Registered voters in ZIP Code 33064
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KOMARMY, ROBERT Henry (Voter ID number 108211493).
ANGULO, LIZA (Voter ID number 114262054).
JETT, DEBORAH Marie (Voter ID number 121193543).

1 NE 44TH ST
GONCALVES, ALOIZIO De Sena (Voter ID number 119037176).
TORRES, FERNANDO Miguel (Voter ID number 115605997).

1 NE 45TH ST
HAMMETT, JOHN Edward (Voter ID number 121273297).

10 NE 45TH ST

GARCIA DE JESUS, GLADYS (Voter ID number 120684434).

10 NE 45TH CT
BONA, BO DEAN Oliver (Voter ID number 118930606).
BONA, DOMINIC A. (Voter ID number 102386297).
BONA, FRED A. (Voter ID number 101412871).
BONA, PAMELA J. (Voter ID number 101412870).

GIORDANO, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 101451165).

SMITH, JEAN Louise (Voter ID number 101986830).
SMITH, JOSEPH Donald (Voter ID number 101979287).

100 NE 26TH CT
MOORE, JHAKIRA Jacquinee (Voter ID number 120827503).
MERRITT, ERNEST (Voter ID number 120206051).

100 NE 26TH ST
SAINT-PHART, ROMAIN (Voter ID number 120937059).
ST PHART, HENRY (Voter ID number 120937065).

100 NE 26TH CT
MOORE, CARLTON (Voter ID number 102370390).

100 NE 26TH ST
ST PHART, GARY (Voter ID number 102430798).

100 NE 27TH ST
JEAN, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 102105242).

100 NE 29TH ST
MERVILUS, RODRIGUE (Voter ID number 101959179).
DELGRACE, ODILE (Voter ID number 120063328).
ETIENNE, LEONISE (Voter ID number 120155834).
VACIUS, OTILIO (Voter ID number 120358624).
DORSAINVIL, JOSEPH Louis (Voter ID number 102004971).

100 NE 35TH CT

LEWIS, JULIAN (Voter ID number 117592598).
LEWIS, LEON Joselee (Voter ID number 118263283).
LOUIS, LEE ROSE (Voter ID number 120606310).

100 NE 35TH CT

ARCHER, TENIKA L. (Voter ID number 118486169).

100 NE 35TH CT
HEYNS, CINDY P. (Voter ID number 102120788).
ARTEAGA, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 102346586).

100 NE 35TH CT

SHUETT, TINA Marie (Voter ID number 101872067).

100 NE 35TH ST
CHRISTIE, JULIUS Angus (Voter ID number 102466218).
NESILINE, CHRISTIE (Voter ID number 101526806).

100 NW 27TH ST
JONES, CYNTHIA M. (Voter ID number 112512925).
LOW, HELEN J. (Voter ID number 102343935).
WAECH, RANDALL (Voter ID number 114315678).

100 NW 31ST CT
KIENITZ, GERALD Alan (Voter ID number 101866441).
WHIPPLE, PENELOPE C. (Voter ID number 101491830).

100 NW 32ND CT
DION, HENRY J. (Voter ID number 102313616).
DION, MAE F. (Voter ID number 102313949).

100 NW 32ND ST
LARSEN, ARTHUR G. (Voter ID number 102201681).
LARSEN, MARILYN S. (Voter ID number 102201675).

100 NW 42ND CT
CAMPOS, DEVAIR Pires (Voter ID number 102252928).

KOHOUT, LUCIE R. (Voter ID number 102041909).

1000 NE 23RD CT
RACINE, FRANCIS Lewis (Voter ID number 101867554).
ESTES, SUSAN K. (Voter ID number 101502452).
RACINE, SUSAN K. (Voter ID number 114047491).

1000 NE 23RD PL
SZEWCZYK, ANTHONY P. (Voter ID number 101313292).
SZEWCZYK, ERIC P. (Voter ID number 101564197).
SZEWCZYK, VICTORIA P. (Voter ID number 101412780).

1000 NE 24TH ST
TONY, PARISIEN (Voter ID number 119671083).

1000 NE 52ND CT
MORRIS, BONNIE Lynn (Voter ID number 101548888).
MORRIS, ROBERT Wayne (Voter ID number 101743206).

1000 NW 45TH ST

MORALES, KARLA Ivonne (Voter ID number 117260582).

1000 NW 45TH ST

VASCONCELOS, WALACE (Voter ID number 120275488).

1000 NW 45TH ST
BRAUN, DEBRA J. (Voter ID number 102198126).
BRAUN, RICHARD S. (Voter ID number 102199254).

1000 NW 45TH ST

SCLAR, AMBERLY E. (Voter ID number 102399826).

1000 NW 49TH CT
HOENSTINE, TERESA Yvonne (Voter ID number 116889159).

1000 NW 49TH ST
HOWSON, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 120357277).
CARRIE, SUSAN L. (Voter ID number 101531618).

1001 NE 23RD PL
MORENO, JESUS Daniel (Voter ID number 119587315).

1001 NE 23RD ST
KERSEY, CALEB (Voter ID number 102391659).
SEMYECHOVA, VIKTORIYA (Voter ID number 117451375).

1001 NE 23RD PL
SALOUR, ROBERTSON (Voter ID number 102071745).

1001 NE 51ST ST
BROWN, EVELYN C. (Voter ID number 101251493).

1001 NW 45TH ST

TOLE, MARLI Donizete (Voter ID number 117354824).

1001 NW 45TH ST

PETERS, ELIZABETH Jean (Voter ID number 111971154).

1001 NW 45TH ST

MOORE, ANTHONY James (Voter ID number 121294458).

1001 NW 45TH ST

HUERTAS CARREA, LUZ M. (Voter ID number 120230907).

1001 NW 45TH ST

OSBERG, DONALD A. (Voter ID number 101543952).

1001 NW 45TH ST

AUGUSTE, JENELLE (Voter ID number 116696867).

1001 NW 45TH ST

TOMASZEWSKI, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 119583448).

1001 NW 45TH ST

CLINEMAN, RICHARD Scott (Voter ID number 102440819).

1001 NW 48TH PL
HUGGINS, SAMMIE Lee (Voter ID number 117010875).
HUGGINS, TIFFANY Monique (Voter ID number 115938745).

1001 NW 49TH ST
LOUIS, MAX (Voter ID number 115554961).
CEUS, WILSON (Voter ID number 112626200).

1001 NW 53RD ST
SINIAVSKY, ANNA (Voter ID number 101940745).

NEGRELLI, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 114997990).

1005 NW 53RD ST
GEGOVSKI, TATJANA (Voter ID number 114662193).

HYMAN, RONALD E. (Voter ID number 101861211).

101 NE 25TH CT
JEAN, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 121181062).
JEAN, RACHELLE (Voter ID number 120012865).
JEAN, STEPHENIE (Voter ID number 118557558).
GREGOIRE, JUDITH (Voter ID number 102269676).

101 NE 26TH ST
INNOCENT, PATRICK (Voter ID number 116610734).

101 NE 26TH CT
FILS-AIME, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 102310594).

101 NE 26TH ST
INNOCENT, BERTOLIS Etinne (Voter ID number 116581170).
INNOCENT, JIMMY (Voter ID number 102150541).

101 NE 27TH ST
TORO, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101466655).

101 NE 29TH ST
GOMES, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 115829580).
CHERY, ELOUIS (Voter ID number 120987627).
DANTES, LORMON (Voter ID number 114240218).
MAQUAIRE, LUCIA Vera (Voter ID number 101834266).
OLIVEIRA, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 102104997).

101 NE 31ST ST
ROSEME, DIEUMENE (Voter ID number 119768405).
ROSEME, DIEUNETTE (Voter ID number 116250475).
ROSEME, ROBERT (Voter ID number 102011141).

101 NW 32ND CT
MANGANIELLO, JAMES (Voter ID number 101434951).
MANGANIELLO, LINDA Ella (Voter ID number 101476957).

101 NW 32ND ST
MARKS, HELEN O. (Voter ID number 118298667).
MARKS, RICHARD B. (Voter ID number 101586842).

101 NW 41ST CT
PIERRE, JEAN C. (Voter ID number 116664189).

101 NW 48TH CT
COIMBRA, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 119022382).
KEUREN, NEDINA Van (Voter ID number 120729383).

101 NW 50TH CT
RIVERO REYES, JUDITH (Voter ID number 119772701).

101 NW 50TH ST
CONNELLY, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 101759171).
SINGLETON, TRACI (Voter ID number 102159182).

101 NW 53RD PL
BRETON, DANIEL Yves (Voter ID number 115462064).

1010 NE 23RD PL
BROWN, SYLVIA A. (Voter ID number 115540192).

1010 NE 23RD CT
BEAN, STEVEN A. (Voter ID number 101632739).
LEE, ANTHONY T. (Voter ID number 116438641).

1010 NE 23RD PL
PENAHERRERA, CESAR P. (Voter ID number 102063486).

1010 NE 24TH ST
LAMAR, JESSICA Jordan (Voter ID number 120157641).
PERRIGO, LO Anne M (Voter ID number 101495286).

1010 NE 52ND CT
CAMPUZANO, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 110026463).
LOPEZ, NORA I. (Voter ID number 101874305).
VEGA, AURA V. (Voter ID number 101575495).
VEGA, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 117449388).

1010 NW 48TH PL
DUBORD, SONIA L. (Voter ID number 102442001).

1010 NW 49TH ST
TACK, TIMOTHY T. (Voter ID number 120477335).

1010 NW 49TH CT
GAMBOA, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 102044867).

1011 NE 23RD CT
BIETAU, JACQUELINE Eileen (Voter ID number 101919227).
DOLAN, SUSAN Michelle (Voter ID number 102045407).

1011 NW 48TH PL
UPFOLD, LEE A. (Voter ID number 102188942).

1011 NW 49TH ST
GABOTON, PAUL Fritz (Voter ID number 119766555).
GASTON, FRITZ (Voter ID number 118893010).
GUERRIER, GUILENE (Voter ID number 102219298).

BARLEY, ROSITA Joann (Voter ID number 101675416).

1013 NW 53RD ST
LOPEZ OBANDO, LUIS Hernando (Voter ID number 120285697).
MORENO, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 118673902).

GOTTLIEB, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 101959184).
GOTTLIEB, ADAM J. (Voter ID number 101459480).

1017 NW 53RD ST
TYLER, DIANE D. (Voter ID number 101880883).

102 NW 50TH CT
FREEMAN, JEROME Benny (Voter ID number 102382712).

102 NW 51ST ST
BUNCH, ALEXA Marie (Voter ID number 121193307).
BOONE, WALTER H. (Voter ID number 101601407).
BOVA, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number 101344942).

APT 101

HOLANDA, JOAO Barros (Voter ID number 119632975).

APT 207

PELLERIN, PETER Frank (Voter ID number 117833620).
UCHOA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 112662077).

APT 102

CANDIDO FARIA, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 120220505).

1020 NE 23RD CT
JURKEWICZ, HELEN M. (Voter ID number 120519569).
JURKEWICZ, GENEVA L. (Voter ID number 102357974).

1020 NE 24TH ST
LEWIS, MAGALI (Voter ID number 117783904).
RODRIGUEZ, MOISES (Voter ID number 102477248).
RODRIGUEZ, MOISES (Voter ID number 101989165).

1020 NW 49TH ST
CARNES, JASON D. (Voter ID number 102475403).

1020 NW 49TH CT
MACKAREY, ANGELINE D. (Voter ID number 116072660).
MACKAREY, PAUL B. (Voter ID number 101519352).

1020 NW 49TH ST
REMINGTON, OPAL P. (Voter ID number 101483725).

APT 302

LOUBEAU, ROSE Lourdes (Voter ID number 119191056).

APT 311

UNKS, GREG Francis (Voter ID number 112053213).

APT 103

JEAN-PIERRE, CARMENE Simeon (Voter ID number 117575841).

APT 104

CAPES, RYAN Paul (Voter ID number 117926489).

APT 205

MOUHANNA, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 116309803).

APT 214 B

LYNN, DAWAYNE G. (Voter ID number 101532872).

APT 304

PARKER, SIVABRUNTHA (Voter ID number 116213207).

APT 310

GUZMAN, RAFAEL Enrique (Voter ID number 102079515).

AUGUSTIN, JACUES Mary (Voter ID number 102507873).
BALL, DONALD S. (Voter ID number 102312434).
BREYER, JEAN M. (Voter ID number 111877208).
CONNELL, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 102015854).
HUTCHINSON, LYDIA J. (Voter ID number 101834975).
LANE, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number 101336578).
LAY, CHARLES H. (Voter ID number 101780216).
MIRANDA, LUCILIA (Voter ID number 114425001).
MUSZKIEWICZ, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 101850414).
NAPOLES, OLGA J. (Voter ID number 116259080).
SMIT, CRAIG H. (Voter ID number 101484985).

APT 103 C

DAGOBERT, EMILIO (Voter ID number 101831375).

APT 104

COLTER, ALEXIS R. (Voter ID number 114070203).
CONNORS, JENNIFER C. (Voter ID number 115798024).

APT 109

KUHLMAN, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 101850616).

APT 110

HRONCHECK, JOHN James (Voter ID number 102373086).

APT 115

BASTIEN, BLAKE P. (Voter ID number 101582458).

APT 201

LEGRAND, WILKENSON (Voter ID number 120470401).
SEIDE, LASSARONISE (Voter ID number 120306261).

APT 203

MCNAMARA, BRYAN Patrick (Voter ID number 102297303).

APT 204

CULBERTSON, PANDA Jewell (Voter ID number 120132270).

UNIT 104

EVANS, LAURA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 119798639).

UNIT 114

ROBINSON, JOSE T. (Voter ID number 101399457).

UNIT 215

SMITH, PAMELA J. (Voter ID number 101539186).

UNIT 303

SANGHERA, SANJEEV S. (Voter ID number 114891432).

1021 NE 23RD CT
DEL PINO, JOSE (Voter ID number 102028361).
DEL PINO, NORMA Harzig (Voter ID number 101583335).

1021 NE 23RD PL
BEECHLER, CAROL Sue (Voter ID number 106126969).
BEECHLER, LARRY Allen (Voter ID number 117232014).

1021 NE 23RD ST
ALMONTE, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 102223278).
SILKWOOD, FRED J. (Voter ID number 101763392).
SILKWOOD, NARCISA A. (Voter ID number 116806068).

1021 NE 23RD PL
SCHOFILL, WALTER Michael (Voter ID number 101572278).

1021 NE 24TH ST
ROBERTS, DWAYNE L. (Voter ID number 102151376).

1021 NW 45TH ST

DE OLIVEIRA, ILVA Souza (Voter ID number 117533920).

1021 NW 45TH ST

WALLACE, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number 101361106).

1021 NW 48TH PL
SMITH, NANCY L. (Voter ID number 101887445).

1021 NW 53RD ST
GOLDMAN, DEBRA Beth (Voter ID number 101858360).

1022 NW 53RD ST
MEDINA, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 117471441).
PORFIGLIO, SONIA F. (Voter ID number 110268416).
BENITEZ, MONICA C. (Voter ID number 102274471).

FRATELLO, NINA G. (Voter ID number 101890217).

1026 NW 53RD ST
SECINO, JANICE A. (Voter ID number 101884698).

1030 NE 23RD CT
PLAGA, JOSEPH Michael (Voter ID number 119253025).
ZAGGO, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 117786749).

1030 NE 23RD PL
ZIESAK, DIETER Godfrey (Voter ID number 102152056).

1030 NE 24TH ST
DORAIS, WENDY Jane (Voter ID number 118040830).

1030 NW 48TH PL
KOZYRA, DEBORAH Ann (Voter ID number 111914082).
KOZYRA, THOMAS Joseph (Voter ID number 116699552).

1030 NW 49TH CT
TRAMMELL, ANDREW T. (Voter ID number 102383775).
ALAS, FABIOLA Gisselle (Voter ID number 119727445).

1030 NW 49TH ST
GOLDSTEIN, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 113946083).

1030 NW 53RD ST
MOREIRA, MARIA Candido (Voter ID number 118878877).
MOREIRA, PAMELA Candido (Voter ID number 116125412).

1031 NE 23RD CT
LEE, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 102116474).

1031 NE 23RD ST
ALICEA AVILES, FRANCHESKA (Voter ID number 119115480).
AVILES, NANCY Esther (Voter ID number 119115184).
MURILLO, RICARDO E. (Voter ID number 101789959).
RIVERA, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 102100101).

1031 NE 23RD CT
LEE, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 101416149).

1031 NE 23RD PL
WADE, FRANK (Voter ID number 101519305).
WADE, RENE L. (Voter ID number 115410257).

1031 NW 48TH PL
FIORE, BRITTANY Marie (Voter ID number 119377581).
CRUZ, JOSAURY (Voter ID number 119281134).
FIORE, TONI Marie (Voter ID number 116602768).

1031 NW 49TH ST
BRAMEL, MARY E. (Voter ID number 101332599).
MENZA, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 101337883).

MITCHELL, SUSAN E. (Voter ID number 101410523).
SHARP, LOIS F. (Voter ID number 101382941).

BRATTON, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number 115615236).
WATTS, GLENN A. (Voter ID number 115260635).

1038 NW 53RD ST
GONZALES, RODRIGO (Voter ID number 119236599).
TIRADO QUINONES, ELSA V. (Voter ID number 119236598).

BROWN, CECIL D. (Voter ID number 101861759).
AMAN, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 101449893).
BARAN, RICK Alan (Voter ID number 102396564).

104 NW 49TH ST
MONTAUFRAY, JACQUES Georges (Voter ID number 115257920).

104 NW 50TH CT
MARTIN, JORGE (Voter ID number 116535424).

ALBUQUERQUE, PHILIP Teiseira (Voter ID number 102226969).
PICHARDO, JOHNNY De Jesus (Voter ID number 102523184).


ALBUQUERQUE, JURANDIR T. (Voter ID number 102399652).


MARTINEZ, GISMELLY A. (Voter ID number 117545712).
PICHARDO, SHAMELLY Maria (Voter ID number 120803652).


PICHARDO, NANCY Magdalena (Voter ID number 102511420).

1040 NE 23RD CT
SEIN, DESIREE A. (Voter ID number 102347280).

1040 NE 23RD PL
OELKUCT, PHILIP Edward (Voter ID number 115363095).

1040 NE 23RD CT
TORRES, ROSABELLA M. (Voter ID number 101697027).

1040 NE 24TH ST
VESELASKI, STEPHEN (Voter ID number 117071738).
VESELASKI, ELISANGELA Jorge (Voter ID number 118893845).

1040 NW 45TH ST
VALDERRAMA, ANNIE Vanessa (Voter ID number 102159633).
MCLENDON, JASON D. (Voter ID number 107417167).

1040 NW 48TH PL
BERARDINELLI, DANIEL Ryan (Voter ID number 102316488).

1040 NW 49TH ST
GUZMAN, DILENIA A. (Voter ID number 120691216).
GUZMAN, JUAN Ramon (Voter ID number 120818236).

1040 NW 49TH CT
BRAULT, LAURAL Price (Voter ID number 101236457).
BRAULT, TREVOR Philip (Voter ID number 101649388).

1041 NE 23RD CT
ZAPORTE, SAIMPHAR (Voter ID number 102132432).

1041 NE 23RD PL
KARKOS, DANA M. (Voter ID number 118025331).
KARKOS, JOHN (Voter ID number 118026109).

1041 NE 23RD ST
CAMBLARD, BENOIT R. (Voter ID number 102059321).
CAMBLARD, CLAUDETTE C. (Voter ID number 101921330).

1041 NW 45TH ST

VALCIN, LEVASSEUR (Voter ID number 120172558).

1041 NW 45TH ST

HUMBERSON, JAMES Austin (Voter ID number 120500763).

1041 NW 45TH ST

JACQUELIN, FLEURINORD (Voter ID number 116421209).

1041 NW 45TH ST
DELVA, DARIUS (Voter ID number 101742933).

1041 NW 45TH ST

DEOLIVEIRA, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 114743034).

1041 NW 48TH PL
VALENTIN, EMETERIA (Voter ID number 101988559).

1041 NW 49TH ST
ROSENKRANTZ, AARON Meyer (Voter ID number 117254653).
GALLAGHER, EILEEN C. (Voter ID number 101269385).

1041 NW 53RD ST
DANTAS, MARCELA F. (Voter ID number 118026929).
DANTAS, LEANDRE C. (Voter ID number 118175036).

1042 NW 53RD ST
ROSALES, HORACIO J. (Voter ID number 101536246).
ROSALES, MARIA Noemi (Voter ID number 102055194).

CAMARGO, RICARDO Luiz (Voter ID number 102517623).
NUNES, ROSILEI F. (Voter ID number 102263773).

1045 NW 53RD ST
LIUZZO, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 102202090).

ARANDA, GEORGE T. (Voter ID number 102253251).
GOLDMAN, ERIC D. (Voter ID number 102484493).

1049 NW 50TH DR
ASHER, DUSTIN A. (Voter ID number 101891830).
YERRE, BRANDON William (Voter ID number 101732763).
YERRE, TRAVIS R. (Voter ID number 101604507).

1049 NW 53RD ST
ERIKS, ANGELA R. (Voter ID number 120359424).
ERIKS, CHERI R. (Voter ID number 101652326).

105 NW 41ST CT
CANDELARIA, BRIDGETTE (Voter ID number 102142100).
LAURICELLA, LYLYAN (Voter ID number 101383970).

105 NW 48TH CT
FLAHERTY, DONALD V. (Voter ID number 101893607).
FLAHERTY, MARY A. (Voter ID number 102521469).

APT 201

DUTRA, MARIA Penha (Voter ID number 101949884).

BERRENA, JOHN (Voter ID number 101590894).
COSTA, CORINNE F. (Voter ID number 101451402).
FINN, PATRICK Leo (Voter ID number 101921742).
JULIUS, TODD William (Voter ID number 101785791).
MARCHIOLI, ALEXANDER D. (Voter ID number 101419580).
MARCHIOLI, WALBURGA Kuhn (Voter ID number 115737789).
NEVAREZ, FERNANDO Jose (Voter ID number 102392272).
PICHARDO, LORENA Virtudez (Voter ID number 102405729).
WASIELEWSKI, HELEN A. (Voter ID number 101451290).

APT 101

PACHECO, SHESSY (Voter ID number 102323524).

APT 110

MARTINEZ, DENNYS (Voter ID number 112045690).
MARTINEZ, SAULO I. (Voter ID number 112045699).

APT 111

FLORES, FERNANDO Manuel (Voter ID number 101759594).
FLORES, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 101515898).
FLORES, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 115209418).
POWELL, MARYANN Denise (Voter ID number 120900846).

APT 112

PICHARDO DE CATALA, MARIA (Voter ID number 119443500).

APT 201

GARCIA, EDUARDO Ribeiro (Voter ID number 118973422).
GARCIA, JAIRO Roberto (Voter ID number 116384369).

APT 206

DAIRE, FRANK Andrew (Voter ID number 101748600).

APT 207

ANDRIANOVA, OLGA (Voter ID number 116784371).

APT 212

MORAN, JANINE K. (Voter ID number 101685196).

UNIT 305

COSTA, ANGELO S. (Voter ID number 119480926).

APT 309

DANIELS, ARTHUR (Voter ID number 116234407).

1050 NE 23RD PL
COLON, STEVEN (Voter ID number 102154565).
BURGESS, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 112391375).
MURRIELO-HINES, CAROLE (Voter ID number 118025510).

1050 NE 23RD CT
DAPRIX, CHRISTOPHER John (Voter ID number 102153772).

1050 NE 24TH ST
MILLER, BRYAN James (Voter ID number 102025988).
MILLER, FLAVIA (Voter ID number 102315991).

1050 NW 45TH ST
MARTIN, DONNA (Voter ID number 101614166).
MARTIN, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 102393723).

1050 NW 48TH PL
TOBIN, KEVIN G. (Voter ID number 102337992).
TOBIN, REBECCA (Voter ID number 101470263).
TOBIN, SEAN (Voter ID number 101337612).

1050 NW 49TH CT
MAC DONALD, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 101380343).
PHILLIPS, RUSSELL W. (Voter ID number 101404308).

1050 NW 49TH ST
BOWERS, CONNIE M. (Voter ID number 115058423).
BRAVO, ANDRES E. (Voter ID number 115089875).

1050 NW 53RD ST
MARTINEZ, BEATRIZ D M (Voter ID number 121028104).
LOCICERO, FRANCISCA D. (Voter ID number 116208025).

AMARAL, NANCI Vieira (Voter ID number 102359316).

1051 NE 23RD CT
MELESKI, WILLIAM Joel (Voter ID number 101887361).
SEGALOFF, SHANNON Rebecca (Voter ID number 102414601).

1051 NE 23RD PL
ROEBUCK, ROSS Eric (Voter ID number 101403722).

1051 NE 35TH ST
SPANOS, ARGYRIOS (Voter ID number 116490056).
SPANOS, EFROSINI S. (Voter ID number 101407272).
SPANOS, GEORGIA (Voter ID number 115580281).
SPANOS, MELPOMENI (Voter ID number 101407273).
SPANOS, THEODOROS Argyrios (Voter ID number 102152965).

1051 NW 48TH PL
CORKER, JOVANA L. (Voter ID number 117470422).
WILLIAM, EDRUIS (Voter ID number 118242252).
SBORDONE, JUANITA (Voter ID number 101263925).

1051 NW 49TH ST
GUZMAN, RAPHAEL W. (Voter ID number 102318461).

LOMBARDI, KATHLEEN J. (Voter ID number 101493211).

1053 NW 50TH DR
MC GOWAN, BRADFORD L. (Voter ID number 101765122).
PASLOWSKI, SHARON Lynn (Voter ID number 101736439).

1054 NW 53RD ST
WEICHT, CONCHITA Colarte (Voter ID number 101873261).
WEICHT, ROCKY L. (Voter ID number 101480064).

1057 NW 53RD ST
DIAS, ROBSON L. (Voter ID number 115049872).

1058 NW 53RD ST
MURPHY, DANIEL B. (Voter ID number 101332326).

106 NW 48TH CT
TRUBEE, MAUREEN E. (Voter ID number 101680230).

106 NW 49TH ST
GOSSETT, GEORGE Von (Voter ID number 101773896).

106 NW 50TH CT
DAVIS, JOHN V. (Voter ID number 101431655).
KOEPPEN, BERNICE G. (Voter ID number 101417418).

APT 302

CUESTA, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 115430851).

APT 404

POOVAN, DIANA Rose (Voter ID number 117599715).

DE ASSIS, VICTOR Braga (Voter ID number 119218199).
ETIENNE, JACQUES (Voter ID number 118868354).

APT 203

CROCETTA, ANA CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 119740208).
SANTOS, SEBASTIAN R. (Voter ID number 115999264).

FORSTER, YDIA A. (Voter ID number 101412278).

1060 NW 48TH PL
REAGON, RITA Anne (Voter ID number 101883079).

1060 NW 49TH CT
REGNAULT, HILDA (Voter ID number 116239555).
PITTILLO, MARK (Voter ID number 101309700).
PITTILLO, MARK (Voter ID number 102392030).

1060 NW 49TH ST
GARCIA, MIRIAM Y. (Voter ID number 101780221).

1061 NW 45TH ST

MORAES, KIMBERLY Dawn (Voter ID number 119194490).

1061 NW 45TH ST

MOORE, JAMIKA Mikyleleshaun (Voter ID number 114269611).

1061 NW 45TH ST

JOSEPH, LAVERN (Voter ID number 101448921).

1061 NW 45TH ST

MAZZONI, KAREN Vanessa (Voter ID number 119503740).

1061 NW 45TH ST

CHAPMAN, DENISE (Voter ID number 102033272).

1061 NW 48TH PL
MULLER, ERWIN (Voter ID number 119594758).
SPYRISON, RUTH (Voter ID number 101273518).
WATSON-MULLER, JUDITH Arline (Voter ID number 119594851).

1061 NW 50TH DR
CLELAND, JOHN Phillips (Voter ID number 103253392).
STOCKTON, JOHN Stephen (Voter ID number 107236459).
STOCKTON, TAMMI Lynn (Voter ID number 111749677).

1061 NW 53RD ST
ZAYAC, HEATHER M. (Voter ID number 116336648).

1062 NW 53RD ST
PEREIRA, GUSTAVO Adolfo (Voter ID number 114090406).

MC KIBBIN, KAREN A. (Voter ID number 102002482).

1065 NW 50TH DR
TREVENA, DIANE K. (Voter ID number 101846254).

1066 NW 53RD ST
FALCONE, DEBRA A. (Voter ID number 101875063).
FALCONE, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 101901033).
TOMS, FRANCIS J. (Voter ID number 101883741).

1069 NW 50TH DR
GOSSER, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 101576460).

107 NW 49TH ST
MANDICH, EMIL C. (Voter ID number 114222523).

107 NW 50TH CT
VON WEYHE, WILLIAM S. (Voter ID number 101488231).

1070 NW 45TH ST
MC KEEVER, MORGAN K. (Voter ID number 102398619).
USINA, ADAM Joseph (Voter ID number 102067448).
CHILSON, KENT E. (Voter ID number 102527878).

1070 NW 48TH PL
SOCKOL, SELMA Herman (Voter ID number 101261136).

1070 NW 49TH ST
HALES, DEBRA A. (Voter ID number 106126550).

1070 NW 49TH CT
BARCHELLA, JOHN Eugene (Voter ID number 101685871).
KAPUSTA, CAROL (Voter ID number 101534130).

1070 NW 49TH ST
CASTILONIA, THERESA A. (Voter ID number 102303656).

1071 NE 35TH ST
MADDALENA, TODD Joesph (Voter ID number 114759998).

1071 NW 49TH ST
BARGERSTOCK, GEORGINA (Voter ID number 112531323).

1073 NW 50TH DR
SOWIRKA, PETER Jason (Voter ID number 117146527).
GREENLAND, DANA Lynn (Voter ID number 102064590).

108 NW 50TH CT
MERRILL, STEWART R. (Voter ID number 102162265).

GOLDMAN, KENNETH Joseph (Voter ID number 109030483).

109 NE 52ND ST
HOSKER, LUCINIA Pereira (Voter ID number 117971471).
NORONHA, ADELIO (Voter ID number 102227033).

109 NW 48TH CT
DE OLIVEIRA, LUZIA Tsconeisca (Voter ID number 102409477).

109 NW 50TH ST
BOLON, DORIS Ann (Voter ID number 102363712).
BOLON, ELDORADO Jerry (Voter ID number 102375014).

109 NW 50TH CT
DUQUETTE, MERCEDES T. (Voter ID number 101328635).

109 NW 51ST ST
HUTCHESON, BOBIE F. (Voter ID number 101792397).
HUTCHESON, CAROL (Voter ID number 101674092).

OSTERHOUT, RONALD (Voter ID number 117036595).

11 NE 44TH ST
URIETA, JOSE Leon (Voter ID number 116565407).

11 NE 45TH CT
MARTINEZ, DIEGO (Voter ID number 118198674).

ROMSA, JUDITH Anne (Voter ID number 102179565).

110 NE 25TH CT
DAY, CHRISTINA Lynne (Voter ID number 101938529).

110 NE 26TH ST
CHERILUS, JUSTINVIL (Voter ID number 101889969).
FAULKNER KOVAC, SANDRA Diane (Voter ID number 118637046).
CHERILUS, ERNEST (Voter ID number 116260852).

110 NE 27TH ST
OLBEL, FIDAMISE (Voter ID number 120851513).
OLBEL, GUILIO (Voter ID number 102257184).
OLBEL, JULIEN (Voter ID number 102006113).
OLBEL, MIKELANGE (Voter ID number 102296715).

110 NE 28TH ST
SMITH, BYRON D. (Voter ID number 101611983).
SMITH, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 101550526).

110 NE 29TH ST
CALVO, SANDRA (Voter ID number 115623832).
CALVO, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 117038566).
GUTTI, EMMA (Voter ID number 102288684).
GUTTI, LUIS (Voter ID number 102288685).
GUTTI, SILVIA (Voter ID number 101913691).

110 NE 30TH CT
ST ELOI, MICHELO (Voter ID number 105175088).
ZETRENNE, ROSAMENE (Voter ID number 120593316).

110 NE 30TH ST
LOGAN, SARAH Emily (Voter ID number 119188906).
MULLINS, GEISI (Voter ID number 102466955).

110 NE 30TH CT
ROBINSON, ERICA Calandra (Voter ID number 105211922).
ST ELOI, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 116496220).
ST ELOI, MARIE G. (Voter ID number 101944630).

110 NE 30TH ST
RANKIN, RANDALL J. (Voter ID number 101974212).

110 NE 31ST ST
ROMAIN, DUROSIA (Voter ID number 115463100).
ROMAIN, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 120620717).

110 NE 31ST CT
MESALIEN, DIANA (Voter ID number 101905254).
MESALIEN, FABIEN (Voter ID number 101685211).
MESALIEN, FANISE (Voter ID number 102462615).

110 NE 31ST ST
FILISTIN, MISEDA Thelusma (Voter ID number 116011209).

110 NE 35TH CT
HAINES, EMMETT R. (Voter ID number 111798930).

110 NE 35TH CT

SHULER, THERESA S. (Voter ID number 101659430).

110 NE 35TH CT

CASENEUVE, NATACHA (Voter ID number 120154118).
MORRIS, LASHARYL Antoinette (Voter ID number 101926278).

110 NE 35TH ST

VAZQUEZ, GEORGIE (Voter ID number 101787563).

110 NE 35TH ST
BARRERA, NURYS A. (Voter ID number 119921562).

110 NE 35TH CT

STEPHERSON, LYDIA S. (Voter ID number 112480490).

110 NE 35TH CT

JONES, BEVERLY Faye (Voter ID number 105127134).

110 NE 35TH ST
ANDRADE, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 115525844).
ANDRADE, NURYS (Voter ID number 116388572).
ANDRADE, STACY (Voter ID number 116504692).

110 NW 29TH ST
WALSH, RUTH N. (Voter ID number 115046945).
MOY, JOSEPH Louie (Voter ID number 102190096).

110 NW 32ND CT
BURRIDGE, JOSEPH P. (Voter ID number 101490085).
EGAN, PAUL F. (Voter ID number 101490090).

110 NW 32ND ST
PAPP, ETHEL K. (Voter ID number 101374561).

110 NW 48TH CT
FOX, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number 101440504).
YENNI, LINDA L. (Voter ID number 102460143).

110 NW 50TH ST
DISANO, JOAN C. (Voter ID number 102201663).

110 NW 51ST CT
FORYS, WILMA M. (Voter ID number 101896344).

110 NW 53RD ST
DOUMAR, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 101306320).

APT 105

DOW, ANNE M. (Voter ID number 101386535).

APT 110

SANTINI, BIANCA Alana (Voter ID number 117808438).

APT 116

MALIKOWSKI, DANIEL Joseph (Voter ID number 111762278).

APT 205

BURNS, ARLENE (Voter ID number 112012531).

APT 216

MOREIRA, SARA C. (Voter ID number 102137322).

APT 110

SHAND, KEISHA K. (Voter ID number 115878926).

APT 116

DE SALVO, CHRISTOPHER Paul (Voter ID number 111762277).

APT 208

OVALLES, RODRIGO (Voter ID number 119572164).

APT 112

HAIDERY, MUHAMMED Ali (Voter ID number 114275164).

APT 113

JACOB, JOSEPH Anthony (Voter ID number 101908878).

APT 201

TREPANIER, JOEL P. (Voter ID number 102206318).

APT 204

BURDICK, SUSAN K. (Voter ID number 115928431).

APT 206

MADDEN, HEATHER Hamilton (Voter ID number 101986014).

BROWN, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 102434636).
ETWARU, CHERENA (Voter ID number 102239594).
EVANS, LARRY Lee (Voter ID number 101807915).
LISANTI, EDWARD John (Voter ID number 102435630).
PARKS, GAIL H. (Voter ID number 101455772).
PODVIN, JOYCE E. (Voter ID number 101961223).
PRIVITERA, PETER F. (Voter ID number 101514433).

APT 103

MEYERS, EDOARDO Giorgio (Voter ID number 121086367).

APT 105

DOW, RACHEL M. (Voter ID number 120508156).
PRAEGER, RONALD L. (Voter ID number 117589017).

APT 106

VILLAVERDE, HORTENCIA (Voter ID number 117375224).

APT 107

LOPEZ, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 101738430).

APT 108

CHAPMAN, EDITH A. (Voter ID number 102430004).

APT 109

CLARKE, HUGH M. (Voter ID number 120230995).

APT 110

MASTIN, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 100577213).

APT 111

LI SANTI, DANIEL Fred (Voter ID number 119868688).
LI SANTI, EDWARD John (Voter ID number 115171628).

APT 113

WILLIAMS, ROBERT Dean (Voter ID number 120595712).

APT 202

SNYDER, JENNIFER F. (Voter ID number 115035083).

APT 208

OVALLES, NELLY C. (Voter ID number 120204544).

APT 209

DORIGHELLO, JUDITH (Voter ID number 115655855).

APT 211

WALSH, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 118590183).
WALSH, MICHAEL Patrick (Voter ID number 102246365).

APT 215

LEVY, JENNIFER E. (Voter ID number 115362550).

1100 NE 23RD CT
BURRIE, CHARLOTTE J. (Voter ID number 101708082).
BURRIE, DONALD L. (Voter ID number 101204401).

1100 NE 23RD PL
DOLAN, JOHN (Voter ID number 117084268).

1100 NE 24TH CT
PATTERSON, TIMOTHY Alan (Voter ID number 117603895).
HARDING, JESSICA Quinn (Voter ID number 119597816).
HARDING, JOHNATHAN W. (Voter ID number 118118808).
HARDING, LAUREN Kay (Voter ID number 101620612).

1100 NE 24TH ST
EDDINGTON, JODI Kim (Voter ID number 102271759).
EDDINGTON, BRIAN L. (Voter ID number 101658550).

1100 NE 25TH ST
FINNO, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 101495113).

1100 NE 25TH CT
JANIAK, DANIEL Julius (Voter ID number 102263728).

1100 NE 25TH ST
VISHINO, JEFFREY Scott (Voter ID number 101942205).
VISHINO, TAMMY A. (Voter ID number 114097698).

1100 NE 42ND ST
PEPPERS, STACY L. (Voter ID number 102273637).

1100 NW 45TH ST
BERGERON, NORMAND (Voter ID number 102100275).

1100 NW 48TH PL
WOLFORD, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 114023714).
PRICE, LEONARD A. (Voter ID number 101532965).

1100 NW 49TH CT
BENSON, KAREN C. (Voter ID number 102241110).
BRUNNER, PAMELA J. (Voter ID number 101336650).

1100 NW 49TH ST
PENA, LAURA M. (Voter ID number 117043752).

1100 NW 50TH DR
MONTALVO, DANIELLE Rae (Voter ID number 102423984).
EGGLETON, DAWN N. (Voter ID number 117342347).
EGGLETON, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 101986615).

APT 109

ROCHA, EMANUELLY Cristina (Voter ID number 119078844).

APT 208

BHUIYAN, ABU Taleb (Voter ID number 111918219).

APT 303

FULA, LUZ Alexandra (Voter ID number 102114361).

APT 406

COHEN, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number 102421005).

APT 502

DOSS, GWEN Marcia (Voter ID number 116260938).

APT 606

MAGIN, JARED S. (Voter ID number 111896188).

APT 705

BARR-CAMPBELL, KAREN A. (Voter ID number 119360123).
LACEY, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 102396595).

UNIT 704

VIETRA, EDILZA Rejane (Voter ID number 102374065).

BALDWIN, MARVIN H. (Voter ID number 101446320).
BROOKS, BEATRICE D. (Voter ID number 101686393).
BROOKS, L Donald (Voter ID number 101392181).
GIBBS, TIM S. (Voter ID number 101629876).
JANES, JOSEPH Michael (Voter ID number 102137072).
JARAMILLO, SONIA A. (Voter ID number 101905119).
LAURETANO, ANGELA T. (Voter ID number 101494029).
NARANJO, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 102379289).
OLIVEIRA, GERALDINA Calicci Rocha (Voter ID number 102422269).
PINEDA, CAROLYN (Voter ID number 102061304).
QUIROS, MONICA (Voter ID number 120486416).
QUIROZ, RAFAEL B. (Voter ID number 101981729).
SCHER, STEFANIE S. (Voter ID number 102242916).
THOMAS, JESSICA Ann (Voter ID number 117022472).
THOMAS, STEPHANIE Nicole (Voter ID number 117009655).
THOMPSON, ROXIE A. (Voter ID number 101485740).
TRANQUILLO, RITA C. (Voter ID number 101834894).
TURNER, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 102283669).

APT 102

TIZONI, LOARA Alexandra (Voter ID number 120285760).

APT 108

ILLESCAS, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 119885700).
NARANJO, LUPE (Voter ID number 120197182).

APT 201

HARP, EDWIN O'Neil (Voter ID number 102060312).

APT 203

CLARKE, CHRISTIAN Michael (Voter ID number 102488471).

APT 204

WENDLER, DONALD P. (Voter ID number 101349904).

APT 208

BHUIYAN, JASMIN (Voter ID number 119447556).

APT 209

ALAM, SEEMA (Voter ID number 120239058).

APT 304

GALINDO, JOAO V. (Voter ID number 117879643).

APT 306

RAMIREZ, XENIA Iralda (Voter ID number 121090219).

APT 308

RODRIGUEZ, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 102044403).

APT 501

VIANA, ALEXSON Goncalves (Voter ID number 118453698).

APT 502

RANDLE, LINDA Fay (Voter ID number 121067968).

APT 602

CHASE, EMANUELA S. (Voter ID number 116343231).

APT 607

ROWE, TIPHANIE Ann (Voter ID number 117172788).

APT 701

BRAGINSKY, ALLEN J. (Voter ID number 102000135).

APT 705

PELLICANE, JOSEPH C. (Voter ID number 118924107).

APT 109

GRAY, MARY (Voter ID number 116221205).

1101 NE 23RD PL
WARREN MORA, DE LYNN E. (Voter ID number 118993248).

1101 NE 23RD CT
TOTO, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 101685608).

1101 NE 24TH ST
KAY, RHONDA T. (Voter ID number 101651609).

1101 NE 25TH ST
ELSNER, ARNOLD L. (Voter ID number 102027080).

1101 NE 35TH ST
DURAND, JOSEPH G. (Voter ID number 102010798).
DURAND, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 101905036).

1101 NE 42ND ST
ROURKE, LISA Von (Voter ID number 101421194).

1101 NW 48TH PL
ERB, PATRICIA L. (Voter ID number 102175408).

1101 NW 49TH ST
SCHEETS, HALLIE Shea (Voter ID number 116519182).
SCHEETS, JONATHAN Charles (Voter ID number 102399557).
KLEINMAN, HARRIETTE S. (Voter ID number 101269057).

111 NE 25TH CT
RAMARAIS, DAANA Lillian (Voter ID number 119588072).
BEAUVAIS, MARISE (Voter ID number 102168521).

111 NE 25TH ST
D'AMORE, PHYLLIS P. (Voter ID number 101326642).
PARTON, RUDY Albert (Voter ID number 102041963).

111 NE 26TH CT
BATRES, DOROTEO (Voter ID number 118624211).

111 NE 26TH ST
GONZALEZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 119577157).
GONZALEZ, JOSE F. (Voter ID number 118143374).
GONZALEZ, ANA Rosa (Voter ID number 101890363).
GONZALEZ, JOSE C. (Voter ID number 101910086).

111 NE 27TH ST
DUNN, LETA Candrill (Voter ID number 101575429).
HERNANDEZ, AIDA Iris (Voter ID number 101990696).
HERNANDEZ, EDWIN (Voter ID number 101807452).
LOFTON, LATOYA A. (Voter ID number 116151733).

111 NE 29TH ST
DEELEY, HEATHER M. (Voter ID number 102118165).
BANHOLZER, NORBERT Bernard (Voter ID number 102270597).

111 NE 30TH CT
DESIRE, EDOUARD L. (Voter ID number 102027969).
DESIRE, KATHLYN (Voter ID number 102172325).
DESIRE, RAYMONDE (Voter ID number 102027970).
MEARS, DEVON Wayne (Voter ID number 102151026).

111 NE 30TH ST
ABBEY, BETTY L. (Voter ID number 116773446).

111 NE 31ST ST
BAKER, GABRIEL A. (Voter ID number 102383051).
GARNER, BRIAN C. (Voter ID number 101991503).

111 NE 35TH ST

OLIVER-MINOS, JUSTIN Patrick (Voter ID number 118128559).

111 NE 35TH ST

MONTERO, BRITTANY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120887736).

111 NE 35TH ST
JOHNSON, WHITLEY L. (Voter ID number 120787538).
JOHNSTON, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 102206483).
MONTERO, BRIANA E. (Voter ID number 117504618).
MONTERO, KIMBERLY Jo (Voter ID number 101424800).

111 NE 48TH CT
PRICE, DEBORAH Lynn (Voter ID number 112283321).

111 NW 24TH CT
LETIZIA, ANNA M. (Voter ID number 101480358).

111 NW 25TH CT
LAWHORN, RONALD L. (Voter ID number 102224518).
LAWHORN, STELLA M. (Voter ID number 102224519).

111 NW 31ST ST
DICKIE, RONALD E. (Voter ID number 101410521).

111 NW 32ND CT
PAULUCCI, ANDREW (Voter ID number 101858522).
PAULUCCI, MARGARET A. (Voter ID number 102489557).

111 NW 32ND ST
MAHLSTEDT, JEANNE G. (Voter ID number 101269761).

111 NW 50TH CT
GRZELAK, GERALD Wayne (Voter ID number 102234858).
HUSS, SHARON M. (Voter ID number 101671580).

111 NW 51ST CT
DOHERTY, CHARLES J. (Voter ID number 101886211).
DOHERTY, EILEEN M. (Voter ID number 101886207).

1110 NE 23RD CT
REILMAN, JOSEPH Thomas (Voter ID number 119000281).
REILMAN, RICHARD G. (Voter ID number 101941692).
REILMAN, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 101720898).

1110 NE 23RD PL
POLESCHUK, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 101983363).

1110 NE 24TH CT
WELLER-MARTZ, JENNIFER Susan (Voter ID number 101493262).
MARTZ, JOSHUA Kenneth (Voter ID number 119368287).

1110 NE 24TH ST
GUTIERREZ, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 114218166).
TORRES, ZYANYA Sophia (Voter ID number 103140444).
BALDERES, CRISTINE E. (Voter ID number 101661285).
SANCHEZ, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 116132077).

1110 NE 25TH CT
KAUFMAN, RUSSELL E. (Voter ID number 102270627).

1110 NE 25TH ST
DODD, JOSPEH Franklin (Voter ID number 102178144).
DODD, LINDA D. (Voter ID number 101684370).

1110 NE 42ND CT
ALVAREZ, RAY Rafael (Voter ID number 118957975).
WARSHAW, JILLIAN B. (Voter ID number 102427805).

1110 NW 48TH PL
NUNEZ, FRANKELLEY (Voter ID number 117175355).
NUNEZ, FRANKLIN (Voter ID number 116602300).
NUNEZ, RUPERTO A. (Voter ID number 120790576).
NUNEZ, XIOMARA (Voter ID number 117116497).

1110 NW 49TH CT
BURGOS, PEDRO Manuel (Voter ID number 117877283).
AQUINO, DIANNELLY (Voter ID number 118029028).
AQUINO, DIOMYRE M. (Voter ID number 116805747).
AQUINO, FELIX Amin (Voter ID number 102222556).
LIZ, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 101791781).

1110 NW 49TH ST
FEVRIUS, MAGALIE (Voter ID number 102172574).
JULES, CASSANDRA (Voter ID number 116778048).

1111 NE 23RD CT
DEVLIN, MONICA Davila (Voter ID number 111030753).
DEVLIN, SHAE RENAULT Thomas (Voter ID number 107398995).

1111 NE 23RD PL
CRAY, CHRISTOPHER G. (Voter ID number 101620030).
CRAY, DAWN (Voter ID number 101620031).

1111 NE 24TH CT
WEICK, JOSEPH Patrick (Voter ID number 101490613).
AYALA, JESSE Jay (Voter ID number 116447392).
VARGAS, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 114567306).

1111 NE 24TH ST
KIDD, JERRY L. (Voter ID number 101370840).
KIDD, VALERIE (Voter ID number 101370839).

1111 NE 25TH ST
BOECHLER, MORGAN (Voter ID number 120817774).
BUTTIMER, BRANDI Faith (Voter ID number 119569676).
BUTTIMER, PETER Robert (Voter ID number 102001998).
MADDALENA, TODD J. (Voter ID number 101905894).

1111 NE 35TH ST
SMALL, ORIT Paz (Voter ID number 102399267).

1111 NE 42ND CT
BOUCHARD, DANIEL F. (Voter ID number 101456114).
POWELL, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 101456095).

1111 NW 45TH ST
NEWTON, CHANTANI Alicia (Voter ID number 118581656).
SAMUEL, BRIAN Keith (Voter ID number 102377469).

1111 NW 48TH PL
RIEGER, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 101855933).

1112 NW 50TH DR
ROCKWOOD, KEITH Alred (Voter ID number 113618554).
WARD, JEFFREY J. (Voter ID number 118685516).

1116 NW 50TH DR
WALSH, CARMEN Gomez (Voter ID number 101559197).
WALSH, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 101559196).

112 NW 49TH ST
POPP, IRENE S. (Voter ID number 101286348).

112 NW 50TH CT
PRUNA, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 101809558).
WILEY, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 102241853).

112 NW 52ND CT
PARADIS, ARMAND B. (Voter ID number 101351997).
PARADIS, SANDY A. (Voter ID number 101351996).

1120 NE 23RD PL
COELHO, FLAVIA P. (Voter ID number 102045884).
PEREIRA, CLEIDE (Voter ID number 102045881).

1120 NE 24TH CT
GARREAU-JONES, CAROLYN A. (Voter ID number 102465545).
JONES, LARRY Edward (Voter ID number 116001224).
ARMSTRONG, BRAD Thomas (Voter ID number 102219356).
ARMSTRONG, RICHARD Lloyde (Voter ID number 101747102).
HUTCHINGS, KIMBERLY R. (Voter ID number 101686861).

1120 NE 25TH ST
CUCUNATO, DENISE D. (Voter ID number 102422398).

1120 NW 48TH PL
CHIN, JACQUELINE D. (Voter ID number 102169481).

1120 NW 49TH CT
NADEAU, JEAN (Voter ID number 101736428).
HACKMEYER, ROBERT B. (Voter ID number 101449106).

1120 NW 50TH DR
DOLAN, ARNOLD E. (Voter ID number 101457277).
DOLAN, KATHLEEN H. (Voter ID number 101497195).

1121 NE 23RD CT
WOOD, VICKI Y. (Voter ID number 102388548).

1121 NE 23RD ST
HOLLIS, FRANCIS P. (Voter ID number 101535172).

1121 NE 23RD CT
KRAUS, EDWARD L. (Voter ID number 101448693).

1121 NE 24TH CT
COHEN, ANDY R. (Voter ID number 112056122).

1121 NE 24TH ST
HERNANDEZ, STEVE R. (Voter ID number 117919902).

1121 NE 24TH CT
COHEN, MEEGAN W. (Voter ID number 101694140).

1121 NE 25TH ST
RICHARDSON, JO ANN (Voter ID number 101276714).

1121 NE 35TH ST
FLAGLER, IRIS Mae (Voter ID number 101834742).
RAMSEY, ROBERT K. (Voter ID number 116478477).

1121 NE 42ND CT
STAHMAN, RICHARD Albert (Voter ID number 118883862).
SCHLECHTA, CRYSTAL L. (Voter ID number 102413585).
SCHLECHTA, ANDRE (Voter ID number 102141375).

1121 NE 42ND ST
GING, DANIEL P. (Voter ID number 116980186).
SIERRA, MARITZA (Voter ID number 102380278).

1121 NW 45TH ST
CANESSA, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 102124632).
LEWIS, CHELSEA Rachelle (Voter ID number 120698683).

1121 NW 48TH PL
CODY, CORY T. (Voter ID number 118129010).

BEARDSLEY, BETTYLOU (Voter ID number 102511371).
WYNN, RONALD E. (Voter ID number 101592202).

113 NE 49TH ST
HESSEY, RITA (Voter ID number 101726955).

113 NE 51ST ST
BAILEY-WAITS, KAREN L. (Voter ID number 111823474).

113 NW 48TH CT
LOT 113

KANE, KENNETH J. (Voter ID number 102291762).

113 NW 49TH ST
TAVARES, FRANCES D. (Voter ID number 102197851).
TAVARES, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 102201695).

113 NW 50TH CT
EMERSON, JOHNNY W. (Voter ID number 116344548).
KINNEY, LINDA R. (Voter ID number 101727205).

113 NW 52ND CT
LAROSE, JOSEPH H. (Voter ID number 101620644).

1130 NE 23RD CT
ROUSSEAU, DONALD Robert (Voter ID number 102036541).

1130 NE 23RD PL
LINDHEIMER, MICHELLE E. (Voter ID number 101726333).

1130 NE 24TH ST
MOLEON, MARIE Wistha (Voter ID number 119830309).
CHRISTOPHE, JEAN PAUL (Voter ID number 119601357).

1130 NE 42ND CT
SERRA, WENDY K. (Voter ID number 102487780).

1130 NW 48TH PL
MITABTAB, JOVENCIA P. (Voter ID number 116939420).
MITABTAB, PATRICIO M. (Voter ID number 116939390).

1130 NW 49TH CT
ANCIETA, MARIA (Voter ID number 121292889).
ANCIETA, LUCRECIA Isabel (Voter ID number 117137279).
ANCIETA, VICTOR A. (Voter ID number 117137004).

1130 NW 49TH ST
BOGERT, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 102134709).
BOGERT, LAURA M. (Voter ID number 102134712).

1131 NE 23RD PL
CIGANKOVA, MARIA (Voter ID number 120895742).

1131 NE 23RD ST
MATT, JEFFREY J. (Voter ID number 115469455).
WISNIEWSKI, CARL Joseph (Voter ID number 101971595).

1131 NE 23RD CT
DUBOIS, LINDA K. (Voter ID number 102484071).

1131 NE 35TH ST
FELICIANO, LOUIS R. (Voter ID number 109975067).
FELICIANO, EUGENIA (Voter ID number 101621641).
FELICIANO, REBECCA (Voter ID number 101620728).

1131 NW 45TH ST
CLAROS, ABNER Anibal (Voter ID number 117602955).
CLAROS, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 102084421).

1131 NW 48TH PL
RYAN, ERIN (Voter ID number 102323947).
RYAN, KEVIN Francis (Voter ID number 102315157).

1131 NW 49TH ST
CHENDEA, ANDREI (Voter ID number 102268044).
CHENDEA, EMIL (Voter ID number 102033226).
CHENDEA, LUISA (Voter ID number 102033227).
LORD, SCOTT Ralph (Voter ID number 117167056).

114 NE 49TH ST
SELF, CARLA Kay-Christine (Voter ID number 117503440).

114 NE 51ST CT
PUFF, DALE Ann (Voter ID number 101993877).

114 NE 52ND ST
COKER, JEFFERIE Scott (Voter ID number 114829037).

1140 NE 23RD PL
BIKES, JANET (Voter ID number 114157692).
BIKES, KEITH M. (Voter ID number 101876542).

1140 NE 24TH ST
NORRIS, KATHY Annettee (Voter ID number 101570426).

1140 NW 48TH PL
WEEKS, SARAH E. (Voter ID number 102419062).

1140 NW 49TH CT
SHAJARAT, THERESA (Voter ID number 115728730).
SHAJARAT, SADEGH (Voter ID number 102083756).

1140 NW 49TH ST
WINTERS, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 116914203).
WINTERS, MARGARET L. (Voter ID number 101622153).

1141 NE 23RD CT
COWELL, CHRISTIAN Edward (Voter ID number 118592314).

1141 NE 23RD ST
LEXANDRA, KAINA Jade (Voter ID number 101758463).

1141 NE 23RD PL
CAMPOS, JUAN Bautista (Voter ID number 102343354).

1141 NE 35TH ST
COLLINS, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 101235606).
COLLINS, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 101235616).

1141 NW 48TH PL
TIGANI, GERALDINE (Voter ID number 101558952).

1141 NW 49TH ST
ANTOINE, HENDY (Voter ID number 119747074).
ANTOINE, WILKEN (Voter ID number 119746644).

115 NE 48TH CT
KOSNIK, JEAN F. (Voter ID number 101347255).

115 NE 51ST CT
BURDI, JEROME J. (Voter ID number 102422798).
BURDI, NANCY Mulligan (Voter ID number 102303114).

115 NE 52ND ST
CESARO, JOHN N. (Voter ID number 102110536).

LEWIS, MARY Lynn (Voter ID number 101531251).
SUHY, MARY (Voter ID number 101530112).

APT 109

O'DOHERTY, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 101974033).

APT 110

SERINO, PHILIP S. (Voter ID number 101991443).

APT 111

SUHY, PAUL Stephen (Voter ID number 114135784).

APT 112

ISRAEL, CHARLES B. (Voter ID number 101759881).

APT 202

GARCONVIL, JOSEPH Rene (Voter ID number 102012689).
GARCONVIL, KERLINE Angel (Voter ID number 121293263).

APT 207

PAES, CLAUDIO A. (Voter ID number 102477803).

APT 307

CUTLIFF, MICHAEL Earl (Voter ID number 102064938).

UNIT 107

TOTH, TIBOR (Voter ID number 117056924).

UNIT 305

ALLEN, DUANE E. (Voter ID number 102492089).

APT 105

RIOFRIO, JORGE W. (Voter ID number 101826363).

1150 NE 23RD PL
BIEGALSKI, STANLEY L. (Voter ID number 120793868).

1150 NE 23RD CT
KRAL, DONALD J. (Voter ID number 101683758).
KRAL, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 101458956).

1150 NE 24TH ST
GONZALES, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 102084758).
GONZALES, JUAN (Voter ID number 101713075).
GONZALES, JUAN (Voter ID number 101876611).

1150 NE 36TH ST
ZULLO, CATHERINE M. (Voter ID number 101303321).

1150 NE 42ND CT
BYRNE, STEPHANIE Marie (Voter ID number 120830041).
PAGNOTTA, CARISSA Margaret (Voter ID number 120835617).
GRACE, CHARLES M. (Voter ID number 115204472).

1150 NW 45TH ST
BUONO, JEFF (Voter ID number 101822464).

1150 NW 48TH PL
SANTOS, ULISSES (Voter ID number 102170352).
NEVES, THALES V. (Voter ID number 117011604).

1150 NW 49TH CT
HOGANS, ANNA M. (Voter ID number 101219763).

1151 NE 23RD ST
THOMSON, MABREY F. (Voter ID number 101454937).

1151 NE 23RD CT
GARVEY, KEVIN P. (Voter ID number 101575255).
GARVEY, MICHELLE I. (Voter ID number 101575254).

1151 NE 23RD PL
HOKE, KEN E. (Voter ID number 101586909).

1151 NE 42ND CT
HART, WENDI (Voter ID number 101332552).

1151 NW 45TH ST
SFALCIN, JEAN Claude (Voter ID number 102171091).

1151 NW 48TH PL
BRADY, DARREN D. (Voter ID number 102120551).
CHOLASINSKI, BRUCE Allan (Voter ID number 101575323).

WERKAU, BARBARA C. (Voter ID number 101355328).

116 NE 52ND ST
HILGERS, NATALIE Marie (Voter ID number 117480106).

116 NW 48TH CT
HINSON, HAZEL L. (Voter ID number 101424019).
HINSON, SUE A. (Voter ID number 101442317).

1160 NW 48TH PL
FERNANDEZ, ELSA B. (Voter ID number 101848879).
FERNANDEZ, JAIME (Voter ID number 101664763).

1160 NW 49TH ST
TZELEPOPOULOS, PANAGIOTIS (Voter ID number 115394451).

1160 NW 49TH CT
JONES, JACOB Daniel (Voter ID number 120689615).

1160 NW 49TH ST
LAWTON, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101427596).
TZELEPOPOULOS, DAMARIS Emilia (Voter ID number 121260901).

1160 NW 49TH CT
CHARLES, LAMERCIE (Voter ID number 102123698).

1161 NE 23RD ST

DEVOTI, SHARON (Voter ID number 121108407).

1161 NE 42ND CT
HOAG, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 120380290).
HOAG, CAROL Lynn (Voter ID number 101543884).
HOAG, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 101543885).

1161 NW 45TH ST
ESTRELLA, JONATHAN B. (Voter ID number 116928904).
FERREIRO, BRUNILDA (Voter ID number 101652322).
FERREIRO, SERGIO (Voter ID number 101652321).

1161 NW 48TH PL
STEBBINS, ISOIOH Manuel (Voter ID number 119602235).
STEBBINS, NELLIE Q. (Voter ID number 101588135).
STEBBINS, RANDALL S. (Voter ID number 101588139).

1161 NW 49TH ST
CREQUE, CHERYL M. (Voter ID number 101302302).

1167 NW 33RD ST

RUIZ, ANDRES (Voter ID number 101478669).

117 NE 51ST CT
BRANDAO, CLOVES Miranda (Voter ID number 119707118).
MORIN, RENE Albert (Voter ID number 121284374).

117 NE 52ND ST
RIOS, EDWIN Andrew (Voter ID number 119563542).

117 NW 49TH CT
MATHER, CHRISTINA Anne (Voter ID number 102491426).

117 NW 50TH ST
SANDLIN, PATRICIA L. (Voter ID number 101303774).

117 NW 50TH CT
GRIMALDI, LOUISE N. (Voter ID number 102515732).

117 NW 53RD PL
EVANS, STEPHANIE Lyn (Voter ID number 102419393).
EVANS-BAXTER, JUDITH G. (Voter ID number 102416340).

1170 NW 48TH PL
FERRARO, DOROTHY M. (Voter ID number 101331820).
KOENIG, RONNIE David (Voter ID number 114727761).

1170 NW 49TH ST
EUGENE, ELSIE (Voter ID number 101905343).

1170 NW 49TH CT
DE FILIPPIS, ELEANOR B. (Voter ID number 101252815).

1170 NW 49TH ST
CHERENFANT, ELSIE E. (Voter ID number 102163869).
EUGENE, NANCY (Voter ID number 116216347).

1171 NE 42ND CT
ILLANES LATULIPPE, SOLEDAD (Voter ID number 118084638).

1171 NW 48TH PL
ANTOINE, JEAN Claude (Voter ID number 102064909).
LOVASZ, JOHN (Voter ID number 101686936).

118 NE 52ND ST
FRANZESE, RALPH J. (Voter ID number 101427835).

118 NW 48TH CT
GENDRON, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 115758897).

118 NW 49TH CT
CAMPOS, NIXSA (Voter ID number 101519568).

1180 NW 48TH PL
WHEELOCK, GERTRUDE A. (Voter ID number 101575606).

1180 NW 49TH ST
HARRIS, MELISSA Lea (Voter ID number 111852559).
HARRIS, MEREDITH Ann (Voter ID number 111852566).

1180 NW 49TH CT
SHERMAN, IDA M. (Voter ID number 101390295).
SHERMAN, MAXWELL B. (Voter ID number 101362938).

1180 NW 49TH ST
BOTTA, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 101502686).
BOTTA, ROSE (Voter ID number 101502685).

1181 NW 48TH PL
ROSENBLATT, LAWRENCE B. (Voter ID number 101260773).

1181 NW 49TH ST
POEPPERLING, KATHLEEN M. (Voter ID number 102066549).
POEPPERLING, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 101518332).

FLOYD, NATHAN Clifford (Voter ID number 101897929).
JOYAL, BERNARD W. (Voter ID number 102171763).

119 NW 50TH CT
AMOUR, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 115893119).

119 NW 50TH ST
WELLINGTON, JAMES Marshall (Voter ID number 116786643).

119 NW 52ND CT
PALMER, ARTHUR (Voter ID number 117399978).
VAN PEPERSTRAETE, DIANE Renee (Voter ID number 117420754).

119 NW 53RD ST
MIS, HELEN (Voter ID number 101310038).

12 NE 45TH CT
AYALA, JOSE Julian (Voter ID number 119570681).

BLAKE, ALLEN Dale (Voter ID number 102492840).
BLAKE, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 102497260).

120 NE 25TH CT
OREUS, ANDERSON Samuel (Voter ID number 120485760).
OREUS, ANELIE (Voter ID number 102250072).
OREUS, FREDAYRICA (Voter ID number 102253092).

120 NE 26TH ST
CHATELAIN, JERRY Junior (Voter ID number 119239721).
SAINT FLEUR, NANCY (Voter ID number 119466498).

120 NE 26TH CT
BAJA, JESSICA M. (Voter ID number 115841066).

120 NE 26TH ST
CHATELAIN, GERARD F. (Voter ID number 101988733).

120 NE 27TH ST
DAZILE, KEREN H. (Voter ID number 119582060).
DAZILE, MIMOSE (Voter ID number 120846757).
DAZILE, ROSE Daniella (Voter ID number 118438198).
DAZILE, WILFRID (Voter ID number 101854990).

120 NE 28TH ST
SUMMERS, TASHA Rene (Voter ID number 120136426).
WEST, JERRY Edward (Voter ID number 115639885).

120 NE 29TH ST
SPARROW, CLARENCE F. (Voter ID number 101586164).
SPARROW, HOPE C. (Voter ID number 101575348).

120 NE 30TH CT
TAPPER, VERNAL I. (Voter ID number 101575419).
TAPPER, VILMA A. (Voter ID number 101575418).

120 NE 30TH ST
ABBEY, LEE G. (Voter ID number 114458819).

120 NE 31ST CT
SAINT-JEAN, GUINEL (Voter ID number 119682832).
VILSAINT, TERRY (Voter ID number 121163475).
ANNEL, RENE (Voter ID number 102147437).

120 NE 31ST ST
AVRILIEN, WILDOPH (Voter ID number 102005997).
MAZARD, MARIE (Voter ID number 101955311).
MAZARD, RODRIQUE (Voter ID number 101512985).

120 NE 35TH ST
KEUREN, OTTO Van (Voter ID number 102139977).

120 NW 27TH ST
MESICH, GEORGE (Voter ID number 101684413).

120 NW 28TH ST
BAUER, GORDON D. (Voter ID number 102239682).

120 NW 31ST CT
HOFFMANN, JOANNE S. (Voter ID number 101685898).

120 NW 32ND CT
BERTRAM, FLORENCE M. (Voter ID number 115985238).
POLES, EARL Cephas (Voter ID number 115929679).

120 NW 32ND ST
HOSTE, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 101452717).

120 NW 50TH CT
GRAY, MILDRED W. (Voter ID number 102507019).

120 NW 53RD PL
MACLEAN, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 102293453).

120 NW 53RD ST
HOFFMAN, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 101535513).
KNOPPIK-HOFFMAN, LEAH A. (Voter ID number 102227094).

1200 NE 39TH ST
GABELUS, NADEGE (Voter ID number 119693243).

1200 NE 40TH ST
CLAUSER, FAITH Marie (Voter ID number 101865362).
HANSON, GLENN C. (Voter ID number 101306893).

1200 NE 42ND CT
AHERN, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 120101693).

1200 NE 42ND ST
LIST, LING (Voter ID number 101853467).

1200 NW 43RD ST
FERRARA, JONATHAN M. (Voter ID number 101500737).

1200 NW 45TH ST
GATES-SHIELDS, CHERYL (Voter ID number 102478095).
SHIELDS, FLOYD (Voter ID number 102478168).

1200 NW 49TH CT
MC CULLARS, MONICA J. (Voter ID number 102420396).
SPIVEY, MILTON (Voter ID number 102324947).

1200 NW 49TH ST
RUBNITZ, JACK (Voter ID number 101263955).
RUBNITZ, ROSE B. (Voter ID number 101263956).

1201 NE 25TH ST
BRUCE, JAMES Taylor (Voter ID number 102094465).

1201 NE 33RD ST
MARCHETTO, ILEANA Rachel Natasha (Voter ID number 102515989).
KARPIN, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 115889588).

1201 NE 35TH ST
OSORIO, LUIS Omar (Voter ID number 101531140).

1201 NE 39TH ST
STEIN, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 101641722).

1201 NW 44TH ST
SMITH, DENNIS H. (Voter ID number 101694748).

1201 NW 48TH PL
GURTAN, NIHAT (Voter ID number 108217731).
GURTAN, ILKAN (Voter ID number 119581826).

1201 NW 49TH ST
HERNANDEZ, CESARIO (Voter ID number 102388415).
GROSSMAN, LENORE (Voter ID number 101554430).
SAUCEDA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 115074160).
SAUCEDA, ARTURO (Voter ID number 114946221).

1206 NW 43RD ST
CHRISTIAN, COTTER Hanson (Voter ID number 101758832).
HODGKINS, LEE Ann (Voter ID number 101399369).
HODGKINS, DOLORES J. (Voter ID number 101215593).
HODGKINS, VINTON T. (Voter ID number 101215594).

1206 NW 45TH ST
COLASANTO, THOMAS Michael (Voter ID number 115623912).
SPECIAL, BETTY A. (Voter ID number 108879669).

MUNY, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 101386580).

121 NE 25TH CT
ARGUETA, HECTOR A. (Voter ID number 102036361).

121 NE 25TH ST
CARLTON, SHIRLEY (Voter ID number 101598858).
BRAGDTON, JOHN (Voter ID number 101944468).

121 NE 26TH CT
CHAVEZ, IVAN (Voter ID number 118905158).

121 NE 26TH ST
LOUIS, LAFORTUNE (Voter ID number 101813246).

121 NE 27TH ST
URIETA, JOSE (Voter ID number 119087185).
PASHALIDIS, IOANNIS (Voter ID number 102487099).
REYNOLDS, RUBY Lee (Voter ID number 101485630).

121 NE 28TH ST
ELIAZAR, SAINT Pierre (Voter ID number 102026400).
ELIAZAR-GEFFRARD, RONANDE (Voter ID number 102429584).

121 NE 29TH ST
ELIAS, BENJAMINE (Voter ID number 118783568).
ELIAS, LUCIA (Voter ID number 118783574).

121 NE 30TH CT
NESMACHNOV, ADAM (Voter ID number 102344788).
NESMACHNOV, PAULA R. (Voter ID number 114563229).

121 NE 30TH ST
ROMAIN, JEANNE Dorvil (Voter ID number 114187836).

121 NE 31ST ST
SANTANA, MARIO Josh (Voter ID number 116202706).
SANTANA, ISMENE (Voter ID number 101932962).
SANTANA, REMIO (Voter ID number 101932967).

121 NE 35TH ST
FAIRCHILD, DAVID E. (Voter ID number 102407446).

121 NW 24TH CT
HRKMAN, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 107913819).
HRKMAN, ANNE A. (Voter ID number 101686996).
HRKMAN, MILAN R. (Voter ID number 101661683).

121 NW 28TH ST
SMITH, WILMA C. (Voter ID number 119140285).

121 NW 28TH CT
ORTU, AMPORN (Voter ID number 102495832).
GRIFFIN, MICHAEL Leon (Voter ID number 101609329).

121 NW 31ST CT
RIZZO, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number 101449894).

121 NW 31ST ST
RIGGIO, DOLORES S. (Voter ID number 101499184).
RIGGIO, SALVATORE S. (Voter ID number 101499183).

121 NW 32ND ST
HUZA, FRANCES (Voter ID number 102179978).

121 NW 41ST CT
PHILO, FRESNEL (Voter ID number 115293656).

121 NW 50TH ST
BARRY, JERRI Lynn (Voter ID number 102144067).
HUNT, GEORGE E. (Voter ID number 102344810).
HUNT, GERTRUDE G. (Voter ID number 102344812).

1210 NE 33RD CT
BRODE, MELINDA Stevie (Voter ID number 115517333).
ALVAREZ, SHIRLEY (Voter ID number 119850828).
CALDERON, JAIME (Voter ID number 119354001).

1210 NE 40TH ST
MINAN, DEBORAH Kay (Voter ID number 115036575).
MINAN, ANDERSON Esgardo Vilchez (Voter ID number 116399693).

1210 NE 42ND CT
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH Joan (Voter ID number 120524891).
MITCHELL, DEBRA (Voter ID number 101455763).

1210 NE 42ND ST
BROESAMLE, STELIE S. (Voter ID number 115567632).
BROESAMLE, WADE Edward (Voter ID number 101683016).

1210 NW 48TH PL
FERNANDEZ, CARLOS Julio (Voter ID number 120434655).

1210 NW 49TH ST
PICARD, ROSALIE (Voter ID number 120170748).
PICARD, SERGINIO (Voter ID number 115181666).

1211 NE 35TH ST

VALLE, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 102239088).

1211 NE 39TH ST
JUSTIN-LOUIS, MICHELINE (Voter ID number 119889028).
EMILCAR, JULESKY (Voter ID number 119325228).
EMILCAR, MARCEL (Voter ID number 101821109).
PIERRE LOUIS, NAZAIRE (Voter ID number 116434462).

1211 NE 41ST DR
AMADOR, JAVIER (Voter ID number 101627356).

1211 NE 42ND CT
FREYGANG, ADAM J. (Voter ID number 119610894).
FREYGANG, ANDREA S. (Voter ID number 102303077).

1211 NW 44TH ST
JAMES, PEGGY A. (Voter ID number 115886910).

1211 NW 45TH ST
MANKO, PALMA (Voter ID number 101400505).

1211 NW 48TH PL
JACQUES, RIGUINS (Voter ID number 120533915).

1211 NW 49TH ST
OWENS, KELTON Lavere (Voter ID number 102270688).
BROWN, DEBORAH F. (Voter ID number 102140504).

1212 NW 43RD ST
BLESI, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 101391490).

1212 NW 45TH ST
MOSZAK, ALICIA (Voter ID number 101558614).
MOSZAK, ROBERT D. (Voter ID number 101558613).

1218 NW 43RD ST
BEAUCHAMP, ROBERT F. (Voter ID number 101558898).
GRASSO, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 101321452).
GRASSO, HELEN M. (Voter ID number 101321451).

1218 NW 45TH ST
MILLAR, AMY Marie (Voter ID number 102243758).
MILLAR, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 101219762).

LIGURAS, FRANK (Voter ID number 101653084).
PICARD, LUCILLE M. (Voter ID number 101406978).

122 NW 51ST CT
WALSH, BRIDGET Theresa (Voter ID number 115028021).
WALSH, MATTHEW F. (Voter ID number 102505578).

1220 NE 24TH ST
PAPAYOUTE, SIMEON Paul (Voter ID number 101845217).

1220 NE 40TH ST
DESIR, BRITLEY Linda (Voter ID number 120101023).
PIERRE, JONATHAN E. (Voter ID number 120119169).
DESIR, LINDA (Voter ID number 102254728).
DESIR, MACUS D. (Voter ID number 102505373).

1220 NE 42ND CT
PEREIRA, JESSICA Liv (Voter ID number 114610739).

1220 NE 42ND ST
JARZOMKOWSKE- WELLS, SYLVIA Marilyn (Voter ID number 119364533).

1220 NE 42ND CT
WARNER, ALLISON Marie (Voter ID number 115798964).

1220 NW 45TH CT
DAVIS, BRIAN S. (Voter ID number 101736348).

1220 NW 48TH PL
DE JESUS, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 120946899).
RODRIGUEZ, BENIGNO (Voter ID number 116137814).
WICKUN, ALBIN V. (Voter ID number 101243866).

1220 NW 49TH CT
GIARDINO, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 101263781).

1220 NW 49TH ST
PAINE, MELISSA Eleanor (Voter ID number 117708745).

1221 NE 32ND ST
BLACKBURN, DANIELA Marie (Voter ID number 102272600).
MORLAND, SUSIE M. (Voter ID number 101992146).

1221 NE 35TH ST
GARCIA, AUDREY Marie (Voter ID number 118078813).

1221 NE 39TH ST
TORRES, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 102112480).
TORRES, DELFINO Jimenez (Voter ID number 102212319).

1221 NE 42ND CT
REYES, JULIE Marie (Voter ID number 120067245).
REYES, CHRISTIAN Rafael (Voter ID number 120067215).
REYES, LUIS R. (Voter ID number 118362940).
REYES, LUIS R. (Voter ID number 102132975).

1221 NE 42ND ST
BUTERBAUGH, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 101929170).
REYES, YOVANA M. (Voter ID number 102132364).
WINDSOR, VIRGINIA L. (Voter ID number 101980230).

1221 NW 44TH ST
RADAGAN, LOUISE T. (Voter ID number 101228379).

1221 NW 45TH ST
METZGER, CHARLES L. (Voter ID number 102103778).
METZGER, NICOLE T. (Voter ID number 102139298).

1221 NW 48TH PL
MOSZAK, MICHELE (Voter ID number 102241764).

1221 NW 49TH ST
KOZMINSKY, FLORENCE R. (Voter ID number 101297177).

1224 NW 43RD ST
COLE, ROBERT Maxwell (Voter ID number 102235854).

MARKS, WILLIE L. (Voter ID number 120239328).

123 NW 50TH ST
BICKETT WEBB, DIANE (Voter ID number 102429371).

123 NW 53RD ST
HOSKINS, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 101709104).

1230 NE 23RD PL
GLEASON, DIANE E. (Voter ID number 102182393).

1230 NE 23RD CT
HOFFMAN, ZACHARY Paul (Voter ID number 102496134).
VON BEHREN, KATHERINE M. (Voter ID number 102496132).

1230 NE 24TH ST
NOWAK, GRZEGORZ K. (Voter ID number 102485912).

1230 NE 33RD CT
KARAVASILIS, SALINA (Voter ID number 120343468).
KARAVASILIS, EFTICHIOS Fellix (Voter ID number 115886014).
LADD, MICHELE Faye (Voter ID number 101812653).

1230 NE 39TH ST
SMITH, EDWIN D. (Voter ID number 101275362).

1230 NE 40TH ST
SCHULTZ, TARYN Leigh (Voter ID number 102182575).

1230 NW 43RD ST
TORO, DOROTHY S. (Voter ID number 108110241).

1230 NW 45TH ST
ERWIN, KENNETH King (Voter ID number 101398877).

1230 NW 45TH CT
KOWAL, LAURIE A. (Voter ID number 102038246).
KOWAL, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 101795441).

1230 NW 45TH ST
COYNE, AMANDA D. (Voter ID number 116630461).

1230 NW 48TH PL
BARLOW, JOAN V. (Voter ID number 102013201).

1230 NW 49TH CT
BARNETT, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number 115001042).
BARNETT, HOWARD Jerome (Voter ID number 117490694).

1230 NW 49TH ST
CANNARIATO, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 102012953).

1231 NE 23RD CT
BLACKWOOD, BRYCE Alton (Voter ID number 102306957).

1231 NE 23RD PL
MORITT, CLAIRE (Voter ID number 101619515).
SLUPE, SUE A. (Voter ID number 101550081).

1231 NE 32ND ST
WEINSHEIMER, KENNETH Joseph (Voter ID number 115984149).
WEINSHEIMER, RUTH L. (Voter ID number 101626879).

1231 NE 33RD ST
PROSPERE, FRANTZY (Voter ID number 120105914).
PROSPERE, GAYTA (Voter ID number 119767437).
PROSPERE, CATHIA (Voter ID number 119257448).

1231 NE 35TH ST
RYAN, ROBERT P. (Voter ID number 115242437).

1231 NE 39TH ST
PROSPER, GERMAINE S. (Voter ID number 119863937).
PROSPER, RODLINE (Voter ID number 120330431).

1231 NE 40TH ST
STARLING, NATALIE A. (Voter ID number 115196567).
STARLING, HAROLD J. (Voter ID number 101377482).

1231 NE 41ST DR
STEADHAM, ELENA G. (Voter ID number 110108488).
STEADHAM, JOHN Lester (Voter ID number 102448618).

1231 NW 44TH ST
RUGGIERI, VIVIENNE L. (Voter ID number 102026694).

1231 NW 48TH PL
THEODORE, ATHULAS (Voter ID number 102071259).

1231 NW 49TH ST
MARSHALL, SUSAN K. (Voter ID number 111944327).
GINTOLI, FRANK M. (Voter ID number 101248390).
SCHUMAN, RUTH (Voter ID number 101289582).

1236 NW 43RD ST
OBERMAN, RAYMOND H. (Voter ID number 101932286).
TORO, JANET E. (Voter ID number 102467825).

1238 NW 45TH ST
WILLIAMS, NITA R. (Voter ID number 101225024).

FARR, JASON Lee (Voter ID number 117884875).

124 NW 50TH CT
MC CANE, JAMES Robert (Voter ID number 121276812).
THOMAS, EUGENE Dale (Voter ID number 119553549).

124 NW 52ND CT
BONNEAU, TONINA S. (Voter ID number 101546822).

1240 NE 23RD CT
BANFI, LASZLO (Voter ID number 102034919).
MEADE, GLEN (Voter ID number 101996527).

1240 NE 24TH ST
STALTER, KENNETH R. (Voter ID number 102287056).

1240 NE 32ND ST
WHEELER, G Harriet (Voter ID number 101212690).

1240 NE 33RD CT
SPENCE, DAVID R. (Voter ID number 101235937).
SPENCE, DIANA M. (Voter ID number 101235936).

1240 NE 40TH ST
GRIFFIN, LADERIAN Jenor (Voter ID number 102093011).

1240 NE 42ND ST
CARPENTER, JESSICA S. (Voter ID number 116747690).
KROWSKA, KENNETH George (Voter ID number 116747707).

1240 NW 45TH CT
MEDWIT, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 101391649).
MEDWIT, HELEN V. (Voter ID number 101306169).

1240 NW 48TH PL
KNAUS, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 101599098).
KNAUS, NADINE M. (Voter ID number 101599097).

1240 NW 49TH ST
PAUNESCU, MARIANA (Voter ID number 114741851).

1240 NW 49TH CT
GONZALEZ, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 115776743).
GONZALEZ, EVA (Voter ID number 114014606).

1241 NE 23RD PL
RICKERT, KARL Walter (Voter ID number 118367635).

1241 NE 23RD CT
ANNESSI, KIM Marie (Voter ID number 111841459).

1241 NE 23RD PL
GOVERNALE, GREGG O. (Voter ID number 101931268).
GOVERNALE, MARILYN B. (Voter ID number 101212532).

1241 NE 39TH ST
IVORA, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 102286148).
IVORA, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 101370514).
IVORA, GINETTE Helene (Voter ID number 102108280).

1241 NE 41ST DR
CEDIEU, JEAN (Voter ID number 119866291).
BIBISI, ELIZABETH Dianna (Voter ID number 114366500).

1241 NW 44TH ST
HENNE, JOHN C. (Voter ID number 102183499).
ROCHA, LUIZ (Voter ID number 102424266).

1241 NW 45TH ST
SANTOS, LUCIVANIA Gomes (Voter ID number 102320218).
QUILES, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 101829977).

1241 NW 48TH PL
LOBO, DAKOTA Alexander (Voter ID number 120920187).
LOBO, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 114725299).
LOBO, KATHERINE Ann (Voter ID number 101717888).

1241 NW 49TH ST
MORRIS, MARION Lorraine (Voter ID number 101929093).

1242 NW 43RD ST
GRIENEISEN, MARGARET K. (Voter ID number 101287434).

1246 NW 45TH ST
MC FARLAND, DEANNA J. (Voter ID number 101212515).

1249 NE 25TH ST
ANDERSON, JUDITH M. (Voter ID number 101287183).

125 NW 50TH CT
CHANDLER, DAVID William (Voter ID number 101365322).

125 NW 52ND CT
VERNI, ROSE M. (Voter ID number 101565233).

125 NW 53RD PL
PEARSON, CAROL Rae (Voter ID number 102003868).

ANCIANO, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 114361327).
BOWEN, BETTY (Voter ID number 101519141).
BRYANT, MARY Dell (Voter ID number 101680465).
DILLON, MARY Jo M (Voter ID number 101244763).
EGLINTON, OLYMPIA K. (Voter ID number 102099885).
FORD, JEFFERY (Voter ID number 102250314).
JIMISON, BRECK Todd (Voter ID number 102284005).
MULLIN, ESTHER M. (Voter ID number 101494620).
PROPATIER, JEANETTE I. (Voter ID number 101920991).

APT 101

EPSTEIN, JUDYANN Mantione (Voter ID number 101442397).
FALCONE, DANIEL Joseph Raphael (Voter ID number 116251608).
KEE, ERIC Michael (Voter ID number 112572101).

APT 103

SPENCER, ADAM (Voter ID number 102440126).

APT 105

SANTORA, BRADLEY Joseph (Voter ID number 101732887).

APT 108

CONROD, ALICE E. (Voter ID number 102124259).
CONROD, FREDERICK Earl (Voter ID number 101215377).

APT 201

ZIRBES, JOSEPH Raymond (Voter ID number 101702829).

APT 208

HILEL, DANIELLE R. (Voter ID number 115536227).

APT 212

LOUIS, CARLICE (Voter ID number 118125196).
LOUIS, CAROLE (Voter ID number 102062978).
LOUIS, LUCIEN (Voter ID number 101905355).

APT 302

JAROSZ, CHERYL Ann (Voter ID number 112005856).

APT 305

LEMAY, TAMERRA T. (Voter ID number 108175081).

APT 308

EMILIEN, RODRIGUE (Voter ID number 102252724).
GEDEON EMILIEN, MARIE BELLIOTTE B. (Voter ID number 120325195).

APT 311

OLIVER, YELBA S. (Voter ID number 116694068).
ROBINETTE, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 116694071).

UNIT 102

ELMORE, ERIC E. (Voter ID number 102376292).

UNIT 302

WARD, LAUCK Walton (Voter ID number 112011341).

1250 NE 23RD PL
OBERER, ROBERT John (Voter ID number 101745097).

1250 NE 23RD CT
DEWEY, ELMER S. (Voter ID number 101219865).

1250 NE 24TH ST
REZZINO, JEANINE M. (Voter ID number 101543878).

1250 NE 32ND ST
MELEGIAN, CRAIG A. (Voter ID number 102358464).
SHIRLEY, CALLEEN L. (Voter ID number 102428356).
RIVERA, PATRICIA Lee (Voter ID number 117274612).
RIVERA, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 115054601).

1250 NE 33RD CT
FEKETE, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number 101460942).
WALDREN, AUDRA L. (Voter ID number 101692861).

1250 NE 36TH ST
CUOZZO, DOROTHY F. (Voter ID number 101356793).

1250 NE 42ND CT
DIAZ HERRERA, MILDRED Gisel (Voter ID number 121001096).
DIAZ, TANIA D. (Voter ID number 119593283).
VAZQUEZ, ANTHONY B. (Voter ID number 118818338).

1250 NE 42ND ST
ANGEL, MARTHA L. (Voter ID number 119173086).
FOURNIER, BARBARA Kathleen (Voter ID number 120840433).
FOURNIER, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 120840376).

1250 NE 42ND CT
DIAZ, DAVID (Voter ID number 101741512).
DIAZ, ERIKA R. (Voter ID number 116510745).

1250 NE 42ND ST
FOURNIER, JONATHAN Michael (Voter ID number 115983271).

1250 NW 46TH ST
RAGLIN, MELISSA L. (Voter ID number 119990962).
WACHSMAN, TREVOR Isaac (Voter ID number 120594405).
RAGLIN, AUDREY M. (Voter ID number 101204701).

1250 NW 48TH CT
LEWIS, KENNETH N. (Voter ID number 114123656).
LEWIS, NORMA D. (Voter ID number 112127046).

1250 NW 48TH PL
ANDERSON, TAMMY C. (Voter ID number 118188016).
PICCONE, EDITH (Voter ID number 101559610).

1250 NW 49TH CT
PENNINGTON, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number 101944532).

1251 NE 23RD PL
VEILLEUX, LESLIE Anne (Voter ID number 102221095).

1251 NE 35TH ST
PEREZ GONZALEZ, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 119544703).
SANDUSKY, JENNIE Lee (Voter ID number 118626838).
SULLIVAN, BRIAN T. (Voter ID number 102323946).

1251 NE 41ST DR
SMITH, AMY Marie (Voter ID number 101919616).
HUDSON, JARROD Albert (Voter ID number 102505981).

1251 NW 44TH ST
SPAGNUOLO, ROBERT Joseph (Voter ID number 102521122).

1251 NW 45TH CT
TODD, BARRY R. (Voter ID number 118087118).

1251 NW 48TH PL
ELLIS, ERICA M. (Voter ID number 116464585).
ELLIS, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 116464557).

1251 NW 49TH ST
SILVA, ROSY Oliveira (Voter ID number 118492106).

1254 NW 43RD ST
LA POINTE, FERNAND A. (Voter ID number 101944121).

1255 NW 44TH ST
DELORENZO, ROSEMARIE (Voter ID number 120675163).

126 NW 51ST ST
DUNWIDDIE, BETSIE A. (Voter ID number 102125345).

1260 NE 23RD CT
CAREY, PATTI L. (Voter ID number 101352513).
GANDY, MARGARET A. (Voter ID number 101446244).

1260 NE 23RD PL
MENENDEZ, ADELE Magaly (Voter ID number 101764133).
MENENDEZ, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 102487611).
MENENDEZ, ADELA E. (Voter ID number 114832351).
MENENDEZ, JESSICA M. (Voter ID number 116833495).

1260 NE 40TH ST
WHARTON, CHARLES Eugene (Voter ID number 115010347).

1260 NE 42ND CT
ISNADIN, JOYCE (Voter ID number 120702758).

1260 NE 42ND ST
HERNANDEZ, JUDITH America (Voter ID number 101554888).
SALCEDO, CAROLINA P. (Voter ID number 101558741).
SALCEDO, MEREDITH Nathalie (Voter ID number 116778032).

1260 NW 43RD ST
CANTERBURY, NOEL Taylor (Voter ID number 102188459).
DAVEY, JOANN (Voter ID number 102118372).
DAVEY, JON-MARK (Voter ID number 102118369).

1260 NW 45TH CT
GUARNIERI, MARY Lou (Voter ID number 101465829).
GUARNIERI, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 101465828).

1260 NW 45TH ST
CRISWELL, MARY L. (Voter ID number 102260059).

1260 NW 48TH CT
TOWNSEL, GWENDOLYN Marcheta (Voter ID number 102186138).
WRIGHT, KENDREE De Shanion (Voter ID number 101930495).
RICKS-LONGERBEAM, ALETTE Lucreshia (Voter ID number 110234937).

1260 NW 48TH ST
LOPEZ, RUVEN A. (Voter ID number 101840462).

1260 NW 49TH CT
WILLIAM, WILLIE (Voter ID number 102285710).

1260 NW 49TH ST
LANDRY, MICHAEL Robert (Voter ID number 102404580).
LANDRY, NANCY J. (Voter ID number 102307857).
LANDRY, RICHARD (Voter ID number 102350951).

1261 NE 23RD CT
CONCA, GILBERT (Voter ID number 101398787).

1261 NE 39TH ST
SHONTERE, RICHARD Francis (Voter ID number 120974161).
ESTY, BARBARA M. (Voter ID number 101776550).

1261 NE 41ST DR
HADLER, VICTOR S. (Voter ID number 102284356).
SMITH, JOAN R. (Voter ID number 102284360).
SMITH, NEIL E. (Voter ID number 101944590).

1261 NW 44TH ST
DAVIS, FRANCES E. (Voter ID number 101310058).
DAVIS, FRANK E. (Voter ID number 101319595).

1261 NW 47TH CT
BURES, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number 101377510).
BURES, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 101346716).

1261 NW 48TH CT
BENNETT, HEATHER Ann (Voter ID number 111961703).
MARSHALL, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 101336994).

1261 NW 48TH ST
AHERN, JOHN T. (Voter ID number 101497305).

1261 NW 49TH ST
COMPANIONI DE CARRERA, MARILYN (Voter ID number 118562706).

1265 NE 25TH ST
EAZARSKY, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 114534839).
EAZARSKY, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 114534792).

1265 NW 44TH ST
ODDO, CATHERINE A. (Voter ID number 101303309).

1266 NW 43RD ST
THOMPSON, MILBOURNE (Voter ID number 101317138).
NAVOY, BARRY F. (Voter ID number 101412708).
THOMPSON-MARTIN, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 101317139).

1268 NW 45TH ST
MACHLICA, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 117995312).
MACHLICA, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 102140317).

127 NW 50TH CT
GILBERT, ROGER (Voter ID number 102379440).

127 NW 51ST ST
AMOROSO, FRANK (Voter ID number 101220308).

1270 NE 32ND ST
MARTIN, GREG P. (Voter ID number 115939447).

1270 NE 40TH ST
WEISS, FRANK R. (Voter ID number 101442959).
WEISS, MARLA J. (Voter ID number 101442958).

1270 NE 42ND CT
DICKINSON, JULIE Ann (Voter ID number 102304480).

1270 NW 44TH ST
GOULD, PETER F. (Voter ID number 102076207).

1270 NW 45TH CT
PARISI, RAMONITA (Voter ID number 101350867).
UDDIN, DILARA S. (Voter ID number 115764581).
UDDIN, MOHAMMED Asab (Voter ID number 102260083).

1270 NW 46TH ST
DEVINE, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 107402386).
JOHNSON, ALAN P. (Voter ID number 102263172).

1270 NW 47TH ST
TROTTER, LINDA C. (Voter ID number 102202987).

1270 NW 48TH CT
MC ARDLE, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 101483678).

1270 NW 48TH PL
AUFIERO, PAUL (Voter ID number 101450156).
PROVENCIAL, ROBERT Thomas (Voter ID number 102144432).
RICCARDI, CLELIA Virginia (Voter ID number 102144810).

1270 NW 48TH ST
DAHLGREN, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number 115741211).

1270 NW 49TH CT
GUERRIER, COMPERE (Voter ID number 102242068).
GUERRIER, PAULETTE (Voter ID number 102035881).

1271 NE 42ND CT
BARRAZA, DIANA Carolina (Voter ID number 102397154).

1271 NW 44TH ST
WAGNER, GREG Thomas (Voter ID number 119667336).
WAGNER, DIANE C. (Voter ID number 101359246).

1271 NW 45TH CT
BRITTAIN, AMBER L. (Voter ID number 102384732).
BOULAIS, SANDRA E. (Voter ID number 117215204).
COLONNA, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 101540970).

1271 NW 46TH CT
NOVAK, CHARLES David (Voter ID number 102122311).

1271 NW 46TH ST
KERR, GEORGE Chris (Voter ID number 102324356).
MC ALEER, MARGUERITE T. (Voter ID number 102324351).
MOORE, CAROLYN E. (Voter ID number 102119389).

1271 NW 47TH ST
ROBERSON, R Clifton (Voter ID number 102053631).

1271 NW 48TH CT
BURDELL, RICHARD B. (Voter ID number 102624502).

1271 NW 48TH PL
SKIREDJ, REDWANE (Voter ID number 102338554).

1271 NW 49TH ST
CLEOPHAT, MARIE Carolle (Voter ID number 102451845).

1272 NW 43RD ST
FOWLE, DOUGLAS M. (Voter ID number 101684409).

ARVO, JANET Joyce (Voter ID number 101312855).

128 NW 53RD PL
PARICHY, GERALDINE D. (Voter ID number 101352610).

1280 NE 25TH CT
MCCRONE, ATRELY (Voter ID number 118954243).
DIXON, ANGELA La Kreisha (Voter ID number 119514077).
HALL, BARBARA G. (Voter ID number 101314154).
HALL, FREDDIE R. (Voter ID number 101314155).
OWENS, LUDY (Voter ID number 101232898).

1280 NE 32ND ST
CANNON, TARA Mia (Voter ID number 121207078).
CANNON, ANTHONY Patrick (Voter ID number 119010564).
CANNON, MARTHA Aracely (Voter ID number 116017110).

1280 NE 42ND CT
VILCHES, VERONICA Orrego (Voter ID number 113973924).

1280 NW 45TH CT
MAX, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 116454991).
VOLMIDOR, MARSHA S. (Voter ID number 118260795).
JEAN BAPTISTE, MILFORT (Voter ID number 116569089).

1280 NW 46TH CT
CARNEY, MARTHA (Voter ID number 119276269).
PADILLA, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 118367017).

1280 NW 46TH ST
HOWARD, STEPHEN F. (Voter ID number 119104417).
PAPONETTI, RAYMOND Anthony (Voter ID number 116881219).

1280 NW 47TH ST
SINEUS, MONISE (Voter ID number 120556666).
CHERENFANT, MICHEL (Voter ID number 115707761).
CHERENFANT, SAPHIRA (Voter ID number 117518605).

1280 NW 48TH ST
MALTIACE, DIANNE M. (Voter ID number 101236372).
MATTIACE, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 101622066).

1280 NW 48TH CT
LAMBORGHINI, KAREN (Voter ID number 102172225).

1280 NW 48TH PL
ALTSHELER, MARILYN (Voter ID number 101368886).
SCHULTZ, CRAIG Walter (Voter ID number 102378554).

1280 NW 48TH ST
IDZIK, JANINA (Voter ID number 102294186).

1280 NW 49TH ST
DIAZ, JAIME (Voter ID number 102509201).

1281 NE 25TH ST
SIMPSON, BETHANY Anne (Voter ID number 119596285).
SIMPSON, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 102342272).

1281 NE 26TH CT
ADAMS, DAVID W. (Voter ID number 102423304).
ADAMS, JANNETTE M. (Voter ID number 101907313).
ADAMS, BRANDON Wade (Voter ID number 120573197).

1281 NE 39TH ST
KOETTER, LORI A. (Voter ID number 101525078).

1281 NE 42ND ST
RAMIREZ LOPEZ, JOSE ALBERTO (Voter ID number 121122561).
RAMIREZ, ISAURA E. (Voter ID number 116305342).

1281 NW 44TH ST
CLAPPER, EARL W. (Voter ID number 102380286).
WEBER, JON S. (Voter ID number 102379571).
SELECTER, SHIRLEY M. (Voter ID number 102520601).
CARUSO, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 101625884).

1281 NW 45TH CT
MC HUGH, BIANCA M. (Voter ID number 101831128).
MC HUGH, GERARD P. (Voter ID number 101606615).

1281 NW 45TH ST
ATTWELL, BRUCE F. (Voter ID number 101508406).
ATTWELL, LILLIAN Lebron (Voter ID number 102162264).

1281 NW 46TH CT
WALKER, JESSETTE Maria (Voter ID number 101729735).

1281 NW 46TH ST
ALAM, SAIFUL (Voter ID number 120238913).
GOMEZ-NIETO, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 102526906).
SMITH, DANYIELLE Chaleigh (Voter ID number 102526911).

1281 NW 47TH ST
HEINZE, G Gary (Voter ID number 101264046).
NEERING, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 101438963).

1281 NW 48TH ST
BONTEMPS, LEROCHE (Voter ID number 120623328).

1281 NW 48TH CT
BOLTZ, BONITA S. (Voter ID number 101361839).

1281 NW 48TH PL
DE FIGLIO, SUSAN E. (Voter ID number 102002770).
OLIVAS, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number 101928792).

1281 NW 49TH ST
VAZAIOS, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 101884975).
VAZAIOS, SYLVIE Sabine (Voter ID number 102035574).

129 NW 51ST CT
VANICEK, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 101934516).
VANICEK, PHYLLIS J. (Voter ID number 101934515).

1290 NE 32ND ST
ROSENBLATT, CHARLES Martin (Voter ID number 114301372).

1290 NE 39TH ST
POLYCARPE, JESSICA Perpetua (Voter ID number 102315802).
POLYCARPE, WOLLINE (Voter ID number 120606302).

1290 NW 45TH CT
TURNER, CAROLYN S. (Voter ID number 111845461).
FOURE, HARVEY A. (Voter ID number 101289895).

1290 NW 46TH CT
SCHMIDT, GAIL L. (Voter ID number 101320517).
SCHMIDT, KURT R. (Voter ID number 102146857).
SHAPIRO, STEVEN L. (Voter ID number 101632954).
SHAPIRO, SUZANNE M. (Voter ID number 101638827).

1290 NW 46TH ST
QUINTERO, MANUEL J. (Voter ID number 101339474).
QUINTERO, NELLY M. (Voter ID number 101542431).

1290 NW 47TH ST
USBECK, MARCELO (Voter ID number 120480147).

1291 NW 45TH CT
HEWITSON, KELLEY Katherine (Voter ID number 109364267).
HOUSH, KELLY Anne (Voter ID number 101965682).

1291 NW 45TH ST
LIMAGE, SAMIDE (Voter ID number 117438230).

1291 NW 45TH CT
MULVIHILL, CATHERINE P. (Voter ID number 101622070).
MULVIHILL, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 101448909).
MULVIHILL, JOHN Richard (Voter ID number 119051451).
MULVIHILL, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 102282413).
SABINO, KELLY A. (Voter ID number 101693568).

1291 NW 45TH ST
LIMAGE, FRESNEL (Voter ID number 102527246).

1291 NW 46TH CT
SHARKEY, ALEXANDER J. (Voter ID number 101343838).
SHARKEY, MAUREEN (Voter ID number 101243106).

1291 NW 46TH ST
WINDSOR, JOHN Scott (Voter ID number 102334721).
WINDSOR, HANNAH Marie (Voter ID number 102219371).
WINDSOR, JOHN Dryden (Voter ID number 118526653).

1291 NW 47TH ST
MASSARO, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 102060664).
PEDALINO, MARION F. (Voter ID number 101402260).

1296 NW 45TH ST
DOGGETT, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 101652520).
KERR, MISHA (Voter ID number 116354229).

CLEMENS, WILLIAM Newell (Voter ID number 118719904).
MCCABE, GLORIA B. (Voter ID number 118906712).

130 NE 25TH ST
RAYMOND, RASHADA Zomono (Voter ID number 120337517).
SILIEN, MICHEL-ANGE (Voter ID number 120509978).

130 NE 25TH CT
ROMULUS, ELMIRA (Voter ID number 115549041).

130 NE 25TH ST
BRAYBOI, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 102409319).
DELIARD, JANINE (Voter ID number 116046219).

130 NE 27TH ST
MEHU, SILIANE (Voter ID number 118728107).
MESALIEN, BERRY (Voter ID number 120601300).
MESALIEN, TAFFY (Voter ID number 119570490).
CHERENFANT, FRANKLIN (Voter ID number 102397876).
INNOCENT, PHILOMENE (Voter ID number 115297333).
MEZALIEN, ALTIERY (Voter ID number 102485134).

130 NE 28TH ST
ALVAREZ, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 115919410).
MARGARY, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 102076843).
SANTIAGO, GERALDO (Voter ID number 102378996).

130 NE 30TH CT
FARROW, DERRICK L. (Voter ID number 101570880).
FARROW, PATRICIA L. (Voter ID number 101570890).

130 NE 30TH ST
KANGAS, GEORGE Matthew (Voter ID number 115846055).

130 NE 31ST ST
VASQUEZ, JUAN ANTONIO Alcocer (Voter ID number 120584892).

130 NE 31ST CT
GALARZA, AURORA (Voter ID number 120306904).
GALARZA, ERICK (Voter ID number 120807124).
BARTUELMY, HUCKNEY (Voter ID number 115372010).
GALARZA, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 102196227).

130 NE 31ST ST
VAZQUEZ, EBER (Voter ID number 116958030).
VAZQUEZ, ISMAEL Duran (Voter ID number 101907311).
VAZQUEZ, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 116920275).

130 NW 24TH CT
CALDERON, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 118728195).
D'ANGELO, SALVATORE (Voter ID number 102182416).

130 NW 27TH ST
TOVEY, JOHN (Voter ID number 102500254).
ZARRELLO, NANCY E. (Voter ID number 102359851).

130 NW 28TH ST
RYBERG SLOVAK, LINDA Lou (Voter ID number 101745883).

130 NW 28TH CT
DIAS, ROSALVO A. (Voter ID number 115836148).
HEIMAR, MARIA V. (Voter ID number 102482653).

130 NW 28TH ST
SLOVAK, ERROL (Voter ID number 101626341).

130 NW 32ND CT
NORTHROP, ROBIN (Voter ID number 101621447).
NORTHROP, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 101446268).

130 NW 42ND CT
CUNNINGHAM, FROYD (Voter ID number 101344620).
CUNNINGHAM, MILDRED M. (Voter ID number 101344621).

130 NW 53RD CT
HENDRIKZ, CLAUDIA Marie (Voter ID number 101888900).
SMITH, DOROTHY M. (Voter ID number 101454161).
SMITH, WILLIAM B. (Voter ID number 101454160).

1300 NE 40TH CT
NAGY, AUDREY A. (Voter ID number 101274116).

1300 NE 40TH ST
BEAUDOT, CAROLE Marie (Voter ID number 101756750).

1300 NE 41ST DR
ANDERSON, PARIS Erin (Voter ID number 118003041).

1300 NE 42ND CT
FADER, BRITTANY I. (Voter ID number 118775539).

1300 NE 42ND ST
CASTRO, MARIA Nubia (Voter ID number 120590740).

1300 NE 42ND CT
FADER, ARTHUR J. (Voter ID number 102416192).
FADER, SASHA A. (Voter ID number 102254817).

1300 NE 42ND ST
CALERO, BENJAMIN Mercado (Voter ID number 101633936).

1300 NE 44TH ST
COFFEY-WESTMAN, RUTH E. (Voter ID number 101269928).
WESTMAN, GARY R. (Voter ID number 101312294).

1300 NW 48TH PL
FREEMAN, CARYN Lea (Voter ID number 101797253).

PETERS, ROBIN S. (Voter ID number 101612880).

1301 NE 33RD ST
SPIKER, STUART Whitson (Voter ID number 101922460).

1301 NE 35TH ST
SAUNIER, JAMES F. (Voter ID number 101518309).

1301 NE 39TH ST
MELO, MARCIA De Oliveira (Voter ID number 114275448).

1301 NE 41ST CT
DUNCAN, DOREEN M. (Voter ID number 101494203).

1301 NE 41ST DR
BELL, PATRICK William (Voter ID number 101555000).
GRUBISH, LAUREL E. (Voter ID number 101555471).

1301 NE 42ND ST
JEMISON, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 114226620).
CELESTIN, EDWIN (Voter ID number 102449360).

1301 NE 43RD ST
GARD, JAMES J. (Voter ID number 101371801).

APT 42

LACOURONNE, FEDGINA (Voter ID number 120869627).

CIPRIANI, NANCY R. (Voter ID number 117225354).
GRIGORENKO, GEORGETTE M. (Voter ID number 102479099).
GRIGORENKO, STEPHANIE A. (Voter ID number 101848501).

SPREEMAN, OLIVIA Fajardo (Voter ID number 116151245).

JEFFERS, MAURISIA K. (Voter ID number 117423238).
JEFFERS, RUDYARD K. (Voter ID number 102472607).

DOSSANTOS, ELMA Francisca (Voter ID number 116147173).

ARBULA, EILEEN M. (Voter ID number 102114614).
LITTLEJOHN, FRANCES A. (Voter ID number 119964957).

BONILLA, GLENDA Y. (Voter ID number 102147459).
SOUZA, SAMANTHA Michelle (Voter ID number 120167995).

REINITZ, BARRY T. (Voter ID number 107994839).
BRIN, RANDY Paul (Voter ID number 116535014).

131 NE 24TH ST
GAJEWSKI, ZBIGNIEW (Voter ID number 102191021).

131 NE 25TH ST
CHARLES, VILJEUNE (Voter ID number 120304106).
DESINORO CHARLES, AVILIA (Voter ID number 121094187).

131 NE 25TH CT
GARCIA, ANA Z. (Voter ID number 102252458).
GARCIA, DAVID (Voter ID number 102252464).
GARCIA, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 117520971).

131 NE 25TH ST
CHARLES, CHANTALE (Voter ID number 116946609).

131 NE 26TH CT
BORJA, YAMILETTE Y. (Voter ID number 118121168).

131 NE 26TH ST
ZELE, NASAKY Christopher (Voter ID number 118824000).

131 NE 26TH CT
BORJA, DIOGENES (Voter ID number 116277358).
BORJA, SILVIA Galarza (Voter ID number 102248159).
BORJA, JOVANIC (Voter ID number 115372077).
BOYD, SHAWN Christopher (Voter ID number 101882332).

131 NE 26TH ST
ZELE, DYLLANKA Geraldine (Voter ID number 114500132).
ZELE, MARKENEL T. (Voter ID number 117520970).

131 NE 29TH ST
HULS, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 102027056).
HULS, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 101228406).

131 NE 30TH CT
PIERRE, ANTONY (Voter ID number 116367332).
ALEXANDRE, MIREILLE (Voter ID number 116014939).
CHARLES, AROLD (Voter ID number 117339454).

131 NE 30TH ST
CALLAHAN, MARK F. (Voter ID number 101790303).
CALLAHAN, RUTH A. (Voter ID number 101787834).

131 NE 31ST ST
COUNOU DESSAINT, MARIE Chantale (Voter ID number 119230533).
DESSAINT, MEDJINA (Voter ID number 120800626).
EDOUARD, PHILO Jacques (Voter ID number 102378231).

131 NW 24TH CT
HILL, TIMOTHY C. (Voter ID number 101847633).
HILL, MALCOLM W. (Voter ID number 101278048).

131 NW 25TH CT
CASO, FORTUNATO (Voter ID number 114764411).
CASO, GENOVEFFA C. (Voter ID number 120710526).

131 NW 27TH CT
BROWN, JANE (Voter ID number 101320439).
BROWN, SUSAN B. (Voter ID number 102244249).

131 NW 27TH ST
ROBERTSON, ANITA B. (Voter ID number 102203007).
ROBERTSON, CHRISTOPHER Dwayne (Voter ID number 102328682).
ROBERTSON, TIMOTHY F. (Voter ID number 102203021).

131 NW 28TH ST
CRUZ, ALFRED (Voter ID number 102401838).

131 NW 28TH CT
SPANGLER, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 114443370).

131 NW 28TH ST
CRUZ, ROSE (Voter ID number 101867706).
ALDERMAN, BRUCE (Voter ID number 101780006).

131 NW 31ST ST
MCGOLDRICK, ROY Lewis (Voter ID number 101444677).

131 NW 31ST CT
SCHMOEKEL, DOUGLAS H. (Voter ID number 101371178).

131 NW 31ST ST
MC GOLDRICK, MILDRED E. (Voter ID number 101238849).

131 NW 53RD ST
GILLIS, AUDREY M. (Voter ID number 101457886).
GILLIS, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 101457887).
GILLIS, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 101752971).

MALONEY, ALICIA Denise (Voter ID number 117172340).

1310 NE 40TH ST
DOYLE, TERESE Rene (Voter ID number 101587000).
SLOKE, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 101627345).

1310 NE 41ST DR
CHAVEZ, DAWN Joel (Voter ID number 116213829).
CHAVEZ, PATRICK O. (Voter ID number 117045500).
CHAVEZ, JASMINE (Voter ID number 119991700).

1310 NE 41ST CT
CARNEY, PHILIP James (Voter ID number 101680156).

1310 NE 41ST DR
CHAVEZ, JOSHUA Luke (Voter ID number 118898693).
MARTIN, FRED (Voter ID number 115399426).

1310 NE 41ST ST
SHAW, JUDY C. (Voter ID number 101396277).

1310 NE 42ND CT
MILLER, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 101337221).
MILLER, PAMELA Jean (Voter ID number 101882210).

1310 NE 42ND ST
LINNANE, KIERAN T. (Voter ID number 101608045).
WRIGHT, JAMES (Voter ID number 104638151).

1310 NE 43RD CT
ZEFERINO, HUDSON R. (Voter ID number 120203572).
MARTIN, ANTONIO G. (Voter ID number 102379599).
MARTIN, CAIO Guilen (Voter ID number 102326917).

1310 NE 44TH ST
CEPERO, MARGARET Nina (Voter ID number 102296703).
TERMYNA, EDWIN J. (Voter ID number 101264426).

1310 NW 48TH PL
ERICKSON, KENNETH J. (Voter ID number 102132113).
PARKER, JAMES Burton (Voter ID number 102004380).

1311 NE 40TH CT
DAVIS, CHRIST Charles (Voter ID number 102137772).

1311 NE 41ST CT
SMITH, NURIA (Voter ID number 120525127).

1311 NE 41ST ST
REGALADO, FULVIO (Voter ID number 120777912).

1311 NE 41ST CT
BAWANY, ABDUL Samad (Voter ID number 114930645).

1311 NE 41ST DR
WAGGONER, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 101494156).
WAGGONER, CARY P. (Voter ID number 101565015).
WAGGONER, JASON Allen (Voter ID number 101760887).

1311 NE 42ND ST
RAMOS, VALERIA C. (Voter ID number 118353323).

1311 NE 43RD CT
BOO, DONALD T. (Voter ID number 119720633).

1311 NE 43RD ST
APONTE, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 118885274).
PINEIRO, LYNNETTE M. (Voter ID number 101655816).

1311 NE 43RD CT
SYREK, WALTER (Voter ID number 102366042).

AGUIAR, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 102363711).
SILVA, ALESSANDRA L. (Voter ID number 120477545).

LIBOTTE, KIMBERLY Lynn (Voter ID number 102061909).
THALER, KATHLEEN L. (Voter ID number 116746897).
THALER, LAWRENCE S. (Voter ID number 101999709).

OLIVEIRA, GUILHERME Costa (Voter ID number 118953349).

1316 NE 25TH CT
PERRON, ARTHUR A. (Voter ID number 101652678).

1317 NE 25TH ST
MONAGHAN, SEAN M. (Voter ID number 101436599).
PERSIC, JONATHAN Carl (Voter ID number 119515047).

1317 NE 39TH ST
SAUNDERS, CLINTON Curtis (Voter ID number 120689579).
SAUNDERS, GLENN Curtis (Voter ID number 104324335).
SAUNDERS, ZACHARY E. (Voter ID number 121286747).

MOLINA, GILMAR Luiz (Voter ID number 102178240).

NUMA, MORIN J. (Voter ID number 102507997).

APT 61

NUMA, AMY Lynn (Voter ID number 102002528).

132 NW 51ST ST
TRANFORD, CHARLOTTE J. (Voter ID number 101364331).

132 NW 53RD ST
BENITEZ, JORGE Felix (Voter ID number 115623358).

1320 NE 40TH ST
GRIFFIN-LATSON, CAROLINA M. (Voter ID number 120086512).

1320 NE 40TH CT
KOPPISCH, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 101741068).
KOPPISCH, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 101550012).

1320 NE 40TH ST
BEAUDOT, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number 101234719).
BEAUDOT, KAY E. (Voter ID number 101234720).
PARISIAN, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number 101571489).

1320 NE 41ST DR
SANCHEZ, FREDDY A. (Voter ID number 117053190).
SANCHEZ, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 101917562).

1320 NE 41ST ST
ASH, GERRIANNE Frances (Voter ID number 117905076).
YANCEY, ROWDY James (Voter ID number 119773265).

1320 NE 41ST CT
KARLSEN, KATHY Jean (Voter ID number 116208279).

1320 NE 41ST DR
PIERRE, SHANON Lee (Voter ID number 105158697).
BEAUDUY, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 102046600).
PIERRE, GINA (Voter ID number 102046604).
PIERRE, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 116966599).

1320 NE 42ND ST
DUSENBERY, AMANDA Jewel (Voter ID number 102522321).

1320 NE 43RD CT
VENTURA, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 117656732).

1321 NE 35TH ST
MARTIN, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 102265415).

1321 NE 40TH CT
KHAN, LAMICA L. (Voter ID number 116966190).
HART, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 101625755).

1321 NE 40TH ST
HARDEN, WILMA J. (Voter ID number 101224995).

1321 NE 41ST DR
SILME, ROSE D. (Voter ID number 119900342).

1321 NE 41ST CT
WATSON, ZECHARIAH Alan (Voter ID number 102276553).

1321 NE 41ST DR
SILME, FRANCOIS (Voter ID number 102167294).
SILME, ROSENIE (Voter ID number 102235930).

1321 NE 41ST ST
MAKER, RYAN C. (Voter ID number 102284442).
MAKER, YASMIN (Voter ID number 102119064).

1321 NE 43RD CT
GARCIA, WALTER F. (Voter ID number 102442920).
GARCIA, WALTER F. (Voter ID number 114759806).

1321 NE 43RD ST
BISSET, HAROLD Walter (Voter ID number 101816845).

ALVES, SARA F. (Voter ID number 118929334).

1325 NE 39TH ST
LOUIS, ROSIE (Voter ID number 114318753).
METAYER, WILDA (Voter ID number 102008772).
LOUIS, JUANITA (Voter ID number 102383408).
ULYSSE, HERMITHE Lorquet (Voter ID number 118579994).
ULYSSE, MARTINO (Voter ID number 120459098).
ULYSSE, GINETTE (Voter ID number 115379762).

EDWARDS, ERNESTINE C. (Voter ID number 120230581).

1330 NE 40TH ST
GUERRA, MANUEL Alejandro (Voter ID number 121002795).
PESTANA, ERISBEL (Voter ID number 116281139).
RAMOS, ILIANA (Voter ID number 119074615).

1330 NE 41ST DR
OCHSNER, KEVIN R. (Voter ID number 101466089).

1330 NE 41ST ST
CALDERON, ANGEL J. (Voter ID number 115171669).
CALDERON, ELIZABETH J. (Voter ID number 102503539).
ROLANDO, IRENE D. (Voter ID number 101960255).

1330 NE 42ND ST
JARAMILLO, RITA D. (Voter ID number 101974053).
JARAMILLO, YOLANDA Y. (Voter ID number 102005859).

1330 NW 48TH PL
SATHLER, EDGAR Wilson (Voter ID number 121098681).

1331 NE 35TH ST
EDWARDS, DANIEL S. (Voter ID number 101348136).
EDWARDS, KELLEY L. (Voter ID number 101799356).

1331 NE 40TH ST
GAZDICK, KRISTEN Noelle (Voter ID number 121004278).

1331 NE 40TH CT
FLYNT, VICTORIA Rea (Voter ID number 101374267).
MORRISETTE, RONALD B. (Voter ID number 101586888).

1331 NE 40TH ST
BOYD, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 116672465).
COLLINS, DARRIN G. (Voter ID number 102472365).
MANENTE, LUIGI (Voter ID number 102433874).

1331 NE 41ST CT
BERRING, DAVID (Voter ID number 116324043).
CARRIGAN, DONNA Brown (Voter ID number 101880765).
CARRIGAN, GLENN J. (Voter ID number 101433469).

1331 NE 41ST DR
SHEA, JOHN G. (Voter ID number 101921324).

1332 NE 25TH CT
BARBOSA, CINDY M. (Voter ID number 102219064).
KOPP, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 102226831).

1333 NE 39TH ST
MACHER, RICHARD Lee (Voter ID number 117338459).

1335 NE 28TH ST
WEITKAMP, ERIC Brown (Voter ID number 111828459).
DA CRUZ, ELOISA N. (Voter ID number 116275429).

134 NE 31ST CT
TRISCIUZZI, ANTHONY F. (Voter ID number 102272430).

1340 NE 24TH ST
BARBER, NANCY L. (Voter ID number 118090345).
BARBER, TERENCE E. (Voter ID number 118090353).

1340 NW 48TH PL
SALGADO, NICOLE Jamie (Voter ID number 117590435).

1341 NE 35TH ST
CULVER, BARBARA I. (Voter ID number 102169389).
LARSEN, BARBARA I. (Voter ID number 101528232).

1341 NE 39TH ST
SAINT-PHARD, ROSEMARIE (Voter ID number 101999129).
SAINT-PHARD, JUDE Cinnatus (Voter ID number 121047228).

1348 NE 25TH CT
MOJICA, ANIBAL Antonio (Voter ID number 101736227).
MOJICA, IVETTE (Voter ID number 101830624).
RODRIGUEZ, WILFREDO Montalvo (Voter ID number 102402462).

1349 NE 25TH ST
MONCUR, PRENELL Cecelia (Voter ID number 118766311).
STEELE, JANICE V. (Voter ID number 101515624).

BETTELL, DANI LYNN (Voter ID number 101831917).

135 NW 41ST CT
CUSTER, MARCY Jo (Voter ID number 102222493).

ANTHONYPILLAI, REGINA (Voter ID number 101651447).
BLANCO, ARNALDO Acevedo (Voter ID number 101753609).
CEPERO, ROSA (Voter ID number 102433798).
DUSENSKI, BENJAMIN Caleb (Voter ID number 117662633).
GRANDSTAFF, EMERANN F. (Voter ID number 101358534).
GREANEY, WINIFRED A. (Voter ID number 101444311).
KROGULSKI, DARIUSZ (Voter ID number 102026278).
MANN, MARGURITE E. (Voter ID number 101214403).
PETROVA, VIKTORIA Klara (Voter ID number 102096824).
ROMAN, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 101457237).
TRIAS, ROLANDO Peter (Voter ID number 101505120).
VARGAS, DOLORES (Voter ID number 101839573).
VARIO, SALVATORE Peter (Voter ID number 102354641).

APT 104

MOORE, CLAUDIA R. (Voter ID number 115508951).
SILVA, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 114957253).

APT 107

PETRO, ANTHONY Croes (Voter ID number 101734728).

APT 111

SAUMELL, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 119462303).

APT 112

STACHURSKI, ARTHUR Eugene (Voter ID number 101778403).
STACHURSKI, MARITZA N. (Voter ID number 116736498).

APT 202

JOSHI, RISHIN C. (Voter ID number 116479649).

APT 206

MICHEL, LOUIS Jean (Voter ID number 101798465).
MICHEL, SUNDIA (Voter ID number 119673612).

APT 303

MATIJCZAK, BOGDAN (Voter ID number 116916434).

APT 306

NOCERN, BRUNO D. (Voter ID number 115732686).

APT 309

RIVERA, JUSTINE Nicole (Voter ID number 119978684).

APT 312

MANN, JONATHAN W. (Voter ID number 115602359).

UNIT 211

CHICOINE, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 101973099).

1350 NE 23RD PL
BAERINGER, CLAUDIA O. (Voter ID number 120177665).
SULLIVAN, ERICA Vanessa (Voter ID number 120637693).

1350 NE 23RD CT
OAKLAND, NANCY (Voter ID number 102105457).

1350 NE 23RD PL
BAERINGER, JOHN C. (Voter ID number 101620050).

1350 NE 39TH ST
VELEZ, EDWIN Rivera (Voter ID number 101502769).

1350 NW 48TH PL
PONTILLO, FRANK Paul (Voter ID number 101402575).
PONTILLO, LILIAN L. (Voter ID number 102049714).

1351 NE 23RD CT
WILSON, ALICIA Ann (Voter ID number 114698415).
WILSON, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number 117654053).
WILSON, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 101757193).

1351 NE 23RD PL
MYERS, LUCY C. (Voter ID number 102128636).
MYERS, LYNN B. (Voter ID number 101221418).

1351 NE 39TH ST
THEODORE, REMY (Voter ID number 101862835).
THEODORE, IRLANDE (Voter ID number 102393429).
THEODORE, JIMMY (Voter ID number 102389213).
ZACCARIA, ROSE (Voter ID number 101555015).

1357 NE 39TH ST
HORVAT, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 115592009).
TRACY, W Sherman (Voter ID number 101766994).

EPSTEIN, SHAYNE J. (Voter ID number 102130647).

136 NW 53RD PL
THACKERAY, GEORGE E. (Voter ID number 101208188).
THACKERAY, MARTHA R. (Voter ID number 101214333).

136 B NW 41ST CT
CHEPONIS, DANA Marie (Voter ID number 108626482).

1360 NE 23RD CT
MOTLEY, TRAVIS T. (Voter ID number 121225300).
BIGLANE, CASEY Lee (Voter ID number 115975739).
WARNER, SUSAN G. (Voter ID number 102513500).

1360 NE 23RD PL
BOUCHARD, LINDA C. (Voter ID number 102016398).
BOUCHARD, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 101772359).

1361 NE 23RD CT
SALCEDO, SOCORRO (Voter ID number 119740223).

1361 NE 23RD PL
PETRE, KELLEE L. (Voter ID number 102211926).
PETRE, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 102211922).

1361 NE 23RD CT
SALCEDO, JAIME (Voter ID number 115263827).
SALCEDO, RAMIRO (Voter ID number 101851122).

1362 NE 42ND ST
JUSTIN, JOE (Voter ID number 101493450).

1364 NE 25TH CT
BROWN, SARAH G. (Voter ID number 101360849).

1365 NE 25TH ST
MOORE, LESLIE Nicole (Voter ID number 102000044).
MOORE, MICHAEL Wallace (Voter ID number 101898954).
STILES, SARAH Ann (Voter ID number 101874225).

1366 NE 27TH ST
MYRICK, BARBARA Jean (Voter ID number 101805585).

1366 NE 27TH CT
TOUSSAINT, ADSON (Voter ID number 114814426).

1366 NE 28TH ST
BANOBRE, HECTOR Ramon (Voter ID number 119134443).

1367 NE 26TH CT
KOLOD, DENNIS Anthony (Voter ID number 120755479).

1367 NE 27TH ST
RIND, JOSEPH H. (Voter ID number 101812171).

1367 NE 28TH ST
YEPEZ, NELSON A. (Voter ID number 102071610).

APT 137

WATTS, DEAN Jacob (Voter ID number 116435331).

137 NW 51ST CT
DIVI, ARTHUR G. (Voter ID number 117219679).

137 NW 53RD PL
FREEMAN, NANCY J. (Voter ID number 101554184).
MELTON, EMMA K. (Voter ID number 102398996).
BENNETT, GEORGE C. (Voter ID number 114600685).

1370 NE 23RD PL
JAVORSKY, BRUCE Lawrence (Voter ID number 115139889).
KAPLAN, ROBERT N. (Voter ID number 114115679).

1371 NE 23RD CT
FISCHETTI, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 102516511).

1371 NE 23RD PL
ALVARADO, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 102475595).

1372 NE 54TH ST
ANDERSON, JEREMY Fitzgerald (Voter ID number 117538895).
BRAYBOY-THOMAS, FAY A. (Voter ID number 116455237).
THOMAS, GARY Lee (Voter ID number 114544807).

138 NW 51ST ST
RINKER, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 101205568).

138 NW 52ND CT
CARLL, CHARLES M. (Voter ID number 101555120).

1380 NE 24TH ST
CARPENTER, AMANDA (Voter ID number 114481257).

1380 NE 25TH CT
ROWLANDS, DANIEL James (Voter ID number 101861516).
ROWLANDS, LINDA L. (Voter ID number 101861517).

1381 NE 25TH ST
CATALANO, SALVATORE Francis (Voter ID number 119576201).

1381 NE 39TH ST
PROSPER, GREGORY (Voter ID number 119257476).
PROSPERE, WILNER Junior (Voter ID number 119495746).
JEAN BAPTISTE, NADEGE (Voter ID number 102172816).
PROSPER, WILNER (Voter ID number 116943857).
WILNER, PROSPER (Voter ID number 102409250).

1382 NE 27TH CT
CIABURRI, RONALD O. (Voter ID number 101457495).

1382 NE 27TH ST
HUSSEIN, KARIM D. (Voter ID number 102479133).
HUSSEIN, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 101913977).
HUSSEIN, VIVIAN Karima (Voter ID number 115171577).

1382 NE 28TH ST
ROSALES, KRIS (Voter ID number 119593016).
ROSALES, OSCAR (Voter ID number 119597218).

1383 NE 26TH CT
SIEMONS, CHARLES T. (Voter ID number 119593042).
SIEMONS, SHERRIE B. (Voter ID number 102467407).
COSS, BRIGITTE Antje (Voter ID number 101603695).
COSS, DONALD D. (Voter ID number 101946807).
COSS, DONALD Duane (Voter ID number 101811056).
COSS, MARY L. (Voter ID number 101948995).

1383 NE 27TH CT
PAPE, VINCENT M. (Voter ID number 115115563).

1383 NE 27TH ST
DOHERTY, BRIAN W. (Voter ID number 102222078).
DURAND, DANIEL Richard (Voter ID number 102495303).
BERRIOS, BARBARA Duffy (Voter ID number 101614797).
BERRIOS, ROLAND (Voter ID number 101924280).

139 NW 51ST ST
SPANGLER, RICHARD P. (Voter ID number 101338457).
SPANGLER, GAIL Perry (Voter ID number 101574768).

1390 NE 39TH ST
MARRERO, TAICHALY (Voter ID number 112491189).

1396 NE 25TH CT
COLARUSSO, COREY Mathew (Voter ID number 119074624).
WELSH, IAN Edward (Voter ID number 101876827).
WELSH, KIMBERLY Bickford (Voter ID number 102188407).

1397 NE 25TH ST
MCCALL, CHRISTIAN David (Voter ID number 120134784).
MC CALL, PAUL J. (Voter ID number 102388618).

1398 NE 27TH ST
RIBIERO, CARLOS Leonel (Voter ID number 116520403).

1398 NE 27TH CT
ROZIER, DALIA V. (Voter ID number 102283739).
TONEY, CHARLES (Voter ID number 102283738).

1398 NE 27TH ST
KIRKMAN, DALE F. (Voter ID number 101989832).

1398 NE 28TH ST
PARR, MELIDA (Voter ID number 102052171).
PARR, RICHARD Joseph (Voter ID number 101793984).

1399 NE 26TH CT
PETROFSKE, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 101765774).

1399 NE 27TH CT
MOMPREMIER, ALISON A. (Voter ID number 121077148).
MOMPREMIER, YOLANDRE Y M (Voter ID number 119123169).
MOMPREMIER, HARRY (Voter ID number 114256791).

1399 NE 27TH ST
HANNIGAN, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 102284468).

MCCOY, CAROL Lee (Voter ID number 113954038).
DAVIDSON, ALTA H. (Voter ID number 102342250).

140 NE 25TH ST
CUNDIFF, DIANN (Voter ID number 101244542).
CUNDIFF, MELISSA Joy (Voter ID number 102064142).
CUNDIFF, MIKE Edward (Voter ID number 101978941).
CUNDIFF, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 101278212).

140 NE 26TH CT
CEZAIRE, FRANTZDY (Voter ID number 118275618).

140 NE 26TH ST
PREVIL, KEMELINE (Voter ID number 120360197).
PREVIL, WENDY (Voter ID number 118505831).

140 NE 26TH CT
CEZAIRE, ELIUS (Voter ID number 102105955).

140 NE 26TH ST
PREVIL, JACQUELIN (Voter ID number 102416071).

140 NE 27TH ST
CHERY, RENALD (Voter ID number 118549436).

140 NE 28TH ST
FLORES-MILLER, ELEANOR P. (Voter ID number 102314954).

140 NE 31ST CT
MERJUDIO, JESSICA ELAINE C. (Voter ID number 120368937).
MERJUDIO, JENNIFER Ellen (Voter ID number 115330860).
MERJUDIO, OLIVIA G. (Voter ID number 102441802).
MERJUDIO, SONNY P. (Voter ID number 102441789).

140 NW 24TH CT
TILTON, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 101497315).

140 NW 25TH CT
HAZEL, CHARLES F. (Voter ID number 101934758).

140 NW 27TH CT
DANNELS, BETTY R. (Voter ID number 102510011).

140 NW 27TH ST
KISZKA, HALINA Maria (Voter ID number 101696918).
KISZKA, JAN (Voter ID number 101471049).

140 NW 28TH ST
BAXTER, MARY A. (Voter ID number 101772188).
BAXTER, THOMAS S. (Voter ID number 101765578).

140 NW 29TH ST
LOUANIS, GUILD S. (Voter ID number 101683927).
LOUANIS, MARY L. (Voter ID number 101683926).

140 NW 31ST CT
GOMEZ, FELIX (Voter ID number 120035954).
SMALES, TERESA C. (Voter ID number 102330045).

1400 NE 23RD CT
ENGELKES WOLF, KARA (Voter ID number 101653692).
WOLF, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 101683495).

1400 NE 23RD PL
JOHNSON, EWAN O. (Voter ID number 102174812).
JOHNSON, MARIA Murdella (Voter ID number 115884157).

1400 NE 24TH ST
STEVENS, CAROLYN Joyce (Voter ID number 120635494).

1400 NE 28TH CT
DEMUNN, DAVID Kim (Voter ID number 102482419).

1400 NE 32ND PL
BIEN, LAUREN Catherine (Voter ID number 111784000).

1400 NE 32ND CT
HERCULES, LORETA J. (Voter ID number 116202932).
PENA, MIDALMA D. (Voter ID number 116202948).

1400 NE 32ND ST
NIELSEN, DAWN L. (Voter ID number 101348869).

1400 NE 33RD ST
ORTEGA, MONICO (Voter ID number 102082548).
ORTEGA, MONICO (Voter ID number 118120927).
ORTEGA, FACUNDO (Voter ID number 114701212).
ORTEGA, SANDRO (Voter ID number 114753153).
ORTEGA, TERESA (Voter ID number 116652952).

1400 NE 40TH ST
MCALLISTER-SMITH, BRIAN T. (Voter ID number 102377193).

1400 NE 40TH CT
BELONY, EDITH (Voter ID number 119070778).
CLERJUSTE, JODEL (Voter ID number 116277471).

1400 NE 41ST DR
HERNANDEZ, AMARILYS (Voter ID number 116618711).
HERNANDEZ, DAISY (Voter ID number 101843495).
HERNANDEZ, ISAIAS (Voter ID number 101651255).

1400 NE 42ND CT
ALEKPEROVA, ASOL (Voter ID number 120807933).
ALEKPEROVA, IZOBEL (Voter ID number 120801199).
ALEK, GULYA (Voter ID number 118536012).
ALEK, JACOB (Voter ID number 118536042).
OLIVEIRA, GLEISSON M. (Voter ID number 102387830).

1400 NW 33RD ST
LOT 32

JIMENEZ, RAUL (Voter ID number 119588149).

1400 NW 33RD ST
LOT 11

AGUIRRE, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 118960075).

1400 NW 33RD ST
RIVERA, MARISOL (Voter ID number 117483899).

1400 NW 33RD ST
LOT 26

CARABALLO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 101861381).

1400 NW 33RD ST
LOT 52

MOLINA, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 102410168).

1400 NW 33RD ST

HOGUE, MARLENE Jesse (Voter ID number 102401163).

1400 NW 33RD ST
APT 53

BRAVO, DANY Steve (Voter ID number 102471501).

1400 NW 33RD ST
APT 27

VALLE, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 119573580).

1400 NW 33RD ST
APT 41

HERNANDEZ-MARTINEZ, DAISY (Voter ID number 117826874).

1400 NW 33RD ST
APT 59

JIMENEZ, RAMON R. (Voter ID number 102473787).

1400 NW 33RD ST

CORDERO, FERNANDO A. (Voter ID number 101964359).

1400 NW 33RD ST
LOT 16

CARDEC ROMAN, ANA Delia (Voter ID number 120638463).

1400 NW 33RD ST
LOT 52

COIRA, RENEE (Voter ID number 115848913).

1400 NW 33RD ST
LOT 59

JIMENEZ, LAURA J. (Voter ID number 120294994).

1400 NW 33RD ST

FIGUEROA, AMANDA Ruby (Voter ID number 118757851).

1400 NW 33RD ST
LOT 13

JIMINEZ, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 101498533).

1400 NW 33RD ST

EGGERS, AHNGELA Rogers (Voter ID number 101616179).

1400 NW 33RD ST
LOT 45

RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 102412983).

1400 NW 33RD ST
CONNELLY, COLLEEN Frances (Voter ID number 101749450).
EGGERS, GARY Eugene (Voter ID number 102247332).
MC CALLISTER, DAVID Jack (Voter ID number 101814869).
PRADO, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 102169215).
PUTOY, EZEQUIEL Salazar (Voter ID number 117080991).
VALLE, NORMA (Voter ID number 102160996).
VASQUEZ, MONSERRATE Perez (Voter ID number 101775382).
VAUGHAN, CORRINA A. (Voter ID number 102274934).
VAUGHAN, HEATHER M. (Voter ID number 102435533).

1400 NW 33RD ST
APT 17

SANTIAGO, VIC MARIE (Voter ID number 116238777).

1400 NW 33RD ST
APT 32

CHIDSEY, CHARLES F. (Voter ID number 102435495).

1400 NW 33RD ST
APT 37

GOMEZ, SOLIMARI (Voter ID number 116704049).

1400 NW 33RD ST
APT 52

SANTAIGO, JOELY (Voter ID number 116689886).

1400 NW 33RD ST

DAVIS, WALKER J. (Voter ID number 101286953).

1400 NW 33RD ST
LOT 52

COIRA, RENE (Voter ID number 119001034).
JIMENEZ VAZQUEZ, VICTOR D. (Voter ID number 115382787).

1400 NW 33RD ST

TARDI MUNIZ, HIPOLITO (Voter ID number 115270272).

1400 NW 45TH ST

POLIZZO, DAVID (Voter ID number 120654222).

1400 NW 45TH ST

DAVILA, VERUSCA (Voter ID number 118941926).

1400 NW 45TH ST

DAMRON, TERRY L. (Voter ID number 102396166).
UTLEY, MICHAEL W. (Voter ID number 111179099).

1400 NW 45TH ST
FLEINEK, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 101418396).
MAGDITS, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 102067757).
MARGARITA, MARK Anthony (Voter ID number 102350814).
NDIONGUE, HOLLY Ann (Voter ID number 102493679).

1400 NW 45TH ST

WEINSTEIN, PHILIP Murray (Voter ID number 111817170).

1400 NW 48TH PL
SANTOS, RAFAEL I. (Voter ID number 102415548).
SANTOS, IDELSA A. (Voter ID number 102143561).

EL-AHMAD, SEHAM Tawfiq (Voter ID number 120992967).

1401 NE 23RD CT
PLAZA, FRANCISCO Lee (Voter ID number 101911944).

1401 NE 23RD PL
YOUNG, WENDELL R. (Voter ID number 102237646).

1401 NE 23RD CT
CABALLERO, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 116991221).
CABALLERO, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 102190999).
CABALLERO, SANDRA (Voter ID number 102184551).

1401 NE 31ST CT
CHRISTENA, TAMMIE Lynn (Voter ID number 102403723).

1401 NE 32ND PL
PORTER, LARRY Wayne (Voter ID number 115470641).

1401 NE 32ND CT
DOODHAI, MALA (Voter ID number 102399260).

1401 NE 32ND PL
POULIN, DANIEL (Voter ID number 116390280).

1401 NE 32ND ST
LONG, DAVID Allen (Voter ID number 101630770).
NEMCHICK, REBECCA Carrie (Voter ID number 115765722).

1401 NE 35TH ST
ROLLINS, SHANNON M. (Voter ID number 115855161).
ROLLINS, JOHN Quincy (Voter ID number 102480061).
ROLLINS, MEREDITH-JILL (Voter ID number 116877874).
ROLLINS, VICKIE K. (Voter ID number 101320090).

1401 NE 39TH ST
CAKAREL, CEMAL Cem (Voter ID number 116693269).

1401 NE 40TH ST
WOZNIAK, ANDRZEJ (Voter ID number 101850791).

1401 NE 41ST ST
TOLLE, AUDREY Lynette (Voter ID number 119807884).

1401 NE 41ST DR
SAM-WANNOP, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 101758531).
WANNOP, GEORGE J. (Voter ID number 101758591).

1401 NE 41ST ST
MICHAUD, ANGELICA Torres (Voter ID number 101431654).
MICHAUD, STEPHEN L. (Voter ID number 101367504).
TOLLE, JULIA Marie (Voter ID number 102020532).
TOLLE, NATHANAEL Bryan (Voter ID number 101851249).
TOLLE, RACHAEL Justina (Voter ID number 102179519).

1401 NE 42ND ST
DE LEON, ALTAGRACIA (Voter ID number 102098529).
DE LEON, DOMINGO (Voter ID number 102098251).

1401 NE 43RD CT
KINSER, ARTHUR John (Voter ID number 102232888).

1401 NE 53RD CT
GIBSON, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 118124941).
GIBSON, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 101620838).
GIBSON, MARIELA (Voter ID number 101866967).

1401 NW 45TH ST

WEEKES LASTER, BRENDA A. (Voter ID number 115448634).

1401 NW 45TH ST

ROBERTSON, SANDRA (Voter ID number 102508564).
ROBERTSON, TIMOTHY S. (Voter ID number 115856913).

1401 NW 45TH ST

PIERRE, GUERLINE (Voter ID number 119184200).

1401 NW 45TH ST
SCHENK, FONDA Rae (Voter ID number 101466666).

1401 NW 45TH ST

BRYNER, JOHNATHON Calvin (Voter ID number 114973148).

1406 NE 28TH CT
GERMAN, EVLINE (Voter ID number 120791587).
GERMAIN, AMELIE (Voter ID number 119405741).
GERMAIN, AROLD (Voter ID number 116311612).
GERMAIN, PAULA Vallon (Voter ID number 116246426).

1407 NE 28TH CT
KOLESKY, EILEEN M. (Voter ID number 101651971).
LOSEY, EARL Thomas (Voter ID number 102367038).

1408 NE 29TH ST
STUMP, CASEY (Voter ID number 101459170).
STUMP, JENNIFER S. (Voter ID number 101416593).

1409 NE 29TH ST
FRIEDMAN, RICHARD S. (Voter ID number 102090733).
TELAN, PAIGE (Voter ID number 102100316).

141 NE 24TH ST
CHERY, HAZEL Deloris (Voter ID number 101720456).
CHERY, JEAN Christian (Voter ID number 101751217).
KING CHERY, SHARONDA Dominique (Voter ID number 100574311).

141 NE 25TH ST
HARRISON, DODIE A. (Voter ID number 114306486).
DOUGLAS, DIANE (Voter ID number 101617082).

141 NE 27TH ST
DAVID, LAURENTE L. (Voter ID number 101853783).
LEGENTUS, MENES (Voter ID number 101858169).
NAISSANT, MARIE Christele (Voter ID number 102121527).
LEGENTUS, MARCELIN (Voter ID number 102474768).
NAISSANT, GUILAINE (Voter ID number 101851071).
NAISSANT, JOSEPH Louisdor (Voter ID number 101848830).

141 NE 28TH ST
APT 53

SCOTT, KRYSTAL J. (Voter ID number 116643630).

141 NE 30TH CT
BROWN, RAYMOND D. (Voter ID number 117223007).

141 NW 24TH CT
GEORGIO, DEAN (Voter ID number 114895255).

141 NW 25TH CT
CHERIES, INGEBORG (Voter ID number 101205429).
CHERIES, JOSEPH F. (Voter ID number 101203974).
PROTO, MILDRED I. (Voter ID number 101728867).

141 NW 27TH CT
BERTONE, CLAIRE D. (Voter ID number 102283417).
FORBES, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number 102283427).

141 NW 28TH CT
COLON, CECILIO (Voter ID number 115929176).

141 NW 28TH ST
BROWN, ROBERT R. (Voter ID number 114040384).
BROWN, ROSEMARY E. (Voter ID number 114044134).

141 NW 31ST ST
ADAMSON, WILLIAM Charles (Voter ID number 101876126).
SKELTON, SCOTT Michael (Voter ID number 115471618).

141 NW 40TH ST
THOMAS, SANDRA (Voter ID number 118788984).
THOMAS, JEAN Noel (Voter ID number 101970394).
THOMAS, MARIE Marcellus (Voter ID number 101970186).

141 ` NE 30TH CT
BROWN, ROSEMARIE Belletti (Voter ID number 102422665).

1410 NE 23RD PL
MOREJON, CONCEPCION F. (Voter ID number 119739419).

1410 NE 23RD CT
PEABODY, PATRICIA E. (Voter ID number 101283943).

1410 NE 32ND CT
PREVIL, NELCIE (Voter ID number 115204210).
PREVIL, FAREL (Voter ID number 102016348).
PREVIL, NELLA (Voter ID number 102195778).
PREVIL, VANESSA (Voter ID number 117813699).

1410 NE 32ND PL
RAINKA, JANICE S. (Voter ID number 101374981).

1410 NE 32ND ST
SANTIAGO, MARIALUCIA V. (Voter ID number 102185949).

1410 NE 40TH ST
WEBSTER, CHAD Eric (Voter ID number 119991672).

1410 NE 40TH CT
KUJAN, KENNETH James (Voter ID number 101331076).
KUJAN, SALLY F. (Voter ID number 101955525).

1410 NE 41ST CT
BREIGHNER, GISSELLA Milagros (Voter ID number 118447843).

1410 NE 41ST DR
FABE, ROBERT (Voter ID number 102326341).
HENRI, NADEGE (Voter ID number 101988449).

1410 NE 41ST ST
STERRETT, KIMBERLY Alison (Voter ID number 119534294).

1410 NE 41ST CT
BREIGHNER, JOHN Dennis (Voter ID number 102328145).

1410 NE 41ST DR
NOEL, ROSEMENE (Voter ID number 101734901).
HENRY, SIDNEY (Voter ID number 115211764).
NOEL, GRACIEUSE (Voter ID number 101752681).

1410 NE 41ST ST
FAHRNER, DOROTHY (Voter ID number 101231127).
STERRETT, DOROTHY (Voter ID number 101614695).

1410 NE 42ND ST
CADET, ESTHERLINE (Voter ID number 120801128).
CADET, WISNER (Voter ID number 120159306).
DOCTEUR, JULIENNE (Voter ID number 118856070).

1410 NE 42ND CT
SALVESTRINI, TAMMY J. (Voter ID number 102085724).

1410 NE 43RD CT
ACEVEDO, CHASITY Jasalene (Voter ID number 120365558).

1410 NE 44TH ST
PADIN, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 101539773).
SUAREZ, HECTOR Luis (Voter ID number 117118895).
SUAREZ, IRMA (Voter ID number 101539771).

1410 NW 48TH PL
MOSSE, JENNA Leigh (Voter ID number 116699714).

1411 NE 23RD CT
NESLUND, BRANDON (Voter ID number 117104749).
NESLUND, KELLIE R. (Voter ID number 101278384).
NESLUND, MARK D. (Voter ID number 101301245).

1411 NE 23RD PL
WYLAND, MALCOLM A. (Voter ID number 101309510).

1411 NE 30TH ST
WEITZMAN, LARRY A. (Voter ID number 101330982).

1411 NE 31ST CT
ANDRADE, EDENILCE Sousa (Voter ID number 120959388).
JOHNSON, MATTHEW John (Voter ID number 115244200).

1411 NE 32ND PL
TORRES, EMILY Denise (Voter ID number 119359263).
TORRES, GISELA Maria Gonzalez D (Voter ID number 119053102).

1411 NE 32ND CT
OXIOS, KENNETH J. (Voter ID number 101307920).
OXIOS, MARY (Voter ID number 101307921).
OXIOS, NOELLE Marie (Voter ID number 102007942).

1411 NE 32ND PL
SANCHEZ, JOSE Angel (Voter ID number 114856431).

1411 NE 32ND ST
WRIGHT, EDWINA M. (Voter ID number 101478317).
WRIGHT, FREELIN (Voter ID number 101478318).
WRIGHT, VERONICA M. (Voter ID number 101652018).

1411 NE 35TH ST
LOWTHER, AIMEE C. (Voter ID number 101558765).
LOWTHER, JACK (Voter ID number 101680109).

1411 NE 40TH CT
LEDBETTER, ASHLEY Marie (Voter ID number 118099870).

1411 NE 40TH ST
ALVAREZ, MANUAL (Voter ID number 116122901).

1411 NE 42ND ST
CHAPPIE, ZACHARY Adam (Voter ID number 119437958).
SWART, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 101660693).

1411 NE 43RD CT
MAC DONALD, ARLENE M. (Voter ID number 101420450).
MAC DONALD, JAMES Henry (Voter ID number 114752897).

1411 NE 43RD ST
ZAMORA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 116653351).

1412 NE 25TH CT
MC ELWEE, JANE F. (Voter ID number 101232425).
MC ELWEE, ROBERT T. (Voter ID number 101232426).

1412 NE 31ST CT
ALLEN, GREGORY P. (Voter ID number 102068758).

1412 NE 31ST ST
UMANA, EDYTH Del Carmen (Voter ID number 120893533).
HOMAN, BRIAN Patrick (Voter ID number 101940263).

1413 NE 25TH ST
ENTZIAN, MARK K. (Voter ID number 103792752).
HAYDEN, ROBERT James (Voter ID number 102329645).
HAYDEN, THOMAS Michael (Voter ID number 102309525).

1413 NE 30TH CT
CAVALIERE, FRANK J. (Voter ID number 117829215).

1413 NE 31ST ST
DE JESUS, SANDRA (Voter ID number 101484891).
HARGRAVE, ROSS B. (Voter ID number 102385177).

1414 NE 28TH CT
BRAND, JEFFERY Alan (Voter ID number 102256953).
SENECA-BRAND, CONSTANCE C. (Voter ID number 101600837).

1415 NE 25TH ST
KAMENAROVIC, VLADIMIR (Voter ID number 116939013).

1416 NE 27TH ST
DAVIS, TALITHA Jamile (Voter ID number 101800739).

1416 NE 27TH CT
SHAW, JUDITH J. (Voter ID number 113966494).
ROSA, NAOMI Zoe Theone (Voter ID number 119331428).

1416 NE 27TH ST
GRANT, EARLLONNA Z. (Voter ID number 119592978).
SMITH, KERIONNE Ta Chante (Voter ID number 120257222).

1416 NE 27TH CT
HENNESSEY, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 101488925).

1416 NE 28TH ST
FERCHLAND, HEATHER Anne (Voter ID number 117982171).
KEANE, REBECCA Sue (Voter ID number 120322259).
MKAM, AMANDA F. (Voter ID number 102451704).

1416 NE 29TH ST
TINEO ESTEVEZ, YENIFER Caribel (Voter ID number 120174784).
ESTEVEZ TINEO, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 102087971).

1416 NE 54TH ST
CURRIE, NATALIE Ann (Voter ID number 102222115).
FREDERICK, TRAVIS W. (Voter ID number 115009021).

1417 NE 26TH CT
MEAD, FREDERICK J. (Voter ID number 101519401).

1417 NE 27TH CT
ANDERSON, JULIE Ann (Voter ID number 118136315).
ANDERSON, STEVEN C. (Voter ID number 101488180).

1417 NE 27TH ST
GILCH, BETTINA (Voter ID number 101994253).
NIEVES, BEDSAIDA (Voter ID number 115273521).

1417 NE 28TH ST
PEREZ, ANN (Voter ID number 116878776).

1417 NE 29TH ST
KIERNAN, JAMES F. (Voter ID number 101737266).
TUCCI, VINCENT Joseph (Voter ID number 118158754).

1418 NE 30TH ST
WILSON, ALAN R. (Voter ID number 115168057).
WILSON, ALAN R. (Voter ID number 101273517).
WILSON, GLENN Carter (Voter ID number 119218381).

142 NW 52ND CT
DRAGONE, DONATO J. (Voter ID number 101370543).

1420 NE 23RD CT
GRAZIANO, PETER (Voter ID number 101685107).

1420 NE 23RD PL
MAXSON, RUBY M. (Voter ID number 102138004).

1420 NE 32ND CT
WILLIAMSON, JEAN V. (Voter ID number 109955684).

1420 NE 32ND PL
LUFT, RACHEL Elizabeth (Voter ID number 116936071).

1420 NE 32ND CT
PENDELL, PETER H. (Voter ID number 102311513).

1420 NE 32ND ST
DE VEAU, WILLIAM Winsor (Voter ID number 101796633).
DEVEAU, SUSAN T. (Voter ID number 114954183).
DEVEAU, WILLIAM W. (Voter ID number 101576073).

1420 NE 33RD ST
MAGGIACOMO, WILLIAM Dean (Voter ID number 101920561).

1420 NE 40TH CT
PHANEUF, VICTORIA Lynn (Voter ID number 101726366).

1420 NE 40TH ST
OLIVEIRA, ELISA Haydee (Voter ID number 102184156).

1420 NE 41ST ST
DANIEL, WILLIAM T. (Voter ID number 120593309).

1420 NE 41ST CT
SHERNESKY, DALE A. (Voter ID number 101832788).
SHERNESKY, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 102398845).

1420 NE 41ST DR
BORIA, GLADYS (Voter ID number 102012983).
DE LIMA, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 102055429).
DE LIMA, JUANITA (Voter ID number 102012991).

1420 NE 42ND ST
COSENTINO, JACK A. (Voter ID number 101333028).

1420 NE 43RD CT
GOERSS, LINDSEY Anne (Voter ID number 120674423).

1420 NE 44TH ST
COSTA, MARK Anthony (Voter ID number 102347617).
COSTA, ROSA Marie (Voter ID number 101878213).

1421 NE 23RD CT
PORRARO, DONNA B. (Voter ID number 101706507).
PORRARO, KRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 101484529).

1421 NE 31ST CT
ARRONTE, ARYAM (Voter ID number 114741893).
CASTRO, DAYANIS (Voter ID number 114668413).

1421 NE 32ND ST
PADILLA, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 102522195).
PADILLA, ERICA Raquel (Voter ID number 117878428).

1421 NE 32ND CT
KOBIALKO, THADDEUS J. (Voter ID number 102325759).

1421 NE 35TH ST
VARGAS, ALLISON Gabrielle (Voter ID number 119597868).

1421 NE 41ST CT
HARDEN, DOYLE (Voter ID number 101397297).

1421 NE 41ST DR
COOPER, ELAINE L. (Voter ID number 101627368).
ACEVEDO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 102412321).
GODINEZ, ENEDINA J. (Voter ID number 102442017).
MOLINA, CARMEN (Voter ID number 101273930).

1421 NE 41ST ST
JONES, TERESA Ann (Voter ID number 112074960).
SALVATI, NICOLE (Voter ID number 101735583).

1421 NE 43RD CT
WRIGHT, SIMPSON L. (Voter ID number 101683872).

1421 NE 43RD ST
DAVIS, MARY Louise (Voter ID number 102067725).

1421 NW 45TH ST
RODNEY, MARJORIE (Voter ID number 102258796).

1421 NW 45TH ST

JEAN-FRANCOIS, REGINE (Voter ID number 102079388).

1421 NW 45TH ST

ALLEN, DARRELL M. (Voter ID number 120500013).

1421 NW 45TH ST

MATOS, JEREMY (Voter ID number 120451389).

1421 NW 45TH ST

DALEY, CACHET Sandrine (Voter ID number 119386584).

1421 NW 45TH ST

MERCIER, MYRCO (Voter ID number 120172896).

1421 NW 45TH ST

GRISSETT, MONIQUE L. (Voter ID number 102247447).

1421 NW 45TH ST
GREENE, NICOLE (Voter ID number 102453395).
HACKETT, SHARON E. (Voter ID number 102428845).
THOMAS, CLAIRE H. (Voter ID number 101594701).

1421 NW 45TH ST

GRAHAM, DANIEL Leroy (Voter ID number 102360241).

1421 NW 45TH ST

GARCIA THOMAS, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number 117507026).
THOMAS, JOHN Lucien (Voter ID number 119723882).

1422 NE 28TH CT
BROWN, ROBERT Howard (Voter ID number 101412639).

1423 NE 28TH CT
BUTCHER, LAWRENCE David (Voter ID number 101350158).

1424 NE 25TH CT
SCHULTE, CAROLE A. (Voter ID number 101862361).
VELEZ, SABRINA M. (Voter ID number 116332681).
COLLINS, WILLIAM V. (Voter ID number 117504635).
MARSH, TIFFANI J. (Voter ID number 119597445).
COLLINS, BETTE Lubic (Voter ID number 101487994).
COLLINS, WILLIAM Eugene (Voter ID number 101711538).
HELTON, AIMEE R. (Voter ID number 117012979).

1424 NE 29TH ST
LOREDO, NAZARIO (Voter ID number 114478099).
MELICE, BROCK M. (Voter ID number 101894831).

1424 NE 30TH CT
HETFIELD, STEVEN Bart (Voter ID number 102024565).
WILSON, DANIEL Chapell (Voter ID number 101871314).

1424 NE 31ST CT
TORRES, TATIANA (Voter ID number 116462146).

1424 NE 31ST ST
RAYNOR, LYNNWOOD E. (Voter ID number 101947085).
RAYNOR, NATALIE Lynn (Voter ID number 102393544).

1425 NE 29TH ST
SCHMIEDER, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 102211089).
MOYANO, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 101522514).

1425 NE 30TH CT
WHITTLES, BRITTANY Marie (Voter ID number 121150714).
MEISER, KELLY Caton (Voter ID number 120223521).

1425 NE 31ST ST
MARTIN, RICHARD G. (Voter ID number 102049612).
MARTIN, VIRGINIA N. (Voter ID number 101504632).

1426 NE 30TH ST
EDWARDS, JULI A. (Voter ID number 101620547).

1427 NE 30TH ST
LLOVERA-SITTON, VERONICA (Voter ID number 118878367).
BOYD, BARBARA E. (Voter ID number 102112632).
DARBY, CHRISTOPHER Neil (Voter ID number 107416902).
LAFOUNTAIN-BOYD, LUCAS C. (Voter ID number 115168088).

1428 NE 53RD CT
CULLEN, JOSEPHINE Teresa (Voter ID number 102171717).
FOWLER, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number 102142044).

143 NW 53RD ST
LEONE, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 102197516).

1430 NE 32ND ST
PESIGAN, MAREBEL (Voter ID number 120777117).

1430 NE 32ND CT
HILLENBRAND, HELEN Jeannette (Voter ID number 101564979).

1430 NE 32ND PL
WHITE, DAVID Rex (Voter ID number 101621971).
WHITE, EMILY C. (Voter ID number 101621981).

1430 NE 32ND ST
POSTRADO, ALBERTO Mamon (Voter ID number 119530781).

1430 NE 33RD ST
SAUCEDO, AURORA (Voter ID number 119240676).

1430 NE 40TH CT
JOSEPH, CARLO (Voter ID number 102427092).
ANTENOR, EMARA (Voter ID number 116883961).
JORDAN EVENOU, BETHSAIDA (Voter ID number 119527781).
BRUNDZA, JACQLIN Renee (Voter ID number 102131570).
GARCIA, EDWITCH (Voter ID number 118416982).

1430 NE 40TH ST
MC NIEL, MATTHEW Howard (Voter ID number 114162892).
MC NIEL, FILONESE Anne (Voter ID number 114162886).

1430 NE 41ST ST
DUFFY, DANIEL David (Voter ID number 101489222).

1430 NE 41ST CT
LOWTHER, LYMARIS (Voter ID number 116923410).
REED, SUSAN C. (Voter ID number 101374385).

1430 NE 42ND CT
WALTON, CHERRIE Danielle (Voter ID number 116232259).
KATONGO, ALYNNE Jodie (Voter ID number 116384684).
SIMMONS, CASSANDRA (Voter ID number 102351906).

1430 NE 43RD CT
CIABATTARI, FRANK P. (Voter ID number 119298159).

1430 NE 44TH ST
PRESSWOOD, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 102178551).
PRESSWOOD, ROY A. (Voter ID number 101771623).

1430 NW 48TH PL
FRANKLIN, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 101484353).
FRANKLIN, JOYCE F. (Voter ID number 101412611).

1431 NE 23RD PL
DENHARD, ELIZABETH Ashley (Voter ID number 111928572).
DENHARD, CASEY Edward (Voter ID number 101952884).

1431 NE 28TH CT
RAGNARSSON, THORKELL (Voter ID number 102143808).
RAGNARSSON, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 102336234).
RAGNARSSON, STEFAN August (Voter ID number 121024949).

1431 NE 32ND CT
LOMAN, DANIEL Lee (Voter ID number 118127633).
RIZZO, JOSEPH C. (Voter ID number 120374494).
KLEIN, DORI-JILL (Voter ID number 120375954).
FERRIS, CASEY (Voter ID number 120741175).

1431 NE 32ND ST
MURK, JESSICA Christine (Voter ID number 115578112).
MURK, GREGORY A. (Voter ID number 102145995).

1431 NE 32ND PL
DUSEK, SHARON Marie (Voter ID number 101300022).

1431 NE 35TH ST
YOUSTIN, HEIDIE J. (Voter ID number 101291624).
YOUSTIN, RAY A. (Voter ID number 101278392).
YOUSTIN, TASHA Jean (Voter ID number 102008048).
YOUSTIN, TY Karl (Voter ID number 102416593).

1431 NE 40TH CT
CAMPBELL, JENNIFER Ann (Voter ID number 105259430).
CAMPBELL, THOMAS D. (Voter ID number 102494511).
CAMPBELL, DEBORRA Ann (Voter ID number 102522683).

1431 NE 40TH ST
GERROW, MICHELE Antoinette (Voter ID number 102023116).
GERROW, VERONA E. (Voter ID number 101967368).

1431 NE 41ST CT
BEATTY, EILEEN M. (Voter ID number 120585246).
BEATTY, DANIELLE Marie (Voter ID number 118357290).
MEYER, IRENE W. (Voter ID number 101248139).

1431 NE 41ST ST
MATHIS, KATHY Renee (Voter ID number 101507123).

1431 NE 43RD CT
BLAZEWICZ, REGINA (Voter ID number 116276488).
THOMPSON, SHARON T. (Voter ID number 120513137).
BLAZEWICZ, REGINA (Voter ID number 116964614).

1432 NE 27TH ST
NYBLOM, VALERIE A. (Voter ID number 102348847).
SCHNELL, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 102319809).

1432 NE 28TH ST
GASS, CHARLES Ricky (Voter ID number 116514973).
BOTELLO, GREGORY (Voter ID number 102209770).

1432 NE 29TH ST
ARMENTA, NEEKO (Voter ID number 102455110).

1432 NE 54TH ST
GAMACHE, FRANK John (Voter ID number 101530946).
GAMACHE, JANET S. (Voter ID number 101424138).

1433 NE 26TH CT
ANESCA, MARIE Fauvette (Voter ID number 117373649).
ALEXANDRE, JULIENNE (Voter ID number 120364947).
ANESCA, ASHLEY Samantha (Voter ID number 118821466).
NOEL, FRANCIS (Voter ID number 120800919).
ALEXANDRE, MAGALIE Fenelus (Voter ID number 102041075).
MAGLAQUI, LOURDES J. (Voter ID number 101514255).

1433 NE 27TH ST
LANTZ, JOHN Paul (Voter ID number 120752548).

1433 NE 27TH CT
DELANEY-MIMS, JANE Marie (Voter ID number 102411973).
MIMS, JOHN K. (Voter ID number 102411961).

1433 NE 27TH ST
RAMOS, BARBARA E. (Voter ID number 101569505).
ROSADO, ELIS (Voter ID number 101429306).

1433 NE 28TH ST
WHITE, TERESA Concepcion (Voter ID number 101785842).
WHITE, BARRY M. (Voter ID number 101685687).

1433 NE 29TH ST
GOWEN, STEPHEN Eric (Voter ID number 115181069).
GOWEN, TRACY A. (Voter ID number 101376719).

1433 NE 51ST ST
REID, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 101733136).
REID, AVRIL (Voter ID number 102078293).
REID, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 101685172).

1433 NE 53RD CT
FANICH, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 101833760).
MARAKOVITZ, ANTHONY Joseph (Voter ID number 117381108).

1434 NE 30TH ST
JACOBSON, SARA Rachelle (Voter ID number 101902711).

1435 NE 30TH ST
FISCHER, KAREN Marie (Voter ID number 102314910).
FISCHER, KENNY M. (Voter ID number 101576122).
FISCHER, PHYLLIS S. (Voter ID number 101576121).

1436 NE 30TH CT
FLEISCHER, JOHN (Voter ID number 101544041).

1436 NE 31ST CT
BARBOSA, CRISTIANE C. (Voter ID number 114018364).
BARBOSA, JOAO Elieser (Voter ID number 115909159).

1437 NE 30TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, CARMEN S. (Voter ID number 120122000).
PADUA, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 118648241).

1437 NE 31ST ST
ANDERSON, EREN Mary (Voter ID number 119603907).

1437 NE 48TH ST
WALKER, WORRELL (Voter ID number 101456253).

1439 NE 28TH CT
POLACCO, CLEMENTINA (Voter ID number 101686388).

144 NW 53RD ST
LOSQUADRO, FRANCES O. (Voter ID number 101291157).

1440 NE 24TH ST
KIELAN, RICHARD (Voter ID number 102041215).

1440 NE 29TH ST
SHIFFLET, CYNTHIA Wierzbowski (Voter ID number 101328663).

1440 NE 32ND ST
MAPLE, SARA Ann (Voter ID number 120172607).

1440 NE 32ND PL
FEINBERG, ANDREW J. (Voter ID number 101377340).
FEINBERG, BARBARA M. (Voter ID number 101377339).

1440 NE 32ND ST
MERCHBERGER, CYNTHIA L. (Voter ID number 101706010).
MERCHBERGER, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number 101706009).

1440 NE 42ND CT
ALVES, TANIA Mara (Voter ID number 102231549).

1440 NE 43RD CT
HARVEY, NASHEEMA Tameika (Voter ID number 115164070).
WILLIAMS, THELMA M. (Voter ID number 102015967).

1440 NE 44TH ST
PERSHING, WHITNEY P. (Voter ID number 102495752).

1440 NW 45TH ST

CAPUOZZO, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 115355430).

1440 NW 45TH ST
MONASMITH, DANIEL Eugene (Voter ID number 111914565).

1440 NW 45TH ST

MCCOOK, JEREMY Keith (Voter ID number 120285022).

1440 NW 45TH ST

PISZ, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 101592294).

1440 NW 45TH ST

VOGEL, RICHARD Anthony (Voter ID number 114039234).

1440 NW 45TH ST

RINI, ANTHONY Raymond (Voter ID number 111924183).

1440 NW 45TH ST

RAYMUNDO, ROSITA J. (Voter ID number 102374729).

1440 NW 45TH ST

CERMOLLA, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 101410881).

1440 NW 45TH ST

BADR, JOAN C. (Voter ID number 101625608).

1440 NW 45TH ST

NEFF, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 114025123).

1440 NW 45TH ST

WARD, EARNEST (Voter ID number 102213021).

1440 NW 48TH PL
ORDONEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 121195639).
ORTEGA, FRANKLIN E. (Voter ID number 117950234).

1441 NE 29TH ST
OCHS, AMY Beth (Voter ID number 119313492).
TRAVIS, SHARON Lynn (Voter ID number 115995887).

1441 NE 31ST CT
MAIMONI, MELISSA Nystrand (Voter ID number 102138969).
NYSTRAND, DOROTHY C. (Voter ID number 101588409).
NYSTRAND, RICK M. (Voter ID number 101362983).

1441 NE 32ND PL
ASHMORE, JOSEPH Michael (Voter ID number 119442341).
JORDAN, TRAVIS Scot (Voter ID number 118909519).

1441 NE 35TH ST
BURKE, CHARLIE (Voter ID number 101326290).
BURKE, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 101983998).

1441 NE 43RD CT
MIRANDA, EMANUELLA Borba (Voter ID number 119587516).
DECKER, TIFFANI Shannon (Voter ID number 115045927).

1441 NW 45TH ST

ALFRED, OXON (Voter ID number 120219066).

1441 NW 45TH ST

ALEXIS, MIDERLAND (Voter ID number 102425085).

1441 NW 45TH ST
APT 06

ROMULUS, VERONIA (Voter ID number 119082155).

1441 NW 45TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, WANDA Irene (Voter ID number 102219391).
KHAN, MOHSINUL K. (Voter ID number 102500033).
PERDUE, BOBBY J. (Voter ID number 101501788).

1442 NE 30TH ST
BARRAGAN, MARTHA Lorena (Voter ID number 116573071).

1443 NE 30TH ST
NAGEL, SANDRA P. (Voter ID number 116947412).

1444 NE 53RD CT
RICHEY, ROBYN E. (Voter ID number 102153416).

1446 NE 28TH CT
GIANNELLI, JERMECIA A. (Voter ID number 120509252).
CALLAN, KATHLEEN L. (Voter ID number 101464193).

1447 NE 28TH CT
MARCELINO, EMELYN M. (Voter ID number 102219273).
RIVERA, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 117038960).

1448 NE 25TH CT
BUI, DIEU-TRANG (Voter ID number 102050441).
MC CABE, PAUL R. (Voter ID number 102077151).

1448 NE 27TH CT
RODEFER, DIANE Elene (Voter ID number 110031610).
RODEFER, DOUGLAS Allen (Voter ID number 117267486).

1448 NE 28TH ST
RUIZ, BETHANIA (Voter ID number 102051271).
LEWIS, LEORA (Voter ID number 101352379).

1448 NE 29TH ST
CLOUTIER, JONATHAN Fabien (Voter ID number 102286540).
ASHLINE, BRIAN E. (Voter ID number 101733433).
MUSIAL, DAWN (Voter ID number 101663333).
OGLESBY, ELISE C. (Voter ID number 101487982).

1448 NE 30TH CT
BRUMM, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 101423375).
BRUMM, MARIE A. (Voter ID number 101466049).
BRUMM, RACHEL E. (Voter ID number 115168321).

1448 NE 31ST CT
MORALES, VICTOR Alfonzo (Voter ID number 119868159).

1448 NE 31ST ST
OGANDO, EVELYN (Voter ID number 119940618).

1449 NE 25TH ST
JOHNSON, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 101310002).
ZABALETA, JUDITH A. (Voter ID number 101494202).

1449 NE 26TH CT
BURTON, RACHELLE Deeane (Voter ID number 102256557).
BENITEZ, ALCADIA K. (Voter ID number 101752861).
ERB, THOMAS Frederick (Voter ID number 102495533).

1449 NE 27TH ST
ZIEGLER, NIKKI Marie (Voter ID number 120986520).
CLOUGH, AIMEE Alicia (Voter ID number 102298036).

1449 NE 27TH CT
RAMPERSADSINGH, LALITA (Voter ID number 102203723).

1449 NE 28TH ST
WILSON, KRISTIAN Marie (Voter ID number 120431203).

1449 NE 29TH ST
JOYCE, NANCY Georgia (Voter ID number 101402699).

1449 NE 30TH CT
WENTZEL, SUZANNE M. (Voter ID number 102259024).

1449 NE 53RD CT
FARIA, EVALDO M. (Voter ID number 118889791).

145 NW 41ST CT
BEASLEY, CECIL F. (Voter ID number 102340708).

145 NW 51ST ST
URIANO, JOANNE (Voter ID number 114028941).

APT 107

SIMEON, SOPHONIE (Voter ID number 102448928).

APT 109

MOYLAN, IRENE Marie (Voter ID number 101837874).

AVAKIAN, ANTRANIG M. (Voter ID number 101999482).
EPSTEIN, VANCE R. (Voter ID number 101457230).
HADDEN, DOLORES E. (Voter ID number 101266681).
HUFF, JANICE E. (Voter ID number 102461842).
JORDAN, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 102001085).
ORAMA, PORFIRIA (Voter ID number 101651624).
PARKS, EILEEN T. (Voter ID number 101535619).
PRESNO, HORTENSIA (Voter ID number 101474920).
RUSSELL, EVELYN Louise (Voter ID number 101713204).
SHOAF, BESSIE L. (Voter ID number 101428394).
VALENTINE, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 101412527).

APT 104

GIES, JAN B. (Voter ID number 101620328).

APT 107

SIMEON, IFANNIE (Voter ID number 117747165).
SIMEON, SOPHONIE (Voter ID number 116842927).

APT 109

COLLADA, FRANK Jose (Voter ID number 102304559).

APT 202

RODRIGUEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 117728118).

APT 206

MATTALINE, BETTY Jean (Voter ID number 117373833).
MATTALINE, ROBERT Carmine (Voter ID number 117373894).

APT 207

JOHNSON, DEBORAH L. (Voter ID number 112066857).

APT 208

EPSTEIN, JESSICA S. (Voter ID number 119386615).

APT 301

SIMILIEN, MARIE Andhuy (Voter ID number 102476786).

APT 304

LEWIS, DIANE B. (Voter ID number 101810413).

APT 305

YERRE, ARLENE N. (Voter ID number 101427830).
YERRE, GABRIEL Victor (Voter ID number 114442704).

APT 307

GAUSSEN, YVETTE Irene (Voter ID number 115282779).

APT 310

VILENICA, JASON Michael (Voter ID number 115281725).

APT 311

CRUZ, MARIE CLAIRE (Voter ID number 109906144).

APT 104

GIES, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 112998686).

UNIT 310

EPSTEIN, ALIZA M. (Voter ID number 102075774).
GALATA, HIDEYA (Voter ID number 102299094).

1450 NE 30TH ST
HALE, KATHERINE Bryan (Voter ID number 102200193).

1450 NE 32ND ST
PARK, HEATHER (Voter ID number 120072996).

1450 NE 32ND CT
CAPARELLI, CAROL J. (Voter ID number 102094473).
CAPARRELLI, ASHLEY R. (Voter ID number 115934774).
CAPARRELLI, DEAN L. (Voter ID number 102233681).
CAPARRELLI, JENA (Voter ID number 102289336).
GARDELLA, DIANE (Voter ID number 101779027).

1450 NE 32ND ST
KOENIG, JENNIFER Jean (Voter ID number 118443444).
KOENIG, MATTHEW M. (Voter ID number 102525192).

1450 NE 33RD ST
NAVA, BRANDON G. (Voter ID number 120645767).
NAVA, BRENDA I. (Voter ID number 118823922).
NAVA, GONZALO R. (Voter ID number 101759357).
NAVA, JOHNATHAN Robert (Voter ID number 102347434).
NAVA, MARIA G. (Voter ID number 102450750).

1450 NE 36TH ST
BARFIELD, SIDNEY A. (Voter ID number 102189913).

1450 NE 48TH CT
YANEZ, BRENDA E. (Voter ID number 101862852).
YANEZ, IZAMAR Yesenia (Voter ID number 115422831).
YANEZ, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 101946681).

1450 NW 48TH PL
SCROGHAM, NIKKI (Voter ID number 102274198).
PHILHOWER, ERICK (Voter ID number 119745952).
RAISSIS, HELEN (Voter ID number 101620951).
RAISSIS, JOHN (Voter ID number 101620078).
RAISSIS, LAMBROS (Voter ID number 118899105).

1451 NE 30TH ST
VANCE, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number 107745393).
DOCILMA, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 119593158).
PIERRE, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 114249313).
DERONVIL, VIVIANE (Voter ID number 116533424).
PIERRE, PASCALE (Voter ID number 102376369).

1451 NE 31ST CT
PARKER, HERBERT C. (Voter ID number 102306774).

1451 NE 32ND ST
YOUNG, MARY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 114756045).

1451 NE 32ND CT
BRUNO, STEPHEN P. (Voter ID number 101821957).

1451 NE 32ND PL
FREY, JASON Ross (Voter ID number 102178801).
FREY, SARAH C. (Voter ID number 100779943).

1454 NE 28TH CT
COUSINO, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 116443956).
JOHNSTON, DAVID James (Voter ID number 117012906).
ORTIZ NEGRON, JOSE (Voter ID number 102270420).

1455 NE 28TH CT
RELL, ASHLEE Rose (Voter ID number 117264651).
BATTISTINI, ANNA M. (Voter ID number 102090974).
SAUER, ROBERT S. (Voter ID number 101805433).

1455 NE 48TH ST
HENRY, VENEL (Voter ID number 117036227).

1456 NE 29TH ST
MATOS, EDWIN (Voter ID number 117676800).

1458 NE 30TH ST
CANNON, LISA Wiedenhofer (Voter ID number 102170767).
CANNON, PETER S. (Voter ID number 101414976).

146 NW 41ST CT
GREEN, BENNIE (Voter ID number 101726512).

146 NW 51ST CT
WINK, ANNE (Voter ID number 101343680).
WINK, JOAN A. (Voter ID number 101559228).

1460 NE 24TH ST
MC HUGH, BILLI A. (Voter ID number 101587215).
MCHUGH, STEPHEN Montreuil (Voter ID number 102450444).

1460 NE 25TH CT
MONTEVERGINE, GABRIELLE (Voter ID number 119626448).
MORTIMER, THERESE M. (Voter ID number 101719711).
WILKIE, JEFFREE A. (Voter ID number 101558618).

1460 NE 30TH CT
BYRNES, PAULA Williams (Voter ID number 116303627).
GABRIELE, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 102463023).
WAZNY, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 116448167).

1460 NE 31ST CT
OTOOLE, STEPHANIE N. (Voter ID number 120265522).

1460 NE 32ND CT
CASTELLANOS, MARCO A. (Voter ID number 101558959).
LARGER, LOURDES E. (Voter ID number 101719612).

1460 NE 32ND PL
EIGNER, ELIZABETH P. (Voter ID number 101887265).
EIGNER, JOAN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 101887131).

1460 NE 32ND ST
SHOOK, AMANDA Leigh (Voter ID number 114377947).

1460 NE 53RD CT
BUNGARZ, DAVID R. (Voter ID number 102153084).
MC DOWELL, DIANE J. (Voter ID number 101574438).

1461 NE 30TH CT
MASON, JOE H. (Voter ID number 112271662).

1461 NE 31ST ST
KURTZ, SONDRA Denise (Voter ID number 102294631).

1461 NE 32ND CT
PINZON, ANA Monica (Voter ID number 118423571).

1461 NE 32ND ST
BRETON, CIARA C. (Voter ID number 118126308).

1461 NE 32ND PL
RIZZO, MARC ANTHONY (Voter ID number 102366831).
RODRIGUEZ COSTES, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 102427610).

1461 NE 32ND ST
BRETON, CAITLYN Jane (Voter ID number 116229243).
BRETON, RACHAEL L. (Voter ID number 101598247).

1461 NE 35TH ST
PAGAN-LOPEZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 102253622).

1461 NE 53RD ST
CENTENO, RIXI Maria (Voter ID number 121119404).

1461 NW 45TH ST

GOMEZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 112671894).

1461 NW 45TH ST

JOHNSON, SHAQURIA Tanike (Voter ID number 102159383).

1461 NW 45TH ST
MILLER, DEYVID V. (Voter ID number 115171608).

1461 NW 45TH ST

LLAMAS, GERARDO (Voter ID number 119775612).

1461 NW 45TH ST

GARCIA MANEIRO, LORETTA Lee (Voter ID number 119253085).

1461 NW 45TH ST

MENELAS, MERLYN (Voter ID number 102413007).

1461 NW 45TH ST
CULLETON, LINDA C. (Voter ID number 101687346).

1461 NW 45TH ST

SCHETTINI, SHYTA S. (Voter ID number 102219032).

1461 NW 45TH ST

FLYNN, DOROTHY B. (Voter ID number 115454629).

1462 NE 28TH CT
WEILER, ALLISON (Voter ID number 120221518).

1462 NE 48TH CT
CAMBRIDGE, GLADSTONE H. (Voter ID number 102253104).
EVANOFF, BRUCE G. (Voter ID number 101374511).

1463 NE 28TH CT
HYER, BRIAN D. (Voter ID number 102446744).
HYER, SARA Lynn (Voter ID number 102446715).

1464 NE 27TH CT
TORRES, FAUSTO (Voter ID number 102353911).
TORRES, MARIA De La Paz (Voter ID number 115243101).

1464 NE 29TH ST
GAINSBRUGH, NICHOLAS F. (Voter ID number 110209297).

1464 NE 54TH ST
EBBITT, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 101478156).

1465 NE 26TH CT
SHEPPARD, GARY James (Voter ID number 101928796).

1465 NE 27TH CT
SOLIS, FRANK V. (Voter ID number 115797823).
TAFFEL, MELANIE (Voter ID number 101413104).

1465 NE 27TH ST
MONTORO, TINA M. (Voter ID number 102153932).

1465 NE 28TH ST
PACINI, RENATO (Voter ID number 101613201).

1465 NE 29TH ST
COHODAR, ADAM E. (Voter ID number 116999285).

1465 NE 51ST ST
GARDNER, WILLIAM Dudley (Voter ID number 101909864).

1466 NE 30TH ST
HAMON, LAWANDA (Voter ID number 112020537).

1467 NE 30TH ST
SHEPLEY, JULIA E. (Voter ID number 101923631).
SHEPLEY, DENNIS Joseph (Voter ID number 102027754).

1471 NE 28TH CT
MIRO, NITZA Consuelo (Voter ID number 115049442).
VALCIUNAS, JOHN Raymond (Voter ID number 102200805).

1472 NE 29TH ST
DI MANCHE, MARIE Judith (Voter ID number 118156872).

1472 NE 30TH CT
MUELLER, JEFFREY (Voter ID number 101428413).

1472 NE 31ST CT
HAYWARD, JOEL Lamar (Voter ID number 115429389).
HAYWARD, BRITTANY Nicole (Voter ID number 117003166).
HAYWARD, VALARIE D. (Voter ID number 101494959).

1472 NE 31ST ST
KELLY, COLE (Voter ID number 116516192).

1473 NE 25TH ST
PERDOMO, TATIANA (Voter ID number 118588652).

1473 NE 29TH ST
DICK, CHARLES J. (Voter ID number 101617933).

1473 NE 30TH CT
WILLIAMSON, RAYMOND C. (Voter ID number 110185442).
COLLINS, RALPH T. (Voter ID number 101563991).

1473 NE 31ST ST
EDEN, BLAKE Edward (Voter ID number 101838369).

1474 NE 30TH ST
LUBURIC, MARIJAN (Voter ID number 101989025).

1474 NE 48TH CT
AHMAD, LYNESHA Krista (Voter ID number 119811914).
AHMAD, SHEIKH Mujeeb (Voter ID number 120890568).

1476 NE 53RD CT
FREEMAN, KENNETH Edward (Voter ID number 102445739).

1477 NE 53RD ST
JONES, EDWARD John (Voter ID number 101490326).
SOLT-JONES, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number 101457880).

1479 NE 28TH CT
JONES, KARL William (Voter ID number 101744281).

APT 310

THOMPSON, CRAIG Jeremiah (Voter ID number 120146072).

BLANES, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 101775464).
CHANTHAVORB, OUTSA (Voter ID number 102457132).
DEL CAMPO, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 102167425).
DEL CAMPO, EVA Martha (Voter ID number 101966581).
DEL CAMPO, EVA (Voter ID number 102432277).
LOTZ, ROGER E. (Voter ID number 102432296).
PACINE, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 101683463).
SANGSTER, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 102206135).
VASQUEZ, NANCY (Voter ID number 115002120).

APT 103

O'TOOLE, KATHERINE T. (Voter ID number 101965361).

APT 104

LYONS, RENA S. (Voter ID number 120457909).

APT 105

CHANTHAUONG, NYKKY (Voter ID number 116147672).
CHANTHAVONG, SOPHYA (Voter ID number 117715998).

APT 107

TOTH, ANDREW Richard (Voter ID number 115928887).

APT 203

ROSALES, ZORAIDA (Voter ID number 102142585).

APT 205

BOSCH, DENNY Edyth (Voter ID number 117319509).
GOETTE, PEDRO J. (Voter ID number 117372374).

APT 208

YEARY, CHRISTOPHER Thomas (Voter ID number 114467052).

APT 209

ESTRADA, HECTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 115096790).
ESTRADA, ZENAIDA (Voter ID number 102174757).

APT 210

SIMEK, WALTER (Voter ID number 117215179).

APT 306

JOUKOV, MIKHAIL Alex (Voter ID number 116239595).

APT 309

DE OLIVEIRA, MARIA Aparecida Mourao (Voter ID number 115900043).

1480 NE 24TH ST
MOLLENKOPF, KURT Raymond (Voter ID number 117168946).

1480 NE 27TH ST
BAIO, PAUL J. (Voter ID number 117456124).

1480 NE 27TH CT
COPPOCK, LINDA Fay (Voter ID number 102395882).
GAMEZ, EWA (Voter ID number 102525125).
SIMON, DAVID S. (Voter ID number 101558915).

1480 NE 27TH ST
CHARPENTIER, JOHN Clyde (Voter ID number 102264858).

1480 NE 28TH ST
GRECO, ANNA (Voter ID number 101801694).
WILLIAMS, CORINNE D. (Voter ID number 101598017).

1480 NE 29TH ST
ARVELO, LESLIE (Voter ID number 116692762).
ARVELO, CURT (Voter ID number 102162134).
ROJAS, MARLEUY (Voter ID number 116922642).

1480 NE 54TH ST
FELAN, CRYSTAL D. (Voter ID number 102380193).

1481 NE 26TH CT
WRENN, ESTHER C. (Voter ID number 101222634).

1481 NE 27TH ST
CALL, VICKI K. (Voter ID number 102307802).

1481 NE 27TH CT
GILL, ELISHA Nichole (Voter ID number 102480700).

1481 NE 27TH ST
ARMSTRONG, DAVID B. (Voter ID number 102213965).
BLAKENY, BRYAN Alexander (Voter ID number 101866910).

1481 NE 29TH ST
SCHOR, ROBERT Joshua (Voter ID number 101656440).

1481 NE 51ST ST
LOPEZ, NANCY (Voter ID number 120945591).

1481 NE 53RD CT
GIBSON, SUSET Crimilda (Voter ID number 111794515).

1482 NE 30TH ST
BOGDAN, MARCIA Ann (Voter ID number 101889666).
BOGDAN, SARAH Morgan (Voter ID number 102111837).
BOGDAN, THOM A. (Voter ID number 101890156).

1484 NE 25TH CT
GONZALEZ, EULALIA (Voter ID number 101559590).
GONZALEZ, SORAIDA (Voter ID number 101588190).

1484 NE 30TH CT
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN David (Voter ID number 113653793).

1484 NE 31ST ST
MOHAN, SIRJU (Voter ID number 101823869).
RAMPERSAD, ELSIE (Voter ID number 115387217).

1485 NE 25TH ST
SCHELHOUSE, LAUREN Nicole (Voter ID number 102383345).

1485 NE 26TH CT
SISCO, DOUGLAS Elias (Voter ID number 102241172).

1485 NE 30TH CT
BIGGAR, FABIANA Martins (Voter ID number 114772352).
BIGGAR, STEPHEN Lane (Voter ID number 102092002).

1485 NE 31ST ST
MOHORN, ANNIE R. (Voter ID number 114877724).
MOHORN, RANDOLPH (Voter ID number 102472560).

1486 NE 48TH CT
ADDISON, TERRANCE Ali (Voter ID number 105228600).

1488 NE 29TH ST
ELDANA, PAMELA Townsend-Davies (Voter ID number 118984827).
CISNEROS, MARTIN (Voter ID number 115919277).

1489 NE 29TH ST
GARCIA, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 101989154).

1490 NE 30TH ST
LEED, ERIC P. (Voter ID number 102337168).
STEWART, GLENN Russell (Voter ID number 120663146).
HOHENBERG, JENNIFER Ann (Voter ID number 116161915).
HOLT, AMY Kathryn (Voter ID number 115342957).

1490 NE 51ST ST
LOPEZ, RENE Martin (Voter ID number 110067817).

1491 NE 48TH ST
MILLER, DOUGLAS E. (Voter ID number 101633531).

1492 NE 51ST CT
LOCK, MELISSA Joslyne (Voter ID number 119598022).
LOCK, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 101947545).

1492 NE 53RD CT
LOPEZ, WENDY (Voter ID number 102058581).
BOURGUET, VICTOR Chance (Voter ID number 120344525).

1493 NE 53RD ST
HOLMQUIST, ERNEST Joel (Voter ID number 121294381).

1497 NE 26TH CT
COSTELLO, THOMAS Patrick (Voter ID number 116923547).
COSTELLO, KATHLEEN Anne (Voter ID number 101917963).
COSTELLO, THOMAS W. (Voter ID number 101304371).

1497 NE 53RD CT
OVERINGTON, KAREN M. (Voter ID number 101266199).

150 NE 25TH ST
DIAZ, GEORGINA (Voter ID number 116681361).
DIAZ SANTIAGO, RICARDO Fidel (Voter ID number 117972974).
DIAZ, CARLOS N. (Voter ID number 120787528).

150 NE 25TH CT
OWENS, GERALD P. (Voter ID number 101278166).

150 NE 25TH ST
STURDIVANT, MARK Christopher (Voter ID number 115835741).
DIAZ, RICARDO Fidel (Voter ID number 118127241).
LOPEZ, CORRY Marie (Voter ID number 115835855).

150 NE 26TH CT
RODRIGUEZ CORREA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 118095237).

150 NE 26TH ST
SIMMONS, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 101744413).

150 NE 27TH ST
GRAHAM, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 114243508).
LINK, HOLLY Joy (Voter ID number 118146839).
LINK, MICHELE L. (Voter ID number 102265607).

150 NE 30TH CT
THERASNORD, JOSEPH Hecule (Voter ID number 119543787).
AUGUSTIN, PHITO (Voter ID number 101626890).

150 NE 31ST CT
DELIARD, ANETTE (Voter ID number 116625543).
BARTHELMY, HACKNEY (Voter ID number 102481230).
BELFORT, EUPHENIA (Voter ID number 120306885).
BELFORT, LOUVENS (Voter ID number 120306895).

150 NE 31ST ST
PHILLIPS, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 119802877).

150 NE 31ST CT
BARTHELMY, INNOCENT (Voter ID number 102192242).

150 NE 35TH CT

MESS, AMBER N. (Voter ID number 102175824).
RIVERA, WAYNEISHA Renea (Voter ID number 119582542).

150 NE 35TH CT
VIL, JEAN (Voter ID number 101643617).

150 NE 35TH CT

BIBB, GLORY Jean (Voter ID number 101380888).

150 NE 35TH CT
COLAS, RUTH (Voter ID number 102426832).
RYAN, MARY (Voter ID number 115166550).

150 NE 35TH ST
AVILLANEDA, MARIA G. (Voter ID number 117087327).

150 NW 24TH CT
JONES, JOAN C. (Voter ID number 101570305).
JONES, WALTER T. (Voter ID number 101570306).

150 NW 25TH CT
BURKE, ALICE (Voter ID number 101924319).
BURKE, CLIFFORD J. (Voter ID number 101924322).

150 NW 27TH CT
FLOREZ, MIGUEL Ricardo (Voter ID number 102518796).
WEST, GARY Alan (Voter ID number 102052545).
VARGAS DE FLOREZ, ROSARIO M. (Voter ID number 118333814).
WEST, RANDY M. (Voter ID number 116733380).

150 NW 27TH ST
GORDON, MARGIE (Voter ID number 101372926).

150 NW 28TH CT
TOY, PAMELA Jo (Voter ID number 116196139).

150 NW 28TH ST
MORTELLITI, VIOLA A. (Voter ID number 101488923).

150 NW 29TH PL
MIKESIC, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 121040567).

150 NW 42ND CT
BUZZETTI-FUSSNER, ANGELA Ruth (Voter ID number 102250149).

150 NW 44TH ST
STILES, NANCY Susan (Voter ID number 118503828).
RODRIGUEZ, MIGDALIA V. (Voter ID number 101543883).
STILES, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number 117442398).

150 NW 51ST ST
NOE, ROBERT Lee (Voter ID number 101920708).

150 NW 52ND CT
STRIGHT, ROSELLA P. (Voter ID number 101344848).

150 NW 53RD ST
SWARTZ, BILLIE Rhea (Voter ID number 120333889).
SWARTZ, JEFFERY Lyn (Voter ID number 102482681).

SILVESTRO, RICHARD N. (Voter ID number 102120781).
SILVESTRO, VIRGINIA H. (Voter ID number 101861496).

1500 NE 25TH CT
LYNN, CHRIS Alan (Voter ID number 101888758).

1500 NE 32ND ST
SMITH, RONALD Francis (Voter ID number 118252234).

1500 NE 32ND CT
GLOVER, GALEDA L. (Voter ID number 120926327).

1500 NE 32ND PL
SIMPSON, CONNOR Lance (Voter ID number 120000736).
BEAUPRE-SIMPSON, LISA Anne (Voter ID number 101883546).
SIMPSON, LANCE Edward (Voter ID number 101955813).
SIMPSON, LISA Anne (Voter ID number 102308178).

1500 NE 33RD ST
VINKEMULDER, LARRY D. (Voter ID number 118731365).

1500 NE 33RD CT
PABON GARCIA, ODESSA Teressita (Voter ID number 102103349).
PABON, MAHRYURE J. (Voter ID number 101854680).

1500 NE 34TH CT
HUGHES, ELIZABETH Anne (Voter ID number 102476014).

1500 NE 39TH ST
EDDINS, ANNETTE M. (Voter ID number 102305576).

1500 NE 40TH ST
BETTS, BRIAN (Voter ID number 101368678).

1500 NE 42ND CT
CLARKE, STEPHEN J. (Voter ID number 102261333).
CLARKE, JANET Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102263729).
CLARKE, KIMBERLY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 116064129).

1500 NE 42ND ST
ARROYO, FERNANDO J. (Voter ID number 102287322).
SANCHEZ-VELEZ, WILMARIS (Voter ID number 102270763).

1500 NE 43RD CT
MELLOTT, CHRISTY A. (Voter ID number 115674461).
MOULDER, THORIN Allen David (Voter ID number 115730507).

1500 NE 44TH ST
PEREZ, YOVANNY Antonio (Voter ID number 120692397).
TINEO, MARIELA (Voter ID number 118121426).
TINEO, FE Esperanza (Voter ID number 102199953).
TINEO, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 102194488).

1500 NW 34TH CT
APT 104

EXANTUS, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 120464419).

1500 NW 45TH ST
PHILLIPS, ALVIN (Voter ID number 101939772).
PHILLIPS, ANNA J. (Voter ID number 101939776).

1500 NW 48TH PL
DI CARLO, FRANK S. (Voter ID number 101382958).
DI CARLO, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 101382959).

LENTON, EARL (Voter ID number 101460066).

1501 NE 31ST CT
SLATER-GRIFFIN, LERA Lynette (Voter ID number 102520228).
GRIFFIN, JOHN T. (Voter ID number 118260786).
GRIFFIN, LAMARCUS D. (Voter ID number 120803775).
GRIFFIN, TRAYVOND Devante (Voter ID number 121042119).

1501 NE 32ND ST
EXUME, JEAN E. (Voter ID number 119608819).
EXUME, MARIE G. (Voter ID number 119813164).

1501 NE 32ND PL
WALTON, LEWIS A. (Voter ID number 101575519).
KECK, JEROME Patrick (Voter ID number 102446085).

1501 NE 32ND ST
EXUME, WILNER (Voter ID number 102176023).

1501 NE 33RD CT
TUNON, ALBERT M. (Voter ID number 119831156).
TUNON, MARSHA (Voter ID number 101597939).

1501 NE 33RD ST
CARVALHO, DORIANE M. (Voter ID number 102475080).

1501 NE 34TH CT
COTICCHIO, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number 101487604).

1501 NE 34TH ST
RIVERA, RODOLFO Hugo (Voter ID number 102181680).
MARTOS, DAVID Fernando (Voter ID number 102442629).
RIVERA, GLORIA S. (Voter ID number 102152305).
RIVERA, HUGO R. (Voter ID number 102149848).

1501 NE 35TH ST
MATHURIN, GREGORY (Voter ID number 120044518).
JULMISTE, CHANA (Voter ID number 101952927).
JULMISTE, SOLANGE (Voter ID number 116327042).

1501 NE 39TH ST
CELIDON, YVENA Anthonyne (Voter ID number 119747580).
GOLDBERGER, CARLETON J. (Voter ID number 102040973).
ISMAIL, ABOOBAKER (Voter ID number 101687410).

1501 NE 43RD CT
RICHARDSON, JEFFREY Jed (Voter ID number 102479386).

1501 NW 45TH ST

BEROVIDES-HIDALGO, MONICA (Voter ID number 108201831).

1501 NW 45TH ST

FROST, BARBARA June (Voter ID number 120793808).
RIVERA, ALEXANDRO (Voter ID number 120793827).

1501 NW 45TH ST
DAMON, BETHANY R. (Voter ID number 101978193).
DUTKE, ADRIANA V. (Voter ID number 101873393).
KATSIKIS, DIMITRIOS (Voter ID number 101867441).
KATSIKIS, TAMARA S. (Voter ID number 102409893).
ROULEAU, SANDRA A. (Voter ID number 102488138).

1501 NW 45TH ST

DUTKE, JEAN-PIERRE Luc (Voter ID number 119698381).

1501 NW 45TH ST

RUSSELL, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 114675012).

1501 NW 45TH ST

MELENDEZ, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 116226771).

1509 NE 30TH ST
MANCHAME, CAROL (Voter ID number 102362511).
ROSETE, BOBBY B. (Voter ID number 117099023).
SMITH, NELY (Voter ID number 102362515).

SLATTERY, MARY Lynne (Voter ID number 119923756).
SLATTERY, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 119188011).
LOCOCO, MARY Lynne (Voter ID number 101741996).
ROHLFING, MARIE K. (Voter ID number 101211813).

151 NE 24TH ST
EWING, HOWARD M. (Voter ID number 101215087).

151 NE 25TH CT
BOSLEY, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 101716208).

151 NE 25TH ST
MAMON, IHKARIO (Voter ID number 114424584).
SULLY, AALIYAH Britney (Voter ID number 121301361).
LOUIS, MYRIA Marmont (Voter ID number 102174479).
LOUIS, RONY (Voter ID number 117535884).
MARMONT, WILKINS (Voter ID number 102447797).

151 NE 26TH ST
HYACINCTE, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 118821229).
BRITUS, MONA (Voter ID number 101897345).
PAUL, MURLEINE Charile (Voter ID number 102503288).

151 NE 27TH ST
PHILLIP, EULYN (Voter ID number 102270898).
PAYNE, FITZROY A. (Voter ID number 121207346).
DODSON, WALTER Don (Voter ID number 101364784).
DODSON, SUZANNA L. (Voter ID number 101379611).

151 NE 30TH CT
RIGBY-HARRIS, KATHLYN A A (Voter ID number 101812710).

151 NE 31ST ST
RARICK, PAMELA M. (Voter ID number 101376869).

151 NE 35TH ST

BEASLEY, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 116294350).

151 NE 35TH ST

ST CYR, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 102438520).

151 NW 24TH CT
VOELKER, DUANE (Voter ID number 101685389).
ROZLER, FRANCIS C. (Voter ID number 101962337).

151 NW 25TH CT
FEGERT, HILDA R. (Voter ID number 101229353).
FEGERT, THOMAS James (Voter ID number 101837221).

151 NW 27TH ST
BROWN, CARMEL Delmina (Voter ID number 118632694).

151 NW 27TH CT
RIVERA, CARMEN S. (Voter ID number 101715353).
RIVERA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 101715355).

151 NW 28TH CT
DE MARCO, MARY ANN (Voter ID number 116640903).
DE MARCO, REMO (Voter ID number 101231698).

151 NW 28TH ST
DALENA, CAROLYN Sue (Voter ID number 101230484).

151 NW 29TH CT
ZEMAN, HELEN E. (Voter ID number 101368681).

151 NW 29TH PL
WICHSER, CATHERINE R. (Voter ID number 101320506).

151 NW 40TH ST
SINEAS, YVENNA (Voter ID number 119153193).
ROCK, GUERSON (Voter ID number 102358105).

151 NW 41ST CT
HOWARD, GARY Darnell (Voter ID number 118992792).

151 NW 41ST CT
APT 26

JEAN, SUZE (Voter ID number 102523818).

151 NW 42ND CT
SALAZAR-BEDON, NANCY B. (Voter ID number 102284772).
AYALA, GUEIL I. (Voter ID number 102390215).
BEDON, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 102264096).

151 NW 44TH ST
CENATUS, LUC (Voter ID number 102088352).
CENATUS, ICIANISE (Voter ID number 114279368).

1510 NE 25TH CT
VINCELLI, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 116084103).

1510 NE 28TH CT
GERLACH, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 101440144).
ISRAEL, PAULETTE A. (Voter ID number 101358537).
JONES, TIMOTHY T. (Voter ID number 101877179).

1510 NE 32ND CT
HEFLIN, HERBERT Marshall (Voter ID number 101403890).
MURDOCK, ELIZABETH J. (Voter ID number 101521372).

1510 NE 32ND PL
ALVAREZ, RANDALL J. (Voter ID number 116946020).

1510 NE 32ND ST
MORALES, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 115796804).

1510 NE 33RD ST
WACKER, ALEXANDER Cota (Voter ID number 120570630).
WACKER-NOWAKOWSKI, ELIAMARA Cota (Voter ID number 119769737).

1510 NE 33RD CT
DE VOE, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 101558609).

1510 NE 34TH CT
MELONE, LISA R. (Voter ID number 101576438).
MELONE, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 101408252).

1510 NE 34TH ST
BODLEY, MARC Elwood (Voter ID number 118398334).

1510 NE 40TH ST
COELHO, DOMINGOS Campos (Voter ID number 111792658).
DE OLIVEIRA, JOSE Carlos (Voter ID number 102340463).

1510 NE 42ND ST
BATISTA, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 102177281).

1510 NE 42ND CT
GABLE, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 101578543).

1510 NE 42ND ST
FIGUEROA, EDA Ileana (Voter ID number 101994246).
GUERRIER, JAMES (Voter ID number 102303942).
GUERRIER, LILLIAN Ann (Voter ID number 102449796).
PEREZ, ROBERTO B. (Voter ID number 102273295).

1510 NE 43RD CT
SEGUINE, JONATHAN R. (Voter ID number 118818429).
SEGUINE, CATHY Ann (Voter ID number 101444280).
SEGUINE, JOSEPH Roy (Voter ID number 115529540).
SEGUINE, ROY J. (Voter ID number 101391238).

1510 NE 43RD ST
NEAL, MARGARET S. (Voter ID number 101777282).

1510 NE 44TH ST
DAMRON, BENJAMIN G. (Voter ID number 101841639).

1510 NW 45TH ST
MCGOVERN, THOMAS John (Voter ID number 112572796).
MC GOVERN, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 101230968).
MC GOVERN, MARIE A. (Voter ID number 101394355).
MC GOVERN, MIKE (Voter ID number 101610600).

1511 NE 31ST ST
THOMAS, MARILYN (Voter ID number 115945694).

1511 NE 31ST CT
CANE, WILLIAM H. (Voter ID number 101419881).
HASHER, DENISE M. (Voter ID number 102481992).
HINCKLE, CHARITY L. (Voter ID number 117285014).

1511 NE 32ND CT
THROWER, CRYSTAL N. (Voter ID number 114239905).
VANN, KAREN D. (Voter ID number 102139602).
QUINTANA, NICOLAS Lee (Voter ID number 121164529).

1511 NE 32ND PL
GARDNER, CHARLOTTE A. (Voter ID number 114984276).

1511 NE 32ND CT
THEO, THEOMA (Voter ID number 102434245).
THEO, JUNIOR J. (Voter ID number 102375479).

1511 NE 32ND PL
MAC LANEY, CHRIS M. (Voter ID number 101839096).
MOHN, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 101829279).

1511 NE 33RD CT
SCHEFFER, DONNA Jean (Voter ID number 101417088).
SCHEFFER, KEITH Patrick (Voter ID number 102160863).
QUINN, JEREMY Carl (Voter ID number 102520340).
QUINN, LATASHA Rochelle (Voter ID number 102443100).

1511 NE 33RD ST
BALESTRIERO, FRED (Voter ID number 101500582).
BALESTRIERO, JANET S. (Voter ID number 101443709).

1511 NE 34TH CT
CARBALLO, JESUS (Voter ID number 101925908).
DE CARBALLO, CARMEN Maria Gaton (Voter ID number 102426451).

1511 NE 35TH ST
FIGUEROA, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 102446832).
BERROCALES, YOHAIRA (Voter ID number 119991509).

1511 NE 39TH ST
UHLIG, KURT W. (Voter ID number 118434491).

1511 NE 40TH ST
PURYEAR, GLADYS Lanier (Voter ID number 102525274).

1511 NE 41ST DR
CLERISIER, JEAN R. (Voter ID number 102045876).

1511 NE 42ND ST
RIOS, JAYMA Waleska (Voter ID number 101861207).

1511 NE 42ND CT
MANESS, JEAN-MARIE S. (Voter ID number 101387590).
MANESS, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 101387589).

1511 NE 42ND ST
APOLON, KATHERINE Thomas (Voter ID number 114138210).
RACANIELLO, ELIZABETH Evan (Voter ID number 115819777).

1511 NE 43RD ST
IEONG, CHI-FAI (Voter ID number 120470922).

1511 NE 43RD CT
ALARCON, MERCEDES Sauceda (Voter ID number 102497172).
ALARCON, SYLVIA Sauceda (Voter ID number 102390867).
GARZA, WENCESLAO (Voter ID number 115634328).
RAMOS, MARGARITA Sauceda (Voter ID number 102484969).

1511 NE 43RD ST
IEONG, UNMEI (Voter ID number 102416930).

1512 NE 27TH ST
BLANKENSHIP, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 101627421).

1512 NE 29TH ST
BIANCO, ANGELA C. (Voter ID number 102432001).
BIANCO, STEVEN David (Voter ID number 101497098).
HARPER, JUSTIN L. (Voter ID number 116117214).
BROWN, REGINA L. (Voter ID number 102039502).

1512 NE 30TH CT
GRECCO, CATHERINE M. (Voter ID number 102130719).
RAMOS, ZULMA (Voter ID number 118211280).

1512 NE 31ST CT
BRAD, IOAN Romeo (Voter ID number 102055017).
FRIEDMAN, MARCIA Lynne (Voter ID number 121198926).
RODRIGUEZ, ERIC M. (Voter ID number 101719181).

1512 NE 31ST ST
INHULSEN, INGRID S. (Voter ID number 101547675).
LESKODY, KERSTEN E. (Voter ID number 116392679).

1513 NE 27TH ST
LANE, ERIC E. (Voter ID number 118012470).
CAMPBELL, SHERI A. (Voter ID number 102493500).
HENNING, MICHAEL Shawn (Voter ID number 102011865).
HENNING, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 101891359).

1513 NE 29TH ST
DICK, DAVID W. (Voter ID number 101895857).
TURNER, TRACIE Lanette (Voter ID number 118321399).

1513 NE 30TH CT
DUCKETT, DONALD W. (Voter ID number 101579794).

1513 NE 30TH ST
BARNES, JUSTIN John (Voter ID number 117013137).

1514 NE 28TH CT
BROWN, WILLIAM Robert (Voter ID number 102478564).

1515 NE 28TH CT
VOORHIES, KELLY Jean (Voter ID number 115806360).
VOORHIES, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number 101352505).

1515 NW 33RD ST
MATOS, JAVIER (Voter ID number 118809853).
MATOS, SAMANTHA Santa (Voter ID number 119946830).

1516 NE 30TH ST
RUSS, MARIA F. (Voter ID number 116239898).
RUSS, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 101811179).

1516 NE 51ST CT
CARROLL, DONALD Lee (Voter ID number 121058015).

1517 NE 30TH ST

URENA, JESUS Antonio (Voter ID number 120865857).

1517 NE 48TH ST
GARCIA, MODESTO Antonio (Voter ID number 118331912).
GARCIA, NORMAN J. (Voter ID number 116643846).

1520 NE 25TH CT
MITCHELL, GERALD Raymond (Voter ID number 101853274).

1520 NE 32ND ST
DUNCAN, MARVIN E. (Voter ID number 102414651).

1520 NE 33RD CT
ANDERSON, GREGORY L. (Voter ID number 101237084).
GOLDSTEIN, NATALIE J. (Voter ID number 101543210).

1520 NE 33RD ST
RIVERA, WILLIAM Otero (Voter ID number 101555061).

1520 NE 34TH ST
GONDEK, JUDITH F. (Voter ID number 101451156).
GONDEK, WALTER B. (Voter ID number 101451155).
MANESS, BRENDA L. (Voter ID number 101642017).

1520 NE 35TH ST
MANDER, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number 116593865).
MCINTOSH, GRACIE Frank (Voter ID number 118434290).

1520 NE 40TH ST
RODRIQUEZ, RAMON B. (Voter ID number 116306723).

1520 NE 42ND CT
ROGAL, ROBERT Lloyd (Voter ID number 119596720).
ROGAL, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 101881021).

1520 NE 42ND ST
SILSBY, EMILY Lynn (Voter ID number 102334550).
SILSBY, WILLIAM K. (Voter ID number 101403300).

1520 NE 43RD CT
SOSA, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 102056000).
SOSA, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 102283258).
SOSA, GABRIELLA (Voter ID number 119252353).

1520 NE 43RD ST
PRIDEMORE, MARK James (Voter ID number 101442880).

1520 NE 44TH ST
COOPER, ROBERT John (Voter ID number 120752923).
MICHEL, DANIELLE Denise (Voter ID number 121071052).

1520 NW 45TH ST
DEBUS, LESLIE R. (Voter ID number 117195117).

1520 NW 45TH ST

BRAGA, WAGNER (Voter ID number 120160790).

1520 NW 45TH ST

DEBUS, DYLAN Scott (Voter ID number 119588115).

1520 NW 45TH ST
RADTKA, JANICE Anne (Voter ID number 101864034).
RADTKA, JON M. (Voter ID number 102087341).

1521 NE 31ST CT
MORRISON, PAULA Marie (Voter ID number 120079120).

1521 NE 32ND ST
ARELL, LORRAINE J. (Voter ID number 102342481).
PEET, PAULA E. (Voter ID number 102342483).
PEET, NELSON Rusk (Voter ID number 102359145).

1521 NE 33RD CT
HUGHES, BRAD R. (Voter ID number 116963708).

1521 NE 33RD ST
MAISONET-PEREZ, KATIA L. (Voter ID number 119945945).

1521 NE 33RD CT
ERRICO, MICHELLE Milan (Voter ID number 116172353).

1521 NE 33RD ST
MAISONET, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 102057399).
MAISONET, ANNA E. (Voter ID number 102085271).
MAISONET, LUIS Rafael (Voter ID number 101912926).
PEREZ, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number 102057414).

1521 NE 34TH ST
WALSH, NANCY Ann (Voter ID number 101233474).

1521 NE 35TH ST
GARIGLIANO, MARY Lou (Voter ID number 102312009).
GARIGLIANO, SAMUEL F. (Voter ID number 102495685).
GARIGLIANO, SAMUEL L. (Voter ID number 102312007).

1521 NE 39TH ST
STEGMAN, GLORIA J. (Voter ID number 101324295).

1521 NE 41ST DR
HUGHES-STOLL, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 102243011).

1521 NE 42ND CT
HANDLE, ANNETTE M. (Voter ID number 101620714).
HANDLE, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 102429000).

1521 NE 42ND ST
ANSBOUGH, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 102180922).
RAGER, CATHY (Voter ID number 101431651).
RAGER, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 101432461).

1521 NE 43RD CT
NEWMAN, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number 101338994).

1521 NE 44TH ST
HAAR, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 101251042).

1524 NE 27TH CT
VINKEMULDER, JESSICA A. (Voter ID number 102174202).

1524 NE 28TH ST
SPAHR, KENNETH Stuart (Voter ID number 101423005).

1524 NE 29TH ST
HLOZNIK, JEANNE L. (Voter ID number 102133402).
HLOZNIK, ROBERT David (Voter ID number 102345352).

1524 NE 30TH CT
SMITH, DEMETRIUS Tremayne (Voter ID number 102129097).
ARROYAVE, GABRIEL G. (Voter ID number 114413171).
HAWLEY, HARRY Davis (Voter ID number 102381573).

1524 NE 31ST CT
WELLER, DAVID S. (Voter ID number 102320996).
AMORUSO, KEITH William (Voter ID number 119761690).

1524 NE 31ST ST
RIVAS, ROSMERY A. (Voter ID number 121122496).

1524 NE 31ST CT
DAVIS, JACOB Robert (Voter ID number 118527917).

1524 NE 31ST ST
SEVERINO, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 116160026).
SEVERINO, ALTAGRACIA C. (Voter ID number 116580574).
SEVERINO, AMARI (Voter ID number 102105820).

1525 NE 26TH CT
PINA, CIRIACO (Voter ID number 102188093).
MONTGOMERY, DIANNA Marie (Voter ID number 101830607).

1525 NE 27TH CT
ROSADO, MONIKA Lei (Voter ID number 102301104).

1525 NE 27TH ST
CONROY, MANDI Lynne (Voter ID number 117717522).
MURRAY, ASHLEY N. (Voter ID number 119573578).
MURRAY, BRION (Voter ID number 119226242).
MCLENNAN, EXZAVIOUS Jashea Ke-Juann (Voter ID number 120572384).
MC COY, DAVID Jeffrey (Voter ID number 102153496).

1525 NE 28TH ST
CASTILLO, NATHALIE (Voter ID number 102384797).

1525 NE 29TH ST
BERNAUER, LEANNA M. (Voter ID number 116122956).

1525 NE 30TH CT
LEGG, KELLY A. (Voter ID number 101739072).
RUNDLE, ARTHUR James (Voter ID number 102144987).

1525 NE 31ST ST
HOMANICK, GIGI (Voter ID number 101570920).

1528 NE 28TH CT
RUH, ALISSA (Voter ID number 120245562).

1529 NE 28TH CT
HURT, ANDREA M. (Voter ID number 116809372).
HURT, JANINE T. (Voter ID number 101363787).
HURT, JEFFREY M. (Voter ID number 101306479).
HURT, PAUL J. (Voter ID number 117080462).
SCHEFFER, KELLIE-LEE Marie (Voter ID number 116809567).

1530 NE 25TH CT
LEES, LEWIS W. (Voter ID number 116722021).
LEES, MATHANA (Voter ID number 116722095).

1530 NE 30TH ST
BARNES, CHARLES Leon (Voter ID number 102244698).
EGNAK, EDWINA D. (Voter ID number 101407161).
MARSHALL, FLORA I. (Voter ID number 101433373).

1530 NE 32ND CT
FEENEY, MICHAEL C. (Voter ID number 102327392).
FEENEY, SILVANA B. (Voter ID number 117006713).

1530 NE 32ND PL
BORNAMAN, JACKI Lynn (Voter ID number 101832669).
BORNAMAN, THOMAS Lee (Voter ID number 101832671).

1530 NE 32ND ST
KNIGHT, SAM Lorenzo (Voter ID number 102486141).

1530 NE 33RD CT
KERNIZAN, LISIANA (Voter ID number 102404931).

1530 NE 33RD ST
MAISONET, ERIC C. (Voter ID number 102023970).
MAISONET, REBECCA Lynn (Voter ID number 112051302).
GARCIA, JAMES Mundy (Voter ID number 101721947).

1530 NE 34TH ST
WATKINS, TRACY Ann (Voter ID number 117086403).

1530 NE 34TH CT
DUNNE, KEVIN Nicholas (Voter ID number 102498299).
DUNNE, SHUI C. (Voter ID number 102498301).

1530 NE 35TH ST
TRUEBA, LISSETTE Margarita (Voter ID number 101896727).

1530 NE 40TH ST
DEMONT, MERTON Paul (Voter ID number 101484442).
DEMONT, SARA R. (Voter ID number 101392215).

1530 NE 42ND CT
RANFT, JASON Marsh (Voter ID number 117184097).
COOK, ARTHUR Lee (Voter ID number 101549639).
COX, JANICE Elaine (Voter ID number 101885843).

1530 NE 43RD ST
DES VERGERS, CHARLES (Voter ID number 101440569).

1530 NE 44TH ST
PAVILLARD, HOWARD B. (Voter ID number 101461127).
MC KEEVER, KAREN Anne (Voter ID number 101778460).

1530 NE 53RD CT
GARCIA, ROBIN Brown (Voter ID number 101724789).
WEST, WALLACE Marion (Voter ID number 102152693).

1530 NW 45TH ST
ADAMS, DUSTIN Ryan (Voter ID number 115383743).
ADAMS, ELLIE Christine (Voter ID number 115383772).

1530 NW 48TH PL
HOEFERT, JOANNE M. (Voter ID number 102283915).
WICKENHAUSER, CHRIS S. (Voter ID number 102271939).

1531 NE 30TH ST
EMERSON, INNA (Voter ID number 119437599).
SUPIJEVA, ZUKHRA (Voter ID number 120514545).
EMERSON, BRUCE T. (Voter ID number 102446138).

1531 NE 31ST CT
DE GROATE, RAMONA L. (Voter ID number 101722570).
MONROE, DOLORES Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102305570).

1531 NE 32ND PL
CONE, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 101818675).

1531 NE 32ND CT
HADDEN, RICHARD R. (Voter ID number 101306640).
HADDEN, SEEPAT (Voter ID number 102527748).

1531 NE 32ND PL
ADAMS, TODD (Voter ID number 101833470).

1531 NE 32ND ST
DRAYTON, JENNIFER Gail (Voter ID number 101485515).

1531 NE 33RD CT
BRUNO, ANNE T. (Voter ID number 101938489).

1531 NE 33RD ST
MARTINEZ, NORA (Voter ID number 101329252).
MARTINEZ, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 101332036).

1531 NE 34TH CT
MACEDO, MATEUS Bento (Voter ID number 117174184).

1531 NE 35TH ST
WILSON, JARRED Daniel (Voter ID number 117840574).
DI MARCO, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 116881012).

1531 NE 39TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, JANET (Voter ID number 112011126).
SENA, STACEY M. (Voter ID number 115171550).
URENA, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 102459894).

1531 NE 41ST DR
CARLSON, JOSEPH Ramon (Voter ID number 102163600).
JOHNSON, LINDA C. (Voter ID number 101617406).

1531 NE 42ND CT
AVENDANO, ARACELY E. (Voter ID number 120987935).
ASTOR, HEIDI E. (Voter ID number 109332579).

1531 NE 42ND ST
WOODRUFF, CECIL W. (Voter ID number 101579704).

1531 NE 43RD CT
DIXON, MATER (Voter ID number 102457028).

1531 NE 43RD ST
NEWELL, LORENZA (Voter ID number 117979459).
SALINAS, DANIEL F. (Voter ID number 118587842).

1531 NE 43RD CT
WALTERS, DAVID (Voter ID number 102438655).

1531 NE 51ST ST
WALKER, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 117001279).
WALKER, SHANIEQUA Lashay (Voter ID number 117544283).
WALKER, SAMUEL Terrence (Voter ID number 118524153).
WALKER, WILLIA Durant (Voter ID number 101318969).

1531 NW 45TH ST
SHUSTER, LINDA Lee (Voter ID number 102478201).
ALBIN, RHONDA (Voter ID number 102344314).
BEGEMAN, KIM (Voter ID number 115905716).
JOHNSON, CECELIA L. (Voter ID number 102095163).
KEARNS, THOMAS B. (Voter ID number 102049163).

1531 NW 45TH ST

DONOVAN, CAROLE R. (Voter ID number 101504566).

1531 NW 45TH ST

SCOTT, HILLARY A. (Voter ID number 101910638).

1532 NE 51ST CT
SENA, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 102277389).

1533 NE 48TH ST
SVOBODA, CYNTHIA Rojas (Voter ID number 120945597).

1533 NE 53RD CT
FIFE, GEOFFREY George (Voter ID number 101890527).
FIFE, KIMBERLY Ann (Voter ID number 101890528).

1534 NW 45TH ST
LOPES, MARIO F. (Voter ID number 114122780).

1536 NE 27TH CT
KING, DELLA J. (Voter ID number 102375849).
LUMSDON, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number 117021834).
MCCAY, TAKESHA Leandra (Voter ID number 119568767).
KING, DARRIUS (Voter ID number 120129433).

1536 NE 30TH CT
HARRIS, DENISE L. (Voter ID number 101530343).
HARRIS, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 101505275).

1536 NE 31ST ST
HILARION, LEONOR M. (Voter ID number 101638602).

1536 NE 31ST CT
MEARA, DOUGLAS S. (Voter ID number 101456302).

1537 NE 26TH CT
POLING, MELINDA Dawn (Voter ID number 102158084).
HOLMES, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 101967781).
HOLMES, PATRICK W. (Voter ID number 101967785).

1537 NE 27TH CT
VOLPE, PAUL B. (Voter ID number 101944658).

1537 NE 29TH ST
STOCKLER, ABILIO Onofre (Voter ID number 102331939).
STOCKLER, TALISSA Pricila (Voter ID number 118655179).
HEATH, WILLIAM O. (Voter ID number 101529781).

1537 NE 30TH CT
KRALL, NICOLE C. (Voter ID number 114395262).

1540 NE 32ND CT
LAFI, MELISSA Ellen (Voter ID number 102022820).

1540 NE 32ND PL
THOMPSON, CRYSTAL Siobban (Voter ID number 111805695).

1540 NE 32ND ST
KIMMERLING, KATHLEEN Grace (Voter ID number 101180244).

1540 NE 33RD ST
APONTE, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 112643967).

1540 NE 33RD CT
DONAGHY, WILLIAM Edward (Voter ID number 120609710).
KEATOR, NICHOLAS Dylan (Voter ID number 120865163).

1540 NE 33RD ST
GARZON DAZA, BLANCA Myriam (Voter ID number 117749658).

1540 NE 33RD CT
BERNIER, DAWN B. (Voter ID number 102092001).
BERNIER, JOHN Baptiste (Voter ID number 102352768).

1540 NE 33RD ST
DEL VALLE, MYRIAM Elena (Voter ID number 101698271).
DELVALLE, DANIEL (Voter ID number 102339343).

1540 NE 34TH CT
DASILVA, ALINA Couto (Voter ID number 118323473).
DASILVA, LUIZ Marques (Voter ID number 111975280).
FOURNIER, BESS (Voter ID number 102469909).
DA SILVA, VANIA C. (Voter ID number 111945554).
SWETNAM, WILLIAM W. (Voter ID number 101336175).

1540 NE 34TH ST
MASTROPOLE, SALVATORE J. (Voter ID number 111955356).
GARCIA, ROBERT Louis (Voter ID number 117791621).

1540 NE 41ST CT
CHEREMANT, EETA (Voter ID number 118129074).
CHERENFANT, PIERRE L. (Voter ID number 102094730).

1540 NE 42ND ST
RAHMAN, MD Hafizur (Voter ID number 115917750).
TABASSUM, SHAHINA Sadat (Voter ID number 118582956).

1540 NE 42ND CT
LITKE, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 102132672).

1540 NE 43RD CT
SOTELO, AMANDA (Voter ID number 116038424).

1540 NE 43RD ST
JAMES, ROCHELLE Elisabeth (Voter ID number 115808100).
JAMES, PETER Allen (Voter ID number 102319898).

1540 NE 43RD CT
DANIELS, VANITY S. (Voter ID number 117829306).

1540 NE 43RD ST
KERR, KAITLYN Leigh (Voter ID number 102084932).

1540 NE 44TH ST
BRISCO, EDMUND P. (Voter ID number 101487942).
BRISCO, ROSE M. (Voter ID number 101406675).

1540 NW 45TH ST
LECLERC, DEBRA Diane (Voter ID number 101646514).

1541 NE 31ST CT
ATKINSON, MARTY Christine (Voter ID number 101631409).

1541 NE 32ND CT
HELMS, CRYSTAL Gail (Voter ID number 105847435).
ABRAM, JOHN Henry (Voter ID number 118626534).

1541 NE 32ND PL
PRADO, WALTER A. (Voter ID number 119870416).

1541 NE 32ND ST
GOMEZ, VICTORIA Valerie (Voter ID number 102380891).

1541 NE 32ND CT
SUBKO, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 117192700).

1541 NE 32ND PL
PRADO, WALTER (Voter ID number 116906353).

1541 NE 32ND ST
GOMEZ, DAVID James (Voter ID number 102231800).
GOMEZ, ELIAS Rios (Voter ID number 102018030).
GOMEZ, PATTI L. (Voter ID number 101532208).

1541 NE 33RD CT
SUERO, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number 102354781).
SUERO, THOMAS S. (Voter ID number 119940667).
LOPEZ, ABEL (Voter ID number 116716055).
PAGAN-LOPEZ, TERESA (Voter ID number 102510209).
PAGAN LOPEZ, HECTOR J. (Voter ID number 102351771).

1541 NE 33RD ST
NICOLAS, MICHELUS (Voter ID number 114874861).
NICOLAS, NANCY (Voter ID number 102356855).
NICOLAS, OLGA (Voter ID number 101529127).

1541 NE 34TH ST
CARBONELL, PRISCILLA Denisse (Voter ID number 102373363).
CARBONELL, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 102295321).

1541 NE 34TH CT
RIDGEWAY, SUSAN Mary (Voter ID number 101508397).
RIDGWAY, PATRICK D. (Voter ID number 101508398).

1541 NE 35TH ST
DONAHUE, JANEL Lynn (Voter ID number 101899100).
DONAHUE, JEANETTE C. (Voter ID number 101269690).
DONAHUE, JOHN F. (Voter ID number 101310065).
DONAHUE, JUSTIN Joseph (Voter ID number 116160560).

1541 NE 39TH ST
GARCIA, FERNANDA (Voter ID number 119497544).
GARCIA, SAYYEDA Treesha (Voter ID number 119900553).
DUNN, ELIZABETH P. (Voter ID number 101595172).
GARCIA, ARNALDO (Voter ID number 114665681).
GARCIA, ARNOLD (Voter ID number 116188683).

1541 NE 42ND CT
ARONSON, CHOLI L. (Voter ID number 102497390).
ARONSON, NOEL F. (Voter ID number 101625110).

1541 NE 42ND ST
DACUNHA, HUMBERTO P. (Voter ID number 102191729).

1541 NE 43RD CT
DEVOL, DONALD Glenn (Voter ID number 102476913).

1541 NE 43RD ST
MARTIN, BURNSIDE Eastman (Voter ID number 101215107).

1542 NE 28TH CT
MONEGRO, JEREMY Senen (Voter ID number 121201489).
MONEGRO, DELIO Rafael (Voter ID number 102075467).
MONEGRO, JANET (Voter ID number 102075318).
SOTO, MARK A. (Voter ID number 101941583).

1542 NW 45TH ST
WORTHY, LATASHA L. (Voter ID number 120197928).

1543 NE 28TH CT
EGNER, DONNA L. (Voter ID number 120345630).

1544 NE 30TH ST
LEONETTI, ROSEMARY A. (Voter ID number 116359775).
STREETER, RONNIE (Voter ID number 101848423).

1544 NW 45TH ST
LITTLEJOHN, AMENIKA K. (Voter ID number 102370805).

1545 NE 30TH ST
SHERIDAN, HUGH (Voter ID number 101576404).
SHERIDAN, ROBBIE D. (Voter ID number 101576405).

1546 NE 53RD CT
DORNEVIL, TONICE S. (Voter ID number 120797152).

1546 NW 45TH ST
FLEURANVIL, EBONY Lakendra (Voter ID number 102124667).

1547 NE 51ST ST
FREDERICK, SHIRLEY E. (Voter ID number 101207965).
FREDERICK, STANLEY J. (Voter ID number 101207973).

1548 NE 27TH CT
DANN, JUSTIN M. (Voter ID number 120021386).
DANN, JULIET P. (Voter ID number 101780944).
DANN, MICHAEL F. (Voter ID number 102521790).

1548 NE 27TH ST
AVERILL, CHRISTOPHER D. (Voter ID number 115935425).

1548 NE 29TH ST
CHAMBERLAIN, JEREMY Joseph (Voter ID number 117523841).

1548 NE 30TH CT
LOUIS, BARBARA Marie (Voter ID number 101917898).
MARCELIN, FRESNEL (Voter ID number 102205378).
SILAS, MARIDA Jean-Jacques (Voter ID number 101852300).
SILAS, ROCHENEL Luc (Voter ID number 101852307).

1548 NE 51ST CT
FORGIONE, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 115411863).

1548 NE 54TH ST
ESCOBAR, KATHERINE Magena (Voter ID number 120717709).
SMITH, KIM Helen (Voter ID number 101574882).

1549 NE 26TH CT
DE LALLA, ANGELA K. (Voter ID number 116164517).
DE LALLA, FRANK M. (Voter ID number 101408249).
DE LALLA, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 101849322).

1549 NE 27TH CT
TABOR, BEVERLEY P. (Voter ID number 118350233).

1549 NE 27TH ST
CREEL, MICHELLE Leigh (Voter ID number 121166161).
WILKE, MICHAEL Peter (Voter ID number 101984729).

1549 NE 28TH ST
LEUNG, FU L. (Voter ID number 102140187).

1549 NE 29TH ST
MC DONOUGH, MARY Megan (Voter ID number 101804291).

1549 NE 30TH CT
EVANS, MILDRED C. (Voter ID number 101359444).
GRIMES, JAMES Oliver (Voter ID number 101719579).
GRIMES, MARGARET L. (Voter ID number 101339423).
GRIMES, MATTHEW J. (Voter ID number 102370195).

1549 NE 48TH ST
DAMIANO, ANTHONY S. (Voter ID number 102296448).
DAMIANO, VINCENT (Voter ID number 102290318).

1550 NE 32ND CT
LITWIN, JO ELLEN H. (Voter ID number 102087359).
LITWIN, KYLE (Voter ID number 117043401).

1550 NE 32ND ST
BUECHLER, GEORGE W. (Voter ID number 102225823).

1550 NE 33RD ST
JONES, LAURA L. (Voter ID number 101576261).

1550 NE 42ND CT
GRAFF, ALICIA Renee (Voter ID number 102521695).

1550 NE 43RD CT
LA FLEUR, EDRICE (Voter ID number 120431405).
SMITH, GINA Ann (Voter ID number 117693421).

1550 NE 43RD ST
CARTER, CHELSEA Ann (Voter ID number 116919981).
CARTER, HOWARD D. (Voter ID number 101558671).
CARTER, LISA M. (Voter ID number 101558670).

1550 NE 44TH ST
WALLACE, JAMES Baker (Voter ID number 102498836).
WALLACE, MARY D. (Voter ID number 102434607).

1550 NE 47TH CT
MURPHY, PATRICK W. (Voter ID number 101417822).
MURPHY, SEAN Patrick (Voter ID number 102509620).

1550 NE 47TH ST
EK, GLENN Thomas (Voter ID number 101483636).

1550 NE 48TH ST
GRAHAM, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 121135332).
LOVE, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 101391213).
LOVE, CHRIS A. (Voter ID number 101436250).

1550 NW 48TH PL
BREESE, JOAN L. (Voter ID number 101869579).
SHEILS, TRACY P. (Voter ID number 101869678).

1551 NE 31ST CT
WISHER, LEDIS (Voter ID number 120520352).

1551 NE 32ND ST
ALBA, DEANNA M. (Voter ID number 120320138).

1551 NE 32ND CT
CHRISTIAN, WINSTON D. (Voter ID number 102110087).
PASS, JEFFERY B. (Voter ID number 101475019).

1551 NE 32ND ST
ALBA, BERNIECE A. (Voter ID number 101284001).
KELLER, KATHY A. (Voter ID number 101389830).

1551 NE 42ND ST
RIVERA, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 101976208).
RIVERA, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 102389056).

1551 NE 44TH ST
ENGEL, MARLEEN (Voter ID number 101926345).
IMBROGAO, PAUL (Voter ID number 102013502).

1551 NE 47TH CT
COLLIER, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 114054360).

1551 NE 47TH ST
HAGEN, DAWN Marie (Voter ID number 115311127).
CHEMA, CARL Duane (Voter ID number 115311181).

1557 NE 26TH CT
HILLEMAN, KURT D. (Voter ID number 101593438).
THUMM-HILLEMAN, PAULA M. (Voter ID number 101593951).

1557 NE 28TH CT
ALBA, TINA L. (Voter ID number 101515079).
ELLIS, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 101535634).
EVANS, VICKI A. (Voter ID number 101483621).

1558 NE 30TH ST
KESHEK, MAHMOUD (Voter ID number 102233905).
ZARREII, ZAHRA H. (Voter ID number 102411816).

1559 NE 30TH ST
GROARKE, ANN T. (Voter ID number 101755819).
RITTER, FLORENCE M. (Voter ID number 102162877).

156 NW 51ST ST
WHELTON, JOHN K. (Voter ID number 101881788).

1560 NE 27TH CT
SANTIAGO, DEBRA K. (Voter ID number 101392167).
SANTIAGO, MATTHEW Geraldo (Voter ID number 117989397).
SANTIAGO, MELISSA J. (Voter ID number 102375445).

1560 NE 28TH ST
RAMOS, DANIEL (Voter ID number 101485969).

1560 NE 29TH ST
CALARCO, DIANE L. (Voter ID number 101418482).

1560 NE 31ST ST
HUDAK, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number 102508748).
PALOMBO, D Claudia (Voter ID number 101484543).

1560 NE 32ND CT
CELASUN, EMEL Banu (Voter ID number 119067633).

1560 NE 32ND PL
CARDOSO, VAL (Voter ID number 115539288).

1560 NE 32ND ST
SURTI, HANSAL A. (Voter ID number 101621996).

1560 NE 33RD ST
VALENCIA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 101746500).
EVANGELISTA, ERIKA Corrine (Voter ID number 101973429).

1560 NE 42ND CT
STEELE, BRADLEY E. (Voter ID number 118565411).

1560 NE 42ND ST
CARRION, JESSICA Marie (Voter ID number 114753554).
ESCAMILLA, BILLIE Jo (Voter ID number 102095527).
LAMPLEY, BARBARA C. (Voter ID number 101505079).

1560 NE 43RD ST
COLON, THERESA (Voter ID number 120687678).

1560 NE 44TH ST
ARTIS, DANIELLE Denise (Voter ID number 102403877).

1560 NE 47TH CT
JARAMILLO, TIFFANY Marie (Voter ID number 110074051).

1560 NE 48TH CT
FERGUSON, RONDA (Voter ID number 101686774).

1560 NE 48TH ST
CURRIE, MICHAELA A. (Voter ID number 101235960).

1561 NE 26TH CT
LAUG, RACHEL Danielle (Voter ID number 119405558).
HUNTER, SENOPHA Isiah (Voter ID number 113941769).

1561 NE 27TH ST
CANJURA, EDWIN C. (Voter ID number 102220047).

1561 NE 27TH CT
ASIA, JANE E. (Voter ID number 101497337).
ASIA, BENIGNO (Voter ID number 101497336).

1561 NE 27TH ST
FULOP, HEATHER Lee (Voter ID number 116852880).

1561 NE 28TH ST
GELSKE, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 101456236).
HOLLAND, EVELYN M. (Voter ID number 102085237).
HOLLAND, TROY W. (Voter ID number 101491031).
KEYSER, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101587608).

1561 NE 31ST ST
LOUIS, MICHELENE (Voter ID number 119027912).

1561 NE 31ST CT
COLVIN, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 101446248).
FINGER, ROBERT Joseph (Voter ID number 101836416).

1561 NE 31ST ST
LOUIS, LUC (Voter ID number 101869684).

1561 NE 32ND ST
SMITH, STEPHANIE Lee (Voter ID number 101586567).

1561 NE 32ND CT
FEDELE, VINCENT Michael (Voter ID number 101792782).

1561 NE 32ND ST
WALKER, JUDY (Voter ID number 102408636).

1561 NE 39TH ST
FURDON, ELAINE A. (Voter ID number 102252111).
FURDON, JAMES J. (Voter ID number 101855181).

1561 NE 42ND ST
SOWA, ALBERT T. (Voter ID number 102034774).

1561 NE 43RD ST
MURPHY, ARTHUR Robert (Voter ID number 117727723).

1561 NE 43RD CT
RIVERON, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 101730537).
WULINSKI, EDWARD C. (Voter ID number 101406992).

1561 NE 44TH ST
MESSINA, FRANK Walter (Voter ID number 102510942).
CARPENITO, JOHN Mark (Voter ID number 120657560).
MARTINS, CYNTHIA S. (Voter ID number 118007964).
OLIVEIRA, JONATHAN M. (Voter ID number 118125220).
OLIVEIRA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 115810569).

1561 NE 46TH ST
SOTO, TEDDYLEE (Voter ID number 116015332).
SOTO, LAURA Ann (Voter ID number 102330275).
STAMBAUGH, RODGER E. (Voter ID number 101621013).

1562 NE 30TH CT
RUSSELL, PAULA Jane (Voter ID number 101382371).
TERHUNE, BEVERLY A. (Voter ID number 101452626).
TERHUNE, KEITH M. (Voter ID number 101915325).
TERHUNE, SIOBHAN Marie (Voter ID number 118055256).

1562 NE 53RD CT
FAULDS, THOMAS B. (Voter ID number 101493919).

1563 NE 28TH ST
RAMOS, ANGEL M. (Voter ID number 101856943).

1564 NE 51ST CT
VAN-HEEST, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 112522121).

1565 NE 48TH ST
CARLSON, BETSABE (Voter ID number 114025966).
CARLSON, GARY S. (Voter ID number 102010193).

1565 NE 53RD ST
KENT, DOMONIQUE L. (Voter ID number 120194782).

1565 NE 53RD CT
GUARINO, JAMES (Voter ID number 114702014).

1566 1/2 NE 33RD ST
ZIMMERMANN, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 117652905).

1570 NE 28TH CT
COUSINO, CHARLENE Danielle (Voter ID number 120097235).
COUSINO, JUSTIN Martin (Voter ID number 119444700).

1570 NE 43RD CT
FERNAND, FORTULIEN (Voter ID number 118646148).
FERNAND, WISLET (Voter ID number 119767691).
FERNAND, MARIANIE (Voter ID number 116489046).
FERNAND, WISLY K. (Voter ID number 102374110).

1570 NE 43RD ST
SIMMONS, PERRY Ray (Voter ID number 101547932).

1570 NE 44TH ST
KOWALSKI, BETTY A. (Voter ID number 101708323).

1570 NE 47TH ST
LASSERRA, EDGAR (Voter ID number 115917609).
LASSERRA, ELIESER (Voter ID number 120090215).

1570 NE 47TH CT
MARVIN, CHARLA M. (Voter ID number 101757098).
MARVIN, DONALD J. (Voter ID number 101757096).

1570 NE 47TH ST
LASSERRA, ELIEZER De Jesus (Voter ID number 116250793).
LASSERRA, ELSA Lina (Voter ID number 115023542).
SIMMONS, JOE L. (Voter ID number 101818932).

1570 NE 48TH ST
SCHALLER, LINDA Ann (Voter ID number 114335832).
CUTILLO, FRANK Anthony (Voter ID number 111895059).
TOWLE, LEE W. (Voter ID number 101620252).
HINKLE, JESS Wade (Voter ID number 101858754).

1571 NE 28TH CT
HORNE, CHERYL (Voter ID number 101456158).

1571 NE 42ND ST
SKUPIEN, ELIZABETH S. (Voter ID number 101628292).
TAYLOR, CHADWICK J. (Voter ID number 102427285).

1571 NE 43RD ST
BERNDT, MARTIN F. (Voter ID number 101618718).

1571 NE 43RD CT
FRUGE, JACQUELYN Ann (Voter ID number 101709526).

1571 NE 43RD ST
SMITH, NATALIE M. (Voter ID number 102371269).
CASELLE, MICHAEL B. (Voter ID number 112025858).

1571 NE 44TH ST
DOBBS, DENISE M. (Voter ID number 101606257).
DOBBS, GEORGE F. (Voter ID number 116360704).

1571 NE 46TH ST
ERICKSON, MELISSA J. (Voter ID number 119405714).

1571 NE 47TH ST
REMBERT, PATRICE Danile (Voter ID number 116944358).

1571 NE 47TH CT
BOUCICAUT, FABIOLA (Voter ID number 102236740).
HOGAN, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 102039481).
LEDOUX, JEAN R. (Voter ID number 119254483).
QUETTANT, MIMOSE J. (Voter ID number 102241464).

1572 NE 27TH ST
IDIAQUEZ, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number 114479832).

1572 NE 27TH CT
MC CULLOUGH, LYNN A. (Voter ID number 101479825).

1572 NE 27TH ST
MC CORMACH, SHIRLENA (Voter ID number 101724269).

1572 NE 28TH ST
GLICK, JAYSON N. (Voter ID number 111793845).

1572 NE 29TH ST
HORBERT, STEVEN J. (Voter ID number 101301365).

1572 NE 30TH CT
TILLMAN, CORINNE P. (Voter ID number 114769486).

1572 NE 30TH ST
DEL SPINA, CHRISTOPHER John (Voter ID number 101894477).

1572 NE 30TH CT
BOUDREAU, EMERY J. (Voter ID number 101214798).
BOUDREAU, LORETTA C. (Voter ID number 101214799).
TILLMAN, SCOTT Timothy (Voter ID number 102148714).

1572 NE 30TH ST
FORDE, CAROL S. (Voter ID number 102370959).

1572 NE 31ST CT
MOYER, RYAN M. (Voter ID number 102126503).
GIATTINO, LORI Ann (Voter ID number 118229600).
MARKLE, ALEXIS Marie (Voter ID number 120621542).

1573 NE 27TH CT
ANDERSON, SHERELL W. (Voter ID number 102458929).

1573 NE 28TH ST
BRENT, BRANDI Lynn (Voter ID number 116098899).
GRAY, CAROLYN C. (Voter ID number 101251761).
LOCKE, LOY D. (Voter ID number 102510461).

1573 NE 29TH ST
AYALA, VILMA I. (Voter ID number 101420227).
CAMPBELL, DUNCAN B. (Voter ID number 101250746).

1573 NE 30TH CT
RARICK, THOMAS F. (Voter ID number 118323697).
BATCHELDER, ANN A. (Voter ID number 101566763).

1573 NE 30TH ST
BERNABE, JIM A. (Voter ID number 102124025).
PENA, ELEEN R. (Voter ID number 102124024).

1573 NE 31ST ST
PODMOKLY, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 114323939).
PODMOKLY, JULIE D. (Voter ID number 101953133).

1577 NE 53RD ST
DIAZ, RHONDA L. (Voter ID number 116991171).

1578 NE 53RD CT
MOORE, ROSE (Voter ID number 101466661).

1579 NE 51ST ST
WIGGINS, DARYL Jabar (Voter ID number 102113410).
MAJOR, CLARENCE (Voter ID number 118964738).
MAJOR, JACQUELYN L. (Voter ID number 102041669).

1580 NE 43RD CT
HACK, SANDRA Allene (Voter ID number 114903031).

1580 NE 51ST CT
PENEV, GECO Petrov (Voter ID number 114928856).

1580 NE 54TH ST
CHERRY, ANDREW Phillip (Voter ID number 117440420).

1581 NE 42ND ST
CAMPBELL, KEMAIN Wesley Kenardo (Voter ID number 102396114).
CLARKE, DONALD A. (Voter ID number 102505443).
HEWLING, LORAINE M. (Voter ID number 101786906).
HEWLING, TYVON Ofuetey (Voter ID number 119135444).
KUHEN, CAROLINE Anne (Voter ID number 101767404).

1581 NE 43RD CT
NUPP, JERI L. (Voter ID number 101944681).

1581 NE 48TH ST
SIMMONDS, JOSHUA Arnold (Voter ID number 116207941).

1581 NE 53RD CT
BAYLESS, GALE Duane (Voter ID number 102072392).
FEDERICI, SHAWNA M. (Voter ID number 102245000).
FEDERICI, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 102244982).

1584 NE 27TH CT
SENECA, ANTON J. (Voter ID number 101694155).

1584 NE 27TH ST
CARUSO, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 101915319).
CARUSO, PASQUALENA (Voter ID number 101327995).

1584 NE 28TH ST
PARKER, MICHAEL Wayne (Voter ID number 102195377).

1584 NE 30TH CT
WRENN, THERESA Marie (Voter ID number 120734993).
BOVA, EDMOND P. (Voter ID number 117621894).
BOVA, LANDI J. (Voter ID number 117621896).
BOVA, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 117755920).

1584 NE 31ST CT
BOWEN, MARK W. (Voter ID number 101419713).

1584 NE 31ST ST
ROBERTS, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 101810770).

1584 NE 31ST CT
MORGAN, MARY Ford (Voter ID number 101936349).

1584 NE 31ST ST
ROBERTS, BEVERLY C. (Voter ID number 101804465).
ROBERTS, DALE D. (Voter ID number 101769211).

1585 NE 26TH CT
YEARY, MARY Jo (Voter ID number 101952745).
YEARY, MICHAEL N. (Voter ID number 101954078).

1585 NE 28TH CT
ROBERTS, THOMAS William (Voter ID number 101588238).

1585 NE 30TH CT
VILLALON, CHERYL Lynn (Voter ID number 102253584).

1585 NE 31ST ST
SILER, JENNA N. (Voter ID number 102210704).
RHEAUME, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 102328609).
SCARR, TODD A. (Voter ID number 102124898).

1586 NE 30TH ST
CACACE, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101747096).

1587 NE 30TH ST
HYLTON, DANIEL Claude Keith (Voter ID number 120830503).

1590 NE 43RD CT
ADAMS, DIANE M. (Voter ID number 119743198).

1591 NE 39TH ST
ALLEN, AARON B. (Voter ID number 119573945).
MERRIMAN, CRYSTAL Gale (Voter ID number 101917534).
MERRIMAN, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 101877779).

1594 NE 43RD CT
ALLAN, NEMORIN (Voter ID number 120623583).
JACQUES, ANNE MARIE (Voter ID number 120909429).

1594 NE 43RD ST
MC CLELLAN, AMY Leigh (Voter ID number 101553515).

1594 NE 53RD CT
MARCELIN, EMMANUEL M. (Voter ID number 118118855).
MARCELIN, LAURENCIA (Voter ID number 119994186).
MORCELIN, ROSE K. (Voter ID number 118608544).
MARCELIN, MICHELET (Voter ID number 101862220).

1595 NE 51ST ST
STEWART, JASON Andrew (Voter ID number 117054115).
STEWART, BEATRIZ Maria (Voter ID number 102165191).

1596 NE 26TH CT
MERANCHIK, JAY S. (Voter ID number 102080685).

1596 NE 27TH ST
BERNAUER, DAVID R. (Voter ID number 119509558).
GASKILL, BRENTON William (Voter ID number 121076558).
ROUZAR, JOUANEL (Voter ID number 116971489).
ROUZAR, SHNYDER (Voter ID number 119118585).

1596 NE 28TH ST
BURDICK, CINDY L. (Voter ID number 101930376).

1596 NE 43RD CT
HARRIS, JERRY Richard (Voter ID number 101315016).

1596 NE 51ST CT
ABREU, THIAGO M. (Voter ID number 114252584).
ABREU, IRACEMA M. (Voter ID number 102508967).
DE ABREU, WADSON Coura (Voter ID number 102028541).

1597 NE 26TH CT
CARRIE, LORRAINE Marie (Voter ID number 101570985).
CARRIE, SCOTT E. (Voter ID number 101796769).

1597 NE 27TH CT
GARCIA, EDWARD (Voter ID number 101684194).
GARCIA, LAURIE Ann (Voter ID number 101752585).

1597 NE 48TH ST
SHERIDAN, CLARE (Voter ID number 101274027).

1598 NE 43RD CT
COLSON, GLEN (Voter ID number 115027462).

ELLIOTT, LILLIAN (Voter ID number 101344850).
ELLIOTT, KEVIN Garry (Voter ID number 119256758).
MANCINI, DOROTHY A. (Voter ID number 101530570).

WOODS, ALFRED J. (Voter ID number 101515894).

160 NE 25TH CT
LOLL, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 103131780).
MOONEY, MARC William (Voter ID number 102012878).
LANKHEIM, PENELOPE D. (Voter ID number 101539607).

160 NE 26TH ST
ROGAL, KATRINA Joan (Voter ID number 118128533).
ROGAL, LISA C. (Voter ID number 101881019).

160 NE 26TH CT
SANCHEZ, ELSSY Tatiana (Voter ID number 116535754).

160 NE 27TH ST
THEODORE, MYRLANDE (Voter ID number 114575099).

160 NE 31ST ST
AUGUSTE, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 119889137).

160 NE 31ST CT
GODINEZ, KIMBERLEY (Voter ID number 120530897).

160 NE 31ST ST
OXIATUS, OLIUS (Voter ID number 119736029).

160 NE 31ST CT
GODINEZ, KATHY J. (Voter ID number 102172641).

160 NE 31ST ST
AUGUSTE, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 101870921).
AUGUSTE, MARIE Therese (Voter ID number 102094247).

160 NE 35TH ST
YOUNGBLOOD, ANITA Louise (Voter ID number 102508643).

160 NW 24TH CT
ANDRE, JACQUES (Voter ID number 110209728).

160 NW 27TH CT
GONZALEZ, EDDIE (Voter ID number 101380423).
GONZALEZ, ROSAURA (Voter ID number 101380422).

160 NW 27TH ST
ROBINSON, DEBORAH Jean (Voter ID number 102347983).

160 NW 29TH PL
KAMMERER, LAUREN (Voter ID number 114271727).

160 NW 42ND CT
HARTZ, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 101574990).

160 NW 53RD ST
NOETZEL, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 102216349).

REPCZYNSKI, GENEVIEVE B. (Voter ID number 101983765).

1600 NE 32ND CT
POULIN, DENNIS S. (Voter ID number 101415776).

1600 NE 32ND ST
BENCIE, KIMBERLY Luksic (Voter ID number 117298062).

1600 NE 32ND CT
JENSEN, TAINALE B. (Voter ID number 102253119).

1600 NE 32ND PL
CLEGHORN, HORACE M. (Voter ID number 101214325).
LEREU, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 102199406).

1600 NE 32ND ST
BENCIE, BRIAN Michael (Voter ID number 101764929).

1600 NE 33RD CT
FOURNIER, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 118304668).
FOURNIER, PATRICIA E. (Voter ID number 101535528).

1600 NE 33RD ST
BUFFONE, JAMES Louis (Voter ID number 101444279).
SHELDONE, ROBERT Louis (Voter ID number 118195423).

1600 NE 34TH ST
ADAIR, JORDAN Dr (Voter ID number 102458107).
O'BRIEN, TAYLOR Quinn (Voter ID number 119313770).

1600 NE 34TH CT
BLACK, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 117085895).
FERRANTE, PETER Salvatore (Voter ID number 102331941).

1600 NE 39TH ST
LANDERHOLM, C Ryan (Voter ID number 102363484).
LANDERHOLM, CHRISTINE A. (Voter ID number 102034078).

1600 NE 41ST CT
FLEURIMOND, DANIELLE A. (Voter ID number 101905091).
HIPSHER, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number 102491676).

1600 NE 42ND CT
CHIDESTER, SALLY M. (Voter ID number 101426648).

1600 NE 44TH ST
SAMPLE, GENE V. (Voter ID number 101502438).

1600 NE 46TH ST
O'HEARN, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 101234374).

1600 NE 47TH CT
WRIGHT, SARA Lynn (Voter ID number 115704350).
DERBY, CINDERELLA Pyke (Voter ID number 101727061).
DERBY, RICKY S. (Voter ID number 101794623).
PYKE, ARMINA M. (Voter ID number 101432361).

1600 NE 48TH CT
DOS SANTOS, GLORIA Ines (Voter ID number 119245627).
ISRAEL, JAMIE Lee (Voter ID number 102220887).
ISRAEL, MELVIN L. (Voter ID number 102064800).
ISRAEL, PAULA I. (Voter ID number 117157525).

1600 NW 33RD ST
APT 23

WALKER-MOENCH, CONNIE A. (Voter ID number 101740897).

1600 NW 33RD ST

HERNANDEZ, TINMAR (Voter ID number 119785662).

1600 NW 33RD ST

GODVIA, CHRISTIE Zara (Voter ID number 101446505).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 64

HERNANDEZ, MASSIEL N. (Voter ID number 118792855).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 112

COUSENS, PAUL John (Voter ID number 120681726).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 63

MEDINA, ALEXANDER Demetrius (Voter ID number 119586685).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 83 A

FLORES, TERESA Dayranel (Voter ID number 120700899).

1600 NW 33RD ST
APT 56

JONES, CHERYL Jacoby (Voter ID number 115863633).

1600 NW 33RD ST
APT 78

O'NEAL, ROOSEVELT W. (Voter ID number 112117451).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 103

DORT, ZACHARIAH Edward (Voter ID number 117664977).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 16

WILLIAMS, NICOLE Shantel (Voter ID number 121335583).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 22

INDELICATO, KELLY Jo (Voter ID number 101889395).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 47

MENDEZ DURAN, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 116933359).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 58

GONZALES, EDNA (Voter ID number 119478208).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 66

DELCID, SANDRA Evette (Voter ID number 112668120).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 104

CONTRERAS, EDIT Morales (Voter ID number 102286599).

1600 NW 33RD ST
NOYOLA, RUBIALIA (Voter ID number 120826389).
VELIZ, WENDY E. (Voter ID number 120463569).

1600 NW 33RD ST
APT 23

THEOPHILE, EVNA (Voter ID number 120308072).

1600 NW 33RD ST
APT 48

RIVERA-VEGA, AYSHEA M. (Voter ID number 102513813).

1600 NW 33RD ST

DELGADO, LILIANA (Voter ID number 120797907).

1600 NW 33RD ST
APT 83 A

NOYOLA, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 120230849).

1600 NW 33RD ST

HONEY, KAREN Lee (Voter ID number 119427605).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 10

MORRISON, GREGG (Voter ID number 120400188).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 104

KAMINSKY, JENNIFER George (Voter ID number 102787381).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 111

PEREIRA, JOHANNY (Voter ID number 119116191).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 27

PERALES, DANIEL Romero (Voter ID number 121149676).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 47

MENDEZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 121231763).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 48

DEL VALLE QUINONES, LUIS (Voter ID number 120051180).
RIVERA, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 102071530).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 51

GRANDEZ, ROSA N. (Voter ID number 121230954).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 60

HONAKER, LATISHA (Voter ID number 119750568).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 63

PEREZ, BLANCA Griselle (Voter ID number 120930594).
SUAREZ QUINONES, LUZ Esther (Voter ID number 120082135).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 79

BELANGER, DAWN Marie (Voter ID number 102016391).

1600 NW 33RD ST

MARINOS, FIORELLA S. (Voter ID number 121231037).

1600 NW 33RD ST
TAYLOR, MELISSA A. (Voter ID number 101550596).

1600 NW 33RD ST
APT 55

SMITH, CARY W. (Voter ID number 114181961).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 45

NEDROW, DENNIS James (Voter ID number 102478268).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 63

MEDINA, GISELLE (Voter ID number 101959809).

1600 NW 33RD ST
ALMEIDA, ASHLEY Danielle (Voter ID number 101982722).
ANDERSON, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 102008703).
BELL, DONNA (Voter ID number 102175357).
COFFEY, MARY Bauch (Voter ID number 101823708).
FELT, DOUGLAS E. (Voter ID number 101851099).
GING, SANDRA D. (Voter ID number 101488015).
HAMILTON, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 102256441).
JOHNSON, EVERETT R. (Voter ID number 101420686).
JONES, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 102406986).
LEPRIOL, BRENDA L. (Voter ID number 102468610).
PAGAN, ADOLFO (Voter ID number 102007070).
PAGAN, AWILDA (Voter ID number 102007072).
PEREZ, JEANETTE (Voter ID number 101968342).
POWERS, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 101742087).
STOLT, TRISTINE (Voter ID number 116598355).
SYLVESTER, WENDY J. (Voter ID number 102288979).

1600 NW 33RD ST

HONEY, TRACY L. (Voter ID number 116301660).

1600 NW 33RD ST
APT 10

LOSSING, TAMMIE Sue (Voter ID number 115760200).

1600 NW 33RD ST
APT 103

HATCHER, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 116132530).

1600 NW 33RD ST
APT 28

JOHNSON, JOHNNIE (Voter ID number 102072592).

1600 NW 33RD ST

HERNANDEZ, TINMAL (Voter ID number 114807526).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 24

HARRINGTON, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 116684188).

1600 NW 33RD ST

CRUZ, JESUS R. (Voter ID number 115970092).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 61

SUAREZ QUINONES, IDALIA (Voter ID number 101560252).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 65

CORREIA, EVA D. (Voter ID number 117122350).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 66

BERRIOS ROSARIO, NELSON (Voter ID number 115633942).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 90

QUEZADA, VERONICA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 115998180).

1600 NW 33RD ST
LOT 29

COLON, RAUL A. (Voter ID number 101832377).

1600 NW 48TH PL
PFLUG, ANDREW William (Voter ID number 102318340).
PFLUG, CORNELUIS N. (Voter ID number 102138313).
PFLUG, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 102034372).

1600 NW 49TH CT
JIMENEZ, EDEL (Voter ID number 114637497).

1600 NW 49TH ST
RICHARDSON, NICOLE T. (Voter ID number 102384173).

1600 NW 49TH CT
BUSTAMANTE, JESSENIA (Voter ID number 117099494).

1600 NW 49TH ST
BRIGHTMAN, JEANETTE (Voter ID number 102356285).

1601 NE 31ST CT
ABOUMRAD, ARTHUR George (Voter ID number 101684338).

1601 NE 32ND ST
HURT, MATTHEW Robert (Voter ID number 102233139).
BARRETT-HURT, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 102460600).

1601 NE 32ND CT
LIMANDRI, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 101603249).
LIMANDRI, MICHAEL W. (Voter ID number 102365366).

1601 NE 32ND PL
ERIKSON, GARY E. (Voter ID number 101521353).
HAAS, WILLIAM L. (Voter ID number 102460074).

1601 NE 32ND ST
KILGORE, CLINT A. (Voter ID number 102453447).
KILGORE, LOWELL Gene (Voter ID number 101813488).

1601 NE 33RD ST
FITZPATRICK, SARAH (Voter ID number 116390434).
FITZPATRICK MCGIRR, MARY Katherine (Voter ID number 121155229).

1601 NE 33RD CT
CHRISTIAN, MARY S. (Voter ID number 101208047).

1601 NE 33RD ST
PIERRE, IROLDA Terlien (Voter ID number 116235425).
WILNER, TERLIEN (Voter ID number 116432497).

1601 NE 34TH CT
WILLIAMS, JAMES Patrick (Voter ID number 101629818).

1601 NE 35TH ST
CORDERO, MATILDE A. (Voter ID number 101931063).
CORDERO, VICTOR E. (Voter ID number 101465100).

1601 NE 39TH ST
BRAGA, FRANCISCO Antonio (Voter ID number 118898797).
BRAGA, VANESSA Barrett (Voter ID number 114199137).

1601 NE 41ST CT
OCAMPO SKAGGS, DOLORES Gleceria (Voter ID number 101912243).
THOMPSON, PAUL (Voter ID number 116702851).
WARE, DIANE (Voter ID number 117297985).

1601 NE 43RD CT
MILLER, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number 101439863).
MILLER, REBECCA (Voter ID number 101717694).

1601 NE 44TH ST
ETIENNE, ADJANIE (Voter ID number 119597565).
FULLER, BETTY E. (Voter ID number 101296073).

1601 NE 46TH ST
GRADWELL, TODD A. (Voter ID number 101697359).
BANKS, TERRI Gradwell (Voter ID number 101840445).

1601 NE 47TH CT
BUBEL, THOMAS (Voter ID number 101356512).

1601 NE 47TH ST
DOUGLAS, DEVON M. (Voter ID number 119578640).
DOUGLAS, DENISE (Voter ID number 102272717).
DOUGLAS, J Mark (Voter ID number 101491720).

1601 NE 48TH ST
RILEY, MICHAEL Ralph (Voter ID number 118062733).

1601 NW 48TH PL
ESPER, GENE M. (Voter ID number 112553496).
ESPER, KIMBERLY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102518879).
DEJESUS, EVANDRO F. (Voter ID number 114752889).

1609 NE 28TH ST
CASTILLO, CARLOS Alfredo (Voter ID number 114846535).

1609 NE 48TH CT
PRICE, LORI Ann (Voter ID number 102243581).

161 NE 24TH ST
MARZZARELLA, MARK A. (Voter ID number 102070901).

161 NE 25TH CT
SALOMON, LISSA (Voter ID number 120228466).

161 NE 25TH ST
HICKS, THOMAS Clarence (Voter ID number 102242815).

161 NE 25TH CT
SALOMON, DACELINE (Voter ID number 115607966).

161 NE 25TH ST
FONG, AMY (Voter ID number 101687221).
FONG, SHEK Yiu (Voter ID number 101687222).
JOSEPH, SHARICKA Georgiana (Voter ID number 118962680).

161 NE 26TH ST
WATKINS, JOSHUA Daniel (Voter ID number 119583932).
WATKINS, ELAINE (Voter ID number 102027383).

161 NE 30TH CT
FRANCIS, INIGO F. (Voter ID number 101904865).
NOZIERE, ANTONINE (Voter ID number 116024283).
NOZIERE, MARIE Therese (Voter ID number 102224963).

161 NW 24TH CT
JACKSON, KATHRYN B. (Voter ID number 101887443).

161 NW 25TH CT
TERRY, LA VERNE D. (Voter ID number 101652145).

161 NW 27TH ST
BONDIN, MARYANN (Voter ID number 104188836).

161 NW 27TH CT
BREWER, DONALD A. (Voter ID number 101971686).

161 NW 29TH PL
RIVERA, MARY Lou (Voter ID number 116439785).

161 NW 29TH CT
CHANOWSKI, BARRIE M. (Voter ID number 101329391).

161 NW 29TH PL
KEEL, HELEN J. (Voter ID number 102023700).

161 NW 44TH ST
NUNEZ, JULIO E. (Voter ID number 109992771).

161 NW 51ST ST
ANDERSON, BERNARD Robert (Voter ID number 101317710).
ANDERSON, HOLLY Clark (Voter ID number 101218823).

1610 NE 32ND CT
BOUCHARD, JASON Joseph (Voter ID number 116886822).

1610 NE 32ND PL
HERRICK, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 120593248).

1610 NE 32ND CT
WILLIAMS, RANDALL W. (Voter ID number 101529687).
WILLIAMS, NICOLE Renee (Voter ID number 102146879).

1610 NE 32ND PL
HERRICK, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 101373168).
HERRICK, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 101473433).

1610 NE 32ND ST
SATAWA, JOAN E. (Voter ID number 102289286).
SATAWA, DANIEL G. (Voter ID number 102291765).

1610 NE 33RD CT
VIEXAMA, CLARK (Voter ID number 120327389).

1610 NE 33RD CT
APT 165

VIEXAMA, JOSEPH Sainphano (Voter ID number 102001749).

1610 NE 33RD ST
SAINVAL, MARIE Yolanda (Voter ID number 121237111).

1610 NE 33RD CT
DI NENNA, CHRISTOPHER Paul (Voter ID number 101414167).
DI NENNA, JUTTA A. (Voter ID number 101329136).
LENESCA, MARIE L. (Voter ID number 114717821).

1610 NE 33RD ST
CELESTIN, ELGATHE (Voter ID number 102485332).
WEISS, DONNA Rae (Voter ID number 101952131).

1610 NE 34TH ST
CIARLO, ARIANNE (Voter ID number 101607324).

1610 NE 35TH ST
NAYMIK, REGINA M. (Voter ID number 115400572).

1610 NE 41ST CT
CASTANEDA, DIEGO A. (Voter ID number 102209964).
GIBBS, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number 101232101).

1610 NE 42ND CT
SANDOVAL, KRIZIA Sariel (Voter ID number 118585322).

1610 NE 44TH ST
MITCHELL, RAYMOND E. (Voter ID number 101322792).

1610 NE 46TH ST
RAAB, URSULA A. (Voter ID number 101787537).

1610 NE 47TH ST
GODDETTE, NICOLE Kristen (Voter ID number 118152744).
KNAPP, RYAN C. (Voter ID number 120728188).
RUPPEL, JAMES Francis (Voter ID number 118115613).

1610 NE 47TH CT
FILS, MARY Eileen (Voter ID number 102442375).
ROCKETT, PAMELA G. (Voter ID number 101705512).

1610 NW 48TH PL
WEST, JAMES Leon (Voter ID number 101649946).
WEST, LESLIE Ann (Voter ID number 112078415).
PASCARELLI, ANN (Voter ID number 101556826).

1610 NW 49TH ST
CHAPMAN, JODI D. (Voter ID number 114817810).

1611 NE 32ND CT
FETCHER, MARK David (Voter ID number 115501975).
RYBALTOWSKA, IWONA (Voter ID number 120592539).
JAKUBOWSKI, MARK (Voter ID number 102196035).

1611 NE 32ND PL
JEAN BAPTISTE, JOEL (Voter ID number 102171097).

1611 NE 33RD ST
GONZALEZ, CARMEN (Voter ID number 102516138).

1611 NE 33RD CT
DORCELY, JEAN E. (Voter ID number 119036729).
DORCELY, CELENA (Voter ID number 115685898).

1611 NE 33RD ST
ORTEGA, LOURDES (Voter ID number 117515890).
VEGA, NANCY B. (Voter ID number 101625611).

1611 NE 39TH ST
VICTOR, HUGO (Voter ID number 120802417).
MALONEY, GAYLE A. (Voter ID number 102016183).

1611 NE 42ND CT
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS J. (Voter ID number 101246732).
ALVA, ROSE Ann (Voter ID number 102196979).
RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL P. (Voter ID number 101539626).

1611 NE 44TH ST
MORRISON, STEPHANIE L. (Voter ID number 102268812).

1611 NE 46TH ST
DALEY, GWENDOLYN E. (Voter ID number 102385962).

1611 NE 47TH CT
JOHN, MATTHEW D. (Voter ID number 119553487).
JOHN, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 116273871).
JOHN, DONNA Lynn (Voter ID number 102365316).
JOHN, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 101373122).

1611 NE 47TH ST
MAC DONALD, DANIEL T. (Voter ID number 101592688).

1611 NW 48TH PL
DAVIS, TODD Lee (Voter ID number 111965945).

1611 NW 49TH ST
HURST, JEANNE (Voter ID number 101221263).

1612 NE 29TH ST
PEREZ, FALLON C. (Voter ID number 117120474).
RODRIGUEZ PADILLA, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 102517525).
RODRIGUEZ, ANNA (Voter ID number 101845147).
RODRIGUEZ, ERIC Angelo (Voter ID number 102336612).

1612 NE 30TH CT
BRUNDZA, AARON Paul (Voter ID number 101953127).
BRUNDZA, CONNIE A. (Voter ID number 101412764).
BRUNDZA, ROBERT Paul (Voter ID number 101390301).

1612 NE 31ST CT
CAPPATT, KRISTINA L. (Voter ID number 119488907).
MC GARRY, LINDA Diane (Voter ID number 102291331).

1612 NE 31ST ST
CRUZ DAVILA, VALENTIN (Voter ID number 117651066).
LOPEZ DIAZ, ANA (Voter ID number 118656087).

1612 NE 48TH CT
PEREZ, JOSE Juan (Voter ID number 110321300).
COOK, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number 116914848).

1613 NE 31ST ST
TAGGART, DORIS Louise (Voter ID number 101684158).
TAGGART, LARRY J. (Voter ID number 101684159).

1614 NE 28TH CT
WEAVER, COLLEEN Keane (Voter ID number 101684312).
WEAVER, MICHAEL F. (Voter ID number 101641760).

1615 NE 28TH CT
FISCHER, KYLEE Lorene (Voter ID number 116479887).

1615 NE 51ST ST
ERENSTOFT, BRADLEY Steven (Voter ID number 117549178).

1615 NE 53RD ST
LEONARD, STEPHEN John (Voter ID number 119083962).

1616 NE 30TH ST
COHEN, ZACH J. (Voter ID number 120198460).
COVINGTON, WENDY Lynn (Voter ID number 105458077).
PICCONE, JASON Ernest (Voter ID number 114752762).

1616 NE 51ST CT
POULTON, MOHAN (Voter ID number 118610811).
BUNDGAARD, ANDERS A. (Voter ID number 101944383).

1617 NE 28TH ST
PULIDO, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 119075010).

1617 NE 30TH ST
LIESENFELT, GEORGE (Voter ID number 101685651).

1617 NE 48TH ST
KEENER, JOHN Arthur (Voter ID number 102360088).

1617 NE 53RD CT
NORIEGA, JAIME J. (Voter ID number 102230688).
NORIGA, ALECIA (Voter ID number 102248600).

1618 NE 39TH ST
PENDLEY, ROSANGELA C. (Voter ID number 102159841).

162 NW 51ST ST
FAHNDRICH, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 102334046).
STECKLING, ILEEN W. (Voter ID number 115741962).

162 NW 52ND CT
SULLIVAN, THOMAS James (Voter ID number 114990896).

1620 NE 32ND CT
MONDRAGON, MARITZA N. (Voter ID number 118295388).

1620 NE 32ND PL
JEAN BAPTISTE, NERLANDE (Voter ID number 115472914).
JEAN BAPTISTE, ROULDY (Voter ID number 118900386).
JEAN-BAPTISTE, JOB (Voter ID number 115084566).

1620 NE 32ND CT
MONDRAGON, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 102320335).
MONDRAGON, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 102022661).

1620 NE 32ND ST
SWANSON, CLAUDIA J. (Voter ID number 101386600).

1620 NE 33RD ST
LOPEZ, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 102008032).
MARKEY, GAIL Anne (Voter ID number 112039146).
MARKEY, ROBERT Gerard (Voter ID number 118197685).

1620 NE 34TH CT
CORIC, MARINKO (Voter ID number 101484302).
CORIC, ROSARIO E. (Voter ID number 114571336).

1620 NE 34TH ST
THAKKAR, KEVIN Mahendra (Voter ID number 101944177).

1620 NE 35TH ST
AICARDI, DUILIO Jean Pierre (Voter ID number 114551172).
WILLIAMS, HOPE Marie (Voter ID number 114675847).

1620 NE 42ND CT
EXTERKAMP, DOUGLAS Scott (Voter ID number 101824377).

1620 NE 44TH ST
MARTIN, DONALD A. (Voter ID number 101320218).

1620 NE 46TH ST
DA SILVA, WALTER (Voter ID number 118728242).

1620 NE 47TH ST
UNDZIS, CORAL (Voter ID number 120792933).

1620 NE 47TH CT
PETRUSCHKE, BEVERLY Dillon (Voter ID number 101592433).
MILLER, DIANNE M. (Voter ID number 101929810).

1620 NE 47TH ST
UNDZIS, MARGARET D. (Voter ID number 101512853).
UNDZIS, REENA B. (Voter ID number 101683762).
UNDZIS, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 101397298).

1620 NW 48TH PL
BURTON, BRYAN B. (Voter ID number 116177813).

1620 NW 49TH CT
SAINTIL, JANUS (Voter ID number 101529046).
SAINTIL, ROSE GLLERDA (Voter ID number 120153004).

1620 NW 49TH ST
OLIVAS, HENRY Thomas (Voter ID number 120273333).

1620 NW 49TH CT
COLLIU, JOANNE E. (Voter ID number 101404309).

1621 NE 31ST CT
ASHCROFT, SHIRLEY M. (Voter ID number 101497306).

1621 NE 32ND CT
BOUGARD, HARRY Edmund (Voter ID number 101767041).
BOUGARD, EDMUND N N (Voter ID number 102405782).
BOUGARD, MARGOT (Voter ID number 101443591).

1621 NE 32ND PL
JOHNSON, DENNIS James (Voter ID number 101769102).
JOHNSON, LYNN Marie (Voter ID number 101722037).

1621 NE 33RD CT
RATAICZAK, TYLER Aaron (Voter ID number 121009074).
RATAICZAK, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 102022364).
RATAICZAK, MARK E. (Voter ID number 102023459).

1621 NE 34TH ST
JACKSON, DEONNA Belvadora (Voter ID number 101519415).
JACKSON, JAMES Mathew (Voter ID number 101981454).

1621 NE 34TH CT
DALE, MARGERY L. (Voter ID number 101570851).

1621 NE 35TH ST
ALEXANDER, DANIEL T. (Voter ID number 111751415).
SAVOIE, LAURA G. (Voter ID number 101671229).
GASKIN, DANIELLE S. (Voter ID number 117751721).

1621 NE 42ND CT
CINE, MANIELITA (Voter ID number 120113756).
PROSPERE, BERTHONY (Voter ID number 116650610).

1621 NE 43RD CT
DERRY BRAY, SANDRA Bernice (Voter ID number 119654549).

1621 NE 46TH ST
HARDY, JENNY L. (Voter ID number 101406685).
YATES, LAYTON M. (Voter ID number 102426266).

1621 NE 47TH CT
LALK, JUSTIN Thomas (Voter ID number 120250708).
LALK, JOANNE C. (Voter ID number 102023527).
LALK, RICK D. (Voter ID number 101403671).

1621 NE 47TH ST
MC GILL, ANDREW Thomas (Voter ID number 101832578).

1621 NE 48TH CT
MCKNIGHT, LAURA F. (Voter ID number 116923196).

1621 NW 48TH PL
BROWN THOMPSON, VALARIE Doreen (Voter ID number 119118597).
SHARP, DEBORAH L. (Voter ID number 102512687).

1621 NW 49TH ST
BARNHILL, JAMES F. (Voter ID number 101220347).
BARNHILL, RITA F. (Voter ID number 101220348).

1624 NE 29TH ST
FERENCY, JAISIN Steven (Voter ID number 120957072).

1624 NE 31ST ST
SMITH, MARY Rae (Voter ID number 101424787).
HELTON, CECIL R. (Voter ID number 101370221).

1624 NE 48TH CT
WELCH, JEFFREY A. (Voter ID number 114788398).

1625 NE 29TH ST
HADDAD, SUSAN Lynn (Voter ID number 120948978).
SIMEONE, FRANK J. (Voter ID number 102337409).

1625 NE 30TH CT
HUDSON, CLEO (Voter ID number 120984714).
O'NEIL- NOLASCO, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 119961860).
HUDSON, ROBERT D. (Voter ID number 101687166).

1628 NE 28TH CT
SHEPHERD, SETH O. (Voter ID number 118592174).
MANGONON, FRANCES Stephanie (Voter ID number 119593521).

1629 NE 28TH CT
LUNGA, WAYNE (Voter ID number 121253971).
LYONS, MARY A. (Voter ID number 101706816).

1630 NE 30TH ST
ANGELL, NANCY M. (Voter ID number 101969450).
PROPATIER, BEVERLY A. (Voter ID number 101969449).

1630 NE 32ND CT
FARESE, GERALD Kevin (Voter ID number 118639207).
HAWKINS, PAMELA Ann (Voter ID number 102189950).

1630 NE 33RD ST
AMBROISE, JOVENEL (Voter ID number 116801036).
AMBROISE, RENEL (Voter ID number 120297055).
CHARLES, MILDRENA (Voter ID number 120297154).

1630 NE 33RD CT
LAGUDI, GARY (Voter ID number 116584103).

1630 NE 34TH CT
GIOCONDA, MARIE T. (Voter ID number 101348133).

1630 NE 34TH ST
TILTON, PAMELA Sue (Voter ID number 117404202).
YORDAN, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 101652059).

1630 NE 35TH ST
SULLIVAN, KENNETH W. (Voter ID number 101500846).

1630 NE 42ND CT
MILKOVITIS, PETER S. (Voter ID number 114759718).
MILKOVITS, TERESA M. (Voter ID number 101368472).

1630 NE 44TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, SAN Juana (Voter ID number 101261082).

1630 NE 47TH ST
LAKE, CAROL S. (Voter ID number 102136079).
LAKE, DAVID G. (Voter ID number 101818784).
WEST, CAROL (Voter ID number 101754061).

1630 NW 48TH PL
MEEROFF, MYRNA L. (Voter ID number 101621073).

1630 NW 49TH CT
GALLAGHER, THOMAS P. (Voter ID number 101916975).
RODENHAVER, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 101916912).

1630 NW 49TH ST
HEALY, MARY (Voter ID number 101612284).
HEALY, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 101579899).

1631 NE 30TH ST
PHILBIN, KAREN L. (Voter ID number 101518316).

1631 NE 31ST CT
SANABRIA, KIMBERLY M. (Voter ID number 116333956).
DORE, DEANA (Voter ID number 102319027).
STURM, JAMES (Voter ID number 117307066).

1631 NE 32ND CT
MC CUBBINS, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number 101378764).
MC CUBBINS, STEPHEN Allen (Voter ID number 101946332).

1631 NE 32ND PL
FIERRO, ANGELO (Voter ID number 101494190).

1631 NE 33RD CT
KENNEDY, SHELBY Leigh (Voter ID number 114425723).
KENNEDY, VICTOR Brandon (Voter ID number 117935678).
MENDILLO, HILDRED L. (Voter ID number 101296493).

1631 NE 33RD ST
LOVE, MELISSA V. (Voter ID number 114080409).
LOVE, BRENDA J. (Voter ID number 101436340).
LOVE, LISA Joy (Voter ID number 101897734).
LOVE, MARVIN Joseph (Voter ID number 102224041).
LOVE, MICHAEL Emmanuel (Voter ID number 115161610).
LOVE, VICTOR Lloyd (Voter ID number 101977443).

1631 NE 34TH CT
SHULL, TERRY E. (Voter ID number 101522949).

1631 NE 35TH ST
PEREZ, EDGARDO Rafael (Voter ID number 101742415).

1631 NE 39TH ST
GIBES, JAMES Scott (Voter ID number 101454306).

1631 NE 43RD CT
OROPEZA, HILDA M. (Voter ID number 101640215).
OROPEZA, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 102117042).

1631 NE 44TH ST
MARTINS, MARLLO G. (Voter ID number 120800805).
MARTINS, MARIA (Voter ID number 114051374).

1631 NE 46TH ST
NELSON, JESSE M. (Voter ID number 101332792).

1631 NE 47TH ST
CALLANAN, RAYMOND J. (Voter ID number 115244350).
SCHWARTZ, SALLY Rae (Voter ID number 101602763).

1631 NE 47TH CT
THORNTON, TRACY Ann (Voter ID number 119994916).

1631 NE 47TH ST
D'ELIA, GAIL L. (Voter ID number 101495749).
PAVAO, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 117306793).

1631 NE 51ST ST
MALICK, MADELINE A. (Voter ID number 101317658).

1631 NE 53RD ST
REYES, MARIA De Jesus (Voter ID number 102443388).
BUTLER, SUMMER C. (Voter ID number 101685816).
REYES, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109970174).
REYES, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 102135425).

1631 NW 48TH PL
ACKER, GILBERT F. (Voter ID number 102283802).

1631 NW 49TH ST
BUCHANAN, JASON Oneil (Voter ID number 120834299).
BUCHANAN, ROBIN O. (Voter ID number 120834297).

1632 NE 51ST CT
RESNICK-CAMERON, FERN R. (Voter ID number 119986500).
CARTER, PAUL M. (Voter ID number 102250511).
PETRIE, BONNIE E. (Voter ID number 102001146).

1632 NE 54TH ST
DONOVAN, FRED (Voter ID number 102174201).

1633 NE 28TH ST
SMITH, CLARENCE E. (Voter ID number 101226685).

1633 NE 51ST CT
HOAG, CHRISTINA F. (Voter ID number 102447295).
HOAG, DONNA Blowers (Voter ID number 102510589).

1633 NE 53RD CT
FOWLER, MICHAEL Todd (Voter ID number 112506892).
PLAZA, JASMINE (Voter ID number 116349774).

1636 NE 29TH ST
LOVASZ, ANTHONY T. (Voter ID number 116841741).
LOVASZ, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number 101519160).
SILVA, JAMES Raymond (Voter ID number 115154774).

1636 NE 30TH CT
FARIA, NORALDINO G. (Voter ID number 102254357).

1636 NE 31ST CT
INNOCENT, RONIE (Voter ID number 118944708).

1636 NE 31ST ST
VALCIN, SIMON (Voter ID number 109767912).

1636 NE 31ST CT
INNOCENT, MACIEN (Voter ID number 101539551).
RAMSEY, CHANNING L. (Voter ID number 102431594).

1636 NE 31ST ST
VALCIN, MARLENE (Voter ID number 116239877).

1637 NE 29TH ST
GREATOREX, ELINEIA Tavares (Voter ID number 102415557).
GREATOREX, PETER Anthony (Voter ID number 101592886).

1637 NE 31ST ST
MARUCCI, JOANNE (Voter ID number 101332186).

164 NW 53RD ST
BENNETT, ROBERT Gene (Voter ID number 102241266).
KELLER, GEORGIA E. (Voter ID number 101790562).

1640 NE 32ND CT
TURNER, BILLY (Voter ID number 101959191).
TURNER, THELMA D. (Voter ID number 102366294).

1640 NE 32ND PL
ROSSI, GERTRUDE A. (Voter ID number 101278135).

1640 NE 32ND ST
ARCE, JAY S. (Voter ID number 102291170).

1640 NE 33RD ST
WILLIAMS, STACY Lynn (Voter ID number 101836509).
WILLIAMS, JOHNNY L. (Voter ID number 101607819).

1640 NE 46TH ST
ALMEIDA, JESSICA C. (Voter ID number 117137369).

1640 NE 47TH ST
HARWOOD, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 102445460).

1640 NW 33RD ST
HOLLEY, LAURA Nicole (Voter ID number 115316844).

1640 NW 48TH PL
FEIGENBAUM, STUART L. (Voter ID number 118668344).

1640 NW 49TH ST
CARRENARD, WESNY (Voter ID number 121185411).

1641 NE 31ST CT
MULLEN, ERIC Joseph (Voter ID number 120776490).

1641 NE 32ND CT
HORN, LISA (Voter ID number 101746509).
REED, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 102337547).

1641 NE 32ND PL
MATTHEWS, TAMMIE L. (Voter ID number 101420447).

1641 NE 32ND ST
BIANCHI, MARIA Florencia (Voter ID number 102086557).
MENZOCK, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 101535637).

1641 NE 43RD CT
WHEELER, RICHARD W. (Voter ID number 101689986).

1641 NE 46TH ST
ALLENDE, JHOVANY (Voter ID number 117454477).
SINGH, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 117454511).

1641 NE 48TH CT
KOCH, KENNETH H. (Voter ID number 115682878).

1641 NW 49TH ST
FREEMAN, JON H. (Voter ID number 101684925).
SPEIER, BERNARD (Voter ID number 101292855).

1642 NE 28TH CT
FOLEY, LOUIS Nathan (Voter ID number 101872562).
POOLE, SANDRA Lavelle (Voter ID number 102380315).

1643 NE 28TH CT
MELLO, MARCO Antonio Assis (Voter ID number 102379516).

1644 NE 30TH ST
OMALLEY, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 115593687).

1645 NE 30TH ST
GOLDBERG, ETHEL E. (Voter ID number 101455224).
VARELA, BONNIE F. (Voter ID number 115835713).
VARELA, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 101679387).

1646 NE 53RD CT
RIVERA, GLADYS (Voter ID number 116966871).

1647 NE 51ST ST
EDNIE, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 101651805).

1647 NE 53RD ST
NETO, VERA L. (Voter ID number 102028002).

1648 NE 29TH ST
DORLEUS, CHRYSLER (Voter ID number 120023271).
HAISLIP, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 101488890).

1648 NE 30TH CT
HIGGINBOTHAM, RUSSELL Edward (Voter ID number 102071943).
HIGGINBOTHAM, KEVIN P. (Voter ID number 101424765).

1648 NE 31ST CT
DISMUKE, SEAN G. (Voter ID number 102050041).
VAZQUEZ, LIA Tilda (Voter ID number 102049568).
FAVIN, TED Aaron (Voter ID number 101492151).

1648 NE 48TH CT
QUINONES, OLGA L. (Voter ID number 101532839).
VELEZ, DALILA (Voter ID number 101685631).
VELEZ, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 101532840).

1649 NE 29TH ST
CAPONE, MICHAEL G. (Voter ID number 117262959).
SOTO, ZORAIDA (Voter ID number 114022196).
SIMPSON, CHRIS F. (Voter ID number 102495624).

1649 NE 31ST ST
ATWOOD, MATTHEW Frank (Voter ID number 102459233).
THOMPSON, PAUL Edward (Voter ID number 101653468).

1649 NE 48TH ST
DESTIN CHANTE, EMILIA (Voter ID number 119042460).
DINIZ, WINSTON R. (Voter ID number 102193501).

1649 NE 53RD CT
BRENNAN, SUSAN L. (Voter ID number 101598569).
MATLEY-TOBIN, LYNN A. (Voter ID number 101541378).
TOBIN, ROBERT Edward (Voter ID number 102234931).

165 NW 51ST ST
COVILL, DOUGLAS (Voter ID number 101322257).
COVILL, NANCY J. (Voter ID number 101253654).

1650 NE 32ND ST
CASTILLO, RENE Luis (Voter ID number 112614814).

1650 NE 32ND PL
THERRELL, BRIAN Michael (Voter ID number 101747260).
THERRELL, RACHEL L. (Voter ID number 102269982).
WAGNER, JENNY L. (Voter ID number 102510898).

1650 NE 33RD ST
SEPULVEDA, AXEL A. (Voter ID number 119677669).
SEPULVEDA, PATRICE A. (Voter ID number 102187043).

1650 NE 44TH ST
STRICKLAND, LINDA (Voter ID number 102507658).

1650 NE 47TH ST
SAWLEY, KIPP (Voter ID number 117299203).
VAN BUREN, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 102443059).

1650 NW 49TH ST
WHITWORTH, BRADEN E. (Voter ID number 102061703).

1650 NW 49TH CT
REILLY, ELIZABETH J. (Voter ID number 101625602).
REILLY, JAMES W. (Voter ID number 101494265).

1651 NE 32ND ST
JUAREZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 119951032).
SEVERINO, STEVE (Voter ID number 119849074).

1651 NE 32ND CT
SKEEN, SARAH A. (Voter ID number 101694939).

1651 NE 32ND PL
PRYOR, DENVER Lanier (Voter ID number 101364518).

1651 NE 32ND ST
SEVERINO, ANDREA (Voter ID number 101851671).
SEVERINO, JUANA (Voter ID number 101851672).

1651 NE 33RD ST
BIGELOW, IVAN D. (Voter ID number 116380604).

1651 NE 33RD ST

HOLMES, JOSEPH Eldridge (Voter ID number 101529208).

1651 NE 33RD ST

GLENN, KARON M. (Voter ID number 101865534).

1651 NE 33RD ST

NELSON, CAMILLE (Voter ID number 101422660).

1651 NE 39TH ST
SWENTKO, SARAH M. (Voter ID number 120230857).
SWENTKO, REGINA Bernatte (Voter ID number 102058115).

1651 NE 46TH ST
HOTCHKIN, DAWN N. (Voter ID number 101953030).
HOTCHKIN, DONNA Alfano (Voter ID number 102438268).
HOTCHKIN, RICHARD F. (Voter ID number 101344858).

1651 NW 33RD ST

MOJICA, MARILYN (Voter ID number 102232490).

1651 NW 48TH PL
HUTTON, JUDITH Miller (Voter ID number 105756288).
MILLER, KIMBERLY J. (Voter ID number 105754957).
MILLER, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 105684803).

1651 NW 49TH ST
ROSHAN, LISA Mala (Voter ID number 118390814).

1656 NE 28TH CT
DREWETT, JULIE M. (Voter ID number 102297603).
DREWETT, MARTHA (Voter ID number 117110010).
DREWETT, RANDOLPH Jesse (Voter ID number 117111123).

1657 NE 28TH CT
DOGAN, MARTHA S. (Voter ID number 102219172).
WAGGONER, MARTHA Lucille (Voter ID number 101786349).

1658 NE 30TH ST
SIMMONS, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 111977355).

1659 NE 30TH ST
ROBERTS, KAREN S. (Voter ID number 101522984).

166 NW 51ST CT
CARUANA, MARILYN Marguerita (Voter ID number 120295737).
SIMPSON, NANCY (Voter ID number 102442244).

1660 NE 29TH ST
GRAVES, BRIAN Daniel (Voter ID number 101784119).

1660 NE 30TH CT
BROWN, CHRISTINA Hope (Voter ID number 101810526).
BROWN, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101397279).
CAYTON, ELINOR M. (Voter ID number 101428389).

1660 NE 31ST CT
GARRIS, KERRY Jerome (Voter ID number 117721580).

1660 NE 32ND CT
CEDENO, PEDRO M. (Voter ID number 120158106).
PRICE, HUGH J. (Voter ID number 101621379).
PRICE, HUGH J. (Voter ID number 101803609).

1660 NE 32ND PL
AMDUR, COREY Alan (Voter ID number 118425197).
AMDUR, JANICE Marie (Voter ID number 102442167).
SHELDON, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 101690215).

1660 NE 33RD ST
JOSEPH, EDDLY (Voter ID number 102071204).
COFFIE, SHIRLEY L. (Voter ID number 101878696).

1660 NE 52ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 101542440).
RODRIGUEZ, CARMEN R. (Voter ID number 102073267).
RODRIGUEZ, VICTOR A. (Voter ID number 102073268).

1660 NE 53RD CT
WRIGHT, DAVID G. (Voter ID number 118960956).

1661 NE 30TH CT
PIERERA, JONATHAN L. (Voter ID number 117308702).
MARTIN, AMY L. (Voter ID number 101331706).
MARTIN, CHRISTINA J. (Voter ID number 117069864).

1661 NE 31ST ST
PARUMA, NAYIBE (Voter ID number 115733068).

1661 NE 32ND ST
MCCLANAHAN, JACQUELINE Marie Lemaitre (Voter ID number 114601805).

1661 NE 32ND CT
BENITOA, ANTONIO Marcus (Voter ID number 119113209).
BENITOA, GIOVANNA Marcella (Voter ID number 120659636).
MURDICO, JULIA Lynn (Voter ID number 115015572).
MURDICO, SUSAN Lea (Voter ID number 101764010).

1661 NE 32ND PL
MC INTYRE, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 101399332).

1661 NE 32ND ST
FERIANCEK, LIA Ann (Voter ID number 102376201).

1661 NE 39TH ST
SOUZA, GERALDA M Silveira (Voter ID number 118864995).

1661 NE 48TH CT
CARNEY, DOUGLAS C. (Voter ID number 101770398).

1663 NE 51ST ST
MAC DONALD, WAYNE Francis (Voter ID number 115102966).
MAC DONALD, WAYNE Francis (Voter ID number 102126412).

1664 NE 51ST CT
MCKNIGHT, NEHEMIAH Charles (Voter ID number 105191213).
SINGLETARY, ELLA M. (Voter ID number 101817194).

1665 NE 48TH ST
AGEE, STEPHEN Scott (Voter ID number 117957094).

1665 NE 51ST CT
COLLAZO, MARISELA (Voter ID number 119159384).

1666 NE 54TH ST
KELLY, MARK Stephen (Voter ID number 102131135).

167 NW 52ND CT
SOLOMON, ROGER G. (Voter ID number 101820451).
SPENCER, ALEXANDER John (Voter ID number 101677763).

1670 NE 28TH CT
SHAH, DINESH R. (Voter ID number 101841941).
SHAH, NIRMALA D. (Voter ID number 101841911).

1670 NE 33RD ST
SHUEMAKE, PRINCESS Zemora (Voter ID number 103852056).

1670 NE 52ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 115442223).
RODRIGUEZ, CELIA (Voter ID number 115944806).
RODRIGUEZ, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 101963875).
RODRIGUEZ, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 116197563).

1671 NE 32ND PL
OLENICK, GREGORY J. (Voter ID number 115421662).
WISEMANTLE OLENICK, ROBIN Ann (Voter ID number 101488922).
WISEMANTLE, HELEN J. (Voter ID number 101588160).

1671 NE 33RD ST

ANDRE, GEORGES (Voter ID number 101937151).

1671 NE 33RD ST

NGUYEN, KIM Loc (Voter ID number 121241071).
TRAN, LONG Duy (Voter ID number 119511679).

1671 NE 33RD ST

MAHARAJ, SUSHMA N. (Voter ID number 120458654).
MAHARAJ, NARINE (Voter ID number 102455616).

1671 NE 33RD ST
FELICIANO, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 101622056).

1671 NE 39TH ST
JEAN, JEAN Erode (Voter ID number 114894774).
PETIT-FRERE, JEANNE (Voter ID number 116929209).
PETITFRERE, MISLENE (Voter ID number 102103619).
PETITFRESE, JEFF (Voter ID number 116233329).

1672 NE 29TH ST
BARNEY, HARRY (Voter ID number 102204785).
BARNEY, ROSIE (Voter ID number 115823243).

1672 NE 30TH CT
LEE, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number 101971708).

1672 NE 30TH ST
DYE, MARILYN L. (Voter ID number 101228955).
DYE, W Douglas (Voter ID number 101278090).

1672 NE 31ST ST
MOROSINI, DIANE M. (Voter ID number 115429780).

1673 NE 29TH ST
KING, BENJAMIN W. (Voter ID number 101521316).

1673 NE 30TH ST
ALEXANDER, ABRA K. (Voter ID number 119762744).
LAU, ANDY (Voter ID number 119560465).

1673 NE 30TH CT
WATERS, MELISSA (Voter ID number 117085486).

1673 NE 30TH ST
UBILES, PAULA (Voter ID number 101575420).

1673 NE 31ST ST
LOMBARDI, SHAYNE (Voter ID number 111849843).
PAGAN, RAMON Anthony (Voter ID number 109819384).

1678 NE 51ST ST
JONES, CHARLIE James (Voter ID number 101971100).
MC CUTCHEON, MARY Joe Jones (Voter ID number 101369232).
MCCUTCHEON, MARY JO Jones (Voter ID number 116932886).
MC CUTCHEON, SHARIEKA Latoya (Voter ID number 102423089).

1678 NE 51ST CT
MCCUTCHEON, RATHA Lee (Voter ID number 101827183).

1679 NE 51ST ST
GUAJARDO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 101484268).

1680 NE 51ST CT
RANDALL, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 102489122).

1681 NE 39TH ST
MATHEWS, DELANEY Joseph (Voter ID number 102333321).
SOUZA, JONECIAS R. (Voter ID number 119287002).

1681 NE 48TH ST
HALL, RONALD P. (Voter ID number 102132339).

1681 NE 52ND ST
AVISER, NATALIE Gouveia (Voter ID number 121309741).
MAR, ERICK (Voter ID number 117083202).
BIBB, TONYA M. (Voter ID number 101732166).

1684 NE 28TH CT
DAVIS, SHALANDICE Geria (Voter ID number 101744336).
MILLER, TONY Edward (Voter ID number 102034688).

1684 NE 30TH CT
RUIZ, SONIA T. (Voter ID number 101625191).
RUIZ, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 101990162).

1684 NE 31ST CT
WILLIAMS, ASHIA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 114262144).
CHI, YUXIANG (Voter ID number 117851774).
CHI, YUZHU (Voter ID number 114752800).

1684 NE 31ST ST
AGUIRRE, EDGARDO Gabriel (Voter ID number 102147956).

1684 NE 48TH CT
COMER, TANA Rennee' (Voter ID number 121156270).

1685 NE 30TH CT
BUDD, BRIAN E. (Voter ID number 102494305).

1685 NE 31ST ST
GARCIA, ALEXIS M. (Voter ID number 102513173).

1687 NE 30TH ST
PRICE, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 120907053).

1694 NE 51ST ST
DALY, DEBORAH Jean (Voter ID number 102476848).
PINO, LUIS R. (Voter ID number 102450575).

1695 NE 51ST ST
WRIGHT, DANA (Voter ID number 117646894).
BEHR, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number 114578891).
LYONS, EDWARD Bailey (Voter ID number 119549660).

1697 NE 48TH ST
SOLIVERA, JANICE Soto (Voter ID number 102187961).
SOTO SOLIVERA, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 101910120).
ALVAREZ, MATTHEW Abel (Voter ID number 115063477).
COUSINO, SANDRA A. (Voter ID number 101556896).
SKIPPER, SHENIKA Nicole (Voter ID number 102161444).

1698 NE 28TH CT
GOMEZ-BORJA, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 119077773).
GOMEZ, ANYISMEL (Voter ID number 114292956).
GOMEZ, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 119267227).

17 NE 44TH ST
CONTRERAS, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 117037663).

170 NE 25TH CT
VERNE, FRANCILLIO (Voter ID number 119297855).
VERNE, SERGE (Voter ID number 119297865).
VERNE, VIERGELINE (Voter ID number 117941756).

170 NE 27TH ST
ANTOINE, ANCY (Voter ID number 102476303).
ANTOINE, DUNO (Voter ID number 102393164).
ANTOINE, JEAN Claude (Voter ID number 101826115).
ANTOINE, MARIE Elza (Voter ID number 102204274).

170 NE 30TH CT
CHAVES, JADSON S. (Voter ID number 118823261).
CHAVES, JOBSON S. (Voter ID number 102296377).
CHAVES, JORGE G. (Voter ID number 102105127).
CHAVES, MARIA (Voter ID number 102453655).

170 NE 31ST CT
FRANCIS, EMELIE (Voter ID number 118719538).

170 NE 31ST ST
BIEN AIME, WILFRED (Voter ID number 119915634).
BIEN-AIME, ROSE CAM (Voter ID number 119894225).

170 NE 31ST CT
FAUSTIN, CREKI (Voter ID number 116483935).
FRANCIS, AMELIE (Voter ID number 101855825).
FRANCIS, GARY (Voter ID number 102401304).
FRANCIS, LEONISE (Voter ID number 102310263).

170 NE 35TH ST

LEON, ANTONIO Alberto (Voter ID number 102011658).

170 NE 35TH ST
LONG, CHARLES D. (Voter ID number 101407125).
LONG, SANDRA J. (Voter ID number 101705445).

170 NW 24TH CT
WEISE, MARGARET M. (Voter ID number 101489041).
WEISE, RICHARD F. (Voter ID number 101832818).

170 NW 27TH ST
LETIZIA, DANIELLE Jean (Voter ID number 102000147).
LETIZIA, PETER J. (Voter ID number 102299985).

170 NW 27TH CT
ROBERTS, REGINALD G. (Voter ID number 101452745).

170 NW 42ND CT
LONDONO, ANA (Voter ID number 120230569).
RIZO, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 120230571).

WEBB, NANCY Lee (Voter ID number 112453119).
WEBB, ROBERT G. (Voter ID number 112453120).

1700 NE 41ST ST
POWERS, DEAN A. (Voter ID number 102333256).
POWERS, KRISTIN Marie (Voter ID number 101764848).

1700 NE 42ND CT
ALLEN, LINDA Jay (Voter ID number 118414755).
ALLEN, MICHELLE Lynn (Voter ID number 101898441).

1700 NE 42ND ST
OKINCZYC, HELEN M. (Voter ID number 101261021).

1700 NE 44TH ST
CONSTANZA, MARIA Esther (Voter ID number 115271432).
FRANCO, ELIAS Chavez (Voter ID number 102200489).

1700 NE 46TH ST
SARDO, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 101420677).
SARDO, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number 101420676).

1700 NE 47TH ST
KAPPEL, JOSEPH Michael (Voter ID number 121254881).

1700 NE 51ST ST
SALCEDO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 102145809).
MIRELES, JUAN Jose (Voter ID number 101853715).

1700 NW 48TH PL
FREUND, REBEKAH Lynn (Voter ID number 112042012).
FREUND, JULIE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102523361).
FREUND, ROBERT Daniel (Voter ID number 112025528).
FREUND, ROBERT Russell (Voter ID number 102523362).
FREUND, TONI L. (Voter ID number 102523363).

1700 NW 49TH CT
RYBAK, MICHAEL Dean (Voter ID number 119595817).
CONTINO, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 102115435).
PALMERIO, RENEE (Voter ID number 102387061).

1701 NE 28TH ST
SANDS, CHARLES T. (Voter ID number 101652121).

1701 NE 41ST ST
FRAZIER, LORRENNA C. (Voter ID number 101307884).

1701 NE 42ND CT
GIBSON, CAROLEE Rose (Voter ID number 101287784).

1701 NE 42ND ST
WULINSKI, STANLEY F. (Voter ID number 101529618).

1701 NE 43RD CT
ST FLEUR, JESSIE St Jean (Voter ID number 101837569).
EDOUARD, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 102051911).
ST FLEUR, JOSEPH Charles (Voter ID number 102242480).

1701 NE 44TH ST
FERRANTE, PHYLLIS (Voter ID number 101618245).

1701 NE 46TH ST
BLIND, ROBERT Lee (Voter ID number 114419613).

1701 NW 33RD CT

DE SILVA, STANLEY A. (Voter ID number 119982041).

1701 NW 49TH ST
GARRETT, TARA E. (Voter ID number 102308631).
SHOUGH, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 102523506).

1709 NE 50TH ST
HOOD, DIANA T. (Voter ID number 120358928).

171 NE 24TH ST
JOE, MC KIVER (Voter ID number 102068975).
JOHNSON, JASMINE Brianna (Voter ID number 119734336).
JOHNSON, MARY F. (Voter ID number 101298392).

171 NE 25TH CT
FRADESTIN, MIROSE (Voter ID number 119316176).
VALMOND, WILDA (Voter ID number 120525289).
VALMON, ROBELSON (Voter ID number 102379612).
VALMOND, PATRICK (Voter ID number 116811474).
VALMOND, PATRICE (Voter ID number 101849104).

171 NE 25TH ST
DELEGAL, FRANK William (Voter ID number 101958580).
DELEGAL, KANDE L. (Voter ID number 101227863).
DELEGAL, TAMI Sue (Voter ID number 101620028).

171 NE 26TH CT
MEDINA ACOSTA, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 102346355).
THOMAS-WILLIAMS, HILDA M. (Voter ID number 116968034).

171 NE 27TH ST
BRANTLEY, JEROME Lee (Voter ID number 112998057).
PARKER, DANA T. (Voter ID number 118564054).
GRAHAM, VANESSA Deonne (Voter ID number 101869461).

171 NE 30TH CT
BURGOS, MARTA (Voter ID number 102125252).

171 NE 31ST ST
LIMAGE, RENOLD (Voter ID number 101848740).

171 NW 24TH CT
HARRIS, ALTIA B. (Voter ID number 101828325).
HARRIS, DEBBIE Ann (Voter ID number 102406433).

171 NW 29TH PL
GONZALEZ, SILA (Voter ID number 101412859).

171 NW 44TH ST
VAN GINNEKEN, FRANK (Voter ID number 102407133).
STEPNOWSKI, RAYMOND A. (Voter ID number 101679806).

1710 NE 42ND CT
DIEDWARDO, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 120413664).
MATTA, PHYLICIA A. (Voter ID number 118381716).

1710 NE 42ND ST
ROKOS, ALLISON M. (Voter ID number 116164854).
ROKOS, DONNA G. (Voter ID number 101371566).
ROKOS, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 101444229).

1710 NE 44TH ST
HOLMGREN, DANETTE Dawn (Voter ID number 111776692).

1710 NE 47TH ST
OSBORNE, ALICE (Voter ID number 102022352).
OSBORNE, BRIAN (Voter ID number 102022354).

1710 NW 48TH PL
MOVIL, JOULE (Voter ID number 111985742).

1710 NW 49TH CT
CUEVAS, GERMAN H. (Voter ID number 102445954).
CUEVAS, MARTA S. (Voter ID number 102447890).

1710 NW 49TH ST
LEGENTUS, MIRLENE (Voter ID number 102020159).

1711 NE 41ST ST
FELKER, DOREEN A. (Voter ID number 101483752).

1711 NE 42ND CT
ORR, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101702927).

1711 NE 42ND ST
FANEUF, NATHAN Raymond (Voter ID number 118008436).

1711 NE 43RD CT
QUIGGLE, JESSICA Pierce (Voter ID number 121256386).
GRETHER, JOHN Andrew (Voter ID number 108171076).
QUIGGLE, JASON Allen (Voter ID number 120828969).

1711 NE 44TH ST
YERTON, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 101543758).

1711 NE 46TH ST
HADLER, TERESA L. (Voter ID number 106143492).

1711 NW 48TH PL
GREGORY, ELSO (Voter ID number 101291042).
GREGORY, HELEN L. (Voter ID number 101289931).

1711 NW 49TH ST
PANDREA, CHARLES R. (Voter ID number 101422122).

1713 NE 49TH CT
WAGNER, DARLA Jane (Voter ID number 101788804).
WAGNER, ROBERT (Voter ID number 102200421).

1714 NE 49TH CT
EADES, DORINDA Sue (Voter ID number 121013762).
EADES, DAVID Wayne (Voter ID number 121011716).
ROMERO, HERIMAR Maria (Voter ID number 102046037).

1715 NE 49TH ST
GUNDERSEN, ALICE S. (Voter ID number 102437894).

1715 NE 51ST ST
SOUZA, JOAWA Darc (Voter ID number 118868503).
DE SOUZA, ULYSSES (Voter ID number 102091372).

1716 NE 49TH ST
BOTELLO, LUCY (Voter ID number 101761132).
PEREZ, JUAN R. (Voter ID number 102175230).
PEREZ, MARGIE (Voter ID number 101615173).

1716 NE 50TH ST
DE JESUS, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 117561091).
DE JESUS, CARMEN D. (Voter ID number 102114776).

1717 NE 48TH CT
MARRERO, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 101400460).
MARRERO, ROSA (Voter ID number 101283938).

1717 SW 1ST WAY
STE 13

JACOBSEN, STUART M. (Voter ID number 101414793).

1718 NE 48TH CT
IZQUIERDO DE FERRARI, LUISA Margarita (Voter ID number 118991283).

1720 NE 41ST ST
SIMMONS, ELVIRA (Voter ID number 101275338).

1720 NE 42ND CT
LEBEAU, SCOTT Marc (Voter ID number 116533073).

1720 NE 42ND ST
STEPHEN, THOMAS James (Voter ID number 102495223).

1720 NE 44TH ST
TURNER, MARK A. (Voter ID number 101529601).

1720 NE 46TH ST
LLERAS, VICTOR Aqustin (Voter ID number 121221038).
BUECHNER, ROSE Ann (Voter ID number 101791398).
LLERAS, RHONDA S. (Voter ID number 102221168).

1720 NE 47TH ST
WILLIAMS, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 118818479).
NIEVES, ELSA I. (Voter ID number 101525031).
ORTIZ, ANDREA (Voter ID number 101727898).
SANCHEZ, MOISES (Voter ID number 101788777).

1720 NE 52ND ST
COYOL GARCIA, ARELI (Voter ID number 116289502).
COYOL, INDRA (Voter ID number 116287673).
GARCIA, JONATHAN Coyol (Voter ID number 119118384).

1720 NW 48TH PL
GILCHRIST, JEAN M. (Voter ID number 101332639).

1720 NW 49TH ST
HULL, PHIL E. (Voter ID number 115878964).

1720 NW 49TH CT
SAVINELLI, ARLENE (Voter ID number 101938905).

1720 NW 49TH ST
EL MASALKHI, ABDUL Salam (Voter ID number 102290848).

1721 NE 39TH ST
COELHO, DIAMANTINO F. (Voter ID number 102289508).
COELHO, MARTA C. (Voter ID number 116075615).
BRALEY, FRANCES (Voter ID number 102376447).

1721 NE 41ST ST
AUGUSTE, JEAN R. (Voter ID number 119114021).
AUGUSTE, KEVIN R. (Voter ID number 120800901).
AUGUSTE, RONISE (Voter ID number 119601432).
MADEY, LUCILLE M. (Voter ID number 102085770).

1721 NE 42ND ST
HARKCOM, BLAKE Allen (Voter ID number 116996583).

1721 NE 43RD CT
ROBROCK, MARIANNE Cola (Voter ID number 101406888).
ROBROCK, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 101400424).

1721 NE 44TH ST
BURNING, POLLY (Voter ID number 102081439).
BURNING, ROBBIE (Voter ID number 102081440).

1721 NE 52ND ST
KHAN, SUMBUL H. (Voter ID number 114172083).
MANDICO, ANTHONY William (Voter ID number 101752119).
MOINUDDIN, MUHAMMAD (Voter ID number 118944879).

1721 NW 48TH PL
ALDRICH, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number 102388378).
KASE, NOLAND L. (Voter ID number 102337446).

1721 NW 49TH ST
MILLER, LEA Gabrielle (Voter ID number 114415011).

1723 NE 51ST CT
SHEEHAN, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 101416107).

1724 NE 46TH ST
DORCELIEN, JULIAN A. (Voter ID number 116753405).

1724 NE 50TH ST
SANTOMAURO, JASON Thomas (Voter ID number 112667680).

1724 NE 50TH CT
LYNN, SUSAN (Voter ID number 117865416).

1724 NE 50TH ST
SILVEIRA, ADRIANA J. (Voter ID number 109893333).
MALDONADO, MARCO U. (Voter ID number 102211829).

1725 NE 39TH ST
BALBOA, MIGDALIA M. (Voter ID number 111756937).
BALBOA, SEBASTIAN P. (Voter ID number 116650515).

1725 NE 50TH ST
STEFANOW, EDWARD James (Voter ID number 120620184).
MIRELES, ARMANDINA Idrogo (Voter ID number 101722666).

1727 NE 39TH ST
AGUIRRE, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 102138170).
MARRERO, SERGIO Seth (Voter ID number 114703958).
LAVIN, MARK (Voter ID number 102241187).
MARRERO, SERGIO (Voter ID number 102017958).

1728 NE 49TH CT
LOWY, LLOYD Scott (Voter ID number 101609401).
RODRIGUEZ, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 103639767).
CHOPKA, BENJAMIN Joseph (Voter ID number 119519416).
CHOPKA, BRANDI Lynn (Voter ID number 119625607).

1729 NE 49TH CT
KONYAR, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 121207990).
RODRIGUEZ, GEORGINA G. (Voter ID number 114097952).
BOWEN, STEPHANIE N. (Voter ID number 102511312).

1730 NE 42ND CT
CHENG, MIGUEL Jo (Voter ID number 115210759).
JO, WILLIAM C. (Voter ID number 102082939).

1730 NE 42ND ST
HALSEY, CHARLOTTE L. (Voter ID number 102104897).
HALSEY, KIMBERLEE Ann (Voter ID number 102427545).

1730 NW 48TH CT
KINSLEY, MARY Beth (Voter ID number 119994743).
TRENT, CHRISTOPHER L. (Voter ID number 101995482).

1730 NW 49TH ST
GIARDINA, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number 101282132).

1731 NE 42ND ST
RIVAS, VIVIANA A. (Voter ID number 102497334).

1731 NE 48TH CT
CRUZ, VALERIA F. (Voter ID number 118941830).
SILVA, LUCAS F. (Voter ID number 119597933).
SILVA, HERMES Luiz Ferreira (Voter ID number 115805154).

1731 NE 49TH ST
BISHOP, ROSE Louise (Voter ID number 118816989).

1731 NW 48TH PL
LI, CHERISSE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 101907959).
STEVER, KATHRYN E. (Voter ID number 101306925).
ISCOVITZ, DENNIS K. (Voter ID number 101640195).

1732 NE 49TH ST
RABB, DIANE Marie (Voter ID number 112655462).
RABB, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 115325237).

1732 NE 50TH ST
POTKAY, GINGER Lynn (Voter ID number 101962710).
POTKAY, CHARLES W. (Voter ID number 101942943).

1732 NE 51ST CT
BLAUVELT, JAMES J. (Voter ID number 102208706).
ROSEN, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 101837685).

1733 NE 48TH ST
BRONARD, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 116407696).
LOPEZ, LAZARO De Jesus (Voter ID number 119368208).

1733 NE 50TH ST
ROBERTS, KELVIN Demetris (Voter ID number 101969991).
HANSEN, DAVID P. (Voter ID number 102165827).

1733 NE 51ST CT
LUZ, ROGERIO G. (Voter ID number 102428995).

1736 NE 48TH CT
CRESPO, MARIO E. (Voter ID number 120324946).
MARRERO, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 102341833).

1736 NE 50TH CT
BLUME, CECELIA Jean (Voter ID number 101706440).
BREWER, KAREN O. (Voter ID number 102157259).

1740 NE 42ND CT
SPURLOCK, SHELBY J. (Voter ID number 102034153).

1740 NE 50TH ST
PAREDES, JOSE K. (Voter ID number 114552096).

1740 NE 52ND ST
MILLER, GREGORY P. (Voter ID number 101313857).
RESETCO, CHRISTOPHER Scott (Voter ID number 114748939).

1740 NW 48TH CT
WILLINGTON, HAROLD Charles (Voter ID number 101763598).

1740 NW 49TH CT
FISHER, PERLE (Voter ID number 120657506).
KOCH, CRAIG (Voter ID number 101684212).

1740 NW 49TH ST
LICATA, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 101273189).
LICATA, RUTH (Voter ID number 101539540).

1741 NE 39TH ST
FARINAS, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 119260966).
FARINAS, VANESSA (Voter ID number 119597820).
FARINAS, ANGELA (Voter ID number 101902510).

1741 NE 50TH ST
GARNSEY, JENNIFER Helen (Voter ID number 115300168).
POWELL, DONNA J. (Voter ID number 101214160).
POWELL, TERRY A. (Voter ID number 102016469).

1741 NE 52ND ST
LENA, ANDREW P. (Voter ID number 114674992).

1741 NW 48TH CT
KLINE, MADELINE M. (Voter ID number 101500632).
KLINE, ROBERT F. (Voter ID number 101500631).

1741 NW 48TH PL
HERRMANN, MICHELE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 101905836).

1741 NW 49TH ST
ROGERS, ALMA Joan (Voter ID number 102094550).

1742 NE 49TH CT
HERMANN, ROBERT James (Voter ID number 107322144).
DUCHARME, LINDA (Voter ID number 115541092).

1743 NE 48TH CT
ARABITG, ADRIAN Alexander (Voter ID number 117980642).
WALLIN, JON Phillip (Voter ID number 113939583).

1743 NE 49TH CT
HIJUELOS, EDELMIRO (Voter ID number 101569745).
HIJUELOS, JORGE (Voter ID number 101808269).
HIJUELOS, JOSEPH L. (Voter ID number 101530481).
HIJUELOS, MARIA (Voter ID number 101530480).

1746 NE 51ST ST
COSTA, EDISON (Voter ID number 102174467).
SILVA, JOSUE Rocha (Voter ID number 114479278).

1747 NE 51ST ST
TORRANCE, BRUCE Roger (Voter ID number 114167271).

1748 NE 49TH ST
HAYES, SVETLANA V. (Voter ID number 117857382).

1748 NE 50TH CT
BLUME, CASSANDRA L. (Voter ID number 116770600).
CHIMENTO, ANTHONY L. (Voter ID number 102528600).
BLUME, PAUL F. (Voter ID number 101248846).

1748 NE 51ST CT
GRILLO, CHRIS Michael (Voter ID number 116803605).

1749 NE 48TH ST
GREEN, HATTIE Burton (Voter ID number 119759996).
MC MILLON, IRAN Demetrius (Voter ID number 102024111).
MC MILLON, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 101525131).
MC MILLON, RENA Ann (Voter ID number 101946275).
MCMILLON, IDA Burton (Voter ID number 115044768).

1749 NE 51ST CT
KING, LEE Jackson (Voter ID number 102089352).
HARNED, EDWARD Eugene (Voter ID number 102070603).
HARNED, JO Autrey (Voter ID number 101976664).
JOHNSTON, JACQUELYN Jackson (Voter ID number 102091613).

1750 NE 31ST ST
APT 28

GOMES, ELIZANGELA F. (Voter ID number 117626912).

1750 NE 39TH CT
APT 801

WOODS-MALLEY, RYAN C. (Voter ID number 118788475).

1750 NE 39TH CT
APT 808

CARLIN, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 121093483).

1750 NE 39TH CT
BROWN, GAYLE I. (Voter ID number 101230525).
GRIMES, PAMELA J. (Voter ID number 101712390).
KUNTZ, DANNY M. (Voter ID number 101861812).
KUNTZ, DANNY Michael (Voter ID number 101715859).
LUDWICK, MARGARET R. (Voter ID number 101433339).
WEINSTEIN, ROBERT (Voter ID number 101257378).

1750 NE 39TH CT
APT 801

MALLEY, CYNTHIA C. (Voter ID number 101798985).

1750 NE 39TH CT
UNIT 801

ROBBINS, ROBERT Clair (Voter ID number 118853894).

1750 NE 42ND CT
MICHELMAN, JEFFREY E. (Voter ID number 101653618).
WEILER, LELAND H. (Voter ID number 101403590).

1750 NW 48TH CT
NOTTINGHAM, ALICE J. (Voter ID number 101273626).

1750 NW 48TH PL
PELKE, CECILIA M. (Voter ID number 101610872).
PELKE, WAYNE A. (Voter ID number 101558715).

1750 NW 49TH ST
METELLUS, NAHOMIE (Voter ID number 116726212).

1750 NW 49TH CT
ADHEMAR, PIERRE (Voter ID number 101761217).
INNOCENT, ANNA Marie (Voter ID number 101685162).

1751 NE 31ST ST
TERRAZAS, RAUL (Voter ID number 120129961).

1751 NE 31ST ST

SEPULVEDA, MANUEL Angel (Voter ID number 118587968).

1751 NE 31ST ST
APT 16

ROMERO, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 116383802).

1751 NE 31ST ST
APT 30

WENK, ALEXANDER Eric (Voter ID number 119518603).

1751 NE 31ST ST
APT 29

KOZLOWSKI, JANICE E. (Voter ID number 120596130).

1751 NE 31ST ST

MACK, SHERIKA M. (Voter ID number 117123011).

1751 NE 31ST ST
FERNANDEZ, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 116928564).

1751 NE 31ST ST
APT 12

PIERRE LOUIS, CLERMENCIA (Voter ID number 114548146).

1751 NW 48TH CT
PANELLA, ANTHONY G. (Voter ID number 102116252).

1751 NW 49TH ST
JEAN BAPTISTE, RICHARDSON (Voter ID number 120987794).
JEAN-BAPTISTE, FERNAND (Voter ID number 102412082).
JEAN-BAPTIST, DAVE (Voter ID number 119010169).

1754 NE 50TH ST
NUYTTENS, JACOB Joseph (Voter ID number 114061943).
BYRON, HERVE Malcolm (Voter ID number 115817235).
CROWLEY, STEVEN Hightower (Voter ID number 121281851).
TOY, TIMOTHY Albert (Voter ID number 101620862).
DAVENPORT, ANDREW Daniel (Voter ID number 114335836).
DURRETT, RYAN M. (Voter ID number 102427012).
FINNERTY, DANIEL P. (Voter ID number 102485039).

1755 NE 48TH CT
LINDSEY, MICHAEL W. (Voter ID number 101570784).

1756 NE 49TH CT
PETERSON, JEFF A. (Voter ID number 102510313).

1757 NE 49TH CT
FALLON, RYAN J. (Voter ID number 116246789).
AGUIRRE, LISSETY (Voter ID number 120601649).

1759 NE 39TH CT
UNIT 1303

SWARTZ, ELEANOR A. (Voter ID number 101263008).

1759 NE 39TH CT
APT 1301

OVERMYER, DAVID Andrew (Voter ID number 121177932).

1759 NE 39TH CT
ANDERSON, DOTTIE W. (Voter ID number 111962968).
BARKER, PAIGE Alisse (Voter ID number 101903950).
GRIECO, RALPH Peter (Voter ID number 102028440).
OLSEN, EDWINA G. (Voter ID number 101426528).

1759 NE 39TH CT
APT 1303

SWARTZ, RONA Lee (Voter ID number 101973383).

1759 NE 39TH CT
APT 1306

PIERCE, COURTNEY Wesley (Voter ID number 119098031).

1759 NE 40TH PL
APT 607

GUADAGNI, NATALIE (Voter ID number 118952036).

1759 NE 40TH PL
APT 606

D'ESPIES, KARTER J. (Voter ID number 120393549).

1759 NE 40TH PL
APT 601

JASAITIS, ALGIRDAS J. (Voter ID number 102352681).
JASAITIS, VIDA Momkus (Voter ID number 102373616).

1759 NE 40TH PL
APT 603

BIENKOWSKI, KENNETH J. (Voter ID number 101512884).

1759 NE 40TH PL
D'ESPIES, KIMBERLY S. (Voter ID number 101822768).

1759 NE 40TH PL
APT 606

D ESPIES, KRISTIN Jo (Voter ID number 116121619).

1759 NE 40TH PL
APT 607

KALINAUSKAITE, LORETA (Voter ID number 116914427).

1759 NE 49TH ST
SAUL, ISMELLA (Voter ID number 102151128).

1760 NE 52ND ST
CRAPPS, ELIZABETH Christina (Voter ID number 120828779).
MARSH, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109081337).
WALSH, CAROLINE Suzann (Voter ID number 114453713).

1760 NW 48TH CT
GARRETT, MARJORIE D. (Voter ID number 101451217).

1760 NW 48TH PL
NOEL, LUCNISE Georges (Voter ID number 120987523).

1760 NW 49TH ST
SKROBISZEWSKI, EDWARD (Voter ID number 101566863).

1761 NW 48TH PL
AUNEDDU, BILLIE Jo (Voter ID number 102183255).

1761 NW 49TH ST
RICHARDS, KATHLEEN Ann (Voter ID number 102076156).
BUCKNELL, KATHY Jayne (Voter ID number 101990097).

1762 NE 51ST ST
BRAUN, SEYMOUR (Voter ID number 101357223).

1763 NE 51ST ST
PELKEY, JOHN Robert (Voter ID number 120231371).

1764 NE 49TH ST
NATRILLO, VERONICA P. (Voter ID number 102255167).

1764 NE 51ST CT
FOGARTY, CHARLES M. (Voter ID number 101251382).

1765 NE 48TH ST
COLEMAN, WILBUR (Voter ID number 102078616).

1765 NE 51ST CT
JOY, GERRY Bernard (Voter ID number 115390020).

1767 NE 49TH CT
HAWKINS, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 101532851).

1769 NE 39TH CT
APT 1204

HUBBEL, PATRICIA Mary (Voter ID number 114151617).

1769 NE 39TH CT
RUSH, KENNETH Lee (Voter ID number 101745504).
TRAUTMAN, LESLIE Charles (Voter ID number 102228423).
VIRGA, PAUL K. (Voter ID number 102144660).
VIRGA, TERRI Lynn (Voter ID number 101873283).

1769 NE 39TH CT
APT 1201

TRAUTMAN, NANCY Monia (Voter ID number 102228447).

1769 NE 39TH CT
APT 1202

VICHAS, DOLORES M. (Voter ID number 101335699).

1769 NE 40TH PL
APT 505

PEREZ, ANNA (Voter ID number 109282404).

1769 NE 40TH PL
APT 502

FREMAULT, LAURENCE Amedee (Voter ID number 118560009).

1769 NE 40TH PL
HORN, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 101778510).

1769 NE 40TH PL
APT 501

MORGAN, HELEN T. (Voter ID number 101402445).
MORGAN, MICHELE Louise (Voter ID number 116499884).

1769 NE 40TH PL
APT 503

PUKOFF, NICOLE Lea (Voter ID number 115459851).

1769 NE 40TH PL
UNIT 502

HART, LISA Grace (Voter ID number 102002120).

1772 NE 50TH CT
GIL MEDINA, JUAN De Dios (Voter ID number 121263613).

1775 NE 49TH CT
RUSSAK, MARK M. (Voter ID number 120587902).

1775 NE 50TH ST
DECASTRO, VINCENT T. (Voter ID number 120507950).

1777 NE 33RD ST
VENIDIS, JIMMY (Voter ID number 101401138).

1779 NE 39TH CT
APT 1103

SIMPSON, TERESA Antoinette (Voter ID number 112675423).

1779 NE 39TH CT
APT 1101

HERRINGTON, SANDRA Kay (Voter ID number 101582705).

1779 NE 39TH CT
BARNES, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 101403608).
BECKER, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 101238450).
KUHN, PRISCILLA White (Voter ID number 101915110).
VERNER, CHARLES L. (Voter ID number 101369414).

1779 NE 40TH PL
APT 406

SZCZESNY, NATHANIA Lydia (Voter ID number 117121497).

1779 NE 40TH PL
UNIT 403

CLARK, LAUREN Jane (Voter ID number 111944006).

1779 NE 40TH PL
APT 406

SZCZESNY, DAVID B. (Voter ID number 102198539).

1779 NE 40TH PL
WADE, JUDITH Ann (Voter ID number 102263467).
WADE, WAYNE N. (Voter ID number 101653136).

1779 NE 40TH PL
APT 403

CLARK, JUSTIN M. (Voter ID number 101950763).

1779 NE 49TH ST
PALMORE, VALERIE Quetta (Voter ID number 117373036).
GONZALEZ, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 118701303).
PIERRE-LOUIS, NANCY (Voter ID number 119593142).

1780 NE 39TH CT
APT 905

ORTEGA ALVAREZ, JENNYLU (Voter ID number 120520462).

1780 NE 39TH CT
APT 903

ERICKSON, ANDERS John (Voter ID number 112599019).

1780 NE 39TH CT
MORRISON, SHAINA E. (Voter ID number 120492571).

1780 NE 39TH CT
APT 904

ELLIS, VILLA C. (Voter ID number 101532116).

1780 NE 39TH CT
APT 905

ROTHMAN, JUD E. (Voter ID number 115503440).

1780 NE 49TH ST
THIMM, BETTY R. (Voter ID number 101385117).
THIMM, EDWARD R. (Voter ID number 101327668).

1784 NE 49TH CT
MARTINEZ, SHAMARA L. (Voter ID number 116504781).
PABLOS, HECTOR H. (Voter ID number 101592164).

1784 NE 50TH CT
CLEMENTS, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number 102074537).
JOHNSTON, JEREMY J. (Voter ID number 102074540).

1785 NE 49TH CT
BAUMES, DANNI (Voter ID number 101574079).
BAUMES, JANET M. (Voter ID number 101311803).

1787 NE 49TH ST
SOLOMON, LUCAS Cody (Voter ID number 118844480).

1798 NE 49TH CT
HENNEN, TODD J. (Voter ID number 101566651).

1798 NE 49TH CT

MORAN, FRANCES (Voter ID number 101805939).

1799 NE 49TH CT
BENSON, THOMAS F. (Voter ID number 101997013).
FERREIRA, DONALD Murray (Voter ID number 101990657).

FITZGERALD, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 101319529).
OBERLE, MARY M. (Voter ID number 101708704).

180 NE 25TH CT
DAZIL, ANTOINETTE (Voter ID number 102448743).
DAZIL, LOUIGISTE (Voter ID number 101858135).

180 NE 26TH CT
EUBANKS, PEARLIE Mae (Voter ID number 102458591).
ROBINSON, WILLIE P. (Voter ID number 102358005).

180 NE 26TH ST
BERTOCCI, KAREN Sue (Voter ID number 101645634).

180 NE 30TH CT
ANDRADE, WILSON (Voter ID number 102304113).
DOYLE, KEVIN J. (Voter ID number 103021212).

180 NW 24TH CT
TETREAULT- OMARA, ANNE Marie (Voter ID number 101587846).
HAASE, EDWIN Christian (Voter ID number 118544720).
HAASE, VICKY Lee (Voter ID number 118996589).

180 NW 27TH ST
MATTILA, MARTTI Francis (Voter ID number 112203462).

PELLICANO, CARMELA (Voter ID number 102278098).

1800 NE 39TH CT
APT 1003

STANLEY, LESLIE A. (Voter ID number 102487423).

1800 NE 39TH CT
APT 1002

LUDWIG, TIMOTHY Charles (Voter ID number 116151141).

1800 NE 39TH CT
BROWN, JASON T. (Voter ID number 102125574).
CORSO, JANYCE Anne (Voter ID number 102309121).
LUDWIG, BICH-LY Malinda (Voter ID number 102106283).

1800 NE 39TH CT
APT 1002

LUDWIG, TIMOTHY E. (Voter ID number 101617391).

1800 NE 39TH CT
APT 1003

YOSEFZADEH, ADAM Habib (Voter ID number 116354790).

1800 NE 39TH CT
APT 1005

SCIARRETTA, CLAUDIA E. (Voter ID number 102403291).

1800 NE 39TH CT
APT 1006

JERVAH, CHARIS M. (Voter ID number 115934492).

1800 NE 40TH CT
PALMATEER, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 111820560).

1800 NE 40TH CT
APT 201

LINO, ALINE (Voter ID number 119717209).

1800 NE 40TH CT
APT 206

SELLMAN, ELIZABETH Joy (Voter ID number 101815686).

1800 NE 40TH CT
DANNENFELSER, VALERIE J. (Voter ID number 101976551).
MITCHELL, SHIRLEY S. (Voter ID number 101317005).
O'CONNOR, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number 101732736).
PHILLIPS, RANDALL Leon (Voter ID number 101488017).
RUSHLOW, JUDITH R. (Voter ID number 101285877).

1800 NE 51ST CT
CINTRON, BECKY (Voter ID number 120196372).
FRANCEN, JOHN Bernard (Voter ID number 120172778).

1800 NE 51ST ST
FOURNIER, RONALD B. (Voter ID number 102102642).

1800 NE 53RD CT
AUDET, DANIEL Vincent (Voter ID number 116923077).
DANCIU, LEAH Catherine (Voter ID number 102505796).

ROSEBROOK, NORMAN Louis (Voter ID number 102255801).

1801 NE 41ST ST
PLATTER, DANA E. (Voter ID number 101440515).
PLATTER, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 101440517).

1801 NE 42ND ST
DANCHAK, DAVID (Voter ID number 101569552).
REINSTATLER, KAREN (Voter ID number 119682589).

1801 NE 50TH ST
DANNER, CHRISTOPHER D. (Voter ID number 102045808).

1801 NE 51ST ST
KAY, JOELCY D. (Voter ID number 119971238).

1801 NE 51ST CT
MANICANO, CARLOS Magno (Voter ID number 102421341).

1801 NE 51ST ST
KAY, STEVEN J. (Voter ID number 101579911).

1805 NE 41ST ST
GEBERT, DOLORES (Voter ID number 101398769).

1808 NE 50TH ST
MIRANDA, LYDIA E. (Voter ID number 102292014).

1809 NE 49TH ST
NORTON, DAVID R. (Voter ID number 101870530).
O'HARA, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 102244792).

1809 NE 50TH ST
GUMMOE, GERALD Alston (Voter ID number 101756257).
GUMMOE, WILLIAM Robert (Voter ID number 101756256).
LEWIS, ANDRE S. (Voter ID number 101975195).

181 NE 25TH CT
FLEURANTIN, YVONNE (Voter ID number 111995967).

181 NE 26TH CT
CASTANDEDA PASCUAL, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 120386612).

181 NE 26TH ST
GREEN, JAMES W. (Voter ID number 101579739).
GREEN, TRACEY W. (Voter ID number 101579738).

181 NW 24TH CT
LEONARD, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 101574233).

181 NW 25TH CT
LANZALOTTI, JUNE L. (Voter ID number 101705058).
MCILVAINE, MILTON C. (Voter ID number 116633297).

181 NW 27TH ST
CAPLE, PAUL T. (Voter ID number 101587142).
FOX, JANE L. (Voter ID number 115824522).

181 NW 29TH CT
KOTT, MARY Anne (Voter ID number 101362963).

181 NW 29TH PL
HINDES, MILDRED M. (Voter ID number 101336009).

181 NW 41ST CT
RIASCOS, EDWIN (Voter ID number 119860251).

1811 NE 39TH ST
MALDONADO, LEONOR (Voter ID number 119613325).
MALDONADO, LUIS (Voter ID number 116302659).

1811 NE 41ST ST
GROPPER TUCKER, KERRI Louise (Voter ID number 113949421).
TUCKER, THOMAS Joseph (Voter ID number 113949501).

1811 NE 42ND ST
BONNER, DAVID F. (Voter ID number 101250170).
BONNER, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 101248144).
BONNER, TRACEY James (Voter ID number 101376610).

1814 NE 49TH CT
VEACH, JULIET M. (Voter ID number 120358476).

1814 NE 51ST ST
DINOSKY, GLORIA Sasha (Voter ID number 115711984).

1815 NE 53RD ST
MELSOPP, CHRISTINE Noel (Voter ID number 101929801).

1816 NE 49TH ST
NAGEL, MARK G. (Voter ID number 117520924).

1816 NE 50TH ST
GALVAN, LUIS (Voter ID number 101785891).

1816 NE 51ST CT
SANTIAGO, RICARDO (Voter ID number 117277328).
SANTIAGO, ANTONIO Michael (Voter ID number 102180806).
SANTIAGO, HERMAN (Voter ID number 101335774).

1816 NE 54TH ST
SCHOENER, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 120203939).
KENT, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 102088555).

1817 NE 48TH ST
AROSEMENA, EVA M. (Voter ID number 101350065).

1817 NE 50TH ST
COISSY, GUERLINE (Voter ID number 119767250).
COISSY, LUCIEN (Voter ID number 101860184).
COESTER, DOUG P. (Voter ID number 101352589).
LINDSEY, HEATHER M. (Voter ID number 102481143).

1817 NE 53RD CT
SIMMONS, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 102152034).

1818 NE 48TH CT
WITTING, MARIELLE A. (Voter ID number 116771585).
NORTHRUP, FELICIA A. (Voter ID number 101554598).
NORTHRUP, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 102099526).
NORTHRUP, KATHY (Voter ID number 102410011).

1819 NE 48TH CT
REGAL, JENNA (Voter ID number 102527634).
HONKA, CHRISTOPHER Albert (Voter ID number 107850664).
LUCHIAN, ERIC (Voter ID number 102344645).
MASER, CANDACE Leigh (Voter ID number 113001969).

1820 NE 39TH ST
FLORES, EUGENE (Voter ID number 101606596).
FLORES, MAGALY M. (Voter ID number 101792598).
FLORES, SEVERINO (Voter ID number 101829841).

1820 NE 41ST ST
LI SANTI, DAWN H. (Voter ID number 101484057).
MARTIN, JEFFREY S. (Voter ID number 115639704).

1820 NE 42ND ST
FERNANDEZ JAVIER, QUEURI (Voter ID number 120033313).
FERNANDEZ, XAVIER (Voter ID number 120486060).
FERNANDEZ MERCEDES, MARIA (Voter ID number 116571046).
JAVIER, ELENA (Voter ID number 116570895).

1820 NE 48TH CT
APT 305

MARSEILLE, DONALD (Voter ID number 117041642).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 101

CARRASQUILLO, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 111884635).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 306

CHERY, LOVENSKY (Voter ID number 118003163).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 206

DEBEL, ISMANIA (Voter ID number 101843382).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 301

SAGARDIA, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 102122693).
BOTELLO, STEPHANIE Renee (Voter ID number 117723873).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 302

JACOB, JIMMY (Voter ID number 120466574).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 101

HOWELL, CHARLES Jay (Voter ID number 102514262).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 104

BESSARD, EVELINE (Voter ID number 119804392).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 110

LASTER, KAYMONE D. (Voter ID number 120256358).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 201

RIVERA, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 119616593).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 210

CAMPBELL, JUSTIN Michael (Voter ID number 119588191).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 304

FIGUEROA MARTI, ANGEL Luiz (Voter ID number 120101856).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 306

CLERVEAU, JOSELYNE (Voter ID number 120427992).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 210

CAMPBELL-TOWNSEL, DIONNE L. (Voter ID number 101691811).

1820 NE 48TH ST
APT 208

BENEBY, JUDITH M. (Voter ID number 109379927).

1821 NE 40TH CT
APT 307

TROWBRIDGE, RIVA Mae (Voter ID number 115665068).

1821 NE 40TH CT
APT 306

NAEGEL, JOHN Adam (Voter ID number 101621282).

1821 NE 40TH CT
MOCKEL, WENDY (Voter ID number 101379536).
CONFORTI, JOSEPH Anthony (Voter ID number 101929002).
CONFORTI, TERRY J. (Voter ID number 101731678).
COREY, NIKKI G. (Voter ID number 102281030).
JOHNSON, DEBRA M. (Voter ID number 101442883).
MOREL, DENISE J. (Voter ID number 101702866).

1821 NE 40TH CT
APT 305

FRANCHINO, DORIS M. (Voter ID number 101704213).
FRANCHINO, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 101704214).

1821 NE 42ND ST
FRANCOEUR, LYVITA Bonhomme (Voter ID number 121148189).
PHILISTIN, JONEL (Voter ID number 120800613).

1822 NE 39TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, GONZALO M. (Voter ID number 101452731).

1824 NE 50TH ST
DERRY, JESSICA Lee (Voter ID number 102365924).
EDWARDS, MIA Naomi (Voter ID number 101621332).
TADE, EDWARD Jacob (Voter ID number 118036223).

CARPENTER, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 120360905).

1825 NE 49TH CT
BOTTOMS, TED (Voter ID number 120580098).

1825 NE 49TH ST
LITCHMORE-HOLSTON, CLAUDIA L. (Voter ID number 117614381).

1825 NE 49TH CT
WEVER, DEMPSEY Rougier (Voter ID number 119582267).

1825 NE 49TH ST
HOLSTON, SAMMY D. (Voter ID number 114745186).
EASTON, MAKEA T. (Voter ID number 120803869).
HOLSTON, SAMEERA A. (Voter ID number 119560651).

1825 NE 50TH ST
MURPHY, SHANNEN Melissa (Voter ID number 114651332).
PAGE, GLEN G. (Voter ID number 101329620).

1828 NE 49TH CT
ANTONIO, DINA L. (Voter ID number 121286893).
KISELA, JACK B. (Voter ID number 101992270).

1830 NE 42ND ST
MANKO, MARIANNE K. (Voter ID number 101378085).
MANKO, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 101368911).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 219

PAUL, REALDY M. (Voter ID number 101948078).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 221

QUINONES, JENNIFER C. (Voter ID number 116132056).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 311

FLEURIDOR, ROLANDE (Voter ID number 116371717).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 314

JULMISSE, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 101977390).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 317

RAMOS, EDDA Liz (Voter ID number 115525124).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 311

FLEURIDOR, ROSITA (Voter ID number 119156122).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 315

LAROCHE, DANIA Chery (Voter ID number 119624698).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 116

PRENSENDIEU, SYLVAIN (Voter ID number 120509102).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 115

LOBACK, ANGELIQUE Starr (Voter ID number 121211295).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 117

ROMAN, ELIADES (Voter ID number 120309454).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 120

RODRIGUEZ, RAMIRO (Voter ID number 119089819).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 221

QUINONES, ANA (Voter ID number 114661726).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 311

PIERRE-LOUIS, WISLIN (Voter ID number 120233221).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 316

LOUIS, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 119731440).

1830 NE 48TH ST
ESTRADA, JULIE (Voter ID number 102394518).
ESTRADA, GREG (Voter ID number 102394663).
LAWRENCE, LAWSON (Voter ID number 102435775).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 111

LA MOTTE, DEAN Frank (Voter ID number 115513101).

1830 NE 48TH ST
APT 321

GEORGES, NANCY Halter (Voter ID number 117374122).
LIDDELL, DANIEL Wesley (Voter ID number 115193200).
LIDDELL, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 101666129).
VEGA, JOHNNY Joshua (Voter ID number 116243651).

1830 NE 51ST ST
GRAY, RODGER Philip (Voter ID number 102377740).
YOST, MEDIA C. (Voter ID number 102392001).

1830 NE 53RD CT
LENER, SOLON (Voter ID number 116703607).
SOLON, MARIE Yolande (Voter ID number 117477325).

1831 NE 41ST ST
BOVE, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 102157752).
BOVE, MARIO (Voter ID number 101623144).
BOVE, MIRELLA (Voter ID number 101592406).
BOVE, TONIANN (Voter ID number 102204758).

1831 NE 42ND ST
ROBINSON, ARNOLD Edward (Voter ID number 120509057).

1831 NE 53RD ST
CROCKETT, JAKIRA (Voter ID number 120803974).
DANIELS, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 101475387).
DANIELS, WILLIE D. (Voter ID number 101367130).

1832 NE 51ST CT
GARNETT, ELLIE B. (Voter ID number 101612177).
GARNETT, MARC D. (Voter ID number 101779601).
GARNETT, RICHARD E. (Voter ID number 101612178).

1832 NE 54TH ST
SALAZAR, SEBASTIAN (Voter ID number 120826387).
SALAZAR, JUAN David (Voter ID number 119800864).
GUTIERREZ, ZORAIDA (Voter ID number 118005646).
SALAZAR, LUIS (Voter ID number 118003364).

1833 NE 53RD CT
KAUS, ROBERT Eugene (Voter ID number 118192936).

1833 NE 53RD ST
MARTINEZ, ROSA A. (Voter ID number 116241769).

1835 NE 25TH ST
ROSENGARTEN, MATTHEW Jeffrey (Voter ID number 101484208).

1835 NE 39TH ST
ROCHA, MANUEL (Voter ID number 116211855).
ROCHA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 120402409).

1836 NE 48TH CT
MONEYPENNY, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 112311233).

1837 NE 48TH CT
ADKIN, RONALD Louis (Voter ID number 118624593).
AVERY, ROXANNE (Voter ID number 116680900).
BLAICH, JOHN Steven (Voter ID number 116788250).

1837 NE 50TH ST
RUBIO, ROSSY M. (Voter ID number 117217341).

1839 NE 49TH CT
FRIEDRICH, MARCIA Mendes (Voter ID number 121337588).

1840 NE 42ND ST
HO, STEPHEN (Voter ID number 119593002).
HO, NORMAN (Voter ID number 116164014).
HO, SIU For (Voter ID number 102413177).
XIAO, XIA Min (Voter ID number 102413182).

1840 NE 48TH ST
APT 323

DUMEL, JUDY L. (Voter ID number 116434465).

1840 NE 48TH ST
APT 329

VICK, TANIA R. (Voter ID number 102179549).

1840 NE 48TH ST
APT 130

MEDRANO, ANA Josefina (Voter ID number 119818208).
MEDRANO, AUGUSTO Nibiades (Voter ID number 110245511).

1840 NE 48TH ST
APT 131

ACREUS, NADEGE (Voter ID number 119332686).

1840 NE 48TH ST
APT 123

MACHADO, FLAVIO Fernando (Voter ID number 117347615).
MACHADO, HELENE Fuller (Voter ID number 101532800).

1840 NE 48TH ST
APT 226

CHEYSANGIEM, KORNKANOK (Voter ID number 119036794).

1840 NE 48TH ST
APT 231

VALDEZ, MARIA Del Consuelo (Voter ID number 119967477).

1840 NE 48TH ST
APT 331

JEAN, FLORNA Brume (Voter ID number 120531910).
JEAN, JOSUE Peterson (Voter ID number 119365110).

1840 NE 48TH ST
UNIT 223

ELFOURANI, NEIMYS (Voter ID number 115264258).

1841 NE 41ST ST
SOTO, MIKE A. (Voter ID number 102173966).

1841 NE 42ND ST
MC GOWAN, FLORENCE M. (Voter ID number 101355839).

1841 NW 33RD CT
HANEY, JACKIE (Voter ID number 120981907).
LENHART, RAYMOND H. (Voter ID number 101821771).
ROBINSON, JULIE Ann (Voter ID number 117330523).

1846 NE 53RD CT
MURRY, SANDRA (Voter ID number 101486653).

1847 NE 53RD ST
GUBERT, JUDY F. (Voter ID number 101652853).

1848 NE 49TH ST
FIGUEROA, XAVALYS (Voter ID number 118382227).
FIGUEROA, JAVIER De Jesus (Voter ID number 101773684).
FIGUEROA, VALERYE (Voter ID number 101733308).
FIGUEROA, XAVIER (Voter ID number 117047660).

1848 NE 50TH ST
WILSON, RYAN Charles (Voter ID number 121078589).

1848 NE 51ST CT
CARL, LAUNA Jane (Voter ID number 101711684).

1848 NE 54TH ST
BANKS, MARY Elaine (Voter ID number 114699738).
MILES, WALTER C. (Voter ID number 116701764).
PAUL, RICHARD Gregory (Voter ID number 102517625).
PAYNE, JONATHAN D. (Voter ID number 101601429).

1849 NE 48TH ST
DIAS, DRAKE Soliman (Voter ID number 112048691).

1849 NE 50TH ST
RIGGS, HERMAN Gail (Voter ID number 101680222).

1849 NE 53RD CT
ALAMO ORDONEZ-MONDRA, LISANDRA Ivette (Voter ID number 102312232).

1850 NE 27TH ST
BROWN, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number 101297782).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 137

MUNGUIA, ENMER O. (Voter ID number 120239286).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 139

HOY, KELSIE (Voter ID number 120245537).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 335

GONZALEZ, JUAN (Voter ID number 120914772).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 339

WESTFALL, DANYELLE Eliza (Voter ID number 114291546).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 232

MAXI, ROBERSON (Voter ID number 116649786).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 237

DUMOND, WEDLY (Voter ID number 121012581).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 133

NOEL, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 119073509).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 339

COIMBRA, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 113992524).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 146

ALSTON, VIRGILIO A. (Voter ID number 120417374).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 232

JASMIN, DAVANSKY (Voter ID number 120142794).
JN FRANCOIS, MAMOUNE (Voter ID number 119998930).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 235

LOPEZ GONZALEZ, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 102026799).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 240

ALTEUS, JOCEMY (Voter ID number 120220614).
ALTEUS, JOSEPH Jean (Voter ID number 120249983).
VALCIN, JUNIOR (Voter ID number 120417319).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 332

LEBRUN, HENOCK (Voter ID number 119935237).
LEBRUN, MANISE (Voter ID number 119782915).
SAIMBRE, MAGENTA (Voter ID number 120358298).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 332-D

SAIMBRE, IVELANDE (Voter ID number 119940646).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 336

MELO, JULIEN C. (Voter ID number 119578611).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 135

FATAL, QUETELINE (Voter ID number 101968887).

1850 NE 48TH ST
ZABALA, JAMES J. (Voter ID number 101970963).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 135

FATAL, YOLEDINE (Voter ID number 116908431).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 237

LARSON, DENIS David (Voter ID number 101991598).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 337

OLMER, ERIK John (Voter ID number 118878082).

1850 NE 48TH ST
APT 336

GIMOTTY, KAREN Jo (Voter ID number 102020064).

1851 NE 25TH ST

MANUEL, DONALD W. (Voter ID number 101651827).

1851 NE 27TH ST
LIN, STELLA S. (Voter ID number 115610681).

1853 NE 49TH CT
CARTA, MICHELE Ann (Voter ID number 116112711).
HITE, TERRY Lynn (Voter ID number 119760053).

1854 NE 48TH CT
PELZER, CARL J. (Voter ID number 102119911).
HALL, MATTIE L. (Voter ID number 102119914).

1855 NE 48TH CT
STEWART, PATRICK (Voter ID number 101327892).

1856 NE 49TH CT
REID, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 101793611).

1857 NE 49TH ST
BROWN, LORETTA (Voter ID number 102181308).
ROBINSON, HOPE Marie (Voter ID number 102469145).

186 NW 27TH ST
ADAMCHAK, THEODORE (Voter ID number 101529622).
ADAMCHAK, VERONICA M. (Voter ID number 101529623).

1860 NE 27TH ST
BOARD, BRIAN R. (Voter ID number 102164021).

1860 NE 39TH ST
BROADNAX, DENNICE Renay (Voter ID number 120547116).

1860 NE 50TH ST
OLIVER, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 101777388).

1860 NE 53RD CT
MAIER, DEBORAH L. (Voter ID number 102353043).
MAIER, RONALD T. (Voter ID number 102351497).

1861 NE 27TH ST
CHIU, DORIS S Koon (Voter ID number 102309729).
CHIU, PING Chung (Voter ID number 101766067).

1861 NE 50TH ST
BRODBECK, NURY Suyapa (Voter ID number 119474948).
CORDERO, ERICH (Voter ID number 118253757).
RICARVETT, EDNA E. (Voter ID number 102255606).

1861 NE 53RD ST
ROBINSON, LLORON Jocfrey (Voter ID number 102233185).
SAMUEL, PORSHA Terell (Voter ID number 102269344).

1862 NE 51ST ST
OSMOND, CHRISTA N. (Voter ID number 119598165).
TRAPANI, JODI Ann (Voter ID number 101913409).
BARAHONA, RIGOBERTO (Voter ID number 111749854).

1864 NE 49TH ST
STARKER, TARA D. (Voter ID number 119940607).

1864 NE 51ST CT
JAYO, ANTONIO Alfredo (Voter ID number 115427209).
PALOMINO, DANIZA I. (Voter ID number 102483952).

1864 NE 54TH ST
PAYNE, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 102495362).

1865 NE 48TH ST
LEONARD, RANDALL Gerald (Voter ID number 116462978).
LEONARD, JANICE E. (Voter ID number 101229776).

1865 NE 53RD CT
LANSKY, SCOTT (Voter ID number 101536032).
LANSKY, MICHELLE E. (Voter ID number 114583974).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 150

MEZIDOR, FRANCOIS (Voter ID number 102318083).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 243

VANDYKE, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 107884929).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 351

CUBAS, JULIO Ricardo (Voter ID number 101987731).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 244

LACOURSE, TAYLOR Lynn (Voter ID number 118877232).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 344

VILCEUS, FREZINA (Voter ID number 102285067).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 347

CRUZ CHAPARRO, HECTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 120359365).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 145

RUGGIERI, JAMIE Lyn (Voter ID number 101950498).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 151

GLOVER, KRISTEN M. (Voter ID number 116935678).
GLOVER, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 116935526).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 248

BENEDETTI, ODALYS (Voter ID number 117284511).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 347

WRIGHT, MELISSA Diane (Voter ID number 102283483).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 348

PARKER, LEANNE (Voter ID number 119777576).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 145

BEGUM, AFRINA (Voter ID number 120358266).
ISLAM, ATM S. (Voter ID number 120358286).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 150

MEZIDOR, ILAMOSE (Voter ID number 121096213).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 249

NUNES, MARCELO (Voter ID number 120439177).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 345

SOBRINHO, ALBENY R. (Voter ID number 120120973).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 349

SHPAK, MARLENA (Voter ID number 120364740).

1870 NE 48TH ST
APT 350

SERLING, LEIGH E. (Voter ID number 102527868).

1870 NE 48TH ST
YZAGUIRRE, RICARDO Xavier (Voter ID number 102366941).

1871 NE 27TH ST
URENA, ERICA (Voter ID number 102526856).
ERICKSON, HONDO Travis (Voter ID number 119365502).

1872 NE 48TH CT
APT B 13

MCGREAL, LYNN Carlson (Voter ID number 120106009).

1872 NE 48TH CT
MC GREAL, DONALD C. (Voter ID number 101680281).
MCGREAL, DONNA L. (Voter ID number 117160787).
TILLIGKEIT, DONNA L. (Voter ID number 101291641).
TILLIGKEIT, DONNA Marie (Voter ID number 102528075).

1872 NE 50TH ST
WILLARD, GAIL D. (Voter ID number 115648767).

1873 NE 48TH CT
PILLITTERI, DE ANN (Voter ID number 118434266).
TILLIGKEIT, STACEY Ann (Voter ID number 115338949).

1873 NE 53RD ST
KOSTRZECHA, ADAM Michael (Voter ID number 101970145).
KOSTRZECHA, CYNTHIA Kaye (Voter ID number 101917053).

1875 NE 49TH ST
CARSON, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 102865532).
RIVERA, BONIFACIO (Voter ID number 102394511).

1880 NE 48TH ST
WILLIAMS, CAROL Cyrus (Voter ID number 101570813).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 255

RAMOS, JUAN D. (Voter ID number 117458653).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 361

NAZARIO, RUFINO Enrique (Voter ID number 102226043).

1880 NE 48TH ST
ARISTENE, POSNEL (Voter ID number 120603801).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 157

FELISNOR, CHANDINE (Voter ID number 120440384).
FELISNOR, ELVELIA (Voter ID number 120702826).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 160

LEBRUN, LIVASON (Voter ID number 120836875).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 255

JEAN-FRANCOIS, CHANTAL (Voter ID number 119664210).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 257

MARTINEZ, LUCILIA (Voter ID number 120970859).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 260

FELISNOR, ULRICK (Voter ID number 120942294).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 356

HESS, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 113986332).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 154

JOHNSON, LA TONYA (Voter ID number 116246439).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 259

MACHADO, GABRIELA Lima (Voter ID number 118066827).

1880 NE 48TH ST
MENARD, PAUL Stanley (Voter ID number 117143762).
TRAFFANSTEDT, THERESA M. (Voter ID number 116770665).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 152

WEST, REGINALD Marshall (Voter ID number 118456451).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 155

WILLIAMS, REBECCA Rose (Voter ID number 115772341).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 156

PRACHNIAK SILVA, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 101591929).

1880 NE 48TH ST
APT 158

ALMESTICA, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 116390055).

1880 NE 48TH ST
UNIT 158

ALVIM, MARIA Poletti (Voter ID number 119668489).

1880 NE 54TH ST
FARMER, DOUGLAS Edward (Voter ID number 102415036).
ORVIL, DIENI O. (Voter ID number 117314205).
MARTINEZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 102329991).

1881 NE 27TH ST
DUNN, DEBORAH D. (Voter ID number 102254553).

1881 NE 53RD CT
THOMAS, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 102472781).
THOMAS, LARRY L. (Voter ID number 101976449).

1884 NE 49TH CT
ZELAYA, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 102396111).

1884 NE 50TH ST
JACKSON, ESTHER K. (Voter ID number 101298770).

1885 NE 53RD ST
LACOE, KRISTEN Marie (Voter ID number 113976723).
BENEDETTO, DANIEL Vincent (Voter ID number 114914463).

1891 NE 49TH CT
CARSTENS, RONNI T. (Voter ID number 101547704).
KISELA, RUSSELL O. (Voter ID number 101391480).

1892 NE 53RD CT
CUTCHER, TORY E. (Voter ID number 101525043).

1896 NE 54TH ST
TUBERTINE, CARLOS Magno (Voter ID number 114348447).
SANTOS, MARY Lucia (Voter ID number 102507656).
SOARES, TIAGO A. (Voter ID number 119010361).

1898 NE 49TH CT
BEST, GARY Roy (Voter ID number 101686798).
BEST, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 101513352).

1899 NE 49TH CT
CRUM, PENNY S. (Voter ID number 117017834).
ROE, JOAN P. (Voter ID number 102011879).
ROE, JOHN Icem (Voter ID number 102011880).

1899 NE 53RD ST
BRADLEY, JESSICA Lashawn (Voter ID number 118377364).
JACKSON, SHANTAVIA Mercedez (Voter ID number 116513008).
BRADLEY, WHITTNEY Laqon (Voter ID number 120431010).
JACKSON, ANITA L. (Voter ID number 120200672).

RAMIREZ, STEVEN (Voter ID number 101925157).

19 NE 45TH ST
ANNE, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 117286064).
DUPRENA, ROBINE Janet (Voter ID number 114285611).
DERRICK, DELANO A. (Voter ID number 120381879).

TORIELLO, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 102413117).

190 NE 26TH CT
CASTILLO, RICARDO Luis (Voter ID number 101885923).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 101948255).
RODRIGUEZ, RENE Perez (Voter ID number 101784096).

190 NW 24TH CT
DE ZINNA, FRANCES (Voter ID number 101513385).

190 NW 27TH ST
BENDER, JAMES P. (Voter ID number 102302867).

190 NW 28TH CT
ATKINS, SHARNETT (Voter ID number 120370765).

SCARBROUGH, DONNA I. (Voter ID number 101621873).

1900 NE 27TH CT
PANTON, FREDERICK R. (Voter ID number 101322228).

1900 NE 28TH CT

NELSON, KENNETH Lee (Voter ID number 119588974).

1900 NE 29TH ST

YOUNGHANS, DENNIS (Voter ID number 118272848).

1900 NE 29TH ST

SULLIVAN, SEAN Justin (Voter ID number 102301032).

1900 NE 29TH ST

VANN, PAUL Thomas (Voter ID number 118870640).

1900 NE 29TH ST

WACKES, MEGAN (Voter ID number 112659911).

1900 NE 29TH ST

LIE, PEGGY Sue (Voter ID number 101628061).

1900 NE 29TH ST
FIGLER, SHEREE Lynn (Voter ID number 102362223).
PEMBERTON, DANIEL Guy (Voter ID number 102146859).

1900 NW 33RD ST
ESPARRAGOZA, MARIO (Voter ID number 102186124).

1901 NE 29TH ST

SIMPSON, GARY M. (Voter ID number 101555698).

1901 NE 29TH ST

MORRIS, JOANNE (Voter ID number 116833494).
SCARBOROUGH, BRIAN Lee (Voter ID number 106297186).

1905 NW 32ND ST
EVANS, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 101419488).

191 NE 25TH CT
RAPHAEL, ANNE M. (Voter ID number 120506493).
RAPHAEL, ERICK (Voter ID number 120801159).
RAPHAEL, JAMES (Voter ID number 120960369).
RAPHAEL, ANTOINE Jean (Voter ID number 101559285).
RAPHAEL, MARC A. (Voter ID number 102435930).

191 NE 26TH CT
SANCHEZ, JOCELYN (Voter ID number 120026639).

191 NE 26TH ST
ANDRE, JEAN Romuald (Voter ID number 116310437).
JEAN, FRANCESCA (Voter ID number 114248319).
PAUL, CHARITEUSE Andre (Voter ID number 101623590).
PAUL, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 114628861).

191 NE 27TH ST
SHEMITZ, MARK C. (Voter ID number 102145715).
RAMOS-DIAZ, CARMEN M. (Voter ID number 114800146).

191 NE 31ST ST
ADAMS, KAREE Y. (Voter ID number 101339705).

191 NW 24TH CT
PARRISH, DONALD W. (Voter ID number 101587361).
RIVERA, MARIA V. (Voter ID number 102522674).
PARRISH, BONNIE L. (Voter ID number 101587353).

191 NW 29TH PL
BRANCACHO, ANNIE (Voter ID number 114507877).
BRANCACHO, BEVERLY (Voter ID number 115501417).

191 NW 41ST CT
DE CASANOVA, YDA E. (Voter ID number 101905570).

191 NW 41ST CT

FLORES, DAVID Humberto (Voter ID number 117199034).

1910 NE 27TH CT
KRSTICEVIC, KAREN Marie (Voter ID number 117725781).

1910 NE 27TH CT

FUREY, ELLISON Elizabeth (Voter ID number 100119796).

1910 NE 27TH CT
BOLDT, CAROLINE Sappe (Voter ID number 101535851).
BOLDT, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 102203707).
HASTING, BETTY J. (Voter ID number 101446382).

1910 NE 27TH CT

DEGRACE, DANIEL Arthur (Voter ID number 118181148).

1910 NE 27TH CT

FUREY, ELLISON Britton (Voter ID number 100004698).

1910 NE 28TH CT

SPIEGEL, CAROLYN (Voter ID number 101958854).

1910 NE 28TH ST

VAN DELLEN, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 103852629).

1910 NE 28TH ST
MEDINA, JOEL Ivan (Voter ID number 114388259).

1910 NE 28TH ST

CRIALES, JANE Marie (Voter ID number 102408532).

1910 NE 28TH ST

VAN DELLEN, ANGELA R. (Voter ID number 120524393).

1910 NE 29TH ST
DE SOUZA, ELZA Caetano (Voter ID number 121122568).

1911 NE 27TH CT

NICHOLS, MEREDITH (Voter ID number 102415480).

1911 NE 27TH CT

BABCOCK, THERESA Lynn (Voter ID number 120615851).
EDWARDS, JOHN Preston (Voter ID number 120470935).

1911 NE 27TH ST
HULICK, ROY A. (Voter ID number 111856410).

1911 NE 27TH CT
CLEGG, MYRNA Eranie (Voter ID number 115748139).
PRINCE, DANIEL H. (Voter ID number 102192878).
ZIESAK, HERBERT A. (Voter ID number 101412631).
ZIESAK, ROSALIA (Voter ID number 101412771).

1911 NE 27TH CT

CLEGG, WILLIAM T. (Voter ID number 116786185).

1911 NE 28TH CT
MARSTELLER, STEFANI D. (Voter ID number 118717066).

1911 NE 28TH CT

WARD, TIMOTHY H. (Voter ID number 101786452).

1911 NE 28TH ST

HOLM, JUDY Evelyn (Voter ID number 117858634).

1911 NE 28TH CT
SANTIAGO, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 101704044).

1911 NE 28TH CT

VILLAFANE, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109167920).

1911 NE 28TH ST
LONG, TWYLA Jane (Voter ID number 112022968).

1911 NE 28TH ST
APT #2

KOEHLER, MARTY Edward (Voter ID number 111956095).

1914 NE 48TH CT
CLENDENIN, TREVOR Alan (Voter ID number 121123225).
MCGEE, WENDY S. (Voter ID number 118427751).
DONAHUE, THOMAS P. (Voter ID number 101687035).

1914 NE 53RD CT
WORDELL, JONATHAN Edgar (Voter ID number 120564333).
HENNECART, DETRIUS Dodson (Voter ID number 102361406).
JOHNSON, FRANKLIN Lee (Voter ID number 101971033).

1915 NE 48TH CT
RIGBY, SHELLEY A. (Voter ID number 101922012).
EMMANUEL, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 117083689).

1916 NE 54TH ST
AYER, SUSAN C. (Voter ID number 102060085).

1917 NE 53RD CT
LOPEZ, ROSENDO (Voter ID number 114772295).
TORRES, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 101550179).
TORRES, SONIA I. (Voter ID number 114772297).

1920 NE 27TH ST
JOBIN, DONALD Eugene (Voter ID number 101728983).
JOBIN, TONI Marie (Voter ID number 101725040).

1920 NE 28TH CT
WHITE, RYAN Michael (Voter ID number 121242435).

1920 NE 28TH ST
AVOLETTA, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 117095166).

1920 NE 28TH CT
HALDANE, SEAN Douglas (Voter ID number 101779562).

1920 NE 29TH ST
CAMBELL, BRIAN P. (Voter ID number 101800471).
MASON, SHELLY M. (Voter ID number 101738113).

1921 NE 25TH ST
HEISHMAN, EDWARD P. (Voter ID number 115651596).

1921 NE 27TH ST
LIPTAY, ALBERT (Voter ID number 114621129).
LIPTAY, JUNE (Voter ID number 103412769).

1921 NE 28TH ST
COKER, HANNAH Lynn (Voter ID number 119551916).

1921 NE 28TH CT
GERACI, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 118857062).

1921 NE 28TH ST
BOOTH, ROBERT David (Voter ID number 102336900).
LYNN BOOTH, VALERIE Jean (Voter ID number 101891257).

1921 NE 29TH ST
JACKSON, GREGORY Anthony (Voter ID number 102198782).
RUFFOLO, JANET M. (Voter ID number 102240744).

ZERKEL, STEVEN Barry (Voter ID number 115889987).

1928 NE 47TH ST
EPSTEIN, STEVEN (Voter ID number 102331478).
LODATO, ARTHUR E. (Voter ID number 101886700).

1928 NE 48TH CT
JURMAN, JOHN CARLO (Voter ID number 120637004).

1930 NE 27TH CT
MAURO, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 102260806).
MAURO, SAMANTHA Erin (Voter ID number 102027534).

1930 NE 27TH ST
RITSCHER, ABBAS B. (Voter ID number 117047121).
NUTTALL, JOHN (Voter ID number 102295239).
NUTTALL, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 102295242).
RITSCHER, ABBAS B. (Voter ID number 102494498).

1930 NE 28TH CT
BARTON, GRAZIELLA Dionisio (Voter ID number 101847003).
BARTON, KENNETH Ray (Voter ID number 101844570).

1930 NE 29TH ST
ESPOSITO, PASQUALINA (Voter ID number 102521448).
ESPOSITO, VITTORIO (Voter ID number 116360253).

1930 NE 47TH ST
ANTONELLI, BESSIE E. (Voter ID number 101278107).

1930 NE 53RD CT
POWLEY, ZACHARY K. (Voter ID number 120127405).
POWLEY, AMBER (Voter ID number 117085186).
POWLEY, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 117073466).
POWLEY, KEITH (Voter ID number 117073338).

1931 NE 27TH CT
KLEIN, KAREN E. (Voter ID number 101630520).
HAUBER, RICHARD William (Voter ID number 102048138).

1931 NE 27TH ST
CASTINO, LEONARD A. (Voter ID number 115841005).

1931 NE 28TH CT
ANDREWS, LOUIS Austin (Voter ID number 119609278).

1931 NE 28TH ST
PHILLIPS, MARTIN J. (Voter ID number 101920586).
PHILLIPS, TIA O. (Voter ID number 101652867).

1931 NW 33RD CT
MARTINEZ, REGINALD (Voter ID number 101959257).
MARTINEZ, ROSA Ivel (Voter ID number 102507640).

1932 NE 47TH ST
GILL, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 102488583).

1932 NE 49TH ST
ADKINS, JASON M. (Voter ID number 119704793).

1932 NE 54TH ST
PEREZ, LUZ E. (Voter ID number 117128245).

1933 NE 48TH ST
UMANA, NILDA M. (Voter ID number 116093581).

1933 NE 53RD CT
QUACH, CUC L. (Voter ID number 118719163).
QUACH, HUY (Voter ID number 118719158).

1938 NE 47TH ST

KELLY, LAKASHIA Y. (Voter ID number 102276463).

1940 NE 27TH CT
MILAZZO, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 101342479).
MILAZZO, PETER J. (Voter ID number 101342478).

1940 NE 28TH ST
ANDERSON, GENEVIEVE G. (Voter ID number 101253630).
ANDERSON, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 101467047).

1940 NE 31ST ST

LA TORRE, ANTHONY M. (Voter ID number 116164785).
LA TORRE, TAWNY L. (Voter ID number 101278835).
LATORRE, WILSON T. (Voter ID number 101981355).
MUNOZ, KASEY L. (Voter ID number 114040491).

1940 NE 31ST ST
NICKOLA, MARION (Voter ID number 101229028).
STOLLE, MARK O. (Voter ID number 102368008).

1940 NE 32ND ST
COX, CAITLIN E. (Voter ID number 102437550).
AMOROSO, DANIELLE (Voter ID number 115617118).

1940 NE 47TH ST
FADDEN, CLARENCE Gilbert (Voter ID number 102216675).
SPORRER-FADDEN, MARGARET Joyce (Voter ID number 102219327).

1940 NW 33RD CT
GORDON, BOBBY George (Voter ID number 116879334).

1941 NE 27TH CT
CARPENTER, TERRI E. (Voter ID number 102299193).

1941 NE 28TH CT
LAVOIE, JEAN-PIERRE (Voter ID number 102246076).

1941 NE 31ST CT
CAVO, ARCEIL T. (Voter ID number 101706171).
CAVO, MICHAEL F. (Voter ID number 101307937).

1942 NE 32ND ST

BUTLER, DANEUSHE Taewhauna (Voter ID number 102437692).

1942 NE 48TH CT
CHAPMAN, GARY Nmi (Voter ID number 111838114).
HOWIE, WARREN James (Voter ID number 120282190).
LAMBERT, TIMOTHY Edward (Voter ID number 119782354).
LEE, ARIEA Monta (Voter ID number 118561602).
STROUD, DWIGHT H. (Voter ID number 101630611).

1944 NE 32ND ST
LINDSTROM, SHAWN G. (Voter ID number 101604682).

1946 NE 32ND ST
BARR, MITCHELL B. (Voter ID number 101780023).
HILTON, JAMES Olin (Voter ID number 101335407).

1948 NE 54TH ST
DIAZ, ESTANISLADO (Voter ID number 121240636).
MENA, SANYI (Voter ID number 121243282).
REY, DAVIS Henriques (Voter ID number 115073253).

1949 NE 53RD CT
REILLY, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 101449155).
REILLY, THERESA D. (Voter ID number 101684605).

1950 NE 27TH CT
BOARD, JUNE Grieneisen (Voter ID number 101981372).
BOARD, ROBERT Henry (Voter ID number 102374159).

1950 NE 29TH ST
CLARK, SALLY L. (Voter ID number 101685565).

1950 NE 30TH ST
MEILAHN, CLEONE (Voter ID number 101223612).

1950 NE 31ST ST
CASTELLANOS, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 101513317).

1950 NE 32ND ST
O'HARA, EDWARD M. (Voter ID number 101453268).
DALY, PAUL Michael (Voter ID number 101824535).

1950 NE 34TH CT
MC CORMICK, CYNTHIA Marie (Voter ID number 101805055).
MC CORMICK, PAUL C. (Voter ID number 101601453).
MCCORMICK, JAZZMIN Marie (Voter ID number 119557395).

1950 NE 34TH ST
MORSER, JACQUELINE K. (Voter ID number 101959969).

1950 NE 34TH ST

MORSER, JAY W. (Voter ID number 112440939).
MORSER, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number 101959831).

1951 NE 28TH CT
FORD, JENNIFER K. (Voter ID number 102114745).
DAVIES, DUANE P. (Voter ID number 101352222).

1951 NE 29TH ST
KONRAD, KAROLYN L. (Voter ID number 102482812).

1951 NE 30TH ST
PLYLER, ANDREW Wayne (Voter ID number 117060471).
PLYLER, CHRISTOPHER James (Voter ID number 114752612).
PLYLER, TANIS Braas (Voter ID number 102096270).

1951 NE 31ST ST
CHAVEZ, MELECIA C. (Voter ID number 119763751).

1951 NE 31ST CT
BELOTTO, JEREMY Andrew (Voter ID number 117504607).
BELOTTO, KATHLEEN Therese (Voter ID number 101500683).
BELOTTO, NICHOLAS Daniel (Voter ID number 115170753).

1951 NE 31ST ST
LOW, RICK (Voter ID number 101431668).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 130

VASS, ARTHUR R. (Voter ID number 101243557).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 135

PATRICK, ANGELA Maria (Voter ID number 101530083).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 138

EPSTEIN, HAROLD David (Voter ID number 121345019).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 142

MURTHA, BARBARA (Voter ID number 101248010).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 153

CATONA, TONI Ann (Voter ID number 101619117).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 233

FINKEL, MATTHEW Simon (Voter ID number 117319237).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 247

LANDSMAN, PEGGY A. (Voter ID number 102415975).
LOGAN, RICHARD D. (Voter ID number 102415974).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 250

KRUSE, BOW SHA (Voter ID number 121169472).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 349

SENTY, RICHARD Dean (Voter ID number 120077715).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 357

LAVALLA, GUY L. (Voter ID number 121013507).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 346

HORDIJUK, OKSANA O. (Voter ID number 109427124).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 150

MALORZO, GERALD (Voter ID number 117577050).
MALORZO, SANDRA Peyton (Voter ID number 117577062).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 232

PERROTTA, PATRICIA Mary (Voter ID number 121160110).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 325

SCOTT, GORDON Stephen (Voter ID number 120862045).
SCOTT, MARJORIE Grace (Voter ID number 120862047).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 120

FIAMELLA, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 119382543).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 139

GRIZZAFFI, CARL (Voter ID number 102082340).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 146

EARLY, STEPHANIE Mina (Voter ID number 118681312).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 154

GEIERMAN, MERLE G. (Voter ID number 102030796).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 155

DOLAN, CATHERINE Lucille (Voter ID number 101208942).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 159

MILLER, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 102523615).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 161

RACE, ELAINE L. (Voter ID number 101464104).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 225

SCHNURR, SALLY Jo (Voter ID number 118500632).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 235

DELEO, RAYMOND A. (Voter ID number 119386703).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 335

ARENAS, HILDA Consuelo (Voter ID number 101923878).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 352

ALUM, INGRID Mindel (Voter ID number 119778127).

1951 NE 39TH ST
UNIT 227

STRINGFELLOW, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 102046523).

1951 NE 39TH ST
UNIT 352

ALUM, WALTER Howard (Voter ID number 118560293).

1951 NE 39TH ST
BENTON, INGEBORG T. (Voter ID number 102493529).
BLACK, SANDRA J. (Voter ID number 101826897).
BRADEN, RUTH M. (Voter ID number 102488194).
DOWLING, MARGARET (Voter ID number 101487562).
LOHR, ANN H. (Voter ID number 101685829).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 249

LEON, FRANK (Voter ID number 101531600).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 260

AMANN, ELLEN T. (Voter ID number 101696896).

1951 NE 39TH ST
AVERY, GARY (Voter ID number 102231952).
BAXTER, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 101568846).
BIANCHI, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 101683928).
BOUCHARD, STANLEY R. (Voter ID number 101817046).
CHASE, ROBERT Richard (Voter ID number 101761246).
CLERMONT, JANICE Ann (Voter ID number 102244019).
CLERMONT, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 102366638).
COLOGGI, MELINA D. (Voter ID number 102076050).
DE BUVITZ, LENORE D. (Voter ID number 102104327).
DE LEO, HELEN M. (Voter ID number 101373327).
DEBUVITZ, JOSEPH Paul (Voter ID number 102104525).
DENSMORE, GERTRUDE L. (Voter ID number 101214205).
DESROSIERS, IRENE S. (Voter ID number 102204674).
DIAN, CAROL H. (Voter ID number 102185070).
EDWARDS, THEODORA E. (Voter ID number 101683873).
FLICK, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 101943511).
FULLAM, ELIZABETH Mary (Voter ID number 102022010).
HARTY, CHARLES Warren (Voter ID number 101494058).
HARTY, KYLE Anne (Voter ID number 101777747).
HOWARD, THEODORE D. (Voter ID number 101543529).
HOWSON, SOPHIE (Voter ID number 101938551).
JASPER, MARY A. (Voter ID number 102187967).
JASPER, ROY E. (Voter ID number 102179359).
JONES, ROBERT F. (Voter ID number 101497360).
KOLESAR, JUDY M. (Voter ID number 101527967).
KRAWCZYNSKI, CHESTER (Voter ID number 102284407).
KRAWCZYNSKI, MARGARET J. (Voter ID number 102284411).
LANDES, ESTELLE E. (Voter ID number 101224449).
MANNI, ROSE Agnes (Voter ID number 101761428).
MARTIN, ROSE M. (Voter ID number 101846219).
MC CLORY, ROBERT (Voter ID number 101360613).
MC GLOIN, LYNDA J. (Voter ID number 101328628).
MEIER, JULIA V. (Voter ID number 102525001).
MEIER, KATHERINA (Voter ID number 101586939).
MILLER, ANN S. (Voter ID number 101795471).
MORAN, MARIE R. (Voter ID number 101558619).
PAGEL, BONNIE L. (Voter ID number 101939526).
PANNY, PHILOMENA C. (Voter ID number 101694706).
SANTANGELO, JOHN (Voter ID number 102281909).
SMITH, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 101371186).
SWANSON, BRUCE L. (Voter ID number 101484645).
ULLMANN-JONES, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 101798824).
WELCH, CAROLYN T. (Voter ID number 102307770).
WELLING, PETER J. (Voter ID number 102482677).
WHELAN, JOSEPH P. (Voter ID number 102178388).
WHELAN, MARGARET M. (Voter ID number 102178339).
ZUBROWSKI, IRENA (Voter ID number 102353698).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 127

SCZEPANSKI, MARY (Voter ID number 102271845).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 128

WUESTEWALD, AMY Frances (Voter ID number 114939606).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 129

RABETSKY, HESPERIA Spadoni (Voter ID number 114544008).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 143

RIGGINS, MARILYN Emma (Voter ID number 119095291).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 146

EARLY, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 114780957).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 152

FLANNERY, BARBARA G. (Voter ID number 115027268).
FLANNERY, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 115029734).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 156

D'ESPIES, JOSEPHINE M. (Voter ID number 101651919).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 226

MC COURT, BETTY Ann (Voter ID number 101809776).
MC COURT, KENNETH Paul (Voter ID number 101809777).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 232

PERROTTA, JOSEPH D. (Voter ID number 102258169).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 239

COFFEY, LILLIAN M. (Voter ID number 117518786).
COFFEY, RONALD F. (Voter ID number 117518788).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 252

SWANSON, HEDI R. (Voter ID number 101484644).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 260

KELSEY, STANLEY Russell (Voter ID number 101242724).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 323

HARIKA, SADIE Susan (Voter ID number 102479768).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 324

MAZZEO, ROGER L. (Voter ID number 101661697).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 334

BABINSKI, EDITH (Voter ID number 102493527).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 339

KELLY, LEONARD Joseph (Voter ID number 102506566).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 346

DURFEE, ROBERT F. (Voter ID number 101225459).

1951 NE 39TH ST
APT 348

FEENEY, WILLIAM Harold (Voter ID number 101762590).

1952 NE 33RD ST
DEFRANCESCO, MARISSA L. (Voter ID number 108559698).
DICKAU, KAREN Louise (Voter ID number 121285347).
TASSI, MARK K. (Voter ID number 101620777).

1958 NE 33RD ST
RIVERA, ALIYA Marie (Voter ID number 115862659).
PREGO, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 118431717).

196 NE 26TH ST
ESTIME, JULIANIE (Voter ID number 102249562).
GARCON, ILTANE (Voter ID number 102046049).

1960 NE 30TH CT
SILVA, JOANNE C. (Voter ID number 102420541).
STOKBAEK, CHRISTINA Ann (Voter ID number 101811193).

1960 NE 30TH ST
COSNAHAN, FRANK T. (Voter ID number 101407333).

1960 NE 31ST CT
GREASON, JESSICA C. (Voter ID number 101579788).

1960 NE 31ST ST
OULTON, BRYAN Patrick (Voter ID number 101687137).
OULTON, SHANI Renee (Voter ID number 101524320).

1960 NE 32ND ST
LOVELADY, ANDY Michael (Voter ID number 117371668).
ALOISE, BONNIE S. (Voter ID number 101679170).
GRIGOLIA, ALEXANDER L. (Voter ID number 118880774).
WALDRIP, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 115123227).

1960 NE 33RD ST
FADALE, JOSHUA M. (Voter ID number 118599200).

1960 NE 34TH CT
SMALL, TIM C. (Voter ID number 101259082).

1960 NE 34TH ST
HANTSBARGER, RITA F. (Voter ID number 101913590).
HANTSBARGER, JON M. (Voter ID number 101913589).
HANTSBARGER, LINCOLN Todd (Voter ID number 102181035).

1960 NE 48TH ST

MARTINS, WILLIAM L. (Voter ID number 102275003).

1960 NE 48TH ST

MCNALLY, MALE (Voter ID number 114806235).

1960 NE 48TH ST

SILVER, MAGGIE M. (Voter ID number 119501491).

1960 NE 48TH ST

LOUIS, JUDELINE (Voter ID number 118476599).

1960 NE 48TH ST

FONTANA, RICHARD (Voter ID number 115483180).

1960 NE 48TH ST

RANSOM, ATHENA M. (Voter ID number 101392733).

1960 NE 48TH ST

RHYNE, LARRY D. (Voter ID number 115665635).

1960 NE 48TH ST

STAUFFER, LINDA Ann (Voter ID number 118519120).

1960 NE 54TH ST
HERNANDEZ, GUADALUPE (Voter ID number 114125242).

1961 NE 29TH ST
THOMASON, RONALD James (Voter ID number 102079947).
THOMASON, LEIGH ANN (Voter ID number 102174502).

1961 NE 30TH CT
CASTELLANOS, MARIA (Voter ID number 101379068).
CASTELLANOS, OFELIA (Voter ID number 101622224).
VASQUEZ, AGUSTIN (Voter ID number 102066409).

1961 NE 30TH ST
TATE, JOHN Upson (Voter ID number 101535853).

1961 NE 31ST CT
DUNN, WENDY L. (Voter ID number 102002250).

1961 NE 31ST ST
LEHR, ZELLA (Voter ID number 102204959).
MARTINEZ, PHILLIP F. (Voter ID number 116979836).

1961 NE 33RD ST
BEAL, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 101340318).
BEAL, DONNA A. (Voter ID number 101343716).
MC MANUS, DIANE Kay (Voter ID number 102005360).

1961 NE 34TH CT
VRENNA, RENEE A. (Voter ID number 102452063).
VRENNA, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 102476010).

1963 NE 35TH ST
SABRA, SHELIA M. (Voter ID number 102193557).

1966 NE 33RD ST
DEMERSKI, DEREK (Voter ID number 102214029).

1966 NE 52ND ST
BROWN, WOODROW S. (Voter ID number 115278505).

1970 NE 30TH ST
NOLAN, ALISON Faryna (Voter ID number 120133842).
NOLAN, CHRISTIAN Ian (Voter ID number 102032517).

1970 NE 30TH CT
DEGEN, CHRISTOPHER G. (Voter ID number 102127233).
DEGEN, JACQUELINE Genea (Voter ID number 102038357).

1970 NE 31ST CT
DE FEIS, LYDIA (Voter ID number 101451105).

1970 NE 31ST ST
BALCOM, GINA Rizzi (Voter ID number 102324367).
BALCOM, THOMAS W. (Voter ID number 102249853).
SAWKA, MATTHEW D. (Voter ID number 101686304).

1970 NE 32ND CT
APT 57

MC CLENDON, PATRICIA Jolene (Voter ID number 114233675).
MC CLENDON, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 102269391).

1970 NE 32ND ST
CROMLEY, EARL N. (Voter ID number 101206266).

1970 NE 34TH CT
ABENILLA, ELEANORE (Voter ID number 101244667).
WOOD, WILLIAM S. (Voter ID number 116595983).

1970 NE 34TH ST
GAMBUTO, KIMBERLY Dawn (Voter ID number 101726113).
GAMBUTO, MIKEL A. (Voter ID number 101726114).

1970 NE 35TH ST
WHITE, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 102370161).

1970 NW 33RD ST
DI MARCO, JAMES W. (Voter ID number 101543061).

1971 NE 29TH ST
RUSHMORE, EARL (Voter ID number 102439547).
RUSHMORE, ELIZABETH K. (Voter ID number 101310559).

1971 NE 30TH CT
MC GRATH, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 101413291).
MC GRATH, CLINT N. (Voter ID number 101440226).
MC GRATH, KATHY A. (Voter ID number 101571474).

1971 NE 30TH ST
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID G. (Voter ID number 102227573).
MC LAUGHLIN, JUDITH A. (Voter ID number 102128189).

1971 NE 31ST CT
LEE, JEFFREY D. (Voter ID number 110179141).
LEE, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 110179182).

1971 NE 31ST ST
DI EDWARDO, RITA M. (Voter ID number 102064363).
DIEDWARDO, SUSANNA J. (Voter ID number 102275171).

1971 NE 32ND ST
PADGETT, LARRY William (Voter ID number 101629992).

1971 NE 32ND ST
APT 22

PADGETT, JOY J. (Voter ID number 102481978).

1971 NE 32ND CT
APT 59

ESTELLA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 102256598).

1971 NE 32ND ST
GARNEAU, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 101520454).

1971 NE 33RD ST
GAMMON, ALBERT Lewis (Voter ID number 116370415).
SPIEGEL, LYNN Leslie (Voter ID number 109536546).

1971 NE 34TH CT
PICKETT, CASEY A. (Voter ID number 118921174).
POTTER, KELLIE Jo (Voter ID number 118358586).
SCHEURER, DAVID Alan (Voter ID number 101989995).
SCHEVRER, JARED Allen (Voter ID number 102487859).

1971 NE 34TH ST
CARABALLOSO, MARTA M. (Voter ID number 101529533).

1971 NE 35TH ST
KUHN, LORRAINE A. (Voter ID number 101522918).
YORK, FREDRICK Philip (Voter ID number 118392293).

1975 NE 32ND CT
APT 61

BERRIOS, BRITTNEY L. (Voter ID number 115174595).

1975 NE 32ND CT
AIELLO, BERTHA E. (Voter ID number 101761650).
MC GRATH, KIMBERLY M. (Voter ID number 101525632).

1975 NE 32ND ST
SPARKS, NORMAN J. (Voter ID number 101646459).
MEAUX, GLENN M. (Voter ID number 101646458).
SPARKS, CATHERINE C. (Voter ID number 101646457).

1976 NE 32ND CT
MARTIN, ANA Beatriz (Voter ID number 115648097).
MARTIN, RICHARD K. (Voter ID number 101286493).

LAGODA, HELEN M. (Voter ID number 101719652).

1980 NE 30TH CT
RIVARD, RUTH A. (Voter ID number 101465378).
RIVARD, STANLEY J. (Voter ID number 101465377).

1980 NE 31ST CT
ANGERHAUSER, MILDRED P. (Voter ID number 119650666).

1980 NE 31ST ST
MASNIKOFF, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number 101241703).

1980 NE 32ND CT
APT 52

BULIFANT, BETTY H. (Voter ID number 104329217).

1980 NE 32ND ST
ASHBRIDGE, DANIEL J. (Voter ID number 101652445).

1980 NE 33RD ST
WATSON, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 101675775).
CASANTINI, JENNIE K. (Voter ID number 102082447).

1980 NE 34TH CT
EWALD, INEZ K. (Voter ID number 102294150).

1980 NE 34TH ST
HAVEL, JOHN (Voter ID number 101512924).
HAVEL, LAURA (Voter ID number 101512925).

1980 NE 35TH ST
TRAENDLY, RAYMOND A. (Voter ID number 114512666).
WOODWARD, CYNTHIA D. (Voter ID number 101526207).

1980 NE 48TH ST

CALLAHAN, SUSAN (Voter ID number 101777971).

1981 NE 30TH CT
MILLER, JOHN F. (Voter ID number 101306635).
MILLER, JUNE M. (Voter ID number 101346450).

1981 NE 31ST CT
CLARK, STEPHANNIE L. (Voter ID number 101630698).

1981 NE 31ST ST
ADAMOWICH, KELLY Anne (Voter ID number 101679265).
ADAMOWICH, PETER (Voter ID number 101621049).

1981 NE 32ND ST
MANCOU, ANTHONY P. (Voter ID number 120747001).

1981 NE 32ND CT
KARTZ, FRANCES N. (Voter ID number 101219208).

1981 NE 32ND CT
APT 48

KARTZ, JOHN F. (Voter ID number 102207658).

1981 NE 34TH CT
NOLAN, STELLA Maria (Voter ID number 102169806).
MUNOZ, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 101998853).

1981 NE 34TH ST
WELLING, JILL M. (Voter ID number 101626320).
WELLING, PAULUS A. (Voter ID number 102104354).

1981 NE 35TH ST
BYRNES, JEROME Courtney (Voter ID number 101896795).
BYRNES, TARA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 101955373).

1982 NE 52ND ST
CARVAJAL, THELMA Yolanda (Voter ID number 102450901).
CARVAJAL, LISBETH (Voter ID number 101654559).

1983 NE 53RD CT
GOODROAD, KIMBERLY M. (Voter ID number 119804473).
SOUSA, BRADLEY Joseph (Voter ID number 114503132).
WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER Gordon (Voter ID number 102444196).

1985 NE 32ND CT
APT 49

VARGAS, MICHELLE N. (Voter ID number 119609478).

1985 NE 32ND CT
FRANCO, FLORIO (Voter ID number 101558649).
KENNEY, MINNIE B. (Voter ID number 101218436).

1985 NE 32ND ST
JORDAN, MARILYN J. (Voter ID number 102141074).

1986 NE 32ND CT

PELAEZ, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 101387025).

1986 NE 33RD ST
ROMANO, KATHERINE A. (Voter ID number 114954218).

1990 NE 30TH CT
STEINER, SHERRY D. (Voter ID number 102143274).

1990 NE 31ST CT
SALEM, DANIELLE Bolton (Voter ID number 105414979).
SALEM, SAMMY E. (Voter ID number 119402004).
BLEY, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 101258532).
BLEY, SUSAN I. (Voter ID number 101258618).

1990 NE 31ST ST
WALSH, MARLENE T. (Voter ID number 101823257).

1990 NE 32ND CT
GAUTHIER, DOREEN A. (Voter ID number 101325218).
LAND, SANDRA Helen (Voter ID number 101713099).

1990 NE 32ND ST
BARKER, AGNES P. (Voter ID number 102372626).
BARKER, FEDERICO C. (Voter ID number 102372631).

1990 NE 33RD ST
CUNNINGHAM, HAZEL Lorraine (Voter ID number 102031122).
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 102033767).

1990 NE 34TH ST
MCDONALD, THOMAS Michael (Voter ID number 102393705).

1990 NE 34TH CT
CAMPBELL, JACQUELINE Frady (Voter ID number 101288104).

1990 NE 34TH ST
MOE, MARYBETH (Voter ID number 102454517).
MOE, MICHAEL W. (Voter ID number 101368706).

1991 NE 31ST CT
TURNER, HEATHER Lynne (Voter ID number 110138923).
TURNER, RYAN D. (Voter ID number 116034318).

1991 NE 31ST ST
GILL, KUGIE (Voter ID number 115286161).
MATHAUDA, NARANJAN K. (Voter ID number 101864384).

1991 NE 32ND CT
APT 42

POSTELNIK, FERN Belld (Voter ID number 102512496).

1991 NE 32ND ST
BOYLE, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number 101598199).
BOYLE, JOSEPH F. (Voter ID number 101420534).

1991 NE 33RD ST
TEEBAGY, LISA E. (Voter ID number 101420681).

1991 NE 34TH CT
ROUCHARD, DAVID T. (Voter ID number 101466026).

1991 NE 35TH ST
MC GINN, JOHN G. (Voter ID number 101464184).

1995 NE 32ND CT
APT 41

PARKER, MORREL Lee (Voter ID number 101696447).

1996 NE 32ND CT
TSALIKIS, ENNIKA (Voter ID number 101535538).
WALKER, MARY E. (Voter ID number 101494178).

1996 NE 33RD ST

MCCLUSKIE, NORMA (Voter ID number 116715208).

1998 NE 52ND ST
CARVAJAI, HEATHER S. (Voter ID number 102471921).
STEWART, WESLEY Dean (Voter ID number 102524698).

1998 NE 54TH ST
NGUYEN, ANHTHU L. (Voter ID number 101691819).

2 NE 45TH ST
DOLCINE, EVA (Voter ID number 118494548).

MACKEY, RODNEY Myron (Voter ID number 115127725).

20 NE 45TH ST
FERMINE, GERALDA (Voter ID number 114555579).
JEAN, MANOUSHKA (Voter ID number 116142137).

20 NE 45TH CT
VALLE, EVELYN (Voter ID number 102127571).

20 NE 45TH ST
ALEXIS, MACULAINE (Voter ID number 101931310).
JEAN, GERALDA (Voter ID number 116467786).

200 NE 25TH CT
EUGENE, MARIE Lucie (Voter ID number 102303705).
MEISBERGER, ADAM Joseph (Voter ID number 102381706).
MEISBERGER, LINDA J. (Voter ID number 101401125).
MEISBERGER, THOMAS J. (Voter ID number 101401126).

200 NE 25TH ST
DUCTAN, ADLER (Voter ID number 102216836).
DUCTAN, GEDEON (Voter ID number 101515562).
DUCTAN, MARC Russell (Voter ID number 102408059).
DUCTAN, WILNA (Voter ID number 101542323).

200 NE 26TH CT
EUGENE, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 120203403).
EUGENE, SHAWANDA (Voter ID number 120228881).
SAINT CHARLES, DENIFAR (Voter ID number 119772848).
EUGENE, WILLY (Voter ID number 101612349).
SAINT CHARLES, PHILOXENE (Voter ID number 116470679).

200 NE 27TH ST
SIMON, DULCE (Voter ID number 120306638).

200 NE 31ST CT
VALMIR, ELMANUS (Voter ID number 102000988).

200 NE 39TH CT
BOBO, SERGE (Voter ID number 102199262).
AUGUSTIN, FELDER (Voter ID number 120163503).
BOBO, MARIE Roseline (Voter ID number 102206399).

200 NE 40TH ST
SANDERS, KENNETH Michael (Voter ID number 101809715).

200 NE 42ND CT
SUPRILUS, FLORENCE (Voter ID number 118427107).

200 NE 43RD ST
GONZALEZ, HECTOR Luis (Voter ID number 109519353).
AYALA, JOSE O. (Voter ID number 116443209).
GIL, BERNARDINA (Voter ID number 102061983).
GIL, OSVALDO (Voter ID number 101800365).

200 NE 44TH ST
TRUITT, KIMBERLY Ann (Voter ID number 101201955).

200 NE 49TH ST
FINN, MARGARET E. (Voter ID number 101428922).

200 NE 50TH ST
NICKSON, ELIZABETH Mary (Voter ID number 101841318).

200 NE 51ST CT
FIORENTINO, SUSAN English (Voter ID number 119961891).

200 NE 52ND ST
GARCIA JIMENEZ, DELMAR Marie (Voter ID number 119264641).

200 NW 24TH CT
FRISONE, LAURIE Ann (Voter ID number 119792542).
FRISONE, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 119792539).
SCOTT, JAMES S. (Voter ID number 102390638).
SCOTT, JOAN F. (Voter ID number 102390647).

200 NW 25TH CT
WHITFIELD, FLOYD T. (Voter ID number 101686118).

200 NW 25TH PL
DIEPPA, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 101313976).

200 NW 29TH CT
GENEST, ROBERT G. (Voter ID number 101904668).

200 NW 39TH CT
JEAN, RAYMOND Jean (Voter ID number 117748036).
BLANCHARD, MEDARD (Voter ID number 119172880).
BLANCHARD, MARIE R. (Voter ID number 101929166).
BLANCHARD, MARTINE (Voter ID number 117435463).
EISEME, URELUS (Voter ID number 102174680).
JEAN, ROSEMOND (Voter ID number 117596746).

200 NW 40TH CT
CRUZ, MARIZA Delourdez (Voter ID number 115627373).
MACHADO, SANDRA Avelar (Voter ID number 114433771).

200 NW 40TH ST
KENNEDY, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 101825954).
MC CLUNG, JOHN Manson (Voter ID number 102193148).

200 NW 41ST ST
TROUTT, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 101839128).

200 NW 43RD CT
SAIMBRE, MARILIA Francois (Voter ID number 101845687).
SAIMBRE, REMIS S. (Voter ID number 114661122).

200 NW 43RD PL
DORCEUS, ROGES (Voter ID number 102400777).
JEAN BAPTISTE, BENICE (Voter ID number 101869752).

200 NW 43RD ST
FLORES, ALEXANDER James (Voter ID number 102372277).

200 NW 44TH ST
OLIVEIRA, GERALDO F. (Voter ID number 102475156).

2000 NE 27TH CT
BLOUGH, SUE S. (Voter ID number 101259845).

2000 NE 28TH ST
CLEVENGER, LAUREN Christine (Voter ID number 116154294).
SUYDAM, LANCE D. (Voter ID number 101294182).
SUYDAM, NORMA J. (Voter ID number 101294183).

2000 NE 30TH ST
GUERRERO, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 102285325).
KAWAM, ALBERT (Voter ID number 101527199).
RAMOS, NATIVIDAD (Voter ID number 120397674).

2000 NE 30TH CT
SANDERS-WIGGINS, GERZELL (Voter ID number 102354904).
WIGGINS, PAUL Andrew (Voter ID number 116809757).

2000 NE 31ST CT
SCHULMAN, ELLEN Crane (Voter ID number 102081155).
SCHULMAN, HOWARD A. (Voter ID number 102034527).

2000 NE 31ST ST
MILLER, SUSAN Rae (Voter ID number 101898299).
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 102472831).
SULLIVAN, THOMAS P. (Voter ID number 102276150).

2000 NE 32ND CT
APT 36

SCOTTI, SONJA Marie (Voter ID number 101622865).

2000 NE 32ND ST
SANDEFUR, BUNNY Nicole (Voter ID number 102326042).
WEISKOTT, MARY Lou (Voter ID number 101841245).
WEISKOTT, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 101684926).

2000 NE 34TH ST
BROWN, STEVEN Richard (Voter ID number 101903211).
CONNELLY, CHERYL Ann (Voter ID number 101445066).

2000 NE 35TH ST
WITTENKELLER, WADE James (Voter ID number 120970195).
WITTENKELLER, LUCELLA (Voter ID number 101238382).
WITTENKELLER, LUKE John (Voter ID number 102394313).
WITTENKELLER, MOLLIE D. (Voter ID number 101757131).
WITTENKELLER, RALPH G. (Voter ID number 101238383).

2000 NW 33RD ST
TURCK, BRENDA LEE (Voter ID number 121016752).

2001 NE 27TH CT
YANCEY, HEATHER (Voter ID number 117093620).
YANCEY, GREGORY Turner (Voter ID number 101570925).

2001 NE 27TH ST
BAKER, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 101706424).

2001 NE 30TH CT
CUBIT, VERONICA Scarlet (Voter ID number 121075576).

2001 NE 30TH ST
BLACK, HILARY Jane (Voter ID number 111969418).

2001 NE 30TH CT
CUBIT, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 101512481).

2001 NE 31ST ST
MATHEWS, DAVID William (Voter ID number 101227725).

2001 NE 32ND CT

KINNE, LEIGH Campbell (Voter ID number 101991262).

2001 NE 32ND ST
ROSS, ELIZABETH G. (Voter ID number 101396407).

2001 NE 33RD ST
PEREZ, MARIO Schuyler (Voter ID number 101606245).
PEREZ, FELICITY Lynn (Voter ID number 100634027).
FADUM, RICHARD Malcolm (Voter ID number 117880352).
COFFEY, DEBBIE A. (Voter ID number 101571439).
COFFEY, DIANNE E. (Voter ID number 101225317).
COFFEY, RICHARD H. (Voter ID number 101210131).

2001 NE 34TH CT
DAY, BRADFORD Michael (Voter ID number 116684422).
DAY, PATRICK M. (Voter ID number 101790791).
NISONGER, GARY L. (Voter ID number 102010542).
SILVERSTEIN, FRANCINE (Voter ID number 101292913).

2001 NE 34TH ST
PICAZIO, EVELYN A. (Voter ID number 101244658).
PICAZIO, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 101244661).

2001 NE 35TH ST
CONER, HELENE D. (Voter ID number 102099803).
CONER, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 102110387).

2001 NE 38TH ST

GARCIA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 101330106).

2001 NE 38TH ST

TAKACS, MATTHEW James (Voter ID number 120674962).

2001 NE 38TH ST

FRATES, DENISE Evelyn (Voter ID number 102334414).

2001 NE 38TH ST

CHEKINA, IRINA G. (Voter ID number 117411752).

2001 NE 38TH ST

NISI, TANIA Aparecida (Voter ID number 102488739).

2001 NE 38TH ST
BRITO, EMILIA (Voter ID number 101984268).

2001 NE 38TH ST

MURTHA, JANE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 101491989).

2001 NE 38TH ST

CHECKIN, DIMITRI (Voter ID number 118356869).

2005 NE 32ND CT
ROLLINS, J L. (Voter ID number 101483585).

2006 NE 32ND CT
APT 37

BEAL, HEATHER D. (Voter ID number 101654528).

2006 NE 32ND CT
MARCHESE, STEPHEN A. (Voter ID number 102493705).

2006 NE 32ND CT

MARCHESE, SALVATORE S. (Voter ID number 113966756).

2006 NE 33RD ST

ROOP, KAREN E. (Voter ID number 119193544).

SCHMIT, MARY D. (Voter ID number 101365660).

201 NE 25TH CT
STEPHENS, JEFFREY M. (Voter ID number 101480427).

201 NE 25TH ST
DERVILUS, HERARD Eliedor (Voter ID number 118275796).

201 NE 26TH CT
VALLE, MARITZA (Voter ID number 119486199).

201 NE 30TH CT
SMITH, SHANTRIA A. (Voter ID number 111880728).

201 NE 31ST ST
LAUVINCE, RUTH Rl (Voter ID number 116245369).

201 NE 39TH CT
MARKO, MICHAEL Henry (Voter ID number 119367532).

201 NE 42ND ST
SWINTON, CRYSTAL Harden (Voter ID number 119555638).
SWINTON, JACOB (Voter ID number 101550624).
WOODLEY, BARBARA S. (Voter ID number 101358348).
WOODLEY, CHARLIE C. (Voter ID number 116447995).

201 NE 43RD ST
ROMERO, CARLOS Enrique (Voter ID number 120346744).
ANDERSON, LOUIE Allan (Voter ID number 117626651).
GARZA, JAVIER (Voter ID number 117301453).

201 NE 49TH CT
CAMPOS, TRAJANO Neto (Voter ID number 115760771).
NOWLAN, JOSEPHINE Ann (Voter ID number 101321094).

201 NW 24TH CT
LUTOMSKI, BERT (Voter ID number 112004900).

201 NW 25TH PL
BOTTIAU, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 111960871).

201 NW 29TH CT
ORSIC, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 101451208).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 208

MOMPREMIER, MARIE JEANNE (Voter ID number 102123044).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 209

NOEL, MYRDRENE (Voter ID number 117715374).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 102

JONAS, RAYMOND Lee (Voter ID number 120856006).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 105

JOHNSON, LINDA R. (Voter ID number 102044942).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 101

BURROFF, ERIK Jose (Voter ID number 120800632).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 105

COIRA, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 120331038).
COIRA, MAGDALENA (Voter ID number 120331007).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 111

COLLINS, FREDERICK (Voter ID number 103133944).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 204

JOSEPH, JERSON R. (Voter ID number 118823276).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 206

PINHAS MOLINETE, ABIGAIL (Voter ID number 120509957).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 207

MCCLOUD STEPHEN, LINDA (Voter ID number 120350842).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 209

ST LOUIS, VOLVIX (Voter ID number 118947165).

201 NW 32ND CT
BAEZ, ANA (Voter ID number 102082875).
VEGA, JOSE D. (Voter ID number 102082928).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 106

PHILLIPS, TYLER Savage (Voter ID number 119327720).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 108

NISWANDER, TRAVIS Edward (Voter ID number 118699223).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 110

BLUE, SHAWANNA Lashae (Voter ID number 117387389).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 111

COIRA, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 119139247).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 204

JOSEPH, MAXIUS (Voter ID number 117336976).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 205

DIMANCHE, ERNST (Voter ID number 101685016).

201 NW 32ND CT
APT 210

PONTIERE, JAMES (Voter ID number 117520978).

201 NW 38TH CT
BOLANOS, JOSE S. (Voter ID number 118610925).

201 NW 38TH PL
RODRIGUEZ, KIMBERLY Alexandra (Voter ID number 121132436).

201 NW 38TH CT
PAUL, SIMONE M. (Voter ID number 101957015).
CAMPBELL, DINAH L. (Voter ID number 101525722).
MURRAY, SHALLAMAR D. (Voter ID number 101342041).

201 NW 39TH CT
MUTEBA, MAUA (Voter ID number 120770307).
FISH, DONALD E. (Voter ID number 118476617).
CLARK, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 102182392).

201 NW 40TH CT
ALLEN, LYNN Kissinger (Voter ID number 101267237).
ALLEN, REX D. (Voter ID number 114968663).

201 NW 40TH ST
MESADIEU, JERRY (Voter ID number 118120699).
MESADIEU, SIPHORDIEU (Voter ID number 101908740).

201 NW 41ST CT
PERSAUD, LISA (Voter ID number 118800596).
WRIGHT, VELDA Ward (Voter ID number 101294737).

201 NW 41ST CT

WRIGHT, TABITHA Evelyn (Voter ID number 118680362).

201 NW 41ST ST
CAMACHO, BLANCA E. (Voter ID number 102272020).
COMACHO, HECTOR M. (Voter ID number 102272019).

201 NW 42ND CT
KINSLER, PAUL J. (Voter ID number 101419038).

201 NW 44TH ST
PEREZ, JULIO (Voter ID number 119047483).

201 NW 46TH CT
BUCCIANO, MANFREDI (Voter ID number 101968373).

201 NW 52ND ST
VAZQUEZ, GINA M. (Voter ID number 112267337).

APT 2006

CATANA, RONALD (Voter ID number 116418459).

APT 2003

GRIECO, VIVIAN Joyce (Voter ID number 101776061).

APT 1005

BROWN, DONALD L. (Voter ID number 101448382).

UNIT 199

WOLFE, NINA M. (Voter ID number 101223942).

AGOSTINELLO, ADELE (Voter ID number 101686002).
BONDARENKO, HENRY R. (Voter ID number 102011257).
BONDARENKO, HERMINE I. (Voter ID number 102011258).
DIXON, ILSE A. (Voter ID number 101493968).
JONCAS, ANN Miletich (Voter ID number 101228624).
MOURE, DAVID (Voter ID number 102029018).

APT 1004

COPETE GUARIN, HECTOR Alfonso (Voter ID number 102221700).

APT 1007

WILLIS, FRANK A. (Voter ID number 116809572).

APT 197

YOUNG, DOUGLAS (Voter ID number 116300833).

APT 198

DIXON, JO ANN (Voter ID number 120001488).

APT 199

WOLFE, FRED J. (Voter ID number 101406970).

APT 2003

PACINE, MARY Jane (Voter ID number 101542536).

APT 2005

TAYLOR, ANA (Voter ID number 118330530).

APT 298

CHITWOOD, AMAZONAS (Voter ID number 117687403).

2010 NE 27TH CT
STEWART, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 101684175).

2010 NE 28TH ST
CHRISTENSEN, GEORGIANNA (Voter ID number 118760110).
VON NUREMBERG, PAOLO A. (Voter ID number 101734785).

2010 NE 30TH CT
DI VASTO-CITERE, SUZANNE (Voter ID number 101811315).

2010 NE 31ST ST
COGAN, JILLIAN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 102200663).

2010 NE 31ST CT
HOPKINS, COLLEEN M. (Voter ID number 107865220).
HOPKINS, JERRY Albert (Voter ID number 108172861).

2010 NE 31ST ST
CAHOW, DEVIN D. (Voter ID number 102166413).

2010 NE 32ND CT
APT 28

SORIA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 102314206).

2010 NE 32ND ST
ACETI, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 117348878).

2010 NE 32ND CT
WITTERS, CAROLYN Sperry (Voter ID number 102327659).

2010 NE 32ND CT
APT 30

WITTERS, ROBERT Edwin (Voter ID number 102327649).

2010 NE 32ND ST
ACETI, JESSICA Marie (Voter ID number 102161556).

2010 NE 33RD ST
CHAPMAN, GEORGE A. (Voter ID number 119823374).

2010 NE 34TH CT
CRINCOLI, PAT (Voter ID number 101799523).
CRINCOLI, RONI (Voter ID number 101264590).
RUGGIERO, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 101986137).

2010 NE 34TH ST
LALKA, LARISSA K. (Voter ID number 101883004).
RODEN, JACK (Voter ID number 101577225).

2010 NE 35TH ST
SMITH, CHRISTINE Helene (Voter ID number 119297025).
DALO-SMITH, MARGARET (Voter ID number 101442956).
SMITH, JAMES C. (Voter ID number 101442954).
SMITH, MATTHEW James (Voter ID number 116159327).

2011 NE 27TH CT
CORDES, DAVID Botero (Voter ID number 102449149).
CORDES, ROSA Yolanda (Voter ID number 102406507).

2011 NE 27TH ST
LEE, JENNIFER Elizabeth (Voter ID number 113930056).
LEE, CHRISTOPHER Patrick (Voter ID number 116961338).

2011 NE 28TH ST
WILLIAMS, JOHN Elvis (Voter ID number 118749143).
WILLIAMS, LESLIE M. (Voter ID number 101620734).

2011 NE 30TH CT
GREENWOOD, DORIS S. (Voter ID number 101777418).

2011 NE 31ST ST
MCGRAIL, MARK William (Voter ID number 120005722).

2011 NE 31ST CT
VON ESSEN, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 101376094).

2011 NE 31ST ST
PANAGAKOS, JESSICA Ann (Voter ID number 114283143).

2011 NE 32ND CT
APT 26

KEILER, SUSAN E. (Voter ID number 102025463).

2011 NE 32ND CT
FARNER, WARREN E. (Voter ID number 102338690).

2011 NE 32ND ST
LANEVE, DEBRA Ann (Voter ID number 101726132).

2011 NE 33RD ST
CAMPBELL, GLENN Richard (Voter ID number 113859129).
SARGENT, BENJAMIN R. (Voter ID number 118817730).
SARGENT, CARLAN G. (Voter ID number 101381110).
SARGENT, PAMELA Hogarth (Voter ID number 101306895).
SARGENT, SAMUEL D H (Voter ID number 114753578).

2011 NE 34TH CT
MORGADO, JEREMY David (Voter ID number 111982058).
MORGADO, MARIA Belen (Voter ID number 120963063).
BALLACK, MARY Kay (Voter ID number 101587960).

2011 NE 34TH ST
MOSS, PETER A. (Voter ID number 102476920).
MOSS, THERESA A. (Voter ID number 101437350).

2011 NE 35TH ST
STEVENS, CHRISTOPHER John (Voter ID number 101863281).
STEVENS, KERRY A. (Voter ID number 101737558).

2015 NE 32ND CT
OLIWA, STEPHEN Anthony (Voter ID number 102151664).

2015 NE 32ND CT
APT 23

LISTER, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number 117831735).

2015 NE 32ND CT

STABILE, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 116933439).

2016 NE 32ND CT
APT 29

FABIETTI, MARCELLINA Mil-Helene (Voter ID number 101780338).

2016 NE 33RD ST
BRENNAN, TERENCE (Voter ID number 119625826).
SMITH, JOSEPH P. (Voter ID number 102444702).

2016 NE 54TH ST
BRITO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 117106169).
NATAL, YVETTE Lugo (Voter ID number 102169893).

2017 NE 53RD CT
YUSKO, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 102380361).

202 NE 51ST ST
GROVE, LUCILLE A. (Voter ID number 102181854).

202 NE 52ND ST
COE, DARRELL Wayne (Voter ID number 101996656).

202 NW 32ND CT
APT 201

BELFORT, ALPHONSE (Voter ID number 117585828).

202 NW 32ND CT
APT 203

PALMER, NADINE Andrea (Voter ID number 119453965).

202 NW 32ND CT
APT 103

PHILEMON, GUYPSON (Voter ID number 121140260).

202 NW 32ND CT
BUTLER, WINSTON (Voter ID number 101976985).
REARDON, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 101419435).

202 NW 32ND CT
APT 201

BELFORT, ALPHONSE B. (Voter ID number 101968564).

202 NW 48TH CT
HERNANDEZ, HERMINO (Voter ID number 101619115).

202 NW 52ND CT
TANGUAY, DONALD F. (Voter ID number 101294306).
LONDON, LAWRENCE K. (Voter ID number 101576296).

202 NW 52ND ST
DUVA, ROCHELLE (Voter ID number 102239834).

202 NW 53RD ST
DIVINS, MILDRED E. (Voter ID number 102300009).
STEM, RONALD (Voter ID number 102300012).

202 NW 54TH ST
BARBER, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 102284547).

2020 NE 25TH ST
VILLAFANE, JOAN McSpadden (Voter ID number 116955503).
JARRELL, MICHELLE N. (Voter ID number 117069450).
JARRELL, DANIEL Christopher (Voter ID number 116502519).

2020 NE 26TH ST
GOLDBERG, DARREN Craig (Voter ID number 102088844).
GOLDBERG, JOEL L. (Voter ID number 102055207).
NEMIROVA, RIMMA (Voter ID number 120973760).

2020 NE 27TH ST
VILLARD, NANCY Elaine (Voter ID number 115049903).

2020 NE 28TH ST
DAWSON, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number 117686045).
MEYER, DANIELLE T. (Voter ID number 110336821).
MEYER, ELIJAH P. (Voter ID number 110336823).

2020 NE 30TH CT
DONAHUE, JOEL (Voter ID number 120479459).
DONAHUE, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number 101518185).
DONAHUE, VICKIE M. (Voter ID number 101627465).

2020 NE 31ST CT
WYLIE, CATHLEEN Marie (Voter ID number 115276214).
BAYER, BRANT C. (Voter ID number 101864592).
BAYER, MELISSA Robin (Voter ID number 101864670).

2020 NE 31ST ST
OATES, JENNIFER Leigh (Voter ID number 102491112).
OATES, THOMAS Daniel (Voter ID number 102491244).

2020 NE 32ND ST
BLACK, CYNTHIA N. (Voter ID number 101612408).
BLACK, DWAYNE L. (Voter ID number 101601356).
BLACK, NOAH Patrick (Voter ID number 102185694).

2020 NE 33RD ST
SMITH, BRENT Lee (Voter ID number 101852317).

2020 NE 34TH ST
MACKENZIE, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 111976594).
MACKENZIE, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 120447359).

2020 NE 35TH ST
GALINAT, MARK W. (Voter ID number 111765417).
LYNCH, JILL E. (Voter ID number 115004736).

2021 NE 24TH ST
SYLVESTER, GABRIELA Georgiana (Voter ID number 119811493).
SYLVESTER, KENNETH John (Voter ID number 101385147).
SYLVESTER, VIRGINIA P. (Voter ID number 101385146).

2021 NE 25TH ST
BECK, ALAN M. (Voter ID number 101937565).
QUARTELL, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 101401080).

2021 NE 26TH ST
ROBINSON, JOELLEN (Voter ID number 120656120).

2021 NE 27TH CT
DOLL, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 120089101).
DOLL, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number 115712042).
DOLL, DAVID R. (Voter ID number 101493966).
DOLL, DAVID Russell (Voter ID number 115446579).
DOLL, SHIRLEY W. (Voter ID number 101300024).

2021 NE 27TH ST
CASSIDY, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 101944728).
HEFLIN, JOHN Thomas (Voter ID number 116495487).

2021 NE 28TH ST
SAIIA, CHRISTIAN Gian (Voter ID number 100731521).
DYCUS, BRITTANY L. (Voter ID number 116164951).
DYCUS, SUSANNE J. (Voter ID number 101946234).

2021 NE 30TH CT
BOYENS, RENEE A. (Voter ID number 101387758).
BOYENS, TIFFANY L. (Voter ID number 102458119).

2021 NE 30TH ST
COLIP, BRANDON Marcus (Voter ID number 102199802).

2021 NE 31ST ST
BALLOU, CAROL M. (Voter ID number 101215751).
BALLOU, FRED L. (Voter ID number 101208628).

2021 NE 32ND ST
PELLEGRINO, ROSE (Voter ID number 102229007).

2021 NE 33RD ST
LUEBCKE, DANIEL Jeffrey (Voter ID number 118031067).
LUEBCKE, JEFFREY Thomas (Voter ID number 118200331).

2021 NE 34TH CT
COROS, MARIANNE Susan (Voter ID number 101461500).
FEELEY, DARREL K. (Voter ID number 101601339).

2021 NE 34TH ST
AUDET, DAVID G. (Voter ID number 101525743).
AUDET, LISA Dianne (Voter ID number 101459910).

2021 NE 35TH ST
HOOK, DAWN Jespersen (Voter ID number 102524665).
HOOK, GLENN W. (Voter ID number 113987975).
PEREIRA, FABIO D. (Voter ID number 115506480).

2026 NE 33RD ST
MILLER, MEGAN L. (Voter ID number 101902601).
MILLER, JOEL Brents (Voter ID number 101259317).
SMITH, JANET Lynn (Voter ID number 101917413).

203 NE 49TH CT
MACDONALD, JOSHUA Caleb (Voter ID number 114312481).
MACDONALD, NICOLE Angelina (Voter ID number 117624333).

203 NE 50TH ST
MARCINKEVICH, BARBARA B. (Voter ID number 102300073).
MARCINKEVICH, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 101428753).

203 NE 51ST CT
AMBROSINO, BIAGIO (Voter ID number 113974016).

203 NE 51ST ST
NUDD, HAZEL F. (Voter ID number 101855541).

2030 NE 27TH CT
FORSYTH, MARTHA Gaines (Voter ID number 101478033).

2030 NE 28TH ST
BLOCK, MARK K. (Voter ID number 101313313).

2030 NE 30TH CT
LIEBMAN, JUSTIN P. (Voter ID number 111772550).
BERKLEY, CHARLES Thomas (Voter ID number 102032787).

2030 NE 30TH ST
WILLIAMS, DIANE (Voter ID number 101498688).

2030 NE 31ST CT
BUTKA, LAWRENCE P. (Voter ID number 101509095).
MURPHY, GREGORY S. (Voter ID number 101509094).

2030 NE 35TH ST
WALKER, JUDITH Ann (Voter ID number 101471084).

2031 NE 27TH CT
RAKER, ROBERT Ellis (Voter ID number 102037644).
HAMM, KATIE Lyn (Voter ID number 119038032).
LAMB, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 102482697).
LAMB, KATHLEEN A. (Voter ID number 102482690).

2031 NE 31ST ST
HAMMOND, AIMEE Lauren (Voter ID number 114753550).
HAMMOND, ASHLEY S. (Voter ID number 102410868).
HAMMOND, LINDY S. (Voter ID number 101437361).
HAMMOND, MARIE Andree (Voter ID number 101427542).

2031 NE 33RD ST
CASTANEDA, NATALIE L. (Voter ID number 101621395).
FENNELLI, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 101566861).
FENNELLI, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 101575944).

2032 NE 52ND ST
GAJADHAR, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 115842348).
LAW, AARON D. (Voter ID number 102064578).

204 NE 26TH ST
ALEXIS, LIPHANIA (Voter ID number 120371012).
MEUS, POWER I. (Voter ID number 102198187).

204 NE 49TH ST
BEAUPLAN, WENDY G. (Voter ID number 116484625).

204 NE 51ST ST
FREITAS, SOLON (Voter ID number 119467973).

204 NE 51ST CT
CESAR, MARC (Voter ID number 101836543).

204 NW 42ND CT
APT 204

MONTALVO, SAMUEL A. (Voter ID number 119346320).

204 NW 46TH CT
ESTRADA, MARIA Irene (Voter ID number 116863906).

2040 NE 25TH ST
PLANCARTE, BRIAN David (Voter ID number 101978434).
PLANCARTE, VERONICA Salcedo (Voter ID number 102136384).

2040 NE 30TH ST
POHUTSKY, JULIE Ann (Voter ID number 102218692).
POHUTSKY, MATTHEW John (Voter ID number 102238897).

2041 NE 24TH ST
MC CONNELL, JEAN F. (Voter ID number 102204472).
MC CONNELL, PAMELA A. (Voter ID number 102203741).

2049 NE 53RD CT
YOUNG, ALFRED Joseph (Voter ID number 101747191).

205 NE 25TH CT
WIGGINS, BRANDON (Voter ID number 119587263).
MESADIEU, ELICENE (Voter ID number 102043906).

205 NE 26TH CT
GODOY, MARIA Santos (Voter ID number 120942121).
GODOY, BAUTISTA (Voter ID number 114944661).

205 NE 26TH ST
PEREZ, AMALIA (Voter ID number 101801645).

205 NE 50TH ST
JOHNSON, JOANNE V. (Voter ID number 101236456).
PINKOSKY, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 101999553).

205 NE 51ST CT
EUGENE - DE LA ROSA, KRISTEN Melanie (Voter ID number 119442387).

205 NW 46TH CT
DESAMOUR, LYSIAS (Voter ID number 101923044).

2050 NE 26TH ST
MC DERMOTT, ALICIA S. (Voter ID number 102075757).
MC DERMOTT, MATTHEW E. (Voter ID number 101837548).

2050 NE 27TH ST
GRUBER, GREG A. (Voter ID number 101935953).
GRUBER, SHARON Hunt (Voter ID number 101266696).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 101S

SKALSKY, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number 116209453).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 107 W

HERMES, GREGG A. (Voter ID number 101341616).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 110

WURL, FRANK M. (Voter ID number 101248238).

2050 NE 39TH ST

TEITEL, SHIRLEY S. (Voter ID number 101358524).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 206 W

BENNETT, ARTHUR Raymond (Voter ID number 101937089).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 210 - N

BOSWELL, MARY Beth (Voter ID number 102199908).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 210 S

LIVINGWAY, SHIRLEY Heasley (Voter ID number 101223345).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 212 W

RAMOS, DULCE Maria (Voter ID number 121164583).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 310 S

FARWELL, CAROL Anndy (Voter ID number 120834731).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT N 206

OLAYA, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 114667865).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT N210

BOSWELL, STARLING Wayne (Voter ID number 102206254).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT S103

ROSADO PADILLA, IRIS (Voter ID number 121226414).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT W206

MILLER, EVELYN Catherine (Voter ID number 120005319).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT W207

MEDINA, MARGARITA C. (Voter ID number 118238900).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 1015

ROSS, ELIZABETH I. (Voter ID number 102266443).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 207-N

MILLER, JOAN R. (Voter ID number 101793594).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 307 E

SIGNORILE, DOMINIC Francis (Voter ID number 117246431).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 309 S

KETCHUM, CHARLES Max (Voter ID number 112213266).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT S310

FARWELL, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 121231152).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT S204

RODRIGUEZ, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 102407099).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT W107

HERMES, GLORIA R. (Voter ID number 101307263).

2050 NE 39TH ST
AYLWARD, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 119484624).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 112 E

NEIHOFF, KAREN Marie (Voter ID number 119235910).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 209-W

CHAMPAGNE, CECILE M. (Voter ID number 114414216).

2050 NE 39TH ST

GLASSER, SHARINA (Voter ID number 114001723).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT E 110

BURKHARDT, PAUL G. (Voter ID number 119213978).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT E110

BURKHARDT, RUTH M. (Voter ID number 119212279).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT W 109

SCHWARTZ, PETER Van (Voter ID number 119711901).

2050 NE 39TH ST
UNIT 212 E

AYLWARD, NORMA Jean (Voter ID number 119484611).

2050 NE 39TH ST
WITTEMANN, PETER T. (Voter ID number 102186103).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 101 W

BLAKESLEE, SHARON C. (Voter ID number 102094244).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 102 N

BUCCA, BETTY P. (Voter ID number 102484671).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 312 N

DOLAN, JANE E. (Voter ID number 102174808).

2050 NE 39TH ST
ARIAS, ELSA O. (Voter ID number 102392193).
BASS, LLEWELLYN (Voter ID number 102126651).
BOUCHER, JANICE W. (Voter ID number 101943869).
BRAZ, DOROTHY A. (Voter ID number 102489822).
BUFALO, JEANNETTE R. (Voter ID number 101601384).
CAPELLO, DORA (Voter ID number 101840380).
CHAMBERLAIN, THAD R. (Voter ID number 102145352).
CHOATE, CORTLANDT C. (Voter ID number 101943870).
COOK, BERNARD K. (Voter ID number 101494228).
COOK, PHYLLIS J. (Voter ID number 101494227).
COSENZA, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 102242454).
CURTIS, TAMAE (Voter ID number 102310638).
DE LEON, PEDRO E. (Voter ID number 102523974).
DEAK, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 101269476).
DELLO RUSSO, BERNADETTE (Voter ID number 101802646).
DELLO RUSSO, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 101391494).
DELVECCHIO, ARMONDO J. (Voter ID number 102327721).
DERYLAK, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 101651798).
DOLAN, JANE K. (Voter ID number 101317601).
EDWARDS, WILMA (Voter ID number 102021949).
FEENEY, MIREYA (Voter ID number 102001243).
FEENEY, WILLIAM Joseph (Voter ID number 102188154).
FISHER, ELEANOR T. (Voter ID number 101247413).
GALARUS, ALBERT M. (Voter ID number 101541045).
GALARUS, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 101541046).
HENNIGS, HILDEGARD G. (Voter ID number 102397674).
HENNIGS, HUBERTUS G. (Voter ID number 102397693).
HERMES, LAURINE N. (Voter ID number 102114064).
JOHNSON, RUTH A. (Voter ID number 101535614).
JONES, VERNETA D. (Voter ID number 102020354).
KIZER, JUDITH B. (Voter ID number 101612841).
KNOTHE, ANN (Voter ID number 101231909).
LA MOUNTAIN, DOLORES M. (Voter ID number 101396422).
LAWLER, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number 101234733).
LINDSAY, SHERRY A. (Voter ID number 102126655).
MANCUSO, JEAN M. (Voter ID number 101515947).
MC COMAS, WILMA P. (Voter ID number 102491242).
MC LAREN, MAUREEN T. (Voter ID number 101808559).
MEYER, CALVIN W. (Voter ID number 101789647).
MICKLAS, GEORGIA (Voter ID number 101620952).
MOSKEL, MARY L. (Voter ID number 102517283).
MYERS, MARJORIE L. (Voter ID number 101606225).
O'BRIEN-IANNACE, RITA St J (Voter ID number 102114214).
O'CONNOR, EILEEN Y. (Voter ID number 101968335).
O'CONNOR, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 101967002).
OTERO, ISABEL Maria (Voter ID number 102359008).
OTT, CHARLES M. (Voter ID number 102017291).
OTT, MARY M. (Voter ID number 102017293).
PACULA, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 102322130).
PESANTE, OBDULIA (Voter ID number 102272049).
PITTS, EMMA Jean (Voter ID number 101621146).
PONTORIERO, KATHERINE M. (Voter ID number 102205492).
RAMAGOS, DOROTHY (Voter ID number 101264563).
RODRIGUEZ, LIBARDO S. (Voter ID number 101672304).
ROGERS, LEANORA T. (Voter ID number 102052206).
ROZEK, DONNA V. (Voter ID number 101495958).
ROZEK, SOPHIE (Voter ID number 101348844).
SALM, LEE A. (Voter ID number 102513125).
SAYERS, EMMA L. (Voter ID number 101274677).
SCHROEDER, GEORGE W. (Voter ID number 101653565).
SCHROEDER, MARILYN E. (Voter ID number 102193499).
SOULIOTIS, APOSTOLOS (Voter ID number 101508124).
STAPLES, JACQUELYN P. (Voter ID number 101387155).
STEINER, KARL H. (Voter ID number 101570876).
STEVENS, DOROTHY M. (Voter ID number 101228095).
STEVENS, ETHEL C. (Voter ID number 102043103).
TATOSIAN, HILDA (Voter ID number 101286492).
THOMASSIAN, MARIA K. (Voter ID number 101522888).
TIESMA, VENERA (Voter ID number 101455775).
WEBBER, BETTY (Voter ID number 101227906).
WITTEMANN, JOHANNA (Voter ID number 101293669).
WYNNE, KATHLEEN H. (Voter ID number 101274490).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 102 W

NICKELLS, BRUCE K. (Voter ID number 101221794).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 106 S

DELEON, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 102525847).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 110 N

JEFFREY, MICHAEL Ernest (Voter ID number 101740354).
KANE, CONSTANCE McKibben (Voter ID number 101412779).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 201 W

SMITH, FRANCES M. (Voter ID number 101206323).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 202 E

COVER, NANCY Suzanne (Voter ID number 102318419).
COVER, WILLIAM Grant (Voter ID number 102292229).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 203 W

EMPFIELD, PAMELA W. (Voter ID number 114550505).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 205 W

GREER, JUNE D. (Voter ID number 114239800).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 301 S

KISS, ELENA M. (Voter ID number 115857266).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 303

TAFFEL, IKE M. (Voter ID number 102348263).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 305 S

TATOSIAN, RALPH (Voter ID number 101286487).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 309

MURPHY, ANNE T. (Voter ID number 116677457).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 310 N

RODRIGUES, FERNANDO M. (Voter ID number 114327533).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 3105

REILLY, ARTHUR (Voter ID number 101770763).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 311 S

KEMPF, JEFFRY (Voter ID number 102355840).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 313 N

WESTBROOK, ELIZABETH Riddle (Voter ID number 114778495).

2050 NE 39TH ST
APT 314S

MCMAHON, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 117285030).

2051 NE 25TH ST
CORYAT, ANN Marie (Voter ID number 101679584).
LOWITT, LAUREN Diana (Voter ID number 117504894).
LOWITT, LISANNE M. (Voter ID number 116786001).

2051 NE 26TH ST
SHEPHERD, TARA Michelle (Voter ID number 113008968).
CARTEI, ENRICO (Voter ID number 110180536).

2051 NE 27TH ST
WALDRON, JUSTIN Michael (Voter ID number 102426886).
STOKES, MARYANN (Voter ID number 102352388).
STOKES, STEPHEN B. (Voter ID number 101406940).

2055 NW 32ND ST
STEWARD, CHRISTOPHER W. (Voter ID number 101901045).

206 NE 39TH CT
GEFFRARD, JEAN-CLAUDE (Voter ID number 121054927).
GEFFRARD, YVES (Voter ID number 113968033).

206 NE 40TH ST
LEO, MASTINA (Voter ID number 102084307).
LEO, NANCY (Voter ID number 102377484).

206 NE 49TH ST
PERRIN, BETH F. (Voter ID number 101818964).

206 NE 50TH ST
PURCELL, BARBARA C. (Voter ID number 101558275).
PURCELL, CHARLES Ray (Voter ID number 101233302).

206 NE 51ST CT
RENTLER, BLAIR J. (Voter ID number 102511426).

206 NE 51ST ST
KENT, ANDRE F. (Voter ID number 102126016).
STILLWILL, DEAN F. (Voter ID number 102210627).

206 NE 52ND ST
RODRIGUEZ, CHELBI (Voter ID number 102258809).

206 NW 46TH CT
MIRO, EDWIN (Voter ID number 101740654).
MC CABE, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 102484861).

206 NW 48TH CT
BOHON, GLENN R. (Voter ID number 102448552).

2060 NE 26TH ST
SOUTHARD, ALFRED E. (Voter ID number 101431628).
SOUTHARD, AMY Joyce (Voter ID number 102356454).
SOUTHARD, KAREN Anne (Voter ID number 101402618).

2060 NE 27TH ST
BORSINA, ANDREA Lane (Voter ID number 120426691).
BREITENSTEIN, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 101481443).
BREITENSTEIN, NONA P. (Voter ID number 101245033).

2061 NE 25TH ST
LEONG, CHARMAINE A. (Voter ID number 116769514).
LEONG, WARREN C. (Voter ID number 116769546).

2061 NE 26TH ST
MONTGOMERY, LAUREN Christine (Voter ID number 119409461).
BROCKWAY, JENNIFER Gena (Voter ID number 101990599).
MONTGOMERY, SCOTT Richard (Voter ID number 101653557).

2061 NE 27TH ST
MARIENTHAL, JAY Robert (Voter ID number 115845723).
MARIENTHAL, KATRIN K. (Voter ID number 102128361).

2064 NE 52ND ST
BINDER, MATTHEW Ronald (Voter ID number 102308701).
GREYLING, RONALD M. (Voter ID number 101496525).

207 NE 49TH CT
CUNNINGHAM, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 102486678).

207 NE 50TH ST
MCBRIDE, THERON Ray (Voter ID number 111981405).

207 NE 50TH CT
PETRALIA, KAY M. (Voter ID number 101584842).

207 NE 52ND ST
ORTEGA, GLORIA E. (Voter ID number 115478205).
ORTEGA, MARIO (Voter ID number 101905286).
ORTEGA, LILLIAN Maria (Voter ID number 120524650).

207 NW 32ND CT
APT 203

BARTHELMY, BERNHADINE (Voter ID number 117591390).

207 NW 32ND CT
APT 111

LEGISTE, INADIEU (Voter ID number 117778205).

207 NW 32ND CT
APT 104

ROSARIO-SOTO, ANGELA Luisa (Voter ID number 118800293).

207 NW 32ND CT
APT 106

RODRIGUEZ, ANTHONY Manuel (Voter ID number 120100528).

207 NW 32ND CT
APT 107

CAJIGAS, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 119972355).

207 NW 32ND CT
APT 108

PAUL, JEAN Lichenat (Voter ID number 118670986).

207 NW 32ND CT
APT 207

BRISTOL, SAMANTHA O. (Voter ID number 114692178).

207 NW 32ND CT
MILLER, SANDRA (Voter ID number 102130214).

207 NW 32ND CT
APT 103

STRACHAN, VERNETTIEA (Voter ID number 102367676).

207 NW 32ND CT
CURTIS, DOROTHY (Voter ID number 101653680).
CURTIS, FRANK R. (Voter ID number 101733262).
DORNSIFE, HERBERT A. (Voter ID number 101336631).
RODRIGUEZ, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 101521884).

207 NW 32ND CT
APT 101

AMBROISE, VILNOR (Voter ID number 115506185).

207 NW 32ND CT
APT 211

SILVA, MARIO A. (Voter ID number 116881936).

207 NW 46TH CT
CHERENFANT, WILSON (Voter ID number 119321385).

2070 NE 26TH ST
FOLEY, CHRISTIE (Voter ID number 102335739).
FOLEY, EMILIO (Voter ID number 102032896).
HUSNU, LISA Gilbert (Voter ID number 101684458).
JACKSON, CAROL D. (Voter ID number 101440568).

2070 NE 27TH ST
DUNWORTH, KATHERINE Jane (Voter ID number 102496157).
RECKERT, MAUREEN Sullivan (Voter ID number 101812982).
BORN, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 102140409).

2071 NE 25TH ST
BIEDERMAN, HEATHER J. (Voter ID number 101486294).

2071 NE 26TH ST
JANULIS, GUS (Voter ID number 101247414).

2071 NE 27TH ST
JOYCE, JOSEPH H. (Voter ID number 101522658).
JOYCE, JOSEPH Matthew (Voter ID number 115636251).
JOYCE, KRISTYN (Voter ID number 117115739).

208 NE 26TH CT
DANIEL, OLGADEL (Voter ID number 119593073).

208 NE 26TH ST
GONZALEZ, GIOVANNI T. (Voter ID number 114087412).
LIMAGE, HUNOGUERE (Voter ID number 115118442).

208 NE 26TH CT
DANIEL, ANA Sonia (Voter ID number 102242108).
DANIEL, JASMIN (Voter ID number 101620971).

208 NE 26TH ST
ARMSTRONG, TANINA Marie (Voter ID number 116369597).
CANDELARIA, MOSESTO (Voter ID number 116516538).

208 NE 49TH ST
NUNEZ REYES, GENESIS (Voter ID number 118927206).

208 NE 52ND ST
COSTELLO, RICHARD N. (Voter ID number 101488664).
COSTELLO, PALMA Marie (Voter ID number 101740936).

208 NW 46TH CT
PINHEIRO, MAURICIO (Voter ID number 117489734).

2080 NE 26TH ST
BENDIT, JACK Alan (Voter ID number 118922126).
BENDIT, PATRICIA L. (Voter ID number 102349677).
BENDIT, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 102233090).

2080 NE 27TH ST
PALMIERI, TONI M. (Voter ID number 101855552).
PALMIERI, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 102066975).
PALMIERI, ROBERT (Voter ID number 101855549).

2081 NE 24TH ST
LINDBERG, CAROL Elaine (Voter ID number 105467405).
COLAMECO, BRIANA D. (Voter ID number 120046836).
COLAMECO, SUSAN E. (Voter ID number 101762575).
COLAMECO, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 101774627).

2081 NE 25TH ST
KIELY, SEAN Patrick (Voter ID number 114128963).

2081 NE 27TH ST
PECK, MARK A. (Voter ID number 101806469).
PECK, JAMES P. (Voter ID number 101299063).
PECK, LINDA L. (Voter ID number 101241243).

209 NE 25TH CT
ROBERT, DADLIE (Voter ID number 119564662).
ROBERT, DUPUY (Voter ID number 116995019).
ROBERT, GUISSELIE Germain (Voter ID number 121292864).

209 NE 26TH CT
INNOCENT, VOLVICK (Voter ID number 115080343).

209 NE 50TH CT
HOLT, JOYCE A. (Voter ID number 101406680).

209 NE 51ST ST
CLAUDIO OLIVO, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 114297221).
LAW, JOSEPHINE Domanski (Voter ID number 101779037).

209 NW 46TH CT
JULIEN, ROLANDE Pierre (Voter ID number 115325545).
JULIEN, LUC S. (Voter ID number 102493175).

2090 NE 26TH ST
ZETH, ALESIA A. (Voter ID number 101464122).
ZETH, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 101464112).

2091 NE 25TH ST
NITSCHE, ANITA Louise (Voter ID number 101466359).
NITSCHE, WAYNE S. (Voter ID number 102150410).

2091 NE 27TH ST
SHEIN, JAY L. (Voter ID number 101315449).
SHEIN, LINDSAY (Voter ID number 114711958).
SHEIN, VAL M. (Voter ID number 101283025).

2091 NE 36TH ST
APT 5551

GILBOA, PAZ (Voter ID number 120438909).

COLEMAN, CHARLES Stephen (Voter ID number 101983299).
WALLACE, JUDY A. (Voter ID number 101983303).

21 NE 45TH ST
PEREZ, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 115344896).
ARAOZ, ANGELICA Celia (Voter ID number 116053008).

BUSSEMA, GEORGE E. (Voter ID number 102154496).

210 NE 25TH CT
GODINEZ CERVANTES, JOSE Angel (Voter ID number 121122718).
GODINEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 121115374).
GODINEZ, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 120803595).
GODINEZ, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 120320773).

210 NE 25TH ST
COGDILL, DANNY Lee (Voter ID number 102308671).
COGDILL, BETTY J. (Voter ID number 118522126).
COGDILL, LAVOY Gordon (Voter ID number 101994179).

210 NE 26TH CT
DEVONISH, ALTHEA E. (Voter ID number 114295596).
DEVONISH, TIMOTHY Oneal (Voter ID number 116312412).

210 NE 27TH ST
JEAN, SAMATA (Voter ID number 118706471).
JEAN, CAMICE (Voter ID number 119770312).

210 NE 30TH CT
HERALSON, CURTIS Michael (Voter ID number 116245475).
HARALSON, CURTIS (Voter ID number 101777093).
HARALSON, PAMELA M. (Voter ID number 101770006).
HARDSON, KURT (Voter ID number 116943803).

210 NE 31ST ST
ROBINSON, TAVARIS Lamont (Voter ID number 102447526).
ROBINSON, TIFFANY D. (Voter ID number 115854368).

210 NE 31ST CT
THONY, JUDITH (Voter ID number 102523146).

210 NE 42ND CT
VAN METRE, KENDRA Marie (Voter ID number 121232110).
VAN METRE, COLLEEN R. (Voter ID number 102098696).

210 NE 42ND ST
BASTIEN, MELISSA K. (Voter ID number 116689124).
PAUL, ROSE (Voter ID number 102496971).

210 NE 43RD ST
CONTRERAS, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 117372658).
CONTRERAS, SERGIO Luis (Voter ID number 117160161).

210 NE 51ST ST
BLAISDELL, MARJORIE H. (Voter ID number 101503198).
BLAISDELL, ROBERT V. (Voter ID number 102166751).

210 NW 24TH CT
ARROYO, AMERICO (Voter ID number 102456816).

210 NW 25TH CT
BERNARD-CURL, DARLENE M. (Voter ID number 101312155).

210 NW 25TH PL
SERBAN, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 101428850).

210 NW 29TH CT
GRIMM, MOLLY A. (Voter ID number 101221194).

210 NW 38TH CT
NEALER, DEBORAH M. (Voter ID number 101942683).
NEALER, DOUGLAS J. (Voter ID number 101505346).

210 NW 40TH CT
BIRG, DORELUS (Voter ID number 120623273).
SOUVERAIN, MARIE Denise (Voter ID number 102058405).

210 NW 40TH ST
MCCORMICK, MARK (Voter ID number 116379635).

210 NW 41ST ST
JOSEPH, JETHRO J. (Voter ID number 118120724).
JOSEPH, JULIENNE (Voter ID number 115698051).
JOSEPH, PROSPER (Voter ID number 115697996).

210 NW 43RD PL
AXELROD, ANDREA L. (Voter ID number 101336595).

210 NW 43RD ST
CHARLES, IRMINE (Voter ID number 115118535).

210 NW 44TH ST
MONTENEGRO, PATRICIA Haydee (Voter ID number 114353505).
MONTENEGRO, RICARDO A. (Voter ID number 101831741).

210 NW 46TH CT
ST HILAIRE, JEAN (Voter ID number 116696568).
CHERENFANT, ELVETUS (Voter ID number 102366596).
DELVA, MAGUY (Voter ID number 115296884).
LAREUS, FELAINE (Voter ID number 116357472).
NEMORIN, DENISE (Voter ID number 101967066).
NEMORIN, TYRONE (Voter ID number 101692864).

2100 NE 25TH ST
MC GILL, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 101249293).

2100 NE 27TH CT
EVANS, AYDA E. (Voter ID number 101684457).
GWYNN, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number 101554837).

2100 NE 29TH ST
LEGACE, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 115692970).
LEGACE, DAVID (Voter ID number 115692946).

2100 NE 30TH CT
MARUGGI, GIANCARLO Barbieri (Voter ID number 119973172).
BARBIERI, NANCY Louise (Voter ID number 118953106).
MARUGGI, VINCENT (Voter ID number 118940015).

2100 NE 30TH ST
BAUM, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 101248116).

2100 NE 31ST ST
BRYAN, KELLI Nicole Dedecker (Voter ID number 102235099).
BRYAN, KYLE Edward (Voter ID number 102274466).

2100 NE 32ND CT
MANISCALCO, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 101814023).
MANISCALSO, JULIE Dee (Voter ID number 101752878).

2100 NE 33RD ST
VAZQUEZ, LIA Maria (Voter ID number 101993963).
VAZQUEZ, FELICIANO M. (Voter ID number 101970620).

2100 NE 34TH ST
GRASON, JAMES Edwin (Voter ID number 120526483).
GRAYSON, MARIANNE (Voter ID number 120875216).
HERSH, SUSAN (Voter ID number 120662750).

2100 NE 34TH CT
LASLETT, SUSANNA Lynn (Voter ID number 101502624).

2100 NE 34TH ST
HELME, RYAN S. (Voter ID number 101696867).

2100 NE 35TH ST
BERES, LORRAINE M. (Voter ID number 101226454).

2100 NE 36TH ST
APT 102

RICHARDS, ELIZABETH Victoria (Voter ID number 101825828).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 102

BEAUSOLEIL, LAURENT Jules (Voter ID number 110137359).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 103

CRAIG, MILDRED Eunice (Voter ID number 121283224).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 123

CORSETTI, ALDO (Voter ID number 101337143).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 130

DELIN, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 101822018).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 234

RAFALSKI, JUDITH Mary (Voter ID number 102199993).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 241

PERNICIARD, FLORENCE J. (Voter ID number 116795525).
PERNICIARO, VINCENT G. (Voter ID number 116795492).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 139

GIL DE MONTES, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 101295646).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 202

NORDEN, JACK A. (Voter ID number 101587181).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 210

DE GORIA, LINDA A. (Voter ID number 119870610).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 230

PERRY, THOMAS John (Voter ID number 117826444).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 206

PECHO, MARILYN L. (Voter ID number 117974024).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 219

BABINSKI, STANLEY Walter (Voter ID number 102434249).

2100 NE 38TH ST
UNIT 138

MELLOWE, BRENDA (Voter ID number 101250407).
MELLOWE, DONALD (Voter ID number 101250408).

2100 NE 38TH ST
DENNING, MARY B. (Voter ID number 101336033).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 142

HALL, MARJORIE L. (Voter ID number 102205070).

2100 NE 38TH ST
BURKE, LUELLA Maruka (Voter ID number 101861377).
EDWARDS, SALLY V. (Voter ID number 102114167).
HAGMAIER, SYLVIA A. (Voter ID number 101483576).
HAMILTON, ANNA R. (Voter ID number 101591552).
HAMILTON, JOHN T. (Voter ID number 101591553).
HERON, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number 101684919).
HERON, W Thomas (Voter ID number 101652490).
JOHNSTON, KATHLEEN Ellen (Voter ID number 101327192).
LOGAN, JOHN S. (Voter ID number 101282997).
MILLETTE, KATHLEEN R. (Voter ID number 101212779).
NEWMAN, RITA E. (Voter ID number 101383299).
PARKER, RICKIE Eugene (Voter ID number 102507340).
PISANI, LUCIA (Voter ID number 101277148).
ROSENFELD, VICTOR S. (Voter ID number 102221081).
SCHROEDER, THERESA (Voter ID number 102063529).
SOLIDAY, ALBERT R. (Voter ID number 101575680).
STEHL, URSULA (Voter ID number 102153943).
ULRICH, THERESA (Voter ID number 102278688).
VERDYCK, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 101277940).
WAMSLEY, MELVIN Earl (Voter ID number 102299978).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 103

YOUNG, DAVID (Voter ID number 118967639).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 104

VAN COTT, MARGARET R. (Voter ID number 102009022).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 105

ALFIERI, ANGELINE C. (Voter ID number 115012974).
ALFIERI, JOSEPH D. (Voter ID number 115012977).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 107

CMAYLO, MARY Louise (Voter ID number 118895907).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 114

SARTORIO, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 115776862).
SCHEVERMANN, MAGDALEN S. (Voter ID number 115776963).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 121

HANLEY, VIRGINIA G. (Voter ID number 101484745).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 135

MC KIE, LUCY (Voter ID number 101361000).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 136

SORBARA, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 101265996).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 140

PRICE, PATRICIA L. (Voter ID number 101646102).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 141

PAWLOWSKI, BERTHA M. (Voter ID number 101707808).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 142

LLOYD, MARTHA M. (Voter ID number 101265400).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 202

DELONG, CHARLES R. (Voter ID number 102190762).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 209 B

SPANO, LOUISE A. (Voter ID number 102485822).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 224

MOROSINI, JOYCE (Voter ID number 102039499).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 237

MANN, JACINTA (Voter ID number 102347373).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 242

MONTONE, VALENTINO William (Voter ID number 101993864).
MONTONE, VALERIE Lee (Voter ID number 119235095).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 245

CIARDIELLO, STEPHEN S. (Voter ID number 101416709).

2100 NE 38TH ST
APT 119

WADDELL, DAVID Bruce (Voter ID number 115187827).

2100 NE 38TH ST
UNIT 224

DELLAR, DIANE (Voter ID number 117054233).

2100 NE 38TH ST
UNIT 228

HANZALIK, THOMAS Michael (Voter ID number 118002171).

2100 NE 39TH ST
CIVIL, VANESSA CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 120321440).

2100 NE 39TH ST
APT 11

GUIGOU, VICTOR Gervasio (Voter ID number 121345125).
PARAMO, DIELA (Voter ID number 121345134).

2100 NE 39TH ST
APT 17

ROSS, LARRY Donnell (Voter ID number 101271754).

2100 NE 39TH ST
APT 18

BOHANNON, SUMMER Ann (Voter ID number 102157003).

2100 NE 39TH ST

KHANAM, KAZI Sufia (Voter ID number 119806374).

2100 NE 39TH ST
APT 12

MOHAMMED, SHARM (Voter ID number 115654923).

2100 NE 39TH ST
APT 13

CHOWDHURY, MOHAMMED Dipu (Voter ID number 120231524).

2100 NE 39TH ST

BLASI, BONNIE Rae (Voter ID number 102458438).

2100 NE 39TH ST

PARSLEY, TRACIE Diann (Voter ID number 101894653).

2100 NE 39TH ST
ANGELOS, FRAN (Voter ID number 101742278).

2100 NE 39TH ST
APT 11

THOMPSON, ERIN Anne (Voter ID number 115363816).

2100 NE 39TH ST

RIERA, MARIA Rosa (Voter ID number 101559465).

2100 NE 41ST ST

MARTINEZ, JUDITH Maria (Voter ID number 118728536).

2100 NE 42ND CT

BEST, CHRISTINE Marie (Voter ID number 101494026).

2100 NE 42ND CT

SCHIFFER, CARA B. (Voter ID number 102515868).

2100 NE 42ND CT

COLLESANO, ANN Therese (Voter ID number 102383551).
HEINOL, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number 116532064).

2100 NE 42ND CT

FOSTER, SHANE D. (Voter ID number 116722090).

2100 NE 42ND CT
DONOGHUE, DOROTHY R. (Voter ID number 102019974).
NAISH, LINDA E. (Voter ID number 101961100).

2100 NE 42ND CT

DAMATO, LUCILLE A. (Voter ID number 101369699).

2100 NE 42ND CT

GILLIAM, KRISTAN Lynn (Voter ID number 114125796).

2100 NE 44TH ST
BLACKWELL, OWEN G. (Voter ID number 115871978).

2101 NE 27TH CT
HOFFMAN, CHRISTOPHER M. (Voter ID number 101825581).
HOFFMAN, SUZANNE M. (Voter ID number 101256715).

2101 NE 29TH ST
COLAVOLPE, MARIE L. (Voter ID number 101544004).

2101 NE 30TH CT
SHOOP, HEIDI (Voter ID number 102088692).

2101 NE 30TH ST
AUGER, ROBERT G. (Voter ID number 101456492).

2101 NE 31ST ST
DUKES, MATTHEW Brian (Voter ID number 110907712).
MASTERS, BENJAMIN Blake (Voter ID number 117800059).

2101 NE 32ND ST
JURKIEWICZ, DENNIS J. (Voter ID number 101622046).

2101 NE 32ND CT
SMITH, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 102515101).
SMITH, MICHELLE Lauren (Voter ID number 102335062).
SMITH, SUSAN Stephen (Voter ID number 101456190).

2101 NE 32ND ST
BAUGH, JANIE Terese (Voter ID number 101494161).

2101 NE 33RD ST
SOSNOW, ALLAN D. (Voter ID number 101312027).

2101 NE 34TH CT
VAN NATTER, DOUGLAS R. (Voter ID number 101989900).

2101 NE 34TH ST
CHIAPPONE, JUNE R. (Voter ID number 102043765).
CHIAPPONE, THOMAS C. (Voter ID number 101467612).

2101 NE 35TH ST
VAN ZUIDAM, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 101406927).
VAN ZUIDAM, MARK R. (Voter ID number 101571429).
VANZUIDAM, WALTER Michael (Voter ID number 101869322).

2101 NE 41ST ST
THORPE, CASSANDRA K. (Voter ID number 120372581).

2101 NE 41ST ST

THORPE, DONNA K. (Voter ID number 102013458).

2101 NE 41ST ST

PRINCIOTTA, AMANDA (Voter ID number 119544822).

2101 NE 41ST ST

TERKELTAUB, SOL (Voter ID number 112022976).

2101 NE 41ST ST