Registered voters in ZIP Code 33032
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10295 SW 248TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 117591145).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA De Lurdes (Voter ID number 109728564).

10305 SW 248TH ST
BLANTON, PATRICIA Nelton (Voter ID number 109066914).
BLANTON, STEVEN Arthur (Voter ID number 110022638).

10495 SW 248TH ST
VICK, ROBERT Howard (Voter ID number 109115373).

10671 SW 236TH TER
CALDERON, JIMMY Royds (Voter ID number 120573194).
RODRIGUEZ, LAIN (Voter ID number 120772469).

10674 SW 239TH TER
MEJIA, CECILIA C. (Voter ID number 118279108).
RIOS, DIEGO A. (Voter ID number 110229999).

10681 SW 236TH TER
VEGA, ALEXANDER Ramon (Voter ID number 115982297).

10684 SW 239TH TER
MARRERO, CLAUDIA E. (Voter ID number 119401797).
MARRERO, WILLIE (Voter ID number 109791672).
SOTOMAYOR, VANESSA C. (Voter ID number 119045873).

10691 SW 236TH TER
GARCIA, YUNIESKY (Voter ID number 113981357).

10692 SW 236TH TER
VICENTE, JUAN (Voter ID number 110086991).
QUINONES, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 109436096).

10693 SW 239TH TER
DEWAR, DEIDRE-ANN L. (Voter ID number 115918522).
DEWAR, LENFORD E. (Voter ID number 109822766).
RILEY-DEWAR, FAITH (Voter ID number 109894368).

10694 SW 239TH TER
CAMEL, GEORGE Andrew (Voter ID number 109467197).
PHELAN, STACEY Marie (Voter ID number 109481996).
FRADERA, DOMINICK (Voter ID number 109969620).

10701 SW 240TH TER
JONES, KEVIN (Voter ID number 115124222).
JONES, LESHARN Nasynia (Voter ID number 110315719).

10702 SW 236TH TER
GUILLOT, KIMBERLY Benita (Voter ID number 109881936).
GUILLOT, IVEN Nelsamson (Voter ID number 109818053).

10703 SW 239TH TER
CRUZ-RICOT, HIRALDA M. (Voter ID number 115313414).
REINOSO, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 121005378).
RICOT, ERNST (Voter ID number 109500900).

10704 SW 239TH TER
SMALL, DALTON J. (Voter ID number 110022166).
HILL, STEPHEN Anthony (Voter ID number 109923078).
WHITE, MARSHA T. (Voter ID number 117477387).

10705 SW 240TH TER
DIAZ, MARLENE (Voter ID number 115747282).

10709 SW 240TH TER
TSIGELMAN, IGOR (Voter ID number 114702492).
TSIGELMAN, RUSLANA (Voter ID number 114701776).

10712 SW 236TH TER
CORREA, CARLOS Esteban (Voter ID number 120302553).
CORREA, MARINA M. (Voter ID number 115717861).
CORREA, MARTHA L. (Voter ID number 117015243).
CORREA, CARLOS B. (Voter ID number 117049814).

10713 SW 239TH TER
VALLADARES, MIGFREDYS (Voter ID number 110068536).
RODRIGUEZ, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 116589972).

10713 SW 240TH TER
EADDY, ANGEL Kent (Voter ID number 101188266).

10714 SW 239TH TER
MARTINEZ, ERIC (Voter ID number 109398038).
GINGLARDI, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109688762).

10715 SW 242ND TER
LUKES, DESTINY S. (Voter ID number 116844585).
BARNES, DAVID L. (Voter ID number 113922779).
BARNES, SHIRLEY Ann (Voter ID number 110328992).
LUKES, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number 119632036).
LUKES, EVIANA Sheree (Voter ID number 118168327).
LUKES, THERESA Ann (Voter ID number 110172430).

10726 SW 242ND TER
MONTIEL, YESENIA (Voter ID number 109912506).

10726 SW 243RD LN
MEEKS, AHNJAYLA Lytrece (Voter ID number 109417962).
VEGA, SHEDRICKA Wesley (Voter ID number 109057176).

10735 SW 242ND TER
GUEVARA, MARILYN (Voter ID number 109478748).

10746 SW 243RD LN
DIAZ, MANUEL Hiram (Voter ID number 119344683).
DIAZ, MICHELLE H. (Voter ID number 110040658).
CLAUDIO VARGAS, CARLOS J. (Voter ID number 114916350).
VARGAS MELENDEZ, JEANNETTE (Voter ID number 114767072).

10750 SW 254TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, VERONICA (Voter ID number 109990237).
CABEZAS, ROGER Efrain (Voter ID number 110172117).

10751 SW 244TH TER
LIND, JESSON M. (Voter ID number 110153670).

10752 SW 243RD ST
HUNTLEY, KYRA Kachetta (Voter ID number 110089662).
PRUITT, DWIGHT Lanard (Voter ID number 121034137).
WALKER, TARASHEEMA Latrese (Voter ID number 109862125).

10755 SW 243RD TER
WILLIAMS, STOKES Eugene (Voter ID number 109363025).
VAZQUEZ, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 115212889).

10759 SW 244TH TER
CARTONE, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 116860633).

10760 SW 254TH ST
SEGAL, JUDITH (Voter ID number 110107630).

10761 SW 243RD ST
SHIM, SHANNA Teresa (Voter ID number 115981490).
SCHULTZ, ILIANA (Voter ID number 119002761).
SCHULTZ, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number 119002763).

10762 SW 243RD ST
CRUZ, BARBARA (Voter ID number 110012253).
CRUZ, YOLIMARYS (Voter ID number 116491075).
CRUZ, FELIX Jose (Voter ID number 115687074).

10762 SW 254TH ST
PATRICIA, SHRIVER D. (Voter ID number 110301451).

10763 SW 244TH TER
HARPS, SHERRELL S. (Voter ID number 116355760).
SIMPSON, WENDY Jean (Voter ID number 109514069).

10763 SW 256TH ST
PINION, CINDY (Voter ID number 114734285).

10764 SW 244TH TER
ANTUNEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109727556).
REYES, ANDRE Antonio (Voter ID number 120977728).
ANTUNEZ, JOSE T. (Voter ID number 109963600).

10765 SW 245TH ST
PEREZ, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 110282352).
TORRES PEREZ, JOSUE (Voter ID number 114118997).

10766 SW 243RD LN
DELGADO, LIANA M. (Voter ID number 118919443).
FERNANDEZ, OMELIO F. (Voter ID number 119928156).
FERNANDEZ, OMELIO M. (Voter ID number 118919445).

10767 SW 244TH TER
COLON, MANUEL X. (Voter ID number 110131269).
COLON MALDONADO, CARLOS Xavier (Voter ID number 119216079).
PIANELLI, ZENAIDA Caridad (Voter ID number 110223417).
SUAREZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 110341224).

10769 SW 245TH ST
MORALES, JAHAIRA (Voter ID number 116385920).

10770 SW 245TH ST
HENRY, DALLAS Maureen Sandra (Voter ID number 109964244).
HENRY, DESMOND Arthur (Voter ID number 110002883).
MESSIER, MARIO Enrique (Voter ID number 110333935).

10771 SW 244TH TER
CHAVARRIA, ANGELICA (Voter ID number 110077123).

10772 SW 243RD ST
TORRES, LUIS R. (Voter ID number 117780235).

10773 SW 245TH ST
JOLLY, SENTERIA Denise (Voter ID number 109419493).
KELLAM, JOHN Allen (Voter ID number 110210931).
KELLAM, KRYSTAL Kierra (Voter ID number 115500440).

10774 SW 245TH ST
CRUZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109581768).
CRUZ, JONADAB Yamil (Voter ID number 119598119).
CRUZ-CAMACHO, JONADAB I. (Voter ID number 119546951).

10776 SW 244TH TER
PEREZ, VENTURA (Voter ID number 109767900).
RIVERA, BRANDON (Voter ID number 117572263).

10777 SW 245TH ST
ARCHER, RENE J. (Voter ID number 109017059).
NELSON, JACQUES Serge (Voter ID number 114000419).
ARCHER, GERDA (Voter ID number 116454419).

10778 SW 245TH ST
PARRILLA, JORGE Louis (Voter ID number 109270760).

10779 SW 244TH TER
DE CASTRO, CAROLINA Damerys (Voter ID number 118987944).

10780 SW 244TH TER
MALLA, HORACIO Oscar (Voter ID number 109462165).
MALLA, MARCELO (Voter ID number 117063242).

10784 SW 244TH TER
HERNANDEZ VALLE, DAINERYS (Voter ID number 120841999).
PONCE DE LEON, MARIA Cristina (Voter ID number 121191965).

10785 SW 245TH ST
BOUCHEREAU, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 110099389).
BOUCHEREAU, JEAN Edouard (Voter ID number 116973370).

10801 SW 243RD ST
LUCIANI, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 116747988).

10802 SW 244TH TER
MC KENZIE, RHONDA Patrice (Voter ID number 109405284).

10803 SW 245TH ST
RIBERA, JORGE F. (Voter ID number 121305204).
RIBERA, ROSSANA (Voter ID number 121305198).

10806 SW 240TH LN
VIERA, DAYAN Israel (Voter ID number 110117033).

10806 SW 240TH ST
PORTUONDO, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 110187165).
RIVERA, ODALIS (Voter ID number 110317760).

10808 SW 240TH LN
MCCRAY, SHAQUANA Latrice (Voter ID number 120041311).

10808 SW 240TH TER
LACAYO, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 118374968).

10808 SW 240TH ST
MORALES, LUIS (Voter ID number 114689065).

10809 SW 244TH TER
REGO, ILEANA (Voter ID number 120506673).
REGO, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 120478324).

10810 SW 240TH LN
FOX, BOBBY Nelson (Voter ID number 109728941).

10810 SW 240TH TER
MALDONADO, ORLANDO Nicholas (Voter ID number 109304385).
SANTIAGO, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 110316647).

10810 SW 243RD LN
BRYANT, SABRINA D. (Voter ID number 114259486).
GARCIA PONTIGO, JESSICA (Voter ID number 118926046).
BROWN, DIONICIO D. (Voter ID number 115981458).

10810 SW 244TH TER
CERNUDA, ROBERT Joel (Voter ID number 110038014).
SCOGGINS, ERIN (Voter ID number 116826235).

10811 SW 245TH ST
CARROLL, LARRY N. (Voter ID number 120329206).
KELLAM, DARRELL Jerome (Voter ID number 116284056).
KELLAM, LISA A. (Voter ID number 109528390).

10812 SW 240TH LN
GADWAY, TIMOTHY P. (Voter ID number 119631870).

10812 SW 240TH ST
SANTIAGO, EMELINA (Voter ID number 115443083).

10812 SW 240TH TER
GARCIA, HAROLD (Voter ID number 110003781).

10813 SW 240TH LN
SKIDMORE, JAIME Rose (Voter ID number 115463041).
SKIDMORE, KEITH Andrew (Voter ID number 115478081).

10814 SW 240TH LN
KISSEL, SARAH Katherine (Voter ID number 109905309).
KISSEL, TYLER James (Voter ID number 110171554).
SAMMS, PATRICK J. (Voter ID number 114969516).
LLORENTY, WENDY Edith (Voter ID number 109778980).

10814 SW 240TH TER
RODRIGUEZ HERNANDEZ, ARIAM Ivette (Voter ID number 119973031).
SMITH, JOHN (Voter ID number 116810380).

10814 SW 243RD LN
KING, DE KEITH C. (Voter ID number 109342152).
LOUIMA, MARGE (Voter ID number 100522143).
TORRENCE, TERELL Deon (Voter ID number 109558068).

10816 SW 240TH TER
AVILA, JACINTA E. (Voter ID number 109958922).

10816 SW 243RD ST
FILPATRICK, SOPHIA L. (Voter ID number 109886151).
OEDING, GUILLERMO Enrique (Voter ID number 121216667).
SANTOS, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109401928).

10816 SW 247TH ST
NEYRA, JESSIKA C. (Voter ID number 110274734).
OROZCO, REYNALDO (Voter ID number 110055687).
OROZCO, SONIA Delcarmen (Voter ID number 110055675).
MENESES, ANA Sonia (Voter ID number 109690747).

10816 SW 247TH TER
NEYRA, NORLAN A. (Voter ID number 117053643).

10818 SW 240TH LN
RIVERA, SOPHIA Alexandria (Voter ID number 117840037).

10818 SW 240TH ST
CORREDERA, JAIRO J. (Voter ID number 110067975).

10818 SW 243RD LN
CARTER, EBONIE Lafaye (Voter ID number 109614490).
CARTER, TERRANCE Leroy (Voter ID number 110216056).
JUSINO, JOCELYN (Voter ID number 118096434).

10818 SW 244TH TER
MEDOR, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 102254963).

10820 SW 240TH TER
LOUIS, JOSHUA A. (Voter ID number 116908305).

10820 SW 243RD ST
SIMPSON, STACEY-ANN Kemisha (Voter ID number 116671225).

10820 SW 245TH ST
GRANDA, PEDRO Luis (Voter ID number 109768442).
SANCHEZ, AMY Linnette (Voter ID number 109768579).

10821 SW 240TH LN
CABALLERO, BRENDA Liz (Voter ID number 110253347).
NANTAROJANAPORN, COURTNEY Alexandra (Voter ID number 119266119).

10821 SW 242ND ST
MADRUGA CAMPOS, LESLIET (Voter ID number 115375682).

10821 SW 243RD LN
ROC, SANDRA Jesula (Voter ID number 116038973).

10821 SW 246TH ST
MATTHEWS, RACHEL Anne (Voter ID number 121047947).
MATHEW, SABU V. (Voter ID number 110310969).
MATHEW, SYNY S. (Voter ID number 119870872).

10822 SW 240TH LN
LOPEZ, PETRONIO (Voter ID number 110006193).

10822 SW 240TH ST
BOWERS, SHARMAINE (Voter ID number 115850328).
CLARKE, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109965986).

10822 SW 240TH TER
LAVENTURE, JENIFFER Ketia (Voter ID number 110037632).

10822 SW 242ND ST
FERGUSON, KATINE D. (Voter ID number 110324986).
ROLDAN, LILLIANA C. (Voter ID number 109356777).

10822 SW 246TH ST
CURBELO, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 109782968).
GUTIERREZ, ALBA Mara (Voter ID number 114288899).

10823 SW 240TH LN
GONZALEZ, NEAL (Voter ID number 118100399).
GONZALEZ, NELSON (Voter ID number 110324228).
LARA, GLORIA (Voter ID number 109954007).

10823 SW 247TH ST
ANDERSON, DELTA (Voter ID number 116700529).

10824 SW 240TH LN
CONTERNO, MELISSA Hudson (Voter ID number 120788925).
WEAVER, HALEIGH Alexis (Voter ID number 121036462).

10824 SW 240TH ST
MELENDEZ, OLIVIA (Voter ID number 119279199).
ROA, BRYAN (Voter ID number 121167195).

10824 SW 243RD ST
LYONS, OKIMA Cache (Voter ID number 109893045).

10825 SW 243RD LN
ESPINOSA, ALEXANDRA Judith (Voter ID number 119545904).
KING, ROYSHAWN L. (Voter ID number 117107358).
KING, WILLIE R. (Voter ID number 117001399).

10825 SW 244TH TER
HALL, LENNIE (Voter ID number 116641322).
SANDOVAL, JACQUELYN (Voter ID number 117397831).
SANDOVAL, LUIS Abraham (Voter ID number 118835728).
SANDOVAL, LUIS Ramon (Voter ID number 120400397).
SMITH, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 116265856).

10826 SW 240TH LN
ESTRADA, MARITZA D. (Voter ID number 120137262).
NUNEZ, NELSON (Voter ID number 110332595).

10826 SW 240TH ST
PINA, ASHTON Nicholas (Voter ID number 114461613).
PIERRE, PEGUY (Voter ID number 117053180).

10826 SW 243RD LN
FARQUHARSON, KAYNE (Voter ID number 115689302).
PEARSON, CARRIE K. (Voter ID number 109401840).

10826 SW 244TH TER
ECKARDT, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 109480202).

10827 SW 245TH ST
PIMENTEL, ADRIANO (Voter ID number 115512246).
PIMENTEL, EDUVIGES (Voter ID number 115512401).

10828 SW 240TH ST
CABRERA, JULIO (Voter ID number 114417896).
GARCIA, CECILIA E. (Voter ID number 120293141).

10828 SW 243RD ST
LAWRENCE, LAUERICE Latula (Voter ID number 109313837).

10829 SW 240TH LN
LAUREL, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 113859737).

10829 SW 242ND ST
CASTILLO, ISMAELIA (Voter ID number 115051093).
PADRON, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 109483405).

10829 SW 246TH ST
BANOS, CINDY Irelia (Voter ID number 119606848).

10830 SW 240TH ST
POSADAS, PETER Anthony (Voter ID number 110284273).

10830 SW 242ND ST
DIALS, LATAVIA S. (Voter ID number 102350582).
DIALS, BENJAMIN Earl (Voter ID number 109749219).
JOHNSON, DARRYL Leonard (Voter ID number 109180146).
JOHNSON, ERIKA Diane (Voter ID number 109832580).

10830 SW 243RD LN
HERNANDEZ, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 120717296).
HERNANDEZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 120717293).

10830 SW 246TH ST
MENDEZ, FELIX Mario (Voter ID number 115381688).
MORALES, JOEL (Voter ID number 110108722).
PATINO, CHRISTIAN (Voter ID number 119605913).

10831 SW 240TH LN

ROQUE, JENNIE Rose (Voter ID number 109647734).

10831 SW 247TH ST
CANINO, LOURDES (Voter ID number 119081402).
CANINO, PEDRO Pablo (Voter ID number 109902281).

10832 SW 240TH ST
GONZALEZ PARDO DIAZ, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 119263441).

10832 SW 240TH TER
RAMOS, NESTOR Jairo (Voter ID number 119447847).

10832 SW 243RD ST
RODRIGUEZ, GIOVAN Jenry (Voter ID number 119603074).

10832 SW 247TH ST
MCFARLANE-WILLIAMS, MONIQUE A. (Voter ID number 115716785).
WILLIAMS, JAY D. (Voter ID number 115716770).
COUSINS, CAROLYN P. (Voter ID number 116785191).

10833 SW 240TH LN
DEL VALLE, JAIME Andres (Voter ID number 117173670).
OLARTE RODRIGUEZ, LUCY Amparo (Voter ID number 120000486).
SANGUINO, STEFFANY (Voter ID number 121121094).
URDANETA, OTTO J. (Voter ID number 118668555).

10833 SW 243RD LN
CERICOLA, JAMES A. (Voter ID number 101930422).
BOTERO, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 118322896).
CARO, ZASHARY (Voter ID number 119626918).

10833 SW 244TH TER
SANTOS, ALBERTO Rafael (Voter ID number 102299035).
STEPHENS, LADY Diana (Voter ID number 102299038).

10834 SW 240TH LN
PEREZ, BEYRA I. (Voter ID number 116463019).
PEREZ, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 110123867).

10834 SW 240TH TER
FERNANDEZ SFIFER, ALFREDOM E. (Voter ID number 110318398).

10834 SW 244TH TER
QUINTANILLA, GRACE Ann (Voter ID number 110225189).

10835 SW 240TH LN
BARROSO, ARIELLA De La Caridad (Voter ID number 113973855).
CARVAJAL, RAUL Rene (Voter ID number 119629293).

10835 SW 245TH ST
ANTOINE, RACHEL (Voter ID number 117026690).
LAVIGNA, MARIA Salome (Voter ID number 110051615).
LAVIGNA, PABLO (Voter ID number 114684649).

10836 SW 240TH LN
DATTOLI, DONNY Carlo (Voter ID number 120953392).
DATTOLI, SONNIA Rocio (Voter ID number 114391366).

10836 SW 240TH ST
CHAVEZ, MILLICENT Hazel (Voter ID number 119297105).

10836 SW 240TH TER
RICO, HERMANN Rafael (Voter ID number 119556555).

10836 SW 243RD ST
TYLER, CHANEL Nicole (Voter ID number 120442791).

10836 SW 245TH ST
LIZCANO, JONATHAN F. (Voter ID number 115227159).
LIZCANO, JUAN F. (Voter ID number 114201753).
LIZCANO, OFELIA (Voter ID number 110080795).

10837 SW 242ND ST
CHERY, MARIE F. (Voter ID number 110042519).
CHERY, MOISE (Voter ID number 110101592).
CHERY, RUTH (Voter ID number 110042515).

10837 SW 243RD LN
HUGHES, MARTHA (Voter ID number 116285626).

10837 SW 246TH ST
ORELLANA, FELIX A. (Voter ID number 118858929).

10838 SW 240TH ST
HIL JAMATE, ANSELMO (Voter ID number 116023569).

10838 SW 240TH TER
SMITH, TOMEKA Renee (Voter ID number 109894533).

10838 SW 240TH ST
HIL, SANTELMO (Voter ID number 109402420).

10838 SW 242ND ST
FELIU, ANNELISE (Voter ID number 114184175).
FELIU, ALYSSA (Voter ID number 116644142).

10838 SW 243RD LN
RAMIREZ, YUSLEIDI De La Caridad (Voter ID number 120640295).
CHANCE, BRIAN W. (Voter ID number 115770867).

10838 SW 246TH ST
BASULTO, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 110222841).
MURPHREE, LAURA B. (Voter ID number 110122375).
MURPHREE, ROBERT Dan (Voter ID number 116750737).

10839 SW 240TH LN
SMILEY, CARMENCITA A. (Voter ID number 109613945).
SMILEY, RODERICK (Voter ID number 116806688).

10840 SW 243RD ST
BUSTOS, CLAUDIA Patricia (Voter ID number 110315646).
WERNER, CHRISTOPHER Michael (Voter ID number 109727986).

10840 SW 247TH ST
ROBERTS, TORIANO P. (Voter ID number 120106910).
STEPHENS, ZANARD Antwon (Voter ID number 109616382).
ROBERTS, TORIANAH Patrice (Voter ID number 119600350).
GILBERT, BRENDA R. (Voter ID number 116223732).

10841 SW 243RD LN
CASTILLO, DENIS Humberto (Voter ID number 120354166).
CASTILLO, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 120746859).
MANAOAT, JONATHAN Martin (Voter ID number 121247011).

10841 SW 244TH TER
CROES, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 114333496).
CROES, ALELI (Voter ID number 110320755).

10842 SW 240TH ST
TORRES, YANDIEL (Voter ID number 120488964).
GRANDA, YANAIS (Voter ID number 120488091).

10842 SW 244TH TER
FLEURIZARD, HARRISTON E. (Voter ID number 119711957).
PIERRE, SERGE (Voter ID number 110313962).
FLEURIZARD, HARRISTON Emmanuel (Voter ID number 119479617).
PADRON, BELIA Carmen (Voter ID number 109869014).
AUGUSTE, JOSEPH P. (Voter ID number 116841048).
FLEURIZARD, FLEURYNE V. (Voter ID number 116424977).

10843 SW 245TH ST
SANCHEZ, SANDRA J. (Voter ID number 109698241).

10844 SW 240TH ST
MILLER, PANSY A. (Voter ID number 109904621).

10844 SW 245TH ST
JOHNSON, CHANTEL C. (Voter ID number 110071209).

10845 SW 242ND ST
EARLE, KRYSTAL Carol (Voter ID number 109886156).
EARLE, WESTON R. (Voter ID number 110198096).
MARTIN, MICHELE Ann (Voter ID number 109889262).

10845 SW 243RD LN
CASTRO, MAYLIN (Voter ID number 120218507).
PADILLA, SUYLLENG (Voter ID number 116905471).
ROSSMAN, KARLY Ann (Voter ID number 109641489).

10846 SW 242ND ST
SANTUCHE, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 119911067).
SANTUCHE, MELISSA (Voter ID number 120912312).

10846 SW 243RD LN
ROSALES, ELIO Hugo (Voter ID number 109667082).
ROSALES, MARISOL (Voter ID number 119156502).

10847 SW 247TH ST
ZUNIGA ROCANO, ROSARIO Raquel (Voter ID number 121129224).

10849 SW 243RD LN
BRUNSON, MIKEVIA Tyniquia (Voter ID number 116578252).
HAILE, RHONDA La Vona (Voter ID number 109314539).

10849 SW 244TH TER
MIRANDA, MARIA Trinadad (Voter ID number 120146396).
PASTORA, MIRNA (Voter ID number 120319016).
PASTORA, KARINA Z. (Voter ID number 116579657).

10850 SW 243RD LN
IGLESIAS, MANUEL (Voter ID number 120216345).
MOREJON, YAREMI (Voter ID number 120215664).

10852 SW 240TH ST
RAMOS, TANYA Marie (Voter ID number 109991435).

10853 SW 242ND ST
CONCEPCION, MISLADYS (Voter ID number 119061691).
MATEO, ARMANDO R. (Voter ID number 115716707).

10853 SW 246TH ST
GEORGE, BYRAN Ivan (Voter ID number 114541768).

10854 SW 243RD LN
VIZCAINO, JULIETTE (Voter ID number 113860995).
HERRERA, ARGELIO (Voter ID number 109398754).
HERRERA, DORIS (Voter ID number 109439485).

10855 SW 247TH ST
DE LA ROSA, ANDREW A. (Voter ID number 119067560).
DE LA ROSA, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109264073).

10856 SW 247TH ST
CASTELLON, RICHARD M. (Voter ID number 110223785).
QUINTERO, JAELYN (Voter ID number 119631979).

10862 SW 242ND ST
ANDUJAR, DARRYO Tiaunte (Voter ID number 118110304).
ANDUJAR, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 118110539).
RIVERA, ALBERTO Vicente (Voter ID number 115580104).

10862 SW 243RD LN
ALANIZ, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 118276437).
WRIGHT-FOOTE, MILDRED Denise (Voter ID number 109521571).

10865 SW 244TH TER
BYNUM, BRYAN Christopher (Voter ID number 114830696).

10866 SW 243RD LN
ARCOS, RUBEN Dario (Voter ID number 120996563).
ORZCO OSORIO, DANNY (Voter ID number 120935250).
ROSA, ALEX A. (Voter ID number 114826938).

10870 SW 242ND ST
AGUILAR, KARINA (Voter ID number 116826127).
RODRIGUEZ, RAYNIER (Voter ID number 117185926).

10870 SW 243RD LN
BEBCHIK, GALINA (Voter ID number 117601842).
JUSTIZ MORALES, PEDRO Barbaro (Voter ID number 119416084).

10873 SW 244TH TER
VASSAUX, RENE (Voter ID number 116463818).

10881 SW 244TH TER
HURTS, MAMMIE Joe (Voter ID number 109536165).

10886 SW 242ND ST
MARTINO, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 116892353).

10894 SW 242ND ST
BARBERENA, ANA Ninoska (Voter ID number 120678702).
CAPRON, TERAN (Voter ID number 110277312).

10901 SW 236TH TER
THELWELL, NICHOLE D. (Voter ID number 120981964).

10901 SW 244TH TER
PUERTO, EVELYN De La Caridad (Voter ID number 118942983).

10902 SW 240TH ST
BURGOS, JORDAN (Voter ID number 120305012).

10902 SW 243RD LN
TEJADA, KATTY Veronica (Voter ID number 114584109).

10902 SW 244TH TER
ORTEGA, JOSE Enrique (Voter ID number 114693432).

10904 SW 240TH LN
BRYAN COOK, JOSHUA Benjamin (Voter ID number 109616437).

10905 SW 239TH TER
GARCIA-OBREGON, SHERWIN Luis (Voter ID number 114401352).
GARCIA, ANA (Voter ID number 116857944).

10906 SW 239TH TER
PINO, MARIA Caridad (Voter ID number 119174225).

10906 SW 247TH TER
LAWRENCE, YAKEITHA Lawrence (Voter ID number 109433332).

10908 SW 236TH TER
RUIZ, AGUSTIN Antonio (Voter ID number 109277350).
RUIZ, JAMIE Lee (Voter ID number 110120854).

10908 SW 240TH ST
RIVERA, RUTH Hillary (Voter ID number 109893979).

10909 SW 244TH TER
LOPEZ, FLOR De Maria (Voter ID number 110074087).

10910 SW 240TH LN
ROSARIO, YADIRA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 110329724).
SUERO, HIRDA G. (Voter ID number 116251961).

10910 SW 240TH ST
DAGRIN, DAPHENE (Voter ID number 110110498).
DARIUS, CHRISTIANE (Voter ID number 109742138).
DAGRIN, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 115711654).

10910 SW 244TH TER
ARCILA, ANABELL (Voter ID number 109872288).

10910 SW 247TH TER
CARACILIO, ALEXIS Mullins (Voter ID number 109883429).
MANN, MARQUICE Brussard (Voter ID number 119847343).
CARACILIO, GLENDA G. (Voter ID number 109402001).
CARACILIO, GLENN Peter (Voter ID number 118834660).
CARACILIO, PETER J. (Voter ID number 110029706).

10911 SW 245TH ST
TEJEDA, LYNNELLE (Voter ID number 117084198).

10912 SW 240TH LN
PEREZ, MIRELIS (Voter ID number 120161179).
PINO, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 120160416).

10912 SW 240TH ST
CEDANO-HERNANDEZ, YELITZA V. (Voter ID number 110097246).

10912 SW 242ND ST
KELLAM, WALTER Lee (Voter ID number 120321670).

10914 SW 236TH TER
TRABANINO, ERY Joel (Voter ID number 117395663).

10914 SW 240TH LN
SANCHEZ, AQUILES M. (Voter ID number 115275356).

10914 SW 240TH ST
BROWN, JEREMIAH L. (Voter ID number 109815281).

10914 SW 244TH TER
EPPS, DOROTHY M. (Voter ID number 120035902).
CORREA, ADAMARIS (Voter ID number 117022183).

10914 SW 247TH TER
JIMENEZ, ANDREW (Voter ID number 109053282).
MARTINI, MARISSA Alessandra (Voter ID number 114696309).

10915 SW 237TH TER
CASALES, ALAIN (Voter ID number 114261328).

10915 SW 239TH TER
CASTRO-HEADLEY, NILA Marie (Voter ID number 110256834).
HEADLEY, ANDREW C. (Voter ID number 109992495).

10916 SW 240TH LN
ARIS, DIONNE Fay (Voter ID number 109666835).
ARIS, LENNOX B. (Voter ID number 116444320).
ARIS, ALEXANDRIA C. (Voter ID number 119612449).

10916 SW 240TH ST
CARMONA, OSCAR Dario (Voter ID number 115204872).
CLAVIJO, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 116893447).

10918 SW 240TH LN
FRANCIS, BRYAN Kadeem (Voter ID number 120192998).

10918 SW 240TH ST
DUNTEMAN, JOSHUA Lee (Voter ID number 110059993).

10918 SW 243RD LN
CASADO, FANNY V. (Voter ID number 118213561).

10918 SW 244TH TER
FERNANDEZ, STPHANIE (Voter ID number 114418230).

10918 SW 247TH TER
CASTRO, MAYRA H. (Voter ID number 109278386).
CASTRO, MONICA C. (Voter ID number 119632116).

10919 SW 236TH TER
MILIAN, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 114012717).
ZARZA, SANDRA (Voter ID number 114233190).

10919 SW 245TH ST
SALAZAR, IRIS Gisela (Voter ID number 109910436).

10920 SW 236TH TER
ACOSTA, MAGALY (Voter ID number 102499417).
ACOSTA, FELIX (Voter ID number 102499413).

10920 SW 240TH LN
RUIDIAZ, OMAR A. (Voter ID number 110090213).

10921 SW 237TH TER
ROLLE, TONY Malcolm (Voter ID number 109360345).

10921 SW 242ND ST
THOMAS, FELECIA Regina (Voter ID number 109230214).

10921 SW 244TH TER
JOHNSON, ASHLEY N. (Voter ID number 110099731).
WALKER, CLAIRE Lee (Voter ID number 110100657).

10922 SW 244TH TER
KIRBY, MARILYN (Voter ID number 109258667).
WEST, TERRELL E. (Voter ID number 110163011).

10924 SW 239TH ST
JONES, RAYELYNNE Daiquiri (Voter ID number 110333999).
TEETERS, JENNIFER C. (Voter ID number 110245585).

10925 SW 236TH TER
CARIAS, VLADIMIR A. (Voter ID number 109723752).
GOMEZ, RAQUEL Rebeca (Voter ID number 109961119).

10925 SW 239TH TER
ALBERGA, ANGELA Marie (Voter ID number 109507112).
MARRIOTT, MARKUS (Voter ID number 120528423).
MARRIOTT, MIKAL D. (Voter ID number 115238061).
MARRIOTT, MIKAELA Danielle (Voter ID number 117560534).

10926 SW 236TH TER
DELGADO, OSNIEL (Voter ID number 118009661).
TORRES, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 117331092).
REYES, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109216954).
ARTEAGA, DIANA (Voter ID number 116283161).

10926 SW 244TH TER
RECIO, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109177767).
RECIO, THAYRA Diannett (Voter ID number 109913856).

10926 SW 247TH TER
CRIOLLO, JENNY P. (Voter ID number 110212438).
CRIOLLO, KENNY Enmanuel (Voter ID number 115465251).

10927 SW 237TH TER
FLORES, PAULA Rosa (Voter ID number 109651243).
FLORES, RODOLFO David (Voter ID number 109944253).
FLORES, RODOLFO J. (Voter ID number 109647310).
FLORES, STEVEN Josue (Voter ID number 119345824).
ORTIZ, WANDA I. (Voter ID number 110280838).

10927 SW 245TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, ANDRES Leonardo (Voter ID number 110207899).
RODRIGUEZ, VANESSA Isabel (Voter ID number 109615787).

10929 SW 244TH TER
FILIPPI, PAUL R. (Voter ID number 114914866).

10930 SW 244TH TER
DUGUE, DJA Gabrielle (Voter ID number 110092085).
WRIGHT, RODNEY Jay (Voter ID number 109533759).

10930 SW 247TH TER
FAIRNOT, VINCENT Leandra (Voter ID number 109284974).
NIEVES, JOHANNA (Voter ID number 109864761).

10931 SW 236TH TER
QUINTANA, JULIA (Voter ID number 115587627).
QUINTANA, VICTOR H. (Voter ID number 110299140).

10931 SW 242ND ST
LONGA, CHRISTINE A. (Voter ID number 116533334).
LEVY, SAMUEL Laurence (Voter ID number 118441948).

10931 SW 245TH ST
HAMRICK, REBECCA Leigh (Voter ID number 115126956).

10932 SW 236TH TER
BLASCO PEREZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109939627).

10932 SW 242ND ST
JOHNSON, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 109375981).

10933 SW 237TH TER
NUNEZ, JAMMER (Voter ID number 114423813).
NUNEZ, YVONNE Enriquez (Voter ID number 109517116).

10934 SW 239TH ST
WHITE, STACY-ANN N. (Voter ID number 116615985).

10934 SW 244TH TER
CASTRO, DELIA M. (Voter ID number 109438605).
CASTRO, JOSE David (Voter ID number 109399797).

10934 SW 247TH TER
RAHMAN, SAJEDUR (Voter ID number 115448314).

10935 SW 239TH TER
GRESSEAU, MARTINE (Voter ID number 109886062).

10935 SW 245TH ST
GERMAN, MARIA Ysabel (Voter ID number 114433544).

10937 SW 236TH TER
VALLS, NOEMI (Voter ID number 109441609).
VALLS, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109441615).

10937 SW 244TH TER
YATES, JULIET J. (Voter ID number 121080685).
YATES, STELLA H. (Voter ID number 121080618).

10938 SW 243RD LN
HENSEL, JOSHUA R. (Voter ID number 100888796).

10939 SW 237TH TER
LOPEZ, JUSTIN R. (Voter ID number 118117501).
BROWN, EUGENE Anthony (Voter ID number 110028330).

10942 SW 244TH TER
GONZALEZ, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 116292634).

10942 SW 247TH TER
TRABA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 116289644).

10943 SW 236TH TER
NEWMAN, ESPERANZA D. (Voter ID number 114610509).

10943 SW 245TH ST
VELAZQUEZ, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 120147243).

10944 SW 239TH ST
DALBERRY, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 116029459).
DALBERRY, VERNON R. (Voter ID number 115393900).
MCFAYDEN-DALBERRY, MELISSA J. (Voter ID number 109993286).

10945 SW 239TH TER
GONZALEZ, JAIRO Daniel (Voter ID number 109482782).

10945 SW 244TH TER
GARCIA, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 120909374).
MORALES, BRIAN Micheal (Voter ID number 109459265).
MORALES, SHARON (Voter ID number 110333870).
VALENCIA, SHARON (Voter ID number 109535014).

10946 SW 239TH TER
BLANDINO, LISA Marie (Voter ID number 109500608).

10946 SW 244TH TER
DUTRIZ, FRANCISCO R. (Voter ID number 119716043).

10946 SW 247TH TER
SALGADO, MAURICIO Jose (Voter ID number 119851448).

10947 SW 245TH ST
ASSAM, ANDREW Gilbert (Voter ID number 116615464).
ASSAM, MERLE Bonifacia (Voter ID number 116644546).

10949 SW 244TH TER
ANGLADA, MARLENE (Voter ID number 109777967).

10950 SW 236TH TER
CARRALERO, MERCY (Voter ID number 116655569).
CABRERA, RAMSEY (Voter ID number 116655660).

10950 SW 247TH TER
CHAMBERLAIN, JESSICA C. (Voter ID number 115840894).

10951 SW 237TH TER
COSTA, MARCOS (Voter ID number 117029825).

10953 SW 244TH TER
LEWIS, ISHA (Voter ID number 118458812).

10954 SW 247TH TER
PICHARDO, ADAM (Voter ID number 109833318).
PICHARDO, ANDREW Bartolome (Voter ID number 115270892).
PICHARDO, OSCAR (Voter ID number 109439250).

10955 SW 239TH TER
BOTERO, MARTHA (Voter ID number 120137156).

10956 SW 236TH TER
QUINTERO, CLAUDIA Patricia (Voter ID number 109363727).
QUINTERO, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 120534983).

10957 SW 244TH TER
ADKINS, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 114603582).

10958 SW 237TH LN
GOLDMAN, GERALDINE G. (Voter ID number 109044722).

10958 SW 247TH TER
LASTRE, RAIMUNDO (Voter ID number 113977637).

10960 SW 243RD ST
PAGAN, JESSICA Yvette (Voter ID number 110112847).

10960 SW 246TH ST
VELASQUEZ, MARGOTH (Voter ID number 116681069).

10961 SW 236TH TER
HERNANDEZ, BRIDGETT L. (Voter ID number 115686077).
POLANCO, YOVANNY (Voter ID number 110316620).

10961 SW 238TH TER
WOODLEY, LONDA L. (Voter ID number 118919197).
WILD, JOHN (Voter ID number 117611879).

10962 SW 247TH TER
HICKS, THERALLYN Andrea (Voter ID number 115274905).
HICKS, YARIELLE Trisean (Voter ID number 117358327).
CLAY, SONYA M. (Voter ID number 116893024).

10963 SW 246TH ST
RUIZ, OSCAR J. (Voter ID number 120346012).

10964 SW 239TH ST
DIAZ, MARGARITA E. (Voter ID number 119341626).
HERNANDEZ, GABRIELLE (Voter ID number 119342319).

10964 SW 246TH ST
NEGRON, CARLOS C. (Voter ID number 118116866).
NEGRON, WILSON Javier (Voter ID number 119628118).
SIMO, KATIA (Voter ID number 110005460).
NEGRON, CARLOS (Voter ID number 114160934).

10965 SW 239TH TER
AMBROSE, FLOYD Dale (Voter ID number 109878265).

10966 SW 239TH TER
K'TORI, TONIO Jzed (Voter ID number 115886380).
BRANDON, SUZAN Deborah (Voter ID number 109929525).

10966 SW 247TH TER
BELL, SHAQUILLE L. (Voter ID number 118453500).
CORREA, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 115594580).
THOMAS, EARL (Voter ID number 117634209).

10967 SW 238TH TER
ARANGO LONDON, LILIANA M. (Voter ID number 120903147).
ACOSTA, EDUARDO Ernesto (Voter ID number 117361243).

10967 SW 246TH ST
ROGERS, MAURICE (Voter ID number 118796968).
JONES, CAROLYN (Voter ID number 108942900).
WALLACE, JOCELYN Nicole (Voter ID number 109458461).

10968 SW 246TH ST
LYNCH, JAMES T. (Voter ID number 110343506).
LYNCH, JANE Louise Fry (Voter ID number 118847537).

10969 SW 244TH TER
YOMA, DANIELLA T. (Voter ID number 110121333).

10970 SW 237TH LN
FERGUSON, KATRINA Denise (Voter ID number 115970397).

10970 SW 247TH TER
WENGIER, DANIEL Haim (Voter ID number 110071974).

10971 SW 246TH ST
PEREZ, DAVID (Voter ID number 120780928).
PEREZ, SILVIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 118624129).

10972 SW 246TH ST
COSTA, LYNETTE (Voter ID number 120513393).

10973 SW 238TH TER
FALCONI, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 115353566).
VEINTEMILLA, LOLITA (Voter ID number 115387687).
ARENAS, ANDREA M. (Voter ID number 119172960).

10973 SW 244TH TER
CISNEROS, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 117806474).
CISNEROS, NITZA Marie (Voter ID number 109558017).

10974 SW 236TH TER
LEE, SANDRA D. (Voter ID number 109914733).

10974 SW 247TH TER
MAIR, MICHAEL Hugh (Voter ID number 120354606).

10975 SW 239TH TER
DARBEAU, BENNETT Victor (Voter ID number 117070056).

10976 SW 237TH LN
GUILLEN, CESAR O. (Voter ID number 109606304).

10977 SW 244TH TER
GOIZUETA-LEON, VANESSA Marie (Voter ID number 115353041).
LEON, IGNACIO (Voter ID number 115233880).
LOPEZ, LEONARDO Jose (Voter ID number 109731751).

10979 SW 236TH TER
NGUYEN, SINH D. (Voter ID number 120512453).

10979 SW 238TH TER
HARTSHORN, FERRON O. (Voter ID number 120381419).

10979 SW 246TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, PAUL (Voter ID number 119385764).

10980 SW 236TH TER
CARDONA, LUZ E. (Voter ID number 120121534).
REID, SOPHIA L. (Voter ID number 109586187).

10980 SW 246TH ST
MARTIN, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 120987539).

10981 SW 241ST ST
SAN MARTIN, OSCAR (Voter ID number 116489748).
WOLFF, LILIAN Maria (Voter ID number 110329140).

10981 SW 244TH TER
INSIGNARES, FARRAH M. (Voter ID number 116344055).
INSIGNARES, KATI Patricia (Voter ID number 117292746).
LORENZO, ADDYS M. (Voter ID number 109827010).
INSIGNARES, RICARDO J. (Voter ID number 109754439).

10982 SW 237TH LN
FUNDORA, YORNY E. (Voter ID number 120585083).
ROMAN, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110318993).

10983 SW 246TH ST
CHAVEZ, ELIO G. (Voter ID number 113966855).

10984 SW 239TH ST
PICHARDO, ANA Miguelina (Voter ID number 109500797).

10985 SW 238TH TER
BARBOSA, VICTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 121096743).
BARBOSA HINCAPIE, VICTOR M. (Voter ID number 118167229).

10985 SW 239TH TER
SMITH, MISHA Sheree (Voter ID number 119174587).
VILLA, DEISY (Voter ID number 116977993).

10986 SW 236TH TER
DE ARMAS, ANGEL D. (Voter ID number 117008651).

10988 SW 243RD LN
OSEJO, CLAUDIA E. (Voter ID number 119751086).

10990 SW 237TH LN
PIERCE, DANIELLA (Voter ID number 109534254).
RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL R. (Voter ID number 109433611).

10991 SW 238TH TER
BETTSACK, SARAH Jessica Eve (Voter ID number 103858656).

10991 SW 241ST ST
BARRANT-TOWNSEND, HILLARY J. (Voter ID number 110336692).

10992 SW 236TH TER
LEON, CESAR A. (Voter ID number 118445007).

10995 SW 239TH TER
GAROFALO, MARIANGELA (Voter ID number 119398600).
PAIS, JESUS R. (Voter ID number 119398593).

10996 SW 237TH LN
ARRAZOLA, CESAR Felipe (Voter ID number 109789424).
MORO, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 116292622).
SILVA, CORALLY (Voter ID number 109553818).
SILVA, NICHOLAS (Voter ID number 117569410).

10996 SW 239TH TER
VARGAS, NADIA J. (Voter ID number 109945151).

10997 SW 236TH TER
JOHNSON, WENDELL R. (Voter ID number 110264746).
PATINO, ANDRES D. (Voter ID number 118093857).
WRIGHT, TASHINA Lillie (Voter ID number 102411305).

10998 SW 236TH TER
RAMOS PARRA, ABDIEL (Voter ID number 120245500).

11001 SW 236TH TER
RAMOS, BARBARA (Voter ID number 109750191).

11001 SW 241ST ST
DERILUS-JUSTE, GUERLANDE (Voter ID number 120410856).

11001 SW 244TH TER
JEAN, NATHALIE Lovely (Voter ID number 110065354).

11002 SW 241ST ST
GUTIERREZ, GABRIELLA G. (Voter ID number 118112076).
GUTIERREZ, EDWIN X. (Voter ID number 116976585).

11002 SW 246TH ST
MARTIN, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 119528463).
PULDON, MONICA (Voter ID number 118643770).

11004 SW 242ND ST
WILSON, ROSHEIKA Vonshea (Voter ID number 120067975).

11005 SW 243RD ST
TELLEZ, MAICKEL L. (Voter ID number 119719583).

11006 SW 243RD ST
LOPEZ, BIANCA (Voter ID number 113988046).
RAMIREZ, MARK (Voter ID number 109993204).

11006 SW 247TH TER
MORALES, MICHELLE Suzanne (Voter ID number 117087415).

11007 SW 243RD LN
KNOX, FELICIA Brown (Voter ID number 109535771).
KNOX, CEDRIC Eugene (Voter ID number 110074866).

11011 SW 241ST ST
BUTLER, WILLARD James (Voter ID number 110309410).
BUTLER, JANEKA Walker (Voter ID number 114349321).

11011 SW 246TH ST
LUNA, ALEJANDRINA Mercedes (Voter ID number 121163846).
LUNA, PEDRO Regalado (Voter ID number 119830050).
DELGADO, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 118385251).
ELMORE, TASHA Claire Lorraine (Voter ID number 119002013).

11013 SW 242ND ST
MEDEROS, LAZARO Jesus (Voter ID number 102442202).

11014 SW 237TH LN
OTERO, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 117772514).
LOPEZ, ROSA Cristina (Voter ID number 109947035).

11014 SW 242ND ST
RIVERA, ERIC Pedro (Voter ID number 120396153).

11015 SW 243RD ST
FLOWERS, TED Christopher (Voter ID number 109863173).

11016 SW 243RD ST
MIYARES, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109638763).
MORLES, YASMELYS Del Carmen (Voter ID number 119739362).

11016 SW 247TH TER
MEMNON, GILBERT Xavier (Voter ID number 109376229).

11017 SW 243RD LN
CATO, MAVIS D. (Voter ID number 116197720).
HULL, LYDIA Veronica (Voter ID number 120873712).
WATSON, NORDIA Andrea (Voter ID number 110196206).
WILLIAMSON, SCHELL Natasha (Voter ID number 116291233).

11021 SW 241ST ST
SMITH, TRAVIS Tehran (Voter ID number 109989308).
JACKSON, LAKIMA S. (Voter ID number 109984317).

11021 SW 244TH TER
CHEW, KEVIN Lamont (Voter ID number 120808160).

11021 SW 246TH ST
DALKO, ZACHARY D. (Voter ID number 120718724).
ZEZULA, MINDY Sue (Voter ID number 110161227).

11022 SW 241ST ST
LOPEZ, SANTIAGO Daniel (Voter ID number 120651638).
RODRIGUEZ, MARTHA Elena (Voter ID number 109961638).
VILLAR, ANA Lilia (Voter ID number 109411449).

11022 SW 246TH ST
MOREY, MAYLIN (Voter ID number 110235187).

11023 SW 242ND ST
JOSEPH, NADEGE (Voter ID number 116564399).

11024 SW 242ND ST
BROOKS, JENNIFER Andrea (Voter ID number 120829696).

11026 SW 247TH TER
UZZELL, DARRIUS Rajon (Voter ID number 120951247).
ROBINSON, SHANTELL L. (Voter ID number 110196173).
SMITH- ROBINSON, SHEILA (Voter ID number 114546967).
HILL, CELESTINE Shavonne (Voter ID number 117120232).

11027 SW 243RD LN
GONZALEZ, HILDA (Voter ID number 110130025).
MARCHESANI, DARREN T. (Voter ID number 108061798).

11031 SW 236TH TER
AGUILA, ESTEBAN David (Voter ID number 109418434).

11031 SW 241ST ST
FOSTER, MARKEL Willis (Voter ID number 119495207).
MALDONADO, LINDY Mae (Voter ID number 110189876).

11031 SW 246TH ST
REYES, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 116072180).

11032 SW 241ST ST
MOSS, ANDRIA D. (Voter ID number 109367829).

11032 SW 246TH ST
RIVERS, SHELTON L. (Voter ID number 109955004).

11034 SW 242ND ST
PUJOLS, BIECA M. (Voter ID number 116465325).
PUJOLS, NELSON (Voter ID number 110171921).

11036 SW 243RD ST
AMANCIO ESPINAL, JAQUELINE Clarice (Voter ID number 121148178).
ESPINAL, MAARCOS G. (Voter ID number 110244615).

11036 SW 247TH TER
MURIAS, ALVARO C. (Voter ID number 109902151).

11037 SW 243RD LN
VILLALOBOS, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 117489421).

11041 SW 236TH TER
CABOVERDE, KARINA Iris (Voter ID number 109884384).

11041 SW 244TH TER
MARANON, ILEANA (Voter ID number 110335047).
RIVAS, CARLOS Daniel (Voter ID number 110195563).
RIVAS, CARLOS (Voter ID number 114509533).

11042 SW 241ST ST
MILES, GWENDOLYN A. (Voter ID number 110073841).

11042 SW 246TH ST
BUTLER, GARY Alan (Voter ID number 109372091).
BUTLER, RUBY (Voter ID number 109346424).

11046 SW 243RD ST
PERRY, EDWARD (Voter ID number 120153543).

11048 SW 243RD LN
PEREZ, JIMMY Isaias (Voter ID number 118752281).
WRIGHT, TRAVIS L. (Voter ID number 110183504).

11051 SW 236TH TER
DAY, JOYCE Anderson (Voter ID number 109161791).
DAY, THOMAS Alfonso (Voter ID number 109417713).

11051 SW 241ST ST
KHAN, FEROZ Azad (Voter ID number 110252258).
KHAN, ZORINA (Voter ID number 110108521).

11051 SW 246TH ST
ALEMAN, CLARA L. (Voter ID number 109974221).
MARTINEZ, RAFAELA D. (Voter ID number 116994339).

11052 SW 246TH ST
CABALLERO, ALEJANDRO Eduardo (Voter ID number 115835186).
CABALLERO, LACEY Dee (Voter ID number 109987776).
SWAIN, SHAKEVA Nichelle (Voter ID number 109832426).
JONES, CALVIN W. (Voter ID number 115193487).

11053 SW 242ND ST
DANSBY, TIMOTHY Lee (Voter ID number 109419501).
MC KENNAN, LAWANDA Catrice (Voter ID number 109517251).

11054 SW 242ND ST
CARDENAS, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 117848282).
CARDENAS, WEENA (Voter ID number 121125744).
CARDENAS, AIDA (Voter ID number 119587612).
MEDEROS, EDELMYS (Voter ID number 117715446).

11056 SW 243RD ST
LEVY, DAMION O'Brian (Voter ID number 120026611).
WRIGHT-LEVY, KEISHA Monique (Voter ID number 115500308).

11056 SW 247TH TER
MELO, ALEX (Voter ID number 119722868).
MELO, FRANCISCO Javier (Voter ID number 114191195).
MELO, IVAN (Voter ID number 120892305).
MELO, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 116299439).
TILLMAN, JOEL W. (Voter ID number 110335908).

11057 SW 238TH TER
LIRIANO, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109485348).
SANTIAGO, JHINELA (Voter ID number 110847742).
ROSA, JOHANNA (Voter ID number 116223663).

11061 SW 244TH TER
FLETE, NELSON (Voter ID number 120509742).

11061 SW 246TH ST
SMITH, MAE Frances (Voter ID number 109034248).

11062 SW 246TH ST
VIDEA, ALEX Jose (Voter ID number 118912306).
VIDEA-SMITH, MAYRA Varinnya (Voter ID number 118912240).
VIDEA, MAYRA Varinnya (Voter ID number 116336626).

11064 SW 237TH LN
BOLANOS, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 110091988).
FARINAS, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 115880935).
LOSADA, EILEEN (Voter ID number 110061193).

11064 SW 242ND ST
CASTRO, ROMEO (Voter ID number 120990844).

11065 SW 243RD ST
FINLEY, JOHNATHAN (Voter ID number 120909342).
FINLEY, TRAVIS (Voter ID number 109599257).
BAPTISTE, MAGALIE S. (Voter ID number 109541136).

11066 SW 243RD ST
ALEXIS, MARIE T. (Voter ID number 109857181).
LOUIS, RICARDO L. (Voter ID number 110229472).
BENNETT, LASHAWNDRA (Voter ID number 116910946).

11066 SW 247TH TER
FERNANDEZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 118361357).
HERNANDEZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 118361356).

11067 SW 243RD LN
HIBBERT, DANIELLE Janel (Voter ID number 109816742).
HIBBERT, MICHAEL Chad (Voter ID number 109816901).
GOLDEN, ANTONIO Bernard (Voter ID number 114557092).

11068 SW 243RD LN
AGUILAR, DAMARIS G. (Voter ID number 110339421).
AGUILAR, YULINDA Z. (Voter ID number 119623110).
LAMAZARES, MARCOS A. (Voter ID number 110318040).
RUBI, MERCEDES A. (Voter ID number 119921418).

11077 SW 238TH TER
GIL, ALEX (Voter ID number 110035863).
GIL, ESTANISLAO (Voter ID number 109684787).

11077 SW 243RD LN
MARTINEZ, JASMINE Lissette (Voter ID number 102250532).

11078 SW 243RD LN
WILSON, LATRICE D. (Voter ID number 110224195).

11081 SW 236TH TER
VORONKO, GLENDA S. (Voter ID number 119859207).

11082 SW 236TH TER
PETERS, LISA Priscilla (Voter ID number 120872757).
COLE, MEISHA J. (Voter ID number 116813374).

11084 SW 237TH LN
THOMAS-COAKLEY, LAKECIA T. (Voter ID number 110066788).

11091 SW 236TH TER
VEGA, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109398133).

11092 SW 236TH TER
CORTEZ, ESTRELLA (Voter ID number 114474994).

11094 SW 237TH LN
FERNANDEZ, YANIET (Voter ID number 114429524).
ROMERO, ELAINE (Voter ID number 109834045).

11101 SW 236TH TER
TRUESDELL, THERESA (Voter ID number 109193115).

11102 SW 236TH TER
STRONGOLI, BRYAN (Voter ID number 117575494).

11103 SW 242ND ST
CLARK, JASMINE Lashae (Voter ID number 116251013).
CRACKER, LASHAWN (Voter ID number 116252217).
CLARK, QUATERIA Monique (Voter ID number 117591306).

11105 SW 243RD ST
BUTLER, AALIYAH Alex (Voter ID number 119772541).
BUTLER, ARIELLE Karisa (Voter ID number 116083984).
BUTLER, CHICTARA Q. (Voter ID number 110215734).
BUTLER, FELICIA (Voter ID number 109939428).

11106 SW 243RD ST
POWELL, SABRINA Rene (Voter ID number 114030774).
ATKINS, RYNEIL Z. (Voter ID number 109695587).

11107 SW 238TH TER
ROCHESTER, DENISE M. (Voter ID number 109468336).

11107 SW 243RD LN
MARTELL, BARBARA (Voter ID number 113005421).

11108 SW 243RD LN
FERRAO, JAVIER Enrique (Voter ID number 110049688).

11111 SW 236TH TER
WAGNER, MARIANNE N. (Voter ID number 109737543).

11112 SW 236TH TER
SIO, JESUS (Voter ID number 109526543).

11116 SW 243RD ST
JUSTICE, JUDITH Dianne (Voter ID number 114964253).

11117 SW 238TH TER
DENNIS, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 109354664).

11117 SW 243RD LN
RAMIZ, BECKY (Voter ID number 109816600).
RAMIZ, ERIC Jesus (Voter ID number 114655783).

11118 SW 243RD LN
BETTON, SANDRA (Voter ID number 116980768).
BROOKS, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 109532041).
RIGGINS, MARY Jane (Voter ID number 108998319).
BETTON, WINSTON De Clarance (Voter ID number 109781688).
RIGGINS, CORDELIA Lavonda (Voter ID number 120631323).

11121 SW 236TH TER
FERGUSON, TIFFANY Sherell (Voter ID number 109699958).
WALKER, JUSTICE Amberniece (Voter ID number 118100603).

11131 SW 236TH TER
FARQUHARSON, NOLA Dianne (Voter ID number 108928381).
FARQUHARSON, JONATHAN Otheneil (Voter ID number 110148196).

11132 SW 236TH TER
APORTELA, ALEXANDER Louis (Voter ID number 116040252).
APORTELA, STEVEN Louis (Voter ID number 119772694).
MATHIS, IMAN A. (Voter ID number 116222170).

11132 SW 241ST ST
BARRIOS, LUIS Orlando (Voter ID number 121148493).
MARTINEZ, YAMILEYBIS (Voter ID number 120583232).

11133 SW 242ND ST
CARIAS, JESUS Ramon (Voter ID number 117544165).

11134 SW 237TH LN
NORVIEL, ESTHER H. (Voter ID number 109585244).

11134 SW 242ND ST
LOTT, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 109536423).

11137 SW 238TH TER
ALFONSO, KETTY (Voter ID number 109719662).
CORREA, FIDENCIA (Voter ID number 114277898).

11138 SW 243RD LN
MENENDEZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 120310465).

11151 SW 241ST ST
DEBIQUE, PATRECE Anika (Voter ID number 119784228).

11161 SW 241ST ST
DAVIDSON, SADEKIE M. (Voter ID number 110256337).
SMITH, CHARMAINE Andrea (Voter ID number 118395638).
WALKER, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109885060).

11162 SW 241ST ST
VELASQUEZ, JEANNETTE Cabal (Voter ID number 109508785).
MARTINEZ, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 119652578).

11206 SW 236TH LN
DELAVILLE, HILDA (Voter ID number 109661358).
HERNANDEZ, CARIDAD D. (Voter ID number 108910692).
HERNANDEZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109283284).
HERNANDEZ, KEVIN Andrew (Voter ID number 117262731).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 114881960).
RODRIGUEZ, SUSANA (Voter ID number 109252009).

11210 SW 236TH ST
CRUZ TORRES, MAYRA Emilia (Voter ID number 120791747).
CRUZ-TORRES, JUAN F. (Voter ID number 112540625).

11211 SW 240TH LN
ESQUIVEL, STEPHANIE Merie (Voter ID number 120899577).
WASHINGTON, RAVEN Jaterria (Voter ID number 119655700).

11212 SW 236TH LN
GRACE, SAMUEL H. (Voter ID number 114517835).

11212 SW 243RD TER
NAVAS, KIMBERLY B. (Voter ID number 118906359).

11214 SW 238TH ST
CLEMENTE MARCANO, AWILDA (Voter ID number 108629525).
TORRES-SANTANA, FAUSTO (Voter ID number 110065278).

11216 SW 236TH ST
PALACIOS, MARIA I. (Voter ID number 119730659).
PALACIOS, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109907402).

11218 SW 236TH LN
CAMPOS, TERESITA Aly (Voter ID number 110011524).
LOPEZ, OSCAR A. (Voter ID number 109206437).
LOPEZ, MARIA G. (Voter ID number 109109248).
PULLES, MARIOLY (Voter ID number 115846016).

11219 SW 234TH TER
SEPULVEDA, RODRIGO Andres (Voter ID number 118564548).

11221 SW 239TH ST
CORDERO, CARLOS H. (Voter ID number 116019714).

11222 SW 239TH ST
DEL VALLE, CARMELO (Voter ID number 116278439).
PENA MORALES, KATIA Gabriela (Voter ID number 121001323).

11222 SW 243RD TER
CASTANEDA, MARCELO Gabriel (Voter ID number 109776341).
CASTANEDA, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109838170).
CASTANEDA, MARTHA H. (Voter ID number 109660816).

11223 SW 234TH TER
VAZQUEZ, GRACHEL Bernal (Voter ID number 120611105).

11223 SW 236TH LN
LARREATEGUI, JOAN Sandy (Voter ID number 110165719).
LARREATEGUI, SANDRA Maria (Voter ID number 109684274).

11223 SW 240TH ST
RIVERA, EDWIN (Voter ID number 110013600).

11225 SW 244TH TER
DEL VALLE, PATRICIA C. (Voter ID number 109276095).

11226 SW 234TH TER
ALVAREZ, MANUEL G. (Voter ID number 109494607).
ALVAREZ, MARIA Betina (Voter ID number 114281926).

11226 SW 238TH ST
GUZMAN, KEVIN Oswaldo (Voter ID number 118979059).

11226 SW 244TH TER
GARCIA, ORVELINDA (Voter ID number 120202509).

11227 SW 234TH TER
ROLLE, OSIE F. (Voter ID number 109484370).

11227 SW 236TH LN
ATEHORTUA, MANUELA (Voter ID number 118935839).

11227 SW 239TH ST
VALDES, AYLIN (Voter ID number 120942976).

11227 SW 245TH ST
MENESES, CHRISTOPHER Alberto (Voter ID number 119051393).
MENESES, LEISY M. (Voter ID number 117126864).

11229 SW 246TH ST
OBANDO, MEYLING Y. (Voter ID number 121312659).
CASTILLO, ELLIANA (Voter ID number 110219386).

11230 SW 234TH TER
GAYNOR, KIMBERLY (Voter ID number 109292333).

11230 SW 236TH LN
SOLORZANO, GUISELLE Guadalupe (Voter ID number 120983771).

11231 SW 236TH LN
MATTHEWS, CALVERT Herman (Voter ID number 116833004).

11231 SW 240TH LN
RAMGEET, TANIQUE Alecia (Voter ID number 109772444).

11232 SW 238TH ST
CRUZ, JOSE Iran (Voter ID number 115708646).
JARAMILLO, ERIK (Voter ID number 109458949).

11232 SW 243RD TER
ZHU, YINGTING (Voter ID number 120255608).

11233 SW 244TH TER
VIEIRA, GUY A. (Voter ID number 116766314).

11234 SW 234TH TER
ROMERO, AYEISHA L. (Voter ID number 115668051).

11234 SW 244TH TER
REYES, PEDRO (Voter ID number 110280958).

11235 SW 240TH ST
HERNANDEZ, TIFFANY D. (Voter ID number 120046006).

11235 SW 245TH ST
IRAHETA, LINA (Voter ID number 115309689).

11237 SW 246TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, THELMA Generosa (Voter ID number 109070830).
GARCIA, CRISTINE Marie (Voter ID number 109856597).
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE Thomas (Voter ID number 109420557).
RODRIGUEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109703919).

11239 SW 236TH LN
ISSAC, COLETHIA Damon (Voter ID number 110104170).

11239 SW 243RD TER
ADDERLY, JORDAN T. (Voter ID number 119523456).
BUTLER, LAUREN Alethea (Voter ID number 109178926).

11239 SW 247TH TER
ACOSTA, ANTONIO R. (Voter ID number 115058593).

11240 SW 236TH ST
LOPEZ, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 110036258).
PACHECO, WENDY R. (Voter ID number 109940780).

11240 SW 247TH TER
PENA, ALBERT (Voter ID number 110010673).
PENA, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 110074749).

11241 SW 240TH LN
LEBRON, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 109844712).
MEDEROS, BRIANNA Nichole (Voter ID number 119917076).
MEDEROS, ROSENDO (Voter ID number 110028343).
MEDEROS, ADRIANNA N. (Voter ID number 119345926).
MEDEROS, KRYSTLE Abrielle (Voter ID number 117575676).

11241 SW 240TH ST
LOPEZ, ROGELIO (Voter ID number 120341732).

11241 SW 244TH TER
BERMUDEZ, CARLOS Rafael (Voter ID number 117724943).
COLON BERMUDEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 108570738).
MARTINEZ AYALA, IRENE M. (Voter ID number 108584835).
GUTIERREZ, RICHARD Humberto (Voter ID number 115289625).

11242 SW 234TH TER
CAMPBELL, MARVIN (Voter ID number 120493035).
HARRIS, RHONDA Gaye (Voter ID number 117024441).

11242 SW 236TH LN
PARKER, SARYNA Kay (Voter ID number 110189777).
WALKER, MELODY L. (Voter ID number 119636286).

11242 SW 242ND ST
SUAREZ, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 109530164).
SUAREZ, ALYSSA (Voter ID number 110217704).
SUAREZ, ALEJANDRO M. (Voter ID number 116946630).

11242 SW 243RD TER
ROSARIO, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 102148380).

11242 SW 244TH TER
ALVARADO, LAURA (Voter ID number 115427559).
ROMERO, LAURA (Voter ID number 115495387).

11243 SW 236TH LN
MIDDLEBROOKS, SHARONA L. (Voter ID number 109507710).
MIDDLEBROOKS, VICTORIA Nishay (Voter ID number 120271578).

11243 SW 236TH ST
MIDDLEBROOKS, NICHOLAS L. (Voter ID number 120449371).

11244 SW 238TH ST
GARITA, ALEXANDER Emmanuel (Voter ID number 115270811).
MARTINEZ, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 120657171).

11244 SW 245TH ST
CHAO, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 109232811).

11245 SW 243RD TER
NAJARRO, SALVADOR Ernesto (Voter ID number 109540705).

11246 SW 236TH ST
GONZALEZ, VIVIANA (Voter ID number 116911765).
CORDOBA, TERESITA (Voter ID number 116665401).

11246 SW 239TH ST
FERNANDEZ, ADRIAM (Voter ID number 110009727).
FERNANDEZ, ROSMY (Voter ID number 118545893).
RODRIGUEZ, ROSMY Kenelva (Voter ID number 117431363).

11247 SW 236TH LN
ROBINSON, JOHN F. (Voter ID number 115237276).

11247 SW 240TH ST
SEATON, GLORIA Dean (Voter ID number 109141293).
SEATON, LOUIS Augustus (Voter ID number 109141304).
SEATON, TONI Dean (Voter ID number 109340501).

11247 SW 247TH TER
SHIRLEY, DARREN Kevon (Voter ID number 119921322).
SHIRLEY, DWAYNE Chordero (Voter ID number 119299792).
HOLGATE, JOAN A. (Voter ID number 115369090).
HOLGATE-SHIRLEY, VIOLET (Voter ID number 114224250).

11248 SW 247TH TER
PEREZ, ERNESTO J. (Voter ID number 110083809).

11250 SW 238TH ST
LOPEZ, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 109852793).

11250 SW 244TH TER
TAYLOR, OCTAVIO (Voter ID number 109564804).
TAYLOR, SYLVIA M. (Voter ID number 118438850).

11251 SW 234TH TER
LOPEZ, SANDRA (Voter ID number 120522746).

11251 SW 236TH LN
ROSENBROCK, AMY (Voter ID number 115292449).
MACKO, EMILY (Voter ID number 116920130).
SORSTOKKE, PAUL (Voter ID number 117116913).

11251 SW 239TH ST
GUINN, CORTNEY M. (Voter ID number 115638302).
GUINN, SHUMAN Charles (Voter ID number 102312769).

11251 SW 243RD TER
GALDAMEZ, MARIA B. (Voter ID number 119036985).

11251 SW 245TH ST
RIVAS, LEONEL A. (Voter ID number 117580783).
RIVAS, LEONEL (Voter ID number 110332667).
RIVAS, YANILA S. (Voter ID number 109901070).

11252 SW 236TH ST
PALACIOS, MICHELL (Voter ID number 110009637).
RESTREPO, LUIS F. (Voter ID number 114481558).

11252 SW 242ND ST
LIRANZA, MARIA (Voter ID number 120413541).

11252 SW 243RD TER
DOMINGUEZ, JARVIS Junior (Voter ID number 118814047).
JEAN-BAPTISTE, TEQUILA Marie (Voter ID number 118087085).

11252 SW 245TH ST
CARAGLIO, NORI E. (Voter ID number 120121722).
CARAGLIO, PAUL (Voter ID number 116880142).

11253 SW 240TH ST
CHEZ, NATALIA (Voter ID number 120428007).

11253 SW 246TH ST
CARO, CYNTHIA Ivette (Voter ID number 115407119).
RUIZ-CARO, CARMEN Ivette (Voter ID number 115407127).
RUIZ, GERVASIO (Voter ID number 116912308).

11254 SW 236TH LN
REYES, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 121192546).

11255 SW 234TH TER
MENENDEZ, ANA Margarita (Voter ID number 109890116).
ZALDIVAR, ROBERTO Andres (Voter ID number 110306931).
PADRON, ANISLEYDI (Voter ID number 119854803).
ACOSTA, SERGIO Manuel (Voter ID number 110041588).

11255 SW 247TH TER
GRAMAJO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109440423).

11256 SW 238TH ST
BARBEYTO, ALAIN C. (Voter ID number 110045795).
BARBEYTO, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 110305965).

11256 SW 246TH TER
IGLESIAS, JULIO (Voter ID number 119773421).
IGLESIAS, PEDRO Luis (Voter ID number 117016646).

11256 SW 247TH TER
CAVEDA, DAYRON (Voter ID number 114657672).

11257 SW 239TH ST
HINOJOSA, ANA (Voter ID number 120608105).

11257 SW 244TH TER
GRULLON, JOSE Giovanni (Voter ID number 120838161).
FLORES, HAIRO Rafael (Voter ID number 110308256).
FLORES, RAFAEL O. (Voter ID number 110230011).

11258 SW 236TH ST
AUSTIN, KELLY Kristina (Voter ID number 109771129).

11258 SW 244TH TER
DENNIS, JOYCE La Nett (Voter ID number 110109961).

11259 SW 234TH TER
TORRES, ALEX Daniel (Voter ID number 110051217).

11259 SW 240TH ST
NJI, VERA Ane (Voter ID number 119038374).

11259 SW 245TH ST
BARRIOS ALVAREZ, OLGA Lydia (Voter ID number 109539134).
BARRIOS, ANGEL (Voter ID number 109573220).

11260 SW 236TH LN
CAPOTE, ONIMES (Voter ID number 109569821).

11260 SW 245TH ST
SAMPSON, DESMOND Arnez (Voter ID number 110152255).

11261 SW 238TH ST
QUINONES, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 102231439).
QUINONES, WILENE (Voter ID number 116683872).
DOCTOLERO, RHEANASTASIA (Voter ID number 118838481).
JADOTTE, ROSE Judes Jessica (Voter ID number 118939989).

11261 SW 240TH LN
MALIK, FAYEZA S. (Voter ID number 120912580).
MALIK, RUHANI A. (Voter ID number 119767438).
MALIK, MARUFUL (Voter ID number 109687370).
MALIK, SHIREEN (Voter ID number 110266241).

11261 SW 242ND ST
DALIA, GRACE Inmaculada (Voter ID number 117188631).

11261 SW 246TH ST
GUERRA, MARIO (Voter ID number 120396693).
GUERRA, MARIO I. (Voter ID number 119809458).
GUERRA, YANELYS (Voter ID number 110289516).

11262 SW 238TH ST
TAYLOR, VERNON C. (Voter ID number 109817530).

11262 SW 242ND ST
WILLOUGHBY, MARK Alan (Voter ID number 114814718).
WILLOUGHBY, SHIRLEY Anne (Voter ID number 115870635).

11262 SW 243RD TER
COBB, BRENDA J. (Voter ID number 101658671).

11262 SW 246TH ST
MARSH, MARGARITA Nova (Voter ID number 110024435).
MARSH, SHAY Andre (Voter ID number 110087836).

11263 SW 234TH TER
DELGADO, MARCO A. (Voter ID number 118954541).

11263 SW 239TH ST
RICCI, CESAR (Voter ID number 120418054).

11263 SW 243RD TER
MC CLAIN BURGESS, CHANDRA (Voter ID number 109901593).
WILLIAMS-DAWSON, ANITA Kay (Voter ID number 109694000).

11263 SW 246TH TER
GONZALEZ, AMPARO (Voter ID number 118748659).

11264 SW 247TH TER
FERNANDEZ, DAVID Agustin (Voter ID number 109538984).

11265 SW 240TH ST
CASTILLO, ERICK Antonio (Voter ID number 120676183).

11265 SW 240TH ST
LOT 6 125

GUERRERO, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 114549356).

11265 SW 244TH TER
DEL SOL, DIADICEL (Voter ID number 109584879).
DEL SOL, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 109631888).

11266 SW 244TH TER
BROWN, BRENT Philip (Voter ID number 109505163).
BROWN, BRENT (Voter ID number 114495401).
BROWN, JENNIFER May (Voter ID number 110096580).
BROWN, MICHELLE A. (Voter ID number 110299423).

11267 SW 234TH TER
FERNANDEZ, RAPHAELLA K. (Voter ID number 109303805).

11267 SW 238TH ST
PECOT, CARL M. (Voter ID number 109624667).

11267 SW 245TH ST
ALI, BRITTANY (Voter ID number 118350506).
VALDES, JASMIN (Voter ID number 119203266).

11268 SW 241ST ST
HADDAD, BLANCA Rosa (Voter ID number 109494610).
RODRIGUEZ, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 116379126).

11268 SW 245TH ST
ARMAS, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 118834373).
ARMAS, FRANCISCO E. (Voter ID number 110079442).
ARMAS, LUCIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 110071412).

11269 SW 246TH ST
JAMES, LAYVESTER Donavan (Voter ID number 114386708).
MC DONALD, JEROME L. (Voter ID number 109980554).

11270 SW 246TH ST
DI MARE, MABEL (Voter ID number 117032729).

11271 SW 234TH TER
ROBINSON, KATDO (Voter ID number 109498607).

11271 SW 240TH LN
JEAN-BAPTISTE, ARNOUCE (Voter ID number 115218305).
SAINT VIL, GAMALIEL B. (Voter ID number 120150811).
SAINTVIL, DANARD (Voter ID number 109858478).

11271 SW 242ND ST
CLAY, CHARLES (Voter ID number 108913994).
CLAY, DORIS H. (Voter ID number 109244059).
CLAY, JOHN Charles (Voter ID number 109837607).
CLAY, REBECCA Marie (Voter ID number 110182521).

11272 SW 236TH LN
FERNANDEZ, IRIS E. (Voter ID number 109896734).

11272 SW 246TH TER
SALA, FRANK (Voter ID number 109120723).

11273 SW 238TH ST
MORALES, MANUEL Enrique (Voter ID number 110293871).

11273 SW 244TH TER
BRUTTO, ESTRELLITA (Voter ID number 109436115).

11273 SW 247TH TER
MAYO, MAYURY (Voter ID number 119661153).
MONTENEGRO, YOEL (Voter ID number 116661694).

11274 SW 244TH TER
LINARES, ERNESTO Cuellar (Voter ID number 118043607).
ALVARADO, ELSA G. (Voter ID number 116809856).

11274 SW 247TH TER
CABALLERO, YUDEISY (Voter ID number 120258199).

11275 SW 239TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, JOSUEA Ian (Voter ID number 120091218).

11276 SW 236TH ST
OTERO, RUTH Mariela (Voter ID number 114454264).

11276 SW 239TH ST
MARZANO, LUDMILLA (Voter ID number 114394350).

11276 SW 245TH ST
HAMILTON, VINCENT M. (Voter ID number 102391146).
SMITH, BRIANNA A. (Voter ID number 119609996).
SMITH, TRIANA Raquel (Voter ID number 109795393).

11277 SW 246TH ST
MOORE, LAKAVA Y. (Voter ID number 109607508).
TATE, ALI Hasson (Voter ID number 109951502).

11278 SW 241ST ST
QUIDGLEY, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 116595045).

11278 SW 246TH ST
MORALES LOPEZ, EDGAR J. (Voter ID number 110284187).

11279 SW 234TH TER
ANGARITA, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 114723441).
BARRIO, HENRY (Voter ID number 120947088).
GRANOBLES, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 119430312).

11280 SW 234TH TER
HOLST, DIANNE B. (Voter ID number 109161590).
RENN, RHONDA Michele (Voter ID number 118598766).

11280 SW 238TH ST
CAREY, JASMINE A. (Voter ID number 114424323).
CAREY, MCDONALD (Voter ID number 109004083).
CAREY, OLIVIA Anne (Voter ID number 109123981).
CAREY, SHEYNA L. (Voter ID number 109890457).

11281 SW 240TH LN
BYER, ANDREW Keith (Voter ID number 109746251).
BYER, JESSICA Maria (Voter ID number 120679451).
CRUZ, SYMERA Tirita (Voter ID number 110132609).

11281 SW 242ND ST
JOYCE, ALLISON (Voter ID number 110278081).
JOYCE, PATRICK D. (Voter ID number 109936641).

11282 SW 236TH ST
COHEN, MICHAEL Sean (Voter ID number 116716484).
COLEMAN, JOY L. (Voter ID number 110056025).

11282 SW 247TH TER
VELEZ, JULIE Magaly (Voter ID number 115853096).
VELEZ, LESTER (Voter ID number 109741200).

11284 SW 234TH TER
ROJO, IGOR (Voter ID number 121191002).
ESPINOLA, NIURKA (Voter ID number 119067944).

11284 SW 236TH LN
BROWN, CRAIG M. (Voter ID number 120400551).
RODRIGUEZ, LILIAN Altagracia (Voter ID number 120737433).

11285 SW 238TH ST
GARCIA, HENLY Dejesus (Voter ID number 116923357).
GARCIA, STACEY (Voter ID number 116923462).
GOMEZ, EDWIN (Voter ID number 114620357).
GUARDADO, GABRIELLA (Voter ID number 118780765).
PENA, JULIA M. (Voter ID number 116923218).

11286 SW 238TH ST
FREEMAN, TWILA Anita (Voter ID number 110023674).

11287 SW 239TH ST
FUENTES NEVAREZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 118785596).
NEGRON SEDA, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 118785750).
VAZQUEZ, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109285319).

11288 SW 234TH TER
SRIRAM, RICARDO C. (Voter ID number 116689452).
SRIRAM, ANJANIE Chantal (Voter ID number 120520540).
SRIRAM, RADJWATIE (Voter ID number 116685329).

11288 SW 241ST ST
COLON, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 110123831).
COLON, MAYRA Y. (Voter ID number 110135384).

11290 SW 236TH LN
TOM, DENNIS R. (Voter ID number 110340383).
TOM, MERCEDES L. (Voter ID number 110340381).
TOM, DENNIS L. (Voter ID number 110340384).

11292 SW 234TH TER
ROCABRUNO, AMBROSIO Jorge (Voter ID number 120556514).

11296 SW 234TH TER
CONDOMINA, JESUS Rolando (Voter ID number 109242672).
PADILLA, CHRISTINA L. (Voter ID number 109739176).

11296 SW 236TH LN
ANTOINE, JEAN Robert (Voter ID number 109364453).
ANTOINE, ROBERT Jr (Voter ID number 120860273).
SMITH, DAIRA C. (Voter ID number 109668989).

11298 SW 241ST ST
RAMIREZ, DAYSI F. (Voter ID number 115737429).
RAMIREZ, OBERTO A. (Voter ID number 115331186).
RAMIREZ, SANDOR (Voter ID number 116890967).
RAMIREZ, YANDOR (Voter ID number 116980784).

11299 SW 239TH ST
VELEZ, DANTE A. (Voter ID number 120195623).

11300 SW 236TH LN
FERNANDEZ, ROBERTO David (Voter ID number 109462981).

11300 SW 241ST ST
PARETS, ORQUIDIA (Voter ID number 109516285).

11301 SW 238TH ST
LAIRD, ALAN (Voter ID number 114244088).

11301 SW 242ND ST
LUNA, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 115659511).

11301 SW 244TH TER
COLEMAN, SHERRINA Lavette (Voter ID number 109458950).
MAJOR, VAJIY Shequii (Voter ID number 116642618).

11302 SW 244TH TER
HOWARD, EUGENE Mark (Voter ID number 110036955).
HOWARD, EUGENE Mark (Voter ID number 108962524).
HOWARD, SUSAN Louise (Voter ID number 109119924).

11303 SW 243RD TER
LOPEZ, ENOC (Voter ID number 109328414).

11303 SW 245TH ST
KENNEDY, THOMAS Kevin (Voter ID number 109236708).

11304 SW 245TH ST
GONZALES MARTIN, INES Maritza (Voter ID number 119185453).
MORENO, MAYLIN (Voter ID number 116391320).

11305 SW 246TH ST
ALEGRIA, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 116668615).
BERLANGA, LAZARO (Voter ID number 109978625).

11306 SW 236TH LN
SELVA, MARYURI Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120220056).
LUE, HEATHER Alicia (Voter ID number 119348205).

11307 SW 238TH ST
ROSELLO, GEORGE J. (Voter ID number 109805145).

11308 SW 238TH ST
ALVAREZ, ANDRE Ricardo (Voter ID number 109948584).
ALVAREZ, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 110249184).

11309 SW 239TH ST
TAPIT, JOSE Tito (Voter ID number 120254457).
TAPIT, LIZA De Los Santos (Voter ID number 120136862).

11309 SW 243RD TER
BOWEN, FREDDY G. (Voter ID number 109867929).
BOWEN, ROSA Yolanda (Voter ID number 110068129).

11309 SW 244TH TER
CALZADA, RENE (Voter ID number 109767856).

11309 SW 247TH TER
NAVARRO, ANDREA Esther (Voter ID number 120904432).

11310 SW 244TH TER
GARZON, CLAUDIA P. (Voter ID number 119468073).
PIEDRAHITA TAMAYO, CARLOS Enrique (Voter ID number 119260169).
VELEZ, JAVIER (Voter ID number 119468092).

11310 SW 247TH TER
ESPERON, XIOMARA (Voter ID number 109198548).
VINCE, ESPERON (Voter ID number 118421927).
ESPERON, VINCE (Voter ID number 109198547).

11311 SW 242ND ST
AYERDIS, MARY (Voter ID number 116624536).
SOLIS, RICARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 118746761).
HERNANDEZ, EFRAIN Antonio (Voter ID number 110130474).
SOLIS, MEYLIN V. (Voter ID number 116258869).

11311 SW 245TH ST
MORELL, REYDA (Voter ID number 117219917).

11312 SW 236TH LN
CLARAMUNT, DINORAH Elena (Voter ID number 109272263).

11312 SW 245TH ST
COOPER, TRAVIS Raynard (Voter ID number 109403549).
COOPER, TONI Randle (Voter ID number 109399545).

11313 SW 238TH ST
TORRES REYES, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 115257929).
TORRES, LAURA Jeanet (Voter ID number 114620382).

11313 SW 246TH ST
MUNOZ, NIRMA (Voter ID number 109951896).
MUNOZ, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 121258188).

11314 SW 238TH ST
REYES, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109482909).
SOLANO, IRELLA Maria (Voter ID number 109746219).

11314 SW 246TH ST
DEL JUNCO, GRETEL Susana (Voter ID number 110276408).

11315 SW 232ND TER
RIOS, NANCY S. (Voter ID number 111599139).
RIOS PEREZ, FERMAIN (Voter ID number 121341317).

11315 SW 239TH ST
SANDOVAL, ALVARO A. (Voter ID number 110241330).

11315 SW 243RD TER
MORRIS, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 114356178).

11316 SW 246TH TER
RIVERO, RAYMOND F. (Voter ID number 109378917).

11317 SW 247TH TER
LASO, CHRISTINE M. (Voter ID number 110276410).
LASO, JAVIER (Voter ID number 115274341).

11318 SW 236TH LN
ISAACS, KEENEEDRA Alexis (Voter ID number 119765530).
SPILLER, KWANZAA Latonya (Voter ID number 109551530).

11318 SW 247TH TER
DEWBERRY, LATEDRIA Yakima (Voter ID number 109814251).

11319 SW 238TH ST
CHRISTIAN, MASAE Ito (Voter ID number 110331575).
THOMPSON, LORETTA M. (Voter ID number 110332931).
THOMPSON, SEAN D. (Voter ID number 110331572).

11320 SW 245TH ST
BORRERO, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 114759751).
BORRERO, RIGOBERTO (Voter ID number 109484970).

11321 SW 236TH LN
RIDDICK, MARTINAROSE Lillian (Voter ID number 120803005).

11321 SW 240TH LN
THAYER, JACKIE G. (Voter ID number 117047709).
THAYER, KIMBERLY M. (Voter ID number 116379562).

11321 SW 242ND ST
QUESADA, BARBARA T. (Voter ID number 110273888).
QUESADA, ROGERT (Voter ID number 110295708).

11321 SW 246TH ST
GONZALEZ, ALBERTO Y. (Voter ID number 110123077).
GONZALEZ, BAYARDO Alberto (Voter ID number 109400046).
GONZALEZ, MARIA Josefa (Voter ID number 109400045).
GONZALEZ, MELISSA M. (Voter ID number 110331769).

11322 SW 236TH ST
VALDEZ, JENNY B. (Voter ID number 117555407).

11322 SW 246TH ST
PEREZ, ENRIQUE J. (Voter ID number 116844402).

11323 SW 246TH TER
RAMIREZ, FREDESVINDO (Voter ID number 109008930).
RAMIREZ, PAULETTE M. (Voter ID number 109577194).

11324 SW 236TH LN
JAIMES, OSCAR Eduardo (Voter ID number 120389407).
JAIMES-DURAN, DIEGO A. (Voter ID number 118084595).

11324 SW 246TH TER
HOFFMAN, WALTER Ralph (Voter ID number 109050011).
SELILATI, R (Voter ID number 115687056).
SELLATI, ROBIN R. (Voter ID number 109525936).

11325 SW 238TH ST
SHARIF, FARIYA Nazreen (Voter ID number 119757841).
HOSEIN, ARIF (Voter ID number 116014329).

11325 SW 244TH TER
JEFFERY, BRIAN Vernon (Voter ID number 109465431).
JEFFERY, JESSICA Delia (Voter ID number 110045211).

11325 SW 247TH TER
NINO, MOISES (Voter ID number 118593832).
ELIZONDO, BAYARDO R. (Voter ID number 114924442).
ELIZONDO, BAYARDO (Voter ID number 114689712).
ELIZONDO, SOFIA (Voter ID number 114692364).

11326 SW 238TH ST
ESPINAL WILSON, ERICK (Voter ID number 121116070).
FERNANDEZ, LIDIA E. (Voter ID number 116265171).

11326 SW 244TH TER
ROSARIO, DAVID (Voter ID number 110324717).
ROSARIO, HIPOLITO (Voter ID number 110175496).
ROSARIO, HIPOLITO (Voter ID number 120846928).
ROSARIO, IRMA Jacqueline (Voter ID number 115825573).
JACKSON, OLIVEROS K. (Voter ID number 110199577).
PEREZ, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 115602360).

11327 SW 236TH LN
FAGAN, STACEY F. (Voter ID number 109400504).
GORDON, QUANIKA L. (Voter ID number 117744148).
COLLINS MILLS, CAMILLE F. (Voter ID number 110151049).

11327 SW 239TH ST
VALLE, JULIO (Voter ID number 110067082).

11327 SW 245TH ST
CARMONA, JEFFREY (Voter ID number 109627650).
LIMA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109984470).
LIMA, FIDEL (Voter ID number 116337685).
LIMA, JOSEFINA (Voter ID number 116337678).

11328 SW 236TH ST
DELGADO, STEVE (Voter ID number 110042197).
MARQUEZ, LAZARO Eduardo (Voter ID number 110070998).
MARQUEZ, LISA Marshall (Voter ID number 109297077).

11328 SW 239TH ST
RIVERA, ARNOLD M. (Voter ID number 115407931).
SAFFEL, JOANNE (Voter ID number 115823131).

11328 SW 245TH ST
REYES, VANESSA (Voter ID number 120888504).

11329 SW 234TH LN
GARCIA, EMERITA Florentina (Voter ID number 109260085).
ABREU DE PORTER, MELIN (Voter ID number 109183834).
PORTER, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 110310739).

11329 SW 240TH ST
GARCIA, BARBARA (Voter ID number 110118288).
GARCIA, WILLIAM Anthony (Voter ID number 110310540).

11329 SW 246TH ST
ALEJO, LINO Antonio (Voter ID number 121117706).

11330 SW 246TH ST
LORD, ERICK C. (Voter ID number 120892907).
RIGUEUR, SHANICE Veronica (Voter ID number 118104852).
LORD, CASSANDRA Veronica (Voter ID number 109618309).

11331 SW 238TH ST
CASTELLANOS, MARIEN (Voter ID number 118633851).

11331 SW 240TH LN
FAIRWEATHER, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 109838003).
FAIRWEATHER, NATASHA Latiece (Voter ID number 109805779).

11331 SW 242ND ST
ANYAKUDO, FESTUS Ifeanyi (Voter ID number 102415609).

11331 SW 246TH TER
CALDERON, KARLA V. (Voter ID number 117002662).
MARINO, CETY R. (Voter ID number 109955106).

11332 SW 238TH ST
GIGANTE, MARIO Alberto (Voter ID number 116789667).

11332 SW 246TH TER
MILLS, CAMILLE (Voter ID number 116174199).
MILLS, RALSTON Anthony (Voter ID number 117921836).
SANTANA, DIOSMERY (Voter ID number 119659000).
MILLS, INEZ (Voter ID number 116899113).

11333 SW 234TH ST
ROMAN, YVONNE (Voter ID number 109494950).

11333 SW 236TH LN
GREEN, DAJAN T. (Voter ID number 110151658).
CHIN, TOMAH A. (Voter ID number 115588886).

11333 SW 240TH ST
CABEZAS, NATALY (Voter ID number 114397840).
STANGER, MELBA P. (Voter ID number 110177298).

11333 SW 244TH TER
LOPEZ, FREDERICK (Voter ID number 110339008).
OSORIO, MARIELLY (Voter ID number 109877917).
PIZARRO, FRANCISCO Javier (Voter ID number 110245318).
PIZARRO, JOSE Gaspar (Voter ID number 109855374).
RAMIREZ, ESTHER J. (Voter ID number 102442713).
PIZARRO, JOSE G. (Voter ID number 116511278).

11333 SW 247TH TER
MEDINA, NELSON Ray (Voter ID number 119553793).

11334 SW 236TH ST
CADEAU, YANICK (Voter ID number 109521104).
BOUCHER, DUKENS (Voter ID number 110005498).

11334 SW 243RD TER
CABRERA, GISSELLE (Voter ID number 115623383).

11334 SW 244TH TER
SIMMONS, JOSEPHINE Victoria (Voter ID number 109347608).
BIVENS, NABREISHA Lashon (Voter ID number 116287838).
WILLIAMS, ERCELL James (Voter ID number 110243555).

11334 SW 247TH TER
HERRERA, RAMON (Voter ID number 109826157).

11335 SW 245TH ST
FRANCK, YEDA J. (Voter ID number 110299745).

11336 SW 241ST ST
CAMPBELL, ANTOINE Charles (Voter ID number 115320393).
MC GUIRE, KENNETH Davis (Voter ID number 109289862).
WILLIAMS, URSULA (Voter ID number 116505738).

11336 SW 245TH ST
TORRES, ELIZABETH C. (Voter ID number 110269217).

11337 SW 234TH LN
CHAMBERLAIN, DIANA Charmaine (Voter ID number 117752258).

11337 SW 239TH ST
VERONA, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 120023190).
ROSABAL, DIETER (Voter ID number 114243784).

11337 SW 246TH ST
TRUJILLO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 110065437).

11338 SW 238TH ST
MASTANDREA, JUNE T. (Voter ID number 120342013).
MASTANDREA, THOMAS William (Voter ID number 121298638).
MASTANDREA, TINA MARIE (Voter ID number 118237545).

11338 SW 239TH ST
BALL, ELISA Coelho (Voter ID number 118636545).
GOMES, JAIRO Cabral (Voter ID number 120375252).
GOMES, LUANA Miranda (Voter ID number 120426849).

11338 SW 246TH ST
MORA, MARIA Lourdes (Voter ID number 110160311).
PICASSO, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 110159834).

11339 SW 232ND TER
LOUIS, KENNETH Allan (Voter ID number 109675711).
WILLIAMS-LOUIS, ANGELA Alfrenza (Voter ID number 109150597).

11339 SW 234TH ST
CRICHTON, SAKKARA S. (Voter ID number 119045545).

11339 SW 236TH LN
GONZALEZ, LISSETTE (Voter ID number 109986513).

11339 SW 238TH ST
CERVANTES, BERNARDO Manuel (Voter ID number 109708486).
GINORIO, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 119998564).
HESLEY, GRETHELL (Voter ID number 109708013).

11339 SW 240TH ST
DIAZ, LIDA (Voter ID number 115693133).
JIMENEZ, JUAN Miguel (Voter ID number 119831375).

11339 SW 243RD TER
RODRIGUEZ, DANNY (Voter ID number 114024443).

11339 SW 246TH TER
CARDENAS, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 118983452).
RUIZ, YOESLANDY J. (Voter ID number 119804760).

11340 SW 236TH ST
FERNANDEZ, MARIA Jose (Voter ID number 115878952).

11340 SW 243RD TER
GAINES, DUSTIN L. (Voter ID number 109533425).

11340 SW 246TH TER
FABRA, KATIA (Voter ID number 118393221).

11341 SW 234TH LN
CORTES, VIRGINIA M. (Voter ID number 116184981).
CORTES, ADILIA D. (Voter ID number 109633761).
MUNOZ, HAILEY Grace (Voter ID number 110036762).
MUNOZ, YURI A. (Voter ID number 116337165).

11341 SW 240TH LN
SCARNATY, MICHAEL Rocco (Voter ID number 109932435).

11341 SW 242ND ST
FERNANDEZ, ANGELA (Voter ID number 116747292).
LESLIE, STEPHANIE Ann (Voter ID number 109383672).
VILLARROEL, MARIA (Voter ID number 116762873).

11341 SW 244TH TER
AEL, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109831088).
RIVERA, ENMI Manuel (Voter ID number 110152555).
JENNINGS, AMORA Chandrel (Voter ID number 120011320).
JONES, HENRY Ellis (Voter ID number 109485631).

11341 SW 247TH TER
EXPOSITO, ARIATNE (Voter ID number 120480724).

11342 SW 236TH LN
EDMONSON, JESSICA Marie (Voter ID number 115724431).
EDMONSON, QUENTIN Saddell (Voter ID number 115710216).

11342 SW 242ND ST
ROMERO, ANDREA C. (Voter ID number 110287391).
ROMERO, KANON Ray Mario (Voter ID number 120392178).

11342 SW 243RD TER
SOTO, MARTIN (Voter ID number 116392824).

11342 SW 244TH TER
DUPLER, RICHARD Forrest (Voter ID number 110291843).

11342 SW 247TH TER
ALVAREZ, MARICELA (Voter ID number 110315466).

11343 SW 245TH ST
FORTUNA, GREIDIS (Voter ID number 119865005).
MOLINA, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109294767).

11344 SW 238TH ST
BALCERSKI, WILLIAM F. (Voter ID number 103248574).
BALCERSKI, TANYA Marie (Voter ID number 120956909).

11345 SW 236TH LN
RAMNARINE, RENALDO Joseph (Voter ID number 120191311).
WILLIAMS, JERRY Francis (Voter ID number 120213577).
RAMNARINE-WILLIAMS, KAREN Christine (Voter ID number 120161627).

11345 SW 238TH ST
MUNOZ, ERIKA Cristine (Voter ID number 110031938).

11345 SW 240TH ST
VELEZ, PEDRO E. (Voter ID number 109797747).

11345 SW 243RD TER
XAVIER, BRYANT (Voter ID number 110011267).
PORCHER, ANTHONY C. (Voter ID number 115278207).

11345 SW 246TH ST
HERNANDEZ-DIAZ, LEONEL (Voter ID number 109994428).

11346 SW 236TH ST
CIMINERO, CRISTIAN Javier (Voter ID number 121330847).

11347 SW 246TH TER
TORUNO, ELISA (Voter ID number 109358429).
TORUNO, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 109356218).

11348 SW 246TH TER
COOK, ANTHONY Lee (Voter ID number 119599961).

11349 SW 234TH LN
NOTMAN, SAMANTHA Lou (Voter ID number 113008199).
NOTMAN, SHAUN Alan (Voter ID number 102384495).

11349 SW 244TH TER
MARTINEZ, YOLIDIA D. (Voter ID number 119959138).
RASCH-CHAVES, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 119560996).
TEJADA, MARIA (Voter ID number 110004309).
TEJADA, MARYELY (Voter ID number 117585027).
BARRIAL, LIZ Beth (Voter ID number 109390811).
TAQUECHEL, ARTURO Alejandro (Voter ID number 108940945).

11349 SW 247TH TER
ECHEVERRIA, ANDREA K. (Voter ID number 115281612).
ECHEVERRIA, KATUSCA E. (Voter ID number 109897734).
ECHEVERRIA, MARIO A. (Voter ID number 109677392).

11350 SW 238TH ST
ZEVALLOS, HERNAN A. (Voter ID number 119781115).

11350 SW 239TH ST
ACEVEDO, EMILIA (Voter ID number 120292641).

11350 SW 247TH TER
LOCKETT, JEANETTE Rene (Voter ID number 109293845).

11351 SW 234TH ST
BARBOSA, CARMEN Lydia (Voter ID number 121054741).
CHINEA, ISA Magaly (Voter ID number 120882027).

11351 SW 236TH LN
RIVERA, SERGIO M. (Voter ID number 114706362).

11351 SW 240TH LN
CARR, TORI Shalaun (Voter ID number 118910526).
MILLER, REGINALD M. (Voter ID number 113697622).

11351 SW 240TH ST
VILLAR, VANESA V. (Voter ID number 119431115).

11351 SW 242ND ST
COLEMAN, GARY David (Voter ID number 109777389).

11351 SW 246TH ST
CRUZ, ELVIA Teresa (Voter ID number 110147873).

11352 SW 236TH ST
BLANKS, TYRONE E. (Voter ID number 116159347).

11352 SW 242ND ST
MORA VELEZ, NATALIE Isabel (Voter ID number 117563224).
MORAL, MERCEDES I. (Voter ID number 109688990).
MORAL, SASHA (Voter ID number 117487378).

11352 SW 243RD TER
SEARLES, MICHAEL O. (Voter ID number 116800903).

11353 SW 246TH ST
BALLARD, NATRASHA N. (Voter ID number 116846390).

11354 SW 236TH LN
FORDHAM, BRETT Clyde (Voter ID number 109115732).

11354 SW 241ST ST
GUERRERO, VICTOR Hugo (Voter ID number 118035674).
ALMANZAR, MARY E. (Voter ID number 120268537).

11354 SW 246TH ST
WISDOM, ANGELLA Rose Marie (Voter ID number 118493592).

11355 SW 246TH TER
DIAZ SILVEIRA, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109025626).
MEZA, ROGER (Voter ID number 120126522).
MEZA, ERICK Bismark (Voter ID number 109763539).
MEZA, MARIA Valeria (Voter ID number 109356201).

11356 SW 238TH ST
RIVERA-CARTAGENA, JUAN (Voter ID number 117144954).

11356 SW 239TH ST
VALLE LOPEZ, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 116162063).

11356 SW 246TH TER
DIAZ, AMADOR (Voter ID number 109847644).
ROJAS, NICOLAS H. (Voter ID number 110178437).

11357 SW 238TH ST
RAMOS, KAREN Ines (Voter ID number 119754826).
CORREA, GEOVANNI (Voter ID number 110238316).

11357 SW 244TH TER
COLVIN, ROBERT Frederick (Voter ID number 110038157).
MARTINEZ, ALICIA (Voter ID number 110080420).
COLVIN, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 118100877).

11358 SW 236TH ST
BUCKLEY, WILLIE Lee (Voter ID number 110141560).

11358 SW 243RD TER
WEAVER, LOUIS Hayward (Voter ID number 117675332).

11358 SW 244TH TER
CARRENO, CONSTANTINO (Voter ID number 110233589).
CARRENO, CECILIA Wynne (Voter ID number 110233613).

11359 SW 245TH ST
RAMOS MEDEROS, NILDA (Voter ID number 111266078).
LLUBERES, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 120340267).
REYES LLUBERES, VIOLETA (Voter ID number 109480030).
LLUBERES, BLAS E. (Voter ID number 116721143).

11360 SW 236TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, JAIME Ruperto (Voter ID number 118672337).

11361 SW 234TH LN
MINCHENER, MILTON J. (Voter ID number 118549137).

11361 SW 236TH LN
ALFONSO, ALANIZ (Voter ID number 116361064).
INGRAM, REBECCA (Voter ID number 109008981).

11361 SW 240TH LN
WAGNER, KAREN Jean (Voter ID number 118468471).
WAGNER, MATTHEW Mark (Voter ID number 118431905).

11361 SW 242ND ST
WALTON-COLEMAN, KENYAHNA (Voter ID number 109615598).

11361 SW 246TH ST
ROMAN, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 120641093).
PEREZ, ENEIDA (Voter ID number 110306832).
PEREZ, LEONARDO Santiago (Voter ID number 109901310).

11362 SW 239TH ST
MATTE-PAREDES, JOSIE Lynn (Voter ID number 111210306).
PAREDES, DENNIS (Voter ID number 115729413).

11362 SW 242ND ST
ARENAS, CLAUDIA Tania (Voter ID number 110119542).
ARENAS, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number 109639456).

11362 SW 246TH ST
ARCE, ARMANDO J. (Voter ID number 116407757).
ARCE, FLOR (Voter ID number 116425292).
ARCE, LUIS (Voter ID number 116425232).

11363 SW 238TH ST
AGOSTO HERNANDEZ, CARLA G. (Voter ID number 118619158).

11363 SW 240TH ST
STAUMP, STACIE (Voter ID number 116264998).
CHRISTOPHER, NANCY Gardner (Voter ID number 121173207).
TEPPER, STACIE Ann (Voter ID number 119521221).

11363 SW 246TH TER
TRUJILLO, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109066245).
TRUJILLO, SIOMARA (Voter ID number 109908891).

11364 SW 236TH ST
WATERS, JAMAAL Demitri (Voter ID number 121138885).

11364 SW 243RD TER
VELAZQUEZ, ALYSE Aurora (Voter ID number 114379831).
ST LEGER, NYRVA (Voter ID number 110042160).
ST-LEGER, NANCY (Voter ID number 109514622).
THOMAS, ROBERT (Voter ID number 114735249).
VELAZQUEZ, KERA Lenae (Voter ID number 115068020).

11364 SW 246TH TER
MIJARES, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 119763854).
LEON, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 120244542).
MIJARES, ALEXIS (Voter ID number 109899780).

11365 SW 244TH TER
GIVENS, GINA C. (Voter ID number 109304696).

11365 SW 247TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ALECIA O. (Voter ID number 110045940).
RODRIGUEZ, MOHASHIE (Voter ID number 110858377).

11366 SW 236TH LN
MCNEIL, SILVIA L. (Voter ID number 115473785).

11366 SW 244TH TER
RODRIGUEZ OCHOD, NORGE (Voter ID number 119156632).

11366 SW 247TH TER
REY, FRANK K. (Voter ID number 109696919).
REY, MARY K. (Voter ID number 109085559).
REY, MATTHEW C. (Voter ID number 110163364).
REY, MILTON Edy (Voter ID number 110148092).

11367 SW 234TH LN
NODAL, ELAINE Marie (Voter ID number 109488121).

11367 SW 239TH ST
LEYTON, INDIANA (Voter ID number 117044143).

11367 SW 245TH ST
CASTILLO-SANTANA, MARIANA (Voter ID number 114966886).

11368 SW 238TH ST
AZOR, MONIQUE Lizette (Voter ID number 119538856).

11368 SW 245TH ST
BLEDSOE-HINNANT, PAMELA Kay (Voter ID number 104352099).

11369 SW 240TH ST
TOMASONI, JOECIR (Voter ID number 109618077).
TOMASONI, LUCIANA (Voter ID number 116201467).

11369 SW 246TH ST
PEREZ, JAIME Jorge (Voter ID number 109541993).
PEREZ, JAIME Jorge (Voter ID number 118113406).
SIBILA, JOHNATHAN Edward (Voter ID number 120299848).
MENENDEZ, VICTOR (Voter ID number 115879528).

11370 SW 236TH ST
TIELVES, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number 109931589).

11371 SW 246TH TER
GIL, MAYDA (Voter ID number 109661333).

11372 SW 236TH LN
KEEL, TAMESHA (Voter ID number 110245432).

11372 SW 241ST ST
BENJAMIN, GERALD K. (Voter ID number 115880349).
SALANDY, FREDY (Voter ID number 119390591).
BENJAMIN, ICYLMA (Voter ID number 110307231).

11372 SW 242ND ST
HO, KATHLEEN (Voter ID number 115737060).

11373 SW 234TH LN
ROMERO, YORDANKA (Voter ID number 121292534).

11373 SW 234TH ST
AVINS, ALLYSON Rebecca (Voter ID number 116890422).

11373 SW 247TH TER
CRUZ, LAZARO (Voter ID number 116559228).
CRUZ, LORENZO (Voter ID number 119975955).
RODRIGUEZ, NEREIDA (Voter ID number 119975946).

11374 SW 238TH ST
PINO, ANIELKA S. (Voter ID number 110317350).

11374 SW 247TH TER
ANDINO, ANA (Voter ID number 110250834).
RIVERA, CARMEN I. (Voter ID number 110246530).
RIVERA, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 110184435).
RIVERA, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 115761467).
RIVERA, MAYRA L. (Voter ID number 110128699).
WITTER, JOHAYRA (Voter ID number 114365645).

11375 SW 238TH ST
PROSPER, MAMYRAH A. (Voter ID number 116614301).
VERNA, MARIE S. (Voter ID number 115538963).

11375 SW 240TH ST
RUIZ, DIANA C. (Voter ID number 110257392).

11375 SW 245TH ST
SANTANA, NISHAY (Voter ID number 118357924).

11376 SW 245TH ST
DANIELS, LATWANA Shaneaka (Voter ID number 110316194).

11377 SW 246TH ST
GONZALEZ, MAURICIO Jose' (Voter ID number 115237323).
GONZALEZ, SARAH Noemi (Voter ID number 115040945).
CASTRO, ROXANNA (Voter ID number 110101987).
TORRES, RAFAEL Ubaldo (Voter ID number 109275365).
TORRES, SONIA Noemi (Voter ID number 109260569).

11378 SW 243RD TER
ESTRADA, ODALYS Aleida (Voter ID number 116666222).
ESTRADA, ROBERT (Voter ID number 119729181).

11379 SW 234TH LN
DELGADO, MARIA (Voter ID number 117254859).
RODRIGUEZ, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 116282028).

11379 SW 239TH ST
PEREZ PUENTES, FRANK (Voter ID number 120245502).
PEREZ, MARLENE (Voter ID number 116926145).

11379 SW 246TH TER
HERNANDEZ, MELISSA (Voter ID number 110080222).

11380 SW 236TH LN
ROJAS-VERGARA, GINA P. (Voter ID number 118879050).
VERGARA, LEOBEL (Voter ID number 109458510).

11380 SW 246TH TER
KENNEDY, GARRY (Voter ID number 110228008).
THOMPSON, DANYAN D. (Voter ID number 120909287).

11381 SW 238TH ST
VEGA, IRMA (Voter ID number 114031839).

11381 SW 247TH TER
CLAY, AARON Jerome (Voter ID number 109151762).

11382 SW 236TH ST
COX, HEATHER Christine (Voter ID number 117222334).
GERKE, SARAH Lynn (Voter ID number 119668240).

11384 SW 243RD TER
SALAZAR, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 120523940).

11389 SW 238TH ST
MUNOZ, GEOSVANY (Voter ID number 118915380).
MUNOZ, MAGALYS Adela (Voter ID number 109550938).
SABATER, JOVANY (Voter ID number 110034544).
SABATER, NATALIE (Voter ID number 115264634).

11390 SW 243RD TER
SAN JUAN, CARMELO C. (Voter ID number 102499381).

11395 SW 238TH ST
ENNINGHAM, DAWN (Voter ID number 116634471).
ENNINGHAM, SHARENE M. (Voter ID number 119236600).

11396 SW 238TH ST
EDWARDS, SHANTE (Voter ID number 120509522).
WALLER, SHANE Latrice (Voter ID number 118420011).

11402 SW 238TH ST
LATHAM, RHONDA Suzanne (Voter ID number 109259757).
LATHAM, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 109997915).

11402 SW 242ND LN
RAMBARAN, ANNA Ashley (Voter ID number 110332314).

11402 SW 245TH ST
BECERRA, LUIS J. (Voter ID number 116470613).

11403 SW 246TH ST
ALEMAN, JORGE D. (Voter ID number 119631902).
MENESES, MIRNA (Voter ID number 114768952).
PEREZ, MANUEL (Voter ID number 114410126).

11404 SW 243RD TER
FAJAR, LORELAY (Voter ID number 115681076).

11404 SW 246TH ST
VERGEL, TAMARA (Voter ID number 110145748).

11406 SW 246TH TER
PINEDA, CARLOS Miguel (Voter ID number 101664115).

11407 SW 244TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, NATALIE Lucia (Voter ID number 110336480).
SERRANO RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 120053189).
SERRANO, LAUREN A. (Voter ID number 115278304).

11407 SW 247TH TER
VALLADARES, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 110250879).
VALLADARES, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 110242192).

11408 SW 238TH ST
TURINO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 109609256).

11408 SW 247TH TER
GONZALEZ MARTELL, BRENDA (Voter ID number 109477797).

11410 SW 245TH ST
LAMPREA, JOHANA (Voter ID number 117797551).
RUIZ, DIANA Ivelisse (Voter ID number 110252287).

11411 SW 246TH ST
MENDOZA, MIRIAN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109879508).
RAPALO, MIRIAN Ninoska (Voter ID number 115981274).

11412 SW 243RD TER
ABRAHAM, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 102291180).
ESTIME, TERRY T. (Voter ID number 102400788).

11413 SW 238TH ST
RAMIREZ, TERESA (Voter ID number 109972552).

11413 SW 246TH TER
BLANDON-MAYORGA, MARIA Dolores (Voter ID number 110063835).
MAYORGA, KENNETH (Voter ID number 110209776).

11414 SW 238TH ST
CRUZ, RACHEL (Voter ID number 114171175).

11414 SW 246TH TER
HERNANDEZ-TOLEDO, MANUEL D. (Voter ID number 120057669).

11415 SW 247TH TER
TORUNO, JENY Carolina (Voter ID number 109865749).
GOMEZ, NILKA (Voter ID number 110315415).

11416 SW 244TH TER
FLENDER, SYLVIA Scott (Voter ID number 109371039).

11416 SW 247TH TER
ARBOLEDA, RUBEN Dario (Voter ID number 116287381).
FAJARDO, AYMEE Lomana (Voter ID number 118786042).

11417 SW 245TH ST
GOMEZ, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number 115244636).
HERNANDEZ, JEFFREY (Voter ID number 114385848).

11418 SW 242ND LN
BLAIR, MARKCUS Anthony (Voter ID number 120899807).
TRIM, PERCY A. (Voter ID number 109184832).

11418 SW 245TH ST
BRITO, SILVIA Maria (Voter ID number 109371602).

11419 SW 238TH ST
GIL-GOMEZ, ZULLY M. (Voter ID number 102133946).
BROWNE, DARLEEN (Voter ID number 117009114).

11419 SW 246TH ST
HERNANDEZ, OSCAR Remigio (Voter ID number 109898669).
HERNANDEZ, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 115891465).

11420 SW 243RD TER
SMITH, ALEXIS Nicole (Voter ID number 109603010).

11421 SW 246TH TER
PEREZ, ADELAIDA (Voter ID number 110140347).
PEREZ, MANUEL Marcelino (Voter ID number 110140283).

11422 SW 246TH TER
ESPINOSA, CARLOS (Voter ID number 118878431).
ESPINOSA, MARGARITA Luisa (Voter ID number 118877790).

11423 SW 244TH TER
GRAHAM, ANTHONY Terrell (Voter ID number 109279697).
GRAHAM, ELESHIA Yulonda (Voter ID number 109390659).
SANDS, IDA L. (Voter ID number 109003188).

11424 SW 247TH TER
RAMOS GONZALEZ, MAYRELIS (Voter ID number 116392025).

11426 SW 239TH LN
GORDON, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 119969151).

11426 SW 242ND LN
TAVAREZ AEVELO, KADIA Siri (Voter ID number 115797498).

11427 SW 243RD TER
SHEPPARD, SHYNITHA (Voter ID number 109415633).

11431 SW 244TH TER
GONZALEZ-VALDEZ, MAILYN R. (Voter ID number 116600211).

11431 SW 246TH TER
TRIANA, JESSICA F. (Voter ID number 114123678).

11434 SW 242ND LN
RODRIGUEZ, AMANDA (Voter ID number 115291195).
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS Jesus (Voter ID number 110233027).
RODRIGUEZ, MARGARET (Voter ID number 116947663).

11435 SW 238TH ST
YANES, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 116364981).

11435 SW 241ST ST
VENTURA RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Consuelo Paula (Voter ID number 121332760).

11435 SW 243RD TER
LLERA, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 110037910).

11436 SW 243RD TER
TURNER, EUGENIA M. (Voter ID number 110204951).
TURNER, JOSEPH Dawayne (Voter ID number 109349567).

11438 SW 242ND ST
CORREA, DAVID (Voter ID number 121117562).
CORREA, SHALIMAR (Voter ID number 116028980).
SALDANA, IRMA Idalia (Voter ID number 109488911).

11441 SW 242ND LN
ORTIZ DIAZ, LUZ Maria (Voter ID number 115287098).

11442 SW 242ND LN
PINTOS CASTRO, NATALIA (Voter ID number 118382929).

11443 SW 239TH LN
MONTEALEGRE, ENRIQUE Jose (Voter ID number 116684099).
ROCABADO, HEIDY Alicia (Voter ID number 109431958).

11443 SW 243RD TER
DRAIN, MONICA Rose (Voter ID number 110294555).
GARCIA, ROBERT Patrick (Voter ID number 110143009).
GUTIERREZ, HECTOR (Voter ID number 119772627).

11444 SW 239TH LN
BERMUDEZ, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 109891677).
BERMUDEZ, MONICA (Voter ID number 120713357).

11444 SW 243RD TER
CUELLAR, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 112480533).
REILY, THOMAS Raimundo (Voter ID number 110326531).

11445 SW 238TH ST
BRADSHAW, RAEDEANCE SIMONE (Voter ID number 114707498).
BUCHANAN, ANNETTE Palmer (Voter ID number 109922936).

11450 SW 242ND LN
FOWLER, JESSICA Christine (Voter ID number 110185963).
FOWLER, STEPHEN Ray (Voter ID number 110117447).

11455 SW 238TH ST
BROWN, SHANTELLE Yolanda (Voter ID number 118610686).
JOSEPH, KELLY Yves (Voter ID number 109974879).
STEWART, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 118426494).
BROWN, RENEKIAL Patricia (Voter ID number 116912765).

11457 SW 235TH ST
FILINOVICH, PAUL Walter (Voter ID number 115447473).

11458 SW 235TH ST
NUNEZ, JULIA Maritza (Voter ID number 110235093).
NUNEZ, YOENDRIS (Voter ID number 110222023).
PEREZ, YENDRYS (Voter ID number 121063201).
REYES, NICOLE Nancy (Voter ID number 118455052).
ACOSTA, LOURDES Maria (Voter ID number 110205167).

11458 SW 242ND LN
GIL, JESSICA (Voter ID number 116082645).

11459 SW 238TH ST
MORALES-TORRES, LOIDA I. (Voter ID number 114502892).

11459 SW 243RD TER
DIXON, SHIRLEY A. (Voter ID number 113816591).
JONES, SHULANDA Dionna (Voter ID number 109729717).
JONES, GERALD Deandre (Voter ID number 109950022).

11460 SW 243RD TER
WILLIAMS, LANCE Anthony (Voter ID number 109500737).

11461 SW 244TH TER
DAVIS, LACHRISSA Keanna (Voter ID number 114503239).

11462 SW 237TH TER
MEZA-CAMACHO, DORIS G. (Voter ID number 110308302).

11463 SW 238TH ST
DIAZ, LUCRECIA (Voter ID number 119182220).
DIAZ, OMAR A. (Voter ID number 119182224).

11464 SW 243RD TER
HARRIS, ANDREA Lynn (Voter ID number 110340720).
HARRIS, PAUL Timothy (Voter ID number 110342274).

11465 SW 242ND LN
HALL, NATASHA Dikiviya (Voter ID number 119803337).

11467 SW 235TH ST
CHRISTIANSEN, VIVIANA (Voter ID number 120581141).
LA RED, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 116994410).

11467 SW 236TH LN
GUASCH, MARISOL (Voter ID number 110015464).

11467 SW 238TH ST
DENYS, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 120037108).
DENYS, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 110192855).
DENYS, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 116968305).

11468 SW 235TH ST
NORIEGA, REYNA Santel (Voter ID number 118838379).
NORIEGA, REYNALDO Luis (Voter ID number 109270110).
NORIEGA, SANDRA P. (Voter ID number 109704290).

11468 SW 243RD TER
FERNANDEZ, NASTASHIA (Voter ID number 121116958).
ORTEGA, TATIANA (Voter ID number 114784197).

11470 SW 237TH TER
CHEN SHUE, BLANCA (Voter ID number 116476707).
DIEZ, MARIA PILAR (Voter ID number 118812560).

11471 SW 238TH ST
MAGADAN, CARLOS (Voter ID number 110187446).

11472 SW 243RD TER
FERNANDEZ, FELIX Glicerio (Voter ID number 115177800).
MUNOZ, SANDRA Catalina (Voter ID number 117354155).

11472 SW 244TH TER
WALZ, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 120387080).

11473 SW 236TH LN
SANDY, ALLISON Anne (Voter ID number 109385540).

11473 SW 242ND LN
LINDENBAUM, JEANETTE Pearl (Voter ID number 107435248).

11473 SW SW 236TH LN
STEWART, JAHWINN S. (Voter ID number 118830685).

11474 SW 237TH TER
VALDES, LESLIE (Voter ID number 110258456).

11475 SW 238TH ST
PERTGEN, BONNIE (Voter ID number 116899793).

11478 SW 235TH ST
DURAN, ELDA (Voter ID number 120478114).
TURCIOS, OSCAR (Voter ID number 110143902).

11479 SW 236TH LN
RODRIGUEZ, EUNICE (Voter ID number 116903146).

11479 SW 238TH ST
PLAZA, NICOLAS Acosta (Voter ID number 119286021).

11481 SW 242ND LN
PEREZ, ANA S. (Voter ID number 109820610).
PEREZ, ANA Socorro (Voter ID number 116037808).
PEREZ, ANA S. (Voter ID number 116277779).

11482 SW 237TH TER
CAMPOS, MONICA Valdes (Voter ID number 121338799).

11482 SW 244TH TER
CUDJOE, ANDRE Kelvin (Voter ID number 118381831).

11483 SW 238TH ST
CUADRA, GINNY Hazel (Voter ID number 114883718).
PACCA, CRYSTAL Ann (Voter ID number 117281203).

11484 SW 236TH ST
VENERIO, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109824542).

11485 SW 236TH LN
OLTON, MICHAEL Lucas (Voter ID number 109552215).

11486 SW 237TH TER
MATOS, SUSEL (Voter ID number 120427166).

11487 SW 235TH ST
KHAN, ISMAT (Voter ID number 114221507).
ALVAREZ, ALFREDO Oscar (Voter ID number 109777448).
ALVAREZ, IANESSA (Voter ID number 110042983).
KHAN, MASROOR (Voter ID number 109488666).

11487 SW 238TH ST
COUTURIER, CHRISTINA Irene (Voter ID number 119981381).

11487 SW 242ND ST
BENNETT, MARIA Soledad (Voter ID number 118492912).

11488 SW 235TH ST
MC NORTON, DANYALE T. (Voter ID number 110127405).

11488 SW 242ND ST
ROMERO, JANET (Voter ID number 109596182).

11491 SW 236TH LN
CORTINA, JOSE (Voter ID number 109389461).
SERRET, ZORAIDA Caridad (Voter ID number 109571528).

11493 SW 244TH LN
ABREU, ZENIA (Voter ID number 109729937).
RUSSOMANO, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 115807904).

11497 SW 235TH ST
GONZALEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 110096604).
ALVAREZ, YIN E. (Voter ID number 110338335).

11498 SW 235TH ST
AVILES, ALEX Ivan (Voter ID number 109949138).
AVILES, MIREYA (Voter ID number 117563495).
RODRIGUEZ, GIOCONDA (Voter ID number 109949147).

11508 SW 235TH ST
AVILES, GEORGE (Voter ID number 119361946).
AVILES, MIREYA (Voter ID number 117214131).
AVILES, GUSTAVO Adolfo (Voter ID number 109991052).
NEGRON, JACQUELINE V. (Voter ID number 109966199).

11509 SW 236TH ST
BURGESS, JAMES Paul (Voter ID number 109460486).
BURGESS, TANISHA Patrieth (Voter ID number 109346283).

11518 SW 235TH ST
SANTOS, INELISA Tairis (Voter ID number 121097706).
SELMO, DOMINGO R. (Voter ID number 116950919).

11521 SW 241ST ST
WILLIAMS, ANTHONY M. (Voter ID number 117584479).

11528 SW 235TH ST
JUNCAL, SANDRA J. (Voter ID number 119940141).
JUNCAL, ANGEL L. (Voter ID number 119940148).

11548 SW 235TH ST
OSBORNE, GORDON F. (Voter ID number 101675653).
OSBORNE, RUTHANN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 120232715).

11558 SW 235TH ST
SANDOVAL, WILSON (Voter ID number 118379470).

11559 SW 236TH ST
WHITE, ARTHUR Lee (Voter ID number 102107275).
WHITE, OCTAVIA Yolanda (Voter ID number 102198675).

11568 SW 235TH ST
APOLLON, NATHALIE E. (Voter ID number 116670965).

11608 SW 235TH ST
BUDD, STEVEN (Voter ID number 117814185).

11609 SW 236TH ST
DE JESUS, ISMAELA (Voter ID number 114385873).
DEJESUS, CRISTINA Rosario (Voter ID number 109438663).
PROL, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109770337).
VEGA CASTRO, AMAURY (Voter ID number 114969279).

11618 SW 235TH ST
LIZANO, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 109940199).

11619 SW 236TH ST
FERNANDEZ, ESTEBAN Fermin (Voter ID number 118728024).

11620 SW 243RD ST
MALLETT, LACEY Marie (Voter ID number 115267964).
MALLETT, LANA C. (Voter ID number 110132629).

11628 SW 235TH ST
FORNARIS, ADIS N. (Voter ID number 116360517).

11629 SW 236TH ST
SAHUARAURA, JOHN Edward (Voter ID number 110252109).

11639 SW 236TH ST
AMBROISE, CORALIE (Voter ID number 119901766).
AMBROISE, MADLY (Voter ID number 109592437).
CHATELAIN, LILITA Lyrvole (Voter ID number 109563425).
CHATELAIN, LOUIS A Gerard (Voter ID number 109563120).

11648 SW 235TH ST
CUTCHENS, KRISTINA Mary (Voter ID number 106617985).
SOMOZA, AUDEL Antonio (Voter ID number 116336593).

11649 SW 236TH ST
FRITZ, ERNESTO A. (Voter ID number 110240823).

11770 SW 273RD LN
PEREZ, JORGE Eduardo (Voter ID number 114143302).
CASTANEDA, ELISA (Voter ID number 109602823).
PEREZ, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 119223601).

11771 SW 272ND TER
ANDABLO, SARA M. (Voter ID number 115352997).

11774 SW 273RD ST
LASTER, ASHLEY N. (Voter ID number 118117685).
BURNETTE, BRYAN M. (Voter ID number 110074171).
BURNETTE, JAVON A. (Voter ID number 118121189).
BURNETTE, JULIET A. (Voter ID number 110017758).

11775 SW 248TH ST
ZUNIGA, MANUEL De Jesus (Voter ID number 119656662).
ZUNIGA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109677742).

11775 SW 273RD ST
CARROTT, ADLAI Bradley (Voter ID number 110025800).

11776 SW 273RD LN
CLAVIJO, CARMINA Maria (Voter ID number 110104175).
CLAVIJO, LUIS H. (Voter ID number 110178173).
CLAVIJO, WENDY Johanna (Voter ID number 110193975).

11777 SW 272ND TER
DOMINGUEZ, GUSTAVO A. (Voter ID number 110333485).
MORENO, NILDA Moraima (Voter ID number 116386999).

11777 SW 273RD LN
BAXTER, KEITH A. (Voter ID number 118105409).
BAXTER, KEITRAH I. (Voter ID number 116606507).

11780 SW 273RD ST
ORAMA, CLAUDIA V. (Voter ID number 109621868).

11781 SW 273RD ST
KOESTERMAN, LYNN R. (Voter ID number 117062160).

11782 SW 272ND TER
ADAMS, JOHN Edward (Voter ID number 118972545).
VERZI, VICTOR J. (Voter ID number 109692868).
VERZI, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 116795903).

11782 SW 273RD LN
GARCIA, CRISOGONO C. (Voter ID number 109963439).
GARCIA, PRIMA Linda (Voter ID number 109425098).

11783 SW 272ND TER
JOHNSON, SHANTE Rena (Voter ID number 110064608).

11786 SW 273RD ST
CAMACHO, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 109462821).
PORTER, TEQUILA S. (Voter ID number 110215631).

11787 SW 273RD ST
RODRIGUEZ, MARY J. (Voter ID number 120892412).
RODRIGUEZ, MOISES (Voter ID number 114875928).
RODRIGUEZ, JUANA (Voter ID number 116660808).

11788 SW 272ND TER
HILL, ALPHEUS M. (Voter ID number 109545542).
HILL, HAKIN Eric (Voter ID number 109486166).
HILL, PRESTON M. (Voter ID number 109924939).
TITTLE, GLADYS Ambrozine (Voter ID number 109398552).

11788 SW 273RD LN
HERRICK, JOSEPH Richard (Voter ID number 111034937).
CASTILLA, ARELLIS J. (Voter ID number 115278000).

11789 SW 272ND ST
GONZALEZ, JACLYN R. (Voter ID number 110303864).

11789 SW 272ND TER
NODARSE, SAMANTHA Mercedes (Voter ID number 118568957).

11792 SW 273RD ST
CERA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 109944930).

11794 SW 272ND TER
LABATA, DALIANA C. (Voter ID number 119772187).

11794 SW 273RD LN
ORTIZ-PEREZ, CARLOS Eduardo (Voter ID number 117646320).
ORTIZ, DORIS (Voter ID number 109411469).
PINO, MICHELLE Marie (Voter ID number 117375466).

11795 SW 272ND TER
JAMIESON, INGIE M. (Voter ID number 109427048).
LEONARD, TIMOTHY M. (Voter ID number 109428528).

11795 SW 273RD LN
D'INZEO, DAVID Anthony (Voter ID number 116583026).

11795 SW 273RD ST
MAHABEE, KAREN Antionette (Voter ID number 109618821).

11795 SW 273RD LN
D'INZEO, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number 116346197).

11800 SW 272ND TER
DA COSTA, STEPHEN Roger (Voter ID number 109751891).
DACOSTA, JURINE (Voter ID number 114343100).
WINT, JENNIFER Beatrice (Voter ID number 119081653).

11800 SW 273RD LN
THOMAS, CHANDRA Janae (Voter ID number 108689418).
THOMAS, EARNEST J. (Voter ID number 109563065).
THOMAS, DOROTHY Kelly (Voter ID number 109562667).

11801 SW 273RD LN
AL WAZZAN, DORA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109759298).
AL-WAZZAN, SHAMMARA Jassim (Voter ID number 109909366).
ALONSO, DORA (Voter ID number 109249633).

11802 SW 273RD ST
JONES, CAROLYN Faye (Voter ID number 109134253).

11803 SW 273RD ST
GRANT, OLIVER E. (Voter ID number 109343463).

11806 SW 272ND TER
GONZALEZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 116648364).
JACOBS, MARVA E. (Voter ID number 114285788).
VALLECILLO, FELIX Francisco (Voter ID number 109889366).

11806 SW 273RD LN
WILK, ALBERT C. (Voter ID number 109404042).
WILK, CHRISTINA B. (Voter ID number 109818245).
WILK, ZENAIDA B. (Voter ID number 109403837).

11807 SW 272ND TER
HILL, LINDA Sandra (Voter ID number 109578069).

11807 SW 273RD LN
BALTODANO, RAYMUNDO Alfredo (Voter ID number 117245966).
GONZALEZ-BALTODANO, BETTY (Voter ID number 114530045).
TELLERIA, GIOCONDA Auxiliadora (Voter ID number 116635915).

11808 SW 273RD ST
BERGMAN, DAVID Lynn (Voter ID number 109207428).
CARRERO, JOSEPH Anthony (Voter ID number 109569248).

11809 SW 273RD ST
MAWELL, ISABEL A. (Voter ID number 109389996).
WHEELER, RADJA Lewis (Voter ID number 119378326).
HARRIS, REGINA M. (Voter ID number 110012562).
MURPHY, LUTHER G. (Voter ID number 110114929).
WHEELER, CHAM'BRIA Rovonna (Voter ID number 118546991).
WHEELER, VIELKA Vanesia (Voter ID number 120004216).

11812 SW 272ND TER
NIXON, JAVERES B. (Voter ID number 110184786).

11812 SW 273RD LN
MUNROE, BRANDON Anthony (Voter ID number 110122533).
MUNROE, ERIC Keith (Voter ID number 109412804).
MUNROE, ERIC Keith (Voter ID number 109772647).
MUNROE, MEAGAN Claire (Voter ID number 110288247).
MUNROE, NICOLE A. (Voter ID number 110079798).

11813 SW 272ND TER
ROSARIO, ENMIS M. (Voter ID number 115719598).

11813 SW 273RD LN
PICKIN, ADRIA Correen (Voter ID number 115995023).
PICKIN, THERESA E. (Voter ID number 109626294).
PICKIN, ROBERT K. (Voter ID number 109328473).
PICKIN, SHELLY Nicole (Voter ID number 118141357).

11815 SW 273RD ST
O'HARA, CECILIA Ivette (Voter ID number 114429858).
O'HARA, MERLYN W. (Voter ID number 109551852).
O'HARA, MICHAEL Joseph (Voter ID number 118181622).

11818 SW 272ND TER
BROWN, JENNIFER Rena (Voter ID number 109338175).

11818 SW 273RD LN
BAEZ, SKARLET Mariel (Voter ID number 118464057).
DURAN, LENY Y. (Voter ID number 110178815).
ESCALANCE, JUAN S. (Voter ID number 110297498).
LUIS, JUAN M. (Voter ID number 110063910).

11819 SW 273RD LN
RACHKOVSKAYA, ALBINA R. (Voter ID number 121128950).
CHIRINOS, JOSE Anibal (Voter ID number 109860382).

11820 SW 273RD ST
CASTRO, ROBERTO Silvano (Voter ID number 109505469).
DECASTRO, JESENIA (Voter ID number 114379832).
DECASTRO, YESENIA (Voter ID number 115271684).
NAYOR, YESENIA (Voter ID number 120684582).

11821 SW 273RD ST
LEE, DERRICKA Justina (Voter ID number 118113458).
BROWN, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109381027).

11824 SW 272ND ST
SANTIAGO, ELBA (Voter ID number 109372560).

11824 SW 272ND TER
GOBAIRA, LANCE Moises (Voter ID number 120318210).
OQUENDO, GALINDEZ (Voter ID number 109595050).

11824 SW 273RD LN
FARQUHARSON, LATOYA C. (Voter ID number 110069186).

11825 SW 272ND TER
REEVES, CHERYL Renee (Voter ID number 109524811).

11825 SW 273RD LN
MARTINEZ, MANUEL E. (Voter ID number 114440391).
FRANCIS, LARRY Lee (Voter ID number 109423307).
MARTINEZ, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 118161917).
MARTINEZ, COLLEEN (Voter ID number 109438792).

11827 SW 273RD ST
CULLEN, GEORGE Edward (Voter ID number 109383611).

11830 SW 272ND TER
FRIEDMAN, EARL Christian (Voter ID number 109037479).

11830 SW 273RD LN
DIEGO, YAQUELIN (Voter ID number 110273078).

11831 SW 272ND TER
GUTIERREZ, YADIRA (Voter ID number 110324323).

11832 SW 273RD ST
CHICARDINI, SERGIO L. (Voter ID number 119607157).
GONZALEZ, YOHANNA (Voter ID number 118258961).
PARMA, KAREN (Voter ID number 115234258).

11833 SW 273RD ST
FAJARDO, IVAN Alfredo (Voter ID number 110196693).

11836 SW 273RD LN
TOOMEY, MYNGOE B. (Voter ID number 110249866).

11837 SW 272ND TER
ORANTES, CILAN M. (Voter ID number 119602304).

11838 SW 273RD ST
ROZIER-LEONARD, GWENDOLYN Rozier (Voter ID number 109407650).

11839 SW 273RD ST
CORDOVI, CARLOS Leonardo (Voter ID number 108909995).

11842 SW 272ND TER
RAMIREZ, ANTHONY William (Voter ID number 109461568).
RODRIGUEZ, LINDA Williams (Voter ID number 120702400).
ROSADO, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 114640981).
VARGAS, LORRAINE (Voter ID number 110003697).
VARGAS, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 119169417).

11842 SW 273RD LN
ASHFORD, DONALD Joseph (Voter ID number 109433217).
ASHFORD, HEATHER Lynn (Voter ID number 109880029).
PUJOL, JASON M. (Voter ID number 119588534).

11843 SW 272ND TER
WELCH, IAN Milton (Voter ID number 105158230).
WELCH, IVA E. (Voter ID number 109648787).

11843 SW 273RD LN
NAVARRO, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109406690).

11844 SW 273RD ST
DAVIS, MARKEIVIA (Voter ID number 110034234).
DAVIS, SHANTEIA (Voter ID number 116235466).

11845 SW 273RD ST
PAUL, LEANDRA L. (Voter ID number 110040359).
PAUL, BERCHMAN Lennon (Voter ID number 109487519).
PAUL, MARTI L. (Voter ID number 109775610).
PAUL, PATRICIA S. (Voter ID number 109487521).

11848 SW 273RD LN
STEVENS, THERESA Ann (Voter ID number 109289824).
STEVENS, HERMAN Emil (Voter ID number 109864270).

11849 SW 273RD LN
OHAETO, KELECHI Chidimma (Voter ID number 120274249).
OHAETO, ADAEZE C. (Voter ID number 109946043).
OHAETO, OBIOHA Obashinyere (Voter ID number 109412162).
OHAETO, OHIOHA O. (Voter ID number 117163121).

11850 SW 273RD ST
GAY, LORETTE Marie (Voter ID number 110330628).
GAY, SERGE Delmas (Voter ID number 109646728).
GAY, STEPHAEL (Voter ID number 115860737).

11851 SW 273RD ST
MARTINEZ, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109617502).
QUIROZ, GREGORIO Antonio (Voter ID number 114510013).

11854 SW 272ND ST
SANTANA, NELSON (Voter ID number 121183754).

11854 SW 272ND TER
SANTANA, VANESSA Judit (Voter ID number 118849868).

11854 SW 273RD LN
BELL, BRITTANY A. (Voter ID number 118112283).
JOSEPH, COMERLY Adina (Voter ID number 109968649).
ROSS, JULIAN Ontonio (Voter ID number 110078369).

11855 SW 272ND TER
CABRERA, NICOLE Estefania (Voter ID number 119813534).
ESCOBAR, ANA (Voter ID number 116409683).

11855 SW 273RD LN
DAVIS, MORRIS Terry (Voter ID number 117302883).

11856 SW 273RD ST
HORMECHEA, FERMIN F. (Voter ID number 120333399).
FRIAS, DIANDRA Cristina (Voter ID number 118310264).
MALDONADO, MAGDALENA (Voter ID number 109598634).
NUNEZ, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 109546190).

11857 SW 273RD ST
ZALDUMBIDE, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109681939).
ZALDUMBIDE, VICTOR H. (Voter ID number 109498744).
AUAD, MILADYS M. (Voter ID number 115235555).

11860 SW 272ND TER
LINTON, ANTHONY E. (Voter ID number 110167011).
LINTON, INGRID Mae (Voter ID number 109754709).

11860 SW 273RD LN
ROBERTS, DEIDRE Ann (Voter ID number 109733421).
ROBERTS, DAVIN J. (Voter ID number 109792617).
ROBERTS, SHEILA Louise (Voter ID number 109182161).
ROBERTS, WALLACE Reubin (Voter ID number 109060947).

11861 SW 273RD LN
TOUCHET, KYLE D. (Voter ID number 116291561).

11862 SW 273RD ST
ANDERSON, LORRAINE A. (Voter ID number 109409682).
ANDERSON, WALTER E. (Voter ID number 109407237).

11866 SW 272ND TER
DAVIS, BALEWA Noumba (Voter ID number 110294542).
DAVIS, BLONDEL Anesta (Voter ID number 109620595).
LAKE, BLONDEL A. (Voter ID number 109185148).

11866 SW 272ND ST
DAVIS, KARL (Voter ID number 116799528).

11866 SW 272ND TER
DAVIS, ALAWAH Clive (Voter ID number 116804522).

11866 SW 273RD LN
GARCIA, EDELIA Maria (Voter ID number 110329484).
GARCIA, EDELIA M. (Voter ID number 109955522).
PERERA, GIOVANNY (Voter ID number 110327302).

11867 SW 273RD LN
JIMENEZ, FLOR M. (Voter ID number 119808401).

11868 SW 273RD ST
RODRIGUEZ, ANTONIO William (Voter ID number 109521395).
RODRIGUEZ, MARTHA P. (Voter ID number 110194121).

11872 SW 272ND TER
RAMSEY, JEFFERY Emile (Voter ID number 110195371).

11872 SW 273RD LN
KELLAM, JOHN Allen (Voter ID number 109195959).

11872 SW 273RD ST
MALONE, CHANQUES (Voter ID number 116348535).

11873 SW 272ND TER
PEREZ, BETTY (Voter ID number 103125230).

11873 SW 273RD LN
MORALES, CHANTELLE T. (Voter ID number 114359034).

11901 SW 272ND TER
DAMASKINOS-VALDES, JENNIFER Elaine (Voter ID number 116790077).
VALDES, DOUGLAS Louis (Voter ID number 109653771).

11901 SW 274TH ST
LARA, MANUEL G. (Voter ID number 109929138).
LARA, VICTOR Manuel (Voter ID number 110086422).
LARA, OLGA (Voter ID number 109634456).

11902 SW 273RD ST
RODRIGUEZ, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 119738846).
HOPPER, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number 109144014).
SALVATORE, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number 114477024).
SALVATORE, ROBERT Rocco (Voter ID number 109544755).
RODRIGUEZ VILLA, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 117060472).

11903 SW 273RD ST
ROBINSON, CHANNELL Natasha (Voter ID number 120038526).
SANTACRUZ, ANGELA (Voter ID number 110200271).
ROBINSON, DARLENE Annette (Voter ID number 109204553).

11906 SW 272ND TER
MEDINA, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number 116007315).
DE LA PAZ, NOEL E. (Voter ID number 118087728).
LANDO, SONIA Ivette (Voter ID number 109756168).

11907 SW 272ND TER
MCCONKEY, JESSICA Viola (Voter ID number 109977352).
ALONSO, BARBARA (Voter ID number 109513241).
ALONSO, GUILLERMO Victor (Voter ID number 114477002).
MCCONKEY, STEFAN (Voter ID number 119520644).

11907 SW 274TH ST
CALERO, ISMAEL (Voter ID number 110016020).
CALERO, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 110088424).
CALERO, MARISOL (Voter ID number 109528399).
PRETINO, MATTHEW Nicholas (Voter ID number 109522224).

11908 SW 273RD ST
JIMENEZ, ALEXANDER J. (Voter ID number 116819333).
JIMENEZ, DELIA Francisca (Voter ID number 109387279).
JIMENEZ, ERIKA P. (Voter ID number 109980325).
MORAN, DELIA Victoria (Voter ID number 110219850).

11909 SW 273RD ST
RODRIGUEZ, ROSSA M. (Voter ID number 119617709).

11912 SW 272ND TER
LANDO, MANUEL T. (Voter ID number 110044888).

11913 SW 272ND TER
HIDALGO, JOHANNA Esther (Voter ID number 120768122).

11913 SW 274TH ST
AMPUERO, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 109540324).

11914 SW 273RD ST
BENITEZ, GILCIA A. (Voter ID number 114531682).

11915 SW 273RD ST
MENA, ONOSMA (Voter ID number 114081607).
TAMBUCHO, LUCIANO Ricardo (Voter ID number 121141688).

11918 SW 271ST ST
ARNAIZ, ISABEL (Voter ID number 109160099).

11918 SW 272ND TER
AUGUSTIN, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 120408750).
AUGUSTIN, MARK (Voter ID number 120162463).
AUGUSTINE, JOHN P. (Voter ID number 119655443).
AUGUSTIN, DORELUS (Voter ID number 116240580).
AUGUSTIN, MARJORIE (Voter ID number 119655802).
AUGUSTIN, YOLENE (Voter ID number 116241311).

11919 SW 272ND TER
ROMERO, MARGOT R. (Voter ID number 119670320).
BOUNTHAVY, JOEY Kevin (Voter ID number 119667031).

11919 SW 274TH ST
BETANCOURT, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 109333287).
BETANCOURT, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110241831).

11920 SW 271ST TER
FLETT, MURIEL M. (Voter ID number 104964825).
FLETT, WILLIAM E. (Voter ID number 109688089).

11920 SW 273RD ST
GONZALEZ, PATRICK (Voter ID number 120056970).
BLAGMON, VICTORIA F. (Voter ID number 109987529).

11921 SW 271ST TER
CABRERA, ROBERTO J. (Voter ID number 119606705).
CABRERA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109791267).

11924 SW 271ST ST
SLATON, WILLIE Mae (Voter ID number 108953118).
SLATON, JOHN Albert (Voter ID number 109688168).
SUTTON, TIONA Tarnesha Amber (Voter ID number 118394778).

11924 SW 272ND TER
AGENORD, KEVIN (Voter ID number 119635834).
AGENORD, WALEX (Voter ID number 120570538).
BRUNACHE, ALEX V. (Voter ID number 117584523).

11925 SW 274TH ST
HECHAVARRIA, ALDO F. (Voter ID number 109846189).
HECHAVARRIA, MARIA (Voter ID number 114942369).

11926 SW 271ST TER
CHAVEZ, OSCAR (Voter ID number 109946157).
CHAVEZ, OSCAR (Voter ID number 110089453).

11926 SW 273RD ST
SABDUL, KIMAL S. (Voter ID number 109543791).

11927 SW 271ST TER
TATMAN, LORETTA Marie (Voter ID number 109868450).
BLOMELEY, SEAN Michael (Voter ID number 114989577).

11927 SW 273RD ST
FOSTER, ROBERTA Hughes (Voter ID number 109303562).
FOSTER, ROBERTA Hughes (Voter ID number 110335296).

11930 SW 271ST ST
AVILA, IVAN E. (Voter ID number 114359072).
MALDONADO, IRIS (Voter ID number 110052302).

11930 SW 272ND TER
CALVEIRASUAREZ, CARLOS R. (Voter ID number 115162641).
SANTOS, OMIRCA Evangelina (Voter ID number 110285541).
BRIGGS, ASHTON (Voter ID number 110238683).
VALES, MILEIDYS Y. (Voter ID number 121210219).

11931 SW 272ND TER
ALAZO, IVANDY (Voter ID number 121163562).
SAMUELS, EVELYN (Voter ID number 114574299).
SAMUELS, EVERTON W. (Voter ID number 119581825).
WALLACE, DIONNE E. (Voter ID number 114577005).

11931 SW 274TH ST
BENNETT, ADORACION J. (Voter ID number 116055889).
BENNETT, JOSE Lugo (Voter ID number 109403162).

11932 SW 271ST TER
LAGUNAS, HEVERT Leonardo (Voter ID number 119354832).

11932 SW 273RD ST
COON, NORMA S. (Voter ID number 109030448).

11933 SW 271ST TER
DORSETT, KEITH B. (Voter ID number 110190564).

11933 SW 273RD ST
MONTALVO, VICTORIA Lynn (Voter ID number 119203448).
CESPEDES, DIGNA M. (Voter ID number 116631241).

11936 SW 271ST ST
GALAN, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109383095).
GALAN, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 109733989).
GALAN, JONATHAN D. (Voter ID number 109787285).

11936 SW 272ND TER
HOBBS, CAROL A. (Voter ID number 109908931).
PACCA, ELLEN Marie (Voter ID number 109425394).
PACCA, MICHAEL Loius (Voter ID number 109425392).

11937 SW 274TH ST
ILLA MARTINEZ, RENE Diovany (Voter ID number 114273397).

11938 SW 271ST TER
BAPTISTE, GRAHAM Stevenson (Voter ID number 120219109).
BAPTISTE, DONALD (Voter ID number 118381458).
BAPTISTE, GUILENE (Voter ID number 110231999).
BAPTISTE, MARCEL (Voter ID number 116383888).

11938 SW 273RD ST
CALDERON, LUZ Marina (Voter ID number 109556754).
FONSECA, RENAY (Voter ID number 110056314).
FONSECA, ROMMEL (Voter ID number 109815902).
FONSECA, WANNER (Voter ID number 110112682).

11939 SW 273RD ST
DEL VALLE, ALMA (Voter ID number 109639722).

11942 SW 271ST ST
FRASCA, CHRISTOPHER Frank (Voter ID number 115718241).

11942 SW 272ND TER
BURNETT, BARBARA Shaw (Voter ID number 109799541).
BURNETT, JERRY Louis (Voter ID number 109689925).
GUTHRIE, JON R. (Voter ID number 110113698).

11943 SW 272ND TER
PADIN, MARIA Cristina (Voter ID number 109503075).

11943 SW 274TH ST
MC KINNON, MILTON A. (Voter ID number 109711414).
MC KINNON, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109741155).

11944 SW 271ST TER
MORRISON-MILTON, LISA P. (Voter ID number 109839740).

11944 SW 273RD ST
MORICE, MARIA Jesus (Voter ID number 120841658).
MONTEALEGRE, ROSITA (Voter ID number 109782819).
MORICE, CARLOS R. (Voter ID number 110341402).
MORICE, MARIA Jose (Voter ID number 118482720).

11945 SW 271ST TER
FUNN, RUDOLPH Lorenzo (Voter ID number 109333581).

11945 SW 273RD ST
MOODY, CRYSTAL Simeone (Voter ID number 118739652).
MOODY, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 109143292).
MOODY, JACQUELINE Elaine (Voter ID number 109326337).

11948 SW 271ST ST
RIVERA TORRES, VELMA I. (Voter ID number 109494637).
GUZMAN, JONATHAN A. (Voter ID number 116847176).

11948 SW 272ND TER
VENTO, JORGE (Voter ID number 110102017).
STOUDEMIRE, CRYSTAL Anne (Voter ID number 109432547).
VENTO, YINET (Voter ID number 114177597).

11950 SW 271ST TER
FERNANDEZ, HERNAN A. (Voter ID number 109440075).
FERNANDEZ, MARCUS Anthony (Voter ID number 109773412).
FERNANDEZ, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109428737).

11950 SW 273RD ST
ANGULO, ERNESTO Javier (Voter ID number 119185982).
ANGULO, RAFAEL Ernesto (Voter ID number 114789349).
CARDONA, ISRAEL Rios (Voter ID number 109765856).

11951 SW 271ST TER
SHANNON, CAROLINE (Voter ID number 117562782).
SHANNON, MAGNOLIA (Voter ID number 109935489).
SHANNON, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 119612516).
SHANNON, DAVID F. (Voter ID number 116665184).

11951 SW 273RD ST
RIVERA, JOSE I. (Voter ID number 115512187).
ROQUE, SURY (Voter ID number 116608991).

11953 SW 268TH TER
EVANS, RAYMOND Albert (Voter ID number 109170254).
EVANS, RICHARD Allen (Voter ID number 110053774).
ROSA, JULIO Enrique (Voter ID number 120732397).

11954 SW 271ST ST
COLEY, EDNA Mae (Voter ID number 109189048).
OVIEDO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109535201).

11956 SW 271ST TER
HARVEY, BILLY (Voter ID number 109577237).

11957 SW 271ST TER
FERNANDEZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109478754).
JACKSON, IRINE (Voter ID number 110216170).

11959 SW 268TH TER
HERNANDEZ, ALFREDO Lorenzo (Voter ID number 110036168).

11959 SW 269TH TER
NIMKE, BRENDA Lee (Voter ID number 109222088).
NIMKE, DANIELLE Trenair (Voter ID number 110319764).
NIMKE, MARK Lain (Voter ID number 109222019).
NIMKE, MICHELLE N. (Voter ID number 109995158).

11960 SW 268TH TER
LARA, ELDA Patricia (Voter ID number 109661703).
LARA, ERIKA S. (Voter ID number 109949879).
LARA, TIRSO (Voter ID number 109633376).
LARA, JUANA (Voter ID number 109632650).
LARA, LUIS Jorge (Voter ID number 109387787).

11960 SW 271ST ST
GUERRERO, ABEL (Voter ID number 110241010).
GUERRERO, ODALIS (Voter ID number 110025807).

11962 SW 271ST TER
WEBB, CARLA Louisme (Voter ID number 114885537).
LOUISME, JACQUES (Voter ID number 109706129).

11963 SW 271ST TER
RIVERA RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109905529).
VELEZ, BENJAMIN A. (Voter ID number 109757007).
NICOLAS, NICOLE (Voter ID number 109585542).

11965 SW 268TH TER
LOPEZ, CHRISTINE Maria (Voter ID number 109881821).
LOPEZ, ELIAS (Voter ID number 108970576).
LOPEZ, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109643670).
LOPEZ, PATRICIA L. (Voter ID number 109534113).

11965 SW 270TH ST
TINSLEY, DIANA L. (Voter ID number 109816023).
TINSLEY, VANESSA G. (Voter ID number 109275799).

11966 SW 268TH TER
TORTORIELLO, MANUEL M. (Voter ID number 109542337).
TORTORIELLO, CYNTHIA J. (Voter ID number 109813794).

11966 SW 271ST ST
LAGUERRE, MIRNA CELESTIN B. (Voter ID number 109689514).
LAGUERRE, MIRNA Celestin (Voter ID number 119457482).
LAGUERRE, VASHOWN Robert (Voter ID number 116021604).
CELESTIN, CHRISTINE (Voter ID number 109949315).
HAMMONDS, FRANTZ Antonine (Voter ID number 109834940).

11968 SW 271ST TER
DANIEL, HERBERT Hezekiah (Voter ID number 109789367).
FERGUSON, ERICA Michelle (Voter ID number 118627816).

11969 SW 271ST TER
PENA, ISABEL Maria (Voter ID number 109592587).

11971 SW 268TH TER
HARRIS, SYLVIA V. (Voter ID number 109376950).

11971 SW 269TH TER
BRADFORD, NORMA May (Voter ID number 109983268).
JONES, DONNA (Voter ID number 109450075).
JONES, JERMAINE C. (Voter ID number 110113635).
VAZQUEZ, ELIZABETH S. (Voter ID number 109199209).
JONES, DARIAN M. (Voter ID number 116293017).

11972 SW 268TH TER
NEWBY, JONATHAN D. (Voter ID number 109431454).
PASTO, ANTHONY V. (Voter ID number 110035474).

11972 SW 271ST ST
WARD, SHANIQUA Sharnell (Voter ID number 120750915).
MOYER, WILLIAM David (Voter ID number 109811323).

11974 SW 271ST TER
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE Miguel (Voter ID number 109986813).
GUERRA, NELLY Diaz (Voter ID number 115028051).

11975 SW 271ST TER
GUERRERO, JOSE Angel (Voter ID number 109394460).
MORA, ADELIA (Voter ID number 110137564).

11977 SW 268TH TER
MCCRAY, CHIQUITA Lashell (Voter ID number 110068687).
NELSON, DE ANDRIA Sharnay (Voter ID number 117883108).
WATERS, HERBERT Lewis (Voter ID number 119288876).
MC CRAY, ERICA Dionee (Voter ID number 109982359).
MC CRAY, JAMES N. (Voter ID number 110322568).
MC CRAY, JOHNNY Lee (Voter ID number 109882477).
NELSON, CURTERRIA Q. (Voter ID number 116301562).
MC CRAY, JONNY L. (Voter ID number 116194501).
MCCRAY, JAMES (Voter ID number 116402778).

11977 SW 269TH TER
BELLEGARDE, DARLINE (Voter ID number 116239419).

11977 SW 270TH ST
RIVERO, MARTA Luisa (Voter ID number 109325164).
RIVERO, FELIX F. (Voter ID number 110152201).

11978 SW 268TH TER
VILLEDA, NYLDA Maria (Voter ID number 109777511).

11980 SW 271ST TER
RUIZ, DORIS Isabel (Voter ID number 110135154).
RUIZ, RICARDO Fabian (Voter ID number 116027448).
RUIZ, ADRIANA Yamilet (Voter ID number 117587686).

11983 SW 268TH TER
SIERRA, ENGRACIA Zobeida (Voter ID number 109337791).
SIERRA, JUAN DE DIOS Jose (Voter ID number 109337792).

11983 SW 269TH TER
DYRDAL, ARICK Jayson (Voter ID number 119409581).

11983 SW 270TH ST
MORENO, DILEMA I. (Voter ID number 120448315).
DAVIS, RHONDA M. (Voter ID number 109869982).

11984 SW 268TH TER
ENCARNACION, CARLOS Juan (Voter ID number 109506809).
ENCARNACION, CARLOS Juan (Voter ID number 115260213).
ENCARNACION, KARLA Nicole (Voter ID number 110336676).
ENCARNACION, MIREYA E. (Voter ID number 109845528).

11984 SW 269TH TER
JOHNSON, BOOKER Talioferro (Voter ID number 109810622).
OKEKE, KAYLA S. (Voter ID number 117572660).
GUYTON, JONATHAN N. (Voter ID number 109885311).
JOHNSON, BRANDON Isiah (Voter ID number 110041069).
MURRY, IZELLA (Voter ID number 109083629).
JONES, TRAVIS (Voter ID number 117053854).

11984 SW 271ST ST
HITT, BRIA M. (Voter ID number 116287311).
HITT, MOROCCO Arin (Voter ID number 118695404).
HITT, PAMELA Renita (Voter ID number 109369668).

11986 SW 271ST TER
GARCIA, MARIA (Voter ID number 116378629).
GARCIA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110216740).
WOJDAN, CECILIA (Voter ID number 109521046).
WOJDAN, MICHAEL H. (Voter ID number 109527271).

11987 SW 271ST TER
JOHNSON, CARLOS G. (Voter ID number 109451100).

11990 SW 268TH TER
ANGULO, WALBERTO (Voter ID number 118616632).

11991 SW 270TH ST
HUGUE, ASHLEY Laquisha Aviance (Voter ID number 118577213).
HUGUE, MICHAEL Harry Lee (Voter ID number 109950843).
HUGUE, MICHAEL Xavier (Voter ID number 118576714).
STEVENS-HUGUE, MICHELLE Rena (Voter ID number 109916724).

11992 SW 269TH TER
ROSADO, MAYRA (Voter ID number 110139252).

11992 SW 271ST TER
MYLES, SHAWANA Patrice (Voter ID number 109506161).

11993 SW 269TH TER
SMITH, ANGELICA M. (Voter ID number 115766141).

11997 SW 268TH TER
GUEVARA, CARLOS E. (Voter ID number 119723239).
LOPEZ, HERNALDO (Voter ID number 114239588).
LOPEZ, MARIA Celina (Voter ID number 114310077).
LOUIS, MARGARET A. (Voter ID number 114363530).

11997 SW 270TH ST
SMITH, GLENN Lionel (Voter ID number 109456708).
THOMPSON, CYNTHIA T. (Voter ID number 116438023).

11998 SW 268TH TER
DEL VALLE, VALARIE A. (Voter ID number 114376371).

11998 SW 269TH TER
RAMOS, ONORIA (Voter ID number 109986114).
SANCHEZ, AMERICA Yossely (Voter ID number 114909160).
STEWART, ANNA M. (Voter ID number 110278361).

11999 SW 240TH ST
COCHRANE, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 110311667).
YOUNG, JAZZMIN (Voter ID number 110290706).
YOUNG, STAFFORD L. (Voter ID number 110242113).
YOUNG, WINNIFRED M. (Voter ID number 109371432).

11999 SW 248TH ST
DORTA DUQUE, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 117443554).
PEREZ, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 116569360).

11999 SW 269TH TER
PEREZ, DAVISON (Voter ID number 109744962).

12000 SW 271ST ST
FLORES, PAUL Roland (Voter ID number 116306088).
TAMAYO, MADELYN Ramona (Voter ID number 119888425).
GONZALEZ REYES, EDGAR (Voter ID number 119389328).

12000 SW 272ND TER
MICLISSES, FRANTZ (Voter ID number 115976430).
MICLISSES, MARCKSIM (Voter ID number 110223450).
MICLISSES, MARCUS (Voter ID number 120561204).
JONES, HILDA (Voter ID number 110157688).
SCOTT, JENNIFER T. (Voter ID number 110174861).

12001 SW 268TH TER
LANE, TRACIE Lynn (Voter ID number 110067406).
LIPSCOMP, RANDEE Lynn (Voter ID number 116898550).

12001 SW 271ST ST
OJEDA, LISA Milagros (Voter ID number 109756840).

12001 SW 272ND TER
CRUZ-WIGGINS, THOMAS Joe (Voter ID number 114349076).
LOPEZ, JULIAN B. (Voter ID number 118517285).

12001 SW 274TH ST
BROWN, BRANDON Alfonso (Voter ID number 121262879).
BROWN, DEVON A. (Voter ID number 109669884).
BROWN, DEVON Anthony (Voter ID number 118100849).
BROWN, PATRICIA T. (Voter ID number 109667908).

12002 SW 268TH ST
APT 49

GIBSON, JAMILKA I. (Voter ID number 120912917).

12002 SW 268TH ST

MILANES, ASTRID Adriana (Voter ID number 110226006).

12002 SW 268TH ST

WILLIAMS, AZREE Asia (Voter ID number 114203092).

12002 SW 268TH ST

CHARLTON, TAWANNA Deshannon (Voter ID number 109460319).

12002 SW 268TH ST
BLANCO, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 110242154).
GIBSON, YULA Eloisa (Voter ID number 109942552).

12002 SW 273RD ST
RODRIGUEZ, YANET (Voter ID number 118114258).
SAVINON, ELVIN (Voter ID number 110040500).

12003 SW 271ST TER
VALESCO, STEPHANY (Voter ID number 120889282).
VILSON, BARBRA (Voter ID number 121208090).
WALLACE, DANKESHIA Nicole (Voter ID number 118184502).
DAVID, TATIANA (Voter ID number 120057917).

12003 SW 273RD ST
GIRTMAN, DARIUS J. (Voter ID number 119610470).
WILLIAMS, YOLONDA N. (Voter ID number 109566846).

12006 SW 272ND TER
COCKRUM, DALE E. (Voter ID number 109227053).

12007 SW 272ND TER
WEST, SCHIHADY (Voter ID number 117135224).
MORAN-WEST, SCHIHAD Sebastian (Voter ID number 119239838).
WEST, BETTY J. (Voter ID number 109470858).

12007 SW 274TH ST
FOSTER, ALESIA L. (Voter ID number 110132974).
GAINES, FREDRIKA M. (Voter ID number 110301036).

12009 SW 270TH ST
DE JESUS NEGRON, JORGE R. (Voter ID number 117651268).

12009 SW 273RD ST
KIRKMAN, DEBRA Arnell (Voter ID number 109747964).

12010 SW 268TH ST

RIVERA, YELISSA L. (Voter ID number 114815627).

12010 SW 268TH ST

FERMIN, CARL (Voter ID number 102214078).

12010 SW 268TH ST
ELLIS, JACQUELINE C. (Voter ID number 110202651).
ELLIS, RODERICK Robert (Voter ID number 110092292).
REED, JOSEPH John (Voter ID number 115837510).
SANCHEZ, WENDY (Voter ID number 114569407).

12010 SW 268TH TER
CASTILLO, IVAN E. (Voter ID number 114102933).
CASTILLO, KAYRA M. (Voter ID number 119345433).
GARCIA, NIURKA De La Caridad (Voter ID number 109203599).

12010 SW 268TH ST
MARTINEZ, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 117011940).

12010 SW 269TH TER
ALONSO, MONICA Lee (Voter ID number 120208300).
DELGADO, JOANNA (Voter ID number 109507381).
LE, KHIAN H. (Voter ID number 115244497).

12012 SW 270TH ST
MESA SALCEDO, JOSE (Voter ID number 117194156).
MENDOZA, MIRIAM M. (Voter ID number 110189236).
MUNAR, MIRIAM C. (Voter ID number 109650679).

12012 SW 272ND TER
BASHLINE, SILVIA R. (Voter ID number 115840712).

12013 SW 272ND TER
BAILEY, ALLENEEKA Shaqule (Voter ID number 110171077).
GREENE, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 109958765).
NELSON, JOHNATHAN Wesly (Voter ID number 117587526).
NELSON, JULIA (Voter ID number 119520453).

12013 SW 274TH ST
MUJICO, CRISOBAL (Voter ID number 116206167).
QUINONES, GUSTAVO (Voter ID number 109531609).

12014 SW 273RD ST
MORA, NORA Adilia (Voter ID number 110066626).
REYES, NORA R. (Voter ID number 110052933).

12015 SW 273RD ST
CHENEVERT, CHRISTIAN M. (Voter ID number 109773648).
GADEA, MARTHA L. (Voter ID number 114717008).

12018 SW 270TH ST
CALVO, ELISA M. (Voter ID number 117310688).

12018 SW 272ND TER
VERA, EMMA (Voter ID number 110067026).

12019 SW 272ND TER
URBINA, LUIS R. (Voter ID number 114390430).

12019 SW 274TH ST
FUENTES, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 109841437).

12020 SW 268TH ST

DE LEON, KARLEEN (Voter ID number 116538434).

12020 SW 268TH ST

RIVERS, SHEILA (Voter ID number 109611650).

12020 SW 268TH ST
DAGHASH, MAZIN M. (Voter ID number 114321407).
DELEON, CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number 118418197).
GARCIA, MARIO Antonio (Voter ID number 114377367).
VICTORIANO, GILDALINA (Voter ID number 109799985).

12020 SW 268TH ST
APT 61

KHALIL, YASIN (Voter ID number 119402094).

12020 SW 268TH ST
UNIT #65

DE LEON, VICTOR A. (Voter ID number 109803811).

12020 SW 268TH ST

FRANCO, JIMMY Manuel (Voter ID number 118757430).

12020 SW 268TH ST

BOONE, JOANNA Catherine (Voter ID number 119473923).

12020 SW 268TH ST
RIVERS, SHERISE (Voter ID number 116954701).

12020 SW 271ST ST
VAZ, SOLITAIRE Damyra (Voter ID number 109773565).
VAZ, XZAVIA Shauntel (Voter ID number 114962140).

12020 SW 273RD ST
ALLEN, ANTONEY Lemark (Voter ID number 109460089).
SHINHOSTER, LATRICE Shawnta (Voter ID number 110070897).

12021 SW 271ST ST
PABON, DIANA Dolores (Voter ID number 109148724).

12021 SW 273RD ST
AREAS, PAULA Sofia (Voter ID number 109798448).
IGLESIAS, ALBA R. (Voter ID number 109158296).
IGLESIAS, ANTONIO A. (Voter ID number 109533392).
IGLESIAS, ANTONIO Eugenio (Voter ID number 109086454).

12022 SW 271ST TER
DIAZ, DIANNE Sophia (Voter ID number 109509185).
MALDONADO, DIANNE S. (Voter ID number 110105330).
VAZQUEZ, JAEL (Voter ID number 110235877).

12024 SW 270TH ST
ARCE, JORGE Emilio (Voter ID number 110013176).
ARCE, CLAUDIA P. (Voter ID number 110166867).

12024 SW 272ND TER
TILLMAN, SHELLENA Ramona (Voter ID number 119542061).

12025 SW 274TH ST
JENSEN, KATHERINE Alexandra (Voter ID number 116308429).
BOYLE, BLEYIN E. (Voter ID number 109615333).
BOYLE, ROBERT Richard (Voter ID number 109096587).
DELLER, DIANE Rogers (Voter ID number 115551468).
DELLER, KEITH F. (Voter ID number 115358781).

12027 SW 273RD ST
NIXON, RAYMOND R. (Voter ID number 110103930).

12030 SW 268TH ST
APT 51

ARESTEGUI, MARIA S. (Voter ID number 117971495).

12030 SW 268TH ST

PEREZ-CORREDOR, CYNTHIA Vanessa (Voter ID number 110208359).

12030 SW 268TH ST

RANDOLPH, ANDREA Shawnell (Voter ID number 109832854).

12030 SW 268TH ST
ARESTEGUI, CARLOS Antonio (Voter ID number 114317406).

12030 SW 270TH ST
DIAZ, LUIS Gustavo (Voter ID number 109383297).
DIAZ, SANDRA P. (Voter ID number 110103927).

12031 SW 272ND TER
CARNIVALE, COURTNEY Lynn (Voter ID number 120912938).
CARNIVALE, CAITLIN E. (Voter ID number 115281556).
CARNIVALE, CHERIE Lynne (Voter ID number 109176301).
JENSEN, JEFFERY A. (Voter ID number 117076171).

12032 SW 273RD ST
CURBELO, YUDIEL (Voter ID number 120902403).

12033 SW 273RD ST
GARCIA, OSCAR Jose (Voter ID number 120202216).
GUTIERREZ, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 110188610).
ZELAYA, REYNA Maria (Voter ID number 110010758).

12034 SW 250TH TER
HEADAD, KENISL O. (Voter ID number 110120949).

12036 SW 270TH ST
ZEPHIR, SIRANA (Voter ID number 120400180).
ZEPHIR, SYANA (Voter ID number 109621121).

12036 SW 272ND TER
SANON, CARL Alexandre (Voter ID number 119606103).
SANON, CARL (Voter ID number 109670739).
SANON, CAROLYN A. (Voter ID number 115460809).

12037 SW 274TH ST
CUELLO, MAYELIS E. (Voter ID number 114359023).
CUELLO ORTEGA, ROQUE Eliecer (Voter ID number 114358949).
DAVIS, IBN Y. (Voter ID number 110117805).

12038 SW 273RD ST
MARTINEZ, SANDRA I. (Voter ID number 110094579).
SEPULVEDA, ASHLEY R. (Voter ID number 110215889).
SEPULVEDA, RENE (Voter ID number 110023217).

12039 SW 273RD ST
FLORES, HENRY A. (Voter ID number 109736330).
REYES, MARIA Argentina (Voter ID number 109368974).

12040 SW 268TH ST
BOURDEAU, MARIE Cathline (Voter ID number 120829297).

12040 SW 268TH ST

CINTRON VEGA, JOHANNA Liz (Voter ID number 118524193).

12040 SW 268TH ST

LOPEZ MULERO, VERONICA (Voter ID number 120171571).

12040 SW 268TH ST

CONCEPCION, BENJAMIN (Voter ID number 112994045).
CONCEPCION, YEMINA (Voter ID number 112993775).
RODRIGUEZ TORRES, PABLO Amaury (Voter ID number 121038303).

12040 SW 268TH ST

SANDOVAL, ROSALBA (Voter ID number 117684626).

12040 SW 268TH ST

LOPEZ, ESMERALDO (Voter ID number 110018449).

12040 SW 268TH ST
HERNANDEZ, MARIA R. (Voter ID number 116757313).

12040 SW 268TH ST

TORRES, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 116833200).

12040 SW 271ST ST
MALABET-IGLESIAS, JOSE Ramon (Voter ID number 110150167).
RIOS, BETHZAIDA (Voter ID number 110150280).

12041 SW 271ST ST
COLLINS, MICHAEL Wayne (Voter ID number 120849347).
MARRERO, EDWARD (Voter ID number 109893705).
MARRERO, CHANTAL (Voter ID number 115537485).

12043 SW 271ST TER
GOLDSTEIN, SOLOMON (Voter ID number 109118367).
GOSNELL, ROBBART V. (Voter ID number 110014851).

12050 SW 268TH ST

ELLITON, ATEDRA Nicole (Voter ID number 110264041).

12050 SW 268TH ST

FELICIEN, DIANA (Voter ID number 110180352).

12050 SW 268TH ST
BONILLA, DOMINGO R. (Voter ID number 109687303).
BONILLA, JEFERSON (Voter ID number 119223891).
MUNOZ, MIGDALIA M. (Voter ID number 110067495).

12050 SW 268TH ST

GLAIBER, ADAM Kenneth (Voter ID number 118551025).

12050 SW 268TH ST
REYES BONILLA, BERNARDA (Voter ID number 116336581).

12055 SW 240TH ST
KEOPHILA, SOUNG (Voter ID number 110093114).

12060 SW 268TH ST
THOMPSON, CHINIQUA L. (Voter ID number 109889271).

12060 SW 268TH ST

CHUNG, JAQUELINE A. (Voter ID number 118839264).

12060 SW 268TH ST
BHAGWANDAT, ASHLEY Monique (Voter ID number 115292251).
BHAGWANDAT, SIMONE Alicia (Voter ID number 109785312).
MEJIA, RALPH Antonio (Voter ID number 115729559).

12060 SW 268TH ST

JOHNSON, YOLANDA S. (Voter ID number 110292706).

12060 SW 268TH ST

ESTRILL, TOIA-RENEE Esther (Voter ID number 110034388).

12069 SW 251ST TER
MCNEAL, FELICIA (Voter ID number 109237857).
MC NEAL, JIMMIE L. (Voter ID number 108982786).
MC NEAL, REGINALD R. (Voter ID number 110329732).

12070 SW 251ST ST
FERGUSON, JASON Emannuel (Voter ID number 109911127).
FIALLO, JACQUELINE B. (Voter ID number 109379475).

12070 SW 251ST TER
LLERENA, ADRIAN Celso (Voter ID number 110128307).
LLERENA, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109315629).
LLERENA, CELSO (Voter ID number 109893494).

12070 SW 268TH ST
APT 35

SEPULVEDA, GRISELLE Abigail (Voter ID number 116900701).

12070 SW 268TH ST

GONZALEZ, DAVID Jose (Voter ID number 120896355).

12070 SW 268TH ST
ZELAYA, JESSICA (Voter ID number 120041367).

12070 SW 268TH ST
APT 32

FONTAINE, PAUL Edwards (Voter ID number 110107128).

12070 SW 268TH ST
CHRISTMAN, VICTOR I. (Voter ID number 116461971).
CHRISTMAN, ALMA R. (Voter ID number 116413200).
CHRISTMAN, IAN (Voter ID number 116415977).

12070 SW 270TH ST
GONZALES, JOLINA Monique (Voter ID number 110030102).

12071 SW 249TH ST
JOHNSON, LISA Ann (Voter ID number 109776263).
PAZ, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 115233561).

12071 SW 251ST ST
RABIN, DUSTIN Mace (Voter ID number 109269616).
RABIN, JANET Heeb (Voter ID number 110098168).

12072 SW 249TH ST
PETERS, JENNIFER Nizam (Voter ID number 117156906).
PETERS, RHODA Cynthia (Voter ID number 109767936).

12072 SW 250TH TER
CARNEGIE, KAREN Duncan (Voter ID number 109916035).

12073 SW 248TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, MARIO (Voter ID number 115259288).

12073 SW 249TH TER
GREGORY, ELENA (Voter ID number 109472079).
NUNES, DENISE A. (Voter ID number 110182282).

12073 SW 250TH TER
FORHAT, JAIME (Voter ID number 109847495).

12074 SW 250TH ST
HARRIS-DARDE, TANISHAL S. (Voter ID number 109459953).

12075 SW 251ST TER
LAWRENCE, CRYSTAL Lynn (Voter ID number 109793325).

12076 SW 251ST TER
LEYVA, YORLIEN (Voter ID number 120385828).

12077 SW 251ST ST
SHEPARD, CHARLES Winston (Voter ID number 109153299).
SHEPARD, JUSTIN Charles (Voter ID number 119804626).
SHEPARD, TANGELA Patrice (Voter ID number 109191323).

12078 SW 249TH ST
PEREZ, EDWIN Alberto (Voter ID number 105181111).
PEREZ, IVONNE Idalia (Voter ID number 109187969).
PEREZ, PEDRO A. (Voter ID number 109070466).
PEREZ, PEDRO Angel (Voter ID number 109478965).

12078 SW 250TH TER
JACKSON, DONAVON J. (Voter ID number 116736516).
STEPHENSON, J B. (Voter ID number 109284322).
STEPHENSON, LATANYA Jackson (Voter ID number 109548645).
STEPHENSON, REGINALD Jamal (Voter ID number 115037462).

12079 SW 249TH TER
PAIGE, CLIFTON (Voter ID number 110269557).
RUSSAW, JUANITA (Voter ID number 109998549).
WILLIS, KEVAN L. (Voter ID number 116943806).

12079 SW 250TH TER
MARTINEZ, OSCAR R. (Voter ID number 109412769).

12080 SW 250TH ST
LIRA, LYDIA L. (Voter ID number 116656156).
ONTANEDA, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109992619).

12080 SW 268TH ST
SHERROD, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 115660128).

12080 SW 268TH ST

HAWKINS, DIANE (Voter ID number 120761642).

12080 SW 268TH ST
APT 30

HAMMOND, TONYA Mercedes (Voter ID number 109824560).

12080 SW 268TH ST

NUCIOLO, STEPHEN Christopher (Voter ID number 118191997).
ORTIZ-NUCIOLO, MARIA Lourdes (Voter ID number 118192771).

12080 SW 268TH ST

HAMMOND, CHARLIE Joe (Voter ID number 109773004).

12081 SW 251ST TER
THEOBALDS, PAULINE R. (Voter ID number 116905079).

12082 SW 251ST ST
ADROVER, HILDA A. (Voter ID number 117770648).

12082 SW 251ST TER
ALONSO, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109389622).
ALONSO, MARITZA L. (Voter ID number 109645911).
ALONSO, YAWNIE (Voter ID number 109577373).
ALONSO, YENISSE (Voter ID number 110312294).

12083 SW 249TH ST
BONILLA, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 110145337).

12083 SW 251ST ST
BROWN, ORAEFO N. (Voter ID number 118525590).
BROWN, VALERIE (Voter ID number 110111777).

12084 SW 249TH ST
NEGRON, JOSE (Voter ID number 116897938).
RODRIGUEZ, CHANTELLE L. (Voter ID number 117460579).
RODRIGUEZ, GREGORIO (Voter ID number 119889397).
RODRIGUEZ, LEONARDO G. (Voter ID number 109464560).
RODRIGUEZ, NADJYA (Voter ID number 110327184).

12084 SW 250TH TER
HENRY, SANDRA Deborah (Voter ID number 110234688).
HENRY, STANFORD Alliston (Voter ID number 120014894).

12085 SW 249TH TER
HALL, MANDY C. (Voter ID number 108906879).

12085 SW 249TH TER
UNIT #171

HALL, FATIMA L. (Voter ID number 109568423).

12086 SW 248TH TER
NAZARIO, ANGELO Brandon (Voter ID number 119369856).
NAZARIO, ANGELO (Voter ID number 109497886).
GOMEZ, GEORGE Kenneth (Voter ID number 110199764).

12086 SW 250TH ST
PEREZ, NATASHA (Voter ID number 110020901).

12087 SW 248TH TER
PONCE DE LEON, AIDA L. (Voter ID number 109974486).
VELASCO PONCE DE LEO, XAXIRA (Voter ID number 118201364).
VELASCO, MARIA S. (Voter ID number 115506358).

12087 SW 251ST TER
FLOCKER, KOBIE (Voter ID number 118419384).
FLOCKER, AZIKIWE Kobie (Voter ID number 109825549).

12088 SW 251ST ST
GONZALEZ, ANDREW M. (Voter ID number 115274937).
GONZALEZ, GILBERT (Voter ID number 109835595).
GONZALEZ, LOURDES Judith (Voter ID number 109835598).

12088 SW 251ST TER
RODRIGUEZ, KAREN Ivet (Voter ID number 115685777).
LEMUS, GLADYS E. (Voter ID number 109668796).
LEMUS, GLADYS (Voter ID number 110248091).
LEMUS, JUAN Jesus (Voter ID number 109544923).
LEMUS, CASSANDRA Maria (Voter ID number 116285572).
LEMUS, DESIREE Nichole (Voter ID number 117557858).

12089 SW 251ST ST
CORTES, JAIME (Voter ID number 110001777).

12090 SW 268TH ST
TORRES, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 110292000).

12090 SW 268TH ST

DIAZ, ROSA Mae (Voter ID number 109253420).

12090 SW 268TH ST

MITRANI, MARIA Olivia (Voter ID number 115509741).
VALDERRAMA, ADA (Voter ID number 115506268).

12090 SW 268TH ST
HERNANDEZ, SURY I. (Voter ID number 109692801).
MOLENDYK, HEATHER Wiles (Voter ID number 109616667).
MOLENDYK, MARTIN John (Voter ID number 109761362).

12090 SW 268TH ST
APT 22

VALDERRAMA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 120031978).

12090 SW 268TH ST
APT 23

HERNANDEZ, SURYELY (Voter ID number 118117180).

12090 SW 268TH ST

SIMMONS, MOLEEK Michael (Voter ID number 117644931).

12090 SW 268TH ST

TERRY, NASTASSIA Dwan (Voter ID number 110085416).
TERRY, RODRICK D. (Voter ID number 109736997).

12091 SW 249TH TER
ONDARO, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 109459149).
ONDARO, XAVIER Alexander (Voter ID number 109374676).

12092 SW 248TH TER
LARMAN, SORENSON C. (Voter ID number 119504944).
SUBTIL, LOUIS B. (Voter ID number 116663303).
WILLIAMSON, DOREEN J. (Voter ID number 120091963).
LARMAN, DOMINIQUE F. (Voter ID number 118105333).
LARMAN, SHARON V. (Voter ID number 116783748).

12092 SW 250TH ST
GARCIA, MARIA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 117931165).

12093 SW 248TH TER
SIEVERS, EDGARDO (Voter ID number 118545324).
TORRENS, MELISSA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109600626).
BONILLA, DAVID (Voter ID number 110215603).

12093 SW 251ST TER
DUFREINE, MARGARET (Voter ID number 116662362).
DUFREINE, ODILES (Voter ID number 110151992).
PEREZ, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 109812752).

12094 SW 251ST TER
ROLLE, SHAWAYNE Jerome (Voter ID number 109406889).

12095 SW 249TH ST
PHARA, MANETTE (Voter ID number 116197569).
CASTRO, JAIME G. (Voter ID number 115546193).

12095 SW 251ST ST
VILLAVICENCIO, DENNYS (Voter ID number 110054117).
VILLAVICENCIO, DANIXSA Ivania (Voter ID number 110309052).
VILLAVICENCIO, IVANIA Maria (Voter ID number 109992147).

12096 SW 249TH ST
CABREJA, HAMLET Miguel (Voter ID number 109276523).
CABREJA, RAFAELA Marit (Voter ID number 109827115).
SALDANA, JOHANNA E. (Voter ID number 109819980).
SALDANA, JONATHAN M. (Voter ID number 110035185).

12096 SW 250TH TER
GRANADOS, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 118110151).

12097 SW 249TH TER
VAZQUEZ, DIANA B. (Voter ID number 115719811).
VAZQUEZ, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109883467).

12097 SW 250TH TER
WALKER, KIMBERLY Michelle (Voter ID number 109582207).

12098 SW 248TH TER
PRADA, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 110315229).
FIGUEROA, ERICA (Voter ID number 119882391).

12098 SW 250TH ST
DE VARONA, CRISTINA C. (Voter ID number 110094896).
DE VARONA, OSVALDO Rosel (Voter ID number 110013497).

12100 SW 251ST ST
GONZALEZ, LEONARDO (Voter ID number 110318477).

12100 SW 270TH ST
PATRICK, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109142902).
PATRICK, RAYMOND C. (Voter ID number 109150714).

12100 SW 271ST ST
ROSELLO, RENE G. (Voter ID number 109136034).

12101 SW 248TH TER
LOPEZ, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 116295601).
LOPEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109934284).
LOPEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 115811707).
LOPEZ, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 109939585).

12101 SW 249TH ST
GAYDEN, ANGELA Elaine (Voter ID number 109922663).

12101 SW 251ST ST
BRITTINGHAM, DARRELL Anthony (Voter ID number 118948210).
JOHNSON, KARRIE La Verne (Voter ID number 109045160).

12101 SW 271ST ST
DAVID, LUISA J. (Voter ID number 109994367).
DAVID, GEORGES (Voter ID number 110066510).
DAVID, JEAN Pierre M (Voter ID number 110117803).
DAVID, JOCELYNE (Voter ID number 109854594).

12101 SW 272ND TER
MARTELLY, PHILIP R. (Voter ID number 117575305).
MARTELLY, RUDOLF (Voter ID number 109551096).
RILEY, SABRINA Ann (Voter ID number 109284446).

12102 SW 249TH ST
APONTE, ANTONIO D. (Voter ID number 119818480).
APONTE, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 114752140).
DIAZ, MARIO Joel (Voter ID number 110256196).
DIAZ, YESENIA (Voter ID number 115240991).
DOMINGUEZ, VICTOR Jerome (Voter ID number 110007387).
APONTE, GRISEL Garcia (Voter ID number 110252217).
DIAZ, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 110091837).
FITELL, JOHN Christian (Voter ID number 109384896).

12102 SW 250TH TER
HANNAH, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109398770).

12103 SW 249TH TER
CHAVEZ, BRUNA (Voter ID number 109261708).
CHAVEZ, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 109261710).
CHAVEZ, VERONICA (Voter ID number 109560161).

12103 SW 250TH TER
FERNANDEZ, MELISSA Ann (Voter ID number 110310817).
RODRIGUEZ, ISABEL Maria (Voter ID number 116055706).

12105 SW 240TH ST
CORRIERI, LIDIA (Voter ID number 109214962).
CORTADA, AMY Kathleen (Voter ID number 109342698).

12106 SW 251ST TER
FREEMAN, LAVINIA Battle (Voter ID number 109287159).
FREEMAN, NORMAN Eugene (Voter ID number 109883748).

12106 SW 270TH ST
ANSPACH, BENJAMIN Allen (Voter ID number 115353114).
ANSPACH, EMILY Letia (Voter ID number 110028557).
ANSPACH, KENDLE G. (Voter ID number 109501681).
ANSPACH, LAVINIA C. (Voter ID number 109847787).
BOLANOS VARGAS, RENZO (Voter ID number 118079428).
ANSPACH, JACOB S. (Voter ID number 117800362).

12107 SW 248TH TER
MAGRI, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109546244).
VARGAS, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109731481).

12107 SW 249TH ST
DE CESPEDES, CARLOS Manuel (Voter ID number 109314578).

12107 SW 251ST ST
PERKINS, STUART Mark (Voter ID number 109328320).

12107 SW 272ND TER
MELBOURNE, DAMIEN L. (Voter ID number 114361426).
MELBOURNE, DARRIEN Lee (Voter ID number 119618724).
MELBOURNE, KEIRSTEN Marissa (Voter ID number 118462652).
MELBOURNE, KEITH Lloyd (Voter ID number 109874268).
MELBOURNE, ROWENA Melissa (Voter ID number 109876384).

12108 SW 250TH TER
CHANG, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109210109).
GARCIA, DERWYN A. (Voter ID number 109240009).
GARCIA, JUAN Jose Guardado (Voter ID number 117197129).

12109 SW 250TH TER
TONGE, DANIEL W. (Voter ID number 110321807).
TONGE, JEREMY W. (Voter ID number 119909700).
WEIST, LEILANI (Voter ID number 109178994).
TONGE, MICHAEL W. (Voter ID number 117670553).

12109 SW 251ST TER
LLERENA, LIZA Mercedes (Voter ID number 115503332).
CARDONA, DORA (Voter ID number 109586274).
CARDONA, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 115898035).
GARCIA, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 109898301).
GARCIA, PASTORA (Voter ID number 121169696).

12110 SW 250TH ST
CARGILL, CARLENE (Voter ID number 116048615).

12110 SW 251ST TER
PEREZ, YAISETT Alexandria (Voter ID number 117956787).
PEREZ, YUNEISI Hannah (Voter ID number 116061309).
MARCHESSI-ACEVEDO, CESAR Luis (Voter ID number 110039223).
MARCHESSI-ACEVEDO, JEANETTE G. (Voter ID number 110207223).

12112 SW 248TH TER
ASHBY, JASON Edward (Voter ID number 109751500).
ASHBY, NIDIA A. (Voter ID number 110075337).

12112 SW 251ST ST
BOLANOS, INGA Carroll (Voter ID number 109348868).
BOLANOS, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 109712384).
BOLANOS, VICTORIA M. (Voter ID number 117560441).

12113 SW 248TH TER
BERTRAN, LAYDA (Voter ID number 115906883).
BERTRAN, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 115914271).

12113 SW 249TH ST
SMITH, JASMINE (Voter ID number 116300890).
SMITH, LUTHER Benjamin (Voter ID number 108919749).

12113 SW 251ST ST
MAS, VICTOR Andrew (Voter ID number 118834581).
MAS, BETSY Ann (Voter ID number 116291010).
MAS, ELIZABETH Ann (Voter ID number 109221959).
MAS, VICTOR (Voter ID number 109222338).

12113 SW 272ND TER
LEDAN, PATRICK E. (Voter ID number 105214659).
LEDAN, LOUIS P. (Voter ID number 110015959).
LEDAN, KETTY (Voter ID number 109255428).
LEDAN, PATRICK (Voter ID number 109082301).

12114 SW 249TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, HAYMEE (Voter ID number 116686194).
SANCHEZ, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 116679905).

12114 SW 250TH TER
PAUL-NOEL, CASSANDRA Denice (Voter ID number 109344786).
ROMER, FREDERICK Karl (Voter ID number 116654781).
PAUL-NOEL, ANDRE P. (Voter ID number 109293167).
SOTO, MILITZA Enid (Voter ID number 110207094).

12115 SW 249TH TER
TORRES, MARIE I. (Voter ID number 115511194).

12115 SW 250TH TER
FERREIRA, DAVID George (Voter ID number 109416030).

12115 SW 251ST TER
RODRIGUEZ, MARIO Enrique (Voter ID number 105392634).
RODRIGUEZ, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number 114534111).

12116 SW 250TH ST
HARRISON, CLIFFORD Ray (Voter ID number 109755826).

12118 SW 248TH TER
STEWART-MORALES, MARCELA (Voter ID number 110292375).
STEWART, KEVIN A. (Voter ID number 110195453).

12118 SW 251ST ST
JACKMAN, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 119497563).
VARGAS, DONNA L. (Voter ID number 109932792).

12119 SW 248TH TER
MONTEVERDE, MARCO A. (Voter ID number 115861899).
MONTEVERDE, PAUL (Voter ID number 110254682).

12119 SW 251ST ST
GREENE, ANDREW (Voter ID number 109076615).

12119 SW 272ND TER
OLANO, CARLOS Jose (Voter ID number 109131176).
OLANO, LUCIA Giraudy (Voter ID number 108906731).
OLANO, LUCY (Voter ID number 109894245).

12120 SW 249TH ST
HANLEY, MARCIA L. (Voter ID number 109904477).
HANLEY, OLIVER Jonathan (Voter ID number 109856130).

12120 SW 250TH TER
LEWIS, ESTREANA Maria (Voter ID number 109954594).
LEWIS, MELVILLE R. (Voter ID number 109954593).

12120 SW 271ST ST
SEARS, AIRIS Xavier (Voter ID number 120443856).
THOMAS, KETINA Michelle (Voter ID number 114012877).

12121 SW 250TH TER
PENA, JORGE Ernesto (Voter ID number 120179562).
ARIZAGA, ROMINA (Voter ID number 119590825).

12121 SW 251ST TER
HAYES, ASHLEY Mishael (Voter ID number 119764539).
HAYES, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number 109556022).
HAYES, KINSHIRE PASSMORE SIMONE (Voter ID number 109805109).
HAYES, KWAIN A. (Voter ID number 117784506).

12121 SW 271ST ST
FISHER, JUDSON J. (Voter ID number 120346292).
JOHNSON, OMAR D. (Voter ID number 120214193).
SANDERS, LOIS Yvonne (Voter ID number 118910214).
SANDERS, JAMES Willie (Voter ID number 118892040).

12122 SW 250TH ST
MERCED, MARIELA (Voter ID number 110136996).
MERCED, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 109383345).

12122 SW 251ST TER
GADOURY, STEVEN Robin (Voter ID number 119633968).
GONZALEZ, KATELYNN Nicole (Voter ID number 120219839).
RODRIGUEZ, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109867140).

12122 SW 271ST TER
HAUGHTON, TRELLANY (Voter ID number 108909079).
HAUGHTON, KANETHEA Demetrica (Voter ID number 109733570).

12123 SW 271ST TER
VERAS, EMMANUEL (Voter ID number 116978340).

12125 SW 249TH ST
YULKOWSKI, EDWARD Francis (Voter ID number 109381439).
YULKOWSKI, PATRICIA (Voter ID number 110073120).

12125 SW 251ST ST
GARCIA, ANDREW Michael (Voter ID number 110172830).
GARCIA, JASON Bryan (Voter ID number 110172831).
GARCIA, KARL Manuel (Voter ID number 110172844).
GARCIA, MARIA Carmen (Voter ID number 110172836).
GARCIA, MATHEW P. (Voter ID number 116014281).

12126 SW 249TH ST
KALPEE, JEAN-MARC Anthony (Voter ID number 109883788).
KHELL, JOANNE A. (Voter ID number 109915541).

12126 SW 250TH TER
RIVERA, TESSICA (Voter ID number 120513710).
GALLION, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109663701).
GALLION, KENNETH R. (Voter ID number 109977336).
GARBEY, JOSE Enrique (Voter ID number 109725565).

12127 SW 249TH TER
BAZAN, ALBERTO Antonio (Voter ID number 109391900).

12127 SW 250TH TER
SAMPAYO, JESSICA S. (Voter ID number 110255849).

12128 SW 250TH ST
LEYVA, LINDA Priscilla (Voter ID number 110132611).
RIVAS, MARITZA Esterlina (Voter ID number 114126320).
TOBON, HECTOR Jaime (Voter ID number 109679838).
LEYVA, RIBERTO (Voter ID number 114469879).

12128 SW 251ST TER
ERBITI, JOSE Armando (Voter ID number 110116818).

12130 SW 251ST ST
CHUNG, CHRISTOPHER M. (Voter ID number 109848035).

12131 SW 251ST ST
CLARKE, MARILYN J. (Voter ID number 110104585).
STEWART, KAYDIA (Voter ID number 110267009).
STEWART, GAVIN Alex (Voter ID number 116313112).

12132 SW 250TH TER
HARDY, MICHAEL Warner (Voter ID number 109997929).
ZAPATA-HARDY, LISA Renae (Voter ID number 109997881).

12133 SW 250TH TER
AVILES, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 109986431).
AVILES, RICARDO (Voter ID number 109531430).

12133 SW 251ST TER
FERGUSON, ADRIENNE E. (Voter ID number 119822294).
MAY, GARFIELD Basil (Voter ID number 116581257).

12134 SW 250TH ST
CAMPBELL-MC NEIL, TAMIKO N. (Voter ID number 117052941).
MC NEIL, KENYATA Alonza (Voter ID number 109992146).

12134 SW 251ST TER
RYAN, DORIS S. (Voter ID number 116907907).
RYAN, THOMAS E. (Voter ID number 116907891).

12136 SW 251ST ST
OLIVA, CLEDY M. (Voter ID number 116223190).
OLIVA, FERNANDO S. (Voter ID number 116292774).

12137 SW 251ST ST
CHESTER, JOE Henry (Voter ID number 109995391).
GLENN, BEATRICE (Voter ID number 109157870).
HIGHTOWER, LORENZO Charles (Voter ID number 119794290).
HIGHTOWER, LASHWN Denise (Voter ID number 109363156).
HIGHTOWER, LORENZO Charles (Voter ID number 109348265).

12138 SW 250TH TER
PHILIPPE- AUGUSTE, GINA (Voter ID number 114668389).
PHILIPPE-AUGUSTE, PIERRE (Voter ID number 114667459).

12139 SW 250TH ST
CROTEAU, DANIEL A. (Voter ID number 116796597).
CROTEAU, GLORIA Katherine (Voter ID number 109731584).

12139 SW 251ST ST
CRUZ, RAFAEL I. (Voter ID number 115281986).

12139 SW 251ST TER
CRUZ, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 109629645).

12140 SW 250TH ST
ALONSO, ANTONIO Zacarias (Voter ID number 118360295).
ALONSO, MARIA (Voter ID number 118419674).

12140 SW 251ST TER
FROST, JEFFERY B. (Voter ID number 101947489).
LAYNE, CAMILO Antonio (Voter ID number 119839420).
FROST, LABRENTAE B. (Voter ID number 116103148).
FROST, YARA Beatrice (Voter ID number 109848114).

12140 SW 271ST ST
CAINES, DAN J. (Voter ID number 115204597).
CAINES, SYLVIA Matilda (Voter ID number 108249543).

12141 SW 271ST ST
MACK, JACQUELYN A. (Voter ID number 109259539).
FOLKES, HOWARD Anthony (Voter ID number 109993817).

12142 SW 251ST ST
COLINDRES, GLENDA L. (Voter ID number 110148810).
LOPEZ, DUWLAV E. (Voter ID number 115282059).

12142 SW 271ST TER
BLAZQUEZ, ELBA Olano (Voter ID number 109455431).
OLANO, BLANCA (Voter ID number 109573294).
OLANO, ELBA Colon (Voter ID number 108954806).
SIRARD, CRYSTAL Marie (Voter ID number 110128544).

12144 SW 250TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, RAMONA A. (Voter ID number 120293573).
ORTEGA, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 116391181).
CIRIACO, ESMERALDA (Voter ID number 116299422).

12145 SW 250TH ST
WILTON, CHRISTOPHER N. (Voter ID number 116002104).
WILTON, ERICA Danielle (Voter ID number 110088255).

12145 SW 250TH TER
JONES, DARIUS Antonio (Voter ID number 119191089).
JONES, ANTONIO R. (Voter ID number 109561555).
JONES, LEVITA Lynn (Voter ID number 109926066).

12145 SW 251ST TER
MEDINA, LAURA A. (Voter ID number 116520845).
DAVID, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 109722460).
DAVID, SHAWN Patrick (Voter ID number 110124962).

12146 SW 250TH ST
HUETE, ADAN (Voter ID number 114617127).

12146 SW 251ST TER
CROSS, ARNITRYCE Washey (Voter ID number 109483931).
WILLIAMS, BRESGAG Washay (Voter ID number 119371769).

12149 SW 251ST ST
MORENO, JORGE Andres (Voter ID number 118453066).
MORENO, MARY L. (Voter ID number 110310673).
RODRIGUEZ, VANESSA Milena (Voter ID number 118642428).
CARDENAS, PEDRO Luis (Voter ID number 109415447).

12150 SW 250TH TER
MARTINEZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 110083500).

12151 SW 250TH TER
GONZALEZ, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 117120337).
ORTEGA, GLORIA America (Voter ID number 116652710).

12151 SW 251ST TER
STARKS, CHANEL R. (Voter ID number 119627289).
STARKS, BARBARA Anne (Voter ID number 109804263).
STARKS, JAMES Lee (Voter ID number 109555812).
UZCATEGUI, ADIAR J. (Voter ID number 114406019).

12152 SW 250TH ST
PAULINO, ESPERANZA (Voter ID number 115517361).
AMADOR, MARIO (Voter ID number 119395095).

12152 SW 251ST TER
MARCHANTE, MARIA Carmen (Voter ID number 115365070).
MARCHANTE, REINALDO (Voter ID number 120191228).

12154 SW 251ST ST
ZWICK, CHELSEA (Voter ID number 118830625).
ZWICK, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 109211955).

12156 SW 250TH TER
LOPEZ, LESLIE (Voter ID number 109844715).
THOMPSON, CHARLIESIA D. (Voter ID number 110163126).

12157 SW 250TH ST
JOHNSON, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 110247952).
JOHNSON, SHAUNTEE Friend (Voter ID number 110026923).

12157 SW 250TH TER
CADAVID, BARBRA Sonia (Voter ID number 109874604).
CADAVID, GLENN (Voter ID number 109442203).

12157 SW 251ST TER
WILLIAMS, GERALD Germane (Voter ID number 116827450).
WILLIAMS, JEAN Maureen (Voter ID number 109922420).
WILLIAMS, JERMAINE J. (Voter ID number 116290990).

12158 SW 251ST TER
FERNANDEZ, ELIAS (Voter ID number 119999371).

12160 SW 251ST ST
GONZALEZ, MARIA Ines (Voter ID number 110253722).
GONZALEZ, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109777759).
RIVERA, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 110175893).
RIVERA, SIDNEY Dinorah (Voter ID number 110095998).
SANTIAGO, DAISY (Voter ID number 109789364).
VENTURA, RAFAEL Alfredo (Voter ID number 109511166).

12161 SW 251ST ST
NEWKIRK, LISA Joy (Voter ID number 109442901).
NEWKIRK, NORMAN Keith (Voter ID number 109363068).

12162 SW 250TH TER
GARCIA, RICARDO Munguia (Voter ID number 110299222).

12163 SW 250TH ST
CORREA, ALFREDO (Voter ID number 119640306).

12163 SW 250TH TER
HYPPOLITE, STANLEY G. (Voter ID number 116384051).
MONTGOMERY, LEQUON A. (Voter ID number 114362125).
SPRAGGINS, JASONI Chanel (Voter ID number 121054697).
HARRIS, JANAE (Voter ID number 118464826).
HYPPOLITE, ANGELA Renee (Voter ID number 109349566).

12163 SW 251ST TER
DIAZ MORALES, LISVAN (Voter ID number 117650987).
RIVERA LORENTE, YISETH (Voter ID number 120417669).

12164 SW 250TH ST
MARTINEZ, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 120201195).

12164 SW 251ST TER
FRAVEL, ROBERT Barrow (Voter ID number 110022888).
MESSINA, CHARLES H. (Voter ID number 109555664).
SAN JUAN, JOHN (Voter ID number 110339803).

12169 SW 251ST TER
FLUELLEN, GREGORY Bernard (Voter ID number 109268613).
FANCE FLUELLEN, MICHELLE Denise (Voter ID number 117477961).
FLUELLEN, MICHELLE D. (Voter ID number 109486969).

12170 SW 251ST TER
ANDERSON, ANN MARIE (Voter ID number 119115929).
ANDERSON, ANN MARIA (Voter ID number 116978367).

12176 SW 251ST TER
SOLER, ADAM Joseph (Voter ID number 119049404).
SOLER, ALEX (Voter ID number 110210336).
SOLER, ALEJUNDRO (Voter ID number 109726975).
SOLER, ARIEL R. (Voter ID number 114790668).
SOLER, MARGARITA C. (Voter ID number 109427882).

12183 SW 240TH ST
ABAD, DAVID R. (Voter ID number 119655403).

12200 SW 267TH TER
LINDER, RENEE E. (Voter ID number 109319578).
LINDER, TAMARA L. (Voter ID number 110211445).
LINDER, TEVIN Dion (Voter ID number 121206786).
LINDER, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 119876251).
LINDER, TYRONE Presley (Voter ID number 117066800).
LINDER, TYRONE P. (Voter ID number 116945267).

12201 SW 264TH ST
SHIPP, DIANE D. (Voter ID number 116105832).
MORALES, BELEN (Voter ID number 109734080).
MORALES, HUMBERTO P. (Voter ID number 109491115).

12205 SW 261ST TER
BEAUGHAN, ANNEY (Voter ID number 109368370).
BEAUGHAN, JEANNIE Choy (Voter ID number 109536671).
BEAUGHAN, KAREN Betty (Voter ID number 109437639).

12208 SW 251ST TER
SUAREZ GUERRA, ANGEL Adrian (Voter ID number 119954432).

12210 SW 267TH TER
WILBON, ALBERTA M. (Voter ID number 109115121).
WILBON, LENA L. (Voter ID number 116275211).
ROMNEY, KHADIJA (Voter ID number 110182418).
ROMNY, ERIC Sylvester (Voter ID number 118921747).

12211 SW 264TH ST
GONZALEZ, MARITZA J. (Voter ID number 120523203).

12211 SW 268TH ST
FRANCISCO, ALICIA C. (Voter ID number 109516021).

12214 SW 261ST TER
FERGUSON, RONALD Maris (Voter ID number 110084411).

12214 SW 263RD TER
ZUAZO, LORIE (Voter ID number 116629552).

12215 SW 261ST TER
BRAND, MICHAEL Aaron (Voter ID number 109592875).

12215 SW 263RD TER
DEAN, FRANK Samuel (Voter ID number 109326558).
DEAN, TRINA Marie (Voter ID number 109495744).

12219 SW 249TH ST
RODRIGUEZ AMOR, HUMBERTO (Voter ID number 118763264).
RODRIGUEZ, RANDY (Voter ID number 118346727).
RODRIGUEZ, MIRELLA (Voter ID number 109727488).

12219 SW 250TH ST
KOONCE, JEFF A. (Voter ID number 110166940).

12220 SW 249TH ST
BEAUCHAMPS, JOHNATHAN Renee (Voter ID number 114998770).
GRAVES, BRETT Alexander (Voter ID number 120783467).
PEREZ, BIANCA Tatiana (Voter ID number 114342719).
CHIRINO, JESSICA (Voter ID number 114355050).
HUERTAS, LUZ D. (Voter ID number 110069977).

12220 SW 251ST ST
CASTILLO, DENISSE Alejandra (Voter ID number 118834340).

12220 SW 251ST TER
CASTILLO, GILL German (Voter ID number 118289051).
CASTILLO, NOHEMY (Voter ID number 115467864).

12220 SW 267TH TER
MERRELL, GARY (Voter ID number 116427758).

12221 SW 251ST ST
RIQUENES, ROELBYS (Voter ID number 118321207).
OLANO, DAYSMARA (Voter ID number 117542965).

12221 SW 252ND TER
COSBY, TAKETHA Lachelle (Voter ID number 109585578).

12221 SW 264TH ST
LANDRESS, CAROLYN Singh (Voter ID number 109793162).
LANDRESS, THOMAS William (Voter ID number 109378495).

12223 SW 262ND ST
MIEREZ, MICHELLE Beverly (Voter ID number 109384224).
MIEREZ, LACE Violet (Voter ID number 116290643).

12224 SW 261ST TER
SAYERS, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 117971221).
SAYERS, MICHELLE Heather (Voter ID number 120032332).
CLARK, BRODY Udell (Voter ID number 110335587).
SAYERS, THOMAS Albert (Voter ID number 109794169).

12225 SW 261ST TER
LEWIS, LORRAINE Vereen (Voter ID number 109383142).

12229 SW 249TH ST
QUINQUILLA, AZALEA (Voter ID number 109528671).
QUINQUILLA, LEILANI (Voter ID number 109733474).
QUINQUILLA, RAFAEL L. (Voter ID number 109511543).

12229 SW 250TH ST
GONSHOR, SUSAN Elaine (Voter ID number 110167654).

12230 SW 249TH ST
LUNG, KENNETH Lee (Voter ID number 109366818).

12231 SW 251ST ST
BARNES, EARL Ryan (Voter ID number 117094910).
ENNIS, JOHN Austin (Voter ID number 114927397).

12231 SW 264TH ST
HICKS, GLENDA Yvette (Voter ID number 109206962).
HICKS, KEVIN B. (Voter ID number 109481419).
ROBINSON, ETHEL V. (Voter ID number 108980526).

12231 SW 268TH ST
HEURTELOU, EVENS Claude (Voter ID number 114524690).

12233 SW 262ND ST
CORTINAS, JEANNIE (Voter ID number 117584350).
SANTIAGO, CARLOS L. (Voter ID number 110326485).
SANTIAGO, DANIELLE R. (Voter ID number 110291425).
TAVARAS, ROSALINA (Voter ID number 110186750).

12234 SW 261ST TER
FREEMAN, ORLANDO Cecilio (Voter ID number 120482054).

12234 SW 263RD TER
CORDON, KATHERINE Magaly (Voter ID number 110342428).
CORALLO, CRISTINA Elena (Voter ID number 109287245).

12235 SW 261ST TER
BELLVILLE, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 109933312).
BELLVILLE, KEITH (Voter ID number 116029430).
BELLVILLE, THERESA J. (Voter ID number 109932518).

12235 SW 263RD TER
GONZALEZ, JAIGL (Voter ID number 110179497).
LUGO, GLORIA Ivette (Voter ID number 110085217).

12239 SW 250TH ST
ELISABETH, JOSUE J. (Voter ID number 115865868).

12240 SW 249TH ST
HAIGHT, GARY T. (Voter ID number 109421880).

12240 SW 251ST TER
ROJAS, GUILLERMO Alexander (Voter ID number 110333760).
VALDES, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109700800).

12240 SW 267TH TER
DE LOACH, ERIC Eugene (Voter ID number 109217459).
DE LOACH, ZEREAL Shenell (Voter ID number 109185363).
JONES, JEANETTE (Voter ID number 109018695).

12241 SW 264TH ST
KIRKLAND, JOHN David (Voter ID number 109506436).
MERRICK, JEEN (Voter ID number 109497687).

12241 SW 268TH ST
CABANAS, CHRISTINA (Voter ID number 114414593).
GONZALEZ, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 114366024).
SANTANA, JAYMEE (Voter ID number 119052250).

12243 SW 262ND ST
HENSLEY, BLANCA J. (Voter ID number 109901707).
HENSLEY, DAVID S. (Voter ID number 109285013).

12244 SW 261ST TER
GUZMAN, JOSE Julian (Voter ID number 110036264).
GUZMAN, JOSEFINA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109359394).

12244 SW 263RD TER
ROBINSON, LINDA Chinita (Voter ID number 109431719).
ROBINSON, LARRY (Voter ID number 109631290).

12245 SW 261ST TER
HITCHENS, NAKINA Renee (Voter ID number 120754411).
DAVIS, TAJUANA R. (Voter ID number 109880055).

12245 SW 263RD TER
REID, CHRISTOPHER Scott (Voter ID number 116671398).
RUIZ, LEDA (Voter ID number 117413723).
REID, ROBERT Matthew (Voter ID number 110091132).

12249 SW 249TH ST
CROTEAU, ESTHER Patricia (Voter ID number 115413276).

12249 SW 250TH ST
MATOS, CHERYL Leigh (Voter ID number 109967867).
MATOS, WILLIAM Hoyos (Voter ID number 110047233).

12250 SW 249TH ST
TINGLING-HARRIS, RICARDO Nathaniel (Voter ID number 117603629).
BRYCE, CONRADO Armando (Voter ID number 115944231).
LAING, EDWIN Vernon (Voter ID number 116803954).
LAING, MARCIA (Voter ID number 109528733).

12251 SW 268TH ST
GARCIA, ANITA A. (Voter ID number 110146521).
GARCIA, ANN Marie (Voter ID number 109703361).
GARCIA, DAVID John (Voter ID number 109588697).
GARCIA, JUAN (Voter ID number 109151562).
GARCIA, JUAN (Voter ID number 109425958).

12255 SW 261ST TER
STEELE, CHARLES Henry (Voter ID number 109463660).
STEELE, RUTHIE A. (Voter ID number 114036323).

12255 SW 263RD TER
FRANKLIN, JUNIOR Lucien (Voter ID number 121088840).

12256 SW 259TH TER
SPIVEY, JENELLE Marshai (Voter ID number 110137016).
STARKS, BRIDGET A. (Voter ID number 109569740).
STARKS, LEON Odell (Voter ID number 118898377).

12258 SW 250TH ST
TORRES, LISSETT (Voter ID number 119905519).
ESPINETA, TANIA (Voter ID number 117739099).
VASQUEZ, MARJORIE (Voter ID number 116098144).

12259 SW 249TH ST
FORBES-LEVY, REBECCA R. (Voter ID number 109509501).
MATHIS, SAMPSON (Voter ID number 109082753).

12259 SW 250TH ST
AVELLAN, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 117359102).

12260 SW 251ST ST
CAMISE, ANGELINA Maria (Voter ID number 118143841).
CAMISE, ANNABELLA Rosa (Voter ID number 118142177).
CAMISE, AUDREY (Voter ID number 109428048).

12260 SW 251ST TER
BENITEZ, MINERVA (Voter ID number 116068597).
MANFUGAS, GABRIEL (Voter ID number 109639827).
ORTIZ, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 109516439).

12260 SW 267TH TER
HARDY, TIDRA C. (Voter ID number 109372676).
HARDY, ALAUNA N. (Voter ID number 119629239).

12261 SW 250TH TER
HOWARD, TAMMIE M. (Voter ID number 116796214).
HOWARD, NASH Bernard (Voter ID number 109208495).

12261 SW 251ST ST
THOMPSON, CONWARD Stephen (Voter ID number 118828477).
THOMPSON, VICTORIA M. (Voter ID number 109423459).

12261 SW 252ND TER
PEREZ, RICHARD (Voter ID number 120404217).

12261 SW 257TH TER
RAMOS, CRISTINA Grace (Voter ID number 117186334).
RAMOS, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 119330765).

12261 SW 264TH ST
CLARK, RACHEL Olivia (Voter ID number 109776869).
ELLIS, DARRINNIESHA Dominique (Voter ID number 120892141).

12262 SW 250TH TER
ALEXANDER, DENISE (Voter ID number 110227479).
ALEXANDER, EMILY Larshell (Voter ID number 109293384).
OCHOA, DANNY (Voter ID number 110302967).

12262 SW 259TH TER
PEREZ, LAZARO D. (Voter ID number 118116646).
NAVARRO, MARIA Mercedes (Voter ID number 110177008).

12264 SW 263RD TER
PARKER, MAURICE Alias (Voter ID number 109345407).

12267 SW 251ST TER
BRATHWAITE, PATRICIA J. (Voter ID number 119364038).
BRATHWAITE, SELWYN D. (Voter ID number 118646175).

12267 SW 257TH TER
CAPDEVILA, JORGE (Voter ID number 109752716).
VALVERDE, JAZMINA Socorro (Voter ID number 117965997).
BONILLA, RAUL Danilo (Voter ID number 119180271).

12268 SW 259TH TER
GALVEZ, KATRIELLE Karina (Voter ID number 117575617).

12270 SW 249TH ST
MORAGA, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number 118833073).
MORAGA, LAUREEN Clarissa (Voter ID number 109837264).
ARNOLD, LEE John (Voter ID number 110086480).
SERNA, ILDEFONSO Jose (Voter ID number 109698698).

12271 SW 268TH ST
JOSEPH, JOUVANCE (Voter ID number 119772949).
JOSEPH, YVETTE (Voter ID number 120232578).
JOSEPH, JEAN Louijance (Voter ID number 116604677).

12273 SW 257TH TER
WALKER, KAREN (Voter ID number 110247491).

12274 SW 259TH TER
CAMAROTTA, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 119931989).
MOSCHINI, ELBA Cristina (Voter ID number 119704258).

12279 SW 249TH ST
DE JESUS, JULIO E. (Voter ID number 109334694).

12279 SW 257TH TER
MULKEY, CECIL Dennis (Voter ID number 109779405).

12280 SW 251ST TER
BAZILE-CARRE, ROSE-ANDREE M. (Voter ID number 102305467).
LAGUNA, NICOLE Madeleine (Voter ID number 115946210).
RUIZ, DELILAH Linda (Voter ID number 110307970).

12280 SW 259TH TER
BROWN, CARLA (Voter ID number 110287887).
LEGGETT, TERILYNN T. (Voter ID number 116970096).

12281 SW 252ND TER
DIAZ, ERICK (Voter ID number 116470392).
DIAZ, MARIVEL (Voter ID number 114724919).

12285 SW 257TH TER
HERNANDEZ, JESSENIA (Voter ID number 114418199).
HERNANDEZ, DAGOBERTO (Voter ID number 109537148).

12286 SW 259TH TER
ARTZE, LEOPOLDO J. (Voter ID number 110159493).
ARTZE, LORENA (Voter ID number 109226225).
OCHEITA, OLGA (Voter ID number 109202664).

12287 SW 251ST TER
MARTINEZ, LESBIA M. (Voter ID number 116364616).
MARTINEZ, JENNY M. (Voter ID number 116366034).
MARTINEZ, LUIS Alfonso (Voter ID number 116383323).

12291 SW 257TH TER
ROSADO, DAVID (Voter ID number 109908375).
ROSADO, NELSON (Voter ID number 109344958).

12297 SW 257TH TER
CASTRO, DAVID Juan (Voter ID number 109535484).
CASTRO, ELBA A. (Voter ID number 109696389).
THOMAS, WALTER (Voter ID number 109565073).

12298 SW 250TH ST
CATALAN, JORGE Cristian (Voter ID number 109788380).
CATALAN, JUDITH C. (Voter ID number 109579150).

12299 SW 250TH ST
ALVAREZ, JUAN ANTONIO (Voter ID number 114571593).
BARRIENTOS HUETE, JOSE Carlos (Voter ID number 118842648).

12300 SW 236TH ST
BOSTICK, CHARLES Boykin (Voter ID number 110106374).

12300 SW 251ST ST
MORENO, SANDER J. (Voter ID number 119637691).
MORENO, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 119637701).

12300 SW 253RD ST
TORMES, MELVIS (Voter ID number 119993868).
TORMES, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 116403625).

12300 SW 259TH ST
FUENTES PEREZ, RAIEL (Voter ID number 120296662).
KELLEY, CALVIN (Voter ID number 110175695).
KELLEY, CONSTANCE Denise (Voter ID number 109340551).
ROJAS, MIRELYS (Voter ID number 119371104).

12300 SW 259TH TER
PIMENTEL, JOHN (Voter ID number 120126498).
CASTELLANO, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109614060).
PIMENTEL, MARICEL (Voter ID number 109686876).
PIMENTEL, MELISSA Maria (Voter ID number 110310524).

12301 SW 240TH ST
OJEDA, GUILLERMINA (Voter ID number 109473380).

12301 SW 250TH TER
PUGH, LISA Michelle (Voter ID number 109733608).
PUGH, LOUISE (Voter ID number 108995353).
LOWERY, AMBER J. (Voter ID number 116299778).

12301 SW 251ST ST
JOHNSON, ALEX Dexter (Voter ID number 109277425).
JOHNSON, KEISHA Iroko (Voter ID number 109926705).

12301 SW 253RD ST
VILLALOBOS, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109629550).

12302 SW 250TH TER
DAVIS, ANGELIA (Voter ID number 109226420).
DAVIS, CHARLES Gary (Voter ID number 109210358).
DAVIS, PAYSHANCE Brione (Voter ID number 110158263).

12304 SW 252ND TER
LIOTTA, SHARON G. (Voter ID number 109248694).

12304 SW 253RD TER
BICKFORD, DORIS Angelica (Voter ID number 109701214).
MORALES, STACY Lynette (Voter ID number 109538551).
RODRIGUEZ, ILIANA E. (Voter ID number 109475062).
RODRIGUEZ, SILVESTRE Antonio (Voter ID number 109493072).

12304 SW 254TH TER
BARREDA, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 110132523).
BARREDA, YESSICA (Voter ID number 110139258).

12304 SW 255TH TER
EVANS, CHARLES S. (Voter ID number 102319146).

12304 SW 263RD TER
WEST, ALPHONSO M. (Voter ID number 109236127).

12305 SW 250TH TER
BRANNON, NEVELYN A. (Voter ID number 109167599).
BRANNON, TAQUESHA S. (Voter ID number 110037050).
BRANNON, TIFFANY Nicole (Voter ID number 110085055).

12305 SW 254TH TER
MAURER, STEVEN Ray (Voter ID number 110245699).

12305 SW 255TH TER
CARL, ALICE (Voter ID number 114530497).
CARL, RICHARD (Voter ID number 114530486).

12305 SW 259TH TER
LOPEZ, MARTA Caridad (Voter ID number 117662495).
MALONE, MARGARET Lolita (Voter ID number 109277484).
MALONE, ROOSEVELT (Voter ID number 109807019).
ROBINSON, VANESSA L. (Voter ID number 119406540).

12305 SW 261ST TER
JIMENEZ, DANIEL (Voter ID number 118061040).
ANDOLINA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 110189343).
DAVALOS, ILEEN (Voter ID number 110253861).

12305 SW 264TH ST
DUNCAN, NATHANIEL B. (Voter ID number 120423957).

12306 SW 250TH TER
FRYE, ANDREW Charles (Voter ID number 109445825).
FRYE, LISA Williams (Voter ID number 109479261).

12306 SW 251ST ST
STUART, CARY (Voter ID number 109246998).
CRESPO, LISETT (Voter ID number 117572913).
STUART, KAYLA M. (Voter ID number 117572464).

12306 SW 259TH TER
GARCIA, VICTOR (Voter ID number 120416210).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA F. (Voter ID number 120413834).

12307 SW 251ST TER
MERINO, CARLOS Jesus (Voter ID number 121062515).
MERINO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 110119189).

12308 SW 251ST TER
FABELO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 100867993).

12309 SW 250TH ST
VILLANUEVA, JEANCARLO (Voter ID number 117572804).

12309 SW 250TH TER
LEORZA, MARGARET (Voter ID number 109638429).
LEORZA, MIGUEL Cesar (Voter ID number 109658370).

12310 SW 250TH TER
ESPINOSA, STELLA (Voter ID number 116180211).

12310 SW 253RD ST
MENENDEZ, LERIDA (Voter ID number 120326530).
RODRIGUEZ, ALVERT (Voter ID number 110320844).

12310 SW 259TH ST
PICKERING, ALEXIS Lashuan (Voter ID number 120822959).
GREEN, TAMARA Lashaun (Voter ID number 109406583).

12310 SW 264TH ST
VARGAS, DAVID (Voter ID number 115839841).

12311 SW 252ND TER
ALFONZO, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109547339).

12311 SW 253RD ST
ECHEVARRIA, NELSON (Voter ID number 110220043).

12311 SW 256TH ST
GRANT, TIMOTHY James (Voter ID number 119952759).
HEYLIGER, HOWARD McDonlad (Voter ID number 115691503).
MILLER, ALLEN Daniel (Voter ID number 110083486).
MILLER, MARSHA (Voter ID number 109257589).
NEAL, MAE Julia (Voter ID number 109079883).
TILLMAN, BRYAN Terrod (Voter ID number 115863674).

12311 SW 259TH TER
NOEL, WADNER (Voter ID number 109765859).
ADLAM NOEL, CHRISTOPHER W. (Voter ID number 118103820).
NOEL, ANTHONY James (Voter ID number 119621327).
NOEL, CLAUDZERT (Voter ID number 109758333).
NOEL, VENLYN Esther (Voter ID number 109975645).

12311 SW 264TH ST
GARCIA, JUAN B. (Voter ID number 109490079).

12312 SW 259TH TER
TIMANA, KARIANIZ Y. (Voter ID number 110009197).
TIMANA, KLARITZEL Y. (Voter ID number 116400797).
RICE, CLARA (Voter ID number 117083547).

12313 SW 264TH TER
ASENCIO, HECTOR L. (Voter ID number 110082444).

12313 SW 265TH TER
HOWARD, DEBORA Brengan (Voter ID number 109727757).

12313 SW 266TH TER
DIXON, DANIEL Ray (Voter ID number 109773445).
DIXON, EDWARD Earl (Voter ID number 109528028).

12313 SW 267TH TER
BRANDTI, FLOR A. (Voter ID number 117145765).

12314 SW 252ND TER
RAMIREZ, RICARDO (Voter ID number 113858467).

12314 SW 253RD TER
FLORES, CHERYLE L. (Voter ID number 116343821).

12314 SW 254TH TER
BIRD, GAAY (Voter ID number 117442542).
BIRD, PATRICA (Voter ID number 117442474).

12314 SW 255TH TER
DUGARD, CLARE M. (Voter ID number 104463811).
DUGARD, DAVID Joseph (Voter ID number 118467059).
DUGARD, KATHERINE M. (Voter ID number 118706705).
DUGARD, RACHEL Ann (Voter ID number 119561794).
DUGARD, ALMA Nelly (Voter ID number 109360733).
DUGARD, JAMES T. (Voter ID number 109369496).

12314 SW 263RD TER
RUBIDO BARTELL, JESSICA (Voter ID number 110160403).
MARTIN, YVONNE Michelle (Voter ID number 110039971).

12315 SW 253RD TER
FERNANDEZ-TORRES, MARISOL (Voter ID number 109623953).
SHAFFER, CHARLES L. (Voter ID number 109336097).

12315 SW 254TH TER
MC HENRY, GERALD (Voter ID number 109591380).

12315 SW 255TH TER
ROBLEDO, IDALMIN Caridad (Voter ID number 116289697).

12315 SW 261ST TER
GARCIA, ROGER L. (Voter ID number 120903239).
LEYVA, KANDIS R. (Voter ID number 115235567).
LEYVA, VICTOR Rene (Voter ID number 115235510).

12316 SW 259TH ST
INGRAM, JUDITH (Voter ID number 109008543).

12317 SW 259TH TER
PEREZ, RUTH B. (Voter ID number 109508210).
CASTRO, MAURYCIERIS (Voter ID number 117358588).
PALMERO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 117361471).

12320 SW 249TH ST
ROBINSON, BETTIE Jean (Voter ID number 108968691).
ROBINSON, MILTON (Voter ID number 109004120).
JOHNSON, SHELIA Denise (Voter ID number 116197344).

12320 SW 264TH ST
JOSEPH, DERRICK Paul (Voter ID number 116990954).
SIMMONS, KEITH C. (Voter ID number 119767867).
BENNETT, LAMAR A. (Voter ID number 109773277).
BROWN, KATHRYN D. (Voter ID number 109247783).
BRYANT, DARRIUS J. (Voter ID number 110281546).
WILSON, LILLIAN Janae (Voter ID number 119983625).

12321 SW 252ND TER
DERIVAL, ROSE L. (Voter ID number 116270418).
DORSAINVIL, ERNSO (Voter ID number 110062157).
DORSAINVIL, MARIE Lore (Voter ID number 109759447).
SAINVIL, DIEUDONNE (Voter ID number 116269982).
DERIVAL, LOUIDIEU (Voter ID number 116599465).

12321 SW 253RD ST
SANCHEZ, TEODORO (Voter ID number 110240877).

12321 SW 256TH ST
PEARSON, ANGELIA Renee (Voter ID number 118381633).
THURSTON, JAMES K. (Voter ID number 109329965).
THURSTON, MICHELLE Babette (Voter ID number 109230982).

12321 SW 264TH ST
HERRERA, JESUS Elias (Voter ID number 102040349).
HERRERA, MIRNA (Voter ID number 117567781).

12321 SW 268TH ST
NAVEA, AGUSTIN E. (Voter ID number 109517423).
NAVEA, DANIEL Agustin (Voter ID number 115230173).
SERPAS, JUANA (Voter ID number 109675467).

12322 SW 259TH ST
THOMAS, AUDREY D. (Voter ID number 109961204).

12322 SW 266TH TER
MC CRAY, JIMMY Lamont (Voter ID number 115571113).

12323 SW 259TH ST
BERRIES, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 109694132).

12323 SW 259TH TER
BERRIOS, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 109136172).

12323 SW 264TH TER
SHERMAN, WINSOME Annie (Voter ID number 109754600).

12323 SW 265TH TER
COLLINS, ALEX (Voter ID number 110129186).
COLLINS, BETTY J. (Voter ID number 109756094).

12323 SW 266TH TER
FELIZ, MARVIN (Voter ID number 110312341).
FOX, INGRID (Voter ID number 109999425).
LORENZO, KEVIN O. (Voter ID number 109741125).
LORENZO, NORY Adriana (Voter ID number 109183331).

12323 SW 267TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ALBERTO F. (Voter ID number 110092398).
RODRIGUEZ, LOURDES Martinez (Voter ID number 120661319).

12324 SW 251ST ST
GUTIERREZ, BRENDA L. (Voter ID number 115862834).
GUTIERREZ, LUIS M. (Voter ID number 109725781).

12324 SW 251ST TER
OCASIO, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 109830172).
OCASIO, ANTHONY Rafael (Voter ID number 110107039).
OCASIO, NATALIE A. (Voter ID number 115270897).

12324 SW 252ND TER
ALFONZO, LESLIE Ann (Voter ID number 110296256).
ALFONZO, PEDRO (Voter ID number 110185727).
ALFONZO, RAMONA (Voter ID number 109149069).

12324 SW 253RD TER
BURBA, DOREEN (Voter ID number 121079729).
DIAZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 110117813).
GONZALEZ, JOSHUA Anthony (Voter ID number 119847555).
FONSECA, ANN R. (Voter ID number 109166107).
PAGAN, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109210708).
PAGAN, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 110059349).

12324 SW 254TH TER
RAMOS, EVA LIIS (Voter ID number 116689389).

12324 SW 255TH TER
CROZIER, PATRICK Russle (Voter ID number 115002853).
ROLL, XAVIER Marie (Voter ID number 116806308).

12324 SW 259TH TER
RAFFORD, LANCE Mason (Voter ID number 109513920).
REISS, LINDA Karen (Voter ID number 119168407).

12324 SW 263RD TER
MONTY, HOPE M. (Voter ID number 109678671).
MONTY, RICHARD Roland (Voter ID number 109216819).

12324 SW 264TH TER
TORRES, DANNY D. (Voter ID number 120092731).
JHONSON, CARLOS Gerna (Voter ID number 110290680).
TORRES, DANIEL (Voter ID number 110245164).
TORRES, MARIELA T. (Voter ID number 110001199).

12324 SW 265TH TER
BANOS, IRMA R. (Voter ID number 110117357).
SANCHEZ, MATEO I. (Voter ID number 118828142).

12324 SW 266TH TER
MYLES, TOMMY Lee (Voter ID number 118838996).
SPELL, KHALILLAH Kissy Persheka (Voter ID number 117079073).
SPELL, BLANCHE D. (Voter ID number 115624554).
THOMAS, WILLIE Lee (Voter ID number 109263163).

12324 SW 267TH TER
CAMPBELL, GLORIA Emmie (Voter ID number 109945615).
CAMPBELL, MARI Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109272325).

12325 SW 240TH ST
LOCKE, GRACIE M. (Voter ID number 108950191).

12325 SW 253RD TER
ILLA, GEORGINA (Voter ID number 115131370).

12325 SW 254TH TER
CAMPBELL, ALISHIA M. (Voter ID number 116796630).
FIGUEROA, ANNA M. (Voter ID number 110298304).
PAYNE, KARL Douglas (Voter ID number 109862756).

12325 SW 255TH TER
ECKERT, REBECCA S. (Voter ID number 110015734).
YAMBRICH, LISA A. (Voter ID number 110017091).

12325 SW 263RD TER
RANCE, TYPHANI J. (Voter ID number 116897452).
RANCE, ARLENE B. (Voter ID number 109299048).
RANCE, WILLIE (Voter ID number 110167363).

12328 SW 251ST TER
SANTIAGO PASTOR, OSCAR (Voter ID number 120926374).
THELWELL, JERMAINE Michael (Voter ID number 110197421).
SANTIAGO, ANA M. (Voter ID number 109587512).
SERRATO, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 110047893).

12328 SW 259TH ST
DANTZLER, EARLENE Diane (Voter ID number 109389517).
GRIFFIN, TAMESIA Latoya Quamise (Voter ID number 110178614).
WILLIAMS, NATOSHIA L. (Voter ID number 109581816).
DANTZLER, JAQARI A. (Voter ID number 116295180).
DANTZLER, KANARI Akeem (Voter ID number 117166146).

12329 SW 249TH ST
DICKSON, CLARENCE (Voter ID number 108988470).
DICKSON, GWENDOLYN Yvonne (Voter ID number 109031374).

12329 SW 259TH TER
MOREY, ROBERT William (Voter ID number 118365380).
DIAZ, PILAR D. (Voter ID number 110059608).

12330 SW 251ST ST
AWAD, GELAHERMA A. (Voter ID number 118266953).
OPENA, ALENETTE A. (Voter ID number 118047701).
IBRAHIM GAYOUSHE, AMAL Acuesta (Voter ID number 120277384).

12330 SW 253RD ST
FLORES, JOSE Marcelo (Voter ID number 109757958).

12330 SW 259TH TER
DAVIS, VALENCIA Ann (Voter ID number 109388240).

12331 SW 252ND TER
CHIONG, YING L. (Voter ID number 118834546).
CHOING, JORGE (Voter ID number 110071899).
MARTINEZ, CLARA Maria (Voter ID number 109482749).
RODRIGUEZ, BALBINA Salome (Voter ID number 109674674).

12331 SW 256TH ST
FIGUEROA, MARILUZ (Voter ID number 116432680).
FIGUEROA, RAMON Nail (Voter ID number 118742142).

12331 SW 264TH ST
CARRILLO, SANDYE (Voter ID number 109839219).

12331 SW 268TH ST
CHARLES, ISAIAH David (Voter ID number 121009390).
JEANPIERRE, LOGAN Herve (Voter ID number 120712410).
CHARLES, GERARD J. (Voter ID number 118101004).
CHARLES, IMMACULA (Voter ID number 109625289).
CHARLES, EDWING (Voter ID number 116645935).

12333 SW 265TH TER
PARKER, JOYCE M. (Voter ID number 109904756).
PERKINS, ADELE (Voter ID number 119373519).

12333 SW 266TH TER
TRACZYK, LYNN Thi (Voter ID number 109522307).

12333 SW 267TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ODALYS De La Caridad (Voter ID number 103124405).

12334 SW 252ND TER
RIVERA, MOSES (Voter ID number 117098219).
TORRES, ISREAL (Voter ID number 115732059).

12334 SW 253RD TER
PAGAN, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 110061668).

12334 SW 254TH TER
PAGAN, GLADYS E. (Voter ID number 110059780).

12334 SW 255TH TER
LEE, SAVINA Hoel (Voter ID number 109489789).
HERNANDEZ, LANCE Patrick (Voter ID number 109381149).

12334 SW 259TH ST
WILLIAMS, JASMINE (Voter ID number 116201331).
WILLIS, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109586471).

12334 SW 263RD TER
POYATO, LEONEL (Voter ID number 119223826).

12334 SW 264TH TER
YOUNG, CHRISTINE M. (Voter ID number 109662352).

12334 SW 265TH TER
HALL, LINDSEY Edward (Voter ID number 110288589).

12334 SW 266TH TER
DERRICKS, LUIS Alberto (Voter ID number 117565038).
DANZOT, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 116392479).

12334 SW 267TH TER
PEREIRA, LAURINDA C. (Voter ID number 110338460).

12335 SW 253RD TER
RODRIGUEZ, VANESSA (Voter ID number 110143197).

12335 SW 254TH TER
ANDERSEN, IDA (Voter ID number 108903747).

12335 SW 259TH TER
BOSTIC, OLGA Iris (Voter ID number 115011186).
FALCK, CHRISTOPHER Fernando (Voter ID number 119312635).

12335 SW 261ST TER
ROBINSON, SUSAN Renee (Voter ID number 110024034).
BARNES, VINCENT P. (Voter ID number 109776689).
ROBINSON, ANDREW Anthony (Voter ID number 109040976).

12335 SW 263RD TER
TOBA, SAMSON Toshio (Voter ID number 109363637).

12336 SW 251ST ST
TRESPICIO, RENEE A. (Voter ID number 116653601).
TRESPICIO, RICO J. (Voter ID number 116392013).

12336 SW 259TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, MAYRA D. (Voter ID number 109524072).
RODRIGUEZ, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 117585056).

12337 SW 250TH ST
FIELD, CLAUDIA Silvia (Voter ID number 110183845).
LEE, ANN Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109147233).
LEE, GLENN M. (Voter ID number 109732694).

12338 SW 251ST TER
O'HALLORANS, VERONICA J. (Voter ID number 109865582).
O'HALLORANS, CESAR Alejandro (Voter ID number 109356497).

12340 SW 253RD ST
MITCHELL, ROY Albert (Voter ID number 110221826).
RIVERA, EDWIN C. (Voter ID number 109143495).
RIVERA, MELBA D. (Voter ID number 109048904).
RIVERA-MITCHELL, WENDY Joan (Voter ID number 117142179).

12340 SW 264TH ST
LUGO, ABIGAIL M. (Voter ID number 115268088).

12341 SW 251ST ST
CORRALES, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109602913).
PARKINSON, SANDRA J. (Voter ID number 109521701).
NEWLAND-LEVENE, TAVIA Cadrian (Voter ID number 110195281).
PARKINSON, VIVIA Melissa (Voter ID number 109777441).

12341 SW 252ND TER
BEAUMARCHAIS, BRUGNOLLE Joel (Voter ID number 110336109).
BEAVYARCHAIS, BRIGNOLLE Joel (Voter ID number 109929141).
BRIGNOLLE, BRANET (Voter ID number 109582155).
BRIGNOLLE, DIECILA Paulette (Voter ID number 109680564).
BRIGOLLE, JOSETTE (Voter ID number 109929137).
BRIGNOLLE, GERALDA (Voter ID number 116654513).

12341 SW 253RD ST
SOTO, ANNA N. (Voter ID number 108955607).
SOTO, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 108954102).

12341 SW 256TH ST
HIDALGO-GATO, ALARIEO (Voter ID number 116305906).
HUDALGO-GATO, DAMILIAN (Voter ID number 116305882).

12341 SW 264TH ST
HERNANDEZ, PAULA J. (Voter ID number 109313277).
HERNANDEZ, PETER (Voter ID number 109253138).

12341 SW 268TH ST
PEAK, DOREEN A. (Voter ID number 109967512).

12342 SW 259TH TER
ALZAR, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 110273818).
PEREYRA, ALEVDA J. (Voter ID number 116501556).

12343 SW 264TH TER
FRANCOIS, ORLIE (Voter ID number 120200438).
FRANCOIS, WENDY S. (Voter ID number 119766861).
JUSTE, JEAN-CLAUDE (Voter ID number 116286440).
FRANCOIS, ADELINE (Voter ID number 109385970).
FRANCOIS, EDMOND (Voter ID number 109361553).
FRANCOIS, WENDY (Voter ID number 110118284).

12343 SW 267TH TER
GEHRING, PATRICIA Lynn (Voter ID number 118782012).
WILSON, KARL Michael (Voter ID number 110015282).

12344 SW 253RD TER
ARMSTRONG, LEOLA T. (Voter ID number 116325175).

12344 SW 254TH TER
WALTER, GREGORY Edward (Voter ID number 109885171).
WALTER, PHYLLIS Gillespie (Voter ID number 109849924).

12344 SW 255TH TER
JORGE, JUNIOR (Voter ID number 118812675).

12344 SW 263RD TER
BELLVILLE, PAMELA Jean (Voter ID number 110314177).

12344 SW 265TH TER
LOWERY, KYRA D. (Voter ID number 120893059).
SIMPSON, WILLIAM T. (Voter ID number 109526627).

12344 SW 266TH TER
PICKFORD, BRYANT Alexis (Voter ID number 120912203).
FEIJOO, OSVALDO D. (Voter ID number 110056843).

12344 SW 267TH TER
DICKSON, RINNA Ileana (Voter ID number 109188289).

12345 SW 254TH TER
VALENTIN, BERTHA Valencia (Voter ID number 115183274).
VALENTIN, CHRISTOPHER E. (Voter ID number 116292791).

12345 SW 261ST TER
RIATE, LETICIA Alaan (Voter ID number 110137360).
ALAAN, PAULITA Pabia (Voter ID number 110207967).
RIATE, ZACARIAS S. (Voter ID number 109820974).
RIATE, EMEE K. (Voter ID number 117038517).

12346 SW 259TH ST
BURNELL, SHAUNIQUE Y. (Voter ID number 110172940).
LEWIS, NI'KIJAH Ti'Keymah (Voter ID number 119278972).
JOHNSON, ALEXIS T. (Voter ID number 118104226).
WILLARD, SHANEQUA Denise (Voter ID number 109613556).

12347 SW 250TH ST
GEARHART, JARED Douglas (Voter ID number 119996782).
SPERRY, DOUGLASS Charles (Voter ID number 109795608).
SPERRY, BARBARA Jean (Voter ID number 109430986).

12347 SW 259TH TER
DOMINGUEZ, RANDY (Voter ID number 109885101).

12348 SW 249TH ST
HAYES, TAMARA Denise (Voter ID number 116999068).

12348 SW 251ST ST
HAZIM, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 109551945).
HAZIM, SANDRA S. (Voter ID number 110292259).

12348 SW 251ST TER
MIRON, MARIO Jose (Voter ID number 109561417).

12348 SW 259TH TER
SWEETING, LARIA Jones (Voter ID number 109559718).
SWEETING, ANDRE (Voter ID number 109485601).

12349 SW 249TH ST
ARANGO, ANA (Voter ID number 114673922).
ARANGO, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 110311876).

12349 SW 251ST TER
ACOSTA, KATRINA Alexandra (Voter ID number 115467593).
ACOSTA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109047271).
MONTES, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 109582350).

12350 SW 253RD ST
BLANDON, NORMAN Antonio (Voter ID number 114880521).

12350 SW 264TH ST
TORRENCE, TAMIKA (Voter ID number 116812427).

12350 SW 268TH ST
DEMBERRY, DARREL D. (Voter ID number 116079371).

12351 SW 251ST ST
QUINCOSA, KEVIN (Voter ID number 120902413).
QUINCOSA, ILEANA H. (Voter ID number 109912185).
QUINCOSA, NELSON (Voter ID number 110073986).

12351 SW 252ND TER
CRUZ, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 120272415).
CRUZ, YANET (Voter ID number 118098099).
GONZALEZ, YAMILA (Voter ID number 120422671).

12351 SW 253RD ST
TORO, FRANCISCO Luis (Voter ID number 109175286).
TORO, JUDITH Esther (Voter ID number 109259834).

12351 SW 256TH ST
ANDRADE, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 116704943).
LEON-ANDRADE, ELENA (Voter ID number 117590549).

12351 SW 268TH ST
AMADOR, YANELSY (Voter ID number 115133121).
CORTES, KARINA (Voter ID number 113986450).
CORTES, THOMAS Lee (Voter ID number 109425448).
AMADOR, RICARDO (Voter ID number 110007714).

12353 SW 266TH TER
MOODLEY, KANDASAMY Pat (Voter ID number 109210723).

12354 SW 252ND TER
FAER, SHERYL R. (Voter ID number 109105130).

12354 SW 253RD TER
SANCHEZ, ALCIDES (Voter ID number 110311225).

12354 SW 255TH TER
ROQUE, ANDRE Cristoper (Voter ID number 119090684).
ROQUE, NANCY (Voter ID number 109235788).
ROQUE, OSCAR Alfredo (Voter ID number 109061075).

12354 SW 259TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, JAVIER Ricardo (Voter ID number 116483992).

12354 SW 263RD TER
THOMPSON, CHEYENNE Alan (Voter ID number 109967955).

12354 SW 264TH TER
CANNON, VASHIKA Loveletta (Voter ID number 109415483).
GATEWOOD, JAMES L. (Voter ID number 116015010).
BENITEZ, EMILY (Voter ID number 109832972).

12354 SW 265TH TER
VEGA, FRANCISCA Natividad (Voter ID number 114689708).

12354 SW 266TH TER
BREWER, DARNESHA Reene (Voter ID number 119729685).
FORD, DEXTER (Voter ID number 116020097).
MCCULLOUGH, ROSETTA Marie (Voter ID number 109747265).

12355 SW 254TH TER
KIRK, DOUGLAS Edward (Voter ID number 109094901).
KIRK, DOUGLAS Edward (Voter ID number 109811106).
MONSALVE, ANGELES I. (Voter ID number 109823874).
MONSALVE-KIRK, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 110212731).

12355 SW 255TH TER
LEYVA, JOHANSE Vladimir (Voter ID number 120570018).
MORTEN, ARIELLE E. (Voter ID number 115260102).

12355 SW 259TH TER
SOCARRAS, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 117361294).

12357 SW 250TH ST
EURE, LILLIAM L. (Voter ID number 114587070).
EURE, ROBERT S. (Voter ID number 109705206).

12358 SW 249TH ST
PEDIGO, DANIEL Matthew (Voter ID number 110198136).
PEDIGO, JOHN R. (Voter ID number 109014773).
PEDIGO, JONATHAN Rondel (Voter ID number 110045057).
PEDIGO, MARTHA Mery (Voter ID number 109367688).

12358 SW 251ST TER
DEIVE, ERICA A. (Voter ID number 118849893).
DIAZ, JAILENEEN Aneudis (Voter ID number 120764619).
DIAZ, JOSE Ramon (Voter ID number 111108616).
PIPPINS, DAMARKEST Lamar (Voter ID number 119072095).

12359 SW 249TH ST
PRADO, IRENIA (Voter ID number 117101286).
PRADO, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 117044276).

12360 SW 264TH ST
JACKSON, STEQUYA O'Neka (Voter ID number 119631986).
WEST, LATONIA Evette (Voter ID number 109291597).

12361 SW 251ST ST
PEREZ, MONICA (Voter ID number 115247200).
CLADERON, SILVIA (Voter ID number 116905479).
PEREZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 116903596).

12361 SW 252ND TER
PHAM, CAMILA M. (Voter ID number 117038871).
PEREZ, LUIS (Voter ID number 109584813).
PEREZ, NEYDA (Voter ID number 110178211).

12361 SW 253RD ST
ROCHE, ILUMINADA (Voter ID number 109951433).
TOLEDO, REYNALDO (Voter ID number 109791318).

12361 SW 256TH ST
MICHAUD, JACQUELINE (Voter ID number 110113113).
LAJINESS, SHAWN R. (Voter ID number 110171681).
MICHAUD, ROBERT Norman (Voter ID number 109057715).

12361 SW 264TH ST
BOWMAN, KATHLEEN Patricia (Voter ID number 116099668).
CRAWFORD, SUSAN Lynn (Voter ID number 109847781).
LUEDTKE, SHANE R. (Voter ID number 109743579).
PICKERING, JOSHUA David (Voter ID number 109959361).
PICKERING, SARAH Leona (Voter ID number 109894070).
ROMAN, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 110127507).

12361 SW 268TH ST
HERNANDEZ, EDNA Marie (Voter ID number 120638003).
HERNANDEZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 120583279).
HERNANDEZ, MALIK Ali (Voter ID number 118990136).
PALMER, CHAD M. (Voter ID number 110178962).

12363 SW 264TH TER
DAWSON, MARTAVIS Tavarus (Voter ID number 119722257).
THOMAS, CATERIA Denise (Voter ID number 110042889).

12363 SW 265TH TER
DEAN, JOSHUA L. (Voter ID number 120892766).

12363 SW 266TH TER
CASTILLO, RIGOBERTO Jesus (Voter ID number 113961640).
MC CARTHY, BRIAN W. (Voter ID number 109336212).

12363 SW 267TH TER
COCHSAN, ROBIN R. (Voter ID number 120345737).
COCHRAN, FRED (Voter ID number 119061756).

12364 SW 252ND TER
ROBAINA, GUILLERMO A. (Voter ID number 109619595).
ROBAINA, TERESITA (Voter ID number 109831048).

12364 SW 253RD TER
FIGUEROA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 110178049).
PETEZ, EDENIA C. (Voter ID number 115718681).

12364 SW 254TH TER
BHOLA, CHANDRAWATIE (Voter ID number 118592671).
SUKHWA, MOHANLALL (Voter ID number 119207752).

12364 SW 255TH TER
BROOKS, MARK Allen (Voter ID number 109453337).
DENIKE, SHAWNA Michelle (Voter ID number 109453333).
LUNDSTEDT, JACK Corbitt (Voter ID number 110093800).
LUNDSTEDT, MELISSA Colleen (Voter ID number 109386804).
ROBINSON, DAVID Clyde (Voter ID number 109453044).

12364 SW 264TH TER
DELOZIER, DONALD Hampton (Voter ID number 109883037).
DOUBLEDAY, CAROL Ann (Voter ID number 109001489).

12364 SW 265TH TER
NICEFORO, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 109385231).
NICEFORO, NATASHA Joelene (Voter ID number 114267443).
NICEFORO, ZULMA V. (Voter ID number 109378443).
VASQUEZ, ANITA J. (Voter ID number 109866437).
VASQUEZ, RICHARD Mario (Voter ID number 109743818).

12364 SW 266TH TER
RUSSO, ANGELIKA (Voter ID number 120642309).

12364 SW 267TH TER
GONZALEZ, ALINA (Voter ID number 109555129).
ROUCO, DANIEL Adrian (Voter ID number 118642299).

12365 SW 253RD TER
PUPO, ALEXIS O. (Voter ID number 109894071).
PUPO, KAREN Marieta (Voter ID number 110316166).
PUPO, MARIETA Castillo (Voter ID number 109986920).

12365 SW 254TH TER
FERGUSON, KENYA Anetha (Voter ID number 117584893).
WELCH, ANGELA Denise (Voter ID number 114550446).
WELCH, VENCENT Anthony (Voter ID number 110128231).
WELCH, BRIAN T. (Voter ID number 110035748).

12365 SW 261ST TER
STEPHENS, JIMMY Glenn (Voter ID number 109003603).

12367 SW 250TH ST
MOLINA, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 120431957).
ACOSTA, HAYDEE (Voter ID number 110017955).
ACOSTA, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 110017295).
ACOSTA, NEFTALI (Voter ID number 110202498).
ACOSTA, TAMARA (Voter ID number 115892844).
OWENS, ROBERT Allen (Voter ID number 109844780).

12368 SW 249TH ST
BROWN, SANDRA A. (Voter ID number 118476131).
JOHNSON, JEAN Ann (Voter ID number 120836960).
LYN, RAQUEL Leanna (Voter ID number 110137810).

12368 SW 251ST ST
STEVENS, JESSICA A. (Voter ID number 116692639).
STEVENS, JOHN Vatchial (Voter ID number 118870341).
MC GORTY, BRIAN P. (Voter ID number 110316144).
STEVENS, ELAINE M. (Voter ID number 109085245).
STEVENS, JESSICA Ann (Voter ID number 109978429).
STEVENS, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 110214179).

12368 SW 251ST TER
VALENCIA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 116933682).
HERNANDEZ, BETSEY (Voter ID number 109537533).
VALENCIA, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 110173190).
VALENCIA, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 109205693).

12369 SW 249TH ST
DANT, ALICIA B. (Voter ID number 109225443).
DANT, THOMAS M. (Voter ID number 109144548).

12370 SW 253RD ST
SOTO, RAMON A. (Voter ID number 110305658).

12370 SW 264TH ST
MORRISON, MARKUS Gerod (Voter ID number 109334988).
PIZARRO, EDNA Angela (Voter ID number 109547964).

12371 SW 252ND TER
NODA, HERGA Imperio (Voter ID number 119056724).
ALFONSO, AIMEE (Voter ID number 117470262).

12371 SW 253RD ST
LAVINA, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109688830).
VALCARCEL, JOSE Hiram (Voter ID number 119955211).
CORTINA, ROSA Amelia (Voter ID number 109831284).
TORRES, YUDENIA (Voter ID number 115919213).

12371 SW 264TH ST
HOLMES, KENNETH L. (Voter ID number 109730072).
DIXON, CARON W. (Voter ID number 109093720).
WILLIAMS, BRIAN M. (Voter ID number 114316657).

12371 SW 268TH ST
BONNER, AVANJALINE Nicole (Voter ID number 114366026).
HAMMONDS, OSCAR Bernard (Voter ID number 109538054).
LAMAR, ALPHEAUS M. (Voter ID number 109847914).
WILLIAMS, JAUSITA Yvette (Voter ID number 109342673).

12374 SW 253RD TER
SANZ, DANIEL Andres (Voter ID number 117938914).
SANZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 116623785).
HERNANDEZ SANZ, OLGA (Voter ID number 109150252).
SANZ, RAFAEL Barbaro (Voter ID number 109262352).

12374 SW 254TH TER
PETERS, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 119603132).
PETERS, HARRIS M. (Voter ID number 110299918).
PETERS, MIRIAM M. (Voter ID number 110228124).

12374 SW 255TH TER
TORRES, ADRIAN (Voter ID number 117387009).
BAEZ, WILMA Zoe (Voter ID number 109894190).

12374 SW 263RD TER
RAMOS, RUBY (Voter ID number 116564270).

12375 SW 248TH ST
TORMO, BETSY Ivette (Voter ID number 109313053).
TORMO, NELSON L. (Voter ID number 109281292).
TORRES, DAVID J. (Voter ID number 114140819).

12375 SW 253RD TER
BROCK, LARRY (Voter ID number 120337464).
DEAN, INE A. (Voter ID number 118847854).
FUENTES, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 115281536).

12375 SW 254TH TER
PRATT, BORIS D. (Voter ID number 109300689).
PRATT, HELEN (Voter ID number 109040577).
SMITH, DARSHON Lateece (Voter ID number 109749114).

12375 SW 255TH TER
HERNANDEZ, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 114835106).
HERNANDEZ, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 117125406).

12377 SW 250TH ST
CLAYCOMB, ALBERT Henri (Voter ID number 116056759).
CLAYCOMB, NIDIA E. (Voter ID number 118511250).

12378 SW 249TH ST
ARASHIRO, CLYDE A. (Voter ID number 109359821).
BEATTY, GLORIMAR (Voter ID number 109582822).
GONZALEZ, SHARON K. (Voter ID number 109239812).
GONZALEZ, MIRANDA L. (Voter ID number 117569488).

12378 SW 251ST ST
JACKSON, EDNA Allen (Voter ID number 109754934).
JACKSON, JAMES Donald (Voter ID number 109712672).

12378 SW 266TH LN
BROCK, THERESA Annette (Voter ID number 109069939).
JOHNSON, LA Toya Shaunte (Voter ID number 109542956).
JOHNSON, RYAN G. (Voter ID number 109738872).
LITTLE, LA Tosha Darnella (Voter ID number 109365589).
LITTLE, TACHARA A. (Voter ID number 114379707).
PARTEE, ANTHONY L. (Voter ID number 109894076).

12381 SW 240TH ST
SANCHEZ, DORAIZA (Voter ID number 116998487).
SANCHEZ, ROSARIO (Voter ID number 110020960).

12381 SW 253RD ST
AGUIAR, CARLOS (Voter ID number 120127061).

12381 SW 256TH ST
MENENDEZ, LORENZO (Voter ID number 109997471).

12381 SW 264TH ST
ANGUIANO, NADIA Ann (Voter ID number 110303824).
ANGUIANO, RAUL (Voter ID number 120114001).
ANES, FERNANDO (Voter ID number 110019046).
SALAZAR, ANTIA Anes (Voter ID number 109551115).
SALAZAR, JOSE Jaime (Voter ID number 109340319).
ANGUIANO, REBECCA Rae (Voter ID number 116909628).

12383 SW 264TH TER
KINSEY, DARRAN L. (Voter ID number 109496617).
KINSEY, DEQUAN Jemal (Voter ID number 118556772).
KINSEY, LASHAWNDRA Lafaye (Voter ID number 115069892).
KINSEY, LISA Dianne (Voter ID number 109477084).
KINSEY, DARRAN L. (Voter ID number 116324166).

12384 SW 252ND TER
COLBERT, MARY Louise (Voter ID number 109206205).

12384 SW 263RD TER
LEYVA, NATHAN U. (Voter ID number 119763422).

12385 SW 253RD TER
SANTANA, CARMEN Victoria (Voter ID number 109396442).
SANTANA, VICTOR (Voter ID number 110030096).

12385 SW 254TH TER
RANDALL, ROMINA Dora (Voter ID number 109652276).
RANDALL, JOEL Mark (Voter ID number 109431447).

12385 SW 255TH TER
PEREZ, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 109477473).
RODRIGUEZ, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 109502693).
RODRIGUEZ, PABLO Santiago (Voter ID number 109254336).

12387 SW 250TH ST
JOHNSON, RALPH L. (Voter ID number 118770137).
STEELE, BRITTANY Anne (Voter ID number 115259888).
JOHNSON, BRIAN L. (Voter ID number 109287377).

12390 SW 264TH ST
MITCHELL, ANTOINE Dijon'El (Voter ID number 120796811).
ROBERTS, EARTHA Lee (Voter ID number 109285949).
ANDERSON, ANQUANETTE M. (Voter ID number 117560774).

12391 SW 251ST ST
SEGARRA, MARIA R. (Voter ID number 115073164).

12392 SW 250TH TER
OLIVER, DOMINIQUE L. (Voter ID number 118804907).

12398 SW 266TH LN
PEREZ, ERNESTO Jesus (Voter ID number 113887896).
PEREZ, SUSAN Louise (Voter ID number 113887887).

12400 SW 248TH ST
BULLIS, THOMAS P. (Voter ID number 116978613).
BULLIS, HARVEY Raymond (Voter ID number 109148063).
BULLIS, HARVEY Raymond (Voter ID number 114517818).

12400 SW 259TH TER
CHERRY, PHILLIP Gordon (Voter ID number 109132585).

12401 SW 251ST ST
HATCHER-WILLIAMS, KATHERINE Denise (Voter ID number 115695293).
SCOVIL, LASHONDA Lanesha (Voter ID number 116846308).
WILLIAMS, CARDERO O. (Voter ID number 120423547).
HEWLETT, JAMAR Tristan (Voter ID number 110198696).

12401 SW 253RD ST
VIDAL, GRETCHEN (Voter ID number 120450526).
RODRIGUEZ, MARISABET (Voter ID number 119478124).
VAZQUEZ, YONAN S. (Voter ID number 117590839).

12401 SW 264TH ST
MARTINEZ, ADRIANA (Voter ID number 118096425).

12402 SW 250TH TER
PERDOMO, FRANCHE (Voter ID number 116300992).
TAMAYO, YINETSY (Voter ID number 116112988).

12402 SW 259TH ST
BROWN, AMBER Michele (Voter ID number 111030454).
ASHFORD, AWILDA (Voter ID number 109118337).
ASHFORD, MARK Irving (Voter ID number 108712976).
BROWN, JAMES Lee (Voter ID number 109460075).
ODOM, DACIA E. (Voter ID number 109490656).

12403 SW 250TH TER
CARIAGGI, KAREN Ann (Voter ID number 110073951).
KENNERSON, ANDREA Margaret (Voter ID number 109687645).

12404 SW 252ND TER
VEGA, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109458859).

12404 SW 263RD TER
DURAN, JENNIFER Nichole (Voter ID number 110017888).
DURAN, JONATHAN Hector (Voter ID number 110167358).
REED, DEBRA A. (Voter ID number 109234020).
REED, WILLIAM Scott (Voter ID number 109246893).

12407 SW 259TH TER
ETIENNE, EVENSON (Voter ID number 118116323).
LOUIS JEUNE, MARIE Emma (Voter ID number 119202972).
LOUIS-JEUNE, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number 118430193).

12411 SW 252ND TER
JENKINS, DWAYNE D. (Voter ID number 109462482).
JENKINS, DAISY M. (Voter ID number 110163481).
JENKINS, LATOYA Shiree (Voter ID number 110041097).
JENKINS, ROBERT Lee (Voter ID number 109206454).
MILLER, CHARLES L. (Voter ID number 109900508).

12411 SW 253RD ST
IZQUIERDO, EUGENIO (Voter ID number 109552581).
IZQUIERDO, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109647040).
IZQUIERDO, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 109552586).
IZQUIERDO, YANELLE M. (Voter ID number 116098136).
IZQUIERDO, YANNIVI Marie (Voter ID number 118837056).
IZQUIERDO, YANISSA Marie (Voter ID number 114676018).
SCOTT, MARCELINA (Voter ID number 109901827).
SCOTT, MARTIN J. (Voter ID number 109919084).

12411 SW 264TH ST
LADAKER, KEVIN Dionn (Voter ID number 109459712).
CADOGAN, CARMEN (Voter ID number 109950874).

12412 SW 250TH TER
RIVERA, JACQULIN Carolyn (Voter ID number 110153200).
VARGAS, ANGELA C. (Voter ID number 110239952).
VARGAS, LUIS (Voter ID number 120315986).
RIVERA-ESTRADA, ANGEL L. (Voter ID number 110140580).

12412 SW 251ST ST
SMITH, TRANESHA Chonetavius (Voter ID number 119327686).
BEASLEY, KATHRYN Arnetta (Voter ID number 109276152).
SMITH, DEBRA A. (Voter ID number 117006571).

12412 SW 251ST TER
LOWE, FRANK Henry (Voter ID number 118067712).
ELLISON, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 117754787).

12412 SW 259TH TER
GARCIA PONCE, JOSE H. (Voter ID number 119010798).

12413 SW 250TH TER
PASCHAL, JACQUELYN (Voter ID number 116895803).
PASCHAL, FREDDIE (Voter ID number 115895234).

12413 SW 259TH TER
DESROSIERS, MICHELSON (Voter ID number 119768145).
DESROSIERS, CHINN (Voter ID number 109742715).
DESROSIERS, CHRISTA (Voter ID number 116106608).

12413 SW 264TH TER
HEAD, RONALD Allen (Voter ID number 109977799).
HEAD, YOKI S. (Voter ID number 108950116).

12414 SW 259TH ST
ADAMS, DANIEL Lee (Voter ID number 109389716).
ADAMS, JUDITH Eileen (Voter ID number 109389677).

12418 SW 259TH TER
SCOTT, SAVANNAH Faith (Voter ID number 120994401).
SCOTT, MARY M. (Voter ID number 109503311).
SCOTT, RANDALL J. (Voter ID number 109354086).

12418 SW 266TH LN
EVERS, HEATHER Jean (Voter ID number 120508520).

12419 SW 259TH TER
BENSON, SHAWN R. (Voter ID number 109774413).

12420 SW 248TH ST
BULLIS, LOIS F. (Voter ID number 109145944).
GUICE, MARGARET Michelle (Voter ID number 109958893).

12420 SW 259TH ST
VALDES GRANADO, ARAMIS (Voter ID number 120874077).
VALDES, ARAMIS (Voter ID number 116385566).
VALDES, DORELBIS (Voter ID number 116385559).

12420 SW 264TH ST
FLORES, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109597431).
FLORES, OMAR (Voter ID number 109567203).
FLORES, PAULA (Voter ID number 109898397).
FLORES, SERGIO (Voter ID number 109471967).

12421 SW 251ST ST
ROIG, ROLANDO Z. (Voter ID number 109168604).

12421 SW 251ST TER
MAYS, TATIA Lynette (Voter ID number 109295035).

12421 SW 252ND TER
FARINA, EDGARDO A. (Voter ID number 109845665).
LLAMAZARES, CARMEN L. (Voter ID number 109971386).

12421 SW 264TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, AURA C. (Voter ID number 109393551).

12422 SW 250TH TER
WEST-GARRICK, GEORGETTE Sylvena (Voter ID number 109340522).

12422 SW 251ST ST
MCCLAIN, MARK W. (Voter ID number 115884813).
MILLER, SUSAN (Voter ID number 109217864).

12422 SW 251ST TER
BULKLEY, ELLEN S. (Voter ID number 109370486).
BULKLEY, JAMES W. (Voter ID number 109969242).

12424 SW 259TH TER
LYNCH, MICHAEL Eugene (Voter ID number 114455557).
LYNCH, NEAL Arch (Voter ID number 109787306).
LYNCH, ODETTE (Voter ID number 116060187).

12424 SW 263RD TER
SIMPSON, ROMEO (Voter ID number 108955695).
SIMPSON, THOMASINA Doretha (Voter ID number 108955694).

12425 SW 259TH TER
LUNA, ELISEO Ezequiel (Voter ID number 114692931).
PANEQUE, ANA (Voter ID number 109424193).
SANCHEZ, RUBEN (Voter ID number 109524805).
SANCHEZ, ZAIDA Cerra (Voter ID number 109524781).

12426 SW 259TH ST
LABRADA, GLADYS (Voter ID number 114939833).

12428 SW 266TH LN
BARTLEY, SHELECIA C. (Voter ID number 114243771).
BARTLEY, BRANDON Derell (Voter ID number 110099380).
GUZMAN, MANUEL E. (Voter ID number 108959206).
GUZMAN, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 109154508).

12430 SW 259TH TER
VAN RIPER, TASHA Jeanne (Voter ID number 119161388).
VANRIPER, TIMOTHY John (Voter ID number 119136619).
VEGA, RAMON Gabriel (Voter ID number 119763021).

12431 SW 264TH ST
FLEURINORD, CHRISTY Lee (Voter ID number 115440875).
FLEURINORD, REGINALD O. (Voter ID number 110037762).

12432 SW 251ST TER
RIVERA-NOLASCO, LIONZA (Voter ID number 110341890).
LAO NOLASCO, NELLY (Voter ID number 116135196).

12432 SW 259TH ST
FIPPS, TYNETHA Michelle (Voter ID number 111080759).
GAITER, RAYVEN Micheal (Voter ID number 119931714).
GAITER, RHONDA M. (Voter ID number 115982658).
GAITER, GIDEON Auibach (Voter ID number 109372129).
GAITER, SAVON A. (Voter ID number 119618356).

12434 SW 263RD TER
CALZADILLA, OLGA Rosa (Voter ID number 109994748).
JOSEPH, JELISSA A. (Voter ID number 114365160).

12435 SW 261ST TER
CLARK, CHRISTINE Ann (Voter ID number 114191870).
CLARK, EDWARD William (Voter ID number 109013935).
CLARK, NANCY Lee (Voter ID number 109071669).

12438 SW 259TH ST
BOISSON, ROSELYN Rosi (Voter ID number 109771655).

12440 SW 264TH ST
INGRAM, LISHA Ann (Voter ID number 109428742).

12441 SW 252ND TER
CRESPO, JAMES (Voter ID number 117585160).
CRESPO, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109420406).
CRESPO, CARLEEN Rosemary (Voter ID number 110215594).
CRESPO, NILDA (Voter ID number 109002806).
CRESPO, RALPH J. (Voter ID number 109002790).
EDWARDS, AMY C. (Voter ID number 109270386).

12441 SW 264TH ST
DURIN, ENSIE (Voter ID number 120153167).
FREMOND, KARSANDRA (Voter ID number 120892125).
JEANVIER, EDITH (Voter ID number 116056309).

12445 SW 261ST TER
CLARK, NICOLE Alia (Voter ID number 109900174).
FRITH, MARCUS (Voter ID number 119807816).
POPE, AURTHER L. (Voter ID number 116041895).
POPE, SHELIA Lashon (Voter ID number 109497623).
FRITH, ADRIAN D. (Voter ID number 117006496).

12448 SW 266TH LN
PETERS, CHARLES L. (Voter ID number 115912066).

12450 SW 250TH TER
CANO, TATIANA Isabel (Voter ID number 110307092).
GONZALEZ, EDGAR H. (Voter ID number 109868673).
HENRIQUEZ, ANA Dilia (Voter ID number 109837708).

12450 SW 251ST ST
JOHNSON, JASHAWN A. (Voter ID number 120152889).

12450 SW 264TH ST
BROWNE, DARNELL C. (Voter ID number 110216173).

12451 SW 236TH ST
LORE, DANIEL James (Voter ID number 109311680).

12451 SW 250TH TER
JONES, HERCULES J. (Voter ID number 108950025).
JONES, RAHSHON Breheam (Voter ID number 109481825).
LAFFITTE, TERRY (Voter ID number 110085012).
ODOM, JAMES G. (Voter ID number 109692144).
JONES, YVONNE Barbarretta (Voter ID number 110012942).

12451 SW 264TH ST
GALLICHAN, BETHANY Marie (Voter ID number 117167505).
GALLICHAN, KEVIN Harold (Voter ID number 109473674).
GALLICHAN, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number 108928491).

12453 SW 264TH TER
EDDIE, ANTWAN D. (Voter ID number 118828926).
EDDIE, DAVID Lee (Voter ID number 109304670).
GRANT-JONES, SHARON Louise (Voter ID number 108903413).
EDDIE, JULIAN D. (Voter ID number 116986790).

12455 SW 256TH ST
BELMONTES, DAVID (Voter ID number 115241617).
BELMONTES, LUCAS (Voter ID number 110198486).
LOPEZ, OLGA D. (Voter ID number 117584767).

12455 SW 261ST TER
ALBRECHT, IBIS (Voter ID number 109624150).
LEAL, JOANNA E. (Voter ID number 110329209).
LEAL, PHILIP Andrew (Voter ID number 117591175).
LLERENA, ANGELA Gertrudis (Voter ID number 110007657).
BOUJIE, ELSA G. (Voter ID number 110151878).

12460 SW 250TH TER
MOORE, CONNIE Joshua (Voter ID number 120908678).
MC INTOSH, TANIA Melinda (Voter ID number 110000156).

12460 SW 255TH TER
MENADIER, GUY H. (Voter ID number 109127220).

12461 SW 250TH TER
ALMEIDA, IVAN M. (Voter ID number 119940388).

12461 SW 252ND TER
SCHINELLA, ANNA Claire (Voter ID number 109762154).
SCHINELLA, DELMIS Elaine (Voter ID number 114146167).
SCHINELLA, SIMON P. (Voter ID number 110247177).
VIKLUND, ASA Luke (Voter ID number 109766680).

12461 SW 264TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, HAYDEE E. (Voter ID number 110194117).
WALTON, FRANK (Voter ID number 109257897).

12465 SW 256TH ST
GUERRA, MANUEL (Voter ID number 110262759).
CABALLERO, MARIEMMA (Voter ID number 116944918).

12470 SW 250TH TER
FONG, SHANESE Miskha (Voter ID number 110116242).

12471 SW 250TH TER
MOODY, CAROL Webster (Voter ID number 110315793).

12471 SW 252ND TER
CASTILLO, ARIEL F. (Voter ID number 118104700).
CASTILLO, JAVIER L. (Voter ID number 117066128).
CASTILLO, JOHNNY (Voter ID number 116630548).
CASTILLO, JOHANEL E. (Voter ID number 114376582).
CRUZ, SANTA L. (Voter ID number 116665228).

12475 SW 256TH ST
GARCIA, EMILIO (Voter ID number 110172116).
GARCIA, NANCY (Voter ID number 109314684).

12485 SW 256TH ST
DEL PINO, MARIA Milagros (Voter ID number 109434673).

12495 SW 240TH ST
GUTIERREZ, ESTHER C. (Voter ID number 109293133).
PORTER, TIMOTHY Dan (Voter ID number 115909040).

12500 SW 249TH TER
SMITH, ALVETTA F. (Voter ID number 114359352).

12500 SW 251ST TER
HIERREZUELO, YIDEIRA (Voter ID number 119707429).

12500 SW 259TH ST
BENNETT, WILFRED Moore (Voter ID number 109612608).

12500 SW 264TH ST
WARD, LASHEBRA S. (Voter ID number 109525714).

12501 SW 250TH TER
GOMEZ, CONNIE L. (Voter ID number 109219867).
GOMEZ, WILLIAM Roger (Voter ID number 109219868).
GOMEZ, JENNA Lynn (Voter ID number 116906238).

12501 SW 252ND TER
WHITE, DANIEL Noah (Voter ID number 108925486).
WHITE, VANESSA Alejandrina (Voter ID number 110306979).

12501 SW 259TH ST
REED, ANGELA Lee (Voter ID number 109257435).
REED, BRITTANY M. (Voter ID number 115306844).
REED, KANESHA M. (Voter ID number 116294551).

12503 SW 264TH TER
KHOURI, BARBARA M. (Voter ID number 109504576).
RIVERA, MARISA Chastisy (Voter ID number 109400570).

12504 SW 262ND TER
LOPEZ, DAVID F. (Voter ID number 110219390).
LOPEZ, HENRY F. (Voter ID number 109517090).

12505 SW 263RD TER
CURBELO, ANA Patricia (Voter ID number 115502309).

12508 SW 266TH LN
ORTIZ HERRERA, MARIA De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 120252900).
PHILON, CHANDRA Hodges (Voter ID number 109426152).

12510 SW 250TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ALBERTO Herman (Voter ID number 109498867).
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 116401428).

12510 SW 251ST TER
JUSTUS, CARYL Larraine (Voter ID number 109143134).
JUSTUS, GARATH Lamar (Voter ID number 109813581).

12510 SW 264TH ST
KUILAN-BALCEIRO, DAMARIS (Voter ID number 109712120).

12511 SW 250TH TER
DIAZ, NIVALDO (Voter ID number 117839131).
VERTIZ, VENICIO (Voter ID number 120390904).

12511 SW 251ST TER
SWABY, DANIEL Alberto (Voter ID number 109357745).

12511 SW 252ND TER
SANTIAGO, CARMEN Damaris (Voter ID number 121003603).
VALBRUN, DARIO (Voter ID number 109788137).

12511 SW 264TH ST
PHILLIPS, JACQUELINE Ann (Voter ID number 109406965).
PRINCE, DANIEL Lenard (Voter ID number 117591173).

12514 SW 262ND TER
ALONSO, IDALMIS (Voter ID number 102386557).
ALONSO, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 102391721).
LABNO, LEO W. (Voter ID number 109990138).
NEYOR, ASHLEY N. (Voter ID number 119618339).
WODZINSKI, ANDREA Dawn (Voter ID number 110066489).
WODZINSKI, REGINA (Voter ID number 109990139).

12514 SW 263RD TER
SYMONS, ANTHONY Adolphus (Voter ID number 109251303).
SYMONS, ERICKA Sheree (Voter ID number 115897047).
SYMONS, WANDA Darlene (Voter ID number 109705414).

12515 SW 263RD TER
FERNAND, CARMELIEN (Voter ID number 115829360).
SABY, MIRLANDE (Voter ID number 116271146).
WILLIAMS, NATACHA (Voter ID number 118148967).
FRANCOIS, JOSENA (Voter ID number 116632512).

12518 SW 266TH LN
BROWN, SELDEN S. (Voter ID number 109430735).

12520 SW 249TH TER
GOMEZ, RAMON (Voter ID number 109849473).
GOMEZ, RAQUEL (Voter ID number 109676919).
GOMEZ, CANDIDA (Voter ID number 109849467).

12520 SW 250TH TER
DIAZ, DINA Mariel (Voter ID number 119810041).

12520 SW 251ST TER
SIRAGUSA, ALBA Aurora (Voter ID number 109275361).
SIRAGUSA, RENE Sanchez (Voter ID number 109416160).

12520 SW 259TH ST
QUIAN, MAGNOLIA (Voter ID number 119167164).

12520 SW 264TH ST
NOVA, MARCIA (Voter ID number 115233692).
NOVA, RAMON Jose (Voter ID number 119603379).
NOVA, MACEDONIA (Voter ID number 110066428).
NOVA, MARELYN (Voter ID number 118845989).

12521 SW 248TH TER
DELGADO, HILDA Carballo (Voter ID number 109658173).

12521 SW 249TH TER
GONZALEZ, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 115059578).
HERRERO, ISIDRO (Voter ID number 115261420).

12521 SW 250TH TER
DE LEON-PESINA, ERNESTINA (Voter ID number 110149436).
PESINA, AMANDA Adriana (Voter ID number 110208360).
PESINA, GERARDO (Voter ID number 109805014).
PESINA, LETICIA L. (Voter ID number 110049871).

12521 SW 251ST TER
BLANCO, MICHAEL Jonathan (Voter ID number 120773894).
DE CASTRO, SAHILY (Voter ID number 115466756).

12521 SW 252ND TER
AGUILAR, MIRIAM J. (Voter ID number 109983272).

12521 SW 264TH ST
PALMA SILVA, GABRIELA De Jesus (Voter ID number 118320205).
PALMA, DAVID Moises (Voter ID number 116048077).

12523 SW 264TH TER
DAWKINS, LIZZIE Mae (Voter ID number 109082786).
DAWKINS, UGANDA Dovie (Voter ID number 109499196).

12524 SW 262ND TER
LEONARD, ALLISON Lee (Voter ID number 109530120).
PECK, CHRISTOPHER Adam (Voter ID number 109594316).
PECK, GARY F. (Voter ID number 109642199).

12524 SW 263RD TER
FRENCH, BENITA Brianne (Voter ID number 120685417).
SISTRUNK, TIFFANY P. (Voter ID number 110285698).
THOMAS, LAMAR A. (Voter ID number 109804482).
THOMAS, NATHANIEL (Voter ID number 109049998).

12525 SW 263RD TER
SMITH, MARGARET Joan (Voter ID number 108946813).

12527 SW 259TH ST
REEVES, RICHARD Tyrone (Voter ID number 109390742).

12528 SW 266TH LN
ARGUELLO INCER, PABLO E. (Voter ID number 109608066).
ARGUELLO- SANSON, JORGE Eduardo (Voter ID number 119399306).
INCER MUNGUIA, VIOLETA De Jesus (Voter ID number 118451963).

12530 SW 251ST TER
DIXON, HERBERT (Voter ID number 115475286).

12530 SW 252ND TER
GARCIA, ROLAND Jay (Voter ID number 109095420).

12530 SW 259TH ST
DANGERFIELD, CHERYL A. (Voter ID number 110189360).
HURT, HENRY Ernest (Voter ID number 120245441).
PIZARRO, DORA A. (Voter ID number 109357480).
PIZARRO, LAURA Esther (Voter ID number 109433917).

12531 SW 251ST TER
RODRIGUEZ, GABRIEL Josue (Voter ID number 115230266).
RODRIGUEZ, HUMBERTO C. (Voter ID number 110208276).
RODRIGUEZ, HUMBERTO (Voter ID number 109233555).
RODRIGUEZ, MAYRA E. (Voter ID number 109247748).

12531 SW 252ND TER
FONTE, AMADA (Voter ID number 109674995).
MONTEIRO, CELESTE Caridad (Voter ID number 109736643).
GARCIA, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 109677500).
SANCHEZ, LEONILA (Voter ID number 110282356).
SANCHEZ, LUIS (Voter ID number 110282390).

12531 SW 264TH ST
ROBELO, JOSE Ernesto (Voter ID number 109506299).

12533 SW 259TH ST
WHALEY, ELISABETE P. (Voter ID number 109830711).

12533 SW 264TH TER
HERNANDEZ CARABALLO, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 121222048).
HERNANDEZ, MALENIS M. (Voter ID number 121230722).
MILIAN, ELIO (Voter ID number 109457507).

12534 SW 262ND TER
COLEMAN, ZARIA Kishani (Voter ID number 120267266).
ALLS, ERNESTINE (Voter ID number 109194000).

12534 SW 263RD TER
BASCOMB, IRMA Patricia (Voter ID number 109980714).

12535 SW 263RD TER
MALOTT, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number 109564584).
MALOTT, ROBERT Henry (Voter ID number 109758035).
MALOTT, SABRINA Nichole (Voter ID number 109717277).
MALOTT, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number 109758040).

12539 SW 259TH ST
KARVER, LORETO Fraile (Voter ID number 109491643).
HERNANDEZ, EUMELIA Morera (Voter ID number 118235863).
KARVER, KIRK Samuel (Voter ID number 109384512).

12540 SW 251ST TER
RODRIGUEZ, RENE (Voter ID number 109808485).

12540 SW 259TH ST
MATHEWS, DOROTHY Teresa (Voter ID number 109096691).
TAPIA, CARLOS Eduardo (Voter ID number 115286021).

12540 SW 264TH ST
ROBINSON, SHANNON L. (Voter ID number 120892737).
ROBINSON, STEFAN Mack (Voter ID number 119252781).
ROBINSON, SHANNA N. (Voter ID number 110112856).
ROBINSON, SHERRY Renee (Voter ID number 109383710).
ROBINSON, BETTY (Voter ID number 117077681).
ROBINSON, MACK (Voter ID number 117074683).

12541 SW 252ND TER
GONZALEZ, BLAS Norlaw (Voter ID number 109374783).
GONZALEZ, HAYDEE G. (Voter ID number 109374826).

12543 SW 264TH TER
CORLEY, LUCILA Consuelo (Voter ID number 118872683).
LORENZO, REINALDA (Voter ID number 118180185).
NASISE, CHARLOTTE May (Voter ID number 109123865).

12545 SW 259TH ST
ELLIS, TRACY Lynette (Voter ID number 109368179).
GREEN, OTIS (Voter ID number 108925052).
GREEN, OTIS (Voter ID number 119115352).
HARRISON, AUNDRUEA N. (Voter ID number 110201669).

12550 SW 249TH TER
WALKER-PERRY, GERALDINE G. (Voter ID number 110173158).

12550 SW 251ST TER
TORRES, DANIEL (Voter ID number 118043601).
DETRES, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 110228225).

12550 SW 264TH ST
ROMERO, GEORGE L. (Voter ID number 119763867).
ROMERO, LUIS Nelson (Voter ID number 115624864).
ROMERO, LUIS Parodi (Voter ID number 114625354).
ROMERO, NORMA V. (Voter ID number 109457956).

12551 SW 248TH TER
BOGGS, DAVID (Voter ID number 114417329).
CHAVEZ, SHANNON Anna (Voter ID number 114128318).

12551 SW 249TH TER
ALCOLEA, DENISE M. (Voter ID number 109536957).
ALONSO, OSCAR G. (Voter ID number 109421526).

12551 SW 264TH ST
MCGILLIVRAY, CHELSEA Dita (Voter ID number 117012371).

12551 SW 268TH ST
AVILES, CONRADO (Voter ID number 116169573).
AVILES, CONRADO (Voter ID number 116192079).
VELASQUEZ, ELIA (Voter ID number 109952068).
SIERRA, DOUGLAS Miguel (Voter ID number 109637883).

12552 SW 259TH ST
MATHEWS, EMILY J. (Voter ID number 109458353).

12553 SW 264TH TER
AGUILERA, LOURDES Esther (Voter ID number 116047951).
AGUILERA, MICHELLE S. (Voter ID number 119623209).
AGUILERA, FRANCISCO Antonio (Voter ID number 114509280).

12554 SW 267TH TER
PEREZ HERNANDEZ, PEDRO Luis (Voter ID number 120930162).

12558 SW 259TH ST
ALVARADO, CLAUDIA M. (Voter ID number 119767143).

12563 SW 259TH ST
BROWN, SHONTINA Melaine (Voter ID number 109773082).
BROWN, DONNA L. (Voter ID number 109684931).
BROWN, SHANTEVIA T. (Voter ID number 119629015).
BROWN, TONY Craig (Voter ID number 110022633).
MATHIS, JOHNNIE Larue (Voter ID number 110087298).

12563 SW 264TH TER
FERRUFINO, NELIA Ellen (Voter ID number 109787274).

12564 SW 259TH ST
JOHNSON, ANTOINETTE Lodge (Voter ID number 109270638).
JOHNSON, LUTHER (Voter ID number 109277421).

12564 SW 267TH TER
GONZALEZ, CARMELITA (Voter ID number 109521898).
GONZALEZ, CARMEN (Voter ID number 110131866).
GONZALEZ, CARMEN (Voter ID number 119754264).
GONZALEZ, WENCESLAO H. (Voter ID number 109456904).

12570 SW 259TH ST
STINE, LEONARD H. (Voter ID number 109034676).
STINE, LOIS J. (Voter ID number 109187494).

12571 SW 268TH ST
CAMPBELL, BRANDON C. (Voter ID number 110226568).
JONES CAMPBELL, EBONY M. (Voter ID number 109860609).

12573 SW 264TH TER
OWENS, BEVERLY E. (Voter ID number 109215168).
OWENS, GATHA Buxton (Voter ID number 109215218).

12576 SW 259TH ST
ZALESKI, JAKUB Dawid (Voter ID number 110163121).

12580 SW 248TH TER
BLANCO, FELIX (Voter ID number 118577905).

12581 SW 248TH TER
RAMIREZ, FRANK (Voter ID number 109626998).
RAMIREZ, LUCY (Voter ID number 110269796).

12581 SW 249TH TER
ROJAS, MARITZA Martinez (Voter ID number 110027465).

12587 SW 258TH LN
FLORES, ANA (Voter ID number 117610884).
PALOMINO, MARIO (Voter ID number 110331478).

12590 SW 248TH TER
RIBAS-SUAREZ, ANGELA Bellatrix (Voter ID number 110067700).
SUAREZ, LAZARO (Voter ID number 109544064).

12591 SW 249TH TER
BROWN, MARC A. (Voter ID number 109887416).
BRAVO, DONOVAN E. (Voter ID number 109542880).

12597 SW 258TH LN
ROJAS, ANGEL (Voter ID number 109653085).

12600 SW 252ND TER
ROCK, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 109896543).
ROCK, STEVE A. (Voter ID number 116489519).

12600 SW 255TH TER
AGUILAR, PEGGY Sue (Voter ID number 109424810).
AGUILAR, RAMIRO Jose (Voter ID number 109461077).
MC HERRON, JAMIE Marie (Voter ID number 110318623).
AGUILAR, ROMAN J. (Voter ID number 116315375).

12600 SW 264TH ST
BAIN, JASON Lamont (Voter ID number 109737089).
HORN, YSIS Ana (Voter ID number 109271634).
MOSS, ROBIN B. (Voter ID number 109536251).
MOSS, VALENTINE A. (Voter ID number 109711405).

12601 SW 248TH ST
EDWARDS, JOSEPH Dewil (Voter ID number 109041322).
EDWARDS, MARILEA Spidle (Voter ID number 109793743).

12601 SW 248TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, VENUS (Voter ID number 102431611).
DEVOE, BRANDI Lucille (Voter ID number 118472339).
DEVOE, LINDA Louise (Voter ID number 114851030).
DEVOE, ROLAND Normand (Voter ID number 114850982).

12601 SW 252ND TER
DAVADI, MANUEL (Voter ID number 117006649).
OLGUIN, TERESA (Voter ID number 116803277).

12601 SW 253RD ST
ROBAINA, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 109845996).
HIDALGO-GATO, JORGE E. (Voter ID number 109116799).
HIDALGO-GATO, JORGE Enrique (Voter ID number 109384363).
HIDALGO-GATO, NICOLAS (Voter ID number 119677766).
MCCORD, BRIANA (Voter ID number 119877204).

12601 SW 256TH ST
NUNEZ, JOSEPH (Voter ID number 110040313).
DIAZ, SANDRA (Voter ID number 116650638).

12601 SW 268TH ST
KINSMAN, CARL (Voter ID number 121125141).
KINSMAN, JAEL (Voter ID number 114913348).
KINSMAN, JOSEFA (Voter ID number 120226802).

12604 SW 262ND TER
MC KNIGHT, CHARLES A. (Voter ID number 109090174).
MC KNIGHT, MAXINE L. (Voter ID number 109583824).

12604 SW 263RD TER
YOUNG, KRYSTLE Karleen (Voter ID number 110335254).

12605 SW 256TH TER
GARFIELD, SUZANNE J. (Voter ID number 109136975).
KELLY, KEITH (Voter ID number 109056646).

12605 SW 263RD TER
BENNETT, TERRY (Voter ID number 109757109).

12607 SW 258TH LN
FLORES, JOEL (Voter ID number 109858117).
SANTIAGO, MIGDALIA (Voter ID number 109858518).

12610 SW 252ND TER
DORTA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 109433370).
DORTA, DIANA (Voter ID number 109536746).
DORTA, EUSEBIO Carlos (Voter ID number 109781356).

12610 SW 255TH TER
TOSCANO, ERIC (Voter ID number 116331222).
GOMEZ, CARLOS V. (Voter ID number 109382659).
MAYEDO, FRANK A. (Voter ID number 115835239).

12610 SW 264TH ST
WESTBROOKS, MARCUS A. (Voter ID number 110165003).
DELANCY, KAREN Denise (Voter ID number 109197147).

12611 SW 252ND TER
BONACHEA, TOMAS Miguel (Voter ID number 115238227).
VALENTIN, LIZZETTE (Voter ID number 109348944).

12611 SW 253RD ST
AGUIAR, ADELAIDA (Voter ID number 109654636).
AGUIAR, RAMON Ventura (Voter ID number 109655945).

12614 SW 256TH TER
PENAHERRERA, LUIS Gonzalo (Voter ID number 109844093).
PENAHERRERA, REBECCA Maria (Voter ID number 119615982).
PENAHERRERA, ROSALBA E. (Voter ID number 119933637).

12614 SW 263RD TER
CLARIDY, CLARENCE D. (Voter ID number 116180665).
CLARIDY, LAKEITHA L. (Voter ID number 109637783).

12615 SW 256TH TER
ESCOBAR, MONICA (Voter ID number 118327495).
JACOBS, JEFFREY Scott (Voter ID number 110101660).
JACOBS, MONICA Escobar (Voter ID number 118421472).

12615 SW 263RD TER
MORROW, NAOMI Cristen (Voter ID number 109972545).
POWELL, ROBERT Edmund (Voter ID number 109780645).

12617 SW 258TH LN
LOCKHART, RAFAEL E. (Voter ID number 109829584).
LOCKHART, RODNEY (Voter ID number 109708935).

12620 SW 252ND TER
BEQUER, ELINA (Voter ID number 108918405).
BEQUER, EMILIO Orestes (Voter ID number 108917654).

12620 SW 255TH TER
PLACERES, RONALD (Voter ID number 109722862).

12620 SW 264TH ST
HUMPHREY, DERRICK Jamaine (Voter ID number 115929284).

12621 SW 252ND TER
QUINTERO, LAURA (Voter ID number 109893825).
QUINTERO, LESLIE (Voter ID number 114385840).
QUINTERO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109922190).

12621 SW 256TH ST
HURST, DARLENE Denise (Voter ID number 109801903).
HURST, PETER J. (Voter ID number 109343312).

12624 SW 256TH TER
DELGADO, JESUS R. (Voter ID number 110066201).
DELGADO, LESLIE (Voter ID number 110166438).

12625 SW 256TH TER
ORTIZ, ROSA S. (Voter ID number 119018698).
ROSE, LAURA Jean (Voter ID number 109488834).
ULLOA, MARVIN Noel (Voter ID number 110026001).

12627 SW 258TH LN
MESA, YENNEYSY (Voter ID number 119603022).

12630 SW 252ND TER
GAITAN, RAFAEL Antonio (Voter ID number 110085875).
GAITAN, ROCIO D. (Voter ID number 110145761).

12631 SW 252ND TER
WHEELER, CEDRIC Terrill (Voter ID number 109968646).

12631 SW 256TH ST
FERGUSON, SUSAN (Voter ID number 109749705).
SAN JUAN, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 109518354).

12634 SW 256TH TER
PASTORA, MARIO H. (Voter ID number 118039730).

12637 SW 258TH LN
LYN-AH-PING, GISELLE Imari (Voter ID number 118099648).
RUSSELL, ALBERT (Voter ID number 109396134).

12641 SW 256TH ST
LASO, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 116376416).
LASO, IDALIA (Voter ID number 109658614).
LASO, DANIEL (Voter ID number 116143291).

12641 SW 264TH ST
GRAHAM, ANTON O. (Voter ID number 110328440).
GRAHAM, CHARLES Ervin (Voter ID number 120377443).
GRAHAM, CHONDRA Egette (Voter ID number 109984643).
GRAHAM, CHARVIN Ervin (Voter ID number 118271085).
MOSS, KIVA L. (Voter ID number 110013590).

12645 SW 256TH ST
DIAZ, OBED (Voter ID number 121295136).

12647 SW 258TH LN
ORTEGA, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 109346495).
PASSMORE, SHANIKA (Voter ID number 116310823).
CLAY, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 109994633).
NELSON, TOMICA L. (Voter ID number 109612211).

12657 SW 258TH LN
GAMIZ, SUSANA M. (Voter ID number 116669247).
GAMIZ, CARLOS J. (Voter ID number 117254943).
FERNANDEZ, CARIDAD O. (Voter ID number 116419696).

12671 SW 264TH ST
GOMEZ, MARTA Rosa (Voter ID number 120943072).

12700 SW 264TH ST
MILLAN, BLANCA M. (Voter ID number 114529576).

12706 SW 265TH ST
SUGRIM, SHARMATIE (Voter ID number 115913732).

12707 SW 265TH ST
GRACIA, RAFAELA (Voter ID number 110159725).
VEGA, MARILIDIA (Voter ID number 110064053).
GUZMAN, ANTHONY F. (Voter ID number 116174072).

12710 SW 264TH ST
HARRIS, KEIRRA Tenshell (Voter ID number 121019137).
HARRIS, KELSEY T. (Voter ID number 120545393).
DURHAM, JOYCE Anne (Voter ID number 109136500).
DURHAM, JOYCE A. (Voter ID number 117085478).

12711 SW 256TH ST
ELLISON, DELLA (Voter ID number 118511788).

12712 SW 265TH ST
TORRES ROBLES, JOSE A. (Voter ID number 109042895).
TORRES, CARMEN S. (Voter ID number 109090882).

12713 SW 265TH ST
TARDENCILLA, ALEJANDRO (Voter ID number 119731187).
TARDENCILLA, MARIA C. (Voter ID number 119732490).

12715 SW 261ST TER
ASCANIO, MARIA Julia (Voter ID number 109749612).

12719 SW 265TH ST
TOLEDO, MARTIN (Voter ID number 120968621).

12719 SW 266TH TER
SISNEY, MARIBEL Fesser (Voter ID number 109102189).
SISNEY, WHITNEY Lynn (Voter ID number 119856163).
SISNEY, WILLIAM Lid (Voter ID number 119856059).
FESSER, MIRIAM (Voter ID number 109118463).

12720 SW 255TH TER
GARLAND, SCOTT Hubert (Voter ID number 109230130).
GARLAND, SUE Ann (Voter ID number 108942246).

12721 SW 256TH ST
BEDOYA, MONICA (Voter ID number 109772158).

12722 SW 265TH ST
MOORE, JOHNOVAN Leon (Voter ID number 120210183).
ROBINSON, BRIAN Terrell (Voter ID number 109947781).
MOORE, ANITA (Voter ID number 109166817).
MOORE, BRITTANY Artrise (Voter ID number 115230186).

12722 SW 266TH TER
DE ARMAS, JACINTO Salvador (Voter ID number 110341292).

12723 SW 265TH ST
HORTON, DIAMOND J. (Voter ID number 120909550).
GREEN, MARQUETTE D. (Voter ID number 109833958).

12723 SW 265TH TER
CHAMBERS, ALICE May (Voter ID number 109597605).
BLAIR, CLAUDETTE A. (Voter ID number 109877522).
DAVIS, ENIS Rose (Voter ID number 119379801).

12723 SW 266TH TER
MARRERO, SERGIO (Voter ID number 119617717).
SUNOL, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 114625612).

12724 SW 263RD TER
TIBERGHIEN, STEVEN Lindsay (Voter ID number 109722020).
TIBERGHIEN, MARGARET Mary (Voter ID number 109165295).

12728 SW 265TH ST
ALCANTARA, AURORA (Voter ID number 109668944).

12728 SW 265TH TER
LOGAN, HYACINTH Patricia (Voter ID number 109415444).

12729 SW 265TH ST
HALL, OMAR Jermaine (Voter ID number 109348294).
NEAL, BOTSWANA Monique (Voter ID number 109425178).

12729 SW 265TH TER
KLAMERT, DALE Keith (Voter ID number 120670673).
KLAMERT, AUDREY Lee (Voter ID number 109722600).
KLAMERT, DALE Keith (Voter ID number 109722602).
KLAMERT, SHANNON Martin (Voter ID number 110198690).

12729 SW 266TH TER
GARCIA, HUMBERTO Narciso (Voter ID number 109791026).

12730 SW 249TH TER
BUTT, MERLIN Ervin (Voter ID number 109063558).

12730 SW 255TH TER
MEDINA, MARIO R. (Voter ID number 110179058).
MANTILLA, INGRID J. (Voter ID number 109591846).
MANTILLA, ROBERTO A. (Voter ID number 109839264).

12730 SW 264TH ST
REED, DEVIN A. (Voter ID number 119767948).
JACKSON, LORETTA Charlene (Voter ID number 109555277).
JACKSON, NORMA Jean (Voter ID number 116604052).

12731 SW 248TH TER
HODGE, ANNET R. (Voter ID number 109591074).
HODGE, JANET Iona (Voter ID number 109477283).
ECHEVARRIA, GILDA E. (Voter ID number 109901528).
RYMER, CAMILLE G. (Voter ID number 110322511).

12731 SW 256TH TER
PADILLA, YECENIA (Voter ID number 120540076).

12732 SW 265TH ST
VALLEJO, JOSEFA Melania (Voter ID number 109446571).
VALLEJO, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number 109440950).
VALLEJO, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 110121446).

12732 SW 265TH TER
MUSGROVE, EDWIN Young (Voter ID number 109027707).
STEWART-COX, DERRICK Lee (Voter ID number 110039087).
COX, JOSH Stephen (Voter ID number 110145188).
GRANT, JENNIFER Omega (Voter ID number 110237699).
YOUNG, CORINE (Voter ID number 109080575).

12733 SW 265TH ST
TIDWELL, JAMES Lee (Voter ID number 110118583).
TIDWELL, JIMMY Lee (Voter ID number 109932111).

12733 SW 265TH TER
CLAYTON, CHERYL Lavette (Voter ID number 109136247).

12733 SW 266TH TER
BATTLE, ARTHUR Jermaine (Voter ID number 109485085).
GAYLE, MICHELLE Diane (Voter ID number 110313035).
GENISH, TONISHA Diane (Voter ID number 114660916).

12734 SW 261ST TER
DARLING, ALGENEAL Xavier (Voter ID number 109803759).

12734 SW 263RD TER
BROWN, KAREN Pennye (Voter ID number 109407657).
BROWN, MARCUS Parnell (Voter ID number 114390570).

12735 SW 261ST TER
CANCEL CASTRO, AUDREY Ann (Voter ID number 115227416).
BENDKOWSKI, MICHAEL Lynn (Voter ID number 109429908).

12736 SW 256TH TER
SKINNER-GRANT, SHEILA (Voter ID number 109218229).

12737 SW 256TH TER
GARCIA, ODALYS (Voter ID number 118905070).
CARBALLIA, YADIRA Y. (Voter ID number 109994678).
GARCIA, NATIVIDAD Hernandez (Voter ID number 108964348).

12738 SW 265TH ST
BRANTLEY, JUANITA T. (Voter ID number 108944963).

12738 SW 265TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, HENRY (Voter ID number 117987269).
RODRIGUEZ, ARLEN S. (Voter ID number 109959067).
RODRIGUEZ, HENRY Xavier (Voter ID number 117580782).

12739 SW 265TH ST
ZELAYA, JOSE R. (Voter ID number 114269715).

12739 SW 265TH TER
DIAZ, MARIA S. (Voter ID number 117329201).
PERLE, CORALIA (Voter ID number 116442500).

12739 SW 266TH TER
KNIGHT, REMOMA (Voter ID number 110016776).
KNIGHT, SHEMONA Rocail (Voter ID number 110188542).

12740 SW 248TH TER
ASHBY, ERIK Scott (Voter ID number 109616094).

12740 SW 249TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ASTERIA (Voter ID number 115154396).
RODRIGUEZ, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 115154404).
SALGADO, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 109614577).

12740 SW 252ND TER
ALLAN, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 109112153).

12740 SW 264TH ST
YOUNG, RONNECIA R. (Voter ID number 115282101).

12741 SW 253RD ST
MEMBRENO, ALLAN M. (Voter ID number 116490328).
MORALES, ARMANDO Jose (Voter ID number 110343474).

12741 SW 256TH ST
LESTER, BARSHAY B. (Voter ID number 117137700).
AUSTIN, NATHAN (Voter ID number 110150947).
AUSTIN-TAYLOR, VERNETHA (Voter ID number 109178816).
LESTER, CHAUNCEY N. (Voter ID number 109888805).
TAYLOR, STEPHON L R (Voter ID number 114394530).
TAYLOR, WILETTE (Voter ID number 109134200).

12742 SW 256TH TER
KINSEY, LARRY (Voter ID number 108912140).

12742 SW 259TH ST
DELOACH, TARA Lynn (Voter ID number 109316722).
MOORE, KEN R. (Voter ID number 101505203).

12742 SW 265TH TER
MORALES, JUAN Jose (Voter ID number 118849920).
SOLORZANO, SOFIA (Voter ID number 116624231).

12742 SW 266TH TER
VILLA, OLGA Lydia (Voter ID number 109398462).

12743 SW 256TH TER
NETHERSOLE, LILLIAN Elfreda (Voter ID number 109212507).
SMITH, LADEMA Sharee (Voter ID number 109354012).

12743 SW 265TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, AZUCENA C. (Voter ID number 110018372).
RODRIGUEZ, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 110016861).
RODRIGUEZ, PERPETUA J. (Voter ID number 110018374).
RODRIGUEZ, SALATIEL A. (Voter ID number 110016809).

12744 SW 261ST TER
BROCH, JUDITH (Voter ID number 114043583).
HECTOR, JOSE J. (Voter ID number 114481234).
VELOSO, FABIAN (Voter ID number 119223823).

12745 SW 257TH ST
JERNIGAN, KEISHANDRA Michelle (Voter ID number 110135105).

12745 SW 261ST TER
RUDASILL, DAWN Marie (Voter ID number 110329944).
RUDASILL, DERWOOD Tilden (Voter ID number 108945540).
RUDASILL, DOLORES Anne (Voter ID number 109125495).
RUDASILL, DUSTIN P. (Voter ID number 110114219).

12745 SW 263RD TER
VALVERDE, ARIEL (Voter ID number 110204751).
VALVERDER, PRACEDES (Voter ID number 116843862).

12748 SW 256TH TER
BLANCO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 109814570).
MACHIN, FRANK (Voter ID number 109591329).

12748 SW 259TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS (Voter ID number 120430509).
MC CARTER, GINA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 109477445).

12748 SW 265TH ST
CARMONA, MARIA Y. (Voter ID number 110032980).
BORST, ALAN Dean (Voter ID number 109487548).
BORST, MICHAEL Alan (Voter ID number 110322414).
BORST, MILAGROS L. (Voter ID number 109487550).
RODRIGUEZ, GUILLERMINA (Voter ID number 110034332).

12748 SW 265TH TER
VALENZUELA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 114636839).

12748 SW 266TH TER
VALDES, OLGA M. (Voter ID number 109368166).

12749 SW 256TH TER
ROJAS, ELIZET (Voter ID number 115430496).

12749 SW 265TH ST
REY, LEE Ruby (Voter ID number 109472402).
RODRIGUEZ, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109739237).
RODRIGUEZ, ZULEMA (Voter ID number 118859397).
SERRANO, IDELIES (Voter ID number 110322418).

12749 SW 265TH TER
BAUTISTA, ALISE Lorraine (Voter ID number 115049128).
CANCEL, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 109984390).
ROMAN, ALISE Lorraine (Voter ID number 110117488).
ROMAN, ANGELIQUE Lisette (Voter ID number 109885281).
ROMAN, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109326477).

12750 SW 248TH TER
RAMIREZ, CARMEN (Voter ID number 119472009).

12750 SW 252ND TER
ORTIZ, LEYCHA M. (Voter ID number 114316849).
RAMIREZ, MARJORIE Estela (Voter ID number 110059566).

12750 SW 255TH TER
PAYNE, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 109667018).
PAYNE, TANIA (Voter ID number 114608513).

12750 SW 264TH ST
MACHADO, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110113197).
DEL RISCO, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109665813).

12751 SW 248TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 120913724).
RODRIGUEZ, MILAGRO (Voter ID number 110066352).

12751 SW 256TH ST
MARTINEZ, JUAN Antonio (Voter ID number 109102678).

12751 SW 257TH ST
AURIGEMMA FERNANDEZ, ASHLEY (Voter ID number 117323071).
FERNANDEZ, ANTHONY Richard (Voter ID number 121122199).
FREEMAN, BRANDON Khristopher (Voter ID number 109894264).
MILE, CHET (Voter ID number 109741212).

12752 SW 250TH TER
ABADIE, CARY Barbara (Voter ID number 109101909).
SANCHEZ, PAULINA (Voter ID number 109899887).
PHILLIPS, SHERI Lawrence (Voter ID number 109154293).

12752 SW 265TH TER
HERRERA, JOHNNY Hary (Voter ID number 109482529).

12752 SW 266TH TER
DIAZ, YEAN CARLOS (Voter ID number 116063737).
MATOS, AIDIL (Voter ID number 119592208).
RODRIGUEZ, YARLOS Jose (Voter ID number 119416985).

12753 SW 250TH TER
JIMENEZ, RAISA Emma (Voter ID number 109450456).
TORSELLI, ANDREA (Voter ID number 110079066).

12753 SW 265TH TER
SHANNON, LAKWANZA Jamise (Voter ID number 116840360).

12753 SW 266TH TER
HALL, MELVIN (Voter ID number 110119459).
WRIGHT, VERNITA (Voter ID number 109895906).

12754 SW 259TH ST
LOVERA, CONSTANZA (Voter ID number 118753966).
PADRON, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109356803).
GUTIERREZ, DAYAMILA Inez (Voter ID number 117356203).
PADRON, JESUS (Voter ID number 117356191).

12754 SW 263RD TER
DEL SIGNORE, MARI (Voter ID number 109910076).
HALE, DORA Irma (Voter ID number 109207478).
HALE, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 114731181).
SIGNORE, MARI (Voter ID number 109722897).

12755 SW 261ST TER
BLATCHFORD, NANCY Higgins (Voter ID number 109012209).
BLATCHFORD, TODD G. (Voter ID number 109315971).
O'DELL, JENNIFER Kathleen (Voter ID number 109313320).

12755 SW 263RD TER
CONE-DEMERRITTE, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 109397780).

12757 SW 257TH ST
SANTANA, YUDITH (Voter ID number 120861888).
RAMOS, YASHIRA Y. (Voter ID number 110112879).

12758 SW 265TH ST
BROWN, CHARLES (Voter ID number 110322968).
BROWN, MABEL M. (Voter ID number 119176351).

12758 SW 265TH TER
BRADLEY, UAL (Voter ID number 109490867).

12758 SW 265TH ST
BROWN, CHARLENE Y. (Voter ID number 116882458).
BROWN, CHARLES Albert (Voter ID number 116704961).
BROWN, MARITZA Victoria (Voter ID number 116903488).

12758 SW 265TH TER
BRADLEY, UAL (Voter ID number 116415942).

12758 SW 266TH TER
NIVAR, EBONY (Voter ID number 110224266).
CROOMS-NIVAR, EBONY (Voter ID number 110217178).
NIVAR, KENNY (Voter ID number 110178067).
SANTIAGO, MYRA E. (Voter ID number 109973567).

12759 SW 265TH TER
WILLIAMS, MALACHI James (Voter ID number 120909243).
WILLIAMS, MARVA Michelle (Voter ID number 109205174).
WILLAMS, MARVA Michelle (Voter ID number 118351544).
WILLIAMS, JAMES D. (Voter ID number 109359661).
WILLIAMS, KHALIF B. (Voter ID number 110129550).

12759 SW 266TH TER
GARZARO, HUGO E. (Voter ID number 120204054).
GARZARO, MARIA Laura (Voter ID number 120206687).
GARZARO, HUGO E. (Voter ID number 118838436).

12760 SW 249TH TER
CUEVA, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109435564).

12760 SW 255TH TER
JIMENEZ PEREZ, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 110237119).
JIMENEZ, FEDERICO Guarocuya (Voter ID number 109840110).
JIMENEZ, LILIA Rosa (Voter ID number 109862391).
PEREZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110119798).

12760 SW 256TH TER
DURAN, GLADYS Justina (Voter ID number 119439047).
RIVERA, WILFREDO A. (Voter ID number 117560661).
ZELAYA, RICARDO Jose (Voter ID number 110256799).

12760 SW 259TH ST
ALEMAN, KARLA V. (Voter ID number 116903269).
ALEMAN, ROSA (Voter ID number 114417483).
CORVEA, JOEL (Voter ID number 110041678).

12760 SW 264TH ST
MUNOZ RAMOS, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 118377959).

12760 SW 267TH ST
CARBALLO, NEREIDA C. (Voter ID number 109765301).
CARDENAS, NEREIDA V. (Voter ID number 109956798).

12761 SW 248TH TER
ABREU, JORGE Orlando (Voter ID number 109895575).
ABREU, ADELAIDA (Voter ID number 109424557).

12761 SW 256TH ST
ENRIQUEZ, MAXIMO (Voter ID number 109741682).
ENRIQUEZ, RAMON (Voter ID number 109421814).

12761 SW 256TH TER
BONILLA, SANTOS S. (Voter ID number 110287022).

12761 SW 267TH ST
LORIGA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 120915640).

12762 SW 250TH TER
CARBALLO, OLGA (Voter ID number 120400909).
ECHANE, LOMBERTO (Voter ID number 120401021).

12762 SW 265TH ST
GIRALT-FLEITES, SALVADOR B. (Voter ID number 115971457).

12762 SW 265TH TER
BRYANT, ANDREW (Voter ID number 109469358).
BRYANT, CONTESSA Shawon (Voter ID number 109485971).

12762 SW 266TH TER
BARRERA, RUDDY (Voter ID number 121307087).
BARRERA, SAMANTHA L. (Voter ID number 110197834).
BARRERA, SIDNEY P. (Voter ID number 110117454).
BARRERA, ADELL (Voter ID number 116671331).
BARRERA, NUBIA M. (Voter ID number 116680362).

12763 SW 250TH TER
GRANADOS, ROCIO D. (Voter ID number 117015789).
GRANADOS, TANIA N. (Voter ID number 117186972).
GRANADOS, ZOSIMO (Voter ID number 117129508).
BLAS, GLADYS L. (Voter ID number 109951277).

12763 SW 266TH TER
AVILA, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 114122402).
AVILA, RICARDO (Voter ID number 114125946).
AVILA, UBALDO (Voter ID number 116584505).
GARCIA, GISELA (Voter ID number 117281526).

12764 SW 257TH ST
WILLIAMS, BELINDA Fay (Voter ID number 109872412).
CHAPMAN, JENNIFER Anne (Voter ID number 110088771).

12764 SW 263RD TER
MARINO, CAITLIN Kelly (Voter ID number 115615277).
MARINO, CODY Randall (Voter ID number 118215462).
MARINO, CARSON Russell (Voter ID number 116795658).
SMITH, ANASTASIA R. (Voter ID number 116634663).

12765 SW 261ST TER
FAIRWEATHER, PAUL David (Voter ID number 109809183).

12766 SW 256TH TER
ORTEGA, CARMEN G. (Voter ID number 109295266).
ORTEGA, JOSE Alberto (Voter ID number 116632337).

12766 SW 259TH ST
LLANO, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 116407753).

12767 SW 256TH ST
FANCHER, JAMES Earl (Voter ID number 109138916).

12767 SW 256TH TER
FANCHER, ANITA Javon (Voter ID number 116098319).
FANCHER, JUANITA Render (Voter ID number 117765172).
FANCHER, JUANITH L. (Voter ID number 109542668).

12768 SW 265TH ST
PILLING, BRIAN Andrew (Voter ID number 116085788).

12768 SW 265TH TER
SYNAGOGUE, WILLIE J. (Voter ID number 109477410).

12769 SW 257TH ST
FREEMAN, ALPHONSO (Voter ID number 109134983).
LEWIS, QUANITHA Lashon (Voter ID number 109468207).
BEMBRY, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number 110239864).
FREEMAN, QUANNIQUE S. (Voter ID number 116294538).

12769 SW 265TH ST
FORERO, GINA Monserrate (Voter ID number 117509458).

12769 SW 265TH TER
DE LOS SANTOS, RUBEN Humberto (Voter ID number 109402273).
RUANO, TERESITA R. (Voter ID number 109008427).

12769 SW 266TH TER
STAINROD, SASHA (Voter ID number 116080140).
SUAREZ DE AGUIAR, MIRTA (Voter ID number 119663331).

12770 SW 257TH ST
QURESH, ANSWAROON Ali (Voter ID number 109984337).
QURESH, FARHAN Ali (Voter ID number 114374032).
ALI, FARHAT (Voter ID number 110122622).
QURESH, NADIA A. (Voter ID number 117575490).

12770 SW 264TH ST
MUNOZ, NORAISYS (Voter ID number 120356989).
ADLEY, GENEVA Taffiney (Voter ID number 109761201).

12770 SW 267TH ST
MARSHALL, MORTLEY (Voter ID number 109487607).

12771 SW 248TH TER
WILLIAMS, TIFFANY Marie (Voter ID number 114421145).

12771 SW 256TH ST
ORTIZ, ANA A. (Voter ID number 109394338).

12772 SW 250TH TER
CASADO, DANIELLE (Voter ID number 118535669).
RAMOS, DANETTE Perez (Voter ID number 110337798).

12772 SW 256TH TER
VELASQUEZ, IVONNE L. (Voter ID number 118898375).

12772 SW 259TH ST
NAVARRO, MONICA S. (Voter ID number 109850208).
NAVARRO, JOSE David (Voter ID number 114438622).

12772 SW 265TH ST
CORREDOR, MARTHA Patricia (Voter ID number 109698222).
MONTES, OSVALDO A. (Voter ID number 109483716).

12772 SW 265TH TER
CLARK, DELORIS (Voter ID number 109210569).
OTERO, YHOVANA (Voter ID number 109852076).

12773 SW 250TH TER
JONES, STEPHANIE Denise (Voter ID number 109772945).

12773 SW 265TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 120401551).
RODRIGUEZ, AMARILYS (Voter ID number 105765231).

12773 SW 266TH TER
STROZIER, CHARLIE Eric (Voter ID number 115699290).
WRIGHT, MERTICE (Voter ID number 109078315).
WRIGHT, PHILIP L. (Voter ID number 110334703).

12774 SW 263RD TER
JACKSON, ALBERT (Voter ID number 109117167).
JACKSON, DIONNE Lynette (Voter ID number 109745312).

12775 SW 257TH ST
DAVIS, RODERICK (Voter ID number 110248313).
DAVIS, URSALINA Sharmese (Voter ID number 109697922).

12775 SW 263RD TER
LIZARDO, ELEUTE Anselmo (Voter ID number 110234564).

12778 SW 256TH TER
TEJEDA, MILCIA M. (Voter ID number 116336631).

12779 SW 265TH ST
FULLER, CATHERINE (Voter ID number 109633858).
FULLER, DESIREE N. (Voter ID number 109656874).
FULLER, KAMILAH M. (Voter ID number 109894355).
FULLER, MICHAEL T. (Voter ID number 109737066).

12780 SW 264TH ST
FUENTES, CARLOS M. (Voter ID number 113931788).
FUENTES, HILDA G. (Voter ID number 113931842).

12781 SW 248TH TER
PADRON, ROSE Mary (Voter ID number 120915616).
SANCHEZ, BRIAN Ariel (Voter ID number 116769175).
TRUJILLO, MARICELY (Voter ID number 116964474).

12781 SW 257TH ST
PEREZ DELGADO, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 120170095).

12783 SW 250TH TER
LLUY, VANESSA C. (Voter ID number 109811300).
LLUY, DAMIAN De Jesus (Voter ID number 109769524).

12783 SW 265TH ST
ROQUE, JAZZMIN (Voter ID number 110208280).
ROQUE, YOLANDA A. (Voter ID number 109677332).

12784 SW 256TH TER
GARCIA, DONNIA (Voter ID number 118757412).

12784 SW 263RD TER
USHER, MYSHALAE Star (Voter ID number 114398405).
USHER, SANDRA E. (Voter ID number 116911920).

12785 SW 256TH TER
DE QUESADA, ALEJANDRO Antonio (Voter ID number 110317897).
HERRERA, FLOR De Maria (Voter ID number 114508501).
RIVERO, DAISY M. (Voter ID number 115124211).

12790 SW 256TH TER
BETANCOURT, NEREYDA (Voter ID number 116304870).

12790 SW 264TH ST
ANDERSON, CYETTE Yuvonne (Voter ID number 109482527).

12791 SW 248TH TER
CRUZ, ANA Y. (Voter ID number 116072610).
CRUZ, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 110156259).
CRUZ, SERGIO Y. (Voter ID number 119616911).
ESTRADA CRUZ, EMELIA (Voter ID number 115836263).

12791 SW 256TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, DIEGO Fernando (Voter ID number 119729682).

12793 SW 250TH TER
CAMBERO, CYNTHIA Carolina (Voter ID number 110098150).

12793 SW 257TH ST
DE LEON, LUIS MIGUEL (Voter ID number 120889685).

12795 SW 250TH TER
GONZALEZ, BETTY (Voter ID number 109549973).
GONZALEZ, MELISSA J. (Voter ID number 118110746).

12796 SW 256TH TER
ROMERO, ROBERTO I. (Voter ID number 115902644).

12797 SW 248TH TER
ROJAS-VEGA, DUNIA Lisbeth (Voter ID number 110339279).
GUEVARA, JESUS Fernando (Voter ID number 110132431).
GUEVARA, LEDA Maria (Voter ID number 110279568).
GUEVARA, MANUELA X. (Voter ID number 110145402).
VEGA, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 114365025).
VEGA, JOSE Angel (Voter ID number 110295553).
VEGA, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109990335).
VEGA, YANELY C. (Voter ID number 110265161).

12797 SW 250TH TER
PRIETO, MARIA (Voter ID number 109751566).
PRIETO, CLAUDIO F. (Voter ID number 117302019).

12797 SW 256TH TER
RIVERA, LOUIS Andrew (Voter ID number 113875845).
RIVERA, MAGDA G. (Voter ID number 114892504).
RIVERA, LOUIS Andrew (Voter ID number 117058893).

12799 SW 257TH ST
ZAPATA, BIANCA (Voter ID number 117641467).

12800 SW 255TH TER
MOYA, MARTA M. (Voter ID number 116465082).

12800 SW 257TH ST
LAVACHE, YVES (Voter ID number 117859244).

12800 SW 259TH ST
CORDERO FERREY, GREACE Rosalia (Voter ID number 114567899).
CORDERO, MARCEL (Voter ID number 116060167).

12800 SW 264TH ST
PEREZ, GLADYS (Voter ID number 109913148).

12801 SW 248TH TER
ARIZAGA, ESTEBAN (Voter ID number 115390436).
ARIZAGA, MILDRE (Voter ID number 110095515).

12801 SW 256TH ST
CORONADO, ABELARDO (Voter ID number 119720342).
DELGADO, DELIA (Voter ID number 109731807).
MALEKI, LAURA A. (Voter ID number 109767882).
PEREZ, ELISEO Lamas (Voter ID number 109503092).

12802 SW 256TH TER
HOLMES, TAWANDA L. (Voter ID number 109991214).

12803 SW 256TH TER
VILLALOBOS, SANDRA M. (Voter ID number 116632052).
CHOISEUL PRASLIN, JORGE (Voter ID number 116631759).

12804 SW 263RD TER
LESTER, CYNTHIA Nickle (Voter ID number 117273959).
WILLIAMS, FREDERICK Lee (Voter ID number 110230505).
BORELAND-NICKLE, CYNTHIA Y. (Voter ID number 109673717).
LESTER, ALFRED Craig (Voter ID number 109989847).

12805 SW 257TH ST
ABAD, EMILIA Maria (Voter ID number 119213535).
ABAD, NEY E. (Voter ID number 115997242).

12805 SW 263RD TER
STANLEY, LAKISHA M. (Voter ID number 110166462).

12806 SW 250TH TER
JACKSON, CHIQUITA D. (Voter ID number 118838658).

12809 SW 252ND ST
JIMENEZ, ANA Margarita (Voter ID number 109546767).

12809 SW 252ND ST
APT # 305

ENANG, JOSEPHINE Emmanuel (Voter ID number 119870525).

12809 SW 252ND ST
APT 104-3

BROWN, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109196832).

12809 SW 252ND ST
APT 203

COLBERT, JOANNA Alberta (Voter ID number 119629224).

12809 SW 252ND ST
APT 204

CANTO, CARMEN I. (Voter ID number 110083217).

12809 SW 252ND ST
APT 206

PRUITT BANKS, RUTHIE Shunell (Voter ID number 110107832).

12809 SW 252ND ST
APT 208

FIGUEROA, NORMA Angelica (Voter ID number 100297878).

12809 SW 252ND ST
APT 203

YOUNG, RUBIN James (Voter ID number 109819574).

12809 SW 252ND ST
BLDG 3-306

STUKES, EDWARD R. (Voter ID number 110116929).

12809 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 304

RAHMING, DIONNE Nichele (Voter ID number 109316917).

12809 SW 252ND ST
APT 104

BROWN LEE, JOHNNIE (Voter ID number 110162088).

12809 SW 252ND ST
APT 202

FARRELL, FELICIA Olivia (Voter ID number 109729009).

12809 SW 252ND ST
APT 304

WRIGHT, DENZEL Dominique (Voter ID number 117616794).

12809 SW 252ND ST
APT 306

STUKES, TEVIN J. (Voter ID number 117578243).

12809 SW 256TH TER
NEGRON, MARIA (Voter ID number 116765821).

12809 SW SW 252ND ST
CANTO, JUAN S. (Voter ID number 109539301).

12810 SW 255TH TER
ORTIZ, JULIO P. (Voter ID number 110113586).

12810 SW 264TH ST
GONZALEZ, ARLEY (Voter ID number 118467227).

12810 SW 268TH ST
FIELDS, DEBORAH Renee (Voter ID number 109148909).
HARVEY, AARON Leon (Voter ID number 109801404).
HARVEY, JHAMELIA Dawntae (Voter ID number 110185083).
SINGH, NAVPREET (Voter ID number 119818682).
SINGH, PARAMJEET (Voter ID number 110079579).
SINGH, SURINDER (Voter ID number 109701711).
SINGH-BACARDI, JAHHIR (Voter ID number 117564860).

12811 SW 248TH TER
PEREZ-BORROTO, GIOVANNI Javier (Voter ID number 118358891).
PEREZBORROTO, KATHARINE Jane (Voter ID number 118358295).
PEREZ BORROTO, NORBERTO Javier (Voter ID number 109300961).

12811 SW 256TH ST
MARROQUIN, GRISELDA Amparo (Voter ID number 117306300).
LEIVA, JOSE (Voter ID number 110247733).

12812 SW 250TH TER
MILLER, TRISTAN (Voter ID number 109982379).
RODRIGUEZ, TRAVIS Rayshod (Voter ID number 116283718).

12812 SW 257TH ST
ORTIZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 110052447).

12812 SW 259TH ST
CROMER, SANCHEZ (Voter ID number 119683070).

12814 SW 256TH TER
ALFONSO, ROGELIO (Voter ID number 109357820).
REYES, EULALIA (Voter ID number 109107391).
TREWIN, GRETHEL Johana (Voter ID number 109720865).
TREWIN, KIMBERLY Johana (Voter ID number 121260046).
PRASLIN, JORGE W. (Voter ID number 114620817).
PRASLIN, MARY L. (Voter ID number 115406073).

12814 SW 263RD TER
ALVADO, AIMEE C. (Voter ID number 116937571).

12815 SW 256TH TER
ESTEVEZ, DANAY (Voter ID number 118823507).

12815 SW 263RD TER
FLOREZ DINAS, KARLA Mellissa (Voter ID number 121030922).
DINAS, NELSY N. (Voter ID number 118393174).
FLOREZ, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 119366702).
FLOREZ, KATHERINE I. (Voter ID number 118868389).

12817 SW 252ND ST
APT # 202

STUKES, WHITNEY Q. (Voter ID number 110324266).

12817 SW 252ND ST
APT 202

STUKES, EDWARD Rudolph (Voter ID number 109517817).

12817 SW 252ND ST
APT 303

ROBINSON, DARRISHA Meshae (Voter ID number 110322905).
ROBINSON, JACQUELINE S. (Voter ID number 119637371).

12817 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 204

PRINCE, DANIQUE J. (Voter ID number 116275350).

12817 SW 252ND ST
APT 208

TIMMONS, TONJA O. (Voter ID number 110015676).

12817 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 202

STUKES, SHAKIRA L. (Voter ID number 115271688).

12817 SW 252ND TER
APT 105

WARD, ARNICIYA (Voter ID number 120377213).

12818 SW 257TH ST
JONES, JEREMIAH (Voter ID number 117041887).
RILUS, MARGIE (Voter ID number 117017072).

12820 SW 264TH ST
ALVAREZ, NELSON (Voter ID number 120201200).
MORENO, YULIANA (Voter ID number 119776981).

12820 SW 268TH ST
CHEEKS, SOPHIA (Voter ID number 109047161).

12821 SW 248TH TER
ENDRES, GREGORY J. (Voter ID number 110342304).
ENDRES, LUCINDA W. (Voter ID number 110342305).

12821 SW 256TH TER
COLEMAN, COREY (Voter ID number 117000794).
COLEMAN, WILBUR (Voter ID number 110324823).
RAINES, KIMBERLY Perette (Voter ID number 109181367).

12821 SW 267TH ST
LAY, ADA Margarita (Voter ID number 108934137).
LAY, OSCAR A. (Voter ID number 108938944).

12822 SW 250TH TER
ALONSO, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 119431523).

12824 SW 259TH ST
MORALES, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 110338382).
ORTIZ, KARLA M. (Voter ID number 117166670).

12824 SW 263RD TER
HOLMES, WALTER (Voter ID number 108957519).

12825 SW 252ND ST
MEDINA, LUZ Milagros (Voter ID number 110234778).

12825 SW 252ND ST
APT 104

MORALES MADRID, MARIA Felix (Voter ID number 120501566).

12825 SW 252ND ST
APT 107

GONZALEZ RODRIGUEZ, JULIA Balbina (Voter ID number 118583620).

12825 SW 252ND ST
APT 201

GARAY, MARIA Teresa (Voter ID number 109540684).
WILSON, BRANDON Kyle (Voter ID number 120117134).

12825 SW 252ND ST
APT 202

SUAREZ TORRES, VALMARIE (Voter ID number 118637140).

12825 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 105

CASTILLO, EMILY Ann (Voter ID number 110048398).

12825 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 208

HERNANDEZ, YAHUMARA (Voter ID number 115271780).
LATORRE RIOS, CARMEN Herenia (Voter ID number 119539049).

12825 SW 252ND ST
APT 101

KELLEY, RACHEL Renee (Voter ID number 120789670).

12825 SW 252ND ST
APT 206

LIGONDE, NATHALIE Altagrace (Voter ID number 119448222).

12825 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 101

LOPEZ, RAQUEL Renee (Voter ID number 114687280).

12825 SW 263RD TER
LACKEY, FRANCISCA A. (Voter ID number 109248777).

12826 SW 256TH TER
BARRIOS, LUIS (Voter ID number 116373782).
BARRIOS, YAJAIRA (Voter ID number 116376962).

12827 SW 256TH TER
MINERA, LAURO A. (Voter ID number 120303190).
MINERA, ROSAMARIA (Voter ID number 120303214).
MINERA, CORINA E. (Voter ID number 117861965).

12828 SW 250TH TER
LOPEZ, STEPHANIE Maria (Voter ID number 120844172).
MONTERREY, GERARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 119698420).
LOPEZ, MIRIAM R. (Voter ID number 109603831).
LOPEZ, ALFONSO J. (Voter ID number 117416367).

12828 SW 267TH ST
OROBITG, GEORGE (Voter ID number 109846129).
OROBITG, MARTA (Voter ID number 109846128).
OROBITG, SISY M. (Voter ID number 110044243).

12829 SW 257TH ST
OROZCO, MARLENE I. (Voter ID number 115853811).
PORTILLA, JORGE (Voter ID number 110267248).

12830 SW 257TH ST
GONZALEZ, ERIK (Voter ID number 117249688).

12830 SW 264TH ST
ROJAS, LINA Judith (Voter ID number 119207848).
GUZMAN, ISAMAR (Voter ID number 117784440).

12830 SW 268TH ST
MAISONET, IRMA Sierra (Voter ID number 110136391).

12831 SW 248TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 118093961).
PENA, MIRNA (Voter ID number 109505176).
RODRIGUEZ, JULIO Ramon (Voter ID number 109991089).
RODRIGUEZ, JULIO Ramon (Voter ID number 116777761).

12833 SW 252ND ST
GRAY, LASHAUNDRA Shekia (Voter ID number 120427921).
WASHINGTON, GEORGE (Voter ID number 108961650).

12833 SW 252ND ST
APT 201

ABREU, MANUEL (Voter ID number 120747771).

12833 SW 252ND ST
APT 203

JOHNSON, JERMAINE Martell (Voter ID number 120604963).

12833 SW 252ND ST
APT 303

CASTRO, JENNIFER Yaosca (Voter ID number 110146027).

12833 SW 252ND ST
APT 9102

BROWN, SHAKETHA Lashaun (Voter ID number 110117843).

12833 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 207

GRAY, LASHAUNDRA Shekia (Voter ID number 109815788).

12833 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 208

BOZEMAN, CIEWANA Celise (Voter ID number 109773089).

12833 SW 252ND ST
BANKS, MACK Delano (Voter ID number 115570278).
CRAWFORD, MARY Lavone (Voter ID number 109969726).

12833 SW 252ND ST
APT 202

MATEO, CARMEN Rosa (Voter ID number 119525681).

12834 SW 263RD TER
POONEN, KERSHNI (Voter ID number 114697603).
POONEN, HAROLD D. (Voter ID number 109714914).
POONEN, NALINI (Voter ID number 115846048).

12835 SW 257TH ST
GIRALDO, ANDRES (Voter ID number 115917946).
GONZALEZ, SANDRA M. (Voter ID number 117142404).

12835 SW 263RD TER
CHAVIS, SHARON Putnam (Voter ID number 109233724).
CHAVIS, WILLIAM (Voter ID number 109413527).
CHAVIS, HERBERT (Voter ID number 116649576).

12837 SW 250TH TER
QUINONES, MELISA Caridad (Voter ID number 120770966).

12838 SW 250TH TER
RODRUGUEZ, UBALDO (Voter ID number 116736253).
LOPEZ, ALFOAVO J. (Voter ID number 116280791).
RODRIGUEZ, YULIER (Voter ID number 115233419).

12838 SW 256TH TER
CRUZ, JESUS (Voter ID number 110251582).
CRUZ, MONICA (Voter ID number 117161072).
GONZALEZ, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 110199981).

12839 SW 256TH TER
NEIRA, ROGER (Voter ID number 117112841).

12840 SW 253RD TER
DAVILA, BENITO Adolfo (Voter ID number 117314780).
CARTER, DAISY Valdes (Voter ID number 110201994).

12840 SW 257TH ST
DANNAH, MARY Ann (Voter ID number 109158639).

12840 SW 264TH ST
CORWIN, CLANCY Cassidy (Voter ID number 109485790).
COWGILL, LYNDA J. (Voter ID number 109638299).

12840 SW 267TH ST
GOMEZ, JOSE Genaro (Voter ID number 110319614).
GOMEZ, GENARO A. (Voter ID number 116348590).
LORA, GERTRUDIS (Voter ID number 116641333).

12840 SW 268TH ST
BRYANT, TAWANNA S. (Voter ID number 110234079).
TROUTMAN, BREUNTAE K. (Voter ID number 120888552).
HUDSON, IRA Lee (Voter ID number 109175761).
SMITH, RUBY West (Voter ID number 109988023).

12841 SW 252ND ST
DETRES, CARMELO (Voter ID number 110265720).
WARE, TOCARRA S. (Voter ID number 110183054).

12841 SW 252ND ST
APT 108

NOVOA, JASMINE S. (Voter ID number 119411408).

12841 SW 252ND ST
APT 201

SANDOVAL, IVIS (Voter ID number 119577790).
SANDOVAL, MAYRA Alejandra (Voter ID number 119407405).

12841 SW 252ND ST
APT 205

YOUNG, DONNA Ann-Marie (Voter ID number 118887652).

12841 SW 252ND ST
APT 10

SALGUERO, GERMAN A. (Voter ID number 116793985).

12841 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 101

LYONS, MARTAVIUS Jermmia (Voter ID number 110053304).
LYONS, DANA R. (Voter ID number 110037025).

12841 SW 252ND ST
APT 10

SALGUERO, KELLY M. (Voter ID number 110062988).

12841 SW 267TH ST
AMADOR, AILEEN (Voter ID number 115397170).

12842 SW 250TH TER
ADAMS, PAULETTE (Voter ID number 119236770).
IWANEK, MELODIE J. (Voter ID number 114334589).
THAGGARD, VICTORIA J. (Voter ID number 115224256).
IWANEK, GREGORY J. (Voter ID number 114334581).

12844 SW 256TH TER
QUERO, YAINIER (Voter ID number 116757906).
ROJAS, CARLA Marie (Voter ID number 110190984).
ROJAS, CARLOS Alfredo (Voter ID number 115945808).
ROJAS, CARLOS G. (Voter ID number 109218026).
ROJAS, EUGENIA Maria (Voter ID number 109218023).
ROJAS, ALEXANDRA Marie (Voter ID number 110276156).

12844 SW 263RD TER
CABEZAS, NICOLE (Voter ID number 110243581).
STANGER, JAMES Benjamin (Voter ID number 109492277).

12845 SW 248TH ST
FIDLIN, IDA (Voter ID number 108976375).

12849 SW 252ND ST
CURRY, TONYA Belinda (Voter ID number 119997043).

12849 SW 252ND ST
APT 107

GREEN, SHIRELLA Monique (Voter ID number 110020243).

12849 SW 252ND ST
APT 204

CALLIE, EVELYN D. (Voter ID number 109487578).

12849 SW 252ND ST
APT 205

CAIN, BELINDA Ann (Voter ID number 109238617).

12849 SW 252ND ST
APT 207

LOPEZ, YUSMERDY (Voter ID number 120902126).

12849 SW 252ND ST
APT 306

FRIDAY, KENDALL L. (Voter ID number 120163326).

12849 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 107

BOYKIN, DIANE Stubbs (Voter ID number 119974554).

12849 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 304

GRANGER, SEBERRY (Voter ID number 110138473).

12849 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 205

PRATT, DOMINIQUE (Voter ID number 115244406).

12849 SW 252ND ST
GONZALEZ, PAULA Andrea (Voter ID number 119713253).

12849 SW 252ND ST
APT 105

THOMAS, MYRTLE Angelia (Voter ID number 109658725).

12849 SW 252ND ST
APT 107

INGRAM, JANIE Mae (Voter ID number 119912317).
NEWTON, TAQUESHA L. (Voter ID number 116923886).

12849 SW 252ND ST
APT 108

SOLIVAN, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 110282058).

12849 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 104

FULMORE, ROBERT Jerome (Voter ID number 110204279).
JACKSON, EARNESTINE (Voter ID number 109180325).

12849 SW 252ND TER
JACKSON, JASHAUNDRA Nicole (Voter ID number 120576487).

12849 SW 252ND TER
APT 104

MERRITT, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 110056758).

12850 SW 250TH TER
BELL, INDIA Melissa (Voter ID number 117325101).
BELL, MIYA (Voter ID number 119041163).
CURRY, MARRIAN Ava-Melissa (Voter ID number 120404429).
MC KENZIE, ELLEN Eloise (Voter ID number 110275136).

12851 SW 248TH TER
JAVIER, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 110067679).
MONTANEZ, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 110067672).

12851 SW 256TH TER
SANTA CRUZ, MAURICE (Voter ID number 114705712).

12854 SW 263RD TER
BUDNIKOWSKI, ELSA (Voter ID number 109129922).

12857 SW 252ND ST
QUINONES VARGAS, MIOSOTIS Corallys (Voter ID number 118560747).

12857 SW 252ND ST
APT 101

RAMIREZ, CLAUDIA Maria (Voter ID number 109757719).

12857 SW 252ND ST
APT 106

HERISE, CHRISTOPHER B. (Voter ID number 120409798).

12857 SW 252ND ST
APT 207

PRATS, STEPHANIE Lizbeth (Voter ID number 120695277).

12857 SW 252ND ST
APT 208

REZZA, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 120186996).

12857 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 103

TORRES, SUGEILY M. (Voter ID number 117567012).

12857 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 205

VAZQUEZ, SHALEM (Voter ID number 110054913).

12857 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 301

MURPHY, SHAQUEDA S. (Voter ID number 114657899).

12857 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 308

EASINGTON, BARBARA Wendy (Voter ID number 120693111).

12857 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 101

LOPEZ, CLAUDIA M. (Voter ID number 109755952).

12857 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 204

WILLIAMS, MICHELLE Antwon (Voter ID number 109773110).

12857 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 205

COLLAZO, RAMONA (Voter ID number 110066044).

12857 SW 252ND ST
APT 208

ADRIANZEN, BERNARDITA (Voter ID number 116437339).
BENAVIDES, CARLA B. (Voter ID number 116444112).

12857 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 106

CRESPO, LUZ Amelia (Voter ID number 109101089).

12857 SW 256TH TER
SANCHEZ, MARILYN E. (Voter ID number 116623805).

12858 SW 250TH TER
BERNAL, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 110148346).
BERNAL, DIANA Beatriz (Voter ID number 114355669).
BERNAL, OSCAR E. (Voter ID number 110145672).

12860 SW 268TH ST
DELGADO, MIGUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109987105).
RAMOS, CLARA (Voter ID number 109158349).

12861 SW 248TH TER
BEAULIEU, PATRICK (Voter ID number 114705350).

12863 SW 250TH TER
VENZAL, STACEY (Voter ID number 109218296).

12863 SW 256TH TER
MERA, GISELA (Voter ID number 117937472).
MARTINEZ, RAUL (Voter ID number 116683131).

12865 SW 252ND ST
SOSA, LILLIAN (Voter ID number 120124859).

12865 SW 252ND ST
APT 107

PATRICK, JOSHUA Ryan (Voter ID number 120137495).

12865 SW 252ND ST
APT 202

SIU, ALVARO Martin (Voter ID number 116613533).
SIU, SHARON Fabiola (Voter ID number 121246576).

12865 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 103

ADLEY, JAQUELLE J. (Voter ID number 119627891).
ADLEY, NATASHA Lashaun (Voter ID number 116416226).

12865 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 106

CUADROS, CAMBRI A. (Voter ID number 110289229).

12865 SW 252ND ST
APT 205

DELANCY, ROSETTA Y. (Voter ID number 110042183).

12866 SW 250TH TER
GARCIA, ELISA E. (Voter ID number 114769014).
BROWN, WILLIE B. (Voter ID number 116013900).
WASHINGTON, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number 109458315).

12869 SW 256TH TER
CALERO, ZUZER (Voter ID number 109815668).
VALVERDE, WILLIAM Antonio (Voter ID number 110315529).

12871 SW 248TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 120479693).

12871 SW 250TH TER
PERDOMO, NILDA (Voter ID number 109766962).

12873 SW 252ND ST
COLLINS, SHERMAN (Voter ID number 110013737).

12873 SW 252ND ST
APT 105

KNIGHT, REGINALD M. (Voter ID number 110162930).

12873 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 306

ONEILL, RYAN M. (Voter ID number 115833269).

12873 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 204

LOPEZ, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 117025423).

12873 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 207

CHADE, ANN Marie (Voter ID number 110113524).

12873 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 306

LIGONDE, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 110337280).

12873 SW 252ND ST
APT 105

PARTRIDGE, JUDELYAH M. (Voter ID number 110043724).

12873 SW 252ND ST
APT 107

HARVEY, ADA Daniels (Voter ID number 100448943).
HARVEY, JIM Henry (Voter ID number 100448942).

12873 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 106

COLLINS, MARGARET E. (Voter ID number 110012047).

12875 SW 256TH TER
MILLS, SHAMEKA D. (Voter ID number 114645489).

12875 SW 280TH ST
BLACKWELL, VERONICA (Voter ID number 109424579).
BROWN, JOHN (Voter ID number 110009200).
BULLARD, CEDRICK N. (Voter ID number 116265786).

12878 SW 250TH TER
MONA, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 120527710).

12879 SW 250TH TER
PRATT, QUINCY R. (Voter ID number 110125979).

12880 SW 255TH TER
JIMENEZ, ANDREW David (Voter ID number 119033757).
VAZQUEZ, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 120205693).
VAZQUEZ, ENEREDI M. (Voter ID number 109697718).

12881 SW 248TH TER
RIVERO, LUIS Ernesto (Voter ID number 109185224).
RIVERO, MARTHA (Voter ID number 109276522).

12881 SW 252ND ST
APT 102

DELOACH, JASMINE Kahani (Voter ID number 119167703).

12881 SW 252ND ST
APT 203

HURST, CONNIE D. (Voter ID number 109181926).

12881 SW 252ND ST
APT 303

HARRIS, SHARKEL Sade (Voter ID number 119884499).

12881 SW 252ND ST
APT BLDG 6 205

RANSON, ROSA Lee (Voter ID number 109198925).

12881 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 207

MACHADO, MILTON Fabian (Voter ID number 118800218).

12881 SW 252ND ST
APT 103

DAVIS, VERNELL Brown (Voter ID number 115504871).

12881 SW 252ND ST
APT 201

MONTES, SUSANA Alicia (Voter ID number 110113082).

12881 SW 252ND ST
UNIT 107

KILMON, KATTY De Los Angeles (Voter ID number 120662605).

12888 SW 250TH TER
ALLEN, DOROTHY Mae (Voter ID number 109134879).

12891 SW 248TH TER
CORBITT, BREA Alexus (Voter ID number 120220819).
CORBITT, DONALD David (Voter ID number 110105153).
CORBITT, SHELONDA A. (Voter ID number 109511885).

12892 SW 250TH TER
ARMAS, EMILIO (Voter ID number 109557690).
ARMAS, EMILIO J. (Voter ID number 116720258).

12895 SW 248TH TER
SUAREZ, MARYORI (Voter ID number 115021607).
CASTILLO, ALLAN (Voter ID number 117063329).

12900 SW 255TH TER
ZERGUERA, DEISY (Voter ID number 120588149).
SWOOPES, CHRISTOPHER Ryan (Voter ID number 109980106).

12907 SW 253RD ST
GOMEZ, ADA Marina (Voter ID number 109489515).

12910 SW 268TH ST
DOUGLAS, KIERRA Denise (Voter ID number 116647646).
ESCOBAR, SALOMON G. (Voter ID number 109811345).
DOUGLAS, MYNEKE O. (Voter ID number 116665484).
SMITH, WARDELL J. (Voter ID number 116668590).

12911 SW 242ND TER
RIVERA, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 116326795).

12911 SW 268TH ST
SOLLA, GLORIA E. (Voter ID number 110055450).
ZAYAS, WILFREDO (Voter ID number 120802936).
DELUCCA, JOSE (Voter ID number 109783367).

12912 SW 245TH ST
HOOKER, LASTRADA Monique (Voter ID number 109477020).

12912 SW 252ND TER
LOT #612

CASTELLANO, ERNESTO (Voter ID number 110128632).

12913 SW 245TH TER
DIAZ, DIANDRA L. (Voter ID number 120891984).

12913 SW 253RD ST
LOT 616

GONZALEZ, ISABEL (Voter ID number 117740265).

12920 SW 255TH TER
ARIAS, OLGA Irmina (Voter ID number 109673266).
RAMIREZ, JESSIKA (Voter ID number 109615357).
ROSAS, MICHELLE Carol (Voter ID number 115063423).

12921 SW 242ND TER
DICKERSON, LATIA Renee (Voter ID number 109739038).

12921 SW 252ND TER
MALDONADO, TOMIKO (Voter ID number 116003896).

12923 SW 243RD ST
BACON, COLETTE Brittany (Voter ID number 118104370).
HORTON, ANTONIO Dewayne (Voter ID number 110170676).
HORTON, BARBARA Jean (Voter ID number 109309508).
BACON, CHRISTINA D. (Voter ID number 116283729).

12926 SW 251ST TER
DOMINGUEZ RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS Javier (Voter ID number 120213176).
LIMA, APOLONIO S. (Voter ID number 109834930).
REYES, YANELIS (Voter ID number 119331225).

12927 SW 251ST ST
CLAUDIO, PEDRO A. (Voter ID number 109456891).
LEIDECKER, ANA C. (Voter ID number 109530119).
MOLINA, TANYA Maria (Voter ID number 109540395).
RAMIREZ, DIANA (Voter ID number 109456707).
RAMIREZ, JOSE (Voter ID number 114393799).
RAMIREZ, VELMA (Voter ID number 109456705).
SARAZEN, MARY E. (Voter ID number 109567897).

12928 SW 250TH TER
NORTON, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 110217616).
NORTON, NICHOLAS Evan (Voter ID number 118842792).
NORTON, TIMOTHY F. (Voter ID number 110261510).

12928 SW 252ND TER
GOMEZ, ALFRED (Voter ID number 110331819).

12930 SW 242ND TER
LAZO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 119379527).
LAZO, KARIELA Lenosca (Voter ID number 119379048).
LAZO, LEONEL (Voter ID number 119678305).

12930 SW 255TH TER
GOMEZ, JOHN Paul (Voter ID number 109970937).

12930 SW 268TH ST
DEAN, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number 120146868).
OUTRAM, AGATHA Diane (Voter ID number 120274486).

12932 SW 245TH ST
BONILLA, ELKIN A. (Voter ID number 116482917).
MOLINA, ELMER A. (Voter ID number 115240980).
BONILLA, DUNIA A. (Voter ID number 116292706).

12932 SW 251ST ST
CAMPBELL, JOHN (Voter ID number 116875139).
CAMPBELL, STORM (Voter ID number 116295348).

12933 SW 243RD ST
FLORES MORENO, MARIA D. (Voter ID number 116838059).
MORENO GOMEZ, JAIME (Voter ID number 117538520).
MORENO, JAIME (Voter ID number 118087754).
MORENO, MARIA G. (Voter ID number 120244526).

12933 SW 245TH TER
LEAKS, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 116896734).
LEAKS, JERMAINE (Voter ID number 120892105).
BURDEN, BARBARA Ann (Voter ID number 109176874).
LEAKS, ERIC Von (Voter ID number 110322937).

12933 SW 251ST TER
MONTANO, ALIUSKI (Voter ID number 119726882).
SANTOVENIA, BLANCA R. (Voter ID number 109888056).
SANTOVENIA, OFELIA (Voter ID number 109886851).

12934 SW 245TH TER
VEGA, RUBEN A. (Voter ID number 116089074).
VEGA, ANA K. (Voter ID number 116360358).

12934 SW 251ST TER
ROMERO, ROSA Isela (Voter ID number 109688717).

12934 SW 252ND TER
GONZALEZ, PEDRO Jesus (Voter ID number 110116126).
GONZALEZ, MARIA L. (Voter ID number 119893888).

12935 SW 248TH TER
VILLALOBOS, DAGOBERTO (Voter ID number 117044959).
DEL RIO-VILLALOBOS, MIRIAM Leonida (Voter ID number 109678320).

12935 SW 251ST ST
ZUKOWSKI, LILIAN R. (Voter ID number 115631556).

12936 SW 250TH TER
GONZALEZ, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 119950576).
GONZALEZ, HECTOR (Voter ID number 109635351).
GONZALEZ, HECTOR (Voter ID number 109641248).

12938 SW 252ND TER
LAPINEL, JOAN Fidel (Voter ID number 118847138).

12940 SW 242ND ST
YOUNG, MEREDITH Ann (Voter ID number 109284458).

12940 SW 242ND TER
COSTON, ANTRONE T. (Voter ID number 110197315).
FIELDS, ARTHUR George (Voter ID number 110063161).
FIELDS, MEREDITH Ann (Voter ID number 118004526).
GETTER, ROOSEVELT (Voter ID number 116766088).
YOUNG, SHERIKA L. (Voter ID number 110326415).
YOUNG, SHAIKA Lufay (Voter ID number 116743584).

12940 SW 251ST ST
FISHER, PATTY Jo (Voter ID number 109232374).
WOODSON, IAN Eugene (Voter ID number 109956293).

12940 SW 268TH ST
JUNTATONG, JONATHAN K. (Voter ID number 110322467).
WOLVERTON, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 117001235).

12941 SW 242ND TER
VILLACHICA, PATRICIA Maria (Voter ID number 109761996).

12941 SW 250TH TER
BAEZ, JULIO Abigail (Voter ID number 108988577).

12941 SW 251ST TER
BURKE, LARON Antoine (Voter ID number 110007216).

12942 SW 251ST TER
JONES, BRENDA Ruth (Voter ID number 109057069).

12943 SW 243RD ST
VILLAVICENCIO, EMILIA (Voter ID number 114128028).

12943 SW 248TH TER
CARNOT, JEAN P. (Voter ID number 109402004).
THOMAS, OLIVIER Raymond (Voter ID number 118746198).

12943 SW 251ST ST
LEAMON, SUSAN Louise (Voter ID number 110059333).

12943 SW 253RD ST
BOURNE, CHARLES Alfred (Voter ID number 117954980).
BOURNE, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109977109).
BOURNE, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 109948750).
BOURNE, PAUL Geovany (Voter ID number 117734591).
BOURNE, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 117321783).
BOURNE, SILVIA (Voter ID number 116413205).

12944 SW 250TH TER
RIVERS, JENNIFER Lee (Voter ID number 109431196).
RIVERS, RENE M. (Voter ID number 109538522).

12949 SW 251ST TER
BURGOS, CONNIE Francise (Voter ID number 110177955).
BURGOS, JESUS (Voter ID number 117063462).
BURGOS, J Jesus (Voter ID number 110290388).
CRUZ, FRANCISCO R. (Voter ID number 110067480).

12950 SW 242ND TER
CERVANTE, JAVIER H. (Voter ID number 115024215).

12950 SW 251ST TER
MORLEY, MICHAEL Shawn (Voter ID number 119584239).
MORLEY, COURTNEY G. (Voter ID number 110140129).

12950 SW 267TH ST
GIVANS, EVE-MARIE Dale (Voter ID number 105139499).
GIVANS, DELROY A. (Voter ID number 109826648).
GIVANS, NORA Lea (Voter ID number 109821909).
GIVANS, TRACEY-ANN Nichole (Voter ID number 109832235).
GIVANS, VINCE Anthony (Voter ID number 110036501).

12951 SW 242ND TER
BROWN, ANGELA R. (Voter ID number 109830301).

12951 SW 251ST ST
MESA, ALICIA Maria (Voter ID number 109937704).

12951 SW 252ND TER
CARDENAS, FRANSISCO Alberto (Voter ID number 118167436).
JIMENEZ, GLORIA Sanz (Voter ID number 109291616).

12952 SW 244TH ST
ALVARENGA, MARIA Ezperanza (Voter ID number 120335174).
GUARDODO, RUDICINDI (Voter ID number 120031500).

12952 SW 245TH ST
MOORE, KAMERON Ruby Arlene (Voter ID number 119690599).
MOORE, ORBY (Voter ID number 110021498).
MC DUFFEY, LAFAYE (Voter ID number 109964541).
MOORE, AHBRESHIA Shama (Voter ID number 117040923).

12952 SW 248TH TER
ALVAREZ, EUSTAQUIO N. (Voter ID number 118744395).
ALVAREZ, CARMEN M. (Voter ID number 109548710).

12953 SW 243RD ST
BROWN, ALPHONSO (Voter ID number 109330286).
TAYLOR, ALINA (Voter ID number 110184243).

12953 SW 244TH TER
GOMEZ, ANNA T. (Voter ID number 117575624).
GOMEZ, MATHEW Alexander (Voter ID number 114366032).
GOMEZ, CELSO (Voter ID number 109456970).
GOMEZ, SAMANTHA (Voter ID number 115282118).
MORUA, ROSALVA (Voter ID number 109456972).

12953 SW 245TH TER
DURAN, JOSE Anibal (Voter ID number 118435979).
PEGUERO PRIETO, MATILDE (Voter ID number 116932114).
ROSARIO, JUAN J. (Voter ID number 110326281).
DURAN, MARIA Isabel (Voter ID number 109938032).
ROSARIO, JUAN E. (Voter ID number 110326212).
DURAN, MELODY I. (Voter ID number 117076258).

12954 SW 245TH TER
LOPEZ, MAYNOR J. (Voter ID number 118202179).
SAENZ, LUIS Adali (Voter ID number 120202433).
SAENZ, NOEMI (Voter ID number 118100394).

12954 SW 250TH TER
VASQUEZ, ADELA I. (Voter ID number 109767787).
VAZQUEZ, ENRIQUE Domingo (Voter ID number 117138437).

12954 SW 250TH TER
UNIT #11

VASQUEZ, DOMINGO (Voter ID number 109590858).

12957 SW 250TH TER
JOSHUA, JULIE Samuel (Voter ID number 109945926).

12957 SW 250TH TER
APT 333

JOSHUA, DARNELL A. (Voter ID number 110064292).

12957 SW 251ST TER
RUTKOWSKI, ALLAN T. (Voter ID number 110155537).

12958 SW 251ST TER
HUNTER, NICOLE (Voter ID number 110093566).

12959 SW 248TH TER
FERRER, ROSA Isolina (Voter ID number 110074100).
LOPEZ, KATIA Lorena (Voter ID number 110082709).

12959 SW 253RD ST
ARNOLD, RAPHEAL Malik Akbar Muha (Voter ID number 121198261).
LORENZO, ELI Shawn Victoriano (Voter ID number 109718536).
LORENZO, PENNY Christine (Voter ID number 110157084).
LORENZO, JAMES Clyde (Voter ID number 109983902).
LORENZO, JAMES S. (Voter ID number 110189071).
GUERRA, ENRIQUE Antonio (Voter ID number 116842376).

12960 SW 242ND ST
HEADLEY, TONIA Denise (Voter ID number 109559038).

12960 SW 242ND TER
EVERETT, RODERICK T. (Voter ID number 109562388).
JOHNSON, ANDREW A. (Voter ID number 118847640).

12960 SW 243RD TER
HERRERA, SUSANA (Voter ID number 116089358).

12960 SW 250TH TER
ARIAS, GERMAN (Voter ID number 116056368).
ARIAS, GLORIA I. (Voter ID number 117560360).
ARIAS, JAZMIN Andrea (Voter ID number 120912675).

12960 SW 267TH ST
COCKRELL, BEVERLY Yvonne (Voter ID number 109740216).

12961 SW 242ND TER
WIGGINS, SACORTA L. (Voter ID number 118932058).

12961 SW 244TH ST
BERLUS, MARIE Carol (Voter ID number 119443892).
BERLUS, HERVE (Voter ID number 117442698).

12961 SW 267TH ST
TOTH, TONI J. (Voter ID number 116064302).

12963 SW 243RD ST
CHAVEZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 120254586).
CHAVEZ, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 119031903).
MORENO DE CHAVEZ, ANA M. (Voter ID number 120394420).
CHAVEZ, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 119617016).

12963 SW 253RD ST
GOMEZ, RUTH M. (Voter ID number 109525767).
MENDEZ, WANDA Ivelisse (Voter ID number 110181959).

12966 SW 251ST ST
RAMOS, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109746194).

12966 SW 251ST TER
ANTHONY, JUDITH Elaine (Voter ID number 109918030).
MILLAN, NELSON (Voter ID number 110116603).

12966 SW 252ND TER
LOT 602

GARCIA, MIGUEL Mariano (Voter ID number 109620063).

12967 SW 248TH TER
LOPEZ, DAISY Ann (Voter ID number 109604293).
LOPEZ, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 114608507).

12968 SW 248TH TER
LAUREANO, YARITZA Rubi (Voter ID number 109594267).

12968 SW 250TH TER
HERRERA, CLARA R. (Voter ID number 119577209).
ROJAS, IVIS Barbara (Voter ID number 102478366).
ROJAS, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 102374311).
ROJAS, RUBEN L. (Voter ID number 116046643).

12969 SW 252ND TER
LOT 148

RODRIGUEZ-GONZALEZ, JAVIER (Voter ID number 121102203).

12970 SW 243RD TER
INGRAM, ENJONIE Chanel (Voter ID number 109979507).

12970 SW 255TH TER
MALDONADO, YESSENIA Louisa (Voter ID number 116792594).
MALDONADO, JOSE Earnest (Voter ID number 117291518).

12970 SW 267TH ST
RAMIREZ, ROSALIE Nereida (Voter ID number 117403657).

12971 SW 242ND TER
SMITH, GUILLERMO (Voter ID number 109602618).
SMITH, MARTHA S. (Voter ID number 110340743).

12971 SW 267TH ST
RUIZ, JENNIFER Marie (Voter ID number 110091028).

12971 SW 268TH ST
SALAZAR, WENDY K. (Voter ID number 118850084).
THEODULE, SHAN Nicholas (Voter ID number 120821584).

12972 SW 244TH ST
MAJOR, ANTOINETTE (Voter ID number 109736573).
SHAW, FANNIE Mae (Voter ID number 109062069).
NEMBHARD, FELIX (Voter ID number 116751363).

12972 SW 245TH ST
CARDOZA, VERONICA (Voter ID number 109965599).
SAUCEDA, ASCENCIONA S. (Voter ID number 110104300).

12972 SW 251ST ST
YOUNG-PRUITT, ANGELO Devon (Voter ID number 119632531).
PRUITT, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109509551).
PRUITT, RICHARD (Voter ID number 109071781).
PRUITT, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number 109221739).
PRUITT, THOMAS L. (Voter ID number 116056311).

12973 SW 244TH TER
MORRIS, RONISHA Brittney (Voter ID number 120889531).
FLETCHER, SHARON La-Rise (Voter ID number 110028878).
WILLIAMS, MERCEDES P. (Voter ID number 115281296).

12973 SW 245TH TER
RAMOS, CARMEN Mateo (Voter ID number 109147721).
SANTIAGO, JANINA C. (Voter ID number 115268253).

12973 SW 251ST TER
SMITH, FELICIA L. (Voter ID number 109509080).
SMITH, LASHUNIKA Kanesha (Voter ID number 115233447).
SMITH, TIFFANY N. (Voter ID number 117584214).
CAMPBELL, TASHA-GAYE R. (Voter ID number 110119426).
DONALDSON, MERYL D. (Voter ID number 110137741).

12973 SW 252ND TER
CUETO, NOREIDA (Voter ID number 120228785).

12974 SW 245TH TER
GUERRA, ROSA Mariela (Voter ID number 114985882).
TEJERA, DALISSA M. (Voter ID number 110164433).

12974 SW 251ST TER
GARCIA, RICHARD (Voter ID number 120179011).
ALBRECHT, DAMARIS (Voter ID number 109728502).
GARCIA, RICARDO (Voter ID number 110241758).

12975 SW 248TH TER
NGUYEN, TUONGVY Tran (Voter ID number 118111998).
TRAN, LOAN (Voter ID number 114432946).

12977 SW 252ND TER
CHACON, EUGENIA J. (Voter ID number 120085180).
KORNBECK, KIMBERLY Ann (Voter ID number 110316152).
LUGO LOPEZ, SANTIAGO Jose (Voter ID number 118379795).

12979 SW 248TH ST
BRUNELLE, DAVID Charles (Voter ID number 117562546).
BRUNELLE, DAVID (Voter ID number 117035854).

12980 SW 251ST ST
JUSTO, VICTOR R. (Voter ID number 120314131).
LEON, LESBIA V. (Voter ID number 109830731).
LEON, MICHAEL Jesus (Voter ID number 110313528).
LEON, YENTL A. (Voter ID number 110036157).

12980 SW 267TH ST
LITTLEJOHN, GARY Leon (Voter ID number 110111929).
LITTLEJOHN, ANNETTE (Voter ID number 109220850).
LITTLEJOHN, GARY Leon (Voter ID number 109220631).
LITTLEJOHN, GIOVANNA Monique (Voter ID number 119710713).
WEBSTER, MARQUITA Moree (Voter ID number 119111975).

12981 SW 251ST TER
GARCIA, LENUAM (Voter ID number 119278994).

12981 SW 253RD ST
SAAVEDRA, YAJAIRA (Voter ID number 110316484).

12981 SW 267TH ST
ALI, VICKTA Malik (Voter ID number 109257597).

12981 SW 268TH ST
MATHIAS, HOSNEL (Voter ID number 109720447).
MATHIAS, JOSELYNE (Voter ID number 110059346).

12982 SW 251ST TER
NUNEZ, YOLANDA (Voter ID number 118903476).

12983 SW 248TH TER
CRUZ, LYDIA Maria (Voter ID number 109159015).
MOULTON, CATRINA Ginette (Voter ID number 109889565).

12986 SW 252ND TER
KITTS, SANDRA Marrero (Voter ID number 109673211).

12986 SW 252ND TER
LOT 141

MARRERO, NORMA Leandra (Voter ID number 109649841).

12986 SW 252ND TER
KITTS, PAUL Howard (Voter ID number 109740754).
KITTS, STEVEN (Voter ID number 110221642).
TATE, SANDRA Marrero (Voter ID number 109946854).

12987 SW 252ND TER
LOT 141

MARRERO, GERARDO (Voter ID number 109905987).

12988 SW 251ST ST
VANEGAS, FRANCISCO R. (Voter ID number 115306839).
VANEGAS, FRANCISCO R. (Voter ID number 115656768).

12989 SW 251ST TER
GARCILAZO, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109508141).
FALLICA, JOSEPH P. (Voter ID number 110142201).
MATOS, GUSTAVO Adolfo (Voter ID number 110167754).
FALLICA, JESSICA (Voter ID number 116472550).

12990 SW 251ST TER
CORONADO, JOSE Louis (Voter ID number 110159277).

12990 SW 252ND TER
RIVERA, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 110062813).

12990 SW 252ND TER
LOT #142

RIVERA, NANCY A. (Voter ID number 110006387).

12990 SW 267TH ST
SOLORZANO, NORMA L. (Voter ID number 110342625).

12991 SW 242ND TER
MARTINEZ, TOMAS (Voter ID number 120413287).

12991 SW 248TH TER
MOLINA, JAIRO R. (Voter ID number 110075260).
MOLINA, JULIO Eric (Voter ID number 109691592).

12991 SW 252ND TER
LOT 143

SNYDER, DAVID Allen (Voter ID number 121307603).

12991 SW 252ND TER
HACKER, RONALD Edward (Voter ID number 109152056).

12991 SW 268TH ST
DANIELS, ALBERT (Voter ID number 108961848).
DANIELS, SHARON Cox (Voter ID number 109194837).

12992 SW 245TH ST
CANELAS, MARIA Lujan (Voter ID number 118837153).
NAUGHTON, MARISA Laura (Voter ID number 115415442).
CANELAS, TATIANA J. (Voter ID number 116301107).

12994 SW 245TH TER
COLEMAN, KENDRA Elise (Voter ID number 120022441).
COLEMAN, KENDRICK D. (Voter ID number 119727753).
MILLS, ASHLEY Vonshae (Voter ID number 109967937).
COLEMAN, SANDRA Annette (Voter ID number 109215164).

12998 SW 251ST TER
DELGADO, ARNALDO (Voter ID number 115800304).
DELGADO, CRISTINA Teresa (Voter ID number 119781697).

13000 SW 256TH ST
BRADFORD, MICHAEL Francis (Voter ID number 109591171).
GUERRA, EDGAR Jose (Voter ID number 118181178).
GUERRA, ROSA V. (Voter ID number 109299043).
MEDINA, NESTOR (Voter ID number 114708483).

13000 SW 258TH TER
BLANCO ACOSTA, FELIX (Voter ID number 109640431).
BLANCO, LUZ Maria (Voter ID number 109622974).
BLANCO, YASMANI (Voter ID number 110088327).

13000 SW 259TH ST
EDGE PERDICES, CYNTHIA Diane (Voter ID number 118415856).

13000 SW 260TH ST
MORUA, FRANCISCA (Voter ID number 108926397).
MORUA, JUAN M. (Voter ID number 110316786).
MORUA, NICOLE (Voter ID number 118100961).

13001 SW 259TH ST
ORTIZ, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 109562843).
ORTIZ, TERESITA (Voter ID number 109553110).
ROJAS, FLAVIO (Voter ID number 109454492).

13001 SW 260TH ST
MOOREHEAD, BENJAMIN Ray (Voter ID number 120926550).
WHITE, DWAYNE L. (Voter ID number 120153453).
YOUNG, TIFFANY R. (Voter ID number 116220819).
ORR, MITCHELL (Voter ID number 109019406).
WHITE, ANNIE Ruth (Voter ID number 109412531).
WHITE, KEVIN Michael (Voter ID number 115082588).
WHITE, LAVONE (Voter ID number 109893299).

13001 SW 260TH TER
FOUNTAIN, RUBEN Luis (Voter ID number 117741812).
VIVES, RAUL E. (Voter ID number 109971501).

13004 SW 245TH TER
MARTINEZ, GLADYS N. (Voter ID number 117867409).
MARTINEZ, JESUS Roberto (Voter ID number 109953112).
MARTINEZ, KIKEY (Voter ID number 115734062).

13005 SW 256TH TER
PRUITT, BRESHAUN J. (Voter ID number 120912307).
STREETER, TEMPERANCE Ann (Voter ID number 109773575).

13005 SW 257TH TER
JOHNSON, EDWARD Riley (Voter ID number 116059925).
JOHNSON, VALERIE L. (Voter ID number 108969718).
VARGAS, RODOLFO A. (Voter ID number 110316760).

13005 SW 258TH TER
LUCAS, JAN Celeste (Voter ID number 108956406).
LUCAS, TIM Alden (Voter ID number 109364611).

13005 SW 261ST TER
BRAWNER, DANIELLE M. (Voter ID number 110096770).
FLATT, VICKI Brawner (Voter ID number 109477259).

13005 SW 265TH ST
GARCIA, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 114645671).
GARCIA, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 117734789).

13010 SW 256TH ST
SHELTON, FREDRICK Doyle (Voter ID number 109131885).
SHELTON, JUDY Polk (Voter ID number 108980866).

13010 SW 256TH TER
DUHANEY, MELITA Blynder (Voter ID number 120842004).

13010 SW 257TH TER
JONES, CURTIS T. (Voter ID number 110242653).
JONES, ELI (Voter ID number 110289192).
JONES, SADIE Mack (Voter ID number 110086492).
SIERRA, TANYA Marysol (Voter ID number 109612215).

13010 SW 259TH ST
BENNETT, LEANDRO T. (Voter ID number 119700870).
BENNETT, TIANA Jinay (Voter ID number 120619422).

13010 SW 260TH ST
LEGER, DORLYN (Voter ID number 119954858).
LEGER, BEVERLY L. (Voter ID number 118086772).
LEGER, LOVE (Voter ID number 109496750).
LEGER, LOVE (Voter ID number 121259769).
LEGER, MARGARETTE (Voter ID number 109933580).

13011 SW 259TH ST
CREQUE, JUDITH Ann (Voter ID number 109301560).
CREQUE, LAWRENCE A. (Voter ID number 109306205).

13011 SW 260TH ST
CLARK, STEVEN (Voter ID number 120112951).
BROWN, XAVIER (Voter ID number 116037733).

13011 SW 260TH TER
AROCHE, YANA L. (Voter ID number 120097087).
FONSECA, EDGAR (Voter ID number 120097791).

13014 SW 245TH TER
ALCERRO, MARIO E. (Voter ID number 115227182).
CABALLERO, REINA E. (Voter ID number 109759069).

13015 SW 257TH TER
DURHAM, DARNELL Valentino (Voter ID number 109619065).

13015 SW 258TH TER
ALEXANDRE, ENIDE (Voter ID number 109643027).
JOCELYN, MIREILLE J. (Voter ID number 109543216).
JOSEPH, RONY Rose (Voter ID number 109701842).

13020 SW 256TH ST
COURAGE, PHEDETTE (Voter ID number 119039703).
FLEURANT, FRITZ E. (Voter ID number 120421158).
FLEURANT, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 119538329).
DORRY, NICOLAS (Voter ID number 119676346).

13020 SW 256TH TER
JORGE, MARTA (Voter ID number 117125804).

13020 SW 256TH ST
AZURIN, EDWARD (Voter ID number 117784503).

13020 SW 257TH TER
HINES, CANHONG T. (Voter ID number 109916333).

13020 SW 258TH TER
BARNES, ANTHONY Deon (Voter ID number 109545830).
BARNES, DARIUS Thurnell (Voter ID number 109736101).

13020 SW 259TH ST
GAURE, JESUS (Voter ID number 110215063).

13020 SW 260TH TER
HERNANDEZ LUQUIS, THERESA (Voter ID number 109746017).
HERNANDEZ, ALEXANDER Ryan (Voter ID number 119308361).
MONTEZ, ANNETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109422207).

13020 SW 263RD TER
ANZALONE, JOHNPAUL (Voter ID number 111929803).
HARRIS, TIMOTHY Mark (Voter ID number 108912483).

13020 SW 265TH ST
AREVALO, ADA Luz (Voter ID number 119877856).
EXPOSITO, YAINE (Voter ID number 120030797).
DIAZ-OCHOA, JUAN Jose (Voter ID number 110125723).

13021 SW 260TH ST
RILEY, DEVIN G. (Voter ID number 120963351).
BROWN, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109074804).
RILEY, JOYCE A. (Voter ID number 109560818).

13021 SW 260TH TER
SANTAMARIA, LISETTE T. (Voter ID number 109958160).

13025 SW 256TH TER
SOTO, HILDA Mercedes (Voter ID number 108955599).

13025 SW 257TH TER
NAPOLES, MELISSA (Voter ID number 115724454).

13025 SW 258TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, RALPH (Voter ID number 114417989).
RODRIGUEZ, JASMIN (Voter ID number 118847146).
RODRIGUEZ - DE LA CRUZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 117054518).

13030 SW 256TH TER
BUSH, LISA (Voter ID number 117975983).
WISE, LISA Bush (Voter ID number 109498676).
DYER, SHANIKA Elisea (Voter ID number 110116247).

13030 SW 257TH TER
GRIGSBY, CARLOS (Voter ID number 110294496).
GRIGSBY, THELMA Mae (Voter ID number 109275198).

13030 SW 259TH ST
MCALPINE, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 107932850).
BERMUDEZ, SEAN M. (Voter ID number 116294062).

13030 SW 260TH ST
COATS, BRENDA N. (Voter ID number 110199638).
COATS, DEVIN (Voter ID number 115157223).
COATS, KATHY (Voter ID number 109041791).
SMITH, KIMBERLY L. (Voter ID number 109558533).

13030 SW 263RD TER
GAETJENS, CHRISTINE C. (Voter ID number 109941239).

13031 SW 259TH ST
NEWTON, NICHOLAS Trent (Voter ID number 120349912).

13031 SW 260TH ST
DURHAM, JERKERIA Ashley (Voter ID number 110322596).
JORDAN, RICKY Lee (Voter ID number 109450180).

13031 SW 260TH TER
JOHNSON, SHAWNTA Latosha (Voter ID number 109563902).
ROLLE, BRANDON Jamal (Voter ID number 120430546).

13035 SW 256TH TER
HALL, VALERIE Willeen (Voter ID number 109483854).

13035 SW 257TH TER
ANDERSON, SADJA K. (Voter ID number 120219030).
IRIAS, SINDY E. (Voter ID number 119682742).
WHITTAKER, VINCENT Charles (Voter ID number 119309118).

13035 SW 258TH TER
GRAY, ELENA Cecilia (Voter ID number 118916689).

13035 SW 261ST TER
ALEXANDER, MARIA T. (Voter ID number 109577185).
ALEXANDER, STEPHEN M. (Voter ID number 109577360).

13040 SW 259TH ST
DOCK, LANDON Donnell (Voter ID number 109608053).
DOCK, TIFFANIE Y. (Voter ID number 110102949).

13040 SW 260TH ST
ALLEN-HINES, DOROTHY M. (Voter ID number 109050020).
DURHAM, JERENA (Voter ID number 116244518).

13040 SW 260TH TER
DURNIN, JENETTE Marie (Voter ID number 109855997).

13040 SW 262ND LN
JEAN, MASON (Voter ID number 119835541).
OMOND, NATALIE Jean (Voter ID number 119763195).

13040 SW 263RD TER
FOUNTAIN, CHRISTOPHER Alan (Voter ID number 110036690).
FOUNTAIN, BRIAN Lee (Voter ID number 110318501).
FOUNTAIN, CHARLES Alan (Voter ID number 109592666).
FOUNTAIN, JOSEPHINE L. (Voter ID number 109592673).

13041 SW 259TH ST
GAFFNEY, DEAN J. (Voter ID number 109173922).

13041 SW 260TH ST
MOODIE, ASHLEY Marie (Voter ID number 120947977).
PRYCE, MARCIA E. (Voter ID number 109915103).
MOODIE, GARY J. (Voter ID number 114394585).
QUILES, ASHLEY M. (Voter ID number 115267918).

13041 SW 268TH ST
CARTER, MAVIS (Voter ID number 119804338).
LINDSAY, TERRILL Sha'Nay (Voter ID number 119250120).
VILLASENOR, CESAR Jesus (Voter ID number 120933083).

13045 SW 256TH TER
SILIMON, RUFUS James (Voter ID number 109611255).

13045 SW 261ST TER
WATTS, MIDORI M. (Voter ID number 115802949).
WATTS, SYLVIA Sakura (Voter ID number 109485657).
WATTS, JOHN Emery (Voter ID number 116678556).

13045 SW 262ND TER
ANGUIANO, JASMINE Emily (Voter ID number 119903683).
CEREZO, LUIS Ramon (Voter ID number 112343719).
TEJERA-CEREZO, EMILY (Voter ID number 109833181).

13045 SW 263RD TER
ORTIZ-BERGES, RAFAEL A. (Voter ID number 114987778).
TEJADA, GISELL K. (Voter ID number 118103564).
ZAMORA, VILMA (Voter ID number 115967032).

13050 SW 259TH ST
PUENTES, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 115460829).

13050 SW 260TH ST
MILES, CHRISTINE Stephanie (Voter ID number 116245744).
MILES, JENNIFER Ann (Voter ID number 109805793).
MILES, SHARON Maria (Voter ID number 109474217).
MILES, DESMOND S. (Voter ID number 116909788).

13050 SW 261ST TER
BOSQUET, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109635651).
MORALES, RAFAEL Nestor (Voter ID number 109503957).

13050 SW 262ND LN
WHITFIELD, RYIA P. (Voter ID number 110324387).
WHITFIELD, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 108933574).
BROWN, TAROD (Voter ID number 116901613).

13050 SW 263RD TER
JOHNSON, DAMALIO (Voter ID number 118837069).
SMITH, KASON C. (Voter ID number 119605929).
STEWART, DONNA Marie (Voter ID number 110295584).
STEWART, JEAN Margaret (Voter ID number 110314703).
STEWART-SMITH, SUZETTE Nadine (Voter ID number 110292078).

13050 SW 265TH ST
GARCIA, ZUNYER (Voter ID number 120296681).
GARCIA, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 110339356).

13051 SW 260TH ST
GONZALEZ, LASCELLES Ramon (Voter ID number 109498120).
SHAHEEM-JUMAN, BIBI (Voter ID number 116817804).
BODDEN, FREDDISON Robert (Voter ID number 109739934).
GRANT, EVERARD H. (Voter ID number 109359556).
GRANT, PATRICIA M. (Voter ID number 109361267).

13051 SW 260TH TER
PARKS, FREDDY Lee (Voter ID number 117594754).
ROBINSON, FREDTRENA Leeshenda (Voter ID number 117413695).

13051 SW 265TH ST
HENRIQUEZ, ROGER (Voter ID number 110245273).

13055 SW 262ND TER
PASTORIZA, PHILLIPE (Voter ID number 109223237).

13055 SW 265TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, JUAN C. (Voter ID number 110047353).

13060 SW 260TH ST
BROWN, SHAKITA L. (Voter ID number 109552038).
BAILEY, JANEYA (Voter ID number 118378522).

13060 SW 261ST TER
NELSON, TERESA Louise (Voter ID number 109045370).
NELSON, JESSIE (Voter ID number 117470282).

13060 SW 263RD TER
FERERO, KEVIN Mark (Voter ID number 109252730).

13061 SW 242ND TER
ESPRIT, NANCY F. (Voter ID number 109132301).
ESPRIT, PINKY L. (Voter ID number 109733774).
ESPRIT, SHADA E. (Voter ID number 110198540).

13061 SW 244TH ST
PARRISH, LECHICAS Shantalia (Voter ID number 120434875).
RILEY, LAQUASHA Queshawn (Voter ID number 119983849).
WEAVER, DEANGELO D. (Voter ID number 120417761).
PARRISH, CHERRIE M. (Voter ID number 109860687).
PARRISH, ANTHONY D. (Voter ID number 116409608).

13061 SW 260TH ST
BOYETTE, DARRYL Wayne (Voter ID number 109175451).
BOYETTE, ELIZABETH Jo (Voter ID number 109703263).

13061 SW 260TH TER
ELLIOT, RONNIE (Voter ID number 110201979).
ELLIOTT, DOROTHY Marie (Voter ID number 109135036).
ELLIOTT, RONDA N. (Voter ID number 109616045).

13065 SW 261ST TER
VARELA, CLAUDIA S. (Voter ID number 118314690).
VARELA, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 109647782).

13065 SW 263RD TER
TORRES, GRETHEL (Voter ID number 116413242).

13070 SW 260TH ST
JONES, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 109215171).
JONES, KAMELAH Tafani (Voter ID number 121073593).
JONES, ALPHONSO (Voter ID number 109298237).
JONES, REANEE (Voter ID number 109443044).
KELLY, WILLIAM Arlie (Voter ID number 109377889).

13070 SW 261ST TER
TAPIAS, LINO M. (Voter ID number 118829817).

13070 SW 262ND LN
GARCIA, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109682593).
GARCIA, MILLIE (Voter ID number 109729906).

13071 SW 260TH TER
GREEN, ANNIE Margaret (Voter ID number 109299065).
GONZALEZ-DEL REAL, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 109127234).

13075 SW 263RD TER
OSORIO, OSCAR Antonio (Voter ID number 114029986).
COLON, JESUS Ismael (Voter ID number 109291622).

13075 SW 265TH ST
ALONSO, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 114535238).
HEVIA, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 116515967).

13080 SW 260TH ST
LEMA, JEAN Paul (Voter ID number 117288517).
LEMA, NORBERTO Hector (Voter ID number 109073403).

13081 SW 260TH TER
DELGADO-BADILLO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 110130598).
GARCIA, NOEL Artemio (Voter ID number 109230131).
GUTIERREZ, RENE Marcelino (Voter ID number 109712416).
ORTIZ, LUIS David (Voter ID number 115321882).
JACKOSN, JESSE L. (Voter ID number 116930385).

13091 SW 260TH TER
SCOTT, KIA Kamel (Voter ID number 109950480).
SCOTT, RANDOLPH James (Voter ID number 109617573).

13100 SW 243RD TER
CHAVEZ, ANNA Carmen (Voter ID number 110041130).

13100 SW 256TH ST
MC KENZIE, ESTELA (Voter ID number 109760766).
MCKENZIE, RONALD (Voter ID number 114834465).

13100 SW 260TH ST
DODSON, BARBARA (Voter ID number 109254333).
DODSON, BRIDGET Ann (Voter ID number 109713647).
DODSON, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number 109983721).
DODSON, SIDNEY Edwin (Voter ID number 109254332).

13100 SW 262ND LN
NUNEZ, MARIA Noelia (Voter ID number 120438160).

13101 SW 242ND TER
PARTIDA, JAIME (Voter ID number 116905087).
PARTIDA, MARIO (Voter ID number 117304281).
PARTIDA, GLORIA (Voter ID number 110182723).
PARTIDA, NAOMI (Voter ID number 110206977).

13101 SW 259TH ST
LEZCANO, YAIMA (Voter ID number 119898956).

13101 SW 260TH ST
CINEA, FELICITE Manassee (Voter ID number 120549726).

13101 SW 260TH TER
ANCA, OLGA L. (Voter ID number 109956690).
ESPINOSA, FAUSTINO Orlando (Voter ID number 109747811).
ESPINOSA, HILDA (Voter ID number 109872216).
ESPINOSA, OLGA L. (Voter ID number 114547502).
GONZALEZ, LUIS Orlando (Voter ID number 110038977).

13105 SW 265TH ST
PROEUZA, ZENAIDA (Voter ID number 120346129).

13110 SW 242ND TER
SMITH, TOMICKA L. (Voter ID number 109524773).
TILLMAN, MARLON D. (Voter ID number 120898799).
TILLMAN, MARLON Derrick (Voter ID number 109270947).

13110 SW 243RD TER
TROCHE, EDITH C. (Voter ID number 120106909).
TROCHE, ROGELIO (Voter ID number 109927330).
TROCHE, GABRIELA (Voter ID number 116720096).
TROCHE, VIRGINIA (Voter ID number 116700167).

13110 SW 256TH ST
MARTINEZ, ADA R. (Voter ID number 109868996).
MARTINEZ, ORLANDO (Voter ID number 114231945).

13110 SW 260TH ST
MOORE, ANDREW Alexander (Voter ID number 110031940).

13110 SW 262ND LN
ACOSTA, BRANDON (Voter ID number 110121287).
SALAZAR, LUZ M. (Voter ID number 116463791).

13111 SW 244TH ST
STRINGER, WILHEMINA (Voter ID number 109569697).

13111 SW 260TH TER
OU, JIAYI (Voter ID number 120231229).
MC GHEE, ERICA Denise (Voter ID number 110149778).
MC GHEE, LISSETTE Renae (Voter ID number 110225381).

13113 SW 243RD ST
VELASQUEZ, SIRLEY Noemy (Voter ID number 114887989).
SHARPE, TIMEKA L. (Voter ID number 116277516).
VELASQUEZ, JOSE M. (Voter ID number 120735689).

13115 SW 263RD TER
GAITER, TAWANDA Vanessa (Voter ID number 109345744).
RICHARDSON, SIMONA B. (Voter ID number 116084155).
GAITER, HERBERT Paul (Voter ID number 109969088).
WHITEHEAD, DESIREE P. (Voter ID number 110287448).
WILLIAMS, ASHLEY Janeva (Voter ID number 116228495).

13120 SW 238TH ST
GRANJA, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 120703366).
PINEDA, BEATRIZ (Voter ID number 109606749).
PINEDA, LUIS Fernando (Voter ID number 109460624).
POOL, KELLENA Irene (Voter ID number 111855380).
PAPAYORGIS, CHRISTINA A. (Voter ID number 110206739).
PAPAYORGIS, ELIZABETH R. (Voter ID number 109225407).
PAPAYORGIS, EZRA Damaris (Voter ID number 110106306).
PAPAYORGIS, JONATHAN Luis (Voter ID number 110208362).
PAPAYORGIS, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109445199).
RUSSELL, ROGER Allison (Voter ID number 109188808).

13120 SW 238TH ST

LAUZARDO, LESTER (Voter ID number 114858701).

13120 SW 242ND TER
DOMINGUEZ, ARGEO R. (Voter ID number 110071873).
DOMINGUEZ, VERONICA (Voter ID number 114494836).

13120 SW 243RD TER
DIAZ, ALEJANDRA (Voter ID number 117560314).
DIAZ, PLACIDO (Voter ID number 110180694).

13120 SW 256TH ST
ZWANINK, FRANK Albert (Voter ID number 109961038).
ZWANINK, IRENE Elena (Voter ID number 110338167).

13120 SW 259TH ST
GONZALEZ, ANTONIO Loreto (Voter ID number 109956604).
GONZALEZ, DORIS Vasquez (Voter ID number 109622023).

13120 SW 260TH ST
LLITERAS, EMILY (Voter ID number 109687904).
LLITERAS, JEREMIAH James (Voter ID number 109889051).
LLITERAS, JOHN A. (Voter ID number 109777388).
LLITERAS, LOUIS Anthony (Voter ID number 109508286).

13121 SW 242ND TER
MEJIA, MARIA A. (Voter ID number 120112997).
MEJIA, ORLANDO S. (Voter ID number 120113216).
MEJIA, DAISY (Voter ID number 110066473).

13121 SW 244TH ST
BERRY, GUERINO K. (Voter ID number 110264553).

13121 SW 260TH ST
PERNAS, JUAN M. (Voter ID number 119772363).

13121 SW 268TH ST
AROSEMENA, PATRICIA N. (Voter ID number 119610187).

13122 SW 244TH ST
FULTZ, LORETTA Diane (Voter ID number 109082264).

13123 SW 243RD ST
PIERRE, MIRTHA (Voter ID number 110209612).
PIERRE, PAULETTE (Voter ID number 119947369).

13125 SW 265TH ST
DANIELS, DEAN Robert (Voter ID number 109614421).
HARDIMAN, WILLIAM Vance (Voter ID number 106090903).
HARDIMAN, ALYSSA Nicole (Voter ID number 120411677).
HARDIMAN, LANI Melissa (Voter ID number 117244287).
HARDIMAN, ONILDA Denis (Voter ID number 106105099).

13131 SW 242ND TER
VIEYRA, FRANCISCO J. (Voter ID number 119627985).
VIEYRA, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 116246147).
VIEYRA, JOSE Manuel (Voter ID number 110017024).
VIEYRA, MARIA Isaura (Voter ID number 110017023).

13133 SW 243RD ST
MILLER, SANDRA Phyllis (Voter ID number 118680367).

13135 SW 265TH TER
CAMPBELL, SHAPREL S. (Voter ID number 110115872).
EDGECOMB, VERNELTA E. (Voter ID number 116516726).
ALDRIDGE, CHRISTOPHER J. (Voter ID number 116886559).
CAMPBELL, BARBARA P. (Voter ID number 108980115).
CAMPBELL, WILLIE David (Voter ID number 109087267).
BREWER, WILLIE (Voter ID number 116300873).

13140 SW 242ND TER
GILMORE, CANDACE L. (Voter ID number 109817751).
WRIGHT, CHASE A. (Voter ID number 119636734).
WRIGHT, CHAZZ A. (Voter ID number 114645761).
WRIGHT, VICKI Lau Rence (Voter ID number 109153702).

13141 SW 242ND TER
MOJICA ROSADO, ROBERTO (Voter ID number 109546946).

13141 SW 265TH TER
DIAZ, JUDITH (Voter ID number 120566220).

13142 SW 244TH ST
FERGUSON, KHRIS Lamon (Voter ID number 110124287).
GREEN, MARCUS Jerrod (Voter ID number 118467944).
JACKSON, KATHY Lashell (Voter ID number 109189239).
JACKSON, SHARONDA Nicole (Voter ID number 110091781).

13143 SW 245TH ST
BEAUFORT, DAMASCUS Kydron (Voter ID number 120243167).
HILL, CHRISTIAN Arlee (Voter ID number 119737376).
SANTOS, CARLOS Luis (Voter ID number 114120399).

13143 SW 256TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, KIARA (Voter ID number 120709235).

13145 SW 245TH ST
WARREN, SHAYLA Michelle (Voter ID number 109701032).

13148 SW 265TH TER
LUGO, FELICITA (Voter ID number 115043063).
GONZALEZ, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 120229080).

13151 SW 242ND ST
LOPEZ, JULIAN (Voter ID number 109845836).

13151 SW 242ND TER
LOPEZ, JULIAN (Voter ID number 109843824).
LOPEZ, ANA R. (Voter ID number 109894496).
LOPEZ, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 118833415).
LOPEZ, ROSA Elia (Voter ID number 109843852).

13151 SW 265TH TER
ANNOT, GESINER (Voter ID number 120765915).
BORNELUS, ALPHONSE (Voter ID number 109723764).
BORNELUS, REMY (Voter ID number 115738185).
BORNELUS, ROSELITA (Voter ID number 114428837).
BORNELUS, WILFRID (Voter ID number 114421136).

13155 SW 268TH ST
MONZON, NORBERTO (Voter ID number 115293862).

13161 SW 242ND TER
BOWLES, KURRENTHEIS (Voter ID number 118372712).
MOORE, MARCUS Richaud (Voter ID number 119431327).
COLLIER, TERRELL J. (Voter ID number 110255967).
CURRY, SHAKIRA C. (Voter ID number 110233634).
CURRY, SHAKIRA K. (Voter ID number 116250099).
MOORE, VONTINA Monshay (Voter ID number 109318719).
WILCOX, ZACHARY Bernard (Voter ID number 109349281).

13162 SW 244TH ST
STROZIER, DEMETRIUS A. (Voter ID number 110124471).
STROZIER, SHAQUANA Q. (Voter ID number 110237888).
THOMAS, GEORGIA Ann (Voter ID number 109202266).

13163 SW 245TH ST
MORALES, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 110318378).

13163 SW 256TH ST
FLORES, ALICIA Jasmine (Voter ID number 119626456).

13168 SW 265TH TER
MORALES, CARLOS (Voter ID number 120906205).

13175 SW 265TH ST
DENIS, PEDRO R. (Voter ID number 119223699).

13199 SW 265TH TER
MELENDEZ RIVERA, RICHALICE Marie (Voter ID number 119802789).
MELENDEZ, RICHARD (Voter ID number 114283025).
RIVERA, ALICIA (Voter ID number 116568380).

13200 SW 257TH TER
DE LA SERNA, VIOLETA Teresa (Voter ID number 109900872).
SERNA, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109272836).
SERNA, OCTAVIO Rufino (Voter ID number 109239584).

13200 SW 260TH ST
GILBERT, DANNY (Voter ID number 120153301).
GILBERT, DANYON (Voter ID number 120903146).

13200 SW 262ND ST
DISPIGNO, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 114503708).
DISPIGNO, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 109865728).
DISPIGNO, ROSA (Voter ID number 109523435).

13200 SW 276TH TER
MEDERO, AURORA M. (Voter ID number 114414465).
MEDERO, JORGE (Voter ID number 109902387).
GRAY, QUANTASIA Shaquanna (Voter ID number 117915407).

13200 SW 276TH TER

COLON, JOY M. (Voter ID number 117795974).

13200 SW 279TH TER
BAPTISTE, ABNER (Voter ID number 116470260).
DECIMIST, VERONICA (Voter ID number 118850356).
BUTLER, SHOWANA Sharae (Voter ID number 115328920).

13201 SW 251ST LN
RODRIGUEZ, MAGLY (Voter ID number 115856705).
ORTIZ, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 117079239).

13201 SW 254TH TER
RODRIGUEZ MARTINEZ, JULIO (Voter ID number 118579998).
REYES, YVONNE Marie (Voter ID number 116680684).

13201 SW 260TH TER
JERNIGAN, EDWARD (Voter ID number 110327569).
JERNIGAN, SANDRA Denise (Voter ID number 109281496).
JERNIGAN, EDDRICK Treyron (Voter ID number 116331635).

13201 SW 262ND TER
BESARES, VIOLETA De Jesus (Voter ID number 109671157).

13201 SW 266TH TER
DIAZ, HAYDEE (Voter ID number 115659383).
HERRERA, MONICA (Voter ID number 110327991).
HERRERA, ROLANDO (Voter ID number 110317449).

13201 SW 278TH TER
SILVERIO, FEDORA (Voter ID number 109755638).
SILVERIO, GUIDO (Voter ID number 110062859).

13202 SW 260TH TER
HAGINS, FARIMA (Voter ID number 110092392).
HAGINS, ALVIN (Voter ID number 110091237).
HAGINS, MONIQUE D. (Voter ID number 119656847).

13202 SW 262ND TER
OCHOA, LUIS M. (Voter ID number 120428586).
JOMARRON, MARCIAL D. (Voter ID number 118363010).

13202 SW 275TH TER
LASTRA, CARMEN (Voter ID number 121060250).
LASTRA, LUIS (Voter ID number 116501581).
LASTRA, MARITZA (Voter ID number 116385113).
RAMOS, ANISLEYDIS Caridad (Voter ID number 116308836).

13202 SW 276TH TER
DAVIS-O'BRIEN, ALECTERA D. (Voter ID number 109734970).

13203 SW 252ND LN
GUTIERREZ, LAZARA (Voter ID number 116235356).
VITAL, ISMELIA (Voter ID number 120367144).

13203 SW 255TH TER
MC CARTNEY, WALTER Thomas (Voter ID number 109102743).

13203 SW 258TH TER
MARSH, CRAIG M. (Voter ID number 109850425).

13203 SW 276TH TER
CHAVEZ, ARTURO (Voter ID number 110074020).
CHAVEZ, GLORIA (Voter ID number 109525897).
CHAVEZ, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 110286461).
LINARES, PORFIRIO (Voter ID number 110277791).

13204 SW 253RD TER
MAYO, JOE Henry (Voter ID number 109090727).
ALLEN, SHAHKIRA (Voter ID number 119517302).
MAYO, GEORGIA M. (Voter ID number 109090731).

13204 SW 255TH TER
MILLER, GREGG David (Voter ID number 110150201).
RAAB, RUDOLPH R. (Voter ID number 109808588).

13204 SW 263RD ST
PERRY, COREY William (Voter ID number 117575299).

13204 SW 265TH ST
ALVAREZ, DERTA Luisa (Voter ID number 115711393).
CANCIO, JUAN Jesus (Voter ID number 115716538).
GORDON, SANDRA (Voter ID number 109174294).
ALVAREZ, DULCE M. (Voter ID number 116269758).

13205 SW 253RD TER
LOCKE, MARK Walter (Voter ID number 109079159).
MATTHEWS, CHRISTOPHER L. (Voter ID number 117800371).
LOCKE, LORA Lynn (Voter ID number 109279232).

13205 SW 256TH ST
SCHMIDT, JOANNA Marie (Voter ID number 114361584).
RIVERA VELEZ, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 114619016).
RIVERA, JESSICA A. (Voter ID number 109619016).

13205 SW 264TH ST
MOORE, WILLIAM Daniel (Voter ID number 117620024).
DUNCAN, RHONDA Eugenia (Voter ID number 116001690).

13205 SW 265TH TER
HARBISON, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number 109158130).

13205 SW 276TH TER
BEAUVAIS, ROUBY (Voter ID number 118856872).
HOGU, JEAN Claude (Voter ID number 114602547).
VEGA, WILLY Jose (Voter ID number 117130953).

13205 SW 278TH TER
HARRISON, MICHAEL L. (Voter ID number 110121451).
HARRISON, CHERYL Alyce (Voter ID number 109407443).
MILLER, JAMIE A. (Voter ID number 115230374).
TRIPLETT, LESSIE (Voter ID number 109304740).

13206 SW 276TH TER
DIXON, KELTERIA-KELSEY (Voter ID number 119759161).
DIXON, KELVIS Lamarr (Voter ID number 109351055).
DIXON, SISTERIA Y. (Voter ID number 109495394).

13206 SW 279TH TER
GERMAIN, FADRINNE (Voter ID number 110118310).
JACKSON, CORY (Voter ID number 116103083).
CADET, ORGA (Voter ID number 118298897).

13207 SW 276TH TER
BARTOSZEWICZ, ANTHONY Francis (Voter ID number 108916285).

13208 SW 276TH TER
SINGLETARY, AKO Aduk (Voter ID number 109558830).

13209 SW 276TH TER
KHORRAN, VERNAL Alexander (Voter ID number 110335298).

13210 SW 254TH TER
CRAWFORD, DERRICK Deion (Voter ID number 120876950).
CRAWFORD, TRAVARIOUS Dante (Voter ID number 119862345).
CRAWFORD, DENISE (Voter ID number 109514840).
CRAWFORD, GLENN Allen (Voter ID number 109374400).
CRAWFORD, GLENN Allen (Voter ID number 110199362).
MILTON, DEXTER Lamon (Voter ID number 110094840).
RANSON, LARRY Donell (Voter ID number 109569109).

13210 SW 256TH ST
PITT, MARIA Luisa Royol (Voter ID number 109934780).

13210 SW 257TH TER
JONES, WILLIE Eddie (Voter ID number 109396973).

13210 SW 262ND ST
LAMBRU, VANESSA Beth (Voter ID number 110088836).
SAJA, FERMIN (Voter ID number 115456043).
VALDEZ, DOMINGA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 109763775).

13210 SW 264TH ST
JAMES, LAYVESTER (Voter ID number 109785968).
WILLIAMS, CHAUN'CIE V. (Voter ID number 110063476).
WILLIAMS, MARIAN Y. (Voter ID number 109798481).

13210 SW 276TH TER
BROWN, GABRIELA M. (Voter ID number 118317471).
RODRIGUEZ BROWN, AIDA (Voter ID number 111929521).
WALTON, ROSA B. (Voter ID number 110177396).

13211 SW 251ST LN
RODRIGUEZ, MARIA Jose (Voter ID number 115697767).

13211 SW 254TH TER
GARCIA, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 109237452).
GARCIA, HELIO A. (Voter ID number 109654015).
GARCIA, HELIO Armando (Voter ID number 109218436).
GARCIA, JONATHAN Andrew (Voter ID number 115066305).

13211 SW 256TH TER
PEDRAZA, FIDEL (Voter ID number 109972694).
TAPIA, CELEJINA E. (Voter ID number 109738759).
TAPIA, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 115515779).
TAPIA, MARISA (Voter ID number 109612750).

13211 SW 260TH TER
PEGUERO, JOLIE Chantel (Voter ID number 110326296).
PEGUERO, NORA (Voter ID number 116859461).

13211 SW 262ND TER
ANDREWS, RALPH Francis (Voter ID number 114337582).
SMARGIASSI, TONIA Ann (Voter ID number 110114553).

13211 SW 265TH ST
OLVERA, ANA Yancey (Voter ID number 114984050).
OLVERA, BERTA Maria (Voter ID number 110327858).
OLVERA, MARIA (Voter ID number 109862609).
OLVERA, MARIBEL (Voter ID number 114649255).

13211 SW 266TH TER
PALMA, OSMANY (Voter ID number 110243889).
AARON, SHANEQUA (Voter ID number 117591138).

13211 SW 275TH TER
FLAHERTY, DEIDRE Gail (Voter ID number 116765577).

13211 SW 278TH TER
PRADO, HIPOLITO (Voter ID number 109600518).

13212 SW 251ST LN
BAEZ, YOLANDA Teresa (Voter ID number 109939263).
SANCHEZ, OSMANY (Voter ID number 109941671).
FERNANDEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 116909396).

13212 SW 260TH TER
SAMPSON, FRANK (Voter ID number 109326238).
SAMPSON, LINDA Martin (Voter ID number 109928407).

13212 SW 262ND TER
GARCIA, BELISARIO A. (Voter ID number 115711993).
NUNEZ, JORGE A. (Voter ID number 110318641).

13212 SW 275TH TER
FRANCOIS, LUCSON (Voter ID number 118973080).

13212 SW 279TH TER
LLERENA, YAQUELIN (Voter ID number 109350063).

13213 SW 252ND LN
ROSA, MARIA Lourdes (Voter ID number 110214411).

13213 SW 255TH TER
MC LEROY, RONALD Gene (Voter ID number 109093303).
MOORE, TIMOTHY Michael (Voter ID number 108988172).

13213 SW 258TH TER
PEREZ, TOMASA (Voter ID number 120241431).
ROMERO, CARLOS (Voter ID number 109754351).
ROMERO, CATHERINE E. (Voter ID number 110330591).
ROMERO, DOUGLAS Javier (Voter ID number 114128764).
ROMERO, MARTHA P. (Voter ID number 109834627).

13214 SW 252ND LN
AGUIAR, JULIO C. (Voter ID number 119674031).
GOVEA, LUCIDIA (Voter ID number 119674024).

13214 SW 253RD TER
PHILLIPS, CAROLYN Caldwell (Voter ID number 109952249).
PHILLIPS, ERICA Michelle (Voter ID number 115270195).
PHILLIPS, MARQUIS D. (Voter ID number 114362227).
PHILLIPS, MICHAEL (Voter ID number 116901046).
VARGAS, NATASHA M. (Voter ID number 110327614).
PHILLIPS, MICHAEL Derrick (Voter ID number 109979849).

13214 SW 255TH TER
YUEN, JACKIE Michael (Voter ID number 109031495).
YUEN, JACKIE Michael (Voter ID number 109500078).
YUEN, LORRAINE B. (Voter ID number 109138379).
YUEN, MARSHALL Jay (Voter ID number 109861423).

13214 SW 263RD ST
PARTEE, LASHANEA Shaquana (Voter ID number 115044920).

13214 SW 265TH ST
DILEO, GERIANNE M. (Voter ID number 109900664).
SHUGRUE, GERALDINE Nancy (Voter ID number 109718844).
SHUGRUE, PATRICK Michael (Voter ID number 109036217).

13215 SW 253RD TER
HECHAVARRIA, DAVID A. (Voter ID number 119618257).
HECHAVARRIA, GASPAR J. (Voter ID number 109592828).
HECHAVARRIA, IVETTE N. (Voter ID number 110286849).

13215 SW 256TH ST
FERN, BENNY L. (Voter ID number 110221742).
FERN, ESTER Arcinal (Voter ID number 109449743).

13215 SW 264TH ST
GREENWOOD, ANTHONY (Voter ID number 116400006).

13215 SW 265TH TER
MUEHLEISEN, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number 110090065).
DUNLAP, GEOFFREY Scott (Voter ID number 110335866).
PHELPS, JASON Paul (Voter ID number 110335894).

13215 SW 278TH TER
LATORRE, JOSHUA Steven (Voter ID number 117474008).
LATORRE, MARIA H. (Voter ID number 109648693).
LATORRE, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 109450147).

13216 SW 265TH TER
DAGOGLIANO, CARMELO Miguel (Voter ID number 109493257).
DAGOGLIANO, CLARA L. (Voter ID number 109488213).
DAGOGLIANO, JAVIER H. (Voter ID number 109704860).
DAGOGLIANO, NORMA (Voter ID number 118454101).

13217 SW 257TH TER
DOUGLAS, LENBERT Collin (Voter ID number 110163701).

13217 SW 262ND ST
WRIGHT, JASON (Voter ID number 115384256).

13218 SW 256TH ST
GOMEZ, JOEL R. (Voter ID number 110257835).

13218 SW 256TH TER
BADILLO, MINDY (Voter ID number 102378208).
GOMEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110092636).

13220 SW 254TH TER
NAPIER, KELLY Bradley (Voter ID number 109756856).

13220 SW 256TH ST
DIAZ, JESSICA Z. (Voter ID number 115238238).
ARANA, EMILY J. (Voter ID number 114648248).
ARANA, WALTER A. (Voter ID number 114648241).

13220 SW 257TH TER
ALVAREZ, VICTOR Hugo (Voter ID number 115250735).

13220 SW 260TH ST
CLARINGTON, LOUIS B. (Voter ID number 109003156).
CLARINGTON-SMITH, HELEN M. (Voter ID number 109691044).
EDWARDS, MARSHA Lee (Voter ID number 109885024).

13220 SW 262ND ST
TORRES, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109246675).

13220 SW 264TH ST
PEREZ, CARLOS Alberto (Voter ID number 109750568).

13220 SW 279TH TER
MOAHAMED, CARLOS (Voter ID number 110304257).

13221 SW 254TH TER
RUBIO, IRIDIAN (Voter ID number 120915515).
RUBIO, YADHIRA G. (Voter ID number 120886652).

13221 SW 260TH TER
CHONG, KEISHA Lavanna (Voter ID number 109554645).
CHONG, LOREEN I. (Voter ID number 109355783).
CHONG, MONIQUE Sherri-Anne (Voter ID number 109985168).

13221 SW 262ND TER
BARNES, JOSEPHINE (Voter ID number 109133010).
HARPER, MAURICE (Voter ID number 118984482).
JONES, CEDRIC Damon (Voter ID number 109608941).

13221 SW 265TH ST
MOLA-MAYO, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109458038).
RODRIGUEZ, MIREL (Voter ID number 114390293).

13221 SW 266TH TER
CANNON, NAKYIA Kavette (Voter ID number 109499197).

13221 SW 275TH TER
CASTRO, STEVEN Fernando (Voter ID number 117619604).
CHECO, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 120247815).
BELTRE, JOSELYN (Voter ID number 110178074).
CHECO, JASON (Voter ID number 118868276).
LEWIS, LORENZO L. (Voter ID number 109830305).

13221 SW 278TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, AMY (Voter ID number 114176357).
RODRIGUEZ, BIANCA Jolie (Voter ID number 110315270).
REYES, MICHAEL J. (Voter ID number 110321460).
RUIZ, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109482050).

13222 SW 251ST LN
RODRIGUEZ, LEDUAN (Voter ID number 118306418).
LEBRON, SAMUEL (Voter ID number 115225901).

13222 SW 260TH TER
GREEN, KIMBALL Terrell (Voter ID number 110224530).
GREEN, TANESSHA Nee Nee (Voter ID number 115189693).

13222 SW 262ND TER
RAIDEN, MICHAEL Lee (Voter ID number 109735016).
RUIZ, JENNIE A. (Voter ID number 109915277).
HARCAVI, DANIEL M. (Voter ID number 102498104).
RAIDEN, DONALD W. (Voter ID number 109310342).
RAIDEN, RENE Lee (Voter ID number 109898089).

13222 SW 266TH TER
BROWN, SHEILA Levette (Voter ID number 110089262).
MC CRAY, JIMMY (Voter ID number 109660135).
MCCRAY, SHEILA Shana (Voter ID number 114685013).

13222 SW 275TH TER
ESPINOSA, GERARDO (Voter ID number 118003854).
ESPINOSA, GERARDO (Voter ID number 109846148).

13223 SW 255TH TER
SOMMER, JILL Marie (Voter ID number 113966842).
LOACES, YESSENIA (Voter ID number 110288046).

13223 SW 258TH TER
WHITE, CHARMESA Matuo (Voter ID number 116048283).
YOUNG, CAROL N. (Voter ID number 109856350).

13223 SW 263RD ST
BENTLEY, VERONICA O. (Voter ID number 109167286).
WHITAKER, MARLUND Robert (Voter ID number 110303977).
WHITAKER, MARLON R. (Voter ID number 116299230).

13224 SW 252ND LN
MARTINEZ, ROSSY (Voter ID number 109262375).

13224 SW 253RD TER
MIDDLEBROOKS, TAMERA Shondrea (Voter ID number 109730487).
MIDDLEBROOKS, VICTOR Nigel (Voter ID number 109503428).
TORRENTE, DAVID F. (Voter ID number 110296750).

13224 SW 255TH TER
BAGINSKI, BONRAT (Voter ID number 109783860).

13224 SW 263RD ST
DEL SANTO, AGUSTIN Omar (Voter ID number 119671326).

13224 SW 265TH ST
ANDERSEN, DEREK (Voter ID number 120087442).
BROOKS, MELVIN James (Voter ID number 120226004).
WRIGHT, BENNIE Earl (Voter ID number 110186311).
BESS, DEON (Voter ID number 118919625).
PARKS, MARY J. (Voter ID number 109881588).
WRIGHT, LAKIVA E. (Voter ID number 110178643).
WRIGHT, PAUL P. (Voter ID number 110327407).
BESS, LEON (Voter ID number 116817519).

13225 SW 256TH ST
DURAN GUZMAN, EDIBERTO G. (Voter ID number 118926459).

13225 SW 264TH ST
BLOUNT, CHANESE Renee (Voter ID number 109561243).
BLOUNT, SHANDRAYA G. (Voter ID number 117591280).
EDWARDS, GREGORY T. (Voter ID number 110326402).

13225 SW 265TH TER
PILLAY, DEVINA (Voter ID number 109987265).
PILLAY, INDHIRAN V. (Voter ID number 109731229).

13225 SW 278TH TER
MORAN, LILIBETH Marie (Voter ID number 120621383).
VELEZ, PERSI (Voter ID number 109928535).
VELEZ, PERSI (Voter ID number 118956417).

13226 SW 265TH TER
MARVEZ, ROBERT Christopher (Voter ID number 109263067).

13226 SW 278TH TER
BAKER, MARK Kentrell (Voter ID number 119767709).
BAKER, MARKETA Lashawn (Voter ID number 117522809).
BAKER, MARY Marie (Voter ID number 109213703).
BAKER, MORRISA (Voter ID number 116952946).

13226 SW 279TH TER
ROSARIO, PABLO (Voter ID number 110196084).

13227 SW 257TH TER
HOPKINS, DAVID Claude (Voter ID number 109851013).
HOPKINS, SHAWN David (Voter ID number 114022582).

13227 SW 262ND ST
FLORES, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 121187933).

13230 SW 254TH TER
D'ARMAS, ERIKA Leonor (Voter ID number 109915049).
DEARMAS, ERIK L. (Voter ID number 109794962).
MARTE, DAVID (Voter ID number 110190997).
PERALTA, DONNA L. (Voter ID number 109020507).

13230 SW 256TH ST
DUENAS, ESTELVINA (Voter ID number 119159094).

13230 SW 257TH TER
BEATRIZ, JULIAN Alexander (Voter ID number 119241845).
BEATRIZ, RAUL F. (Voter ID number 110175003).
MARTINEZ, ALINA (Voter ID number 110141917).

13230 SW 260TH ST
RAMIRES, FELICIANO (Voter ID number 119238015).

13230 SW 262ND ST
CABRERA, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number 116097503).
CABRERA, CAROLINA (Voter ID number 116097520).
SORRELL, BRIAN J. (Voter ID number 118452537).

13230 SW 264TH ST
ACOSTA, KEITH Eugene (Voter ID number 110144057).
SOLIMAN, KARAM M. (Voter ID number 109350112).
SOLIMAN, MARGARITA M. (Voter ID number 109301842).
SOLIMAN, SAMMY Omar (Voter ID number 116432998).

13230 SW 278TH TER
FAJARDO, LOYDA Ruth (Voter ID number 121219204).
FAJARDO, GEISY (Voter ID number 120771268).

13230 SW 279TH TER
SCOTT, IVY D. (Voter ID number 109201483).
SCOTT, JESSICA Sakira (Voter ID number 110321774).
SCOTT, JESSIE James (Voter ID number 109181935).

13231 SW 251ST LN
ALEN, ALEXANDER (Voter ID number 110325095).
CEBALLOS, STEPHANIE Marie (Voter ID number 114351381).

13231 SW 256TH TER
NEWMAN, CEDRIC Barnes (Voter ID number 110219720).

13231 SW 260TH TER
GONZALEZ, ESTRELLA Marie (Voter ID number 109498222).
HAITHCOCK, CHARMAINE R. (Voter ID number 109156772).

13231 SW 262ND TER
THOMAS, COREY J. (Voter ID number 109893742).
RAIDEN, AMANDA Lyn (Voter ID number 109979547).
THOMAS, AMANDA Lyn (Voter ID number 110343658).

13231 SW 265TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, DANIEL Rufino (Voter ID number 109674191).
RODRIGUEZ, GLORIA Alba (Voter ID number 116098874).

13231 SW 275TH TER
SANTI, RODNEY (Voter ID number 117539261).
SANTI, CARMEN P. (Voter ID number 110083286).
SANTI, REMI J. (Voter ID number 110083284).

13231 SW 279TH TER
LABRA, DANNY (Voter ID number 109861320).
LABRA, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109761950).
LABRA, MELBA (Voter ID number 109900428).

13232 SW 251ST LN
RODRIGUEZ REYNALDO, MAREL (Voter ID number 121083106).

13232 SW 262ND TER
BERRIOS, NORMA I. (Voter ID number 109751524).
DIAZ, BARBARA Ines (Voter ID number 117146582).
DIAZ, JOHNNY O. (Voter ID number 118137513).
PARRIS, LINDA Marie (Voter ID number 109635987).
VILA RODRIGUEZ, MAGDA Ivette (Voter ID number 118141578).

13233 SW 255TH TER
PERSON, FAYE (Voter ID number 109872057).
PERSONS, ANNIE Mae (Voter ID number 109229431).
PERSONS, KAYLIN (Voter ID number 105120535).
PERSONS, JIMMIE L. (Voter ID number 109495837).
PERSONS, SANTASHIA De'Brecia (Voter ID number 109430303).

13234 SW 252ND LN
FUENTES, BRYAN Cori (Voter ID number 117408369).
FUENTES, PAOLA Vanessa (Voter ID number 115073179).

13234 SW 255TH TER
INTHANAM, SAYNARONE (Voter ID number 110159772).
ORNELAS, DAVID Alexander (Voter ID number 121059876).
INTHANAM, CHANSCUK Rattana (Voter ID number 109285360).

13234 SW 263RD ST
HENRIQUEZ, FOBOS H. (Voter ID number 109490993).
HENRIQUEZ, HERNAN F. (Voter ID number 109396890).
HENRIQUEZ, HERNAN (Voter ID number 116102935).
HENRIQUEZ, LIANA Gabriela (Voter ID number 109296587).

13234 SW 265TH ST
HERRERA, DANIEL (Voter ID number 109988574).

13235 SW 253RD TER
KOSTOWIC, MICHELLE (Voter ID number 109611218).
GRANADO, PETRA (Voter ID number 109182524).
GRANADO, VERONICA (Voter ID number 109524186).
GRANADO, VICTORIA (Voter ID number 109774345).
HORNER, WILLIAM Robert (Voter ID number 115055577).

13235 SW 256TH ST
HERNANDEZ, WILLIAMS F. (Voter ID number 116862409).
LEGON, JEANINE (Voter ID number 110084535).

13235 SW 264TH ST
SHEPPARD, DARRELL M. (Voter ID number 109394749).
SHEPPARD, DARRELL Michel (Voter ID number 110215716).
SHEPPARD, JANE A. (Voter ID number 109394750).
SMITH, TAMIKA N. (Voter ID number 109604823).

13235 SW 278TH TER
JIMENEZ, JOSE O. (Voter ID number 120111748).
JIMENEZ, MEIVIS (Voter ID number 119796171).

13235 SW 279TH TER
CHANGSUT, YVETTE T. (Voter ID number 109394219).
LAINEZ, DIANA G. (Voter ID number 110154416).
PEREZ, FELIX Perez (Voter ID number 108950045).

13236 SW 265TH TER
MARQUEZ, GERMAN Orlando (Voter ID number 118311073).

13236 SW 278TH TER
DAVIS, DANIELLE A. (Voter ID number 109819060).
JEFFREY BARNES, CAROL E. (Voter ID number 109150154).
BARNES, ALIYAH Sade (Voter ID number 116527597).

13236 SW 279TH TER
PINTO, MARITZA (Voter ID number 109598539).

13237 SW 257TH TER
LANZA, NOEL (Voter ID number 117300450).

13237 SW 262ND ST
BESS-ROBINSON, JEANETTE R. (Voter ID number 109798639).
MILTON, CALVIN (Voter ID number 116947812).

13240 SW 254TH TER
EKOWO, LAQUESHA A. (Voter ID number 115532435).

13240 SW 256TH ST
DELGADO, JUAN F. (Voter ID number 118237145).
DELGADO, MARIA Elena (Voter ID number 109546763).

13240 SW 257TH TER
PAYTON, CLIFTON (Voter ID number 109497757).
PAYTON, SHAWANNA Marie (Voter ID number 109775593).

13240 SW 260TH ST
WATTS MARCEY, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 119090316).

13240 SW 262ND ST
RILEY, MARY Kay (Voter ID number 108958424).
RILEY, TRACEY Lee (Voter ID number 109256907).

13240 SW 264TH ST
GUEVARA, HEYDY L. (Voter ID number 117687707).

13240 SW 279TH TER
MEDINA, MARY A. (Voter ID number 109886042).
MEDINA, SARA Evelyn (Voter ID number 118566747).
MEDINA, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number 109959880).

13241 SW 251ST LN
JOSEPH, JOAN V. (Voter ID number 120385976).
LINDOR, DAPHNEY (Voter ID number 120356336).
JOSEPH, ALEXANDRA (Voter ID number 118846587).

13241 SW 254TH TER
VAZQUEZ, KIMANY (Voter ID number 115588423).
VAZQUEZ, YULIESVY (Voter ID number 116739583).

13241 SW 256TH TER
AKINE, GREGORY (Voter ID number 109723572).
CORTES FIGUEROA, DAYANARA (Voter ID number 109577735).
LINDSAY, EDITH (Voter ID number 116927719).
WILLIAMS, JIMMIE Edward (Voter ID number 109114167).
WILLIAMS, TERI Leigh (Voter ID number 109185368).

13241 SW 260TH TER
TREJO, JOSE Luis (Voter ID number 109860314).
TREJO, MARIA G. (Voter ID number 114689210).

13241 SW 262ND TER
FOURNIER, CHRISTINE Marie (Voter ID number 109421435).
FOURNIER, MARGUERITE M. (Voter ID number 109694755).
FUENTES, YAMILE (Voter ID number 110194629).
RUBIO, MAYKEL (Voter ID number 119489508).
THOMAS, VICKI L. (Voter ID number 109554193).

13241 SW 265TH ST
BAEZ, YUTHIT Paz (Voter ID number 109937440).
HARRIS, KELLESHA (Voter ID number 110207095).

13241 SW 266TH TER
FLOREZ-GARCIA, GINA (Voter ID number 109296516).
GARCIA, TIFFANY (Voter ID number 114911454).
GARCIA, LEMUEL (Voter ID number 109591511).
GARCIA, TESSA M. (Voter ID number 119622087).

13241 SW 279TH TER
SANCHEZ, MARCELA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 118392591).

13242 SW 251ST LN
POLITES, BERTHONI (Voter ID number 110329721).
POLITES, WILBERLAND (Voter ID number 109651227).

13242 SW 266TH TER
AITCHESON, ROCHELLE (Voter ID number 109516738).
LAWSOM, KENNETH (Voter ID number 116426803).

13242 SW 275TH TER
VEGA, ALFONSO (Voter ID number 110020735).
VEGA, JOCELYN (Voter ID number 119620874).
VEGA, ARICEL (Voter ID number 117575408).

13243 SW 252ND LN
OFF, TIFFANY Brianne (Voter ID number 110038727).

13243 SW 255TH TER
ISON, WENDOLYN (Voter ID number 109488178).

13243 SW 258TH TER
EDGE, JUDSON (Voter ID number 109218288).
EDGE, SANDRA L. (Voter ID number 109200041).

13244 SW 253RD TER
VALDIVIESO, VICENTE James (Voter ID number 120912332).
WARD VALDIVIESO, ALICE Michelle (Voter ID number 109843801).

13244 SW 255TH TER
EDGE, DEREK Lamont (Voter ID number 112942100).

13244 SW 265TH ST
CABRERA, HUGO Rene (Voter ID number 110240637).
MALLEA, ROBERTO Orlando (Voter ID number 110307005).
MELENDEZ, JOSE Williams (Voter ID number 110151759).
ROBINSON, KNATHEN B. (Voter ID number 116029594).

13245 SW 253RD TER
PULIDO, ESTRELLA (Voter ID number 120478096).

13245 SW 264TH ST
MIZELL, KENYETTA L. (Voter ID number 110299937).
MIZELL, ANNETTE S. (Voter ID number 109020882).
MIZELL, KENNETH (Voter ID number 109182520).

13245 SW 265TH TER
ANTHONY, NORMAN Artwell (Voter ID number 117348886).
PEREZ, MADELYN Maria (Voter ID number 109502544).
PRADA, GREGORY Martin (Voter ID number 116963793).

13245 SW 278TH TER
CORREA, MARTHA Karina (Voter ID number 117158652).

13245 SW 278TH TER

AVALOS, MARTA Rosa (Voter ID number 110299610).

13245 SW 278TH TER
RAMOS, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 110104092).
RAMOS, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 110166314).

13246 SW 265TH TER
ROQUE NUNEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 120609341).
CASTILLO, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 110136668).

13246 SW 279TH TER
MILLS, SEVELLA Yvette (Voter ID number 108930179).

13247 SW 257TH TER
HAWKINS, ETHEL V. (Voter ID number 109039907).
SHINHOSTER, MACHA A. (Voter ID number 110292424).
SHINHOSTER, MACHA A. (Voter ID number 118741971).
SHINHOSTER, MACHA Andre (Voter ID number 119926224).

13247 SW 262ND ST
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109053272).
ALLEN, WILLIE Samuel (Voter ID number 110327518).
WILLIAMS FUDGE, LEONA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 118695019).
WILLIAMS, LISA M. (Voter ID number 114625095).
WILLIAMS, SHONQUITA (Voter ID number 116783594).
WILLIAMS, DESIRAY (Voter ID number 116782355).
WILLIAMS, LISA (Voter ID number 116825961).

13247 SW 277TH TER
QUICK, ANNETTE Kyoko (Voter ID number 114809736).

13248 SW 256TH TER
MURRAY, PHILLIP (Voter ID number 109054884).

13248 SW 277TH TER
MARTINEZ, DEMIS (Voter ID number 121325251).

13249 SW 278TH ST
PAGAN, JUAN (Voter ID number 116011982).

13250 SW 254TH TER
RAMOS, AIDELIA (Voter ID number 119271708).

13250 SW 254TH TER

ORIACH, BRYAN (Voter ID number 118139757).

13250 SW 256TH ST
CRUZ, JESUS Javier (Voter ID number 109776137).
CRUZ, PAMELA Marie (Voter ID number 109835136).

13250 SW 257TH TER
GUTIERREZ, CARMEN Luisa (Voter ID number 109875276).
GUTIERREZ, MIGUEL Altredo (Voter ID number 109890272).

13250 SW 260TH ST
CORDERO, JAIME (Voter ID number 117165257).
RODRIGUEZ, GAMALIEL (Voter ID number 110169396).
FUENTES, MARIA (Voter ID number 110169325).

13250 SW 264TH ST
REYNOSO, DANIEL Lee (Voter ID number 115776844).
REYNOSO, JOSE Raymond (Voter ID number 109225174).

13250 SW 279TH TER
DEAN, TAMMY Lashon (Voter ID number 109268457).
BROWN, VERONICA Dionne (Voter ID number 109468865).
JOHNSON, NORMAN L. (Voter ID number 116252142).

13251 SW 251ST LN
JURADO, MARIA G. (Voter ID number 114574562).
JURADO-HERNANDEZ, J Jesus (Voter ID number 117169210).

13251 SW 254TH TER
ELLIS, RICHARD Emory (Voter ID number 109486431).
ROBERTS, GODFREY P. (Voter ID number 115891288).

13251 SW 265TH ST
BRADLEY, LARRY (Voter ID number 120281367).
BRADLEY, CAROLYN Frances (Voter ID number 109248580).
BRADLEY, CLARENCE (Voter ID number 121188653).
BRADLEY, LARRY (Voter ID number 109247124).

13251 SW 266TH TER
LEIVA, JAZMIN (Voter ID number 109644013).
MIRANDA, PEDRO J. (Voter ID number 115306563).

13251 SW 275TH TER
MORALES, GLORIA Vazquez (Voter ID number 110304043).
MORALES, ALFREDO Cerda (Voter ID number 114198005).

13251 SW 278TH TER
HINES, DESIREE D. (Voter ID number 119612494).
WASHINGTON-HINES, ERICA L. (Voter ID number 116763971).
HINES, LAMARTRIC D. (Voter ID number 116739315).

13252 SW 252ND LN
ROBERTS, GEORGE (Voter ID number 120492993).

13253 SW 258TH TER
JACKSON, MICHELLE D. (Voter ID number 110095162).
JACKSON, SHARAE Shontae (Voter ID number 109706734).

13254 SW 252ND LN
PADIN, JOSE L. (Voter ID number 119387362).

13254 SW 253RD TER
NEILING, GLENDA M. (Voter ID number 109072522).
NEILING, NATALIE Yvonne (Voter ID number 118722405).
NEILING, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 109352828).
NEILING, ZACKERY L. (Voter ID number 119621222).

13254 SW 255TH TER
DENNARD, KAREN (Voter ID number 110184762).

13254 SW 263RD ST
HARPER, LASHAWN (Voter ID number 118778316).
JACKSON, HELEN G. (Voter ID number 110040260).

13254 SW 265TH ST
PHILON, ALEXANDER W. (Voter ID number 120220205).
PHILON, TREY I. (Voter ID number 120915472).
COLLIER, PHALLON Quantae (Voter ID number 109895305).
PHELON, DETRA R. (Voter ID number 109886893).
PHILON, TONY Curtis (Voter ID number 109560704).
PHILON, DETRE R. (Voter ID number 116819146).

13254 SW 275TH LN
BUTLER, VANESSA Gonzalez (Voter ID number 110311195).

13255 SW 253RD TER
TSAI, MALY Siluangkhot (Voter ID number 109514321).

13255 SW 256TH ST
DAVIS, CORETTE (Voter ID number 109989841).
RANDLE, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 110208211).

13255 SW 264TH ST
URQUIJO, ANA (Voter ID number 109777230).
URQUIJO, CINDY Maria (Voter ID number 110250015).
URQUIJO, GEORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109511145).
GONZALEZ, ADILSON (Voter ID number 110146172).
GONZALEZ, ADILSON (Voter ID number 116344122).
GUERRA, MARIA (Voter ID number 116315262).

13255 SW 278TH TER
BASDEN, SHERENIA Renee (Voter ID number 109484396).
BASDEN, ANGELA Deloris (Voter ID number 109418586).
BASDEN, KEVIN (Voter ID number 119606203).

13256 SW 279TH TER
CHUMISO, BURNS John (Voter ID number 109358888).
CHUMISO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 109736219).
KAISER, MARION U. (Voter ID number 109357756).

13257 SW 257TH TER
MEDINA, EVELYN (Voter ID number 109491549).

13258 SW 256TH TER
COFRE, RAMIRO C. (Voter ID number 119889213).

13258 SW 277TH TER
DURAL, PETER C. (Voter ID number 109756213).
DURAL, VASHTI Lewis (Voter ID number 109717665).

13259 SW 278TH ST
FERRERA, YASMIN (Voter ID number 120263555).
FERRERA, RIGOBERTO (Voter ID number 115087122).
GARCIA, JOSE Holguin (Voter ID number 109398684).

13260 SW 254TH TER
BRADY, IRENE Rochelle (Voter ID number 109368679).
BRADY, SANDRA R. (Voter ID number 116294558).
BRADY, WESLEY Alphonza (Voter ID number 119320480).

13260 SW 256TH ST
RODRIGUEZ, DAISY (Voter ID number 109993394).
PENA, GERMAN (Voter ID number 110117512).
RODRIGUEZ, SUSANA (Voter ID number 118104618).

13260 SW 257TH TER
MC CRAY, LINDA M. (Voter ID number 109503879).
MC CRAY, WILKIN (Voter ID number 108940260).

13260 SW 260TH ST
CANCIO, MIRANDA Aurora (Voter ID number 120218648).
CORDERO, AURORA Barber (Voter ID number 109422906).
ORTIZ, IRIS Gloria (Voter ID number 109254270).

13260 SW 264TH ST
GONZALEZ, ALVARO (Voter ID number 119649536).
GONZALEZ, ALVARO D. (Voter ID number 116280758).

13260 SW 279TH TER
FIGUEROA, GISELLE (Voter ID number 110280610).
FIGUEROA, BERNADO Daniel (Voter ID number 110198440).
FIGUEROA, MILAGROS (Voter ID number 109427435).
RODRIGUEZ, IRIS S. (Voter ID number 114224238).

13261 SW 254TH TER
STEVENS, ERNEST W. (Voter ID number 109403851).

13261 SW 256TH TER
CERNA, JAVIERA E. (Voter ID number 118251587).
MURLEY, SONIA Bruna (Voter ID number 109448302).

13261 SW 260TH TER
WHEELER, JENNA Elizabeth (Voter ID number 114365571).
WHEELER, TAMMY Jane (Voter ID number 108923509).

13261 SW 265TH ST
ORDONEZ, EMMA (Voter ID number 110241171).

13261 SW 275TH TER
SIERRA, JORGE (Voter ID number 117604759).

13261 SW 278TH TER
DASHER, LASAUNDRA Denise (Voter ID number 109558493).
FLOWERS, LATREVIA M. (Voter ID number 119626725).

13262 SW 251ST LN
GUERRA, LUZ A. (Voter ID number 116582900).
ISAZA, JOSE I. (Voter ID number 110025846).

13263 SW 252ND LN
CRISTINO, NORBERTO (Voter ID number 109860855).
CRISTINO, STEPHANIE (Voter ID number 119622859).

13263 SW 255TH TER
HERNANDEZ, JOSE E. (Voter ID number 109396751).

13263 SW 258TH TER
HERRERA, EDIAN (Voter ID number 117735559).

13263 SW 275TH LN
ACOSTA, ERNALDO A. (Voter ID number 109931863).
ACOSTA, TATIANA Y. (Voter ID number 114467521).

13264 SW 253RD TER
RIOS, IRIS Melissa (Voter ID number 121261807).
RIOS CRUZ, JOSE Antonio (Voter ID number 109325319).

13264 SW 255TH TER
CLARIT, CRAIG Livingston (Voter ID number 109675264).
CLARIT, JAMES Lee (Voter ID number 108974390).
MC GREW-CLARIT, MICHELLE C. (Voter ID number 109313729).
WILSON, ROSHAWN (Voter ID number 116281738).

13264 SW 263RD ST
FERNANDEZ, YELISBET (Voter ID number 116260193).

13264 SW 275TH LN
VALLE, MARIA E. (Voter ID number 121061524).
VALLE, FELIX L. (Voter ID number 119055693).

13265 SW 253RD TER
VASQUEZ, YAHJAIRA M. (Voter ID number 118116433).
VASQUEZ, FRANK Backy (Voter ID number 109983712).
VASQUEZ, MARIA M. (Voter ID number 110234197).

13265 SW 256TH ST
GOODLUCK, PHILBERT Gordon (Voter ID number 115768417).
PENA, DEISY (Voter ID number 120197589).
PENA, EDUARDO (Voter ID number 110057976).
MEDINA, ANTONIO (Voter ID number 119164647).
PENA, MANUEL E. (Voter ID number 114374050).

13265 SW 264TH ST
SALDIVAR, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109293338).
SALDIVAR, ROSA (Voter ID number 109258092).

13265 SW 265TH TER
GONZALEZ, YRMINA D. (Voter ID number 119906364).
COLLAZO, CARLOS A. (Voter ID number 110047596).

13266 SW 279TH TER
BELLO, IRMA Iris (Voter ID number 109541286).

13267 SW 257TH TER
ANDRADE, LAURA C. (Voter ID number 118582665).
DOMINGUEZ, RAFAEL (Voter ID number 110297858).

13268 SW 256TH TER
DUBE, JENNA Kay (Voter ID number 116954320).
WARD, GARY (Voter ID number 109332761).

13268 SW 277TH TER
LOPEZ, RYAN Coby (Voter ID number 120735340).
PEREZ, BRIGIDA Del Carmen (Voter ID number 119604614).

13269 SW 278TH ST
PENATE, JORGE Antonio (Voter ID number 118588994).
HASEBROOCK, DONNIE (Voter ID number 110119455).
LEON, GEORGE (Voter ID number 114945428).
LEON, JANET (Voter ID number 110119461).

13270 SW 254TH TER
AREVALO, ALFONSO Jose (Voter ID number 109865815).
AREVALO, ORFELINA (Voter ID number 116643393).

13270 SW 256TH ST
JOSEPH, EDNER (Voter ID number 109772939).
JOSEPH, MC ARTHUR (Voter ID number 110113766).
JOSEPH, MIMOSE (Voter ID number 109653600).
JOSEPH, RUTH (Voter ID number 115687420).
JOSEPH, JOHANNE (Voter ID number 117455913).

13270 SW 257TH TER
FLORES, EDUARDO Antonio (Voter ID number 119932622).
MEDEROS, ANTHONY Michael (Voter ID number 110320303).

13271 SW 254TH TER
JOHNSON, JESSE Rook (Voter ID number 119727424).
RABAGO, FELIX (Voter ID number 109903558).
SAINZ, ENRIQUE (Voter ID number 114579004).

13271 SW 256TH TER
MC NALLY, MARVIN A. (Voter ID number 114625050).

13271 SW 260TH TER
PATE, LEWIS (Voter ID number 119276960).

13271 SW 265TH ST
MORTON, LEONARD Gary (Voter ID number 109297082).
MORTON, PATRICIA Ann (Voter ID number 109297254).

13271 SW 275TH TER
LOUARD, LESROY Everton (Voter ID number 109348405).

13272 SW 251ST LN
RODRIGUEZ, CECILIO (Voter ID number 114572081).

13272 SW 266TH TER
ORDONEZ, ERIC (Voter ID number 117786558).
ROCHEZ, JUAN A. (Voter ID number 116900590).

13272 SW 275TH TER
BRITO, CYNTHIA A. (Voter ID number 114309676).
BRITO, FELIX (Voter ID number 109717346).

13273 SW 252ND LN
LUGO, LIZDESBY (Voter ID number 109412962).
MUNIZ, ANGEL A. (Voter ID number 110219227).
RIVERA, ROBERTO Jose (Voter ID number 120655291).

13273 SW 255TH TER
DENEZAIRE, MARIE Nerline (Voter ID number 116098059).
DENEZAIRE, MELANA (Voter ID number 119837172).
SYLHOMME, SYLVEUS (Voter ID number 119975839).
DENEZAIRE, NERVANCE (Voter ID number 109858821).

13273 SW 276TH LN
LERMO, ELEONORA (Voter ID number 109865977).

13274 SW 253RD TER
CAVES, PAMELA (Voter ID number 109039212).

13274 SW 263RD ST
AGUILAR, DOLORES (Voter ID number 115300307).
SIERRA, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 109075024).
SIERRA, LEYLA Isabel (Voter ID number 109679919).
SIERRA, ASHLIEGH Virgilia (Voter ID number 117254823).

13274 SW 265TH ST
SEAVER, KATHERINE Rose (Voter ID number 109827755).

13274 SW 275TH LN
JOMOLCA, CLAUDIA (Voter ID number 120881413).

13275 SW 253RD TER
FERNANDEZ, ANISIO (Voter ID number 120826432).
TOSSIANT, VICTORIA L. (Voter ID number 116409583).

13275 SW 256TH ST
BANKSTON, CHAKAIL Monick (Voter ID number 109462476).

13275 SW 264TH ST
TRIPP, TENECIA Lasanda (Voter ID number 109403278).

13275 SW 265TH TER
BUSTAMANTE, AIRASOL (Voter ID number 118110194).
BUSTAMANTE, ENRIQUETA (Voter ID number 115300412).

13276 SW 265TH TER
WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA M. (Voter ID number 109622357).
WILLIAMS, FRANK James (Voter ID number 109622705).

13276 SW 276TH LN
GOMEZ, ANDRES (Voter ID number 109994804).

13277 SW 257TH TER
CUELLO, ALBERTO (Voter ID number 110178334).
HERNANDEZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 110178387).

13277 SW 277TH TER
CAMACHO, JUAN Carlos (Voter ID number 110050539).
GONZALEZ, PEDRO C. (Voter ID number 109444679).
GONZALEZ, RINA (Voter ID number 116559597).

13278 SW 256TH TER
SANON, YDOCILE (Voter ID number 120939873).
GREEN, RENE (Voter ID number 109696319).

13278 SW 277TH TER
COLINDRES, LAURA (Voter ID number 114869679).

13279 SW 278TH ST
LABRA, JAVIER (Voter ID number 109459744).
FLORES, ESBEIDE (Voter ID number 117215260).

13280 SW 256TH ST
GIBSON, IVELISSE (Voter ID number 118753536).
GIBSON, JOSEPH Patrick (Voter ID number 109599413).
SIERRA, IVELISSE (Voter ID number 109564289).

13280 SW 257TH TER
SMITH, ALFONZO Calderon (Voter ID number 109384860).
SMITH, ANTONIA C. (Voter ID number 109334291).
SMITH, MATTY Enid (Voter ID number 109493835).
SMITH, ALFONZA (Voter ID number 116250075).

13281 SW 251ST LN
PADIN, JAIME (Voter ID number 118333400).
RODRIGUEZ, YANEPSIS (Voter ID number 118324911).

13281 SW 256TH ST
ROBERT, HERNADEZ (Voter ID number 116233963).

13281 SW 275TH TER
MERTINS, RALPH H. (Voter ID number 116277347).

13300 SW 254TH TER
HENDERSON, ASTARIA (Voter ID number 117572114).

13300 SW 266TH ST
RIVERON, JUAN M. (Voter ID number 109912525).

13301 SW 254TH TER
CALZADILLA, MARIA (Voter ID number 120203911).
DEARMAS, LISA A. (Voter ID number 109749253).
CALZADILLA, ARNALDO (Voter ID number 116448364).
CALZADILLA, YOLANDA D. (Voter ID number 116448464).

13301 SW 256TH ST
STULTZ, SEAN T. (Voter ID number 115285199).
STULTZ, SETH Andrew (Voter ID number 116068292).
STULTZ, ELAINE (Voter ID number 109204453).
STULTZ, TERRENCE (Voter ID number 109204507).

13302 SW 255TH TER
LEE, KENDRA J. (Voter ID number 115264723).
LEE, KENNETH Jerome (Voter ID number 120430167).
LEE, RHEA Lanai (Voter ID number 120266254).
LEE, RENITA L. (Voter ID number 109318987).

13303 SW 255TH TER
SOTO, ROSANA (Voter ID number 114636929).

13304 SW 253RD TER
MOORE, MICHAEL James (Voter ID number 109717529).
FLORES, LUISA A. (Voter ID number 119892371).

13305 SW 253RD TER
RODRIGUEZ, RHAQUEL (Voter ID number 120137720).
TORRES FRANCESCHI, ISMERALY (Voter ID number 119056542).
TORRES RIVAS, ABISMAEL (Voter ID number 119727956).
GARCIA, ROOSEVELT A. (Voter ID number 109919790).

13310 SW 266TH ST
AGUERO, YARLENY (Voter ID number 120386713).

13311 SW 254TH TER
BULLOCK, JACKLYN Melissa (Voter ID number 109730116).

13311 SW 256TH ST
SANTIAGO, DEZIARAY N. (Voter ID number 120892992).
SAGASTOME, ANA Maria (Voter ID number 110168503).
SAGASTUME, ANA E. (Voter ID number 110131768).
SANTIAGO, ZASHIA Monique (Voter ID number 114731499).
SAGASTUME, MARTA P. (Voter ID number 116271383).
SAGASTUME, WENDY Estela (Voter ID number 117095904).

13313 SW 255TH TER
COLLINS, BETTINA Lissette (Voter ID number 109230363).

13314 SW 253RD TER
REYNOLDS, ARLENE A. (Voter ID number 109158236).
REYNOLDS, PATRICK J. (Voter ID number 109158237).

13315 SW 253RD TER
ROQUE, KENIA (Voter ID number 117442745).

13315 SW 268TH ST
FORD, NELLIE L. (Voter ID number 109551353).

13317 SW 266TH ST
WESTMAN, JACK A. (Voter ID number 110334076).

13320 SW 248TH ST
LA PRADD, WAYDON Alexander (Voter ID number 117560068).
LA PRADD, BARBARA E. (Voter ID number 108932034).
LA PRADD, WAYNE Westley (Voter ID number 109164872).

13321 SW 254TH TER
GONZALEZ, EDILBERTO J. (Voter ID number 118850823).
GONZALEZ, JORGE Arturo (Voter ID number 119646863).
SILVA, ZUNILDA (Voter ID number 110082849).

13321 SW 262ND ST
FANFAN, IMACULEE Antroinette (Voter ID number 119393593).
FANFAN, NELSON (Voter ID number 110222133).
NICOLAS, MARIE M. (Voter ID number 115502871).

13322 SW 255TH TER
YOUNG, MICHELE Renee (Voter ID number 109317412).
YOUNG, PATRICK Lamar (Voter ID number 109280486).

13323 SW 255TH TER
VAZQUEZ, ELISA (Voter ID number 109542191).

13325 SW 253RD TER
HERNANDEZ, ANTHONY C. (Voter ID number 115234216).
HERNANDEZ, ANTONIO Ivan (Voter ID number 109992977).
HERNANDEZ, ELIZABETH (Voter ID number 109988171).
HERNANDEZ, YANIVIS (Voter ID number 117209438).

13325 SW 268TH ST
MC CRAY, DERRICK (Voter ID number 109500453).
SMITH, BRANDY Lacoya (Voter ID number 109714288).

13330 SW 261ST TER
RICHARD, JAMES Stephen (Voter ID number 109329125).
TORRES, ARMANDO (Voter ID number 109779604).

13331 SW 254TH TER
PERRY, PHILIP J. (Voter ID number 109320324).
PERRY, MICHAEL D. (Voter ID number 116271512).

13331 SW 256TH ST
PUNE, ELIZABETH Mc Lean (Voter ID number 109215729).

13331 SW 258TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL A. (Voter ID number 109427301).
RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL Angel (Voter ID number 109729593).
RODRIGUEZ, VIRGINIA Marie (Voter ID number 110089973).

13331 SW 262ND ST
JACKSON, COREY V. (Voter ID number 109381122).
SMITH, CATHY L. (Voter ID number 109698157).
SMITH, CHRIS Dimitri (Voter ID number 110035627).
SMITH, LEROY (Voter ID number 109372578).
SMITH, SHAWNTE R. (Voter ID number 109739002).
SMITH, TRACEY D. (Voter ID number 109851718).

13332 SW 255TH TER
MOSELY, JONATHAN T. (Voter ID number 110300566).
NELSON, SANDRA Lavett (Voter ID number 109403637).
RHAMES, BRENDA C. (Voter ID number 109914083).
RHAMES, BRENDA C. (Voter ID number 117011894).
WILBON, LEON (Voter ID number 110273861).

13335 SW 253RD TER
ROSERO, CHRISTIAN Jesus (Voter ID number 117438857).

13338 SW 264TH TER
HOUGH, LONNIE (Voter ID number 109084098).

13340 SW 261ST TER
LOPEZ, JANNETTE (Voter ID number 114762241).
LOPEZ, MARIA J. (Voter ID number 110255318).
LOPEZ-CHAVEZ, MARIA (Voter ID number 115896879).
RUEDA CARABALLO, SALVADOR (Voter ID number 114770253).

13340 SW 270TH ST
HOOKER, LEMMERICK Ahmad (Voter ID number 120226139).

13341 SW 254TH TER
YANES, STEPHEN L. (Voter ID number 115263437).
HEATH, LIZA M. (Voter ID number 114683561).
HEATH, MICAH (Voter ID number 114683576).

13341 SW 256TH ST
BUTLER, JULIAN (Voter ID number 118295381).
BUTLER, MICHAEL Tyrone (Voter ID number 109134462).
GRIMSLEY, PRISCILLA A. (Voter ID number 108905751).

13341 SW 258TH TER
BRITO, CHRISTIAN S. (Voter ID number 115230325).
BRITO, CECILIA (Voter ID number 109589716).
BRITO, JORGE Luis (Voter ID number 109650822).

13341 SW 262ND ST
BROWN, JAQUAUN Quentin (Voter ID number 120696065).
JACKSON, PESHA Andrea (Voter ID number 110111494).

13342 SW 255TH TER
GREER, DONALD D. (Voter ID number 115704292).
JOHNSON, JOHNEKA Shepherd (Voter ID number 116075688).
MOSLEY, MATTIE (Voter ID number 115704291).
SHEPHERD, ANDREKA Taqua (Voter ID number 116294544).

13343 SW 255TH TER
LARA, BARBARO A. (Voter ID number 119636639).
SANTANA, IDALMIS (Voter ID number 119636281).

13344 SW 252ND LN
LARA, JESSICA (Voter ID number 109553326).

13345 SW 248TH ST
CABRERA DIAZ, ROSA (Voter ID number 119819018).
QUINTANA, JOSE (Voter ID number 109951219).

13345 SW 264TH TER
SALAZAR, MARVIN M. (Voter ID number 120239529).
PAVON, ELIZABETH D. (Voter ID number 114764633).
SALAZAR, MARVIN Miguel Angel (Voter ID number 118823616).

13345 SW 268TH ST
JACKSON, DIONNE A. (Voter ID number 109159063).
JACKSON, MAURICE A. (Voter ID number 109289049).

13347 SW 263RD TER
SALGADO, TARA (Voter ID number 117038545).

13348 SW 264TH TER
LOUIS CHARLES, ALIENNE (Voter ID number 118452234).
SAINT-JUSTE, JEFFREY (Voter ID number 118838908).

13350 SW 254TH TER
HOLLIMAN, TYSHARA Briana (Voter ID number 121130311).
CLARK, SHARON Michelle (Voter ID number 109270594).
DIAZ, CARMEN Belen (Voter ID number 114521566).
ADAMS, TRACEY (Voter ID number 116346818).

13350 SW 256TH ST
MILLS, ETHEL M. (Voter ID number 109027842).
MILLS, MELVIN (Voter ID number 109707876).
MILLS, MERDICE L. (Voter ID number 109188568).

13351 SW 254TH TER
PERRETT, DAVID C. (Voter ID number 115250579).

13351 SW 256TH ST
THARPE, DIAMOND Michelle (Voter ID number 120793102).
MARTINEZ, ALFREDO E. (Voter ID number 110019027).

13351 SW 256TH TER
REYES, ARMANDO Jesus (Voter ID number 110045190).
GUTIERREZ, LORENA A. (Voter ID number 116172997).

13351 SW 262ND ST
FRANCO, CARLOS S. (Voter ID number 110018117).
FRANCO, ISABEL Luisa (Voter ID number 109304193).
FRANCO, OCTAVIO (Voter ID number 109369671).

13352 SW 256TH TER
AGUILAR, JAVIER Antonio (Voter ID number 109345208).
BYNUM, CORETTA Denise (Voter ID number 109295917).

13353 SW 255TH TER
FIGUEROA, RICARDO (Voter ID number 110308501).
BUSTAMANTE, NATALI (Voter ID number 116402111).

13353 SW 257TH TER
JENKINS, CARLISHA T. (Voter ID number 118846055).
JENKINS, CARLTON (Voter ID number 109090926).
MALLARY, SHAKENA Monique (Voter ID number 110113483).
MALLARY, TAKEENA M. (Voter ID number 115257208).
JENKINS, THERESA M. (Voter ID number 116911592).

13355 SW 253RD TER
GONZALEZ, MICHELE (Voter ID number 110124903).
GONZALEZ, ORLANDO Jesus (Voter ID number 120170544).

13355 SW 264TH TER
JAMES, GENEVA Joanne (Voter ID number 109130990).
RIVERA, SELINA N. (Voter ID number 116179876).

13357 SW 263RD TER
AQUIAR, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 116538772).

13358 SW 257TH TER
GARTENMAYER, TAMMI Marie (Voter ID number 109542442).
GARTENMAYER, SAMANTHA Marie (Voter ID number 120796651).

13359 SW 270TH ST
FRANCO, ANTOLIN (Voter ID number 119889381).
ROMERO, JESSICA Dc (Voter ID number 109588440).

13360 SW 254TH TER
SOCORRO, OSIRIS (Voter ID number 115828450).
SOTO, YANIO (Voter ID number 116834250).
VALDES, ADA Caridad (Voter ID number 109565024).

13360 SW 256TH ST
JONES, CARRIE Lee (Voter ID number 109163840).
JONES, OZELL (Voter ID number 109161337).
JONES, OZELL (Voter ID number 110244250).

13360 SW 257TH TER
SANCHEZ, FLOREN (Voter ID number 110040503).
SANCHEZ, RENSO Y. (Voter ID number 114625135).
SANCHEZ, TATIANA (Voter ID number 115233484).

13360 SW 261ST TER
BORGES, MARIA Eugenia (Voter ID number 110213359).
IBARRA, NORA (Voter ID number 116245888).
MARTINEZ PEREZ, EVERARDO (Voter ID number 121204690).

13360 SW 266TH ST
HOLMES, JEREL Jeross (Voter ID number 120587255).
HOLMES, SABRINA Demetrice (Voter ID number 110171942).
PONCE, DELIA (Voter ID number 116643083).

13361 SW 254TH TER
HERNANDEZ, RUDY (Voter ID number 110326424).

13361 SW 256TH ST
SCOTT, CAROLYN D. (Voter ID number 109609210).
SCOTT, LEE R. (Voter ID number 110239694).
SCOTT, LORY J. (Voter ID number 109936076).
SMITH, CORRINA Lynn (Voter ID number 109382597).

13361 SW 256TH TER
HENDERSON, LEONARD (Voter ID number 110151047).
HENDERSON, MATTIE Louise (Voter ID number 108936579).
HENDERSON, SABRINA Latoras (Voter ID number 109862472).
HENDERSON, SHAKAVIA T. (Voter ID number 110243852).
HENDERSON, TANGELA Jamese (Voter ID number 109916511).

13361 SW 262ND ST
BRADY, SHEILA (Voter ID number 109368752).
WILLIAMS, STEVEN Bernard (Voter ID number 109368830).

13362 SW 255TH TER
LAWRENCE, ZIPHIA (Voter ID number 109295342).

13363 SW 255TH TER
MOSQUEDA, JOSE (Voter ID number 109830920).
MOSQUEDA, VERONICA (Voter ID number 109738543).
MOSQUEDA, ROSALVA S. (Voter ID number 109427477).

13363 SW 257TH TER
MC CRAY, LINETTE Ann (Voter ID number 110211183).

13364 SW 253RD TER
STEADMAN, LATOYA M. (Voter ID number 109900512).

13367 SW 263RD TER
RODRIGUEZ, CARMEN (Voter ID number 120355424).

13370 SW 256TH ST
DAVIS, TIFFANY Malisher (Voter ID number 109953167).
DOZIER, ALAN (Voter ID number 110233003).
GUMBS, VENUS Adella (Voter ID number 109824102).
RISSING, ROXANNE Doreen (Voter ID number 109398902).

13370 SW 257TH TER
FORD, CLIFFORD Bailey (Voter ID number 117663825).
PARRILLA, ISABEL Isabel (Voter ID number 109845626).
CARDOZA, ALBERTINA (Voter ID number 116608335).
TORRES, RICHARD J. (Voter ID number 117566946).

13370 SW 261ST TER
SOLOMON, MIREYA Thomas (Voter ID number 109876456).

13371 SW 254TH TER
FLORES, LIDIA M. (Voter ID number 110283097).
JOHNSTONBAUGH, JOHN J. (Voter ID number 109364189).
JOHNSTONBAUGH, JOSEPHINE L. (Voter ID number 109364186).
SANCHEZ, AARON (Voter ID number 109807432).
FLORES, LIDIA (Voter ID number 116834919).

13371 SW 256TH ST
CRUZ, RAMON (Voter ID number 109734396).

13371 SW 256TH TER
BAPTISTE, CELIA (Voter ID number 119950030).
BAPTISTE, FABIOLA (Voter ID number 116020365).
BAPTISTE, JEFFREY Jean (Voter ID number 119633698).

13371 SW 258TH TER
ANDARA SARMIENTO, VILMA Y. (Voter ID number 109986041).
MUNOZ, DENNIS A. (Voter ID number 109632776).
SARMIENTO, GISELLE Elena (Voter ID number 114359139).
SARMIENTO, LUIS A. (Voter ID number 110150778).
SARMIENTO, VAITIERE (Voter ID number 116839160).

13371 SW 262ND ST
RAMIREZ, RUBEN (Voter ID number 109349858).
LYN, GERALD V. (Voter ID number 118810218).

13372 SW 256TH TER
BELLORIN, DOLORES M. (Voter ID number 109931736).
BELLORIN, FRANCISCO (Voter ID number 109682952).
BELLORIN, RONALD Francisco (Voter ID number 116533957).
BELLORIN, MILDRED L. (Voter ID number 116634058).

13373 SW 255TH TER
DE JESUS, VICTOR (Voter ID number 109994662).
GONZALEZ, NORBERT (Voter ID number 109016121).

13373 SW 257TH TER
GREEN, TIFFANY Amanda (Voter ID number 114376179).
MARSHALL, JEROME (Voter ID number 109624369).
MARSHALL, PATRICIA Scott (Voter ID number 109624387).

13374 SW 253RD TER
SOMARRIBA, JUANITA C. (Voter ID number 119771855).

13375 SW 253RD TER
CARLETON, BRYAN R. (Voter ID number 120421976).
HOTHAM, SARAH Lisa (Voter ID number 120531058).
WARRINGTON, SHAWN T. (Voter ID number 119835785).

13375 SW 264TH TER
VARGAS, ISIDRO (Voter ID number 120348676).
LEMES, JANE (Voter ID number 118383744).

13375 SW 268TH TER
LANE, ALEXIS L. (Voter ID number 120339872).

13376 SW 264TH ST
DIEGUEZ, AYMARA (Voter ID number 120323817).
DIEGUEZ, YAMIL (Voter ID number 114480247).
SOTOLONGO, MANUEL (Voter ID number 110053987).

13377 SW 263RD TER
MAYERS, PATRICK R. (Voter ID number 110137816).

13380 SW 257TH TER
VALLS, ANGEL (Voter ID number 109789876).
MARCHESINI-VALLS, SYLVIA (Voter ID number 116371808).

13380 SW 261ST TER
GORDON, SAMANTHA Lynn (Voter ID number 109834713).
GORDON, CYNTHIA H. (Voter ID number 109369862).
GORDON, JAMES E. (Voter ID number 109369864).

13381 SW 256TH TER
FUENTES, ROBERT (Voter ID number 117884592).

13381 SW 258TH TER
SMITH, CLINTON Samuel (Voter ID number 109092094).
SMITH, MELODY Fay (Voter ID number 109022688).

13381 SW 262ND ST
ROMERO, EVELING D. (Voter ID number 110326479).
ROMERO, JUSTO P. (Voter ID number 110079726).
ROMERO, LIZETH Del Carmen (Voter ID number 118116973).

13382 SW 256TH TER
PETERSON, KELVIN Lee (Voter ID number 109207788).

13383 SW 257TH TER
CANTALLOPS, YAMIRE Mary (Voter ID number 109598399).

13383 SW 268TH TER
BULLARD, JOSHUA (Voter ID number 109036638).

13384 SW 252ND LN
SAMSUN, JUNIOR (Voter ID number 116020148).

13384 SW 253RD TER
HALL, JOHNNIE Darryl (Voter ID number 109287875).
HODGE, ALICIA (Voter ID number 109504493).

13385 SW 264TH TER
BROWN, TAWANDA Lakish (Voter ID number 109899892).
ADAMS, JEROME David (Voter ID number 109157874).
BROWN, ALFREDA Lakindra (Voter ID number 110171797).
BROWN, SABRINA Necole (Voter ID number 110104810).
BROWN, SHARON Marie (Voter ID number 108912791).
ADAMS, LAQUITTA (Voter ID number 117581392).

13387 SW 263RD TER
CAPOTE, ISRAEL (Voter ID number 109768690).
CUENCA, LEYSE (Voter ID number 110086001).

13388 SW 264TH TER
CHAIN, JANICE Veronica (Voter ID number 109073908).

13390 SW 257TH TER
MANISON, CLAY (Voter ID number 116396542).

13390 SW 261ST TER
BOWENS, CHRISTOPHER Earl (Voter ID number 119825019).
BOWENS, DORIS Jean (Voter ID number 109101382).
BOWENS, SHARDEA Nicole (Voter ID number 105210418).
BOWENS, WILLIE Earl (Voter ID number 109850670).
BROWN, CHARLIE (Voter ID number 108981053).

13391 SW 256TH TER
BROCKINGTON, ROSILAND Denise (Voter ID number 109514722).
MENDEZ, JORGE Enrique (Voter ID number 114387619).
WYNTER, REBECCA A. (Voter ID number 108905034).

13391 SW 258TH TER
ROBERTS, REGINALD (Voter ID number 114362199).

13391 SW 262ND ST
HEART, MARY Kendrick (Voter ID number 109401641).
HEART, SHERMAN L. (Voter ID number 110066438).

13392 SW 256TH TER
DE LA NUEZ, ELCIO (Voter ID number 119720361).
ALONSO, CARIDAD (Voter ID number 109826982).
LOPEZ, YAIMA (Voter ID number 118194078).

13393 SW 257TH TER
CEDENO, AMARILIS L. (Voter ID number 102137101).
PEREZ, IDALMY (Voter ID number 109531028).
CARRASQUILLA, JORGE (Voter ID number 116268892).

13395 SW 268TH ST
BARNES, DAVID T. (Voter ID number 109681582).
JEFFREY, DWAYNE D. (Voter ID number 109198866).
TAYLOR, JOHN (Voter ID number 110302969).

13400 SW 256TH ST
GONZALEZ, REFUGIO (Voter ID number 119643938).
MARQUEZ, MARIA Rodriguez (Voter ID number 109175700).

13400 SW 262ND ST
BRANCH, GAESHELA L. (Voter ID number 116028348).
BRANCH, KAEASHELA Kiara (Voter ID number 117310860).
ROBBINS, LAMAR Weldon (Voter ID number 120483503).
WALLER, ANDRE (Voter ID number 120798793).
BRANCH, MARY Lee (Voter ID number 108915441).

13400 SW 265TH TER
GRANT, ANTHONY J. (Voter ID number 114648450).
GRANT, TAY (Voter ID number 116401975).

13400 SW 266TH ST
MEDEROS, CONSUELO (Voter ID number 110069107).
MEDEROS, IBELISE (Voter ID number 119246350).
MEDEROS, OSCAR (Voter ID number 115777161).

13400 SW 267TH ST
REDDEN, LAKEISHA (Voter ID number 110225254).

13400 SW 268TH TER
CAPOTE, MARIO (Voter ID number 119831687).
CAPOTE, MAIBILEYVIS (Voter ID number 119628338).

13401 SW 255TH TER
CURRIE, KALEN J. (Voter ID number 120912439).
CURRIE, KAYLA Amber (Voter ID number 120912204).
SANDS, CAMELA Trenise (Voter ID number 109297835).

13401 SW 265TH TER
BAXTER, GRACE S Anna Deneen (Voter ID number 116779478).
BAXTER, KENNETH D. (Voter ID number 120293750).
BAXTER, MARY Thomas (Voter ID number 109069941).
DASHER, SHANEKA Latoya (Voter ID number 109555419).
MOORE, SHYDE Anese (Voter ID number 115984272).
BAXTER, ELISHA Benjamin (Voter ID number 114811415).
LOWE, CHARLES (Voter ID number 109797590).

13401 SW 267TH ST
SULE, MADETHA Gail (Voter ID number 102343709).
BANBER, NORMAN J. (Voter ID number 110221639).
BARBER, CHANDRA L. (Voter ID number 109768346).
BARBER, KATIE Moore (Voter ID number 109053159).

13401 SW 268TH TER
BLANCO, MERCEDES (Voter ID number 109861296).
MENA, MARIE B. (Voter ID number 110195318).

13402 SW 255TH TER
LOPEZ, NORBERTA (Voter ID number 114273602).
MOREJON, RAUL (Voter ID number 119869610).

13402 SW 256TH TER
HOLCOMB, DONNA Jean (Voter ID number 108950055).
HOLCOMB, JAMEIRDRE Corine (Voter ID number 109740752).
HOLCOMB, WHITNEY M. (Voter ID number 110324238).
HOLCOMB, EZEKIEL (Voter ID number 116315554).

13402 SW 260TH LN
RUIZ, FRANCIS Argentina (Voter ID number 117533306).

13402 SW 269TH ST
BATTEN, DELTRAVIOUS Vonkeith (Voter ID number 109863480).
FERGUSON, ANDRE J. (Voter ID number 114421880).

13403 SW 256TH TER
CALIX, MARLENE Melissa (Voter ID number 110037622).
MARTINEZ, DONALD Lorenzo (Voter ID number 119554674).
PADILLA, ANARCELIA (Voter ID number 109692427).
PADILLA, GILBERTO (Voter ID number 109394341).
PADILLA, JOSE Gilberto (Voter ID number 109825158).
PADILLA, MARLENA S. (Voter ID number 109912217).

13403 SW 269TH ST
BARRERA, KATIA C. (Voter ID number 117011294).

13404 SW 257TH TER
AROCHE, LUIS E. (Voter ID number 118828955).
AROCHE, LUIS M. (Voter ID number 115767222).

13404 SW 270TH ST
PRADERE, RAUL Edgardo (Voter ID number 119111261).
REYES, MARGARITA (Voter ID number 110180660).
ROSARIO, JULIET (Voter ID number 110188603).

13406 SW 262ND ST
GIRALDO, IVETTE (Voter ID number 121316320).
CASTRILLON, BEATRIZ E. (Voter ID number 118694887).
ESTRADA, WALTER Wilfredo (Voter ID number 115390565).

13406 SW 270TH ST
RAMIREZ, BRANDY A. (Voter ID number 109535744).

13406 SW 270TH TER
CRUZ, ABEL J. (Voter ID number 110012201).
SANTAN, AWILDA (Voter ID number 114958246).

13407 SW 263RD ST
ANDREWS, VICTORIA Elaine (Voter ID number 116287626).

13407 SW 270TH TER
OLIVO, MARIA De Jesus (Voter ID number 110173119).

13410 SW 265TH TER
BIRDENS, MINNIE Mae (Voter ID number 109025080).
BOYER, EDWARD D. (Voter ID number 109399021).
MC CREARY, VIRINE Marie (Voter ID number 109794965).
MC CREARY, WALTER B. (Voter ID number 109970477).
SNEAD, TAROD J. (Voter ID number 109894660).

13410 SW 267TH ST
SEYMOUR, TORRINCE R. (Voter ID number 120411671).
PATES, MARY Frances (Voter ID number 109046534).

13410 SW 268TH TER
RODRIGUEZ, ELSIE (Voter ID number 110281854).
RODRIGUEZ, RAUL (Voter ID number 109929516).
RODRIGUEZ, YAZMIN (Voter ID number 119616095).

13411 SW 255TH TER
AGENT COOKS, TANATHA Ann (Voter ID number 109512545).
AGENT, ARTISHA Sharda (Voter ID number 117578053).
JACKSON, HAROLD Bernard (Voter ID number 109756161).
COOKS, VINCENT Lamar (Voter ID number 109748500).

13411 SW 265TH TER
JACKSON, MARCIA T. (Voter ID number 109498527).
REED, MATTHEW (Voter ID number 109132454).
REED, ROBIN Terrel (Voter ID number 109295298).
REED-WHITE, DEVIN A. (Voter ID number 115244376).

13411 SW 266TH ST
JOHNSON, A J. (Voter ID number 109869581).
JOHNSON, BOBBIE Lue (Voter ID number 109056984).

13411 SW 267TH ST
CRAWLEY, CONSTANCE Dewberry (Voter ID number 109029661).
CRAWLEY, JOHN M. (Voter ID number 110284920).

13412 SW 256TH TER
ESPINAL, JORGE M. (Voter ID number 119882045).
ESPINAL, DALIA (Voter ID number 114248970).

13412 SW 262ND ST
KEELS, PATRICK D. (Voter ID number 112882947).
VANCE, DESHONE P. (Voter ID number 109452204).
BUTLER, N'DEA Tiera (Voter ID number 119487535).

13413 SW 256TH ST
CASTILLO, JEANETTE M. (Voter ID number 116274658).
CASTILLO, MARIA (Voter ID number 119649539).
FARQUHARSON, CRYSTAL Joy (Voter ID number 115278584).

13413 SW 256TH TER
TORRES, MARIA Elsa (Voter ID number 110161735).
BELLO, YURAIMI (Voter ID number 116694816).

13414 SW 257TH TER
CASTRO, MARIBEL Johana (Voter ID number 116613378).
TOJIL, RAYAN Alexander (Voter ID number 119631763).

13414 SW 263RD ST
EDMONDSON, AUNDRAI Junior (Voter ID number 109703767).
HARRIS, CHESLEY L. (Voter ID number 109499223).

13414 SW 263RD TER
BUITRAGO, IVANIA A. (Voter ID number 109853289).
RUIZ, REINALDO (Voter ID number 109524014).

13414 SW 270TH ST
SIRRIS, GREGORY Francis (Voter ID number 119967672).
ROCHA, BONNIE (Voter ID number 118100775).

13415 SW 257TH TER
ESPINAL, JULIO Cesar (Voter ID number 109541279).
ESPINAL, MELIDA S. (Voter ID number 116443357).
SAN MARTIN, MARIA F. (Voter ID number 116360841).

13415 SW 263RD TER
DOLLARD, LAKEISHA Rena (Voter ID number 109758020).

13417 SW 260TH LN
ROMERO, ARIADNA (Voter ID number 119426887).

13417 SW 270TH TER
OQUENDO, CAROL (Voter ID number 114401963).
VIERA MORALES, EDITH M. (Voter ID number 114366093).

13419 SW 261ST LN
EICHELBERGER, JOANNA Leanne (Voter ID number 121174480).
EICHELBERGER, JOANNA C. (Voter ID number 114732811).

13420 SW 256TH ST
HENRIQUEZ, ENRIQUE Jose (Voter ID number 110215787).
HENRIQUEZ, JONATHAN (Voter ID number 116277746).

13420 SW 261ST LN
SOKOLOVSKI, ELONIDAS (Voter ID number 110304609).
SOKOLOVSKI, LEONIDAS (Voter ID number 114865247).
SOKOLOVSKI, MIGUEL (Voter ID number 118248184).
SOKOLOVSKI, ROSA Maria (Voter ID number 109872764).

13420 SW 263RD ST
JOHNSON, GLENDA Brown (Voter ID number 110093806).

13420 SW 265TH TER
CELIN, JENNIFER (Voter ID number 120291806).
CELIN, SYLVIA Lee (Voter ID number 109187697).
CELIN, CHRISTOPHER Jonathan (Voter ID number 119350219).
JOHNSON, HORACE (Voter ID number 109578750).

13420 SW 266TH ST
HUMPHREYS, NICOLE Lartrees (Voter ID number 109775195).
NESMITHS, ANTRON L. (Voter ID number 110189673).
STAMPS, TOMMIE C. (Voter ID number 109849188).

13420 SW 267TH ST
HARRIS-BURGESS, REGINA Dell (Voter ID number 109194036).

13421 SW 265TH TER