 NW 48TH ST
VAUGHN, MARSTON (Voter ID number 116056838).

1050 NW 50TH ST
BROWN, ELEANOR Tucker (Voter ID number 109541597).
BROWN, JAMES Mathew (Voter ID number 119363554).
ROSADO, VERA L. (Voter ID number 109114430).

1050 NW 56TH ST
BLOOM, XAVIER M. (Voter ID number 117815313).
LAY, DEANNA L. (Voter ID number 109370095).

1050 NW 58TH ST
DANIELS, GLENDA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109244782).
GAITER, SANDRA M. (Voter ID number 109205504).

1051 NW 25TH ST
SOTO, JESUS (Voter ID number 109094071).

1051 NW 32ND ST
PALMA PALACIO, LIZETH P. (Voter ID number 121125951).
VENTURA, SONIA (Voter ID number 121125942).

1051 NW 37TH ST
SIMMONS, JANNIE Mae (Voter ID number 109264914).

1051 NW 42ND ST
MACY, ANA (Voter ID number 116712615).
MACY, JAVIER Rafael (Voter ID number 119673129).
MACY, KEVIN Ariel (Voter ID number 119673128).
SOLIS, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 117076469).

1051 NW 43RD ST
DARAY, ISAIAH Emanuel (Voter ID number 117766441).
THORNTON, SAMONE J. (Voter ID number 116235090).
CLEARE, SHANDY E. (Voter ID number 110327638).
CLEARE, SHANDY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 115264558).
MOORE, LATOSHA Yvonne (Voter ID number 102254830).
SINGLETARY, OCTAVIA R. (Voter ID number 109214737).

1051 NW 44TH ST
FLOWERS, BESSIE Johnson (Voter ID number 108938461).
JOHNSON, CHAD Javon (Voter ID number 109724445).
JOHNSON, CHAUNCY Jahrod (Voter ID number 110158559).

1051 NW 45TH ST
ALMONTE, JUAN (Voter ID number 117137674).
CRUZ, GILDA M. (Voter ID number 114365299).

1051 NW 46TH ST
ANDRE, EIDA A. (Voter ID number 110225758).
CARELUS, LUKE Heraro (Voter ID number 109977912).
CHEMY, SOLVIN S. (Voter ID number 110115632).
CARELUS, ELCIA (Voter ID number 116240433).

1051 NW 48TH ST
SHINE, DENISE Lynden (Voter ID number 118087808).
VAN DYKE, LINDA Marie (Voter ID number 110256489).

1051 NW 53RD ST
BROWN, MARVIN (Voter ID number 108910224).

1051 NW 54TH ST
TOWNSEND, MARISSA (Voter ID number 116235183).

1052 NW 25TH ST
GALE COLLINS, EMMA Mercile (Voter ID number 109774155).

1052 NW 28TH ST
UGARTE, IRVIN Jose (Voter ID number 120719190).

1052 NW 55TH ST
FRAZIER, LA France (Voter ID number 109033302).
JONES, CIERRA Crystal (Voter ID number 116259983).
WILLIAMS, LASHANTE G. (Voter ID number 109404494).

1053 NW 25TH ST
SOTO, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109909714).

1053 NW 28TH ST
FERNANDEZ, BLANCA (Voter ID number 110130923).
SEPULVEDA, JOSE D. (Voter ID number 117540432).
MANTE, GLENY (Voter ID number 110130053).
MARTE, EUGENIO A. (Voter ID number 110205774).
MATEO, ANA I. (Voter ID number 115115558).

1053 NW 32ND ST
MORAN, ELVIS (Voter ID number 109727461).

1053 NW 40TH ST
JOHNSON, LINDA Jean (Voter ID number 114941976).

1053 NW 53RD ST
FOWLER, PATRICK Maurice (Voter ID number 102413835).
FOWLER, SHELLECIA Montinique (Voter ID number 120320961).
FOWLER, DOROTHY Jean (Voter ID number 108937186).
FOWLER, GERALD Antonio (Voter ID number 109317394).
FOWLER, ORENTHAL J. (Voter ID number 109808202).

1053 NW 54TH ST
FISHER, DOMINEKA (Voter ID number 115849998).

1053 NW 55TH ST
CASTILLO, MELISSA D. (Voter ID number 120250189).
SOLIZ, MELINDA (Voter ID number 120250135).
ANDERSON, ALDORE (Voter ID number 115986082).
CHANDLER, WILLA L N (Voter ID number 109438066).

1054 NW 29TH ST
APT #3

SABINO, PEARL Christine (Voter ID number 112788853).

1054 NW 29TH ST

GONZALEZ, MILTON Javier (Voter ID number 115406376).

1054 NW 29TH ST

DELOS SANTOS, GAMANIEL Enrique (Voter ID number 115250577).

1054 NW 29TH ST
APT #3

GARCIA, MARINA Fatima (Voter ID number 109951751).

1054 NW 37TH ST
ROBINSON, HUBERT (Voter ID number 110301599).

1054 NW 38TH ST
GODFREY, ALBERTA W. (Voter ID number 108938378).
GODFREY, LEASANDRA Lowanda (Voter ID number 109768455).
GODFREY, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 108938379).

1054 NW 41ST ST
HUNTER, JANE R. (Voter ID number 110136083).
KEVELIER, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109466108).

1054 NW 58TH TER
POUGH, DIMONT J. (Voter ID number 117123040).

1054 NW 60TH ST
CLARK, TROVERS S. (Voter ID number 109729545).
SMITH, ALVIN Earl (Voter ID number 108933375).

1055 NW 24TH ST
FINALE, LORENA Miriam (Voter ID number 109368535).
FINALE, PATRICK Javier (Voter ID number 109894814).

1055 NW 26TH ST
DIAZ, ROSIBEL (Voter ID number 117074771).
HERNANDEZ, NOEL I. (Voter ID number 116023961).

1055 NW 31ST ST
THOMPSON, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 116903848).
THOMPSON, LAVINA Ivadel (Voter ID number 108932024).

1055 NW 47TH ST
BLUE, EDWARD James (Voter ID number 108937624).
BLUE, ELIZABETH H. (Voter ID number 109141187).

1055 NW 50TH ST
ROSE, MELBA L. (Voter ID number 109787375).
ROSE, LISCHUR (Voter ID number 108932198).

1055 NW 52ND ST
COLLIER, RUBY (Voter ID number 121240500).
ELLIS, ALVALIA Jones (Voter ID number 108952800).
ELLIS, GEORGE Washington (Voter ID number 108952806).

1055 NW 57TH ST
BAKER, MARGIE C. (Voter ID number 108932801).

1055 NW 58TH ST
BACON, EVELYN Colvin (Voter ID number 109188605).
SPIKES, ALIRCIA S. (Voter ID number 114195366).
TANNER, ALVIN Thomas (Voter ID number 109209272).

1055 NW 58TH TER
BURDEN, JOE Carol (Voter ID number 109073300).

1055 NW 59TH ST
FULLER, VASHTIE Jasmine (Voter ID number 109518860).
MC LEOD, LLOYD George (Voter ID number 109295348).
SMITH JOHNSON, NORMA Evelyn (Voter ID number 108944502).
SMITH, VIVINE A. (Voter ID number 109612005).
WALLACE, MILDRED Eliza (Voter ID number 108944144).

1055 NW 60TH ST
KIRKLAND, DEBORAH Jean (Voter ID number 109260783).
REMOLIEN, MARTHA (Voter ID number 110107678).

1055 NW 61ST ST
GREEN, CHARLIE L. (Voter ID number 110209790).
HILL, TY'JAH (Voter ID number 119763703).
HOWARD, EUGIA Mae (Voter ID number 109759548).
HOWARD, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109787899).

1056 NW 24TH ST
TORRES, VICENTE (Voter ID number 121016595).
GOMEZ, KATHERINE S. (Voter ID number 115575245).

1056 NW 59TH ST
KATO, BILLIE (Voter ID number 109093886).

1057 NW 30TH ST
GOULD, LASHANDA Denise (Voter ID number 109461427).
GOULD, ROSA Bell (Voter ID number 109632359).

1057 NW 55TH ST
RAMBEAU, GARY M. (Voter ID number 109749081).
SNEED, DEBORA Jean (Voter ID number 120166829).

1058 NW 24TH ST
MACHUCA, FANNY Janneth (Voter ID number 120856076).
MACHUCA, WENDY Caroline (Voter ID number 115861337).
CANALES PEROJO, AIDA (Voter ID number 110195016).
PEREZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109651904).
PEROJO, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 110293809).

1058 NW 27TH ST
FALCONI, ANTONIETA Denise (Voter ID number 118995486).
SELLECK, LAURA Ann (Voter ID number 118950174).
SELLECK, SHAWN Brian (Voter ID number 118292288).

1058 NW 34TH ST
SMITH, BEATRIZ E. (Voter ID number 114269856).
SMITH, RICHARD N. (Voter ID number 118239922).
SMITH, RICHARD (Voter ID number 119610109).

1058 NW 39TH ST
ROLLE, CLIFFORNIA Perry (Voter ID number 115181029).
ROSE, SEBASTIAN (Voter ID number 117081075).
PERRY, BEULAH J. (Voter ID number 108938274).

1058 NW 47TH TER
ELLINGTON, AARON A. (Voter ID number 109863666).
ELLINGTON, IDIAN A. (Voter ID number 109735125).
ELLINGTON, LUCIO (Voter ID number 109659495).
CANADY, JEROD D. (Voter ID number 114350129).
ELLINGTON, DIANA M. (Voter ID number 109848485).

1058 NW 55TH TER
HOUSTON, JEANINE Lynette (Voter ID number 109393323).
LEE, BETTY J. (Voter ID number 110212279).
HOUSTON, FREDRICK Leonard (Voter ID number 109961424).
LOMAX, BEATRICE B. (Voter ID number 108933245).

1059 NW 27TH ST
COLUMBIE, JUAN Bautista (Voter ID number 110007077).

1059 NW 30TH ST
BIENAIME, MICHEL (Voter ID number 109877756).

1059 NW 46TH ST
BROWN, BRENDA (Voter ID number 120062500).
MC KINNEY, TAVE J. (Voter ID number 108927968).

1059 NW 48TH ST
DENNIS, ANTONESHA (Voter ID number 118120537).
LEE, DEWAYNE (Voter ID number 109323275).

106 NW 36TH ST
GREENE, TAVIS (Voter ID number 116384487).

106 NW 42ND ST
BAYON, HAYDEE (Voter ID number 109187886).
JIMENEZ, LUIS Angel (Voter ID number 109150239).
VALENTIN, JOSEFA (Voter ID number 109584875).
VALENTIN, THOMAS (Voter ID number 109869726).

106 NW 53RD ST
MAGNY, ANDRE F. (Voter ID number 109274680).
MAGNY, MARC Andre (Voter ID number 109457365).

1060 NW 24TH ST
SALMERON, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 116869596).
ORTIZ, GIOVANY Francisco (Voter ID number 110169483).

1060 NW 26TH ST
RESTREPO, JONATHAN Miguel (Voter ID number 121144922).
OSORIO, ROSA Amelia (Voter ID number 109272058).
RESTREPO, JULIA E. (Voter ID number 109348273).
RESTREPO, LUIS Hernando (Voter ID number 109040005).
REYES, GUILLERMO A. (Voter ID number 102407555).
REYES, JULIAN D. (Voter ID number 116097808).

1060 NW 29TH ST
VIGIL, ROSA I. (Voter ID number 115259958).

1060 NW 31ST ST
NELSON, OVIDE Jinior (Voter ID number 110315886).

1060 NW 42ND ST
SMALLS, BERNARD Wilfred (Voter ID number 110096259).
EBANKS, DERRICK P. (Voter ID number 109770770).
JENKINS, DEANGEL E. (Voter ID number 114370467).
JENKINS, WARNEKI (Voter ID number 109244926).

1060 NW 46TH ST
JENKINS, TIMOTHY Tyrone (Voter ID number 109308448).
JOHNSON, MIA R. (Voter ID number 114370075).
JENKINS, DEMIETRUS A. (Voter ID number 116056876).
JENKINS, LOWRINE (Voter ID number 108938456).

1060 NW 49TH ST
CARDEN, YASMIN Kamille (Voter ID number 109793870).
DOBSON, SYDNEY (Voter ID number 109455386).

1060 NW 53RD ST
DORSETT, JEFFERY Walter (Voter ID number 110178297).
MURRAY, ANTONIA Amallia Maria (Voter ID number 109754739).

1060 NW 56TH ST
CLARK, TANISHA E. (Voter ID number 114125971).
LEWIS, TYEISHA W. (Voter ID number 120245305).
LEWIS, TANYA Miller (Voter ID number 109594757).
LEWIS, TYRELL W. (Voter ID number 116281096).

1060 NW 57TH ST
PRICE, VAUGHN L. (Voter ID number 109391416).
WILSON, JUANITA Price (Voter ID number 109006985).

1061 NW 24TH ST
DE FREITAS, EDUARDO Alberto (Voter ID number 109472454).

1061 NW 26TH ST
DORADO FALERO, MARLENE H. (Voter ID number 109238567).
DORADO, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109646383).

1061 NW 34TH ST
CASANAS, DULCE Maria (Voter ID number 109903687).

1061 NW 37TH ST
MIMS, SHAKEVIA (Voter ID number 116891221).
BURKE, NOBIRTH (Voter ID number 109857251).
DILLARD, BETTY Jean (Voter ID number 109311226).
HUGGINS, RHEA S. (Voter ID number 109926675).
MIMS, SANDY (Voter ID number 109311249).
ROLLE, YVONNE Louise (Voter ID number 109958076).

1061 NW 40TH ST
DAUGHTRY, KIARON L. (Voter ID number 109543330).
DAUGHTRY, TOM (Voter ID number 108938308).

1061 NW 42ND ST
TENNANT, DOUGLAS J. (Voter ID number 108947956).
TENNANT, EDITH Mae (Voter ID number 108952623).

1061 NW 45TH ST
LAPROTS, FELIX (Voter ID number 116402230).

1061 NW 51ST ST
ALLEN, BESSIE Mae (Voter ID number 108903193).
ALLEN, DWAYNE Carilla (Voter ID number 109392452).
ALLEN, JEFFERY L. (Voter ID number 109212206).

1062 NW 25TH ST
RAMIREZ, HAIDE (Voter ID number 109883279).

1062 NW 31ST ST
FLORIAN, ANICIA (Voter ID number 109634224).
FLORIAN, JOANN (Voter ID number 118159812).

1062 NW 39TH ST
OLDS, NIDGIA P. (Voter ID number 117305712).
OLDS, MARY Lou (Voter ID number 109309886).
OLDS, SABRINA (Voter ID number 109257645).

1062 NW 41ST ST
BACON, ELDORA (Voter ID number 108953985).
GIBSON, CLARA West (Voter ID number 108939570).

1063 NW 24TH ST
LOPEZ, ANA Julia (Voter ID number 120196063).
LOPEZ, EDUARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 110005201).
ROSTRAN, PATRICIA D. (Voter ID number 114641241).

1063 NW 28TH ST
TRUJILLO, HILDA (Voter ID number 116239010).

1063 NW 37TH ST
HEAD, TRISTAN L. (Voter ID number 116914740).

1063 NW 55TH TER
CEAZER, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 113991003).
MARTIN, SOPHIA Lee (Voter ID number 110252918).
JOHNSON, ASHLEIGH Lashawn (Voter ID number 115877360).
MARTIN, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 110312410).
MARTIN, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 115116019).

1063 NW 56TH ST
DENNIS, ROBBIE Peters (Voter ID number 108965110).
PETERS, DORIS M. (Voter ID number 108933311).

1064 NW 26TH ST
GUTIERREZ, GERARDO (Voter ID number 110116581).
WILSON, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 110200880).

1064 NW 28TH ST
CARDENAS, HERIBERTO (Voter ID number 117358261).
MOLINA, HECTOR (Voter ID number 109633395).

1064 NW 29TH TER
RIVERA, LEONCIO (Voter ID number 109783139).

1064 NW 37TH ST
JACKSON, CAROLYN Anne (Voter ID number 118663273).
MULLEY, DWIGHT David (Voter ID number 120836161).
GABRIEL, ASSYRIA Clarissa (Voter ID number 109988008).
NAZARIO, CARLOS Enrique (Voter ID number 109950608).
SHAMMAH, MARGARET O'Garro (Voter ID number 109971910).

1064 NW 56TH ST
APT 511

REYNOLDS, KENTON Terrell (Voter ID number 110152853).

1064 NW 58TH TER
THOMAS, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 109531799).
THOMAS, POLLY A. (Voter ID number 118058611).

1064 NW 60TH ST
GRIFFIN, DOTSON (Voter ID number 120125206).
MARSHALL, TRACY S. (Voter ID number 116281696).
SWAIN-ROLLE, PATCINA (Voter ID number 110174249).
HANNA, SHARAD D. (Voter ID number 110258915).

1064 NW 61ST ST
KING, BRANDON T. (Voter ID number 119513520).
RAMSEY, STEPHANIE Marie (Voter ID number 109372279).

1065 NW 29TH ST
BASTIDAS, MARIA Norona (Voter ID number 118403009).
ORTIZ, REINALDO F. (Voter ID number 116241195).

1065 NW 29TH ST
APT 11

ANDUJAR, CARMEN S. (Voter ID number 120418344).

1065 NW 29TH ST
APT 13

CONRADO, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 110271955).

1065 NW 29TH ST
APT 15

ANISAL, HUGO Miguel (Voter ID number 116652251).

1065 NW 29TH ST
APT 20

ZUNIGA, GRACIELA Haydee (Voter ID number 117150855).

1065 NW 29TH ST
APT 23

THOMAS, RORY Deshaun (Voter ID number 114199100).

1065 NW 29TH ST
APT 31

GARCIA, ALEXANDRA Christina (Voter ID number 109761352).

1065 NW 29TH ST
BLACK, DEVYN Shonta (Voter ID number 115484546).
DUARTE, GUILLERMO Jose (Voter ID number 109460104).
DUKES, JUDY (Voter ID number 109230478).
JERRY, FLAMBERT Jonior (Voter ID number 116228336).
JERRY, FLAMBERT (Voter ID number 116247016).
PORTILLO, ESMERALDA I. (Voter ID number 115263519).
THOMPSON, TRINIDAD M. (Voter ID number 109115057).

1065 NW 29TH ST
APT 22

HUNNICUTT, JOEY L. (Voter ID number 116246104).

1065 NW 29TH ST
APT 23

GUICHARDO, DEISY M. (Voter ID number 110306607).

1065 NW 29TH ST
APT 26

VILLEGAS, WINSTON Bastidas (Voter ID number 118095358).

1065 NW 29TH ST
RIVIERE, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 116645977).

1065 NW 33RD ST
FERNANDEZ, LUIS Guillermo (Voter ID number 109396636).

1065 NW 34TH ST
SENAT, ONICA K. (Voter ID number 118838377).

1065 NW 37TH ST
JACKSON, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 109325615).
JACKSON, LAWAN Vernika (Voter ID number 114383910).
JACKSON, XAVIER P. (Voter ID number 110299102).

1065 NW 41ST ST
HARRIS, JOE Louis (Voter ID number 100562753).
HARRIS, ANITA K. (Voter ID number 109964410).

1065 NW 47TH TER
JENKINS, ONDRA Rupert (Voter ID number 120117843).
JENKINS, LAWANDA Denise (Voter ID number 109951023).
JENKINS, ONDRA R. (Voter ID number 109252960).
LANIER, LA Fonda Miyoshi (Voter ID number 109323355).

1065 NW 50TH ST
HOWARD, HERMAN Lee (Voter ID number 109290065).
HOWARD, TRACY M. (Voter ID number 115483702).
RAHMING, LAWRENCE (Voter ID number 108937406).
HOWARD, ASHLYN J. (Voter ID number 117773452).

1065 NW 51ST ST
MITSKANYUK, DENYS (Voter ID number 120732715).

1065 NW 52ND ST
MILLER, ALFREDIA P. (Voter ID number 109321078).
MILLER, WILLIAM Mc Kinley (Voter ID number 108977812).

1065 NW 53RD ST
STANLEY, HURIS R. (Voter ID number 110288248).
STANLEY, REBECCA E. (Voter ID number 109347675).

1065 NW 53RD ST

KIRKLAND, FLORENCE (Voter ID number 114666006).

1065 NW 57TH ST
CAMBRIDGE, CALEB (Voter ID number 116941784).
CAMBRIDGE, CHRISTOPHER L. (Voter ID number 109221883).
CAMBRIDGE, CORINE (Voter ID number 108932869).
CAMBRIDGE, LOUIS R. (Voter ID number 110148259).

1065 NW 58TH ST
WILLIAMS, MEGGAN Danielle (Voter ID number 114117976).

1065 NW 58TH TER
GIBBONS, THOMAS Wesley (Voter ID number 109038329).

1065 NW 58TH ST
LEWIS, SARATANNER (Voter ID number 117071723).

1065 NW 60TH ST
JONES, CHAKEVIA T I (Voter ID number 110115922).
JONES, CYNTHIA S. (Voter ID number 109200870).
JONES, LINDA Renee (Voter ID number 109125757).

1066 NW 26TH ST
MORILLO-ASQUINO, MARTIN (Voter ID number 118266354).
MORILLO, MARTIN (Voter ID number 114243396).

1066 NW 47TH TER
CUNNINGHAM, KENYA Mattie (Voter ID number 117896717).
CUNNINGHAM, KENNETH (Voter ID number 109450117).
CUNNINGHAM, THEODOSIA L. (Voter ID number 109142781).

1066 NW 50TH ST
GRAY, ROGENNA Natasha (Voter ID number 109612373).
ROSS, ANNA Stanley (Voter ID number 108987055).

1066 NW 52ND ST
HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 109177050).
HUTCHINSON, KAREN Thornton (Voter ID number 110047197).

1066 NW 55TH ST
EDWARDS, GREGORY L. (Voter ID number 110194410).
EDWARDS, MALCOLM J. (Voter ID number 110324462).
EDWARDS, SHEILA Denise (Voter ID number 108919663).
GARVIN, NIJA C. (Voter ID number 116634303).

1066 NW 59TH ST
MANUEL, TIANA S. (Voter ID number 109736167).

1067 NW 27TH ST
ACEVEDO, MAURA Hilda (Voter ID number 109668883).
ACEVEDO, NOEL (Voter ID number 109190998).
AYALA, BAYARDO R. (Voter ID number 120266653).
ACEVEDO, NOEL Luis (Voter ID number 110204122).

1067 NW 30TH ST
HIDALGO, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 110097539).
HIDALGO, MARIAM (Voter ID number 110222814).
PRIETO, NOSLEN C. (Voter ID number 110317433).

1067 NW 37TH ST
KYLES, MONIQUE YVETTE (Voter ID number 116311662).

1067 NW 49TH ST
LEVASSEUR, LORRY Herdel (Voter ID number 114433907).
LEVASSEUR, MARIA (Voter ID number 109824544).
LEVASSEUR, MAX Claudel (Voter ID number 109571316).
LEVASSEUR, ROSE Hermite (Voter ID number 109571302).
LEVASSEUR, SHESLY Clara (Voter ID number 109901429).
NIEVES-CARO, GERALD J. (Voter ID number 116655908).

1067 NW 61ST ST
BROWN, DOROTHY Denise (Voter ID number 109030053).
BEASLEY, KENNETH Wayne (Voter ID number 118824946).
JONES, NANCY Phillips (Voter ID number 109023596).

1068 NW 25TH ST
BLANDON, CHRISTINE Vanessa (Voter ID number 120430811).
VILCHEZ, CORALIA Del Socorro (Voter ID number 116442674).
VILCHEZ, GISSELLE Bianca (Voter ID number 115937781).
VILCHEZ, IVAN R. (Voter ID number 110175862).

1068 NW 29TH ST
MORGAN, ISABEL Petronila (Voter ID number 109791106).

1068 NW 29TH TER
TIRADO, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 110212840).

1068 NW 34TH ST
ALFONSO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109265736).
BROOKS, DEBORAH K. (Voter ID number 110314186).
OROZCO, RAMIRO (Voter ID number 119754573).

1068 NW 36TH ST
HERNANDEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 116942905).

1068 NW 47TH ST
COPELAND, CHAMAYNE Sabrina (Voter ID number 109538279).

1068 NW 52ND ST
FAPOHUNDA, GABRIEL A. (Voter ID number 110114461).
THORNTON, THERESA (Voter ID number 109605144).
THURNTON, THRRESA (Voter ID number 116232644).

1068 NW 55TH ST
MAXWELL, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109061374).
SMITH, SYLVESTER (Voter ID number 109204547).
TOUSSAINT, MAXINE Louise (Voter ID number 108960887).

1068 NW 55TH TER
SEAY, TORRIAN Benjamin (Voter ID number 115879440).
GREEN, IESHIA A. (Voter ID number 116212668).
HOWELL, DAVID H. (Voter ID number 116306342).
BROWN, KEYERA M. (Voter ID number 116305304).

1068 NW 58TH ST
WILSON, BARRY J. (Voter ID number 116245228).

1069 NW 25TH ST
MARTIR, EMILY Gladys (Voter ID number 110098837).

1069 NW 28TH ST
JO, AMPARO (Voter ID number 109837195).

1069 NW 31ST ST
RAMEAU, VANESSA (Voter ID number 110295380).
RAMEAU, YANICK (Voter ID number 109807122).
RAMEAU, JEAN Joseph (Voter ID number 109348422).

1069 NW 38TH ST
REYNOLDS, MARGARET Marie (Voter ID number 109060631).

1069 NW 47TH ST
JONES, KEVIN V. (Voter ID number 109610448).
TOWNSLEY, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 109571927).

1069 NW 55TH ST
BROOKS, REGINA Lovett (Voter ID number 109259039).
BROOKS, SHELDA Renee (Voter ID number 109177772).

1069 NW 55TH TER
BREEDLOVE, MABEL (Voter ID number 109145064).
ATKINS, LATICIA Shantelle (Voter ID number 109735142).
BREEDLOVE, JOANN (Voter ID number 109082242).
SCOTT, EDWARD Lee (Voter ID number 109030617).

107 NW 31ST ST
VALDES, JORGE Manuel (Voter ID number 109135205).
VALDES, ARMINDA E. (Voter ID number 116847364).

107 NW 32ND ST
GOMEZ, EMMA (Voter ID number 109498243).
GUTIERREZ, ELEXIA (Voter ID number 109498004).

107 NW 44TH ST
MAGLOIRE, MARIE D. (Voter ID number 118487184).

1070 NW 24TH ST
RAMOS, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 110335397).

1070 NW 32ND ST

MONTOYA, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 119042366).

1070 NW 32ND ST
LEO, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 116227946).

1070 NW 37TH ST
MARCUS, SHIRLEY Sharon (Voter ID number 109305520).

1070 NW 39TH ST
CANNON, DWAYNE (Voter ID number 110164993).
NEWBOLD, CECILY Starr (Voter ID number 114354863).
CANNON, NIKKI Yvette (Voter ID number 110238264).
NEWBOLD, AHMAD R. (Voter ID number 110334144).
NEWBOLD, CECIL S. (Voter ID number 110184085).
NEWBOLD, MAUD Pauline (Voter ID number 108938258).

1070 NW 44TH ST
GARY, MAYSHAUNT A. (Voter ID number 119609836).

1070 NW 48TH ST
FERGUSON, APTIVA Lashawn (Voter ID number 120237703).
FERGUSON, EDWARD Solomon (Voter ID number 109101744).
FERGUSON, SOLOMON J. (Voter ID number 108993147).
FERGUSON, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 108995220).

1070 NW 52ND ST
SMITH, TYRONE Damon (Voter ID number 109290110).

1070 NW 53RD ST
DAWKINS, HELEN Louise (Voter ID number 109155176).
SMITH, SAMUEL Duval (Voter ID number 109873337).

1070 NW 56TH ST
MC COY, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 109151306).

1070 NW 57TH ST
JERKINS, CARLTON (Voter ID number 108925094).
JERKINS, LORI B. (Voter ID number 110128628).

1070 NW 58TH ST
JOHNSON, CHAD Albert (Voter ID number 110159029).
FORBES, GEORGE (Voter ID number 109121993).
PETERSON, GLENDA A. (Voter ID number 109135588).

1071 NW 26TH ST
ROQUE, FELICITA (Voter ID number 109116328).

1071 NW 27TH ST
FELICIANO, CHRISTOPHER Daniel (Voter ID number 115039436).

1071 NW 34TH ST
EDWARDS, SHERIA Sawyer (Voter ID number 109157650).
HAYES, LAMAR E. (Voter ID number 109366570).
EDWARDS, NED (Voter ID number 109746239).

1071 NW 38TH ST
QUINN, GERRADE K. (Voter ID number 110279939).
ISAAC, LATRESA Lynette (Voter ID number 109392823).
QUINN, ARDRIA M. (Voter ID number 110080442).

1071 NW 40TH ST
LUMPKIN, RASHAD (Voter ID number 110188241).
LUMPKIN, CHAUNDRA Dion (Voter ID number 109294635).
ROZIER, BRENDA Joyce (Voter ID number 109194701).
ROZIER, LAURA (Voter ID number 108938604).

1071 NW 50TH ST
GIBSON, PHILISHA L. (Voter ID number 117418477).

1071 NW 51ST ST
BARNHILL, CAROLYN D. (Voter ID number 110268707).

1072 NW 37TH ST
WOODS, GERARD A. (Voter ID number 116344746).

1072 NW 52ND ST
SILVERA, SHELLY (Voter ID number 116250195).

1072 NW 54TH ST
LEE, SENERIA Tamara (Voter ID number 119070880).

1072 NW 61ST ST
WATKINS, DANNY (Voter ID number 109787894).

1073 NW 25TH ST
AYBAR, KEYRA (Voter ID number 116025634).
SANTOS, CARLOS (Voter ID number 110197548).

1073 NW 38TH ST
MONCADA, FRANKIE R. (Voter ID number 118095959).
SANDOVAL, ROSA B. (Voter ID number 110177978).
MONCADA, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 116294023).

1073 NW 58TH ST
ENGLE, YULIYA (Voter ID number 120507154).

1074 NW 27TH ST
TAYLOR, HILDA E. (Voter ID number 108958741).

1074 NW 28TH ST
VELAZQUEZ, ASHLEY M. (Voter ID number 117580558).
VELAZQUEZ, MARILYN (Voter ID number 117460121).
MACAYA, CARMEN I. (Voter ID number 109170665).

1074 NW 47TH TER
PARIS, EUNICE Mae (Voter ID number 109289819).
SMITH, EUGENE (Voter ID number 116269716).

1074 NW 49TH ST
GARNEAU, MICHELLE Frances (Voter ID number 119625940).
BRIDGEWATER, CONNIE L. (Voter ID number 110213568).

1074 NW 54TH ST
TURNER, ALVIN L. (Voter ID number 118823355).

1074 NW 55TH TER
CANTON, CARY (Voter ID number 121027223).
CANTON, ARMAND (Voter ID number 110158427).

1074 NW 58TH TER
WILLIAMS, LATONYA Renee (Voter ID number 109548511).
RAMSAY, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 110206018).
RAMSAY, INDIA A. (Voter ID number 110114543).
RAMSAY, MARY A. (Voter ID number 110003349).
RAMSAY, MONIQUE T. (Voter ID number 117070725).

1074 NW 60TH ST
ADAMS, DOMINICK K. (Voter ID number 116760057).
ADAMS, LOUIS Clifton (Voter ID number 109347987).
ADAMS, LOUIS (Voter ID number 117016630).
ARCHER, GEORGE H. (Voter ID number 114579909).
ARCHER, KISHIA L. (Voter ID number 118846401).
ADDERLEY, EDWARD Arthur (Voter ID number 109109853).
ARCHER, CHERRY Marie (Voter ID number 109953178).

1075 NW 25TH ST
VEGA, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 114811324).

1075 NW 28TH ST
CORDONERO, VANESSA G. (Voter ID number 116711020).

1075 NW 30TH ST
VALDEZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 116270303).

1075 NW 30TH ST

DE ARMAS, JESSICA (Voter ID number 118153486).

1075 NW 30TH ST
CORPORAN, EMANUEL (Voter ID number 110320436).

1075 NW 30TH ST

GARCIA, SANTOS Indira (Voter ID number 110222252).

1075 NW 37TH ST
JIMMIE, BRANTON (Voter ID number 116251363).
WALKER, SAMANTHA A. (Voter ID number 114413839).
WALKER, TANISHA S. (Voter ID number 116251123).

1075 NW 47TH ST
BAILEY, CYNTHIA Augusta (Voter ID number 114735450).

1075 NW 49TH ST
FUENTES, JOSE B. (Voter ID number 115133222).
MATUTE, JULIA (Voter ID number 115129910).

1075 NW 50TH ST
KEMP, ALECIA M. (Voter ID number 105055751).
KEMP, GLADSTON C. (Voter ID number 108937288).
KEMP, MINNIE White (Voter ID number 108937289).

1075 NW 53RD ST
WARE, KALEENA A. (Voter ID number 110084886).

1075 NW 55TH TER
JENKINS, CLEVELAND (Voter ID number 110309729).

1075 NW 56TH ST
BUTLER, JESSIE Mae (Voter ID number 109387497).

1075 NW 57TH ST
CUSTARD, TALIA S. (Voter ID number 110183396).
WYLIE, PONIECE Shevette (Voter ID number 109892463).
BRIDGES, CORNELIUS (Voter ID number 109094859).

1075 NW 58TH ST
HALL, GERALDINE (Voter ID number 108904844).
HALL, RICARDO A. (Voter ID number 110183688).
LAIDLER, RICCARDO Allen (Voter ID number 108903515).

1075 NW 58TH TER
BROUGHTON, PATTY Catriece (Voter ID number 109134814).

1075 NW 59TH ST
HAIR, TRACI Yvette (Voter ID number 109692121).

1076 NW 27TH ST
DE LA ROZ, IRMA (Voter ID number 109974964).

1076 NW 28TH ST
VELAZQUEZ, CARMELO (Voter ID number 117125535).
QUINTERO, CRYSTAL Monique (Voter ID number 110136867).

1076 NW 29TH ST
IGLESIAS, GERARDO (Voter ID number 121268252).
ALONSO, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 120875234).
IGLESIAS, GERARDO (Voter ID number 119548045).

1076 NW 31ST ST
GUTIERREZ, GUADALUPE (Voter ID number 118928659).
ROCHA DE OBANDO, JASMINA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 119503004).
SILVA, SARA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 119727887).
ULLOA, BERANGELY (Voter ID number 116281178).

1076 NW 38TH ST
AINA, ARIKE Allyssa Ashley (Voter ID number 121068635).
BOATWRIGHT, ULYSSES (Voter ID number 117132439).

1076 NW 42ND ST
LEE, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 117020234).

1076 NW 54TH ST

JACKSON, JAKIRA Philmonica (Voter ID number 121168730).

1076 NW 54TH ST
BRIGHTHAUPT, GOJAHLION Bey (Voter ID number 109990393).
BRIGHTHAUPT, SOMALI Bey (Voter ID number 110225345).

1077 NW 37TH ST
LOWDER, LATOYA N. (Voter ID number 110031285).
JOHNSON, GERALDINE Mamie (Voter ID number 115203226).
SPAULDING, DERRICK L. (Voter ID number 116263746).

1077 NW 38TH ST
MORGAN, TAFIYAH Tatcy (Voter ID number 119459505).
SCOTT, DENNIS (Voter ID number 109525923).

1077 NW 46TH ST
WILLIAMS-PORTER, JOHNNIE M. (Voter ID number 109040829).

1077 NW 53RD ST
KNIGHT, MINNIE L. (Voter ID number 116009837).
WASHINGTON, REGINALD D. (Voter ID number 109572439).

1077 NW 54TH ST
DEAN, MICHAEL Wayne (Voter ID number 109080722).

1077 NW 55TH ST
LONDONO, MARIA P. (Voter ID number 120132129).
MORALES GONZALEZ, JANELLIE Xiomara (Voter ID number 119161406).

1078 NW 25TH ST
MIRANDA, LESVIA Nidia (Voter ID number 119682675).

1078 NW 38TH ST
PENA, DEANNA A. (Voter ID number 110326341).
PENA, ROSEMARIE (Voter ID number 109824802).

1078 NW 41ST ST
RICHARDSON, MANUEL (Voter ID number 110280611).

1078 NW 47TH ST
AVANT, MICHAEL William (Voter ID number 110027737).
MCGEE, MALCOLM A. (Voter ID number 119939860).

1078 NW 52ND ST
THOMPSON, JUANITA (Voter ID number 108962995).

1078 NW 53RD ST
MCCLENNEY, TYTETANIA Dominique (Voter ID number 117557318).
RANDOLPH, TASHA Yvette (Voter ID number 109397759).

1079 NW 25TH ST
PALMA ROMERO, FELIX Antonio (Voter ID number 116923268).

1079 NW 27TH ST
MARTINEZ, FREDDY (Voter ID number 114309613).
MARTINEZ, MIRIAM I. (Voter ID number 114509322).

1079 NW 55TH ST
PARKER, MARSHANEICE M. (Voter ID number 119809345).

1079 NW 55TH ST

BAILEY, ULRICA L. (Voter ID number 109384272).
BATTLES, MICHAEL Angelo (Voter ID number 110254000).

1079 NW 55TH ST
JONES, ROSEMARY Gillum (Voter ID number 109205574).

1079 NW 55TH ST

SMITH, BERTHA Luz (Voter ID number 117077041).

108 NW 27TH ST
KIDD, RICHARD Sean (Voter ID number 118056998).
LAINEZ, MIRIAM A. (Voter ID number 109837905).

108 NW 42ND ST
BLANCO, JOEL (Voter ID number 116926039).
JIMENEZ, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 110074429).
VAZQUEZ, JACQUELINE M. (Voter ID number 109817548).

108 NW 47TH TER
ITZKOWITZ, AIDA M. (Voter ID number 118699899).
ITZKOWITZ, IVAN H. (Voter ID number 109301111).

1080 NW 26TH ST
RIVERO, FLORES (Voter ID number 109623741).

1080 NW 29TH TER
AVALOS, RIGOBERTO (Voter ID number 116234829).

1080 NW 31ST ST
COCHRAN, AARON (Voter ID number 108932309).
COCHRAN, CHRISTINA L. (Voter ID number 108668978).
RANDALL, LAHONDRA O. (Voter ID number 118097723).
CAIN, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 109030526).
PINE, MELISSIA Stanley (Voter ID number 118695633).
STANLEY, MELISSIA Latrill (Voter ID number 109384378).

1080 NW 38TH ST
JARRETT, ZONIA M. (Voter ID number 120118741).
JARRETT, PHILBERT A. (Voter ID number 109607535).
RALOWICZ, LEO Edward (Voter ID number 109712518).

1080 NW 51ST ST
SNIPES, ANTOINE Terrell (Voter ID number 119753625).

1080 NW 55TH ST
JACL, JUICY (Voter ID number 116268961).

1080 NW 56TH ST
RUSSELL, MILDRED T. (Voter ID number 109138823).

1081 NW 24TH ST
FRAZIER, NITERA Ontaa (Voter ID number 110095395).
CARRUTHERS, TYRONE (Voter ID number 102049097).

1081 NW 26TH ST
VALDEZ, FRANCISCO A. (Voter ID number 110189048).
VALDEZ, FRANCISCO G. (Voter ID number 109613087).
VALDEZ, JURGEN Karl (Voter ID number 120852513).

1081 NW 30TH ST
DUCONGE, PAULINA Benavides (Voter ID number 110167355).

1081 NW 37TH ST
MAZYCK, KEVIN J. (Voter ID number 109560372).
PERRY, SHANNON (Voter ID number 116366320).
MOORE, BILLY D. (Voter ID number 109565409).
ROBLES, LA Della Rey (Voter ID number 109971903).
SIMON, NATASHA N. (Voter ID number 110171876).
SIMON, NATASHA (Voter ID number 110230469).

1081 NW 55TH ST

WOODRUFF, MALCOLM Raheem (Voter ID number 120182920).

1081 NW 55TH ST
CONEY, FRED (Voter ID number 114556388).

1081 NW 56TH ST
PORTER, WILLIE Pearl (Voter ID number 108933318).

1082 NW 24TH ST

GUZMAN, BAYRON A. (Voter ID number 118807222).
GUZMAN, DOMINGO D. (Voter ID number 109173801).

1082 NW 24TH ST
MERCADO, MERY Ant (Voter ID number 109728599).

1082 NW 37TH ST
BROWN, ANGLE V. (Voter ID number 116263700).

1082 NW 47TH TER
SIMILIEN, LESLET (Voter ID number 109349002).
SIMILIEN, SCHILLER (Voter ID number 109754172).
SIMILIEN, YOLETTE (Voter ID number 109646119).

1082 NW 55TH ST
IRVING, JAHNIA F. (Voter ID number 110151057).
MAMMETT, DIANA (Voter ID number 110229040).

1083 NW 24TH ST
MCCLAIN, ANTHONY D. (Voter ID number 116407718).

1083 NW 38TH ST
BRIDGES, KATHY D. (Voter ID number 116222413).
GAMBOA, PATRICIA Ellen (Voter ID number 115872165).
NELSON, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 119652853).
NELSON, MARIA Adeline (Voter ID number 118257914).

1083 NW 47TH ST
LANE, SHYNA Taquana (Voter ID number 110272458).
SHAW, CORINE (Voter ID number 108962982).
SHAW, CORINE (Voter ID number 110044151).
SHAW, STEPHANIE T. (Voter ID number 109257287).

1083 NW 55TH ST
FLUELLEN, CECILIA Justine (Voter ID number 115934235).

1084 NW 24TH ST
PORTILLO, VIVIANA (Voter ID number 118774910).

1084 NW 25TH ST
MONTES, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 109968753).

1084 NW 26TH ST
PAYAN, OSMAN A. (Voter ID number 115127330).

1084 NW 27TH ST
ESTEVEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109825907).
ESTEVEZ, GLADYS C. (Voter ID number 114674269).
ESTEVEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 116470864).

1084 NW 28TH ST
MAYORQUIN, PASTORA (Voter ID number 120277027).
NUNEZ, JOHANNA Ivelisse (Voter ID number 115387201).

1084 NW 55TH ST
JOHNSON, AYINDE Zakeefe (Voter ID number 102400468).

1084 NW 58TH TER
OUTTEN, KEVIN (Voter ID number 116735239).
OUTTEN, BESSIE J. (Voter ID number 109698383).
STRACHAN, JOANNA D. (Voter ID number 110230046).

1084 NW 60TH ST
ALNEQUEN DIEQUEZ, YADIRA (Voter ID number 119882840).

1084 NW 61ST ST
SPENCER, WILLIE J. (Voter ID number 117684348).

1085 NW 24TH ST

QUINONES, ELENI J. (Voter ID number 120058114).

1085 NW 24TH ST

CHICO, LINETTE (Voter ID number 110337489).

1085 NW 24TH ST
CASTRO, CARMELO B. (Voter ID number 110098173).
WRIGHT, KIMBERLEE L. (Voter ID number 114178958).

1085 NW 26TH ST
RUISANCHEZ, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109936674).
RUISANCHEZ, NILO De Las Nieves (Voter ID number 109086199).

1085 NW 48TH ST
MENDOZA, KRISTIAN (Voter ID number 116294823).
GONZALEZ, ANGELA Maria (Voter ID number 119998869).
ROENES, ALVARO Nel (Voter ID number 119909689).

1085 NW 52ND ST
ANDERSON, JERRY Alonzo (Voter ID number 108982612).
LUNFORD, LEILA M. (Voter ID number 103392313).

1085 NW 55TH ST
ROSS, BRINA (Voter ID number 116197450).

1085 NW 55TH TER
HOLLINGSHEAD, GERMISHA Shardae (Voter ID number 121252271).
WILLIAMS, LAQUITA B. (Voter ID number 110219360).
FRINKS, ROBIN (Voter ID number 110028296).
HOLLINGSHEAD, GERMACION R. (Voter ID number 120899504).
MC INTYRE, RICKEY (Voter ID number 109017580).
WILLIAMS, BRENDA (Voter ID number 109456785).
WILLIAMS, MATTIE B. (Voter ID number 109108508).

1085 NW 57TH ST
HARRIS, CURTIS (Voter ID number 116511142).
HURLEY, RASHONDRA Diandra (Voter ID number 109769139).
HURLEY, RETRINA La Donna (Voter ID number 110130618).
HARRIS, LULA Regina (Voter ID number 109140722).
THARPE, CARLISS (Voter ID number 115437426).

1085 NW 58TH ST
BAKER, LOLETHA De Cole (Voter ID number 109546003).
STOKELING, BETTYE Lois (Voter ID number 109035281).

1085 NW 58TH TER
SMITH, NANCY B. (Voter ID number 108955344).
GRAHAM, ALMARETTA (Voter ID number 108933578).

1085 NW 60TH ST
ANDERSON, EMIBRLY Monique (Voter ID number 114167276).

1086 NW 55TH ST
COFFIE, CYNTHIA D. (Voter ID number 109022124).
MC GILL, BEVERLY K. (Voter ID number 109465598).
WRIGHT, SHANEKA Elane (Voter ID number 109955572).

1086 NW 58TH ST
JOHNSON, LUCIUS (Voter ID number 116283238).

1086 NW 59TH ST
JORDAN, CAPRI Akita (Voter ID number 109812926).
JORDAN, CHRISTOPHER Alan (Voter ID number 110215347).
JORDAN, FLOSSIE Mae (Voter ID number 109064832).
JORDAN, SYLVESTER (Voter ID number 110243572).

1087 NW 35TH ST
WILLIAMS, TYNESHIA (Voter ID number 116048266).
WILLIAMS, TYNESHIA (Voter ID number 116063907).

1087 NW 38TH ST
MACKEY, KENT (Voter ID number 118017654).
MACKEY, NORA Lee (Voter ID number 109060636).

1087 NW 52ND ST
FISHER, JOHN Franklin (Voter ID number 109103643).

1088 NW 51ST ST
FERGUSON, NELSON (Voter ID number 109737324).
WILLIAMS, NATRAONE (Voter ID number 116177232).
HARRIS, CLOVIS (Voter ID number 116258308).

1088 NW 55TH ST
JONES, JAMES B. (Voter ID number 110190821).
JONES, SABRINA (Voter ID number 110240098).
JONES, ZEBRINA H. (Voter ID number 109290056).

1088 NW 55TH TER
LANE, RUBY Lee (Voter ID number 108933224).
STEWART, WILLIAM Jefferson (Voter ID number 109290111).

1089 NW 54TH ST
HARRIS, MARY Ellen (Voter ID number 115680380).

109 NW 27TH ST
HAYES, GENEVA (Voter ID number 116005276).
HAYES, SHERRILL J. (Voter ID number 109470624).
HAYES, TAYEISHA (Voter ID number 110284896).
MAYS, KENANA L. (Voter ID number 110131932).

109 NW 48TH ST
FALCONE, JACQUELINE R. (Voter ID number 115561790).

1090 NW 24TH ST
BAPTISTE, FONTANE (Voter ID number 108941705).
LAMOUR, CLEANTE (Voter ID number 115689889).
LAMOUR, CLEINTE (Voter ID number 110221947).

1090 NW 27TH ST
YANEZ, KEYLEE (Voter ID number 118090920).

1090 NW 37TH ST
COOPER, HENRY (Voter ID number 116764575).
COOPER, JERALD D. (Voter ID number 110312781).
COOPER, NADIA Fernelle (Voter ID number 109313017).
REASER, REGINALD C. (Voter ID number 115984035).

1090 NW 39TH ST
PAGOADA, ANGELIA Danai (Voter ID number 114138987).
PERSON, KAREN Vanessa (Voter ID number 108970498).
PERSON, LESTER B. (Voter ID number 110218742).

1090 NW 41ST ST
RODRIGUEZ, TYRONE V. (Voter ID number 116909790).

1090 NW 49TH ST
MITCHELL, GLADYS J. (Voter ID number 109012362).
MITCHELL, KATHY Jennifer (Voter ID number 109099296).

1090 NW 51ST ST
POWELL, KATRINA E. (Voter ID number 114303132).

1090 NW 53RD ST
CALHOUN, WILLIE James (Voter ID number 109312759).
CALHOUN, WILLIE James (Voter ID number 115900608).
CALHOUN, MYRTLE Alice (Voter ID number 102229394).
CALHOUN, WILLIE J. (Voter ID number 108936993).

1090 NW 54TH ST

CLARK, STEPHANIE Lavern (Voter ID number 110067145).
NEAL, JUANITA (Voter ID number 116327230).
NEAL, SHAWN Lamont (Voter ID number 117648094).

1090 NW 54TH ST
HENDERSON, CARLYN (Voter ID number 116373024).

1090 NW 55TH ST
JONES, LOUISE B. (Voter ID number 108938996).

1090 NW 56TH ST
CUBBAGE, CHARLIE Michael (Voter ID number 120940022).
FULWOOD, PATRICK Michael (Voter ID number 109538742).

1090 NW 57TH ST
FULWOOD, NASHOANE A. (Voter ID number 109259685).

1090 NW 58TH TER
JOHNSON, MARK L. (Voter ID number 109189661).

1091 NW 55TH TER
CRAY, CYNTHIA L. (Voter ID number 119371143).
WHITE, DENEEN L. (Voter ID number 109200014).

1091 NW 59TH ST
BAKER, EARNESE (Voter ID number 108932800).

1091 NW 61ST ST
DOLES, JESSIE Lee (Voter ID number 108932911).

1092 NW 25TH ST
CARDO, REYES (Voter ID number 109701350).
SAVONA, DILIA Yoxima (Voter ID number 109023236).

1092 NW 27TH ST
HALL, MARY Ida (Voter ID number 109093467).
IRVING, CASSANDRA Denise (Voter ID number 109565616).

1092 NW 37TH ST
HIGGS, ALLEN T. (Voter ID number 117073179).
GORDON, VANITA Michelle (Voter ID number 109288228).
HIGGS, ALTRENA T. (Voter ID number 114366333).
HIGGS, KEON D. (Voter ID number 109988633).
POLLARD, ANTWOIN (Voter ID number 114365665).

1092 NW 55TH ST
LANE, OLLIE R. (Voter ID number 108960110).

1092 NW 55TH TER
THOMPKINS, CARTERIA (Voter ID number 116364942).
BROMEL, CLEVELAND (Voter ID number 116250108).
LEE, DEBRA R. (Voter ID number 109285759).

1093 NW 28TH ST
SAINT JEAN, GENOME (Voter ID number 118679440).

1093 NW 37TH ST
MORALES, WANDA (Voter ID number 109585713).

1093 NW 54TH ST
JEUNE, AMANDA A. (Voter ID number 115981178).

1093 NW 55TH TER
BUZON, SONIA (Voter ID number 115769099).

1094 NW 28TH ST
MORAGA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 119544841).

1094 NW 55TH ST
HODGES, CRISSY D. (Voter ID number 118850319).
HAMMETT, DIANE (Voter ID number 109164352).
HAMMETT, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 118446244).
SCOTT, TIMOTHY James (Voter ID number 109100197).
HODGES, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 116757476).

1094 NW 61ST ST
JOHNSON, BRENDA C. (Voter ID number 109040625).
JOHNSON, LINDA C. (Voter ID number 109040576).

1095 NW 27TH ST
GUTIERREZ, DECIRE (Voter ID number 116259388).
GUTIERREZ, YELBA M. (Voter ID number 117590792).
PINEDA, WINSTON (Voter ID number 115774976).
GUTIERREZ, YISSELL (Voter ID number 116621373).

1095 NW 50TH ST
BROWN, DARREN K. (Voter ID number 109261561).
BROWN, DERRICK Shannon (Voter ID number 116826524).
BROWN, SHELDON Kent (Voter ID number 109433751).
BROWN, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 117203175).

1095 NW 51ST ST
TUCKER, ESTELLA (Voter ID number 116996184).

1095 NW 52ND ST
WATSON, SHEILA Anntolena (Voter ID number 109155077).
BOLDEN, BOBBY N. (Voter ID number 109227715).
FREDERICK, RISHA A. (Voter ID number 109794109).
WATSON, TRE VON D. (Voter ID number 119512889).

1095 NW 57TH ST
MACON, GEORGE (Voter ID number 109114709).
BELL, LATARSHA C. (Voter ID number 109711411).
JOHNSON, TWYALA Ronetta (Voter ID number 109489122).
MACON, RONNIE (Voter ID number 108933603).
PENNELL, TAYALA R. (Voter ID number 110263120).

1095 NW 58TH TER
VEARGIS, BRIANA D. (Voter ID number 119731682).
CAMPBELL, STANLEY V. (Voter ID number 109403696).
VEARGIS, VANESSA Evet (Voter ID number 109921708).
VERGIS, BERNARD (Voter ID number 109921712).

1096 NW 37TH ST
BLASSINGAME, EMERY (Voter ID number 117029796).
BLASSINGAME, FLOSSIE M. (Voter ID number 105061841).

1096 NW 55TH TER
SPEARS, MICHEAL L. (Voter ID number 118850831).
SPEARS, ROMELLO Ross Edward (Voter ID number 120735976).
SPEARS, TERRI Ann (Voter ID number 109172454).
JAINOUS, BERTHA M. (Voter ID number 110212255).

1096 NW 59TH ST
HARRIS, SHANTEL V. (Voter ID number 120433114).
HARRIS, SHARONNA J. (Voter ID number 120296713).
HARRIS, PORTIA Sharonna (Voter ID number 109268374).
HARRIS, SHAINA C. (Voter ID number 110326219).

1097 NW 51ST ST
DAVIS, AARON K. (Voter ID number 110256426).
DEBROW, TATIANA D. (Voter ID number 110229151).

1098 NW 51ST ST
ALEXANDER, WILSON (Voter ID number 110090677).
ALEXANDRE, ALIXE (Voter ID number 109380491).
ALEXANDRE, WILSON (Voter ID number 109085089).
ALEXANDER, JEFFEREY (Voter ID number 116165501).

1098 NW 58TH ST
JENKINS, VALENCIA Monique (Voter ID number 109372161).
GARVEY, JUANITA (Voter ID number 108910779).
GARVEY, LIONEL (Voter ID number 108910778).

1099 NW 35TH ST
KELLEY, HARRY (Voter ID number 109924261).
WATKINS, CHRISTOPHER Michael (Voter ID number 121313413).
WILLIAMS, ALONZO Lee (Voter ID number 114093349).

1099 NW 55TH TER
CONNER, JACQUELYN Yvonne (Voter ID number 109073296).
DANIELS, ANGIE Yvonne (Voter ID number 119242793).
WILLIAMS, DE JAHNAE Shonell (Voter ID number 119487896).

1099 NW 60TH ST
NEACT, MARIE MacEna (Voter ID number 117113689).
NEACT, RODOLPH A. (Voter ID number 109646729).

11 NW 44TH ST
HERRERA, ISRAEL Emilio (Voter ID number 110235556).

11 NW 45TH ST
OUTTEN, ANTHONY James (Voter ID number 110102964).
DELVA, AUGUSTIN (Voter ID number 109321875).
DELVA, DENNIS Donnel (Voter ID number 109266938).
DELVA, LUCIANA L. (Voter ID number 109217289).
DELVA, NANCY (Voter ID number 109738851).

11 NW 47TH ST
ROBINSON, ALVIN J. (Voter ID number 118418933).
ROBINSON, ALVIN Joseph (Voter ID number 108962787).
ROBINSON, LEILA Ethel (Voter ID number 108945095).

11 NW 47TH TER
HYPPOLITE, GALISA Sabrina (Voter ID number 120825066).
VOLEL, ROSE Laura (Voter ID number 109294742).

11 NW 61ST ST
BLANC, ADONIA (Voter ID number 118598823).
BLANC, HANIA (Voter ID number 118258546).

110 NW 31ST ST
ARENA, SALVATORE (Voter ID number 119840246).

110 NW 41ST ST
FAIN, OLIVIA (Voter ID number 109167103).
STEPHENS, WILLIE (Voter ID number 120004079).

110 NW 44TH ST
VEGA, FELIPE (Voter ID number 109186002).
VEGA, MARTHA Dorina (Voter ID number 114286289).

110 NW 52ND ST
CLARK, FABIAN Trinard (Voter ID number 120921921).
PIERRE, MERLANDE Ceide (Voter ID number 109933357).
PIERRE, SMITH (Voter ID number 110296242).

110 NW 54TH ST
JNDEL, SAINNIL (Voter ID number 116407291).

110 NW 57TH ST
LOUISSAINT, LUCIEN (Voter ID number 109968937).
LOUISSAINT, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 110171599).

110 NW 58TH ST
CARTER, LAKEISHA (Voter ID number 116348210).
MORGAN, DORETHA Standley (Voter ID number 109096826).

1100 NW 25TH ST
VILLAFRANCA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 114583103).

1100 NW 26TH ST
BARAHONA, JUAN Miguel (Voter ID number 117073300).
BONILLA, YESENIA (Voter ID number 109465751).

1100 NW 27TH ST
LOPEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110201376).
ALVAREZ, LEONARDA (Voter ID number 109631828).
ARTICA, ELIA C. (Voter ID number 110208685).
LOPEZ, AIDA (Voter ID number 109798038).
LOPEZ, EMILIO (Voter ID number 109987482).

1100 NW 29TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, GERMAN Rodolfo (Voter ID number 117770997).

1100 NW 31ST ST
PERALTA, JOSE (Voter ID number 118288768).
PERALTA, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 109829923).

1100 NW 39TH ST
BROOKS, DELVIN Alexander (Voter ID number 110211594).
BROOKS, SANDRA Davis (Voter ID number 109950908).
DAVIS, JERROD Brian (Voter ID number 110099689).
DAVIS, LAWRENCE (Voter ID number 109181014).
DAVIS, LESTER Gregory (Voter ID number 109107218).
MARTIN, DELORES (Voter ID number 108938534).

1100 NW 41ST ST
ARIAS, WILLIAMS R. (Voter ID number 119965357).

1100 NW 45TH ST
ADAMS, GWENDOLYN Yvette (Voter ID number 109182200).
ADAMS, LELIA Webb (Voter ID number 108902102).
ADAMS, LEVY Leon (Voter ID number 108902108).
LATTIMORE, LEVY Lamel (Voter ID number 109842903).
LATTIMORE, TORRI J. (Voter ID number 110223068).

1100 NW 50TH ST
DIXON, CHE'NARA Ann (Voter ID number 105204336).
HAMMETT, MALVINA (Voter ID number 108943412).

1100 NW 55TH ST
PETERSON, ANTWAN (Voter ID number 120486269).
COLLINS, GAIL Renee (Voter ID number 109288045).
COLLINS, SHAKEETA Deanne (Voter ID number 119435743).
CROCKER, ROSE (Voter ID number 109513636).
EDGECOMBE, BERNICE Horne (Voter ID number 108902075).
JORDAN, LYNELL (Voter ID number 118741463).
WILLIAMS, DESSIE Horne (Voter ID number 109139015).

1100 NW 55TH TER
CRUZ, CINDY Guadalupe (Voter ID number 117447785).
MILLS, CHAUNCY (Voter ID number 116117099).
COURTNEY, THELMA (Voter ID number 108914267).

1100 NW 55TH ST
BATTLE, ROBERT Louis (Voter ID number 117026816).
TURNER, DAVID Warren (Voter ID number 116925191).

1100 NW 56TH ST
MURRAY, EUGENE (Voter ID number 103323833).
MURRAY, TOMMIE Lee (Voter ID number 108933295).

1100 NW 57TH ST
PLATTS, MAXINE (Voter ID number 108933316).

1100 NW 60TH ST
ANDERSON, DAVID (Voter ID number 116200876).

1100 NW 61ST ST
BULLARD, JOHN (Voter ID number 109158397).
BULLARD, MARIA V. (Voter ID number 109754285).

1101 NW 26TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, OSLAYDA (Voter ID number 120139029).

1101 NW 27TH ST
PUENTES, TERESA (Voter ID number 119544072).

1101 NW 30TH ST
LEGAREE, BONNIE Lynn (Voter ID number 109209900).
LEGAREE, SAMUEL A. (Voter ID number 116056671).
LEGAREE, SHIRLEY Marie (Voter ID number 109232785).

1101 NW 38TH ST
FRANKLIN, GERTRUDE Harrell (Voter ID number 109196544).
THOMAS, GREGORY Lamar (Voter ID number 110119482).
FRANKLIN, ROZZIE (Voter ID number 109223645).

1101 NW 40TH ST
MOORE, QUINTON Trevell (Voter ID number 110192362).
PETIT, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 102175913).
JEAN-BAPTISTE, ANNA Florien (Voter ID number 109602690).
MOORE, KANDYSS Sherrell (Voter ID number 110342252).
JEAN-BAPTISTE, DIANA A. (Voter ID number 117209058).

1101 NW 45TH ST
MIDDLETON, LETA G. (Voter ID number 109148241).
SMITH, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 110185459).
WALKER, TRINA Cornelia (Voter ID number 109540856).
JULIEN, JEREMY J. (Voter ID number 116106832).

1101 NW 46TH ST
GRANT, QUINTIN Leonard (Voter ID number 120518216).
EVANS, ALFRED Craig (Voter ID number 109181207).
EVANS, BETTY J. (Voter ID number 108912050).

1101 NW 47TH ST
GRISSETTE, JACQUES Alexander (Voter ID number 110299023).
JACKSON, SHANTAVIA (Voter ID number 110242246).
REYNOLDS, MARIO Alphonso (Voter ID number 109717837).
REYNOLDS, MARY L. (Voter ID number 109020819).

1101 NW 47TH TER
HERRERA, DORIS (Voter ID number 110304161).
HERRERA, LAZARO Alfred (Voter ID number 119897122).

1101 NW 47TH TER

HERRERA, ABRIAN (Voter ID number 119897823).

1101 NW 49TH ST
MACK, LOUIS Thelton (Voter ID number 109459374).
MOSLEY, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 108986941).
TUCKER, FRANK (Voter ID number 108985702).

1101 NW 51ST ST
LANE, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 109010921).
LANE, QUERIDA Marie (Voter ID number 109204773).

1101 NW 55TH TER
JOSEPH, DOROTHY R. (Voter ID number 119707531).
DAVIS, VAN Godfrey (Voter ID number 108943870).
ROBINSON, DAVID R. (Voter ID number 109879649).
ROBINSON, DOROTHY (Voter ID number 108933343).
ROBINSON, VALDA Ann (Voter ID number 109086275).

1101 NW 58TH ST
MOORE, LASABRA Latavia (Voter ID number 115264389).
SMITH, LENWOD (Voter ID number 119703108).
EDWARDS, DWAYNE C. (Voter ID number 109985571).

1101 NW 58TH TER
CRUZ, LUIS Adrian (Voter ID number 118166246).

1101 NW 58TH ST
BUTLER, TRAVIS (Voter ID number 116293140).

1101 NW 60TH ST
WHITE, PAMELA Zena (Voter ID number 109212557).

1102 NW 26TH ST
HERNANDEZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109812689).

1102 NW 30TH ST
MADRIGAL, RAFAEL E. (Voter ID number 116276265).

1102 NW 37TH ST
ARROYO, JOSE F. (Voter ID number 120692526).
ARROYO, ROSARIA E. (Voter ID number 114688530).
BASKIN, ALYCENE R. (Voter ID number 109572170).
DE LEON, JULIO E. (Voter ID number 109824342).

1103 NW 27TH ST
GOMEZ, ERIC (Voter ID number 110094118).

1105 NW 51ST TER
SALLEY, LAVARNA (Voter ID number 116747191).

1107 NW 51ST TER
DOBBINS, MICHAEL Kenneth (Voter ID number 115056040).
BOSWELL, BARBARA Solomon (Voter ID number 108970892).
WILLIAMS, RETHA Mae (Voter ID number 109097397).

1109 NW 34TH ST
BELL, MASHEIKA Lashae (Voter ID number 120871582).

111 NW 26TH ST
ALLIN, MADELINE (Voter ID number 110157165).

111 NW 26TH ST

WIKSTROM, KARI Lynn (Voter ID number 117970135).

111 NW 26TH ST

DIAZ, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 110050519).

111 NW 27TH ST
PRYCE, SHIANNE Jewel (Voter ID number 116105909).

111 NW 40TH ST
MORALES, IRENES C. (Voter ID number 109847119).

111 NW 42ND ST
ARROYO, JUAN Roberto (Voter ID number 119957002).
RICHIEZ, RICHARD Alfredo (Voter ID number 116071838).

111 NW 46TH ST
GARCIA, ALVARO Eduardo (Voter ID number 109123386).

111 NW 52ND ST
THOMPSON, DAPHNE Agatha (Voter ID number 108944385).
THOMPSON, MARTEL Beresford (Voter ID number 108958212).

111 NW 58TH ST
MORGAN, GLADYS Mae (Voter ID number 109093638).

1110 NW 24TH ST
DIAZ, JUAN (Voter ID number 119574078).
OTANO, LISVERTY (Voter ID number 119572713).

1110 NW 26TH ST
LUGO, JOSE (Voter ID number 109907665).
LUGO, MAGALY (Voter ID number 109211716).
SOTO, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109808115).

1110 NW 38TH ST
DURHAM, JOHNNIE R. (Voter ID number 108993138).
DURHAM, TRAVIS Rufus (Voter ID number 117269905).
DURHAM, JOHNNIE R. (Voter ID number 109291711).

1110 NW 41ST ST
HARTFIELD, BRIANA A. (Voter ID number 119048840).
LITTLEJOHN, EUGENIA Wenneckaelena (Voter ID number 110242426).
THOMAS, SHARMAYNNE L. (Voter ID number 109092031).
THOMAS, EUGENIA B. (Voter ID number 108938665).

1110 NW 47TH TER
MC MILLAN, ANNIE H. (Voter ID number 109064497).

1110 NW 55TH ST
NYON, KEELAHN Jonathan (Voter ID number 117669631).
THOMAS, DESTINY M. (Voter ID number 119844669).
THOMAS, MATTHEW A. (Voter ID number 120877943).
NYON, WINNETON Kyle (Voter ID number 119999308).

1110 NW 55TH TER
MELGAR, BLANCA Rosa (Voter ID number 119682128).

1110 NW 56TH ST
RIVERA, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 115727690).

1110 NW 58TH ST
THOMPSON, EDNA Mae (Voter ID number 108937523).

1110 NW 60TH ST
GUY, PAULETTE (Voter ID number 109204273).
JOHNSON, MONIQUE Shenall (Voter ID number 119772204).

1111 NW 24TH ST
POSADAS, BIENVENIDO (Voter ID number 117235713).

1111 NW 32ND ST
MADRID, MILY (Voter ID number 109842697).
RAUDALES, MILY C. (Voter ID number 115241366).
ZUNIGA, CARLOS Orlando (Voter ID number 120476871).

1111 NW 34TH ST
KENDRICK, PATRICK Arnold (Voter ID number 117562801).
LINDER, TIFFANY E. (Voter ID number 110210869).
LINDER, CHARLOTTE Ann (Voter ID number 109311243).
LINDER, KENYA J. (Voter ID number 116277411).

1111 NW 48TH ST
BETHEL, ENITH (Voter ID number 108937621).

1111 NW 55TH TER
BAILEY, DION Nathaniel (Voter ID number 109189088).

1112 NW 25TH ST
GONZALEZ, RIGOBERTO Garcia (Voter ID number 120430282).

1112 NW 27TH ST
FIGUEROA, ANNABELLE Casilda (Voter ID number 118846394).

1112 NW 37TH ST
SWILLEY, JACK (Voter ID number 108938654).
SWILLEY, LEONA Johnson (Voter ID number 109011381).

1114 NW 33RD ST
CHAMBERS, TRENICE L. (Voter ID number 109985580).
THOMAS, KEINO K. (Voter ID number 116116746).
CHAMBERS, SHARON Patrice (Voter ID number 110047373).
WALLACE, LUESHAWNA S. (Voter ID number 116401029).

1114 NW 39TH ST
HARDIN, LAVON Denise (Voter ID number 116930638).
WOODS, CLEANON Carlos (Voter ID number 110058660).

1114 NW 59TH ST
ADELAJA, MARK J. (Voter ID number 110206827).
POITIER, SUSTPHEN L. (Voter ID number 114152019).

1115 NW 25TH ST
ROBAINA, OSCAR (Voter ID number 109805465).
ROBAINA, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109210783).

1115 NW 37TH ST
BOOKER, SHEKARL E. (Voter ID number 110284553).
JEWSOME, ANTONETTA (Voter ID number 109096525).
JEWSOME, PHILLIP (Voter ID number 110002002).
JEWSOME, VERNITA Joyce (Voter ID number 109786826).

1115 NW 38TH ST
DIAZ, LUCIA (Voter ID number 120190664).
JIMENEZ ROSADO, CARLOS R. (Voter ID number 120134779).
PUJOL NODA, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 117860689).
ROSADO, SOFIA (Voter ID number 120207636).
EDEN, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 109628494).

1115 NW 40TH ST
CROWDER, ALBERT Edward (Voter ID number 120892580).
CROWDER, TOSSIE L. (Voter ID number 109280662).

1115 NW 50TH ST
FERGUSON, JUANDA Geniece (Voter ID number 109194861).
FERGUSON, LIONEL Alexander (Voter ID number 108937175).
FERGUSON, LOIS Clack (Voter ID number 108937734).

1115 NW 51ST TER
CAMPOS, ROXANA Vanessa (Voter ID number 116793519).

1115 NW 58TH TER
SANDERS, ARIE Mae (Voter ID number 109025687).
SANDERS, CRAYTON (Voter ID number 109025550).
TAYLOR, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 110031510).

1116 NW 33RD ST
WILKERSON, YASMAN L. (Voter ID number 109569014).
TORRES, DAVID (Voter ID number 110246112).

1116 NW 51ST TER
DUMELLE, GUERLYNE N. (Voter ID number 110135452).
DUMELLE, ALEX (Voter ID number 110207716).
DUMELLE, JOHN (Voter ID number 115941373).

1116 NW 59TH ST
MENDEZ SOTO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 117585913).
VEGA RIVERA, LUIS Anibal (Voter ID number 115842280).

1117 NW 58TH TER
GORDON, ALTAMESE (Voter ID number 109183553).
ROCK, VARKEITH George (Voter ID number 109979693).

1119 NW 27TH ST
PASTORA, LIGIA (Voter ID number 121094589).

1119 NW 51ST TER
ESSIX, CALVIN J. (Voter ID number 110250450).
THOMAS, KENNETH Ford (Voter ID number 115796812).
BROWN, ANNIE E. (Voter ID number 109033456).
CLARK, CRYSTAL Felicia (Voter ID number 116264550).
CLARK, MASHIKKA D. (Voter ID number 110172376).
ESSIX, ANNIE Louise (Voter ID number 109154333).
HILL, ASHOUNIA Evette (Voter ID number 115564933).
HOLT, TRILANE L. (Voter ID number 110261836).
JACKSON, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 115912143).

1119 NW 58TH TER
MOON, EMORY B. (Voter ID number 118329874).
SIMMS, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109083302).

1119 NW NW 58TH TER
HARRIS, SARICEA N. (Voter ID number 116249873).

112 NW 28TH ST

TEAGUE, TERRELL Austin (Voter ID number 107158809).

112 NW 28TH ST

ALVARADO, JOSE Angel (Voter ID number 118100307).

112 NW 28TH ST
ALVARADO, DANISE E. (Voter ID number 116103564).
JOHNSON, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 114370720).
PEREZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 116283433).
ZAVALETA-PAEHE, EMILIO D. (Voter ID number 116080596).

112 NW 28TH ST

ALVARADO, ENRIQUE Antonio (Voter ID number 118099903).

112 NW 28TH ST

HOLMES, MYRTLE Florence (Voter ID number 109489371).

112 NW 31ST ST

LUZUNARIS, HECTOR (Voter ID number 109855095).

112 NW 33RD ST
PEREZ, ALEXANDRIA Cristina (Voter ID number 119564586).
PEREZ, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109680539).
PEREZ, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109092586).
PEREZ, OSCAR J. (Voter ID number 109004733).

112 NW 40TH ST
OWENS, DEANDRAE Antwann (Voter ID number 109503940).

112 NW 47TH ST
WILLIAMS, WILLIE (Voter ID number 110302650).

112 NW 51ST ST
BRANTON, KEITH (Voter ID number 115263753).
SHOEMAKER, STEPHANIE Marseppa (Voter ID number 109212121).
JITTA, ANTOINETTE N. (Voter ID number 116526599).

112 NW 53RD ST
JOHNSON, REGIS (Voter ID number 103027924).
REGIS, RIGAUD (Voter ID number 118270019).
NOEL, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 114263371).

112 NW 58TH ST
BROWN, RENATA Denise (Voter ID number 118568065).
PHILPOT, GERTRUDE (Voter ID number 109310263).

1120 NW 25TH ST
VELASQUEZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 119670545).
ROMERO, RICHARD R. (Voter ID number 117087389).

1120 NW 28TH ST
TRUJILLO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 114715736).
SARMIENTO, CARMEN F. (Voter ID number 118341333).

1120 NW 30TH ST
DUCOS, ELPIDIO C. (Voter ID number 117974367).
SANON, INIDE Keht (Voter ID number 110042132).
SANON, MARIE B. (Voter ID number 120221653).
SANON, ROSE N. (Voter ID number 117202230).

1120 NW 31ST ST
CARDONA LIGHTBOURNE, TAMICA Ann (Voter ID number 109813126).
CARDONA, MARIANO (Voter ID number 109075921).
LIGHTBOURNE, SYLVET Thomas (Voter ID number 109907567).
THOMAS, PATRICK E. (Voter ID number 120009054).
WILLIAMS, JERNELL Lutice (Voter ID number 109393040).
JOHNSON, THERESA Arsenette (Voter ID number 109236901).

1120 NW 33RD ST
BUTLER, RODNEY A. (Voter ID number 117566719).
HAGGINS, TEQUILLA Shantell (Voter ID number 109487677).
ANDREWS, LANAIRE T. (Voter ID number 120218598).
DAVIS, NELLIE Mae (Voter ID number 109096522).
REID, JOYCE L. (Voter ID number 109517977).

1120 NW 39TH ST
MONROE, SITYI Tenkamenin (Voter ID number 117652738).
WILLIAMS, KENEMO Kareme (Voter ID number 117636007).
BELL, JACKIE Lee (Voter ID number 108938212).
ROGERS, ANDREA Celeste (Voter ID number 109121102).
WILLIAMS, KENEMO Kareme (Voter ID number 109459373).
WILLIAMS, KOLEA Cameno (Voter ID number 109975758).

1120 NW 41ST ST
CUADRA, GUSTAVO Alfonso (Voter ID number 110217300).

1120 NW 49TH ST
WOMBLE, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 118500904).
WOMBLE, LASHANTHRIA Monique (Voter ID number 118422128).
CROOKE, KHALIYA J A (Voter ID number 115281709).
DEWBERRY, GARY (Voter ID number 115886874).

1120 NW 51ST TER
GIPSON, KAZEM I. (Voter ID number 110191828).
SAMUEL, JACQUELINE Sonia (Voter ID number 109880975).
SAMUEL, JOMOH (Voter ID number 115557770).
SAMUEL, LIVINGSTON T. (Voter ID number 109870363).
SAMUEL, SHAKEEL Kareem (Voter ID number 119485017).
SAMUEL, LIVINGSTON T. (Voter ID number 117587820).

1120 NW 55TH TER
FELIZ, ANGELA N. (Voter ID number 110281899).
FELIZ, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 115122291).

1120 NW 56TH ST
JACKSON, EDITH (Voter ID number 108933169).
JACKSON-MULLINS, PINKY Lorraine (Voter ID number 109165042).
JACKSON, RUDOLPH (Voter ID number 116067085).

1120 NW 57TH ST
JONES, TASHARA Trenice (Voter ID number 110148499).
NOTTAGE, PAMELA Yvette (Voter ID number 109231261).

1120 NW 58TH ST
SANDERS, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 109153514).

1120 NW 58TH TER
HOSKINS, DORINE Stanley (Voter ID number 109101987).
HOSKINS, HILTON (Voter ID number 109782145).
MONROE, TYRAY N. (Voter ID number 109532707).
SANDERS, BARBARA (Voter ID number 116802330).

1121 NW 25TH ST
NALL, CLAUDIA Evangeline (Voter ID number 109102702).

1121 NW 29TH TER
JACKSON, CARRIE D. (Voter ID number 108938965).
JACKSON, LORRAINE (Voter ID number 109153279).

1121 NW 32ND ST
BOWIE, EUMILTA Altemese (Voter ID number 109525490).

1121 NW 38TH ST
DONALDSON, MARTHA Sue (Voter ID number 109009904).
FIELDS, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 115596811).

1121 NW 40TH ST

DAVIS, MARILYN Angelo (Voter ID number 110245428).

1121 NW 48TH ST
DAVIS, WILLIE Ed (Voter ID number 109425497).
DAVIS, JAMILA Kizuwanda (Voter ID number 109457473).
PINDER, ARNOLD (Voter ID number 116102680).
PINDER, DONNA Lynn (Voter ID number 108964243).

1121 NW 51ST ST
TRAYLOR, APRIL L. (Voter ID number 109882347).

1121 NW 55TH TER
JOSEPH, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 108933193).
JOSEPH, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 108907284).

1121 NW 56TH ST
HOLMES, ELIZABETH Meadows (Voter ID number 109401433).
MEADOWS, TINA Maria (Voter ID number 109412011).
LACEY, LENNA Mae (Voter ID number 109381763).
MEADOWS, ANGELA Mercia (Voter ID number 109453773).
MICKELL, DE' LESHA Lichenza (Voter ID number 116355266).
PORTER, JAMES (Voter ID number 108962969).

1121 NW 57TH ST
HOOKS, LETHA Mae (Voter ID number 108933158).
HOOKS, NATHAN (Voter ID number 108933159).
HOOKS, SHADETHA P. (Voter ID number 115880314).
NATHAW, HOOKS (Voter ID number 110257172).

1122 NW 29TH TER
RENE, SUZANA (Voter ID number 121175429).
DORCELUS, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 109357552).
JOSEPH, LUCIA (Voter ID number 109843007).

1122 NW 33RD ST
GOMEZ, DISLAURIS (Voter ID number 116291232).
GOMEZ, NIKAURY Paola (Voter ID number 114409394).
HOWARD, JAMES G. (Voter ID number 116164009).
BROWN, CHRIS (Voter ID number 116168230).
LEE, KELLE J. (Voter ID number 116871205).

1122 NW 38TH ST
ESCOBAR, TANIA G. (Voter ID number 120200649).

1122 NW 59TH ST
NOLAN, RODRIGUEZ (Voter ID number 118908562).
LALANE, LAURA A. (Voter ID number 109317661).
VICKERS, EARNEST (Voter ID number 115891700).

1123 NW 38TH ST
MOORE, KATIE Mae (Voter ID number 109093643).

1124 NW 54TH ST
SILVA, VIDAL J. (Voter ID number 110258936).

1124 NW 55TH ST
CRUZ, JENNY E. (Voter ID number 118506161).

1125 NW 24TH ST
MENDOZA, ALEIDA (Voter ID number 110207740).
MOLINA, VIVIAN Esmeralda (Voter ID number 110085612).
MOLINA, JOSEPH Luciano (Voter ID number 110137309).

1125 NW 26TH ST
PUERTO, ALBA Luz (Voter ID number 109864677).
PUERTO, ALBA Luz (Voter ID number 110308930).
ROBINSON, RAYMOND Egbert (Voter ID number 110072329).

1125 NW 33RD ST
PATTON, STANFORD (Voter ID number 114327466).
MC DANIELS, WILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 109367054).
POWELL, DRAQUANDRA (Voter ID number 116300145).
SMITH, CHINARY C. (Voter ID number 109851175).

1125 NW 49TH ST
RILES, GWENDOLYN Swanson (Voter ID number 109119735).
THOMPSON, KATRINA Michelle (Voter ID number 114219235).
FORTNER, WALKETHA G. (Voter ID number 116796511).

1126 NW 25TH ST
SALDIVAR, CESAR Alejandro (Voter ID number 118744891).
SALDIVAR, FORTINO Sosa (Voter ID number 109827901).
SALDIVAR, JESSICA (Voter ID number 110121165).
SALDIVAR, LUZ Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109823617).

1126 NW 26TH ST
PRIETO, GILBERTO Martin (Voter ID number 109010857).

1126 NW 30TH ST
MORALES, JULIO Santiago (Voter ID number 109093167).
RODRIGUEZ, LUCIA Maria (Voter ID number 114701630).

1126 NW 48TH ST
BONNER, CARLTON (Voter ID number 116105922).

1126 NW 58TH TER
JEFFERIES, DASHAQUAN Rosalee (Voter ID number 114126132).
THOMAS, SYLVESTER (Voter ID number 120780013).
CLARK, CHRISTOPHER E. (Voter ID number 109766506).
SIMMONS, ANTONIO Leonard (Voter ID number 110095767).

1126 NW 58TH TER

FINCH, RACHELLE T. (Voter ID number 110032148).

1128 NW 29TH ST
ACEVEDO, JULISES (Voter ID number 118493662).
RODRIGUEZ FELIZ, DOMINGO A. (Voter ID number 115404599).
CRUZ, FRANCA De Lac (Voter ID number 115489356).

1128 NW 29TH TER
GARZON, NELSON (Voter ID number 110256923).

1128 NW 30TH ST
LOPEZ, TANIA S. (Voter ID number 110086570).

1128 NW 31ST ST
PEREZ, AURELIO J. (Voter ID number 116927053).
PEREZ, IRMA Consuelo (Voter ID number 109975359).

1128 NW 47TH TER
SPANN, JULE (Voter ID number 108949735).

1128 NW 49TH ST
YISRAEL, YAHANA Ben (Voter ID number 110018927).
YISVAEL, YAHANA Ben (Voter ID number 109695292).

1128 NW 58TH ST
WILLIAMS, KESHIA (Voter ID number 116307370).

1128 NW 61ST ST
NASH, FRANCES L. (Voter ID number 108933297).
HAYES, VIANNA A. (Voter ID number 109332820).
WALKER, CARLOS V. (Voter ID number 109215187).

1129 NW 28TH ST
PICHARDO, CARLOS Engels (Voter ID number 116352939).
URIA, FRANK (Voter ID number 109327213).
CORDERO, CHRISTINE B. (Voter ID number 109983081).
DIAZ, DACHEL (Voter ID number 110274069).
URIA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109809070).

1129 NW 30TH ST
LACOSTA, ANGELA Eneida (Voter ID number 119373603).

1129 NW 31ST ST
LOPEZ CORRALES, JUSTINA (Voter ID number 110136087).

1129 NW 38TH ST
APT #2

INFANTE, DAYANA (Voter ID number 115683077).

1129 NW 40TH ST
ACOSTA, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109811009).
MONCADA, JERRY J. (Voter ID number 115945549).
RAMOS, GLADYS (Voter ID number 119678556).
LOPEZ, DELIA F. (Voter ID number 115834958).
RIVERA, CARMELO Israel (Voter ID number 109625033).

1129 NW 48TH ST
MOSS, WILLIAM Francis (Voter ID number 101793497).

1129 NW 58TH ST
DOBSON, CARY Leon (Voter ID number 117488063).
HUDSON, ELEANOR (Voter ID number 109754223).
HUDSON, ANGELA (Voter ID number 109257785).
HUDSON, BRITTANY Toniqua (Voter ID number 115112827).
PAUL, MACKERSON (Voter ID number 118851206).

1129 NW 60TH ST
KNOWLES, LACHAN R. (Voter ID number 110512723).
FLOYD, TRENAE V. (Voter ID number 109205901).

113 NW 24TH ST
VINSON, EDWARD E. (Voter ID number 109050102).
VINSON, MARK Anthony (Voter ID number 109086343).

113 NW 30TH ST
GONZALEZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 109451593).
VELASQUEZ, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 110019387).
VELASQUEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109073897).

113 NW 33RD ST
LANZA PONCE, ARLETTE Fabiola (Voter ID number 120086902).

113 NW 35TH ST
DIAZ-GRANADOS, MONICA Lynn (Voter ID number 109381106).

113 NW 35TH ST

GERENA MALDONADO, HECTOR Jose (Voter ID number 119273776).

113 NW 35TH ST
ORTIZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109257640).

113 NW 42ND ST
TERRERO, BELKIS Altagracia (Voter ID number 115454097).

113 NW 51ST ST
BRANTON, DAMIEN (Voter ID number 116222454).

113 NW 57TH ST

VELAZQUEZ, SANDRA (Voter ID number 120407043).

113 NW 57TH ST

LEON, JOSEPH S. (Voter ID number 114433225).
LEON, NEKODA (Voter ID number 119701532).
LEON, CLOTILDE (Voter ID number 117800195).

1130 NW 33RD ST
FORBES, JEREMICKA S. (Voter ID number 115496984).
FRANCIS, NIKETTA Crystal (Voter ID number 119042750).

1130 NW 47TH TER
CHERFILS, TIFFANY Shoslan (Voter ID number 109710987).

1130 NW 48TH ST
DE LAUGHTER, SHIRLEY H. (Voter ID number 109414302).
DE LAUGHTER, TONY (Voter ID number 110249043).

1130 NW 50TH ST
TORRENTES, ERIKA (Voter ID number 116277813).
TORRENTES, JOSE D. (Voter ID number 116269903).

1130 NW 55TH TER
ZARATE, MARTHA Judith (Voter ID number 109474295).

1130 NW 57TH ST
CRAIGMAN, DAVID Joseph (Voter ID number 110097260).

1130 NW 58TH ST
STEWART, ROSCOE Richard (Voter ID number 108932724).
STEWART, JIMMIE Commodore (Voter ID number 109859068).

1130 NW 59TH ST
EATMAN, TWAQUILLA D. (Voter ID number 109888846).

1130 NW 60TH ST
BROWN, GLADYS Jerlene (Voter ID number 108932840).
BROWN, WILLIAM Anthony (Voter ID number 109003790).
JONES, ELIJAH Willis (Voter ID number 108974247).

1131 NW 32ND ST
HAWTHORNE, AUDREY (Voter ID number 108996463).

1131 NW 37TH ST
CARRION, ELIZABETTE M. (Voter ID number 119426107).
CASTRO, MARIA Rosario (Voter ID number 115840221).
RAMOS, NELIDA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109842094).

1131 NW 38TH ST
FORDHAM, GWENDOLYN B. (Voter ID number 115558008).
ROSADO GOMEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 114999554).

1131 NW 47TH ST
SAPP, MAMIE H. (Voter ID number 109009706).

1131 NW 55TH TER
SCOTT, ELLIOTT (Voter ID number 108933365).
SCOTT, ANNIE Lue (Voter ID number 108933363).

1131 NW 56TH ST
DAVIS, VALDA Marie (Voter ID number 109105439).
COLE, VALDA (Voter ID number 117185380).

1131 NW 57TH ST
LEE, CRYSTAL Darlene (Voter ID number 114350097).
LEE, DAISEY M. (Voter ID number 109191865).
LEE, LEROY G. (Voter ID number 109339734).

1132 NW 33RD ST
TRODY, CRYSTAL Rose (Voter ID number 117914799).
SMITH, LIZZIE Pearl (Voter ID number 109067995).
WILLIAMS, HENRY A. (Voter ID number 109948752).

1132 NW 37TH ST
SWEET, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 109976068).
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH C. (Voter ID number 108914646).
SWEET, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 110265283).

1132 NW 38TH ST
BROWN, JERRY (Voter ID number 116268846).
BROWN, THOMAS Glenn (Voter ID number 109007477).
JONES, DAYSHAWN S. (Voter ID number 110138809).

1132 NW 39TH ST
BROWN, DORETHA E. (Voter ID number 109084349).
WILTZ, CHARMAINE J. (Voter ID number 109168132).

1133 NW 29TH TER
DONES, MARILYN (Voter ID number 120876140).
SANDS, DAISY C. (Voter ID number 109011993).
SANDS, PHILLIP (Voter ID number 108909772).

1133 NW 51ST TER
JOHNSON, LARRY Alexander (Voter ID number 109062361).
SANFORD, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 109432683).

1133 NW 58TH TER
SPARKS, JEREMY Allen (Voter ID number 110072110).
HURNS, TARIKA S. (Voter ID number 110325446).
TAYLOR, MYISHA Lanette (Voter ID number 114815844).

1134 NW 27TH ST
LEBON, PATRICK (Voter ID number 119722150).

1134 NW 50TH ST
KINSEY, EDWARD Ronald (Voter ID number 109164746).
KINSEY, TAMARA P. (Voter ID number 110281013).
KINSEY, EDWARD Ronald (Voter ID number 116291891).

1134 NW 60TH ST
GREEN, ANITA Joyce (Voter ID number 109102259).
GREEN, MAGGIE (Voter ID number 109166894).

1135 NW 25TH ST
DIAZ, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109379252).

1135 NW 26TH ST
GONZALEZ SANTANA, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 121225251).
GAMEZ, BELQUIS (Voter ID number 109852641).
GAMEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109851821).

1135 NW 45TH ST
SAMUEL, INGA Charlene (Voter ID number 110164542).
SAMUEL, EMMA Lee (Voter ID number 108938608).

1136 NW 26TH ST
SILVA, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 119831244).
SILVA, HERIBERTO (Voter ID number 119831063).
SILVA, JESSICA S. (Voter ID number 120218983).
SILVA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 117566723).

1136 NW 28TH ST
ESPINOSA, ENERINDA (Voter ID number 109929974).
TARVER, LEGEND E. (Voter ID number 116912180).
SANTANA, XIOMARA A. (Voter ID number 109638421).

1136 NW 30TH ST
BYRDSONG, BETTY Jo (Voter ID number 108958475).

1136 NW 31ST ST
LLANES, YOLEISI (Voter ID number 110062593).
LLANES, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 109979285).
LLANES, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109347032).

1136 NW 46TH ST
LACY, EDWARD Charles (Voter ID number 114654231).
LACY, GAIL D. (Voter ID number 109167012).
DEZERN, MARY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 108938322).
DEZERN, TYMORRIS L. (Voter ID number 115903006).

1136 NW 47TH TER
BAYNE, SHANE (Voter ID number 119945550).
WILLIAMS, ADRIENNE C. (Voter ID number 109138515).
BAYNE, SHARETHA P. (Voter ID number 118100438).
BROWN, SONEICE Joyce (Voter ID number 110072609).
GORHAM, SHELIA R. (Voter ID number 109365344).

1136 NW 51ST ST
QUARTERMAN, EBONY (Voter ID number 117572624).
WHORLEY, SHENA Casandra (Voter ID number 110178296).
WHORLEY, SAM (Voter ID number 109734104).
WHORLEY, SHARAH C. (Voter ID number 114828900).

1136 NW 55TH ST
KETON, ALBERT W. (Voter ID number 110093171).
MOODY, TONY Lee (Voter ID number 109399537).

1137 NW 24TH ST
CALVO, AMELIA (Voter ID number 110214630).

1137 NW 29TH ST
BURGOS, YVETTE (Voter ID number 116654001).

1137 NW 29TH ST

PAUL, MERCIMILIA (Voter ID number 117331827).

1137 NW 29TH TER
CANO, MARIELA D. (Voter ID number 116612911).

1137 NW 30TH ST
LOPEZ GOMEZ, BERTA (Voter ID number 120393917).
CRUZ, ANA (Voter ID number 110290457).

1137 NW 31ST ST
JARVIS, JUAN Nicolas (Voter ID number 120011472).
GOMEZ, ELADIO (Voter ID number 109386758).
GOMEZ, LYDIA (Voter ID number 109952925).
WONG, JESUS M. (Voter ID number 109468532).

1137 NW 38TH ST
PEREZ, JONATHAN A. (Voter ID number 116783310).

1137 NW 40TH ST
BAILEY, RAYNARD D. (Voter ID number 114122727).
WILLIAMS, ROBERT (Voter ID number 116071660).

1137 NW 46TH ST
MESIDOR, ANNETTE Yolande (Voter ID number 109322044).
MESIDOR, EDWARD (Voter ID number 110220656).

1137 NW 47TH ST
JULIUS, JOHNNY James (Voter ID number 102982244).

1137 NW 48TH ST
CASTILLO, RAMONA (Voter ID number 116169452).
JARQUIN, CESAR A. (Voter ID number 120761004).

1137 NW 55TH ST
ARCINIEGAS, LIZETTE T. (Voter ID number 114517868).

1138 NW 37TH ST
RAMIREZ, GISEL Adely (Voter ID number 119049284).

1138 NW 39TH ST
CABALLERO, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 109791656).

1138 NW 41ST ST
MC CLOUD, LATARSHA Denise (Voter ID number 109473240).
VALLE, MARILYN Denise (Voter ID number 109139526).
VALLE, SHAKIRA R. (Voter ID number 109884553).

1138 NW 58TH TER
BROWN, DYTAVIS James (Voter ID number 117321454).
BROWN, LENEKA N. (Voter ID number 116800691).
DORSEY, SHARON Denise (Voter ID number 109089282).
NEALY, BRIDGET Charlean (Voter ID number 109214634).
PRATT, NATALIE Nicole (Voter ID number 109772778).

1139 NW 38TH ST
TELEMAQUE, CECIL (Voter ID number 109007087).
TELEMAQUE, GRETA Margaret (Voter ID number 109096184).

1139 NW 45TH ST
MC EADY, MARQUISE A. (Voter ID number 109882441).
FOSTER, JAVARIS A. (Voter ID number 114296973).
HOLSEY, DARLEANE L. (Voter ID number 109894804).
THOMPKINS, VONCRESHA Marquita (Voter ID number 109979541).
WILLIAMS, ARLENE Darnelle (Voter ID number 109219354).

1139 NW 51ST TER
STINSON, HAROLD (Voter ID number 109055254).

114 NW 35TH ST
MAES, JORGE Alejandro (Voter ID number 119933210).
SANCHEZ, SUSANA P. (Voter ID number 109492970).
MISLEY, EDUARDO Juan (Voter ID number 109810794).
MISLEY, MELISA Constanza (Voter ID number 109768505).

114 NW 49TH ST
SUTHERLAND-VIDAL, MARTHA Faye (Voter ID number 110168272).

114 NW 61ST ST
CARL, CLINTON (Voter ID number 119048904).

1140 NW 38TH ST
PALMER, BRUCE Anthony (Voter ID number 109276153).
PALMER, EDNA E. (Voter ID number 109274314).

1140 NW 46TH ST
HORNE, DONNIE (Voter ID number 110045036).

1140 NW 50TH ST
LANE, JOSEPH H. (Voter ID number 108937886).

1140 NW 54TH ST
SULIENAMAN, ALAN Y. (Voter ID number 110184016).

1140 NW 55TH TER
JACKSON, KACHARA D. (Voter ID number 115907560).
NEWKIRA, JAMES (Voter ID number 115896906).
NEWKIRK, WILLIE L. (Voter ID number 119492927).

1140 NW 57TH ST
DOTSON, CHRISTINA Michelle (Voter ID number 117688971).
DOTSON, BARBARA Jean (Voter ID number 109026405).
DOTSON, CLEARANCE (Voter ID number 116359855).
DOTSON, LATOYA (Voter ID number 110146825).

1140 NW 58TH ST
AUSTIN-BRUYNING, ALLISON Dorine (Voter ID number 108942487).
BRUYNING, CARY Scott (Voter ID number 109782603).
GREENE, IMANI C. (Voter ID number 110330544).

1140 NW 59TH ST
DONATO, MARY Jones (Voter ID number 110133113).

1141 NW 30TH ST
ALVAREZ, ENELIDA (Voter ID number 119667643).

1141 NW 37TH ST
APT 101

MACU, JENNIFER J. (Voter ID number 116268534).

1141 NW 50TH ST
JOHNSON, KAYLA Janae (Voter ID number 109969041).
JOHNSON, ROSALYN Hill (Voter ID number 110145481).
HILTON, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 115890342).

1141 NW 55TH TER
MAHMOOD, GAIL (Voter ID number 110278850).
NEWKIRK, WILLIE Lee (Voter ID number 110311586).

1141 NW 56TH ST
COHEN, CRYSTAL Vonzell (Voter ID number 109163077).
COHEN, KATRINA Renee (Voter ID number 110145503).

1143 NW 26TH ST
MEJIA, LUIS Mariano (Voter ID number 109284642).
MENA, NINA Del Socorro (Voter ID number 120582950).
LOHLOFFTZ, CARLOS S. (Voter ID number 109842318).
LOHLOFFTZ, CONCEPCION (Voter ID number 109689302).
REYES, GRICELDA Maria (Voter ID number 109459805).
REYES, ROBERTO Jose (Voter ID number 109372422).
RIVAS, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 115207743).

1143 NW 27TH ST
CARDENA, SOPHIA E. (Voter ID number 119971408).
BARBOSA, EUSEBIO (Voter ID number 110269020).
FLORES, ANTONIA (Voter ID number 109937771).
PEREZ, ARACELI (Voter ID number 110067448).

1143 NW 30TH ST
DIAZ, JHONNY Guarionex (Voter ID number 110176087).
RAMIREZ, REINA (Voter ID number 119458589).

1143 NW 38TH ST
ADAMS, VIVIAN D. (Voter ID number 109115938).
SMITH, JOANN K. (Voter ID number 110272723).
SMITH, VANESSA D. (Voter ID number 110041757).

1143 NW 58TH ST
HARVEY, ANTOINETTE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 117671123).
MARC, CLAUDETTE (Voter ID number 118557573).

1143 NW 58TH TER
COQ, LUCIEN (Voter ID number 109358905).
COQ, DIANNA Holmes (Voter ID number 108944988).

1144 NW 25TH ST
AMADOR, ANGELA C. (Voter ID number 110232167).
JONES, ETTIE Bee (Voter ID number 109096993).

1144 NW 27TH ST
ALVARADO, ELENA Roque (Voter ID number 110129415).
FELICIANO, ANDREW (Voter ID number 110151784).
GARCIA, SOLOMON (Voter ID number 115378346).

1144 NW 29TH TER
CARDOZA, MATIAS (Voter ID number 116479673).
CARDOZA, ESTELA (Voter ID number 109651140).

1144 NW 30TH ST
CALERO, RAMON Eduardo (Voter ID number 114467019).
CALERO, ADELAIDA (Voter ID number 109353801).
CALERO, EDUARDO F. (Voter ID number 116680205).

1144 NW 37TH ST
DE LA CRUZ, NICOLAS (Voter ID number 109006228).

1144 NW 38TH ST
WITHERSPOON, ALFRED L. (Voter ID number 109120696).
WITHERSPOON, VENUS R. (Voter ID number 109897911).

1144 NW 47TH ST
JACKSON, TARSHA Leonia (Voter ID number 109302262).

1144 NW 47TH TER
JACKSON, LYNDA Ware (Voter ID number 109760842).
STEPHENS, JEROME (Voter ID number 109020120).
JACKSON, BRANDON Keon (Voter ID number 116680134).

1144 NW 49TH ST
LAWRENCE, DANA Kristen (Voter ID number 110290507).
WILLIAMS, GRETA Veronica (Voter ID number 109656462).

1144 NW 58TH TER
BURDEN, BERNICE (Voter ID number 109002261).
BURDEN, PERRY (Voter ID number 109335110).

1145 NW 25TH ST
CARDO, NIURKA (Voter ID number 109700382).
MAHMOOD, ROSA Castillo (Voter ID number 109674265).
MONTES DE OCA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 102311058).
TAYLOR, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 115746695).

1145 NW 29TH ST
MORALES, MARIA (Voter ID number 117539819).

1145 NW 29TH TER
NAZON, IMMACULA (Voter ID number 121036481).
PEGUARO, DENSE (Voter ID number 116287044).
PEQUERO, ARELIS (Voter ID number 109773650).
PEQUERO, DENISE (Voter ID number 115968998).
VARELA, ASLIN M. (Voter ID number 117331617).
FLORESTAL, ANAISE (Voter ID number 121036469).

1145 NW 38TH ST
JENKINS, ELLIOTT (Voter ID number 110285810).
SMITH, TERRENCE Levi (Voter ID number 109925806).

1145 NW 40TH ST
SANCHEZ, RUTH D. (Voter ID number 119882729).

1145 NW 45TH ST
RITCHEY, AMBER N. (Voter ID number 119622579).
JOHNSON, SHARON E. (Voter ID number 109378392).
JOHNSON, THORA Cynthia (Voter ID number 108996551).
WASHTONING, JAMES (Voter ID number 110224907).

1145 NW 47TH ST
TAYLOR, ANGELA Lavern (Voter ID number 108926415).

1145 NW 48TH ST
ARCHER, JAIME A. (Voter ID number 109845143).
MILANES-GALA, ROBERTO Jose (Voter ID number 109304752).

1145 NW 49TH ST
JOHNSON, STEVE R. (Voter ID number 110257912).
JONES, DONALD Jerome (Voter ID number 108970527).

1145 NW 51ST ST
BOWDEN, SANDRA S. (Voter ID number 109287079).
WOODEN, WILLIE (Voter ID number 110223112).

1145 NW 51ST TER
SHEPHERD, DEANDREY M. (Voter ID number 119882513).

1145 NW 55TH ST
CARMICHAEL, IYATA Abyssina Menen (Voter ID number 117428295).
CARMICHAEL, IZIAH Abebe (Voter ID number 110065356).

1145 NW 58TH TER
JOHNSON, LEONARDO Calvin (Voter ID number 102230076).
TURNER, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 119742915).
JOHNSON, SHIRLEY R. (Voter ID number 115463752).
PARKER, NEAL Archie (Voter ID number 110099179).

1146 NW 26TH ST
MORRIS, JACQUELINE Yvonne (Voter ID number 110176947).
JEAN-BENOIT, STINES (Voter ID number 109857252).
LOVE, ERIC (Voter ID number 114320343).
MONCION, EREMI (Voter ID number 116569701).

1146 NW 28TH ST
ROMERO, JANESKY Melissa (Voter ID number 115274618).
ROMERO, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 109741936).
SALINAS, ISABEL Carmen (Voter ID number 109687692).

1146 NW 38TH ST
BURNEY, ALFONSO A. (Voter ID number 109532368).

1147 NW 46TH ST
TURNER, LESTER (Voter ID number 108938110).

1148 NW 47TH ST
BETHEL, DONALD A. (Voter ID number 115872093).
LLOYD, CAROLINE (Voter ID number 110237441).
LUBIN, CARYNE (Voter ID number 109861275).
NELSON, RONY (Voter ID number 115015880).

1148 NW 48TH ST
WILLIAMS, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 120041008).

1148 NW 58TH TER
SMITH, ROYCE Edward (Voter ID number 109711339).

1148 NW 59TH ST
PIERCE, ANGELA Denise (Voter ID number 110187051).
CHERRY, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109484188).
WOODEN, PERENDA Latosha (Voter ID number 115289488).

1149 NW 24TH ST
PEREZ, ROCIO (Voter ID number 116534731).

1149 NW 24TH ST

ADAY, PHENIX (Voter ID number 115596099).

115 NW 28TH ST
OLIVERA, ERIC (Voter ID number 116721653).
OTERO, MARIA (Voter ID number 109859339).

115 NW 28TH ST

OLIVERA, NERY J. (Voter ID number 117580551).

115 NW 32ND ST
FERMINA SANCHEZ, ROSA A. (Voter ID number 109467587).
FERMINA, VIVIAN Elena (Voter ID number 114326892).

115 NW 47TH ST
TRUSEDELL, COLIN (Voter ID number 116920448).
CAMARGO, DIEGO Eduardo (Voter ID number 115752122).
CRUZALEGUI, LILIAM Aymee (Voter ID number 116764528).
TRUSEDELL, KELLI Ann (Voter ID number 117586551).

115 NW 56TH ST
VAZQUEZ, WILLIE (Voter ID number 109955898).

1150 NW 26TH ST
SOLIS, JACKSON A. (Voter ID number 114405554).

1150 NW 27TH ST
TEJEDA GONZALEZ, RAMON Antonio (Voter ID number 119144007).
TEJON, SALLY (Voter ID number 119526874).

1150 NW 29TH ST
AGUILA, RAMONA E. (Voter ID number 115913090).
LOPEZ, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 120119484).
MEMBRENO, DORA (Voter ID number 116589613).
PEREZ, CALIXTO E. (Voter ID number 116662702).

1150 NW 29TH ST

LOPEZ, JORGE Humberto (Voter ID number 109469269).

1150 NW 29TH ST
APT 10

BEATO, CANDELARIA C. (Voter ID number 119980473).

1150 NW 29TH ST

QUIROZ, ANA (Voter ID number 114502778).

1150 NW 29TH ST
HERNANDEZ, SONIA Carmen (Voter ID number 110073891).
JAMES, JOHN (Voter ID number 115728958).
SANTILLANI, GILMA Doris (Voter ID number 110128308).

1150 NW 39TH ST
STANLEY, JERMAINE Hunter (Voter ID number 118484792).
ZALDIVAR, MANUEL De Jesus (Voter ID number 116055701).
STANLEY, LINDA (Voter ID number 109093352).
STANLEY, NAKIA Shantrel (Voter ID number 109565465).

1150 NW 47TH TER
EDWARDS, KENNETH (Voter ID number 116444454).

1150 NW 50TH ST
BLANDING, TODD Terrell (Voter ID number 109419597).
MC CALL, GARY K. (Voter ID number 109579195).
MCCALL-WRIGHT, LYNDIA Lou (Voter ID number 110164622).
WRIGHT, COURTNEY N. (Voter ID number 110233978).

1150 NW 51ST TER
ROLLE, VERNAL (Voter ID number 116227784).
ROLLE, GEORGIA G. (Voter ID number 115250541).
ROLLE, TYRELL Vernon (Voter ID number 110102965).

1150 NW 55TH ST
TAYLOR, DARCY D. (Voter ID number 115851891).

1150 NW 55TH ST
APT 1150

GARMON, DARESHA (Voter ID number 120444753).

1150 NW 55TH TER
RADUNSKY, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 109912373).
LEDFORD, MARGARET Morgan (Voter ID number 109947172).

1150 NW 57TH ST
PEREZ, MARTHA I. (Voter ID number 118190955).
KNIGHT, LISA Renee (Voter ID number 109311379).
PEREZ, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 117807338).

1150 NW 58TH ST
STACKS, FLORINE (Voter ID number 108933392).

1151 NW 26TH ST
LAZZARINI, JESSICA M. (Voter ID number 107901068).
NOVO, FLORENTINA S. (Voter ID number 109524923).
NOVO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109591349).
VALDIVIA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109639838).

1151 NW 40TH ST
CAIDOR, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 109696353).

1151 NW 45TH ST
WATKINS, EMMA Mae (Voter ID number 108938689).

1151 NW 49TH ST
SIPPIO, LINDA A. (Voter ID number 109178101).

1151 NW 50TH ST
FAIR, PAMELA Yevette (Voter ID number 103317304).

1151 NW 55TH TER
BODIE, MAVIS Mildred (Voter ID number 108932825).
BODIE, LILLIAN Olean (Voter ID number 110278846).

1151 NW 56TH ST
DENNIS, EBONY Mercedes (Voter ID number 110329428).
DENNIS, FREDDIE Lewis (Voter ID number 109112839).
DENNIS, KIMBERLY Michelle (Voter ID number 115604367).
INGRAM, CHRISTOPHER Jonathan (Voter ID number 118104300).
THOMAS DENNIS, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 109055969).

1151 NW 57TH ST
DERONCELLY, SHAWN Joseph (Voter ID number 111904199).
SMITH, LADARIUS Isaac (Voter ID number 118607994).
FRAZIER, CHAVELA (Voter ID number 109400631).

1152 NW 37TH ST
GONZALEZ, SALVADORA (Voter ID number 109957938).
VEGA, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 114255819).

1152 NW 38TH ST
WILLIS, SYLVIA Yvette (Voter ID number 109562766).
WILLIS, DAVEENA L. (Voter ID number 116571365).

1152 NW 41ST ST
COLEMAN, LIZA A. (Voter ID number 114826359).
WOODS, WORDY C. (Voter ID number 119652308).

1152 NW 46TH ST
CRUZ, FRANCHESKA E. (Voter ID number 120221760).
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS Enrique (Voter ID number 109891089).

1152 NW 47TH ST
DIXON, PLUMER James (Voter ID number 110307074).
HERNANDEZ, ANGELA Vanessa (Voter ID number 119388887).
SUMMERSET, TYRONE Lamont (Voter ID number 114360666).
BROWN, GARY (Voter ID number 116164815).
MOSLEY, GLORIA (Voter ID number 109052934).

1152 NW 47TH ST

SUMMERSETT, JOANN (Voter ID number 109869179).

1152 NW 55TH ST
BROWN, ANTHONY L. (Voter ID number 117048493).

1152 NW 56TH ST
SPANN, JARROD Dexter (Voter ID number 117015706).
CARSWELL, DE Shannon Denise (Voter ID number 109487581).
CARSWELL, GEORGE Edward (Voter ID number 108958060).

1153 NW 28TH ST
SANCHEZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109963388).
SEPULVEDA, ROSALIA A. (Voter ID number 109878539).

1153 NW 29TH TER
ALONZO, CHAMIL Manuel (Voter ID number 117253403).

1153 NW 30TH ST

NOZZA, MILVILLE Ted (Voter ID number 110279210).

1153 NW 47TH ST
ESPINALES, TERESA D. (Voter ID number 119743059).
FIGUEROA, SOLANGEL (Voter ID number 118051723).

1153 NW 47TH TER
KELLOM, ROSS Lee (Voter ID number 109090270).
ROBINSON, SYHERIA A. (Voter ID number 117593685).
WILLIAMS, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number 114299416).
JONES, DEANDRE Tyree (Voter ID number 119611312).

1153 NW 58TH ST
REYNOLDS, EZRESE (Voter ID number 109903137).
SAVAGE, JUDITH Delena (Voter ID number 109145759).

1154 NW 28TH ST
MARTINEZ, KEVIN Anthony (Voter ID number 120400611).
LOPEZ, PETRONILA (Voter ID number 114047619).

1154 NW 29TH TER
ROJAS, OSCAR (Voter ID number 118249000).

1154 NW 58TH TER
LESTER, ANTWON D. (Voter ID number 120080427).

1155 NW 25TH ST
JIMENEZ, GUILLERMO Alberto (Voter ID number 120529806).
JIMENEZ, GUILLERMO De La Cruz (Voter ID number 116371311).
CARDENAS, MARTHA Lorena (Voter ID number 114924693).

1155 NW 26TH ST
JUST, LESLIE Anne (Voter ID number 109059128).

1155 NW 29TH ST
ROJAS, ALMA (Voter ID number 119548655).
ECHEVARRIA, AMANDA (Voter ID number 109612175).
ROJAS, YESSENIA Suyapa (Voter ID number 116093998).

1155 NW 31ST ST
QUINTERO, AMANDA (Voter ID number 120906298).
MORGAN, LOIS Ruth (Voter ID number 109108487).
QUINTERO, TERESA Annette (Voter ID number 109341384).

1155 NW 51ST ST
DALVERY, DAVID (Voter ID number 109515589).
DALVERY, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109564480).
DALVERY, JEAN David (Voter ID number 109203527).
DALVERY, MARC Andrew (Voter ID number 109812820).
DALVERY, MATHILDE M. (Voter ID number 109297054).

1156 NW 51ST ST
VENTURA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 114369860).

1156 NW 51ST TER
RICHARDSON-MILLER, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 101590794).
MILLER, HAROLD Lewis (Voter ID number 109311861).
REYNOLDS, EDDIE (Voter ID number 109885229).

1156 NW 56TH ST
WHITTAKER, KIM (Voter ID number 117722017).
DENNIS, ELOISE (Voter ID number 109070951).
DENNIS, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 109879244).

1156 NW 59TH ST
STROUD, LEE R. (Voter ID number 114660842).

1157 NW 30TH ST
GREENE, WARREN James (Voter ID number 116208486).

1157 NW 46TH ST
HILL, EUGENE (Voter ID number 109042082).
MC NAIR, SANDY R. (Voter ID number 110098339).

1158 NW 27TH ST
ALEMANY, ALDO Antonio (Voter ID number 111442137).
MAS, YAMILE (Voter ID number 110137439).
ROCHA, MARVIN J. (Voter ID number 110139333).

1158 NW 46TH ST
AUGUSTE, KEYON Muhammed (Voter ID number 120901169).
HODGES, ESTER Mae (Voter ID number 108938429).

1158 NW 48TH ST
WRIGHT, ERIC P. (Voter ID number 116235555).

1159 NW 24TH ST
ALVAREZ, JUANA (Voter ID number 109499887).
AYALA, JOANNE (Voter ID number 109834412).
ALVAREZ, PAULA (Voter ID number 109808649).
LOPEZ, EDGAR Francisco (Voter ID number 109907459).

1159 NW 46TH ST
STURRUP RUSSELL, MARILYN L. (Voter ID number 110013420).

1159 NW 48TH ST
ROSARIO, VALERIE M. (Voter ID number 115380364).
WEATHERSPOON, KRISTAL Latrice (Voter ID number 115234571).
BURGOS, LUZ Celina (Voter ID number 109312464).
LAWRENCE, ALONZO D. (Voter ID number 109607631).

116 NW 24TH ST

MATRA, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 110206469).

116 NW 34TH ST
ORTIZ, JUAN Hernandez (Voter ID number 109928142).
RODRIGUEZ, MELVIN Antonio (Voter ID number 109862982).

1160 NW 25TH ST
CROOKS, SHEARA (Voter ID number 116682649).
JULIEN, EMMANUEL Adelphin (Voter ID number 109211419).
JULIEN, KHAREE Akeem (Voter ID number 120089679).
JULIEN, SHEARA (Voter ID number 109471655).
JULIEN, JOCELYNE (Voter ID number 116632770).

1160 NW 26TH ST
ARAGON, GERALDINE D. (Voter ID number 114376578).
ARAGON, LESTER A. (Voter ID number 120325987).
MENDOZA, ROSA Argentina (Voter ID number 109504410).
OSORNO, BRYAN David (Voter ID number 118226203).
REYES-MENDOZA, ANA G. (Voter ID number 117563010).
ROSALES, MARIA ELENA (Voter ID number 119556920).
OSORNO, EDWIN (Voter ID number 109927610).
OSORNO, MARY (Voter ID number 109681398).
REYES, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 109813086).
REYES, NOELIA P. (Voter ID number 110124650).
OSORNO, DAVID (Voter ID number 116254756).

1160 NW 29TH TER
DIAZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 110199289).
MONTES, IVAN (Voter ID number 110264199).
ROSARIO, ADELA (Voter ID number 109311328).
ROSARIO, BLANCA Carmen (Voter ID number 117807676).

1160 NW 31ST ST
MEDRANO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109995509).
MARTINEZ, ANGEL L. (Voter ID number 110214004).
MARTINEZ, ELISA (Voter ID number 110093810).

1160 NW 32ND ST
PEREZ, AURORA (Voter ID number 119711967).
PEREZ, JORJE Guadalupe (Voter ID number 114743147).

1160 NW 37TH ST
JAMES, DIJONAH A. (Voter ID number 110201359).
JAMES, JARVIS Xzavier (Voter ID number 109416924).
JAMES, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 109977256).
JAMES, VERNON (Voter ID number 109573054).

1160 NW 47TH ST
SOZA MORENO, JUAN Francisco (Voter ID number 119822694).
GOMEZ, CLAUDIA P. (Voter ID number 115913130).

1160 NW 50TH ST
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 109504914).
FRANCIS, CLAUDETTE Denise (Voter ID number 109072027).
MOORER, MARGAREE (Voter ID number 109459134).
FRANCIS, CLAUDETTE D. (Voter ID number 116817080).

1160 NW 51ST TER
HILLS, CLIFSTONIA (Voter ID number 120247578).
BLOUNT, KELVIN Charles (Voter ID number 110086442).
BUTLER, CLIFSTONIA R. (Voter ID number 109843086).

1160 NW 55TH ST
MOODY, CLEO Marcel (Voter ID number 114301631).

1160 NW 57TH ST
PRATT, GEORGE David (Voter ID number 110269163).
ISON, SHARON Louise (Voter ID number 109176577).

1160 NW 58TH ST
BLACKMON, DENETRIA L. (Voter ID number 110235884).
BLACKMON, EDWARD (Voter ID number 108953731).
BLACKMON, NACHELLE S. (Voter ID number 109981885).
BLACKMON, THERESA Taggart (Voter ID number 109074491).

1160 NW 58TH TER
EASON, LENA Evadney (Voter ID number 115440447).

1161 NW 29TH TER
OROZCO, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 119716068).

1161 NW 31ST ST
MARIN, EDIN M. (Voter ID number 118026973).
MARIN, EVA V. (Voter ID number 119421887).
RAMOS, IVONNE Karina (Voter ID number 119306529).

1161 NW 37TH ST
FLUELLEN, SIDNEY (Voter ID number 109346795).
HUDSON, DEBRA Ann (Voter ID number 109153349).
SEYMOUR, TEIXERIA Nikkita (Voter ID number 110187665).
THOMPSON, RICHARD Bernard (Voter ID number 115547171).

1161 NW 40TH ST
DANCY, BIANCA I. (Voter ID number 117150245).
DANCY, JARVIS S. (Voter ID number 115275340).
DANCY, DONNELL L. (Voter ID number 109817312).
DANCY, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109137953).
DANCY, TA'CARRA Nicole (Voter ID number 115526054).

1161 NW 45TH ST
LINDSEY, ERNESTINE (Voter ID number 108938513).

1161 NW 46TH ST
GORDON, MARY E. (Voter ID number 109922264).
LUNSFORD, MICHAEL G. (Voter ID number 109343830).

1161 NW 47TH TER
ZAPATA, FAUSTO E. (Voter ID number 116836985).
ZAPATA, SHARON (Voter ID number 118334023).

1161 NW 48TH ST
HOUSER, JARVIS Rene (Voter ID number 114369987).
LEE, ASHLEY D. (Voter ID number 118105591).
WILLIAMS, TRAVIS D. (Voter ID number 109988172).

1161 NW 49TH ST
CAMPBELL, WILLIE David (Voter ID number 108902779).

1161 NW 50TH ST

MCNEIL, NATASHA Cassandra (Voter ID number 114103914).

1161 NW 50TH ST
JONES, RACHEL (Voter ID number 110228746).
MC NEIL, ANNIE Fern (Voter ID number 109176407).
WILLAMS, DOMINIQUE F. (Voter ID number 110038796).
JONES, RACHEL (Voter ID number 116796694).

1161 NW 55TH ST
JOHNSON, ALEXANDER Calvin (Voter ID number 109056112).
JOHNSON, ALEXIS Calvin (Voter ID number 105210409).

1161 NW 56TH ST
THOMAS, DAVID G. (Voter ID number 110310420).
TYLER, TERRALYN Tenishio Clark (Voter ID number 109495769).
CLARK, CHRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 117480399).
COLVIN, JOHWANNA T. (Voter ID number 116169188).
THOMAS, HEATHER Sharnell (Voter ID number 114080489).
THOMAS, JEFFERY Leon (Voter ID number 109392619).

1161 NW 57TH ST
CARSWELL, LAURETTE M. (Voter ID number 110174141).
REDDICH, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110230208).
REDDICK, WILLIAM Jeremiah (Voter ID number 109980638).
REDDOCK, JEREROMAH (Voter ID number 116234315).

1161 NW 58TH TER
SMALL, CLARENCE William (Voter ID number 110155336).

1162 NW 25TH ST
JULIEN, ANTONINE Valentine (Voter ID number 109399018).
JULIEN, CALVIN (Voter ID number 109347974).
PHILIPPE, JAMES (Voter ID number 110253195).

1162 NW 28TH ST
VALLADARES, MODESTA (Voter ID number 109473006).

1162 NW 61ST ST
MORLEY, ASHLEY Marie (Voter ID number 110000595).
MORLEY, AUBRY Gene (Voter ID number 109113489).

1163 NW 28TH ST
CRUZATA, OLGA Planas (Voter ID number 110149716).
WILLIAMS, XAVIER Dwayne (Voter ID number 114409706).

1163 NW 51ST ST
BELLAMY, JOAN Q. (Voter ID number 109118449).
BELLAMY, THELBERT L. (Voter ID number 110140356).

1164 NW 46TH ST
HODGES, CHRISTOPHER Jermaine (Voter ID number 110113765).
HODGES, DEBRONYA Sharon (Voter ID number 114720501).
HODGES-ROSSIN, JULIA Ann (Voter ID number 109126469).

1164 NW 61ST ST
ANDREWS, JANAE L. (Voter ID number 117562160).
BURNS-ANDREWS, TRACY (Voter ID number 110154893).
BOIDERS, ANTOINE S. (Voter ID number 110232482).
BURNS, JANICE M. (Voter ID number 109151372).
BURNS, JIMMY (Voter ID number 110131872).
BURNS, QUANKIEDRA L. (Voter ID number 110204042).
BURNS, SADIE Mae (Voter ID number 108932859).
GAULDEN, KELLEN D. (Voter ID number 114303141).
JONES, ALFRED Leonard (Voter ID number 109980845).
JONES, GRACE Eloise (Voter ID number 109115963).
LOUIS, RODERICK N. (Voter ID number 110155698).
MADISON, KEVIN (Voter ID number 110274409).
SMITH, DANA M. (Voter ID number 109344508).
SMITH, TRAYOEN A. (Voter ID number 109980345).

1165 NW 25TH ST
HONORE, ERMITE (Voter ID number 110133216).
MURAT, CONSTAMISE (Voter ID number 110247296).

1165 NW 47TH TER
MOORE, ALEXIS V. (Voter ID number 109180969).

1165 NW 60TH ST
KIRKLAND, CLARATEEN Delois (Voter ID number 109134171).
KIRKLAND, TAVARRIS J. (Voter ID number 110030552).

1166 NW 29TH ST
GONZALEZ, MARVELL (Voter ID number 109931611).
OLIVA, MELISSA (Voter ID number 110224932).

1166 NW 33RD ST
COLLINS, DON L. (Voter ID number 117426341).
CLARK, MELISSA Nikia (Voter ID number 110062977).

1166 NW 47TH TER
LEWIS, ANNA Lee (Voter ID number 109114884).

1166 NW 51ST TER
JOSEPH, JONAS (Voter ID number 110023250).
ALCIDERE, FAUVETTE (Voter ID number 109799358).

1166 NW 58TH TER
PAYEN, REBECCA C. (Voter ID number 109444545).
WILLIAMS, LANGSTON C. (Voter ID number 116240914).
LULLY, EMIL R. (Voter ID number 116005586).

1167 NW 27TH ST
LOPEZ, ARLETH M. (Voter ID number 110019686).
GELAZ, MARITZA I. (Voter ID number 109905617).
LOPEZ, HECTOR Jose (Voter ID number 110019644).

1167 NW 31ST ST
LOPEZ-REYES, MARTA C. (Voter ID number 116055749).

1167 NW 49TH ST
KABUANSEYA, GRACIA Ngoya (Voter ID number 121028659).
KABUANSEYA, PATRICK (Voter ID number 110186938).
KABUANSEYA, SYLVA Kamba (Voter ID number 118009725).
KAMBA, SOKOLONI F. (Voter ID number 115866321).
NKUBA, PATIENCE M. (Voter ID number 118636537).

1167 NW 58TH ST
RAY, EARNESTINE B. (Voter ID number 109044297).

1168 NW 27TH ST
GOMEZ, ILEANA (Voter ID number 109398971).

1168 NW 28TH ST
GARCIA, MICHELLE Yesenia (Voter ID number 110201346).
VELEZ, FELICITA (Voter ID number 108943654).
VELEZ, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109181128).

1168 NW 29TH TER
GAMBLE, LEROY (Voter ID number 109014186).

1168 NW 30TH ST
BUNETT, OTTO (Voter ID number 110278129).
BYRNETT, OTTO (Voter ID number 116207855).

1168 NW 31ST ST
KEATON, DARRELL Lorenzo (Voter ID number 108950971).
KEATON, DONNELL Thomas (Voter ID number 117394290).
KEATON, DERRICK (Voter ID number 109164385).
KEATON, DIANA (Voter ID number 109857438).
LAWRENCE, JAKHIA R. (Voter ID number 119055743).
WILLIAMS, SHARON D. (Voter ID number 108912697).

1168 NW 33RD ST
VEASY, AARON Kristopher (Voter ID number 110172928).
GATER, JENNITA L. (Voter ID number 116301668).
NICHOLS, SHARON Ann (Voter ID number 109392260).
VEASY, ASHANTI L. (Voter ID number 115063212).

1168 NW 41ST ST
ZELEDON, JULIO (Voter ID number 117107023).
GUTIERREZ, MIGDALIA E. (Voter ID number 109926824).

1168 NW 51ST ST
BRIME, KEVIN W. (Voter ID number 114417299).

1168 NW 51ST TER
JOSEPH, MONIQUE (Voter ID number 110342328).
JOSEPH, MONISE (Voter ID number 117652332).
JOSEPH, PATRICK (Voter ID number 115693427).

1169 NW 27TH ST
ROMERO, CAROLINA M. (Voter ID number 118947223).
SUAREZ, ENRIQUE Javier (Voter ID number 110129071).

1169 NW 29TH TER
RIVENOL, JOSE (Voter ID number 115902292).

1169 NW 30TH ST
MONAGAS, ESPERANZA (Voter ID number 109470446).
MONAGAS, JORGE (Voter ID number 109589391).

1169 NW 46TH ST
ACOSTA - RUIZ, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number 117314812).
RUIZ, IRENE (Voter ID number 109529872).

1169 NW 47TH ST
BOGAN, TRAVILLIA Deshawn (Voter ID number 109364819).

1169 NW 56TH ST
DILLON, RAYSHON (Voter ID number 116496034).

117 NW 41ST ST
SANTIAGO, LANY O. (Voter ID number 117039153).

117 NW 42ND ST
VERA-TUDELA, JAVIER Gonzalo (Voter ID number 109926458).

117 NW 44TH ST
ALICEA, VANESSA S. (Voter ID number 120437134).
GURIDI, DAMARIS (Voter ID number 110098818).
GURIDI, ALEIDA Iris (Voter ID number 115924247).
GURIDI, ERNESTINA C. (Voter ID number 109955007).
RAMOS, MARIA (Voter ID number 108933565).
RAMOS, RAFAELITO (Voter ID number 110253924).
RIVERA, DANIEL F. (Voter ID number 114657413).
RIVERA, STELLA (Voter ID number 109216553).

117 NW 47TH TER
THERIEN, FELICIA M. (Voter ID number 114221187).

117 NW 48TH ST
VILLANUEVA, TATIANA Z. (Voter ID number 110048273).

117 NW 52ND ST
PETIT, MERIANE (Voter ID number 109976305).

117 NW 58TH ST
EDOUARD, NAOMI (Voter ID number 114172126).

1170 NW 25TH ST
CASAS, ROSA Argentina (Voter ID number 102103107).
ROJAS, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109201203).

1170 NW 26TH ST
PEREZ, RENE (Voter ID number 109267507).
SANTOS, PEDRO (Voter ID number 109791435).
PEREZ, RAIDA G. (Voter ID number 109522522).

1170 NW 39TH ST
WALKER, GREGORY Levi (Voter ID number 108904433).

1170 NW 46TH ST
BARR, ALEX (Voter ID number 108938209).
BARR, VANNIE Deloris (Voter ID number 109036017).

1170 NW 48TH ST
HUMES, FANNIE Jones (Voter ID number 108937801).

1170 NW 49TH ST
JENKINS, CARNESHA Lashawn (Voter ID number 117548576).
JENKINS, DEKELA S. (Voter ID number 120906189).

1170 NW 50TH ST
WILFORK, CHRISTEL S. (Voter ID number 109283426).
COHEN, DAISY (Voter ID number 108937686).
ROBERTS, KELLY U. (Voter ID number 109462604).

1170 NW 56TH ST
SMITH, MARIA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 117716746).
SIMMONS, JOSEPH C. (Voter ID number 109345927).
SMITH, WAYMAN (Voter ID number 110153694).

1170 NW 57TH ST
MALCOLM, DANYELL Denise (Voter ID number 109738071).
MOORE, GREGORY Sylvanus (Voter ID number 109037390).

1170 NW 58TH ST
MOORE, NATALIE V. (Voter ID number 110293368).
NEWBOLD, RONNIE Byron (Voter ID number 109136300).
WOODS, JUANITA Jones (Voter ID number 108933299).

1170 NW 59TH ST
LEWIS-HARRIS, GWENDOLYN Dyette (Voter ID number 109259596).
LEWIS, ANNIE Vivian (Voter ID number 108933238).
LEWIS, GARY Lee (Voter ID number 110277319).
LEWIS, TIMMY James (Voter ID number 109203993).

1170 NW 60TH ST
OVIEDO, JESUS J. (Voter ID number 116949976).
DAVIS, TYLEASHA S. (Voter ID number 110252018).

1171 NW 28TH ST
ANGULO, BLORIDA (Voter ID number 114691803).
RIVERA, BENIGNO (Voter ID number 110043729).

1171 NW 29TH ST
DELGADO, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 110280039).

1171 NW 47TH ST
BODDEN, JOHNNY Benjamin (Voter ID number 119271351).
TAYLOR, ALEX Randy (Voter ID number 115288024).

1171 NW 47TH ST

BODDEN, JOHN Mark (Voter ID number 117693215).

1171 NW 47TH ST
TAYLOR, SELMA (Voter ID number 117105121).
BODDEN, JOHN Artel (Voter ID number 116910082).
WILLSOM, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 116929631).

1171 NW 48TH ST
CAMPBELL, WALTER James (Voter ID number 120159120).
SANDERLAND, JESSIE O. (Voter ID number 110165272).
SANDILANDS, JESSIE P. (Voter ID number 108937966).
YOUNG, ALLEN L. (Voter ID number 116712328).

1171 NW 51ST TER
BANKS, DONALD E. (Voter ID number 109574476).
BANKS, SANDRA Delores (Voter ID number 108914537).
BURDON, PEGGY Angilique (Voter ID number 109489586).

1171 NW 55TH ST
DESTRA, JUDITH (Voter ID number 109610561).
FRAZILE, LUCE (Voter ID number 109700397).

1171 NW 56TH ST
MADRID, MARTHA G. (Voter ID number 117467882).
MADRID, ROGER Arturo (Voter ID number 120430586).
MADRID, MELBA (Voter ID number 116810879).

1171 NW 57TH ST
BATTLE, TAVIN Deon (Voter ID number 110035376).
BETHUNE, DARRYEL Georn (Voter ID number 109292300).
BETHUNE, LEE Junior (Voter ID number 109132693).
BETHUNE, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109270353).

1171 NW 58TH TER
PHILIS, ANGELINE (Voter ID number 116388695).

1172 NW 25TH ST
LAROSA, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 110306929).
ROSALES, ROBERTO Jose (Voter ID number 118796467).

1172 NW 26TH ST
ULABARRO, NERY (Voter ID number 109837882).

1172 NW 47TH TER
WILLIAMS, ESSIE Annette (Voter ID number 108953687).
WILLIAMS, CECILI Tyree (Voter ID number 110092206).
WILLIAMS, TODDRICK Demon (Voter ID number 109463585).

1172 NW 51ST TER
JOSEPH, ROLAND (Voter ID number 109722384).
NOEL, JOHN (Voter ID number 116265848).

1173 NW 29TH ST
AGUILAR, CARLOS Miguel (Voter ID number 121003629).
AGUILAR, MARTIN A. (Voter ID number 118871152).
ESCALONA, YUAN Jesus (Voter ID number 119426713).
HERRERA, JUAN (Voter ID number 109166050).
LUGO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109819387).
SOTOLONGO, ROSA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109928103).

1173 NW 38TH ST
FORSTON, ALEXIS Rachel (Voter ID number 110115766).
FORSTON, ALEX (Voter ID number 108938356).
FORSTON, ESSIE Bell (Voter ID number 108938357).

1173 NW 51ST ST
RUSSELL, QUYESHA Lameika (Voter ID number 118153031).

1173 NW 51ST TER
RUSSELL, SOPHIA Juanita (Voter ID number 109354725).
WASHINGTON, JAQUETTA Titiana (Voter ID number 110328737).
WASHINGTON, TANGENIKA Monique (Voter ID number 115104919).

1174 NW 25TH ST
MARTINEZ ROJAS, CESAR A. (Voter ID number 116795402).

1174 NW 41ST ST
ACOSTA, SUZETTE (Voter ID number 114676900).
JIMENEZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 114847111).
TAYLOR, DANIEL (Voter ID number 116287259).

1175 NW 24TH ST
ALVAREZ, GERSON (Voter ID number 114556998).
ALVAREZ, YVETTE (Voter ID number 120220170).
ALVAREZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 115264582).
ALVAREZ, ELVIN R. (Voter ID number 110151080).
ALVAREZ, JONATHAN Noeh (Voter ID number 114162015).
ALVAREZ, RAMON Arnulfo (Voter ID number 109598093).
ALVAREZ, RUTH (Voter ID number 115753215).
ALVAREZ, SUSY (Voter ID number 118097140).

1175 NW 25TH ST
LEWIS, WILLIE James (Voter ID number 109884872).
PATTERSON, MARY Louise (Voter ID number 108961494).

1175 NW 26TH ST
NAVAS, RAMON (Voter ID number 109541828).
RODRIGUEZ, ESTHER Balbina (Voter ID number 110308980).

1175 NW 45TH ST
GAGE, AKISHA L. (Voter ID number 110272004).
KNIGHT, CHARLESWORTH H. (Voter ID number 116355702).
KNIGHT, CHRISTINE Hermina (Voter ID number 109868772).

1175 NW 46TH ST
MC CLAIN, ISAAC (Voter ID number 108987973).

1175 NW 47TH TER
BROOKS, KENNETH E. (Voter ID number 116196909).
BROOKS, AARON J. (Voter ID number 116700119).
BROOKS, BETTYE Louise (Voter ID number 108918720).
BROOKS, OVERTON (Voter ID number 108939618).

1175 NW 49TH ST
RAY, SALLY D. (Voter ID number 108937983).

1175 NW 55TH TER
BENNETT, SHAREVA D. (Voter ID number 110207234).
BENNETT, WILLIE (Voter ID number 114159516).
FARMER, CHRISTOPHER Terrell (Voter ID number 110036419).

1175 NW 61ST ST
SMITH, RAMONA (Voter ID number 109929245).
WELCH, RACHEL (Voter ID number 110259357).

1176 NW 25TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, AMARILYS Esther (Voter ID number 116460635).
MAGRIS, FELIX (Voter ID number 110342909).
NAZARIO GASTON, LUIS Angel (Voter ID number 115297608).
ROCHE, ELBA Mireya (Voter ID number 109590079).

1176 NW 26TH ST
FERRER, ERISLANDY (Voter ID number 118450556).
FERRER, YAOMARA (Voter ID number 114629822).

1176 NW 28TH ST
HERNANDEZ, JOEL P. (Voter ID number 110274427).

1176 NW 29TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ANTONIO R. (Voter ID number 109199030).
RODRIGUEZ, DELIA (Voter ID number 109199031).

1176 NW 31ST ST
BUTLER, STEPHEN Neal (Voter ID number 117000398).
BUTLER, KESHIA L. (Voter ID number 110148553).
BUTLER, LATOYIA Michelle (Voter ID number 115263249).
SMART, KIM E. (Voter ID number 109208058).

1176 NW 32ND ST
BORRELL, EMMA I. (Voter ID number 119909229).
CASTELLANOS, ELSA E. (Voter ID number 109692418).

1176 NW 37TH ST
LEE, MAURICE Vincent (Voter ID number 118978969).
CHANEY, JANIKA Natasha (Voter ID number 109404499).
DARDEN-LEE, CAROLYN L. (Voter ID number 108904361).
DAVIS, TRONESHA Sharell (Voter ID number 109987541).
ROBINSON, COREY D. (Voter ID number 110118464).
SMITH, COREY (Voter ID number 110284391).

1176 NW 46TH ST
DANIELS, ANNIE Jewel (Voter ID number 108952622).
PAYTON, TRELLANY T. (Voter ID number 116912675).

1176 NW 47TH ST
SUAZO, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 117591363).
TORRES, MARJORY Janet (Voter ID number 121040678).
MAYORGA, BERTHA (Voter ID number 109646255).

1176 NW 48TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 117572556).
RODRIGUEZ, ZAIDA Ivette (Voter ID number 118889068).

1176 NW 49TH ST
JOHNSON, SHELDON Bernard (Voter ID number 115937390).
ORR, CHANNELL (Voter ID number 110267035).
ORR, SHAWN E. (Voter ID number 109942339).

1176 NW 51ST ST
ORTIZ, GISSEL M. (Voter ID number 114370010).

1176 NW 58TH TER
DAVIS, JANIE (Voter ID number 108960567).

1177 NW 28TH ST
BERNAL, MICHAEL Arturo (Voter ID number 119757279).
MORCADA, MAXIMO (Voter ID number 116373179).
RAMIREZ, BRIAN T. (Voter ID number 118097693).

1177 NW 29TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, AURA L. (Voter ID number 115375204).
ROQUE BELTRAN, JUANA Samanta (Voter ID number 120191551).
ESTRADA, JOZVEL V. (Voter ID number 114437045).
ESTRADA, WALFRE F. (Voter ID number 109928905).
HERNANDEZ, VICTORIA O. (Voter ID number 114327511).

1177 NW 29TH TER
MARFAY, FELIX (Voter ID number 109625081).
RODRIGUEZ, JAMIE (Voter ID number 110204084).
RODRIGUEZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 109411051).
RODRIGUEZ, ROSA Michelle (Voter ID number 110002794).
LOREDO, CARMEN L. (Voter ID number 109905646).
LOREDO, VERONICA (Voter ID number 114597492).
RODRIGUEZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 109907400).

1177 NW 30TH ST
GARCEZ DE ANGULO, NINFA L. (Voter ID number 116544682).
BELLE, JUAN (Voter ID number 116250204).

1177 NW 31ST ST
PHILLIPS, MILDRED Pauleen (Voter ID number 109474243).
PHILLIPS, MIRIAM L. (Voter ID number 109837095).

1177 NW 48TH ST
COLLINS, RICKY (Voter ID number 116259588).
COLLINS, THOMAS (Voter ID number 110209212).
WHITE, IVORY Z. (Voter ID number 108912078).
WHITE, MATTIE Mae (Voter ID number 109007010).

1177 NW 50TH ST
WILLIAMS, FRANK Lashown (Voter ID number 120401202).
SHAW, KEVIN Dwyne (Voter ID number 118411235).

1177 NW 58TH ST
BROWN, CHAROLETTE Nichole (Voter ID number 109955712).
SOLOMON, LILLIE May (Voter ID number 108922811).

1179 NW 58TH ST
SMALL, DENORA Michelle (Voter ID number 115592223).
BROWN, WALTER B. (Voter ID number 109045992).

1179 NW 60TH ST
SCOTT, MARCIA Elaine (Voter ID number 108925568).
PHILLIPS, TAMIKA Lashun (Voter ID number 114709596).
SCOTT-SELLERS, MARKUS Erik (Voter ID number 110192760).

118 NW 24TH ST
WALLACE, TERRENCE Lamont (Voter ID number 114546932).

118 NW 35TH ST
CAMACHO MEDINA, HECTOR Luis (Voter ID number 116883228).
SOLER, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109655926).
SOLER, VICTOR M. (Voter ID number 109190128).

118 NW 42ND ST
VEILLARD, GENA (Voter ID number 110099965).

118 NW 44TH ST
HO, BELINDA Niling (Voter ID number 115452630).
GONZALEZ, LIZA (Voter ID number 110200025).

1180 NW 50TH ST
DAWKINS, CHARLES (Voter ID number 109192523).
WILLIAMS, LILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 108938159).

1180 NW 57TH ST
MARTINEZ, FRANCISCO Joshua (Voter ID number 116571362).
MARTINEZ, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 115486313).
MARTINEZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 115557860).

1180 NW 58TH ST
POLLARD, JUSTIN Armstead Eric (Voter ID number 114303406).
PARRISH, MARY Alice (Voter ID number 108940578).

1180 NW 59TH ST
CAMPBELL, ASALAM Pastoria (Voter ID number 109772235).

1181 NW 29TH ST
DIAZ, ADALBERTO (Voter ID number 116889912).

1181 NW 56TH ST
REED, ANDREA (Voter ID number 120542054).
REED, DANYELL Shante (Voter ID number 119386960).
REED, DE' ANTE Marquise (Voter ID number 116886039).
REED, ELIZABETH Scott (Voter ID number 115080971).
REED, JESSIE Merle (Voter ID number 109062496).
STROUD, HARRY Cornelius (Voter ID number 115879502).

1181 NW 57TH ST
WHITE, DERAIL R. (Voter ID number 120120419).
CVELBAR, ERIC Joseph (Voter ID number 109766288).
SUTTON, PAULINE (Voter ID number 109057641).
WHITE, JOANNA Lee (Voter ID number 109437219).

1181 NW 58TH TER
PERKINS, ANTONIO M. (Voter ID number 109864336).
PERKINS, KATIE M. (Voter ID number 109221991).

1181 NW 60TH ST
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER Allen (Voter ID number 109288211).
BROWN, LILLIE Rose (Voter ID number 109027143).

1182 NW 26TH ST
GONZALEZ, ANGEL Santos (Voter ID number 116483605).
RODRIGUEZ, CARMEN Milagros (Voter ID number 110102553).
NIEVES, IRMA (Voter ID number 109688028).
COX, TOMEKIA (Voter ID number 116292816).

1182 NW 41ST ST
VILLEDA, VIVIAN Y. (Voter ID number 120000078).
BROOKS, NOEMI I. (Voter ID number 116056148).
BROOKS, ORVIN B. (Voter ID number 109900717).
RAINES, RUTH J. (Voter ID number 116367297).

1182 NW 51ST ST
GATOR, RONDELL Daquan (Voter ID number 115723940).

1183 NW 25TH ST
MORLA, MALVIN A. (Voter ID number 110017552).
NARCISSO, CHARLES Andrew (Voter ID number 109987477).
RODRIGUEZ, TANYA Ornelis (Voter ID number 110018792).
RODRIGUEZ, YOCELIN A. (Voter ID number 110163949).
RODRIGUEZ SANCHEZ, ORLANDO Augusto (Voter ID number 116255228).

1183 NW 26TH ST
DIAZ, RAUL Severino (Voter ID number 108907103).

1184 NW 25TH ST
CARRANZA, REYNALDO J. (Voter ID number 110218404).
CARRANZA, GERALDINE Suyapa (Voter ID number 115019762).
RODRIGUEZ, ARTURO (Voter ID number 109624818).

1184 NW 29TH ST
RIVERA, MARIA Yesenia (Voter ID number 115902720).
RIVERA, RADAMES (Voter ID number 109520173).
RIVERA, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 109756452).
YARCE, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 117428738).

1184 NW 29TH TER
PEREZ, THELMA C. (Voter ID number 114266104).
VEGA, HAZEL (Voter ID number 115717377).

1184 NW 30TH ST
DEAN, LADARIUS C. (Voter ID number 109988723).
DEAN, MATTIE B. (Voter ID number 109043296).
KEITH, TABRIANA A. (Voter ID number 119040160).
PARKER, SABRINA Yolanda (Voter ID number 109570947).

1184 NW 37TH ST
ALVAREZ, MYRA Enid (Voter ID number 115319989).
RIVERA, JOSE Ramon (Voter ID number 114558841).
SIERRA, DANNY Mitchell (Voter ID number 115320063).

1184 NW 47TH TER
MOSS, MARCELLA D. (Voter ID number 115263333).
MOSS, MARCELINO Damascus (Voter ID number 110209805).
MOSS, MARCELLINO Damascus (Voter ID number 109293242).
MOSS, VYONDA Ellen (Voter ID number 109226494).

1184 NW 48TH ST
PITTS COPELAND, BRENDA Ann (Voter ID number 109155295).
PITTS, LINDA (Voter ID number 109208406).
PITTS, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 108959041).
PITTS, WILLIE C. (Voter ID number 108914162).
RUSH, MELINDA K. (Voter ID number 108669646).
TOBY, WILLIE V. (Voter ID number 109882303).

1184 NW 51ST TER
LYNN, TASHONA L. (Voter ID number 117086338).

1185 NW 28TH ST
INCERA, KAREN G. (Voter ID number 117051307).
ESTOPINAN, OLGA Iris (Voter ID number 109119110).
SANTIAGO, IRMA Alicia (Voter ID number 109347927).

1185 NW 29TH ST
OSORTO, ALINA (Voter ID number 119606681).
OSORTO, EFRAIN (Voter ID number 117590641).

1185 NW 29TH TER
OLIVERO, RAUL Lazaro (Voter ID number 120807676).
ALVAREZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 116067083).
SUAREZ, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 110113126).

1185 NW 30TH ST
JARQUIN, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 110113380).
JARQUIN, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 110327963).

1185 NW 31ST ST
FERNANDEZ, PABLO (Voter ID number 110337918).
CRUZ, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 110337920).

1185 NW 37TH ST
DIAZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 116635675).
GONZALEZ-DIAZ, JOSELIN (Voter ID number 119045849).

1185 NW 46TH ST
LEWIS, (NONE) (Voter ID number 115923661).
WHITE, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 108938133).

1185 NW 47TH ST
BULLARD, JASMINE Patrice (Voter ID number 118100559).
BRADSHAW, BRANDON J. (Voter ID number 116019652).
BRADSHAW, LENON R. (Voter ID number 115058650).
BRADSHAW, QUESTELLA L. (Voter ID number 117566237).

1185 NW 47TH TER
WILLIAMS, TRAVIS (Voter ID number 110150973).
SASSER, SHAWNTRIA D. (Voter ID number 109236615).
WILLIAMS, ERNESTINE Hunter (Voter ID number 108902370).
WILLIAMS, LARRY (Voter ID number 109106957).

1185 NW 48TH ST
LATHAM, MELODY Renae (Voter ID number 109392232).
LATHAM, AISHA A. (Voter ID number 115250470).
LATHAM, CHERYL Diane (Voter ID number 109191226).
LATHAM, JESSIE Theresa (Voter ID number 108902679).
LATHAM, TANGELA Maria (Voter ID number 109160880).
LATHAM, VINCENT Alan (Voter ID number 109227098).

1185 NW 51ST ST
CAUSEY, JESSICA (Voter ID number 114194843).
THOMAS, ANDREA Causey (Voter ID number 116630068).

1186 NW 31ST ST
BROWN, SHARON Dowdy (Voter ID number 108984618).
DOWDY, HERMAN L. (Voter ID number 109551696).
DOWDY, JOHNTHAN W. (Voter ID number 110114267).
DOWDY, SHANNA M. (Voter ID number 109737023).
PATTERSON, DESMA Latoya (Voter ID number 114676011).

1186 NW 32ND ST
ROMEO, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 116629183).
ROMEU, LUIS (Voter ID number 108943038).

1186 NW 56TH ST
DOUGLAS, DAVID Earl (Voter ID number 109079621).

1186 NW 61ST ST
ROZIER, WILLIAM Devonde (Voter ID number 118560903).

1187 NW 25TH ST
LEON, JUANA (Voter ID number 118100460).
LEON, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 116691190).
LEON, GERMAN (Voter ID number 109670033).

1188 NW 61ST ST
MATHUS, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 114216127).

1189 NW 24TH ST
YIN, TSE Hwa Johnson (Voter ID number 102414699).
DOUCE, DANIEL R. (Voter ID number 110316532).
KOELBEL, NANCY Christine (Voter ID number 104097243).

1189 NW 25TH ST
MAJANO, JOSE D. (Voter ID number 115430631).

119 NW 29TH ST

CARVAJAL, LUCY (Voter ID number 116323091).
GUTIERREZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 110176818).

119 NW 29TH ST
FERRIS, SARA (Voter ID number 116276867).
PALACIOS, MARIO (Voter ID number 116318098).

119 NW 35TH ST
LOPEZ, JUAN Ramon (Voter ID number 109179803).
LOPEZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 109179802).
QUINONES, RAFAEL Angel (Voter ID number 114824908).

119 NW 38TH ST
FELICIANO, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 109615841).
RIVERA, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 114633579).
RIVERA, YARENY (Voter ID number 114897415).
RIVRA, YARELIS (Voter ID number 110204075).

119 NW 42ND ST
QUINTERO, SALVADOR R. (Voter ID number 110278844).
MOCTEZUMA, LUCIO (Voter ID number 110239820).
MOCTEZUMA, MARIA Marleny (Voter ID number 115719382).

119 NW 47TH TER
FUNDORA, YANARYS Amalia (Voter ID number 110122629).

119 NW 47TH TER

MASSO, UKRANIA A. (Voter ID number 110027014).

119 NW 52ND ST
CRAWFORD, CARL James (Voter ID number 108980290).

1190 NW 49TH ST
GREEN, JIMMIE Lee (Voter ID number 108952774).

1190 NW 50TH ST
RITCHIE, FRANCINE Cooper (Voter ID number 109194616).
RITCHIE, IVAN V. (Voter ID number 116241066).

1190 NW 51ST ST
BURNETT, DERREL (Voter ID number 117036689).
JACKSON, NASHAWNA Shameca (Voter ID number 109612706).
JOHNSON, BRENDA M. (Voter ID number 109939451).
WYNES, KAMA (Voter ID number 116189057).
WYNES, KAMARA Nicoyle (Voter ID number 114387073).

1190 NW 57TH ST
MOORE, ALEX (Voter ID number 119519645).
MOORE, ASHLEY P. (Voter ID number 119390948).
AKINS, FELICIA Yolanda (Voter ID number 109571888).
AKINS, GERALDINE (Voter ID number 109122737).
MOORE, ALEXANDRA T. (Voter ID number 110331752).
SMITH, ALFONSO D. (Voter ID number 110107701).
STAFFORD, ELVIN J. (Voter ID number 119611839).

1190 NW 58TH ST
MIRON, CARLOS (Voter ID number 118874628).
GARCIA, OSCAR Jose (Voter ID number 119596457).

1191 NW 40TH ST
GUIDO, JIMMY Antonio (Voter ID number 117413855).

1191 NW 57TH ST
HOLMES, PATRICIA A Bruton (Voter ID number 109433075).

1191 NW 60TH ST

CARMICHAEL, ANDREA Elaine (Voter ID number 109969362).

1192 NW 25TH ST
ALARCON, SERGIO Jose (Voter ID number 115075254).
GUADAMOZ, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 110144646).
DIAZ, ERNESTINA (Voter ID number 116064363).
MORA, JUAN R. (Voter ID number 109598554).

1192 NW 41ST ST
DAVIS, TOUSHA Regina (Voter ID number 109310241).
GOSIER, MARCHE William (Voter ID number 110089151).
GOSIER, SHANIKA D. (Voter ID number 114200369).
BURKS, TORREALL A. (Voter ID number 115683144).
ROBERTS, DOMINIQUE G. (Voter ID number 116216563).
ROBERTS, GLENNDELYN D. (Voter ID number 117565974).

1195 NW 48TH ST
GAINES, BARBARA L. (Voter ID number 110179618).
GAINES, CHINYERE A. (Voter ID number 110229600).

1198 NW 47TH ST
ADDERLY, TRULICIA Cooper (Voter ID number 109217735).

1198 NW 48TH ST
RODNEY-MANUEL, CYNTHIA Marie (Voter ID number 109473214).

1198 NW 61ST ST
VAIL, CORNELIUS (Voter ID number 110030659).
ASH, FANNIE Lee (Voter ID number 108905048).
SANDERS, THELMA (Voter ID number 108951262).

1199 NW 49TH ST
CARTER, VESTER L. (Voter ID number 108937667).
DEBOSE, BETTY Louise (Voter ID number 114431998).

12 NW 48TH ST
O'REILLY, PATRICIA Carol (Voter ID number 109558501).

12 NW 53RD ST
FAIRELL, TRAVIS Jahman (Voter ID number 116234667).

12 NW 60TH TER
JEAN, WISLINE Gilles (Voter ID number 120058533).

12 NW 61ST ST
GODWIN, ED (Voter ID number 116966860).
WALKER, DOMINIQUE C. (Voter ID number 118699631).
WALKER, GAUNTLETT (Voter ID number 109881837).

120 NW 25TH ST
SIRGADO, CHRISTINE R. (Voter ID number 110051964).
SIRGADO, VICTOR Alexander (Voter ID number 109340780).
HOELTZELL, SIDNEY E B (Voter ID number 109736562).
PINE, RONALD (Voter ID number 109811413).

120 NW 25TH ST
UNIT #304

LITT, SYLVIE Star (Voter ID number 109817905).

120 NW 25TH ST
MC BRIDE, JASON (Voter ID number 116774124).

120 NW 27TH ST
MARTIN, CELESTE Briggette (Voter ID number 110189242).

120 NW 28TH ST
HITCHMAN, WANDY (Voter ID number 109805594).
PERALTA ICIANO, DIOSELEMY Cristina (Voter ID number 121004984).
CORRO, KARLA Jeanette (Voter ID number 117590607).

120 NW 29TH ST

BAKER, KENDREA Lawan (Voter ID number 115002490).

120 NW 30TH ST
CRUZ, IGOR (Voter ID number 114351376).
SOLER, CARMEN J. (Voter ID number 110099782).

120 NW 31ST ST
BRYANT, CHAMPAGNE Brandy (Voter ID number 110134384).
ROMAN, MARYLIN (Voter ID number 110319036).
SURIS, AILED M. (Voter ID number 116295232).

120 NW 32ND ST
GONZALEZ, EDWIN Junior (Voter ID number 110060351).
SUAZO, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109882522).

120 NW 33RD ST
SIERRA, EMMA Vanessa (Voter ID number 109483077).

120 NW 34TH ST
DIAZ, CARMEN Sanchez (Voter ID number 108943743).
MEZA, DANIEL Marc Leme (Voter ID number 120973272).

120 NW 39TH ST
ARZON, MARGARET A. (Voter ID number 114257330).
CHAMBLESS, LENA Starr (Voter ID number 117619041).
KETTENRING, BRIAN W. (Voter ID number 102452683).
LAWSON, JENNIFER Dianne (Voter ID number 110334879).

120 NW 41ST ST
HOWARD, VICTORIA J. (Voter ID number 115271572).
MOSS, MARY Lee (Voter ID number 108996249).
MOSS, RUBY Nell (Voter ID number 108964361).

120 NW 42ND ST
CHERY, SOREL (Voter ID number 119804289).
VEILLARD, JEANNETTE Chery (Voter ID number 109747728).
VEILLARD, VEULLANA (Voter ID number 110296105).
VEILLARD, VEULLATRICE (Voter ID number 109970324).

120 NW 44TH ST
SANGINETTO, MARKO (Voter ID number 116539253).
GUILARTE, ALEXE T. (Voter ID number 109945803).

120 NW 47TH ST
RODRIGUEZ-AGOSTO, SONIA M. (Voter ID number 109689206).

120 NW 48TH ST
COOPER, ARTAVIA L. (Voter ID number 120405813).
FRANKLIN, GARY Demetrius (Voter ID number 109893728).
FLOWERS, LUCINDA (Voter ID number 108936293).
FRANKLIN, CHIQUITHA T. (Voter ID number 115278408).
FRANKLIN, STACY L. (Voter ID number 109098099).

120 NW 51ST ST
AGUILAR, OLIMPIA (Voter ID number 110009398).
AGUILAR, GROSSNIE J. (Voter ID number 114725624).
DIEUJUSTE, TANIS (Voter ID number 117269058).

120 NW 54TH ST
BELAYETYN, RICHARD (Voter ID number 114277988).

120 NW 59TH ST
JAMIL, MURNI Haji (Voter ID number 121200646).
LARD, TROY Antione (Voter ID number 118608754).
ORTIZ GARCIA, RICARDO (Voter ID number 119534052).
POTTER, RANDY (Voter ID number 121278675).
ZAPATA, MAURICIO (Voter ID number 119437258).
ARRAIZ TAPIAS, SILVIO Rafael (Voter ID number 114500147).

121 NW 26TH ST
CAMPUSANO, SANDRA M. (Voter ID number 110087509).

121 NW 31ST ST
RANOSECHARRIA, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 118283120).
BELAMOUR, KENY (Voter ID number 110267979).
GONZALEZ, ARLEN D. (Voter ID number 117012355).
RIVERA, MARTINIANO (Voter ID number 109346848).
SANTIAGO, LUZ Maritza (Voter ID number 109293328).

121 NW 31ST ST

ALVAREZ, SAIRA M. (Voter ID number 109831190).

121 NW 33RD ST
BELFORT, JEAN MARIE (Voter ID number 120191802).

121 NW 34TH TER
ALBORADO, WILDER (Voter ID number 115901697).

121 NW 38TH ST
AMARAL, CRISTINA Garcia (Voter ID number 108909684).
AMARAL, FAUSTINO (Voter ID number 109425015).
AMARAL, MANUEL Conrado (Voter ID number 108915631).

121 NW 39TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, CHADEY (Voter ID number 119159422).
ROUNDTREE, TAKEIRHE (Voter ID number 120257215).
TAVERA, FRANCISCO R. (Voter ID number 109737800).

121 NW 39TH ST

PARENDEZ, WILLIS W. (Voter ID number 116365626).

121 NW 39TH ST
ORTEGA, CARLOS R. (Voter ID number 116908319).

121 NW 41ST ST
FORESTAL, JUNEL (Voter ID number 110132380).
PAGE, TONI Alicia (Voter ID number 115064210).
ZAMOR, MARC Jules (Voter ID number 114557468).

121 NW 42ND ST

BOLLINGER, KAREN Lynn (Voter ID number 116296149).

121 NW 46TH ST
REMBERT, ELEANOR D. (Voter ID number 109194097).
REMBERT, WILLIE (Voter ID number 108947936).

121 NW 53RD ST
CHARLES, ICHMIDE (Voter ID number 110054254).
OSTINVIL, JIMMY (Voter ID number 109895010).

121 NW 57TH ST
JEAN, LISEBERTH (Voter ID number 110142963).
JEAN, DULIANA (Voter ID number 120118888).
JEAN, KENNETH (Voter ID number 110195141).
JEAN, RICKARD (Voter ID number 109808363).
JEAN, RICOURT (Voter ID number 119476060).

122 NW 32ND ST
LIZANO, DELIA (Voter ID number 109792546).
LIZANO, DORIS Denise (Voter ID number 115745021).
LIZANO, NEREIDA (Voter ID number 110219507).
SIGUENZA, UBERTO (Voter ID number 116229133).

122 NW 40TH ST
FENNELL, ISHMELL (Voter ID number 109740400).
WYATT, TERRANCE L. (Voter ID number 109366620).
FENNELL, ROOSEVELT (Voter ID number 116967024).

122 NW 51ST ST
BORGES, YANCY Junier (Voter ID number 119839262).
SANCHEZ, JUANA Maria (Voter ID number 118821171).
JUSTINIANO, SANTOS Ventura (Voter ID number 115807774).

123 NW 26TH ST
BRADDY, RAVEN Rowan (Voter ID number 110033570).
BROWN, APRIL Latoya (Voter ID number 109994474).
BROWN, LARREL (Voter ID number 120718909).
BURNS, EVELYN Carletha (Voter ID number 109011363).
BROWN, YVETTE Demecia (Voter ID number 109205304).
CLAYTON, MARY Lee (Voter ID number 108936565).

123 NW 33RD ST
DREW, BRANDON Jamare (Voter ID number 116981518).
CHERY, JEAN Nobert (Voter ID number 109548514).
LOPEZ ESPINOZA, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109754114).
MOISE, HUGUES (Voter ID number 109342552).
MOISE, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109625429).

123 NW 59TH ST
PIERRE, NAOMI (Voter ID number 109632962).
DEAN, DARCY Darrel (Voter ID number 110274782).
PIERRE, DESIREE S. (Voter ID number 110171200).

124 NW 31ST ST
PEREZ, BENIGNO (Voter ID number 109621337).
PEREZ, JUANA (Voter ID number 109549376).
PEREZ, JULIAN S. (Voter ID number 109552672).

124 NW 57TH ST
LOUIDOR, ANGELE R. (Voter ID number 109879073).
PAUL, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 109503098).
PRINCE, CARIE (Voter ID number 109964085).
PRINCE, FRANCOIS Recours (Voter ID number 109522742).

124 NW 58TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Reyes (Voter ID number 108913108).

124 NW 60TH ST
ROYAL, ANILLIA P. (Voter ID number 110271492).

124 NW 61ST ST
GORE, PHILHMORE Hikeem (Voter ID number 110195595).
JEAN-PIERRE, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 109657715).
JEUNE-GENS, MAX (Voter ID number 110277589).

125 NW 27TH ST
DUDLEY, ARMSTRONG (Voter ID number 110233328).
SMILEY, AGNES Marie (Voter ID number 109161242).

125 NW 39TH ST
ALEXIS, NISON (Voter ID number 119493287).
MEVIEL, DANILA D. (Voter ID number 116966389).
SULLY, THEOPHILE (Voter ID number 109372650).
SULLY-FORVILLOS, ACEBON (Voter ID number 116285610).

125 NW 40TH ST
GAINZA, ROSA Iris (Voter ID number 120079294).
RANGEL, ALDO A. (Voter ID number 119076147).
LASSALLE, EMILIO (Voter ID number 109706399).

125 NW 47TH ST
ROBINSON, SEGANE Portia (Voter ID number 120218604).

125 NW 48TH ST
BERNARD, MILDRENNE (Voter ID number 114413917).
PIERRE, MARIE Claude (Voter ID number 109927411).

125 NW 52ND ST
VIDIER, FORTUNA (Voter ID number 109611723).

126 NW 29TH ST
SANTIAGO, CRYSTAL (Voter ID number 116794115).

126 NW 29TH ST

CABRERA, FELIPE (Voter ID number 110262277).

126 NW 29TH ST
ACEVEDO, JONATHAN D. (Voter ID number 115665566).
ACEVEDO, LISA (Voter ID number 109415467).
DIEPPA, MELISENT Alyssia (Voter ID number 114326896).
JIMENEZ, JUANITA (Voter ID number 109206405).

126 NW 29TH ST

ENCARNACION, AUSTRIA D. (Voter ID number 110154876).

126 NW 31ST ST
VELASQUEZ, GLADYS M. (Voter ID number 114725214).
RUIZ, FELIPES (Voter ID number 108964215).

126 NW 31ST ST

GUZMAN, REINA Isabel (Voter ID number 118663912).

126 NW 33RD ST
RONDON, CARLOS O. (Voter ID number 110254004).
SANDS YOUNG, VERONICA M. (Voter ID number 110136973).

126 NW 33RD ST

CABAN, HECTOR Ivan (Voter ID number 118378529).

126 NW 39TH ST
LAWRENCE, DEREK B. (Voter ID number 109377797).
LAWRENCE, MAE Ella (Voter ID number 108957831).

126 NW 47TH ST
HEBERT, DANIELLE Marla (Voter ID number 110059045).
LYNCH, LASHUNDA Rovon (Voter ID number 110173205).
MURPHY, ROBERT Charles (Voter ID number 109503565).

126 NW 48TH ST
BARTSH, MARY Catherine (Voter ID number 116190738).
GUTIERREZ, EDWIN (Voter ID number 110039281).

126 NW 57TH ST
JACKSON, MERCEDIA Leah (Voter ID number 109588941).

126 NW 61ST ST
EVENS, AMBER (Voter ID number 116221770).
SCOTT, JOHNNY Lee (Voter ID number 116960294).

127 NW 27TH ST
NOTTAGE, NICOLE Erika (Voter ID number 116085534).

127 NW 28TH ST
JIMENEZ, CHELSEA Kyara (Voter ID number 119236939).
ORTIZ, GERMANIA (Voter ID number 109637024).

127 NW 33RD ST
TARRAGO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 102375521).

127 NW 41ST ST
PAUL, INEZIA (Voter ID number 120146248).

127 NW 44TH ST
APONTE, RENE (Voter ID number 116373575).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109065482).
LOPEZ, TONY (Voter ID number 118964685).
RODRIGUEZVALLE, LUIS Ruben (Voter ID number 116949562).

127 NW 46TH ST
HICKS, TINAL (Voter ID number 109152111).
HICKS, MARY (Voter ID number 108945270).

127 NW 47TH ST
CONANT, JOHN Charles (Voter ID number 116569337).
GUSTAFSSON, EVA (Voter ID number 109333752).
WELCH, MARK (Voter ID number 110300359).

127 NW 47TH TER
JOSEPH, ANNE (Voter ID number 116097973).

127 NW 47TH TER

MORIN, LAURETTE (Voter ID number 120320672).

127 NW 47TH TER
BENOIT, SILFINE (Voter ID number 110025355).
BERRIOS, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 110163869).
JOSEPH, RITHA (Voter ID number 120278115).
RAMIREZ, PETRA (Voter ID number 114718373).

127 NW 47TH TER

DOLCE, MAUDE (Voter ID number 110312073).

127 NW 52ND ST
PHILESTON, STERLINE Marie (Voter ID number 102510086).
JEAN-LOUIS, STANLEY (Voter ID number 110322832).

128 NW 28TH ST
ORTIZ, MIRNA V. (Voter ID number 109276271).
BATISTA ORTIZ, TAPIAS (Voter ID number 109167347).
MARIN, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 114571386).
ORTIZ, JULIO Americo (Voter ID number 109436170).
ORTIZ, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 109503069).
ORTIZ, TAPIA (Voter ID number 117063469).

128 NW 35TH ST
CRUZ, LIDIA Mendez (Voter ID number 109689825).

128 NW 44TH ST
WILLIAMS, REBECCA Johnson (Voter ID number 109044386).

128 NW 49TH ST
DANNY, GREGORY (Voter ID number 117153393).
DANY, MOSES (Voter ID number 120877934).

128 NW 53RD ST
JUSME, LINA (Voter ID number 117122554).
DABEL, MORALES (Voter ID number 109652612).
JUSME, JEAN (Voter ID number 109804200).
PAUL, JEAN Leroy (Voter ID number 116706282).

128 NW 61ST ST
ADDISON, TRACY Ann (Voter ID number 102411013).

129 NW 30TH ST
GALLARDO, OSWALDO A. (Voter ID number 115918308).
CREUS, DONALD S. (Voter ID number 109752024).
SANTOS, JESUS (Voter ID number 109933146).

129 NW 32ND ST
ANTICH, LAUDELINA (Voter ID number 109261052).
ANTICH, MAYRA (Voter ID number 109191778).
PERDOMO, FRANCES (Voter ID number 110259189).

129 NW 57TH ST
SHANKS, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109573325).

129 NW 61ST ST
BIEN-AIME, HERNA (Voter ID number 119407254).
BIEN-AIME, PIERRE (Voter ID number 117349785).

13 NW 44TH ST
MARIN, JAVIER J. (Voter ID number 117670339).

13 NW 61ST ST
ELYSEE, FRANCOISE (Voter ID number 116692586).
ELYSEE, TAMARA (Voter ID number 119488318).

130 NW 29TH ST
LAZARD, ROBINSON (Voter ID number 110125374).
MALDONADO CHAVEZ, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 114016323).

130 NW 32ND ST
CARDONA, ANTHONY Michael (Voter ID number 119736744).
FLORES, GLORIA Esther (Voter ID number 109187346).
RODRIGUEZ, TEQUAYSA Iemesh (Voter ID number 120030717).
ARMENTEROS, CARMEN Cecilia (Voter ID number 109610355).
PEDROSO, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 116214230).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE Alfredo (Voter ID number 109459783).
RODRIGUEZ, MARLENE Gloria (Voter ID number 109367055).
RODRIGUEZ, MELINDA J. (Voter ID number 109533070).
SOSA, BERNARDINO (Voter ID number 109349612).
CARDONA, MELISSA (Voter ID number 116981615).

130 NW 35TH ST
ECHEVARIA, GERALDO Ortiz (Voter ID number 110070548).
HERNANDEZ, SHAWN Issac (Voter ID number 110207630).
RODRIGUEZ, LYDIA Guzman (Voter ID number 110023392).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIANO (Voter ID number 116251379).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIANO (Voter ID number 115764528).

130 NW 39TH ST
SOTO, CANDIDA (Voter ID number 114718391).
ZAMBRANA, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109065323).

130 NW 42ND ST
DORSAINVIL, MARIE Florina (Voter ID number 109803943).
DUTHERVILLE, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 116679623).
SAINTOIRY, GLADIMIR Juvens (Voter ID number 116506657).
SENOR, EDSON Junior (Voter ID number 120001046).
DORSAINUIL, MARIE F. (Voter ID number 110256658).
GUILLAUME, JONAS (Voter ID number 109867091).

130 NW 46TH ST
JOSEPH, MARIE Meliciane (Voter ID number 109865432).

130 NW 48TH ST
STEPHENS-WILLIAMS, VALERIES E. (Voter ID number 108940765).

130 NW 49TH ST
LOFTIN, ANDRE Duvall (Voter ID number 110015546).

130 NW 51ST ST
HOWELL, DWIGHT Donald (Voter ID number 110252636).
PAGAN, NORBERTO (Voter ID number 109032899).

130 NW 53RD ST
PAUL, HERMIN Junior (Voter ID number 114543372).

130 NW 57TH ST
BERNARD, KESNEL (Voter ID number 109720243).
BERNARD, MARIE (Voter ID number 109926308).

130 NW 58TH ST
BARTHELEMY, BASIL (Voter ID number 116409400).
BARTHELEMY, VINCENT (Voter ID number 109638534).

131 NW 32ND ST
SEYMOR, LATERIA A. (Voter ID number 110211720).

131 NW 42ND ST
CORDERO, LUCIANNE (Voter ID number 110024173).
CORDERO, LUCY (Voter ID number 109744660).
MALDONADO, PEDRO Rivera (Voter ID number 108936805).
RIVERA MALDONADO, DELORES (Voter ID number 110054835).
RIVERA, LUCILA Acosta (Voter ID number 108957281).

131 NW 45TH ST
FRANCOIS, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 115496945).
BERRY, JASMIN Nicole (Voter ID number 110341528).

131 NW 46TH ST
RIMPEL, MOZART (Voter ID number 116839782).

131 NW 57TH ST
LARKINS, ERNEST Richard (Voter ID number 110173225).

131 NW 57TH ST

TORRENCE, LILLIAN Ruth (Voter ID number 109010097).

131 NW 58TH ST
GEFFRARD, MARIE Brunia (Voter ID number 121325106).
TERCIER, BRUNETTE (Voter ID number 105221250).
TERCIER, MULLER (Voter ID number 118847095).
TERCIER, YVETTA (Voter ID number 116902760).
TERCIER, REVIL (Voter ID number 109925206).

131 NW 61ST ST
CASSEUS, WILMIDE (Voter ID number 119207990).
D'HAITI, CLAIRE Dc (Voter ID number 118486642).
FLEURIMOND, WENDY (Voter ID number 120085848).
CLEMENT, DANIEL (Voter ID number 119098980).
METELLUS, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109649786).
METELLUS, MARIE Vesta (Voter ID number 109706015).

132 NW 30TH ST
IRIAS, ANGELA Margarita (Voter ID number 114271293).
BARRIOS, CRISTHIAN Sheney (Voter ID number 115377851).

132 NW 40TH ST
SACASA, FERNANDO Eduardo (Voter ID number 115272976).

132 NW 42ND ST
BENNETT, CURLY (Voter ID number 116265716).
BENNETT, DALBERT A. (Voter ID number 115901014).
BENNETT, ROSE (Voter ID number 120278058).

132 NW 45TH ST
JOSEPH, CHRISTOPHE (Voter ID number 109972623).

132 NW 57TH ST
PHILIFFE, PIERRE Louis (Voter ID number 120915994).

133 NW 41ST ST
JEAN-BAPTISTE, LOUISE Flaure (Voter ID number 109583173).

133 NW 45TH ST
PARKER, TORI K. (Voter ID number 120657272).
ALLEN, EVONNE V. (Voter ID number 110052892).

133 NW 47TH TER
ESPADA, KRYSTAL Di (Voter ID number 118839512).
ESPADA, RAFAEL Aaron (Voter ID number 118311569).
ESPADA, TRINIDAD (Voter ID number 109405437).

133 NW 48TH ST
FIGUEREO, OMAR X. (Voter ID number 110259985).
FIGUEREO, SUCRE (Voter ID number 114567598).
VEGA, NATALIE A. (Voter ID number 118823577).
VEGA, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 109512752).

133 NW 54TH ST
GUILLAUME, JOSEPH Euloge (Voter ID number 116946485).

133 NW 57TH ST
RAYMONVIL, ADALINA (Voter ID number 110299879).

133 NW 60TH ST
SHIRLEY, DOUGLAS Thaddeus (Voter ID number 119525739).

134 NW 32ND ST
SEGARRA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109210936).

134 NW 47TH TER
HENLEY, EDLYNE (Voter ID number 109946001).

135 NW 32ND ST
APT #1

CONEY, LAWANNA (Voter ID number 110252683).

135 NW 32ND ST

OWENS, WILLIE (Voter ID number 116240011).

135 NW 37TH ST

FORD, TYRIKA N. (Voter ID number 115984427).

135 NW 38TH ST
NICOLAS, NATHALIE C. (Voter ID number 110186847).
NICOLAS, RACHEL Veronica (Voter ID number 115263732).
NICOLAS, WILFRID (Voter ID number 109708326).

135 NW 39TH ST
CADET, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 109341442).
SMOAK, CHRISTINE Annette (Voter ID number 120106212).
CADET, FIGENIA (Voter ID number 109184646).
CADET, GILBERT (Voter ID number 110152821).
CADET, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 109201751).

135 NW 40TH ST
ORTEZ, ORLID (Voter ID number 110272833).
ORTEZ, OLGA Maria (Voter ID number 115035144).

135 NW 45TH ST
ALTENOR, MARIE Jean-Pierre (Voter ID number 109954571).

135 NW 47TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MOISES Francisco (Voter ID number 110096935).
OGUISTEN, MARIA (Voter ID number 119637063).
OGUISTEN, OLIVA (Voter ID number 109642519).
PAZMAN, JOHN S. (Voter ID number 109894187).

135 NW 59TH ST
APT #9

BRUTUS, VILAIRE (Voter ID number 116228595).

135 NW 60TH ST
MASSALLO, ESTHER (Voter ID number 119836918).

135 NW 61ST ST
TELCEY, KERBY J. (Voter ID number 119046003).
JONASSAINT, SAINTALISE (Voter ID number 120009277).
LOUIS-JEUNE, TAWANNA L. (Voter ID number 110236157).
LOUIS-JEUNE, VIRGINIA S. (Voter ID number 109758051).
LOUISCAR, JUNIOR (Voter ID number 110152579).

136 NW 35TH ST

AUGUSTIN, PREVILMA (Voter ID number 121237721).
DUVERCY, PIERRE (Voter ID number 109766933).
ROSARIO, JUAN Miguel (Voter ID number 118424430).

136 NW 35TH ST
FEVRIUS, JEANNE (Voter ID number 110234707).

136 NW 37TH ST
CARTLEDGE, ROBERT Howard (Voter ID number 110055207).

136 NW 47TH ST
GREGORY, RUSHELLA Lanice (Voter ID number 118889505).

136 NW 53RD ST
YARMOSH, DONALD Frank (Voter ID number 109034149).

136 NW 57TH ST
GILLIARD, BRIDGET Monique (Voter ID number 109597224).

136 NW 61ST ST
CEDENO, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number 109885435).
MARROQUIN, MARITZA (Voter ID number 117078150).
CEDENO, CARMEN M. (Voter ID number 109260527).
MARROQIN, (NONE) (Voter ID number 110229648).

137 NW 27TH ST
MORRIS, SHANIKA Cressandra (Voter ID number 114357888).
WASHINGTON, BRIAN Justin (Voter ID number 114500190).
WASHINGTON, DAWAYNE Jamal (Voter ID number 120178272).
WASHINGTON, TERRELL Willis (Voter ID number 115719199).
WASHINGTON, WILLIE (Voter ID number 119478803).

137 NW 30TH ST
PRUNEDA, CARLOS J. (Voter ID number 118378205).
FUENTES, JULIO Ortiz (Voter ID number 110233241).
RODRIGUEZ, BERNADETTE P. (Voter ID number 110226762).

137 NW 31ST ST
PONCE, KIMBERLY M. (Voter ID number 118097484).

137 NW 42ND ST
ARISTILDE, MICHELOT (Voter ID number 115247263).
POLYNICE, MARIE Elda (Voter ID number 116425063).

137 NW 44TH ST
CURBELO, JEREMY Juan (Voter ID number 118400259).
CURBELO, RICHARD Nixon (Voter ID number 109365419).
CURBELO, VILMA Luz (Voter ID number 109304615).

137 NW 45TH ST
FOUQUET, CARLO (Voter ID number 120158091).
FOUQUET, KINGSLEY (Voter ID number 119576243).
FOUQUET, EMANUEL (Voter ID number 110334253).

137 NW 53RD ST
NEGRIN, EDWIN J. (Voter ID number 110212720).
NEGRIN, LIRO Daniel (Voter ID number 109400617).

137 NW 58TH ST
WALKER, TOMMY L. (Voter ID number 110182557).
WALKER, TOMMY (Voter ID number 117124679).
WALKER, TOMMY L. (Voter ID number 114316597).

138 NW 31ST ST
FARMER, JESSICA Y. (Voter ID number 119602825).
HODGSON, QUANINA J. (Voter ID number 117572606).
SHAW, JEMINA C. (Voter ID number 117322398).
SHAW, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 110188018).
WEST, KELISHA D. (Voter ID number 116400470).
FARMER, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 109268436).

138 NW 34TH ST
CRUZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 118839093).
INGLES, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 109627083).
PACHECO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110067631).
PACHECO, LUZ Maria (Voter ID number 108987345).
CRUZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 116296225).

138 NW 45TH ST
CESAR, MAURICINE (Voter ID number 118251256).
CETOUTE, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110176186).
CETOUTE, WILNER (Voter ID number 109738952).
DORISCA, PIERRE (Voter ID number 120131961).
JEAN PIERRE, ANNIE (Voter ID number 109529199).
MARCELIN, ERZILY (Voter ID number 120112744).

138 NW 51ST ST
SUMMERS, LOIS (Voter ID number 109329399).

138 NW 57TH ST
BROWN, ROSALINE (Voter ID number 116059810).
WILLIAMS, NIERY (Voter ID number 116241208).
WRIGHT, BONNIE Annita (Voter ID number 109082207).

139 NW 27TH ST
BRITTON, BRANDI Shontell (Voter ID number 110113094).
MATHIS, TIFFANY E. (Voter ID number 120312600).

139 NW 28TH ST
NAVARRO, DIOSCORIDES D. (Voter ID number 109924734).

139 NW 30TH ST
SARDINAS, DANIEL (Voter ID number 116844335).
PIEDRA, MARIA Cecilia (Voter ID number 119602139).

139 NW 46TH ST
LOUIS, SEMERITE (Voter ID number 110306384).
ST FLEUR, ADLIDE (Voter ID number 110273815).
MARC, GERARD Michel (Voter ID number 109174817).

139 NW 58TH ST
LUGO, ANIBAL (Voter ID number 108947076).
LOPEZ, RODERICK L. (Voter ID number 109815785).

140 NW 22ND ST
STALLCUP, TARRIE (Voter ID number 116299396).

140 NW 41ST ST
WALLACE DOTTIE, DEBRA Elaine (Voter ID number 109118732).
DOTTIE, MARY Lee (Voter ID number 108936707).
WALLACE, PHILLIP Patrick (Voter ID number 109365910).

140 NW 42ND ST
JACQUES, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 110221924).
CLARK, JUDITH Junia (Voter ID number 110160068).
JACQUES, EDWIN (Voter ID number 120410259).
TINE, MARCEL (Voter ID number 109633365).

140 NW 42ND ST

JACQUES, ALTAGRACE (Voter ID number 109391891).
JACQUES, KERRY (Voter ID number 109950776).

140 NW 49TH ST
ANSTRAL, ROSELAURE (Voter ID number 117557700).
ANSTRAL, WILLI (Voter ID number 120426711).
ETHRIDGE, BERNARD P. (Voter ID number 110054556).
ETHRIDGE, FELICIA A. (Voter ID number 114327017).
ETHRIDGE, MILES W. (Voter ID number 110187076).
SAINTIL, WILFRID (Voter ID number 121267843).

140 NW 51ST ST
HARVEY, GEORGE Errol (Voter ID number 109450319).
HARVEY, KENTISH D. (Voter ID number 109189105).

140 NW 53RD ST
CHARLES, NADELY (Voter ID number 120913333).
ETIENNE, VIOLETTE Altagrace (Voter ID number 109794409).
MOISE, GLENN (Voter ID number 109304538).

140 NW 59TH ST
CAMP, MELISSA Colleen (Voter ID number 108187539).
CREIGHTON, JOHN T. (Voter ID number 115355101).
FISHER-POWELL, TERESCA Faye (Voter ID number 117098672).
HARRELL, JOANNE Renee (Voter ID number 121172621).
SMILEY, MATTHEW Lee (Voter ID number 121281799).
ZAGER, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 120887314).
BROTMAN, ROBERT Charles (Voter ID number 115149772).
FIELDS, VALERIA Veronica (Voter ID number 109346093).
WATTS, WALTER Raleigh (Voter ID number 108226126).

140 NW 60TH ST
AUGUSTE, JEAN Hubert (Voter ID number 117715605).
TOWER, TERRANCE Michael (Voter ID number 110107336).

1401 NW 22ND ST
STEVENSON-BOLLS, EMMA E. (Voter ID number 109561624).

141 NW 48TH ST
CEJOUR, ALOVIE (Voter ID number 120934202).
LOUISSAINT, LIBONHEUR (Voter ID number 118423974).
LOUISSAINT, DERONETTE (Voter ID number 109373058).
LOUISSAINT, PIERRE Jacques (Voter ID number 109086194).
LOUISSAINT, THALAS (Voter ID number 110231114).

142 NW 27TH ST
WYNN, CHARLES T. (Voter ID number 120385613).

142 NW 27TH ST

LEVY, MICHEAL Anthoney (Voter ID number 118616643).

142 NW 27TH ST

MAULTSBY, KATIE Lee (Voter ID number 110284573).
MAULTSBY, KATIE (Voter ID number 110258867).

142 NW 27TH ST

VAN BILDERBEEK, SOLVIG (Voter ID number 114942252).

142 NW 27TH ST
FERGUSON, ASIA Renee (Voter ID number 110067814).
LOUIS, MIKE Fl (Voter ID number 116020046).
MYRIE, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 116301049).
TONEY, KEONTI Kiesha (Voter ID number 110008095).

142 NW 27TH ST

GALEANO, ISAMAR G. (Voter ID number 116080012).

142 NW 27TH ST

WIEBER, GRACE A. (Voter ID number 114732528).

142 NW 27TH ST

BOWEN, MOLLY Bo (Voter ID number 106092695).

142 NW 27TH ST

WIEBER, WILLIAM L. (Voter ID number 114732574).

142 NW 31ST ST
IZAGUIRRE, ROSITA (Voter ID number 109548993).

142 NW 31ST ST

LABRANCHE, RAKEEM Rasheed (Voter ID number 119698293).

142 NW 31ST ST
BELLFLEUR, GARRY (Voter ID number 109742483).
CHARLES, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 109720194).
MORAUE, IMENE (Voter ID number 110275572).
MOREAU, NATASHA (Voter ID number 110127335).

142 NW 31ST ST

BELLEFLEUR, MARIE Sonie (Voter ID number 110055593).

142 NW 39TH ST
GRAHAM, BESSIE Mae (Voter ID number 108996533).
MYRICK, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 118497776).
SIMS, CLARENCE John (Voter ID number 117062537).
SMITH, KELVIN Dexter (Voter ID number 109121104).
VINCENT, TEMETRIA T. (Voter ID number 118837173).
SMITH, DEMETRIA C. (Voter ID number 109205232).
SEYMOUR, CIKYRA C. (Voter ID number 116234595).

142 NW 40TH ST
BELCARIES, CARMEN Dernile (Voter ID number 108931273).
BELCARIES, CRYSTAL Diana (Voter ID number 109887722).
BELCARIES, JERALD E. (Voter ID number 110226030).
LEE, LA TRICIA P. (Voter ID number 110314000).
NIXON, NORMA (Voter ID number 110242805).
NIXON, NORMAN Capth (Voter ID number 110122992).

142 NW 47TH TER
ACEVEDO, JULIETTE (Voter ID number 120068786).
OJEDA, JUDITH (Voter ID number 109716654).
SEGARRA, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 109210937).
ACEVEDO, JULIESSA (Voter ID number 117786553).

143 NW 27TH ST
ROSS, MELISSA (Voter ID number 118371790).

143 NW 39TH ST
GORE, VINCENT L. (Voter ID number 110231685).
GORE, JASPER (Voter ID number 109007842).
GORE, MATTHEW Bruce (Voter ID number 109191102).

143 NW 60TH ST
BOATWRIGHT, TAMMY (Voter ID number 116056611).

144 NW 30TH ST
VILA, DAMARIS (Voter ID number 109760964).
VILA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109606702).

144 NW 32ND ST

MASIS, CARLOS Jose (Voter ID number 110054566).

144 NW 32ND ST
FLORES, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109143417).
NIEVES, EVELYN A. (Voter ID number 110133529).
NIEVES, RAMON Luis (Voter ID number 109036041).
WILSON, BRADLEY Xavier (Voter ID number 109220532).

144 NW 34TH ST
ENCARNACION, GISELA Altagacia (Voter ID number 109649866).
PORTILLO, GLADYS (Voter ID number 116063683).
TEJADA, KENDY Y. (Voter ID number 114704133).

144 NW 36TH ST
MEJIAS, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 118234879).

144 NW 41ST ST
VILLEGAS, MARIAISABEL (Voter ID number 119915989).
RODRIGUEZ, SERGIO (Voter ID number 114706121).

144 NW 42ND ST
JAMES, MERRITT E. (Voter ID number 115001179).
JAMES-STEPHENSON, IYANNA (Voter ID number 118097419).
JAMES-STEPHENSON, KANHIYA (Voter ID number 120473505).
JAMES-STEPHENSON, SANKARA (Voter ID number 117997731).

144 NW 44TH ST
ALCERRO, MARTIN Eduardo (Voter ID number 120878091).

144 NW 45TH ST
DESRAVINES, CYNTHIA K. (Voter ID number 109677905).
BEAUBIEN, BUTLER (Voter ID number 109374196).
DESRAVINES, LOUIS Adrien (Voter ID number 109854625).
DESRAVINES, MARIE Elnida (Voter ID number 108934936).
JEAN, JEANINE (Voter ID number 116485226).

144 NW 47TH ST
ROBINSON, PHYLLIS Delila (Voter ID number 114973076).
ROBINSON, TORRELL L. (Voter ID number 110162257).

144 NW 48TH ST
RADNEY, CHRISTOPHER Garner (Voter ID number 109162293).
RADNEY, GISELLE A. (Voter ID number 109356804).
SEARING, EDMUND C. (Voter ID number 110284072).

144 NW 58TH ST
KUILAN, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 115116010).

145 NW 28TH ST
RIVERA, MANUEL (Voter ID number 116915744).

145 NW 29TH ST
ALMANZAR, EVELYN (Voter ID number 110162185).

145 NW 29TH ST
APT #6

ALVAREZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 114591551).

145 NW 30TH ST
ARTETA, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 120053596).
MUNOZ, BERTILDA (Voter ID number 109765033).
ROSADO, ELENA R. (Voter ID number 109371903).

145 NW 31ST ST
ALVAREZ, JULIANA (Voter ID number 110073233).
BAEZ, PEDRO G. (Voter ID number 110146838).
BAEZ, WALESKA Linette (Voter ID number 110023939).
GONZALEZ TORRES, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 119421059).
RIOS, MARY Linette (Voter ID number 110001361).

145 NW 32ND ST

SANCHEZ, LUCAS (Voter ID number 119674977).

145 NW 33RD ST
MEJIA PAREDES, JOSE Alfredo (Voter ID number 110255484).
MEJIA, ANA E. (Voter ID number 109540152).
MEJIA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109784226).
MEJIA, ROSAURA O. (Voter ID number 109700808).
KOLOVRAT, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 109573944).
MURIEL, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 117023680).

145 NW 35TH ST
REYNA, CIBELL (Voter ID number 114640118).
ADAMS, NATHAN Evert (Voter ID number 110284747).

145 NW 38TH ST
CLEMENT, STAN (Voter ID number 115913981).

145 NW 40TH ST
GARICHE, DANDA (Voter ID number 119000193).

145 NW 41ST ST
AHMAD, JAMEELAH (Voter ID number 109956446).
DAWSON, NAEEMAH Najiy (Voter ID number 109258903).
DAWSON, ZANOBIAH (Voter ID number 109388245).

145 NW 42ND ST
CABRERA, MAURICE (Voter ID number 118835029).
SAMPAYO, HUMBERTO A. (Voter ID number 117847070).

145 NW 45TH ST
BARRON, NORA Jean (Voter ID number 109184692).

145 NW 46TH ST
SEBASTIAN MORENO, JUANA A. (Voter ID number 120259309).
SEBASTIAN, CRISTOBALINA (Voter ID number 116596798).
DOE, MONICA (Voter ID number 110262106).
SEBASTIAN, JUSTO (Voter ID number 110243206).
SEBASTIAN, PETRONILA (Voter ID number 109406172).

145 NW 51ST ST
ROMERO, MILA Beneke (Voter ID number 109503671).
ROMERO, ELMER (Voter ID number 109836612).

145 NW 52ND ST
OTHELLO, JOYANN (Voter ID number 120104965).
OTHELLO, SHERRIEKA A. (Voter ID number 118841814).

145 NW 56TH ST
REDDICK, ALFONSO O. (Voter ID number 110296140).
SHINGLES, GINA (Voter ID number 110187934).
SHINGLES, MAZIE Deloris (Voter ID number 108959651).

145 NW 57TH ST
CHEVY, SHARON (Voter ID number 114259098).

146 NW 46TH ST
JOSEPH, MARIE ALCINA (Voter ID number 120338662).
ANDRE, COLLINS (Voter ID number 110220551).
ANDRE, YOLETTE (Voter ID number 109887055).

146 NW 56TH ST
WASHINGTON, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 109377698).
WASHINGTON, MARITHELL L. (Voter ID number 109189313).
WASHINGTON, SHENNA N. (Voter ID number 110038554).
WASHINGTON, TAMMY Yvette (Voter ID number 109183461).
WASHINGTON, TAVIS C. (Voter ID number 110221386).

146 NW 61ST ST
OLIVO, MELINDA Marie (Voter ID number 116329842).
VEGA DELGADO, ANGEL (Voter ID number 109799179).

147 NW 32ND ST
DINGLE, DONTRELL Shon (Voter ID number 109961403).
DINGLE, MARGARIE (Voter ID number 116534365).
DINGLE, MIGDALIA M. (Voter ID number 115268295).
DINGLE, JESSIE L. (Voter ID number 109104738).

147 NW 44TH ST
LA LANNE, MARC (Voter ID number 109970294).

147 NW 52ND ST
MARCELIN, RENOLD (Voter ID number 109805716).
DUMEUS, SANDRO (Voter ID number 110168114).

147 NW 57TH ST
BEAN, CHEVELLINE Tawana (Voter ID number 119013324).
HEARD, FELICIA E. (Voter ID number 110018963).

147 NW 59TH ST
CAYARD, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 120421319).
LOUISDOR, ROSELINE (Voter ID number 116896372).

147 NW 59TH ST

LOUIDOR, JEAN R. (Voter ID number 117294734).

147 NW 59TH ST

PIERRE, MARYSE (Voter ID number 109920699).

147 NW 59TH ST
APT #1

WILLIAMS, LESSIE Mae (Voter ID number 109149550).

148 NW 28TH ST

CHARLES, ADNER (Voter ID number 119095838).

148 NW 53RD ST
PIERRE, VIERGEMENE (Voter ID number 109624436).

148 NW 57TH ST
GREEN, CAROLYN Doreen W (Voter ID number 109412737).
TURNER, VERNADINE (Voter ID number 109207518).
MC DOWELL, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 109135253).
FRAZIER, YVETTE L. (Voter ID number 116232763).

148 NW 60TH ST
DOLSAINT, DENIDE (Voter ID number 119315800).
DOLSAN, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109766693).
PHILOGENE, JOSEPH Leonel (Voter ID number 120190132).
VILFRANC, WESNER (Voter ID number 116028566).
DOLSAN, JOSEPH L. (Voter ID number 109537048).

149 NW 27TH ST
ELEBY, LATOYA Renea (Voter ID number 109572224).

149 NW 42ND ST
DARITY, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 109194977).
DE ARMA, ATIA Marie (Voter ID number 115325997).
THOMAS DARITY, ORCHID Rochelle (Voter ID number 116834817).
ARMA, LORENZO Santiago (Voter ID number 109596058).
DE ARMAS, MARIE H. (Voter ID number 109351954).
DE ARMAS, MARIE H. (Voter ID number 110288332).
GONZALEZ, DANIEL G. (Voter ID number 110138734).
GONZALEZ, JUAN Jose (Voter ID number 114098532).
GONZALEZ, TINA C. (Voter ID number 110138679).
GUTIERREZ, JOSE Ceferino (Voter ID number 109371272).
ROBINSON, JENNIFER N. (Voter ID number 110161050).

149 NW 48TH ST
BOSTICK, ZELLA Ree (Voter ID number 109205000).
HILTON, EDMOND (Voter ID number 109079918).
PETERS, TIM (Voter ID number 109562151).

149 NW 56TH ST
ALCANTARA, RICARDO Fermin (Voter ID number 114397947).

15 NW 52ND ST
FRISON, COREATHA Gainer (Voter ID number 108958243).
FRYSON, CHARLES (Voter ID number 116640649).
GRICE, WANDA Yvonne (Voter ID number 110307769).
JORDAN, SYLVESTER Takeem (Voter ID number 118626550).
KNIGHT, ANDREA Tar'sheka (Voter ID number 109484213).
HILL, A'LESHIA D. (Voter ID number 113826946).

15 NW 53RD ST
DESIR, DJOVENSKY (Voter ID number 116378594).
SYLVERAIN, JOSEPH Olive (Voter ID number 109354911).

15 NW 59TH ST
DORILAS, LIONEL G. (Voter ID number 120320617).
CINEAS, MARY F. (Voter ID number 110257822).
FABIUS, JEAN (Voter ID number 109540563).
FABIUS, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109480196).

150 NW 40TH ST
FRIERSON, TAVARUS Dejuan (Voter ID number 109888144).

150 NW 44TH ST
GONZALEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 102476529).
CELESTINO, CRISTIAN (Voter ID number 116597370).

150 NW 46TH ST
LOPEZ, VENESSA Alejandra (Voter ID number 121053099).

150 NW 47TH ST
MARSHALL, WILLIE Frank (Voter ID number 109826851).
SHEFFIELD, BEVERLY Ann (Voter ID number 109097621).
SHEFFIELD, TARVARIS James (Voter ID number 110100103).

150 NW 47TH TER
SITTON, DORIS (Voter ID number 109134229).

150 NW 49TH ST
JEAN, QUENTIN A. (Voter ID number 110305960).
ROLLE-WHITE, LEASIA Eleana (Voter ID number 118519160).
WHITE, DOUGLAS Lynir (Voter ID number 109557539).
WALKER, MARQUES J. (Voter ID number 110038705).

150 NW 51ST ST
FRANCOIS, ROOSEVELT (Voter ID number 118196512).

150 NW 53RD ST
GREEN, ANTONY (Voter ID number 116264468).
WILLIS, JACQUELINE Marie (Voter ID number 110124270).
WILLIS, RAYMOND E. (Voter ID number 109758928).

150 NW 54TH ST
SUAREZ, OLGA Cecilia (Voter ID number 110091404).
MILLER, ANTHONY Joseph (Voter ID number 115165772).

150 NW 56TH ST
GILBERT, KAMALI D. (Voter ID number 120401253).
CHERRY, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 109962690).
GILBERT, BANTU P. (Voter ID number 109135028).
GILBERT, EBONY P. (Voter ID number 115263505).
GILBERT, PATRICIA Cherry (Voter ID number 109704990).
LEE, VERNICIA V. (Voter ID number 110276659).

151 NW 24TH ST

GUTIERREZ, ALAN (Voter ID number 110200873).

151 NW 33RD ST
APT #3

ALBERTY, SHARON E. (Voter ID number 109466813).

151 NW 33RD ST

PAZ, JHOSSELYN (Voter ID number 117667558).

151 NW 33RD ST

SEGARRA, SONIA (Voter ID number 119674980).

151 NW 33RD ST

ALBERTY, DAVID Allen (Voter ID number 103110834).

151 NW 33RD ST
HARDEN, CHRISTIAN V. (Voter ID number 110266007).

151 NW 33RD ST
APT #4

PEDICAN, ALVIN G. (Voter ID number 109311876).

151 NW 33RD ST
HENIRQUES, DASHAWN R. (Voter ID number 116163550).

151 NW 38TH ST
LINARES, ALVARO Estid (Voter ID number 119662244).
MONTERO, NURIA L. (Voter ID number 110326844).
RODRIGUEZ, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 120245773).

151 NW 41ST ST

CHAVEZ, NICHOLAS Gregory (Voter ID number 120969528).

151 NW 41ST ST

CHAVEZ, BRANDON Joseph (Voter ID number 118051174).

151 NW 41ST ST
ADAMES, DIOMEDES Leandro (Voter ID number 115789721).
DONE PACHECO, SEVERIANA (Voter ID number 115277206).
GONZALEZ, DEBBIE F. (Voter ID number 114718212).

151 NW 41ST ST

BRAVO, ANA Gladys (Voter ID number 115145205).
VALDIVIA, KARINA (Voter ID number 121135432).

152 NW 26TH ST
MARTINEZ, JOEL A. (Voter ID number 121167187).
MUNOZ, ROSA Isela (Voter ID number 116554356).
RUIZ, IRIS Rosario (Voter ID number 118074304).

152 NW 28TH ST
PICHINTE, DAVID E. (Voter ID number 110217502).
PICHINTE, JOSE Ernesto (Voter ID number 110045994).
PICHINTE, WENDY D. (Voter ID number 110074471).

152 NW 34TH ST
GARCIA, MARIZOL (Voter ID number 109610146).
GARCIA, CARMEN Lissette (Voter ID number 109469752).
GARCIA, HIRAIDA (Voter ID number 109807155).
GARCIA, MARCELINA (Voter ID number 109177257).

152 NW 42ND ST
ROMAN, YARIZA V Torres (Voter ID number 110337453).
TORRES, MARILYN S. (Voter ID number 110044266).
VILLALONGO, FRANCISCA (Voter ID number 110112537).

153 NW 26TH ST
RAMOS MUNIZ, AURORA (Voter ID number 120338808).
WOLFE, JANE Ianthia (Voter ID number 114697140).
DIAZ, JOSE Ramon (Voter ID number 109374623).

153 NW 29TH ST

FELICIANO, REYNALDO (Voter ID number 109569393).

153 NW 29TH ST

CREARY, APRIL Devirgin (Voter ID number 115482176).

153 NW 29TH ST

LEWIS, ANDRE (Voter ID number 109215874).
SMITH, MICHAEL Calvin Lorenzo (Voter ID number 116307190).
SMITH, TAREA Beaneatrice (Voter ID number 109894146).
SMITH, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 116226537).

153 NW 29TH ST
GONZALEZ, MARGARITA Quinonez (Voter ID number 109164474).

153 NW 30TH ST
MUNOZ, SUSANA Isabel (Voter ID number 110111343).
RUIZ, ESTILITA (Voter ID number 108927176).

153 NW 31ST ST
GONZALEZ, ARTURO (Voter ID number 109379786).
LOPEZ, HERIBERTO (Voter ID number 109507737).
SANTIAGO, MARILYN (Voter ID number 109960467).

153 NW 35TH ST
FRANCOIS, MARIE Therese N (Voter ID number 109083752).
FRANQUI, MARILYN (Voter ID number 110058670).

153 NW 42ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, WESLEY Anthony (Voter ID number 110198347).

153 NW 53RD ST
JULES, MERCIE L. (Voter ID number 108926471).
JULES, PETER P. (Voter ID number 120217779).
CASSEUS, BERCINE (Voter ID number 115915220).
CASSEUS, CLOWLIN P. (Voter ID number 109610666).
CASSEUS, EDWIN Jean (Voter ID number 109557829).
DOR, MIKAELLE (Voter ID number 110212120).
MARC, DOR (Voter ID number 116048865).

153 NW 56TH ST
ERESIA, BLESSY (Voter ID number 109806422).
JOSEPH, RUBIN (Voter ID number 110206461).
JOSEPH, ARISTIN (Voter ID number 116741802).
JOSEPH, ASLINE Beth (Voter ID number 117593784).

154 NW 61ST ST
RODRIGUEZ, KETTLY (Voter ID number 120204276).

155 NW 38TH ST
JEAN, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109774037).

155 NW 40TH ST
COPELAND, JOSHUA T. (Voter ID number 117369361).
COPELAND, ALBERT (Voter ID number 110002529).
COPELAND, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 110054601).
COPELAND, GLORIA Jean (Voter ID number 109012890).
COPELAND, RENEE (Voter ID number 109262462).
COPELAND, YOLANDO (Voter ID number 109868467).

155 NW 42ND ST
DE JESUS, TOMASA (Voter ID number 110234760).

155 NW 57TH ST
GONZALES, BOBBY J. (Voter ID number 110257671).
RUIZ, LYDIA Raquel (Voter ID number 109272946).

155 NW 59TH ST
STORR, NACOLE L. (Voter ID number 110153224).

155 NW 59TH ST

WILLIAMS, CLAREITHA Mae (Voter ID number 117578226).

155 NW 59TH ST
DANSEY, TANIA (Voter ID number 115928874).
WILLIAMS, JAMES (Voter ID number 116228325).

156 NW 47TH TER
DUBREUS, RICLES (Voter ID number 110033451).
DUBREUS, VILINA (Voter ID number 109916762).

156 NW 57TH ST
THEODORE, MARIE Therese (Voter ID number 109306108).
CADET, MARCEL (Voter ID number 109425075).

156 NW 58TH ST
BROWN, TONY (Voter ID number 116259492).

156 NW 60TH ST
BRUMAIRE, JEAN Renal (Voter ID number 109480575).
DANIEL, JEAN Claude (Voter ID number 110343482).
GASTON, EUGENIE (Voter ID number 109722780).
JEANCLAUDE, DANIEL (Voter ID number 116338534).

157 NW 28TH ST
BASULTO, MEDARDO M. (Voter ID number 110261605).
PEGUERO, JUAN Luis (Voter ID number 114763435).

157 NW 38TH ST
BAZIL, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 114701566).
HUNT, TONIQUA N. (Voter ID number 120003726).
JEAN, SUSAN (Voter ID number 110009819).
LUCCEAN, MARIE Nicole (Voter ID number 109681517).
RAMEAU, JEAN-MARIE Victor (Voter ID number 109709607).
LUCCEAN, ISABELLA Iliana (Voter ID number 116316437).

157 NW 48TH ST
MINNS, MARIE N. (Voter ID number 109611700).

158 NW 24TH ST
GARCIA DEL TORO, JULIA (Voter ID number 113972305).
PENA, WALFRIDO (Voter ID number 109305435).

158 NW 57TH ST
ANDERSON, ANTHONY O. (Voter ID number 116527606).
MUNIZ, LILLIAN C. (Voter ID number 109936594).

159 NW 30TH ST
ESTRADA, JESSICA (Voter ID number 114369815).
LUGO, EDNA Iliana (Voter ID number 109749141).

159 NW 31ST ST
FUNDORA, MARIA Antonieta (Voter ID number 109156515).

159 NW 47TH ST
SMITH, LULA Mae (Voter ID number 109092481).
SMITH, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 110203913).
SMITH, KEREITHA L. (Voter ID number 109532684).

159 NW 47TH TER
JOHNSON, DARECK Cornelius (Voter ID number 119173203).
JONES, TERRYNCE Matthew (Voter ID number 109889337).
JONES, KATRINA Terica (Voter ID number 109797554).
JONES, PATRICIA Riggins (Voter ID number 109085796).
JONES, SYLVIA Laticia (Voter ID number 109471749).
JONES, TERRY (Voter ID number 109093935).

159 NW 56TH ST
ST FORT, KATHIA (Voter ID number 110282181).

16 NW 47TH ST
HERNANDEZ, CARLOS F. (Voter ID number 109854166).

160 NW 28TH ST
ERAZO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 114752934).
MARTINEZ, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 114746081).

160 NW 32ND ST
DIAZ, ELMER (Voter ID number 109510642).
DIAZ, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 109460678).

160 NW 33RD ST

ELLIOTT, LINDA Jean (Voter ID number 108954572).
ROKER, STEVEN (Voter ID number 116388805).

160 NW 34TH ST
OLIVEROS, JUANA Evangelista (Voter ID number 109086106).
OLIVEROS, SAMMY Gabriel (Voter ID number 109227792).

160 NW 39TH ST
SERRANO, HERMELINDA (Voter ID number 109261274).
SERRANO, JUAN Angel (Voter ID number 109076579).

160 NW 41ST ST
TORRES, MANUEL (Voter ID number 116888561).
TORRES, VICTOR (Voter ID number 109295972).
HERNANDEZ, NOEMI (Voter ID number 109294469).
TORRES, DELIA Galarza (Voter ID number 109076585).
TORRES, MILTON (Voter ID number 114566444).
TORRES, VICTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 109767375).

160 NW 44TH ST
WELDON, DARELLA (Voter ID number 108953284).
WELDON, WILSON (Voter ID number 108936922).

160 NW 45TH ST
ACUNA, JESSICA (Voter ID number 110307729).

160 NW 46TH ST
CANTY, KAURI D. (Voter ID number 109887072).

160 NW 47TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, MARVIN A. (Voter ID number 119049394).

160 NW 49TH ST
ANDRE, BERLINE (Voter ID number 116528567).
ANDRE, ALBERT M. (Voter ID number 109600849).
ZIDOR ANDRE, ERMITH (Voter ID number 110282853).

160 NW 51ST ST
TAYLOR, REMER Denise (Voter ID number 109054731).

160 NW 56TH ST
LOMAX, EBONY (Voter ID number 120395739).
PETIONNAIS, PHANORD (Voter ID number 117032724).

160 NW 56TH ST
APT #105

PAYNE, MARIE Therese (Voter ID number 109471952).

160 NW 56TH ST
APT 207

DAVIS, JANERA L. (Voter ID number 110268281).

160 NW 56TH ST
APT 208

KELLY, THERESITA Patricia (Voter ID number 116057072).

160 NW 56TH ST
ILANCE, ROSELYN (Voter ID number 110079117).
KEY, CARLA E. (Voter ID number 115600605).
PRUETT, XAUTIPPE Lashanda (Voter ID number 109364218).

160 NW 56TH ST
APT 107

GERNE, MARGUERITE (Voter ID number 118844862).

160 NW 56TH ST
JACKSON, TIFFANY N. (Voter ID number 116234391).

160 NW 58TH ST
WHITE, ANTHONY Leroy (Voter ID number 119665491).
ARMAND, BONITRIA Ayshamil (Voter ID number 109963962).
ERRY, LONNIE Morris (Voter ID number 108910508).
SMITH, BONITA (Voter ID number 109205156).
SMITH, TASHA T. (Voter ID number 110174112).
WHITE, ANTAQUIA B. (Voter ID number 116888759).

160 NW 60TH ST

MARTINEZ, SADY A. (Voter ID number 119607139).

161 NW 28TH ST
RABELO, MANUEL Alberto (Voter ID number 119336073).
RABELO, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 115664931).

161 NW 28TH ST

SANTIAGO ROSARIO, LUZ Maritza (Voter ID number 118373167).

161 NW 30TH ST
NEGRON, HARRY (Voter ID number 109263456).
LUGER, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 110182817).
LUGO, DOLORES (Voter ID number 109296003).

161 NW 32ND ST
BAUZA, ARMINDA (Voter ID number 109459633).

161 NW 35TH ST
CID, ANTHONY S. (Voter ID number 120339512).
CID, JOSE Ricardo (Voter ID number 120339674).
SANTANA, NATALY (Voter ID number 115834708).
BONILLA, BARTOLINA (Voter ID number 110338767).
CID, CHARLES Richard (Voter ID number 115863662).
CID, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109825356).
MEDINA RIVERA, HAROLD (Voter ID number 115288539).
BONILLA, BARTOLINA (Voter ID number 116401850).

161 NW 37TH ST

ZALDIVAR, LEONARDO F. (Voter ID number 118478993).

161 NW 37TH ST

LUGO, ABIGAIL (Voter ID number 118311870).

161 NW 37TH ST
RODGRIGUEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 116006881).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 110306339).

161 NW 40TH ST
CENATUS, HECTOR (Voter ID number 109677980).
FRANCES, MERLE V. (Voter ID number 110231951).
FRANCIS, JOHN (Voter ID number 109306159).
FRANCIS, MERLE Joseph (Voter ID number 109209822).

161 NW 41ST ST
MOSLEY, FANNIE Walker (Voter ID number 109132046).
MOSLEY, WILLIE Edward (Voter ID number 108967066).

161 NW 52ND ST
BOILEAU JEANTY, NORA Fabrice (Voter ID number 119781768).
MAHOTIERE, JEAN Kenold (Voter ID number 118266868).

161 NW 52ND ST

PIERRE LOUIS, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 120877862).

161 NW 52ND ST
CLAUDE, JUEKY (Voter ID number 110184185).
DUMAY, JEAN Boles (Voter ID number 110240647).

161 NW 53RD ST
EDGECOMB, ANDREW (Voter ID number 116240022).
ROLLE, JOANNE Morgan (Voter ID number 109007048).
ROLLE, RUDOLPH James (Voter ID number 119710098).
ROLLE, DEMETRIUS Rashad (Voter ID number 116295119).

161 NW 61ST ST
SAFFORD, ANDREW (Voter ID number 116368492).

162 NW 54TH ST
PHELIMA, ANNA Louise (Voter ID number 115378039).

162 NW 58TH ST
PERRIER, PAULINE (Voter ID number 110184279).
PERRIER, YVES (Voter ID number 110186648).
PERRIER, YVONNE (Voter ID number 115123108).

163 NW 26TH ST
MYRIE, RICK Augusto (Voter ID number 109888173).
SPATES-MYRIE, SOPHIA Denae (Voter ID number 110037731).

163 NW 27TH ST
CARROLL, KIERA L. (Voter ID number 118103167).
ROBINSON, VICTOR Lamar (Voter ID number 108953400).
SAMS, ELITHIA Rochell (Voter ID number 109451074).

163 NW 56TH ST
PIERRE, CARLOS (Voter ID number 114816222).

163 NW 57TH ST
VICTOR, LUCILE (Voter ID number 120421898).

163 NW 57TH ST

PETIT-HOMME, CELIMENE (Voter ID number 121257886).

163 NW 59TH ST
MARCH, ALEXUS Rochell (Voter ID number 120282006).
LATIMORE, DIONE T. (Voter ID number 109647356).

163 NW 61ST ST

OLIEF, SHUMIKIA M. (Voter ID number 110083787).

164 NW 20TH ST
APT 202

SHERER, CHRISTOPHER Barron (Voter ID number 109409163).

164 NW 20TH ST
STE 105

BLINEAU, JOVAN (Voter ID number 109893793).
BLINEAU, KATIE E. (Voter ID number 115355715).

164 NW 20TH ST
STE 204

MARTINEZ, JORDAN Echols (Voter ID number 116338351).

164 NW 20TH ST
DPHREPAULEZZ, DIALLO H. (Voter ID number 114402289).
ESPANET, MICHELE (Voter ID number 115112045).

164 NW 20TH ST
STE 202

BOSSANO, GENDRY Denisse (Voter ID number 110063666).

164 NW 52ND ST

BUZON, VICTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 121036465).

164 NW 52ND ST
SANCHEZ FLORES, MANUEL (Voter ID number 118960646).

164 NW 54TH ST
MORALES, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 110101390).

164 NW 57TH ST
MUNIZ, ANA Garcia (Voter ID number 109077978).
MUNIZ, AUDELIZ (Voter ID number 109093136).

165 NW 46TH ST
HERRERA, GLORIA (Voter ID number 119389470).

165 NW 56TH ST
BELUS, JOEL (Voter ID number 118305397).

165 NW 59TH ST
FRANCOIS, JEAN B. (Voter ID number 119789254).
GEORGE, LINDER M. (Voter ID number 109987508).

166 NW 28TH ST
ARISMENDY, ROSALIA (Voter ID number 109124168).

166 NW 30TH ST
TUCKER, IRIS K. (Voter ID number 117569465).

166 NW 41ST ST
MICHELLE, JULIE (Voter ID number 110166935).

166 NW 48TH ST
ALARCON, JESSICA Michelle (Voter ID number 110309999).
ALUKO, ADEDOJA E. (Voter ID number 110147963).

166 NW 52ND ST
UMANA, MAURICIO A. (Voter ID number 115891453).

167 NW 32ND ST
COSME, OLGA Lydia (Voter ID number 109874350).
DIAZ, ANNA (Voter ID number 110254563).
ESTRADA, VICTOR (Voter ID number 120210197).
SANTOYA, TITO E. (Voter ID number 109893782).
SANTOYA, YANENA P. (Voter ID number 118505662).
RIVERA, AUGUSTO (Voter ID number 114344852).
SANTOYA, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 110274055).

167 NW 33RD ST
LOPEZ, DAISY Ninoska (Voter ID number 115086898).
LOPEZ, FRANK Junior (Voter ID number 117495674).

167 NW 38TH ST

CACERES, AIDA (Voter ID number 114877915).

167 NW 38TH ST

DE JESUS, DAGMAR Liz (Voter ID number 120970640).

167 NW 38TH ST
AGUIRRE MORALES, HECTOR (Voter ID number 110332587).
DIAZ, RUBEN (Voter ID number 110147807).
DIAZ, WILSON Milan (Voter ID number 109050902).

167 NW 40TH ST
SMITH, DAWN Ghaquita (Voter ID number 110061102).

167 NW 41ST ST
TAYLOR, MARVIN A. (Voter ID number 116275651).

167 NW 42ND ST
MILLA, SORAY E. (Voter ID number 118735764).

167 NW 45TH ST
PHILLIPS, TRACI B. (Voter ID number 105086498).
HARRISON, HENRIETTA Arnold (Voter ID number 108982123).
PHILLIPS, KEITH C. (Voter ID number 116277824).

167 NW 47TH ST
COHEN, FLORA (Voter ID number 110188980).
FEGES, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 114473120).

167 NW 48TH ST
BROWN, CYNTHIA L. (Voter ID number 109373420).

167 NW 56TH ST
PREDELUS, NATIVIDA (Voter ID number 120415695).
PREDELUS, FRANCISCO Henry (Voter ID number 109972125).
PREDELUS, MAX (Voter ID number 119785577).

168 NW 26TH ST
JIMENEZ, ARACELIS M. (Voter ID number 109818911).

168 NW 32ND ST

HEARNS, CLINTON Lamont (Voter ID number 114025319).

168 NW 32ND ST

TARANTO, LUIS M. (Voter ID number 114668866).
PEREZ, ENER Ederlis (Voter ID number 114941622).

168 NW 32ND ST
MERCADO, LUIS I. (Voter ID number 110112760).
MERCADO, LUIS Ismael (Voter ID number 110148628).
RODRIGUEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110254175).
RODRIGUEZ-LORENZO, ELISEO (Voter ID number 110058096).
URBINA, JOEL D. (Voter ID number 110308967).

168 NW 32ND ST

SANCHEZ, MARLON Pettersen (Voter ID number 118638180).

168 NW 33RD ST
FERRER, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 119602847).
COLON, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109884904).
FERRER, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 110111473).
RIOS, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109205125).

168 NW 39TH ST
BARBOSA, FELICITA (Voter ID number 109219529).

168 NW 40TH ST
MEULENER, EMMANUEL Jesus (Voter ID number 109470859).

168 NW 45TH ST
JEAN, LUCIANA (Voter ID number 116128675).

168 NW 45TH ST

DUMAS, HUGUES (Voter ID number 116487905).

168 NW 45TH ST
DONAT, EVE (Voter ID number 109906894).
LOUIS, MARIE E. (Voter ID number 109728943).
SAINT-LOUIS, ESTEVE (Voter ID number 110049582).
ST LOUIS, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109452643).

168 NW 47TH ST
DEAN, CLARENCE Rodney (Voter ID number 109269918).
DEAN, THELMA A. (Voter ID number 108936415).

168 NW 51ST ST
MOREAU, GERARD (Voter ID number 109545577).
PIERRE, JARVIS (Voter ID number 109888153).

168 NW 53RD ST

FRANCO, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 120896386).

168 NW 53RD ST
RIVERA NEGRON, MINERVA (Voter ID number 115280277).

168 NW 53RD ST

HEMINGWAY, ROCHELLE Lashawn (Voter ID number 109536146).
LOPEZ, JOAN M. (Voter ID number 115512229).

168 NW 53RD ST

FEBLES, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109024921).

169 NW 26TH ST
CROSKEY, TERRENCE A. (Voter ID number 117017391).
SEMPLE, MICHAEL V. (Voter ID number 118846013).
BUSH, ULYSSES (Voter ID number 110256056).
EAFORD, GAIL (Voter ID number 108909081).

169 NW 33RD ST
CORTES, EDILBERTO (Voter ID number 109828305).
CORTES, MILDRED (Voter ID number 109263241).
INGLES, EDGARDO (Voter ID number 109286376).

169 NW 36TH ST
FELICIANO, MARTA (Voter ID number 110065216).

169 NW 42ND ST

ROSA, JENNIFER Maris (Voter ID number 119085526).

169 NW 51ST ST
CLERISIER, ALITA Saintilmond (Voter ID number 110133787).
DANIEL, CONSILIA (Voter ID number 118882098).
MYRTIL, ALLEN (Voter ID number 117587523).
SAINTILMOND, CETTIE (Voter ID number 110014883).
CADET, CHARLES (Voter ID number 110034103).
SAINTILMOND, CHALENE (Voter ID number 109609631).
SAINTILMOND, SAMSON (Voter ID number 109353745).
SAINTILMOND, SANBORN (Voter ID number 110016922).

17 NW 53RD ST
BARTHELEMY, MYSELENE (Voter ID number 120891421).
BARTHELEMY, JEAN Sonel (Voter ID number 110137596).
BARTHELEMY, SUZE (Voter ID number 110143282).
MARCELIN, MIKE L. (Voter ID number 109929884).

170 NW 42ND ST
VEGA, TOMAS (Voter ID number 110025727).

170 NW 44TH ST
BRACAMONTE-RAMOS, JUANA L. (Voter ID number 120319447).
ESCOBAR, NELSON Rigoberto (Voter ID number 120320140).
CONTRERAS, IRIS V. (Voter ID number 116090381).
MEJIA, IRIS Michelle (Voter ID number 114253103).
WINSTON, JUDGE (Voter ID number 114172167).

170 NW 58TH ST
VICTOR, LAQUITA L. (Voter ID number 116239282).

170 NW 59TH ST
ABEL, MONPHIA J. (Voter ID number 116251335).

170 NW 60TH ST
LAUREANO, ANGELA Cipiaon (Voter ID number 117639294).

171 NW 26TH ST
MATUTE, RUFINA (Voter ID number 119617024).

171 NW 27TH ST
SMITH, VANDELLA (Voter ID number 109270319).

171 NW 28TH ST
THOMPSON, SHERMAN (Voter ID number 118846990).

171 NW 37TH ST
SANTOS, BELMARIS (Voter ID number 118321932).

171 NW 37TH ST

SWEETING, KENYARDIS Vendrell (Voter ID number 110314331).

171 NW 37TH ST
CABREJOS, SONIA Y. (Voter ID number 110030663).
GONZALEZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109071221).

171 NW 39TH ST
SOMMERVIL, DAPHNE (Voter ID number 112968297).

171 NW 47TH TER
PALMER, ALICE Jean (Voter ID number 108936466).
PALMER, JOSIAH (Voter ID number 108936467).
PALMER, JOSIAH (Voter ID number 116240823).

171 NW 51ST ST
FRANKLIN, MARGART Harris (Voter ID number 109013260).

171 NW 52ND ST
JEUDY, BEN Oni Cabrera (Voter ID number 109978584).
JEUDY, BENONI C. (Voter ID number 110033077).

171 NW 53RD ST
OSCAR, LUSCENE (Voter ID number 116616199).

171 NW 56TH ST
CHERY, DOCILIA (Voter ID number 121126004).

172 NW 34TH ST
VIRUET, CARMEN Maria (Voter ID number 109189304).

172 NW 52ND ST
GUILLAUME, FREDLINE (Voter ID number 109980418).
SENELUS, OLDYNE (Voter ID number 119887096).
SENELUS, VENETTE Jean (Voter ID number 109683296).
VAQUEDANO, MARIA (Voter ID number 116317781).

172 NW 58TH ST
PARKER, DEONTAY T. (Voter ID number 118844112).
HAMILTON, ANGEL (Voter ID number 120312654).

173 NW 27TH ST
GONZALEZ, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 117499742).
DESIR, LUCIA (Voter ID number 109987497).
WIGGINS, MARY Flores (Voter ID number 109034413).

173 NW 36TH ST
ROJAS ORTIZ, MARIA V. (Voter ID number 117323733).

173 NW 36TH ST

CONEY, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 116178967).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 119906445).

173 NW 47TH ST
FATALE, ESPANE (Voter ID number 109892028).
JEAN JOSEPH, NADINE (Voter ID number 116256631).

174 NW 26TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MONSERRATE (Voter ID number 109167071).

174 NW 34TH ST
LLANOS, ANTONIO Luis (Voter ID number 109433812).
LLANOS, CENOBIA (Voter ID number 109031517).
LLANOS, PEDRO Joaquin (Voter ID number 109031530).

174 NW 48TH ST
TERRELL, IRIS M. (Voter ID number 108937514).

174 NW 52ND ST
AMADOR, ALBERT (Voter ID number 118983686).

174 NW 52ND ST

ARISTIDE, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 109286602).

175 NW 31ST ST
TRASOBARES, CESAR Ernesto (Voter ID number 109000361).

175 NW 38TH ST
DIODONET, CRISTINA (Voter ID number 120878062).

175 NW 38TH ST
APT #1

HEYMAN, YOLANDA Perez (Voter ID number 110027017).

175 NW 38TH ST

BERRIOS ORTIZ, ZORAIDA (Voter ID number 110291043).

175 NW 38TH ST
GONZALEZ, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 110293015).
JOS, SUSAN (Voter ID number 109672654).

175 NW 38TH ST
APT #2

CASTELLANOS, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 115951740).

175 NW 45TH ST
APT #1

DUPRAS, EDELINE (Voter ID number 116413108).

175 NW 48TH ST
GORDON, TERESITA J. (Voter ID number 116275147).

175 NW 52ND ST
NOZAN, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109922860).

175 NW 58TH ST
LAROSE, ROSE MANIE (Voter ID number 116519661).

175 NW 59TH ST
DESJARDINS, JOCELYN (Voter ID number 115420061).
NICOLAS, ROSE (Voter ID number 115289274).
AUGUSTE, JOHN B. (Voter ID number 109796911).
HAMILTON, DOLORES (Voter ID number 110154866).
LAHENS, STENIO (Voter ID number 109808742).
SABLON, MARIE Michele (Voter ID number 110049526).

176 NW 52ND ST
FRANKLIN, SAM (Voter ID number 119887673).

177 NW 32ND ST
PERDOMO, ROXANNE (Voter ID number 110224218).
VALENTIN, IDANIA X. (Voter ID number 120851471).
VALENTIN, RUTH D. (Voter ID number 109548656).

177 NW 35TH ST
RIOS, FELIX (Voter ID number 110259258).

177 NW 48TH ST
GRANT, SANDRA Marie (Voter ID number 110320109).
GRANT, WARREN McDonald (Voter ID number 119884494).

177 NW 51ST ST
GEORGE, NELIE A. (Voter ID number 110169227).
GEORGE, NEMOUR (Voter ID number 109382131).
GEORGES, CHRIS J. (Voter ID number 110054357).
ROBINSON, GEORGE (Voter ID number 110169225).
GEORGE, ROBINSON (Voter ID number 117057231).

178 NW 28TH ST
ESTRADA, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109291795).

178 NW 32ND ST
SAMADA, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 120329877).
ROJAS, HILDA R. (Voter ID number 109719639).
SAMADA, HECTOR Ramon (Voter ID number 115745701).

178 NW 33RD ST
CRESPO, DAMARYS Marlen (Voter ID number 114043234).
CRESPO, ESTHER S. (Voter ID number 108909857).
CRESPO, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 108909856).

178 NW 44TH ST
BAUTISTA, JOCELYN (Voter ID number 120877886).
CEPEDA, RAFAEL Balbino (Voter ID number 109999057).
LOPEZ VILLANUEVA, SONIA (Voter ID number 110073053).
CEPEDA, RAFAEL B. (Voter ID number 109646078).
CEPEDA, RAFAEL Balbino (Voter ID number 110079877).
CEPEDA, YANEIRIS (Voter ID number 109899144).
LOPEZ, ANGEL Luis (Voter ID number 109248997).

178 NW 47TH TER
MAY, DOROTHY Gene (Voter ID number 109016430).
MAY, SAMPSON (Voter ID number 108932074).

178 NW 57TH ST

REID, NATASSIA M. (Voter ID number 116981410).

178 NW 57TH ST

BEELER, SAMARA Althea (Voter ID number 119913842).
CAMPBELL, TREVOR C. (Voter ID number 115959179).

178 NW 58TH ST
FIALLOS, GUSTAVO E. (Voter ID number 118847728).

1789 NW 22ND ST
MADRIGAL MELO, JOSE Miguel (Voter ID number 118086417).

179 NW 44TH ST
PEREZ, RAMON Gilberto (Voter ID number 109599589).

179 NW 52ND ST
CELESTIN, ROBERSON (Voter ID number 120987375).
TOUSSAINT, JEAN R. (Voter ID number 109722270).
TOUSSAINT, MARIE (Voter ID number 114284198).
TOUSSAINT, MOISE (Voter ID number 110173592).
TOUSSAINT, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109887876).

179 NW 59TH ST
CULPEPPER, AARON D. (Voter ID number 120150493).
CULPEPPER, ANTHONY D. (Voter ID number 120150586).
GRAHAM, KELVIN A. (Voter ID number 115912726).
GREEN, GENEVA D. (Voter ID number 109731402).
MYLES, SARAH (Voter ID number 109614337).

179 NW 59TH ST

ISAAC, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 110066190).

179 NW 59TH ST

GRAHAM, JANIE (Voter ID number 114151988).

179 NW 59TH ST

MADISON, JESSE (Voter ID number 117585867).

179 NW 59TH ST

BURNS, GEORGE Antonio (Voter ID number 118100757).

179 NW 59TH ST

BAILEY, LATRESE Irene (Voter ID number 109958735).

179 NW 59TH ST
BAKER, GLORICE T. (Voter ID number 109733912).
MADISON, BETTY (Voter ID number 109088317).
MADISON, GEORGETTE (Voter ID number 110150448).
MYLES, JERICO Kenyatta (Voter ID number 110160431).

179 NW 59TH ST
APT #3

MADISON, JESSE (Voter ID number 110061265).

18 NW 51ST ST
DENNARD, DORIS D. (Voter ID number 109146227).

18 NW 57TH ST
EUGENE, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 110052098).

180 NW 40TH ST
OSTINE, IRTALYNE (Voter ID number 118166777).

180 NW 49TH ST
DIMANCHE, YVERNA (Voter ID number 109929968).
JOSEPH, EMMANUELLA J. (Voter ID number 120217509).
LORENT, FABIENNE (Voter ID number 114706777).
EVANS, DERRICK E. (Voter ID number 109326865).
FREMONT, VINIA (Voter ID number 110193636).

180 NW 51ST ST
CROCKETT, ELIZZIE (Voter ID number 109157425).
JOHNSON, ELVIRA Latosha (Voter ID number 109746477).

180 NW 53RD ST
DELIFORD, CHINETHA T. (Voter ID number 110171565).

180 NW 58TH ST
BODDEN, JEWEL S. (Voter ID number 120453873).
BODDEN-PANTALEON SAN, ANY Suyapa (Voter ID number 121070381).

180 NW 59TH ST

ZAHRIYEH, MONIQUE S. (Voter ID number 110332134).

180 NW 59TH ST

BROWN, MICKEL (Voter ID number 114195413).

180 NW 59TH ST

MCDOWELL, PATTY A. (Voter ID number 118213549).

180 NW 60TH ST
MAURICE, GINNEVA (Voter ID number 110186014).
MAURICE, RENE (Voter ID number 119612059).

181 NW 40TH ST
JEANCY, JEAN Ivon (Voter ID number 109004285).
JEANCY, MICHELSON (Voter ID number 109776060).
DUNOIS, MARIE Ivanne (Voter ID number 109706343).
JEANCY, EMMANUELA (Voter ID number 110204535).

181 NW 44TH ST
BRAVE, KELLY (Voter ID number 120068028).

181 NW 52ND ST
OSTINUIL, JAMES (Voter ID number 116624696).

182 NW 51ST ST
MINNIS, STEVEN C. (Voter ID number 109346300).
MINNIS, WILLIE Deswan (Voter ID number 109730894).

182 NW 53RD ST
BROWN, SHAMEKA Tawanda (Voter ID number 109968925).
JENKINS, JERRICH (Voter ID number 116316503).
REDMON, PAULA P. (Voter ID number 117000488).
JORDAN, EULAINE Quintinna (Voter ID number 109282226).
JORDAN, LIANIASHA (Voter ID number 116245507).

1825 NW 22ND ST
BAEZ, EDGAR Ariel (Voter ID number 117359552).

183 NW 41ST ST
MEDEROS, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 116051977).

184 NW 34TH ST
ALFONSO, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109207672).
MEDINA, ROSA Julia (Voter ID number 108993948).
PACHECO ORTA, SANTOS (Voter ID number 109408234).
PACHECO, RAMON Luis (Voter ID number 109261849).

1843 NW 22ND ST
HERNANDEZ, ASHANTI (Voter ID number 110291148).

185 NW 58TH ST
GONZALEZ-LAUZAN, MARTA (Voter ID number 110029632).

186 NW 57TH ST
MOODY, MARCIANNIE Raymone (Voter ID number 115774662).
MEZADIEU, SAINT (Voter ID number 109686440).

186 NW 58TH ST
WILLIAMS, TIFFANY M. (Voter ID number 110236242).

187 NW 28TH ST
CRUZ, CARLOS Juan (Voter ID number 114771693).

187 NW 53RD ST
JEAN LOUIS, MARIE Chantal (Voter ID number 116317245).
JEAN-LOUIS, WENDY (Voter ID number 114409391).

188 NW 59TH ST
NOEL, ANNE MURIE (Voter ID number 120048317).

19 NW 51ST ST

PEREZ, WALDEMAR (Voter ID number 114198049).

19 NW 51ST ST

WALSH, SHAYLA Michelle (Voter ID number 117922931).

19 NW 52ND ST
RAYMONVIL, CLERINA (Voter ID number 109641142).

19 NW 52ND ST
APT #2

RAYMONVIL, NAZAIRE (Voter ID number 109831326).

19 NW 52ND ST
RAYMONVIL, ODONELL (Voter ID number 109629330).

19 NW 52ND ST

JOYNER, BELINDA Faye (Voter ID number 109177165).

19 NW 54TH ST
WILLIAMS, ANGELA (Voter ID number 115268103).

190 NW 31ST ST
STEPHEN, SABRINA (Voter ID number 116250009).

190 NW 47TH ST
STEWART, GLORIA D. (Voter ID number 108990672).
TAYLOR, AMY Maria (Voter ID number 109175652).

190 NW 51ST ST

SHEPPARD, TENISHA E. (Voter ID number 116211449).

190 NW 51ST ST
WALTERS, LUCRECIA (Voter ID number 116221137).

190 NW 51ST ST

HAM, JANELLE May (Voter ID number 117015966).

190 NW 57TH ST
RICHARD, ANTOINETTE (Voter ID number 109530080).

190 NW 57TH ST

ORCHARD, LINDSAY Jean (Voter ID number 114922747).

190 NW 60TH ST
EUGENE, JORANE (Voter ID number 119408330).
FAUSTIN, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109623561).
PIERRE, PAULANIE (Voter ID number 118295691).
PIERRE, VERONIQUE (Voter ID number 117521193).
BASTIEN, COSTAU C. (Voter ID number 110172930).
CASTIL, WILVINE (Voter ID number 117521148).
PIERRE, MEDIANA (Voter ID number 117784294).

191 NW 50TH ST
DE LA ROSA, ALTAGRACIA (Voter ID number 114202718).

191 NW 59TH ST
ADAMS, TROY B. (Voter ID number 116185664).
JOHNSON, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109051170).

1929 NW 22ND ST
VALVERDE, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 114966877).

193 NW 58TH ST

TONGE, WILLMOUTH (Voter ID number 115901032).

193 NW 58TH ST

ORTIZ, ANTONIO Manuel (Voter ID number 115884764).

193 NW 59TH ST
INTAGLIATA, JESSICA Lynn (Voter ID number 115655859).

198 NW 60TH ST
JOHNSON, CURTIS Lee (Voter ID number 116249975).

2 NW 47TH ST
GILBERT, LANKINA M. (Voter ID number 105218273).
GILBERT, LOUISE (Voter ID number 108995769).

DELVA, BRUNO (Voter ID number 110328536).
DELVA, FLOLENE (Voter ID number 109642280).

20 NW 34TH TER
INGLES, XIOMARA (Voter ID number 117572563).
CRESPO, MARIA Noelia (Voter ID number 108909045).
WALKER, LASWUAN D. (Voter ID number 109246724).

20 NW 34TH TER

MARTINEZ, KATHERINE Ellen (Voter ID number 110034966).

20 NW 45TH ST
FINER, JEREMY Hugh (Voter ID number 109920195).
RAMOS, LORENA G. (Voter ID number 109192108).

20 NW 47TH TER
DIAZ, DELIA (Voter ID number 109228215).
DIAZ, MATILDE (Voter ID number 109238248).
GARCIA, JESSE (Voter ID number 115755655).

20 NW 48TH ST
BROWN, DELORES Smith (Voter ID number 108953136).

20 NW 49TH ST
JAMES, WILLIAM Preston (Voter ID number 110041690).
JAMES, ANDRE Tremayne (Voter ID number 109531979).
JAMES, GWENDOLYN L. (Voter ID number 109084333).
JAMES, MARSHA R. (Voter ID number 114409900).
JAMES, TIMMY (Voter ID number 108936348).
TOMES, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 116280705).

20 NW 52ND ST
ROBERTS, DOROTHY Lenton (Voter ID number 108961468).
CLARK, LISA Michelle (Voter ID number 109213822).
CLARK, RUBY (Voter ID number 108951235).

20 NW 59TH ST
BLANC, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 109943995).
CALIXTE, SHEBA Previus (Voter ID number 105194745).

20 NW 59TH ST
APT #2

PETIT-FRERE, LAVANIE (Voter ID number 119201845).

20 NW 59TH ST

NORMAN, MIGUETTA Michelle (Voter ID number 110330696).
NORMAN, MIQUETTA M. (Voter ID number 117009256).
CALIXTE, DAVID (Voter ID number 119633240).

20 NW 61ST ST
FRANCOIS FILIUS, LAMERCIE (Voter ID number 110125247).
STUBBS, ARRIE Lee (Voter ID number 109087813).

200 NW 47TH ST
KEMP, KESHA (Voter ID number 116088423).

200 NW 55TH ST
JOSEPH, JEAN C. (Voter ID number 118292404).
MAINEGRA, AIDA A. (Voter ID number 120148275).
MARTIN, ALPHONSO Fernly (Voter ID number 110309836).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT #601

ALIBE, GEROME (Voter ID number 118248166).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 105

BOTANA, LUCILA Marcela (Voter ID number 118172368).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 214

RAMOS, CRUZ Maria (Voter ID number 109008366).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 302

LORENZO, LUIS (Voter ID number 120093571).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 305

PINARES, JESUS Rafael (Voter ID number 121213878).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 311

VALDES, REINALDO (Voter ID number 109852214).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 312

HENRY, TROY G. (Voter ID number 109366217).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 410

VILLALBA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 120091613).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 512

VEALS, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 109242122).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 607

KIRKLAND, JELMO M. (Voter ID number 110123938).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 613

GREENE, DANIEL G. (Voter ID number 110252736).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 414

WARE, MARY Helen (Voter ID number 109096575).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 514

CARMONA, ANA Iris (Voter ID number 114916442).

200 NW 55TH ST
AVILA, LIDIA M. (Voter ID number 114463702).
BACILA, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109791516).
BARNES, FRANKLIN (Voter ID number 110283700).
BIRK, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number 110290947).
COAKLEY, SALLIE Mae (Voter ID number 109042899).
DORZENA, ROBIN (Voter ID number 109780267).
FELTON, EDDIE Lee (Voter ID number 109503803).
GONZALEZ, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 110316489).
HARRIS, JESSIE Mae (Voter ID number 109109321).
JEAN PAUL, DORA Lee (Voter ID number 109027488).
JOHNSON, MAVIS P. (Voter ID number 109645144).
JORDAN, HAZEL Lee (Voter ID number 109174169).
KEARSE, JOYCE (Voter ID number 109021366).
KENDRICK, LOUISE (Voter ID number 108962741).
KIRCHMAN, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number 110100642).
LA FRANCE, ERNSTLY (Voter ID number 114668539).
MARTINEZ, ELWIN (Voter ID number 110277809).
MEJIA, GLORIA Vilma (Voter ID number 109720224).
PERSON, ANTIONETTE Latrice (Voter ID number 109885152).
PESANTE, EFRAIN (Voter ID number 110319328).
REINALDO, JOSE Lemus (Voter ID number 110305257).
RENE, BETTY Rose (Voter ID number 109611155).
RIVERS, MICHAEL Harrison (Voter ID number 108979468).
SHERROD, CELESTINE Pinard (Voter ID number 115644407).
SHERROD, DORA Alice (Voter ID number 108950153).
SMITH, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 109115148).
SNEED, WILMA Hepburn (Voter ID number 109082449).
THOMAS, MARIA R. (Voter ID number 115724213).
THOMAS, VIRGINIA H. (Voter ID number 108956466).
TIBBS, SANDRA Louise (Voter ID number 108907059).
WILLIAMS, JUANITA A. (Voter ID number 109012363).
WILLIAMS, JUANITA D. (Voter ID number 114054810).
WINT, PAULINE A. (Voter ID number 109470883).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT #606

SPENCER, GENNIE Mae (Voter ID number 109021605).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT #614

MOBLEY, ROSELLA (Voter ID number 109294451).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 212

SABALLOS, ROSA A. (Voter ID number 118814831).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 213

OLIVERA, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 109780736).
ULLAN, MARGOT (Voter ID number 120345832).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 311

VALDEZ, MARIA Socorro (Voter ID number 109471576).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 313

MACHADO, YOLANDA Teresita (Voter ID number 116372809).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 412

CASTILLO, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 116688815).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 501

GARCIA, CONSTANTINA (Voter ID number 109453402).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 508

MAYCOCK, THERESA (Voter ID number 109202067).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 510

MEJIA, ELADIO De Jesus (Voter ID number 109720064).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 608

PUPO HERNANDEZ, ELIEXER R. (Voter ID number 118908592).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 611

MOSELY, JASMINE J. (Voter ID number 117560109).
MOSLEY, BETTY (Voter ID number 110063451).

200 NW 55TH ST
APT 612

JIMENEZ, FELIPE (Voter ID number 109649382).

200 NW 55TH ST
UNIT 307

MIRTH, GAIL Denise (Voter ID number 109096359).

200 NW 55TH ST
GARCIA, LAZARA (Voter ID number 116232959).

2000 NW 12TH AVE
ARGUELLO, JOFFRE Luis (Voter ID number 109144231).
DE LA ROSA, LUIS Enrique (Voter ID number 110143823).
ELISEE, HOLLIS Moses (Voter ID number 109881749).
LEE, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109337360).
MILAN, JULISSA Alicia (Voter ID number 109931366).
MORALES, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 109764923).
MORROW, TAKISHA L. (Voter ID number 110158402).
NEDER, JAYSON (Voter ID number 102320408).
PENA, REGLA C. (Voter ID number 109794857).
PEREZ, LUISINIO (Voter ID number 109261876).
ROBINSON, TASHIKA Q. (Voter ID number 110097565).
ROJAS, CHARLES (Voter ID number 110141726).
ROSARIO, ARIEL (Voter ID number 114352650).
SASTRE, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 110206810).
SMITH, DARREN A. (Voter ID number 110230732).
SOLER, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 110142241).
VARGAS, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 109999082).
VIEL, JACQUETTA Lashika (Voter ID number 110173622).
WILLIAMS, JOANNA (Voter ID number 110269691).
WILSON, ALISON Ann (Voter ID number 109942788).

2000 NW 12TH AVE
UNIT #412

RONDON, MINERUA (Voter ID number 110178960).

2000 NW 3RD AVE
UNIT #2000

ARTIS, ALFONSO Donnell (Voter ID number 110335444).

2000 NW 3RD AVE
ARTIS, TERRY D. (Voter ID number 109557467).

2001 NW 4TH CT
ALLEN, RUDOLPH Lacious (Voter ID number 109456108).

2002 NW 5TH PL
PETERS, MONIKA J. (Voter ID number 110148668).

NATTED, CHARLES (Voter ID number 120308685).


JAQUISS, NOEL Edward (Voter ID number 101812103).

2004 NW 3RD AVE
MEDINA, ANGELA H. (Voter ID number 109660733).

2004 NW 5TH PL
WILLIAMS, LILLIE M. (Voter ID number 109074769).
WILLIAMS, LILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 120153560).
ALLEN, DIANE (Voter ID number 109083185).
MC GREGOR, VONDORA (Voter ID number 110153481).

2005 NW 4TH CT
SMIFF, JACKIE (Voter ID number 116168943).

2006 NW 3RD AVE
UNIT 2006

VALCIN, LINDSEY P. (Voter ID number 120268967).

2006 NW 3RD AVE
BROWN, RICKY (Voter ID number 116275565).
HEART, RONNIE (Voter ID number 116256895).

2008 NW 3RD AVE
BURCKS, APRIL Frances (Voter ID number 120003655).
HART, WALTER L. (Voter ID number 116009815).

2008 NW 5TH PL
RUIZ TENORIO, ANDRES (Voter ID number 121310268).

2009 NW 7TH AVE
DUNKLEY, ALFONSO Walker (Voter ID number 109128597).

201 NW 27TH ST
LEATH, JONATHAN M. (Voter ID number 116234084).

2010 NW 1ST AVE
BRAY, JAMES (Voter ID number 109358630).

2010 NW 3RD AVE
ROLLE, JESSICA Latoya (Voter ID number 117583301).
ROLLE, SHIRKEELA N. (Voter ID number 109561199).
ROLLE, SHIRLEY Louise (Voter ID number 109016968).

2010 NW 5TH PL
ESPINOZA, AGUSTO C. (Voter ID number 110330548).
ESPINOZA, DARLING D. (Voter ID number 116953731).

2011 NW 4TH CT
ALEMAN, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 116882499).
CHAVEZ, GRACIELA (Voter ID number 116184939).

2012 NW 5TH PL
SANCHEZ, MARISOL (Voter ID number 115880841).
URIARTE, JESUS A. (Voter ID number 118097044).

2014 NW 3RD AVE
GAITER, JAMES W. (Voter ID number 110147596).

2014 NW 5TH PL
FELDER, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 108901856).
SMITH, TERRANCE (Voter ID number 110184104).
SMITH, TERRANCE (Voter ID number 110235201).

2015 NW 4TH CT
ROBERTS, CORNELL Marice (Voter ID number 120754583).
WRIGHT, MARCUS A. (Voter ID number 110179601).
WRIGHT, CHARLES L. (Voter ID number 109024950).
WRIGHT, LACHINA R. (Voter ID number 110153541).
WRIGHT, MARVINA (Voter ID number 109092471).

2015 NW 4TH CT
APT 2015

KIMBLE, SHAUNKETHA Latoya (Voter ID number 116063753).

2015 NW 6TH PL
HADDAD, AMER Walid (Voter ID number 121229499).
TOLENTINO, YESINIA (Voter ID number 120939385).

2015 NW 6TH PL
APT #3

PINDER, JEFFREY Stephane (Voter ID number 109180058).

2015 NW 6TH PL

TREMBLE, JAKEEWA Sheanke (Voter ID number 110114846).

2015 NW 6TH PL
GLASS, ALBERT (Voter ID number 109034958).
VELASQUEZ, MIGUEL ANGEL (Voter ID number 116322770).

2016 NW 5TH PL
ESPANOL, DIANA (Voter ID number 109776211).
WHITSETT, VERLINDA (Voter ID number 117072362).

2017 NW 4TH CT
JACKSON, NIKKIE Lavon (Voter ID number 110088394).

2017 NW 4TH CT
APT 2017

FRANK, SHEKITA L. (Voter ID number 120548780).

2018 NW 3RD AVE
MARSHALL, KATHY (Voter ID number 119740342).

2020 NW 1ST AVE
ALLEN, MATTHEW Mark (Voter ID number 119718159).
ANDERSON, CHARLES J. (Voter ID number 120265475).
BROWN, JASON Christopher (Voter ID number 120093934).
BURGOS BERBERENA, JUAN (Voter ID number 120035933).
CAMPBELL, OJA (Voter ID number 120443180).
CARTER, MIKE (Voter ID number 118980404).
EASLEY, CLARENCE Lee (Voter ID number 120028498).
EVANS, JESSE Steven (Voter ID number 121069769).
GARCIA CRUZ, JORGE Ivan (Voter ID number 120788549).
GARCIA, RAMON Reyes (Voter ID number 118813717).
GLASPIE, EDWARD Wendell (Voter ID number 116268561).
GRANT, MARCUS Lee (Voter ID number 119718493).
HOLLAND, MARK Anthony (Voter ID number 121349125).
JEFFERSON, REGGIE (Voter ID number 116164521).
JOSEPH, JEAN Daudet (Voter ID number 120839907).
KNIGHT, ARNOLD Emanuel (Voter ID number 120897558).
LUSTER, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 109559237).
ODOM, TYRONE (Voter ID number 120255452).
OLIVER OLMO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 118735171).
PEARSON, JOHN Melvin (Voter ID number 116249663).
PETTIT, THOMAS (Voter ID number 116414767).
PHILPOT, RICKIE Wayne (Voter ID number 119718282).
REECE, CHANSE L. (Voter ID number 116660552).
REHE, HENRY C. (Voter ID number 114625215).
RETHAGE, CRAIG A. (Voter ID number 110304338).
REYES, JOSE F. (Voter ID number 120308941).
ROBINSON, DONYELL (Voter ID number 116416084).
ROBINSON, JOHN Lee (Voter ID number 115947746).
SALVANT, RALPH Randall (Voter ID number 112024085).
SHELBY, GEORGE (Voter ID number 110829014).
SIMON, RAY Charles (Voter ID number 118980402).
SMITH, ORLANDO Luis (Voter ID number 119605241).
TALBOT, TERRELL E. (Voter ID number 116281304).
THOMAS, JERAMAE Ricardo (Voter ID number 102214797).
WAGONER, JOHNATHAN (Voter ID number 119780447).
WILLIS, MICHAEL Edward (Voter ID number 116557291).
WITHERSPOON, ROBIN Fontaine (Voter ID number 118285071).
WOLFE, WALTER D. (Voter ID number 120317720).

2020 NW 1ST AVE

BRADFORD, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 119337777).

2020 NW 1ST AVE
ALLEN, LEROY (Voter ID number 110231657).
ANDERSON, JIMMIE Tony (Voter ID number 118813674).
ANTOLOS, NICHOLA (Voter ID number 115727763).
BACKLUND, KYLE John (Voter ID number 121051127).
BAIN, HARLEY T. (Voter ID number 109295494).
BANKS, CONLYN Fitzgerald (Voter ID number 119458347).
BROWN, EDDIE (Voter ID number 118813960).
BRUMMITT, RONALD B. (Voter ID number 109218440).
CACHO RIVERA, RICARDO Rafael (Voter ID number 119186480).
CAMPBELL, MARLON Christopher (Voter ID number 116078249).
CLARK, DIMITRI L. (Voter ID number 115936138).
CLARK, JOHNNY Davis (Voter ID number 114508442).
COLBERT, KEVIN L. (Voter ID number 116416100).
CORE, GEORGE (Voter ID number 116416255).
CUMMINGS, IRVING Thompson (Voter ID number 118660521).
CUNNINGHAM, PETER A. (Voter ID number 110079316).
DAWSON, RUFUS (Voter ID number 116414918).
DESSOW, SHAWN S. (Voter ID number 114195361).
DOBSON, DARIUS D. (Voter ID number 115089524).
DOLTON, DONALD (Voter ID number 116232175).
EDWARDS, JERRY (Voter ID number 116232378).
FARRELL, CHAD Glenn (Voter ID number 110232806).
FLORES-VELAZQUEZ, EDWIN Joel (Voter ID number 115670195).
FULLER, GEORGE (Voter ID number 116180772).
GARGANO, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 114202593).
GARNER, HAROLD (Voter ID number 116415579).
GATLIN, RODERICK Denardo (Voter ID number 110272088).
GILCHRIST, RICHARD (Voter ID number 115724332).
GONZALEZ, RICHARD (Voter ID number 110133594).
GREER, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110107704).
GRIER, GREGORY Bernard (Voter ID number 109301069).
GROSS, JEROME E. (Voter ID number 116416296).
HALE, RUSSELL (Voter ID number 114195466).
HARRIS, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 115599564).
HAYNES, WILLARD B. (Voter ID number 110135930).
HESSON, RICKY Gene (Voter ID number 118980405).
HILL, JULIAN Jeter (Voter ID number 120004006).
HILLS, KEVIN B. (Voter ID number 111203433).
HOLIDAY, TONEY (Voter ID number 110300973).
HOLLIDAY, TONEY L. (Voter ID number 110144573).
HOSKINS, CLEO (Voter ID number 116416074).
JOHNSON, EARL Stafford (Voter ID number 121251056).
JOHNSON, MALCOLM (Voter ID number 115727639).
JOHNSON, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 116052876).
JONES, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 116169066).
JORDAN, BRODERICK Adolphus (Voter ID number 109854045).
KINCADE GRIMES, STANLEY (Voter ID number 119716759).
KINNON, LARRY (Voter ID number 116415707).
KNOWLES, FRANKLIN B. (Voter ID number 101605434).
LANCI, DAVID Michael (Voter ID number 115126653).
LANE, MARLO (Voter ID number 115719542).
LOWE, HALDANE W. (Voter ID number 114467621).
LOWE, HALDANE (Voter ID number 116005328).
MADSEN, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 115719548).
MARTIN, CHARLES R. (Voter ID number 108960668).
MARTINEZ, EDWARD Robert (Voter ID number 109507322).
MATTHEWS, KENNETH G. (Voter ID number 116372895).
MCCREA, LEROY (Voter ID number 116010275).
NEWTON, JESSE Duncan (Voter ID number 115962035).
NOBLE, JASON Matthew (Voter ID number 108689654).
ODOR, ROGER L. (Voter ID number 115724489).
PASQUARELLO, SONNY Robert (Voter ID number 115719115).
RICHARDSON, CHARLES (Voter ID number 116180857).
RIOS, JUAN (Voter ID number 116169070).
RIVERA, FELIX X. (Voter ID number 115723459).
RIVES, KENIA (Voter ID number 116102643).
ROBERTS, ORION B. (Voter ID number 109784508).
ROSS, DAVID (Voter ID number 116415786).
ROZIER, FRED I. (Voter ID number 109913127).
SHOTACK, MICHAEL Walter (Voter ID number 115864930).
SHUMATE, ROBERT (Voter ID number 115615071).
ST GERMAIN, BRIAN P. (Voter ID number 115591907).
STOKES, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 115437379).
TALIAFERRO, WARREN (Voter ID number 116067124).
TAYLOR, TERRY L. (Voter ID number 115723014).
TEART, MARK (Voter ID number 109260510).
TURNER, RONNELL L. (Voter ID number 115724491).
TYLER, ROBERT (Voter ID number 116180883).
WALLACE, CHRISTOPHER C. (Voter ID number 115974355).
WARREN, DONNELL Anthony (Voter ID number 110092915).
WELLS, ANTHONY Leon (Voter ID number 109155310).
WHITE, JAY (Voter ID number 115582420).
WILCOX, HARRY (Voter ID number 109430007).
WILFRID, ST PIERROT (Voter ID number 116269960).
WILFRID, TELFORT (Voter ID number 116390452).
WILLIAMS, JAMES (Voter ID number 116052384).
WILLIAMS, JOHN Jacob (Voter ID number 109949778).
WILLIAMS, VICTOR David (Voter ID number 109076826).
WILLIAMSON, JOHN (Voter ID number 116413992).
WILLIS, CURTIS T. (Voter ID number 116168758).
WISEMAN, JOHNNY L. (Voter ID number 110187583).
WRIGHT, AUBREY Dontary (Voter ID number 109478960).

2020 NW 1ST AVE
APT #3

WILLIAMS, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 116347066).

2020 NW 1ST AVE
BLUE, HORACE S. (Voter ID number 117899332).
BROWN, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 116259460).
CURATE, DOUGLAS J. (Voter ID number 116348153).
JEFFERSON, EDGAR (Voter ID number 116417367).
JENKINS, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 116283978).
MCNEIL, WILFRED Tyrome (Voter ID number 116786394).
MOORE, ELIGAH (Voter ID number 116413952).
NORWOOD, ELIJAH (Voter ID number 116415828).
SMITH, MICHAEL O. (Voter ID number 116754004).
SMITH, RANDALL C. (Voter ID number 116682292).
AWAD, ZUBER R. (Voter ID number 116240268).
CALHOUN, CLEOPHIS (Voter ID number 116118284).
GARCIA, JUAN (Voter ID number 116208362).
HYATT, MATHEW (Voter ID number 116118382).
JEFFERSON, EDGAR (Voter ID number 116118312).
ROBINSON, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 116240123).
RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL G. (Voter ID number 116250123).
THOMPSON, FRANKIE (Voter ID number 116268702).
TURNER, RONNELL Lewis (Voter ID number 116348690).
WAUGH, THOMAS Lee (Voter ID number 116259443).

2020 NW 3RD AVE
PORTO, GABINO (Voter ID number 115483621).
SIMMONS, JOE A. (Voter ID number 114317428).

2020 NW 5TH PL
REED, DONNA (Voter ID number 109508186).
REED, TARUS E. (Voter ID number 114330045).

2021 NW 3RD AVE
KRAMERN, KAREN (Voter ID number 116172457).

2021 NW 4TH CT
WHITE, RICKEY Lamar (Voter ID number 116292790).

2022 NW 3RD AVE
ALSTON, LEATHA M. (Voter ID number 109209564).

2022 NW 5TH PL
GUILLAUME, ELMINA (Voter ID number 110262470).
GUILLAUME, JOCELYN (Voter ID number 110207081).
WILLIAMS, LILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 109076526).

2023 NW 4TH CT
ECHEVARRIA, TANIA (Voter ID number 115264012).

2024 NW 3RD AVE
LOPEZ, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 110277161).

2025 NW 4TH CT
CARBALLOSA, JACKELINE Barbara (Voter ID number 119563671).
GRANT, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 109883407).

2025 NW 6TH PL
GEORGE, GREGORY (Voter ID number 108921596).
GEORGE, JA'QUARZ Y. (Voter ID number 109440000).
GEORGE, LIZZIE Mae (Voter ID number 108943392).
GEORGE, MARVIN (Voter ID number 109687017).
GEORGE, TONY (Voter ID number 102141075).
LIVINGSTON, MARVIN Thomas (Voter ID number 109664010).
GEORGE, BRUCE E. (Voter ID number 116704627).

2026 NW 5TH PL
REID, JOSEPH Nathainel (Voter ID number 109764537).
REED, MARVIN B. (Voter ID number 116953684).

2027 NW 4TH CT
INFANTE, ANGEL F. (Voter ID number 110317658).

2027 NW 6TH PL
SMITH, VIRGINIA Clair (Voter ID number 109043822).

2028 NW 3RD AVE
BRATTON, SHANARA Q. (Voter ID number 117583026).
WALLACE, SINA Y. (Voter ID number 109157926).

2028 NW 5TH PL
MARTINEZ, SYLVIA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 116316286).
GETER, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 110139283).

2028 NW 5TH PL
APT 2028

MARTINEZ, NANCY (Voter ID number 118815194).

203 NW 35TH ST
ACEVEDO, ISILDA (Voter ID number 119422569).

203 NW 36TH ST

SELBY, THOMAS Hunter (Voter ID number 118466820).

203 NW 36TH ST
RIGAUD, JEAN CLAUDE (Voter ID number 119762864).

203 NW 60TH ST
SMITH, ETHRICE (Voter ID number 117092237).

2030 NW 3RD AVE
JAMISON, SHEMIA S. (Voter ID number 110183185).
THOMAS, WILLIAM Junior (Voter ID number 110005992).

2030 NW 5TH PL
LEWIS, SHELIA Candi (Voter ID number 114076520).
MEDINA, MARIA Victoria (Voter ID number 114682785).

2031 NW 4TH CT
PAULK, MICHELLE Shantella (Voter ID number 110032663).

2034 NW 5TH PL
HARRISON, TANIKA Chonte (Voter ID number 109555854).
THOMAS, TERRY Lamar (Voter ID number 118105570).

2036 NW 3RD AVE
JOHNSON, DORTHA Ann (Voter ID number 109173860).

2040 NW 3RD AVE
BOSTIC, JAMAL A. (Voter ID number 110181347).
BUSTIL, IAMAL A. (Voter ID number 116232979).

2041 NW 4TH CT
TURNER, FRANK Jerome (Voter ID number 109587049).
WRIGHT, CHESCEY Monigu (Voter ID number 109840489).

2042 NW 3RD AVE
PASLEY, EDWINA S. (Voter ID number 110090482).
COLLINS, EDDIE (Voter ID number 102429669).

2044 NW 5TH PL
JACKSON, SHELEEKA S. (Voter ID number 116250201).
WATERS, MONIQUE (Voter ID number 116251031).

2045 NW 4TH CT
RIVERA SANCHEZ, JESUS Manuel (Voter ID number 117408982).
RIVERA, TANIA J. (Voter ID number 114696433).
RIVERA, ESTEFANIA (Voter ID number 117580721).

2046 NW 3RD AVE
FREDERICK-COX, CUDDLES Gavionia (Voter ID number 110037318).

2047 NW 4TH CT
MURRAY, KYJA N. (Voter ID number 109485281).
SIMMONS, TRAVIS (Voter ID number 110280079).

2048 NW 3RD AVE
DAVIS, ARNEVIL (Voter ID number 109159071).

2048 NW 5TH PL
PORTUONDO, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 119426504).

2049 NW 4TH CT
GONZALEZ, AMY V. (Voter ID number 118327639).
MORALES, CARLOS Roberto (Voter ID number 110267991).
MORALES, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 118310672).
OLMEDA, MARITZA I. (Voter ID number 110099801).

205 NW 52ND ST
PATTON, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number 110250912).

2050 NW 12TH AVE
DAVIS, KENYA K. (Voter ID number 114413907).

2051 NW 4TH CT
VILBRUN, JUDE (Voter ID number 109731895).
BILLY, ROSE (Voter ID number 109850414).

2052 NW 3RD AVE
HANKS, FRANKKEITHA Trenise (Voter ID number 110212150).

2052 NW 5TH PL
ATKINS, JENNIFRED De Shane (Voter ID number 109352608).
BURKE, NADIA Alexis (Voter ID number 118206652).

2054 NW 3RD AVE
FREAR, SABRINA Denise (Voter ID number 109268496).
O'NEAL, REGINALD Levery (Voter ID number 118101282).

2055 NW 4TH CT
ESCOBAR, ESTHER M. (Voter ID number 115640094).
CASTRO, ARNULFO E. (Voter ID number 118090623).
MC DONALD, WILLIAM Gl (Voter ID number 116085255).

2055 NW 6TH PL
BROWN, EDDIE (Voter ID number 116250008).

2056 NW 3RD AVE
WILLIAMS, KAREEM A. (Voter ID number 115564516).
CARLIZ, JOHNATHAN (Voter ID number 109801713).
WILLIAMS, KAREEN (Voter ID number 110065041).

2056 NW 5TH PL
MORROW, BESSIE Mae (Voter ID number 109080707).
MORROW, ROGER Lee (Voter ID number 109213102).
QUINN, JAMES Willie (Voter ID number 109365277).

2057 NW 4TH CT
WRIGT, CHARLES L. (Voter ID number 110268595).

2058 NW 3RD AVE
CURRY, CALISHIA L. (Voter ID number 115542599).
BROWN, PAUL C. (Voter ID number 110243058).
HARTLEY, DERRELL Michelle (Voter ID number 109316044).

2058 NW 5TH PL
MARTINEZ, SYLVIA Y. (Voter ID number 110139162).

206 NW 34TH ST
RIVERA, CARMEN E. (Voter ID number 109408233).

2060 NW 5TH PL
HIGGS, LINDA (Voter ID number 110225419).
HIGGS, MARSHA (Voter ID number 109086298).
HIGGS, MARSHA (Voter ID number 110227365).
JERRY, THOMAS (Voter ID number 110118543).

2061 NW 4TH CT
BROWN, KATRINA G. (Voter ID number 110017710).
FORBES, WANDA M. (Voter ID number 109756441).
MITCHELL, GABRELLA (Voter ID number 109751223).
OMISCAR, ITAVIA L. (Voter ID number 110251286).

2061 NW 6TH PL
MILLER, MARTHA G. (Voter ID number 109127731).

2063 NW 4TH CT
JACQUES, JEFTE (Voter ID number 115706011).

2064 NW 5TH PL
MEZA, BRETT S. (Voter ID number 109893081).

2065 NW 4TH CT
BOSWELL, THADDEUS Devan (Voter ID number 114325529).
EASON, JACQUELINE Renee (Voter ID number 110083467).
EASTERLING, BRITTNEY Markisha (Voter ID number 110252454).
EASTERLING, JACQUELYN Renay (Voter ID number 108939927).

2066 NW 5TH PL
BLACK, TARCIA L. (Voter ID number 109982325).
CURTIS, CASSANDRA (Voter ID number 109131579).
GETER, FREDDIE Mae (Voter ID number 109093162).

2067 NW 4TH CT
BELLAMY, BENESHA Tabitha (Voter ID number 120218302).
GRAY, BEVERLY J. (Voter ID number 109522128).

2069 NW 4TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, GRISEL (Voter ID number 115213522).

2070 NW 5TH PL
HARMON, SHEROLYN D. (Voter ID number 119422680).

2072 NW 5TH PL
WILLIAMS, SHERMAN L. (Voter ID number 109291990).
STEADMAN, TYWANN Taramine (Voter ID number 109517228).
WILSON, ZILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 109139190).

2073 NW 4TH CT
GRAZES, ALEXIA Danielle (Voter ID number 117498103).

2073 NW 6TH PL
MISSICK, JOYCE P. (Voter ID number 120038791).
WATSON, ALFRED G. (Voter ID number 117122304).
THOMAS, IRIS Demetriaz (Voter ID number 109464047).

2075 NW 6TH PL
KETNER, WILLIAM Alan (Voter ID number 116551930).

2076 NW 5TH PL
JACKSON, SAMUEL D. (Voter ID number 116942546).

2077 NW 6TH PL
GADEA, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 114628334).
GADEA, ROSA (Voter ID number 115718381).

2078 NW 5TH PL
SMITH, CALVIN Leroy (Voter ID number 110186289).
JACKSON, SHENIKA S. (Voter ID number 116056489).
JACKSON, SHENIKA (Voter ID number 116401501).

2082 NW 5TH PL
HIGINIO, KEVIN L. (Voter ID number 114370255).
HIGINIO, STEPHANIE Paulette (Voter ID number 115918606).
HIGINIO, STEPHANIE P. (Voter ID number 115892630).
MARTINEZ, IDELMA (Voter ID number 115975990).

2088 NW 5TH PL
FRANK, TINY Mae (Voter ID number 109109158).
FRANK, ERNEST L. (Voter ID number 117185447).

209 NW 41ST ST
CARRERO, RAMON Dolores (Voter ID number 110321396).

2090 NW 5TH PL
HATTER, SARAH (Voter ID number 109554761).
HATTER, SARAH (Voter ID number 121167386).

2092 NW 5TH PL
LUCAS, GWENDELL (Voter ID number 109013251).

21 NW 27TH ST
HICKS, GENE Henry (Voter ID number 109770212).

21 NW 44TH ST
OFEA, FANI (Voter ID number 118838389).
OFEA, MAXON (Voter ID number 118097858).

21 NW 56TH ST

SIMPLICE, DIEUDONNE (Voter ID number 110007601).

21 NW 59TH ST
JEAN PAUL, JEAN CASIMI (Voter ID number 117588152).

21 NW 59TH ST

HALL, MARIE (Voter ID number 119719595).

21 NW 59TH ST

REYNOLDS, RONCEDES N. (Voter ID number 115160091).

21 NW 60TH ST
ORCHARD, MCKENZIE A. (Voter ID number 116559538).
ORCHARD, MACKENZIE Allen (Voter ID number 109918473).

21 NW 60TH TER
ETIENNE, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 109576442).
MOREAU, MELANIE N. (Voter ID number 116315996).
MOREAU, MELONIE Nahomie (Voter ID number 110023489).

21 NW 61ST ST
OLIVERA, ELBA Noemi (Voter ID number 109653053).

210 NW 21ST ST
BAKER, ROCKELLE D. (Voter ID number 116202577).

210 NW 33RD ST
CLAVELL, JAIME (Voter ID number 109483408).
DINGLE, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 110227367).

210 NW 35TH ST
BORRERO, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109380718).
CUBERO, MARLON D. (Voter ID number 118837993).
FIGUEROA, MARIA Judith (Voter ID number 109065336).
CORTES, BENEDICTA (Voter ID number 109065325).
CORTES, LUIS (Voter ID number 109351398).
MORALES, MADELINE (Voter ID number 109532353).
REYES PANTOJA, EVELYN (Voter ID number 115482964).
SERRANO, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109065324).
ZAMBRANA, LUIS Enrique (Voter ID number 109609831).

210 NW 42ND ST
ALLEYNE, DEBRA A. (Voter ID number 110159088).

210 NW 45TH ST
ORTIZ, LAURA Yelitza (Voter ID number 110327723).

210 NW 45TH ST

AGOSTO, VIVIANA (Voter ID number 120232127).

210 NW 45TH ST
JUSINO, JOHNSON M. (Voter ID number 114369731).
MEDINA, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 113950871).

210 NW 58TH ST

JONES, THOMAS (Voter ID number 104256500).

2100 NW 3RD AVE
HARRELL, GREGORY Glen (Voter ID number 110129664).
DAVIS, TYROME (Voter ID number 116286253).
DAVIS, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 114142044).
DAVIS, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 114315756).
GILBERT, LARRY P. (Voter ID number 116270930).
PARRIS YOUNGS, HENRIETTA (Voter ID number 116259680).
PARRIS, EDWARD William (Voter ID number 110027269).
THOMAS, ALTRON (Voter ID number 109988671).
YOUNGS, JONNEICE Esther (Voter ID number 119211792).

2100 NW 8TH AVE
RAMIRES, NELSON (Voter ID number 117024506).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
JENKINS, FRANSJUANETTE Lacarla (Voter ID number 109325642).
NORMAN, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 117309891).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
APT 103

JOHNSON, VICTORIA Rolean (Voter ID number 114017320).
JOHNSON, WENDY M. (Voter ID number 110013357).
LATIMORE, BRANDON (Voter ID number 118823472).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
APT 201

WARD, SEAN Prince (Voter ID number 119601694).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
APT 305

MCKINNEY, ERIKA Quinnesha (Voter ID number 109882904).
SANCHEZ, MERLYN S. (Voter ID number 114795016).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
APT 306

JAMISON, DELISA E. (Voter ID number 117415762).
LAWKIN, MARQUISE Chadrick (Voter ID number 120149112).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
APT 308

JACKSON, MALCOLM Jamal (Voter ID number 114273467).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
ANDREWS, SHARRON Denise (Voter ID number 109409589).
BYRD, JESSE D. (Voter ID number 115885482).
KELLEY, REGINALD (Voter ID number 114345176).
LABOY, DIONISIO Torres (Voter ID number 109077331).
LAWKIN, ADRIAN Elisha (Voter ID number 114709446).
MASON-WRIGHT, SCHWONDA A. (Voter ID number 109694740).
MOSS, LAKESHIA Dontrell (Voter ID number 118575595).
PRATT, TERENCE H. (Voter ID number 115263237).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
APT 201

WHORLEY, PRINCESEAN D. (Voter ID number 119048615).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
APT 202

TAYLOR, WAYNE (Voter ID number 110148080).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
APT 203

WOOTEN, JOVON Billy (Voter ID number 118611202).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
APT 302

BENEBY, SHAKETA (Voter ID number 110260566).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
APT 303

KELLEY, REGIA Y. (Voter ID number 118839254).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
APT 304

GLASTER, JACQUELINE O. (Voter ID number 109199759).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
UNIT #203

PRATT, CHARMAINE Louise (Voter ID number 109522082).

2101 NW 3RD AVE
LAWKIN, TRENESA J. (Voter ID number 116281669).

2102 NW 3RD AVE
CROMER, SHANTRELL Viola (Voter ID number 110038809).

2104 NW 3RD AVE
APT 47

JONES, ANNIE Bell (Voter ID number 109381511).

2106 NW 3RD AVE
ACOSTA, IRMA G. (Voter ID number 110103056).

2108 NW 3RD AVE
THOMAS, TERESA (Voter ID number 109432439).

211 NW 31ST ST
DUPOUX, ERIC Y. (Voter ID number 109868930).
DUPOUX, CHRISTINA H. (Voter ID number 109732566).
MATHURIN, DIONNA S. (Voter ID number 110274671).

211 NW 35TH ST
GOMEZ, MELVIN Claudio (Voter ID number 114298988).
TURCIOS, MARCOS (Voter ID number 116275616).
FLORES, CINDY Marlen (Voter ID number 116034125).
TURCIOS, KELLY Vanessa (Voter ID number 110327077).
TURCIOS, WENDY P. (Voter ID number 110025570).

211 NW 36TH ST
GOMEZ, DORIS (Voter ID number 110025579).

211 NW 41ST ST
MCGIBBON, ROBERTA H. (Voter ID number 119789252).
JEAN, SHARON Owens (Voter ID number 114631953).

211 NW 43RD ST
CANTON, ALBERT I. (Voter ID number 119963813).

211 NW 50TH ST
WILLIAMS, CHARLES Anthony (Voter ID number 110025505).
WILLIAMS, DEBBIE L. (Voter ID number 110092099).
HUGHES, GEORGE F. (Voter ID number 110181768).

211 NW 51ST ST
MC GILL, STEVON E. (Voter ID number 115288270).
STEELE, CINDY Simone (Voter ID number 109259567).
HOOK, HARRY (Voter ID number 110237048).
MCGILL, SHARON (Voter ID number 115573730).

2112 NW 3RD AVE
LOVEST, TAKETHA Shani (Voter ID number 109963961).

2114 NW 3RD AVE
BRADFORD, IRMA J. (Voter ID number 115619569).

2116 NW 3RD AVE
HARDEN, MARSHENA M. (Voter ID number 116172539).
WALKER, TANYA Michelle (Voter ID number 109196302).
HARDEN, MARSHENA M. (Voter ID number 116282992).

2118 NW 3RD AVE
BRUNSON, WILLIE J. (Voter ID number 120234203).
JOHNSON, MARIAN (Voter ID number 109587477).
THOMPSON, MECHELLE M. (Voter ID number 109508309).

212 NW 45TH ST

JURADO, ILIANA I. (Voter ID number 120218347).

212 NW 45TH ST
JURADO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109087975).
JURADO, XINNIA (Voter ID number 115681079).

212 NW 45TH ST

ROMERO, JORGE (Voter ID number 116652763).
ROMERO, OSCAR (Voter ID number 121140233).

212 NW 58TH ST
PIERRE, JEAN Claude (Voter ID number 110061568).

2120 NW 3RD AVE
BINER, PATRIC (Voter ID number 110267741).

2122 NW 3RD AVE
DEJESUS, MICHELLE Marie (Voter ID number 110134773).

2124 NW 3RD AVE
RAGIN, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109031217).
RHODRIQUEZ, EARLYNN Joy Edward (Voter ID number 109064593).
WALLACE, CHERYL (Voter ID number 110252727).
WALLACE, WILLIE Sylvester (Voter ID number 119555425).

2125 NW 7TH AVE
YOUNG, JAMES (Voter ID number 116281087).

2126 NW 3RD AVE
CRUZ, YAJAIRA V. (Voter ID number 110277988).
NORIEGA, GLORIA (Voter ID number 109822272).
YOUNG, GERARD N. (Voter ID number 116056284).

2128 NW 3RD AVE
BROWN, ERIC T. (Voter ID number 117581555).
THOMAS, RICKIE Joseph (Voter ID number 110032673).
BROWN, TANISHA Irene (Voter ID number 115267417).
MOORE, VENEICA A. (Voter ID number 110226582).
QUINTAVIA, THOMAS (Voter ID number 116469559).

213 NW 30TH ST
CRUZ ORTEGA, JOSE Juan (Voter ID number 110308268).
FIRKUS, BRIANLEE (Voter ID number 120185374).
FERNANDEZ, IVIS (Voter ID number 109631408).

213 NW 34TH TER
GALLO, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 116469573).
IGLESIAS, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 110044133).
IGLESIAS, ORESTES (Voter ID number 109339858).
IGLESIAS, SERGIO (Voter ID number 109390468).

213 NW 39TH ST
IGLESIAS, CECIL (Voter ID number 119615870).

2130 NW 3RD AVE
GRANT, JACKIE M. (Voter ID number 109181621).
GRANT, STEPHANIE L. (Voter ID number 109989579).

2130 NW 3RD AVE
APT 36

MADRID, JURELL A. (Voter ID number 120903230).
MADRID, JYRELL A. (Voter ID number 119771769).
MACK, SHANNESSE Lamesha (Voter ID number 118341187).
GRANT, SHALISHA E. (Voter ID number 117569911).

2134 NW 3RD AVE
JACKSON, PAULETTE F. (Voter ID number 109254099).

2135 NW 8TH AVE
ROQUE, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 116390758).

2136 NW 3RD AVE
WILLIAMS, LOUIS (Voter ID number 109211628).
WILLIAMS, ANGELA Delancy (Voter ID number 108999672).

2136 NW 8TH AVE
EDDINS, BOBBIE (Voter ID number 115884989).
EVANS, RANDALL Jerome (Voter ID number 120848342).
JOHNSON, HAYWARD Maurice (Voter ID number 109841453).
PULLINS, TIMOTHY John (Voter ID number 115890622).
SMITH, CALVIN J. (Voter ID number 120408120).

2136 NW 8TH AVE
APT 201

STANLEY, TERRY B. (Voter ID number 110168199).

2136 NW 8TH AVE
APT 206

BLANCHARD, CHRISTOPHER Lee (Voter ID number 116232223).

2136 NW 8TH AVE
APT 215

FOWLER, TAHON (Voter ID number 110217517).

2136 NW 8TH AVE
COSEY, KENNETH Jahn (Voter ID number 114320021).
PLUMMER, FLOYD L. (Voter ID number 117102177).
RIVERA, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 110134732).
SOTO, CARMEN B. (Voter ID number 109905978).

2136 NW 8TH AVE
APT 207

WILLIAMS, BOBBY Lee (Voter ID number 109397591).

215 NW 48TH ST
JONES, KHYRI R. (Voter ID number 116906692).
HALL, SHARON Faye (Voter ID number 109037961).
JONES, KHYN R. (Voter ID number 110287454).

215 NW 50TH ST
PEAVY BROWN, JENNIFER Renna (Voter ID number 109447471).
SMALLS, RAYMISHA R. (Voter ID number 119678194).
SMALLS, RAYVONN Leon (Voter ID number 118189904).
WALKER, ANTWAN Lee (Voter ID number 120262913).
WARNER, MARLO Dionne (Voter ID number 109411409).

215 NW 51ST ST
MC GILL, ROSE L. (Voter ID number 109950654).
GRESHAWN, ELDINE D. (Voter ID number 116604149).

2158 NW 5TH AVE
RIVERA, MITCHEL (Voter ID number 117302032).
BUCHANAN, OLIS K. (Voter ID number 119058453).
EBANKS, MARVIN Alfredo (Voter ID number 118585554).

2158 NW 5TH AVE
APT 12

MITCHELL, SHEKIA T. (Voter ID number 116257654).

2158 NW 5TH AVE
APT 13

MESA, FREDDY Alberto (Voter ID number 109972810).

2158 NW 5TH AVE

MYERS, JEROME Lee (Voter ID number 117817647).

2158 NW 5TH AVE

MELENDEZ, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 118068798).

2158 NW 5TH AVE
DE JESUS, JAZMINE (Voter ID number 114814686).
LEE, GERALD J. (Voter ID number 110236376).

2158 NW 5TH AVE
APT 12

MITCHELL, SHEKIA T. (Voter ID number 116034443).

2158 NW 5TH AVE
APT 13

ZAFARANO, SABRA Mishel (Voter ID number 120861646).

2158 NW 5TH AVE
APT 16

CHANDLER, ADAM (Voter ID number 120942318).

2158 NW 5TH AVE

NIEVES RODRIGUEZ, GLORYVEE (Voter ID number 120955953).

2158 NW 5TH AVE
LASTER, ANTONIO Z. (Voter ID number 116251231).

2159 NW 1ST CT
LUSK, GASTON (Voter ID number 120393690).

216 NW 31ST ST
HILL, LUCIA (Voter ID number 116309959).

216 NW 50TH ST
GRAMS, YVONNE Dorothy (Voter ID number 110302554).
RICHARDSON, RAHMEL (Voter ID number 115149970).

2161 NW 6TH PL
CUESTA, SUSAN Maria (Voter ID number 109726790).

2162 NW 5TH AVE
MATHEIS, TAMMY Kujulia (Voter ID number 109498792).
THOMAS, SHANTANIKA Rena (Voter ID number 114698958).

2162 NW 5TH AVE
APT 14

FRANKLIN, RAFAEL Deleon (Voter ID number 111450483).

2162 NW 5TH AVE

WAN, CRYSTAL Allison (Voter ID number 111962256).

2162 NW 5TH AVE
CALDERON, PETER (Voter ID number 115918841).
LUDLOW, SONYA A. (Voter ID number 110242941).
ROLLE, TAMEKA Denise (Voter ID number 109518065).
YOUNG, BRANDY D. (Voter ID number 114298900).
HARRIS, KEY'YARRA Lashaye (Voter ID number 116106817).

2168 NW 5TH AVE
WILLIAMS, XAZIER Jamel (Voter ID number 110231004).

217 NW 48TH ST
APT #3

DOUGHTY-HILTON, KATRINA C. (Voter ID number 109877767).

217 NW 48TH ST

DOUGHTY, JOHN Wesley (Voter ID number 109716269).

2172 NW 2ND AVE
MARK, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 116168612).

218 NW 34TH ST
LEHNERT, CARMEN E. (Voter ID number 109934136).
GONZALEZ, GLORIA (Voter ID number 110266014).
GONZALEZ, MARLON A. (Voter ID number 115264376).
GONZALEZ, MARLON Alberto (Voter ID number 114405196).
GONZALEZ, NANCY Roxana (Voter ID number 110107703).

219 NW 33RD ST
MONTANEZ, NANCY M. (Voter ID number 114386301).

219 NW 34TH TER
DIAZ MORENO, JOSE Nilo (Voter ID number 120534837).
DIAZ, MARIA Lucrecia (Voter ID number 116771781).
DIAZ, HILDA (Voter ID number 109845173).
DIAZ, JORGE F. (Voter ID number 109409544).

219 NW 35TH ST
SCOTT, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 116283338).

219 NW 44TH ST
EVANS, STEPHFON Lorenzo (Voter ID number 102470177).
WALKER, TRAVIS Victor Angel (Voter ID number 118258990).
BROOKS, CORNELL (Voter ID number 109625061).
KIRKLAND, ALMA Evans (Voter ID number 109082329).

219 NW 45TH ST
MARTINEZ, CHRISTINA E. (Voter ID number 120105410).
MARTINEZ, STEPHANIE M. (Voter ID number 119921849).
LARA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110091005).
LOUIS, SOTO (Voter ID number 110216733).
SOTO, LUIS (Voter ID number 113988079).
SOTO, MARIA V. (Voter ID number 114442995).

219 NW 49TH ST
GUNTER, DAYNA Marie (Voter ID number 115796778).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
EDWARDS, GRACIE Denise (Voter ID number 108953493).
TERELONGE, BONNIE Lee (Voter ID number 109712292).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 104

BERMUDEZ, OSNEL (Voter ID number 109259475).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 106

RUFFIN, LAFONZO G. (Voter ID number 110325929).
RUFFIN, LORRAINE E. (Voter ID number 109207270).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 107

FERRO, KARMEN K. (Voter ID number 117580743).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 207

PEEPLES, AKIDRA J. (Voter ID number 109738371).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 308

SAKAR, SIMSTER M. (Voter ID number 110306949).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 106

JOHNSON, JONATHAN J. (Voter ID number 109814126).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 307

COLON, REVARDA T. (Voter ID number 116043179).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
UNIT #108

WILSON, ANNETTE Maria (Voter ID number 110136672).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
HILL, KANESHA R. (Voter ID number 116112889).
HILL, KANESHI (Voter ID number 116092669).
KEMP, TERRY (Voter ID number 116257630).
LAVERSON, SHIRLANE (Voter ID number 116234444).
LEVERSON, SHERLINE (Voter ID number 108952429).
PEEPLES, ALVERNIA Evette (Voter ID number 109118670).
ROZIER, SHAMIKA (Voter ID number 116301387).
SMITH, CAROLYN Yvonne (Voter ID number 109162077).
SMITH, LENORA (Voter ID number 109175479).
WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTIA L. (Voter ID number 110030714).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT # 301

MC KINNEY, CECELIA J. (Voter ID number 109212383).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 107

GARCIA, GRETEL (Voter ID number 116268577).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 203

BOWIE, PANKY Louise (Voter ID number 109301748).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 303

JACKSON, LEBRESHA A. (Voter ID number 115913763).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 304

QUINTERO, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 116960631).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 307

COLON, JOHANNA E. (Voter ID number 119920779).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
APT 107

FERRO, STEVEN E. (Voter ID number 116301471).

2191 NW 3RD AVE
JEFFERSON, CARMEN (Voter ID number 116257853).

22 NW 31ST ST
VELASQUEZ, MILY (Voter ID number 119859523).

220 NW 33RD ST
ABREU, INGRID Vitalina (Voter ID number 118401160).

220 NW 33RD ST

VASQUEZ, JONATHAN Alberto (Voter ID number 118110913).

220 NW 33RD ST
LANZO, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 110089154).
PALMA, CARMEN L. (Voter ID number 110213106).
SAMMA, ALEX (Voter ID number 109549365).
VASQUEZ, AMY A. (Voter ID number 119431567).

220 NW 35TH ST
FONSECA, ELMER J. (Voter ID number 116056548).

220 NW 39TH ST
MC ALLISTER, ERNEST (Voter ID number 108987733).
MCALLISTER, EBONI M. (Voter ID number 113620862).

220 NW 41ST ST
VILELLA, DASMINE R. (Voter ID number 118100698).

220 NW 46TH ST
SMITH, KASANDRA M. (Voter ID number 110244519).

220 NW 47TH ST
SINCLAIR, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 110173676).
CHISHOLM, ESTHER W. (Voter ID number 115592357).
CHISHOLM, LENTHEUS Arthur (Voter ID number 109722201).
CHISHOLM, SHIRETHA N. (Voter ID number 114833819).
DELANCY, CECIL J. (Voter ID number 108904585).

220 NW 48TH ST
FERGUSON, BETTY Ruth (Voter ID number 108936288).
FERGUSON, CARL E. (Voter ID number 108936289).

220 NW 50TH ST
WOODY, ELIJAH (Voter ID number 109034232).
WOODY, ETHEL Lugenia (Voter ID number 108995153).

220 NW 51ST ST
JULES, JULIA (Voter ID number 109791685).
JUSTE, FARAH (Voter ID number 117587770).

220 NW 52ND ST
GAMEZ, LAURA E. (Voter ID number 119981342).
GAMEZ, BLANCA Monica (Voter ID number 109868356).

220 NW 59TH ST
BROOKS, ANTONIO Leon (Voter ID number 110162283).
LAING, NICCOLLETTE D. (Voter ID number 114079902).
BROOKS, AARON Leo (Voter ID number 110031242).
ROBERTS, BERNADETTE Joella (Voter ID number 110191407).

221 NW 30TH ST

VARGAS VELAZQUEZ, DANNIVETTE (Voter ID number 119547558).

221 NW 30TH ST

RAMOS GONZALEZ, JANETTE (Voter ID number 119835790).

221 NW 30TH ST
FERNANDEZ, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 110012152).

221 NW 30TH ST

VARGAS, DANNY'S David (Voter ID number 110084885).

221 NW 30TH ST

CHAKROBORTY, SWAPAN (Voter ID number 117847046).

221 NW 32ND ST
CORRO COELLO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 115614934).
LUBIN, MARIE (Voter ID number 115879495).

221 NW 33RD ST
OLIVERO, JESSIELLY Emily (Voter ID number 120027316).

221 NW 34TH ST
GARCIA, CARIDAD I. (Voter ID number 119800521).

221 NW 35TH ST
JOHNSON, SHAKENYA Anquita (Voter ID number 114327547).

221 NW 38TH ST
CASTILLO, GLORIA Marina (Voter ID number 109004168).

221 NW 51ST ST
ALVAREZ, ANGEL Antonio (Voter ID number 109910770).
FIORE, MARCO Stephen (Voter ID number 117516815).
MORRIS, BRANDON Lawrence (Voter ID number 110304287).
ROSENBERG, DIANNE Iris (Voter ID number 105091742).

222 NW 22ND ST
MITCHELL, MARVIN Lovell (Voter ID number 109688943).

222 NW 22ND ST
APT 104

WEIR, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 109290314).

222 NW 22ND ST
APT 207

FREEMAN, ERIC Andre (Voter ID number 119736455).

222 NW 22ND ST
APT 301

WILSON, MYRA L. (Voter ID number 119812587).

222 NW 22ND ST
APT 302

REGIS, ZACHAEUS (Voter ID number 119097853).

222 NW 22ND ST
APT 308

DAVIS, BRIDGETTE Yvette (Voter ID number 109176380).

222 NW 22ND ST
COOLEY, HENRY Lee (Voter ID number 109259359).
COOLEY, LUCILLE (Voter ID number 108977563).
HARRIS, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 115728747).
HOUSTON, TAVARES Keon (Voter ID number 116359514).
JEAN, JACAB (Voter ID number 116018587).
YOUNG, TELLISA Ann (Voter ID number 109795654).

222 NW 22ND ST
APT 104

COOLEY, EDDIE Lee (Voter ID number 120925111).
COOLEY, JIAMANI D. (Voter ID number 118093836).
COOLEY, KHADIJAH Lanae (Voter ID number 119676333).
QUINTERO, MALIKA Asia (Voter ID number 118838406).

222 NW 22ND ST
APT 204

BETHEL, DEREK Eugene (Voter ID number 119892872).

222 NW 22ND ST
APT 302

REGIS, SARAH J. (Voter ID number 109640675).

222 NW 22ND ST
APT 104

COOLEY, REBECCA (Voter ID number 109160389).

222 NW 24TH ST
CRUZ-FERNANDEZ, BETSYNIDIA (Voter ID number 109914566).
MELEMDEC, VICTOR (Voter ID number 110153498).
MUNIZ, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 109390581).

222 NW 45TH ST
ROMERO VELEZ, AIDA Luz (Voter ID number 115229922).

222 NW 46TH ST
SEAY, DAWN (Voter ID number 110263322).

222 NW 51ST ST
DUNAS, PAULVENS (Voter ID number 120428784).
DUNA, PAUL (Voter ID number 116415058).

222 NW 56TH ST

SMITH, SWANTISHA Lakisha (Voter ID number 110127700).

222 NW 59TH ST
JACKSON, CHARELLE J. (Voter ID number 118121399).
JACKSON, DAVID Lewis (Voter ID number 118121255).
JONES, CHARLENE (Voter ID number 109167008).

2222 NW 2ND AVE
WEBSTER, NOLAND Selba (Voter ID number 116617549).

223 NW 23RD ST
PAUL, JAMES (Voter ID number 116269791).

223 NW 35TH ST
WILLIAMS, VALERIE D. (Voter ID number 109261865).

223 NW 35TH ST
APT 223

DUGGINS, FERONDA (Voter ID number 117773727).

223 NW 48TH ST
DABEL, KERLINE (Voter ID number 116649348).
CHARLES, CLARELE (Voter ID number 118397283).
CHARLES, CLAUDANINE (Voter ID number 120296702).
CHARLES, JAYCEE (Voter ID number 118100753).
CHARLES, JEAN Claude (Voter ID number 110309559).
CHARLES, JEFFRIE (Voter ID number 120041536).
CHARLES, MARIE CERENE (Voter ID number 120041512).
SAINT FLEUR, KERLINE (Voter ID number 117004067).

223 NW 53RD ST
WRIGHT, CARROL Cassandra (Voter ID number 109964948).

2234 NW 2ND AVE
CASTILLO, DAVID (Voter ID number 109907098).

2236 NW 1ST CT
SMITH, JOHN C. (Voter ID number 116392212).

BELL, GEORGE L. (Voter ID number 114282781).
BRUTON, CARLOS Demetrius (Voter ID number 118848908).
CAREY, MATTHEW T. (Voter ID number 113986462).
CHAISSON, CORNELIUS Jude (Voter ID number 121278047).
ECHOLS, MELVIN (Voter ID number 118748950).
EDWARDS, LORENZO Tyrell (Voter ID number 116548663).
FERNANDEZ, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 117963014).
HASSELL, ISAIAH Leroy (Voter ID number 118057252).
JOHNSON, CEDRIC (Voter ID number 120236703).
JORDON, CLIFFORD Eugene (Voter ID number 110187374).
KNIGHT, MARVIN Dale (Voter ID number 110236794).
LADAKER, EDWARD Lee (Voter ID number 102400100).
LIPSITZ, GARY Paul (Voter ID number 109495115).
PEREZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109377927).
PFLUGH, JAMES Bryan (Voter ID number 110088470).
PORTER, JOHN Patrick (Voter ID number 121009058).
RAMOS, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 117119983).
SCHMIDT, MARK Alan (Voter ID number 119827313).
STONEBRAKER, ALVIN E. (Voter ID number 120119620).
SUGERMAN, NATHAN (Voter ID number 120443601).
TYNES, ANTHONY D. (Voter ID number 115237003).
VANGATES, ANTOINE Desi (Voter ID number 114667064).

APT 204

PARRISH, SCOTT Kevin (Voter ID number 116307242).

APT 221-3

GORDON, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 120005664).

BETHEL, RICKY Lee (Voter ID number 110317054).
BIRCHFIELD, ARON (Voter ID number 116001469).
BLACK, DARRELL (Voter ID number 117066836).
BURKE, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109412727).
CARRANDI, FERNANDO Jesus (Voter ID number 109101741).
CARTER, PHILLIP Lowe (Voter ID number 114598031).
COMMODENE, JOSEPH K. (Voter ID number 115912585).
COOK, JAMES (Voter ID number 116245060).
DAN DURAND, JOSE (Voter ID number 109452235).
DAVIS, LEROY (Voter ID number 110137364).
DEMOPOULOS, GUS P. (Voter ID number 102520316).
EVELYN, GRANTLEY Sylvester (Voter ID number 115906785).
FULLARD, MICHAEL W. (Voter ID number 115769837).
LOSCHELDER, PETER Micheal (Voter ID number 115138352).
LOVELAND, JOSHUA Michael (Voter ID number 115333186).
MANRIQUEZ, JOHN Edward (Voter ID number 114303976).
MARCHELL, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 116312339).
MC NAMARA, TIMOTHY James (Voter ID number 110315368).
MCDANIEL, ANTHONY Quinn (Voter ID number 115391813).
MOFFITT, RICHARD Harrison (Voter ID number 113872769).
PINDER, TYRONE Ignatius (Voter ID number 110328707).
ROA SERVIN, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 115195659).
ROCKWELL, DUSTIN Alan (Voter ID number 113967430).
ROGERS, STEVEN Edwin (Voter ID number 110203960).
TOMPKINS, SAMUEL Otis (Voter ID number 118146297).
WASHUM, DONALD (Voter ID number 115585526).

APT 207-4

COLT, LAWRENCE K. (Voter ID number 119505379).

224 NW 31ST ST
AQUINO-GALO, CLAUDIA R. (Voter ID number 109745975).
GALO, YEFRIZ O. (Voter ID number 116336619).

224 NW 32ND ST
PHILLIPS, SHERMAINE Shantell (Voter ID number 118541903).

224 NW 40TH ST
VELEZ, LYDIA Esther (Voter ID number 108936915).
AVILES, NELLY Yvette (Voter ID number 108953740).

224 NW 58TH ST
JEAN-PIERRE, NISSAGE (Voter ID number 120648811).
LABBE, GEORGES (Voter ID number 109668507).

225 NW 22ND ST
BERRY, CECILIA D. (Voter ID number 120399882).
PLEZ, KEITH Leonard (Voter ID number 109270425).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT # 305

THOMPKINS, PIA Monique (Voter ID number 110127053).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT 101

BRATHWAITE, DANIEL Andrew (Voter ID number 121002240).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT 103

COLLINS, CARLUNDIA Dionysious (Voter ID number 120744858).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT 201

ANDERSON, MONTREL Nywon (Voter ID number 120877978).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT 204

TALOUTE, GEVINCIA (Voter ID number 115102911).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT 205

MITCHELL, ROSE Marie (Voter ID number 116250593).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT 206

JACKSON, DONET Nicole (Voter ID number 114135275).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT 304

JONES, PAMELA M. (Voter ID number 109724994).

225 NW 22ND ST
UNIT #202

MATTHEWS, SHAQUILA (Voter ID number 110066381).

225 NW 22ND ST
CADET, CARLO (Voter ID number 109485856).
COFIELD, IRVIN (Voter ID number 110064818).
CURRY, CHARMAINE D. (Voter ID number 115254015).
FLOWERS, SHAUANA (Voter ID number 116323665).
MC CALL, KAREN (Voter ID number 110165911).
WILSON, LAMAR T. (Voter ID number 109771781).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT 104

DUNKLEY, JANNIE N. (Voter ID number 110172840).
MARTINEZ, ROSA Eugenia (Voter ID number 101752325).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT 201

ANDERSON, LATISHA K. (Voter ID number 109758569).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT 302

MC GEE, CAROLYN B. (Voter ID number 110273194).

225 NW 22ND ST
APT 105

LEVY, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 109189436).

225 NW 22ND ST
PRINGLE, DE JUAN L. (Voter ID number 116966012).

225 NW 35TH ST
JOHNSON, ALFREDA D. (Voter ID number 116194238).

225 NW 40TH ST
PALACIOS, CARLOS Fernando (Voter ID number 120296554).

225 NW 40TH ST
APT 02

SYLVAIN, DIELUA (Voter ID number 116014001).

225 NW 40TH ST

VEGA, JORGE L. (Voter ID number 109710741).

225 NW 53RD ST
DARDEN, KENYANNA Rae (Voter ID number 109818098).
BOYKEN, MELODY D. (Voter ID number 109209607).
BOYKIN, TERABIA Chantel (Voter ID number 110121494).
FENN, CHYANN D. (Voter ID number 110274025).

225 NW 59TH ST
RITTER, CHARLES Ernest (Voter ID number 109736886).
WILLIAMS, KENYON (Voter ID number 116283888).

225 NW 59TH TER
LAZARE, CALVIN Mark (Voter ID number 116200887).
BAILEY, SHANNON Tee (Voter ID number 115108697).
SCOTT, LORRAINE Yvette (Voter ID number 109212421).
SWAILS, DOUGLAS Jean (Voter ID number 110056858).
THURSTON, CALVIN L. (Voter ID number 109884120).
THURSTON, VIOLEAN (Voter ID number 109093364).

2250 NW 1ST AVE
ANDREWS, REPLETHA (Voter ID number 117006399).
BORGE, VERONICA S. (Voter ID number 100910294).
CARTER, JOCELYN A. (Voter ID number 120826677).
FOSTER, SHERMICKA A. (Voter ID number 115885415).
HOLLERMAN, SIMONE Shantell (Voter ID number 110331634).
KEMP, SHARON (Voter ID number 110697002).
LUBIN, MARGARET T. (Voter ID number 120150064).
SNELL, TEIONVAY M. (Voter ID number 110186213).
TURNER, TIFFANY Nicole (Voter ID number 117230413).
BOLDEN, AUDREY Lynn (Voter ID number 120719854).
BOLDIN, DANNELLIA Shanon (Voter ID number 115745500).
LUGO, DAHAIRA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110134223).
MYERS, TASHA (Voter ID number 116323241).
RAY, FELECIA Lynn (Voter ID number 115693364).

2250 NW 1ST CT
SIMMS, JIMMY S. (Voter ID number 116172118).

2250 NW 1ST AVE
LEE, KESHA R. (Voter ID number 117784088).

2255 NW 10TH AVE
BURNS, LORNIO (Voter ID number 110266890).
CARRY, LUCKSON (Voter ID number 116335494).
IRIZARRI, RAMON (Voter ID number 114478508).
LYMAN, ARTHUR J. (Voter ID number 120751621).
MONTES-PARRA, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110271666).
POTTS, WILLIAM Terry (Voter ID number 109334154).
SAINBURG, JACQUELINE Sue (Voter ID number 104255272).
VARGAS, JOSE (Voter ID number 120408684).
CALDERON, JEFFREY H. (Voter ID number 110305618).
DE LA FUENTE, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 109388957).
HORN, AGNES (Voter ID number 109157900).
MONTES-PARA, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110266127).
PARKS, PATRICIA O. (Voter ID number 110292713).
SEARCY, STEPHEN Arnold (Voter ID number 114151898).
WALDEN, CURTIS (Voter ID number 110292653).
PLAZA, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 116389297).

226 NW 32ND ST
HAGGINS, TYEISHA S. (Voter ID number 109787915).

226 NW 33RD ST
ARCELAY, ELBA Teresa (Voter ID number 109073548).
ARCELAY, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109179251).
ARCELAY-GONZALEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 110236805).

226 NW 34TH TER
AVILES, SAMANTHA Gina (Voter ID number 119329104).
COLLINGTEN, STEPHANIE Tina (Voter ID number 110200871).
COLLINGTON, STEPHANIE Tina (Voter ID number 110267624).
RAMOS, MINERVA (Voter ID number 109223371).
SANTIAGO, ODERTIS N. (Voter ID number 110088951).

226 NW 47TH ST
HIGHSMITH, L D. (Voter ID number 109010129).
JACKSON, TAMMY Terrell (Voter ID number 109267157).
ALI, EWELL (Voter ID number 109154248).
BELL, DEMETRIAC Lauvonne (Voter ID number 109508653).
MASON, RONALD (Voter ID number 109354529).
WALKER, JAMES (Voter ID number 109338464).
WHITE, EUGENE (Voter ID number 110183241).

227 NW 33RD ST
BYRON, LUCIEN (Voter ID number 109199630).

227 NW 35TH ST
SMITH, JEFFERY (Voter ID number 118100502).
WRIGHT, DENISE D. (Voter ID number 110131614).

227 NW 45TH ST
TAVAREZ, DULCE Ana (Voter ID number 102298256).
TAVAREZ, ELVY Jose (Voter ID number 120079031).

227 NW 56TH ST
BUTLER, YANIRI N. (Voter ID number 119628510).

228 NW 34TH ST

GARCIA, JOAQUIN A. (Voter ID number 118936758).
GARCIA, LEDIS E. (Voter ID number 118936778).

228 NW 34TH ST

DELGADO, LUIS (Voter ID number 109827876).

228 NW 34TH ST
VILLAR-MORALES, ESTELA B. (Voter ID number 109805933).

228 NW 34TH ST

VILLAR, SILVIA R. (Voter ID number 109590780).

228 NW 34TH TER
KENDRICK, WILLETTA R. (Voter ID number 109729503).

228 NW 34TH ST
ALCALA-NAJERA, SANTIAGO T. (Voter ID number 117272311).

228 NW 35TH ST
CHARRIEZ, EVELYN Dolores (Voter ID number 109762105).
SANTIAGO, WILSON (Voter ID number 109533027).

228 NW 37TH ST
MC CARTHY, ANTHONY Joseph (Voter ID number 109808090).

228 NW 39TH ST
DAVILA SANCHEZ, LOURDES De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 114919534).

228 NW 59TH TER
WALLACE, SILKENIA Trenise (Voter ID number 110267267).

229 NW 24TH ST
COLINDRES, GERMAN (Voter ID number 114707388).

229 NW 30TH ST
GIRALDO-GONZALEZ, LINA M. (Voter ID number 119528180).

229 NW 32ND ST
SMITH, SHAZLI Daynise (Voter ID number 117157086).

229 NW 42ND ST
HAYDEN, THELMA Lee (Voter ID number 108963178).
HAYDEN, FELIX (Voter ID number 109107107).
THOMPSON, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 110283313).
WEST, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 116212312).

229 NW 43RD ST
RAMOS, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109641796).
ROSA, IRIANDA (Voter ID number 110104775).

229 NW 44TH ST
WEISPFENNING, SHARON Lee (Voter ID number 120838352).

229 NW 49TH ST
CENAT, RAMEAU (Voter ID number 119836251).
JOHNSON, PHILLIP (Voter ID number 110207013).
DEJEAN, FREDERIC (Voter ID number 116903168).

23 NW 27TH ST
FIELDS, JASMAINE J. (Voter ID number 118838413).
WRIGHT-FIELDS, PATRICIA D. (Voter ID number 109088706).

23 NW 41ST ST
HUDSON, LAQUANZA Latwan (Voter ID number 120422746).

23 NW 53RD ST
CICEUS, DOLI (Voter ID number 116897735).

230 NW 24TH ST
GONZALEZ, ALCIDES (Voter ID number 109081725).

230 NW 32ND ST
KIRKLAND, SHARMAINE D. (Voter ID number 120541723).

230 NW 40TH ST
CLEMONS, MARGARET B. (Voter ID number 108936683).
SCOTT, JEFFERY (Voter ID number 109091833).

230 NW 41ST ST
ELISSAINT, JEAN David (Voter ID number 116312227).
ELISSAINT, JOB (Voter ID number 119812537).
ELISSAINT, JOSUE (Voter ID number 120905795).
ELISSAINT, KATIANA (Voter ID number 118093111).

230 NW 42ND ST
LABUDA, KATHERINE M. (Voter ID number 102250062).
SAMUELS, NATHAN Yosef (Voter ID number 109476235).

230 NW 43RD ST
COREY, CHELYNDELL Y. (Voter ID number 110131605).
TAYLOR, DESEREE (Voter ID number 109082244).

230 NW 49TH ST
MENDES, LUZ S. (Voter ID number 110055221).
MENDEZ MEDINA, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 114504267).
PELLOT, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 110044279).
PELLOZ, SNANIKA Hilda (Voter ID number 110198382).

230 NW 51ST ST
FRANCOIS, ACELIA (Voter ID number 120112688).
FRANCOIS, CELICIA (Voter ID number 110241032).
FRANCOIS, CECILCA (Voter ID number 120667947).
FRANCOIS, CEDET (Voter ID number 109776690).

230 NW 52ND ST
EDWARDS, TAKEVIA Lashawn (Voter ID number 110160443).
EDWARDS, TASHAWNBA D. (Voter ID number 115907314).
ROWELL, EARNIKA (Voter ID number 120427830).
ROWELL, NUKERIA L. (Voter ID number 120090850).
HUDSON, CHRISTOPHER D. (Voter ID number 116257922).

230 NW 53RD ST
PAGE, SHAWANDA L. (Voter ID number 116605200).

230 NW 56TH ST
DARBY, LOCKSLEY A. (Voter ID number 114725768).
MC KINNON, LOUIE (Voter ID number 110307236).
SCOTT, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 109996591).

230 NW 60TH ST
LAWRENCE, RICK (Voter ID number 116348663).

2300 NW 2ND AVE
MAJORE, LEVY S. (Voter ID number 116401995).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
DE JESUS, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 118314292).
ROSAL, ANA Istemar (Voter ID number 115561732).
SANCHEZ, LIVETT (Voter ID number 110325934).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT 102

HERNANDEZ, ANGEL S. (Voter ID number 119781832).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT 106

VILLAFANE, OCTAVIO (Voter ID number 109736471).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT 107

AGUILAR, ZARIEL (Voter ID number 121302020).
RODRIGUEZ, ELVIN Alfredo (Voter ID number 120417874).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT 108

RAMIREZ, VIVIAN M. (Voter ID number 118101203).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT 301

SABATER, CIRILA C. (Voter ID number 110000517).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT 306

VANEGAS, NELCIDA (Voter ID number 114745472).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
DIXON, BONNEY Domino (Voter ID number 109111818).
MARTINEZ, CARMEN L. (Voter ID number 109672355).
MEDINA, ROSA A. (Voter ID number 109892782).
ORTEGA, YESSICA (Voter ID number 109792798).
ROMERO, DOLORES (Voter ID number 116269924).
VELEZ, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109186909).
VILLAFANE, CARMEN Velez (Voter ID number 109186908).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT #101

DIXON, DARNELL Alex (Voter ID number 109176506).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT #104

RODRIGUEZ, LIDIA (Voter ID number 109174909).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT #108

RAMIREZ, IBIS M. (Voter ID number 109929304).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT 202

PADILLA, VERONICA (Voter ID number 118958528).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT 208

RIVERA, BLANCA M. (Voter ID number 119632933).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
APT 301

NORKIS, FROILAN B. (Voter ID number 110186490).

2301 NW 10TH AVE
LEDESMA, KARITZA Virginia (Voter ID number 117245863).
TORRES, ANTONIA M. (Voter ID number 116471898).
RODRIGUEZ, MARJORIE J. (Voter ID number 116564366).

2301 NW 5TH AVE
SMITH, SHAKETA A. (Voter ID number 116294033).

2306 NW 5TH AVE
WHACK, HELEN (Voter ID number 109035253).

231 NW 31ST ST
GONZALEZ, ARACELY (Voter ID number 116683197).
GONZALEZ, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 110003087).
GONZALEZ, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 117584173).
GONZALEZ, ESTER (Voter ID number 109631620).

231 NW 31ST ST

SIMON, KEVIN R. (Voter ID number 118837828).

231 NW 32ND ST
GALVEZ, IVAN Danilo (Voter ID number 119282419).
GALVEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 120923190).

231 NW 41ST ST
RENORD, DIEUNACO Severe (Voter ID number 109974721).
SEVERE, TNAVIE (Voter ID number 109831597).

231 NW 44TH ST
HILL, CONNIE (Voter ID number 108910103).
HILL, SHELTON A. (Voter ID number 109035301).
HOUSE, TERRANCE Lamont (Voter ID number 109437456).
MEDA, CAROLYN (Voter ID number 109195362).
MEDA, STEPHANIE Nicole (Voter ID number 109895902).

231 NW 51ST ST
ELWELL, JONATHAN D. (Voter ID number 114583959).

231 NW 53RD ST
VALENTINE, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 118100724).
VALENTINE, MICHAEL Pollock (Voter ID number 117587946).
HEMINGWAY, VICKIE Renae (Voter ID number 109348027).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
REYES, JOSE Santos (Voter ID number 119657490).
ROJAS REYNAGA, HAYDEE (Voter ID number 114477499).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 104

FUENTES, MARTA Imelda (Voter ID number 117881917).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 105

TURCIOS, MAYTE (Voter ID number 120098289).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 201

CASTILLO, ALICE Miriam (Voter ID number 110092925).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 206

GONZALEZ, JOSUE (Voter ID number 109769670).
ZAYAS, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 117006031).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 301

VILLEGAS, MIOSOTIS (Voter ID number 118105627).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 302

TORRES, CHRISTIE Maria (Voter ID number 116945832).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 307

LAGUARDIA, DENIS Alejandro (Voter ID number 121294622).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 308

AGUILAR, FABIO Ernesto (Voter ID number 115733573).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
CHACON, ALEX Michelle (Voter ID number 109876409).
CONTRERAS, NICHOLE Marie (Voter ID number 115027139).
FIGUEROA, CLARA (Voter ID number 110134669).
GRONING, JOSEPH L. (Voter ID number 110326980).
PASUAL, YANELYS (Voter ID number 115724353).
RAGANS, AUDREY Tice (Voter ID number 109304251).
RANA, HOSSAIN (Voter ID number 119153490).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 103

WELCOME, TONI D. (Voter ID number 109733868).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 105

MALLO, GILDA (Voter ID number 109827390).
MALLO, RODRIGO Y. (Voter ID number 116454330).
PALMA, CAINA (Voter ID number 110304949).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 107

REYES, JOSEPH Ashstarshineon (Voter ID number 118135012).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 301

VILLEGAS, HECTOR L. (Voter ID number 109474462).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
APT 308

ESCORCIA, MARIO R. (Voter ID number 109847889).

2311 NW 10TH AVE
NATAREN, MARIA Ines (Voter ID number 116659203).
RAGANS, DORTHEE Tequera (Voter ID number 116280184).

2315 NW 2ND AVE
CAMBANA, ARMANDO Martin (Voter ID number 119843342).

2316 NW 10TH AVE
CINOTTI, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 110164145).
FONSECA, CATALINA (Voter ID number 109637025).

232 NW 58TH ST
AUGUSTE, DAPHNY Ruth (Voter ID number 116298669).
AUGUSTE, JESSICA (Voter ID number 114105056).
AUGUSTE, RICARDO (Voter ID number 110077304).
AUGUSTE, SAINTANISE Theophile (Voter ID number 109767991).

232 NW 59TH ST
TORRENCE, TIMOTHY (Voter ID number 110323069).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
ALVA, JOSHUA Cyle (Voter ID number 120878042).
LOPEZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 118199493).
PIERCE, GLENDA Lois (Voter ID number 120354015).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT # 202

COOPER, GLENDA Lois (Voter ID number 109095005).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT 102

CHAVARRIA, OFELIA (Voter ID number 114552463).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT 103

ROMAN, AUREA Esther (Voter ID number 114996598).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT 106

SUAREZ, ELENA (Voter ID number 110111536).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT 108

ALVA, BESSY M. (Voter ID number 109589699).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT 206

OSSAI, EUGENE Onah (Voter ID number 118698162).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT 208

SOTO, ADRIANA Mercedes (Voter ID number 120526376).
ZELAYA, MARIELENA (Voter ID number 114175200).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT 308

TURNER, CLARENCE Wilson (Voter ID number 116829832).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
BUSTAMANTE, ISELA A. (Voter ID number 115773281).
CONTRERAS, ELBA Maria (Voter ID number 114954323).
HAYES, JULIA M. (Voter ID number 109874244).
LUNA, ROMY L. (Voter ID number 115588216).
MORA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110243080).
MORGAN, ALBA Gladis (Voter ID number 109951883).
MORGAN, MILRON Mc Kenzie (Voter ID number 109450691).
RAMON, MATTOS A. (Voter ID number 110164167).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT #206

OVILI, NGOZI M. (Voter ID number 110127998).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT #306

PANTALEON, JUANA Ivelisse (Voter ID number 109828856).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT 101

PENA, MAYOVANEX (Voter ID number 116392751).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT 106

SUAREZ, ANGELY Y. (Voter ID number 114182059).

2321 NW 10TH AVE
APT 107

DIAZ, WENDY (Voter ID number 114722056).

233 NW 20TH TER
BUTLER, RALPH J. (Voter ID number 116312354).
LAUDERDALE, ROBERT (Voter ID number 103829161).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT #312

VIRGIN, CARL Lee (Voter ID number 109879567).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT 102

FLETCHER, NATHAN (Voter ID number 116344038).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT 203

WONG-DEN, HORTENCIA (Voter ID number 115557890).

233 NW 20TH TER
BLACKWOOD, JENNY (Voter ID number 109751759).
CABRERA, AURA Leticia (Voter ID number 110096734).
COBO, ORESTES E. (Voter ID number 109825335).
CURTIS, ANTHONY Brewer (Voter ID number 114343327).
CURTIS, SHAQUERLIA (Voter ID number 114343407).
DAVIS, MARVIN E. (Voter ID number 110241551).
DAWKINS, JANET J. (Voter ID number 109775321).
EASTERLING, ELLA M. (Voter ID number 114657931).
FLETCHER, NATHANIEL M. (Voter ID number 114016491).
GRAHAM, BLON'DELL (Voter ID number 110248538).
GRAY, REANE C. (Voter ID number 109214547).
JACKSON, JOSEPH Lee (Voter ID number 109319916).
JARAMILLO ARAMBURO, SILVIA Arambur (Voter ID number 115857291).
JOHNSON, JOHN (Voter ID number 109451591).
RODRIGUEZ, JAQUELINE (Voter ID number 114216576).
ROGERS, MELINDA (Voter ID number 110246942).
ROJAS, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 114756883).
ROMERO, VICENTE (Voter ID number 114286476).
SMITH, CLARINE (Voter ID number 119552362).
VANCEL, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number 110097538).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT #109

WHITE, RHUNETTE Cassandra (Voter ID number 108902123).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT 101

DORALUS, MIREILLE (Voter ID number 109836554).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT 107

WINN, JEFFERSON Lee (Voter ID number 109377525).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT 114

WALKER, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 109803929).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT 202

ANDERSON, SHARION E. (Voter ID number 115345192).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT 204

SIMS, BRUCE E. (Voter ID number 116228749).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT 216

SPARKS, LEONARD Derrick (Voter ID number 120730767).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT 307

GLOVER, LINDA C. (Voter ID number 114921683).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT 308

CHRIST, EVE (Voter ID number 119715004).

233 NW 20TH TER
APT 317

SHELFTON, KIM Eugene (Voter ID number 118425952).

233 NW 27TH ST
GAINES, AMANDA C. (Voter ID number 116246477).

233 NW 32ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, ANA (Voter ID number 109893051).
VIVANCO, IRAIDA (Voter ID number 109723530).

233 NW 36TH ST
HOLT, DEBRA Lyn (Voter ID number 109134581).

233 NW 49TH ST
CADET, EDLYNE (Voter ID number 109268112).
CADET, EDNA (Voter ID number 109268114).
CADET, MELILA (Voter ID number 108928674).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
LOPEZ, SUJEY (Voter ID number 118546375).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
APT 102

GILGORRI, JANNETH Alexandra (Voter ID number 114421128).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
APT 207

OVALLES, JUAN Edgar (Voter ID number 117940344).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
APT 208

JONES, STILE (Voter ID number 117988844).
ROSARIO, PRINCESS G. (Voter ID number 118097755).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
APT 302

PEREZ, ADDIEL (Voter ID number 120556883).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
BROWN, BRENDEN Keith (Voter ID number 110092214).
BROWN, JOCELYN (Voter ID number 109344222).
BRUNO, LAQUEISHA Danielle (Voter ID number 110126020).
CASTILLO, LOURDES Maria (Voter ID number 109481604).
FUENTES, GISELLE H. (Voter ID number 115963559).
HERNANDEZ, WILMA Leticia (Voter ID number 113981179).
LAVANDIER, JENNIFER Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110328052).
RAMOS, MARTA A. (Voter ID number 114609102).
RODRIGUEZ, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 114245730).
SORIANO, FLOR M. (Voter ID number 119150737).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
APT #206

NELUM, KAWANZA M. (Voter ID number 117092423).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
APT 101

CABRERA, FRANKLYN Manuel (Voter ID number 110024774).
DUQUE, GLORIA (Voter ID number 109631535).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
APT 102

ROMERO, KARLA Soraya (Voter ID number 110103884).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
APT 106

VALENCIA, GENOVEVA (Voter ID number 109353926).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
APT 305

DE LA ROSA, LEODANY A. (Voter ID number 116795107).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
APT 307

SORIANO, CYNTHIA L. (Voter ID number 119799865).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
UNIT 306

CHAPMAN, MARC (Voter ID number 117001776).

2331 NW 10TH AVE
APT 204

IMBERT, LUCRECIA (Voter ID number 117024075).

2331 NW 11TH AVE
APT 22

BROOKS, EDD William (Voter ID number 120214968).

234 NW 22ND ST
LYLES, LEILA M. (Voter ID number 109916886).

234 NW 24TH ST
VILLANUEVA, BARTOLA R. (Voter ID number 108976279).

234 NW 31ST ST
CHE, BLANCA Luz (Voter ID number 109688059).
CHE, CESAR (Voter ID number 115698012).
REYES, VICKIE E. (Voter ID number 116291172).

234 NW 34TH ST
TINOCO CANALES, EMILIA (Voter ID number 110255387).
TINOCO, JUAN F. (Voter ID number 110012365).

234 NW 34TH TER
AYALA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 114571357).
QUINONES, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 109725048).

234 NW 44TH ST
BEAL, FAY Alexis (Voter ID number 110214046).
JOHNSON, CASSANDRA (Voter ID number 109872982).

234 NW 45TH ST
BROWN, THOMAS (Voter ID number 108962461).

234 NW 47TH ST
COLBERT, ROSALYN L. (Voter ID number 109931789).
COLBERT, SHANTALE Quintalya (Voter ID number 117999590).
OLIVER, SHANIKA C. (Voter ID number 116281528).

234 NW 59TH ST
WILSON, WILLIE (Voter ID number 116259800).
JOHNSON, ORILL Gwendolyn (Voter ID number 116309768).

234 ` NW 50TH ST
LOWERY, LAQUITA MONIQUE (Voter ID number 109985587).

2345 NW 2ND AVE
SHOSTAK-VALES, RED (Voter ID number 120739361).

235 NW 34TH ST
JANVIER, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 120078693).

235 NW 34TH TER
BOBADILLA, GERMANIA (Voter ID number 116217857).
NATAL, MERCEDES A. (Voter ID number 109889587).

235 NW 35TH ST
SIERRA, BLANCA (Voter ID number 120324014).
RIVERO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 117424911).

235 NW 35TH ST

UMANA, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 110205720).

235 NW 39TH ST
BARROSO, NELLY (Voter ID number 109188911).
RIVERA RIVERA, CONFESORA (Voter ID number 118126677).
SANTIAGO, JONLUIS (Voter ID number 116371977).

235 NW 40TH ST

VITAL, JOSIE (Voter ID number 114411581).

235 NW 40TH ST
RAMOS, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110186068).

235 NW 40TH ST

NOEL, MARIE (Voter ID number 120939795).

235 NW 41ST ST
DE LEON, MYRAN Liz (Voter ID number 109293680).

235 NW 43RD ST
LOPEZ, CARMEN Iris (Voter ID number 109242230).
LOPEZ, DANIEL Luis (Voter ID number 109871181).
LOPEZ, JASMIN M. (Voter ID number 109887503).
GOMEZ, JAYSON Raul (Voter ID number 110338216).
GRANDA, FERNANDO Antonio (Voter ID number 109310272).

235 NW 45TH ST
FABIAN, CHARLES Lewis (Voter ID number 120476735).
FABAIN, CHARLES Louis (Voter ID number 109027120).

235 NW 46TH ST
AYALA, JULIO S. (Voter ID number 108905458).
AYALA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109744685).

235 NW 47TH ST
BENNETT CONNOR, CARLA Idalia (Voter ID number 102464673).

235 NW 50TH ST
IRIAS, LIDIA Corina (Voter ID number 118961742).

235 NW 52ND ST
GODWIN, BRANDEE L. (Voter ID number 118100903).
GODWIN, DEMMI Karina (Voter ID number 117392951).

235 NW 58TH ST
WHITE, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 120415548).

235 NW 59TH TER
RUDOLPH, JEAN (Voter ID number 110231622).

2351 NW 11TH AVE
REYES, ISAURA (Voter ID number 119597126).
REYES, URIEL (Voter ID number 114702539).

236 NW 22ND ST
DOUGHTY, APRIL Theresa (Voter ID number 119401778).
DOUGHTY, MAJOR Deshone (Voter ID number 110130125).
PEACOCK, GWENDOLYN (Voter ID number 118995211).

236 NW 39TH ST
CASANAS, EURIPIDES (Voter ID number 108902971).
CASANAS, THERESA C. (Voter ID number 115944663).
ROSARIO, ELISA (Voter ID number 109294152).

236 NW 40TH ST
AGUIRRE, ANA M. (Voter ID number 110003822).

236 NW 42ND ST
LOUIS, JOHNNIE (Voter ID number 109027179).
LOUIS, RODERICK Nicholas (Voter ID number 109173809).
LOUIS, GREGORIO (Voter ID number 116927329).

236 NW 46TH ST
BULLARD, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 110275386).
MORGAN, BENJAMIN Leroy (Voter ID number 121251227).
ROMAN, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 115462195).
ROMAN, MARITZA Milagro (Voter ID number 116462502).
ROMAN, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109991349).

236 NW 58TH ST
PERRY STOCHUSON, LIZANDRA Yulissa (Voter ID number 120712368).
PERRY, DEAN (Voter ID number 120229966).
PERRY, JOSE Rolando (Voter ID number 120316134).
PERRY, KELVIN M. (Voter ID number 115254336).
PERRY, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 116971788).
OMIER, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 119784925).
STOCKHOUSEN, ALINDA M. (Voter ID number 117248075).

236 NW 59TH ST
ROBINSON, RAYMANDA (Voter ID number 116246095).

237 NW 20TH ST
HASSAN SALEH IZRAQI, RIBHI Fawzi (Voter ID number 117405543).

237 NW 30TH ST
HOSSAIN, MD Faruque (Voter ID number 120197778).
ROJAS, ISABEL (Voter ID number 102232480).

237 NW 31ST ST
GONZALEZ, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 110169995).

237 NW 48TH ST
CHRISTIE, CARLA Jessica (Voter ID number 115766249).
HALL, ELVA J. (Voter ID number 109354166).
STUBBS, KENTWOOD De Gregory (Voter ID number 108921871).
STUBBS, SHAW Mc (Voter ID number 109148758).
STUBBS, SYGMON (Voter ID number 109679855).

237 NW 50TH ST
OCCELIN, IMALIE (Voter ID number 120020554).
MENDEZ, JOEL (Voter ID number 110169819).

237 NW 55TH ST
GIBSON, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 120258223).
HULSE, STEVE Fitzgerald (Voter ID number 109317587).

237 NW 56TH ST
NEAL, CHARLOTTE Ann (Voter ID number 109277193).
SCOTT, KHIRY T. (Voter ID number 118096271).
SCOTT, MARILYN M. (Voter ID number 109845826).

2375 NW 10TH AVE
GAINES, CHANCE (Voter ID number 116226737).

238 NW 41ST ST
DORVIL, BERNARD (Voter ID number 119039245).
DORVIL, DIGEMY (Voter ID number 116629765).
SAINTANNE, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 109769851).
DORVIL, CHARLENE (Voter ID number 110004730).
SAINTABLE, DAVID Louis (Voter ID number 109359913).
SAINTABLE, LOUISE (Voter ID number 109359912).

238 NW 43RD ST
BELL, RONNIJOE Allen (Voter ID number 121108466).
MOYSE, LAURIE Diane (Voter ID number 109314638).
MOYSE, MORCELLA Crystal (Voter ID number 119369069).
MOYSE, MARCEL (Voter ID number 109060676).
MOYSE, MARCEL (Voter ID number 109365802).
MOYSE, OLA Mae (Voter ID number 109058609).

238 NW 45TH ST
HAWKINS HOARD, KAREN Rene (Voter ID number 109784354).
HAWKINS, TYRRELL R. (Voter ID number 109862665).
HOARD, HAROLD R. (Voter ID number 118838541).
RILEY, EXTAVIAN Maurice (Voter ID number 110195033).

238 NW 48TH ST
JEAN, YVENNE F. (Voter ID number 120326050).

238 NW 52ND ST
HUDSON, MALINDA A. (Voter ID number 116482668).

238 NW 59TH ST
CURTIS, DANIELLE Nicole (Voter ID number 110029488).
DELANCY, CHASIDY Y. (Voter ID number 118097421).
WILLIAMS, YVONNE (Voter ID number 109122549).

238 NW 59TH ST
APT 238

JOHNSON, ANTWAN V. (Voter ID number 118105267).

238 NW 59TH TER
MEZADIEU, LAROD K. (Voter ID number 120906080).
ALCY, BERNARD (Voter ID number 109964798).
CELESTINE, SHIBA (Voter ID number 110037309).
MEZADIEU, CHOISILIA (Voter ID number 109964201).
MEZADIEU, YOLETTE (Voter ID number 109396849).
SAINT JEAN, SONICE (Voter ID number 110072259).

239 NW 28TH ST
FRAN, ELVIS (Voter ID number 116221693).

239 NW 32ND ST
MORALES, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 109014064).
RIVERA, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109151317).

239 NW 48TH ST
STUBBS, JEFFERSON Filroy (Voter ID number 109246430).

239 NW 49TH ST
CAMPBELL, NADIA Tatjana (Voter ID number 109538335).
CAMPBELL, WANDA Lee (Voter ID number 109092899).

239 NW 55TH ST
GRISSOM, FRUITISHA Laytara (Voter ID number 116269046).

239 NW 56TH ST
HILL, VALENCIA L. (Voter ID number 110032939).
FLORENCE, NANNETTE (Voter ID number 116155407).

239 NW 59TH ST
JEAN-JOSEPH, ROSELANDES R. (Voter ID number 116299429).

24 NW 29TH ST

JOSEPH, JEFFREY L. (Voter ID number 119916717).
JOSEPH, JERMAINE J. (Voter ID number 118838985).

24 NW 29TH ST

CILIBERTY, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 119791047).

24 NW 29TH ST

JOSEPH, ANISE (Voter ID number 119921774).

24 NW 31ST ST
BAIN, CAROLYN X. (Voter ID number 109399292).
BAIN, YOLANDA Michele (Voter ID number 109812189).
FORBES, TRINAE Alexis (Voter ID number 119513658).
WILCOX, DANIELLE Deshae (Voter ID number 119110229).
ALCERO, MARLIN (Voter ID number 114756857).
BAIN, TIFFANY Marie (Voter ID number 110164421).

24 NW 41ST ST
DE LOS SANTOS, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109987859).
GONZALEZ, MARIA Bautistina (Voter ID number 109087034).
GONZALEZ, NANCY O. (Voter ID number 109271953).

24 NW 50TH ST
BOVERY, HERMIONE (Voter ID number 117053498).
GUSTAVE, PIERROT (Voter ID number 110268386).
CHARMANT, CLAUDIA De Carla (Voter ID number 110221178).
ISIDORE, SERGELINE V. (Voter ID number 116998778).
PIERRE, CLAUDETTE (Voter ID number 109203461).
PIERRE, ELVIS (Voter ID number 120208739).
SAINTIL, CAROLINE (Voter ID number 109897834).

24 NW 57TH ST
CHARLES, VERNANTE (Voter ID number 116251417).

24 NW 60TH ST
RAYMOND, MARIE Jose (Voter ID number 110018482).
RAYMOND, PROSPER (Voter ID number 114290879).

240 NW 21ST ST
COVINGTON, BERNICE M. (Voter ID number 114355358).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 205

POTTS, CHRISTOPHER Jerome (Voter ID number 120713177).
WILLIAMS, EDDIE Clarence (Voter ID number 109594313).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 206

REAVES, LATOYA Mellissa (Voter ID number 110188349).
SULLIVAN, LUCELLE A. (Voter ID number 114219684).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 301

CLARK, NICOLE Natasha (Voter ID number 109833434).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 304

WILSON, JAMES Foley (Voter ID number 109640026).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 305

PLATT, LAQUANA Lee Ann (Voter ID number 119647757).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 306

DEVOUX, MARIA Antoinette (Voter ID number 110040581).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 310

GARCIA, LAZARO J. (Voter ID number 118923992).

240 NW 21ST ST
UNIT 305

MUSEAU, MARIO Leonard (Voter ID number 109880856).

240 NW 21ST ST
ADOLPHUS, IVORY (Voter ID number 109009349).
BRADLEY, ADELA Scherell (Voter ID number 110217219).
BRADLEY, ISADORA J. (Voter ID number 115941456).
BRADLY, MARIA Elisa (Voter ID number 109136287).
COTO, LIZBETH (Voter ID number 109777780).
COVINGTON, RODNEY D. (Voter ID number 110198159).
CREWS, CORNELL (Voter ID number 109801514).
IZQUIERDO, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 110227084).
JENKINS, LAQUITA M. (Voter ID number 114175228).
NELSON, ERNEST (Voter ID number 110313286).
NIXON, MALQUIS L. (Voter ID number 110171490).
WRIGHT, TAMMY W. (Voter ID number 110181495).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 107

WILLIAMS RODGERS, VALERIE (Voter ID number 109177262).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 205

DESPAIGNE, ASUNCION (Voter ID number 109883379).
NELSON, RETHA Mae (Voter ID number 109274418).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 209

RUSSELL, ALMA J. (Voter ID number 118101010).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 304

WILSON, LA NITA Michelle (Voter ID number 109226112).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT 202

DUNKLEY, TANGELA Denise (Voter ID number 109730621).

240 NW 21ST ST
UNIT #106

JOSEPH, YVONNE Shuler (Voter ID number 109608616).

240 NW 21ST ST
APT #204

MC KINNON, KOUMBA Nicole (Voter ID number 109532173).

240 NW 21ST ST
WILLIAMS, EDGAR T. (Voter ID number 116301200).

240 NW 24TH ST
RUBEN, GEORGIA B. (Voter ID number 116232323).

240 NW 49TH ST
PELLOT SOTO, GIL (Voter ID number 117464388).
PELLOT, TAMIKA O. (Voter ID number 110077522).

240 NW 51ST ST
LOUIS, ELVINA (Voter ID number 116661721).
CURRY, ACARISHA Jacqueline (Voter ID number 117470321).
PETIT-DIEN, YVETTE (Voter ID number 116176902).

240 NW 59TH TER
DE LOS SANTOS, ORQUIDEA (Voter ID number 121083137).
DIEUVEILLE, ANDJI (Voter ID number 119236958).
DIEUVEILLE, OSCAR (Voter ID number 118932683).
DEAZA, LILIAN D. (Voter ID number 114319542).
DIEUVEILLE, OSCOVE (Voter ID number 110244660).
JOHNSON, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 102390429).
REYES, GERALD E. (Voter ID number 119610679).

2400 NW 10TH AVE

ABREU, ENRIQUE Jesus (Voter ID number 118754701).
FRIAS, DANIELA (Voter ID number 116912350).

2400 NW 7TH CT
VENTURA, DAVID Jonathan (Voter ID number 114654354).
CASTILLO, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109743694).
GONZALEZ, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 109671626).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
RUIZ, ANNY (Voter ID number 116633174).
RUIZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 116559660).
SANCHEZ, YOSHUA Joel (Voter ID number 118278744).
SILVA, SANDRA (Voter ID number 116925869).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT #303

GUIDO, LUIS (Voter ID number 116372808).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 103

GIL, CHASTIE M. (Voter ID number 115260702).
GIL, GHISLAINE A. (Voter ID number 110327765).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 108

GUZMAN, JENNY C. (Voter ID number 110318764).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 201

ROMERO, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 110319379).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 202

REYES, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number 120894512).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 205

MARTIN, CARMEN (Voter ID number 119781324).
RODRIGUEZ BORGES, CLOTILDE (Voter ID number 119781803).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 301

BUSH, YESENIA (Voter ID number 109483401).
CARTAGENA, REYNA A. (Voter ID number 110260272).
ROSA, SUZANA R. (Voter ID number 119140802).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 302

OBANDO, FLOR Alba (Voter ID number 118125542).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 307

SANTAMARIA, ANDRES Santiago (Voter ID number 118142626).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
UNIT 108

DE LA CRUZ, ESTEBANIA (Voter ID number 120186814).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
CHAPMAN, MARTHA Edith (Voter ID number 110066094).
CHAPMAN, RAFAEL E. (Voter ID number 109164533).
GUERRA, ANIBAL (Voter ID number 119430940).
MIRANDA, KENIA (Voter ID number 115353516).
REYES, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 116683956).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT #103

ANDINO, ADA L. (Voter ID number 110056741).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT #108

CASTILLO, EDWARD F. (Voter ID number 110017381).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT #204

LOPEZ, BIDALIA (Voter ID number 109704986).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 101

MONZON, ARNULFO (Voter ID number 119812925).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 102

BRITO, GRACIELA (Voter ID number 119556962).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 107

GUTIERREZ, ANA ISABEL I. (Voter ID number 119070860).
GUTIERREZ, CARLOS Vidal (Voter ID number 119183636).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 204

MADRIGAL, LILLIAN J. (Voter ID number 116246898).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 207

POSADA, MARLENE C. (Voter ID number 119818262).
VALDES, FELIPE (Voter ID number 119812867).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 208

VARELA, CLAUDIA L. (Voter ID number 114266902).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 302

AVILA, JEFFERSON (Voter ID number 118090607).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 307

GUERRA, ESTEPHANIE C. (Voter ID number 119430986).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
UNIT 202

REYES, DIANNA C. (Voter ID number 116105765).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
CALDERON, JADISSA A. (Voter ID number 117002483).

2401 NW 10TH AVE
APT 303

GUIDO, MARTA L. (Voter ID number 117754021).

2402 NW 12TH AVE
BALDWIN, FLORA (Voter ID number 109088481).

2404 NW 12TH AVE
TARVER, JAZZM B. (Voter ID number 118344668).
STANLEY, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 109439220).

2408 NW 12TH AVE
TATE, KELVIN (Voter ID number 120310107).
WARNER, MONIQUE N. (Voter ID number 109870407).
WASHINGTON WARNER, SHIRLEY (Voter ID number 108906534).

241 NW 32ND ST
RIVERA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109416132).
RIVERA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110211983).

241 NW 46TH ST
MILLER, LAWONNA Dishawn (Voter ID number 110099492).

241 NW 46TH ST

MONESTIME, MARY E. (Voter ID number 109638165).

241 NW 46TH ST
KNIGHT, CHARLES M. (Voter ID number 115666857).
MILLER, CASSANDRA Lavern (Voter ID number 109192863).
MILLER, KHAMBREL G. (Voter ID number 110206943).
MILLER, SHANTASIA Dominique (Voter ID number 114097155).
WILLIAMS, MARLENE (Voter ID number 108919609).

241 NW 50TH ST
MC CRAY, DOROTHY Louise Howel (Voter ID number 108933120).

241 NW 51ST ST
RIOS, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 110131744).
ROSARIO, GLADYS Yomayra (Voter ID number 110001518).
VALDEZ, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 110131738).

241 NW 52ND ST
RUIZ, OTILIO (Voter ID number 109096250).

2410 NW 12TH AVE
DAVIS, KENDRICK Antwan (Voter ID number 119093537).
YOUMANS, MAURICE A. (Voter ID number 116653915).
MOORE, SHAWANDA (Voter ID number 118469389).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
PAULINO, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 117049747).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 107

MARC, MARJORY (Voter ID number 109769609).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 201

GONZALES, DORIS E. (Voter ID number 110270136).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 204

GARAY, JEFFRIY Fernando (Voter ID number 119275623).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 307

PROSPER, LAVAR Mitchell (Voter ID number 109776963).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 308

OTERO, SAIRA (Voter ID number 117378149).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 302

VARGAS, SUJEY Lorenza (Voter ID number 109771022).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
DERAS, DORIS E. (Voter ID number 109857782).
DERAS, JOSEPH Amado (Voter ID number 110270511).
DERAS, MARCO Antonio (Voter ID number 110336390).
DERAS, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 119140999).
GIRON, SOFIA Adelaida (Voter ID number 109722965).
HERASME, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 110213178).
HERASME, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 110326335).
PAULINO, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 114701608).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT #208

EBANKS, LORETTA Dawn (Voter ID number 117092392).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 201

DERAS, MARK A. (Voter ID number 119141192).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 202

CAMACHO, HARRISON D. (Voter ID number 116176852).
MONTERO, OMAYRA (Voter ID number 109973071).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 205

CASTILLO, MAIDELIN (Voter ID number 119200824).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 304

MIRANDA, MARVIN J. (Voter ID number 109935179).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 306

MCCRAY, NATHANIEL L. (Voter ID number 116912606).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
APT 307

MCCLEOD, ALMA Latisha (Voter ID number 116076789).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
UNIT #303

ESCALONA, JOVELLYN (Voter ID number 109842610).

2411 NW 10TH AVE
ABAD, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 116662453).
HERASME, GUILLERMINA (Voter ID number 116293537).

CRESPO, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 115130989).

2412 NW 10TH AVE

SANCHEZ, MELISSA (Voter ID number 118471718).

2418 NW 12TH AVE
CURI DE REYES, MARIA (Voter ID number 109611516).
REYES, RAMON C. (Voter ID number 109938552).

242 NW 22ND ST
SHINGLES, KIMBERLY Nicole (Voter ID number 120153749).

242 NW 32ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, DULCE M. (Voter ID number 110147996).

242 NW 40TH ST
LAZIER, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 108936788).

242 NW 54TH ST
HILL, TIMOTHY Howard (Voter ID number 108802097).

2420 NW 10TH AVE
NEWMAN, ANDRE A. (Voter ID number 116080068).
NEWMAN, ALLYN (Voter ID number 120325967).
NEWMAN, ANDRE A. (Voter ID number 116246199).
NEWMAN, VINCENT N. (Voter ID number 109943792).

2420 NW 12TH AVE
OROZCO, MARIA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109638328).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
PORTILLO MUNOZ, WILMER J. (Voter ID number 117102968).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
APT 203

PUJOLS, JUAN D. (Voter ID number 109530746).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
APT 205

PAULINO GOMEZ, RAFAEL Jhoel (Voter ID number 117117155).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
APT 302

ANDERSON, SUSAN Ledesma (Voter ID number 118348266).
LA FLEUR, FABIOLA D. (Voter ID number 109757030).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
ACEVEDO, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 110113080).
BILLINGSLEY, MARQUATE Renae (Voter ID number 110313527).
CORTES, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 119150757).
GUARDADO, ZULEMA (Voter ID number 109645004).
LA FLEUR, ARTURO R. (Voter ID number 109436111).
MEDINA, NELDA (Voter ID number 102485970).
PEREZ, JONEYMI (Voter ID number 109775869).
SAMPSON, LATOYA Rashon (Voter ID number 110107603).
SUERO, SANTO (Voter ID number 114552058).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
APT #104

MONTALVO, TANIA Marie (Voter ID number 119781762).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
APT 106

LOPEZ, JENNIFER Leticia (Voter ID number 114307338).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
APT 204

MUSGROVE, ALLEN P. (Voter ID number 110161292).
MUSGROVE, CINDY (Voter ID number 118744675).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
APT 304

MALLO, GIL J. (Voter ID number 110296627).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
APT 305

HERRERA, ROLANDO Antonio (Voter ID number 114266130).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
APT 307

LOPEZ, GLORIA Jesus (Voter ID number 119645289).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
UNIT #301

CARABALLO, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 110238296).

2421 NW 10TH AVE
ANDERSON, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 116490180).

2422 NW 12TH AVE
HOLMES, DWAYNE Ervin (Voter ID number 108575439).
DAROW, PAULETTE Marcia (Voter ID number 109289423).

2424 NW 10TH AVE
PEREZ, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 114195354).

2424 NW 7TH CT
BENSON, BETTINA Ann (Voter ID number 110148025).

2427 NW 7TH CT
LOPEZ, JUANA (Voter ID number 109421958).
SOTO GONZALEZ, CARMEN Virginia (Voter ID number 110336435).

2429 NW 7TH PL
COLADO, ADELA (Voter ID number 109906935).
COLADO, LAZARO S. (Voter ID number 110259219).

243 NW 30TH ST
GARATE, YASMINE (Voter ID number 110186867).

243 NW 30TH ST

PROFIT, SOURVENIE (Voter ID number 120256717).

243 NW 30TH ST
MARRERO, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109540287).
MORALES, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 115804983).

243 NW 41ST ST
CUNNINGHAM, ESTELA (Voter ID number 110319863).
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES (Voter ID number 109034615).

243 NW 43RD ST
AVILA, JASON (Voter ID number 120170400).
MALDONADO, VILMA (Voter ID number 114309719).
AVILA, GLENDA Eileen (Voter ID number 117743276).

243 NW 44TH ST
JOHNSON, EMERY (Voter ID number 109113201).
SMITH, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109048849).

243 NW 52ND ST
RAGIN, VENICE (Voter ID number 110286493).

243 NW 59TH ST
FRANCOIS, NADIA (Voter ID number 115234532).
GIDEON, MAUDLINE (Voter ID number 109989494).
JOSEPH, JESSICA (Voter ID number 118086835).
FRANCOIS, MIANKA (Voter ID number 114402940).

2430 NW 10TH AVE
AVELAR, JULIO (Voter ID number 116064046).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
MONCADA LOPEZ, SOCORRO (Voter ID number 119407373).
PICHARDO RINCON, MARISOL Lourdes (Voter ID number 115210643).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT #101

ESCOBAR, MARIA (Voter ID number 116371183).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 102

BERNAL, ELBA Rosa (Voter ID number 120566276).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 105

VANEGAS, BRENDA D C (Voter ID number 118311057).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 106

BONILLA, EMELY Fabiola (Voter ID number 117587904).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 204

ROBINSON, TANGULIA Denise (Voter ID number 102257270).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 205

PALACIOS, DENNIS Orson (Voter ID number 109983741).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 207

GUEVARA, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 116906857).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 304

PICHARDO, RAFAEL Alejandro (Voter ID number 121189772).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 305

SANCHEZ, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 110134659).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 307

HERNANDEZ, JOSE D. (Voter ID number 114446827).
SAUCEDA, MARCIA (Voter ID number 120531147).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
BRITO-LARA, MARCIA (Voter ID number 110196337).
GOMEZ, MICHEL B. (Voter ID number 116071960).
LUGO, GEORGINA Marie (Voter ID number 114012071).
REYES, DEYDILANDI E. (Voter ID number 117071262).
SUAREZ, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number 109988781).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 108

MUNOZ, MACHELLE V. (Voter ID number 119224407).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 202

PEREZ, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 109482135).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 208

DUCHESNE, GUSTAVO C. (Voter ID number 114492362).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT 305

CHACON, LIDIEYTTE (Voter ID number 110225430).
POLANCO, ELIZABETT Adriana (Voter ID number 118136568).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
APT #305

LOPEZ, CINDY (Voter ID number 110161209).

2431 NW 10TH AVE
ALLY, SANDRA Mae (Voter ID number 116810154).

2435 NW 7TH PL
CRUZ, GERMAN (Voter ID number 120314865).
MENDEZ, DENIS Ivan (Voter ID number 109595184).
ABREGO MENDEZ, VICTOR H. (Voter ID number 110159001).
ABREGO, VICTOR H. (Voter ID number 109882475).
CRUZ, AGUSTINA (Voter ID number 109464864).
CRUZ, GERMAN (Voter ID number 109128433).
CRUZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 109487605).

244 NW 31ST ST
POPE, ANN Elyse (Voter ID number 110198417).
POPE, ANTHONY I. (Voter ID number 110114629).
POPE, JULIE S. (Voter ID number 109168929).
POPE, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 109169037).
POPE, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110034669).

244 NW 32ND ST
CABA, MILAGROS Beatriz (Voter ID number 109464247).

244 NW 33RD ST
SAINZ, EMILIA Lasarie (Voter ID number 109333628).

244 NW 34TH ST
CRUZ, ARLENE C. (Voter ID number 109659758).

244 NW 34TH ST

HERNANDEZ, YESINNEI Amber (Voter ID number 118116859).
RAUDEZ, RAMON Antonio (Voter ID number 114512493).

244 NW 34TH ST

LYONS, WESLEY Dean (Voter ID number 120830036).
PAYNE, TERRENCE L. (Voter ID number 116213452).

244 NW 34TH ST

SALAS, LUCILA (Voter ID number 109404926).

244 NW 34TH ST
LATSON, ERIC Maurice (Voter ID number 120540799).

244 NW 34TH ST

MORALES, RICHARD (Voter ID number 110154477).

244 NW 34TH ST

CORDERO, ABNER (Voter ID number 109512230).

244 NW 34TH TER
BIDOT-PEREZ, REINALDO (Voter ID number 109989322).

244 NW 37TH ST

RAMIREZ, ISIDRO (Voter ID number 110169771).

244 NW 37TH ST

MORA, JULIO (Voter ID number 110278738).

244 NW 42ND ST
DESRAVINES, MIKE J. (Voter ID number 116911302).
DESRAVINES, THEODORE Edward (Voter ID number 109822062).
DESRAVINES, JENNIE (Voter ID number 109821723).
DESRAVINES, LEONARD A. (Voter ID number 114369943).
DESRAVINES, RICKY E. (Voter ID number 109881460).

244 NW 43RD ST
MAYCOCK, EASTER Robinson (Voter ID number 109036438).
SAWYER, KARITA Denise (Voter ID number 109079020).

244 NW 46TH ST
BASTIEN, MARIE Kesia (Voter ID number 116645911).
CEDON, ROBBY (Voter ID number 114954594).
CHARLES, RENETTE (Voter ID number 118105656).
PERARD, RUTH (Voter ID number 114320400).

244 NW 52ND ST
APT #1

LA GUERRE, ALOURES (Voter ID number 109988503).

244 NW 52ND ST

LAGUERRE, DIEU-JUSTE (Voter ID number 109763647).

244 NW 59TH ST
HAYES, MARVETTE (Voter ID number 109059493).
SOLOMON, ALAN (Voter ID number 109062637).
WILLIAMS-ALLEN, JANE Barbara (Voter ID number 109843333).

2441 NW 2ND AVE
REITZEL, LYLE Octavio (Voter ID number 114486981).

245 NW 31ST ST
BROWN, TIFFANY Ashley (Voter ID number 119705854).
GONZALEZ, JAIME A. (Voter ID number 115278209).
RODRIGUEZ, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 115998527).

245 NW 31ST ST
APT #3

RODRIGUEZ, SAMUEL Alequin (Voter ID number 109091117).

245 NW 31ST ST

OCASIO, JOSE (Voter ID number 102233438).

245 NW 31ST ST
PADILLA, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 115264031).
SANTIAGO, RUBEN (Voter ID number 110044276).

245 NW 32ND ST
RAMIREZ, WALTER I. (Voter ID number 116954472).

245 NW 32ND ST

LEYVA, GLORIA Maria (Voter ID number 116896201).
STOKES, STEVEN Lamarr (Voter ID number 110164329).

245 NW 32ND ST
GARCIA, AIDA Manuela (Voter ID number 114302373).

245 NW 32ND ST

BRAXTON, SABRINA Nicole (Voter ID number 110087971).

245 NW 34TH ST
WILSON, LISA D. (Voter ID number 116101641).

245 NW 39TH ST
VILLANUEVA, CONFESORA (Voter ID number 110099226).

245 NW 40TH ST
ST HILAIRE, GIRL H. (Voter ID number 118838027).
ST HILAIRE, RACHELLE (Voter ID number 110030940).
ST HILAIRE, JEAN Glouis (Voter ID number 109342761).
ST HILAIRE, VIERGE (Voter ID number 109971475).
ETIENNE, JEAN Lucien (Voter ID number 116978961).

245 NW 48TH ST
HAWKINS, EDNA M. (Voter ID number 109947461).
INGEAHAM, FELICIA A. (Voter ID number 110228771).
INGRAHAM, GERALD (Voter ID number 114528105).
LARRY, VELA Mae (Voter ID number 109046164).
LARRY, WILLIE (Voter ID number 108961466).
MOORE, FELICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109308645).
MOORE, KEVIN Demetrius (Voter ID number 109418839).
ST CYR, JOAN (Voter ID number 108988975).

245 NW 59TH TER
JEROME, BERTHA L. (Voter ID number 109745134).

246 NW 32ND ST
BAUTISTA, JHONATAN (Voter ID number 120286554).
BAUTISTA, JUAN (Voter ID number 110290386).
CARABALLO-BAUTISTA, MARIA (Voter ID number 120103407).
CRUZ, ALTAGRACIA (Voter ID number 109747411).

246 NW 34TH TER
REYES, FRANCISCO Antonio (Voter ID number 120562309).
RIVAS, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 110281905).
RIVAS, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 110069935).
REYES, MARIA Clementina (Voter ID number 116944697).
REYES, BISMARCK (Voter ID number 116360245).

246 NW 41ST ST
MARRERO, MAGALY Altagracia (Voter ID number 117963952).

246 NW 49TH ST
LEWIS, JESSICA I. (Voter ID number 120243710).
OCA, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 110244017).
SANTOS, IDA Lorenzo (Voter ID number 109063630).

246 NW 52ND ST
DUCLAILS, RECILIA (Voter ID number 120113964).

246 NW 52ND ST

SIMEUS, ALTAGRACE (Voter ID number 114817583).

246 NW 58TH ST
JOHNSON, COLUMBINE (Voter ID number 110319037).
STURRUP, CHANDRA Lavon (Voter ID number 109392300).
STURRUP, JOHN Alfred (Voter ID number 110146980).
TELISMAN, PETER (Voter ID number 114275809).
WALLACE, JEAN (Voter ID number 109242453).
WILSON-RITTER, SHARON (Voter ID number 110055530).

247 NW 33RD ST
RIVAS, DAVID (Voter ID number 121032882).
ROBLES, ATTLES A. (Voter ID number 119747235).
ROBLES, KETCY A. (Voter ID number 106613405).
SANTIAGO, VALENTIN (Voter ID number 116933673).
ROMAN-CABAN, MARIA (Voter ID number 109983292).
SOTO, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109364058).

247 NW 39TH ST
WATTS, KAREN Charise (Voter ID number 109205375).

247 NW 40TH ST
BRUNOT, JUDSON (Voter ID number 110164168).
BRUNOT, NATASHA (Voter ID number 110164155).
HYPPOLITE, MONA (Voter ID number 114552221).

247 NW 41ST ST
ESPINOSA, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 120139991).

247 NW 42ND ST
LOPEZ, JULIO J. (Voter ID number 116174124).

247 NW 45TH ST
SANTIAGO, ELBA (Voter ID number 110139264).

247 NW 48TH ST
BROWN, DAFNIA Etheridge (Voter ID number 109043377).
INGRAHAM, ISSAC S. (Voter ID number 114667008).

247 NW 51ST ST
NAZIR, ANARMILY (Voter ID number 119628504).
NAZIR, NAIM Jose (Voter ID number 119678381).
DOYLE, JOYCE (Voter ID number 110045829).
FERNANDEZ, LUCIA (Voter ID number 119678387).

247 NW 54TH ST
LUNA, MARIA (Voter ID number 110173716).
LUNA, RAFAEL Maria (Voter ID number 109998679).

247 NW 55TH ST
WILLIAMS, LACHANZE Rena (Voter ID number 109314138).

247 NW 57TH ST
LOUIS, CARLINE (Voter ID number 109902275).
JEAN, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 118975943).

2481 NW 7TH PL
DAVIS, JIMMY (Voter ID number 116112205).

249 NW 56TH ST
MC CULLOUGH, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109861537).
BURNS, KEISHA L. (Voter ID number 110037316).
ROLLE, ARTHIA B. (Voter ID number 109216402).

25 NW 31ST ST
VELAZQUEZ, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 117581058).

25 NW 35TH ST
MARRERO, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 109939291).

25 NW 48TH ST
JEAN-JULES, JUDITH (Voter ID number 109974213).
NICOLAS, WILFRID (Voter ID number 109648626).
STGERMAIN, SARADGY (Voter ID number 118113592).
JEAN-JULES, JEFFERY (Voter ID number 110033518).
MATHIEU, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 118426855).
SAMPSON, DANIEL S. (Voter ID number 114717433).
JEAN-JULES, JENNIFER T. (Voter ID number 116294814).

25 NW 49TH ST
MELENDEZ, DANISHA D. (Voter ID number 120172599).
GUITY EBANKS, KERDYK L. (Voter ID number 116568788).
MELENDEZ, PATRICIA F. (Voter ID number 116568741).

25 NW 51ST ST
CORDER, TODD (Voter ID number 109790062).

25 NW 51ST ST

BROWN, AGNES G. (Voter ID number 110080856).

25 NW 51ST ST
CROCKETT, TONYA Crystal (Voter ID number 118596471).
LONG, BRIAN Scott (Voter ID number 116383893).

25 NW 53RD ST
LAURIUS, LAURIER (Voter ID number 109752187).
RODRIGUEZ, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 115437130).

25 NW 57TH ST
HYPPOLITE, ALIZIA (Voter ID number 119735595).
TERCIER, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 110051509).

250 NW 23RD ST
BOUCHER, DANIEL Attilio (Voter ID number 114611123).
CARDOZO, DIONISIO H. (Voter ID number 119965352).
HUGHES, CHRISTOPHER Ian (Voter ID number 109875903).
LEIDTKE, SARA Kathrine (Voter ID number 109733621).
SILVERA, LISA Michele (Voter ID number 110126941).
SPRADLEY, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number 116806522).

250 NW 23RD ST
APT 310

DALMAU DIAZ, MARIEL Denisse (Voter ID number 117200601).

250 NW 23RD ST
APT 402

GREENWOOD, DAVID Sidney (Voter ID number 119954570).

250 NW 23RD ST
UNIT 212

BLASUTTA, MARY L. (Voter ID number 115767469).
PARISE, DAVID Michael (Voter ID number 115767463).

250 NW 23RD ST
UNIT 309

FATE, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 110258975).

250 NW 23RD ST
UNIT 409

STRAUB, RACHAEL Mae (Voter ID number 118923672).

250 NW 23RD ST
COHEN, JEFFREY Ira (Voter ID number 109545492).
GALBUT, JASON Kraft (Voter ID number 115205816).
LORENZO, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 109584770).
LYLES, COSMOS M. (Voter ID number 115040991).

250 NW 23RD ST
APT 204

LLOYD, DAVID Gary (Voter ID number 119086577).

250 NW 23RD ST
UNIT 208

HYDER, FRANCIS Joseph (Voter ID number 119912368).

250 NW 23RD ST
APT 310

BAUMANN, JASON Richard (Voter ID number 114826254).

250 NW 23RD ST
UNIT 402

LE RIDANT, ALERIG (Voter ID number 110293154).

250 NW 23RD ST
UNIT #211

BRAELEY, JON S. (Voter ID number 116136643).

250 NW 25TH ST
APT 802

ZACCAGNINI, JESS (Voter ID number 119990998).

250 NW 32ND ST
APT 14

MARMOLEJOS, MARJARIES (Voter ID number 114561999).

250 NW 34TH ST
WILLIAMS, RAYMOND Peter (Voter ID number 117814326).
WATTENBARGER, SHELLEY S. (Voter ID number 110066653).

250 NW 43RD ST
CAMPBELL, FLORENCE Smith (Voter ID number 109062181).
CAMPBELL, HAROLD P. (Voter ID number 110213226).
CAYASSO, ALFRED Reynold (Voter ID number 109311050).
SMITH, KARDEN A. (Voter ID number 109108797).

250 NW 44TH ST
PAYAN, GUILLERMO Dejesus (Voter ID number 119651985).
PAYAN, MAYRA (Voter ID number 119652063).

250 NW 45TH ST
BROWN, KATHY D. (Voter ID number 108910231).
IRIAS, MARIQSA (Voter ID number 109282445).
IRIAS RODRIGUEZ, JAIME A. (Voter ID number 116632062).

250 NW 48TH ST
AUMOITTE, ERIC T. (Voter ID number 110316771).
FILIDOR, OSHEA Kadeem (Voter ID number 120557291).
LEMON, CHAQUITA N. (Voter ID number 116059591).
MARCELLUS, DIXON (Voter ID number 120718005).
LEMEN, SHANELL (Voter ID number 116302378).
MARCELLUS, ANE J. (Voter ID number 109736838).
MARCELLUS, DEBBIE (Voter ID number 109876235).

250 NW 51ST ST
BODDEN, CONNIE B. (Voter ID number 114954825).
HERNANDEZ, JESSIE Jarrett (Voter ID number 120547984).
CAMPBELL, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 116251621).

250 NW 55TH ST
ARLINE, TANISHA Aisha (Voter ID number 109738826).
JONES, DERRICK (Voter ID number 110121624).
JONES, ANNETTE A. (Voter ID number 109068001).
JONES, BOBBIE Lee (Voter ID number 109916641).
JONES, TIARA (Voter ID number 110188437).

250 NW 56TH ST
MILLER MARSHALL, SHEILA Irene (Voter ID number 110233459).
AVENT, VERNESIA L. (Voter ID number 117159943).
LAWSON, TRACY (Voter ID number 116235032).
LAWSON, TRACY (Voter ID number 116305961).

2500 NW 10TH AVE
BAEZ, ERNESTO J. (Voter ID number 109913502).

2500 NW 10TH AVE
APT 305

BAEZ, YARITZA (Voter ID number 109952906).

2500 NW 10TH AVE

PENALVER, ANTONIO M. (Voter ID number 119341984).

2500 NW 12TH AVE
OSORIO, ADAN A. (Voter ID number 109575643).
MONGEOTTI, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 116364485).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
BECKLES MOORE, KAREEM M. Kelly (Voter ID number 116264330).
CASTILLO, MARVIN M. (Voter ID number 116409311).
LUGARO-VIDAL, JACQUELINE M. (Voter ID number 115507884).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 102

LLERA, JOSEFINA Rodriguez (Voter ID number 109326887).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 107

BECKLES DEAS, ANGELA Patricia (Voter ID number 118810414).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 204

GONZALEZ, SHULEIGY (Voter ID number 121320580).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 206

ESPINOZA, SERGIO M. (Voter ID number 118264222).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 302

VELEZ, LAURA S. (Voter ID number 110203001).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 305

MENDOZA, JUAN J. (Voter ID number 118270009).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 307

GAITAN, SCARLET C. (Voter ID number 120400828).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 308

GUILLAUME, ADELINE (Voter ID number 109836728).
GUILLAUME- DIXON, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 110211426).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 103

ROSALES, URANIA (Voter ID number 119135310).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
UNIT 204

DORIFOURT, YADIS Grethel (Voter ID number 119678984).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
ANTUNEZ, ANA G. (Voter ID number 110120074).
BAEZ, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109309278).
DIXON, JAVON Alexander (Voter ID number 116812832).
EUSEBIO, JORGE Ant (Voter ID number 109533165).
LAZO, LUIS (Voter ID number 114270552).
LAZO, LUIS (Voter ID number 118378969).
RIVERA, ANGELO Tate (Voter ID number 109719440).
RODRIGUEZ, LISSETTE Maljorys (Voter ID number 110189272).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 101

CLARK, AARON J. (Voter ID number 110278912).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 103

ROSALES, SERGIO Alfredo (Voter ID number 114666306).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 105

VILLATORO, MELISSA Jasmin (Voter ID number 115459443).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 107

CHESTNUT MOORE, KASHEEM M. (Voter ID number 118160102).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 205

MARRERO, CHRISTIAN F. (Voter ID number 109735315).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 206

ESPINOZA, JILMA (Voter ID number 116544560).
LOPEZ, CYNTHIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 118336088).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
APT 208

TERCERO, ADRIANA Acosta (Voter ID number 110210358).
TERCERO, JOSUE I. (Voter ID number 116291820).
TERCERO, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 119777640).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
UNIT #107

MOORE, KENNETH D. (Voter ID number 109956296).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
UNIT #202

NAVARRO, EDELIS D. (Voter ID number 110059231).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
UNIT #305

CABRAL, ERIDANIA A. (Voter ID number 109739194).

2505 NW 10TH AVE
BAEZ, FRANCISCO Xavier (Voter ID number 116896846).
ISAAC, ESPERANZA (Voter ID number 116958493).

251 NW 23RD ST
DOW, LOUIS Fabian (Voter ID number 116053212).

251 NW 30TH ST
APT #1

LEBRON DAIZ, ANNA (Voter ID number 109746786).

251 NW 30TH ST

ESTRADA MONGE, ELIEZER (Voter ID number 120621638).
MELENDEZ AGOSTO, LUIS Daniel (Voter ID number 118219451).
ORTIZ MALDONADO, YARITZA (Voter ID number 120621635).

251 NW 30TH ST
AGOSTO, SIRENIA (Voter ID number 109675830).
ESTRADA, LOIDA (Voter ID number 116190411).
MELENDEZ, RENE (Voter ID number 110308621).
VALENTIN, CARMEN Maria (Voter ID number 109991705).
VALENTIN, CHARLIE (Voter ID number 109769699).

251 NW 33RD ST
PEREZ, GILBERTO Crespo (Voter ID number 109931226).
SANTIAGO, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 114725690).
URENA, EDWARD Alexander (Voter ID number 110011584).
URENA, MAYDA A. (Voter ID number 110185694).
GARCIA, NIURKA M. (Voter ID number 116302366).

251 NW 34TH ST
FERRIL, OSIE J. (Voter ID number 110147245).

251 NW 34TH TER
APT #2

MURILLO, TULIO E. (Voter ID number 118092873).

251 NW 34TH TER

RAUDALES AVILA, MARLEN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120044588).

251 NW 44TH ST
MULET, NOEL (Voter ID number 118713665).
RATANASENE, MAITRI Marthell (Voter ID number 118392329).

251 NW 45TH ST
MARTIN, ZINA K. (Voter ID number 109531885).
MASON, BRITTNEY Lynn (Voter ID number 120822911).

251 NW 47TH ST
PEOPLES, ALLEN C. (Voter ID number 120245064).

251 NW 52ND ST
PAUL, MARIE Lucina (Voter ID number 116710604).
DORVILUS, JEAN Cultive (Voter ID number 109625385).
GORMAN, ALICIA (Voter ID number 118686108).

251 NW 59TH TER
HENDERSON, ROBIN J. (Voter ID number 110283356).
LOPER, THERESA Renee (Voter ID number 109448128).
INGRAHAM, VERNON T. (Voter ID number 110047580).
JONES, SHAWNTWONNA G. (Voter ID number 110029478).
JONES, SURVERLER E. (Voter ID number 109154432).
ROBINSON, ARCHIE Edward (Voter ID number 109040620).
WILSON, JAN M. (Voter ID number 110198156).
WOODEN, JOE Dennis (Voter ID number 109026997).
WOODEN, WILLIE Marie (Voter ID number 108914179).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
DEMORIZI, LEIGODIVES (Voter ID number 120127561).
LIBERAL, CARL H. (Voter ID number 110213526).
MATOS, LEIGODIVES (Voter ID number 120127585).
NUNEZ, NATHALY (Voter ID number 118282163).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 102

TORRES, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 110127782).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 202

WILLIAMS, LAUREN Kathryn (Voter ID number 102357562).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 205

GONZALEZ, DONALDO E. (Voter ID number 115895390).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 301

BAIN, CAROLYN Yvette (Voter ID number 119781810).
BAIN, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 120233352).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 302

MEJIA, LUCIA (Voter ID number 117532600).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 204

ESTUPINAN, LORELEY F. (Voter ID number 109506039).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
CAMPOS, JOSE Miguel (Voter ID number 109516775).
DIAZ, GEORGINA (Voter ID number 110077326).
FRANCOIS, MC Intosh (Voter ID number 110221767).
MACK, CARMON L. (Voter ID number 110024501).
MARTINEZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 119140976).
MCINTOSH, FRANCIOUS (Voter ID number 117044999).
PENA, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 117800124).
PIERRE, EDDY (Voter ID number 116401749).
SORIANO, DANIA (Voter ID number 110287169).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 101

HURTADO, JOAQUINA (Voter ID number 110026198).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 102

MONTANEZ, CARMEN G. (Voter ID number 119140847).
OSORIO, EVA (Voter ID number 114661149).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 104

PALACIOS, DENISE Esther (Voter ID number 110109161).
RIVERA, XAVIER (Voter ID number 110215403).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 207

VALERIO, RIKMARY (Voter ID number 109737822).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 208

MOREIRA, YAHOSKA Y. (Voter ID number 119785984).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
APT 305

ALVAREZ, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 118362139).

2515 NW 10TH AVE
SORIANO, CESAR A. (Voter ID number 116704771).

252 NW 21ST ST
GRASTY, STEVE (Voter ID number 117153918).

252 NW 31ST ST
ROSARIO GARCIA, MARCO Alfredo (Voter ID number 119486141).
TORRES ROJAS, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 121012399).

252 NW 42ND ST
HAMILTON, ROYCE A. (Voter ID number 118807236).
MOSS, ARNETTE Maria (Voter ID number 109212389).
MOSS, ALFRED Ervin (Voter ID number 108904803).
MOSS, LORIE Barbara (Voter ID number 108903068).

252 NW 47TH ST
KITSOS, GEORGE (Voter ID number 109955726).
BROWN, LASHONNA N. (Voter ID number 109729128).

252 NW 56TH ST
FREEMAN, CARLYN (Voter ID number 117460791).
FREEMAN, LORRAINE (Voter ID number 109987467).
FULLER, ADDLILZIAR Lashawn (Voter ID number 121010337).

2520 NW 12TH AVE
MARTINEZ, GARY Albert (Voter ID number 119772215).

2522 NW 12TH AVE
MENDOZA DE ROSALES, NUBIA (Voter ID number 116748026).

2523 NW 1ST AVE
PITALUGA, JOHNITAN (Voter ID number 115284650).
RODRIGUEZ, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 110124736).
RODRIGUEZ, CAROL N. (Voter ID number 110128518).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
MARTELL, JESSICA Nicole (Voter ID number 120269024).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT 107

DE LOS SANTOS, HERMINIA (Voter ID number 114275807).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT 203

JIMENEZ, JOHN (Voter ID number 109871825).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT 205

FEW, CONNELL (Voter ID number 120383011).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT 206

ANDINO MOJICA, HERMAN Jeffery (Voter ID number 120919605).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT 207

BUZZI, DAIBEL B. (Voter ID number 119762445).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT 208

ARRIAGA, SULEMA (Voter ID number 120524266).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT 302

MENDOZA, JOSE Bayardo (Voter ID number 115767091).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT 303

CACERES, AILEEN (Voter ID number 118088249).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT 305

BARRIOS, NILDA (Voter ID number 118319975).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
ALMESTICA, ANGELA (Voter ID number 110313580).
GREEN, LA COYA Moneka (Voter ID number 109588840).
ORTIZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 109304934).
TATU, SCOTT Francis (Voter ID number 110143443).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT #208

NOLASCO, CLAUDIA Maria (Voter ID number 115008126).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT 101

LAZO, JURGEN (Voter ID number 117101537).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
APT 102

GUZMAN, LUCILA R. (Voter ID number 118213221).
GUZMAN, LUCILA R. (Voter ID number 119141182).

2525 NW 10TH AVE
FONSECA, GEMA (Voter ID number 116759370).

253 NW 31ST ST
AQUINO, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 109999973).