Registered voters in ZIP Code 33035
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STEPHENS, DELESLYN Marie (Voter ID number 110308900).

LUQUEZ, BETZAYDA Maria (Voter ID number 119499047).

POLK, SOFIA Vilella (Voter ID number 110250596).

1000 SE 19TH AVE
ROSADO, LARRY (Voter ID number 110302036).
SANTANA, TANIA P. (Voter ID number 110222014).

1000 SE 20TH RD
MARTINEZ, DAVID Leonel (Voter ID number 110204548).

1001 SE 20TH RD
ROVIRA, MONICA (Voter ID number 118508482).
ROVIRA, RAMON Alberto (Voter ID number 109319942).

BROWN, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109804876).


EDGECOMB, TINA Levonne (Voter ID number 110226244).

LABISSIERE, DOMINIQUE Rania (Voter ID number 109977144).
LABISSIERE, KEVIN Lionel (Voter ID number 109992630).
LABISSIERE, LIONEL (Voter ID number 110152127).
LABISSIERE, REJANE Aarlise (Voter ID number 109616145).

GONZALEZ, TAMARA (Voter ID number 103178601).

JEAN-FRANCOIS, JUDE Olivier (Voter ID number 121083710).
SANDEL-PARIS, IRMGARD (Voter ID number 121217972).
CARDONA, YAJAIRA (Voter ID number 110270773).
PARIS, RENATE B. (Voter ID number 116294668).
RAMOS, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109463495).

EIGHTS, ERIKA (Voter ID number 120524533).
MENDEZ, SHELLYANN (Voter ID number 120685746).
MONTALVO, VICTORIA A. (Voter ID number 117562963).
PRESTON, LAUREN Marisol (Voter ID number 118454627).
SHARKS, ANGEL Elma (Voter ID number 110157355).
CARTWRIGHT, ANGEL Sharks (Voter ID number 115014962).

BUNDSCHUH, ROBERT Louden (Voter ID number 109261197).

1012 SE 25TH AVE
PICHARDO, ADRIANA P. (Voter ID number 116604844).
HARRIS, PHILIP Turner (Voter ID number 116645248).

CORDERO, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 110062355).
LOTT, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109536677).

FLEMING, ELIZABETH W. (Voter ID number 110294172).
FLEMING, JEFFREY Bonn (Voter ID number 109175745).

1018 SE 25TH AVE
LA BOISSIERE, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 109402363).
RODRIGUEZ LA-BOISSIERE, NORIS V. (Voter ID number 118497590).

1020 SE 20TH RD
LOT 36

ESPINAL, RONNIE (Voter ID number 109773473).

1021 SE 19TH AVE
KOVACS, FRANK Christopher (Voter ID number 115626919).

1021 SE 20TH RD
BETANCOURT, LUIS (Voter ID number 119767981).

1023 SE 23RD AVE
ANDREWS, MICHAEL Terell (Voter ID number 107265857).

1023 SE 25TH AVE
SAMUELS, JESSICA Itzel (Voter ID number 116349609).

1024 SE 25TH AVE
BROWN, ALEX P. (Voter ID number 119727099).

1025 SE 23RD AVE
VALENCIA, JOSEPH Edward (Voter ID number 115319665).

JAMES, TIMOTHY Ray (Voter ID number 115073538).
JAMES, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 115206644).

1035 SE 25TH AVE
CRAWFORD, ROSA Lisa (Voter ID number 109176541).

1038 SE 25TH TER
IRVIN, CASSANDRA (Voter ID number 110281785).

1041 SE 19TH AVE
MITCHELL, BOBBETTE M. (Voter ID number 109835181).

1041 SE 25TH AVE
ROWE, SHERYL Delecia (Voter ID number 107889509).

1047 SE 23RD AVE
SMITH, MARKETHA Denise (Voter ID number 110192251).

1048 SE 25TH AVE
KOYLES, BRYAN Michael (Voter ID number 109612416).
MAIMONE, NICOLE Ann (Voter ID number 110326240).

1050 SE 25TH TER
MAHOOD, ANDREW John Anson (Voter ID number 119502453).

1054 SE 25TH AVE
BURR, ERIN Jennifer (Voter ID number 119042439).
BURR, ALAN Douglas (Voter ID number 119042440).

1059 SE 23RD AVE
SONTAG, TEAGUE William (Voter ID number 109349115).

1060 SE 19TH AVE
BROWN, LATRESE C. (Voter ID number 110313612).

1061 SE 12TH TER
GARCIA, OCTAVIO (Voter ID number 109450031).

1061 SE 13TH AVE
ZABALA, JOEL Jose (Voter ID number 109587314).

1061 SE 19TH AVE
GONZALEZ, YUDY Rocio (Voter ID number 118737106).

1062 SE 13TH TER
VARGAS, DANIEL (Voter ID number 119612500).
VARGAS, ANA Zoreli (Voter ID number 110122575).
VARGAS, CLAUDIO (Voter ID number 110122390).

1065 SE 13TH TER
GREGGS, CIDDIE Lee (Voter ID number 109036947).
GREGGS, KEITH T Alexander (Voter ID number 116348152).
SIMMONS, CHARLOTTE F. (Voter ID number 109314636).
DEAL, TIQUENA (Voter ID number 116206644).
DEAL, TIQUANA K. (Voter ID number 116413438).
WICKER, KENNETH L. (Voter ID number 117179523).

1065 SE 23RD AVE
UY, SINUON (Voter ID number 120789908).

1066 SE 13TH AVE
GONZALEZ, CHRISTINA L. (Voter ID number 120264388).

1066 SE 13TH TER
VERA, RAY (Voter ID number 113857083).
SALAZAR, LUIS Enrique (Voter ID number 118279643).
ZORZI, DAWN M. (Voter ID number 109999484).

1067 SE 13TH AVE
BETANCOURT, KEVIN (Voter ID number 120898017).

1070 SE 12TH TER
ROSADO, WANDA Vargas (Voter ID number 109537191).
GAUD, LUIS G. (Voter ID number 110327208).

1071 SE 13TH TER
DAVILA, NELLY Carcamo (Voter ID number 114732163).
DELGADO, ROGER Arturo (Voter ID number 120630023).
PENA, ANDREW (Voter ID number 110040351).

1072 SE 13TH AVE
CARRILLO, CESAR Daniel (Voter ID number 118213437).
ORRALA, TATIANA P. (Voter ID number 119632402).
ORRALA, CECILIA Del Rocio (Voter ID number 109854676).
ORRALA, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 110045896).

1072 SE 13TH TER
STOQUERT, STACY Lee (Voter ID number 109034494).

1073 SE 12TH TER
GANGONE, THOMAS (Voter ID number 109303751).

1073 SE 23RD AVE
GUTIERREZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 109736267).

1077 SE 13TH TER
OGHA, AKPOMUVI (Voter ID number 120456216).
OGHA, PHILOMINA (Voter ID number 116898815).

1077 SE 23RD AVE
DORSETT, KEITH Brian (Voter ID number 110211753).
CARNEY, JAMES Patrick (Voter ID number 112070065).

1078 SE 13TH AVE
HACK, BIBI Fawzia (Voter ID number 109431265).

1078 SE 13TH TER
RODGERS, RAYMOND Ralston (Voter ID number 121207301).
SHAER, JAMAL I. (Voter ID number 109935134).

1079 SE 12TH TER
GALIVAN, MADELINE Marie (Voter ID number 118841589).
GALIVAN, MARY A. (Voter ID number 109157482).

1079 SE 13TH AVE
BELTRAN, LEONEL (Voter ID number 120322821).
RIOS SANTIAGO, VICTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 118450896).
GILLESPIE, DENNIS (Voter ID number 109469272).

1080 SE 19TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109967944).

1081 SE 19TH AVE
HYDE, ELVIA Linares (Voter ID number 109495620).
HYDE, TROY Anthony (Voter ID number 111964602).

1081 SE 23RD AVE
JARRETT, NATASHA Kareen (Voter ID number 120267634).

1083 SE 13TH TER
ROSA, BRANDON L. (Voter ID number 119766765).
O'DONNELL, ROBERT Michael (Voter ID number 110185637).
RIVERA, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109426838).
ROSA, JEREMY Christopher (Voter ID number 118822819).

1084 SE 12TH TER
ALEMAN, ARTURO (Voter ID number 109612233).
ALEMAN, NADINE M. (Voter ID number 109612640).

1084 SE 13TH AVE
MIRABAL, CHRISTINA C. (Voter ID number 115858175).
MIRABAL, NOEL (Voter ID number 110152023).

1089 SE 13TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109797539).
VALDES, JUANA Rosa (Voter ID number 113836393).

1090 SE 12TH TER
BERDUGO, DIANA (Voter ID number 110304177).
PATERNINA, FREDY (Voter ID number 115060143).

1090 SE 13TH AVE
ARMIJO, BERTHA Karina (Voter ID number 114679167).
ARMIJO, BRENDA Lee (Voter ID number 116020758).

1090 SE 13TH TER
LYONS, ROBERT D. (Voter ID number 109853093).

1091 SE 12TH TER
ALONSO-GONZALEZ, LOURDES Maura (Voter ID number 118367915).

1091 SE 13TH AVE
BRUNER-TIMMONS, JOAN (Voter ID number 110339762).

1096 SE 13TH TER
WILLIAMS, FRANCES (Voter ID number 110069853).

1097 SE 12TH TER
ARQUEROS, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109846621).
BRYSON, CHRISTINE Marie (Voter ID number 109286979).

1097 SE 13TH AVE
MAISONET, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 109626106).
VERGARA, ELBA I. (Voter ID number 110044562).

1097 SE 13TH TER
VICHOT, ISABEL (Voter ID number 115282117).
GONZALEZ, JORGE Florencio (Voter ID number 110018214).
LUGO, ARGELIA (Voter ID number 110026987).
VICHOT, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 110018162).

GIMENEZ, SHEILA (Voter ID number 114625170).

1098 SE 13TH TER
MARTINEZ, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 118873961).
MARTINEZ, ILEANA (Voter ID number 109060088).

1098 SE 19TH AVE
MEJIA, CLAUDIA P. (Voter ID number 115588849).
SAMPSON, SAMANTHA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 116037725).

1100 SE 16TH AVE
MOREJON, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109352745).

1100 SE 19TH AVE
RIVAS, YAMILETTE (Voter ID number 109889691).
RACHALS, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 110300430).
RACHALS, TRENA A. (Voter ID number 110298621).

MAYES, HELEN Purser (Voter ID number 110220793).
RIOS, MISTY Ann (Voter ID number 115516694).
STEPHENS, PAUL William (Voter ID number 110226192).
WATTERS, SCARLETT Rebecca (Voter ID number 110058739).

1101 SE 16TH AVE
VELLONE, ADAM D. (Voter ID number 110181914).

1101 SE 20TH RD
GERARDO, MELANIE J. (Voter ID number 120500292).

1102 SE 12TH TER
REYES, CARIDAD E. (Voter ID number 120411455).
REYES, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 120270116).

1102 SE 16TH AVE
DIAZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 113908134).

SMITH, RAYMOND Alexander (Voter ID number 106127662).

1103 SE 16TH AVE
AGUIRRE, CELESTE Anne (Voter ID number 115850905).
AGUIRRE, ERNEST Glenn (Voter ID number 109837510).

1103 SE 17TH AVE
LLERENA, DOMINGO (Voter ID number 109111864).

LIZ, RICARDO Francisco A (Voter ID number 110172109).
ROMAN, AQUIDAMIA (Voter ID number 110070478).
ROMAN, DAILY (Voter ID number 114380386).
ROMAN, JOSE (Voter ID number 110020522).

1107 SE 12TH TER
OJOMON, AUGUSTA Ehiane (Voter ID number 110074934).
OKEBHAGBE, IBHADE J. (Voter ID number 120257149).
OKEBHAGBE, JOHN I. (Voter ID number 120257101).

1108 SE 13TH TER
MONTANEZ RIVERA, SANTOS (Voter ID number 118226339).
MONTANEZ, VELMA Iris (Voter ID number 109710599).

LEE, CHARLES (Voter ID number 109121556).
GONZALEZ, MAURA D. (Voter ID number 114692850).
GONZALEZ, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 103497876).
PASSMORE, DOROTHY Mae (Voter ID number 109234342).

1109 SE 13TH AVE
SANTIAGO, MINERVA (Voter ID number 116895413).

1110 SE 16TH AVE
WILSON, ADRIAN W. W. (Voter ID number 120068041).

CRUZ, AMY (Voter ID number 110220530).

NALL, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 118431210).
NALL, RUTH Rivero (Voter ID number 109630613).
DESORMEY, JODI Lyn (Voter ID number 113936629).
EVA, RICARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 110118101).

1114 SE 12TH TER
FOSTER, KEITH (Voter ID number 109967125).

1114 SE 13TH AVE
BUSTOS, SIMON (Voter ID number 114291683).

1114 SE 13TH TER
ARMSTRONG, GILLIAN Lenore (Voter ID number 114093689).
RAMIREZ, CHERYL Ann (Voter ID number 118757362).

1114 SE 25TH AVE
BROWN, KENTE Joseph (Voter ID number 109768939).
WATERMAN, TIMERIA Erica (Voter ID number 110002460).

HANKERSON, NIKIA J. (Voter ID number 119386056).
BALLANTINE, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 109317428).
COSGROVE, NICOLE Patricia (Voter ID number 109511005).
SMITH, TERICER Vernesser (Voter ID number 120688336).

1115 SE 13TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ANGEL E. (Voter ID number 110113327).
SANCHEZ, CARMEN Amanda (Voter ID number 114047602).

1119 SE 12TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, BIENVENIDO (Voter ID number 110079582).

1119 SE 17TH AVE
FERGUSON, SHAWNTAY J. (Voter ID number 109895516).

1120 SE 13TH TER
HOLLINGER, JOHN W. (Voter ID number 120198626).
MAYES, VALENCIA C. (Voter ID number 117560720).
DAVIS, ANTONETTA Natrell (Voter ID number 109574480).

1120 SE 19TH AVE
LUHA, HIRAM (Voter ID number 109421279).

1121 SE 13TH AVE
FORD, BETTY Jean (Voter ID number 108915781).

1121 SE 13TH TER
SNYDER, WILLIAM Anthony (Voter ID number 109402108).
SNYDER, YOLANDA Jimenez (Voter ID number 109856641).

1121 SE 20TH RD
CALLAWAY, JOHNNY V. (Voter ID number 110035438).

1122 SE 13TH AVE
CLARK, CHARLES (Voter ID number 109355432).
CLARK, CHARLICIA Yasmin (Voter ID number 119816673).
CRUMMIE, SHONTONIKA Jasmine (Voter ID number 119636208).
MC CRAY, ALEXANDRA D. (Voter ID number 109511960).

1126 SE 12TH TER
DE LA CRUZ, JUNIOR Cesar (Voter ID number 121286991).

1126 SE 13TH TER
CINTRON, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109184523).
CINTRON, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 117227032).
RIVERA, ALEX (Voter ID number 115282048).
CINTRON, ESTEBAN (Voter ID number 109444118).
RIVERA, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 116315506).

1126 SE 25TH AVE
ORTEGA, CHRISTOPHER Jesus (Voter ID number 110288249).
CORON-ORTEGA, SHERRY Maritza (Voter ID number 110169026).

1127 SE 12TH TER
MURPHY, AARON Lamar (Voter ID number 116589466).
GONZALEZ, IVETTE (Voter ID number 114692307).

1127 SE 13TH AVE
VALDES, JUDITH C. (Voter ID number 118517307).
VALDES, LAZARO (Voter ID number 110317660).

1127 SE 13TH TER
SABIN, LOURDES M. (Voter ID number 120229537).

1130 SE 13TH AVE
FERNANDEZ, NACIN (Voter ID number 119582279).
GUEVARA MENDOZA, LUGARDA (Voter ID number 110312261).

1131 SE 23RD AVE
CARBALLO, MARISOL (Voter ID number 115968139).

1132 SE 13TH TER
MIRANDA, CARMEN G. (Voter ID number 109997077).
MIRANDA, HECTOR R. (Voter ID number 116324050).

1132 SE 25TH AVE
RIVERA, RUTH Liliana (Voter ID number 109825213).

1133 SE 12TH TER
BURKHEAD, BRIAN Erick (Voter ID number 109452367).

1133 SE 13TH AVE
CHAMBERS, COURTNEY M. (Voter ID number 116059376).
LOMELI, JOSE Fernando (Voter ID number 120089000).

1133 SE 13TH TER
STACY, CODY Austin (Voter ID number 119620053).
STACY, DANIELLE Lynn (Voter ID number 119602844).
STACY, LEANNA Marie (Voter ID number 109946162).
STACY, JONATHAN Edward (Voter ID number 109804476).

1134 SE 24TH AVE
PEREZ, VICTOR Chris (Voter ID number 120817118).
RIVERA, CARMEN Maria (Voter ID number 110135862).

1134 SE 24TH AVE
LOT 192/30

PEREZ, ASHLEY Dee (Voter ID number 119765561).

1134 SE 24TH AVE
LUBONSKI, TAISHA Marie (Voter ID number 110341565).
RIVERA, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 110126894).

1137 SE 23RD AVE
MENESES, GABRIELLA M. (Voter ID number 118850919).
POMARES, LIGIA Maria (Voter ID number 116803016).

1138 SE 12TH TER
CASCO, OMAR (Voter ID number 113935996).
CASCO, MARIA O. (Voter ID number 118103297).
CRIBAS, SERGIO Ivan (Voter ID number 117332328).

1138 SE 13TH AVE
AYALA, PURA (Voter ID number 110052765).
CARDENAS, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number 109686093).
PEREZ, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 110206971).

1138 SE 13TH TER
AKERS, CONSTANCE A. (Voter ID number 108955151).

1138 SE 25TH AVE
TOBIE, DUDLEI Dean (Voter ID number 120534897).

1139 SE 13TH AVE
MARTINEZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109894304).

1140 SE 19TH AVE
HERNANDEZ, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 113929205).
HERNANDEZ, HAIDEE (Voter ID number 115717803).
HERNANDEZ, REFAEL (Voter ID number 115717880).

1141 SE 20TH RD
SAWYERS, ELEACE E. (Voter ID number 116038566).

1145 SE 13TH TER
RIOS, MARIA Jovita (Voter ID number 115768532).

1145 SE 26TH AVE
GOMEZ, ZORILY (Voter ID number 110139302).
TORRES GOMEZ, JOSE Radames (Voter ID number 120990592).

1149 SE 23RD AVE
CHU, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 118132138).
CHU, ROMAN C. (Voter ID number 114041357).

1151 SE 13TH TER
GARCIA, GABRIELA Aleman (Voter ID number 109464896).
GAYTAN, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 114474581).

1155 SE 23RD AVE
RAMOS, CARLOS Kevin (Voter ID number 116589376).

1157 SE 13TH TER
GARAY, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number 109890785).
OTERO, AMERICO (Voter ID number 109720278).

1157 SE 26TH AVE
ROBB, COURTNEY Bell (Voter ID number 120080261).

1160 SE 19TH AVE
ACEVEDO, FREDDIE (Voter ID number 117028878).
GONZALEZ, MIGUELINA (Voter ID number 117066423).

1163 SE 26TH AVE
MARTINEZ, LUZ Maria (Voter ID number 120201022).

1167 SE 23RD AVE
LOVE, CHRISTY L. (Voter ID number 110039744).
WATSON, FRANK Edward (Voter ID number 115521065).

1174 SE 26TH AVE
APT 456

LECAROZ, ALEXANDRA Marie (Voter ID number 109517224).

1175 SE 26TH AVE
O'CONNOR, ALIBBEON (Voter ID number 109828276).
O'CONNOR, CADINE J. (Voter ID number 119826529).

1176 SE 25TH TER
RIVERA, VICTOR Andre (Voter ID number 117455421).
RODRIGUEZ, AIDA Rosa (Voter ID number 117085788).

1182 SE 25TH TER
REYES, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 114538615).

1187 SE 26TH AVE
MACIAN, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 115860985).

1188 SE 25TH TER
PRICE, DIANDRE Jowight (Voter ID number 118787156).
PRICE, DEBRA Gaston (Voter ID number 110000401).
PRICE, MELINDA Jo (Voter ID number 109386817).

LYNCH, ALLEN Lee (Voter ID number 109008699).
LYNCH, ZULMA Ferrand (Voter ID number 109048822).

BROWN, STEVEN J. (Voter ID number 109553684).
JONES, RITA Y. (Voter ID number 109837887).

1193 SE 25TH TER
ZAMORA, KETMIA D. (Voter ID number 110199439).
VARGAS, KETMIA Denise (Voter ID number 109808698).
ZAMORA, PEDRO D. (Voter ID number 110198715).

1193 SE 26TH AVE
VEIGA, AMAURY (Voter ID number 109893505).
VEIGA, JESSICA Lynn (Voter ID number 105165930).

DALEY, VIVIAN M. (Voter ID number 109789348).

LORES, CRISTINA Maria (Voter ID number 109884612).
SANTIAGO, IBRAHIM (Voter ID number 110091713).
ZELAYA, KATERINA J. (Voter ID number 120575747).
DIAZ, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 109548633).
SANTIAGO SANTIAGO, IBRAHIM Roberto (Voter ID number 109992243).

KRUPPENBACHER, DANIEL John (Voter ID number 118965259).
LIMBAUGH, JESSICA Eileen (Voter ID number 118965413).

1199 SE 25TH TER
VELEZ, SONIA M. (Voter ID number 116396763).

NOEL, FRANCIS Bertrand (Voter ID number 121041580).

1200 SE 19TH AVE
KARAGIANNIS, IOANNIS (Voter ID number 109361584).

1201 SE 16TH AVE
ALMODOVAR, NESTOR R. (Voter ID number 109862015).
ALMODOVAR, MYRNA I. (Voter ID number 109807406).
ALMODOVAR, NESTOR Anthony (Voter ID number 110069779).

SKLAVOUNOS, JAMES (Voter ID number 110076706).

1202 SE 16TH AVE
FORD, ROMANITA R. (Voter ID number 110158379).

TOTH, SCHREE G. (Voter ID number 110303758).

1203 SE 17TH AVE
ECKERT, ALENA (Voter ID number 110311718).
ECKERT, SCOTT G. (Voter ID number 110310318).

MC ADAMS, TREVENE (Voter ID number 116952285).
DONALDSON, LARHONDA M. (Voter ID number 110052674).
MC ADAM, JONATHAN L. (Voter ID number 116263856).

BORGES, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 115891325).
PASTOR, JOSHUA R. (Voter ID number 120350562).
EDWARDS, VALERIE Dawn (Voter ID number 110061605).
LOUNSBURY, PETER A. (Voter ID number 117872553).

MIELKE, CYNTHIA Skinner (Voter ID number 109970353).

1207 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 203

ORTIZ FIGUEROA, HEIDIMAR (Voter ID number 120591716).

GIOMETTI, PATRICK James (Voter ID number 113385270).

DIAZ, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 110036881).
STORMA, MITCHELL A. (Voter ID number 109429933).

1211 SE 26TH AVE
VILLANUEVA, CHRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 110315358).

DAVILA, MARVIN Ramiro (Voter ID number 121188737).
ZAMORA, ENGRACIA Petrona (Voter ID number 110011394).
VIENNEAU, KELLY Sue (Voter ID number 109513659).

MITCHELL, SHAQUIL (Voter ID number 120355653).

ALONSO, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 116606883).
GURROLA, JESUS Salvador (Voter ID number 120855283).
OBERLIES, MARC Edward (Voter ID number 116894217).

PEREZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 117162784).

ATKINS, LISA M. (Voter ID number 110176760).

PAUL-WARD, AMY Raquel (Voter ID number 102458699).

1217 SE 26TH AVE
BELL, GLORIA Ann (Voter ID number 119608595).
BELL, OTIS (Voter ID number 116201123).
PEREZ, LIDIA Ann (Voter ID number 120790045).

1218 SE 24TH AVE
CRONJE, MARIUS (Voter ID number 117266536).

1219 SE 25TH TER
GONZALEZ, SAMUELXAVIER (Voter ID number 118284884).

JENNINGS, ANGELA Marie (Voter ID number 100751565).
JENNINGS, JOHN Jeffrey (Voter ID number 100751602).
JENNINGS, RACHEL Ashley (Voter ID number 117312755).

1220 SE 19TH AVE
MOTTA, ALICE (Voter ID number 121036775).
BERMUDEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 119477466).
BERMUDEZ, MELIDA (Voter ID number 119477464).

ADEGA, ALBERTO Tomas (Voter ID number 109999603).

1221 SE 16TH AVE
HERNANDEZ, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 102068856).
STAHL, ANGELICA Marie (Voter ID number 117327936).
LICEA, ALEJANDRO Jose (Voter ID number 102407566).

1221 SE 17TH AVE
KRITES, SUHALLY (Voter ID number 119317848).

1222 SE 16TH AVE
MATTISON, MEREDITH Marie (Voter ID number 109475543).
KITE, NEAL P. (Voter ID number 114168465).

1224 SE 25TH TER
ESTRADA, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 119098996).

RIVERA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109228988).
RIVERA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 114286167).
RIVERA, JARED Nicholas (Voter ID number 117334915).
RIVERA, LISA Ann Monique (Voter ID number 109933401).

1230 SE 25TH TER
KEHL, JOAN A. (Voter ID number 117841439).
WYCHE, NIKKIA Shenika (Voter ID number 109736893).
KINLAW, DENISE (Voter ID number 108962295).

CORDERO, LUZ Marina (Voter ID number 109942059).

1231 SE 17TH AVE
ENRIQUEZ, MARLA (Voter ID number 110264894).
SUAREZ, BRUSLEE Jesus (Voter ID number 110254780).

1231 SE 25TH TER
SPIVEY, SHATONDRE Nichelle (Voter ID number 116897162).

MURRAY, DERICK Lynell (Voter ID number 109270102).
MURRAY, ROSE Marie (Voter ID number 109472401).

1232 SE 16TH AVE
BONILLA, ARNALDO R. (Voter ID number 102420912).
RIVERA, JANET (Voter ID number 102420913).

1232 SE 24TH TER
SOLIS, ANTHONY Jude (Voter ID number 119300577).
SOLIS, TIANA (Voter ID number 120045375).

BAIAMONTE, PHILIP R. (Voter ID number 110293709).
BAIAMONTE, JUANITA R. (Voter ID number 109215962).
BAIAMONTE, PHILLIP (Voter ID number 120037032).
DE JOHN, TAMMY (Voter ID number 109914449).
DEJOHN, RAYMOND David (Voter ID number 114523206).
PREWITT, TAMMY (Voter ID number 114523138).

1237 SE 26TH AVE
COLLINS, LESLIE Colleen (Voter ID number 118065435).

SAVARD, EDWARD V. (Voter ID number 109311406).
SAVARD, MARY Jeanne (Voter ID number 109311411).

1239 SE 24TH TER
LARSON, KARI Ann (Voter ID number 119714139).

FERRAND, JAMES (Voter ID number 110137809).
FERRAND, MARIA Emilia (Voter ID number 108983270).

1240 SE 28TH CT
GREEN, YEKEITHIA Roshundra (Voter ID number 109608629).

1240 SE 28TH CT
APT 102

GONZALEZ ARROYO, KEILA Shireen (Voter ID number 118675002).
RODRIGUEZ MOJICA, EUGENIO (Voter ID number 118552931).

1240 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 201

ROSALES, WALTER Junior (Voter ID number 116490241).

1240 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 205

LUTON, ERMONIQUE Montrese (Voter ID number 120727452).

1240 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 206

NUNEZ DE SOLE, CAROL G. (Voter ID number 109691967).

1240 SE 28TH CT
CLAYTON, KEISHA Patrice (Voter ID number 109337889).
GONZALEZ, DENNISE Jane (Voter ID number 110071326).
RAND, BRANDON Dwayne (Voter ID number 114830099).
SCOTT, ALTON Elbert (Voter ID number 109138221).

1240 SE 28TH CT
APT 203

WALKER, BLONDIE J. (Voter ID number 114529052).
WALKER, SILVAN (Voter ID number 109750317).

1240 SE 31ST CT
APT 201

OCASIO RODRIGUEZ, BRYHIAM Jabdiell (Voter ID number 120836002).

1240 SE 31ST CT
APT 206-32

GETER, DARLENE Renee (Voter ID number 109206496).

1240 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 202

SMITH, STEVEN Philip (Voter ID number 119655271).

1240 SE 31ST CT
GRAHAM, SUNI G. (Voter ID number 110315944).
STRAVERS, WILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 110333595).

1240 SE 31ST CT
APT 206

GETER, ASHLEY Sharkey (Voter ID number 116068206).

TYUS, TOM A. (Voter ID number 109598301).

1241 SE 16TH AVE
RIPOLL, EDUARDO A. (Voter ID number 118069463).
GUZMAN, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109554216).

1241 SE 17TH AVE
GARCIA, ANALIA Abigail (Voter ID number 109832158).
GARCIA, RUBEN (Voter ID number 110195027).

1241 SE 20TH RD
CLARK, PAMELA SUE (Voter ID number 108669792).
CLARK, RAYMOND Louis (Voter ID number 108611986).
GUTIERREZ, ALYSSA Heather (Voter ID number 118339406).
SLAGER, TERRI Ann (Voter ID number 109699449).
TIFFANY, CINDY Rae (Voter ID number 107369657).
ALVARADO, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 110311265).

1241 SE 29TH ST
APT 204

AVILES, LUIS Manuel (Voter ID number 113987078).

1241 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 206

PEREZ, SUZANNE Ann (Voter ID number 114450564).
VERANES, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 109536906).

1241 SE 29TH ST
BLANCO, AYLIN (Voter ID number 110178242).
DELGADO, ADRIAN Jorge (Voter ID number 102229438).
STERLING, YVONNE H. (Voter ID number 109507264).
SUAREZ, JORGE O. (Voter ID number 101669210).
WILLIAMS, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 110143558).

1241 SE 29TH ST
APT 106

SUAREZ, MARIA Trujillo (Voter ID number 101698129).

1241 SE 29TH ST
APT 204

BURROWS-STYLES, RENEA N. (Voter ID number 109589891).

1241 SE 29TH ST
MIDALEBROOKS, TRACY Marie (Voter ID number 116970006).

FORBES, JOANN Lakisha (Voter ID number 109969690).

1242 SE 16TH AVE
DAHL, CYNTHIA Lyn (Voter ID number 109142745).
DAHL, MALIK Jennings (Voter ID number 121071362).
DAHL, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 108910751).
DAHL, SHIRLEY Marie (Voter ID number 108910752).

1242 SE 25TH TER
SALMON, DEINIER (Voter ID number 102238276).

1243 SE 17TH AVE
LE, HUNG (Voter ID number 110269272).
NGUYEN, PHUONG Thi (Voter ID number 120548759).

1244 SE 24TH TER
LOCKHART, VANESSA (Voter ID number 109711281).

OSTENSON, THEODORE Lewis (Voter ID number 102047466).
POVEDA, KEILIN (Voter ID number 116623348).
OSTENSON, BLANDINA Zumbado (Voter ID number 119600806).

PEREZ, DANYTSA Annette (Voter ID number 120838704).
PAGAN, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 109410768).
PEREZ, ELPIDIO (Voter ID number 109500190).

ETIENNE, JEAN Yves (Voter ID number 115286022).

1250 SE 26TH ST
GAYTON, JUANA (Voter ID number 116594142).

1250 SE 26TH ST
APT 102

ROBLES, IVETTE (Voter ID number 114917321).

1250 SE 26TH ST
UNIT #101

BERMUDEZ, MARLENE I. (Voter ID number 110276731).

1250 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 103

QUINAPALLO, JUREMA (Voter ID number 115244223).
RODRIGUEZ, TARACELLE E. (Voter ID number 116173607).

1250 SE 26TH ST
BERMUDEZ, JOSE C. (Voter ID number 110276673).
SHELTON, LATISHA Antonette (Voter ID number 109571379).

1250 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 206

VELEZ, VALERIE (Voter ID number 110277035).

1250 SE 28TH CT
LEE, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 120154165).

1250 SE 28TH CT
APT 201

DIAZ REYES, RODE (Voter ID number 120859110).
PEREZ GUZMAN, JULIO (Voter ID number 120787188).

1250 SE 28TH CT
APT 204

BONILLA, JENNY (Voter ID number 115230190).

1250 SE 28TH CT
APT 205

BURNELL, TAMEKA Lashawn (Voter ID number 109482073).

1250 SE 28TH CT
UNIT #201

PFISTER, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109986574).

1250 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 101

JOHNSON, CAROLYN Wilson (Voter ID number 115788569).

1250 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 202

ARRIAGA, GERARDO A. (Voter ID number 119294616).
HERNANDEZ, MARIA F. (Voter ID number 109947406).

1250 SE 28TH CT
ALMONTE, HAYDEE Francisca (Voter ID number 120786336).
EPPS, AURELAS R. (Voter ID number 114648375).
SANDIGO, FERNANDO J. (Voter ID number 109778289).
SANDIGO, VIRGILIO Alberto (Voter ID number 109605255).

1250 SE 28TH CT
UNIT #103

HILL, TYRONE M. (Voter ID number 109819447).

1250 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 103

HILL, MARC A. (Voter ID number 119881461).

1250 SE 29TH ST
TACORONTE, DAVID William (Voter ID number 113937507).

1250 SE 29TH ST
APT 105

GIAMMONA, PETER (Voter ID number 120946308).

1250 SE 29TH ST
RAMIREZ, LIGIA I. (Voter ID number 114474550).

1250 SE 31ST CT
APT 104

ESCOBAR, ALEX Paul (Voter ID number 117809901).

1250 SE 31ST CT
APT 106

HOYOS, LAZARA J. (Voter ID number 110087245).

1250 SE 31ST CT
APT 201

MACK, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 119992895).

1250 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 102

PINO, JOAQUIN Julian (Voter ID number 119930329).

1250 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 201

MACK, DARNELL Denise (Voter ID number 114360695).

1250 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 202

STANCLIFF, HANNAH Hart (Voter ID number 120950707).

1250 SE 31ST CT
COIRA, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 109517238).

1250 SE 31ST CT
APT 105

ACOSTA, RAYMOND L. (Voter ID number 116187956).

1250 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 201

MACK, TEMILKA Denise (Voter ID number 109611829).

1250 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 205

CEDENO, PIERRE Emerson (Voter ID number 114579488).
JEFFERS, DAVID Mark (Voter ID number 120916847).
TUFINO, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 116273093).

HIGGINS, JEANINE E. (Voter ID number 110109111).
HIGGINS, JOHN Arthur (Voter ID number 104688031).

SEKEL, DEANNA S. (Voter ID number 109102549).
SEKEL, LAUREN (Voter ID number 116305753).
SEKEL, MALLORY (Voter ID number 118116184).

1251 SE 27TH ST
APT # 202

FRATICELLI, JUAN Jose (Voter ID number 116698917).

1251 SE 27TH ST
APT 203

CONEY, SHELMNA Lynette (Voter ID number 110301456).

1251 SE 27TH ST
CARRERO, CARMEN Maria (Voter ID number 109352791).
HARRIS, YVONNE N. (Voter ID number 110065896).
INGRAM, NICOLE (Voter ID number 110160412).
ORTIZ RIVAS, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 110233600).
PINCAY, BARTOLA (Voter ID number 110301747).

1251 SE 27TH ST
APT 202

FRATICELLI, HILDA (Voter ID number 109670365).

1251 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 101

RILEY-MELANSON, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 118695980).

1251 SE 28TH CT
COUNELIS, STACEY Marie (Voter ID number 117356669).
DIAZ, REYNOLDS (Voter ID number 117077916).
VELA, FLORA Arechiga (Voter ID number 115039905).
VELA, NACHO Hernandez (Voter ID number 115039839).

1251 SE 28TH CT
APT 202

BIVENS, ANDREIKA I. (Voter ID number 115233554).

1251 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 103

SALAZAR, DAVID Antonio (Voter ID number 102246129).

1251 SE 28TH CT
APT 102

FERNANDEZ, ERMA (Voter ID number 116949240).

1251 SE 28TH CT
APT 201

VICIOSO, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 109988794).

1251 SE 28TH CT
FELICIANO, TANIA (Voter ID number 117400122).

1251 SE 29TH ST
PARADA, PAVEL (Voter ID number 115766156).

1251 SE 29TH ST
APT 206

FONTANEZ RIVERA, JOSE Noel (Voter ID number 120736598).

1251 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 101

SPEARS, SHARION Kay (Voter ID number 109529444).

1251 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 103

HARDIE, MARIA Soledad (Voter ID number 110028318).
HARDIE, MAURICE Fletcher (Voter ID number 109770352).

1251 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 202

BUCIO, YESENIA (Voter ID number 121350420).

1251 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 203

VELEZ, NESTOR R. (Voter ID number 109253783).

1251 SE 29TH ST
CEPERO, LOURDES M. (Voter ID number 109649833).
CORTEZ, ANGIE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 115103352).
PRICE, JEFFREY Shaun (Voter ID number 109942240).
RIVERA, JOSE D. (Voter ID number 110073910).

1251 SE 29TH ST
APT 206

VEGA, JANICE A. (Voter ID number 115767479).

1251 SE 31ST CT
GUZMAN, MIGUEL C. (Voter ID number 116220339).
GUZMAN, ROSE (Voter ID number 116220361).

1251 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 101

MEDDAUGH, JENNIFER Shirley (Voter ID number 118425089).

1251 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 106

LANGTON, MARLON (Voter ID number 120399272).

1251 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 205

ESPINOSA, SEIBI Esperanza (Voter ID number 121283165).

1251 SE 31ST CT
HERZBERGER, KRISTIN Lynn (Voter ID number 110339361).

1251 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 201

SILVA, TOMAS Agustin (Voter ID number 109727803).

PINCUS, MICHAEL Stuart (Voter ID number 110014513).

1252 SE 31ST CT
DISLA BONE, GEYSA M. (Voter ID number 116771021).

VELAZQUEZ, FELIX J. (Voter ID number 109608203).
VELAZQUEZ, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109536747).

LANGSTON, MARIA Blesilda (Voter ID number 110018393).
LANGSTON, ROY Arthur (Voter ID number 109297655).

1255 SE 26TH AVE
COLE, BLAKE J. (Voter ID number 110031224).
DOWDELL, SYNITHIA L. (Voter ID number 110148399).

1256 SE 24TH TER
COX, JOYCE Lou (Voter ID number 121288338).
SCHUBERT, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 116315539).

ARANA-ARCIA, BETSY (Voter ID number 116817337).
ARANA, ADOLFO A. (Voter ID number 109614114).
ARANA, EMMA (Voter ID number 109773002).

1260 SE 27TH ST
APT 202

AGUDELO, MARGARITA M. (Voter ID number 109974252).

1260 SE 27TH ST
APT 205

URIBE, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 119282013).

1260 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 201

SUAREZ-AVILES, AUDREY Stephanie (Voter ID number 120800152).

1260 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 202

SAPKOSKY, PAULA (Voter ID number 109685230).

1260 SE 27TH ST
CHRISTEN, LOUISA Worth (Voter ID number 110161486).
HARRIS, ANABEL (Voter ID number 109849484).
OLAEZ, CARMEN Elisa (Voter ID number 109318299).
REID, DARRELL F. (Voter ID number 110113334).
REID, QUITISHA D. (Voter ID number 109989587).
SHOCKLEY, TRACY Kent (Voter ID number 109739272).

1260 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 202

SAPKOSKY, KATIE Ann (Voter ID number 115241312).

1260 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 206

CERDEIRAS, MARIA Virginia (Voter ID number 109332223).

1260 SE 28TH CT
ANDERSON, JOANNE (Voter ID number 109393033).
ESKRIDGE, XAVIER V. (Voter ID number 116010061).

1260 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 105

POITIER, TARSHA Monte (Voter ID number 109548976).

1260 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 106

ROJAS, JOSE Hernan (Voter ID number 110167244).

1260 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 202

GARCIA, LIZA M. (Voter ID number 115247772).

1260 SE 28TH CT
MARTINEZ, MARISOL S. (Voter ID number 110172168).
MC DONALD, CHARLENE A. (Voter ID number 109039484).
MILIAN, YORELY (Voter ID number 110341689).
MONTANO, JOSEPH F. (Voter ID number 110172167).
PORFERT, CHRISTOPHER F. (Voter ID number 114041764).

1260 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 102

ANTUNA, SANDRA (Voter ID number 120921206).

1260 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 205

CHOY, MATTHEW James (Voter ID number 105488319).

1260 SE 29TH ST
GLASS, ANTHONY Levern (Voter ID number 118834751).
WAMBOLT, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 114114500).

1260 SE 29TH ST
APT 103

MEJIA, NANCY H. (Voter ID number 119621313).

1260 SE 29TH ST
APT 203

MARSHALL, ANGELA L. (Voter ID number 108648325).

1260 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 101

DA COSTA, WINSTON Rodolfo (Voter ID number 114929186).

1260 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 102

PENDLETON, NADIA M. (Voter ID number 117008982).

1260 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 205

CHOY, BRENDAN Peter (Voter ID number 116196285).

1260 SE 29TH ST
NELSON-JULIAN, WENDY Lac (Voter ID number 115978438).
WAMBOLT, LORI A. (Voter ID number 110318610).

1260 SE 29TH ST
APT 101

DA COSTA, OLGA E. (Voter ID number 114625418).

1260 SE 29TH ST
APT 104

MOULTON, ANDREW (Voter ID number 121163473).

1260 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 105

THELUSMA, NANCY (Voter ID number 110277675).

1260 SE 29TH ST
NELSON, BRIAN James (Voter ID number 116203105).

1260 SE 31ST CT
APT 101

HARTSON, GEORGINA S. (Voter ID number 110222104).

1260 SE 31ST CT
BAUGH, TWEENA Laretha (Voter ID number 107921059).
PEREZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 109845783).
PEREZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109845941).

1260 SE 31ST CT
APT 101

HARTSON, THOMAS Carl (Voter ID number 110222062).
STIRLING, VANESSA (Voter ID number 120238176).

1260 SE 31ST CT

MC KEEHAN, ARTHUR (Voter ID number 101664564).

1260 SE 31ST CT
APT 204

FIELD, CHRISTOPHER Benton (Voter ID number 109127260).
FIELD, MICHELLE Ann (Voter ID number 109396077).

BELL, GARY (Voter ID number 119944866).
COTTON, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 118090194).
JACOBS, DANESHA (Voter ID number 116217319).
PERMENTER, DANZELL Antonio (Voter ID number 117624781).
PERMENTER, YOLANDA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109205585).
ATKINS, MARGIE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109064603).
HOWE, JASON Arthur (Voter ID number 115458160).

1261 SE 20TH RD
GRAHAM, SUNSETT J. (Voter ID number 116844361).
HARVEY, ANGEL Parlaver (Voter ID number 115237974).
SMART, TAKIA (Voter ID number 115967302).

1261 SE 26TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS Y. (Voter ID number 116188764).

1261 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 203

PRIETO, MARCO Antonio (Voter ID number 119605680).

1261 SE 27TH ST
BBG, ANN Frances (Voter ID number 117596000).
GOSS, LEE James (Voter ID number 109121220).
MAHARAJ, ASTRID Nohelly (Voter ID number 109891817).

1261 SE 27TH ST
APT 101

BENAVIDES, ABRAHAM (Voter ID number 118146559).

1261 SE 27TH ST
DALZIEL, JEFFREY W. (Voter ID number 116898533).

1261 SE 27TH ST
APT 103

MAHARAJ, SATHARINE (Voter ID number 116285093).

1261 SE 28TH CT
SEWELL, GWENDOLYN F. (Voter ID number 103463183).

1261 SE 28TH CT
APT 105

AVEDANO, DANIEL Armando (Voter ID number 118851000).

1261 SE 28TH CT
APT 106

GEHO, BARBARA Ellen (Voter ID number 110132428).

1261 SE 28TH CT
APT 205

MONICA, WENDY Marie (Voter ID number 107952773).

1261 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 101

CASTRO, YARITZA (Voter ID number 120834980).

1261 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 103

SEWELL, ROBERT Alexander (Voter ID number 103650166).

1261 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 202

BAKER, MARLENA M. (Voter ID number 110136249).

1261 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 206

LILAS, URSULA Dell (Voter ID number 100537367).

1261 SE 28TH CT
LILAS, KAREEM Elijah (Voter ID number 110141867).

1261 SE 28TH CT
APT 201

KARIUKI, NJERI (Voter ID number 115126818).

1261 SE 28TH CT
UNIT #203

LOWE-KHOURI, BRENDA G. (Voter ID number 109766834).

1261 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 204

WILSON, DEMETRIUS J M (Voter ID number 115260208).

1261 SE 29TH ST
APT 204

CERDA, ANNABEL C. (Voter ID number 117585156).

1261 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 103

LAHERA, JUAN (Voter ID number 116530486).

1261 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 106

HOWELL, ROBERT David (Voter ID number 110144701).

1261 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 205

JORDAN, DOYLE Arthur (Voter ID number 109501492).

1261 SE 29TH ST
CERDA, MARVIN (Voter ID number 120200001).
LOPEZ, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 115666721).

1261 SE 29TH ST
APT #206

SANCHEZ, LUCY B. (Voter ID number 115537896).

1261 SE 29TH ST
APT 201

SMITH, ATRAVIUS K. (Voter ID number 110041758).

1261 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 202

CERDA, MARTHA (Voter ID number 119773441).

1261 SE 31ST CT
ENCARNACION MEDERO, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 116626903).
MENDEZ, DAISY Maria (Voter ID number 110040000).

1261 SE 31ST CT
APT 103

CARRION CASTRO, KAREEN (Voter ID number 118526791).

1261 SE 31ST CT
APT 201

HERRERA VALDEZ, EVELINA (Voter ID number 121108777).

1261 SE 31ST CT
APT 202

PEREZ-NAVARRO, STEPHANIE Marie (Voter ID number 121258208).

1261 SE 31ST CT
APT 203

HAMILTON, KARINA Elisa (Voter ID number 120209944).

1261 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 101

MEDERO, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109850009).
RIVERA CASTILLO, OLGA Mirella (Voter ID number 109847766).

1261 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 203

HAMILTON, DELROY Lamar (Voter ID number 110206309).

1261 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 105

DIPPOLITO, DEBORAH Marlene (Voter ID number 114853950).

1261 SE 31ST CT
APONTE, ERIC Miguel (Voter ID number 110332738).
CORDERO, LUIS D. (Voter ID number 110318580).
GREEN, ANTHONY Darrly (Voter ID number 110068682).
JOURDIN, GINA (Voter ID number 120214407).
SHELTON, ALYSIA Ann (Voter ID number 114284229).

1261 SE 31ST CT
APT 201

ROMANO, JOHN K. (Voter ID number 109868947).

1261 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 106

DIAZ, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 110205344).

BASS, ADAM Jason (Voter ID number 109269714).
BASS, BETH Tiemeyer (Voter ID number 109571196).

DOWDELL, GEORGE Mitchell (Voter ID number 110158658).
DOWDELL, REBECCA G. (Voter ID number 118418654).
HENG, SOPHAN (Voter ID number 110141123).
YANN, BONGA Chan (Voter ID number 110218138).

DAWKINS, DEBORAH Dahl (Voter ID number 110311702).

1267 SE 26TH AVE
WALKER, APRIL LATOYA (Voter ID number 116976816).
ZAMOR, ROLAND (Voter ID number 117047845).

GARCIA, BRYAN (Voter ID number 110335763).
GRACIA, JASON O. (Voter ID number 109894009).
JIMENEZ, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 108954588).

1270 SE 26TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MAURA (Voter ID number 116371462).
LESCANO, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 119890330).
LESCANO, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 119893318).

1270 SE 26TH ST
APT 101

VALERA, JOSE Anthony (Voter ID number 114844550).

1270 SE 26TH ST
APT 106

LEZCANO, DAISY (Voter ID number 119890979).

1270 SE 26TH ST
APT 201

MONTANO, ALFREDO R. (Voter ID number 109551699).

1270 SE 26TH ST
APT 103

HERNANDEZ, SERGIO E. (Voter ID number 109529789).

1270 SE 26TH ST
APT 205

SWALLER, AMANDA Ruby (Voter ID number 120837154).

1270 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 201

FRANJUL, JESSICA R. (Voter ID number 109994785).

1270 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 203

BARRON, MICHAEL C. (Voter ID number 102084234).

1270 SE 27TH ST
IDUATE, JOSEFINA De Los Angele (Voter ID number 109299517).
KEARLY, MARTHA (Voter ID number 110053513).
PALMER, YOLAND D. (Voter ID number 116453047).
RUIZ, FRANCIS J. (Voter ID number 119629235).

1270 SE 27TH ST
APT 104

CUERVO, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 115717989).
LINDAHL, ERICK Knut (Voter ID number 109845366).

1270 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 204

MADRID, ELVIA Teresa (Voter ID number 110204007).

1270 SE 27TH ST
HADLEY, FREDDIE (Voter ID number 109307434).
ROJO EHRENREICH, KEELEY Ciera (Voter ID number 110189403).
ROZON, KAROLINE E. (Voter ID number 110275050).
WASHINGTON, GWENDOLYN (Voter ID number 109229556).

1270 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 102

ARMSTRONG, JERMAINE Orlando (Voter ID number 120383378).

1270 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 104

HOWARD, SHAKITAH (Voter ID number 110258250).

1270 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 204

ROSADO, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 109641370).
SANTONI, YANIRA (Voter ID number 109362230).

1270 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 103

BROWN, MARY (Voter ID number 110108945).

1270 SE 28TH CT
DUJAN-MC QUEEN, ALYSSA (Voter ID number 114678779).
GIL, MINIRMA M. (Voter ID number 110253503).
GONZALEZ, MARNE A. (Voter ID number 115830778).
HOLLIMAN, TAMEKA (Voter ID number 109483794).
HOWARD, QUEEN Lampkin (Voter ID number 114085783).

1270 SE 31ST CT
ARMENTEROS, BARBARA (Voter ID number 121108932).

1270 SE 31ST CT
APT 202

BENNETT-AHMED, DAYANA S. (Voter ID number 118379694).

1270 SE 31ST CT
APT 204

VELAZQUEZ, MARIA Ivelisse (Voter ID number 121129187).

1270 SE 31ST CT
MAURO, GRACIELA G. (Voter ID number 117072937).

1270 SE 31ST CT
APT #205

MAURO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 114648771).

1270 SE 31ST CT
APT 106

LAWRENCE, ASHLEY Marie (Voter ID number 103123780).

1270 SE 31ST CT
APT 203

CORDERO, DIANA Serra (Voter ID number 110199084).

1270 SE 31ST CT
APT 204

VELAZQUEZ, OSCAR (Voter ID number 120516373).

1270 SE 31ST CT
NARVAEZ, CLAUDIA Irene (Voter ID number 116156427).

1270 SE 8TH PL
CLEMENTE, ROSALINA (Voter ID number 115760245).

1270 SE 9TH PL
HERNANDEZ, PEDRO Javier (Voter ID number 120204616).
LORIG, ALEX Oliver (Voter ID number 119253369).
REYES, JENNY Lynn (Voter ID number 109197121).

BURG, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 109390370).

1271 SE 27TH ST
MOTTA, SOLANGE Catalina (Voter ID number 120685721).

1271 SE 27TH ST
APT 104

GOMEZ, NATIVIDAD (Voter ID number 116580406).

1271 SE 27TH ST
APT 206

BALEWICZ, MICHAEL Raymond (Voter ID number 119676182).

1271 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 202

PEREIRA, ANA A. (Voter ID number 115878903).
PEREIRA, HERBERT B. (Voter ID number 109926017).

1271 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 205

LHERISSON, IESHA (Voter ID number 120176608).

1271 SE 27TH ST
HANSON, PAUL Robert (Voter ID number 109305097).
MONTEAGUDO, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 116063682).
SHAW, JACOB M. (Voter ID number 110290040).

1271 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 205

MOMPELAS, EVELYNE Maria (Voter ID number 109647476).

1271 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 103

GAGE, LAKEYVIA Donntella (Voter ID number 110098663).

1271 SE 28TH CT
LOPEZ, JASON (Voter ID number 105380474).

1271 SE 28TH CT
APT 101

SWABY, CARMEN (Voter ID number 121165621).

1271 SE 28TH CT
APT 205

BYRD, MARGERITE (Voter ID number 110022521).

1271 SE 28TH CT
APT 206

GARI, ORALIA E. (Voter ID number 109495232).
GARI, RUSVELT (Voter ID number 119275046).

1271 SE 28TH CT
ANZALOTA CORDOVA, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 115201055).
CORDONES, RAUL A. (Voter ID number 114850211).
INFANTE, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 114588251).
LEON, LILIA (Voter ID number 109375793).
LEON, NELSON J. (Voter ID number 109375791).
ROBLES, MEL (Voter ID number 109782039).
CARRILLO, EMMA C. (Voter ID number 116463816).
ROBLES, LIGIA Zoraida (Voter ID number 116871595).

1271 SE 29TH ST
HOPE, CAMRYN C. (Voter ID number 120052708).
SMITH, KAREN Denice (Voter ID number 118868620).

1271 SE 29TH ST
APT 102

BOUCHER, DENISE Benjamin (Voter ID number 110251458).

1271 SE 29TH ST
APT 105

MIMBELA, ESTHER L. (Voter ID number 110306160).

1271 SE 29TH ST
APT 205

WILLIAMS, CHANTEL N. (Voter ID number 109729973).

1271 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 102

BOUCHER, LIVENSONE (Voter ID number 115932379).

1271 SE 29TH ST
COATS, JOHNNY Cordell (Voter ID number 110247253).
LARROSA, GABRIEL Jose (Voter ID number 115696323).
RODRIGUEZ ALVAREZ, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 115273248).

1271 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 205

ROBOTHAM, LOUISE M. (Voter ID number 120214532).

MACK, SHERIA Lavon (Voter ID number 109560041).
MACK, SHIRLEY (Voter ID number 117126991).
SWAIM, KENNETH Ray (Voter ID number 120538974).

1273 SE 26TH AVE
SANABRIA, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 115676549).

1274 SE 8TH PL
BENAVIDES ALARCON, OAILUDB (Voter ID number 120777159).
LOPEZ, IVETTE (Voter ID number 116896994).

1274 SE 9TH PL
PEREZ, DANIELA C. (Voter ID number 110117677).

GEORGE, LOUIS Simon (Voter ID number 109101415).

1276 SE 9TH ST
NGUYEN, NHUNGHONG Thi/T (Voter ID number 118833018).
DAA, ANDRES (Voter ID number 101819594).
NGUYEN, HONG THUY T. (Voter ID number 116246405).

INGENITO, BENNY (Voter ID number 107353613).

1278 SE 8TH PL
BODIE, TASJAA R. (Voter ID number 120893094).
DAVIS, AUDREA D. (Voter ID number 109949558).

BAKER, JEWELL Lee (Voter ID number 108981418).
BAKER, STEVEN A. (Voter ID number 109580515).

1279 SE 8TH PL
VASQUEZ, LILIANA (Voter ID number 115733990).
YARCE, IVETH A. (Voter ID number 117831848).

CLARKE, ALICE Lynne (Voter ID number 109571709).

1280 SE 9TH ST
PFEFFER, MARCIE Jill (Voter ID number 109277288).

1281 SE 20TH RD
NUNN, MARK Douglas (Voter ID number 115203591).
NUNN, PATRICE Renee (Voter ID number 116505715).
SWANSON, VERONICA Janiece (Voter ID number 114571211).

PALOMO, ELIO A. (Voter ID number 120057952).

MEDINA, BRUNO (Voter ID number 109415216).
MEDINA, RAMONITA (Voter ID number 109459036).

1282 SE 8TH PL
GONZALEZ, NYDIA Vallejo (Voter ID number 109845491).
GONZALEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109348225).

1282 SE 9TH PL
CARBALLO, DORIS (Voter ID number 119084396).

WALDMAN, JUDITH Ann (Voter ID number 109055387).
WALDMAN, MERVIN (Voter ID number 108903895).

1283 SE 8TH PL
ROJAS, MAYLING (Voter ID number 113877672).

1283 SE 9TH PL
JOHNSON, STEPHANIE A. (Voter ID number 120054913).
DAVIS, ETHLYN Louise (Voter ID number 114279593).
DAVIS, LE ROY O. (Voter ID number 114628043).
JOHNSON, VICTOR Lacase (Voter ID number 114820263).

WEIGEL, LARRY Allan (Voter ID number 109036558).
WEIGEL, SUSAN Beatrice (Voter ID number 109038625).

1284 SE 9TH ST
METZGER, GARY Arthur (Voter ID number 110011435).

CARRANZA, EMANUEL (Voter ID number 115254372).
HURTADO, AUREA Maria (Voter ID number 110310054).
ORTIZ, JUAN F. (Voter ID number 109669219).
CARRANZA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 114354654).

1286 SE 9TH PL
DAHL, DEBORAH Lee (Voter ID number 109122697).

1287 SE 9TH PL
WILLEM, JUERGEN Ernst (Voter ID number 110006403).
WILLEM, LINDA Lee (Voter ID number 109961626).

LENAGHAN, PATRICK Joseph (Voter ID number 114030230).
LENAGHAN, PATRICIA Jean (Voter ID number 114030253).

1290 SE 8TH PL
FERNANDEZ, ESPENANZA Pena (Voter ID number 117519163).

1290 SE 9TH PL
BAEZ, STACY D. (Voter ID number 115885390).

BUTLER, ANDREA (Voter ID number 109837527).
HUGHES, JEAN Whitaker (Voter ID number 109286247).

1291 SE 8TH PL
MONTALVO, TOMAS E. (Voter ID number 115492628).

1291 SE 9TH PL
SZENDREY, MARGARET Kathleen (Voter ID number 109343586).
SZENDREY, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 109316741).

MAHANEY, SARA R. (Voter ID number 115066906).

1292 SE 11TH PL
LAINE, VLADIMIR (Voter ID number 118350786).
ROBINSON, GUIRLANDE (Voter ID number 109533250).

1295 SE 8TH PL
NAZARIO, BERNALDO I. (Voter ID number 110111028).
BUSTAMANTE, JULISSA (Voter ID number 110181555).

1298 SE 11TH PL
HERNANDEZ, YARICEL (Voter ID number 118677104).

1299 SE 8TH PL
ABRAHAM, ARELY E. (Voter ID number 116874813).

1300 SE 18TH TER
VARGAS, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 119802119).
HERNANDEZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109993854).

1300 SE 29TH ST
MARTINEZ-RIVERA, DAVID (Voter ID number 116676821).
VALE, ENEIDA Lira (Voter ID number 110050510).
VALE, MARIO Alberto (Voter ID number 109417407).

1300 SE 29TH ST
APT 104

PICADO, CHRISTIAN A. (Voter ID number 118879799).

1300 SE 29TH ST
APT 202

CALLAWAY, DASHAY S. (Voter ID number 116283714).

1300 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 105

MARTINEZ, SUSANA S. (Voter ID number 102426431).

1300 SE 31ST CT
HORNE, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 120321465).
KEMP, TERRANCE Donnell (Voter ID number 109732010).

1300 SE 31ST CT
APT 103

YOUNG, MARIAH (Voter ID number 120304387).

1300 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 101

STEELE, TRENT Wyatt (Voter ID number 116569133).

1300 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 103

GLASS, SHAKARA Zayhkea (Voter ID number 120034066).
LILLY, ALFREDIA R. (Voter ID number 118561275).

1300 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 105

RAMIREZ, VICTORIA Ann (Voter ID number 121272979).

1300 SE 31ST CT
ANDERSON, DOROTHY Mae (Voter ID number 109271679).
BUSTAMANTE, DORA (Voter ID number 108906363).
BUSTAMANTE, JORGE E. (Voter ID number 109179135).
SCOTT, ALFRED Peter (Voter ID number 109365602).

1300 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 103

REAGAN, EUGENE Fletcher (Voter ID number 118816577).

1300 SE 31ST CT
SCOTT, ALFRED (Voter ID number 116407289).

STINGONE, CYNTHIA Lou (Voter ID number 109430844).
STINGONE, DOMINICK (Voter ID number 109836234).

PROZZILLO, KIMBERLY S. (Voter ID number 109989582).
PROZZILLO, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 120577182).
PROZZILLO, ANTHONY Michael (Voter ID number 114363861).

1301 SE 16TH AVE
BURDETTE, CHRISTINE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110116930).
BURDETTE, JONATHAN E. (Voter ID number 117143470).
BURDETTE, ELIZABETH Rosa (Voter ID number 109375394).

1301 SE 17TH AVE
ANCHALUISA, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 118908638).
BARRERA, ELIZABETH J. (Voter ID number 119767786).

1301 SE 28TH LN
FLORES, EDGARDO (Voter ID number 120441429).

1301 SE 28TH LN
APT 101

FLORES, ZUHEYDI (Voter ID number 117052896).

1301 SE 28TH LN
APT 103

RIVERA, ROBERT (Voter ID number 114615171).

1301 SE 28TH LN
APT 204

MOJICA, AMANDA (Voter ID number 120300255).

1301 SE 28TH LN
UNIT 101

LAOZ, DOUGLAS Reynaldo (Voter ID number 109545814).
LAOZ, KERLY Flores (Voter ID number 109541743).

1301 SE 28TH LN
UNIT 104

VEGA ASTACIO, JUAN (Voter ID number 118231335).

1301 SE 28TH LN
UNIT 202

JOSEPH, JUNIOR (Voter ID number 118863020).

1301 SE 28TH LN
UNIT 201

PITTMAN, KEITHIN Jamal (Voter ID number 110075866).

1301 SE 28TH LN
APT 102

MELENDEZ, CARMEN A. (Voter ID number 115063954).

1301 SE 28TH LN
APT 103

CADEAU, NOVCHEKA B. (Voter ID number 110099625).

BAYNES, JARINE A. (Voter ID number 110281550).
JENKINS, WILLIAM G. (Voter ID number 110160712).

ALANIZ SANCHEZ, JUAN (Voter ID number 115156696).
THOMAS, RICHARD John (Voter ID number 108918060).

SUTTON, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 118145838).
SUTTON, CARMA Dykes (Voter ID number 109489987).
SUTTON, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 109136099).

1302 SE 16TH AVE
DENEFF, WAYNE (Voter ID number 110195127).

1302 SE 17TH AVE
ACEVEDO, CARMEN D. (Voter ID number 117063273).
CRUZ ACEVEDO, ABIGAIL Magdalena (Voter ID number 110241995).
PEREZ, JUAN Eduardo (Voter ID number 110176593).
CRUZ, ADRIA L. (Voter ID number 120381796).
FERNANDEZ, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 116907936).

FIGUEROA, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 115766098).
SOTOMAYOR, IRTA (Voter ID number 114012411).

SHACKELFORD, BARBARA Conner (Voter ID number 109004587).

BOWMAN, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 107756262).
PARKER, HELEN Patricia (Voter ID number 109528789).

BRODERICK, SAMANTHA E. (Voter ID number 119881427).

ADAMS-BARTON, RYAN David (Voter ID number 114306735).

1311 SE 20TH RD
VELASCO, MARTHA E. (Voter ID number 119938597).

1311 SE 31ST CT
WILBORN, CARRIE Katrina (Voter ID number 110031346).
WILBORN, MARQUELL D. (Voter ID number 116299688).
WILBORN, TORRI J. (Voter ID number 116400675).

1311 SE 31ST CT
APT 104

MARTIN, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 117870822).
MARTIN, YANETH (Voter ID number 117870808).

HARRIS, ROBIN Patricia (Voter ID number 109290059).

TORAL, STEVEN Felix (Voter ID number 110037141).
POTTER, KIMBERLY Christi (Voter ID number 109219571).

MARINELLO, LAURA M. (Voter ID number 109361984).

CASH, ANTWAN A. (Voter ID number 110204343).
WALTON, EMANUEL (Voter ID number 117080178).
STULL, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 110177451).
STULL, SARAH Michone (Voter ID number 110177459).
WALTON, EMANUEL (Voter ID number 109277076).
WALTON, JOSHUA T. (Voter ID number 118117346).
WALTON, SHANNON Yvette (Voter ID number 109295672).

BEN-ASHER, MARK (Voter ID number 109995411).
JONES, WAYMAN Donanue (Voter ID number 110235320).

SCHANTZ, RAY V. (Voter ID number 109595637).
MURRAY, EMILY Marguerite (Voter ID number 109775248).
SCHANTZ, MARGUERITE Adams (Voter ID number 109223349).

TINOCO, JONATHAN Andrew (Voter ID number 118830496).
TINOCO, EZEQUIEL (Voter ID number 109443705).
TINOCO, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109280243).

1316 SE 18TH TER
LUCES, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 109883249).
RUIZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 114775578).

ANE, AURELIO (Voter ID number 109904813).
ANE, DAISY (Voter ID number 110159403).

SANCHEZ, OLGA Lucia (Voter ID number 109546870).
PENNY, JEAN-MARIE (Voter ID number 109952035).

BARNES, GINA Ann (Voter ID number 109272412).
BARNES, JOHN Scott (Voter ID number 109550333).

CABRERA, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 115067432).
SANCHEZ, JACQUELIN Larae (Voter ID number 117611289).

STIP, BRANDY Marie (Voter ID number 109845203).

SANTOS, MYKAELA (Voter ID number 118908291).

LORENZO, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 116899569).
GALARZA, HERIBERTO (Voter ID number 109551489).

JOHNSON, JESS (Voter ID number 110256573).

GRIMES, CAROLYN Kay (Voter ID number 109371465).

1320 SE 17TH AVE
CAPAZ, TAMMY (Voter ID number 115547192).
CAPAZ, EDEL (Voter ID number 115691437).

1320 SE 31ST CT
DIXON, TYRONE B. (Voter ID number 116886375).
GOMEZ, MARTHA Lucia (Voter ID number 120387581).

1320 SE 31ST CT
APT 102

DANTZLER, ERVIN Lanier (Voter ID number 109910470).

1320 SE 31ST CT
APT 105

DIXON, KATHLEEN Alexis (Voter ID number 104169097).

1320 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 206

MONTANE, LUZ Maria (Voter ID number 108927028).

1320 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 37 104

FERNANDEZ, ECHELLE Nichole (Voter ID number 120167471).

1320 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 102

DANTZLER, VANESSA (Voter ID number 118823520).

1320 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 106

RODRIGUEZ, GIL Antonio (Voter ID number 116592602).

1320 SE 31ST CT
UNIT 104

CULLER, JAMES David (Voter ID number 109970298).

1320 SE 31ST CT
BLEY, JOHN (Voter ID number 116301079).

BEAUCHEA, MARILYN Carol (Voter ID number 108972243).

1321 SE 16TH AVE
SACCO, ASHLEY Marie (Voter ID number 121054620).

1321 SE 17TH AVE
ESCOBAR, BENHOUR (Voter ID number 120318555).
TORO, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 120319580).

HAMPEL, RACHEL Linda (Voter ID number 110312725).
MURILLO, DOMINGO Antonio (Voter ID number 109157246).

1322 SE 16TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, HERLINDA (Voter ID number 113009353).
RODRIGUEZ, MILTON O. (Voter ID number 113205555).
ROMO, TANYA (Voter ID number 118099734).

EATON, ANGELA Ryan (Voter ID number 114160684).

REYES, RAMON A. (Voter ID number 109750891).
COOK, ANA Margarita (Voter ID number 109267280).

HARRIS, BARRY (Voter ID number 109574757).

FUERTES, NICOLE C. (Voter ID number 109929695).

TEJADA, DORIS A. (Voter ID number 121286397).
HOFFMAN, MIREYA E. (Voter ID number 109598775).
TORRES-HERNANDEZ, JOSE Jesus (Voter ID number 109742789).

GRAY, GERALD W. (Voter ID number 110136746).

1328 SE 11TH PL
PERNAS, ANA (Voter ID number 121067100).
PERNAS, GRETEL E. (Voter ID number 115336147).
PERNAS, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 110004510).

WOODRUFF, KIMBERLY Sue (Voter ID number 110287533).

MILNER-STUBBS, KERSTIN Anna (Voter ID number 109468863).
STRIBLING, ALISON (Voter ID number 109922586).
STRIBLING, JAMES Joseph (Voter ID number 109209000).

LAUGHLIN, CHRISTOPHER Mark (Voter ID number 110029714).

COOPER, LISBERTHA Eustache (Voter ID number 109869578).
COOPER, GILES V. (Voter ID number 109736231).

1331 SE 16TH AVE
MORCIGLIO, SARA (Voter ID number 110339401).

1331 SE 17TH AVE
ESPEJO, JUAN Luis (Voter ID number 119953955).
RAMIREZ, NYDIA E. (Voter ID number 119700880).

EDWARDS, CARMEN De Lourdes (Voter ID number 109887368).
EDWARDS, JUDY Delores (Voter ID number 118067945).
EDWARDS, RAYMOND G. (Voter ID number 109571058).

CURRY, VICKY Jean (Voter ID number 120121964).
GRAYSON, JENNIFER Cale (Voter ID number 102220584).

FURLEITER, CHARLES Michael (Voter ID number 117390118).

ANDERSON, JAMIE Lynne (Voter ID number 109484921).
VERGILI, DOROTHY Jane (Voter ID number 109746604).

BRYAN, AEDINA Lucia (Voter ID number 109989549).
BRYAN, DEAN R. (Voter ID number 110007272).
BRYAN, SELAH Marcia (Voter ID number 109300128).

CEPEDA, ADOLFO A. (Voter ID number 109510615).
CEPEDA, COLLEEN A. (Voter ID number 109800060).
CEPEDA, JAMIE L. (Voter ID number 109854202).

DIAZ, HECTOR (Voter ID number 110341599).

DARLING, SEAN R. (Voter ID number 110287677).

BAYLIS, LESLIE Albert (Voter ID number 109997760).
GILL, MONICA M. (Voter ID number 109268209).

MOISE, MICAH R. (Voter ID number 116842798).
MOSES, GARLAND M. (Voter ID number 119667682).
MOSES, MAUDE M. (Voter ID number 110340702).
MUISE, MICAH R. (Voter ID number 116051955).

CHAPLIN, KRISTAL L. (Voter ID number 119630134).
CHAPLIN, JULIE A. (Voter ID number 109828103).

1340 SE 11TH PL
MCGUIRE, HELEN Lawrence (Voter ID number 109057171).

1340 SE 17TH AVE
PENA, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 109579163).

HAMPTON, CEDRIC La Torrence (Voter ID number 119630936).

1341 SE 16TH AVE
CHACON, VICTOR Samuel (Voter ID number 109639169).
CHIN, ALBERT J. (Voter ID number 110195131).

1341 SE 17TH AVE
MORALES, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 109477086).
MORALES, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 118101160).

HARRIS, EDDIE Wayne (Voter ID number 109175810).
RUELAS, JESUS Alejandro (Voter ID number 110103004).
TRESPALAUIOS, JAMES (Voter ID number 110118572).

BELAIR, PETER Jason (Voter ID number 109974701).

MADRIGAL, SHOMY (Voter ID number 110011442).
SANTIAGO, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 109733550).
SANTIAGO, SHOMY M. (Voter ID number 114140130).

MOISE, NICOLE (Voter ID number 109997309).

DE JESUS, GLADYS G. (Voter ID number 110278652).
PITTOCK, MANDY Alexandria (Voter ID number 110135126).

1346 SE 11TH PL
GAMINO, ADOLFO Enrique (Voter ID number 109753561).

ARTHUR, JUDY M. (Voter ID number 118843783).
ARTHUR, KIMBERLY Michelle (Voter ID number 109376256).
GREEN, RICHARD T. (Voter ID number 109891960).

TIRADO, ZORAIDA (Voter ID number 109547211).

PURCELL, HANNAH M. (Voter ID number 108913143).

MARTIN, LISSETTE C. (Voter ID number 109576463).

BROWN, BRIDGET M. (Voter ID number 109633553).

BECK, KAREN H. (Voter ID number 109145369).

MESA, MARTHA P. (Voter ID number 109201738).
MESA, RICHARD L. (Voter ID number 108919194).

1350 SE 17TH AVE
ROSSY, MARIA Lopez (Voter ID number 109377372).
ROSSY, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 109881916).

COLLINS, ANNA Maria (Voter ID number 110022772).
CRUZ, ARESENIA N. (Voter ID number 115984741).

1351 SE 16TH AVE
ROMERO, JAIME (Voter ID number 110182430).
PINTO, EFRAIN (Voter ID number 109277841).

GUINAND, VIRGINIA R. (Voter ID number 108980669).
GUINARD, BRIAN S. (Voter ID number 110097503).

LEE, CHRISTOPHER E. (Voter ID number 118850665).
PATTERSON, BRENDA M. (Voter ID number 109837927).

DODD, BRENDA S. (Voter ID number 109509554).
MATTSON, DOLORES Mabel (Voter ID number 104667378).
SCHOOLCRAFT, DORIS J. (Voter ID number 110316213).

HECKMAN, CARRIE Marie (Voter ID number 108939894).
HECKMAN, MARTIN Blake (Voter ID number 109082790).
SADDLER, DONALD E. (Voter ID number 109536840).

LOPEZ, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 110036656).
LOPEZ, DAVID (Voter ID number 110203818).

RUNGE, COREY Allen (Voter ID number 115180047).
BOYLE, HELEN R. (Voter ID number 109879169).
STEINER, ANGELA Patricia (Voter ID number 100568162).
STEINER, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 110252949).

GALANOS, LAMARAY (Voter ID number 110136212).
LLORENTE, VILMA (Voter ID number 109958497).
RAMIREZ, JOSE Enrique (Voter ID number 114815631).

LASTRA, ROBERTO Alejandro (Voter ID number 109841968).

COWLEY, ELIEZER (Voter ID number 115167447).

HURST, KATHLEEN Johnson (Voter ID number 109708812).

ALLENDER, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 119284773).
ALLENDER, MICHAEL Lee (Voter ID number 119284471).

1360 SE 17TH AVE
LEEDEN, BRADLEY Keith (Voter ID number 109294951).

1360 SE 25TH AVE
GILL, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 109318204).

MADSEN, DAMIAN Ryan (Voter ID number 119085755).
MADSEN, JOSEPH M. (Voter ID number 117585058).

1361 SE 16TH AVE
WATSON, CASSANDRA F. (Voter ID number 118847659).

1361 SE 17TH AVE
MC CLOSKEY, NOEMI (Voter ID number 110231786).
MC CLOSKEY, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number 110236650).
MCCLOSKEY, DANA Leah (Voter ID number 119293312).

1361 SE 20TH RD
CALDER, ALEXANDER W. (Voter ID number 110316528).
CALDER, LANI Kay (Voter ID number 115074474).

VIVAS TORRES, IVAN Ramon (Voter ID number 110331937).

1362 SE 16TH AVE
IGNACIO, FRANZ J. (Voter ID number 116623209).
IGNACIO, AMELIA S. (Voter ID number 116310673).
IGNACIO, JOSEPH CRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 116310682).

ABDUR-RAHEEM, JAMEEL (Voter ID number 120168003).

1363 SE 10TH ST
KAWA, KRISTY (Voter ID number 118850220).
KAWA, MALKI (Voter ID number 117584342).
KAWA, ADRIANA S. (Voter ID number 117064483).

POTTS, BRIAN James (Voter ID number 115750853).
HARGETT, RICHARD Lewis (Voter ID number 117136129).

1364 SE 18TH TER
VITERI, EMILY C. (Voter ID number 119622470).
VITERI, GINO (Voter ID number 118113313).

MAZIARZ, ALEXANDER Ron (Voter ID number 110030459).
MAZIARZ, LINDSY Marie (Voter ID number 116524366).
NUTTER, WINONA A. (Voter ID number 110030447).
NUTTER, LOWELL Root (Voter ID number 110024479).

RAMIREZ, IVONNE E. (Voter ID number 110146604).
DISANTO, ROD James (Voter ID number 119659256).

1366 SE 26TH AVE
CABALLERO, FAUSTO Alexander (Voter ID number 112846125).

LOVE, LESLIE Kay (Voter ID number 109348527).
LOVE, RICHARD E. (Voter ID number 108975609).

RATAJCZAK, DENISE (Voter ID number 120112630).
RATAJCZAK, BERNICE R. (Voter ID number 108987862).
RATAJCZAK, JAMES W. (Voter ID number 109027656).

1369 SE 10TH ST
BRITO, JAVIER Jose (Voter ID number 109730127).
BRITO, ROSA Alin (Voter ID number 109729871).

1370 SE 26TH AVE
LEACH, ERICA (Voter ID number 119066115).

GOMEZ, AGUSTIN (Voter ID number 109872898).
GOMEZ, CARMEN L. (Voter ID number 110273072).
GOMEZ, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 110251685).
MUNSON, DALE Robert (Voter ID number 109485005).
MUNSON, MARIANA G. (Voter ID number 116612654).
MUNSON, ROBERTA Jean (Voter ID number 109485006).

MORA, MICHELE (Voter ID number 109332521).
MORA, DOMINICK (Voter ID number 109911262).
MORA, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 109910003).

1374 SE 26TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 109367281).
RODRIGUEZ, MARGIE (Voter ID number 109433504).
RODRIGUEZ, WANDA Janet (Voter ID number 109401514).

BOWE, EDWARD F. (Voter ID number 109204981).
BOWE, ROSEMARY A. (Voter ID number 109205618).

1375 SE 10TH ST
CABALLERO, JACLYN Celeste (Voter ID number 109818703).
COLON, CAROLYN Melissa (Voter ID number 110199432).
OSUNA, BLANCA Iris (Voter ID number 109847074).
OSUNA, MARCUS (Voter ID number 110174170).
RIVERA, BERNARDO (Voter ID number 109430545).
RIVERA, NORMA I. (Voter ID number 109560523).
RODRIGUEZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 114751756).

JONES, ANDREA V. (Voter ID number 119616045).

1376 SE 11TH PL
LEYVA, ROGELIO (Voter ID number 117366680).
MONTANARNO, DANIA M. (Voter ID number 117369169).

CURRY, MARY E. (Voter ID number 109043824).
CURRY, TROY (Voter ID number 115823894).

LONDONO, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109282396).
LONDONO, LUCY Maria (Voter ID number 115387432).
PEEPLES, ELIZABETH Jane (Voter ID number 109364831).
PEEPLES, MICHAEL Alan (Voter ID number 109400191).

GUERRA, FERMIN E. (Voter ID number 117080039).

1378 SE 26TH AVE
BONILLA, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 114306549).
SURI, ANA M. (Voter ID number 110027028).
SURI, JUAN M. (Voter ID number 109828649).

AVE, DAISY (Voter ID number 109639273).

LYDEN, DONEL W. (Voter ID number 110140205).
LYDEN, JASON William (Voter ID number 110140207).

HARLEY, BARBARA R. (Voter ID number 109805741).
WALTERS, ERNEST J. (Voter ID number 109805739).

1380 SE 18TH TER
CEJAS, CLARA Marie (Voter ID number 109889293).

1381 SE 10TH ST
FIGUEROA, IRIS E. (Voter ID number 115913895).

1382 SE 11TH PL
COLOMINA, ADA V. (Voter ID number 120902342).

HAMILTON, JO Ann (Voter ID number 109034704).
HAMILTON, SAM Joe (Voter ID number 110048077).

1383 SE 26TH AVE
CALDWELL, BRANDON James (Voter ID number 117481821).
CALDWELL, TERESA Louise (Voter ID number 117436763).

1385 SE 26TH AVE
PATTERSON, TERENCE Jean-Te (Voter ID number 118998166).
THOMAS, AHKEEM (Voter ID number 120085219).

1386 SE 26TH AVE
COLLINS, MARLA K. (Voter ID number 109333197).
FISHER, VERNADETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109929608).
TAYLOR, LETISHA Jacob (Voter ID number 109608913).

WATKINS, KEVIN M. (Voter ID number 116193236).
WATKINS, ABBEY Lee (Voter ID number 115006911).

1387 SE 10TH ST
ALBERTE, RAQUEL Marie (Voter ID number 109966255).

1387 SE 26TH AVE
CHAN, FARIDA C D (Voter ID number 110094967).

1388 SE 11TH PL
AKERS, MARY E. (Voter ID number 109359602).

JOHNSON, QUINN C. (Voter ID number 115089787).
JOHNSON, FARRELL K. (Voter ID number 120912531).
JOHNSON, JANET T. (Voter ID number 109136371).
JOHNSON, SHANE G. (Voter ID number 119588545).

1391 SE 26TH AVE
GARCIA, ROSIE (Voter ID number 110051157).

1392 SE 26TH AVE
CORBO, CHRISTIAN Alfredo (Voter ID number 120082204).
GONZALEZ, GABRIELA Lilyan (Voter ID number 110029762).
GONZALEZ, TOMAS J. (Voter ID number 109472901).

1393 SE 10TH ST
PARTLOW, DARYL J. (Voter ID number 109719267).
PARTLOW, DARYL Jerome (Voter ID number 109901028).
PARTLOW, KATHY Diane (Voter ID number 110233938).
PARTLOW, KEYTORRI Nikysha (Voter ID number 119509766).
PARTLOW, TIFFANY Shlena (Voter ID number 110138945).

1393 SE 26TH AVE
JOHNSON, BILLY H. (Voter ID number 109932065).
JOHNSON, SHARON Runice (Voter ID number 110072708).

1394 SE 26TH AVE
ROBERTS, JOHN Benjamin (Voter ID number 117341371).

1395 SE 26TH AVE
HOYTE, JIMMY V. (Voter ID number 110037172).
DANIEL, DENZELL (Voter ID number 117824626).
HOYTE, ALICIA E. (Voter ID number 110086846).
HOYTE, JONATHAN J. (Voter ID number 110203020).
HOYTE, JULIAN J. (Voter ID number 110040645).

1398 SE 26TH AVE
ROSADO, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109553609).

RANDOLPH, STACY Lynn (Voter ID number 110023767).

1399 SE 10TH ST
GARCIA, ELENA (Voter ID number 115313592).
GARCIA, RENE Alberto (Voter ID number 110079808).

1399 SE 20TH RD
ALTUVE, ILIANA Ellen (Voter ID number 109884543).
ALTUVE, HENRY R. (Voter ID number 116455648).

1399 SE 26TH AVE
HALL, DARRYL Jernard (Voter ID number 109218718).
HALL, VICKIE L. (Voter ID number 110199847).
JONES, SHAVONDIA L. (Voter ID number 118843338).

SHIVER, DONNA Michelle (Voter ID number 120297158).

DOMINGUEZ, JUAN Pedro (Voter ID number 119396821).

1400 SE 18TH TER
GONZALEZ, AGNES Socorro (Voter ID number 109655105).

1400 SE 23RD DR
BURKE, MILTON Amet (Voter ID number 120204860).
BURKE, MILTON L. (Voter ID number 115281399).
LAZO-PEREZ, ANGEL Luis (Voter ID number 109419858).

FORRAY, PENNY Lee (Voter ID number 109999302).
FORRAY, TOM (Voter ID number 109903170).

ZEROLO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109598083).

1401 SE 16TH AVE
SMITH, DEBORAH J. (Voter ID number 114965806).

1401 SE 17TH AVE
NEWTON, ELY Aranie (Voter ID number 118603084).
CERRILLO, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 110047597).

1401 SE 18TH TER
LODOVICI, IVANA B. (Voter ID number 102344008).

1401 SE 20TH RD
RODRIGUEZ, RUBEN (Voter ID number 115405763).

1401 SE 22ND LN
GARRETT, SHAWN Edward (Voter ID number 101801626).
MOORE, ROBERT Paul (Voter ID number 101814169).

1401 SE 23RD DR
TUPAJ, DANIEL Mark (Voter ID number 116486244).
SANTIAGO ARROYO, HECTOR Luis (Voter ID number 114923922).

1401 SE 27TH CT
CAMARENO, BRANDON A. (Voter ID number 120492021).
CORRADO, APRIL Lynn (Voter ID number 120255368).

1402 SE 16TH AVE
NAVARRO, MAIKEL (Voter ID number 117150750).
NAVARRO, MONIQUE Azcuna (Voter ID number 102186754).
CODINA, JULIENNE M. (Voter ID number 109978472).

1402 SE 17TH AVE
DIAZ, JESUS Antonio (Voter ID number 109912668).

CODESIDO, SHIRLEY (Voter ID number 110011862).
ALVES, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 101851268).

MANIAN, VILMA (Voter ID number 113867647).

1403 SE 22ND LN
KRAMAR, LINDA Coughran (Voter ID number 110057555).

1403 SE 24TH CT
CLARKE, WINSFORD D. (Voter ID number 116180688).

1403 SE 27TH CT
FREED, JEFFREY Kyle Douglas (Voter ID number 119075014).

ANDERSON, SYLVIA Jeanne (Voter ID number 110116397).

1404 SE 23RD DR
WILKES, JOHN Gilbert (Voter ID number 109054199).
WILKES, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109059590).

1404 SE 26TH CT
ALBERDI, ANA (Voter ID number 109189663).
DIXON, DEBORAH J. (Voter ID number 109894560).
MEDEROS, CYNTHIA Nicole (Voter ID number 119448077).
MEDEROS, MANUEL (Voter ID number 117386284).
EVANS, TONY D. (Voter ID number 116765300).

ESTELL, MARTHA Doris (Voter ID number 109836428).
ESTELL, PRISCILLA M. (Voter ID number 115238297).
ESTELL, ROBERT Carl (Voter ID number 109541863).

1405 SE 24TH CT
MATUS VARGAS, YESSICA D. (Voter ID number 119450437).
SOLORZANO, OLGA Maria (Voter ID number 118686797).
VARGAS, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 119909281).

1405 SE 27TH CT
RIVERA, SENATE (Voter ID number 114607437).

AMMANN, CAROLYN Evelyn (Voter ID number 109716758).
ORTIZ, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109964381).
REQUENA, WALTER Lawrence (Voter ID number 114730940).

BELLIS, TAMY Rachel (Voter ID number 109082979).
BELLIS, TIMOTHY Adam (Voter ID number 109578148).

CONNELLY, MARK James (Voter ID number 116303817).
CONNELLY, SUZANNE S. (Voter ID number 108903893).

1407 SE 22ND LN
LOVELACE, MARY Lou Otis (Voter ID number 109051345).
LOVELACE, WINFRED Lee (Voter ID number 109177858).
MACGREGOR, HEATHER Anne (Voter ID number 120961500).
MACGREGOR, IAN Robert Bruce (Voter ID number 120961203).

1407 SE 24TH CT
BELCHER, ERIC Wayne (Voter ID number 119427999).
NEVELS, NORA Dean (Voter ID number 119226063).

1407 SE 24TH CT
UNIT 1407

BELCHER, DANIEL Dean (Voter ID number 120182126).

1407 SE 26TH AVE
ROMAN MEDINA, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 117602608).
CABAZA, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109556540).

1407 SE 27TH CT
MARTINEZ, DANIEL Lee (Voter ID number 114681435).
HERNANDEZ, LUIS J. (Voter ID number 116300930).

1408 SE 23RD DR
GARCIA, NATALIA (Voter ID number 121307954).

1409 JAY CT
HINOJOSA-RODRIGUEZ, ALEJANDRA (Voter ID number 109401501).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE Fidencio (Voter ID number 109341426).

1409 SE 24TH CT
CONEY, BETTY Ann (Voter ID number 109800483).
DRAYTON, WANDA Denise (Voter ID number 110077394).

1409 SE 27TH CT
HANENBURG, JENNA M. (Voter ID number 119492709).

LOPEZ, JUANITA J. (Voter ID number 109004313).

1410 SE 18TH PL
ALVAREZ GRAVERAN, INDRA (Voter ID number 119616959).
ALVAREZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 116562740).
CATEURA, MABEL (Voter ID number 116600510).

1410 SE 26TH CT
SMITH, RENEITHA Wright (Voter ID number 115695202).

CASIMIR, ANASTASIA Marie (Voter ID number 114361775).
PALMER, DARIO Khonrad (Voter ID number 109704324).
PALMER, DAWN Darcelle (Voter ID number 109756273).

ROBERTS, ROCHESTER Luke (Voter ID number 109989584).
ROBERTS, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number 109842238).
ROBERTS, RUSSELL Levi (Voter ID number 109989594).

1411 SE 23RD DR
QUINTANA, ESCARLY (Voter ID number 109432871).

1411 SE 24TH CT
DAVIS, JEANNETTE Roswan (Voter ID number 115695238).
LUTHERAN, ADAM Ray (Voter ID number 120445002).
VINSON, SAUNTRICE Nicole (Voter ID number 109818107).
HOWELL, DEMETRIUS Antonio (Voter ID number 110109322).

1411 SE 26TH AVE
MAYORAL-CARLO, TOMAS Rafael (Voter ID number 109971282).
MAYORAL-CRUZ, SELENNE Antonette (Voter ID number 115331075).

MENJIVAR, EDGAR Orlando (Voter ID number 116580045).
MENJIVAR, SANDRA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 116580131).

NUNEZ, EDMUNDO (Voter ID number 108912446).
NUNEZ, PATRICIA R. (Voter ID number 109564738).

1412 SE 23RD DR
GAITAN, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 120647369).

1412 SE 24TH CT
LUI JEAN, MARIE Dominique (Voter ID number 118266734).
MERRITT, MALCOLM Jamar (Voter ID number 117895139).
LATTIMORE, KIMBERLY Chantee (Voter ID number 114638909).

1412 SE 26TH CT
BRUNO, LUCIA (Voter ID number 116387394).
JONES, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109264362).
LOUIS, JEAN (Voter ID number 118086767).
THOMAS, TERICA Tierra (Voter ID number 116068312).
JONES, TERRY TYRONE (Voter ID number 109200925).
BRUNO, LUCIA (Voter ID number 116164086).

1413 JAY CT
REYES, JEANETTE (Voter ID number 110039829).
LAFONTAINE, EDITH M. (Voter ID number 110063372).

1413 SE 24TH CT
OYOQUE-DAVILA, JORGELIN J. (Voter ID number 120441301).

1413 SE 27TH CT
RAMIREZ, ANDRES Jr (Voter ID number 120189723).

1415 JAY CT
FARRAR, NICOLE (Voter ID number 116430996).

MADSEN, ASIA Nichole (Voter ID number 116277615).
MOORE, DESTINY R. (Voter ID number 115204137).

1415 SE 26TH AVE
ROGERS, MONICA A. (Voter ID number 109269003).
SANCHEZ, DIURBYS (Voter ID number 121264247).

1415 SE 27TH CT
WRIGHT, TREVIA Trenice (Voter ID number 120402773).
GOLDWIRE, TREVA Geboria (Voter ID number 114820942).

1416 SE 23RD DR
ALEXANDER, JESSICA D. (Voter ID number 120422325).
ALEXANDER, STELLA O. (Voter ID number 109728519).
ALEXANDER, VALERIE L. (Voter ID number 115281957).
ANE, ANTONIO Aurelio (Voter ID number 109332281).

1416 SE 24TH CT
MUSA, MARIA Hercilia (Voter ID number 120653242).
MUSA, NASSER Abrahim (Voter ID number 120670802).
VELEZ, LAURA M. (Voter ID number 120889620).
PUPO, ALINA (Voter ID number 114744223).
RODRIGUEZ GRACIA, AXEL Joel (Voter ID number 116289153).

1416 SE 26TH AVE
BENNETT, FRANCHON Lanay (Voter ID number 117519610).
BENNETT, NICHOLLE Michelle (Voter ID number 113904715).
COLLINS, SHAQUANNA Latisha (Voter ID number 115899337).
D'ARTAGNAN, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 120374345).
MATHIS, RASHONDA Yanic (Voter ID number 120889588).

1417 JAY CT
LICATA, PATRICIA C. (Voter ID number 110080227).

HABERKORN, FLORA Mae (Voter ID number 120912874).
HOWINGTON, SAVANNAH Mae (Voter ID number 110074689).

1417 SE 20TH RD
HAYBERG, ELENA (Voter ID number 117467799).

1417 SE 24TH CT
CLAUDIO, DARNELL (Voter ID number 116295655).
CRAWFORD, JASMINEE D. (Voter ID number 120113366).

1417 SE 24TH RD
BROUGHTON, DAWN Mercedes (Voter ID number 109570291).
BROUGHTON, RAY Charles (Voter ID number 109311832).

1418 SE 24TH CT
ANDINO CANALES, ZULLY Alice (Voter ID number 110036128).
ANDINO, JOALICE Marie (Voter ID number 109985648).
CANALES, ALICE N. (Voter ID number 109538283).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 116406754).

1419 SE 23RD DR
ALLEN, KIMBERLY A. (Voter ID number 109718867).
ALLEN, LONNY R. (Voter ID number 109718858).

TATE, JAMES-JOHN William (Voter ID number 117580854).
PARKER TATE, CAROL Lynn (Voter ID number 109207227).
QUIZA, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 110151936).

AYALA, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 116989123).
PAIZ, REBECA (Voter ID number 121002166).

1420 SE 17TH AVE
HOLFORD, MICHELLE A. (Voter ID number 116608594).

1420 SE 18TH PL
LORENZO, EMIL (Voter ID number 113873437).
LORENZO, ANABELA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 116639484).

1420 SE 25TH AVE
ACOSTA, MARIA Magdalena (Voter ID number 120168037).

1421 JAY CT
GARCIA, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 109896529).

1421 SE 16TH AVE
O'HARE, COLLEEN Marie (Voter ID number 110340824).
O'HARE, CRAIG Steven (Voter ID number 110336841).

1421 SE 17TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, YUDEL (Voter ID number 120047299).
BONILLA, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109494552).

BEECHWOOD, FRANK Edward (Voter ID number 109214220).
BEECHWOOD, ROSE Marie (Voter ID number 109116271).

1422 SE 24TH CT
LAMBOY, EDWARD (Voter ID number 116114520).
LAMBOY, LUIS Enrique (Voter ID number 120150233).
CHIU, EVELYN Hsin (Voter ID number 114651742).
LAMBOY-PEREZ, JALISSA (Voter ID number 120151658).
PESANTE SANTANA, JESENIA (Voter ID number 114611716).

1422 SE 26TH AVE
THOMAS, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number 109883395).

CRAYNE, ELIZABETH Louis (Voter ID number 109246096).

1423 SE 22ND LN
HIDVEGI, PIROSKA (Voter ID number 109483991).
SUYDAM, RICKY A. (Voter ID number 114849855).

1423 SE 23RD DR
BREVNER, DAISY (Voter ID number 110283250).
BREVNER, MARK (Voter ID number 110283206).

LOTZ, MISTY Cherise (Voter ID number 117238505).
HERRERA, ESMERALDA (Voter ID number 109545911).

1424 SE 24TH CT
CABEZAS, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109605676).

1424 SE 25TH AVE
PRATT, D'ANDREA Cyril (Voter ID number 110114129).

PASCUAL-EDWARDS, ZULLY Marie (Voter ID number 109984663).
ROSS, SUSANA Bernarda (Voter ID number 109731823).

1425 SE 20TH RD
CRUZ MERCADO, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109860368).
PENSO, BERTHA (Voter ID number 110052115).

1425 SE 23RD DR
JAGESSAR, MOHANI Vida (Voter ID number 110028350).
JAGESSAR, RAY Kisson Paul (Voter ID number 109308500).

1425 SE 24TH CT
LOUIS, NADIA (Voter ID number 119534304).
PEREZ, MARISOL (Voter ID number 115012827).

1425 SE 24TH RD
BOTCHWAY, AZIZA (Voter ID number 110149912).
BRUCE KONUAH, REGINA Adofo (Voter ID number 110811959).

THERMES, LUCIEN G. (Voter ID number 115065905).
THERMES, URSULA Mary (Voter ID number 118092057).

SARSON, BORIS (Voter ID number 109001252).
SARSON, VIVIANNE Lorance (Voter ID number 109183137).

1427 SE 22ND LN
REZENDE, BRUNA Abreu (Voter ID number 118277498).

1427 SE 24TH CT
RICHARDSON, MARY E. (Voter ID number 104184479).
LINAREZ, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 118822475).

1427 SE 25TH AVE
BOOKER, TRAVER Arness (Voter ID number 115379418).
LLOYD, KENIRA Roshel (Voter ID number 109862514).

1428 SE 23RD DR
CLAVELL-MARIN, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 110145504).
MARIN, ROBERT David (Voter ID number 109912050).

PETERSON, EBBA E. (Voter ID number 109902406).
PETERSON, ROBERT Wallace (Voter ID number 109038777).

1429 SE 24TH CT
BETHEL, BRIA T. (Voter ID number 120889680).
BETHEL, THEOPA T. (Voter ID number 109555232).

1429 SE 24TH RD
SOTO, WALESCKA V. (Voter ID number 116011119).

1429 SE 24TH TER
CAMPOS, ELIZABETH L. (Voter ID number 115880472).
CAMPOS, SERGIO Vladimir (Voter ID number 110230030).

GAITHER, DOROTHY J. (Voter ID number 110228674).

1430 SE 17TH AVE
FALES BRAGA, TAMMY Jean (Voter ID number 111999670).

1430 SE 18TH PL
DOBSON, CHARLENE Ann (Voter ID number 116566468).
DOBSON, RODNEY Ray (Voter ID number 116559807).
PIKE, SARAH Witten (Voter ID number 110219385).

1430 SE 18TH TER
CAAMANO, ELSA (Voter ID number 119360234).
PRIETO, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 115288252).

WAIZENEGGER, ODETTE (Voter ID number 109034067).

BELL, DAVID Robert (Voter ID number 109844217).
BELL, TAMI Fran (Voter ID number 109844807).

1431 SE 16TH AVE
JACOBS, KELLY Gilbert (Voter ID number 109728721).
JACOBS, SHEARLYN Denise (Voter ID number 109423609).

1431 SE 17TH AVE
LEIGHTON, LEONOR (Voter ID number 109949829).

1431 SE 25TH AVE
LASO, ROXANA (Voter ID number 109725317).

SANCHEZ, NORTHA (Voter ID number 116998551).

1432 SE 16TH AVE
BENEWAY, SANDRA J. (Voter ID number 108222300).

1432 SE 23RD DR
ROMERO, ELOINA Elsa (Voter ID number 109676768).
CROUCH, DONNA M. (Voter ID number 110276467).

1432 SE 24TH CT
HARRIS, CORDNELL (Voter ID number 116228747).
WELLS, JERMON Trumaine (Voter ID number 120443705).
WELLS, VANESSA L. (Voter ID number 109356431).
WELLS, WILLIE (Voter ID number 109307511).

LINDQUIST, CHRISTOPHER R. (Voter ID number 117590238).
ANDERSON, MATTHEW James (Voter ID number 113713196).

ANGUIANO, REYMUNDO C. (Voter ID number 109894860).

1433 SE 20TH RD
GIONFRIDDO, JOSEPH N. (Voter ID number 116506844).
TABORA, JACKELIN M. (Voter ID number 114803976).

1433 SE 22ND LN
KATSOURIS, MICHAEL N. (Voter ID number 109531158).
KATSOURIS, SUE (Voter ID number 110282861).

1433 SE 24TH CT
ORTIZ RUIZ, CARLOS Juan (Voter ID number 120723395).
RIVERA, TANISHA Joann (Voter ID number 120552269).
MARTINEZ, JOANNA C. (Voter ID number 110096147).

1433 SE 24TH RD
CANO JARAMILLO, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 119552996).

1435 SE 23RD DR
DURAN, ANGEL R. (Voter ID number 109721221).
DURAN, CARMEN Jackeline (Voter ID number 109891881).
KHAZMA, MOHAMAD Ali (Voter ID number 110149187).

1435 SE 24TH CT
BAYLINA, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number 116234843).

1436 SE 23RD DR
FIELDS, ALICE B. (Voter ID number 117728897).
FIELDS, JESSICA Marie (Voter ID number 117858895).

1436 SE 24TH CT
DIAZ, JULIA (Voter ID number 116544644).

1436 SE 25TH AVE
KNIGHT, KIRK Lee (Voter ID number 119343749).

LARGENT, MAURESE (Voter ID number 117078556).
BOHLMAN, STEPHEN Earl (Voter ID number 116853384).
JAINANAN, SUNITA (Voter ID number 120092598).
PARKS, NATASHA N. (Voter ID number 116221059).

SIMS, MARY Annette (Voter ID number 109421972).

1437 SE 22ND LN
HUNSINGER, JANET M. (Voter ID number 117074555).

1437 SE 24TH CT
MONTGOMERY, DALLAS W. (Voter ID number 109820711).
MONTGOMERY, JOAN Sue (Voter ID number 109820713).
VELEZ, RICARDO A. (Voter ID number 109526734).

1437 SE 24TH RD
LOCKHART, ANGELA Marie (Voter ID number 118436501).

1438 SE 24TH CT
SEIDE, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 110198091).

1439 LOON CT
CLARK, JESSICA Lyn (Voter ID number 107250312).
ROTH, LAWRENCE L. (Voter ID number 109421016).
CHAN, CHRISTINE O. (Voter ID number 110093289).

FORINASH, MELANIE K. (Voter ID number 109316517).

1439 SE 23RD DR
GONZALEZ, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 109778599).
GONZALEZ, VICTORIA P. (Voter ID number 109613466).

1439 SE 24TH CT
EMILE MARCELIN, NERLANDE (Voter ID number 120406957).

1439 SE 25TH AVE
LAVINE, MARK A. (Voter ID number 120058555).

BORGERT-BUSS, LURA (Voter ID number 109192695).

MEJIAS, DAVID (Voter ID number 118763634).
MEJIAS, ESTHER (Voter ID number 117465136).

KITTS, AARON Wayne (Voter ID number 120060746).
KITTS, TERRY (Voter ID number 116898494).
CARRASCO, CHRISTIAN Cesar (Voter ID number 109832573).
KITTS, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 114569151).

1440 SE 17TH AVE
HAAR, MELVIN Manuel (Voter ID number 119292331).
MONDACA, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 121164050).
MONDACA, CEDELIA (Voter ID number 109995477).

1440 SE 18TH TER
GARRIDO, LOURDES S. (Voter ID number 121182475).

1440 SE 22ND LN
OURADA, CHRISTY Marie (Voter ID number 121340469).

1440 SE 23RD DR
DEL RIO, JUDITH Michelle (Voter ID number 109887789).
GARCIA, JUDITH Derby (Voter ID number 109266557).

1440 SE 24TH CT
KINSEY, PADRA Katima (Voter ID number 109547375).
WATTS, GARY Alexander (Voter ID number 120002699).

1440 SE 25TH AVE
BROWN, GENEVA Mae (Voter ID number 109815486).

1441 LOON CT
CEDENO, JOSE Angel (Voter ID number 109637958).
SEAVERT, TIMOTHY Mark (Voter ID number 114616741).

FRANCO, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 102455222).
FRANCO, TAHINA Monica (Voter ID number 109777272).
RUIZ, BLANCA (Voter ID number 117134026).

BYRD, CHASITY L. (Voter ID number 116853268).
MORRIS, JEREMY Lee (Voter ID number 109729266).

1441 SE 16TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, ANGELA Andrea (Voter ID number 109854758).
MACK, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 116390161).

1441 SE 17TH AVE
ROJAS, CLAUDIO Gaston (Voter ID number 119449093).
WONG, SIU Man (Voter ID number 110256750).
AGUILAR, ELSA M. (Voter ID number 116420686).

1441 SE 20TH RD
TOMASELLI, MILAGROS Matilde (Voter ID number 109954135).

1441 SE 24TH CT
LYONS, VERONICA Renee (Voter ID number 109931026).

1441 SE 24TH RD
LEWIS, DIENNE Maria Cecille (Voter ID number 110026701).
MUNOZ, NANCY (Voter ID number 110139213).
SANCHEZ, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 116303160).

1441 SE 24TH TER
LEWIS, DENZEL M. (Voter ID number 117584435).
LEWIS, DEVANEY Marie (Voter ID number 118100254).

ANGUIANO, ROBERT Henry (Voter ID number 120574913).
REYES, YVETTE B. (Voter ID number 119610612).
CONTRERAS, VERONICA Lynn (Voter ID number 110305462).
REYES, VERONICA Lynn (Voter ID number 109531640).

1442 SE 16TH AVE
WEBER, GEORGE Raymond (Voter ID number 109148646).
WEBER, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109175339).
WEBER, SAMANTHA Brooke (Voter ID number 118478840).

1442 SE 24TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 119447461).
COVINGTON, VERSHAD Trevon (Voter ID number 109987756).

1442 SE 26TH AVE
HORTA, OLGA Maria (Voter ID number 110179112).
VIERA, DOMINGO Primitivo (Voter ID number 110179011).
GIL, OLGA M. (Voter ID number 109485449).

1443 LOON CT
MARSHALL, ANNE Felder (Voter ID number 109514729).
MARSHALL, KEVIN Reid (Voter ID number 109460137).

CAPPETTA, PETER Nicholas (Voter ID number 109903581).
CAPPETTA, TERESA L. (Voter ID number 109280625).

1444 SE 23RD DR
RIVERA, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 110182752).
RIVERA, LUIS (Voter ID number 110195128).

1444 SE 24TH CT
CUNNINGHAM, CHRISTOPHER Stanfordcoin (Voter ID number 118102551).

1444 SE 24TH CT
BOX 939

JOHNSON, CLARENCE Raphael (Voter ID number 115103814).

1444 SE 26TH AVE
REGALADO, ALDO J. (Voter ID number 109319659).
REGALADO, MELISSA Mc Knight (Voter ID number 109422163).

1445 LOON CT
CUMMINGS, LEON (Voter ID number 108909741).

1445 SE 24TH RD
BRYANT, MICHAEL Ray (Voter ID number 120405061).
BRYANT, SUHEYLA (Voter ID number 120522351).
FLORES, MICHELLE M. (Voter ID number 118118175).

1446 SE 26TH AVE
GUTIERREZ, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 110294067).
MORENO, MARIA (Voter ID number 109748099).

1447 LOON CT
CHANEY, SUZANNE E. (Voter ID number 109877225).
OKUNIEWICZ, LUCILLA Malu (Voter ID number 118468888).

MATTA, RAMON Jose (Voter ID number 110257341).

1447 SE 22ND LN
GOSSMAN, ROSA Lee (Voter ID number 109113762).

1448 SE 26TH AVE
BROWN, KERRYANN Sabrina (Voter ID number 110108478).
WAUGH, DAPHNEY (Voter ID number 120265935).
BROWN, XAVIER Eric (Voter ID number 116806844).
BROWN, YVONNE Marine (Voter ID number 109543400).

1449 LOON CT
ZDANCEWICZ, ALAN L. (Voter ID number 119620925).
CARROLL, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 109219637).
CARROLL, JENNIFER Naomi (Voter ID number 110079841).
ZDANCEWICZ, EDWARD A. (Voter ID number 110290903).
ZDANCEWICZ, ERCI (Voter ID number 115912739).

1449 SE 20TH RD
MAC, ALEXANDER D. (Voter ID number 120403137).
MAS, ALEXANDER d. (Voter ID number 109553998).

BARKER, SHAWN Dewayne (Voter ID number 109727058).
GROGAN, JESSICA Anne (Voter ID number 109989360).
GROGAN, PATRICIA S. (Voter ID number 120421948).

1450 SE 18TH PL
JONES, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 116277822).

1450 SE 18TH TER
SEQUEIRA, KATIUSKA B. (Voter ID number 121122704).
SEQUEIRA, MILTON A. (Voter ID number 114128413).

1450 SE 22ND LN
QUINONES, JOSE Raul (Voter ID number 120541119).
MONTGOMERY, SIMONE Sherice (Voter ID number 110310373).

1451 LOON CT
CHAMBLEE, BRENDA H. (Voter ID number 109259129).

1451 SE 18TH TER
CROZIER, KAYESANDRA Addison (Voter ID number 119646869).
CASTANO, EDYIE Ann (Voter ID number 110989918).

1451 SE 24TH CT
LARK, MARCIE (Voter ID number 109458651).

1452 SE 24TH CT
JIMENEZ, HERIBERTO Manuel (Voter ID number 117072265).

1452 SE 25TH AVE
FONDEUR, JASON W. (Voter ID number 120899706).
WALLACE, CHRISTOPHER Michael (Voter ID number 109850580).
WALLACE, LORY L. (Voter ID number 109992902).

1452 SE 26TH AVE
ALVARADO ARROYO, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 120204435).
BERRIOS FIRPI, JINNETTE (Voter ID number 120301377).
GONZALEZ RIVERA, RUTH Naomi (Voter ID number 121293624).

SLOCUM, TERESITA Isabel (Voter ID number 109236577).

CANTY, LINDA Louise (Voter ID number 109761293).
CANTY, CEDRIC Lyonel (Voter ID number 114589817).

1453 SE 22ND LN
BONILLA, MARIA KATHLEYA J. (Voter ID number 114394450).
ROSA, GEMMA (Voter ID number 115264813).
BONILLA, BONIFACIO J. (Voter ID number 109952931).
BONILLA, ZENAIDA J. (Voter ID number 110083571).
HUTCHINS-TREVINO, DENISE Ann (Voter ID number 110333389).

1453 SE 24TH CT
RINCON, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109962118).

1453 SE 24TH RD
WILLS, PEARL L. (Voter ID number 101761982).

FARIZO, YXSA (Voter ID number 114379603).

1454 SE 24TH CT
MITCHELL, KATRINA A. (Voter ID number 110266687).

1454 SE 26TH AVE
WILLIAMS, KRISTINA Manzie (Voter ID number 117305687).
WILLIAMS, VANNIE Lee (Voter ID number 114469716).

FISCHMAN, RUSSELL David (Voter ID number 109082726).
POTTER, MARK (Voter ID number 116882101).

1457 SE 20TH RD
SLATTERY, JOYCE Marie (Voter ID number 109482311).

1457 SE 22ND LN
NIX, TARIN J. (Voter ID number 118289091).
SEJOUR, SERGE (Voter ID number 109332567).
SEJOUR, WENDY M. (Voter ID number 109332810).

1457 SE 24TH CT
BROWN, KAREN L. (Voter ID number 109835003).

BAYARD-MAZZEI, CHANTALE (Voter ID number 109415681).
MAZZEI, PAUL A. (Voter ID number 109352310).

ROBISON, LOUIS A. (Voter ID number 120423531).

RIVERA, ROBERT Ryan (Voter ID number 118227622).

TINOCO, MARIA Evangelina (Voter ID number 109424526).
TINOCO, ROSA L. (Voter ID number 101870042).

WEISFLOG, CLARA Rosa (Voter ID number 109177145).

1460 SE 18TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE Lazaro (Voter ID number 109494018).
RODRIGUEZ, ROBIN Marsha (Voter ID number 108960620).

1460 SE 22ND LN
VAZQUEZ, KELLY Lillis (Voter ID number 109459753).
VAZQUEZ, TIMOTHY (Voter ID number 109341314).

1460 SE 25TH TER
GORDON, DAVEN A. (Voter ID number 115241582).
JONES, LINDA F. (Voter ID number 116853457).

1460 SE 26TH AVE
RAMIREZ MONTALVO, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 118623845).
SOTO, EDDIE Alfredo (Voter ID number 116415816).

PEREZ, AYMARA (Voter ID number 110289746).

1461 SE 18TH TER
COBO, JOAQUIN (Voter ID number 116024421).
LEON-COBO, LAYDELIS (Voter ID number 110026844).

1461 SE 24TH CT
SHEFFIELD, LAWRENCE Douglas (Voter ID number 116816791).

1461 SE 24TH CT
APT 250

SHEFFIELD, ALFREDA La Toya (Voter ID number 109632443).
SHEFFIELD, PHILLIP A. (Voter ID number 114273716).

HOLLIDAY, THERESA Lavon (Voter ID number 109959928).

HUNT, RUSSELL Daniel (Voter ID number 102442816).

BROWN, TWANNA Lakell (Voter ID number 116906069).

MORENO, RAFEAL (Voter ID number 117884966).

1463 SE 22ND LN
DOMINICK, STANLEY F. (Voter ID number 113901513).
DOMINICK, STANLEY James (Voter ID number 119426683).

1463 SE 24TH CT
JIMENEZ, RUDISLER (Voter ID number 119500854).
MARISTANY, ELISABETH (Voter ID number 119498162).

1464 SE 24TH CT
SANCHEZ, JOISE (Voter ID number 110307148).

1464 SE 25TH TER
HERNANDEZ, MARX David (Voter ID number 119845344).
ROJAS, YUDELKA (Voter ID number 120157279).

PASTRANA, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 109225241).

1465 SE 20TH RD
SUMMERS, DANIEL W. (Voter ID number 115743096).

1465 SE 24TH CT
FONSECA, JORGE Eduardo (Voter ID number 120247711).
MARTINEZ, TELMA (Voter ID number 110332701).

1466 SE 22ND LN
MIGALA, LAURA M. (Voter ID number 109287317).

1466 SE 26TH AVE
ESCOBEDO, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 109557162).
ESCOBEDO, LILY Katherine (Voter ID number 121269636).
ESCOBEDO, RICHARD Nevin (Voter ID number 119371713).

KOPP, DUANE J. (Voter ID number 116785900).
URBINA, FRANK (Voter ID number 110307989).

1467 SE 22ND LN
OSTERMAN, AMY Marie (Voter ID number 120513623).
OSTERMAN, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 120511757).

1468 SE 25TH TER
AGULAR, GIOVANNI (Voter ID number 102223243).

CONTRERAS, DORA Elia (Voter ID number 109751008).
MARTINEZ, DORA C. (Voter ID number 109908941).
MARTINEZ, J Antonio (Voter ID number 109698475).

1470 SE 18TH TER
PINEDA, FREDDY G. (Voter ID number 109392667).
DEL ROSARIO, MARIA Caridad (Voter ID number 109842837).
DEL ROSARIO, TAHAMARA (Voter ID number 109842840).

1470 SE 22ND LN
AGGALOT, LAWRENCE A. (Voter ID number 114359170).

1470 SE 25TH AVE
ALI, MIR S. (Voter ID number 120204509).

1471 SE 18TH TER
DE LEON, ANDRES (Voter ID number 110065390).
STRACHAN, TAMMIKKO Lakiesh (Voter ID number 110337905).

1471 SE 25TH AVE
WESLEY, LATISHIA Nicole (Voter ID number 103377095).

1472 SE 26TH AVE
JAMES, JACQUIN J. (Voter ID number 116427070).

FINLEY, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 109804939).
STOIBER, TAMARA (Voter ID number 117498593).
NEWELL, ROBERT Hampton (Voter ID number 121134435).

FIALLOS, IGNACIO C. (Voter ID number 109990147).
FIALLOS-PLANTE, CHRISTA Lee (Voter ID number 109408006).
KUMM, SHERYLL Ann (Voter ID number 109207275).
SCHWARM, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 109381482).
SCHWARM, DIANA Lynn (Voter ID number 109608948).

1473 SE 20TH RD
JIMENEZ, SEBASTIAN (Voter ID number 115694268).

1473 SE 22ND LN
MILLER, KIMBERLY Broyl (Voter ID number 110216760).
MILLER, WILLIAM Russell (Voter ID number 115216454).
HETTEL, LINDA Carol (Voter ID number 115318452).
HETTEL, WILLIAM Grover (Voter ID number 115337349).

1474 SE 24TH CT
VIEYRA, IVAN (Voter ID number 110214504).
VIEYRA, LIZZET (Voter ID number 117209046).

MARROQUIN, KENDRA Maritza (Voter ID number 110152634).

1475 SE 24TH CT
REYNOSO, EMILIANO (Voter ID number 119146479).

1475 SE 25TH AVE
BABINEAUX, JOYCE M. (Voter ID number 120149899).
BABINEAUX, KEITH Anthony (Voter ID number 115804961).

1476 SE 24TH CT
MEJIA, ANGELO (Voter ID number 117238311).

1476 SE 26TH AVE
FERNANDEZ, ANGELA (Voter ID number 120846292).

JORDAN, CHERI Ann (Voter ID number 109464476).
PEREZ, CHRISTINA Michelle (Voter ID number 120875696).

1477 SE 22ND LN
DAVIS, TARA M. (Voter ID number 116055761).
SANCHEZ, TARA Davis (Voter ID number 109568048).

1477 SE 24TH CT
KENDRICK, MUSETTA L. (Voter ID number 109716341).
MONTIEL, JOSE J. (Voter ID number 110124231).
MONTIEL, SILVIA (Voter ID number 116369973).
RIVERA RODRIGUEZ, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 115116073).

1478 SE 24TH CT
VELASQUEZ, LOUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 118864387).

1479 SE 25TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE Ricardo (Voter ID number 116659090).
LLAVONA, HELGA Aimee (Voter ID number 116659153).

MORALES GOMEZ, MARCOS Javier (Voter ID number 118381005).
TORRES, RAMON F. (Voter ID number 109149601).
TORRES, ERIC Clark (Voter ID number 109806197).
TORRES, EVA Margaret (Voter ID number 109149605).
TORRES, MICHAEL Clark (Voter ID number 109209108).

1480 SE 18TH TER
CAPOTE, ISSIS Mary (Voter ID number 103041005).

1480 SE 24TH CT
DANACHE, GUYLAINE (Voter ID number 109686381).
ASTREE, DOMINIQUE (Voter ID number 115799753).
BAPTISTE, SHELIA Joelle (Voter ID number 118977851).
GORDON, JAEL (Voter ID number 120050736).

1480 SE 26TH AVE
BAPTISTE, DENNIS L. (Voter ID number 120892161).
RICHARDSON, ROLLIN E. (Voter ID number 109730596).
RICHARDSON, ROLLIN (Voter ID number 117041845).
WATERS, ANTWANIA L. (Voter ID number 109787452).

1481 SE 18TH TER
ZAVALETA, ANGEL Thomas (Voter ID number 109484936).
ZAVALETA, DIANA (Voter ID number 109613469).

1481 SE 20TH RD
BOLLERMAN, RACHEL Ritchie (Voter ID number 109735199).
BOLLERMAN, TODD A. (Voter ID number 109488144).

1481 SE 24TH CT
MONTES, JASON G. (Voter ID number 119772567).

1481 SE 25TH TER
ZEITLIN, DONNA Goss (Voter ID number 109171669).

LOBOS, WENDY (Voter ID number 114951413).

1482 SE 24TH CT
MOSLEY, TAMARA (Voter ID number 115113007).

1482 SE 25TH AVE
JAMES, CARLA Aloria (Voter ID number 110225338).
JAMES, RODNEY Bernard (Voter ID number 119766419).

1482 SE 26TH AVE
FRANK, JOHN Edward (Voter ID number 109705336).

1483 SE 22ND LN
FLORES, AMY Robin (Voter ID number 109906317).
FLORES, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 109786910).
FLORES, KYLE Enrique (Voter ID number 110036734).

1483 SE 24TH CT
COOPER, KHAYLA Tashon (Voter ID number 120948989).
COOPER, TIFFANY Lashawn (Voter ID number 109391435).

1483 SE 25TH AVE
PORTER, DORAN Llewellyn (Voter ID number 109006876).
PORTER, NAOMI Davis (Voter ID number 108982526).

1484 SE 24TH CT
GRACIEN, JEAN D. (Voter ID number 118266730).

MC CRAY, LASHONDA L. (Voter ID number 109734274).
YAW, QUINCY Leon (Voter ID number 109776825).
ANDERSON, HOLLY (Voter ID number 110221051).
ANDERSON, MARTIN (Voter ID number 110221005).
SOUTHER, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 110087393).
YAW, LASHANDA Lashay (Voter ID number 119647656).

1485 SE 25TH TER
MC HUGH, GEORGE Arthur (Voter ID number 119599079).
MC HUGH, JESSICA Carrie (Voter ID number 119910763).

1486 SE 24TH CT
MEDINA, BUNNY L. (Voter ID number 109978505).

1486 SE 25TH AVE
BENITEZ, GERMAN (Voter ID number 114172617).
PORTER, NAOMI Danis (Voter ID number 109011330).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSELYN (Voter ID number 110100348).

1487 SE 22ND LN
RODRIGUEZ, GIANNA C. (Voter ID number 109492646).
RODRIGUEZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 109898734).

1487 SE 25TH TER
SALIH, SARAH Aasim (Voter ID number 117865204).
SALIH, AASIM Aata (Voter ID number 119325386).
TEWOLDE, ERMIAS Teferi (Voter ID number 117031681).

SANDS, LAUREN Kristin (Voter ID number 115871367).
SANDS, STEPHEN R. (Voter ID number 117016879).

ALFINEZ, CHRISTOPHER Raymond (Voter ID number 109260164).
ALFINEZ, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 110028852).
MOLINA, ROSA Linda (Voter ID number 117371097).

1489 SE 20TH RD
ANTOINE, JEAN R. (Voter ID number 118037154).

1490 SE 18TH TER
SANTANA, CARLOS Armando (Voter ID number 114445346).

1490 SE 22ND LN
JACKSON, KRISTINA Kendra (Voter ID number 109877830).

14901 SW 396TH ST
BURNS, GEORGE Allen (Voter ID number 109074838).
ROTH, RUTH (Voter ID number 110337881).

1491 SE 27TH ST
BOUCAUD, DEBORAH A. (Voter ID number 110058538).
BOUCAUD, KEION K. (Voter ID number 120899732).
PETERSON, MICHAEL K. (Voter ID number 117619512).

DEL CRISTO, ALBERTO Fernando (Voter ID number 120204368).
BASNUEVO, LISBETH (Voter ID number 115000029).
NARIO, NAYRA (Voter ID number 115038898).
RODRIGUEZ, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 110100221).
STYLES, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 110063371).

1494 SE 25TH AVE
LASHBROOKS, ELISABETH Ashley (Voter ID number 121309658).

1496 SE 27TH CT
MONTIEL, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 120423062).

1497 SE 20TH RD
BASKIN, TIA Teneka (Voter ID number 109976393).

PANIAGUA, JUAN Enrique (Voter ID number 117587605).
SMITH, RONALD (Voter ID number 109502816).

1499 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 321

HERNANDEZ, ANA Iris (Voter ID number 120950331).

1500 SE 31ST CT
SUNDIN, JASON Samuel (Voter ID number 114736931).
SUNDIN, MARIE C. (Voter ID number 116903134).

CORNELIUS, BRIAN Ulric (Voter ID number 116415603).
CORNELIUS, KETTY P. (Voter ID number 116383769).
CORNELIUS, LIONEL U. (Voter ID number 109326556).
CORNELIUS, WAYNE Michael (Voter ID number 109426201).

1501 SE 16TH AVE
GUTIERREZ, ARACELIS (Voter ID number 120069048).
GUTIERREZ, JONSON A. (Voter ID number 120075329).
GUTIERREZ, DANILO (Voter ID number 109961318).

1501 SE 17TH AVE
CHIN, TIMOTHY Michael (Voter ID number 110294241).

1501 SE 23RD ST
RODRIGUEZ, JAVIER Jose (Voter ID number 109411482).
MOLINA RODRIGUEZ, LUZ S. (Voter ID number 110283177).
RODRIGUEZ, LUZ Molina (Voter ID number 109401728).

1502 SE 16TH AVE
CHUNN, RICHARD Dale (Voter ID number 110178175).
CYRIL, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109945762).
MCARTHUR, SANDRA Cyril (Voter ID number 115614957).
PETTERSON, SUSAN L. (Voter ID number 110178178).

1502 SE 17TH AVE
TOMMASINO, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 115270916).

1502 SE 23RD ST
MORALES, MANUEL Dejesus (Voter ID number 110069102).
SEGOVIA, SUSANA (Voter ID number 109404066).

AGRAIT, ANA H. (Voter ID number 110049110).

HERRERA, MAURICIO (Voter ID number 118003380).
MARENCO, RODOLFO R. (Voter ID number 114575018).
HERRERA, MARCIA (Voter ID number 118002923).

MC ANALLY, PAUL Ray (Voter ID number 109964649).
TERRY, DARLENE Denise (Voter ID number 120725570).

1503 SE 23RD ST
KAURICH, JOSEPH Robert (Voter ID number 109005585).

BECQUER, AURIANA R. (Voter ID number 116651432).
HERNANDEZ, LAZARA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109654318).

1506 SE 20TH RD
RIVERA, LEE Maytee (Voter ID number 109681070).
BOLANOS, LAIDA Gudelia (Voter ID number 109469482).
JAVIER, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 110011019).

SCOTT, MARCIA Victoria (Voter ID number 119541167).
PIOMBO, SARAH Elizabeth (Voter ID number 115613617).

1507 SE 20TH PL
SAX, MARTHA C. (Voter ID number 109304140).

1507 SE 20TH RD
GOLD, LAURA Jean (Voter ID number 109795785).

1508 SE 20TH PL
ESPINAL, EILEEN Gabrielle (Voter ID number 118078045).
ESPINAL, BLANCA I. (Voter ID number 109756602).
ESPINAL, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 115268281).
ESPINAL, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 110339717).

ROBINSON, MEREDETH La Shaun (Voter ID number 109949821).
ROBINSON, PAULA Hope (Voter ID number 109498400).

1509 SE 27TH ST
CUMMINGS, RHONDA L. (Voter ID number 110025503).

ROSENBERG, STACI Michelle (Voter ID number 120534189).
ROSENBERG, STEVEN W. (Voter ID number 105856014).
GAY, MAVIS J. (Voter ID number 109837873).

1510 SE 22ND LN
PAPENFUS, LUTHER A. (Voter ID number 110229193).

1510 SE 31ST CT
FLORES, LUIS (Voter ID number 118419464).

TURNBULL, ALEXANDRA G. (Voter ID number 110234672).
GILES, KATHERINE Margaret (Voter ID number 113867182).

1511 SE 31ST CT
GOMEZ, ELLUZ M. (Voter ID number 114355357).
THOMPSON, DAVID George (Voter ID number 109886247).

1512 SE 20TH RD
CRUSENBERRY, SHAWN Michael (Voter ID number 114844367).

SCHMIDT, SCHELBY Lynn (Voter ID number 109423463).
STEELE, HEIDI S. (Voter ID number 114216878).

GARRISON, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 109748707).
SLOAT RIKER, NATALIE Nicole (Voter ID number 110230702).

1513 SE 20TH PL
ORTEGA, GAY (Voter ID number 119087294).
ORTEGA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109311461).

1513 SE 20TH RD
CASTIGLIONE, RENEE Antonieta (Voter ID number 109050067).
HASEITEL, ANTONINA (Voter ID number 114636101).
HASEITEL, GABRIEL C. (Voter ID number 110224724).

1513 SE 31ST CT
BURBANO, ANGELICA P. (Voter ID number 110324805).

1514 SE 31ST CT
CABRERA, EDILIA Rodriguez (Voter ID number 109965039).

MARCIAL, LIZETTE Christina (Voter ID number 110109986).
MARCIAL, LOUIS (Voter ID number 109125006).
MARCIAL, NYDIA E. (Voter ID number 109080585).
VARGAS, JESUS A. (Voter ID number 115571209).
VARGAS, ONIX Lee (Voter ID number 110090108).

1515 OWL RD
QUILES, JULIET Linda (Voter ID number 109095276).

1515 SE 31ST CT
FIGUEROA MULER, ROBERTO Armando (Voter ID number 114355059).
AYALA, EDNA Yolanda (Voter ID number 110102155).
FIGUEROA MULER, IDARLEEN (Voter ID number 116302075).

GARCIA, MAYNIER (Voter ID number 115967863).
ROMERO, LOURDES Maria (Voter ID number 109936337).

1516 SE 27TH ST
BROOKS, BETTY B. (Voter ID number 109157803).
BROOKS-GRAYSON, NATHALIE (Voter ID number 109462507).

1516 SE 31ST CT
ESTINFIL, JOSUE (Voter ID number 120393704).

1517 SE 20TH TER
CLAYTON, LAQUANA Shantae (Voter ID number 109589264).

1517 SE 24TH CT
REYES, ROSA De La Caridad (Voter ID number 118432320).

1517 SE 31ST CT
ROSEMBERT, CAMILLE (Voter ID number 116722915).
DERENONCOURT, ASHRAM (Voter ID number 119501525).

1518 SE 20TH PL
BORGES, JAVIDIA A. (Voter ID number 109813036).
BORGES, JEAN Max (Voter ID number 109730549).

1518 SE 20TH RD
CAMACHO, LISA Franci (Voter ID number 109282201).
MATTHEWS, KENNETH Richard (Voter ID number 109046260).

1518 SE 27TH ST
THOMAS, DEBORAH Lee (Voter ID number 115120371).
THOMAS-REYES, ELIEZER (Voter ID number 117400134).
LUGO RIVERA, SANDRA Lee (Voter ID number 117968053).

HILL, JUDSON K. (Voter ID number 109403959).
VARGAS, ONIX Lee (Voter ID number 120475263).

1519 SE 20TH RD
VALLE, YAMILETH Edith (Voter ID number 115094115).

RIVERA, MARIO L. (Voter ID number 110017726).

1520 SE 17TH AVE
BONILLA, ELSA Belinda (Voter ID number 119657327).
MARTINEZ, DOMINIC D. (Voter ID number 120422360).
TUNAROSA, CYNTHIA Lyn (Voter ID number 114937284).

1520 SE 22ND LN
KEANE, BRIAN Shawn (Voter ID number 119834796).
KEANE, SUSAN (Voter ID number 119834799).

1520 SE 23RD ST
BRINEZ, ISABEL (Voter ID number 120247415).
SANCHEZ, ANDRES Felipe (Voter ID number 119802923).
SANCHEZ, JAIME A. (Voter ID number 120247427).

1520 SE 24TH CT
TORRES, JESSICA Delilah (Voter ID number 118837252).
SIERRA, FRANKIE J. (Voter ID number 110225075).

1520 SE 27TH ST
CASTILLO, FABIOLA (Voter ID number 119345593).

MALLEY, DYLAN Raymond (Voter ID number 121048665).
MALLEY, CLEMMIE E. (Voter ID number 116295227).
MALLEY, JEFFREY R. (Voter ID number 109226323).
MALLEY, THERESA Lee (Voter ID number 109175809).

1521 SE 17TH AVE
MAYERS, RACHEL Patricia (Voter ID number 109517253).

1521 SE 31ST CT
PERALEZ, LATOYA (Voter ID number 103103471).

1522 SE 16TH AVE
PIMENTEL, FRANCIS Janet (Voter ID number 114602079).

1524 SE 20TH RD
FRYE, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number 110771456).
CONDE-CABRERA, ISABEL Rosario (Voter ID number 119442634).

1524 SE 24TH CT
CONEY, MAC-ARTHUR (Voter ID number 110128950).

1524 SE 27TH ST
HORTA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 116846139).
MONTANO, MARISOL S. (Voter ID number 114816720).

1524 SE 31ST CT
JOHNSON, DEMETRUIS De Juan (Voter ID number 110109250).
JOHNSON, MERANDA Preshae (Voter ID number 115336569).

JORDAN, RUBY Lee (Voter ID number 108980604).

GOSSMAN, DONA Minto (Voter ID number 108982550).
GOSSMAN, JOHN Eric (Voter ID number 109962460).

1525 SE 20TH PL
VATERS, THERESA A. (Voter ID number 110068166).
ANDERSON, AKEEM R. (Voter ID number 115230367).

1525 SE 20TH RD
SAINDOUX, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109565040).

1525 SE 24TH CT
NOISETTE, FRANTZCIA (Voter ID number 116564185).

1525 SE 31ST CT
OKOH, STELLA E. (Voter ID number 119449042).
OKOH, VICTOR O. (Voter ID number 116176955).

1527 SE 20TH TER
MOORE, SANDRA Lea (Voter ID number 118697728).

1527 SE 31ST CT
ANDREU, OSCAR (Voter ID number 120128853).

1528 SE 20TH PL
BAKER, DARREN Gregory (Voter ID number 110128066).

1528 SE 31ST CT
MERCADO, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 115646372).

1529 SE 24TH CT
SMITH, MAURICE Laurinda (Voter ID number 114519566).
TURNER, SAMUEL B. (Voter ID number 114450101).

1530 SE 17TH AVE
OMAR, BASHAR A. (Voter ID number 114502541).

1530 SE 24TH CT
MILLARES, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 115479802).

1530 SE 31ST CT
ADORNO, DYSBIANCHI Maryl (Voter ID number 119511199).

1531 SE 16TH AVE
BERTRAM, LENORA Wasson (Voter ID number 105922820).
HUDGINS, CHRISTOPHER Douglas (Voter ID number 120993002).
SAWYER, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 119239841).
SAWYER, HOWARD Deryl (Voter ID number 119369804).
HUDGINS, STEFANIE (Voter ID number 120992999).
BERTRAM, EDWARD Alan (Voter ID number 117106217).

1531 SE 17TH AVE
MYERS, STEPHEN F. (Voter ID number 110310557).

1531 SE 20TH PL
RAMIREZ, ANDREA Rose (Voter ID number 116205916).
RAMOS, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109955388).

1531 SE 20TH RD
CIESLIK, ANDREW (Voter ID number 118382026).
DELANEY, SARAH (Voter ID number 118382035).
CRUZ, ANGEL Yamil (Voter ID number 115126662).

1531 SE 31ST CT
MIKOLAY, YURIANNA Catherine (Voter ID number 109741211).

HARAN, EILEEN Chea (Voter ID number 115985341).

1532 SE 16TH AVE
RYALS, WILLIAM Everett (Voter ID number 118259890).

1532 SE 24TH CT
BENCOSME, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 118278717).
CRUZ, JESUS O. (Voter ID number 121289522).
ROBLES, VIANELY (Voter ID number 115759904).
SOLARES, VIANCA A. (Voter ID number 115731353).

1532 SE 31ST CT
SASSO, GLENN Julissa (Voter ID number 119940302).

ALONSO, MIGUEL Alonso (Voter ID number 119793335).
JORGE, MADELINE (Voter ID number 119793332).
CORDEIRO, ROBIN Marie (Voter ID number 110315695).
CROWFORD, PHILIP A. (Voter ID number 109900875).

1533 SE 31ST CT
GASPARD, DAPHNE (Voter ID number 116554501).

1535 OWL RD
LOPEZ, ILEANA Rosalina (Voter ID number 120610667).
BLAKE, REBECCA Lynn (Voter ID number 109760120).
LOPEZ, RAIMUNDO (Voter ID number 119528838).

COLEMAN, AMANDA Gail (Voter ID number 121244002).
ROLLE, BRITANY (Voter ID number 110218461).

1535 SE 24TH CT
SHARPE, KALILAH Demorese (Voter ID number 109534330).

1535 SE 26TH ST
HOLNESS, ELAINE Veronica (Voter ID number 119683605).
VILLARREAL, MARIA S. (Voter ID number 119200012).

1535 SE 26TH ST
APT 105

JOHNSON, LORETTA Ann (Voter ID number 120320904).

1535 SE 26TH ST
APT 205

KINSEY, REMELDIA (Voter ID number 120426416).

1535 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 203

JOHNSON, TANGELA Yvette (Voter ID number 110297066).

1536 SE 20TH RD
QUINTANA, LAZARO (Voter ID number 102440277).
RODRIGUEZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 118443536).

1536 SE 24TH CT
JONES, REBECKER Ann (Voter ID number 109938094).

1536 SE 25TH ST
GRIGGS, DENARIUS Darnell Williams (Voter ID number 118388128).
SANDS, SHANNON Lynn (Voter ID number 120350594).
WARD, ANGELITHA Shemica (Voter ID number 109484039).

1536 SE 25TH ST
APT 203

HENRIQUES-THORPE, VALERIE Dawn (Voter ID number 116927089).

1536 SE 25TH ST
UNIT 104

BUTLER, THERESA C. (Voter ID number 110266909).

1536 SE 25TH ST
UNIT 201

ALTEMA, JOULI Michel (Voter ID number 117961442).

1536 SE 25TH ST
SELTZER, AARON (Voter ID number 118467201).

1536 SE 25TH ST
APT 101

BRAHAM, ZENOVIA R. (Voter ID number 119705474).

1536 SE 25TH ST
APT 107

SANDS, RONALD E. (Voter ID number 114707896).

1536 SE 25TH ST
APT 202

RIVERA, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 114383506).

1536 SE 25TH ST
APT 203

THORPE, RICARDO T. (Voter ID number 109901616).

1536 SE 25TH ST
APT 204

CORRES, EVELYN (Voter ID number 116505944).

1536 SE 25TH ST
UNIT 200

MCCOY, JACCARDI (Voter ID number 116566342).
MCCOY, JORDAN (Voter ID number 118104820).
RUSSELL, NICOLE C. (Voter ID number 110239790).

1536 SE 26TH ST
ARIAS, JORGE J. (Voter ID number 111582050).
SERNA, VINCE (Voter ID number 109894703).

1536 SE 26TH ST
APT 101

LOZANO, MARK Brandon (Voter ID number 120813158).
RODRIGUEZ, DENISE (Voter ID number 120287300).
TABANGO, LUIS (Voter ID number 120249805).

1536 SE 26TH ST
APT 203

RUBIO, CINDY Jasmin (Voter ID number 120893138).
SANCHEZ, JOSEFA (Voter ID number 109642785).

1536 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 102

CLARK, ANITA Yvette (Voter ID number 109143091).

1536 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 103

HERRERA, ANGELES Aurora (Voter ID number 109980351).

1536 SE 26TH ST
JOHNSON, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 109753764).
PIMIENTA, JULIO Ramon (Voter ID number 114962301).
SERNA, MIRELIA (Voter ID number 110169841).

1536 SE 31ST CT
BURNS, DAVIA Melanie (Voter ID number 115251312).

ROSARIO, ANGEL Rafael (Voter ID number 109418881).
ELIAS, MICHAELA Woods (Voter ID number 110026846).

1537 SE 20TH PL
CENTENO, ALLISON M. (Voter ID number 116246479).
LOPEZ, OSCAR F. (Voter ID number 120345528).
LOPEZ, VALERIE (Voter ID number 120005848).
VENERO, LESLIE Ann (Voter ID number 109384177).

1537 SE 20TH RD
SANTIAGO, MADELINE (Voter ID number 110341615).
GRANTHAM, JENNIFER Eve (Voter ID number 110333088).

1537 SE 31ST CT
HORNE, QUANISHA L. (Voter ID number 120041940).
HERNANDEZ-ANDRULONIS, RISTY (Voter ID number 115204384).

1538 SE 20TH PL
FARMER, GREGORY Paul (Voter ID number 110106715).
LISANTI, CATHARINE Adele (Voter ID number 109596674).

HOSCH, LATOSHA D. (Voter ID number 110284501).
SNOW, KEENAN Matthew (Voter ID number 117255959).
HOSCH, LATOSHA D. (Voter ID number 114517250).
HOSCH, LEWIS C. (Voter ID number 109439995).

1539 SE 27TH ST
PADRON, ARACELIA (Voter ID number 109598731).
RACKLEY, LISA Sherell (Voter ID number 110336746).
TORRES, RUBIN R.T (Voter ID number 114365210).
VILORIO, CLAUDIO Pedro (Voter ID number 118338675).

1539 SE 27TH ST
APT 200

LOZANO, BELLE (Voter ID number 109393844).

1539 SE 27TH ST
APT 205

ROBINSON, LOIS (Voter ID number 117436954).

1539 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 107

DEL RIO, AMPARO I. (Voter ID number 116747098).

1539 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 200

TORRES, RUBIN (Voter ID number 114649367).

1539 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 203

LUGO, ALEXIS Gabriel (Voter ID number 119315632).
LUGO, DAVID (Voter ID number 110143152).

1539 SE 27TH ST
UNIT #206

MALDONADO, EDWIN (Voter ID number 109729785).

1539 SE 27TH ST
UNIT 105

CHANEY, JOHNETTA T. (Voter ID number 110224021).
MOSS, TEALA Renee (Voter ID number 110015695).

1540 SE 17TH AVE
PEREZ, ANGELICA Eva (Voter ID number 117346679).

ROSENBLOOM, ROBERT David (Voter ID number 109078731).

1541 SE 16TH AVE
PASTRANA, LUIS (Voter ID number 110313742).
PASTRANA, MIRIAM M. (Voter ID number 110313743).

1541 SE 17TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, MARSHALL Lee (Voter ID number 102178190).
MILLER, ERIC Matthew (Voter ID number 109562566).

1541 SE 17TH ST
GONZALEZ, FRANK C. (Voter ID number 109562331).

KAMIN, STANLEY David (Voter ID number 109171303).
MORAN, DANA Celeste (Voter ID number 110028850).

1542 SE 20TH RD
GARCIA, RICHARD Anthony (Voter ID number 109878136).

1542 SE 24TH CT
BENNETT, CONSTANCE (Voter ID number 116955364).
WOOTEN, PRENTISS Gene (Voter ID number 121163335).

DANEKER, ADONIS Litzinger (Voter ID number 120261979).
DANEKER, JOHN D. (Voter ID number 110217973).

LEHMAN, ABBEY M. (Voter ID number 110112410).
LEHMAN, BRANDON Christopher (Voter ID number 117347377).

1543 SE 20TH PL
FORTUNA, GLORIA M. (Voter ID number 116065123).
MATOS, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 116090939).
HERNANDEZ, JUAN R. (Voter ID number 115240581).
RAMOS FORTUNA, GLORIMAR (Voter ID number 120877153).

1543 SE 25TH ST
UNIT #106

BEATTY, LEONA ANN (Voter ID number 105883560).

1543 SE 25TH ST
HEREDIA, BERTHA Cecilia (Voter ID number 110103517).
LOUISSAINT, ALIX (Voter ID number 109986763).
PIMENTEL, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 117034301).
RIVERA, CARMEN (Voter ID number 118353209).
WIGGINS, MILTON B. (Voter ID number 110189376).

1543 SE 25TH ST
APT 101

FRESNO, JULIO Alexander (Voter ID number 115004813).

1543 SE 25TH ST
APT 102

SCOTT, EUGENE (Voter ID number 120783874).

1543 SE 25TH ST
APT 107

GARCIA, LOURDES Maria (Voter ID number 120832110).

1543 SE 25TH ST
APT 201

GONZALEZ, SARA Marie (Voter ID number 117249209).

1543 SE 25TH ST
APT 208

ESCOBAR, INGRID E. (Voter ID number 116501548).

1543 SE 25TH ST
UNIT 104

SUAREZ, SALOME Francesca (Voter ID number 121218073).

1543 SE 25TH ST
UNIT 201

CHAPELIN, JESSICA Marie (Voter ID number 109797555).

1543 SE 25TH ST
UNIT 203

LOUISSAINT, JODETTE Nicolas (Voter ID number 110015167).

1543 SE 25TH ST
UNIT 206

FREMONT, NATHALIE (Voter ID number 119759219).

1543 SE 25TH ST
APONTE, CLARA M. (Voter ID number 114579384).
ARCE, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 114625191).
CALDWELL, TIESE Naquan (Voter ID number 109837731).
CALUNGA, MARK A. (Voter ID number 110327617).
CUNNINGHAM, VICTORINIA S. (Voter ID number 115629424).
HERNANDEZ, JESSICA Sonia (Voter ID number 109995256).
MENDOZA, FRANCISCO Gustavo (Voter ID number 109419771).
WIGGINS, BRYAN Xavier (Voter ID number 118054377).

1543 SE 25TH ST
APT 102

SCOTT, TAMMY R. (Voter ID number 109191185).

1543 SE 25TH ST
APT 106

GRIFFITHS, LEONA (Voter ID number 119779832).

1543 SE 25TH ST
APT 209

URREA, RAGOBERTO (Voter ID number 111425869).

1543 SE 25TH ST
UNIT #106

GRIFFITHS, CHARLES Lynn (Voter ID number 108154104).

1543 SE 25TH ST
UNIT 103

DELY, SAINTFAINE (Voter ID number 119988120).

1543 SE 25TH ST
UNIT 104

SUAREZ, REYNEL (Voter ID number 110260558).

1543 SE 31ST CT
MARRERO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109567876).
MATOS, VICTORIA Angelica (Voter ID number 120711272).

1544 SE 24TH CT
FRENCH, RAMONA N. (Voter ID number 110090306).

1544 SE 31ST CT
GLANTON, TYRONE Bernard (Voter ID number 109289309).
GLANTON, YOVONIA Michelle (Voter ID number 121080010).

1546 SE 24TH CT
HERNANDEZ, PAULO (Voter ID number 116883063).
SOTO, JOEL (Voter ID number 115300979).
WILLIAMS, ALICIA V. (Voter ID number 109370995).

CASWELL, KAREN E. (Voter ID number 115936525).
FULTON, TIMOTHY Craig (Voter ID number 109136136).
MORRISON, THOMAS Oglenn (Voter ID number 109878965).

1547 SE 20TH AVE
DIEZ, DANIELLE (Voter ID number 117734303).
GONZALEZ, CARY (Voter ID number 109646258).

1547 SE 24TH CT
WADE, JACQUELINE Annette (Voter ID number 109431266).
WADE, KATIE Sherese (Voter ID number 114735683).
ARTILES, JESSICA Barbara (Voter ID number 110306299).

1548 SE 20TH PL
BASQUEZ, JEREMY Eugene (Voter ID number 108119518).
RODRIGUEZ, AUDREY M. (Voter ID number 110078848).

1548 SE 20TH TER
SANCHEZ, MARIOXY (Voter ID number 118676475).

1549 SE 24TH CT
MARTINEZ, ERIC (Voter ID number 116649174).
WHELAN, JOSHUA W. (Voter ID number 114450098).
WHELAN, MICHELE L. (Voter ID number 114562473).

LOMELI, MARIA J. (Voter ID number 109612593).

GUNDERSON, AVA Bassett (Voter ID number 109095644).
GUNDERSON, LEIF Kingsley (Voter ID number 109136755).

GOMEZ, CESAR A. (Voter ID number 109660933).

1551 SE 16TH AVE
ACLE, GUILLERMO Rolando (Voter ID number 110019244).
PEREZ, EIRA S. (Voter ID number 120358061).
ACLE, JANETT Esther (Voter ID number 110307217).
SAMPAYO, BERTHA (Voter ID number 114637416).

1552 SE 16TH AVE
MARTINEZ, MARIO Rafael (Voter ID number 110252665).
FELICIANO, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 114244799).
VIZCARRA, ISABEL (Voter ID number 115646500).

CARBAJAL, CLARIBEL (Voter ID number 116999957).
CARBAJAL, MARIBEL V. (Voter ID number 110057403).
TURNER, RICHARD Wayne (Voter ID number 109843423).
TURNER, SHIRLEY (Voter ID number 110095996).

PIEDRAHITA, ARNALDO (Voter ID number 109148653).
PIEDRAHITA, ORQUIDEA (Voter ID number 109622138).

FILIPOVIC, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 116896576).

1555 SE 31ST CT
GOMEZ, IRELISSE (Voter ID number 115966233).

ALLEN, JENNIFER Scott (Voter ID number 109511950).
PUTMAN, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number 110304638).

1556 SE 31ST CT
ROBINSON, NATALIE N. (Voter ID number 102479404).

1557 SE 20TH TER
SLINGERLAND, DELIA (Voter ID number 120313430).

1558 SE 20TH TER
OBJIO, KARLA Marie (Voter ID number 119611509).

TYRRELL, LISA (Voter ID number 120534922).
SAGRAM, CASSANDRA Catlyn (Voter ID number 110327205).

1560 SE 17TH AVE
VALLE, RAFAEL Angel (Voter ID number 109366044).
BETHEL, SANDRA Deniso (Voter ID number 109268589).
HUGHES, ALINA C. (Voter ID number 117557396).

1560 SE 20TH RD
SILVA, ADA (Voter ID number 116419531).
ZUBERI, KAMAL M. (Voter ID number 115934978).

1560 SE 31ST CT
ORTIZ, JOEL Omar (Voter ID number 110219561).
WILSON, LEACROFT St Aubyn (Voter ID number 119024965).

1561 SE 17TH AVE
CASIANO, EDGAR Jose (Voter ID number 109603446).
CASIANO, FABIOLA Cristina (Voter ID number 120295656).

1561 SE 20TH RD
FRANCOIS, WAPLE Lauradelle (Voter ID number 121080576).

ZUCKER, RICK T. (Voter ID number 109344184).

ALCARAZ, VERONICA (Voter ID number 109778865).

1564 SE 31ST CT
MONTOYA, SUSANA (Voter ID number 117251309).

HAPONUK, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 110325584).
HAPONUK, LEON Charles (Voter ID number 109270587).
HAPONUK, ALICIA F. (Voter ID number 108960762).
HAPONUK, CESAR Alexander (Voter ID number 110013031).
HAPONUK, LEON (Voter ID number 109834295).

JURGENSEN, DONALD Gene (Voter ID number 109124739).
JURGENSEN, EDWARD John (Voter ID number 109493552).

1567 SE 20TH PL
OLIVENCIA, MADELINE (Voter ID number 110066577).
RAMOS RODRIGUEZ, EDGARDO (Voter ID number 120594900).

1567 SE 31ST CT
BROWN, ASHLEIGH (Voter ID number 118828125).
DIXON, LEROY (Voter ID number 109532891).
PINKNEY, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 117038703).
SMITH, LATAVIA A. (Voter ID number 117012291).

1568 SE 20TH TER
HERNANDEZ, ADAN Alberto (Voter ID number 110127644).

1568 SE 26TH ST
APT 104

THOMAS, JENNIFER D. (Voter ID number 119772623).

1568 SE 26TH ST
APT 204

HERNANDEZ, BERTHA Maria (Voter ID number 120400464).
KING, JARVIS Alexander (Voter ID number 120397772).

1568 SE 26TH ST
APT 206

SENIOR, EARL E. (Voter ID number 103709464).

1568 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 105

MC GRUDER, MONICA D. (Voter ID number 115267863).
MC GRUDER, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109033736).
NEWMAN, CIERRA L. (Voter ID number 110198025).

1568 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 200

MONTGOMERY, DEMETRIUS Bernard (Voter ID number 121301557).

1568 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 203

RICHARD, ERIC (Voter ID number 118844410).
RICHARD, JOSIANE (Voter ID number 110087148).

1568 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 206

SENIOR, EARL Everheart (Voter ID number 118099037).

1568 SE 26TH ST
UNIT 104

THOMAS, DONNA F. (Voter ID number 109475389).

1568 SE 26TH ST
FRENCH, STEFON Martel (Voter ID number 115267931).
SENIOR, EARL E. (Voter ID number 110255008).

1568 SE 26TH ST
APT 200

MONTGOMERY, DEMETRIUS B. (Voter ID number 109454552).

1568 SE 31ST CT
ALAMO, WILBERTO (Voter ID number 114524064).
RAMOS, ALFREDO M. (Voter ID number 115986099).

1571 SE 17TH AVE
SCHULTZ, NOELLEANCE (Voter ID number 110295262).
SCHULTZ, SCOTT Christopher (Voter ID number 120413158).

1571 SE 31ST CT
HUNTER, MICHELLE Dawn (Voter ID number 116758099).
MARTIN, TRISTON Marquis (Voter ID number 117560361).

FORTINO, CELIA Harriet (Voter ID number 120626880).
SMITH, CRAIG Scott (Voter ID number 120626877).

SHAW, AUBREY A. (Voter ID number 110079570).
SHAW, CHRISTY Lee (Voter ID number 110079571).
WITHROW, WILLIAM Harrill (Voter ID number 119828721).

1575 OWL RD
VENET, CLAUDE Henry (Voter ID number 110321393).
ECHEVARRIA, MARIA Magdalena (Voter ID number 110152056).
SIERRA, ISSYS R. (Voter ID number 116520572).

CRUMPLER, CHARLES Ingram (Voter ID number 109029315).
EICHLER, BRITTNEY L. (Voter ID number 110286655).
EICHLER, LADONA Marie (Voter ID number 109419986).

1575 SE 20TH RD
CHRISTENSEN, ALAINA F. (Voter ID number 120168316).

CONN, JOHN Howard (Voter ID number 109832132).
SHARP, CHRISTI Lynn (Voter ID number 109224691).

1577 SE 20TH AVE
MANGONES, BOUKMAN (Voter ID number 109448913).

1577 SE 20TH TER
OTERO, SANDRA Michelle (Voter ID number 109692700).

DE ARMAS PEREZ, MIJAEL (Voter ID number 120890983).
REYES GARCIA, YULIET (Voter ID number 120891063).
ROS, NEREIDA (Voter ID number 109680735).

1578 SE 20TH TER
HUMPHREYS, MIRNA (Voter ID number 115387518).

COX, CRAIG A. (Voter ID number 110125208).
COVARRUBIAS, YVETTE Therese (Voter ID number 110043603).
COX, JODY Blas (Voter ID number 109400569).
SANTIAGO, TERRY Juanita (Voter ID number 108952871).

FIELDS, DENNIS Lee (Voter ID number 109317565).
FIELDS, ALEXIS J. (Voter ID number 116706558).
FIELDS, TRACY Ruth (Voter ID number 109304713).

CASTILLO, ANGELINA Javison (Voter ID number 114460751).

1580 SE 31ST CT
RODRIGUEZ, JEANETTE M. (Voter ID number 109891060).
RODRIGUEZ, ROSA Carmelina (Voter ID number 109675974).

HAYES, TRUDY B. (Voter ID number 120325938).
CLAPPERTAN, ANTHONY C. (Voter ID number 116207505).
HAUGHTON, DENNISTON George (Voter ID number 110308380).

BETANCOURT, RAUL Emilio (Voter ID number 116360967).
GOMEZ, CARIDAD L. (Voter ID number 115741978).
MUNOZ, LUISA Paoia (Voter ID number 110123811).
NUNEZ, ILIANA V. (Voter ID number 114363101).
NUNEZ, JORGE Eugenio (Voter ID number 108944715).
PEREZ, ANAY De Las Mercedes (Voter ID number 119869127).
PEREZ, LAZARO G. (Voter ID number 115741864).

MUSARRA, JAMES Paul (Voter ID number 115019099).

1584 SE 20TH RD
GARCIA, ARTURO Rafael (Voter ID number 110124967).

CANCIANO, AMANDA (Voter ID number 119971151).
MULVEY, AMANDA (Voter ID number 114034586).
MULVEY, PATRICIA Deniece (Voter ID number 109380864).
MULVEY, LINDA K. (Voter ID number 109415659).
MULVEY, WILLIAM John (Voter ID number 109431320).

1585 SE 20TH PL
BALLESTER, WALESKA (Voter ID number 116826391).
CRUZ, JOSE J. (Voter ID number 116826376).

1585 SE 20TH RD
GOMEZ, MAXIMA (Voter ID number 117021860).
REYES, FRANCELA P. (Voter ID number 110035475).
ROBLES, SILVINO A. (Voter ID number 109333114).

1585 SE 31ST CT
BYRD, SHAQUASHA (Voter ID number 116911719).

PORTER, JEFFREY D. (Voter ID number 109164790).
SINCORE-PORTER, CYNTHIA M. (Voter ID number 109133568).

1586 SE 27TH CT
ANDREWS, BREION B. (Voter ID number 115981515).
VELASQUEZ, IREYEH Taciss (Voter ID number 117883076).
ANDREWS, LORFEATA Marie (Voter ID number 109528414).
PICKETT, CRAIG Vincent (Voter ID number 117834558).
ANDREWS, BRANDON A. (Voter ID number 118087632).

1586 SE 31ST CT
BROWN, TASHOY Pitakay (Voter ID number 121042019).

1587 SE 20TH TER
GONZALEZ-QUEVEDO, ROBERT (Voter ID number 119720662).
HAYNES, ANDREW (Voter ID number 114873269).

1588 SE 20TH PL
BRUNNER, CASEY Dominique (Voter ID number 116161704).

1588 SE 27TH CT
WILSON, CLAYRINSKI Densamone (Voter ID number 110257406).

1590 SE 27TH CT
RACKLEY, MERCY Jones (Voter ID number 110078883).

MADDOX, DENNIS D. (Voter ID number 109299116).

1591 SE 31ST CT
RIVERA, ANGELA Maria (Voter ID number 110326766).

1592 SE 27TH CT
DELGALDILLO, HIPOLITA S. (Voter ID number 115919756).

CHEWNING, ETHAN Evan (Voter ID number 115282113).
DUMM, THOMAS G. (Voter ID number 110302183).

1594 SE 27TH CT
PARSONS, JAMES Lee (Voter ID number 121186031).

1595 SE 24TH CT
GARCIA, EDWIN (Voter ID number 116257089).

1595 SE 24TH CT
APT 223

HERNANDEZ SANCHEZ, DAISY (Voter ID number 119013295).
DITZEL, DAISY (Voter ID number 109233091).

1596 SE 20TH RD
THELUSMA, ANNA A. Romilda (Voter ID number 110339635).
THELUSMA, JEAN R. (Voter ID number 114947779).
THELUSMA, LARISSA Huguette (Voter ID number 120253045).

1597 SE 20TH AVE
RUIZ, ALEJANDRA D. (Voter ID number 116613211).
RUIZ, JUAN E. (Voter ID number 109709941).

1597 SE 24TH CT
DYE, ANDREA Bonita (Voter ID number 109124371).

1598 SE 20TH PL
SPRING, TIMOTHY Kinte (Voter ID number 109510120).

ANDERSON, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 109104747).

CARPENTER, SHARON Bell (Voter ID number 109120527).

1600 SE 16TH ST
KUDAMIK, BEATRIZ Isabel (Voter ID number 117343990).
CERNAIANU, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 114068690).

1600 SE 24TH CT
TORBERT, MICHAEL Earnest (Voter ID number 114729347).

1601 SE 17TH AVE
YOUNG, LAUREN Rachel (Voter ID number 109419419).
YOUNG, WILLIAM Keith (Voter ID number 109848253).

1601 SE 17TH ST
LOPEZ, JOSE Ignacio (Voter ID number 120145097).
LOPEZ, MARIA J. (Voter ID number 108957779).

1601 SE 24TH CT
JIMENEZ, MAXIMO Cerantony (Voter ID number 120747600).
JIMENEZ, TAMMI Marie (Voter ID number 109762924).
MURPHY, ELAINE B. (Voter ID number 109762920).

1601 SE 28TH AVE
DOZIER, FLORETTA (Voter ID number 109184655).

GARABITO, KIRCY (Voter ID number 110242046).
KUCHAR, JEFFREY Frank (Voter ID number 110172147).

1602 SE 16TH AVE
CRUZ, EDWIN (Voter ID number 119072116).
CRUZ, RYAN (Voter ID number 117758771).
CRUZ, JANINE Leigh (Voter ID number 114644148).
CRUZ, SUSAN Mary (Voter ID number 109191790).

1602 SE 16TH ST
RENTERIA, EDDIE (Voter ID number 118484388).
RENTERIA, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 114624767).

1602 SE 17TH ST
SCOTT, RUSSELL Lavon (Voter ID number 114584891).

1602 SE 20TH PL
BECKER, FREDERICK M. (Voter ID number 118557456).
BECKER, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 118557459).
MCKINNIE, TANGY Orienta (Voter ID number 116083816).
MCKINNIE, ALDRIC W. (Voter ID number 117043902).

1602 SE 23RD PATH
SARIOL, HARRY (Voter ID number 108907906).
SARIOL, HAZEL J. (Voter ID number 109182289).
SARIOL, ANTHONY Franklin (Voter ID number 116376289).

1602 SE 23RD ST
IDROGO, ORLANDO Javier (Voter ID number 109762531).
JUAREZ, LINDA (Voter ID number 109512994).

1602 SE 31ST CT
DOZIER, SHARON Denise (Voter ID number 116070185).
ANDERSON, NIA S. (Voter ID number 117169225).

1603 SE 31ST CT
NIEVES, LISETTE (Voter ID number 109781261).

WARE, ERIN Michelle (Voter ID number 114007852).

1604 SE 16TH ST
GARCIA, LEONEL (Voter ID number 110256175).

1604 SE 31ST CT
WASHINGTON, MILDRED Darshawn (Voter ID number 114631817).
WASHINGTON, RUBEN (Voter ID number 115436878).

CABRERA, ALEJANDRO Jorge (Voter ID number 118687542).
GINDER, CHAD Matthew (Voter ID number 110241651).
GINDER, LESLEY Anne (Voter ID number 110241713).

1605 SE 16TH ST
DURAN, ROSARIO Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110102488).
RODRIGUEZ, ARTHUR M. (Voter ID number 109354355).

1605 SE 20TH PL
GARZA, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 110036565).
ORTIZ, MANUEL E. (Voter ID number 114418358).

1605 SE 24TH CT
TOOMER, MONICA Nicole (Voter ID number 111168037).
TOOMER, ROBERT James (Voter ID number 109482215).

1605 SE 31ST CT
FRAZIER, TAMIKA Lashawn (Voter ID number 109835149).

CARLISLE, QUANSHAVIA Tashun (Voter ID number 116072228).
JOHNSON, KATRINA L. (Voter ID number 109457587).

1606 SE 30TH ST
HURTADO, ALICIA M. (Voter ID number 109213984).
HURTADO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 110255612).

1606 SE 31ST CT
MINOR, JASMINE Elaine (Voter ID number 118087628).
MOYA, JOE Rafael (Voter ID number 109308901).
PREMO, MELANIE Anne (Voter ID number 115570011).

1607 SE 16TH AVE
VAGIAS, ANTHONY David (Voter ID number 109872836).

1607 SE 16TH ST
VAGIAS, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 109801146).

1607 SE 24TH CT
SMITH-COSTON, D M. (Voter ID number 114634539).
SMITH-COSTA, DONNELLA M. (Voter ID number 116421249).

STACY, SAMUEL Matthew (Voter ID number 117590863).
BECQUER, LUCIA (Voter ID number 109402938).

1608 SE 16TH ST
AGUERO, RAUL Ulises (Voter ID number 110236044).
MEDINA, CATHERINE Ivelisse (Voter ID number 110095989).
MEDINA, SOCRATES R. (Voter ID number 114275921).

1608 SE 31ST CT
MAS, VIOLETA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109427557).

WAGNER, CHARLES David (Voter ID number 110079178).
WAGNER, DEBORAH Mc Cary (Voter ID number 110079179).

1609 SE 16TH ST
CASTILLO, ALBERTO R. (Voter ID number 109546028).
CASTILLO, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109516406).
MORAN, MARIO Antonio (Voter ID number 109297840).
MORAN, YOLY G. (Voter ID number 108940687).

1609 SE 31ST CT
HARDEN, SABRINA Lea (Voter ID number 113875251).

EDWARDS, LAKEYSHA Monique (Voter ID number 110089683).
STARKS, SUSAN F. (Voter ID number 110143219).

SANCHEZ, LAZARO Mauricio (Voter ID number 119672041).
HERNANDEZ, MELIDA F. (Voter ID number 109982440).

1610 SE 17TH ST
ANNESSER, JOHN William (Voter ID number 109950135).
ANNESSER, JULIA ANNA Kinga (Voter ID number 102202390).
KRIEGER, MIRIAM A. (Voter ID number 117475235).

1610 SE 23RD ST
HOFF, LUCY Maryse (Voter ID number 118075100).
VOGT, GINA Elena (Voter ID number 109861798).

1610 SE 23RD WAY
ROSTRAN, RONALD E. (Voter ID number 114706128).

1610 SE 31ST CT
BEAVIOUR, JONATHAN George (Voter ID number 115250805).

1611 SE 16TH ST
EDWARDS, HEATHER V. (Voter ID number 109807788).
MARTINEZ, JOSE Margarito (Voter ID number 116585437).
MARTINEZ, KARLA Dean (Voter ID number 116585043).

1611 SE 23RD PATH
FERNANDEZ, DULCE Mary (Voter ID number 109446963).
FERNANDEZ, NELSON Juan (Voter ID number 109245521).

1611 SE 23RD ST
SANTIAGO, VICTOR M. (Voter ID number 110305588).

TAO, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 116718135).
SANDIGO, MARGARITA Isabel (Voter ID number 109912239).
TAO, GLORIA Azucena (Voter ID number 109358296).
TAO, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 110118581).
TAO, NATALI (Voter ID number 110183366).

1612 SE 16TH ST
DELGADO, RODERICK L. (Voter ID number 110048069).
DELGADO, KELSIE April (Voter ID number 109530766).
DELGADO, LEOPOLDO Francis (Voter ID number 119615999).

1612 SE 24TH CT
FERNANDEZ, TAMARA (Voter ID number 110246452).
RAMIREZ, FELIS A. (Voter ID number 110180063).
MORALES-FIGUEROA, JOEL (Voter ID number 116891098).
FERNANDEZ-ROSAS, TAMARA (Voter ID number 116879111).

1612 SE 30TH ST
DAWKINS, CHRISTOPHER Shawn (Voter ID number 116208545).
DAWKINS, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109198879).

WILLIAMS, TAKIA M. (Voter ID number 119383642).
MILTON, SAMUEL Collin (Voter ID number 109538454).

FOLEY, ANDREA Anne (Voter ID number 114389935).
FOLEY, JEFFREY (Voter ID number 118320797).
ULLOA, ORLANDO Antonio (Voter ID number 118260827).

1614 SE 16TH ST
GIRO-VELAZQUEZ, SUSAN (Voter ID number 109666921).

1614 SE 23RD PATH
MOREJON, LILIAN (Voter ID number 110105005).

MATHERLEY, FRANK H. (Voter ID number 109493152).
ZIMMERMAN, KIM Marie (Voter ID number 110262153).
ZIMMERMAN, SCOTT A. (Voter ID number 110252267).

BISHOP, SHEILA J Rook (Voter ID number 109480169).
BISHOP, THOMAS Eugene (Voter ID number 109169344).

1615 SE 20TH PL
JEUDY, TAHYNA (Voter ID number 119260188).
MCLNTYREY, ROBERT (Voter ID number 116391043).

1615 SE 20TH TER
SANTOS, ALFONSO Ernesto (Voter ID number 120548951).

1615 SE 30TH ST
MC CRAY, CARMELITA (Voter ID number 109550768).

BERMUDEZ, RODRIGO L. (Voter ID number 110244249).
ESTEVE, ZOILA F. (Voter ID number 109487036).

1616 SE 23RD WAY
CHEROX, JEAN MARIE Cornel (Voter ID number 117770961).
LEZEAU, MYRIAM I. (Voter ID number 115111190).
CHERON, MYRIAM Ingrid (Voter ID number 117770950).

BERRY, LINDA Michele (Voter ID number 120463749).
CHADWELL, RENE J. (Voter ID number 110274346).
HERSEY, AMBER Leann (Voter ID number 114388376).
HERSEY, WILLIAM Paul (Voter ID number 115018219).

1617 SE 30TH ST
GARCIA, CECILIA (Voter ID number 110237435).
LEYVA, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 120286267).
GUSILLETOV, VALDIMIR (Voter ID number 110286763).

1618 SE 30TH ST
CURRIE, CORDELIA Bianca (Voter ID number 109282451).
JOSEPH, FREDELIN (Voter ID number 120097599).
REEVES, MELISSA N. (Voter ID number 108517401).

SUAREZ, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 121013481).

1620 SE 17TH ST
RUTHERFORD, KION (Voter ID number 119851251).
SILVA, JENNIFER Anne (Voter ID number 109460933).

1620 SE 23RD ST
CASILLAS, ERIC (Voter ID number 120096060).
COTTO, LILLIAN E. (Voter ID number 114416868).

1620 SE 23RD WAY
LOFTUS, JONATHAN Richard (Voter ID number 102317249).

HOWE, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 120292292).
HOWE, MARIANNE Haehl (Voter ID number 120883040).

1621 SE 17TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, GUSTAVO Amadis (Voter ID number 109960731).

1621 SE 17TH ST
CORPORAN, JAZMIN N. (Voter ID number 109969349).
CRUZ, SOPHIA (Voter ID number 115349262).
DUNN, LOIS Karen (Voter ID number 110213632).

1621 SE 23RD ST
MCHUGH, JAMES Anthony (Voter ID number 110203465).
BLACKSON, KIRK (Voter ID number 115226962).
SPENCER J, PHILIP A. (Voter ID number 110189652).
SPENCER, AMBER R. (Voter ID number 110189649).

1622 SE 16TH AVE
FELIX, JOSE Ramon (Voter ID number 120163186).

1622 SE 23RD WAY
LUEVANO, SIMEY Lopez (Voter ID number 120776045).

1622 SE 30TH ST
VAQUER, ERMER (Voter ID number 117269026).

1622 SE 31ST CT
TORRES, RAMON (Voter ID number 109952914).

1623 SE 30TH ST
WHITBY, DOROTHY Leona (Voter ID number 110269500).

1623 SE 31ST CT
VENTO, HECTOR J. (Voter ID number 110342702).

1624 SE 20TH PL
SUTHERLAND, NICHOLAS B. (Voter ID number 121157105).

1624 SE 24TH CT
CHILDERS, ALAN Keith (Voter ID number 114282921).
CHILDERS, GAYLE Loraine (Voter ID number 119614422).

1624 SE 30TH ST
POLLARD, KASHIMA Nicole (Voter ID number 110117608).

1625 SE 20TH TER
TACHER, LAUREN S. (Voter ID number 118153927).

MC CAULEY, MAUREEN Mc Kinney (Voter ID number 110076302).

ANDREW, ANA A. (Voter ID number 114625603).
NAVARRO, CHRISTIAN R. (Voter ID number 116930103).

AGRAIT-KENDALL, DAMARIS (Voter ID number 109422681).

1626 SE 31ST CT
CORDOVEZ, YENISER (Voter ID number 116559567).
RIVERO, YENISER (Voter ID number 119940883).

1628 SE 30TH ST
GREENE, CHRIS Anthony (Voter ID number 113933352).
ALMODOVAR, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109921154).
ALMODOVAR, KARLA Hettienne (Voter ID number 109895208).

KRETCHMER, EDWARD M. (Voter ID number 109320369).
KRETCHMER, ROBERT Michael (Voter ID number 108986651).

GOMEZ, NESTOR (Voter ID number 120773740).

1630 SE 17TH ST
FERLEGER-SMIETANSKI, JUREK (Voter ID number 107738458).

1630 SE 23RD ST
ALMEYDA, SUJEIL (Voter ID number 117196442).
CARO, DOMINGO (Voter ID number 109170530).
CARO, EVA V. (Voter ID number 109170531).

1630 SE 24TH CT
PEREZ, GLADYS D. (Voter ID number 110276127).
WILLIAMS, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 110016160).

CASARINO, CARMINE J. (Voter ID number 109046759).

HUNSBERGER, DAVID Roy (Voter ID number 115830327).

1631 SE 17TH AVE
DIAZ, KATHIRIA (Voter ID number 109883840).
DIAZ, MARCOS Elliott (Voter ID number 109994373).

1631 SE 23RD ST
BOTANA, LOURDES (Voter ID number 109168446).
BOTANA, RAUL (Voter ID number 109280565).

1632 SE 16TH AVE
COLON, JOSUE (Voter ID number 116525003).
PADILLA, ANTONIA (Voter ID number 109574351).
ZAYAS, JESUS A. (Voter ID number 109574378).
ZAYAS, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 116631978).
ZAYAS, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 109548138).
ZAYAS, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109555085).
ZAYAS, RAMON (Voter ID number 110034617).

1632 SE 23RD PATH
FORMOSO, MARK Joseph Burgonio (Voter ID number 115027033).

1632 SE 30TH ST
MORALES, MARIA (Voter ID number 116414324).

ELLICK, QUINTON Orlando (Voter ID number 121014141).

1633 SE 30TH ST
CARMONA, EUGENIA (Voter ID number 110061913).
RYMER, ESTEFANIA (Voter ID number 110302966).

1634 SE 23RD WAY
MONTANEZ, FABIOLA (Voter ID number 116659648).

1635 SE 20TH PL
GILL, ROBERTO Vernon (Voter ID number 110205359).
GILL, ROBERTO Vernon (Voter ID number 110219906).

1635 SE 20TH RD
GARCIA, JUAN J. (Voter ID number 109274938).

1635 SE 23RD PATH
SMITH, TRAVIS (Voter ID number 121122777).

ACKERMAN, EVA Marie (Voter ID number 109761328).
ACKERMAN, ELVIS Aaron (Voter ID number 109818774).
ACKERMAN, ENIG (Voter ID number 114524994).
ACKERMAN, MICHAEL Thomas (Voter ID number 100559571).

1636 SE 20TH PL
JOYCE, RANEA Racheal (Voter ID number 109355606).

1636 SE 20TH RD
MONTES, MITSUE (Voter ID number 115552576).

1636 SE 30TH ST
SAINT JACQUES, MONICA Nicola (Voter ID number 110080225).

1637 SE 30TH ST
CLARY, CARA Lauren (Voter ID number 109737228).

CRAWFORD, JAMES Sterling (Voter ID number 109774581).
CRAWFORD, WUALDINA M. (Voter ID number 115390504).
MARGOLIS, LAWRENCE D. (Voter ID number 108949441).

1638 SE 31ST CT
ELLISON, VINKRYA Nadine (Voter ID number 119576328).

1639 SE 23RD WAY
LLORENTE-BLANCO, DANEIDIS (Voter ID number 120980516).
NORMAN, CATHY Dale (Voter ID number 117306229).

1639 SE 30TH ST
WONG, GARY (Voter ID number 118551738).

SERA, MIREYA (Voter ID number 120681001).

1640 SE 17TH ST
DOWD, RYAN Blair (Voter ID number 120829556).
DOWD, ANGELA (Voter ID number 110309810).
DOWD, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 116244494).

1640 SE 23RD WAY
STRANO, ANTHONY SALVATOR (Voter ID number 117044960).

1640 SE 23RD ST
BARNES, DARRYL S. (Voter ID number 109793729).
TAPANES-BARNES, ZUNILDA (Voter ID number 109990111).

1641 SE 17TH ST
MURPHY, GABRIELA A. (Voter ID number 118829207).
FERNANDEZ-MURPHY, CARLEEN (Voter ID number 109158640).

1641 SE 23RD ST
RUDA, JANA Louise (Voter ID number 119192054).

1642 SE 16TH AVE
DIAZ, RICHARD Bryan (Voter ID number 115404731).

1642 SE 30TH ST
EDOZIE, CHRISTINA A. (Voter ID number 118983949).

1642 SE 31ST CT
HIMANGO, DOUGLAS Rudy (Voter ID number 114083158).

1643 SE 31ST CT
PHILLIPS, LATRICE Dashawn (Voter ID number 109554006).

DELEON, SERGIO (Voter ID number 109747440).

MAKOWSKI, FRANK Louis (Voter ID number 108913118).

1645 SE 20TH RD
HIDES, CHRISTOPHER Anthony (Voter ID number 109950641).

1645 SE 30TH ST
VELASQUEZ, EUREDYCES Maria (Voter ID number 110205202).

MENDEZ, JACKIE Renee (Voter ID number 109828574).
MENDEZ, MARCOS R. (Voter ID number 109490902).

1646 SE 30TH ST
BURGOS, DAVID (Voter ID number 109270504).
BURGOS, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 116282562).
BURGOS-RODRIGUEZ, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 110011452).
RODRIGUEZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109270550).
SILVA, NORMA A. (Voter ID number 110178099).

CONSTABLE, JUDY L. (Voter ID number 109408917).
CONSTABLE, MARK (Voter ID number 109408925).

KERN, LAUREN Grace (Voter ID number 116061991).
KERN, RICHARD Shelton (Voter ID number 110091714).
PRICE, DARREN C. (Voter ID number 109815966).

NOBLE, JAMES Michael (Voter ID number 109954215).
NOBLE, LUCI (Voter ID number 109908695).

1649 SE 30TH ST
FIGUEROA, AWILDA (Voter ID number 117968333).
FIGUERO, LUIS (Voter ID number 117995218).

ABOUDARA, JANUARY Lynn (Voter ID number 110341739).
ABOUDARA, JONATHAN D. (Voter ID number 120151942).

BLACKWOOD, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 114689159).

1650 SE 23RD ST
LOPEZ, OSCAR E. (Voter ID number 109333878).

1650 SE 31ST CT
BABICH, MARCOS (Voter ID number 109945242).
BABICH, ELSA (Voter ID number 120574991).

RAMIREZ, DEBBIE Lynn (Voter ID number 116998398).
RAMIREZ, WILBERT (Voter ID number 109215600).

1651 SE 17TH ST
BUCK-KRUPP, SHANNON Marie (Voter ID number 110169129).
KRUPP, KEVIN P. (Voter ID number 110294007).

1651 SE 23RD ST
PATEL, LOMAHARSHINI Saransukh (Voter ID number 121314709).

1651 SE 28TH CT
PIMENTEL RAMOS, JESUS Manuel (Voter ID number 117167720).
VIRGIN, GLORIA Jean (Voter ID number 109371066).

1651 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 101

GIBBS, DORIS (Voter ID number 116240939).

1651 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 202

PRIETO, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 102517508).

1651 SE 28TH CT
DAVILA HERNANDEZ, HECTOR Luis (Voter ID number 115947172).
RAVE, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 115918281).
RIVERA, LIZ L. (Voter ID number 116312003).

1651 SE 28TH ST
UNIT 200

ACLUCHE, JALYN Diara (Voter ID number 120666496).

1651 SE 31ST CT
RODRIGUEZ, FRANCY Areidy (Voter ID number 110343296).
RODRIGUEZ, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 110318254).

GARNER, DANA Lee (Voter ID number 109774428).
GARNER, DAVID Edward (Voter ID number 118538535).

1652 SE 23RD WAY
VILA, RICHARD (Voter ID number 110128968).

1652 SE 28TH AVE
BABILONIA, ROSA L. (Voter ID number 114474969).

1652 SE 28TH ST
SMITH, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 116428606).
WESTON, TOYA (Voter ID number 116378624).

1652 SE 28TH ST
APT 105

SPIVEY, MARY Barnes (Voter ID number 109067084).

1652 SE 28TH ST
APT 200

SMITH, ANTHONY A. (Voter ID number 117644153).

1652 SE 28TH ST
APT 201

COLE, SHANTAZ L. (Voter ID number 115885000).

1652 SE 28TH ST
DE LA ROSA, CARMEN Digna (Voter ID number 109783836).

1652 SE 28TH ST
APT 202

GALLON, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 109366396).

1652 SE 28TH ST
APT 203

WESTON, LATISHA S. (Voter ID number 110180662).

1652 SE 28TH ST
UNIT 100

HARRELL, LATOYA (Voter ID number 116235128).

1652 SE 28TH ST
UNIT #102

VIZCAY, EFRAIN (Voter ID number 116284857).

1654 SE 24TH CT
FRANCO, JOSE Ulises (Voter ID number 109771980).
LEON, YASMIN (Voter ID number 115766749).

1654 SE 31ST CT
KLUENKER, TIMOTHY Joseph (Voter ID number 115279863).

DIONNE, ANNY (Voter ID number 120438236).

FISHER, CAROL Anne (Voter ID number 108990045).

1655 SE 20TH RD
TAYLOR, JEFFREY R. (Voter ID number 109739292).
TAYLOR, MARCIA Lynn (Voter ID number 109719123).

1656 SE 29TH CT
AGOSTO, GIANCARLOS (Voter ID number 116851170).
ELLISON, TENAYA D. (Voter ID number 109737097).
SATTERLEE, MICHAEL Paul (Voter ID number 107582842).

1656 SE 29TH CT
APT 103

SATTERLEE, HEATHER Marie (Voter ID number 119550933).

1656 SE 29TH CT
APT 202

SANDERS, URSULA Y. (Voter ID number 110286647).

1656 SE 29TH CT
APT 206

SOLER, CYNTHIA (Voter ID number 120889682).

1656 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 102

CAMPS, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109926767).
LIMA, BIENVENIDA Carmen (Voter ID number 109861675).

1656 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 103

BARBER, KENNETH David (Voter ID number 116174904).

1656 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 105

HERNANDEZ, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 109893636).
HERNANDEZ, MARVIN T. (Voter ID number 109966786).

1656 SE 29TH CT
GARCIA, JOSEPH J. (Voter ID number 115579686).
SALIVA, EDNA M. (Voter ID number 109379413).

1656 SE 29TH CT
APT # 200

JAMES, LAQUITHIA T. (Voter ID number 110089929).

1656 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 100

ADDISON, ANGELA Nakeisha (Voter ID number 109977775).

1656 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 203

RODRIGUEZ, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 110032214).

1656 SE 30TH ST
MARSHALL, MICHAEL Todd (Voter ID number 116251350).

SWANSON, BERNARD (Voter ID number 114571206).

1657 SE 23RD WAY
LANDRY, CALICIA (Voter ID number 116672649).
LANDRY, GARY M. (Voter ID number 116672632).
SCHREIER, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 108264004).
SCHREIER, TERESA Mangan (Voter ID number 108264005).

1657 SE 30TH ST
SCHNITKER, ASHLEY RYLE (Voter ID number 118563183).
ORTEGA, BARBARA (Voter ID number 110097514).

1658 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 203

GARCIA, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 118570515).

1658 SE 28TH CT
APT 106

PIERRE, JEANNINE (Voter ID number 120187026).

1658 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 208

WILSON, MARLONA (Voter ID number 116118563).

1658 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 209

LIPSCOMB, EDDIE (Voter ID number 109588645).
LIPSCOMB, EDDIE (Voter ID number 118846835).

1658 SE 28TH CT
CALIXTE, TALISTIN (Voter ID number 120259634).
GUERRERO, AMANCIA (Voter ID number 115711206).
STEPHENS, MARK L. (Voter ID number 115244180).

1658 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 107

RUIZ, FELICITA (Voter ID number 109635031).

1658 SE 28TH CT
UNIT 202

SANCHEZ, GLORIA Maria (Voter ID number 120180866).

1658 SE 28TH ST
JONES, FARRAH (Voter ID number 116227643).

SAMUELS, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 109549980).

WARD, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 117585001).

LANE, HEATHER Katherine (Voter ID number 110030928).

RAMIREZ, DANNY (Voter ID number 109306385).
RAMIREZ, MICHELE A. (Voter ID number 109475471).
RAMIREZ, NICHOLAS Daniel (Voter ID number 117082782).

1660 SE 23RD ST
GUZMAN, EDITA (Voter ID number 109194564).
GUZMAN, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 110252268).

1660 SE 24TH CT
BALINHA, SILVERIA M. (Voter ID number 109988711).

1660 SE 29TH ST
FERGUSON, MONTRAVIUS Xaviar (Voter ID number 116305345).

1660 SE 29TH ST
APT 102

VARGAS, ANDRYS Shantell (Voter ID number 120892339).

1660 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 100

ALVAREZ, MAYRA Caridad (Voter ID number 109956045).

1660 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 104

GREEN, MINNIE Lee (Voter ID number 121155939).
HAMIDULLAH, SALLAH Mateen (Voter ID number 121098284).

1660 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 107

MOONEY, LOIS Thrasher (Voter ID number 109752447).
MOONEY, CYNTHIA Lynn (Voter ID number 109405970).

1660 SE 29TH ST
STEPHENS, SHANNON Lamika (Voter ID number 110190669).
VIRUET, LINDA A. (Voter ID number 116913100).

1660 SE 29TH ST
APT 102

VARGAS, ANDRES Maria (Voter ID number 116126159).

1660 SE 29TH ST
APT 103

LUIJEAN, EVELINE (Voter ID number 118204783).

1660 SE 29TH ST
APT 201

RIJOS, PETER (Voter ID number 121221220).

1660 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 103

GONZALEZ, LILLIAM M. (Voter ID number 116372492).

1660 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 105

BAEZ, ELIZABETH H. (Voter ID number 110138466).
DEBORD, LUIS Maria (Voter ID number 109918456).

1660 SE 29TH ST
HARRIS, TERRENCE (Voter ID number 116250198).
SHELBY, THEODORE Havord (Voter ID number 116250210).

HARRIGAN, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 119014363).
HARRIGAN, JOHN Peter (Voter ID number 109207316).

1661 SE 17TH ST
CABRAL, JUSTIN Micheal (Voter ID number 120998552).
DAUGHTRY, NORRIS Abbott (Voter ID number 118424299).
JONES, BRENDA (Voter ID number 110083442).
JONES, ON'TEI Bernard (Voter ID number 110181726).
THOMPSON, CHARLIE James (Voter ID number 116349860).

1661 SE 23RD ST
AMEGLIO, CRISTOBAL Enrique (Voter ID number 110020100).
BARRIOS, BEATRIZ Elena (Voter ID number 120653067).
SANTAELLA, ANA C. (Voter ID number 118302030).

1661 SE 28TH ST
RODRIGUEZ NEGRON, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 119024096).
ROMAN, ANDRES (Voter ID number 116274628).

1661 SE 28TH ST
APT 102

JIMENEZ, KARLA Marie (Voter ID number 119670741).

1661 SE 28TH ST
APT 108

FIELDS, MIA V. (Voter ID number 119637354).

1661 SE 28TH ST
APT 109

ROMAN, ANDRES Felipe (Voter ID number 119557500).

1661 SE 28TH ST
UNIT 103

WILLIAMS, RODRICK Roscoe (Voter ID number 117300665).

1661 SE 28TH ST
UNIT 109

TORRES, ADRIANA B. (Voter ID number 120355330).

1661 SE 28TH ST
WOODS, TAHLOR A. (Voter ID number 119616398).

1661 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 100

MAKAR, ANAIS A. (Voter ID number 110755688).

1661 SE 29TH CT
BROWN, MONICA Je'Na (Voter ID number 119428721).
ZEILER, AMANDA Rebecca (Voter ID number 110116916).

1661 SE 29TH CT
APT 100

DELGADO SOTO, JUANITA (Voter ID number 119425982).
VEGA RODRIGUEZ, JORGE Ernesto (Voter ID number 119044029).

1661 SE 29TH CT
APT 204

MATILLA, HEATHER (Voter ID number 120500656).

1661 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 100

DELGADO DELGADO, LUIS Raul (Voter ID number 119307831).

1661 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 108

DORBUCK, JACQUELIN Annmarie (Voter ID number 117588706).
KOKOTIUK, NICHOLAS Dale (Voter ID number 117007101).

1661 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 204

MARTINEZ ABREU, JOMAR (Voter ID number 121321890).

1661 SE 29TH CT
CANGA, RICARDO (Voter ID number 110128940).
GIBBS, SANDRA Stacey (Voter ID number 109109693).
REED, JEANETTE Martin (Voter ID number 109043083).
SAINME, MIMOSE (Voter ID number 109793364).

1661 SE 29TH CT
UNIT #101

COLLAZO, ANGELICA Maria (Voter ID number 109887967).
LIGUA, ANGELA (Voter ID number 110261936).

1661 SE 30TH ST
PAGAN, MARILYN (Voter ID number 114318510).

1662 SE 27TH DR
BORREGO, SARAY (Voter ID number 119611809).
GOMEZ, ANA Maritza (Voter ID number 115250729).
RABELO, WANDA Z. (Voter ID number 120356634).
SCRIVENS, ERIC J. (Voter ID number 116825651).
SPEARS, JAMES Williams (Voter ID number 110324023).
WILSON, CLAYON Deshaene (Voter ID number 117569718).

1662 SE 27TH DR
APT 203

VARGAS, DORA (Voter ID number 110167242).

1662 SE 27TH DR
UNIT 106

ALVARADO, NAHIMA Leonor (Voter ID number 117290089).

1662 SE 27TH DR
UNIT 108

RIOS, JANICE Annette (Voter ID number 114538818).

1662 SE 27TH DR
UNIT 109

MORALES, PEDRO (Voter ID number 109691128).

1662 SE 27TH DR
UNIT 206

NEWMAN, APRIL Y. (Voter ID number 110126619).
NEWMAN, TYRONE (Voter ID number 109504041).
NEWMAN, TYRONE A. (Voter ID number 120562432).

1662 SE 27TH DR
APT 100

SUTTON, ONDRICK James (Voter ID number 109769957).

1662 SE 27TH DR
APT 101

LAWRENCE, DASSETH A. (Voter ID number 118041893).

1662 SE 27TH DR
UNIT #208

BAKER, SHEILA Gwen (Voter ID number 109336726).

1662 SE 27TH DR
APT 203

DIEGO, AMANTE D. (Voter ID number 117786601).

1662 SE 31ST CT
BETTS, JERRIS Blake (Voter ID number 110339470).
SMITH, CAMRON Denard (Voter ID number 118247198).
SMITH, YATIS Janai (Voter ID number 120441667).

1663 SE 27TH DR
DE LA CRUZ, KELVIN (Voter ID number 116595965).
VELEZ, MARTHA (Voter ID number 116595970).

1663 SE 27TH DR
APT 104

ALONSO, CARLOS Luis (Voter ID number 120292267).
PISON STEFANI, GIOVANA Lorena (Voter ID number 116795075).

1663 SE 27TH DR
APT 209

FEBRES, MARANGELINE Ivette (Voter ID number 117732904).
FEBRES, SANDRA Ivelisse (Voter ID number 117638937).

1663 SE 27TH DR
UNIT 100

CRIBB, SHELLY (Voter ID number 121305399).

1663 SE 27TH DR
UNIT 101

DE LA CRUZ ALVARADO, ELVIN (Voter ID number 120882386).
VENTURA MORALES, MARLEN (Voter ID number 118745410).

1663 SE 27TH DR
UNIT 108

LAWRENCE, SAMUEL Robert (Voter ID number 119931537).

1663 SE 27TH DR
UNIT 206

PARKER, CRYSTAL R. (Voter ID number 109996389).

1663 SE 27TH DR
UNIT 208

ALAMEDA, RUBY I. (Voter ID number 109751375).

1663 SE 27TH DR
MARTIN, DEBBIE J. (Voter ID number 110040117).

1663 SE 27TH DR
APT 207

FERNANDEZ, JULIO (Voter ID number 114178972).

1663 SE 27TH DR
UNIT #108

HAMILTON, SHARON Deborah (Voter ID number 110116968).

1663 SE 27TH DR
UNIT 201

SANDIFER, STEVE (Voter ID number 114040258).

1663 SE 27TH DR
UNIT 207

BESS, LOIS Yvonne (Voter ID number 109192864).

1663 SE 29TH ST
ALPHONSE, YVENIDE (Voter ID number 119359941).
FOSTER, DASHINA (Voter ID number 109894279).
RODRIGUEZ, JEURY (Voter ID number 120368714).

1663 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 202

SMITH, ANTWON Labron (Voter ID number 119993341).

1663 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 203

ROSETE, YANEITSY (Voter ID number 109970951).

1663 SE 29TH ST
COAKLEY, NYREE I. (Voter ID number 109522450).
RODRIGUEZ, JEANETTE (Voter ID number 120436085).

1663 SE 29TH ST
UNIT 205

MATEO, MIRIAM Janessa (Voter ID number 115282020).

1663 SE 29TH ST
NEWMARK, PASTORA (Voter ID number 116880219).

1663 SE 31ST CT
COLON, PEDRO L. (Voter ID number 110215056).

MC DADE, HUGH (Voter ID number 109714335).

1665 SE 20TH RD
WAGNER, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 118432031).
WAGNER, JUSTIN Jon (Voter ID number 118395100).

1665 SE 30TH ST
JOHNSON, JAMAL (Voter ID number 116671925).
JUNOR, DONNA Marie (Voter ID number 109935727).

1666 SE 24TH CT
FENSKE, DOUGLAS Allen (Voter ID number 117626449).
FENSKE, DELANA Lee (Voter ID number 115657662).
RISOLDI, ARMIDA C. (Voter ID number 120052868).

1666 SE 27TH CT
APT 101

SUTTON, GUERTONE (Voter ID number 118212922).

1666 SE 27TH CT
APT 200

PRICE, CHENEIKA Lazette (Voter ID number 105637578).

1666 SE 27TH CT
APT 207

LARRY, ANGELA D. (Voter ID number 116528908).

1666 SE 27TH CT
UNIT #107

MARTINEZ, JOANNA (Voter ID number 110159463).

1666 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 103

BROWN, ROBERT Anthony (Voter ID number 110087718).
SCARBOROUGH, DORTHIS (Voter ID number 110145797).

1666 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 104

DELOME, JIMMY (Voter ID number 121276597).
PREVIL-DELOME, KENANDE (Voter ID number 119584236).

1666 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 108

LAKE, LARISSA Ria-Colean (Voter ID number 110128304).

1666 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 109

MARTINEZ, CHRISTINA Maria (Voter ID number 110159349).

1666 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 200

HERNANDEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 116343891).

1666 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 203

NESMITH, REDA (Voter ID number 109320172).

1666 SE 27TH CT
ARCE, AURA N. (Voter ID number 114487731).
REID, ANGIE Lorraine (Voter ID number 115960811).
WILLIAMS, COREY X. (Voter ID number 109983629).

1666 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 200

PRICE, ERIKA Marcia (Voter ID number 110073811).

1666 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 204

HOGANS, CYNTHIA Yvette (Voter ID number 103590576).

1666 SE 27TH CT
FONDON, EUGENIO E. (Voter ID number 116808221).

1666 SE 31ST CT
LOVETT, MARVINE L. (Voter ID number 110321864).

1667 SE 31ST CT
GONZALEZ, MERY De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 120671488).
MANCL, CHRISTINE A. (Voter ID number 114388953).
DAUGHERTY, JEFFREY (Voter ID number 116854499).

STUTZRIEM, LAWRENCE A. (Voter ID number 109306291).
BASTI, BRIAN S. (Voter ID number 109535739).
BASTI, KATIE Markoff (Voter ID number 109148783).

HERNANDEZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109802942).

DIEHL, BEATRICE Fredericka (Voter ID number 115239149).
DIEHL, LAWRENCE S. (Voter ID number 109521148).
DIEHL, WILHELMINA Z. (Voter ID number 109728224).

DURAN, KARMEN (Voter ID number 109560861).
IVERS, BRIAN Thomas (Voter ID number 110203032).

HOWARD, AMY Lou (Voter ID number 109363500).
LATHAM, DARRELL Wayne (Voter ID number 109823115).

1671 SE 17TH ST
PORTER, TINA Lane (Voter ID number 110052961).
PORTER, JOHN C. (Voter ID number 110214660).

1671 SE 30TH ST
HUITEMA, MELISSA Dawn (Voter ID number 109599527).

MEURY, KEVIN D. (Voter ID number 117558135).
MEURY, RICHARD T. (Voter ID number 109105860).
MEURY, SHEILA Matthews (Voter ID number 109843310).

1672 SE 24TH CT
CLARK, SHARI Lynn (Voter ID number 118923353).
GOMEZ, ALINE (Voter ID number 117070074).

1672 SE 30TH ST
BETTS, MONICA C. (Voter ID number 115502611).

1673 SE 31ST CT
COLON, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 120850477).
LINARES, MARIANELA (Voter ID number 120820929).

FANJUL, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 119615574).
DIX, STEVEN Matthew (Voter ID number 109314358).

BISHOP, THOMAS Eugene (Voter ID number 119669192).
BISHOP, THOMAS (Voter ID number 116896694).
BISHOP, DONNA Marie (Voter ID number 109865150).
BISHOP, TIFFANY Marie (Voter ID number 115260358).

HICKS, JOSEPH D. (Voter ID number 117563526).
HICKS, KRYSTAL Ann (Voter ID number 118511769).
HICKS, WILLIAM Othan (Voter ID number 119902902).
HICKS, JACKLYN K. (Voter ID number 109991849).

1675 SE 20TH RD
PATEL, NIVEN Dilip (Voter ID number 103723151).
PATEL, SHIVANI (Voter ID number 120250006).

MUELLER, DIANNE (Voter ID number 109795575).
MUELLER, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 110339592).

1676 SE 30TH ST
SWOPSHIRE, CLARENCE (Voter ID number 109752306).

1676 SE 30TH ST
APT 101

RIDDICK, SHARON Evetta (Voter ID number 109729315).

1676 SE 30TH ST
SWOPSHIRE, CLARISSA Ann (Voter ID number 110069751).

1677 SE 24TH CT
NIEVES, LAZARO (Voter ID number 116632959).

1677 SE 27TH CT
BROWN, JOYCE Jane (Voter ID number 109179534).
IRBY, LARRY L. (Voter ID number 116958317).

1677 SE 27TH CT
APT #101

NAVA, MARLIE A. (Voter ID number 115230677).

1677 SE 27TH CT
APT 106

VIRUET, ANGEL (Voter ID number 114778944).

1677 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 103

LEE, REGINA L. (Voter ID number 109333330).

1677 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 106

VIRUET, VANESSA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 120832067).

1677 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 108

PEREZ, JACQUALINE Lynette (Voter ID number 110283924).

1677 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 201

PAGAN DOMINGUEZ, RAMON Antonio (Voter ID number 117988162).

1677 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 203

FULLER, TAMRA Shrail (Voter ID number 109773630).

1677 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 209

MIDDLEBROOKS, KAWANZA Lashay (Voter ID number 109776350).

1677 SE 27TH CT
BROWN, YNELA (Voter ID number 116228968).
IRBY, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109333494).
VALDES-LAVASTIDA, JAVIER Ben Eduardo (Voter ID number 109762055).
VALDES-LAVASTIDA, MARTHA-LORENA Ulloa (Voter ID number 114864667).

1677 SE 27TH CT
APT 102

SANTANA, JESENIA (Voter ID number 109441133).

1677 SE 27TH CT
APT 208

FERGUSON, NODDENE R. (Voter ID number 110171872).

1677 SE 27TH CT
UNIT 108

BECERRIL NEGRON, RACHELYS (Voter ID number 118859637).

1677 SE 31ST CT
NEWTON, JOSIE Marie (Voter ID number 110183411).
CAVERO, SAMUEL Eduardo (Voter ID number 109887222).

1678 SE 31ST CT
ANGEL, JAIRO Javier David (Voter ID number 120936399).

HASPIL, HAROLD (Voter ID number 116316711).
HASPIL, LILIANE D. (Voter ID number 110284437).

HASPIL, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 109618331).

TRIACH, DULCE (Voter ID number 109478755).
BOCANEGRA, MARIA (Voter ID number 109841693).

1680 SE 23RD ST
ROOPCHAND, JAMES B. (Voter ID number 119033982).
ROOPCHAND, MOSES (Voter ID number 110336665).
ROOPCHAND, PATSY (Voter ID number 110185386).

SPINER, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 118103971).
SPINER, NOAH (Voter ID number 119616961).
SPINER, CHERYL Erickson (Voter ID number 109278548).
SPINER, EITAN (Voter ID number 109667529).

1681 SE 30TH ST
JONES, KIKODI Renee (Voter ID number 109614179).
WASHINGTON, KELVIN L. (Voter ID number 109612745).

1681 SE 31ST CT
POULIN, CONCETTA (Voter ID number 120113349).

1682 SE 31ST CT
TRIOLET, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 119354173).

MONYHAN, BRANDI S. (Voter ID number 110312102).

1684 SE 24TH CT
CYRUS, RAWLE Ohene (Voter ID number 116471525).

1684 SE 30TH ST
GONZALEZ, ARELY R. (Voter ID number 114267192).

RIVERA, BENEDA (Voter ID number 106168240).
WIZNIAK, CONSUELO T. (Voter ID number 110256682).
WIZNIAK, JOHN (Voter ID number 110089958).

1685 SE 20TH RD
GELABERT, NICHOLE Kirsten (Voter ID number 117618291).
GELABERT, BRIAN A. (Voter ID number 109900495).

1685 SE 30TH ST
COBB, BRANDI L. (Voter ID number 109614488).

1685 SE 31ST CT
BRUERA, ALVARO A. (Voter ID number 118209961).

1686 SE 30TH ST
HUBERT, EDWINA Wyvonne (Voter ID number 118977405).

ANDERSON-HANNA, TAMERA Sue (Voter ID number 109750142).
HANNA, CHARLES Lee (Voter ID number 109750740).

WARREN, NEAL (Voter ID number 109039237).
WARREN, ROSCOE (Voter ID number 109033784).

1689 SE 31ST CT
BAILEY, KERWIN Trahern (Voter ID number 110147977).

BRICENO, VANESSA (Voter ID number 109772865).

1690 SE 18TH TER
MC CARTY, JENNIFER Lorraine (Voter ID number 110342203).
MC CARTY, MICHAEL Scott (Voter ID number 110305660).

1690 SE 24TH CT
HOSS, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 116308072).
MEAD, CHARMANE (Voter ID number 120866444).
MEAD, CRIS Alan (Voter ID number 120866448).
HOSS, MELINDA Sue (Voter ID number 110335646).

1690 SE 30TH ST
BROWN, CARLETTE Ingrid (Voter ID number 109298057).

1691 SE 30TH ST
MOREAU, YVROSE (Voter ID number 117272301).
CARLSEN, CHRISTOPHER Edward (Voter ID number 110332854).
WAGNER, NICOLE Lynn (Voter ID number 110332858).
ALDER, JOSEPH Neal (Voter ID number 116201364).

1692 SE 29TH CT
APT 200

BOULWARE, MARY Evelyn (Voter ID number 118579864).

1692 SE 29TH CT
UNIT #201

SANTOS, KEVIN Adonay (Voter ID number 110245838).

1692 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 104

HOPKINS, BRITNEY Elashya (Voter ID number 110199629).

1692 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 207

DAVIS, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number 110276164).

1692 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 106

BONILLA, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 115298559).

1692 SE 29TH CT
BRYAN, ANNE Kimberly (Voter ID number 115950457).
CURRY, LULA Mae (Voter ID number 109135668).

1692 SE 29TH CT
APT 107

PENATE, JULIA (Voter ID number 110246904).

1692 SE 29TH CT
APT 207

DAVIS, ASTRIN Nichole (Voter ID number 120045206).

1692 SE 29TH CT
UNIT 205

GOIMBERT, PADEN P. (Voter ID number 109594096).
LONG, SHIRLERA Agnes (Voter ID number 109418206).

1693 SE 30TH ST
SCHUMANN, MELISSA Virginia (Voter ID number 109993531).

RIVERA, JANET M. (Voter ID number 117228109).
GILES, JEFFREY Harold (Voter ID number 109083229).

STIEF, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 108934257).
STIEF, FREDERICK L. (Voter ID number 109037537).
STIEF, FREDERICK W. (Voter ID number 110230448).

KNOWLES, HOMER W. (Voter ID number 109493292).
KNOWLES, YVONNE C. (Voter ID number 110010556).

1697 SE 30TH ST
MARTINEZ, LEONEL Cervantes (Voter ID number 117726915).

MOLINA, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 117083942).

DOTY, A Murphy (Voter ID number 109903724).
DOTY, JOELE Bernadette (Voter ID number 109903729).
MACIAS, DIANA (Voter ID number 109867662).
MACIAS, JORGE Alberto (Voter ID number 110332763).

1698 SE 18TH TER
EHLERS, PABLITA (Voter ID number 114660106).

1698 SE 30TH ST
BLASINGAME, SABRINA Lynne (Voter ID number 116158594).
BLASINGAME, GARRET Leon (Voter ID number 115462456).
HARWELL, JARON Leonell (Voter ID number 114060604).

STOLINSKI, FRANK C. (Voter ID number 109118985).
STOLINSKI, FRANK C. (Voter ID number 117839714).
STOLINSKI, MARY Lou (Voter ID number 109118990).

IZQUIERDO, JOSE (Voter ID number 118850251).

1700 SE 18TH TER
CHAKLADER, ABDUL Salam (Voter ID number 109986947).
CHAKLADER, MAHMUDA (Voter ID number 115309560).

1700 SE 31ST CT
CORDLE, LESTER James (Voter ID number 110020810).
CORDLE, MARTHA Palma (Voter ID number 109399902).

STAPLETON, BRITTANY Alissa (Voter ID number 120646739).
DOUCETTE, LINDA Marie (Voter ID number 109593525).

DUNN, JOY Cally (Voter ID number 120955704).
DUNN, LAURA Lynn (Voter ID number 110300826).
DUNN, THOMAS Glenn (Voter ID number 110300822).

HIGDON, JOHN Alan (Voter ID number 120608505).
HIGDON, KELLY Jeanne (Voter ID number 120608508).
MEYERS, DOROTHY T. (Voter ID number 108987497).
MEYERS, JAMES P. (Voter ID number 109471589).

1701 SE 17TH AVE
CARLO, SYLMARIE (Voter ID number 109909348).
IRIZARRY, ANTHONY R. (Voter ID number 109752818).

1701 SE 20TH RD
BOWE, BRIGID Kathleen (Voter ID number 111786867).
BRADSHAW, STEVEN Hook (Voter ID number 112561788).

1702 SE 16TH AVE
LUGO, MARCELA Paola (Voter ID number 109552056).
LUGO, RAFAEL Joel (Voter ID number 109724443).

1702 SE 17TH AVE
FIORELLINO, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 109736025).
GESSEN PANTIN, GIBRAN (Voter ID number 116528885).

CROSTON, CHARLES Brian (Voter ID number 109308658).
WUSCHER, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 110237025).

TAYLOR, KAREN L. (Voter ID number 109785855).
TAYLOR, SARAH Lynn (Voter ID number 110035454).
TAYLOR, TOMMIE Norman (Voter ID number 109753700).

CONTRERAS, LUCY Ann (Voter ID number 117208614).
LOPEZ, ANDRES Manuel (Voter ID number 119141609).

ORINSTEIN, JAN Maria (Voter ID number 109175747).
ORINSTEIN, JERI Ann (Voter ID number 110074004).
ORINSTEIN, MARY (Voter ID number 109115316).
VEGA, DIEGO (Voter ID number 116079239).

BENOIT J, JEAN Lesly (Voter ID number 110163066).
BRUDERS, AMANDA Michele (Voter ID number 110070463).
NICKELL, MONICA D. (Voter ID number 109893715).
RAMIREZ, NATALIA (Voter ID number 114559630).

KRANENBURG, EDNA (Voter ID number 116833426).

GATRELL, DOUGLAS E. (Voter ID number 110068354).
GATRELL, PRISCILLA K. (Voter ID number 109104225).

1708 SE 31ST CT
CANE, CASSAUNDRA L. (Voter ID number 113907585).
CANE, CHRISTOPHER L. (Voter ID number 113865833).

GONZALEZ, HAROLD S. (Voter ID number 110282644).

WALLIS, MARGARET P. (Voter ID number 108949827).
WALLIS, PATRICK J. (Voter ID number 109207826).

WILLIAMS, RONALD Edward (Voter ID number 109423284).

DE STEFANO, FRANCES M. (Voter ID number 109895175).

1710 SE 18TH TER
ZAMBRANO, EVER A. (Voter ID number 120445046).

SCHOLLMEYER, LINDA L. (Voter ID number 109902910).

1711 SE 18TH TER
RIVAS, VIVIAN (Voter ID number 116822474).

FREHSE, PATRICIA Marie (Voter ID number 117310924).
MC INTYRE, LATONIA Renee (Voter ID number 109756299).

VORST, LAURA Anne (Voter ID number 120599818).

ALBREGTS, LARRY Eugene (Voter ID number 109630066).
ALBREGTS, RACHEL Lynn (Voter ID number 105208303).
ALBREGTS, SARA Kirby (Voter ID number 109055335).

WEETMAN, BARBARA L. (Voter ID number 109221150).
WEETMAN, JOHN L. (Voter ID number 109221359).

HERRERA, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 117566968).
HERRERA, BONIFACIO Alberto (Voter ID number 109029863).
HERRERA, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 114171549).

COLLINS, JULIE Anne (Voter ID number 109340322).
COLLINS, LEROY George (Voter ID number 108997769).
COLLINS, SANDRA Cogburn (Voter ID number 108956197).

LEE, ADELFIA Ann (Voter ID number 119083693).
GRIFFIN, LEON (Voter ID number 101758827).
WIGGINS, DEWADE (Voter ID number 120337518).

ROMERO, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 109296429).

RUSK, TOMA S. (Voter ID number 117778272).

1716 SE 31ST CT
NELLIS, JAMI A. (Voter ID number 115180759).

GUCCIARDO, JOSEPH S. (Voter ID number 109730480).
GUCCIARDO, TIFFANY Lynne (Voter ID number 109731890).

FLEMING, KATHERINE L. (Voter ID number 114051261).

BRADY, WILLIAM John (Voter ID number 117751566).

MIRANDA, YVONNE (Voter ID number 109499183).

SANTIAGO, CARMEN Socorro (Voter ID number 101700136).
SANTIAGO, KEVIN (Voter ID number 101777525).
SANTIAGO, MARK A. (Voter ID number 102500812).

TORBERT, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number 110301876).

RIOS, MADELYN Carmen (Voter ID number 117201897).
RIOS, ALFREDO Jose (Voter ID number 110013816).
RIOS, DYLAN K. (Voter ID number 114365055).
RIOS, ESTER (Voter ID number 109594971).
SKOG-RIOS, MEAGHAN Nerieda (Voter ID number 110306421).

1720 SE 18TH TER
ZAMUDIO, DINARIS (Voter ID number 109733237).
ZAMUDIO, RAMIRO (Voter ID number 115402959).

ALBERN, ROY (Voter ID number 109039236).

RICHARDSON, ODIS Jerald (Voter ID number 109004338).

SEEDS, TODD A. (Voter ID number 114191009).

1721 SE 16TH AVE
ROBERTS, MADISON Brice (Voter ID number 105199629).

1721 SE 17TH AVE
GUIDO, ANGELA V. (Voter ID number 114323957).
PEREZ, GERARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 114700352).

1721 SE 18TH TER
HUANUCO, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 120400518).
HUANUCO, MARIELA (Voter ID number 109931701).

HOPPE, MEGAN Rose (Voter ID number 120053731).
HOPPE, SANDRA A. (Voter ID number 109164766).
HOPPE, TRACY Lewis (Voter ID number 109658288).

1722 SE 16TH AVE
BROWN, ARTURO Josue (Voter ID number 110322426).
GONZALEZ, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 109958444).
GONZALEZ, MILAGROS De La Rosa (Voter ID number 110085644).
SPENCER, CARRIE Ann (Voter ID number 110166459).
SPENCER, COREY Colt (Voter ID number 110229940).

1722 SE 17TH AVE
RAICES, JAVIER E. (Voter ID number 118410631).

STROUD, JOHN Colby (Voter ID number 108939092).

REMINGTON, AUSTIN Allan (Voter ID number 116293374).
REMINGTON, CAROL (Voter ID number 109150340).
REMINGTON, KRISTINA D. (Voter ID number 118116630).
REMINGTON, KEVIN L. (Voter ID number 109422364).
REMINGTON, RAQUEL L. (Voter ID number 114394432).

EDWARDS, ROBERT Wendell (Voter ID number 109053168).
STEPHENS, MEGAN Ruth (Voter ID number 109568298).

LIBOFF, DAVID H. (Voter ID number 110172953).
SCOTT, ALAN Michael (Voter ID number 109615441).

WILBANKS, MATTANAH Ailee (Voter ID number 109432904).

COLLOVA, JILLIAN Kayne (Voter ID number 121149862).

ZIMMERMAN, ROSEMARIE Molina (Voter ID number 110178604).

WALLIS, ANGELA Suzanne (Voter ID number 109900012).

MORALES, CARMEN L. (Voter ID number 121122711).
PORTEA, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 121286857).
PORTELA, JUAN L. (Voter ID number 109312592).
PORTELA, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 109315236).

LOWENS, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 109899092).

1730 SE 18TH TER
BURRIS, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 110004614).
LEWIS, LARAINA Shanelle (Voter ID number 119538293).
WENTOR, MONA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110189095).

1730 SE 19TH AVE
JACKSON, JOHN Lebeau (Voter ID number 117687129).
JACKSON, JOHN (Voter ID number 116917452).
WILLIAMS, NICOLE Shenique (Voter ID number 116322781).

1730 SE 20TH TER
GOTT, DAVID Ethan (Voter ID number 119785845).

CABRERA, IDA Teresa (Voter ID number 109855154).

1731 SE 16TH AVE
MINGUELA, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 110253802).
MINGUELA, MIRIAM L. (Voter ID number 115875518).

1731 SE 17TH AVE
GILL, RAKESHPAL Singh (Voter ID number 120810940).
GILL, RUPINDER K. (Voter ID number 109505454).

KEEN, MICHAEL Thomas (Voter ID number 116995403).
SANGER, WARREN H. (Voter ID number 115362507).
KEEN, JODI K. (Voter ID number 109580986).

ARREAGA, CARLOS W. (Voter ID number 116528583).
ARREAGA, JONATHAN Jafet (Voter ID number 120352095).
ARREAGA, JORGE Washington (Voter ID number 114124937).
ARREAGA-JORDAN, KATHERINE L. (Voter ID number 116420335).

1732 SE 16TH AVE
FOSTER, STEFANII Renee (Voter ID number 110309414).

GROSS, JESSIE Virginia Byrd (Voter ID number 110206050).

GROSS, DOUGLAS Anderson (Voter ID number 109328938).
GROSS, MARY R. (Voter ID number 109328940).

ALI, ASAD (Voter ID number 116817877).
ALI, IRAM (Voter ID number 110202507).
ALI, SAMINA (Voter ID number 110227844).
ALI, SHAFQAT (Voter ID number 109157110).

CREARY, APRIL Devirgin (Voter ID number 110140777).
MONTIEL, MARK \jonathan (Voter ID number 110324055).

WILLIAMS, ROBIN Michelle (Voter ID number 109536340).

POWERS, KRISTIN Diane (Voter ID number 109706110).

DONIS, VILMA A. (Voter ID number 109849046).
MONTUFAR, EDWIN A. (Voter ID number 109847097).

LA CLAIR, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 109299189).

DONIS, BERTA (Voter ID number 117715276).

CORTINA, BARBARA (Voter ID number 118543204).

STEINHAUSER, FRANZ (Voter ID number 120395892).
STEINHAUSER, MARIA Pilar (Voter ID number 120395781).
STEINHAUSER, ROBERT (Voter ID number 120396133).

WALLACE, JOHN Alan (Voter ID number 109212552).

DIAZ, ELVA Irene (Voter ID number 115372916).
NERON, GARY J. (Voter ID number 114400630).

MCGUNAGLE, CHRISTY Marie (Voter ID number 120261839).
MC GUNAGLE, CAROL Morkill (Voter ID number 109125700).

SOTO, MARIEVELIS H. (Voter ID number 109783526).
CABRERA, ESTHER Lynn (Voter ID number 109497576).
PORTER, RITA Margaret (Voter ID number 108952073).

ROMERO, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 110040479).
ROMERO, ILEANA Faria (Voter ID number 109057229).
ROMERO, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 109687470).

1740 SE 18TH TER
ALVAREZ, EDUARDO L. (Voter ID number 109712468).
ENGLISH, JODI Brooke (Voter ID number 109608048).
RAMOS, GONZALO (Voter ID number 109259022).
RAMOS-REINA, SANDRA (Voter ID number 116496085).

1740 SE 19TH AVE
RUIZ, ANA Milena (Voter ID number 117351304).
RUIZ, EDWARD Antonio (Voter ID number 110090882).

1740 SE 20TH TER
TOWNSEND, EVELYN A. (Voter ID number 109668485).
TOWNSEND, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 109670054).
TOWNSEND, WENDY M. (Voter ID number 117071406).

FIGUEROA, SADIE (Voter ID number 109500046).

FORT, CHRISTOPHER L. (Voter ID number 109736619).
FORT, JESSICA A. (Voter ID number 115731842).

FIGUEROA, ANITA Hawkins (Voter ID number 108964151).
NORIEGA, ANGELICA (Voter ID number 109893719).

1741 SE 16TH AVE
CASTRO, ERIC Henry (Voter ID number 118271693).
MANRIQUEZ, MICHELLE Soules (Voter ID number 120856581).
PARMA, WESLEY James (Voter ID number 109575326).

1741 SE 17TH AVE
SCUDERE, THOMASINA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 116695907).
WILLIAMS, AYINDE L. (Voter ID number 118846802).
CLAMENS, RAYMOND (Voter ID number 114807315).

1741 SE 18TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, HEATHER L. (Voter ID number 109845071).
RODRIGUEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109656569).

1741 SE 20TH RD
BOCK, MARIE A. (Voter ID number 113885206).
BOCK, WARREN W. (Voter ID number 113885207).

ROBINSON, MONICA Jean (Voter ID number 109420783).

1742 SE 16TH AVE
ORTIZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 115899521).

1742 SE 17TH AVE
FORTIER, STEPHANE (Voter ID number 118570327).
CASTELLI, HERMAN (Voter ID number 114618148).

BURSLEY, DUSTIN L. (Voter ID number 110240139).

CABALLERO, PAUBLA R. (Voter ID number 120416094).
CACERES, VIVIANA A. (Voter ID number 118638785).

KOZUBSKI, JERZY Krzysztof (Voter ID number 110067010).
BITTNER, ELZBIETA Halina (Voter ID number 110013016).

COFFEY, CRYSTAL Lynn (Voter ID number 109435137).
COFFEY, JADEN Michael (Voter ID number 115894325).
COFFEY, PATRICK Michael (Voter ID number 109435127).
COFFEY, WANDA Gail (Voter ID number 109435144).

BOWEN, GAIL Jean (Voter ID number 118853572).
HERNANDEZ, LOURDES Z. (Voter ID number 109044281).
PETRY, TARA L. (Voter ID number 105910123).

MARCHAND, BRIGITTE (Voter ID number 120084940).
MARCHAND, MARITZA P. (Voter ID number 109804388).
MARCHAND, NELSON (Voter ID number 110119030).

MEJIA, AIDA Marily (Voter ID number 114591497).

ENDICOTT, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 109576628).
ENDICOTT, SCOTT C. (Voter ID number 109571589).

LAWRENCE, ANITA M. (Voter ID number 109850855).

MARTINEZ, MICHELLE Elaine (Voter ID number 109999272).
PATTERSON, SETH M. (Voter ID number 110218841).

BURKHART, CALVIN A. (Voter ID number 116908430).
BURKHART, MARY Dee (Voter ID number 109112799).

1750 SE 18TH TER
PRIETO, REBECCA Regla (Voter ID number 109198129).

1750 SE 19TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 120290112).
RODRIGUEZ, LETICIA M. (Voter ID number 109865069).

1750 SE 20TH TER
ESTRADA, LYNETTE (Voter ID number 109351883).

ACOSTA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 109826196).

1751 SE 18TH TER
AGUIRRE, SAMANTHA L. (Voter ID number 116213212).

1751 SE 20TH RD
FLYNN, MIVIA M. (Voter ID number 102105195).
SAPIENZA, LISA (Voter ID number 121079399).

JUDY, BRENDA M. (Voter ID number 110171879).
JUDY, SHAUN Michael (Voter ID number 109607837).

OCHOA, MIRNA A. (Voter ID number 109601630).
OCHOA, ALBERTO Jose (Voter ID number 113991605).

FIGUEROA, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109815166).
FIGUEROA, KENETH (Voter ID number 110012831).
SANJAR, RAMI Joseph (Voter ID number 109815866).

BONANNO, GLADYS N. (Voter ID number 110244432).

HERNANDEZ, KAELYN Marie (Voter ID number 120892374).
LEE, CARRIE Lynne (Voter ID number 109488881).

CABREJA, DOMINGO Federico (Voter ID number 109465446).
CAMPOS, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 121139581).

SANTIAGO, XIOMARA Riamonde (Voter ID number 114304602).

1760 SE 18TH TER
VILLACIS, CARLOS Andres (Voter ID number 119387939).

1760 SE 19TH AVE
TELLEZ, ELEAZAR (Voter ID number 117580571).

1760 SE 20TH TER
REZGUI, MOHAMED Rakib (Voter ID number 110286758).

1761 SE 19TH AVE
GATES, TALF Lavon (Voter ID number 102274547).
POWELL GATES, JANICE P. (Voter ID number 101855042).

1761 SE 20TH RD
VALDES, IVETTE Rojas (Voter ID number 110104162).
VALDES, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 109450992).

BOYT, RODGER D. (Voter ID number 109964667).
BOYT, STEVEN L. (Voter ID number 115238269).

1765 SE 20TH TER
NORMAN, CARMEN L. (Voter ID number 110184215).

GARCIA, SOFIA De Jesus (Voter ID number 116469223).
ALY, ALEJANDRO E. (Voter ID number 110106665).

PIKE, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 109278581).

1770 SE 18TH TER
VAZQUEZ, MIRIAM S. (Voter ID number 103094027).
AMARO, ELSA Diaz (Voter ID number 109044024).

1770 SE 20TH TER
DELGADO, ANGELICA (Voter ID number 109873756).
RENDON, ANTONIO J. (Voter ID number 109874466).

1771 SE 19TH AVE
CHIONG, SIGFRIDA Nabile (Voter ID number 116481686).
CHIONG, PRISCILLA (Voter ID number 110123563).

1771 SE 20TH RD
HERNANDEZ SANTIAGO, GEORLEEN (Voter ID number 120141665).

JONES, STEPHANIE Anita (Voter ID number 109486821).

DELGADO, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 109484974).

1780 SE 18TH TER
PORTALATIN, TRISHA Lee (Voter ID number 120541641).
SANTANA, CARLINA E. (Voter ID number 110331746).
SANTANA, ELVIN (Voter ID number 110321161).

1780 SE 20TH TER
GONZALEZ, EDWIN (Voter ID number 109813514).
GONZALEZ, JAIRO Edison (Voter ID number 109264663).
GONZALEZ, PATRICIA Elvira (Voter ID number 110035814).
GONZALEZ, ROSALBA (Voter ID number 109170737).

1781 SE 18TH TER
BENITEZ, SAMANTHA Anabelle (Voter ID number 115785000).
ROMEO, JOHN Joseph (Voter ID number 119195593).

1781 SE 19TH AVE
CALLEJAS, JORGE P. (Voter ID number 109680436).
URBAEZ, SORAYA E. (Voter ID number 109624097).

1781 SE 20TH RD
ELMS, DONALD Ray (Voter ID number 109527412).
HARRIS, KENTRENIA R. (Voter ID number 117720130).
NEAL, CRESSIDA (Voter ID number 121121301).

1785 SE 20TH TER
ANDINO, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 109603104).
ANDINO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 110065133).

1790 SE 18TH TER
DIAZ, LORENIA Ibeth (Voter ID number 116508696).
MACHADO, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 110181716).
DIAZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 116248259).

1790 SE 20TH TER
MCGILL, JADA Alexus (Voter ID number 121327066).
TANNER, ANTONIO Laveron (Voter ID number 109374244).
TANNER, MARIE Antoinette (Voter ID number 109581810).

1791 SE 18TH TER
DISTEFANO, GWENDOLYN (Voter ID number 100432935).
DISTEFANO, JOHN (Voter ID number 100510792).

1791 SE 19TH AVE
CABRERA, JORGE M. (Voter ID number 114697352).
CABRERA, JORGE (Voter ID number 109916895).
CABRERA, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 109050535).
CABRERA, VANESSA Maria (Voter ID number 110034246).

1791 SE 20TH RD
CELINE, NANCY M. (Voter ID number 116644399).

LANGELIER, ALVA Martha (Voter ID number 109471073).

1800 SE 16TH AVE
GUERRERO, DANIEL I. (Voter ID number 118845947).
MATOS, ORLIS (Voter ID number 116652591).
NOGUEIRA, MARIA (Voter ID number 116652618).

1800 SE 18TH TER
BALADO, VALERIA Beatriz (Voter ID number 116077363).

BOND, JEREMY Wade (Voter ID number 101730610).

1801 SE 14TH CIR
MONEYSMITH, SHELBY L. (Voter ID number 110060109).

1801 SE 17TH AVE
PUCCINELLI, SANDRO (Voter ID number 109069108).
PUCCINELLI, VINCEA Battle (Voter ID number 109035954).

1801 SE 18TH TER
LAZO PEREZ, LARRY (Voter ID number 109801268).
LAZO, NERY (Voter ID number 110102363).
LAZO, RAMON (Voter ID number 110117667).
PEREZ, LARRY Lazo (Voter ID number 109504067).

1801 SE 20TH RD
SANDBERG, DOROTHY L. (Voter ID number 101711995).
TYSHCHUK, LYUDMYLA (Voter ID number 117909163).
GLOVER, MARSHA L. (Voter ID number 114885596).

ZUKOWSKI, CHRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 109768660).

1802 SE 17TH AVE
SMITH, JEANNE M. (Voter ID number 110302992).
TORRES, MARGERITHE (Voter ID number 114505318).

CORDLE, KELLY Jean (Voter ID number 109604317).
SCOTT, PATRICIA Karen (Voter ID number 109734852).
SCOTT, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 116575854).

TAYLOR-ARIS, DORNA Marie (Voter ID number 116538997).
TAYLOR, DONNA (Voter ID number 116400572).

CARRAZANA, MAGDALENA (Voter ID number 109727325).
MENTOR, LIPHETE-FILS (Voter ID number 116504490).
TANG, SHARON (Voter ID number 102267933).
SOTO, NUBIA (Voter ID number 109741620).

1809 SE 20TH RD
LEIDECKER, DAVID Erik (Voter ID number 119608076).
REZENDE, DAYANE Abreu (Voter ID number 118831341).
RIBEIRO, DAHN Fayth (Voter ID number 115466316).

1810 SE 14TH CIR
BOXLEY, ALEXANDER D. (Voter ID number 109788271).
BOXLEY, ROSA-LYNN Marie (Voter ID number 109788273).
MURPHY, CASILDA Marie (Voter ID number 115782595).
RICHARD, CASILDA L. (Voter ID number 109936335).

1810 SE 16TH AVE
COOPER, ANTHONY La Mark (Voter ID number 109342358).
COOPER, DEBORAH K. (Voter ID number 109907463).

1810 SE 18TH TER
RIOS, MARJORIE Vanessa (Voter ID number 116880343).
YEPEZ, ALEX E. (Voter ID number 114433040).

1810 SE 20TH RD
ZIMBELMANN, ALINA Delacaridad (Voter ID number 109324863).
ZIMBELMANN, ELISSE (Voter ID number 119652564).
ZIMBELMANN, ERNEST (Voter ID number 110042793).

1811 SE 16TH AVE
FUENTE, EDUARDO Lorenzo (Voter ID number 120221534).
GONZALEZ, GRACIELA (Voter ID number 110183064).
GONZALEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109368178).

1811 SE 18TH TER
NAVARRO, YOEL Lazaro (Voter ID number 113998069).

CLEMENTS, DALE (Voter ID number 117006416).
CLEMENTS, LUCY Marie (Voter ID number 109060784).

ANDERSON, DAVID P. (Voter ID number 115892073).
ANDERSON, MARGARET S. (Voter ID number 117581387).
CASANOVA, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109639837).
CASANOVA, NIDIA Hortencia (Voter ID number 109641160).

1817 SE 20TH RD
MAESTRE, EDDYS Maria (Voter ID number 119385553).
MAESTRE, GABRIELLA Maria (Voter ID number 109914517).

1820 SE 17TH AVE
ZAMOYSKI, VERONICA Alexandra (Voter ID number 110000990).

1820 SE 18TH TER
CHURCHMAN, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number 119374997).
CHURCHMAN, STEVEN Mark (Voter ID number 115257387).
HEINBAUGH, CHERYL Ann (Voter ID number 110335038).

1820 SE 20TH RD
VELEZ, JESSE Andre (Voter ID number 109423731).
VELEZ, MIALING (Voter ID number 109534272).

1821 SE 14TH CIR
CAREY, DENISE M. (Voter ID number 116371206).
CAREY, JERMAINE Oneil (Voter ID number 110115452).

1821 SE 18TH TER
HODGE, LAURA E. (Voter ID number 110282130).
ROSARIO ROSA, JULIO Erique (Voter ID number 116742391).
NEGRON, CARMEN Yarixa (Voter ID number 116771840).

1822 SE 13TH ST
FERNANDEZ, STACEY M. (Voter ID number 119609750).

1824 SE 15TH ST
COLLINS, JEREMIAH L. (Voter ID number 119850534).
COLLINS, JOSIAH Lucio (Voter ID number 119078570).
BRANA, LORENZO (Voter ID number 116631315).

1828 SE 19TH ST
ALCALA, ARIAN (Voter ID number 120146066).

1830 SE 14TH CIR
MOLINARES, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 118116736).
MOLINARES, SAMUEL J. (Voter ID number 118113842).
MOLINARES, SHARYTYNE Olga (Voter ID number 109192590).

1830 SE 18TH TER
POSEY, BRANDY (Voter ID number 120733842).
POSEY, MATTHEW A. (Voter ID number 120733724).

1830 SE 20TH RD
HERNANDEZ, ARELYS Josefina (Voter ID number 118546256).

1831 SE 14TH CIR
BARLOW, JULIET A. (Voter ID number 109401149).

1831 SE 18TH TER
JULIAO, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109265609).
JULIAO, ROSARIO E. (Voter ID number 114529338).
JULIAO, JOHNATHAN (Voter ID number 116184578).

1832 SE 15TH ST
BELL, SEDRICK Lamont (Voter ID number 116067900).
JESTER, SHAMEKA Nicole (Voter ID number 109980328).

1833 SE 20TH RD
BARROW, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 119921888).
BARROW, DEWEY Wayne (Voter ID number 110152211).
BARROW, ISHBELL Jane (Voter ID number 114075050).

1840 SE 14TH CIR
LUGO, ASHLEY N. (Voter ID number 120260580).
PICO, ANGELA N. (Voter ID number 118842881).
EVORA, ELISA L. (Voter ID number 109397832).

1840 SE 14TH CT
LAGE RODRIGUEZ, CRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 109467329).
RODRIGUEZ, FRANKIE (Voter ID number 109483128).

1840 SE 15TH ST
CHEMALI, FELIPE Jose (Voter ID number 114856372).
QUIHUANGO, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 114579413).

1840 SE 20TH RD
VILLATORO, JESUS Alvaro (Voter ID number 117959320).

1841 SE 18TH TER
CLEARY, NIKA Marie (Voter ID number 110308414).

1841 SE 20TH RD
HASEITEL, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 113914447).
HASEITEL, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 114636034).

1843 SE 13TH ST
SODARO, DOUGLAS (Voter ID number 116899744).
CLARK, BRADLEY Charles (Voter ID number 110311116).

1847 SE 15TH ST
BENITEZ-VARGAS, LIZETTE (Voter ID number 109797214).
VARGAS, GUSTAVO Moises (Voter ID number 109784392).

1848 SE 15TH ST
DE ZAYAS, JENNIFER M. (Voter ID number 109613064).
DE ZAYAS, BRYAN Anthony (Voter ID number 109599388).

1849 SE 20TH AVE
BASOM, SANDRA Yvonne (Voter ID number 109033501).

1849 SE 20TH RD
LOZANO, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 116383955).
WRIGHT, ALMA H. (Voter ID number 118466899).
WRIGHT, ROBERT Merrill (Voter ID number 118243211).

1850 SE 18TH TER
JOSEPH HORTON, JAVONTE J. (Voter ID number 118833970).
JOSEPH, JEANETTA (Voter ID number 109391073).

1850 SE 20TH AVE
BLACK, DAVID Joseph (Voter ID number 117978246).
BLACK, JESSICA Cait (Voter ID number 110111613).
JEREZ, RICHARD Anthony (Voter ID number 109986516).
JEREZ, SAALIHA E. (Voter ID number 110262453).

1850 SE 20TH RD
TANDOC, EUGENIA Chan (Voter ID number 108938045).
TANDOC, RICHELIEU C. (Voter ID number 110002804).

1851 SE 18TH TER
MATHEU, CARLA L. (Voter ID number 109378536).

1851 SE 19TH AVE
LEAL, JORGE Alberto (Voter ID number 108959602).
ALMEIDA, IRAIDA (Voter ID number 109904448).

1853 SE 14TH ST
MORALES, LUZ Madeline (Voter ID number 109293781).
RAMOS, JONNATHAN (Voter ID number 109894034).
RAMOS, KATIRIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 116315334).

1854 SE 13TH ST
BEAR, JOEL E. (Voter ID number 118110173).
BENNETT, JESSICA L. (Voter ID number 117296720).
BENNETT, LEIGHTON Anthony John (Voter ID number 120767705).
BENNETT, LEIGHTON J. (Voter ID number 114131459).

1855 SE 13TH ST
ZIARNO, CHRISTOPHER James (Voter ID number 101193367).
ZIARNO, MELISSA G. (Voter ID number 120170462).

1855 SE 19TH ST
HOLZMAN, BERNARD H. (Voter ID number 109092584).
HOLZMAN, LINDA S. (Voter ID number 109016920).

1856 SE 15TH ST
GUERRA, NIKOLE (Voter ID number 119627255).
RIEKERS, BRIAN S. (Voter ID number 109982843).
RIEKERS, JESSICA Guerra (Voter ID number 116629505).

1856 SE 19TH ST
SANTOS, JOSE (Voter ID number 117145402).

1857 SE 14TH ST
MARTINEZ, JESUS M. (Voter ID number 116942542).

1857 SE 17TH ST
TERRY, SHIRLEY L. (Voter ID number 115014309).

1857 SE 20TH AVE
CISNEROS, PRISCILA Araceli (Voter ID number 119169292).
CISNEROS, FRANCISCO Gustavo (Voter ID number 109509076).
CISNEROS, JANNETH A. (Voter ID number 110179256).

1857 SE 20TH TER
BECKLES, KAREN Josephs (Voter ID number 109317378).
BECKLES, JOSEPH A. (Voter ID number 110020821).

1858 SE 13TH ST
MOE, SUZANNE Denise (Voter ID number 120151203).
NORIEGA DEL VALLE PE, MARCELA (Voter ID number 119995410).

1860 SE 18TH TER
FERNANDEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 110334607).

1860 SE 19TH AVE
RESTREPO, EDGAR (Voter ID number 109450956).
RESTREPO, LAUREN (Voter ID number 115661940).

1860 SE 20TH AVE
LOMBARD, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110099191).

1860 SE 20TH RD
JOYCE, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 113964475).

1860 SE 20TH TER
WESLIE, OSCAR T. (Voter ID number 114365931).

1861 SE 13TH ST
ROBLES, KATHERYN (Voter ID number 117587762).

1861 SE 14TH ST
LIGHTBOURNE, DAMAN (Voter ID number 116796538).
LIGHTBOURNE, DAMIAN (Voter ID number 114796197).
LIGHTBOURNE, ALICIA Beatrice (Voter ID number 113945817).

1861 SE 18TH TER
VAQUER, PABLO A. (Voter ID number 116282248).
VAQUER, PABLO M. (Voter ID number 109394407).
VAQUER, VANESA P. (Voter ID number 115233398).
VETTORELLO, PATRICIA Olga (Voter ID number 110176517).

1861 SE 19TH AVE
CILI, ERIC Joseph (Voter ID number 109496791).
CILI, PANEE (Voter ID number 115842504).

1864 SE 13TH ST
WILSON ELLZEY, NECIALETTE Gene (Voter ID number 116794521).

1865 SE 14TH ST
SANCHEZ, AMADOR (Voter ID number 109754651).
SANCHEZ, KRISTY Marie (Voter ID number 109749746).

1865 SE 20TH AVE
CRAIG, JUNE B. (Voter ID number 110226213).
CRAIG, TIMOTHY L. (Voter ID number 110226264).

1865 SE 20TH RD
RIVERA GONZALEZ, JONATHAN Luis (Voter ID number 116289774).
NOVOA, ROBERTO J. (Voter ID number 110293510).
RIVERA, EDWIN (Voter ID number 110123609).

1868 SE 13TH ST
LUNGSTROM, NEIL Ray (Voter ID number 110092183).

1869 SE 13TH ST
LAWRENCE, NANCY Yolanda (Voter ID number 109733240).

1869 SE 19TH ST
GODOY, JEFFREY James (Voter ID number 101732217).
TORRES, MONICA L. (Voter ID number 116882641).

1870 SE 19TH AVE
MC DERMOTT, GREGORY D. (Voter ID number 110262335).
MCDERMOTT, SUMMER A. (Voter ID number 115919830).

1870 SE 19TH ST
GONZALEZ, JASON Anthony (Voter ID number 114581045).
BROWN, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109191527).

1870 SE 20TH AVE
JAVED, TASNIM (Voter ID number 117549718).
JAVED, UMAIR (Voter ID number 109536341).

1870 SE 20TH RD
WATTS-MORENO, COURTNEY B. (Voter ID number 114918577).

1871 SE 18TH TER
TOMAS, JOANN (Voter ID number 109262795).
VELASCO, JOHN Manuel (Voter ID number 109187327).

1871 SE 19TH AVE
BAEZ, CORINNE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109969368).

1872 SE 13TH ST
LOUIS CHARLES, ZULINKA (Voter ID number 119781612).
LOUIS-CHARLES, WILLY (Voter ID number 102055745).
MICHEL, LAWRENCE (Voter ID number 114817108).
MICHEL, MCHARRY (Voter ID number 116283757).

1872 SE 15TH ST
MC QUEENEY, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 110300222).
WELLHAM, AUDREY Joan (Voter ID number 109208473).

1873 SE 13TH ST
VAZQUEZ, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 104192742).
CABRAL, EILEEN M. (Voter ID number 114155423).

1873 SE 14TH ST
GUILERMO, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 117045876).
LOPEZ, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 114442972).
LOPEZ, FAUSTINO (Voter ID number 109982495).

1873 SE 15TH ST
SAMAYOA, BARBARA Gail (Voter ID number 119091652).
SAMAYOA, SALVADOR Antonio (Voter ID number 119091651).

1873 SE 20TH TER
BAILEY, TAMAR Akelia (Voter ID number 109862921).
CODLING, KALISSE M. (Voter ID number 119455254).
CODLING, LINFORD (Voter ID number 110247326).
CODLING, YVONNE W. (Voter ID number 109600466).

1876 SE 13TH ST
HUFFMAN, MISTY Dawn (Voter ID number 110313522).
MARIN, ADRIAN A. (Voter ID number 110295991).

1876 SE 14TH CT
AMADOR, SANDRA P. (Voter ID number 116504920).
AMADORBARRETO, COREY Michael (Voter ID number 118087198).
AMADOR, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 110293649).

1877 SE 13TH ST
FERNANDEZ, TRACEY Lynn (Voter ID number 109287993).

1877 SE 14TH ST
RAMROOP, DALE (Voter ID number 110040403).

1877 SE 17TH ST
AMADIN, CHARLES Owen (Voter ID number 118059017).
FONRODONA VEGA, HEIDI Enid (Voter ID number 119537640).
CARLSTROM, BRIAN Terry (Voter ID number 121119956).
MARTINEZ, ERIC Alberto (Voter ID number 119537639).

1878 SE 17TH ST
JIMENEZ, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 110106324).

1880 SE 13TH ST
RODGERS, CHARLI Kate (Voter ID number 120151965).
RODGERS, VICTOR Lee (Voter ID number 120152022).

1880 SE 14TH CT
MEJIA, GONZALO (Voter ID number 110096866).
MEJIA, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 118532049).

1880 SE 14TH ST
RUSSO, SHARIELY (Voter ID number 109774319).

1880 SE 15TH ST
LOPEZ, ADOLFO (Voter ID number 110088357).

1880 SE 20TH RD
CHAMBERS, ITZELA L. (Voter ID number 110121047).

1881 SE 13TH ST
MAIGUEL-PEREZ, AURIL Delcarmen (Voter ID number 102256030).
PEREZ, JUAN Pablo (Voter ID number 115711344).

1881 SE 14TH ST
LOPEZ, CHRISTOPHER L. (Voter ID number 118549408).
LOPEZ, ILEANA Barcelo (Voter ID number 109264013).

1881 SE 15TH ST
CRUZ, LUZUMARIS (Voter ID number 116936875).
CRUZ, ELBA I. (Voter ID number 115875001).
CRUZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 115261340).

1883 SE 19TH ST
JOHANSON, BRIAN K. (Voter ID number 109292055).
JOHANSON, ELIZABETH Diaz (Voter ID number 109235170).
PETERSON, THERESA A. (Voter ID number 117187982).

1884 SE 13TH ST
WHITAKER, TINA Yvette (Voter ID number 109998407).

1884 SE 14TH ST
HENAO, CLARA A. (Voter ID number 116185625).
HENAO, MARIA V. (Voter ID number 110284555).

1884 SE 18TH ST
BAEZ, MELANIE Michelle (Voter ID number 118962816).
BAEZ, TAMARA M. (Voter ID number 110182069).
BAEZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109683522).

1884 SE 19TH ST
WAITE, NATALIE A. (Voter ID number 114688236).
WAITE, RUEL A. (Voter ID number 114628180).

1885 SE 13TH ST
MESSER, BOBBIE Budd (Voter ID number 109133295).

1885 SE 14TH ST
FERIA, NATALIE Marie (Voter ID number 109633223).

1885 SE 20TH RD
CAMPANELLI, JESSICA R. (Voter ID number 116644543).
MIELKE, PATRICIA Lynn (Voter ID number 119374068).
MIELKE, THEA Chevelle (Voter ID number 119373672).
VALLE, ELLIS Julio (Voter ID number 119296030).
VALLE, PAMELA Sue (Voter ID number 119290504).

1888 SE 13TH ST
GARCIA, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109403334).
GARCIA, DANIA Antich (Voter ID number 110181329).

1888 SE 14TH ST
AGUINAGALDE, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109665302).
ANGEL, CARLOS Andres (Voter ID number 117162515).
ANGEL, JESSICA Maria (Voter ID number 117298162).

1888 SE 17TH ST
GIRLING, ELETIA (Voter ID number 109911389).
WEBB, OSCAR Washington (Voter ID number 109419205).

1889 SE 13TH ST
CHAVEZ, BRENDA L. (Voter ID number 110088446).

1889 SE 14TH ST
HOEBELHEINRICH, GAYLON Albert (Voter ID number 110198581).
JOHNSON, KHRISTAL Teresa (Voter ID number 114508502).
PEDRAZA, GABRIEL Geronimo (Voter ID number 109482602).

1889 SE 15TH ST
PLUMEY, LISETTE (Voter ID number 110095788).
STEWARD, DION B. (Voter ID number 109360112).

1890 SE 18TH TER
GARCIA, ONDINA (Voter ID number 114701106).
GARCIA, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 114625154).

1890 SE 20TH AVE
ADAMS, DARLENE Andrews (Voter ID number 109071626).

1890 SE 20TH RD
KELLY, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 108917244).

1891 SE 19TH AVE
HANSEN, JEAN Kelley (Voter ID number 109561500).
NEUMAN, ROBERT Eric (Voter ID number 109254760).
HANSEN, BRYAN K. (Voter ID number 116282460).

1892 SE 14TH ST
CLARKE, CALIA D. (Voter ID number 119830735).
SINCLAIR, ALCIBIADES O. (Voter ID number 117076600).
GEORGE, MARTIN Jay (Voter ID number 108988739).
SINCLAIR, MALCOLM Xavier (Voter ID number 118326248).

1893 SE 14TH ST
JOHNSON, ANTOINETTE (Voter ID number 120398037).

1894 SE 13TH ST
MARTINEZ, LORENA Beatriz (Voter ID number 110328504).

1894 SE 14TH CT
FRAGA, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 116345627).

1895 SE 13TH ST
BARRIOS, ELIETTE Marisel (Voter ID number 118654015).

1895 SE 15TH ST
CRUZ, ALEXANDRA T. (Voter ID number 109854809).
VAZQUEZ, ANGELIQUE Selyna (Voter ID number 119251229).
VAZQUEZ, DELSA (Voter ID number 110731344).

1895 SE 20TH RD
BAENA, EDGAR (Voter ID number 102454218).

1897 SE 14TH ST
ARCE, GEORGE (Voter ID number 116576444).
ARCE, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 114312830).
ARCE, YVETTE (Voter ID number 109725253).

1897 SE 17TH ST
COPE, INA Renee (Voter ID number 120318320).
GARDNER, LORNA Beverly (Voter ID number 110018962).
GONZALEZ, ANGELA Marie (Voter ID number 109780794).
GONZALEZ, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109767026).
INNIS, RENEE Kimberley (Voter ID number 116541665).

1897 SE 18TH CT
SIGLER, GRACELYN Maria (Voter ID number 110113714).
SIGLER, HARRY B. (Voter ID number 109753971).

1898 SE 14TH CT
REGO, ELIO (Voter ID number 109731585).

1898 SE 15TH ST
ELLISON, BRANDY D. (Voter ID number 109732395).

1898 SE 17TH ST
DOSSIE, PORSHA Rachelle (Voter ID number 118476948).
FLIPPO, JOSEPH W. (Voter ID number 101688003).
JOHNSON, CRYSTAL L. (Voter ID number 101837735).
JOHNSON, ZINA S. (Voter ID number 116383424).

1898 SE 19TH ST
CARBALLO, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109812059).
CARBALLO, JANET (Voter ID number 110327540).
GRAVIER, JENNIFER Yamil (Voter ID number 109710887).

1899 SE 15TH ST
MENDOZA, MANUEL S. (Voter ID number 114270491).

1900 SE 22ND CT
JOYA, BRENDA Isabel (Voter ID number 109967611).

STAINES, DAVID Francis (Voter ID number 109874644).

1901 SE 14TH CIR
DANET, SHARON (Voter ID number 116608290).

1901 SE 14TH CT
FERNANDEZ DIAZ, ANASTACIA (Voter ID number 110324847).

1901 SE 14TH CIR
BOEHM, MARY E. (Voter ID number 110078268).
BOEHM, WILLIAM George (Voter ID number 110078539).
DANET, CHRISTOPHER John (Voter ID number 109756651).
DANET, CHRISTOPHER John (Voter ID number 115254458).
GRIMES, ODELIA E. (Voter ID number 110289787).

1901 SE 14TH CT
DIAZ, EDUARDO Raul (Voter ID number 110194554).

1901 SE 15TH ST
GREEN, CARLA Nicole (Voter ID number 109740802).
GREEN, GARY Patrick (Voter ID number 110161665).

1901 SE 16TH AVE
JOHNSON, LEROY (Voter ID number 101925160).
JOHNSON, YOLANDA Amelia (Voter ID number 109792848).
JOHNSON, DEREK Lynn (Voter ID number 110090982).

1901 SE 17TH AVE
ROSS, RICHARD C. (Voter ID number 110335764).

1902 SE 14TH CIR
HERRADORA, JAZMINA Lineth (Voter ID number 110192865).

1902 SE 14TH CT
DUTTON, SHERYL Lynn (Voter ID number 110213703).

GARCES, ANDREW Leonel (Voter ID number 109462874).
HUSBAND, PATRICIA Danyelle (Voter ID number 110286137).

1904 SE 17TH ST
LATIFF, MOHAMED O. (Voter ID number 118206896).
LATIFF, SAVITRI (Voter ID number 110187415).

RIVERA, DONALD Edwin (Voter ID number 121083924).

1905 SE 10TH ST
COLLAZO, DULCE Maria (Voter ID number 110296792).

1905 SE 17TH CT
WEIRBACH, NICOLE Wyatt (Voter ID number 110315014).
WEIRBACH, SCOTT (Voter ID number 110315013).

1905 SE 17TH ST
SUAREZ ACEVEDO, DANNA Catalina (Voter ID number 119290511).
SUAREZ, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 110073654).

1905 SE 18TH CT
GONZALEZ, RAQUEL V. (Voter ID number 118828379).

1906 SE 18TH ST
DONALDSON, LARHONDA Monique (Voter ID number 109390667).
DONALDSON, ERNEST James (Voter ID number 109460080).

1906 SE 23RD CT
VIELOT, YVES (Voter ID number 109502490).
VIELOT, TAWANNA (Voter ID number 109488112).
VIELOT, YVES (Voter ID number 110180265).

1908 SE 11TH ST
AGUAYO-CANO, NICOLE Sheree (Voter ID number 110079122).
CANO, SANTOS (Voter ID number 117734620).

1908 SE 21ST CT
FELICIANO, ANABELLE (Voter ID number 109862878).
FELICIANO, FELIX (Voter ID number 110284919).

1908 SE 23RD AVE
SMOOT-RUSSELL, THOMAS Anthony (Voter ID number 120719713).

CASTELLANO, MATTHEW P. (Voter ID number 110110386).
MERCADO, NICOLE (Voter ID number 115282173).

1909 SE 22ND CT
RIOS, PAULA A. (Voter ID number 117024882).
RIOS, DIEGO A. (Voter ID number 113917450).
VILLEGAS, SERGIO Alejandro (Voter ID number 113862761).

1911 SE 10TH ST
DE LA NUEZ, LLINY (Voter ID number 120767613).

1911 SE 14TH CIR
WEIER, DAVID Michael (Voter ID number 109061646).

1911 SE 15TH ST
APONTE, BELINDA Vanessa (Voter ID number 110332737).
GARCIA RODRIGUEZ, ELMYR (Voter ID number 121111781).
SANTIAGO CASTILLO, WALESKA (Voter ID number 121111761).
APONTE, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 110333921).
APONTE, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 114636940).
CORDOVA, JESUS (Voter ID number 114915875).

1912 SE 14TH ST
ECHAVARRIA, JOSUE (Voter ID number 110292193).
ECHAVARRIA, LISA R. (Voter ID number 115638770).

1912 SE 23RD AVE
GOODE, ZENIA Surellys (Voter ID number 109208403).

1912 SE 23RD CT
TAYLOR, MAVALEE Cecreta (Voter ID number 119691713).
TAYLOR, SAMUEL K. (Voter ID number 119691735).

1913 SE 14TH CT
HONG, DUNG N. (Voter ID number 118018789).
NGUYEN, HUYEN Thi (Voter ID number 115648365).

1913 SE 14TH ST
RIVAS, MARVIN G. (Voter ID number 115741837).
RIVAS, REBECCA Joy (Voter ID number 110149711).

1914 SE 17TH ST
SUMMERS, KRISTIE E. (Voter ID number 114404893).

1914 SE 19TH ST
SPRANKLE, LYDIA T. (Voter ID number 117489411).
SPRANKLE, ELLEN Fritton (Voter ID number 109068654).
SPRANKLE, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 116812443).

HILL, EDWIN L. (Voter ID number 109811137).
HILL, SHIRLEY Palmer (Voter ID number 109811136).

1915 SE 15TH ST
APONTE, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 110333920).
MELENDEZ, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 111825737).

1915 SE 17TH CT
ALAYETO, CARLOS Rene (Voter ID number 109117798).
MEDINA, NURY (Voter ID number 109697817).

1915 SE 17TH ST
PIEDRAHITA-DIAZ, JACKELINE (Voter ID number 110340679).

1915 SE 21ST CT
BROWN, DANNY Ray (Voter ID number 121293616).

1916 SE 11TH ST
GARCIA, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 115815234).
GARCIA, DAYANA (Voter ID number 116844796).

1916 SE 13TH ST
GERMAIN, MYRIAM (Voter ID number 121283963).
MATTISON, ALICE Loraine (Voter ID number 110076516).

1916 SE 14TH CT
DIAZ, BIANKA M. (Voter ID number 109642973).
FERNANDEZ, AMAURY M. (Voter ID number 109821348).
FERNANDEZ, RODOLFO M. (Voter ID number 109646002).

1916 SE 23RD AVE
ROSENBLATT, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 117352135).

1917 SE 14TH CT
GEE, JAMES Brooks (Voter ID number 110341280).

1917 SE 14TH ST
DORTA, GISELA (Voter ID number 109382608).

1917 SE 22ND CT
CERRITO, SHERYL Lee (Voter ID number 115261218).

1918 SE 12TH ST
BOVER, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109607138).
NISHIKAWA, NELCY (Voter ID number 109700584).

1918 SE 23RD CT
ROTHMAN, SHAN (Voter ID number 102130987).
WOLF, ALEXANDER James (Voter ID number 115612295).

1919 SE 13TH ST
GIRON, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 120915144).
PEREZ, MIRIAM Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109844609).

1919 SE 18TH CT
VEGA, MANUEL (Voter ID number 110257943).
VEGA, MARTHA (Voter ID number 117773521).

1920 SE 13TH ST
RAMIREZ, JACQUELINE Rose (Voter ID number 109854802).

1920 SE 14TH CIR
JARAMILLO, CELIA Cristina (Voter ID number 110022397).
MARQUET, WESLEY Allen (Voter ID number 114962983).

1920 SE 14TH ST
ARISMENDY, STEPHANIE D. (Voter ID number 118843741).
RICO, IRLANDA M. (Voter ID number 115908823).
RICO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109033073).
SOLA, JAVIER Ignacio (Voter ID number 109187074).
CARDONA, INGRID A. (Voter ID number 116281064).

1920 SE 16TH AVE
SEAVER, ALICE Rose (Voter ID number 110064894).

1920 SE 17TH AVE
DYER, VIELKA M. (Voter ID number 114787100).

1920 SE 23RD AVE
BARAGONA, ROSE Marie (Voter ID number 121178925).
COLBORN, KELLY B. (Voter ID number 118939644).
COLBORN, TIFFANY Lynn (Voter ID number 118939455).

1921 SE 14TH CT
MARQUEZ, RICHARD (Voter ID number 114492524).
MARQUEZ, AVINEL (Voter ID number 114467375).
WRIGHT, LAVARD Wayland (Voter ID number 109239161).

1921 SE 15TH ST
CASTILLO, LAURA (Voter ID number 110136669).

1921 SE 16TH AVE
KURAPACHERY, BAVOO (Voter ID number 110257016).
KURUPPACHERRY, MARY J. (Voter ID number 110153996).
LLITERAS, RICHARD James (Voter ID number 119522345).

1921 SE 17TH AVE
DE BAISE, LIDIA (Voter ID number 110183807).
DE BAISE, ENRICO (Voter ID number 110282052).

1922 SE 15TH ST
MANCINELLI, RICHARD Joseph (Voter ID number 109740288).
MANCINELLI, CRESILIA (Voter ID number 109790530).
MANCINELLI, VINCENT (Voter ID number 116000174).

1922 SE 22ND CT
PELLIGRA, ANNA Renza (Voter ID number 115614560).

1922 SE 23RD TER
HENRICH, JANE E. (Voter ID number 120126446).
HENRICH, RACHAEL Elizabeth (Voter ID number 114517414).

1923 SE 10TH ST
DE LEON, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109939277).

1923 SE 12TH ST
GUTIERREZ, DIANA (Voter ID number 115310160).

1923 SE 21ST CT
SAINT GERMAIN, FRITZ S. (Voter ID number 117002210).
SAINT-GERMAIN, YOLAINE (Voter ID number 115711598).

1924 SE 11TH ST
ALVAREZ, OMAR L. (Voter ID number 116506332).

1924 SE 17TH CT
SPIVEY, MONICA (Voter ID number 115571947).
SPIVEY, STEVEN James (Voter ID number 116099040).

1925 SE 17TH CT
MELGUIZO, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109539607).
MELGUIZO, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 109533056).
MELGUIZO, NATALIA Carolina (Voter ID number 109730474).
MELGUIZO, ANGEL Alberto (Voter ID number 109053137).

1925 SE 17TH ST
ROJAS, JACINTO Celestino (Voter ID number 109658475).
PIEDRAHITA, JULIETTE (Voter ID number 109611256).

1926 SE 23RD TER
VALENCIA, JESUS E. (Voter ID number 117974007).
VALENCIA, VICTORIA Elyse (Voter ID number 109997307).

1927 SE 22ND DR
SEIJO, LAZARO Jesus (Voter ID number 102323400).
SEIJO, MIRTA (Voter ID number 115795731).

1928 SE 12TH ST
FERNANDEZ, CHRISTIAN George (Voter ID number 110014049).
FERNANDEZ, MARIA Alejandra (Voter ID number 116466110).
FERNANDEZ, NORMA A. (Voter ID number 110129096).

1928 SE 19TH ST
LEWIS-HOLDEN, LAVERNE Denise (Voter ID number 121159403).

1928 SE 23RD AVE
CASTRO DIAZ, PEDRO (Voter ID number 119388873).
CASTRO, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 110128766).
LABORDE, VICTOR M. (Voter ID number 110128781).
MORALES, RAYMOND A. (Voter ID number 110088451).

1929 SE 11TH ST
BARNETT, MONIQUE Tashira (Voter ID number 109815999).
PUERTO, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 119878924).

1929 SE 12TH ST
VIVANCO, PEDRO (Voter ID number 110338233).

1929 SE 13TH ST
UBEDA, ADA I. (Voter ID number 120247058).

1929 SE 23RD TER
WALKER, LAURA Nicole (Voter ID number 114048565).

1930 SE 14TH CT
VASQUEZ, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 110334464).

1930 SE 14TH ST
BUCHITE, HERBERT Richard (Voter ID number 117597877).
CARRERAS, FRANK Rocco (Voter ID number 109835320).

1930 SE 22ND CT
HANCOCK, JEFFERY Dallas (Voter ID number 116566963).
HANCOCK, NOREEN (Voter ID number 120069014).
THELL, DANIEL John (Voter ID number 116153082).

1931 SE 14TH CT
PATINO, MARIA Del Socorro (Voter ID number 110342678).
PATINO, NELSON (Voter ID number 110342677).

1931 SE 14TH ST
FUENTES, ANNIA M. (Voter ID number 114432675).
FUENTES, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 116505393).

1931 SE 21ST CT
GRAHAM, EDWARD Patrick (Voter ID number 119312231).
GRAHAM, RYANN Kea (Voter ID number 119697412).

1932 SE 15TH ST
MARTIN, LISA A. (Voter ID number 116880185).

1932 SE 21ST CT
VERAS, INGRID Y. (Voter ID number 109593270).

1932 SE 23RD AVE
BROWN, LAURA S. (Voter ID number 120812187).
DONNELLY, MARY C. (Voter ID number 116872115).
BROWN, PAUL Frederick (Voter ID number 118640232).
MONTGOMERY, ERIN Hamilton (Voter ID number 114977696).

1932 SE 23RD RD
GIBBS, CYNTHIA Lyn (Voter ID number 109852827).

1932 SE 24TH AVE
KOCH, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 119972239).

1933 SE 18TH CT
PELAEZ, YARITZA E. (Voter ID number 114495085).
HOLLIDAY, DENISE C. (Voter ID number 116658983).
HOLLIDAY, JOHNNY M. (Voter ID number 116658956).
VERA, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 110101673).

1933 SE 22ND CT
SARRIA, KARLA G. (Voter ID number 116607320).
ZAPATA, GEORGINA A. (Voter ID number 120705325).
GARAY, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 117264209).

1933 SE 23RD TER
CASTILLO, ELIANNA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 119232070).
ZAMBRANO, EDWARD M. (Voter ID number 101902813).
ZAMBRANO, MARINELLY (Voter ID number 115775053).
CASTILLO PENA, MANUEL Eligio (Voter ID number 116349482).

1934 SE 17TH CT
MONTGOMERY, MARY Christina (Voter ID number 118853034).
MONTGOMERY, ROGER Parks (Voter ID number 114937754).

1934 SE 17TH ST
FIALLOS, EDEN Nazareth (Voter ID number 116489011).
FIALLOS, ALEJANDRO Jose (Voter ID number 110111164).

1934 SE 18TH ST
JEFFERSON, KHALILAH Quashay (Voter ID number 109506952).

1934 SE 23RD CT
KENNEDY, JANET Marie (Voter ID number 117961673).
TAMAYO, ITZEL A. (Voter ID number 115861728).
TAMAYO, RAFAEL Humberto (Voter ID number 119260079).
RUBERT, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 115585855).
TAMAYO, MARIA (Voter ID number 115861355).

1934 SE 23RD TER
ORTIZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 121006730).
SANCHEZ, SANDRA Ivette (Voter ID number 117009082).
WILLS, NATALIE Eloise (Voter ID number 102490396).

1935 SE 17TH CT
LUIS, JULIE D. (Voter ID number 114405959).
LUIS, MAIKEL (Voter ID number 114737098).

1935 SE 17TH ST
GONZALEZ, MARIA-ELA F. (Voter ID number 117584176).
GONZALEZ, JANELY G. (Voter ID number 119888064).
RODRIGUEZ, MARILU (Voter ID number 110048041).

1935 SE 18TH ST
CAMEJO, JOE (Voter ID number 109977885).
OCHOA, ANA R. (Voter ID number 120200337).
CAMEJO, ADELAIDA (Voter ID number 115548834).
CAMEJO, MELISSA (Voter ID number 114365015).

1935 SE 22ND DR
BROWN, FAITH Marville (Voter ID number 109073617).
HILL, NORTRIVAH Faith (Voter ID number 119012742).
HILL, CARRINGTON Lee (Voter ID number 116271693).

1935 SE 23RD RD
SHOOT, LAWRENCE Michael (Voter ID number 110143184).

1935 SE 24TH TER
SCARDINA, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 119077877).
AKERS, TODD James (Voter ID number 110159798).
MOORE, KORI Holley (Voter ID number 116314521).
MOORE, RODERICK Wendell (Voter ID number 116314511).

1936 SE 24TH AVE
LOPEZ, ORESTES V. (Voter ID number 102471614).
GODWIN, WALLACE Belmont (Voter ID number 117932468).

1937 SE 24TH AVE
KRUEGER, JEROME Allan (Voter ID number 117730130).
KRUEGER, KAREN L. (Voter ID number 117730001).

1938 SE 12TH ST
SANCHEZ, ARACELI (Voter ID number 109341343).
TICAS, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 120889166).

1938 SE 22ND CT
ALCINDOR, NEVINSTHON Steven (Voter ID number 117147843).
ALCINDOR, NEVINSTHON Steven (Voter ID number 117941836).
RIVERA, EDELISSE V. (Voter ID number 117943722).
ALCINDOR, MARLEN (Voter ID number 116275223).

1938 SE 23RD TER
GUERRERO, VANESSA (Voter ID number 114365334).
ZAPATA, STEVE (Voter ID number 110325291).

1939 SE 11TH ST
HUTCHINSON, LORETTA Garner (Voter ID number 108948982).
HUTCHINSON, JOHN Kevin (Voter ID number 121186553).
SMOTTS, JEAN Elizabeth Yubeta (Voter ID number 118122400).

1939 SE 12TH ST
AMMAR, ZEKIEH Sabina (Voter ID number 119358661).
MONSALVE, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 120520391).
GOMEZ, MARCOS (Voter ID number 110077214).

1939 SE 13TH ST
ORTIZ, DARREN J. (Voter ID number 119621549).

1939 SE 21ST CT
MILLER, SCOTT Leslie (Voter ID number 109040796).

1939 SE 23RD RD
JACKSON, RONNA K. (Voter ID number 116827278).

1939 SE 24TH TER
PATEL, SANJAYKUMAR S. (Voter ID number 110173588).

1940 SE 13TH ST
PAVUK, DONNA Marie (Voter ID number 110335762).

1940 SE 14TH CT
ANDINO TORRES, JUAN (Voter ID number 121338224).

1940 SE 14TH ST
COSIO, LAYDA Morales (Voter ID number 109909019).
COSIO, CHRISTOPHER M. (Voter ID number 110176911).
PAYNE, DERRICK E. (Voter ID number 110283204).

1940 SE 21ST CT
SOLOMON, PEGGY Ann (Voter ID number 116604794).

1940 SE 23RD RD
ROSARIO, RUBEN Candelario (Voter ID number 120944727).

1940 SE 24TH TER
DIAZ, FATIMA-GRACE MURO (Voter ID number 107391166).

1940 SE 24TH AVE
BRIDGES, ANDREW Russell (Voter ID number 114218868).

1940 SE 24TH TER
BILLINGSLEY, LAQUALAN Monsheldrick (Voter ID number 116460859).
SOLER, RICARDO (Voter ID number 121114633).
SOLER, SYLVIA Elena (Voter ID number 116077815).

1941 SE 10TH ST
MARTINEZ, LISSANDRA (Voter ID number 110334263).

1941 SE 14TH CT
CARRILLO, ANITA (Voter ID number 109892811).
BURGOS, JOSE Francisco (Voter ID number 109871905).

1941 SE 14TH ST
BARNES, ANDRAE R. (Voter ID number 116810391).
BARNES, ANDRAE Rashad (Voter ID number 109994698).
BARNES, CINDY L. (Voter ID number 116842269).
RODRIGUEZ, FRANCES Marie (Voter ID number 110153160).

1941 SE 15TH ST
SALAZAR, DAVID Marcos (Voter ID number 120845435).

1941 SE 22ND CT
JOHNSON, ANNE J. (Voter ID number 109299041).
JOHNSON, JOHN T. (Voter ID number 109294444).

1941 SE 23RD TER
KORN, LINDSAY L. (Voter ID number 114527514).

1941 SE 24TH AVE
SOTUS, DOROTHY A. (Voter ID number 109090560).

1942 SE 23RD CT
COBB, EVANS La Varne (Voter ID number 109550119).

1942 SE 23RD TER
OSPINA, CARLINA (Voter ID number 109524832).
OSPINA, GERMAN A. (Voter ID number 116825683).

1943 SE 22ND DR
LATIFF, BIBI F. (Voter ID number 110233165).
LATIFF, MOHAMED K. (Voter ID number 116645731).

1944 SE 24TH AVE
VALERIO, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 120316200).
VALERIO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110320561).
VALERIO, BERTHA S. (Voter ID number 110331449).

1944 SE 24TH TER
BROWN, JOHN Paul (Voter ID number 117220994).
WARREN, DIANE M. (Voter ID number 110189799).
FURNAGIEV, JAMI R. (Voter ID number 115449804).
BROWN, CELIA M. (Voter ID number 117869591).

1945 SE 23RD TER
ZEHR, BRUCE J. (Voter ID number 117829457).

1945 SE 24TH AVE
REYES, SUZANNE Giroux (Voter ID number 109499232).
SANTANA, ELAINE Marie (Voter ID number 114840081).

1947 SE 10TH ST
GARCIA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110025805).
GARCIA, MARIANELA Laura (Voter ID number 119678437).

1947 SE 23RD RD
PRATT, KENNETH John (Voter ID number 114100380).
KERENSKY, DANIELLE E. (Voter ID number 114100416).

1948 SE 11TH ST
WADE, JOHN S. (Voter ID number 113912443).
WADE, KATHERINE A. (Voter ID number 113917671).

1948 SE 23RD AVE
ROBERTSON, MARK W. (Voter ID number 108264909).

1948 SE 23RD RD
BRADLEY, JOSEPH Doniphin (Voter ID number 114222043).
BRADLEY, REBECCA A. (Voter ID number 114343682).

1949 SE 11TH ST
MILEY, CHARLIE William (Voter ID number 109178515).

1949 SE 22ND CT
CABRERA, RAUL R. (Voter ID number 109356416).
CABRERA, SHELLI Lee (Voter ID number 110145194).

1949 SE 23RD TER
BELANGER, ROBIN Bruce (Voter ID number 114916818).

1950 SE 23RD TER
ABELLO, ALDO Jose (Voter ID number 110153133).

1951 SE 15TH ST
ASENCIO, ANDRIA (Voter ID number 110298951).
MIRANDA, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 110246574).

1951 SE 23RD RD
TEITSORT, MATTHEW ALAN (Voter ID number 115222893).

1951 SE 24TH TER
WILLEM, CURT Juergen (Voter ID number 109363305).
WILLEM, DULCE R. (Voter ID number 109434273).

1952 SE 10TH ST
CARRANZA, JOSE F. (Voter ID number 111419570).
TRAVIESO, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 111387963).

1952 SE 24TH AVE
TOWNSEND, LA Wanda Edwina (Voter ID number 109709156).

1953 SE 10TH ST
CORNELIUS, CYNTHIA Ann (Voter ID number 109974633).

1953 SE 24TH AVE
CHAHTI, MOHAMMED (Voter ID number 120088168).

1954 SE 22ND CT
WISDOM, PATRICK Anthony (Voter ID number 109558469).

1954 SE 23RD TER
LOCKARD, PAUL Jason (Voter ID number 114564274).

1954 SE 24TH TER
ENCALADA, ADABEL (Voter ID number 109533895).
RUBIO, CHRISTOPHER Richard (Voter ID number 109573744).

1955 SE 21ST CT
CORNEJO, ISABEL C. (Voter ID number 109702835).
CORNEJO, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 115055561).
DOMINGUEZ-ALVAREZ, FREDDY Ivan (Voter ID number 115069502).
JABER, KAREEM (Voter ID number 115257106).

1956 SE 11TH ST
KLINE, INGRID (Voter ID number 109405912).
KLINE, RONALD A. (Voter ID number 110253308).

1956 SE 21ST CT
VERAS, YUDIBETH (Voter ID number 109729381).
BENAVIDES, RICHARD S. (Voter ID number 109732872).

1957 SE 22ND CT
CHANG, RAPHAEL (Voter ID number 116652277).
MORALES, ODELKYS (Voter ID number 115866515).
MORALES, PABLO R. (Voter ID number 115890365).

1958 SE 10TH ST
MYERS, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110303081).
BARNES, SEAN Christopher (Voter ID number 115879419).

1958 SE 12TH ST
ESPINOZA, CLAUDIO C. (Voter ID number 115879793).

1958 SE 15TH CT
CLEMONS, ERIC Wayman (Voter ID number 118713024).
PEYTON, MARK Anthony (Voter ID number 115115949).

1958 SE 23RD CT
PEREZ, YOLANI Lisbeth (Voter ID number 118361167).

1958 SE 24TH TER
WONG, DAVINA Sabrina (Voter ID number 102480710).

1959 SE 10TH ST
SOLOMON, LATIESHA G. (Voter ID number 114466943).

1959 SE 12TH ST
GARCIA, STEFAN Gabriel (Voter ID number 121083850).
GARCIA, GABRIEL Eligio (Voter ID number 109538365).
GARCIA, SORAYA (Voter ID number 109308987).

1959 SE 13TH ST
EADES, WILLIAM Michael (Voter ID number 109550054).
FERNANDEZ, MYRTHA I. (Voter ID number 101992025).
TORRES, JUAN Diaz (Voter ID number 101913621).

1959 SE 23RD RD
WONG, PAUL W. (Voter ID number 110106337).

1960 SE 23RD AVE
ENRIQUEZ, ROBERT (Voter ID number 115396605).

1960 SE 24TH AVE
DORT, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 114693398).
CANTY, JAMEL Morenzo (Voter ID number 110136220).

1962 SE 22ND CT
VALDES, VIVIANA M. (Voter ID number 109730041).
VALDES, JUANA (Voter ID number 109216148).

1962 SE 23RD TER
DAVILA, JENNIFER Anne (Voter ID number 115515026).
DAVILA, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 110292485).
QUINONES, GEORGE Inez (Voter ID number 109095533).

1962 SE 24TH TER
GRAY, CHRISTI Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109901584).
SOLTZ, JOAN Snell (Voter ID number 108946686).

1963 SE 23RD TER
DELGADO, ASTRED (Voter ID number 102313530).
SENABRE, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 109893765).

1963 SE 24TH TER
CRUZ GARCIA, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 119108989).
ROMERO REYES, NOEMI (Voter ID number 119109555).

1964 SE 11TH ST
HERNANDEZ SANTIAGO, ANTHONY Mark (Voter ID number 121276010).
MATTHEWS, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 110240049).

1964 SE 21ST CT
TAYLOR, SHARI L. (Voter ID number 117684516).

1964 SE 23RD AVE
VIEIRA, BADRUL B. (Voter ID number 118307823).
VIEIRA, RONALD (Voter ID number 118307818).

1964 SE 23RD RD
SCHELP, SHANNON Wayne (Voter ID number 115972646).

1964 SE 24TH AVE
PAEZ, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number 119907290).

1965 SE 10TH ST
ALVAREZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 110062856).

1965 SE 22ND CT
HASKINS, DEVIN M. (Voter ID number 120249305).

1966 SE 23RD CT
MALTBY, DIANE R. (Voter ID number 109216021).
MALTBY, WESLEY Carter (Voter ID number 108998232).

1966 SE 23RD TER
FERRE, CORINE M. (Voter ID number 109998605).

1966 SE 24TH TER
POLANCO, SANDRA Leticia (Voter ID number 119469181).

1967 SE 22ND DR
WALKER, LYNN E. (Voter ID number 111451366).

1967 SE 23RD RD
HERNANDEZ, ANA Ruth (Voter ID number 110187448).
LOZANO, ODAIR J. (Voter ID number 110233591).
RIVERA, MARIA Sonia (Voter ID number 109931891).
RIVERA, YARITZA (Voter ID number 119619687).

1967 SE 23RD TER
MAXWELL, JAMES Alden (Voter ID number 120821085).

1968 SE 12TH ST
SOSA, MIRTA Rojas (Voter ID number 114368440).

1968 SE 23RD AVE
GOTAY, SANDRA (Voter ID number 110123207).

1968 SE 23RD RD
AGUILERA, SUSAN Nicole (Voter ID number 120434911).
AGUILERA, SUSAN Mary (Voter ID number 109302366).

1968 SE 24TH AVE
BALSERA, CHARLOTTE Lee (Voter ID number 109135468).

1969 SE 24TH AVE
CLARKE, DANIEL Clement (Voter ID number 114030084).

1970 SE 23RD AVE
JOHNSON, MARCELA (Voter ID number 110252145).

1970 SE 23RD TER
JOHNSON, PHILLIP Andrew (Voter ID number 109800249).
JOHNSON, PHILLIP Andrew (Voter ID number 119708632).

1971 SE 23RD RD
DALKO, ALYSON Danyell (Voter ID number 119514306).

1972 SE 10TH ST
GOUDREAU, ALEXANDRA Rae (Voter ID number 117657212).
DUNBAR, JULI A. (Voter ID number 110062460).

1972 SE 11TH ST
RIVAS, MARIA (Voter ID number 120301860).

1972 SE 21ST CT
SCHUMACHER, CHARLES G. (Voter ID number 115960668).
SCHUMACHER, PAMELA L. (Voter ID number 115960730).

1972 SE 23RD AVE
RAMIREZ HUILA, DORLY Yenni (Voter ID number 119502013).
GUEVARA, HANS J. (Voter ID number 114179248).

1972 SE 23RD RD
WILSON, RENATA L. (Voter ID number 115162501).
WILSON, ROBBY Lane (Voter ID number 115162497).

1973 SE 22ND CT
KIFFMEYER, BRENDA Kay (Voter ID number 113294479).

1973 SE 24TH AVE
AVILES ARROYO, VICTOR (Voter ID number 106179131).
DAVILA, BLANCA (Voter ID number 106179312).
STANLEY, JACKIE Lynn (Voter ID number 113954852).
STANLEY, THOMAS Wayne (Voter ID number 110342512).

1974 SE 23RD CT
SANTAMARIA, RAFAEL Alberto (Voter ID number 109603079).
SANTAMARIA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 115687106).

1975 SE 14TH ST
HERNANDEZ BAYRON, TAHISHA Irma (Voter ID number 121106447).

1975 SE 23RD CT
ECHABURU, TEODORO Javier (Voter ID number 120504653).

1975 SE 23RD RD
BOPE, BONITA Ann (Voter ID number 109331687).

1975 SE 23RD TER
MARTIN, ANA M. (Voter ID number 116431065).
MARTIN, MAXIMILIANO J. (Voter ID number 109743315).

1976 SE 13TH ST
FUENTES VONTROBA, BARBARA (Voter ID number 118489398).

1976 SE 14TH ST
SALOMONE, STACY Marie (Voter ID number 118821509).

1976 SE 23RD RD
CHARLES, CYPRUS Monique (Voter ID number 119793341).
CHARLES, IAN Michael (Voter ID number 118724437).

1977 SE 10TH ST
GONZALEZ, CARIDAD T. (Voter ID number 120184868).
GONZALEZ, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 110311475).
GONZALEZ, SERGIO (Voter ID number 115769182).

1978 SE 12TH ST
DOMINGUEZ, GRETCHEN (Voter ID number 110302396).

1978 SE 15TH CT
FRANCO, ARLENE (Voter ID number 115609628).
GALAN, ALEX E. (Voter ID number 109613627).

1978 SE 23RD TER
MCPHERSON, JENNIFER Nicole (Voter ID number 115902601).

1979 SE 21ST CT
BOLIVAR, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 110012645).
ROBINSON, CAROLYN Juanita (Voter ID number 114687027).
ROBINSON, WILBURT Otis (Voter ID number 115067355).

1979 SE 23RD AVE
STAINES, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 120432263).

1979 SE 23RD TER
HERBIG, ANGIE (Voter ID number 110196622).
HERBIG, JERRICK L. (Voter ID number 109815944).

1980 SE 11TH ST
ALVAREZ, ADALBERTO (Voter ID number 110032543).

1980 SE 23RD RD
GUTIERREZ, GIOVANNA M. (Voter ID number 120254412).
SUCLLA, CESAR J. (Voter ID number 120254294).

1980 SE 24TH AVE
CAMPOS, JONATHAN A. (Voter ID number 110032365).
LLUBERAS, WILMA M. (Voter ID number 119394307).

1981 SE 18TH ST
TORRES, DANIELLE M. (Voter ID number 110126755).

1982 SE 18TH ST
GARCIA, JEREMY Aaron (Voter ID number 119436907).
GARCIA, JUANA Yvette (Voter ID number 109307752).
FABREGAT, ADDYS (Voter ID number 109171503).

1983 SE 10TH ST
NEGRON ORTIZ, EDDIE (Voter ID number 121043085).
BEAUSIL, HARAVE (Voter ID number 119322263).

1983 SE 23RD RD
BAJOS, RAFAEL E. (Voter ID number 110337356).

1983 SE 23RD TER
LEWTER, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 120460833).
LEWTER, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 116315275).
WOODWARD, ALEXIS L. (Voter ID number 110338835).

1983 SE 23RD RD
HERNANDEZ, ISMENIA T. (Voter ID number 116221170).

1984 SE 19TH ST
GUEVARA, LISAMARIE (Voter ID number 118094384).
LOPEZ, IDORIS P. (Voter ID number 116780489).

1984 SE 23RD AVE
RAMAGE, JAMES Allen (Voter ID number 114965685).

1984 SE 23RD RD
COBURN, JENNIFER Alison (Voter ID number 116082524).
COBURN, TYLER Jason (Voter ID number 121287007).
COBURN, SHARON A. (Voter ID number 115452550).

1984 SE 24TH AVE
DEL BOCCIO, LEE Ann (Voter ID number 109995965).
NINO, LEE A. (Voter ID number 114941483).

1985 SE 14TH ST
CHANCE, CHRISTIEN Julian (Voter ID number 115918602).
JACKSON, COURTNEY G. (Voter ID number 114418306).
JACKSON, RACQUELL S. (Voter ID number 102365926).
JACKSON-DUBLIN, NATASHA Fiona (Voter ID number 114883679).
JACKSON, TIFFANY G. (Voter ID number 117122755).

1986 SE 13TH ST
PEREZ-MARTINEZ, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 119808691).
PINARES DE LAFE, ANIA (Voter ID number 120346163).

1986 SE 14TH ST
GARCIA, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 118409396).

1986 SE 23RD RD
GRAP, JOHN Michael (Voter ID number 119295770).
WASHINGTON, DAVID Lee (Voter ID number 118138923).

1986 SE 23RD TER
ANTHONY, HOLLY (Voter ID number 117354433).
FLORES, REINALDO T. (Voter ID number 116366230).

1987 SE 14TH CT
CHACON, JOSHUA D. (Voter ID number 110322427).

1987 SE 15TH ST
RODRIGUEZ PUERTO, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 118525247).

1987 SE 21ST CT
FORKIN, FILKA (Voter ID number 118554503).
NIETO, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 118148669).

1987 SE 23RD RD
TIDWELL, ROY Henry (Voter ID number 118155723).
MOLLER, TIM Alan (Voter ID number 120848037).

1987 SE 23RD TER
CLAYTON, JACOB Kendall (Voter ID number 120117671).
CLAYTON, MARGARET J. (Voter ID number 120121662).
JONES, EMMANUEL Lewis (Voter ID number 115201989).

1988 SE 12TH ST
MARTINEZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 115282013).
ARANGO, YANISE (Voter ID number 119679657).

1988 SE 15TH CT
CROWLEY, KAREN Aixa (Voter ID number 113857525).

1988 SE 23RD AVE
BIRTS, KATINA Perry (Voter ID number 109368864).
BIRTS, MICHAEL Jaraee (Voter ID number 118521830).
BIRTS, MICHEAL (Voter ID number 109692199).

1989 SE 12TH ST
PERRONE, JOSEPH S. (Voter ID number 109879703).
FLORES, MARIOLA Michel (Voter ID number 110151040).
PIZARRO VELEZ, KHRISTIAN F. (Voter ID number 115152309).

1989 SE 13TH ST
FRANCIS, WINNIEFRED Ricketts (Voter ID number 110144698).

ANDERSON, AURELIA Davenport (Voter ID number 116478812).
BATISTA, MARTHA Barbara (Voter ID number 109214231).
DE CALDERA, DORA (Voter ID number 116479122).
KARALUS, ELSE (Voter ID number 116478950).
LEWIS, JAMES Everett (Voter ID number 114290275).
PEREZ, ESTHER (Voter ID number 109666128).
WARD, ELIZA Pauline (Voter ID number 110045984).

APT A-305

CHANEY, LIZZIE (Voter ID number 115281650).

ALFONSO, OLGA (Voter ID number 110046292).
BEAUPRE, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 101433682).
BOWE, HAZEL (Voter ID number 117210757).
CALDER, VIRGINIA Lee (Voter ID number 109145237).
CARROLL, EILEEN R. (Voter ID number 103677754).
CHANEY, LIZZE (Voter ID number 109004407).
CORRELL, MADELON (Voter ID number 112527208).
DARREN, LESLEY Elaine (Voter ID number 109792032).
DOYLE, PHEBE A. (Voter ID number 113911560).
DUNHAN, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 114084174).
ELLIS, ETHEL (Voter ID number 110200614).
ESTORINO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109283673).
FRANCISCO, MARTA (Voter ID number 109918871).
GONZALEZ, ALMA (Voter ID number 110095221).
GONZALEZ, ANGELA (Voter ID number 110136273).
GRASON, JULIA M. (Voter ID number 109140186).
IRIZARRY, RAMON J. (Voter ID number 109303052).
JONES, ROBERT (Voter ID number 110200666).
KOWALESKI, ROSA M. (Voter ID number 109599768).
MC CLENDON, LOUISE (Voter ID number 109004517).
MERCIER, GERARD (Voter ID number 110136272).
MURPHY, DONALD E. (Voter ID number 110136274).
NICKERSON, SUSAN Ann (Voter ID number 108950363).
PARETS, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 104537216).
PERCH, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 110303971).
RIUSECH, ENRIQUE A. (Voter ID number 109688658).
RUBIO, JAIME Ernesto (Voter ID number 109423005).
SINKFIELD, L C. (Voter ID number 109075856).
TOUS, ELSITA (Voter ID number 115281806).
VILLOCH, LEDA (Voter ID number 109052013).
WHITNEY, GERALD Thomas (Voter ID number 108950522).

APT 303A

TUCKER, LULA (Voter ID number 113895440).

APT 312 B

MONTILLA, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 109558312).

APT 415 B

JACKSON, DENNARD L. (Voter ID number 120401338).

RM 204 A

BERRIOS, JUSTINA (Voter ID number 110272879).

RM 314 B

ELLISON, JUNE Moore (Voter ID number 109028642).

RM 417

PALMER, DOROTHY Jeanne (Voter ID number 101813614).

RM 506

KNAGGS, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 110264577).

1990 SE 23RD CT
BOMBATA, ELIZABETH O. (Voter ID number 119645630).
POCZONTEK, JAMIN Michael (Voter ID number 118948818).
POCZONTEK, ZAIDAT A. (Voter ID number 120397617).
WOMBLE, JASON H. (Voter ID number 114008943).

1992 SE 23RD AVE
VELEZ, JULIAN (Voter ID number 115810660).

1995 SE 14TH ST
VILLALBA, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 109709891).

1995 SE 18TH CT
PEREIRA, HERBERT F. (Voter ID number 110337812).
MICKLES, GRACE A. (Voter ID number 109983544).

1995 SE 18TH ST
WELCH, WILLIAM Gould (Voter ID number 120981926).
MURPHY, DEBRA S. (Voter ID number 118027430).
OBRIEN, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number 114958430).

1996 SE 11TH ST
GONZALEZ, GUIDO (Voter ID number 109596291).
GONZALEZ, ADIS (Voter ID number 109596284).

1996 SE 14TH CT
ARNOLD, TODD David (Voter ID number 112634633).
ARNOLD, VIOLETRAY Marie (Voter ID number 119481277).

1996 SE 14TH ST
SLOMKO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 114075037).

1996 SE 18TH ST
FLEMING, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 108940697).
SPRING, MAMIE Ireathe (Voter ID number 109093332).

1997 SE 14TH CT
BODINE, PAIGE Ellen (Voter ID number 106074537).

1997 SE 15TH ST
CASTELLANOS, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 118473613).
SILVA, ALBA Carmen (Voter ID number 114241500).

1998 SE 15TH CT
RAI, SAUD Razzaq (Voter ID number 114423878).

1998 SE 19TH ST
BALAGUER, ANGELIQUE Asencio (Voter ID number 109900601).
BALAGUER, JOHANN Alejandro (Voter ID number 109999574).

1998 SE 23RD CT
GARCIA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 117031866).
OROZCO -GARCIA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 116754098).

FALBER, ROLAND (Voter ID number 109724576).
VALLINES, EDWIN L. (Voter ID number 114002420).

2000 SE 19TH ST
BETANCUR, BERLAY (Voter ID number 119387487).
OSORIO GIRALDO, FABIO (Voter ID number 119061605).

2001 SE 14TH CIR
HERNANDEZ-AVILA, MAGILE (Voter ID number 109344890).
MONTES PEREZ, GERARDO Javier (Voter ID number 119380413).

2001 SE 15TH ST
BORJA, CARLOS F. (Voter ID number 115450791).
BORJA, MYRIAM S. (Voter ID number 115288541).

2001 SE 21ST CT
GARCIA, JESUS (Voter ID number 109553037).

2001 SE 26TH LN
ESPANOL, ROSA I. (Voter ID number 115102636).
DESCHAPELL, CYNTHIA Marie (Voter ID number 109893655).

2001 SE 27TH DR
DEW, KATHERINE E. (Voter ID number 110082364).

GAINES, MYESHA (Voter ID number 116973329).

2002 SE 14TH CT
QUINTERO, MATALIN Yocata (Voter ID number 119545776).

2002 SE 14TH CIR
PARKER, DARRICK Anthony (Voter ID number 109236864).

2002 SE 14TH CT
QUINTERO, HENRY Segundo (Voter ID number 109882879).
SAMSON, JON Timothy (Voter ID number 115055605).

2002 SE 17TH AVE
OELTJEN, JEFFREY Lee (Voter ID number 110307841).

2002 SE 26TH LN
STEPHENS-MOSIER, IRENE Renee (Voter ID number 120223431).
VAN VALEN, NICHOLAS Frank (Voter ID number 109642089).

2002 SE 27TH DR
CALLIER, LINDA S. (Voter ID number 109178767).

2003 SE 26TH LN
CORONA, IVONNE Francisca (Voter ID number 109628015).
CORONA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 115338882).

2003 SE 27TH DR
LEE, DEBORAH Carol (Voter ID number 120904068).

CEDENO, ANDRES Marcos (Voter ID number 120016307).
CEDENO, DAVID M. (Voter ID number 110093407).
CEDENO, IDALMY P. (Voter ID number 116407656).
CEDENO, ROBERTO M. (Voter ID number 118090693).

2004 SE 15TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MARLA M. (Voter ID number 110151859).
ORTA, JOANNE Chloe (Voter ID number 118232551).

2004 SE 23RD AVE
GHISIAWAN-WHITTAKER, WANETTA Singh (Voter ID number 111445372).
HENSON, CHELSEY B. (Voter ID number 116801390).
HENSON, MATTHEW Bradley (Voter ID number 100335868).

2004 SE 26TH LN
ESCOBAR, MARIO M. (Voter ID number 118582944).

2004 SE 27TH DR
PAVONE, JOHN William (Voter ID number 109901886).

2005 SE 14TH CT
RAMOS, MALLORY Marie (Voter ID number 120644373).

2005 SE 14TH ST
HERNANDEZ MORERA, ANTONIO Fidel (Voter ID number 120919248).
ABRAHAM, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 110012486).

2005 SE 15TH ST
HERTZ, ROBERT Duane (Voter ID number 109867532).

2005 SE 26TH LN
GUTIERREZ, AMY (Voter ID number 110224323).

SANCHEZ, OLIVIA Garza (Voter ID number 109697745).

2006 SE 12TH ST
GAYLE, INGRID (Voter ID number 118831271).

2006 SE 13TH ST
ECCLES, INGRID (Voter ID number 116252050).

2006 SE 14TH CT
FLORES, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 115858013).
FLORES-CINTRON, NICOLLE M. (Voter ID number 116044661).

2006 SE 18TH ST
SMITH, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 110028146).
SMITH, ETHEL L. (Voter ID number 110325409).

2006 SE 26TH LN
JOSEPH, WANDA Frances (Voter ID number 109501767).
RIVERA, MARCOS (Voter ID number 114348924).

2006 SE 27TH DR
GARNER, AMANDA Susan (Voter ID number 109735919).

2007 SE 13TH ST
EVANS, DEBRA A. (Voter ID number 109172571).

2007 SE 18TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, MARIELA (Voter ID number 109468318).
RODRIGUEZ, OSCAR (Voter ID number 110008841).

2007 SE 18TH ST
BROCKWAY, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 109442398).

2007 SE 26TH LN
MALONEY, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 119972441).

2007 SE 27TH DR
ONOFOMI, OMASANJUWA O. (Voter ID number 119409117).
HARDING, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 114870237).

GOETZMAN, RANDIE Elisa (Voter ID number 119742552).

2008 SE 12TH ST
FIALLO, DAVID D. (Voter ID number 116649796).
FIALLO, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109382911).

2008 SE 15TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MARTHA Maria (Voter ID number 115158191).
MARQUEZ SOLANO, LIGIA Esther (Voter ID number 120622479).

2008 SE 19TH ST
FALCON, ROBERT Ashley (Voter ID number 119665869).
GAZO, MICHELLE M. (Voter ID number 115907584).
GAZO, STEPHEN (Voter ID number 109599443).

2008 SE 23RD AVE
TORRES, JENNY Patricia (Voter ID number 120166029).

2009 SE 14TH CT
MORALES, BARBARA Y. (Voter ID number 116437041).

2009 SE 15TH ST
ROLDAN, JULIO (Voter ID number 118552001).

2009 SE 27TH DR
COLLAZO-LUIS, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 120659864).
CORMIER, TODD D. (Voter ID number 109525974).
POWELL, ERNEST Michael (Voter ID number 109108251).

ESCOBAR, VIVIANA Ever (Voter ID number 120892259).

2010 SE 14TH CIR
DOBBS, BRYAN K. (Voter ID number 116614186).
DOBBS, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 116608306).
GALINDO, VIVIAN Yolanda (Voter ID number 110026931).
KHIEMRAJ, NARINEDAI (Voter ID number 119897715).
ROSADO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109773597).

2010 SE 14TH CT
JUSTE, MANESE (Voter ID number 109622437).
JUSTE, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 120058983).

2010 SE 26TH LN
ADHIKARI, ANUJA P. (Voter ID number 117304217).
ADHIKARI, SANJAY Upadhyay (Voter ID number 110121410).

2010 SE 27TH DR
HAMILTON, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 109399161).

2011 SE 14TH ST
MARTINEZ, FERNANDO P. (Voter ID number 120243825).
MARTINEZ, JANET Cecilia (Voter ID number 119722441).

2012 SE 15TH ST
GUILLEN, RENZO (Voter ID number 110318101).
GUILLEN, RICARDO (Voter ID number 116682414).

2012 SE 26TH LN
STEVENS, PAUL S. (Voter ID number 109128099).
STEVENS, ROSEMARIE (Voter ID number 109128100).

2012 SE 27TH DR
ALVAREZ, MARINA V. (Voter ID number 109735133).

2013 SE 26TH LN
WHITENER, ELAINE Kantor (Voter ID number 100779184).

2013 SE 27TH DR
YODER, AMBER Redik (Voter ID number 110039684).
YODER, THEODORE Rex (Voter ID number 105458608).

2014 SE 14TH CT
COOPER, DAWN P. (Voter ID number 109796475).
AARON, LARRY Emmett (Voter ID number 109146618).
COOPER, WILLIAM Alonzo (Voter ID number 109101919).
BURRIS, ROGER D. (Voter ID number 116291907).

2014 SE 14TH ST
SCHOOLER, JOAN Rosemarie (Voter ID number 116699241).

2014 SE 18TH ST
ELROD, CHRISTERFER Brock (Voter ID number 120012496).

2014 SE 26TH LN
DIAZ, MARIBETH (Voter ID number 110337312).

2014 SE 27TH DR
HALL, DANIEL Francis (Voter ID number 109049741).

2015 SE 14TH ST
TOIGO, LAWRENCE D. (Voter ID number 102281855).

2015 SE 18TH ST
LOZADA, ZAYONARA (Voter ID number 119257262).
MARTINEZ, HARRIS (Voter ID number 116854544).
BUSTAMANTE, CLAUDIA P. (Voter ID number 109835700).

2015 SE 27TH DR
SOLA, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 109113161).

2016 SE 12TH ST
FLEITAS, TOSHA Jeppson (Voter ID number 114378254).

2016 SE 19TH ST
CASTANO, MAURICIO (Voter ID number 109883494).
SMITH, CAREY M. (Voter ID number 105467616).
SMITH, DUSTIN C. (Voter ID number 105467315).

2016 SE 23RD AVE
CUBBAGE, REINA D. (Voter ID number 121065679).

2017 SE 12TH ST
PASCO, ALONDRA Belen (Voter ID number 121349402).
PASCO, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 109985434).
PASCO, SHARO (Voter ID number 115817727).

2017 SE 15TH ST
RAMIREZ, LUIS J. (Voter ID number 110151084).

2017 SE 19TH ST
COOPER, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 119620967).
COOPER, AVIS Marie (Voter ID number 109175534).
COOPER, LOUIS Clayton (Voter ID number 109250705).
GAINES, WARREN Marguis (Voter ID number 114365244).

2017 SE 21ST CT
CASWELL, RAYMOND J. (Voter ID number 121202618).

2018 SE 27TH DR
RUIZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109369088).

2019 SE 13TH ST
ALTAMIRANO, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109895224).
BEZANILLA, FRANK (Voter ID number 109360419).
BENZANILLA, BETSY (Voter ID number 115982076).

2019 SE 14TH CT
BELL, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 116080168).
NAZARIO, EDITH Janet (Voter ID number 118672940).

2019 SE 27TH DR
PERKINS, RAYMOND Nelson (Voter ID number 109265836).

2020 SE 14TH ST
PERTIERRA, JESUS James (Voter ID number 109472821).
ROA, ISLEE Auxiliadora (Voter ID number 110087511).
ROA, JUAN F. (Voter ID number 109559308).
ROA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109559309).

2020 SE 17TH AVE
LOTZ, CLAIRE Marie (Voter ID number 116441206).
LOTZ, JOHN Andrew (Voter ID number 118064208).

2020 SE 27TH DR
LOMELI, JESUS (Voter ID number 115931331).
SPRUEL, DERICK Arthor (Voter ID number 109988202).

2021 SE 14TH ST
RODEL, VANESSA M. (Voter ID number 110296682).

2021 SE 17TH AVE
DENHAM, KELLY E. (Voter ID number 114853254).

2022 SE 13TH ST
SIMEON, JEFFERY (Voter ID number 109903398).

2022 SE 27TH DR
WASHBURN, SHIRLEY M. (Voter ID number 108935814).

2023 SE 18TH CT
MOREL, MAGALIE (Voter ID number 109909824).

2023 SE 18TH ST
SABLONE, TAMARA Kay (Voter ID number 118642025).
SABLONE, ROGER Francis (Voter ID number 109848869).

2023 SE 26TH LN
BOREN, LINDA S. (Voter ID number 109990621).
CAKANS, VILIS (Voter ID number 114011831).

2023 SE 27TH DR
WILLIAMS, MAX L. (Voter ID number 109973508).
WILLIAMS, PATRICIA Ruth (Voter ID number 109201265).

2024 SE 12TH ST
BERNARDO, YOANNA (Voter ID number 109664629).

2024 SE 14TH ST
MEDEROS, JANELLE Lynne (Voter ID number 117097213).
PEREZ-PUELLES, GENIBERT (Voter ID number 114415428).
RODRIGUEZ, VENANCIA Erica (Voter ID number 109784918).

2024 SE 18TH CT
CISNEROS, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109900747).
CASTILLO, VANESSA Maria (Voter ID number 118989045).

2024 SE 19TH ST
REJDA, LEE Daniel (Voter ID number 100516195).

2024 SE 23RD AVE
LOPEZ, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 119877033).

2024 SE 27TH DR
BEATTY, MADONNA Danyll (Voter ID number 113983731).

2025 SE 15TH ST
CLARK, KEANU (Voter ID number 119376242).
DANIELS, RONNIE Leroy (Voter ID number 120893206).
DANIELS, LEROY (Voter ID number 109555885).

2025 SE 19TH ST
FRANCIS, JESSE Garfield (Voter ID number 110343583).

2025 SE 26TH LN
BARRY, MICHELE Hasselbach (Voter ID number 109787462).
BARRY, ROBERT James (Voter ID number 119124698).

2026 SE 14TH CT
EVANS, DELORES W. (Voter ID number 109205966).
TERRY, MALCOLM Jamal (Voter ID number 116283926).
EVANS, TRAVIS Lamont (Voter ID number 109612893).
HAMILTON, ASHLEY N. (Voter ID number 109991421).

2026 SE 26TH LN
LANS, TYRONE Adriel (Voter ID number 109976380).
TOWNSEND, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number 116311709).
TOWNSEND, BRIAN Maurice (Voter ID number 115205920).

2027 SE 12TH ST
HILL, GREGORY Martin (Voter ID number 101002999).
HILL, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 119465994).
HILL, GREGORY Martin (Voter ID number 114413800).
JACKSON, RICKY (Voter ID number 110151055).

2027 SE 13TH ST
BROWN, MIRIAM B. (Voter ID number 109965801).

2027 SE 26TH LN
DUNCAN, ETTABELLE Maria (Voter ID number 109271866).
DUNCAN, JACQUELINE M. (Voter ID number 110008506).

2028 SE 13TH ST
HAUGEN, MELODY A. (Voter ID number 119612902).
HAUGEN, RON Lee (Voter ID number 109715018).
NUSSBAUM, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 110317446).
PFITZENMAIER, NICOLE Paige (Voter ID number 109460201).

2028 SE 23RD AVE
REED, STEWART Thomas (Voter ID number 109927120).

2028 SE 26TH LN
CLEMPNER, STEPHEN S. (Voter ID number 109598605).

2029 SE 15TH ST
DEMING, ARELIS Cristina (Voter ID number 110299807).
DEMING, BYRON J. (Voter ID number 120892979).
DEMING, JOSE Enrique (Voter ID number 110305320).
DEMING, NINOSHKA (Voter ID number 119611529).

2029 SE 26TH LN
BROOKS, THOMAS Shelton (Voter ID number 109593086).

2030 SE 14TH CT
HUGHES, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 116903372).
HUGHES, EVELYN Katherine (Voter ID number 114590844).

2030 SE 14TH ST
MILLER, CLAUDIA S. (Voter ID number 109905965).
MILLER, MELISSA C. (Voter ID number 117581083).

2030 SE 16TH AVE
FERRARO, MARIE L. (Voter ID number 110175277).

2030 SE 26TH LN
BREWER, WALTER Frederick (Voter ID number 114251939).

2031 SE 14TH ST
TUCKER, PAMELA D. (Voter ID number 116733220).

2031 SE 16TH AVE
GIVENS, GLEN A. (Voter ID number 109174710).
COLUMBRO, STEFANIE Lee (Voter ID number 110094833).

2031 SE 18TH CT
ANDRE, IONE Lois (Voter ID number 109947022).
ANDRE, JUDSON E. (Voter ID number 120356379).

2031 SE 18TH ST
GONZALEZ, REINALDA (Voter ID number 109754984).

2031 SE 26TH LN
WILLIAMS, LINDA G. (Voter ID number 116652299).

2032 SE 12TH ST
VENTURA, LAWRENCE (Voter ID number 109207529).
VENTURA, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 116997717).

2032 SE 19TH ST
PINSON, MELISSA Mae (Voter ID number 120493705).

2032 SE 26TH LN
WELLS, CLARICE (Voter ID number 114336514).

2033 SE 15TH ST
MOLINA, SOMER Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120892609).
MOLINA, ROLANDO Andres (Voter ID number 109207344).

2033 SE 19TH ST
HUDSON, IRA Hugh (Voter ID number 110309700).
KIMBALL, CHARLOTTE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110309699).

2033 SE 26TH LN
ADAMS, JENNIFER Renee (Voter ID number 117714257).
BAESEL, CHRISTOPHER Morgan (Voter ID number 110182240).

2034 SE 13TH ST
DIAZ, NINFA Sanclemente (Voter ID number 110091911).

2034 SE 26TH LN
VIAR, GEORGE W. (Voter ID number 108971331).
GIRARDI, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number 109962342).

2035 SE 26TH LN
CARDERO, NESTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 109013103).

2036 SE 14TH CT
ICKE, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 119663445).
KIRKLAND, KENNETH Wendell (Voter ID number 119663429).

2036 SE 14TH ST
LEE, ROSAN (Voter ID number 110293051).

2036 SE 26TH LN
ESPINEIRA, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 109547300).

2037 SE 12TH ST
BAUCHIERO, MARCOS (Voter ID number 120431492).

2037 SE 14TH CT
GUILLEN, MARICARMEN (Voter ID number 119766877).
DEFELIZ, TONY (Voter ID number 110227315).

2037 SE 14TH ST
DAVIS, MICHELLE J. (Voter ID number 109873039).

2037 SE 15TH ST
LASHELLS, ANGELA Harrison (Voter ID number 117604191).
LASHELLS, KEVIN Joseph (Voter ID number 111808733).
MADRID, ALANNA Delia (Voter ID number 109875698).

2037 SE 26TH LN
MULHOLLAND, SEAN Patrick (Voter ID number 118497103).

2038 SE 18TH ST
ROJAS, PAUL Alberto (Voter ID number 109705061).

2038 SE 26TH LN
SAWYER, PATRICIA C. (Voter ID number 109283917).

2039 SE 18TH CT
VAN DE BRAKE, DEANNA Lynn (Voter ID number 119287925).
VAN DE BRAKE, MARK P. (Voter ID number 119287250).

2040 SE 12TH ST
BOBADILLA, ARIEL Alexander (Voter ID number 110153309).
ORTEGA, REGIS (Voter ID number 110056514).

2040 SE 14TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, LIZ N. (Voter ID number 109658861).
OVALLE, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 109618359).

2040 SE 19TH ST
LAZCANO-ORTA, JESSICA Ana (Voter ID number 109818884).
ORTA, RAMIRO (Voter ID number 109757514).
WORTHEN, KARIMA A. (Voter ID number 103645008).

2040 SE 26TH LN
GARCIA, ROLANDO Jose (Voter ID number 110208329).

2042 SE 14TH ST
BARROW, NEIL F. (Voter ID number 114734399).
BARROW, ROBIN W. (Voter ID number 114208561).

2042 SE 26TH LN
PEREZ DE ALEJO, AMERICA (Voter ID number 108923581).

2045 SE 17TH CT
SILVA, IRINA Gioconda (Voter ID number 114290900).

2045 SE 26TH LN
BROWN, GLENN E. (Voter ID number 109784142).
SAULSBURY, NINIVE G. (Voter ID number 109642149).

2046 SE 14TH CT
GARCIA, DAVID (Voter ID number 110314434).
GARCIA, SHAELEEN M. (Voter ID number 116287556).

2046 SE 18TH ST
DOCAMPO, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109506691).
NICOLA, DESIRAE (Voter ID number 119772871).

2046 SE 26TH LN
TAYLOR DIAZ, LILJA Jannet (Voter ID number 109548222).

2047 SE 14TH ST
MERIDA, INES (Voter ID number 109687464).

2047 SE 18TH CT
CATO, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 110157108).

2047 SE 26TH LN
HOLLINGSWORTH, LLOYD George (Voter ID number 109116684).

2048 SE 12TH ST
APT 2048

OROSCO, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 120892130).

2048 SE 12TH ST
ACEVEDO, MARIA Leticia (Voter ID number 110254582).

2048 SE 14TH ST
GILLARD, LAWRENCE Edward (Voter ID number 120632240).
HENDRICKSON, VONNEDE M. (Voter ID number 109474314).

2048 SE 26TH LN
JAGGER, MATTHEW Allan (Voter ID number 109976704).

2049 SE 13TH ST
ARANGO, JULIE Alexander (Voter ID number 110273745).
KLOPATEK, ROBERT Thomas (Voter ID number 110141533).

2049 SE 14TH CT
SHAW, KELLY A. (Voter ID number 114870040).

2050 SE 14TH CT
ETIENNE, VELNER (Voter ID number 115303193).

2050 SE 14TH CT
APT 2050

JANVIER, EVENSON (Voter ID number 120886788).
LUBIN, JAMES (Voter ID number 120402610).

2051 SE 15TH ST
COMPTON, KRISTINA Lin (Voter ID number 116685435).
DAGITZ, DAVID G. (Voter ID number 115533501).
DAGITZ, JACKIE Lynn (Voter ID number 115678284).

2052 SE 13TH ST
MANSO, ANTHONY H. (Voter ID number 109321898).

2053 SE 14TH ST
CALAS, ALICIO (Voter ID number 110212880).

2054 SE 18TH ST
RENE, CHRISTIANNE Pierre-Louis (Voter ID number 116369092).
RENE, JEAN Robert (Voter ID number 110312286).

2055 SE 12TH ST
HERRERA, HUGO F. (Voter ID number 118078390).

2055 SE 14TH CT
MACK, YOLANDA Elisa (Voter ID number 116302128).
LEON, ELISA A. (Voter ID number 110208595).
LEON, MARTIN (Voter ID number 109212382).
LEON, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 110208624).

2055 SE 17TH CT
VIRUET, FELIPE (Voter ID number 113859711).

2055 SE 18TH CT
FERRER, JOSE Carlos (Voter ID number 119310976).
HOUGHTON, JAMIE Jo (Voter ID number 119288225).
LOVELESS, LAWRENCE David (Voter ID number 110284250).

2055 SE 19TH ST
BROWN, STEFAN T. (Voter ID number 115382583).
BROWN, SANDRA Jean (Voter ID number 115382626).

2056 SE 14TH CT
EUSSE, KATHERINE (Voter ID number 108668755).
GONZALEZ ORTIZ, MARCOS (Voter ID number 115747381).
EUSSE, GRACE (Voter ID number 109396648).

2056 SE 19TH ST
MARTINEZ, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 116578000).

2057 SE 15TH ST
CUMMINGS, GERALDINE A. (Voter ID number 110034221).

2058 SE 13TH ST
MEDINA LOPEZ, LUIS J. (Voter ID number 119877152).
MEDINA-LOPEZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 119952557).
LOPEZ, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 110047262).

2058 SE 17TH ST
SPISIAK, SHEILA L. (Voter ID number 108082627).

2059 SE 13TH ST
CADOTTE, JEAN P. (Voter ID number 116241515).

2059 SE 14TH ST
BOXER, NATALIE Elizabeth Dawn (Voter ID number 121340776).
BOXER, DARREN W. (Voter ID number 110150369).

2060 SE 14TH ST
RAMIREZ, JORGE Enrique (Voter ID number 115867342).
RAMIREZ, MARIA Del Socorro (Voter ID number 120875611).
RAMIREZ, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 119632176).
RAMIREZ, KAROL Andrea (Voter ID number 117193087).

2060 SE 17TH CT
COELLO, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 110110706).
COELLO, JOSHUA J. (Voter ID number 118842434).
VASQUEZ, SONIA M. (Voter ID number 110156701).

2060 SE 17TH ST
MOTTA, MISHALI Marie (Voter ID number 109775566).
BURGER, CHANTEL Noel (Voter ID number 111403379).

2063 SE 12TH ST
BENITEZ, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 109700208).

2063 SE 13TH ST
ESPINAL, JULIO (Voter ID number 109822683).
ESPINAL, OSELIA Ysabel (Voter ID number 110339097).

2063 SE 15TH ST
MARIN, ANGELICA Maria (Voter ID number 109563733).
MARIN, HECTOR M. (Voter ID number 117072481).
MARIN, JUANA Maritza (Voter ID number 114692287).
CAMPOS, FRED J. (Voter ID number 115744909).
SWANSON-CAMPOS, GLORIA J. (Voter ID number 115336257).

2063 SE 19TH ST
BENDER, KENNETH Melton (Voter ID number 117857873).
BENDER, MARIA (Voter ID number 117857827).

2064 SE 12TH ST
HUNTER, DANIELLE A. (Voter ID number 118743350).
CORRAL, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 109607281).

2065 SE 12TH ST
TABRAVE, ANGELA A. (Voter ID number 110029452).

2065 SE 14TH ST
JUREIDINI, JUAN Martin (Voter ID number 109879981).
MONTAS, WANDA E. (Voter ID number 110308448).
BECERRA, NANCY (Voter ID number 114350977).

2066 SE 17TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, MARIO (Voter ID number 109599700).
RODRIGUEZ-MARTINEZ, ODALYS (Voter ID number 110047355).

2068 SE 14TH CT
JONES, MICHAEL Dwight (Voter ID number 114017326).
JONES, MERCEDES Z. (Voter ID number 114552067).

2069 SE 12TH ST
NAVARRO, MARIA Milagrosa (Voter ID number 110329717).

2069 SE 15TH ST
GONZALEZ, RAMIRO E. (Voter ID number 110032146).

2071 SE 19TH ST
COLLADO, VIDAL (Voter ID number 110109803).
BARCENAS, VERANEA S. (Voter ID number 115277802).

2072 SE 19TH ST
QUIROGA, YOSELIN D. (Voter ID number 119884434).

2073 SE 13TH ST
TARICHE, ROLAND (Voter ID number 109926210).

2074 SE 12TH ST
FELIZ, FRANKLIN A. (Voter ID number 116515998).
FELIZ, LELANNIA M. (Voter ID number 110175290).

2074 SE 13TH ST
STEEL, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 114910991).

2074 SE 17TH ST
VELEZ VIDOT, GLADYS (Voter ID number 121269585).

2075 SE 14TH CT
BRODIE, ABDULLAH Ali-Akbar (Voter ID number 116954655).
PEREZ, NUJAD (Voter ID number 119791342).
BRODIE, ZAKIYYA Kyieda (Voter ID number 115010428).
PEREZ, RICARDO J. (Voter ID number 114389932).

2075 SE 14TH ST
CANCIANO, HECTOR (Voter ID number 109874503).

2075 SE 15TH ST
NIEVES, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 102191887).

2075 SE 17TH CT
D'HAITI-VELTZ, MARIE C. (Voter ID number 115891182).

2078 SE 17TH ST
SUAREZ, JESSICA B. (Voter ID number 119632693).

2079 SE 19TH ST
NEWTON, DAVID Wayne (Voter ID number 110318424).
NEWTON, VERNICE Browder (Voter ID number 110338860).
NEWTON, WHITLEY Calin (Voter ID number 110342339).

2080 SE 19TH ST
LANDSAW, JANNAH Miller (Voter ID number 109420071).
LANDSAW, HARRY Wirick (Voter ID number 110004761).

2085 SE 13TH ST
BENITEZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 121015105).

2085 SE 17TH CT
LOPEZ, DILIA A. (Voter ID number 116974747).
MUNOZ, JOSUE (Voter ID number 109975705).
VEGA, EDEL J. (Voter ID number 116981104).
VEGA, FLAVIA C. (Voter ID number 116975133).

2085 SE 26TH LN
MCKINNIS, RONNELL Kim (Voter ID number 110032933).

2086 SE 17TH ST
SANTIAGO, VIRMARED (Voter ID number 107950846).

2088 SE 19TH ST
WELLS, JASON Christopher (Voter ID number 101191987).
WELLS, JENNIFER Yvonne (Voter ID number 119847137).

2090 SE 17TH ST
MANCIAS, RICARDO Roman (Voter ID number 109709795).

2094 SE 17TH ST
ROWE, GARY T. (Voter ID number 110262073).
SHINHOSTER, NATALIE Lakeisha (Voter ID number 109489740).

2096 SE 19TH ST
BATISTA, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 109872938).
PARDO, MARIA Dolores (Voter ID number 120035951).
BATISTA, ALEX (Voter ID number 109872937).
LOPEZ, ELDA Rosa (Voter ID number 109408017).
MOE, MARTI W. (Voter ID number 114317251).
MOE, OWEN S. (Voter ID number 114317297).

2098 SE 16TH ST
MELOCCHI, LOUIS Joseph (Voter ID number 117634458).

2098 SE 19TH ST
MELENDEZ, CARLOS Jose (Voter ID number 113847080).
REYES, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 119518820).

LUCENA, JOSE Angel (Voter ID number 109796879).

2101 SE 14TH CIR
RAINES, GLORIA Eldridge (Voter ID number 109131994).
RAINES, JEFFREY Kent (Voter ID number 109157807).

2101 SE 17TH AVE
MILLER, ROBIN C. (Voter ID number 110194281).
MILLER, JOHN Woodrow (Voter ID number 109028860).

2102 SE 14TH CIR
HEJAZIMANESH, DARIUS (Voter ID number 109467120).
HEJAZIMANESH, MEHRDAD (Voter ID number 109735368).
HETAZIMANESH, MERHARD (Voter ID number 114604484).
HEJAZIMANESH, MAGDA (Voter ID number 116396849).

2102 SE 17TH AVE
ALLEN, MARY Louise (Voter ID number 116425872).
ALLEN, TIA S. (Voter ID number 120197208).

PRIMUS, TAJ Anton (Voter ID number 115290294).
BALLARD, ROBERT D. (Voter ID number 110038466).

FITCHETT, JOAN Michol (Voter ID number 110315128).
MC CARTY, SHANE Matthew (Voter ID number 110218098).
NEGRON, LARA Ksenia (Voter ID number 110078867).

MC GEE, MEGAN Cathleen (Voter ID number 110302439).
MEDEIROS, WENDY Ann (Voter ID number 110295351).

2110 SE 14TH CIR
BEAUDRY, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 110143586).
BEAUDRY, MICHAEL Anthony (Voter ID number 110223198).

KING, CAROLYNN Irene (Voter ID number 109332895).

2111 SE 14TH CIR
BROWN, ANTHONY T. (Voter ID number 111835554).
ZAMUDIO, MARINA (Voter ID number 109690522).

MARSH, MIRANDA E. (Voter ID number 110148340).

MITCHELL, ROBERT John (Voter ID number 110141564).

2130 SE 16TH AVE
PERUSEK, SIMONE Natalie (Voter ID number 116646198).
PERUSEK, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 114867810).
SURLESS, ALICIA Jean (Voter ID number 110058310).
SURLESS, SHAMUS Patrick (Voter ID number 109536091).

2131 SE 16TH AVE
FOWLER, CAROLYN Dares (Voter ID number 119322899).
FOWLER, EDWARD Kent (Voter ID number 119327793).
PRESLAR, DALE Steven (Voter ID number 118026422).
PRESLAR, SUSAN Mills (Voter ID number 118026423).

2140 SE 19TH AVE
SANTIAGO, JASON R. (Voter ID number 102507767).

2150 SE 19TH AVE
ALVARADO, BRANDON Jose Enrique (Voter ID number 121033059).

2158 SE 20TH AVE
GUNNOUD, LAUREN A. (Voter ID number 114687485).

2160 SE 19TH AVE
LEYVA, IRIS S. (Voter ID number 109606987).
LEYVA, MARIO L. (Voter ID number 109609323).

2165 SE 20TH AVE
WOODBRIDGE, DALE R. (Voter ID number 115717324).
WOODBRIDGE, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 109422126).

2168 SE 20TH AVE
OLDAY, DANIEL Kevin (Voter ID number 109894495).
OLDAY, DOMINIQUE Jude (Voter ID number 110257430).
CAPOUELLEZ, DANIEL Paul (Voter ID number 115552485).
FIRMANI, MARK (Voter ID number 110340768).

2170 SE 19TH AVE
DONNELLY, DEVON Marie (Voter ID number 110307117).
COLON, XAVIER (Voter ID number 119871741).

2175 SE 20TH AVE
WALLER, LAURA Rose (Voter ID number 119225358).
WALLER, LINDSEY Ann (Voter ID number 116718063).
WALLER, ROBERT Clinton (Voter ID number 116610216).
WALLER, TRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 116565490).

2180 SE 19TH AVE
GONZALEZ-BAUTISTA, AURORA (Voter ID number 117495922).

2185 SE 20TH AVE
CUTIE, STEVEN (Voter ID number 120644409).
LEROY, OMAR Sebastian (Voter ID number 117419336).

2188 SE 20TH AVE
WHEELER, JASON Franklin (Voter ID number 119496405).
NOWAK, AMY Lynn (Voter ID number 117375760).
NOWAK, GREGORY Eugene (Voter ID number 106029976).

2200 SE 16TH AVE
ARNAIZ, JESSICA Rossana (Voter ID number 119462557).

2201 SE 16TH AVE
TORRES, PEDRO Antonio (Voter ID number 114274180).

2201 SE 17TH AVE
GALLEGO, ANDRES Felipe (Voter ID number 114379902).
GALLEGO, JAIRO (Voter ID number 109595428).
GALLEGO, KATHERIN (Voter ID number 109986390).
GALLEGO, OLGA (Voter ID number 109692274).

2201 SE 23RD AVE
MERCADO, JOLENE (Voter ID number 114976471).
CAPONE, DAMIEN R. (Voter ID number 110331952).

2201 SE 23RD RD
MELFI, RANDALL L. (Voter ID number 110206077).

2201 SE 23RD TER
LEE, VERONICA Therese (Voter ID number 116909745).
LEE, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number 109217552).

2201 SE 25TH AVE
PASCO, DANIEL D. (Voter ID number 102418226).

2201 SE 26TH LN
DEUTSCH, MICHAEL Nathan (Voter ID number 109026861).
WALBORN, PETER Alan (Voter ID number 109913605).

2201 SE 27TH DR
PRATER, JOSHUA Michael (Voter ID number 110028900).

2202 SE 17TH AVE
WOLLENBECKER, TROY Michael (Voter ID number 118849399).

2202 SE 23RD AVE
ROWLAND, JAMAL Alexander (Voter ID number 120684424).

2202 SE 23RD RD
GOWDIE, VAUGHN Michael (Voter ID number 117002584).

2202 SE 24TH PL
SUAZO, ROBERTO Constantino (Voter ID number 115842814).

2202 SE 25TH AVE
AMATO, GINA M. (Voter ID number 110311728).

2203 SE 23RD AVE
WILSON, ERROL (Voter ID number 116196972).

2203 SE 24TH PL
VOLIN, SCOTT Roger (Voter ID number 114745547).
VOLIN, SHERON Giles (Voter ID number 110304289).

2203 SE 25TH AVE
LOPEZ, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 115237746).
LOPEZ, REBEKAH Jeanette (Voter ID number 109947394).

MORALES, MELISSA Diane (Voter ID number 110343584).
MORALES, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109793583).
CASTILLO, PETRA (Voter ID number 109512416).

2204 SE 23RD AVE
MAHAN, STEVEN Edward (Voter ID number 109289488).

2204 SE 23RD RD
MC CRAW, DEBBIE Ann (Voter ID number 109116269).

2204 SE 23RD TER
SEATON, DEBORAH J. (Voter ID number 114885608).
SUBRATIE, GLORIA J. (Voter ID number 110123415).

2204 SE 24TH PL
KNOBLOCK, PETER Joseph (Voter ID number 116322748).

2204 SE 25TH AVE
SODEMAN, ASHLEY Lynn (Voter ID number 110024610).
DENNY, CHRISTIAN T. (Voter ID number 109879159).
DENNY, STEPHANIE Louise (Voter ID number 109524898).

2204 SE 26TH LN
GONZALEZ, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 115604250).

2205 SE 20TH AVE
HOSEIN, MERLE (Voter ID number 109402219).

2205 SE 23RD RD
AMES, ERICKA Graciela (Voter ID number 119704439).
AMES, RUSSELL Eugene (Voter ID number 109425016).

2205 SE 23RD TER
GARCIA, NOEMI D. (Voter ID number 110075066).

2205 SE 25TH AVE
MCMANUS, MELISSA Maureen (Voter ID number 114849443).

2205 SE 26TH LN
WILSHUSEN, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109723999).
WEEN, JENNIFER Lynn (Voter ID number 109317509).

2206 SE 23RD AVE
ROLLINS, EVELYNE (Voter ID number 118426857).

2206 SE 23RD RD
BURNS, BEVERLY Ann (Voter ID number 121237842).

2206 SE 23RD TER
SANDERS, ANNIE Hamilton (Voter ID number 101097045).

2206 SE 23RD AVE
ROLLINS, RICHARD T. (Voter ID number 116537706).

2206 SE 25TH AVE
LANIER, PAUL J. (Voter ID number 109367767).

2206 SE 27TH DR
MADARAS, ARECITO (Voter ID number 119055576).
RAMIREZ, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 109667306).

2207 SE 23RD AVE
BATISTA, KEILA M. (Voter ID number 109731622).
PAGAN, JOSE P. (Voter ID number 110078384).

2207 SE 26TH LN
POWELL, TIFFANY A. (Voter ID number 110019293).

2207 SE 27TH DR
BICKHAM, DONORAY (Voter ID number 109371155).

NIETO, MARIA Delc (Voter ID number 116372000).
GRAHAM, MARK L H (Voter ID number 109426258).

2208 SE 23RD RD
HINSON, WILLIAM Mahoney (Voter ID number 115748270).
MEARS, MEGAN Malia (Voter ID number 116467440).

2208 SE 23RD TER
BURTON, BRIAN (Voter ID number 113681027).
EGGLESTON, EBONY L. (Voter ID number 105167057).
MUNDING, PETER James (Voter ID number 119351492).
MIRANDA, KARINA (Voter ID number 109493844).

2208 SE 24TH PL
MC LYMONT, VALERIE E. (Voter ID number 109273969).

2208 SE 25TH AVE
DIAZ, ALLISON Marie (Voter ID number 110112388).
DIAZ, ERIC Rodrigo (Voter ID number 109972983).

2208 SE 26TH LN
CRAMINS, RICHARD Dennis (Voter ID number 118416158).
CHENAULT, RONNELL K. (Voter ID number 114954408).

2208 SE 27TH DR
BARTELS, NANNETTE (Voter ID number 109990450).

2209 SE 19TH AVE
CRUZ, ELAINE (Voter ID number 119426856).

2209 SE 23RD AVE
LEWIS, KENNETH L. (Voter ID number 120437610).

2209 SE 23RD RD
HEINZE, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 115078580).
HEINZE, NATASHA Ann (Voter ID number 121350335).
VAN BROCKLIN, JEFFREY D. (Voter ID number 115425110).

2209 SE 23RD TER
JOSEPH, LONNIE (Voter ID number 104828857).

2209 SE 24TH PL
DA FONSECA, AYALA Vila Real (Voter ID number 116007120).
FONSECA, ANDRE Luis (Voter ID number 118383505).
MIRANDA, LEONEL Eduardo (Voter ID number 109410807).

2209 SE 25TH AVE
ST.AIMEE, MATTHEW W. (Voter ID number 116765957).

2209 SE 26TH LN
SANCHEZ, EYDIE Azucena (Voter ID number 109418891).

2209 SE 27TH DR
PETIT, GARY Sanford (Voter ID number 109066678).
MURRAY, JAMES Edward (Voter ID number 108919419).
PETIT, MARJORIE Ann (Voter ID number 109136218).

2210 SE 24TH PL
PASTRANA, OLGA (Voter ID number 110313744).

2210 SE 25TH AVE
MATIENZO, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 116392544).
COBB, ISABEL E. (Voter ID number 109234810).

2210 SE 26TH LN
ROGERSON, HEATHER Rae (Voter ID number 109539675).
STANLEY, DENNIS E. (Voter ID number 117024903).

2211 SE 23RD RD
URBAY, ANNIE (Voter ID number 118783703).
URBAY, MAYRA (Voter ID number 109263836).

2211 SE 23RD TER
DIMBAT, MARY Kindell (Voter ID number 113896755).
SCOTT, ADAM Daniel (Voter ID number 120681800).

2211 SE 23RD TER
UNIT 2211

GUM, ELENA Ann (Voter ID number 120711520).

2211 SE 24TH PL
CUNNINGHAM, AUSTIN Edward (Voter ID number 120889247).
MITSUNO, SCOTT Toshio (Voter ID number 110179760).

2211 SE 26TH LN
ALLEN, RYAN Michael (Voter ID number 117669920).
DELGADO, MARTHA Arlenis (Voter ID number 110309672).

2212 SE 23RD TER
RODRIGUEZ, EDGARDO (Voter ID number 110166285).

2212 SE 23RD AVE
FERNANDEZ-GONZALEZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 116248739).

2212 SE 24TH PL
DOTO, MALINDA Sue (Voter ID number 109290230).

2212 SE 25TH AVE
ARAUZ, ETHEL (Voter ID number 120884086).
POPE, DAVID N. (Voter ID number 114637740).

2213 SE 23RD DR
DE REYES, ROSA Nancy (Voter ID number 110267796).

2213 SE 23RD RD
LOPEZ, JANESSA Marie (Voter ID number 110323503).

2213 SE 24TH PL
GUTIERRES, NANCY (Voter ID number 116034036).

2213 SE 25TH AVE
RAMOS, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109365617).

2213 SE 26TH LN
ORONA, MARELY S. (Voter ID number 109390746).
ORONA, RAFAEL Manuel (Voter ID number 109389323).

2213 SE 27TH DR
GIBSON, MARIA Cecilia (Voter ID number 110105067).
GIBSON, RICHARD Alexander (Voter ID number 109881892).

2214 SE 23RD AVE
SHIVER, JOE Wesley (Voter ID number 109818992).

2214 SE 23RD TER
GARIN, MARC L. (Voter ID number 102033857).

2214 SE 24TH PL
AGGALOT, LEON A. (Voter ID number 109495334).
SORIANO, MUNICK (Voter ID number 116491439).

2214 SE 25TH AVE
GRANT, DARLA Jeaniie (Voter ID number 110243606).
GRANT, STEVEN R. (Voter ID number 110011465).

2215 SE 20TH AVE
DOMINGOS, CECILIA M. (Voter ID number 115131755).
DOMINGOS, CHRISTOPHER Paul (Voter ID number 115691576).
HART, RONALDO B H (Voter ID number 115676167).

2215 SE 23RD AVE
GUERRERO, ALEXIS E. (Voter ID number 119656937).
GUERRERO, IRIS De Jesus (Voter ID number 121170621).

2215 SE 23RD TER
PRAMPLE, NEAL Alan (Voter ID number 118518686).

2215 SE 25TH AVE
RIVAS, ERIC Xavier (Voter ID number 114373497).
PAHULES, MICHAEL Jason (Voter ID number 110315264).
WHITE, KENNETH Lee (Voter ID number 108971667).
WHITE, OLIBIA Pahules (Voter ID number 109090356).
WHITE, PAUL Lee (Voter ID number 109730552).

2215 SE 27TH DR
HARRILL, ANDERSEN Heidrich (Voter ID number 121258006).
HARRILL, VILOM (Voter ID number 120382505).

2216 SE 20TH AVE
DESBOROUGH, DAWN R. (Voter ID number 103463543).

2216 SE 23RD AVE
HACKLER, JAMES David (Voter ID number 115637740).

2216 SE 24TH PL
MCELMURRAY, ROBERT Allan (Voter ID number 117550857).
SWIFT, CINTHIA (Voter ID number 120063414).

2216 SE 25TH AVE
SILVIO, ANTHONY L. (Voter ID number 116741947).

2216 SE 26TH LN
KERN, SARA Beth (Voter ID number 119149139).

2216 SE 27TH DR
ROSELLO, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 109586712).

2217 SE 23RD AVE
WALDO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 109775903).

2217 SE 23RD RD
RICHARDSON, KENNETH John (Voter ID number 109676350).

2217 SE 24TH PL
HARRIS, ALICIA D. (Voter ID number 110070654).

2217 SE 25TH AVE
APONTE, RONALD (Voter ID number 101629732).
APONTE, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 109158695).

2217 SE 26TH LN
BULNES, CHRISTINA M. (Voter ID number 111340499).

2218 SE 23RD AVE
GORDILLO, MAYRA M. (Voter ID number 119209139).
ROQUE, ANAIRAM (Voter ID number 117811661).

2218 SE 24TH PL
HERRERA, MARISOL (Voter ID number 109900461).

2219 SE 19TH AVE
EDEN, DAINORIA F. (Voter ID number 120051393).
GUERRA, YULEICY Xailid (Voter ID number 117117146).

2219 SE 23RD AVE
ORTEGA, AIDA Barbara (Voter ID number 109205488).
ORTEGA, ASHLEY Rose (Voter ID number 118104477).

2219 SE 23RD RD
MALAGON, CLARA I. (Voter ID number 109308746).

2219 SE 24TH PL
BARBOZA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 120667922).

2219 SE 25TH AVE
ALVAREZ, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 109547005).

2219 SE 26TH LN
KROLL, MARIA P. (Voter ID number 116898684).

2219 SE 27TH DR
WALLACE, ALAN Anthony (Voter ID number 109319818).
WALLACE, SIMONA (Voter ID number 115430573).

2220 SE 16TH AVE
SAWAL, DIANA Mylene (Voter ID number 109270435).
SAWAL, MEHRAN Azam (Voter ID number 109279433).

2220 SE 19TH AVE
OVES, JOSE Francisco (Voter ID number 110334426).

2220 SE 23RD TER
MEJIA, CAYETANO Igor (Voter ID number 110319803).

2220 SE 24TH PL
MENENDEZ, CARLOS Mauricio (Voter ID number 120822125).

2220 SE 25TH AVE
VILLAMIZAR, YIRLE (Voter ID number 114529823).
PIEDRANITA, JENNIFER Michelle (Voter ID number 114394661).

2220 SE 26TH LN
QUESADA, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 116879701).
QUESADA, ANDRES (Voter ID number 110101747).

2221 SE 16TH AVE
SMITH, ANTHONY Bernard (Voter ID number 109313487).
SMITH, ANTHONY Bernard (Voter ID number 118846879).
SMITH, LAKEISHA Lanette (Voter ID number 109460858).

2221 SE 17TH AVE
ALONSO, MAIGRET (Voter ID number 121282088).

2221 SE 23RD AVE
MONTANO, YULIET (Voter ID number 118511822).
MONTANO, ADASA Carmen (Voter ID number 117702689).
MONTANO, JARIEL (Voter ID number 116522129).

2221 SE 23RD RD
IRVIN, AKILAH (Voter ID number 116072316).
PARKER, APRIL Ja'Mel (Voter ID number 114490450).

2221 SE 23RD TER
WHITLEY, DAVID Landis (Voter ID number 115595751).
VAZQUEZ, PEDRO Gabriel (Voter ID number 121164786).

2221 SE 23RD DR
IRVIN, ASIM H. (Voter ID number 116741677).

2221 SE 24TH PL
DUGAN, DANIEL P. (Voter ID number 110159546).

2221 SE 27TH DR
MOORE, GEORGE William (Voter ID number 109156908).
MOORE, JUNE Benson (Voter ID number 108971891).

2222 SE 17TH AVE
HAMPTON, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 120498523).
KELLEY, MAXINE Elaine (Voter ID number 120223534).
ARCHANGEL, ALICIA-NICOLE Kelley (Voter ID number 121130499).
ARCHANGEL, CAROL Diane K (Voter ID number 106004541).
ARCHANGEL, CAROL-DIANE Kelley (Voter ID number 120311413).

2222 SE 23RD AVE
RINDER, BETH G. (Voter ID number 110316648).
RINDER, REGINALD J. (Voter ID number 110316652).

2222 SE 24TH PL
CALLAHAN, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 109520536).
CALLAHAN, SHERRI Marli (Voter ID number 110059981).

2222 SE 25TH AVE
ARDON, CLARA L. (Voter ID number 119655931).
ARDON VANEGAS, VICTOR H. (Voter ID number 116544470).

2222 SE 26TH LN
CORONADO, REBECCA (Voter ID number 109485076).

2222 SE 27TH DR
LAWSON, MICHAEL John (Voter ID number 118998919).
BRADDY, DOROTHY F. (Voter ID number 109995763).

2223 SE 23RD AVE
DI PASQUA, RUTH Rena (Voter ID number 109970472).
UKAZIM, UCHENNA (Voter ID number 116771388).

2223 SE 23RD RD
AGUIRRE, MAYRA Y. (Voter ID number 117212522).

2223 SE 23RD TER
EDWARDS, JENNIFER M. (Voter ID number 119796237).
JUSTINIANI, ANA Rose (Voter ID number 114577604).

2223 SE 24TH PL
COLARTE, CARLOS Octavio (Voter ID number 120647397).
COLARTE, CARLOS S. (Voter ID number 114526960).

2223 SE 26TH LN
GEITH, RICHARD G. (Voter ID number 108949449).
GEITH, JENNIFER K. (Voter ID number 116616958).

2223 SE 27TH DR
ESCOBAR, THELMA Maud (Voter ID number 109971302).
THOMPSON, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 109728838).
THOMPSON, YOHANNA Escobar (Voter ID number 109731223).

2224 SE 23RD AVE
BARCINAS, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 116904629).
BARCINAS, THOMAS Anthony (Voter ID number 109737407).

2224 SE 24TH PL
LACALLE, LIDIETTE (Voter ID number 109609331).
OLIVERAS RAMOS, LUZ E. (Voter ID number 121296499).
LACALLE, NEIL J. (Voter ID number 109401597).

2224 SE 26TH LN
COLON, PAVEL E. (Voter ID number 102491462).

2225 SE 20TH AVE
DEANE, LOIS Mary (Voter ID number 113988218).
DEANE, ROBERT A. (Voter ID number 114043846).

2225 SE 23RD AVE
SANCHEZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 118894207).
SANCHEZ, MARCIAL Fernando (Voter ID number 115610668).

2225 SE 23RD TER
DOMINGUEZ, MARY K. (Voter ID number 116828197).
OWENS, CHRISTOPHER Charles (Voter ID number 109200780).
ROHAN-DOMINGUEZ, MARY (Voter ID number 115519858).

2225 SE 25TH AVE
SANCHEZ, SIGFREDO (Voter ID number 109365452).

2225 SE 26TH LN
STAHL, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 110121689).

2225 SE 27TH DR
KISH, KEITH Kenneth (Voter ID number 109040180).
VELEZ, EDWARD (Voter ID number 110037131).
KISH, PATRICIA Kay (Voter ID number 109072868).

2226 SE 26TH LN
MILNER, CAROL Kinzel (Voter ID number 109997085).

2226 SE 27TH DR
PANDY, ELMIRA Juliana (Voter ID number 110162954).

2227 SE 23RD AVE
DONALDSON, CHRISTOPHER Shawn (Voter ID number 119948840).
DONALDSON, MELISSA Stephanie (Voter ID number 119761002).

2227 SE 23RD TER
PEREZ CANDENAS, ELENA (Voter ID number 109963558).

2227 SE 24TH PL
FOLSOM, KENDRICK Harrison (Voter ID number 109698917).

2227 SE 26TH LN
LUGO, IRIS (Voter ID number 114084143).
BERRONES, MARIA Rosario (Voter ID number 108926629).

2227 SE 27TH DR
LASSO, CAMILO J. (Voter ID number 121286700).
WARNER, DICK F. (Voter ID number 110015902).

2228 SE 26TH LN
BIDDLE, KATHERINE H. (Voter ID number 114685396).
MURPHY, KATHERINE H. (Voter ID number 110313614).

2228 SE 27TH DR
HENDERSON, SHARON D. (Voter ID number 109446100).
STALLWORTH, GREGORY Michael (Voter ID number 120657614).
STALLWORTH, LANE Elsey (Voter ID number 120657610).

2229 SE 19TH AVE
VALDES, ENRIQUE Francisco (Voter ID number 109865042).

2229 SE 23RD RD
MAYTAN, DENNIS Ray (Voter ID number 109552760).
PERDOMO, JACKELINE (Voter ID number 109487783).

2229 SE 24TH PL
NEGRON, JOSEPH Henry (Voter ID number 110130067).

2229 SE 26TH LN
GALLO, YESICA P. (Voter ID number 116919342).
GALLO, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 109395688).

2230 SE 16TH AVE
WHEELER, BRIAN Thomas (Voter ID number 109931289).
WHEELER, REBECCA Ann (Voter ID number 109463836).

2231 SE 16TH AVE
BOTANA, RAUL Gerardo (Voter ID number 109389623).
BOTANA, VIVIANA Olga (Voter ID number 110310156).

2231 SE 17TH AVE
SEHWERERT, SANDRA B. (Voter ID number 109758893).

2231 SE 25TH AVE
TOLLIVER, SAMANTHA Shirelle (Voter ID number 110116562).

2231 SE 26TH LN
SUAREZ, FREDY Martin (Voter ID number 120339924).
BARNES, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 109983339).

2231 SE 27TH DR
JAMES, BENJAMIN F. (Voter ID number 108998153).
JAMES, DOLORES Deitz (Voter ID number 108998154).

2232 SE 17TH AVE
HATEM, JILLYNN (Voter ID number 121162947).
KLINSPORT, JILLYNN Christine (Voter ID number 112055874).
HATEM, AMIR F` (Voter ID number 110180334).
HATEM, FOUAD M. (Voter ID number 109483258).

2232 SE 26TH LN
EASON, CATHERINE B. (Voter ID number 109539639).

2232 SE 27TH DR
HAWORTH, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 119408506).
LEWIS, WILLIAMS J. (Voter ID number 117125038).

2233 SE 14TH CIR
DE LOS SANTOS, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 110151611).
DE LOS SANTOS, LEIDY (Voter ID number 109658092).

2233 SE 23RD AVE
KNIGHT, JONATHAN J. (Voter ID number 119667317).
KNIGHT, LORETTA R. (Voter ID number 110011525).
KNIGHT, TIFFANY D. (Voter ID number 118100784).

2233 SE 23RD TER
CAREY, ERIN L. (Voter ID number 110185310).

2233 SE 25TH AVE
GALVEZ, EMILY Nicole (Voter ID number 120026150).
GALVEZ, MICHELE Marie (Voter ID number 109251011).

2234 SE 26TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, JESSICA J. (Voter ID number 109432669).

2234 SE 27TH DR
APONTE, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 112884041).
APONTE, NEFTALI (Voter ID number 112862734).
MONGE LORA, GABRIEL A. (Voter ID number 114698634).

2235 SE 20TH AVE
KEENAN, MARY R. (Voter ID number 119371984).

2235 SE 25TH AVE
GRAHAM, TAMI Jo (Voter ID number 120401415).
GRAHAM, WILLIAM Keith (Voter ID number 104312714).

2235 SE 26TH LN
KUESTER, JAMES M. (Voter ID number 110026449).

2236 SE 26TH LN
MONAST, MARILYN R. (Voter ID number 110192875).
MONAST, NORMAN J. (Voter ID number 110192873).

2237 SE 23RD TER
HERNANDEZ, CONNIE (Voter ID number 114924683).

2237 SE 26TH LN
CALABRESE, ELIZABETH G. (Voter ID number 108948399).
BELAIR, ALLY W. (Voter ID number 109851546).
CALABRESE, MATTHEW Mark (Voter ID number 109256848).

2237 SE 27TH DR
COPPOLA, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 109020805).
COPPOLA, NANCY (Voter ID number 109155158).

2238 SE 26TH LN
LYNCH, CHARLET S. (Voter ID number 117037033).

2238 SE 27TH DR
CASARI, BREE Ann Lee (Voter ID number 119523330).
VIZZO, GLENDA Greenfield (Voter ID number 109841515).

2239 SE 19TH AVE
AMENEIRO, GINO (Voter ID number 115338970).
AMENEIRO, SANDRA (Voter ID number 114562971).

2239 SE 23RD AVE
UGALDE, CIELO E. (Voter ID number 109975512).

2239 SE 24TH PL
DOUGLASS, JONATHAN Breck (Voter ID number 116768314).

2239 SE 25TH AVE
TUPAJ, MAYAVATI (Voter ID number 115216376).

2239 SE 26TH LN
GUZMAN, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 109280671).

2240 SE 19TH AVE
SMITH, THOMAS Darrin (Voter ID number 119021485).

2240 SE 26TH LN
PETIT, SABRINA Marie (Voter ID number 110110660).
PETIT, STEPHEN George (Voter ID number 110153129).

2241 SE 23RD AVE
TILLMAN, JENNIFER Lynne (Voter ID number 116079887).

2241 SE 25TH AVE
HODGES, DEBRA L. (Voter ID number 109930986).

2241 SE 27TH DR
MARCEY, DONNA Sue (Voter ID number 109470854).
KENNEY, RICHARD Barry (Voter ID number 109888865).

2242 SE 17TH AVE
ARMSTRONG, JESSICA E. (Voter ID number 120356474).
MARTINEZ, RYAN Dave (Voter ID number 110101549).

2242 SE 26TH LN
LARIO MORALES, LEYDA (Voter ID number 120111282).
MORALES, NESTOR Antonio (Voter ID number 120438307).

2242 SE 27TH DR
NEWLAN, PATRICIA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109036532).

2243 SE 14TH CIR
COUTURE-SOUVENIR, MICHELLE A. (Voter ID number 109640407).
SOUVENIR, ALAIN Ralph (Voter ID number 109587282).

2243 SE 24TH PL
REICHMUTH, ANDREW Bernard (Voter ID number 117844424).

2243 SE 25TH AVE
ENRIGHT, BRANDIE Lee (Voter ID number 116918509).
COLOSIMO, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 115392159).

2243 SE 26TH LN
POWER, GEORGE Charles (Voter ID number 118111165).

2243 SE 27TH DR
MACK, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 118472491).

2244 SE 27TH DR
MILLAR, STEPHANIE A. (Voter ID number 114230412).

2245 SE 25TH AVE
HASSAN, SAYED (Voter ID number 109414814).
MOODY, VICTORIA Martin (Voter ID number 102166145).

2245 SE 26TH LN
BRUCE, SCOTT E. (Voter ID number 110064682).

2246 SE 26TH LN
GALVIS, SYLVIA Susan (Voter ID number 109433007).

2247 SE 24TH PL
ERNST, NICOLE Dorothea (Voter ID number 109737292).

2248 SE 19TH TER
WEISS, JOHN Eric (Voter ID number 110051588).

2248 SE 26TH LN
RUTAN, ROBERT David (Voter ID number 109230190).

2248 SE 27TH DR
JOHNSON, ELEANORE Kathleen (Voter ID number 121224680).

2249 SE 19TH AVE
TRIGUEROS, JOANNA Alexandra (Voter ID number 119789287).

2249 SE 25TH AVE
VARELA, MARK K. (Voter ID number 119964517).

2249 SE 26TH LN
ADAMS, ARCHIE Jerome (Voter ID number 119511092).
FITZPATRICK, SHEKEDA Drenell (Voter ID number 109729853).

2249 SE 27TH DR
HANSEN, JEANETTE (Voter ID number 116846745).

2249 SE 27TH DR
APT #106

HANSEN, CARSTEN Faarup (Voter ID number 109957461).

2250 SE 19TH AVE
MARTINEZ, ANDRE A. (Voter ID number 119854393).
MARTINEZ, FELIX R. (Voter ID number 109507000).
MARTINEZ, FELIX Ruben (Voter ID number 110144471).
MARTINEZ, JENNY Beatriz (Voter ID number 109663267).
MARTINEZ, MELISSA Nicole (Voter ID number 109872108).

2251 SE 17TH AVE
MONCHE, JULIO E. (Voter ID number 117268554).
VILLANUEVA, DARREN D. (Voter ID number 116292156).
BOOKER, CARYN D. (Voter ID number 110256150).
VILLANUEVA, ANA C. (Voter ID number 110151059).
VILLANUEVA, EDWIN (Voter ID number 110025452).

2251 SE 26TH LN
DESMARAIS, ELAINE M. (Voter ID number 110093419).

2251 SE 27TH DR
CITRON, ALLEN H. (Voter ID number 109285498).
CITRON, ESTHER M. (Voter ID number 109285497).

2253 SE 25TH AVE
ASHMAN, RICHARD David-Hans (Voter ID number 114775609).
HAMILTON, TINA A. (Voter ID number 120077410).
VOSS, K Audrey (Voter ID number 115918959).

2254 SE 27TH DR
MCELWAIN, SHAWN J. (Voter ID number 114795452).
MCELWIN, PRANEE (Voter ID number 117159300).

2255 SE 25TH AVE
PALMER-DUNCAN, TANYA J. (Voter ID number 117137501).

2256 SE 27TH DR
CITRON, SIMON D. (Voter ID number 109570566).
CITRON, XUE YAN (Voter ID number 114429426).
SHI, LIN (Voter ID number 116291905).

2257 SE 25TH AVE
COLLINS, LEONELLO J. (Voter ID number 115722766).
COLLINS, MEGHAN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120430540).
TRITT, HOWARD Maxwell (Voter ID number 110169091).

2257 SE 27TH DR
BARNWELL, YOLANDA D. (Voter ID number 109617255).
SMITH, EUGENE L. (Voter ID number 101559494).

2258 SE 19TH TER
WALLACE, CHRISTOPHER Michael-Wayne (Voter ID number 118993487).
RODRIGUEZ ALVAREZ, IALA (Voter ID number 119202817).

2259 SE 19TH AVE
VICKERS, KARIN E. (Voter ID number 109962108).
MASSE, EDY M. (Voter ID number 116443659).

2259 SE 25TH AVE
MOORE, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109394748).
MOORE, ROBERT Leslie (Voter ID number 101778039).
MOORE, ROBERT Leslie (Voter ID number 109681693).
NIEVES, MARDEN D. (Voter ID number 110034455).

2259 SE 27TH DR
MONTENEGRO, BERTA (Voter ID number 109506729).
RIVERA ESTRADA, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109845504).

2260 SE 27TH DR
BARRETT, SUSAN M. (Voter ID number 120429880).
BARRETT, NANCY Ellen (Voter ID number 108903616).

2261 SE 25TH AVE
MANGHAM, CURTIS Odell (Voter ID number 108941676).
PHELPS, ANNIE B. (Voter ID number 109890563).

2261 SE 27TH DR
QUILLY, LYDIA R. (Voter ID number 109844997).

2262 SE 27TH DR
VAZQUEZ, DHAYLEN (Voter ID number 120246811).
MC EVER, JENNIFER Jo (Voter ID number 115438107).

2263 SE 25TH AVE
FICKLIN, BUA (Voter ID number 110286866).

2263 SE 27TH DR
BENNETT, MARIE Ann (Voter ID number 110075167).

2267 SE 27TH DR
HOLMES, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 118099993).
HOLMES, PATSY M. (Voter ID number 115731847).

2270 SE 27TH DR
DISHONG, CLAUDIA S. (Voter ID number 109147152).
DISHONG, WILLIAM Donald (Voter ID number 109071273).

2271 SE 27TH DR
KATZ, BRADLEY Scott (Voter ID number 110250673).

2273 SE 27TH DR
ROSENFELD, JASON M. (Voter ID number 109607074).
ROSENFELD, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 109325835).

2275 SE 27TH DR
FURCHES, MARY M. (Voter ID number 109958845).
HIMMEL, CHRISTIAN H. (Voter ID number 109787395).
HIMMEL, CHRISTINE Martha (Voter ID number 109787149).

2276 SE 27TH DR
AVEYARD, DARIN Kyle (Voter ID number 114478078).

2277 SE 27TH DR
MC GROTTY, JOAN (Voter ID number 110144969).
MC GROTTY, PATRICK (Voter ID number 110144968).

2280 SE 27TH DR
DIAZ ORTIZ, EDGARDO (Voter ID number 110083346).
MEDINA, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 115928980).

2281 SE 27TH DR
HOGLUND, NOREEN (Voter ID number 117082393).
HOGLUND, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 117100576).

2282 SE 27TH DR
POPE, PAUL Dwayne (Voter ID number 110291951).

2284 SE 27TH DR
SEEPERSAD, IVY C. (Voter ID number 109704753).

2285 SE 27TH DR
SMITH, BERNARD Joseph (Voter ID number 108948258).

2286 SE 27TH DR
RIFFEL, HOWARD Andrew (Voter ID number 110231104).
SANTOS, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 109921378).

2300 SE 23RD TER
HALLMAN, BARRY Lee (Voter ID number 109606572).

2301 SE 16TH AVE
ABAUNZA, TERESITA (Voter ID number 116587027).
FABIAN, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109253301).
FLORES, ROSA Matilde (Voter ID number 109958142).

2301 SE 23RD TER
ROBINSON, BRENDA Johnson (Voter ID number 101646665).
BLACKER, BLAIR (Voter ID number 116943323).

2302 SE 23RD AVE
BECERRA, MAURICE D. (Voter ID number 114685988).

2302 SE 23RD RD
GRIER, LATHARIO Cardell (Voter ID number 116056437).
GRIER, LOTHARIO Cardell (Voter ID number 109210574).
ST. HILAIRE, VIOLEINE (Voter ID number 109917361).

2302 SE 23RD TER
MEJIAS, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 102477933).

2302 SE 24TH AVE
O'CONNOR, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 110302169).
O'CONNOR, SHARON Cross (Voter ID number 110147869).

MARTINEZ, BETSY (Voter ID number 109584577).
SMITH, VERONICA A. (Voter ID number 109423276).

2303 SE 23RD RD
VELASCO, CAROL I. (Voter ID number 110047157).
KING, SCOTT G. (Voter ID number 110267677).

2303 SE 23RD TER
EBERT, KRISTI Rose (Voter ID number 116513111).
EBERT, THOMAS Patrick (Voter ID number 116513126).

2303 SE 24TH AVE
KENNEY, KRISTIE Karen (Voter ID number 116607545).

2304 SE 21ST ST
LUCAS, KIMBERLY Annette (Voter ID number 112038627).

2304 SE 23RD RD
BURGE, SHANNON R. (Voter ID number 117009142).

2304 SE 23RD TER
REID, RICHARD Anthony (Voter ID number 110069432).

2304 SE 24TH AVE
DELGADO, ALEXIS Elena (Voter ID number 121249357).

ATKINS, CYNTHIA Kathleen (Voter ID number 108989617).
RODGERS, CRYSTLE Kathleen (Voter ID number 110321799).
PERRY, ERIC John (Voter ID number 109612224).
PERRY, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 109867260).

2305 SE 23RD RD
FRIDAY, TIMOTHY Michael (Voter ID number 115498450).
LANGSTON, KEYAFA (Voter ID number 110226063).

2305 SE 23RD TER
BIBILONI, RUT Yaritza (Voter ID number 115715983).

2305 SE 24TH AVE
LEWIS, ADRIENNE M. (Voter ID number 109949678).

2306 SE 21ST ST
LOPEZ, ADRIAN F. (Voter ID number 109783051).
LOPEZ, ELANA Horowitz (Voter ID number 114357905).

2306 SE 23RD AVE
PORTAL, DAVID (Voter ID number 120420509).

2306 SE 23RD RD
MARTINEZ, JUAN (Voter ID number 109751878).
MARTINEZ, JUDY Kaye (Voter ID number 109764383).

2306 SE 23RD TER
CORLEY, DAYO Ajile (Voter ID number 119161294).
FREEMAN, WAYNE Alex (Voter ID number 116373562).
JOSHUA-FREEMAN, SONIA E. (Voter ID number 116644480).

2306 SE 24TH AVE
MARTINEZ, NITZA N. (Voter ID number 109817183).
ANDRE, JUDSON Eugene (Voter ID number 109289722).

2307 SE 23RD RD
THOMAS, JAMEIKA D. (Voter ID number 116311441).
JONES, LAQUIESHA (Voter ID number 116554645).
MARSHALL, ANITA Jones (Voter ID number 110054309).
PHILLIPS, CENTRALL Renee (Voter ID number 119259691).

2307 SE 24TH AVE
SCHAFFER, MARY E. (Voter ID number 109157271).
SCHAFFER, WILLIAM Lewis (Voter ID number 109046873).

2308 SE 21ST ST
LEE, KEYLOUSKI Marie (Voter ID number 119131181).
ADAMS, KENYA Lanee (Voter ID number 113967548).

2308 SE 23RD RD
HASEITEL, JUDITH Grisel (Voter ID number 119917081).

2308 SE 24TH AVE
TOMASELLI, PABLO (Voter ID number 116465069).

GRAHL, TIMOTHY J. (Voter ID number 110021006).
SANDOVAL, MARLYN Lorena (Voter ID number 103132196).

2309 SE 23RD TER
LOPEZ, JACKELYNE D. (Voter ID number 116483852).

2310 SE 21ST ST
RODRIGUEZ, LAZARO Manuel (Voter ID number 109784383).
WAGGONER, SEAN F. (Voter ID number 114094864).
RYAN, CARRIE Francis (Voter ID number 109710488).

2310 SE 23RD AVE
EVANS, ALVIN Augustus (Voter ID number 110182189).

2310 SE 24TH AVE
HAGOOD, LAURA June (Voter ID number 121199319).
MOORE, ROSA Torres (Voter ID number 109099316).
TORRES, CARMEN Richetti (Voter ID number 109637502).

2311 SE 23RD RD
GONZALEZ, MANUEL Esteban (Voter ID number 121199257).

2311 SE 24TH AVE
PATTERSON, KAREN (Voter ID number 109104545).

2312 SE 21ST ST
OLNEY, JASON Regino (Voter ID number 110263670).

2312 SE 23RD RD
MINOR, BRYANT Douglas (Voter ID number 118595288).

2312 SE 24TH AVE
GUILFOYLE, JOSHUA James (Voter ID number 109534183).
GUILFOYLE, ANA Caridad (Voter ID number 115732951).

BEASLEY, DAGNIER Jovan (Voter ID number 110213358).

2313 SE 24TH AVE
ARCHE, CHRISTINA Maria (Voter ID number 110169671).

2314 SE 23RD AVE
GODOY, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110023617).
JIMENEZ, KATRINA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120179738).
GODOY, TATIANA Maria (Voter ID number 109593293).
TOPPER, KATHRYN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110203054).

2314 SE 23RD RD
METZ, CORA Ann (Voter ID number 115033209).

2314 SE 23RD TER
RIZZO, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 118462327).
ARCHE, MONICA Serafina (Voter ID number 109695317).

MC CULLOUGH, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 109781947).

2315 SE 24TH AVE
MCKEMY, CHRISTIANE Darlene (Voter ID number 118184178).
FULKER, BRYAN Glen (Voter ID number 111375353).
MAHAN, TONI Leigh (Voter ID number 109977049).

2316 SE 21ST ST
MEJIAS ALVAREZ, IBETH (Voter ID number 114928735).

2316 SE 23RD AVE
RHOADS, DORIS Wilma (Voter ID number 117623420).

2316 SE 23RD RD
GONZALEZ, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109269934).

2316 SE 23RD TER
BLIUMFELDAS, GEORGE V. (Voter ID number 109771010).
SERRANO, JULIO (Voter ID number 117773079).
TATE, ARVEL M. (Voter ID number 110302669).

2316 SE 24TH AVE
PROENZA, ANTONIO R. (Voter ID number 115771271).

2318 SE 23RD AVE
ZALMOUT, SANDY (Voter ID number 109403785).

2318 SE 23RD RD
VIHLEN, DAVID Charles (Voter ID number 116111310).

2318 SE 23RD TER
OSPINA, ROBERT (Voter ID number 110307002).

2318 SE 23RD AVE
PINEDA, JULIAN A. (Voter ID number 116895504).

2318 SE 24TH AVE
VELAZQUEZ, MINERVA (Voter ID number 114340906).

2319 SE 24TH AVE
RICKMOND, HEATHER Sue (Voter ID number 110170247).
CHANDLER, NATASHA (Voter ID number 117000018).

2320 SE 23RD RD
CORDERO-SLAYTON, GERALDINE Rosario (Voter ID number 109341808).

2320 SE 23RD TER
ROBERTS, CHANDRA Rena (Voter ID number 109622708).
ROBERTS, KEAON Teru (Voter ID number 120598559).

2322 SE 23RD AVE
FRITZ, RENE M. (Voter ID number 110308021).

2322 SE 23RD TER
FERRARO, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 110011883).

2324 SE 10TH ST
ODOM, WENDY Tracy (Voter ID number 107320030).

2324 SE 23RD AVE
QUINLAN, ANNA Margaret (Voter ID number 110335409).

2324 SE 23RD TER
LASSUS, DIANY D. (Voter ID number 109843364).
LASSUS, MIGUEL Antonio (Voter ID number 109477181).

2326 SE 21ST ST
TONGUE, DAVID Michael (Voter ID number 106108075).
TONGUE, MICHELLE Lynn (Voter ID number 106108076).

2326 SE 23RD AVE
LYSTER, REGINA K. (Voter ID number 110302394).

2326 SE 23RD TER
REVILLA, JENNY G. (Voter ID number 119421971).

2328 SE 21ST ST
KUCZYNSKI, MEGAN Christine (Voter ID number 116136802).

2328 SE 23RD TER
BERRY, ANNE Kathryn (Voter ID number 110217726).

2328 SE 24TH AVE
BRYANT, EBONY N. (Voter ID number 117675282).
FIRKUS, BRANDON D. (Voter ID number 114355547).

2330 SE 10TH ST
MORMAN, ALLISON D. (Voter ID number 109213592).
MCCRAY, CHARNISA Lee (Voter ID number 116244522).

2330 SE 21ST ST
SHEDD, DAVID Edward (Voter ID number 109466117).
SHEDD, SHEILA Paul (Voter ID number 109555713).

2330 SE 23RD AVE
MONACO, JOHNATHAN Thomas (Voter ID number 109297702).

2330 SE 23RD TER
GALEANO, ANTONIO Z. (Voter ID number 110317362).
GALEANO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 110281339).
SANCHEZ, CHRISTIAN R. (Voter ID number 114571427).

2332 SE 19TH CT
FIGUEROA, CECILIO (Voter ID number 102490848).
STEVENSON, DEMETRIUS L. (Voter ID number 116125745).
STEVENSON, DEONNA Janea (Voter ID number 120772595).

2332 SE 21ST ST
MARSAL, ARMANDO Manuel (Voter ID number 109979696).
MARSAL, CHRISTINE Lorie (Voter ID number 109886248).

2332 SE 23RD RD
HUGHES, BUFFY Litrail (Voter ID number 109408597).
LYONS, CHARLES Andrew (Voter ID number 120235612).

2332 SE 23RD TER
ROVIROSA, DANIA (Voter ID number 110172924).

2332 SE 24TH AVE
ROSA, GERMAN (Voter ID number 109793970).

2334 SE 23RD RD
CARCACHE, LYNDA Virginia (Voter ID number 120996565).

2334 SE 23RD TER
PONCE, RICARDO (Voter ID number 116103111).

2334 SE 24TH AVE
CAMARGO, DANYELLE Nicole (Voter ID number 114390335).
CUNNINGHAM, MARIA Lucie (Voter ID number 109232266).
CUNNINGHAM, SEAN David (Voter ID number 109343695).

2336 SE 10TH ST
PARDO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 115089341).

2336 SE 19TH CT
LIPINSKI, GISELE Marie (Voter ID number 110017877).

2336 SE 21ST ST
MANIBUSAN, JEANIE L. (Voter ID number 110031817).

2336 SE 23RD TER
MABRY, LEE E. (Voter ID number 102379027).
NEVETT, ELIJAH (Voter ID number 109370706).

2338 SE 17TH TER
KHAN, HANNA (Voter ID number 118834474).
MORALES, IZA N. (Voter ID number 110239930).
MORALES, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 116291894).
MORALES, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 117254187).
MORALES, KELLY (Voter ID number 120509317).
MORALES, KERVIN Alberto (Voter ID number 109279796).
MORALES, REINALDA R. (Voter ID number 115629555).

2338 SE 21ST ST
MIRANDA, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109297704).
QUILLY, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109934389).

2338 SE 23RD TER
HAGER, CAREN C. (Voter ID number 108924705).
HAGER, KELLYE Lynn (Voter ID number 114128180).
HAGER, STEPHEN Mark (Voter ID number 109242180).

2338 SE 24TH AVE
BRUNO, PETER John (Voter ID number 120780586).

2339 SE 19TH ST
STOCKREEF, KIRA Ann (Voter ID number 114793953).
FORBES, JULIA Ann (Voter ID number 114793952).

2340 SE 11TH ST
LAPORTE, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 110140520).

2340 SE 23RD TER
CLARKE, LYNN F. (Voter ID number 109124872).

2340 SE 24TH AVE
ALAOUI, RACHID Moulay (Voter ID number 120299430).

2342 SE 21ST ST
TORRES, ALEJANDRA E. (Voter ID number 120134377).
TORRES, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109383875).

2343 SE 19TH ST
GRIMES, REBECCA (Voter ID number 117083061).
GRIMES, EZEKIEL John (Voter ID number 116641881).

2344 SE 21ST ST
SEWELL, CRYSTAL Lynn (Voter ID number 109803712).
SEWELL, ELIZABETH Angeline (Voter ID number 109430569).
SEWELL, SALISHA Simone (Voter ID number 109840942).
DUKES, MARKESHA L. (Voter ID number 109655045).

2347 SE 19TH ST
FERGUSON, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 114710620).
SMITH, DEANDRE (Voter ID number 117560435).

2348 SE 11TH ST
BAEZ, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 118989924).

2348 SE 16TH TER
RIVERA, WALTER (Voter ID number 101665588).

2348 SE 21ST ST
MARTINEZ, MELISSA Marie (Voter ID number 109779106).
MEJIA, IVONNE (Voter ID number 109569371).

2350 SE 16TH PL
FERRAND, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 118938156).
JOSEPH, JERRY Leigh (Voter ID number 109333716).
VAN FLEET, BONNIE Wightman (Voter ID number 109108113).

2350 SE 19TH CT
LEONARD, JOHN Dennis (Voter ID number 109325173).

2351 SE 23RD DR
RODRIGUEZ, DAVID (Voter ID number 109236356).
RODRIGUEZ, DIANA Gonzalez (Voter ID number 109258353).

2354 SE 16TH TER
BRUSS, TIMOTHY Robert (Voter ID number 120027733).
HARRIS, ALBERT Leon (Voter ID number 109292090).
HARRIS, GILBERTE Sonja (Voter ID number 109330846).

2354 SE 21ST ST
EVELYN, KHALEAH Anne (Voter ID number 110321726).
EVELYN, NICOLAS Anthony (Voter ID number 119758928).

2355 SE 12TH CT
HOYTE, JULIAN Jeremias (Voter ID number 110229515).

2355 SE 19TH ST
GREY, ROGER Sean (Voter ID number 110265451).
YOUNG, DONNA Victoria (Voter ID number 109347893).

2356 SE 21ST ST
CACERES, KADIR Adolfo (Voter ID number 109941532).

2357 SE 23RD DR
MOLINA, LENNYS Yrlanda (Voter ID number 121190119).
VLADILO, VOJMIR (Voter ID number 121190100).

2359 SE 12TH CT
ARENCIBIA, SONIA (Voter ID number 119889489).

2359 SE 23RD DR
BARZYK, THOMAS F. (Voter ID number 103750749).

2361 SE 16TH PL
DE ANGELIS, MARIE Carolle (Voter ID number 120980716).
FOLINO, JEFFREY (Voter ID number 117856054).
RISOLDI, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 115897082).

2361 SE 23RD DR
WATTLES, PERSIS Heywood (Voter ID number 109002953).

2362 SE 17TH TER
CLINEBELL, CHELSEA Leighann (Voter ID number 121195762).
BROWNFIELD, BRANDON Cory (Voter ID number 121196431).

2362 SE 19TH CT
BENNETT, JOHN Michael (Voter ID number 114710674).
BENNETT, NANCY Lee (Voter ID number 106460256).

2363 SE 16TH PL
BROWN, JAMES Eric (Voter ID number 110885006).
BROWN, KRISTA Jennifer (Voter ID number 110885009).

2363 SE 19TH ST
WATERHOUSE, MARYANN (Voter ID number 109245592).
RENGIFO, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 115900656).
RENGIFO, MARY (Voter ID number 109555330).

2365 SE 23RD DR
HAYES, CAROLYN T. (Voter ID number 109879374).
HIGH, REBECCA L. (Voter ID number 115770174).
HIGH, MAX E. (Voter ID number 116132412).

2366 SE 12TH CT
UNIT 121

TURNER, MARK Anthony (Voter ID number 119018295).

2366 SE 17TH TER
EASTERLY, APRIL Diamond (Voter ID number 119056971).
EASTERLY, PHILIP Racine (Voter ID number 119056834).
HAYDEN, CALLY Marie (Voter ID number 117401755).

2366 SE 21ST ST
MAYS, ALTRANESE S. (Voter ID number 109791958).
MAYS, JASMINE J. (Voter ID number 116295061).

2367 SE 16TH PL
BATEMA, ALAN James (Voter ID number 121210495).

2368 SE 21ST ST
HUGHES, CORA L. (Voter ID number 109529396).
STENNIS, BENNIE Charles (Voter ID number 109534992).
TREVINO, JUAN Bernardo (Voter ID number 110313568).
TREVINO, TONIA C. (Voter ID number 110300315).

2369 SE 12TH CT
HOWARD, RACHEL Racine (Voter ID number 110201379).

2369 SE 12TH ST
MARTIN, PURA Emilia (Voter ID number 110338769).

2369 SE 16TH PL
MONTES, DEMETRIUS (Voter ID number 120077693).

2370 SE 17TH TER
ESPINOZA, MARCELA R. (Voter ID number 110131277).
RODRIGUEZ, MARCELA Espinoza (Voter ID number 115920228).

2370 SE 19TH CT
LEROY, MARILYN (Voter ID number 115300876).

2371 SE 19TH ST
JEUDY, BRIEL (Voter ID number 116612933).
MORRIS, MARSHALL W. (Voter ID number 104246858).

2372 SE 21ST ST
MANNING, JENNIFER R. (Voter ID number 116487301).

2373 SE 23RD DR
PENNEY, ANDREIA Ashley (Voter ID number 109344461).

2374 SE 12TH CT
ORTIZ, ANA C. (Voter ID number 109658207).

2374 SE 12TH ST
PEREZ, JOSE Lorenzo (Voter ID number 109701650).

2374 SE 19TH CT
HUGHES, JOHN Russell (Voter ID number 120900353).
HUGHES, MA KARINA Canillas (Voter ID number 120374291).

2375 SE 12TH CT
KING, ODELL G. (Voter ID number 109542198).
RADCLIFFE, MAIMA Weda (Voter ID number 110112287).

2375 SE 12TH ST
SOUKI, MUFIO J. (Voter ID number 120197303).

2375 SE 19TH ST
RESENDE, CHRISTINA Anne (Voter ID number 114935838).

2376 SE 17TH TER
NICOLEAU, GEORGES (Voter ID number 120548634).
NICOLEAU-PAREDES, MARJORIE (Voter ID number 109896010).

2377 SE 12TH ST
CAPETILLO, ANGEL E. (Voter ID number 120782187).
HOYTE, JULIAN (Voter ID number 117083321).
HOYTE, YARA L. (Voter ID number 116323436).

2378 SE 17TH TER
ANDERSON, LEONARD R. (Voter ID number 115749791).

2379 SE 12TH CT
SAYERS, SANDRA Caridad (Voter ID number 109960882).
SAYERS, SANDRA Caridad (Voter ID number 119575631).

2379 SE 19TH ST
NGUYEN, MAI-HAN Ngoc (Voter ID number 120162965).
AILSTOCK, THOMAS Graham (Voter ID number 108563296).

2380 SE 17TH TER
HOLDERBY, KATRINA Ann (Voter ID number 110710862).

2382 SE 17TH TER
MC CURDY, EDASSA Washo (Voter ID number 119063085).

2383 SE 12TH ST
WALKER, KATIE S. (Voter ID number 119670887).

2383 SE 12TH ST
APT 28

WALKER, CARLTON Anderson (Voter ID number 102095187).

2384 SE 12TH CT
RANSOM, CRYSTAL A. (Voter ID number 120430288).
LINDSAY, MARIA Albercia (Voter ID number 109475401).
RANSOM, CHARLES Edward (Voter ID number 116717762).

2384 SE 17TH TER
WEIS, ANNE D. (Voter ID number 113855530).
WEIS, EDGAR P. (Voter ID number 113855651).

2388 SE 17TH TER
DOUGHERTY, LAURIE Ann (Voter ID number 118561651).
ERSCHIK, RICHARD William (Voter ID number 118526036).

2390 SE 12TH CT
FIELDS, NICOLE Michelle (Voter ID number 116273573).

2390 SE 17TH TER
SMITH, JUSTIN Randall (Voter ID number 109736311).
SMITH, KRISTEN Yvonne (Voter ID number 109736535).

2392 SE 12TH CT
JOHNSON, YAASMEEN Ruqqyya (Voter ID number 109612448).
WILLIAMS, JULIA Ana (Voter ID number 121100169).

2392 SE 19TH CT
MYGRANT, MARTIN (Voter ID number 120191709).
OWENS, ROSA Ivette (Voter ID number 117922274).

FORD, DIONNE Vickelle (Voter ID number 116218512).
RODRIGUEZ, RUBEN (Voter ID number 121122717).

STOREY, CLEVELAND Juanale (Voter ID number 110271308).

2403 SE 14TH ST
ADAMS, SAMETTA (Voter ID number 119821700).
DOSS, JASON Matthew (Voter ID number 119710815).
DOSS, KARINA Cecilia (Voter ID number 109497196).

MARQUEZ, ERIC (Voter ID number 115152331).
MARQUEZ, MARIA J. (Voter ID number 110090229).
ZAPATA, WENDY Maryzela (Voter ID number 110012374).

2404 SE 19TH CT
BOWIE, DANIEL Alvin (Voter ID number 109952252).
HIRANANDANI, AJIT Krishna (Voter ID number 121095691).

2404 SE 21ST ST
JACOBY, CHRISTIE L. (Voter ID number 110242569).
JACOBY, MARIE (Voter ID number 109183325).
JACOBY, MELVIN S. (Voter ID number 110058058).

2405 SE 14TH ST
SNOW, JORDAN Thomas (Voter ID number 109967083).
CORP, JACKLYN Marie (Voter ID number 109883964).

PARKER, KATRANECE Dashawn (Voter ID number 109916621).

JONES, LOIS Angela (Voter ID number 109293264).

2408 SE 19TH CT
OKOINYAN, TONYE (Voter ID number 119573412).
FORSHEE, LAWANDA L. (Voter ID number 109608970).

2409 SE 19TH ST
RODRIGUEZ SANTANA, GERARDO Jose (Voter ID number 119152063).
VEGA, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 114224843).

OSBORN, TODD A. (Voter ID number 114033197).
SHEPPERD, DAVID Lloyd (Voter ID number 114021095).
WILLIAMS, ALEXIS Jerald (Voter ID number 115379302).

DARBY, PERCIVAL Hugh (Voter ID number 109229824).

2411 SE 14TH ST
CRECELIUS, DAVID Andrew (Voter ID number 118963494).
CRECELIUS, MELINDA Marie (Voter ID number 119589717).

HULL, ANA M. (Voter ID number 110110085).

2412 SE 21ST ST
LOPEZ, CYNTHIA C. (Voter ID number 116954258).

2413 SE 19TH ST
MOZO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109852897).
MOZO, PAUL Alejandro (Voter ID number 110312582).

RIVERA, MERYLE (Voter ID number 109988383).
SWAN, LA-TOYA Charity (Voter ID number 117799171).

2414 SE 21ST ST
GIBSON, PAUL J. (Voter ID number 116176918).

2415 SE 14TH ST
ALONSO, ANGEL (Voter ID number 109830580).

2417 SE 14TH ST
VALDIVIA, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 110149404).
VALDIVIA, LINDA Marie (Voter ID number 109219282).
VALDIVIA, VERONICA (Voter ID number 116400877).

2417 SE 19TH ST
SABIN, TRACY DARWIN (Voter ID number 113923343).

2418 SE 21ST ST
RUSSO, AARON (Voter ID number 110335396).
RUSSO, MARIE L. (Voter ID number 110335394).

DEL PRADO, GUIDO A. (Voter ID number 109574493).
DEL PRADO, SANDRA Lee (Voter ID number 109555511).

2420 SE 19TH CT
BURNELL, ROBERT Earl (Voter ID number 109781758).
COLLINS, MARIA Yvette (Voter ID number 110157482).

2420 SE 21ST ST
JIMENEZ, EDMUND David (Voter ID number 109999714).
DEL CASTILLO, RAFAEL J. (Voter ID number 110031636).

2421 SE 16TH AVE
VILLELLA, TIFFANY Leigh (Voter ID number 110117406).

2421 SE 19TH ST
COPELAND, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 110311901).
COPELAND, THOMAS B. (Voter ID number 110335539).

2422 SE 21ST ST
JONES, ANGELA P. (Voter ID number 102415715).

2424 SE 21ST ST
MACHADO, CHRISTOPHER Jorge (Voter ID number 115104747).
RIVERA, GABRIELLE (Voter ID number 110211327).
TRENT, MATTIE Ruth (Voter ID number 109074796).

2425 SE 19TH ST
JANE, JULIO J. (Voter ID number 109940150).

2426 SE 11TH CT
ADDERLEY, DAVID Alfred (Voter ID number 110020661).

2426 SE 11TH CT
APT 27

JOSEPH, JENNIFER Ann-Marie (Voter ID number 114000965).

2428 SE 11TH CT
RAMEY, TARA Monique (Voter ID number 109466118).
SUSANA, ANEL Xiomara (Voter ID number 119644219).

2429 SE 19TH ST
BROWN, ERIC Anthony (Voter ID number 110048803).
SALCIDO, KELLY Ann (Voter ID number 117184800).
BARNES, ANDRE N. (Voter ID number 116891492).

2430 SE 11TH CT
DOUGLAS, QUIUANA (Voter ID number 120254472).
GREEN, SHEILA Mae (Voter ID number 109254994).

2430 SE 14TH AVE
EDWARDS, RAHIM Vernon (Voter ID number 110843929).

2432 SE 11TH CT
APT 171

CRUZ, MICHAEL C. (Voter ID number 119110660).

2432 SE 11TH CT
DELGADO, AMANDA Lynn (Voter ID number 114414329).

2432 SE 14TH AVE
MAYNEZ, VENY Ayde (Voter ID number 119330784).

2434 SE 11TH CT
GARCIA, MARISOL Beatriz (Voter ID number 109641168).

2434 SE 14TH AVE
ANDRE DESIR, MYRLANDE (Voter ID number 110115445).

2435 SE 14TH ST
PICKARD, NANCY (Voter ID number 116806038).
PICKARD, RAYMOND Keith (Voter ID number 120576888).

2435 SE 19TH ST
POTEAT, MARKEITH Lavar (Voter ID number 112620449).

2436 SE 12TH CT
AGUILAR, ALBIO Gabriel (Voter ID number 110333360).
AGUILAR, ALBIO (Voter ID number 109753201).

2436 SE 19TH CT
WILLIAMS, JOSHUA Thomas (Voter ID number 119367500).
WILLIAMS, LEANNE Dannette (Voter ID number 115821761).
WILLIAMS, RALPH O. (Voter ID number 113861946).
WILLIAMS, CHRIS (Voter ID number 116522821).

2438 SE 12TH CT
MARTINEZ, HENRY David (Voter ID number 110216950).

2440 SE 14TH AVE
MC CLAIN, MARGARET Felicia (Voter ID number 110057902).
RODRIGUEZ, ZAYDA M. (Voter ID number 113854366).

2440 SE 19TH CT
GREEN, DION Ramone (Voter ID number 115877995).
ZALDIVAR, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 116892853).

2441 SE 14TH ST
PAEZ, CARLA Michelle (Voter ID number 110006457).

2442 SE 12TH CT
RUELAS, GUADALUPE (Voter ID number 109534024).

2443 SE 14TH ST
SILVA, FIORELLA (Voter ID number 120415248).

2443 SE 19TH ST
DONADO, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 110196475).
JORGE, VANESSA Marina (Voter ID number 114240960).
LLANO, ANGELICA Maria (Voter ID number 119308349).
POSADA, EDWIN Carlos (Voter ID number 110198502).

2445 SE 14TH AVE
REID, LUCENA E. (Voter ID number 109720459).

2447 SE 14TH ST
BRANCH, MARCELIS L. (Voter ID number 118843691).
BRANCH, MARVA D. (Voter ID number 116517539).
BLANC, LINDA (Voter ID number 119991823).

2447 SE 19TH ST
BENNATTS, VIVIAN F. (Voter ID number 109484686).
KIDWELL, JENNIFER E. (Voter ID number 114485303).
PAVILONIS, ANNNE MARIE (Voter ID number 114424311).

2448 SE 14TH AVE
PAYNE, OLIVIA O. (Voter ID number 120456762).
STOKES, OLIVIA O. (Voter ID number 102345516).

2448 SE 19TH CT
REYNOLDS, ROBERT Joseph (Voter ID number 112509189).

2449 SE 14TH AVE
CHARLES, JEAN L. (Voter ID number 118103538).
GASPARD, YVELINE (Voter ID number 120886703).
GASPARD, YVETA (Voter ID number 120886699).
GASPARD, NADIA (Voter ID number 119301422).

2449 SE 19TH ST
KANTNER, CHRISTINE M. (Voter ID number 114629258).

2450 SE 11TH CT
GWALTNEY, JACLYN (Voter ID number 117078165).
GWALTNEY, NEHEMIAH (Voter ID number 117078224).

2451 SE 12TH ST
BELTH, KYUNGMIN (Voter ID number 119592589).

2452 SE 12TH ST
APT 152

BELTH, STEPHEN Joel (Voter ID number 119080744).

2452 SE 14TH AVE
STANLEY, STEPHANIE Delaine (Voter ID number 116510262).

2454 SE 11TH CT
ARCE, DIANA Carolina (Voter ID number 110334784).

2454 SE 12TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, EILEEN Marie (Voter ID number 109979890).
TORRES, FRANCHESKA Isabel (Voter ID number 119685141).

2455 SE 19TH ST
OROZCO, GEORGINA Maldonado (Voter ID number 110038108).
OROZCO, NARCISA (Voter ID number 118249414).

2456 SE 12TH ST
MAYS, RAVEN Cierra (Voter ID number 120976366).

2456 SE 19TH CT
SAMTANI, BHAVANA R. (Voter ID number 110120086).
SAMTANI, ROMEY T. (Voter ID number 110119981).

2457 SE 15TH PL
LASTER, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 116320179).
HUGGINS, LISA M. (Voter ID number 109462851).

2458 SE 12TH CT
TOBON, JOSE Julian (Voter ID number 118786125).
RAMOS, ESTELA (Voter ID number 114494432).

2459 SE 15TH PL
APT 203

PATTERSON, ANGELA C. (Voter ID number 109565959).
PATTERSON, ANGELA Cleone (Voter ID number 110018508).
PATTERSON, ANIYAH Chantal (Voter ID number 110108935).
PATTERSON, DAVETTE L. (Voter ID number 114136311).

2459 SE 19TH ST
DUARTE, CHRISTOPHER Jose (Voter ID number 119603383).
BASULTO, ANGELA Maria (Voter ID number 109975652).

2460 SE 15TH PL
DE LA CRUZ, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 109240784).

2460 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 105

REYES, KAMIYAH N. (Voter ID number 120886640).

2460 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 201

SMITH, SHAWNKIVA (Voter ID number 116403346).

2460 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 202

ROACH, CECELIA O. (Voter ID number 110229350).

2460 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 204

BROWN, ELIZABETH Marie (Voter ID number 116550480).
BROWN, JIMMIE Lee (Voter ID number 116550488).

2460 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 205

SMITH, TARA Levonne (Voter ID number 110055239).

2460 SE 16TH TER
ORTIZ, DAGMAR (Voter ID number 115627658).

2460 SE 16TH TER
APT 102

FIALLO, SURITZADAY (Voter ID number 102499218).

2460 SE 19TH CT
DEL VALLE, MARIBEL Mercedes (Voter ID number 119707597).
NUNEZ, ELOY (Voter ID number 116092905).

2461 SE 12TH ST
THOMPSON, ERIKA Kay (Voter ID number 120671112).

2461 SE 16TH TER
APT 202

CHEERS, ANTONIO T. (Voter ID number 117965275).
WILLIAMS, BRANDON Xavier (Voter ID number 118850651).

2461 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 101

DE LAS CUEVAS, ODALIS Noemi (Voter ID number 119735094).

2461 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 202

WILLIAMS, AAREN Isaiah (Voter ID number 120819130).
WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER Lee (Voter ID number 121021854).

2461 SE 16TH TER
ADAMS, KIMBERLY Marie (Voter ID number 109409772).
PETERS, LAKESHA Lynette (Voter ID number 110110732).

2461 SE 16TH TER
APT 202

ADAMS, DURRELL (Voter ID number 110283170).

2462 SE 14TH CT
PALUSZEWSKI, DEBRA K. (Voter ID number 118466832).
PALUSZEWSKI, KYLE Aaron (Voter ID number 120053936).
PALUSZEWSKI, STANLEY Arthur (Voter ID number 118115126).

2462 SE 15TH CT
TAYLOR, YAMILKA (Voter ID number 118534577).
MELO, MARIA Rosa (Voter ID number 120750220).

2462 SE 15TH PL
HARRIS, DORIAN Raquel (Voter ID number 118868378).
GUNN, GEORGE Tyrone (Voter ID number 117042082).

2463 SE 15TH CT
ARNOLD, SHEREESE M. (Voter ID number 110174525).
CROCAMO, REGLA Maria (Voter ID number 110013535).

2463 SE 19TH ST
GRETSAS, GEORGE D. (Voter ID number 102449725).

2464 SE 19TH CT
MARSHALL, CHEYENNE Marie (Voter ID number 120718133).
MARSHALL, EDWARD Elliott (Voter ID number 109794674).

2465 SE 15TH PL
GUZMAN, CRISTIANA (Voter ID number 109935894).
RODRIGUEZ, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 118418271).

2466 SE 12TH CT
MARTINEZ, BETSABET (Voter ID number 110024198).
HERNANDEZ, ANGELA M. (Voter ID number 109315708).

2467 SE 15TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109706853).
RODRIGUEZ, ROBERT C. (Voter ID number 109417917).

2467 SE 15TH PL
MAYS, TAWANDA M. (Voter ID number 120153084).

2468 SE 15TH PL
WILLIAMS, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 109755153).

2470 SE 15TH CT
CASTILLO, JOHANNA Ivette (Voter ID number 109865735).

2471 SE 15TH CT
KILGORE, JOANNE M. (Voter ID number 109277133).
SECHREST, DONNA J. (Voter ID number 109251311).
SECHREST, JAMES R. (Voter ID number 109250777).

2472 SE 19TH CT
GONZALES, DONALD Edward (Voter ID number 109642908).
WAIT, KELLY A. (Voter ID number 109826153).

2473 SE 15TH CT
CUMBERLEDGE, JAMES Edward (Voter ID number 120181796).
CUMBERLEDGE, JERRY Lee (Voter ID number 120192963).

2474 SE 13TH CT
FLEMING, HARRY James (Voter ID number 114008098).
JOHNSON, JUANITA E. (Voter ID number 116971270).
LEWIS, ANTOINETTE Joretha (Voter ID number 118488567).

2474 SE 15TH CT
PIERRE, MYRIAM (Voter ID number 109930494).
PIERRE, WAGNER Guy (Voter ID number 121033665).
PIERRE, JOANN (Voter ID number 110199603).
PIERRE, MARIE Anne (Voter ID number 116476743).

2475 SE 14TH ST
ESPINOSA, SERGIO F. (Voter ID number 110230002).
RODRIGUEZ, HARRY (Voter ID number 110023856).

2475 SE 15TH CT
GUTIERREZ, ALEXANDER P. (Voter ID number 120455031).
SOCORRO, SOLANGEL (Voter ID number 115746565).
RODRIGUEZ, ORMIDA Fe (Voter ID number 116517362).

2478 SE 13TH CT
LITTLE, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 109813646).
LITTLE, MELISSA Ann Mackenzie (Voter ID number 118775091).
LITTLE, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 110039989).

2478 SE 14TH CT
CLAUDY, MICHAEL S. (Voter ID number 113856353).

2478 SE 15TH CT
GARCIA, KAREN (Voter ID number 118528187).
SANTIAGO, RICARDO Rafael (Voter ID number 118528184).

2479 SE 14TH ST
HILL, MICHELLE Elizabeth (Voter ID number 114669205).
HILL, TIMOTHY A. (Voter ID number 109896671).

2482 SE 13TH CT
GONZALEZ, JONATHAN Alexander (Voter ID number 120108620).

2483 SE 13TH CT
ARIAS, MARIA Ximena (Voter ID number 110319586).

2483 SE 14TH ST
FERGUSON, JUDY Ann (Voter ID number 109289689).
JOHNSON, ROGER (Voter ID number 116072690).

2485 SE 12TH ST
TOIRAC, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109773561).

2486 SE 13TH CT
GERMAN, YOLANDA Y. (Voter ID number 109750886).

2487 SE 14TH ST
PHAM, LAURA (Voter ID number 116387385).
OBIN, JUANA (Voter ID number 110305332).

2490 SE 12TH CT
CEDENO, ANA L. (Voter ID number 102043650).
CEDENO, JUVENTINO H. (Voter ID number 120266709).

2490 SE 13TH CT
COLAPRETE, ADAM A. (Voter ID number 115236816).
COLAPRETE, KELLIE A. (Voter ID number 115236839).

2491 SE 14TH ST
LYNCH, ALLEN Lee (Voter ID number 109474763).
LYNCH, ARLENE (Voter ID number 110226526).

2494 SE 12TH CT
HERNANDEZ, NESTOR Oscar (Voter ID number 110126761).
LOPEZ, BELEN (Voter ID number 109741190).

2494 SE 15TH CT
LUEVANO, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 104355897).
LUEVANO, SHELLEY Lynn (Voter ID number 117869589).

2496 SE 11TH CT
GARCIA, BISMARCK Rolando (Voter ID number 109776742).

2497 SE 12TH ST
PARGA, GUSTAVO Adolfo (Voter ID number 118116136).
PARGA, NORMA (Voter ID number 109953047).
PARGA, OLGA H. (Voter ID number 109953048).

2497 SE 13TH CT
NELSON, RICHARD Ryan (Voter ID number 118863571).
LIUZZO, SHADRICK Stephen (Voter ID number 120626899).

2498 SE 12TH CT
MILLER, DONOVAN Lee (Voter ID number 109461072).

2498 SE 13TH CT
RIOS, ANAIS (Voter ID number 119533508).

2498 SE 15TH CT
HILTON, BELINDA D. (Voter ID number 117196532).

2499 SE 14TH ST
DURAN, GABRIEL E. (Voter ID number 109901243).
DURAN, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 116059175).
DURAN, MERCEDES Yurima (Voter ID number 109238273).

2500 SE 15TH CT
PEREZ DE ALEJOS, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 115867443).

2501 SE 19TH PL
EIRAS, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 114123715).

2501 SE 20TH PL
MOAK, SARAH Rayborn (Voter ID number 109056496).
MOAK, WILLIAM Arnold (Voter ID number 109188236).

2502 SE 12TH ST
GARCIA, ESMELIAN (Voter ID number 120183588).

2502 SE 15TH CT
TRUESDALE, DONALD Tyrone (Voter ID number 120821312).
TRUESDALE, DONALD Tyrone (Voter ID number 121122701).
TRUESDALE, JUSTIN William (Voter ID number 120822321).
KING, DELIA Johnson (Voter ID number 120821326).

RODRIGUEZ, ALICIA (Voter ID number 109629691).

2503 SE 15TH CT
CARTER, DWAYNE Anthony (Voter ID number 109297556).
GAY, JEAN N. (Voter ID number 119049410).

2504 SE 11TH CT
CORDERO, MATILDE (Voter ID number 110226391).

2504 SE 19TH PL
GREEN, DANIEL Edmund (Voter ID number 114865238).
HENRY, JANUARY Angel (Voter ID number 118806344).
KESTNER, JANUARY Angel (Voter ID number 115300677).
MARTORANA, EDWARD Joseph (Voter ID number 109999429).

CIACCIO, RHONDA Louise (Voter ID number 110225785).
CIACCIO, RONALD Paul (Voter ID number 110225794).
STEVENS, ANDREW Ryan (Voter ID number 110082523).

CORTES, ELIOT Ernesto (Voter ID number 113908798).

2505 SE 10TH ST
POLONIA, JOSE Francisco (Voter ID number 118785317).
POLONIA, JUSTINA (Voter ID number 119194843).

2505 SE 12TH ST
ALONSO, TERESITA (Voter ID number 110263015).
MORALES, LEYNER (Voter ID number 109838969).

2505 SE 14TH AVE
ORTEGA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 110262125).
STEELE, TRACEY Denise (Voter ID number 109786905).

2505 SE 19TH PL
MONTERREY, MILENA (Voter ID number 116956847).

2505 SE 20TH PL
MURPHY, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 109354318).
MURPHY, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 109354317).

2506 SE 14TH AVE
MEDINA, MARISELA (Voter ID number 119548206).
MEDINA, OSCAR Ivan (Voter ID number 110120759).
BLANDON, DULCE M. (Voter ID number 120892801).

STAHL, KRISTY (Voter ID number 109555144).
STAHL, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109810341).
STAHL, KELLY (Voter ID number 109773627).
STAHL, KIMBERLY Ruth (Voter ID number 109412965).

2507 SE 12TH CT
ABUMOHOR, JORGE Raif (Voter ID number 118078627).
MORA, HEIDY Z. (Voter ID number 110067470).

2507 SE 15TH CT
PASSMORE, AMI J. (Voter ID number 110197828).
PASSMORE, CELETHIA Vonetta (Voter ID number 109340846).

2507 SE 19TH PL
HOULE, LYNN Marie (Voter ID number 120517880).
GUNNOUD, KRISTEN D. (Voter ID number 114471472).
HOULE, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number 109863199).
HOULE, ROGER A. (Voter ID number 110169674).

2507 SE 20TH PL
HENRIQUEZ, JESSICA N. (Voter ID number 110113489).

2508 SE 11TH CT
MOSQUERA, VISLOVIA (Voter ID number 116264241).

2508 SE 12TH CT
DIAS, ALEX Marcelino (Voter ID number 121007018).

2508 SE 14TH CT
REED, CHRISTOPHER Matthew (Voter ID number 119905202).
REED, MARICELA (Voter ID number 109543265).

2509 SE 14TH AVE
RINCON, IVAN Dario (Voter ID number 114967022).

2509 SE 20TH PL
DAVILA, MAXIMINA (Voter ID number 117769142).

PEREZ, JESSE (Voter ID number 110138209).
PEREZ, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 110138213).

2510 SE 14TH AVE
SANTANA, DENISE Y. (Voter ID number 110141808).

JAVIEL, MANUEL J. (Voter ID number 118177325).
ROSARIO, ROSELIA (Voter ID number 109827600).
CHAPMAN, CHRISTINA Marie (Voter ID number 115793192).
JAVIER, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109828924).

2511 SE 11TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, DAMARIS (Voter ID number 114921677).
SOTO RODRIGUEZ, ISAAC (Voter ID number 110150443).

2511 SE 14TH AVE
CLARK, ANTHONY R. (Voter ID number 120408915).
CLARK, ANDRELL Bernice Markesha (Voter ID number 117594118).

2511 SE 14TH CT
DEMON, PEGGY Mills (Voter ID number 109029068).

2511 SE 15TH CT
ROVEA, JULIA (Voter ID number 119762480).
RAMIREZ, MATILDE (Voter ID number 114256876).
ROVEA, TOMAS Alejo (Voter ID number 116295079).

2511 SE 19TH PL
LEEDS, MARIE L. (Voter ID number 109590066).
LEEDS, JOHN C. (Voter ID number 109308193).

2511 SE 20TH PL
THOMPSON, ZITA Elisabeth (Voter ID number 109644973).

2512 SE 11TH CT
DE LA NOVAL, HENRY (Voter ID number 109908344).
DE LA NOVAL, JUANITA C. (Voter ID number 120295244).

2512 SE 14TH AVE
CAMPBELL, THERISA K. (Voter ID number 116415052).

2512 SE 19TH PL
MC KEON, JOSEPH R. (Voter ID number 109908757).
MC KEON, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number 110093825).

2512 SE 20TH PL
HEALEY, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 110311639).

GAJATE, FELIPE Napoles (Voter ID number 109690147).

2513 SE 14TH AVE
MELENDEZ DIAZ, LYNNETTE (Voter ID number 116238145).
SANTIAGO RAMOS, OMAR David (Voter ID number 116235674).

2513 SE 15TH CT
ALVAREZ, JAVIER Estevan (Voter ID number 110003347).

2513 SE 19TH PL
MURRAY, RICHARD Earl (Voter ID number 109028247).

2513 SE 20TH PL
ELLIE, RUDOLPH Nero (Voter ID number 109985966).

2514 SE 15TH CT
ANDERSON, JONATHAN Dale (Voter ID number 117878222).
DAVIS, JEFFREY Oliver (Voter ID number 117878306).

2514 SE 19TH PL
DIAZ, KATIE (Voter ID number 117212965).
SIDDALL, JOSEPH D. (Voter ID number 109851898).
VILCHES, HEIDI (Voter ID number 109419107).

2514 SE 20TH PL
GONZALEZ, REINALDO Nicolas (Voter ID number 110082257).

2515 SE 11TH CT
CRUZ, RAMON L. (Voter ID number 114474976).

2515 SE 14TH CT
LEVESQUE LUCENA, MICHELLE Claire (Voter ID number 120083426).
LUCENA, PEDRO Ignacio (Voter ID number 107388497).

2515 SE 15TH CT
KERTZNUS, KENNETH (Voter ID number 110249132).
KERTZNUS, SONIA (Voter ID number 115296710).

2515 SE 19TH PL
DE LANO, NANCY E. (Voter ID number 109410029).

2515 SE 20TH PL
ROGERS, EDGAR Dudley (Voter ID number 109072872).
ROGERS, MILDRED M. (Voter ID number 108969943).

2516 SE 11TH CT
EVANS, JAREN C. (Voter ID number 119909530).
EVANS, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 119909543).

2516 SE 12TH CT
POWELL, KATRINA Michelle (Voter ID number 115260123).

2516 SE 14TH AVE
COLLIER, JESSICA T. (Voter ID number 118096731).
COLLIER, NYEMA T. (Voter ID number 118846905).
DOWDELL, SHAWNESE L. (Voter ID number 115585458).

2516 SE 14TH CT
CALLAHAN, SEAN Francis (Voter ID number 120435678).

2516 SE 19TH PL
BLAGRIFF, OLIVE J. (Voter ID number 109351936).

2516 SE 20TH PL
DUCKWORTH, VICTORIA Jeane (Voter ID number 119008656).

2517 SE 15TH PL
JACKSON, REGGIE Eugene (Voter ID number 109885652).
POWELL, NESHADA Inez (Voter ID number 114046521).

2517 SE 20TH PL
HOLLAND, COLLEEN Catherine (Voter ID number 116518358).
HOLLAND, TRISTAN Michael (Voter ID number 117200079).

2518 SE 12TH ST
BROWN, TRENISE Alexandria (Voter ID number 115741181).

2518 SE 15TH PL
WEST, ARTAVIS Lydell (Voter ID number 110182692).

2518 SE 19TH PL
ENDRICKS, SARAH Carol (Voter ID number 119717842).
HERNANDEZ, AMY (Voter ID number 116160868).

2519 SE 11TH CT
AGOSTO, DANIEL Hermes (Voter ID number 121184243).
SMITH, JOSHUA Blake (Voter ID number 116902684).
SMITH, ASHLEY Veronica (Voter ID number 116852868).

2519 SE 12TH CT
CRUZ, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109228405).
DELVESCO CRUZ, CHRISTIE (Voter ID number 110090996).

2519 SE 15TH PL
NOVATON, YAJAIRA (Voter ID number 109614748).
PERDOMO, ANA Hilda (Voter ID number 109779281).
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS Gerardo (Voter ID number 109466651).

2519 SE 19TH PL
MCCAIN, AVERY Devont (Voter ID number 120894859).

BAE, JUWAN P. (Voter ID number 118350369).
BURNS, KEVIN E. (Voter ID number 110213375).

2520 SE 14TH AVE
GUERRERO-MORA, NELSON Omar (Voter ID number 119508437).
LUGO GONZALEZ, VERONICA (Voter ID number 119508438).

2520 SE 14TH CT
CARDONA, NESTOR (Voter ID number 110337238).
CARDONA, SANDRA (Voter ID number 110337239).
GARMON, SHANIQUA Nicole (Voter ID number 110163130).
GARMON, YOLANDA Marie (Voter ID number 119849485).
CARDONA, KIMBERLY Rose (Voter ID number 110337237).

2520 SE 15TH CT
MAXFIELD, CORTNY Ken (Voter ID number 117580630).
ORTIZ, FELICIA K. (Voter ID number 115343356).
ORTIZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 118295520).

2520 SE 15TH PL
DIAZ, LEONARDO Andres (Voter ID number 121106433).
VILLALONA, ADRIANA Lynn (Voter ID number 117555015).

2520 SE 20TH PL
LOWE, JEANNE P. (Voter ID number 120641053).
LOWE, JOHN Dewane (Voter ID number 108958651).

2521 SE 10TH ST
EGGERT, IAN J. (Voter ID number 115996275).

2521 SE 19TH PL
BURKE, JAMES Jared (Voter ID number 109921066).
SCHOLL, CHRISTINE A. (Voter ID number 110057581).

2521 SE 20TH PL
CHASTAIN, RICHARD North (Voter ID number 109205576).

2522 SE 12TH CT
WEDDINGTON, FREDERICK Clayton (Voter ID number 119153889).

2522 SE 19TH PL
POST, KATE Spenser (Voter ID number 110321536).

2522 SE 20TH PL
ADMIRAL, CHRISTIANA (Voter ID number 117161439).

2523 SE 11TH CT
DIAZ AQUINO, JESUS Manuel (Voter ID number 116207560).
DIAZ-AQUINO, JUAN L. (Voter ID number 120085513).
DIAZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 110090151).

2523 SE 14TH AVE
DEPAREJA, NORMAN (Voter ID number 119875132).

2523 SE 14TH CT
SHADWICK, LAKEISHA S. (Voter ID number 110072047).

2523 SE 19TH PL
NEWTON, LAWRENCE D. (Voter ID number 116578424).

2523 SE 20TH PL
HEGEDUS, ROBERT (Voter ID number 114933487).

2524 SE 14TH AVE
JIMENEZ, MAYDELYN (Voter ID number 116285393).

2524 SE 15TH CT
THOMAS, DEBORAH Joy (Voter ID number 116756291).

2524 SE 16TH RD
UNIT 100

LORENZI RUIZ, JEREMY Roy (Voter ID number 120219173).

2524 SE 16TH RD
UNIT 102

WILLIAMS, WALTNEASHIA S. (Voter ID number 115695177).

2524 SE 16TH RD
UNIT 101

SIMPSON, NORMA E. (Voter ID number 119375040).

2524 SE 16TH RD
JEAN-JACQUES, EDWINJE (Voter ID number 115230211).
STEWART, ASHLEY Marie (Voter ID number 109993792).

2524 SE 16TH RD
APT 100

LORENZI, STEPHANIE MacIel (Voter ID number 110310947).

2524 SE 16TH RD
UNIT 100

HERNANDEZ, NATALY (Voter ID number 115281582).

2524 SE 19TH PL
SIMERSON, COLEEN Dennis (Voter ID number 118412026).
SIMERSON, BOYD Kermit (Voter ID number 110082366).
SIMERSON, DANA Eller (Voter ID number 110082659).

KLIEBENSTEIN, LAURA Amber (Voter ID number 110076396).
ROFORTH-SMITH, DIANE (Voter ID number 109997322).
ROFORTHSMITH, DAVID Frank (Voter ID number 115186319).

2525 SE 10TH ST
BODIE, GERROD James (Voter ID number 109980072).

2525 SE 14TH AVE
PLUMMER, DERRICK E. (Voter ID number 109993411).
PLUMMER, EVELYN Latricia (Voter ID number 110076222).
PLUMMER, SHALYNDRIA L. (Voter ID number 110115833).
TORRES, CARMEN Sandra (Voter ID number 110321810).

2525 SE 15TH PL
FREELING, JOHN Rodney (Voter ID number 109792752).
NEWTON, JANEEN (Voter ID number 119896077).
NEWTON, ROLAND George (Voter ID number 119896072).
NEWTON, ZAKIYA Niambia Cynthia (Voter ID number 119616468).
NEWTON-FREELING, KAREN Anne (Voter ID number 109786284).

2525 SE 19TH PL
ROYAL, VICTOR (Voter ID number 120455093).

2526 SE 15TH CT
GARZA, LOURDES Maria (Voter ID number 110163007).
GARZA, IRENE S. (Voter ID number 110152323).

2526 SE 19TH PL
BALUCH, ELAINE Ann (Voter ID number 110308290).

2526 SE 20TH PL
KEY, CINNAMON Jamila (Voter ID number 109738736).

2527 SE 11TH CT
KANHAI, SUNITA Jenifer (Voter ID number 115612429).

2527 SE 14TH AVE
MC DONALD, MANDI N. (Voter ID number 110199514).

2527 SE 14TH CT
ARROYO LOPEZ, JONUEL Alberto (Voter ID number 119019781).
MC NULTY, MYLAYSIA Z. (Voter ID number 119371618).
PAYNE, CARL Anthony (Voter ID number 114486673).
ROSARIO DELESTRE, RAUL Javier (Voter ID number 118588287).
HALL, KEISHA L. (Voter ID number 110091353).

2527 SE 15TH PL
UNIT 193

FONSECA, ERIKA T. (Voter ID number 116844653).
FONSECA, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 115776971).

2527 SE 19TH PL
SMOODY, RUTH A. (Voter ID number 110128178).
YORKOSKI, JOSEPH P. (Voter ID number 114519974).
YORKOSKI, JUDITH D. (Voter ID number 114519913).

2527 SE 20TH PL
KELLY, KATHLEEN C. (Voter ID number 116024044).
MAC DONALD, JOHN Louis (Voter ID number 108925245).

2528 SE 14TH AVE
FRANKLIN, ALTANIQUE S. (Voter ID number 118041890).
LLOYD, KIMBERLY Sharnell (Voter ID number 109321439).

2528 SE 19TH PL
CASTRO, CARMEN Luisa (Voter ID number 109485843).

2528 SE 20TH PL
MATHE, LASZLO Istvan (Voter ID number 109183403).

2529 SE 10TH ST
MARTINEZ, ALEX Josue (Voter ID number 110269498).
MARTINEZ, GLENDA (Voter ID number 115651430).
OLNEY, JANE Swanson (Voter ID number 118764987).

2529 SE 19TH PL
FAIR, CATHERINE R. (Voter ID number 109155534).

RILEY, JOHN EDWARD (Voter ID number 113867443).

NEIBAUR, NANCY Meece (Voter ID number 109007041).
NEIBAUR, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number 109511228).

2530 SE 15TH CT
GLADNEY, SHAWNA (Voter ID number 110076288).
GRAY, ADAM Thomas (Voter ID number 116139760).
PENA CACEDA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 118081448).
GLADNEY, ARTHUR J. (Voter ID number 109941457).

2530 SE 19TH PL
APONTE, JASON Anthony (Voter ID number 109505919).
APONTE, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 109147946).

2531 SE 11TH CT
SPRUILL, MARGRETH Ann (Voter ID number 120004538).
SPRUILL, ANDREAS Toni (Voter ID number 119775489).

2531 SE 15TH CT
RESNICK, PAUL Stephen (Voter ID number 101807982).

2531 SE 19TH PL
BRESLIN, DEBRA A. (Voter ID number 114836990).
BURNS-BEISINGER, TIERA Jean (Voter ID number 109802761).
JENNINGS, JUDITH A. (Voter ID number 109788067).

2531 SE 20TH PL
RESNICK, MARJORIE (Voter ID number 117807501).

2532 SE 14TH CT
SANTIAGO, ALMA A. (Voter ID number 115221243).
SANTIAGO, ALMA Lucia (Voter ID number 115282090).
SANTIAGO, SERGIO A. (Voter ID number 115221515).
SANTIAGO, SERGIO Fernando (Voter ID number 115172443).

2532 SE 15TH CT
VAN ORDEN, DUANE Delial (Voter ID number 118319574).
VANORDEN, CHRISTINA Lynn (Voter ID number 118319575).
VANORDEN, DUANE James (Voter ID number 118332048).

2532 SE 20TH PL
FOUST, AMY Ellen (Voter ID number 110082175).
FOUST, ERIC Matthew (Voter ID number 109895230).

2533 SE 15TH CT
RODRIGUEZ, MARISOL (Voter ID number 121039315).
ROSADO, RAMON Antonio (Voter ID number 117301903).

2533 SE 15TH CT
UNIT 28-2

RODRIQUEZ, ALMANDO (Voter ID number 120988864).

2533 SE 19TH PL
BROSNAN, RUTH Williams (Voter ID number 109046560).
CLOUGH, ANNA Rose (Voter ID number 118478307).

2533 SE 20TH PL
DOMINGUEZ, ADOLFINA (Voter ID number 109024105).
SOTO, MARTA E. (Voter ID number 109316221).
SOTO, SARA Dania (Voter ID number 109138021).

2534 SE 12TH CT
CERVERA, BEVERLY Pitaluga (Voter ID number 110177570).
CERVERA, DENNIS (Voter ID number 119643563).

2534 SE 15TH CT
MATHESON, HEATHER Louise (Voter ID number 117322410).
MATHESON, JAMES Patrick (Voter ID number 117322418).

NICAISSE, JOSEPH N. (Voter ID number 109958281).

2535 SE 10TH ST
MCINTOSH, JAMES Anthony (Voter ID number 120345451).
POLICARD, ASTRID (Voter ID number 109713918).

2535 SE 19TH PL
BALENTINE, KAREN M. (Voter ID number 115035307).

2536 SE 15TH CT
RAMEY, JEANNE A. (Voter ID number 116760521).

2536 SE 19TH PL
THEISS, MIKE E. (Voter ID number 110151926).

2537 SE 15TH CT
EDMONDS, DALE (Voter ID number 119937227).

2537 SE 19TH PL
SIMPSON, CHRISTOPHER James (Voter ID number 115166804).

2538 SE 14TH CT
WILLIAMS, ELISHA Markey (Voter ID number 110210881).

2539 SE 10TH ST
OSWALD, EDWARD E. (Voter ID number 108941925).

2539 SE 19TH PL
LOREGA, MARIA Sanchez (Voter ID number 110027285).
LOREGA, RAMON Robert (Voter ID number 110027286).

LINER, JODY S. (Voter ID number 120721692).

2540 SE 19TH PL
LANDRY, DONNA Michelle (Voter ID number 109292908).

2542 SE 19TH PL
DE VILLAVICENCIO, MARTHA V. (Voter ID number 108938788).

ROZZONI, ANNE Marie M (Voter ID number 109985198).
ROZZONI, WILLARD (Voter ID number 109983900).

2545 SE 14TH ST
DYE, WILLIE (Voter ID number 109009284).
STILES, MICHEAL A. (Voter ID number 120288544).
STILES, MICHELE Yvette (Voter ID number 109488097).
DYE, CORA Lee (Voter ID number 109047806).

2546 SE 12TH CT
DOUGLAS, DENISE R. (Voter ID number 110287472).
DOUGLAS, MICHAEL Eugene (Voter ID number 109695550).

2548 SE 15TH CT
NORWOOD, EUGENE Alexander (Voter ID number 109097890).
SMITH, GARY T. (Voter ID number 116965948).
WEST, FELECIA (Voter ID number 108188524).

FILARDI, JEFFERY A. (Voter ID number 109843964).
FILARDI, KIMBERLY Ann (Voter ID number 109971799).

HOUSE, LINDA K. (Voter ID number 109757522).

2550 SE 10TH ST
RIVEROS, LUIS Hernan (Voter ID number 121142712).

2551 SE 13TH CT
ARCINIEGAS, RICHARD Adrian (Voter ID number 118970464).
ARCINIEGAS-MENDOZA, GLORIA Victoria (Voter ID number 118970462).
CASTANEDA, FELICIA Josefina (Voter ID number 118970458).

2551 SE 16TH TER
APT 207

EUSEBIO, RAYMEKO (Voter ID number 119749231).

2551 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 100

SANDOVAL, LUZ Helena (Voter ID number 110080800).

2551 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 108

MARTINEZ, MARIA Esther (Voter ID number 110116442).

2551 SE 16TH TER
CALDWELL, NGINA Ayanna (Voter ID number 109718150).
DIXON, HENIY L. (Voter ID number 116409343).
GINER, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 109820922).
HERNANDEZ, AURA L. (Voter ID number 116462788).
MACIAS, HILCIA Elena (Voter ID number 109486070).
PINON, VICENTE (Voter ID number 109809955).

2551 SE 16TH TER
APT 201

KENNY, VERA N. (Voter ID number 119024813).

2551 SE 16TH TER
APT 203

CERISIER, NADIA Wendy (Voter ID number 119893309).

2551 SE 16TH TER
AVILES, ERIC J. (Voter ID number 116207151).

2552 SE 12TH CT
MAZO, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 120021835).
MAZO, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 114509989).
MAZO, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 109218761).

2552 SE 15TH CT
HAUGHTON, YVETTE Sawyers (Voter ID number 109870053).

DAVISSON, JON Matthew (Voter ID number 121020757).
MENO, LAWRENCE Donald (Voter ID number 110143386).

MALATESTA, ANDRES N. (Voter ID number 110025137).

2555 SE 10TH ST
COOPER, ANTHONY James (Voter ID number 121041907).
DAVIS, BELINDA Nicole (Voter ID number 109341708).

2556 SE 15TH CT
HERNANDEZ, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 109793151).
FRIAS, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 110048408).

2557 SE 14TH ST
NEGRON, NORVERTO (Voter ID number 117434245).
NEGRON, THALIA N. (Voter ID number 119045652).
CARIDES-CONCEPCION, DEBBIE (Voter ID number 117283158).

2558 SE 12TH CT
BRANCH, MARVA D. (Voter ID number 118522998).

2558 SE 13TH CT
GALLO, JAVIER A. (Voter ID number 110319572).
GALLO, PATRICIA Y. (Voter ID number 110319595).

2559 SE 13TH CT
BRILL, LISA Amanda (Voter ID number 110015503).

2560 SE 15TH CT
MCGEE, LATANYA Vashonn (Voter ID number 109536672).
MCGEE, LOCARLAS Mannford (Voter ID number 118336380).

2561 SE 11TH CT
APT 201

WATSON, RONALD Herman (Voter ID number 119281981).

2562 SE 12TH CT
PRENTT, CHRISTINE Bernadette (Voter ID number 109730163).

2562 SE 13TH CT
AGUILERA, OSCAR Marcelo (Voter ID number 114769776).

2563 SE 10TH ST
SANTANA, FRANCESCA (Voter ID number 118101187).
SANTANA, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number 110020725).

2563 SE 13TH CT
DWYER, MAURICE A. (Voter ID number 118035283).

2563 SE 14TH ST
SUTHERLAND, ANDREW R. (Voter ID number 109628014).

MARTIN, EVELYN M. (Voter ID number 109642919).
MARTIN, WILBUR L. (Voter ID number 109630493).

2565 SE 11TH CT
ALBAREDA, MARY (Voter ID number 109319682).
ALBAREDA, ROBERTO M. (Voter ID number 109819338).

2566 SE 13TH CT
MARTIN, HENRY K. (Voter ID number 115085364).
MOORE, ASHLEY Jean (Voter ID number 114483596).

2569 SE 14TH ST
HERNANDEZ, YANEISI (Voter ID number 118733694).

AVENDANO, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 115698851).

2571 SE 10TH ST
SAULS, DORIS Marie (Voter ID number 109563960).

2571 SE 13TH CT
MONTERREY, MARTHA HERMINIA (Voter ID number 116270192).
HOLMES, JOHN Lenox (Voter ID number 109313391).

2572 SE 15TH CT
BOURSIQUOT, JEAN Barde (Voter ID number 109737437).
BENTON, GLORIA A. (Voter ID number 109076607).
WHITE, TOURI J. (Voter ID number 109607965).

2574 SE 12TH CT
LESLEY, TIMOTHY Lee (Voter ID number 102129251).

2575 SE 14TH AVE
NIEVES GARCIA, LILLIAN (Voter ID number 115700510).

2578 SE 14TH ST
COOK, JENNIFER Kay (Voter ID number 121172073).

2579 SE 10TH ST
JIMENEZ, RUBBY Nohemy (Voter ID number 109620275).
RAFFORD, ABNER R. (Voter ID number 119768709).
RAFFORD, MELISSA Stephanie (Voter ID number 110110526).

2580 SE 12TH CT
BRADSHAW, RUPERT Rainer (Voter ID number 118416668).

2582 SE 11TH CT
ALVARADO ARROYO, WANDA Liz (Voter ID number 119296821).
VERGEL, JAMES Patrick (Voter ID number 109851690).
VERGEL, MARTHA N. (Voter ID number 114810898).

2582 SE 14TH ST
DUKES, TAMIRA C. (Voter ID number 119385374).

2583 SE 11TH CT
WEBSTER, ANTHONY Khalil (Voter ID number 121342793).
HILL, RACHEL Dye (Voter ID number 109540762).

2583 SE 13TH CT
ANDERSON, SYREETA A. (Voter ID number 109832771).

2583 SE 14TH CT
AYALA-ROSADO, KRISTY Marie (Voter ID number 110775750).

2584 SE 12TH ST
HARGRANES, LISBETH Ann (Voter ID number 117487764).

VEGA, SARAHIS (Voter ID number 109831382).

2587 SE 12TH ST
RIFFE, CRYSTAL Hope (Voter ID number 118182352).

2587 SE 13TH CT
LOPEZ, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 109967693).
LOPEZ, VERONICA Monique (Voter ID number 110342902).

2589 SE 12TH CT
HARRISON, DEIRDRE Nicole (Voter ID number 109927304).
MIKE, BIANCA Octavia Jujuan (Voter ID number 109995884).

2589 SE 14TH CT
JACKSON, SAMUEL Thereon (Voter ID number 109133481).

2590 SE 11TH CT
KELLEY, THOMAS Joseph (Voter ID number 100893090).
KMETZ, ASHLEY Lauren (Voter ID number 118354747).

2590 SE 14TH ST
BODDEN, VANESA C. (Voter ID number 115270392).
BURSE, CANDACE Rachelle (Voter ID number 116306748).
HOLNESS, ROCHELLE Jeanette (Voter ID number 105182301).
HOLNESS, CAROL Patricia (Voter ID number 116525731).

2591 SE 10TH ST
PARSON, SHEKEILA AIRRESHEKA (Voter ID number 110037264).

2591 SE 12TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, SINAI (Voter ID number 118045846).

2592 SE 12TH ST
MATTHEWS, SELINDA (Voter ID number 120114633).

2593 SE 12TH CT
GARRIDO, HAYDEE (Voter ID number 119771983).
MILIAN, ONIEL (Voter ID number 121122751).

2594 SE 14TH ST
LINER, KENISHA Renee (Voter ID number 116195084).
MCGHEE, LISA Renee (Voter ID number 108262326).

2595 SE 13TH CT
ALEXANDER, LUCINDA Ann (Voter ID number 109105821).
BASSETTE, BREE R. (Voter ID number 120266023).
BASSETTE, TARAN Emmanuel (Voter ID number 118995450).

2595 SE 14TH CT
TORRES, CARLOS Ruben (Voter ID number 109707784).

2596 SE 12TH ST
GARBANZO, YOLLY (Voter ID number 116643213).

2597 SE 12TH CT
MENDOZA, ALEXIS Miguel (Voter ID number 110040664).

2598 SE 14TH ST
JIMENEZ, ARIEL (Voter ID number 110040541).

2600 SE 12TH CT
CARBALLO, ALEIDA (Voter ID number 109624881).
CARBALLO, ARNALDO Jose (Voter ID number 109624728).

2600 SE 12TH PL
MENENDEZ, NICOLE (Voter ID number 116217809).

2600 SE 12TH PL
UNIT 101

WEINER, MILDRED Jean (Voter ID number 117988810).

2600 SE 12TH PL
UNIT 203

HERNANDEZ, ROBERTO Louis (Voter ID number 118280291).

2600 SE 12TH PL
EDGAR, CARYL Marie (Voter ID number 109043837).
SEMPLE, SARA E. (Voter ID number 114308328).
TUCKER, THELMA Nan (Voter ID number 108955547).
WILSON, PATRICIA Lee (Voter ID number 109778108).

COHEN, HERTHA (Voter ID number 110075517).
COHEN, MILTON (Voter ID number 109252005).
WALTER, ERICK Phillip (Voter ID number 109466873).

2602 SE 20TH CT
ALEXANDER, KEVIN Devon (Voter ID number 114384307).

2602 SE 21ST CT
CALLAHAN, ERIC J. (Voter ID number 109810161).
CALLAHAN, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 110209163).

BOS-LUN, AARON Kyle (Voter ID number 120331208).

2603 SE 19TH CT
ALVAREZ, LOURDES (Voter ID number 119922174).
PEREZ, JORGE (Voter ID number 116505346).

2603 SE 20TH CT
GRAHAM, ROBERT LEE (Voter ID number 113288732).
GRAHAM, GEORGIE Lee Fitz (Voter ID number 113287324).

2603 SE 21ST CT
KOCH, JOHN E. (Voter ID number 109403511).

BENNETT, KAREN Sue (Voter ID number 109351969).
BUSCEMI, ANTHONY John (Voter ID number 109837936).

2604 SE 19TH CT
DOUGHTY, MARJORIE K. (Voter ID number 109992737).

PEREZ, FABIOLA (Voter ID number 109449168).
TANSEY, THOMAS James (Voter ID number 109395327).

SCHLEHUBER, SAMUEL Max (Voter ID number 109032247).

2605 SE 14TH AVE
SAAVEDRA, ZARINA Marykosan (Voter ID number 117580800).

2605 SE 19TH CT
TREZONA, SHANNON Lindsey (Voter ID number 110084023).

2605 SE 20TH CT
BETANCOURT, AMANDA (Voter ID number 117560664).

EMKEY, FRANK J. (Voter ID number 114839096).
EMKEY, GERRI Lee (Voter ID number 113886333).

2606 SE 15TH PL
BRITO, HILDA Mercedes (Voter ID number 116990450).

2606 SE 19TH CT
VILLAFANE, AMNERYS C. (Voter ID number 120207048).

2606 SE 20TH CT
STINNETT, LOUISE A. (Voter ID number 109999051).

2606 SE 21ST CT
THOMPSON, SHERRY Helton (Voter ID number 110172261).

BURNITZ, CHARLES W. (Voter ID number 109956394).
BURNITZ, JOELLA Lee (Voter ID number 110145000).

2607 SE 21ST CT
ARRUE, LYNETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109872365).

KENNEY, JACK Desmond (Voter ID number 119327715).
KENNEY, MARY Margaret (Voter ID number 119327449).

2608 SE 19TH CT
VIOLA, PATRICIA S. (Voter ID number 110135151).

2608 SE 20TH CT
REDER, MADELEINE (Voter ID number 109232537).
REDER, RONALD Charles (Voter ID number 108945924).

2608 SE 21ST CT
MARKS, LILIANA Janina (Voter ID number 118084600).
MARKS, MICHAEL Edward (Voter ID number 109663525).

MC NABB, ELIZABETH Anne (Voter ID number 116610358).
MOSCYNSKI, SEAN (Voter ID number 114716055).
MOSCYNSKI, THEODORE (Voter ID number 114136898).

2609 SE 14TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, CHERIE Renee (Voter ID number 115948610).

2609 SE 19TH CT
NORMANN, GLORIA R. (Voter ID number 109369931).

PEUCH, GUY Henri (Voter ID number 120929287).
PEUCH, AUREA Esther (Voter ID number 120929284).

DUARTE, RIGOBERTO L. (Voter ID number 120675756).
DUARTE, GRETA E. (Voter ID number 110224092).
DUARTE, RIGOBERTO Rafael (Voter ID number 110090207).

JACKSON, MAYRA Perdomo (Voter ID number 109291929).

2610 SE 14TH AVE
REYES, JUANA Beatris (Voter ID number 114786357).
DEARDEUFF, BLANCA Y. (Voter ID number 102418481).
DELGADO-URREGO, DIANA Carolina (Voter ID number 116096619).

2610 SE 15TH PL
KINGDOM, ROCHELLE Denise (Voter ID number 109732858).

2611 SE 19TH CT
COLON, CARMEN G. (Voter ID number 109710403).

2611 SE 20TH CT
SUTER, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 109588621).

2611 SE 21ST CT
RACICOT, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 118147918).
BOYSEN, LYNN Livesay (Voter ID number 110105799).

2612 SE 14TH AVE
ALBAREDA, ANA G. (Voter ID number 109524737).
GAINER, VANESSA C. (Voter ID number 120295924).

2612 SE 15TH PL
OLIVER, SUMMER Lynn (Voter ID number 117726211).

2612 SE 21ST CT
WATSON, TRACEY Sue (Voter ID number 118576358).
HOLLAND, KOREY (Voter ID number 120265242).

2613 SE 19TH CT
BATISTA, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 109938839).
DALTON, SHARON Anne (Voter ID number 115415858).

2613 SE 21ST CT
DA SILVA, ANA M. (Voter ID number 115802344).
SANTOS, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 110339644).

2614 SE 14TH AVE
GARCIA, JOSE (Voter ID number 116766244).

2614 SE 15TH PL
CANNON, GERALD J. (Voter ID number 116239943).

2614 SE 21ST CT
THOMPSON, MARGARET J. (Voter ID number 110219625).

VAN RENSBURG, ANDRE (Voter ID number 116905650).

BEEM, DAVID Michael (Voter ID number 109875329).

2616 SE 15TH PL
WILLIAMS, KEVIN P. (Voter ID number 117580909).

2616 SE 15TH PL
APT 323

ROBERTS, HASSAN Jaquan (Voter ID number 117101372).

2616 SE 19TH CT
BLAKE, DONALD Peter (Voter ID number 109235332).
BLAKE, SANDRA N. (Voter ID number 110073363).

2616 SE 20TH CT
QUINTANILLA, ROGER H. (Voter ID number 109539221).

2616 SE 21ST CT
SPYCHALLA, DEAN C. (Voter ID number 115372342).

2617 SE 15TH PL
MUNOZ, LEIBY J. (Voter ID number 116500319).

2617 SE 19TH CT
HENDERSON, DOROTHY (Voter ID number 109194899).
KELLEY, ROBERT W. (Voter ID number 109782066).

2617 SE 21ST CT
CORTEZ, KEZIAH (Voter ID number 114637702).

2618 SE 15TH PL
MONDESIR, TIALY (Voter ID number 120443031).

2618 SE 19TH CT
MIERES, ANGELICA Maria (Voter ID number 109760251).

2618 SE 20TH CT
COLEMAN, AUDRA L. (Voter ID number 109967627).

2618 SE 21ST CT
HOLLOWELL, ANGELA Marlene (Voter ID number 109832416).

2619 SE 14TH AVE
ACOSTA, VIVIAN Yarennette (Voter ID number 110106018).

2619 SE 15TH PL
RUSCONI, LIZETTE Caridad (Voter ID number 110086253).
RUSCONI, FEDERICO A. (Voter ID number 109820704).

2619 SE 19TH CT
CARBONELL, XAVIER F. (Voter ID number 110338015).

2619 SE 20TH CT
BROWN, GAIL L. (Voter ID number 115289013).
BROWN, RAY Mack (Voter ID number 110306991).
MARKOFF, ALAN Hadley (Voter ID number 109980998).

2619 SE 21ST CT
BALADO, CELESTE Terese (Voter ID number 109055821).

LANDER, CRISTOBAL A. (Voter ID number 117826940).

2620 SE 14TH AVE
APT 304

HORNE, KIMBERLEY Selena (Voter ID number 109689720).

2620 SE 19TH CT
CANALES, CAROL Parkin (Voter ID number 109023827).
GONZALEZ, JOHN Jason (Voter ID number 109834305).
RILLING, AMY Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109886157).

2620 SE 20TH CT
SANTOS, JACLYN Elise (Voter ID number 109979586).

2621 SE 12TH RD
UNIT 101

DOBRICH, GERALD Joseph (Voter ID number 119910118).

2621 SE 12TH RD
UNIT 103

OPPENHIEMER, VIRGEN (Voter ID number 109023241).
RIVERA, VIRGEN M. (Voter ID number 109498351).

2621 SE 12TH RD
UNIT 104

KNAPP, SARA E. (Voter ID number 117591368).

2621 SE 12TH RD
UNIT 105

GUTIERREZ, RINA (Voter ID number 116960913).

2621 SE 12TH RD
DELGADO, JESSICA Eileen (Voter ID number 109768631).
GREENE, EMMETT Scott (Voter ID number 109278075).
MIXTER, JENNIFER Carolina (Voter ID number 110038284).
RODRIGUEZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109579142).

2621 SE 12TH RD
APT #101

SANCHEZ, JAZMIN (Voter ID number 114871578).

2621 SE 12TH RD
UNIT 201

FISHER, CHANTEL Barbara (Voter ID number 110322412).

2621 SE 15TH PL
RIVERA, CHRISTOPHER Alexander (Voter ID number 116405257).
RIVERA, JESSICA Ann (Voter ID number 114380443).
RIVERA, MAYRA I. (Voter ID number 109782789).
ROLLE, JANIQUA Arnice- Cassidy (Voter ID number 118904137).

2621 SE 19TH CT
SANTIAGO, YAYQUEL Alexandra (Voter ID number 110053708).

2621 SE 20TH CT
MAVROLAS, SOPHIA Ann (Voter ID number 118844848).
NEGOESCU, CHRISTOPHER Shane (Voter ID number 118499578).
SANTOS, HEATHER Louise (Voter ID number 110112080).
DOSTOURIAN, JACLYN B. (Voter ID number 109911115).
SANTOS, ANDREA G. (Voter ID number 109642976).
SANTOS, HECTOR L. (Voter ID number 109642570).

2621 SE 21ST CT
SOLER, CLARA (Voter ID number 109372598).

2622 SE 21ST CT
THORP, SCOTT Allen (Voter ID number 109777827).

2623 SE 14TH AVE
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH Khambrel (Voter ID number 110197821).
CHANEY, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 110085431).

2623 SE 15TH PL
NUNEZ, KEVIN Rafael (Voter ID number 120754521).
VASQUEZ, CAROLYN Michele (Voter ID number 119059265).
NUNEZ, JACKELINE D. (Voter ID number 109505885).
VASQUEZ, ERICK Ivan (Voter ID number 117007189).

2623 SE 19TH CT
FOSTER, MELINDA Sue (Voter ID number 103816118).

2623 SE 20TH CT
WARDLOW, DEBRA Elaine (Voter ID number 109122663).
WILES, JOE Bob (Voter ID number 109936302).

2624 SE 14TH AVE
RODRIGUEZ, HAROLD De Jesus (Voter ID number 114868384).

2624 SE 19TH CT
CORDERO, SHIRLEY (Voter ID number 116689426).

2624 SE 20TH CT
CORPORAN, RAMON E. (Voter ID number 115284681).

2624 SE 21ST CT
ALVAREZ, MYLENE (Voter ID number 109594434).

2625 SE 14TH AVE
REYES, ROGELIO (Voter ID number 109347087).

2625 SE 19TH CT
HENDERSON, ELSA Y. (Voter ID number 109110846).

2625 SE 21ST CT
BROOME, MARY Huggins (Voter ID number 108948407).

2626 SE 20TH CT
MIDDLEMAN, ANNALEE Viovicente (Voter ID number 118478837).
MIDDLEMAN, GERALD Wayne (Voter ID number 117864254).

2627 SE 19TH CT
MORGAN, CAROLYN (Voter ID number 109601462).

2627 SE 20TH CT
CHAVARRIA, LESBIA Elena (Voter ID number 109936320).

2627 SE 21ST CT
NEAL, FRANKLIN M. (Voter ID number 110302249).
NEAL, MARJORY P. (Voter ID number 110296702).

2628 SE 14TH AVE
MARTINEZ ROSA, ALVIN (Voter ID number 114616259).

2628 SE 20TH CT
LUND, LAWRENCE Alan (Voter ID number 109015877).

2628 SE 21ST CT
VAGADIA, RASIK Hiralal (Voter ID number 119953717).

2629 SE 19TH CT
PERRY, ROCHELLE Marie (Voter ID number 114411845).
NELSON, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 109304360).

2629 SE 20TH CT
BRUSH, THERESA Ann (Voter ID number 120301650).

EHRENREICH, KEELEY Ciera (Voter ID number 121103126).

MIRANDA, SONIA M. (Voter ID number 115611182).
PIMENTEL, ROY (Voter ID number 110071134).

2630 SE 21ST CT
BEELER, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 109765296).

2631 SE 19TH CT
KARMAN, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 109042049).

2631 SE 20TH CT
KONICEK, RICHARD Dean (Voter ID number 119086016).

2631 SE 20TH CT
APT C102

MORAN, KATHLEEN J. (Voter ID number 119109556).

2631 SE 21ST CT
GRESNICK, MELVINA Jane (Voter ID number 109109138).

2632 SE 21ST CT
SEDGWICK, WILLIAM B. (Voter ID number 109829993).

2633 SE 20TH CT
SPENCER, MARIAN L. (Voter ID number 120204374).
ANTUNA, FREDERIQUE M. (Voter ID number 115848866).

2633 SE 21ST CT
MORALES, FRANCISCO Neal (Voter ID number 109384771).
SPENCER, ISOLDA A. (Voter ID number 109744953).

2634 SE 19TH CT
RANDAZZO, KRISTIN Lynn (Voter ID number 119356686).
HULSEY, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 116008391).

2634 SE 21ST CT
GARCIA, ISRAEL Jacob (Voter ID number 110308409).

BROWN, VICTORIA Lynn (Voter ID number 117543503).
BROWN, JEFFREY Allen (Voter ID number 110049792).
BROWN, JILL Kelley (Voter ID number 110042822).
BROWN, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 110327862).

2635 SE 20TH CT
SILVA-LOFTS, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 114266165).
LINTON, BELINDA (Voter ID number 109008516).
SAN FERNANDO, MARIA Rosa (Voter ID number 109331174).

2635 SE 21ST CT
LEMUS, JULIA Christine (Voter ID number 114675439).
LEMUS, JULIA Lenore (Voter ID number 109277306).

2636 SE 19TH CT
ULLOM, DOMINIC (Voter ID number 110152173).

2636 SE 20TH CT
CLAUSSEN, PETER Patrick (Voter ID number 108964839).

2636 SE 21ST CT
ARIAS, JOSEPH Alejandro (Voter ID number 109220219).

2637 SE 16TH TER
PRADO, MIREYA (Voter ID number 110810199).
VELAZQUEZ, NOMAR Antonio (Voter ID number 109732458).

2637 SE 16TH TER
APT # 100

ALEMAN-HERNANDEZ, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 120128383).

2637 SE 16TH TER
APT 106

WILLIAMS, FRANKEVIA T. (Voter ID number 110118372).

2637 SE 16TH TER
APT 206

PABON, JOSE Ramon (Voter ID number 119923679).

2637 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 100

CAMACHO ALEMAN, CORALYS (Voter ID number 116623829).

2637 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 105

RUIZ, GLORIA (Voter ID number 110124056).

2637 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 106

LUBIN, ANGELINA Texella (Voter ID number 103437053).

2637 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 200

CAYCEDO, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 102000198).

2637 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 201

RICHMAN, NICHOLAS Anthony (Voter ID number 117548102).

2637 SE 16TH TER
GUZMAN, LILIAN C. (Voter ID number 114597914).
VELEZ JR, VICENTE (Voter ID number 115333929).

2637 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 102

JACKSON, ATISHA (Voter ID number 117306887).

2637 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 104

RUIZ, MANUEL O. (Voter ID number 116257979).

2637 SE 21ST CT
APPLEGATE, JEANNE M. (Voter ID number 109672680).

2638 SE 20TH CT
LATTA, PATRICK E. J. (Voter ID number 120214861).
MORGAN, RACHEL M. (Voter ID number 103833077).

2639 SE 19TH CT
DELEWSKI, MARGARET Helene (Voter ID number 121265961).

2639 SE 19TH CT

DELEWSKI, JAMES Joseph (Voter ID number 121265996).

2639 SE 20TH CT
PARKER, WINDY Whitney (Voter ID number 117267062).
WHITNEY, WINDY (Voter ID number 113993207).

2639 SE 21ST CT
LEIGHTY, TERRENCE (Voter ID number 110224588).

VARI, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 114016517).

2640 SE 19TH CT
HALL, DAVID Theodore (Voter ID number 109207311).

2640 SE 20TH CT
MCGRATH, EMILY C. (Voter ID number 120391375).
RYBECK, ASTRID Rose (Voter ID number 109395664).
RYBECK, WAYNE G. (Voter ID number 113953879).
SANTINI, TOBY R. (Voter ID number 109376968).
BEERS, CHRISTOPHER A. (Voter ID number 110279669).
RAJPAL, GEETA Harish (Voter ID number 110059127).

2640 SE 21ST CT
LOURES, JAMES J. (Voter ID number 109749162).
LOURES, PATRICIA G. (Voter ID number 109568552).

2641 SE 21ST CT
O BRIEN, DEBORA Ann (Voter ID number 109485915).
O'BRIEN, DEBORA A. (Voter ID number 116859979).

2642 SE 20TH CT
MITZRACHI, JOAN R. (Voter ID number 110015310).

2642 SE 21ST CT
GRONWALD, RICHARD Ted (Voter ID number 117303000).
JEFFREY, AFTAB H. (Voter ID number 121001416).
ROLFES, ANTHONY Alan (Voter ID number 120779141).

2644 SE 20TH CT
HONTO, KRISTEN Nicole (Voter ID number 115241323).

2644 SE 21ST CT
METZLER, MICHAEL David (Voter ID number 115646261).

CLAUDY, JOHN H. (Voter ID number 109321092).
NOSKE, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 109320161).

2645 SE 19TH CT
RICE, MARTHA Lizette (Voter ID number 120826923).
MARINI, HEATHER N. (Voter ID number 114436664).

2646 SE 19TH CT
ROCKWELL, MARK Alan (Voter ID number 116906697).
WILLIAMS, MAL J. (Voter ID number 110217012).

2647 SE 21ST CT
PRICE, CARROLL L. (Voter ID number 113477848).
THOMPSON, PRISCILLA Price (Voter ID number 109124826).

2648 SE 19TH CT
BLAIR, DAWN Monique (Voter ID number 115507856).
PAGE, KYLE Wade (Voter ID number 114116228).

2649 SE 19TH CT
FERRERA, LUCIA M G (Voter ID number 110339594).
SANTAMARIA, DAMIAN A. (Voter ID number 118838605).
SANTAMARIA, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 120912399).
MORALES, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 115840112).

2649 SE 20TH CT
RUBIO, JOSE Anthony (Voter ID number 109821696).

GONZALEZ, RUBEN (Voter ID number 119137641).
GONZALEZ, SILVIA Juanita (Voter ID number 120269935).

2650 SE 12TH PL
SOSA, JUDITH D. (Voter ID number 110258878).

2650 SE 12TH PL
APT #106

TORRES, MARLON J. (Voter ID number 120403169).

2650 SE 12TH PL
APT 106

TORRES, SHARALYNN (Voter ID number 120414131).

2650 SE 12TH PL
APT 201

MILLAN, ALEXANDER Shane (Voter ID number 119731887).

2650 SE 12TH PL
APT 205

HENRY, GARFIELD George (Voter ID number 119898993).

2650 SE 12TH PL
MILLENBRUCH, BARBARA E. (Voter ID number 110148829).

2650 SE 12TH PL
UNIT 105

MILLER, GINA Michelle (Voter ID number 115480117).

2650 SE 16TH TER
DURDEN, MELVIN Danielle (Voter ID number 120489406).
KING, VANESSA H. (Voter ID number 109269416).

2650 SE 16TH TER
APT #204

KING, LATESHA (Voter ID number 115542627).

2650 SE 16TH TER
APT 200

BARREAU, ROSEMARIE C. (Voter ID number 120077530).

2650 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 102

HATHAWAY, JEANNETTE Lee (Voter ID number 116052532).

2650 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 105

MEJIA, IRIS (Voter ID number 116498541).

2650 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 205

ALEMANEZ, AIDA (Voter ID number 110048133).

2650 SE 16TH TER
CALABRESE, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 109494606).
INSUA, LEILANI (Voter ID number 111279447).
WILKINS, SHARISSA D. (Voter ID number 115695176).

2650 SE 16TH TER
APT 206

PAEZ, NICOLE Marie (Voter ID number 118065416).

2650 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 203

RIUS, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 117559353).

2650 SE 16TH TER
UNIT 206

VENEGAS, JANETTE Barbara (Voter ID number 120965024).

2650 SE 16TH TER
NICOLAS, ABIGAIL (Voter ID number 116544157).
COLON, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 117064696).

2651 SE 12TH RD
APT 104

REID, KAREN J. (Voter ID number 118947104).

2651 SE 12TH RD
APT 205

GODERICH, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 110215989).

2651 SE 12TH RD
UNIT 106

ROJAS, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 119960852).

2651 SE 12TH RD
UNIT 201

HUSEL, BRIAN Michael (Voter ID number 115205199).

2651 SE 12TH RD
UNIT 204

WAITS, SHATREON L. (Voter ID number 117585129).
WILLIAMS, EDWINA Lashon (Voter ID number 109698388).

2651 SE 12TH RD
BRENNEMAN, LAWRENCE Duane (Voter ID number 114012822).
PAZ, MARICEL (Voter ID number 115285162).
VITEZ, CHERI Ann (Voter ID number 113939394).

2651 SE 19TH CT
MARSICANO, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 109134086).
MARSICANO, LORETTA A. (Voter ID number 109758327).

2651 SE 21ST CT
ABSHIRE, PAULINE E. (Voter ID number 109872459).

2653 SE 21ST CT
CASON, BETTIE Ann (Voter ID number 108980906).

2654 SE 19TH CT
WHEELER, BARBARA Lynn (Voter ID number 109578014).

2655 SE 19TH CT
MURLA, NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 114551668).
MURLA, HELENE Wycka (Voter ID number 114038930).

2655 SE 20TH CT
LOPEZ, ROSALIE (Voter ID number 109553364).

2657 SE 19TH CT
LAND, AERIN D. (Voter ID number 115303780).
SERRA, LAUREN Ann (Voter ID number 110306982).

2659 SE 19TH CT
SIDNER, NORMAN (Voter ID number 109024362).

2661 SE 19TH CT
ALLMAN, PEGGY Lynn (Voter ID number 110263593).

2662 SE 19TH CT
NARAINDUTT, PATRICIA Indira (Voter ID number 116673220).

2663 SE 19TH CT
DUNBAR, RACHEL Alexandria (Voter ID number 114535260).

EVANS, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 109168518).

DORRIS, TROY Edward (Voter ID number 118864071).

MARTA, MARK R. (Voter ID number 109925590).
MARTA, POONSUK Noi (Voter ID number 109412137).

MC KINNEY, BEN F. (Voter ID number 110275931).
TAYLOR, JOE (Voter ID number 110079572).

2701 SE 12TH PL
KUNZ, KATHRYN (Voter ID number 109364703).
SPITALERI, LUCIO F. (Voter ID number 109823191).

2701 SE 12TH PL
APT 106

PALMA CORDLE, MARTHA Isolina (Voter ID number 110021000).

2701 SE 12TH PL
APT 202

DAVIS, STEPHEN Bradly (Voter ID number 110213581).

2701 SE 12TH PL
APT 205

ENGELS, KRISTEN Kimberly (Voter ID number 119733037).

2701 SE 12TH PL
UNIT 101

LIPTON, MARK Drew (Voter ID number 109446640).
SANDS, LISA L. (Voter ID number 110020589).

2701 SE 12TH PL
FERREIRA, SORAYA M. (Voter ID number 109988000).
HILTON, CHARITY A. (Voter ID number 110122111).
MANGUAL, XIOMARA (Voter ID number 110015754).
RABUYA, GAIL A. (Voter ID number 110270900).

2701 SE 12TH PL
APT 105

CRESPO, MARIA Luisa (Voter ID number 110293558).

2701 SE 12TH PL
UNIT #201

MC GOLDRICK, LINDA Carol (Voter ID number 110314017).

2701 SE 12TH RD
APT 101

MARRERO, GENESES (Voter ID number 115879980).

2701 SE 12TH RD
UNIT 201

HERNANDEZ, MAURICE Roland (Voter ID number 109307221).

2701 SE 12TH RD
GILDEA, MARK V. (Voter ID number 114061137).
GUZMAN, YOLAND (Voter ID number 110154155).
MELENDEZ, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 110205350).
WILLETT, LEROY Melvin (Voter ID number 109765630).
WILLIAMS, CLIVE Howard (Voter ID number 109976226).

2701 SE 12TH RD
APT 101

IRIGOYEN, LETICIA C. (Voter ID number 109866403).

2701 SE 12TH RD
APT 103

FERNANDEZ, FRANCISCA A. (Voter ID number 110047659).

2701 SE 12TH RD
UNIT #104

PEREZ, JULIO A. (Voter ID number 114405330).

2701 SE 12TH RD
RIVERA, KARLA L. (Voter ID number 116330551).

LAGO, JOSEFINA A. (Voter ID number 114144139).
LAGO, JULIO R. (Voter ID number 114144143).

GUZMAN, ERIC Ashtin (Voter ID number 118098622).

ABBOTT, MARY Helen (Voter ID number 109691650).

2704 SE 15TH PL
BROWN, LAWANDA L. (Voter ID number 109611000).

DAVIS, BRENDA M. (Voter ID number 119134636).
LAURER, JOSEPH V. (Voter ID number 119134685).

MONACO, JAMES T. (Voter ID number 117566254).
MONACO, MARY Eleanor (Voter ID number 109436918).
MONACO, THOMAS Alan (Voter ID number 109048584).

LOPEZ, NICOLE Alexandra (Voter ID number 120886301).
LOPEZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109442086).
LOPEZ, IRENE Ramirez (Voter ID number 109436052).

2706 SE 15TH PL
FELIPE, RAFAEL Justo (Voter ID number 109729841).
FELIPE, YUNITZA (Voter ID number 114525978).

DE WOLFE, BRIAN David (Voter ID number 109871130).

LOWE, PAULA Anne (Voter ID number 117008676).
MINOTT, QUILLIAN Marrie (Voter ID number 120866780).

2708 SE 15TH PL
PUSCH, ONEIDA (Voter ID number 111368886).

SIMMONS, JAMES B. (Voter ID number 109575832).

SANKPILL, JAMES Conrad (Voter ID number 113857033).
SANKPILL, LINDA Lucas (Voter ID number 113856417).

JABER, NAEIM S. (Voter ID number 117591307).

RICE, DAVID Fred (Voter ID number 120167750).

SPENCER, TERENCE Jermaine (Voter ID number 109990623).

2711 SE 15TH PL
HODGDON, TAMMY (Voter ID number 110337437).

2711 SE 16TH AVE
TINOCO, MARIA CRISTINA (Voter ID number 120301062).

2711 SE 16TH AVE
APT 100

COLLIE, CLEVELAND Alexander (Voter ID number 112476149).
COLLIE, MAXINE Ann Marie (Voter ID number 120093080).

2711 SE 16TH AVE
APT 101

ARMSTRONG, NEVILLE (Voter ID number 117497497).

2711 SE 16TH AVE
APT 103

HORROBIN, VANESSA Vernice (Voter ID number 117539625).

2711 SE 16TH AVE
APT 201

WESSIN, NAIN (Voter ID number 115018860).

2711 SE 16TH AVE
APT 202

GAYTAN, CAROL April (Voter ID number 119424103).

2711 SE 16TH AVE
UNIT #200

ALLEYNE, LEON (Voter ID number 120200768).

2711 SE 16TH AVE
UNIT 103

HORROBIN, RICHARD Eariston (Voter ID number 117722201).

2711 SE 16TH AVE
ARMSTRONG, BROOKE Ellen (Voter ID number 109951845).
CADET, YNNOCENT (Voter ID number 116968896).

PATEL, PREMSARAN (Voter ID number 110318194).

2712 SE 15TH PL
SEWEL, ABSYKO R. (Voter ID number 114806944).

PERAZA, DAVID (Voter ID number 109980049).
PIMENOW, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 110240023).
GUERRA, JOSUE (Voter ID number 109992714).

GISPERT, SUSANA Fundora (Voter ID number 109169631).
SAN ROMAN, ANA Gloria (Voter ID number 109588617).
SAN ROMAN, OTTO J. (Voter ID number 101726488).

KERRIGAN, CONSTANCE Leaf (Voter ID number 109867688).
KERRIGAN, JOHN Edward (Voter ID number 109874977).

RUSSO, DOROTHY P. (Voter ID number 109431840).
RUSSO, PETER C. (Voter ID number 110002448).

2715 SE 15TH PL
BABB, PAUL Andrew (Voter ID number 109975792).
ISAAC, PAULETTE V. (Voter ID number 109536645).

2715 SE 15TH RD
SMITH, JOSIE Marie (Voter ID number 117979767).

2716 SE 15TH PL
JOHN, JONATHAN Emanuel (Voter ID number 114351055).

2716 SE 15TH RD
GARNETT, ROBERT (Voter ID number 109308619).
GARNETT, DELORES Lavinia (Voter ID number 109363154).

2717 SE 15TH PL
POSSO, ANGIE (Voter ID number 115752398).

2718 SE 15TH PL
CABRERA, NORMA I. (Voter ID number 114374526).
RODRIGUEZ, LEWIS A. (Voter ID number 110281655).
RODRIGUEZ, ADAN Angel (Voter ID number 117185253).
RODRIGUEZ, MIGEL Angel (Voter ID number 114033258).

2719 SE 15TH PL
AGUADO, GELDI (Voter ID number 109843705).
AGUADO, JACKELINE (Voter ID number 117416413).
MOLINA, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 114479164).
AGUADO, CHISTIAN Geldi (Voter ID number 119366768).

JEGHERS, DAVID Scott (Voter ID number 109361685).

2720 SE 15TH RD
MILLER, KATILYIA Patrice (Voter ID number 109867953).
MORALES, KEREN Chanel (Voter ID number 118277768).

2721 SE 12TH PL
NORMAN, RAY Dale (Voter ID number 118332520).

2721 SE 12TH PL
UNIT 101

JENKINS, CORDERAL Issac (Voter ID number 116429801).
KRIEG, NICOLE Ivanna (Voter ID number 118331524).

2721 SE 12TH PL
LEON, NOELIA M. (Voter ID number 115260778).
RIVERO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109352046).
VANGEI, MARY J. (Voter ID number 116048604).

2721 SE 12TH PL
APT 101

JENKINS, THERESA Boyd (Voter ID number 109333347).

2721 SE 12TH PL
APT 106

PENERTON, DEBORAH (Voter ID number 119445316).

2721 SE 12TH PL
APT 202

DENIS, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 110199053).

2721 SE 12TH PL
UNIT 101

ISACC, BEANKA Tashae (Voter ID number 115564354).
JENKINS, TAWONA E. (Voter ID number 115704259).

2722 SE 15TH PL
ARTADI, ERLINDA (Voter ID number 109495814).

2723 SE 15TH RD
SANTIAGO GARCIA, ANGEL Luis (Voter ID number 118732683).

2724 SE 15TH PL
THOMPSON, KEITH (Voter ID number 118017768).

2724 SE 15TH RD
WILSON, BRANDON Tashaun (Voter ID number 119917251).
WILSON, ELDRICK Rashaud\ (Voter ID number 119919940).
WILSON, AKIKO Jenkins (Voter ID number 110130492).

2725 SE 15TH RD
WILKINS, NORRIS E. (Voter ID number 110341614).
WILKINS, YVONNE (Voter ID number 110341610).

2726 SE 15TH PL
DORSINVIL, CHRISTIANE D. (Voter ID number 119301030).
DORSINVIL, EMMANUELA (Voter ID number 117560123).
DORSINVIL, JOSEPH Franklin (Voter ID number 116024352).
DORSINVIL, RACHEL (Voter ID number 117937590).

2726 SE 16TH AVE
ORTIZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110268803).

2728 SE 16TH AVE
DIALLOBE, CHITEPO P. (Voter ID number 110290704).

2728 SE 17TH AVE
ALSTON, THOMAS Antonio (Voter ID number 120486821).
ANDERSON, CEDRIC Dion (Voter ID number 114693365).

2728 SE 17TH AVE
APT 102

GARCIA, IBIS Jesenia (Voter ID number 115244126).

2728 SE 17TH AVE
UNIT 203

LOPEZ, ALINA (Voter ID number 109836557).

2728 SE 17TH AVE
UNIT 202

HASLERIG-WARE, KIM KELI Mir-Maia (Voter ID number 119579642).

2728 SE 17TH AVE
ANDERSON, JEMILA Iman (Voter ID number 109614546).
ORTIZ, IRIS Nereaida (Voter ID number 114900272).

2728 SE 17TH AVE
UNIT 102

JACKSON, SHANITA Delores (Voter ID number 109709793).

2728 SE 17TH AVE
UNIT 200

WRIGHT-ALSTON, KADIAN A. (Voter ID number 116279875).

FAJARDO, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 109981416).

2730 SE 16TH AVE
LOUIS, SHEDLY Bellune (Voter ID number 119725853).
MONTANO, JESSE (Voter ID number 118936333).
BELLUNE, SHEDLY (Voter ID number 119282341).

2731 SE 12TH PL
MELENDEZ, FIORELLA (Voter ID number 120441309).

2731 SE 12TH PL
UNIT 106

DOMOND, KETIO P. (Voter ID number 119768577).

2731 SE 12TH PL
UNIT 204

SOZA, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 114394900).

2731 SE 12TH PL
GRANT, ELEANOR Patricia (Voter ID number 109435372).
MELENDEZ, GUSTAVO Luis (Voter ID number 115819081).
PENA, MICHEL Fabian (Voter ID number 115091921).
PROSSER, ROBERT L. (Voter ID number 102078796).
WALKER, DAWN L. (Voter ID number 109206751).

2731 SE 12TH PL
APT #105

WILLIAMS, KENNETH Eugene (Voter ID number 102012001).

2731 SE 12TH RD